3 Types of Attachments that Are BLOCKING Money, Love and Success (instead, do this)


I'm going to be sharing with you the three types of attachments that are blocking your manifestations from happening. I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three different types of attachments that are blocking manifestations from coming into your life. Understand a lot of reality has to do with vibrational resonance. This is something that I have also shared before. The vibration of wanting something is different than the vibration of having something. If you say, I really, really want this, that implies a sense of lack in the vibration of having it is almost like a complete, it is. It's a completely different radio station. One is emphasizing I lack. Therefore, I want. The other one is saying that I have it, I am it.

There are two different forms of the understanding manifestation process. The thing that a lot of times keeps people from moving into the having vibration is they are attached to things that aren't actually serving them, that are attached to their thing. Those things I'll be sharing with you in this blog. Understand that a lot of raising our vibration as well is about recognizing our vibration, where it's at, and then letting go of the things that are bringing us down, letting go, the things that are keeping us in low vibration.

For example, for me, this was back in the day, taking something like Adderall that was keeping me in low vibration or even something like smoking weed. Although a lot of people think that it's a very high vibrational thing, it depends on where you are on the vibrational scale. If you are at the cause, weed itself resonates at about 300 on that scale of zero to a thousand with a thousand being the highest and the lower vibrations being like 200 and below.

For sometimes, it may make you feel better, but the idea is at a certain point, once you do the inner work, your vibration will rise. And when that happens, when you do certain things that actually bring your vibration down. If you were to remain attached to that thing and keep doing it because it served you for a period of time, it would keep you in a low vibration, unable to get to the higher state of being. And now understand, the more you raise your vibration, the easier things manifest. The more you raise your vibration, the easier things to manifest.

Before I get to those three things as well; the other thing I want to share with you is that in this reality, we forget that we are eternal. Spiritual beings have been temporary human experiences. We forget that, and we forget that we are also being guided by our higher selves. Our higher selves are guiding us. What happens is the job of our ego is to align. The job of our ego is to identify what it likes, what it dislikes, identify a certain sense of direction to commit, and use willpower. That's the job of the ego. But when it comes to this, sometimes what will happen is people will assume that their ego has to do everything.

The ego has to do everything, and when that happens, the ego will feel like it literally has a burden on its back. It'll feel like it's heavy, and it's hard for it actually to do things. The key is remembering, as well. We are guided through this process. You don't have to remain attached to things that aren't serving you. You can be guided and understand that you are guided; you are guided by your higher self. You are guided by spirit, whatever labels you want to give it.

But that recognition makes this process so much easier. The first type of attachment that people have trouble with and that I've seen so often is the attachment to thinking. We are attached to our thoughts. We not only are attached to our thoughts; we think we literally are our thoughts. If we have some negative thoughts, we may say I'm a negative person. We then give that thought, which is just a thought that's coming through the mind.

We then identify it, and we then relate to it in a way to where we then internalize it, and the thing is we are not our thinking. We may think thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. The other part of manifestation I want to talk about with this is many people have a cluttered mind. Their mind is just on autopilot. Their mind is just as so many different things in it that they can't actually focus on one thing at a time, and what happens is when we have such chaotic thoughts, when there's, it goes going in so many different directions, we can't actually gain momentum in the process of manifestation.

Think about that. Also, think about this. This is something I think is pretty cool. I read that I always promote the book autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. In that book, you have some enlightened gurus and paramount you are going on to meet him on his path to enlightenment? Well, some of them that he meets can literally make things manifest instantly. They can do things that we would consider to be magic in our reality.

And why could they do things like this? Well, the reason being part of it is they have such clear focus and such clear thoughts. It's just one thought. It happens. Whereas most people are like one thought but 6,000 thousand thoughts in their mind at the same time. It doesn't gain as much momentum. This is about understanding that process of observing our thoughts more often because then you make more space through your mind and through your, through your energy field for things like this to happen. But attachment to thinking will stop manifestation in its tracks, especially when you start to overt, we start to identify with overthinking, or you start to overly identify with your thoughts in general.

Observing your thoughts for just five or 10 minutes a day has changed my life so much. When I wake up every morning, I observe my thoughts for five or 10 minutes minimum. I normally have a separate space that I go to do this. I sit down, and I observed them as they come in as they got. The trick to this, by the way, is to observe from a neutral point of view and not try to control, allow them to be there. The paradox is that when you allow your thoughts to be there, they naturally begin to go away, and they start to calm down. Realize that you may think that, but you are not your thoughts, and if you are attached to you thinking you are your thoughts, you're no over-thinker. You're a negative person; you're shy, you're all of these things.

Then your identity is getting lust with something that is not even you, and that's keeping you from being what you want and be who you want. Think about it. You may have the thought; I am this. I back in the day, I was a shoe salesperson. I am a shoe salesperson, which then immediately is a label that limits me. Being a YouTuber limits me, expressing myself. These labels limit, and if we think we are these labels, then guess what? It starts to limit us as well because the other part of this as well for manifestation is our self-image.

How do we see ourselves? We will always do everything we can to remain consistent with the way that we define ourselves, and then if there's a certain label, we define ourselves as subconsciously, we keep that thing going. Attachment and thinking, let go of your attachment to the thinking, and you will find that things happen so much easier. The second type of attachment that is blocking your manifestations from happening is your attachment to outcome, your attachment to the outcome. The mind thinks that it needs to understand exactly how everything should happen, but you see, the thing is that's not the mind.

That's not the actual ego's job. The ego's job is to focus and to figure out what to think about that. It's like you want to say, and you wanted to go full time doing what you love. Okay, what is it going full time doing what you love? The idea is to start taking action and do things that you're passionate about in the direction of that, but if you have in your mind a blueprint of exactly how it should happen that many times will block other opportunities from coming to your life. Imagine somebody that wants to attract a relationship into their life.

Imagine somebody that's like, okay, this is how it's going to happen. I'm going to go to this shop. I'm going to see this type of person. They're going to look at me a certain way, and then this is going to happen. Well, what you've been done is you limited yourself so that the only possible way for this person to come into your life is this one blueprint inside your own mind.

They give you this analogy as well. I hear this from Beshara for a long time. This is your ego-mind. This is your higher mind. The best-case scenario for your ego-mind, which is that ceiling is the floor of the higher mind, so your higher mind can think of even more amazing things and maybe if you got out and you did things you haven't done before, you put yourself in uncertain situations to where then magical things had come to you. A lot of times, people aren't autopilot doing the same things every day, experiencing the same things, therefore getting the same results.

You get into a new situation. You allow things to come to you much easier, so don't be attached to how things happen. Don't be attached and think that that's your job. Your job is to focus on your state of being. The true degree of change is not whether anything on the outside changes. It's whether you've changed on the inside, even if the outside remains the same. The paradox is that once you get to that state, the outer reflection can't help but change because it's just a mere just doing his job, the mirror of reality. It's reflecting back to us.

Attachment to Alex, cover how things happen. Let go. And here's the thing too. When something happens that you think is going to negate your manifestation, don't give it the meaning that it means it's not going to happen. Give it the meaning that it's going to lead you to something else that's going to put you in the direction of attaining it. There are many people that have been through failure, another failure, another failure, and then they succeed.

But the thing is if you give up on the second one or the first one, you don't actually get to that. It's like that meme if you've ever seen it where there's somebody that's with a pitch wasn't getting to the end where there's gold going through like the ditch or going through the underground so close, but it gives up right before he's about to strike a goal. But there's someone else that's almost there that's doing the same thing that keeps ongoing. Trust that process. Understand you don't have to understand all the blueprint in the mind of exactly how it's going to happen. Let the universe surprise you. Let your higher-self surprise you. Let it be a surprise. Don't try to control everything. Controlling everything, so it causes resistance, controlling everything that's causes suffering.

All suffering comes from attachment. Now the third type and form of attachment that is ruining your manifestations is your attachment to people. It's your attachment to people. I see a lot of people that have an attachment to how someone else app acts like who they are not liking certain parts of their personality, their family members talking to them a certain way. There are all these rules about how certain people have to be, and sometimes it's talking about some of those. That's the other day. Sometimes, for example, say somebody doesn't want you to do something. Sometimes subconsciously, you will rebel against somebody that doesn't want you to do something, and you may do the opposite just because they don't want you to do it because there is a feeling there, like a feeling of resistance that you feel from the other person.

You're just doing what you think is the path of least resistance. But really, it's the opposite, and you're just doing it because it's almost like a, an assertion of your own power. You don't want to give your power away, so you do it. The reason I say this is because people are attached to how other people are. Many people are attached to how things happen, and the key to this is aware that when you can let go of the how and you can just trust the process, things will happen even more magically for you. But let people be the way that they are. I remember, especially back then, I was so focused on trying to change everyone else.

I remember when I went through my spiritual awakening, I was so excited to learn about how our thoughts create our reality and how we're eternal spiritual beams of intemperate human experiences that I went out and I shared this information with everybody, and I was so attached to how they thought about it. I was so attached to whether they got on board, they started meditating, and people didn't do that. Those like people can feel the resistance from me of me wanting to happen, direct them down a certain way.

Cause I changed so much that I wanted other people to experience that powerful transformation, but I was trying to control them instead of allowing them to come to their own conclusions. Then what I did is I said, you know what? I'm just going to focus on myself. I spent years focusing on myself that I started my YouTube channel. That everything gets a certain amount of attention to where those people that used to think what I was doing is weird. I think what I'm doing is really cool and they want to know more. The reason I say this as I am now not attached to what they think, I'm not attached to what they do, but yet they're doing.

Everything's being gravitated towards me easier than ever. Don't be attached to what people do. Don't be attached to who comes to you like you. Many people get attached to the outcome, to expectation, and to control other people, and that's what keeps them from actually manifesting what they want and allowing things to take its natural course, allowing things to take its natural course. Trust this process. What do you do instead of all of this? What do you do instead of trying really hard, because understand as well that when we have these forms of attachments, a lot of times we put them on a big old pedestal and then we vibrationally separate ourselves from it.

We make it very important. The moment we make an important is we are saying that it's not linked up to our current identity. It's up there, and that keeps us vibrationally separated from it. The solution to this is to instead see these things as natural. You are the type of person that is carefree. Change at the identity level from the self-image. Understand that you are needy. You're not a needy person. You don't need other people to conform to all your beliefs. You don't need to control everything in reality and try to make everything the way that you think you could. It has to be the kind of person that can relax. Be the kind of person that it's natural for you to let the universe do its thing.

Yes, you could still take action. You can still do what you're passionate about, but be aware of this, this balance of walking, the balance between this middle way of one, taking action, doing what you're passionate about, having a vision, but don't be attached to how that vision manifests and don't be attached to every step along the way of every little part of it. Let go of the outcome. Let go of how people are and let people be. The moment you get to this level of surrender is the moment that everything in your life will begin to change the pathway, and the cure to everything I'm sharing with you today is simply to surrender, letting go, surrender, letting go, let go, release.

Ask yourself sometimes you like to believe that you need to control everything. Maybe something happened in the past; you had to control it. I realized that my ego had a very strong inclination of control, different aspects of my business, different aspects of my life. I realized this when I was in Costa Rica like a year ago, and what I realized was that I had such an attachment to how things happen that it was developed from when I went through pain in my childhood because in a moment I decided this is how I have to be.

I have to control things in order for me to survive, so therefore I kept that on autopilot. I had to control every aspect of my business. Then I went full time doing what I love through controlling my willpower and all these things, and now I thought, oh, I always have to do this. But then I realized, wait, I can let go. I can surrender and allow surrender and allow. You might also be at a certain place where maybe what you need to hear is to have the vision to take action and be passionate about that vision. Or maybe you need to hear about surrendering and letting go cause you're trying too hard.

You're trying to control everything and most likely to click on a video that's about the three types of attachments you might be in that place. But the key to this remember is let go and surrender.  Trust the higher mind to bring these things to you. Trust that you can allow people to be trusted, that you don't need to control every aspect of your life. Trust that the vision that you have can come to manifest.

Trust that the higher self is guiding you, and the universe is supporting you every step along the way and trust that any time something happens that you think is not a part of the plan, realize it is a part of the plan. It's just putting you into a new, into a new direction, or to a direction that gets you there easier. That reframe changes everything.

The Vibration of “Wanting” Money VS Having Money: The TRUE Vibration of Abundance


I want to be showing you the vibration of wanting money versus the vibration of having money. I'm going to be showing you exactly how to close that gap so that you start to have the abundance you truly deserve in life and what you can do about it today.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the difference between the two different vibrational realities. The vibrational reality that is I really want money. The vibrational reality of I want, which is vibrationally saying I don't currently have this moment, is normally good enough. I'm waiting for something in the future where I can finally have enough money, and then the vibrational reality that is a totally separate reality that says, I have money. I generate money.

I am abundant. Understand these are two totally separate realities and many times, most of the time if you really, really want money, you are really, really saying you really, really don't currently have it and what you're most likely doing is creating that lack by going by that inner belief, that internal vibration of how you feel. You see it; they give it like that wants versus have. These are two totally different realities. Think of it as a radio station. Well, it's like, well, I want this, and it's not able to actually perceive it because that want is there. You see, a lot of times, we think that want is powerful.

A desire is powerful, but as desire, if it moves us into intention is what is powerful, but if it doesn't move us in intention into intention, then it remains where it is, which is right there just chilling and then one saying, I really want, I really want, which also was implying that lack. If somebody else wants to be in a relationship, a lot of times, they're going to put out that desperate energy. It's a big paradox in life because when you don't want something, you can then have something.

The guy that's the cool, suave guy that gets all the chicks who don't care, he doesn't want it. It is natural for his self-image. It is natural for who he is, for him to go around and have just people that want to be around him because there's a certain level of power and not neediness in the same way. If you're saying I want money, money's over there just like, Bro, what's going on? Dude? Just back off a little bit. Why are you trying to desire it?

I imagine that right now, your relationship with money is where you really want to have it. Well, then it's on a pedestal. It's immediately vibrationally separated from you, and money feels that desperation from you. It's like, Bro, what's going on, dude? Why you? Why you want me so bad? And the thing is to think of it like this. Imagine that I'm here with you right now. I am a vibrational counselor. You are sitting across with the one you're in a relationship with it, which is right now it is figured out your relationship with money. Imagine that I'm speaking with you. You are on one side of the couch is on the complete another side of the couch.

You're telling me stories about money. You're telling me that money isn't good for you. Money hasn't been treating you well. You're saying money is control. That's not even backed by a goal. You're telling me all these stories about money that keep you vibrationally separated from it. You don't really appreciate what money is and because of that, money doesn't slide closer to you because your relationship with money is such to where you can't actually vibrationally have it because one, you wanted so much, but two, you somehow subconsciously assume that having money isn't good or it means you're some type of bad person if you do have money.

You see, the key to this is understanding what money really is. Because at the fundamental core of our reality, money is simply energy. That's it. Money is energy, and it's an agreement that we use to use that we use in order to exchange energy. When we start to see it from that point of view, we can then start to relate to money in a different way. Money is an exchange of energy. And the funny thing is we go around chasing this form of energy, not knowing that the real energy is within us. The outer reflection reality of money that we see even in our bank account, the outer reflection.

We'll look at my bank account, look at that money that is just an external representation of the energy that exists within us and how much we're tapping into the well inside of ourselves. Imagine every single person on this planet has an infinite well within them that they can tap into to create literally unlimited abundance in their life. And the way that you do this, as you become aware of your passion, you become aware of you letting go of what doesn't serve you anymore. You can be in that high vibration, and you see how you can add value to other people. Your passion and the value that you add in the world are interlinked together, and the more value you put out into the world, the more that comes back to you.

What happens is instead of people tapping into their own vibration, tapping into the gift they have to give to the world, what they do is they go around looking for the money. I want to have the money. I want to have the money. I want to have the money. I want to have the money. I want to have the money, not knowing the money is within you. The money is the energy, the energy on the ad, the money on the outside is a reflection of the energy you are tapping to on the inside, the energy well that you are tapping on the inside.

All this is an inner game. This is 100% an inner game. You ever noticed that people that are normally bad with their money are also bad at managing their own energy. Their energy management isn't necessarily that great. Therefore, they're not able to actually hold onto the money. They're not able to generate the money because they're not generating the money within themselves. The money, which is energy within themselves, you see. For example, my life is pretty dialed in now. I'm also a reflection of that. I'm very abundant. That's a direct reflection of the energy system within myself, which is me tapping into my bite.

You see, having money and having energy are a direct correlation. It's just that when people want, they're not looking within their own energy field, they're not tapping into who they really are when it comes to their passion, and they're not focused on the energy of the way money really works. You see, the way money works in our reality, the way energy works in our reality is the more you put out, the more you give back, the more value you add, the more value you get back. This is the thing. Who has energy? Who has the money? Normally other people. When you're looking at how can you attain and how can you get money, member money is energy. You then focus. How can I add value to other people?

Because those other people have money and they will want to give it to you. If you can solve their problems and if you can provide them value. There's a show on TV called a shark tank. You want to know which products are going to do the best. Normally the ones that add the most value or the most perceptual value, are going to be the ones that sell the best. Remember, that's energy, and what happens is people then see the marketing of it. That's something I want that would add value to my life. If I had a scrub daddy, I could scrub that thing, and if it was hot, water would be one-way cold water. The other way. How cool is that? I think that would add value. I'm going to buy it. There's a certain perceptual perspective of the value you could attain.

In the same way, I make these videos because it's what I'm passionate about and some people, what happens is they see the videos that I make. They watch the videos. They may get hooked into watching a couple of different videos, and they say, wow, this is adding value to me. I wonder what else is Aaron Guy has going on? I've gotten value from the free videos. Maybe he has this thing called the shift academy, which will help me to be coaching for me to transform my life. Maybe that would even help me more.

You see, so it's something that people can see perceived value in and then the direct reflection of the value people provide, they're willing to give. In exchange for it, since I was just mentioning it by the way to the shift academy is something that has to do with creating a shift in consciousness in your life and it's month to month coaching with me where I show you how to transform your life, transform your level of consciousness and you go through becoming aware of the story you tell yourself about relationships, the story you tell yourself about money, the story you tell, the stuff I help, and I hope I show you how to get into the vibration of being.

It gives you a higher level of consciousness and transforming your whole life. That's a month, a month coaching thing, or it used to be when I was doing these, it would do a live Q and A's via Facebook live for this private group. I do zoom calls, which is more transformative coaching people get brought on. You see, people transform and you have a chance to be on that. It's group coaching. You also get monthly videos, private videos out on YouTube. With everything I'm sharing with you right now, understand that the two-different vibration, different radio stations of I really want something versus I really have something is about more so understanding the energy dynamics at play.

How much are you embodying the energy of who you really are, how much are you embodying the energy that adds value? Because when you are adding value to other people with whatever your passion is when you're adding value to other people, they then, which has energy, part of them exchanging energy is through money. Money is energy. We, in our reality, normally either through that old school days, it was a barter system, but right now, we use money. The idea is that then people want to give you money for you being yourself, you helping them, you being in your high vibration.

And it will translate into many different ways, but you see that is the philosophy of the problem itself is people are focused on they want it, which means they are vibrationally and not even just vibrationally. They're literally saying, I don't have this within every single person on this planet is rich, is rich with energy, has an infinite potential of energy inside of them has a well, but whether they are connecting to it and tapping into it will depend upon them, will depend upon their choice to do so.

Will depend upon how much they recognize it, how much they go after that vibrational understanding of who they are. Knowing thyself doesn't mean you need to make videos as I do. Your passion could be you know that being a really good manager of other people. It could be you creating art. Whatever it is. By doing it, you are in your high vibration. It would add, it will add value somehow. You see, but remember, these are two totally different. There's a story you tell yourself right now about why you don't have money. There's a story to tell yourself that may say money is bad and remember that analogy.

You are sitting on the couch next to that have money. I am your vibrational counselor, and I'm telling you that they're showing you that if you were to develop a relationship, a positive relationship with money more so, it's energy. The government does not control it. All this negative stuff, and believe me, I was there when I went through my awakening. I was like; it's not backed by gold. All of these things, but guess what was able to attract money into my life then, so the key is realizing the truth. The truth is money has power because we give it power in our reality. We use it as an exchange, a way of exchange.

Money's not the issue. You realize that just like in a relationship. Many times you may say, I thought you were the issue, but you know what? I realized that it was something I had to work out within myself. I had a rule that said you had to be a certain way. I was trying to control you. I was trying to control how you came into my life, and now you're talking to money, and you're realizing, Huh? I realized that this is about an inner thing that I need to deal with. I need to go within myself and see my relationship with myself, and am I really tapped into my well?

Am I tapped into my vibration of adding value to other people? And if you are and you make a choice to start to do that, you'll find that money then isn't in a happy relationship with you. But you thinking this is about you and money isn't actually correct. This is about you versus you and you versus the energy inside of you. Just like in a relationship you have, I think you have it a problem with your significant other when, in actuality, it's something within yourself.

And when you work on yourself, you then find the relationship starts to blossom again. So here I am as this metaphysical vibrational counselor telling you, you can start to appreciate money. And when you start to appreciate money, you may see that your bank account begins to appreciate it. But the more you appreciate money; the more your account will depreciate. It's a play on words, but it's true. So wanting money versus having money, you first off, got to know that money is just a reflection of the inner energy that you are providing for the world. The more value you provide, the more that can come back to you.

Seeing things that are natural. See things as natural. If you see making $100,000 a year as on this big pedestal, then you can't actually have it because that's a different vibrational reality. Say, how can you tap in within yourself of adding that much value out into the world? You are having the energy tapped in so much that that reflection comes back to you. You see, it's a different focus, but the key is to see it as natural. It is natural for you. And the other part of this is understanding, you know, that is something I noticed, something you can do to start to really tap into the vibration that you have in money.

As you understand that value, the value exchange, the more value you provide, the more it can come back to you. But this is what I realized when I would go into my old job. But if you don't know, you haven't heard, see my, you know, hundred dollar videos talking about, oh, you still got Barnes, New York woman's shoes, these door got bars in New York. You're moving shoes. Okay. I sold women's shoes. I would go in every day. It was a sales commission job.

I'd start at zero every single day. It was like the law of attraction playground for me. I could see different perspectives I had if I went in with the intention of hitting a certain goal if I was attached to and try to control how people, you know, bought the shoes. If I was trying to control the outcome, I would get a certain result. If I was focused on adding value, I would get a very different result if I was focused on more. So having fun, I would get a very different result, a much better result. If I was serious about it, I would get a very not so pleasant result. There were different energy dynamics I could see outplay, and when I tapped into enjoying the moment, having fun, and this thing right here, everything began to change. I started to do this thing where I would, I read it in the book, think, and grow rich.

Go the extra mile. Going the extra mile means you go beyond. If you do more and you are more, and you're adding more value than anyone else, you will sell more and do more than anyone else. That's what I realized. What I did, I would go in, I would help customers, I'd have a positive vibration about positive energy about it, and sometimes what I would do is I do little things that no one else would do. Like for example, I put the shoes in the bag so eloquently, and I would put a tissue over it. No one else that I worked with would do that. It was just one little thing. Maybe next time they come, they see that somebody else doesn't do that and then it's like, hey, you know he did. I'm going to go to him next time. Who knows? I don't know.

But how you do one thing is how you do everything by going the extra mile, you more than fill your present space. And that's how you can then get to the next level of abundance. You can do this even for a job you don't really care about, but you'll notice that by doing that, you may get job offers from other people because you're more than filling your present space. You may get a promotion. I know that when I was in that mentality, I'd get job offers from people. I would get other opportunities to come into my life because they would say, wow, this dude is really on point. Why are you here? Why are you here selling woman's shoes? You should be selling houses. You should be doing something else, something bigger. There's nothing wrong with selling shoes. I'm just saying. Well, it's about understanding going the extra mile.

Notice that people that normally don't have money, they're normally broke. They're doing the bare minimum to get by. They're not tapping into their passion or made to do the bare minimum to get by. The bare minimum via bind normally means that your energy reflection is that you have money just enough to go from paycheck to paycheck. Do you see it? In order to get to a level of extraordinary abundance, you have to tap into the well within yourself. And you have to create a system for yourself. I have a system that I live by. I get up every day.

I make videos that add value. I then focus on other ways I can add value to my business. I didn't go to the gym, which is an energy system that allows me to fill up my own cup. I go through a detox period in the sauna, and then it makes my energy go higher than I eat healthy food. That healthy food gives me more energy. Think of it as a system of increasing your energy so that you can then put out value. Eventually, you can see that value comes back to you, but manage your own energy. People that can't manage their own money normally can't manage their own energy. The key is to start to know that you can manage your own energy by managing different aspects of your life.

Develop the willpower to go to the gym every day to eat healthier, develop the willpower to go for your passion, to stay focused, to develop that discipline and watch how then you move from the vibration of wanting, of looking outside, thinking that the money is outside of you. Then you have the realization that the money is within you because money represents energy energies within you. The more you tap into that high vibrational energy within yourself, and you focus on giving value to the world, the more that money will then come to you because it's a direct reflection of the energy you are tapping into.

The SHIFT Experience REVEALED (step-by-step)


I'm going to be showing you the shift experience step by step, exactly what you can do so you can shift to a higher level of consciousness, and I think this video can absolutely change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the shift experience. Understanding what it is and how you can go through the process as well because whether we are aware of it or not right now on the planet, it's a time of our awakening to more of who we are. There's a shift in consciousness happening and on the planet right now. Right now, what has happened on the planet is we are going from a 3D level of consciousness into a four and 5D level of consciousness. These are higher levels of consciousness that are available right now to us that are completely different experiences as far as consciousness goes.

I think of it like 3D I made this chart. I made this handy dandy chart over here. Let me show you. There is this chart that will show you the difference between 3D and 5D. First off, most of us incarnated into this 3D reality. I'd say now there are higher vibrational opportunities here. Maybe something like, unless there's like any three-year-olds watching my videos and in that case, let me know. I think that's pretty cool. But they're just so awake and so aware. There's less conditioning there, so it's easier for them to be in a high vibe. But three, we came into this 3D reality. We completely forgot who we are. We go through experiences that reflect back to us who were not in things and become attached to things that don't serve us. And then what happens is many of us can go through a spiritual awakening.

However, then after that spiritual awakening, there's different layers to it. But once you experience the true shift, your whole entire life will change because then you're in a higher level of consciousness. You, you respond to things differently than you used to. The key is on the planet right now there is this shift happening, and it will continue to happen more and more people continue to wake up, and it changes everything. As you go through it. It changes the way you relate to other people. It changes the way that you show up in the world, the changes, what you're doing for a living. All of these things change as a reflection and as a result of the shift. First off, I made this chart. Let me go and show you right here. This chart right here shows 3D and 5D reality.

3D is about the third dimension is about duality. Positionality means we have different perspectives. We might have a perspective of anger towards other people. We may have a perspective that somebody did something to us. Those are attachments we have to certain positions, certain perspectives. Attachment a lot of times in 3D what causes a lot of paintings as is attachment, attachment to ideas, attachment to people, attachment to food, attachment to stimulation. All of these things. A lot of times in 3D think of it like the autopilot mind.

We're thinking the same things every day and therefore getting the same results, linear thinking. Here's something else. Linear thinking, so linear thinking is when we really emphasize time this happened, and this has to happen, and this has to happen. Linear thinking is something that also projects people off into different state so, for example, people might be here right now but thinking about something that they shouldn't have done earlier maybe a year ago or two weeks ago or that thinking about something that may or may not ever come to happen in the future.

They're not really here in the present. A lot of times, the ego likes to be identified with these different things. In 3D, we are more connected to our ego than we are our higher self. We have both our ego and our higher self in concert, but in 3D we are mainly listening to that of the ego, and we aren't integrating the higher self-aspects of our consciousness into ourselves and listening really to our higher self as well, which is like a guidance mechanism. Look at this as well. Three d reality. If you know that chart of consciousness that I always share this a consciousness chart. If you're in 3d reality, you're generally feeling 400 and below level emotions. 400 is like the intellect, and then under that, you got shamed, fear, guilt, anger, neutrality. Those are mainly 3D level of consciousness, emotions.

Neutrality I can say is very powerful for getting out of the 3D. However, when we talk about 5D level of consciousness, these are 500 level and above levels of connection and in general, 5D level of consciousness. Let me show you 5D level of consciousness. You feel a connection to other people. You feel a connection to yourself because you realize also there are no other people in the way that you thought there are only reflections of you, so would you harm someone else if you knew that someone else was another version of you, most likely not the dominant vibration of the 5D reality is love. It's love. It understands this connection. It's our natural state of being real. There's also this awareness of now, now the nanosecond, this moment right now when we think of that of past vibes, for example, pass vibes.

I heard the word high vibe right here, and I was like pass vibes. When you hear past life that comes from a 3D perspective, all lives exist right now in the present moment. We just connect to certain ones depending on our own frequency, depending on our own thought processes, depending on our own beliefs. The key is knowing that right now in the present moment, that is where the focus can be in a fight, the level of consciousness. That is who we are, that the present moment that's when we can be more here. We are also in a high vibe and more majority of the time or more often and that high vibe is a reflection of just who we naturally are and, and our life becomes more, more dreamlike as well. Maybe you've heard me say that quote before.

The more you realize life is a dream, the more dreamlike it becomes as because as, because then you start to live in the dream. You allow it to be flexible. Our beliefs about reality itself, keep it either flexible or serious, serious, or fun. Which one would you rather have? When we talk about 4D reality, some people say that it's just, that's just time. 4D also has a level of vibration and emotion to it. When we talk about manifestation, that's why emotions can be so powerful. The manifest and to create what we want our life. Because 4D is closer to a higher vibration. In general, as you move up these levels of consciousness, you will feel higher vibrational states of consciousness as well.

And because you're feeling hot, more high-vibe, you create what you want easier than ever. Do you see how that works? When you raise your vibration, you create things easier than ever in your life because it requires less effort and 3d that the mentality of 3D is worked very, very hard. Take a lot, a lot of action, and eventually you'll get something done. And yes, that's true. That maybe even true in 5D, but it's not the quantity. The quantity of the action is the quality of the action in 5D now 3d is duality, good, bad light, dark 4D reality, which we're not really talking as much about before. The reality is more about the emotions, and it's about vibration. Understanding that reality is more about vibration. There can still be a level of positive and negative. However, in general, there's more awareness there.

Do I want to continue to keep experiencing this? The level of consciousness is that connection and love, and I'll, right now what's happening on the planet is we have the opportunity to shift from 3d and into a 5D level of consciousness. And here's the thing though. Here's the thing that a lot of people don't understand or don't realize is these are overplayed right now. Right now, they're overlaid. I remember back in 2012 many people on the planet, including myself, thought that this might be some physical type ascension where we raise our frequency to a new level of consciousness and the 3d people literally phase-out of our reality. However, it is more of a metaphor, but it's also literal coming up and this and this. This time, this timeline, let me share with you what I mean by that.

You will only perceive which you are the vibration of when you start to refine your vibration more and more. And as time goes on from 2019 2020 2021, 2022, your vibration will become more and more refined, and the people that no longer resonate with it will begin to fall out of your life more and more to a point to where they don't even reach out to you. I've had that happen. Understand that for this whole process, what's happening right now and as time goes on, but Charles explained this before, by the way, he says that as time goes on, there's going to be a splitting of parallel realities, a splitting of parallel reality timelines.

And the idea is to get on the track that you want because if you stay attached to the 3D reality, you will continue to be on a 3D level timeline. It's about waking up and realizing do I prefer this? Dolores Cannon has talked about this before when she talks about the 5D or split the 5D earth's split. But the idea is people get to a very deep level of who gnosis and their higher self can come through. Say, why did this person call, why did this person incarnate at this time? What was the purpose of this person in this life? And all of this stuff. And what will happen is these answers will come through.

Well, one thing that's come through thousands of different people that she's had in these hypnoses as they say that people came here for this shift, people came here to go through this shift in consciousness. And one thing that they also talk about is this five to 3D earth split. They say that what it is it's like you start to split into a different reality and then just the old people fall away that don't, that you don't lonely, no longer prefer to experience it just due to vibrational resonance and there's a lot of, there was a lot of questions about this because she was really starting to get into it and she passed away.

But in general, it aligns with Bashar; it aligns with the law of one. It aligns with all of this. There is an earth shift happening right now on the planet. It will continue to happen, and unless we get on board, we may stay on a 3D timeline and on 3D timelines, there may be things that you don't prefer to experience. And the guy was like, well, no. He's like, okay, we'll stop talking about it. Stop thinking about it. Otherwise, you're going to attract yourself to go to a 3D reality where these negative camps where people are held and all of this bad stuff happens. The thing is we can shift our level of consciousness and the way that we do that is we must let go of what keeps us tied into the 3D reality, which is something that I call the identity lock.

There's an identity lock that we all have that keeps us tuned in to this reality, and it keeps us attached to different positionalities. It keeps us attached to things that have happened in the past, and when we let go of that identity lock, we let go of the 400 level of emotions and below, and we're able to then be in a 5D level of consciousness. Most of us came from a 5D level reality 3D is a very difficult place to be. You forget who you are. It's just that we've been hypnotized and programmed with the news to be in the old 3D reality, to be identified with our ego, to be identified with what's happening in the world, to be identified with lower vibrational emotions, but the 5D connection of love of being here. The 5D reality is also about doing what you love, being passionate.

When you start to see, and you start to experience the 5D level of consciousness, it will change everything in your life. However, the key to this is understanding who you really are. That's who you really are, and it's a shift in reality, completely a shift in dimensions, and throughout my day there are times when my dad might be in a 3D level of consciousness. Then I might be at a 4D level of consciousness. Then I might be in a 5D level of consciousness. We're constantly shifting around, but the idea is that right now there's this window where we can all tap into that vibration that we prefer.

Because as time goes on it will become more and more refined and harder to jump times timelines, harder to jump from three to four to five it'll become more refined. The key is to get in alignment with what you want and the way you do that is by letting go of that identity lock that I was talking about. Something I do have is I have a free webinar training that will show you exactly how to use the SHIFT, which is the key to shifting your level of consciousness. And we do a group, and we'll do a group meditation for raising our frequency.

The truth About Twinflames VS Soulmates you Probably Don’t want to Hear About


I'm going to show you the truth on twin flames and soulmates, and you probably don't want to hear it. It goes a little deeper than I've ever gone before in this idea. And some of this is empowering, and some of this really clarifies it. She sees it from a completely new point of view.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame. And I'm going to show you the different dynamics that are involved there because it's not always what you think, you might think, oh, in the media or in the way that we learn about it. This is always the way this has to go. However, there are different circumstance or different dynamics of this that may open up your mind to this idea a little bit more to see it in a new way.

And it also will explain to a little bit of the different dynamics of our soul and how we're all connected because when, and also what I'll be sharing with you is how you can go about finding or connecting with what you could call soulmates or twin flames. First off, before I even get into it, understand that every single one of us is connected. We all have a connection to each other. That's why I did this little chart right here to show you kind of how it works. The idea is that there is a source of energy. Then we offshoot and to what you could call an over soul fundamentally.

This over-soul right here then is connected to different higher selves. Then the different higher selves are then connected to different incarnations. Do you see what I'm doing here or what I'm showing here? If you want more information on this, check out the information of Dolores Cannon and Bashar. The law of one talks about different levels of existence. Think of a film projector, you have a film projector, and on the different film, strips are different. You, they're different. Maybe you're in one scene and then later on in the movie you are at a completely different age and a different scene.

All those frames exist at the same time. Those frames are different aspects of you right here, but the higher self can look at all of those. The film strip at the same time, they're the film projectionist, so they're able to kind of look through them and see them all from that higher point of view. That analogy a lot of times makes it a little bit easier to see the different dimensions to it. Like there's a dimension of you watching a movie, feeling like you're in the movie, and then looking up to at the film projectionist and seeing the film projector go down on the movie. You see that it's just a movie. And the same way our physical reality here is a form of illusion. We are infinite spiritual beings, Evan temporary human experiences.

But when I make the jump from the higher self into the physical self, we have this veil of forgetfulness. It doesn't happen everywhere, but it happens on earth, happens here. That's part of the game that we've decided to play. We've forgotten who we are so that we can remember who we are. What a lot of people do when it comes to twin flames and the idea of soulmates is they go around, this is the drug. This is the reason I really also want to make this blog is people go around looking for it so much. But the theme is seeing is the more you look for it, a lot of times the more you resist it, the key is to let it go. And to know that at the deepest level you're all connected anyway.

We're all connected. We all come from the same source of energy. We're just playing a temporary illusion that I am this piece. You are this piece. You are this piece, but an actuality. We're all connected. I'm going to use this chart. I'm going to show you what the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame really is. In our life, we have set up certain appointments. We have set up certain dynamics, and that is for the purpose of learning. We come here; we forget who we are so that we can go through a learning process.

We can, in a way, sometimes balance out some energy. Maybe there's some energy from past incarnations, from different states where we had a certain energy dynamic, and we're balancing out. That could be one thing, but in general, there's a lot of people in our life that we incarnate with over and over and over again, but a lot of times the dynamics will change. It's interesting to see these different dynamics, but there are different dynamics where there may have been times in your past for you and one of your siblings were enemies.

There are people that you've incarnated with before. But there's different dynamics of the relationship you want to learn. You say about this time you're the mom, I'm the dad, or you're the mom, and I'm the daughter. Or there are many different dynamics to this. They're people that you incarnate with again and again. Sometimes that's not always the case. I've watched a lot of Bashar, and I've heard him talk about this, he's been doing and giving information on this for like 30 years, and the information is very interesting. People go up to him, ask him a question and say, Bashar is as, how do I find my twins?

How do I find my soulmate? And the answer he always gives is that we're all connected and that everyone in your life at the moment is a twin flame or a soulmate. That's not the answer that people want to hear when they're asking the question. They want to know is this person definitely my shoulder mate. However, understand first off, soulmates, many times can be romantic, and many times soulmates can also be as friends or soulmates can be as a family. You may have, your mom may be one of your soul mates.

Does it mean it's romantic? My buddy, Victor Oddo, he and I, we believe we are soulmates, not romantic, but we believe that we incarnated here and we chose that we were going to be like as close as we are as friends. We were going to do a lot of business together. We were going to do a lot of things together. We believe, and we feel that now soulmates are something that doesn't have to be romantic, but it definitely can be. When it comes to a twin flame, the way that Bashar has talked about this before, cause when he doesn't give his generic answer, where you guys are all, everyone's your twin flame at the moment.

Everyone's here. You're a soulmate at the moment when he doesn't give that what he does go a little bit more detailed. What he says is this is the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame. A soulmate is somebody that normally you have a contract with and that contract is you may live your whole entire lives and be happy. You may have incarnated many other times in the past and been happy and had great, great deep relationships. Sometimes people assume that they put twin flame on this higher pedestal than I'm soulmate and they both serve a very powerful purpose.

Their reflections, any relationship is a reflection because we're all connected at a certain level. You see now the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame. A twin flame is a counterpart. A twin flame comes from the same over soul or that you could even say the same higher self. Think of it like this. Maybe this is one person, person number one, and then this person has a contract with maybe this person over here and they just, they fall in love, and that's like a soulmate type connection. Very deep. Maybe that's in their life that maybe they're meant to be in each other's lives their whole entire lives and may need many different lifetimes.

Doesn't make it any less special at all. However, that's what they're meant to experience them with each other. At the same time, there could be somebody that maybe things don't go that well with number two after a certain like three, five years. Well, that person it may not have worked out with, and then you meet someone else. That person is still may have been your soulmate. It doesn't mean you are meant to be with your soulmate for eternity. You're an infinite spiritual being, limited temporary human experience. But also, there may have also been other people that are family.

You may find your dad, your mom, your brother, and sister, they may also be soulmates as well and your best friend. You don't, though. These are different dynamics that happen for a level of reflection and sometimes what'll happen is you'll have enemies. People in past slides, firms have been enemies come together to be best friends, to be lovers you never really know, but it balances out. It could be something that rose reflections balance out. The energy can be very deep, very meaningful.

With twin flame, on the other hand, is somebody that comes from the same, has a connection to the same higher self. It's called the counterpart, which means you're very deeply connected. And normally what will happen, this is what they, they say normally will happen to a how about that? Normally what will happen is one will carry the masculine and one more carry. The feminine energy could mean that it's two males, but one's masculine. One's female could mean it's two feet. It depends, you know, there's different dynamics, different things people may have signed up for.

Does it mean that only heterosexuals can be that of the twin flame dynamic? However, what it means is that there's a counterpart of somebody that has a very similar vibration. And as a very similar vibration, it's also connected to the higher self. I've seen one, and I was listening to one a while ago, and I really was digging into this cause they really curious about it and Bashar was talking about how you met what is called a counterpart.

You met, and you're connecting to what is called a counterpart. It's almost like a similar tineas incarnation, very deep, but not to be meant to be put on a much higher pedestal than that of a soulmate. Because soulmates can also be very deep, many different reincarnations live. However, this is about understanding those different two dynamics. Now I'm going to tell with you in this blog as well, how you can meet your twin flame, how you can find your soulmates the most powerful way. This is the most popular episode on my podcast. I'm going to go and link at the top description box below is 50 minutes long with us talking about some experiences and some things that we've never shared on YouTube, and you can click on it and top a description box below and subscribe to the podcast as well.

Cause every Tuesday and Friday; there are different types of different, different podcasts episodes. The other thing that you could do is you could smash like on that; I tried to do it, I tried to do this whole cool thing. I saw this other guy do. Can you smash that like button? Maybe just maybe that would be really cool. Still, I started doing that at the beginning of the videos now because it just sounds like fun.

Get to your core frequency of what you love doing. The reason being is when you are doing what you love; you are in your most powerful alignment. You are most likely than meet the other person that can reflect that back to you. But if you're not the core of who you are, you're not going to meet them who they're looking for your core energy in away. There are certain appointments that you've made, and there's a certain energy that they may subconsciously know that when they meet, this is the person, this is the one, this is the whatever.

They're never going to find you. If you are not vibrating in the same frequency of who you really are. You do what you're passionate about; you go forward in a powerful way. The key to this is understanding that the most powerful way to find your twin flame or your soulmate is to do what you're passionate about and to be yourself in every moment. I know that's very cliché thing, but that is the key. And the second step to this is completely letting go of it. There's the more you go around going, are you my twin flame? Are you my twins today? Are you my twin's name? Are You my twin flame? Are you meant to inflame? Are you my twin's name? Are you my twin lame? Are you my twin flame?

The more that you are putting out this resistance, that then is causing it to where you're externalizing your own happy happiness may time a twin flame p. The people that are really into that believe that there are only half a person, half a soul, and they're looking for their other half of their soul. And because of that meaning, they're desperately trying to find it. But when you realize that you're already holding complete, when you realize that you can be in what you love doing, that'll be your best bet to finding that other person or that level of connection because you are so at the core of who you are.

But the key to this is not looking for it in that way or you my soul. Or you might like that book. I mean it was like a Dr. Seuss book. It's how are you, my mother? Chicken or something goes around and goes, are you, my mom? Are you my mother? Are you my mother asking like a human and like a basketball or something? It's been like a long time since I've read that book. But that's the idea. But I feel like I see that happen a lot and I understand, I understand that people want a deep connection. People want to find that at other people. But understand that we can stop and drop these labels because, at the deepest level, we're all connected.

What if we could have a soulmate connection with every single person that comes into our life? If we were going to get to our core and realizing this understanding that we're all connected and see it's very powerful, powerful understanding. But in general, the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame is that a soulmate is somebody that you have a contract with, somebody that you may have known in many different lives. Somebody that you may mean to have a whole entire life connection with. This person doesn't mean anything less than a twin flame.

Whereas that of a counterpart to inflame is somebody that comes from the same higher self, which means it's very deep and a lot of times there's a lot of work that needs to be done there because there's a lot of reflection that happens. A lot of times we'll, from what I understand, twin flames come together for times of deep transformation and deep work even at a greater level. That's what we've been told. And in that episode of Libra, Alexandra and I, we go deeper on this, but we were told that the idea or what did a twin flame, twin flames come together to activate each other, and twin flames come together so that they can do some type of deeper work.

This is the power of understanding that and many times; there'll be things that they get brought up. I talk about that once again in the podcast episode because a lot of things got brought up within me having this kind of realization, things I couldn't even understand and I realize now the past life things they were, things like that. And its part of the process though, but these are all convenient terms that we use to label and understand different connections we may have.

The power is within you. And you could start to realize that you're connected to everyone. You are connected to everyone, and then you're going to start feeling more connection. But at the same time, if you're trying to find your soulmate, the best thing you can do is to not look into, just be in the frame of your own movie. Do what you love to do, maybe set an intention for it, but then let it go. Say for twin flame, you want to meet the twin flame connection, do it in meditation, do it and tap into the little twin flame energy within yourself of you feeling whole and complete.

Then do what you're passionate about because that is the best, quickest route to you finding these other aspects of you and these connections of you. With that being said, you will see the podcast episode down below. Let me know what you thought of this episode. What do you think about twin flames and soulmates? Does this resonate?

Thought Forms 201: The Hidden Vibration of Thoughts Revealed


I'm going to show you thought Forms 201 this is a more advanced look at the hidden vibration of thoughts. I'm going to show you that, and I'm going to show you how to align your thoughts so that they have more power than ever before and I think that this video will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a more advanced look at the hidden vibration of your own thoughts. I'm starting to see that thoughts literally are things they don't become things. I mean in a way they become more solid, but what I'm realizing and does that thoughts are literally things that may be invisible to our eyes but nonetheless have a form of influence whether we are aware of it or not.

In case you haven't seen it already, I'm going to link below the thought-form 101 blog. This is where I introduced this idea, and it has to do with understanding that our thoughts are things that there are thought-forms when we think that goes into our energetic field and when we are focused on a certain type of outcome, those thought forms get emitted out of us and literally go out, and they will remain with wherever you are. For example, if I'm on one side of my house over there thinking about something specifically.

What'll happen is I may leave that part of the house, think of something different, go back to that part of the house and then find myself thinking of the same things again because these thought-forms, while they're invisible to the eye are actually there. This comes from a book that's actually called thought-forms. It was written in the early 1900, so it's old school book you could say and it was very synchronistic on how I came across the author and the kind of esoteric books that it is, especially in 1900 his books were really esoteric.  

The part one of this or the thought-form 101 blog. The part that I really want to share is the hidden vibration of thoughts. You thought about money, you thought about money, you thought about money, it didn't come into your life. Well, one of the reasons could be is because when you learn what I'm going to share with you, today's blog could be the quality of the thoughts you are having were of a lower vibrational nature compared to the high vibrational thoughts that you can be having as well.

And because of that, the thoughts wouldn't end, couldn't actually become more visible to you. You know, Bouchard's talked about this before as well. He says manifestation is not about bringing something outside of you into your life. Manifestation is about making the invisible visible manifestations about making the invisible visible because these thought-forms that we're thinking we're creating and leaving a trail of our thought-forms wherever we go, whether we're aware of it or not. The key to this is being aware of it and being aware that the more we raise our vibration, the easier this process is and especially when we're more in alignment with our true purpose in life with what we're meant to be doing.

This gives you an example of this. There's a book called Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. There's material in there that shows that this is something as well, and this is also written back in the early 1900 like the 1930s I believe was the autobiography of a Yogi, which is one of the most popular self-help books of all time, spirituality books of all time. It's the one book that Steve Jobs had on his iPad. It's the book that he read every year, the last 40 years of his life. And it's a very powerful book. And in it, Paramahansa Yogananda explains his process of going through enlightenment by telling stories from his own life.

And there were some gurus, some enlightened people that could do amazing things and things that we would consider to be magic. And its funny cause it said an astral, he formed a locket, which I found very interesting because part of thought-form is, and thought-forms understands that there's this astral realm that is overlaying our realm. And every night you go to bed, you go into what is called the astral realm. And some people in meditation can make astral projection consciously. And what happens is in this astral realm, we have an ability and more flexibility through time and space.

These thoughts are literally things that you don't see with your physical eyes. Some people can are clairvoyant, but the idea is that these thought forms have a certain frequency. They have a certain intention; they have a certain quality. In the book autobiography of a Yogi, there was the experience of manifesting the locket and ash truly formed piece of jewelry is what is talked about in the book, which is interesting because it's like the Astro formed. It's ash really created from thought and literally becomes things. I also believe that we're moving through a powerful transition of shifts in consciousness in life right now and there's milk.

We're going through this as a society. We're moving into what is called a fourth-density state of consciousness and in four d thoughts literally are themes, so this is something that we're becoming aware of as well. As we go through this transition, as our vibration increases, this happens more and more. How come they could embody such a high frequency and then say something and then it happens. Think something. And what happens is they decide that they're going to go for a walk to the beach. Yeah. What happens is they leave, and Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri up to soar are walking and Surrey up to sources Pema Huntsville, Yogananda, which it wasn't, you know, he actually went by something else.

Did you lock the back door? And he goes, I'm not sure. I think I did. And Sriracha story goes, no, you didn't. And what he did is he had somehow influenced somebody, a peasant close by to go into the house and he said, your fore cauliflower will now be three or five calabra or now be four. Because what happened is somebody gifted Paramahansa Yogananda four amazing cauliflower that it was going to make it to a soup later and he left it on his bed. I don't know why you'd call fire on your bed, but for some reason maybe you do.

And what happened is this peasant went into the back door of the house. We have only one cauliflower left the gold left, the jewelry left, everything else, and when they got back, Paramahansa Yogananda was surprised to find that the guy only took one cauliflower. How did that happen? Well, in the book what it says is that thoughts are different frequencies and that if you tune yourself there like a radio dial and if you tune yourself to different frequencies, you can have an influence over these types of things. Okay. The reason I share this story, the cauliflower stories, just so you see that things are much more flexible than you think. Yeah, and for this in general, when we talk about thought forms, there are three different aspects of this. I want to show you one to treat, so three different forms, three different qualities or aspects of the thought-form. The first one is quality.

The quality of your thought forms determines the color. The idea behind this is that there are different colors just like we all have different color auras. There's an energetic field that goes around in our body where whether we're aware of it or not, and the idea is that if for example, the colors are just symbols that we use in our reality, the color just it proves and shows the quality of the thought. You don't need to know what color your aura is or what color the thoughts you have are. The idea is, for example, the quality of your thought. If you have a thought that I want to add value to people, I want to be compassionate and express compassion to other people. That is a higher quality thought than if you're like, I want to take from people and I want just to add value.

To me, it's more ego-driven. Which color or which quality do you think is a higher well, the one where you're giving value. If I said I wanted it to become big on YouTube because it will make me feel worthier and it'll give me more recognition, and I'll feel more whole than complete, that's much less quality. That's maybe if you look at those different colors, there could be the colors of a, let's say a brownish red and that was my intention and that that was the color of the quality of that thought. Or let's say I had a higher vision, which I do, and that's to add value to people. Understand that we're all connected, we're all one.

The more value I put out into the world, the more comes back to me anyway. But knowing the more people that wake up, the easier is this transformation into consciousness is that we're going through, we're also part of the hole so that that energy is a much higher quality. I could be like a bluish or greenish color, which is a much higher vibration. Then that orangey-red color, the brownish-red color. That's more on just gratifying the ego. The quality of your thoughts also determines the color and the color.

Then we'll have a different frequency. This is the first part, a thought. This is also like saying, it's not just the thought you're thinking, but it's the emotion behind the thought. Is it a high vibrational emotion or a low vibrational emotion? And you've seen me share the scale of consciousness before. The second part of this is understanding the nature of the thought, the nature of the thought. The nature of the thought has to do with, is this a thought? The way that I think about this as well is, is it a thought that is expansive? Because if they experience an idea and think about it, you think this thought which has a thought form that goes around your energetic field and has the nature of the thought that it adds value. Is it an expansive thought, or is it a contractive thought?

It's similar in a way, but the quality is more about the vibration underneath the intention under it and the emotion under it. Whereas nature is just, is it a thought that adds value? Is it a thought that is expansive? These thoughts correlate with other thoughts that are similar to it. This is why you feel a negative emotion when you are driving. You get mad; someone cuts you off. There are other people that have been on that same street that I've also cut people off before they even got angry about it or that have been cut off before and got angry about it.

The nature of that thought is that it might also link to it other thoughts that are similar. Be aware of this energy accumulation as you're walking around. Because in the location that we live, it took me like a month for me to clear out this house. I talked about that in the last video to be about a month to clear at this house when the old people that used to the older people that lived here, I declare out their energy took about a month. But I did put in my thoughts, I do videos on this side of the house. And once again, once I got comfortable, it was just easier and easier for me to have this cultivated environment. The third part of this is I think I want to share with you a three-step process to, I didn't think I was going to share it in this blog.

The definition of thought. For example, if you are very specific, that carries with it a certain level of sharpness, a certain level of a formality. Like for example, the more consistently you are focused on a certain vision, certain definite of thought, the more likely it is to build momentum. But if for example, if I were to say I'm going to go full time on YouTube and I made one video and then I made three weeks later I made another video. I didn't focus on it that much, just focused on at once or twice. But the idea is that by me going daily on YouTube, it allowed me to give something to focus on consistently and then I'd be a clear vision. The vision was to have a certain amount of growth on YouTube, so there was an actual number to that.

It was 100,000 in the beginning because that to me was a symbol that then there's a way for me to go full time doing what I love. I had that vision and every video I would make would be to add value to people, but it would be as a background. There was a part of it that was like, yes, the more that I have time to myself that I can just make these videos the better. Because when I first started on YouTube, I was working a nine to five job and making daily videos on YouTube. I was very busy, but the definiteness is the vision you have. The more consistently you are able to focus on a vision, the more momentum you add to it, the more probability it has to manifest. You see, the idea behind this is that the less you focus on something like attention is what builds anything in your reality.

The more you put attention on something happening, the more that grows as according to the quality you have underneath that intention. It's a high vibrational intention that goes out, and it's something that's very expansive. It's a low vibrational intention. It carries what the resistance, and you'll also not enjoy the process along the way, but if you want to starve some type of a manifestation from happening, maybe a negative manifestation, don't pay attention to it. Complete the past, so you don't have to repeat it. Don't pay attention to it in the sense of don't continuously keep thinking about it repetitively over and over and over again.

If you were to draw your attention away from it, the thought-forms would eventually die. They say this in that book thought for them. They say, if I were to send it, let's say I were to send a feeling of love towards somebody and I send that feeling of love and it's going out, and it's going out in time and space towards that person. Well, the more love I'd send, the more momentum and the more, especially if it's a quote, it's a high quality, which means it's like love. It is a high vibration, and it goes out. What happens is, if I stop feeling that love, if I stopped thinking about that love, then what happens is that formal thought chill be around other nature of thoughts it could develop.

They talk about it in a book, like we all have a mental body. We all have a physical body and astro body and a mental body that's around our energy field. What happens is other people on the world that have this mental energy body and what happens is these soft forms go out, and if it resonates with somebody, then it could be allowed into their energy field, and they could absorb it as their own, which could be a positive thing if it's a high vibrational energy.

On the other side of that though, it shows in that book thought form, it shows the different vibrational, it shows like pictures of the different thoughts and if someone's jealous, it throws out this dagger, this negative vibration, and people are doing that whether they're aware of it or not, if they're feeling jealous or angry at somebody. The key to this is aware of it. And then the key is understanding that these different emotions have different types of thought forms, and if you stop paying attention to it, that's when the thought eventually falls to pieces.

Here's something else I'll say. You might be used to saying, oh, so people said, energy, man, it's going to affect me. The idea is it can only affect you if you are of a similar vibration. It can only affect you. If you aren't and you have a jumbled-up vibration, then it can affect you because it means there's something activated within you. But if you raise your vibrational frequency, if you raise your vibration and you are of love and light, he can't actually penetrate you, not your energy field.

That's why the biggest form, they talk about this in the books, the law of one as well, which I have on the table over there. The biggest form of protection is unconditional love because when you feel love and you, you don't label things as negative and all of these things, then it doesn't affect you as much, especially when you exist in that love frequency no matter what. Here's this little three-step formula I want to share with you really quick. It is quality, intensity, consistency, quality, intensity, consistency, the quality of the thoughts that you have with them, adding value to other people with having a high vibration underneath. It carries with it a level of high vibration.

Then the intensity of the thought you're thinking, which means the intensity, the emotion-focused on gratitude. Focus on high vibrational emotions plus the consistency of those thoughts. Create the reality you want. That was a little three-step thing that kind of broke down as my way of understanding all of this, the quality plus the intensity plus the consistency. Maybe I can make a whole video about that. If you want me to make a whole video about that, let me know. Go and smash that light button.

Let me know, and I will make a whole video. Whoops, I dropped it, so let me know. I will make a whole entire video on the quality, the intensity, the consistency, and show you how to apply it. Plus, there are some other parts I wanted to talk about. As I said, I think this is serious. Let me know if you want me to do a form three oh one even more advanced. But the idea is that the hidden vibration of thoughts is that everything around us is carrying with us a certain vibration. I consistently make videos in this spot in my house for a reason because there's a certain energy here of me bringing through higher vibrational energy and it's sharing these ideas with you and what happens is it makes it easier and easier than when I hop into this space, I'm actually primed it to get into this state.

But, also these thought-forms are all around me right now of positivity, of adding value, and that's why it makes it easy for me to do this. I'm literally emitting out this vibration. It's going into all the objects around me. It's going into this camera. There's a vibration behind this camera that has been influenced by me consistently look into this camera for 20 minutes a day for over a year. The same thing with this easel. This easel is here with me. It's absorbing the energy that I am emitting right now. And this is why some people, you can emit some type of jewelry. I wear this little jewelry thing right here that has multisite on it.

I was making videos. It has this little Tesla played on it. I wear it, I like it, but it has my energy imbued in it. The idea is that these things carry with it a certain vibration. The hidden vibration of thought is that people don't understand that everything has thought in Butte, into it has energy imbued into it from the collective consciousness. There are thought-forms around your city around, I remember when the Golden Knights here in Las Vegas for certain first starting to come up and then went to the finals a couple of years ago.

Such a huge buzz. You couldn't help it. But when I watch the games, you can feel that energy. It's influencing us whether we're aware of it or not. The country you live in has a certain level of social conditioning. These thought-forms are everywhere and depending on where you go. When I go to La in a couple of days, there's going to be a bombardment of so much energy in the city while I'm there that it's going to sometimes for me, after a week or two it gets overwhelming. However, I'll go to Sedona next week, a week like right after I come back and go to Sedona, which has a very high vibration.

There are so many people that go to Sedona that think, wow, amazing. This place is amazing but now thought positive, thought-forms. There's also a lot of higher vibrational activity there in different ways, in different levels, so it's a high vibrational place that's, it's like that. Everywhere you go, whether you're aware of it or not, the key is being aware of the quality, nature, and the definition. Those are the three things that show the quality of the thoughts, and if you're finding that your thoughts aren't creating a real focus instead on raising your vibration, raising your vibrational level of consciousness.

The Vibration of Willpower REVEALED (not what you think)


I'm going to show you the vibration of willpower, and I'm going to show you how it is pivotal with transcending your level of consciousness and how you can go about doing that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you the vibration of willpower, how it's a very powerful level of energy, but many times it can actually limit us as well because at a certain point there's a transformation of even the willpower. You may hear people say like, we're card grind, hustle, and it's like, yes, work hard, grinds and hustle at a certain level of consciousness. However, there are times when then you can begin to loosen up on that a little bit. And for me, I would say honestly on YouTube and me being at where I'm at, doing what I love, it's because of my willpower.

It's because of my discipline, and when I was trying to manifest from the lower states of consciousness. I'm going to show you that on the chart here in a minute. When I was doing that, I wasn't getting that great results, but when I decided, and I chose to go daily on YouTube back in February 2017 that's when things really started to change, and I'd say even more powerful than me just making daily videos on YouTube. What that allowed me to do is it changed my self-image. It made me know Eric could, Aaron is the kind of person that can now say he's going to do something and actually do it.

Aaron is also the type of person that speaks in the third person. Just for reference analogies though, I'm so much going lightened than that, just kidding. But in general, when you see willpower, if you feel like this may be what you need to hear, okay, this may be what you need to hear. Maybe on either side of this, I'm going to show you why it's the key to then bumping into the mid-levels of vibration and then also bumping into the higher levels of vibration, but it's more of a spiritual discipline than it is an ego discipline.

In general, I'm going to show you my handy dandy flip chart over here, and it's going to have the levels of consciousness on it that yours truly Aaron, who speaks in the third person wrote or a dinner. I didn't make the chart of consciousness, but I did do this really cool piece of art right here. Can you see it? So right here what you see is you see 700 that's the level of consciousness of enlightenment.

Two hundred and below would and below would be that of like shame, fear, guilt, anger. Those are the lower vibrational ones. Stout, when I was, here's the difference as well. When it comes to manifesting, let me show you, because willingness, your willpower, your discipline, it's pivotal for going from one level to the next level. What you'll see right here as you'll see this right here, 200 and below is the paradigm of wanting and having, if you really desire, you'll notice this at one 25 now, how is it that so many personal developments, people have said, your must have a why Taj Birdie desire.

I sound like Bain from peppermint or something, but 125 desire. What that is like, that's like the yearning and if it's so why tots that you want something so bad? It may eventually push you into willingness and discipline and saying; I wanted so bad that no matter what, I'm going to do everything I can. That's when it becomes powerful. But desire itself is not a high vibrational emotion because think about it vibrationally, I really, really want something says, I really don't currently have it because now I want it. That's the key being aware of that. And when you're aware of it, you're like, okay, well I'm not going to desire, then I'm going to actualize more so.

I'm going to more so be in the vibration of what I want. Knowing that what I want and the desire of it are different realities if I'm embodying it. When we talk about willpower, you'll then see the second level is doing. You got that from neutrality up to the reasoning is doing. You got having to do is then at a certain level you actually have to let go of the need always to become better and always try to improve the sense of the ego. And then you let that go, and you must be present to the moment you just enjoy life. It's a paradigm of love, Joy, peace, enlightenment.

That's the paradigm of being. Let me just also say this, none of these are good or bad. They just are. Some of them feel better than ever. Others, there are some emotions like I'm going to see love is going to feel better than anger. Yes, they feel better, but you don't have that. We, sometimes we judge ourselves for our emotions, and it's not as necessary to actually judge ourselves because that keeps us even more in resistance.

Let me show you some cut. Okay, so for this, I want to show you something. Look up big these markers, it makes it so you can easy to read it. Okay, so when we talk about that of this level, I'd say that the huge, the huge jump is from here and then it's from here. It's like two 50 for neutrality. When you learn how to observe your thoughts, observe the meanings, you gave negative emotions like anger, fear. You may be angry at someone that did something to you when you get to neutrality, huge jump. And then the next, the next level is that of love. And that's when you let go of the reasoning, the intellect of the mind. Normally what a lot of this includes is imagine a stick. It is ego. Tried to become a different to the ego.

You have the ego of the negative emotions, so negative emotions, and then you have the ego of the one you want. That's more positive emotions. There are still both egos. They're still both egos. Now the key is this ego might not take action, might be in the wanting, might have a lot of energetic imbalances because of things that have happened that haven't been processed yet. And what happens is using willpower, willpower is sort of like the intention.

You are then able to go into a more positive version of you by then knowing and figuring out how to let go of all these imbalances inside the body and then letting go of those negative emotions and then the willpower, the willingness, and the willpower is what can help you to then start to take action to then be in this new reality, whatever the action is, if the reality that you want. Willingness is right at about 300, and it's your willpower. Also, think of it like this. The Root Chakra would be in the lower vibrational emotion. It's like your survival mechanism. A lot of those lower vibration emotions are survival mechanism emotions.

Then you have that have the willingness is the solar plexus that has a solar plexus and then love is the heart and then you just keep going up. It's like it's very relevant to the shoppers as well as what I'm saying. But the key is understanding and balancing out. In order to really get into these higher levels, he must balance out the bottom Chakras, balance out that of the root shock row with your beliefs about survival, your relationship to yourself, your relationship to other people healing that.

Then solar plexus, are you doing what you're passionate about? Are you not only doing what you're passionate about but are you making the discipline to be a certain way and to do that? Because that is a higher-level paradigm. What I want to ask you right now is be honest with yourself. Where do you feel like you are? A majority of the time. Do you feel like you're beating yourself up because you haven't manifested things yet? Do you feel like there are some lower vibrational emotions that are within your body that you want to let go of? Do you feel like there's, there's, you don't really have a strong sense of discipline, so you don't know. You're not in the actual vibration of the reality you want.

However, you feel about this, know that you can use willpower as a tool to then wire in a new self-image and to be in the vibration of the reality that you want and that that was a huge shift for me when I learned how to take action and to do what I love with that of making videos every single day, my life transformed and I just had this feeling that if I were to do this one thing every single, that my life would be so different in a year. From that time that I thought it, and it wasn't even a year, it was like three to six months, and everything was different. I then didn't have to go to a nine to five job.

I didn't care about. I didn't have to listen to a boss tell me what to do and talk down to me, and I was able to do what I wanted when I wanted to do it, and I had that freedom, and I loved what I do, and I still love what I do. Willpower is a powerful level into a shift in consciousness. However, there may come a time when you let go of the ego will power of self-gratification of I am a doublet who makes daily videos even though it's more so like there's high vibrational energy that's flowing through me while I'm doing these videos.

That's why I'm able to do daily videos is because I just allow what comes through that comes through. If I identify with that energy, it won't come through as much; I'll tell you that right now. I though on the inside I let it. I just know it's an energy that's going to flow through. As long as my intention is to add value to people, it continues to do so well that higher vibrational energy is vibrating energy like this, and we all have the ability to tap into it. Every single one of us and your passion is going to put you in these high vibrational frequencies, and when you get to there, you can then be and let go of having to do.

I don't have to take as much action as I have to take, so know that as you move up to scale, your mentality will change because you will be able to do way less yet get way more. If you're reading this right now, the shift experience Webinar is up, and you can check it below that Webinar, you can join it. I'm going to show you how to apply shift, which is the key to shifting your level of consciousness and shifting your reality. Plus, there will be a live meditation session for raising your vibration that you can listen to using group intention.

Go ahead and join that if you want to learn. And mainly also I'm going to share the stories of how I transcended each of these different tiers into the higher levels, and I'll show you how to do the same thing. That'll be in the top of the description box below. The vibrational resonance of Willpower is, I wish I was wearing my yellow shirt right now. It's like me wearing the yellow shirt. It's like to go.

When I wear that yellow shirt, I feel like I just want to, I want to do things, I want to get things done, be productive and willingness is a powerful energy that can get the energy moving. I know it was like the thing when I was in first learning about the law of attraction, willingness wasn't the thing I really wanted to hear, and I remember that people would be like say, hey, take massive action. Do this. I was like, no, we don't have to take massive action. Massive action is like if you're not in a really high vibe, but sometimes a higher vibration may include taking action. It's a higher vibration for me to make videos.

Then for me to not make videos cause when I'm making videos every day I'm in this high vibe state. What I'm saying and what I'm encouraging you to do is just to be aware of where you are on this vibrational scale of consciousness and to make the choice that what you're going to do is you're going to either make a choice to take more action of being in your core frequency or you're going to choose and say that if you're taking too much action, you're feeling resistance.

Can you let go a little bit? As I had that, I had that experience where it was like my ego was so gratified and so identified with all the success in everything that I was like, I have to continue to make videos all of the time because I wanted to keep on is it good to focus, focus? There we go because I want to keep on growing. But then I had my own consciousness shift back in November. You probably saw my energy, how different my energy is since I've got back from that trip that I had, and it was because I had a shift in consciousness. I realized that I had this belief, this limiting belief that said a, you have to do all of these things to be worthy.

You have to do all these things to be successful. But then when I'd realized is instead I can write my own paradigm. I can let that go and have fun, and focus on raising my vibration, focus on feeling good on enjoying life. And here's the funny thing, the more that I enjoyed life was, the more that I became more abundant than ever before. And I'm not kidding, my YouTube channel had a huge spike right after that, and I was doing less. I wasn't waking up every day to get, what kind of videos am I going to make? I was like, I just want to make what feels good today, and now it happened to be a star seed video and video that I was afraid to put out for so long.

It wasn't that was afraid to put out, because I hadn't made it yet, but I was like, since 2012 I wanted to make those videos even before I was on YouTube. But I was afraid to cause like what will people think of this concept? It's not very big online. I was like, you know what? I'm just going to go for it. I did it, and it was a sign to me that says, go for your passion. Go for what you want to do.

I had a huge spike in growth, and I also had, and it was more abundant than ever before, and that started because I was letting go of the ego's willingness to try to control everything. Do you see what I mean here? But if before that, you were feeling guilt, anger is a higher vibrational emotion and expressing that anger is a way of actually letting go and moving up the vibrational scale.

3 Esoteric Law of Attraction Techniques you’ve NEVER Heard of…


I'm going to show you three esoteric Law of Attraction techniques that will accelerate the process of you creating what you want in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three esoteric, a little bit edgier of the techniques that I've learned for understanding the manifestation process on the channel. I used to create a lot of law of attraction videos. It's been a while, though. I've been mainly focused on more so an evolution of consciousness and understanding who we are at a deeper level. But I see how much it interplays with this whole process with also manifestation us create what do we want in our life? And the truth is you can have done or been anything that you want, and the easiest way for you to get there is actually to tap into your core vibration.

It's not one of the esoteric techniques I'm sharing, but just in general, the stuff I've been teaching on my channel on how to raise your vibration when you're in a higher vibrational state. The things you intend to create happens so much easier. This is a process of knowing that this is all in there. It's all intermixed. It's all something that influences each other. For this process of manifestation, understanding that we create our own reality, I'd say one of the first steps as well, just to kind of like a side note, when we understand that our thoughts correlate with what we experience, that's when we start to take our power back.

That's one of the biggest, I guess, epiphany is that someone may have in their life cause that they, things don't happen to them. Things happen to them. And you can direct your thoughts, direct your intention, direct your emotions, and then direct your life in a new way. It's extraordinarily powerful because most people are running around, believing that they are at the whims of their environment. They are a product of their environment. They can't think beyond their environment. And that's what keeps them in their environment. The first step when it comes to these esoteric principles is I'm going to be sharing things that came from a book called thought-form, Esoteric Burke from the early 19 hundred, some of our off to do with our astral body.

Some of it will have to do with understanding the metaphysics of reality as well. Without further ado, let's get into it. The first one that I want to share with you has to do with something I recently learned. And it has to do with understanding the energy levels of your body. You don't just have one body. I mean you have one physical body that you can see go like this, and you're like, oh look, it sounds, I can make a sound, I can, it feels like it's solid. And then you also have what is called an astral body and astral body. Every single night you go to bed, you're waking your astral body, whether you're aware of it or not. And you forget this thing.

When you come in, you wake up, you forget that you have that connection and that you are in a way, I have so much more flexibility with time and space and there's so much that you can do there, but you have an astral body, you have a mental body, you have a causal body. There are all these energetic bodies that go beyond just our physical body. We may not be able to see them with our eyes physically, but nonetheless, they exist.

The heart math institute has shown that there's electromagnetic energy that goes many feet around our body and our heart is actually more powerful than that of our brain. That's kind of a side note, but in general, the idea is that you're much more than your physical body. What happens is we have something that is called our Astro body, our energetic bodies, and what happens is, is the energy that we are emitting and the thoughts that we have when we're thinking of certain thoughts like from that book called thought form, I'm talking about you think thoughts. Those thoughts actually have an energetic form.

We may not actually see them, but nonetheless, the idea is you focus on a certain reality, you stay consistent with it. You have an intensity of the focus on it, and eventually, it crystallizes in the physical reality. But what do most people do? Most people focus on something for a short period of time. They give up and then it goes away. It's because it hasn't been consistently focused on energy, with high vibrational energy as well.

What that book was showing called thought form is that when we think our thoughts, they go within our energetic field and those thought forms are in a direct reflection of the aura we are admitting. My grandpa is like 80 years old. He's been able to see auras for a very long time, and he talks about how there are many different colors around our body depending on what we're thinking of. I'll be talking to him. I was talking to the other day, and he said, as I was talking about something I was passionate about, there was a certain, there was like the sparks come out of my head. It's an energetic type thing, but these ideas you stopped.

Farms are actually real, and you can see them, and around our bodies, there'll be different. Say you're angry at someone, you might have a glowing red on the side of your aura that might be going out. You see, and there are these different colors all around us. The reason I say this is when it comes to our energy fields, we must charge our energy fields for them to have more potency. When you look at things from an example from the autobiography of a Yogi, which is a book I recommend a lot, it's a pair of Mohawks, Yogananda at him going through his process of enlightenment. He talks about what it was like to meet these other enlightened gurus could do, who could do literally things that you would consider to be magic. They could make objects and stuff instantly appear.

And even in the book, it said it was astral. He formed a locket that was physical, but it was ash really formed and was, she goes into meditation that night. She's sitting there, she's doing it, and then all of a sudden, she feels this weight in her hand, and there's this lock and that she eventually gives a pair Mohan Yogananda. She wrote him a letter because then she ended up passing away not too long after that short of a letter and gave that locket to her oldest son and give to him to Primanti Yogananda at a certain point in his life. We're so strong that they were able to say something and tender for something and it would simply happen. Part of that has to do with their product body, their product that they were able to admit the product is energy.

The more energy you have, the more ability you have manifest and to create what you want. This esoteric, the first esoteric technique has to do with you and your pronic energy field. You are breathing deeper. You notice there's a lot of people that are successful that also work out. Why could that be so powerful when you're running, when you're working out, you're charging your energetic field, you're bringing in more Prada, more energy, and that makes it easier for you to create things in your life.

Something very powerful that I think you can begin to look at is, are you breathing deep? Are you doing certain types of meditation? Are you charging your energetic feeling? Like even if sitting here right now, like if I were to just sit here like this, and imagine, take a deep breath in, deep breath out if you want, you can do this with me really quick. What we can do is imagine you're sitting wherever you are doing whatever you're doing, and you are taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out. And then imagine if there's a light of energy coming through the top of your head, through your root and all the way down to your body and charging your energetic field of light. Let's take a deep breath in. Deep breathe out right now.

And as you bring that out, you can close your eyes and just imagine that there's energy going from the source, whatever you want to call it, coming down into your head, into your body. And as you put your awareness there, you can imagine every cell of your body being lit up with high vibrational energy and then taking one more deep breath in. Breathe it out and imagine that that light energy is flowing through you, went through your head.

Your heart is if they can foot your right leg and foot, and by doing this and taking deep breaths, maybe a couple of times a day, you do that, and you change your body with light. What you'll find is that you start to have more energy. You'll find that as well. The pronic body is charged that when you intend for things, it has more momentum, has more energy, it has more potency. I noticed like a little side note here, but when I used to do, I used to make YouTube videos, I made like a meditation video. The days I would do those, I'd be in a high vibe state. From doing that, I felt like my energy was just charged and I just had so much intention and that things are much more powerful because of it. If there's one thing that I can share with you right now, charge your product body by breathing deeper, maybe go work out, go do things that charge your body with oxygen.

Because as you do that, you have more of a potency inside of your body. And then it's almost like when you focus on certain things, much more likely to happen. The second esoteric technique I want to talk about was also from that book called forum. It has to do with the quality of the thoughts you're having, the quality of the thoughts you're having now. They the aura around our body, the thoughts that you have, have a certain aura about them depending on the intention of them. For example, me having an intention of adding value to you with this blog is a higher vibrational color and a higher vibrational intention.

Therefore, he may be, you can feel this energy of me doing this, the video, and maybe it feels like I'm in my flow state as well and I'm in my flow state and in a higher vibrational state that has a color that is attributed to that thought-form, to that intention that is flowing through me. The intention is on me, and the first one, the intention was on you more expansive. I also realized this when I used to work at Barney's in New York in a woman's shoes, I would go into work every day and every day I started at a zero it was like a playground for the law of attraction because every single day I went in, I could see how the energy dynamic was going. If I went in with the intention of adding value to my own paycheck, it'd be a certain type of energy field, a certain type of response from customers.

If I went in with the intention of adding value to people, if I went into it with the intention of increasing people's say to be much more expansive energy, much different response, I would get. The quality of intention there is different and because of that, what would eventually what would happen is I found out the more I would have fun, the more I would loosen up. The more I would add value, the more the intention was on them, the better. And the same way the quality of your thought is going to determine the frequency of whether it is expansive or whether it is contractive. What I encourage you to do is to see how your goals are linked up to the goals of others. He says, why? What you put out is what you get back; what you do to someone else you do to another aspect of you.

Literally, those other people are other aspects of you. But what happens is what you put out is what you get back. If you put out an intention that is a win, win, a win, win. If I add value to someone else that it increases their state of being the drug. The side effect of that is they want to give value back to me. Maybe if I'm helping them with shoes like I was back when I had that nine to five job, they would then want to buy because they were in that buying state cause they were feeling good and the same way. Maybe I have a high vibrational video, and you're like, you know what? I want to share that video. I want to like that video.

The third as a Terrick technique for accelerating manifestation is also not from that book. This is just in general. This is kind of like my main philosophy, I guess. You kind of say what I like to share and I call it to be as if not act as it acts as if means that you haven't linked up to your self-image to this version of you. It means you're just acting. Do you ever see Leonardo DiCaprio Act in a movie? He doesn't act. He becomes it. Recently, we won't watch the movie called once upon a time in Hollywood where we are to capture actually playing an actor. But you see him in this role where he becomes that person. You've seen Jim Carrey and that movie called Andy or whatever it is, where he plays Andy Kaufman. He becomes Andy. He was, I was watching an interview with him the other day.

He said that he went to a gym, Cary was talking to interview. They are, she's talking to, I think Jerry Seinfeld in one of those shows or whatever. He said that he went to dinner with Nicholas cage back in the day when he was playing that Andy character and he said that Nicholas Cage couldn't even look him in the eyes because he says, you're just not yourself right now. Like it's just weird and you like had to like leave dinner early or something like that. The idea is that you become that which you are being, but it's who you really are. That's why it's important also to make sure that you are in your core vibration. What are you really passionate about? I love making videos. I'm just myself right now.

If you want to perceive a reality where you are living your dreams, doing this, doing that tune to it, if you tune to that reality, you will eventually get it, but tune it to it on the inside. Feel as if you're already living in that reality. Feel as if you are. You know, for me, I feel as if I'm traveling the world, doing what I love, and I'm doing that. I feel as if I am, and if I want to go beyond that, I can do that. I can go beyond and imagine myself doing that and then be that version of me. What would that version of Aaron do? That version of Aaron already exists. I'm simply dialing in on the frequency of it and the same way you doing what you love for a living, it already exists.

Imagine that version. You imagine the qualities you have. Imagine the kind of energy that you're in. Imagine the day, the activities you have. Imagine the daily routine you have. Imagine the kind of books you read. Imagine the kind of people you hang out with. Imagine how people respond to you. Imagine all of these things because when you do so, you start to tap into that version of you and then simply know that that is who you choose to be. You see that's the power of B as if that frequency already exists.

That version of you already exist. Simply dial in an audit by blinking up your inner reality to that version of you, and you can imagine it. You can use your imagination to imagine that version of you. I did. I became a fulltime YouTube or on the inside before it was my reality. On the outside, it eventually, my outer reality began to change. You want to know why? All reality is a mirror, Jamie. It's a mirror reflection. And if you want to change the Meta reflection, you must first change your inner reality. How you feel. You understand that when you tap into the feeling of you being the way that you want, that changes everything. And then the identity you will always act and consistency to the way that you view yourself and to what your self-image is.

The Miracle Equation Simplified: Every Successful Person Uses this Formula


This equation right here will change your life if you apply it 100% guaranteed results. As crazy as that sounds, any person that's become successful has used this formula, whether they are aware of it or not, and in this blog, I'm going to simplify it for you and make it really easy to apply.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you what is called the miracle equation. That's what it's been coined. I was actually listening to him on a podcast. He was being interviewed by somebody that I listened to, and he was explaining the miracle equation, and I was looking at it in my own life, and I'm like, wow, that's exactly what I did to get to where I am.

Well, I went from working a nine to five job that I wasn't passionate about to do what I love, and that is full time making new two videos. Help people transform their lives and it within relatively a short amount of time, within about six months, I was able to do this. This is back in February 2017 you may have heard me tell the story because I tell it a lot because I do a lot of YouTube videos. Just so you know, that's why I repeat some of my stories and it uses this formula, and we just might not be aware of it.

I'm the author of the book, used it to believe he had some cancer and was totally had to go through chemotherapy. And what he did is he used this process only, I think about 20% of the people that go through the kind of therapy or the kind of cancer that he had would survive. Nonetheless, he was able to do that and he did it use this formula. He used his own formula to get his book out, which is called the miracle morning has editor book, which was like a real big hit as well.

And it's something that through looking through, I'm like, wow, that's exactly what I did. I'm going to share that with you in this blog. A miracle is something that we don't really have a logical explanation for and maybe the probabilities are slim that something can like that can happen. But nonetheless, it's something that can happen. The more that we let go of the rigidity of our own belief systems of saying, nope, this is the only way to do something. And a lot of this has to do with our own awareness. The more we expand our awareness, the more we become aware of these things.

First off, faith is something that you could study in the book, thinking grow rich by Napoleon Hill. Faith has to do with a belief in a reality that may not already be physically realized, but a faith is an understanding that that can happen for you. A faith is a repetition of, you could say of affirmation, but faith is just, it's almost like an inner knowing and inner certainty that if you do something, you will get a certain result.

I like to think of faith as like a certain vision that you might have and a belief in that vision, a belief in that vision of some type of reality you can imagine that is most likely beyond the reality that you currently live in. I had a belief in a reality that was beyond the current reality I was living in. It was me knowing, and a lot of times a way that you can increase your faith is finding other people that have done it as well. I would imagine if the author would have, and I should have just found his name, but I'm already connected to this little thing right here. But he wrote the book called the miracle equation in miracle morning.

He could have found other people that beat cancer to find out what they did. Or he could think about that and realize that it can be done. In the same way, what I realized is I want to go full time on YouTube. I don't want to be working this nine to five job selling woman's shoes. What I did is I simply knew that there were many other people that did it. I knew, and I could see it. I knew that there were people that did it. If other people could do it, so can I. If I focus on those people and I started to get maybe their books, people that have done things like that before and see what kind of attitude they had, what kind of thoughts they had about it.

It didn't increase my own faith in knowing that I could do it. But faith is also something that you can wire in. Like in Napoleon Hill's book with autosuggestion is a way of repetitiously reprogramming your subconscious mind into believing that you can attain a certain type of result. That could be that you, you know, I would go to bed and it could be like every night when I went to bed, I'm committed to going full time with my passion. I'm committed to creating videos that transform people's lives. I am committed. And by doing and having that autosuggestion as I'm going to bed, I would then be able to develop that faith more powerfully.

And a lot of times faith comes from as well. When you're looking at what's in your current reality, and you think that that's all that there is. That's all you're capable of. It has to do that. Many times, we'll have to do with having lower self-esteem or not believing and also the divine to flow through you. The divide the universe in a way to help you to perceive certain things in your reality. I know sometimes my ego is it has a certain way of creating things. It's like willpower, an extensive instance of action, but sometimes what I realized is I can let go of needing to control every aspect of it.

And by allowing things to happen many times it'll happen in a much more beautiful way. But unwavering faith is a vision of reality and that vision of the reality that you are. n a minute, I'm going to talk about affirmations as well because I liked the author's take on the affirmations also now plus, so unwavering faith. For me, there was just a certainty. It was just like I said, less sense of certainty. I just simply knew that if I made a video every single day for a year that my life would transform. There was just this knowing it. It's hard to explain, but I just believed so much in that reality, so much in that vision that there was a feeling behind it.

I wasn't taking action from a level of like I really, really hope it and it was more just a knowing that eventually it will catch on. Even though the first like you know when I, when I first was making videos, once a week they'd get like two or 300 views. I started making videos daily. I got sometimes I got like a hundred videos, a hundred views of it. I was getting fewer views but more visits, more views. If you were to add up all the videos of that makes sense.

Fewer views per video because I was doing daily, so there were more options for people to watch, and that was a little discouraging. I said you know what? It doesn't matter. Sometimes I'm wavering. Faith is a focus on the vision, on the vision that you have, regardless of what is happening, knowing that everything will lead you to it. Everything is a part of the process. Knowing that that's not a wrench in your gears, it's a part of the process itself. I think sometimes we do that. We have an intention for something. We go out; we get into an immediate reflection that that's not the case and then we assume that because of that, that means it's an off. It's not going to happen anymore.

It's unwavering place plus extraordinary effort. Extraordinary actually means extraordinary effort. When I look at what I'm, how I came full time on YouTube, I had certainty in the vision of me being a full-time YouTuber, and I put an extraordinary effort. There weren't that many people doing daily videos on YouTube in the niche that I'm in on YouTube. There were one or two people doing it, but that was it. And those one or two people had a big following. The extraordinary effort was me saying every single day, no matter what, I'm going to make a YouTube video. And I've done that since February 2017 I have over a thousand videos on my channel. Since I've done that, I decided that, and you know, making an extraordinary effort also changed my self-image because I used to be a lazy person.

I used to be one of those people that wanted manifest things by sitting on the couch saying, I'm going to manifest being a speaker and being like Tony Robbins one day and like all of these things. But I wasn't actually developing a work deck ethic. I wasn't actually moving or taking action in that direction. But once I started to make daily videos on YouTube, I started to see myself differently. I'm like, wait; I can go at this. I can follow up with the action and I can get results. I know that whatever social media platform it is, I can apply what I've learned from YouTube to it. Same with Instagram.

I applied the same things I learned with YouTube towards Instagram. And now my Instagram has been growing fairly quickly. The reason I'm sharing all this with you is you can apply this formula towards anything and it does work. For example, the author had that of a, of that type of cancer, and he put an extraordinary effort to find alternatives. What he did is he bought a specific type of ozone layers, sauna. He went way beyond what most people would do. He started eating healthy. He started doing all these diet changes.

He started doing different things. He put in an extraordinary effort and with his vision, and he simply said, he just knew that he was going to combat it and he was going to get on the other side and he was going to be healthy and he's going to live to be like a hundred. The idea is a consistent extraordinary effort, but extraordinary as extraordinary. What would it be? The ordinary effort somebody would put in to get some type of result? Oh, they might start changing their diet. They might start doing this, but no, it's like, I'm going to do coffee enemas. How many people would want to put something inside of them like that and coffee and, and go through that process?

Not a lot, but if you're willing to do what a lot of people aren't willing to do, you will get results that a lot of people don't get those results. For me, that included me, extraordinary effort when I had an unwavering faith in my vision. For me, the extraordinary effort was I'm going to learn marketing. I'm going to learn how to market my videos. I'm going to learn search engine optimization, something. A lot of the things that people may not normally focus on when you're focused on like spirituality and spiritual awakening.

But I said I'm going to learn the business side of it. I'm going to put an extraordinary effort to learn marketing, to learn email marketing, how to send emails out daily to people that follow my stuff, that adds value. How to do there is so many different aspects. I didn't say I'm going to put an extraordinary effort and to this day I get some YouTubers and some people that reach out to like, Aaron, I don't know how you put out as much content as you do. I can never put out daily videos plus daily Instagram plus this plus that plus do events. It's a combination of just having such a belief in my vision and putting the extraordinary effort, extraordinary effort.

And then these two things combined. Any person that you see that is successful has used these, this formula, whether they are aware of it or not. And when you apply this formula, everything in your life will then begin to change. And it's that simple. The beautiful thing about life is that the most powerful ideas you find are normally the simplest. You can say it's faith plus effort, but unwavering faith is a certainty in a certain type of vision you have. And then the extraordinary effort has been willing to go beyond that, which what most people are willing to do.

You know, there was even just the old job that I had, I remember some of the best, I used to work a sales commission job selling woman's shoes. And there were times that when I was doing the best cause, I wasn't that passionate about it, but I was always, I was always good at selling. But when I was the best at it was when I was going above and beyond. I was learning different levels of how to sell things. I was learning about psychology. I was learning about different things about the products.  And when I would do that, I would get the best result. I was making an extraordinary effort.

In the same way, one other caveat I'd put to this is to make sure whatever this vision is, have it be tied to you being at your core, you doing exactly what you're passionate about because when you're doing what you're passionate about, that extraordinary effort is very easy to do. Get it. Get to your why. Why are you doing what you do? I'm doing what I do because it's who I am. It's what I love doing. I mentioned them into God's taught my affirmations, and I actually resonate, and I've made a thousand videos on YouTube talking about Law of Attraction in many different subjects.

But the idea that the author has in the book about affirmations is that you don't actually want to say an affirmation that isn't really already. Because what you do is you're lying to yourself, and when you're lying to yourself, you then don't have as much integrity. In a way, you're jeopardizing your integrity to say, right, I have $1 million in the bank, and your subconscious mind goes, no, you don't. I know I have a mail. If I say it 100,000 times, maybe I will, but instead, what's powerful is to say something like, I'm committed. I'm committed to having this much money in the bank.

I'm committed to going full time with my passion. I will do what it takes. I am committed. Because when you're committed to something, that's something that can be true regardless of what the outside results are. While sometimes I think that the alternative could be powerful, I'm starting to really resonate with the understanding that it's about integrity and in the integrity, is understanding that you must be willing to have a certain vision knowing that what you say is also in alignment.

It's like keeping your word. You know, this is something I read also, and I really believe in when you study the Aztecs talks about your word and it's one of the four agreements and Don Miguel Ruiz his books and you being consistent to your word. If you say you're going to do something, you do it because then you're set. You're telling yourself subconsciously that when I say this, then I do. And then for it in the future, if you don't, and you aren't consistent to that, there's a flaw, a break in your character and you don't actually follow through with things, and your brain doesn't actually believe it when you say you're going to do something.

But if you're in integrity, it's a different story. What I would recommend is for this process, be committed to this vision. Be committed to the effort that you put into it. Say it in the form of I am committed because then you are linking up to that vision and it's something that is more believable, and in the present moment, then you can translate that intention, that action into reality. Just to recap, unwavering faith, believing I have certainty in that vision. Find other people that have done it as well. Know that it can happen for you. Find other times in your past when you intended for things, and then you had certain results.

Then have that faith, unwavering faith in extraordinary effort, extraordinary effort. Go beyond that, which most people would be willing to do. Find different angles, test things out, see what works. You know when it comes to extraordinary effort. If you want to have an art gallery studio and you're like, okay, normally I'll paint. That's what you know. Painting is what will get people at art galleries too. But instead, what if you made an extraordinary effort? You went down to art galleries; you talked to the owners, you found out their psychology, you found out if you could intern for them.

Then you found out different ways that you could get your art online. Then you did all these other things. Have you found different ways of getting your image out there, your art out there? If you do the extraordinary, you will get much better results, and you will find different angles. This also sends a signal to the universe that says that you are really committed to it. You are doing it. It's almost like then you could be met halfway. An unwavering faith, extraordinary effort equals that miracle equation.

Use affirmations in the form of you are committed, things that are really true for you, and if you tap your emotions into the things that you want and do and emotions as well, you can also tap more into that sense of integrity. For example, money, I've $1 million in the bank, what would that million dollars represent to you? A level of freedom. You have freedom right now. Have the freedom to do what you want. You have the freedom to go get something to eat. You have the freedom to walk wherever. It's about understanding the different levels of vibration when it comes to this process as well.

7 things Influencing your Vibration (and you don’t even know it)


I'm going to show you the seven things influencing your vibration, and you might not even be aware of it. I'm going to show you how to take your power back so that these things don't keep you in the low vibration.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I help people expand their consciousness. In this blog, I'm going to show you those seven things. Some of them are a little bit weird. Things you probably haven't heard of before. Things that you didn't think we're actually influencing your vibration and understand that in life, you experience a reflection of your vibration. Your vibration is a combination of how you think, how you feel and how you act, and if you want to change your life, you must first off become aware of where your vibration currently is. The thing is most of our life is on autopilot.

We are doing the same things every day. We are thinking the same thoughts every day. We're going to the same places every day. All of these similar repetitive thought patterns, repetitive ways of being a repetitive energy field that we're in are causing us to resonate at the same frequency, which therefore means we are getting the same results over and over and over and over again until I'm out of the frame. But then I come back in the frame to explain those seven things and what they are and how they're influencing you.

If you want me to do more videos like that, could you do me a favor and smash that like button because then that'll show me, hey, you want me to walk around? You don't want me to just to be in front of the stationary camera the whole time. With that, let's first off understand that as well. Before I show you around the house and I show you these different things, your vibration and that level of consciousness I share in every video. I'm going to put it right here just for a second. Okay? You'll notice that on that scale of consciousness, you got the bottom emotions. You've got shame, you've got fear, you've got guilt, you got angry, you got that of willingness. You got neutrality; you got a reasoning love.

These are all different vibrational states of consciousness. In the book, power versus force, which is where I got this scale, what Dr. David Hawkins shows is that using it process called muscle testing. Muscle testing is an involves us connecting to our subconscious mind to measure the validity of certain statements. This scale shows and what we can do as calibrating different levels of consciousness to see what things resonate at. For example, we can measure and see what does this genre of music resonate at, and it might resonate at a lower vibration. We can ask questions like what is the resonance of this person? You can look at someone like Einstein who resonated at four 99 at reasoning.

He took the intellect as far as you could possibly take it. And if you would've let that reasoning go, he would've got to the vibrational state of consciousness of love, which is a much high vibration, much higher vibration. Everything resonates at different frequencies. And when you learn how to move up the vibrational scale, you'll raise your own frequency. And what you can begin to do is realize that the more you raise your vibration, the more you experience a reality that is equal to that. The things I'm sharing with you today are going to resonate at different vibrational states of consciousness frequencies, and they're going to influence in certain ways. With that being said, without further ado, let me show you some of those things and how they influence our vibration without us actually even being aware of it.

Let's go the first thing that's influencing your vibration, and you might not even know it. It's actually the clothes that you wear. These are some of my clothes. I got too many clothes. But I wear a lot of solid color shirts. That's just a side note has really nothing to do with the video. However, when it comes to different colors, first off colors carry with it a different vibration but also the clothes you were carried. The vibration of the emotions you emit while you wear them, and then if you wear them for a certain period of time, it begins to absorb in that energy.

For example, there are certain clothes that I had that I remember I was going through and I went through a big transformation back in November of last year, and I went through a lot of personal work. It was bringing up a lot of stuff within me, and I was doing a lot of inner work, and I remember that during that time, I was wearing this sweater right here. What happened was is after I went through that about a month later, because it was still cold in Vegas. Here is like in the middle of January, February. I worked through all that stuff, and then I wore that same exact, the same sweater right here again, and I noticed that I began to feel similar emotions, and I began to remind myself over and over again of that, and it was something I became aware that objects carry energy and this is a lot of times why as well.

I remember that a one-time Leeor, for example, she was feeling a lot of negative emotion and she couldn't figure out where it came from, but then she realized and she realized that where it was coming from was she was wearing something she never really wears. It was actually the sweater that she was wearing and it was a sweater from one of her ex-boyfriends where there was a whole bunch of negative stuff that happened in negative experiences that she had. And what she realized is that subconsciously that sweater was causing that to come up. Even though she conscious, it was like, oh, I'm going to wear that because this person got me that. But nonetheless, it was in a way she felt like it was influencing her vibration. At the same time, and I see this happen a lot. People that were similar clothes when they were constantly thinking about someone in their life, and what happens is, is they find it hard to let that person go.

Well, it could be because there's a certain momentum to wearing that kind of clothes plus subconsciously the Neuro Association of wearing that may be bringing you back to that over again. So when it comes to vibration, understand something powerful to do, not to promote like consumerism or anything, but clear your clothes, which means you can get saved, you can clear, it does mean you have to throw everything out. It means that you can clear it, though. And by clearing it, what happens is you then lessen it, and you clear the vibration of what's on it. This is one of the main rate reasons I don't buy hand me down clothes. And I've always been like that. Like, I've always had my dad who I love very much, but the just sometimes he's like, oh, you can have this, you know, and I know it's a, it's some of his clothes.

First off, it's not my style, no offense dad, but I've just always been really aware that I want to wear things that I'm the only one that's worn it or I cleanse it. That's just kind of the mindset that I've always had because I felt like there's an energy that is carried from someone else's clothes. They could also be a very positive thing. It doesn't have to be a negative thing. It can be something where you felt very astatic by this time, you know, you went on this trip to Costa Rica or something like that. And while you're wearing the clothes there, it puts it into a certain perspective and you, you're able to feel it. I also have certain clothes that I wear during what's called the plant medicine ceremony in Costa Rica, which is where it's a very positive and powerful experience.

All these thoughts like thoughts are things when people think thoughts in certain locations that go out and what happens is those thought forms are floating around, and other people may pick them up thinking they're their own thoughts when actually are the thoughts of their environment. Every city, every place has a certain vibration, and depending on where you live; there's a certain vibration there. The city lives in maybe is affecting your vibration, whether you're aware of it or not, but the reason I'm showing this is this right here is Matsu Picchu.

I've never actually been there, but I feel a very strong connection to it, and I will eventually go there and the next year or two and Macchu Picchu is considered a sacred site. There are many other people that go there that are in awe that feel a certain way when they go there. That adds to the energy. But also, there's an ancient history here where there's a certain vibration that is carried that has been there for thousands of years. There are many different sacred sites on the earth, and if you were to look it up, there are also different Shakur points on the earth as well with a different energy, different types of energy.

But nonetheless, when you go to these sacred sites, you will feel a different vibration. When I go to Sedona, Arizona, which I'm going to in two weeks when I go there, there's a certain vibration, and I feel like an amplifies, and I feel really good. There are different vibrations depending on where you go. That's why I only go there for my four or five days at a time. But nonetheless, the vibration of where you live is affecting you, and there are different cities. You can also use this to travel. It's very cool and very interesting to understand because then you see wherever you go, you will feel and become a part of that vibration itself. Be aware of where you live. Be Aware of even your house.

When I'm in a certain like this was my beds right over here, the bed has a certain energy to where when I'm in my bed, I am only going to sleep. There are only one or two things I do in my bed. Other than that, I don't read them. My bed, I read over here in the corner and in that corner, I read because I want my bed to me to be associated with sleep. There's a certain vibration I feel when I'm on my bed. It's an understanding of these different dynamics and how they affect you. I remember one time I was in a certain part of my house and then I was thinking of something and the room that I'm normally not in and then I, my thought forms, I was thinking of something, and then I left that room two or three days later I go into that room and I started thinking of that same thing again.

It could've been the neuro association, maybe could it have been those thought forms are just lingering there because no one else is going to that room. And then I go in there, and I pick up those thought forms again, and those ideas pop into my head. Maybe thoughts are literally things cleanse your space, cleanse your energy, cleanse your own energy field, and understand that the city you live in is affecting the vibration. Whether you are aware of it or not, I now the third thing that is influencing your vibration and you might not even know it is whatever media you are consuming. For example, you might watch Netflix, and you might watch some murder mystery on Netflix, and when you do that you are tuning to that vibration. It is affecting you whether you're aware of it or not.

You may be developing beliefs subconsciously that there's something to be afraid about in the world and you may actually be attracting negative things happen to you because you are feeling in that fearful state. You may be watching something on American greed where you see all these, these people that are doing very naughty things in order because they're greedy and you may start to also associate certain things with that mentality with a being greedy or starting to assume that that's how a lot of people are out in the world that are wealthy, who knows everything that you pay attention to is subconsciously influencing you, so be aware of what you are consuming.

When it comes to Netflix, when it comes to even the news, the news is another big one as well. Whatever you tuned to, you are tuning to vibrationally as well, literally. A lot of the media keeps you in lower vibrational states of consciousness. When you're aware of that, you could then choose not to listen to it, not to watch it. And when you do that, that's when you start to take your power back. And if you do it, you do it with awareness, and you just don't watch things that you know are bringing down your vibration.

Become aware of that. Go right into the fourth thing. The fourth thing is the music. You listened to music; you listened to. A lot of people don't know this, but there's, I actually asked Bashar a question about this because I know who Bahar is. I've been listening to him for a while. He's been around for like over 30 years. But I went to a conference, and I asked him and I said, Yo, Bashar, I always realized that when I'm listening to a very pop music song, like a music, that millions and millions of millions of other people listening to what happens to when you're listening to that music, if you're singing along to it, if you're thinking in that frequency, you pick up on all the other people that are also in that frequency singing that song, you start to resonate with them. The key to this is aware of it because you may be thinking of a song that which carries a certain vibration.

And like you're not going to give it to the money. You'll start to feel that energetic pool. These things that I'm sharing with you, it's settled, but it's still there. It's still influencing you whether you're aware of it or not. The idea is to do it with the awareness and to be aware of it. I do curse sometimes actually. But when you do it, you start to also connect to these thoughts, streams of a lot of other people that are cursing and many people that are occurring are doing it out of a sense of anger out of lower vibrational states. You may also find yourself resonating with thought forms that you don't prefer to experience because the idea is you can go through a thought form, like for example, when you're driving, you may get angry that somebody cuts you off and it might not just be your energy that you absorbed.

You may also be on a street where many other people have been cut off before, and you feel the energy almost amplified. Well, the key to this is if you remain in a positive state that doesn't influence you. It's about observing it, observing it, and moving through it. That's something else that influences yours as well. You got the media; you got to see the beautiful city. I was talking about the place earlier, the city that you go that you traveled to, that Info. I didn't realize there were cars moving and stuff.

Wow, that's pretty cool. Would that be in said, let's move on to the next one right now? I now the fifth thing that is influencing your vibration, I might not even know it, is if you read books when you are reading a book, you are tuning yourself to the motions, the feelings and the thoughts of the author, him or herself. For example, when you tune to, let's say this book rich over here, I got all these laws of one book right here is a rupture, really good books, by the way, law of one books, when you read it, it opens you up to a new understanding of the way the world works and stuff like that.

There's a certain vibration with that, but you also kind of get teleported and you feel what those emotions were when those people were there. And you'll notice that as well with a lot of books. One of the main reasons I like to read the book that is called the power of now is because by just reading the book, you'll see what I mean. You start to become very present to the moment you start to get to and feel the thoughts or the lack of thoughts of Eckhart toll who wrote the book.

There's one of the reasons I like to read this book right here. An autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, or he's got many different books, but this is a Yogananda right here. And he wrote the book autobiography of a Yogi, which is the book that Steve Jobs read every year. The last 40 years of his life. It's also the only book that he had on his iPad. And it's a book by an enlightened guy that talks about his experience of going through enlightenment is very high vibration. He's known for bringing yoga to the West. And when you read his books, you pick up on his thought frequency on his emotion. How he, how he feels just you just feel certain vibrations of books carry and all these things I'm sharing with you by the way as well.

It can be calibrated and they many times are calibrated, and it's talked about in the book power versus force, but certain books like the book power of now I believe resonates at over 500 level of consciousness, which is of over love, which is very powerful. And that's why I think it raises a lot of people's frequency, just by reading it. Autobiography of a Yogi also resonated at a high frequency. All the different authors resonated a certain frequency. My teachings resonated a certain frequency, and we were in tune to it. It tunes you to that frequency. Understand this is all energy. This is how all of it works. And the key to this is just simply becoming aware of it. The other thing that I want to talk about as well is that there's nothing really in my house that I could show you for this one.

But the sixth thing has to do with events, events. For example, the Super Bowl, let's say the Superbowl. This is why a lot of people that aren't really interested in the Super bowl may want to watch the Super bowl because they feel the energetic pull to do it. They feel like the; there's so much attention on it, it almost makes it more interesting. Events also carry a certain frequency. Fighting events do like the UFC, which when it's here in Vegas, sports events carry a certain frequency. Different sports have a different vibration when you tune to it. I know basketball resonates at.

I know out of all the sports, basketball actually resonates much higher, like 300 something which isn't the most, you know, Olympics. A lot of Olympic sports will actually resonate even higher as ballet and ice skating resonate. And I believe that like four or 500, which is really high for a sport to be resonated at that level. But nonetheless, it's about being aware of these things. When you're tuned to different events, you are tuned to what is called the pendulum of that. There's a process called reality transfer fund. I talked about pendulums before, but there are these thought structures that start to green gravity, and you start to feel the pull to watch it.

When it comes to something like the Super Bowl, when it comes to something like the Oscars, award ceremonies, when it comes to something where there's a lot of attention on it, it carries with it a certain vibration and the accumulation of all the people that are also focused on it. It's very interesting to think about, but the next time you're watching others might ring light and the next time you're watching something, realize that there's a lot of other people focused on it too. Everyone's adding collective energy to it.

The last seven things influencing your vibration, you don't even know it is you. You are the one that controls your vibration or that allows your vibration to rise. The way that you raise your vibration is not by attaining a new perspective is by letting go of everything does, it doesn't serve. Letting go of things that are holding your vibration down and then your nap, your vibration naturally begins to rise back up.

The key to this is being aware of all of these things I'm sharing now. What is the solution to all of this? It's awareness. Observe how you feel, observed these different vibrations, and how they may affect you. And is it the end all be all. If you're wearing clothes, you don't have the money to buy new clothes. No. Cleanse your clothes, put intention through it, whatever resonates with you, go with that. But the key to this is awareness.

If you're watching the news and it's making you feel low, vibration doesn't mean stop watching the news. Maybe you got to find out for yourself, but maybe also what it means is you just do it with more awareness, or you limit your time doing it, and the more you bring your awareness into this, the more that you can get really model and mold your vibration of what you want. Realize that your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality and if you change how you think, how you feel, and how you act, your whole entire life will begin to change.

Stop “Trying Hard” to Get Money, Love & Success And Instead Do this


I'm going to show you how to stop making money, love, and success important, and I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead. This makes all the difference, and this will allow you to really perceive what you want in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you why you should stop going about money, love, and success. I'm going to show you how this is one of the biggest blocks that people experience with attracting what they want in their life. Because the moment we make something very important or just important in general, we vibrationally put it on top of a pedestal. We vibrationally separate ourselves from it. And then what we do is we try everything we can to get to it.

What happens is we create a lot of resistance in the process. And the reason that is because we are emphasizing that we are not good enough. We are emphasizing that in the present moment right now, this moment isn't good enough. Maybe eventually I can get to a place that is, and the easiest analogy of way of thinking about this is how much putting and making things importance Birchers up a vibration in manifestation. Think about it like this. You want to attract someone into your life. You make them your sole priority.

It is so very important that you attract that person into your life. The moment you put them on that pedestal, they will vibrationally feel that desperation. They will feel that desire coming from you and then it will trigger in them something that says, well, maybe I want to back off from this. You see, importance also is intimately tied with chasing because we are in a way chasing that thing that we're saying is very important. And because of that, it causes us to continue to try to get there and vibrationally it causes that thing or that person to run from us.

Imagine you could easily have and be in the relationship that you want, but the moment you make it important is the moment that thing starts to go away from you. The moment you put it on a pedestal, you vibrationally separate yourself from it. Imagine you want to attract money into your life. Well, the moment you put money on a pedestal you say this is very, very important, is the moment that money starts to run away from you. Because when you make things important, you magnetically reverse it. There's a magic that things are always coming towards you that are in resonance with you.

But the moment you make it important is the moment that you start to repel it. Importance equals repellent. It will literally repel other people from you if you feel inferior. A lot of this has to do with inferiority. If you feel inferior to someone else if money makes you feel inferior, then how can that come towards you? If love makes you feel inferior and you don't think you deserve love, how can they come towards you? If success makes you feel inferior because you're worried about what other people will think you're worried about and think that you don't deserve it, then how can it come towards you?

You see, this is the thing though. In reality, we get a reflection of what we believe we deserve. If we're making something very important, we are vibrationally saying that we don't deserve it or that it's not currently here. But, you see the key to this whole entire process is going to be this paradigm shift that I show with you because I'm going to show you how when we talk about the Law of Attraction. A lot of times with money, love, and success, the way people go about it is from a low level of consciousness. They say, if I get that in my life, then I'll feel good. It's coming at it from the point of the ego.

The ego dwells in lower levels of consciousness. The ego also dwells in mid-levels of consciousness, and the ego starts to really dissipate. As we get into higher states, still there we have an ego because we're having this physical experience, and we had to in a way forget who we are to come here and to have this kind of experience that appears very real because, at the deepest levels, this is a virtual reality that we live in.

We live in the form of virtual reality. The reason that doesn't resonate with some people is that it sounds a little bit too technical. It sounds too much like technology, but we perceive reality through the five senses, and this is a divine matrix that we live in. We set up this game so that we could forget who we are so that we can incarnate here and then learn the process of what we are thinking about it and higher realms, higher states of consciousness. You think it automatically there no buffer of time here though, we said, you know what? I want to be able to cultivate it. I want to be able to experience it.

I want to be able to learn how to raise my vibration. I want to be able to learn these lessons over a period of time rather than all at once. We chose to come here. The reason I say that is because then it makes it easier to understand that when we come here, we forget who we are than we buy into everything. People tell us as we go through life, people tell us or make us believe that we're not worthy. They do that via ads, via the social condition. They do that via the beliefs of your parents. Then we believe that we're not worthy and we go through life experiences that reflect that back to us.

And then we think that that is who we are, becomes recycled type energy, a perpetual cycle because our thoughts are I'm not good enough. Then we start, we consistently feel like we're not good enough. Then we take action, and we act as if we're not good enough. And then we get the results as if we're not good enough. And then that fuels more thoughts, that we're not good enough. But the key to this process is waking up, waking up from the dream of separation, waking up from the dream of unconsciousness of unawareness. When you become aware of this, this is when your life begins to change.

And in this lower level paradigm, we have main emotions. It's a shame, fear, anger, guilt, emotions that make us feel separation, that we're not good enough, makes us feel resistance. And what happens is we have this paradigm right here, and I'm going to show you how to transform your paradigm. When you transform your paradigm, and you link up what I share with you, you won't have to worry about resistance anymore. Oh, understand this. Imagine this right here. How do you see yourself? What is your self-image?

Because most people first off don't know what their self-images and because they don't know what that is, they're unconsciously going through and projecting out to people a certain self-image, getting a result back, a reality that is equal to that image and that feeling that they have about who they are. And that continued use that perpetual cycle. This self-image right here that we are projecting out to other people. Other people are responding to us in away. Now, anytime we make something important, we're putting that thing on a pedestal right up here. Imagine this is a pedestal. There's that thing on a pedestal. It's far away from us. It's not within our realm of vision.

We can only experience that which we are the vibration of. When you start to become aware of your self-image, you start to wake up to your own old unconscious self-image. The key to this whole process I'd be sharing with you is understanding that with your self-image right here. When you change your self-image and start to see these things as natural for you, they no longer feel important.  I really hope really badly that everything would just go right. If everything would go right, then it would be amazing. I could finally really be happy looking at the external. Well that saying that that thing is on a pedestal is vibrationally further away.

Imagine that instead, you have the self-image and the awareness that you are already whole and complete. You are worthy. Well, because you believe you're worthy. A natural byproduct of you is you putting out an image and a self-projecting out an energy that says I'm good enough already. Then you would see it as natural for you to meet that other person to see them at eye level versus seeing them on a pedestal. Imagine this is money. You put money on a pedestal up here and then you say, oh, it's vibrationally farther away. I'm not worthy of it.

My parents have only made this amount per year. I probably also only capable of making that much, but imagine you. Instead, you realize that this reality is a form of a dream. You start to remove those layers of inauthenticity. You start to remove those layers and say you're not good enough because the truth is that's an illusion. That's something that's got you to learn something powerful about yourself, and then you start to see the money.

You start to see as natural. You won't give it so much importance. Money's just an energetic exchange, has no power other than the meaning we give it, but you've been given it the meaning that it's up here and because that meeting is this up here, you vibrationally feel like you can't have it right now. Money comes in proportion to the value you put out into the world and tie the value of how you feel. Do you feel abundant, you will perceive more money around you. It works the same for money, love, or success. The key to this is knowing that importance is putting things on a pedestal, but understand this paradigm you have at the bottom.

I've shared it before, have looked like an x, but it's shifted a little bit sloppy when the way I did it. Okay, have, this is the lower level paradigm. People at the lower level where they're saying, I'm not good enough. I really want, can I just win the lottery? You're emphasizing that you want to have something. Okay. The mid-levels we then start to get to willingness. Willingness is the willpower, discipline choosing. We a lot of personal development is that this level, so this is done you do in a lot of times this will be the bridge for many people doing things. For me, I was taking a lot of action as doing a lot of things.

Am I doing a lot of things? I eventually got those results. It bridged me into then being now having to do with having from the bean level you being at a certain level of identity, but really, it's all, it's not really even an identity that you're piling on. It's more so letting go of what you are not. That's why when I talk about being then one of the main factors is, are you doing what you're passionate about? Are you doing what you love because what you love normally is going to be something that adds value to other people?

When I make daily videos is what I love. It also adds value. Make you maybe you make art, you make art not only adds value to you, but someone else can enjoy that art, or by you being in that frequency, it encourages other people to be in that frequency for themselves. You see, the best thing you can do is to do what you're passionate about because that will raise your frequency. The thing is as you move up this vibrational scale of consciousness, your vibration raises, and then you create things easier than ever, but the attachment is what keeps you in lower levels. Attachment is also very often tied in with importance.

If you are attached to the outcome, you are attached to how things happen. If you are attached to a person, the person you're putting on a pedestal, if you are attached to money and how money relates to you, then guess what? You're keeping yourself in a lower level of control as you move up this vibrational scale as well. There's a less of a need to control, and there's more of a need or a desire to allow because this is what I want to talk about as well. This comes from the Toltec tradition. I've been studying the toll techs a lot because I feel a connection to them and I feel like a lot of their information is, you know, it's funny.

I've been sharing a lot of the information I've been sharing and I look at it, and I'm like, that's pretty much what I've been teaching for months now. And it kind of gives me more of a framework. But the Toltecs were around a long time ago and told techniques, artists, artists; we are artists of our own life. We are creating our own life. We all have a certain way that we see the world. And that in a way, is our art. But most people aren't. Where are aware of the colors that they're using. They're not aware of the beliefs that they have.

They're not aware that they can choose different colors. They think they've been given just, you know, some type of one gray color. That's all you can use. Therefore, every, they've been painted with gray, they'd been getting bored. They don't know if they enjoy it anymore. But what I'm here to show you is that there are different colors and you're free to create whatever you want. What happens is there are these two understandings, and there's a difference between intention and intent.  

Intention is a goal, a desire, a focus to create something. Many times, that will bridge you from wanting, desiring, and then doing is the bridge into being to being. This is natural for me. At first, it felt a little bit fake for me to make daily videos, but I still enjoyed it, and it was still part of my passion, but it felt to do it that much. But then eventually that bridged me into being in that vibration and be, you guys know the story. I became a full-time YouTube, or within months of doing that, you can be in the vibration you prefer by giving yourself permission to do so.

The other part of understanding this though is you connecting to your own divinity. You are a divine spiritual being who's forgotten who you are, and you've been playing according to this rule and to that ego-mind thinking that you are this little tiny ego that's just trying to survive. That's all the ego wants to do. The ego wants to survive, and the ego wants to be right. Those two things, it gets like in a little emotional payoff from being right. Yeah, you did this to me. I told you not to do that better. He feels better not knowing that that necessity to be right is what keeps you in a lower vibe.

The key to this is being aware of that ego, being aware of this and then realizing that intention is powerful. He set intentions. You'll change your life. He set more intentions, and things will begin to change. Intent though is different from the Toltec tradition. Intense has to do with the intent of the universe to flow through you because you are a divine being dreaming right now that you are this little ego that needs to set an intention and needs to have goals and needs to accomplish things so they can feel better if you could just get a little more YouTube subscribers.

Yeah, when you would be better, but until then you just have to really want and desire and then once you have to do is you have to set the intention, and you say, okay, right now you're at 700,000 subscribers, but if you can get to 800,000 Whoa, then you'll be more, you'd be much more of a worthy. You see, and that's what the ego does. The ego is going to say, okay, I'm going to keep trying and maybe eventually I'll be worthy. Knowing that that's just a rule in mind, that's all it is. Just a rule in mind and then I can scratch it off my list and scratch it off my goal and go.

Finally, I'm worthy. People love me, and because of that, now I can give myself permission. I could have given myself permission in the beginning, but you see the difference. She knew the intention of the ego, and the universe intends that the universe wants to flow through you. You see people telling me sometimes they say, Aaron, how do you make daily videos on YouTube? It's so impressive. And my ego's like, yeah, it's impressive, isn't it? But really what it is I'm not doing these videos. Down's a little bit weird, sounds a little bit esoteric, but all I do is get into the flow state and allow this information to come through.

I get into the flow state. This information comes through and then it's like it wants to come through because it wants to be in this collective consciousness and it wants to help people. I as the little ego, Aaron wouldn't be able to make a video every single day for three and a half years or whatever it's been by just doing it for my own ego. I allow a higher level of consciousness, the divine part of myself to flow through, and then people watch it and go air, and I feel a buzz when I watch your videos. I love the energy that I feel when I watch you and all it is I'm tapping into my higher self.

I'm tapping into a higher vibration, and that's reflecting back to you and everyone else or anyone else that thinks that that vibration that exists within you. It's just a reflection. That's all I am too. We get to the deeper levels of consciousness. I'm just a reflection of you. You're dreaming of me right now. You're creating your own layer of me right now, and I am you, and you are me. And it's a deep level of understanding, but the intent is understanding the divine intention of the universe to flow through you. This is a higher level of being because when you're doing what you love, you're just in that vibration.

You're also connected to the divine because you have a purpose for being here. The key is just to give yourself permission to be, to understand that anything that you make very important, you are creating resistance about. You are vibrationally separating yourself from it. And once you can begin to do instead is to smash that like button. If you smash that like button, I feel where the whole incomplete. Okay? It's very important right now that you smash that like button. If you smash that like button, then I can finally feel whole and complete, and you will make my day. Do you see how desperate that energy feels?

Please won't you smash it, but you see, that's the key that creates resistance. That makes it important, and you vibrationally may not want to smash that like button. It's a repellent long be in a relationship with me. If you would just be in a relationship with me, you, it feels so good that I would finally go where the old is complete. You'd say, whoa, back up bro, and then sign up for this. If you just come into my life I've been, I'll feel worthy. I'll be held up by that thing. I really want to buy it. Why don't you come to me so that I could just use you as an object?

The money's saying, whoa, Bro. Ten sign up for this. It's not even saying that money, care money, just like a dope vibrationally resonate with that. It's just a repellent. If you want these things to chase, you see yourself as natural for you to do these things. Do you see that? You see the difference there? One. There's no importance, and I'm cool either way, and you'll want to smash that light button. The other one though, it's like please desperately do it. I'm trying to control you, and I really would like it, and you don't want to do it.

That's the difference. The difference is not what I say. It's the energy behind what I say. Why don't you just smash that like button and we can all go home? That's the key. For this process, what I recommend you do is you start to tap more into your divine energy by having the awareness that anything less than that is an illusion. It's a temporary story. You tell yourself it's a temporary self-image that doesn't really serve you anymore. And what should be to do is tap into these higher states of consciousness.