Just “BE IT” and watch how your life transforms (here’s how to do it)


I'm going to be showing you the been frequency, which is the key to me creating the life that I'm living now. I see so many people transforming their lives, and I'm going to show you how to apply it, which will change everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you what is called the been frequency. This has to do with understanding something about reality that changes everything when you really begin to apply this. I look at my own life right now and not a brag or anything, but I live a life that I absolutely love. I get to make videos every day. I get to share my ideas every day. This is where I am currently living. I am living for the next month. I am in Tulum, Mexico and after this, I'll be going to Costa Rica and then after that I'll do what I want.

I might go back to the States for a little bit and do some other stuff, but I'm mentally going to be doing live events and part of this as well. It's like I'm using this process in my own life. One thing that I'm doing is I'm using the been frequency. I'm identifying the version of me that is traveling the world, giving seminars, doing what I love, and the more interactive personal way versus just on YouTube, which I think YouTube is cool, but I'm realizing now that there's another level. What I mean by that is I want to do things that are a little bit outside the comfort zone, and speaking in front of a lot of people is the next level versus just doing YouTube videos words, or it's me and the camera.

The been frequency is what I used to go full time on YouTube. The been frequency is what I use to change my self-image the way that I saw myself with believing that I wasn't worthy or believing that I had ADHD. The being frequency is available to anybody, and any version of you is available. Once you begin to tap into it. Once you begin to identify it. The been frequency is even more powerful than that of the beliefs we might have, or the being frequency is more powerful than acting as if because it has to do with understanding the identity. The first part of the thing I want to share with you is that the reason this changes everything is because when you start to tap into it, you start to also tap into a higher vibrational data stream. Imagine that highest version of you, and the more you embodied that version of you, the higher vibration you feel. It means that your thoughts are going to have more magnetic power, and the things that you say and intend to are going to happen much easier because your vibration is higher.

This is one of the reasons I've shared this before but in the book autobiography of a Yogi. In that book, he was around other enlightened gurus who could do magical things, things we would consider to be magic. And one of the reasons they could do that is because they were in such a high frequency, they understood that everything is no illusion. Everything is just a reflection. What they would do is they had the ability to change their reality at will. They had such things that they were doing to change reality were normally very high vibrational things, things that had a positive impact. That's something that they would do with some divine intention. In the same way, the more that we tap into our natural beingness, which is a high vibrational energy, the more magic we create in our life.

First off, the been frequency has to do with having a sense of flow, a flow state. The reason I make videos every single day on YouTube is not just because it's good for getting the videos out there and the YouTube algorithm. The reason for making the daily videos on YouTube is because it puts me into a state every morning when I get up of that frequency of me doing what I'm passionate about. I could very easily make five or six, seven videos in one day, and be done the rest of the week cause I make a video a day. I could do it that way, but I know that tapping into that being frequency every single day is in V is very important for me to create the life that I want. Here's the thing as well. That's exactly what I did to go full time on YouTube.

I identified the version of me. This is the thing, the been frequency, the frequency of the version of you that you would love to exist already. Imagine the best version of you right now. Imagine what you would be doing. Imagine what you'd be thinking. Imagine the kind of emotions you would feel. Imagine the kind of physiology that you have, the way that you carry yourself. Imagine all of these different aspects of that version of you and realize that version of you already exists. You don't have to create it.

What I did is I was walking around my house, and I said, you know what I'm going to make, I literally, I felt like a future version of me told me to make videos every single day. That's how it felt is that if you make videos every single day for a year, your life will transform. That was the message I got. I said every single day, no matter what, I'm going to make a video every day. And I was working a full-time job that I didn't like 40 hours a week. I was very busy. However, that eventually led to me being in that frequency, that reality became my dominant frequency. Here's the thing, that other job that I had, I was still working 40 hours a week, so I was still putting energy into it. But what I would do is I just simply put more energy into what I was, the being frequency, the being of that reality.

I was a full-time shoe salesperson at my nine to five job, and I was a full-time YouTuber at the same time. And there are people say, well how do I quit this and then do this? Do both. Just make one your dominant intention and your dominant and your dominant choice that that's who you are. Third of times I got home from work at about midnight or one in the morning cause I would get on the strip, and it'd be open late. Once or twice a week, you have to work till midnight or 11 o'clock one time. There were a couple of times I got home at like midnight or one, and I would film a video, edit the video, upload the video, make the thumbnail scheduled to go out, get to bed by like three or four in the morning and then do it all over again.

Why? Because it's who I chose to be. It's who I am, and I recognize that, and I gave myself that choice that this is what I'm going to do every single day no matter what. When we talk about the beam frequency, that version of you already exists. You don't have to create it. All you have to do is Mir that versions of you, physiology, behaviors, actions, choices, habits, books. They're reading the daily things they do. And by doing so, you begin to mere that version of you. You will become that version of you, but you see this a thing. The mind gets in there says it can't be that easy. How can it be that easy? I had so much time in my life when I was in limiting beliefs. It can't be that easy. I need to make it more, more challenging. That's what I did too.

I get it, but us believing it has to be hard. We'll make it hard. Us knowing and believing, we can just simply decide this is who we are. That's what changes everything. This is who I am now. I will do everything I can. This will be my dominant frequency. If you let yourself get diverted than you will after two weeks in on YouTube, there was nothing really happening. I was making more videos, but I wasn't growing that much quicker. But then the third or fourth weekend is when the video started to go viral back in February 2017, and then my channel went from 3000 subscribers to 25,000 subs and like a day or in a, in about a month. I was like, Whoa. But I had to stay focused on that reality and that frequency, that version of me, it was natural for that version of me.

When I recognize that I said, okay, this is awesome. This is who I am. This is who I am now, and then as you go through it, there will be certain things that happen that why you're in that frequency. Think about this too. There've been many people, so we have to choose to be in this frequency, how you think, act, feel. That's your vibration. The beam frequency, the highest vibrational version of you that also is in a flow state, has to be connected to your passion cause if it's not, it won't last. You won't. There'll be something little that happens, and you'll give up. A couple of weeks into it, I could've said, Oh, this isn't working, and I would have given up if it weren't really what I was passionate about if I wasn't doing it at an end of itself. That's the other thing about the beam frequency.

You do it not because it gets you anywhere. You do it because it's who you are. You do it because it's who you are and me doing the videos, which I am don't have to really think too hard about it. How do I do live? How do I do that is devastated Jeff as three years. She's who I am. When you look at people that are painting, why are they painting was who they are? They're an artist. When they see themselves as part of the identity, it's part of them. If they're connected to passion of flow, state time won't even appear to be like; time just goes like this because you're so in the moment and when you're in the moment, you don't age as much. I'm 75 years old, but I probably look like I'm about 25 you don't age. Okay.

I'm not 75. However, and just say in a flow state, you don't actually age as much because you don't create as much time. You're not focused on time. You're in the moment. The flow is a part of the been frequency. But here's the thing with the been frequency, you have to choose to be that version of you that you can imagine. There are many times you will notice this. This is something that you'll notice if you look around. For example, imagine that there is somebody that is maybe 17 years old. Maybe this person hasn't really grown up yet. Then what happens is maybe they go suit through some type of hard situation. Maybe their mom or dad passes away, and then they have to be the leader of the family, and they have two or three brothers and sisters at the moment.

They may have risen to the occasion decided I have to pull through for my family. And what they invent ended up doing is they decide that this is who, that you know, that they out of circumstance have to choose to be this higher version of themselves. They have to go and make support. The family that was shifted their identity, that happens a lot. It's called the Rite of passage or Rite of passage. And that going through a Rite of passage is something matures you.

I was living on the floor when my mom and her and my sister were inside the bedroom is like a one-bedroom thing, and I was sleeping on the floor as I was going to, after I went through my spiritual awakening, I was resistant to getting some type of 3d job. I was meditating all day, but I was in this ghetto place and, and it was like, it was something that I did for a while. And then I mentioned it, I decided I'd know more of this. I'm going to do something; I'm going to, I'm going to give back and do, did 3d job of selling women's shoes again. And I integrated back into that. Then I had the right of passage. It helped develop my character in a way, but I decided that this isn't what I want to experience. You make a choice.

Then I made a choice for YouTube and to go daily on that, and that changed my identity, but it was also tied to my passion. If you're passionate about making art, didn't make art every single day, get into the flow state, get into the beam frequency and decide that this is who you are now and make that frequency your dominant frequency. You make it your dominant frequency by having a vision of some reality working towards that vision every single day, knowing that that's who you are now and then realize that over time, that will change everything. But the frequency of the reality you want to experience already exists. Look at that version of you and mere that versions of use behaviors, thoughts, actions, habits. Simply choose that this is that version of you. All you've been doing up until this point is telling yourself a story about who you are, the kind of relationships that you get into, the kind of people that you're around.

You've been telling yourself a story about the way your past was, and how your future may be. You've been telling yourself a story, and what I'm telling you right now is you can simply look at that story and see it for the illusion that it is. At a certain point in your past, you decided, this is who I am. This is the character that I play in the movie called, what is that character? Is that character? The star of the movie is that character? The hero is that character, the villain, is that character, the best friend, the best friend of the person that is the star? Is that person the victim? What character are you resonating with? What character do you agree that you are and then simply see yourself as you agreed to that you have to take responsibility?

I am the person that everyone takes advantage of. I have the president that doesn't have power. This is me. Then you keep that stick going, keep it going and keep it going. And then other people are looking at you like, well, I'm going to respond to him or her before this as the way they're being. And you got those right? And when I'm telling you to go instead and say, gotcha. Yeah, I do. I am. Go around. It's simply choosing the way you prefer to be, but choose from awareness to check out who you are already.

I've been there twice in my whole life. Debt, who you think you are, is a habitualized set of thought patterns. The emotions of habits. You are an eternal spiritual being. Maybe play in the park as some limiting human who had some hard things happen in their life. Now that sounds harsh. Everything I'm saying right now you're invalidating my past. I'm trying to break free and help you break free of the past. I'm trying to help you break free of the old character that goes around like this is who I am. That's not who you are. That is a facade. That is something you agreed to in the past thinking, Oh you have this limited character that everyone was to in a certain way. Oh my goodness. No, that is not who you want. That's the part you've been playing. The only thing that is authentic is you being at your core frequency.

You saying who you really are. It still most stereotypical clichéd as to here. Be yourself. I get it. It sounds annoying to hear. It's annoying for me to say, but the key to this is do the been frequency B. y'all self, your higher self, be in that high vibration. I'm freer than ever I could do is say what I want. Back in the day when I was making videos, I was afraid to share some ideas. I was afraid of what people thought. Then I realized I was keeping myself in a little box. I realized I was telling myself a little story that people won't let these kinds of videos because some of it is a little edgy.

Some people think that dude got a lot of energy. Some people think does whose dog? All star seeds? Guess what? I don't care. I beat me. I beat myself. Those that resonate will find me. Those that don't resonate, they won't find me. I don't care. Take away the ego shelf that said, fish. I know who I am, who I am, dishes who I am, and then be who you are from the level of awareness. Okay, this it be. This is where you are. This is where you want to be, but make sure that this is where you want to be is also part of the beam frequency of flow. Set the intention to find out seven more attention. Your life transforms Southern attention to find that out.

What is my purpose? Then as you go to that of the store bucks and get yourself a coffee macchiato latte with extra cream and sugar, then what you do is as you're getting in line, there's someone in front of you that's like, Hey, you know about this art museum that I've been going to? It's amazing. It's right over there on the corner of this street and that street, and then you say, Oh my goodness, I think I might like that too. And then you say, you know what? I'm going to go to a place like that, and you realize that there was some synchronicity involved, but the intention allowed you to tune in to a new reality and a new symbol. What's your higher self may have helped guide you to you see, you pick up on things for a reason, then you find out what that is and here you are.

This is who I am. I agree to this in the past, this is my belief about who I am. This is what happened to me in the past, and then you identified the best version of you live in the life that you want to be connected to a flow state, and what do you do? Yes. Simply choose, this is who I am. The old version of you is an illusion. Anyways, the old version of you was false agreements that you've made about the way reality works. They were hammering down agreements from your parents, but this as you have me and Leeor, and by simply choosing that this is who you are, you will eventually get the reflection in life. Here's the thing though, there is a mere delay of reality.

Eventually, you get that energy back, but where people get, they give up. Before that actual reflection could come and they're saying, okay, there's this show I am now, and then they look at me. Maybe this isn't who I am. I'm going to go back to being the old way that I was. No, trust them year delay. That's all right. All reality is a reflection, but you got to trust the vision that you are living. You got to trust in it and knowing that it takes a minute, but at the mirror to change. Okay, is that like you're looking at me and you smile. It is instantaneous. Maybe as vibrational the planet continues to increase, that eventually happens, but for now, there's a little bit of a delay. Trust the delay. Stay on that vision.

Stay on how you prefer to be and know that once that becomes your dominant frequency, your life will begin to change. There's a meditation that I used to wonder why this meditation is so powerful? Go to meditation. I'll link it below. It's on parallel reality shifting, and basically, you do this meditation, and you shift to the parallel reality, the version of you that you prefer to be. I was wondering to myself, why is this meditation so powerful? The reason say that is cause it got, it has like 800,000 views for a meditation. That's quite a bit amount of views, crazy amount of people go back to that meditation over and over again, read the comments to see what's possible. People have had the most transformative things happen since listening to that meditation for 21 days in a row.

And I'm like, why do people have such profound experiences? What does this meditation do? How can I apply this idea to other meditations? Here's what happens. You walk into it, spoiler on the meditation. You walk into a parallel reality version of you, and you simply decide that to who you are. And then I wired in that there's no going back. Guess what happens? You do that meditation, you come out of it, and then you're this new version of you. You simply give yourself permission to be in that frequency and that's it, and you read it out. Thousands of comments, read them. This is what happened, that people have been to amazing transformations from that one meditation. One meditation can change your life. You just have to give yourself permission to be in that free, quit see of that version of you and that meditation will help you to do that.

If you do and remember, the reality of the perfect version of you already exists. You don't have to create it. You got to try really hard because the tried hard means you're not there already. Instead, just be that version of you being that version of you. Mirror that versions of you physiology, mere that version of that behavior. Mere that versions of you actions you that versions of you habits, view that music, that mirror, that version of you breathing, the kinds of books that you read, the way that you interact with other people. How do you carry yourself? What is your body language like?

Materialize Your Dreams into Reality by doing this one thing


I'm going to show you how to materialize your dreams into reality using this one simple thing. If you apply this consistently, it will change everything in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you the one thing that, if you do consistently will transform your life, help you manifest your dreams into reality. Before I even share with you what that is, understand this, the way you think about manifestation. If you believe manifestation is hard, guess what? It's going to be hard. If you believe that manifestation is something that you have to work really hard for something that doesn't come easily, something that's only for lucky people, then guess what? That's going to be your reality because, in reality, beliefs create reality.

While we can get to the core of your beliefs about how you can attract someone into your life or your beliefs about how to attract more money, what might actually be even more powerful is getting to the core of your belief about manifestation in general. Get into the core of your belief. Beyond just the belief though, this is what we're going to do today, I'm going to show you a process, a way for looking at it, that it makes it so much easier. It's a simple formula that, when you apply, consistently changes everything. It's the reason I'm a full-time YouTuber right now. It's the reason I live in. Even now. I'm in Tulum, Mexico. I used to dream about being able to like live anywhere literally, would just have a Wi-Fi connection, having an online business.

But now, this is what I realize there's the next level. The next version of me that I'm beginning to use this process on. The new version of me is traveling the world, giving seminars in different cities, and being more in person, doing what I'm doing versus just on YouTube. When I imagine, and I look at this version of me, what we will you, what you will see is in the next three to six months, you will see me moving into that reality, materializing that dream into reality. That dream will become a reality. One of the easiest ways of understanding this is first off, knowing reality is but a dream reality is what we believe it to be. It's much more flexible than we could even imagine. When we become aware of that, that's when everything begins to change. Here's the thing as well.

When it comes to this, some people use this unconsciously. This is what works for what I want to show you is like the shortcut. Let me show you first off. When we're talking about that of manifestation, when we're talking about materializing dreams into reality, the thing is, Law of Attraction is not about attracting that thing that is over there in the here. Many times, the way people go about is they say, I want that thing over there. If I had that thing over there, I would feel amazing. And anytime we say how, how much do we desire that over there? We are saying that we vibrationally don't have that over there. Rather than just going over to there, getting it, or having it or being in the vibration of it. We can imagine what it's like to have that thing over there.

The emotions inside of us already exist, and what we could do is just give ourselves permission to feel that, but the reason I say this is manifestation is not about attracting that over there to India. Here manifestation is about vibrational resonance and making what is invisible visible. That's what materialization of dreams is — making the invisible visible. Everything exists here, and now everything exists here, and now they're thinking about it like this. There is a static thing about; there's a reality around us. Our brain can only pick up on about 200 on a certain, a very small sliver percentage of it. It's like 0.02% of what is around us. Can we pick up on, well guess which parts of reality we're picking up on that which is in alignment with our belief and that which we are in resonance with. I would perceive a different reality if I had a different set of beliefs.

If I want to change my reality, the idea is that it's not about trying to attract more into my life. The idea is that by changing on the inside, by changing my beliefs in my residence, I did perceive things that are right now invisible and make them visible. You'll notice this too when you start to apply what I share with you today, that as you begin to apply it, you will start to see that there were opportunities around you that may have been around you for like a year or two. But all of a sudden, now you can perceive it because you are in the vibration of it. Do you see how that works? I remember many times there were times in my own, uh, especially the nine to five job I used to have. There'd be times that there were things right in front of me, but I couldn't see it because I wasn't in the vibrational resonance of it. It'd almost be like if I was going into work and I had that sales commission job, and I went into work, I was like, there are all kinds of ours.

There are no customers; there's no customers. And I was telling myself a story and because I so strongly believe that every one that came in with somebody that just wasn't buying somebody that wouldn't want to buy when it an actuality. Maybe they did, but I couldn't perceive that or bring that out of them in a way because I was in a vibration of lacking that and not in an open vibration of being able to perceive it. The reality is, but a reflection, reality, and manifestation is about making the invisible visible through vibrational resonance. Let's talk about the one thing that you can do. 

It already exists because all realities already exist. It simply has a different vibrational resonance, almost like a radio station. All the different radio signals already exist, but what does a radio tuner do? It tunes to a certain frequency that then pops you into being able to hear that station in the same way. If you simply be that version of you, you develop the thought patterns, the emotions, the actions. Identify the version of you that's living your ideal frequency, and as you do, that will become your reality. You see, this is the kicker. This is the thing. Imagine the version of you that's also connected to your passion, that's doing what they love.

It's connected to your heart because then it's easy. Then also you move into doing things for the sake of doing them. Then think about that like it's easy for me to make daily videos because this is who I am. I view this as a part of my identity. I love making videos, so because I have this as a part of my identity, it makes it very easy for me to apply this information. In the same way for you, make sure that whatever vision you had, don't just have it be the vision where you're living in a bollard crib, and then you have this like the, you know, the perfect lover and all these different things. Make sure that if you have the bother crib and the significant other and all that stuff, make sure that you're also doing what you love. Make sure you're also passionate in that vision because otherwise, what you might find is you start to create more and more of what you want your life, but then it feels sort of empty.

You see, many people are very wealthy, rich to add everything on the outside you would imagine, but on the inside, they are lacking and they feel a lack of mentality. So make sure that this version of you is the best version of you that also is doing what they are passionate about, that it's really more of who you really are. It's more connected to your heart. You see, this is when things really begin to change. I tried, I don't remember, tried to make money doing something called Kindle publishing. I wasn't very excited about it, but I knew it could create passive income. There I was, where I was learning how to hire people to write books and then to market those books on Amazon and I was doing that. And I was like, I'm not passionate about this. This isn't really what I enjoy doing.

Who knows? Maybe if I would've done it a little bit more consistent, maybe I could have trained myself to be passionate about it, but it wouldn't have been longterm. Then I started making videos eventually, and that's F it's, it required effort to make daily videos while having a nine to five job. But it was, it was something that I enjoy doing. It's something I felt inside my heart center. I can feel that there was some type of benefit. I felt like it was, I was on the right track with it. Now, here's the thing, though. This right here, this idea right here, it can absolutely transform your life. Okay? This is it. Give yourself permission to move straight into the bean frequency, the being frequency. What is the beam frequency? Well, that version of you that I was talking about, that version of you that's living your dreams, that's in that reality of the habits, the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, the actions, that version of you already exist.

Simply be that version of you. You may see that there's a big gap between where you are and what version of you, but the thing is you tell yourself a story. The story is while I'm still right here, how can I be that version of me? It feels fake, and the thing is is the more you tell yourself that story, that that's not me. That's not me. Look, I'm acting. This feels so fake. The more you tell yourself that story is, the more you hold yourself into the vibrational reality of where you currently are living in the same story over and over and over again. Paul, let me ask you a question. Aren't you tired? Aren't you tired of living some BS story? Aren't just tired of telling yourself the same thing over and over and over again, whether it's true or not true, whether you went through that stuff or you did it, aren't you tired of telling yourself the same story, plane or roll out?

That's not so fun? Aren't you tired? The reason I say this is because once you give yourself permission to let go of the old story, then you can really be in that reality. Think about the way you could go about it. This is what you could do. You could take a lot of action. You could focus on being that version of you. You could slowly get those different and then eventually embodied that being a version of you once you finally give yourself permission to do so, which might require you a lot to have that stories go, Oh, I don't know if I could do it. It's like, Oh, here, I've been my whole star. Oh, I don't know. I can be another vibration. It pretty vibrationally dives, right? Well, maybe I'll start taking a little bit of action. Okay, slow. People don't see me that way.

Maybe I'll come back here. It's comfortable. I'm used to this store, and people told me this is who is out. I let you just keep trying and keep trying, and then eventually, what happens is you just start doing it, and then he started doing it, and guess what happens? And if I'm in that painfully good, see everything will be great, and eventually, I can have that reality. And then you continue to have this rule in your mind that says you have to do that for like a year. And then you can finally just be in the being frequency of you being that best version of you. Well, let me show you, you can go through that process. Yo, can I take a lot of time?

You can ask yourself, am I worthy, and tell yourself that story. Or you can just be in that frequency. Yes. I just decide this is who I am now. I don't care what other people think of me. That's what I did. I was that person. I was that person in the friend group. Every time I go hang out with friends, they're like, what are you doing? What are you up to? And I'd be like, Oh, well I'm making YouTube videos. Oh Aaron, you're still doing that. Is that like your passion is, or is that, is that like your hobby or something? I'm like, no. I would eventually be doing it full time. Oh, okay. And then Lee and then months later, same thing, same thing. And then eventually, you know what I did? I said I'm going just to be the fulltime YouTube or Aaron, I'm going to make a video every single day no matter what, knowing that's who I am.

That's why I am, that's not because it's going to get me somewhere else. It's because it's literally who I am. And once I gave myself permission to be that version of me, very quickly, reality began to switch. The one thing you need to do to materialize your dreams into reality is just to give yourself permission to be that you, not that you need to do it and then do it and do it. And then maybe a year later you can finally say, okay, I've done this for a year, now I am full time. YouTuber. No, I went straight into the bean frequency, and then I let reality catch up to me because this is the thing. People feel how you feel about yourself, how you see yourself as projected out to other people. I said I am a full-time YouTuber. I make videos every single day. I say, who am, I don't care how many people were watching because when I made that choice, I was only like 3000 subs.

You could've looked at that and be like, you have 3000 subscribers. How would you be a full-time tuber? And then it would be like, Oh yeah, I will. Maybe I'm not, but this is what happened. I got straight into the being frequency. I said this is who I am. This isn't; I'm not making videos because it will get me somewhere else. I make videos because it's who I am. It's at the level of being, which is also tied to identity T U see this is the key. This is how you really transform your life is your focus on the version of you that is that best version of you that is in that being frequency that is doing things not because it gets them somewhere else that is doing things because it's who you are.

That's the beam frequency. Normally the ego is trying to escape the moment it's trying to get more, but when you do things for the sake of doing it, that's where the vibration is because then you're really present to the moment. The time we think I have first to have it or we think I must do it. Then eventually I can have it and then eventually I can be it, but this is the thing being okay like doing, you're trying to get somewhere else. I'm going to do that thing so that I can be like. I'm going to make daily videos so that I can get more and have more growth. When you go straight into the being frequency, your life will change in profound ways, but this is that thing. Just be it instead of just do it. Just do it. Be it be that version of you.

Give yourself permission to link up your thoughts, your habits, your emotions, that person have you already exist. It's simply on a different; it's perceived in reality differently because it identifies itself differently. You can just be it. Don't do it because if you're doing it, you're trying to say that by doing it, you will escape the moment. Get somewhere else. Maybe you can then have more instead just be; it is part of your identity. It's who you are. Look at that version of you. Look at the books, the version of you that reads. Look at the actions. That version of you takes a look at the emotions you feel. Simply decide this is who you are now and then stay consistent with it. Stay consistent with it. The mirror of reality takes a little bit for it to adjust. Just trust that mere delay because eventually it will go away, and that will be you. Okay? That's all you got to do.

Be that version of you, be that version of you, give yourself permission, cause other people to feel that off of you. You see, energy is contagious. But if you're like, Oh, I'm going to do this thing. Oh, go back to my corner. It doesn't exactly resonate yet, and it's a story I told myself the old story runs itself more powerful. Instead, just be it. Just be it. Just be it and then you will have it. Then you will have it. Then you will have it. If you want to see it, then just be it. Just be it. That's where the power really is. Your reality will begin to change out. Something else that may help you with this understanding is knowing that the more you raise your vibration, the more you transform your life. The more you raise your vibration, the more things manifest easier.

The more you raise your vibration, the more you're in that deem frequency. If you want to calibrate your vibration plus not just calibrate your vibration, but find out where are you and how you can get to the next level of vibration. Then once you can do is go to whatismyvibration.com. Go there. It's a survey that takes one or two minutes to complete, completely free. Then what you do is you will get your calibrated energy. You will see where you calibrate in the form of an archetype. You will know how to get to the next level. I will give you two meditations that help you get to the next level. Plus send you emails that show you everything you can do to transform your energy, so it's absolutely free.

Stop Believing in Your “SELF” and start BEING


I'm going to show you how to stop believing in yourself and how to start being in the high vibrational state you are meant to be, and this is an absolute game-changer. I believe this blog can and will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you how beliefs we think are the major thing that we must become aware of in order to change our life. Why it's not so much about changing our beliefs into taking on some type of new belief, but it's more about going beyond beliefs entirely. The reason I say this is because the more I've gone through this rabbit hole of understanding the metaphysics of how we create our own reality, the more have I also become aware that every single belief that we can possibly have is a limitation of itself.

What I mean by this, for example, the one that a lot of people will understand is if we have a belief that says, Oh, I could only make $50,000 a year, what'll happen is having that belief, even if you believe you can make more, that's still the limitation of itself. And this is because you'll use that belief for a certain period of time, but you will eventually push through to another level. The idea is to understand that these beliefs are, in a way, stories that we tell ourselves. That's the first thing about this that we must understand our beliefs, our stories we tell ourselves about who we are in each one of us has a story that we've agreed to base on many times the family that we may have grown up in.

The stories we have are based on agreement. Those agreements could be in many different areas of our life. For example, maybe you noticed that in your family, there was a certain relationship dynamic between your mom and your dad. Well, now you may be playing out a certain relationship dynamic in your life cause you've agreed to it. Or maybe you've not agreed to the way that they've gone about it, and you've agreed to something else. But at any level, any limiting belief you have has come from some level of agreement. You've agreed that this is the way reality is. Then it remained on autopilot. You continue to experience that over and over and over again with repetition.

In a way, we've reprogrammed and programmed ourselves to be in a certain type of reality. While a lot of my older YouTube videos, I did talk about how our beliefs create our reality, this is about understanding that there is a level that is beyond belief. When you go beyond belief, and you go into being, this is where everything begins to change. But first we have to become aware, and we have to learn how to change our beliefs, to begin with. First off, just to give this context, I am in Tulum right now. I'll be here for a month, and I'll be making a lot of videos here.

I don't know. I'm just saying, but um, that's what if I'm scratching myself now, you know? Okay. Anyways, when it comes to this process of understanding our beliefs now normally, we'd say, okay, well, I believe right now I am unworthy, so now I'm going to believe that I'm worthy. I'm going to have this belief that I'm worthy, I'm going to wire it in. But you see that is still giving energy to the old reality. We still would be feeding the old reality of feeling unworthy even though we're trying to focus on something else. The key to this is reinvesting our faith, and our focus in a new paradigm, a new way of thinking, a new way of being which is beyond belief, and being is about understanding that this is the key. This is the key to this whole blog. This whole process that I'm sharing with you.

Whatever store you come up with, whatever beliefs you have, they are still at their core in illusion. Our reality is a form of illusion. We experience our reality through the five senses. We think this is who I am; this is my avatar body. This is how I experienced reality. But the key is knowing that even though this preferred reality that we have certain beliefs about maybe a certain perpetual reality, we keep on creating, even if we develop a better reality, it is still just as much an illusion as the old reality, which may be less of something we prefer. The power in this is that we don't get too intertwined inside our own type of creation. That's why the Toltecs, they call us all artists. We are all artists creating our own life. And when it comes to this, it's about becoming aware.

There's a deep the toll text, the Aztecs very much in the mind culture here in Tulum, which has the Mayan ruins, which we're going to be going to today or tomorrow, I believe. There's a deep connection to that philosophy to that way of life. There's something about it that really resonates with me. When it comes to this understanding of our beliefs and how our beliefs create our reality, it's about really knowing that our beliefs create our reality. But even if we develop a better reality with a better belief system, it's still an illusion. It's important to understand that because when we understand that beliefs are easy to change, our story is easy to change. Our reality becomes easy to change.

Some people will say, well, yes, I intellectually understand that, but how do I actually make that change in reality? Well, it's about being aware that because it is a form of illusion and because our reality is something that is flexible based on what we believe it to be or the story that we tell ourself, we can then see that what we must do is we must re-invest and take our faith out of the old story by seeing it as an illusion, and the more you become aware of it, the more obvious it becomes that this is an illusion. For example, if I were to say, look at your story right now and look at your life in general, you want to know what your beliefs are, look around, look around. If you believe that you're not capable of being a happy relationship, and you're like, well, do I believe I can be in a happy relationship or not?

Then see what's in your reality right now. You want to know how much you think you are worthy of making per year as far as abundance goes. Then look at your current life, and you know where your current story is. You can see in the outside what is being reflected from the inner story and the inner belief system. And as you become aware of it, you can then see where you currently are. You can kind of use it as a barometer, but then you can start to question these aspects. You can start to question certain things. Why do you believe that you're only able to make $50,000 a year? Why do you believe that you're only able to be in a certain type of relationship or one that isn't, or in a lack of relationship, why do you believe this? As you start to see that certain points in your past when you were a kid, maybe you will agree to it, you agree that this is the way the world works.

We stopped becoming curious at a certain point in our lives, and we started just taking on and piling on the luggage of our parents, our family, of our society, of our culture. And that continues to perpetuate itself over and over and over again. The major part of this process, 90% of the work of transforming your life and go and beyond belief, is simply becoming aware of the beliefs and the stories you currently have about the way reality works. Become aware of when you agreed to it because then, as you become aware of it, as you see that, yes, my dad or mom lived in a similar way, then you see that it's a story that's just, it's on autopilot. You might not be aware of it, but it continues to perpetuate itself over and over and over again, and the more we become aware of this story, the more we see it as a story.

Imagine that there's a movie of your own life. You are the main character. You may, though, as the main character had been playing a role that isn't really you. You may have been playing a role of the way your family wanted you to be, the way your friends wanted you to be, the way that you're, every year everyone expects you to be. You've been acting consistent with that role, thinking that that's who you are. The thing is based on that role. There's been a certain story that's been perpetuated, and part of that story for most people is that you are meant to be a cameo when everyone else has a movie rather than being the star of your own movie. This has to do with being at the cause and not the effect.

Most people, in reality, are at the effect they have everything else that's causing them to be in a certain way. They probably identify a lot with the victim archetype where things are happening to them rather than for them. And because of that, that perpetuates a certain reality over and over and over again. The power of what I'm sharing today is understanding that your story has been on autopilot. At a certain point in your past, you will agree to certain things. Even if it was something like somebody called you a name when you were a kid in middle school, if somebody were to call you a name and you were to internalize that, say this is who I am, they must be right and agreement someone else's agreement. What happens is that it becomes a part of your reality, and it becomes on autopilot until you become aware of it.

But remember, 90% of the work is becoming aware of the beliefs that you have. And when you become aware of the beliefs of the stories that you have, you can start to question them. Question your beliefs question why you believe them. Question, when you agreed to it in the past, and as you become aware of this, you then see, do I want to keep living this out over and over and over again? Then you start to see it as a story. You know, you can go to a movie, and you can watch a certain movie, and when you leave the movie theater, you can begin to forget about it.

Plus, it's a really good movie. Then you might remember it for awhile, but regardless, you get to choose. This is all according to you. When we talk about belief and faith, it's you've already been investing so much belief into these things so much. You've believed the lies you've been told; you're believing the limiting beliefs that you have. You've believed in these stories, and that's why you're experiencing things that you don't prefer in your life. It can be, but you have to do it from the level of awareness that even that is a form of illusion. Even that is flexible. Even that is a story that you may have for a certain period of time, but you may eventually let go of it. You see, that's where the power of this is. It's a funny idea because you're going to do the same thing regardless.

But the thing that I'm encouraging you to do is to create with awareness, to create consciously to become aware and to become the artist rather than the person that's just kind of slapping stuff around, which some people may consider art, but nonetheless, there's no awareness there. And the key to this is to be doing things more deliberately, doing more intensely. When you do that, you'll find that, then you start to create a masterpiece. But, a masterpiece that you're not completely attached to a masterpiece that you can begin to see and still begin to look into other areas of how you can modify it as if you're already bro as if you're broken or something.

But it's not like that. It's more like you can, you can look at it, you can see, become aware, and as you become aware, you start to take your power back. But back to the movie analogy, you may have been playing a role that isn't really you. You know, that's why I think sometimes people will do things like, there's this like thing you can do that we were just invited to that has to do with like dancing blindfolded. So no one else. You don't have to worry about the judgment of others, the judgment of yourself. But as I love, that allows you to be free. There's no rigidity, rules, and nothing. You can just do whatever. In a similar way, what happens with our beliefs though, is we put ourselves in little rules, little agreements about the way reality works.

The key though, is being spontaneous and doing things beyond the current level of identity. The current story that you have to go beyond that. Go beyond that, and you go beyond it by doing new things, getting into a new environment, getting into uncertainty, and being is always connected to something you are passionate about always. And being is the key to going beyond the beliefs. Who are you? How, what is your identity? You see, if I were to be like, Oh, I believe I can attain a certain level of success, I believe that I believe it. I believe it deeper than that is the identity is who you are? And the reason I make daily YouTube videos, and I have for over three years isn't because it gets more subscribers. The reason I get and I do daily videos is because it's who I am.

I've gone beyond belief of, Oh, can I get to the next level? Can I get to the next level of success to being who I am? And because it's a part of my identity, that's where everything begins to change. Being is about knowing you are the star of your own movie. You may have been playing the cameo, you may have been playing the role that isn't feeling like it resonates as much as it used to. But what I'm saying is you can take your star rollback, and even as you take your star rollback, you can start to become aware of the role you were playing, and you could start to observe it. Literally, look at your life and look at yourself as the main character and observe yourself because then you get to a new level of awareness where you can start to observe things in your life.

I can observe some of my own limiting beliefs. You've probably seen my work ethic. You've probably seen how much I create videos. Part of me may believe that I always have to be doing something, always have to be creating more and more and more. But part of it, as well as this, is just who I am, and so what I enjoy doing, it doesn't feel like work to me. Do you see? But I can look at myself as the star of my own movie, and I can see those beliefs. I can see that script that I may have agreed to. I may have agreed to it when I back in February 2017 when I made a choice to make daily videos, and then when everything started to grow very quickly, I started to associate that level of success with it. I almost get fueled by the taking of the action because that action, to me represents more abundance and success.

Do you see? But I can see that in the movie character as I removed myself from just the avatar character. The power of this video is knowing that before you watch this video, you are still creating your own reality. You may have just been not doing it with that much awareness. After reading this blog, you can make the choice that you are going to create your own reality consciously. Go in the direction of you want, and you are going to focus on being on expression, on what you're passionate about your identity, the way that you view yourself on being who you really are, most of who you are. It may be something else that really isn't you. If you're a people pleaser and you're always trying to make everyone else happy, you always trying to live in according to their rules, to the way they expect you to be.

It's just that at a certain point, you may have thought that it was fearful if you were to speak out or go against the grain, but when you become aware of it, you can then see, no, I'm going to be myself. I'm going to have my own boundaries. I'm going to say what I feel. It’s about expressing yourself. This is about being; this is about going beyond the old identity, the old story that you told yourself, the old role that you were playing, and giving up the role. Getting rid of the script and deciding to be yourself and being is always connected to your passion. Are you doing what you're passionate about? Are you calling your own shots? In reality? Are you putting intention and focus where you want to go? This is about going beyond belief, beyond the old story, and going into being, going into you, being yourself. This is the power of going beyond belief and going into being.

When you do that, I promise you so much in your life will begin to change. If you haven't heard already, I have something new. It's a survey that you can take that will show you and reveal to you your current level of vibration, and your current calibration. And I use archetypes to explain the different levels. If you want to calibrate your vibration, you go to whatismyvibration.com it takes about a minute or two to fill out that survey, and then you will get an archetype that reveals to you your current level. I give you a meditation to get to the next level of consciousness. Plus, I'll send you emails showing you how to get to the next level.

Earth is a spiritual School and here is how to PASS so you don’t have to come back again


I'm going to show you how the earth is a spiritual master's school, and I'm going to show you exactly how to pass so that you don't have to keep coming back over and over again and so that you can really wake up to who you really are.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you a metaphor for understanding life in general, how life is a form of masters’ school, a spiritual masters school, and what you can do to pass to get to the next level. The purpose of this blog is to show you more to help you roar. Remember who you are as a spiritual being. You are a spiritual being, having a temporary human experience. The thing is in life, many of us, I mean all of us will experience some form of pain, some form of suffering and there are certain things that you'll notice that once you learn, you then no longer have to keep repeating that cycle.

Like for example, if somebody doesn't have boundaries and people are always taken advantage of them, well maybe there's a certain point when you say, no more, I will not experience this anymore. I'm taking my power back, and then from that point forward, you're not giving your power away anymore. When we learned these lessons, then we can move on to the next level. Just like when you go to school, you might have certain grades and then go into the next grade. What happens? You have to pass that grade to get to the next one.

Well, in a way, earth is a similar type school. What happens is the more we learn about ourselves, the more wisdom we develop, the more compassionate we build, the more that we start to unravel ourselves from the karma, from the low vibrational energy that may keep us in certain states of consciousness. If you study that of a like autobiography of a Yogi, if you study a lot of the spiritual texts that'll refer to karma. Karma is once you put out is what you give back. And what happens is most people are not aware of their karma. They're not aware of what they're putting out into the world. And because they're not aware of it, it continues to be like a cycle playing itself out over and over and over again.

And therefore, they attract themselves to similar situations or around people that treat them in a certain way. And it all has to do with them not knowing that what they're putting out is what they're getting back. When we talk about karma, this is a part of the school of life. Let me show you, I made this little chart right over here. And when we look at ourselves as this infinite spiritual being, what we chose to do is normally we feel unconditional love. We feel peace with full joy for enlightenment. However, what we wanted to do is we wanted to see what it was like in a form. It's called the spark of life, the spark of our individual human form.

We were able to separate ourselves from spirit so that we could have an individual expression individual. I guess you could say an individual. We're such vast spiritual beans, but we wanted to have individual experiences where we could learn more, where we could learn more about the game of separation. Because up here, we're very much aware of our connection to all other things to all other people. Because of that, it makes the game a little bit different. But what we decided to do is to go into what we could call, you call this a spirit.

You call this a soul. We have different souls, different you could of it as infinite spiritual beans, and then we have a soul that may be as a perceptual, separate person or a separate entity. But in general, we projected ourselves down here into the spark of life into a human form. And what happens is then we went through what is called the veil of forgetfulness. We completely forgot who we are because that makes the game, which makes the school that much more powerful. If we knew the whole entire time that we were infinite spiritual beings, the purpose of the game, like imagine the purpose of the game is to remember that you are an infinite spiritual being.

Well, if you knew that going into it, then almost be like you, it wouldn't make the game that special. It wouldn't make the game that much more real. It's kind of like having a video game and having all the cheat codes. Yes, there'll be fun for a while, but eventually, you get bored with it because there's not that challenge. There's not that growth. But at will, however, this is one thing that we decided to do is we decided we're going to go through a veil of forgetfulness. We're going to forget who we are now complete. Also, we're able to create what we want, and things happened in a much slower way because we have linear time-space reality up here.

What happens is we come to earth, and depending on what we do on earth, how aware we become, how much we learn, compassion, how much we let go of old karma, which means becoming aware of what we're putting out to what we're getting back. The more that we learn, the more that our vibration then goes up, the more that then what happens is our soul progresses, our soul progresses. However, if we act in the form of separation, the way I would think of this is more as separation and the more as connection up here connection. The more you realize that everything is connected and that you are focused on your own vibration and doing your own personal growth, the more that then you move up in vibration, and you evolve yourself.

The more you go from, let's say third grade to fifth grade, fourth grade, I know that but I'm just saying like and then like seven eighth grade, and then eventually you graduate. How do you graduate? Well, right now on the planet, what I believe is happening is there is a form of planetary waking up that is happening where so many people on earth are waking up, and we came here. We literally descended from spiritual beings into the spark to come to earth so that we could help. What a Lightworker means that somebody that's coming from, and I mean this gets kind of tricky with the ego cause then you say, you guys, I'm dispersed and everyone else's less than everyone else's reflection by the way.

But what happens is, we're high vibrational beings that have come here to wake and help other people wake up so that they can raise their vibration so that this earth can evolve to the next level so that we can evolve to the next level. We can realize our own connection with each other, that we're all one consciousness, that we're all ultimately one being. Now we also have this thing called the subconscious mind. Our subconscious minds are all connected. It's like that's why certain things get brought into your life. That's why other people, in a way, treat you in a certain way. It's because you're still consciously projecting out to them.

They feel that connection and part of the game of life are that we're all connected, but we're going to play the game of separation. That game of separation is us in separate bodies. Therefore, this is why I do not know that all of our energy fields go far, far, far, far, far outside of our body. And that if you were to zoom out, you would see that we are all literally immersed in our own energy fields and in the energy fields of other people. When you go places, and you're out in public at the supermarket, you're literally immersed in other people's energy fields. When you go to a concert, you're immersed in a lot of people's energy fields. When you go to a very crowded city, there are even more energy fields out.

The thing is in your energy field you only experience what's activated, what's resonant, what you are focused like for example, if you're in a high vibe state and someone else comes around with the low vibe energy, and it's trying to affect you, well that only affects you. If you agree to it if you resonate with it if you don't resonate, it doesn't affect you. The reason I'm sharing all of this is so that you know we're all connected. We come to earth to forget who we are so that we can then remember who we are and part of the thing, and you want more information on this as well, you can check out Dolores Cannon's books. She has 17 books where she put people in what's called QHHT, hypnosis, quantum healing hypnosis technique. It's been around for probably 20, 30 years.

Her books are very powerful, and you'll hear it. They literally said, earth is a master school. Earth is a thing too. It's a master's school. It is very difficult to be on earth, to come to this much level of forgetfulness. Many places in the universe that you go when you're born, you remember who you are, you remember that you are an infinite spiritual being, having a temporary human experience. And it's not that much of a shock. But when you are born, you come in; there's kind of like the shock. There's this shock value here. When I say that, also know that you're here for a reason. You are here for a reason, and the key is understanding. The more you tap into your purpose, the more you tap into your mission, the more you are also elevating yourself in the school of life.

The school of life is a master's school. It's very difficult to be here to go through this much level of forgetfulness, this much level of density, and because things move slower here, there's so much more experience of growth. You know, this may just be a metaphor, I'm not sure, but I remember reading it years ago and what this person said in his deep level of gnosis is that there were souls that wanted to come into earth and it's like some of them, it was like, okay, you can come under earth. Somebody was, I don't know, there was like some type of gatekeeper or someone, but someone's like, you can come onto earth, but you're going to have this very short-lived life and probability wise have an Africa or some third world country and you might not live that long, and this is the probabilities.

And there were souls that were like, I don't care. I just want to be on earth for this time of transformation. I just want to be able to say I was there. Think about that. Even if somebody came here, they just want to be able to say they came to earth that at this time now is a thing. Whether that's a metaphor or that's actually quite literal. I'm not sure it was in one of Dolores Cannon's books, though. However, the main point of it is that it is so exciting to be here right now. Whether we're aware of it or not, and not only are you here, but you're aware of this type of information. Think about how amazing that is.

There are billions of people on the planet and who have no idea that they are spiritual beings, have a temporary human experience. Imagine you're in a school that you don't know you're in a school. Well, that's most people. Most people aren't aware of that. Therefore they're not studying in the curriculum. If you know that you're in school and you know that the more you do your own inner work, the more that you will progress to where then you can help other people. You're going to be in a higher vibrational state. You'll have more freedom in a way. Imagine the more you move up these levels, the more you can then go and have more recess or more time to yourself or higher vibration like Tivity or more extra core activities that are just fun more. What was that called?

Like grace periods. Imagine that the more you raise your vibration, the more you able to do that because the more you're able to take control and manage your own energy, you see, the earth is a master school. Don't get it twisted and think, Oh, the earth is like the kindergarten in a way. Yes, in a way, a third dimension. Like where do we are right now? And the level of forgetfulness that we had, we can look up to other beings, Meg. Well, they're so evolved and beans that are just unconditional, loving, and have higher technology, you know, but it does take a certain level of mastery to forget who we are at this level to then remember who we are.

We're infinite spiritual beings. Don't get it twisted in thinking that you've only just been some human being once you, I mean, you are much more vast than you can even imagine. It's not just some feel-good thing. Go within yourself and find out, meditate. Meditation is one of the ways that you learn more about yourself. You become more and more aware. But the key to this time is becoming aware of what you're putting out because what you put out is what you get back. What's happening is many people on the planet are waking up. Could the lessons be for you to take your power back? The lessons for you could be for you to draw more boundaries with people. The lessons could be for you to learn how to forgive.

Forgive is one of the most powerful lessons of earth forgiveness. Learning how to forgive other people because remember, these other people aren't aware that they are connected to each other. They're not aware that this individual, other sparks when we have, when we have Carl and Aaron there, some people aren't aware that these are actually one can. We're all connected, so they're not aware of that. In their unawareness, we can start to have compassion and realize they're doing the best they can with where they are. You see, this is where the game begins to change. This is where things really begin to change in a powerful way. And one of the things you can begin to do on this process as well as become aware of where your current vibration is.

When you know where your vibration is, you can then know how to get to the higher levels, which is how you move up in this game called life. Something you can go to is whatismyvibration.com; what'll happen is there's a survey there where you can calibrate your own vibration. Find out what your vibration is at the archetype for where your vibration is at, and then I'll send you two meditations that will help you get to the higher level of consciousness.

The Dark Side of Being a Starseed Revealed (not what you think)


I'm going to show you the dark side of being a star seed and I'm going to show you exactly what you can do about it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you part of the dark side of being what we call a star seed. Understanding that many of us have a connection as the multidimensional beans that we are. That we've forgotten who we are because when we come to earth, we go through a veil of forgetfulness, where we forget that this is who we really are as an eternal spiritual being.

And I want to share with you the dark side of it that I've recognized that I even almost the faults that I see in myself that I think a lot of maybe other people can relate to. And I want to share with you how you can best bypass them and move and work around them. Because some of these that I share is I think common within the community as well. And the first, I mean even the word star seed for many people will trigger people into being like, that is weird. Even talking about star seeds is something that is just, it's so metaphysical and so woo that first off, even from the, the, the gate at like right straight out of the Gates, you go over to your friends talk about stars seeds or how we're connected to different, we have these different connections to different star systems.

Most people are going to think you're crazy. I went through my awakening in 2012. I became aware, and I started in meditation to connect to these different levels. When I did I was so excited. I was so enthusiastic about knowing, Hey, we're all eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. We exist at these higher levels of consciousness as well. I was telling friends and family about it, and I remember I uh, with my dad at least I took my dad, and I talked to him and I was like, you know, there's a lot that started to change. I learned meditation and you know, I started to also, I mean part of it was that there was such a dramatic change in my appearance that it probably looked like there was something going on. What really happened is I went through, I learned meditation, I went through my spiritual awakening, I started to meditate, and it changed everything.

I started to see myself differently. I started to let go of old patterns of myself, and I started to connect to these different multidimensional aspects that we are, we're all connected to. And I started to feel this connection, and I just dove right in. And that was also a time that I became vegan. Like that, just like I stopped eating all meats, I stopped, I lost a lot of weight. I went from um, you know, I wasn't, I lost probably like 20 pounds pretty quickly. I started to look kind of unhealthy. Basically, on the outside looking in, I look at it now, and it did look kind of different. It's like all a sudden I'm talking about meditation and mantras and our connection to the stars, and here I am losing a lot of weight, and they're like, are you on drugs?

And of course, I was on absolutely nothing. I was just mad. I felt so good meditating all the time that, um, I wasn't on anything. But nonetheless, part of that awareness is you come out, and you just want to share it with everybody. I wanted to share it with everyone. I was telling friends I was talking about, you know, in 2012, I felt like there'd be like this whole Ascension process where we would raise our vibration to a completely new level. I think energetically, we did do that. But I look back at it now, and part of the dark side is you get caught up in the theoric reality, and sometimes you then will neglect the 3D. You will then almost think that it's unimportant or that you shouldn't really be focused on it. And I went through that the hard way.

There were, you know, I remember I literally went into my job one day, I worked at Nordstrom's and women's shoes. I went in one day, I didn't like the management, the corporate system that was there within one day. And I just said, eh, I'm not coming in tomorrow. I'm done. I don't want this 3D job. It's getting in the way of me getting in the way of my global meditations every Sunday were supposed to help the consciousness ascend on the planet. And it's back in 2012. I just quit my job on a whim like that. And uh, at the time I was lucky cause I was living at my mom's and my mom let me live there, and for months I just meditated, um, ate vegan food and went within and learned more about these different starseed connections.

And I was starseed is somebody that is here to help awaken many times to bring through energy. Think of it like that. I was reading the law of one last night, some excerpts from this book called the Law of One, which is a very powerful book and uh, it's, it's one of the most profound channeled material of all time. A lot of the things in that book that was talked about scientifically has been proven and said in the future. This will be proven scientifically, and in a lot of those things have come to pass. And it's profound information. A lot of what it talks about is that there's this harvest right now happening on the planet where more and more people are raising their vibration and have the potential to get into this higher state of consciousness. And it's happening right now.

And when I was reading it last night though, and one of the things that I came across was that said that in back in the 1980s, there were over 16 million souls on the planet that was of six density, a sixth sensory, what are called Wanderers. A wander is a soul that comes here many times from a, you could say maybe, maybe it's like a soul that normally doesn't incarnate on earth, but that comes here to bring through certain types of information. Many wanders. These are just labels. By the way, there are many different interpretations. Someone would say that's not a wander arid. It's a couple of different; they're just labels but Wanderers souls. We come here from different realities to help awaken the planet. If you're reading this right now, then my guess is you are one of those as well because you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of.

You've come here to help awaken the planet to help awaken people. Just by you being here and you learning this information, you are in a way anchoring in this information into you, which then even subconsciously, even if you're not making YouTube videos or posting it on social media saying. I'm going to star seed hashtag Pleiadian even if you're not doing all of that, it's still go in through you and is still energetically influencing everyone that you're around as you go into public. Even these things happen at subconscious levels. Back in 1980 the law of one stated that there were over 16 million souls on the planet that are what we call six density wanders, which right now we're moving from third to fourth density, six density. 60 million back in 1980, my guess is that it is hundreds and hundreds of millions now, and if you're watching this, you're one of them now as a star seed.

Here's the thing, you're a multidimensional being, and you exist in many different realities right now, right? I know that was random. I do this thing in my podcast episode where I go, we're going to get into this episode right now and I always do me out, so I just felt like doing it. All of us, if for listening to this right now, most likely are a star seed. Now we're, we're connected to many different levels. Meaning right now you are here, you may have an X, you may have a plea Adian counterpart, which means a version of you, of your energy, is in the Pleiades. Then you may also have a version of you that's in our tourists.

Then a part of you, maybe Syrian or serious, the serious star system, these are just labels. These are only the, and also these are just a couple that we know of. What if there's thousands and thousands and thousands more, but these are just the trendiest pop culture ones. The Syrians have pleadings, they have Turians, the drama. It is, but in actuality there's many more than that. Well, you are such a vast spiritual bean that right now, you are connected to all these different levels, and in the dream state, you are interacting with these levels. You might not just remember it, but what happens is right now in this life you are bringing through this information, and it's then influencing earth and we're waking up as a collective whole. As you go through this process of remembering, there's certain darker aspects of it. One of it is that you might be judged by people.

I know that because I was afraid to talk about it. The people are talking about these pleading and connections and all of this stuff, and it's something that you can't, you can't really prove it to other people. It's almost like going well prove that, you know, and you're like, well go within, and you'll know, but it doesn't look at certain levels that are just like whatever, you know, you can't prove it, so, therefore, it's probably not real. You just kind of just start to doubt yourself. But the only thing that matters is what you think about you, how you feel. It's not harmony. What else for you to learn this information. But part of the dark side is that you may go through a process of feeling lonely. Many, many stars seed go through the process of feeling lonely.

And I went through about six months of not having really anybody that connected to me at that deep level. I felt like a complete outcast back in 2013 and part of that dark side, as well as I didn't want to be involved in 3D reality. I didn't want to have some nine to five job I didn't care about. I just would meditate all day. And I was lucky to have that ability to do so. However, eventually, I realized that I remember I went to a, there was a lady, she did something called kinesiology. I think that's the name of it. It was um, yeah, it is kinesiology, but that was the, it was a certain type of kinesiology. What she would do is she was able to kind of tap into her own higher mind and ask certain questions. And she was like, this older lady that was really good at it.

She was probably 75 years old, and she learned this process, and she could go through this little chart and do kinesiology and kind of like tell yes or no answers. Just she could ask yes or no answers and get yes or no from our own subconscious mind, which is kind of sort of what I teach with power versus force. But this is before I knew that content as well as I do now. And I remember she was, um, giving me a reading and it was over the phone, and she was able to like find this heart wall that I had from when I was 23 years old from an ex-girlfriend that I broke up with. And I remember asking her some questions and I said, okay, this spirit, you know, does, am I supposed to have a job right now?

Like a 3D job? She's like, yes. She's like, I'm getting a yes. The answers, yes. And I was like, can you do it again? I was like, no, there's no way I'm supposed to have some 3D job right now. I'm supposed to just like meditate and help the consciousness of the planet, all of this stuff. I was like, can you check again? And she kept checking. I was like, well, okay, well, this is weird. Everything else she said it was so dead-on, but this one thing must be wrong. I, there's no way I'm supposed to have some 3D job. But then eventually I did, like a months later, I did get that 3D job. I've worked at Barney's in New York for five or six years, and I to learn kind of how to integrate myself back into not being too whimsical and too into the theoric type stuff.

You see, so part of being a star seed is there may be this inclination not to want anything to with 3D because you remember that at a higher reality you experienced so much more flexibility. Many star seed will say, I want to go home because they realize that earth isn't necessarily where most of their energy is. They have more of their energy, maybe on a different, in different star systems. However, this reality, this life is about integration. It's about bringing more of you here in now and enjoying this life. Many of us here don't normally incarnate into this much density, but guess what? There is so much more learning that can be done here than there can be done in many of the higher realms because normally, you think that it happens in the higher realms. It's like you'll want it. You got it.

You want it. You got it here. You'll want it a little bit of time. You'll want it you a little bit of time. You've set your intentions, you want it a little bit of time, then you got it. There's a little more learning to go within that. There are also different energy dynamics. We're able to forget that we are eternal spiritual beings that didn't remember who we are at higher levels and remember that we're all connected. We can play the game of separation as long as we want, but part of this life is us remembering that we're all connected and that's why us consciously ascending to this higher level, but part of the dark side of this process is becoming too ingrained, too entrenched into the 3D to resistant to say, I don't want to be around all these other, I remember what I went through my awakening.

There was this guy that I knew, and he was kind of very edgy and loud, sometimes kind of dramatic, and we were at whole foods just like you would think all these 3D people like go and make a stand. And I'm like, bro, be a quiet man. You don't want to like talk out people like those other; those people are other aspects of you. Do you know what I mean? Like it's just causing a scene. And it was just the weirdest thing. But, but that's like a, a level of perspective, like a darker perspective. They don't understand me. I've been through this awakening, and they're just, just completely unaware.

And then it's like you push it out. Here's the thing though, the more you come to accept yourself, the more you come just to embody different aspects of this multidimensional facet of you. The more you become accepting of that, the more other people will accept that as well. Of course, you could say, because I have a YouTube channel and I reached people and all that, whatever, that there are just more people that will resonate with it because of the attention. I can feel more comfortable about it. But in general, I mean there was even, I was afraid to make starseed videos, you know, since 2012 I wanted to make stars heat videos that like, okay, so I started making YouTube videos in 2017 or 16, but 2017 is when I went daily. Since February 2017 I wanted to make Ascension star videos, but I was afraid to because I was afraid of the judgment.

I made Law of Attraction videos, I made spiritual consciousness videos. Then eventually, I feel comfortable they can start to see videos. But I realized that we came here to be bold. Part of the dark side, though, is that many of us may have connections to different stars systems, different even past lives where we may have been killed for this type of information sharing it. I don't remember one time I went to a past life regression, and they're like, Oh, and many of your lives you've been killed for trying to share information like this. I was like, really? Is that true? I don’t know, but I do believe that many of us had starseed have been maybe kept fearful in a certain way and that that has caused us, I said. That's the darker side to where we don't feel like we can express ourselves, but I feel like now on the planet, it's safe. You just have to do it in a way where you're just confident about who you are. You're just centered within yourself. Don't try to sell it to other people. That's the dark side.

It's about you going within yourself. You don't have to sell spirituality, you don't have to sell. I'm just sharing my ideas. I'm sharing my perspectives, but I'm not like, listen, I really want you to understand that you are stars deed. Please understand star seeds. If you just understand star seeds and I'll feel like I can validate myself a little bit more, and I'm going to feel good about myself, but you see this isn't about that. This is about you getting to the core. You still haven't experience in reality in integrating these aspects of you, but at the same time not getting lost and carried away with the materialism, not getting lost. It's a balance. It's a balance of both of these. But when we talk about the dark side of being a star seed, yes, it may feel lonely. But if you're watching this right now, like this video and comment below because you'll see that there are many different other people that are here that are also started seed.

You're not alone. You see, we're all connected. We have the internet. It's a powerful way that we're all connected. If you identify or you feel like you have a connection to the stars, and look at how many people on the like button our star seed and feel that way. Look at how many people comment below. These are all people that are in the same vibratory resonance of you cause you're all here right now. We're all here. Realize that yes, there are certain aspects of being what we call the star seed. You're a multidimensional being, whether you remember it or not, and then you go within yourself.

The more you become accepting of yourself on the inside, the better and the more that then you'll almost put out this confident energy to where then people, it's almost like people just accept you because they feel how much you accept yourself. You see the deeper down the rabbit hole we go. By the way, the more we realize there really is no other, it's just that you've given yourself more permission. Know how other people other selves can, can, can accept you more. Yes, we're still playing the game of separation in a way, but it's a funny paradox to the way it works. Let me see if I wrote down.

This is all new age camp probate so that there's sometimes the darker side as well because it kind of feels like misunderstood. It kind of doubt yourself. Like is this any of this real or is this all in my head or is this all just something I would prefer to believe. But once you go deeper within, you'll see that kind of removed the filters, remove the layers, removed the social conditioning, and realize just what matters is how you relate to yourself. The other thing I would say is to do not the dark side as well as when you become too identified with being a star seed, the label star seed, I must start seed. You're not a star seed. Everyone here is multidimensional. Every single person on the planet is multidimensional, whether they remember it or not.

If you're a star seed, you're somebody that has come here to bring through this higher vibrational energy, and maybe you're meant to become aware of that. But the thing that some people will say is I'm not normally from here. Where are you here right now? If you're trying to escape here, then it's also saying that I mean we live in a beautiful, beautiful planet like, like look around right now. Like, look, look at this. Look how beautiful. Just like that's the crazy thing.

We live on a beautiful planet. We're here to help people wake up. We're here to go through our own inner transformation. We're here because we chose to be here. And part of the dark side of being the star seed is that there's a resistance to be in here. There's a risk, there's a desire to go home. You can make earth your home. We’re here right now, and we're meant to be here, and we're meant to help consciousness ascend.

7 “Weird” Habits that Keep me in High Vibration no matter what

ATTACHMENT DETAILS  7-_Weird_-Habits-that-Keep-me-in-High-Vibration-no-matter-what

I'm going to show you seven kinds of weird vibrational hacks that I use in my own life that keeps my vibration at a high level. These are the things that when I applied, and when I really became consistent too, it changed everything, and I'm going to show you exactly how to apply it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those seven vibrational hacks that I use in my life that keeps my vibe high. First off, before we even get too far into it, I want you to know that when it comes to high vibration, it's who you really are. Having a high vibration is who you are. If you are experiencing less than the high vibration, then it's because there are certain behaviors that may be keeping you away from experiencing that. There are certain thought processes. Maybe you're expending a lot of energy thinking about negative things that may or may not happen or that I've have happened in the past.

When you learn to observe those, let those go. When you learned that this really is about claiming who you are as a high vibrational being, it becomes easier because sometimes people think like they're a low vibrational being trying to become higher. No, you're a high vibrational being, and having that sense of identity is so powerful because when you realize that it's then what can, I let go of? What am I doing that's keeping me in low vibration? You see, having a high vibration is who you are.

You go from thinking you're some little physical ego that has to experience reality just through the five sentences and has to try to do everything you can to stay consistent with the way it defines itself. Then realizing that you are an eternal spiritual being that is having a temporary human experience, so it reframes it. It changes the way you see yourself, changes the way you interact with the world because you realize the world is a reflection. It's a very powerful understanding, very transformative. In this blog though, I'm going to share with you some of the things that I don't really talk about that often because some of it's a little bit edgy, to be honest with you, and I'm going actually to show you, so the last three of these I filmed last night, and it is habits that I do at night.

Those are going to see towards the end of this blog, their habits five, six, and seven. However, the first four habits are going to be what I show you right now. I remember reading the chapter that was on sexual transmutation. Tell true sexual transmutation. All it means is that you use that energy, the sexual energy, and you bring it up into your hearts and into your head. You bring it from down here, and you bring it up using energy, using an intention and not I guess a wasting it. You know, so many people and even, you know, years ago when it comes to looking at what would it be like pornography.

When you do that, what happens is it's mental energy and you're also attuning yourself to many other people that focus on that. It puts you into a certain state and it's almost like you start picking up and you start having more impure thoughts. And not that there's anything wrong with sexuality at all, but it's about understanding your own energy and not wasting it because you'll sleep better at night or, or because you have a sudden urge. If you can learn how to code to get that creative energy and to bring it up to your spine and to breathe deep, you can use that creative energy in very powerful ways. And I believe that it can also be used to raise our own vibration.

I guess you could say like willpower like I have when it comes to making videos and kind of how I live my life. It also, in a way, adds to them, and it's almost like the idea that if you could do something that, if you could do that, you can do other things as well because it's not always the easiest thing. But once you get into the habits or the not habit of cultivating that energy and then bringing it up to your spine, and then focusing on things that you want in a way, there's like a desire there, and you almost feel like there's more energy going in that direction.

Whereas if you do that consistently, you'll find that your energy begins to drop. And I told this to a couple of buddies of mine. One of my buddies, I told him to start doing that. You notice he has so much more energy, and sometimes people ask me, Aaron, why do you have so much energy? Well, I don't do that. I don't think I know that I can cultivate that energy. I can bring it up, and I can use it for a more powerful means. It doesn't mean that you can't express yourself in that way, especially if you're with someone else, but what it just means that you're more mindful of when and how you're doing it, and you do things with more intention. That is something that I figured I would share. I know it's a little bit edgy, edgy, but nonetheless, it's very powerful.

A lot of people that you can study, use that even if they're not aware of it, they use it in certain ways. If you want more on that, you can check out. I mean there's a chapter in think and grow rich, which is an old school book that talks, has a whole chapter on sexual transmutation and it's just basically running the energy up your spine and using that for creative energy. Some of these are going to be a little bit weirder than I share, or they're going to be a little bit different. What are the other ones I wanted to share is you remember how I was saying that like we're high vibrational beings and there are things that keep us from feeling high vibration.

Well, it's when we react to our environment, it's when we react. It's like something happens, reaction, something happens, reaction. This is why there's something that I do, and it's super simple. But what I do is this is my meditation spot right here. I'm going to traveling to Tulum right now. Every morning in my room, when I wake up, this is where I meditate. That's the candle flame right there. What I do is I stare at the candle flame. I do this for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and attend to 15 minutes at night. And what this does is because the eyes are focused on one point eyes that wander is a mind that wanders. But when you focus on one point, it becomes so much easier to observe your thoughts.

Something that I do every single day for 15 minutes, right when I wake up and right before I go to bed, is I stare at the candle flame, and I simply observe my thoughts. This is the game-changer. When you learn how to observe your thoughts, let them be there, not try to control them. The ego always wants to control. That's when you start to see that there's this gap between what you think and what is happening. This gap between what happens in your reaction to what happens and then this leaks into the rest of your day. Imagine, later on, someone at the office is how did the way you do it, you shouldn't be doing this. You should be doing that instead of going you right or Oh, is it reacting? You're able to observe it, and you were able to say, okay, and then do and then be in a different way.

It's a different way. You respond rather than react. This, though, is more of a lifestyle. You learn how to observe different things in your life. You will learn how to observe your past experiences, and then you start to gain your power back because then your energy is not being scattered into the past, into the future, into situations. And you can bring it more into the present moment. Staring at this candle flame is something in a habit that I do every single day for 10 or 15 minutes, right when I wake up or right before I go to bed. I've done it since 2012. It's profoundly changed my life. Doing this has made me more aware of my beliefs too. I'm like, Oh, I used to have a belief that I had ADHD. I used to have a belief that I wasn't worthy.

When you feed something, that's when it has power over you. But if you observe it, that's where the real power is. It's really the key to awareness is becoming aware of. You have to observe; you have to observe from this neutral point of view, a candle flame through looking at one point for five or 10 minutes and just focusing on your breath. What you'll notice is that your thoughts begin to slow down. And even if some type of thought comes in that you don't prefer to have, you look at that dot. You can say, Oh, that's not supposed to be there. Or you could just allow that thought to be there. And by allowing us to be there, it loses its emotional rigidity.

It loses its pool of trying to control. And in this observation, states where all the awareness, thoughts come in. What am I going to eat later? It's okay. Thoughts come in. How long has this meditation in the last it's okay? Observe it, let it be there. As you do this, you learn to know that myself, to learn it, to know thyself, which is where all the power is, which is where you start to learn more about beliefs. You have, you start to learn more about patterns that don't pee, you don't longer prefer to experience. And this changes everything right here. I would say it's also the most powerful one. It's not always the most exciting to think about looking at a candle flame, but nonetheless, it's, once again, it's, it's really underrated, and it is so powerful.

There's three more after this that I filmed last night, but the next, the one I want to talk about before we go into the night session one is, uh, making a video every single day. It's one of my habits. That's kind of a weird habit to have, but it's what I'm passionate about. I believe that if you do what you're passionate about every single day, it will profoundly change your life over time. And think about, I've been doing it since February 2017 every single day. It's compounded. It's built up. And now making a video is so easy for me because it's who I am, but me doing this everyday, like I could make a video. I could make like seven videos, and two days it'd be done for the rest of the week.

But I don't do that. I make a video every single day because I love making videos. I love the creative process. I love getting into a flow state, right? But I go wake up in the morning, and I believe that it does impact my vibration. What are you passionate about? What are you doing every single day? Are you, um, you know, if you love painting paint, if you love to draw, draw. If you love to play certain sports, play sports, do something every day for you, that raises your vibration. Now may not look like, Oh, I'm making videos for everyone else. Well, I'm also doing it for me. I love making these videos. It's something I'm very passionate about. And one of the ways you're going to raise your vibration the most in the world is by doing what your purpose is, doing what you're passionate about. If you don't know what that is, set the intention to find out what it is, and watch what comes up in your life.

You'll see synchronicity. You hear conversations you didn't know that you could hear or that were like seem out of the blue, but really, it's showing you, directing you in a certain way. These are the top four. The next three are going to be ones that I filmed at night. We'll go ahead and get into it with a really cool transition right now. What are the next things that keeps my vibration high is actually these glasses right here. What these glasses do is you may have seen me wear them instead of my Instagram stories. These are what are called blue blockers and what they do is at nighttime; they make it so that it blocks out blue light. Blue light sends a signal to your brain that makes your brain think that it's still daylight. What will happen is sometimes people will be like, right now, I'm writing my to-do list for the next day on this iPad.

And when I do that, it's got so much blue light normally. And sometimes what people will do is they'll put it on night mode, which might help a little bit. Because I work online and I'm always, you know, I'm doing things quite often. These are a game-changer. You know how I know this, as well. I have this thing right here that tracks my recovery. It tracks how well I sleep at night, the depthness of my sleep. It's the same thing for my buddy Victor Oddo. Many of you guys know, as well. He did the same thing. He has C same thing for him in his sleep is way better, and you recover a lot easier.

One way that you can raise your vibration is by not hammering down your vibration. By having something that is in a way telling your brain that it's noon. Because think about it like this, when you sleep well at night, your vibration, the next day is going to be recovered. You're going to feel better about yourself. This is something that I recommend you do. I even sometimes, I mean, I wear these quite often, even though it's not always just at night time before bed. Anytime I'm on a screen, and I wear this because I believe it's protecting my eyes. Once again, belief systems are so powerful. If you believe it worked, it works.

And many times, it will. If you're unaware of it, though many times you'll fall under the beliefs of most of society. That's something I find interesting as well. But for me, one of the things that raise the vibration that allows me to kind of a weird hack because people see me and I'll even go to the gym with this. Cause I know, sometimes I'll be on my phone at the gym when I'm tracking my workout. Sometimes what I'll do is I'll have like a timer that is in between my sets. I'm looking at a camera. That also helps. Something else that I wanted to share with you, this is also kind of a nighttime routine. This is going to sound a little bit weird. This is what I do, energetically. First off, I have these two magnets here.

This thing resonates at a certain frequency. I turn it on. Sleep on command, I'm always wearing the blue blockers when I look at this as well and it programs it to certain Hertz. 9.6 Hertz is what I leave it at. There's two magnets under the bed that both keep my frequency of the earth, which is close to the Schuman residence and it keeps it so that it's almost as beneficial as sleeping outside but sleeping inside. This is something that I found to be very powerful as well. I've been using this for about a year now and I really enjoy it, but that's even when I was going to share with you, that's not even one of the hacks, although that could definitely be a weird hack.

This is what I do every single night before I go to bed. What I do is I put an energetic grid around my bed. Normally I'll meditate here, which I'll probably show you that tomorrow morning. The vegan meats of the video are this right year. I'm at nighttime. This is what I do. I first off, I wear blue blockers. I have that pulse magnets thing. It's called an earth pulse. And then what I do is I put an energetic grid. I will literally put my hands out like this and imagine that there is a green orb going around my bed that is transmuting all energy into light and love. And I asked for my spiritual guides to help assist in this process.

I ask to have great dreams, to remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning, and I do that around my bed, literally within, within maybe 20, like two or three minutes before getting into bed. And I find that power; this is something that's kind of weird as well when you're talking about vibrational hacks, right? I'll take these off for a minute just so you can kind of see what I mean when it comes to these vibrational hacks. This is why I think that this is so powerful when you are doing something over a certain area like in my room right now, even though I'm only in this room because I'm in Tulum, Mexico right now for like a month, every single day that I put this grid around my bed, it begins to grow. There's almost like there's an energy here that begins to grow every single day.

What I find is that if I do this more often, it becomes easier and easier for this energy to become stronger. And that's why my old house, the house that I used to live in two before we got out of it, people come into it all the time like Oh my God, Oh my gosh, you have so high value your house just so I could feel it. Cause I have crystals around my house too. But also, I put an energetic grid around my whole entire house. Also, I had some crystals which were in different corners of the house, which I would put intention into that would amplify the energy field of it. When you went into the house, you would definitely feel a higher vibration there. There was a room that all I would do is meditate in you, go into that room, you definitely feel the high vibe.

There was a part of the house where I would fill that and that area to get a lot of creative ideas. There was an office room, and in that area, every single day I was focused on more the technical parts of my business. However, wherever the energy is, that energy then begins to grow. What I do is I put the intention around the bed, and I put the intention so that it grows that energetic field. And as it does that is this, is this a, okay, there we go. As it does that it compounds over time. Put an energy field around your bed and have it be with the intention of protection, the intention of love, the intention of, um, remembering your dreams in the morning.

Something that I will do every single night, probably hear that really loud music. One thing I will do is I will walk barefoot on the grass just for maybe a couple of minutes, five or 10 minutes. What this does is this allows me to ground my energy because I find that being in front of the computer for a period of time or you know, busy with other stuff, this helps to really ground me. This is something else that I do.

I used to do it every single night at my other house. I told Victor and his wife, Patty, that I used to do this. They didn't believe me. What I would do every single night before I go to bed is I would hug a tree. I had a tree in my backyard, and I would literally hug a tree every single night before I would go to bed. And I felt like it would just really ground my energy, and I would put energy. I'd put intention into it, like connecting with the earth, connecting with nature, realizing that nature is kind of an extension of us, but also, it's an energetic thing too. I think that back in the day we used to go to, we used to sleep outside, you know, and we had a much deeper connection to the earth.

Let me kind of go in now. But in general these, I'll have these three things be the last things. As you can see, when it comes to living in a high vibe, I think this is zoomed in. Let me try to zoom it out real quick. I know it looks, there we go. And that better, that better. Can you hit the like button if that's better if that's a better location, a little bit, a little farther, a little bit further away? When it comes to these seven things, habits that I use in my own life that raised my vibration, realized that it's really a way of being. It's a way of life. You see yourself as a high vibrational being.

It makes this process so much easier. It's a part of your identity. The reason I do a lot of these things, even though some of them are kind of weird, is because I believe it's also my belief that it fits into my lifestyle and that this is just a part of who I am. And having that, it helps me to more so embodied the high, we're all high vibrational beings dreaming that we're these little egos, so when we can align ourselves to what really works for us, you know, all of these might not work for you. Maybe you're like, Oh, you know what? Those blue blockers, I don't think I need them. I'm not really on my computer that much anyways. Or the energy field thing, you're like, well I don't even believe that. You know, I need to protect myself from anything.

Honor your beliefs work. Do what works for you. But for all of these, these are ways that I raise my vibration. These are kind of weird habits that I have, but nonetheless, that I do every single day. You know, recently, I become aware of how regimented my life is. I, uh, we're into loom right now, and I found a gym that I really liked that has a sauna and a cold plunge. And I really enjoy it. And part of me was like feeling like, Oh my too regimented.

Well, I am regimented, but it's what goes into me being a ho and having a high vibration so that I can share content with you and everyone else and have the energy to do so. The three reasons I say this is for you to find out what works for you. What I'd like for us to do is to all share what do you do to raise your vibration? Live in a high vibrational lifestyle. You have to make the choice to do so, and you have to raise your vibration. That's really the key. If you haven't already, you can calibrate your vibration by going to whatismyvibration.com.

The Vibration of Magic: 3 ways to BE Supernatural


I'm going to show you the vibration of magic, show you how you can tap into it right now. And I'm going to show you three ways of becoming supernatural beyond the ego, into a new state of consciousness.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I want to show you that reality is meant to be much more magical than you may be making it. I say that because I believe our beliefs create our reality. If you look at it, anyone that's experienced something in their life, you'll see that their reality is a direct reflection of what they believe about themselves. What you'll notice is that beyond just our beliefs about relationships, our beliefs about success or beliefs about buttons or beliefs about our health. Beyond that, there's an understanding of our beliefs about reality itself.

Something that I like to show people a lot is to not just go about the beliefs and these individual categories, but what do you believe about reality itself? Because if you believe that things are very fixed, if you believe that things are very hard to change, then that will be a one on one reflection that we get in our life. However, I believe that when we start to let go of the rigidity of the way reality works, trying to understand everything, understanding that most of what we believe to be true is a hammy down from someone else. It's something we were told about reality. Why? Other than actually experiencing it for ourselves and it's like then that just remains on autopilot our whole entire life. When we talk about the vibration of magic versus the vibration of the autopilot mind, the vibration is how we think, feel, and act.

The thing is the autopilot mind. We think the same thoughts. We feel the same emotions. We do the same things. We get the same results. Now that's what we call reality.  What happens is the more rigidity do you give to this ego, the more you look around, and the more you end up creating that resistance or, the more you think, and it's almost like the less you believe in your own imagination what you can create in your life. I would say that in a way, what people could call magic could also be like the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness.

4D is when things become much more flexible. It's when we realize that everything is vibration. When you think things are solid, things are very hard to change because there are so heavy because it is the way it is. But, when you're able to go beyond the way it is in the current way that you think, feel and act, you can then go into a level of magic, which I believe is our natural birthright. I believe that many people on the planet are starting to remember that they are infinite spiritual beings, and they're going to higher realms of consciousness. We have. There's almost like no delay of what we think and what we experienced in the higher realms. That's more of our natural state. But when we come here, we forget who we are, and then we raise our vibration to where the things to become more and more flexible.

But I believe that in general, the more you raise your vibration beyond the solidity and the ego structure, the more you raise your vibration, the more magical life will become. This is about understanding that vibration of magic. Now, first off, if you've ever read the book autobiography of a Yogi, he used to talk a lot about that book, and it's an amazing book. It's written by Paramahansa Yogananda. It's the one book that Steve Jobs write every year, the last 40 years of his life. It was the only book on his iPad, and at his funeral, he gave that book to every single person that attended his funeral. One thing that was talked about in that book that Paramahansa Yogananda talks about is his experience of being in India, where he was born and going through that of the process of enlightenment.

He meets many other enlightened masters on his process of enlightenment, and these enlightened people literally could do things that you and I would consider to be magic things like a teleport to a different location, things like implants. I'm very crystal, clear ideas and other people's minds. Something else that happened was one of the enlightened masters told Yogananda's mom that she would go home and get into meditation and that an Astro, he formed a piece of jewelry lock. It would appear in her hands. That's exactly what happened. She ended up giving that to one of the open hands his brothers to give to him later on in his life with a message.

There have been many other situations that such as even bringing someone back from the dead, which is talked about in Autobiography of a Yogi, and these things we consider to be magic supernatural. How is that even possible? But I believe that the more we raise our vibration and the more we tap into our own divinity, our own realization that we are divine beings, the more magical life becomes. And I've say this quote a lot, it's like my favorite thing to say. The more we realize our life is a form of a dream, the more dreamlike our life will become.

The key to a lot of this, though, when we're talking about the vibration of magic, the key to this is detaching from the old ego, the story, the old person that's tried to understand everything. Did he go, we'll do everything you can do. Remain consistent with the way it defines itself. The ego will do everything it can to understand everything and for everything to be right for the ego to be right, even at the expense of pain and suffering.

I've experienced this many times in my life like, well, this should not have happened this way, and it's like not even a big deal. This is trying to reassert itself, but when you go beyond that, you then have this higher vibrational energy, but you see every single one of us are divine and the way we tap into this magic, which is who we naturally are, magic is our natural birthright. Magic is who we are at our core, we just remember this, and we could also say that fourth dimensional, fifth-dimensional states of consciousness is who we really are. We just remember this. It's about letting go of the ego construct, letting go of this story that we tell ourselves and starting to observe it. If we have thoughts that like everything is so solid and heavy and people always treat me this way and reality is so fixed, then that belief creates that reality.

You will naturally go online. Find more evidence that that is the case. You will naturally surround yourself with people that think in a similar way. All because there are a strong belief and a wanting of understanding the solidity of everything versus surrendering to the divine or surrendering beyond the ego construct. To go from a 3D level of consciousness of everything is solid. Everything is this way. These belief systems to go from that heaviness of the third dimension of duality, good, bad light, dark, getting triggered by the news and the media at all of these things and to going into understanding everything is vibration, everything, and because of its vibration, it's not so solid.

It's not so heavy, but our beliefs are what actualize and allow us to perceive these different things in our life. When we talk about these three different things in three different ways of becoming supernatural and thinking about it supernatural, beyond the natural, what is natural? Supernatural is about stretching yourself beyond that current identity that current ego constructs and understanding that things can be very magical if you allow them to be. If you challenge your own belief systems, challenged your belief systems, that things, I always attract this kind of a person into my life. Well, that's the solidity of over here. This is the way reality is.

I read the way reality works is I always attract this kind of person, but then you observe it, and you can start to see that that is just a story that is just something that happened, but it doesn't have to be something that is clone to so that it continues to create itself over and over and over again. But you see, you have to move into the awareness first and foremost. The first step towards becoming supernatural and creating magic in your life has to do with learning meditation. My whole entire life transformed when I learned meditation back in 2012, I learned how to observe my thoughts.

That was pretty much it. If you look right over there and know if you can see it, but then yeah, that little thing on my little nightstand over there, that's a little candle flame. I stare at the candle flame for five or 10 minutes or 10 15 minutes, right when I wake up in the morning, 10 to 15 minutes, right for I go to bed at night. And what that does is that allows my mind to calm down cause your eyes are focused on one spot and you're concentrating and you're concentrated on observing your thoughts. What happens is your mind starts to slow down and you start to observe the different processes.

You start to observe the reaction of the ego, trying to understand everything and trying to assert itself, try to be right. And when you observe it, you then neutralize the energy and then you can move more into it. A vibration of being the divine self. The more the divinity that you bring through your body. What are the belief systems of enlightenment? Because beliefs create realities. What are their beliefs? This is of the Lightman. And what he said is that there are no belief systems. Enlightenment is about knowing thy sell. That's where they say no, dissect, not believes. I sell no lifestyle.

Then I saw him the second time, like a year later, and I even brought up the book autobiography of Yogi and the magical things that people there could do. I talked to them about that and he said that because we kind of talked this out, but because they know that reality is a drain because they know they are divine beings and everyone else is a divine being because they know that things are very flexible, they can then create things much more fluidly than we can.

But we have such a solidity. It's such a belief in all of these things that we keep ourselves in this limitation. They're beyond the limitation because they're beyond the self. There'll be on the ego. Having a meditation practice will help you to go beyond the social conditioning of the way reality works and get into a natural state of allowing that divine to flow through, allow that divine to flow through. This is something that is extraordinarily powerful and the more you focus on allowing the divine to flow through you to realize you are a divine being and so is everybody else on the planet.

Everyone's a reflection. But the more you allow yourself to tap into this divine energy, which is you, but it's about getting out of the way with the ego contract, butter standing, everything magic will really come into your life. When you start to trust this process, when you realize that everything is a reflection of you, you're much more allowing. The ego does not have to control everything. And because the ego doesn't have to control everything, there's a certain level of grapes, a certain level of energy, decking and flow through you. You can look at anybody that is a healer and that has an ability to heal someone else. And it's not that anybody heals anyone else. The divine energy flows through them because they are a vessel.

They admit off a frequency that then other people can match. And then when they match it, they're in the healed state. That's what healing is. Nobody actually heals anyone else. And if they think that way, that normally they won't have the ability for long or it's not as genuine, it's allowing the divine to flow through which every single person watching this is a divine being. You are your own guru. You have all of this information inside of yourself. Then your reality is meant to magical. The more you tap inside, the more you tap inside yourself, the more you tap inside yourself. But also let go of the ego.

Let go of the ego construct to let go of having to understand everything, let go of the necessity to be right and just be in that observation state, to be present to the moment, to bring more awareness into your body. Magical things will happen. Synchronicity beyond what you can imagine right now, things you can just be in the right place at the right time. This is one way to create that kind of magic in your life. Something else that I found to be very powerful.

I would imagine S. I. G. I. L. now this sounds a little bit more esoteric, but I see how it can be powerful because, in a way it's like setting an anchor. But basically, what you do is you have an image of some type of, um, some type of shape or some type of image in general. And sometimes what people do is they'll get different letters of something. If it's like they want to create maybe a loving, compassionate relationship, loving, compassionate relationship. So L, C, R, they could make a symbol that has LCR inside of it. And then that symbol can be something that you put energy into. You literally sit there and meditation, you put powerful love energy into it in a, almost like a vision, a concentration on the end outcome of you creating that in your life. Have you been in a loving, compassionate relationship and you imagined that you imagined the outcome of it.

You imagine you are around other people and then feeling that love from you and you loving yourself and you imagined that, and you put that into the symbol that maybe has like compassionate, loving and then relationship, and it's like this symbol, and you meditate on that, and you put energy into it, and you put the emotion into it, and then you believe that that is something. By doing, you are focusing and concentrating within your own body, building up that energy, that vibration beyond the super, the natural into the supernatural. Then what you do is as you focus on that every single day for five minutes a day, over time, your belief, your vibration into that begins to grow in reality. That's an ancient esoteric way of going about that. A manifestation is creating some type of symbol that you focus on that then anytime you see naturally brings that state within you, but that is something that you can try.

You can try and see how it works, and you can use that for attracting abundance into your life. I believe that our, we go beyond beliefs and into being is very powerful. It could be that you just believe in this process and that then that's a permission slip for you to allow and then perceive of the magic in your life. You see, when we talk about crystals using crystals to manifest, could it be that the crystals have a geometric form that then amplifies the energy? Absolutely. Could it also be the belief in that process that amplifies the belief in yourself? I think crystals are just a reflection of our own energy. Crystals are a reflection. Our belief in it is also what allows us to perceive things around us then.

Imagine there is an infinite number of potential realities that exist around us right now. We only perceive of the ones that are in alignment with our belief systems or gone beyond belief systems. We actualize based on what is red in residents and the vibrational residence of magic is going beyond the ego trying to understand everything and going into a state of uncertainty. The second step is creating that sigil, S I G I L and having that that emblem in something that you meditate on, did you put energy into you connect with your heart, you make sure it's also a vision for something connected to your heart. Many people in the manifestation community are so focused on the side effects, all the abundance, all the abundance of the side effects of you doing what you love, and you'd be at your court frequency relationship.

The relationship is a reflection of you being at your core, loving yourself so much that that emanates out, that other people feel that, and you resonate with somebody. It's also whole and complete. You see, this is about understanding getting to your core. This is about having that awareness. The last thing I wanted to talk about here is about going beyond belief and into being beyond belief and into being every single thing you do. If you do it as if you were doing it for the first time, not bringing the past expectation into it, your life will become very magical, and you will carry with you a quality that people really want to be around. Because when you are very present, and you're not trying to get somewhere else, there's a new, there's an energy that comes through, and I used even to apply this to my old job when I used to work at Barneys and woman's shoes.

If I went in and I was always focused on the next thing, always focused on the next thing. My energy was very scattered. My energy wasn't really there. There wasn't a surplus of energy coming through in life because I was scattering my energy everywhere. Even right now, if I was focused right now on what I'm going to do after this, the power gets taken away from this blog. What if, and one of the things in, I think people, the reason a lot of people may like watching my videos is cause I get into a flow state when I do it and then that flow stays a certain energy that then people want to match. If you want to find their version of it. Just a flow state that's flowing through, but going beyond belief and into being, it's about not being so intellectually thinking about everything.

It's about going beyond the belief of who we are, the stories that we tell ourselves, and then just being experiencing reality for ourselves. Realizing that if we experience anything is because we agreed to it. What I mean by this is we have many agreements we've made in the past agreements about who we are. The way that relationships works, the way that people treat us. There's an agreement we have made, and that agreement keeps a certain reality vibration going, but when you go beyond those agreements, we start to become three of those beliefs. You start to question those beliefs and we start to say how many experiences? For myself. Yes. Everyone told me that doing this is kind of scary. Going from my passion is kind of scary. I should stay at the job that I had is very much more certain.

But you say, you know what? I'm going to go for myself and see what this is like and experience it for myself. That's where the magic really begins to happen. Magic happens when uncertainty is put into the equation. Uncertainty, because think about this, sometimes learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza. When it comes to this process, you think the same thoughts and feel the same emotions. You do the same things. You get the same result, and that's the known. That's what you know. But when you step into the unknown, you are then in a territory where the mind can't try to recreate the same things. It can't tie itself to what it knows or what it wants to believe. What you then begin to do is as you begin to get into the unknown, anything can happen. That's where miracles can happen. We gave you want to create more magic in your life, step into the unknown.

Do something you've never done before, something that this identity may never do.  I would never go to dance. I would never go do this. I've never gone to that and challenged that identity. Go do something that's way outside of that comfort zone. But by doing so, you get into the unknown. You start to expand your concept of self. And as you do that and you finally become more free, you get out of the beliefs and end up being into being and understanding that everything, in reality, is about vibration. If you want to create magic in your life, stop being so attached to being right. Did the ego construct of understanding everything, trying to control everything from the level of the ego start to surrender in a very powerful way. But the more you raise your vibration, the more your reality will transform before your eyes and the more magical your life will become.

If you haven't seen it yet, I have something called, what's my vibration.com you go to www dot what's my vibration.com or do you hit the link at the top, the description box below and you can take a survey that will calibrate your vibration, show you where your vibration is in the form of an archetype and then I'll give you a meditation that helps you to make your reality more magical. You listen to that meditation for 21 days and to go change your life. It's tailored for your level of consciousness. Plus, I'll send you emails moving forward showing you how to get from that level to the next level of consciousness, so if that's something that you are interested in and go to, whatismyvibration.com

Parallel Lives in Mayan Times VLOG feat Leeor Alexandra (our experiences)


This is the first-ever, like a real traditional blog on the channel. I have Leeor Alexandra with me. Many of you may know her, and we are about to go to the Tulum mine ruins. We've been Tulum for about a month now.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Anyway, the thing I wanted to talk about is a mixture of two things. First off, the vlogs that I do, I want them to be a little bit different than the traditional blogs, but I mean by that is that I want to focus on still adding value. Normally, people call these past lives, but actually, they're parallel incarnations because all energy exists here and now. I felt a connection to Tulum and the Mayan pyramids. I'll tell that story a little bit about it later. Actually, a little bit about it now. The Tulum pyramids, the Tulum like ruins, it's right on the beach. That was my wallpaper for years, and I never knew what it was. I just felt the connection to it to find out that's actually here. And this is a place that Leeor was saying that we should go and right. We're going to be here for about a month.

One of the things I said when I did this doing these vlogs is that I also wanted to share ideas and stuff like that, as well. There's something that Leeor and I both feel. We both feel like we had a Mayan past life connection. I've kind of felt that for a while. For me, being in Tulum, in general, has been like everything's just been at the right moment at the right time. So much, Deja Vu. The way that I did cause you to know how people normally think past lives are like in the past. Yeah. They're actually, the way that I view it is a parallel incarnation. We may have some type of vibe where we know each other there, but in general, it exists right now. And if there's a connection to it, there's a purpose for it.

Maybe it's to learn more. I had a very big strong connection to 2012, but we'd be like, we were going to send it to a higher level of consciousness. And it's funny because the Mayans talked to their calendar ended in 2012. I don't know if maybe part of me was picking up on that energy stream. I'm not sure. But regardless, I feel a connection to the Mayan culture, and I've always felt a connection to this. Even just the, I don't know that the Mayans spoke Spanish. Did you assume they spoke Spanish? They didn't. Okay. I've always felt a pre-hispanic. I've always felt the connection to the Spanish in general, even though it's, you know, they may not have spoken Spanish.

I think I hear more than anywhere else until noon. We do exist here in a parallel reality. Honestly, which is the craziest thing to assert, but it's just an unknowing, and I've been all over the world. I felt that way in here. I felt that way anywhere. I really feel it. Oh, strong. Yes. And if she says that she really means it too sometimes I'm like, but I can see their machine actually, and she says, you just have a billion lives. Who knows? That's where you've acquired all your knowledge about when we landed in Hawaii. I had a very weird, and I just got like really down and couldn't get happy.

I think that maybe there was a life of parallel incarnation there, where I feel like there was a parallel incarnation with like a brother figure there that didn't go well or something. I forget why he thought that. I don't remember. The thing we wanted to share with you is that travel around the world, you have parallel incarnations that you may have had on different parts of the world that are not past lives necessarily. There apparently exists right now. They're parallel lives. Yeah. Tap into that energy right now. You can tap into the energy of the different lines that you need.

That's what the minds it to the Mayans back in 2012; they were not chosen 12th the Mayans back in the day, they completely, they completely vanished as a whole civilization. I think they went to a higher dimension. That's just personally what I think. Anyway, let's go back to the toy. Leeor just said that she had a kind of a memory or an image of two women. Can I go talk about it? We're standing and looking off the edge of the cliff, and I closed my eyes for a second, and I saw myself as two different women, and one of them was a short kind of on the larger side, weathered old woman.

And my hair was kind of like Auburn Brown. Then there was another one where she looked more like me, but darker, thick hair that was braided to the side. Oh, I could see that. I was just like, I saw from both of their eyes, and I saw myself. It was really interesting. And I told her, and right now I feel silly talking about this, but that's just what I saw. And sometimes we get these images in this intuition, and we're programmed to think. There's a reason for seeing it. Yeah, and then also, um, you asked me, can you have two parallel incarnations at the same place? I was like, yeah, absolutely. Women. And I'm like, can you have more than one? You're an infinite spiritual being, so you could have much more. Thanks for having me. You're welcome.

Let's do the transition. Basically, what we learned is we may or may not have parallel incarnations in Mayan culture, and I think we do. I feel it. We had a really good day in general. The other thing I want to say is that it's possible for every single one of you to live a lifestyle like this. When you start to create the rules for your own reality, you start to call your own shots versus thinking that you need to work some nine to five job. You just might have to put in the work a little bit in order to get there. One thing that I made a video on today and for my other like regular YouTube videos are that when you make the bean vibration, your dominant vibration in reality, that eventually becomes your reality.

What I mean by that is, you know, I was becoming a full-time YouTuber vibrationally before I wasn't full time. YouTuber, make your site, make your side hustle your full time, and it will become your full time. That's the idea. Call your own rules for reality. Be brave because the universe really rewards bravery. The braver I was, the more upstanding my life became. I walked away from comfort over and over and over again to grow and to be creative and look at a great job. No, I was a daily mail at the time I was about to be, I was about to go back to emails. Yeah.

And I was making more money than I ever thought I would be six months after college, less than six months out of college. My parents are so proud of me. I was using my degree, and I took my dad to dinner, and I was like, I have to do this YouTube thing. I want to do it. I was making $300 a month, maybe $150 a month on YouTube at that time, but I had saved up money, and I decided to be brave, and I was just like, I'm going to make this happen. Yeah, it's a choice. Make this happen. Every single one of you can make it happen. By choosing that lifestyle, choose it. That's who you are now, making a part of your identity as creating content on YouTube. It's a part of our identity. It's part of who we are, and that's why we create content. 

90% of your intentions will manifest if you do this one thing


I'm going to be sharing with you that one thing that if you do 90% of what you want to create in your life will happen if you stay consistent with it. This has to do with me looking at all the different variables as to what has gotten me to where I am today.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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It's not just the things I do that bring the abundance, but it's also the way I go about it, and the people I get to connect to. There are many different facets to it. But when I look at that, and I look at it and study every single person that I've seen as well that has used these certain concepts to create what they want in their life, I can see that this is a pattern that many people have. It's a pattern and something that everyone does, even if it's at subconscious levels. The one thing, and this is what it is; it's not to focus on what you are doing is to focus on who you actually are. Who are you doing things that are connected to your passion?

And this is the kicker right here. It is doing them every single day, every single day, no matter what. I have seen so many people apply this and this really does work. Why do we say focus on who you are and not what you're doing? I'm going to show you the Robert Dilts model. I'll go and put a chart right over here, the Robert Dilts model. This isn't the chart of the normal, the scale of conscious chart. I said that for my editor because I didn't, what it does is it shows you the different levels of change. And at the bottom, you'll see the levels of environment, behavior, skills, and capabilities in the middle. And then right above that, is it raining? No, it's not. Okay. Then right above that, you will see the beliefs and values, beliefs, and values as when we say beliefs create reality.

This is something that I focused a lot on my channel. If you change your beliefs, you change your life. But above that is identity. It's who you are. And if you get to the core of who you are and you realize that that's why you do what you do, that's what will change everything because it's at the deepest level of change. And when you do things, and that's the reason I say do it every single day, whatever that is, because over time it begins to compound. It becomes just naturally a part of who you are. One of the reasons a lot of people get temporary success and they fall back is because they only do things because it gets them a certain result. They don't do it because it's who they are.

When I look at my own success, it's, I've made a video every single day on YouTube since February 2017, is it because I do it because it gets me more YouTube subscribers? Is it because of any other reason? It's because it's who I am. Every day I get up, I make a video. Even now, I'm living in Tulum for a month after this, and I go to Costa Rica. I'm traveling. I still will make a video every single month because it's wired in as a part of my identity, and here's the thing, when you do things that are wired into your identity, it becomes very easy to do. Some people will say, how do you do that every day? Every single day? You don't have to anymore, but yet you still do. I do it because it's who I am and I enjoy it. I really love it. And the more you do anything, the more you start to, in a way, dial in on your own craft. And that's something that I've definitely enjoyed doing is dialing in on it.

One thing that will change your life is doing something every single day no matter what. And if you know my story, you know that that's what's changed my life when it comes to doing these videos and going full time, having a nine to five job. I wasn't passionate about deciding I'm going to make a video every single day until I am a full-time YouTuber. And as you do it, you start to change your self-image. That's the identity. That chart I was showing that at the top, the identity is where things really begin to change because then you'll see, cause that's all the reality is just responding to the main character in your movie. But see some people aren't the main character. They're pretending to be the cameo and other people's movies that work for a company that they may hate.

Nonetheless, I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing, and I was kind of at the effect rather than being at the cause. The thing is when the main character changes in a movie, other people then respond differently. When you start to embody your full power in your own movie of life, which you are creating your own movie based on your identity, on the beliefs you have about who you are, other people then begin to respond to you differently. The key to this process in 90% of what you want will come to fruition. When you align, and you are doing every single day, and you focus on who you are, you focus on a vision. Here's if we could summarize this even easier. Have a vision of something you are moving towards. Have a vision of something that you are moving towards.

Have this vision be something that you are really passionate about. And if you don't know what that is, set the intention to find out what that is. Have that vision and work towards it every single day. The reason we do daily is that if you do anything daily, it becomes a part of who you are. If you were to eat healthy every single day and then do it consistently, that would become a part of who you are, but if you do a diet for that of maybe a week or two and then you go back to your old ways of eating, you're not going to retain the results that you want. You're going to; it's going to go away, and then you're going to go back to where you were before. That's the problem with most people when it comes to them creating what they want in their life.

They do it for a temporary fix. They don't get the results right away, and then they go back to the other way. However, this is the thing with reality. There is what is called a delayed mirror effect because we live in time-space reality. Things may change, but what happens is what we are emitting out is being reflected back to us, but there's a delay process now as consciousness continues to rise on the planet. That delayed process is becoming shorter and shorter, but nonetheless, some people will say, well, things aren't changing right this moment when I changed when I made a choice to eat like a kale salad. But you have to be consistent towards that vision. When I look at my own vision of me, I'm creating the kind of lifestyle that I want right now. I look at my new vision, and it's vision is evolving now.

The vision includes traveling the world and doing events and meeting other people and having a new sense of not just being on YouTube, but being on many different platforms and doing what I love and having more of an impact in person versus just being online. That's my new vision. I'm working towards it and what I'm doing every day for that one? I'm getting outside of my comfort zone. I'm traveling, I'm not living in Vegas and doing the same things I was doing before. But there's a vision. They're working towards that vision every single day. If you want to have your own art gallery studio, imagine yourself have a vision of what that is for you. Imagine and have that vision as if you're looking through it as if you're looking through the eyes of that version of you see the emotions you'd have, see the thoughts you'd have, see the beliefs you'd have, and then what you do is you simply decide that's who you are now and then doing that consistently.

Your reality will change over time, but you have to be consistent, and you have to take action every day. Paint every single day, draw every day, whatever it is. But don't wait to give yourself permission to be that way. If I would've said, Oh, you'll be a full-time YouTube, but once you've been doing it for, I don't know, six months every single day, then I wouldn't have given myself permission to really just sink into that role. But instead, I did it, and after two or three weeks, there was a video that went viral, and then the channel started to grow very quickly and then cut. Within a couple of months, I was able to quit my job. It's about being and just giving yourself permission to be, which is the key to 90% of what you want to create in your life — knowing that when you are at that core as well, your desires may change. You may think right now that you want to win the lottery. You may think right now you want some very super superficial things, which there's nothing wrong with it, but you may think that's what you want.

But then when you start getting to the core of your mission in life, your purpose, you will start to find that your desires change. I don't want and wouldn't want to win the lottery. I think it would take me off my path. It'd be kind of disempowering because I know that I can create an immense amount of abundance in my life just by continuing to go down my path. And you can do the same thing but sometimes our mind, the desires we have come from a certain level, and maybe that level is why I'm pure right now, and I would love all of this but that may actually some of the desires you have right now may not be true desires. They may be things that you think you want because of where you currently are and how cool would it be. But the key to this is getting to the core of you who you are and deciding what do you want in your life — becoming the cause rather than the effect. This is where everything really begins to change.

In general, what we can learn from this is that when we are in certain states, we are embodying certain energy and that reality then reflects that energy back to us over time. But remember there is that delayed response. There is a delayed response, and the thing is to be consistent about it and to know you're not doing it because it gets you some end result. You're doing it because it's who you are. It's a much more pure place to be. When you ask any person that's obtained billions of dollars or whatever and people always might ask them in an interview, what would you do if you lost it all? What do they say? I'd recreate it. It's who I am, the kind of person to be resourceful, to figure out all these other things, and to look into the world and see all these problems and fix them. I would recreate it because it's not some behavioral thing or some than down here.

It is the actual identity. The key to this process, and if you would, getting 90% of what you want or more, is focusing on your identity and on you being that version of you give yourself permission to be that version of you. That's what I did. Whether it's with YouTube or even meditation, I learned meditation, and guess what? I did it every single day back when I used to tell myself a story, that it was hard for me to focus, that I didn't have that focus was hard for me. That it was annoying to have to observe my thoughts and all these different things I told myself. And as I started to meditate within two or three days in, I just decided I just chose this is going to change my life. I'm going to do it every day. And then what happened is the second or third day; I had this profound experience where I just started to become aware of all these thoughts and beliefs that I had that was on autopilot.

And it changed everything I related to my past and new way. And within it, within a week or two, I was a completely different person, completely different person. But once again, it was committing to that thing every single day. Because if you do it one day and then our day scent tends to be like Groundhog Day. You know, if I were to overeat, let's say, let's say we're to overeat today just 200 calories, it doesn't seem like much, right? 200 calories. That's not a lot. You know, the average amount is like what? 20 to 2,400 calories a day. 200 calories aren't that much, but imagine doing that every single day for a year, 365 times 200 calories.

That would be quite a bit of weight you see over time. That's why they say that you could just like give up soda drinking a soda every single day, and that could profoundly affect your health because you make a choice not to do that. And then every single day you're not putting corn syrup and sugar into your body like that, that it changes over time. That's why it's a simple thing. Sometimes that changed the most, but realize you're not getting rid of the soda because of the weight; you're going to lose your getting rid of it cause it's not who you are anymore. When you get to the core of your identity, this is where things change in a very, very powerful way, but you have to make a choice. I made a choice for daily videos. I made a choice for meditation.

I've made a choice for many different areas of my life, and every time I do, it is profound. One of the things, I'll share it, I mean, that's the one thing you do. The one thing you do is you simply make a choice. This is who I am now, and you do it every single day. That's it. Do it every single day as you move towards a vision, so a vision and then realizing that version of you choosing that who you are and then do something every single day that wires that in you. Then tap into the frequency of that version of you and then eventually you get that result in life, that reflection, but remember there's a delayed or Amir delayed mere response, so you don't rely on it. You just realize that it's about you and how you relate to you, and are you doing what you're passionate about because everybody here on the planet has something you are meant to be doing.

When you came here, you're an eternal spiritual bean. You forget who you are. You go through a veil of forgetfulness. You get here, you have a purpose, but you don't always remember what that is. You have to start doing things to find then out what that is, and maybe that means researching certain things. For me was researching metaphysical information, which eventually led me to say, Oh, I know I want to make videos. I know I want to do this for a living. The same way starts to go in that direction but becomes aware of how you view yourself and do things because it's who you are. Imagine the best version of you; move towards the vision. It does work. You just have to go in that direction.

The last thing I'll say is focusing on uncertainty. Do things that put you into a new state. I'm traveling right now and then a lot of uncertainty. I can't go back to Vegas to the house that I had for a while. I am in the new, so there are new things that are going to be created, and it's very exciting, but even YouTube for me was new when I decided to do that. It was uncertain. Even meditation was uncertain. But when you are doing the same things every day, feeling the same emotions every day and thinking the same thoughts every day, you're going to create the same things over and over again.

Get into the unknown and see what can happen. That's where miracles happen, so remember that as well. Something I have too that I think will really help in this process is knowing, the more you raise your vibration, the more things happen in a very quick way. There is something I have. If you go to, whatismyvibration.com, there's a survey that you can take, and then I give you a meditation for your current level of consciousness, and it calibrates you using an archetype. Plus, I'll send you emails that we'll show you how to get to the next level of consciousness. It's absolutely free.

BEYOND Belief and into Being: The Next Level of Manifestation


I'm going to show you how to go beyond beliefs and into being. This is something that will change your life if you apply, and you'll know exactly how to do that by the end of this blog.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you how to go beyond beliefs and into being. And it's just something I've just now coming to understand at a very deep level. And now that I look back at my own life and how I've gone from working a nine to five job that I didn't like. I'm actually staying at the Wynn hotel right now cause I'm getting ready tomorrow to um, to tomorrow morning to fly to Tulum. I'll be there for a month, make videos there. I'm really excited to share it with all of you.

But I met a hotel that's right across the street from where I worked for like ten years, five years in one place in five years at another place. It's when I went and made that transition from working there to doing what I love for a living, there was something that changed, and I'm realizing now that it actually goes beyond just that of beliefs. However, by changing this one thing, it then also changes your beliefs, and it has to do with going beyond the belief level of consciousness going to a new level, or it's not new, but everyone has it. And this is also where something called archetypes come into play. And I've started to come to understand more and more of those as well. What I'm going to do in this blog is to show you what is called the logical levels of consciousness.

It is something by a model that's by a guy named Robert. And it has to do with understanding how our behavior works. What I'm going to do is I'm going to show you that so that. You could, in a way, say as well that this is a form of your vibration, your vibration as a combination of what you think, how you feel, and what you do. However, when you get to this next level, it encompasses all of these, so I want to share those with you. What I'm going to do right now is I'm going to take you with me, and I'm going to show you this little level thing. What's your notice right here is, let me see how clear I can get it.

With these levels, you'll see that right here; we have the different; we have what is called the logical levels of consciousness. At the very bottom, we have the environment, which is like the where and the when the environment is where you are. If you change your environment, you can change your life but don't actually get to the core necessarily. Then above that, you have behavior. It's the actions you're taking. It is the kind of habit you have. It is what you do, and that is at that level you change that. You then also can change your life. It's not as deep as this part up here. Then you have skills and capabilities. Well, these are developed, how you do the behavior of how you do. This could be something that you've learned how to cultivate. Could I'm a certain type of talent that you have?

It could be the way you go about manifestation is or your skills and your capabilities. And then we have our values and beliefs. Beliefs create reality. Well, this is true, but what stems from beliefs. Beliefs are still like little boxes because the thing is for you to believe something to be true; you'd have to believe something that also not is true. The idea is that by having this box, any limitation, any belief is a limitation. When we're talking about a belief we're talking about, let's say we have a belief that I can make 100,000 a year, that's still a limitation because you could make $200,000 a year. Beliefs are the limitations that we use. Many of our beliefs have come from our past, have come from what our parents had told us to do, have come from what we think we can do.

Then what you'll see right here is this is beyond beliefs. This is into a state of being. This is what I say, it's about being, it's the identity. It's the who. There's like a book by Simon Sinek called to start with the why. Very powerful. But you could even say that even more powerful. Who are you? What is your identity? How do you see yourself? And that's why in this blog as well, I'm going to talk a little bit about archetypes. We identified with it, and then we think it's who we are. For example, you know somebody that treated you bad when you were young. Well, now you don't just see that as something that happened to you.

What happened to you. You see it as I am bad. He developed a belief that I am bad, or I am unworthy, which then keeps it perpetuated until you change that identity, and this is many times when we'll have that of a certain archetype like the victim, the hero, the villain. This will then be something that stems from us, and then our beliefs will be equal to it. Each level that's we go deeper has more of an effect on us, some more powerful than just our environment, his behavior, more powerful behavior on our vibration is our skills and capabilities. More powerful than that is our beliefs and then identity. There's a top-level up here called awakening. This is where we realized that we aren't necessarily our identity. This isn't a spiritual awakening when we realize that we are infinite spiritual beings are having temporary human experiences, and we see our connection to a larger whole.

This is where my content is and where I like to share content about is how we can we awaken to more of who we are. Because then we see that this even the identity that we may gain is still a form of illusion. The idea is that if he could become aware that your identity is, you may have an identity that says, Oh, this happened to me in the past. This was really bad. The ideas, that's one possibility. That's one thing. That's not just who you are. You are beyond that. When you start to see and to get a spiritual awakening, you see that you don't have to give to you to play the game.

One of the things that changed for me is I used to see myself as a victim. And then what happened is I changed that choice, that meaning of something that happened in the past. I identified so much with that that that was my, that was my reality. I thought I am bad. There's always someone that has to control me and, therefore, that stayed on autopilot. But then what happened is I ended up changing that. Meaning I saw that that didn't happen to me. That happened to me because that eventually led to my awakening. In a weird way, I was very grateful for it because then it allowed me to become more of who I am also to help other people break out of their own belief systems and to help people like I do on my YouTube channel and in general.

The truth is where infinite spiritual beings have in temporary human experiences. Something happened in the past, and you may have said, this is who I am now, and because this is who you are now, that remained on autopilot. I am not as the first belief we have is I am not something. I am not worthy. I am not enough. I am not lovable. And then, and it could've been something that we've acquired from our parents. Maybe they believe that about themselves, or maybe something happened to us that they had us to wire that identity in now. That we kind of see that scale, what can you do to influence your identity level? Well, first off, be aware of the identity of who you currently are. Are there certain archetypes that resonate with you? Some of the archetypes are joker, warrior, wizard, hero, villain, damsel in distress, one that gets walked over.

You know, some of those are more fissile archetypes than others, but sometimes will not realize it. And the way that I think of archetypes is a little bit different than maybe we did maybe with a wave, you've heard it before, but we are all connected to a collective consciousness. And these archetypes are different vibrational frequencies that have been in our collective consciousness for thousands of years. What happens is because there's a certain momentum with that way of thinking, if we identify with it, we will easily lock in the grooves within our collective consciousness of many other people that have thought the same way. They're frequencies that can influence us if we're unaware of it or if we choose to it. Maybe right now you've realized you've been a victim, your life, and you want to start being the hero, and then you're a hero for the wire, but a while, but then you realized it was a shadow side of the hero because then he was always a battle.

You have to fight, always have to prove yourself, and then maybe you want to be the wizard so you can use these archetypes as a part of your identity. Then they stay consistent with the way they see themselves. What they might do is they may sabotage themselves. They may find themselves acting out unnecessarily and getting themselves into trouble. Be aware not of the what, not to have the how not to have the where. You can powerfully change this by changing your vision. What is your vision? How do you see yourself and that vision is something you can move towards, and that's something that I did as you've probably heard it for me, talk about many, many, many other times on my YouTube channel.

But basically, what I did is I was a certain way. I became aware of my identity. My identity was that I was working in nine to five job that I did not like, and I made a choice. I said I am going to why you're in a new sense of being. I'm going to simply be a full-time YouTuber before I am a full-time YouTuber, and then my reality will reflect that. I decided to make a video every single day, and I've done that since February 2017 now. That's the thing you see. Normally we think the way it works is we think that the way it works, let me show you on that little handy dandy chart that I have.

We think the way that it works is you must first develop, let's see the skills you first need the skills to be a YouTube or full-time YouTube. Then you need to behave like one. You need the environment; you need a really good camera set up. You need beliefs. Can I do it? Can I do it? Rather than just deciding that that is who you are because all this other stuff anyway isn't really who you are anyways. You're an infinite spiritual being. If you're going to choose this and you realize that at a certain time you did choose this, you can start to say, wait, what do I want to continue to create this? Maybe you do maybe like being the hero, but at a certain point, you can then change the identity.

It just trickles down. But you see, most people try to create transformation. From this level, I'm going to change my environment. The best part is if you align all of these together if you can create the behavior. I was making videos every single day. I saw myself as that possible for me. I saw other YouTubers doing it. I was like, wow, if they can do it, why can't I? I started understanding why am I doing it? I want to add value to people. I want to help people wake up and then started making data videos. I wasn't good at first, but then after 30 videos, 100 videos. Over thousands of videos, I've developed a skill of being able to make videos on the whim like this. I came up with this idea last night, and I, after I was learning these levels of thing, and it's something that just comes on autopilot.

Instead of trying to create change from the beliefs. Beliefs create reality; it's about going down to the identity. The way that you see yourself, giving yourself space for understanding who you are because yes, the beliefs you have are on autopilot — becoming aware that beliefs will change your life in a very powerful way. That's even something I teach in something called the shift Academy, which is my month to month Academy where I show you exactly how to shift your life, shift your identity, and to a new state of being by changing your beliefs and becoming aware of how the falseness of it. And it's something where every single month there's a two-hour-long interactive Q and a where I do zoom sessions, which means I bring people on and coach them and then other people can see them being coached and you can see the transformation for yourself and then you even have the potential to work with me one on one in front of the group setting.

Then there are videos that you get every month. There's a meditation archive. There are bonuses like the raise your vibrational set point, a live event that I did actually right across the street here with Victor Oddo and Leo Alexandra; we filmed the whole thing. It's a free bonus you get when you join the shift Academy, and if you want to join, you want to check it out. There are no contracts you get to cancel at any time. I teach a process called belief shifting, which will also shift your identity, very easy to apply. You can join, and it's the lowest price you will ever see it. Plus, you'll get all those bonuses. That's something that you can do as well, and that will help you with this change of changing your identity.

Because when you change your identity, you change your life. And when you do that, everything changes. And the way that you can start to wire that new identity is through understanding that why you do what you do is it's because it's who you are, the beliefs why, but really why the cause of who? Who are you? Aaron, why do you make daily videos? Is it cause like every video helps the algorithm, and then I can grow more. It's more so it's cause it's who I am. I get up every morning. I don't have to; I have 60 videos that are done that I could just not take two months off. But I don't know because of this making daily videos; it's like eight in them — seven in the morning. Right now, I'm kind of loud. I know there are people next to me that could hear my voice right now, and it's early in the morning.

But guess what? This is who I am. This is who I am. Identify who you are? Who are you? My goal in what I do is I help people to understand who they are as spiritual beings and that you can decide who you are and that by it, by choosing it deliberately, you can then create your reality in a much more powerful way than go into the surface level things to change things. Anytime something happens, give it a meaning that this is developing your character and identify the version of you that already exists because all parallel reality versions already exist. Identify that version of you and simply decide, give yourself permission to be that version of you. It's that simple, and then be it. Be it beyond belief into being, be that identity that is who you are.

This identity is an act because there's something that happened in the past. You thought that's who you were, but you're still an infinite spiritual being, so it's not really just who you are. You can continue your whole entire life to play that out. That's totally fine, but you can also play out a new level of identity. You can play out your way of being who you are. This is also normally connected to your heart, to adding value to others in some way even just by being yourself. Get to your heart. Who are you? What do you love doing? And when you find that, you'll find that things just happen in a very powerful way cause you're aligning your higher self to your lower self. And then that also adds value to the system, which is the awakening you had added value to the other people, the other people which are actually reflections of you.

For this blog, understand who are you, get into being by identifying who you really are. And what I mean by that is the vibration of the perfect version of you doing exactly what you love. Simply decide that's who you are. You can use those lower levels. You can wire in the behavior, the environment, the skills and capabilities, the beliefs. Or you could just be, it's straight to the core. Give yourself permission and let the water trickled down. Let everything else begin to change. Would that be instead? Like I said, if you would like to join the Shift Academy and get coaching from me helping you to transform your life.