Karma and Ascension: ACCELERATE Karma Release in 2019 (and how to do it)

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on Karma and ascension. In 2019 show we knew why the game is changing and how you can move through more Karma than ever before by raising your vibration.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you more on that of Karma and ascension, and especially right now on the planet, because many people are going through a spiritual awakening. Maybe you've seen it in your own life. You notice that there are so many people waking up. Maybe you notice that you're even going through different parts of your own awakening. I know that when I went through my awakening in 2012 I looked around really, there were not many people at all that I saw that were awakened.

I felt like the black sheep. Though, as time goes on, every year, it's a more and more common thing and it's like people. They're really kind of like popcorn. People are just waking up all over the planet right now and it's really cool to see. But you know how on popcorn, and that's why the analogy just came to me now in popcorn it starts off kind of slow. It's like pop, pop, pop, pop. But then what happens is about 45 seconds in it's like hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, and it's really fast.

That's kind of what's happening. More and more people are waking up. You might ask yourself, you'd be like, okay, people are waking up, but why would people be waking up? Well, well we are moving in is a time on the planet of moving what is called from what is called the third density state of consciousness to the fourth density state of consciousness.

Some people would also say we're moving from the 3D level of consciousness to 4 and 5D levels of consciousness. You might be asking yourself, “Yo, bro was sad.” To explain it, first off, there's a book that just books that you can recall the law of one by a, it's called the raw materials. The law of one, they'll kind of explain this a little bit more, but in general, every so often what happens on a planet is there's an opportunity to upgrade to a higher state of consciousness.

In general, what you can think of, we'll just use the dimensions to make this kind of easy for us to understand this. There is something called the third dimension, the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension. The third dimension is the duality. The third dimension is that have a lot of times a certain level of control, identity, attachment to ideologies, good, Bad, light, dark.

Those are all different aspects of this different third-dimensional reality. A lot of times, this is where things are very polarized. Think about it even you have that of the left brain, the right brain, logical and creative. These are all different facets and in 3D reality, a lot of times what happens and what happens in our reality especially is when you're born here on earth, you totally forget who you are. You forget that you are an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience.

Partly because part of the purpose in this life and part of the purpose on this and this reality is for us to remember who we are literally. We go through a veil of forgetfulness so that we can in a way, see if we can remember. And as we remember, we start to evolve our consciousness. We start to realize that our life, our bodies that we've identified with our whole entire lives, we begin to realize that they're just avatars.

They're just something we experience reality through. We may experience the five senses that we have, but they're nothing more than interpretations of vibration at a greater level of consciousness. You go beyond the body. But while we're here, we have experienced and we identify with the body. We grow up believing we are our body. We're told and compared to other things and other people.

And we think that we have to constantly like a tune-up to a certain way and we have to measure up to other people.  Social conditioning though, but in general what we're moving on the planet, it's from a 3D level of reality into 4 and 5D levels of reality. 40 level reality still has somewhat polarization in it. You can still have fourth density, four-dimensional positive and fourth-dimensional negative. However, you become much more aware that things are about vibration.

Whereas in the third dimension you really emphasize form. You really emphasize that of how people are, the thought processes they have. They really identify with everything and 40 you start to see things as more of an option. You start to see things more like something you can observe. Kind of like it's a certain experience but you can choose whether you engage it or not. 40 reality is about understanding that things are about vibration and you start to really let go of an attachment to time.

The 3D reality is all about linear. I'm here, I want to be there. It's linear past, present, future and 40 you start to get more into the moment. You start to realize that time is a little bit more slippery time. Reality is more like a dream. And then we have a 5D level of consciousness, which is heart-based consciousness, which is where you realize that you are connected to everyone else, where you realize that you manifest from your heart energy.

Things happen quicker than ever and you realize that you are unconditional love and bliss and you start to feel that unconditional bliss more and more of the time. That's what we call ascension. Every so often a planetary sphere and a universe or a solar system will go through an evolution of this process.

And what happens is these different densities upgrade themselves. And at this new level, we've become much more aware of who we are. We realize that we are immortal, spiritual beings living a temporary human experience. We realize that this is an experience that we're having, but we don't necessarily over-identify with it.

And in our life right now, you look around, you'll see signs of this spiritual awakening happening and not this ascension happening people in a way or waking up from the dream of separation because, in the third-dimensional state of consciousness, it's all about separate entities. You are you, I am me and I identify with my thoughts and things happen. Linear type of fashion. Everything's good, bad. That's duality. That's the third dimension.

What's happening is people are waking up and there had been certain forces in play that keep people in certain lower vibrational states of consciousness. We won't go too far into that, but in general, you become aware that the news, everything keeps us in. Our census, keeps us asking ourselves questions like, would you like to supersize that? Would you like to bring in and have more stimulation? Would you like to feel better in your senses?

Would you like? All of this stuff emphasizes the Ego and the physical body when in actuality you're a physical body is a vehicle, a vehicle for your soul. And if you knew that your body was a vehicle for your soul, I promise you, you wouldn't be putting McDonald’s into it. You would be thinking of it as more of a divine aspect of you. It's something that can be divine, but we identify so much with it and we identify for the quick pleasure. In general, what has happened is we're raising our vibration.

We're raising our vibration. If you read Dolores Cannon's books, for example, there are 17 books that she has out, thousands of transcripts, thousands of different people around the planet who are in this deepest level of brainwave activity. She was a hypnosis practitioner and they said very similar things. She'd go do a session with someone and in Europe and this person would say they incarnated at this time to be a part of the shift in consciousness is happening on the planet.

She would then go to Australia and do this Q&A tasty session and someone would say, I incarnated to be here right now on the planet because now is the time of transformation and people all over the world would say this, which she started to see that pattern. There are so many souls here right now because there is this rise in density going and if you read the p the law of one the raw materials, it's called the harvest.

There is this harvest going on and the key to this harvest is being more at 51% service to others rather than being just service to self. It doesn't mean you fill up, you still fill up your own company, you still feel self-love, but it means are you there to emphasize your own ego to control? Because if so, then the idea is you're not raising your vibration and it's keeping you in the third d level of consciousness.

What I'm sharing with you is this is what ascension is. It is the whole planetary system of mother Gaia right now is going through a shift in consciousness. We are sales on that guy, on that mother Gaia, and we are cells that are waking up to more of who we are. And what's happening is there's a certain part in the solar system though we think of the earth moving around the sun.

That's the way it works. But this whole solar system is moving through different areas of space and right now we're moving through an area of space that has very high Lee charts, photonic energy that is activating within us all the things that haven't been brought to the surface. And this is a part of ascension and sometimes it's not always the most pleasant, but it's a part of ascension.

Another aspect of this, the reason I say Karma in this blog is that this Karma is getting brought up right now. We knew that when we came here, we had the opportunity to let go of lifetime after lifetime of Karma in a relatively short amount of time. Imagine in one lifetime you knew that transcending from 3 to 5D reality or 4D reality, you could let go of hundreds or thousands of lifetimes of the pain of a trial.

Things that you didn't experience, what did prefer to experience? That's why so many people are here right now. Imagine you could take an accelerator course that will help you get where you want quicker than ever. We'll call this time on the planet of ascension gives us an opportunity to work through this Karma faster than ever. And you may say in your life right now that things are getting brought up and you say, I can't remember in my past in this life where this got brought up.

Maybe it came from a past life, maybe some of the things in your current life, these habits you have, maybe you had there been a past slide, maybe you feel an inclination to drink alcohol. Maybe in past lives, you also had an inclination to drink alcohol or in past lives, you had an inclination to be addicted to something, whether it was something else other than alcohol, but you're working through it now because you're also letting go of the past Karma.

Karma in the future is going to become a more obsolete work because this is what's happening as the vibration raises on the planet, what you put out is what you get back instantly. It's happening so incredibly fast, so instead of back in the day, what you did in the past slide, just coming back at you now, imagine what you could, what'd you put out immediately comes back to you and you can feel

the response from that. Imagine that that's how it works because right now the vibration on the planet is raising. Maybe you feel it. Do you feel like things are manifest in easier than ever? Both good and bad. It's about being aware of your thoughts about Lena. Where are you doing your passion for living? Because this is the truth about this whole process.

Karma is understanding that now is the time of working with it and that things are speeding up so quickly that this can be a life where you let go of a massive, massive amount of Karma and this is the reason why what you put out is what you get back. Let's go a little bit deeper down this rabbit hole.

The reason what you put out is what you get back is because what you do to someone else, you do to another aspect of yourself. Think about that. What you put out is what you get back because what you do to someone else you do to another aspect of you.

We like to put these little separations, these little containers on us. This is me. That is you. You did this to me and this kind of perspective gets us caught in a loop. This is why the key to the whole process of Karma is the realization that other people are other aspects of you, that you are connected to you. This is why so many spiritual leaders of the past have talked about the golden rule.

Treat others the way you want to be treated because little be known. That other person is it. Another aspect of you and one of the quickest ways to get through this process and the heel is through simply forgiveness. Forgive yourself, forgive other people. How do you forgive other people? It's awareness. It's awareness. It's allowing them to be what they are and allowing them to be at where they were at the time.

When I look at my ex-stepmom who was abusive towards my brother between the ages of seven to 15 and me until my dad divorced her, I can look at her and for years I looked at her and was mad at her. Why did she treat me that way? I was a victim. However, what I realize is I understand it.

I understand it because I can see her. Not that I pity her, but I can see her and I can see that she was abused when she was a kid and she was playing out what she thought she had to do to survive what she thought she had to do to remain control over ego doesn't make it right. I'm not saying it's right by any means, but I'm saying I can understand that she did the best she could with where she was. Say someone steals from you.

Guess what? They may have a belief that they don't believe in their own abundance. They may have a belief that they have to steal to be abundant. They have may have a belief that it's the only way they get ahead. They did the best they could with where they were. It doesn't make it right, but guess what? How much longer do you want to carry around that negative energy? Because for years I carried around the victimization of my extent mom, and guess what?

I had people in my life at all times that would reflect that same relationship back to me. I had a manager at my old job that had a very similar personality, and this was because I didn't deal with it. I didn't complete the past. I didn't forgive her. When I forgave her, I literally forgave her, and within two weeks that manager got fired. That management juror should have been fired a year or two or three years before she was fired, but she was protected by management and she was in vibrational resonance with me.

She was kept in my life. You may say, well what everyone else, and you saying you're so egotistical that she was only kept in your life for that. What difference does it make? Reality is a reflection of what you believe to be true. In a way, in my reality that was true, and who knows? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, not egotistical saying that everything revolves around me, but at the same point, everything in your life is a reflection of what you believe to be true.

Give the things in your life meaning and understand people are doing the best they can with where they are. Awareness is what helps you to dissolve your Karma. This life may be one of the last lives you have in 3D or 4D reality because many of us come from higher dimensional states of consciousness, higher dimensional realms of consciousness.

But we project ourselves here to go through this transformation on the planet because we are helping other people transformed through the planet right now. And that's what we're going through is this awakening, this ascension and some of the side effects of this ascension are you're going to raise your vibration. You're going to start to feel like bliss is literally your natural state of being.

The more you let go of that negative dark stuff is, the more you will raise your vibration. You will realize that this is who you are. You will let go of the shadow and integrate the shadow aspects of you. You'll find that you start to eat a lighter diet because you start to vibrate at their resonate with lighter foods.

You'll find that you start to resonate with high vibrational people. You start to realize that the 3D reality, it's harder to relate to people that maybe normally would drain your energy. You don't see the purpose in it anymore or you find that they just start drifting, just doesn't click as much. They talk about this and Dolores Cannon's when she, the Canons work, when she was talking about three, four, five these split people are like, oh, 3D reality, 4D or 5D reality.

We're going to split from these other earths and going to be a different nurse. No, it's all here now. You'll find that certain friends, we'll just kind of go off. They're still doing their thing, but it's literally like glass walls. There's still there. You can still call them, but they just don't show up in your life as much due to vibrational resonance.

It's not a this or this. It's not like either you're in 3D reality or 4D reality and you're in a spill. You know? People literally think it's like a split. No, it's a vibrational split. Yes, but it's all happening here now. Ascension is happening now. Raising your vibrational set point is happening now.

More and more people are waking up right now and you're waking up first because you're going to help them go through the process, even if it's just you leading by example. But if you want it, if you want to relieve your Karma, become aware of the truth. The truth is everyone you come into contact with in your life, the energy that runs through them runs through you, and there's only separation and identification.

There's the separation. When you say that you are you, I'm me. I'm Aaron Guy on YouTube. Let me emphasize my form. Let me emphasize who I am and what I do, which are nothing more than thought forms, levels of identification, but the key is understanding the truth. To see manages that runs through me and runs through you, and what you can begin to do is connect to more of yourself, can move into your heart center, forgive people that have done things to you in the past because those people did the best they can with where they were.

Getting into your heart, have compassion for them. Doesn't mean it's right, but it does allow you to let go of that within your own energy field. How much longer do you want to carry it around? How much longer do you want to lug it around? Maybe attract similar relationships to you. Maybe attract similar types of things in your life because you haven't dealt with it because you're holding onto some level of victimization.

That can sound hard to that concern. Very harsh to a lot of people because people, many people have been through way worse things and me and my stepmom experience, I get it, but I'm trying to free you. I'm trying to help free you from your own mind. Help free you from the identification and the positionality of that perspective.

Because the more you detach from it is the more you become free. You're a spiritual being having a temporary human experience. The only real thing is your experience. Allow yourself to embody the experience, not by thinking now by doing, but by being, be here now. Be here now.

And the more you are here now, the more that Karma doesn't affect you because you're more aware and you're more conscious. And once you put out to what you get back, because what you put out instantly coming back to you because the vibration is speeding up. Understand we are transitioning to a higher vibrational state of consciousness.

Start to find what you're passionate about. Being your heart center exists from a place of love. Understand life is but a dream life is a long constituent dream that appears real. That we can have the kind of experiences we have, but at greater levels of consciousness, you are unconditional love bliss. You know this at a deep level.

This is why this may resonate with you at a deeper level. Allow that to be and you will raise your vibration. You will start to He may have this be one of your last life experiences in this kind of reality. If you work through that and if you come to this conclusion and this understanding, so would that be instead, if you want a meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point, absolutely free.

Reality Transurfing Guided Meditation for Decreasing Importance and Attracting What You Want

I will give you a Reality Transurfing guided meditation for decreasing importance this meditation will help you to start to really resonate with what you want to experience using the process of Reality Transurfing. And I think it can absolutely transform your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, we're going to be looking at Reality Transurfing and doing a meditation exercise a guided meditation that you can listen to that can help you to resonate with the desires you want by understanding some of the principles of Reality Transurfing. The idea behind Reality Transurfing is a very powerful concept and it's a very powerful process. Vadim's Zealand originally wrote it. In Russia, it was written in Russian, and he was a quantum physicist.

It's now been translated to a whole bunch of different languages. I'd say it's one of the best law of attraction books that nobody knows about. It's something that some people know about the people that do are like fanatical about it. However, the masses don't know about it that's why I like to share the videos on my YouTube channel of it because I think the more people that understand the more powerful it is.

As with everything that I encourage you to do is to simply try it for yourself. I read about it because a friend recommended it to me. I read about it and I then started practicing it in my own life and things started happening so much easier it was like I was almost flowing through life. I was allowing things to happen in a completely new way and that's when I was like, “Ok. I got to share this on the YouTube channel.”

There are certain principles that I want to share. Before we get to the meditation and the first one has to do with the power of intention. With Reality Transurfing the main idea is that if we set more intentions in our daily life things will radically begin to change. I think that even throughout this whole video one thing you can get away right now is that if you set intentions everything in your life will change.

Most people don't simply know what they want now in the book. There is what is called alternative space. You may have heard on my channel before me talking about parallel realities. Alternative space is the understanding that on the other side of the mere metaphorically speaking there is an infinite number of possibilities of what we could experience in our life now dependent on our state of being depending upon our intention and what we are choosing in the present moment.

That is what determines the life track and then the alternative space possibilities of what we experience and the idea behind this is that in the process of getting to that alternative space location that we want to experience the idea is there are certain mechanisms that we can integrate in order to make that something that happens more easily. One of them is decreasing the importance that we are giving to any situation.

This I'd say is one of the biggest epiphanies I've had in the process itself and what you do if you have a desire of goal for something you want to accomplish. Realize that first off when you have a goal whatever you are visualizing in this meditation I am about to show you what you want to do is you want to have your goal be something that you're connected to your heart with.

This means it's something that you are actually passionate about. The importance of this is that if you make the goal about money the idea is that the brain understands that because the brain can look at the money and say. “Oh yeah, the money means I can do this-this and this and money equals freedom which is the emotion that we get many times from money whether it's freedom or security.”

But the thing is just the heart doesn't understand that correlation because it's not a feeling what the heart does understand is something that you're actually passionate about. When you do and you follow a goal that's really in life in the alignment with who you prefer to be and what you are meant to experience in your life when your passion.

That's when money is a side effect of that passion. Don't think of money as a goal. Money is a side effect from the actual goal which is something connected to your heart. The idea behind this is to have the intention to connect something you're passionate about and as you know that that's your goal because you can feel from it you then take action from that place.

The idea is that if we put the goal on a pedestal. And we make that goal more important than it has to be this is when we create what is called excess potential we create excess potential anytime we give more meaning to something that has to be there. You may think of this in an example of if your intention is you know you find that you start to like have a crush on someone you start to like someone and what you do is you put them on a pedestal you make them very important.

Many times, what you'll find happens is you end up retracting that person because either that person can feel that neediness energy on you and subconsciously they just turn away or just circumstances work out in such a way to where it just doesn't work out. The reason being is because any time we give excess meaning to something we create excess potential which is more important that needs to be there and balancing factors come into play to make it balance out.

It's almost like those things then become unreachable to us because we're making it something that's not natural for us. Let me give you another example of this is something you may be able to relate to. I remember that when I was first growing the YouTube channel and we were right about to get to 100000 subscribers I had no goal in my mind because I knew that when I with daily one of the first goals was like okay let's see if we can hit 100000 how long it will take.

And I remember that there a certain goal I had I think it was by August 15, 2017, last year and I remember that one day. Within a week was like within a week or two of the goal. I went to bed at night and 98000. I woke up the next day at 100 1000. It was like overnight we grew by 3000 because of the video that I did in Sedona part and it was bringing a lot of people.

The thing was being for about an hour it felt really cool. It was a very good feeling because it was like oh everything fine and you know it's kind of like you know the sense of accomplishment from all the hard work of doing daily videos for hundreds of days and back in the day I had a full-time job. It was very very busy. But the idea. Was that it was very natural. It wasn't like this blissful feeling that lasted forever.

What happens the mind goes in and says, “Ok, what about this amount appear.” But, the thing is as I realized that it's not about that. It's more so about the understanding of how we can connect our heart to the process as well. That's what's more important. It's the heart connection more so than anything else. That's what I realize is it's more just natural than anything else and as I begin to connect to that it was like more of an observation point of view.

With the meditation that you're about to listen to have more of an observation point of view more so than anything else you know. That's why a lot of it has to do with our self-image the way we see ourselves and knowing that we can see things in the form of the outcome of what we want to experience.

And that as we take intention and action towards that we begin to then have those kinds of experiences. With that being said that's the context for this blog. Understand that as you're able to decrease the importance for something you actually increase the probability that you experience it because it becomes more natural for you.

Do white magic yourself. Walking around your dream. And imagine the White House looks like imagine it as if you were see through. Awareness of the kind of relationships that you have. How do people respond to carry yourself? What is your body language like now when you match your cell? This new version of awareness things that you notice how natural you imagine the ghost that you were.

What is your magic leap out of the house? You dream. Reality is the altering of space is going to connect to this live track and understand that from now in your dream house walk over and notice the different plaques on the wall the different achievements that you've made. Notice how you to the knowledge things you have a what does it say and notice how it feels because this is.

3 Things You Do in Dream State and YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT

I'm going to be sharing with you three things you do every night when you go to bed and dream state that you're not even aware of and when you know these things, it changes the way that you relate to life in a completely new way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I want to be sharing with you the three things that you think you're doing when you go to bed. In actuality, you're doing much more than that, but the more you become aware of who you are at a greater level, the more you will open yourself up to these types of things, the more memory you will retain from when you go to bed at night to how you do what I want to be explaining to you, which has to do with understanding the greater part of you because this experience on earth that we're having, we forget who we are at a greater sense.

We forget that we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. And one of the reasons that are because those are the veil of forgetfulness. When we incarnate into the system, into this reality, we forget that because part of the beauty of this game is that we can go through the process of waking back up. In a way we do it, we go under this, this hypnosis of forgetting so that we can remember because that makes for a beautiful experience.

Also, it's the way that this reality works. It's almost like if you were playing a video game and you knew the whole entire time it was a video game, you wouldn't have treated a certain way, you'd have a certain feel about it. But if you were to immerse yourself in a video game, not knowing whether it was real or not, well you're going to make decisions very differently than you would if you knew it was a game.

That's one of the reasons we go through this veil of forgetfulness. And part of this has to do with simply because we wanted to go through the process of waking back up to who we are and right now on the planet, this is a time of waking back up to who we are. You may look around and notice that more and more people are waking up every day. More and more people are open to this kind of information and one of the reasons that are because there is an ascension of vibration happening on the planet.

There were more people becoming aware that something is going on. And if you were to look to people and why they chose to be here right now at a greater soul level, people here knew that this was going to be the time of transformation at a greater level. Everyone here knows that this is a time of transformation, but the ego mind may not understand it unless you are reading this blog that obviously you already with it and you're ready.

Let's understand. First off that we are multidimensional and multidimensional means that we exist here, but we also exist in other reality systems as well. We have existences. They are things we can do there that here would look like magic. There are ways that we don't even use language to communicate because we just, you would use that as telepathy. There are reality systems weren't able to discern, operate and appear where ever we want by using the power of thought. There are realities where we think of something, and it instantly appears that's actually closer to the way reality really works.

It's just that here the vibration is slowed down so that we can have more experience and matched in the higher dimensions. You're chilling, you think of something, it instantly happens. You can't really experience Karma because it's, everything is instant. Everything is moving at such a high vibration, so what you say is, you know what? I want to soak in the experience.

When I think of something, I want to be able to go through the present moment, feel what it's like to manifest something and go through this process and you learn about the different angles and all of these different things. What we decided to do was to come to a place like earth where things have slowed down, but now things are picking back up. Vibrations are continuing to raise more and more. Understand first off that you exist here and you exist at many different levels at the same time you have existences and different star systems and just think about it like this.

You already moral spiritual being that is timeless, that is eternal. Would you incarnate all of your energy and just one reality system like the earth just over and over and over again, year two vast of a being the even do that. That's why we have these existences at different levels and now on the planet. It's about us becoming aware of it. Here's the first thing that you do in a dream state that you don't even remember.

When you go into a dream state, what happens is you go to bed, your physical body goes to sleep. You wake up in your astral body and higher dimensional bodies, you could say that it's almost like that Russian erasing those Russian dolls where it's like the different layers in a way. You go to sleep in one and you wake up as the larger part of you, which is actually closer to reality as well.

You go to bed, then you are awakened. These higher dimensional states of consciousness and there you are much more aware of these different versions of you. You are much more aware of the parts of you that are multidimensional, that exists on higher states of consciousness and what you are doing is you are awake as those versions of you. You are going around doing different things at different levels, but you may not remember it because it has things also that may be beyond the five senses.

We have the five senses that we experience reality through and we have the brain that can only really interpret things through past reference experience. If we were to know what it's like in the higher dimensions, it would be beyond that, of what we experience through our five senses here. And because of that, we may not actually even remember it. That's one reason we may not actually even remember it is because it goes beyond the five senses that we have right now.

But when you go to bed at night, you are awaking and these higher states of consciousness, you just simply don't remember. You may actually be doing things, you may be traveling through the stars, you may be connected to a halt, your whole star family, you may be doing things. There are even the astral planes where you could be talking to people that have deceased from the past. You could be talking and helping other people that are many people that say they have dreams of being in a like a, a form of school.

I've had many dreams like that before. We're here right now, but in higher states, we're also learning, going through certain processes, helping the collective wake up, influencing the subconscious mind of us and other people. Because as below, as above, so below. We go through these different connections and we literally wake up as this higher dimensional version of us that knows there is an ascension happening on the planet, the version of us that is connected to many different extraterrestrial races, which at a greater level, those extraterrestrial races we are connected to.

Not just the metaphorical way like, oh we're all one. Yes, I get it. No, literally there are aspects of us that are connected there and we are connecting to them. This is a part of the way it really works is when we go to bed at night, we don't remember. And the more you become aware of this though. Set the intention. When you go to bed at night that you remember some type of memory from this even if it's a symbolic form because like I said, our brain and may not be able to understand what is happening at these higher levels.

But, set that awareness and see what comes up, see what kind of information comes up, see what kind of information you get from your guides, which brings me onto the second thing you do every night when you go to bed that you may not be aware of. The second thing you do is you meet up with your guides. We all have spiritual guides. Some of these spiritual guides, maybe people that we've known in the past, they made people that have passed away on the earth plane.

They may be extra-terrestrial connections that we have. They may be higher self-versions of us that we think are other spiritual guides but are actually other versions of us. When we look around, we experienced reality in a way to where we focused on what we have in front of us, but they're able to see on the mountain top. They're able to see the whole valleys. They're able to help guide us through this process. What you think of many times as dreams, when you go to bed, think about it like this.

You are going to bed and when you go to bed you let your physical body rest. You leave your physical body. You didn't absorb into what is called your astral body and then you go off into the higher realms of consciousness. When you wake up in the morning, what happens is you come back physically speaking to that of your physical body. When you do so you go through that in the astral planes that are around the earth, and you go back into your body.

What you think of as dreaming is only really the last about five minutes of you coming back into your body, but you may think, oh, I was dreaming for eight hours. Well, you were awake, awakened, higher dimensions, higher states of consciousness, and then you came into your body and the memories you get are going to end them.

Dreams you get are going to depend upon your vibration. Many times if you set the intention, especially you will have dreams that show you some symbolic things. That's what I do when I go to bed. I set the intention that I connect with my guys and then my guides help me to understand something I'm working through in my life.

Something that will help me to shift to an area of my life and I'll get some dream that's very obvious that it's like do this, this is what you can focus on. These are things we do every night when we go to bed, but we simply don't remember. And the third thing we do every night when we go to bed, but we don't remember is we literally are planning out appointments for our next day. This does not mean that every single thing is planned out the day before. Like me touching this plan and it was like a solid contract.

This assault contract that happened for the day before and you knew what you're going to touch that plan out exactly whatever time it is. But in actuality, there are certain appointments that you make. Maybe you set this appointment that there's going to be someone that walks in at a certain time when you go to the gym or something and then you talk to that person.

There is some opportunity when you're out and about and you just, you, you, you something pokes out at you, you look at a book and it really pops out at you. It makes you start thinking and it gets your, your mind on a new timeline. What we're doing when we go to bed at night, as we're planning out certain timelines, certain experiences that we want to have, and sometimes certain things won't catch. Sometimes you'll have a certain appointment that you made, but you have free will.

Maybe you don't actually experience that, but what's your guides will do and once your higher self will do, and what you'll do in dream state has helped to facilitate probabilities? Well, maybe we'll plant this thought. You know, there are times we get downloads throughout our data from our guides, from higher dimensional beings and we'll get these ideas that we don't know where they come from. These ideas come from higher dimensional states. They come from our higher selves and those may actually lead us to certain timeline probabilities.

These are things that we do when we go to bed at night is we pay attention to these different probabilities. Maybe it's you and a soul contract with someone that you're meant to be within your life. That soul contract you said we're going to be together in some way and you haven't met this person yet, but in the higher realms you're planning out. If you simply trust the process more, you'll allow yourself to then plan out and see that you'll be at the coffee shop at the right time when they walk in.

I know that it's the most stereotypical way of looking at it, but it could be something like that or some a friend introduces you to this person or maybe it's some type of career or job that you know that you're meant to be happy, that you're meant to be shifting in your life.

And then he'd go out somewhere and somebody that owns a company starts talking to you and you start to hit it off and then you have a new job opportunity. You see, in a way, if we trust the process more and we understand this process. When we go to bed at night, we will realize that we are also planning out certain things for that of our life, certain appointments, but the keys to be in alignment, to be in alignment with our hearts.

Being in alignment with, we're passionate about and just simply knowing this, simply knowing that you are, you need mortal spiritual being, living a temporary and with human experience that this is an Avatar that we experienced the five senses. Through knowing that that allows us to then tap into more of our true power. It allows us to raise our vibration to a new state of consciousness then and knowing that everything is exactly how it should be.

Everything is a part of the plan. But understand every single night when you go to bed, you are awake to a part of you that you can barely begin to imagine. This is very, very empowering. The more you become aware of this divine you because you are divine, you are a divine human being, and you are a spiritual being having this kind of experience, the more you realize you are divine, the more your life will appear to be heaven on earth.

Understand that you are a divine being and that you came here for a reason and you're becoming more aware of who you are now and now that you know these things, when you go to bed at night, there's a possibility at a probability that you will remember more of this. Set the intention before you go to bed to know this. Set the intention to connect with your guides, set the intention to receive information throughout the day and you will begin to get more and more information on this.

These are the three things you do every single night. When you go to bed, you are awake and higher states of consciousness. You are with your guides, your guides are helping you to certain processes, helping you to move through three sittings and then at a higher level as well. The third thing you're doing is you are literally planning out different appointments you've made to shift different timelines.

The Extraterrestrial Agenda in 2019 it’s time you know about

I'm going to be sharing with you the extra-terrestrial agenda that it's time you know about. This is something that I haven't shared in a while, but I think that it is time, so now I'm going to share it with you and I think that it will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I’m going to be sharing with you that have the extra-terrestrial agenda or the EET agenda that knowing will begin to change the way that you see the world, how you relate to the world, and how you even relate to what is called or what we call extra-terrestrials. First off, understand that there's been a lot of conditioning and in society, we are led to believe that ETS is bad. 

If you look at a lot of the movies, I remember when I was a kid, I think there's some like Martian movie that I watched, and it was a very scary movie. They're like laser beams and stuff, and it made it started to condition me to be afraid of what we call aliens or extra-terrestrials. However, what I eventually became aware of, and this was after I went through a spiritual awakening, I went through my spiritual awakening in 2012, and it totally changed my life. And then I started to go more inwards and as I went more inwards, I realized that this is something that we all are connected to.

And that may sound a little bit out there, but these extraterrestrials that we view first off, most of them come from a higher level of consciousness and they don't all look like grapes. That's one race of what we could call it extra-terrestrials, but there are many, many of them that look human that you wouldn't really even know are different than us if you were to see them walking around.

Some extra-terrestrials would just blend in perfectly. However, what has happened and what we're becoming aware of on the planet right now is our connection to the stars, our connection to different extraterrestrial races and understanding. But there's a purpose to why there's so much attention on earth right now. There's a purpose behind the whole entire process. There's a reason that we're conditioned from an early age to be afraid of aliens, to be afraid of extra-terrestrials, and because by doing so, it keeps us in a certain fear bubble.

It keeps us in a certain reality where we don't really investigate it too much. But if you look to that of Egypt pyramids, a lot of the NASCAR landlines, for example, you look at a lot of different physical phenomena on the planet. There is some integration, some correlation with extraterrestrial contact as well. And it's about just being aware that this is something that's been happening for thousands and thousands of years. It's just that we're becoming more comfortable with this idea now. Here's the thing, and here's the thing to understand.

Yes, some extraterrestrials don't have the best intentions at heart, and you could say that the last thousands and thousands of years on the planet, there's been a level of control because we believe that this is all there is in reality. We're led to believe that we just experienced reality through the five sentences. You know, we have to work a 40 hour a week job, which keeps us constantly busy so that there's very little time for us to look around and be like, well, what is reality really about to go within, you know, we just have a come to accept that level of control system. Even when you look to the financial system, however, it's just about being aware that yes, there's been a level of control on the planet.

There's been some racist that don't have the best intention at heart that assists with that control. However, what's happening is that we're waking up as a society, we're waking up to who we really are and many, many, many of the extraterrestrials that are having an influence with us right now and that are helping us at different levels that we might not really understand and alcohol into that are doing.

To help us wake up out of this dream of separation, out of this dream of stimulation to the census. The control system, we have a lot of the things the way the politics work, how it's just kind of a show of Republican and Democrat and keeping you in the system. Whether you're a for it or against it, you're putting thoughts into it, and it's keeping you distracted from the truth, the truth of who you really are.

And the truth is you are any mortal, spiritual, been living a very temporary human experience. You've led most of your life and you've gone through most of your life through social conditioning, believing that this is just who you are and you experience reality through the five senses and it keeps you distracted from going within because everything is so externally focused. However, what's happening right now is your awareness of you putting back more within.

Go within yourself, see if what I'm going to be sharing with you today even resonates with you. But here is what happened and here is why so many people are here on the planet right now. It is because there is an agenda going on. There is an awakening going on. There is a quickening of vibration going on and you wanted to be a part of it. You came here for this party, you came here to be a part of this.

And yes, certain challenges are coming because when you incarnated on earth, you forget who you are. You forget that you are in the mortal spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience. And because you forget that you go through the pain and pain of it, identifying with it until you go through what is called the spiritual awakening, which is where you then begin to go within. And as you go within, you find out more and more about yourself.

Spiritual awakening is when you start to wake up from the dream of separation. You realize that your body is a form of Avatar. However, it does not just who you are. You will use it as a vehicle while in this life, however, you're a spiritual being having this temporary human experience. Okay, so knowing that, so let's look at it like that. You at a greater level are being a spiritual being that cannot be put into just one body.

You have such a vastness that's hard to even comprehend. With that being said, looking, knowing that you are more than your physical body, that your energy, your higher self, whatever you want to call it, is so much vaster than can be fit into one human body. When it comes to you thinking about being an immortal, spiritual being, do you think you would have only incarnated ever on one planet on this Earth Planet?

What'd you only have incarnated ever on this one plan and over and over and over again? No, you have been and had incarnations on many, many, many different planets, many of them human. You still look human, but also ones where you may not look so human. However, it's about being aware that you have many, many, many different kinds of experiences and because you've had many, many different types of experiences, you have this depth to you.

And this helps with this process. And I understand that a lot of these different experiences are in higher dimensional states of consciousness where you feel unconditional love and bliss and the majority of the time where you have abilities beyond what you have in the third dimension, 3 or 4D reality is very slow. There's time, space, reality. There's a beginning, a middle and an end and higher dimensional states of consciousness, things happen much faster.

You think it and it appears so that's who you really actually are. That's your natural and reality that you have more lives and experiences there than you do here. Cause this is one of the slowest. It places the places that you, we go to his 3D reality. However, we're waking up from that dream. Here's what happened back in, we could say the 1940s 1930s there were nuclear bombs that went off.

When a nuclear bomb goes off, it affects our planet, but it also affects many other planets in real systems because we're all connected. There's a cosmic web that connects everyone. The thing with earth is that there's a veil of forgetfulness and at the same time that there is a veil of forgetfulness. There is free will. We as a society have free will. I'll talk more about that in a minute as well. And because we have free will, we can do what we want to ourselves as a society or a collective consciousness.

But when it starts to affect other planetary systems, that's when there is divine intervention. And by the divine, I mean extra-terrestrial intervention as well, where there is an influence to change that because it's not allowed for us to affect the other reality systems, especially with something like a nuclear bomb. In that time, there was a call that was put out to the universe that said, I need help.

It was mother Gaia herself. The planets themselves are actually entities, and we are the sales on Gaia. And that call was put out and many, many millions and billions of souls heard the call, and many of us chilling and higher dimensions and stuff with our homeys heard the call and we said, I have to go back to earth. Earth needs my help because you've had other times that you've been here before or you have a soft spot in your heart for the earth as well. Maybe at times in Lantis times, maybe you had lifetimes back in the Mayan Times, however, you have some type of connection to her and do you knew as well there'd be the shift in consciousness happening on the planet.

The shift in consciousness that was going from that have been 3 or 4D reality and all 4 or 5D reality. You knew that which means that they're, you're able to churn and burn so much Karma because you're raising your vibration and we're becoming aware of this so you knew there'd be an also an expansive amount of growth that could happen.

However, what we decided to do as star Steven as lightworkers are incarnate into the system knowing we were going to have to forget who we are, we were going to have to forget to who we are because that is part of the reality system. Wouldn't it be easy if we could just have these aliens, ETS land, give us technology and then let's go out about our Marion date? Well, there's that free will that we talked about and us as a society have to decide this together, but we don't do it from influencing, not on the outside.

We do it from incarnated within the system itself and then going through the challenges of waking up and if you're here right now, then you're going through the process of awakening and by waking up to it, we then affected even more powerfully so by every single one of us waking up. We're influencing the system from the inside and now that has to do with part of this agenda because you see the ETS that we are so fascinated by that we think all they have all these really cool abilities and they do all this cool stuff.

You are connected to them. They may be future versions of you. They may be other aspects of you. Many of the spiritual guides that you think are angels, they may be angels, but they may also be extra-terrestrial connections you have. They may be parallel reality version of you. You see, this is the EET agenda. The agenda is to help the planet awaken so that we don't go on a negative timeline up destroying ourselves. That call that was put out, we heard it, we came in, and we're taking our power back from the control system that has had control for thousands of years.

The back government, then whatever kind of negative extraterrestrial races I've had influenced the lower 4D reality. D a racist. But you see what we're doing is we're becoming aware of it and we're taking our power back and it is happening right now on the planet as we speak and will continue to happen as well. There's a form of a spiritual renaissance happening on the planet right now. More and more people are waking up to who they are, and as every single person wakes up, it changes the collective consciousness.

When we look at this extraterrestrial agenda, understand that most of them are of that have a positive source. They are connected to us and they are more compassionate. They're of a higher dimensional state of consciousness, which means they understand that we're all connected. Why would they hurt us when we are them? I don't mean this just in the metaphorical, we're all one, which is actually quite literally the way it is.

However, I mean at the same time, many of these versions that we may be directly connecting to our us. What we have done as many of us have come from future versions of US incarnated into this system to be a part of here for this transformation on the planet because never before on the planet has so many people woken up in a body and ascended to a higher vibrational state of consciousness. There had been societies before like the Mayans which we're able to raise their vibratory frequency and then go into a higher dimensional state of existence, but they did it in a smaller amount of people and they did it and left physically.

We're doing this in the body, and we're doing it physically, transmuting ourselves together. We're all going through this right now. You see, the truth is these extraterrestrials that you look to our other aspects of you at a deeper level, you have abilities and higher dimensions you can barely even imagine. And the extra-terrestrial agenda is that we as a society begin to wake up and when you go to bed every single night, you don't know this or maybe you do. When you go to bed at night and you shed your physical body, you leave your physical body, you're awake in your astral body and your other higher dimensional bodies.

And in those realms, you have a direct and more streamlined connection to these ITI races, these ITI connections, whether it be the Syrians, the pleadings, the Arcturians, the Andromeda and all these different names. And there are many, many, many different others that we don't our as pop culture names, but just know that this is a show on the planet right now and there are thousands and thousands of extraterrestrial races that are watching from right outside our planet watching us, seeing how we do, assisting us in the process, helping us to go through this process, helping heal the planet.

We're doing this together, but you see there's free will here, so they're not just other beans helping us. There are other aspects of our own soul helping us. They're the future versions of us that have come here now to help with this process and right now on the planet, we're waking up more and more and as time goes on, it's going to be an amazing, as the most potent time, most important time to be on the planet than ever before.

There's more transformation that can happen in a short amount of time than ever before on the planet. The EET agenda is to help us awaken. Let me share with you something pretty exciting. A lot of the information I'm sharing with you today has been from years and years of research, and you can find Dolores Cannon's books. Dolores Cannon was a hypnotherapist for 30 to 40 years.

She'd get people to the deepest levels of brainwave activity and then be able to ask them questions. Their higher selves would come through. The people that she was putting under into hypnosis, their higher selves would come through and she could ask them any questions you want. She may ask them, why did you incarnate at this time? Who is your dad in this life and what was your relationship with them and why did you have this happen and this happened? And here's the one consistent thing that she heard from thousands and thousands of people. We came here right now to be a part of this shift in consciousness.

We came here right now because now is the time of awakening. This is something that so many people said all over the world, different people that did not know each other. It was the same type of message cause us as a soul. We came here because we knew it'd be the time of awakening. Dolores Cannon is very popular, is a very powerful resource. Very powerful resource. He's been saying for 2030 years that the highest degree of probability window of us having extraterrestrial contact is between the time of 2025 to 2033 seems a little bit far away, but at the same time, it's going to come up very fast.

Does not mean that extra-terrestrials land the next day. And it's something that's put on CNN and Fox News. That's what I, that's my feeling about it. Maybe it is more grandiose than it is this huge thing where every, you know, popularized everywhere. However, I think at first it will be a little bit slower, but these higher dimensional beans come from a high dimensional state of consciousness.

And when we were to come and if, and when we come into their energy field, we start to feel them or you know, we, we get close to them unless we integrate ourselves, it's going to bring up within us everything that hasn't already been integrated. Cause that's how it works. Think about in terms of vibrational resonance. The key is to work through this stuff now over the next especially five, six years so that we are ready for it. Otherwise, what will happen is as they were walking up to us, we'd be feeling all of these things come up because they're so integrated.

It'd be pulling us to integrate ourselves and if we weren't integrated, all of this negative emotion would come up and we would think that negative emotions them, and we would be afraid of them when really it's just something that we're working to ourselves.

We have to do the work now, so that is the highest degree of probability window at that time. There's a lot that has to happen before then. The main idea is that they are waiting for us. It is not that, yes, it'd be great if you guys just landed, but they are waiting for our cue there waiting for us as a collective consciousness to be ready for it. When we're ready for it, it will happen, but we have to point the focus inwards. When are we ready as a society? Go within yourself and heal yourself.

Complete the patterns of the past. Look to raising your own vibration. Look to ways of elevating your consciousness because as you do so in old, trickle out to everyone in your life, and it will cause this ripple effect. It is happening right now on the planet, but just on that, this is all part of the process. And the more that you embrace this, the more that you raise your own vibration and the more you are changing the planet and the more we can then have ITI contact. Extraterrestrial contact is really just another way. It's another version of us. Many times there a higher dimensional state of consciousness.

They have unconditional love for us. They have nothing but the best for us. And they're here to help. Yes, there's lower vibrational once, but they're being phased out there being less relevant because we're raising our vibration has a planet to a higher state of consciousness, to a heart-based state of consciousness. And it's happening right now on the planet. This is something that resonates with you. Can you comment below? Let me know. Say you're ready for it or you're going to raise your vibration so that you have this kind of contact.

Let me know what you think of this kind of video before, below, if you liked it, let me know. I'll do more like this as well. I know it's a little bit more esoteric, but I'm excited to share these things with you. Also, I have a meditation that will help you to raise your vibration and it helps to help to raise your vibration, right? Your vibrational set point, so as you remain in that state, you'll also pick up on more information out on this as well.

The 3D to 5D Ascension Earth SPLIT that is happening NOW

I'm going to be sharing with you the three to 5D earth split that is happening right now on the planet. I'm going to show you exactly what to do to make sure that you're on the most optimal timeline and by the end of this blog, you'll know exactly what to do.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the third dimensional to fifth-dimensional earth split that is happening right now that has been happening and that will continue to happen and how you can make sure that you're on the one that you want. Because when it comes to this process, if you're on the one that you don't want, you'll find that a lot of things appeared to be negative. You'll find that a lot of things drag you into lower states of consciousness and you'll find that you end up on a timeline that you really don't want to be in.

And the metaphor for this, the three to five years split actually comes from some books by Dolores cannon made me, have you heard me talk a lot about her before? I get a lot of DMs from people say, Oh, I started reading Dolores cannon. Thank you for the suggestion. Dolores Cannon is a hypnotherapist and wasn't hypnotherapists before she passed away. She has a technique called the QHHT technique, which gets people to the deepest levels of brain wave activity.

And what happens is these people have in their higher selves can come through. Imagine someone's under in hypnosis and someone that's the practitioner can ask that person a question and their higher self comes through to answer. There may be questions like, why did this person in cardiac at this time, there'll be questions like, who is this person's role in this person's life? What is their purpose in life?

And all of these things are things that our higher-self knows now through thousands and thousands of these different queue HHT practitioner. People have said very similar things. They have said all around the world, different people that did not know each other, their higher selves come through and a question is asked, why did you incarnate at this time? And it was to go through this shift in consciousness to go through this great awakening to help the planet earth ascend to a higher dimensional state of consciousness.

To be a part of it right now on the planet is the most potent time to be alive ever than ever before. Because as a mass level, we are moving into a higher dimensional state of consciousness. Something else that was talked about in these QHHT sessions, which by the way, there's still QA tasty sessions. It's not all because she passed away. Doesn't mean they're not still going on. There are just different practitioners for it. But what happened is the information that came through said that there is this 3 to 5D earth split that will eventually happen.

This was said like five, 10, 15 years ago. There's going to be this 3 to 5D earth split. What is a 3 to 5D or split? What does that mean? Well, let's think about it in terms of what is the third dimension of what is the fifth dimension? Could say the fourth dimension is that of time. There are many different interpretations of this, but in general, the third dimension is duality. The third dimension is good, Bad, light, dark up, down. The third dimension, a lot of times is connected to control. The third dimension is the level of consciousness that feels separate.

A lot of times in the third-dimensional state of consciousness, you feel separate from everyone else. That is them. I am me, and that's a lot of times where it heads, but together, because in 3D there's also a lot of egos. That is something that has been on the planet for thousands of years, is this, this ego 3D mentality of letting me conquer all the lands. Let's build a wall. Let's do all of these different things. It's more of a 3D type concept, and it's about understanding that this is something that's been around for a long time, but now we are moving into a new era.

We're moving into a new era. A lot of the kids being born right now or awake pretty much already awake already activated for this kind of work. In this kind of understanding of why they came here and what is happening is we're moving from that third-dimensional state of control, of duality, of attachment to these ideologies and we're moving to that from that into a 5D level of consciousness.

A 5D level of consciousness is a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness and the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness. It's all about vibration. It's understanding that there is a connection between every single one of us. It has also been more abilities to come on board because when we're all connected and we all feel that connection, there's more what is called telepathy. It is where you can literally read people in America in a very deep way and you think about it even now, by the way, I think about it over 93% of communication even right now is nonverbal meaning and it's not the actual words. Well knowing that we can see that it's not that big of a jump for the other 7% for something in the fifth dimension when we're feeling so connected to everyone else. That's a natural part of how it works. We're going to have abilities that we can barely even imagine now.

And part of this has to do with our vibration raising, feeling higher states of emotion, more unconditional love, bliss, joy, and peace. That is who we really are. The third dimension is us forgetting about that. Us going into the dream of separation and then going through a process of awakening so that we can remember who we are again and then in a way, reemerge as that higher dimensional state of consciousness as that love, joy, peace. Because that's what we naturally are. The idea is that there's the 5D reality and the 3D reality, and these are two different splits of what potential and what we can experience right now. Sometimes we think of this as the future, like, oh, in the future there's going to be this three to five years split. It's going to be like I pop out of here like pop over a year.

I'd pop over here. It's happening right now. This split is happening right now. But here's the thing about it. Here's the thing to understand. There are many different timelines that exist right now and depending on your vibration, and remember your vibration is a combination of how you think, how you act, how you feel. That's what it determined which parallel reality version you shift to. This split that's happening, we could clump it all together and say it's going from a 3 to a 5D or split. And the idea behind it and the Dolores Cannon of books was, it was said that eventually what would happen is like, it's almost like certain people would phase out of your life.

Imagine you're of a certain vibration and it's like eventually it's just like you just don't ask questions about them anymore. You just don't, they don't pop into your mind as much. They just appeared to go somewhere else or to do their own thing. The idea behind this and what this has to do with his understanding just vibrational resonance. The vibrational residence is when you start to raise your vibration, certain people will resonate with you more and certain people resonate with you less.

That's a part of the shift in consciousness and the raising vibration. When it comes to this 3 to 5D or the split that is happening right now on the planet, it has about where is your vibration because this over anything is more of a metaphor. It is both a metaphor and quite literal at the same time. The misconception with this is that when it comes to ascension, many people think that ascension is this, is this leaving the body and going into a higher state, almost like rapture or something.

Ascension is taking the body with us and transmuting ourselves and do all higher state of consciousness and that's what's happening right now on the planet is we are going through this shift, but a lot of times we think of things very literal. When we think about 3 to 4, 5D or split, we think of it like I am here in 3D and then I shift the 5D and everyone else stays on 3D. There's like a 5D earth that emerges and everyone else just falls away. Everyone else just stays on the 3D and it just distracts and falls apart because here are some of the things that are going to happen as this 3D world dissolves. It's a metaphor for the 3D world that no longer serves, fallen away, the political system not working anymore, the financial system not having the benefits that people think you have.

Seeing that the old way of structure and control isn't working anymore and it begins to fall apart. Just like you know that if you're going to build a sand castle, you can't build a sand castle on top of another sand castle. You must first off clear the area and then you can build fresh and new on top of that and the same way that is what will happen. Here's the thing. Depending on your vibration, you can either experience that of the things falling apart.

Oh, my goodness, what's happening? What's happening? Everything's going bad. All of this stuff. But when it comes to the assumption, it's about understanding that both of these you can experience. Someone could be on this track experience and the old third dimensional and somebody could be literally 500 feet away in the 5D state of consciousness and the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness.

This is because there's this vibrational resonance, so this metaphor for three to five the earth split is happening right now and it's not a physical thing to where you're just phase out and go to a new completely new earth. As much as I say it's a metaphor, it is quite literal as well because imagine you raise your vibration, you start to feel higher states of emotion, whereas you had friends that you would normally kind of be in the lower states with. You would do things that would bring your vibration down.

Well-being in that higher state, eventually they won't come around as much there. There'll be certain make things that manifest to where it's just you don't see each other as much as like, let's hang out here, let's do this, and things just don't work out. You'll find that they just started to phase out and then eventually they just don't think about you as much. That's happened to me in my own life in many ways as I raise my vibration.

I go through these experiences of where there some people that have kind of, in a way just they understand I'm doing my own thing, but it's almost like there's not this desire that there used to be like, oh, we have to see each other every three weeks or every month. It's almost like we're on and we're just doing our own thing now, but we're also literally in different states of consciousness, not better or worse, just different points of view. 5D level of consciousness is when you're more centered in your heart.

That is the area that we are moving into on the planet in this time is this time of ascension. Understand every one you come into contact with is connected to you. At a deeper level. The more you realize this is the more you are in that 5D state of consciousness, the one that you can forgive. But let's really six houses down. Someone could be in a five-state, 50 states of consciousness if the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness and the key to is sending an ascension, in general, is understanding that both are here for you.

You can experience the 3-d identification, attachment, linear time, space, reality. It's much slower, much denser or you can choose to get on board and get into your heart center, be authentic, do your passion, be passionate about your life, understand that you wanted to be here. Here's the thing that's happening as well. If you're reading this blog right now, then you are also what is called a lightworker. You are bringing through the light in this life to help other people that are in the 3D reality to raise their vibration because we're going through this collection.

This three to five feet or split is about you raising your vibration and then creating a bridge for other people to come over because as you're standing strong in your vibration, people, that's contagious energy. People want to be around that. It's about being aware that that is something that you can experience and that is something here for you. Understand that with this process. Yes, it is a metaphor. Yes, it is actually quite literal. And what you must do about this is understand that you must raise your vibration. Don't be afraid. Here's the key to help him, the 3D. First off, you'd have to worry about yourself. You don't have to worry about yourself, but you have to take care of yourself first.

The key is to observe the 3D to recognize it for what it is to see it, to not engage with an emotionally and react to it. And by doing that it'll begin it. You won't be adding negative energy to it at the same time. You'll be holding this space at the same time. Engage with higher vibrational activities, eat good food, go for a walk in nature, connect to your heart center, be around loved ones, do things that you're really passionate about because the more you're in that passion frequency, the higher state that you're in.

Focus on self-love, self-healing you doing all of these things will help you to raise your vibration more and more and the more you raise your vibration, the more you're in this fifth-dimensional state of consciousness. The less powered 3D has over you. Sometimes 3D and here's the thing, you're going to fluctuate back and forth. There's a going back and forth to this too. There were times I'm in a five, the state of consciousness and our times, I sit back down to 3D so be aware that you may go back and forth for a while, but you will end up maintaining more and more about this fifth-dimensional state of consciousness as you go on.

This is a process that we are going through. Understand that we are all multidimensional. We exist at many different levels. At the same time, we come to earth, we go through this veil of forgetfulness, we forget who we are and the key is to then remember who we are and this remembrance is a spiritual awakening and it's happening at a mass level right now. More and more people are waking up every day.

People are going through it. Part of this we'll be integrating what is called the shadow, the shadow aspects of us, the shadow aspects of us is the part of us that was damaged when we were kids. Normally things that we gave meaning to and we created this, this darker version of us that is living out these energetic patterns and we may feel unworthy. We will always attract people based on our shadow for shadow isn't integrated yet. We'll attract people that are equal to that until we complete the past, we will repeat the past.

With that I would I have is I have a way of showing people how they can integrate their shadow. Understanding that when you integrate your shadow, you become emotionally free. How to let go of your painful past and how to raise your vibration, your vibrational set point to a whole new level. I have a free webinar training and the top of the description box below it will show you how to do all of that and it will help you through this process of becoming emotionally free and integrating your shadow so that you're able to be in that 5D state of consciousness.

And when it comes to this process, understand that this awakening that's happening right now on the planet, the three to five years split is a metaphor, but it is also quite literally at the same time. This ascension process is about you tapping into your own vibration. It's about understanding who you really are.

You are unconditional love, bliss, higher dimensional. You exist at many different existences at the same time you're multidimensional. The more you become aware of this is the more you can choose. The 5D observed the 3-d but choose the 5D that is something you can do and the more you do that, the easier it will get, the better you will feel and things will begin to align for everyone because as you change the world changes as well.

My Starseed Awakening Revealed (and how to have your own)


I'm going to be sharing with you my Starseed awakening showing you stuff that I've never shared before and also share with you how you can have yours as well.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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First off, maybe you've seen some of the videos that I've done recently on star seeds. I have done probably about five to eight videos now specifically on star seeds, and I'll be honest, the feedback from it has been incredible. I have been wanting to speak about this since 2011 or 12. However, I've had a YouTube channel since 2016, and I specifically waited a couple of years because I didn't want.

I knew that it was something I had to really come to understand more, but at the same time I simply thought that it was just a little bit too out there for society in general and I had these also things about like how I wanted people to perceive me. I was like, well, if I start talking about that, maybe some people will think that I'm not as credible. I'll just stick in my little box of the Law of Attraction videos, which is what I did for a long time. However, I knew that eventually, I wanted to be sharing content like this and now that I'm bringing it out or you know, sharing my parts of it, how I think about it, the feedback has been incredible.

I want to say thank you to everyone that's been watching. It's been a part of this journey and I want to go deeper. I want to share with you more about Starseeds understanding are multidimensional nature, understanding why we're all waking up right now. Because the thing is as a star seed, you are waking up more and more right now. Understand you wouldn't be here if you weren't a star.

You're a Starseeds. That's why you're reading this blog because you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of and even at a greater level. Let's look at what it starts. You'd actually be a star. Seed is someone that is aware of their connection to the stars. The thing is, is every single one of us on the planet is a multidimensional being. We are multidimensional beings. We exist here right now, but we also exist at many different levels at the same time. In a way, you could say that every single person on the planet is a star seed or is the star seed because they're multidimensional. But what we could call star seats are people that are waking up now to who they are and their connection to the stars. Maybe feel more of a resonance with homes and other places in the star versus here.

However, just know that everyone has existences at that level, but at a greater level, you're waking up now because your purpose, you had a mission to come here, to wake up first, to then wake up other people. It doesn't mean that you need to like, you know, tell him about this and say, you got to understand that you're multidimensional. It just means that by you being you, you bring through a light into this reality that influences everything because the thing is we knew that coming here it was going to be a little bit difficult because we were going to forget who we are. When we're born on earth, we forget who we are.

There's a veil of forgetfulness. We go through and then we wake up here as babies. We go through social conditioning. We go through a lot of pain, and then we start to wake up to more of who we are. We may start off with this spiritual awakening, which is where we learn that we are immortal, spiritual beings, living a temporary human experience. We learned how to observe our thoughts, but then that can eventually lead us to a Starseed awakening where we recognize that we also have existences in different parts of the universe.

Because think about it as well. You are a vast, great being spiritual being. You are not limited by time and space. You exist at many different levels. You would not just incarnate your energy in one planetary sphere and nowhere else because you're too vast. You can't do that. You would put part of you here. There are different levels as well. This is a three 40 level perception, reality, 5D, but you have six, seven, eight d. You have so many different levels of your own soul, so it's like you exist at many different levels at the same time.

That was kind of wanted to share that before I even get into it, because you may be asking yourself, as I talk about this, you may think, oh his Starseed awakening is this way or that way. I wish I had mine. You're a star seed, so there's nothing, there's nothing to worry about. Here you are a Starseeds as well. My Starseed awakening, let me first off say that I've always felt different. This doesn't mean I always felt like I was better than everyone else. I've just always felt different. Even my mom told me that as I was growing up, as I would play with other kids, even like my cousins or my brother and my family members, I just always had this kind of energy about me to where I was totally okay with just doing my own thing.

And she said that she could always feel like I felt different, I felt a little bit different. And she said that she could tell that I was a little bit different than the way I would interact with everyone else. I think a lot of it had to do with as well because I was, she said that when I was a kid I was also always observing other kids. Empathy to where they can kind of feel how other people felt. But she said, I get with my little brother who is three years younger than me, I could feel that if he needed something, a lot of times I would just kind of look at him, feel and then go do something and bring him something or, and have that kind of, that kind of relationship.

Empathy, it's like an energy connection. We communicate that way. There's one; there's one situation that I, that I, I can, I was talking to my brother about when I was, how old was I? I was, I must've like seven years old. He was probably five years old or six. I was probably seven. I don't even think I was eight. I think I was about seven years old. I remember telling him that I, it wasn't me to necessarily messing with him, but I remember telling him and talking to them and saying, we're here right now. But we come from the stars. We come from the stars.

Remember telling them that we are aliens. Like actually saying that because that's what, that was the term that we use, you know, that we would have used back, you know, this isn't the nineties late nineties or the nineties and I would, I would say, oh, we're from the stars. And I remember him thinking about it and he was like five and I was like seven. And I, I don't know why, cause I don't remember that many situations from my past, but I remember this very vividly. I remember sitting in my dad's room on this certain house that we lived in for a while when I was in probably second or third grade and he was probably in first or kindergarten or whatever. I remember just sitting there talking to him and being like, we come from the stars. We are aliens, but we think this is who we are.

And at the time I probably felt like I was messing with him or something, but I knew deep down that that resonated. There was some level of truth in that. Now, oh, when we think of aliens for stuff, we always think of like grades and stuff doesn't have to be like that. I remember that very vividly as well. If you fast forward a little bit, those were two situations. If you fast forward to 2012 when I went to my spiritual awakening, I started to become aware of my thoughts and how they correlate with reality. I used to have ADHD and I used to need to take Adderall for that, which had harsh side effects of he couldn't eat very much, couldn't sleep very much.

And I wanted to find out something alternative that would help me to get through that. I learned meditation. Meditation totally changed my life. I learned how to observe my thoughts. I learned how to let go of identity and labels thinking that, you know, I need it. I have ADHD, this is who I am. As I started to do that, I started to realize who I am not. I was like, I am not my thoughts. I am not this identity of like this rigid identity that I've come to understand. I realize that I'm so much more than that and everyone is. And then I was like, okay, since I know that this isn't who I am, well who am I? And I started to ask that question, who am I? Who am I? And I started to understand that I'm an immortal, spiritual being, live in a temporary human experience just like you are.

You are any mortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience. And then what happened is I started to learn more and more about how reality works. I started to learn more and more about things online like different, that's when you start to eventually I started getting into understanding more about extra-terrestrials, understanding this connection that we all have, understanding that we are multidimensional beings, live in temporary human experiences. And I was open-minded to it.

At first, I thought it was kind of weird, but I was open-minded to it. I started doing research on it and there were, I started learning about is very passionate about it. I thought it was just so cool. It really resonated with me. I remember I was going on a trip from grand can't or to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas with my dad, my two sisters. And I remember the hallway reading there. I was looking at my little iPhone because it was like one of the first generation iPhones.

It's looking at my little iPhones and I was reading different articles from like I think it was like an old school date, like David Eick books or something like that. But there was something about it even though I don't necessarily believe everything that I, that I see with that there were certain things that did resonate and understanding that there are certain forces on the planet that caused us to think in a certain way, information is suppressed. 

That was another thing that came to understand. It opened me up to understanding that there's just more to reality than we'd been led to believe. Like, why don't they teach meditation in school? Why don't they teach a lot of this? Well, there's a reason for it because if you keep people in a certain state, they aren't as, as predicted there, there are more predictable that way and they don't, they don't outstretch their limits, you know, but we're, this is the time of the planet where we're meant to be waking up.

I went on that trip and I remembered that opened me up also because there were certain temples we went to. In Grand Canyon there were these certain, I don't know what you would call it, but like Hopi, I think it was the Hopi tribe. There was this art, there's this artwork and you see in this artwork you seem like very obvious that they were referring to some type of a UFC is and aliens you could tell like undoubtedly. And when I went on that trip, I walked into a certain like little place where there was all this artwork that was like on the walls and stuff. And I felt this buzz of energy. It was like, Whoa, what, what is this? Do you know? And in that the paintings were of like ETS, say we're of like UFO shows and stuff like that.

And what happened was, is that was an experience I had and it was like, hmm, I started to open me up more and more. And I remembered that a couple of days later I went back to Vegas, went back home and I just started studying all of this stuff more and more. And there's something about it that resonated with me. What eventually happened is I came across and I was reading something and I came across this, this word called Pleiadians.

Pleiadians is a certain star system. The Pleiadians are an extra trace, your old race of light beans that's are here to help raise the frequency of the planet. And many, many, many, many, many people on the planet right now have connections to the Pleiades. But okay, at the time I just came across this word played. He's, the moment I came across this word, plea eighties, I started to get this buzz through my body.

It's hard to explain. It was this feeling and it's knowing that there was some connection that I had to the plate. He's now, there are many different names I was looking at. It wasn't like I was just looking at one and I was like, oh, this is, this is, you know, it was like I saw art tour. I'd like, you know, the Arcturians Syrians, which I also felt a connection to. Pleiadians and Dramatudians, vegans, lions, all the, I mean there are so many different things, you know, words I could look at. But there this thing with Pleiadians where when I read the about Pleiadians, there's this buzz throughout my body and I just felt such a strong connection to it now that, and then, and then, oh, what happened was, is I started to go into meditation and I started to connect to this. I started to connect to this energy and I started to feel and just know, become very familiar with that energy.

And from there, eventually, I found this symbol. It was this triangle symbol that is used to represent the Pleiades. And it just, it, when I saw it, one of the same things, I just got this buzz through my body. I just knew that there was some level of connection between this symbol that I saw that had this triangle type thing. And I said we're here to raise the frequency of the planet. And that is that like it was this purple. It was just something that resonated so deeply with me. I knew once again that there was some level of truth and everything that I was perceiving of in his reading because it was a vibrational thing. You know, a lot of times we'll ask, you may ask people, how do you know this stuff? How do you know this? How do you know this?

It's something you can only experience by going within. It's something you go within four. You may ask yourself, what are you connected to? Well, you can set the intention to figure it out, set the attention in the dream state. I've had dreams as well that shows me this is who you are. This is, you know, it's not that that is who I am because I'm also here on earth having a human experience. But I have a parallel connection to this other version of me and there's a strong resonance because that version of me is helping me if that makes sense. There are many different levels of our own beingness. And the more we become aware of this, the more that we begin to tap into it. That was some I became aware of. There's a couple of other correlations as well that really just makes sense to me.

For example, a lot of people don't know this is not, it is a big deal or anything, but I used to have a speech impediment and I couldn't say ours. I'm going to go to the racetrack, I wouldn't say ours. And I then eventually learned and heard something or looked at something that's called the language of light, which apparently is a certain type of vibrational language that in higher dimensions we may use now in higher dimensions, we normally use more. Tell empathy, it's much more efficient because telepathy you there, you can, you can learn 100 different things at once because it's more of a vibrational thing.

However, there was something called the language of light that once I heard, once again, I got a buzz through my body. It's like wow. It's like there's, there's a lot of symbols or syllables or tonalities that don't use that are, that they don't use.  That was something else that I noticed and that was the way that the Pleiadians, I understood they can, they connect me telepathically, but there was also this language of light that I felt very connected to.

These are all little connections I'm sharing with you right now that just, I, I began to see and feel when I'd get this bus through my body. It's like I get a flash of all these different synchronicities that led to that. Another thing is growing up, I've always had this huge fascination with dolphins, with dolphins. I've always just loved the office, not my dad has in Miami Dolphin Fan cause he's from Florida. However, I'd never cared about football. I never cared about football. I was born on November 24th, which is Thanksgiving when I was born and the Dallas Cowboys were playing. I was supposed to be like, you know like they were playing as I was being born, the doctor and my dad and we're watching the game as I was being born.

However, like I've never been passionate about football at all. However, I remember always being fascinated with dolphins and as I was growing up, like I'd get gifts with dolphins, like dolphin pictures. There's this guy named Weiland who has like these he has this like the pink dolphins and stuff on buildings in California and stuff. I got this huge book full of his artwork. I used to get like sculptures of dolphins, like the whole bunch of Dolphin stuff because I was fascinated. I love dolphins and I find out years later all growing up, never knew. 

I just loved dolphins. And then years later I find out that dolphins are actually, in a way, this might sound kind of different, but dolphins are inter-dimensional beans have a very high vibration that are here that are also bringing through a high frequency in the planning because we're 70% water and they're very, very highly intuitive. They're very highly spiritual. I know for sure that they have a strong connection to. But in general, that's another kind of sign this like star c type energy. Understanding this connection and understanding.

We all have connections like this, but the more I become aware of all of this, the more I see that this is something that that is very in my face. Like it's something I very much resonate with and it's something that you can also resonate with the more that you become aware of it. Let me see if I left anything out.  I've also always felt like, I'm sure that maybe you guys have felt this before, but I've always felt like the mission on the planet with something much bigger than whatever.

I was used to working a sales commission job selling woman's shoes and I just knew that as this year there's something you're meant to be doing that's going to help a lot of people that are going to, you know, your, you're, that's not the mission. Your mission is this like this is you have a different mission and I've always felt like I had a big mission. This doesn't need to be an ego thing where I feel like I'm better than everyone else and I have a bigger mission than anyone else. I think you have a big mission and your big mission could be to bring through this energy. Understand by us as Starseeds, we're bringing through energy of the stars to help other people wake up to who they are. So this is a whole process and this is something that we're all going through at different levels.

Some people faster than others. But now what can you do? I felt a connection to plea eighties I felt a connection to Sirius. I simply know that when I'm in bed at night, I'm awake. I wake up, add those as those higher versions of me. I may get certain symbols in my awake. You know, as I wake up in the morning that this is what you did in your dream state. But I know it's actually much more beyond that. Same for you. You just don't remember it. Cause we have available for gifts on this here, but we're meant to remember in this life because over the next 10 15 years, so much change is going to happen. It's going to be amazing to see. There's going to be some things that fall apart, some things that feel scary, but it's going to be so empowering because right now we're taking our power back as a planet.

There was another little thing I remember too. I remember when I first went through this awakening, I became very aware of that and, and of what, you know, called the back government or people that have been controlling, you know, why is everything on the media negative and why is this information kept from us? We want to wake up, we want people to wake up. I felt like this strong drive to help with that. And I realized then that that's also the Pleiadians agenda, the Plebeians agenda, or to help us raise our frequency and the wake up out of this deep hypnosis.

And I've always felt that connection. And another thing, I don't know if this is societal can, this is what I've been told. I've also talked to a couple of clairvoyant people independently who've said that I had a strong connection to play these. That's another reason, you know, that that was after I came to all these conclusions, but it wasn't like I was like, where am I from? And I had to go to like a clairvoyant person, but I remember once or twice going to a clairvoyant person that was, that knew about this kind of information and asking.

And I remember kind of challenging them once because I wanted to see us, like, are you sure? Like ladies, you know, and they're like, yeah, this the Pleiades, you know, it's a strong connection. I'm like, okay. Do you know? But I've always really, I've always been kind of had a thing with snakes. Know a lot of people do because it's maybe societally conditioned in with like religion and stuff like that.

But, there's a race of beans called the reptilians and the reptilians are a fourth dimensional, lower fourth-dimensional race and they have been influencing a lot of people in this reality to kind of bring out certain agendas and whatnot. They're not the most positive race in general, but there are positive reptilians. However, they're kind of like beans that have like very sneak like features. And it's funny though, I'm telling me there's nothing that's really that funny, but I've always had this thing with snakes and I've always kind of felt like deep down there's a reason that I had that kind of fear of snakes.

And from what I understand in different realities, there is sometimes these button heads between certain races with the reptilians because of kind of their agenda versus like the agenda of the collective or, or whatnot. I've always felt a connection to that as well. All of these things I mentioned with you right now, I recommend you go within for it. The first step to you having more of these kinds of experiences is a combination of two things. One, understanding that you are multidimensional, you are a multidimensional being, having a temporary human experience.

The more you realize that is the more that you allow experiences like this that come in and for you to see these synchronicities in your life. First off, know that every single person on this planet is multidimensional and that includes you and you can become more aware of it. By having that awareness, by feeling and understanding, you're not just your ego. Observe your thoughts, observe this Avatar that you're using this life because it's not just who you are. The more you observe it is, the more you start to create this gap where you can see who you really are and who you really are as much vaster than you can imagine.

That's the first step. The second step is to set the intention, set the intention to find out more of a connection of who you are. To the stars. Understand it can be beyond any name that we have that you can find online because there are so many different races. But set the intention to connect in a dream state. That's the thing I think would be the easiest. Set the intention to connect in your dream state, to remember some of it in the morning. Set the connection to get signs of it so that when you see the word or you come across it, you'll just simply know, set the intention and, and don't be attached to how it comes.

Maybe it comes in some different way. Maybe it comes in a book, maybe it comes in some type of little visual flash you get or some type of an idea or thought or word. Just know that that's the seed has been planted and then be open to how it comes. But the first step is knowing that you are multidimensional and be open to what comes up.

That's my star seed story. Let me know what you guys thought of it. I thought I'd just come out here and vulnerable kind of talk about you know, the different parts of my own life. Let me know what you think. If you want a guided meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point, that may help you as well become more aware of who you are.

Chakras and Ascension: The KEY to Activating the Lightbody


I want to be sharing with you the power of Chakras with the ascension process, and I'm going to show you the missing key to activating your light body.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth about your Chakras with the ascension process. Understanding that as you align yourself in a powerful way, you start to ascend your vibration more than ever before, and this is about really understanding that this right now on the planet, it is the time of awakening.

It is the time of activating what is called our light bodies because at our greater level, we are light beings dreaming and going through this life experience. Believing that we're less than like beings less than beans of light and love and divinity, dreaming that this is who we are so that we can in a way, remember who we really are.

And this is something that many, many people on the planet right now are waking up to understanding more about their divine connection, understanding that they are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences and it's one of the main reasons there are so many people on the planet right now.

You may look around and notice that the population continues to grow at an exponential rate. Souls want to be here right now because of this transformation that has happened on the planet. If you want more information on why the transformation is happening on the planet right now, there are different resources you can look to the law of one buy raw milk to call the raw material. There's a lot of information on that is what's called the harvest.

The harvest is happening right now where people are able to wake up and go through this literally a paradigm shift from one level to a new level. We say in a way that we're moving from a 3D level of consciousness to 4 and 5D level of consciousness, 3D is that of duality identification with our thoughts, good, bad light, dark 4 and 5D is more or life becomes much more fluid, much more flexible.

We understand that the now moment is what exists. You manifest things faster than ever. Even as I talk about these right now, you can see that certain dimensions correlate with certain Chakras. You can see that the 3D, which is more of duality is the level of kind of in a way control. That's the willpower. That's the third Chakra.

Then what happens is we have the fourth Chakra, which is that of love and you can seek a 4 or 5D as an embodiment. The fourth Chakra and what's happening right now is more and more people are waking up to who they are and one of the prerequisites to this really happening is working through in clearing the different shoppers that are in our body. Just to give a quick overview of what that is, the different chakras would be that of the Root Chakra at the bottom of underneath the spine.

Well like right where your spine begins and then what you see is that it moves up to what is called the Sacral Chakra, which is right around your belly button. You move up and into the solar plexus, which is right, your willpower, and then you have that too, which is right underneath your heart. Then you have your heart Chakras, which obviously is out of love. It's right here, symbolized by most normally green solar plexus is yellow, orange is the Sacral Chakra, and then red is the root Chakra.

Then you move into the throat, which is normally symbolized by blue, which is your expression. If the third eye that is more of a purple like indigo type colored, and then you have that Crown Chakra, which is normally violet. These are the different Chakras. What happens is as we go through the ascension process, think of it like this.

In the ascension process, you are literally beginning to embody more of what is called your higher self. Your higher self is the larger part of you. It's the high vibrational part of you that literally every single night when you go to bed, you wake up and are more connected to your higher self. Then you aren't in remembering here. What happens is when you go to bed at night, you are awake at these higher states of consciousness and what happens is when you wake up in the morning, you come back through what is called a veil of forgetfulness because you forget who you are.

When you go to bed at night, you come back here, you forget everything that happened because it's not always relevant to remember everything that happened. But in essence and in general, you at nighttime are awakened these higher states of consciousness and you are connected as your higher self.

Your higher self has more of a viewpoint of a point of view of seeing things in that of past, present, and future. Your higher-self guides you, you hide is still a part of you. But nonetheless, it's something that we sometimes forget about when we're having this human experience because of all through our lives we are meant to believe and meant to really tap into this stimulation of our senses, identifying reality as our avatar.

And we forget that we are this immortal, spiritual being, this divine being. And now what we're doing on the planet is we're waking up to who we aren't this greater level. What happens is, is think of it like this. When you look at the Chakra system, you'll see that you have the bottom three Chakras, the heart Chakra, and then the top three Chakras. Well, what happens is what we are doing when we go through the ascension process is we're literally merging them together.

Think of it like your lower self is your ego. Your higher-self being this more divine aspect of you. You're bringing the ego up and you're literally bringing the higher-self down into this experience of what we call ascension and what we do is we are moving and becoming the divine light beans that we are meant to be, but the prerequisite to this is we must clear our Chakras and begin to move more into our heart space. You'll notice at the bottom three Chakras and in the heart that is the center point.

That is the balance. That is the best of the Pisces is what you could call it, the, you know the Venn Diagram, the middle. That's the middle section right there where we want to be. We want to be more heart-centered. Even when you look at the manifestation process of us creating what we want in our life, the new paradigm is not creating from the solar plexus.

It's creating from the heart. The solar plexus brings with its duality, good, bad, light, dark. You really, really want something you may emphasize not already having it with the heart though. It's a singular point of focus. The more you start and begin to embody your heart, the more you are sending your vibration. You are understanding who you are as a divine being. You are raising your vibration as you raise your vibration as well, you feel more love, joy, peace, the higher vibrational emotions.

And he'd begin to disassociate and not so much connected with the lower vibrational emotions such as shame, fear, guilt. That's what ascension is. Ascension is a raising of your vibrational state of consciousness to where you feel higher-vibrational emotions. You're literally connecting your higher self with your lower self. And as you do this, you will gain more abilities.

You'll have more abilities to really, it'd be so present to the moment. You'll be able to read people and a very powerful way how, what's called tell empathy, more empathy, but you're able to read energy and a new way. You're able to feel into and tuned to the vibration of what you want to experience time. The title appears to be different, past, present, and future.

These are all things that are happening in these abilities are actually natural, but we forget them and we in a way lose them when we're growing up. That's why the younger generation is able to do things that kind of blow our minds and they're able to learn so quickly because they're tapped into this. We are becoming more tapped into who we really are. We're understanding more of this connection, so in our lives right now, you may notice that a lot of things are falling apart.

A lot of your old belief systems might be falling apart. When these Chakras begin to align, it can be uncomfortable. It can be uncomfortable because you're bringing up things that haven't been dealt with. Think of it like this. In order for you to move into your heart. The thing you must do is you must clear out the bottom three shot. Chris, you must clear out the sacred Chakras and the solar plexus. How do you do that? Well, awareness is power.

Become aware of the beliefs you have that are tied to each Chakra. Root Chakra is normally tied straight onto survival. Survival. It has, it has to do with understanding how you show up or how you the shame, fear, guilt, blame these identifications, these things that we go through in our life. A lot of times the root Chakras will be tied to believing that we're a victim.

Become aware of where you may think that you are a victim and be aware that things don't happen to you. Things happen to you. As you begin to take your power back, you begin to move out of the survival mode. People in the Third World countries that don't even have the night, the natural food and water, they may be very in survival mode, very rooted or very just in that level of awareness.

What happens if you can clear your beliefs about survival, your beliefs about, about abundance, your beliefs about how you show up in the world and how you relate to the world, the world in general. And do you have your own needs met? Sacral Chakra can be related to relationships with other people, your relationships with family, your family dynamics heal. Anything that you have to do with that, you can heal the way that you relate to your family, not judge them if they don't understand.

You are not, you know, hold people accountable in the way that you blame other people for things. Be aware of all of this. The key to healing the bottom three Chakras, by the way, is forgiveness. Forgiveness of yourself and forgiveness of other people. Because when you do that, you let go of the attachment, you let go and you start to clear that energy.

Solar plexus is your willpower. Are you acting, doing what you're passionate about? Are you moving forward? Are you disciplined? Are Do you believe you have to work hard to be successful? Pay attention to your beliefs about all three of these things. And what you can do is you can begin to clear them because as you clear them, it's the idea is that as you are sending your vibration, it's not so much about the pilot on new ideas. It's about letting go of the things that keep you rooted to lower vibrational emotions and the key is to clear them out, be aware of the beliefs you have, forgive, forgive, and you begin to clear the bottom three Chakras.

As you do that, you can then move more into your heart center and when you're in your heart center, you have a higher vibration. You're able to manifest things easier than ever because you're coming at it from a pure place and the heart doesn't create from duality. The left brain, the right brain creates a duality that's connected to the ego, the willpower, the ego. This is a time when the planet of Korean from our heart, which brings me to another point of understanding that you have a mission in this divine game called life.

This ascension, this waking up of Starseeds. Right now people are waking up to more of who they are. They're understanding that they are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experience and they understand that they are multidimensional. They exist at many different levels at the same time. We're awakening to that on the planet right now and part of that awakening has to do with people coming into their true mission, understanding their true purpose.

What is your purpose? Because you have a purpose in either waking up family members maybe doesn't mean you need to. You need to like tell them this information like they have to learn it. Asap means you live by proof. You live by your own expression. You live your authentic truth and by doing so that will influence other people. Act on your passion. Your passion is connected to your heart. That is your direct connection to your higher self. Even so, understand that for this whole process it is about understanding.

The ascension process is literally about moving up your shoppers, you are still embodying your Chakras. By the way. It's not like once you get through the root Chakras where you let it go because then you'd be too airy. You'd be too flighty. You won't be ground. You still need to be grounded. It's about the balance of the Chakras and understanding that you are bringing energy up, but you can't bring energy up if there are blockages, so you become aware and you begin to deal with that.

That's what will activate your light body. Your light body is something that every single person has, but not every single person has activated right now in the present moment. The light body is the part of us that is within our energy field that's either activated or not activated depending on whether we're living our passion dependent on whether we are clearing past trauma.

We are clearing out our chakras depending on how much we are showing up and expressing our truth through that of our, I know that's a sign language. That's actually a bad thing to do, but our truth and go like this. The truth and what you do is as you begin to embody all of these different characteristics, you begin to balance it out. You begin to activate what is called your light body. Every night you go to bed. I liked it.

We travel at nighttime using what is called the Merkaba, which is you could think of it as a pyramid on top of the pyramid on the bottom. It's the vehicle we use to travel in and that light body is connected into the larger part of us, you could call it our higher self and the more your higher self is able to bring light into your body, your physical body here, the more you literally become your higher self. But like I said, sometimes that will feel uncomfortable, but you have to be aware it's for a larger purpose.

But remember there's another side to it. There's another side to it and you will feel better on the other side of it and you will feel that transformation, but you're bringing this energy through. Your Chakras is are what needs to be cleared in the way that you call your shot grows is through forgiveness, is through forgiveness and choosing to be in your heart. Understanding, argue service to self or are your service to others?

You see this is a little bit of a balance because you want to be happy yourself and you want to give yourself love. But at the same time, if you were to study that book I was talking about earlier, the law of one, it's spoken of you must be polarized as service to others, adding value that you see you're a part of a divine plan. We all came, we forgot who we are from these higher dimensions to come down here to then remember who we are by waking up right now, and if you're watching this video, then you're one of those people, but you're meant to bring through this kind of information because it adds value to other people.

You're adding value and when you're doing that, it's almost like the universe starts to help you and even more profound ways, but that information, that energy really comes towards you when you are serving to others when you have this intention. That's why I always say the more value you add to other people, the more abundance comes to you. Look at any product you see at some level of product will add value to someone.

Whether it's an emotion, whether it's some type of benefit, solves a problem. That's what brings in abundance, right? Because what you put out is what you get back in the same way when you put out positive energy, even if you're like, well, I'm not making YouTube videos but I'm passionate about art. Well, that's putting your mark in the world. That's putting out positive energy that influences everyone around you, so pay more attention to your vibration.

Pay More attention to, are you doing your passion for a living? Are you opening up to this divine aspect of you? Are you clearing out your Chakras by letting go of the beliefs, the negative perspectives that keep you entrenched in the bottom three, and then remember, the key to moving up them is forgiveness? Forgive. That will move you up and into your heart center so that you can open all of these up. You want all of these shoppers.

You don't want just to neglect the bottom three because those are low vibrational. It's a part of the human experience. You want to clear them out, clear them out. That is the key. It has you raise your vibration. You'll find that things began to change in a very, very powerful way.

What I'm going to go in and leave below is a meditation for activating the light codes within your body. It's a very powerful meditation. Let's do it for 21 days. It will transform your life. It'll help you to really activate more of your mission and to ascend your vibration in a powerful way. It's really also wake up as a star seed.  

3 things all Starseeds MUST GIVE UP in 2019

I’m going to be sharing with you three things that all starseeds must give up in 2019 these are things you may be doing and not even know it, but when you change this, everything changes.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three things you must give up as a star seed in 2019 no, first off that if you're even watching this video, then you are a star seed because you will only click on this video. You can only perceive that which you are the vibration of.

First off, know that you are a star seed. What does that mean? What does even mean to be a star seat? What would it means is that in this life, what you have chosen to do is to bring with you the information and your connection to the stars.

Bring that into your life in an energetic way. Whether that's consciously or unconsciously. Maybe you're just not reading this blog and becoming more aware of how conscious this can be for you. But, understand that we are all multidimensional beings, which means that we exist here right now.

But, we also exist at higher levels as well and those higher levels, most of the time is going to also include different places in the universe, different star systems, so you may feel like maybe as I name off some of these names, navy, some of them resonate with you.

If I were to say the Pleiades serious, our tourists, a drama and drama, the in drama and all these different, they're just different places with different beans and many of us have connections to these different places whether we are aware of it or not. If you've ever read Dolores cannon books, then you'll know there are 17 books or there are books by Dolores Cannon.

She was able to get people to one of the deepest levels of brainwave activity of hypnosis and she has a technique called the QHHT technique. My mom actually just texted me this morning because she has been working with someone in QHHT and getting questions and going through that process.

It's very interesting the information that comes through because what happens is the higher self can come through to answer questions and what happened was, as Dolores Cannon did this through thousands and thousands of thousands of different people, questions that she would ask would range from why did this person incarnate at this time?

What was this person's relationship with their dad, with their mom, what should they, what is their purpose in life? All of these different things and information would come through. While there was very consistent information that would come through for a lot of these different things and one of the consistent things is that they came here now to be a part of the awakening that's happening on the planet to be a part of this great transition.

They said there were more eyes here paying attention to what's happening on earth right now than ever before in the history of our universe, which is a huge thing. We think of this as like being, you know, it's, the truth is, is that there's, the university is so mass that for, and so huge that for the attention to be here, it's something very special that's happening.

And what's happening is we're sending to a higher vibration in a form in our body. We're carrying our bodies with us going through this transformation and we're doing it in mass. We're doing it with everyone here on the planet right now, which is an incredible thing. Part of that thought has to do with Starseed awakenings. And if you're going and you're reading this blog, then you're going through a Starseed awakening. You're realizing you do have a connection to the stars that you carry with you, the energy as a soul.

You bring through the energy of that star system. You know, when people in general, they'll bring through certain characteristics of what's called past lives or future lives and they'll have certain characteristics. Like for example, someone may be very inclined to want to learn to play the piano when in a past life, maybe they played the piano or they had more of that artistic part of themselves.

Maybe someone's very good at managing people because in a past life they were also some form of manager who sometimes it'll be just skills developed during that life as well. But these things are carried over. Another thing is that we carry through energy from the star system from which we are connected to. You may notice that certain people that may consider themselves and feel like they have connections to the play eighties, they may have a certain type of softer, more loving type of a type of vibration or different, maybe serious.

And certain parts are very more like very moving forward in a specific direction. Very much goal-getters. There's specific energy we bring through because this is all connected right now. Here's the trap that a lot of people fall into when it comes to star seed awakenings or awakenings in general. I fell into this for a while and I want to help you because in 2019 it's time on the planet now of us all waking up and in 2019 as star seeds, we must become aware of this and that is this.

There is this common thing that happens when you go through an awakening where you realize that your home or the place from which you have a connection to many people and many stars seats will say that they want to go home, they want to go home. Maybe you felt like that before. Feeling like the earth isn't necessarily your home. I know my mom's felt that same way. She's felt like she has a connection to the stars and she wonders sometimes.

One of the reasons she thinks that she had such a difficult time on earth is because she has so much of a connection up there that she misses it. She misses going home. And many kids when they're young, will tell their parents too that they want to go home, they want to go home. And the types of parents was like, oh, they just want to go to the house.

But when they're so young, they understand, they remember subconsciously and at different levels that that is home. Well in 2019 the key is actually to understand that this life is about us going through the transformation with the planet. We're meant to be here because the thing is is as star seat in 2019 what you are meant to be doing is bringing through this information, bring in through this energy so that it can influence people.

Because when one of us makes a change within ourselves, it also changes the collective as well. It also starts to build that energy-momentum within the collective consciousness and it's giving more and more permission to more and more people to wake up. But that's an escaping mentality and we're trying to, we came, we came here to be here to help change the planet, to help change ourselves, and then to change the planet. To say that we want to leave and go somewhere else is actually escaping and counterproductive.

In 2019 as a star seed, the key for you is to understand it's about being here. This can be an amazing experience when you really surrender as well. You allow this higher vibration that comes in. This could be a fun experience. It's meant to be a fun experience. It's meant to be a transformational experience, but you have to become okay with it.

I know that when you first become aware as well of 3D reality, 4D reality, 5D reality going from 3D to 5D, which means going from duality control being reactive to the environment into 4D and 5D, which is where things become much more dreamlike, you realize that things become more magical. You realize you can start to exist in your heart. You manifest things easier because you raise your vibration. Well, sometimes what people do is they don't want to be in 3D so bad that they resist it and they fight it.

And when you fight 3d you stay in 3D you must become okay and at peace with 3D to move up to 4D and 5D levels of consciousness, you must be okay with it. The way you become okay with it, as you observe your thoughts and you see it for what it is, 3D  is serving its purpose. It's allowing people to play out. Certain roles, play out certain Karma.

But now in our lives right now in 2019 as star seats, it is time to enjoy this moment. And to know. It is about bringing through our light here now and it's not about escaping. We must give that up. We must give up trying to escape and you must give up trying to go somewhere else. When it's about being here, it's about making the change from within because when we make the change from within, it affects everything else in our reality.

The second thing that we must give up, especially in 2019 is this thing that happens when you go through a spiritual awakening or even a starseed awakening to happen to me as well. These are all three things I'm sharing from experience. By the way, this is something that I did. When you go through a spiritual awakening, you realize that you're not your ego. I used to think I had ADHD. I used to identify with of this stuff.

I realized, okay, I'm not. My ego will. Instead of me being my old ego, now I'm this spiritual being. I'm the star seat. I'm a star seed that comes from these higher dimensional realms here to help awaken people just like you do. However, having that label, having that identity then caused me to have what is called a spiritual ego, could call it even a star seed ego.

And it's like, this is who I am. I'm this Great Almighty Starseed walking around and people don't get me because of x, y, z, and all of these things. Well, that ends up creating separation. You see, we're meant to have this experience with other people. Realize every single person on this planet is multidimensional, whether they're aware of it or not, which means that at a certain level, they too are a star seed.

However, what makes and what we can really see this as is if you're woken up right now and you know that you're a star seat and you're resonating with this. Then you woke up first to help other people that wake up, but they're still connected to the stars because we're all multidimensional and we have existences at many different levels. We did not just incarnate all of our energy on earth.

We can't, we couldn't do it because our, our spiritual being is so much bigger than just one physical body. Knowing that we could say, okay, we're almost high dimensional, so we don't need to have this kind of separation of Ima star seat. You're just a 3D person. You're a 3D person having a sleep in the matrix. Do you see what that does? It causes a separation.

There are some people that yes, are still in the autopilot mind are still playing out certain roles, but have a love for them. See them as a part of you. See them as connected to you because otherwise, you'll see the separation. You'll even feel like everyone doesn't get me. When I went through my spiritual awakening, maybe you felt this too. Normally what we did is we woke up in groups of friends and groups of families that didn't get it, that weren't, that didn't wake up yet because we woke up first.

When they saw us, they're like, what the hell is he talking about, Aaron? And what is he talking about? This meditation stuff and awakening and family didn't necessarily understand. Some did, but a lot didn't understand. It's about understanding that this is a process of letting go of the labels of that person's. Yeah, well, they just don't get it because they're over lower vibration. They're still stuck in 3D and 2019 as a star seed.

It is time that we realize that this is less about that and more about inclusion, more about integration. Allow them to be the way they are, understand their in their own process of awakening, but be at your core, be at your core. Understand that by you also admitting your own light that's going to influence other people, but let go of the label. That goal of being a star seed of being an indigo Urbina crystal child because even then you're more than that.

You're more than all as cool as you think all of those are your cooler, but the thing is we've got to let go of these labels. We've got to let all of them and realize that we're all connected because we're all in this together. We're going to this collective shift in consciousness together. The third thing, all Starseeds must give up in 2019 as something else that I'm learning from experience.

And let me tell you, this is kind of how it's evolved to me even sharing this content on my channel. In the last two years, I've been sharing a lot of videos on YouTube. Obviously, I've been doing daily videos for almost two years now. Wow. It's been two years now. I just realized that because we're in wow, two years of every single day having videos, most of them have been in the past Law of Attraction videos and videos on how we can, you know, create our own reality.

Something I'm very, I love talking about. However, I knew even since the beginning that one day I was going to be talking about Starseeds, ascension, interdimensional existence, all of these things because I'm so passionate about it, it's so empowering. It changes. It changed my life so much and I knew I wanted to talk about that, but at the time I was afraid to talk about it. I was just talking about Law of Attraction stuff.

However, I realize in the last four or five months I felt like it's time. It's time to be sharing this kind of information because people are waking up so incredibly fast. However, parts of me were still afraid to share that because I was almost in that old identity. I was in that old way of thinking, but here's what I understood. I didn't come here to just reaffirm what is already comfortable.

Everyone, you know, there's a lot of information on the Law of Attraction and I've already made hundreds and hundreds of videos, so do I need to keep talking about what is already known? Did I come here for that? I knew that as a star seat in 2019 especially, I came here to be bold and that included having to be brave to put up this information because some people look at it, they're like, that's crazy, and it's not.

They may think it's crazy now, but one day they will realize that it's actually something that resonates. It's just is it time for these people or not? But if you're here right now, then this resonates with you. You wouldn't have watched it this long and do a video. However, I realize I came here to be bold. I came here to establish this new paradigm, this New Light like a star, seeing 2019 you came to do the same thing.

You came to establish your light. You came here to be bold. You did not come here to just reaffirm the old reality, to fit into the box that everyone puts you in. You came here to be bold. You came here to carry your light and to do it unapologetically doesn't mean you do it with resistance. You're like, this is who you are and you're like shoving it down people's throats.

It just means that you're aware that you came here for this purpose. You came here to share this kind of information. This is why you're here, to become more aware of that and understand that you are a multidimensional being. As it starts seat in 2019 you came here to help awaken other people. You're waking up more and more to who you are right now and as you do, it's going to influence people in a very powerful way.

Let go of the belief or the labels of I'm a star seed. You are not. This is what you are. Yes, we can. We can feel we know where we are special because we are bringing through this information, but we don't want to gain a spiritual ego because of it because then we feel separated from everyone else.

Understand that we must become completely at peace with where we are and with the 3D before we move on into 4 or 5D and we must become completely at peace with this whole process. We must let go of all of these things are holding us back. We must let go of trying to escape reality. We must let go of these labels. We must let go of trying to hold our light in and being timid.

It's a time of being bold. It's time for us. I started season 2019 I want you guys to all to know I'm excited to be here. If you want a star seed activation meditation that will help activate all of this within you. Listen to it for 21 days and watch what happens. This is something that will help activate these codes within you and it will help you to understand more about how you can be bold, how you can let go of these labels.

How To Tap into Higher States of Consciousness and Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY


I'm going to be sharing with you the gateway into higher states of emotion. I'm going to show you how you can start to embody more of love, peace, joy and bliss and an easy way that you can practically apply in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how you can embody more of higher vibrational states of consciousness, which really means higher vibrational emotions and having that be one of your set points, like how you feel the majority of the time. Just to give a little bit of context, I'm here in Costa Rica at a life transformation spa with four other YouTube friends and then also some YouTube subscribers too, which has been really cool.

Maybe a trapped emotion that's also inside of our body. Really let that go and understanding that it's not who we are. At a certain point in our past, what happened is something happened and we gave it a negative meaning. And the moment we gave it that negative, meaning we, there was a disruption within our energy field.

And what you do when you come to a place like this is you learn how to let go of all of those filters, how to let go of all those blocks that are a store. Because the thing is, is in life we get a reflection of our vibration. If we are subconsciously or feeling these underlying vibrations of shame, fear, guilt, and they're there in the background, we're going to continue to attract things in our life that are equal to that vibration that we are putting out.

Coming to a place like this takes those things out of the peripheral or it takes it out of like the background noise almost. And what it does is it allows us to become more of who we really are. To our pure state as we were before. Any of the things happen in our life before.

Any of those blocks were even created. And the truth of the matter is your natural set point, who you really are as consciousness is you are higher states of emotion. Bliss, joy, peace. That's who you are. If you feel anything less than that, what has happened is there's been some type of attachment either consciously or subconsciously to certain things in life happening to them feeling a certain type of way.

It's about understanding that your core anyway, that's not who you, you're not these lower states of emotions. You are higher vibrational and about really remembering that and then choosing to embody it. But it's not like a chore. It's not something you necessarily do with the mind. And I'll share with you a little bit of my experience here. I'll kind of open up and share.

This is a place where you can come to do what is called plant medicine. Before you maybe jump to thinking that this means like I don't know, there's, I guess certain connotations around it that, that it's something that it's like drugs or something like that. This is different. This is plant medicine is something that you use and can use as a tool to expand your consciousness. You have to check, there's certain plant medicine that is legal in some places and not others.

This is in Costa Rica. This is legal here and is something that is licensed. I think this is one of the only places right now that's licensed in the world to administer that of Iowasca, which is a plant medicine. And I was actually kind of afraid to even share that on my channel cause like what other people think. But the truth is, I think it's a powerful tool if you use it, it resonates with you.

I remember I gave a talk in La last year and when I did, I remember I mentioned that I was going to a place and doing and it'll Iowasca and we're like buckets and stuff like in front of your mattress and stuff. And it was kind of a funny idea to some people. But if you let me explain a little bit about what something like Iowasca does and it's a plant medicine that you drink, you drink it.

There’s this big room thing over here that you see. This is where the ceremonies take place. You see these hammocks over here, this is where the hammocks are. You can come out like at nighttime and there's a swing and the stars are out. It's really cool. Over there was a fire pit and then inside is where the ceremony takes place. And there are mattresses with pillows and blankets.

And then there's like a bucket there in case you purge and it sounds bad cause you to hear purge. Like what does that mean? Well, what happens is, is when you take something like a plant medicine or like I have come, what happens is if you look, maybe you've heard me share about the different states of consciousness of the chart with Dr. David Hawkins. If you look at this chart with Dr. David Hawkins right now, what you'll see is that you'll see the emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, Veggie neutrality.

Then you'll see that of reasoning. Then you'll see love, joy, peace, enlightenment. What a plant medicine like Iowasca does, which has in it a, it's a fine and some other compound that makes it digestible, but what it does is it real lines you to source it realigns you to who you really are. When it does this, it increases your vibrational frequency. If you were to actually calibrate that have Iowasca, it resonates at over 600 on the scale.

It's a very high vibrational resonance. Whereas some other, some other forms would resonate. I think there's different, there are different calibrations for different things. I was a might resonate at a certain frequency. You might have like magical mushrooms that, that resonate at a different frequency. This one that resonates high.

The thing is, is when you increase your frequency to that of what the medicine is at, what will happen is it will bring up things that are other lesser vibration for you to deal with to then like, oh, so that's when some people say, Oh, you know, that you had to relive the past of this happening.

You know, when I was younger and it was painful when they're in the experience, cause I Wasco will last for when you take your first drink it will last for maybe three to five hours and then sometimes less. But then you take a second drink a couple of hours later if you feel like it, and then it goes even deeper. But as you do this, what you do is you bring up all of these subconscious things.

You bring up and you go into a deeper part of yourself or you're able to look at these things, see it, and then choose to let it go. And by choosing to let it go, it's like you never have to deal with it again. Or if you do, you relate to it in a completely new way.

What you do is you take it, it brings all of these things up for you to look at and then you can choose to let them go. And sometimes if you, the more you resist, the more unpleasant the experiences and the more you allow, the more you actually enjoy the whole entire experience. When I was going through it, I was realizing that there were certain beliefs that I had from when I was younger. Certain meanings that I put on the things that I didn't realize.

You may have heard me say before that your beliefs create your reality. That's true. And sometimes the beliefs we have, our unconscious, we're not consciously aware of them. For example, let me share one little insight that I had. I was asking whatever you want, you know, source or asking my subconscious mind or asking God whatever name you want to give it.

I was asking what some of the beliefs I've had that I developed when I was younger about life in general that I'm not aware of are. And there was this one that kind of stopped, like poked out at me. And there's this, there was a, my dad when I was growing up, my parents were divorced and between when I was young, I was probably like five or six years old.

We would go back to from my dad's house to my mom's house and cause they were divorced or whatever. And we would go back and forth probably like once a week through go three days at my dad's read and my mom's or something like that. And anytime I would go to my dad's house, I would then and then go to my mom's house. When I would come back to my dad's house, he'd always have like an action figure on our bed.

He'd buy lists like some new Batman thing or some action figure thing and we thought it was really cool. My brother and I would come home and it was like exciting because we'd have the action figure, it would be excited about it, but at a certain point, he stopped doing that. He stopped putting the action figure on the bed. I didn't know it at the time, but there was a subconscious meaning that I put to that that said, oh, he doesn't love me any more or I didn't feel validated anymore because I wasn't getting that.

Because when you're five or six years old, you don't really think about it, but you're always attributing meaning to things. And the meaning I gave that was that I wasn't worthy or I didn't feel validated or he didn't love me in the same way anymore because as a kid I wasn't getting that action figure anymore.

That's what I equated it to. So you see little memories like this might bubble up to become aware of, to then let go of. And as you become aware of it, you can then let it go. When we were sitting and I was in ceremony one night, I had this shifting consciousness and it's something I talk about on my YouTube channel quite often about being not necessarily you need to do, not necessarily needing to have, but there's a state of consciousness of just being and saying yes to the present moment.

I began to really shift into that and this is what I realized. This is, let me kind of explain kind of the thought process behind it or the lack of thought process behind it. Because our natural vibration is that of unconditional love, joy, peace, bliss. That's who we really are. It's more about allowing the energy to flow through. I remember that there was this moment when I was laying there and I just kept surrendering. I kept surrendering.

And letting goes to whatever thought came up. I started instead of just reacting to the mind or reacting as the mind, I started to observe my mind. And this is, it sounds so simple, but there was, this is an extra little shift that happened to where I just kept absorbing into my sense perception. The gateway to you experiencing higher vibrational states of consciousness is the sense perceptions. That's what I realized.

What I did is I brought the awareness from being in my head, being in the intellect, which did the first three days I was here, I was in the intellect, I was in the mind and I saw it had started to bring the awareness into my body. What I did is I brought the awareness into my hands. I brought it into my feet, I brought it into my chest.

And what I did more so is I brought it into my heart. And I remember I kept putting my hands over my heart like this. And what I did is I just kept it there. I kept it there, and I allowed that energy to keep increasing. The more I put my awareness in my heart center, the more that increased and I felt this overwhelming sense of love and keep going through my heart.

I was putting the awareness in my heart and then what happened is anything that would happen at all, I would just let it go. When I would allow it to be there, I would say yes to it. There'd be a certain song on and you know there's music being played.

I would just really absorb and listen to music. I realized that mostly in my life, I haven't listened to music and the way that was really absorbing it, I was more so intellectually listening to music. I really felt whatever the music was, and it would shifts from song to song and sometimes the Shaman would be singing and there would be like someone playing the harmonica.

However, the more I would surrender to the present moment and then absorb into my senses and experience, not just think about experience, the sound, the music, the environment, that was the more I would get into states of joy, bliss, and peace. And that shift was huge. That then it was like I was, I was free. I felt free of my own thoughts.

I felt free into this moment into actually experiencing the present moment, which I think most people in life haven't actually experienced life because they'd been so consumed by the mind and the interpretations, the labels as to how things work. But when you shift into that of the heart center, that's where everything begins to change.

And that's also when you begin to realize that the thoughts you're thinking or not who you are when you allow the thoughts to be there and you just have this utter sense of surrender, you will start to feel those emotions. And that's what I did. I started, I kept doing that. And it realizes that even if somebody would somebody was crying over in the corner or someone who's laughing on the other side, or somebody was a yawning or you know, you go through a purge.

Many people go through purges when they have this when they're taking the medicine because they're letting go of stuff that doesn't serve. They're letting go of the energy inside of the body, which may come out in the form of throwing it up, which sounds painful, but it normally is a very good feeling because you're letting go of stored emotion.

But it's about really absorbing the present moment more so than anything else. If you want to feel these higher states of emotion such as shame or such as that of love, feeling completely worthy, feeling the sense of high vibrational energy, the key to it is to allow yourself to surrender to the moment.

Then to just keep bringing the awareness inside of your body, bringing the awareness inside your hands, bring the awareness inside of your heart. Because by doing that, what you end up doing is you end up becoming present and you actually start to live. You start to feel more alive.

And the lightness is who you really are, is that most people have a filter over themselves of who they are because they're thinking, they're identifying their labeling. There are all of these things that are happening in the world and we identify with those thoughts.

We identify with those states of consciousness thinking they are who we are. This happened in my past, this is who I am, this is how the reality works. It's not that way unless you identify with it. The key is to become free and the way you become free is with the observation and it is with the present into the moment gateway, which is your sense perceptions.

That's what I realized and that's what when I began to do it began to change everything. I began to feel differently. No matter, I think there was still an hour and a half left. You know we, we start at like five 30 and we end at like one o'clock each night and I was, I remember, I knew it was like starting to wear off. I like part of me wanted to like, you know, when are we going to close the circle or when are we going to have like this last meeting before we leave or whatever.

And I was just surrendered to the present moment. There were two or three dogs here, two dogs, and they're really cool dogs by the way. Maybe I'll show up and if I can, if I can find them, but I was there. One was barking at something. It was okay loud the moment to be heaps surrendering. Surrender to the present moment. Surrender to who you are.

Understand that who you think you are is not the thoughts, the labels. That was one of the main realizations that I had that really changed how I related to the war, how are relate to the world and how I, how I show up in the world. And it's something for me that it was a taste of something that I can always go back to. I always ask myself the question, you know, sometimes I get so caught up back in the states and back with the business and traveling and getting ready to take everything to the next level with doing these seminars and stuff.

And I'm like, you're so identified with it. But the key and what I'm realizing is to just be, to actually experience it along the process, to enjoy the journey. As cliché as it sounds, the more you enjoy the journey, the more your vibrational begin to raise because the more you are saying yes to the present moment. This is the main insight I've had is it's not even an insight. It's not even an intellectual idea. It's an experience. Because I've intellectually always, I've known this for a while now, even last time I was here, I touched on this idea of the letting go.

But it really is letting go is the key. Because remember, you are those higher states of consciousness. You are unconditional love, bliss, joy, peace. And the only thing that keeps you in those lesser vibrational states of consciousness is identification with the thinking, thinking that's who you are. When actuality, you are so much more than that. It's about observing.

It's about allowing, it's about the gateway into the present moment, which is your sense perceptions. And as you do that, and as you especially merge with your heart, put your hands over your heart, feel the sensation in your heart, you're going to be increasing your vibratory field around your body. And then what will happen is those lesser vibrational emotions will begin to go away.

That's been my realization since I've been here. It's this gateway into higher states of emotion. Remember when you do this as well, you're going to attract the things you want, easier because your vibration will be higher. You're going to feel better about just in your natural state.

And remember in reality, you get a reflection of your vibration. You get a reflection of your state of being. If you increase your state of being, you then increase your vibration. As you increase your vibration, things will happen more in alignment for you. It's really is something that many times is understated. The state of being and merging with your heart and being present to the moment and being in that gateway, that gateway, which is your sense perceptions.

I think it's very underrated. I'm going to start making probably more videos about that. I'll maybe make a meditation that that is kind of like my whole experience of that, that, that back and forth with my mind that I went through and helping you to merge with your heart and then to also amplify a state of presence and a state of embodying that gateway into the present moment.

How to Set Intentions using Source Energy REVEALED the missing key

I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how to set intentions using source energy. For many people, this is the missing key to them, really experiencing what they want and I'm going to share with you exactly how to do it in a new powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a new topic of understanding intention in a new way. The intention is a topic that it should be honest, we all kind of know about it. There's a new angle I'm going to be giving with this and it's going to, what I'm going to be sharing in this blog with you is going to help you see things from a new point of view so that when you do set intentions, these things happen easier.

These things happen from more of awareness versus just kind of wishful thinking. You know, sometimes with the Law of Attraction, it's like, well, I really desire this, but desire many times will remain a desire unless we transfer it into an intention. I'm going to be sharing with you in this blog exactly how to set intentions in a powerful way and showing you the way that I do it in my own life.

Because for me, the biggest change I've made in my life is when I learned how to set intentions in the right way. Intentions are almost like a focus on a certain reality that you then expect to bring into existence. Think of it like there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. This goes a little bit beyond that of the Law of Attraction and it goes into more so understanding the metaphysics, which is that all probabilities exist.

But the intention is when you make a choice and when you focus your mind on a certain outcome, which is a certain parallel reality. Whatever you intend for, you increase the probability of that thing happening. Just like the proven when it comes to when people said in a study that as an experiment, the simple observation of the experiment also changes that have the experiment outcome and the same way the intentions we have increased the probability of things manifesting in our life.

Think of it like this as well. You look around right now, maybe look around your room. What do you see? I could look around. I could see that as a remote control, a book that I was reading, flowers on, a table, pillows. Everything that I'm looking at appears to be solid. Here is the missing key though for so many people when it comes to intention, we believe that this physical reality, everything around us is solid.

Everything around appears to be solid and if we touch it, it feels solid, but it is simply a different rate of vibration that we are perceiving of. However, at the fundamental basis level, it is simply vibration. This vibration is visible. What we do in our mind is we make a distinguishing, a distinguishing factor between things that are invisible versus visible. Here's the thing as well. Your thoughts are literally things.

They're literately things. They're just, you don't see it. Certain dots we have are invisible, but it doesn't mean that they don't exist at some level. Whatever you focus on the attention and where you put your attention, it's actually going to create something physically.

We think of the Law of Attraction like I'm attracting down from over there go into here, but really your thoughts are going out and your thoughts are creating structures that then through repetition and through belief, it ends up manifesting into our reality to where the vibration of it starts to take form. But you see, this is what a lot of people do with intention is they have a certain desire for something they want to experience.

They focus on it for a short period of time and then what happens is they're not passionate about it. They completely give it up and they don't believe that they can accomplish it. They give up when they give up those thoughts that we're starting to create the form that was starting to create the opportunities that were starting to create the different life circumstances to bring that thing in.

Then start to dissipate because the trust and faith are not there. Today what I'm going to be explaining to you is out at set divine intention, using and having the awareness that you are source energy. You see, the more that you believe that this reality is just fixed is the more that you will remain limited with everything you experienced because the harder things are to manifest. Everything is very hard.

Everything is very heavy and therefore it is hard to attract that from over there to India here because that thing over there is heavy. But the truth is when it comes to this process, the more you realize that your life is a form of a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become. This is a call I've been saying a lot lately, but this is why it's true. When you have this fundamental awareness that life is a form of a dream, things become much more malleable.

Think about a dream. The dream is very flexible. You want it, you got it. That's how it works in understanding more of a four d type state. See, right now on the planet, we are transitioning into higher vibrational states of consciousness. We are moving from what is called a 3D level of reality up to a four and five d level of reality.

Fourth and fifth-dimensional perspective. 3D is heavy. 3D is duality. It's good, it's bad, it's light, it's dark. It's hard to manifest things. You have to do a lot to get what you want. You have to really desire it. You have to really think about it and work hard and do a lot of physical labor for it. That is a certain paradigm. However, what we are moving into is a vibrational reality. It's already vibrational in three d but we're moving out of it.

And actually to be honest with you, the 3D is almost completely falling away and we're just dreaming that the 3D is still there, but we're creating based upon our collective beliefs, this solidity with everything four and 5D level of reality is realizing that in a way we're dreaming right now. And when do you become aware of the dream? Guess what? You gained more than the ability to change the outcome.

Just like if you're playing a video game and you're aware that is a video game, you're able to play a little bit more loosely in it. You're able to see more flexibility because you know there are ways around different things. When it comes to defining intention, it's the energy from which you're setting the intention from his, with the awareness that these are just different waves of probability. You see this remote right here looks very solid and if I click on it, it makes a noise.

But this is the thing. This is both a particle and a wave now because it's visible to my eye spectrum. I go, wow, this is very solid. However, at a deeper level, it is still a wave and a particle at the same time. The things you want to manifest that maybe you haven't given a whole bunch of energy towards, they also exist like this, but you don't see it. It's simply invisible because it hasn't been thought enough consistently or it hasn't been thought of with emotion and believes to already be here.

It's really about tapping into the vibration of the reality you want with the awareness that the only difference between this and your manifestation is the rate of vibration. That's what makes it different. One is visible, one is not visible, but that is just because that momentum hasn't been there yet. When it comes to this, let's first off realize that you need mortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience.

That is who you are. You're dreaming that this is who you are, so therefore you experienced this reality. However, when you go to bed at night, you wake up to higher states of consciousness. You reemerge with this divine. See this is the thing. When we are born on Earth, we forget that we are divine. We forget that we are mortal, spiritual beings living a temporary here, human experience. This is the reason because it makes the game that much more interesting when you have to remember who you are.

Yes, it makes it challenging. It is challenging to grow up and identify with the Avatar, identify with the ego and think that this is who we are. It is challenging because then we identify with beliefs, beliefs, a friend's family, beliefs of our parents, of what's true, what's not true and how reality works, but the more we become aware of it, the more we grow in awareness and then eventually we go through a spiritual awakening.

Many people on the planet right now going through a spiritual awakening and when you become aware that you are an immortal, spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience and that you are connected to the divine, the energy from which you start to create in your life begins to be amplified. It's the awareness is the energy underneath what you're doing. I wish I could give you some little technique like think of the number of 37 and then think of a symbol and bring it into your heart.

Those can work, things like that. However, the true powers within you and the true power is with the awareness that this is all flexible anyways. It's all flexible. It's all waves and particles at the same time and you are a divine being. When you understand that it's easier to create. Here's the key to manifesting using divine energy. It has to, has to, has to be related to your heart because whatever you are most passionate about from your heart center that goes out and that influences everyone around you.

That is something that you are meant to be doing in your life. When I make these videos right now, I'm in a flow state. It feels so good for me to make these videos. I made it. I actually haven't made a video on a couple of days because I've been, I've been to La and be kind of busy. I haven't made videos a couple of days. I'm back in my flow state. It feels amazing. It makes me realize this. What I love to do, I love to film. I love to speak. I love to share these ideas. This is me and my heart center and this also adds value to other people.

When it comes to your divine intention, have it be something that adds value to other people as well, which means you've changed around the questions. Many people in the Law of Attraction community are thinking, what can I get? What can I get? The key is clichés. The sounds are what can I give? Because in the giving, in what you put out is what you get back. Instead of focusing on the relationship you want to get into your life because it will make you feel better.

Focus on having the experience to share with someone else. Focus on the fun you can have with someone else and how that can also benefit them. If you're selling a product, it's not just that you're trying to think of how can I make money from this person? How can you give value to a person that didn't provides money in exchange for it?

When I put out these videos, how can I add value to people that they say, “Yo, I want to subscribe to your channel and I'm going to watch this video.” The abundance comes back to me and then maybe they want to actually go a step further, get into a course and changed their life. Whatever it is, these are all options that people will pay for if they think that they've gotten the value.

It adds value, so it comes back to the more good I put out into the world, the more comes back to me because I'm in alignment with my heart and normally almost 99.9% of your time, your heart is also going to be what's best for everyone else. Even as by example, you can say, “Yo Bro, I don't make content online.”

I'm not adding value in that way. Maybe you make people laugh, maybe you're not even in the service industry, but by you being in your passion, you inspire other people. Some people don't even care about what I'm doing. I have old friends and stuff that are like, you know what man? I just respect that you are doing what you love. You've been talking about being on YouTube for a long time and now you're actually doing it.

I'm grateful and I'm happy for you. But they're not like, Oh, let me consume your content. Or I think that what you're doing is like, I agree with the concepts of the topics you see, you lead by example and to friends and family don't get it. You're still leading by example. The divine intention is mainly about being aware that first off you are a divine being.

You are a divine being that is dreaming. You are this little mortal man or woman or whatever classification you have 2019 so the key is being aware of that because as you become aware of that, you then come from the energy of more power. You come at it from the energy of more power, you come at it from a different place. You know it's not 93% of communication is not even the words you say is the energy behind the words you say.

And because of that, it is the same thing with intention. It is not the intention you have. It is the energy behind the intention you have. And when you have an intention to add value to other people, expansive energy, when you have an intention that you're connected to your heart and something you're passionate about, expansive energy. When you have the intention to get contractive energy when you have the intention to just have something that amplifies only the ego, contractive energy because it's not necessarily conducted to everyone else.

It's also leading by example and, and just amplifying the ego. You can egos. Part of this human experience, but it's about balancing these two things. When it comes to intention, it's not so much that you changed the exact way you make an intention. It is more so it's the energy from which the intention comes because you realize that everything here is simply a different rate of vibration. It has a wave and a particle because it is a wave and a particle.

The thoughts you think are increasing the probability. Here's the secret. Here's the key for self-divine. We already know that. The next part is becoming very clear as to what that is and adding momentum to it. I become successful on YouTube because I become extraordinarily passionate about one thing, making videos. If in the beginning I were focused on making videos and then doing Instagram posts and doing Facebook posts and writing blog articles and doing podcasts episodes, I would have never got the momentum on YouTube to where now I am where I am or we are where we are.

It requires focus and intention. It doesn't actually get translated into reality until you set the intention. You must set the intention and the intention is when you claim it, the intention is when you expect it. The intention is when you identify the exact picture of what that is and then you increase the probability of it, it's very settled.

Somebody, I still don't get what the differences. The difference is what if I have a desire to put up my hand right now? Then it can just remain a desire. Don't actually have to do it, but if I intend for it, the action spawns it. That sponsored into doing something because I translated that desire into intention. In the same way, you can become aware of how you can apply that in your own life.

Start to set more intentional. I'll tell you right now, you do this one thing in your life. You will change your life in a very powerful way. That one thing is set more intentions. What do you intend to happen in your day when you wake up in the morning? What kind of intention do you have about your day when you go into work? What kind of attention do you have about work?

Do you want to connect to people? Do you intend to be abundant? Do you attend to add value to people? Do you intend to be in a good fun environment? Do you intend to feel good while you're doing whatever you're doing? When you go to the gym? What kind of workouts do you intend to have? Set intentions at every different level of your day and you will begin to increase the probability of all these different things happening.

Intention increases the probability, so you set your intentions, you increase the probability of this. Most people are just in their autopilot mind, so they're getting the same thing they got from a day in and day out because they're not setting the intentions. They're just on autopilot. Wake up from the dream of the ego. Wake up from the dream of this, this solid reality because things are much more flexible when you start to come at it from that frame that you are a divine, immortal, spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience.

When you become aware of that, things become more flexible, things become more fun, and you start to exist in a higher level paradigm. The last thing I want to leave you with is when you set clear intentions, have it so that you also meditate, meditate, meditate, meditate. People don't like to hear this, but meditate, observe your thoughts, understand this.

Ego is identifying with itself, but when you observe your thoughts, you move out of the ego and into an observation point of view and you start to gain your power back. Most people are saying, I intend to manifest this, that and this. However, they're also watching Buzzfeed. They're watching the news, they're watching every different YouTube video as conflicting things. They're doing all this different stuff, bombarding their senses, bombarding their brain, and then they don't want it.

They wonder why they're not getting what they want. You have to have a streamline laser focus on what you want. That's why for months, all I did was film YouTube videos, edit YouTube videos, posts, YouTube videos, and focus on what kind of content I had to create. Does it mean you need to be as hardcore as that, but that got me momentum, so I'd say we can learn something from that?

Focus on what you love because it's natural, but also cut out the distractions. Cut Up the news, the media to things that aren't serving you, people that are bringing you down. Be Aware of all this and put your energy and where you want to be, how you want to be, and focus on the person you will become that will change your life. The divine intentions are about first off, realizing you are divine. Meditate, observe your thoughts.

The more you observe your thoughts, the more that you start to detach from the ego and the more you can then be in a much more powerful state. Then also bring the energy within you. You need to understand that you are source energy. Bring that energy within you in your meditations. Connect to your heart. Connect your higher self because as you do that you'll find, but then your vibration begins to them because that's another thing you want to do is raise your vibration.

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