Do This One Thing and Visualization will work 90% of the time


If you do this one thing, visualization will work 90% of the time I'm going to show you exactly what to do, which changed everything for the way I visualize.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, we're going to be going deep on understanding visualization in a completely new way and understanding the point and why we visualize. Cause sometimes I think what happens is we, we have a certain way that our ego wants to manifest something in our life. We stay focused on that vision that we have. However, unless we actually believe that that visualization can come into our reality, then many times it won't even come in because we won't allow it because we don't really believe that it is something that we can experience. The one thing that I share with you today is a hack as well.

It will allow you to much more easily believe in your visualizations, because when you add this element, it makes your brain believe as well, that you can achieve whatever you want. First off, let's talk a little bit about manifestation before we get in there because I have to set the context for it and visualization and create our own reality. Understand that manifestation is not about making something that is over there in here. Manifestation is about making the invisible visible because everything exists here and now. The key is getting to a vibrational resonance where you can then perceive on the outside that which you already feel on the inside. It's about the feeling and belief.

A lot of times, we think visualization is about the thoughts that we have. Can we visualize it in our own minds? Because if we think that we visualize it, then we can actually see it. But understand the way that it works is we have our beliefs. Then with that generates a certain feeling. Then those feelings go into a certain the thoughts that we have. Then the thoughts that we have to generate certain actions that we take, and then the actions we generate certain results, and then those results fuel the belief that we have. It's a perpetual cycle, and a lot of times, people think visualization is that the thought level when really visualization must be at the feeling level and at the belief level. See, that's what makes all the changes with this process. Visualization is it because you need to get what's outside. Inside visualization is about getting yourself to feel as if that what you want to experience already exists.

It's about linking up your feeling and your belief because when you visualize as well, you begin to rewire your beliefs because the brain does not know the difference between what it sees and what it actually experiences. For this process realized the purpose of the visualization is not because then you will get something on the outside that then allows you to feel that what you want to experience. The purpose of visualization is to live internally in that reality because the brain doesn't know the difference between what it is thinking and what it is actually experiencing. The vibrationally feeling like what you want to experience is already here and then in that vibrational state, that's when then you will see a reality that is equal to which you already feel and believe about yourself.

And like you said, reference experiences are built when you think and feel as if it is happening now. This is really about vibrationally hacking yourself. Visualization is just a tool, but it is also a way to live in that reality now vibrationally, and by practicing visualization, you are practicing vibrational resonance. You see, that's what the difference is. Most people are visualizing. It's almost like most people are visualizing looking at a mirror, waking, waiting for the outer mere to change. In actuality, the key is just to understand that the outer mirror is just a reflection. When you're looking at yourself in the mirror, it's just a reflection like you wouldn't go to change the mirror with your hands. A lot of people are waiting like the mirror change in the mirror, change in the mirror change, and because they're in the waiting mode, they don't actually create that change.

They don't actually allow the mirror to change because they're too focused on the outcome of what it is. Here is the hack that I want to share with you with a visualization that changes the process and makes it so much more powerful. It's something that I learned from a process called NLP neuro-linguistic programming, which has to do with understanding how we can hack our minds in different ways so that we can change our beliefs more easily. When you are visualizing, don't just visualize using your thoughts or even using the visual way that you, you know, I know the word visualizes and visualization, but not everyone is completely visual. Their strong suit isn't necessarily being able to see it so clearly in their minds. For some people, that's very easy for them.

They're able to hear and, and feel what it would be like, Clara cognizant, able to feel what it would be like to be in that reality. Well, what you want to do to make visualization work 90% of the time, because remember when you live in the inner reality, the outer reality that changes are adding more than one sub modality to that of your visualization. Here's what I mean by you can think, or let's look at it like this. We have five senses. We can taste, we can touch, we could smell, we could see, we can hear. What we can begin to do is instead of just seeing it in our mind and seeing it in our mind is an intellectual thing, we can begin to add more senses to the equation so that then our brain and our body believes that it is actually here now.

Instead of just imagining what it would, it would look like; you can imagine what it would look like and then also imagine what it would taste like the taste in the air. If you imagine yourself at a beautiful beach, don't just see the beautiful beach. Well, you could do imagine what the breeze would feel like. Imagine what the taste in your mouth would be. Imagine what the sand would feel like against your feet as you walk around. Imagine what the sun hitting your skin would feel like as you walk around. Imagine what you would hear and how the ocean would hear and how you would hear people maybe around it, other people who are on the beach as well, or you were with someone else. Imagine what it would vibrationally feel like to be in such an expansive place where you could see so far you see, and when you immerse yourself into this environment, and you eventually don't know the difference between what you were imagining, what you're experiencing, you can make the experience so real that you internally feel like you are there.

When you get to that place, you realized that the vibration of that is what is allowing you to resonate with that reality vibrationally. Then if you were to do that every single day, whatever your visualization is for, let's say 10 or 15 minutes overtime, that begins to compound. As you are in that vibration, you will eventually find yourself in more and more experiences that reflect that reality back. Maybe it's just little coincidence here and there, but it is pulling you in a situation where you can be in a similar vibration. Realize that what the ability visualization gives us is to internally lid vibrationally in that reality, regardless of what the outer circumstances are, and then eventually knowing we will then experience that in our life.

You don't want to make videos with a fantastic view of the camera. I go walk to the beach right now. If I want to feel the sand that gets my toes as I walk around, I can immerse my, I immersed myself in this experience before it was actually mine, but I didn't just think about it. I didn't just have a vision of it. It was a vision plus the senses plus other modalities as well. I would think about what it would taste like. I would feel it. This is really about the feeling. If you can just think about it and feel it automatically, then that is great. However, what I found to be more powerful is that when you add more of the senses to it with visualization, so still considered visualization, there are different dynamics to it, but add more of the senses to it. It bombards and makes the brain think it is actually happening.

The most powerful way that I've ever found to do this is through the process of meditation, meditating, and feeling as if you are there now, and by doing this every single day, it begins to impact your vibration profoundly, and maybe you've heard me talk about it before, but one of the most powerful times to reprogram your subconscious mind because when you visualize, you're also reprogramming your subconscious mind. The most powerful time to do that is right as you are going to bed at night because when you're going to bed at night, you are drifting from an alpha-beta brainwave state into a theta brainwave state. Theta brainwave state is as the last 20 minutes going to bed at night. You're drifting off into those deep levels of hypnosis, and you are in can powerfully impact your subconscious mind. When you're going to bed at night, if you were to visualize as if you are there in your brain, does not know the difference.

You are going to program your vibration in such a powerful way. That's what I do every single night as I go to bed, and that begins to compound it. Imagine doing it one day, two days, three days in a row. Then imagine it doing it a year in a row. Just as you go to bed at night, think about and live in the experience you want. If you didn't know, I have a meditation that is specifically for this. You can listen to it every single night as you're going to bed, and I promise you, your life will begin to change, and I recommend at least 21 days to do it. It is a free meditation that I made specifically for this because so many people were asking me about it. This is something that you can listen to for 21 days that you do. I think you will absolutely transform your life.

Commit to it, commit to that vision, and then add different sub modalities. That meditation will help you to do that. It'll help to amplify those emotions and read the comments to see what is possible as well. You'll see comments from people that we're able to manifest some amazing things, and that'll increase the belief that you can do it as well. The other thing I wanted to talk about is there's this process that I also talk about when it comes to visualization that I got from the book reality transfer thing that's called the slide technique. The slide technique is where when you make sure that you're visualizing, make sure that you're visualized, you almost imagine it like the slide is like one frame of reality.

There's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. The reality where you are killing the game, doing exactly what you want to be doing, that version of you already exists. When you imagine it, you can realize it exists already, and you can imagine it like all potential realities are this hearing now. You see, the key to this, though, is seen through that version of you. If I imagined my next step of my journey is doing live events. I'm not going to imagine myself on stage in front of people. I'm going to imagine myself onstage with a whole bunch of people in front of me that I'm sharing ideas with. When you do that, then it becomes more likely that you can feel it. You can immerse other senses into it. What would that taste like? What would the temperature of the light steel like?

What would it be like with everyone staring what it would, there are different dynamics to it. Do you see it? When you begin to why you're in these different elements, everything begins to change. 90% of your visualizations will work if you apply this process because then you increase the belief, then you increase the belief. Here's the thing as well. When you believe it, guess what will actually happen as well. You'll naturally do things and act in alignment with what will bring that reality to fruition. For example, I'm going to visualize myself live doing speaking on events and the events in different stages all around the world as I believe that that's my reality.

I may find myself naturally in a position to where then I ask someone a question, or I say something, and I'm like, get quotes on what would it be like to be on stages? I start to follow that up with action because it's a part of the visualization as well. Taking action is also a part of the digitalization. When you feel it, though, you'll naturally know which action to take. Begin to add in different sub modalities. Listen to that meditation that I have listened to it for 21 days. Watch your life transform.

5 Things Your Spirit Guides Want You to Know NOW (READ THIS)


I'm going to be sharing with you five things your spiritual guides want you to know. Some of these are things that you might not consciously be aware of right now, but nonetheless, now is the time. You know them.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those five things your spirit guides want you to know. Some of these are going to kind of go a little bit against maybe what you thought about spiritual guides. The further down you go to getting to know your spirit guides, which every single one of us has, the more you start to learn that it's not always the way that you think it is.

That are the stereotypes around understanding our spiritual guides. Whether we think it's somebody that's passed on, it's on the other side, which it could be, but many times it may not actually be that. And in general, I'm going to share with you the things that changed my life and made me more in tune with the guidance that I have. In a way, I tap into my higher mind. As I do, I get into a flow state, and I allow this information to come through. But nonetheless, as well, there are guides that assist me with this process. One of the things that's important for what I do is to remain very pure and remain very much understanding that it's an energy flow that happens, not the ego.

Many times, the more we listened to just our ego, the more we shut out the guidance that we have intuitively and the guidance that we have with other people or, their spiritual, spiritual guides that we have. The first thing I wanted to show you as well is right now. I'm in this beautiful place in Costa Rica. It's called San Antonio. Maybe I'll show you around a little bit. I don't really normally do this, but it's such a beautiful place. I kind of wanted to show you.

The room is completely separate from that of like the main living space. But nonetheless, there are two rooms, one upstairs, one downstairs, and then over here I meditate, right there is a bathroom at over here. The cool thing is a shower like indoor-outdoor, and you can see the beach, you can see the ocean from the shower. So yeah, it's really cool. The main reason I wanted to show you that is, I don't know, it's a beautiful place, and I feel like sometimes I don't get context for my videos right here. You just see me in a new place. I always in a new place. Why is he there? I've been traveling for awhile. By the time this blog comes out, I might be back in Vegas, but I've been traveling for about a month and a half now. I think I've been Costa Rica for another two weeks, so I thought I would just show you that really quick.

But yeah, it's really cool. There's a lot of animals like frogs in the pool, bugs, and I think their friends, that's the vibe I get at least. Let me put this back in. We'll get straight into the blog, and the thing that I really wanted to talk about is, first off is just to let you know every single person has spiritual guides. This is the way that it works, and this is the way that we can think about it. We are infinite spiritual beans of unconditional love, bliss, joy. We could say this is a higher dimensional aspect of us, which is who we naturally are. What we do is we decide that we're going to come to earth. The earth is a place. It's an amazing, magical place as I just showed you this view and everything, and it's so beautiful to be alive.

However, this is one of the only places in the universe, and if you read the Dolores Cannon books, you'll learn more about this. This is one of the only places where you have this degree of what is called forget ability, or you really forget who you are. You forget that you are an infinite spiritual being, living a temporary human experience. And many times, this causes a lot of pain. Many people that are reading this blog that is on the spiritual journey have been through a lot of pain because of that pain. Many time leads to a spiritual awakening, leads to us becoming more aware of who we are. What happens is we go through life, and we incarnate many times and to maybe families where they weren't completely aware of who they are. We had certain in a way, contract, or things that we signed up for sometimes even painful to then get to a place where then we can wake up and become more aware of who we are.

Along this process, we may feel very alone. We may not understand why certain things are happening, especially very painful things that are unimaginable to many different people or many, you know, and especially in higher realms. But nonetheless, we knew that if we'd go through it, we would learn a certain amount. This is one of the places where we forget who we are at such a deep level, but also a place where there's a lot of dualities, which means there's a lot of dark and light and the thing is though is because we forget who we are and we forget about this other side of reality that we're connected to right now and realize as well. Right now, some, I hear from Bashar a lot right now we are asleep in the higher dimensions dreaming. This is who we are. Now think about that.

You're such a high vibrational being, and it's not so much that you are a human being in this human body. You are a spiritual being right now that is dreaming, projecting your consciousness into this reality system where you're playing according to the rules because part of the rules of this reality is that we forget who we are so that we can then remember who we are. Literally remember, reconnect to that awareness of who we are now because there is a level of difficulty here and because you are infinitely loved, and we're all connected by the way as well, you have spiritual guides that help guide you through this process. And every single person on this planet has spiritual guides.

Spiritual guides may come in different forms. They could be ancestors, could've been your grandparents, great grandparents, maybe even lineage you don't even know. Could be souls that you've known in different incarnations could be sold that you've known in different densities, maybe even different star systems. Understand you're an infinite spiritual being, thinking that you've only ever incarnated on earth is such a limited perspective. You're so vast that you have part portions of yourself, portions of your own solar, your consciousness in many different reality systems, which include different star systems.

It's about understanding and expanding that scope. That might seem weird, but it's only weird from the 3d physical ego that we have. Our spiritual guides may not just be from this reality. In general, we all have spiritual guides, and one of the things cool to recognize is that sometimes your spiritual guides may change. I know that my spirit guides will sometimes change based on the focus that I have, like depending on what my, so you might have spiritual guides that have a certain level of mastery with certain things that help you in certain phases of your life. Maybe you're getting ready, you know, I'm getting ready to go into a different, when I first started making YouTube videos, I believe I had different guides that came in that helped me to express myself, that helped me to make certain content and to get into the flow state.

Now that I'm getting ready to do live events, I believe that I have as well. We have many different guides, many times, not just one, many times, many, maybe three to five. I don't know the exact, you know, I think it depends, but I think that in general our guides will change as we go through different phases, different themes in our life. As I'm getting ready to do live events, I believe that I have a new portion, new energy that comes through as I'm doing and going through those motions as I'm going through those that changed my own life. I believe the same for you could mean that you're, you're jumping into a new phase of your life and you have spiritual guides that kind of changed themselves out, and you still have access to all of them, but maybe certain ones work with you more based on the energy of that guide, based on the intention of that guide.

The cool thing is knowing that you're never really alone kind of mess with you a little bit too, because then you'd be like at your house and your room, you're like, Oh, I'm not alone right now. But it's empowering to know you're not judged either. Your spiritual guides don't judge you. They're connected to you, they understand you, they understand your own thought process. The idea is you have your spiritual guides can read you as energy, and you can connect with them via that way. The things I want to share, the first thing that your spiritual guides want you to know is that your spiritual guides are always with you. If you want your space, you can still have your space. Understand that when you feel alone when you feel like you don't know the direction to go, you can ask for help from your guides because they're always with you.

You feel alone in the spiritual awakening process; you still have guides with you. But if you believe you don't have anybody with you, when you feel alone, you may not be able to perceive or communicate with them, and you communicate with them through synchronicity. You communicate through them through the ideas that you have. You communicate with them in many different ways. It doesn't have to be limited to like you're sitting there in meditation, just get this, you know this as an exact phrase. It happens in many different ways, and you get little signs. Your guides can give you signs, so the first thing they want you to know is that they are always with you. At some level, your spiritual guides are always with you. They want you to know that, and what you could do about that is you can open yourself up a little bit more to them, to your guides.

Set the intention to connect to your guides as well. Just to be clear that you don't connect to maybe, I don't know, some type of Astro being or something like that. The intention to divinely and with your heart connect your spiritual guides and to receive guidance from them right now. Set the intention that before the end of the day today, they send you some type of message, whether it's in synchronicity, whether it's in some type of idea that you have, whether it's in some a word or phrase or symbol that you get in reality. Set the intention right now; it didn't see what begins to happen. The second thing your spiritual guides want you to know is they do not control you. They guide you if you want it. It's like a guide that's bringing you on a hike. You can choose to follow the guide, but you don't have to.

There are no rules that say that. If you don't, then you get, you get punished. However, your spiritual guy, you have a certain life path that you've chosen, so in a way, when you're on a certain path, you will, you'll get synchronicity and signs that you're on the right path and your guides will help you with that. Sometimes your guides may help you stay on that path, which means that if you are doing something that is against your own integrity, something that is against going on that path, they may kind of show you synchronicity that helps you, but it's for your best benefit. It's to help you not to, not because you, you aren't acting according to their ego. They're in the spirit realm. They can see your past future and present in physical reality. We can develop the ability to see that more. But the here and now we're mainly focused on now, so your spirits.

If you feel like they're getting mad at you and they want you to do different things and those probably aren't your spiritual guides, or your spiritual guides are unconditional loving towards you. Understand that as well. Your spiritual guides do not control you, but your spirit guides do guide you, and they do things for your best interests. Any things that happen in your physical life are reflections of what you've agreed to. At the spirit level, you experience negative synchronicity, then negative synchronicity serves a positive purpose. It keeps you in and keeps you on track and from going on too much of a tangent, which may include a different parallel reality timeline, but you don't prefer to experience. The third thing your spiritual guides want you to know is that some of your guides, they may actually be you, literally you from the future or the past.

For example, you may have a future incarnation, and different star system, and that version of you may be here helping you guide because as that future version of you guides you here, it then changes their probable futures as well. It's above. Below right now there's a consciousness shift happening on the planet and this consciousness shift that's happening as we, one of the reasons many of us came back as Lightworkers and star seats is because we came here now because this is a pivotal time of transformation and as we change right now, we change the probable futures and the probable past that we've had — in a way, healing our past and future now. We came from, many of us came from the idea of the future, but we have spiritual guides that also are other versions of us. We think, Oh, it's an ancestor from here.

Maybe, it still could be. But a lot of times I think we have actual other versions of us and different star systems. Like, if you know of Bashar Darrell Inca, who's been channeling Bashar for over 30 something years, that is his future self. That is then channeling as in; it's like a telephone connection that he has. When he gets into a certain frequency that then information flows through, that's literally his future cell. Maybe his future-self came back here to help earth wake up. That's what he says he normally happens because his future self is what is called the first contact specialist. Somebody that helps civilizations become ready for interacting with other civilizations. But the way that he is able actually to influence and have power is he acts. He actually has to incarnate into the system itself to then have that connection. That's what he did, is he incarnated into the earth as Daryl, and now he has this connection.

He's able to bring through this high vibrational information and be able to help people. That's his future self, though. In a way, that could be one of the spiritual guides that he's also channeling in this reality. Many times, your spiritual guides may be future and past versions of you. And I know for myself that I've connected to future versions of me and different star systems. We all have them. I know it sounds a little, but it's the way you go deep within yourself. You may find that that's true for you too, so it could be a grandma, could be some type of an ancestor. It could be some type of guide, someone that you've known in past lives, but it could also be another version of you. The fourth thing that your spiritual guides want you to know is something that is a lifelong challenge for me.

That is to be patient, be patient. You may want things to happen very quickly. You may want things all now but understand this as well. When it comes to manifestation, if you had all the food you were ever going to eat ever in your whole entire life right now in front of you, it'd be a waste. If you had everything you could ever manage it, you know in the higher realms, you think it and it happens. You came here to experience a longer delay, a longer to be able to experience more things, things over time rather than not all at once. The thing to remember is to be patient. You came here to go through a process, and sometimes even I am like all pump pressure on myself to do this. I should have been doing events months ago and all of these things.

But then I realize I need to go through my own inner process so that I am developed to a level to where then when I'm doing live events, I'm in a certain state that then energy is transferred. It's more powerful, but be patient, and your spiritual guides want you to remember to be patient. What's the rush you have? You have the ability in the by being patient, by being more here now you will enjoy the process more, I mean designs. Then those things will happen easier and quicker. At least the perception of it will feel like it's quicker. But the thing to remember is that you are an infinite spiritual being and that the more you focus on enjoying the moment, the more things happen easier anyways, but be patient think great things are coming.

But you have to remember that if you try to rush the process, you're trying to escape the moment butches up the vibration, trust, and know that it's all happening according to the, to the plan of your higher self. This is also you at a higher level, and your higher self in a way has homeys and as homeys are spiritual guides and maybe keeping your higher self as a form of spiritual guide as well. Another aspect of you is your homie. That's something else that your spiritual guides want you to remember as well. The fifth thing that your spiritual guides want you to know is just how brave you were to even come here on earth to incarnate, to go through the levels of forgetfulness that all of us have had to come here to help the world, the mother, mother, Gaia, and the beans here to wake up more. If you're reading this blog, then you best believe you are the cutting edge.

Most of the collective is still deeply asleep. You are at the cutting edge, and you're alive right now in the Dolores cannon books there were, there were mentions that there are so many souls that want to be here right now that there's like a very long waiting list because many people just want to be able to say, I was here on earth for that huge time of transformation. They just want to say they were here. There were visions in that Dolores Cannon material that said that some people, some souls chose to be here just to go through. You know that they may have just came here to be someone in a third world country that was born and then died in like a year, but they were able to say they were here, and they were grateful for that. Think of it as you are not only here, but you are aware of this information. You are helping other people to wake up. It is the most important time to be alive on this planet ever before. I believe we've made it. We've waited lifetimes to be here right now to go through this transformation that's happening, and we're doing it embody.

We're doing it here. We're going through this transformation. We're raising our vibration as we raise our vibration, things in our life begin to change more powerfully than ever before. But in general, your spiritual guides want you to know that you are holding complete, that you are powerful, that you have free will. They're here. They're here to guide you along the process. They are here to help you give you certain synchronicities that aren't always the most pleasant, but it's for your own good to keep you on a certain timeline. And the more that you start to tap into the connection you have with your guides, the more relationship you have. To realize you're not old, you're not ever alone.

You always have spiritual guides there with you. The key is, are you listening to their messages? Are you open to their messages? Many of them are other aspects of you. There's nothing to be afraid of what benefits you. But if it's them, you came here; you're a powerful being. Right now, on the planet is a time to really become aware of this. I was recently had a Rhythmia, and I met somebody this place in Costa Rica. It's a life transformation spa, a place. I was here with like 60 other subscribers from Leeor, Victor, and my audience. It was so cool to meet so many people. And one of the things, two or three people told me was how powerful a higher-self meditation that I have on YouTube is just a higher-self meditation.

3 Ways to Quantum Jump to a Parallel Reality (no going back)


I'm going to be showing you three ways to create a quantum jump from the current parallel reality timeline. You're on to a completely new one.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three ways of creating that quantum jump in the current parallel reality timeline you're on, and the truth about this is the part of this video that I'll be explaining to you is that you are already shifting all of the time. It's not something you'd really have to learn how to do because it's a part of the way reality works. If you've heard my explanation of this before, it can be kind of a game-changer with the manifestation process in general as well.

Because normally what we think is we are here, and we want to create a reality where we have that thing over there and what we do is we assume we're going to attract that from over there to into here. When in actuality, what we are doing is we are resonating. You have to a certain frequency, and by doing so with a certain level of energy, we didn't eventually see that thing in our reality due to vibrational resonance. The thing with quantum physics is every reality you can imagine already exists, so you don't have to create it. When it comes to manifestation, it's like I have to create my own reality. There is a reality where I have that thing over there. I need to create it, and then it implies that there is so much work you have to put into it. But when you see it more as that reality already exists, you can then think to yourself; you can then feel to yourself, you can do things that align you with that reality.

The easiest way I go about this process is to imagine the best possible version of you, the way you think, feel, and act in that reality. If you mere those thoughts, if you mere those emotions, if you near those actions, you eventually will get that reality because that reality is being perceived of because the version of you and that reality is thinking, feeling, and acting in that way. The idea behind this though, as well as understanding that what we think of movement is the difference is the shifting through different parallel realities. Think of it like this. In a film reel, you will see and know that even though you're watching a film, you could stretch out the different frames. From one moment to another frame, two other friends to the other frame, they appear to be one long fluid movement. However, if you were to stretch out the frames, you would see that each individual frame is a separate parallel reality or is a different frame, which also is representative of parallel realities.

The idea is as I go like this right now, I am shifting through different parallel realities. It's so continuous that you can't even tell that we're doing it. That’s how reality is. Reality is that we are moving through it, and because we have a connection to memory because we have this experience of time-space reality, we experience it as one long fluid movement. I can go as this or I could go like this, and it looks like one movement. But the only reason we have that is that we have memory, and we've agreed, agreed to this game of life where we can proceed of one lung fluid one because it keeps us focused. It keeps us focused on this timeline. You could say. The truth is you're already shifting whether you realize it or not; the idea is being you shifting to something that is more conducive to the way you prefer to be?

That's the right question. Or that's the more in alignment question to have because, and it's the same thing with even manifestation in general. It's like, how do I learn manifestation? How do I learn manifestation? You don't have to learn how to do it. You do it naturally. You're just either manifesting stuff that's mediocre, you're manifesting stuff that's amazing. Are you manifesting stuff that's negative? Those are all different forms of manifestation. It's a natural byproduct of the way reality works. Everyone does it. It's just sometimes we don't do it consciously. Sometimes we do it unconsciously, and that's why we get certain results in life. The three ways I'm going to be sharing with you are ways that will profoundly change your life if you apply it. I'll tell you that right now in my own life, every single time, there's been a huge change in my life.

I guess you could say a huge change in my timeline. It is because I've applied one of these three principles I'm going to be sharing with you now the first one of how to create a quantum jump into parallel reality timelines. It's going to have to do with understanding the different time. I'm, let me take this out really quick. This is what I'm going to do. Let me, okay, this will make it a little bit easier to understand. Okay, so this right here, this, okay. These are different time orders. You got one timeline, two timelines, three timelines, and each timeline you have a certain script and a certain scene thinking about the kind of like a movie. They give it like there's a movie, and there are each of the three different movies. One has a different script, one has a different scene and think about it like you're acting out these different movies now they all three exist at the same time. You've already acted them out. They're already there. The difference between this reality timeline, and this one is the narrative you tell yourself. It's the story you tell yourself about who you are. It's the way you see yourself.

It's the way you interact with other people. The idea is that if you want to quantum jump from this pole reality to this polo reality, which they both exist right now, they're just different frequencies. If you want to experience the jump, what you may need to do to create that quantum zone is to make a big choice, a big choice. Because the current timeline you're on that's on autopilot. You've been thinking a certain way, you've been feeling a certain way, and you've had a certain level of, uh, of thoughts, feelings, and emotion. But if you want to create quantum jump, it means you must make a big choice, a big change that's out of alignment with this parallel reality timeline. For example, if you've never seen yourself, somebody that, let's say, scenes, somebody that is able to express your voice in a certain way on this timeline, you've always felt like you couldn't really, you know, express yourself. People are going to judge you, and you had a certain narrative, a certain script or current, and a certain scene.

The way that you, you interact with other people and say you imagined a version of you that can sing well. Well, one thing this version of you would never do is maybe go to an open mic karaoke thing or something like that. But if you were to make a big choice like that, that is definitely outside of your comfort zone. What you end up doing is you end up then aligning to a different parallel reality timeline. It's like as if I was filming and recording this episode or this video right now, and then I were to completely just stop it and just to, I don’t know, even just like jump in the pool that's right over here or do something that's very spontaneous that creates a quantum jump. But this is the thing. Once you make that jump, you have to know that's who you are now.

That's who you are now because that will lock in that other script. So you have that one parallel reality timeline that has a certain autopilot mind. How we think, feel and act are creating the same things over and over and over again. But what you can do is then make a big choice. You see, every time we make a choice, there are two, there are actually many different parallel reality splits from that choice that we make. It’s like in the moment that we give something meaning, we are then choosing whether it's positive or negative or many different levels in between, but whatever meaning we give it is going to be the res reality experience. We have. The best part about this is that you have the choice; you have the ability to choose the meaning you give things.

And because you can choose it, you can then choose which parallel reality timeline you go in. You see, this is extraordinarily powerful when you realize that if you want to create a quantum jump, all you got to do is make a new choice. But it has to be a choice that the old version of you would have never made a version of you that just really starts to wire it in, in a new way. My reality now is, is totally different than it was even two months ago. I made a choice to move everything, which is so out of alignment. You know, part of my personality, as much as I like to travel and as much as I like change, part of my personality does like routine. Here's the thing, there's a certain routine that I had back in. I had a certain house as close to the airport. It was all very convenient.

However, what I realized is that I wanted to jump into the uncertainty. I wanted to travel the world. I didn't want to feel tied down by a certain house in Vegas, so I moved everything into storage, and I started to be the version of me that just travels the world and in a way that I believe was a quantum jump, especially because I was told by like, you know this clairvoyant person that I go to that I get like readings from. I used to get readings from like once a month. She was like, Oh, you're part, you're going to live in that house. Probably about two years I was in there a year. I decided I don't want that. I don't have to buy into that script, that narrative of that timeline. What I did is I simply chose, this is the version of me, the version of me that travels, packed everything in storage, which was definitely outside.

I was born and raised in Vegas, never actually lived anywhere else other than Vegas. Here I am in beautiful Tulum, Mexico, and I'll be here for a month, and then I go to Costa Rica for a month. The idea is I'm wiring in the version of me that travels, that likes that uncertainty and is able to really embody it. The thing, and the one way to create a quantum jump in your timeline, is to make a big choice that is totally radically different than the old version of you. But then to be consistent with it, if I were to do this for a month and then just move back into another house, then maybe that wasn't actually that version of me. But if I keep moving or I keep this momentum going, then it wires in that I'm just the kind of person that likes that uncertainty, that likes to travel, that I still live in different countries.

That’s the power that all of us have. I realize though that these different timelines, they all exist. There's a timeline where I'm still in Las Vegas, and I haven't moved at all. There is many different parallel timeline versions. The power of this is knowing they all exist. Which one are you going to choose from? The level of awareness, not the level of an autopilot mind. That's the difference. That’s the first thing that you can do. The second thing you can do is to create a quantum jump in the current parallel routed timeline. I want to be somebody that likes travels the world and speaks like Tony Robbins. I was telling myself that, and I saw myself as something that just didn't take a lot of action.

But then what I did is I simply decided, and I, it's in a way I kind of connected to a different parallel timeline version of me because I imagined the version of me that was already a full-time YouTuber and this was the message I got while I was walking around my hallway back in February 2017 I just had this strong feeling that if I were to make a video every single day, that my life would dramatically change over a year if I did that for one year if I committed to it. I was working a nine to five job selling women's shoes at Barneys, New York was not passionate about it. And what I did is I simply decided I'm going to start making videos every single day. And it wasn't easy because I'd sometimes get back from work at like one in the morning and then I would have to make videos.

Before I went to bed and I realized that I had to wire in that new meat. It didn't just change my self-image to where I started to see myself as a YouTuber. I started to see myself as somebody that chose to do something, and I just did it. I started to see myself as somebody that just had a certain amount of willpower. It changed everything about me. That one choice and everything in your life. Now here's, here's a little bit of a hack to it too. I'm going to move this camera back because the sun is starting to come in and when the sun comes in my, it's hard for me to see. It's still good lighting. Hey, I'll do more videos also where I take it off maybe and show you kind of behind the scenes of some visual diagram. The other thing I wanted to say when it comes to self-image, think about this. I was thinking about this the other night. Actually, I was taking a shower, and I realized like I have had this intention since I moved to Mexico.

I was like, Oh before I moved to Mexico I was in Las Vegas, and I was going to bed every night like one in the morning road late cause I was like, Oh I have so much to do before moving and like you know, living abroad I had so much to do with my business and stuff. I'd be up really, really late. I said, Oh when I moved to Tulum I'm going to start getting up at like five or six in the morning, maybe six, seven in the morning every single day no matter what. I realized in the shower that I had, I've been here two and a half weeks, and I haven't done that. I still go to bed at the same time. It's like a pattern behavior. But this is what I realized. I didn't see myself as an early riser.

It wasn't a part of my self-image. My behavior was still of my old self-image, which is like somebody like a night out I had like, sorry what mosquito I love, I love all the animals and insects, but mosquitoes are the one exception that you have to fly away, go away. What I did is I realized that my self-image was that I was still a night owl, and if I wanted to wire it in, what I'd have to do is start to see myself as somebody that just naturally gets up in the morning. That's a morning person, and they don't have to, I backed that up with the action of doing it for maybe two weeks, three weeks in a row, and then it would be easy. It'd be part of my self-image. In the same way, what radical change can you make in your self-image to then quantum jump to a parallel reality that is different than the one you're on?

Cause remember you're naturally shifting anyways. The idea is you want to create a greater degree of change. What you can do is decide you're going to do something that also ties to your self-image. For example, somebody could say, you know what, I'm going to start going to yoga every single day. Well, that's the behavior. But then they start to see themselves as a Yogi, as somebody that just loves to um, do yoga. You, it becomes a lifestyle. I remember going to Bikram yoga back in Vegas, and sometimes I would see people that would do, it's so consistent. Like it was almost like you could tell it was like, it was their philosophy for life. If they were at every single class, I went to, which means they're sometimes going two or three times a day to Bikram yoga. Because they were that passionate about it and they saw, they saw themselves.

You'd sometimes see people that are maybe unhealthy and then start to do yoga. They start to see themselves as somebody that does yoga. It's a part of their self-image. Then not only that but maybe there are other facets of being somebody that does yoga that bit and then begins to leak into their life. Maybe part of doing yoga on that parallel reality timeline is also that they start to eat lighter foods. Maybe they go vegan or vegetarian. That's something that's common because then when you're in that certain archetype of doing yoga, it's like you also pick up on different frequencies, and you pick up on different choices that are in alignment with that archetype in alignment with that self-image.

If you want to create a dramatic change in a quantum jump in your reality, look at your current timeline, look at the one that you prefer to be on, the more authentic version of you, and then make a choice of that version of you and then start to also see yourself in that self-image and say, this is who I am now. Know that as you do that, as you take on that identity, which remembers your true identities, that you're an infinite spiritual being, but this identity that's more in alignment with you, you will then decide that's who you are. For example, they're living a certain way. Maybe they're on a term timeline where they're in the autopilot mind. They're just barely getting by. Maybe they are very focused on themselves only, but then what happens is maybe something happens in their family, and then they have to become the caretaker.

They have to become like they have to step into a leadership role, and they have to take care of their siblings or their family members. When a dramatic change like that happens, you'll normally notice that that person will then, nor if you know they're given the opportunity, they will then change their self-image. They then become the person that has to out of necessity become a leader. Because that dramatic change causes them to change their self-image changes that make, you know, they have to make a new choice about who they are, it'll then change the timeline they are on. They didn't change their character; they changed their identity. They are than somebody that can focus on something and then have to do it and then, and then be it. The idea though, is that you don't need some dramatic change in your life to make a choice then like that you could choose right now.

This is the parallel reality timeline I'm on. Your life is predictable, as well. Look at your life and the next like five or 10 years in the future. If you're thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day, and doing the same things every day, then your life is very predictable. Five or 10 years out, it'll be very similar to what it is now. Maybe a little bit different, but the energy dynamics will be very similar. If you want to create that dramatic change, you have to make a new choice. You have to make a dramatically new choice to put you on a different timeline, and it's not that hard. It's just a choice that you have to make, but you can make it consciously rather than unconsciously. The third way that you can make that quantum jump is by understanding that nothing, in reality, has any built-in meaning other than what you give it.

You see, in the past, we have all these stories we tell ourselves about the way reality works. We have our story, these stories about our reality, and how we relate to other people in relationships. We have these stories about how we relate to the idea of money and how we attract money and abundance into your life. We have all of these stories that we tell ourselves, and we've agreed to these stories at unconscious levels when we were younger. Maybe something happened to your parents. Maybe they had certain beliefs that you got hand-me-down beliefs, and you think they're yours now and you're carrying them around. But when you understand that you agree to it, which means you claim your power, I agreed to it. Even if it's not something I like to believe in, you could then realize that you can then let it go.

Because the truth is, is everything, in reality, has neutral meaning? No meaning other than what you give it. Is money bad or good? It depends on the point of the perspective. Our relationships, good or bad, depends upon the perspective you see. Look at how you think about yourself, the current story you're telling yourself, and realize that you can get any negative situation, a positive meaning, and you will then get that reality. Kind of like I was mentioning earlier, imagine something happens. The moment something happens, what happens is you are then making a choice about what that means and based on the choice of what it means is going to be the parallel reality split that you experienced.

If you lose your job, you say, Oh wow, this is very negative. Oh my goodness, I needed that job to pay my bills, and well, all my friends think of me, and I'm going to miss all my coworkers. You have this long drawn out story, and maybe you feel some of those emotions, but you can eventually change them. But if you keep that narrative going, there's a certain timeline there due to the meaning you gave that situation. But imagine you lose your job, and you realize, you know what? I trust the flow of the universe. I realized I didn't even like that job. I didn't even really enjoy it that much.

Most of the other people there may not have enjoyed it either. I was just kind of putting myself in that position over and over and over again. Then what you can decide is to give it a new meaning. You see, the meaning is up to you. To create a quantum, jump in your own life, what you can begin to do is realize you are the one that gives it meaning.

As you change your perception of that, then everything in your life will begin to change. In case you didn't know as well, what I teach and what I have is something called the shift experience. The shift experience helps you to create this quantum jump in your life, to go from this reality to this reality. You can do it instantly once you make a choice. What I tell and I show you how to do is how to let go of the old identity and how to be as if simply, and to lock into that identity of what you prefer to be. I have something called the shift experience will show, you'll literally become a different version of you by the end of it. It’s something that you can check out in the description box below.

You can join the shift experience; you can watch some of the testimonials on that page to see what is possible. You're in to the new one to let go of the old stories to simply be in the high vibrational reality you prefer. I can show you exactly how to do that by experiencing the shift. It’s something that once you do, there's no going back because you don't want to, you realize you want to be the perfect version of you. You can go to that. If you just go to the shift so

If you feel Alone During Your Spiritual Awakening READ THIS


I'm going to share with you everything I wish I knew when I felt alone during this spiritual awakening process. I'm going to share with you some profound insights that changed everything for me and made me allow the process so much easier.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you understanding that of the spiritual awakening process and how many times, in the beginning, we may feel alone, especially cause many people that go through a spiritual awakening. You may be the first one in your whole entire family to go through it. You see the spiritual awakening. It's about becoming aware that we are eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences, and what happens is we live our whole entire life believing that we are just this ego.

We are just this physical form and that we have to adhere to all the rules of society. Maybe even the rules of our parents, that beliefs that we get growing up. Then we go through a spiritual awakening, which kind of just pops that top right off. All of a sudden, there's a completely different perspective, a completely different feeling, level of expansiveness. You know, sometimes I get kind of nostalgic because when I went through my spiritual awakening, there was a level of such expansion that it was a, it's something I never even really knew possible. This is back in 2012, and when I went through my spiritual awakening, you could say that I didn't grow too fast, but in a way, I went from one vibration to another vibration really quick. I went from somebody that was having ADHD, hard to focus, like to go out and drink with friends, smoked a lot of weed, and had a nine to five job.

I didn't really care about, just a lot of energy. All of a sudden, I go through, I learned meditation, I started observing my thoughts. I start having these realizations that we're spiritual beings that are here right now. I believe there's a transformation happening on the planet and I had this remembrance that we're all here for that, whether we remember it or not, the spiritual awakening that's happening on the planet at a mass level, and when I became aware of that, I started to tell everyone about it. I remember that I went to work and people were like, Hey Aaron, what's going on? They notice there's something different about my energy, and I just kind of just let it all out. I was like, Oh, this is what I'm learning. I started meditating. This is what I learned in all of these different things. It was about meditation, understanding star seed.

It's back to even in 2012 that was like, Whoa. That was like a way out there, and I was sharing it so freely that I most likely looked very ungrounded, these people. I could say that my beliefs led me to the meanings that I gave to this is that I am alone in this process. You know, quickly, I, it was harder and harder for me to relate to other people. I remember coming out and telling this to my family members, most of them just thought I was crazy, or something weird was going on, and they didn't understand it.

Shortly after learning meditation, go through my spiritual awakening, completely stopped drinking, completely stopped smoking weed, started meditating twice a day. I started to feel really good. The majority of the time, immediately wouldn't be on a vegan diet. Then I lost a lot of weight. Then people thought, Oh, maybe he's, you know, on drugs or something. I was like, no, I'm not doing any of that. I'm just meditating. I feel really good. I was feeling so good, and I felt such high vibration compared to where I felt I use this analogy sometimes, but on a scale of one to 10, I used to feel like I was at a two or three out of 10. After my spiritual awakening, I felt like I was at a seven or eight out of 10.

I felt blissed out all the time. What my top feeling ecstasy moment would have been back in the day. It would've been like a five or a six. I was filling a seven or an eight as my natural state. I felt extraordinarily blissful what I wanted and not enlightened. I'm not saying I'm enlightened or anything, but what I'm saying is I let go so much pain in the past. I realized that a lot of the pain of my past actually led to my spiritual awakening. When we change the meaning to different events, we change the result we get now in the present moment. When I changed the meaning to my past experiences, it didn't become like the best thing that ever happened to me because it led to my spiritual awakening.

You can look at your own life may be and see that if somebody broke up with you in the past, maybe you gave that a very negative meaning and then you got a certain result from that. But if you change that means you guys know that happens that I could, you know, become the best version of myself or meet somebody else down the road. Or you change that, meaning you then change your life about it. You see. I started to feel so good and, and I wanted other people to feel good. I wanted other people. I had these such profound insights. I wanted other people to have these insights as well. I told my dad about it, literally sat my dad down. I was like, dad, this is the way the world works. This is everything we've been told is a delusion. I started going off, and then I realized it was just too much too soon for some people, you know?

My dad loves me, dearly. He just had no idea what to do about it. You know, my mom, she was at first little closed off to it, but then she became very open to it. Even now, to this day, she's very open. She's very aware of all of it. Your spiritual awakening may as well have awakened like something within other people may trigger their awakening, you know? It's very interesting but, but in general, there is a strong inclination going through a spiritual awakening to share it with other people because the more people that know about it, the more, the more they're also able to feel what you feel. In a way, it's like you want, you want other people to have the realizations that you have.

I guess my interests or my energy; it's changed to a point to where now I'm very focused on what I do and everything. We kind of drifted apart even though they're still great friends of mine, I still hang out. But there were a lot of friends that it was like, even just for like after I went through my awakening 2012, there were probably six to eight months to where I didn't really hang out with friends at all. It was because I felt like they were judging me, or maybe they thought it was weird. I started almost to develop this belief. I did develop this belief that said like, people just don't get me. People don't get me. People aren't spiritually awake. I started to develop these beliefs. The thing I want to share with you in this video is that understand, first off, you came here to be one of the first to awaken.

You came here to go through the spiritual awakening to then allow other people to waken up. Like, imagine this. This is like a metaphor, but also, I believe it is the way that it works. This is earth right here. Earth is a school where you come to learn different lessons. You come, and you forget that you're in school. You forget that you're here to have certain human experiences and not, that's what makes the game more real. That's what makes the school feel more real. What happens is you incarnate into this school, you forget who you are, so you can go through the process of remembering. You could say, no way. It's a school of remembering, and we come here to remember who we are now for thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years.

There's been a certain level of forgetfulness on the planet where people just didn't know who they were. There's been a certain level of control because some of the people on the planet didn't understand their own power. What they thought they had to do is take power from other people. They control things. There are different factions that are in place that keep certain energy dynamics in place. And some of these people just forgot who they are and therefore that's how they thought they needed to gain power. Because when a nuclear bomb goes off, it goes off into the ethers, it goes off far, far away. When it does that, the rule is we have free will in our universe, in our reality, but when we start to influence other facts, that's when there is inner intervening that can happen.

What do Dolores Cannon books, they say by, by the way, Dolores Cannon is a hypnotherapist who would get people to a very deep level of hypnosis, and their higher self would come through to answer questions. One of the consistent things that were said is that there was a call put out.  Then also destroy and influence other realities as well because all reality is connected. What we did is we said, okay, like wouldn't it be great if like higher dimensional beings just landed. Can't do that. When that'd be great, it's not the way it works, though. The way it works is you must play according to the game itself. The way the game is played is that you forget who you are, which makes it very difficult.

Earth is one of the most difficult places to incarnate into because of the level of forgetfulness that happens when you come here. The key to this is knowing that and knowing that it's a beautiful time to be alive. Dolores Cannon also in her books, which are transcripts, by the way, it is said that there are so many souls that want to be here right now just to say they were here right now during the transformation on earth. Not only are you here, but you're listening to this message, which means you have gone through a spiritual awakening, is about to go through a spiritual awakening, or this resonates with you at some level, which means that you are a part of the shift. How exciting is that?

But you came here to be bold. You came here to be one of the first to wake up — the reason I shared all that with you. We had to go through this veil of forgetfulness to remember who we are, in a way, influences the collective consciousness because as each one of us wakes up, it influences people around us. I look at my awakening, and maybe it didn't spawn initial awakenings and all bunch of people around me, a couple of people that did and even more people at different levels. However, it influences people at subconscious levels to cause people now are waking up faster than ever before, and it's amazing to see.

But in general, the thing I want to really share with you is that no, you came here to be bold. You came here to be one of the first to wake up. You came here to remember who you are and selfless compassion to other people so that they could then find out who they are. You came here for that. The other thing that makes this so much easier to know that you're never alone; you are never alone. We may say, well, I don't know people in my immediate life. I don't go to work and talk to people about this, but you can reach people online. You can realize that you're not alone, and then that belief that you are alone will make it so that when you go out into public, you also are alone.

It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I started to believe just people aren't waking up, everyone's asleep, rubbed up, blah, blah. But then when I did this, I dropped that belief and then slowly, but surely people started to show up in my life. People that resonate with me, people that resonate with the soul essence of who I am and what I love to really talk about, and I had to drop that belief. Beliefs create reality. If you believe that everyone's asleep, if you believe that you're even alone, then it'll create the experience of that label of being on autopilot. But if you change the belief, you then change the results. Let go of the belief that you are alone. You're not alone as well. Let's go a little bit further down the rabbit hole. You always, at every moment, have spiritual guides with you.

Every single person on the planet has spiritual guides. Spiritual guides are there for you. They communicate with you in the dream state to communicate with you. In meditation, they give you signs. They do many things with you. You have free will, so they don't tell you what to do. They don't control you, but they are guides. They're there to connect to you, so you're never actually alone anyways. You always have been spiritual beings that are connected to you. Some of these go a little bit further down the rabbit hole. You're a multidimensional bean. Sometimes we think our spiritual guides or other souls, but they actually may be a future incarnation of you that's reaching back to share information that's here with you in this life to help you go through different things. Your spiritual guides are always with you, as well.

You have spiritual guides with you; you have people below that you'll see right here that are also you can connect to that are very similar to you that have gone through a spiritual awakening as well or are about to or resonate with the idea. But understand that you came here for this but you're never alone. There's a difference between aloneness and loneliness. We're alone anyway because we're all one consciousness. We're all one consciousness. We're already alone because there's only one of us. It's just there's one of us experiencing ourselves through many, many, many different bodies. I am lonely because of a feeling based on a negative definition; then, it should be different. If you let the loneliness be okay, you then realize you're just alone, and you're not really alone, by the way, because you have spiritual guides.

But it depends on the perspective. Cause you could say those spiritual guides, even other verses of you. There's just you everywhere. Got the ego, the spirit, you which is experiencing itself. There are many, many different bodies on the planet. But remember this is a temporary dream and you came here to help wake people up from that dream. It doesn't mean you have to be resistant, by the way. You have to try to get them on board. You don't have to sell it to them. The best way that I've learned to do this is by speaking my truth, but not needing anyone to agree with it. In the beginning, I was trying to get everyone on board. That's great. There were resistance and people were like, no man, I'm good. I don't want to learn about any of this.

The key though is being okay if people get it being okay if people don't get it, not labeling them as asleep or awake, no labeling, just letting people because everyone's another version of you. But the key to this process is knowing that you're never alone. You have spiritual guides with you. You are also one consciousness or from the highest level. There's just all of you anyways, but I realize you came here to be bold. You came here to wake up first. You're on the right path. You're not doing anything wrong. You're exactly where you need to be, but what you can do is start to become okay with being alone. Be okay if people don't get it, be okay. If people don't understand you, it's okay. You came here because you were brave. You came here because you knew that you could accomplish this, and you came here to go through this mission with all of us, and you could see those people below you. See, so this really is the key to the process. This is really what will help you help transform your life.

The thing with this process, you may view other people, and you're like, they're not waking up. They're not waking up. One of the best ways to clear the energetic blocks between you and other people and you'll see your energy becomes extraordinarily magnetic if you do this is there's a meditation below on a process called Hoʻoponopono, which is an ancient Hawaiian technique that realizes everyone is one consciousness. When you change this within yourself, you then change your outer reality. It works like magic. You can just put it in the background. It's me going through certain statements, saying them over and over again with some music, and what you do is you can repeat them out loud or say them in your head and do that for 21 days. Watch how your energy field begins to change.

3 Powerful Visualization Processes that I personally use


I'm going to be sharing with you three powerful visualization processes, all of which I use in my own life. I've used from going from a nine to five job I wasn't passionate about through traveling around the world doing what I love growing a following online. This is exactly what I use. I'm going to share with you these three processes in this blog.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three visualization processes that I personally use in my own life. All of which these I believe, are extraordinarily powerful. The reality you might be currently living, the reality I was living where I was working a nine to five job I wasn't passionate about that reality was one where I thought a certain way, I felt a certain way and I acted a certain way.

My reality was equal to that. Then what I did is I visualized the version of me is killing the game. That was a full time YouTube or traveling the world. I imagined that version of me. Here's the funny thing. This version of me is, in a way, an illusion because the truth is we're internal spiritual beings that have a temporary human experience. This version of me is still an illusion. Even though, yes, it is a more preferred reality. I do enjoy making YouTube videos way more than I enjoyed working the nine to five job that I did not like going to. However, this is an act, and in a way, this is a more congruent residence version of me, but it is still nonetheless a form of an act because we have a 3D human experience where eternal spiritual beings.

The key is if we get to choose, why would we choose the one based on autopilot of the one we don't prefer? Why wouldn't we just be the version of us that we want to be and decide this is who we are now? Well, visualization is a powerful tool for us to go from here and say, this is who I am. This is my story. I'm so ingrained in my story. I have to work this nine to five job. Don't you know I have bills to pay? This is the way reality works. Well, that's one perspective. That's one story, and reality will be equal to that story. Then over here, it's another story. It's like, yo, I get to travel the world. Let me show you this view right now. Okay? Now trying to brag or anything, but look, okay, this is what I visualized this reality before it came into manifestation.

I literally visualized and said, I'm going to make videos all around the world. All I need the Wi-Fi connection, and I'm going to make videos, and instead of me at my old house looking at you, my camera, and behind me is a wall in Vegas. I want to be able to look behind me, and there's a beautiful view, and now there is a beautiful view. You see, there's a new, there's a lightness to this reality, but the bridge is visualization. When you learn how to visualize, that changes absolutely everything. The first visualization process I've currently used, and I personally use has to do with using visualization. Here's what most people do with visualization.

They visualize the reality they want, but when they visualize it, they're using their vision. Okay. I guess, Oh, visualization. It has the word vision in it, but you see there are different senses we have now, one of the most powerful ways that I've learned how to amplify minded manifestations is to add more than one sense into the equation visualization. Normally is this, what am I seeing? What am I seeing? What am I seeing? If I could see it, then I can be a two. If I can see it, then add it. It'll be a reality. But understand that you also have the ability to imagine, use your imagination to here to imagine what it would taste like, to imagine what it feels like.

You see, we have different senses other than just seeing and using our imagination for our vision. What I did in, I do in my meditations and in my visualization process, by the way, one of the most powerful ways to use visualization as a meditation because you get into a relaxed state, you then many times will get into a deep level of subconscious mind, a brainwave activity, which then influences your subconscious mind. But what I do is I imagine that version of me, what I would think, what I would feel, what I would see, what I would hear, what I would taste. For example, the way this would look if some people are like, I'm going to imagine that I am at the beach.

The more stimulation that your mind has, the more reference points your mind has, the more real it is to your mind. Your mind doesn't know the difference between what you're thinking of what you're imagining. If you add an extra sense, it's not just you walking around at the beach, it's you walking around at the beach and feeling the sand underneath your toes. It's you hear the waves crash against the shore. Hearing people in the distance, if there are people there, it is you living in this reality knowing that it already exists and then adding in the taste of the air. Tapping into the census and when we tapped into the census, we bombard our mind, and it becomes even more real.

The key to this is knowing that the more real we make it on the inside, the more really can then be on the outside. Understand all reality is a reflection of our inner reality. Outer reality is a reflection of the inner reality, and if you feel, if you feel as if that reality is already here, that will powerfully impact your life, but add more than one sense to it. Make it more visual, make it something that, that you really feel you're living in now. Something that I have for this as well is one of the most powerful meditations that I have is a meditation to listen to as you're falling asleep at night because as you fall asleep at night, that's the most powerful time to reprogram your subconscious mind. Listen to this meditation for 21 days. It will change your view of yourself.

It'll change your vibration. It'll change your reality. 21 days is what it takes to really change your energetic field and listen to it, read the comments, and see what's possible is the most powerful meditation to listen to as you're falling asleep tonight. I recently put it out in the feedback on, it's been phenomenal. That one will guide you through my exact process for this health, and it makes you feel into it as you're falling asleep at night, and as you feel into it, it will profoundly affect you. The second visualization process is one that comes from something called reality transfer beam. It is called the slide technique. I've been using it for years, and this is what I used to do. I'd walk around the nine to five job that I didn't care about, that I wasn't that passionate about.

What I would do is I would imagine this reality. I would imagine this version of me. Here's what the slide technique is. I call it the frame technique, but some people, you know, you call it, I got it from reality transurfing originally. That's why I'm paying due to it, and I'm plugging it. Reality Transurfing is a powerful manifestation process from a quantum physicist from Russia. What this slide technique is to imagine every, every possible reality can imagine already exists. Use your imagination to imagine the version of you that's killed the game, living your dream life. Realize that reality already exists. You don't have to create it. It already exists. What you do is individualization. You imagine that reality and what you would see if you were looking through the eyes of that version of you now, what that looked like when I was working my nine to five job is I would imagine me making videos and behind me having an amazing view and being able to travel the world and do this from wherever I prefer, wherever I want.

Well, guess what? That's what I'm doing exactly right now. That's what I use to bridge this reality. Visualization is a way to bridge that reality. But now here's the thing you don't want to do is a couple of aspects to a slide technique — the slide visualization process. First off, you have to view it through your eyes as if you were there. For me now, now what is my slide technique? It's me traveling the world, being on stage, and helping people to transform their lives. Once again, though, I also combine the slide technique by adding the extra senses. What I do is I imagine me on stage, imagine the heat from the lights. You can get really detailed with this. Imagine the temperature of the air. Imagine how if I, there's water, maybe right next to me that I can drink.

I imagine all the people that are listening to what I have to say that are nodding their heads and that are powerfully thinking about themselves in a new way. What I do is I imagine this reality, not just one sentence what it would feel like, what I would hear, what it was sound like with the temperature of the areas and as I imagine it could see out of my own eyes at that version of me begin to feel into it. The thing with the slide technique as well as you want to know that it can be natural for you for that version of me to be in front of the group of people and to be sharing ideas. It's natural.

This isn't like, Oh my goodness, it'd be so amazing. It just becomes your natural high vibe state. With a slight technique, you also want to understand the degree of importance. You may be given to things and realize that this can be natural for you. Just know that that version of you that already exists, it is just so natural. It is just so fluid. But what you want to do is you want to envision it as if that's one frame of reality. That's one representation that would wire in improved you, that this reality is who you are. I'm used in my own life to bridge this reality. What you'll see is in the next three to six months, pay attention to what I do. You'll see that, and then I bridged that reality. Visualization is a bridge from reality.

You don't prefer to be into the reality that you can enjoy more. When you visualize it using more of the senses and using this frame technique by knowing that that version of you already exists, that's when it can powerfully begin to change. The last part of this, I want to tell you what I want to talk to you about with visualization is something that has to do with intention. The intention is so powerful. Simply set your intentions, and your life will begin to transform. You could set intention today like if I were to set intention to go to the beach, I'd be like, I would set the intention to go to the beach, to enjoy myself, to set the intention, to really relax and to put my feet deep into the sand and to do maybe a meditation. You know, when you set more intention and more.

If I just sit in the intention to go to the beach today, that's more powerful than me just wanting to go to the beach today because it's not a declaration. It's not something like decided an outcome that I chose it. You see, now there's something called outer intention. The inner intention is our own intention that our ego might want. The inner intention is willpower that we may have. I intend to go to the beach. That's something that I want to do. I intend to go to the gym today; that's an inner intention. An outer intention would be an intention outside of my own ego structure. An outer intention is something when we begin to really align with the universe. For example, I used the outer intention to live in the old house that I had. I had a house in Vegas that I absolutely loved.

It was right next to the airport. It was a very open floor plan. You've probably seen it. I had like most of my videos were in that house with the big kitchen that had the echo that some people were like, Oh, it's echoing. To get that house there was competition. At least that's what would appear to be. There's competition. There were when I applied for it to rent it for a year, which I'm now out of that house and traveling for a while before I go back to Vegas. When I decided I wanted it, there were four other applications on that house. I knew there was competition. What I did is I imagined that the universe wanted me to live there. I gave the house a personality. I went far with this. I gave this house of personality and imagined the house wanted me to live there because of how well I would teach, keep, and take care of it.

This is what else I realized the owners of that house, one of the things they asked for was they asked for pictures of the house I was currently living in as a part of the application process, which is weird. They don't normally ask for things like that, but they want to know that I was a clean person even though moving in there'd be no furniture or anything. But for some reason, they wanted to know that. I said, okay, there's obviously a value to them is how clean I am. Well, first off, the house I was in was a model house at the time, and it was, it looked, all the pitches are perfect, but what I did is to set myself apart. I wrote a letter to them, and I said, listen, your house is beautiful.

I love your house. I think that I enjoy, I worked from home. This is what I would love doing. I don't throw parties, I don't have pets or animals. People aren't going to be over all the time because I'm so focused on my craft. And I knew that wording it like that would ease there, and it was their inner intention to have someone in the house that respects the house, that likes the house that isn't going to like, you know, damage the house. I emphasize that, and I tapped into their inner intention, which is our intention to me now when you do that, that's what outer intention is. I got the house within like two days, and even after that, after a year of living there, I needed to stay an extra two months, and they said, Nope, you can't say an extra two months.

You have to renew a whole year. I said, well, I don't need a whole year. I didn't want to have to move out before I went to travel because I knew that I wasn't going to travel until October, and it was out in August supposedly. Once again, I did the same thing. I wrote them a letter, I tapped into the inner intention. I told them that they could, they were worried that they wouldn't be able to show the house. Like the house wouldn't run out in October as easy as August. I said, how about the last two weeks? I'm there, you could show the house, and I have furniture in it that's really nicely staged. It’ll probably be even easier for you. Plus, I gave him a little bit extra each as well to compensate for that.

They said no the first time they said yes, the second time. You see that's tapping into what is called outer intention, win-win scenarios. But also, there's an outer intention of collective consciousness. All of us connected. By making videos that add value to people, that my inner intention is I love making videos. I love growing and doing what I'm doing and becoming the best version of me to influence and to positively impact other people. That's my inner intention. The outer attention is other people want to transform their lives. Other people want to create their own reality in an easier way by tapping into the outer intention of everyone else. I use visualization for this. How can I also help other people? How can I visualize it and be in this house, in this house wants me to be there and knows that I'm going to be doing a lot of higher vibrational consciousness work there?

How these owners want me to be there because of how well I'm going to take care of their house. These people want me to make videos because it has value to them. You see, that's outer intention. If you want to be in a relationship and you're thinking about you and how great you feel to be in a relationship, well imagine you thought as well about how you could, and you could be around someone and give your energy to them, do nice things for them, take them out. You see this; then you're tapping into what's called outer intention. These three visualization processes will help you bridge to this reality, to this reality. But like I said, one of the most powerful ways to do this is through meditation.

90% of Attracting a Relationship/Love is Complete when you change this ONE belief


I'm going to show you how 90% of attracting a relationship or love is complete when you change this one belief, and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you how you, when you change one belief, 90% of attracting a relationship or more love into your life is complete, and it's something that happens quickly. First off, our beliefs create our reality. Whatever we believe to be true on the inside is then reflected us on the outside. What a lot of people do is they go around, and they try to change the outside. That's what I did for years. I would go around trying to change the way things were happening, almost trying to control things, probably looked like a little maniac, trying to control everything in my life.

However, when I then realized that it's not about what I can do out here, it's about what I can change or not even change. Let go of the limiting beliefs that were keeping me in a reality where I wasn't experiencing abundance or love or perfect or you know, great health. When I realized that that's when I changed my beliefs, then my outer reality began to change. We're going to be focusing on that of understanding love and relationships in this blog. However, more important than this in general, though, is an understanding of how reality works.

I've been living in New Mexico for a month, and after this, I go to Costa Rica for a month, and then I'll be going back to the States for a while and then traveling and stuff like that-doing events and stuff. Okay, let me get back on my train of thought. We have our beliefs about relationships, our beliefs about money, our beliefs about health. We can go through and look at our beliefs about health. Say, what do I believe about health? I believe it's easy to lose weight. Do I believe that in order to do so, I have to count my calories, and I have to be very strict with myself or that if I did do it, I eat food that didn't taste good? Like, what am I beliefs about health? Then we can look at that, and we can let go of limiting beliefs.

You become aware that maybe, growing up, we had a couple of times where we had to eat our broccoli or something, and we started to associate pain with green vegetables. You know, we could look at those beliefs and we can then let them go. Once we realize that at some point in the past, we just agreed that this kind of food doesn't taste good or we're just realized that we've been so stimulated by other food, that's what we thought we needed in order to be happy. Or then we could go to that, have money and say, well, my parents believe this about money, and I can look at my own beliefs, money and see, you know, maybe that's not true for myself, and we can work on our beliefs about money. Then we can go over love and relationships and say, well, one of the first relationships I was in, somebody was treating me like this and I had been thought that I wasn't worthy, or my parents treated me like this growing up.

Then see what those limiting beliefs are about that of relationships. However, this is what I found to be even more powerful instead of going under each individual category, whether that is love, money, or health or whatever other categories, spirituality, many different categories. What about understanding how reality works in general? What if we believe that things had to man up? Like things were hard to manifest. We thought money was hard to manifest. We thought that relationships were hard to manifest. We thought it was hard to manifest a perfect body. If we believe things are hard, then they will be hard. You see, that's a self-fulfilling prophecy. That's a general core belief. It's a core belief versus these individual beliefs. But what I found is when you get to your core belief, then everything else automatically happens because it's all connected.

If you start to understand that the way reality works, in reality, it is so much more flexible than you can imagine it to be, then reality will become more flexible, and it'll be easier to manifest a relationship. It'll be easier to manifest more money. It'll be easy to manifest the perfect body because you've let go of believing things have to be hard. What quantum physics shows us as well is that we are constantly shifting through these different realities. You can imagine it already exists. There is a version of you that's already in the perfect relationship. There's a version of you that already has the ideal body that you prefer, that you are perfect energy. There's a version of you just living an abundant lifestyle, doing what you love. All of these versions of you already exists, and the cool thing about that is then you can focus on, okay, this version of me already exists.

You can then use your imagination to imagine what does that version of me believes? I call it belief hacking. You look at this version of you, what do they believe about money, about relationships, about health, about reality in general. But when you start to question your reality, instead of seeing it as this solid thing where this linear fashion, the story that we tell ourselves about how reality works, where things are very hard, you have to do this and then you have to do this, and you have to do this, and if you want to be successful, then you have to go to school for four years of college, and you have to do this, and you have to climb up the corporate ladder.

That's all a story. It's all a belief system that we may have been bought into, but when you start to see that there are other opportunities, start to spread the awareness out of that, you then see that things can be much more magical, but it's about challenging the belief that reality is so solid, really understand reality's a train. You're dreaming right now that this is the real reality. You're in spirit right now dreaming, projecting your consciousness here on earth to have the experience and this experience that you have, and you may have lived most of your life not knowing that you are an eternal spiritual being, live in a temporary human experience. Then these higher realms of consciousness, you have more ability to create magic. What we'd consider being magic here, you create there naturally because that's who you are. That's the higher realms.

Things happen quicker. Here we have time-space reality so we can have the experience that things take a while to manifest, that you have to put your intention into something and then you have to focus on it for a period of time and then eventually you can experience it once you allow it into your life. That's a story. It is a collective thing. We've agreed to this whole time-space reality thing, but understand that you can create things easier than ever when you get into alignment, especially, so alignment is high vibrational state alignment is about really letting go of the limiting beliefs. What is the one belief that when you change 90% of attracting love and a relationship is complete? Believing things are easy. Things are easy if you believe in their heart. If you believe that it's something that takes a lot of time to do and it's something that takes a lot of resistance to doing, then you create a lot of resistance because it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But if you allow it to be easy, it will then become and be easy if you allow yourself to realize that it's really about alignment more than it is, hard work that changes everything. It's really about the vibrational state that you're going into it. As you raise your frequency, a manifestation is easier and easier as you raise your frequency. What happens, though, is some people, their beliefs, their limiting beliefs, I'm not worthy. I had this pain in my past that might keep them in a lower vibration. Then they're trying to attract love and relationship, but they're trying to do it from the States where they don't feel so good. The key is to let go of the belief that things have to be hard.

A lot of that has to do with realizing that you can stop putting things on a pedestal, stop putting the relationship on a pedestal, love on a pedestal, and also just start focusing on your own worthiness. On being in the star of your own movie. You see a lot of people when they want to attract a relationship, what they're doing is when they meet people, they're already vetting them for are they, are they going to last or not? Can this be the perfect person for me? It's putting on this pedestal and giving them a lot of pressure too. How'd you meet someone? You're like, Hey, so what are your plans for the future? And it's like, it's like they can feel that, you know, attracting a loving relationship is about you first being the star of your own movie. Remember, this is a cause. This is a dream that we're having right now.

You're an eternal spiritual being, a high vibrational bean who's dreaming. This is who you are. But then what happens is we believe at a certain point that in order to be happy, we have to have someone else in our life that is sir is a certain way. And if we could have them then be a certain way and then provide us a certain level of happiness, then eventually we can be happy. But this is a dream called life, and in this dream called life, you are already hauling complete, and you can enjoy this dream of life by not having the belief and the rule that you even need someone, to begin with.

No, yes, it can be nice. It can enhance your journey. You could have a soul mate or somebody that you're meant to be connected to. However, what I'm sharing is that beyond, if you come at it from that frame that you need someone else, it automatically puts them on a pedestal. If you come at it from the frame that I am the star of my own movie, I know this is my dream of life. When you start to realize you are the star of your own movie and that things can be easy, how do you know things can be easy? You realize that everything that is hard is self-perpetuated.

It's because we believe things need to be hard. It's about letting go of the belief that things need to be hard. It's not about believing things can be easy. It's about letting go of the belief that things are hard. When you realize that the more you raise your vibration, the more in alignment you get, it then becomes easier. Then the focus is, how can I increase my vibration? How can I enjoy myself more? How can I be the star of my own movie? How can I have fun? How can I feel worthiness? You see this mindset shift that I'm sharing in this blog changes everything because most people that are trying to attract love and a relationship. I know that was myself for a while as well, was assuming that someone else would make me happy, but then I would be happy. Then I'd feel whole and complete.

They know it'd be worthy, but if we don't realize that we are the star of our own movie and this is why one of the things I say as well, for attracting love and a relationship. Make sure that you're first doing what you love and if not, then fall in love with yourself and fall in love with what you could be doing to add value to other people or fall in love with what your passion could be because when you fall in love with what your passion could be or you start asking the question, some people say, well, I don't know what my passion is. Set the intention, just set the intention. I intend to find out what my passion could be. I intend and then be open to what happens. Be open to different synchronicities, but understand when you set that intention, you'll start to get feedback as to what that could be.

Then as you get that feedback, you can then direct it and say, Oh, maybe it's this, maybe this, and then act on certain things and figure it out. Set the intention. You trust yourself. You set the intention, you'll find out more of what that is. Then when you're doing what you're passionate about your most, like you're at your true frequency and then you're going to meet somebody else who's at their true frequency, who's in a match. But if you're working in a job you hate, you're not in your true frequency, how can they find you? You're not putting out your call. Imagine when ain't your true frequency. You're putting out this mating call, and this mating called, and they can hear it, and then they vibrationally come towards you.

But if you're not doing what you're passionate about, then you're putting out some mixed-signal, and you're attracting other people that are putting out mixed signals, and then it might not be the most fulfilling relationship. When you change the belief that things have to be hard, when you change the belief that you even need them, then you're more likely to actually attract them because then you're in a relationship with yourself. You're feeling self-love, you're feeling gratitude for you. You're in your star, you're the star of your own movie, and because you're the star of your own movie, you can then perceive them. You can then, and then they'll feel that off of you as well.

There's a certain gravity that you, that you have when you realize that you're the star of your own movie. The point of this blog is to understand what do you believe about reality itself. Do you believe that reality is hard to attract love or relationship? Do you believe it's hard to attract money or hard to have the perfect body image that you'd like to have? If you believe it's hard, then what you can begin to do is to question that belief question, that belief, and understand that the more you let go of the beliefs that no longer serve, the more you allow in amazing things.

My life as I, yes, I do what I love, and I do work hard or a card. I don't really work hard. I work time because I love what I do, but I'll tell you what, the more momentum I built, the easier things are. The more success comes with way less effort. It's because I built up that momentum, and what I encourage you to do is to build up the momentum of you being passionate in life. You do what you love; you increase the excitement and passion. You are the star of your own movie give up the belief that things have to be hard.

Give up the belief that you're not worthy already. She's not the star of your own movie and realizes you are the star of your own movie. You are worthy, whole, and complete. Change the meanings you gave to certain things in the past. Have a girlfriend or boyfriend breaking up with you. Have a way that your mom or dad or family member may have treated you and realize you're worthy of being you. And the more you focus on perspectives like this; the more things really begin to change. 

Never Go to Sleep without doing this ONE thing


I'm going to show you why you should never go to sleep without doing this one thing. This is something that I began applying in my life not that long ago, and it has changed everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you a technique, something that I do every single night before I go to bed. If you do it before you go to bed, it changes everything about you, especially over time. Imagine doing one thing one day, but imagine doing it many days in a row. It begins to compound over time. This is something that I want to share with you because it's something people, they, they go to bed, and they don't do it. They'd go to bed, and they don't have the intention, or they don't, they don't.

It's like almost, they're not able to work on themselves while they're sleeping because they don't do this one simple thing. What is that thing that I'm sharing right now that I bring in a whole bunch of suspense to this one thing? It's one thing that I learned from, I don't even remember where I learned it. It's just to saying that I heard that I didn't do research on and found out how powerful it is. The one thing that you want to do every single night, you don't want to go to bed without doing it, is to give your subconscious mind a command every single night. Understand your subconscious life, your subconscious mind is running your life experiences.

Every single night as you go to bed, whatever you're thinking about that is going into your subconscious mind. What are most people thinking about as they lay themselves down to sleep? They are thinking of how their day went, what this person at the office should or shouldn't have done. They're thinking about all the things that may have gone wrong, and when you're thinking of what's going wrong, as you're falling asleep at night, that's literally in, it literally impresses upon your subconscious mind, negative desires, negative intentions, negative images in your mind of that of other people, how you relate to other people, and that's going to cause a lot of resistance in your life because your subconscious mind runs over 90% of your life experience.

This is the reason why you do the thing you don't want to do is to vent about your day, to think about everything that went wrong because as you're going to bed at night, you are drifting. Your brain state is drifting into becoming more and more impressionable as you fall asleep, especially the last 10 to 15 minutes, 20 minutes before you go to bed. Literally, as you're falling asleep, how you are feeling, the images that you're playing in, you're thinking about, and the emotions you feel. It's going into your energy field, and then you're going out into the world the next day when you wake up. All of that has been recycled through your energy field as you fall asleep. The power of this blog that I want to share with you, that, that I want to really show you is the way that I've been doing it. It's different than the way that you might think.

There's a couple of ways I've shared this before in the YouTube channel, but the way that I want to share it with you today is understanding a process that has to do with something that I call a frame of reality. It's loosely related to that of actually very consistently related to a process in a book called Reality Transurfing, which is a Russian book, from a quantum physicist. It's a book that's starting to get a lot more momentum here in the US apparently it's like the think and grows rich in Russia, and it's a very powerful book. I've been learning about it for years, and there's a process in there called a slide technique, a slight technique. What I've done is I've used that slide technique and my own way, and I use it as I'm going to bed at night in a way. What I did is there's a book by Nebo got art called the feeling is the secret.

This book shows you that when you're going to bed at night, what you want to do is you want to feel the emotions and to see yourself as the best version of you and as you're falling asleep at night because you're moving from that of the beta state to the alpha state, to the data state. And because your subconscious mind primarily operates in a theta state, what happens is as you're falling asleep at night, you are moving into those deeper levels of the subconscious mind. And whatever images you press upon it as you're falling asleep will then impact you and have a powerful effect on your subconscious mind. What I'm doing is I'm merging that with a vision, with the slide of that of Reality Transurfing and these two ideas together have changed everything about my life.

Like right now I am inside of, I'm an Airbnb in Tulum, Mexico, and I've been here for about a week, week and a half, and this is where I'll be for about a month, and I'll be going to that of Costa Rica, and the lifestyle I lived literally to a tee is something that I use as the slide technique and something that I also used as that feeling is the secret. I would go to bed, I would run that slide through my mind many, many times, and it is so powerful. In this blog, I'm going to share with you how to do that. When we're looking at this process, understand that most of your subconscious mind has been programmed since you were a kid. Because this is a thing, let's say between the ages of zero to eight years old, you're primarily in a theta state, which is the deepest level of brainwave activity that we're consciously awake for the, we get into that state now when we're getting ready to fall asleep and wonder and deep levels of meditation.

That's why meditation is so powerful for also reprogramming the subconscious mind. What happens is zero to eight years old; most of our beliefs are formed. For example, our parents may tell us something, and we may observe the belief of our mom or our dad, and we just kind of subconsciously absorb that. Then we don't realize why we see ourselves in a certain way. And part of it could be because that's the way our parents saw themselves and we just aren't aware that that is influencing our subconscious mind. The thing with this is understanding that, that most of that is done. Think about that. Between zero to eight years old. We're mainly in a data state. Then we start to move from a theta to an alpha state between the ages of like eight or nine till about puberty, 13 to 15 or whatever age that is nowadays.

Then we're in that alpha state, which is like a deep still influences the subconscious mind. Anytime you're watching television, that puts you into an alpha state, which is why commercials and stuff like that have a powerful effect on the subconscious mind. It takes you out of beta, state into alpha state, and then as you go 15 and beyond or 14 and beyond, you can be in alpha and a beta state beta States like the alert state when you're checking your phone and checking your emails and all of that stuff. The idea is that most of our beliefs are formed between zero and eight. Then what happens is, and we're in that data state, so we're like sponges for absorbing information.

But then what happens is years later, we end up in a place where it's more difficult for us to program our subconscious mind because now we're primarily in a beta alpha state. It's just a simple idea. As you're falling asleep at night, you're moving from the beta state to the alpha state to the theta state. Think about and feel the emotions of what you want to experience in your life. As you feel those emotions, because that's the language the subconscious mind speaks in, it's in the language of emotion. You can logically think things, but how do you feel that feeling impresses your subconscious mind? Because that's the language, it speaks in. That's the language it interprets reality.

As you feel gratitude, as you're falling asleep at night, you'll notice you start to have different dates. I started to apply this in my life when I was working at Nordstrom, Barneys, New York, and women's shoes, and I would think about, and I would feel grateful for having great customers. I feel grateful for selling a certain amount, and that would become my reality. It really does work. I would wake up the next day and just simply know that I'm going to have an amazing date, and by having that intention, that realization, it was like I would wake up, and I would just be primed for that. Every single night as you're going to bed, the one thing you always must do is set command to your subconscious mind. However, we're going to take this a step further because

I've shared that idea before. The part that I haven't really talked about before is having that slide mixed with it. This is a slide in reality transfer fee in terms. This is what I used to go full time on YouTube. This is what I used in many different ways of my life, and it's so powerful. Imagine the best possible version of you. Imagine how you think. Imagine how you feel. Imagine how you act. Imagine the reality that that version of you is living it now. As you imagine that version of you, your body language, all those different characteristics, imagine it as you are looking through your own eyes, not as if you're watching herself in some type of movie, and you're seeing yourself do things in the third person. Imagine you are walking around. If I imagined my slide right now, my slide has changed by slide.

I wake up living in a beautiful country, like a foreign country, exploring the world, making YouTube videos. That's my life now. My slide is I imagined myself in front of a large group of people that are doing live seminars. I'm helping people to transform their life in person, traveling all over the world. That's my vision now, and that's my slide that I wouldn't imagine it as if I'm looking at myself on stage and everyone else in the crowd, like I'm in the crowd. I'd imagine like I'm looking out and seeing people in front of me smiling, grateful for the information I'm sharing, going inside and making change within themselves as they listen to me speak. That's my slide. What you do is you imagine it as if you're living in the slide or what I call a frame, that frame of reality.

What you want to do is you want to know and remember, think of the beliefs you have. Think of the identity of the way you see yourself. That's the key. That's what makes us different than just pressing upon your subconscious mind. What is your self-image? How do you see yourself? Because that self-image and that way you see yourself as you're going to bed at night powerfully affect you. What I do every single night as I'm going to bed is let me show you. This is what I do. And I'm laying down and as I lay down, what I do is I do this I simply Emirate room. I'm looking and thinking about myself and the ideal reality, the best possible version of me than what I normally do, is I put my hand over my heart, my hands over my heart, like this. As I'm falling asleep, I am just feeling the emotions of the best version of me.

Knowing it's imperfect. It impresses upon my subconscious mind, that vision, that frame of reality, that emotion. The subconscious mind speaks in as emotion. Feel the emotions of you living in that ideal reality. Feel the emotions of you being that version of you, the kind of thoughts you'd have, the kind of emotions you would feel, and feel it inside of your heart and put the energy over your heart. When you do this, it is, it is much more powerful than that of the brain. Every single night as I go to bed, I am laying in bed. I am, I normally meditate. What I do is write over. Can you see that? Maybe it's behind this pillow right here. You kind of see a little candle. That's a minute. That's where I meditate, and what I do is I observe my thoughts for 10 or 15 minutes.

Then as I get in the bed, I put my hands over my heart, and I imagine that version of me, and I literally live in that reality, and I see myself. I just know that that's my self-image. Here's the key. Set the attention and set the attention right as you're falling asleep, that that is who you are. When you wake up in the morning, that is who you are. You have just chosen that as you go to bed, you set the attention that you wake up as that version of you in that frame of reality. It's not that you necessarily imagined, like if you imagine yourself in a frame of reality where you're living in like a 10,000 square foot house or something that you just imagine to wake up there and then if you wake up, you're mad that you're not there.

You imagined that vibrational reality knowing that the emotions inside of you vibrationally already exists for you to feel that grateful. That version of you has a certain level of gratitude. That version of you has a certain type of way that you feel about yourself. Those emotions already exist inside of you, and all you have to do is give yourself permission to feel them. Even the realization that they already exist inside of you makes this so much easier to understand but understand that for this process as you're falling asleep at night, what you want to do is feel the emotions of you being in living in that reality and then set the intention that when you wake up in the morning, that is who you are. It's done set the intention that when you wake up, that is who you are, and you feel that love inside of your heart.

You feel that gratitude for who you are, you feel, and you carry yourself, your body language, that version of you, it's a part of your identity. You wake up as that version of you, and if you do that, this is the thing every single night for months and months and months over consistency, it begins to change because your subconscious mind has been programmed with repetition. At a certain point in your life, you decided, this is who I am. This is the way reality works, and that remained on autopilot over and over and over again. But as you're going to bed every night, if you set the intention that you wake up, you feel the emotions as that version of you, and you just give yourself permission to wake up as that version of you, you will find that your life begins to change because of the repetition, because of the consistency.

Because as you fall asleep at night, you are getting into deeper and deeper levels of the subconscious mind, which means that you influenced your subconscious mind in a much more powerful way. Every single night the one thing you want to do as you fall asleep is given your subconscious mind command, and for me, that command is a self-image. It's for me seeing that frame of reality, that self where I imagined myself and feel as if I'm living in that reality now, and I just simply know and believe that when I wake up in the morning, that is who I am. It is done. It's hard to explain. The level of certainty you can feel and when you just focus on that certainty that that is who you are in the morning, you didn't give yourself more permission to be that version of you. It's a part of your identity now.

You are who you choose to be every moment you are shifting, every moment you are changing, every moment you are a new person, but every morning we wake up telling ourselves the same story over and over and over again. This is you. I am. This is how people treat me at work. This is how I see myself. We did subconsciously project that image out, and other people respond to us based on the way that we see ourselves, but when we tell ourselves a new story, when we realize that every day we're changing, but a lot of times we're just changing to the same thing.

We can then decide I'm going to change to become more, not to become more cause that applies to you. You're not already whole and complete. You're just going to see herself as whole and complete. You are going to see herself as already achieving that what you want to achieve, and then you're going to align your actions to that. It's a choice. Choose to be that version of you. At a certain point in my life, I chose that I'm going to be the full-time YouTuber Aaron. That is me. I simply decided I'm going to make a video every day. At the time, I had a couple of thousand subscribers on YouTube, like two thousand three thousand subscribers, but I said, I'm going to make a video every single day. I don't care if people watch. I know that that's my ideal reality. I know that with consistency, I'll get better and eventually, something will happen.

I believed in that vision, that slide of reality. I would literally imagine myself getting up every day. My slide, my frame was me getting up everyday, creating that a video a day, seeing myself work from home, not having to go to some job I don't care about, and over time that became my reality. Then it changed. I said, okay, now I'm living in Vegas. I want to travel the world, do what I love and work from online and just have an online business. Guess what? That's my reality now through using that same technique now in the same way, now my slide, the vision, the thing that is, I'm moving towards the vision of me traveling the world and speaking to people all over the world and helping them to transform their lives. That's my current slide, and over the next three to five months, you will see that materialize in my life because I am.

I impress upon my subconscious mind that vision, that feeling, that emotion, and simply knowing that every single day I wake up as that version of me. It's a part of my identity. Some of the content that I share on self-image changing is the most powerful content I create. It's not the most; you know people. Some people don't understand how powerful it is because the keywords self-image doesn't necessarily get the most clicks, but I promise you, the people that apply it have the most profound changes, and it's from do it consistently. Something that I have that will help condense this whole entire process. One of the most powerful meditations I have, it's absolutely free, is a meditation that you listened to every single as you fall asleep. That takes you through the process. I just shared with you everything I just shared with you.

If you keep falling back into your old vibration READ THIS


I'm going to show you three secrets to hacking your vibration so that you don't fall back into the old patterns. These things are things that changed my life, and I've seen work with many other people.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three secret vibrational hacks so that you don't fall back into the old vibration. I understand as well. Then there is such an autopilot mind of the old way that we work. You know, you might, when we talk about our vibration, our vibration is how we think, how we feel, how we act. There's a vibration of the old version of us. Maybe it's even the version of us right now, and where identify and say, no, I don't want we say, no, no.

I don't want to keep living that life over the way I've been living. Maybe, you know, out of the, to my old life, I work nine to five job. I didn't enjoy. I felt unworthy. I had a story that I couldn't focus that I had trouble with, that there are certain things that we're on autopilot and it was in that reality. But what I identified as I said, okay, this is not what I wanted to experience. What I did is I identified the version of me. I had a vision for the version of me that was living the kind of lifestyle that I would love, which now includes, you know, making videos on YouTube, traveling the world, doing what I love, and identified that vibration. What I did is I just simply decided that's who I am now. That's who I am now.

Meditation, by the way, was a huge part of that because meditation allows you to live the internal reality first before it's on the external. Remember all that's on the external anyways is a reflection of the internal. If you change your inner vibration, you then change your outer reality. What I was doing though, is identified the old way I was being and even on us trying to be this new version of me, the version of me that could focus the version of me that was feeling worthy. The version of me that was making videos even when I was trying to be, that there'd be a tendency to fall back into the old way of being and understand that the reason that is that this is just on autopilot.

This has just been comfortable for so long, so the key is understanding and recognizing when you do fall back, I'll tell you right now as well, awareness is one of the most powerful things because when you become aware of it, you can then say, wait, I'm falling back. Do I want to experience and keep this story going? And many times, as well, it's a story. It's a story that we tell ourselves. We say, Oh, this is hard to change. It's hard for me to do this. I posted something on Instagram yesterday and it was on how our beliefs create our reality and how to change our beliefs. That post I explained to you that step by step how to do it. And some people were like, Oh, it seems so simple. I don't think it can be that simple. But see, that's a belief that it can't be simple.

We have a belief that things have to be complicated and that has to take a lot of work. But what if you realized that every moment is a completely new moment? Every moment's a new moment. Everyone was a new moment. Everyone wants a new moment. What story are we telling ourselves? What story are we telling herself? What story are we telling herself? Do you see? Because if we say, Oh, this is hard, this is hard, that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. But if we could just know that there's a version of us that's live in this way, and there's a version of us lived in this way, what we can do is just beat this version. By deciding it's who I am not identifying so much with our past.

Once again, it'll come up, Oh, it can't be that easy. Can't be that easy. That's a belief, and when you acknowledge the belief that you have around transformation itself, when you realize your beliefs about reality itself, if you believe that reality is fixed, that reality is heavy. It's harder to change because it's so heavy and hard, but when you start to realize that what quantum physics is showing us is that every probable reality already exists and that every moment is a new moment, you can then tell yourself a new story. You can let it be easy. You know, if you want to approve of this, there are scientific studies that have studied people with what are called multiple personality disorder, multiple personalities where it is, say one person has many different personalities.

They'll shift from one personality. Let's say it's Carl and then the next personality. Let's say it's Bob. Maybe Carl has like cancer or something like that, some type of disease. Maybe certain thought patterns that have caused that and you could visually measure his body or have some type of tests done, and you could see, Oh yeah, he's got this type of disease, this type of cancer. Five minutes later it'll go from Carl to Bob. When he goes over to Bob, guess what? When he shifts into the personality of Bob, what they have recognized is that then the disease, you could test that Bob personality and they don't have cancer or the disease, same body, but different personalities, different way they think, feel and act about themselves, different level of identity that can happen.

It happens in an instant. They've studied this many times. Knowing that it can happen in an instant, so if that can happen in, in sick, then don't you think we can let go of some all the story that doesn't serve us. You see, this is possible for you. This is possible. When it comes to our vibration, the first one I want to talk about here understands that this vibrational hack is one that you're going to have to eventually get clear with yourself in order to develop the momentum you want, and that is boundaries. Boundaries, having boundaries with other people, having boundaries with your vision. When you say no to something, you say yes to something else. For example, when I started living in the reality of me being a full-time YouTube or even when I had that nine to five job I didn't care about, I was going to work every day working.

I could have looked around and been like, Oh yeah, well, I'm still in this old job that I don't care about. I want to go home everyday. I would film videos, I would edit videos, I would post videos, and I'd have friends that are like, Hey, come hang out. Come do this, and I had those boundaries. It's like, no, I'm sorry I can't do that. I have to stay focused on this. You have to be aware that one of the things that'll pull you back into the old vibration more than anything else is people. It's the people that you're around because the people that you're around influenced you in a very powerful way. If they have subconscious beliefs as well that through us most is, they're just literally their energy.

You will feel that, and you'll find yourself maybe playing small. I know there are some people that I'm around that I almost feel, I almost feel insecure with shining because I feel like it reflects that to them maybe that they're not where they want to be and then I intentionally like won't express something I'm excited about, you know, playing small because you don't want to make other people feel a certain way. If you're around people like that, then guess what you're holding your energy in doesn't mean you can't be around them sometimes. But it means that in general, you identified the vision of where you are to the vision of where you want to be, or you know where you want to be and first off be okay with where you are. It's good enough if you, if you resist about it, you trying to get somewhere else, then it's putting out chaotic energy, and it's actually keeping that reality intact.

But for this, what I recommend is that you identify the vision for what you want to experience, and you just decide that's who you are. When you develop boundaries, boundaries with the kind of people you're around, boundaries the kind of activities that you do. If you have a vision for example, of being a certain body weight and feeling a certain way, what happens to your type of energy level? What you might do is you might look at that vision that you have and realize that that version of you, which by the way all these versions of us already exist, you can use your imagination and connect to them. That version of you does not eat some type of sugary cereal. That version of you does not eat certain types of heavy foods, and deep-fried foods. That version of you has more boundaries than maybe the version of you that just is like, Oh, it's whatever.

What you do is you identify that, and you actually decide that you have those same boundaries. For me, that was identified by making daily videos. It was me having to say no to sometimes people wanting to hang out. It was me. Having to say no to complaining. I used to vent about my nine to five job, Oh to be here. I said you know what, I'm going to stop venting about it and just start channeling my energy into what I'm really passionate about. Identify what that is for you. Maybe it's creating art, maybe it's managing, maybe it's some other company you want to go try working for or starting your own business. It is developing the boundaries to put your energy in that direction. It's a huge missing part of the process, and it's okay. It's okay.

You have to fill up your cup before you can fill up anyone else's or help it or given it away anyways. Don't feel guilty for it. It's a natural part of the process. The more successful you become, the more boundaries you'll have. Doesn't mean you become rude or anything. It just means that you become aware of your own energy more so than anything else. The second vibrational hack has to do, let me see what, whatever write, Oh, so book and, okay, so this is a hack that I've used many times. It's really does work. There's a certain momentum going, there's a certain way your being that's been going on. What I found to be extraordinarily powerful is immersing my thoughts with people that have already attained that which I aspire to be like.

Whatever energy you are focused on, you are bringing into your energetic field. If you are focused, for example, on some type of musical artist that maybe has a lot of persistence in their life and they promote maybe like more negative things, you're literally bringing parts of that vibration into your field, whether you're aware of it or not. We have an energetic field all the way around in our body. What happens is if we're bringing that energy into our fields, we're becoming it as well. When you read certain books, when you watch certain movies, you take on certain characteristics, you become part of it. Even if like for example, if somebody were to go and watch some type of like what is the old shows like the car will be possessions shows or something like that.

You see people getting triggered like this and things getting taken away from people and all this stuff. If you were to go and watch those, you might not directly see it, but later on, you may get triggered at something else somebody else does. You will literally emerge and become and have like more of your be more easily triggered. You may feel like someone's taking something away from you, and subconsciously it will affect you. That's why boundaries are so important. But realize that you can hack this. You can find people that have already attained that what you want. If you want to own your own art gallery studio, literally go find somebody that has done it. Talk to them and interact with them and maybe offer to be an assistant for them once a week or read books of people that have done that or find out plans of how people did it or became a part of a meetup group.

Immerse yourself in the energy field of these people, whether it is virtual via videos, like to watch a lot of videos of Tony Robbins and when he does cause. That's something that I aspire to do when I do live events; then I will bring some of that energy within myself. We all are reflections of each other. In the same way, you can hack your own vibration by immersing your thoughts. And the thoughts of someone through the medium of books, of seminars, of TV shows. It's a hack that you can, however, be aware of it and how you're using it. Some people will go crazy with consuming personal development content that can have a certain benefit, I think. But applying it has always been so much more powerful. But if your environment, you might say, well, I don't have like successful people around me.

If you were to change that belief, you might find those people come into your life. But what you can do instead is you can read books, you can get books, and there you go. You literally are inside someone's thought processes you are able to like try it on and see what that's like. That right there as well is a very powerful hack that I used in my own life. The third vibrational hack that I want to share with you is the process of meditation. When I talk about meditation, I have some guided meditations that I will link below. The reason this is so powerful is that when you are able to give yourself permission to shift out of one identity into the new identity and just know that's who you are now, that will change your life more than you can even imagine.

Meditation is a way of vibrationally hacking the inside and knowing that that's who you are now — changing that story because then you get to a very deep level of relaxation. I actually had something else written down that I was going to talk about, but this just came to me because I was going through some of the videos the other day, the meditation videos and the feedback from people is just beyond anything I could have imagined. People listened to some of these meditations, and they will have certain things in their life after they meditate. They do it. Amazing things happen in their life. I've had one person that I actually met in person who used to; this is a true story. I would not lie about this. She was paralyzed, and she was told that by a doctor, she would never walk again because of a car accident she was in.

She listened to a meditation that was on a walk into it. It was a parallel reality shifting meditation. She listened to that meditation and claims that now she can walk because that meditation allowed her to change her story than to be in the new reality where she can walk. And I met her and she had crutches, but she was walking, and it was my buddy Victor is for here to retreat, and I went and spoke at his retreat, and when I did, she went to the retreat because she said that she had, she had a feeling that I might come and she wanted to thank me in person.

I'm not saying this to brag, I'm saying this so that you know like this is possible. This is possible to drop our old story if it to be in the vibration we prefer. The parallel reality meditation, I think is so powerful because you tell yourself that all story, and when you do that meditation, you literally walk into a parallel reality. When you do that, you didn't have a new past. You change your story, you change your life, and you give yourself permission to be the way you prefer to be. Listen to that meditation for 21 days. I think it will profoundly change your life.

If you want to attract a Specific Person (or Ex) into your life READ THIS NOW


I'm going to show you the three things you must know about attracting a specific person, and if that's something you're trying to do, then you have to read this blog.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the ideas behind attracting a specific person that changed the whole entire game on my YouTube channel. I have had so many people reach out to me asking for more advice as to how to attract a specific person and the feedback that I get from the things that I suggest really do work and what you have to do is you just have to apply it, and you have to know and almost have this frame of energy behind what you do. Here is the thing about attracting a specific person that holds so many people back.

Understand that anything you focus on, you send energy to. If when you are focusing on this person, you are feeling resistance or you feel like they aren't currently in your life, then you are sending them resistant energy that they can feel because energy is contagious. The problem with attracting a specific person is that when you lock all your focus on one person, if they're not acting in according to the way you would like them to, they're not returning back your phone call or your text message, they're not asking or having a strong desire to go meet up with you somewhere or to go out on a date.

Then what happens is you feeling that resistance and focusing on them is sending that energy to them. This is about understanding attention and energy, attention, and energy. Whatever you put your attention on, you send energy to, and however, you feel when you're focused on it is where that energy is going is that that is the energy being projected out. The other problem with understanding this and the first part of this process, the first thing that you must know about attracting a specific person is that whatever you put attention on, and if you're focusing on them, which if you're focusing on a specific person, then you are focused on just that one person.

Then what happens is you end up creating the resistance towards being projected, add to them, and they can then feel that so many times I've seen it to where maybe you ever have seen it to where somebody is in a relationship and then maybe that relationship doesn't go well and they break up, and one person in that relationship really wants to be in a relationship with someone else and that with that person that they broke up with, but the other person's kind of not interested anymore. And maybe after the breakup, they're stressing about it.

They're talking to their friends about it, and they're really emotionally, you know, they emotionally want that person back. Then what happens is that a person's not returning. Their phone calls are text messages via the person they broke up with, or that broke up with them. Then what they do is they go out to a club, they go with friends, they go out, they just go to a friend's house, and they hang out, and they start to forget about the ex. They start to just be in their own movie. Well, then a lot of times what happens then that X, that person then text back because they can emotionally feel that withdrawal of attention, that withdrawal of needy type energy. 

You see this is an energy dynamic type play that's going on and what happens is when you aren't the star of your own movie, and you want to be this, you want to be the cameo in someone else's movie, it then is something that doesn't work in your favor because you're there to support the lead role, the lead actor or actress you see, this is about you claiming your star role and knowing that anything you focus on, you're sending energy to and how you feel when you focus on them is sending them energy.

What is the key to this? Then? The key to this is focusing more on you, focusing more on yourself, on you being the star of your own movie, and I'll tell you this as well when it comes to a tracking specific person, when it comes to this, understand that you attract what you are. You attract a reflection of where you currently are, the specific person that you're thinking about right now, you're thinking about because of your current thoughts, feelings, and emotions. However, it may be that when you start to become the hero of your own movie, the star of your own movie, you might not be as interested in that specific person because your standards may raise you. See, you might start to realize that this person you were getting all needy about and all heady about actually isn't the real focus as it isn't you.

It was almost like an idea in your mind that you begin to think more and more about, and then that became something that you thought, this is the person. This is the one, but you might eventually start to realize that maybe you deserve even more. Maybe as you get to your core and you start to become the star of your own movie, you start to do what you're passionate about, and you realize that this specific person that you are focused on is not doing what they're passionate about, and maybe part of your attraction to them was that you weren't doing what you were passionate about. They're not doing what they're passionate about, and maybe you would have more in common in that way.

You see, when you're doing what you're passionate about, you will find other people doing what they're passionate about, and that's when you're your true self, but you have to first get to your core in order to find out what that is and to realize that if you're chasing someone else or wanting a specific person in your life, you might be trying to be the cameo in their movie and they can feel that too. It's a very different energy than you being the star of your own movie. Imagine I go out to a club or somewhere, some spiritual club where we all go, Namaste and we drink kombucha and we just chill with each other. Then imagine that I'm just having fun with friends, I'm enjoying myself and I'm the star of my own movie and I'm just having fun, and I just want to elevate the mood and just to have fun, and that's a specific energy.

But imagine that. I'm drinking my kombucha, and I want to be in everyone else's movie, and I want people to like me. I want to control what people think, and there's a specific person right over there and that they will just act a certain way. It's a different energy. But when you're the star of your own movie, you create gravity, and then people want to be around you. That's the first part of attracting a specific person that you probably have never really thought of before with this. But the first thing you do is just elevate your own mood, elevate how you feel, have more fun with the process. Remember, whatever you focus on when you feel that resistance or whatever you focus on, you said energy too. If you're feeling resistance when you focus on it, you're sending resistance energy to it. The second thing that you must understand when tracking a specific person is anytime, anytime, whisper for effect; anytime you put someone on a pedestal, you want to know what you do.

Can't you see me all the way down here? Hi, you're so amazing. But when you make anything important, you put it on a pedestal. If you're trying to attract this specific person, then you're most likely putting them on a pedestal, and it's like they can feel that. Once again, it's a dynamic energy type of thing. What is the key to this? What is the solution to this? Don't put it on a pedestal. Don't put them on a pedestal. Realize you're good — either way. You're a good either way; you're an infinite spiritual being. You're already all incomplete sharing your life with someone at school, but this specific person by thinking about how amazing it is and how it's almost like saying like our self-image, the way we see ourselves has a lot to do with what we experience and if we put someone on a pedestal, we're saying that our self-image is down here and they're up here.

You see, it'd be so amazing if you were in my life, but the thing is to the version of you that is with that person, it's not so amazing and up on a pedestal. It's just natural. You see, it's just natural for you. It is natural for you to attract someone that that relates to you in that way, it is natural for you. You're good either way because you're not dependent on the outcome. You see, it's different energy dynamic, but then what that means is that your self-image might not be linked up to you seeing yourself as the kind of person that just has somebody that resonates with you. You see, that's the key. It realizes what your self-image is. Be aware of your self-image. That's the first thing most people just are not aware of their self-image.

You might see yourself as somebody that's single that would love to be in a relationship, and if that's how you see yourself, then that's the reality you're going to experience. You're going to think thoughts equal to that. You're going to have emotions. You go to that and actions equal to that you're going to take, and it's just going to reaffirm that reality. The key to this though, is being aware of that self-image. Being aware that you see yourself here and you see them up there and then what is the key to that is starting to realize and let go of what you think keeps you into this lower paradigm. Letting go of that. Letting becoming aware of the beliefs is, is 90% of it to become aware of the belief that you think that you're not worthy of that and realize you're good either way, you're good either way.

The third thing that you must know about that of a tracking specific person that you might not have thought of as to do it just this is this is one of the biggest things. Then it has to do with self-love and letting go self-love and letting go. I'm going to put a meditation that has over 1 million views. Many people have attracted love using this meditation and listening to it for 21 days. If you want a process, what I recommend you do, you want to attract a specific person. You want to attract love in general. Listen to the meditation, the top of the description box below for 21 days, and read the comments to see what's possible. Don't take my word for it. Look at hundreds of comments of people, literally hundreds of comments of people that have said they have had that experience of attracting love, and let's do it.

Commit to it for 21 days. 21 days is what helps to repattern the energy field. Twenty-one days is what really starts to develop powerful momentum. I think it's titled the most powerful meditation to attracting love and relationships into your life or something like that. One of the things I think really resonates with people is to let go of trying to attract a specific person. It's not what you might want to hear. But the thing is, is when you let go of it, then you can actually have it. I know that sounds like a paradox. Let go of trying to want it to try and to have it let go. Because when you let go, you give it freedom.

You give it freedom, and you might be holding yourself back with this one person you want to attract. What if there's somebody that could resonate with you even more, but your whole, you're blocking them out because you're focused on just this one person you see. But the thing is, is when you let go, then you're more likely actually to have it because you're not attached to it. You're not needy of it. You're not vibrationally setting it, um, mixed energy. You see, let go of it completely and trust the course of your life. Trust that things will happen when they're meant to happen. Trust that by you being the core, the star of your own movie, that things will start to happen for you. You see, when you change this energy, everything begins to change.

But if you completely let go of trying to attract that specific person, you have so much more of a high chance of attracting them into your life, trying to control it from the level of the ego and from the level of the limited mind is what causes the resistance. Let go and allow the universe to bring it to you by being the star of your own movie, focusing on yourself by understanding that anything you focus on, you're sending energy to, and anyway you feel also being projected. Focus on you. Focus on having fun. Focus on enjoying the process. Focus on knowing that you're worthy, whole, complete. You're good already.

You don't need this specific person in your life to be happy. You got a lot going on. You're an amazing catch just by yourself. You're holding complete just by yourself. And yes, it'd be fun to share your life with someone else and to have experiences with someone else, but you're good either way. Part of your self-image is knowing that that will happen in the time it's meant to happen. And right now, in your life, it's about you tapping more into yourself.

The best relationship you'll ever have is with you. You are an amazing person. You're meant to be the star of your own movie. And the way you get there is by realizing it now is by focusing on it now. And the more you do that, and the more your life will change the meditation below. You listen to it for 21 days. You'll know that you are unconditional love that you are in that state, and you'll know that that relationship is going to reveal itself to you. Listen to that meditation for 21 days and watch how your life begins to change.

3 Money Beliefs Keeping You in Scarcity DEBUNKED (just know this…)


I'm going to show you three money beliefs that are keeping you in scarcity or that are keeping you in a poor lack mindset. I'm going to show you how to go beyond it, and I'm going to answer in debunk those three beliefs.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three most common money beliefs that keep people in a scarcity mindset. It has to do with the understanding also that our beliefs create our reality. If we believe that something is going to be difficult, then a self-fulfilling prophecy is going to be what we experience. If we believe that something is going to make us a certain type of person, then we may refrain from wanting to draw something closer to us because of that connotation or the meaning we are giving it.

The thing is when we change our beliefs, we then turn our life. We didn't change what we perceive in reality. In my own journey, I've noticed that as I've changed my money beliefs, I've gone from somebody that used to believe I had to work a nine to five job, and I went in every single day and worked at that job, and I didn't enjoy being there. I'd normally vent to the other coworkers about how slow it was because I sold women's shoes at a place called Barneys in New York and also Nordstrom's before that and when I was there as a commission sales-based job to not enjoy it. But I told myself a story that I had to work this job, and then eventually, I started to change and challenged my money beliefs and also just my beliefs about who I am in general.

As I did that, I then changed my self-image about myself, and now I live a lifestyle where I get to travel the world. Right now, I'm into Tulum. After this, I go to Costa Rica. I have more freedom and abundance then honestly, I'd ever thought would happen this quick. I knew it eventually happened because I knew that I would stay focused on it, but it happened within like a year or two of changing my money beliefs. The three beliefs I'm going to share with you are also beliefs that I changed within myself. Plus, what I did is I did an Instagram.

There were three or four that were very, very consistent, and these are the three beliefs that most people claim to have. What I'm going to do in this blog is debunk them, show you in a way debate those beliefs so that you can start to in your, within yourself, see it in a new way. I used to do forensics debate back in high school, and it was like you could critique different points, and I think by critiquing these, you will then see that you can start to see how you can change your money beliefs within yourself. I went through a spiritual awakening in 2012 that changed a lot about my beliefs. I realized that things in life were very different than I thought before. I realized that I wasn't eternal spiritual being limited temporary human experience.

In a way, I started actually to develop a negative belief around it. I started to become or consider myself a spiritual person, and I started to assume that if you're spiritual than money is bad and believing that money is bad, I then found out shortly that the more I believe the money was bad, the less I would want to acquire more of it, the less I would find myself in synchronistic opportunities of abundance. Because if it's bad, then you have resistance. We push it away. It's exactly what happened. I said money is bad. The money isn't owned, isn't backed by gold. Thinking that money was a form of control on the planet. And while some of those we may even look at and be like, well, there are certain ways that that is true.

But the thing is it's about understanding the meaning. We give it the meaning we give it. The first belief that most people had, especially in the Instagram poll that I did, is that money is bad. That's what I believed for years. However, this is the reframe that you want to have with it. Money is bad. It makes me a bad person for having money. We will resist more money coming into our life if we believe that. The key to this is knowing that money is actually something completely different. Money is not bad. Money is not good. Money is energy. Money is energy. Money isn't even actually real other than the agreement that we all have with each other that we say, Oh, when you exchange this many pieces of paper with this number symbol on it, then it means you can get this much goods.

We agreed to it, and that's why it has power. Money only has power because we agree that it does have power. Money is an energy exchange system that we use on the planet. This reframes changes everything because when you start to see it as energy, it is not good. It is not bad. It is just energy. But here's where the game changer comes in. When people are saying, I want to attract more money, what it is feeling to look at is that when you want to attract more money, you also need to be aware of what are you putting out to receive that money. Because the way it works is what you put out is what you get back. What I do for a living is I put out information, I condensed information that's already free to everyone out there. Everyone can meditate; everyone can do their own research.

But what I do is I save people time. I do my own research. I'm extraordinarily passionate about it. I express it in a way where you can maybe feel this passion, and what then happens is then you're able to take that information and do something with it. It's information, so you see this is the key is when you start to see it as, what can I give? If you look to any product that you could see, let's say on the show shark tank if a product is going to do well, it's going to add some type of value, and in exchange for that value, people are willing to give money. It's a perceived value as well. You can say, well, cigarettes don't have value to people. It actually harms people well. The people that smoke cigarettes will tell you that it does give them value because they would have some belief that says, Oh, this adds something.

Maybe it gives me temporary relief. Even though there's a more negative side effect of it, it's a temporary fix for them. When you think of money as energy, everything begins to change. Everything, in reality, is fundamentally neutral. We give it meaning. Is there a rainy day, good or bad? It depends upon your beliefs about it, and your connotations about it in your past experiences and the meaning you give it money is a completely neutral idea. When you change the way that you see money, and you realize it's not about how can you get the money? How can you get the money? How can you get the money? It's how you can give energy? How can you express yourself, in reality, knowing that the more you do that authentically, the more that other people at the same time will be willing to give you something in exchange for the value that you provide?

Money is energy. This right here is a game-changer. This changed my life because you also know when you talk about spirit, let's talk for a second about spiritual people. A lot of people believe that if you attain more money in your spiritual, but that's a negative thing, that'll make you more of a materialistic person. However, what I found in my own life is however you are on the inside, it's going to determine what you do with that money. For example, yes, there are people that use the money for negative reasons. They used the money for power and for ego gratification. There are also people that use the money for very ego-less things, maybe to donate, maybe to help other people. Since I've become more abundant, I've been able to help family members. I've been able to help more people in my life that I wouldn't normally be able to do if I didn't have that perspective I didn't acquire and a focus on providing value in exchange for that value becoming abundant.

Are you going to be bad if you get more money, and if you become more successful, it will just expose to you what's already inside, and it's completely up to you? It depends upon you in what you want to do with that abundance. Yes. Anything can be done in different ways. It depends upon the quote, not what it is, but how it is done. You can use it for good. You can use it for bad, it's up to you, but what isn't, a lot of times our mind does is we have a certain archetype or a certain vision in our mind for the way that we're going to be. If we do have money, we think of the person that wins the lottery, that is buying all the cool stuff, and then their life goes down a diurnal spiral.

That's what we assume will happen. What you can know is that you will live in, have more resources to become more abundant. I think one of the most selfless things you can do is to become extraordinarily abundant because then you can add more value to other people, even family members, even charities that you might have. The way that I view it is the more abundant I become, the more that I can build a team of people that can then help get this message out into the world. That's a huge game-changing perspective. The most selfish thing you can do is make it all about you and your beliefs about money, and this is bad, and this is good. You have it in realizing that by having that perspective, you can't help other people. You can't build your vision that can then impact many people.

You see, if you're living your true life of the way you prefer to live it, that's going to influence people in a certain way. It's going to inspire their people to go for their own dreams. But you see, it's selfish to think that's all about us in our own limiting beliefs. The spiritual thing to do is just to sit around and, and not influence the world in a positive way. This is a reframe. Money is bad. No money is energy. And when you start focusing on the energy you put out into the world, putting out positive energy, you will then start to see that money wants to come to you because then, in a way, you can build something greater. Money is an exchange of energy that we've agreed to on the planet. Instead of making it about the money, also people focus so much on the money.

Don't focus on the money. Focus on the focus on energy. The expression, the passion that you have. Money is a side effect of you doing your passion because energy is a side effect. This little reframe me here. I think it could totally change your life. The second belief I want to talk about is that money is hard to make. Money is hard to make. Listen to this. Our definitions create our reality. If you believe that money is hard to make, well guess what? You're right. If you make money, it is illegal. You know that if you look at the secret service, they're involved with catching people that make money.

It's completely illegal to do, and you're going to feel guilty about it. You see, the key to this is you don't want to make money. You want to generate and accumulate money, which is energy in exchange for the value you put out into the world. It's hard to make money. It's hard. Of course, it's hard to make money. It's illegal to make money. You cannot print off your own money. Finding somebody to do that and then hiding that is completely something that is illegal. Hard to make it like to acquire it. Well, the thing is realized definitions. Language has a powerful effect on our beliefs. Think about it. I talk about this a lot. If you need to create your own reality, you have to create it out of nothing, and you have to do all of these things.

Instead, you realize that every possible reality you can imagine already exists. If you get in vibrational alignment with it, then you will perceive it in the same way. You don't have to make money because it's illegal for money. You can simply realize that the money already exists and once you want to do is get into vibrational resonance with it. In general, it will feel like hard work if you are trying to focus on the money because money is a side effect. Money is an energy side effect of you doing what you love and if you are adding value to others. If you shift the focus from that to how can I add value, how can I be passionate? What am I passionate about? The money comes easier, more, much easier. Here's the thing. I have been making daily videos on YouTube for three years.

I work probably eight to 12 hours a day, and I absolutely love what I do, and when I had a nine to five job, I'd worked like six and a half hours a day, and I absolutely loathe to go into work. I did not enjoy it. I work more now, but I absolutely love it, and I don't even consider it at work. When you find what you love to do, you will feel like it does not work. You will feel like you absolutely enjoy it. Hard work, believing it's hard to make money, believe in its hard work. Just understand that's a sell. That's a belief that you have. What I would do becomes aware of where that belief comes from. Did it come from your parents? Did your parents say, Oh, it's very hard to make money, or do they always have some like blue-collar job where they had to work really hard for it and be aware that those were someone else's beliefs that you may have taken on, so when you become aware of that, then you could see, Oh, it's not really my belief.

I will tell you, I'll let you know from experience, the more it's only, in the beginning, is where there's the most effort that it takes because the wheel hasn't started spinning. You haven't developed momentum, but now that I have a certain number of videos on YouTube, for example, in the beginning it was hard to do. I started to see myself differently. I started to see myself as a video creator, but I had a nine to five job, so I was working 40 hours a week, and I was making videos every single day. But there's a tipping point that happens where it starts to click into your identity. I was like, this is just who I am. I am somebody that creates daily videos, and eventually it became easier and easier to now, for example, the system works for me because I have a certain amount of growth on YouTube.

It's like now when I put out a video, it just, it takes off much faster than it used to because I've done the work and developed that momentum. That wheel has been spinning. You may have to in the beginning and put in some effort, but understand that the more you do it, the easier it goes, the faster that will spend, and the easier it becomes. Money is easier to make. The more that you focus will not make, but to accumulate. The more that you focus on the energy output because then it becomes a part of who you are. Yes, money is hard to make because it is illegal to make that, and money is hard to make because it is something you have to assume that you have to make out of nothing. It's about getting in vibrational resonance, and the energy you put out the vibrational resonance of it coming back to you.

Hopefully, that will completely change your perspective. Your definitions create your reality, so if you say, I have to make money, you're implying something very difficult just because of the definition. The third money belief that is keeping you in scarcity mindset is that you may believe that there is scarcity in the world or that if you become abundant, you're taken away from someone else. There's scarcity out there or there's some type of like mindset in general. Understand this. There is an abundance of everything in the world. This number definitions create reality. There is an abundance of everything in the world. If you believe that there is scarcity, then you are experiencing an abundance of scarcity. Let me say that a little bit differently. There's an abundance of everything in the world. Whatever you focus on, you get more of. If you're focused on lack, then you will get an abundance of lack.

If you are focused on scarcity, you will get an abundance of scarcity. There's only abundance, whatever. You focus on your abundance, and if you're focused on lack, then you're getting an abundance of lack. What and why would you choose to focus on that? That's the question. Do you see this simple idea right here that can change everything? Another thing that helped me was there was a book I read when I was working that nine to five job at Nordstrom's and women's shoes. I read a book called the science of getting rich by Walter Wattles. It's a 60-page book, talks about formless intelligence, and how to acquire it to become rich. And one thing that really helped me is the difference between this creative mindset and the competitive mindset, which is very relevant because the job I had as a commission job and some I'd help customers and some customer came in and I could have got the customer and help them and sold them something, but somebody else got a good sale from them.

It's like, Oh, competition. They got the good sale, and then it puts me into a less vibrational state. Then I find that and I create the story that, Oh, because they had a good customer. That took away from my own sales, which is going to be a self-perpetual cycle. But a huge game-changer for me was when I went in, and I learned about this creative mindset. There's an abundance of everything in the universe. All because one person had a good sale doesn't mean that I have to drop my state and then to perceive reality. That is a scarcity story that I tell myself. Whenever I had that perspective that there's an abundance of everything, I would almost give it the meaning they had a good sale. That's amazing. That means customers are in such a good mood today.

They want to buy it. There's such good energy today, all these other stories. Then that creative mindset would create amazing amounts of abundance. The competition mindset is a scarcity mindset. You don't have to compete. There's an abundance of whatever you focus on. Whatever you focus on, you get more of. If you're focusing on scarcity, you will get an abundance of scarcity. There is only abundance. Then you can start to redefine this and then say, this puts the awareness back in. Your court ball is in your court, and you could say to yourself, why am I going to continue to focus on this? And when you start to change that perspective, that's when everything in your life will begin to change. It starts to shift your focus to the creative mindset. You are also allowing the universe to bring things to you. You see, this is the type of transformation that can happen within you.

When you start to realize the stories, you tell yourself about reality. These are the three most common beliefs that I've noticed, and these are things that I teach in something called the shift Academy, the shift academies where we go over your beliefs about reality just like we did now, and I show you how to reframe them, how to change them, and how to start to see things in a completely new way. It'll change your identity for the way you see yourself and then allow you to be the kind of person you prefer to be. What I share in there is how I went from that nine to five job of not doing what I love to doing and living my dream lifestyle is through a process called belief shifting, which I teach in that of the shift Academy.

You'll also get you will get the raise your vibrational set point live event that I did with Leo, Alexandra, Victor Oddo here, and Masa in Las Vegas, not here in Vegas, but back home in Vegas. It's over three hours long. There's a live meditation, there's a really cool event, and you get to see us live in action. It's a free bonus if you join now, there are no monthly contracts, but every single month you get a two-hour long zoom call is a group coaching zoom call. I actually bring people on and work with them. You see the transformational type of work, and it shows you how to go to these people. You'd see that people literally become different people by the end of the, and if you're in it, you know what I'm talking about.