Stop trying to “Manifest” money and instead do this


I'm going to show you why you should stop trying to manifest money or make money. I'm going to show you this one little twist that when you make in your thought process changes absolutely everything, and by the end of this blog, you'll know exactly how to apply it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a perspective shift, a twist that changes everything when it comes to you creating more money or more abundance in your life. First off, realize that when I share these videos and these ideas, it comes under this premise and this understanding that our beliefs are creating or allowing us to perceive a certain reality. Our beliefs are reflected back to us, and if we want to change the outer reality, we must first change the inner reality or what we believe about the inner or outer reality.

When we change our beliefs, we change everything. Within our beliefs, we have our language and our language to us. We reveal what we believe about reality. What we believe about relationships, what we believe about money, and based on what we say in our language that will determine subconscious beliefs about it. There are many times I get where people will ask me, how do I manifest this? When does this happen? How do I do this? And in the language, you can see their beliefs about money. It might be something like, how can I attract more money when it's really, really hard to do? How can I attract a certain person to my life when I don't feel worthy?

Or why is every guy or girl that I date this type of way, this type of like negative way? If you, if you're saying, why is this type, why is every person I date this type of way?There's a belief in that language that says that girls or guys that you date are these types of way. It's embedded in there, but you don't. We don't necessarily always see it. When it comes to this, what we can then become aware of is the language we are using. Here's the thing with making money and manifesting money. Think about what that implies. If you have to make money, it is implying that the money doesn't already exist, and not only that, it is illegal to make money.

If you were to go and make money and print off money, the secret server, if you're in the United States, the secret service would show up at your door, and you could go to jail for a long time. It is illegal to make money, but even beyond that, I know that that's just kind of like a funny play on words, but think about it. We are implying with our beliefs, with our language, that we have to create something that doesn't already exists and that's why a lot of times when I share ideas on the law of attraction, what I talk about is you don't have to. Yeah. When you say beliefs create reality, a more accurate statement is that beliefs perceive of different realities because all realities you can imagine already exists if you believe you have to create your own reality. It's almost like you would imagine that this house doesn't already exist.

For me to experience it, I have to create all of this energy and have to go for me to create it. It implies so much trying, so much struggle, and the key to this is realizing you don't have to create it. It already exists. The money you want to manifest already exists. Even manifestation sometimes implies that it doesn't already exist. I have to manifest. It's out of thin air. It is about acquiring and collecting that money, that abundance, and the philosophy I share in this video can be an absolute game-changer in your life if you begin to apply it. I applied it in my life and my whole entire life's change. I went from working a nine to five job, which by the way, I believed that I was only worthy of working a nine to five job I wasn't passionate about.

Not only did I believe that, but my self-image. I saw myself as somebody that worked in nine to five job that I wasn't passionate about, and therefore the reality that was equal to my beliefs was me working at Barneys, New York selling woman's shoes. It was all equal. It was all in alignment with the beliefs I had to the self-image that I had. When we're talking about creating and making money, it is implying that struggle is implying that that that difficulty, many people have beliefs that money is hard to make or you have to work really, really hard to get money and we'll talk a lot a little bit about that as well. But in general, the thing I really want to show you is that money is a side effect.

Money is a side effect of you doing what you love and adding value, and when you're doing what you love, normally, you are adding value energetically. That is what shifted everything for me. Even when I had that nine to five job I wasn't passionate about. If I went in every day to it and it was a completely sales-based commission job. If I went in every day and I was focused on trying to make money, it was all about me. Who acquiring the money? Can I please make it? Can I have it? Because if I have it, then I will feel better than I will be able to buy things that I want, but you see the way that the universe works are what you put out is what you give back. When you switch the focus from how can I get, which by the way, is a selfish way of looking at it instead of what can you give because all editor like money is bad.

That's what a lot of spiritual people think. Money is bad. If you believe money is bad, then subconsciously you will do everything you can to keep it away from you because you don't want to be bad. The thing is when you realize that money is neutral; money is just a neutral prop that we use in reality to exchange energy. Then you start to relate to it differently. That's all money is. Money is an exchange of energy that we've agreed upon. Has a certain value. Therefore, because we've agreed upon it, we exchange money for different services, for different energy, for different products. The way people go about manifesting money in making money is they're only focused on the, on the, on the taking of the money versus focusing on the energy exchange, the giving of the money, which then giving of the energy that then exchanges the money, which then changes everything.

When I even went into my nine to five job that I wasn't passionate about, if I focused on trying to get from customers, Oh, well you buy that shoe because then you'll give me the money for it and I'll get ended up getting a commission of that. That's very selfish. People could feel that too. When you switch that in your mind, and you start to see, wait, how can I give value to this person? How can I genuinely help them? Not only how can I genuinely help them, but how can I like to increase their state? How can they leave better than when they came in? The days that I did that were the days I had amazing days, I'd go in and say, if sometimes I wouldn't even focus on the making of the money, I'd focus on just the giving. I'm going to talk to this person and connect with them.

Every customer I have I'm going to be present with, and I'm going to increase their state of being. The irony is that when you increase someone's state of being, the then more likely to be in an excellent state to were then they do want to buy. It was something that worked in that way in a very powerful, and the reason I share that with you is that most people, when they talk about manifesting money making money, first off, you all believe that it's very hard to do. Do you have to create something out of nothing? But secondly, you're focused on only the taking of it instead of the giving of the energy. If you're doing what you're passionate about, it won't be hard when people say, Oh, it's hard to make money.

It means that the way you're going about trying to make money is you're doing something you're probably not passionate about. When I make videos every day, I make videos every single day that I have for three years in a row, and I'm absolutely passionate about it. Some days when I'm, especially when I was back in Vegas, I'd worked like 12 to 14 hours a day. It was not hard work at all. It is so easy for me to focus on what I love doing. So this is about being aware that if you believe you have to work hard for money, then it is implying that you aren't doing what you love. And what I would then do is start to focus on what do you like to do? What are you passionate about? Everyone here on the planet has a purpose. Many of you have a purpose of spreading light and love and healing.

You know you might be a Reiki practitioner, you might be somebody that spreads ideas or these, this is a powerful time right now where many people are waking up on the planet. It might have something to do with that, but the idea is to become aware of what it could be. Start to set the intention to find out, and when you find out what that is, it'll change so much about you. I started when I started to see myself as somebody that was a creator instead of a consumer changed everything. I saw myself as a consumer for years. I would read books, I would listen to seminars, I would meditate, and I wouldn't create at all. It wasn't putting out any energy into the world. I was just taking it. I was very happy with it. Everything changed when I started to create, started to see myself as a YouTuber.

I started to see myself as somebody that added value, and the irony of that is now I'm more abundant than I could eat it even dreamed of probably a two year ago, even a year and a half ago. And it all comes from making this shift within yourself of knowing that your reality is simply a reflection of what you believe about yourself and how you see yourself. And the key to this, 90% of the transformation is simply becoming aware of what that is for you. Aware of what the story you tell yourself about money is aware of the self-image of the way you see yourself and how much you think you're able to make. When you pay attention, and you become aware of this, you can then see that it's most likely an autopilot. You may believe that you can make the same amount that your mom or dad made.

It's a hammy down belief. It was an agreement that you made subconsciously through seeing them interact in a certain way. They told you, Oh, we don't have the money to afford this toy that you want. And you said, Oh, that's the way reality works. There's not enough to go around. But when you start to question those beliefs, and you start to see them for what they are, not your beliefs, agreements that you made in the past, you take accountability that you agreed to it. You agreed to their beliefs, and you thought they were your own, but no longer does you continue to and want to live like that. This is about being aware of that.

The more you do what you're passionate about as well, the more height your vibration goes, and the higher your vibration goes. When you're thinking and intending for things, the easier it happens has to do with raising your vibrational state of consciousness. When we're talking about making money, if the focus is on the money, then, of course, especially making it, which is completely illegal, the idea is you have to print it out of nothing. No, you want to resonate with money vibrationally. But in order to resonate with that money, you also have to be putting out the energy of who you really are. And maybe who you are is you create amazing art.

Maybe who you are is you're a fantastic team leader, and you love to work with other people. Maybe who you are as somebody that has a spreads idea via podcast or via social media. You see, the way that money works are money comes to those that add some sort of perceived value. I say per speed perceived value because you could say, because that could be debatable. You could look at Coca-Cola who has corn syrup inside of its products, and when you eat it over time, or you drink it over time, it has a very acidic effect on your body, and over time, it can be very unhealthy for you. But the people that drink it don't see it that way. They get some type of perceived value even if it's a tasty drink for the three minutes that they drink it or whatever it is.

This is about being aware of your value system. But this is more about just being aware that everything that is exchanged for money has that of some type of perceived value. And if you are putting out value, don't focus on the money, focus on the value. The money will come easily, the money. And the more that you develop this momentum, this wheel that starts to go in a certain direction is the more that then what happens is it becomes easier and easier and easier to spin that wheel in a way. For example, for me to manifest more money now, it's very easy. Used to be, it takes more energy. But now it just happens because of being in a high vibe setting little intentions because I developed a certain amount of momentum.

What I would recommend to you is a process where you look, and you will imagine, use your imagination, connect to the reality, which by the way, already exists because all quantum physics shows us as all realities exist. Your imagination connects you to the version of you that is doing what you're passionate about. Must be connected to your heart. You do what you love, you living the kind of lifestyle you want, and what you do is you imagine that version of you and imagine how you think, how you act, how you feel, the habits you have, the books you read. Imagine that version of you, and what you can then do is just decide. That's who you are. You can visualize, feel into it, and know that that reality exists.

If you mirror that version of you the way you think, feel, and act, which also involves the value you put out into the world, you will eventually get the same effects. As long as you trust that vision, move towards that vision. Don't surrender and say, Oprah; it hasn't happened yet. It doesn't. There's a certain momentum that your life has led you up until this point now. If it takes a little bit for the mirror of life to change is because there's a little momentum, but what you can do is start to trust the process. If I was starting to make daily videos on YouTube when I was like, Oh, the Aaron that I prefer to be is the one that makes daily YouTube videos as a full-time YouTuber. If, after two weeks of doing it, I said, ah, there was not a huge difference in my reality.

I give up then this one, I wouldn't be here right now living in beautiful Tulum for the next month, a couple more weeks actually, and then going to Costa Rica for a month. I wouldn't be living that lifestyle because I would have never got to this point. I wouldn't have trusted that vision enough. But I trust this vision. The thing I encourage you to do is to switch around the focus on money and realize money's a side effect of the energy you provide out in the world, but also realize you don't have to make it. You just want to resonate with it vibrationally. And the way you vibrationally resonated with it is by choosing that you're going to put out the value into the world, put out value into the world by being you.

By doing that and by taking action with that and then by raising your vibration, that is what's going to change everything. Something that I do have as well if you want to calibrate your vibration, plus I'll give you two meditations for getting to the next level of vibration, and you want to see what your vibration is currently at. It will calibrate your thought processes and show you where your vibration is using an archetype. And then what that will do is that will allow you to go from where you currently are to the higher level of consciousness. Plus I'll send you emails and the weeks going forward that show you how to get to the next level so it's personalized for you. You get two meditations plus advice as to how to get to the next level of consciousness. Go to

Manifest While You Sleep by thinking of this before bed


I'm going to show you how to manifest while you sleep using this one thought that you should think right before you go to bed at night. This blog, I think, is going to be something that you look back into in the future, and you look back now, and you're like, wow, that's what really changed my life the most over the last couple of months.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you how to, what a lot of people call, manifest while you sleep. The reason I go like this is that I think there's a big misinterpretation. When people go into sleep, they believe that by doing some type of thing. They're going to give themselves permission to receive something in their life then or perceiving something in their life like some type of something they've been wanting or desiring or intending for. Then sometimes, the beliefs themselves will allow that into their life. When we talk about manifesting, while we sleep, part of our beliefs about it will be the major driving force as to whether it really works for us or not.

If you've ever heard, I remember that listened to Abraham Hicks a couple of times where she was talking about that when you sleep, all thought stops. When you see, when you sleep, you neutralize all your thoughts, you neutralize all your energy. Maybe we've gone into higher realms of consciousness, and therefore we've stopped the momentum thought momentum stops. That's the thing that Abraham Hicks says a lot. When it comes to manifesting while we sleep, the idea is that it's more so when we go to bed at night, we did state, we went to bed in the thoughts we thought right before you go to bed if that's where we start off the next day. Normally that's the way it works.

When I'm talking about manifesting while you sleep, I'm talking about using it in a very transformative way, and it has to do with understanding a little bit about how our consciousness works and how our subconscious mind works. To be honest with you, the lifestyle I'm living right now, I used to dream about, not even really dream about before I went to bed at night, you know? I’m in Tulum, Mexico. I wake up every morning, and I make a video, and then I do a couple of little things. Then I go about my day, and I travel. I go to the beach. It's amazing, and I live a life of freedom. I live life on my terms because this is something that, as I was going to bed every single night, what I would do is I would prime myself and knowing this is who I am. I am the kind of person that's able to live wherever I want because I'm able to have my own freedom, and there was a way I saw myself.

Part of my self-image was me wiring in this lifestyle as I went to bed every single night, and now this is my lifestyle. I was using the manifest while you sleep type techniques to go to bed every single night. Even when I had a nine to five job working at a job, I did not like what kind of Barneys New York and women's shoes. I used to go to bed every night imagining not just this lifestyle, but imagining being able to get up everyday and make videos. Even if I lived in Vegas, I imagine not having to go to work every day to a job I wasn't passionate about, and I imagined myself living in that lifestyle and what I did is every single night I went to bed, I simply chose that when I woke up in the morning.

That's who I am. That's who I am. I am the heir, and that makes daily videos on YouTube. That version of me, you see, the thing is when it comes to us as consciousness, there is an infinite number of probable versions of ourselves. We are choosing, and we are the version of us that is most probable, that is most probable based on past experience and how we define ourselves to be. Every morning you wake up, you defined yourself to be a certain way. What I started to do is I went from having that nine to five job and seeing myself as an employee to then start viewing myself as somebody that works for myself. I started to see myself as somebody that makes videos every single day on YouTube, and that shares my ideas for living.

And then even beyond that, I started, I was living in Vegas, and I said, you know what? I want to travel the world. I'm going to see myself as getting up every day and traveling and living in cool places and doing what I want when I want to do it. I decided that that is the version of me that I want to be. When it comes to manifesting, while we sleep, understanding, it's not so much about thinking that while you're sleeping, you're going around and you're putting out this energy, and you're putting up this energy, and you want other people, and you want to be able to attract more to you.

It's more so about influencing your subconscious mind for the way you see yourself for knowing that you are a probable you, and you are the one version of you that you define yourself to be. You see, let me show you an example of this just to make this a little bit easier to understand. The thing is, his focus influences our subconscious mind, but if I were to focus on this version of me for like five minutes a month, it wouldn't gain much momentum. But imagine I am this version of me because I realized that the way I define myself to be is going to be the one that gets momentum, and I continue to wire it in.

Then I wired in with the action. I wire it in by making a video every single day, no matter what I wired in, by seeing myself this way, by acting as this version of me, by being this version of me, and imagine what I do with every day. It starts to compound over time. But what happens normally we'll do something and then they don't get the results immediately. Then they stopped being it. Then they kill that momentum. Imagine the momentum. You're being it. You're being it. You're being it. You're being it. You're being it. You're acting like it. You're thinking like that you, you're having the emotions that version of you. It's beginning to speed up, and now it can actually begin to create the, you know, create its own momentum, and it becomes self-sustaining. But most people do is they be it. They be it, and then they don't get the results, so they stopped.

It stops that momentum from going. But you have to be that version of you. You decide that's who I am now; you have to think thoughts as that version of you feel. The emotions are that version of you. You have to take actions to that version of you. Add the body language, that version of you, read the books, have that version of you, and then notice how your life begins to take on a whole new momentum and don't let outer reality talk you into. Going back to what's familiar, you have to see this vision of you, and you have to know that's who you are. The manifest while you sleep, you must have a vision for who you are and decide that you, that's you. That's you. You have to make that choice, and you have to make that choice every single morning and every single night as you're going to bed, you have to choose.

This is who I am now. This is who I am now. And then you start to realize that over to over a couple of weeks of doing that, the repetition has started to wire in, and it makes it easier and easier to do because then it's just part of who you are. When I make a daily video on YouTube, it's just who I am. It's easy for me to do. Let me show you something really quick. This right here is a little chart thing that I made. Okay, let's see if you can see this. Okay. Right here, you see data alpha-beta. I've explained this before, but let me kind of put it in this chart to make a little bit easier. When we're born, we're primarily in a theta state. The data state is the deepest level where the subconscious mind is easily influenced by the theta state.

Either we get that data state when we're in deep levels of meditation between the ages of zero to eight years old, you're primarily in that data state. That's why they say most of your beliefs are formed when you're between zero and eight years old, unconsciously because you're absorbing the belief of your parents. If your parents have conflict, you might think that it's normal to have conflict in relationships and you may have conflict in some of your relationships if you don't, if money is something hard to come by and you have all these negative beliefs about money, some of them may have been from your parents. The theta state is something that we are between zero and eight years old. We're primarily, and did we turn about between nine to 14 years old? We're in a meeting. Alpha state is less of an ability to influence the subconscious mind, but it still can.

We know that because when you watch television, you're primarily in an alpha state, and television definitely can reprogram your subconscious mind. That's why it's called a television programming television program. The state is the more conscious state that most people are in when they're going to their job, when they're doing thinking about different things. We fluctuate in our day, mainly between beta and alpha state. What happens is as you're going to bed at night, you are drifting from the beta to the alpha to the theta state for about half an hour. You are drifting from here to here. As you're going to bed at night, what you can do is you can impress the image of you, the image of you. How do you see yourself and imagine it through your own eyes?

Imagine it through your own eyes of you being the version of you, knowing that's who you are now, feeling the gratitude in your heart, the language the subconscious mind speaks in is through feeling. Feel as if you're that version of you feel the gratitude for having that in your life. I used to feel the gratitude for being able to wake up in the morning. I would literally imagine myself waking up in the morning, come in, and feeling amazing and get to do what I want. Do what I love. Feel the emotion as you're falling asleep. And that begins to reprogram your subconscious mind then. One of the ways you also reprogram your subconscious mind is through repetition. It's doing this every single night. See yourself as that version of you. Then when you wake up in the morning, be that you be, that you just decide, this is who I am now, be that version of you.

And every single time you do this, you do this for a month. You will see your life transforming the most powerful ways you can imagine. And that's why they say like meditation. It is powerful because it gets you into a data state, and then you can reprogram yourself. When I learned meditation changed my whole life because I realized that I had these subconscious beliefs like I am not worthy. It's kind of hard to write on this. I'm not worthy. I have ADHD. I have this painful past that this is what it means. And then what I did is I learned how to get into that data, state of meditation. And then I learned how to change it. I learned how to see myself in a different way. Is it still blurry? There we go. And am I doing that over time? That changed everything about me is changing my vision for myself, how I act, and knowing that that just simply is who I am now.

Every single night as you go to bed, view yourself as that version of you and feel as if that, that version of you don't just think it because thinking it is a more on the surface feeling is closer to the subconscious mind. Let me show you something really quick as well. This is going to help you understand more of reality in general. I shared this a long time ago, but this will change a lot because most of the time we're told that thoughts create reality, but it's actually thoughts are the surface of the part of the process. Let me show you. Okay, here we go. We normally think, oh wow, I manifest while I sleep. I need to be thinking about the thoughts of that version of me. This is how it works. Okay, here's you right here.

Our beliefs are what creates reality. If we believe that we're not worthy, then we're going to feel the emotions. You know, feelings come from beliefs. You must first believe something to be true. Then have an emotion. If you lose your job, you must believe that losing your job as a bad thing, you must believe that you really needed that job or that you have to pay your bills. You must have some belief that then generates an emotion, a feeling, which then from that feeling, then you feel thoughts that are equal to that feeling. That's why they say you change your state. You change your life. Because when you change your state, you also changed the feelings and the thoughts that you have access to. Then you have the thoughts, and that's why they say thoughts create reality. Thoughts create reality. Well, you could think about a Lamborghini, but if you don't believe you're worthy of it, then you won't actually experience it.

If you don't believe that it's something you could do in your life, then you won't have all these other things that align with it. Then the thoughts you have then eventually get you to take action, which then gets you certain results, and then those results reaffirm the belief. When we talk about manifesting while you sleep, it's not just the thoughts you think the subconscious mind works in the form of beliefs and feelings. This is where you want to be when it comes to manifesting while you sleep, you want to feel the what it would be like to be that version of you feel the gratitude and then simply believe and you see that be that version of you be that version of you, and you do that with your imagination. You imagine that version of you. You know that people like, I've done it before.

Other people have done it before. Then you can do it as well. What do you believe about manifesting while you sleep? Do you believe you can just wake up as that version of you and be in that vibration? You see, the best thing though, is to have all of these aligned to change your life. What I do is I have my beliefs, which I believe that I'm abundant. I believe that I do what I love for a living. And then what I do is I help other people believe that about themselves. People see me doing what I love for a living, and I tell people, you can do what you love for a living too. They see me as an example. Then from that stems a belief in a known, you know, maybe I can do it to a hope that maybe I can do it to feelings and the thoughts.

Then they'll back it up with action. Like I did making videos every day. Then I started getting results, and then that fueled me to take more action to feel and have more belief in myself, to have more feelings and thoughts equal to that. Align all these together. But the best time to do that, the best time to think as you have that version of you as you're falling asleep at night is right when you're falling asleep. To see yourself as that version of you and to know that when you wake up in the morning, that's who you are now. That's who you are now. If you didn't know, I have a free meditation on manifesting while you sleep, but so one of annuity newer ones that I've made is extraordinarily powerful. Let's do it every single night for 21 days.

As I said, it's you repetitiously been the version of you that you are now for consistency consistently, and that's why you have the reality you have consistently. Why you're in this new version of you as you fall asleep at night, and you will know that in the course of 21 days, your whole entire life can transform. It'll show you exactly how to do all of this. It's really easy. You just have to have; you have the guided process of her going through it and commit to it and watch how your life begins to change. As you're falling asleep at night, know that that's who you are, when you wake up in the morning, why you're in that vibration. See yourself as the version of you.

Don't just see yourself as that version of you, but live as if you see through your own eyes as that version of you, and you notice that your life begins to change in a very powerful way. This is what I use in my own life. This is why I live the lifestyle that I do now. And right now, I'm using this as well to see myself traveling the world giving seminars, which is something I'm moving into very soon. Within the next three to six months. I'll be doing that, and you'll see me, and you could see that it works for me and it can work for you too. You will see in the next three months I started doing live events and you could then say, yep, I remember that video that I saw there, and he was talking about that, and now he's living in it works. Then you can believe that it can work for you as well. You see? So, this is what's powerful.

3 (hidden) Esoteric Manifestation Techniques that work like magic (only use for good)


I'm going to show you three hidden esoteric manifestation processes for creating your dream reality that you most likely never heard of before. These are the things I use in my own life, and if you apply them in your life, I think it will dramatically change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those hidden esoteric ways to go about manifestation. Some of them I have been implying in my life indirectly for a while, and a few of them are completely new to me, but yet I'm finding a lot of benefit in them. I figured I would just make this blog and condense them all into one. First off, one of the things that absolutely blew my mind when I went to my spiritual awakening is knowing this so deep within myself, the things I was learning about reality, the things I was reading about, the things I was researching and wondering why was it in?

Isn't this taught at any level in school? Why isn't it offered as some form of the curriculum? Why am I finding this out? Through absolute chance, in a way, went through certain things and then went through that spiritual awakening. Why am I learning about it this way and not something that I was ever had access to that information? Well, what I eventually learned is that there are different people that do know about some of this information. Of course, he has. It's out there in some ways. Obviously, we have like the movie the secret and other movies that are in the mainstream, like what the bleep do we know, and I like the documentary showing quantum physics. However, what they are is they're not necessarily well known within the collective consciousness.

You may just find yourself stumble upon it. However, there are people that do know about this kind of information. Some people call it the back government. There are many different names for it. However, I will say that there are organizations that know about these manifestation techniques, or they practice them in some ritualistic type way. However, it's about understanding that we can do that with ourselves. We can, in a way, hack our own energy, and we can use it for good as the major difference between how some people think and how other people think. Some people may use it to control and manipulate when you can actually use it for yourself, to tap into energies within yourself that really allow things to manifest in a very quick way.

Understand that manifestation really is a natural byproduct of the way reality works. When we're talking about esoteric manifestation, we're talking about ways of understanding our consciousness, how we think, feel, and act, and how to optimize that did then experience a new reflection in life. The reason I say and I always emphasize that we're already manifesting is because it makes the manifestation process much easier. You don't have to learn how to do that. You're not already doing. What you want to learn to do is how to more easily get that what you want instead of that what you don't want. For example, if you're creating a lack of money, you are manifesting a lack of money because there's some type of belief there that holds an abundance of money from coming into your life or realized as well. There's always abundance.

If you're getting an abundance of money, then great. If you're getting an abundance of black, then you're still getting into abundance. You get an abundance of whatever you focus on. We've talked about manifestation. Understand, first off, it's a very easy natural byproduct for the way reality works, and when we understand that, we didn't realize that it's easier for us to create what we want in our life. The esoteric parts that I want to share with you are things that I've either seen other people do, and then I decided to use myself or the things that I've read about that I am. I know people as well that use it in their own life. I've been applying this to my life now. The first esoteric manifestation process has to do with something called archetypes. If you've ever heard of an archetype and archetype in a way is a manifestation of the collective unconscious bias or the collective consciousness. An archetype might be a certain type of personality construct.

Think of an archetype like the fool, the King, the warrior, the joker, and the queen. There are many different archetypes. And these, you can also just look at the taro. The taro is something that you'll see many different archetypes with. When you're looking at archetypes, understand that we have a collective consciousness that we're all connected to. When it comes to archetypes, these archetypes live within us, and as we give ourselves or permission to exude some of the characteristics of these archetypes or find that our vibration then begins to change. To remember your reality is a direct reflection of your vibration. Let me share with you how someone I know uses this.

My friend, his name is Austin. He used this idea of archetypes to create himself to be more confident. Here's exactly how we did it. He noticed this a couple of years ago. He noticed that Connor McGregor. There are archetypes that have been around for thousands of years. Then there are people in our collective that also ensured certain energy. When you focus on anything, you begin to take on some of that energy. That is something to remember. Whatever you focus on activates within you. What he did is he paid attention to that of Connor McGregor. Connor McGregor is a UFC fighter. He was the one that fought in the boxing match. And he is somebody that walks very confidently. He has a certain way that he carries himself. He also uses the law of attraction, by the way.

He claims that the reason for his success was using the law of attraction, which I find really cool. And he's somebody that you would consider to be like the staple Chuck person of that, of confidence. What Austin decided is you said, Hey, I want to be more confident. What he did is he imagined that of Connor McGregor, and he, in a way, imagine channeling and Connor McGregor's energy. He mirrored the energy of Connor McGregor. He would practice walking like him. He would practice, highly, would think he practiced moving like him. He thought like him. How would he think? He said that within a short time of doing this, his whole entire body language change, he said he started to carry himself differently. He said that even as he was working out and doing different at the gym, his back started to change, and he feels like his back changed cause kind of graders don't drive a very wide back. He said his back started to develop a similar type of structure.

He said he felt like he carried himself even in the this, his muscles in his body started to form differently because he was channeling Connor McGregor's energy. You see Connor McGregor; the energy of Connor McGregor exists within everyone. We're all reflections of each other. What Austin did is he tapped into the energy within himself and began to channel recall memory. It's hard to say very fast. He began to channel Connor McGregor, his energy, and then he started to take on the characteristics not understanding whenever you focused on, you bring on the vibration of it. That's why it's important that you also focus and have people that you may want to be like, what you focus on instead of maybe people that exude negative characteristics or brings within you like more of the primal desires or you want just to pay attention where you put your energy.

The way that you can hack this by understanding archetypes, now, do you see yourself, let me ask you this. There are certain archetypes that maybe already active within you. You know, our identity creates our reality. If you view yourself as a victim, then you may sense or see yourself as that. And since you are embodying that art, the type of in yourself, you made the experience more and more of a reflection of your life, of being the victim. But you see, if you let go of that archetype, and you start to look him maybe to be more of a warrior or more of a King or more of just somebody that I'm a magician, for example, able to create magic in your life, then you'll find that your life begins to change in a very powerful way as look that I have as well that will help with that.

It's just kind of getting in my mind something called, what's my what it will do is it will calibrate your vibration, show you your vibration in the form of an archetype, and then you will know how to get to the next level of consciousness. I will give you two meditations when you go through that process. What's my and you get two meditations to help you get to the next level. Plus, I'll send you emails as to how to get to the next level, the next archetype, so that's something that's interested in you. You can see the topic description box below. What's Mike and you can take, it's a short survey that calibrates your thought processes add that had a lot of people go through it.

They say it's really cool, and it's really accurate, so check it out. Let me know what you think. Maybe comment back below which of the archetypes you got for the calibration vibration, and I just wanted to share that as well. When we're thinking about this, though, be aware of the activation within you, which archetypes are already within you, and then simply decide to let them go with it, to be in the vibration you prefer. Maybe hack by looking at different archetypes and deciding which ones you want to be more like, and then give yourself permission to exude that energy. I do this by reading certain people's books that I want to be more like. I may be like, okay, I want to go into this phase of my life of doing live events. Who are some people that do amazing live events with Tony Robbins?

I may read his book and get into his thought process and realized that as I read in his book, I'm literally taking on the part of this vibration. I'm bringing in, activating that within myself. You see, that's what we can begin to become aware of. It is where you are focused? Cause wherever your focus, you're bringing that energy within you and then simply decide to have a goal or an image of somebody. That's also why I think that if you look to the ancient like the yogis, you know, a lot of people in Eastern and the Eastern philosophy or Eastern, like religious type way of being, what they'll do is they'll meditate with like a picture of some enlightened guru. Well, when they look into the eyes of that guru, even though it's at a picture, it activates within them that same divine energy.

It's a representation of the divine, which also exists within us. Archetypes are a very powerful way to hack our own reality. The second esoteric way to go about manifestation is something that I want to share. That's called a sigil. I don't know if I'm saying that right, but it is something that I've applied a little bit before, but now I'm starting to apply more. Essential is when you get into a meditative state, what you can do, this is an ancient way of going about manifestation. It's been around for a long time. But what you do is you, you focus on what you want to create this state within yourself. What you do is you imagine for whatever that is, that vision for what you want to create, and what you do is you then focus on it, and then you have an image that represents whatever that is. For example, and you can make that image as well.

It's also kind of like an anchor. An anchor is when you do something with your body. Like before I make these videos, I go, welcome back. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron. Anytime I go like this; it anchors me into a flow state. That's why I do, when I first started making videos, I knew about anchor thing. I started to do it, and now it's like I can go in the middle of the grocery store, go like this, and I'll start to feel like that energy of like the flow state. It's kind of cool, but in the same way, imagine you have an image, a visual image, and in it, imagine you wanted to create a relationship in your life. The perfect relationship T P R now imagine you got T and then you had P and you had our all in one symbol and it was like some like esoteric looking thing.

Imagine that it doesn't really matter exactly what it looks like. The idea though is that it represents to you some type of frequency, and you did believe, and you just know that the more you stare at this, you meditate, and you get to a, a very present state and you meditate on this image is the more you're going to bring that vibration into your life. This is a very powerful process, and once you can do is you can begin to imagine the ideal reality I really recommend you have also connected to your heart. And what you do is you imagine yourself in that state. You get to that peak state, and then you stare at this image. You simply allow yourself to soak in that image, soaking that vibration, and then doing that and every single day for five or 10 minutes, especially with the belief that it works believing and you can read other, you know, people that have used this process and start to build that belief.

But is it actually true that this thing works for programming your subconscious mind? Well, your beliefs create your reality. What is a belief? It's a thought. You keep thinking it's something that's repetitiously wired in a belief is something that we use so that we don't have to think so much. It's something that's on autopilot, and if you focus on that, you simply know it works. When you let it go, then it can work for you. A sigil is a powerful way, an image of something that you, that you focus on that then allows you to get to a certain state. Would you allow yourself to get that state? And every time you see it, it'll just kind of like angry you backward to that vibration. I recommend you do that for like five or 10 minutes a day.

Have some symbols that you make. Focus on it, believe. Simply know that it works and then use it and see how it works for you. That's something that will work very well when you apply it, as well. Here is something else that I wanted to share. One of the most powerful processes you will ever use for manifestation indirectly. This isn't going to look at the surface like it's going to transform your life absolutely. But I promise you it will is learning to meditate. It's learning to observe your thoughts. When you become nothing, you can then become anything. You become free. The meditation is about getting to this place, and Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this too. It talks about stepping into the unknown, which is where magic can be created. But what we can begin to do is get to that nothing type meditation.

When we get to that level of meditation, when we get to that state of presence, we are so present inside of our body. You'd come more into your body. You become more present, but what you can then begin to do is by being present, by becoming nothing, by detaching from any labels, you become free. I used to have a vision or instead of a self-image and said, I have ADHD, I have too much energy, and because of that I took Adderall, a prescription drug for it and then eventually other meditation and from learning meditation, I become aware that I thought I had ADHD. I believed in that reality so much. I let go of that. I let go of that label, and as I let go of that label, I didn't redefine myself. I said, I just need to meditate every day. I just need to ground myself in nature.

I grabbed it right here, his backyard, and I walked on it. We're going to bed at night, and it grounds me, and I redefined myself. I became nothing. I didn't become, I wasn't that have the ADHD. I changed and let go of it. Letting go of these labels, letting go of believing you can only make a hundred thousand a year, 50K a year, 20 K here, letting go of that. You can then start to become anything. Simply observe your thoughts, and as you observe your thoughts every day, you'll find that your life will begin to change in a very powerful way. Get to that state of presence, become nothing, and then you could become anything. Let me know what you thought of this blog because I had more esoteric manifestation techniques. If you want me to share more esoteric manifestation techniques, let me know. I'll come back to this blog once it's live and I'll see if how many people if it was something that people really liked.

If there's enough, I will make a part two, which will be three more esoteric type manifestation techniques you can apply. The thing I recommend you do is to imagine the best possible version of you and imagine how you think, feel, and act, and simply decide that's who you are. It's one of the biggest manifestation processes I've ever found. And as to the identity shifting, just deciding that actually you are giving yourself permission to be that version of you. That's what I did to become a full-time YouTuber. That's what I did to live the lifestyle I live right now. That's what I did let go of believing I had ADHD. It's what I did to really be in a high vibration is just realizing that version of you already exist. Mirror the behaviors, the habits, the books, that versions of reading, all of it, and you will be to get that reality.

Stop “creating your own reality” and instead do this


I'm going to show you why you should not create your own reality, and I'm going to show you something you can do instead that makes the process so much easier and by the end of this blog, you'll know exactly how to do it and you won't go back to the old way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a paradigm that is more powerful than the way you may have been going about creating your own reality because it has to do with understanding more about the quantum physics of how things work. When we talk about beliefs and how beliefs create our own reality, it's a language that we use, but the language is incorrect. When we say that beliefs create reality, it assumes that the realities we can experience don't already exist.

It almost assumes that there's some long drawn out process for a way that we must then and not have a certain thing in our reality to then create it actually to happen. Not knowing that it already exists. It's simply that we don't perceive it. Think of it as a movie that has already been filmed, and there are many different versions of that movie that have already been filmed. And you could say, well, we were going to create this version of the film, but the version has already been created is simply about putting that film into the film, strip into the slot where the light shines through so that you can then perceive of it.

But it would sound funny to say, well, you got to create that movie again. It's like, no, we've already created that version. Then the same way, there are different versions of us that are experiencing different realities. When we say you have to create your own reality, it comes with the notion that there isn't a parallel reality that exists that isn't that it already exists. The reason I say this is because many times, we hear beliefs create reality. I remember I used to think that, you know, I used to focus on my beliefs on how they create reality. It just seemed like such a hard, drawn-out process. Even when you think of beliefs, what is a belief? I found the process; it's much easier to understand. It's also much more powerful when we're talking about this whole process, and it has to do with knowing that things really can be easy.

It's just about understanding our perception, where our focuses and understanding this idea. Every reality exists that we can imagine, and our beliefs are what allow those realities in. Think of it like when you go, every time you go out of your backyard, it looks like the same exact backyard. But what's happening is we're going into the backyard, and we perceive of it just a little bit different every time we go back there, but we tell ourselves a story. This is the same backyard as yesterday. This is the same backyard as yesterday. Because of that, we continued to experience the same thing over and over and over again. However, if we were to drop that story and if we were to understand that every tree, every moment as if it's fresh and new, we bring a lot more magic and a lot more lightness into our life. But this is about being aware of the beliefs we have about the process itself.

This is the thing as well when it comes to manifestation if we believe that manifestation is hard than it is hard. What our beliefs are about the process has a strong influence over what we experience. I've realized this in my life, too, because I do take a lot of action with what I love doing. I did take a lot of action. I make a video every single morning even though I probably don't have to make a video every day. I'm pretty far ahead on videos, but nonetheless, I do it. I do enjoy making podcasts, episodes, sharing stuff on social media, and we, this would be considered my job. However, is it that when I take action, it actualizes things into my reality, or is it also that I have such a strong belief in taking action because I've had my own experience. If I take action, then I get a certain result.

Like when I started going full time on YouTube, I started taking a lot of action, and then I started to get rid of warded for that action I was taking could it had been then. Then I started to believe in the process of taking action and that now in a way I'm acting out that taking action and then getting a certain result in reality, and it's mainly that it's my beliefs about that action that's bringing it into my reality. You see, I'm not, I do not think that it's only the action. I think it's also the belief in the action. Maybe it's not like, you know, I make a daily video on YouTube. I love making these videos, but part of me believes that I need to keep making a daily video to keep the channel to keep growing. Maybe if I stopped doing VA videos, that would go away.

I catch myself in these beliefs. Maybe it's my belief in that process that is bringing that into my reality. Whatever we believe to be true is being reflected back to us. It's being reflected, not that we have to create it. It's a reality that it already exists, and it's reflecting back to us. You see, this is where the process begins to change, and then we can start to understand how easy manifestation can be. Manifestation can be so much easier, but if you believe manifestation is hard, then it will be hard. If you believe that manifestation takes a lot, a lot of hard work, then it will take a lot of hard work. I've been changing my beliefs about work in general, knowing that it can be much easier. I can enjoy the process, I can enjoy making videos and yes, maybe it's still a includes the action of taking videos, but I enjoy it, so it doesn't matter to me even if it does take a little bit of action, but what is your belief about manifestation?

Do you believe that it is hard to manifest? Do you believe things don't come easily? Do you believe that you have to take a whole bunch of resistant action to get results then? Because if you believe that that's the case, then you'll find that that is your reality. Your reality is being reflected back to you based upon what you believe, and if you want to change your beliefs, then simply start to understand this notion. Get the notion that it can be easy, it can be easy, and that's what I intend to do with this video is to show you don't have to create your own reality. It already exists. What you can do is imagine the version of you which already exists right now. Imagine that version of you and then imagine that versions of use, thoughts, actions, emotions, and then simply mere that version of you mirror it in your reality.

Some people say, Oh, you can model success. You can. I could model Tony Robbins if I want to get a similar result in reality as Tony Robbins. I can model what he's doing or whatever I could do, and I could model the thoughts, behavior, actions, the way he did his live events. I can start to model that, and then I'll eventually get a certain result. That's what a lot of what he teaches is modeling. However, what I'm sharing with you is you can model the best version of yourself using your own imagination, create your reality. No, it already exists. Model that version of you, and you will then eventually perceive that reality. Think about it like this. When you go out into public today, if you do, when you go out into public, you may have a certain belief about the way that people perceive you.

You may have a certain belief about your own state, how you feel that day, your own mood. And what'll happen is when you go out, you will perceive the reality that you believe you deserve. You will perceive the reality based on your state of being, and you will then pick up on the information in your environment based upon those beliefs. Think about that. There's an infinite number of potentials that exist when you go out in public, but the only ones you perceive up are the ones that are in alignment with your beliefs, your beliefs actualize and then allow you to perceive of what's in alignment. That brings a new basis to it. What do you believe? Because whatever you believe is going to be what is reflected back to you.

You see, that's the thing. All realities exist right now in reality, you perceive of is the potential that has been actualized due to your beliefs, and your beliefs are also your stories. I say stories because the beliefs we have about reality seem very intellectual. The stories about reality, it could become aware of what are the stories we tell ourselves. We realize and understand the stories because we understand movies. Think about the movies that you like to watch. The movies you really relate to. Do you relate to the hero in the movies? Do you relate to the damsel in distress? Do you relate to the villain? Do you relate to the cameo? Do you relate to the person that's the best friend of the star of the movie you see?

What do you relate to? Because you may find that some of your stories is also in the characters that you identify the most wit and that when you become aware of these different stories that you tell yourself, you have a story about relationships, you have a story about love, and you have a story about that of your family. You have a story about how you relate to the world. What I'm sharing with you right now is that you can become aware of your account about manifestation in general and if you believe that manifestation is very, very hard, and difficult, and he needs to understand every single part of the process intellectually. And if you believe you have to control everything, then guess what?

What you will have to control everything and you will have a big burden on your back, and it will feel like there is so much for you to do because you believe the ego has to do everything. But what if you allowed the process to be easier? What have you allowed yourself to realize that every reality exists now, and all you have to do is tune to it, tune to that radio station? A radio signal is already existing for the reality you want to experience. You can then just tune your radio, dial to that frequency, and decide that's who you are. Now link up that identity. That's what I did. I literally feel like in the past when I was working that job, I didn't care about going into work every day to being on autopilot, selling women's shoes and I was at home, and I realized to myself, and I said, what is the one thing I can do every single day that would change my life the most over the next year?

And in a way, I felt like my future version of me reached out to me and said, make a video a day. Your life will change a video a day, no matter what. And that's exactly what I did. I made a video every single day I lived as that version of me. I said, what does the fulltime view tuber version of me do make a video every single day, so I simply decided that too, why I am now, and I made a video every single day. From that point going forward and I have since February 2017 because I believe that that is the version of me that I was wiring in, and I simply mirrored that versions of these daily habits. I realized I was making a video every day in a certain way. Even though I was working a nine to five job, and I was very busy, I simply made that my dominant reality, my dominant vibration eyelid from the identity of that version of me.

That's why I talk a lot about being as if be as if you don't act as if B as if this is about your identity. How do you see yourself and how do you see yourself and realizing whatever you're doing in acting is a temporary thing. Who are you being been who you are? You do, and you are who you are because it's who you are and of itself. You are acting because you're playing a role, you are acting to get somewhere that you aren't currently. You are trying to escape the moment. If you're acting as if, if you're doing something with the sake of getting somewhere else, if you are as if you recognize that version of you already exists, you imagine that versions of use, thoughts, emotions, habits, actions, and then you mirror it because you decide, that's who I am now.

Then that's the end of itself. Why do I make daily videos on YouTube because of somewhere it gets me in the future? No, I make videos because it's who I am. When you start to do and live from this level, it changes everything because it's not a temporary fix. It's not some temporary thing that you think is not something that's fleeting that comes and then goes. It's who you are. You don't get in life than what you think or what you feel. You get in life who you are. Even if you think about something for a certain period of time, if you eventually let those thoughts go because it's not who you are, it fades away. If you are just to go back to your old habits, it was just something you acted as if it wasn't permanent.

It wasn't really who you are, but if instead, you realize I am somebody that just eats healthy, guess what? That's a part of your identity. You are somebody that values your body. You are somebody that eats healthy food, not because of the body you will you because it is who you are. You respect your own body. You are very mindful and aware of what you put into your body and how that goes into how you feel, and because you are aware of this and because you love yourself, you then act, act in that way, but you actually are that version of you don't create your own reality. Don't assume that the reality you want to experience doesn't already exist because it does, but don't create your reality.

Mainly because you're implying, that is very difficult to do. You're implying that you have to create something that doesn't already exist out of the field of potentiality. You are assuming that it has to be way harder than it really is. When instead, you can just relax. Just understand manifestation can be so easy. For the version of me that makes daily videos, which is the version of me now, making videos is super easy because it's who I am. For me to eat healthily, it is super easy because it is who I am. You see things will be easy when you decide it's who you are. Things will be hard when you put it on a pedestal, and you look at it as some character that is not you. If you want things to be easy for you, no, it's who you are.

Commit to it and know it gets easier. Yes. In the beginning, that might be a little bit hard. The first two weeks of eating salads and healthy food, it kind of sucks because you're eating these healthy foods, and there's not as much stimulation. When it comes to deep-fried foods and heavy foods, the stimulation isn't there, but after about two weeks, you start to get used to it. You start to feel the benefits of eating high vibrational food. You start to feel nourished; you start to feel like your taste buds change. You start to taste your food in a different way. You enjoy more of the natural whole grain foods or the whole natural foods where you actually feel and taste the wholeness of it. Your taste buds change.

But that two weeks kind of sucks and same thing when I started making daily videos on YouTube, it's kind of hard. I've got to get up every and make a video and go to a nine to five job, but after about two weeks, it starts to click in. I have to say, wait, this is who I am. The passion starts to run through. You start to get the energy from eating healthy food, and it becomes a part of your identity. Acting as if it implies you're going to do it and then go back to the old identity being as it is an end of itself. This is who I am now, and it comes with the notion that you can just simply decide that to who I am now because that version of me already exists. I'm going to mirror the thoughts, the habits, the emotions, and the identity of that version of me, and then eventually, I will get that reality.

Do not create your own reality. Simply realize it already exists, and in the same way that there are many different film strips that exist, you don't have to create it. You know you've already created different versions of your own movie at a higher level. Simply allow it to be easy. Link up that version of you knowing that you can let things be natural for you. You can let things be easy for you. You can realize your belief about the manifestation process in general, and if you allow it to be easier by knowing it already exists, it will then become easier. With this process in general, something that I do help people with is to help you change your story, change your stories about your life, change your stories about relationship changes, stories about your own identity. ​

And I teach something called being as if I showed you how to be the version of you, and I show you how to let go of the other versions of you, the versions of you that no longer serve. And I do this in something called the shift Academy. It's my month to month coaching program. It is like group coaching with me where every month, I do two-hour-long group coaching where I bring people on live. You see me interact with other people, and I can even interact with you. You have the potential for that if you join. And what happens is I help people go through their story, and the dis-identify with the old to be the new you.

Why you're in that new you, then you have a mastermind community of people that help you to wire in that new you. You are able to go through this process, and you have other people that see you like this new you, and it helps to build this version of you. I have every single month you get monthly videos that show you how to wire in this new you. Then what you also get is you get bonus meditations that help you to wire in this new you. You will also get in with a raise your vibrational set point live event that I did with Leeor Alexandra, and Victor Oddo. You get that for free when you join at that link right now; it was a live event with a live meditation. It's been recorded. Plus, you see us live in action, plus you see and learn how to raise your vibration and your vibrational set point to a whole new level.

You get that for free. When you join right now, and you go to Aaron shift Academy, there are no contracts at all. You can cancel at any time with a simple email to meet, and what this will do is help you to why you're in that new you, when you make a new choice as well. When you make a new choice, you then tended to then go on that parallel reality timeline — sometimes making a choice as you could be. You join in the shift Academy cause by doing so you get the eco-environment of everyone else that helps you wire that in, but she gets me in your corner and helping you to why you're in that new you and then showing you that that's who you are now.

 It's a choice that you make, and one of the ways you can make that choice is by joining the Shift Academy at I would love to help you and have you in my inner circle to help you create the life of your dreams by knowing that your dream is who you prefer to be. And I'll show you how to do that.

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Today, I'm going to be showing you the vibration of your intention plus showing you some things that you need to become more aware of because the truth is wherever we put our attention, we are also putting our energy, and we are resonating in a similar frequency to that which we put our attention on.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What this means is even the television shows you watch the books that you read. If you read someone's biography, you're tapping into their energy and the energy of what the, even if they passed on, if it's like a biography on someone that was successful that passed away a long time ago, you're still picking up on the vibration of that person.

When it comes to this, though, what a lot of people will do is they may put their attention on certain people that maybe they may be interested in, but nonetheless, they are also picking up on the darker energy sometimes of these people. For example, there's a lot of people that have this thing where they love to watch like documentaries on serial killers. People that have like a like done and had like horrible crimes that they've committed, but like the serial killer type thing for some reason is so pop culture where people love to watch about it. Even just seeing their life and what they've been through. Well, what you do is you tune yourself to their energy, and you may find that when you're doing something like that, it ends up having a certain type of effect on your dreams that could be affecting the way that you feel.

Understand that where ever you put your attention, you are putting your energy. I think that one of the reasons you know, there are certain things that you watch, whether it's television or even certain YouTubers might be because you liked their energy and maybe their energy actually helps you or their energy, you know, understand that within all of us we have energies and the potential to resonate with anyone that we're focused on. For example, if there's something you like about my videos, and you may say, Oh, when I watch these videos, I feel a certain way. It's a way that exists inside of you that you are then tapping into. You have within you the ability to feel any emotion you want. But when you focus on certain people, they are bringing up within you the certain energies that already exist.

I call this the subconscious mind, the superconscious mind, or all of our subconscious minds are connected. Whatever you feel, someone else feels, and in the same way, whatever someone else feels when you're watching them, you then tune yourself to their frequency. This is something that also has a two-way mirror. You may start to see this in a new way. If I focus on somebody that may be priorly, a lot of people considered to be negative, a negative person, negative energy, but I focus on them. When I think of them, I don't think of them as having negative energy. I think of them as having more positive energy or just allowing them to be. A lot of times their energy, me when I'm around them, be in a higher vibration state because I'm not expecting them to have negative energy where some people may meet them in life.

Then it's like they have that negative energy, and they tell themselves a story that this person has a lot of negative energy, and every time they see them, they expect them to act that way. But you see, the key to this is understanding that all of us are connected in the way that we expect a lot of people to be. That's normally the way that they will show up for us. One thing you can begin to do is pay attention to where you place your energy and where you place your attention because wherever you place your attention, you are sending energy towards it. If, when you think about the future, you worry about the future, you're putting out energy of a probability of a red reality that you don't want to experience, you're adding energy to that reality. Oh, this is something I'm going to make a whole another video on.

I've made a couple of videos on a series that has to do with narcissists and sociopaths because my ex stepmom was and has characteristics of both a sociopath and narcissist. One thing that I noticed is that narcissist and sociopath's, they love and crave your attention. They always make it about themselves. Everything is about them, and because of that, your attention then goes to them, and when your attention is on them, they feel like they gain energy. They crave attention because they feel and know that attention is energy, and when you make it about them, guess what? They didn't have more energy. Think about it like this as well. When somebody does something bad to someone else, for example, my ex stepmom tried to do everything she can to make my dad even though they'd been divorced, make my dad's life very difficult.

The more my dad sits at home and thinks about how crazy she is, the more he's actually sending the energy to her, even though it's energy of a, you know, she's been developing a very deep level of karma for herself with the way that she treats people, but deep down when she is doing that, when she has that kind of energy, or you don't, you have something like when somebody does something bad to someone and that someone is an always thinking about that bad thing, that person then is has like an energy cord that's tied to that person.

That's almost sending them energy without them even being aware of it. This is why forgiveness is so powerful. What happens in forgiveness is that energy cord, because it is all because there was that, that forgiveness there, you realize that everyone does the best they can with where they are. Sometimes some people are just very lost in their matrix for lost themselves. Wherever you put attention, you put energy, and the key to this is becoming aware of where you're putting your attention. And if you have something that happens to learn to that more. Shift your attention but becoming okay with it. There's um, the, the key to this really is forgiveness and shifting of the attention. Because if somebody did something to you and you keep focusing on it in your mind, you're sending out all this energy, and you're then resonating with the negative effects of it, and that person most likely can also feel it.

I hope they feel that negative energy, but also sending the energies within your own energy field. With doves like that happens. Wherever your attention is, you are in vibrational resonance with that probable reality. If it's something you're thinking about in the future, if it's a person that you're thinking about, you're literally beginning to resonate more like that person. I use this in my own life when I look at like somebody that I want to be like when I'm getting; I'm getting ready right now in the next couple of months to be moving into doing live events. When I do live events, I might look at someone like Tony Robbins or somebody that does live events and look at their vibration, study their vibration, study their books, and by studying it, I know I'm going to begin to resonate. Watch how he speaks.

There's a vibration there that I can begin to see that I can then see the characteristics of and tap into. Let me ask you a question. Is there somebody that you have in your life that raises your vibration that also maybe as somebody that's in a similar, it's something that you want to be doing. Like for example, if you're a painter, maybe there's another painter that's high vibration still that you want to be like you focused on that person. Not like you have to mimic them, but more so focused on them and see what their vibration is about. You are tuning yourself to different vibrations with your focus, and if you focus more on being around people, and that's the other thing as well.

Even just focus when you're around someone else, you're literally immersed in someone else's energy field and vice versa. What are the big best ways to change your life when it comes to your attention is if you change your social circle, and maybe your social circle is, or maybe you bring your people up with you, but normally a lot of times you just have to have great boundaries towards the vision of what you want to create. If you want one of the most powerful processes for creating what you want in your life, develop a vision for what kind of life you want to create. The life that I'm living right now, I used to imagine this life. I used to imagine myself living abroad, living in a foreign country, just having to make, just making videos, and having the abundance to do what I want.

I used to dream of this life. I had a vision of it. I had an idea of doing what I'm doing now. Then what I did is I focused on being that version of me, and then my attention and my focus all went in this direction. It all went in this direction. What can I do every day that builds that reality? What kind of habits does that version of me have? What kind of thoughts does that version of your behalf? What kind of emotions does that version of my half, and then I simply decided that's who I am? This old story that I was telling myself is something I can start to see as more of an illusion that I can just be this version of me, this living in this abundant lifestyle.

That's exactly what I started to do is I started to be that version of me, and I started to have a lot of boundaries with my focus. Back in the day when I intended to go full time on YouTube, I had friends and say, Hey, come hang out. Come to this party. And I would say, no, I got it. Film a video and have a video out. Before tomorrow I had developed stronger boundaries, and then the same way part of those was understanding the different areas of my life, of my own attention. If I had, if I had and knew that I'd wanted to have a lot of energy, but I was eating unhealthy foods that drain my energy, then guess what? Being focused on foods that weren't so good that was draining my energy; I didn't, wouldn't have as much energy to create videos to do what I love, to add energy to this reality.

But one thing you need to do is you need to develop boundaries with your intention, with your attention. Make a choice. This is who I am, and this is what I focus on, but be aware that wherever you put your attention is where you're sending your energy and wherever you put your attention in a way is like a radio dial. Whatever you pay attention to is the radio station that you are tuning to, and when you tune to a radio station, you take on the part of that vibration within your energy field. If you're focused on watching reality television, for example, with all the to draw on things that are happening, it's triggering within your vibrations of whatever you're watching. If it's people, if you're watching television or people get jealous of each other, people are getting angry at each other for something someone else did.

You're more likely days later with the next week or however long since you've watched that episode to get triggered by something somebody does because it's active within your vibration. Your vibration is what you think, feel, and act. The vibration of your attention is where are you putting your energy and what is it like, for example, that vision that you are, what you're imagining or even just like someone else that you're focused on, what is it? How are they thinking, feeling, and acting because you're tuning yourself to their vibration?

But the thing you want to do is you want to starve things that don't deserve or aren't serving your attention to energy. I'm going to make a whole video about this, but kind of explain the story before that. My dad, my ex stepmom, I remember one time they were going into some like court mediation thing and my dad and then my ex stepmom would just like try to trigger my dad, just like go and like yell in public Adam and like all this really interesting thing. And um, he's like, Oh, what do I do in that situation? I remember talking about it. I was like, this is what you do. You just pretend like she's not even there. You don't feed it anything. She says you don't even argue back because then you're within her frame of reality or within her frame. You just go, and as she was yelling at you, you just sit there, and that's it.

You pretend like she's not even there. And guess what happened? Like the next day, they had to go to something, and she comes in, and she starts yelling at him. I was doing all this stuff. And what happens is he just sits there as if she's not even there. And she did that for like a minute and then she just said something and walked away. She couldn't even stand it because when you're not paying attention to someone like that, did they feel even more meaningless because they're just trying to take your energy. They're trying to grab your attention; they're trying to soak you in and hook you in. And he was giving her no attention, and she couldn't even handle it. And she walked away. Because people like that crave attention, they need your attention because they need your energy. But the key to this, it's not to hook into argue, the key is to observe and let go.

Where in your life are you focused on things where people might be trying to trick or you maybe people are, uh, there are certain things as different intentions in your life that you're focused on what's really holding your energy back. Learn to observe it from a neutral place and especially going to forgive. Yes, people did horrible things, but people are at their own level of consciousness. They're developing their own karma, they're going through their own processes, and when you have more compassion for them, it's easy to forgive. There are most time people that are maybe even narcissist or of course sociopathic; they were many times people that were bullied as a kid or um, went through abuse as a kid. They're just playing out that way, you know, the way they act out against the world is that way. Does it make it right?

But it does help you understand a little bit more. In general, when it comes to people, whoever you're focused on, you are gaining and resonating wit. I mean, you have to be fearful. By the way, I'm not proposing that you can't focus on any television show that you can get pleasure out of. It's all like I can't watch some shark tank episode or something cause I'm worried that I'm going to get into the vibration of somebody on there that uh, doesn't say sharks over. They do like that. Do you like that show? It's been a while since I've watched it, but the key to this is understanding these different things. I want us to understand the different books you read. When you read a book, you're tapping into the vibration of the person that wrote the book.

Cultivate and develop boundaries with your attention because wherever your attention is where your energy is and if you want it that that process I'm showing or sharing with you get a vision for the reality you want to create. Focus on that vision and on being that person of you that's in that vision every single day. Be that version of you. Do something every day that wires that in. For me, that was making a daily video and then focus all your attention on it. When I started doing that on YouTube, that's when I started to do, I focused on SEO, search engine optimization. How can I grow my channel? What can I learn about marketing? I focused on these different areas because I knew that that was putting me in a certain direction and you can do the same thing if it's art and you want to create art that what you do is create art, learning about different brushes, different strokes, different types of ways of presenting your art, learn about how to promote your art on Instagram or social media or on a website.

Learn how to, to talk to other people, and to read books of people that are reading about that, uh, create amazing art and their processes. Learn about it and focus your attention on it because then you become more like it. But if you're hanging around energy, the energy people that drain your energy, if you're focused on the shows that drain your energy in, that put your attention on the things that are low vibrational, then that's going to have an effect on you. And the key's developed a boundary, developed a boundary for this process. Something that I do have as well is if you want to calibrate your vibration and find out what your vibration is, you know, we're talking about the vibration of attention.

If you want to know more about the calibration of your vibration, plus receive a meditation from me that helps you get to the next level of consciousness. Plus, I'll send you emails showing you how to get to the next level. What you can do is go to what's my or what is my I'll go ahead and link it at the top of the description box below and that video or that the survey takes about a minute or two to complete. It's completely free. And once you complete it, it'll calibrate your vibration in the form of an archetype and show you where your vibration is so that you can then know what to do to raise your frequency to get to the next level. The more you raise your vibration, the more magical things begin to happen in your life.

3 Things Keeping You LOCKED in Low Vibration and How to Break FREE


I'm going to show you the three things, keeping you locked in a lower vibrational state of consciousness, and I'm going to show you exactly what to do to break free of it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you those three things, keeping you locked into lower vibrational reality, and I was actually reading a book last night and this idea kind of came to me where I realized that there are certain things we do that because there are many different frequencies in the world, what happens is different people are focused on different things, at different levels of consciousness, and when we tune ourselves to the same things that many of these other people are tuned to it a lot of times can keep us then locked or in a way in vibrational resonance with those type of people, and it has to do with understanding our own levels of consciousness.

Notice just to give this a little bit of basis, if you've seen my, the videos I do before with the chart of consciousness, you'll see at the chart of consciousness, right here are the different levels of consciousness. And you'll see that at the bottom, emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, anger. Then you'll see neutrality. Eventually, you see willingness. Then you see reasoning, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. What happens is certain activities resonate at a certain vibration. You could look at let's say the activity of listening to classical music, for example, that resonates at about 450, so it's higher resonating type music. However, if you were to listen to maybe some type of music with the intention of a demeaning people or very angry type of music, it could resonate in the one hundred. Listening to classical music may actually raise your vibration.

Whereas listening to the music that is lower vibration may raise or lower your vibration. The thing is many of you reading this blog right now are about to break through to a new level or have already broken through to a new level, and you're finding yourself feeling a little bit weird around, bless you. You're finding yourself feeling a little bit weird around other people that might be acting a certain way or might be a feeling a certain way, or you'll find yourself that you're in a certain vibrational state and that other people are now relating to you in a new way. I know when I went through my spiritual awakening back in 2012, what happened is my vibration changed so much that people in my environment and my friends, my family, they didn't know what was going on, so they had to find a new way to relate to me.

But what happened is sometimes I would try to go back to the old vibrations. Like for example, I had a lot of for, I had some friends who are still good friends of mine, but I had friends that I used to smoke a lot of weed with. This is back to my 2012, and what I found is that sometimes I would miss being around them, and I thought that in order to be around them, I had to do that thing. The thing was as I raised my vibration, which weed resonates at right about 350 I resonated above three 50 and therefore when I would do that it would bring my vibration down, but I felt kind of like I had to do it or if I didn't do it, maybe I wouldn't be accepted in my friend group. But that right there was keeping me locked in a lower vibration.

That perspective. Maybe in your life, do you have it to where maybe you went through a spiritual awakening or you're raising your vibration and then you find that maybe your friends are pressuring you to drink, or maybe you feel guilty if you go out and you don't drink, or maybe you wonder what they would say if you didn't do certain activities with them? Even just like watching certain TV shows and just like lounging on the couch. I realize that the way in which the person I was back in the past has changed. And if I felt a little bit UN, I felt a little bit self-conscious of that because I thought there was something wrong with me. Because when you go through a spiritual awakening especially, and you raise your vibration, you look around, and all of your friends and family might be in the same place they've always been.

Then you think, well, maybe there's something wrong with me because I am the first one to wake up. But you don't think about it like I'm the first one to wake up. You'd just think I'm the first. I'm different now. There's something different about me. Maybe there's something wrong with me, or maybe I'm just like emotionally stable. But you see, when you're going through a spiritual awakening, one thing that does happen is your vibration will begin to increase, and you begin to relate to people in a different way. Your diet might change the thing that kind of books you read, my change and all of these things, different things that happen will begin to allow you to resonate at a different frequency. But the thing is, is if you always go back to what's comfortable, you will in a way be doing yourself more harm because it's almost like as you raise your vibration, the universe will give you situations that show you, okay, this way doesn't resonate as much anymore.

Are you ready to go in this way? But there'll be a level of a, a level of uncertainty with that and that will feel kind of fearful. I remember what some of my friends are, certain things that happened where I realized, okay, this just isn't resonating as much anymore. I just realized I have to focus on what I'm doing, which now I make videos, I'm very busy, and I had to go for my passion and really just go for it. And the thing was though is what was keeping me locked in the vibe in that vibration. And one of the most powerful effects of your vibration is the people that you are around. They say that you are an accumulation of the five people you're around the most. Well, that's not just because when you're around them, you're having certain conversations, you literally begin to resonate at the same frequency as the five people you're around the most.

And if a few of these people are always negative, putting negative subconscious beliefs in you, telling you why you can't do things. You know, there were some people, when I was starting to go on YouTube, I'd be like, oh, I'm doing YouTube. This is what I'm doing. And if they had a negative perspective, like, Oh really? Are you sure about that? Or I just, I wouldn't really, I either wouldn't listen to them. I wouldn't internalize what they say, or I would find myself wanting to distance myself from them. Be aware of the dreams of your vision. Be aware of your own vibration and make a choice to remain in your own energy field. Make the choice that you're not going to internalize what other people say. The first thing that keeps you locked in a lower vibration is your social circle is the people that you are around, and the people that you are around the most literally begin to resonate at the same frequency of you.

This is why I think one of the biggest hacks that you can use towards; I call it like it's a form of vibrational resonance. One of the most powerful things that you can do is you can focus more on people that are already obtained, the kind of vibration you want and read their books, like get inside the head, the mind, the emotions and the actions of the people you want to be like. Because when I was looking at myself wanting to be a fulltime YouTube or I imagine the version of me that was a full-time YouTuber and I simply started to take action as that version of me, I linked up to my thoughts as that version of me. I linked up my feelings is that version of me, and I would watch other YouTubers that were in a similar type state and that we're doing something similar, and it would help me then resonate in that frequency.

You see, if your vision is to create something like that, but you're reading books that are things that are lowering your vibration, that is in the vibrational range of that. And there's nothing wrong with entertainment and enjoying that, but then what you end up doing is you end up in a way holding yourself back because vibrationally your energy is split. You're listening to one type of music, you're thinking of something else. You're doing this; all these different vibrational variants are putting you in a scattered way. You want everything aligned. And when you think of everything, of lot everything aligned in this way. Think of it like you want your physical, your mental, your emotional, and you're spiritual all aligned in a certain direction.

If you really want to create change in your life, but the things keeping you locked in a lower vibration is you're eating unhealthy food in this direction. You're eating and having emotions and meanings that you give things in this direction. You're around people that have this kind of vibration, and you have all this scattered energy. The key is alignment. Sometimes this means having more boundaries. I had to learn that because when I was around people, even at the old job that I had, I would go in, and some of them would just be venting to me — venting negative vibration, negative things. Does it mean I'm like, no, get away from me, get away from me? It means I was just consciously aware, and I would set more intentions, and then, in a way, I would heal, and I would focus on really generating my own state from within, and that would change so much.

The first one is the people that you're around. The second thing is keeping you locked in a lower vibration, stopping you from creating your dreams in your life. The second thing is music, news, and media in general. What kind of social media are you tuning to now? I noticed for me there were certain, especially even not even that long ago, actually, there were certain vlogs I would watch. She knows, and I know, you know what I'm talking about right now. Yeah. I used to watch; there's this guy on YouTube, his name's David Doebrick. He's really cool blogs. He's really good. I mean, he's really, really cool blogs, but nonetheless, when I was watching them, and I would sometimes watch them a little bit later at night, I realized I'd go to bed. I had these dreams about it out of everything, of my day, out of making videos, out of doing all of these things, I would have dreams about the four minutes and 22nd video that I would watch on his YouTube channel.

What I realized is that was in a way, I developed a better boundary. And I wouldn't watch them as much. And I know it sounds like a silly thing to pay attention to and you see this, this is all about you and your relationship with you because the answer isn't that you have to re guard your energy, be fearful every day, everything can enjoy life. That's not the key, but be aware of what you are consuming. And maybe that wasn't the best example because it's in a way like a form of entertainment. There's much worse out there. The worst would be something like the news where you say, so your Leslie, you're on the couch right there. You watch a lot of drama channels. K drama.

Yes, it does. That's what I'm saying. We'll see drama. Yes. Yes. And I noticed when you do those; there's, I think you have more of a tendency to get angry about something. Like maybe something happens, you get like a little bit more. And it's the same for me. You remember, remember the Jake Paul thing with like the sociopath and all that stuff when there was that whole series by what's his name? Shane Dawson. It was like this kind of negative eerie vibe. Very interesting, though. But I remember watching it, and it was just like certain energy to it, and I realized that I would find myself more gravitating towards darker things, you know, like the shadow sides of people and stuff. So yeah. Thank you. Thank you for contributing. These different things do have an influence on our vibration, whether we're aware of it or not.

When you watch the news, and you see so many people experiencing some type of pain in the world, well that's going to inform to you a certain belief, maybe a belief that there's a lot of people that don't have enough, and the key is becoming aware of how these things affect your vibration. I don't watch the news, and I say that because some people were like, you don't, how do you not know what's going on in the world? You don't know what's going on in the world. Well, why are we assuming that what's going on in the world is 1.1% of what the news actually shows? That's what's happening. That is just the lower vibrational things that are happening in the world because they want you to keep you in a lower vibrational state. You don't want to get in a perspective that's like, Oh the government Jeff for me or like the um, it's just all negative.

It's all meant to keep you in a lower frequency cause that's a negative perspective in itself. It's just about being aware, but choosing where you put your energy, cause whatever you focus on you feel. There are some accounts that I was following that I realized — same type of thing. When I would see their social media, their posts on Instagram, I would see that it would, it would elicit a certain emotion from me. And then after a while I'm like, wait, why am I following this person? You see, is it high vibrational content that you are consuming? And like I said, this is an end all be all. It's not that you can't watch certain shows. You sound like you can't watch the news every now and then, but just be aware of how it's affecting your vibration and moderated out.

Do it in moderation and then see how that makes you feel. But in general, for me, I look at the F at the success that I've had on YouTube. It's been from massive, massive and direct focus. I wasn't going out with friends to do things. I was focused on just making videos. I was working at nine to five job and making videos, and that was it. Friends wanted to say, Oh do you want to hang out? A lot of times, I'd have to say no, you know, and that was the grind phase of my life. But I have a feeling that some of you may about to be in that stage or need to like really direct your energy cause you're such powerful beings, but your energy needs to be focused. And then once you get a certain momentum going, you can relax a little bit more.

It’s about being aware of the media, the news, your friends eight around the third thing that's keeping you locked in your low and lower vibration. You want to know what that is. It's you. You keep you locked in the lower vibration. The reason I say this is because I had to become aware of this in my own life because I had perspectives in the past that people did things to me. It was more of a victim type vibration, and having that caused me to then experience, no, that didn't cause me to experience it. I caused me to experience that because I was telling myself that story. I was relating to myself in that way, and the first step towards really taking your power back and claiming your own vibration, it's taken responsibility for not what happened to you. It's taken responsibility for what you do with what happens to you.

That's what affects your vibration the most. How do you relate to what happened to you? Yes. Some stuff in the past did happen to you. The moment you change the meaning to it is the moment you will have the vibrational transformation. That was the way it worked for me. I had this story. You may know the old the ex-step mom thing. Well, seven to 15 years old, 15 years old comes around, my dad divorces her. I have all this freedom, still, feel that unworthiness, the moment everything changes. I went through a spiritual awakening and learned how to meditate, and then what I realized is I realized that I was giving it the meaning that that happened to me. Why did all this negative stuff happen? I didn't have a child. I wasn't able to have friends. I wasn't able to be healthy and eat the right kind of amount of food. I didn't have the bigger necessities as a kid. Obviously, I made it, but I didn't have like, you know, I didn't have that nurturing that, that, that type of love. I felt like I was something wrong with me. Why did all that happen? But now I see it as an actual gift. Those didn't happen to me. Those happened to me.

You know, I see my sister, one of my sisters now has to go through that because that's her real mom, my ex stepmom. She's like been trying to pull away because it's just like a circus dealing with her. I don't have to deal with her cause I'm not related to her. I remember I told her, I was like, look at how my life turned out from everything that I went through with her. And then I was telling her that this is happening for you to build you as a person so that you, you develop a certain level of strength within you. And I remember when I said that it was like something that really resonated and to realize, yes, I can do this. Do you know? It's the meaning you give it to Dennis doesn't happen to you. It happens to you.

And when you change that, meaning you change your life, but you have to take responsibility for your own vibration. People don't lower your vibration. You lower your vibration. People come around you, and then you tell yourself a story that they have a lower vibration, and therefore, they are affecting your vibration. But if you don't internalize anything they're doing, if you don't resonate with their frame of reality, you won't experience it. If somebody comes up to you and is of a low vibration, says something to trigger you, unless you accept whatever they say is true unless you let it absorb into you, then you won't. It won't affect you. But it's all about you and your relationship with you. And when you really claim this, this is where you really start to transform your own vibration. And even if it is someone's making you feel negative, guess what? You're still choosing to be around that person. You're still to that person. I used to have that job that I had.

There were one or two people that were very negative. I would walk to the other side of the sales floor. I wouldn't listen to them. Vent to me about how slow it is. I would walk to the other side of the Salesforce, and I would be helping customers. You see, in the same way, somebody may be negative, but guess what? You have the choice of creating a boundary with your energy of saying, Hey, I don't want to talk about that right now of understanding can change your story about that person. You see, all outer reality is, is a reflection of our inner reality. Anyways, change the way you relate to it.

You change your life. When it comes to these three vibrational levels or these three things that keep you locked in a low vibration, understand you can push through it. And it all has to do with taking responsibility for your own energy, developing boundaries, understanding of the vibration of the people you're around, understanding the vibration of the media, the social media posts that you're looking at. And if you need to mute a post on social media, mute to the account that's bringing you up to negative negativity or unfollow. You don't have to, you know, guard your people. People guard a lot of things in their life, but they don't really guard their vibration and what they bring into theirs, what they bring into their consciousness. You know, if somebody came into your house and just tore apart a black trash bag of trash and all over your living room, you'd flip.

But if somebody put a whole bunch of negative sings in your subconscious, you wouldn't say anything because it's not as apparent as something physical like that, but it still has an effect. Something that I do have that is new. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's called, what's my you go to, what's my you take a, it takes about a minute to fill out the survey. It will calibrate your vibration, send you an archetype of your vibration plus a meditation that's specific for you and your level of consciousness, and then we'll show you how to get to the next level as well. It's something that's brand new. It's called

The problem with the twin flame belief system (I’m sorry)


I'm going to show you the problem with twin flame understandings. Why so many people put this idea on a pedestal and end up blocking them from experiencing something that could be amazing in their life. I'm going to show you exactly how to bypass that belief system.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you a paradigm that goes beyond the understanding of twin flames. Understanding that in a way, the problem with thinking about twin flames and the way that most people do, and I say this because just yesterday, I was on a Q&A for one of my coaching groups. One thing I noticed is that a lot of people were asking about twin flame energies and asking about their connection to twin flames.

What I recognized is that many people may actually be vibrationally, separating themselves from experiencing amazing things in their life because of this idea. Our beliefs create our experience. What a lot of times happens is some people will look at this idea of a twin flame, which in a way implies the other half of our soul, which already from that frame of a belief system is saying, I am one half of a soul and I will then be complete when I find my other half of the soul. At least that's the traditional way that people understand the twin flame energies, and the point of this is understanding that when we have that interpretation of it.

It vibrationally separates ourselves from actually connecting to ourselves in a deeper level, and I've kind of shared this before as well, but it's almost like this idea when looking for a twin flame, it's like I'm looking for my twin flame, and in a way it's like every single person you date, you're asking yourself and comparing them to your twin flame, which we may not always actually incarnate with what we could call our twin flame. We may; we may not. Who knows? We don't really exactly know what twin flame energy is. We do know that we are infinite spiritual beings who have temporary human experiences. From what I understand about twin flames from watching someone like Bashar, somebody is listening to someone like Edgar Casey.

The idea of a twin flame is that many times, if twin flames do incarnate together, it's to do some type of work together. Some types of complement each other in a powerful way. Bashar has also said, who's a channeled by, you know Daryl Inca channels. Bashar has talked about how sometimes twin flame energy can also be a divine counterpart, which means in a way, think of it like the over soul and then after the oversoul you have higher selves, which is like the higher version of us that it has many similar tineas lives and the idea behind this is that what we could call a twin flame or a divine counterpart.

It's just closed on that triad going down. It's almost like you share the same higher self in a way. From my understanding, that's what the potential of what I think a twin flame energy could be. However, I don't know for certain. What I do know is that I see so many people that could be an amazing relationship, but what they do is they compare the person they're with, and they say, are you my twin flame? Imagine that there's this book, this Dr. Seuss book that I used to read when I was a kid, and it was like a this little, it's like, are you, my mother? It was like this little chick or something like that that was like asking everything, are you? My mother was asking like some type of a human, are you my mother asking like a bottle of water? See a bottle of water.

That's why I said, are you my mother? Are you very mother? And the same way, it's like some people are like, are you my twin flame? Are you my twin flame? Are you my twin flame? What happens is when you're always comparing the person you're meeting two twin flame and scene thinking, or you went to inflame, you didn't immediately put that person on a huge pedestal and say, I really expect things to happen in a certain way. If it doesn't happen according to the blueprint in my mind, then I don't know what I will do because this person is the other half to my soul, and when we believe someone's the other half to our soul, they're vibrationally on a different pedestal, and we're then vibrationally far away from them. However, this is what I believe about twin flames. I believe that we use this word twin flame because in a way it's something that we can relate to in a certain way.

We can kind of understand the idea, but what if there's only a limited amount of language that we have, and what if there's like eight different types of twin flames? What if did we just don't know about it because we only know of this limited human experience? What if there are twin flames that have a certain type of relationship? What if there are twin times that have another facet of the relationship, but we don't know because we're clumping everything together into one idea. What if those romantic twins Lang, what if there's a divine counterpart that's not meant to be romantic? What have you? There are people that I know that have said and that have had the experience of finding out that one of their family members is their twin flame. Well, obviously, that's something that's not romantic.

That's something that's just an at an energy soul level. What if there are different facets of this, but we're putting everyone into this box and say this is the way things have to be. Not knowing that definition itself is what's causing the problem is that definition. The key to this is redefining what that may mean and being honest with ourselves. We don't know exactly what it is. But what I will say is when I see what I want to do is I want to help three people from the definition of the twin flame and to deal very needy with this process. Because anything you need, anytime there's needy resistant energy, you are vibrationally separated from actually being able to perceive it. The key to this is understanding that you might have a belief that you're meant to meet your twin flame and that your twin flames the other half of your soul. And then you need to find the other half of your soul.

Maybe that twin flame that's not acting according to the way that I think they should is activating this within me, and this is why I feel this way. And then I get a lot of, I guess, show many people that I see that reach out to me that talk about their twin flame and how things aren't working out. And the reason I say this is because I want you to know that you are whole and complete as yourself. You don't need to meet the other half of your soul. And this is the thing trying to control it is what's going to cause the resistance and the suffering. If this whole twin flame idea is real, which maybe it is. I'm not saying it's not; I'm not trying to make some sad video. I'm trying to just be honest and say that as somebody that's on in the public eye that so many people reach out to,

I see it as a very unhealthy thing many times because then people get so obsessed with the idea of there to inflame rather than recognizing you are whole and complete already, and if you do want my advice as to how I think you would go about meeting a twin flame or your twin flame, it would have to do with understanding you being at your core frequency. Are you doing what you love for a living? When you're doing what you love for a living, you're really who you're meant to be, and then you're more likely to proceed in your reality of someone to reflect that back to you. You see, this is the key. If so many people, I noticed in my own life, anytime I was working a nine to five job I wasn't passionate about.

I would also be in a relationship with girlfriends that would also be working nine to five jobs that they weren't passionate about. But when you get to your core, you then are being your true self. Then somebody has some within to go off of you up and something to like in a way attract to you based on your true energy. However, the moment you put someone on a pedestal, they're vibrationally further away. What if with this whole idea twin flame, it's a very limited definition. What is sometimes when flames aren't romantic? What if sometimes twin flames are only meant to come into your life for maybe a couple of years, and then you go off in your own direction. But you see, we put this unhealthy way of looking at twin flames into a box, and we say that this is the way it's supposed to be.

We're supposed to be romantic, and we're supposed to be together forever. And if we're not, and the moment that starts to change, then there's this, there's this necessity to control the other person. How do I control them? How do I get them to act the way that I want them to act? How do I get them to love me? How do I get them to realize that we're twin flames? These are questions that are coming from the frame that you are the cameo in someone else's movie, but let me tell you something. You are the star of your own movie. You are in the house. I sold it as 100% whole and complete.

A twin flame would be more like a meter of your whole incompleteness, and knowing and having that frame makes it easier for you to be like, Oh yes, I am holding complete already. That frame is everything, but the frame of the twin flame energy that somebody else outside of you is going to complete your soul is something that can be very draining because the moment they don't act according to the way you want is the moment problems come up. Now, here's the thing, and this is a life challenge for me. This is something my whole entire life I may be working through. It's learning how not to control different situations. It's learning how to surrender to the moment, not being so stubborn. Just in general, in my life, the way I had my routine, the way that I make videos every single day, the way that I am, I'm pretty stubborn, and I try to control certain things.

I try to fix people sometimes even though that implies that someone is broken, whether it's family members, it's like as I tried to, you know, trying to fix and trying to have them be a certain way and do certain things, let go of the control. I need to take my own advice. Sometimes I do my best to realize this, but when you try to control things, you create resistance. If you're trying to control someone, you're in a union, and it started to have to be a relationship with and then things started to happen. That control is causing resistance. People can feel that too. You try to control someone else. They can feel you're trying to control them. They will do everything they can to rebel 99% of the time. The reason I say this is because if you're trying to control someone else to love you, to give you validation, to be with you, to recognize that you guys are twin flames, then they are going to rebel against that.

But if you let go and trust the universe, if that is your twin flame, then it will come back to you. If it is meant to be, you have to trust that process, though. Trying to control it from the ego perspective, though, is what will cause resistance. The problem with twin flames and understanding this is that their belief system of the way people believes it to be is unhealthy. And because of that, a lot of times people create more harm than good with it, and you don't. It's not necessarily cool and fun to hear that when you're in the thick of it. I get that, but I'm willing to do it because I want to help free you from that. From that, I'm feeling unworthiness, feeling like you're incomplete. You're not incomplete. The more you focus on your own self-love, the more you focus on yourself.

The more you're the star, you're over your own movie. The more gravity you create, and the more want to be around you. The more people feel that energy off of you, but the more that you are focused on someone else acted in a certain way, be in a certain way is the more you are going to create that kind of resistance within yourself. Recognize that the beliefs we have created our reality and have you change your beliefs. You change your life. Feelings come from beliefs. This is the way that it works. Beliefs, feelings, thoughts, actions, results, which fuel beliefs. First off, have a belief, which then because of the meaning you give something, you didn't have a feeling in that feeling state, you then have thoughts that are equal to it. Those thoughts eventually lead to you take action, which reaps a certain result.

Then that result goes back into belief, which reaffirms the belief. Some people say, well, I feel like this person is my twin flame. This person is my twin's name. This person is my twin flame. Why are they acting in the way I want? The reason you feel that way is because you might believe they are yours when flame. Not to say that there isn't some divine connection to where that could be the case, but the key is 90% of the time I'd say it's a belief and then that person's on a pedestal because they don't act a certain way and you have rules and beliefs as to how they should act. You then will feel negative emotion if they're not acting according to the way you want, but don't be fooled into thinking that it's all about the feeling because the feeling comes from the belief.

If you look at someone you believe, they're just the one for you. They're the ones for you. You're going to generate a certain feeling, a certain emotion, but say you're on two or three months of dating, and they do something that just, you just know immediately, this is not going to work out. This is huge value from me. You don't value it, as well. This is not going to work out. That feeling would change very quickly. You'd be conflicted for a while, but I still love this person, but I know it's not going to work out long term. Your feelings would start to change because your beliefs about it are changing. You see, what I've tried to do is to help three you from the belief of the twin flame, another half of your soul that will complete you, and you'll finally be all incomplete, and you'll finally be able to be happy in life.

And I'm trying to free you from that definition so that you know you're already willing to complete your a 100 incomplete soul, 100%, and if you are meant to meet a twin flame connection and have a twin flame in your life, then you will. If you trust the process, you trust the universe. The key to this is letting go, letting go of the definition, letting go of trying to control, letting go. Because when you let go, you can then allow things to happen the way they're meant to happen, but the frame of you is only complete. We'll only help you, and I understand that this blog might be a little bit hard to hear for somebody that's been really thinking about their twin flame because in a way to invalidate that you've seen twin flames aren't real.

I'm not saying that. I'm saying that the definition, the way that we believe it to be, is what's causing a lot of pain. The frame from it is unhealthy, and the frame you can begin to develop is that a twin flame wouldn't be a reflection, a reflection, but not the other half to your soul. You are completely hall assault. It'd be somebody that would reflect something back to you. This is something that I think changes the absolute game with this process. The way that I've come to the reason I made this blog is that it's something I have called the shift Academy. I, it's my group coaching, and I coach people every single month on a two-hour-long zoom call that I do. And when I do that, I bring people on live. Like you see my work with someone else and actually interact with them and you see them go through the transformation.

By the end of, you know, 20, 30 minutes of working with them, you'll see them. That's an entirely different person. And what I do is I help people to be the version of you, you like the perfect version of you so that you start to wire in the vibration into your reality to disassociate from the old story, the old belief system, and to be who you're really meant to be. That's what the shift Academy does. Every single month you get premium coaching videos that show you step by step how to go about changing your vibration. You get that of meditations that aren't on YouTube, that help you to wire in this reality. You get a mastermind group of other high vibe people that help you, didn't see you like this version of you, and then the coaching is where the value really is. And when I was doing it yesterday, there were two or three people that were talking about with this understanding of twin flame, and that's something that I noticed and simply changing this belief about it changes absolutely everything.

Right now, if you want to join the shift Academy, you will get in before the price goes up. I'll make sure that that link below honors that price as well as a free bonus, which is a live event that I did with Victor Oddo and Leeor Alexandra, it's called the rage or vibrational set point event that we did in Las Vegas. It was over three hours long. There's a light meditation, there's also a Q and A, and you'll see the interactive type work that shows you how to raise your vibrational set point. You get that it's been recorded over three hours on the content. You get that for free.

What’s Your Vibration: and how to Raise it!


By the end of this blog, you will know what your vibration is, and I'm going to show you how to take it to the next level using an important process that I believe will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with the information on finding out what your vibration is and also how to get to the next level. As we're coming to learn with quantum physics, everything is vibration, and some things have a different rate of vibration. Maybe you've heard me share that chart before. I used to make a lot of videos about it, and I would like to pop up that chart. How about pop it up right now. Pop up that chart. You'll notice you have shame, fear, guilt, anger.

You have reasoned. You have that of love, joy, peace, and light, mint. These are all the different levels of consciousness and levels of vibration. The way I also described vibration is it's a combination how you think, how you feel, how you act. Every single one of us has a dominant vibration in a way. We have a gravity of where our vibration is, and yes, there'll be times when things happen on the outside reality that allows us to move up. And normally that means letting go of things, keeping us in low vibration. There are times that we will get bogged down into low vibe if we get caught up into something or we find ourselves in some little negative thought loop that may bring our vibration down. However, every single one of us has a certain gravity that has a certain vibrational set point, and that set point gives us a reality that is equal to that vibration.

For example, if you find yourself as a very angry person, what'll happen is because that's the state of consciousness. When you go out to the world, you're more likely to link up with other people that can trigger that anger back to you. You're more likely to find yourself around other angry people. That's because like attracts like. When we're talking about this skill of consciousness, understand that when you change your vibration, you change your life. When you let go of things that no longer serve you, you allow yourself to raise up naturally. And the thing is you are naturally a high vibrational being at your core. But what happens is when we're born, we forget this, we go through certain life situations. We might go through stuff that makes us feel anger; it makes us feel fear that makes us feel guilt. And because of that, we tie onto it, we identify with it, or we don't complete it from the past, meaning we feel it and it's something that we suppressed and therefore that energy keeps us in a lower vibrational state.

The key to this is understanding where our current vibration is. And in that book, power versus force, what is shown is that these are the different levels of consciousness, and there is a process we can use called muscle testing. Muscle testing is where you use different muscles. The idea is that muscles are connected to our subconscious mind. And using this chart, we are able to calibrate where we lie in correlation with the chart. An example would be I calibrate adds a 200 or above level of consciousness, and you can check, and there are different ways of checking. You can do it with a partner where somebody is holding their hand like this and putting pressure, and you'd be able to feel either when it's a strong statement. That is true.

But when it is a statement that is false, it is much easier to push down your hand. Some people also do it like this, so or there is a process where you go like this and you, you, you try to separate it like that. There are different ways of doing that. However, what I have found is that there's a way of understanding the different thought processes, different thought processes that you might be thinking and calibrating it using that weight. If the idea is looking at different beliefs you have, looking at different perspectives you have and then being able, since our beliefs create our reality and our thoughts are part of our beliefs, being able to calibrate our own vibration. First off, before I get into that exact process, understand that when it comes to this, this is about being aware of your perspectives, being aware of your own vibration, being aware of how you think, how you feel, how you act.

Awareness is 90% of transformation because when you are aware, and you can then do something with it, you can then choose to integrate it. You could then let things go that no longer serve you. I'm going to clump these into three different and to three different perspectives. When you're looking at that, that scale of consciousness, you'll see shame, fear, guilt, anger. You'll see that have an eventually neutrality, which is where you're going to kind of observe huge step, and you'll do observe the things that have happened. At this state of consciousness, you might find that you are attached to certain perspectives of the way how things happened in the past. You may find that you were attached to what people did to you. You may be finding that you have a lot of emotion that maybe has been holding onto.

Maybe emotion, even in the body, maybe angry at someone that did something to you. You may find that hard to forgive other people. You may find that there's like, like an autopilot mind that keeps going, then not negative. Thoughts are hard to control. You see, these are all within that level. Understand this, as well. This isn't about higher, lower levels of consciousness to where it's like you are less involved. It's about being aware of your vibration than integrating it. You can then raise your own frequency. That's what this is about. When you look at your vibration, and when you are asking yourself certain questions, you can see that if it is in the vibration with things that happened to you and there's a lot of pain and resentment there, it's okay. That's where I was for years for a long time because if you know my story, you know that I had an abusive ex step on my life between the ages of seven to 15 years old.

He was mentally, verbally, physically abusive, and that had a big play to do with my self-image. I thought I wasn't worthy. I thought I was in a whole and complete, so what happened is I spent a long time wondering why does this always happen to me? I spent a lot of time wondering why did I have no, I had no freedom at all until 15 years old when my dad divorced her. My brother and I weren't a lot of friends. We were outside working. Most of the time, we had to earn doing certain school activities. We weren't given a lot of food, so we will veer very skinny. Why did we have that happen? But I realized this idea, this I think is the game-changer. This is the new part of the blog. I don't think I've really emphasized enough. Meaning is what controls our vibration.

Meaning, what is the meaning of those events? Prior, I was giving it a negative, meaning everything is neutral, and most people would agree they would look at some of those situations. You're like, Whoa, that was really bad to go through. But if you give it a negative meaning to your past, then you will continue to get a negative effect. It's like cause-effect. A lot of transformation from the lower levels of consciousness, which I was in for a very long time, was about me changing the meaning as to why things happen. And that's when I had a spiritual awakening. I became aware of my thoughts were of my limiting beliefs that I had.

I learned how to observe them. When I did that, my whole entire reality changed. I started to feel completely different about myself. And I realized that all of that pain in the past, it led me to a spiritual awakening. At that moment, in that realization, I changed the meaning of everything that happened in the past. I was, in a way grateful for it, cause that pain, that pressure caused me to then look within myself for a new meaning. One powerful way to get out of the lower states of consciousness to be, to become aware of the meaning you're giving things, does give it a date to me of your past. If you met someone that treated you badly, it might appear to be a very bad thing. Maybe it wired in a lot of negative beliefs. But here's the thing, maybe that happens that you can claim your power now maybe that pain led you to a spiritual awakening.

Maybe that pain led you to a new level of accountability and creating boundaries in your life. And it's a lesson that's invaluable. You see, when you change the mean, and you changed your life. When we look at the bottom levels, which many of us have had horrible things happen to us, it's about changing the meaning of why they happened and understood that they didn't happen to us. They happen to us. If we remained with that level of identity, then it remains on autopilot. Some of you may know this story of a that I've shared before, but even after my ex stepmom left my life at 15 and my dad divorced her, I had this belief, this meaning that woman in my life was controlling and even after my ex step on left, guess what happened? I then found myself and one of the first relationships I ever had, first girlfriends I ever had, she was very controlling, very manipulative, very jealous, very much trying to control me.

I had a certain subconscious meaning and then what happened is after I broke up with her, I didn't go to work, and I was working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes and within a week of breaking up with her, I then got transferred to a department called salon shoes, which is a more expensive price versus what was a better department, but the manager, that department was almost exactly like my stepmom, my ex step-mom. It was like that was another reflection than a week of breaking up with her. I got someone else in my life to repeat that pattern, to like completing it. Then I went through my spiritual awakening. I became aware of those subconscious meanings as subconscious beliefs, and when I realized that it happened to have for me, not to me, that's when it changed that pattern, and then I was able to raise my vibration up.

Things happen to you. Huge transformation. The second part of this process, the mid vibrational levels, we could say it's about understanding. A lot of times, power in growth. If you are somebody that's manifesting what you want in your life and tending to do that more often, then what you'll find is that that is the mid-levels, which is a very high vibrational level. And by the way, when we're talking about the whole planet in general, most of the planet resonates at a 200 level because most people live. I think it's what like two to 4 billion people live on a couple of dollars a day. We're grateful. You know if you have internet connection and you have the ability even to read this blog and most likely you're doing an ability to reach very high levels compared to that especially because the levels of survival may not be as rampant if you, if you don't even have Wi-Fi or not even Wi-Fi, that's like a luxury.

If you don't have food, shelter, a warmth, then a lot of times what happens is that a keep you in a survival mode which many times will be the lower bike States, so the mid-levels that was about manifestation. It's about creating your own reality towards developing willpower. The fourth, the 400 to 500, is reasoning. Understanding your beliefs create your reality and a lot of beliefs have to do with meaning because when you say because this you attract a certain type of person in your life because your situation with relating like relationships are easy to a heart or hard to attract me like because those are all your beliefs. These things are when you're able to become aware of the meetings you've given. Once again, most likely subconsciously to become aware of what those are.

In the mid-levels, there's a lot of time will be a level of personal growth. Maybe Tony Robbins learn how to take control of your life in a powerful way. These are all different things that we use in our own lives, and when we have that growth mindset wanting to create things in our life, a lot of times, that's the level of reasoning, which is still a very powerful level. They're all powerful levels. There's it in rather than theater is a hierarchy. Think of it more as a linear type thing. Like we have different States of our life, which we may be in certain states, but if we see it as, Oh, it's on a pedestal, it's up there, then we separate ourselves from it vibrationally. But if you want to change your life in any way whatsoever, the key to this is changing your vibration. Changing your level of consciousness in one way that you change the level of consciousness is either changing your environment, changing your behavior, making a choice about who you are as your identity.

A lot of the work that I've been teaching lately is about our identity. You change your identity, change your life, the way that you see yourself, your self-image, and based on that identity, then come to your beliefs what you believe about reality. In general, as well, if you want to calibrate your own vibration, I have an app, and it takes I think a minute or two to fill out a survey app. It takes about a minute. You will just answer a couple of questions. I think there are 15 to 18 questions, and what it'll do is it'll show you your current level of consciousness, your current level of vibration. And then what it'll do is it'll, I'll give you two meditations that will help you to get to the next level of consciousness.

Plus, I'll send you emails moving forward that show you how to get to the next levels of consciousness. I believe this is really the key to you, transforming your life, becoming aware of your vibration, and then making a choice to do certain things, to be a certain way to let go of certain things. I don't serve you, so you can be in a high vibrational state. When you do that, everything begins to change, and also those meditations are, are extraordinarily powerful for helping you get to the next level. If you want to check that out, you want to calibrate your vibration plus get those to personalized meditations for your level of consciousness you go to, fill out that survey. You will immediately find out what is your archetype, it shows you what your current level of vibration is, and then I give you meditation.

Let's show you how to get to the next level. Love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. These states go beyond reasoning. You don't eat reasons, you do things for the sake of doing them. I show them a video right now because I feel like it's who I am. It's the most exciting thing at the moment, not because doing this video I have to or it'll give me like, you know, x amount of this. No, that's the third level. That's the middle level, the third level, the upper level. You could say it's about understanding, creating more magic in your life, creating yourself to be in a high vibrational state, knowing you are naturally high vibration.

When we talk about what's my vibration, understand that the more you let go of, and it's not you, the things that have happened in your past, what people have said about you, the more you let go of those, the more your vibration naturally begins to race. This is about being aware of that and just deciding that you are going to let it go. Let it go. What does it serve? You choose to be in a high vibrational state. Choose what you are going to take responsibility going from the bottom level to the mid-level. It's about taking responsibility for the things that have happened and the meanings you gave, even if it is things that happened to you, realize it happened for you, and also realize the meaning you give to the effect you get out of it.

The things at the top are both meaningful or meaningless. It's a paradox. Meaningful meaning you feel love, you feel love for other people, higher vibration, states of conscious but meaningless. Realized when you give it meaning, so it's really up to you. That's when you get into a state of really high vibration where you see people that are in blissful states of different levels of consciousness, which I believe is our potential.

The Most Powerful Reality Transurfing Meditation for Decreasing Importance


For best results, use headphones. Make yourself comfortable either by sitting down or laying down on your back. Begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth. Take another deep breath and as you exhale fully relax. Let go of any tension. Breathe in again and feel the way of relaxation flow through your body. And as you breathe out, let go of any tension. Imagine your body becoming more relaxed with every breath. If there is any tension in your body, notice where you feel it, and focus on that area. Loosening up and feeling relaxed.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Focus your awareness on your head. Notice the sensation in your face. Loosen up any tension in your face and feel it. Relax. Feel behind the eyes. Release any tension.

Relax your forehead, your jaw. Relax your tongue. Bring awareness to your shoulders. Feel them relax, release any tension.

Feel your arms, your hands, torso with the awareness on your left leg and foot. Relax your toe, your right leg in front. Relax your toe. Imagine a ball of energy in your heart center. It can be any color you like. Feel from this space and notice the temperature sensation that is beginning to row. Imagine this ball, the vendor's spinning faster, faster. As it spin, you are feeling more and more relaxed, more, and more accountable.

Let's set an intention so that we're able to connect to the highest and most passionate version of ourselves. Right now, send that intention. Know you will be connecting to the best possible version of the you

One matching best possible. First, note of your having intention. You will connect to this version of you, and you will begin to link yourself up to the perspectives of you. Imagine yourself walking around your dream house. Imagine what this house looks like.

My near awareness of the kind of relationships that you have. How do people respond to you?

How do you carry yourself? What is your body language like?

As you imagine your sound is in this new version of you, what's your awareness on the things that you have achieved?

Notice how natural it feels for you. I imagined the goals that you've achieved. Maybe it's you, what she is some type of milestone within your passion.

Maybe it's you doing what you love for a living and helping other people. Whatever it is. Imagine those things and imagine how unnatural it feels.

Notice how comfortable it is for you to walk around your dream house. Yes, this is true. Imagine in your dream house what the furniture looks like, match, and the layout of the house, how spacious it feels, how open the floor plan is. Any other details that makeup in your dream

Understand that this reality exists in the alternative space and that white you can do right now is connect to this room and have you connect to this life track. Understand that going forward; you will be making intentions and choices from this track. In your Treme house, walk over to your wall in your living room and notice the different plaques on the wall, the different achievements that you've made, and notice how comfortable it feels for you to acknowledge these things that you have achieved.

Look to the first plaque on the wall. What does it say?

What have you achieved?

I feel grateful that you have achieved this.

Don't look at the second plaque on the wall of the way you have achieved. What does this plaque say?

Notice how comfortable that feels for you to have achieved this. Help understand that moving forward in your life; you are able to connect to this. Ease to discover loud, knowing that as you follow your passion, as you take action from this place, and as you said, more intentions in your life, your life will be you to transform, move for an effort you are now on the life track of your highest purpose. And from this point, going forward, you choose to be, and you are living your life purpose.

Bring the awareness into your heart and feel that golden spheres spin faster and faster, and as it spins faster and faster, you can feel yourself connecting to you. Prefer to be. You are making this now I'm going to count down from five to one and with every number I count, you are going to feel like you are the best version of yourself. You're going to feel like you achieve your goals is more natural for you. You're going to feel like you are looking for to be five. Feel that golden sphere faster and faster to your heart.

Feel how much more comfortable you feel for as it spins faster and faster. You all are feeling how natural that feels for you to be who you are. Three, feel this sensation, your heart grown more and more powerful. Feel that sphere grows as it grows. You feel more intention for you to be who you prefer to be. Do as you feel more into your heart space. You know that going forward, you will make choices as to this new life track. You will feel like this is, you choose to be one now. You want to relax.

Choose to be your goals are natural for you as you go forward or intention in your daily life. And you will know this is who you are.

The Last Manifestation Blog You Ever Have To Read


If you apply what I share in this blog, you will get results, and I'm going to show you exactly what to do, right?

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you a simple formula that you can apply in your life, and it's very simple. When you applied simple techniques, you find it's easier actually to implement. It's actually a state easy to stay consistent too, and I know that it can be tempting. It can be very attempting to watch a mini different type of manifestation videos, how to create your own reality, how to shift through parallel realities, and understand what we're learning. With quantum physics, it can be very tempting to watch many different perspectives.

However, what happens is when we have all these different perspectives, there's not a clear focus as to actually what to do or how to be. That's why this blog, I believe you can just keep on coming back to this blog understanding. This is exactly what has allowed me to go from working a nine to five job. I didn't care about seeing myself in a certain way. Having a certain set of thoughts, actions, and feelings, and then changing my reality by what I apply in this blog with the formula to where now I traveled the world doing what I love. I live in a great amount of abundance, and I get to wake up every day excited to be alive.

And I think that that's your natural birthright as well. I think it's something you do once you apply the formula that I'm going to be sharing with you in this blog. Before we get into that formula; what I want to share with you is something that is called the Robert Dilts model. The Robert Dilts model is a, a, a chart that shows you the different levels of change, the different levels of how we create transformation in our lives. I didn't even know this when I applied the formula that I share with you that changed my life. And pretty much anybody that's attained a certain amount of success has used it indirectly or directly.

But it's this simple idea.The idea is that, for example, say you're currently living in a situation where you feel like people are bringing you down, you feel like you're around a lot of negative. Well, what you could do is you could move your environment, and if you were to then move to a new place, for example, that may solve the problem. Or if you still have behaviors that even book behaviors or beliefs that say that everyone around me is negative, or you have behaviors that reflect that negativity back to that bring more negativity into your life. Even if you change the environment, you still will get the same result. They have a saying that wherever you go, there you are.

The idea is that even if you change your environment, sometimes that doesn't guarantee change. However, it can definitely help. As you move up these levels as well as you look and you tailor your environment, then you could tailor your book, your behaviors, change your habits, that'll have a certain effect on your life. But as you move up, these tend to have more and more influence over you. Then you have skills and capabilities, things that you learn about what you were doing. Say you wanted to focus on creating art, which is a behavior, but then you started to develop that of skills and capabilities around that. Well, that's a little bit more of a detailed vibration. You could say.

The basis of everything I'm sharing with you today is that if you change your vibration, you change the reality you're experiencing, but this will help you understand a little bit more about what I eventually share with this formula. Then you'll see above that is values and beliefs. If you, for example, change your environment, but you still believe you're unworthy, you believe that negative people are always around you, then you'll find yourself creating that environment again because the beliefs you have are what actualized and allow you to perceive of certain things in your life so you could change the person, your, you know, the environment you're with and the kind of person you're around.

But then if you have beliefs that keep bringing people like that in, then you will continue to create that experience. Above that, of understanding your beliefs, whether you're worthy or what, how hard it is attracted to a relationship, or how easy abundance comes to you. More powerful than your beliefs are your identity. It's who you are. It is the way that you see yourself, and when you change your identity, you change your life, understand that your identity up until this point has been a game of agreement.

You've simply agreed, this is who I am. Something happens to you. You agree that this is who I am. You have subconscious beliefs from your parents. You agreed to it at subconscious levels and said, I'm going to take this on. This is who I am, and it's an unconscious thing, but it's still a part of the identity. Well, the pod process I'm going to be sharing with you has to do with becoming aware of that identity, letting it go. Realize that you have to take responsibility for it because you agreed to it and then simply realizing you can model in mere the beliefs of the version of you living the dream life you want to live and simply decide. That's who I am now.

That's why awareness is so powerful because when you become aware of your identity, then you can actually do something about it. But if you just think this is the way reality works, this is the way I am, then what happens is that that reality you experience, you will experience Oh over and over and over and over again because it's just on autopilot. You can understand that if you want to create any vibrational change in your reality, you can change at the level of the environment. You can change at the level of behavior. You can change it, the level of skills and capabilities, beliefs and values, and identity. But here's the thing, the thing that I want to share with you is that what quantum physics is showing us is that every moment is a completely new moment. But we have memory; we have this memory that we have about who we are.

Oh yeah, this is who I am. A lot of this is autopilot mind because we're just thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day, doing the same things every day. Therefore, we're getting the same results all over and over and over again. But this is about being aware of that identity, right? The idea is, what story are you telling yourself? What story are you recreating for yourself over and over and over again? And if it feels like it's the same story, it's not actually the same story. It appears to be because of the fluidity. It's a completely noon, same story. It's a completely new same story. It's completely new, the same story over and over and over again. The power of this is knowing that you are recreating yourself already.

You don't even have to learn how to do this, but the thing is, are you clear? Creating yourself over and over and over again to be the kind of person that you really like want to be. And if not, then there's an old story there. There's a story about why you can't have everything you want in your life. There's a story about why you don't have love in your life. There's a story about why you don't have the abundance you want in your life, but understand it's just the story. But you might, yeah, tell yourself that over and over and over. But remember you're creating that over and over and over again. Well, quantum physics shows us is that everything is constantly dying and being reborn, dying, and being reborn.

But it's the story that glues this all together that keeps the identity, the story about your identity, the story about who you are is that as a bean here, as a being on planet earth, are you as a spiritual being that has the flexibility to create what you want? Are you the robust heavy bean with this heavy story in this dark pass that's keeping you in a certain vibration? You see, beliefs create reality. You change your beliefs, you change your life. I like to go deeper than beliefs and understanding that our identity is where our beliefs STEM from, but when we can become free of the story, we then become free of all these things that keep us within a certain frequency. Bandwidth. Here is the formula I want to share with you.

This is what I used in my life. This is what completely transformed my life. This is why now I live in more abundance than ever before. It's the simple three-part formula and I'll explain it a little bit more but in a second. This is what it is. Intention plus attention minus importance equals your preferred reality. The intention is also action. The intention is an outcome for a way you prefer to be. Attention is the boundaries of your energy. It's the boundaries of your focus. It is your, your laser light precision of the vision that you have. If you can tailor your attention, which is exactly what I did on YouTube, is I simply focused on daily videos. I had friends that were like, Hey Aaron, come hang out. I said, Nope. I have this vision. I have this attention that I have to focus on what I'm doing because attention equals growth.

The intention is action, and being intentional is also connected to your heart center. You can look at Dr. Wayne Dyer. Definition of intention has to do with your intention in life, your purpose in life, so intention slash action plus attention, which is your boundaries of going in a certain direction, minus importance. If you make things very, very important, you put it on a pedestal. It's immediately separate from you. What you are doing when you put things on a pedestal is you are saying that your identity is below that of what you want to be.

Anytime you say, I really, really want, you know what you also say, I really, really don't currently have because if you wanted it, what if you didn't want it? It means you would already be in the vibration of being able to have it. The vibration of wanting something and the vibration of having something are two completely different realities, right? Sarah, I want this. I want this. I want this. I want this. I'm saying I don't have it. I don't have it. I don't have it if I don't have it, but if I were to stay and just see myself, it's natural to part of my self-image. It's natural for me to be making daily videos on YouTube, sharing these ideas online. I have boundaries with my intention, and then I also have the intention, which is the action and the thoughts and the outcome that I create that in my life, and here's the formula that will absolutely transform your life.

This is the basis of all of my teaching on YouTube. This is everything I teach on YouTube right here. You are recreating yourself over and over and over again. Regardless, do you don't have to learn how to do this. It's going to happen regardless. There is a version of you that exists right now because everything exists right here, right now. There is a version of you that is the dream version of you, exactly how you'd like to be that thinks a certain way, that feels a certain way. There's a version of you that's living your ideal lifestyle isn't the perfect relationship, has the perfect family dynamic that is a, has certain daily habits every day that lives in abundance. That version of you already exists. The vibration of that version of you are maybe different than the current vibration of you. Look at that best possible case version of you.

Notice your thoughts. Notice your emotions, notice your actions, notice your habits. Notice the kind of books you read. Notice the kind of lifestyle you have noticed, the kind of way you relate to other people. Notice the beliefs that you have noticed, the skills and capabilities you have noticed the kind of boundaries you have, and all you gotta do then is use your imagination. Imagine this version of you as you decide that to who you are now, that's you. That's who you prefer to be. That's the real you because it's going into your heart. What you do is you simply decide, that's who I am now. That person already exists. If you model the thoughts, the behaviors, the actions, and the boundaries of that version of you, you will eventually get that reality because that's the way reality works. It's a reflection of our vibration, and like a radio signal, a radio tuner just tunes to different radio stations.

All the frequencies already exist. The radio tunes to a frequency that already exists and then can then perceive it in the same way the version of you that's killing the game live in the kind of lifestyle you want. It already exists. All you have to do is tune yourself to it, tuned to the vibration of it by simply deciding, this is who I am now. Inevitably, what will come up with these stories about all, it can't be that easy. I can't just decide not to. I am, I am. I'm going to have all these negative beliefs that come up, these negative stories. Well, that's why you do something called meditate every single day for 10 or 15 minutes, and you become aware of these stories. You become aware of these doubts. You become aware of these things, and as you learn to observe it, you didn't relate to it in a new way, but you decided that's who you are now.

When these things come up, you realize you identify it as part of the old you. It's no longer you are the old you. It's the unconscious you. It's you that was on autopilots that you, that was just absorbing the beliefs of your environment, your family in the news. It's not really you. Most of who you think you are. If you're on autopilot, it's not you anyways. It's agreements that have happened in the past has agreements about who you are, the stories you tell yourself, but it's not actually you, the identity you that you prefer to be unless you're living your purpose, you're living your passion, and you feel completely aware of these patterns, and it'll go continue to come up. I still have parts of myself and layers of myself coming up, and it's like, Oh, there's this unconscious shadow aspect of myself.

I become aware of it and then the awareness, I realized it's not really me, and then I can be this be the version. We could go beyond beliefs and into being, being in the frequency and the flow state, and who you really are. And when you do that, there are no intellectual ideas of beliefs and limiting beliefs and all these things when you're just being, when you're present to the moment, when you understand this perfect version of you already exists, and all you have to do is, give yourself permission to be in reality is based on agreement. You've simply agreed that you liked by content, and you watch my videos, and therefore, because other people have also agreed to it, the channel has grown, and now I can do what I love full time.

Here's the thing, I had first to give myself permission to be that version of myself, and then everyone started to see me the way I saw myself because all reality is reflection anyways. Give yourself permission to be the way you'd prefer to be. See yourself the way you want other people to see you simply be that version of you give yourself permission. You see, you could on that chart that I showed you where you have environments, behaviors, skills and capabilities, beliefs, and identity. You can just be the artist. That's the identity. Just be the artist, and naturally, you'll find yourself in an environment, or you're the artist. You'll find yourself behaving like the artist or develop the skills and the capabilities of the is. You'll eventually have the consistent beliefs that you're the artist, and that all trickles down. But what sometimes people try to do is they change at the bottom levels is that I'm not an artist yet.

I can't give myself permission to be the artist. I have to have an art gallery studio. I have to have a lot of people that agreed that my art is valuable. I have to have all of these things in place. Then I can be an artist, but you see the way reality works is not that you must first have something, then you can do something. Then you can be something. The way reality really works is, you must first be it. Then you can do it, and when you do it it's probably from a different vibration, and then you can have that which you won't change at the level of being and the way you do that is your intention, your action, you being the version of you you've referred to be all I did to go full time on YouTube as I imagined the future version of me in a year from now, how was I thinking, feeling and acting and then I realized that that version of me was making daily videos on YouTube.

I was working a nine to five job selling woman's shoes. I said, this is the old me. This is the old story that I have to work a nine to five job I don't care about, and I simply identify the version of me that I was like, Oh, that of Aaron is making daily videos. I'm going to start making daily videos. I did that, and within months when full time doing what I love, I just simply gave myself permission to be it. Here's the funny thing, I started making videos first five 10 15 if he doesn't, we're very cringy. Even now, some of my videos might be a little bit grungy, but guess what? As I started to do it, I started to change my self-image. I started to see myself at the level of identity. I'm like, why make it daily videos? I do even go full time.

YouTube has too, but then I started to give myself permission just to express my ideas, and then as I put off that energy, guess what happened? People were like, Oh, Aaron, that's pretty cool. I like that idea. I'm going to follow, I'm going to subscribe, but it stems from my being this, it stems from my own energy. It's a certainty I have it in myself. I think the reason a lot of people like my videos, by the way, is because I just have a lot of certainty behind what I say. I say things make a simple and show you that you can do it too, but is this certain? It's the energy behind what I say. I just believe in what I talk about. I really do believe wholeheartedly in everything that I'd say it works for me. I believe it will work for you, and that's what people like.

I give myself permission to express these ideas and to be that, and in the same way, how can you be the version of who you prefer to be? How can you look at the level of identity, and so we decided this is who I am now? Simple. That's who I am now, and as you begin to tap into that, everything begins to change. You have the old story that you tell yourself the old autopilot way that you've been in the story that's on autopilot. And then once you do is you identify, and you can become aware of the current thoughts, emotions, and actions you're taking. That's the old view. You're recreating yourself over and over and over again, whether you try or not. The idea is you can create a greater degree of change between quote where you are, and you live in your dream reality.

You can just decide that's who you are. There's also something that I teach for this called the shift technique. I have a webinar that shows you how to experience the shift. If you haven't seen it yet, you can join the next one by clicking the link at the top of the description box below. I will show you how to get out of what it's called, the identity lock, the identity locks, where keeps this story going and how you can simply be in this higher vibrational state, which by the way, you're a higher vibrational bean or you just simply be that version of you and how you can then change your life from the inside out has to do with the level of identity. I show you exactly how to do that in the Shift Experience webinar.

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