Your Personality Creates Your Personal Reality using Parallel Realities


I'm going to be showing you how your personality creates your personal reality using parallel realities. It's a tongue twister for a reason, but it's the way reality works. And I'm going to show you exactly how it happens.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding how your personality creates your personal reality using parallel realities. The personal reality statement I found from Dr. Joe Dispenza, which if you guys haven't seen him, he's pretty cool.

He talks a lot about how the brain works in correlation with us creating our own reality. Wrote a book called how to break the habit of being yourself. At first, when I saw that title of the book, I was like, why would you want to not be yourself?

But then I realize that what he's saying is that who we are is normally on autopilot. How to break the habit of being in the autopilot mind and breaking out of it. And he talks a lot about how our personality creates our personal reality. In order to change our personal reality, we must first off change our personality, which a lot of times in society as well, there's like this negative connotation around, there's a negative connotation around you've changed.

I remember when I was growing up, I always had like a group of friends and that would like, we'd be like, Oh, do it. We'd be chilling. And it's like we said, we want to do something we normally want to do. It's like, Bro, you've changed. It was like a joke, but kind of serious. It's like you change. But as of like the change is a bad thing when it actuality change is a good thing.

There was a quote that Jay Z said once, okay. He's like sometimes people say you've changed. You think I worked this hard to remain the same? And I was like, damn, that's cool. It's like you work hard, you change within yourself, you transform yourself. Why would you want to be the same? You're always progressing, but understand that as you change your identity.

The thing to your personality is intertwined with your identity and our identity is what we always experience a reality that is equal to. A lot of times what people do is they run around like this and they say, okay, I want to change this on the outside part of my life. I want more money, which is a symbol. I want a relationship which is assemble. These things are all symbols that people go through.

Instead of going to the core of who you are and being the kind of person that is abundance being the kind of loving person that's able to attract a relationship. And when you change your identity, then your reality will change. People should go for symbols a lot and the key to you changing, in reality, is not going for the thing itself.

You know, even when I started on a YouTube, I've told this story a lot. Tell it again. I was making a video a week on YouTube. I decided to go daily, the daily video on YouTube. After six months, I was able to leave my job working, selling women's shoes. I was able to go full time on YouTube and since then I've lived a very exciting life that I love.

The key though was not making the videos because the videos got the views and the views got the money, and the money brought in more people or whatever it is. The key was making a daily video on daily video on YouTube changed my identity. It changed my personality. I no longer was someone making YouTube videos, which is a behavior.

I am a person that makes daily videos. It's part of who I am. Some people are like, “Whoa, you still make daily videos on YouTube? How do you do it so much? How do you make so much content?” Do you know what I tell them? Tell them there's a fly in my hair right now. It was kind of good actually. I'm going to let it do its thing. I tell them it's part of who I am.

The heart, it's me making videos what I do, and because it's a part of me, then the outside reflection is so easy and the internal motivation, so easy to so be aware of your personality because your personality creates your personal reality. There may be certain parts of your personality that you don't like. Maybe some parts of your personality you do like keep the part to do like and then start to see how you can look at the parts you don't like in any way.

It doesn't mean let them go and like to resist them. It means just come at peace with them. Become aware of maybe why it's there. Maybe it's like you feel like you're a shy person, but you don't want to be so shy, but you identify with and you realize that there was a time in your past when you were told to be quiet.

There was a time in your past when you were kind of shut-in from saying expressing yourself. And we started to look at and say, you know what, I'm going to start to express myself more. I'm going to say what I want when I want to say it. Because you're going to say what you want. When you want to say it. You then start to break out of that shy identity so you can break outside of these. Your personality is not set.

There are certain times of your life when you will shift into more of the different part of yourself. And what is this coming to my mind, the reason I kind of spaced out there for a second, I was remembering, we were talking last night, we went to dinner, we had this event yesterday and well it was the first event.

We got to meet all those people. After that, we went out to dinner and we were talking at the dinner table and Patty, Victor's wife was saying that when we are going up until like 30 years old and beyond, we start to move from our sun sign in astrology into our ascendants sign, which I thought was kind of interesting. We started to like fade into that. We start to fade into that personality structure more and I thought that was kind of ironic because it's like I was looking at mine, I was like, oh, so when I'm 30, this is what's going to happen.

It’s really cool to think of, and that's kind of what made me think of it as well. Maybe astrology's tied in there somehow is a belief system still, but maybe it's some type of symbol that we use to understand our reality a little bit more. What Aaron, you said stuff about parallel realities. Can you explain that to me? Well, we are continuously shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality.

We don't even know we do it. When we talk about parallel realities, we don't have to learn how to shift. We already do it. It's a natural byproduct of movement. I could just keep on shifting in between these different parallel realities. I don't have to try to do but the, the question is can you do it more consciously so we always get a reality that is equal to that which our vibration is and our vibration is a combination of what we think, how we feel and what we do.

Our beliefs are intertwined in that they've done this scientific study before. Are you ready for this? It's a blow your mind. I don't take this personally, but just make blow your mind. Okay? I show love. You. Imagine this. This is a documented thing. People that have what is called multiple personality disorder.

To where when they are in one personality, which means they shift the different personalities within their own Bot. You know, there might be a, they might be one way and they may have a certain name. The five kinds of feel good. That weird. It feels good to kind of massages me a little bit. I don't mind doing the same. I'm not going to smack it. I'm compassionate.

Anyway, talk about this one personality. Then it'll shift to another personality. Maybe the personality is Bob. The personality still feels good. I'm going to let it do its thing. Bob's personality then shifts to Margaret still feels good. It feels good. I don't care. I'm compassionate. You can't go my eyes though Bro. Going from Mark, going from Bob to Margaret.

Maybe he shifts. He has a female personality and inside of him, he shifts because he has this multiple personality disorders thing. She listened to it. When he does in one personality, he may have a certain thought, thought structure, a certain way he thinks may have a certain belief system. She may even have certain eye color and then he shifts to Margaret and when he shoots to Margaret has a different eye color.

He may go from Bob and Margaret have nothing inside of his body, may be healthy and then goes to Margaret and Margaret has some type of disease or has cancer within two or three minutes of shifting his personality because of his multiple personality disorder. He has one body structure and then all the sudden he has a completely different composition side of his body. Part of your identity is that of your personality, so it's about understanding the belief system of that personality.

The way that what personality feels, but what does this show us? It shows us that our personalities that based on our personality and our belief system, that is the reality we experience and this is the thing. Reality is much more flexible than you think. Have you ever heard it to were actors playing certain roles start to take on the characteristics of the role that they're playing?

I know when Heath Ledger was playing the joker. It was a very hard role for him to play because he had to be so evil and yet I think it, he was saying he had like horrible dreams, and it's because he was embodying these characteristics and he was getting so much into his role, but he was starting to experience an inner reality. It is equal to the character he was playing, and the same way many people in their life experience their playing certain roles. It doesn't mean you fake it till you make it.

All it means is you become aware of the character you're playing because this reality is much more flexible than you know. It's just that you've been given a script when you are born and you were told to read the script and you kept reading the script. He kept reading the script and for years he kept to the script because you were told to keep to the script because you were told that if you stepped outside of the script and you might get in trouble, it might be risky, but that script is no longer relevant.

You can construct reality yourself depending on who you really are. The breakout of the old role and understand you can be the person you were meant to be. You don't have to act any way that's not congruent to who you really are from your heart because you came here to embody who you're meant to be and understand that every moment, the story that you tell yourself is what threads and keeps the thread through your life as to what you experience.

You change that story. You'll change your life. Just like multiple personality disorder. One personality doesn't have cancer next personally it does have cancer. Within two or three minutes you can test that person's body. They're experiencing different parallel realities that are equal to that of their identity, that of their belief structure, that of the way they see themselves that have their personality, which is creating their personal reality.

To recap your personal, your personality, I almost had it. Your personality is creating your personal reality using parallel realities. That is how it's working and parallel realities all exists now our members, we have a memory that can remember certain parts of our past, but everything is here and now it's about being present to the moment.

Understanding that this movement right here is me shifting through different parallel realities. Some of them will look very similar, but I'm still shifting based on my identity and the story I tell myself I will always see reality is equal to that. Life was meant to be more like a dream. You can let go of the old script, let go of the autopilot mind be who you're meant to be.

Let go of the scarf parts of yourself that may be the dark side of your personality or just come at peace with it. And by doing that you'll begin to change your personal reality because you changed your personality and then you will shift to a new parallel reality because the parallel realities are always equal to your personal reality. And that personal reality is prayed from your personality. 

And I wanted to film this video really quick because I thought it was really cool, play on words and I thought it would be really powerful. I hope you enjoy it. You can follow me on Instagram. Hey, follow me here. He could see me in the red rock and stuff doing cool stuff. Kind of likes the doughnut, but not really. But it's still kind of cool.

We're going to go there. Also, if you want to experience the shift in consciousness, which is the shift experience, which is a program that I'm making right now, that will show you exactly how to do that to shift and to be the perfect version of yourself. You'll see that in the top description box as well. You can download that. You can sign up for that and then that'll be available very soon.

Parallel Reality SHIFTING the reality you want already exists CHOOSE IT


I'm going to be showing you parallel reality shifting and I'm going to be showing you how what you want to experience already exists and how to tap into that frequency. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have what is called parallel reality shifting and showing you how to tap into the parallel reality you want to experience because the truth is it already exists. You don't have to choose it because it already exists at a certain frequency.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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That's what quantum physics is showing us. Quantum physics is showing us that every potential probability we can imagine already exists. Because think about this, we are infinite spiritual beans and the universe goes on for infinity. What determines what we experienced depends on our vibration and our state of being.

It depends upon our beliefs, and within our beliefs will be those frequencies. Think of it like this. I've used this analogy before, but it's the easiest way to look at it. Then I'm going to add a new way of looking at this as well because it's one that when I thought of yesterday, I was actually listening to a podcast the other day and this, this idea about our brain and what we interpreted in reality really made it click in for me.

Because sometimes when you think of parallel realities like it sounds so confusing. How was there this many parallel realities all and how am I experiencing just this one? The understanding is that there are different parallel realities and every single little micro movement is a totally separate frame. There's an infinite amount of frames. When we think of this, think of it like a film strip, the filmstrip analogy where you have the light shining through that in the film, and then the projector has the, on the projector you see the actual picture.

You know that if you were to take the film strip and stretch it out, every single one of those frames exists at the same time. And even though one may look very similar to another, they're totally separate frames. Even if they were like this, and then the other one, they're like this the same thing. There are still two totally separate frames in the same way. There's an incident number of parallel realities that exist.

Just like there's just like the frames all exist at the same time. It's just that we only perceive of it in a linear type fashion because in our reality we have time, space, a reality where we experienced things in the linear type way, but the frames all exist at the same time. It's just which reality frame are we tuned to, and this will depend upon our frequency in a way.

Think of it at the same time. If we look at a TV station or a television set and you use the remote, and you change the channel, you could be watching ESPN on one channel and then change it to CNN or Fox on another channel. Don't know why you would do that. No reason to watch the news. But while doing that, you know that at the same time they all exist. Which one will you experience?

The one that you tune yourself to and the same way you don't have to create the different stations. They already exist. This is why the key is tapping into the frequency of the reality you want, not creating it. It is a misnomer. It is an outdated idea that we create our own reality. This is the new Law of Attraction. You don't have to create your own reality. You don't have to attract that from over there to end the here because the reality you want to experience already exists.

It's about embodying the frequency of it, embodying the vibration of it. Your vibration is a combination of what you think, how you feel in what you do. You change these three things. You changed the reality you experience. This is a game changer because then you see that creek once you want is easier than you could imagine so much easier because you don't have to work so hard and try so hard and make things happen from a state of lack because it's about biracial frequency.

If you save, I don't really, I don't have this. I want it. If you say I want it, you're saying I don't have it. But if it said you focused in the present moment on the frequency on you being that person, you eventually get that reflection in your life. What does that, that thing I was sharing when it comes to seeing and understanding something about the mind that will change the whole way you look at reality, there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist around us.

Knowing that we can only experience 9 million, you might say only 9 million. That's a lot. We, our brain can only dissect and 9 million bits of information in a moment. From moment to moment to moment. What determines what 9 million bits of information we experienced depend on our frequency. But at this moment right now, there are many other ways that we could perceive of reality, and we could say that there are many different variations of our reality, but the one that we will tune to will depend on our vibration.

This makes it a little bit easier to understand because then we see that what we want to experience already exists in our brain can only pick up that which feels relevant to our brain. It can only pick up all the nine bits of information that it relates to depending on his state of being dependent on what it thinks feeling does. It makes it a little bit easier to understand because then we could see, okay, if our mind can only pick up on this limited amount of information because, well, what is it? What is it? We can say, what is it that people see that see Auras or they're picking up on a little bit more bits of information that we all have the ability to tap into people that can see things that other people can't see.

Don't they'll focus on that and people train kits, train it out of themselves. However, we can only dissect 9 million bits of information at a time because that's what our brain can handle. This 3D physical avatar that we have in this reality, that's what it can feel. However, we can change what 9 million bits of information we dissect or that we interpret by changing our frequency because remember it all exists here, and now there's billions and billions of different information, bits of frequency that we can interpret, but we only experience that which we are the vibration of just like on a television set.

You only perceive that which channel you are tuned to, but what I'm sharing with you is that there are different channels. Imagine your whole entire life you've been focused on one television channel thinking that that's all there was. But what I'm doing now is I'm sharing with you, hey, there are different channels you can tune to the channel you want.

You can tune to the vibrational frequency which means how you think, feel and action of the channel you want. That is your remote control. Your remote control is how you think, feel and act and most people had been locked into the same frequency their whole entire lives because they just didn't know there are other channels to watch. You could turn off CNN, either turn off Fox News and you could tune to something that's much more fun, something that it's much more in alignment.

And by doing that you then perceive the reality of it by using your remote control, which is how you think, feel, and act. That's where the power is. This is what I want to share with you and I hope that you start to see. Here's the other part of this blog that I really want to share with you.

Reality is so heavy. When you think the reality is heavy when you think things you have to attract from over there in India, here it's very difficult to do because we're getting so much importance to those things. However, one of the ways I have found skip to the frames I want to experience a more parallel reality that I want is to just have more fun, to just have fun, have more fun, loosen up.

The more you think the reality is serious, the more serious it loosens up because then you increase your frequency and reality becomes more malleable. The better you feel, the more you perceive of a reality that is equal to how you choose to feel. The power of everything I'm sharing here is understanding your state of being.

It's understanding your vibrational frequency. It's understanding the emotions you have, and a lot of this is rooted in that of your beliefs. What do you believe to be true? Whatever you believe to be true is going to be reflected back to you. And if you believe in the old school Law of Attraction, then manifestation maybe pretty difficult. However, what I'm showing you is a new way of going about it.

You could say a way, it's a new belief system, but maybe this belief system is more in alignment with what we know with quantum physics and maybe by knowing this, it then makes manifestation so much easier, so much easier, so much he takes a deep breath and just understand things could be so much easier for you. You can allow it to be easy because you can see that what you want already exists and what your job is to embody the frequency of it.

Now, upon saying this, you may be tempted to say, okay, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to imagine that reality, that version of me and I'm just going to do. I'm going to act as that person who will work. What I'm sharing with you though is what you must do for this process to make it something that really works for you is tap into the energy of your heart and tap into your passion, your purpose in life.

Because that is the highest vibrational timeline you can experience. And when you tap into that high vibrational state, you take your soul with you learning about parallel reality manifestation or part of the reality shifting. What some people will do is like, okay, I'm going to fake it till I make it. And what they do is they go after the symbols in their life that they think they want.

The symbol being, money, relationship, all these things. Make sure you have your purpose and fused in there as well because life, there's these spiritual components of life that sometimes will in a way keep us in place and from holding us back in a way, holding us back from certain things if it's not conducive to our personal growth and to our soul. For example, as great as it might be to manage it, to imagine yourself winning the lottery using parallel realities shift. And what I'm sharing with you is don't do that.

Don't do that because 99.9% of the people that's not their passion in life is to put, is to put and hope that they win a lottery and for many people from a soul level, by trying to win the lottery, it's taken away from their actual mission and an annoyance. Externalizing power. It's hoping to get lucky. The reality we live in. What you want to get, you must give. And by winning the lottery that does.

There's no, there's no, you don't give anything up prior to winning the lottery and you can say, well, once I went on, but give it away to everybody. Now that normally doesn't happen and most people genuinely don't have that intention. The reason I'm sharing this aspect with you is that react, we're shifting for parallel reality to a parallel reality. As you look into a mirror, what do you see and whatever you want to get, you must first give because the mirror of reality changes. There's a mere like a reality that has to do with our parallel reality shifting as well.

If you want more respect from people, give more respect to people if you want to be and be around people that are more compassionate, be more compassionate towards people because what you give is what you get. Have a genuine intention of helping other people. And by doing that you will begin to see that you are of that vibrational frequency of the reality you want. There is a higher level vibrational part of you that did is on a highest probable timeline. The universe wants to work through you.

You are a divine being and by you doing what you're passionate about, by me making these videos and helping people and the way that I do for the people that do receive the help from making these videos, it's like the universe wants to flow through me. This information flows by ego, doesn't have to, doesn't have to do much, and that's the highest vibrational timeline. What I'm sharing with you is there is this component of your ego intending it to manifest using parallel realities, but there's also this higher aspect of you that has a purpose, that has a high vibrational intention. And that's what I'm saying to merge together, merge these two together because then reality will really work for you.

You will understand that you are a divine being. You will embody higher vibrational energy and your life will then begin to change in a very powerful way, but the key is understanding that what you want already exists. Your remote control is how you think, feel and act, how you think, feel and act. We'll lock you into the channel that you're currently experiencing and most people have been on the same channel their whole entire life, doing the same things every day, thinking the same thoughts that every feeling, same emotions every day and they haven't used the remote control in a new way.

They're on channel five they're on channel five that are on channel five, and I'm here just to say there's like a thousand other channels. The TV package you've got thousands of other channels, and you can tune to any of those by changing the button, which means you change how you think, feel, and act to get out of the autopilot mind. By doing that, you begin to tune into a different reality, and all of these realities is this.

That's what physics shows us. All these are x now, but which one will you choose and will you choose from awareness, so use that remote control and make a choice to choose a new channel if the channel you're experiencing isn't what you really want. With this and this, everything I'm sharing right now is a short, shorter look at what the shift experience is about.

The shift to experience as a digital program I'm making right now will also be a speaking tour that I'm going on, and it's going to help you to literally shift to a parallel reality of what you want to experience with all the principles I'm sharing today. It's a program that guarantees you one thing that by the end of it you will be in a totally separate new parallel reality.

Shift Your Language SHIFT your life (and how to do it)


I'm going to be sharing with you how does shift your language and shifts in your life? If you do this, your whole entire life will change because the inner dialogue is and creates your outer reality.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how shifting your language shifts your life. This is such a simple thing that when you begin to do, we'll take you to new heights will take you to a new level of reality because this is a, this is about understanding like they, they see that thing when it comes to in the beginning something about God and the word was God, right? That's something that they, you hear, you hear a lot when it comes to, in the beginning, there was the word, and the word was God.

The word is a powerful thing that directs our life. The word can represent sound, and it can represent vibration. And when we talk about sound and vibration, think about this in terms of what we are speaking into existence. What are we saying? Think about this in terms of the definitions in the beliefs you have. Language creates a framework for the way that we see the world, and sometimes we may go outside.

We may try to change the outer reality, but we're going about it backward. We're going about it the wrong way. It'd be like the traditional analogy. You go over to Amir and instead of changing the expression on your face, you look at that mirror with a serious face. You're like change and went in order to change it. You put your fingers up to it, you try to manipulate it, but you know deep down that isn’t ever going to work.

You aren’t ever going to change the reflection on the mirror until you change. And in a similar way, the reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true in reality is a reflection of our expression. Our language has a very powerful effect on the brain because our language creates the fame framework inside of our mind for the way reality works. 

You don't it have no meaning. You would look at it and you just wouldn't know really what to do with it. You may intellectually to like, well, if I wrote it, I bet it rose, but you would have no meaning to it. It wouldn't have any strong emphasis in your life because you wouldn't have context for it. Then what happens is we place the meaning on it or a language you see that is a ball.

That is what that is. And sometimes it can actually limit us because then it makes us to intellectual. Think about it. There's this beautiful bird, and this beautiful bird is something you can be present with something you can notice, but the moment you identify what kind of bird it is, you're like that scientific route is the blue sparrow are tourists. That's the name of the bird.

Okay, that it no longer these divine beings. This scientific, logical thought word and sometimes it will make us feel more separated from it rather than just being with it. However, language is creating our life and creates the structure, the framework in our mind for what we experienced in our life. Think about it like you may have a certain way that you talk about. Look at your language around relationships within the language you use is your beliefs.

Relationships come easily. Relationships come hard. Relationships are limiting. They're not constricted your freedom or relationships are compassionate. Relationships are love. You see, there are different facets of the same thing and our language about it carries with it definitions. Sometimes people will reach out to me and say, how can I do better in school when I hate going to school and all the teachers don't care about me?

I get it that that might be an actual experience someone has. However, there are definitions we overlay with that. The language we use will either make us feel empowered or disempowered, but what language are we using? Cause most people are not using empowered language or they're using language based on prior reference experience. When if we change our story about school, we may actually then begin to enjoy it.

I used to not be good at school. I mean I don't even go to those. I don't have to go to school anymore. But when I was in school, I remember that it was in like high school, especially like ninth grade. There was a switch that happens. I then went from a C student to a B student and there were an honors classes, and it changed my whole perception. However, I look back at that and I can see that there was this shift that was made in my identity.

The way that I saw myself in my language also changed. I then saw school as something that I could go to, and something I could do well at my language about it changed as well. Within our language is our definitions and our reality will always have language that is equal to the reality we are experiencing. I'm going to say that again a little bit different way. The reality that we experience, the outer reflection we get in our life, what we think the language we use either in our mind or outwards is going to be equal to that reality.

If you don't think that you're worthy of a relationship, you may speak that into existence, either in your mind with the inner dialogue or outer by telling other people about how there isn't the kind of person that you're looking for in your life. You always attract a certain type of guy or a certain type of girl into your life. Your language will be equal to that. Your language carries with it. Those definitions revealed to you the beliefs you have, the beliefs you have about money.

The beliefs you have about relationships, the beliefs you have about health. If you believe that losing weight is hard than losing weight will be hard. If you believe it is hard to attract the right person into your life, then it will be hard. But if you change the way the language you use for these things, the framework in your mind for the way that you relate to it, you then change the actual experience itself.

There are some people that have trouble gaining weight. There are some people that that are always in a relationship and it's so easy for them to attract my relationships. Then their focus isn't how do I try to a relationship is how do I track that? The one person you see, but we all have these limiting definitions is limited languages. This language we use inside of our mind is controlling our life whether we're aware of it or not. Let's talk a little bit about this. Your inner dialogue, the way that you talk to yourself, the language you use is controlling your life situation.

Think about that. The way that you relate to different things in your life is controlling the kind of experiences you're having, either consciously or unconsciously. If when you relate to other people, you tell yourselves the story that I am shy. People don't get me. People don't understand me. People don't make God eye contact with me, and then you're in the, you're in a situation with someone and you're just paying attention and you're looking for evidence that approves all of that because that's what our mind will normally do is look evidence that it is right.

Then what happens is you create that story inside of yourself using your language over and over and over again, and it continues to create the same experiences on autopilot. Now you might be asking yourself, okay, I get it there and my language controls my life, but what do I do about that?Here's what you do. You go beyond the current language you're using. Use language patterns that talk more about creating this system of something that maybe makes you a different new source of income.

Maybe you look at how to take your job from being just someone there that's going on autopilot to somebody that's really performing. And really at the top of the game, maybe you look into getting a new field. Maybe now you start to see yourself as somebody that's doing what you're passionate about and that includes a new job, the not equal to like your current language is equal to the job you have.

You then look at a new job and he started to create the language within you of that. This is about making the choice to go beyond, to go beyond that of the current language you're using. And the way you do that is you imagine the best possible version of you, how you'd be living, how you would you be doing the language you'd be using, the beliefs you would have. And you start to take on that language, that inner dialogue.

There's a version of you that it is natural for you to make a hundred k a year. How would that version of you be speaking? How would that version of you think about other people? How would that version of you show up at work? When I look at myself in the job that I used to have, I used to tell myself a story that I had to go to this job selling the woman's shoes that I'm not passionate about. 

I have to, which means I'm disempowered. Then I had this story of, well, I'm not full time on YouTube and I'm trying to make it. I'm trying to make it your language is equal to the reality you are experiencing. In order to change that, I had to change my language.

Before becoming a full-time YouTuber, I made daily videos on YouTube. Even though I had a 40 hour a week job and I told myself the story, I use this language of I can do it. I started to see myself, I changed my self-image. I saw myself as a full-time YouTuber, and because of that I started to then experience a new reality, but you have to hold the frame of that new language as well. You have to hold the frame of the new reality of you being in that reality of you that is just a part of who you are. Even now as I have a certain level of success on YouTube to where it's like you probably don't have to make a video every single day still Aaron, but it's a part of who I am.

Maybe that's the language I tell myself. Maybe that will serve me for a period of time, but maybe it goes onto something different in the future. But in general, the language we use is keeping us within the reality we are and if we change our language, we change our life. Let go of words like try let go of words like should let go of words like half because these words all reinforce the reality.

You don't necessarily prefer trying, it's just not useful. I reached out to someone the other day. I needed to know how much goes into this place in Costa Rica. I need to know how many people I've had booked so that I can see how many more rooms are available so I don't invite too many people to go, and I reached out to the person, said, hey, how many more rooms are available?

She says I'll try and get you back those numbers later today. The moment she said she was going to try to do it later today, I knew she was going to forget about it, and here we are two days later, and I just emailed her and said, okay, can you, can I get the update again? Because I knew anytime you try something it means you don't, you're probably not going to do it.

Let go of trying. Just do it. Don't try to make videos. If your passion is making videos, don't try to paint. Don't try to do some sports. Do that sport, let go of trying to pay attention to your language because language implies resistance. If you have to do things, if you should do something else, those all are creating their reality of resistance and said, let go of it all. Pay attention to the language patterns you're using and then link up your language patterns with the reality you want.

Make sure it's connected to your heart as well. Make sure it's connected to what you're passionate about it. By doing that, you'll find that it becomes easier and easy for you to focus on those things. The reality is equal to the language you are using, your internal language and the language you speak to other people. It's all vibration.

It's all the way for seeing the world and if you let go of old definitions that don't serve you, maybe old words that aren't serving you, you'll start to experience an expansion in your life. But awareness is always the first step. Come aware of the language you're using, the words you're using, the stories you tell yourself, and as you do all of this, you start to take your power back in a very powerful way.

The DANGER of getting STUCK in the Bottom 3 Chakras (how to TRANSCEND)


I'm going to show you the danger of getting stuck in the bottom three Chakras your whole life, and I'm going to show you how to push right through it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to help you expand beyond the bottom three Chakras and the reason this is there is a consciousness shift happened on the planet, and this shift has to do with going from what is called a third-dimensional state of consciousness into that of a fourth-dimensional state of consciousness. Some people would argue and say a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness. However, what we're doing is removing from this older paradigm to that newer paradigm. The old paradigm is the paradigm of separation. It's where we feel separated from one another.

The old paradigm is that of duality, good, bad, light, dark. Think of the third dimension is also the bottom three Chakras. Most people on the planet are stuck in the bottom three Chakras just like they may be stuck in a reactive type mind reacting to their environment, reacting to what people say to them, reacting to what the government's doing, reacting to what the news is saying, reacting to everything.

And the key is understanding that that is hypnosis. That is something that's just been on autopilot. And that's why so many people are just doing the same things every day, thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day and therefore experiencing the same things on autopilot.

And when we look at that are the bottom three Chakras you'll see that of the root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, the solar plexus. The solar plexus represents the willpower. Many times, the solar plexus will also represent that of control, and there's been a certain level of control on the planet for thousands of years. And when you think about duality, think about it in the form of the brain when we're identified mainly with just the brain, what can happen is that then we're just focused on good bat light, dark up, down, all these different opposites. And the thing is everything is very polarized.

You know, you may dislike being us, you know the bread publicans or the Democrats or whatever it is, but whatever side you're on, there's an energetic pool one way or the other. And the thing that happens is most people get so ingrained into that way of thinking that it keeps them from getting into their heart. It keeps them from getting more to the core of who they are then doing what they're passionate about. And right now, on the planet, what's happening is we're moving from this level of control, this duality into more of a heart-based reality where we feel more connected to each other.

You see the reason what you put out is what you get back. That's what a lot of times is implied with this feeling of separateness. But when we realize that we're all connected and what I put out even just energetically is coming back, it becomes a new thing, and that's why what you put out is what you come back. It's because what you do to someone else you do to another aspect of you, we're all connected. It's more of this heart-based understanding, more of not even understand about feeling that this heart-based feeling more in our passion, doing what we love.

There's a rigidity to the first two, like the solar plexus and the third dimension in general. There's a rigidity to the way things have to be. There's a real strong emphasis on form, but here's the thing. As we move into our heart, we start to let go of the intellectual process. As we start to do more so be we raise our vibrational frequency and our reality begins to change. Here's the truth. The truth is reality is a dream.

We individually create our own dream and then collectively we are creating our dream as well. The collective dream and individually everyone else is having their own dream, and this dream becomes more flexible when we start to have more awareness because then the awareness, we can then change aspects of our dream. We can then change limiting beliefs. We give them change and instead of feeling separated from other people can start seeing ourselves and knowing the awareness that we're all connected.

The more you realize that your life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life becomes because then you see more flexibility. I think about it even in the dream in general, if you have a dream and he became lucid in that dream, what can you do? You do whatever the hell you want. You want to, you want to fly. Sometimes you'll fly if you believe you could fly. If you believe in your flight, you can fly in your dream, then you could fly. Do you want to do something cool and your dream?

Go meet, go talk to someone you haven't talked to in a while. You could do that because once you become aware that it's a dream, you're like, wait, I realized this is a dream. I'm going to do what I want. It works the same way in reality. It's just that this is a long consistent dream.  I'm not going to do that. I'm going to leave it right here with you. But this is my and this dream. I permit myself in the dream to be myself in this dream. I do what I love to do because I permit myself to do that. We set up the confinements of our own dream.

And you were smart to realize the only moment isn't now. Let's get into the shot guys. I'm sure you're like, wait, I thought those videos on soccer, but you're talking about a dream right now, and I'm going to talk about dark red. I'm going to do my handy dandy notebook over here. I'm going to explain this a little bit, and it's going to help.

It's going to help. Why are in this understanding that the bottom three Chakras, they're not bad. It's not like we're going to move into our heart and we're not going to be in the bottom Chakras at all because then it'd be imbalanced. You have to have strong energy flow in the bottom three Chakras, in order to then move into your heart Chakra. And it's about balancing the cause of the imbalances as the energy flow is coming, if there's a disruption, then it can't move onto the next one.

And in this lifetime, one of the main reasons we came here is to go through this shift, go through this shift of going from the bottom three Chakras, and then moving into the heart Chakra. Let's look at this. That's ahead. Okay. I'm just kidding. I'm sorry that I yelled at all my videos. I know I yelled. By the way, just change your life. This is someone right here. I'm going to make these longer. I feel bad for the dude. Imagine him running.

This is the stick figure, obviously. Long Torso. And now let me draw the Chakras. Okay. Imagine there's a shock where that goes, right? Got a belly button right here. Look at it. Bill Baking. And then would he have this right here? This is the solar plexus. It's like right above the belly button. And then we have that have a heart chakra much bigger. And then we have that have these throat Chakra. Oh, the crystal light. Crystal Light. This is the Crown Chakra is this. Imagine this is over this. I don't want to make it too confusing. I'm doing it like this. Okay, now we are born into reality like a baby was born into reality.

And what happens is we go through certain experiences in our life. Yeah. And when things happen in our life, there's this energy flow that is naturally going all around us, all around us. This energy flow, there's actually a toroidal field. It goes all the way around. This was also one that goes through our heart as well. Just take two to Rodeo fields. Its inception. It's two rodeo field inside into Rodeo field. I know that was really deep. Okay, so here we go. These are the bottom three chakras.  

This is survival. It's our connection to earth connection to the daily needs, the necessities that shelter, eat, sleep. This is what survival. Will I have enough? Am I, do I have enough to get by? If we feel like our survival is threatened, we will have some type of blockage inside of the Root Chakra. Many times, as well, there'll be a blockage and root Chakra if you were to go to third world countries because a lot of them don't have the basic necessities that bare necessities you could say.

And because they don't have the bare necessities, I almost want to break into song there if you, if you know what I mean. Do you know what I mean? Survival mode. And if you don't have the bare necessities, then this may have an energy block right there. Our root Chakra is our survival needs. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting that? Have you had shelter? Do you have food? Do you have enough food?

What kind of food are you eating too? I would say, I think I'd asked you what kind of food are you eating if you're enrolled, low vibration foods that might keep you blocked in the bottom three Chakras, if you eating dead food, especially like deep-fried foods, meats, I'd say focus more on eating higher vibrational food, whatever that means for you. But if you need food in general so the survival mechanism, that is the root Chakra. The sacral Chakra has to do with our relationships.

With ourselves, our relationships to our family, our relationships to society. And if we have parts of our, if we have relationships where people did us wrong, we haven't forgiven other people, our relationship with ourselves where we don't feel worthy, or we feel like we can't trust the universe, we can't trust ourselves, then we will create blocks in that of the solar plexus. And most people will have people in their life.

If somebody did something wrong to you and you have this perspective, you have this block about this person or about someone else, about how people treat you in general, your relationship with yourself. Be aware of the sacred Chakra and your relationship with their family or society yourself. If you have any blocks, any perspectives on this, then there will be blocks there. The willpower, power, and put power right here.

In control, a lot of times the solar plexus is related to power and the need or the desire to control things. Things have to be a certain way. If we don't direct your life in a powerful way, we have no discipline whatsoever. It's okay to have an allow the universe to be. I like not having either energy in our solar plexus or an imbalance in our solar plexus. If we're trying to control everything has to be according to the blueprint in our mind.

And when we are in reaction to everything that's also can cause that has a disruption in our solar plexus. And this a lot of times has to do with you doing what you're doing. Maybe you're working the nine to five job. You don't, you don't prefer you go to work every day, and you don't like it. The imbalances in these three Chakras keep people from getting into their heart center. These three Chakras right here, keep people in a prison.

And most people, their whole lives remain in this bottom three Chakras in balances. Because it's not bad to be in these three Chakras to be in them. I mean they're just a frequency channel within your body. You're not just in your soul, you know, I'm just in. But if you're in survival mode and you don't know where the food is going to go, you might not be able to even focus on your relationship with other people. You might not even be able to focus on you doing what you're passionate about or discipline because you just need food or you just need water. That's why a lot of times you give them to is like very animalistic type nature of like maybe some third world countries.

It's because they can't even think about other people. They can't even think about their personal power because they just got to get by. They just got to put some food in their mouth. I get some water or sleep or not be, you know, survival. Also like do you feel safe? Do you feel safe walking down your street? Do you feel like you live in this neighborhood where something might bad might happen to you? There may be a block in your survival. You watched the news, oh my goodness, all of this stuff happening in the world.

How can I feel? Safe survival mode. The goal of most things that you watch on the news is to keep you in within these, this bottom three Chakras, because if you start to get your hard shot go, Whoa, are you going to be powerful? And that's not necessarily within the confinements of you just being quiet and going through your automaton type life of in the matrix. This bottom three Chakras are, most people stay.

The danger of that is their entire lives are in reaction whole entire life. The key to this is understanding the truth. Imagine this is like a big ass green son. The truth is that you already spiritual being and your natural vibration is love. Anything under these bottom three chakras can be conditional. We call it love, but a lot of times its attachment, unconditional love as you wrote, where you realize that that is who you are. And this also is when you can start to share it and express it with other people.

This and above are normally in the outward flow and connecting with another people sector. But in order to get into your heart, what you must be able to do is observe. How'd that go? I said, observe. You must be able to observe these bottom three things. And would they say that when you, when you think of that, you just observed that thought that comes in your head? I kept my leg. I did that. Get to awareness, and yes, this is true when you start to observe these, these thoughts and these things like this person did this to me and the power of the discipline that I don't feel like I have.

When you start to observe these thoughts, you start to neutralize it. But what I'm saying by this is the secret to life, in general, is awareness. I'm observing that thought from the Zen-like space. It's a completely different state of consciousness. It's like you could be reacting like this or you can be reacting like, yeah. Do you see what I mean? There's a difference in the feel of it. It's doing something without awareness versus doing it with awareness. And if you're aware of it, you can change it.

If you're not aware of it, you're going to remain in the little jail cell of this because the ego just wants you to survive within the identity for the way that it sees herself itself. But in order to move beyond this, you got to become aware of it. You've got to observe it. You got to see it for what it is you see. The more you realize your life is like a dream, the more dreamlike it becomes. When I say that, it's about realizing this is a dream.

This is a dream. You can either be asleep in the dream or you can be waking in the dream and if you're awake you can then observe the things that don't serve and you can interject really disengaged from it. The next time you see the news keeping you in the survival mechanism and the root Chakra, it's like looking at all this stuff does hop on what Jen said you could do is you'd be like with awareness you can be like, you know what, I'm going to change the channel.

Realize that this is the dream of life, but I can become more awakened the dream to where then I have the power to direct it in the direction I want rather than be a victim of it. Be pulled around and pushed around like a doll. The key to this of being stuck your whole life in this is, are you in reaction mode or are you in awareness mode? And you could choose to be in awareness mode by simply observing your thoughts, meditating every day. If there's one thing that will change your life the most from you ever watching the video, there's a certain story you told yourself until you got up to this video right now that you're watching.

There's a story that you told yourself. This is what you do for a living. You can't do your passion. You can do your passion, whatever it is, but that story is going to keep a certain momentum going. If you were to put in meditation into your story right now, your story could powerfully change because there was that one video you watched where you decided to meditate and to observe your thoughts.

As you observe your thoughts, you started to disengage from the reactive mind of the bottom three Chakras and then you're able to move more into awareness where then you can choose things rather than react to things, but the only way you get there is by observation and disengagement and the way you do that. It's observing your thoughts through 10 minutes a day. That's it. 10 minutes a day. Observe your thoughts right before you go to bed at night and right when you wake up in the morning, which I guess is 20 minutes a day.

You do that, your life will transform them because you will then become aware of this higher reality beyond the jail cell of the bottom. They're not bad, but the blocks in them, the energy disruptions that happen from the levels of identity and the ego, trying to keep it consistent to the way it views itself is what keeps us in the little jail cell. I'm going to open up the jail cell right now and tell you that the key to open it up, the jail cell is the awareness of it. Being aware of it, observing your thoughts.

That is the key to you. Open up the jail cell of the bottom three Chakras. This is the key. This is probably the most powerful video I've ever made in my life, but it's so simple and it's not the sexiest keywords. I don't know how many of you is, it'll get. I'm not worried about that though. I trust the fact that more people are coming aware of who they are.

You can break out of the jail cell, the bottom three Chakras, move into your heart by understanding that is who you naturally are. But in order to move in your heart, you've got to let go. With that being said, if you want to meditation, I would help you to raise your vibrational set points that you start to exude this. Your heart Chakra where we saw happy. You're going to be blissed out beyond what you can even imagine.

3 Reality Transurfing Techniques for Decreasing Importance (Law of Attraction Alternative)


I'm going to be explaining to you three Reality Transurfing techniques for decreasing the level of importance you give to anything. When we decrease the level of importance, we increase the probability of experiencing it, and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, we're going to be looking at three of the techniques for the decrease in importance with reality. And let me first off just give a general overview for the transcription process because you guys are just now getting really to understand that I'm starting to make a lot of videos on it, but I want to make sure that we're able to really have the context for what I was saying. First off, we're out of surfing is more so a philosophy for life than it is just like a manifestation process, but it is a very powerful manifestation process as well.

Reality Transurfing is a book that was written in Russia by a Russian quantum physicist named the Vadim Zealand, and it's a book that's now being translated to a whole bunch of different languages and it's now becoming more and more well known. What has the awareness of is that there is an infinite number of what are called parallel realities or an infinite number of the alternative space, different variations, and what this means is that any possible reality you can imagine exists right now at this moment?

If we simply have more intentions in our life that will change our lives in very powerful ways now an intention, and so anytime you have the determination to do something and you follow it up with some type of action or some type of expectation, but once again, you're not attached to the expectation. What you do is you set intentions and as you set intentions and make choices, you are shifting yourself to the kind of life experience that you prefer.

It's you're shifting life tracks in a way. A powerful part of understanding this are what are called pendulums. Pendulums are understanding that our thoughts have an election, an electromagnetic type reality to it, even though we may not actually see it. The idea is because we have a collective consciousness, we have a whole bunch of us that are constantly thinking thoughts.

Some of us will think similar thoughts to other people. Those thoughts develop their own thought structure when they team up with other similar thoughts. The idea behind this is what is called social conditioning. Many times, we think we're thinking our own thoughts, but many times we are being carried with the pendulum of the mass consensus. For example, there are pendulums around different sports teams. There are pendulums around different political positions. There is a pendulum is on any belief you could possibly imagine any label or identification.

There's both. There's a pendulum around being an American or being a certain type of person, and a lot of times we get these carry through us, and we don't even. We're not even aware of it. It's just simply that's the way we see the world. The idea is to become aware of those pendulums and to become aware that maybe we're thinking certain ways simply because we are feeling that from the mass consensus, we're kind of doing what we were always told to do. A very important part of the transfer, if you are to pay to make your own path and to push forward and follow your heart. Following your heart is so important.

You have to follow what you're really passionate about and you can't make the goal of what you want to experience, just the money. It has to be something greater, something your heart can connect to because the mind doesn't understand just the money, it understands more the mind understands the money, but the heart isn't able to connect to it because the hearts don't know the understanding that money equals freedom and equals this emotion that you can feel.

The idea is to follow your passion, to find out what you love to do, find ways of sharing that with other people and that then you begin to really follow that in a very powerful way. The part of this blog that we're going to be speaking about is the part that's about decreasing importance. This is the transformational thing. Many people get from this because anytime I post a video on it and I explain it, I get people over the next week or two that are like, that part helped me so much.

I decrease the importance, and everything started to happen as what happened to me. Somebody told me about this. I started to apply it. As I applied it, I started getting much easier results, you know, they told me about the book. I read the book, I saw this decreasing in importance thing, am I kind of let me try that.

And as I did it, I started to really resonate with more so, so my desires I found things were happening is so much easier. I was growing and powerful ways there both spiritually and also with like social media and stuff. It was just like it was no big deal because it's a part of who I am. Just following my passion. That was the main goal. That was the main focus and it was just natural and that's when things started to really happen. Decreasing in importance. The reason this is so powerful is that anytime we make something more important than it has to be, we put it on a pedestal and metaphorically speaking, there are balancing forces that come into play that make it so that balances out.

The idea is that you can relate to this at any time you may have been attracted to somebody and if you made them really important, most likely you ended up somehow resisting them. Somehow you make it really important that this person likes you back. The idea is that either they either become not attracted anymore or circumstances just come up to where it doesn't work out, and that's because those balancing factors come into play. And anytime you really, really, really want something, you're also subconsciously saying, I really, really, really don't have it because they want is because it's over there and you're here.

The idea is to more so resonate with your desires by realizing it's natural for you to experience what you want is natural for you to be in a relationship you want. It's natural for you to be doing what you love for a living because that's who you are. This is the powerful part of it. The other little part of the importance is understanding desire. When we a strong desire for something, if that desire is not met and followed up with intention or action, it remains just a thought.

It doesn't really turn into anything because a desire also subconsciously is saying that I don't currently have it. It’s about being aware of that and transferring that into the intention. The three techniques for being able to get rid of what is called excess potential, which is what is. That's what's created. Winning time. You make something more important than it is you put on a pedestal is now very, very important.

That creates the excess potential that must then be balanced out and many times that will be balanced out by literally giving you what you want almost so that you aren't able to balance that energy out. You are almost able to learn from it. That's how kind of it can be looked at. The first technique for being able to really let go of any of this is to learn how to observe and to have an observation.

This is a technique you can use. What you can do, and what I do is every morning when I wake up, I do a certain meditation and the meditation is as I stare at a candle flame and as I'm staring at a candle flame, what I do is I don't focus on anything else. I just focused on that one candle flame, and I observe my thoughts. This has changed my life. I had been doing this since 2012. What it's allowed me to do is to really neutralize anything that's happening, not give charged to the negative thoughts that I'm having.

And as I'm from a neutral point of view, you can then choose your momentum. You can then choose where your thoughts go. Understand that whatever you focus on, you will feel so if you're focusing on a whole bunch of different things, you're not getting any momentum. That's why that when the eyes wander, the mind wanders as well, so you can learn to do and the way you can apply this is by focusing on one point. You can close your eyes or leave them open, focused on one point, and observe your thoughts, and as you observe your thoughts, do not label them as good or bad. Do not give them excess meaning or make them early important. Just allow them to be there. Just observe them and as you do that, it will change your whole awareness.

You will start to see things from a more expanded point of view. The reason this is because simply you're seeing things from more of the way they are. Then the perceptual layers that we put over our perception. Many times, when we look at things, we think we're seeing them as they are, but we're really seeing them with a whole bunch of beliefs and a whole bunch of little ways of seeing things that ended up creating a certain type of pattern because we're looking at it a certain way.

The idea behind this is to realize that if you're feeling, especially if you're feeling like you're making anything very, very important, just observe it. Just allow that to be there. Let it be OK that you're making it more important than it is. As funny as that sounds. What you didn't do is you start to balance it out because it's ok as you let it be ok, you drop resistance. Anything that we insist happens when we make it very, very important. On the other side of that, there's a level of resistance that is created. That level of resistance will make it so that you don't experience what you want.

The cure to this is to observe those. Observe those thoughts, observe what you're making important, and start to see it from the perspective of it is natural for you. It is natural for you to experience what you want. What you want to do is you want to expand your comfort zone, but not step outside your comfort zone that the idea, the difference is that you're still doing the same thing, but you're doing it from a different level of awareness.

One, you step outside your comfort zone and you come back and that scary over there. I'm going to go try doing this. I'm going to go into, you know, I want a certain type of job. I'm going to go in and talk to the manager of the store and what I'm going to do is I'm going to give them my resume confidently, look them in the eye and tell them why I want the job and why I'd be the best fit for their company, what value I could add to them. You go and you do it once and you come back to your comfort zone and you say, you know what?

That wasn't for me. Expand your comfort zone. I am the type of person that goes out there. It has value to add in the world because I believe in myself, therefore I'm the type of person that goes to different companies and I would express is how I want to do that. Do you see what I mean? It's a different perspective. It's coming from a different level of awareness, but as you do it like that, that's where everything really begins to change, so observations, one of the most powerful ways to decrease the level of importance. When you do this, you will start to find that things happen in a much more powerful way.

I promise you, you'll start to see that things just are natural for you. You'll start to see those things that for years maybe resisted. All of a sudden you let it go and there's this space and you feel like you just look and it's like things are just popping in your life experience. The second technique that you can use to decrease the level of importance for something is understanding emotions and forgiveness. Forgiveness dissipates an imbalance of energy. Think of it like this. We're constantly walking around, living out different patterns of our lives.

Based on the meaning that we give things, so Susie or Carl or whoever did something to you when you maybe five, six years ago stole money from you. And what happens, you have been able to forgive Susie or Carl or whoever it is and the idea is because you weren't able to forgive either of them, you subconsciously carry around a pattern inside of you that says that people do things to you like that. That's something that you are in a way worthy. You're worthy of these mishaps.

It's almost like you're saying, I don't want this to happen and this has happened before, so, therefore, it links up with people in the alternative space and the different parallel realities there are. It links up with people in the alternative space that can give you exactly that as harsh as that may sound. The key to this is to forgive that person. When you forgive, you let go of the excess potential and you allow yourself to then be free. You're not free.

Anytime you hold a grudge, you may think you are because you get any emotional stimulation and you get mental stimulation when you're thinking about what this person did, but that's only from a certain level of consciousness. What you want to do is neutralize it by forgiving whoever did anything to you. And when you do that, you stop seeing those kinds of people in your life.

This is some kind of funny, but ok I had an iPhone. I explained this story many times before. I'm not going to go too far into it. I know a lot of people went through a lot of shit when they were younger. I'm not saying that I'm any different than that or I'm like, you know, I had it worse than anyone else. But anyways, I went through an experience between nine, 15 years old and abusive step-mom who had like bipolar issues.

And when I was a firefighter, he wasn't home very often. I and my brother went with her, and she was very controlling, very manipulative. It was like we weren't allowed to have friends who weren't allowed to do anything. We're always working outside, and we weren't allowed to eat very much.

My Dad divorced her and basically what happened is then we had all this freedom, and we were able to eat. When we walk around with our friends again, it will do school activities like is like a whole new world. Then that period that was very painful because we were very controlled. She's very abusive, but then this is what happened after I came out of it for years, I felt resentment because I was like, this happened. Why did this happen? I didn't understand it.

And now general, long story short, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me because it led me to my spiritual awakening. It led me to go deeper within myself and to see it from a new point of view and to understand that it made me who I am today in the sense that now I'm somebody that I very much preach freedom and I want people to become free of their emotional ties. Maybe I wouldn't have such a desire for that if I didn't go through that when I was younger, but I hadn't learned how to forgive my ex step-mom because this is the thing.

This is the funny thing that I realized there were a couple of girlfriends that I had after that experience that I had a couple of girlfriends from probably when I was probably 16 or 17 years old until about 21. And there were two or three of them that were. It had similar traits to my stepmom. And I didn't even notice they were controlling kind of like her. When I had to learn, do is I had to learn how to take my power back. I had to learn how to become really like a man that's on the purpose with a vision.

And somebody that goes forth and that doesn't let anything else really kind of, not an egotistical way, but I'm very much more centered now and I'm very much more focused on what you know, I want who I am, so it's a little bit different perspective, but now I'm almost a rebel. Like it's almost like somebody tells me to do something, I do what I want to do and I believe that one of the reasons I have that is because I was able to grow from that. But also, I was able to forgive the moment I forgive her.

I really meant it and I really did it. And I realized that from a more of a spiritual point of view that everything happens in life for a reason. Not everyone likes to hear that, but I believe that at a certain level I agree to an experience like that. And what happened is immediately after that, the next girlfriends that I had were much less like her. It's almost like I learned the lesson. Take your power back. Don't let people control you.

And that may be turned me into the opposite of that. Because then I became a rebel, like somebody that can't really tell what to do, but that's why I am now and that's what I enjoy. I enjoy painting my own path and inspiring other people to live their own truth and to not let other people control them. And I had to forgive, not make it that important. And as I forgave, no more of that pattern is coming through in my life, at least that I'm aware of. And that's something I think can be very powerful for you.

Maybe find out where that is. Maybe it has to do with money, right? Maybe you find that money's not coming into your life. Maybe it's because you haven't forgiven someone of something that happened and you're carrying around this, this feeling of unworthiness. And as you carry that around, it continues to be something that you see more and more patterns of in your life. It's really just being aware of what that is. Making the decision that you can forgive whoever did anything to you that when you forgive, you dissipate that excess energy.

And then you also at the same time, let go of that pattern. The third one has to do with something I've talked a lot about on the channel before. It has to do with understanding action and does desire really has to understand with letting go of desire. First off, let me say that if you want a powerful technique, one of the ones I created, a free guided meditation that will show you exactly how to decrease your level of importance, which will then increase the probability that you experienced what you want.

It will also wire in some of the Reality Transurfing of ideas is something that's absolutely free. You can download it and the top of the description box below. It has to do with understanding that desire and desire in itself is not powerful. What is powerful is when you translate that desire and to either intention or action.

This technique has to do with simply setting your intentions throughout your day. This is what most people just aren't doing. They don't have a focus on what direction they're going into and what they want to experience in their life. And because of that, they're therefore not experiencing what they want. Have intention and direction. Find out what do you really want out of life? Who

Do you want to become? What kind of experiences do you want to have from your heart, from following your passion? What do you want? And as you become aware of that set intentions that you will experience more and more of that, and if you don't know what that is, that's cool, but starts to set the intention that you will find out what that is. You follow this as long as you want, but intentions are one of the most powerful things that you can really apply into your life.

You can set an intention around just about anything and what I recommend is something called segment intending, which is like old school things like an Abraham Hicks type thing, but it's very powerful. What you do is you realize that your thoughts have an electromagnetic type reality to them, that when you go throughout your day and you do certain activities that you'd almost primes you for the path of least resistance within yourself. Also, the connections in your brain, so think of this.

You get into your car and you're getting ready to drive somewhere. What you do is you think, I intend to get where I want safe. I intend to have a great fuel feeling while I drive wherever I'm going and I intend that when I get to this place, I'm going to feel this certain way. You set that intention when you get into your car and then once you get to where you are, you're like, ok, I'm going to meet up with this person.

I've intentionally to have a very good meetup. You know you don't have to do this all the time, but this is the thing. The more you do it, the more momentum you build and then the next time you get into your car and guess what? The path of least resistance with the neurosynaptic connections in your brain is to be thinking about a safe drive. Subconsciously it starts to run itself. You're thinking about the safety drive, feeling good while you get there. When you get there, you're going to connect with other people.

Then when you get somewhere, your pattern to feel connection with other people in that segment, intense those live tracks of what she wants to experience, so set those intentions and I think you'll find that things really began to change in your life and you'll really be able to decrease the level of importance that you resonate.

The Parallel Reality Timeline LOOP you are in (and don’t even know it)


I'm going to be sharing with you the parallel reality timeline loop that you are stuck in and don't even know it, and I'm going to show you how to push through it so you start to experience more of what you want.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have what is called the parallel reality timeline loop that 99% of the people on the world are stuck in and understand that the reason it says the timeline is because yes, there is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. We are shifting through them every moment whether we're aware of it or not. The thing is most people shift to a very similar experience to their past because they're stuck in their past.

Thinking about it in terms of vibrational resonance. When it comes to this, if we're thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day, doing the same things every day, then we will continue to experience the same thing over and over again. It appears to be the same thing, but it's actually not it. Some totally separate frames, but we create the experience as if it is the same.

Think about it like this. We're shifting all the time. If we experienced being stuck, we just keep shifting to experiences of being stuck because of our definition of being stuck. We may have a definition that I always attract this type of experience in my life, and by saying that we shift to the same type of experience over and over again. It's a new experience, but it appears to be the same because it's what's familiar.

It's consistent thoughts. We have consistent motions, we feel consistent things we do. We created new every time. But it appears to be the same. No, this is very important because when we understand that, we can start to ask yourself a new question, what do I want to experience instead of reality? I don't prefer. What do I want to choose? Is there something new I want to choose? You see, these are the questions we can ask. We get real deep here. We can start to ask new questions.

Therefore, we started to get new answers. But you see most people aren't asking questions. They're just in the seriousness. You know this, this is a 3D avatar. First off. Yeah, it's kind of cool. You know, you can do stuff with it. But when we identify with just our body, when we identify with our thoughts, when they identify with the identity of the 3D Avatar, it creates rigidity, a seriousness. Then we go out and we experienced reality as equal to whatever that Avatar is and just some people aren't aware, Yo, I could change up how I do this instead of doing this.

I could do this. I could do it the other way instead of doing like this. It just, I mean, she was so rigid. They're like kind of walking around, you know, everything is so serious and because it's so serious, I'm going to continue to create this feeling of being stuck because everything has stuck and things just start happening. But if we say that we're creating new experiences of that over and over and over again based on our definitions, based on our beliefs, think of it as words and definitions.

Keep us locked into a certain parallel reality timeline loop. The loop is the experiential part of it appears to be the same, just appears to be the same because we're within a certain bubble. This avatar bubble of the thoughts. We think the feelings we have, the things we do, and therefore we experienced the same things over and over again.

At any point, we can choose something new, but people aren't aware that they have the choice. They think that they have to be the same way that they've always define themselves. Tony Robbins says this all the times. He says, the strongest human desire there is to remain consistent to the way you define yourself. Three says that's a pretty strong human desire and if we define ourselves in a certain way early on in her past.

Maybe we define ourselves as a victim because the things that happened to us I, that's how I felt for years because of my painful childhood. I identified with Matt and then I was unconsciously acting in that way, going out into the world, experiencing a loop of people treating me a certain way because I wasn't aware I could choose something different. I thought this is just the way reality is.

This is how I relate to everyone else. Here is the thing with parallel reality timeline loops that everyone is in, whether they're aware of it or not. The resistance of banging around is what keeps you locked into it. This is why in order to really create change in our life, we have to become aware and we have to lessen the charge of the things that have power over us less than the charge.

How do we lessen the charge? Well, if we're, if we're going around, this is an example from the book reality, Transurfing. If we're going around and say we hate apples and we grab apples, we take a bite of an apple and we talk about how much we hate apples and it gets to a point to where we even go to an apple museum. We look at all these pictures of apples and we complain about being in the Apple Museum and then we're stuffing our face with apples just complaining about it.

Well, the resistance we have about it because we're giving it attention, it keeps us locked into that kind of experience. The key is not to fight because when you fight and you have resistance, you stay tuned to it. If you have this strong thing against apples, this prejudice against apples and he'd gone into the world, you see someone at a park eating an apple, it's going to trigger you. You mean I'm one of those apples? Horrible, green, red. Then we'd go around and we, we, it's almost like those charges causes to feel more sparked versus observing.

Observation is where the power is. If we feel resistance because we're not where we want to be, we have to work a nine to five job. We don't like that resistance will cause us to stay within that row reality timeline because the resistance is part of it. It resonates with us. We must first show the universe that our internal state of being is not dependent on the outer reflection. Otherwise, we hold that outer reflection in place because think about it, you get in life a reflection of who you are and your vibration holds things into place.

If you have resistance, your resistance is holding that job in a place. That I did when I had a job I didn't like when I knew I wanted to be full time on youtube is instead I became at peace with being at a job I didn't care about and I focused on letting the almost be a spiritual practice that I was there. I went in every day like I'm going to be present. Yes, I could be making a video right now. I'm going to be present. And by doing that, it would increase my state of being because then I wasn't resisting the present moment.

Then I was in a higher state of being. I'd go home and I'd be in a higher state and I would make better videos. You see resistance holdings. If you are resisting not being in a relationship right now, cause you're mad that it's not happened and you go around, you see other people at a park, everyone's at a park these days, right? Not really. But that's just my, I like parks. You go to a park and everyone's holding hands, lovey-dovey, and you're like, why day? Get a few like that. I don't feel like that.

I don't have someone next to me holding my hand and look into my eyes like that. Because of the resistance that you feel in that moment that blocks the experience. What happened from happening there could be someone walking around you at that park right then that'd be perfect for you, but you can't actually see them because you're too much in the resistant mode.

And if you did see them and he did say something to them, you'd be carrying around this heavy pain body that would then, that would then say, hey, how are you? Let me say, Hey, how are you? They feel this resistance. They're like, oh, I'm good. Bye. You see, so we get in life that which we are the vibration of and the resistance locks us into certain definitions and the certain experiences, the key is becoming okay with where you are because then you have more flexibility to move to the parallel reality you want.

The other thing I would say about this, this avatar body that can do cool stuff like this, this avatar body that you have, be more light about it, have more fun with it. The more fun you have, the higher your vibration goes, the more flexible your reality is because you're honest, you're constantly shifting, constantly shifting.

But then you shifted to a higher timeline. If you increase your state of being, your state of being is also correlated with which parallel realities you experience. How do you feel? I'm a little more fun because he had more fun with his life. Then you'll experience more of what you want. The parallel reality timeline loop is something everyone is in. It's just are you doing things to get yourself outside of the habitual illness?

Are you doing something to get side outside of the definitions? Are you doing something to get outside of the seriousness of the Avatar itself? Because the truth is you are in the mortal spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience, and when you start to loosen up, this is my way for loosening up. When you start to loosen up, things begin to change for you.

Realize that whether you're aware of it or not, you are shifting. You are shifting, you are shifting. But if you have a definition that says, I am stuck, then you're getting a reflection in our life of yes, you are stuck. Imagine like this. I heard this from Neale Donald Walsch ones. He's like, whatever you say, God says yes. You'd be like, I am stuck. And God's like, yes, you are stuck. You're like, you're like, I want abundance. God's like, yes, you want abundance, which means you don't have it. And you could be saying, I want to a relationship. God goes, yes, you do want a relationship. You get that which you are affirming in the present moment and based on your definition. Instead, focus on being happy with where you are. You might say old instead of so that you do have a relationship. Yes, you could do that.

That's acting as if very, very powerful. However, I say be okay with not one. I will now be okay with not having a lot of abundances and realize that the abundance comes within you. Be okay with you even feel if you're stuck. If you, if you can just become okay with the idea that you keep, you keep creating the illusion of being stuck over and over again through that parallel timeline loop, parallel reality timeline loop to be aware of it and be okay with it. And then you loosen the tie into that parallel reality.

You start to have more fun. Really the point of this blog is just to have more fun. Loosen up, be aware of the definitions you have. Be aware of the things that you're saying in your life that are reaffirming themselves over and over and over again. And if you want to shifts on something new, decide it, set the intention, and tend to go beyond the current little reality Avatar bubble we have.

There'll beyond and start to be in a new way, start to have more fun, set the intention to be like, okay, I'm going to go beyond this. You know, I go to the park and I see everyone eating apples and makes me very angle. I'm going to go beyond that. First off, you have to neutralize it. It's okay that everyone's eating apples. It's just so delicious fruit. That's all. And then she says, okay, I'm going to go beyond that and to focus on what I'm passionate about them and focus on something else. But focus on saying how Apple's could be good.

At least people eating apples or eating some healthy, they're not even like a tonight. Even like sour patch kids, no matter how delicious those things are, they're not good for you. Deeply be grateful and be better in themselves. New Perspective. You start to feel better about it and then stretch beyond that.

I'm going to start doing something that's more expansive and I focus on my passion and focus on adding value to people. And then you start to experience more of the reality you want. The main purpose of this blog is a breakout of the timeline loop by realizing that your definitions keep you stuck. Let go of the beat, the definition of being stuck and let go of the resistance. Become okay with where you are.

Become okay with the present moment, and then you have more flexibility to then choose something new. The choice is where that power is. If you want that, have a meditation that will help you to raise your vibration. As you raise your vibrational set point, you start to experience more of the parallel realities you want. It's absolutely free. I recommend is a tool for 21 days. I think it'll change your life.

The DANGER of Manifestation Symbols and the Dark Side of the Law of Attraction


I'm going to be sharing with you the danger of manifestation symbols. This is the dark side of the Law of Attraction, and I'm going to show you what to be aware of so that you don't make this mistake.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding manifestation symbols, the danger of them, and how to make sure you don't fall into the trap of it. Because I do see it happen a lot. There are parts of my life when I was definitely more focused on this.

And it's something that when you become aware of, and you keep if you were to keep going back to it, you would be in a way lying to yourself. You would be at least doing it from a level of awareness to where then you could choose something new. When it comes to this process, this is something that a lot of people in the law of attraction community don't talk about.

And it has to do with understanding the ego and the dark side of the ego and the ego. In general, the ego does everything it possibly can to survive and let me explain to you a little bit about what the ego is that you should understand. And why you shouldn't go after symbols and even as I tell you this to you, you're going to come to certain realizations and even for a while you may continue to do it, but eventually, you'll see that that's not the actual true focus.

You'll see that the focus is something completely different. When we come to this plant, when we come to Earth in general, what we do is first off, we are high vibrational, immortal, spiritual beings that exist in higher dimensional states of consciousness.

You could say in a way we have a higher-self aspect of us and what happens is when we come to earth, we have to decelerate our vibration. We have to that I think the word Avatar itself has to do with descending, descending our vibration into physical form. What we do is we come down into this reality, and we come down into our 3D physical avatar self now and actuality you are a being of love, joy, peace, enlightenment.

But we're playing this game. We go through what is called the veil of forgetfulness and in this veil of forgetfulness, we forget who we are, and we do that intentionally. We do that so that we can remember who we are and so that this experience feels more real. Then we come into this reality, we grow up and we are identifying with our environment.

We are told and we are told to emphasize our senses, taste, touch, smell, hear site. We identify with it and we think this is who I am and we go around and then what we do is we focus on elevating our sense of self because we're told growing up and we learned growing up that this is what's important. Compare yourself to other people. It matters what other people think.

And we, we identify with the Avatar. We, I did defy with this character, this personality that is just a small part of who we are. But we start to identify with it because the way the Avatar is wired is it is wired for survival. Then what eventually happens is we may go, we may experience a lot of pain. We may go through experiences that caused us to go to what is called a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening is where we remember, hey, this is an avatar. This is, this is, it feels an experience. I feel it's real, but I know now at a deeper level that I am a spiritual being. Having a temporary human experience. People learn that through meditation, through awareness, and then what people become aware of is, oh my thoughts create my reality. My thoughts influenced the reality I'm experiencing. My beliefs create my reality.

This is a very powerful point that a lot of people get to. However, the ego is still wired at that of essentially waiting for the sense of self because the ego wants to survive and because it's identifying with who it thinks it is, it will do everything it can to survive and to be right, to establish a sense of self. When beyond just a survival mechanism, it doesn’t want to be right. If someone did something to it, a lot of times it'll go to victim mode and it'll say, you should've done this.

You shouldn't have done this, and it gets a little dopamine high off of being right and everyone has an ego that wants to be right now. Then what happens is we may learn about the law of attraction. We may learn that our thoughts create our reality and this is the dark hole that many people fall down and that has to do with going after manifestations. Symbols, symbols are these things in our life that we think will bring us happiness.

A symbol would be money. A symbol would be our relationship. A symbol would be cert opportunities. Certain things happening more likes on Instagram posts, validation. These are all symbols that in of itself they aren't bad, but the trap is people identify and want to get more symbols, which will then essentially its sense of self because then it'll say, okay, okay, this is where I am.

If I get a little bit more than I could feel better than the people around me. I can compare myself and feel like I'm a little bit more worthy and then it, it completely identifies with the external thinking that when all these things happen, then they can be happy. But see, this is the thing about the ego that a lot of people aren't aware of. The ego operates solely based on fear because the ego wants to accentuate itself.

The ego wants to survive. The ego wants to remain with what is comfortable and any belief you have cause yes, our beliefs create our reality. But here's the thing. Any belief we have is actually founded based on fear. Imagine it. If I go, I'm making right now $50,000 a year. That's a limiting belief. I want to make $100,000 a year or even a hundred thousand dollars a month.

That belief is still rooted in the symbol making and having someone be happy and that fear is if I can at least get $100,000 a year or a month or whatever it is, then I can be happy when in actuality it's about understanding vibration. This is when we start to tap more into the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness, which is understanding this all comes from within. Am I saying to not focus on all that at all?

I'm saying don't base your happiness on thinking that that will make you happy. And I know it's easier said than done. Trust me, I get that because I remember there's this famous quote by Les Brown. If you guys ever heard of Les Brown, he's a real core of motivational speaker and he was like, he's like, they say money, don't buy you happiness, but dammit everyone are you going to try to find that out? You know, like you still, want to find out for yourself.

You know what I'm saying is focus on the state of being focused on the passion. Make sure whatever you're focused on is connected to your heart and don't go for the symbols. I'm saying that from experience as well because I went from somebody that didn't have very much, I was working the nine to five job to living in more abundance than I could even imagine at the time back in the day.

I'm very grateful, but I realize that the key is aligning with my soul. It's aligning with who I am and making that the focus, so the danger of manifestation, symbols of the symbol of when I get this, then I'll be happy. If I just had more money is the danger is then it is completely focused on essentially waiting for its sense of self and of pleasing the ego.

Then we may make the mistake of going through our life thinking that it's all about pleasing the ego. The ego is a part of your physical experience, but it is not the whole thing. It's about aligning the ego with the soul and merging it together and understanding that of the vibration of this experience. It's about focusing on vibration and you doing what you love.

You see the key is really in the passion. It's cliché, I know, but because I'm doing what I love and because I have this intention of adding value to other people because it's a feeling that also feels good. I feel like more and more abundance comes to me. It's much easier for it to come because it's almost like the universe wants to work through me. That's why I can get up in front of you every day and do a video every single day for the last like two and a half years. It's because there's not much me.

The ego, the fear be, it's more of this allowing this larger aspect as vibrational part of me to flow through. There's very little ego me, but the key is first off, he coming aware of the ego and its desire to remain in itself, to remain essentially waiting for the senses in the fear mentality. The danger is that you will destroy your relationships to store the people you're on trying to get somewhere else. Creating that resistance when instead.

The key can be on focusing on the vibration of what you want to experience, knowing that you are already whole and complete. It's about alignment and going after the symbols itself. If you go out to the symbols, you'll be chasing your whole entire life. Let me tell you something from experience, you get to a certain goal in your mind whether, I remember the first time I did this and my goal was 100,000 followers on YouTube hit 100,000 and it felt good for a day, but then it was like the mind is looking for a new symbol.

This is how about 200 then you hit 200 so how about 300 how about 400 how about five? The mind will always look for another symbol, but the key is to not base the happiness based on symbols in the paradox is that by going straight to the feeling itself, knowing that you can allow yourself to feel any emotion you want by being instead of thinking and doing, those things will come anyways.

The symbols will come to you, but I'm also a true believer. This is stuff that I thought about recently too. I'm a believer that certain things won't come into your life until you're ready, until you're mature enough for it unless it's coming in for a lesson or something, but things a lot of times don't come in life until you're ready. I remember thinking to myself, man, when I make it a lot of money and I'll just be awesome, but I didn't know how to manage money.

I thought that when I got all that money, what I would do is I would just spend it on dumb stuff. However, what I realized is the more money that I am abundant with, the more money I make, the wiser I am with my money and now I'm able to make more abundance, more symbols because I understand the energy of it.

I understand that I'm not just going to go out and blow it all on all this stuff that I used to think I would. It's almost like you get that which you are ready for and if you are in a way identifying with the symbol itself and putting the symbol on a pedestal as well, you create increased importance with it as well. Even if everything I'm saying you're like, you know Bro, I still why I still want the symbol.

Okay, I get what you're saying. I get this whole ego thing, but I still wanted to symbol. Well, first off, it's the ego that wants to symbol. The larger part of you wants to be happy. The larger part of you wants to raise its vibration, but the key to this is being aware of that. Being aware of that aspect of you and not letting it run you, not letting it take control of the wheel. Observe it and allow yourself to then focus more on the vibration of what you want to experience. Focus on you being the kind of person that does what you love.

When you get to the core of whatever that is, that's when your life will begin to change because then you won't be going for the manifestation symbols. You'll be going straight to the core vibration, and if you focus on raising your vibration first, I promise you manifestation will be easier. Imagine that scale of consciousness that I always share as you move up at your vibration increases and then things happen in more synchronicity.

Things happen easier because your vibration is raised. When we talk about the book Autobiography of a Yogi with Paramahansa Yogananda who talks about his experience of going through enlightenment and all the gurus he met, he met a lot of groups that were enlightened. They could do magical things, why they were up to such a high vibration and they realize the truth about reality. That is that reality is a form of a dream, and because they realize the truth of this, they could do things that we think could be impossible like make objects materialize or levitate or by locate.

They could do things like this because they were up to such a high vibration. A lot of people in the manifestation symbols are in those lower vibrational states of consciousness wanting to accentuate it, sense of self. It's a sense of worthiness based on external factors. And then what happens is it keeps them in a little perpetual loop of the sense of self.

The key to raising your vibration is putting the energy out and being of service to others. It's what you give when you start to get much more. What can you give? Start to ask yourself that question. We in this reality identify with this 3D part of ourselves but in actuality 4D level of consciousness about understanding that we're all connected and because we're all connected. What you do to someone else comes back at you because what you do to someone else, you do to another aspect of yourself.

What can you give? Because when you're focused on what you, what you can give. You're not so much focused on the symbols, but the symbols will come to you. But the key is to not identify with them and do not think that that is who you are, that if you just had a bit more you can be happy. The danger is that then you may live 20, 30, 40 years identifying with the law of attraction with accentuating the ego versus understanding the truth and the truth is first off, raise your vibration, raise your vibration and then manifestation will come easier and you won't identify with these symbols, the parts of them that are fleeting.

Anyways, so the awareness really is the key, and I say this because I want to help people wake up. It's all about awareness. Waking Up to who we really are. We are moral, spiritual beans. Law of Attraction is amazing. However, when we identify with the fear mechanism of it and we identify with it essentially in our sense of self, we stay within a little bubble that blocks us from getting to a new level of vibration.

Something else that will help you to get to that level of vibration is a free meditation I have. Listen to it for 21 days. I think it will help transform your life because you start to see yourself in a new way, help you to raise your vibrational set point. 

The Backdrop People (and how to know if you are one) The TRUTH about Reality


I'm going to show you the truth about what is called the back-drop people. I'm going to show you the signs that you are one and show you exactly how to know.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the signs of being what is called the backdrop person and sharing you what this concept is and the truth as to what it really is. I've done some deep reflection on this. I recently put out a video on backdrop people and it got such an enormous amount of interaction from people. That was okay.

I'm going to make a follow-up video for it and kind of clarify it because there were some questions about it to now. Originally, I filmed the video in Japan and I was kind of walking around and being like, showing the probability or the possibility of there being backdrop people and showing what that would mean and what that would be like.

First off, if you haven't seen that video. Let me explain a little bit about what backdrop people are. And it comes from a book by Dolores Cannon. And if you don't know who Dolores cannon is, she's a and was a hypnotherapist for years. And when she would do is she would get people to the deepest levels of brainwave activity. And what would happen if these people would be in a deep level of trance?

Their higher self would come through and then she would ask them questions like, why did you incarnate at this time? What was the purpose of this in your life? What was the relationship with this person? Why did you decide to come and have this experience on earth right now? Because we're in moral spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. And once she did it, she would ask questions like that.

When one of the things that came up is this explanation of what is called the backdrop people. The backdrop people, the idea is that you can almost think of it in the terms of a movie like filler people or backdrop people. Like when you go out into society for example, and you see people everywhere, the idea would be that some of those people may be within the simulation itself because reality is a form of simulation.

Some of those people may not actually be what we think of as the traditional type soles or people. They may just be there as a projection to fill up space. The idea behind this in the form of a movie is that you are the lead role in your reality and then you have maybe a cameo, which could be somebody else, maybe a family member in your life or maybe that person also has a lead role in your life.

And then some people are cameos. It does have smaller roles. And then there are, and would be this idea of the backdrop people and the backdrop, people would not actually have a role in it. They would just kind of be there in the background and you wouldn't. And the idea is whether they even have a soul or not if they're just a projection within the simulation itself of reality.

The thing that I want to share with you right now about the video that I did before is that in that video I talk about how it's a dangerous concept to have this idea of the backdrop people, because what it does is it starts to put labels onto people as to whether they are real or not. Understand. First off, the reality is a form of simulation. We are immortal spiritual beings pretending to be these 3D physical bodies, and we use this body as a vehicle to have the experience that we're having.

However, at a greater level, we are so much more than our bodies. The part that's important to understand is that everything in your life is a reflection of you. Everything in your life. I listened to Bashar before. He says in order to transcend the third dimension, you must realize that you are the third dimension itself.

That reality is simply a projection and everything you experience in your life is a reflection of you. If we go out and we think that certain people are backdrop people and certain people are real people, we start to create this line in the sand that isn't conducive when in actuality they're all projections of you anyways, so it depends upon the perspective.

Dolores Cannon only had maybe a chapter on what is called the backdrop. People out of the 17 books that she's had thousands of different concepts or ideas, the backdrop people was only mentioned a couple of times. There's not a whole bunch of information on it. The takeaway from it though is that we exist within a simulation of consciousness. We are immortal spiritual beings that exist in the love frequency.

That's our natural state. We played this game where we forget who we are. We have this life experience. We are the leaders of our own movie. There are cameos that are there are supporting roles. However, there are the backdrop people that backdrop people are people that we don't really have a close connection to or really even have to maybe even have a conversation with. Are they real or not?

The answer is what difference does it make? What difference does it make because you will or we may not have a conversation with them anyway, but the part to understand is that we want to understand everything is a reflection of ourselves anyway. Everything is a reflection of what we believe to be true. Let's talk about the signs of being a backdrop person.

I'll tell you right now if you're reading this blog right now and you are perceiving of it than you are not the fear-based model of being what is called the backdrop person. Cause some people in that video I posted were like, am I a backdrop person? Are you a backdrop person? It's not like that because if you are conscious and aware and reading this blog, you're not a backdrop person.  

It depends on how you also look at this because in Dolores Cannon's interview. One time she was asked about this question and she said that some people may be backdrop people in our lives and our own lives projections of certain types of energies they don't even really speak or we never even interface with talk to them.

However, we may be the backdrop people in other people's lives. That kind of flips the script a little bit because there's like, wait, do these people have souls or not? The idea is it doesn't make a difference. It doesn't make a difference because everything is a reflection of the one anyways. However, if you're reading this blog then you can relax in knowing that you are not a backdrop person. 

You have a soul, you are any mortal spiritual been going through an experience of dreaming that you are this 3D physical. However, you are going through life experience meant to have and go through more of an awakening of who you are. Becoming aware of the backdrop people is not necessarily relevant. However, the one thing I think it can do that is exciting is it starts to break up our understanding of what reality is.

Because then we see as a simulation, which it is, we live in virtual reality. Think about it. They have virtual reality headsets you put on where you don't know the difference. I've played them before. I've shared this story before, but my cousin came over to my house. I went over to my dad's house and my cousin came over and he brought this a dislike helmet looking thing for PlayStation, one of the PlayStations, I don't even know which one you put it on.

And there are two, three games we played. We played one game that was like you had to diffuse a bomb so it sees it was interesting if like cut wires and do this like stuff. Then we played another game that wasn't really in the game. You just, you go underwater and then you see all these fish swimming around your inside.

This like little cage thing and you're descending into the water as if you're in a scuba snorkeling tank or whatever. And then what happens if you're looking around, it looks amazing. You feel like you're literally drifting down in the more further down you go, you feel more and more like you're actually there and then what happens is these fish flying around, her swimming around, whatever, fish do swimming around.

You see all this cool stuff happening, see coral, you see all these animals and all these fish and then all the sudden you could and you can look all the way around. I can look all the way back and see things and it was, that's what's for stripping me out and I started to feel this feeling of vertigo, but then what happened is a shark came out of nowhere. This shark came in, came over and took a bite out of the cage that I was in.

It was scary. You see the shark's face and you see it's its mouth come right up to you. It tears the decades off. I'm sitting there open and not protected by anything. This, this level of anxiety starts to bubble, but wait, it's just a virtual reality. Then I look down and I started to get the feeling I'm on a skyscraper because as I looked down and there's a whole bunch of space going down to the floor, even though of course I'm in the water and I see the sharp come around again, the anxiety begins to well up. 

Of course, that was a virtual reality experience, but it appears to be real, but in the same way that our body can't tell the difference in our brain can't tell the difference between what is real and what is not real. What's to say that we, in reality, are already in a form of simulation, that we are immortal, spiritual beings living in unconditional love and bliss, dreaming that we are experiencing reality through the five senses.

It's just that instead of a headset google, we're using our body as the virtual reality headset and we go around interpreting vibration through our senses and at certain points of the game you may upgrade yourself and when you upgrade yourself you get a little more ability. It's where some people have the ability to remote. Do you do astral project use their third eye to do really amazing intuitive things. That's the sixth sense.

That's an ability you have, once you turned to tap into the true nature of reality, which reality is a form of simulation and there are ways of hacking it, but then we may come to a realization that everything is a projection of consciousness. Everything is a reflection of the one which is us, and then we may see that it is probable. There could be what is called the backdrop people but understand he doesn't really make a difference.

If you're reading this blog right now, then you are not what is called a backdrop person. You are an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience. However, from a certain perspective, you may be the backdrop person in someone else's reality and they may be that in your reality, in a metaphor, especially a metaphor. I'm thinking of it as a movie set, but do they have souls? Do they not have souls?

That's something that I think is irrelevant. It's not relevant. And I think that when we get into that territory, it becomes a little bit more dangerous. What I would recommend is just understanding that you're an infinite spiritual being, limited temporary human experience. Understand reality is much more flexible than you think. It's much more malleable and then when you start to realize that life is a form of projection, it's a dream that we're all having where I'll have in our own individual dream and then there's a dream of the collective consciousness.

You start to loosen up, you start to have more fun with it, have more fun with reality, understand that it's meant to be fun. Understand that you are also your lead role. Take back your lead role. If you're living your life right now and you are that cameo and everyone else's life, start to realize that you can take your rollback. You can start to live from a place of empowerment. You can start to choose things in your life.

You may have been living your whole life reading a script, thinking you had to play according to a script. That script is the autopilot mind. You can take back to your lead role in, realize that you can improve. Let go of this script and be yourself. You don't even have to act. Just be who you naturally are and you get to that when you start to take your power back and you start to feel empowered. Understand that this is something that's here for you. This is something you could tap more into by making the choice. If you would like a meditation, I will help you to raise your vibrational set points.

3 BLOCKS to Ascension that are lowering your vibration INSTANTLY (and you don’t even know it)

I'm going to be sharing with you the three blocks to ascension that are holding you back from raising your vibration. When you let go of these three things, your vibrational race to a whole new level. Now I'm going to show you exactly how to do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. I'm going to be sharing with you the three things that are blocking your ascension process from happening and showing you that when you let go of these things or you make these little mindset shifts and energy shifts, it changes everything.

There is an ascension of vibration that is happening because mother Gaia, herself, the planet herself has raised to a new level of frequency raising to a higher level of vibration.

Think of it in a way like we have cells inside of our body and as we change our frequency, the sales change, their frequency and the same way as the planet herself is changing her frequencies. We are the cells of Gaia that are changing our frequency as well. Gaia herself is going through an ascension, going through this raising vibration, and you might ask yourself, what does that mean? Ascension literally means a raising vibration. It's a raise in vibrational state of consciousness.

And prior to us coming here and just in general over the last couple hundred years, the planet has been primarily in what is called the third dimensional state of consciousness. 3-D. Think of that like duality. There's good light, dark, there's a good bad light, dark up, down night. And think of it in a way as the way that we focus in 3D reality is through the ego.

Think of the ego as the brain left brain, right brain. It's also polarized. Well, what we are moving into is we're moving away from the separateness of always thinking that we're separate of trying to control everything. You can also think of it in a way as the third dimension is primarily dominated by the third Chakra, which would be the solar plexus, which is like the willpower, getting things done, a certain level of control.

There's been a certain level of control and the planet for thousands of years that's control the financial system which is a way to keep people busy. So people are working nine to five jobs. They don't really have time to go inwards and find out more of all spiritual awakening. It's kind of a distraction if you think about it. And there's this emphasis on linear time space reality in d where it's like that was the past, this is the present.

That's the future. We really emphasize those. And the 3D reality is really about identifying with the ego. I think of it as like a dye to find what the ego, and we live most of our lives identified with the ego and that's why when you look at the news, all the news does is keep you in the lower three as it keeps you in the lower vibrational states of consciousness and vibrations. Such a shame, fear, guilt, anger, getting angry and triggered by what someone is saying.

Those are left as a distraction to keep people in the 3D level of consciousness. Well, what's happening now is we are ascending into a four and 5D level of consciousness. Now we don't have to get too tripped up with the labels of the terms was a 4D or 5D, but think of 4D as more like a dreamlike reality and more about vibration.

And as we raise our vibration, we are starting to perceive reality more of as a dream because things are becoming much more flexible. So in our reality right now, things are becoming much more flexible. Maybe you felt it recently that the perception of time has continued to increase. Time feels like it's going by super fast and it's not that time is going by fast, but our perception and our vibration is speeding up, which is causing our perception of time to speed up.

So the other part of understanding the fourth and fifth dimension is more of an understanding of connection, collective consciousness, like the thoughts we think create our reality and the thoughts that we collectively think create our collective reality will inform. And 5D reality, we start to move more into our heart and more into integration, more into connection.

When you have the brain creating, using manifestation or you know, manifesting, which is the natural by-product for the way reality works. What you'll notice is that it uses that of the polarized way of thinking. But when you manifest from the heart, it's much more powerful energy. The heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head. And that's what the heart math institute is shown.

We have the ability right now to tap into that 5D level of consciousness, which is all about connection, which is about vibration, which is about understanding who we are at that deeper level. So what I've done is I've got these three blocks, the things, that a lot of it will come from the law of one buy the raw material, the raw material, the law of one, which is a channel piece of work from the 70s and 80s.

One of the most profound channelling of all time. A lot of people have heard of it. And there's a lot of information in there and it talks about how there's this harvest going on, on the planet right now and o now going forward though this harvest is continuing to happen in this harvest. In a way, it's like an ascension as this raising vibration that we're becoming aware of. And in a way, think of it as well as like an amplification.

There's an amplification of energy on the planet. So whether you feel positive or negative, whatever you feel that's been amplified and you're feeling that more and more. And part of the purpose of that is that you become an alignment with what you really want to experience. So at ascension is a raising vibration and it's a magnification of what you are and ascension is also about understanding that you are in the mortal spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience.

It's about knowing that your ego has been maybe running the show most of your life, but what you can begin to do is surrender the ego, use the eagle, but don't have the Easel Eagle use. You be aware that you can go in a certain direction, but don't be totally identified with that whole experience with the experience in reality through the five senses and identified with the future in the past and the ideas and the thoughts.

It's more about understanding that you are so much more than that. So in the law of one the raw materials, the first block I'm going to talk about is something that I got from there and what they talk about is that in order to move primarily into what is called the fourth shot grow, what you could call the heart Chakra, which you must do, is you must clear the bottom three Chakras, the root Chakra, the sacral shocker and the solar plexus.

These must be cleared to move into the heart and the lower three chakras. The things that are unresolved from the past or like keeps us in a lower vibrational state. So you could say that you're angry. That's something that happened to you in a past between you and someone else. That could be something from the solar plexus or the sacral Chakra, which the root Chakra is tied to your feeling of survival. The sacral Chakra is in general tied to your relationship with yourself or relationship with others. And the solar plexus is that of willpower control, community, sense of community, family dynamics.

When you have problems in these three and it's not really about piling anything on new inside of it, it's about being aware of these things. When I went through my spiritual awaken 2012 and it's still a process of going through it, but I had to really clear out my survival mode because I was in survival mode for a good part of my life because I had, if you know my story, I had an abusive extent mom between the ages of seven to 15 years old. I'm almost like, I had to become someone with like an Armor around me for me to like navigate through life because if I didn't then I felt like I'd get hurt or something bad would happen to me.

I still felt like I wasn't very worthy. Cause when you're treated a certain way, when you're emotionally, mentally, or physically abused, you in general feel like you're not worthy. So what I had to do was I had to clear it and had to clear my survival mode. I declared my relationship with myself and feel more worthy. I had to develop willpower and, and find what I'm passionate about and go in a certain direction, have a vision and the way that you clear these bottom three shock Russ, so that you can then move into your heart Chakra.

It's forgiveness, forgiving you, forgiving the people that have hurt you. And a simple way of doing that is understanding that people that have hurt you, we're doing the best they could with where they were. What I mean by that is they've justified in their heads somehow something they did to you. They justified it from a certain point of view. And maybe they're playing out a pattern of the past. Maybe they're playing out a pattern that they learned from their parents. I learned with my step mom, she's abusive. Her Dad, she did her the same way. She was playing out a pattern and unconscious pattern that doesn't make it right, but it does allow me to forgive her. I forgive myself.

So the key is forgiveness. If someone steals from you, maybe they believe they don't have abundance, well maybe they learned that pattern from someone else. Does it make it right? But you forgiving them. It's the awareness that they did the best they could with where they are. So that's part of this process. Solar plexus. I would say also develop a vision for what you want to experience in your life.

When your ego, when you become so strong. I'm trying to control everything. Your ego because out of balance that might cause the third chocolate I'd be out of balance. So in order to ascend you must clear the bottom three Chakra and the instances in your life, the patterns of your past that are tied to those different aspects. And you could do more research on this as well.

But in general survival mode, knowing that you're not in survival mode anymore, most likely, maybe in the past you had to worry about food and shelter and those things. But most likely if you're watching this right now, you watch it on a phone, you have the bare necessities. Maybe aware that your, your sacral chakra, your relationship with yourself, relationship with others, forgive yourself, forgive others and have the vision for the solar plexus and heal your relationship with your family as well as I'll talk a little bit more about as well here in a minute.

So these are the three things that are the three chakras is that when you clear it changes everything and allows you to then a send your vibration higher. It's part of the ascension process. The second thing that will block you from ascending is trying to be what is called normal. What I mean by this is when you start to go through a spiritual awakening, many times you may get held back because you get all excited knowing that your thoughts create your reality, knowing that you are any moral, spiritual being limited, temporary human experience. You may run out to tell all your friends and family and you may make that mistake.

Sometimes they'll just could totally understand. Some people understood it, some people thought it was just crazy because I went from one dynamic to the other. I went from being just loud, having fun all the time. Not that you can't have fun when you're spiritual, but just focused on drinking, smoking, having a good time all at the same time. Meditations like what's going on, Bro? Talking about meditation and if you try to get other people on board, you make pickup resistance from them because they may not be ready for it, but the best way that you influenced your friends and family towards by leading by example.

That's attractive, but it's not attractive when you're trying to control. You're trying to get people to understand where you are. That's another thing that will hold you back as well, spiritual ego. So many people, even myself, developed a spiritual ego that I'm eagle lists and I'm enlightened or anything. But back in 2012 I went through my awakening out went one ego and in came in other, and the one that came in was a meditator. The one that came in with somebody that was not to sleep, looked around and wishes everyone else would wake up.

People just don't understand me because they're not there. They don't get it. They'll wake up eventually. That's the spiritual ego. And when you emphasize the spiritual, you'll create separation. You create separation between you and other people. You have a belief as well that then people just don't get you and that blocks you from experiencing people that do get you. So this is all part of a process. But the key to this is knowing, trying to be normal is feeding the old paradigm normal on the planet right now is to be asleep and disengaged from reality.

So to try to be normal and to try to fit in is to try to suppress a natural process of evolution within you, which is called ascension. And if you see this video, then you're going through that process. You're going through the process of ascension and understand that you need come here to just fit back in, be normal like everyone else. You came here to be bold and to live your truth and to raise your vibration.

That may sound you came to raise your vibration and also raise other people's vibration around you and knowing that it makes it a little bit easier because then you realize that that's the old paradigm of trying to fit in. We're conditioned from a young age to fit in, but the key is knowing that you can let that go and you can be who you're meant to be because they say your vibe attracts your tribe. Eventually you will find more and more people who vibe with what you do and you will build with those other people, you know will create a very powerful shift.

But that's what's happening right now to more and more lightworkers are becoming connected, which is causing a ripple of energy, which is very powerful. Now, the third block that will block you from raising your vibration is also something I looked from. Learn from the power of one and they use this analogy. Now I don't recommend getting too caught up with this analogy, but it will work. The analogy is this, what keeps people from ascending or what allows someone who was send is if you are a 51% of service to others at least or more, if you are 51% service to self that contracts your energy, you're more worried on do you give it away?

The Third Chakra, I think in that way, if you're 50% if you're a majority service to self, you're staying primarily in the third Chakra in the control and the ego. If you're 51% service to others, you have the awareness that those other people or other aspects of you and that you have this larger, you're a part of this cosmic plan. So the intention to add value of being 50% just 51% service to others. Will allow you to ascend more into raise your vibration.

 And this I found is probably one of the most powerful ideas about, but come across my life is the more you put out, the more you get back. The more I make videos that help people to transform their lives, the more abundance comes to me without me even really trying because that's how reality works. And there's a cosmic plan that we're all a part of. We're all dreaming, we're separate entities, we're all connected. And what helps other people comes back at you. So by helping other people, you're actually helping yourself as well.

So there really is only service to self from a certain perspective, but when you are a majority of having an outflow and expansive energy that will help you to assent. So the key is having that awareness alone will help you to then give more because the more you give, the more it comes back at you. But even then, that's kind of a selfish point of view. If you also just happened to contribution when you give to other people, it feels so much better than getting, if a holiday comes around someone's birthday, I enjoy giving better than I enjoy receiving and in the same way in life in general when I'm doing my work, making videos, helping people, it feels so much better to give than to get.

But I think that's kind of how it works is like the more you give them what you get anyway, so it's a cycle. But understand that for this ascension process you chose to come here, you chose to be a part of this and that as time goes on, this is only going to increase. More and more people are going to wake up. Family members that don't get you now may eventually come around. They may not, but you can't be attached to that.

So just to recap, clear your bottom three chakras, become aware of your survival mode and start to heal. That starts to realize you're not in cyber survival mode anymore. Allow it to be there and let it go. SACRAL chakras at being connected to yourself, connected to other people. Heal it. Forgiveness is the key to all of this.

Doing your passion for you living in your heart. Clear in the bottom three shockers allows you into your heart Chakra. Secondly, let go of caring what people think and trying to fit. It sounds easier said than done, but that's a belief. Beliefs create our reality. Understand that you must first live your truth, otherwise you're cheating people out from knowing you anyways. People that are, if you're trying to be someone else, you're putting on this facade and people don't even know who you are, so don't cheat people out of knowing who you really are.

And a lot of times, even if people don't agree or vibe with the exact person that you are with this little spiritual information, they respect that you are yourself. And then thirdly, focus on being 51% to others. Add value to other people that will help you to raise your vibration.

We're all an aspect of the one infinite consciousness dreaming that were separate parts. Align yourself with a vision of adding value to other people and the more value you put out, the more comes back to you. Because we live in the universal. But also the more you contribution you feel, the more fulfillment you feel. So if you want someone else to help you with this and the topic description box below, I have a free meditation that will help you to raise your vibration. This is for 21 days and they get transformed my life.



I'm going to be sharing with you that have Starseeds and ADHD or ADD. I want to be showing you the truth that no one tells you and what you can do about it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding starseeds, ADD, or ADHD. In general, when we look at this ADD, ADHD has to do with a type of attention deficit disorder and it has to do with understanding that a lot of the kids nowadays being born into this reality because we are all multidimensional beings.

We exist at higher levels of consciousness. We forget that when we come and have an earth experience. However, many of the kids being born today and that have been born over the last 30 years have come and had more of their DNA activated.

They'd have more ability for them to connect to the different aspects of the way their mind works and the way that they think. And because of that, there are certain side effects of what happens with that in our reality. The reason I'm sharing this blog is that a lot of people that have ADD or ADHD may judge themselves; they may think that there's something wrong with them.

That was me for years because when I was working in my, before my spiritual awakening in 2012, I identified very strongly with having ADHD. I would go to work every day. It was hard for me to focus on. I worked at Nordstrom's in the women's shoes and going to work every day, and I'd have to focus on helping customers because it was a commission based job.

But I found it very hard to focus, and it was hard for me to go into the stock room sometimes I forget what kind of shoes they wanted to try on. I had a lot of energy that was ungrounded, unbalanced. Sometimes people would actually even judge me and think that there was something wrong with me. It got, there was a point when I've always had a lot of energy, and that energy is just sometimes when there's always balanced.

It wasn't always grounded. Remember, even one time at Nordstrom’s trying to be, if I want to share this window, when I was at Nordstrom's, I was working in a certain department, one of the managers there was talking to other managers. I found this out because I had a friend in a different department that was a manager and she was like the assistant manager.

She was telling other managers that she thought that I was on coke, which is like a drug. I wasn't at all, did do anything. However, that to me was something that really kind of hurt me cause I'm like, oh, somebody's telling him, spreading rumors about me as if I did that.

I've never done that in my life. And I remember what I did was I, I sat down that that assistant manager and I told her, I was like, listen, I know that he told all the other managers this, but either I go up to HR or you tell all those managers that is not true. And she ended up telling all the agency, and I'll talk to the manager what is true. And then she wanted me out of the apartment.

She helped me get me promoted to a better department because she, I think felt threatened from you being in that department. I actually ended up working out very well. However, I felt like there was something wrong with me because there were people that were saying these things about me and I always felt kind of guilty for having, you know, kind of being more scattered but having a lot of energy.

And for years I identified with that. And then what happened is eventually I learned that of meditation. I learned how to observe my thoughts, observe thoughts as they come in. I realized that I just had a lot of energy, and I learned how to observe my thoughts, and that was the game changer. Two or three days into meditation, I didn't get a crazy epiphany.

Nothing insane happened where I was like, Oh, spiritual enlightenment. My third I just opened, and everything cracked open. It wasn't necessarily like that however but did happen as I sat there, and I was like, okay, first off, I was like, I don't want to take negative thoughts because I learned about the Law of Attraction. Shortly before that was like thinking negative thoughts of a Memphis, more negative things happening, so instead what I did, I was like, you know what?

I'm going to observe my thoughts, not try to control them, just they come in, observe them let them be there and then watch them leave. I allow the thoughts to be there, and by allowing an observer, an observing them, everything began to change. I remember it was also like the third day I sat down, I thought to myself, I was like, okay, my life is going to forever change from this experience of learning meditation.

I just decided that I don't know what it was, was an intuitional thing. I decided that my life would be forever changed, sat down, observe my thoughts, and that's when my life really began to change. It was like a choice, a decision, but an allowance at the same time. Then I became aware of how my beliefs were creating my reality. I became aware that I had this belief that I had ADHD or ADD because I was told that by a doctor I was given something called Adderall, which is the prescription drug that they give.

I would take it every day going to Nordstrom's, and I would go to work, and I would take this Adderall and then I would be able to really focus. I'd be helping customers and make so much money. And but what Adderall does is it helps you release dopamine, which is, helps you focus, but then you crash on it and you'll find that it's hard to sleep and it's hard to eat harsh side effects.

That's when, that's what propelled me to learn meditation because I was like, there's going to be something else that doesn't have such harsh side effects. I came across that of meditation. That's where my life really began to change. But I started to observe my thoughts, the thoughts of not understanding that my beliefs, believing there was something wrong with me, with ADHD is what was causing me to only look into the belief system of the doctor that had to tell me what does the pharmaceutical that I thought it was the cure.

But what I realized is that belief itself has overlaying it. And what I decided to do was to reframe it and said, I saw myself as having a lot of energy, having a lot of energy. I had to ground it. Instead what I would do is I go outside, I would ground myself in the grass, and I would allow the energy to flow through and I would meditate every day. After meditation started changing my life, I would do it every day, and I meditated in the morning and at night and my life began to change from that point going on forward.

What this involved is this involved me coming more at my core and understanding that I had the ability to reframe it. Shortly after that, I started to understand more about starseeds. Here's the thing about starseeds. Every single person on the planet, and especially if you're reading this blog right now, you are a starseed.

Meaning you have a connection to the stars. You have a connection to higher states of consciousness, whether you are aware of it or not. We come into this 3D avatar body that experiences reality through the five senses. We emphasize these senses and we go through and get immersed in the experience. And what's happening right now on the planet is more and more people are waking up to who they are.

And part of this has to do with our star seed origins, who and how we are connected as starseeds. Every single person on the planet is a star seed. The one's waking up now are the ones that are meant to wake up now to help wake up other people by them being themselves, not necessarily by going out and like hammering in these ideas.

I like walking around. I like having fun in this reality. I view it as a form of dream. Therefore, I'm able to have more flexibility with it, and it's not so serious and that leads by example. However, being a starseeds is about being aware of your connection to the stars to different reality systems that are higher dimensional in nature. I recently went to a seminar because I don't know Bashar, his name is Darryl Anka.

He's been channeling Bashar for like 30 years. Victor, Leeor, I and Patty, Victor's wife, we all went to the bush, our event. Victor and I put in our names, and we all got called to ask questions within the first half of the seminar. What’s really cool is that there's like more than a hundred people there and only like 1520 people get called and all three of us got called, and it was really cool. We've got to ask questions.

A lot of that you had to do with understanding starseeds, our connection to the stars and understanding who we are at a greater level. And one of the things Bashar said is he said many people on the planet have a connection. These are all very common connections that we have and we all have connections in that way and that in being a lot of these are higher dimensional connections as well. When we look at the pleadings, it's higher. It's a higher dimensional connection. Then just here, I mean it's better.

It's not about being better or worse, but it is higher vibrational could say. Some of these versions of us that we connect you are the future versions of us in different realities and we're connecting to them now because now is the most transformative time to be on the planet ever before and what's happening is people being born now and people in the last 2030 years that have, especially having ADHD or ADD is a side effect of the DNA being activated and a side effect of the mind working at a different capacity.

Why is it that a lot of kids going to schools aren't able to focus? One of the reasons is because some of the things you learned in school aren't that exciting. These kids come here to make a profound change on the planet, and they're so highly gifted with their minds, but they're meant and put into these boxes of the name. They need to focus on this, this and this and these little things.

They're like, why am I, why do I need to focus on that? And it's hard for them to focus because I'm not passionate about it and it's not delivered in a way that they can really absorb and embrace it and immerse themselves. If so, me, for example, it was also hard for me to focus in school and I wasn't that interested in it. However, now that I'm able to channel my energy into what I love to do, take it so easy for me, it's are we passionate about what we do are doing.

The phenomenon when it comes to ADHD and ADD with Starseeds is that the people being born are operating at a certain frequency that many times gets mislabeled or misjudge than we judge ourselves and we think there's something wrong with us and we medicate ourselves with ADD with Adderall or Ritalin or whatever they give out for it. However, many times it just has to do with are we passionate about what we are doing and are we grounding it in a powerful way?

If you have ADD or ADHD, don't beat yourself up. No, that you can start to let go of the label. You can start to redefine it. You can go out and ground yourself. That's what I did. I ground myself every day. I walk on the grass where I meditate. Meditation will help you to ground your energy. There's nothing wrong with you and if you have kids are, you know people that have to ADD start to understand them in a new way.

Don't label them and put them into a little box. Understand that they just operate differently because they doubled their purpose in life is high vibrational in nature to help other people. And sometimes that gets misinterpreted and we're all high vibrational beings. There's anything like if you don't have ADHD, you need to feel like, you know, if you don't have a lot of energy, then you've got to feel like there's some wrong with you. There's nothing wrong with anyone.

There are these different ways that we embody our energy. And there's a negative connotation around having a lot of energy, having ADD or ADHD. And if we were to start to focus on things we're really passionate about, and if we were to relabel it and we were just to focus on grounding our energy than all of this would begin to change. But the truth is right now on the planet is the most important time to be alive than ever before.

Because more people are going to wake up in this lifetime than ever. We have more of disability for us to wake up and many people are in a deep sleep. There's walking around kind of to sleep, walking. And then you had people like you know that are awake. They're like, okay, this is what we're going to do. People do the week in general. If you're reading this blog, you're one of those people that are awake cause you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of.

You're helping other people to wake up as well to more of their star seed self-understanding. They are multidimensional. Understanding that this is a form of a dream, that we're becoming more lucid in and as I go, like this is my way of showing yell when the dream in a dream, it's a fun dream. We can enjoy the dream, but the more lose you make it, the more you enjoy it. That's simple. Enjoy yourself.

Allow this dream to be what it is. Understanding your multidimensional nature. You are a star seed. If you have ADHD, if you know some of the ADHD or ADD, then understand that you can more so accept them, can accept yourself. You can reframe it. You can ground yourself in a powerful way. You can know it's okay. You just simply have more of these DNA markers activated.

However, don't get too attached to the label as well. Sometimes it misses a yes, this is who I am. And that may emphasize the spiritual ego. Everyone is in this process of waking up. We just have different ways of expressing it. Know that you're special, but everyone else has special in their own way as well and move forward knowing that and embodying who you really are.