How to Set Boundaries without feeling guilty


I swear it's like everyone is draining my energy. It's like how much can they get out of me and it leaves me feeling tired and like I just don't have the energy for myself to take care of me. But yeah, sure. Welcome back to another blog. Today, you're going to learn exactly why people are draining your energy plus how you can set boundaries, not feeling guilty is the way that this works is a, a lot of people that go through a spiritual awakening will go through a part where, or just in general, people in general that are going through the process of doing their own work, of becoming aware of how they can transform their own lives. You'll find, and these people will find that once they start doing that, many other people will start to attach themselves to their energy.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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They'll start to almost in a way get something energetically from the people that are doing the work or from just people in general. What happens is then the people that are giving it and a lot of times people that are given it want other people to be happy. They're doing it with great intentions. What ends up happening though is those people that are giving the energy end up feeling drained and like they don't have the energy for themselves. I know that when I went through my awakening process and I started doing the inner work, I noticed that people started to really gravitate to me and in a way, they would come to me for certain things. I remember I had some friends that would come to me anytime they were having relationship issues and then they would want me to talk them into feeling okay about it.

There were people that would come to me for advice, for motivation. Things weren't working out. Even to this day, I'm becoming aware of how to have better boundaries because I find that sometimes I give too freely and I end up feeling drained and I need to be aware of filling up my own cup before I actually give it to other people. This is something that I'm definitely becoming more aware of now as well. However, the thing that I've learned that's changed everything for me is learning why I feel drained in the first place. If you figured out why it makes it so much easier to understand how you can reset these boundaries without feeling guilty. We'll talk about as well, why do people feel guilty when they start to set boundaries? The intro that you saw the metaphor of that is a lot of times people may come in and they may say, Hey, can I have some of this?

What happens is we, out of politeness, we say yes and then maybe they grab one of our cans of motivation or our bottles of motivation, but maybe they didn't get used to it. They continue to grab the different bottles of motivation until there's almost none left inside of your fridge. That happens for a lot of people. They will give their energy freely and then find that they feel drained in the process. Then that's why do I feel drained? Well, why did you give away those bottles knowing that you needed those bottles for the next couple of days? You got to go to the store and you got to get some type of bottle to fill back up your fridge rather than of keeping what you needed until the next time you went to the grocery store. That's a metaphor for how this process works.

Let me share with you first off, what are boundaries? What are the boundaries? These are is actually what boundaries are. I made this little thing right here. Boundaries are there is what you allow and then there is what you do not allow. These are the boundaries. Allow what we don't allow. You already have some type of boundaries. If somebody were to come into your house and start beating you up or beat up your dog or something like that, you'd be like, no, that, that is where I draw the boundary. I do not allow that. But for some reason what happens is we get so used to people, us treat us a certain way that we allow that we say no to this, but we say yes to this and once we start to say yes to something, we then start to assume that that is what we are worthy of.

Do we start to assume that that's what we must do in order to be loved? See, there's a deeper aspect here. There's a deeper aspect and one of the reasons that we may allow people to walk on us is because we want their acceptance or their approval. We want our friends to like us. Have you ever felt guilty when your friends want you to come out and you find it hard to say no, even though you know you might want to go out? For me that for a long time, that was something that I had to really learn to deal with because when I went through my spiritual awakening, people were so used to having me around, you know, before my spiritual awakening, I would drink a lot. I would smoke weed and I'd have friends that I will go and do that with. Then I go through spiritual awakening and I start meditating.

I started feeling completely different. Those things don't interest me the same the way that they used to. Then people would ask me to come out and I'd be like, out of a pattern, out of expectation. I'd be like, okay. I would go out and I would end up feeling drained. Even though I'm in the back of my mind while I'm there, I'm like, I don't really want to be out right now, but there's some type of obligation in a way. I wanted to be accepted. I wanted to still be liked. They expected me to be a certain way and I was doing my best to uphold that. Even though deep down I didn't really feel like going out and doing that. You want to come to my house, we can do meditation and stuff. I'm down for debt, but going out and drinking and stuff.

Of course, there's always balance here. I'm not saying that that's even to this day, it's the only thing I like doing is sitting around meditating. Maybe it is, but in general, what do you allow over here and then what do you not allow over here? The thing is at a certain point we decided, okay, I guess I'm going to allow this. Then our friends are like, oh they allow this, this is okay. Then what happens? Like, say a friend talks you into going once. Like yeah, I don't know if I want to go like just go, come on, you know you want to go. Or like deep down. Like could it be like the old-time, just come have a beer with the boys, you know what I mean? Or something like that. You're like, okay, I got, I'll go and then you go.

Then what happens is every single time after that they're like, Hey, they already agreed to go a couple of times ago. I know I can get them to go again. Then they're on their friend's phone with friends later and they're like, yeah, this person might not go. He's like, Oh, that you went last time. I'll talk him into it again. Then they see that as the opportunity and then what happens is the next time you say no, you're going to feel rude in polite and you're going to feel, and then you're not going to want to let them down. Then if they let them down, what if they don't talk to you for two weeks or something? What if they don't act like you the same way they used to like you? Do you see how that works? That's what happens when I'm talking about boundaries.

What are your boundaries? Here's the crazy thing you want to hear. The crazy thing about boundaries, this is the part that's very hard to swallow, okay? Like that bottle of motivation. You've got to swallow that yourself. That's hard to swallow when it comes to boundaries. Do you want to know whose fault this is? Do I know we, it's our fault? It's your fault. It's my fault. It's the person that feels drains fault because they agreed and said, yes, you can take this, you can have this. Until we realize that it's our responsibility to say no to someone else taking our bottles of motivation until we realize it's our responsibility. We will remain in a story that says, other people are doing this to me. I don't have free reign over my own energy over my bottles of motivation other people do, and the moment we're in that frame and we're using that excuse or story is the moment we give our energy way even more.

The hard, the cold hard truth about this is that we must take responsibility for our own energy of what we allow versus what we don't allow. We must not allow others to take our energy if we aren't already 100% or willing deep down to do that. Deep down you may have been thinking, Hey Eric, can I have these bottles and motivation and I would have it in my mind like, well I don't go to the store for another three days. I need one of those a day at least. Then they proceed to take three of them. I've got to go to the store today. That metaphor is exactly the way it is. Many people do it. The reason people are draining your energy is that you're letting them because at a certain part in the past you decided that it is okay for you to allow them to and you didn't.

You've allowed them to over here and you didn't draw the line. If you draw the line, you're going to look like a rude person. You don't want to be rude and you don't want to be rejected. You don't want to lose their love and acceptance. Do you see how that works? That is the key to this whole process. Why do you feel guilty about setting boundaries? Do you want to know why you feel guilty about setting boundaries? Because you feel responsible for others. You feel responsible for their problems. They come to you with their relationship issues. I know people that people, anytime they're having relationship issues or certain people they go to and they just want, and here's the thing, eventually you end up enabling people. I've realized this in my own life when it comes to sometimes, let's say some people in my life don't, aren't good at finances, so they looked at me and like errands, great at finances, look at him, he's successful and they're like, Hey Aaron, can I ask them money?

Then guess what happens? I give them money. Once I get the money, guess what? They just keep coming to me and now they feel like the I, I become the source of their security. Then eventually what I had to do is I had to set the boundary and say, you know what? I can't keep doing this because I'm enabling you. Instead of you having your own power to figure this out, I am taking away your power and I am giving you something that's making you feel better for a period of time, but then you have to come back to me and now you have thought that I am the source of the abundance. When you are actually the source of the abundance, I will teach you and show you how to tap into your own source, but I will not keep giving you from my source because then I end up feeling drained and used.

You see, this is it. When I was giving like that in the first place, you want to know what it was. I thought responsible. I'm like, Oh, well you know I love you. I want you to be happy. I want to fix your problems. I'm also someone deep down that tries to fix things all the time. I get it from my dad. Thanks, dad. I tried to fix things, do something wrong with people. I want to fix them. I want to help them. I want people to feel good too. This goes so far that I end up that I end like completely taking on other people's emotions and stuff. Other people feel negative emotion. What did I do? Did I cut? Is there anything I can help you with? I didn't do anything wrong but still, I want to help you feel better, but what I'm realizing is that I am not responsible for other people's pain.

I am not responsible for other people's unresolved emotional issues. You are not responsible for your friend's relationship issues. You are not responsible for getting your other friends motivated. You are not responsible for helping other people to get some way to be like you. You're not responsible and once you realize you're not responsible, you won't feel so guilty. When you realize that you are stealing from them. You are stealing their power and you are becoming the source and it's draining you but also your net. You're enabling them to continue to use you as their source. Let me share with you one quick example. I've shared this a couple of times before. This may be a repetitive story. I do a lot of videos. It happens. I went recently with a friend with a couple of friends to red rock in here in Las Vegas.

We went hiking and there was this cave as the top of red rock. Once we got up there and this cave, you kind of had to jump to get to, it wasn't as easy to get to. Well, I was with some friends and what happened is I get up there and then one of my friends is kind of afraid to get up there because she's afraid of heights. Then what happens is she's with her husband, who's one of my best friends and she's like, Oh, I am scared. She started freaking out a little bit. I was like, Hey, just take my hand. Just take my hand. I will get you up. Then she's like, no, I'm not going to take your hand. And I'm like, why? Why don't you take my hand?

I kind of felt rejected. Like, why wouldn't you take my hand? I just want to help her up and everything will be good and she'll get her out of pain and then she's like, no. It becomes like a five-minute thing where she's like, no. Like trying to get up and then she gets up and I'm like, why wouldn't you just take my hand? I just wanted to pull her up. At that moment, I realized that I had this selfish desire to pull her up so that I could get the emotional payoff of feeling like, yes, I just added value. I am worthy. Somebody needs me. I was the hero because there's a selfish motive there that gets off on giving and helping other people. Because I'm a fixer. I just get off on fixing little problems. There's a problem, let me fix it. That's a pattern that I became. I'm starting to become aware of in my own life where I'm always trying to help people, always trying to fix people. I wanted to become the source of her solution subconsciously not knowing that it's because then I would feel more worthy. Why? Because I have somehow made a rule to myself that if I do something like that, then I can be worthy. Instead of knowing I am worthy of just being me. I don't need to please other people to make them happy. I am worthy of just being me. I am worthy. Whether I give people relationship advice or not, I don't need to give it.

I am worthy and loving whether I give people money or not. Actually, I probably even more powerful if I empower other people to create their own abundance from their own source within themselves instead of becoming their source. You see, this is how it works, so this is exactly what I share on this YouTube channel as well. By the way, if you haven't subscribed to the YouTube channel, subscribe, turn on notifications. I've got a lot more videos coming out that will show you these different shadow aspects of ourselves. Videos that help empower you to become the best version of you. That's exactly what we do here. We let go of responsibility. Realize you can draw the line of what you allow, what you don't allow. Do not allow people to walk on you to take your energy. Understand that as you draw those boundaries, the only reason you would feel guilty at all is if you take responsibility for their energy, for their happiness, and once you realize that you just really want their love and acceptance, you can give yourself that love and acceptance you crave and then you won't feel guilty, so the next time you do it, the first time you do it that you draw that boundary.

It may feel kind of weird. You may feel kind of guilty at first, but keep reminding yourself, no, this is my true power. This is what I'm worthy. This is what I feel like doing and don't feel guilty if people try to guilt-trip you into it. If they try to guilt-trip you, then that's on them. That's something they need to deal with. You don't need to agree to it. But remember, the main key of this is knowing that you've allowed it. Once you know that, then you could take responsibility for it and then get rid of the story that people always do this as well. Let's say the thing as well. Get rid of that story. There's a lot that goes into this. A lot of people that watch videos on boundaries may get value out of an understanding. Narcissists and people that kind of have control over you. I have a whole series on that. I'll go ahead and link it right here. Go to check that out. It's on narcissists and sociopaths how to, why they don't get their karma, and also how to take your power back. That'll help you just in life in general and many different ways.

The Great Awakening and the Hidden Agenda Behind The Scenes


There's a lot of things going on behind the scenes. We could call it in a way, hidden agendas about this great awakening that's happening right now. I want to share with you my perspective on this. Things that may completely change the way you look into the outer world, the way you see what's happening right now, and that opened up a whole new possibility for what's really going on.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you something that's going to be a little bit more of one of those deeper rabbit hole type issues. I've made a couple of videos now that talk about what is called the great awakening, which is something that I believe is happening right now. There are many different dynamics going on that once you start to become aware of these patterns, everything that's happened in the world, everything with the media, everything with the fear that you see, it starts to look completely different when you start having an and seeing it from these other perspectives.

In this blog, the one thing I want to say is that the main thing I encourage you to do is to do your own research, to go within yourself and to see what resonates. I'm not here to say that I'm an expert at all this. However, since 2012, I went through my awakening. I learned about a lot of these things that I'll be sharing with you, but I kind of put it in the background because, to be honest with you, some of it's pretty dark. Like some of the things that I'm going to share with you in this blog are a little bit dark and a little bit hard to believe. I think sometimes with this sometimes truth and what's actually going on in the world, maybe a little bit stranger than actual fiction is pretty crazy. However, I've kept getting that.

There's actually a story. I met my buddy house, Drew. He is a buddy of mine. I'm at his house in San Diego right now and there's all this stuff going on and he had somebody here yesterday. There's a story I want to share with you that kind of reaffirmed some of what I'm going to be sharing with you today. But, I have to give it a little bit of groundwork before I share that with you. Otherwise, it won't. None of this will make sense. But in general, here's what's happening on the planet in my opinion from my own research. What I encourage you to do is do your own research. But right now, on the planet, what is happening is the vibration is increasing. What's happening is normally there are people, I believe we call them elite people, that have kept people the masses in a level of fear and anger for a very long period of time.

When people are in fear, in anger with the media, with everything that's going on in the outer world, what happens is when people are in fear or anger, they are much easier to control and they are more likely to look for certainty to authority. They're more likely to look, to be told to being told what to do for safety. The idea is for thought for a very long time on the planet, there's been a desire to keep people in fear and anger like mentality because when they're much easier able be controlled. As that scale of consciousness that you've seen my share in mini videos before, it's called the levels of consciousness we have at the bottom. Shame, fear, guilt, anger, neutrality, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment. What happens is the more we raise our vibration as a collective, the more aware we become and the more powerful we are.

What's happening right now on the planet is so many people are waking up. The vibration is increasing so much that the people that want to remain in power and to be doing the things behind the scenes that they've been doing for a long time, they are having to pull through these, these scenarios. They're having to pull their last cards and doing things that affect the collective to keep the collective back into this kind of dumbed-down, anger, fear state. When we talk about that of what's happening in the world, there are a lot of things that actually maybe do your own research with this, but I believe there are a lot of things that are actually orchestrated to look a certain way because when people are in those fearful states, they're much easier to able to be controlled. The thing I want to say is that the six mains, they're the media, what we call the different media stations, any of them, six major corporations own all of the media.

First off, you may notice that the media, 99.9% of anything you have ever seen on the media ever has most likely been completely negative, fearful from something that's come happened in a very small part of the world. It’s just always been that way, but we're so used to it that we don't question it. It's like, Oh, this is just the way it is. They just naturally have things that are negative. That's what's out there in the world. Then we see these things on the, on the news and we assume this is the way the world is. There's something to be fearful. Even though for years it was shown what's happened in the Middle East and stuff like that. And is it, it's not something that's happened outside our front door, but yet we think that is what we need to be fearful like that.

The first thing I want to say is that now the way that this system of people works, and like I said, do your own research with that, but there are what we call elite people that work behind the scenes. These elite people also have certain celebrities that they are connected to. I know this sounds out there to a lot of people listening right now, but I promise you I wouldn't be sharing this if I didn't think it was really going on. Trust me. It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but these things are being come and showing more and more. There's more and more evidence says as time goes on. These elite people who are very, very wealthy, who have a lot of power, what they've done is in a way they orchestrate certain events out in the mass consciousness, certain events that then keep people in fear.

One thing that they do though is they use this system to where what they do is they think to themselves, well, what could we do to get a mass amount of people to agree to have some form of vaccination? What is the one thing that we could do if we were to be in fear, what would happen is then they'd be more likely to agree to something if it met safety for other people? What if there was this thing that was unleashed into the world that then got people into a big state of fear, and then they were quarantined into their houses and they couldn't leave their houses and they crave safety. They'd be more likely and open to doing something like vaccinations. It's a very interesting idea, but the idea is a problem and then a solution.

The problem is now everyone's afraid to even go outside. What is the solution? Bill Gates has all these billions of dollars and he's great. But what's really going on and what a lot of people may not know is that these vaccines wouldn't be positive things. They wouldn't actually be things that really helped people. What Bill Gates is doing is he's a part of some type of agenda with these vaccinations. Maybe he's in too deep and there's not a way he can get out of it, but these vaccines would have a different type of technology in it would have different types of things in it to where when they went into our bodies or into people's bodies, it had a certain effect on their consciousness and then it kept people more in these states.

One of the reasons they're pulling out cards like this right now is because the consciousness of the planet is continuing to raise. It's like, what can we do? What can we do to get people back into this state? Into the fearful state because in those fearful negative states, they're more unaware and the much easier to control, which means that you can do a lot of things behind the scenes. It means that you can get away with a lot more. I believe personally from the research that I've done, that what Bill Gates is doing is he's not some good guy that's just some computer guy that's now into vaccinations. I believe that there's more going on behind the scenes than we're aware of. But like I said, do your own research with this.

When we talk about elite takedown as well, now there is this thing that's been going on when it talks about like the whole dark stuff that's been coming out with Hollywood and stuff like that as well. Part of this also has to do, I've been hearing this for a while and it's not that I didn't believe it.  I've heard of this. It's just so hard to believe. It's actually pretty sad with what's happening with some of these elite people when it comes to these children. Many of these children may, I'll tell you a story about this as well, so it sounds crazy, but there are many kids that may be an underground facility that is kept there against their will that is used for their energy in a way because their energy is so pure and their energy is so potent that their energy is used in some of these elite people's own favor.

I'll just say now that sounds pretty out there and I understand that. However, there are many people that have talked about this. One of the things though that happened yesterday is I come to my buddy Drew's house. There is a lady there who is going around the house and she's like doing things with electricity, with EMS and she's like helping to kind of facilitate his house to make sure that it's best for an editor, you know, energy for reducing EMF. She says that this interesting thing happened. She knows somebody that is a nurse and this nurse says that right now there are, they have extracted, somebody has extracted over 1200 kids from an underground facility, some to the underground base, and these 1200 kids are now being treated in some type of hospital. These kids were freed from some type of underground structure that were kept against their will and right now they're being treated now.

That's what I was hearing for a long time, but now there's somebody that I'd actually met that says that she knows somebody would. That's the case and it lines up perfectly from what I've been hearing. There's also many people in the army or not, not even just in the army, but the Marines, different government factions that have said that they've been training for the last couple of years to invade underground facilities, to do something for some type of operation. I believe what may be happening, is there certain factions at play that are going into extract these kids from these underground facilities to save them? That's what I believe may be happening. But like I said, do your own research on this. Part of that though is the elite, you know, this what right now what's happening is a lot of shadows, a lot of things that are in the collective consciousness to come into the surface.

When we talk about this, he has to do with understanding that there are different elements at play. A lot of these elite people that have power for a long time, I believe we're going to begin losing their power. I believe it's happening right now. There are different factions of what we could call the light and dark and there are many different in-betweens. This isn't just good and bad, but there are very negative elite people that have done very negative things that have gone under the radar, that have had a lot of power for a long time. You really have to do your own research on this. I'm just kind of look it up. I think there's a lot more going on than we know. You know, even when we talk about what's going on right now, there's been stuff that has come out that have said, you know, there's certain media that got caught putting in using photos from in an Italian hospital and their newspapers saying, look how packed it is. Look how much it's going out of the world.

Look at these hospitals are so full when in actuality there are also people that have been quoted for breaking into hospitals that are completely empty. Nobody is in there at all. But what they're doing is they're packing a lot of people into certain hospitals that it looks way worse than it actually is. There are also people that have had people they know pass away that did not have what's going on right now in the world, but yet they were marked as having what's going on. If I say the word on YouTube, it doesn't, help. I don't say it. But, I think numbers have been inflated. I think that a lot of things are being exaggerated. It's being shown, it's been proven. What is there to hide? What is there? Why is that happening? Everything. I think that eventually there'll also be a financial system reboot eventually as well. Part of the great awakening is knowing that a lot of these negative things that are happening in the world, it's coming up to the surface to be cleared. The most powerful thing that you can do is to focus on you and to raise your own vibration, to meditate, to observe, to have neutrality with this, to be able to observe your thoughts, observe what's happening in the world, and to focus on your own vibration. If you go down the rabbit hole and study some of this for a while, that's cool.

But I recommend not getting too tied up with it because if you get too tied up with it, you'll find it has an effect on your vibration, and on your consciousness. I have to do in like small doses but I think that what's going on in the world right now, there's more going on than we can and we know. The thing that we could do is raise our vibration the way that we raise our vibrations by letting go of what no longer serves, changing up our diet is something that's very powerful to do right now, to focus on connecting to your heart. You know, we've done some very powerful live meditations. There are over a million people live all around the world doing a global meditation on April 4th and I think we should continue to do this. There are these elite people, they use a lot of what's called dark magic. They use to call it dark magic. It's a very esoteric stuff. But what they do is they put very negative things into the collective consciousness. That's why it's been controlled by Hollywood for a long time because you put out these movies that have people feel a certain way and all these negative things happen in the world.

That almost in a way makes it easier for those to be facilitated. But what's happening right now and what they do with those kids is very dark because it's also something that they use in a way to, to keep the vibration of the planet low plus using their energy. It's very dark stuff. On the other side of that is us and what we can do is use very positive things. We did a meditation where we saw positive, optimal timelines on earth and we connected to our heart and we sent energy out to all those affected. It's something that I think is the most powerful thing that we can do right now. I want to do more of those. Let me know below if you'd like to do more of those global, there are live meditations and I'm thinking of getting, you know, I've talked to Victor and Leeor and other YouTubers, what if we were all doing it at the same time?

We’d be creating a powerful change. When we did that live meditation, the Schumann resonance went from a to an astounding number and unprecedented amount because so many people were doing that meditation, not just from my channel, but from many different channels all over the world. That's the kind of effect we can have in a positive way of going on positive timelines. The intention of what's going on in the world was actually supposed to be way worse. But what happens, I think we're on a better timeline and we're doing the inner work and the best thing we can do is raise their vibration, feeling the love inside of our own heart, doing our own shadow work, letting go of it, forgiving ourselves for giving other people. All the drama that's happened in the world right now is actually very positive. I think this is a very good thing. We're becoming more aware of our power. We're taking it back by even just being aware of it. The great awakening is this elevation of consciousness that's happening on the planet. Certain people may try to stop it, but understand what we can do is remain in our power, not give away our power. Yeah. For some reason, we agree with things.

We're in our houses right now because we agree to everything that's being projected. What I'm saying is if we question our reality, that's where we start to take our power back. If we become aware of our thoughts, if we become aware of what we think will become aware of our feelings, and we start to let negative things. The best thing we can do is to do our own shadow work, to raise our own vibration. If you go down this rabbit hole, you can go down it, but be aware that it may actually lower your vibe for a little bit. Then when you're done focusing on it, then get right back into being in your own power.

Why A Narcissist is In Your Life and What To Do About it


Narcissists will do anything they can to keep their ego surviving. That's why the key to this is becoming aware of the ego dynamics and what then you can do to stop playing the role that allows them to continue to get that self-entitlement. Today, I'm going to show you exactly what to do and why you may have attracted a narcissist into your life. We're going to be going deep on understanding the ego dynamics of narcissism. Understanding narcissism may be a few sociopathic tendencies of understanding this dynamic and it always blows me away because many of you may know some of my story with this, but when I was between the ages of seven to 15 I had somebody that was considered to be a mix of a narcissist and associate path.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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That was my ex stepmom in my life and I share that story. Sometimes I'll share a little bit more about it here. I'm sure maybe if you watch my videos a lot, you've probably heard it a couple of times. However, the thing that blows me away is when I go out in public if I meet people that have watched the channel, I get so many people that have been in a similar position where they've known maybe one someone they knew as a narcissist, maybe someone they're dating, they find themselves dating someone that's a narcissist or sociopath and it's more common than I could ever even imagine. That changed everything for me. I shared this with my dad because it's my ex stepmom.

I never got to talk to her again after my dad divorced her when I was 15 years old. I don't have to deal with her anymore. However, my dad who has my half-sisters with him, so two daughters with her, my ex stepmom, he still got to deal with her and he still deals with the different energy dynamics that go on and there are some things that I told them to do and interactive ways of interacting with my ex stepmom that has made it so much easier for him and I'm going to share with you those in this blog. First off, let's kind of define what a narcissist is a narcissist, let's understand it from a perspective that I want to share with you today. A narcissist is somebody who is emphasizing their ego and their sense of self-importance to the extent that they live on that validation.

They live on that entitlement they live on in a way siphoning the energy from their environment and a narcissist and a stereotypical way. People look at a narcissist as somebody that's always looking at themselves in the mirror, maybe somebody that always brings the conversation back to themselves. A narcissist is someone that will do everything they can to survive and survive. Not just like eat, sleep, and have shelter survive in the sense of identity for the way they view themselves and also their level of self. A narcissist in our society or just in the world, in general, is more common than I ever thought. I made one video on it. It was on why narcissists don't get their karma and in it, I talk about that. It's not what you think. It's not like they don't get their car though. You'll see what I mean by that. But I talk about the energy dynamics that go on with this. Here is the thing to understand about it when it comes to this is this is also about understanding and having compassion that helps a lot. What I mean by that, you may say, well, I'm not there yet and this person is treating me a certain way.

Why is this happening? I know it is not pleasant to be around somebody that is a narcissist or a sociopath. My ex stepmom would do anything she could to twist the truth to work in her favor. Just to give you an idea for how my brother and I had to move through this, I had to learn how to read people in a very strong way in order for me just to get by when I was in high school.Because if I wanted to go to band camp or debate tournaments, what I would have to do is pretend like I didn't want to go because if she saw at any way that I wanted to go, then she would come up with some reason why I couldn't go. It'd be because I didn't do something correctly. Just to give and kind of paint the picture a little bit. My dad and my mom divorced when I was like five or six years old. Then what happened is my ex stepmom, she came into the frame when I was about seven. A couple of years later and I always kind of had a different vibe about her. I remember I met her, I had a broken arm and I was getting my cast on. That was the first time I met her.

I still remember to this day. I remember it was just a certain level of seriousness in a, there's a certain type of energy that I definitely was aware of. What happened is my dad started to date her and after a year or two at first year or two, she was, she was really nice. Something felt off even though I was only seven or eight years old, but some did feel off. I didn't really, I didn't really feel much of a connection necessarily. But then what happened is about a year or two into it, she started to get more and more power. We were normal kids. We had like an attendance, we had a TV in our rooms. We were doing normal kid stuff. We're allowed to have friends who were riding our bikes around the neighbourhood. After about a year, she started to get comfortable and started to take back her power. All of a sudden, she tells my dad that she didn't have TVs or Nintendo's growing up therefore, we shouldn't, no big deal, right? You might look at that. That doesn't sound like abuse or anything wrong. The TVs get taken away, the Nintendos get taken away and shortly afterwards she then starts to become more of an angry person.

We start to see that more and more as we're around her more and more. She did. Anytime we didn't go to our mom's house and then come back because our parents were divorced. We didn't get in trouble for stuff. We then started getting in trouble for not putting something away from the right way and not doing the dishes correctly, all these different things. Then after a year or two, we moved to a new house and in that new house, it was being remodeled. My brother and I weren't allowed to have friends. We weren't allowed, you know, we were just allowed to go to school and come back. We were normally working outside doing yard work. We weren't allowed to watch TV at all. We were constantly in trouble for things. We weren't bad kids, we weren't, we were just kind of doing what we thought we were supposed to do. But shortly after that, it kept on progressing where if we started to be able to see, like we would get physically abused, mentally abused and, and in a way, she was running the show. My dad is a firefighter, he was gone 24 hours a day back, 24 hours a day. He kind of knew of some things, but he wasn't completely aware of the extent. But the challenge for him is how does he challenge someone like her who has all the power and who like strides on that power.

If it was something that was going on and who could my brother and I go to because eventually, we stopped going to our moms. She in a way kind of turned us against our mom and every time we came back from her mom’s we got pain, we got punished. Then eventually we were like, okay. We didn't have a relationship with our real mom for about five or six years and what happened is we would then want to go to a school activity when we eventually got to high school or you know, I was in high school, I was two years older than my brother. If we got in trouble for anything, if or if or if we just, you know, we wanted to go to something. What happened is if we didn't do something correctly, we would have to pretend it's like we wouldn't be able to go. What we'd have to do is, this is how I'd have to work it out. I'd have to pretend like I didn't want to go to band camp because if I didn't want to go to band camp then she would see that and she'd say, you're not going to band camp because you didn't do this. It would be something that it would be something really dumb. My brother and I were literally, normally this house that was being remodeled, we were living in the mother-in-law's quarters, was had a gate to the main house. We were locked out of the main house.

We had a bowl here in the morning and a TV dinner at night. We were both very skinny. We were locked out of the house most of the time during the day doing yard work. When we're inside, sometimes if we're watching one of our younger sisters that was like a toddler at the time, well we would try to do is watch a little bit of television. We'd have the thing on the last channel, the button, the last channel. One of us would watch to see if anyone is coming home and we would try to watch TV. That was our way of, you know, be able to do normal stuff. However, if we wanted to do anything and we got and they find out about that, what would happen is then we would, we would get that taken away and we'd have to pretend like, so we'd have to pretend like we didn't want it to go. I don't want to go to band camp if I had to go to band camp and I haven't been practicing and stuff like that. She like, no, you're going to band camp. You think you're not going to be on camera, you're going. That's how it was. It was a lot of control.

My brother and I really had no control at all for between seven and 15 years old and probably like eight or nine to 15 years old are when it started. But so up until the peak at 15 then my dad pretty much had no choice but to do something about it. The thing about this that was very interesting is that my ex stepmom, she would do anything she could to twist the truth in her favor. Even if something wasn't true, she'd be like, Oh, you did this or something like that. I would have to lie and say I did something I didn't do. It's like, you're not going to that band camp thing until you confess that you did this. I didn't do that though, but I would have to confess and say that I did. I'm being forced to lie about something and I would get punished in physical ways as well for things that I didn't do. But then what would happen is that the truth would get twisted around. Even now my dad still has to deal with her and he has to go to court and stuff. My younger sister Lizzie, she's woken up and she does not want to be around her mom at all anymore. My dad's, you know, she's 17 years old, so she's working on not having to see your mom anymore. It's very interesting. But my dad still has to deal with going to court with her and she will lie about anything to get the court to work in her favor. This is a mix I think, of narcissist and sociopathic tendencies. Just the reason I kind of share that story is so that you know, I'm not just reading this out of a textbook and sharing it with you.

I've seen my dad go through this and I went through it for a period of my life and I see the kind of effect that it has on people in general and I also see it, it's very common for narcissistic mothers to treat their daughters a certain way and I see that because I see the way my ex stepmom treats my younger sister and is very uncalled for. It's very much not fair, but it's very obvious that what this is. You might say, why would a narcissist be in my life? We'll understand this at first. First off, if you look at it from a spiritual perspective, we're all spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. If you study any of the ancient, if you study any of the ancient text that has been around for thousands of years, it points to this even quantum physics energy cannot be destroyed nor created. In the same way, we are energetic, spiritual beings haven't temporary human experiences. We come into this life and we come into this body and we also have an ego. This ego is what we use to navigate through this experience. The problem is that many people in this reality end up becoming overly identified with the ego and they didn't think that this is who I am. Why a narcissist may be in someone's life is there's normally a lot to learn from a narcissist.

What do you learn from a narcissist? How to take your power back, how to create boundaries, how to have compassion. What really helped with my ex stepmom is I realized that my ex stepmom was treated a certain way growing up by her dad and abused by her dad and that's why she is the way she is. She's kind of like a bully that never grew up and she was bullied when she was a kid and that's why she's a bully, so then it's easier so you might not be sold yet on that idea. I understand if you're experienced experiencing a lot of pain, you're like, yeah, I don't want to talk about compassion yet. You may just be in a place where you need you and want and need to take back your power. There are two sides of the spectrum right here. You will see on one side we have that. Let me go and move this over just a tad. You have that and you see that up. The narcissistic personality trait or even sociopathic as well will do anything they can to survive. But the problem is that while we all are here to have this experience using our ego, we also have the ability to see beyond ourselves.

That's called empathy. Being able to see beyond ourselves to be able to feel and see what other people are going through. A narcissist becomes so entrained with their own ego and self-importance that they in a way lock into that ego structure where then they need to do anything they can to survive in that, in that form. That is the thing that happens and then what they do is they didn't need to in a way tear down other people's buildings in order to feel powerful if anything starts to threaten them. Then they come in. The narcissistic ex stepmom that I had turned my dad against his own mom because she felt threatened because his own mom had the ability to influence him and his own mom, which was my grandma ended up influencing him. That ended up having a strong influence on the decision that he finally made to break up with her when I was 15 years old and then all of a sudden, my brother and how I have all this freedom, we're able to have friends again.

We're able to eat food again. You know enough food did look healthy, where a bill to go to school and not worry. I'll be honest with you as well. I totally get it. When do people say that they are afraid to leave a narcissistic relationship, and I understand like you would think like wouldn't you just want to get out and become free? But when you become, this is what I'm realizing right now. Wow, this is the big epiphany. What the person that's not the narcissistic is, does not the narcissist that's in the narcissist, his relationship with someone, that is what they get out of it is certainty and what they feel like safety. Even though they're being controlled, they feel that sense of safety. I remember that when my dad divorced my ex stepmom and we were all of a sudden, we, I mean we ended up 33 four or five of us living in my grandma's house when the divorce was happening and it was a small two, three-bedroom house and it was like packed.

But I remember the transition of that. There was something about it that felt unsafe. It's like my brother and I could do other things now, but we've, I felt like it was like, Whoa, this is almost scary. Like, who, who knows what could happen. I don't feel that sense of certainty that I used to feel. I kind of get it. But here's the thing. This narcissistic personality feeds on external energy and will siphon it from other people. Part of that siphoning is twisting the truth to make them appear greater. Part of that is taken away and making someone else feel small because then it makes them feel best. They are relying on external energy completely. They are relying on external energy and external validation because they've locked into that ego and that's where the energy is being emanated. Here's the thing, the person that's not the narcissist, most likely you reading this blog, you have magnetized that experience into your life to learn how to create a firmer ego yourself.

Like you have to be identified with it and there's this negative consequence of it. But what I mean is normally the person that is in and around a narcissist, normally what this person needs to build is a sense of self, a sense of boundaries, a sense of power to take back their power and to stop giving it away. That's what the other person can learn is how to say no with compassion, how to say no. Also, understanding that some of the characteristics, you know, that relationship with my ex stepmom turned me into a people pleaser for many years of my life. I then identified with the more I can give the other people, the more value that I get back or the more, the more I give to other people, the more than I can feel validated, the more than I could feel like I'm worthy rather than knowing I have worth just for being myself.

What the other person can learn that's in the narcissistic relationship is how to say no with love, how to be aware and how to build boundaries and how to really step into not feeling safe and knowing that that in itself is safe. It may seem if you're in a narcissistic relationship right now, it may seem hard to hear this, but understand that you can have compassion for somebody else but also understand that the most important thing is your compassion for yourself and I understand it can be hard. It's easier for me for example, to never have to see my ex stepmom again than it is from my sister who that's her, her real mom and I see how she's challenged sometimes cause she's like, I don't want to be seeing my mom and you're and I want to be around her. There's part of her that I imagine still wants to have a relationship with the parent, but this is the thing.

It's about understanding that that situation is there because of the part being played. The karma that I talk about in the other video, which you can click below to check out the karma that I talk about is the reason that karma is in place and it doesn't seem like this person is getting their karma is because there are people that are still balancing out the scale and playing the other side of it. There's somebody that's in a way playing the part of letting it happen, of feeding that energy. Here's the thing about a narcissist. You want to know how to deal with a narcissist. This is what you do. Narcissists and sociopaths, they feed on negative resistance. They need something to hook onto. If they don't have something to hook onto, then they aren't being fed. That's literally how it works. They feed on that energy, so for example, let me, let me share with you like my ex stepmom, she would have to talk us down or like argue with us and then if any, if we would argue back at all, then she'd have something more to feed on.

This is what I told my dad to do. This is the way you deal with the first off. Realize that you can have compassion for them. They do not know how to respond to compassion because it is so far outside of the way that they view the world because they have trouble seeing beyond themselves. What happens is they're seen focused only on them, focused only on them. What happens is when you're able, and the thing is that when we got an alert that the other people on the other side is learning how to see the beyond the self we already have done. But to see the self, the value in the self. The thing to do though, when you're around these people, it's what I told my dad to do. My dad was going to these mediation things for awhile with my ex stepmom.

The funny thing is any mediation, any therapists or anything that they ever go to, it never lasts. Because eventually, the therapist won't deal with my ex stepmom. She then has some excuse to why she won't deal with it anyway. She's never found somebody to that that can work with it consistently. My dad's easy. My dad will talk to anybody I can see as well. The thing that my dad is learning his boundaries and how to be in his own power. Here is the thing and here's what I told him to do. One time going to that mediation thing. He was going to the mediation thing and every time you went what would happen is they would sit in the waiting room and then what she would do is she would just start bickering to him. Just start tearing him down, just start yelling at him in public, it is therapist office. She would do that every time. My dad would go and my dad would just sit there and then my dad would get in these arguments with her and it was just completely unprofessional. It'd be in public is completely uncalled for and what would happen is one time I told him, I said, he did realize that she feeds on that reaction. If you don't feed her, she can't.

She has nothing to play with. I said, try this. The next time you go, just sit there and as she's, as she's complaining to you, just sit there and just smile and pretend like she's not even there. Not smile, not smile, like mock her. Make her feel bad. Just smile and sit there and pretend like she's not there. This is what happened. He did that one day. You probably didn't do it for a couple of times because he probably thought it would be kind of weird, but he ended up doing it. He went there, he sat down, she came, she started bickering, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and public and you just sat there with a smile on his face. Didn't even look at her just like this. You want to know what happened after about a minute or two, she just, she could not even stand in that energy. She left, didn't even stay for the appointment they had. She left. She could not be in that energy. If you don't feed them energy by arguing or give them resistance, then they can't take your power and they don't feel powerful, they won't be able to deal with it. The best way you can deal with it is to stop feeding them by becoming aware of your own energy and doing it with compassion.

All of this stuff does it with compassion and love. We're all here. They're literally, I believe in society to help balance out and to help teach other people how to really be powerful. There's always something to learn. You know, I have the ability and have such a passion for helping other people break out of their own belief system, break out of their limitations because of the pain I went through with my ex step-mom. It actually served me in a positive way. The thing I want to share with you is that's what you can do, is to stop feeding them, to have compassion and to understand that you can develop your own power, your own boundaries and that once you do, you will no longer magnetize those kinds of relationships.

Use The MAGIC of Detachment to Attract Love & Relationships


What I'm about to share with you is counter-intuitive to almost everything you've been told about manifestation, about creating your own reality. However, I would say it's the one major difference that will completely transform your life. If you begin to apply it, this will make you more attractive. This will make you have more magnetic energy and this will have love chase you instead of it being the other way around. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the magic of detachment and letting go and how when you trust this and you do this, it then gravitates things towards you and I'm going to share this not only for my own personal experience, just in general. You can use this by the way, for anything. You can use this for love.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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You can use this for abundance. You can use this to get a new job or attract something, anything that you want, you can use this to attract. The thing to understand about this is that you have the ability to generate the emotion inside and the feeling inside without needing any external thing to feel a certain way. The reason this is important to understand is that any time we want something else, we chose something else. We are saying that I don't have that within myself. One of the biggest desires there is within humans, in general, is to feel connected. The moment we say I want that, we are actually emphasizing our separateness. You see, the more we raise our vibration and our level of consciousness, the more we realize we are everything we are at all. Why would I want that over there when I realized I am that over there?

Do you see it has to do with understanding a larger scope of consciousness? That's what I'll be sharing with you in this blog. This is why it makes such a big difference. First off, it's understood that we think in the form of mental pictures. We think in the form of mental pictures. Some of these mental pictures, not everyone's completely visual, but we think in the term of mental pictures and when we think of things and we want something, maybe we want a goal or something. We infuse all these other mental pictures that we have about why we can't have it, why we can have it. The kind of person that we attract. All of these different mental pictures go in place and then that creates resistance. This is about becoming aware of those mental pictures. This is about understanding that anything we are attached to, we are creating resistance around.

There have been times in my life where I realized that if I really want something or just wanted in general, I resist it. But if I move into that of not caring, it's almost in a way you could say as well, the more you're able to not care which way it goes, doesn't mean you're apathetic, but the more you're able to not care one way or the other, the more power you have. That's why letting go of the outcome signals abundance. Think about that too. Letting go of the outcome actually signals abundance. If you are around someone else that you're attracted to and you're like thinking of every little thing you're going to do and you're like, Oh, am I doing this the right way? Am I going to say this the right way? You're going to feel stifled. You're going to feel resistant, you're going to think too much and overthink things and subconsciously the other person's going to be able to feel that energy off of you.

However, if you were to let go and not care, you'd give yourself a lot more permission to just be yourself. When you are just being yourself and you are unapologetic about what people think about you, that is attractive. The reason that's attractive is that it shows that you're not trying to approve. You're not trying to get approval from someone else. Sometimes people want to attract love because they want to feel that love from someone else. They want to PR. They want approval from someone else. Because here's the tricky, insidious thing. If somebody wants approval or love, if they want it, it means they are saying they are separate from approval in love. It's maintenance. They're saying lack. Remember, if you desire it, you lack it. If I want to do this over there, then it means I'm not over there, but I wouldn't want to make a video right now because I am making a video right now.

If you want to completely allow love into your life like a floodgate, that just opens up and then you have so many opportunities, let go of wanting love, let it go. This doesn't mean to be apathetic, but what this means is when you feel this desire, you just literally think to yourself, can I let this desire go? Because the moment you move and you let go of that desire is the moment you will move into the having into the being love and the more you aware you're aware as well that that love is already inside of you, then the more you will embody that love. The more you realize, Oh, I kind of want approval. You can say no, can I stop desiring approval? If you stop desiring approval, you will have approval.

If you stop desiring love, you will have love. Think about this. We work really hard to become successful. We worked really hard to do this, to do that. Then we finally get it and once we get it, we feel at peace for a while. Then what happens? The mind jumps in, says, what about more? But for the wild that you feel peace. You want to know what has happened. Desire has subsided. The desire has been met, you stopped desiring and then felt satisfaction. Do you see the change here? Do you see what that is? What if you could instead let go of the desire now and know that when you let go of the desire, now that's when you're in contagious energy. That's when you're unapologetic. When you're not trying to control things, there is no resistance. There is somebody I know that was a recently divorced and what happened is she did not want to be in a relationship anymore because she got divorced and she had, there was a lot of emotional stuff going on there and she was like, okay, I'm just going to completely be single.

She like wanted to be single and she's like, okay, I'm just going to be single. I do not want, I do not want to date. I do not want a relationship. I just want to be single because she was in the state of just being single, of not of, not wanting love, not wanting a relationship. Guess what happened? It just flooded into our life. She would get asked out like every couple of days to a week she'd get, she'd be asked out by people and it was because she had this contagious energy where she was just not attached. She wasn't in wanting, she was just a being that loves within herself of realizing, Hey, there's no more drama in my life from this divorce, so I'm just going to be happy. And like, look at all this freedom. I feel so great. Then that attracted that to her.

The funny thing is that what can happen sometimes is then somebody might decide, okay, now I want to love. Then once they want to love, they find resistance coming in. I see it sometimes with people that I may have grown up with, especially sometimes women that may be a certain age, like getting towards their thirties or 32 they just age to where then there's this like societal pressure. It's like I got to get married and have a kid and how's my time? I've seen that just with many people. This is a very common thing. The problem with this sometimes is what happens is that evokes up a desire and a wanting, which is also lacking, which also creates resistance, which then sometimes also is where then people will care what other people think because they're wanting that approval or the wanting to be accepted because they want a relationship to go somewhere, which creates resistance was actually blocked it.

The key to this is being carefree. The key to this is letting go of that desire altogether and trusting the course of your life, of realizing this as well. The vibration of wanting love. I want to love. The vibration of wanting love is different than the vibration of having love. If you already love because you are loved, because all this stuff already exists inside of you anyways, then what you begin to do is you begin to see it and attracted. It's naturally in your reality. You don't always get the life that what you want because what you want, you lack, but you always get in life that which you are. If you move from wanting to being or having, you will then perceive those things in your life. But the key is making that switch and the way you make that switch is you just let go of the desire.

The desire comes up and what happens is you let go. That does, it comes up, you're aware of it, and you just say, can I let this go? Can I let go of wanting approval and just have approval? Can I let go of wanting love and just have love? Can I let go and just have, and then when you let go of the desire, you will just have, and then when you just have, you are looser, you're more fun, you're not attached to the outcome. You are the star of your own movie. Because when you want it, you're looking for that in someone else. You're looking for someone to give you that approval for somebody to give that love. But when you are the star of your art or movie, then what happens is you have a very contagious energy. People can literally feel it off of you, but as what become aware as well, use the magic of letting go to attract love into your life because you're also letting go of the stories and the mental pictures you have of what it means to get some type of result.

If when you think of some type of outcome, have you been and having love in your life and then you think of it and you desire, you look my way, I do want that. You're like, wait, Aaron, set. Just let go of the desire. It comes up, you let it go. You might also have different stories come up. Stories about like, Oh, love doesn't come that easily. The way my parents were together, they divorced and all of these things and it does it. It's all these, this resistance comes up and as the resistance comes up and brace it and let it go. There's a book called Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda and the enlightened masters you go and he talks about his process of going through enlightenment and night masters commanded tests like this. Do you want to know one of the reasons they could do that because they come at it from a high point of consciousness where they realize they are?

Everything else, in reality, is like a dream. It's more flexible because they know that it's like things just happen so easily, but also, it's because they don't desire it. They're neutral about it. It just simply is and as they let go of that and they're coming at it from a higher level of vibration, it's like things just happen easy for them, but they're also exuding so much love that people just want to be in their presence. But what this has to do with is clearing your mind, letting go. The other reason that is that they have very clear thoughts or not thoughts. They have a very clear mind. When they think thoughts are so much potency there. But you see what a lot of times when we're thinking of having love or thinking of all these little resistances and stories and pictures that come up and we want it and we desire it, which means we lack it. The key to this is simply letting go, letting go of the labels, letting go of the label of, Oh, I've always been single. Oh, I can attract this. Letting go of the labels of believing I'm not worthy.

Become aware of those and then let them go. This is the magic of letting go. I will tell you that even not just with love but that as well, but also just with my life in general. A couple of weeks ago I was making YouTube videos and as I was, I like wanted there to be a certain response from the videos I was making that was stifling my energy and I was like wanting to grow more and I wanted more, but then eventually I decided what, this is ridiculous. I'm going to let go of that desire altogether and just enjoy this process, be here while I make the videos. There have been times in the past where I was like wanting to get to the next level. I let go of that desire and also, I let go of what people thought or what people think of me and as I let go of that and just started being myself being the way I prefer to be talking about what I wanted to passionately talk about, it would explode every, every area of my life and then my energy is more carefree. I'm just sharing unfiltered. It's more attractive. It's more attractive even from a level of, Oh, this is a cool video, I like the energy of this video or something like that.

You can easily allow yourself to let go of these things by being aware of what you want and use the magic of letting go to let go of desire. When you let go of desire, you will naturally just have it. This is also why people that maybe you've seen it before were like two people in a relationship. They break up. One person may be really distraught about it, the other one, maybe like whatever it might be like ready to move on. Then what happens that one person like soaks about it for awhile. They go hang out with their friends. Then eventually maybe they go out with their friends and they start to forget about that other person when they start to forget about that other person cause he's just in his own world. He's becoming the star of his own movie again or she's becoming the star of her own movie again or whatever it, this person could feel that and then gravitates back because of that detachment of desire. There are many people that when they let go, it brings a flood of abundance because there was so much resistance for so long.

Thought about something that then it just floods in. But this requires letting go of that. Then when this person was letting go of that because maybe didn't, that person starts to also see, oh yeah, maybe that wasn't actually meant to be. Maybe it was actually bringing up a lot of negative things or whatever. Then the desire changes and then they don't desire anymore. Then there's an almost a desire on this side because of that polarization and how it works. The push-pull of polarity. But you see, this is why this is so magical. Let it go. Let go of the desire and just have it let go and just be it. When you use the magic of letting go, you'll see how it changes every area of your life. If you want to learn more about this as well, I have something that's called mind shift.

It includes that of a step by step processes, how to apply this, how to let go, how these transforms and allows in abundance and love. It's very powerful. Plus, there are meditations and there are some really cool bonuses that you get if you join right now. I've seen people get amazing results from it. The meditations alone will help you to make that inner shift within you so that changes the way you go about this. Imagine being more carefree. Imagine having more fun in the process of manifestation and imagine knowing step by step what to do, not just the theory, but like what do I actually do? Then getting the kind of result that you want so that you feel clear.

3 Conspiracy Theories That May Turn Out to be True in 2020


Yeah, there's a lot going on right now in the world and there are so many ideas going around about what actually could be happening. I've seen some very convincing arguments for certain things, and in this blog, I'm going to share with you those three conspiracy theories that may actually turn out to be true in 2020.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing some ideas with you that, to be honest, I never thought I would talk about on this channel to be completely honest. However, there's a lot going on right now. Maybe you look around, you see the media, you see a lot of another people kind of in a certain vibe. You may go to the grocery store and see people in a certain vibe, however, understand that as well.

I personally believe there's a lot more going on than what we're maybe able to see. That's PR. That's just my personal feeling. I've had that feeling since things really started to pop off. There are certain patterns that I see. Let me say this as well. I'm just the reporter here. Okay? I'm just reporting back some of the things that may actually be true, but I'm not deeming that these are 100% actual fact. Even though I speak very confidently, don't assume that that's the way I'm coming about this. I encourage you to do your own research. However, I will share with you some of the things that I have learned from studying certain people that do have what is called insider information, or the people that are able to kind of know what's going on the inside, I guess you could say.

This is where I'm going to be sharing in this blog. First off, let's talk about the elite takedown. Okay? When it comes to this, there is speculation right now that you know, right now, I'm in Las Vegas. There are some places in the United States where we're not supposed to leave your house. There's this studio situation that's made very big where there's a lot of people that can't necessarily leave. There is a lot of speculation, honestly. I've done quite a bit of research into this. It's very fascinating. I've known actually about this since 2012 as well. I studied this in 2000 when I went through my awakening. I looked into this a little bit. It's kind of a darker rabbit hole once you start going down. Eventually I actually kind of pulled back from it and stopped focusing on it.

From what I understand from the research, I've done do your own research, but I've realized that there are certain what we could call elite people who are very wealthy. Some of them are very well known and they are a part of like a group of people that do very dark things. They do very dark things and it's with the intention of keeping also a lot of other people in the dark about things. What they can do is intended to facilitate certain events happening and when they facilitate certain events happening, it keeps people in a certain mentality so that people are easier to control. I think there's a reason that the education system is somewhat the way it is. I think there is a reason the media projects out complete negativity even before all of this stuff happened in the world.

Complete negativity, 99.9% of it. It is a fact that there are six major corporations that own all the media find that very interesting as well. If there was a certain objective or intention, it'd be very easy to shoot it across all six of those. It's very interesting. But, the research that I've done, you know, I've done it. I did a video recently that was also on a broke down, I learned this from someone named Gigi young who is another YouTuber and she broke down one of Tom Hanks post on his Instagram and showed the symbolism in it. She explained that what they do sometimes some of these elite people, what they do is they charge energy, they charge objects with energy and then they put it on their social media for other people to see.

Because then in a way, it has an effect on the collective consciousness of millions of people paying attention to their stuff. There were also little messages inside the text that he said really random. It was one of the weirdest things ever. He claims that he brought a 25-pound typewriter during the time of quarantine to a different country because it was his favorite. A typewriter that just so happened to be the same exact name of what's going on right now in the world. It was absolutely ridiculous. However, when you break it down, do you see there's a little bit more to it than you think. Then you find out that someone like Madonna also has put out the same exact symbolism and some of her social media, and I start looking at all these people that are speculated to have these connections with people.

They do have connections. Some of these elite people have already been tried and are already going to prison for things that they have done. It seems very not far of a stretch to say, okay, maybe they're also involved with this as well. One thing that I believe may happen in 2020 is these elite people may get taken down, which means that they may have to pay for their acts against humanity. They may have to pay for some of the very dark things they do. Some of the dark things they do are extraordinarily dark and I don't even want to talk about them, but just understand that everything is energy. There are people that may use that in a positive way. Like when we do group meditations and we send energy and we set the attention to like we did one on Instagram yesterday, we set the intention to send energy to other people that are going through what they're going through right now in the world and people at hospitals and stuff that are helping like send energy to them.

That's very positive. But there are people that use it in the exact opposite way. They do very dark things and it puts very negative energy into the collective consciousness and then it's more able to keep people controlled. When you look at the media, 99.9% of it is negative. It's been like that for a very long time. There may be a purpose behind it. As I said, I'm just a reporter here. Do your own research and see what resonates with you. However, that's kind of the conclusion that I've got to when it comes to the media and that it's easy to see how some of these things piece together. However, I think it's a very powerful time. This isn't something to be afraid of. I do believe that they are going to lose their power and they're going to have to pay for the things that they've done.

I do believe that. I believe that this is a very good thing that that stuff's going to be stopped. Okay. I'm not saying that I recommend everyone go down these little segments. I don't know for sure if they're true, however, do your own research or don't do your research and just, let's see what happens. When I say don't do your research, I'm not saying believe what I'm saying right now. I'm saying just you can also just trust in the process. Sometimes when you focus a lot on this stuff, you start feeling it. It's almost become a rabbit hole. You start seeing more and more negative things because there may be some negative things that happen in the world. The more you focus on that, you might not feel that much better.

Just be a little bit aware of it, maybe do a little bit research and then pull back from it. That's what I do is I find it interesting the psych and conspiracy theory that may be true in 2020 is there may be good guys that may take down these people. The good guys are people that we would consider to be people that have MD this is also sometimes called the deep state. People that are teaming together to take control of this, to make sure this doesn't happen. From what I understand, there is a group of people that are doing this that you call them the Alliance, call them white hats. I don’t know what we call them. Like I said, I'm just the reporter here. Okay. But nonetheless, there's a lot of conspiracy around this whole idea. I'm not the expert with any of this. I'm telling you that right now. I find it fascinating though. I do think that there's other stuff going on other than what we see. Then again as well, remember there are six major corporations that own all the news. When you hear some of these words and you do some research, it may be blasted that these things are just completely ridiculous and it's been proven wrong.

But I also understand that when it comes to search engines and stuff like that, there's a reason that sometimes things are hard to find. You've got to fight to find the truth. You got to go to like the sixth page of Google because everything else is just like main media that's been putting out these like crazy things. It's interesting. It could be that these people take down these people in 2020. That is a conspiracy theory. I'm just here reporting these ideas here and I find it very interesting. The third conspiracy theory that I don't know if this is true, however, I have heard this recently and I do know, I was watching a Joe Rogan episode the other day, and he was talking to someone else and they were talking about JFK and they were talking and they were playing a clip of JFK in a speech talking about him trying to take down and intending to take down secret societies.

This is something that JFK wanted to do, the religious speeches of this. Shortly after he did a couple of things and made speeches like this. He got assassinated. You got to take him out. That happened back in the 60s. Then there is a conspiracy theory out there that JFK Jr., who is the son of JFK, he was a rap. He passed away in a plane crash in 1999 something like that. I was talking to my mom the other day about it and she remembers that I was too young to really remember that. However, there is a conspiracy theory that he may have actually faked his own death with his wife because he knew that the cabal, these people were going to try to take him out just like they took his dad out. Because they knew that they were going to take him out.

He said, okay. Rather than they take me out, he's going to go into hiding. It's very interesting. However, that is the idea is that he would go into hiding and then eventually come back out once these people were taken down. But they had too much power back in 1999 and in that area and that era and they were for sure most likely going to try to take him out because he was going to be running against Hillary and they would rather, you know, they did not want him to win or to be involved with that. They were going to do that fake a plane crash. They never found the bodies from what I understand, or I forget. As I said, I'm just the reporter here. I've heard this from many different sources as well.

I find it very interesting. The idea could be that maybe he eventually comes out and then explains that this is why he had to go into hiding and then it kind of shows people that, Hey, there's something else going on here. In general, I do believe that the old structures here in 2020 they're literally falling apart. The old power dynamic on the planet of keeping people of a very top selects people, keeping certain events orchestrate and keeping certain people at a certain level of consciousness. I believe that that paradigm is going to a close. What is happening is it's a year of revealing that about these people that are doing very dark things. It's about also a time of breaking down those old structures so that we as the people can have the power to then be in the way that we prefer.

The Great Awakening: 3 Things You MUST Know


That's right. We're talking about the great awakening and I'm going to share with you the three things you need to know about it, what's really going on behind the scenes, and three things you need to know to keep your power so that you don't give it away and understanding how to most easily move through the times we live in right now. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you more on what is called the great awakening. Yes, right now there are many, many, many, many, many people waking up on the planet right now and part of the reason is that there's a lot of stuff going on in the outer world that's causing pressure and that pressure then causes people to go through a process where they go beyond that which they currently think that which they currently feel now, which they currently do.

Of course, that what you currently do is you're probably just at home. I mean, you might bet not be doing much at all right now, but that's a part of this process. When we talk about that of the great awakening, I'm going to share some things with you. Some of the content I'm going to share with you my own perspective of it. The one thing that I always recommended every single one of you do is to do your own research. Okay? I'm not here to tell you what to believe.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm not here to say that I'm an expert at all of this. There are people that probably have been doing this and study this way longer than I have. The great awakening has to do with us coming into our power as people and also as a collective for a long period of time. There have been a certain elite number of people on the planet that have had a great deal of power. I know this sounds very esoteric and it sounds very much like a conspiracy theory, but I think that we'll find in the next couple of years, many conspiracy theories are actually true. We're just negatively primed to where we hear it. Where like, you know, we think of, it's like some guy with like really big hair that's like, you know what I mean?

There's something like that. This is something that I've studied since 2000. I okay, I'm no expert study year at this or anything, but since 2012, I've been looking into this, I went on a certain kind of rabbit hole where it started to, to experience a more negative thing from studying it so much cause it's not necessarily the most positive things, but now it's circling back around because here we are in 2020 and a lot of the things that I studied back then are now coming to fruition. One of the things that I came to understand is that there is a power structure dynamic on the planet. That it has certain intentions to keep people in fear and anger. Because when people are in fear and anger, they're much easier able to be controlled. Plus, they look to authority for safety. They're more likely to be told what to do and they'll just do it.

What happens is there's a certain number of people that for a long, long time have been into this kind of understanding of keeping the power and keeping people like the name an ignorance, keeping people away from understanding this kind of information. Kind of the way it works for me is I went through my awakening and I became aware and learn how to meditate and I started looking into these things and it was super obvious to me that there's more going on behind the scenes and we're actually shown and then I actually met some people that had firsthand experience with some things that were kind of hidden behind, you know, the government, stuff like that.

It made me aware of certain things and then I started, okay, there's something here I need to study a little bit more now. The people and some of the things that will happen will have to do with understanding a dynamic that's going on between two different to many different factions. What's happened on the planet to kind of summarize it all up is there's a frequency on the planet that is beginning to race. This was talked about in the book called the law of one. I have a whole bunch of them right over here. Let me show you these books right here called the Law of One. There are five different books total, I believe, five or six, and they're very powerful for understanding kind of what's going on in the world. It talks a lot about kind of some of the things I had going on behind the government.

That word and that was back in like the eighties. It talks about how, what's going on right now, something called the harvest. The harvest has to do with many. It's elevated is the evolution of consciousness that we have the ability to tap into. The thing is this has been happening for a while now, but there's a certain number of people on the planet that don't want this to happen because the more we raise our vibration, the more aware we become and the more aware we become. The less likely we are to be controlled and the more likely we are to see what is going on behind the scenes. If we see what's going on behind the scenes, many of us may get kind of angry about what's been going on and things like ET technology, ETS, understanding many different layers that have been kept behind the scenes.

This is something that we think of it's a conspiracy theory. I understand if you're seeing this blog right now, it may seem a little bit out there to you. But as I said, do your own research. Don't take my word for it, don't just believe me because I'm some guy on YouTube. But honestly, you can study Dolores Cannon and she's got some great books. She's got 17 or 19 books of people at a very deep level of hypnosis. Their higher self comes through their subconscious mind and they say why they incarnated at this time and through thousands of different people said very similar things. I came here to be a part of the, of the shift in consciousness. They didn't say the great awakening. That's maybe more of a 3D term that we use and it has different connotations as well. But there are people, okay, so there are people that don't want the evolution of our vibration on the consciousness to continue to raise and that's because then they lose power and some of the things they may do are they may orchestrate certain events and by orchestrating certain events that it puts us into a receptivity to where then we're more open to certain things that may actually dumb us down a little bit more.

This is something I had done for a while, but the thing is we're gaining our power back. We're becoming more aware of this now. This isn't something to be, I think that this is something that's actually very empowering as more and more people become aware of it. I believe that over the next five or 10 years, our society is going to change in such profound ways. I think that even though it's a lot of things are going to tear down, I think it's going to be super, super empowering and positive in the end. It's just going to be a little bit scary going through it for some people because they're going to be so identified with it. The first thing that you need during the great awakening that's going to be going on is the first thing you need is you need to serve it. Discernment. I have heard certain people talk about certain things that, you know, you might, I might look up to and think, Oh, they got this type of information.

Then they tell me certain things, Oh this is going to happen. This is what the insider's told me. Then I'm thinking, Oh, maybe it is. But, you know, like different people in media and stuff that share this kind of information almost kind of like what I'm doing on YouTube. But the thing is, I found that that's a way that the thing that I really needed to have as discernment and going within, in my own intuition. Because when I hear certain things, there's been times where I heard certain things, but my own intuition told me the opposite of that that wouldn't probably happen. It's been many times it's actually been right. My own intuition, not to say my own intuition is better than your intuition. I'm just saying that like, even though I might look on the outside and look to certain people that have like researched this for a long time or something, I found that the most, the best source is my own discernment. When you even listen to me right now, have your own discernment if you're listening to, and I think questioning is a good thing. Question what you see and go within yourself to see what resonates. You know, there's a lot of posts about different organizations that might be fighting the bad stuff that's going on in the back.

Maybe they're true. Maybe they're not, I don't know. But I do know that I'm just going to go within myself to see what resonates, what doesn't resonate. But if you jump on the bandwagon of certain things, you might find that you get really excited about certain things, but it might not really red. It's almost like a way of giving power away, which is kind of leads me to the second one is don't give away your power and don't think and think that this is about waiting for something on the outside to transform. Like some things that may happen on the outside is our currency may be revamped. Money's not backed by gold. It hasn't been backed by gold in a long time. The media, have you ever wondered why 99.9% of the media is completely negative and inducing fear into people? Well, because the media is owned by six major corporations and those six major corporations have a certain agenda, and part of that agenda is to keep people in a fearful state because when people are in a fearful survival state, they're much easier to control. I think that in the next so many years, I think that there will be a process and it will begin to switch over.

I don't think it'll happen instantaneously. Anybody that tells you this stuff's going to happen like this. I would be very cautious of, of buying into that. I would just go maybe go with when yourself to see for resumes,  corrupt people. Some of these people are actually very willing and celebrities to just kind of sad, like some people you've seen in movies and stuff, talk show hosts and stuff and you'd be like, I can't believe that they're involved with all of that. But if it's connected to some pretty dark stuff, you know, we did a meditation recently and there were people all over the world that did this global meditation. There are over a million people doing it. We all meditated on love, peace, positive timelines, stuff like that. I was blown away by how many people showed up and we did this meditation.

It was super powerful. The next day, the Schumann resonance, which is the frequency of the earth, was an unperceived unprecedented amount of energy was from that date. We meditated on that and it was incredible. That's the good side of it because they showed with the meditation effect or the Maharishi effect that if you had like 5,000 people meditating on love and peace, it could reduce the violence on the, on the planet by 70%. Well, we did that with a million people to put us on a better timeline on April 5th and or fourth or fifth. What happens is that that's a very positive way of affecting the collective consciousness. On the negative side of it, you have some corrupt people where they do very dark things and they do things with a lot of symbolism. What that does is they try to keep the consciousness in a lower vibe state because of its lower vibe state.

Then it's easier to control. The greater weight you need is about rising above that. I do believe we will rise above that. But the thing to remember is that this is a reflection also of our own level of consciousness. While it might be tempting to look to the outside, the main thing here is to actually go within and to see what does this reflect back to me as old systems break down on the outside, what systems are breaking down in my own belief system? What systems are breaking down in my own life, what's not working anymore? Do I need to go more within myself? Are there parts of my shadow that need to, that I need to integrate? These are all things that we can become more aware of.

There's a lot of whistleblowers that have talked about this. There's in those books, the law of one I'm talking about, I actually know someone that has worked for something where they would know they have information about this. It was kind of shocking when I first learned about it, it just is what it is that I think will come into understanding I think that there may be a revamp of our tax structure, you know, that maybe another part of it as well. All of this stuff I find very interesting. However, these are all on the outside. What does this show us on the inside? This is about going within us and doing the inner work ourselves because as we do the inner work, we then transform the outer reality. It's like this is the collective consciousness stuff that's being brought up and it's showing us a lot.

The third thing that's very important is something that many people and spiritual awakening may not like to hear or just in general patients. I don't think that all of this is going to happen like this. I don't think there's going to be like one solar flash. It's like done by patched up, done. This is great. Awakening is done. I think this is going to be a process. I think that they talk sometimes about some of these corrupt people may be getting arrested right now, like a kind of behind the scenes. We're not aware of it. Maybe that's happening, but I don't necessarily think that's going to happen like this. The thing to do here is to go within yourself and to do your own inner work and to understand that all of this on the outside is a reflection of the inner core of the collective consciousness. It's also reflecting back something to us individually.

But the most important thing I'd say with the whole great awakening is to raise your vibration. When we do these live meditations, I think that we can, I want to honestly, you know, what I want to do is I want to help get other people involved with these meditations and other YouTube or even, and we all do meditations at a certain time on our own channels. What that does is it increases this, this probability. I've thought about me and my buddy Victor Oddo, we're talking about this the other day and we both kind of had the idea at around the same time. It was really interesting and to take it like us, Leeor like other YouTubers as well if you guys have ideas, let me know below. What if we got a whole bunch of us and we all did meditations at the same time as we did for that day, I think you could, it could really shift us to a better timeline. I believe there's a timeline right now where everything that's happening with what's going on in the world where there are way more people affected.

I think that that there's a timeline that exists there, but we're raising our own level of consciousness and we're shifting out of that. I think that right now, there's a lot going on there. I recently did a video called the great awakening. It has begun. If you haven't checked it out yet, check it out below. I explained this a little bit more and I explain mainly Lawrence Cannon Law of One a little bit more. That video got so much response that I saw there was more demand for another video like this.

“You ARE Worthy” Let me PROVE It To You


You believe that you are not worthy or if you tell yourself, I'm not enough, I'm here to prove you wrong. I'm sorry, but I'm good at the base you here and I'm going to show you why you are enough and exactly why you are also worthy.

Today, it's going to be a little bit different. I'm going to think this one thought. You might think you might believe this to be true. You might tell yourself, I'm not enough. You might feel like you need it. You compare yourself to other people. You always try to measure up and you feel unworthy, and in this blog, I'm going to show you why that's not actually true and how when you change that one belief, every area of your life changes.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Realize that we always receive in life a reflection of what we believe we deserve and if we believe we don't deserve love, then we will literally block it out of our life. If we believe we don't deserve money, then we will subconsciously do whatever we can to not get it because we don't deserve it. We don't. Why would we have it? That's the idea from the thought process. I'm here to share with you that you in the past may have made some meanings. Something happened in your life and you gave it meaning and that meaning then became on autopilot and first off, no, it's not your fault. No, that we growing up are like a sponge of experience. We're absorbing the beliefs of our parents. We're absorbing the bell, the meanings of like what our friends and all these interactions and we're just not aware so it's not actually your fault, so don't feel guilty for it.

Don't feel like you've done anything wrong. Also, realize this as well. I'm not enough and I'm not worthy is the most common limiting belief that almost everybody has at a certain point in their life. Even people that you look at that might have everything going for them. I was watching like this Taylor Swift documentary a while ago and she's got so much external validation. She's so incredibly successful. She's got so much money, but guess what? She feels still felt like she wasn't enough. She had to go within, she had to understand that she was basing her sense of inner fulfilment and her inner worthiness on an external thing. There's a lot of people, even me, like when I first started on YouTube, part of me just wanted to help a lot of people, but I could very easily see how some people get trapped within the validation of it.

You make a video and it gets a certain amount of love from people. Then it's like, Oh, now I'm worthy. People will like me. I was a people pleaser for a lot of my life because of what I went through younger in life, having a lot of control in my life. I had an ex stepmom that was very controlling and it made me question my own worth. Then I thought, well, maybe if I can do a lot for other people, maybe if I can help them, then maybe they'll finally love me. Maybe the maybe then feel enough. This is something that I become aware of and been able to completely release and just feel this flood of love for myself, this flood of feeling like I am enough no matter what happens on the outside. I know the truth that I'm enough.

I know this truth about you too, so I'm sorry, but I'm here to debate you on this. Well, let's get into the debate. Okay. You over here and you tell me, Hey Aaron, I'm not enough. What I would say to you is says who when you say save me, it says me. But then I would say, who really says that? Because here's the thing. A lot of people miss. We believe we're not worthy because we have a certain blueprint, a certain rule in our mind that says, once I obtain X, Y, or Z, then I know that I am worthy.

Those are all external things. But you see all these are many times our beliefs and meanings that have gone unquestioned for a long period of time. The question I have to you is, you might think you're not enough, but what blueprint do you have? What is the inner blueprint? What is the belief you have when you know you'll actually be worthy? What you'll find is normally this is some very hard to meet things. You've just been so hard on yourself. You've been so critical on yourself and it's okay. Don't think, don't feel like you got to be guilty about it. I'm just saying that once it becomes crystal clear, once you become aware of this inner blueprint, this inner belief, and you realize that this inner belief that you have, this inner blueprint is just such a hard standard to make.

Think about it growing up, this is what happens. When do we get these rules? Many times, at a very young age, many of the beliefs we have when it comes to in general, had been absorbed from our parents, from our friends, and from our environment growing up. Almost everybody did.  Imagine that one time you came back from school and you got a C on your report card or a D or an F and your parent, one of your parents said this isn't acceptable. Then maybe you got punished. Then imagine that you at that age thought that then their love was conditional on whether you were good enough and we're getting the kind of grades that were acceptable.

From that moment on, you did associate subconsciously, not even knowing it, no guilty, but then you then associated that love not being unconditional and that you not being enough because you didn't measure up to that external benchmark. You see this many times is what happens. Could have been graded. It could have been something else. It could've been you talking out of turn. It could have been you doing something you shouldn't have been doing. Breaking a rule and then subconsciously agreeing that, yes, I did not go according to that blueprint, but guess what? It wasn't your blueprint. It may have been your parents' blueprint and it may have been your friend's blueprint that said, you must do this to make us happy. You must go out this many times a week. You must come to play kickball, whatever it was. It's a different thing that then we started to compare ourselves and then realize as well, we may even take on the beliefs of our environment and then say, Oh, watch some news and say, Oh, look at this perfect celebrity.

Do I measure up to this perfect celebrity that has had all this makeup put on to be put on this magazine? Do I measure up to them? Do I look the same? Then once again, we are comparing ourselves to something external and then thinking that this is the way things are. Here are the way advertising works. Put someone beautiful on that. Have a model of someone on that, on the front of a magazine or somewhere. Then what happens is you measure up to that and feel like you're inadequate. Did you need to do B or have some type of quality in order to be accepted in love? Then what? Guess what? You will spend whatever money you can to measure up to be enough. That's exactly what a lot of the advertising does. The key to this is understanding this inner blueprint, this inner rule.

In reality, we've got belief meaning and belief then generates a feeling. If we feel like we're not enough, if we feel stuck, if we feel frustrated, that comes from first meaning and an in that feeling in that state, we then have thoughts and then from those thoughts, we didn't eventually take action or we don't take action, and then we eventually get a result, which then fuels that belief. Imagine we believe we're not worthy. We feel like we're not enough. We're thinking thoughts. Let's say I'm not enough. Then there's an opportunity to go meet somebody that could be your soulmate or something, but you won't take action because you already feel not enough and you already think you're not enough. What's the point you see that will also work when it comes to finances and abundance. I'm not worthy of this kind of job. I feel like I get enough. You'd go into the interview or you feel these thoughts and you're thinking that. Then guess what? It causes your body language, your behaviours to match that inner feeling. Guess what? Then that is a subconscious thing that's projected out in other people respond to you in that way. Here's the key to knowing you are enough. Let me share with you this argument.

Everything in the world has a purpose. If you look at that of grass, if you look at that of trees, if you look at it at how bees then cross-pollinate and all this magical stuff happens on earth, everything has a purpose and because everything has a purpose. Like right now it's windy in Vegas, it's getting ready to go from one season to another. There's a purpose of it all. Knowing that everything in the world has a purpose, you also have a purpose and you are here for a reason. You are having the experience, you are for a reason and the key thing to remember is that you are worthy simply because you exist. That's it. Creation doesn't make mistakes to say that you are the one mistake. Everything else has a purpose. Everything else is divinely orchestrated, but I am the one unique special snowflake that is not worthy, is extremely egotistical and I'm not telling you to feel guilty. I'm just pointing it out. Make it look ridiculous to you. Then you say, you would know what I am worthy. I am worthy for just existing, for being me. That's all you got to do. All you got to do is exist and you are already worthy. Everything else on top of that keeps you from feeling worthy is a belief that you agreed to or implied and you don't even know it.

The key to this is releasing that belief and understanding you are worthy for simply being you and I love you for just being you. You don't have to be anyone. You don't have to do anything. You don't have to act a certain way. All you got to do is exist. I already love you. That's it. You see, this is the key is understanding that that is the key to this process. I'm not enough is just someone else's blueprint that you've adopted thinking this is who I am now and all you got to do is release that belief. When you release that belief, you become free. One of the most powerful ways that I found to release these deeply stored beliefs of bringing what is in the dark into the light is a process called meditation. There's a certain meditation technique that I learned back in 2012 it helped me release that belief of not feeling worthy.

It helped me release a lot of patterns of my negative past. I kept attracting similar things in my life because of that pattern I was unaware of. I kept attracting women specifically into my life that were trying to control me because I had an ex stepmom in my life between seven and 15 years old. That's the way she treated me. When my dad divorced her, I had all this freedom, but I attracted a girlfriend in my life that was trying to control me. After I broke up with her, I then got transferred to a better department at Nordstrom's and woman's shoes where the manager was almost the same as my stepmom. Once I released that belief using a meditation technique, guess what happened? That manager got fired within two weeks, completely got off of taking Adderall for ADHD.

I also completely let go of that belief and I became free. From that point going forward, I felt like I had my power back. I was creating life on my own terms and I felt 100% worthy, whole incomplete. Something else that I have right now is I have made the most powerful meditations I have ever made that will help you to go within yourself, to bring these stories up to the surface and to let them go so that you become emotionally free and empowered to create your life on your terms and that is called mind shift meditations. Then that has been launched there as a really cool bonus in there as well. That's something I wanted to offer it. Something you could just easily listen to.

You don't have to ever have meditated before. It's just guided meditations you listened to that have a certain frequency within it. That gets down to the subconscious and unconscious mind to release those beliefs that you become free. That you start to realize these things, which is you are worthy, that you are connected to everyone else, and that you don't have to control everything you can trust. Those are the three main things that you'll learn with Mindshift, and you'll see the link in the top, the description box below. Go ahead and check that out. Right now. It's launched right now is the best deal you'll ever see on it. Plus, there's a whole bunch of bonuses.

5 Manifestation Secrets I am Scared to Share


These manifestation techniques that I'm about to share are ones that I'm kind of scared to share because of how powerful they are, but also because how embarrassing some of them may actually look, so understand that the more you tap into certain things, the more magic happens, and in this blog, I'll show you exactly how to do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you some advanced secret manifestation. Let me say that again. I'm going to share with you some five advanced manifestation secrets that I'm scared to share because some of them may be a little bit more esoteric than maybe some of the videos you're used to and it might be a little bit more out of the box. However, the old school way of looking about the law of attraction is that you think certain thoughts and then your thoughts magnetize you to certain things you want to attract, things you think of it and then it comes to you. I've said many times before that a huge game-changer.

Something that will change the way you go about this process is realize you don't always get that which you want, but you always get a reflection of who you are. If you become the kind of person that is attracting all of these things, then that will be a natural reflection because all the outer reality is, is a reflection of the inner reality. There is no spoon. Okay, I wrote that because I just really wanted to share that there is no spoon. Reality is what we believe it to be. This first thing I'm going to share is something that may shock you. It may completely blow your mind. First off, this is how I've gone about making my daily videos on YouTube. For like the last three years, I made over 1500 videos. When we talk about manifestation, understand the higher vibration you bring through, the more magic will happen in your life. Everyone has this ability.

This is not just me. I'm not some special snowflake. I've just been doing this consistently so it's become easier and easier for me, but it is what I call channeling. Some people call it a flow state, but we all have a channeling state, which is a higher vibrational energy that comes through our body that wants to express itself and it is also a part of us. It's maybe many times connected to our passion. What you'll see is like this is a human body. What happens is we all have, that's of we all have energy that comes in through our crown that goes through our body and what happens is when we get into a channeling state, it's like that flow is increased and when that flow is increased, there's more artistic ability, there's more connectivity of the brain. They've actually studied the brain and seen that before. The brain increases in the neuron type connections that it makes.

Having this understanding has really been, people ask me all the time, Aaron, how do you make daily videos on YouTube for three years in a row? Well, I don't, it's not the ego, Aaron that makes these videos. Yes, the ego. Aaron has funny talking to myself like that in that kind of person, but there is the, “I go, I study this information.” I'm passionate about it, but basically, once I get into this state, it flows through. I don't know how to explain it, but some people call that channeling. It's, still through my personality, but I believe that every single one of us that gets into a flow state that's doing what we love, there's a part of us that's channeling. Think about it like this. It's a little esoteric. I believe we are all eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. We are all connected to what we could call our higher selves, the divine. What happens is this information comes through to express itself in reality. The more we tap into this energy, the more we also get rewarded because it's more, in a way, it's not like it's the moral we're in that state. The higher vibrational synchronicity happens in our life as well.

Think about it this as well. When you're doing what you love, many times that will add value to other people, so it's almost like we are in this universal connection between all of us and what happens is when I am doing my thing, doing what I love and adding value to other people, it's like the universe is like, Hey, I'm going to go ahead and we're going to expand the reach because you're doing it in a more also pure way. The other trick to this, let me share with you the trick. Some people will get this kind of connection and then what they do is they then drop more into their ego. You see this little scale right here. What you'll see is we have the lower, this is this, the chart of consciousness I shared many times. You have the lower vibrational emotions like fear and anger and guilt and power.

Normally these are also around less power. Even it's in the book called power versus force. This is like force. In the middle levels, we have reason. This is the intellect of the mind. We have the willingness, which is like willpower, personal development information at neutrality. What happens is this is where normally we will build up the ego. Then after that, we then move into love, joy, peace, and enlightenment, which is more about understanding and becoming one with everything. It's like we have less ego. That's powerless. Then we have the ego right here where we're building it up. We're learning like personal development information, going to seminars, understanding our belief system. Then eventually we let go of that and then we realize where everything, and it's more about letting go. But what happens is these higher vibrational emotions that every single one of us is connected to, that flows through us.

But then sometimes what'll happen is people will be getting it. They'll drop back into their ego and they'll say, I am so cool. I'm so cool because of all of this stuff that I share. I am the man, I am the woman. This is who I am. Then what happens is that divine connection, it's like we squeeze the filter so it can't come through as much because then we start to identify with it. That's why I tell a lot of people, it's like I'm not making, I make these videos, but at the same time, this is what I'm scared to share. It's information that's flowing through and I believe every single one of us has this ability. Every single one of us is connected to our higher selves, divine, whatever we want to call it. When we tap into this energy, the magic begins to happen.

My life has exploded in many positive ways because of this. That's the first thing I want to share. The second thing I want to share is every single one of us, I believe as well, has what we could call spiritual guides. We come into this reality, we forget who we are. We, that's part of the purpose. We've come here to forget who we are. So, that we can remember who we are, but the whole entire time in the background you might be seeing, I'm lonely. There's no one around, blah, blah, blah. You still got your spiritual guides. Okay, your spiritual guides are still deal with you. It's just that you're not necessarily aware of them. The spiritual guides they can be souls that connected to you, that are guiding you through this life and helping you. It's like a sole contract type thing.

There are many different levels to that and nuances to that. However, one thing that I found to be powerful with manifestation that I wanted to share is there are times I'll just ask for guidance from my spiritual guides. I'll ask them to help facilitate something for me and I'll literally just give it to them. If I find that my ego is trying to control things and it's like, Oh, I need to, don't do this, and I'm attached to the outcome. Many times, what I'll do is I'll just give it to them and just, and then just relax and know and trust that it's going to get taken care of. That's something else that you can do as well as ask them to normally that will have to be also an alignment. They're looking out for your best interest now, not necessarily the best interest of your ego, but the best interest of that, of your soul, of your spirit.

You may say, well, spiritual guides, I want $1 million in my bank account right now and, and I'm just going to give it to you. They may be like, you know what, that's not necessarily, that's not necessarily productive. You need to go, you need to do this, this, and this. You need to find your passion first. That's more productive for you at this point in time. They can see a larger scope of our life. Because we're in it, you know, we've forgotten who we are, we're in it. They could like to see this larger, larger thing and they're like, you know what? This route will be better. You might not know it right now, but this is wrong. It will be better because you will enjoy it more. You will learn more. It'll make you not, you know, you don't get in like that, which you want.

You get in life are a reflection of who you are. Sometimes you get what you want, but you always get a reflection of who you are. Another one that I have that I used to work at sales commission jobs on women's shoes. Every day I went in, I started at zero because it was a commission. What happens is, I went in and every single day I was able to see the difference between the way my energy was, the way I treated people, the way I talked to people, the way I thought about the way I interact with people, what I thought about them. Here's what I realized. Let me share with you a very, very powerful and very, very powerful technique.

I would go into work and I would literally have fun. I would just joke around if I wasn't focused on like how much is this customer going to buy for me? I'm renewing hope they buy, they could feel that repelling energy. But if I went in, it's like smooth, cool, calm, collected, and I just focused on having fun and joking around. Many times, I didn't say I'd be helping them and they'd be like, okay, I'll take these two shoes. And I'm like, oh yeah, I'm selling shoes. I forgot. I was just having fun.

There were a lot of us doing it at, I used to work at Nordstrom's and one thing I used to watch was a store called J, a store called Jersey shore. I know it was back in the day. It was like a ridiculous store. However, there was a guy named Paulie D and he'd go like, oh yeah, you know, he's like, oh yeah, so in the back stockroom, I know he's be yelling are, yeah. And then there'd be like other coworkers and stuff on the other sides of stockroom that would say it as well, and it was like a pattern interrupt that would then loosen up the vibe and then we'd go out and we'd all be in good vibes. We help customers. It was very interesting how powerful that was. Next time you're wondering about fun, just like with an Italian accent.

It really does work and thinks about it, the more serious you are, seriousness makes things solid in rigidity and it makes it like hard to move and not flexible. Also, in case you didn't know, I have something that's called Mindshift. It is a step by step process that shows you how to use these advanced techniques that I'm talking about to make reality more fun in the process of manifestation. What it really has to do is understanding the energy dynamic between desire and knowing that actually letting go is the most powerful manifestation process. I show step by step how to do that as well. It's called something called the shift technique, which has to do with letting it go and just allowing it. It's like magic and what does have to do with this stop chasing money, love and success and has that chase you by changing your energy, letting go and detaching and having fun.

That's called Mindshift. Check it out. There are also some really cool bonuses there right now if you join and I am excited about that as well. The fourth one that I want to talk about has to do with understanding, and unifying gratitude. Okay, now here, think of like this. There's an infinite number of realities that exist, okay? If you're chasing something, you're implying that thing is running. Okay. If I chase people out of the three and you're like, Hey, red herring though. But if I come back, I go here. I'm sorry I was chasing stuff. And if I chasing it, I apply. It runs. The key is understanding that the unifier between you and the reality you want is something called gratitude.

Think about it. If you can feel grateful. First is my head like cutoff, like I'm sorry. If you can feel grateful now for something before you even have it, you will unify yourself with it. All the outer reality is, is a reflection of the inner reality. Feeling the gratitude for something on the inside. Before you have it, we'll eventually have that thing unified with you in this reality. That's why gratitude is so powerful. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions to manifest what you want. What I recommend you do is you sit in meditation and once you do is you focus on your heart. The heart is also thousands of times more powerful than that at the head. Once you do is you focus on the feeling inside of your heart and being grateful and imagining what it would feel like.

Not just the visual pictures, but imagine what it would feel like to be that version of you. What does that version of you think? Like what does that version of you act like? What does that version of you? What version of your habits does that version of you have these little things? What books does that version of you read that how grateful you are to have certain relationships in your life that have a certain amount of abundance in your life and as you feel grateful for that on the inside, and you keep priming and conditioning that you are unifying yourself with the different probabilities so that you actualize that into your reality. That's why gratitude is one of the most powerful manifestation processes you can do, and it's all within you. You can feel you could start out by feeling grateful for something you already have.

I go look at these plants right here and be like, thank you. I love plants. I have crystals over here. I love crystals. Oh, my goodness, I love that book over there. Oh my God, I love that book. I just love everything. Oh my God. You just keep doing that. But what you'll find is he can get to that state of that gratitude and do it more often. You'll find more magic happens there. The more gratitude you feel, the more the wiring of your brain is sped up. You're literally more creative when you feel more gratitude. Imagine you have a problem and you're like, you know what, I'm just going to go supercharge myself and I'm going to have a solution for this in a minute. What you do is you go and you're like, oh yeah, I feel grateful, grateful, grateful, gratitude.

You look at your problem again. You're like, Oh yeah, it's so simple. Yesterday, I was getting stressed out because I'm doing this live Q and A thing today, it's global meditation and I made it on this computer and happened is, the desktop computer and you need to on YouTube, in order to get it to work, you need to be some Ninja software, expert pro, have all this different software, downloaded all these different connections and you got to be like a software genius to get this stuff to work. I make this, I'm sending it, people are sharing this, this global meditation everywhere. I spent three to four hours trying to figure out how to set up this thing for it to work. I've done it before, but it keeps telling me that this bit rate isn't right.

All this crazy stuff. I said, you know what? Eventually, I just sat down. I was like, I can, let's test. What I'm going to do is I'm going to meet it, I'm going to feel grateful. You know, I'm going to figure it out. It's okay, blah, blah, blah, blah, and then write out the guy or that. I was like, you know what? Screw it. The solution is really simple. I stopped that live Q and A, I deleted it. I started a new one on my mobile phone so that I could for sure do it on mobile and now all this, well the solution wasn't able to be seen because I was in some type of state. I changed. My state solution appears to cause that's also extremely powerful. The other thing I want to say is this one up here, okay, this is number five is here the whole time and you didn't even know it.

In the book autobiography of a Yogi, there are, there's a book by Paramahansa Yogananda talking about his experience going through enlightenment and he's coined for bringing yoga to the West. He's an awesome divine like the embodiment. He's got that book. I recommend everyone get it. It was the only book that Steve Jobs had in his iPad and he read it every year, the last 40 years of his life. I always say that because it's like, Oh, let's do it. You should do it too. The things these people could do inside of that book that the stories inside that book of Paramahansa Yogananda, his life show that magic is real. These people could do things we consider to be magic, like teleport, like bring people back from the dead. I like clear ideas telepathically, making objects appear instantly, things like that. It shows that reality is more like a dream.

Maybe one of the reasons those enlightened masters could do those magical things is because they realized the truth. This is all a dream. This is much more flexible than we can imagine. They become one with everything. That's why there's so much magic. Like I said, if you want to make your life more magical, you can click below, check out Mindshift. It'll a step by step process for showing you everything I know about everything.

What is Really Happening Behind The Scenes (Not what you think)


I think there's actually a lot more going on than what we think with everything that you see happening in the world right now. What I'm going to do in this blog is I'm going to break down what I think is really happening behind the scenes in a way that is empowering and also exciting regardless of how much fear there is in the world right now. What’s really going on out there in the world? What's going on? There's so much fear. There's so much stuff going on. You watch the news, the media you get, you get blasts of fear. It's like a little machine gun, a fear coming at you and you got to sit there and absorb it and then figure out what to do with it. I'm going to share with you my perspective of what's going on behind the scenes.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Let me preface this and say that these are just my opinions. This is just my take on the energy of what is happening. This is not actually a fact. I've been looking into this since about 2012 too many of the different energy dynamics on the world. There's some stuff happening now that is really putting pressure on the collective but really putting pressure on many different people and it's something that I've been aware of what eventually happen. I was hoping it didn't have to be something as dramatic as what's happening right now. However, this is just my opinion. This is just my perspective. I encourage you to do the research for yourself, look into this with the perspective of figuring out the truth for you and just see what really resonates with you with what I share with you right now.

Just go within yourself and see what resonates. I'm not attached to it one way or the other. These are just my perspectives. I've been into this. I'm passionate about this information and I've drawn certain patterns, conclusions, and that's why I've come to these conclusions. With all of that being said, what's really going on? Well, if you look into the world right now, what I believe is actually going on is there's going to continue to be a breakdown of old systems. This is because right now, what's happening on the planet, I have some books right over there. There are books called the Law of One of the raw materials. It talked about how this would eventually happen. There would eventually be a transition from what is called third density into fourth density. This is a physical transition. This is a change in energy that has been happening for a while now. What this actually means and what this looks like is first off, understanding that if you want more information on this, read those books. The Law of One, it talks about that in 5D there are five different books. The husband is a physicist asking these questions. They're very deep. Questions can be considered a little bit of a dense book.

It talked about how we many people here on the planet right now are here because there is this change in consciousness happening. There's this shift in consciousness, what's called the great awakening that is meant to happen in this life. It's happening right now. We look around, we see all the fear of everything that's happening right now and there's more going on than just what it looks like on the surface. That's what I'll be talking about. But in general, third density to fourth density, what does that actually mean? The third density is duality. The third density is good, bad light, dark, the dirt, third density. There's been a certain level of control here. There's been a certain level of control on the planet for thousands of years. This control had in a way has kept people within a certain box, within a certain mentality not knowing who they really are.

That's something that is changing right now on the planet. That structure is falling apart now. That's part of it. Separation and third density. We tend to feel very separated from other people. We tend to really emphasize this is me, that is you, that is your boundary. This is my boundary. Don't lock on my turf. That is the kind of mentality that that has been a very strong part of 3D for a while now. Many people are just completely on autopilot. They're living the same days every single day, thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same emotions, doing the same things, therefore getting the same results. A lot of people just blindly believing everything that they're told. That's like that autopilot response is a very strong dynamic of their density. What we have is the fourth density.

The fourth density is more about understanding that we all connected. There's a collective consciousness that connects us. It's more about vibration. Understanding energy. Time appears to go by faster because we've increased our vibration. Maybe you've noticed that. Just see if you notice that in your own life, but that these last couple of years, at least, especially time goes by super-fast. Well, time doesn't really exist the way that we think it does. As our vibration increases, our perception of time appears to go by quicker. There's more awareness here. Generally, we're more aware of certain things, more aware of how our beliefs, our thoughts correlate with what we experienced. Here we have more choice because here we're an autopilot, so we're choosing based on autopilot. Whereas here we have more choice. This shift in vibration, what is happening is this fourth-density energy is here and anything right now that is of the old third-density structure is beginning to literally crumble and fall apart.

That is what is happening right now. When we look at this, what does this look like actually in the world? Here's the important thing to understand. This is also happening in the world as collectively. This is also happening individually. When we talk about the old systems are breaking down, this is both from the perspective of the collective because the old power dynamic is breaking down and then also the individual systems are breaking down. The belief systems are breaking down. Right now, a lot of people are limited to staying at their house, not allowed to leave. What that is doing is that is having an effect where more people are looking inwards. That is having an effect where the old things that used to work maybe aren't working anymore. Literally, people that may be used to distract themselves with that of sports and all these other things.

It's not as easily able to do that because sports aren't on anymore. It's requiring people, this pressure is requiring people to go within. This is part of the great awakening. This is a part of what is happening on the planet right now. Collectively what this is looking like now, this is just my opinion. This is just my perspective. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I think that when you look at the information and you do your own research, you eventually come to certain patterns and certain things. When I look at this information, there are some things that resonate with me. There are some things that don't resonate with me. What I believe is happening is these people, that power is getting taken away from them. And what we think there's still this thing happened in the world is pandemic. However, I think that in certain ways I think that we still need to be careful. We still need to wash our hands. We still need to go. We need to be aware of where we're putting our energy and we need to be aware of who we're interacting with, all of that stuff. However, I believe that as well, tandem with that there is withdrawing of people that have had a lot of power that don't necessarily deserve it anymore. Haven't deserved it, but are you have used it for bad purposes.

I think that we'll find that over the next year. This is something that comes more and more into the light. I'm not sure if it will come into the news. I don't know if you guys know this, many of you, but the news is owned by one six. There are six major corporations that own almost all the news, so whether it's Republican or Democrat, they're owned by similar corporations that are, that are fueling the duality in the world that gets you, that gets you triggered and putting energy into the system. There's actually a lot more going on behind the scenes with that. What I believe will happen is as well, the old system of the media I believe will begin to completely have a turnover. The media has been very controlled. It has been something that promotes fear. 99.9% of what you've ever seen on the media is going to be completely fearful.

I think that there's going to begin to switch over. I think that eventually, we'll actually see news. We'll actually see news, what's happening in the world and not the perspectives that aren't necessarily intended for people to be in fear and to be doing and taking certain types of actions. The old systems are breaking down both collectively and individually. Pay attention to all of these because as we individually go through this, this shift right here, that it'll also help the collective cause we're all connected. The power dynamic that I'm talking about where there's a certain number of elite people that had been using that power in, in disingenuous ways, what they've known is that there's a collective consciousness. If you're able to control the narrative of a mass amount of people, then you control the energy dynamics and you're able to then have it to where there's such a power dynamic difference. That's something that's beginning to crumble, literally crumble.

There's a lot more than I wish I could say from making this blog, but I want to give it and little pieces because otherwise it just sounds a little bit too far out there. My goal with this is to share it in a way that's practical, easy to understand. I wrote this down yesterday triggering a spiritual awakening as I was writing this down before I went to bed last night. and move this over a tad before I went to bed last night, I had an Eckhart Tolle thing on the background as I was right now and it's triggering spiritual awakening. He says I've never seen someone go through an awakening in their comfort zone. Think about that. You do not go through a spiritual awakening in your comfort zone, and when I heard that I was writing this down and I was like, that's so that is so relevant to what this appoint is triggering spiritual awakening.

It is pushing people beyond their comfort zones and is having them look within themselves and to go beyond the 3D physical avatar structure identification with body identification. They're starting to realize more of who they are as eternal spiritual beings, haven't temporary human experiences, so we may be pushed out of that comfort zone to continue to wake up more and more. The other part of this is a financial currency. Financial currency I believe will continue to break down. Once again, when I talk about the media being owned by Boeing to the six corporation, major corporations, there's evidence for that. That's not something that is just conspiracy theory. That is just how it is. That is just that there are six major corporations that own that.

When you talk about financial currency, is it a conspiracy theory that the money is not backed by gold? Money hasn't been backed by gold since the 1980s and what we will and the bank systems are private corporations. They're not. The government doesn't own them. They're private corporations, so when we look at this, what you'll find is that of the old 3D system, third-density we could call it the financial currency was based more so on a was more so about control is more so not backed by gold. What I believe will happen over the next few years is it will revert back to a gold standard or some type of legitimate way of understanding that system. I believe that a lot's going to happen over the next couple of years. That's part of it as well.

If there is not pure intention and pure integrity, I believe that it things would just work for that. I believe that it will be also very transparent to people that are buying from whatever the product is or whatever, if that is the case, so it needs to be a more win-win scenario. Understanding that we're all connected, so what you put out is what you get back. That's another part there as well. What is happening is that this power dynamic change is about a lot of things getting brought into the limelight. That's going to be, I think it will be a little bit shocking. This is some of the things and some of the things that have been going on behind the scenes for decades of this power structure. As we see it break down, some people may go in fear, but understand, I believe that this is, you know, just do the research.

What's the Law of One talks about Dolores Cannon talks about it, Bashar talks about it. This is the most exciting time to ever be alive ever on the planet. I believe that and I believe that as these old power structures fall apart, we will be getting more of the power back and we will then be able to put the energy in the direction of what we want and it will truly then be living in a time of awakening and this great awakening as many different dynamics to it. I'm super excited to be alive right now. I'm super excited to be here with you. I have another video that's called the hidden manifestation tricks that's kind of about this leap, like some of the things that some people on the planet know that may use in a negative way.

Do Thoughts “Really” Create Reality?


I've actually seen a few of the people that were in that movie, the secret, which is one of the movies that brought about and really open people up to understand the correlation of what they think and what they experience. However, I've seen two or three of the people that were in that movie actually say that this goes beyond thoughts creating reality.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you why don't thoughts, why thoughts don't necessarily create our reality, because it goes a little bit deeper than that. Here's my take on this. Thoughts are very easy for us to understand. We all know that we think thoughts, we all have thoughts, and it's very relatable. When the movie the secret came out, it was opening a lot of people up to this new idea. It had to reach the most amount of people in the world. What it did is it made it extremely, extremely simple. It said that thoughts create reality. The thing is, and as many people pointed out with the movie the secret, you get people to say, Oh, that's a great reality. Okay, great. Then they're like, okay, I don't believe they may not believe that they're worthy of having a, a relationship or a Ferrari or something, but they're like, I'm thinking about it. I'm thinking about it.

Then they end up feeling blocked or sabotage and they wonder, they go, does this really work? Like you told me my thoughts create my reality. I've been thinking of this for a long time, but I haven't actually experienced it. That ends up with a lot of people actually feeling frustrated because then they're like, Oh, I'm doing what they said. I'm thinking the thoughts, but I'm not actually getting the result. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe the universe doesn't like me. Then they come up with all these other interpretations. Here is the thing that I really want to share with you and here is the truth. Thoughts don't necessarily create reality because it goes deeper than that. You guys want to know what really creates reality. I'll show you right here. You have belief, something we believe to be true, a meaning we've given to a past scenario. Then what happens is based on that meeting, then generates a feeling and then that feeling is something we may feel we may actually feel stuck, frustrated, not enough negative emotion. I wonder why do I feel this? What is the field is feeling? Then they try to change the feelings from the level of thought, which doesn't work because look, it's another deeper level.

Some people say, well, no thought comes in feeling no. Well, that's why Tony Robbins teaches. Just change your state because if you change your state, you change your thoughts. You know, imagine somebody comes up to you and you're feeling negative emotion and they tell you something, you might react in a certain way. But if they were to tell you that same thing when you're feeling great, you'd have different thoughts about it. Okay, so here's the key. This is what happens at the conscious level. We consciously think thoughts, feelings come at the subconscious level underneath. Then belief comes at the unconscious level where we're just not aware of it. You see, this is the key now. I used to believe a whole bunch of stuff about myself that was keeping me feeling stuck, frustrated, not enough unworthy. I used to believe a whole bunch of things.

I'll show you over here, you've probably heard my story before. I'm just moving the camera wherever I want to go today. You may have known my story, but I used to have what is called ADHD, which is like I have a lot of energy and then I would take Adderall, which is the prescription that they prescribed to you for these prescribed to me. I took that and I felt like there was something like wrong with me. It was kind of weird. I would drink four shots of espresso when I go into work everyday and it would calm me down that and had the exact opposite effect on me. However, I felt like there was something wrong with me. I would take that Adderall during the day at nighttime I would drink and smoke just to balance out the side effects of it.

Then what happens? I felt completely on a worthy, you know, my past between seven and 15 years old, I had an ex stepmom in my life that was abusive emotionally, physically, and mentally. Even after my ex stepmom left was very controlling. The next girlfriend I had at 15 years old, I never had to see her again. The next girlfriend I had was trying to always control me, was always nitpicking me. For five, four or five years I dated her, I broke up with her and then one week within breaking up with her, I get transferred to a new department when I worked at Nordstrom's and woman's shoes. This new department has the manager, it's a better department to work in. It's called salon shoes. More expensive because it's commission sales, so it's a better department and the department manager is almost the same personalities. My ex stepmom, but she was protected by upper management, so no matter what anybody said to HR, she wouldn't get fired and she was my manager for years.

Then what happened is I had this belief that women are always trying to control me and because I had this belief I wasn't aware of, that was always the case. The unclear, I felt doubt in myself. I felt fear of really being myself. I remember just fear in general. I remember going to parties and feeling fear around being around new people and it was just also because I think between seven to 15 years old I wasn't allowed to have friends. Then after that, I started to come out of my shell. Obviously when my dad divorced my ex stepmom. However, there was like this part of me that felt a little socially awkward. All of this was keeping me is a prison in my own mind. Do you see? Then what happened is I learned meditation and there was a specific certain type of meditation that had to do with releasing beliefs. I became aware of all of these beliefs. I have ADHD.

Within two weeks I was meditating five or 10 minutes in about 10 minutes in the morning, actually, yeah, about 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night and I whole energy changed. I went into work and people were like, Aaron, what's going on? You're like a completely different person and your energy is so much more balanced. People were wondering what happened to me? All that happened is I started to meditate and I started to release the belief that I've ADHD and then I started to feel worthy. Within two weeks of starting to learn meditation and doing this belief technique, guess what happened? That manager got fired for something really stupid. She should have gotten fired for a way other worse things, but she got fired for something stupid and it was within two weeks of me completing that pattern inside of me and changing that belief that there always needs to be a woman in my life trying to control me. Then I felt unclear doubt and fear that went away. I started to feel more confident than ever, and from that point going on my life took a completely new route where I started becoming crystal clear. Before that, I wasn't sure what my passion was. I wasn't sure what I was meant to be doing.

I didn't know what I wanted, but I knew that I didn't want where I was. Then what happened is once I figured out and I started to unlock these beliefs, it just became crystal clear and it was like the key to me experiencing this whole new reality. It changed everything about me and all it had to do was a simple belief technique of releasing that belief. Now, something that you'll see too is imagined this, imagine we have beliefs right now to say I'm not worthy. Everyone wants. Everyone has that belief. Am I enough? We might have beliefs to say, I am separate or I must control everything. These beliefs then generate a feeling, thoughts, action, and result that fuels it in this vicious cycle. What happens is, imagine if you had the belief that said, I am worthy. How would your friends treat you? How would the person you want to attract treats you? If you felt worthy of having abundance in your life? How would that money come to you?

How would you live in freedom with that money? Think about that with feeling separate. What if you were to feel love for yourself, but if you felt connected to everyone in your life, what would that look like? What would your conversations be like? You see, that's exactly what I'm talking about here is you change your beliefs. That's when you change your life and one of the most powerful ways to change your beliefs. You want to know what it is. It's meditation. Meditation allows you to go beyond the ego beyond this prison and into a completely new reality so that you're able to create reality on your terms. That's what I did. I got rid of all these terms that other people gave me and I may agree to at a certain point, and guess what happened? I became free to create life on my terms. A lot of people say, Aaron used to call it, you're so confident. Where do you get that confidence from? I released these beliefs and then that energy is just there.

That's why I have the energy that I do, so this video I'm going to have go out. Also, when I have something that is called mind shift meditations, they are the most powerful meditations I have ever created. They're specifically designed to help you take your power back, to create life on your terms so that you're able to decide for yourself what do you want in your life. You're able to get rid of the and kind of get crystal clear on what that is, but also sent you to take your power back because you've been giving your power away. To these limiting beliefs and you don't even know it. Everything I'm saying when I'm talking about what would it be like to have felt worthy to feel like you're connected in love. All of these things that involve changing your beliefs and that belief technique that I'm talking about will absolutely transform your life. It is in those meditations that I'm talking about called mind shift meditations. Click the link below to check it out and see what is possible.

Read the testimonials and see what is possible as well. It's the most powerful meditations I've ever created. The idea is behind it is what if I could create meditations that get the same effect that I had so that people can also create life on their terms and take their power back. The key to this is understanding the truth about this. The truth is these are beliefs. These aren't actually who you are. All the outer reality is there a reflection of the inner reality? The problem is so many people have assumed that the outer reality is fixed. The outer reality is not fixed. When you change this, you change it. Things change in an instant because all outer reality is as a reflection like literally that manager got fired from this, that I had in my life for years got fired like this because I changed that belief within days. I never took Adderall again and I was meditating and I never saw myself.

You may say, well, I don't meditate. How would I know if I'd be able to do this? Here's the thing. I used to have ADHD and used to tell myself, there's no way I'm ever going to meditate. When you challenge these beliefs, you become free. It's exactly what mind shift meditations will help you to do is to become free of those limiting beliefs. These meditations that I'm talking about is rolled that is in mind shift meditations. It takes you through a process of changing your identity. If you have limiting beliefs of the negative self-image, what you do is you go in and you release that, so it's S, H, I F T story, heal, intention, frequency transformation, these five things right here. It's a whole process and by the end of it, by T you will be a completely new person. You'll have that new self-image, you will have a completely new energy about you. People will literally realize that in your energy. I guarantee it, you go see what the guarantee is on that page as well. That's something these meditations to you listen to them and that's it. You don't have to have any meditation experience. They're very easy to do.

The whole idea behind beliefs sounds complex, but here's the idea. The more you relax and that's what the guided meditations help you to do, the more programmable and unleashing of the unconscious there is to give it like this. There is a movie, Harry Potter. I was actually watching the seventh one last night, but those are the first Harry Potter movie. What happens is, is there's like this obstacle course at the end of the movie where Ron, her mining and Harry are going through to get the source of her stone and one of them, they drop on top of this plant. What happens is this plant is, is like a whole bunch of little vines. What happens is if they were just to relax, they sink into these plants and they go down and then they're safe.

What happens is her mind, he then takes her one because she gets through, because she knows you just got to relax. Rondo's stubborn rod is moving around and trying everything he can to get everything off. Harry. It's like, dude, you just got to let go and relax and you'll fall through. You'll be fine. He'll be with us. Then Ron doesn't listen. What is her mind you do? She says this poem cause that's stuff's called devil's snare. She remembers this poem. It's like a riddle that like gives the answer to what she has to do. Once she finds out she has to do is she has to shine this light and it was very, is very poetic. She signs this light from her wand and then the devil snare relaxes and Ron flows through, saves his life. But the metaphor is the more you try to resist, you're not going to be able to actually change because you're in those stuck frustration state. That's not where you're able to change the unconscious.

You have to relax and when you relax, you then bring what is in the dark into the light. Just like her mind. It's bringing these unconscious beliefs into the light. When you do that, that's when you really become free. That's when then you can create life on your terms. You can let go of not feeling worthy of feeling separate and not, and not able to let go and allow things to happen and must control everything. That's exactly what mind shift meditations help, helps you to do is to completely transform your self-image from the inside out so that you start to see yourself as worthy, as empowered, knowing you are who you're meant to be in life, knowing that you are lovable and connected to everyone else.

You can generate all of this. Anything that you want on the outside. If you want to attract love if you want to attract more money if you want to attract the perfect health. This all stems from belief. You must first change your beliefs. If you want any of those outer things on reality, remember it's just a meter and what mindshift meditations will help you to do is to change those on the inside to then change your outer reality. here's also some really cool bonuses there. One of the bonuses is actually from my iPad. These are different screenshots of my personal notes. It's called the epiphany notes. What I do is I have notes that I personally take from hundreds of books that I have and I circle different sections and then I handwrite notes.

These are all been in my iPad for like the last couple of years. And there are major epiphany's in there that I've had. What I do is I compile all those together. You get to see all the notes, handwritten notes in there inside my mind of how I think, plus all my top documentaries, the top music, I listened to, screenshots of my Kindle. It's really just inside my mind.

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