Attracting Love/Relationships will FAIL unless you do this one thing


People are responding to your energy the way you are projecting yourself out into the world, and when you do this one thing, it changes everything about your vibration and about the way people perceive you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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In today’s blog is all about understanding the one thing that changes everything when it comes to attracting love and relationships. The thing is, unless people do this thing, that process alone will fail. It has to do with awareness and then has to do with knowing who you are at your core and the way you are showing up in the world. Imagine that we're in it. Imagine that you're in a play and in this play you have been playing a certain character. And that this character you are playing may have been consciously chasing or wanting someone to come into that character's life believing that maybe if this person did come into their life, that they would then love themselves more and feel more worthy, whole and complete.

That this character would do anything it took and would, would think about things and really put energy into this and to this attainment of this person that they may be intending to attract into their life. But imagine that the more this person tries, the more resistance to create, and the more they end up finding themselves playing a different role. I imagine that this person that is a character in this play ends up trying to be the cameo in someone else's movie. They've used someone else as the star of the movie, and they are then trying to attract that person to their life. Well, the thing is when we have that energy dynamic going on, and we intend to attract love into our life, but we are doing it in a way where we think, and we are having treating someone else on a pedestal, the energy that we are putting out is one where then they will respond to us in the way we are treating them.

When it comes to love and relationships and attracting it, the reason it feels so often is that people play a cameo role in the movie of their own life. You are the star of your own movie. The thing that you must do in order to attract a loving relationship is to rewire yourself. That's exactly what I'm going to show you in this blog. I think this blog will change your life, and you'll start to see yourself in a new way. When you see yourself in a new way, you'll then also project something new into the world as well. When it comes to this, the important part to understand is how you're showing up in the world. First off being the star of your own movie. This character that you've been playing most likely is a character that decided at a certain point in your life.

Then that meaning may have told you to play small. Then its meaning may tell you; it was afraid for you to express yourself. In that moment, you agreed to that meaning. From that point going forward, that became a driving force in your life. What I'm about to share with you, it has to do with understanding your rules as to what it takes for you to feel worthy, holding complete. I'll show you, cause most people, this is subconscious. This is something they're not actually aware of. There are these conflicting ideologies inside of people, and because of that, they can't actually feel where the whole incomplete. But remember, people, feel what you feel so you become more attractive when you love yourself more.

The thing is some people; they set up such impossible parameters for them to love themselves because they set parameters that are first off outside of themselves. Imagine setting the parameter that I know that I feel love when somebody is constantly giving me things. I feel love when there is a, there's constant recognition and attention from someone else. I will feel love when this person does exactly what I want them to do, but I control them. You see, we have, many of us will have different versions of this, but we'll have ideas of love and rules about love that say when we've achieved love in our own life and the way that we normally learn about love, by the way, is from our parents. It's what we were modeled growing up. Yesterday I was kind of mastermind type thing with my buddy Victor Oddo and about 1520 other people, and I was talking to Victor, and he became aware of something in his life, and I was talking to him, and it would just become so crystal clear of me sharing what you, what I'm sharing in this blog right now.

Victor has been worried for the last year. Oh, he's okay with me sharing this story. Victor has been okay, or Victor will be okay with me sharing this blog. Victor, about a year ago, had a dream experience where one of his children, his kids, had a traumatic accident and passed away. It was a dream, not real, but the dream began to live in his own mind, and it became this reoccurring thing that would just keep coming up. I remember we; he would do some plant medicine ceremony and Costa Rica, it would just keep coming out for him, keep coming out for him. He'd be in meditation, wake up and you'd have just, his memories is absolute fear that he was going to lose his daughter. The first thing that he ever brought into this world. It was this overlaying fear that he just couldn't figure out why am I having this thing come up over and over again?

Is it, is it some premonition dream, or what is this? And for a year straight, I was listening to him. I was trying to help him through it. Then it became absolutely crystal clear when I was talking to him yesterday because I was asking about his parents because Victor if you don't know, was that a firecracker accident when he was a kid? It was a very traumatic firecracker acts. One word exploded on top of him, and it burned him on the sides, and it was very painful for them. Its parents felt incredibly guilty about it. They thought, Oh, I could've done something different. It was very traumatic experience. From that point forward, Victor had this mentality of something horrible can happen. What is going to happen that's wrong?

From that point going forward, that situation, he decided, and he learned from his parents who, in a very needy way, was constantly trying to control him and his environment and him being safe. And they were constantly worried about him. His mom used to tell them, I worry about you cause I love you. Victor then started to associate love with worry. Love is a worry, and this isn't just like his kid's life and his relationship, his wife, this is also in his relationship with money, his relationship with his business, his relationship with many different things. He's worried that something is going to go wrong. On the one hand, this is a conflicting ideology. That was crystal clear to me when I was talking to him. Victor wants to be a great dad. Victor is a great dad. You see him with his kids, he spends a lot of time with them. He cares about them. He does a lot of things with them.

It's very obvious. But with Victor didn't realize until yesterday was that when he was saying, I love you to his kids, subconsciously he was saying, I worry about you. Because in order for him to be a great parent, in order for him to love his kids, he has to worry about his kids because of his idea of love and because of the way he was modeled that from his parents. If he wants to love his business, he must worry about his business. I don't love you. I worry you. I worry you. I worry you. I worry you do you see this is what I'm saying, and this is what became so it was like a whole new world for Victor when he figured this out, and he's like a different person now. But the reason I share this with you is that what area of your life is your definition of love? For me, I was controlled as a kid, completely controlled. My brother and I, from seven to 15 years old, had a crazy step-mom in our life.

Who controlled every aspect of her life? There were times we barely ate food. We were very, very skinny at our ages. A lot of times we're locked out of the house and had to work outside. We weren't allowed to have friends. We had earned going to school. We got school activities taken away from us. Can we go to band camp if I got in trouble and controlled, I thought love is control? Even after that, my set, 15 years old came around. My dad divorced her, never have to deal with her again. I thought of myself in relationships with people that wanted to control me because that, to me, was what I thought love was, and now in my own life, I see it in my shadow aspect because I control my business. I am a fixer.

If somebody in my family is going through something, I want to fix it. Whether it's financially, whether it's emotionally, I want to fix it, control it because I have associated love with control. The reason I'm sharing this with you is because every single person will have a story display that we're talking about this play for the way reality works that we keep on autopilot and it keeps running our life out over and over again, and each one of us will have maybe a little bit different story. It doesn't matter, though. They are rooted in the same thing. What is our definition of love and how do I know I felt it? And if you make it very hard for you to feel love, it's going to be very hard for you to feel love. And remember, if you're not feeling love, you're not going to track and put out the energy of someone else that can love you back for you. What are your rules for love?

Are your rules for love external? This person has to do this. This person has to act this way. This person has to do what I asked him to do. This person has to acknowledge me a certain number of times is they say I love you in a certain order. Those are all external things. What if you made it extraordinarily easy for you to love yourself? What if loving yourself could be as simple as doing something for yourself as recognizing something within yourself? What if you let it be okay, you didn't love yourself every day, and you've got let go of the rule of how often you have to love yourself because then we get into this perpetual cycle. The reason I share this and the reason this has so much to do with attracting love is because until you love yourself, no one else can truly love you and if somebody else does come into your life, that person may love you at a surface level because you love yourself at a surface level.

Everything in your life changes when you become aware of the fabric of reality, which is love, and what are your definitions for love, and what does love mean to you? If you want to look at what that is, look to your relationship with your parents. That's normally where it is because that's what we model and that's what we, we learn from. Sometimes we rebel. Sometimes we were balanced certain ways. They may treat us a certain way and show us loving a certain way you say, we'll say, I've never treated my kids that way. I'll do this in a different way. You know, I'll never punish my kids because my brother and I were punished. I'll never speak my kids. I don't have kids yet. But that's my definition. But the key to this is realizing love what it takes for you to feel love. And can you be the source of love and think about how funny this is. Here we are. What we'd say is when I get into a relationship with someone else, I will feel they will love me, and then I will give myself the permission to feel love.

Once this happens, I have a rule. Many people have a rule-based in watching Disney movies based on what they think society has to be based on believing the source of love is outside of themselves. They're getting to a relationship and say, Oh, now that this person loves me and views me in a certain way because it goes according to my rules that I learned growing up. I can love myself. The funny thing is you are generating that love from within you and your own energy field. You are just now giving yourself permission because your rules are now being met. Do you see it? You're the source to begin with. You were the source all along with this relationship, and attracting love thing is a symbol for you coming into the realization that you are the source of love.

You are worthy, whole and complete and the most common limiting belief that people have in the world is that I am not enough. It is because we get these external benchmarks about what it takes for us to feel love. The wiring inside is messed up, but we have to claim that yes, maybe we learned it growing up. Maybe we learned it from our parents, but we agreed to it, and our life has agreements that we've made and I mean that in very conscious ways. Something hasn't reset, and we agree that this is the meaning, and now I have to worry. Because if I worried that I love and my mom worried about me that because she loved me, she loved me, and that's why she worried, and I want to love my kids, and I want to be a great dad. Not knowing that there's this perspective thereof that exact thing is conflicting ideology.

I talked to two or three people yesterday about this same kind of format that I'm now putting into an actual step-by-step process. You can unveil your definition of love with a couple of questions and a couple of the framework. I'm going to call it the framework, and it will show you and reveal to you your rules about you, about your identity. When you become aware of these things, this is when everything gets to change, but you see this, you being the meaning generator, you are the star of your own movie. This is you right here. Even if you get into a relationship or you get love with someone else, and they treat you a certain way, you're giving it, they're meeting your role. But instead of trying to change the outside, which is where people feel pain, they're trying to change and have someone when someone on a pedestal wants someone to love them back, all these things.

But guess what? Instead of trying to change the outside, which is just a mere reflection of the inside, change the rule that says that you can only feel 100% love holding complete when this person's in a relationship with you. Because remember, that's just a symbol. Person's a symbol. Everything's a reflection in reality anyways, everything, every single thing is a reflection. So if you want someone to love you, you must first love yourself. How do you love yourself? You become aware of your rules about what it takes to love you. Become aware of what your parents may have told you about love and how they may have expressed it to you. Then from there, you make choices about your new rules of love, and you make it extraordinarily easy for you to love yourself.

Not hard, not they have to do this, this and this, and other people have to do this. No, you are the source. Make it easy. Make your rules easy for you to feel love. Anytime I take a bath, anytime I read about something I'm passionate about, anytime I filled, put my hands over my heart like this. Anytime I think of something I'm grateful for, I will love myself. Make it extraordinarily easy for you to love yourself, and it will be easier. And when you do that, your whole entire life will change because of the outer reality, it's just a reflection. Outer realities are a reflection of your inner source.

You have the ability to feel lovable and complete, and the reason many times love relationship attraction fails is because people externalize their own love, and they put these impossible parameters as to what it takes to be lovable. People are worried they're not enough. People are worried they're not loved. It's all because of the meanings of the past and trying to change the outer reality. All you do is change the rules about what it takes for you to feel love, and you start acting from that new identity. You start loving yourself more. You start taking more bass, going for walks, whatever it takes, and doing something outside of the old identity. Let me know if you want me to make a part two of this blog, maybe I'll make a part two of this.

3 Ways to Ascend into 5D without leaving your Dog Behind


I'm going to be sharing with you three ways to ascend into what is called a 5D level of consciousness without leaving behind your dog. You don't have to do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be going a little bit more down the esoteric rabbit hole. Okay. This blog might challenge some of your beliefs about the way reality works, maybe some of your beliefs about how things are. However, I believe that this blog might plant some seeds that, in the future, you may look back on it. Maybe there was something cool about that, and this is something that I've actually been passionate about for a long time, is understanding ascension. I believe that right now on the planet, we're going from an ascension from one level of consciousness into a new level of consciousness.

I believe that at a deep level, it's one of the main reasons there are so many people here on the planet right now is to go through this shift in consciousness. It's just that most people aren't aware of it yet, but I believe in the distant future, in the near future that more and more people are going to be aware of this and awake to it and open to it as well. First off, the thing I want to share with you is for this process of understanding it, and I just have to explain it very quickly. The 3D level of consciousness is included what we call duality.

We have this thing in our reality that we call the ego. The ego is an avatar that we use in this physical reality. We identify mainly with that of the avatar. We think this is the avatar that I am. I can absolutely see that this is who I am and that that is who you are, and we're able to see that separation. If you were to expand the scope of perception, almost like you have a camera and you were to expand it back and to see more and more of the picture, you may eventually see that the whole entire planet earth is one being that is floating through the universe. Now, that you can see, Oh, it's we're all one, we're all connected, but in this individual game of separation, we think that we're all separate.

A 3D level of consciousness is when we're very, very involved, and very triggered by duality. Good, bad, light, dark up, down. We identify with it. Things are very heavy. Normally in 3D reality, we need to try really hard to change things. Things appear to go by slower 3D reality. Time goes by much slower because we're not really necessarily living in the present moment. We come here, and we forget who the yard. I believe that the main purpose of this life is for us to remember who we are. Part of that remembering who we are is also tapping into this 3D level of consciousness. The 3D state of consciousness is about unity consciousness, realizing that we're all connected and 3D consciousness. We also have abilities that we may not be aware of it. The 3D level of consciousness, we can only see within a certain bandwidth of information.

They're square only a certain bandwidth information. We can hear a specific decibel range; we can see a certain light frequency. Even though maybe that's the case in 5D as well, to a certain extent, we may have more ability to perceive more of that. It's almost like maybe that scope is that a little bit bigger instead of that little box, it's in a bigger box. We feel more connected to other people. That's mainly where we are headed and where we can be. There's a misconception that ascension, even though part of ascension as well, let's go a little bit more down the rabbit hole as well. When it comes to ascension, we are activating what is called our light body, our light body, or our Merkaba.

It's something that we're all connected to as well. We are all multidimensional beings having temporary human experiences that this is who we are. We are the avatar. That will sound crazy, by the way, to the avatar, the ego. That's why I'm asking you not to just listen with your ego, but listen more with your intuition. This is more with your heart, as well. This is about that we activate that. The more we raise our frequency and when we do that as well, it's almost like 5D; we start to also merge with the dream world in a way. Reality becomes much more dreamlike. Things aren't heavy over here dream; you know the dream is more flexible in a way.

Reality starts to become much more malleable, much more flexible, and I believe that that is something that we will experience in this life as we go through this shift in consciousness. There's this common misunderstanding though that when we are in the 3D state and go into the 5D state that we have said in a rapture up into nonphysical, I believe that we are here and if you studied the work of Dolores cannon, the law of one and other materials, you'll see it's about a physical transmutation of energy. We are going from a carbon-based body to a crystal and based body. That is a quickening in the crystal, and based body is higher in frequency. It's why a lot of people are becoming aware of their diet right now too.

I wanted to share. It's also something that's meant to happen physically. You don't have to worry about grandma. You don't have to worry about your dog, and your dog is more connected to the earth and less resistance. The ego anyways, but grandma's going to be okay. Everyone's going to be okay. This is about you doing your inner work because, as you change, so does the reality that you experience. In a way, you can think of this ascension in the 5D as a splitting of parallel reality experiences. The more you are on the timeline, you want to be on the better. First off, the first thing that you must do in order to send into that of the higher levels of consciousness, like 5D, has no fear. Let go of fear. Fear will keep you in the 3D.

When you look at the news, you know sometimes you become aware that yes, the news is negative things, but if you continue to watch the news, you may be putting yourself into a certain frequency that you don't prefer at. Do you have a side of that? There may be certain people that trigger you, and the more you react to it, the more that you can get entrained with it. It's about learning observation. That's why meditation can be so powerful. In general, though, this is about not also having anger towards those that control reality when we think that there's a certain level of control on the planet, whether it's true that you know the money system's not backed by gold or something like that. The key is knowing that this system was put into place by us so that we could go in incarnate into this game, this illusion, this, so that we could then remember who we are.

Let's say illusion. It gets so dangerous because the experience I believe is real, but, but beyond that, it's only real because we believe it to be real in a way and especially we have a mass consensus, a mass consciousness as believing in it and we change our beliefs as a mass consciousness. That's when I think things are really beginning to change. But the more fear and anger we have towards the government and the way things are, the more we keep that reality active within our vibration, the more we keep that separation alive. When we see even them as a part of us, even they think about how compassionate some of these beings were. Some of these beings were so compassionate at a soul level that they incarnated into this reality to play the villain, the play, the bad guy.

Then we could come into here and be under a certain level of control, whether that's the financial system, whether that's the media that protects all this negativity, whatever it is so that we can then remember who we are and then go through this shift in consciousness. Fear will keep us in that state of consciousness does, isn't to be feared. It's about understanding that this is a part of the process, and we're transmuting it by changing the meaning. That's the first step to this process. The first way that you can go about is completely let go of fear and understand that this is all perfect. It's all part of the process.

We're all connected. Even those villagers things are more flexible. Every moment we're changing. Every moment we're changing. What are we changing to now? The way that Bashar explains this is that as time goes on, there's going to be more and more of the splitting of these different parallel timelines. The idea is to get on the track you prefer to be on, get on the track that you prefer to be on. Because if you're on a track, you don't prefer to be on, do keep going with that momentum. As time goes on, you may find that you gravitate towards certain people more than others due to you raising your vibration. Certain people may kind of fall out of your life due to vibrational resonance, nothing to be feared. It's just a part of the process. This lifetime is about remembering that and waking up to that.

One of the best ways you can do this as well is through going through a process of self-healing to ascend; you must heal to give it. We're all light beings. We all have an energetic field around our bodies. Any disturbance we have within our energetic field is keeping our vibration down. However, if we clear out that vibration, we didn't raise our frequency. One of the most powerful things that I've found will say it's healing is a process called polo point opponent, which is four simple statements. I'm sorry, I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. You say these four statements over and over again, and you think of the people that you want to heal your relationships with or even people that aren't getting it, and you just accept them for them not getting it or just accept them for how they are.

You change your vision of them. Then many times, you may find that they may actually come around. If you're worried about grandma and you're worried about your dog or is it you do want to put a point on your grandma, it's not your grandma. But as you do that, you then begin to heal yourself, your vision of them, because then you get even deeper. We're all connected from that 5D level of consciousness. As you do the inner work and you heal within yourself, you will also be helping other people around you. We called lightworkers, and I believe that you are a lightworker. You're waking up to this information now you're in a way kind of the leading edge don't get too, sometimes that can be an egoic thing, and we're like, Oh, I'm better. I'm more a week is we're all connected. You woke up now for a reason and your awareness and for nature information now for a reason, but ascension is about doing the inner work and healing yourself.

You guys got to take this very, very, very, very serious. I don't even know how to spell serious right now. Serious star system. Actually, it's the opposite. Do not take this serious; have fun with this process. Have fun with this ascension process. I've seen people; I used to be like this when I first went through my awakening. I was that guy in a sauna that was meditating very seriously, and I was somebody that was taking it very, very seriously because I was very intense about whatever is that I'm into. It was kind of how I am now. I get very passionate about things. As you can see, by the way, I express myself now. At the same time, there's a certain way that if you are too serious about this and you take this very, very seriously, that will keep you in low vibration. The best thing you can do is to have fun with this and not take it so seriously. I see some people just in general sharing spiritual ideas, and they do it from such a serious place.

It's just very important, and this is very serious. If you see an enlightened person that takes like very, very serious, go run the other direction because they haven't figured it out and they don't know this is all the dream. This is all the dream. And because they take it so seriously, so they, they negate things and people that don't believe what they believe in and, and they, they have this serious heavy mentality that keeps them within their own belief system. The best thing you can do, and the thing that I learned in my own journey, is I had to let that go and have more fun with the process. We are these little avatar bodies. The idea is to not become overly identified with it, to not eat too much heavy food, and become so identified, numbing ourselves from our higher vibrational emotions.

But at the same time, we could enjoy the process. You can still enjoy good food. You can still enjoy being with friends, and you can enjoy this process. You don't have to just meditate in your room all day and uh, and take it so seriously. Have fun with it. If you take it too seriously, then you're getting trapped in the lower vibrational States. That's something that has been pivotal in my time. If that triggers some belief inside of you, then be aware of that. But don't take it so seriously. Just be aware of it and be aware that a lot of that might be just the avatar ego, trying to keep things in a way that I can physically understand and control.

How to deal with people who don’t “get you” during a Spiritual Awakening


The best thing you could do is to be the person they expect you to be. You're challenging their viewpoint of you, and the reason you are here is to make everyone else happy. Of course, I'm kidding, but the way you go about this is different than you think. But doing these things I shared in this blog is going to change everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to deal with friends and family as you go through your spiritual awakening process. It's something I think that a lot of people are going through right now because they're going through a spiritual awakening. It's interesting cause you got to have a lot of people that are around friends and family that may not totally understand them. I remember when I went through my spiritual awakening, so much about me changed. I came out of my spiritual awakening, and I wanted everyone to understand what I went through, and I didn't really even completely understand it, but I remember I went from feeling like I was at a three out of 10 with 10 feeling amazing, one feel not so great.

Then all of a sudden, I felt like I was a seven out of 10. I felt like I was high all the time. I was meditating two or three times a day, and my whole entire life felt different. It was like I was excited to tell people about it. I was like; we'll listen, your thoughts correlated with your experience. If you change your thoughts, change your life. That was one aspect of it. Then I was also aware that, you know, this is ego. This is a physical body that we use while we're here. But I believe that at a deeper level, we're so much more than that. Normally people that go through a spiritual awakening, and we'll have that, the derivative of that realization. When you do, it's so much more empowering than believing we are just these physical flesh bodies.​

That's as far as consciousness goes and believing that makes you feel like you're in a box. Most people believe that on autopilot. Yesterday I was doing a live Q and a for something I have called the Shift Academy. It's a monthly group coaching and an inner circle that I have. There were two or three people that had a similar question. Their questions were in relation to them going through their spiritual awakening, their friends and family, not getting it, and what did they do to get them to get it?

Or how do they navigate through that? That's why I'm making this blog as well because I went through it in my own experience, but I wanted to share with you as well some of the blocks that really can have it, and make it easier by knowing how to navigate through it. The main part of this blog though, is knowing that the more you believe that you are separate from everybody else, the more you may start to have this spiritual ego. That's what happened to me. I got rid of my 3D ego, which was the old version of me that used to drink and party. That was that version of me. All of a sudden, I then began to meditate to observe my thoughts. As I began to do that, I began to feel completely different. I started to see myself as a higher vibrational person then.

What happened is then, as I got rid of one ego, there was the spiritual ego that just came in the back door. And then what happened is that spiritual ego you want, you may not even be aware that it's there, but it's then this person that is higher vibrational, a person that many people just don't understand me. That can happen a lot too because I became a kind of bitter. I remember I was sharing the spiritual information. My dad was from family and with some friends and I heard about that. Some friends were talking about me and what happened to Aaron type thing. I was like, why? What happened? A hair, and what do you mean? And then I realized, okay, maybe this stuff's a little bit different talking about spiritual Lincoln, the meditation, and that when I had that, then I started to develop this edge.

I was like, well, daddy, don't get me. They're just still asleep. I felt rejected. I think that that was like a level of anger that was kind of coming out that felt judged and then subconscious. Then what I did is I judged them without even really knowing it. I was like, well, they're still sleepy, and they don't understand it. They're not as high vibrational. These are the, you know, these are the thoughts that are going through the head. Then what happens? Then you start to create separation to where you can't feel connected to those people. And that's what happened to me. It's like I just did my own thing for months. I didn't even really talk to certain family members at all because I just knew they thought that they didn't know what was going on with me and what I did is I distanced myself, and for about six months, I just kind of did my own thing.

I was living with my mom is back in 2012. I was living with my mom. I would go out every day, and I would water all of these plants. I would connect with nature. I would lay in the sun and soak in the energy of the sun. I would just really enjoy my vegan food. I would meditate or sometimes just lay on my bed. This is the spiritual music and looks at my ceiling fan, and that's what I did for months. But then what I realized is I had a belief that I formed that people don't get me. I have a story. I tell myself out about people now, and because of that, I was creating separation without even knowing it. I was reaffirming. There are no highlights people in my life that get me. There's no one I'm really connecting with at a very deep level.

Guess what happened? A self-fulfilling prophecy that became my reality. People not only do the people already in my life I didn't feel as connected to, but I was blocking out high vibe people from coming, what we'd call high vibe people from coming into my life that I would then resonate at that higher level at that higher, lower it. It understands what this process as well as levels of consciousness. The key is if you want them to accept you, you got to accept them. What I mean by that is they may not accept you initially. You want to know why they are afraid of losing you. They're afraid of losing you. They're afraid of losing. They were afraid of losing the air and that they knew. It was actually a very sad time.

I remember when my dad kind of broke down and was like, what happened to my son? He was like crying about it, and I was like, your son is not here anymore, but not the son that you knew. He's gone through a high vibrational spiritual awakening. He goes up the seventh dimensional Palladian collected. I'm just kidding. That's the danger, though of these different levels of consciousness is that then that's the perspective. But it can be sad to family members have a little compassion for them. Your family members and your friends, they just miss the old you. But here, what's the alternative? You go back to being the old dude.

That's kind of what I did with one of the people that I was a really cool guy. I was, I was coaching on a Zoom call, which is the way I do that, the Shift Academy coaching by Zoom. I bring people on. I talked to them, and I was like, I was playing devil's advocate in away. I was like challenging it. I was like, well, you don't have to do anything. Just go back to being the way you work as like, no, I don't, I don't want to do that. Do you know? It was just to show that that's a ridiculous thought. Going back to the old you and it kind of then makes you realize, well I'm not going to do that. What is the alternative? Going back to the old you going back to drinking, you know, not that drinking's inherently wrong, but going back to like talking about the same thing and all of those things.

Or did you come here to be bold? I believe many of us going through a spiritual awakening as high vibrational, seventh dimensional, just kidding, but as high by high vibrational people that came to go through spiritual awakening. I believe that we spread ourselves out through many different families. It would have been very convenient if you and I and everyone else were just to incarnate it into the same exact family, and we just grew up. But we just knew all of this information, and we never challenged each other. We always stayed with the expectation of how we have what we have. It's so easy, right? Well, we came here because we wanted to go through each shift in consciousness. I believe, at a collective level, there's a global shift in consciousness happening. Some, you know, there's still a range, or some people are still deeply in their old egoic, materialism, and perspectives.

But we came to wake up in different families and different groups of friends so that it would influence more people in a powerful way. I believe that we spread ourselves out for a reason. We're finding each other. Every one of the comments is going to be in a similar vibration and have similar thought processes. But the key to this is becoming aware that to navigate through this spiritual awakening process, one of the best things you could do, you want to know what it is? Don't sell it. Don't sell it. When I came out, I was like, listen; your thoughts create your reality. Listen, you over there, your thoughts create your reality, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Tell all my friends and family. They were like, Whoa, Whoa bro, just let's talk about something else.

It would cause resistance because I was so excited about it, and I wanted to share it, but they weren't necessarily open to it what I had to learn that this is what I learned to do. Just do you booboo, just deal you. That's what I did. I just did me. I mean not that it has to take years, but for years I eventually was working that nine to five job and I was like, okay, I'm just going to spread my message, do what I'm passionate about, which is making YouTube videos, I'm going to do this. As I started to act on my passion, I started to meet people in a similar vibration as me. I got like Victor in my life. Other people are in the same mindset, and it's because I was being me. When you are Dean, you, you then will attract other people that will resonate with you in your authentic core.

But if you're trying to people please and try to make everyone else happy and trying to have people get you and accept you, then guess what? Then you're not being the real you and you can't attract other people in a similar vibe because if you do attract people in a similar vibe, you'll attract people that are also trying to be other people to make other people accept them. Know that one of the main reasons you came here was to be bold, to be bold, to be bold, and to be you doesn't mean you have to sell this information and, and, and get people on board. I just share it, and people that resonate with it resonate with it. I throw them and people that don't resonate with it, they don't find me, or they find me, and they leave a comment, and they say, this stuff is weird. How did I find this in my subscription feed? Which is totally cool too. Let me see if I forgot.

He thinks so don't sell it except them. When you accept them, they will then accept it? You don't need them to get; you don't need them to get you because if you need them to get you, then your happiness is dependent on whether they accept you or not. But ironically enough, except the first, even if they don't accept you and the irony is by you putting out that energy, they then may feel that and then want to come around. I have so many friends and family from back in the day that thought when I started this whole spiritual awakening information and sharing on YouTube, they thought it was kind of nuts or crazy or weird and esoteric, but guess what?

A lot of them are coming around now. You may be planted the seed with friends and family and not even know it. I mean, you may just be maybe put in the back of their pocket icon. It's kind of weird that these into this whole spiritual meditating stuff, but then they go out for two years and they're like I'm having some difficulty of life. Maybe I should learn that meditation. Oh yeah, Chris, right over there. Oh yeah. Margaret, right over there. Let me ask them. They're afraid of losing you. That makes it a little bit more compassionate, as well. That's a trap that many people can fall into. I will say as well, one of the best ways to connect with these other people, family, and friends that may not get you, is doing a process called Ho'oponopono. If you've never heard of a poor, I went to that date with destiny Tony Robbins recently, and one of the main components of the healing aspect is that whole podium.

I have a meditation that you can listen to for 21 days to change your life. It's not even a meditation you have to lay down. You can do it while you're going to the gym. You could do it. I don't know if I go to the gym, it's kind of relaxing. But you could go to a, on your car ride to work. When you're walking around and cleaning the house, it's four simple statements. As you think of someone and you think of these, these four simple statements of, I'm sorry, I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. You've been clear out your energy field. You also begin to heal your connection, your called energetic cords between you and other people.

The Universe will Manifest FOR You if you do this ONE thing


The more resourceful you are with helping other people in reality, the more the universe will go about giving you the resources to make that happen.

Today, I'm going to be showing you how to have the universe manifest for you. I'm going to be sharing some content that I haven't really talked about before, and now that I look back at my own life, this is what I've used to create the kind of success that I have on YouTube. I subconsciously kind of knew this, and it's something I actually heard recently when I was at a date with destiny. It's called date with destiny. It's the event that Tony Robbins does like the one that was in the show or the YouTube documentary or the Netflix documentary. I'm not your guru.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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It was a six-day long transformational type event. There were a couple of things he said in there, and it really resonated with me. What he said was, is the more, this is going to be like paraphrasing, but what he said was, is when you are trying to help yourself, there's a certain level of energy that's there. When you intend to help you or your family, there's more energy that's given to you because you're then creating more than just the ego. You're also helping your family, and if you've noticed this as well, there's a lot of people that may not have their stuff together, but then maybe they have a child on the way and all of a sudden, they have a stronger why and when they have a stronger why. It's like then they're given more resources in a way because the energy underneath what they're doing has changed.

There's been a shift in why they're doing what they're doing. It's not just to make the ego better, and it's also to make some, you know, a being that's on the way better or the person that or with better as well. Then let's take that a step further. There's a certain energy that's giving when you're going and attending to help your family add value to your family. Then let's go over to your community. Say you want to do something that helps your community, that creates win-win scenarios. There's going to be even more energy, even more resources that come your way. Let's bring in a step further. When you have the intention to help your whole society maybe, your culture, maybe a help more at a global level, well, once again, then there's even more resources given to you, so in a way, the universe, here's the new, especially the new part of this video that I really want to talk about today.

It has to do with understanding that you are connected to your environment, and the more value that you can add to your environment, the more those resources then come to you so that you can then use it in a purer, in a more divine way. I've used this in my life to grow my YouTube channel. I believe that you can feel that authenticity. You can feel it if you, you know if you could see my content, the most likely you could feel that authenticity. It's for me to share these ideas for me to help people. I think that that really has been the key for me. The more I look back is the more of the intention of adding value I've had, the more the growth has come anyway. In a way, there's another part of this as well. I believe that if the ego gets too involved and the ego gets too self-gratified from it, that sometimes the universe will come in there. It smacks it on the hand. I bring through this information by getting into a flow state.

It's not really me. It's as I get into a state, and the information flows through, and it's like the more I'm able to use the information and not identify with it going like, oh my goodness does Aaron Doughty who speaks a third person who makes YouTube videos? As long as I'm able to say no, I'm, you know, yes, I get into the flow state that I make these videos with the intention of adding value. It just flows through. I believe because I have that purer intention, not to say I'm some saint or I'm perfect or anything, but because I recognize that it's not just me, it's allowing this to flow through, it happens even easier. That's something I think that also needs to be aware of. It's like this intention to add value to other people, the universe to manifest. Not even for you.

This just came to me instead of the universe manifesting for you. What if the universe manifests through you thinking about that? I believe we're all divine beings having this temporary dream that we're in this 3d physical reality, and that part of the purpose of this is for us to wake up to more of who we are. But the more that we are doing our passion, for sure. You know this is my passion for making these videos. I feel it right now. I feel the flow state coming through. I feel the higher vibrational energy that's expressing these ideas, and I believe it's not even about having the man. If the universe manifests for you, it's happened. The universe manifests through you. I'll probably make more videos on this because that just came to me in the flow state.

But that just kind of proves that when you get the ego out of the way, the information just flows through. Things like that just happen. The way I want to relate this is to a guy named Thomas Campbell. Thomas Campbell is a physicist who talks a lot about like is a sign like a physicist who has his research-based physics. When he talks a lot about is the philosophy slash the science of us living in this virtual reality. He says we do live in virtual reality. I believe this as well. We live in virtual reality as a simulation that was created for us to experience ourselves in a 3d physical type way. What he talks about is that one of the main purposes of this virtual reality we live in is to experience and to learn.

In a way, the earth is a learning ground where we learn about more, more of who we are. One of the things we do is we forget who we are. We forget that we are eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. There's a purpose for this. It's so that we can actually have a genuine experience. I believe it's that we can actually remember who we are. Literally remember, like reconnect to who we really are and understand, we already turtle spiritual beings. I believe that this reality, I think it's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I'm so excited to be alive at this time right now. I believe that this, however, is one of the more difficult places to be because of the level of forgetfulness that there is. We literally forget completely who we are now. It's in a way like a school ground as well because there are certain lessons we may learn.

We may learn more about how to deal with different emotions, how to deal with rejections, fear, anger, you know, and a lot of us to get to a spiritual awakening, go through a lot of those lower vibrational emotions. Even in life, in general, once you have a spiritual awakening, you still go through the waves of these different emotions. But that's part of the, that's part of life. Part of life is to go through that and to learn and to, um, you know, learn how to observe, maybe learn how to transcend some of the lower vibrations or how not to stay there so often. In general, one of the purposes, though, he says of reality and what the universe wants to do is lower entropy, lower entropy.

The purpose of the universe is to lower entropy, which, in a way, means to increase oneness. The way that I look at it now because of that, because the purpose of the universe is to lower entropy, to lower the chaos and, to increase that oneness. Anything you do to lower the entropy for yourself, which may mean doing your own inner work, may mean you are becoming aware of your emotions and observing your thoughts. Maybe you are creating peace between you and other people, people that used to have negative perspectives about that's going to help. If you can do it at another level and you can help other people become more aware of who they are in a way, realize that this virtual reality we live in, everything we experienced, I think of the movie, the matrix, right?

He says Neo, what do you think those sets perceptions are? They're just like vibrational interpretations. That's my interpretation of what he said, but that's the idea like everything we experience is the vibrational interpretation and, even, in reality, think of it. That is, you know, there are, there are impulses, vibrational impulses we get of how we experience our reality. This is a school that we live in. We live in a school of reality, and the lesson is love. The lesson is to learn to love even when it's hard, even when it's difficult and love.

As we start to learn more and more love, we start to get more into the core of who we are. If we can get to a place where we add value to other people, and part of that value lowers entropy. You know, if I help people, you know, tell them to find their purpose and show them tools to find their purpose, that's going to lower entropy. If I make videos that show people how to uh, raise their vibrational state of consciousness or how to raise their vibration from, you know, things that I've learned through my own experience or through helping other people or through, uh, books and content that will lower their entropy. Then what the universe does is the universe, the system itself looks and says, Oh, he is doing this. He is remaining with that positive intention.

I was doing this just in the online way, right? I'm getting ready to move from doing this just online to do this in person. I believe the universe will support me as long as I have the intention of adding value. That this is about knowing that the more you can get into a place of lowering entropy or increasing oneness, increasing your vibration for yourself and for others, the more resourceful, the more the universe will then allow you and not allow you. But the more the universe will give you resources to make that happen. You know, it's funny, right now I'm looking at houses because I'm in Vegas right now. I'll show you. I'm in this, I'm like the palms right now, which actually does make, cause you to see the palms right there. I'm at palms place. This is a condo area.

You know, I'm staying at a hotel for the next two weeks because I just got back into Vegas and one thing I've been doing is I've been, I'm looking at houses last two days, and I'm getting ready to get into a new house for the next year. It reminds me of last year or two years ago when I got into a year and a half ago, and I got into the house I was at before I traveled. I really wanted it, but I was like, wait, you know, I really want it, but I was getting kind of needy about it. What I did is I detached from it, and I said to myself, uh, let me think of all the good I can do in this house and how it can help other people. Cause I'm going to be so excited to wake up in the morning to make videos.

I had this mentality like that. I focused on like, almost in a way, it's going to sound weird. I focused on the house wanting me to live there because of how much I would appreciate it and the house knowing that I'd be doing like higher consciousness work the air and allowing channel, like, you know, the flow state to come through. By focusing on that, I eventually got the house even though there were four others; I was like one of five people that were competing for that house, in a way that put applications in on that house. They chose me, and I believe it was because I had that mentality and are the same way. I'm using that mentality now to be guided. Cause I saw a couple of houses yesterday, a couple I really liked a couple, had a few downfalls.

But I'm really trusting this process. I'm trusting to know that the universe will bring me wherever I will be of most service. You see, it's a different energy, but it's an energy. We channel higher vibrational energy because we are higher vibrational energy and the more we're willing to get our ego out of the way and allow it to flow through, the more that information is going to go out and help people in, the more, the higher vibration you're going to feel as well. The key to this process is really connecting to who you really are — even connecting to your higher self. I have a powerful meditation that will help you to connect to your higher self.

7 Vibrational “Rules” that will change the way you See the world FOREVER


I'm going to be sharing with you seven vibrational rules you must not break. Some of these are quite esoteric. Nonetheless, simply knowing this and reading this blog will change the way you see the world.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you seven of the vibrational rules, many of which are very esoteric. They came from a book that was written in the early 19oo that was way ahead of its time. And it has to do with understanding how everything is vibration plus how our thoughts, even though we don't physically see all of our thoughts until we create them in a South dinner, materialize them, that those are actually things. We may go out into the world, and there are thought-forms that are emanating out of people.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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That's why we have people who have an ORIC field. There are thought, in a way, bubbles that are within our energetic fields. When we go out into the world, we are bumping into these thought-forms. If we resonate with some of them, we may find that they have a certain influence over us. Well, once you start to know and see how thought and vibration works, you start to see the whole world differently. These seven ones I share with you, one or two I've shared before, but a lot of them are completely new, and I'm excited to share them with you. The first one has to do with having an ugly house. I read this in that book that I'm talking about. The book, I think some about thoughts, some of the thought energy, I forget the name of the book, but what it said is that when you are going and if you're going in front of a house and you look at an ugly house, it says don't have an ugly house.

Cause if you have an ugly house, when people pass your house, if they look at it and let's say there's plywood on it, let's say there are different parts of it that are unnecessarily ugly. What happens is as people see that and in a way, judge it, they are leaving the thought energy as they walk past it, and that then kind of emanates in front of the house. In a way, this leaving these people are leaving a trail of energy as they see certain things. Then that is something that as you drive into your, your, you know, you pull into your driveway, maybe something that then influences you in subconscious ways. Once again, I know that not always, you know, we can't always control whether we have an ugly house, what is an ugly house to someone, maybe like a beautiful house to someone else.

I know this sounds kind of trivial. This is something I read in the book, and it was just something I found very interesting. Now on the reverse side of it, think about this. This is when you start to see things differently. If you go to a museum and you're looking at amazing art, and as you look at this amazing art, you're, you're appreciating that you're feeling a certain way and a lot of other people that are, are enthusiastic, go to the same museum and do the same thing. They appreciate that art. Well, when you go into that art museum, and you're walking around, there are thought-forms of appreciation around, there are thought-forms that people enjoy looking at the yard.

In the same way that you have, it can be something negative where people feel negative emotion, and then it leaves a trail that could also be a positive emotion. The first one, the first weird vibrational rules, is don't have an ugly house. If you can't control that, then what you could do is you could just imagine it as beautiful. I appreciate the house that you already have as well. Here's another thing too. Let me, let me reframe this because as I, as I'm sharing this, I thought it was like a cool little weird thing. If you appreciate the house, even though other people may not, then it won't have an effect on you. Let me give that caveat right there. But that was the idea in the book, and it was one that I thought was interesting. The second vibrational rule that you may have never heard of is don't let people argue in your house.

This is something that I have a kind of a rule right now. I'm in an Airbnb in Vegas as I find a new house. However, I remember the last house that I had, maybe you remember it, it was like, I think I have like 500 YouTube videos that I made there that was, you know, is that real open floor plan and kind of echo. Some people were like, Oh, it's echoing too much. When I first got the house, I had my dad and my sister come over who I loved very much, and they came over, and one of the first days they came over, they were looking at the house, and then they started thinking about something very dumb, and they started arguing.

I was kind of protective of my house as they're arguing. I was like, listen, you guys can argue in the backyard, do not argue in my house. And I was just kind of a weird rule that I had. Don't mean to be the party pooper, but I knew and have known about energy since. It's like when you're projecting out something like that, and you're projecting out anger or conflict that's going into the field that's going into the house itself. It's like walking around; there are these that there's that kind of thought forms bubbling around. What I learned to do and what I do is if people come over, I always say age, no matter what I saved the house, which is, in a way, a permission slip for us to clear out the energy of the people that were there before.

Also, to clear out the energy of just some of the energy buildup that may happen. I've also had it before to where I was personally thinking about something that may be feeling more negative about or something I'm feeling resistant about. What I'll then do is I'll be thinking about it. I remember one time I was in a certain part of my house. I let that side of the house went to another side of the house, completely forgot about what I was angry about. Then came back to that side of the house I was at when I was feeling those negative thoughts or whatever, and I started having those same thoughts again. I feel like I left, came back that thought energy was there, and I tapped back into it. It's about understanding that thoughts are literally things and whatever vibration of emotion people are feeling, they're emanating into the environment.

The third one, I'm going to do this. So, the clothes that you wear now talked about this before. This rule could never buy ham. Never wear hand me down clothes without first clearing it. How about that? It's like a cool style thing too to where it kind of like going to Buffalo exchange or something that we have here in Vegas, and people like to buy the hand me down clothes. However, never buy hand me down clothes without first energetically clearing. It could be just with your thoughts. Imagine purifying the energy, but you don't know who was wearing the clothes before and if somebody that was wearing it before maybe was a feeling or type emotionally it was a very angry person, you wouldn't really know, but you could find that if you just wear it, you can find that you have more thoughts of feeling a little bit angrier.

I know for me there was a, I was going through a lot of personal work. I guess you could say that about almost exactly a year ago in December and January of 2000. And what does that 18 going into 19. And when I was feeling that negative emotion, there was a certain shirt I was wearing that had like five of the same shirt, and I was wearing this like a white shirt, and every time I would wear it, I was feeling on this. I was going through this stuff. Well, then I stopped wearing that shirt are worn out, other clothes went back to the same shirt, and it was a similar type thing where I started having similar thoughts. I remember one time, Leeor who many of you know, she was wearing a sweater, and she started to feel very angry, and she could not figure out why.

Maybe she was just feeling angry cause who knows baby stuff that subconsciously happened, who knows? But she couldn't figure out a reason. But then she realized she was wearing a sweater that one of her ex-boyfriends gave her and it was one of her ex-boyfriends that she had a lot of conflict with and she then realized that she was wearing that same sweater and she hadn't worn it in a long time, had been energetically cleared. The clothes that you wear, clear it does it. All of these things I shared does not mean you have to get rid of it. You have to get rid of your house. If it's an ugly house, you have to get rid of all your clothes. But in general, there is like a, a general rule that it's you can to somehow switch out or energetically clear your clothes every so often.

Every couple of years, maybe realize that you're doing a phase of your life. Maybe somehow get some new clothes or set that intention and create that in your life. The fourth one has to do with something that you may have never heard before, never have a house close to a butcher or a prison, a butcher, or a prison. Think of it now, the people and the energy that's going on in a butcher and a place, a butcher house or prison would be normally very resistant energy in prison. You have a lot of people that don't want to be there. Some people that may have, you know, do some violent things. There's certain energy thought field that's been accumulated there from the people that are there.

You can imagine what's going on there. And there's a certain Emmy energy that emanates from it. This is also from that one book I was talking about, and it said, never have a house or move close to that of a butcher or a prison. I remember running around in Japan, and there's a huge city in Japan, and there was this big prison that had like prison guards in the front of it, and it was gated out. But I remember when I would run by it. I remember just kind of feeling that energy a little bit, and then eventually, I started writing down a different route because I was like running every morning, and it kind of made me realize that there is a collective energy field of the places we go. If your house, you know, once again these things are detrimental but maybe put something around your house.

If you live close to a prison or a butcher shop or you know, think of anywhere you go where there are certain activities going on, think of the vibration of those activities. Maybe even like a, a judge house or courthouse or something. Maybe that wouldn't be the most wives live next to remember. These things don't have power over you, but becoming aware of it. If you bypass it, then maybe it does a little bit, makes it a little bit easier for you. Having your house close to that of things that are higher vibrational, you know, if you're close to a park, that could be a very good thing. If you're in nature, that could be a very good thing. But in general, never have your house next to a butcher house or butcher shop. Yeah, butcher shop or that of a prison.

The fifth one has to do with understanding the five people. You're around the most general vibrational rule. It's not so much that these five people you're around the most. It's not so much that it's just that your thoughts are going to link up with them. It's not so much and has to do with that. The people you run the most, you tend to become, but it's not just the thoughts or the actions that, you know, if you want to work out and get in shape and all your five friends that you're around the most are telling you, Oh, why you tried to do that? And they're influencing you to not go to the gym even more than that. Their vibration, which is a combination, how they think, act, and feel, their dominant vibration is influencing you.

Be very aware of that. Are they? Are they living the way that you like to live? Are they embodying the qualities that you want to also in quality? We also embody and be aware of that. The five people that you're on the around the most, it's a vibrational rule that you want to know that, that they are influencing you. What I would say is get some people in your group that are a little bit ahead of you in a way, and maybe are a little bit more vibrationally how you like to be. If you want to be more compassionate, then have someone as one of your five people as a more compassionate person. If you want to be more grateful to find someone that you know is very grateful. If you want to be good with people, find somebody that's very good with people.

This vibration will influence you in very powerful ways. These six weird vibrational, a rule that you must know about, has to do with something that's very as much more esoteric. This is also from that book, but it talks about what is called negative entities. Ooh, scary. When we hear this right now, it's like, Oh, that's pretty esoteric. I know that. However, I do believe that there's more to reality than the 3d physical sense perceptions that we have. I do believe that there are entities, positive and negative, that may exist at different levels of vibration. What we call negative entities may attach themselves to certain people whose energy field resonates with them. For example, if somebody is still an angry, frustrated, and mad, there could be certain lower vibrational entities that like to attach themselves to that energy field. In a way, it's like those attachments come when you're also in a lower vibrational state.

What you'll find is that if you raise your vibration, these things don't influence you in a negative way because the eminent energy that you emanate isn't when they feel comfortable with. This is about being aware. Also, be aware, you have spiritual guides that are always with you, always with you, and you have many spiritual guides and more than just one. And so you're never really alone. It's about being aware that if you ever need help or you're ever worried about this, call upon your guides, I have meditation as well that will help you connect to your higher self, which also includes can I come to your guide? It's a meditation for connection to your higher self. I'll go out and link up below. I met somebody at Rhythmia in Costa Rica, where I went, and I invited some subscribers to come as well.

The sixth one is to be aware of your own energy and what kind of things may be attracted that energy. Raise your own vibration, so you don't have to deal with that. Once again, there's no fear year. I'm just explaining that these are things that may or may not be true. The seventh one has to do with crowds of people. When you go, the reason when you go into a crowd of people that it feels so chaotic, especially to empathic people, is that when you go into crowds of people, you have many of them.

Say there are a hundred people, you've got a hundred people in a crowd that are all thinking of different things. Their thought patterns may be very scattered, or they need to just be on very specific things. They're all different. Somebody may be thinking about picking up their kids. Somebody may be thinking about what they want to eat. Somebody may think about what their boss said, somebody may be thinking about. You see all these different perspectives. When you go into that field, you've got all this chaos of so many different thought-forms, so many different intentions, so many different energies. And that can bombard your energetic system. The key is about understanding your own energy and raising your own vibration. Even when you go into crowds, you can set the intention that your energy is grounded within yourself. You can become more present inside your body.

Then these thought firms want to affect you so much. Be aware that when you're in crowds, there may be this scattering of energy that's happening. You could probably feel that if you go into those crowds, be aware of all these different things of vibration, how they influence you and set the intention right now that this week you become more aware of how vibration works and watch how that then begins to change so much in your life because you start to make new decisions with that awareness.

STOP Chasing a Specific Person and instead do this (they will chase you)


If you treat someone like a celebrity, the many times they will treat you like a fan or the key to this is understanding that power dynamic, and to this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to switch that around so that they chase you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you why chasing someone else is the problem in itself and the energy dynamics that are going on. Anytime we are chasing someone, and I'm going to show you exactly what to do and said because when you switch this around, it actually has the dynamic power work in your favor. In general, anytime you are attracting a specific person into your life, a lot of times, what happens is we end up putting them on this metaphorical pedestal, so we put them high up on this pedestal, and then they are automatically further away.

In my own life, I've had many times where this had happened, especially early on when I began dating, I started dating, and a little bit later in life, I was probably about 16 or 17. And I remember that one of my first girlfriends that I ever had, I really liked her. We started dating. What happened is she started to pull away. She started to pull away, and I started to feel that resistance and I would be thinking about, or I'd be wondering what is she doing? I would kind of get in my head about it. What happened was this was a time when my dad divorced my ex stepmom, for those of you that don't know my story, my ex stepmom was emotionally, physically, and mentally abusive and controlling. My brother and I weren't allowed to have friends before that.

When my dad divorced her when I was 15 or 16 years old, now my brother and I are allowed to have friends. My brother and I are allowed even to date. I had one of my first girlfriends and this was like a whole new world. At the same time, we started today, I started to put her on a pedestal, and then I started chasing her, hoping that she would like come back to me and just like me and validate me. Then what happened is I started to realize that I started to become friends with the new group within high school. There was like a new group of friends that I started to be with. At the same time, there were a couple of girls in that group that liked my brother and me; both of us were called the Doughty pros.

What happened was, is as that started to happen. My attention went away from the one that I was chasing. I remember when that happened, she then started to become interested in me again. It was like she felt that energetic pool. Then I remember she would call me for like two or three weeks, and I just wasn't as interested because now I have this whole new group of friends, and I realized that there were many more opportunities than me putting this one person on a pedestal. It was like two or three weeks of her colony calling me. Then eventually she kind of got the hint, got the picture. However, what changed was my own energy.

Once my energy changed, that's when everything began to change with this process is I didn't view her on the pedestal. When it comes to attracting love into our life, if we put someone on a pedestal, what we do is we put them vibrationally separated from us. We say I want you, I want you. If you say I want you, it means I don't have you. People aren't possessions anyways, but the idea behind this is that when we feel resistance. We feel the resistance because we feel the lack of that person not being in our life. Also think about the frame of this perspective when we come at it from the frame of I want you, and I lack the love, and I wouldn't want you in my life cause then I can love myself more.

That's vibrationally what we're saying without even knowing it. What we are doing is externalizing our own happiness. Plus, we are trying to be the cameo in their movie. Imagine this energetic dynamic right here. I really, really want you. I am chasing you. If I could just have you in my life, then I would feel so good, so complete and so whole. Would you just please come? Jimmy, what if I was like, would you watch this video and like it, would you please like this video? I really appreciated if you would just like this video would make me so happy. Do you see that energy? Do you see that entities dynamic? The key is when you're doing this when you and this specific person's putting them on a pedestal, you are trying to be the cameo in their movie, and until you become the star of your own movie, that another person that you think is the star won't find you attractive.

Just like the quote at the beginning of this, if you treat someone like a celebrity, they will treat you like a fan. The key to this is seeing it as natural as a part of your self-image, for you to be loved, seen as natural, for you to have your own things going on because you are the star of your own movie. You are the star; you're a star. Honey. Let me tell you that right now. You're a star. You are meant to be loved because you love yourself. You see, and this is an interesting thing too, I used to work with this girl and she would, she told me this and it always kind of stuck with me even though it's been years, it's been probably like six years. She said that any time she was in a relationship, and she was starting to date someone when that would happen, she would get hit on by like eight or nine guys in a week.

But prior to that, if she wasn't in that relationship and feeling the love from someone else, she wouldn't get approached eight times in a month or eight times in six months. What is happening there? Well, what is happening is there's a different energy dynamic that's going at play, and when somebody then has someone else in their life they met, they didn't give themselves permission to feel that love. Other people feel that off of them. They may feel more love or more attractive, and then everyone all of a sudden is hitting on that person. Can you give yourself enough love? Can you realize you are the star of your own movie? Can you develop your own gravity when you do this? This is when the dynamic energy changes. It is when you switch up the vibration of what you are putting out. The thing to this process that it's about, it's linking up your current self-image.

Let's use this metaphorical example. If you've used someone and you put them, and you say on a scale of 1 to 10, this is getting very superficial. I understand that on a scale of 1 to 10, this person is like, Oh man, like a 9.8 out of 10 and I though see myself as like a five well guess what? When that person is around you, you're probably going to feel resistance. You're probably going to hope everything goes a certain way. You're going to be very attached to the outcome. Because of that, that puts you into scarcity mode. That puts you into scarcity. When you're in scarcity, it's not as attractive. It doesn't have its own gravity. The other person will feel that resistance. People feel what you feel about yourself. When you change how you feel, what will then happen is they will then change how they feel about you as well.

All reality is on the outside is a reflection of the internal state of your internal vibration. You could say vibration is another word for saying your energy state. When you change that, and you see it from that point of view, this is where everything begins to change. Here's something I realized as well. When it comes to, you know the thing with this specific person, when we're trying to attract a specific person, out of the 7.8 8 billion people, however, many people are on the planet, and it was growing every day, however many people are on the planet, we're saying that out of everyone on the planet, I only want you and when we do that, what we end up doing is many times we get into a scarcity mindset. We get into scarcity because if things don't go right with that one person, there are no other options because I'm only focused on this one specific person.

The key to the process is realizing there are eight, seven, and a half plus billion people out in the world, and by putting only one person saying, I want this one specific person, you are limiting your options, and your ego wants that specific person as well. What if the universe could bring you someone that you resonate with at even a deeper level? What if any relationship you've ever been in has been so powerful, and it's you that maybe this one person that you want to be with? Maybe it's showing you that there's someone out there that could be even a deeper connection, but you're not aware of it because you're so focused on just one person how everything goes. The key to this is understanding that you can shift into a funded mindset by realizing your own self-worth by realizing your own value.

When you focus on your value, and you focus on really doing what you love, when you do what you love, you're at your core energy, you always attract what you are and if you're right, your core energy, you're going to attract that specific person to be in alignment with you are not in alignment with you, but you'd rather them know who you really are. I noticed that anytime I was in prior relationships, anytime I would have that of a, of a working a job I didn't like, I would always attract relationships with people that also were jobs that they didn't like because you always attract what you are. I am not doing what I love. They also don't do what they love, which means where there wasn't as much passion because we're not really happy with ourselves and what we're doing.

The key is knowing that when you do that first, and you have the gravity first, you then will have enough gravity, and you could then focus on being the star of your own movie. When you're not chasing them, when you give up the chase, that's when everything begins to change. Imagine that right now, you are chasing a butterfly. Many times, you won't cheat. You won't catch that butterfly. But if you were just to chill and relax, you may find that butterfly purchase itself on your shoulder, and what did you have to do? All you had to do was relax. All you had to do was chill out a little bit. I used to work with this coworker as well, and we noticed that there was this one guy we worked with, and he was always chasing women, chasing women, chasing women.

He wanted to be in a relationship for wanting to date some woman. She said something very interesting. She said, do you notice that when anytime someone's chasing someone else, it implies that the other person is running? You see, so what if by you thinking you had to chase them, you're also resisting them and it's pro, it's there in a way, just playing off that energy dynamic. If you switch that energy dynamic by going out and having fun with yourself if you switch that dynamic by changing the way you relate to them, you'll find that then your energy becomes more attractive. I've seen it happen so many times with people that are in a relationship; they break up. One person may be devastated about it. One person may really want it to work out and maybe texting that ex that another person. Then what happens is they go out, they have fun with their friends.

Just kind of like I was talking about the beginning that happened when I was in high school. They go out, the friends, they start to forget and not put so much attention to the other person that they're thinking about. Then all of a sudden, that other person feels that energetic pool and then texts them says, Hey, so what are you doing? What are you up to? Because they can feel that energetic pool global way. The key to this is understanding that energy dynamic and knowing that you can pull away by knowing your own worth. Do things every day that you love doing. Realize you are the star of your own movie. Focus on your own state of being focused on doing what you love. Focus on about being around friends.

Would you just please like me? They'd go out with me, and everything just goes, well, if we have that perspective, we put it on a pedestal. And what ends up happening from that point is we feel resistance. They feel resistance. Then they're running, and we're chasing them, and we're just trying to get them to be in our movie. Would you just be in my movie? I want to be a cameo in your movie. I want to be you can't you would like your movie, if I could be in your movie, it would feel so much better. I'm going to keep chasing you. I'm going to keep chasing you. I see you running. I see you running. Can I just get a, can I just get your number? Can I just talk to you? This is the energy of chasing. Instead, imagine you just walked in, and you're just swab.

Cool. You're having fun with your friends. You understand that you attract what you are, so you choose to be loving. You choose to love yourself. You choose to see yourself. You've linked up to your self-image to know that you deserve. If you think yourself as a five and someone else's, a 9.8 they're on a pedestal, they will probably be annoyed with the energy you're putting out because you're putting out the energy of you are better than me. They're playing off that power dynamic. The key to this sees yourself at the 10 out of 10, and everyone else has a 10 out of 10. There's no judgment here. There are no ranking people. That's just an analogy. Just show the link up the self-image, change your self-image, and you change your life. This is the key to that process. That's exactly why I make videos like this to help show you the different energy dynamics that are at play so that you can create the life of your dreams.

3 Weird Things About Your Higher Self that will probably freak you out (or blow your mind)


I'm going to be sharing with you three kinds of weird things about your higher self that will probably freak you out a little bit or at least blow your mind. I'm going to share with you those in this blog.

Today, we're going to go deeper on understanding our higher self, understanding this connection that every single one of us has on the planet, and understanding how we can get more in alignment with it and what that means about who we are as a soul altogether. Some of the information in this book will come from Bashar. Some of this information in this book, some of this information in this blog will come to Bashar. Some will come from something called the Law of One or the raw materials, and maybe there's some other source.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Some of this information is going to come from maybe Dolores Cannon or something, but for sure, those two are where some of these perspectives come from. The first thing that might kind of blow your mind when it comes to an understanding your higher self is the way that it is explained in the book. The law of one, the law of one, it states that our higher self, every single one of us has a higher self that is in what is called the six density. This is a little bit different than dimensions, but density has to do with a certain density of consciousness. We're moving from a third-density into fourth density. The fourth density, in general, is more about still a physical experience, but it's also life becomes much more dreamlike. We start to realize our own power. We start to realize the power of the mind in a completely new way.

We feel and understand our connection between all things. We start to understand that by six density, that is a completely different level of consciousness that has more view of many different levels of existence. It's explained like that in the law of one which is a channel channeled material from that of a physicist whose wife is channeling the information. Some of the most profound things and channel material that we've ever found and it's five books, and it's at the questions that are asked are very deep. It's kind of a heavier read because the person asking the questions is this physicist, this isn't just some like, Hey, what happens when we die? It's not just that it's different. The different ways reality works. Some of the things in that books and those different books as well have been things I said, Hey, you know, is there in the 80s, Hey, in the future this will be proven.

This will be shown in. Some of those things have come to be shown recently. It's really cool to see that there was that much insight with it. However, what was explained in that book is that every single one of us has a six density counterpart, which we call our higher self. We can't call our higher-self. That's what it was called in the book as well. Think of your higher self as the way that Bashar explains it as well. It goes very well with what Bashar explains is that right now, we are in spirit dreaming and projecting our consciousness into this dreamlike reality that appears to be real, and we're dreaming that we are these limited avatars. Think of it and understand you are a high vibrational being that exists at many different levels of consciousness at the same time. However, when you come here, you forget who you are.

Let's say this is you right here or me or anyone. We go through this experience, and this is, let's say, our avatar in this life. This is our ego or avatar is what we experienced. We experienced life here when we're awake and in the way that we do through our five senses, and we think this is who we are now at the same time we all, every single one of us has eight six density connection, a six density counterpart, which is also us, which is considered our higher self. The higher self is a six density being that is able to perceive many different existences of our same over soul. You could say that in a way over. Imagine you have this existence here, which is now, and imagine you have an existence in the 1920s, then you have an existence in the 1400. Did you have existence on a different planet?

You're a multidimensional being, having a temporary human experience. The cool thing about that is you know, in our ego, it's hard to understand that you, we haven't alien anything that's not of this planet, this one reality sphere we would call aliens or extraterrestrial. We are extraterrestrial to those other planets. However, in many ways, your soul is so vast that you would not only incarnate on one planet forever because forever. Think about that. Your eternal spiritual being, you do have existences on different levels of consciousness that may be very foreign to this reality. However, your higher self, your six density being, which you are connected to, we all are.

Let's say there's an oversupply connects to this higher self, just like there are all these different incarnations that our higher self can perceive up. Understand, as well. There's like this web where we're all connected. If you go high enough up this chart, we'll see that we're all one consciousness, but we split off. What we did is we split to have different experiences and through this game of separation, but higher up you go, the more you realize we're all connected anyway. Even at these levels of your guys, Hey, we're all connected because you're, you can pull, and that's why we call it past life, future life. We do regression like QHHT. It's because you then see the bleed-through of these different versions of you and these different realities, and maybe there's some life theme, some life thread that's pulling you through. That was the first thing.

The first thing is that it's a six density beat, which may sound kind of weird or like it's a some higher, some higher thing, but it does kind of break apart our identity from who we think we are. We've forgotten who we are, but we at a higher level know who we are, and we're connected to that. Right now, we feel like we're not connected because we're creating the experience that we're not kidding connected to our own beliefs. The second thing I want to talk about is the thing that makes it kind of weird for some people is they will say, this was me in a past life. This was me in a past life. The thing is all of these things are different.

There's some a thread that's connecting you to them, but one of the crazy things about your higher self and understanding this connection is that as you change right now, you also change which past and future connections you make. People sometimes will go to Bashar and ask him a question. They'll say, how many parallel incarnations do I have right now? He's like, Oh, right now you have 372 now you have 476 now you have 232. I'll say it like that so that people know it's always changing based on how we change. The only thing that really exists is this moment right now. Now the thing is that it makes it more slippery because then people will know. I want to know that one past life that I had in this time period and then the one future life that I had and the relevance of that, but the thing is those are constantly changing as you change in the present moment.

The cool thing about that is you're always changing. You could change your story. That was the past life connection. The purpose of that realization at that moment was that I was trying to push forward with my own dreams of going on YouTube and pushing into the unknown and speaking my truth. There were times in the past when I got a lot of pain for speaking my truth, and maybe that was what was holding me back in the present moment. There was another past like, too, can't remember there was a Roman, so it wasn't like Greek soldiers, a Roman soldier. There was another past life too. I think it was an Egyptian past life. I forget exactly what it was, but somehow, it was lives that all related to, it was something elsewhere I was sharing like ideas and I was an intellectual person. Like I don't know, like a scientist or somebody that is a thought person, like a thought leader or something like that and I got in trouble, and I got killed or something like that.

The purpose of me knowing those lives, which do not exist there, that wasn't necessarily me in a past life. It was a connection. My higher-self had to another part of my same soul. It helps us understand those, you know, the thread, the life theme that may be going through a dose. But when I read then realizes that maybe in past lives, I was punished for spreading my ideas. But in this life, there's more freedom. I can share these ideas and, more so fill, fulfill my mission. The same thing happened to my mom. My mom went to a different, you know, this is like years and years ago, but she went to someone that we knew that was like a clairvoyant and he said, you know, she was at the time breaking up and going through a breakup with a divorce with her husband.

He kind of like got up and left, and he kind of like fled the house and left my mom there, and the clairvoyant said, Oh, and past lives in a village. He also left you. A similar theme of the theme she's experiencing a past parallel incarnation. Did it really happen? I don't know, but it may be just as she changes right now, she also changes what past and what future she connects to you see, so this gets much more slippery, but it means that we're really recreating ourselves every moment. We're really recreating ourselves every moment. Hey, we're really creating ourselves every moment. Just like that over again, over again over again. What past lines you kicked do now, what past life connecting to now?

What past life are you connected to now? You're an infinite spiritual being. You're an infinite spiritual being. You're an infinite spiritual being. And when you become aware of this, you can then see that this is much more slippery. But understanding this from your higher self, and here's the analogy as well. I want to give you your higher self, and this will kind of go into the third thing as well. Your higher self is on the top of a mountain top, and all these other aspects of you are in the Valley. There’s a shortcut that'll get you through to the top of the mountain a little bit easier to coming up to meet the higher self or you know, I know that I get a drew that dealt differently, but that's the idea. Your higher self can seem further. Sometimes when the ego is trying to control everything, and the ego insists that it knows the best path, it doesn't have the full picture that your higher self has.

Your higher self-guides you this from Michelle Machar guides you via a vibration called excitement. If you follow that excitement, you will raise your vibration the most, and you'll find that then things happen in very powerful synchronicity. It's a feeling that your higher self gives you when you're following your passion, doing what you're actually passionate about. The third thing about your higher self that will probably freak you out is that your higher self is watching you while you shower. I'm just kidding. Your higher self though, can only guide you when you are open to the guidance. If you insist that you know the best direction going up this mountain, even though you don't have the full picture if you insist and you aren't open to the guidance of your higher-self than your higher self can actually help you. However, if you're open to your higher self, your higher self will help you.

Not only that, the more you open yourself up to your higher self, the more it can help you. If you meditate and you ask for guidance, your higher self can give you signs. Here's another weird thing, maybe about your higher self. Sometimes you might have a spiritual guide and your spiritual guides that you think or someone that you know, soul, you may be known to pass life at higher levels, may also be your higher self or another version of you, another version of you, and you think it's your higher self, but it's actually you. It's something a little bit different than kind of my boggle the mind a little bit. However, if the more you insist that you know the best route, the more that your higher self can't actually help you. Here's the thing though, your higher self will never control you. You have free will. You incarnated here because you're a powerful spiritual being, and your higher self-wanted you to have the vast experiences that you can have here.

Like, what do I need to do next? What am I going to do next? What do I need to do next? And they overcompensate. You are a powerful spiritual being, and your higher self can guide you, but it's not going to do the word for you, and it's not going to tell you what to do in every moment. If it's telling you what to do at every moment, then that's not, you know, your higher self to six densities, unconditionally loving being, it's not going to try and control you or make you do negative things. The power of everything I've shared with you right now is knowing that you are so much vaster than you could possibly imagine.

The Vibration of a Control Freak and How to TRANSCEND it and TRUST the Universe


I'm going to show you the vibration of a control freak. Show you how to transcend it and reveal to you the illusion of the ego's sense of control.

Today, I'm going to be showing you the vibration of a control freak showing you why you may be a control freak, or do you know someone that's a control freak. When I say, and I do this blog, just know I am somebody that definitely has gone through periods of where I like to control different aspects of my life. I've gone from somebody that was working a nine to five job I wasn't passionate about to becoming successful on YouTube, doing what I love. There have been moments where I realized that at that moment, I decided that I had to have this insane willpower, and the more I could control everything, the better.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I've learned a lot through this process. There are moments of when I go back and forth with this, but I've learned a lot about my own vibration in relation to being a control freak or controlling different aspects of my life and even you know, trying to help other people. There have been times where I'm like, Oh, I want to help this person better their lives and trying to help them too much rather than letting them go through their own lessons, and sometimes I think a lot of us that are going through the spiritual awakening process, we'll try to help people so much and sometimes that kind of backfired on us because then we overextend ourselves and by trying to control, we end up having them resist because whenever, whenever you're trying to control something, there's normally a rebellious type attitude and I know that that's how it was with me.

The vibration of a control freak, let's first off understand that we have our ego right here. What happens is at a certain point in our past, our lives, if you consider yourself to be a control freak, someone that is controlling situations, trying to control outcomes. There was a certain point and your past when you had no control, or you felt out of control, and when you felt out of control, you got pain. For example, that was me. I had my ex stepmom and my life between the ages of seven to 15 years old. And in that period of my time, I didn't have much control over anything.

I was completely controlled by my ex stepmom. My brother and I weren't allowed to go out and have friends. We were many times locked outside of the house, and there were just chores and things that we had to do for eight or eight hours at a time. It'd be drinking water out of a hose. We weren't allowed to eat the kind of food that would sustain us. We were given a TV dinner at night and that bowl of cereal in the morning, we were both very skinny.  My brother was like 11, and we had no control and that no control brought us pain because it was completely controlled.

Then what we did is we made a choice. That choice was after that pain that I am going to control. We make it a choice to then come to control. Then what happens as we start to control different aspects of our life. For me, for example, I eventually came to this conclusion when I was working with nine to five jobs on women's shoes that I wanted to do and be a full-time YouTuber. I made a choice to completely start to control my willpower, to assert myself, and to do what I'm passionate about. To really just be calm. There were no other options like I'm going to do this and then guess what happened? Then I started to get pleasure.

I started to get pleasure with having control. It's either these two things or a combination of both. You either get pain from having no control or you get pleasure and from having control. What happens is at a certain point in our past, this was decided maybe at an unconscious level, we're not completely aware of it. There's a certain level of sense of I am in control, just say I am, and it's, it's the ego saying it though the ego saying it. It's almost like the ego has to step in, and at a certain point, this is how it works. The reason I'm sharing this is that when we understand that this is why we're the control freak, we can realize that there's no longer a reason to feel threatened.

I don't have to assume that reality is always going to be like that. I now have a fulltime YouTube, or I do what I love. I don't have to assume that I'm going to have to work a nine to five job that I hate. Again, this is my reality now. The threat is gone. However, there is a certain level of this control freak that is still there. Let me show you another example and vibration of the control freak. We have levels of consciousness. At a certain level, let's say we have a, we have the fear, we have the lower vibrational emotions, right? And eventually, we have a, let's say, willingness.

They have love, joy, peace, enlightened, enlightenment. These are different levels. What happens is when there was a certain level of no control, there was most likely negative emotion. There's negative emotion there. That negative emotion causes us to feel that lower vibrational energy. Maybe it was the fear; maybe it was a feeling like you couldn't survive and understand the ego's job is simply to help you to survive. That's it. The ego's job is to help you to survive. And I have an analogy that I'm going to share with you in a minute as well for that. I'm going to write that here, so I don't forget.

The willingness is that of the ego. In a way, it's the willpower, the willpower to go in a certain way. That is something that then gets to be built so that when we associate pain with not having control, we start to build a controller and a life, which is when we started to get pleasure. The realm of, I would say the ego is the middle level because even the intellectual ideas, the intellect of reasoning, which is like your beliefs create your reality. The reasoning is building up the ego and the willingness, building up the eco, and building up the ego to then move in a certain direction. In general, when we're in lower vibrational emotions, maybe what we need to do sometimes is to actually start not to develop the ego, not to identify completely with the ego, but to let the ego in a way start to have more responsibility.

Start to have a little bit more, because it brings you out of the lower vibration of emotions. A lot of getting from the lower vibrational emotions into the mid vibrational emotions is about taking responsibility, which means the ability to respond to responsibility. It's about getting to these mid-levels of vibration. To get from the mid-levels into the high vibrations, you actually have to let go of the ego. You have to surrender the ego. It's almost like there's a loss of ego and a loss of power and the lower vibration emotions because we don't feel like we're worthy. And then we start to develop the control. We start to develop the ego start to go in a certain direction. We start to have reasoning the intellect. Then we're in the middle where we're building up the ego, and then we have to let go that you're going to get into the high vibrations.

The reason I share this because now we can kind of see that we may build up the ego for a certain level of success, but then eventually, we have to let it go. You don't have to. But if we let it go, then it will find that the universe can then create things for us or help us in this process. Now here's the analogy, and I know my spelling's a little off. I haven't done one of these in a while. This analogy I got from Bashar because I had checked off the shower, he's awesome. This analogy has to do with understanding a diving mask. Imagine that we have a diving max. Now imagine in the higher dimensional realms, let's get a little esoteric here. Imagine the higher dimensional realms; you have a higher self. In the law of one, they say your higher self is mid-six, the density, it's a little more esoteric.

What happens is we are in, let's say the higher self or in the mid-six densities. We project our consciousness here and think of it as our ego, like a diving mask. Let's say. It's just like sometimes the diving masks, that's our head or whatever. That's the diving max, though. The diving mask and the job of the diving mask with the school bus, you know, the snorkeling, the snorkeling, the snorkeling equipment is to help you to survive your underwater right now. And you have this scuba max for the snorkeling mask that gives you air. Rather than knowing that we are connected, and it's a tool, it's something we use to survive. We start to identify with the snorkeling scuba mask and equipment that's supplying this oxygen that's helping us to survive, and what happens is then there are times when we start to think then that the scuba snorkeling mask is us and we may even go into murky waters.

Things may get a little bit scary, but rather than trusting the process, we tried to read a move. We tried to remove it in a certain way. We ended up cracking it because we mess around with it too much. The point of that is that then trying thinking that this is supposed to guide us. This is not supposed to guide us. The snorkeling mask does not guide us. The higher mind guides us. We can trust in, we can trust in the process of us directing where we need to go through our higher mind and trust that the ego will do its job to help us to survive. But the problem is we then get into the murkiness when we start to assume that the scuba snorkeling mask, whatever we call it, is meant to help direct us in our life. That's when the pain starts to come. That's when we may get a little bit antsy. We may start to move it around and then crack it, and then we're supposed to get up very fast.

But we're a little bit too deep. If we were to do that, it could be very painful, and it can be very dangerous. The moral of this is understanding that this school historically, last thing is just to help you survive the sense of control and look at this from the past, and when we decided we got pain from no control is our ego is trying to survive. This is all about survivalists and trying to survive when we that the ego is just doing his job to help him. We can then realize that what got us there isn't going to get us to the next level. That's what I've been learning lately. What got me to where I'm at today is not going to get me to the next level. I have to let go of that control, bring a little more grace into my life. Trust the process. The vibration, I'm thinking about this as well.

If we have the ego and the consents of a control freak, think about if we have all of these rules, which is what a lot of times the ego does is the ego is the rules. If you use many different papers, because this really thin I'm going to have the other pay for, I'm going to put on for tomorrow's video. That's way better. The ego has many rules. When it's a control freak, it says people need to act this way. People act a certain way. Imagine the more rules you have, the less you can feel a positive emotion. If your rules are people, have to trick you a certain way. People need to take their own initiative in their own life. You need to have things be a certain way on the outside, which has been projecting out your own happiness because things need to happen on the outside a certain way for you to internally be happy.

Then all of these rules end up, causing us to stay in the lower vibrational emotions. The key to this whole process and everything I'm sharing with you today is simply becoming aware of it. Awareness is normally 95% of the process because now that you can see that you may have just had this meaning, this time that you decided this is who you were, that's what then kept you in that lower vibrational emotion. But then now that you can see that this is outdated and now what you can do is you can focus on other things. What is the solution to this? What is the solution to this? Become aware of it every time the ego is trying to assert its own dominance, becoming aware of any time the ego is trying to control things and then stepping back and then saying, it's okay. I can trust this to work out the right way.

Challenge that belief system as well. Challenge the belief that comes up and goes, Oh, it's supposed to happen this way. I've been doing this recently, and it does work. It really does. All you have to do is observe these things as it comes up to observe that you go the sense of control and then to be okay and to understand this as well. Magic happens a lot of times people that have this control freak mentality are trying to control things, aren't afraid of new things that have tried new things because it's less certain. The thing I'd encourage you to do is to step into the unknown because the unknown is where the magic happens. The only thing you're going to get in more of the known is more of what you already expect. If you stepped into the unknown, what you're going to get is you're going to get something that you wouldn't expect you. Your brain will not know where to go and how to control the situation. If you can simply observe it and allow it to be there, you'll find that then you have more power.

The purpose of this blog is knowing that you can focus more on surrendering to the present moment, surrendering to it, and trusting it. One big lesson for me in my life, too, is patience. When you're trying to control things, you're normally not a very patient person. I'm in this Airbnb right now, and I want nothing more than to be in this house that I'm getting ready to move into within the next week, and I'm waiting for the tenant moved out tomorrow. He's turned to the keys, and I have to wait for property management. Things aren't happening as fast as my control-freak mind would like it. Then I can start working and have a better background for these videos and had been in the house. I've been traveling for three months. Part of me really wants to get to the house.

By the time you see this blog, I probably already showed you that house on Instagram or something. However, it's about surrendering and trusting and understanding. What if the higher mind, the higher self could bring things to you and even a more amazing way if you would just let go of trying to control it because it's almost like the ego's insisting this is how things have to happen.

But what's happening is you are set on your ways, and as you're set on your ways, you're making this little, this little box for yourself. This is the way things are, but you see the key to this is trusting, letting go and knowing that you, if you actually realize that you're getting pain from these beliefs, you're getting pain from these rules that are giving you reasons not to feel happy, that keep you trapped in lower vibration emotion. You can see what you're doing in a new way.

Why The Law of Attraction is OUTDATED in 2020 and what to do instead…


I'm going to show you why the law of attraction is not enough in a way. It's being misinterpreted by so many people. I'm going to show you the process to apply instead and how this will change everything about the kind of results you are getting.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you more on why the law of attraction for many people can put people on a tangent, and it can also cause a lot of people that not feel like they're enough. Like maybe they're doing it wrong, like why am I thinking of this thing, but I'm not experiencing what I want. And there's a lot of resistance there. I know for even me at the beginning of me learning about the law of attraction.

At the time, I worked at Barneys New York, I was actually working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes, and I learned about it, and I started to see the correlation between what I think and what I felt and what I was experiencing. Experiencing, and as I started to set more intentions, I started getting a different kind of result. However, what I realized is even if I was focusing on something I wanted and intending for it, sometimes I wouldn't get the results that I want. Sometimes it would be like I would go around and I would still, I would feel this like underlying resistance, and even though I'm doing what they say and all the books I saw the movie, the secret and all these things, even though I'd be doing it, I wouldn't be getting the kind of results that I wanted, which would leave me feeling frustrated, leave me feeling like, does this process really work?

What I learned from this process and what I've learned through now years of living this lifestyle plus also helping other people to live their ideal lifestyle is knowing it's not about your thoughts creating your reality. It's not even about the law of attraction attracting something out of there, out there in the outer world, into your current life. The key to this is understanding your vibration underneath the desire, your vibration underneath who you really are. You don't always get that what you think. You always get a reflection of who you are, which is your identity and part of who you are. The most important part is understanding your vibrational level of consciousness. Look at this chart right here. Let me show you an example. Once you see this, you'll see this and that almost everything, and you'll be able to see this in a very powerful way.

You've got the chart of consciousness here. If you've got shame, fear, guilt, anger, and then as you'll see, then you eventually have acceptance. The neutrality, acceptance, reasoning, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. Everybody has a base level gravity vibration that they are currently due to the way they think, feel, and act. These three things influenced vibration. Now imagine somebody is feeling anger. They're feeling anger at somebody that may be treated them a certain way. For example, I know this as well. I used to feel like I was trying to prove people wrong that didn't believe in me and my vision of wanting to become a YouTuber. Imagine then I'm taking action, and I'm thinking that I'm angry and I'm taking action. Like this is what I want to create. I'm going to show them wrong. That vibrational frequency is a slower vibration than that of joy.

Then that of love did that of even reasoning. Then the energy behind the thoughts that I have the energy behind the emotion, I have the energy behind the action I have is anger. Guess what? That is going to block me from actually experiencing what I want. Not only is it going to block me, I'm going to create a ton of resistance along the way. I'm doing it because I'm trying to prove people wrong at some external reason rather than doing it because I love doing it. Then what happens is I go on this tangent where things don't happen. Let's say that we feel some other lower vibrational energy. Say we've, we feel some type of fear. We simply feel fear. I know even like that sales commission job I had working at women in women's shoes. If I were to feel fearful of going out into the sales floor, I could be thinking all I want about helping customers and making money.

But if I go out there and fearful worrying about what people will think, that energy underneath the desire underneath that of the, of the intention is a prolonged vibration. Here's another factor in this. When you look at the scale right now, imagine there are certain beliefs that keep you in training in a certain vibration. For example, if you believe that you are a victim, then you may stay in 200 and below less than 200 because 200 is courage. So, 200 and below you feel like a victim. Guess what? That belief is going to keep you in that smaller, that lower vibration, this lower vibration, even though you might be thinking about it because the thoughts have a slow vibration. Because not even just the thoughts, but because you may be feeling that way as well and acting like that as well, then you're going to experience a direct reflection of that reality.

The key is being aware of the beliefs that may be keeping you in that little vibrational rage. It's becoming aware of your vibration. This is all about vibration. Most, you know, I used to make a lot of Law of Attraction videos, but then what happened is I realized that the key is not trying to attract something else into your life because those external things will never really make you happy. Everybody's still going to try, though. You know, it's Les Brown has a saying, it's like, you know, they tell you that, that love and or not love. They tell you that money and being rich isn’t going to make you happy. But everybody wants to try anyway. You know? The idea is that we may be tried anyways, but it knows that at the end of that that's not going to equal happiness.

This is why the key is actually raising your vibrational level of consciousness. When you raise your vibration level of consciousness, you have higher vibration that you are emitting, that you are being, and then the thoughts you have more potency. Then the emotion you feel is a higher vibration, and you enjoy the moment more, you're able to have more fun. I'll tell you right now that all nine to five job that I had seen a woman choose the days I went in and just having fun and tending to help other people add value to other people and the higher vibrations of that chart, you will see that of the high of that of joy, peace, love, and enlightenment. That is all about adding value, about being that value, about seeing everyone else's connected to you. The key to this is not attracting something from over there into your life.

The key is being aware of the energy underneath why you want what you want, and being aware of where your current vibration is. If you look at the scale, what you could see is where are you predominantly living in what vibrational emotions? We all have a gravity set point, and back in 2012, I went through a spiritual awakening. My vibrational set point went from like a three out of 10 to a seven out of 10 not saying I'm enlightened, not I'm only saying that my vibration in comparison to where it was to the pain of my past and the way I saw myself and feeling unworthy once I let go of that story, that meaning my vibration didn't raise, and then I started to feel completely different. I'll tell you right now that one of the best ways to raise up this vibrational scale of consciousness is to learn meditation.

When I learned meditation, my whole entire life changed, and to do that, all I did is I learned how to observe my thoughts. At first, I felt a lot of resistance. I learned meditation, and I was like, okay, I just, I knew about the law of attraction. I was like, don't want to think of negative thoughts, don't want to attract something negative. The more I thought of that, guess what? The more resistance I felt. But then what I did is I said, you know what? That's just a thought. There was more of a gap, more of a space. Then as I started to seek into it, I started to feel really good in my own body, starting to come more present in my body. I realized most of my life was scattering my energy into the future or the past. Then I started to be pro present in the moment, and I became aware that the way I was viewing my past was causing me to feel a lot of resistance, a lot of lower vibrational energy.

Even though I may be trying to attract more money in abundance in my life, I was going about it with this, this vibration underneath me, a feeling unworthy because of my painful password, like my ex stepmom and all that. You've probably seen or heard me talk about other videos on that. Because of that meaning, I was given my past; it was causing me to stay into lower vibrational energy. You want to know what really changed it to was redefining that meaning when I began to see that the pain of my ex stepmom who was physically, mentally, verbally abusive between seven and 15 years old, 15 years old, my dad divorced her. Between that age, though, I was giving that such a meeting, even after my dad divorced her that I wasn't worthy. I was giving it like, why did this happen? Why did I have much of a childhood? Like, you know, my brother and I, many times we're just locked outside how to do work.

When you know, they weren't home, parents weren't home, or my stepmom and my dad weren't home and then my brother and I weren't allowed to watch TV or have friends, so we had to earn going to school activities who got in trouble? School activities got taken away. The question is, well, why? Why was I able to have that, that childhood and I felt a lot of resistance, but then I had a spiritual awakening in 2012 and it all, it just all made sense to me. A lot of that pressure happened. That pushed me then into going through a spiritual awakening, which then awakened my life purpose of helping other people go through their spiritual awakening, maybe helping give people in, you know, give information that I'm passionate about, helping other people to do that. Then it all made sense to me. I read, framed the meaning because the idea of having the abuse of stepmom as crazy as this sounds, is a neutral idea.

Some people that'll happen, and their life will go on a downward spiral. Some people that will happen and that will propel them in so many different ways of helping other people, helping other people to get out of that painful situation. It's one of the reasons I share it on a lot of my YouTube is I made a thousand videos. I know that some of them are repetitive. I get it. But the story I think helps wake people up that have also been through pain and I don't know, I don't know which videos I was saying. Do you know what I mean? But you don't want to attract your reality using your thoughts and like wanting these, these materialistic things. Nothing wrong with it. But what you really want to do is raise your vibrational level of consciousness. When you raise your vibrational level of consciousness, these things come easy. Or anyways, secret secretly city will increase in your life. You will feel more connected to yourself and other people. You will be in a higher vibration.

When you're in a low vibe state, and you attract, you try to attract things, it's coming from desperate energy, and you create a lot of resistance. If you're feeling shame, fear, and guilt, and you're trying to attract a relationship, guess what kind of relationship you'll most likely attract. You don't attract what you want or that what you think. You attract what you are. Even if you think I'm going to try and like the best person in the world, blah, blah, blah, blah. If you don't believe deep down, you're worthy of it, then guess what? It's not going to be able to perceive it. The key and the thing that I really want to motivate you to do is to raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration, you will then change your life. Everything will come easier. The more I focus less on trying to attract certain things in my life and just raising my own vibration, feeling gratitude, having fun.

Sometimes it about just has more fun. Joke around a little bit more. Cool. Do things with your friends. I don't know. Do you guys go on hot air balloon rides? Do that. Okay. If that's your excitement, then do it safely. Don't make your own and make a YouTube video about it or anything. I have a playlist that will raise your vibration. If you watch it, it's seven of my top videos on raising vibration. I'll go ahead and link it here. Listen to all those videos. It will completely change the way that you see raising your vibration process, and that'll help you learn more about that as well.

Spirituality and Money Beliefs The Hidden Trap of “being spiritual”


I'm going to be showing you the truth about money, beliefs, and spirituality. I'll show you why you may be holding abundance back from coming into your life, and I'm going to show you the one thing that makes all the difference so that you can live both a spiritual being and an immensely abundant life.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding why so many spiritual people and the trap that many spiritual people fall into when they are on the path of understanding more about who they are. Many times, when people go through a spiritual awakening, this is a very common thing that I see is people that go through a spiritual awakening, become more aware that we are spiritual beings having human experiences. Then happens is many times we then subconsciously put being spiritual into a different category than that of being in the material world and being what we call abundance and being able to make money.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I see so many people that could be amazing wreck Reiki practitioners, amazing healers, amazing artists. I see so many people that share it and have amazing ideas to share with the world. However, I see a lot of people that are afraid to put out their ideas, afraid to go after their passion because they believe that because it's a spiritual passion that it's in a different category than being able to charge for it. And the thing is that belief alone will keep people doing things they're not passionate about, and it'll keep people in a certain bubble of creating a level of lack and a level of a not passionate life. When you look at, when I look at my own life, I've been doing YouTube full time for about three, three and a half years now. I live in an immense amount of abundance.

I live a very abundant life because I don't put being spiritual and being abundant in different categories. I realized that my gifts, the things, then the ideas that I can share with the world, I realize that's a part of my human experience. That's a part of what I meant to be doing in life. I wouldn't be able to have a full-time job working 40 50 hours a week, and be doing what I do online with growing my message, growing my business, making daily videos on YouTube. I don't think I'd be able to do it for three years. Having a full-time job and doing this full time. However, I had to go all-in on my passion. It's the exchange of energy that we've agreed to use in this reality and what it's about. It's about understanding that that's a part of the human experience. Understand that money being good or evil; what somebody does with it depends on the person.

The thing that I want to share with you is it's not the idea of being abundance or the idea of charging for your spiritual gifts. That's not what's evil. It's how you do it. In the same way that you can make life spiritual. Everything can become a meditation. What you do with the abundance will depend on what's inside of you. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, when you squeeze an orange, what comes out? Orange juice. Why? Because that's what's inside. What are you going to do with your money in your abundance? That depends on what's inside of you. There are people, amazingly spiritual people that use their money to help other people that use their money to build a business that adds value to a, an immense amount of people. There are people that use money in greedy type ways. People that use the money to emphasize a false sense of power or conceived sense of power, and they use it in a negative way. Money in itself is a neutral idea and an agreement we've made on a way of exchanging money.

When we start to understand that, it makes the process so much easier. Let me tell you as well. When I went through my spiritual awakening in 2012, I became very ungrounded. I became aware that I, the first question I had is I became aware that our thoughts create our reality. I became aware that we are internal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences, and I became very angry towards the government, towards the financial system. I realized that money's not backed by gold. I had a lot of realizations that caused me to become then not abundant at all because I thought money was such an evil thing. I found out that the money that goes towards the IRS isn't necessarily used for what we think it is. It sounds like conspiracy theories, but if you do, the research is there. When I became like that, I went into work one day, and I said, you know what? I am not coming to work tomorrow. I worked at Nordstrom's and women's shoes.

I worked there for five years. I went in one day, said, you know what? I'm not coming in tomorrow. I have to meditate and help the global consciousness ascend to the next level of consciousness. That's really what I believe, by the way. I would meditate every day like a lot. And my buddy, Victor Oddo also I, we found out years, you know, but Victor Oddo is also, YouTube is my best friend. We found out as well that he did the same exact thing in a way focused on meditating and helping the collective consciousness. However, I completely neglected the material world. And when I did that, I became very ungrounded. And I kind of missed the point, I sometimes think with becoming spiritual. Then we go to one side of the spectrum, which is all a theoretical, all meditation, all energetic. And we fail to realize that having a human experience is spiritual.

We incarnated into this reality to experience all the fruits of it. And part of it is playing according to some of the systems. It doesn't mean we get power over the money, but it means that we recognize, okay, money is an exchange of energy. Do I want to fight it with all my mites? And maybe that's some people's purpose to find a new way of exchanging goods and, and bringing that apart in the world. Maybe that's someone's passion, but say for 99% of people, maybe the path of least resistance is becoming abundant so that what you do with the money is good things. The money that I make for my business, I'm able to put back into my message and my mission and my purpose, and I'm able to influence more people. I'm able to build the team. You see, it understands money is simply a resource.

Like I said a little bit ago, guys, look at this. They look still there. I want to show you, I want to show you there's this animal that's walking around, but every time I move the camera, something goes away. It's really cool, though. Okay. He is camera shy for sure. When I was saying a little bit ago, when it comes to, if you're a Reiki practitioner, a healer, an artist, you want to create content online, whatever it is, some people have trouble charging for their spiritual gifts. Understand everything, in reality, is spiritual. We are spiritual beings having a huge, no, we are not spiritual beings having a human experience. We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience. It's not what you do. It's how you do what you do. Everything can become spiritual. Swimming in a pool can become spiritual.

Meditating can be spiritual eating. Food can be spiritual. You can make anything spiritual. It's about how you do what you do. When you talk about that of abundance with, with people that have problems charging for their spiritual gifts, look how ridiculous this sounds. I realized this about myself, by the way. I say this with a level of empathy because I've been through this and not what my intention of this blog to do is to kind of show you, you have an amazing spiritual gift or just sharing your idea, sharing your energy is amazing and can help so many people. But what may be holding you back is a belief that charging for your spiritual gifts is evil. I remember charging, that's an exchange of energy. It's saying, I am willing to give this energy but received nothing back in exchange.

I'm willing to empty my cup but not fill my cup back up. But you because of that, you aren’t going to have a lot to give our T to go around, but think about how funny this idea is. It's the energy that flows through. Even when I make these videos, the energy just flows through. It's not really the ego, Aaron Doughty, that has all of these little ideas. I heard something, I thought it was a good thing and once you could begin to realize is that when you allow this to come through, it adds value to other people. Whether it's amazing art that you create that makes people feel a certain way, ideas that you share that helps to awaken people. But what we do is we say, no, no, no. That's on a higher pedestal.

Then what we do is we look at something like Coca Cola, which puts corn syrup and sugar in their products, which makes people's bodies highly acidic, which will then lead slowly over time to people becoming more and sicker and having to go to the doctor more and more and not being healthy, and when we think about Coca-Cola making billions and billions of dollars, we don't question that one little bit, but somebody's receiving abundance back for being a healer, for helping other people, for spreading ideas, for doing the research, to then condense information for having a podcast for whatever it is. We put that in a totally different category, and we assume, no, can't charge for that.

You got to do something in the 3D world. There may be like you have the subpoena as a salesperson for Coca-Cola. That's okay, though. You see, the reason I say it like this is to become aware of how ridiculous it sounds. You are a spiritual being, having a spiritual experience, and you are meant to add immense value to the world. However, you have to tap into that. You have to realize that it is your duty to help other people, or to spread your, to do what you're passionate about. Really many times, what are you're passionate about will add value to other people just by you being you, but it's about being aware of that difference. Now, become aware of the spiritual belief system around money. Leaving money is bad. You can't charge for this, and then you keep yourself in a low level of abundance.

That's the way reality has to be all because of a belief. It's just a belief. Understand that this is how reality works. This is how you can begin to; this is how I see reality, and just to express to you, I become extraordinarily abundant over the last two or three years, more abundant, quicker than I really could even have even imagined. I can travel the world and have a view that is like, you know, this view over here is incredible. It's amazing, and it's because I keep the energy pure. Now what I mean by this is the primary focus for me is focused on expression and not adding value to other people. I make videos that have, at least from my perception, that adds value to other people.

When I add value to other people by expressing my gifts, that energy goes out into the world. What happens is then I have other ways that people can go deeper with going through areas of transformation. That deeper process is through having digital courses, through doing live events, through working with people, via coaching. What happens is because I'm putting out that good into the world; that abundance then comes back to me. What you put out is what you get back. That abundance that comes back, I can then use as resources to build my business, and I have team members now I have an assistant back in Vegas. I have virtual assistants that answer emails. I have an editor, and I have somebody that does Instagram posts that edits my Instagram.

Over the last couple of years, I become more abundant than ever because I continue to focus on the expression of putting good out into the world. I consider myself a very spiritual person. We're all spiritual beings, but I'm aware of my spirituality, and I believe that you are a spiritual being if you're reading this blog and that one of the most spiritual things you can do is tap into your own abundance and tap into your passion, adding value to the world. Don't feel guilty about charging for your spiritual gifts, and remember, it's not what you do, it's how you do it. I don't feel guilty because I have a high level of integrity. I know that this and what I put out in my courses add value to people and change people's lives. I know that because I have testimonials and I have many people that have been through my different processes that have been through my different meditations, I've had extraordinary results.

I'm putting good out into the world. I feel good about it, but it's just a mindset shift. You don't have to feel guilty about charging for your spiritual gifts. Have the intention, first and foremost, don't lead with trying to charge for it. I would recommend lead by adding value to people. Lead with expressing your gifts, lead with creating amazing art. Lead with that and then see what happens on the other side of that. But the key to this is knowing that many times being spiritual may be a trap keeping you in a lower level vibration that is keeping you from experiencing the abundance that you're meant to have in your life. When we're talking about money, beliefs, understand that money, it's just a mode of exchange of energy. Because you have money doesn't mean you're going to be a non-spiritual person.

It's just a belief because you have money doesn't mean you're going to lose it. You're going to use it to have more power, that it's a very negative way. Whatever you do with money will depend on what's inside of you. You can have awareness through the whole process, and you could use it to further your mission to further you. You start making amazing art. Then you're like; you know what? I can finally own an art gallery studio. I can now have the ability to create and have more amazing art and brushes and art canvases and have more opportunities. Also one of the most selfish things you can do is make it all about you. People that have problems charging for their spiritual gifts, it's all about them. That's how I was. It was all about me. I can't do this.

I can't do that. I was focused on me and my own guilt. One of the most spiritual things you can do is become abundance so that then you can add value to other people. I have a team of people that I'm able to pay that has value to them. I have family members that have been through some hard stuff over the last year. Guess what? I have the abundance and energy to help them through different things. If I wasn't helping myself, I didn't fill up my own cup. It would all be about me and how I can't fill up my own cup, and therefore I can't add value to other people. When you start to tap into your spiritual gifts, your spirituality, and you start to align it with your idea of being abundant, what you will find is that then you can add more value to more people. One of the most spiritual things you can do is to become immensely abundant so that then you can add value to the people around you.

Then you could add value to yourself. You could do your passion on your terms. You don't have to have some nine to five job that drains your energy. By doing that, that will transform your life. I've created an immense amount of abundance, three simple four-step process that I call, M. I. V. S. it's a simple formula that has allowed me to go full time doing what I love. Whether that's on social media, whether that's creating YouTube videos, whether that's you're an artist, whatever it is, you don't need hundreds of thousands of followers to do this. You can do this with a very small audience. Actually, if you know the right process, if you know the right strategy. The game-changer for me was, I remember as I was growing on YouTube, I had like 20,000 subs, and I asked somebody that had more subs than me.

What do I, how many subs do I need to go full time? And what he said was, he said, he's like, it doesn't matter the sub count, it matters. The relationship, the relationship you have with the people that do follow you go full time at 500 followers on Instagram if you do it the right way if you have the right formula. That was a game-changer for me. From that Pullman on, I became more abundant than ever through applying a simple four-step process called MIVS, and I share it in a webinar that you can join below where I will share with you exactly how to apply MIVS which will help you go full time doing what you love. Whether you're a healer, Reiki practitioner, you have ideas you want to share. You're an aspiring Instagram or podcasts or YouTube or uh, whether you want to be a coach, whatever you want to do.

I show you how you can go full time. It doesn't take hundreds of thousands of subscribers. You can do it with a very small audience if you know what to do. In that video, I will show you exactly how I did it and how I did it in a spiritual way. And my buddy Victor Oddo and I did that too. Victor Oddo also applied the same formula, and we've both gone from, you know, working jobs we didn't care about he was a personal trainer to living in the immense amount of abundance. We show you exactly how to go through that process with MIVS. We'll show you how to do that as well. You don't need to be at; you don't need to be an expert. He's got to be a step ahead of everyone else. Do your own research, depends on what you're doing. But anyway, I wanted to share that with you. We'll show you how to do that in training.

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