Life After Death According to Autobiography of a Yogi (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

I'm going to show you what happens after death. According to the book, the autobiography of a Yogi. This is a book that Steve Jobs had in his iPad. It was the only book you had in his iPad and it's still a book that he read every single year, the last 40 years of his life. This is a book I think is extraordinarily powerful and I'm going to show you exactly what it says.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you one of the most powerful books I've read, which is the autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. He is coined and noted for bringing yoga to the West from the east to the west, and kind of bridging the two philosophies. He's always mentioned that he thought that the materialism of the West and the spiritual nature of the East could be merged and we could each learn from each other.

And that was in a way, his life purpose was coming to America, showing yoga. He got a degree in India. Just so people would take them seriously here in the states. And the autobiography of the Yogi is his first-hand account of going through the process of enlightenment and also just many mystical, magical experiences that he had in his life. And I at first when I started reading it, I thought it was kind of hard to read, but once I got into it, I was a pro. It's a profound book. It resonates at a very high vibration. And I see why Steve jobs read it every single year, the last 40 years of his life. It really makes you want to understand as well that magic is a real thing. Like what we think of as reality is a dream. And when you hear and see these experiences in the book that you can feel are real, you can feel that he's authentic with what he's sharing.

And you can then see that reality is much more a cosmic dream than we thought before. I actually took one of my favorite chapters as chapter number 43. which as many of you know is my favorite number. The one that in a way like helped him on his path of enlightenment was the one that told them eventually you're going to go to the west, your purpose is to go to the west and to bring yoga to the west and go to America, which back in the 1920s and thirties, and whenever it was around that time period, which was very out there, it's like he couldn't, you know, to come here and took like a boat and it took a long time, two weeks to get here.

That was eventually his path and he missed his guru and he was away eventually though he was in America for years and eventually his guru sent them a telepathic message, said, I don't have much longer come back to India. Meaning he was about to transition into the higher dimensions. You know, he's about to transition, not on earth anymore. So Paramahansa Yogananda travels all the way back to the east, meets him, spent his last couple of months with him. Paramahansa Yogananda is very sad. And then what happens is in meditation one day, he's in meditation and he doesn't just imagine Shiria because his shore, it's like he actually sees him. There's not a difference between what we would imagine as somebody inside, like some spirit to guide or something.

So Yogananda, he's like, what is going on here? And he's extremely excited to see Suria Curtis War and Surrey extra swore. Then explained some things to him about what happens after death, about what the astral realms are like, but what happens like all these different dimensions of existence and he explains to him what happens and it's the title of that chapter is called the resurrection of three up Curtis War and I don't know if I'm saying his name right, but I'm doing my best. What I did is I wrote down some things and I'm going to share with you, I'm even going to map it out a little bit because I think that when we talk about life after death with the autobiography of the Yogi, it also highly correlates with the dimensions.

What we understand about the third dimension, the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension. They're just used in a little bit different terms, but I'm going to share with you what those different ways are. Now, some of the things I want to talk about is I kind of took some screenshots on my iPad of some of these things. He says that the, the Astro worlds, what we think of as the astro worlds is a very beautiful place. It's a dreamlike, beautiful heaven like place. The temperature is perfect. There's not the seasons. We have seasons on earth because there's a lot of duality here on earth. There's a lot of imbalance here on earth. So we have the snow and stuff like that, but he says it's a very spring like environment where it always feels like at the perfect temperature, which also resonates with Bashar.

If you've ever listened to Bashar, he talks about how his planet, which has a higher fourth density planet, is like perfect temperature. It's like almost like you're in a beach or something. There's no snow or anything like that. So this also is very in alignment with a lot of the other things that I've heard. Now before I get too much into the astral realms and talking about these different states of consciousness, what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you they got It. One time, I was doing that It took me like four times to do that. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you a little bit about the different bodies that he talks about. Cause he says that every one of us has three different layers of our body. So let me show you what I mean. So what he says is there is the earth, we all have a what's called an earth gross body trust. And then we have that of the astral body.

And then we have that of what is called a causal body. The causal body is the highest out of the three. The highest vibration out of three is the realm of ideas and thoughts here. I think things instantly manifest, maybe that does it. And Holmes, Israel, the astral body is connected to our emotions. It's connected to our emotions. And when we go to bed at night, we go to the astral realm, the earth body. We can also consider this 3D 4D 5D level of consciousness. Now this is our emotions. This one is more of our physical body. So, our physical body is the things that we experience in earth. It's the food that we eat that's this body. 16 hours a day we are in our earth body. And then what happens is when we go to bed at night, we go to the astral body. The body is connected to our emotions and it's connected to the astral realms. The astral realms is a heaven like place.

The astral realms is a higher vibrational in. When we go into our deepest level of sleep, we go into what is called the causal realm. This is the deep sleep that is very rejuvenating, Shiria go to source says, and for about, I don't know how long, every night, maybe it's a level of timelessness as well. But at a certain point in the night, we may go into the causal realms as well, which is deeply rejuvenating. Now the idea is we're here at most of the time we go to bed, we're in the astral realms. This is also, he says that there's many different astral planets. There are many different astral planets depending on our vibration that we go to after death. I don't know if also at night when we go to bed, we go to these different astral planets. I have a feeling we may, but after our death here on earth, we go to the different astral planets that are in residence with our vibration.

So, these different planets are ones that we can go to depending on our vibration after life on earth. And then the causal realm is beyond needing, even from what I understand, the causal realm, you barely even need a body. Everything here is just made up of light. There's still a sense of physicality here. Maybe like you still experience reality, you can still eat. There's astral ray. Here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking that what happens is food is so good or maybe your senses are so enhanced enhancing the astral realms that the only thing you need to eat is like these ray like vegetables. Like you don't need stimulating foods that we need here on earth, like pizza and stuff like that. But it talks a lot about that.

So there's a couple of things that he says I think is interesting as well about the different astral realms. He says that in the astral realms, after we die, what happens is we go to these astral realms that are equal to our vibration and negative entities. People that die that are very evil, they go to the astral rubs as well, but they go to an astral realm that is specifically designed for them. In a way it's a reality that is equal to them. They aren't allowed to other sides in the astral realms that they're not ready for it. In a way, you go to an astral realm that is equal to your vibration. So this kind of good to know. So sometimes we may see people that are, um, maybe people that have done very evil things in their lives and they're not necessarily going to go and wreak havoc in the good parts of the astral.

And there's different layers from what I understand as well. Say there's different layers in the astral realms where you, you have access to certain amounts of it, but it depends upon your level of spiritual progression as to which ones you experience. So what he says is that in the ash arounds, after we pass away, I could just swore appeared to Yoganonda as like the perfect version of Suria could to soar at the age he loved himself. I've heard this from many different sources by the way, in the higher dimensions, after we pass away from this physical incarnation, we get to choose what we look like. And normally it's the part of our life where we were at our peak. So I might choose like this time of my life when I'm like, I feel like I'm at my peak, I feel physically just part, you know, I may, I don't know.

So, many people will be in there like mid twenties still, even though they may have died at 90 years old or a hundred years old, they may choose to be and look like they're 25 years old. And that's common in the astral rooms to look that way. So it's almost like you get to look in the astral realms, exactly how you prefer to look and the best version of yourself. So he explained, he's like, I chose my older body because I like it and I like to be wise or I forget the exact terminology to use. But, but then what happens is you get to, that's the way that you show up.

And on average in the astral realms, you will be you. You can be there 500 to a thousand years, 500 to a thousand years. Whereas on earth, we live like a hundred years in the higher realms and the ash realms, it's much longer period of time. And I don't remember if he mentioned it about the causal realm, which I would consider to be the fifth dimension. But in general, maybe that's even longer. He says, luminous ray like vegetables around abound in the astral soils. He answered the astral beings, consume vegetables and drink a nectar flowing from the glorious fountains of light and from astral books and rivers, just as invisible images of persons on earth can be dug out of the ether and made visible by television apparatus later being dismissed again into space so that God created unseen astral blueprints of vegetables and plants floating in the air. Our Pris precipitated on the astral planet by the will of its inhibitance. So it seems like there's a lot of very magical, here's something else that I thought was cool. So the Earth Liberated Astral beings meets a multitude of relatives, fathers, mothers, wives, husbands and friends acquired during different incarnations and earth as they appear from time to time in various parts of the astral realms.

He or She is therefore at a loss to understand whom to love especially he learns as the divine equal love for all. So it's like imagine you go to this family reunion with these people, have all of these different people that you don't know that you do know and you remember them from different incarnations and you're trying to decide who to give your love to and who to like hug and who to like embrace. The idea is that in the astral realms, once we die, we have this meeting with all these other beans that we've known. A lot of that we don't even know right now because we're only aware of this. I'm carrying our incarnation right now and we get to meet with them in the fourth dimension or the astral realms and I find that to be, I find that to be really empowering.

Physical death is attended by the disappearance of breath and the disintegration of freshly sails. Astral death consists of disparate mint of life trons. So once we decide to shift from the astral realm into the causal realm, whereas as the physical realm is about letting go of the physical body, the astral realm has what is called life trons. This is what they use a lot in the book. It's about calling, it's called life trons. Maybe it's some type of life force energy. So the idea is that when we pass away, we, we go to this astral realm where we have the ability to connect to many different souls. We have an ability to connect to many different people that we've had lifetimes with. And it's a very exciting time. We also get to pick the perfect body that we would want, the time of our life when we were at our peak and we get to then go and show up.

That way we can live 500 to a thousand years or more and, and more than just that. We have different that, you know, when we talk about different planets, I think a lot of times different planets, higher vibrational planets that we're all connected to you. By the way, when you're talking about east, we've talked about Starseeds, we're all multidimensional beings. When we talk about these different planets, we have different opportunities to go to these different, these different spheres, astral spheres as it free up to his work calls it to where we can experience these different people and experience these different realms depending on our vibration. So, I think that a lot of times we've been saying the play audience this year they may be different fourth dimensional, astral realms. Maybe they're not physical in the way that we think they are. Maybe they are.

You know, it makes me think too, because the Shar always talks about his planet and he says it's, it's a different dimension. It's not a physical universe that we would see from our telescopes or anything. He says it's as fact as slightly out of phase of our reality. Maybe it's an astral room, I'm not sure. And they say actually as well. I've heard the raw wild one talk about how the astral realms is. Um, there's also like actual realities around Venus and Pluto do Jupiter and all these pants and we just can't physically see with our eyes. So we think they're just empty dead planets when in actuality they have life all over them. Just life in a different dimensional interpretation in a way. That's the law of one. Ever heard of that? So, here's something else that's cool. Astral in the fourth dimension, astral realm.

After we pass away, communication among astral inhabitants is held entirely by astral. There is none of the confusion and misunderstanding of the written and spoken word which earth dwellers must endure. Just as people on the cinema screen appear to move an accurate series of light pictures and do not actually breathe. So, the astral beings walk around and work and intelligently guided and coordinated images of light without the necessity of drawing pop power from oxygen. So we don't even need to breathe in the astral realms. How cool is that? We don't need to breathe. We don't really need to eat, but I think we might enjoy it. You know, it makes me think of as well as Corey Goode who is like a whistle-blower who has dealt with a group of beings called the Blue Avians, they talks about in detail this experience he had with them where he goes and meets up with a whole bunch of these blue avians after some type of it's from the show cosmic disclosure.

And basically what he says though is that with them, he ate these vegetables, they ate vegetables together at dinner. He said they were kind of bland. I don't know exactly how that works but it made me think of it. It's like, yes, higher vibrational beings would eat like vegetables, you know? So, this is the different perspectives of what happens after we pass away. One other thing I'll say is that he does also mention that there is a certain state of enlightenment, because once you reach, you can then attain a more heavily placed than anything you can imagine. Like it's some sort from the age and it's this place, this place that you can only really go to if you're more self realized and the, and the higher realms.

And it's like this very heaven like place that's like beyond anything you can imagine and you have to be of that same level of vibration to experience it. If you're not, then what happens is you can only experience certain realms of the fort, the astral realms. So I found that to be interesting as well. So what was Sri Yonkers just where is doing as well now is he told Paramahansa Yogananda, what I do now is he says he helps people go from the astral rounds into the causal realms. So when he was on earth, he was helping people, you know, enlightened. He's helping people like wake up, he is helping Paramahansa Yogananda. He was like, you know, doing his enlightened stuff, then he passes away. Now he's helping people go from the 44 Asheville realm into the causal realm. He's teaching people and souls about that. So that's what he's doing.

Maybe he's still there. I think that we all have the ability to connect to many of these different astral beings. You know, sometimes when I meditate, I think of Paramahansa Yogananda cause I think he represents a certain level of divinity that I think exists within all of us. And when it comes to this process of enlightenment and, I think the important thing to remember is that life is a dream. This is a fun dream that we're having, that we've forgotten who we really are. When we die, we don't really die. We change our form. But then we're in our astral body and in our astral body, we can meet friends, family. We look the way that, you know, the perfect time of her life, the way that we prefer to look.

We eat these rays like that stubbles we with 500 to a thousand years, I think honestly every night. And we go to bed and we're in the Astrals'. We know this about ourselves. We just don't remember that while we're here. So when we think of death, It's like, it's no different than every night when you go to bed and you wake up around just that instead of coming back here. I don't think death is as scary as we think it is. I think it is so empowering. So cool to know. I think that right now there's a transition on the planet where we're actually transcending into more of an astral realm. Right now I think our body's going from 3D to 4D reality. So in a way where our bodies are becoming more and more light, I think that reality is made up of light and love.

And the more aware we become of ourselves, the more, the more beneficial it is. The more self-realized we are, the more likely we are to experience a higher vibration in the astral planet. So do the self-work, learn to love. This is a school ground, I think that we're on and the higher level we reached by self-love and love of everyone else, by understanding everyone's a reflection and a piece of the divine.

3 Manifestation Warnings you MUST know about (be careful what you ask for)

I'm going to share with you three manifestation warnings. It's time you know about. These are things that you don't even think of, but I'll say one thing, be careful what you wish for.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three manifestation warnings that you can become aware of. These are things that I've actually found out from experience. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to share those with you and then show you how you can avoid them so that you don't experience the negative side effect of it. So the way it works is we intend for things to happen either consciously or unconsciously. And sometimes what happens is those things may come into fruition in ways we didn't even really imagine.

And unless we're aware of what we're intending for, then we'll remain in the autopilot mind or will remain in the dark about what actually may happen. So when I first off want to do is I kind of wanted to share a little story with you. Something that's happened in my life that I realized was a side effect of having a certain attention. Something I thought was kind of cool. So it's, it might be now I'm gonna share it with you. So this is what happened. I am at a point to where I'm getting ready to travel. I'll be doing live events pretty soon and I knew that one thing that I needed is I needed to have some type of assistant, like an assistant that could help me, cause I do a lot of stuff. I know sometimes we were like, you're just a Youtube or you're just make Youtube videos.

I do Youtube videos. There's a lot of different things that go into like what I do to have a Youtube channel and there's a lot that goes into it. What happened was, I decided that I wanted an assistant. What I did is I put out something that I have called fulltime purpose, right? My buddy victor and I teach people how to go full time doing what they love on Youtube. And what happened was I put it out there that I wanted an assistant and then in exchange, this is how much I’d be willing to pay. That's what I mean, willing to do to help them, you know, grow their brand or whatever. And what happened is I found somebody as an assistant, someone that's really cool and they actually ended up moving from New York to here to Vegas and I've been working with them for about a month now and things are going great.

However, I remember one of the things I said, one of like the weird things that I'd realized I needed an assistant was when I was using a lot of my time was going towards things that didn't necessarily help my business. Things that I didn't necessarily enjoy doing. One of those for example, is taking my car out to get maintained. One day I took my car to get maintained and they said that my car would be done and like an hour and ended up being like four hours and the whole time I was there, I'm like, why am I waiting at a car dealership for like three to four hours? I didn't even think about it too. I could've just gotten Uber and like taking it back to my house and done things for, but they said it was an hour. That's why I was kind of like leading around.

But I remember thinking to myself when I have an assistant, if I ever need to have my car fixed or maintained or serviced or something, I will have to do that. I will have my assistant do it and I will be able to they'll make videos or do whatever I feel like doing, you know, and for a while, let me show you what ended up happening. But this is what happened though for a while. I would tell Lou we'd be talking and I'd say, you know, it'd be nice cause my assistant I'll be someone who will be able to maintain my car and do stuff that I don't want to do. And Joe was kind of a joke because it was like I was always stuck on this whole having somebody like maintenance my car or something like that, like go do something with it so I don't have to do anything with it.

I'm saving time and I said that for the longest time, the whole car thing for like the month before I actually found an assistant and before he actually moved here, let me show you what happened. Shortly after, I set this intention and then he moves here. I went to the gym one day I came back and it was cracked and I don't know how I could have asked for them to see the cameras and see exactly how it cracked, but I didn't do that. But this is what I realized I'd been saying for the longest time. It'd be really cool to have a system cause I need something done like my car maintenance. Then I will have somebody that can do that for me so that I saved my time. Well, guess what? I'm getting ready to go to California today and my assistant, his name is Austin, he's really cool. He's going to take the car right after.

He's going to take the car to get the windshield fixed, which is going to call it, which isn't cheap to fix. However, what I realized is I literally got what I asked for. I asked so that when something happens I would be able to have an assistant would fix it. However, I may have actually manifested the crack in the window itself because I thought it would be cool that once I have an assistant for them to be able to take it down to the dealership to get it fixed. So you see, these are things that we don't necessarily think about when we could talk about manifestation. We don't really understand the side effects of certain things, but I was thinking, that'd be so cool if I ever need something like that to happen and how often do I need to get my car and maintenance to anyways.

But it was just one of those weird things. I was waiting one day and once I have an assistant that's going to be something that gets done. So you be careful what you ask for because you just might get it and you might actually end up manifesting something like that to where now you do have to get something fixed and you are having them, you know somebody or some, it could be many different versions of this. You see what I mean? But this is just an example. So be careful what you ask for because you just might get it and be careful of, just what you're putting out there. I said that for a long time. So I was using my words to say that to tell Leeor about it or people ask me why I'm getting an assistant.

It was only an assistant because I need something done. If I need my car maintained or something, I can have someone to do it and they can save me time. Saves me time from doing things that don't necessarily move the needle with my business. So that's one example of something I wanted to share with you because I kind of find it relevant. Suddenly, a lot of people don't think about now manifestation warranty as well. This is something I see a lot. Now I'm going to show this to you and here we go. A lot of times people come to me and they say they want to attract a relationship in their life. This is some person that wants to attract someone their life. I want relationship. Okay, I want a relationship. But this person may not have their stuff together.

By that I mean, they may not feel happy about themselves. They may not. They may have a job they don't like. They may have things they haven't healed. They may have a low sense of self-esteem. Someone like this may say, I want a relationship and what will happen is they may actually get a relationship, but if they haven't done the inner work, guess what will happen? The kind of person they will attract will be in a similar spot. So, this person may feel a lot of resistance and this person that feels a lot of resistance will also attract someone else that also goes upstairs and that also may have a job don't like. So, they're kind of resistant towards, you know, I'm going for their passion or something that may not be healed. You see, we get in life a reflection of what we believe we deserve and we get in life are a reflection of who we are, who we are.

So, you may actually get what you asked for, but if you haven't done the inner work within yourself and you don't feel love and colon complete, then you will attract someone else's. Very similar. Let me tell you something, before I went through and I really went deep within myself to heal myself and for example, I was also working a nine to five job I didn't care about. I wasn't happy with where I was in life and I noticed that I would always attract woman that also were working jobs they didn't like. And now we're always trying to find themselves. This is when I was trying to find myself. I'd always find women that were also trying to find themselves and weren't necessarily passed about what they're doing. They would feel a lot of resistance. I always found someone that was equal to, and sometimes that doesn't have to be bad because you can grow with this person.

You're not saying that if you know, you don't currently have everything, you don't have to be perfect in order to attract relationship, but you will always attract someone that is equal to that which you are. And the thing is, that the goal should be to actually become the kind of person that is doing what you love. Because when you're in your core frequency, you will find somebody that's compatible with that version of you. Versus finding someone that's compatible with the version of you that's feeling resistance. It's not doing what you love. It's not going to be a true representation or a true reflection. So this is another warning manifestation warning that you don't really hear about. But a in a relationship might not be the best thing if you haven't healed within yourself or if you haven't come at complete in your passion. Because when you're in your passion, you're doing what you love, you're at your core and you'll find someone else who is at their core but also someone that's compatible with you at your core versus someone compatible with you at a job.

You know, that's compatible with the version of you that's doing what you don't like to be doing, feeling resistance. So you see, the key to this process is understanding. We get in reflection in life of that which we are. And the key is getting to the core of what that is and knowing that you might get what at you ask for, but you might also waste some time doing it because it's not really the person you're meant to be with if you're not really doing what you love. Like I said, kind of a gray area because sometimes you can meet someone and then you can learn more about yourself and they go through awakening or learn more about themselves. And then you guys did all doing your passion. It can happen as well. But in general, most people that come to me say, Aaron, I want to attract relationship, may not actually love themselves enough to where they'll find somebody else that can love them the way that they loved themselves or, or also understanding that they may not be doing what they're passionate about at all.

So, they're not even fully themselves to find the other somebody that would resonate with them. So if you make that the goal first, then a lot of times you'll find that things manifest for you anyways. Now, here's something else that's a little bit insidious that she may not be aware of. Say for example, you say that you want to become very successful and I want to make a lot of money. I want a lot of success. First off, we're going for symbols. You don't have to go for symbols. You wanna go straight to the emotion. You want to really be passionate about what you do. That's just kind of a side note though. So when you say, I want x amount, I want to make x amount of money. Maybe you say, I want to make a, you know, 150 $200,000 a year and maybe right now you're making $50,000 a year.

You say, you know what? I want to get healthier so I'm going to start going to the gym and start eating healthy. One thing you don't think about is the judgment that may come from your friends and family when you start to make this change. You may know this because a lot of people that watch me, I've gone through spiritual awakenings and you know that when you have this huge jump in spiritual awakening, some people will look at you and go, what the hell are you doing? What are you, what's going on in your life? I bet you there'll be like, what's going on here? Talking about ascension, talk about spiritual awakening. Just aren't just come to the bar. Just go to the club. What are you doing with all that stuff? Just chill and you'll look like a Weirdo.

However, that's just an example. But one example of this is actually becoming successful. I've realized this in my own life. Some people are genuinely happy for the success that I have. They're genuinely happy for me doing what I love, me traveling the world and me speaking and doing all this stuff. Some people are genuinely happy. Some people though that you know that you would assume would be, are not because they may not be doing, everything's a reflection. So if they are doing what they love for a living, maybe they went to school and they have to do some corporate job that they hate and then they look at me and I'm just kind of running around with the camera and I'm like, guys, look at me. I'm John. I'm three average station warnings. I mean, you're not wanting to let these happen.

He puts out a Youtube video and that's what he does for a living. I mean there's a lot more that goes into it as far as like what I do behind the scenes and stuff, what things I have to do, but none, I already said that, but I'm just saying in general. But what we do, they look at that and they may, they may judge me. You might actually get judgment from friends and family and you don't even, you're not even aware of it because it reflects something back to them. For example, if you are overweight and you start getting in shape, you might get some flak from people. What I mean by that is people might be like, why are you in China lose all this weight or are you not good enough already? I love you the way you are. These, these things may then make you feel self-conscious or guilty. You may have friends that look at you and you're like, oh, I'm going to go to the gym.

I know I normally go to the bar with you today, but I'm going to go to the gym and work out. What they may do though is they may look at you and be like, why you want to go work out what you think? You're all better than us. All of a sudden you better than us now. You're going to go work out and get your calories burned or you're going to go eat some healthy food. You see? Then you may actually feel the judgment from him, but this is why it's important for you to be firm with what you want and who you are and the version of you that you prefer to be. But that's something you may not be aware of is that sometimes when it comes to this process, there may be judgment. Get an account for you, don't account for it. I assumed the more successful I come, the more people that are just going to be so happy for me and some people are, but there's a lot of people that think what I they, they don't get it or they think I'm honestly, there's just some people that might be jealous.

They might be jealous of the freedom you live. You can be yourself. Maybe they can't be themselves, who knows? But what I'm saying is what are you going to do if that happens, and I'm not saying that you have to like completely figure it out, but what you do is you just know that you're going to figure it out. You're going to hold your frame and your manifestation and frame is more important than the way somebody else views you. But there may be certain level of judgment when you start to change yourself, whether it's lose weight, whether it starts to make more money, because then you may also feel a little bit, sometimes I feel self-conscious if  you know, I don't, if I go out to a restaurant and I eat whatever I want I used to think, Oh God, can I afford this?

Can I afford this back in the day? But now, if I want something, I get it and I'll normally get it. I'll get it for whoever else I'm with too. You know what I mean? But there's a certain, I don't sometimes think about what other people, I'm like, oh, just go do this. You know, yesterday I was at the gym and I was in the sauna and somebody I was telling someone was like, you got to go to this place in L.A. It's got really good. It's hot, you know, cause I always see this guy in the sauna and I'm like, just, just go. Just trust me. Just trust me. And he's like, I can tell you had something you wanted to say, but he couldn't, he wasn't saying, I was like, what?

And he's like, well, I checked online and it's like $30 to go for a day. And I was like, oh, I just didn't think I was like, okay, maybe you know, maybe $30 for a day pass to a Russian Banya is a lot to some people, you know. I just kind of a side note there, but in general, just be aware that there's, when it comes to manifestation, there's things you don't expect, things that you'll relate to other people in a new way that you don't expect for. So if you want to become abundant in always possible, no, that the first key to this is holding your frame, but also being careful with what you wish for.

Be Aware of what you're saying because what you say just might come to fruition. Be Aware of what you're saying, I'm going to be able to do this or do this to be aware because it may subconsciously or on a side note be manifest and do things that you don't necessarily prefer to your experience. So these are the three manifestations signs.


3 Vibrational Levels of Money (which one are you?)

I'm going to share with you some of my beliefs about the way money works. All right? Money is the root of all evil.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm sure you already knew that, but if you didn't know, there you go. It's my gift to you. Money's the root of all evil. And if you didn't know that, then you probably haven't been paying attention as you've been growing up, you probably haven't seen enough of It, of how it works. But if you notice all the rich people, the people that do have money, they have that money because they took it from someone else. How else would they have that money? They literally took it from someone else. They had to somehow con people into getting it. They had to probably work up some corporate job to get to the top so that then they could tell other people what to do. People that are trapped in there, their own nine to five jobs. So they could in a way just be a prison keeper of these people.

We think about money. We need money to get by in our society because the way our society has been ran. First off, it's run by the 1% of the 1%. Everything is set up and the money is set up as a control mechanism. And there's not really much you can do except for play a party to the play according to the game that you've been given. But if you do play and you start to win, you're going to sacrifice your integrity. You're going to have to become less of an authentic person. You're probably going to have to give up a lot of things in your life that you, that you love, people you love. You'll probably have to spend no time with family at all. It's either you have to choose money or you choose love and family, which one are you gonna choose. If you choose money, then you're an evil person. If you choose family, that's good. That's wholesome. But there's really this dosage, those two perspectives.

Growing up I learned that if you were rich, you had to step on people's heads to get places. I learned that there's really not enough to go around anyways. There's a finite amount of money to go around. So it's limited and all the people that have the money already have the money. So knowing that they all already have the money, why even go out there and try to get the money, they already have it all unless you tried to take it from them. In that case, that is robbery, which now that I think of it, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea. What if we all got together and we stole the money from those people? We stole the money from the rich people that had to step on people's heads. I learned growing up that money doesn't grow on trees. Everyone knows that. But I learned that growing up and because money doesn't grow on trees, I can't have what I want when I want it. And when I do, I feel guilty about it.

But normally, I'm just trying to survive and just trying to get by. So I don't really go out and I don't buy myself nice things. My shirt, solid color shirt. I can't have logos on it. If you are trying to become rich, if you are trying to do any of these things, then you are evil. There's not enough to go around. There's a finite amount of money and if you want to take it from other people, that's stealing. That's cool too though. I don't think there's really that much wrong and stealing is that people got it unethically anyways. You know what I mean?

I'm going to be sharing with you some of the beliefs that I have about money and how I view the process. Now, the main thing that I've learned about money is that in order to have it, you've got to have goals. I learned that from Tony Robbins. When you have goals and you move towards those goals, you have this vision. You can then accomplish something. You can then become something. Anytime people say that they aren't powerful enough to create what they want in their life, they're doing it from a place of having no power. When it comes to this process of having money, you can have money. You just have to set your mind to it.

You have to set your mind to it and you have to do things. The more action you take, the more successful you become. That's what I've learned. That's what I've learned myself. That's what Tony Robbins taught me. That's what Gary Vaynerchuk says. These people all say it because it's true. In order to become something, you must do something that gets you there. If not, you'll just remain in the same autopilot mind like that. The key to this though is understanding that anything you set your mind to, you can accomplish. Money is kind of a tool. It's something that you get. The more you focus on it, the more of it you're creating your life through hard work of course.

In general, there is nothing in your life that you can do without willpower. If you have willpower, you can get yourself to the next level. If you have willpower, you can decide that you're going to do something. You can choose to do it and you will then accomplish it, but you have to have the willpower to do it. You have to have a white hot burning desire to do it. If you have that burning desire to, then it can work. If you don't have that burning desire, might as well be wearing red.  You know that if you set your mind to something, you can accomplish it. The more action you take, the better. Money is something you can get to just chase it, chase the money. That's what I do. I think of money and then I go and I do everything I can to get it. I really, I really want it and as long as I keep my eyes on it, I will eventually attain it. I know that, so I'm going to keep on grinding it out. Maybe if I make a video a day on Youtube, one day I could get there.

But until then, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. Keep taking more and more action and eventually it's going to happen. Okay. I've got some quotes from Tony Robbins. I can read to you right now that will help you if you would like. I read one of his books, and I know what it takes. It takes willpower. Okay. Now in general, the way my money beliefs, I guess you could say is that money is something you can attain, you contain it with willpower. You can attain it by focusing on it. You can take, it by doing things. The more you do, the more you get. And you can, you can accomplish it. Just go for it. Just do it.

I'm also going to show you how to shift your beliefs about money and understand more about how to be abundant. First off money, it's one form of abundance. When I think about money in general, I think of abundance. And I know that money is a reflection of me being in alignment with the cosmic vibration. If I'm in alignment with the cosmic vibration, I'm going to track whatever the hell I want. And, and the thing is, normally what I want is I want to be in a high vibration. So these things work hand in hand. I just want to do everything I can to add value to other people as well as another important thing to me.

I believe that all of us on the planet are connected at a deep level. We don't necessarily remember this. We think we're all separate means, but the more value I add to other people, the more value comes back to me. It could come back in money in the form of money. It could come back in the form of positive vibes could come back in the form of a good emotions. I don't know, but I know that what I put out is what I get back, so I just focus on putting out love. The love frequency. I focused on just doing what I love as well. I don't do things for money. Sounds like a yellow paradigm. I just am and I understand. I just add value and by adding value that comes back to me.

But normally when I'm in alignment with what I'm passionate about, it adds value to even people around me. Even if they don't, even if it's not me giving a service, it's just like people feel better when they're around me. They feel this light vibration off of me. So the way I view abundance as well is there's an abundance of everything. There is no competition, there's an abundance. And depending on how much in alignment I am with myself is how much abundance I will perceive of. And as long as I focus on that, I experienced an abundance in my life. But I don't focus on competition. I don't focus on comparing myself to other people. I focus primarily on being in a high vibration and doing what I love. Being in alignment with who I am, being aware of times, I feel like I really, really want something.

I know a lot of times when I really want something, I'm vibrationally saying, I really don't currently have it. So instead what I do is I observe that and I don't react to it so strongly. I find that when I meditate, I let go of resistance and when I let go of resistance, I become more vibrationally aligned with what I want. If I do focus on money, I focus on the intent for it. But I know that the most important thing is the alignment. The money is a secondary factor. So for me, as long as I'm in a high vibration and it resonates, those things happen. So the biggest priority to me is just being in a high vibe. Knowing that if I'm being myself, if I love what I do, if I'm passionate, if I'm seeing ways of adding value to other people, then I feel good anyways.

So for me, it's not about what I do, but it's more about who I am. They all have different beliefs about money and different vibe they are putting out that's attracting the currently reality they are in. You'll notice that in the way he speaks. You'll notice that in the stories he's telling himself, a lot of the stories he tells himself, or as with victim mode, victim mentality, um, there's not much power. There's not much he can do because the world just is the way it is. Everything is finite to everything is solid. That's the way he use it. Now, my other side, he is a go getter. He is someone that fixes his mind on something he wants to experience and he goes for it and as long as he stays consistent, he will eventually get results. He also very much wants and desires so the energy is moving and therefore he is moving in that direction and he'll get there eventually, but he's also creating some resistance along the way because he feels like he's not already there and the more he really wants something is the more he's seen vibrationally. He doesn't currently have it now. Aaron.

The other me shall I say, he is more focused on being in a high vibration which is in direct alignment with his passion, with who he really is with being at his core. He knows that money is just a natural by-product of him doing what he loves. Money is a reflection of that passion of that alignment and he doesn't do things just because it's going to bring him money. He does things because he enjoys it and then money is a natural by-product of that. They also have different  versions of Aaron have different intentions have different, who are they going after. One is just going out to the survival mode and he's barely getting by. The other is going after success for himself. The other is filling up his own cup, but then also able to fill up other people's and help other people become abundant because he's in such a high vibration.

So, when it comes to these different versions of consciousness, be aware of maybe some ways that you have similar perspectives. Maybe you resonate with these different versions of Aaron and you can see what may be holding you back from being the absolute abundant person that you can be. There are all different levels. None is worse than others. Some feel better than others. Some have a higher vibration than others, but it's more about awareness of where you currently are because once you're aware of where you are, you can then see where you can go. So the key to this is awareness and being aware that you can set the intention to be in a high vibration, let go of the resistance that go of the positionalities that keep you in low vibe and then you'll see how to shift yourself to a higher level of consciousness.

Spiritual Awakening: Am I Crazy? The TRUTH It’s Time You Know

I'm going to be sharing with you whether you are crazy or not understanding this part of spiritual awakening that a lot of people misinterpret and understand me the truth about this whole process.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on whether you are crazy or not and some of these things that may come up during the spiritual awakening process, understanding what's going on, why you're feeling the way you do and how you can push through that. Now I'm here in Los Angeles right now, Leeor Alexandra and Isabelle Palacios, they’re both Youtubers, they both did an event and when they did this event, I was part of their meet and greet. So I went and met some of the people that were at this event and I got asked this question like three times over the course of about 20 minutes and people were asking questions.

You know, it was really cool, but it was this one question that came up and it was people saying that they felt crazy from going through a spiritual awakening and asking me, do you ever feel like you're crazy for going through it or how do you not feel crazy? So, in that moment that after the second one and then the third one happened, I was like, okay, I got to make a video on this. It's something that maybe normally I wouldn't normally make a video on. Am I crazy? It's not necessarily something that I normally am thinking about. I'm not normally thinking about it, but it's just not necessarily the title that I would, I would put in on Youtube. But nonetheless, I think it was important. So what happens when we go through our spiritual awakening and what happens when I went through my spiritual awakening is in 2012, I went through it and I thought that, it was a whole new reality to me.

You go your whole entire life with live in a certain way with thinking that you are a certain way and then all of a sudden what happens is you have this new perspective, this new understanding of who you are and even to this day sometimes I listened to music that I listened to back in 2012 and it brings me back to that expansion feeling and this feeling that reality is different than what I've thought and it's like a whole new reality. And at the other side of that though, there was experiences that I had where there were friends and family that thought I went crazy. They were like, you know when you go from one way and you go into another way and it's completely different than the way you've been your whole entire life. I see how to some people that may look crazy, I would from having ADHD, going to a nine to five job, like you just smoke and drink a lot to all the sudden being somebody that meditated all day.

I was doing mantras. Somebody that liked to like go lay down outside and dirt and to ground myself. I was then talking ascension and how in this lifetime we're meant to go through this physical, emotional, mental ascension process raising the vibration. And it was so out of left field for people that many people that I hung out with my whole life thought that there was something, what's going on over there and I totally get it too. And now that I look back at it going from one way to another, in fact even people in my family were like, what's going on is you're on drugs. Who is he doing? So then you start looking around and you start relating to people differently and you started to relate and you start to say, well, I'm not passionate about this anymore.

I went from smoking weed to completely stopping that. So it's like, what's going on? They're drinking to cold turkey, stopped drinking, what's going on there? So it was a drastic change. And because of that, then it looks on the outside. Like, even on the inside it just looks like there's something that happened and when other people perceive of me, if I were to agree, which I did for a long time, I thought maybe, I am crazy, maybe there is something going on. I started to develop this resistance around the way that people thought about me and I went through a period of probably about six months where I felt pretty lonely to be honest with you. I felt like people didn't get me. I kind of expected everyone to understand because I was so passionate about it.

I wanted other people to get on board too. I'm like, listen, we all came here to go through this ascension. We've just forgotten blah, blah blah. But then you share it with people. They're like, okay bro, like that's not their experience. They're not there yet. So then they think it's crazy. You can kind of feel that too. I remember telling people and I'm thinking they'd be excited and they really weren't excited at all. They were like, dude, like can you stop whatever you're doing? And then you look around and you kind of look at you and be like, well, I'm the one person that's different than everyone else. Maybe I am crazy and maybe this is all something I'm just making up in my head. Maybe this is all something that just my imagination is thinking of and it's stuff that just feels good to think about, so I'm going to go ahead and buy into it.

However, the further down the process you go, the more you realize that who you were before was somebody that was asleep. Most of our lives, we live in this autopilot mind thinking that we are what our senses are with the we all what's happening to us. We think we are our environment in until we wake up, we remain in a deep sleep. 90% or more people on the planet are in a deep sleep and they're not even aware of it. However, what's happening now on the planet is more and more people have the awareness and the ability to wake up and it's happening quicker than ever. And there's more and more people jumping on board than ever before. I remember back ten, five, six, seven years ago, there weren't nearly as many people that are awake right now and you could look to like Youtube channels to see spiritual Youtube channels continue to grow. There's more of a demand for it because more people are going through the process.

So for this, it's about understanding that if you are awake right now when asking yourself, am I crazy? It's because you agreed to come in here to wake up first. We spread out in different families. Wouldn't it be convenient if we all just woke up and like the same in the same family and we all just got it. But that didn't seem to happen. We sprinkled ourselves out with families and friends that maybe aren't there yet so that we could plant seeds for them to then wake up. Even if they think we're crazy for a while or whatever it is. Our energy alone influences people in subconscious ways, so we chose families, we chose friends. We chose all of this so that we could have the greatest amount of impact on society because even through just energy it changes and it changes people at a subconscious level. When you are realizing that you are the one person that is pretty different than everyone else, I'm very different. Maybe I'm the crazy one. There can then be a tendency to look in and be like, maybe this is all made up. Maybe I'm just crazy,

But that's kind of like taking score too soon. It's taking score too soon when the movie's not over yet because what's really happening is many people are in a deep sleep. You are the first to wake up. There are other people around you that are also woken up like just like this event that there was yesterday where I was at meet and greet. There was like 30 other people there and some people feel like they're crazy. Yet there's, there's 20 something other people there that are also going through the same thing and there'll be events. Will there be thousands of people that are awake, and it'd be like, you look around and you have these festivals. You have these things going on where there's thousands and millions of people on the planet that are waking up. It's just that we're spread out so we feel crazy. But the truth is we're not crazy. We're just waking up.

If you're going through a spiritual awakening right now and you feel crazy, no, you're just waking up. It's just a part of the process of awakening. The more aware you saw of yourself, the more you realize that the old way of being was the autopilot mind and it was just playing itself out over and over and over again. And then what you may be doing is taking score too soon. Thinking everyone else around me isn't necessarily awake, so maybe there's something wrong with me. But you see, you chose to become awake at this time to help plant seeds with other people. And as time goes on, more and more people will wake up. So you will feel less crazy. But nonetheless, it's about waking up to who you are and trusting this process. Part of the process of awakening is thinking that maybe I am crazy.

Maybe there is something going on, but the more you go deeper within yourself, the more you realize that in a non-judgmental way. Most people are so caught up in their own worlds, caught up in the autopilot mind. They're the ones that are crazy. You see, these are dangerous words to get involved in because then we develop an ego or we develop a hierarchy like you're asleep. I'm awake. That's a spiritual ego that happened to me when I went through my awakening. I was in so resistant towards everyone that was thinking that I was crazy not understanding me, that I was like, these people are all asleep. They don't understand, and I started to then develop this belief that like people just aren't awake. People just don't get me. Well, guess what? I wasn't able to attract people into my life that like friends that had got me or people or whatever because I had that belief. But once I'd let that belief go, I started to resonate with more and more people that could resonate with me. So this is all a process of awakening and just know you'll chose to be in a family or in a group of friends or whatever it is because you had the most ability to influence those people to wake up to plant seeds. You might not just be aware of it.

However more and more people are waking up on the planet. They'll come a day when we could say we're not crazy. We all got each other. But it's about really going within and going within your heart center to see what is true. Not necessarily the mind but the heart. I was telling some of the people at the event about this thing, it's from the law of one. The law of one is some of the best, most profound channeled material of all time. And it's from this group called the Ra. I am Ra and into the channel and to talk about this, there's something in our rat reality called the law of confusion. The law of confusion is where we get just enough amount of information prize to have faith in front us to like investigate reality but not enough to worry. It's actually black or white or this is the way reality is. The truth in reality is all truths are true. Whatever we believe to be true, it's going to be what we get reflected back to us. But this law of confusion is there so that we forget who we are so that we have to remember who we are but also so that we have faith in this process of spiritual awakening.

Lot of things are nonphysical, not physical energy, oric fields. There's a reason not everything is physical and solid and this law of confusion gives us the ability to have this experience of esoteric, to have this experience of going deeper within ourselves. So this is a part of the process and it's called the law of confusion and that really resonates with me because we had to get just enough information for us to move forward with a spiritual awakening and with going deeper within ourselves and understanding of physical energy but not too much to where then it is just black and white. It does become kind of black and white in the morning, go within yourself, but it's understanding things in life. We're also more great depends on your perspective and the more that you embrace this process in general, the easier this process becomes.

Sometimes, what happens is we are looking to the outside for validation, asking ourselves, am I crazy? Is a comparison play because we're looking to the outside for people that think similarly to us that they don't think similarly to us than we think that we are the crazy ones. But you see, we chose to come into a reality where most people from a certain perspective could be seen as crazy. If you were a higher dimensional race and you came, imagine this, you're a higher dimensional race. You came and you look at planet earth, you've got all these people that have forgotten who they are, that are fighting with each other over some imaginary line in the sand. People that are killing each other when they're all one consciousness, but they don't know that. So they're fighting with each other. They're calling each other different based on the color of their skin.

They're doing all of these things because they've forgotten that they're eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. And then people say, why don't eat cheese land? Why don't they land well looking at earth in a non-judgmental way? I mean this with love, it would look like we're all crazy from a social conditioning, look at everybody that's fighting, that's going through all of these things that's completely forgotten who they are at deeper levels. That in of itself would look like in an insane asylum and what ets want to land and in the insane asylum, and even that in in Saint Anne's island, when people that have guns, you see, when we're asking ourselves going through the spiritual awakening process, are we crazy?

It's all relative because if you look at people who forgotten who they are, who are fighting other people, when those other people are other versions of themselves, but they don't remember that. That to me is a little more crazy than somebody that's starting to feel nonphysical energy and starting to go within themselves and starting to have these, these amazing experiences, but it's all relative. So am I crazy? No, you're not crazy. You're just waking up and if people aren't around you to validate who you are and understand that you have an online community as well. There may be a virtual community that you have for a while, but then eventually maybe you move and you start to see people in your reality.

But let go of the beliefs of believing that people just aren't awake. Let go of the believes of thinking you're crazy. You're not crazy. You're just waking up. At the same time develop this judgment like everyone else has asleep. Everyone else is crazy because then we create separation. Just drop the word crazy. Just everyone's at their different level of consciousness and they're waking up more and more. And you came here as a light warrior. You came here to wake up first because that's gonna help other people wake up. So embrace your role. You're not crazy. You're just waking up.

3 Signs we live in a Simulated Reality (and what to do about it)

I'm going to reveal to you the three signs that we are living in a simulated reality and I'm going to show you what you can do about it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the 3 main signs that we do live in a simulation type reality. Understanding what this really means and then what we can actually do about it. Knowing that what if there are ways that we could hack reality and if we can hack reality, then we could experience more of what we want. Or we could just learn more about the way this 3D physical avatar body works and a knowledge is power. Awareness is power. I like that quote better. Oh, go figure. So for this process, first off, what is a simulated reality?

Sometimes this can seem like something that's a little bit scary because we think of it like the movie, the Matrix. The Matrix is like these computer programs that are chasing after us and doing all these things. But it can be, it's much more in an organic type way. It doesn't have to mean that we live in some computer. A computer can be a metaphor though. I think eventually we may have organic computers. In a way you could say that our brain isn't in a way an organic computer because our brain processes information, everything in realities, information and it's something that's naturally happening. But we have this technology computer that in a way, as a symbol of that.

And the funny thing is our brain is much more powerful than that of a computer at this point, at least with how much we can process and how our brain works. However, when it comes to simulation, think of it in the form of a simulation is something that appears to be real, but it is something that appears to be real but isn't. And in a similar way, the simulation of life is such that we believe that it is real. We identify with our 3D physical avatar structure. And because we believe it's real, we're able to have a true experience. If we knew the whole entire time that it wasn't real, we may not take it as serious and it wouldn't be something where we can learn as many, you could say lessons, but in a way, I believe we're here to learn. We're here to learn about who we are and in a way if we want to move from one grade to the next way, could be certain lessons in our life.

And then once we complete those lessons we can then move onto the next one. And in a way earth is like a school. It's a school of remembering is what it really is a school of remembering of who we are. I think we come here, we forget who we are so that we can go through this process of remembering who we are and sometimes it can be painful. I remember it was painful for me when I went through my spiritual awakening process and that was a very enlightening like, uh, a time when I felt a lot of expansion. But earlier on in life, I went through so much pain to get there. So much misidentification, so much believing that reality is the way it is and everything is so real. But when you go through spiritual awakening and start to understand more about reality and really just more about yourself in general, but living in a simulation is about understanding that this reality that we experience is not the baseline reality. It's a projection of consciousness.

I listened to someone named Bashar quite often. He says that reality is literally a dream. We are projecting ourselves from spirit. We never actually leaves spirit. We are in spirit right now dreaming. We are this human. There's three d physical avatar body. So when people are worried about death and pretty much what they do when they die is they shed the physical body and they wake up more as who they are as spirit. So, it's not really the belief and really fearing death the way that humans do. It's fearing the debt of the 3D physical avatar body, which I find interesting as well because lately I've been studying a lot of enlightening material, like a people's enlightenment experiences, and many of them say that they have a full on ego death, like they believe they are going to die and then when they die it's their identity that is dying.

They then become more of the larger consciousness system to use some term they come more of the channel of high vibration energy and less of the identity of like this is who I am and this is what I do. So when I believe that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, we are in spirit right now, but we've forgotten that we're dreaming and one of the reasons we forgot that we were dreaming of so that we could have this real type experience that we're having is appears to be real. We interpret reality through the five senses. We have touch, taste, smell, hear, see these are all different senses we use to interpret reality and we grow up believing that this is what is real. What you can perceive through your senses is real, but non-physical energy is just as real. It's just that we don't perceive of it through our senses.

So, this is about understanding that there's more to reality than we think, and we start to open. There's this guy named Thomas Campbell, he talks a lot about having openminded skepticism openminded so you have to be open but not naive. And for this I think that being open to nonphysical energy is a very empowering thing because it makes us, it allows us to go beyond our 3D physical avatar structured out of the limitations of our little belief system based on prior reference experience, but it gives us more ability tap into more of who we are and other things. But charge said before is that one day you'll realize that it's not so much that consciousness is in your body, but your body is in your consciousness. Thinking about that your body is in your consciousness, which I believe that with the simulation as well, it's like we're having this experience so that we can, we can experience each other and relate to each other to learn so much.

So that's part of the system as well as us going through this process of having someone to relate to and in a way we are all connected. So the three signs that we live in a simulation, the first one's going to be different than maybe I shared before and that's simply that there's a big grand spiritual awakening happening on the planet. They might say, how does that relate to a simulation? Well, in a way a spiritual awakening is when you become aware of you being spirit versus just being a 3D physical avatar body. And he may not say that. You might be like, well this whole 3D physical avatar body is a new thing. I haven't heard it like that before. But in 3D physical avatar body, just the 3D solidity of what is real. Our body, our ego could say that that is another word for our ego and we may identify her whole life as our ego, but then eventually we start to go inwards.

I heard this quote the other day, yesterday actually I was reading, and I was talking to said about the higher self, the inner self. I really liked that because we think our higher self is like up in like the seventh dimension, like chill and like the sixth dimension looking down at us like I'm going to guide you this way now. Now I'll go this way and I'll do this thing. But really it's an inner self because reality is a reflection, but there's really just more of ourselves. It's something that we go more and more within spiritual awakening is not like trying to blast off into the eighth dimension, spiritual awakenings, more about going within. That's why I like to call it more of like an inner self, that inner self that you go into that then you are have the ability to connect to your intuition.

You have the ability to kick to your heart center. The inner self is where I find that in meditation it's much easier to go to and it's something that's much more empowering because it's within you. It's not, in the eighth dimension. You don't have to try to grab for it and try to understand it and try to comprehend it. So understand this is all within you. So spiritual awakening is when you go within yourself and you start to realize that there's more to life than the surroundings. There’s more to life than the what we experienced through the senses. And that in a way is waking up, going beyond the ego, the 3D physical avatar body. And when we start to go beyond the ego, we start to see that it is likely and very probable that we live in a simulation. And simulation is kind of this new word that we may use, but a word that's been around for a very long time is that we are infinite spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences.

So, if this temporary human experience is temporary, who are we beyond the body, which would then point to this not being as real as we think it is. it's something I've also heard talked about with many different channelings before. When we get to higher states of consciousness, what happens? Is it higher states of consciousness? Or you could say dimensions in a way. When you get to higher states of like higher dimensions, some will not be visible if you're at a certain frequency. So, for example, if you're in the third, fourth dimension, someone's in the seventh dimension, you may not be able to see them because their rate of vibration is much higher. And I'm just talking, I'm not talking to city from experience with this. I'm just talking from what I've learned with that of Bashar Abraham Hicks. Jane Roberts, the law of one, all these leading edge information.

And what they say is that a higher rates of vibration, we may not be able to perceive of that because they are in a higher that you can perceive that which you are the vibration of. So knowing that there's different rates of vibrations that are perceiving of different realities altogether, it also points to which is the real one. Well, which is real depends upon the perspective. And it depends upon the rate of vibration because there'll be a different experience for every different rates of vibration. And maybe you don't that we can give dimensions numbers, but in each different one there'll be a different perception. So, it could be all just relative. So what is real? It depends on what is relative. I believe that in life the experiences are real because of our definition of it. But I believe the actual reality of it is that it is a dream. I believe that reality is a dream. And I also believe something I say all the time, it's like a favorite thing for me to say is that the more you realize that life is a form of dream or is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become.

The more flexibility you will allow your life to have, the more lightness you bring into your life as well. So really just about loosen it up. It was having more fun because the more fun we have, the more that we raise our vibration and we raise our vibrational state of consciousness in the more things happen in our favor because of our state of being, our state of consciousness. Now the second sign that we live in as simulated universe reality, same thing is data streams. So as to do with data streams and tapping in understanding that we're all connected. So a simulation would be connected to some type of data stream, which is data, which is information. Everything in in reality is information. This is something physics and starting to learn is everything. Has a certain rate of vibration and everything is information. Everything's data. Now in one part of the world you can focus on something else and you can tap into different data streams. They've done this with years of the government's done. It was remote viewing is this happened with um, you could say this is what people tap into when we talk about the Akashic records is they tap into different data streams, data streams of maybe the intent of someone's soul or someone's spirit, that room.

So, everything is connection. We read a lot of times nonverbal cues from each other. You may not physically say something. Are you able to feel the vibration? It's beyond the five senses from other people. You may have certain intuitions about things that are happening, I believe intuition is picking up on different data streams. Maybe probable data streams as well, but there's this larger connection that we all have with each other. I believe that in this reality as well, what we put out is what we get back. Reason being is in this data stream, what we put out to someone else that's someone else's. Actually another version of us. There really is only more of us than reality. And because of that, that comes back to us because we're doing something to ourselves. So in the data stream that we live in, that's what it's doing and is constantly putting out and giving back and balancing out this reality.

But it's really just doing realities like a mirror reflecting back to us. But the data that is there, the information that is there is something we can all tap into, which I think is cool. When you focus on tapping into, you know, I may have someone that I know that's completely on the other side of the world, but I can tap into them. I can think of them and kind of feel what they're going through or feel if there's something on their mind, if they're thinking or you know, if I'm connected to them and I know them well, especially someone that you're out a lot so we can all tap into and kind of feel how people are. And that's because everything is different data streams. And by focusing on different things you can pick up on different data streams.

That points to understanding that everything is information, understanding that we're all connected, that there's some consciousness system here that we're all connected to. So that to me is a huge sign that we do also live in a form of simulation or in a simulated reality. Now the third one has to do with just simply knowing this one little idea, they already have VR technology that you almost can't tell the difference with is already exists. And I've done it before and I'm sure there's much more even further advanced beyond that. They're getting ready to release when Leeor and I was in Japan a couple months ago, we're in Shibuya and we went to this like mall and we went to like the top floor is like this long tall building and kept going up completely different floors, different clothes and stuff like that. You've got to one of them and there was like this whole VR like level and we went and we put on this helmet. She was actually going to the bathroom and I saw a helmet laying around and there was no one around.

I was like, okay, I'm going to go put this thing on. I'm not just going to watch that helmet sit there knowing it's probably some cool thing in there. I put it on and I was on top of a skyscraper walking around and I could see, felt like was in the movie, the Matrix or something. I was like looking over, it was on the edge is like looking over and as you're looking over you get scared. Like you feel like you're there. Like it's vertical. Like you're just like whoa. And it feels so real and imagined that you were in that thing from the time you were born. Or imagine you were in that and you were like walking around, you are going through things, you would begin to believe it's real. At a certain point through repetition, through reference experiences, you would eventually believe it's real.

And that's not even what if in a way our spirit is in some cosmic suit. We wouldn't need technology. The home, I would imagine some cosmic suit that then we could perceive reality through and we think it's so real. And when we die at the end of our life, we just take off the suit or we transcend the suit, or we go into our astral body and our astral body is a form of connection to the suit. Who knows? Maybe that's the one piece out of body experiences. People talk a lot of times about the, this connection that are through our third eye to our astral body. Maybe that has something to do with that. But virtual reality, we already have technology that we don't know the difference between what it is and what it is like what is real and what is not. What's to say we haven't done that at a higher level of consciousness already and that life itself is a form of simulation and the rules of the simulation or the goal of the simulation is to learn more about who you are and to remember that you are a spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

What if the goals of simulations that you can start to believe that it's so real so you can have these real experiences? What if part of the simulations that you can eat amazing food, you could enjoy what physical reality has to offer, but at a greater level it's not just two. We are much more than that. I believe when we go to bed at night, we connect to that part of ourselves of who we really are. But what if all of this we are going through so that we could remember who we are at a level. It all has a purpose and that purpose is for us to become more aware of who we are and to really tap into it. So I believe that that is highly probable and the way that we navigate through this simulation. If you want to know what I've learned in the bay to be the most powerful thing is to set more intentions. Intention increases probability, but intention from the being level, not just the 3D physical avatar.

It's like I want money, I want symbols, I want this. I want that. What you're really passionate about, you being yourself, not the way you think other people want you to be. Not the masks that we're told we're supposed to wear in order to fit into society. You being yourself with no apologies and we don't need apologize or you don't. When you don't apologize to anyone else or you don't need anyone's else validation, other people will feel that off of you and they will naturally give it back to you because reality's a mirror. And when you give it to yourself, other people will give it to you even if they don't agree with it. They might be like what you're talking about. It's weird, but you know what? You're yourself. And I liked that. Weird is cool. You see what I mean?

it's a reflection anyway. So be yourself. Do what you're passionate about. Go after what you love doing. I know it sounds Cliché, but it's so true because when you do that, you're in a higher vibrational state. And then set intentions. Intention is almost like a look into a parallel reality. You want to experience and declaring it as part of you. And then action is the thing that follows that up with action and intention or intermittent interlinked. So these are the three signs that we live in a simulation. The more you tap into who you really are, you're being level. You can then set intentions and navigate through this simulation in a more powerful way. Just remember you're an eternal spiritual being. You're in spirit right now. You're just dreaming. You are this little 3D physical avatar body and the more you become aware of who you are by going inwards and outwards inwards, the more you're going to tap into your true power.

3 DANGEROUS Words Keeping you STUCK in 3D (the 3rd Dimension)

I'm going to be sharing with you the three dangerous words that are keeping you boxed in the third dimension. I'm going to show you exactly how to get out of that box so that you can start to experience higher states of consciousness.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to transcend that their dimension by letting go of three words that keep you boxed into it. Now, before I even get to that, understand that our words have a powerful effect over our lives. The definitions we have about who we are is and reveals the beliefs we have about who we believe we are, and we always experience a reality that is equal to the beliefs that we have, does actually what reality is.

To be honest with you, it's a reflection of what we believe or perceive to be true. So if we want to change the outside, we must know that we must first change the inside in order to do so and that time. Many times has to do with changing our definitions, changing the way that we view ourselves, changing the beliefs we have, letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us and there are certain words that carry with it. These concepts, they keep us in trained. Now first off, you might ask yourself, Bro, what's the third dimension like? I've seen 3D movies before, but what is the third dimension? Well, the third dimension is something that we came here to this planet because we are eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. What we did is we decided that we were going to come to earth.

We were going to go through a veil of forgetfulness. We were going to totally forget who we are so we could go through a process of remembering who we are now. Something else that we knew was going to happen on the planet right now is a shift in consciousness. We knew that we would be going from the third dimensional states of consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness. We knew that that was something that was meant to be happening. Why? Well, there's this ascension that happens every so often that allows us to then in a way graduate and upgrade our vibration to a new level. So there was a call that was put out back in the 1930s you for more on this one I'm talking about right now. You can check out Dolores Cannon's books. She has 17 books, I think it's the three waves of volunteers and basically what she did is, people would be hypnotized into a very deep level of brain state activity to where their higher self would come through.

Dolores would ask them many questions about why they incarnated, who they are beyond this physical vessel, why there are certain people in their life, what are the themes that are experienced in their life and that certain answers would come through and through thousands and thousands of different transcripts from people all over the world. Transcripts of her work, of the hypnosis sessions that she does for thousands of people all over the world. A very consistent theme was coming through. People are incarnating because they wanted to go through this shift in vibration, this shift in dimensional states of consciousness. And we are going from the 3D which you can think of as duality. Think of 3D like good, bad light, dark. There was a certain level of control that's been within the third dimension on the planet.

And you could see that with the government, the way that things are ran there's this level of duality and it keeps people in train to do a certain to a certain vibration. When we believe that also another aspect of third dimension is that of feeling separated from everyone else. Not knowing that we are all connected. So we feel like people aren't as connected to us or we feel like people in general we have to like survive for ourselves. We have to do things to benefit ourselves versus understanding that there's this collective connection that we all have. That's why what you put out so she'd get back because what you do to someone else you do during their aspect of yourself. So the third dimension has been, in a way I'll hypnosis on the whole planet for thousands of years. There's been certain levels of control that has kept that bubble, that reality bubble there. And what has happened is we are now moving into the fourth and fifth dimensional state of consciousness.

The 4D level of consciousness is where we realize that life is a form of dream. We start to realize that we're all connected, and we start to realize things that are more about vibration than anything else. When we're in the third dimensional state of consciousness and we talk about manifestation, it's like I need to get from over here too. Oh, I need that from over there to come over here. We try to attract something from over there to India. Here it's about working hard, work ethic. Now, the paradigm we're moving into is more about vibration. Vibrational residence doesn't mean you don't take action. It just means that it's coming from a different place. It means that you're more so focused on a vibrational resonance. There's also more of an awareness that there is this connection between all things.

There is this thing called the collective consciousness that we're all connected to. That's why we're going through this shift together at different paces for certain people. But in a general energy bubble, we're going through it together. And the fifth dimensional state of consciousness is more of just the state of unconditional love, which is a potential. However, I would say that right now on the planet, there is this stronger pool going from 3D to 4D reality. And I believe that the 4D reality is already completely here. But what happens is we create the illusion of the 3D from the 4D level of consciousness. So we're creating the illusion of so much solidity and form and so much control that has been happening on the planet when in actuality there's so much more to reality and we're aware of that. So what we agreed to come to earth to do is to completely forget who we are.

Many of us were incarnated into families and new experiences that shook us up so that we could remember who we are and what then happens is we go through this remembering process and we go from more of the 3D, good, bad light, dark to observing that maybe through meditation and then we start to realize that we are vibrational beings. We are internal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. That what we put out is what we give back because we're all connected and over the next 10 15 20 years, this transition is going to continue to exponentially beyond what we can even imagine. You may see that now old structures are falling away. New structures are being put in. Now, what is one of the words that is keeping you locked into the third dimension? The first word is gossip. Now, this is a concept versus just a single individual word because words have only the meaning we give it. Understand that as well. They carry a certain vibration, but the vibration depends upon the person that's using it. Because if I were to say a word that you'd never heard of before, but it were to mean something to me and have a different effect on me than it would anyone else.

So, understand that the words do carry a vibration. However, what does this whole concept mean to you? Of Gossiping? When we gossip about other people, whether it's people at our job, whether it's people in our family, people that we know. When we gossip, we put out negative vibration. And that goes into our energy field. There's a toroidal field around our body that goes around our energy field and creates disturbances within it. And then we go onto the world and parts of our energy field that are imbalanced then resonate with other people and they can feel that off of us. When we gossip about other people, they feel that and they will gossip back and we may not hear it, but what you put out is what you get back. That's how it works. And when it comes to gossiping, that is one thing that will keep you in the third dimension because when you gossip about other people, it lowers the integrity.

And also, it puts us into a lower vibrational state. When we gossip about people, it means a lot of times as well that were not necessarily content with where we are. Because think about it, if you are killing it with where you were, what if you're just doing amazing, just won the lottery or something and or you just got some big huge accomplishment. Did the lottery does necessarily mean happiness, but you had some huge accomplishment that you're very proud of, that you're very passionate about and somebody were to come up to you and say, I hate your shoes. Or they would gossip at you or whatever. He or She didn't deserve that. If you were in such a happy state, you wouldn't care. You'd be like, okay, I'm just excited because this just happened. You would be excited in general. So, you see, you can have that be the natural state of being. Any ways you can understand that you can be happy regardless. You cannot let other people's thoughts affect you, but at the same time, don't talk bad about other people because gossiping is the thing that will keep you in lower vibrational states of consciousness.

When do you see when you see that of the vibrational chart that I share in a lot of videos, the different states of consciousness you'll see at the bottom, shame, fear, guilt, anger. They don't just see as neutrality, which is a huge step because you learn how to neutralize your thoughts and then you'll see that of willingness, acceptance, love, reasoning, and then love. I want you to notice that if you're gossiping, it's towards the lower vibration states of consciousness. Maybe anger. It may be jealousy, which all have different undertones in it. At the lower vibrations, it may be many things, but understand what you put out is going into your energy field and it keeps you tethered to certain dementia states of consciousness. You See, if you're gossiping about someone else, you believe that you're still completely separate from someone else.

That's a third dimensional concept, but when you realize that everyone is having their own experience, then what happens is you start to gain your power and you start to get it to where. Why would you talk bad about someone cause that someone else is another aspect of you. They're connected to you. So you see, that's the awareness that keeps you to where you untether yourself from that lower vibrational state of consciousness. Now, the second word that is keeping you locked into the lower vibrational states of consciousness into the third dimension is that of the news, but news in general. What does the news mean to you? What are you paying attention to? What thoughts do you have that is linking up to maybe the media, the news, Fox News, CNN, whatever it is that is keeping your vibration low because you see, that's what the news does.

The news is set up so that it keeps us tuned. Do certain frequency band. You see, these frequencies are all around us. There's 4D frequency, 5D frequencies at seeds of consciousness. It's all around us right now. But what we resonate with will depend upon what we're tuned to. And when I say tuned, I mean actually even tuned to via your television. If you are watching the news, the media, and it's projecting to you a world that you should be afraid of, you should be afraid to be in that. It's keeping you in the survival, root chakra type level of consciousness. You will then be afraid to go out and you will start to develop mass beliefs that the world is a scary place. So, you see this comes from whatever we tuned do we start to become more of, we start to believe that's the way it is.

Our attention is what tunes us as far as frequency goes. So the word news, what does that mean to you? How are you using the news in your current life or using that version of it? Are you maybe watching Youtube channels that are talking about all the drama that's happening in the world? Are you maybe watching the news on television? Are you tuning to those frequencies? Because those frequencies are specifically there to keep you believing this is the way the world is. There's a consciousness shift happened on the planet, but the news that we'll never cover that maybe not never. Maybe one day, but after a while. But for now, when you get on the news, what are you going to see?

You're going to see this. All this stuff happened in the world. You're going to see reasons to be afraid, reasons to do this, reasons to do that, and it's specifically delegated that way for a reason. So one of the best ways to raise your vibration is to just stop watching the news and stop watching content that keeps you in lower vibration. Could be the music you're listening to. Could it be the news? Could be the media. Could be watching certain things on social media that are keeping your vibration low. Take an inventory of your vibration. Because you're becoming what you consume. When many people are focused on one thing, there's an energy structure that's created. I talked to Bashar about this recently when I went to a Bashar event, I asked him this question with archetypes, understanding these what are called thought pendulums. These thoughts that we have that the mass conscious reality, a collective conscious will also have and how that affects us and it's all frequency.

That's what he said. He says all frequency and if we tuned to that frequency, we experience it, but if we choose not to, we then open ourselves up to so many different frequencies around us that we could begin to experience. So, understand that that's around us at all times. It's just up to us to tune to it, but pay attention to where you put your energy because that energy will keep you tethered once again to the third dimension if you stay focused on it and if you believe that that's the way reality really is. Now the third thing keeping you locked and tethered into the third dimension is anger. It's just anger in general. In a way it could be a more powerful emotion than some of the shame, fear and guilt of the lower vibrations because anger is when you start to claim your power back. It's when you say, I have a right for this and I'm not getting it. However, if you remain angry towards other people, it will keep you in the third dimension versus forgiving.

The secret to healing in general, all the lower emotions is really just healing. Healing yourself and forgiveness. Forgive yourself and forgive other people. I was angry towards my ex step mom for the abuse I went through when I was growing up, but what happened was is having that perspective and even after my dad divorced her, I would have people in my life that always represented that pattern back to me until I completed the past and I forgave her. I saw that that led me to a spiritual awakening. I saw that she was treated the same way by her dad. So does it make it right, but it does make me understand it better and then I can let go of it once I let go of it. My life transformed so many people that were representing that same energy to me, fell out of my life completely. Never had to deal with it since. But you see, when we're angry about something, it keeps us tethered into this separateness and that keeps this, this energy within our energy field so that we can't allow in the fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness and beyond.

So, anger is also attached to a positionality. We must have some positions, some perspective that keeps us within that frequency band. The key to us getting to this new state of the 4D or 5D level of consciousness is getting into our heart. And anger is a block that keeps us from experiencing love in her heart. So, understand that you can connect to this by connecting into your heart center. By knowing that you're connected to everyone else. Even right now. Just put your hands over your heart just for a minute and take a deep breath in with me. As you breathe in, as you put your awareness in your heart, you start to bring the awareness and the energy into your heart as well physically and doing this for just a couple minutes a day, you begin to become more heart centered.

Well, we are currently doing on the planet is we're moving more into a heart-based consciousness. Creating from the head and creating from duality isn't as powerful as it used to be. It's now about creating from the heart a singular point of focus. And the paradigm we're moving into is when we start to feel connected to everyone else, but these blocks around her energy field, these gossiping news, the news that we're paying attention to do, that we're frequency resonating with and the anger that we may have is keeps us as a shield and that's why what the media does as well as it keeps you angry about things. This person said this, can you believe this? Can you believe this? It keeps you creating the heart walls around you. Instead, focus on the love, focus on forgiving other people. Seek first to understand then to be understood. It's a very powerful concept. Understand that everyone's doing the best they can with where they are.

And maybe the higher level of consciousness where they heard other people, that's where they are. Does it make it right? But it means you can understand it. And that allows us to then forgive ourselves, forgive other people to let go of it out of our own energy field. These are the three things, keeping you locked into the third dimension. You can raise out of it by letting go of these three ideas by understanding it from a higher level of awareness.

3 Secrets of 5D Manifestation that will Change Your Life FOREVER

I'm going to be sharing with you the three secrets of 5D manifestation. Some of these you may have never heard of before, and for me, these have changed my life and I want to share them with you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three secrets of 5D manifestation that I think will change your life. This is a paradigm that goes beyond just the willpower. A lot of what you see in personal development is manifesting from a sense of willpower and discipline, which will get results. It got me results. It's what allowed me to propel from where I was to where I am now. However, there's another level and that other level has to do with the higher vibrational energy and maybe you've noticed on the planet right now that the perception of time has sped up.

Things are going by very quickly. We're already halfway through 2019 and it's amazing to see how fast perception of time is going and the way that I've heard Bashar talk about it before. If you don't know Bashar is someone that I listened to quite a bit since 2012 and the way that he described it is as time goes on, the energy will keep on increasing and he said that this was like in 2011 and 2012 you said that what'll happen, is it a metaphor? There are these different timelines that are preferred, some of them and some of them not preferred. The idea is get on the timeline, get on the train track you prefer because as the train goes it begins to move faster and faster now too. The idea was in 2013 maybe there was a light walk that you were doing 2014 you started to walk briskly in 2015 you had to do a light jog.

In 2016 you had to run a little bit quicker. 2017 you had to full on run 2018 now the idea is that time is speeding up faster and faster. Things that you want to manifest are happening quicker than ever, so get in the preferred state of being you prefer because now that the train is going faster and faster, the train tracks are starting to distance themselves more and more. It's almost like a boat that's moving and a boat next to it, even just a little bit off a different angle. Eventually they're so far apart you can't even see them. That's the idea with the parallel reality shifting that's happening right now on the planet is there are these timelines that you can maybe perceive of, but in the future it'll become harder and harder to perceive of that which is not the vibration of you.

Now with 5D manifestation, it's about understanding that we are choosing the reality timeline. And it's happening right now whether we're aware of it or not, and it's getting sped up quicker and quicker and quicker. This is what I see happening on 5D right now. People doing things for symbols. It's not working the way it used to. What I mean by that is when people are going for money, money is a symbol. You don't get as much benefit as you going straight to the core of what you love to be doing, what you're really passionate about, what really adds value to other people. So it's about understanding this dynamic because if you go for the symbol, you're going for the side effect in the way money is a side effect of you doing what you love.

What I've realized is the more I go from my passion, the more the money comes anyways, but it's a higher vibrational way of going about things. The Old Paradigm there's been a certain level of manipulation on the planet. There's been a certain level of control, but what's happening now is people are becoming aware of it and people aren't necessarily investing in it as much as they used to. They're not watching the news as much. It's us gaining our power back that's happening. And the more that this happens, the more that we realize the old paradigms don't work anymore. That's why I'm going to be sharing with you the three secrets of 5D. Understand what 5D is. 3D is duality. It's good, bad light, dark 3D is a certain level of controls been on the planet for a long time.

The one of the reasons many of us are here as lightworkers is we came here to be the first ones to wake up so that we would increase the energy on earth of this template of waking up so that more and more people could also wake up. It's a contagious type awakening and it's happening and one of the reasons we chose to come here is to help this planet wake up so that more and more people could do it because as we do it, it influences other timelines as well and the way that we influence this realities from the inside out. We had to incarnate and forget who we are and to go through this process. Now, 5D reality is more of your natural state than 3D reality, 3D reality, slow time-space, linear type way of interacting with everything. If you want something that's normally very hard and there's a lot that's built into that, but 5D, 4D you could say as the perception and the dimension of time 5D is when you get straight to the vibration itself. 5D reality is more of a vibrational reality.

Whereas 3D reality is more of a solid reality. So what we're doing right now is we are moving from a 6D to a 4D and 5D reality and 4D and 5D is when reality becomes much more dreamlike. It's ironic that we're waking up and waking up includes understanding reality is, but a dream. Reality is but a dream of our higher self-that’s projecting itself into this level of consciousness. But the purpose of this life is to wake up to who we are so that then we can direct our life in a different way because then we become lucid in the dream of life. And when we're lucid, we have more ability to direct it in the direction we want. But when we are unconscious and unaware, we're just kind of the whims of whatever is happening.

Now the three secrets, the first one that I want to talk about has to do with understanding this. What you put out is what you get back and when you have the intention of adding value, you'd happen to something that's called outer intention. So some people would look at what I do and think that maybe I make videos because it would get more subscribers. But in actuality the reason I make Youtube videos is I understand that as a side effect, subscribers come as the value that I add to other people. So if I added enough value to people and people perceive of that and people benefit from it, they are more likely to subscribe. When you have an intention of adding value and you create what is called value in the marketplace, there are people there that will shine the abundance back at you. So this is called outer intention.

Outer intention in a way is the intention of people outside of you. But when you add value to other people and then comes back to you because those other people at a deeper level, our other versions of you. So this is a deep idea that I began to understand when I used to have my nine to five jobs selling woman's shoes, what I would do is I would go into every work every day and I'd focus on adding value. It wasn't something I really believed in. What I would do is I would go in and I would just focus on the value I could get with other people, not even necessarily just the value. Sometimes it was just having fun, which was value in of itself. And I was telling them like high end women's shoes. So they're like $600 so sometimes you'd expect customers to be a little bit more, elegantly and serious, but I would go in a lot of times I just have fun.

I would loosen it up and they would really appreciate that and like that. And a lot of times when they're in that good state, then they're like, I'll take these. I'll buy these cars. It was a sales commission job and I would tell you around every day I'd go to work and I would toyed around with, okay, this is my intention for the day. This is the energy I had. This is the result I got. It was like a little playground for the law of attraction. The one thing that worked the best was going in with the intention of adding value in, having fun, adding value in, having fun. I would say that for even to think about this with everything you can think of, if you were the person that wanted to attract someone in your life and you went out and you had the intention of having fun and adding value, you would have very positive benefits and opportunities to meet a lot of different people because you'd have a fun, contagious energy.

This works in many different ways, but the key to this is understanding that things in life are vibrational. So because their vibration when she can begin to do is to focus more on that aspect and understand that when you are having that mentality that everything you can then have everything, everything will come to you because you will then be in vibrational resonance with it.

Now the second secret of 5D manifestation that I want to share with you is this concept. I've shared it a couple of times before. That's the 3D way of going about things. I must first have something, then I can do something that I can be something or I must do something. Then I can have something that I can give myself permission to be something I must first do something, create art every single day that I can eventually have something. I could have an art gallery studio and then I can eventually be the artists in 5D reality. It is actually completely reversed. This one thing right here can change your life in profound ways. As it did mean instead, flip it around. Be that which you want because the bean is the vibration that you prefer. Being in it is. It's about you giving yourself permission to be a certain way and think about how funny that is. We'd get rules in our mind. I must first do something, then I can have something.

Then I give my myself permission to feel a certain way and to be a certain way. All that's different is the permission in our own mind. If you would just give yourself permission to be that which you seek, that what you want to be, you would much quicker experienced the result of what you want in reality. So, if you want to paint, don't paint be an artist. If you want to create content, don't just create content. Be a content creator. Be someone that adds value. That's what I did. I know I've shared this story a lot, but I became a full time Youtuber, I treated Youtube as my full-time job. I just saw myself as that. I was that guy up when I was going around and hanging out with friends. I was like, oh, what do I, what are you up to? And I was like, I'm doing Youtube. This is who I am. And for a long time I was the Youtuber that had less than a thousand subscribers and I was the one saying that I was a Youtuber. But guess what? It eventually became my reality.

But a lot of that also had to do with linking up my physical action with that. In order for me to really perceive of myself, it meant that I'm at to make the daily videos. That's mine. Maybe some people don't have to make daily videos, but for me, that's what I imagine the version of me and I gave myself permission to be that version of me. Now, so many people, maybe this resonates with you. So many people are waiting to give themselves credibility once I have this coaching degree, once I have this college degree, once I have this level of credibility, then I can do all of these things. You can give yourself the credibility. Now you can do these things. Now. If it's profoundly changed your life, what you apply, then you can help someone else. You don't have to be on the top of the mountain top guru in order to help other people.

Usually just kind of be one step ahead and guess what, just being one step ahead many times resonates more with people than being on the top of a mountain top. It's more relatable. People want to learn from someone that's just a couple steps ahead rather than learning from the person that is at the top of the mountain top. That's not relatable. So what I suggest is focusing on the adding value. The first secret outer intention, the attention of other people have seen how you can, if you give that which you want to get, you will eventually get that thing. So, it's called go instead of go getter, I heard this quote the other day and I thought it's very powerful. So begin to focus on the giving and you will immediately start to attract more of that in your life. I focused on giving as much value as I can. That value comes back to me and very powerful ways, but more than that be and give yourself permission to be that which you seek right now and you will begin to experience that reality in your life.

You have to give yourself permission to be. The irony is that when other people perceive of you, if you are giving yourself credibility, other people will feel that certainty off you. It's nothing but you giving yourself permission. That's all it is and when you give yourself permission, people will feel that off you. When you believe in yourself, other people will start to believe in you and even if they don't, you won't be dependent on them because you will fill up your own cup. Now the third manifestation secret has to do with going beyond just the visualization of what you want to experience. Understand. First off, that when you visualize something, the purpose of visualization, of visualizing a visualization is so that you feel that what you want to feel because it makes you feel that way and that feels pleasurable, not because the visualization is going to get you that result in your life. If you do things for the sake of doing things, your life will begin to change.

Do things for the sake of doing things. Do it for the sake of who you are. You do things for an end of itself. You start to become more present to the moment, and that's exactly what the third secret is. So many people in 3D, the 3D manifestation are trying to get somewhere else in the future, or they're thinking in regretting the past. They're projecting their energy from here right now into two different directions. One thing that I found to work like magic is to be present now and whatever you do, this is the secret right here. Whatever you do, do that one thing with complete focus. How you do one thing is how you do everything. So if when you're doing one thing you're doing or being that one thing, you are completely present to the moment you bring all your energy into the present moment. When you are doing one thing to get you somewhere else, then it's conditional. Then you're doing something to escape the present moment. I found this to be so magical.

So, for example, if you're going to visualize something then focus on visualizing. Only visualize. If you're going to plan out your day tomorrow, sit down and be present with planning out your day. Doesn't mean you can't ever think about the future, but you do whatever you do 100% because as you do that thing 100% it links up to everything else in your life because the part of 5D manifestation that's very powerful and understanding that right here right now is all that exists. Every perspective we have is a different moment, is a different perspective of the same one moment. So there really is no escape. The game then becomes how much fun can you have in the present moment because by having fun in the present moment, you then increase your vibration and then things manifest even easier.

But one thing that I want to share as well is something I read from the book autobiography of a Yogi. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it. It's with the Paramahansa Yogananda, him explaining his journey through enlightenment in India and then coming to the west United States at an explaining it. He talks about some of these gurus he met that could do magical things, make objects appear suddenly teleport project themselves. There was levitating saints, never slept. They admitted so much love energy that one day Paramahansa Yogananda went to his house, the sleeping Saints House, and he could not sleep because there's so much divine energy emanating off this guy. Now, what could these gurus do that made them so magical?

They understood that reality is a dream, that reality is a dream, and because it's a dream, it's much more flexible and 3D reality. Everything is so solid and real. And this leads me to the quote that's one of my favorite quotes that I like to say is the more you realize your life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become. So have fun, have fun in the dream of life. The experience of it is real, but the actual solidity of it is not real. As you change your perception of it, the dream itself changes as much more flexible than you thought. The more fun you have in the dream, the more you realize that the way the dream is wired is the more you put out to the more you get back. You can then focus on those perspectives and know that we're all one. That's why once you put out is what you give back because we're all connected and once you give to someone else, you can do another aspect of you.

So, focusing more on that, understanding that the more you can give yourself permission to be, the more your life will begin to. And then thirdly, be present to the moment. One thing is how you do everything.

The DANGER of Everyone is YOU Pushed Out (NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS)

I want to be showing you the danger of everyone is you pushed out what you can do about this so that you don't experience the negative side effects.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be explaining and showing you the danger of everyone is you pushed out showing you some of the negative side effects of what this means and what you can do to take your power back so that you start to direct your life in a powerful way and you don't experience the negative side effects of this truth of life. Everyone is you pushed out comes from a term and a philosophy but an idea of how reality works from Neville Goddard, who wrote the book the power of awareness.

The feeling is the secret and many other books. And he talks about how everyone is us pushed out and if we want to change anything, we must first change ourselves. So anybody that's on the outside that's reflecting something back to us, the idea is recognizing that that someone on the outside is actually us from a different point of view. And if we want to heal that version of us or if we want to change that version of us, we must change ourselves. This is a deep metaphysical idea and if you've ever heard of Ho'oponopono, it's actually very deeply correlated with the teachings of that as well. Which Ho'oponopono is that have a very powerful healing modality for healing within yourself. And then that also heals your outer reality. It has to do with sane for different scenes. Also link that video below. That's a video you can listen to for 21 days and repeat those four words and heal within yourself.

So, when it comes to this idea in this concept, it's also important to understand that the dark side of it is that we must admit that at a certain level we have some of these characteristics within ourselves. And it means that we take full responsibility for our own life, which sometimes can be a little bit hard to admit, imagine you meet somebody that's a manipulative and negative. And in order to heal and understand the truth of the matter, you must also admit that within yourself you have a part of yourself that is manipulative or negative. And you may be resisting it, suppressing it. And that's why you dislike it so much in someone else. I start to see things from this new perspective and embody and integrate shadow aspects of ourselves.

But a lot of people are so poor, are so attached to their positionalities to their own perspectives. Like somebody did something to me and if I want to remain in that perspective that somebody did to me, I wouldn't really be able to admit that. That same thing exists within me. A lot of people aren't willing to say that because you want to know why the ego wants to be right. We have this energetic field around your body, and we have our ego who would do everything it can to survive and it will do what it can to be right. So if we are attached to a position that says, this person did this to me, I'm a victim of what this person did, it then keeps us in this perpetual state of motion of wanting to be right in wanting to be, this person shouldn't have done this but did. But when you realize everyone is, you pushed out, you realize that that other person is another version of you and the only reason they could be in your life is for you to learn something or for you to integrate. Some aspect of yourself that hasn't been integrated yet.

This is where the dark side comes in or where people maybe don't necessarily want to hear it. this is about healing from within and understanding that there is no outside reality other than what is being reflected from the inside. And yes, most of our lives have been unconscious. Most of our lives have been maybe with parents that were unconscious, maybe having in adopting the beliefs of society. The beliefs are in view of our environment. And because of that, a lot of this may have been on autopilot. So maybe consciously you wouldn't have said, oh well I chose, I chose that abuse and what was that abuse when I was younger teaching me. But at a deeper level that may have been unconscious stuff that wasn't integrated, maybe even generational stuff that's been leaked down. Who knows?

But the only way you can really change is if we take responsibility for it. And remember, responsibility does not mean that you're saying you deserve it. Responsibility is simply the ability to respond. The one thing you always have the ability to control is how you respond to things that happen. You can react or you can respond. And responsibility is choosing your response, the ability to respond the way you want and giving things the meaning you prefer to give it. And when you take that power back, your whole entire life will begin to change. But what happens is most people go about under the illusion that all of these different people in the world that we meet are separate people. So we give them labels. This person is negative, this person is weak, this person is manipulative.

And all these different people on the outside that appear to be on the outside are actually reflecting back to us things that we have not healed within ourselves. If you were to take responsibility for everything that happened in your life, knowing that there was something, it was reflecting back to you because these other people are you pushed out, you would then heal yourself so much that either these people would then change or these people would not resonate in your life anymore. People are energetically in our lives to reflect it back to us, that which we have integrated that which we have not integrated yet. And what most people do is most people go to the outer reality say this is the mirror of reality. Most people go and try to change the outer reality, but there is no outer reality. There is only reflection of the inside.

So instead this is the power. You are able to then change the inside and when you change the inside, there may be a temporary buffer for all of this to change. There may be a buffer because there's been a certain momentum that's been built up over the last however age you are, whatever, however old you are. So if you want to change the outside, the you must change the inside. Now, there may be a little bit of a delay because we are in physical reality and things do have a sense of like an echo. There may be an echo of the past ways of thinking, but eventually this will change. This is so powerful that with Ho'oponopono, which I was talking about a minute ago that doctor that was studying Ho'oponopono or that was using that, that healing modality, what he found out was what he did is he was here.

He had all of these medical patients, 50 plus medical patients that were considered crazy. What he did is he looked over their charts, never actually even talked to them. He looked over their charts and imagined them and imagined within himself how can he change within himself by reading their charts and by focusing on them, and what he did is he healed the parts of himself that he was perceiving in them. He took responsibility for his version of them. He took responsibility for what they were going through and as he did Ho'oponopono, which simply means these four statements of this, this modality of saying, I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you, I love you. What he did is then those 50 plus people were healed. He never even talked to them.

He healed within himself, his idea of them, and that transformed them. So, this flips the reality on its head and says what is actually real? Because when you hear people in the past that were enlightened, that could heal other people simply by looking at them, what was he and them really doing? These healers, what were they able to do? They were able to look at these other people, recognize their divinity, see them as so perfect divine hold and complete that. Then they matched that image. That image was so strong and so pure and so powerful and so divine that they then matched it and all the negative disturbances fell away. So when you hear stories of that, that's what they did. They simply saw them in their transmission of thought.

Their transmission of being of their consciousness then impacted those people, that person and fueled somebody instantly. That's what happened and that's what happened with Ho'oponopono from a doctor that then had 50 plus patients that were considered to be crazy. He'd studied their charts, asked himself, how can I heal this within myself? He then did it in that modality that I'm sorry, please forgive me. Thank you, I love you, and then these 50 plus people were healed. That seems like magic. It seems impossible but it's not. It's been replicated many times. So what is reality? Reality is us push out. What is the dark side of this that we must take responsibility for everything in our life.

We must take responsibility for the things that are happening to us. We must take responsibility for the people in our life knowing they're there for a reason. They're there to reflect back something to us and our own perspectives will keep us locked into a certain mentality. When we think of competition, for example, I used to work at sales commission job. I'd go into work every day and sometimes we get into a competitive mind state because if a customer comes in to buy something and someone gets a really good sale out of it, some other people sit around like, oh, I could have had that if I was in the right place at the right time is purely sales commission. But what we realized and what ended up happening is that was a competitive mind state. Me versus you and that competitive mind state emphasizes that there's not enough to go around.

There's a scarcity mindset. Well, guess what? When you realize everyone is, you pushed out. Those other sales employees that were in my life were other versions of me, so I was competing with myself from a deeper perspective and what we were reflecting back to each other was if we had a view of competition, it's reflecting back to us all of our little insecurities, all our belief in scarcity. When if we were to instead focus on a creative mind state instead of a competitive mind state, there'd be more abundance. That's actually what happened. There's a book called the science of getting rich, which is like a 50 page book and then I read it and I became aware of this competitive mind frame versus com creative mind frame.

I started to apply that. If somebody had a good sell, I'd be happy for them because then I knew that I would also in could also create, because it's infinite abundance as if one person coming in and then some other customer coming in wouldn't buy because somebody got the good sale. You see, it's a limited mindset. It's a limited mindset, but when you're in a creative mindset, realizing everything is divine intelligence, everything is divine. All of these other people are divine. They may think they're negative or weak or whatever, but if you see them as more that many times as a healing, that is the healing. If you see somebody as sick, someone in your family and you're seeing them as a sick person, you're not doing them any justice. But if you were to do that person that's sick as a divine person, as a strong bean, than what they would be able to do is they would then be able to change because it would be easier for them to, they would feel that power coming from you at the way that you see them.

So, the key is understanding that anytime we view someone else, especially if we labeled them and we resist them, if we resist negative people, it's because we haven't accepted the negativity within ourselves. That was me for a long time as well. I was considered such a positive person that when I would go out, if I was around someone negative, like, oh, this, they're negative, it's going to make me attract negative things into my life. It's going to be bring me down all of this stuff. Then guess what? That was my reality and I was afraid of the all the negative patterns within myself, but instead what I could do is I could embrace that negativity with to me, say, what is this show and about myself? How can I accept the negativity more than within myself? How can I love this part of myself? How can I accept it?

How can I be grateful for who I am? How can I be grateful that it's showing me that I have a negative part of myself that's not yet integrated and how can I then let it go? You see that process right there is very powerful. And then either I don't label those people as negative. I don't bring out the negativity in them because I'm not resonating with it or they just don't. They're not in my life anymore and I don't vibrationally resonate with them. But nonetheless, everyone is you pushed out. The key to this process is taking responsibility for our version of them, for our version of them, because our label, our expectation, our assumption is keeping these people in place with the way that they think and feel. So let go of that assumption and simply choose to be the best version of you.

Simply choose to know that you can always internalize it and you can do a powerful process like Ho'oponopono, and by doing this, your life will begin to transform a do the meditation, the whole Ho'oponopono meditation you do in your car. You do it. Walk around your house. You could do it in an actual meditation and in 21 days your life will begin to change. Do it. It carries with it a certain vibration and it's a mode, that very popular modality that many people do that works. It works like magic and it also taps into this. Everyone is, you pushed out. That is why a process like Ho'oponopono can work. So listen to that meditation for 21 days. Watch what happens.

Beyond Intention: The NEXT Level of Manifestation REVEALED

I'm going to show you how to go beyond intention into at a totally new paradigm. This is something that is more powerful than the way you've been going about creating what you want in your life. And I'm going to show you exactly how to make this shit.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding a paradigm that is more powerful than anything I've shared before. And I think that when I look at least what I noticed, when I look at my Youtube channel, I look at different stages of where I am when I'm sharing certain content. So it's like as I go through this shift in awareness myself, my content on Youtube is also reflecting of that. And a long time ago it would have been more just purely law of attraction based, create your own reality set intentions.

A lot of even my content now we'll still have undertones of this, of understanding the power of intention in general, but there's something more powerful than intention itself. It's a new paradigm that I'll be sharing with you today and it has to do with understanding really who we are and not only who we are, but the way we relate to the world. Because what we think of on the outside is actually just a reflection and the more we start to understand this, that everything we think is happening out there is actually happening within us. We then start to see life in a completely new way and we start to align more of the divine to flow through us because I believe that the reason we come to have an earth experience where we forget who we are is that we can remember that we are these divine spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences.

Now intention though is one of a powerful spot along the process. Wherever you are, like maybe you've seen people or even yourself, maybe when you first learned about the law of attraction, you started to set more intentions. You started to experience more of what you want. You started having these synchronicities come into your life and it was a very powerful time and now maybe sometimes you have to remind yourself like I do. Sometimes I'm like, Oh yeah, I need to set intentions or focus on certain things. And that is a powerful paradigm. However, what I've been coming to learn over the last, I would say six months now is I've been seeing that they're higher level paradigm has to do with tapping into more of who we are as spiritual beings because the universe, whatever we want to call it, the universe wants to flow through us.

I think the reason a lot of people may like to watch my Youtube videos is because there's a certain state that I get into when I make these videos. And that state is kind of contagious. So people feel that, but it's not like the ego. It's a flow state that allows this energy to flow through and we all have the ability to do this. It's not like I'm special because I make videos on Youtube about it. We all have the ability to have this kind of energy flow through in different ways. Maybe not all making youtube videos, but the more we become aware that we are a part of this larger consciousness system, that there are these higher frequencies that want to flow through is the more we learn how to surrender to a larger energy.

This goes beyond the traditional way of understanding that of intention and understanding that of how to really wake up to the most divine's versions of ourselves. Because when we start to take our power back in a certain way, we start to realize that every, not just us, we are divine, but everything in our life is defined as well. And it might sound kind of cliché, but the truth is the more we become aware of this is the more we begin to heal from the inside out. Now, what I thought I would do real quick is I thought I would show you on this board. I am going to write down on this board the three levels of intention.

One to the first level of intention is actually more of, in a way, a lack of intention. This is the autopilot mind. This is the thinking, the same thoughts every day, doing the same things every day, feeling the same emotions every day, therefore creating the same things over and over and over again. This is also where a lot of people don't know that they create their own reality and they're just in a way, victim of circumstance. They're living maybe even in victim mode. But then what happens is many people may go through certain types of awakening and that awakening may include understanding that of the law of attraction. And that you can set intentions deliberately, deliberately. When you start to set intentions deliberately, you will start to get better results.

You will start to see that the law of attraction is something that is real, it's just the way reality works. And that for many people will be a certain stage of consciousness that people stay up for a very long time. And it's a great, it's a great place to be. Most of the videos on my Youtube channel or about from going to one to two good from the autopilot mind into that of intention setting deliberately. And this will get you very far. There's a certain stepping stone, but here's the thing, there is a third level. The third level is that of the divine. I'm going to say the divine flowing through. You know what I mean? Through and for the divine flowing through what happens is imagine it like we are these divine spiritual beings.

And we are connected to the source energy. We call source. And this source energy is what we are. But then what happens is we start to think that we are these avatar bodies that we live in, which we use for a period of time, but then we're in the autopilot mind. So we're doing the same things every day. And if they're first getting the same results every day, then you become aware of that. We can deliberately set our intentions to go beyond that, which you've gone before. But then what do we eventually realize is that we are divine spiritual beings and that there's energy flowing through us. Because what happens is we then are able to impact and give value to other people.

We all have a purpose for being on earth the part of this that I want to really share with you is understanding that you are a divine being. And when you start to allow, this is where you could start to surrender. You could surrender. This is where you could start to let go. And the reason you can do that is because when you trust in the universe itself, it then flows through easier. It's just that a lot of times when we're in the autopilot mind, there's so much subconscious stuff that is holding us back that we're not actually able to get exactly where we want to go. Or it's like we have these internal blocks that just keep us, that just keep us in the same pattern of thinking over and over and over again. Let's switch this back now. So, the key to this is understanding who we really are as source beings, as high vibrational beings. And the more we realize this is the more we change our life, this is what they may call getting to the void, getting to zero becoming the infinite, becoming empty.

These are things that we hear a lot of times that when it comes to enlightenment, but when we start to allow this to happen, we start to get into a flow state. And especially when we're doing what we're passionate about, we get out of the ego's desire. God of this is ran by the ego and this is when we start to act with the ego but in concert with the universe itself, and this is a more powerful paradigm that I'm learning about, I'm starting to experience in my own life is this shift and to the present moment. This shift into what you could call the void but understand that everything as well that we think is on the outside is actually coming from the inside. I sometimes think of it like a projection like almost like a projector screen.

It's like we are projecting this reality outside of us and if we want to change anything on the outside, we must first saw changed that of what is on the inside. But most people go about throng the reverse way. They try to change the reflection on the mirror first. Now, the reason this is important to understand is that we start to take our power back when something like this happen, when something happens in general, and we take our power back by taking responsibility, by understanding the truth about who we are and where problems come from. Because problems only come from within us, us labeling something as a problem, us noticing a problem in someone else and then we see that the problem doesn't come from anyone else. It comes from us.

It comes from our identification with the problem itself. It comes with us identifying it and then it's art. Us taking responsibility for that is take responsibility for our judgment and our perspective as to what's happened in the world that's wrong or what's happening or someone else is doing or being. And when we start to heal within ourselves by seeing ourselves as whole and complete, seeing ourselves as divine and seeing something we don't like on the outside and realizing that we're creating, that we create everything in our life from our perception. And if we want to change anything, we must first off ask ourselves, what is this reflecting inside of me and how can I clear this from inside of me? This is when we start to allow the divine to flow more through. Because think of it like there's these high vibrational frequencies. I always want to come through us, but we clause these blockages because of these judgements we have.

There are judgments we may to put on the present moment the judgments we might have about other people. And that causes a lot of resistance. So the key then becomes clearing those judgments, clearing the lower vibrational energies that are keeping us stuck in a certain paradigm. And the more that we do this is the more that we allow this divine energy to flow through. And I'll tell you from experience, the more you are able to allow this divine energy to flow through by surrendering to it, the more amazing things begin to happen. Think of it like this. The best case scenario that your ego can imagine is the floor to your higher mind. Your higher mind is what wants to flow through you. Your higher mind is giving you synchronicity, given you different ways and opportunities for you to allow this to flow through, and the key to it is being aware of it and allowing it and trusting it and knowing that it may be even better than what you think your ego can imagine.

So, understand that there are different levels to this. There's that. You could also say that these different levels or different levels of consciousness as well in a way, but the more you're able to recognize the divine within yourself and the divine in what you could call other people, but remember there really is no other people. There's just reflections of ourselves in reality. When we start to understand that that's when amazing things can be to happen. That's when you start to become more selfless but also selfish at the same time. It's a very funny paradox because when you add value to other people, you're adding value to other aspects of yourself. So in a way it's selfish, but the paradox of that, it was of course at the same time it's selfless, but, but think of it like as well, there's this larger consciousness system that we also are, we're just playing this part right now is this 3D avatar person and the more value you we put out into the world, it's almost like the more energy has sent our way that we can generate to keep helping other people.

So the more we have a divine intention to allow this to flow through divine intention, for us to help other people to add value is the more that, it's almost like the more the universe wants to help, the more the universe wants to add value. So this is the key to the whole process. The key to the process is setting intentions because they are powerful. But understanding there's a, there's a level more powerful than that and that is surrendering and getting to a state of presence, becoming present to the moment and understanding, recognizing the divinity with you within you and knowing that there is no outside. What we perceive of on the outside is interpreted on the inside of us and we would have to first off agree to something for us to have some type of experience.

If someone were to call us a name, we would have to agree to that reality. We would have to recognize that at a certain level is that we were creating it. We're creating it because it's happening within us. Even our eyes that are understand that our eyes that are looking at things outside of us that's happening within our own mind. It's happening within our own head. The eyes are picking up on different reflections, interpreting the information and making it appear as if it's out there, but it's in here. So, the key to this is understanding that it's all within, it's all divine, it's all perfect. And the paradox is surrendering to the divinity you are by recognizing it, by taking responsibility for it. And then by clearing it. And one of the most powerful ways you could do that was with a process called Ho'oponopono, which I have a video and I'll link it below. You can listen to that meditation. It's a meditation on exercising upon the background. You can listen for 21 days and it’ll change your life.

WARNING: The Manifestation DELAY is Going AWAY (what to do about it)

I'm going to show you how the manifestation delay is going away and what you can do about it. This is something that's happening right now on the planet and I'm going to show you exactly what to do.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you how the manifestation delay is going away. As we raise our vibrational state of consciousness is happening right now on the planet. More and more people are seeing that there is a shorter amount of time that it takes for you to experience something that you're thinking about. That could be something that you want could also be something that you don't want, but in general the most important thing right now on the planet is that we remain in choosing our state of being because our reality is a reflection of that state of being and right now on the planet we are moving from a 3D level of consciousness into more of a 4D level of consciousness, which are just labels that we use to understand these different states of consciousness.

But things are becoming more wavelike than particle, things are becoming more like a dream. It's happening right now on the planet. So manifestation delay, this has to do with understanding the buffer time between what you are thinking about, what you are feeling, what you were doing, and what you want to experience. I think that back in the 1980s, 1970s or even before that, it took a lot more energy to create something that you want in your life because the delay was much more, much longer. It wasn't. The energy was moving that quickly. Really what's happening is the energy is moving quicker on the planet, and because it's moving quicker on the planet that is speeding up the process, it's speeding up the processes of us and what we are perceiving of.

Now, the irony and the paradox is that time is not speeding up. Our vibration is speeding up. And as our vibration speeds up, we experience more quickly the things that we're thinking about, feeling and doing. So for example, I've noticed this, I've been setting goals for the longest time and I have these little boards over here in my office and these boards right here show all the goals, but some of them include like a certain subscriber amount on Youtube. Some of the goals have to do with having a Podcast and doing certain things with it, whatever it is. I have about six things on this list. Every single one of them was accomplished in much quicker of a time that I actually had written down.

I got like a little content schedule over there. There's the WI-FI, I got this little piece right over here and got a whole bunch of those. And then I got a whole bunch of boards and stuff as well. And you may have just seen my WI-FI password, but it's okay. So when it comes to this process, what I've seen is that the more I let go and just have fun with the intention in mind with the visualization in mind, the quicker things come to fruition. Let me tell you why. I also think the manifestation, a buffer time is going away. More people got, I've got heavenly liked there for a minute. People are instead so much more identified with the future, are enjoying the process along the way and more people are doing what they love on the planet.

I think that as more and more people do what they love, what happens is the vibration continues to speed up on the planet and because the vibration speeding up, then the perception seems to go down even more. The perception seems to be going by faster and faster. So I think there's a certain level of presence being present to the moment that goes into this as well. But every moment what we think of as synchronicity, we normally think of synchronicity as in this linear time space reality. Now what quantum physics shows us is that everything exists here and now, and everything is about a different rate of vibration now because everything exists here.

And now synchronicity is. Synchronicity is the awareness of the connection between different events. There's always a connection, but how aware are we of the connection? We'll determine whether we label it as synchronicity or as coincidence if we don't see the connection. But right now, on the planet, more and more people are becoming aware of the synchronicity as well because this is the thing. We have this manifestation. Do it like this. Let's imagine right here we have this earth right here around the earth. There's this energetic field that goes around it now around our body where this big, we have an energetic field around our body. The thoughts we consistently think and feel and the patterns of action that we take go into our energetic field. And that attracts to us a reality that is equal to that which we believe to be true and that which our state of being is in. Now what happens is as we get more into the present moment, we're doing what you love.

The energy of our heart is much more powerful than that of the head, and that speeds up the perception of time. Time has been going by increasingly quicker if you can feel it to at time is going by so fast. And it's not that time is going by fast because time is an illusion. It's relative, but our vibration is speeding up and because our vibration is speeding up it appears to be going by faster and faster. Now as more and more people are waking up on the planet, we have billions of these types of people on the planet. And what we have is more and more people are waking up to who they are that's going around the earth's energetic field, and it's creating this quicker and more present energy to where more of us are in this present moment now, and time is going by faster now.

Everything exists right here. And right now what we think of as the future in the past never actually comes. It's just our perception of the present moment that changes. So what we can then understand is that this thing we want to experience over here, we can feel the emotions, the love, the joy and the peace right now in the present moment. And if we start to train ourselves to feel this love in the present moment, we will start to feel and enjoy the process more, which will then increase our vibration. But the earth, because this is happening around the earth right now, it is speeding up the vibration as well. So this is something that we all have the potential of experience in our life is his understanding that the more we do what we love, the quicker time goes by.

But here's the thing about the manifestation delay, this manifestation delay that you could become aware of, so the most important thing to do is to get in alignment with your state of being. You can choose your state of being. And by choosing your state of being, what happens is you didn't choose which parallel reality you go on and you always experience a reality that is equal to the state of being that you're in and you choose your state of being. So if you're choosing and you're experiencing things that you don't want in your life, ask yourself, how am I relating to this situation that's causing this negative state of being? And the more you focus on your state of being not being dependent on the outside, the more you will find that your reality begins to morph.

So, when your energy is not dependent on the external circumstances, you are then not at the whims of reality itself. You see, the outer reflection we get in our life is just, it's just a reflection of our internal state of being anyway, how we relate to ourselves, how we relate to other people. Pay attention to your inner dialogue. Pay attention what that is because that will manifest itself in certain ways on the outside. If you think negatively of someone and then you go into contact with that person, you have some interaction, they that energy will be admitted out into your energy field and they will feel that in a situation may link up to where something negative happens, but if you change the way you feel about them and don't bring in these preconceived notions about who they are, you can have discernment but you're not judging it in a way.

There's a little bit of a difference there and what you'll see is by letting go of that energy and just being kind of like treating every situation is if you chose it for the first time, then you'll see that a lot of times these situations transform, so the manifestation delay is going away. I know it kind of rhymes to the manifestation delay is going away because our vibration is going to continue to speed up. More and more we are going from what is called a 3D level of consciousness or a third density level of consciousness into a fourth density level of consciousness. Fourth density level of consciousness is where we become more aware of our connection. It is also where we become more aware of life. Being like a dream and becomes like is like a dream. Things become more flexible, things become more fun and we're becoming aware of this right now on the planet and many people are just like that diagram I showed with the earth and more and more people are waking up.

Waking up is the way we changed the planet because by us waking up it influences everyone around us, even at subconscious levels and as spreads this information, so understand that the best work you can do is within yourself. But the manifestation vale is thinning. It's going away and it's more important now than ever before to be in the state of being that you prefer to being in the state of being that you prefer. But Charles talked about this before. He said that as time goes on, this is what he said, He said that as time goes on, there are these parallel reality tracks. There are these parallel reality tracks. Now imagine there's parallel retracts are going on right now on the planet. There are these different parallel realities.

He mentioned this before with different timelines of different things people are experiencing now. What's happening he says, he's been saying this since 2000 I think like 13 or something. He said being on the timeline that you prefer because as time goes on by 2019 2020 whatever it is, every year what's happening is these train tracks are speeding up faster and faster. So what he says is that by 2013 you might be going for a walk. By 2014 you might find that you have to jog by 2016 or 17 you might find that you have to jog very quickly. By two thousand nineteen thousand twenty you might find that you have to run by 2021 to 20 and beyond. You may have to sprint, which means you want to be on the timeline that you prefer because what happens is as these timelines go, they start off close together.

But they start to split more and more. Just like if two boats were going in the ocean and they move just a fraction of a percentage away, eventually over time they're going to be on a totally different spot. They're going to be far away from each other as time goes on. So the key to this is understanding be on the track that you want to be on because the manifestation vale is thinning more and more and the you are going to continue to get a reflection of whatever state you are in. I've noticed this as well, like people trying to keep secrets for example. You can't keep it for that long because the, the way that the world works now, the way that things are happening is the truth just comes out quicker than ever. Do our levels of information coming through.

We're becoming more of a connected consciousness where this information is available to us within our own energy fields. People can't really keep things the way that they used to. A lot of this has to do with the vibration speeding up on the planet. So the vibration is going to continue to speed up. What you can do about it is choose your state of being. And by choosing your state of being, you're going to put yourself in the highest optimal timeline like we were talking about over here, that you experiencing really what you want and understand that everything you want to experience, you can feel those emotions right now. And by feeling the emotions right now, you'll find that you end up actually being happier. For a long time I was identifying with my future, but some type of goal that I would eventually hit on Youtube.

But instead I said, you know what? I'm gonna enjoy the present moment more. The more I focused on enjoying and having fun with life, the more amazing things began to happen. No joke, like amazing things. I was accomplishing goals even quicker than ever because my ink, my state of being increased. So increase your state of being, have fun, realize this is a form of dream, and then it'll become more dreamlike and then you can start to just focus on their state of being and you'll experience a reality. It is equal to that and that can include things that you want to experience in your life. So one other thing I have right now is I have a meditation that will help you to do something called completing the past. It's one of the most powerful meditations I've ever created. When you complete the past, you no longer have to repeat it.

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