3 HACKS for TRANSCENDING the MATRIX (life-changing)

I'm going to be sharing with you three hacks for transcending the matrix and becoming emotionally free.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have three hacks for transcending the Matrix. Understanding who we really are and how we can best navigate through this world that we live in now in life in general, everything that we want to experience can be obtained by having more awareness because if we understand how reality works, then what happens is the awareness of how reality works then allows us leverage towards being able to go in the direction that we actually prefer.

Here is the thing, the matrix that we live in. Maybe you've seen the movie the Matrix before. Think of it as there is this matrix that we live in which we think is real because we must think that it is real when we're born into it because if we didn't, then we wouldn't learn the lessons.

We wouldn't be able to have the kind of experiences that allow us to really grow and that's one of the reasons that there is this form of Matrix. The movie the Matrix is a metaphor that resonated with so many people. Anytime there's a movie that comes out that really resonates with people at a very deep level, you notice that it has the potential to be very big like that of the Matrix.

The reason the matrix resonates with so many people because they know at a deep level that is highly probable that the reality that we live in is holographic by nature and because it's holographic pregnancy and let's think about what that really means. Holographic means that if you were to get a little part of that Hologram, you would see that the whole is also in the part in the same way we live on earth, which is 70 percent or more of water.

Our body is 70 percent or more of water. This mass combination, there is this energy field around the earth just like there's an energy field around our body. There are different elements on the earth. There are different elements that make up our body. There are these correlations between the macrocosm and the microcosm and what this does is these shows us the correlation between the inner and the outer or these different levels of perception.

When it comes to the Matrix, what we must understand is that the way we transcend the matrix has to do with awareness. The more aware we become, the less it has a pool over us. It has a pool over us if we're not aware of it. Most people day in and day are thinking the same thoughts every day. They're feeling the same emotions every day. They're doing the same things every day. Therefore, they're getting the same results every single day and 99 percent of people aren't even aware of it.

They're just going through the motions and they think that they are controlling their life or they have some say in it, but they're just being run by this autopilot mind. That continues to run itself over and over again. When I first went through my spiritual awakening in 2012, it changed so much in my life because I became aware of a lot of those programs that were running my life. Those programs are like the autopilot mind.

Those programs will continue to run our life until we become aware of it and when we become aware of it, then we start to take our power back and then we can go in the direction that we actually prefer. Sometimes when you see the movie the Matrix, but you might assume is that we live inside a computer simulation. Understand it's more about unknowing that its holographic nature of the reality that we live in.

However, it's also organic, so while I might go, yes, this isn't actually real, it is still made of organic material. We don't have to think of it as less spiritual. We can live in a matrix and understand that this isn't the baseline reality. That is something else that Elon Musk has said before. The chances of this being the baseline reality is like a fraction of a percentage. Anytime you say like in something like that, it makes it much less credible.

Kind of funny how that works, but that's what he said. There is not a buffer between time and space in between the thought and the actual fruition or the manifestation of it. Well, here we come here so that we can slow things down a bit. We can really decide, do I want this? We can put energy into it. We can see it culminate. We can be present to the moment. We can learn the different dynamics of the manifestation and how it works. Then we can actually experience it.

Most people are just going outwards. They're looking out towards for things, but you see the outward is just the reflection of the inward, so this is when things really began to change. The first hack for transcending the matrix has to do with something that I just paid attention to yesterday. I don't know when this blog is going to come out.

However, yesterday was the Super Bowl. It's like the first year I decided I'm not even going to look at the Super Bowl. Sometimes I'm like, I don't care who wins football here in America, whatever. I'm not a big football person. I basketball a little bit, but football, I don't really care. However, it's always intrigued me. How much attention goes onto the Super Bowl. I've shared this before when it comes to that of social conditioning, but think of it like this.

Let me explain it and kind of give it an overall view so you could see what I mean here. We think thoughts and a lot of times we think these thoughts are invisible and here's the thing. A lot of the thoughts we think are invisible. However, it doesn't mean they're not real and they don't have some sort of form. They're just invisible. Meaning not visible from the spectrum.

When we think thoughts, they go out into an energetic pattern into our energy field and they go around our body. There's a toroidal field around our body that they stay within. Then what happens is certain thoughts have more power than others. There are certain thoughts, structures that have more momentum than others. Then what happens is we go out into the world. We link up with opportunities, experiences, and people that resonate with those thoughts and based on those thoughts and that momentum of those thoughts were going to manifest certain experiences in our life.

Well in the same way that we have that energetic pattern and those thoughts, structures around our body. It is the same thing around the planet Earth Gaia. There are billions of people on the planet thinking certain thoughts and when these thoughts are thoughts, they ended up teaming up with other similar thoughts and they create thought structures.

There's a process that I've shared before called Reality Transurfing, which is one of the most powerful manifestation processes I've ever found and it has to do with understanding the energy dynamics of manifestation, and when you look at it, there's something in Reality Transurfing called pendulums. Pendulums is a metaphor, but it's understanding these thoughts, structures, these structures of many people thinking the same thoughts, which could be that the government is good or bad, could be Republican or Democrat, could be that, have certain sports teams. There are pendulums around sports teams.

You got to go to college in order to be successful. All these beliefs are perpetuated with the momentum of many other people thinking the same thoughts. Here's the thing, whether you agree with it or disagree with it, whichever side of the energy spectrum you're on, you're feeding that pendulum or, or letting us sway the other way.

For example, whoever will win the presidential election will depend on whoever has the most energy, positive or negative, because it'll swing them one way or the other. Many times, you may be thinking you have in your own thoughts when actuality you're picking up on the pendulum of these thoughts. For example, you get on the road, somebody cuts you off on your way to work and you get angry about it. You say that person cut me off. I'm angry when you're thinking, that person cut me off.

I'm angry. You are linking up with many other people that have thought the same thing on that same road and you are tagging on and then feeling the momentum of that. That's not all your emotion. You're teaming up with other thoughts that are similar and you're feeling other people's emotions because of that. There's this energetic grid around the planet that has within it that have the collective thoughts of the collective condition, social conditioning.

The key to this is understanding that that is a thing because if that is what we call the matrix, there's this matrix of thought of energy patterns and most people are just on autopilot. They are walking around at the effect of everything that is happening in their life sinking, that they actually have some level of control when it is just banging them around because most people don't believe that they create their own reality.

Most people don't know that they can wake up from this dream of being in the Matrix and most people don't want to wake up because who wants to admit that we live in a matrix? Cool people you cool, I like you, but we are aware that we're living in a matrix that some form of the matrix does that have to be a little computer simulation, but it can be this organic structure of understanding that what we think of as real is just thought impulses that are being stimulated.

Like Morpheus says in the movie the Matrix, and when you become aware of that, you did start to raise your awareness. This is the thing like I'm talking about these pendulums. Yesterday it was the Super Bowl, so this is the idea that I had, and I talked about this on Instagram, on a live q and a that I did.

You have millions and millions and millions of people focused on the Super Bowl. Which two teams are both pendulums? Which pendulum will win? Well, normally the one that has more energy, the one that has more of an expectation. I thought about it as well. I'm not a big football fan. I know who Tom Brady is though. You have millions and millions of people focused on Tom Brady, Tom Brady, maybe an amazing player, and it used one of the best. From what I understand, and you look at Tom Brady, there are millions and millions of people.

He's a very polarized person. You either love Tom Brady if you know football or you hate Tom Brady, but you're not really that neutral. Some people might be neutral, but even then, they will acknowledge that he's an amazing quarterback, so there's almost this expectation of how he places so that will feed him in a way you no way. He could be just an amazing quarterback, but it's almost like that energy can feed him as well because he has so much attention on him, so it's interesting to see the energy dynamics of this game that has happened.

I didn't watch the game but hearing about it and you're able to see it go back and forth. However, when millions and millions and millions of people are focused on that game and you watch it, you will feel pulled into it. Even if you're not physically. There can be watching it at home. There is a strong energetic pool. Let me tell you that too.

I had no desire to really watch it, but even then, as the game was going to restart, I was like, Ooh. I felt like the urge to go watch it. To be a part of the millions and millions of people watching it, but here's what I also thought. I also understand that football, there's so. There are a lot a lot of people focus on football, but that's still in the combination of the planet. You know the population. But in general, this is social conditioning. This is the grid around the planet and the reason I'm saying this to you is the way that you transcend the matrix of all of these thoughts, structures are by observation itself.

I observed that the game was going on and I chose not to partake in it and even if I did partake in it, it wouldn't really matter because I could have observed it, but the key is being aware of these. The next time was a presidential election year. Like, oh my God, this person said this, this person did this, and you feel triggered whether you're for this person or against this person, you're feeding that person energy. Be aware of it the way that you transcended his awareness, observing it, allowing it to be they're not really caring one way or the other not being on either side of the spectrum.

If you know she's the most powerful man of his age or positive ever found. If you want to check out and learn more about Reality Transurfing and you will see a link below. Also, there’s the Reality Shifting Academy, which will show you step by step how to Apply Reality Transurfing, and then also set. You transcend this matrix in a powerful way. If you want to check that out, you will see the link in the description box below, but nonetheless, this is a powerful way to transcend the matrix. The second hack for transcending the Matrix is realizing that life itself is a form of a dream and recognizing that you can write your own rules.

You see there are these rules of society which we could call social conditioning, but there are these rules as to how things have to be. When you start to challenge the rules, and challenge your own belief systems, you will start to translate out of the Matrix and into a level of being where you literally have more abilities. When I was reading a book called autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, which is an amazing book, by the way, written by an enlightened guy from India that brought yoga to the west.

He talks about his life of being around other enlightened Yoga Yogi people, Yogis, and these people that have transcended the matrix completely that exist in unconditional light and love because that's who they realize they are. You could say that's like they've merged with their higher selves. These people were able to do magical things. Literally magical things that you think are you would even think aren't even possible.

Magical things like levitates, not even beyond like levitate over the ground. Things like implanting ideas in certain people's mind, giving people certain visions, literally teleporting in front of people, not just teleport into their mind and they could see it literally teleporting to a new place, manifesting things instantly. Objects Yogananda's mom was given a lock, told that when you go into meditation night, there's going to be a lock it that appears in your hand that you will give to Yogananda.

When he turns a certain age, she goes into meditation a couple of minutes later, she feels that light tug in her hand and she looks and there's this locket. That's the kind of things that are possible and why is that? Because these enlightened people are aware of who they really are and they are aware that reality itself is a dream. When you think that matrix is real, the matrix is real.

When you think that Matrix and you understand that it is just one dream, then it becomes more dreamlike. That's a quote that I've been saying a lot lately. The more you realize life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become because you're not giving so much emphasis to that up against the matrix. You're not giving so much emphasis to the solidity of how things have to be. You see, all of us is an aspect of the divine.

All of us are connected to this higher stream of energy that we then filter through our body through the way that we view things, and if we believe that we're only capable of certain things, we limit that structure down more and more. The more we let go of the limitations, the more free we become. The key is to become free by understanding the truth. The truth is everything is made up of light. Think

of it like that of a film projector that is projecting lights onto a screen and for a certain period of time you can watch that screen. You may see different compositions of lights that have certain storylines. You may get very immersed in the movie that you're watching. You may get pulled emotionally one way or the other, and for a certain period of time, while you watched that movie, you will feel as if it is happening and you will feel entrenched into that movie.

I make up my own words. You will feel, you will feel pulled into that old movie and you will notice and react to it in a certain way. At the end of the movie though, you recognize that it is simply a movie and it is not actually real. It is just different compositions of lights that we get meaning in the same way.

Life is very, very similar. It appears real while we're in it, but eventually what happens is we become aware that it is just one experience. It is one component of light and if we can experience that, that we could experience something else. The more you realize that the reality that you live in like a dream, the more dreamlike it will become recognized the truth.

How do you do that? Go within, become aware of your own beliefs and start to break down your own belief systems. I lately have been challenging my belief systems. Even just little things like time get ready to go to get my haircut or something, right? I'm on my way. I'm like, you know, I only have this much time. I only have like eight minutes to get there and it's probably a 15-minute drive. I say you know what? The more emphasis I give the time, the more time I create, I'm going to be on time.

This really works, and then I appear on time within a minute. There's flexibility in the reality that we live in and the more you recognize this, the more that you give more emphasis to understanding that it is a dream, the more dreamlike it will become. That's a way to hack the matrix. The third way you can hack the matrix has to do with bringing more of your light through and moving from thinking and doing into being.

You see at the same time so many people tell us about how reality is. We grow up listening to what people say. We grow up listening to the news or listening to what society tells us how we have to be, and that creates a certain thought structure within us of how reality is, how this matrix works. However, it's all words. It's all hearsay that we just agreed to. Reality is hard. Who told you that? What belief in where did that come from?

These all come from that social conditioning. These all come from family growing up, whatever it is, but what very little people do is very little people actually experienced reality itself. Meaning that instead of saying, Oh yes, this is the way things are, and then assuming that's how they have to be, experience it for yourself.

I watched a guy on YouTube, sometimes Sadhguru who's like this enlightened guy from India and other than the white guy from India and Sadhguru talks about how he just has a curious childlike wonder about everything he experiences. I think that was the word I was looking for about how things have to be and if we go in with these labels and these identities and this way of looking at the world than we tainted the actual experience.

The key to this is first off, just simply knowing that we can just be here now, if emotions come up, allow them to be there of things. Come up. Allow it to be there by allowing the present moment to be you begin to transcend the matrix. This is a paradox, but the more you fight reality, the more reality fights back. The more you are here now, the more presence you bring through is the more light energy you bring through.

Then you begin to transcend the matrix and you can be like Neil at the end where you like flies and has all these magical abilities because then he became president. He became the one. The one is the recognition that we're all connected and we are all part of a larger stream of consciousness, dreaming that we are separate individual parts. That is the dream of separation.

That is why what you put out comes back to you because literally what you put out, you do and you put out towards someone else. You put out to another aspect of yourself and because of that it comes back to you, but the key is knowing that we are all connected and that the more you bring through this energy, the more you are also a benefit to everyone else around you.

The key to this is moving from thinking and doing, which is also the autopilot mind that we've talked about and into being experienced it now. Experience here. Allow the moment to be brought through your light energy. This will begin to then transcend the matrix. So understand, for these three things that first off, you begin to transcend these pendulums, that social conditioning, by observing it, not being as engaged in it as well.

Also, a little hack for this, I believe, and I'm going to start doing this, I haven't done this recently. People say that when you get up at like four or five in the morning, you have the edge on the rest of the world, thoughts in the area that you live in because it's always different time. Somewhere else in the world are very pure at that time, like four or five in the morning thinking your thoughts and setting your intentions for the day. I think you'd be more powerful because of the thought structures of that.

Something to think about. However, observe the thoughts, observe the news or don't watch the news at all, but observed things that happen and realize you don't have to get pulled into it if you don't choose to. Secondly, become aware of the beliefs you have about reality. Realize the more you realize the truth, that reality is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become.

And then thirdly, simply be brought through more of your energy and experience life instead of labeling it mentally thinking of things, doing certain things. Be here now. These are all ways that you can transcend the matrix and start to be who you really are meant to be in this life.

There is a collective shift in consciousness happening on the planet right now. It's so cool to see because more and more people are waking up to who they really are. If you want. The most powerful meditations I have is for that have raised in your vibrational set point.

3 Reality Transurfing Secrets That Will Change Your Life (New Law of Attraction)

I’ll be showing you three Reality Transurfing secrets that can totally transform your life. I'm going to show you how to apply those today so that you start to make rapid changes in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three secrets that I think could be total game changers if you apply them, and before I get into that before I am getting into that, I'm going to share with you some of the contexts of what Reality Transurfing is.

If you've watched a lot of my other videos on this and you probably have a good basis for it. In case you don't, it's a manifestation process or a philosophy, a way for seeing the world that when you start to apply. It can have big changes of the way you see yourself and the way you see other people and we'll help you go along the process much easier for you to track what you want.

It was a book that somebody recommended. I get. It's a book that was written by a quantum physicist in Russia, is now being translated a whole bunch of different languages and the information is really getting out there. It's very powerful and there's a couple of key concepts I want to share with you now. One of them has to do with something called the alternative space.

The idea behind this is that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and that we can experience the ones that we intend for. The intention is one of the most powerful things when it comes to reality. Transforming the idea is everything you want to experience exists here and now simply add a different vibratory frequency, so if we want to experience that life track is what it's called, that direction of what we could then we need to start setting your intentions.

The other side of this is understanding that because there's this, in a way, these layers, these, this grid of thoughts that we have and any time we think thoughts, those have an electromagnetic type reality. Even though we might not physically see them, and what happens is because we're having a co collective experience with other people, which is the population of the earth.

What happens is we kind of in a way subconsciously team together when we're having similar thoughts and those create thought structures called pendulums. Pendulums are kind of what sucks our energy out. They are any belief system of society, social conditioning.

Many times, we think we're having our own thoughts when in reality we're having the thoughts of this social conditioning and this pendulum's pendulums are in a way like anytime you think you're a Republican or Democrat or four against the government or anytime you're for this football team and against this one.

Those are all pendulums. Because when you start to think about them and you start to feel like them eventually, you are in a way feeling that the pendulum itself and it's kind of in a way taken away your energy. The power is that when you become aware of this, you immediately start to take your power back and then you can create what you really want in your life.

Another part of understanding rally insurance, Irving, is the power of the heart. When you create from the heart, it's much more powerful because, I mean, even the Heart Math Institute has shown that the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head. And the idea is that that must be the goal.

The goals must be connected to the heart, not necessarily money. Money is a side effect of us doing what we love and have us adding value. And then the last part about Reality Transurfing, if you know, this kind of explained to give a little crash course on it, is that decreased in importance is very, very important. This was a game changer for me. I had a lot of my goals were very important that I attained them and I put so much, you know, I'm so much into them that I created resistance.

And importance creates resistance. Think about it like this. When you, anytime you make something very, very important, you distance yourself from it, you put it on a pedestal and you no longer have it within reach. This is like you have someone you're attracted to, you put them on a pedestal, and then all of a sudden, they're either not attracted to you or something just comes up that balances that out. Well, metaphorically speaking, that's because there are balancing forces that come into play that make it so that it balances out that energy.

But if you don't give things excess meaning or excess importance, then everything's good. It's about understanding that balance of energy. It's called the coordination of balance or the coordination of important. Don't give anything too much important and you start to more so resonate with it.

Those are the kind of the main ideas of understanding Reality Transurfing. And that after you've read this blog, you can start to experience much more luck in your life. And this has to do with understanding how, what we focus on is what we get more of and anything, anytime we have something that happens in our life that we give it some type of, um, maybe we feel gratitude for it.

We start to see more and more of those patterns in our life. As we're going throughout our day, if something happens and we give it some type of positive meaning, which means we're not making that more important than it is, we just simply say, oh, that's something positive. And we acknowledged that. Guess what? It shifts us to another life track that will also have some type of positive effect of it. It's almost like that's when it gets better and better.

And then you have may have even experienced this where something good happens at the beginning of your day. And guess what? Those good things begin to continue to happen. And on the other side of that, you may have had it to where something negative happens and it keeps going down that negative momentum. This is about deciding an intending that something lucky can happen for you.

You can set the intention that you're just in the right place at the right time, and as you do this, guess what? Things start to happen and this is the key, the moment something does happen, even something small, give it reassurance and give it acknowledgment. For example, you want to set the intention to say, I am lucky. Things are just always happening for me, and then you go to the gym and somebody opens up the door for you that give it and acknowledging don't give given access, meaning extra support. It's like, oh my God.

And like fake it. I'd say just acknowledge it and be grateful and be like, wow, things are working out for me. I'm just opening up the door for me. That was very nice of them as you say that, guess what? You create a pattern within yourself that is then more likely to have more and more experiences that resonate with that kind of perspective.

And that starts to create for yourself a powerful momentum. This is something actually I sent an email out to a whole bunch of people that followed my newsletter. And I sent it out to them and I showed them this exactly what I'm telling you right now with being lucky. I have had literally thousands of people respond to me and say, thank you so much for that email. I started to set the intention to be lucky.

I started to acknowledge the things in my life that could possibly be a small amount of luck and now amazing things that have happened. I think it is something that can work for you just as well. Simply set the intention that you're going to be lucky. Start to acknowledge the parts of your life that you're already grateful for it. And guess what? You will start to perceive of more and more of that.

The second part I want to talk about has to do with decreasing importance. I've shared that I think is one of the most powerful things that can change your life if you apply it. And basically, what this means is if you have certain goals that you want to accomplish and set up seeing them on this big pedestal and you know, giving them so much. I'm kind of like energy, which is good to have like the focus and the intention, but not like you need it in order to feel better.

Instead of doing that, start to more so realized that that's where negative emotion comes from. Anytime we feel stressed, it's because we're giving some situation. Excess meaning excess importance, so knowing that what we can begin to do is to see it as natural that we accomplish what we want to have it almost a part of our self-image that everything just works out for us and as we have that, guess what?

Everything begins to change because that's like an overlaying belief that goes through our whole life. If you want a free guided meditation that will help you to decrease the level of importance you give things and then also to wire in a lot of these reality transport and ideas. In another part of this could be simply understanding that when you decrease the level of importance, you more so resonate with that desire, with that reality that you want.

Imagine it like you have this goal of making a certain amount per year and it's something double what you may last year will, unless you change your self-image and unless you see it as natural for you to hit your goals, that will remain outside of the way you see yourself.

I remember, and I've told this story before, but when I was at like 90,000 subscribers and it was like I gave so much importance and meaning to [inaudible], but it was the moment I started to really relax it. Then I had a huge jump and buy a huge jump. I mean I had a video go viral when I was at 90,000 subs. I went to bed the next day, a hundred and 1000, 3000 overnight and for like the next four days group I'd like 10 or 15,000 subs and just like three or four days and that was shortly after I was like, that's cool. It was more of just a part of who I am. When I hit 100 I was like, you know what?

This is just, it's nothing. Do you know? It felt cool for like an hour or two because it was like the golden the beginning and it was cool that we've grown to that much, but at the same time I'm like, this is just a natural side effect of being making a lot of videos and doing what I love and adding value to people. That's the way I viewed it and because of that it was natural and it was much more likely in the growth has continued to exponentially since then.

Start to see your goals as more natural. Start to see it as a part of your self-image and don't give it meaning. And if you do give it access, meaning learns to just allow things to be, to trust the process. And as you do that, you will start to decrease the stress, decrease the resistance, and things will start to resonate more.

We create resistance anytime we give something, access meaning because we really wanted to go in a certain way. That's powerful as well as the third part that can completely transform your life. This has to do with understanding something called a reality amalgam. This is like an overarching belief that we put over our world and the layers for which we see the world. For example, we all have subconscious beliefs of this means this. And like things were constantly kind of going in the back of our mind.

And the power of this reality amalgam going to share with you is that it starts to brighten the pitcher that you see in the world. Think of it like this reality amalgam. They use the analogy in the book of Venetian Mirror. Back in the day, the Venetian times, there are these Venetian years that they had and what they would do as they would put hints of gold inside of the mirror so that you look at yourself.

You set kind of an overlaying, hew into your life, into your beliefs, and as you do that, guess what? Your vibration begins to raise. You start to feel better. You start to increase your state of being because you start to have these beliefs that really serve you. First off, let me ask you this question. What are your beliefs about the manifestation process in general? Do you believe it when things work out well for you? Do you believe that you have to try really hard in order to make things happen?

Or is it possible that she could start to see the process is very easy? The process as a natural byproduct of your focus and your intention. This is what makes a huge difference is when you start to see this as more of a natural byproduct of who you are and you start to set these reality amalgams.

Every day gets better and better. Things are always working out for me. I always manifest what I want. Eventually, things were always happening for me. You see, these are all perspectives that are very general, but there's something that we could start to wire in and then as they happen, you can acknowledge them and be like, “Yo, look. See that goal in the mirror thing?”

Starting to work, it'll start to see that and you're like, “Yo, this is so cool.” Reality amalgam is working and it's very powerful. This is something that I've done. The world always takes care of me. I'm always in the right place at the right time. I'm so lucky. All of these things, and I get offers from people are like, Hey, come fly here and do this and go to like a car.

Went back to Costa Rica here pretty soon because I've like redefine the way I see abundance and I've had this belief that just like people want me to come and go wherever they are like they want me to come and just be some places in. It's pretty much just for free. Do you know what I mean? That's the kind of mentality I have and that's an overlaying belief that it's starting to kind of pepper in my world.

 That's the way that you can start to apply a reality amalgam, and it is so powerful. I'll make more videos on reality amalgams in the future, but it's just overlying unbelief that can change just about everything. Remember that you can begin to start to do is to first off, see yourself as lucky, set the intention, acknowledged the next thing that comes into your life that is somewhat even at a small level, lucky, and start to feel appreciation for it, that secondly decreased the level of importance. 

See it as natural for you to attain your goals. As you do that, you'll start to more so resonate with the desires that you have. And then thirdly, add that gold into that mirror, make it so that it looks a little bit more like you got that beautiful hue and which you can then do is start to set these beliefs, these beliefs like the world always takes care of me. Every day gets better and better. I always get what I want. Not always will you do? You can, why not? And what you do as you start to feel into that. And as you do that, everything begins to change. 

3 Ways to Raise Your Vibration to the 5th Dimension INSTANTLY

I'll be sharing with you three things you must do to raise your vibration to a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness. These are things that if you do will change your entire life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three things that when you begin to do in your life will raise your vibration to a new state of consciousness so that you can start to exist in the new energy. Not necessarily new energy, but the energy that is here right now that is available to us as we go through this process of awakening.

You may be asking yourself, Aaron, what is the fifth dimension and what does it mean to raise your vibration to the fifth dimension? Well, this has to do with understanding different states of consciousness and not also misinterpreting it because many times people have misinterpreted.

I misinterpreted it a long time ago as well, thinking that a fifth dimension is actually a place, a place that's separate than where we are right now. The truth is that the fourth and fifth-dimensional states of consciousness are here right now, depending on which lens through which we see the world in which state of consciousness we are embodying. Let's look at it like this. This is something.

1.    You are an immortal spiritual being

This is one of the things that you must understand in order to really raise your vibration to that higher level and it's first off that you are an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience. The reason that this is important to understand is that when we identify with just the ego, with just the Avatar body that we live in, then we end up thinking and limited ourselves to this small little perspective that is just a small fraction of a percentage of who we really are.

We're really so much more than that, but what happens is when we are born into this reality, we forget who we are. We forget that we are unconditional love and bliss. We forget that we aren't naturally at that high level of consciousness, but that we've descended and forgotten who we are because that's one of the parts of this reality.

That's what makes this reality so beautiful. Because when you. When we raise or lower our vibration down into a third d, 3D level of consciousness with the Avatar body that we have in order for us to believe it's real. One of the things we do is we forget who we are through what is called a veil of forgetfulness.

We forget who we are and then we go through certain life experiences and we have in most of our societies that have social conditioning, which means that we constantly emphasize to be in the stimulus-response, to be in that of the senses.

And because of that, we start to identify with what we perceive through our senses. Because of that, we forget our connection to source through the social conditioning and one of the purposes of life is for us to wake up to who we really are. And as we wake up to who we really are, we start to gain more. Of our abilities back higher dimensional states of consciousness and we start to literally feel better.

We started to raise our vibration and everything changes and you hear on the planet right now are here to go through this ascension of vibration. We're doing it collectively together and we are doing it in a way to where we do it here. Back in the day when there was ascension, you can think of the Mayans you think of as different civilizations. When they would ascend to higher levels of vibration, they would completely do it in a body and many times they would leave and go to a different place.

However, what we are doing, what makes this so special now is collectively we're all going through this raising vibration. Some at different rates than others and sometimes part of the process is seeing things come up that are maybe negative because we can then clear it, but nonetheless, we are raising our vibration to where we are.

Letting go of the old, old structures are falling down because as we raise our vibration and understand more and more who we are, we're going to begin to exist in a completely new type of reality and it's happening right now. It has been happening and it will continue to happen. The fact that you were even into this content first off is showing that you are on the leading edge because there's a lot of people that are still completely asleep to this. They wouldn't even come across a video that said something like the fifth dimension on it and if they did, they wouldn't even click on it because they wouldn't be.

It wouldn't resonate with them. But the thing is you are on the leading edge and if you're reading this blog, you are also a lightworker. Which means that when you came here, one of the missions you had was to carry light from higher dimensional states of consciousness. Here to help awaken other people doesn't mean that you have to broadcast this information.

You have to be on YouTube like me. It just means that by you being and being in this vibration, you raise your own vibration, you affect everyone else around you, and when it comes to this, of raising our vibration to this fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, let's first off understanding a little bit more about what that is. 3D level of consciousness is duality.

Think of 3D like we're looking through our eyes. We have left brain, right brain light, dark up, down the polarization, and 3D there is also normally a lot of control because there's this, there's this control of information.

There's this control of a where the energy goes. People are identified with their egos so they want to control it. It's identification with the Avatar body. A 4D level of reality is when we bring into that, have more flexibility. Three days, very solid. 40 becomes a little bit less, becomes a little bit less fixed. You can think of 4D as that of life becoming more like a dream time, becoming a little bit more slippery. You may have had times where time just flows by. The fourth dimension is more about vibration.

That is 4D reality and in 40 reality there is still an option of a perspective of duality. Light, good, good, Bad, light, dark. Do you know what I mean? There's still that option there. 5D level of reality is where we begin to exist more and seeing people as connected to us. It has to do with more with understanding that we are unconditional love and bliss.

What we put out comes back to us because what we do to someone else, we do to another aspect of ourselves, so you wouldn't treat people anyway that you wouldn't treat yourself. It's about also being in the heart space. Being thinking and doing is the 3:40 mentality. Being in a higher state, being love transcending intellectual thoughts. When our bodies are more activated, it's when we literally start to take on more of our true potential.

More of our DNA will be activated and is more of who we really are. We realized more of our multidimensionality that we exist at many different levels at the same time, so these perspectives and these feelings are vibrations of 5D. reality is an option we can see right now for the realities. That option we can see right now, the 3D reality is an option we could see right now.

It is different rates of vibration depending on different people on the planet. The first thing you must do in order to raise your vibration to a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness is you must take responsibility for your life. This'll sound harsh to some people that like, Aaron, I've been doing so much. How can I take responsibility for the child abuse that I went through for these very negative experiences have? How can I take responsibility for that?

Well, the key is not taking responsibility for what happened. The key is to take responsibility for how you responded to what happened. Remember, the most important thing is your state of being not what actually happened and I had been through that. I've been through pain growing up. I've been through, had an abusive ex-stepmom and my life had complete control to where I wasn't allowed to do anything.

I know what it's like, but I also took responsibility for how we to that and I integrated those emotions and by integrating those emotions I released the patterns to where there's no longer in my life because for a long time I carried around the pattern of my ex-step. Mom has that control, that blame and I would attract similar experiences.

I had managers even years after, I never have to see her again. Managers that had the same personality traits, ex-girlfriends add similar personality traits until I dealt with it and I integrated it. They remain patterns in my life. All the sudden I deal with it. Also, many people, they just don't take responsibility for the thoughts and the emotions and the direction of the thoughts they have.

When you start to put your thoughts more in the direction of what you want to experience, the understanding that you create your own reality, then what happens is things in your life begin to change because then you're giving it direction. Most people live in the autopilot mind, so the key that is being aware of it, the editing you want to do is neutralize the past.

See it not as bad or good, but it just simply is. Observe your thoughts. When you do this, you begin to disengage from that of the 3D reality. It no longer has power over you. First off, neutralize it in order to move beyond it.

2.    Understand your beliefs

The second thing that you must do in order to raise your vibration to a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness is you must understand that your beliefs are creating your reality. Whatever you believe to be true. Do you believe the world is good?

Do you believe the world is bad? Do you believe that things come to you easily? Do you believe that you have to work hard for it? Do you believe that there are loving people in your life? What do you believe about reality? Whatever you believe to be true is we're going to be reflected back to you.

When you become aware of your beliefs, you can then change from the inside out because all the outer reflection is in our life. Everything in our life on the outside. It's just a reflection of the inside, so the more that you take accountability for it and the more that you become aware of what you believe to be true is the more that you're going to be able to transcend 3D paradigms.

Because in your definitions itself, you will find those beliefs and many times those beliefs are tied to the 3D reality. Oh, this is the way reality is. Reality is bad. Things get worse with age. All of these beliefs, there is social conditioning. They're not who you are there on the autopilot mind. Become aware of these beliefs, become aware of your definitions, become aware of the language you use, and then see everything in your life as a choice because as you do that, you start to gain your power back.

Understand that this is more of a 4D perspective because in the fourth dimension is about understanding that everything is a reflection. It's all about vibrational resonance. What do you believe to be true? Because your reality will always be a reflection of what you believe to be true. It will be equal to that, so become aware of it.

Then you begin to change your reality. You then start to live more in the dream world. Beliefs create our reality. Think of it as four fourth dimensional state of consciousness, which is ironic because it's the four hundred. Einstein himself calibrated at 499 in order for him to get to 500, which is love. He would've had to let go of all the intellectual ideas.

3.    Let go of intellectual ideas

That's why the third thing you must do in order to get into the fifth dimension or to raise your vibration to the fifth dimension, is to let go of all the intellectual ideas, all the beliefs that we just worked out into the fourth dimension. Understand it as simply a choice, but let it go and just be in the present moment right now.

Be shift out of thinking and doing and into being, be in your heart center experience reality for yourself because the more you are here now, the more that you begin to experience more of what you want because more of your energy is coming through.

That is the key. It's being in the present moment right now, so when we start to see this, we could see that the more we raise our vibration as well, the more divine we will acknowledge within ourselves. We are all divine beings, a piece of the puzzle that we call source energy that we call God. Whatever label we want to give it, we are all divine.

When you look in the enlightened people of the past or lightened people now that can do magical things. Read the book autobiography of a Yogi. You'll see someone who's enlightened that had gurus in India that could do things that you literally think are impossible. You are divine. That is who you are. The more you recognize your divinity and the divinity and other people, the more your vibrational begin to raise. We came here to understand, to realize and to embody our divine light.

Begin to understand that that is who you are. You come from higher states of consciousness of unconditional love and peace, higher vibrational states, light bodies that were much less physical than this, but we've come here to experience this and we're going to continue to raise our vibration.

These are the three things that you must do in order to raise your vibration. Take responsibility for where you are. Choose to put your thoughts and more powerful direction to become more of the beliefs you have, your beliefs, create your reality, and then simply be in the present moment, exist in your heart space, and watch your life begin to change.

The Vibration of Valentine’s Day REVEALED Tap into the LOVE Vibration Like This

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on the vibration of Valentine's Day and I'm going to share with you how to tap into the vibration of love in a way that you never have before.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a new perspective of understanding the vibration of certain holidays and how you can tap into the amplified thought form of what many other people are focused on the planet. In general, when it comes to this process, we must understand that thoughts are thoughts are literally things.

Thoughts may be invisible to the eyes because we don't see all of our thoughts, but they still exist and when we become aware of this, it starts to change the whole way, really relate to reality, and we can start to tap into vibrations that are more amplified on certain days.

I want you to know that another powerful way to tap into the love vibration is watching a training that or Alexandra, maybe you guys know YouTube really or Alexandra, her and I have created a training workshop, a free training workshop that you can watch.

It will help you to understand exactly what you must do to attract a soulmate to attract a relationship or to attract someone special into your life and it's going to be available for a period of time. If you see that link in the description box, then right now you can watch that training. That's another way that you can tap into the love frequency and we will share with you everything that will help you to manifest that in your life.

And also, when it comes to this process, it's about understanding that this love exists within you. Right now. It's simply about identifying and knowing that it is more of who you are than anything else. You don't have to try to become more loving or try to tap into something that's not you. It's about letting go of the layers that don't serve so that you allow more of this energy in.

When it comes to vibration, understand that vibration is the way the world works. We always experience a reality that is equal to our vibration. When it comes to this process, I'm going to be sharing a little bit of an idea that I haven't really shared too much on the channel before and if you can apply this towards, to be honest with you, comply to the stores, Valentine's date. You can apply this towards different holidays and you can apply this towards anything where there is a mass amount of people that are focused in one state have been or on one type of topic.

What happens is, is let's look at it like this. There is an energy field around our body and this energy field has within it the patterns of the thoughts that we think, the emotions that we feel, and even the actions we take that has an energetic pattern that stays within our energy field.

What happens is when we walk around, we go out into the world. We experience a reality that is equal to what is within our energy fields. For example, if you feel a certain emotion in your energy field when you go out, other people will feel that off of you even subconsciously and they will link up with you and you will experience reality opportunities that are also in alignment with that energy signature that's within your energy field.

Also, what happens is just like there is an energy field around our body, there is an energy field around the planet and within this energy field as something that we could call the collective consciousness and the collective unconsciousness, but the collective consciousness is the combined thought forms of billions and billions of people on the planet.

We normally think that the thoughts we think do not have formed. The thoughts we think are literally things they are energetic patterns that maybe our eyes don't see, so the thoughts are invisible, but that doesn't mean that the thoughts don't exist. When we look at the thoughts that go within our own energy field that link up to us certain opportunities, certain experiences, we can then see that in the planet herself.

There is an energy field that goes around the planet and within it is all the combined thoughts and emotions of the people on it. Here's the thing as well, when many, many people are focused on one thing that amplifies the energy of that one thing so that there's more access to everyone else on the planet. Let me say that a little bit different way.

When many people are focused on certain, on certain days there'll be certain vibrations, there'll be certain focuses that they have. Those thought forms go out into the world and they literally link up with similar thought forms and what happens is, it creates an energetic wave, something that people can very much feel. Have you ever wondered why?

Maybe you go down the streets and you're driving, someone cuts you off and you think that the, that you're mad that that person cuts you off, but maybe you feel a little bit more angry than normal. Have you ever wondered why that might be? Well, it's not just that you're mad they cut you off. There are many other people that have been on that same street before that had been cut off, that have also reacted a certain way and your thoughts and your emotions linked up to it and then amplify that emotion within you.

This is the thing is many times we think the thoughts we're having our own in actuality, many times the thoughts we're having are also we're picking up on other thoughts that are around us in our environment and based on what we are focused on. Let's look to that of Valentine's Day. Well, you have millions and billions of people that are focused on love that day. Y

ou could say, well, in America this is a big thing, so hundreds of millions of people know about Valentine's Day and are focused on some form of love. The thing is that day on Valentine's Day and leading up to it, there is going to be an increase of people focused on their significant other. That is going to be reflected back to them, different things, and the thing is you in the present moment right now, as other people in many, many other people are focused on that love, on that emotion.

Within them, it is amplifying the vibration of that thought form into the collective unconsciousness. Then you will feel like you have more access to love than on normal days because there is more of that energetic field that has been grown around the planet and especially around certain cities and certain a certain culture. If you were to go to the Eiffel Tower, guess what? How many people propose at the Eiffel Tower? How many people go to the Eiffel Tower because it's a symbol of love and that amplifies the emotion of that place. ​

The Eiffel Tower literally will carry in energetic imprints of so many people going there with the intention of love, of being with her significant other that it carries with it a vibration because of the added energy from so many people going there. Well, guess what? Same thing on Valentine's Day. Let me reveal to you some of the things you may notice on Valentine's Day.

First off, understand that anything people think about it grows the energetic thought form of that thing. For example, there are pendulums around that have sports teams. These pendulums, I'm sorry, let me explain pendulum. A pendulum is a thought form that many other people have also been thinking that it. It creates like a superstructure of that thought form. The thing is there is thought forms around anything.

There is attention on the people running for president are a pendulum and the other cells. The thing is whether you like the pendulum or don't like the pendulum, this thought form that many people are adding energy to whether you like it or don't like it, it doesn't matter because it feeds it. That's why whoever will win the presidential election will be the one that has the most attention, positive or negative because the negative people push it.

The people that love it, pull it so it's this. It's this natural swing going back and forth. In the same way, Valentine's Day is very similar. On one side, you're going to have the vibration of millions and millions of people focused on love and focused on their significant other. Then you'll have a camp of people that resent the people that are in relationships because they may be single.

The thing is whether they are for it or it gets it, it doesn't matter because if they have some emotional pool one way or the other, that's going to add energy going the other way. This is something that continues to pull in one way or the other, and it depends on which thoughts you are linking up to on the day of Valentine's Day, especially which perspectives are you choosing. Because the thing is whichever perspective you are choosing is going to be the energy that you take on.

You're going to have more access to those perspectives and to those thought forms that's going to amplify the emotion within you. This is the thing that a lot of people don't think about and become aware of. The beliefs you have. What do you believe about love are do you call it single awareness day? And if you do, that's fine.

But be aware of the different thought forms that are available and you're going to increase your awareness and then you can see that if you're feeling and you're beating yourself up for being single, you may see also that you're tagging onto many, many other people doing the same thing. Because remember there are two sides to this. There's going to be a dominant side of more people that are feeling love or that are amplifying. Being in a relationship or whatever it is, and it's going to be on the other side.

People that resent that or there'll be people that are more neutral that just don't care. However, if you're reading this blog, then you just understand that you can tap into whichever one you want by linking up your thoughts to it. Let's look at that as well. The people that are focused on that, of love, of being in a relationship, they are focused on adoring someone else.

They are focused on that of the love that they have in the relationship and whatever it is. The thing is that same love exists within you right now and even within them, but you can give yourself more permission to feel it right now. Link up your thought forms to gratitude, so grateful for what's already in your life. You may say, well, I don't have a relationship in my life, and that's why I mentioned that the earlier the video, you can watch the trading with Lee or Alexandra and me where we show you how you can manifest your soul mate.

Understand that when it comes to any holiday at all, whatever many people are focused on, you're going to have more energy of that debt during the holiday season, during December, especially in the United States. You have so many different holidays going on that there's a very strong sense of community and family, very easy.

Even if you weren't religious, you may feel a pool to go and look at that to be around your family because there are that bond and community that comes together for that. When you look at that, have the vibration of Valentine's Day.

One powerful thing I will say to you is to transcend the intellect. That might seem a little bit coming from me who has a channel. That add talks a lot about philosophy and the intellect. What I would encourage you to do is to focus on being, being present to the moment, even if you're single, no matter what your circumstances, focus on being in your own energy field and sharing your energy field with someone else.

Combination of the two. Understand that you can recognize the relationship within your own self and that as you focus on that you are amplifying the love in your own life. Even right now, put your hands over your heart like this. Put your hands over your heart and focus and set the intention that you feel the love inside of your heart

because doing this for just a couple minutes a day begins to increase the energy inside of your heart. Most people, a lot of people on Valentine's Day or focused on love and they may be feeling more from their heart. My guess is if you were to measure the electromagnetic energy of people on Valentine's Day verse other days, especially people in relationships or that are celebrating it, you would see that the energy field around their body begins to grow because they are focused on the love within them.

As this happens around the culture, around the planet in general, there is easier access. There's not more access, there's this easier access because more people are focused on it, so how can you tap into the vibration of Valentine's date? Set the intention, set the intention to feel the love within yourself, set the intention to move out of thinking and doing.

Move into being, being here now, be with whoever you're off. Without that, if you have to work, then you have to work. Be there. If you are with a family, be with family and may say, well, my romantic with I get it. Be with your family. Be with love. Love is a vibration and weed. A lot of times we'll put little caveats onto that. Love has to be just this or just that.

Those are conditions. Be in unconditional love by being. Be present to the moment. Put your hands over your heart. Become aware of what you believe to be true about love in general, and if there are these little blocks that come up, observed them. Let them go. If you find that there are certain things that are holding you back from really loving yourself more, become aware of it and be grateful for it.

Use Valentine's Day as a symbol for you to tap into your heart's center and assemble for you to feel the love within yourself. The paradox of that is you will then either manifest someone into your life that is of that love vibration that is a more tapped into themselves. You will just feel more love in general, so it's a paradox, but you can tap into love right now and that vibration is always here, but on Valentine's Day it is amplified many times, but pay attention to the thoughts that you're thinking.

The thoughts that you're thinking and the emotions you're feeling is going to determine what energy grows within you. The most important thing for all of this though is how you relate to Valentine's Day is Valentine's Day, a reason for you to go within yourself, to feel the love inside of your heart that's already there, to appreciate the person in your life or someone else in your life.

Because if so, that's the meaning you give. It is Valentine's Day. Does it mean to you that you just become aware that you're not in a relationship, that things aren't the way that you want, that you look around and see all these happy couples and it's annoying? Guess what kind of vibration you're going to tap into. You're going to tap into the lack of it, so change the meaning.

Let them meaning a Valentine's did something for you to tap into yourself or see it as neutral. It's all up to you. The power of this blog is showing you that it is all up to you. However, it's being aware of the environment and what you're linking up to. You can choose to tap into more of the love vibration or you can choose to observe it in for it to not have power over you at all.

That power is within you in what you choose to link up to the meaning you give it and how you are not thinking, not doing, but being. That is where the power is. I want you to know that I love you. I wear this shirt because I thought that it represented Valentine's Day, and if you want to learn how to transform the way you go about manifesting a relationship to manifesting a soul mate, then Lee or Alexandra, you guys know the amazingly or Alexandra her and me have a workshop training class right below.

Go ahead and click on it. It will show you the techniques, the way you go about this process, what you must do in order to attract love, a soulmate relationship into your life. 

The Belief System of 3D, 4D, and 5D and How to Make the SHIFT

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the belief system of 3D, 4D, and 5D levels of consciousness, and I'm going to show you how you can easily make the shift into a higher level.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be sharing with you the difference in the belief system of being in what is called a 3D level of consciousness, a 4D level of consciousness, and a 5D level of consciousness. The reason I'm going to share this with you is that right now on the planet, there are these different perspectives, these different levels of consciousness that are all available to us right now in the present moment.

Now, first off, let's just recognize these as different rates of vibration that come with it, different perceptions. In general, what is happening on the planet right now is there is a shift in vibration that is happening and the 3D reality is still an option. The 40 reality is an option. The 4D reality and option almost like you can think of it as a lens through which we can see the world if we choose it.

The idea and the truth of the matter are that it's not so much that when we ascend to a higher level, we go to some other separate location that's away from where we are. It's more so that as we raise our vibration, we then perceive of a reality that is equal to that level of belief and that level of being so getting into higher states of consciousness is not about going anywhere other than being here right now.

I say that because as a lot of people go through this transition, the way that we interpret it, sometimes we'll get these, these may be these dreams or these visions that it has to do with going somewhere else.

Even back in 2012, it was a very popularized way of going about it thinking, oh, this is where we are at 3:43 d level of reality. We're going to go to a 4D. We're going to be a completely different place. We're going to go somewhere else and it's more so about understanding that these are all available right now and we shift through them without even knowing it.

There are times you're in a 4D level of existence or a 4D level of consciousness. There are times you may get triggered. You may watch the news and get pulled back into a 3D level of consciousness, and there are times that you may be in a 5Dlevel of consciousness. It all fluctuates depending on your state of being and your level of consciousness at that moment, but what you can begin to do is train yourself to be in these higher states of consciousness.

Let me give you a general overview and then we'll get into the specifics of Egypt belief so as you can see where you are and how you can move up the scale. To look at this, let's see, 3D, 4D, 5D, 3D, level of consciousness is an identification with form 3D level of consciousness is about duality, good, bad, light, dark up, down.

This is duality and this is also a reality of control because on the planet right now, certain systems are in place that keep people in a level of control. The financial system is one of them.

The real power is with the people. But the thing is if you control the focus of seven and a half billion people, it didn't, creates a certain timeline. When we look at this, what we see is that there's a certain level of control that may be happening. I keep people in the 3D level of consciousness because the 3D level of consciousness we'll also have within it lower vibrational states of emotion. Shame, fear, guilt, anger.

If we keep people trained in those vibrations, they stay in the 3D reality. Therefore, reinforcing that and then from that point it just keeps the level of control in it, so 3D level of reality is identification. It's thinking this is who I am. It's when we grow up thinking that we are a body or we emphasize the ego and it's also the dream of separation.

It's where we believe we are separate from everyone else and it's a funny thing sometimes. Sometimes I'll notice it like when it comes to sports teams. For example, I was talking about this the other day when it comes to sports teams.

Somebody that likes the raiders and somebody that likes the rams, for example, they may be at a football game and they may dislike each other and they may even want to fight each other because of their positionalities of what team they're on and how passionate they are about the sport. The truth is these two people have so much more in common than they even can imagine because they both liked football and there are many other people on the planet that don't even like football.

The point of that is understanding that whatever we emphasize if we emphasize separateness, we create more of that. Instead, look at what we have in common because we have a lot more in common than we can imagine. We could even look at that. Have a. We could look at that of race.

This is my culture, that is your culture. I am this color, that color, and we can emphasize that difference in color. But if you are on a different planet where there was gentle like beans and there was like floating jellyfish and there was all of these different animals and things that would be so different than you, you would look at that other person and be like, I recognize you. Please come. Let's go do. Let's go through this together because we have so much in common. But you see it's all relative.

We're all floating on a planet. We have so much more in common than we can even imagine, but yet we set. We like to emphasize the separateness because that's how we've been wired, but that is the belief system of a 3D level of reality, 3D level of reality.

We think that we are our ego, not aware always that we are immortal, spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences and part of the purpose of life is to wake up to who we really are, to wake up out of the 3D identification and realize, hey, I'm way more than just this. There is so much more to life than just this. And as we become aware of that, we start to expand ourselves and then as we expand ourselves, we start to see things with more awareness because we realized that this is just a dream.

It is a dream. His identity identification with form and it's who we think we are, but it's not really just who we are. But part of the purpose of 3D reality is to wake up. It is to learn to observe the thoughts. Third, to learn to observe the ways we may get triggered because you cannot solve a problem from the same level. The problem was created as Einstein said, in the same way, you cannot transcend 3d by being entrenched in 3D, you must learn to observe 3D.

You must learn to observe your thoughts and know that the thoughts are not who you are, but in the 3D level of reality, you think that the thoughts you think are your identity. The things that have happened to you in the past is your identity, so identification is the belief system of 3D reality.

Separation is a belief system of 3D reality. Labels are a 3D system of reality. Desire is a level of 3D reality I'm hearing I really want to get over there. That is a 3D level paradigm. There are high levels of paradigm where you could still manifest, but in the 3D level of reality, that's where it mostly stays in this desire. This longing always wanted them to be somewhere else, not wanting to really be in the present moment and another thing when it comes to the 3D level of reality is linear time space, reality.

There's a big emphasis on it, not that it doesn't exist in 4D. however, this time-space, the linear reality is like, this is my timeline. Then this happens in the past and then the past over here and the future is over here. If there's an emphasis on it now, this is all 3D level of reality.

What we're doing as a planet, as we are waking up from 3D levels of consciousness and moving into 4D and 5D levels of consciousness. Once you can think of it as is the dream that we live in is transforming that back in the day. This is back in and just see if this resonates with you. If you ever read Dolores Cannon's books, call on what's called QHHT, quantum healing hypnosis technique where people are in the deepest levels of brainwave activity.

Their higher self comes through and you can ask any question and they'll ask questions like, why did you incarnate at this time? Ask questions like the light is what is this relationship with this person, your life questions like, you know, what was the soul contract? All these different things that the higher self knows. Ask those kinds of questions. Her books are transcripts of those sessions with thousands and thousands of people.

Thousands and thousands of people that have gone to her and have said that the reason they came to earth right now is to go through this transition from 3D to 4Dand 5D levels of consciousness because there's this quickening of vibration and as we go through this, we're able to get rid of a lot of Karma.

We're able to really move in a quick way up the vibrational scale and were able to go through an immense transformation in a short period of time and we're doing it together. We're doing it collectively. In the past, you may have had the Mayan civilization that ascended their vibration out of into a new level of reality. We're all doing it together and we're staying on a planet for this.

We're staying is a physical type thing as well, so we're going through this transition and what happened was is there was a call that was sent out back in the 1940s, 1930s, a call into the universe that said, we need lightworkers here.

Earth Gaia needs help so that we can begin to change this planet. The thing is there's free will here and you forget who you are when you're born here. There are other planets where you may go and you may remember who you are and then maybe a higher vibration where you just always remember that you are unconditional love and bliss.

There was a certain level of control over the planetary of how everything goes and what happened was is this call was sent out and one of the triggers for it was a nuclear bomb because when a nuclear bomb goes off, it doesn't just affect our reality.

It ripples out and it affects other reality systems and that's not allowed because we can do whatever we want within our own free will, but if it starts to influence other galaxies and the universe is like that, then that it becomes something that needs to be dealt with. This call goes out lightworkers, high vibrational beings, many different forms of souls.

A lightworker from a higher dimensional state of consciousness decided out of compassion and love that you would come to earth to help make this transition. Because here's the thing. It's not like we can just as a higher dimensional being influenced this reality and do all the work for us. In order for us to influence it. We must incarnate within the reality system itself because that's how it works.

We must forget who we are. Come here. We knew it was going to be a little bit more difficult because we were going to forget, but then we're going to go through the process of remembering, so we decided to come here. Then what happened is we came here, we have forgotten who we are.

We go through these challenging. We're waking up. Again, if you're reading this blog right now, you are waking up out of the 3D and into higher states. 4D, 5D level of consciousness and 5D level of consciousness is where most of us chill much more at the time.

It's just a very temporary thing and we're moving through this transition right now and over the next 10, 20, 30 years, whatever it is, a lot of stuff's going to change on the planet for the better. Some of it will appear to be worse at first because it's old systems breaking down, but nonetheless, we're moving out of the 3D and 4D.

Let's look at the 4D level of reality. 40 level of reality could also be considered more of a dreamlike state. Some people would consider it the astral realms. When you think of 4D reality, think of things more in terms of vibration.  In a 4D level of reality, there is also more flexibility.

The belief system would be more flexibility and time and space. Instead of saying this, things happen linearly in 3D, we say things are beginning to happen more now. You can begin to play around with time. You could say, oh, I'm running kind of late for this thing. Instead of rushing to get their trust, the process and simply visualize you.

Getting somewhere on time works like magic because time, the more identity we give, the time and the more emphasis we give, the time, the more time we create a 3D level of reality, 3D level of consciousness.

The belief system of 3D. reality is I am a victim. Things happen to me. The belief system of 40 level of reality is you start to realize that you are a creator of your own reality and if you're watching my videos on YouTube than you're already embodying a 40 level of consciousness more of the time because you are taking responsibility for your vibration, for your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions.

That is the key. You must begin to embody more of that understanding that you are responsible. You can say, well, all these things happened to me in my past, but they didn't happen to you.

They happen for you and I get it because I had a childhood that was much more painful. I get it. I had to transmute that and the key is understanding to take responsibility for it because the one thing you have the responsibility of is how you respond to what has happened or what is happening. You can choose your response to it and choose the meaning you give it.

Maybe it was a negative thing, but what you do is you see it as a way of something you could have grown from something that made you stronger, more powerful. A lot of the most negative things that have ever happened to me growing up or whatever it was has made me so much more powerful because I transmuted it and I've seen it like that and the 4D level of reality. Things are more flexible.

Life becomes much more of a dream. Think of Harry Potter. Harry Potter resonated with so many billions of millions or billions of people because it's closer to our true reality of things being magical and things being much more flexible, but right now we have an emphasis on 3D reality through the collective consciousness of seven and a half billion people or more.

Therefore, we emphasize that magic isn't real, magic could be real, and Atlanta's times back in the day magic was real, but there was greed in Atlanta times and what happened was we ended up falling back down into a 3D level of.

We ended up falling back down into a 3D level of consciousness, but now we are redoing that and raising our vibration backup. 4D level of consciousness is when you may begin to play with crystals, you may understand geometric form. Everything is geometry.

You may begin to understand that time is more flexible, that when it comes to this process, it's more about vibration. You are a creator of your own reality that is 40 level of consciousness and as you realized that life is more of a dream, the more you realize that the more your life becomes a dream. Have Fun with this process. Allow things to be. Watch how your life begins to change.

The 5D level of consciousness is also an option. 4D level of consciousness is actually beyond that. A belief beyond that of reasoning. This is when you get into being. This is when you understand that everyone is connected. The belief system of 4D reality is that we're all one and we are all connected 4D is there still a little bit to duality, but it's more flexible, good, Bad, light, dark. It's still there, but we have a little bit more awareness.

Awareness is what raises us into these higher states. 4D is the awareness and knowing that you are connected to everyone else. You come into contact with, you have a connection whether you realize it or not and when you see other people as extensions as yourself, you then treat people in a new way.

You didn't realize that they're not so separate and you start to see things as more of what you put out is what you get back because what you do to someone else you do to another aspect of yourself. However, in a 4D level of reality, you start to let go of labels. I remember listening to Sadhguru's experience who's like this enlightened guy from India and when he went through is a lightening experience.

He was on top of this hill and he could not see where he began and where he ended. He dropped the identity, the vessel of separation, the vessel of the identity of labels. He dropped it and he realized that he is everything. When you transcend three, 4D reality, it's about realizing that you are not just this avatar body. You were not just the drop in the ocean.

You are also the ocean. A drop. That's the 4D level of consciousness so you become more present to the moment. You just are. Everything is happening now. We are moving into that as we go on and there is more opportunity for us to be in that be present to the moment.

You can become aware of the beliefs you have. You can become aware of the thoughts you have, but begin to let them go. This is when you move out of reacting to the environment. When you move out of the desire and you realize that everything is perfect as it is, this is also when you begin to let go and surrender and in the 4D level of consciousness, there's an awareness that you are divine, you are divine lights, and you can allow this to kind of shine through you.

You can allow yourself to embody more of this life and understand that what you do to someone else comes back to you because you start to in a way live within the universe itself. You allow the universe to manifest through you. When I make these videos, the only reason I can do daily videos on YouTube is that I get into a flow state and I allow it to flow through.

I allow this 5D energy to flow through to you and then people will say, oh, when I watched your video, I get a buzz. I feel really good. Well, it's not me. It's not Aaron the Avatar from 3:40. It is the 4D level of consciousness that flows through me. I become a vessel. You see, we start to lose it. You can say, “Aaron, that sounds egotistical.”

Are you saying that your 4D level of consciousness? I'm saying that in a 4D level of consciousness, I begin to identify with these forums so it doesn't matter because there can't really be eagle there for it to work. It can't be like, I'm going to get into the 4D level of conscious, distinct grow on subscribers on YouTube and get more people to listen to me. No. It has to be a divine intention. This in five days when we begin to align with the divine line with the divine, I like that.

Being aligned with the divine. Being here now in being unconditional love, you are connected to everyone else, is more in your heart center, create from your heart. I have meditations for creating from your heart as well that will help you with this process.

These three perspectives are here right now. You can choose to be in 3D and I said shoes, but you will feel like you're a victim in it and you'll feel like you don't have a choice, but don't listen to the news so much. Don't watch the news. Be aware of how you feel around certain people. Begin to observe the thoughts. In 3D, you didn't begin to move into 4D where things become more of a dream. You want an easy way to raise your vibration, have more fun.

See things as flexible things, see things as a form of dream, be in the present moment, and understand that as you take responsibility for your life, you move into a higher state of consciousness and then you can eventually observe your beliefs and then you can let them go and you will then be in a 4D level of consciousness.

Being present to the moment, aligning to the divine, understanding who you are. We're all going through this shift together. We all have options to be in these states of consciousness right now. It is simply where are we vibrating and what do we choose? So, question for you, which state of consciousness do you think you're in right now and what will you do to let go of old beliefs or to let go to in, to be in the higher states?

Go ahead and leave a comment below. Let me know where you are because maybe I'll make more videos on showing how to go from this to this to this. You let me know. Also, I have a meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point. It is the meditation that allowed me to move from 3 to 4 to 5D levels of consciousness.

3 CORE Beliefs that BLOCK Success, Love and Health (and how to EASILY change them)

I'm going to be sharing with you the three core beliefs that block success, health, and love.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, going to be sharing with you those three core beliefs that are blocking you from experiencing success that have a love that of health, and these are the things that people often miss and overlook because this is going deeper. This is going deeper than just the fundamental surface level of what we even call the Law of Attraction, of what we call and when we're focused on our goals.

When we're focused on things, when we experienced subconscious blocks and things are holding us back, this is about getting to the core of what we believe to be true because here's the thing. Whatever we believe to be true is reflected back to us.

In life, we always get that of a reflection of who we are being and we also always get a reflection of what we believe to be true. The thing is people may be focused on having more money, more success, love, and relationships. But every time they go to focus on it and every time they think about it, they may feel a little bit of resistance within them and they may have beliefs about life in general, even if it's not even beliefs about success are that have relationships or that of health.

They may have beliefs about life in general that holds them back. This is about really getting to the core and that's what we're going to be doing today. I'm also going to be showing you that to, of how to redefine these and understanding how to create a shift in your level of consciousness, a shift in your level of identity of how you see yourself.

This has also inspired because I'm at the moment creating an experience that's called the shift experience with Aaron Doughty. It's going to be a totally transformative experience where you shift your level of consciousness, you raise your vibrational set point and you start to understand that your whole life has been in reaction to the environment.

Your whole life has been stimulus-response. It's an experience that allows you to shift back into a higher level of consciousness which is actually your natural state of being is just that through social conditioning, through life experiences.

We get distracted from that. Even as you hear this right now and you're listening to me, you may be thinking, what does this mean? What is he talking about? That's coming from the stimulus-response mindset. There is a shift in consciousness that happens when you start to go from doing and having into being, into being present to the moment.

That's what the shift experiences about, so that's something that's being created right now. It will be available within the next few months. If you want to be the first to know about it, you'll see a link in the top of the description box below and all of a sudden you updates as to how that process is going so that you are the first to know.

This is something that's inspired me to really look at going deeper and unrewarding things that no longer serve. Because when we do that, we then see that all of the reality changes.

1.    Victim mentality

The first belief that holds back so many people when it comes to that of success, love, and health, those are the three things people are most focused on. The biggest block people experience with that is that they are attached and they believe that in life they are a form of a victim. There's this victim mentality of things are happening to me.

This could be in many different ways, doesn't have to be just relationships or just that of health or just that have success, but in general, when people are identified with that of the world happening to them, this is happening to me. Then what happens is we start to develop a mindset that there's not much empowerment there.

I'm not saying this as in a way like the like you should be feeling shameful if you have that victim mentality because I've been there before. I went through experiences growing up where I felt a lot of pain or I felt like I didn't have power, where I felt like things were happening to me.

Why did this happen? Now? The most powerful shift I ever made in my life was when I started to look at my past instead of this happened to me too. Everything that happened in my past led me to the person that I became. Even though I went through an abusive experience with my ex-step mom from the ages of seven to 15, and I had no freedom whatsoever.

It wasn't allowed to have friends, wasn't allowed to eat very much food, had to work outside all the whole time and I had to earn go into school. Even though I went through all that. That led to pressure to me eventually going through a spiritual awakening.

While it was painful at the moment, and while it really bogged me down for a period of time, the moment I learned meditation, I learned how to observe these thoughts and I learned how to transform. The past was the moment my whole entire life changed.

That's when I changed and I shifted from the victim mentality to the engaged activity, the engaged part of life. I started to really engage with life in a new way because I realized I could drop that persona. I could drop that victim mentality. Even if you've seen me before, share that scale of consciousness. I'll go ahead and link it right here.

The scale of consciousness. Just see that on the scale of consciousness you have the lower emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, anger. I was in anger for a long period of my life because after that I was like, well, I didn't have as much of a childhood because I wasn't even able to have friends until I was 15 years old. And it affected me in so many different ways. And then what happened was I moved, I learned meditation.

I moved to neutrality. Neutrality means I observed my thoughts. They weren't good, they weren't bad, they just were, but I was able to reframe the past. When I reframe the past, that's when I let go of all that emotion. I literally felt that emotion leave my body.

I allowed myself to then see my past and a completely new point of view and from that moment going forward, I no longer identified with the old perspective of all of this stuff happened to me. Why did it happen? I started to ask myself new questions so I was able to move from this mentality of things are happening to me. Why did this happen to this happened and it made me stronger and that's why I'm able now to help people go through this type of transformation.

I'm able to help people to see that because I went through that pain. Maybe if I didn't go through that pain, people would assume that I was just listening titled Guy That I'd never experienced pain or anything in my life, so why would I listen to him? He looks like he's just this entitled Dude, but it's able to see that I've been through it.

I've been through things before, had been through it, I've been there, but it's not. It's more about just understanding these different levels of consciousness and understanding that when you get to neutrality, you start to let go of all those lower emotions, so that's about getting to and from that have things happen to me.

Two things that are happening for me and moving from the stimulus-response perspective to instead engagement, being present to the moment, observing those thoughts. I'll also say that another thing that really changed my life is when I went from observing.

I went from reacting to my thoughts. I was trying to control my thoughts when I first learned meditation and the thoughts that come to my mind and I would think, oh, I'm not supposed to be thinking these thoughts because it was shortly after I learned that if the Law of Attraction, so I'm like, oh, don't want to think negative thoughts.

I create resistance. The game changer was when I let those negative thoughts be there. Thoughts are neutral, they are good, they are bad, they just simply are, but we give them meaning and we say, oh, that's a negative thought. I shouldn't be having.

I'm going to try more of that in my life or a member. It's more about your beliefs. Create your reality. When I was looking at these thoughts, I was like, you know what? I can see now that they're all neutral thoughts. The only built-in meaning I give them is the is whatever I give them.

I was able to observe them, observe them, come in and observe them, go out, and that's when everything in my life began to change. The first belief or the first core belief that we have is that life is happening to us. We start to take our power back when we see that we can engage with life.

And that we can then choose to go the direction that we want, but the more that we around relationships, success or health say that things are happening to me is the more we're in victim mentality and think about it when it comes to health.

If we think that I'm just big boned, it's the way things are. I'm a victim of this genetics, then we think that we don't have power. If it's in relationships and we think, oh, the opposite or if we think when it comes to relationships, oh, this person, the people that have attracted to just think about me in this way, we have this victim mentality, then that's not very powerful. 

This is not how I am, then that's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Everything in our life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I mean, whether we think it's true or whether we think it's not true, it's still going to run our lives. When it comes to these different perspectives, what I encourage you to do is to be aware of whatever the self-fulfilling prophecy is because whatever perspective you focus on, and so it is.

I think that just know that whatever you believe to be true is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's just that sometimes what we do is we allow ourselves to go down the routes of these self-fulfilling prophecies and the let them be an autopilot victim mentality.

It's on autopilot. This is the way it is, but remember, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. The true power exists within you and it exists within the meaning. You give different situations, but if you want to experience a shift in consciousness, it's about going from stimulus-response to stimulation spots.

With awareness, because in the moment of you observing what's happening, you can either observe to react to it or you can respond to it and go at it from a point of awareness. In the point of awareness is a choice to engage with life or does the choice to go back to sleep?

My night, go back to bed. Just be in the same mindset that we were before. Let's just go back to sleep. Let's be the way that we've always been because things are happening to us. The world is the way that it is, but in actuality is a shift in consciousness is to wake up like in the movie, the Matrix to wake up and understand that everything is on autopilot.

Even the things that we have that we say, oh, the matrix, that's a human. We live in a computer simulation. That sounds scary. It's a metaphor. It's a metaphor for understanding that everything is on autopilot. It's a program. It's just running itself out.

The old identity, the victim mentality. We have. This happened to me. Sometimes rural also rewarded for things happening to us. We get injured somehow at school. Then we go around and everyone's looking at us.

Everyone's like, oh, giving us attention. Maybe we didn't get attention before. We're getting attention. We're getting rewarded for that of the pain that we experienced, so we start to develop a mentality around the victim mentality. Oh, if I'm this way, then people will love me more.

People give me more attention. I didn't get attention before and now I'm getting the attention, but what I'm saying is be aware of payoff that you may be giving from the victim mentality. Maybe they pay off is just that of comfortable comfortability. You just feel comfortable being the victim and how I know this sounds hard.

Sometimes people hear me say this and talks about victim mentality like you don't know what it had been through. You understand this, you don't understand that I'm trying to free you from your mind. I'm trying to free you from the identity that's keeping you in the same way of thinking over and over and over again.

I'm not the enemy. The program itself is what's holding you back from seeing this. If it's hard for you to see, so right now, as I'm even talking about this right now, you may start to feel yourself shift from this perspective of this identity that maybe you've been carrying around your whole entire life.

This is who I am. I'm encouraging you to do is to be present with it. Allow it to be there because that is the belief system that is holding you back. That identity with the way of thinking is holding you back. You are not a victim when you move from thinking that things happen to you to realize that everything happens for you.

That's when you could start to create in your life in a powerful way. That's when you can really start to choose because right now choosing is on autopilot. Choosing is on the old identity.

That's what a shift in consciousness is about is shifting from that old identity, the payoff that you get from being some certain type of way and then shifting in reaction to that of engagement, being engaged with like choosing things and that's where things really begin to happen.

2.    The need to be right

The second core belief that people have that really holds them back with success, with relationships, with that of feeling love, feeling worthy and health, is that of needing to be right, needing to be right. People will die to feel right, to not go against their own beliefs or not to go against breaking down their own belief system, but here's the thing.

While it may be that the ego always wants to be right, the world is the way that it is. Understand that anytime we say the world is the way it is, thinking that things are fixed, things are not fixed, the reality is not fixed. When you believe reality is fixed, then you will experience a fixed reality, but that is just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Once again, the more we pay attention to the logical construct of the way things are is the more we hold that in place. Let me ask you a question. Maybe some things haven't been working as much. Understand this. This is, this in itself is part of the shift in consciousness. It's not about what is right or what is wrong or is it a reality fixed.

It's about what is working. Does this work? Is this efficient? That's the new thing, the APP, because this is a thing, whatever you focus on, you will find evidence of you want proof of that. Go over to Google right now. Type in something random. Type in the cure to this is, is this like the cure to being sick is drinking salt. You will find evidence online that the cure to never getting sick again is drinking salt.

Guarantee it, you'll find somebody who has an article about it. You can think of something else random and there's a spin on anything that you focus on. Anything you focus on, you'll find evidence of. This is about being aware that all truths are true.

There is no becoming right because becoming right is about the ego's perspective. That once again is the stimulus-response, the stimulus response, and until we break down, those beliefs will continue to experience that over and over and over again.

All girls are this way, all guys are this way. Those are fixed mindsets, fixed beliefs. You'll be going to go around, you're going to see evidence of it. Is it true? It's what you focus on that becomes true. It's the perspectives that you might be attached to.

What I'm saying is with these perspectives, understand all truths are true, which also means that unless you agree upon it, then it will be true. Everything that I'm telling you right now can be true. It can be not true. It'll pin on her despite your perspective. What have I told you? Everything that I've told you on my YouTube channel up until now is in truth.

As I say that right now, the ego might get a little bit flared up people. What do you mean? You mean everything isn't true. What I'm saying is it's only a true if you agree with it and you will only agree with it if it resonates with you, if it resonates with your belief system, if it resonates with your prior reference experiences.

My intention with the shift experience is to help you shift from understanding the agitated ego to understanding all truths are true to deciding what is true for you. Don't take my word for anything because 99 percent of what I'm talking about is an intellectual idea. It's a concept that you can hear right now, but you've never actually experienced a concept.

You've only experienced an experience. Let me kind of reframe that a little bit different way. Almost everything that we identify with is an intellectual idea. When I only six years old, I experienced social trauma because I peed my pants in front of the class. You did not experience social trauma. Social Trauma is a label.

It's a word. All that happened with something happened and now there's this label in the mind that you experienced in social trauma. All of that happened. The story that you tell yourself is running your life now because of something that happened.

All that happened when you were six years old are you peed in your pants. That's it. That's it. End of story. But we give meaning to it. Oh, that's embarrassing. Other people laughed at it. This is a story that we've now acquired with this whole process, so therefore the social traumas now influencing the way that you talk to every single person you talk to because it's underlying and subconsciously there.

Do you see what I mean? This is about a shift in consciousness. Shift in awareness, moving from needing to be right, always seen evidence of that which our ego thinks is right to breaking apart the ego. Understand that it's not about being right or wrong.

The ego wants to be right or wrong.  You see, in a way, our life is like a video game. Our life is like that because the only meaning that there is in life is the meaning. We give things. Things are all neutral ideas whether we think we can and we think we can't rewrite. You know the old Henry Ford saying, this is about being aware of whatever you believe to be true because it will be reflected back to you, but remember, it's not about being right or wrong.

Understand that there is no fixed reality. We have been preprogrammed or programs from a very early age to look around, to look at the media, to look to external circumstances for validation and for understanding and noticing how the world works, but maybe just maybe if we let go of those preconceived notions, we start to experience more.

Don't take everyone's word for it. Understand that the only thing that is real in your life is an experience and even what I'm telling you right now, that's why I'm creating the shift experience.

This goes beyond concepts. It goes beyond thoughts. This is something that can only be experienced to really be something that allows you to then shift not this intellectual idea that I shifted. I not shift. That's still coming from the ego.

That's still coming from the old perspective, so whether it's a success, health for love, whatever it is, if you believe there's a fixed reality around each of those things, then you will experience that.

I need to believe I am in a relationship. I'm not saying any of that. Just let go of what doesn't serve in experience life, because in the experience of life, you will let go of those things that don't serve. That's where the power really is.

3.    Worthiness

The third belief that holds so many people back. The third core belief from health, from success, from love, is that people believe they are not enough. It's about worthiness. I want a relationship, but I don't feel worthy of one. I want more money, but I don't think I'm worthy of more money. I want to be healthy, but I don't think I'm worthy of being healthy because my mom or this or that, they were sick.

Why should I be healthy or why should I have that ability or my genetics, whatever it is, whatever story we tell ourselves now understand that the reason we don't feel worthy is that we've always looked outside for validation.

We haven't learned to go with inferring validation. We haven't learned that it's not. It doesn't matter. We don't need other people's validation. We don't need other people to agree with us. It's more so about how do we feel about ourselves. This is the change that begins to happen now for us to create this change. Thinking about it, we walk around as an energy field. We have an energy field around your body. The Heart Math Institute has shown this.

What happens is in a moment, something happens in our past, maybe were five or six years old or eight years old, and it usually's younger than 12 years old, something happens. Our parents' divorce, let's say that that's a lot of people have experienced.

Our parents divorced. My parents divorced when I was five or six years old. Imagine your parents’ divorce, and in a moment when you're young, you decide that they probably divorced because of you. That's just what you think. Maybe not. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not true, but that's the belief that you may have and having that belief, you then start to give things meaning that you aren't worthy.

You started to give things, meaning that you feel guilty for that, that you feel like you're not enough and you start to experience this disruption in your energy pattern because you start to identify what's happening.

You're five or six years old, you don't know all of this stuff and you're just. You're just experiencing that and then what you do is you may repress it. You may suppress that emotion. It really feels it because it's painful, and then what happens is your whole entire life, you go around with this disruption in your energy field that's there because of the meaning you gave that situation when you're a five or six years old and because you haven't actually felt it yet.

Here's the thing, most people would look at that and go, once I'm aware of it, I just let it go. Well, the actual key to this is to be aware of it and to relive that experience, to allow yourself to feel that experience because in the feeling of it is it then processing going through your energy field and then you really let it go.

Some people call this the completion process. There was a guy or is an ancient Nithyananda or something in India that founded this concept called the completion process or the completion technique. And it has to do with understanding that when we relived these emotions when you relive these feelings, we then allow them to dissipate throughout the energy field. And it does work is very powerful.

Here's the thing to make this something easy for you. What I did is I created a free meditation. It's a YouTube video that you can watch. It's the longest YouTube video I've ever done. It's also the best meditation I've ever created. It is the deepest meditation I've ever created. There are two layers to this. One you will experience and go through and remember these different memories. Even if they feel blocked right now, I help you to remember what those memories are.

Then what you do is you relive them. You let them be okay. You let them flow through your energy field and then you're flooded with unconditional love. Through this meditation that I've created, it's a 40-minute-long meditation or no for the minute on videos, probably like 25, 30-minute meditation is the most powerful when I've ever created and it is free on YouTube.

I'm going to link it below as well. Watch that video after this, work through those things. When you work through them, it will totally transform your life because then you go from believing that you're not worthy of knowing that you are worthy. You see, we have all these rules in our mind that says, what does it take for us to be worthy? We normally think that we're not worthy and we need to do all of these things to be worthy.

Those are rules that we set in her mind that said, when x, y, or z happens, then I can be happy. Then I can be worthy, but what I encourage you to know is that you can let go of those rules. You are worthy because you exist, period. That's it. You don't need any more than that to say that you're not worthy would be to be doing with existence itself.

If you have a purpose, if you're here, then you have a purpose and you're worthy. Everything has a purpose to trees have a purpose. Animals have a purpose. Everything has a purpose, so when you're aware that everything has a purpose, that you have a purpose, you can see that there's an. There's a purpose for you being here. You are worthy, there's something special about you. You exist and that's that. That's it. You don't need any other rules.

You don't need the things you have to do. You don't need to become a certain amount of success. You could feel worthy. Right now. A lot of people that are extraordinarily successful may not feel worthy. It may be a lot of. There's been a lot of stories of people that are successful or famous celebrities with hundreds of millions of dollars that didn't feel worthy.

Robin Williams would be one of those you see, so we can start to become aware that we're worthy because we exist. We don't have to do all these things. We don't need all these rules, but as I said, if you want to experience the most powerful meditation I've ever made, it's going to go deep. It's going to help you to like all these beliefs and understanding so the top or it's in the second link in the description box below. You can go ahead and listen to that.

 I recommend you listed about 21 days to get the maximum benefit out of it, and I think that it can help you to totally transform your life. Remember that the three core beliefs that you can begin to become aware of are that first off, you are not a victim. Things happen. That's that. You can start to see it for what it is. You just start to use it and transform it by reframing it that then you can realize secondly, the world is not set. 

Things are not set. Whatever you believe to be true will be reflected back to you. All truths are true. It's not the question of, is this true? Am I right or wrong? It's does this work or does this not work? And then thirdly, realize you are enough. If you believe you're not enough, you'll always be looking for validation. All you have to do is let go of what doesn't serve. You can get to the core of something that happened when you were young, that form that belief, you can let it go and it will totally transform your life.

Divine Manifestation : The Secret to the Law of Attraction NO ONE TALKS ABOUT

I'm going to be sharing with you that have divine manifestation showing you a way of going beyond that, of the ego construct of how we create our reality to create things in our life easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding divine manifestation and how many of what we call it, enlightened people manifest from a higher-level paradigm. I'm sure you've seen me before in almost every other video sharing that chart of consciousness also right here just because I feel like sharing it.

You see that charter consciousness right here. You'll see at the bottom of that you'll see lower vibrational emotions such as shame, fear, guilt. You'll see it eventually move up to neutrality, the neutrality. It goes to willingness eventually or acceptance, and then you get to that of reasoning and then you got love above love.

You eventually see joy, peace, and enlightenment. The idea is that the higher up the scale we go, the more we realize our divine essence, who we really are. When we're at the lower level paradigms, we are emphasizing the ego. The ego is what we use in physical reality and physical reality.

We have the ego. The ego is kind of like our avatar because at greater levels we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. In our lives, what happens is we forget that who we are, we're born, we forget it. Maybe even when we're born, we could say we knew this or we remember this when we're even younger.

But, through social conditioning, it gets socially conditioned into us that we are our egos, that we must identify with our senses. Eat a Big Mac because of how delicious is that? And would you like fries with that because it's even more stimulation?

And then you go, well, the next thing I want to do is this thing of stimulation, this thing, all this stuff, commercials. Everything that is marketed to us is to get us into our senses. Because when we're in our senses, we totally are identified with it and then we think that we are our ego and when we think our ego, we are our ego.

We didn't play very small and we manifest things from what I really want that because it just got marketed me on television and that person has it, and if I had it, I'd feel more whole and complete. However, here's the thing, as we raise our vibration, manifestation becomes easier because we're in a higher frequency.

Not only that, we start to identify and we start to relate to more of our divine essence and as we let go of lower vibrational states of emotion, we also let go of excessive desire. I really want that because we realize we're already whole and complete not divine manifestation is about understanding the truth about who we are so that we can then manifest things easier than ever from a totally new paradigm and from a higher-level frequency.

As you move up the scale, you will embody more love, more gratitude, more awareness that the other people in your life or reflections have you. At the deepest level, so whatever you do to someone else, you do to another aspect of yourself because literally that person at the deepest level is another aspect of self and when you understand, you start to raise your vibration, that's when things begin to change.

You see the charter conscious, and I'm going to come back now when I read a book called autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. This is a book that I've been promoting a lot lately are telling people it's a really good book.

It's a book that a Steve Jobs read every single day or no, every single year for the last 40 years of his life. It's also the only book he had on his iPod or an iPad or. And also, it's a book that is basically an enlightened guy that goes through enlightenment and toxic.

He brought yoga to the west, to America, and it's his life story of what he experienced in his life. And you hear these stories of him in India around these enlightened sages and gurus. You hear of things that are literally sound impossible.

Understanding that magic is real, and when you think of this, also understand that there's this collective conditioning that keeps us, our beliefs, keeps us in a certain box. The truth of the matter is we are moral, spiritual being, living temporary human experiences, and that our beliefs create our reality now at a collective level, our collective beliefs create what is possible for us in this reality and because it has been programmed into us that it is not possible to do magical things.

Then what happens is as we play so small, we play according to those rules. The thing is when I say magic is real, what I mean is these enlightened gurus. There are stories with Yogananda that he talks about, they're able to do literally magical things because they are of such a high vibration and because they recognize the divinity in themselves and have everything else understand that everything in life is a piece of source energy, of God, of this higher vibration.

We can call it whatever label we want. Everything is a part of it. In lightened, people understand that and because of that, because they're not so consumed by their environment and the reality that they live in the 3D reality, they're able to do things like that.

The more we emphasize 3D, which is duality, the more we are in duality. What enlightened people understand and where the divinity comes in is they realize that we are all in the dream of the divine God. Whatever we want to call it, we use these terms with sometimes we get attached to certain terms.

We are all a piece of God. What most people do is most people will worship the puzzle, not understanding that they are also a piece of the puzzle. The key is recognizing that what we can do is embody our divine selves. Now, what is another aspect of this?

That very much helps. What helps is understanding that because we're all connected, the more good that we put out to other people is the more good that comes back to us. The other side of this, as well as aligning with the universe, I talked about this before with the process I use called reality transit or something called outer intention.

When you tap into the intention of other people, which is out of us, you know from a 3D perspective, we then tap into a larger energy source. What I do for example with my YouTube channel is I have this intention of adding value to people and because of that, these YouTube videos help other people.

It's almost like the universe helps me because it wants me to continue to be a more and more service because I am embodying the energy of this adding value and it's closer to my divine self.

We are all divine. If you believe you're not divine, it is just an identification with something that is not you. You are divine. You are a piece of the puzzle we call God. When you understand this, you start to, you start to feel into this. Let this be more than insects, actual idea. Let this be something you embody.

You will then have abilities beyond that of what you think is imaginable and the universe will work for you because, in this reality, the way that it works is we are creating our own reality and then we are collectively creating our reality as well. When you start to tap into the adding value of other people, these enlightened gurus, when they're able to add value, when they're able to do things, they do it with this divine intention.

They do it with this intention of adding value or this intention of making it a win-win because they realized that they are in a way like a vessel. The more that you become and realize this divine part of you, the less you there is in the ego sense. Like when I make these videos, not that I'm like these divine spirits.

Well, we're all spiritual beings, but not that I'm trying to put myself on a mountain and say, look at me. I'm so divine. We're all divine, but when I make these videos, I have this intention of allowing the inner at the information of flow through and the more that I allow this, the less I am here because I am a vessel for which this information can come through.

That sounds kind of deep. That may be a little bit esoteric, but the truth is we are vessels of light and even though we may identify with our ego structures, they are not just who we are. Say, well, I've era. This is me.

This is the physical flesh blood that I have, but it is such a small part of the larger being of who I am in the same for you, but the more we emphasize the 3D reality, the more we emphasize the physical structure and then we think that this is all that who we are. The more that we create that reality, the more that we experienced that.

The truth is you are divine. When you look at enlightened people of the past, even if you look at someone like Jesus are, you look at someone like Buddha. They embodied their divine self. You also have that divinity within you. Any great enlightened teacher of the past has said that the things I can do, you can do even greater things.

You have the same potential within you. It is about embodying your divine self and aligning with the universe, aligning with this energy, a wet, powerful way to do that as a follow your passion because it raises your frequency and you start to be in a higher vibrational state and that's assigned to you, that that's what you're meant to be doing.

In your life at the same time, the more that you put awareness inside of your heart, the more that you create from this divine place. When you create from duality, from 3D reality you create from the head you create from polarity, left brain, right brain, good, bad light, dark, logical, creative, up, down, all of these different things. Then you create the polarity because in the wanting of something is also the lack of it.

When you create from your heart, you create from a singular point of focus. When you create from your heart, you create from a divine pure place and the way that you do that is you do something you're actually passionate about.

When you create from your heart, you create from a singular point of focus. When you create from your heart, you create from a divine pure place.

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You feel from your heart more often, but the awareness in your heart right now, you can put your hands over your heart like this and take a deep breath in. Breathe it out, and I'll put the intention and the intention and attention inside of your heart and set the intention that you feel more of this love inside of your heart right now.

Let's for a minute or two. As you do this, you increase the energy inside of your heart space, and as you increase the energy in your heart space, you increase the electromagnetic energy, runs your body, and the heart math institute has shown that the energy inside of your heart is thousands of times more powerful than the head. Divine manifestation is about creating from your heart and you do this with compassion.

You do this with awareness, with gratitude, and by just putting your awareness in your heart for a couple minutes a day, you begin to bring more energy of this within you because the truth is you are divine. This energy can flow through you right now. This energy is flowing through you right now. You know, young Yogananda also has this thing that he talks about where he does this. He has this. It was a talk, I think. I don't remember if it was in the book. I think it was a talk I listened to.

He talked about how would you go to a movie theater? You will look at a screen and you will see light that is projected through this projector. There were film strips that will show you and light will be projected onto the screen and for a short period of time you will suspend belief and immerse yourself in that of the movie that you're watching and you will enjoy it.

There'll be ups, they'll be downs, will be challenging. There'll be different things in that movie that you like. Certain things you may not like. At the end of the day though, everything been projected onto that screen is just different compositions of light and at the end of the day, none of it is actually really what's happening. It is just a reflection or it's just some just some component of that.

In the same way that that is just composition of light is different forms of light that you can, that you can buy into for a period of time for the experience. Everything in life is the same exact way. It is different compositions of light and you are divine lights.

We give more emphasis to this and we give more credibility saying, well, this is actually real, but at higher states, this is a dream and because this is a dream because you are a divine spiritual being. This is who you are. The more you realize who you really are, the more you grain these abilities in your life, the more you will literally have magical abilities because you will it be embodying that divine light at a higher level.

Enlightened people know this. If you read the book yoga a by Yogananda, you'll see these people literally have magical abilities and it's because they are and embodying that divine light beyond this reality or in this reality, but I'll also higher states of consciousness, so this is something that is available for you.

You are divine. You are a piece of that puzzle. Start to embody more of that. Put your hands over your heart for a couple minutes. Understand that the more you align with the universe, the more the universe will work for you. You are a vessel of light and the more you allow it through, the more that you will experience that.

What it’s REALLY Like to Live in the 4th Dimension

I'm going to be sharing with you what it's really like to live in the fourth dimension, and I'm going to share with you practical ways you can start to embody it so that you make this shift easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you what it's really like to be living in the fourth dimension, understanding that we're already there. I'm going to be sharing with you the ways of understanding how you can become aware of that and how you can embody these higher principles is higher vibrational states of being so you start to create an experience which you want in your life.

For this process, let's understand and let's just understand as well that were already there. Like I just want to share that with you because sometimes what we think is that we have to try to get somewhere else. Dimensions overlay each other. Right now, there is a perspective I can have of 3D reality, third-dimensional reality, which you could say is that of duality. 3D is kind of like duality, good, bad light, dark, bad, good.

All of these opposites and when we become identified with one of those, we end up experiencing more of it or we experienced that polarity. What's happening is right now on the planet, more and more people are becoming aware of how to have a neutral perspective. When we see these things on the news and the media, it's bringing us back into the 3D level of consciousness, the 3D where we're identified with everything that's happening. Think of 3D as well as just being in the autopilot mind.

Things are happening to us and that is the old paradigm that we are moving out of. When we think of that have the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness or the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness. There are also right here in the present moment. It depends on our focus and our vibratory frequency. People that are at the effect of everything in life are normally in a third-dimensional state of consciousness, which means that reacting to everything that's happening, they are feeling like they're the victims of circumstance and they're not aware of who they really are.

They're not aware that they are immortal, spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences, or if they are, they're at least still choosing to be identified with the game itself of the third dimension. What's happening is right now in the present moment, we have the ability to perceive a 3D reality for d reality, five d reality. Now 4D reality, the fourth dimension is that or fourth density.

There are different ways of describing both of these fourth dimensions for densities. You could think of it in the way of just different labels that we may use. I'm just using dimensions because it's the one that most people use in, in terms and fourth dimension you can think of as like a dream state. You could think of the fourth dimension as having more fluidity, having more flexibility with time and space.

You can think of the fourth dimension as something that becomes more of like a dream. Life is like a dream. This is why I always say the statement. The more that you realize that your life is a form of a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become. The reason I say that is because when you start to have that perspective, you move from primarily in the 3D level of consciousness of identifying with the reality so much.

And you start to shift yourself into a state of allowing reality to be the dream that it is allowing reality to be more flexible or allowing reality to have more of this time, the perception of time for it to be more fluid, to be there, more synchronicity in your life. That is the fourth-dimensional state of the conscious, fifth-dimensional state of consciousness is that of unconditional love and bliss. It is the next step.

It's when we realize that we are all connected, that what we do to someone else we do to ourselves because there is that connection there. That's a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness and right now in the present moment, we have each of these perspectives available to us. A lot of times people think that when it comes to 4D, 5D, that in order to perceive of it, we have to leave that of earth and go somewhere else, but dimensions are not bound by that of just space.

Dimensions are a vibratory frequency and perception that we can all begin to shift to and shift from depending on our frequency. Our level of awareness now since about that of 1990 to 2000 and this time period is a little bit debatable depending on the perspective we have been shifting out of a 3D level of consciousness.

Identifying with everything that's happening with things being very solid with a lot of forms and because we are moving through a place in space right now where there is such a highly charged level of light, a photonics energy. We are going through a transformation of our own bodies and of our own consciousness. This is waking people up at higher states of consciousness and we can see this as a clear sign because this information, even the information on my channel is becoming more and more mainstream.

More and more people are interested in it because more and more people are waking up to this information and as we go through this shift, what we're doing is we're going from a primarily carbon-based body into what is called a crystalline based body. This crystalline based body is understanding that it is of a higher frequency. We're starting to embody a higher frequency of light because literally, our body is transforming into that of light. I'm not saying that we're going to have these fully activated light bodies where we don't have a physical form in the next five years.

What I am saying is that there is this process on the planet going on right now where more and more people are becoming activated, will raising their vibratory frequency and then perceiving life from a totally new perspective in this life. This is why people are here right now to go through this shift in consciousness. If you want more information on this checkout, Dolores Cannon's work. She had 17 books out of people in the deepest levels of brainwave activity where their higher selves are coming through and answering questions.

These people are then with a voice recorder, you can hear what they're saying or in the books, you can read the transcripts and they are saying things like, I incarnated at this time to go through this massive shift in consciousness. There's a massive shift in consciousness going on right now and I came to help and to be a part of it, and when Dolores Cannon back in the seventies and the eighties when this stuff was really taboo, was doing this with thousands and thousands of people all over the world.

There was consistency. People are here right now for this shift in consciousness that is happening for this shift from the 3D level of consciousness to 4 and 5D level of consciousness. Because normally what happens is you'd have a civilization like the Mayans who left as a civilization from one level into a totally new realm of perception and they went with their bodies.

However, in this life we are doing it in form, we are not meant to leave in that way. We are all doing this together and that's what is happening is we are moving to the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness. 4D level of consciousness is more like a dream. It is realizing that life is a dream and let me tell you something. You're immortal. Spiritual beings living a temporary human experience at higher levels of consciousness.

You are asleep right now dreaming that this is who you are and when we start to shift into a 4D level of consciousness, we start to merge with our higher self and we begin to have these perspectives of understanding that reality is much more fluid than we think.

3D level of consciousness. We need a ton of science, were very skeptical of things. We think that things have to be proven with hard science and not knowing that our beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies and then in general, whatever we look for, we will find evidence of.

That's a big paradox, but in the 4D level of consciousness, we start to acknowledge it. We realize our beliefs create our reality. Every truth is but a half-truth. You can look for evidence of you being confident in your past and you were not confident in your past. Whatever perspective you focus on is what you're going to get more information of your beliefs are literally creating your reality.

That we have this perspective, those beliefs are creating our reality and afford the level of consciousness we can start to become aware of what do I believe to be true? For me, I've let go of a lot of negative belief even when I started this YouTube channel and I started developing a very strong work ethic. I was so focused on developing this work ethic and getting success, becoming successful and it got me to a certain point, but eventually, I realized that I had this belief that I had to work really hard to be successful.

And instead what I did is I replaced it with more of understanding that when I'm in a high vibration, things happen for me. It's more about shifting my state than anything else. And as I focused on shifting my state, that's when things really began to change and then when I do take action, things are much more leverage. I found that out when I went to Costa Rica recently because I had such a desire to make videos while I was there.

When I was on vacation for a week doing deep inner work and I still had this desire. I'm like, "Wow, what would I have to believe is true that I feel this scarcity to make videos every single day will I have to believe that I have to work really hard to be successful and my ego does not want to let that success go." So becoming aware of it, how can I change it? How can I change that belief? Because the outer reality in the fourth dimension is a reflection of the inner reality. It's honestly like that in general.

Even the third dimension but thing is if people aren't aware of it, think of the fourth dimension as more of a dream. More magic is able to be here. If you look at that, if you read the book Autobiography of a Yogi, for example, by Yogananda, which is a firsthand account of him talking about his life experience, he's an enlightened master.

He talks about his experiences with other knowledgeable gurus in India and his whole life story is that many, many encounters with things that we would live to really think our magic. We would say that is not possible. It is not possible for someone to levitate, is not possible for somebody to buy, locate in appear in two different places. At the same time.

It is not possible to bring someone back from the dead that was dead for like eight hours. That's not possible. That is not possible from a 3D level of prospection of perspective. However, when you're of a higher vibrational state of consciousness, things like this are more flexible because it's all light. That was another quote that I've heard Yogananda say.

In the same way, you may go to a movie theater and you may sit there and he may look at the screen and see different constellations or compile patients of light frequency of these frames. And these go through and there'll be a light projection that is on the screen and the same way you can look at that and notice that it has just different consecutive movements of light of pitchers. You know that you can suspend your belief to understand it and to know that that is real for the period of time so you can enjoy it.

Even though you know that at a deeper level it is just an act in the same way. It's all light in the same way in our life is all light. The fourth dimension is being aware that since it's all light, there is more flexibility within the dream itself. There was more flexibility for these kinds of things that happen because the only moment that exists is now and as we change our vibratory frequency right now, we experienced a new level of reality.

This is about having the awareness that reality is meant to be more flexible than we think. Our beliefs create our reality. Most people believe that miracles don't happen. Therefore they get a one on reflection of their life that miracles aren't happening. However, miracles are a natural byproduct of who you are and the more you tap into that, the more you allow. That is, the more you will experience that.

Understand that the fourth dimension is a higher vibrational state of consciousness that you can tap into right now in the present moment. One of the best ways I've found to do this, honestly, as cliché as it sounds, is to follow your passion. Do what you love. When I make these videos, no doubt about it. I'm in a fourth-dimensional state of consciousness because I'm in a flow state and I don't really have to think that much.

The information just kind of comes through me. It kind of comes to me. I'm tapping into that higher self, that higher state of consciousness, that more expanded version of me and because I'm doing that, I'm able to bring it here and enjoy the present moment

in life in general. What is going to be happening right now is the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness, the three level of consciousness. The third dimension is going to continue to crumble. If you remain attached to the perspectives of victimization, if you remain attached to the perspectives of what has happened in the world, all of these things that are happening and thinking that it is all bad because you're identified with it, you will remain in a 3D level of consciousness. If you observe it and notice it for what it is, not in a judgmental way like all these 3D people are experiencing all this 3D stuff. You just acknowledge it.

You see it for what it is, but then you shift to a 4D level of consciousness. Understanding that reality is like a dream. This is meant to be fun. That's the other thing too. You want to tap into more of a 40 level of consciousness, have more fun, joke around more. This is meant to be fluid. It's meant to be fun. It's not meant to be so serious.

If you take life so serious, it feels so heavy. If you just have fun with it, it loosens up. It becomes more malleable. As you increase the frequency of something, it becomes more malleable, right? If you were to heat clay up, it's a little bit more malleable. If you freeze that clay, guess what? It becomes harder. Decide and choose what you engage in the fourth dimension is realizing life is a dream and it is going on.

Things based on vibrational frequency. What are you passionate about? What are you doing? What are you excited to do? As you choose to do things like that, you'll notice more and more things in your life. Begin to reflect that back to you that this is about a state of being and this right here, right now is available to us is this 4D level of consciousness, fourth dimension, and in a way, we are merging our waking state with our dreaming state and we are becoming the dream and in this life all 3D paradigms.

We'll continue to break away the 4D level paradigm in the Five d level of paradigm. It's about understanding that it's about vibrational frequency and that you can exist in this higher state. Now, what are some practical examples of us being in a 4D level of consciousness?

It could be that you go to do something and time just starts flying by. You can't find out where the time when sometimes I'm doing work, I'm doing that, have work for my business or I'm doing that and making videos and 20 to 30 minutes go by and it feels like a 10-minute video. Like right now it feels like it's about a six-minute video. It's much longer than that because I'm in a flow state.

I mean that higher vibrational state of consciousness, you may find that when you're doing something, time just flies by. You don't know where the time went. You may find that people that use to resonate with you, that no longer resonates you with you just literally fall out of your life that you just. You don't, can't really remember where they are. You can't remember what they're doing. You can if you try, but you have to really try.

As you raise your vibration, you will start to experience a reflection of the life of people who resonate with you, so that's something that may happen to people may literally fall out of your life that doesn't resonate with you and people will come into your life that does resonate with you. As you go through this process, that is something that will continue to happen.

You may find that as you look at the old paradigms, it starts to feel different, starts to feel different. As you look at the news, it's not the same. Why is everything on the news negative? You start to question these things. You start to be more mindful of where you put your energy because you understand that where you put your energy is where you put your attention, is where what grows in your life, so you start to ask yourself, what am I engaging with?

What am I doing? What kind of activities during doing you start to become more aware of, and as you become more aware of it, you start to make new choices. You start to realize it's more about changing on the inside to then change the outside versus changing the outside.

You start to become more aware of that. The fourth-dimensional state of consciousness is here right now. It's not someplace we have to go. Let me see if I think I mentioned everything I wanted to talk about. Yeah, let's continuity. It's literally realizing that this life is meant to be kind of like a dream. The more elusive you become in your dream, David Lucid dreaming you become lucid in your dream is you becoming aware that you're dreaming.

Then what can you do? You have more flexibility to do what you want and the same way if you become more lucid in life, you become more aware in life. You can see the correlation between what you think and what you experience. You didn't have more flexibility in the dream of life, so it's the same type of thing. Lucid dreaming and Dream State allows you to have more flexibility, more conscious direction.

In waking life. It's the same way. Become aware of what you believe to be true, become aware of the current choices you're making. Become aware of the emotions you're feeling. Become aware of these things. You become lucid in life and then you can direct it where you want to go, but the awareness is where the power is and it's about being lucid in the dream of life and I say the dream of life because the reality is meant to be much more magical than we think.

Life is meant to be much more flexible than we think. It's only art, rigid beliefs that keep the old paradigm alive and that keep us in that lower frequency state. You are a higher vibrational being that is chosen to be here right now. The more you embrace that, the more magical your life will become.

With this understanding of how we raise our vibration, there is also something that I have that will help you to detach from that of the third dimensional state of consciousness and in order to do that, I have a meditation that will help you to raise your vibration and to get to a new state of consciousness literally.

3 Things Lightworkers MUST Know to AWAKEN to Their Mission on Earth

I'm going to be sharing with you three things all lightworkers must know to awaken to their mission on earth. By the end of this blog, you're going to have a much clearer understanding as to what you can do to awaken to your true purpose of why you are here right now.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding more about the wakened lightworkers that are here right now on the planet. People that are awakening to who they really are, understanding their purpose on earth and understanding this transcendence of consciousness that it's happening on the planet right now.

It has been happening and it is going to continue to happen and most likely if you're reading this blog, I'd say there's about a 99.9% chance that you are a lightworker because you can only perceive of that which you are the vibration of. And if you are to click on a video that says something about lightworkers, then perceiving of that video is the first sign that you first off just are a lightworker.

What does it mean to be a lightworker? Well, think of it like this. A lightworker is someone who bears light and light is high vibrational energy. People and one of the main reasons that lightworkers come here right now is to bring with them the light that shines through them because as we incarnate into this reality because the truth is we are immortal.

Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences, but we came to earth because we wanted to help the earth go through this transition and the way that we influence earth with this transition is we can't influence it from the outside. What I mean by this, in higher states of consciousness, we exist.

We exist in very high vibrational states of energy beyond that have 3D, physical form and influencing this reality. We have free will in this reality, and this is a part of the process of going through this evolution, going through this transition of consciousness, which means we're going from a certain level of vibration to a higher level of vibration.

In order for us to influence it, we can't influence it as much from the outside. The real way that we influence this reality is we must incarnate into the system. For many people, this is challenging because when we come into the earth, we forget who we are. Out of all the places in the universe, this is one of the places. There are other places, but this is one of the places where it's considered to be very difficult because we forget who we really are.

We forget that we are connected to source energy, that we exist in higher states of consciousness, that we are multidimensional. We forget all that when we come here, and then part of the purpose of life is to remember who we are, and that's when a lot of people go through what is called a spiritual awakening. They go through a spiritual awakening.

Then they're like, okay, I'm more than just physical ego construct. This is like, this is like my avatar in this reality, but I know that so much more than that. Then that's what we call a spiritual awakening. In general, the reason you are here right now is because you wanted to bring forth the light that is within you.

1.    Follow your passion

For this, it's about understanding that just by you being you, which means you do and what you're passionate about, which means you were really expressing the authentic part of yourself. You are bringing forth this information into this reality and that is going to change and influence everyone that you're around and the more of us that wake up because lightworkers are all waking up right now because as we wake up, we then influence other people.

Maybe you feel like you're one of the first to go through this type of awakening or to have this kind of realization. You look around and all your friends aren't going through it or very few of them are, and then you look to your family and they think that you're a little bit weird because you're going through all of this stuff. Well, guess what? That's because you chose to wake up first because by you waking up first you start to trigger other people to wake up and you may look around and say, wouldn't it be so much easier if everyone else woke up with me?

Well, it would be easier, but it wouldn't be part of the process. We chose to wake up many times in families and in circle groups of friends that weren't waking up because as we spread ourselves thinner, we are then able to influence people. Imagine we all were in the same family and we all just got it.

We wouldn't have to share it with anyone else because we would feel like we just got each other. That's all that we need, but instead there's this process of it, so for this, if this relates with you, if this is something that resonates with you, just know first off, you're not alone, you're not alone.

There are many other people going through this and the other thing is you're not crazy. This is a part of the process. This unlocking of DNA, this remembrance of who we are, this activation that we're all going through right now is because we are going to be the leaders of this transformation.

If you're reading this blog right now, then you are a leader. Even if it's you leading by example, you are meant to be a leader, so being a lightworker is about understanding that right now is the time on the planet of transformation. We are moving from what is called a 3D level of consciousness into a 4D and 5D level of consciousness. 3D level of consciousness is duality.

It has been focused on good, bad light, dark up, down, all these opposites. Being in that of the 3D is also many times attached to lower vibrational things. That is the 3D reality. We are moving into a 4 and 5D reality where we understand that we create reality and why would we keep all mass focused on war math, focus on the media mass, focus on these things.

When we know that if we change our focus, we change our reality. We're becoming aware of the correlation between what we think and what we experienced were becoming aware that reality is becoming more dreamlike. What I mean by this is our reality is becoming more flexible, more synchronicity, more magical, and we're going through that right now and as we get to a 5D level of consciousness, that's where we start to feel in our hearts.

We start to create from our hearts. We understand that we're all connected. This is going to get better and better as time goes on, but the other side of that is there will be more and more things breaking up from the 3D reality that appear to be bad, but if you choose to stay in your own state of being, you will raise your vibration. What everyone else in the 3D is freaking out because things are falling apart and they look to you and what you're doing is you're remaining in your energy and you're saying this is a part of the process.

They're going to look to you as a guiding light because they're going to see how confident you are. They're going to want to be around you and you are going to help ground them into this new higher vibration because we chose to go through this transformation as a collective.

The first thing that all likers what workers must know in order to awaken their mission is that the way you awaken your mission is to set the intention to understand that if you're even reading this blog, then you've already started the process. It's much easier than you think.

And then to simply follow your passion, so cliché, I know we wanted something really cool about star seeds or something like that. Find your passion is the first one because the passion is your highest vibrational state and when you are in a high vibrational state, that is how you going to bring through this energy, this light into this reality.

By making these videos right now, I'm in my highest vibrational state that I could be in. I felt really good. I'm in a flow state and this is what I meant to be doing, is spreading this information into the world. I'm following my passion. If you don't know your passion, it's okay.

Set the intention to find your passion. Set the intention to find your passion and see what starts to come up. Maybe you start to overhear people talking about certain things, certain books pop out at you. Set the intention and then start to look for it. A lot of times our passion and our purpose will also be linked to adding value to others in some type of way. It doesn't mean you need to become a nurse.

You could. It doesn't mean you need to make YouTube videos, you could, but it means that if you start to look for ways you can add value to people. You may find that you pull the mission gets pulled out of you, so that is the first thing that all life workers must know to awaken to their purpose is to follow your passion and think about it in terms of vibration.

Even do this on a small scale. For example, you are asking yourself, what can I do at this moment that I can be passionate about? It could be you going somewhere and talking to a friend. It could be you deciding to go for a walk. It could be many different things. A lot of times we think our passion has to be linked to some overarching huge thing.

The small little passions will lead to the big ones just like a small little wind will lead to. A big win is small little thing and an act of passion for you will lead to something bigger and bigger. Doesn't have to be like, what is the overarching purpose of my whole entire life?

It could be what do I feel like doing right now that I'm passionate about, be in that state. Think of passion more like a vibration because in that vibration you will then find more things that resonate with it, so that is the first one to find your passion and to embody that passion frequency because then you bring more light into this reality. You will then be your true lightworker herself.

2.    Awaken your mission

The second thing that all lightworkers must know in order to awaken to their mission is something you may not want to hear. It is something that backs in 2012 I struggled with for a while. That is becoming completely at peace with the 3D reality, completely at peace with it. You know, when I went through my spiritual awakening in 2012, I went through this awakening very quickly and I felt like a black sheep.

I felt like everyone else didn't get me. I was talking about meditation. I was talking about being multidimensional. I was. I look back at it and I'm like, well, that was definitely way too much for telling family and friends, but I wanted to escape this reality and I want to do a Senate to what? A higher vibrational state of consciousness.

I didn't want to be here looking around at how much work had to be done. I was thinking, so much has to be done. I want to just be done with it. I have awakened. It's time for me to ascend into some higher dimensional state of consciousness and sometimes there's this, this once of lightworkers to escape this reality. They want to go home.

Have you ever felt that you wanted to go home? Not Earth home, but you know someone. Someone responded on my live Q and A yesterday on Instagram and said that her son, when she's at home with his three-year-old son, her son will tell her, mommy, I want to go home. Would intuitively resonate with me.

The newer generations coming in came to make change is the world's going to change very quickly because as the younger generation becomes dominant, which they already are, but it comes more and more dominant and they start to realize our true power. We will take our power back and we will understand that us collectively focused on certain timelines, shifts us to these timelines.

That's how powerful we all are. The thing is when I went through my awakening, I said, screw the 3D reality. Didn't want to be a part of it. I wanted to leave. I left my job working at Nordstrom's and I said, screw this. I don't want to be here anymore. I quit that job. I went from this to all the way on the left side of it where I started.

I changed up my lifestyle. I changed up where I was working. I just said I don't want to work anymore. I went through all of these things and so it's through the government financial system. All this stuff because I realized a lot of it is controlled and I was very resistant towards it because I didn't want to participate in it because I didn't agree with it, but after about five or six months of that, I went within.

I really went through a lot of transformation. I realized, Hey, I then felt guided. Actually. I was also told you're meant to actually integrate back into the 3D reality and to go through and to then find your purpose and do all of this stuff and I didn't want to hear it. I remember I listened.

I went to this lady that does an older lady that did something called kinesiology where she did muscle testing. She was really good too. She was like 70 years old. It was a phone thing. I called her and did a reading with her and I asked her some questions and then one of the questions was like, Spirit wants me to get a job because I already quit my job. I had money saved up. I was like, whatever. And she said yes. And I said, no, that must be wrong.

Everything else you said was very accurate, but now that must be wrong. My Ego didn't want to hear it. No, I need to get a job. I just got rid of my job, what, what kind of job would I get? But I intuitively knew I had to reintegrate into the 3D reality and I had to go through this level of transformation and I had to go through and become at peace with it too.

Back in 2012, 2013. I said, okay. He goes 2013. I said, okay. I eventually came at peace with it, said, okay, I'm going to get a job. I have. I literally applied. The first place I applied to is Barneys New York, which is a higher end. It was actually a better place and I worked before I got the job. The next day I got the call from, Anna, the HR lady.

I go in, I have a job interview the next day, know that that day I got a phone call. The day after I applied, I got hired there. I worked there for five years. I became at peace with the 3D reality. I was dealing with many different types of people as a sales commission job. It was very social. I went through my own inner transformation, my own inner healings.

Then I started to find my purpose, set intention for it. I knew I wanted to be in front of people. I decided I was going to be on YouTube. I went weekly on YouTube. Then eventually I just started treating YouTube like my full time. Within six months in 2017, got rid of my job and now ever since then, this is what I do. I'm in my purpose. I'm doing what I love but become at peace with the 3D reality.

The more negative energy we send that, the 3D reality, the more we reaffirm it and it's not about escaping, it is about being here and it is about going through this transformation together. The second thing you must know as you must become at peace with the 3D reality and know that you are here for a mission, you are here for a purpose, you. It's to bring through your life. It is here. We have the stuff to do, we have things to do, and we are here right now to make a change.

3.    Time to be bold

The third thing that you must know in order to awaken to your mission has to do with now knowing it is a time of being bold. Be Bold. I have been afraid to share some of this information with starseeds, lightworkers DNA activation. All of these different esoteric ideas I've been afraid to speak about for like six to eight months, even though I knew I was passionate about it.

However, recently I'm realizing do I want to reaffirm the 3D reality of being afraid of what people think or do I want to stand boldly and what I believe and who I am so that I can influence other people to also stand boldly and who they are to give permission to people to do it.

That in this is the time of being bold, of moving forward, knowing that you came here to be bold. You came here to make a change. You didn't come here to sit in the passenger seat and to just passively allow things to happen. You came here to make a change in this world and to bring forth your light. How do you be bold?

You start to express yourself doesn't mean you have to go out and be very resistant like this is what's happening. There's an awakening happening. Doesn't mean any of that. It means you're bold with your purpose and your bold with your mission, and if people don't get you, it's okay because everyone's on their own journey and many of the people that don't get you now, they will eventually come around. I can't tell you how many of my friends back in 2013, I thought I was crazy and now think what I do is cool.

They're asking me questions. How do you meditate? How do you do this? What about this I have? I have some people that I never would have ever thought would be into this type of information that are asking to be about the moon energies. They're asking me about the different emotional stuff that's coming up with the clearing of the time of the planet because there's light body activation happening.

 All of this stuff. I would never assume some of these people would be asking me, but guess what they are, because now is the time of awakening. You came here to wake up first, be bold and knowing that it's okay if people don't get you. This is about, this is a process and in four years, three years, a year, a month, days, they may come around and say, “Yo, I like what you're doing.”

You being yourself gives permission to other people, for them to be themselves, so by me sharing these ideas that are a little bit more esoteric, guess what? Giving and helping you understand that you can be you. You can be the way that you prefer to be. You can share ideas that are maybe a little bit more esoteric and you don't need validation from other people.

You just must validate yourself and that translates to other people as well. You probably tell by me talking about this right now. I'm not seeking other people's validation. This is what I believe. This is what's true for me. This is what I like to share. If people don't like that and it's cool, but I'm not attached to it in the same way, you don't need to be attached to what people think about you, but be bold with who you are.

Be Bold with your mission, bring forth your light and understand that there is a purpose for it. You came here to awaken first, so embrace it and know that you are more than you can imagine and that the more you embody this, the more other people feel that energy off of you. 

For this process, another thing that I recommend is that you transcend your level of consciousness and by doing so, by doing this and connecting to your higher self, you begin to transform into this purposeful version of you. One of the most powerful meditations I've created is on connecting to your higher self and becoming your higher self. If you listed for 21 days, I think it will transform your life.

The 4th Dimensional SHIFT It’s Time You Know About (What to Expect)

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on the fourth-dimensional shift. I'm going to be sharing with you what to expect and how you can easily move through it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you more of understanding what is called the fourth-dimensional shift. It is a shift that is happening right now on the planet and it will continue to happen over the next 15, 20, 30, however many years. It's something that we're all going through collectively. Some people are more aware of it than others.

Some people can feel it more than others, but in general, it is something that is available to us right now. Imagine that right now on the earth, there are states of consciousness where we can perceive duality, which is good, Bad, light, dark, and all these contrasts.

We could experience that right now, but imagine there's also a state of consciousness where we let go of that and we start to exist in a higher vibrational state. Well, that is available right now and many people on the planet are moving between the third and fourth dimension, and you can think of the fourth dimension as well as sort of realizing the truth about life.

This is a realization that I had years ago when I went through my spiritual awakening, I realized that there is more than just the five senses. We normally think the five senses. This is everything that there is in the world. We interpret our reality through the five senses and yes, we do interpret our reality through the five senses, but the understanding and knowing that there are more vibrations then what we can perceive of. Just like on the light spectrum, we can only see between infrared and ultraviolet, but does that mean there are not colors outside of that?

No. That's just a small, tiny window that we can see. Same with that of the decibel range of what we can here. We may not hear the sound of a dog whistle, but that doesn't mean that the sound doesn't exist. It just means that dogs here it. In the same way, we can see that our senses are limited and when we come at it from the point of we need solidity in order to prove things, we are then going about it in a way where we feel like we close ourselves in and we become too logical.

Remember, in life in general, it's about a balance of the intellect with the intuition. It's a mixture of both and sometimes we get locked into these perspectives that we have to be able to prove everything. We have to be able to prove everything, but that mentality is a 3D mentality that keeps us locked in what we could in a way call a matrix.

That's going to sound kind of scary when I talk about the matrix, but in a way, when you. Have you ever seen the movie the Matrix? It's a symbol, but it's also somewhat true. There is a matrix of our own mind for the way we see the world and if we buy into that Matrix, guess what?

That becomes our reality. Let me share with you a little bit about my journey through understanding the fourth dimension, understanding this capacity, what it really means to live in this way as well. I went through a spiritual awakening in 2012. Maybe you've heard my story on it.

And when I went through it, I started meditating because I had ADHD and I started to observe my thoughts. And as I started to go through that, I started to feel completely different about reality. I realized that there were senses beyond the five senses that we had because, in deep states of meditation, I could feel it.

I could feel something beyond the five senses. And it made me realize, hey, there's something here. There's something beyond just this physical ego structure life. And that opened my eyes. I started meditating and as I started doing that, I became aware of how my beliefs create my reality.

I had like a tough childhood. You've probably heard me talk about that before too. And because I had a tough childhood, I identified with my story and I realized in a moment there was this moment where I realized that my story was something I kept telling myself and because I kept telling myself that story, I kept feeling the negative emotion because of it.

At the same time, um, I started to become aware of this. I started to let this go. As I started to do that, my vibration started to raise. I started to feel much better, I'd say on a scale of one to 10, I normally felt a three to a five out of 10, which is not.

That wasn't so great. Then all of a sudden, I'm feeling as seven or eight out of 10. I started to feel high all the time and I was looking at myself and I was like, wow, why I feel so different. And from that point going forward, I quit smoking weed because I used to smoke weed because I was taking Adderall, which is the prescription drug they give for people that have ADHD.

I would take that during the day and I'd be able to focus at work because I worked a sales commission job and I go home at night and I wouldn't be able to eat or sleep or what helps with eating and sleeping well, obviously that was a weed. I would smoke weed at night. However, I started meditating and within a couple of weeks of meditating and I didn't need a smoke anymore.

I just started feeling really good. And then also at the same time, I got rid of Adderall. This all happened within a couple week period. As I was going through this experience, what I started to realize is that life, in general, is a form of a dream.

You get this in the form of intuition, in a form of a feeling. When you start to do this work, when you start to go within, you realize that that life, in general, is something that appears to be so real because we identified through our five senses. But what I became aware of is that I could instead learn to observe life not engage so much with the red.

And this is also where you may go through experiences of understanding that you are multidimensional. For me, that was understanding a certain star system called the eighties and this probably sounds kind of out there, but when I was looking and I was looking into this, there was something about it that just resonated with me.

I felt a deep resonance my whole life. I grew up really liking dolphins. I'd always get dolphins as gifts, like the dolphin’s statues and stuff like that from my dad and, and for my family. And it was just something I was always so fascinated with. And these little things started to hint themselves at me and the, for example, the Pleiades was one of them.

I read about it and something about it resonated so strong that I'm from that point going forward, I knew there was something true about it. I knew I had a connection to that, of what we call the eighties, but understand that we're multidimensional in nature. We have connections all over the universe that we are connected to because our soul is not just this big, our soul is huge.

We are so much more powerful than we can imagine. That planted a seed for me and then I started becoming very interested in that, of understanding these different facets of multidimensionality, how we have many different existences at the same time because I connected to my existence in that reality which exists right now, so we have to understand time in a different way as well when we look at this, but then I went through a period of a couple months where I became very angry because not very angry.

When you go through this and understand this, the way that the reality works, you realize that there are certain people that have that have certain type of pool over the conditioning of our societies. What I mean is the media. I mean like some people call it the back government illumines not you, whatever we want to call it now for a couple months.

I got kind of angry with that because I was like, I'm in a way wanted to fight against that idea and I wanted to. I wanted people to know this information because the first thing you learn is, okay, now I know more about how reality works. It's something that you experienced as well. This isn't just some intellectual ideas like, oh, I create borrowed reality, and it's like, no, you create your own reality. Then you see the correlation.

Do you want you to think of what you experience and you feel this connection to your spirit and it's something you feel and it's like something someone else can tell you, oh, that's not real? That's not true. When you look at them and you go, you don't. It's me like it's, it's my experience. It's how can it not be real? Do you know what I mean? Or from that perspective, so it's about understanding that this is about the experience and there are different layers of it.

There may be a layer you go through as you are shifting into this awareness that you become a little bit angry at the way the current society is because the way current society is may be that there's a certain level of control and that control may make you feel like, oh, the government's doing this. The money's just a system that keeps us in a slave. All those perspectives, the fear that we have towards it actually feeds those perspectives.

That's one thing I realized as well, so I went through a period of where I was kind of angry at it, but then eventually I became at peace with it and realize that what can I do to make an impact? For me that was making videos, so that's what I'm doing now and I teach it from a very positive place. Yes, maybe the in the past there were people that were controlling certain events or the money system is owned by corporations or things like that, but the key is to not be afraid of it because it was afraid of it.

We feed it and we feed that 3D reality. You see, the reason I say all this is because this information is here for us right now and in a way, it has been blocked from us from a certain perspective because of social conditioning and because we're constantly kept in the 3D reality through our emotions. They give it like watch the news, watch the negative stuff that happens.

Keep entrained into those lower vibrational states of consciousness as you do so. It keeps you in the 3D reality. The key is an observation and knowing that there is a fourth-dimensional state of consciousness which is getting rid of the ego, getting rid of these different perspectives and seeing it for what they are because here's the truth about reality. Our beliefs create our reality, but the thing is because of millions and billions of people on the planet are led to believe that reality acts a certain way.

It creates a physical. It creates this energetic structure for how reality works and therefore that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The thing is, the biggest thing is, is when people. We talked about the Illuminati and all these different sides of the government or behind the government, whatever. The only thing that gives them power is that they, they direct our focus.

The true power is within the billions of people on the planet and as we start to wake up, which is happening right now, we are becoming more aware of it and we're taking our power back. The process and the shift into a fourth-dimensional state of consciousness is about understanding that reality is literally not just metaphorically. It's literally a dream. It is a dream and it is a fluid dream. The only thing that keeps us from experiencing miracles on in our life is believing that things are so rigid.

If we allow things to be magical, they will become magical. The more we realize that life is a form of a dream, the more dreamlike our life will become. It's about understanding this correlation and understanding that we are immortal, spiritual beings, live in temporary human experiences.

This is important because then we realize that we could still take our life and have fun in our lives and go through this. This is like an Avatar. This is like an Avatar in a movie. We are embodying it. Yes, we can identify with the body, but the biggest con in life has been people believing that they are just their body. They're just their ego. And I believe that for a long time. Waking up out of it, it is such an empowering feeling to this day. I still listen to certain music.

I used to listen to a lot of enigmas because I've heard of enigma and Enya is like the spirits of music. I used to listen to that when I went through my spiritual awakening thousand, 12 when I listened to those music and that sound. It brings me back to that nostalgia feeling of that expansion, even though I'm still awakening more and more. It's like this feeling that I get when I listened to it and I really liked it.

And when it comes to this whole process, understand it is a process, but it's you becoming more aware of it. One little thing I want to share really quick, and I've shared it in a couple of other videos before, but something called quantum healing hypnosis technique, which is a way of having the higher-self come through. It's a form of hypnosis that Dolores Cannon has developed and she passed away recently, but she has over.

We were 17 books that are transcripts of people in QHHT which means their higher self is coming through. They're speaking the words and it's being tape recorded and afterward, a lot of times they don't even remember what they said because they're in a trance. They were in, their higher self is coming through and Dolores Cannon, he would ask them questions like, why did you incarnate at this time?

What is your purpose in this life? What are you meant to be doing? What was your relationship with your mom and your dad? Why did that happen? Why did this happen? You know some questions are, they're developed. And one of the things that were consistent is that people from all over the world, thousands and thousands of people that have been through these transcripts that didn't know each other have said that the reason they're here right now is for this shift in consciousness that's happening right now.

Because as a society we are going from a third-dimensional state of consciousness to a fourth-dimensional state of consciousness. And because of that, we are waking up, we are waking up from the dream of separation. We are waking up to who we really are. And the fourth dimension is really about us moving from our control of the third dimension into our heart center. 

True power is similar to that. But as you see the solidity of our thoughts keep us and because of our mass beliefs, there are billions of people in the world that believed that's not possible. It keeps us within a certain paradigm. If you ever heard of Atlantis, that was a time on the planet. When we did have abilities like that, we'd use crystals. It was a very magical time on the planet.

But what happened is we fell from that because of certain decisions that were made, kind of went off into the ego a little bit too much, and then that caused the society to collapse. And now we're going through a similar process of going back up and it's a very beautiful thing. And part of that is realizing that we can stop identifying so much with the ego. We get stop identifying so much with, with how everything is and thinking.

Everything has to be so solid. We can start to realize that we are just. Our ego is an Avatar, our egos, and Avatar, but our whole life we have these experiences that accumulate and we say, this is who I am because I've experienced this before, but that's not who you are.

That's just your body. That's just your ego. You see, you can start to see it more of your ego is a part of you, but it is not you. At the same time, it is something that you are using. It is something that you can integrate. You can integrate your ego and understand it for what it is and have this awareness of it, but at the same time know that you are so much more. You are unconditional love and bliss. You see, you have part of you. You the most of you are in a higher dimensional state of consciousness.

Dreaming, projecting yourself to this reality and in this lifetime, this is about awakening. This is about awakening back up to that fourth-dimensional state of consciousness where we merge into our higher self. The fourth dimension is really about merging into our higher self and Wednesday say the fourth dimension gets a little bit because of the 3D, 4D, 5D.

In actuality when we look at we could say that we're already, we've already been in the fourth dimension because we have three dimensions of space and one of time in a way the way that I've been described it before is we are moving into a fourth density which can be considered the fifth dimension or we are in third density moving into fourth density, but these names and these terms aren't really that important. The idea and what is important is that we stop identifying so much with the ego.

Understand your ego is a machine. It's just playing itself out. It's got these thoughts about the reality of how it works. It's got these thoughts and it thinks these thoughts and it has these emotions and we react to it and we have this perpetual loop that happens over and over and over again, but ego is just a machine that is doing its job.

The key is to not identify so much with the machine. Don't identify so much with the ego, integrate the ego. I'm not saying to resist it, I'm just saying that the more you become aware of it, the more you can then integrate it in a powerful way and the more than you can act in alignment because you can align with a higher vibrational energy that you naturally are, so just have that awareness that you are more than your ego.

Your ego is just doing his job, have compassion for the ego. The ego just wants to survive, and as you do that, you'll find that then things in your life being too aligned in a powerful way, so the fourth dimension, fourth density, whatever we want to call this, we're moving into it right now. If you're reading this blog, then it's meant is you cannot perceive that which you are not the vibration of. If you proceed with this blog, you're going through the shift.

My guess is that you're going through the shift because you're going to help other people go through the shift and help people understand it. Part of it is having these things get brought up. These negative experiences get brought up from our past, observing them, letting them go. One of the most powerful meditations I've created on completing the past. If you want to complete the past of the three d, in order to transcend the three d, you have to become at peace with it.

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