3 False Beliefs About Reality that Are Ruining Your Life (and you don’t even know it)

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three beliefs about reality that are ruining your life. I'm going to show you ways of pushing past these that you start to expand your consciousness and experience a totally new reality.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding those three beliefs that most people have that completely ruins their life or limits their life in an extreme way to where they're not able to really experience what they want in their life.

Recently I have been saying this quote and I don't know if I am a person that actually the first person ever says this, but I like the quote I'm going to keep saying it, and that quote is this. The more you realize your life is a form of a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become.

The reason this is because our beliefs about reality are influencing the kind of experiences that we're having. When we believe that with reality, everything is set, everything is solid. We create the experience that that is the case and therefore things are very fixed.

Things are hard to change and things are very rigid. What are my beliefs about money? What are my beliefs about health? And they changed that. That can work, however, that has so many different categories. What about your beliefs about reality itself?

What are your beliefs about how reality works? Because what we're taught growing up is that everything we see is completely real and it is only real because we experience it through the five senses, so, therefore, we start to interpret everything and label everything is what is real and what is not real.

We go to bed at night, go, well, that was just a dream that wasn't real, but in the same way, a life in many ways is a long, consistent dream to where we're able to look at different over the stretch it out and linear time space fashion and look at the memory versions of it.

However, it all exists right now. The truth is at a greater consciousness point of view, you are an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience, and when we come to earth and we have this experience, we forget who we are.

That's part of the game of life. We can say life is a dream. We could also from a certain perspective say that life is a game because when you learn the game when you learn how to play the game, you start to gain more abilities because you start to see things from a different point of view. One of the purposes of the game of life is to remember who we are.

People call that spiritual awakening. When you remember who you are, you start to gain more of your power because you realize that then you're not limited by the ego structure. You're like, I know that I'm more than this. Then you branch outside of it, and you start to live in more consistency with who you are. It's just that most people think they are only their ego. This is who I am.

Whatever my mind can imagine is all that I am. In actuality, you are so much more than you can even imagine. It's just that when we come to this experience, we forget who we are. Imagine you are playing a video game and you knew the whole entire time that it was just a video game. Would you take it as seriously as if you logged into it and you had no idea that it was a video game in a similar type way?

We are immortal, spiritual beans that come from higher dimensions of love, joy, peace, bliss. We feel a connection with everyone in these. This level of perception, this level of consciousness, but then what we do is we come to earth because the thing is on earth is there are this cause and effect. There is time, a dimension of time so we can learn more.

We can learn more while being here because things are spread out over time versus things happen. Instantaneous and higher dimensional frequency ranges of consciousness because, in the natural state of who we are, we think of something it appears, but how much learning is there? There's more learning when you can stretch this stuff out, so the intention by me sharing all of this with you is helping you to see that you are more than you can even imagine.

That when you go to bed at night, you wake up to these higher states of consciousness. You don't necessarily remember it when you wake up in the morning because if you were to remember that you are unconditional love and bliss. Part of you may not want to really be here, might not want to take this so serious or not even serious. Because life is about having fun and I think the more that we let go of life being so serious, the more malleable things be.

Anyways. However, if you were to remember that you might just want to go back to that joy, love, peace feeling instead of trying to integrate it here and come at peace with being here and enjoying this experience, so you get these little, these little, what do you call it, like subconscious mind, an interpretation of dreams.

You're like, oh yeah, I had this dream last night of x, y, z. When really, it's a symbolic way that your higher-self communicates with you because at a higher level that we just wouldn't understand what happens in those realms of consciousness. But I digress.

We know that x-ray vision exists or vision x-ray, a machine to see things in x-ray. We know that there's certain decibel range is the human ear doesn't hear, but does that mean they don't exist? It just means we don't perceive of it and the same way there's frequencies. There's ways of interpreting reality that go beyond the five senses that you begin to tap into when you start to go within, when you start to meditate.

When you start to have a spiritual awakening even and then people say, well, so typically approve that while you're trying to prove something that's beyond the five senses scientifically and that can only be really experienced from within and you're using consciousness itself to look at it and to explain it when it's beyond the level of consciousness that we could understand. As Einstein said, you can't solve a problem from the same level of consciousness.

It was created in the same way. We can't understand the brain from within. The brain can understand parts of it, but in order to really understand, we have to go beyond the brain. We have to go into the mind, the cosmic mind, who we really are.

1. Everything in life is solid

What is the first belief that may be ruining your life when it comes to this whole process of having life experience and what we're doing on earth right now? It's believing that everything in your life is solid. Things are solid. What quantum physics is showing us, what science is showing us is everything that we believed to be solid and everything that we think is real is made of non-real elements.

It's made of empty space. It's made of energy that is vibrating at a certain frequency, so we look at that and we say to ourselves, that is real because I can feel it through my senses, but all it is an interpretation of vibration.

When we think things are solid and real and we make also, we make things very serious. Everything so serious, we create more rigidity in our life. What is real is an experience. The experience of it is real, but the solidity and when we think that everything in life is set, we think that everything in life is just the way it is.

Then what we do is we hold ourselves inside of that pattern, so the key is knowing that reality is what you make it a reality as is as serious as you make it be and the more serious you make life, the more you feel like you can't move around. You feel like you're in a strait jacket. If you loosen up about it and you just have fun with the process, you realize that in a way life is a fun experience at higher dimensional realms of perception.

You are connected with everyone else and even now you're connected with everyone else. You just might not be actually aware of it, but what we're going through right now on the planet is this transition of frequency to where we're becoming more unified and we're seeing this connection and we're realizing that war and all of these things is us against us and it just doesn't really make sense. Even logically, it doesn't make sense, but the key to this is knowing that what we think of as real is not real in the sense of what science could even show because things are vibration.

Energy is vibration. What we think have to be really made up of these real elements is actually made of non-physical, not real elements, empty space, and when we see that, we see, okay, when we are going through our life experiences, we are perceiving that which we are the vibration of and what you perceive of maybe totally different than what someone else perceives out because you may have a different perception, a different Lens through which you look at the world.

Two people may look at the same exact event, have totally different interpretations of it because of their beliefs, because of the way they view it. One thing that's really worked for me, especially last year, it's realizing that the more I loosen up on life, the more I lightened up on life, the more enlightened I become.

I’m not saying I'm completely lightened what we would say, as a sage, that Samadhi or whatever, but what I'm saying is if you want to raise your vibration, just lightened up. Have Fun with the process. This is meant to be a fun experience. This is meant to be something that yes has ups and downs.

But in actuality, that's where the growth comes from and as we feel, and as we go more within ourselves and we realize that everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside, our life begins to change and most people will go about life trying to change the outside, not understanding that the outside is just a projection anyways.

And when you change the way you relate to the outside, how you perceive the outside, that's when the magic begins to happen because then you move from a perspective of going outwards to change to realize the truth. And the truth is everything is a reflection anyways. This is the first belief that holds so many people back. People thinking that everything in life is really solid, fixed. It is the way it is.

If you create the consistency of something being the same, you're creating it over and over and over again to appear the same, but that is actually different. You may just continue to have a belief that says, you know, uh, read it is hard to. I always attract a certain type of person in my life and you keep attracting the same type of person in your life and you're like, “Oh, this is fixed.”

This is just the way it is. It's not fixed the way it is. It's just got what you believe. Therefore, that's what you keep experiencing within yourself.

2. Life does not happen to you. Life happens for you.

The second belief that may be holding you back, maybe ruining your life. Many people it does for many people, is believing that life is happening to you. Life does not happen to you. Life happens for you. The reason this is and the importance of this is understanding that we are not a victim. Yes, bad things happen, things we don't prefer to experience happen, but that does not make us who we are in the sense of that level of perspective, that that is happening to us and we have to remain in that victim mode.

When we remained in that victim mode, we feel disempowered and we can't actually change our lives. The secret to this is taking responsibility. You may say to me, well Aaron, this happened to me. This happened to this summit, how am I going to take responsibility for what that person did to me, but look at the word responsibility.

Responsibility simply means the ability to respond, the ability to respond, so this means that whatever happens in your life, you can choose your response to it, even if it's a very negative thing, somebody backstabs you. You're like, well, this is a very negative thing. I have this person did this to me, but instead, you could say, I'm going to choose to remain happy no matter what and I'm going to learn from this. I'm going to learn maybe to be more discerning with the kind of people that I'm around.

Doesn't have to be something that we give a negative meaning to. However, we can use it in a positive way. Some of the most horrible things that have happened in my life when it comes to my stepmom that was abusive, led to the pressure of me eventually going through a spiritual awakening. It didn't happen to me at the moment that it happened.

I thought it did. I was like, why is she acting like this to me? Why is she doing this? However, later on, I realized that from a higher perspective and when I did that, I let go of all the lower vibration emotions that were attached to it and it stopped having so much power over me. That is the key to taking your power back because also forgiveness. How do you forgive someone that's done something bad for you?

You realize that anybody that hurts someone else has been hurt before. There are most likely playing out a pattern that they're unaware of. My stepmom, her dad treated her the same way. She was playing out a role of how to do. She thought she had to be. Seeing that people are always doing what they are doing from their level of consciousness they're at.

It doesn't mean we have to be like, oh, they're in a lower level of consciousness, but just simply being aware of that, we can then see that people are doing the best they can with where they are and they may be in a state of, I have to control everything and I have to hurt other people. That might be it, but we can have an understanding that they're doing what they're doing because they've rationalized it in their own head and understanding that it makes it easier.

If someone's stolen from you in the past, then maybe they stole from you. Maybe they had a belief in themselves that they had to support their family in a certain way and they didn't believe in themselves enough to go out and create that kind of abundance so they thought they thought they had to take from you.

It doesn't make it right. Doesn't mean you're condoning it. You're saying, I hope it happens to me again, means you're aware of it and you just recognize that they have a limiting belief and that that's how they run their lives, but you don't have to do the same. They're running maybe even an unconscious pattern, not something they learned when they were a kid from one of their friends or from their parents who know.

But the key is just knowing that your ability to respond is the most powerful thing. Choose your response. Realize life is happening for you. Everything that happens in your life, you can give some type of positive meaning to something that you learned from and as you do so, you start to grow very quickly, but the moment you think that something has happened to you, you give away your power and you say, there's nothing I can do here. The key is being aware of that and taking your power back and taking back your power. Have the ability to respond.

3. The story of our past

The third belief that may be ruining your life that you may not even be aware of is this belief of the story of our past. I am the way I am because of what I went through in the past. Here's the thing. This is what we'd learned about parallel realities. There's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist every moment we are shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality.

They look so similar. We think it's just one parallel reality, but just like you would get the film strip or I would edit this later and look at it in my editing software, I could stretch out the whole movie, the whole video, however long this is, and I can see that it looks like one long fluid movement, but if I were to look at each individual frame, there are different frames that are moving like this.

We know we think that it's a one long fluid thing when in actuality it's many different frames. Each parallel reality that we're shifting through is a separate parallel reality. Any level of change is a totally separate parallel reality. There's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. What makes us shift through these parallel realities is our choices. The choices that we make, it's our energy state, is what we're focused on.

That's what allows us to shift what we think of as time is actually the movement through these parallel realities. I'm going like this right now, we have memory so we can tag on and say, well, you're doing it like this. We're able to see it and have this little snapshot of what this is different parallel realities. I'm shifting to. The idea behind this is that as we change in the present moment right now, we change the probable futures that we'll experience because we're changing our energy state now.

The future is not set. There are many different potentials and the same way. There's an infinite number of paths that exist, but we have this memory that we remember certain things from based on how we are in the present moment. Memory is not set the way that you think it is. As you change right now in the present moment, you also change the probable paths that you experienced to now.

The thing is most people live with the story of the past and because they live with the story of the past, they continue to create similar probable futures at the same time. Once you become aware of the story you're telling yourself, you can start to let that go and as you start to look at it and see it just for what it is, it's just a story. You start to let go of them in the present moment right now, the patterns that are influencing the probable futures that you do, the future is not set.

The future is something you choose based on your decisions, your choices, your energy state, and your focus.

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The future is something you choose based on your decisions, your choices, your energy state, your focus, so the key is letting go of the focus and the story that is holding you in that past pattern. You are not the result of your past.

You are who you choose to be right now in the present moment. This is the key to you really experiencing what you want. It's knowing that the story that you told yourself, maybe something you've told yourself over and over and over again, but it is not actually who you are. 

That's why many people will say, I always attract a certain type of person and when they say that the story, they tell themselves as consistent in the future guests what similar pattern comes in over and over and over again because it's the same story that keeps on playing itself out.

Let go of the story by realizing it's just a story. It's a story and if you were to right now in the present moment, look for a different story of your past. You can find it. You can say right now, I am not a confident person and you could look into your past and be like, look, I'm not a confident person.

I can remember other times when I wasn't confident, but if I were to ask you right now to remember a time in your past when you were confident, you could find evidence of it somewhere. It's just that we through repetition have hypnotized ourselves into believing the story has more weight.

When in actuality, you've had experiences in your past, when you were confident, and if you simply start to focus on those memories, you may start to see that in the present moment right now.

You also change your present moment now. General, I recommend just being present to the moment and just letting go of the old story, observing it as it comes up knowing it's part of the unconscious autopilot mind. However, you could also find evidence of your past to build a new belief. I am confident there was this time.

I was very confident I did this and this happened and this happened to others at the time as common as you start to remember these memories, you'll find even more evidence of the quote past that you connect to that reaffirmed that belief. In the present moment right now, many past memories will reaffirm whatever your focus is and that focus will then turn into a story and that story will then cause more and more momentum of more things happening.

Let go of the story and realize that you are not the result of your past. You are who you choose to be in the present moment right now, and as you do, you will start to exist in a higher state of vibrational resonance, so for everything I'm sharing with you today, understand that the key is breaking apart the old beliefs about how reality works, in general, is really, solid, fixed, everything just is the way it is or start to play around with that belief and see how things would be more flexible.

How you don't need to think. Everything is so fixed, how you can loosen up on life and lightened up a little bit. Realize that things are not happening to you. Things are happening to you. How can you grow? Who can you forgive in your life? How can you let go of these patterns and then thirdly, how you can make go of the story you tell yourself and realize you are not the result of your past?

You are who you choose to be in the present moment and you will begin to change your life in a very powerful way then. These are three beliefs that if you change will change your life. Also, if you want something that will change your life, the most powerful meditation I've created is a meditation that will help you to complete the patterns of your past so that you stopped living in that old belief system is the most powerful meditation I've created.

You can read the comments to be in the top of the description box. You can read the comments that are on that YouTube video to see what is possible for you. Just read some of the comments, and then you'll see and let's do it for 21 days, and it'll change your whole life. You'll start to see yourself differently. What it does is it brings up the patterns of the past so that you can complete them so that you can then start to be in the vibrational frequency that you want.

How to Wire in the Vibration of the NEW YOU for 2019 with Leeor Alexandra

What we're going to show you how to wire in the vibration of the new you for 2019. I'm with Leeor Alexandra right now.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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This is Leeor Alexandra. She'll help keep your vibrations way up and today we're going to be speaking with you and showing you how to tap into the vibration of the New Year for 2019. This will probably come out sometime before 2019 so you can know exactly how to identify that and then how to wire in that vibration.

On her channel, we just made a video on that of understanding emotions and how to align with that new version of you. I'm going to link that below as well. You're going to see that when you're done with this blog. Definitely go check that out. We talked a lot about emotion and understanding how to align with the emotions of that reality.

In this blog though, it's going to be a little more of the action part of it, of understanding action and actually the non-action as well. In general, for this process, as you've heard me say before, the vibration is a combination of how you think, feel, and act. We talked about the feel and the thinking on her. We were talking about thinking and acting on ours.

You actually kind of helped me go through with this process because when we were originally talking I was kind of had this mentality that you have to really work hard to be successful. And if you know, you see me do a daily video that was used. We do daily videos on YouTube. I was telling myself that I believe, right, I had this book, beef or the other part of this is understanding our beliefs because our actions are always in alignment with our beliefs.

I was telling myself that I believed I did not have to take as much action to be successful on YouTube, but yet I was still always having to make videos. We went to Rhythmia recently, uh, in November. We had a good time. I was still really trying to make videos.

I'm like, wait, if I believe that I don't have to make videos, have to be successful, I'm still making this. I obviously don't really believe that. Actually, what I learned and what she kind of helped me learn is it was actually like a non-action is even sometimes more powerful because it's telling our mind that, don't you have a story about that?

I do have a story about it, but I agree about that. You should take inspired action. Yes. But if you're forcing it and it's not, it's not in alignment with your beliefs, which is what we're talking about, then it's, I think that it's actually counterproductive to me. Yes, that I'm to take those out, to take that. Let me just clarify that. Just to kind of end that loop right there.

Basically, what I did is I realized that I could make videos for a week and I was wiring in that I didn't have to make videos. And by wiring that in it was, then I started to feel more successful because I started to wire in the non-action of making the daily videos because I've been making daily videos for over two, almost two years now.

That non-action is what showed me that I was, um, I could let that go and I could shift my beliefs and what am I aligned, my actions were then aligned with this new believer, this new version of me that doesn't have to work so hard. I know your story is going to be very. And there's also a study that I want to just remember it right now. I had this friend who came to me and she's like, I really want to manifest abundance and prosperity and money.

She really wanted to just start making more money and just feel more prosperous. And so, I talked to her and I was like, you know, keep an abundant slog. Focus on your blessings, focus on having been a prosperous person. Just live like that version of you right now. And she's like, “Yeah! okay, I'll do that. And then we spent a week together and she refused to spend a dollar that entire week.”

Even when she was hungry, she wouldn't by herself. She had money in the bank, but she didn't want to spend it because she wanted to save up. You can see right here that that auction doesn't align with what she wanted. If you're prosperous and abundant, when you're hungry, you're going to buy yourself a nice meal.

You're going to take care of it, especially a necessity. Exactly what that is. It's not like, oh, I want a bracelet and exactly food. Exactly. It's something that you need, and you can actually practice being abundant and prosperous every day when you feed yourself, when you feed yourself well, because, because you're telling yourself I deserve this and I can afford to eat this way, I can afford to live this way.

She said her intention at the beginning of the week, I want to be more prosperous and abundant, but she didn't behave that she didn't take action the entire week. She actually took the opposite action, which is not spending money and that makes you not be prosperous, not make money about manifest money.

I just want to bring up this. I don't remember the exact study, but I, there was, you probably know this, there were, they did, they did this research where they took three groups of people who played basketball and they think this is actually irrelevant. Okay? They tell you, they took this three groups of people who play basketball.

The first group, they had them practice free throws every single day for 30 minutes a day for a month. The second group, they had them not practice at all and they were pretty good before, whatever. They had the same ability beforehand and then the last group they had them just visualize practicing for every day, for 30 minutes, just visualize and not actually do it, which is interesting.

At the end of the month, the group that didn't do any, any extra practice or visualization didn't improve at all. And the two groups that did pop this in the group that visualized, practicing improved by nearly the same clothes, it was something like that.

It was like 23%. It was like the first one was a little bit more, like 10% more, but the other one was like almost the same. And all these people did is visualize that they didn't take that action but they believed also. And the reason we're talking about this right now is that identify what the new version of you is and then see are your actions aligned to that version?

Because many times I'll see people, they're like, well, I love art. And I want to order my own art gallery studio, but all they're doing is thinking about it. That's it. They're not feeling the emotion. If you're, if you're passionate about art, you're going to make art and are you going to make art? But if you're passionate about it, you may try to learn and take the action to figure out how you can own your own gallery studio.

You might go and meet somebody, go to an art gallery studio, meet somebody that owns it, and talk to them about how they, how they started their business. Maybe you read books about people that are famous artists, maybe you make content on it. You write a blog about it exactly to surround yourself in the vibrational resonance of that reality and take inspired action.

And if it's an exactly inspired action and you start the momentum in that direction and it starts to wire it in. Just write down and we do this exercise on the video that you'll see below, but we write down on a piece of paper, our self-image, our old self-image, and our new self-image.

And what we do is we wire in that new self-image by seeing ways that we can feel, act and think that way, and little daily things that you can do. It could be an affirmation, it could be you doing some action. For me, it was making a video a day back in, uh, when I, when my life changed, when I started going daily on YouTube in February 2017.

And that's because I saw myself as a YouTuber. I saw myself as a full-time YouTuber and within six months I became a full-time YouTube. It can happen to you too if you are in, you have to be passionate about it though. The thing with this new version of YouTube if you want to be connected to your heart.

You want it to be connected to who you really are. Because sometimes people will go for it. Things like, well, this new version of me is going to be very financially successful.

Financial success is a side effect of you doing what you love.

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But financial success is a side effect of you doing what you love is not a primary thing. A relationship is a side effect if you loving yourself. When you go straight to the source, that's where things really begin to change, right?

Identify what that source is, those qualities, and as you do sell, you'll find more and more evidence of that in your life. I forgot to finish the story. And it came from fear. You know, while I'm spending all week long on whatever I want, whatever I need, I mean smartly, I'm not on food because you know, you need to eat and I'm continuously making money and she's trying to save and have this scarcity mindset.

She lost $100 bill. I read that in a book once too. I think it was called the nature of personal reality. They talking about. I'm talking about how if you, if you don't believe that there is abundance, you what you could literally do, and it sounds cheesy, but if you were to give away a little bit of money, give away, maybe donate some money to something, even if it's just $5, that subconsciously is telling your brain that you have enough to give.

If you have enough to give, then you. You are already there so it's a small little thing and it doesn't seem like a big thing and don't do it and you don't do it because I'm going to. I'm going to put this out. It's going to come back. You do it because it's just an awareness that the new version of me, what is the belief system of the new version of me?

This is how they would act, right? How would you? How would you think, feel and act and then do those things, and as you do those things, you begin to align with that and it starts to happen and it becomes something that's very easy? The next thing we want to talk about is understanding the motivating mechanism to how you move in the direction of which actions to take.

The way this works is you have these pain and pleasure. The same two things motivate everyone on the planet. They're motivated by pain and pleasure. What we believe brings us pleasure and what we believe brings us pain will change from person to person.

The key to this is being aware of what those things are for you. For example, eating healthy, for example, we were just talking about this and we eat high vibrational foods. If you associate that with, uh, with, with, with something that gives you energy, you will move in the direction of it.

But say somebody looks at it, goes that's not as stimulating as deep-fried foods that doesn't look good. They associate pain with healthy food. What you do is you identify what are in the new self-image you have, what brings you pleasure, and what brings you pain.

For example, I associate pleasure with making videos. Therefore, a daily video for me. It's very easy to do because I associate pleasure with it. I move in the direction of it. I might associate pain with being lazy and sitting on the couch. When I'm at home I'm like, I don't want to do that because I'm moving away from it.

This all starts with belief. It's about what do you believe to be true, because you will always move in the direction of what you believe brings you pleasure or pain and it can be different for everybody, but what you want to identify as that version of you that you want to become, that you want to be at 2019 version of you.

What is their pain and pleasure mechanism and how do they, how do they move through that? What do they, how do they think and feel and what are their, their main thing. Be aware of what that is like when I think of like the version of me that's like traveling the world and stuff like that.

And how does that version of me, what does that version of me associate pleasure with changing living in new places, right? If that, if the version of me that I imagined wanting to stay in the same place, it wouldn't, it wouldn't vibrationally resonate, you know, wanting to have the security of like one place to live at. Like obviously that's not the case.

It'd be like the freedom, you know, there's, there's an identification here of what I'm moving towards and that helps the process. Just to give an example of how that could change for you as you become closer to this person, this version of you that you want to be.

For example, with me, I used to associate alcohol and drinking alcohol with pleasure and I would move towards that. But this new version of me associates alcohol with pain and I'm moving away from it now and I made that decision very consciously and that's getting me closer to becoming the person that I ultimately want to be.

And that's how powerful because it's this idea of pain and pleasure is so simple. You can apply it to drinking. You're probably going to, if you're watching this before the new year, you're probably getting into some New Year's party, not telling you not to drink, but what we're saying is just be aware of it.

The reason you may like to drink, maybe because you're associating pleasure with it, right in your own memory and other times that you were with friends and you were loose and you felt really good, but is that a new version of you?

Does it? Is that point? Is that vibrant? That vibrationally resonate with every resonates. That's what you have to ask yourself and maybe it does. Maybe you're like, oh, I can have a glass of wine and I'm fine. I'm fine, but just be aware of how much the placebo, the placebo effect of the belief goes into it. It's like, oh, this may be part of it is the alcohol is making you feel a certain way, but a lot of it might be your own interpretation, your own pain, and pleasure.

When I drink, I don't feel good. It's probably because of the way I'm wired. I probably could change that if I tried to for sure, but it serves me because I like it. You move towards that. As we said, we think there is a video below that will show you how to identify the vibrational resonance of the emotion out of the new self-image.

We talk a lot about self-image in that video too. I think you guys will like it. How to identify who you want to become too, to get clarity on that. If you want clarity as to how to go through that process, a little worksheet, a little thing that you can do, you go enough. To summarize what we have discussed today, understand that for this process, identify the version of you and see the consistency between the action you are taking to what you are currently living.

And if you find that there's some type of discontinuity there, disconnection there and start to see how you can align, but maybe it's an action, maybe it's a non-action, maybe it's you're going for something and seeing what you can do to add energy to that reality and then from that point, be aware of your pain and pleasure mechanism and start to associate pleasure with moving to the direction of what you want because you have a vision of what that is and associate pain with being the same pain with the old self-image.

The Fabric of Reality and SHIFTING Collective Timelines

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the fabric of reality itself and understanding how to shift through collective timelines. This is a totally new perspective I haven't shared before. However, I think it will change the way you view life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the fabric of how reality works, understanding the microcosm, macrocosm, and also understanding collective timeline shifts that happen so that you can know how you can navigate to the ideal reality that you prefer to experience and this is going to be something that also has to do with you understanding how you can tap into more of your true power of who you are.

Because when we are unconscious of certain forces in our lives, certain things that are influencing us, we kind of remain in that autopilot mind and we continue to experience a reality that is equal to that autopilot mind. Just to give it a little bit of a basis, when you look at reality and what you experienced in your life, you experience a reflection of what you believe to be true and you also experienced a reflection of your vibration.

Your vibration is a combination of what you think, how you feel, and how you act. These three things make up your vibration. When you change your vibration, you change the reality that you experience. Think of it like this, your beliefs, if you believe the world is a good place, if you believe the world is a bad place.

Whatever belief you have is the filter through which you see the world and what happens is then you will tune to all the things that reaffirm reality and things are good in life or the opposite of it. This is why it's really important to understand that of our beliefs are because our beliefs are creating our reality.

There are many times people will reach out to me on social media. They'll be like, how do I do this? When this is this way? Like it's the belief is inherent in the definition itself. How do I always attract this type of person? How do I stop doing that? Well, you have a belief that you always attract this type of person. 

The power of this is the more aware you become of your beliefs is the more aware you become of how you can shift your life because this is the thing normally the way people think. We create our own realities as we created out of nothing.

There is no such thing as creating something out of nothing because everything already exists.

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There is no such thing as creating something out of nothing because everything already exists here and now it is about tuning into the vibration of what you want to experience and the same way the television set doesn't create the television frequencies, it just picks up on frequencies that already exist.

If you want to experience what's on a certain channel, what you do as you tune into that frequency and you experienced it, but you don't have to create it because all frequencies exist here in now. It's about tuning. It's about tuning to that vibration.

This is why it's important to understand your vibration, how you think. How you feel, how you act, and the correlation through which you are experiencing your world and what you experienced in your life, because when you become aware of that, that is when you start to gain your power back.

The thing is there is this microcosm, macrocosm of understanding the way the whole relates to itself. This is the thing, and I don't mean for this to be scary by any means. I'm just calling it as I see it and the more aware we are of it without giving it a negative charge is the more we take our power back.

You may notice that when you watch the news, it keeps you within a certain frequency range. It keeps you within certain belief systems of the world is bad, that you better give your power away or you better be fearful of what's happening in the world.

These, this is a certain station of belief. This is a certain way of seeing the world and it keeps you. If you noticed that 99 percent of what you see on TV or on the news is negative. There's a reason behind that you ever, I mean know a lot of people don't sit around and think, why is every single thing that you see on the news negative like, like as if that's all that's happening in the world.

Why is that? What triggers us? What we've been conditioned to think that that's what's important. However, that's not the case. The reason I say this is because the way reality works are that we came into this system of reality. We came into this reality because at a greater level we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences.

We came here to make a change. We came here to learn how to manifest what we want. We came here to learn how to manipulate energy. That's why we're here on earth because on earth things are slowed down. We have this thing of cause and effect, or what you put out is what you get back and the higher dimensions things happen instantly.

We have much more flexibility with abilities. By here we can slow things down so that we can learn more in a, in a period of time versus everything happen instantaneously. We come here to learn. The thing is collectively together we are in this together. We're in this together and because of that, what happens is there's a lot of the information is primed and put a certain way so that we stay tuned within a certain frequency band.

This doesn't need to be a negative thing. When I first went through my spiritual awakening, 2012, I gave this a lot of importance and I realized that I ended up feeding it because I was giving it so much attention. I'm aware of it, but I choose to focus on other things and I choose to take power and empower myself to focus on what I want.

The reason I say this is because when the billions of people on the planet are focused on certain outcomes and certain beliefs about how reality works, that's what keeps the structure of that reality in place. We may have billions of people who believe that the world itself has to have war.

That's a belief system that's been perpetuated because there was like thought about it. There's been history in the past of it, so it continues to be something in the collective unconsciousness, and then what happens is they keep on having that perpetuated and infuse into us with the news, with what's happening in the world and we think that that's just the way it is, so, therefore, we collectively shift to the reality of that war, whatever it is.

On this same token of this as they've shown with the what is called the Maharishi effect. When you have 7,000 meditators that are focused on a single intention of love and compassion, it can powerfully transform. That's of the whole entire planet and the way they did this is they were able to measure that crime. Violent crimes went down by over 70 percent by having 7,000 people focus in that way.

That is the power of meditation and many people focused on one outcome on one timeline. The power and this is knowing that the limitations we set in our mind are many times just hand me downs from other people. They hand me downs from the way that we think the world works.

They hand me downs from our parents. It's about being aware of this because we are many times just going along with that of the collective consciousness. In the same way that we have an energy field around our body, we all have an energy field around her body and within this energy field is our thoughts, our feelings, patterns, and what we do is as we go through life, we have different thoughts about the way reality works.

We have this energy field and when we go out into the world, we experienced situations that reflect that energy field back to us. In the same way that we have this energy field that goes beyond our body, there is an energy field that goes around the earth and within this energy field that is the collective consciousness. It is the many thoughts of many different people that exist within the field of the earth.

A lot of times you may be thinking, I'm thinking my own thoughts right now, but you may be also influenced by the thoughts of the environment you're in. If you go to a courthouse, you may start to feel kind of worrisome just because there's a lot of other people that have felt worried, so I'm going to a courthouse.

You may go on the summit to make cuts you off on a road, and then you say, oh, that person cut me off if you make get angry, but also there's been thousands of other people that have been cut out, cut off on that same road, in that same location, so these, these thought forms understand thoughts are literally things that thoughts we may not visibly see, but thoughts still have this electromagnetic pattern.

When you go places, there's an energetic pattern to the places you're going to, the people that you're around to the objects that you touch. Be aware of this. Don't give it too much meaning or too much importance. I'm just saying, be aware of it in the same way.

Understand there's this collective consciousness around the planet. We are shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality every second. What happens is when there is a certain, there's a certain event that happens that billions of people focus on, it then shifts them to more of those kinds of experiences, so you may notice that in movies sometimes there are certain ideas that are implanted and as billions or millions, not billions, but as millions of people see a certain movie, what happens is they are consciously putting that into the collective consciousness system.

Once again, I'm not saying any of this to make you scared. This is actually very empowering because you're able to take your power back, but you're able to also understand how this reality works because yes, there may be people that have these intentions of controlling that collective consciousness.

Millions of people watch it and it grows in that collective consciousness system. The key knowing this is all of us are where the power is. We don't have to keep on living through the unconscious of that collective consciousness system of how things are working. We can choose our own reality and when we come together and we start to have these beliefs, that reality can be different.

That's when things begin to change because we collectively are what sets the rules for this reality. Therefore, that keeps on building that example. There is a collect those beliefs that you have to go to school and do this and do this and work your way up, but a couple in order to be successful.

Many people will buy into that, but that's just a belief system that people buy into. It doesn't have to be the case, but if you're in the autopilot mind, you will continue to create along those lines. The key to this is being aware of your vibration, how you think, act and feel, and understanding your reality's always going to be something that you experienced that's equal to those three things. And then from there, choosing what you tune to.

Because remember the reality you want to experience, it already exists. You don't have to create it, in the same way, a television set. You don't have to create the channels and television doesn't create the channels on television. Just chew tunes to the channel that already exists. And the cool thing is all those channels exist at the same time.

You can shift from one channel to the next channel. You can shift from a channel of scarcity to a channel of abundance and you do so with your focus and the conscious choice to do so with the awareness that yes, both are both are realities bolt exist. You can have this perspective of not feeling worthy or feeling scarcity, but do you prefer that? And when you start to see that whatever you are buying into is going to be your reality, you can change where you put your focus.

Think of it as a current to get it as energy. Change your energy. You literally change your life. This is about being aware of this collective mind of this collective mind that we're all connected to and that things, yes in the past had been in a way controlled and put in a certain direction, but you can take your power back and you do so by making the choice to put your focus on where you want to go into.

Put your focus and beliefs that actually serve you. If you look around right now, you will find evidence that the world is a scary place, but you will also find evidence that the world is an amazing place. It's a very compassionate place. It all depends upon your beliefs and your focus, so begin to be aware of what you are tuning to the reality you want to experience.

It already exists. You don't have to create it. You simply have to choose it in the same way that you would choose the channel on the television. They all exist at the same time. It's about being aware of that collectively, we're all shifting our consciousness. The more people become aware of this, the more that we will begin to grow this new level of collective consciousness that doesn't have so much influence from that of the media or all these other intentions.

It is what it is, but we are changing it. We are becoming more aware because the more you resist something, the more it actually grows. That is the key. Understand that you are so much more powerful than you can imagine. Collectively, together we are creating this reality based on our belief systems. 

As we change our belief systems, we changed what is possible for us. You are capable of so much more than you can imagine and the way you start living up to it is by letting go of the autopilot mind and it is by making the choice to buy into yourself more.

5D SHIFTING The NEW Paradigm of Manifestation Revealed

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the 5D Shifting. This is a totally new paradigm. It's a new way of going about manifestation that I think will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I will be sharing with you that of understanding 5D shifting. What is 5D? Let me, let me break it down for you. 5D stands for fifth dimensional or five dimensions. The fifth dimension is about understanding an integration that we're going through on the planet right now, whether we are aware of it or not done.

To be honest with you, a lot of these labels that we use, they're just labels so we don't have to get too tied up to or like, well, you afford the cautiousness on the 3D cultures, news years. It's like we don't have to like there's really no like I'm better than you are. You're better than me. In general, though, there is a shift in consciousness that is happening on the planet.

This shift in consciousness is something that you knew about before you came here. You were like, okay, I'm going to come to earth right now because there's this really hot party popping up and its hot part. It's like this, this pressure that's been created to where now we're getting ready to go through this transformation of our own consciousness.

In a way, think of it like this. This is we're getting or going down the rabbit hole right now. Just throwing it out there right now. We're going down the rabbit hole. Okay, so this is kind of the way it works at a greater consciousness point of view. You already mortal, spiritual being.

You are right now living in temporary human experience. When you come to Earth as a couple of things that happened, the first thing that happens, it totally forgets who you are. You forget who you are. You forget that you're an immortal, spiritual being, living in temporary human experience, and one of the purposes of the game of life is to remember who you are, to remember that you are unconditional love and bliss and that that is your natural state.

That is who you really are. What else is it like in these higher dimensions? Some people call this the higher self, but these in general, it's less. This is a very solid type place here on earth because we have and we experience reality through the senses, so we have this carbon crystalline body that we experience our reality through, but there's also a lot of limitations that come from that.

Many people think that when they die, it's like this scary thing. I think that's even more traumatic for the soul to come in than anything else because then we're trapped inside of this body. When you die you, you become more of who you are, so that was a guy kind of a tangent, but anyways, and higher dimensional states of consciousness.

When it comes to manifestation, things happen instantaneously. I imagine that in the higher dimensions you want to experience something. You want to experience being around someone you want to experience, maybe live in a specific type of way. You can think of it and instantly be there. You want something; you're there. There isn't as much time, space, buffer as there is in this reality.

Because of that, things happened very quickly. You also in these dimensions feel unconditional love and bliss and you're like, right now you're like, I want to feel unconditional love and bliss. Why can I do that right now? Well, what we're going through on the planet right now is this merging from this 3D perspective. Once again, let's not get too tied up in the names. The 3D perspective is a perspective of duality.

Good, bad light, dark up, down. They're opposite another opposite. This is the idea of duality. What happens is as we go through this transition that we're going through right now in physical form, we are becoming more aware of it and we are transcending duality by seeing reality for what it is, dualities, just this game that we've decided to play, but we're realizing the game doesn't need to be played any longer.

We're getting tired of playing it. It's like your winter grandparents playing monopoly for like eight hours and eventually, you're like, you know what? I want to go do something else, but you like, you don't really want to tell him that because it might hurt their feelings, but right now on the planet, what we're doing is we're going through that transition or it's like Yo media, all this other stuff, you know, it's been real and everything.

I appreciate you showing me how the world is with all of these things, but in the actuality of just kind of tired of watching it, it's not really doing much for my vibration. I'm not feeling that great while I watch you. I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to go do this over here, but everything you're doing is cool. You just can't you do you boo. But I'm going to go over here and I'm going to do something that's actually more conducive to my vibration.

The idea is that when you start to let go of the things that no longer serve, you then raise your vibration and you being to feel better than ever. And that's a game that you're realizing, hey, I don't want to play that game anymore. That's what we're going through right now is this transition of consciousness and we knew that before we came here, we knew that there was going to be this level of integration.

You may look out in the world say, oh, there's a lot of negative stuff happening, but that's duality, bro. US duality is a part of the game. See, this is what happened. We got a little bit further down the rabbit hole if you want. Why not? You know, I kind of feel like doing it right now. In general, what kind of happened is in this earth place, this is a fantastic place to be.

There's free will, there's this ability for things to happen and we learn a lot. That's the reason why when I was sitting at higher dimensions, things happen instantaneously. The reason we come to earth is that things are slowed down and we can learn a lot more because things are stretched out. Whereas up there it's like instantaneously. You do something incident instantaneously here that we have Karma so we can kind of work through different things.

We wake up and like I had a dream last night that Jimi was over here and he was saying this to me, but understand that that's just what your brain can interpret using symbolic and subconscious ways of interpreting reality. That was an excellent way to put it, I think, and when you see that, so what you see is you see a, okay, that's who we really are.

We decided to come here and now that is here. Right now. What we're deciding to do is we've decided that we're going to. We're going to go through this collective shift together because what happened was is this earth place is an amazing place. It was originally, you could say this, I'm going to make a long story short because I'm not an expert at this, but I do.

I've done a lot of research when it comes to Dolores Cannon's books when it comes to other sources as well, and initially what happened is there was this influence in this reality, there's this level of free will. There was this influence where there had been certain people that have come in that have influenced it and maybe a negative way and that negative influence has caused it to lower and vibration.

That's why the media only shows you stuff that keeps you within a certain vibrational frequency band. It's like, have you ever seen anything ever positive on the news? Probably not because the idea of the news is to keep people in a certain frequency range, feeling the lower vibrational emotions thinking and having beliefs that the world is a negative place because our collective beliefs create our reality. When it comes to this, what happened was there was this influence that was influencing it in a negative way.

You've decided to come here to earth because the only way to influence earth and to make earth back what it was meant to be, which is this amazing place, and to transcend consciousness. The only way to do it is to do it from within, which means you go through the veil of forgetfulness. You forget who you are. You come here and then you remember who you are, which is called spiritual awakening, which is what I was talking a little bit ago.

And you go through this whole experience, this veil of forgetfulness. It's hard to say veil of forgetfulness. There we go. This veil of forgetfulness, you go through, you forget who you are, and what happens is then for the purpose of life is to wake up and one of the things you want to do is to wake up and if you're watching my videos, then you already wake, woke or waking up and you're more aware of who you are.

The idea is that that's how he influenced this reality. We came here, we had to forget who we are, which is very painful because we forgot that we are unconditional love and bliss. We thought that we were just this physical body. We were told things growing up about who we are, and we were like, oh, the fear of all of this other stuff.

That's part of the purpose of life is us remembering who we are and remember that we came here to go through this transition together. We're collectively going through this transition right now into the fifth dimension, fifth dimension. You could think of it like this. Let me kind of summarize the fifth dimension in totality. The fifth dimension is unconditional love. It is the dropping of the barriers of separation. It is the awareness that you are a reflection of me.

It is understood and I'm a reflection of you. It's vice versa. It's about this level of integration and knowing that we start to get into heart consciousness when we're in duality, we're in the brain, the left brain, right brain, good bad, dark, light up, down, Ying Yang, all of that stuff that I was mentioning earlier. These are all the opposites based on duality.

However, when we transcend duality, we get into our hearts. That's also a more neutral space because it's like things aren't good or bad. They just simply are you say yes to the present moment. When you're in this state of being in your heart and following your passion, and doing what you love, that is the highest vibrational state that you can be and you are literally merging your higher self with your lower self.

The 3D identified ego with the higher self and that's what we're doing in this life right now. We are bringing our physical body with us because there'd been other civilizations in the past could say the Mayas, the Mayans, the Mayans for example, but they did it and they left in physical form.

They didn't stay here. They left in physical form and the idea is that now what we're doing is we're transcending with our bodies. We're going through this right now. You may not be aware of it, but if you're watching my videos and you might already be a little bit aware of it because you cannot perceive that what you are not the vibration up so you already in this vibration, so congratulations because this is something that may be part of you has this purpose to add value to people and help people go through this shift as well as some level in whatever way resonates with you.

The 5D shifting is a new paradigm of manifestation because it gets out of the linear way of thinking about things. The 3D way of manifest manifesting something like, I'm here, I want to be here. I'm going to take action. I'm going to do all this stuff. I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this, but it isn't. Here I am and it will work and even now it will work.

But the thing is, all of this eight as necessary as it used to be, yes, you still take action because you're doing what you're passionate about. But now 5D shifting is about saying, Hey, this right over here includes this vibration of me doing what I love me being compassionate to other people, me doing other things in my life, living a certain type of lifestyle.

Okay, I'm over here. At least I think I'm over here, but why don't I just embody the emotions of over here now? Because all the emotions already exist inside my body and if I get inside my heart, that is this vibration anyways, and then you do this and you should.

All these people that are keeping you from doing it. That's all a story. The key is to drop the story, to realize that the story may have served you for a period of time, which you can let it go. It's not necessary. You can just be in the vibrational states. You want to be in. Understand that the emotions you would feel right here where you want to be, those emotions are already in your body.

There's just as rule in our mind is his, oh yeah, when I accomplished this, then I can feel happy, but you can give yourself permission to feel happy. Now by dropping the rule that says, when x, y, z happens, then that if then type statement, let that go. Everything begins to change. When we come to understand this whole process of v shifting, it is about getting into your heart space, getting into your heart. Your heart has more electromagnetic energy than that of your head. Science has shown this.

Heart Math Institute has proven as many times the electromagnetic energy that emanates from your heart goes many, many, many feet around your body. It goes out, it influences everything that's around you. It influences the people that you talked to were literally when we go out into public, we are literally immersed in each other's heart bubbles, whether we're aware of it or not because we have electromagnetic energy that goes far beyond our body.

When we look out and say, that person separate for me, they're more connected to you than you think also because you're literally inside of their Hartfield, their hearts, the energy field as you say that there are separate from me, but it's like, well, you are right there, bro. You're like right next to them and you're both. Your energy fields are like a kind of pushing up against each other, so be aware of that.

We're all connected. It's just a part of the way things work and when you become aware of it, you accept it. You can start to drop the labels, the labels that say, Oh, you are you, I am me. Let me reemphasize this. Many times, you don't have to keep emphasizing that. You can realize that we're all connected at the great, you know, depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go, you let me know as well.

How far down the rabbit hole do you want me to go? This what we're touching. We're going a little bit further down the rabbit hole today, but there's a lot further to go, so if that's something you want me to do, you let me know. I'll go a little bit deeper.

We'll get into it more, but in general, when it comes to this process, understand that we are one consciousness. We are all connected. When you look out, you are literally looking at other versions of you and it's about being aware of this and then deciding that you were going to start to see the integration with everything in your life. Say Yes to the present moment.

Understand that this is about frequency. In 5D shifting, you're constantly shifting as well. You can mix that, have higher vibrational energy with the understanding that parallel realities, because we're constantly shifting together collectively, not just individually.

We choose our individual experience. I said shoes instead of creating because creating assumes that doesn't already exist. There's an infinite potential that already exists. The idea is that when you combine parallel realities, understanding that the reality you want to experience already exists. This version of you that you can imagine if you say, I'm here, this is the best version of me, this version of you already exists.

Just feel the frequency of that version of you, which means how you think, how you feel, how you act. You would like these three things and everything in your life will begin to change because you will start to be in the frequency of that version of you, but the whole story that you normally had about how things were a cow life is cause and effect. You have to do this, this and this and this. Just start to drop it and choose to be here now in the higher vibration and the thread that keeps you here is the threat of your passion.

Start to set the intention to find out what you love to be doing.

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You doing what you love and sometimes people say, well, I don't know what I love. Start to set the intention to find out what you love to be doing.

Set the intention to follow your passion, even if it's just every day. You do something a little bit more passionate the day before, which means you might go walk on grass with your dog. You might go to the park, may go take a bath. You might go read a book. You might go do many different things. What are you passionate about at this moment?

Doesn't have to be this overarching passionate what you're going to do the rest of your life. It's a way of being. It's a lifestyle. Start to follow your passion. Your vibrational begin to raise your vibration, begins to grow. You will start to create what you want to do than ever because you're in a higher vibrational state.

The old way of going about it is, I'm here. I desired to be over here. I'm going to really desire it. I'm going to feel the lack of, but it keeps taking action. I'm a TPA marriage. When old people keep telling me how this process is going to go, all this stuff, and then eventually make it over here. What I'm saying is you going to body these frequencies right now.

You can realize that you're always shifting. The only thing that keeps you from creating a greater degree of change from where you are to where you want to be is the story you tell yourself about why you can't be there. You can feel it now. You can give yourself the emotions now and by doing that now you will create more of that experience and synchronicities in your life now, so that is the key to this whole process.

5D shifting is who you are. We are moving into these higher states of consciousness. We're literally merging with our higher selves. Manifestation will continue to speed up how you felt that you felt like what you think about manifest quicker than ever now is because our vibration is speeding up, it will continue to speed up, so get ready. It's a very positive thing.

On the other side of that, some people are like, well, if there's something I don't want, I experienced a lot of that negative stuff. We'll get more in tune with what you do want, start to get. If you get in your heart, you're out of the head. Most people that are in Hedrick, what about this? Get into your heart because your heart doesn't overthink like that. Bring the awareness into your heart right now. Put your hands over your heart like this. Take a deep breath in, breathe it out.

Keep the awareness in your heart center for just a couple minutes a day, your life will begin to change because you will be increasing the electromagnetic energy of your heart. You'll be feeling more integrated and it'd be more so tapping into that 5D consciousness of who you really are. 

The Belief Reset Button “Buying In” on the Game of Life

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the belief reset button. I'm going to show you how you are buying in on the game of life and how you can change the things you believe to be true in a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be sharing with you that of understanding the belief reset button that you can click and start to reset some of the beliefs that you have because your beliefs are creating your reality. Whether you're aware of it or not. You may even say, no, my beliefs are creating my reality.

Well, that's a belief that you may have and you may create the experience that you don't create your beliefs. Don't create your reality, but of course, that belief has to reaffirm itself so even in that not creating your reality, you are getting that same result because your beliefs to create your reality.

The reason I'm making this blog because this is something I've been realized in my own life. There are certain things I do, whether it comes to diet and nutrition with a counting my macros is what it's called macronutrients, so it's like the idea is that you eat a certain number of calories per day and then you burn those calories and then like the differences like what you're either going to gain weight or lose weight and while scientifically that will be true, I'm going to be sharing with you that it's actually more so a belief that we are a green to at a certain level.

There are different layers to what I'm going to be sharing with you today, but once you become aware of these layers, it will change the whole way you see your life. I promise you that by the end of this blog, you will start to look at your life in a completely new way.

You can't not. It's like when you know this, you will see it in everything you do. You will notice it and everyone that speaks, you will even notice it in yourself. When you are speaking and as you become more aware, you start to take your power back. I've said this, especially back in my earlier YouTube videos that we don't always get in life are a reflection of what we want, but we always get a reflection of who we are being, who we are being as a combination of how we think, feel, and act.

Those three things make up our vibration and our general beliefs about reality are what we will always get more reflection of. The patterns we have, those are the patterns that we pay attention to, and then we think thoughts that are in an auto loop of that, creating the same experiences.

Many of us are within the autopilot mind. It's just the way it works. We'd be going between the autopilot mind. We're thinking the same. Similar thoughts we did the day before were feeling the same emotions we did the day before. We're doing the same actions we did the day before. Therefore, we're getting the same results as we did the day before and we're within that certain belief structure.

Let me ask you a question. What are your general beliefs about reality, about how the world works? Do things come to you easily? Do you have to try really hard to make things happen? Are People Nice to you? Do you feel comfortable around other people are awkward?  Your beliefs are a choice. There is a choice whether you're aware of it or not.

Some of these beliefs may have come from hammy downs. Literally, our parents or our family members or our environment growing up may have given us, may have handed these beliefs over to us and even though we think they gave them to us and like for status with it, we did agree to it at a certain level. We agreed to it. We took it in and we said, okay, this is the way reality is.

This is the way I see the world. Whether that's a parent telling you that kids are meant to be seen and not heard, you could say, well, that happened to me, but at a certain level you agreed to it. Even if it was an unconscious thing. As a kid, you're like, well, I was five years old, Aaron, what did you expect me to do? I get it, but you still at a certain level chose it.

The reason I have to say this is because when you become aware of this, you see that you chose your beliefs, whether you're aware of it or not, because at the moment you know that you chose it is the moment that you also know that you can choose something else because many of the beliefs that we have are just on autopilot from our parents.

I didn't experience recently where I was doing some shadow work when I was in Costa Rica and I had this experience where I had this flashback of this memory of when I was five or six years old. I used to always come back from my dad's and my mom's house. They're divorced, so when I was five or six years old, has gone back and forth. Whenever I'd come home from my mom's house and go back to my dad's house, there'd be an action figure on my bed.

There was an action figure almost every. Every time we came back and we'd ask, oh, so he asked you to action figure for us just because he loved us, but one day I came home after like a year or two of doing a, you know, always getting an action figure. I came home and I was five or six years old.

I had this flashback of me coming home and there was no action figure there and me wondering, dig into myself, does he still love me because he did it because he loves me, but he's not doing it anymore. I was a confused five or six-year-old wondering why I wasn't getting that validation out. I can say that happened to you. I chose that at a certain perspective with where I was at the time.

Then years, years, years later, up until just a couple months ago when I went through this experience, I may have been having this thread of not feeling validated because of that experience of thinking that I needed a materialistic thing to feel a certain way. You see these beliefs can sometimes trickle in the subconscious, but I agreed to at a certain level.

The key is being aware of what that is and starting to ask yourself the question, what is the earliest memory I have of this, of not feeling validated, of not feeling loved or not feeling worthy of embarrassed, feeling rejected? Whatever the negative emotion is, your brain will start to find the answers for you. Here's the thing with reality. When I was talking about the macros earlier, the macronutrients, when you are studying or looking into something and you are playing according to those rules, that will be the rule set that you live in.

For example, if I play to that rule sets of the macronutrients, meaning I eat a certain number of macros a day and then I burn certain calories per day and then the difference is what I gain or lose. If I agree to that rule set and I play according to it, then it will be true for me. However, what I'm learning now is I'm still somewhat doing that because I acknowledged that.

I still somewhat believed that because it's an empirical science. However, what I'm also realizing is I read a book that is called the autobiography of a Yogi, which is a book that was written a long time ago, is Steve Jobs like a book that he read every year, the last 40 years of his life. And I read it and in it, there is a Yogi that was talking that the author was talking to and he was talking about how the mind is the welder or the wielder, however you say that have muscle.

It literally holds the muscle into place. And then it made me remember A. I've already talked to victor one time, my buddy Victor, we were at the gym and he was talking about how honored Schwartzenegger it used to work out. And he would literally imagine his muscles getting bigger. And he would tell his muscles to grow. I thought that was very interesting considering Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best you'll Olympia of all time or you know, that's what people consider him.

What this allowed me to do is to rewire my mind around that, of this whole eating process. Then there's this guy that Victor knows, his name's Ray Moore, and he does these like dry fasts, these dry faster. You don't eat or drink water for like four or five days and been doing so.

It detoxes the body and it also requires people's minds for what is possible because most people believe that that is impossible to not eat or drink water for however many days. Maybe it's more than four days, maybe it's less, I'm not sure. However, hearing about that rewired my own belief because this dude that is running the workshops, he doesn't eat very often at all.

Maybe it holds me back from wanting to do it if I saw someone else doing it, but they were like really skinny and I want to and I want to still have, you know, muscle. The idea is, well, okay, if he's able to maintain his body frame and he was like, you know, similar body frame is me then that it's rewiring the way I look at it.

Maybe mind is the welder of muscles, maybe it holds it into place in a different way. Maybe our beliefs that we need to eat three meals a day and all of these calories and we need to do this and this and this is maybe that belief is what really holds this, all this stuff in a plate and according to the rule game according to the game that you choose to play will be the results that you get. It's like, it depends on what you agreed to and what you are aware of because you don't know what you don't know.

If I would have been aware of the whole of like the autobiography of Yogi and like that idea, I may have not been open to it if I would've been aware of that dry fasting as possible where people don't eat very much. But still, there's also, there's a Yogi in the Yogananda book, the autobiography of a Yogi, there was one Yogi that was like 400 pounds that he was talking about and he said that guy did not eat at all.

He would eat like once every couple month, but he's like 400 pounds, which makes you think, how is that even possible? And he was, I guess choosing that and not eating because that was showing what was possible, you know, it was a guy that probably lived in a cave or something like that in India. However, that was what the author said, it's like I could not figure out how he weighed 400 pounds because he does not eat, you know.

But maybe there is something beyond that. Here's what I'm, I'm not saying what I'm saying is be aware of what your beliefs are and what game you are playing. You have to make money, you have to go to a school, get a degree, you got to go do this.

Then you got to work your way up and go do that. Well, that's a certain game and it can work, but do you agree to it? There are other ways of going about it. You could learn how to make money online. You can learn internet marketing. You could learn all this other stuff and that could be the game that you play or you could renovate it and you can do a hybrid of both or you could do the whole. There are certain blueprints that are out there that you can follow, but just be aware that you are choosing to follow it.

The thing is that's finances, relationships. It can be the same thing. However, what I'm saying with this is just be aware of the game you are playing because whatever you believe to be true will be reflected back to you. Everything in life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Even when it comes down to the Bible, more like structure. There have been documented cases of this were people that had multiple personality disorder, meaning they have one person right now. They shift to another. It says their name is Debbie. Then Debbie shifts to Fred and then Fred shifts back to a Margaret's, and then Margaret Shifts back to Sally. I don't know. I'm picking on these very generic names. As they shift, as that person shifts from these different personalities.

Sally may have a tumor, Fred may have some other type of may have arthritis, different personalities all within the same body. If you were to measure the structure and you were to actually measure and take samples from that same person when they are shifting to these different personalities, one will have the tumor, Sallie Mae has the tumor. Ten minutes later, Sally Mae turn back into Debbie and not have the tumor.

What is a reality? What if by switching from that personality, with that personality, which has a pattern of how that person thinks, feels and acts, there was a defeat biomolecular structure, and just within a couple minutes they shift and they simply do not have that tumor that has been documented. Even just those personalities having different Eichler, they might have one Eichler shift to a different personality within minutes. The Eichler has changed. Why is that? Could it be that beliefs create our reality?

Could it be that that is showing us the power of the present moment right now and how easily you can shift if you can let go of the old way you identify yourself? The reason I share that story is that it shows us what is possible when we start to let go of the things that no longer serve us and the story we tell ourselves that's even at a subconscious level because she's shifting personalities literally.

That's showing us what is possible. I'm not saying we have to go into some personalities where I'm saying I had to get let go of your past. Maybe it's not a personality disorder, I don't want to put that into like a lump sum, it's just an experience, but if we can let go of our past, what we can begin to do is realize that when we let go of our past, we can really be present to the moment and we can let go of the story we tell ourselves about how reality works, about how everything's going down.

That's when our life will begin to change in a very powerful way. What I'd like to ask you to do is to become aware of the beliefs you have about how reality works. And after everything you say you can say, and so it is, and so it, it's, you can become aware that that is what you are affirming a traffic is this way.

Every time I go to work. And so, it is the universe is saying yes to what you say. Oh, I believe it's hard to attract this kind of person in my life. Okay? The universe says, okay, so the key is being aware of what you are agreeing to you at a certain level are agreeing to these different beliefs and what you can decide to do is to play your own game. This is the game of life.

We have chosen to play this game of life. I say it's a game because it makes it lighter. It makes it more fun when people are like, oh, this, this reality is so solid, it's so this so that it makes things hard to change. When you learn how to hack the game by being aware that your beliefs create your reality, that's when you begin to gain your power back.

That's when you can start to agree to a new set of rules, so how do you push that button, that reset button of belief, awareness. It's so simple, but at the same time it is the most powerful thing that you can ever experience in your life is more awareness. If you are aware of your beliefs, you don't have to keep on living them in the same way because of most of you, all your beliefs on autopilot from a past experience.

When I became aware of the action figures story of my beliefs, I could then choose something new and the next time I'm in the middle of something and I don't feel validated, that little action figure will spike what kind of like flashed in my mind and I go, oh yeah, that's not what I choose, and then pushing the reset button on my beliefs. The way that you push the reset button is by taking inventory of your beliefs because awareness is the key.

What beliefs do you have? What are your beliefs about money? What are your beliefs about relationships? What are your beliefs about health? What are your beliefs about life in general? That's the thing I really like for people to contemplate because many people look for the details or what do I live, what I believe about money?

Well, if you have a general feeling of worthiness about life that you aren't worthy in life, even if you have fixed the money thing, you still got this other worthiness thing to deal with. What are your beliefs about life? You see even the law of attraction to a certain level, even though it may be a law of the way our universe works, the amount of buy-in you have with it will determine how much you get out of it.

Because if you're not even aware that you, your beliefs create your reality or that the law of attraction is real, then you will create the experience that the law of attraction is not real. Which only means you are not seeing the consistent and the correlation between what you're thinking and what you're experiencing. But of course, if you say the law of attraction doesn't work and you attract experiences that prove the Law of Attraction doesn't work, then you are affirming that it does.

And the same thing with beliefs. It's just that that's how powerful our consciousness is. It can create these little illusions that make us think this is real, and when you become aware of this energy state and you become aware of this, this is when your whole entire life begins to change. You are buying into how reality works and you don't even know it.

You bought into how you look, how you relate to other people you've bought into how nutrition works for you. You bought into how money comes to you. You bought into how relationships are.

All of these things are choices that you've made at a certain level that you are now becoming more aware of and as you become more aware of it, you start to take your power back. You start to become aware that you can choose something new. You don't have to live according to the old rule plan. According to the old beliefs. You can let them go. They serve you. The key to this is not resisting the beliefs.

Those beliefs served you for a period of time, but now it is time to let them go. How do they serve you?

Those beliefs served you for a period of time, but now it is time to let them go.

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They have allowed you to feel comfortable that have allowed you to learn more about yourself so you let them be there and you just become aware of them where it's really just as simple as awareness, well, do I have to do this and that. You can go back into your past.

The DANGER of Shortcuts with the Law of Attraction and How to TRUELY Manifest

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the danger of Law of Attraction shortcuts, and I'm going to be showing you the key to true manifestation.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the danger of going about things the quick way, the quick fix ways and showing you instead how to focus more on this larger picture that will make your life so much easier. This is something that I have experienced in my own life. This is something I've noticed in many other people's life. I was actually also just making a video about this just yesterday on Instagram. It was a video that was on winning the lottery. Why you don't really want to win the lottery. Everyone thinks I want to win the lottery.

However, here's the thing. No one has really that passionate about winning the lottery. People just want the money that comes along with the lottery. People aren't passionate about going down to a 7-Eleven. Cashing in theirs are getting their stamps and waiting earnestly. Like, I hope I win it. That's not really what people are passionate about. Most people, I wouldn't. There are probably are exceptions.

If somebody's like, Oh man, I'm really passionate about that. However, for honest with ourselves, we'll see that there's a different degree of passion that we begin to tap into and that changes everything. Here's the thing also with winning the lottery, how many people have you heard that have won the lottery and then lost it all? It's like 80 or 90 percent and how can that happen? I mean you in hundreds of millions of dollars sometimes, sometimes 10, 20 or more million of dollars, but then you lose it all within two to three years or two to five years.

How does that happen? Well, they don't know. They don't know how to manage it. They don't pay their taxes on it because they haven't developed a mindset of the kind of person that is worth, that have $10,000,000. They don't know how to manage it and because they don't have that self-image, they sabotage themselves and bring themselves back down to whatever their self-image is when they started, which many times is like $50,000 a year right around there of the middle class.

It's about being aware that the shortcuts aren't what you want. When you. When you look at that have you want to attract a relationship and without going through the inner work of feeling whole and complete, you may say, well, I just want the relationship.  But if you were to get the relationship first off, you would still have these undertones of feeling not worthy there so you would attract someone into your life that also had those undertones of feeling not worthy and then you guys become codependent.

Where do you guys rely on each other and you guys are constantly kind of lashing out at each other when things happen, but you ended up staying in a relationship because you feel like you need each other. That isn't a fulfilling relationship, but just to see when we go about it with the shortcut type way, it's very fleeting and it's very dependent on a circumstance.

Even then, how can I manifest $100,000? Okay, well that is the focus. There's nothing wrong with it, but the idea is if you're looking for a shortcut to making $100,000, you make it once and that's it. It's like, yes, maybe you're like, okay, now I could do it again, but you haven't become the kind of person that is easily able to generate that over and over and over again. Like the mantra of this blog is understanding that what we manifest in our life is a direct reflection of our own personal growth.

It's of our own personal growth and I'm going to be talking about a couple of different facets in here. A couple of different things that you can begin to focus on. For example, I had this intuitive feeling before I went full time on YouTube. That order for me to go full time on YouTube. I had to treat YouTube like my full time before it was my full time, so here I am working 40 hours a week at Nordstrom, Barneys New York.

You probably heard this story before, you know, I'm just sharing it again, but our 40 hours a week at Barney's in New York selling women's shoes. I was working there and then I was making daily videos on YouTube and I was making a video a week on YouTube at the time I sat there and I just had this recollection. I had this awareness that if I was to create daily videos, that would be the version of me that was already doing and living YouTube full time.

I imagine myself in a year. What is Aaron the fulltime YouTuber doing? I was like making daily videos. That's just what came to me. I said, okay, I'm going to make daily videos. I was making daily sales while working 40 hours a week at a job that I wasn't that passionate about and over the course of a couple months things started to pick up and eventually I went from growing by 3000 subscribers a month to then growing by 20,000 subscribers on it.

And since then it's been a steady about 20,000 subscribers a month. That has come from me buying into that version of me, but even more so important than just the actions I took. It was the person I became because when I look at myself and I feel who I am now, I'm somebody that knows that if I put my mind on something, I'm going to do it.

Before that, I was more of a lazy person. That was kind of like, I just hope things come to me. You know, I was like, I don't really want to do anything. I thought someone was going to put me on. I remember thinking like I'm going to meet like one of those big. And I actually met when I met Jack Canfield at my work and I helped him and I remember thinking like, I'm going to meet someone like that.

They're just going to be like, oh, I see all this potential in you and they're just going to hand me like on a silver platter or some type of platform. That's honestly what I thought and what I realized is like, no, I have to take this into my own. I have to become the kind of person that is that valuable, the kind of person that adds value to other people toward that is my reality.

That's when I started doing the daily videos and that's when everything began to change. Is it something I heard from Dr. Joe Dispenza? It was very powerful. It is. Your personality creates your personal reality. Your personality is a combination of what you think, how you feel and what you do.

These three things make up your personality and when you start to wire in this more authentic version of you, you will start being the kind of person that you are desiring to be life, which is who you really are because a lot of times we have these filters around herself.

I'd filters around myself before I started my YouTube channels like, Oh, if I share these kinds of ideas, people are going to judge me. All these photos weren't really who I am, some branching outside of that was about me just being aware that I am more than that little self-image that I had myself in. For this process, understand that in life when it comes to your manifestation, you will get rewarded in proportion to how much personal growth that you make.

How much are you focused on your personal growth? The personal growth could be your willpower. It could be your discipline for yourself. Like I trust that if I start eating healthier, I'm going to have more energy. It could be you focused on something and using that. Some people will say that's like the old way of going about it with the law of attraction, like focusing and having goals, but if you're not having great results yet, that's where I recommend starting.

I recommend starting with the understanding that we do live in a physical reality and in physical reality. Taking action is a powerful way to build momentum. As you raise your consciousness and as you start to gain momentum, you don't need to take as much action. The action changes.

You know I have enough momentum with my YouTube channel and my social media and everything that I'm doing that I don't have to grind it out as much as I am. However, I enjoy it and I love what I do, so I continued to do it, but in the same way, what you can become aware of is how much are you growing in your personal life?

Because what you create in your life experience is in direct proportion to how much personal growth you are experiencing. Who you become is going to be equal to the reality that you experience or not even who you become, but just who you naturally are.

Let go of the filters that gold, the things that don't, any that don't serve you anymore, so be aware of that. Here's the thing from the current level that you're experiencing in reality that is equal to how you think, how you act and how you feel. Your reality right now is equal to that and it may be very, very comfortable. You may really think, oh, this is, this feels good, this feels comfortable. It feels familiar, but if you want to experience more, what must happen is you must be.

Go beyond what you currently think. Go beyond how you currently feel and go beyond the actions you're currently taking. To do that, you have to really take more risks, take more risks. This isn't something that has to be scary. It's just a part of the way it works. Taking more risks. The reason something seems risky to you is that it's unknown.

You don't know exactly what's going to happen if you do it. What I recommend that you do is start to see where you could be taking more risks and doing things you haven't done before. The autopilot mind is how you previously been thinking, feeling, and acting. You're going to continue to create the same reality over and over and over again because you have the same personality and therefore you create this a personal reality over and over and over again.

Our thoughts are mainly an auto loop. We're just thinking the same things over and over again many times, and here's the cool thing as well. Even if you keep experiencing the same things over and over again, you're actually experiencing something new over and over again.

It's just that you're creating the illusion that it is the same. It is like the idea of understanding parallel realities. We're constantly shifting from parallel reality and parallel reality and if we keep experiencing the same one over and over again, it's because we are having that autopilot mind just play itself out over and over again, but it's actually a completely different parallel reality, but we keep ourselves locked into the familiarity.

The key is to break out of what is familiar and understanding that it's more about the person you become because you can never take that away if you were to interview. And ask the wealthiest people in the world about their wealth and you would as threaten them and say, I could take it all away and you did take it all away. You know what they would do? They would just recreate it.

That's all they would do. They go, okay, well they have these connections. They know how to network with people. All the skills that they've learned, all the ways of maybe the different things that they've learned about the process of their business or whatever it is.

They would apply those same things to a new business and they would very shortly be back on top because the person they have become as somebody that is able to generate that kind of abundance. However, when people are looking for the quick fixes, the little shortcuts, it's not incorporating in who they are becoming and because of that, it is not in proportion to their personal growth we get in life, in relation we get in life what is equal to the personal growth that we are experiencing. For example, let me show you what that looks like in my life.

Before it was I worked a job I didn't really care about and I had to start doing something that I wasn't getting payback for right away. I wasn't getting much money from YouTube at all. I didn't turn on my ads for my YouTube channel for like eight, six to eight months, almost 100,000 followers before I even turned them on because I wanted to grow.

I wanted to really put everything I had into it. The key is for me, was being aware of that and then deciding to do that. I'm at a place to where I still make daily videos on YouTube. I'll keep doing that. My next step though is doing something that is a little bit uncomfortable. It's something I know I'm going to be passionate about that is speaking in front of people doing large events and doing seminars and workshops.

I know I'm going to be passionate about it. However, the other side of that is knowing it is going to be a little bit unfamiliar. If I give a talk and it's like you know, it's. There's pressure. You're in front of a different year for a lot of people. You're pressured to perform or be a certain way. You want people to get a certain type of result so it's going to be a little bit unfamiliar.

But in order for me to get to the next level in my life, I have push myself to get to that level and then the reality I experienced will be equal to that growth that I've made by facing a fear or something that's a little bit scary or uncertain what could happen at a live event. It's about being aware of that. And for me, that's my next step.

My next step is okay, I'm putting together right now something called the shift experience, which is that of a seminar that shows people how to shift to the reality they want plus shift their level of consciousness and it's going to be an event plus a, a whole digital course that you can get as well.

And it's going to be something that becomes live in January of this year, this coming year. When I get into that, it's going to be something I'm very passionate about and it's going to be something that I enjoy, but it's going to be the next level because I'm going to be moving from that of where I currently am with my current who I am being that is equal to the reality of experience to a new level, a live person, or an event. It's a different role and that's something that I'm excited for.

If you want to also just little side note here, the shift experience, if you want to sign up and get updates as to when that becomes live and info on that, you'll see in the description box below, you'll see that have a link and you could sign up there and I'll send you updates.

I'll send daily emails out as well or every other day at least just content like I'm sharing with you right now but in written form. If that resonates with you, you'll see that there as well. With this whole process, shortcuts many times they're also on the side effects. You loving yourself 100 percent. A relationship is a side effect of that manifesting one because as you love yourself so much that emanates out and other people feel that love off of you.

When it comes to money, for example, when you're in an abundant state, when you're doing what you're passionate about, money's a natural side effect of that. It's about being aware of that and when you're aware of it, that's when everything begins to change because then you don't have to keep beating the drum. The things that don't work anymore.

When you're going for the side effect, which is like money, you're going for the wrong things. You see the ego might want it. He goes, say, I want the money. I want the relationship, but at a greater consciousness level, when you go straight to the emotion, then did things come. 

A lot of people say I will be happy when x, y, or z manifests, but in actuality, when you are happy, then x, y, or z will manifest. Instead, make it more so about your state of being the person you will become. For me, and the best way that you can go about this is doing what you're passionate about. If you do what you're passionate about, this process becomes so much easier. Find out what your passionate about, set the intention. If you don't know what that is, is totally fine.

Set the intention and then be aware of what comes into your life to kind of people the kind of conversations you overhear the books that fall out or pop out at you.

Be aware of all of that, set the attention. Start to see the pattern of what that is and then start to follow it, and then as you do, you will.

Set the intention and then be aware of what comes into your life to kind of people the kind of conversations you overhear the books that fall out or pop out at you.

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It'll lead you to the next best thing, the next best thing, the next best thing, and then you'll start to refine it. Set that intention, follow your passion. I don't focus on how much money can I make this year. I have certain goals in my mind, but it's mainly about how much value can I add to other people? How much can I do what I'm passionate about? What kind of freedom lifestyle do I want to live?

As I focused on that, everything else comes anyways, but the shortcuts are not really satisfying and the shortcuts make us dependent. We are dependent on what is happening. If you find that you are not experiencing what you want in your life, you may just need to take more risks because right now what you experienced in your life is equal to how you think, how you act and how you feel.

You will continue to create the same experience over and over and over again because of the autopilot mind, but when you start to go beyond these three things, how you think, act and feel, then you get to a totally new level. What you experienced in your life is in direct proportion to your own self-growth. Focus on the person you will become and as you do that, as you upped the ante, as you let go of the layers that no longer serve, you will experience more of what you want in your life. That is really the key.

The 3 Vibrational Levels of Attracting Love EXPLAINED

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three levels of consciousness when it comes to attracting a relationship, how you can move up these levels and also move up in vibration so that you can attract easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you that have moved up these three different layers when it comes to manifesting a relationship, understanding the energy dynamics that are involved with attracting a relationship into your life, and the three.

I'm going to kind of act out, play out these different roles that you can see maybe where you are, and then I'm going to give you the antidote, the thing that you can do or be that will move you up into the next level, the higher vibrational level. Because when it comes down to it, everything we experience in our life is a reflection of our vibration.

We get in life a reflection of our feelings, our thoughts, our emotions. These are all intertwined with our vibration and we can't perceive of a reality that is outside of our vibratory field and our vibratory resonance. If we're saying to ourselves, I want a relationship and we are desiring a relationship, but at the same time we feel the lack of a relationship and we feel like we don't actually are worthy of it.

Then we will block it from our experience and it's not so much that we're even blocking it in the sense that it's something that's over there and we have to get over here. It's something that may be right next to you, but she can't perceive of it because you're not the vibration of. It could be that somebody is. You're at your job and maybe one department over there, someone over there that can be perfect, but until you get in vibrational resonance with yourself, you won't actually perceive of that.

The key to this whole process is vibrational resonance. And in this blog, I'm going to share with you how to vibrate in that reality. When we look at this, let's look at the chart over here because it makes it so much better.  This is the chart of consciousness from a book called power vs. Force is where I first read about it. You'll see this chart of consciousness. You'll see emotions such as shame, fear, guilt. You'll see a level of neutrality.

Then after neutrality, you'll see acceptance, willingness. Then eventually that of love and then after love, you'll see joy, peace, and enlightenment. We could say that in life we are going through a journey of consciousness and we are moving through this scale and that at a certain point there are certain people that we call it enlightened or that have that certain level of consciousness that live in infinity of this universal for forest that's flowing through their body.

That's a whole another discussion, but in general, we're going to be at the levels of in between, right under that have a and through this through most of our life experience. Not Saying it's not impossible that we all don't get enlightened. One day. I'm just safe, so when we look at this, what we could see is I'm going to explain to you that three different levels of this process, and I'm going to show you what's involved when it comes to attracting a relationship.

I'm going to break this into three different categories. The first category is going to be that of lower consciousness energy or lower vibrational energy (LVE). That will be the bottom emotions up into neutrality, shame, fear, guilt, anger. Then the V will be middle vibration, energy MVE. That will be that of neutrality. Up to that a reason, reasoning or reason, which is the intellect of the mind.

That will be the MVE. He then we have HV or high vibrational energy that's going to be love and above love and above that is HVE high vibration energy. And we look at this process, the first thing we want to understand is where we are, because once we know where we are, then we can see what we must do or be in order to get to the next level.

Which of these sounds like you was where you are with attraction relationship. The bottom ones will be more of why haven't I attracted someone in my life yet it should have already happened. Why does Becky over there or Ricardo or George or whoever, why do they get to be in a happy relationship when I'm not? Maybe I'm not worthy of a relationship because of what happened in my past.

I feel kind of guilty for the way I made someone else feel in my past and I don't want them to feel that way again. I don't want anyone to feel that way again. Maybe I just should kind of stay back from that. I've seen a noticed people in my family that had been through divorces and maybe it's just not even worth it.

Why hasn't it happened for me yet? These questions, if these questions and maybe you have a few aspects of each of, of, of some of these. It can be a little bit of a blend, but this is the idea behind the LV. He around relationships because we can have different vibratory ranges for each individual subject.

You may be a wizard when it comes to money, you may have everything figured out, but in relationships that might be a little bit different. When you look at this, let's look at the LVE and you can see this is when we blame. This is when in this level of consciousness, we think we see things as very fixed. The world is the way that it is, and there's also positionality. This means perspectives that were attached to. We're attached to things that happened in the past.

Someone hurt me, I hurt someone else. This happened, this, this level of kind of pointing the finger. This is very common in that, and this is around relationships, so it could be something that happens in the past. It could be even subconscious things, but you're aware of it by what memories come by. When you think of relationships of your past, what comes to your mind? Is it anger? Is it blame?

Is it not feeling worthy? Is it pain? If these perspectives are there and you think it is fixed, that's just the way the world is, then that is the lower vibrational energy. Here's the thing. That's that low vibrational energy isn't actually even you. You are just claiming on and thinking that those thoughts are you. It's about observing those thoughts and allowing those thoughts to be there because it's just the past self that hasn't been completely healed yet.

You must complete that version of you and what I'm going to do is I'm going to link below. The most powerful meditation I've ever made is for completing the past. It will help you to release those patterns and also to wire in new ones. The key is observation. Let's look at the second level and then I'll show you how to move from the first level.

The second level is MVE or middle vibrational energy. When we look at this, we'll see the emotions from neutrality all the way up to reason. The reason is the intellect. It is the mind. This is where a lot of the content on my YouTube channel is because I teach people how their beliefs create reality. Whatever you believe to be true is reflected back to you.

When we see that we can then say, well, what would I have to believe is true to be having that kind of experience. Until we are aware that there is a belief there that just lives on autopilot, it lives in the lower vibrational energy. This person did this to me. This is the way it is. Reality is not fixed. Reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true, what momentum we have going based on prior reference experiences, so the key is to ask yourself that question, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

Then you'll see maybe I have a belief that I always attract this type of person. Maybe I have a belief that it's harder for me. Maybe I have a belief that because it hasn't happened in a long time, it won't happen anytime soon. Maybe I have a belief that I'm not worthy of it. This is when you become aware of those beliefs. Whereas in the lower paradigm, you just think that's the way reality is.

I'm just not worthy. That's happened in the past. I always attract the type of person in the middle of vibration. You become aware of that belief and you see it for what it is. It is just a belief from the moment you know it's a belief, you can then decide to change it, so that's where things really begin to change because then you can absorb it into your consciousness. You can let it be there.

You heal it at the bottom levels, you're aware of it at the second, the middle level, and then once you can do is you can decide to see yourself in a new way. This is where you get into the work of your self-image, transforming your own self-image. When you see yourself in a new way, you will then an experience, a new reality.

When you see yourself and you are thinking new thoughts, feeling emotions, doing new actions. You're going to have a new vibration, so this is about being aware of your vibration, being aware of what beliefs you have, knowing that your beliefs create your reality, and if you have that, have the lower vibrational energy emotions.

As you allow these thoughts to be there and you don't judge them, they naturally go away. The biggest paradox you may say, I'm not worthy. Okay, you look at that, that statement, I'm not worthy. Okay, you let it be there. I always attract the cipher girl guy, okay, well then you let it be there.

As you let all of these thoughts be there, they stopped having resistance around them and they start to go away and you see that you are not your thoughts. You may think thoughts, but they are not who you are. You start not to identify from the lower vibrational energy and then they're no longer on autopilot. They're no longer looping themselves over and over and over again.

That's the doorway into the second paradigm. If you want to change your beliefs about relationships, look at worthiness. How worthy do you feel? What are your beliefs about relationships? Finished my sentence here. Relationships are blank. Let's look at metaphors. Relationships are like relationships are. Think of a metaphor for that. Is it like a needle in a haystack? Attracting them is.

It's like pulling a tooth in a inherit to get a relationship or to be in a relationship because of what that means. You'll become aware of your subconscious patterns. When you do work like this when you ask yourself the question, what would I have to believe is true? Look at the metaphors in your mind because the metaphors, we'll show you what your subconscious thinks about relationships and as you become aware of it, you start to take your power back until you're aware of it.

It will just remain on autopilot and the lower vibrational energy. So this is about the awareness and when it comes to understanding that has relationships, it's about understanding worthiness. How easy do you think the process can be? Are you embodying the emotions already have you feeling whole and complete? Do you think and believe that you need something from over there to feel whole and complete?

What is necessary for you to feel 100 percent whole and complete? Do you need to the relationship? Because if so, there might be a belief that you grew up watching Disney movies and then, therefore, you believe that you have to have a prince charming or some princess that's sleeping in a tower in order for you to actually be happy. But the truth is, that's conditioning. It's okay to enjoy the movies.

I grew up watching Disney movies. I love Disney movies, however, be aware of the conditioning that goes on there because then we get caught up in these stories about prince charming and all of this princess stuff.

It's more about embodying 100 percent wholly and completely as now. And by doing that, you then put yourself in the right energy state to attract something like that. But the thing is, is your cup's already full. You're already good. It's a different perspective. Let's look at the higher vibrational energy. Higher vibration, vibrational energy has a few new perspectives that I'm going to share with you.

And then share with you the doorway from the middle level to the higher level. This is where we get a little bit more esoteric, isn't when we go a little bit deeper down the hall. When we look at higher vibrational energy, what is necessary to move into higher vibrational energy has to do with this doorway.

I was talking about the doorway. What I'm talking about it a little bit, but let's talk about the doorway. In order to move from this middle level to the higher level, what is necessary is to drop all beliefs, all intellectual ideas, all necessities to get from here to here. It's about just simply being. It's about yes, beliefs create reality. Yes, that is true, but reality is perfect as it is.

This is one surrender comes into play. This is when the eastern philosophy comes into play and this is when people get in paradoxes and I'm like, well, this doesn't make sense. I use supposed to desire it and then not want it, and then surrender to the intention. I don't get it, but there are different levels to it. Once you can do is in the middle level, set the intention, understand your beliefs, create your reality, and then the doorway into the higher vibration emotions is given up to a higher mind.

Give it up to a higher stream of energy. Don't think the ego needs to do everything. The ego does not need to go out there so ferociously tearing around looking for the significant other. Instead, allow it to and trust the process and focus on your state of being state of being, not state of doing, not state of having state of being. When you focus on your state of being, you then start to embody those emotions.

What realization comes in the higher vibrational energy states of consciousness. In reality, there is only you. There are different aspects of you and we're all in a way having this, this dream of separation where I'm Aaron, I'm in this physical body. This is who I am at a deeper level of consciousness that we are all connected. All of us are connected and when we trust this process and we are being authentically who we are, we will then resonate with people at this higher level.

Sometimes people try to attract people and they're doing it from the perspective of they're not whole and complete already, which means they attract someone else who also doesn't feel whole and complete, which means they're gripping into each other's pain bodies, into these lower energy fields of desire of not feeling whole. Complete already causes a lot of problems.

The key is instead what we can begin to do is we can let go of those notions. We can instead be in the present moment, allowed things to be as they are surrendered to a higher mind surrender to a higher energy stream and allow things to happen. Your ego doesn't have to do in everything. You have a higher self. Give it up to the higher self and realize that because there is this connection between all of us, we can trust that what is meant to happen will happen in the right time and because at a deeper level we're all connected.

The key is knowing that we are all unconditionally love and bliss. That is our higher state of emotion. That's who we really are, where you simply go through life experiences that attach to these lower emotions and then we think, oh, this is who I am, this is who I am, but the idea is that we are actually this unconditional love and bliss.

It's just that we can start to let go of these lower notions. Neutrality, let go of the beliefs, create our reality. This is having that awareness and what that will look would look like for that have relationships. It's focusing more on your heart center. Even right now. Put your hands over your heart and just feel inside of your art center, and if you say, well, I can't feel it really strong then let it be there. If you say, how long are we going to do this? Let that thought come up. You said, well, this helps me get a relationship to look at that top.

I understand that you can put the awareness into your heart every single day for five or 10 minutes. It will transform your life. You'll be growing the electromagnetic energy around your body. This is scientifically proven by the heart math institute, and you will then be connecting to yourself at a very deep level and being integrated into your heart center.

You will then attract more to your life and into your life than you can even think possible. The more self-love you give to yourself, the more likely you are to attract someone of your dream. Some of that really, really resonates with you. For everything that I'm sharing today, these three different levels that you can begin to move up. Be aware of what you are, of where you are. Understand that you are not your thoughts. You may think those lower vibrational thoughts, but they're not who you are.

Neutralized them, observe them, allow them to be there. Then you'll be in the doorway to the second level, second level your beliefs create your reality. Anything you believe to be true is reflected back to you. Do some inventory on your beliefs. Become aware of what those are. Simply decide to let go, the ones that don't serve you, be in the higher vibrational states by believing and knowing that you are worthy of it knowing you're already whole and complete than what you could do is go into the doorway, into the next one.

Let go of all those beliefs. Simply be in the present moment, allowed us higher energy to come through. Put your hands over your heart every day for five or 10 minutes and know that everything is as it is. Give it up to a higher mind given up to your higher self.

3 “Weird” Ways To SHIFT Parallel Reality Timelines that will Change Your Life

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three weird ways to shift parallel reality timelines. These are things that once you know, can change your whole entire life because then you end up on a different timeline.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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We're going to go deeper on the understanding that of parallel realities and if you don't know already, parallel realities sometimes can be more powerful than what we think of as a law of attraction because it's actually closer to how reality works because reality, as much as we think as it is something like we're over here, we're attracting something from over there to India.

Here, the more accurate idea is that we are shifting to realities that seem very, very similar. However, we start to shift ourselves to the ones that we prefer are the ones that we are focused on.

The idea is that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and the reality version of you that is doing exactly what you want to be doing, that has the perfect partner that does everything that you want to be doing that already exists. When we say I have to create my own reality, it's actually not that accurate because the reality you want to create already exists because there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist because everything exists here and now they give it like a television.

For example, a television picks up on frequency and what you see on it, it is whatever frequency at tunes too, and the same way you know that all those different channels exist. They all exist right now, but you might be tuned to the animal planet because you want to watch some animals so you're on the animal planet, but you're like, “Yo, I want to go to a history channel and I want to learn about history.”

You switched the history channel. Will they both exist at the same moment? It's just about the vibrational frequency, in the same way, all the different parallel realities you can imagine they already exist. It is simply about you being in the vibrational state that you prefer and the vibrational frequency and your vibrational frequency is a combination of how you think, how you feel and how you act, and when you do that, you then start to experience more of what you want.

The key to this is knowing yet on got to try to create your own reality. It already exists. It is simply about vibrational alignment. Knowing this is very powerful. I'm going to use this little analogy really quick because this also makes it a little bit easier to understand in case you haven't seen. My other parallel reality of it is where I talk about this.

This is an easy way to understand it. Think of it like a movie reel, a movie reel where you have like the projector and if you stretch out the movie film, the movie film that you stretch out, you can see these individual different frames. You might see somebody go like this, then like this, and then like this. Then like this and then like this and you'd say, well, that's all one fluid movement, but in actuality, you can cut it out to different frames.

That's a separate parallel, Ravi, that's is that separate parallel reality and as you are able to notice all those, you see that they all exist at the same moment because you're looking at all the different frames. It's just about which one are you focused on and the light of the projection of consciousness. The light that goes through that projector is in a way what our life is.

It's going through these different moments outside of them will look very, very similar, but they're still different frames in the same way. This parallel reality, it looks very similar to this parallel reality, but in actuality, they are different even though it's a slight difference.

Any difference is a difference. It's about understanding that because when you start to see it like that, it also makes it easier because then what you can do is you can more so align with the reality that you want to add. One other thing I want to mention, I mean I wrote it down, I know it. I'm okay. Okay, this is what I wanted to talk about. I'm not going to edit that out. I'm just going to leave all that in. The truth with parallel realities is that we normally think that this is something we have to try to do.

The truth of the matter is you are shifting whether you're aware of it or not, you are always shifting. Even if you shift to the same thing over and over and over again. I keep creating the same thing in my life over and over again. What's the story that you're telling yourself and you continue to shift to the same thing over and over and over again.

The truth is you don't have to learn how to do this. It's a natural byproduct of the way reality works. In the same way, someone may look at the law of attraction, I want to do so, I want to manifest something in my life. Manifestation is a natural byproduct of reality. It's just what are you manifesting? Are you manifesting lack? Are you manifesting the same thing over and over again? Well, it's about knowing that it's just naturally happening.

Parallel reality shifting is happening, whether you're aware of it or not. What we're able to do is to look at this, to see, okay, now we're aware of how this works. How can I shift to the reality that I do want to shift to? That's the key.

1. Do something spontaneous

The first weird way to shift parallel reality timelines is to do something spontaneous, something you would never do before, and by doing that you shift yourself to a different timeline. Could be something very small to it could be you're driving to work today and you take the same route to work every single day, but today you decided to go a little bit different way. You leave a little bit earlier, go a long way, and as you do so, you start to trigger. You start to see new things. It starts to. It changes the timeline they are on.

In general, there is a certain timeline that you're on with a certain momentum that you have with the actions that you're currently taking. The ways you shift to a parallel reality is through the choices that you make. For example, if I go right here right now and I turned this way, that's a parallel reality. Choose this way, that's a different one.

The key is not because you're shifting, regardless. The key is being you creating a greater degree of change from the current parallel reality or on to the one that you want or the one that you're imagining the greater degree of changes the key. When you look at that, it's not so much I'm going to go to your left. I'm going to answer right because I could just keep doing this all day and it doesn't really make much of a difference, but what I could do is instead of this, I mean I could just.

I mean I could just walk out into the back and right now I'm in the back of my backyard. It's really nice. It's really cool, but. That was kind of random, but here's the thing. I was even planning on doing that. It was spontaneous. I'm not shifted to a different parallel of different parallel reality timeline. You see what I mean? That is the power of this.

When you break outside of your bubble, new things begin to happen and even Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this and he talks about the quantum field and he talks about stuff similar to this. Dr. Joe Dispenza has written books called how to break the habit of being yourself. You are the placebo, how to becoming supernatural or something like that. He talks about how we think, feels and act is what makes up our personality.

Our personality creates our personal reality. If you want to take your personal reality, you have to go beyond what you think beyond why you act and beyond what you feel. In order to do that, you got to go outside your comfort zone in the same way. When it comes to parallel realities, go outside your norm. Go outside what you normally do.

What are you going to eat today? Eat something completely different, maybe still keep it healthy, but it's something a little bit different. By doing that, you are shifting yourself to a different timeline because the version of you that is normally in the autopilot mind is normally making the same choices over and over and over again, so by doing something you've never done before, you gain a new reference experience and it shifts you to another parallel reality.

Remember, this is happening regardless. You're shifting regardless, but create a greater degree of change and you'll see that your life begins to change in a powerful way. That is one weird way to go about this. And like I said, you can be like, I had never been to a yoga class before. I'm going to go to a yoga class. You can be like, I'm going to go and run around my neighborhood. Never ran around my neighbor before.

I'm going to go and just take a cold shower. Am I going to take a shower? This, these kinds of things, especially because they involve the senses are waking you up from the autopilot mind and are shifting into a different parallel reality timeline.

2. Understand your past

The second weird way, really weird of shifting parallel realities. This is kind of weird, but yes, it is this idea. Normally what we think of as the past is we think the past, the set, the past is real. I had my past, however, understand that the past that you think of is simply in your memory.

The future that you can imagine, the probable futures you can imagine is in your brain. Neither of them is real right now. They exist as parallel reality versions, but right now in the present moment, as we change, we change the kind of past that we remember and we changed the probable futures we imagined.

One way to change the parallel reality timeline you are on right now is to imagine a different past. Change your past. Even right now. Let me ask you a question. Can you remember a time in your past when you were very confident? Think about it, the time you were really confident. I remember this time I went into, I used to work at Nordstrom's. I didn't one day and I felt so confident I went in. I helped all these customers.

I did really well. There was some girl there that I was like, I want to talk to, so I just pushed myself to talk to her. He went really well, got her number, all of these things. These are. This was a very confident feeling I had. If I remember that memory, I'm like, shit, I'm confident. You see what I mean?

However, if I were to advertise my past when I wasn't confident that maybe a time I got rejected by a chick or something like that, or a time that I was going into work and wasn't able to and I had a commission job. That's why I mentioned it. I went into work and like things didn't go that well. Then guess what? That's also in the past, but based on your focus right now, that will determine and has a momentum that is in the present moment right now, causing people to beat a certain vibrational frequency. It is influencing how they think, act and feel by their focus and the momentum.

What I recommend to do is not necessarily even at the build yourself like, well, I was confident one day when I went into work and blah, blah, blah. Just adjust the past altogether. Your past does not equal who you are. It's just that people identify with their past. They identify with their story, so what I recommend to you is to realize you are not the result of your past.

You are who you choose to be right now in the present moment and the way that you dropped your past is just by being aware of it and then choosing to let it go. It's that simple. The next time you do something and the autopilot mind takes in, Oh, you remember last time you hung out with this person. Just be able to just observe it neutrally. It's not.

It's not good. It's not bad. It just is. When something comes up and you see these little stories that come up in the mind, it's a neutral idea, but the moment you become aware of it is the moment you stop that, that perpetuation of that energy going over and over and over again, you are not the result of your past. You are who you choose to be, and as long as you don't keep bringing in that story over and over again, you will start to create a new pattern right now.

Remember, the pattern that you have is how you think, how you actually feel and change these three things. You change your whole entire life, but drop the past the same. It's very powerful and that is something you can do as well because you are literally in the moment right now. You got a different past.

As you shift these parallel timelines, it's only in your insistence only in your insistence that the past is who you are. Well, I can't go do this because I've always. I've always experienced this before. This kind of person always comes into my life and I always attract this kind of money, so all this abundance that's coming in right now, I don't know what to do with all this.

I've never experienced this, but that's all story. Let go of the story. Allow it to be there to observe it from a neutral spot. Yes, in the past, that's what you experienced but not relevant anymore. Just let it go. Just let it go. I said, how do you let it go? You let it go by letting it go. How do you let go of a hot call? You'll let it go. You know what I mean?

You just let it go. It's that easy but observe it neutrally. Let it go. Just make a choice to let it go. That is powerful.

3. The best possible version of you

The third weird way of shifting to the parallel reality you want is when you've probably heard me talk about before, but it is so powerful, cannot even begin to explain to you how powerful this is. All right? It's very powerful though, so this is what it is. Imagine the best possible version of you and you can imagine you just killing it.

You're killing the game, killing the game, Bro. What you're doing is you're going out there, you're abundant, you're attracted, all these different types of people. That's just naturally happening. You're killing the game. All right, so because of killing the game, you'd imagine this version of you.

Here's the thing. Here's the. Here's the key you normally take. That version of you is like so far away from you. Here's the thing. That version of you already exists. Look at that version of you, the one that's killing the game. How are you acting, feeling and thinking? What are your consistent thoughts? What are your consistent feelings?

When you look at these things, you can then see how can I embody those emotions right now? How can I embody those actions right now? How can I embody those thoughts right now? And it's not so much that you're faking it till you make it. This is the key though. When you imagine the parallel reality version of you, which already exist by the way.

What you'll want to do is you want to make sure that that version of you, you imagine is also connected to the heart. For example, I'm not even going imagine the parallel version of me that's like an NBA player that's like Duncan on like Lebron James and stuff. Because one, it's not my passion. I can connect to it, but it's also connected to my heart.

What I love doing, what I love to do this Yo, I killed gang man. I love making videos. As you know, I make daily videos and made a daily video since February 2017. Always remember that date. February 2017. I'm with daily on YouTube. That's what it is. I love to kill this game with my YouTube videos, but the key is to find out what you love and imagine that as a part of it. Instead of you being like, oh, well, I imagine I win the lottery.

Are you really passionate about winning the lottery? Come on, be honest with me. Like are you passionate about going down to the seven slashes 11, buying your tickets and then like waiting in earnest like, I hope I win the money?

I hope I win it. Most likely that's not what you're really passionate about. What you're really passionate about is something else, and when you do whatever that is, the money comes anyway. It's just a natural byproduct because the abundance comes because the energy you're putting out is a high vibrational energy because this is my passion and when you're in that passionate state, more can come to you.

Especially when you combine that passion with something that adds value to people. I love making videos, but I don't just make videos about random stuff.

Abundance comes when you combine passion with something that adds value to people.

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I make videos, I think adds value to people. That then comes back to me. It comes back to in powerful ways, but find out what you're passionate about and then follow that because that will be what actually gets you the true abundance that you want. Most people being passionate about some things that they just think the money is what they're passionate about.

The key is like being away. And even if you look at Warren buffet like that dude has been literally studying the stock market since he was six years, like no joke, six years old. Money is a byproduct of the passionate feeling that you're in and the value you add to other people.

And when you see that, it's like, okay, well then you actually go in the direction that is conducive to you because you're like, okay, well it changes the question instead of how can I make quick money? How can I get very successful? It's like, how could I do what I love and know that eventually, the abundance is going to come off the back end of that?

That's the key to where the power is, so don't focus on the quick winds. Don't focus on even the money. The money is never the goal. Connect to what you're passionate about. The money will come cliché as it sounds. It's true, especially when you combine that with adding value to other people, so imagine the best possible version of you connected to your heart. How are you been doing? Feeling acting.

All of these things, be that version of you be and it's not faking it till you make it, because that version of you is really who you are, who you think you are, might have all these layers and filters of this is how I am this issue, this is how I have been in the passion. All of these different things you can decide to do is you could just decide to let that go and when you let it go, everything changes.

Remember, you want some weird ways to shift the parallel realities. I got three of them. First one simply becomes aware that you can do something spontaneous, so spontaneous, like walking out your back door like I just did, and it's like I've shifted timelines. I'm now in a different timeline where I'm a little bit more enthusiastic because you probably feel this. I'm shifted forever.

The second one, let go of your past. Let go of your past and understand that your past does not equal who you are. You are who you choose to be. Thirdly, imagine the version of you that's killed the game. Killing the game. How are you acting? How are you feeling? What are you thinking about? Imagine that version of you connected to your heart, but my voice just cracked connection to your heart and what you do is you then focus on being that version of you.

When you do that, you're shifting through parallel rows. Understand also, you're naturally shifting through parallel realities. Whether you even know it or not, you don't have to try to do this is a natural byproduct of the way reality works, but the key to this video is weird. Did like a different way and creating a greater degree of change because there's a certain timeline with momentum.

3 “Weird” Vibrational Secrets that Will Make You Look at Life Differently

What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three weird vibrational secrets that you may have never heard of, and just knowing these three things will totally transform the way you relate to life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how these three vibrational secrets that once you know it changes everything. Okay? The reason I say that is because the way you look at life and how you look at life normally knowing these things change the way that you go about your daily life and the kind of energy you put in a certain type of situations.

What you do will change once you know these three things. Okay? Let's just get into it. Okay. First off, let's understand that everything in our life is vibration. Everything is vibration, and its just different degrees of vibration of what we experience, so we always experience in life that which we are the vibration of. We could also think of our vibrations for like individually are vibrations are a combination of what we think, how we feel and how we act.

When we look at that around us, everything is also vibration, just vibrating at different frequencies, so when we look at this wall, that painting back there, it's all vibrating at a certain frequency and there are even different color perceptions will see in, so we'll see color in it, but those are just different vibrations, but we give it labels or say that's color. That is the shape. That's a square, that's a triangle.

They're all vibration. It's just different forms, different shapes, different colors, different ways of interpreting it through our senses and the different way they may look, but everything is vibration. When it comes to vibration, let's understand a couple of really cool ideas.

1.    Vibration

The first one I want to talk about is vibration and clothes. Whatever you are feeling is emanating a frequency. That frequency is impressing upon whatever objects you're around, whatever clothes you are wearing, it is impressing that energy signature of what you're currently feeling onto your environment. If you were to go into your closet right now and find an old-school sweater of you that you used to wear with maybe an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, you might wear that sweater and maybe you haven't worn it since then.

It's like you haven't worn in a long time you wear that sweater. You might start having feelings and thinking about them. Maybe you're not like, you know, falling in love with them again or anything. But maybe what happens is you start to feel some type of remembrance of them and it's because it kind brings you back to that.

Maybe you've experienced this before. Even with that have sent you smelled something and it just like teleports you back to that. A moment that's happened to me. I smell something and there's a lemongrass smell that anytime I smell lemongrass, it brings me back to this trip when I went to the Grand Canyon with my dad and my sisters.

During that time, I was reading some books on the way there and I was starting to go through a spiritual awakening and kind of planted a seed of me seeing reality completely different because I was reading a couple of books that just really opened my mind. And when that happened, I associate that smell of lemongrass with that. That vibration teleports me back to the remembrance of that experience and I can then tap into some of those past thoughts and emotions that I felt then.

But you want to be kind of strategy with this because what if you're like, well, I don't want to wear that sweater when I was around my ex, whatever, because I don't want to think about them necessarily. It wasn't as many positive situations or whatever it is, or it didn't end well, whatever. But be aware of the energy you are emitting to that.

Have things like your clothes now. I was actually talking to my buddy Ryan Cropper, who some of you may know from on YouTube and we were talking about this in a live Q&A on Instagram. You guys aren't following me on Instagram yet. What are you doing? It's right here. We do live Q&As quite often. I've been bringing subscribers on talking and bringing other YouTubers on. If you want to be a part of that Instagram right there.

But anyways, Bryan it out. We're talking and we were talking about a close and energy signatures on objects. And one thing he said is he said, switch out your clothes, switch out your clothes every so often because you want to keep things fresh. For example, it's, it's funny too because I do this even some, not subconsciously, but like there's a certain.

For example, when I used to live in my old house before I moved into this house, I lived with a few roommates and it was a really nice house. It was a cool experience. However, there was a certain song that I listened to in the background whenever I was doing my work. I mean I do like work about four or five hours right when I wake up in the morning before I go to the gym and when I'm doing that, there's a certain song I put on repeat.

It's just like a chill step song. It's like real chill, you know, and when I'm listening to that, I get into this funnel vision, tunnel vision, tunnel vision, funnel, funnel, business, tunnel vision with what I'm doing, and then it like gets me into the state. However, when I listened to that same song that I used to listen to, it almost brings back living in that house, which is that as a bad thing, but it starts to bring back the thoughts I was having at the time.

It brings back some of the emotions and memories. It's funny how this all works, but in the present moment right now, you are drawing upon different synchronicities in your life that reflect back to you, that have whatever vibration you are in and whatever vibration you are being influenced by. The reason I say that is more aware, be more aware of maybe the clothes that you're wearing.

Honestly, this doesn't have to be the end all, be all so it doesn't have to be like don't have to buy all new clothes because I just went through a breakup or whatever it is. It can be more so you just are aware of the kind of energy that was associated with certain things. Even certain artwork, there may be certain artwork that has a symbolism.

You know, I'll probably always associate these pieces of art in here with this growth of me just, you know, putting out content and me and joined my life and getting into this new realm of what I'm doing. And for a period of time, it will serve me. But it'll eventually, what'll happen is I'll move into a different house and I may want different art pieces that reflect that time in my life. You see now, it doesn't have to be that serious of a thing.

You may say, well, I don't always feel like buying new clothes every time something happens, you don't have to. You can also clear your clothes. You could clear some of your clothes. Maybe using Palo Santo, maybe by a Washington hanging out in the sun and the sun can be powerful as well. But nonetheless, be aware of the energy signature.

Another thing that we talked about ride tonight when we were on that live is we talked about how, if, so there may be somebody that picks up an object and they can feel the prior person's feelings that used to own that object. For example, he was telling me about a time when like somebody would pick up a knife that a serial killer is getting kind of dark here, a Syrah killer used. And by picking up that night, they started to have like a desire or a feeling or a sense of using it in a bad, negative way.

I'm not saying that they don't have responsibility and all that stuff. What I'm saying is, are objects retained in energy, signature, and intention. What is one powerful thing that you could do today that would help you in this way? Well, let me show you, this is what you could do. What you can do is have an object that you may be put intention in.

It could be at a new and just get this motivates bracelets. Say I were to put attention into this multivite bracelet and the intention was to feel a certain way maybe to always, anytime I look at it, to feel like centered back on my goals or something like that. If I set that intention. And then I do that every day for like maybe a week.

And then I always put it on. I'm wearing it every day. Every time I look at it, it primes me for that state, and it helps a tribute to that energy. It's almost like I'm using it as a tool rather than just being aware that, okay, you know, this, this object has been around this, so this is like the energy signature. But in general, simply knowing this can begin to change your perspective on how you look at things.

Because think about it, everything is and every everywhere is close. You're constantly wearing. When you look at that, just be aware. Are you wearing clothes that you were like 10 years ago because maybe that's causing you to feel similar emotions, similar things you were going through? In general, what I do, I, one thing about me that I've never really done is you know, how people like by handing me down clothes.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, but I've always just been aware that there's people's energy that is in that and I don't, I don't know that person. In Vegas and places that we go to like buffalo exchange or something like that and we go there and it's like hand me down clothes. You might be also bringing in someone else's energy unless you clear it up, putting it in the sun as powerful or just buying fresh clothes.

But maybe it works out really well. Maybe you buy like some enlightened dudes, a shawl or something. You wear it or like you know, you feel really good. I'm just saying you could positively use this or you could use it just with awareness, but okay. I'm going to kind of back that up a little bit now.

2. Energy field

Now, we are going to talk about the second vibrational secret and this one's kind of want you to know this. All right. Wherever your focus goes is where your energy goes. I think of it like this. I've shared this before, by the way. But I'm just going to reiterate it because it's so powerful. When you look at that of your body understanding, there's an energy field that goes around your body and in that energy field are the thoughts you consistently think.

The feelings you consistently have, the actions you're taking are causing a pattern, and what happens if you have these thoughts, feelings, and actions within your energy field. You go out into the world, you may link up and vibrate generally resonate with people that are in a similar vibration. In the same way, we are the microcosm, we got the macrocosm of the earth, earth, Gaia, whatever name we want to use, has an electromagnetic field around it and call this an aura and within it is the collective consciousness thoughts of many, many people.

When the collective thoughts of many, many people are put onto things such as war, such as negative emotions such as the lower vibrational states of consciousness, it keeps people within a certain frequency range. This is where we get into understanding that the media, there are certain influences. I'm not saying this is bad, I'm not saying that we have to be fearful of it.

I'm just saying let's be aware of it because whatever we put our focus on is the reality we are shifting to. Be very aware of what television. You watch TVs over there. That's why I did that. What television you watch, be very aware of watching the news, the media, be aware of all the different things you tune to because you are literally bringing more of that reality into your life. I don't watch the news. I haven't watched the news in years and some people of those books you don't know about.

It hasn't affected me in a way that where I need to know about it in order to live my life, and if I would've known about it, I would have been feeding that old reality with that negative type energy and therefore it would have grown that.

That's why Mother Teresa said you never have like a protest for war, but if you have a protest for peace, count me in. She said something like that. The idea behind that is to go for the positive because the positive is what ends up growing. Whatever you focus on grows. Be aware of what that focus is and choose to go in that direction instead of resisting.

Allow it to be the recognized. And I'm not saying you have to bring it in and be like, oh, I hope you're here forever, but you just aware of it and then as you're just aware of it, it starts to go away and then you can say yes to something else. It just becomes like a choice. That's where the power is. The power is on the focus, not on the resistance of something else.

This is about just being aware, be aware that yes, there may be some type of agenda where it keeps us within a certain frequency range with the media, but the more you pay attention to that and the more you feed, the reality of people doing this to us is the more that reality is fed anyway.

The key to this is being aware of it and letting it go. That's where the key is. Be aware of it, you know, I'm aware that the new media doing its thing, but guess what, we got online now, we've got online, the Internet and we are the new media, you know, got a YouTube channel. I can share ideas. This is the new way of going about things and that's why they're losing as much of a grip because we're able to kind of let the people, the people can decide. That's the second vibrational secret.

3. Locational energy and air

The third vibrational, the weird vibrational secret has to do something else I was talking about with Ryan and it has to do with understanding locational energy and air. Even in the air that we breathe, we are taking in information. Have you ever felt that when you go somewhere specific, some location that all of a sudden you feel a tightness or you felt loose and you feel happy?

Well, the different thoughts of the people that have been there, the collective amount of people that have had thoughts there as influenced that environment, so when you go to different locations, you are also linking up to the past tight vibrations that were there and it is influencing you whether you were aware of it or not, maybe to different degrees depending on how much power you give it or how long you're there.

But if you were to go to let's say a graveyard where a lot of people are very sad, a lot of people go there consistently. The very sad you may feel a certain type of energy. If you go to a place that's maybe like a wedding chapel, you may feel a certain type of energy may feel the lightness or happiness or love or romance. There are different places you go that will have a different energy.

Think about it also like this, when you move into a new house, the imprint and the energy signature of the last person that lived there or family that lived there are imprinted into the house, into the environment. That's why they say it's very important to use sage or to use Palo Santo because you want to clear out the energy.

And that's what I did when I bought this house because the people that lived here before or that they own the house, I'm renting it. The people that lived here before they were the landowners. They seem really cool. And a little tip for that that Ryan was telling me is if you can to like leave the windows open and to leave the sun coming in all day and you have to have some way for the energy to go out. I never did that before.

I would just say just probably just like a pressure cooker, but I've just sage now. What I do is I'll be open up the door. It's kind of cold, but I'll be doing that. The idea behind this is to be aware of the energy in the space that you have. And also think of it as the air as well.

What are you breathing in? And the awareness is not in like, oh, people are influencing me. Oh, I'm a victim of all the circumstance. The key is just being aware that sometimes there may be an influence of certain places you go, you may go to a certain type of restaurant and it has a certain vibe.

That vibe will influence the food. It will influence their experience. It's about being aware of all of this. This kind of weird vibrational tip is sort of you to be aware of how you are relating to the environment. You don't have to give up your power everywhere you go, but if there's something you can do about it, like maybe going somewhere, then it feels negative than just perhaps don't go there again or maybe go somewhere else.

If you want to start to vibrate with the reality you want, maybe go to places that positively influenced your vibration. For example, you may want to go do some type of research somewhere and go to some, go to a company or go to like a library or go somewhere where it kind of influences that vibration within you. I was used this example, but if you wanted to own an art gallery studio, go to an art gallery because there's a vibration there and talk to the owner because that person has a vibration as well.

She or he does, and when you talk to that person, you'll begin to feel similar emotions. You begin to that begins to leak into you. Understand what vibration, everything is vibration and what you can begin to do is tune to the vibration of the reality you want and powerfully cultivate that environment. The clothes that you wear, the environment that you're in, the air that you breathe in, the collective consciousness of the planet.

You may think I'm having my own thoughts, but some of those thoughts, maybe just thoughts of other people. Maybe like I'm at a sports game and I really bad this team lost. Maybe you are kind of mad, but also perhaps it's amplified by the other people and because you're there, it's like you feel it even more. That's why a lot of like a lot of people say I would never go to a baseball game, but I would love to.

I would never watch baseball, but I love going to a baseball game or there's an energy there that they like and they can kind of feed on it. Everything I'm sharing with you today is about you becoming more aware of your own vibration and how you relate to the world.

I could say anything to you, it just become more aware, maybe switch out your clothes a little bit, watch them, put them in the sun, and maybe clear out your space, open up the windows, and start to relate to life in a way where you're just aware of the vibrations you're putting into your body. It's a vibrational hack as well, but all of these things you become aware of, you start to become more mindful of and then you start to really go in the direction you want.

Paradigms of Belief and SHIFTING to Parallel Versions of YOU

What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three paradigms of belief and showing you exactly how to shift to the parallel reality version of you that you prefer to experience.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how you can shift the different paradigms of belief. There are three main paradigms, how to transcend to each of those and at the same time, how to shift to an as the version of you that you prefer.

For this process, this first off, understand that there is an infinite number of versions of you. There is any possible variation you can imagine it already exists because what parallel reality show us is that every probability exists right now. The stereotypical way of thinking about the law of attraction is that I am here.

I want that over there. I'm going to track that from over there to over here, but it's more so about understanding that the version of you that already has that thing already exists. It's about aligning with the vibrational frequency of that version of you and your frequency is a combination of what you think, how you feel, and what you do, and when you align with those things, you will then perceive of them in your life.

Because remember, the reality is a reflection of what you believe to be true and the way that we shift through these different parallel realities is through our focus, through our emotions, and through our actions.

Reality is a reflection of what you believe to be true and the way that we shift through these different parallel realities is through our focus, through our emotions, and our actions.

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When you make a choice, you shift yourself to a different potentiality into a different probability. This is about understanding that dynamic and how you can get from here too.

It's more so about embodying the frequency. We're going to be talking about that, but we're going to be going deep, deep on understanding these paradigms of unbelief. Here's something I'm going to share with you right now that might blow your mind. You may be like, Whoa, I see my whole life differently from this point going forward.

My life has never going to be the same again. It's through understanding this one idea, whatever you believe to be true. The truth is all truths are true. Meaning whatever you look for in life, you will find evidence of imagine that there is this infinite potential that you are, that you are experiencing, your body, you are experiencing your life.

And what happens if you have this belief filter in your mind that then shines this infinite source consciousness that you are embodying and can only perceive things that can go through that filter so you could find evidence of whatever you look for, but you will only find evidence that resonates with past prior experience or where you let your mind go.

If you were to look for evidence of you being confident and believing you're confident, you will find even experiences in your past, have you been confident? If you were to look for evidence of you not being confident, you will also find that everything in our life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When someone comes up to you and they go, hey, I just got, I just got done taking a cold shower. When they go, hey, take a cold shower.

Is very healthy because when you do it, x, y, z happens and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You might say, "Oh, I'm going to start taking cold showers." Or you may not, but you may see that and go, well, you may buy into that belief system. You may not buy into the belief system. You may hear it from someone that you think has authority.

Maybe you look at me like he seems very credible or not credible. Whatever it is, you may look at it and be like, I want to do that or not do that because I'm going to take his word for it. You give that belief higher credence higher, a higher a creek credibility. Yeah, so I think in it, and you didn't do it or you don't do it.

The thing with beliefs and paradigms that I want to encourage you to do is I want to encourage you to pay more attention to what beliefs you allow into your life and what beliefs you reject. Yes, it is important to have an open mind, but if you walk around and you believe everything that you're told, you will then create a belief structure that keeps you boxed in. If you watch the news and you look and you say, oh, there's so much bad in the world, the world is a bad, harmful place.

Guess what? Your reality will become that. You will look around and see that everywhere you go, you will go on traffic and you will notice the thing that's bad is happening. You will notice the things on the news. You will notice things everywhere that reflect that the world is a scary place, but you see there's an infinite number of potential realities and probabilities that exist.

You are then tuning to the probabilities into the experiences in life. Have those negative experiences due to the self-fulfilling prophecy parts of our mind that is always looking for consistency. The reason I'm making this is to show you that you are source energy. You are unconditional love and bliss and you have an infinite amount of potential inside of you.

But what happens is as we embody our energy, we have these filters up belief inside of our brain that then only perceive of things that are in alignment to those filters. The key thing is letting go of the filters because the filters are only set there as a safety mechanism. This is the way things are. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I'm always going to find evidence of this.

The key is to remove those filters because when you remove them, you then align with more potentials that are actually in alignment with the way that you prefer to be. This is about removing the filters, understanding the paradigms that belief. Remember, whatever you believe to be true will be reflected back to you. These paradigms and beliefs are all choices from a certain level. You may look and say, well, right now I believe I can only make $50,000 a year.

I'm going to believe I can make $100,000 a year. From a certain perspective, if you link up your self-image and you believe that you may get to $100,000 a year, but I got news for you, even 100,000 dollars a year is a limitation, which is why you can use these beliefs, but you're using them in the same way.

You would use a car, you would use it for a period of time to get from point a to point b, but it's not the only mode of transportation and the same way acquiring a new belief is not the only way of getting a new result. There are other ways to go about it and one way that you can do it is by being present to the moment and by observing those beliefs that come up and seeing them for what they are. That is the key.

Because when you become aware that, hey, this is just a vehicle I'm currently using. I currently have the belief that I can make $50,000 a year. It's kind of serving me. I'm going to drive in this vehicle and it gets to a certain place and to where I get out of the frame here for a second, but then I come back because it's just a vehicle and what I can then do is I can change the vehicle and what you'll find is that as you then get into a nicer car that says, Hey, I'm there and I can make over $100,000 a year.

Oh, eventually be like, “Yo, that's a limitation to it is a limitation.” I look at that and go, “Huh, that was the old version of me that was the 2012 car.” It no longer serves. I'm driving in a Ferrari. That's the metaphor and because I'd really rather have a test, to be honest with you, and what it is looking at that and like, okay, this is never about is this belief true?

Because anything you look for you will find evidence of it being true. Even things that aren't true or even have a lot of credence in life. If you were to look on Google right now for something that sounds absolutely ridiculous, I remember when I was a kid, I saw the national enquirer. It's like Dick Cheney is a robot and it had like a picture of him with like wires hanging out of him.

You could find evidence that Dick Cheney is a robot. If you look online right now and look for the world is going to end on November 24th, my birthday, and you need to get a whole bunch of canned goods and all that stuff and you need to. You need to go somewhere else.

You will find evidence of it. Go and Google right now. Type that in. I bet you find evidence whenever you start focusing on you will find more evidence up. It's not a question of is this belief true? It's is this belief efficient? Does this belief resonate? Remember that? Does this serve me? You might go, well, it's true. It's true that all my, all my ex-boyfriends or girlfriends treat me like this and I'm not worthy.

It's true, but that is a choice and when you become aware of it's a choice, you can be like, do I want to keep experiencing this? Do I want to keep dragging myself along out of frame where you can't see me anymore, but then I come back again? Do you want to keep on experiencing that? That's my question to you because it's never a matter of does this belief has merit and is it true? It is.

Is this belief efficient? Because the truth is cars will get you every. We did write it. I used to drive a Honda accord, gave you from point a to point b, but guess what? Eventually, I'm like, this is cool, but I wanted, I want a better car. Then I got a better car, and now I like this car, and I'll write it for a while, but in a year or two I'm going to trade it in for something else, and it's not like, well, is it true? Is the Honda accord? It's real, and it gets me from point a to point b.

It still works. You may have beliefs that don't even serve you, but they still work because beliefs are set there to be a safety mechanism. You may say, well, okay, I do attract all of these like negative relationships and everything, but guess what, you're still attracting relationships or maybe you're not attracting relationships. It's still getting you to some type of result, but that depends on that belief system as to what result that is.

And maybe that belief system, that car is protecting you from the pain of a relationship. We're all driving around in these shitty cars, not aware that yes, they're getting us from point a to point b, we don't want to resist it, but what we want to end up doing is being aware of what they are. They are simply cars that are getting us from point a to point b, just like you have belief systems that get you from point a to point b, but they might be outdated and one day you might find out that it's cool to drive these cars around.

But I'd rather fly. I'd rather get in a helicopter. I'd rather just operate like in Harry Potter. You realize that cars are themselves in limitation just like beliefs and of themselves are limitations, but it's never a question, is this belief true? It's is this belief efficient and if you want to upgrade your efficiency, let go of the old one and traded in for a new one, aware that it's just a belief and it's just a vehicle.

This is when we begin to raise our understanding and our awareness of three main levels of belief. Let's look at him. I'm going to come this far but not out of frame this far, just this far. You'll see right here you will see that of the three different levels. I mean you see many different levels because it's a charter consciousness that I share in almost every video, but moved to 50.

That's one paradigm. Two 50 and below. You'll see that neutrality, shame, fear, guilt, all the lower emotions. Then you'll see that of accepting willingness, reasoning. That's the middle-level paradigm, a belief, and then above that, you'll see love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. That's another level of paradigm. Each of these is the different paradigm of beliefs.

In the lower ones, 250 and below 250 is a big step because we learned how to observe our thoughts and this paradigm. There is a general belief that life is happening to me. I am a victim of circumstance and this paradigm of belief, we may get trapped, we may get trapped because we think those thoughts are who we are, but remember those thoughts are just beliefs.

They might be outdated beliefs that no longer serve, but nonetheless they're just beliefs and they're just thoughts that are on autopilot and what you can begin to do is become aware of them because when you become aware of them, you can then get out of the car and go, hey, I don't really fit.

This doesn't serve me anymore. It kept me safe, but I'm transcending it. The Middle Paradigm is a belief system of I create my own reality. Many times, this is the go-getter mentality. I'm going to go do things. I'm going to go be someone even up till four 99, which is where you realize that reality is a reflection of what you believe to be true.

There's a certain paradigm of belief within here and once again, this is just another vehicle. It's another type of vehicle that you can drive and then once you get to 500, that's a state of unconditional love. That's a vehicle that you realize you can then teleport, you can then be in a plane, you can then get places much more efficient and you can become present to the moment because when you're present to the moment, you're in vibrational frequency with what you want to experience, but nonetheless, all three paradigms of these.

What I want to share with you is that they're all just vehicles. They are all choices. They are all self-fulfilling prophecies. They are not the actual inherent reality itself. They are just a part of the experience. They are just something. We choose all of these cars, all of these modes, those modes of transportation are choices.

They may be more. One may be more efficient than the other. A plane may be more efficient for getting farther than that, have a little Honda Accord. 100 courts are actually pretty efficient and they last a pretty long time and they get great gas mileage, never mind. Anyways. When you look at this whole process, become aware of what vehicle you're using, become aware of the beliefs you have, and understand that they're just beliefs.

They're just vehicles. They are not yes or no, true or false. They are simply efficient or inefficient for you because the truth is you are unconditional love and bliss. You are source energy and if you're playing small, it's because there's a belief system, a filter in the mind that is saying, this is all that's real.  This is all that I am. However, that is a limitation.

The way to get to become more is not the pilot. Anything else on is to remove that filter simply. You remove that filter by being aware that you are choosing these experiences, whether consciously or unconsciously, and if you find that that belief is inefficient, then let it go and allow something new to come in with.

The awareness that even that new thing that comes in is also a belief. It is also a self-fulfilling prophecy. The truth is all truths are true. You are more than any truth. It's simply about being aware of what is efficient. Is this belief serving me?

First off, imagine the best possible version of you. How would you be acting, but would you be doing what kind of emotions were you feeling? All of these things understand that this version of you already exists. It's already here and now it is already there and here and you don't have to try to become that person.

Just be more of who you are. Let go of the inauthentic filters that you might have and when you do that, you could then align to the vibrational frequency of that version of you. What is the vibrational frequency of that version of you will imagine?

Right now, I'm going to imagine the version of Aaron that is traveling the world, like a mini little Tony Robbins. It's like running around on stage, yelling at people saying, you know, putting his hands on top of people and stuff like on their heads and stuff and they're like, oh, have I imagined that version to me? What would that version of me believe? That version of me would believe that I have this ability to go on stage and influence lots of people.

Division to be would have this ability, this belief that I love to travel and I love to be in a new place and I love to help people transform their lives. That version of me would have certain values, would have a certain routine of traveling, would have a certain way of being, would read certain types of books, would meet up a certain type of people.

By using my imagination, I'm able to connect to that version of me and then I'm able to say, how can I be more like that version of me? What can I do, what can I be, how can I feel, and then what I do is I simply make choices in my current version of me as that version of me.

One thing I'll be doing soon as hiring an assistant, someone that can literally do all my day to day operations because I'll be traveling and the version of me that is traveling the world has an assistant because I can't do all of this stuff without having someone else to help because there are too many day-to-day operations of what I do, so I'm looking into that. Something else I would do is.

I would get up every day and have a certain routine. I would have a certain type of luggage, some type of suitcase. Right now, it sounds small but thinks of things like that. I would read certain types of books. I would reach out to a certain type of people in my industry. There are certain things I would do that would that are going to be in the vibrational frequency of that reality.

The imagination is the bridge to that reality and then I make the choices as that version of me knowing that it already exists. I don't have to create that version of me. I don't have to create my own reality. I simply choose it because it already exists and I choose it from a sense of that vibrational resonance. How am I thinking, acting and doing what these three things are? How can I embody them now?

All of these things that I'm sharing with you today, it's about understanding that all truths are true. Whatever belief you have, is it efficient? Is it true? Is it efficient because all truths are true? You want evidence that you're confident, you'll find it in your past, at the same moment right now. Can you find evidence of you not being confident? It's also in your past. It just depends on the focus and the momentum that focus on the present moment.

Instead, focus on you being the authentic version of you being present to the moment. Focus on the understanding that there are different paradigms of belief shoes to understand that that's all they are. They're just beliefs. Then you can start to let them go. You can start to raise your vibration and then you can perceive of the vibrational resonance of the reality you want to experience knowing it already exists. You know God created. There's got to shift to it. And as you do that, everything begins to change.

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