Quantum Jumping Technique for Shifting to a Parallel Reality

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a quantum jumping technique for shifting to the parallel reality that you prefer. I'm going to share with you exactly how to apply it so that you start to shift to the reality of who you really are.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you is how quantum jumping technique can help you to start to create what you want easier than ever. One could say that this goes beyond that of just the Law of Attraction.

There is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, and because these parallel realities already exist, we don't, under the conventional way of understanding the Law of Attraction, have to attract something to us because we're here and that's over here. What we must do is start to resonate with the reality that we prefer.

Understanding that what we can begin to do is create a greater degree of change between where we are and where we want to be so we don't have to try to shift to the parallel reality to parallel reality because it's a natural byproduct of movement. When you see me move right now, this looks like one fluid movement, and from a certain perception it can appear to be one fluid movement, but if you were to take it down by frames, like if after I was editing this video, I could stretch out the frames and then see individual little frames.

These individual little frames that would keep ongoing would be separate individual parallel realities that I could then look at and see that there is some degree of variation between each in each one. We have this experience of memory, and were able to glue and kind of tether all of these parallel realities together in our consciousness. It looks like one fluid movement, so it's like one fluid movement, but in reality, it's a shifting through billions of parallel realities per second.

That is the nature of our reality. We are shifting constantly whether we are aware of it or not. The question is not how do we jump from one reality to another because we're constantly doing that. Whether we're aware of it or not. The question is how do we create a quantum difference? How do we create a greater degree of change from where I am right now to some ideal reality that I want to experience?

That's the technique I'm going to share with you is something I think is so powerful because then it gives us more permission to live from the end right now. Many times, in our life we have a story that we tell ourselves. We have a certain story, a certain narrative in our mind, and our story subconsciously is controlling our life and it's controlling the direction of the parallel realities we shift to. We may have stories of this is the kind of person I am.

This is the kind of way people treat me. This is the kind of way that I act and health like with my health and how I eat. This is the kind of way that I am with a relationship is the kind of way I am with my finances. We have a story that we tell ourselves based on prior experiences based on the parallel realities that we've been in that we attached to subconsciously.

The key to this is to start to tap into new data streams. Think of every parallel reality as a separate data stream and when we focus on the story that we're telling ourselves, even subconsciously, we are pulling from data streams that may not actually serve us. We may say, okay, I want to attract a relationship into my life and I want to shift to a reality where there's a great relationship.

But if we have a story about how we are worthy, and we're not worthy of that, and if we have a story of how relationship has gone in the past, then what we do is we pull in the present moment or pulling upon those other parallel realities and we're then creating a similar pattern in our daily life. Think of parallel realities as well as patterns. This is something that quantum physics has shown is when you look into the past looking for a certain pattern, you will find it and in the present moment right now, what if you could also look into the past and find the opposite of something that you priorly saw as a disadvantage.

For example, you may say, Oh, I'm an awkward person. Maybe somebody feels like they're an awkward person. They look to their past. They see all these situations in their mind that they blow up in their mind of them being awkward. Just one time they went to work and I said this weird thing and everyone looked at them funny.

They had to do something at school for a group project and they did something, and it was weird, and people thought it was awkward, and they started to then I'd turn allies it and think that that's who they were and as I look into the past, they can see experiences as that, but what if there was also the potential for past experiences also been where you were very comfortable with people of that same person had very comfortable and confident times of their life when they were confident in public, very confident with around other people.

You see the potentiality in the past exists right now for the person to actually experience what they want, but they're only focused on one data stream. There are only focused on one possible probable past. They all exist right now in the present moment. That's the cool thing to the present moment is all that exists.

The past was another perception, another perspective of the now moment, but we have memory so we attain it in their memory and say, oh, this is who I was, and then the idea of the future, the future never actually gets here. The future is something we can project using our imagination, but by the time the future gets here, it'll be this moment right now. All of the parallel realities that we can imagine exists right now in the present moment. They are simply vibrating at a different frequency. Therefore, we do not perceive it until now.

What we can learn to do is we can learn to tap into the version of us that is in a completely different reality and we can begin to then draw upon the characteristics of that version of us. And if we do that, we then start to embody a whole new level of being and we start to then resonate with the kind of reality that we prefer.

I have kind of a story that I've told them, a couple of parallel reality videos that I've done and it was a story of when I was in, I was in a car, I was just about, I forget exactly how long it's been now. It's been years though. It's this probably back in 2011, 2012 and I was driving in a certain lane here in Vegas and I was getting ready to make a left and a turn and ahead of me just a little bit.

There was this huge semi-truck and as it was shifting into the left lane, which is lane I was in, it was shifting. All of a sudden, I knew it was going to hit me like it was obviously like it didn't know I was there as A. I had a smaller car at a huge semi-truck. It was shifting and as it was shifting, all the sudden I felt a big jolt and then I was real. I was like 20 feet behind that semi-truck. And it was weird because I couldn't piece together that gap between where I was to then where I was. The question I had, or this is before I even knew about the quantum physics stuff, this is before I even knew about all the chuffed I share my YouTube channel. I didn't even know about it yet, I. But I knew that something happened.

I knew that from a higher level, some type of maybe my higher self, I don't know what it was, but I shifted from one reality to the other because in that reality I believe I was probably crushed by that semi-truck. But I experienced a quantum jump from one to the other. But it was more of an unconscious thing. It was more of something that maybe was done at a level that I wasn't consciously aware of. But nonetheless, I felt a jolt. I was then back and then the semi-truck was like 20 feet ahead of me and everything was good. And I remember just for like 20, 30 minutes, I was like, what the, what happened? I just didn't understand that. I just kind of accepted it. And then it just kind of went in the background and then I learned about this stuff later and it all made more sense.

Creating a quantum jump in our life is about resonating. It's about doing unconsciously, consciously by the way, that the story that I had just kind of proved to me that this is something that may be real.

Creating a quantum jump in our life is all about resonating.

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But now that I know what I know about parallel realities and kind of my own experiences with it, it makes it something that's more tangible for me. When it comes to the whole technique in general, the key to this is understanding that in the present moment right now, the version of you that is in a much different space than you right now, it already exists.

There is a version of you that is doing exactly what you want to be doing for a living. Maybe you're already doing that. There's the version of you that is in the perfect relationship that isn't the perfect house, that is living the kind of lifestyle that you love. That version of you. It's not like, oh, it exists in the ethers. In the future, it exists right now and what you can begin to do is you can begin to imagine individualization. What you can do is you can imagine yourself connecting to that version of you.

You can imagine yourself as if you're looking through the eyes of that version of you because as you begin to do that, what happens is you start to pick up on the same data stream as that version of you, meaning the same thoughts, emotions, and actions. You will begin to imagine what that is and you're going to begin to pick up on that frequency because it already exists and what you can then do is the technique behind this is to set that intention that that is who you choose to be now is to begin to embody those emotions and body, the body language of that version of you.

This is something I've done many times because I imagine myself traveling the world, giving seminars all around the different cities. I imagine what I would look like on top of state, on top of the stage, walking around how I would interact with other people. How I look into the crowd and how people would look and how excited they would be there.

I would pay attention to what I would do when I was done with that go into maybe restaurants are going to do different things in the cities that I'm traveling to. I imagine the kind of people I'd be connecting to. You see, I imagine all of these different things. How I carry myself and I don't imagine it as if, oh, wouldn't it be nice if I more so imagine it as if knowing that that already exists and I don't have to try to create it all. I have to do body those emotions and as I embodied those emotions,

things begin to change because as I embodied those emotions, things begin to resonate at a different frequency.

I'll notice then that there's a different reflection that I start to get in my own life. I make the choice that that is who I am. I embody those emotions. I embody those characteristics. I know that the best thing I could do right now is to create more videos and do what I love doing because that puts me into a flow state just like I'll be in a flow state when I'm on stage, but then here's the key. Here's the thing that makes a big difference for the quantum jump.

Put yourself in a situation or an environment you have never been in before because the way it works in the quantum world is that the moment that our brain begins to pick up on a pattern, it then begins to create a very similar experience over and over again, and that's why sometimes you may have of the beginner's luck.

When someone does something and they do a really good job at it, but then maybe they try it again and again after that and they don't get the same results. Will they have had no expectation when they tried something they've never done before because they had no expectation? They were able to get better results in some people that may have been doing it for a very long time, but then as they started to get used to those results.

They started to gain an expectation because then it happened really well, but then they did it a couple more times, maybe whatever it was, it didn't happen as well, so then they assume and they start to develop a pattern that they didn't start to remain consistent. To think of it as data streams and patterns. We live in patterns. We live in a certain pattern of thought, motion action, and when we jump outside of that pattern, we start to create a quantum leap, a quantum jump, but what we must do is change our environment, change the data input of what we are experiencing and as we changed the data, input what we are, our environment, what we're constantly thinking, feeling and doing.

Then we change what we are resonating with, but we have to drop that attachment to that data stream. We have to drop the attachment to the prior way of being, and the best way to do that is to get into a completely new situation, maybe even an uncomfortable situation because what's comfortable, what's familiar is only familiar because you've done it so many times, but when you do something you haven't done before, you start to branch out.

This is something I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza, is you cannot create miracles in the same habitualized thinking. Our personality creates our personal reality. I personality is a combination of what we think, what we feel and what we do. These three things make our personality. Now, these are all on autopilot. We think this is who I am, but really these are just on autopilot from years and years of prior repetitions and familiar thought patterns.

These three things are personality is created by our what we think, what we feel and what we do. They'll personality creates our personal reality. If we want to create a greater degree of change between where we are and where we want to be, we must first off do something that gets outside of the autopilot mind. We must do something that is unfamiliar because then the brain can't sink into the same patterns as before. What I recommend you do is go to an entirely new place, maybe go traveling somewhere, decided to do an activity you've never done before because as you do that, as you get more into the unknown.

That's where you can create something much better. You cannot create anything amazing and what's familiar because there's too much repetition already there. There's too much potential for the thoughts to just go back to what's already comfortable.

The technique is imagining yourself right now, looking through the eyes of the version of you that's living the best kind of life you can imagine. Close your eyes even right now. What I encourage you to do is we're going to take in a couple of deep breaths, and I encourage you to imagine yourself looking through the eyes of the version of you that already exists doing exactly what you want to be doing, and I'll just guide you along this process and still be like a short little mini meditation.

Just take a couple minutes, so let's take a deep breath in and out. Free that out. One more breath in and out. Feel your body, relax. Close your eyes if you can imagine yourself and what you would be doing in the ideal reality of what you want to experience, the reality that already exists. Find one representation of what this could be. This could be you with a significant other content promotion at your job, switching to a new type of job, owning your own business, whatever it is. Imagine yourself doing it, looking through your own eyes. What would it look like and imagine a scenario that would prove to you that that is something that's happened?

As you look around and you notice, be aware that this reality exists right now. This version of you exists and what you are doing right now is you are picking up on the data stream of that reality. What you can begin to do is to make the choice that going forward. This is who you are now. Pay attention to the way you carry yourself in this reality. Pay attention to the kind of emotions you feel, the kind of actions you take.

Simply choose that this is who you are now and what you can do is as you go throughout your day to day, simply know that you are going to get a reflection in your life before the end of the day today that proves to you that you have shifted to a completely different parallel reality and set the intention that you will feel inspired to do something new, to do something that you haven't done before to go somewhere you haven't been before.

Set the intention that when you see whatever this thing is that you can make a choice to do it and that you will do it in a very confident way with courage and once you can do is then go throughout your day to day knowing you are who you choose to be in the present moment. Choosing that when an opportunity arises for you to do something you haven't done before, you will know and you will take that option. You will choose that now.

Once again, remember this reality exists right now by imagine it in a body, the feeling, the feeling is the most important thing. Fuel it inside of your heart. Feel it. What would be like to be this version of you and shoes that going forward? This is who you are. This is really just a matter of choice. You can choose that this is who you are and then trust that as you start to do things outside of your familiar comfort zone, you start to create a quantum leap in your vibration. You start to develop a whole new pattern for a way of being. Choose that this is who you are.

You can open your eyes. It was like a little mini meditation there. What you can do is just realize this really is a matter of choice and part of this choice is to do something you have not done before. Get out of what is familiar. It starts to become and be who you naturally are from the perspective of that version of you because there's an infinite number of versions of you that exists but notice that who you really are.

It's the feeling inside of your heart. It's this feeling of passion and that version of you is feeling more passionate. You can embody it now by choice, by choosing to and by knowing that as you link up your body language, you link up and you start to literally model that version of you, which everything in your life begins to change.

This whole process is something I found very powerful is something I've been applying to my own life. Kind of his mantra as well. I am not the result of my past. I am who I choose to be in the present moment. That helps me to drop the story of the past and it didn't create a quantum jump in the reality that I'm experiencing, so I encourage you to get into the unknown courage, you to know that you are so much more than you probably thought that you can experience what you want more easily than ever when you make a choice to because you don't have to create it.

 It already exists. Choose it from that perspective. What I've also done is I've created a free guided meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point, which will make it more likely that you then shift to the more probable reality that you prefer. That's something that's absolutely free. I recommend you listen to it for 21 days. I think that it can absolutely change your life if you apply it.

3 Ways to Attract More Money Using Reality Transurfing

What I’m going to show you are the three ways to use Reality Transurfing to attract more money into your life. I'm going to share with you exactly what you do using this powerful manifestation process.

So, come on and watch the video below:

In this blog, we're going to be on a little bit deeper with Reality Transurfing which is the process I've been sharing with you guys and a post that I originally read maybe like 5 or 6 months ago and a friend recommended it. And I read it, and I started to apply. I began to get really like my results began coming so much easier. And through it, it's completely transformed the way that I see the world. And it's transformed the way I go about manifesting what I want in life.

This is a book that was written by Vadim Zeland in Russia is now being translated to a whole bunch of different languages because it's such a powerful book and so many people are catching on to it. And it is more of a philosophy for a way of seeing life more so than just step one two three manifestations. Let me give a little bit of context for this blog. I feel like I have to explain it in every video that I do on it because I want people to understand more about it. It has to do with understanding the power of intention and how there is something called the alternative space the alternative space we can think of like parallel realities.

This is something I've talked about in China before, but the idea is that there is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist that what we think of as time in continuity is something that we perceive of simply because we're able to team together and piece together all the different parallel realities. The idea is that we can create whatever we want in our life by learning how to resonate with who we prefer to be and how to set intentions to put us on the life track of what we want to experience.

1. Set more intentions in your life

First off if you simply set more intentions in your life, you will begin to see results. That's one of the first steps. It understands that intention is what creates the direction of what we experience in our life. Another part of Reality Transurfing is understanding what is called pendulums. Pendulums are thought structures that are created by multiple people thinking about something. Normally when we think of thought, we think we think it in that thought goes away. The idea is that it is electromagnetic energy to that thought.

And if people are thinking similar thoughts or have similar beliefs, those create a thought structure that then that thought structure gains its autonomy in a way in a way it is trying everything to think for itself and try and to kind of suck the energy out of everything to keep it alive. Think of this in the way of like social conditioning right.

There is a pendulum around being a Democrat or Republican no matter what side you're on. There's a pendulum that is created because multiple people think the same thing about it now. You could think the same thing around a sports team around for any sports team. There are pendulums around them. Being an American being on any label you can think of.

There is a train of thought that is socially conditioned inside of it and many times we think that we're thinking our thoughts when in reality we are thinking the thoughts of that social conditioning. This is where awareness comes into play when we become aware of what we're thinking. We can then decide to let them go that they no longer serve us then we can start to think for ourselves, and that's a very powerful thing to do.

Go ahead and get into the main part of the video because this will share with you and show you the different aspects of what reality and surfing is but just know has to do with parallel realities and understand rather than trying so hard it's about shifting in gliding to what we want to experience in our life and really choosing what we want rather than anything else. The first one to attract more money into your life is going to have to do with the whole process of what our goals should be. Most people will have the goals of Hey I want to create an attraction in my life.

A hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars. The idea is many times we are conditioned that's a pendulum. To think that our goals should be money itself. Under Reality Transurfing it's about understanding that you must have a goal and that money is a side effect of that goal. The idea is that what we must learn to do is to combine the power of our mind with the power of our heart. The thing is if we have a goal for more money the head can connect to more money right.

The money is representative of freedom will have to be able to do X Y Z, and it's cool for the brain, but the heart doesn't understand that the heart doesn't think in that logic it's not like oh when you have the money then I'll be able to do X Y Z. What we must do is have a goal that the heart connects to. The easiest way to do this is to follow your passion for finding out what you are passionate about.

And if you want to as well what you can do is focus on adding value to other people when you learn how to add value to other people with whatever it is are you at least have that perspective. You start to outline what is called Your Inner intention with other people's inner intentions as well. You start to tap into something called our attention. Let me explain that for a minute.

Everyone has a combination of inner intention and our intention into intention is the will we have to do something it's the grind mode the hustle of what we can actually do to get what we want in life. Our intention is when we start to link up with everything that's outside of us and know that the universe can manifest for us and that beyond that when we tap into the inner intentions of other people we start to also control our intention our intentions very powerful.

And the only way to really connect to it is to have a trust in the universe to supply what we want and what we are going ourselves. And as long as it's connected to our passion I think of it like this when we add value to other people we are linking up with their inner intentions. And then there's much more power to what we are doing. This means that in order for us to really create more abundance in our life what we can do is start to follow our passion and start to open up our mind to possibilities of how we can monetize what we love.

We have the internet now. There are much you know there's so much we can do. There are so many people that we can connect to that what we can learn to do is how can we add value to other people more so than just that. How can we follow our passion and our purpose with having our goal as being that? Because it connects to the heart. And when we connect to the heart there is much more ability for us to attain what we want and then money becomes a side effect of that. And I'll tell you in my own life that's something I definitely noticed.

I went full time with my passion back in August of last year. I kind of had to make the jump because I was getting no consistent money from the job that I had at the time. But as I just kept following my passion there were more and more opportunities to where money is a side effect of me doing what I love the value I can provide to other people. A side effect of that is compensation of abundance. That's something to consider.

That is will completely transform the way you go about the process and through having that transformed view you will then see money comes to you much easier when money isn't the goal but your passion is the goal.

2. Giving importance

The second one is my favorite has been the one that's transformed me the most and it has to do with understanding the importance we are giving to the money we want to create in our life. You can apply that towards anything as well not only not just money but the idea is that when we decreased the importance for what we want to create in our life we resonate better and stronger towards it. I'll think of it like this anytime you have something if there's something that you want to experience in your life.

The moment you say I want that is the moment you're also saying I did not already have it from my day. I want that over there. It means I want to. I don't currently have. What we must learn to do is to transcend desire and transform it into intention. The idea is that this is what makes trip surfing a little bit different than all the stereotypical Law of Attraction processes. It's not really about having a white-hot burning desire, in this case, it's more so about knowing that desire must be translated and transformed into intention in order for it to be powerful now.

This is the idea behind desire and intention. I have a desire to put my hand up right now and if I leave that desire here it dies no power within itself. But if I translate that desire into intention by going like this then it has power. The idea is that unblessed desire is transformed into intention or action. It remains as a potential that doesn't realize itself now the idea is that what you just do is have intention.

And on the other side of that understand that we must not give significance and importance to anything more so the more we have to think of it like this. The moment we say this is so important is the moment that we distance ourselves from it. And it's also the moment that we can't actually connect to it. We've noticed this the most obvious one that people can relate to is if you've ever like somebody and you had a crush on someone.

The idea is that you may have liked them and if they felt that off of you and you made them very important and you kind of put them on a pedestal they may have felt that and then retracted it kind of like Gannaway and now linked up with you or circumstances came into place to where it just didn't work out. The idea behind that is anytime we get something excessive meaning or has more significance than it is what happens is balancing factors come into play to balance that out so that it doesn't happen the way that we want.

What we must do is have a more your perspective on this. Two more of observing what we want to realize this is the key. That it is natural for you to have the abundance that wants that you want. It is natural for you to be experiencing that. And when you have that perspective so much can happen because you are more of resonating with it. You know I use this analogy a lot, and it has to do with understanding subscribers on YouTube. I’m thinking that 100000 subscribers are going to make me feel this blissful Tideway. And when we a hundred 100000 I went to bed one night at 98 thousand the next morning woke up at 101 because a video went viral.

And what happened is when I woke up it was like cool for about an hour, but it was just natural because I create daily videos. And that just became a part of my self-image. Be aware also of what yourself image is. Because if you have a self-image that says that I'm not worthy of that. It's up there on a pedestal. It's the moment that you know that that excess of potential will be created and balancing forces will take it away.

That's why in order for you to create more money in your life you have to start to see yourself as somebody that's able to generate that kind of abundance because it's natural for who you are and it's comfortable for you.

For you to create more money in your life, you have to start to see yourself as somebody that's able to generate that.

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Comfortability is also another important factor of Reality Transurfing. Most people say well isn't it best to get out of your comfort zone.

Well yes but you expand your comfort zone and then that becomes comfortable for you because you've been doing it consistently. That's why it's not about getting an outsider comfortable your comfort zone. It's about expanding your comfort zone. Do things you haven't done before. That is powerful but also realize that that is just who you are. You're somebody that stretches outside your comfort zone expands it you're somebody that it's natural for you to create the openness that you want. And as you do that everything will change.

3. Understanding experience

The third part of Reality Transurfing towards attracting more money or creating more into in your life will do with understanding referents experiences and connecting to the past. Normally we think of the past as something that is static that is who I was. That is what I experienced. However, under Reality Transurfing it's about understanding that there is an alternative space which is everything that has been everything that is and everything that will be now our choices and our intentions are what choose the future of what we experience in her life and by setting the right intentions and by focusing on what we want. We then focus more and bring in the parallel reality of what we want to experience in life which can be very powerful. However, many times we tell ourselves a story about our past.

Think of this as this is the past. This is the present this is the future. This all actually exists at once insists that our perception moves through it in a time-space linear way. We think that it's one Boom-Boom when it's really just boom everything exists exist on at once. The idea is that in the present moment right now we will connect to our past and say well I want to make you know 20, 30, 40k a month and I've never done that before.

The idea is that we look to our past to see that we've never done it before. The story that we tell ourselves is that it must be hard. We've never done it before and we just don't simply know what to do. That's actually the key is we just don't simply know what to do but we can find out by in the present moment in a couple different things. One of them can be to study people that have already done it before. People that are maybe in the same niche maybe that are you know read their books and understand what they did.

If it's you wanting to take your art and bring it and make it into a gallery and you can find people that have done that and find out what they did and how they marked it themselves maybe come up with your own way and the idea is that as you do that you're able to then connect and create what you want in the alternative space because you're focused on the belief that you can do it and somebody else has done it.

The other thing to do is realize that your past your probable past is always changing only in your memory. Are you able to remember those things and you think that it's your memory when you're connecting to different parts of your past and every moment? Say that you have a memory of something happening or you're in a certain state of being based on that state of being that you're in in the present moment. You're going to connect to different parts of your past.

That's why if you're in a very positive mood it's easy for you to remember other times in your past that you were positive simply because you resonate with that state of being and it's you're easily able to connect to those alternative pasts of what happened. Understand that that is all flexible. Understand you are not a result of your past. You are who you choose to be in the present moment.

This can be a major game changer in your life if you understand this because then you can drop all the story that you tell yourself all the story of money comes harder I can't have it or all of these you know self-esteem and thinking that you're not worthy of it. You will start to really drop all of those perspectives by buying into yourself more and understanding that you are who you choose to be. 

You can choose the alternative space of what you want by making the right choices and by understanding that it is natural for you to be that way so drop your story around money. Understand you can create your own story you can connect to different parts of your past by remembering times when you were abundance reaffirming that that's who you are and then everything begins to change.

Desire and the Law of Attraction THE TRUTH NO ONE TELLS YOU

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on desire with the Law of Attraction and something that a lot of people don't talk about in the Law of Attraction community. This is something that I think will change the way you see the process and also help you to resonate more with what you want to experience in a completely new way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the truth on understanding desire in the Law of Attraction process and a new way for looking at it so that you really start to create what you want from a place of resonance. The reason I say resonance is because when you look at the law of attraction in general, an underlying consensus of the Law of Attraction is that desire is one of the keys to success.

At a certain level, desire gets the energy moving. When you hear people like Tony Robbins talk about how you have to be hungry, it will move energy and even the book think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill where he talks about having the white-hot burning desire. These are certain ways for going about the process and they will still get you results, but that's if certain things come into play and many times it creates blocks that then people have to jump over and sometimes those blocks can make it so that it takes a lot longer than it has to.

Basically, what I'm saying is there's a better way of going about it. That comes from a higher level of consciousness, a higher vibrational state of being to where things happen in a much easier way. Last night I was reading a book before I went to bed and that book was talking about the Tao Te Ching, and it was talking about how that means, the way the balance, it's this certain way that we're going and it talks about how there were these two extremes.

Anything that's on either side of the extreme drains us of energy. So sometimes if we have a strong desire for something, we may actually be drained our energy if we become identified with it and if we base our internal state of being on whether that thing happens or not. You see this a lot and I see this a lot because I'm in this community. I make videos on YouTube about this and I get people that ask me all the time, how do I try to person into my life? I really want to attract this.

How do I go about it? And I can tell many times that people feel drained of energy because they're putting so much into what they want to create in their life. However, what I'm learning is there's actually the better way that I'm talking about and it has to do with more of something that has to do with a point of view.

It comes not so much from what you want, but why you want what you want. What is the why underneath you? Why would you want what you want? Well, it's most likely because whatever you want, you want the emotion that it brings you. You want the feeling that that thing will give you, and the key is tapping into the feeling, knowing that you can generate the feeling of whatever you want simply by deciding to do so. What does that mean?

Well, what it means is a lot of times what we do, what I do and what I used to do a lot, getting better at it is I used always to say that when something happened in the future, then I'd be happy, but that's deceiving because then when the future gets here, I've already been conditioned not to be happy with certain things and then the mind always jumps in.

It ups the ante. Whether this is something like achieving goals when it comes to a certain dollar amount, you may get to that dollar amount that you make per month or per year, whatever it is, this is just normal for me. This doesn't feel as I thought it was. I'm going to up the ante even more. Maybe even another 15 percent more on top of that.

Then I'll feel better, but it's just an if-then thing in the mind, if this happens, then I'll feel better and that's a rule that we place on our self and if that rule comes to fruition or if we abide by that rule, then we'll feel good if we accomplish it, but the key is to understand that we can feel the emotion that we want right now and by doing so, we then resonate more with the reality that we want quicker than ever.

When it comes to desire, I would say that normally what happens with people when they have a strong desire is they remain in one of the first levels of Law of Attraction, and that is the being here wanting to be here, desiring for being over here and feeling unconscious that you don't already have that. What you want. Think about it in terms of resonance.

If you are here saying, I want that over there, you're also saying, I really, really want that. You're also saying, I really, really don't currently have that. And the key and the secret to this whole process is knowing that over there, whatever emotion that over there, we'll bring you. You can feel that satisfaction, that happiness, that gratitude right now in the present moment, and by feeling that emotion now in the present moment, you will eventually get there, but the key is to not need that thing in order to feel happy.

Because if you need it, then you're also saying that you haven't changed. You see, we always get a reflection in our life of what we believe to be true and we always get a reflection or a life of who we are being. And if and as we know, if we look at a mirror, we can't expect the reflection of change before we change. We must change first and the same way. Sometimes what we do is we're like, “Hey, I've changed.”

But then were peeking to see if the reflection changes and we're waiting for the reflection of change before we'll actually change. But we're like, Hey, I think I'm changing. It will look in the mirror and it hasn't changed yet. The key is to, regardless of what the reflection is doing to change anyway, because there's the thing, there's a gap in between what we perceive on the mirror.

We have time, space, reality that we live in, and of course, time at a certain level is an illusion, but there's a certain momentum that we have built up from prior experience and that momentum continues to play itself out. Sometimes there'll be looking at the mirror, you'll be getting the old reflection saying, I know I've changed, but if you do not actually change on the inside because you're waiting for that to change, then the change hasn't happened yet.

It's a paradox because when you don't base your internal state of being on what is externally happening, when you don't base it on that, that's when everything will change and paradoxically enough things will happen even easier, but you have to learn to generate the emotion from within because when you generate the emotion from when within, that's when you actually resonate with what you want to experience.

There's another process that I teach that's called Reality Transurfing. There's a book called Reality Transurfing in written by a quantum physicist named Vladimir Zeland in Russia. It's becoming more well-known because I make it a lot of videos about it as well, so a lot of people are starting to learn a lot more about Reality Transurfing and one of them. One of the things in there has to do with understanding this balance of desire, importance, and intention.

Normally what we do is if we say, I really want that, like I said, we're saying I really, really don't have that, but what we also made doing this be putting things on a pedestal saying this is very important. I really hope this happens. I really hope this interaction with this person I have a crush on goes really well. I really hope it does.

And if we put them on a pedestal, we then create this resistance. We create this potential for resistance. Everything in life has a certain level of what could be called the union, the Yang. If you look at certain traditions, there's this balance, this polarity, and anytime we push it to one side, there's another side that comes into balance it, so if we're draining yourself of energy because we really desire something, there's this pool to come back to the middle and then in order to come back to the middle, sometimes that thing gets taken away from us because that's what in Reality Transurfing is called this balance of coordination.

Anytime we put something on a pedestal, balancing forces come into play because there's something called excess potential balancing forces, metaphorically speaking, come into play to balance that out, so how does it balance it out will sometimes we just won't get that which we want because we're also saying in the present moment, I don't currently have that which I want because I really, really want it, which means I really, really don't currently have it, and because we're saying that what happens is we must get to the middle way.  

As realized in this last night when I was looking at the principles, because it's about this middle way, this middle balance of going about things. Here's the thing, in Reality Transurfing desire isn't powerful. Desire is only powerful if it is translated into intention. Was the difference between intention and desire?

Now, desire is an energetic thing that can sometimes move energy, however it many times causes blocks, but it's an emotion is a feeling that we have that then allows us to focus now intention, the difference between desire and intention. His intention is something that we actualize. It's something that we move energy towards, that we take action with or something that we move energy with.

Whereas desire is simply a thought. It is something that we think about, but in the same way, this is the analogy that using the robotic trans surfing book, as I'm here right now, if I have a desire to put up my hand, that desire is not powerful unless I translate that desire into intention.

 The intention is the realization of that desire, so sometimes desire will get us to that intention. Desire will get us to take action.

Desire will get us to feel a certain emotion or to desire and focus in a certain way, but if we move our hand like this, that's because we had the intention to do so.

Desire will get us to feel a certain emotion and focus in a certain way.

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We have realized that desire, so the key to this whole process is understanding the movement from something that may be a desire into that have intention.

When it comes to the process of desire and the Law of Attraction, let's understand another aspect of getting results with what we want with the Law of Attraction. It's something that I really believe is the most underrated, one of the most underrated things when it comes to this process and that is a focus. Anything we focus on grows and in order to become successful, it requires quite a bit of focus, but a lot of people will focus for a little bit on something.

Then move away from it. Therefore, it just grows a little bit. Think of it like you're watering something, but you're watering something that is able to continue to take in water so you're not over watering it. Sometimes people might work a little bit too hard and create the resistance, but in general, the more you water it, the more it grows, but some people that just trickle a little bit of water on it and then run away and then come back three weeks later and be like, so you didn't work.

Law of Attraction doesn't work. I wanted to go full time with my passion by just didn't work well. It doesn't work if you just trickle of water on it every three weeks. The more that you focus on anything, the more it grows. The reason that Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, a lot of success, people have said that she has to do what you're passionate about is because whatever you're passionate about, it is so easy for you to focus and that focus will then grow, and then even when it appears to be hard, you're still focused through it.

That's the key is focused because in the process with desire and the Law of Attraction, many people will have a certain focus for a period of time, but then shift the focus. A little bit of resistance comes up. The key is to redefine that resistance and to know that it's part of the process and that the more you allow things to happen, the easier things will be for you.

When it comes to desire and the Law of Attraction, understand that desire is only powerful if it's translated into intention, which means the in to the realization in to the energy movement of it and to being able to actualize that which you are desiring and you can even just think to yourself right now, I intended dot, dot, dot. What do you intend for in your life? I set intentions throughout my whole day when I get up in the morning, I set an intention that I have a great meditation in my meditation.

I preplan out my whole day and I set intentions for certain segments of my day, so I set intentions to have a great time filming videos, set intentions to enjoy editing the videos, to getting the work done on my business. I set intentions to enjoy going to the gym, to getting things done the rest of the day. Whatever I need to do or spending time with family, whatever it is, I set those intentions because then that equals and that influences the rest of my day and I find it to be very powerful.

But the key is to set those intentions because intentions are going to help you realize whatever your desires are, so desires can be okay as long as It's moved in a certain direction. Many people stay in phase one of manifestation, which is just the thought of it isn't about thinking. This is about being.

This is about encompassing the whole dynamic, how you think, how you feel and what you do. All three of that makeup who you are and we get a reflection of who we are. The key is to know why we want what we want and then to break that down into an emotion. For example, if we want more money, we could say, how do we, how do we attract what we want and have a desire for it? Without emphasizing that what we want isn't already here.

The key to this is understanding this is more about resonance, and the key to this is understanding whatever you want brings you a particular emotion, so choose to feel that emotion right now because you can choose the meaning you give to things in your life and when you choose to feel whatever emotion that is. If it's money, for example, money brings you what?

Most people, for me, it brings freedom, freedom to do what? Uh, what I want when I want to do it. For some people, it brings security, the feeling of feeling secure and safe. For some people when it comes to a relationship that represents to them connection, compassion, love. You can feel that right now by focusing on things in your life that are already there, that allow you to feel that emotion. And by doing that you will attract what you want quicker than ever because you are more so resonating with that.

This is about understanding that you can choose and give yourself permission right now to release what you want. The serotonin, the dopamine with your focus. Whatever you focus on, you feel start to focus on things you already have that have the vibrational basis of what you want to experience, and you will then be translating that desire into intention.

Make the choice that you're going to set more intentions in your life. You'll start to move the energy in a very powerful way and understand that this goes beyond that of just what you think. This is about who you are and when you begin to see it from this point of view, things will happen easier than ever. What I also encourage you to do is to go down the middle way what they called the way go down and don't give it excess important to excess.

Meaning, see it as a natural part of who you are. See it as something that doesn't have to drain your energy because you're going down the middle way. You're not really, really, really wanting it really, really, really, really thinking you don't have it.

You are just going through the process of observing your thoughts more than anything else and you'll find that things happen easier than ever. You have the power to do it. You have the power to move the energy with your focus and unconfident that if you do, you will experience more of what you want your life and a much faster way.

If the Law of Attraction isn’t working… DO THESE 3 THINGS

I'm going to be sharing with you exactly what to do if the Law of Attraction isn't working for you. If it's not working, all you have to do is do these three things and everything will become easier.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three things that you can do to make the Law of Attraction work and really what to do if the Law of Attraction does it appear to be working. Now, the reason I say doesn't appear to be working is because the Law of Attraction is always working there or just may be times when we are creating more of an experience on sub conscience of that of resistance, so we always get a reflection of what we believe to be true and we always get a reflection of who we are being.

You may have heard my earlier YouTube videos from back in the day. I used to always say that you don't always get in life exactly what you want, but you always get a reflection of who you are being. Now, there are times when some people may say, hey, the Law of Attraction doesn't work, and if they believe that the Law of Attraction doesn't work, then the belief will give the reflection. What we get in reality is a reflection that the Law of Attraction doesn't work.

The funny thing is that we are using the v to affirm that the Law of Attraction doesn't work, so that person will go out into the world, will attract to them situations that reaffirmed that belief that the Law of Attraction doesn't work, but the Law of Attraction is always working. Whether we are aware of it or not. It just may be that what we're doing is selectively seen certain things in our life and we're not seeing the correlation between what we are thinking to what we are experiencing.

Here is one of the fundamental basis of this video. Before we even get to the three things that you can begin to pay attention to, it's knowing that you are so powerful that you are always creating something in your life, whether you're aware of it or not. Now you don't have to try the manifest anything. It's a natural byproduct of your state of being.

It's a natural byproduct of how reality works, so versus trying to have to create something, know that it's just a side effect of you being yourself. It's a side effect of you choosing and focusing in a certain direction. I would say one thing that I've really paid attention to in my life and becoming successful, whether that's online with online business or having that of this YouTube channel that's grown very quickly and has been of me focusing in a certain direction.

Focus is where there is so much power and in order to get momentum going, sometimes in the beginning it takes a certain amount of focus to get there because it's almost like. It's almost like there is a ball rolling down that of a hill and in the beginning, especially if it's a heavy rock and you're rolling it, what would happen is it would take some effort in the beginning, but eventually after you focused on it.

You pushed a certain amount of momentum, starts to carry itself, and that's why things actually normally get easier because the momentum is already there. If you find that things aren't happening, it may be simply that there needs to be a little bit more momentum, which means a little bit more focused. Don't give up. Understand that this is about not what you will get from what you want to manifest.

It's about who you will become. You know, they always been saying this quote lately because I think it is so true, but you've ever seen when they asked people who are successful, who have millions of dollars, they say, what would you do if you lost all your money and they almost always say the same thing. They say, I would just create it again. I would just go out there, figure out what works, and I'll do it again because once I've done it, now I know I can do it.

It's the same thing when it comes to the kind of person you become, but if you focus on just the end result, just a little side gadget thing that you'd get from certain type of manifestation, then it's not. The focus isn't on the totality of who you become. That's the first part of this process.

1. State of being

The first part I want to share with you, if you find that the Law of Attraction isn't working, is understanding that it is always working. It's just how aware are you of it working for you, how aware of what you are thinking to what you are experiencing. But here's the other thing. Focus on your state of being. How do you feel about what you're focusing on? How are you feeling right now? Normally what we do is we tell ourselves in our own mind we say, I will give myself permission to feel positive emotion once I achieve X, Y, or Z. and by making that declaration, even at a subconscious level, we then put our happiness on hold. That's when we have it backwards. You see, we normally think that we need to wait to feel a certain emotion. And by waiting we actually put off the manifestation happening quicker than ever.

 It's backwards. So instead, if we simply feel good now, things would happen even easier. I've noticed this in my own life when it comes to my state of being, if I'm in a great state, have been things just continue to happen in a great way, but if I'm waiting and I'm giving myself permission only what I have achieved, X, Y, Z, something, then it ends up taking even longer. More resistance is created along the way.

For this process of what I'm sharing with you is if you can focus more on just feeling good in the present moment, on being passionate about what you're doing, you'll find that you attract things much faster anyways.

You attract things much faster if you are being passionate about what you're doing.

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Don't it be something that's backwards. And it's a funny idea too, because many times we think that once we hit our goal, we will feel happy. And if you've heard, there are some people, are many people that become millionaires, be win the lottery, and they're not necessarily happy because they've trained themselves to only be happy in the future and the future doesn't really exist.

They key is to condition the happiness now and by conditioning the happiness. You achieve success faster than ever by doing what you're passionate about. That's why they always say, do what you're passionate about. You generate a certain state of being a certain emotion that attracts more and more success to you. What are you focused on and are you doing what you're passionate about, and if not, what I encourage you to do is to start to focus on more activities that will get you to a certain state of being. Ask yourself the question, what is the most exciting thing I can be doing right now? Maybe it's something small. Maybe it's just like I'm going to. I feel like going to the park and going for a walk. I'm going to walk my dog. I'm going to go get something to eat in the kitchen.

I'm going to go and read a book or take a bath, whatever it is. It doesn't have to be the overarching thing that you will always do every single day in your life, but the things that you do that you're passionate about, when you generate a certain state of being, it trickles on to every other aspect of your life. This is something that I began to do. I began to ask myself the question, what is the most exciting thing I could be doing? I realized that the more videos I created, the more passionate I felt. I dedicated myself to making more videos. That's when I was able to go full time with my passion. That's when now I lived this, a static expression of doing what I love and that's why I love helping other people do the same thing. Because when you are in that passionate state, so much then begins to happen.

2. Letting go of negative emotion

The second thing that you can do in order for you if the Law of Attraction doesn't work in, in order for you to really attract what you want, has to do with letting go of negative emotion, letting go of resistance, because when we carry around blocks resistance and we've carried this around with us, this will actually block us from experiencing that which we want. Now, here's a cool idea of the way I think about manifestation, manifestation and the Law of Attraction is not about us attracting something outset of our lives from into our lives.

Something from over there into here. It's more about making what is currently invisible to our perception, visible things that may have always been there. There may be opportunities in your life that were always sort of there, but you just weren't perceiving of it because of these certain state of being.

Kind of like we were talking about with the first one. What this means is that when we let go of resistance, that's where everything begins to happen. Now, how do we let go of resistance? We have to first off, become aware of it and we have to allow it to be there. That's the second step. This seems paradoxical will if I allow it to be there, am I going to attract more of it? But the thing is when you allow it to be there, it's no longer resisting it, so you can't.

It's almost like you're resisting resistance if it needs to be different and the more you focus on anything, the more it grows, the more you focus on the resistance and how it shouldn't be there. You're trying to change it. The more that it won't actually change. The paradox is being aware of the resistance you have.

Why it is there, and you could simply do that by saying, what would I have to believe is true for this to be there, and then what you can do is let it be there. This is the biggest paradox. I remember when I first learned meditation, the biggest game changer that absolutely transformed my life was when I was meditating the second or third day in because the first two days I didn't really experience much. I ended up filling resistance because like, I isn't this working, this is supposed to be working.

What happened was is I let the thoughts be there. The first two days I was like, oh, the Law of Attraction. I can't think these negative thoughts. I was like, I can't think negative thoughts, and I ended up bringing more of them in and I just felt more and more resistance.

The third day something happened. I said, you know what? I'm going to let the thoughts be there. I'm going to observe the thoughts as they come into my mind as they come into my mind, I'm going to look at them and then let them go. It's going to be like I'm at a park on a park bench and I'm walking, watching people walk by. Just let them walk by. I'm not chasing them. I'm not asking them questions. I'm not just watching them walk by, so that's what I did.

I just watched my thoughts as they came into my mind. As they left and something happened, something totally changed my life. Then what happened is I started to become more present to the moment. I started getting into more of this observation state of being and in this observation state of being, everything began to change.

I began to feel more present. I began to realize that it's more about how can I embody more of how I prefer to be now than trying to get somewhere in the future. It changed everything and that was through observation throw. If you're experiencing resistance, the paradox, the power is in observing the resistance. Let it be there. It's okay, and as you let it be there, it will naturally subside.

Think about it in a way our egos sometimes could be like a toddler. Let's use that analogy. Don't mean to drop down to our ego, but you know our individual egos, but in a way, if you argue with a little like a two, three year old toddler like, you can't do this, you can't do this, blah, blah, blah. They'll keep fighting. They'll keep arguing with you, but if you were just to observe them when they're having a temper Tantrum, let them do what they do.

Eventually, if you ignore them or you just observing them, you're not fighting or feeding whatever they're doing, eventually they're going to get tired. They're going to go take a nap. They're going to get distracted. They're going to go do something else because you're not feeding that reality. In the same way. Our ego works in a similar type way. If we are constantly trying to control everything and we are feeling that resistance, we're fighting with it.

It has something to feed on, but if you observe it, it doesn't have any content to feed on as much because you're not attaching yourself to it. That's something that if you find the Law of Attraction isn't working, the Law of Attraction, all you have to do is observe the thoughts that come in, observe the resistance, find out why it's there, asked what would I have to believe is true, that it's there, and then you'll find that it starts to naturally go away.

It may just be there because it may just be some attachment. You have to thinking that it helped you at some level. Whatever it is. I have a lot of videos on beliefs and how to let go of negative beliefs. That's what that'll help you do as well, but in general, what you can begin to do is to just let go of the outcome by simply observing it as it comes in, in letting it go.

3. The true degree of change

The third thing you can do if the Law of Attraction is not working is understand this idea. This idea has totally changed my life and a lot of other people I've shared it with. The true degree of change is not whether the outside changes at all. Understand life in a way is like a mirror. It has always mirroring back to us our state of being, our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions now because it's like a mere will always get a reflection of who we are being.

The true degree of change is not whether the outside changes at all. It's whether even if the outside doesn't change, our internal mechanism of how we feel has changed. Let me say that one more time and a little bit different way. The true degree of change is not whether the outside changes at all, but it's whether on the inside we are so nonmoving, we feel like we are changed regardless of what the outside looks like.

Even if the outside doesn't change, we have changed on the outside, on the inside, we have already changed on the inside, regardless of what happens on the outside. The paradox is when you become completely okay with where you are and you are just knowing that this is who you choose to be, the outside ends up changing anyways, but the thing is this is the reason so many people don't get their manifestation or create what they want in their life.

They keep peaking, they keep looking around. They're like, okay, well just like you'd go over to a mere, you'd look at the mirror, you know that you must first change before the mere changes, but many people, they're looking at the mirror like once you change, then I'll change. Once you change a little bit, then I'll change my reflection, but it's not the way it works. The key to this is to stop peeking, to stop thinking that the true degree of change is whether the outside actually changes.

It's whether the outside can remain the same, but you're inside has changed and sometimes this is the thing with manifestation. There are times that something will happen in your life that will appear to be the same thing that has always happened. But if you respond to that same thing that has always happened in the same way that you used to than it showing that you haven't changed.

The key is to change regardless of the outside changes, which means you are 100% happy. Right now, you're whole incomplete right now. And then this is what happens. You let the old momentum run itself out. You may find that you keep getting the same thing that you got last time, but it's okay because you're letting go of the momentum.

Just like if you had like a, a wheel that was spinning, even if you stopped the momentum of propelling it, it may still spin for a while. That's momentum. Let it die out, but don't get mad if it's still dying, if it's still going for a little bit. Find that when you start to observe more of your internal state of being. The one thing that we always have the ability to control is how we relate to the outside environment, so this is where the power is.

Understand there may be something you're doing and maybe you keep getting that reflection. Maybe your intention is to attract a certain amount of money or to get a new job and what happens is you go and you keep getting rejected. I get it in a new job. You keep not doing well at the interviews or whatever it is, or you think you're doing well, but you're not getting the results you want. You start to change on the inside.

You start to feel that change. You go to an interview and you still don't get the job well. If you give it the meaning that it means that you still haven't changed, then what happens is you continue to perpetuate that reality, but remember, the true degree of change is not whether the outside changes. It's whether the outside can remain the same, but you have changed on the inside, so if you go forth, you know what?

Maybe that's just momentum. You go to the next job interview and you feel even more on point. Then what happens is you continue to get into this state and you don't let that bring your set point down so you move on and you keep getting better and then you actually get the job because you are not dependent on the outside circumstances. You choose to change because you prefer to. This is where all the power is and this is what I encourage you to do.

Understand that if the Law of Attraction isn't working for you, that it may just be one of these three things that when you do one of these three things, everything in your life will begin to change, but realize that at the fundamental core, the Law of Attraction is always working. It's just how much can we be aware that the Law of Attraction to work is working?

First off, remember the state of being is the most important part of this process. Feel happy now. Things will happen faster than ever. Secondly, the resistance we feel let go of resistance, allow the resistance to be there in the allowing of it to be there. It will naturally start to go away. Ask yourself what belief, what I have that this is the case, and then thirdly, you can let that go. Then thirdly, what you can realize is the true degree of change is not whether the outside actually changes it all.

It's whether you have changed on the inside, regardless of how the outside has changed, but at the paradox of that is that then things will change anyways. That's just how it works. You just have to hold your frame, let the old momentum run itself out, and then everything will change for you.

Another part of this process is understanding our subconscious mind, and if you want to learn how to change your subconscious mind, I've made an MP3 that will help you to do that. It's very powerful. I recommend you listen to it for 21 days and you'll get the maximum benefit out of it.

#5: Transform Your Story and Become a Hero Like This…

We are going to be talking about story archetypes. What does that mean? This is something I actually recently talked about in a Q&A that I did, and it's been a game changer for me in my own life and it's understanding how our story is creating our life experience, so every single one of us has a certain story and a certain character, a certain type of archetype for a way that we identify ourselves and the way that we see ourselves as a story that we stay consistent to whether we're aware of it or not.

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In these story archetypes, it will help you to understand maybe where you are and I'm going to share with you how to shift from one of these archetypes to another as I did. I went from one type of mindset to a completely different type of mindset. As I went through what some people call a spiritual awakening.

As I pretty much just became more aware of the intimate correlation between what I'm thinking and what I'm feeling and what I'm experiencing. Seeing that correlation made a huge difference and I wanted to share that really the way we view ourselves, our self-image is something we'll always do everything we can to stay consistent too.

If you ever saw a movie that you watched that you felt really identified with the main character or one of the characters, maybe you watched it and you saw a certain character and you really like them. One of the reasons you may really like them as you really identify with them in a certain way. Maybe you densify with their story. I loved the books, but Harry Potter grew up living in a little closet.

This might sound kind of funny, but me and my brother kind of lived in a similar way. My dad was a firefighter so he wasn't home very often. If you know my story then I kind of had like an abusive ex-stepmom and we were kept on one side of the house and there was like a cage because it was called like the mother in law's quarters, I and my brother were in there and it had like a little kitchen.

We were allowed to have like one box of cereal for the week, you know, we were kind of malnutrition and stuff, but we kind of lived in that kind of environment where we didn't really have much inside of that room. We had these little fold bed things that I don't even know what they're called, like these little things, I think there are big in the nineties, but they're like these little things that fall down. That's where we slept on. They weren't even real beds.

And that's how we lived up until my dad divorced her when I was 15 and all of a sudden, we had all this freedom. But before that very controlled. And when I watched that movie a Harry Potter or read the books, I identified because of the way that the Dudley's which are Harry Potter's like mogul parents treated him, that was kind of how I and my brother retreated for a period of our life and it's something I identified with. When I identified with Harry Potter and I just kind of felt like I have magic in myself as well.

Like I'm sure everyone did. I mean, Harry Potter is one of the biggest books movies of all time, so I can imagine that. But yeah, that was my, what was your favorite character of mine was Harry Potter. I really identified with the main character.  I've always felt like it's my mission to share these ideas. In a similar way to Harry Potter, you know, uh, and it's, it's when we watched certain movies, there's a certain dynamic that we enjoy when we watched the movie.

Sometimes we watch a movie and we see the character go from one to the other. They go from one archetype, which I'm going to share with you in a minute, the different main archetypes, but it's very simple there, pretty much every movie has some level of it and what we see is we see the person transform and when they transform, we see them go into a totally different mindset.

We see them experience a certain amount of success and that is something that is fun to watch or fun to, a fun to be a part of and we identify. We're inspired by movies that were really inspired by normal movies where the main character goes through some type of transformation and in the same way we are in our own movie and we can learn how to transform ourselves with these archetypes that I'm going to share with you.

First off, be aware of maybe any movie before I give them to you. Be aware of any movie that you really identify with the main character you identify with them. That's the main key because we can always watch like Superman and be like, I love Superman. He's my favorite character. Maybe I'm like Superman. But the key is being aware of maybe the story that you really identify with and as you look at that, that'll kind of give you a clue as to how you view yourself and how and what archetype you may be in.

Think about what that is and now I'm going to start explaining the archetypes. There are three main archetypes for the way that we see ourselves and in the way also in every single movie that we've pretty much ever seen. And one of them is that of what we call the victim. The victim archetype or the victim character in a movie is normally the one that needs to be saved. A victim is the one that doesn't necessarily feel like they have the power. It is the one.

What's coming to me right now is if you've seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, where he takes. I mean it's not really a movie of transformation because he takes a pill and he takes a pill and then all of a sudden, he's got all these mind powers and stuff and it makes them like a totally new type of person.

But in general, imagine he did that without the pill. Imagine he transformed himself with through thinking or something like that. You see him at the beginning of the movie. He's kind of like a leaf in the wind is kind of like the victim. He's the guy that can't get the book deal and he's got all, you know, you got, he's got this desire, but he's kind of let himself go. He's got like long hair, really messy, small apartment. And you can just tell he's not happy. He's kind of depressed. That's his character.

It's kind of more of the victim role and there are the victims. Imagine they need to be saved or they have a certain story that kind of keeps them in a certain way. And I say this not from on the top of the mountain like I'm the king of the hill. I say this because that used to be my story when I came outside of like that experience I'm telling you about.

And my dad divorced my mom when I was 15. All of a sudden me and my brother had all this freedom. We were allowed to have friends, we weren't allowed to have friends before that. It was just my brother and me. We were a lot of times locked outside, had to work a lot. We weren't allowed to really go to school activities. We had to earn school activities and if we got in trouble for the dumbest things, we'd have to admit to lies that we didn't do lies the things that we didn't say we'd have to admit to it or we weren't able to go to like band competition or we weren't able to go into forensics debate.

For example, a school was like a privilege in her eyes. Because of that, I'm all of a sudden, we had all this freedom, but there was still this underlying victim mentality that I had for many years because it was a lot of pain and uh, uh, of the, uh, abuse, physical abuse plus the kind of like the restriction that we had.

I looked at that and I was like, oh, I felt this kind of like under laying unsettling feeling that, oh man, I feel like I should be experiencing or I should be able to let this go. And I felt that kind of victim mentality. I've been there. I understand how it is. Sometimes some people will look at me and see how positive I am and they see my lifestyle and they assume that I was kind of given everything on a silver platter, the silver spoon or something like that.

And I say it because I know how it is and most people have been through more pain than you can even imagine. A lot of people have been through pain on some level just in different forms. I want you to know that I get it. I understand. When I say the victim mentality, I'm not talking down on it.

What would I want to do as well as I want to wake you up to understand that you can let go of the story? Yes. Maybe some bad things happened, but you can choose to let them go. You can choose to see them as something I'm going to share with you exactly how to do that later in this blog as well, but in general, basically what it is the victim mentality is the one that needs to be saved is the one that is kind of more like a leaf in the wind isn't going through life and in the even in a movie and you know dynamically creating what they want or intending for it.

 It's just kind of things that happen. The other perspective is the one that we all desire to be like. That is the hero. In every movie, there is normally some type of hero and the hero is the one that claims their power.

A hero is someone who can add value to other people to save other people.

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The hero is the one that is able to intend to for things to happen and then experience it. The hero is the one that's able to add value to other people to save other people or to make something happened and the hero is the one, the archetype that we all have the ability to be.

When I share the hero archetype to understand that you can become the hero, the moment you decide that you're going to move from, maybe it's the victim mentality into the hero mentality, you have the same potential and the way that you do that is something I'm going to be sharing with you in a little bit. But that is the key is being aware of that hero mentality. So, Harry Potter, is kind of like the hero is the main character in that of Harry Potter is like a hero saving everyone else, right?

Or just able to go through and is on a journey, a quest to find himself and also to help other people and to go on this journey of defeating Voldemort. That is kind of a perspective of the hero's journey and it's a journey. It's not just a one-time thing, it's a journey. Then the other archetype is the villain, the bad guy, the one that normally has the resistance around them or people don't agree with them or maybe the people don't understand that person.

But sometimes he could sell the empathy for the villain as well. I know there's a certain movie I watched where you kind of have empathy where you see someone that's been through a lot of pain and then experiences it is the villain and you kind of sympathize with them a little bit. Like when you look at, uh, what was, was that Black Panther, Black Panther, it was a great movie.

One of the main characters, a guy that's a name is Michael Jordan in real life. Michael B. Jordan I believe is his middle initial, but anyways, he is the bad guy in the movie, but he's also somebody that was very, a troubled youth and probably a lot of people that are villains even in real life or people that were troubled or had like a harsh childhood. Maybe that is where they, the way they are.

But nonetheless, he was, when he was young, his dad was killed in front of him and it was something that he was left from his tribe in Africa, uh, the ad, like, you know, all these abilities and stuff like that, all these are like a superhero movie, but he's left in like Compton or something like that in la, kind of in the ghetto. And he's left there to kind of fend for himself and his dad is killed in front of him when he was like a toddler or very young, so that probably, you know, influences mindset and then he's the villain, but you kind of sympathize with them because he was left there by the tribe and nobody came and got him.

Of course, maybe he developed that level of, uh, of a pain and it may transmute it. You kind of sympathize with villains as well sometimes. But some people go in real life from the certain archetype to another. For example, I've shared this before, but tiger woods wind from that of the hero to the villain because he cheated on his wife and people started to view him in a negative light. Because of that, he kind of has had to fight that role of being the villain or being the bad guy. Some people thrive on being the bad guy though.

You've got people like maybe a Danimals Bilzerian who's got more of an edgy personality. He's like a social media guy who's always like on boats and stuff and it has a lot of money and kind of lifestyle. A lot of people wish they lived, uh, but he can sometimes appear to the villain to some people.

People like John McAfee, for example, I'm someone like them that appears to be the villain to a lot of different people just because of his mentality and the way the way he is. And other people as well. In general, that can also be moved. And it does sometimes move, like recently at the beginning of this year.

I don't know if you guys remember Paul Logan. Paul is a huge blogger; I think he's got like 17 million followers on, on YouTube and like a social media star. He was at the top of his game in December of 2017. And you just like? He was like the growing faster than any other YouTuber, all this momentum, all this, all this energy moving him in a specific direction. And what happened was in a split second, he went from the hero, and everyone dies in everyone's eyes to the villain because he made a dumb decision.

He went into the US traveling and his vlogs. He did daily Vlogs on YouTube, and he lives kind of this edgy lifestyle, or he's always doing unique things for entertainment for people. And he took it a little bit too far. He went to a suicide forest in Japan and when he was there, he, uh, he went to the suicide forest. He took a thumbnail with a dead guy in the back hanging. It was very edgy, something he shouldn't have done. Apparently, a dumb decision.

It even went beyond YouTube, and it went into Dr. Phil was talking to everyone is talking about it because in a moment millions and millions of people went from seeing them as the hero, as this amazing guy. That's like the most entertaining person ever, to see them as the villain, as this bad guy, and you see now when I look at him now, and I'm not saying this in a judgmental way, but when I see him now.

I can tell that it's weighed on him, is that he's not the same as he was before because his story has changed. He has gone from the guy, and that part of it too could have been. It could have been maybe the ego coming in a little bit too much. What happened was that sometimes when people get like that, things happened like that.

They manifest themselves that way to put you off that pedestal in a way because he may have been identifying too much with it. I don't know for sure and I'm not judging him. I'm just saying I do notice that happens a lot with, with certain people if they identify too much with the success that they're getting a, but nonetheless he's gone from that kind of mentality of being the hero to more of the victim or the villain and I can see him now trying to get out of it. I can see and I hope the best for him, but I'm just saying I can see the story and how people's stories change and how certain narratives change.

At any moment. We can go from the victim or the villain and the hero and that's something that I did because when I went through all that pain, I had a victim mentality for years. But then what I. What I did is I observed that pain and I transmuted it. The way that you change your story is by transmuting the pain and seeing that the pain led you to develop the character and the ability to transform yourself in a powerful way.

I transformed myself and instead of all those painful things that happened in the past, I started to know that those things didn't happen to me. Those happened to me. All of those negative things happen and allowed me to transmute that pain because now I have those reference experiences to help other people go through the same thing. Imagine having a guy on YouTube that's like, you know, teaching consciousness who’s always had everything worked out perfect for him.

It's a little harder to relate to, but I see her, my story, not because I'm still, it's still weighed down on me, but because I know that people can relate to it, and if you, if you see someone else who's done something that's maybe transmitted the pain, maybe you feel at the same time encouraged to do so. At any moment, you can change your story by identifying more with everything that happened as it happened to you. It happened for some positive reason.

Even if that positive reason as you come out stronger and you can help other people. But the other thing I did is I started to direct my life in a powerful way. I started to see myself as the hero. I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else, but I see myself as the hero of my own movie. Many people are intending to be the cameo when everyone else's movie.

Many people are kind of a leaf in the wind and letting things happen to them. Things don't happen to you. Things happen for you, and when you start to take more direction in your life, more a conscious ability to go in a certain direction, you intended more things in your life will start to happen for you in a very powerful way. But the key to this is to direct it yourself.

And when you do that, when you start to have an intention for yourself rather than the intention of what your family has for you, what's your job has for you? Things start to happen. A very powerful way. I made that choice back into someone's been exactly a year. I filmed this in August right now of 2018 and I left my old job in August in 2017, so it's been a year and I consciously decided that I was going to develop my own work ethic.

I was going to become my own boss and as I did that, that created the own my own reality for me and I viewed myself as the hero is the one that's paving the way for myself. It was the mindset shift that I made and you can make the same mindset shift as well. When you look at any character that you've ever liked in a movie, a lot of times the great movies or people that have transformed their roles. They went from the victim role.

They went from the role of these things happen to. They are the hero and they transformed themselves. And in those transformation type experiences is where you really identify with the character in a powerful way and it's what you desire to be more like. But in a similar way. You can be the hero of your own movie.

You don't have to figure out what you're attracted to. Someone else, don't view it as you are trying to get into their frame, into their movie because they'll feel that off of you being your own movie and every everyone else has a cameo, and as you have that perspective, you'll find that things happen more for you because you're not giving away your power or giving away your energy.

But understand you are already whole and complete and as you start to take on the characteristics of you being the hero of your own movie, that will become the reality for you. The key with all of them saying right now is to not identify too much with anything though. Just be aware of the story that you tell yourself. You can move it from the victim role to that of the hero role, but don't identify too much with even the hero.

The hero is the best version you can be, but have to be the best you compare to everyone else. You don't have to identify so much with it because sometimes in that identification, in that attachment, we create resistance and we might be someone that gets a crazy amount of success, but if we identify too much with it, kind of like I saw Logan, Paul do, it may in a way kick you off that pedestal and the key is to not identify with it and to know that you are the best version you can be.

And as you have that perspective, it's much more graceful. It's almost like you allow yourself to manifest with the universe rather than you thinking your ego typically doing everything. It changes the energy dynamics of it. In general, you can switch the perspective you have and the story that you tell yourself by being aware of the archetype you identify with and if you identify with more of the victim, then you can switch it to that of the hero by claiming the things that have happened in the past.

Knowing that they made you stronger by reframing why they happened and seeing it from a new point of view and then moving forward and directing your life. In a powerful way, by having direction, by making choices as the hero version of you and deciding that you are no longer going to be the cameo in anyone else's movie, you are going to be how you prefer to know that you are already whole and complete.

Know that nobody else can really take that power away from you and nobody can make you the victim. You can choose to be the hero. It really is a matter of choice and as hard as that may sound, sometimes that might sound a little bit harsh. The truth is if we don't allow people to put us in a box or to put us in that role of a victim.

It won't become that reality. There are times when people may say something to me like, oh, that seems unfortunate, and I'm like, no, it's not. It's just is what it is. Like it doesn't have. There's no story that has to go along with it. You know? It's like if something small happens is just it is what it is and you figure it out and you move on and with that story of knowing that we can always trust the universe, that's when everything really begins to change and that's when that momentum keeps on going.

This is about momentum and if you have a story that you don't prefer, you can change it by identifying more with the best version of you, allowing yourself to feel the emotions that you hadn't in the past. Don't resist it. Allow yourself to feel it and then choose to let it go or choose to transmute it and start to see yourself as empowered.

See yourself as the hero because as you see yourself as a hero, you will attract things easier than ever because you're embodying more of the best version of you. With that being said, let me know what you think of today's podcast episode by responding to me on my newest Instagram post. I've been doing 20-minute versions of these and my intention is to do more than just once a week. If you'd like me to do more than once a week, let me know on Instagram.

Also, you can follow me on Instagram where I take questions, ideas for the podcast. I also post live Q&As there. You can also follow me on YouTube, but most likely you follow me already on YouTube. If you found me on YouTube, it is the main bread and butter where I do daily content there every single day, 15 to 20-minute videos, many times meditations as well.

3 Ways to Tap Into Your CORE Vibration with the Law of Attraction

I'm going to show you the three ways of tapping into your core vibration so that you attract in a much easier way than ever before. I'm going to show you the three best ways to do that and the things to look out for so that you don't have blocks come into your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three ways of making it so that you tap into your core vibration so that you attract things easier than ever. At the fundamental basis of the Law of Attraction, what it really comes down to is our vibration. Our vibration is what attracts to us. Anything that is in resonance to it, and many times that vibration will include certain patterns from past and prior experience that will then have it to where those are part of something that we experienced.

In life, we get a reflection of what we believe to be true, but we also get a reflection of what we are in resonance with. What quantum physics also shows us is that everything we experience in our life is vibration. That's what things are there, things vibrating at different frequencies. And the key to this is understanding vibrational resonance and a completely new way.

What I thought I'd do today is bring out this Handy Dandy Board, kind of reminds me of Blue's Clues back in the day. If you guys remember that show, uh, the Handy Dandy notebook. The first thing I want to do is I want to explain to you how our energy works and how blocks come into our life. Sometimes people will look at certain things they want to create in their life.

They'll look at wanting to create a relationship in their life, and they're focusing on the relationship. Why am I not getting results? Or what they'll do is they'll look at a, maybe they wanted to attract more money into their life, and they're focused on money, but they still find they're not attracting more money into their life. But if the vibrational resonance of them is of a lack of money or is some type of pattern that they've bought into even subconsciously from in the past, they continue to create that pattern over and over again.

Here's the truth about your vibration. At your core are unconditional love and bliss. That is who you are. When you are brought down into lower emotions, it's due to some type of interrupt in your pattern. Let me explain it like this. Imagine that this right here is our body, and this right here is our energy field.

This is our energy field and kind of see the stick person right there. What happens is there's an energy field. You could call this a toroidal field that goes around the body. That in it is all an accumulation of thoughts. We've been thinking, emotions we've been having, and just the flow of energy. At our core, this flow of energy that is going around our body around this little stick figure is that of unconditional love and bliss at our core frequency.

What happens is anytime there is a time in the past when something happened and out of this flow of energy which are natural, state is unconditional love and bliss, something happened that caused a disruption in our pattern, so it was a disruption to where something happened and then we decided that this, this is, this is who I am, or this is a belief that I have now, so what could these see?

Had this pattern been? This pattern could have been you were sitting at a family dinner when you were younger, and someone told you to be quiet. Kids are meant to be seen and not heard, and that moment you felt out of alignment with this natural flow of energy. What you may have done as you may have had this energy pattern disrupted within you to wear.

Then what happens is you go around, and you think that you're not worthy or that people don't want to hear what you have to say because kids are meant to be heard and not seen, and even though you're an adult now, you still have that pattern within you because it hasn't been dealt with. It is subconsciously there. What happens is over time we built up many of these patterns that may be a relationship that you're in with somebody and they say something to you that makes you feel less than good or in a moment you decide, this is who I am.

I'm somebody that's not worthy, and then that pattern disrupt the disruption is something that you internalize and you think that that's who you are. In a way, this energy field is unconditional love and bliss. That's a very high vibrational state. It's a very high vibration. It gets muddled up with these things that they get inside of our heart center, and we say, this is who I am, and then what happens is in this toroidal field that's going around our body, this is what the Heart Math Institute has shown.

There's this energy field going around our body. It will continue to perpetuate similar thoughts, emotions, and actions in our energy field, and there's a certain lingering as well and our energy field, so if you find that you have a lot of negative emotion, it could be just momentum that's been built up and that momentum is causing you to continue to feel that because it's almost like you have to switch the momentum and you have to trust the process because then it will eventually run itself out.

On the other side of that, you can create very powerful momentum, so the key to this is first off, just understanding that your natural vibration is that of unconditional love, of unconditional bliss. It's just that it gets tapered off with things that happen in the way that we relate to. The circumstances are we interpreted a certain way and therefore the way we relate to it as less than who we really are.

We go through life then with these pattern disruptions inside of our hearts that are constantly attracting to us things that show us how we are and how we are relating to other things in our life. This is like the diagram part of that. This is what I wanted to explain before I even get into the three ways to tap into our core vibration because it shows who we really are.

You know, when we think of enlightenment, when we think of higher states of consciousness, we think of people that have achieved something. All they did was remove these blockages. All they did was remove these little, these little veils around our heart that we've accumulated through our life or through their life. They've let go of it and they've allowed this stream of energy to flow through.

We call that enlightenment. We call those the sages, the saints. Those are people that have simply let go of these patterns that had been acquired through life experience. I, here's the good thing, you can do the same thing and that's what I'm going to teach you in today's blog.

1.    Follow your passion

The first one I want to talk about has to do with something I've talked about many times before, but it is one of the most underrated things. It's one of the most cliché things you will hear, but it is simply following your passion.

Why is this? This energy flowing through you will always give you signs as to if you're in alignment with it. The signs are what are you excited about? What are you passionate about doing? Because anytime you are doing something you are passionate about, it doesn't require a lot of energy expenditure. In a way, we all have an unlimited amount of energy and what happens is we drain our energy. Anytime we get caught up in the mind, we drain our energy anytime we have to, we think we have to be different than we naturally are.

We drain our energy when we're a caring what people think. We drain our energy when we're watching the media and talking about negative things. We drain our energy. Anytime we hear someone vent to us, these are things that energy deplete us and the truth is our vibration is naturally high, but anytime we are not doing something that we're either passionate about, we're not doing something that's actually through the alignment with who we really are or even seeing people we could say through the eyes of source, we are draining our energy.

What is the key to this process? The fastest way for you to achieve and you to get to your core vibration is from you following your passion, because when you follow your passion, you are in alignment with the quickest route to you actually achieving your dreams.

The fastest way for you to achieve and you to get to your core vibration is from you following your passion.

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You are in the quickest route to you realizing yourself and are you doing what you are meant to be doing.

When I get up every day and I make videos, I get into a flow state, so this is my body's translation that is telling me, hey, this is what you are passionate about and when you start to do that, it leads to more and more and more. You may say, I don't know my passion, and that's okay. First off, what you can do is you can start to set the intention that you do find your passion, set the intention.

You do find out what that is because as you set that intention, you start to look for those patterns. You start to find those patterns and that will lead you to it, and you can start off small. What is the most exciting thing you can do today? This doesn't have to be like the what is? What is my passion for life in general? It's me traveling the world and doing this. It can just be started off settle right now. I feel like going for a walk. I feel like going to take a bath or reading a book.

Those are little things that add up because the more you buy into that, the more you create this momentum of that flow going around you, so following your passion is the first step to this whole process, and it's one of the quickest ways for you to really attract what you want faster than ever.

The reason that I think that my brand, what I'm doing has grown so quickly is that it's so in alignment with what I love to do and I'm able to put easy 12 hours a day into it because I love it and it doesn't feel like work. Somebody asked me the other day on Instagram; he has them followed me around here and Instagram. I do Q&As there a lot. What I also do is I post daily content there and in this question, somebody asked, they said, what do you think about the law of least effort versus working hard?

And what I said is, for me working hard is the path of least effort because I love what I do and working hard is all perceptual. If you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work. It depends on your perception of work and what I encourage you to do is to start to develop a definition that includes passion.

2. Pattern

Now, what is the second way for you to tap into your core vibration? This has to do with knowing that anytime this pattern comes up, what is the pattern? It's anytime a negative emotion comes up that is from past experience. It's anytime a negative emotion comes up in general, it's most likely from past experience, something that's happened in the past where we decided, this is who I am, this is the way things are, and we're just unaware of it. How do you become aware of this?

You must simply observe the thought, observed the emotion, just observed it. That's all you have to do because when you observe it, you move from the thinking mind into the observation mind, and this is where the power is. This is where many people are caught up, and they're caught up in their mind.

They're caught up in the reaction mode. There's always these two perspectives. Let's say that was when I learned to observe my thoughts because I was originally trying to control my thoughts. That's what I learned. Meditation so got to control my thoughts, cause resistance. Anything you resist persists.

I was growing that resistance in my body as I was growing this thought of control and it was causing this negative emotion. I simply observe my thoughts, and I allowed them to be there. They then went away. The reason this is so powerful is that in the light of awareness, you realize that you don't have to identify with it anymore. Say you ask yourself this question, what would I have to believe is true to be experiencing this negative emotion?

Maybe you're out, and you feel negative emotion at a party because there's a lot of people around me feel this anxiety. What would I have to believe is true? To be feeling this anxiety? I'd have to believe that what these people think really, really matters. Maybe I'm putting all these people on a pedestal. Maybe at that dinner table when I was younger, I felt like I was meant to be seen and not heard. I'm afraid to talk out.

As those thoughts come up, because I can't express myself while these persons think all of these thoughts, you just observe them and then instead of reacting, you are observing them and you start to take your power back. Then what happens is the energy is still flowing through you, but instead of it getting muddled up because of the thought process, because of what happened in the past, you observe it, and it will still flow through and then over time that momentum will go away and then you'll have this natural high vibration that is flowing through your body.

That is how you let go of any past trauma, of any negative emotion. As you observe it, you allow it to be there, and then you let it go. That's all it is. It's so simple that many people discounted, but it is the truth, and it is the path to what people say enlightenment is. It is the path to more of yourself, and it is the path to your true vibration. Because when you're in your true vibration, you can manifest anything you want in your life and sometimes and many times even more than you can imagine because you're connected to this core.

3. Tapping vibration through your heart

The third part of what I want to share with you that you can tap into this vibration is through your heart, and it's kind of like this. Your heart is open. When you are void of all of these disruptions and all of these things happening, the main way that you get through this process is by not closing your heart is by leaving your heart open.

We close our heart though anytime something happens, we're around somebody that we have a negative thought about, negative emotions about, we then start to close ourselves in. But if instead we just stayed open, we were open to the experience. We were observing it. We would keep this energy flow going. With the Heart Math Institute has shown is that the electromagnetic energy of the heart, they've shown that it is 5,000 up to 5,000 times more powerful than that of the head electromagnetically, and it is over 100,000 times more powerful electrode.

It's over 100,000 times more powerful electromagnetically and 5,000 times magnetically more powerful than the brain. If we sync from our head into our hearts, we immediately start to embody more of our true energy. The key is to start having a more heart-centered consciousness to even right now. As you hear it now put your hands over your heart. The more you put your awareness in your heart, the more you grow that electromagnetic energy around your heart. The key is to put the attention here a couple of times throughout the day and when you start coming from the head, if you started getting angry at someone, it's coming from a disruption in the energy pattern.

Observe it, let it be there. It doesn't have to be you. That's probably there. That anger is probably there from a past experience and it is a teacher showing you this disruption so that you can let it go, so all everything I'm sharing with you right now are all ways that you can tap into your core vibration and be knowing that you are so much more than you can even imagine, but in order to tap into it, you have to let go of those thoughts you have. You have to observe them. You have to become aware of them. Understand that you are naturally unconditional love and bliss.

Anytime we feel less than that, it's because we're holding ourselves to a certain label that doesn't serve us. We are holding ourselves to a certain memory and we're recreating that in our mind and the key is to observe it and let it go. We are high vibration. That is who we are, and if we want to attract anything into our lives, the more we tap into our core vibration, the more we experience anything we want.  Passion connecting to your passion, one of the quickest routes to you tapping into your core vibration.

Letting go is the process of reconditioning ourselves, letting go of past experiences, understanding that anytime something happened, we had to disruption in our energy pattern and we can begin to let those go, and then thirdly, of course, open your heart. The quickest way through this whole process is passionate and then also letting go of the head thoughts and getting in sinking into our heart space.

This alone has transformed my manifestation results. I used to be all about the head taking action. I've merged taking action with that of my heart and things happen easier than ever, so I encourage you to try the same. You are powerful, you are unconditional love and all you have to do is tap into your core vibration using these three powerful ways.

How to use Reality Transurfing to SHIFT to a Parallel Reality

I’m going to show you how to use Reality Transurfing to shift to the parallel reality that you prefer. I'm going to share with you the technicalities of it and exactly how you can do it so that you can really create what you want in your life's.

So, come on and watch the video below:

I believe that what I’m going to share with you can change the whole way that you look at the world if you really start to absorb some of the ideas that I'm going to share with you. The reason I say this is because I believe that using parallel realities or at least the awareness of them can be even more powerful than what we call the traditional like process for the Law of Attraction, and I believe when some of these ideas really start to set in, almost everything will appear differently in a very positive way.

With Reality Transurfing, as many of you know, this is a process that I've been sharing on my YouTube channel a lot. It's a book that was written in Russia by a quantum physicist named the Vladimir Zeland who has a lot of the under woven elements of it include that parallel realities and understanding the different field of what is called the variations, which you could think of it as the different probable realities we could experience and when we start to understand this at a deeper level, everything changes.

That's why Reality Transurfing isn't so much just a manifestation process as it is more so a philosophy for a way of seeing the world, so this is more about understanding that it's about the perspectives that we have that can then shift the way that we relate to our inner world to the outer world.

That's the relation that as we change, we also change the reflection that we're getting because the reality is a reflection of who we are and what we believe to be true.

Reality is a reflection of who we are and what we believe to be true.

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With this process, let me give a little bit of a basis for Reality Transurfing is just to give the context for this video and Reality Transurfing is a process and philosophy for understanding. There is an infinite number of probable alternative space variation. This is the idea that there are different parallel realities we could experience depending on what is relevant for us and depending on which ones we set intentions for.

One of the under woven elements of Reality Transurfing is that if we simply set your intentions were going to start to experience more of what we want and intention is this, not just a desire, but it's this willingness and expectation for us to experience something specific in our life through our focus. When we began to focus on something, we say, I intended to go do this and we follow that up.

Guess what? That is the powerful intention. Intention could be simply the idea of pure intention is you're going to go outside and pick up the newspaper that's on the ground and I know that's the old school because now we use all technology, but if you were to go out there and pick up the newspaper and your intention was to go out there and get it and come back, that's pure intention.

The idea is that when it becomes unbalanced is when we start to doubt ourselves. We start to put so much belief underneath what we're doing and we start to really desire it and that starts to butcher up the vibration of it and to make it harder for us to get what we want. This is like, oh, you want to create a certain amount of money in your life that you think is hard to do and you're like, I'm going to create this.

It'd be so amazing if I had this much money, this desire. Then there's this doubt because can you really ever achieve it? The mind starts creeping in and the idea is that what happens is when it starts to become muddled. It's not the pure intention and because there's so much desire there, it ends up actually resisting itself. The idea behind Reality Transurfing is that desire in itself is powerful. If I have a desire to put up my hand right now, that does absolutely nothing, unless I translate and transmute that desire into either intention or I take action with it and I just simply do it.

Then it becomes powerful. It's the same way when it comes to Reality Transurfing. Be aware of how you can either dissipate the desire by taking action or by having an intention which is the under the energy underneath what you are doing, so it's the how you go through it, so those are powerful ideas under Reality Transurfing have been another part of it as understanding that anytime we give something excess, meaning we didn't make it very important that we create resistance around it and balancing factors come into play to make it so that that energy balances out.

If you really want something because it's very important, the other side of that balance is not getting it so that you neutralize it and you don't give it that excess potential, that excess energy. This is more so about understanding how we can create from a more so observation point of view. We can just observe what we want. We don't need to give it an imbalance in energy by giving it so much meaning and so much focus.

We could focus on it if it feels good, but not necessarily focus on it because it's going to be better than where we are right now. Another part of understanding Reality Transurfing and has to do with pendulums, our thoughts, structures that are created from our thoughts because we aren't having a co collective experience with other people. Anytime we think thoughts they have an electromagnetic type of reality to them.

What happens is as multiple people think similar thoughts and have similar beliefs, we start to create thought structures that then take the energy away from the people. Think of it like this. There are pendulums around the idea of sports teams. When you go to an event, you're feeling different. Pendulums, you're feeling different. Energy, waves, and energy-momentum. If you are talking about being Republican or Democrat, guess what? Both of those are pendulums and whether you will pose one or the other.

If you have a strong opinion about either of them, you're a part of the pendulum, and the idea is that you may think those are your thoughts, but many times they're just thoughts of the collective consciousness of the collective thought structure of itself. The best part about this is we start to create our reality more. When we take our power back and we become aware of the habitual or the habitual mind and the autopilot mind that just been going on autopilot, we can become aware of it.

We start to take our power back. Then we can start to think for ourselves. The last part, but we're out of the transcript. You don't want to talk about is understanding the power of our heart and when we connect to what we're really passionate about, that's when we really start to create the best momentum for us. It's more so than just thinking that it's about the money. It's about understanding that money is a side effect of value that we can bring to the world.

Money is a side effect of us doing our passion and when we start to redefine things in this way, we start to live in a much better way because this is the thing. Anything we want is because we feel like we will feel better in the having it, right? That's a traditional Abraham Hicks type quote, and that's something that anything can be brought down into an emotion.

If we go straight for the money, taking the money is going to make us feel better than what we do is we have flipped around and we can't create more money because at the moment we are feeling the lack of it. Instead what we can do is realize that we are already whole and complete feel from this moment that we're just going to connect to our passion and as we bring more of that energy into the present moment, we start to shift to the parallel reality that we prefer our choices.

Our intentions are what shifts us to the realities that we prefer. It's about really embodying that as much as we can. This video is about understanding how we can shift to the parallel reality that we prefer. Let's first off, be aware that every possible variation, every possible parallel reality we can imagine exists right now in the present moment.

It's simply vibrating at a different frequency that we may not be able to perceive up because either it's not relevant at the moment, we're not resonating with it emotionally with our beliefs, and when we start to become more aware of this, we can create what we want. I've explained this before as well, but because the only moment that exists is right now, when I go like this, I am shifting through different parallel realities.

The brain can see that and say, oh look, it's one long fluid motion, but that's because we have memory and we're living in time-space continuity. We experience things in a linear type fashion when in reality they all exist right now. In the same way, you may have a film projector, you may stretch out the film strip and see individual frames.

Well, it may be similar or the same movie, but it is different frames within there, just like different parallel realities, just like we're having a life experience with different segments and different time that we perceive of those are different frames and you know that if you got that parallel or the if you got that film strip and you stretch it out, all of those frames exist at the same moment or simply expanding our consciousness and spreading out the projection in itself to see that.

This is about that awareness. This is the missing key and the idea that can change your life right now in the present moment, we assume that we are a product of our past. We have a certain story, a certain script that makes up who we are that continues to carry it so momentum out and we continue to experience the same type of things over and over again based on those patterns.

The game changer is this realization that there is an infinite number of possible paths that you experience and in the present moment right now as you change, you are creating a different path. You are connecting to different past experiences that you can remember, but the idea is what you remember was recorded in your brain, but it's not necessarily what even actually happened. Neuroscience shows that anytime we remember something, we take it out of our memory bank, we look at it, we change it a little bit, and then we put it back.

Once you think of like your memory isn't even necessarily actually what happened, it has these perceptual filters over it as has all these layers over it and it's much more skewed than you think. What is happening is what we can use are a great understanding that we can change our past by relating to it and a completely new way. If we start to relate to ourselves in a new way in the present moment right now, say, for example, you were going to start to imagine yourself being the best version of yourself and having a self-image that is very powerful, and you see yourself as very confident and guess what, as you see yourself at the moment is very confident. Then it's easier for you to connect to past experiences of when you were confident.

Those all existed right now, but the thing is as we blind ourselves from it because we're constantly focusing on how we're not confident, so we connect to probable past experiences that were not confident. This is why when you're in a very positive state of being is very easy for you to remember times in your past where you were also positive.

But if you're in a very positive state of being an hour to ask you about something that happened that was very negative, it'd be hard for you to remember it because the neurosynaptic connections in your brain more easily go down the path of least resistance. And if you're thinking of things that are negative, it's so different than the neuronal structure of what you're currently thinking. This is the game changer if you are not the result of your past. That's old terminology.

That's an old belief system. You are instead, who you choose to be in the present moment because as you change yourself in the present moment, you are relating to a new type of pass. Why does this help us create and shift to the parallel reality that we prefer? Because as we disassociate from who we think that we are, and as we disassociate from past experiences, we start to create a new type of energy field, a new type of probable futures that we can experience.

And as we start to change the way we are embodying ourselves in the present moment, guess what? Do the probable futures of what we can experience us right now in the present moment. Have an infinite number of probable pasts depending on who we are right now. And we have an infinite number of probable futures of what we can experience depending on who we are right now.

When we become aware of this, and we start to feel into this really, everything will start to change because we can then see that we do not have to carry around the burden of the stories we told ourselves of these scripts that we have about who we are and how we relate to the world. We can see that as one probable, and we can really start to let it go and as we let it go, guess what? We're no longer carrying around beliefs that don't serve us.

We're no longer lugging around luggage that we think is ours. We carried it on everywhere we go and not realizing that the luggage was from our parents. It was belief systems from our parents or from the environment that we grew up in or from little experiences that happened that we need to when we were young.

Start to let that luggage go. When you let that luggage go, guess what? You're much freer to go around. It's much lighter, you feel better, and that's the power of understanding parallel realities from the point of one direction of our past in one direction of our future and the right now. We are who we choose to be in the present moment. If you make that your new mantra, it will start to change the way you relate to just about everything in your life because you'll catch yourself when you start to get into the habitual thinking of the autopilot mind.

This is another important part of the process is an understanding that what we want to experience, it's not so much that we ever change what we are experiencing or change our life track. Think of our life track because a certain momentum of where we're going, we do not change the parallel reality that we're in.

We simply choose a new variation depending on how we relate to it in the present moment. This is important because change has to do with trying so hard and putting so much energy into us changing something that already exists, but here's the game changer. Another game changer. What we do instead is we simply choose a new script. We simply choose a new story.

We realized that every probable reality we can imagine exists right now in the present moment and since that is the case, what we can choose to do is to choose a new perspective and a new version of us. Guess what? Instead of trying so hard to change, we start to allow things to happen. This is where ultimately allowing happens because the probability of what we want to experience exists right now in the present moment and when we start to tap into that and guess what?

That's when things will start to explode in your life because it's coming from a place of presence. It's coming with the awareness of who you really are and how you can just let go of the past like that. It is so much easier to do so. This is something I think we'll start to really kind of sink in for you. You can start to allow yourself to let it be. Allow more than try. Realize that as you decrease the level of importance of anything, you automatically start to resonate with the desires that you want.

If you want a free guided meditation that will show you exactly how to decrease the level of importance using the Reality Transurfing process and also why you're in a lot of the Reality Transurfing ideas. I've created a free meditation that you could download. It will help you to more so resonate with the desires that you have and realize that as you start to allow things to happen, as you realize that the probable version of you that you want to experience exists right now in this moment, simply vibrating at a different frequency.

You can start to link yourself up with that version of you and as you begin to do that, guess what? You're going to start to feel that. That is who you choose to be. So, understand that you are limitless. You can experience what you want in your life, and the more that you start to realize this, the more you will have that experience. Realize you are not the result of the past.

You are who you choose to be in the present moment, that we are constantly shifting through different parallel realities, through our choices, through our intentions, and if you simply change your story that you're telling yourself, you change the script of the things that have happened to you. And you start to relate to your past and a completely new way by neutralizing it and letting it be ok, that it's there, everything will begin to change.

The MAGIC of Outer Intention and EXACTLY How to Use It

I'm going to be sharing with you the magic of external intention. I'm going to show you three ways of applying it and how it can totally transform the kind of results you're getting with the Law of Attraction.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you are three powerful ways to use something that is called external intention. I'm going to be sharing you with you why external intention is so powerful and how you can easily apply it. Before I get too far into it, let me just say that external intention comes from a process that is called Reality Transurfing. Reality Transurfing is more so than just a manifestation process. It's more of a philosophy or a way of seeing the world that makes life so much easier.

It really bridges that have what we know with the Law of Attraction, with that of understanding eastern philosophy and how to let go and how to be in the balance of many things. Because sometimes you may find that you're intending to attract certain things in your life, but you keep experiencing certain blocks. Those blocks may be there because of a certain level of social conditioning and Reality Transurfing those are called pendulums or these thoughts.

These are structures that exist to where they kind of pull us in certain directions based on the collective consciousness, which is something that we'll be talking about today and it really just goes deeper and understanding the way the world works. Reality Transurfing if he has a couple fundamental key ideas.

The first one is understanding that with Reality Transurfing we're under this idea and this understanding that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist.

Reality Transurfing is written by a guy named Vadim Zeland from Russia. He's a quantum physicist, and it has to do with the understanding there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. What we're doing is we're constantly shifting through these parallel realities and based on our state of being, the emotions were in that determines which parallel reality we shifted to the choices we make.

And the key to this is being aware of that and knowing that under the old Law of Attraction, a way of thinking. It's like, here we are and we want to create something that's over here. We want to attract this over here into our lives, and what we do is we act as if that reality doesn't already exist, but with parallel realities, it already exists. It's more about looking at the residence of it than anything else, which makes it much more powerful because we don't have to create it.

It already exists. This makes the process so much easier. With Reality Transurfing, there's this understanding of what is called decreased importance.

Anything we put on a pedestal, anything we make really important, we also create resistance around. The easiest way to know this is if there's anyone you've ever had a crush on, maybe had a crush on them, and then what you did is subconsciously you put them on a pedestal.

Anything we put on a pedestal, anything we make essential, we also create resistance around.

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And what happened is by doing that, by thinking, oh, I really hope they like me back, I really hope this interaction goes well. They could either feel that resistance or in Reality Transurfing, they say that metaphorically speaking, there are these balancing factors that come into play that must balance that out, so if you really, really want it, you're seeing vibrationally, you really, really don't have it. The balancing factors make it so that that is the case, so it's about going down this line, going down this thing, just like walking this thin line of balance so that we don't give it too much importance, but at the same time we don't give it any portraits with Reality Transurfing.

If we simply set your intentions, we will start to create a powerful change in our life. In Reality Transurfing, there is something called inner intention and outer intention. The inner intention is us taking action in us using our inner will for us to create something in their life. This is when we say, “Oh, I'm going to go to the gym. I'm going to do this.”

That's using our willpower kind of sticker. This is like the solar plexus for us creating what we want. That's inner intention. The inner intention is us realizing the process itself.  The outer intention is where all the magic happens. With outer intention, this is where the goal realizes itself. This is where we understand that the parallel reality that we can imagine already exists. This is where any miracles, any magic, anything we think to be magical. That's where it happens.

It happens with outer intention. Here is the magic of outer intention and why it is so powerful and in order to understand this, think about it in the form of this, you are creating your own reality or from Reality Transurfing perspective. You are choosing your own reality and just so you know, Reality Transurfing and the words itself, transurf means to glide through the space of variations of what Reality Transurfing.

If you mean to glide through the infinite parallel realities that exist in an easy way versus trying to make things happen and things became very hard. We are individually choosing our own reality based on our thoughts, our emotions, our focuses, our intentions in the same way that we are intending for things to happen and we are creating our own reality or choosing our own reality.

That's from an individual point of view that is also happening from a collective consciousness point of view. We could say that since we are all connected, we are co collectively creating our reality together. This is when we see things such as who wins the presidency as a collective consciousness. That's something that we went in the direction of when certain things happen at a collective level that is influenced by the collective consciousness.

And this is about being aware of that because here's the thing, when we line up our inner intentions and we start to tap into the intentions of other people have that collective consciousness, we tap into something called outer intention. This is something that I actually use to grow my whole YouTube channel. And I didn't know it at the time because I didn't know Reality Transurfing If you know, about two years ago.

And I started on my YouTube channel, but I've always had this intention of adding value to the people that listen to my videos and I've always know that the more value I add to the people that listen to my videos, the more they want to stay around, they want to tune in or subscribe. That has always been my intention and because that intention is not just a win-win for me, it's a win-win for the people that watch.

Because if my intention is to add value, it's almost like the universe wants. It's a flow through me. It's almost like the energy wants to in a way give itself because I'm going to purely use it to add value to other people. Of course, there's still a level of the ego.

What I am saying is when we have the intention to add value to not just ourselves, but to other people, what we put out is what we get back. And by doing that we tap into a larger energy stream. Imagine that whatever you want to attract into your life, imagine that that also wants you to attract it into their life. Let's say this is a person. This is when you tap them. Outer intention.

The inner intention is anything that you will power yourselves from your solar plexus. The outer intention is when you tap into the intention of the collective consciousness of the system, of the universe, and when you tap into that, tap into a much more powerful stream of energy. We look at these people that are in the past were enlightened. It could heal people, and what they did is they tapped into external intention.

They tapped into the power of source energy of the universe. We can use many different names for it, but it's a larger stream of energy that they've connected to and we're connected. We're all connected to it. It's just how much are we aligning and allowing this energy to flow through us and in a way where the ego goes away, the outer intention is enhanced.

When the ego goes away. When I make videos, of course, there's still a certain level of the ego there, but the ego steps to aside when I get into a flow state and I don't have to try so hard and that's why I enjoy making videos so much. It puts me into that state, so at the same time, the energy that is able to kind of in a way be presented is it information that can add value. That's the intention.

I set the intention and then I go through the process. This is a way that you can use this type of philosophy in your life. When we tap into outer intention, we tap into the perspective of more than just us. If you want to attract some girl or guy into your life, you set that intention and the same way that you want to attract them into your life, which first off is emphasizing that they are not currently here. You can realize that at a certain level someone else wants to attract you into their life.

You see? Then you're tapping into the outer intention. It's outer have you, but really you are a much larger stream of consciousness than you know, but you are then tapping into a much more powerful stream of consciousness. You also shift your perspective and it makes it so that you more so resonate with these other things. You set the intention and you say, I intend to attract this person into my life or a certain type of person in general into my life.

But also, that person wants to attract you into their life. You've expanded your scope of perception. But what you can then begin to do is more so connected to them in that way. That's the way you can start to see this. See this in the form of resonance because in the form of resonance, anything that you want to attract will also resonate with you, so if you want it, it wants you, but number one, move that into intended because wanting emphasizes the not having to think about this an all-in term of vibrational resonance, so I'm going to.

Make a whole video about this if I haven't already. Not sure when this video is going to come out, but this whole house behind me, you see right now, I hear it a little bit echo, but that's why I'm using this mic right here. I used outer intention to attract to this house. I used the principles of Reality Transurfing right now because the sports teams, the hockey team, all of this stuff happening and prices are going up and stuff and I knew I wanted this house.

I looked at three or four other houses, but I knew I wanted it and when I came I was one of the first ones to look at it, but even though I was one of the first ones to look at it, there were two or three other people that put in an application for this house. I was not the only one, there was competition, but here's what I did that set me apart from being different.

I did two things. I want to have a whole video about this, but I'll share it now with you as well. And what I did is I imagined the resonance of this house. I imagine that as much as I wanted to live in this house, as much as I wanted to intend it to be in this house, this house wanted me to live here. As weird as that sounds, here's the thing, when I come at it from that point of view, I'm then lining up would that residents of the house, because I'm saying, okay, this house wants me to live there because I'm going to take good care of it.

I am going to give it good energy. I'm going to create amazing videos here, which is also going to help the collective consciousness. It's going to help more people, I put it outside of just me and my ego desire once and I also put it onto understanding that it will help multiple different layers of not just other people that watched my videos, but I'm going to feel better in this house.

This house has amazing energy. I love this house, and as you can see it's very open. It's perfect for filming. You've got a lot of depth perception here and I just knew and viewed it as the house wants me to live here, that's what I did, I imagined and I did this technique that's called the slight technique. This is a Reality Trans Surfing technique and where I imagined this parallel reality where I'm in the house and I just imagined it as if I was already living it and I would run that slide through my mind four or five times a day and I would feel as if it was already here.

That's what I did. I used the Reality Transurfing principles. One other thing I'll talk about, and it has to do with a technique in Reality Transurfing being called frailing. Frailing is a technique where you tap into the intention of other people. This isn't manipulation, but this is understanding how people think and what I did is I imagined. Let me first off, back up. I used to have a manager that I used to work with at Barneys, New York, Barney's New York before I went full time on YouTube and this is like three or four years ago, and he was someone that he was cool, but he had kind of like this power trip type thing where if you would, if I were to ask for a certain period of time off, I was like, hey, in a month I need this week off for vacation.

There was a lot of resistance because he had to in a way agree and approve it, but he had to. He had to almost be the decider of it for him to feel, I guess powerful. He's a great guy, but that's just kind of how he worked. I knew that that's how we work. If I were to go to him and say, Hey, I need this week off, there was always some issue, oh this, this is happening. I don't know about that, blah, blah, blah. But if what I did is I conveyed it in terms that would benefit him and the department because it was a sales commission job. He got bonuses based on how much we sold. What I would do is I'd go in and be like, look, I have a couple customer says Vegas. People are always flying in. I've customers flying in from this place, you know, it'd be a true story.

It's not. I'm just making up in line but I end customer is always coming in. But it emphasizes that customer coming in. I have customers coming in this week and I originally wanted to take a vacation this week. However, I have customers coming in this week. I'm going to be here this week so that I have this customer coming in because I know they're going to spend a lot of money and then the next week after that I'll take off so that I'm here so that we're able to. I'm able to service that customer. And he goes, yeah, that's a great idea and that's what you should do because you got to help the customers, the customers. And he would agree with it. Because when I put the ball in his court, I thought about what he wants.

He wants. First off, you wanted the control to be able to do, to say, oh, that's what you have to do, but also, I language it and turns that would also benefit him, so I tapped into his inner intention. You tap into outer intention when you tap into other people's inner intention, because that's outer of you. I tap into the intentions of people that watch my YouTube videos because they're watching my YouTube videos and I'm adding intention to helping them transform their lives.

Hopefully, if you're reading this and maybe somehow, I've helped you see some things from a different point of view, and by doing that I'm tapping into outer intention because it's beyond that of just me. It's that intention to add value. That's an example. How would I use this for this house? One thing that the people that own this house asked for from people that were applying is they wanted pictures of the house they currently lived in, which is weird.

Even the real estate agent told me that's kind of weird that they're asking for that. The reason they're asking for that is that even though this house isn't furnished, they want to know how clean the persons that are moving in.  And I realized that that's what they value. What I did is I actually wrote out a letter that said, “Hey, I understand there's three or four different people or however many people that are applying for this house. I want you to know first off, that I love your house. I think it is amazing. I love the layout of it. I love how modern it is. I just wanted to let you know that if I live in it, I will take very good care of everything in there.

I said I'm a single person, so it's not like I'm going to have a whole bunch of roommates or anything. I said I'm going to work from home. It's important for me to have a house that I enjoy being in and I will take great care of the house and that's pretty much what I said, I knew that that was their value. I set it in terms that I knew they would prefer and within two days I got the house out of the three or four other people.

But it was a combination of both of those levels of outer intention. I literally attract to this house. He an outer intention. The side note here, if you want to learn step by step how to use everything, I'm telling you Reality Transurfing. If you want videos every week for me, premium videos showing you exactly how to apply Reality Transurfing, plus a whole bunch of guided meditations that you won't find on YouTube plus that have Q&As where you can ask me questions and get coaching from me every single every two weeks.

Then I have something called the Reality Transurfing Academy and I'm going to end kind of celebration of this video going up and me moving into this new place, I'm going to offer a dollar trial to join, which means that for a dollar for seven days, you can try out the academy and then after that you pay a small monthly fee. If that's something you're interested in, you can join Reality Transurfing Academy for a dollar for seven days and try it out. I'm confident that when you get in there, you'll see that there's so much value in there and there's also a community in there of like-minded people that are also using Reality Transurfing, and it builds this level of momentum in a very powerful way. You'll see how engaged the people are in there and they're great.

This whole process of outer intention is very powerful and the key to the whole thing is understanding more so than just our perspective and it's tapping into that greater energy flow, tapping into that flow of what we could say, the universe of spirit, whatever you want to call it, and letting it flow through and you do that with intention. Understanding the different perspectives. Like I said, you can tap into this understanding of how to let this flow through you, how to understand the collective consciousness, how to understand what people want and how to understand that whatever you want to attract also wants to attract to you, even if it's something that doesn't have what we consider it to be a consciousness treated as if it does because that helps you resonate with it.

I treated this house after as if it's a living, breathing thing and at a certain level of consciousness, I believe that you can feel connected to a house. I felt connected to a certain house before, doesn't mean it's delusional. It just means that you're connecting to space, you're connecting to the emotion to makes you feel, and then you're able to connect to the residents of it, so that's what I encourage you to pay attention to is how you can tap into the power of intention. It literally works like magic.

I'm using it to manifest amazing things in my life. I'm combining inner intention and outer intention and things are happening quicker than ever. I have more opportunities than ever before and it's something that I think you can tap into as well by understanding that whatever you want also wants you.

#4: My Top Vibrational HACKS for RESONATING With the Reality I Want

Today, we're going to be talking about some vibrational hacks that we can use to create the reality you want, or we want, and this is going to be things that I use in my own life. These are going to be things that I noticed in other successful people, and they're going to be things that may be a little bit more esoteric, but I think are very, very powerful.

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For me in general, I look at YouTube, I look at how I've gone in a year from where I used to be and just in case you don't know a little bit of my story. It’s almost been exactly a year since I left my 9-5 job. I used to work at Barney's New York selling woman's shoes. I worked there for about five years, and I knew the whole time that I wanted to be on YouTube eventually or sharing the ideas that I am passionate about.

And then in February of 2017, about six months before I actually left that job, I started going all in, I started to treat my side hustle, which was creating YouTube videos. I started to handle it as if it was already my fulltime and within four or five months I was able to go full time, and honestly, I probably could've done it way before, but I was playing it safe and I was waiting until I had the exact dollar amount or whatever, but if I could have figured it out sooner.

But nonetheless, it was something that happened very quickly. Once I decided that that was something that I wanted to do, that I wanted to be on YouTube, that I wanted to live that kind of lifestyle. And one thing that I've noticed is that what makes the process so much easier for us to vibrationally create what we wanted in her life and to resonate with what we want is for us to already be passionate about that which we want to experience.

Because here's the thing, here's the secret to the success in anyone. If you study anyone that is successful, you will see this pattern within them.

It's easier to focus on the things that you are passionate about.

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They have had to spend a lot of time and a lot of energy on focusing on what they want now maybe they didn't have to spend a lot of energy to focus on what they want because the thing is when you're doing what you're passionate about is very easy to focus on.

I was working a nine to five job at Barneys New York selling woman's shoes, which are like $1,200 pairs of shoes, you know, and so matt and I was working there 40 hours a week plus making daily videos, which was taken up a couple hours a day. I was easily working about 50 to 60 to 70 hours a week depending on the week. It was a lot of work, but it's so easy for me to focus on making videos because I'm naturally so passionate about it.

The reason I say this is because success takes focus and the easiest things for you to focus on are going to be things that you're passionate about. If you align your passion and you align that with what you want to experience in your life, you're going to find that you leveraged things in such a powerful way. In general, what I've realized in my own life is the more I focus on anything, the more I bring about that in my life, but the more focus you have, the more momentum you create and the more things just happen for you. And see what I see a lot of people do because I've been in this niche for a while.

I've been making YouTube videos on the Law of Attraction for two, two years now. I've noticed that there's a lot of people that will focus on something for a short period of time, but then they switched their focus. They focus on getting something, achieving something. Maybe it's even going full time with their passion. They focus on it for a period of time, but then what they do is they kind of give up and they go to something else or they just focus on it for a period of time and then they focus on something else.

The key, it's going to take focus in the grand sense and the focus is where the power is, so for example, if I would have given up after two weeks of going daily on YouTube back in February 2017, none of the growth would have really happened. It would have died out because I didn't master that area of what I was passionate about.

I put on it, I go to do a video. I just got done filming my video for the day. It's very easy for me to do because it's just a natural part of my life. I've conditioned myself so much and maybe you look at certain things down, you're like, “Oh, it's kind of hard for me to focus in this way.” But the only reason it may be hard to focus is because there hasn't been that conditioning and the why of why you're doing it, understanding why you're doing it.

When I make a video every day, I understand that the reason I'm doing it is that it's a part of who I am. I am the kind of person that creates the content. I am the kind of person that is passionate about when I speak about things. That's how I view myself.

That's a part of my self-image. When it comes to vibrational renders residents, one of the first things I want to share with you, his focus is so powerful and so underrated. People talk about, oh, it's what you think about is the emotion is this. It is all of those things, but it is also the focus and the momentum. I spend a lot of my time probably 12, 14 hours a day thinking about what I'm passionate about because I'm doing it. I love what I do.

When I wake up every day, I film videos; I'm editing videos, I'm doing website stuff. I go to the gym, which is my little break, and then I come back to it. I'm always focusing on what, on what I love to do. If this doesn't feel hard to me though, this is the path of least resistance.

Somebody asked me on Instagram recently, they're like, how do you combine the path of least resistance with the idea of taking action? Well, for me, the path of least resistance is me taking action because I'm passionate about when you're passionate about something, it doesn't require a great degree of energy expenditure.

The only equal requires energy expenditure. When you're doing something you're not passionate about and you think you have to do more, go with what resonates, but understand that the more you do what you're passionate about, the more that energy begins to work for you, the more that you really create powerful momentum in your life.

Beyond that, let me share with you a couple of vibrational hacks that I've used in my own life for creating the life I want. First thing I realized is that people, in general, have an energy field. Everyone has an energy field around them, but what you want to do to begin to be similar and in similar, I mean your own version. I don't mean you ever want to mimic people I know.

They say, oh, he models success and you'll become successful. You can do that, but do it in your own way. Do it with your own passion. Sometimes we lock ourselves into these thought processes of thinking we have to be a certain way and we get mixed in and we just kind of. We aren't being unique to ourselves or a lot of times what we are unique about is what makes us different.

The more I share my esoteric ideas on my YouTube channel, the more that sets me apart from everybody else. Not In an egotistical way. It's just that people are like, oh, I really liked that. I've never heard that before.

That's why I know to go in that direction of the more unique you are, the better. Of course, you do that with the awareness, but here's what I've noticed as I immersed myself in the vibration of people I want to be like, the more you become like them, the more I become like them. What I do, for example, is I connect with people that I want to be similar to because you are literally in a combination of the five people you're around the most.

That is actually vibrationally true, meaning we have something called mirror neurons, which means in our brain when we're around other people, when we're in other people's energy field, what we do is we start to resonate with the same vibration of them. What we can begin to learn to do is to tailor that environment. Maybe we see that we're constantly around.

People that are negative are people that are bringing us down. If that is the case, then we may need to tailor our environment or change the subject or whatever it might be, but what I do is I immerse myself in the thought processes and in the words of the people I want to be similar to. Let me share with you how I do this.

What I do is I listen to someone called, you probably know this person, Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins to me represents exactly where I want to be and how I want to be in my life as far as influence goes and public speaking. That's the level that I want to be at. I imagine Tony Robbins and the way that he is too kind of influence he has and I listened to his seminars and I could listen to his audio programs or you know, of him talking in interviews, but I, I prefer to listen to his seminars because the energy that he's in there is the kind of energy that I want to eventually be in.

By doing that, by linking up with his energy, I am starting to vibrationally resonate with more of that kind of reality. But I do it in a unique way where I realized I'm also going to be my own unique version of myself. I never want to be a carbon copy of Tony Robbins. But I know that I want to be similar to the kind of lifestyle he lives to the kind of influence he has. What I do is I imagined myself and I vibrationally resonate with the seminars that he puts out.

Anytime I listened to a seminar, I'm starting to vibrationally resonate with him. What I could also do is have mentors in my life and that's something I'm opened up to now, is having mentors that are also already public speakers because as I get around them, I'm going to start to resonate more with the reality of being that kind of speaker where I travel for a living and give seminars, so that's how I use it in my own life.

How can you use this in your own life or first off, be aware of people that you admire, people that you look up to, maybe those people that you look up to that you'd like to be like and these people? Maybe it is you being like an owning your own art gallery. You love art. You have amazing pieces. You want to own your own art gallery studio.

Find people that are already doing it and either get around them, talk to them, interview them, become their assistance, be in their energy field or read their books. Read their articles. I know that anybody you can imagine there is information out there and anytime you read a book, you are literally immersing yourself in the vibrational resonance of that person. There are certain books that you read that you as you read, you begin to vibrationally resonate with that book.

One of them is called the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. As you read that book, you become more present to the moment you aligned with the energy of it and the same way if you want to be similar to certain people read their books, get into their thought process is see how they think, because as you do that, you're going to be more resonating with what you want to experience in your life, so that's what I do as well.

I read books of people that I prefer to be similar like or similar to knowing that as I do that, I begin to resonate with the vibration of those people. That's one of the hacks that I use in my own life for a vibrational resonance. There's another hack that I use that has to do with understanding certainty. Now there are certain things that in your life you feel certain about, maybe you feel certain about your life.

Maybe there's certainty with the job that you do. You do your job better than anyone else and you're passionate about it. Maybe there's certainty around a couple certain types of books that you read and you love studying that.

And when you read about it, you feel like you know all about it. There's something in your life that you do feel certain about. If you're honest with yourself. And if you look to that, notice how you feel about the things that you're certain about.

It feels comfortable. It's a natural part of who you are. Another way to use this is to see yourself as already the kind of person you want to be an almost treat your declaration of your goals. First off, have goals too so many people just don't have goals, they don't have intentions and intention is like a declaration of a goal I intend. What do you intend for and when you intend for something, have this certainty that it is true.

Have this certainty that it will come to pass or is here now have certainty and almost treat it as if it's destiny for it to happen. Because as you do that, you start to align where that is the reality. If we have uncertain energy around it, it almost like we key. It's almost like we keep perpetuating more and more of that kind of experience.

Have certainty doesn't mean cocky arrogance, but what this does mean is just like you feel certain about a certain area of your life. Apply that same certainty and imagine that same kind of certainty you have about maybe your fitness or your family or your relationships or your job or a certain area of your life. Apply that towards whatever you intended for, so if I feel certain about me making YouTube videos, for example, which I do because I make so many of them and I feel so passionate about when I do it.

I can apply that certainty, that certainty feeling. I feel I can start to associate that with me speaking in front of a large group of people because I can see similarities. I'd be like, oh, well, it's kind of similar in many ways. I'm getting into a flow state. I'm speaking in front of 10,000 people a day on the YouTube video. Maybe it's thousands of people in a crowd. It's not much different. It depends on how you look at it.

By me doing that though, I start to vibrationally resonate with that reality because I begin to identify more with it and I started to treat it with that certainty because I already know that there are certain areas of my life where I can do that. There's also going to be ways that I can apply it in my way. Certainty, treat your intentions as if it is destiny.

Don't be attached to how things happened though. Sometimes what we do is we're attached to how things happen. What you do is you acknowledge your intentions, and you think to yourself, I intend for this to happen or better. Don't limit yourself. Sometimes we limit ourselves.

We're like, “Oh, this is the pinnacle of everything I want to experience.”, But we could experience more if we weren't attached to the outcome. Do not be attached to the outcome. Acknowledged that you want it, but know that you're good either way.

Somebody asked me in one of my live Q&As, “How do you have a goal but not be attached to the outcome is not like lying to yourself.”. Well, the key is knowing that underneath the surface you're good. Either way, you're already whole and complete. You don't need the relationship. You don't need the extra, this or that. You're already good. You're already okay. You're already whole and complete, and by having that frame, you can see that you could intend for something.

You can even desire it, but you don't have to be attached to how it happens. Let the universe bring it to you in whatever way it wants. Knowing and trusting the process, even if it's like it doesn't come right away. Know that it may be part of the process that it doesn't come immediately and the moment you deem that it hasn't come yet is the moment you keep that vibrational lack in your reality. Maybe the little hiccup that appears to be there as a part of the process and gets you exactly where you need to be. You exactly when you need to be there.

Understand that with all of this, when it comes to vibrational resonates, this is about you being the best version of you, knowing that you are already whole and complete and that you can easily tailor your vibration to the reality you want. By immersing yourself in the energy field of people, you want to be similar to that. One of the reasons, here's another hack for you. I read and listen to audiobooks from people and authors that wrote the books.

They're also saying the books so I at rather than having an audiobook by somebody that's like a narrator for somebody else, they're getting paid to do it. I prefer it to be a book that is by somebody that actually wrote the book because by doing it, I'm vibrationally resonating with the person that thought process, the mirror neurons and I feel like I absorb more of the information that is just conveyed through the words because there's also an energy underneath the words that people speak.

This is a way that you can begin to connect to the vibration that you want. By understanding that the version of you that is the best version of you had already exists and you can begin to resonate with it by putting yourself into the energy field of other people that are already in that type of energy, but also doing it in your own unique way, and as you do that, you'll find that things happen even easier for you.

If you'll find that things start to happen because you are the accumulation of the five people you're the most. If you're like, well, I don't have these kinds of mentors in my life, the information that you absorbed can also be a form of a mentor.

For example, Tony Robbins is one of my mentors. You may say, well, I don't meet up with them every week. I don't talk to him on the phone every week. I was he your mentor? Well, I listen to his books. I immersed myself into seminars so he isn't one of my mentors. Find mentors that people you want to be similar to, and as you do that, you start to immerse yourself in their energy field. You become more similar and you start to vibrate with that version of you in a similar way, but be unique. Be Yourself. Don't limit yourself as well.

I understand that anything you want is because you will feel better and have of it, so feel the emotions of what you want right now, and as you do that, you will start to experience what you want even easier. You will start to resonate more with that reality. You can give yourself permission right now to feel the emotions you want and as you do that, things change in a very powerful way, but remember, treat it as if it is a certainty.

It is destiny for you to experience what you want. As you treat it like destiny, you will literally start to feel an experience more of that certainty in your life, that certainty you have about some area of your life, merged that over to that of what you're passionate about and you'll see that then things happen in a very powerful way. Also, there's the Reality Transurfing, which is something that I teach, is from a book called Reality Transurfing, has to do with understanding vibrational resonance and how we can resonate with the reality we want in a very powerful way knowing that that reality already exists.

I show with Reality Transurfing,, how to use something called outer intention, how to create from this place of almost like the universe manifests for you and it's really a lifestyle for how to live from the heart and a completely new way, but using the principles of Reality Transurfing.

That's why I have something that is called the Reality Transurfing, Academy, which will help you to resonate with the kind of vibration you want. If you want help with this process if you want to be around other people that think similarly, and if you want interaction for me, coaching from me, helping you to vibrate with the reality that you want. There is the Reality Transurfing Academy which will show you exactly how to apply this powerful process which has the awareness that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and you can begin to shift to that reality.

If you're interested in joining, you can go to aarondoughty.com and you'll see Reality Transurfing on the front page. Click on it, and for a temporary discount, there is the ability to join for only a dollar and to try it out for seven days to see what it's all about and to see if it's something that resonates. If that's something you're interested in, if you want to join and just see what it's about for a dollar, you can do so at aarondoughty.com.

This will help you to resonate with the kind of vibrational reality you want. This helps in the whole process and honestly me aligning with my heart and aligning with what I want to experience in my life and feeling the emotions first has been one of the big game changers. The action is powerful, but there are ways of aligning ourselves with that to where it becomes even more powerful.

That's something that I focus on myself and that's something that I love helping other people to do as well because manifestation really is easier than we think. Manifestation is a natural byproduct to the way reality works. It's not something we have to try to do, but when we align our energy in a very powerful way, things happen easier than ever.

How to RADIATE the Vibration of the Reality You Want to Experience

I'm going to be sharing with you how to radiate the vibration of the reality you want to experience. I'm going to share with you the tools and tips that will make that so much easier so that you start to experience the reflection you want in life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how to read the vibration of what you prefer to experience. I’ll be teaching you how to resonate with the vibration and radiate a vibration of what you want to experience. This is about understanding our energy bank. I haven't really talked about this before, but this is in a way going to be infusing the understanding of Reality Transurfing, which if you haven't seen before Reality Transurfing is a very powerful process for creating what you want your life.

It's also more of a philosophy or a way for seeing the world and it has to do with understanding that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist that what you want to experience already exists. It's not so much that you have to try to create it the old way of thinking, it's like we have to create our own reality which they go about trying to have to go along with that. This is more about choosing it because it already exists.

Making choices at that version of you understanding the energy of the best version of you, and then modeling that because as you model that, you start to then to resonate with what you want to experience. This is more about a just going straight to the core of the energy versus trying to be here and then get somewhere else and there are a couple key ideas of three Audi surfing and one of them is understanding this idea of what is called pendulums, our thought structures.

Anytime we are thinking thoughts, think of it as there's this electromagnetic energy around our body and what happens is we think thoughts and then that goes into our electromagnetic energy around our body. We have feelings, the same thing, and that will continue for about 30 days kind of recycle itself. If we keep the momentum in that direction. Here's the other thing too, just like we're creating our own reality or choosing it, so are the billions of other people on the planet. We are co-creating it together with the collective consciousness.

When many people have similar thoughts about similar things and have certain beliefs, especially with passion and emotion, those team up together, and what ends up happening is we create these thoughts, structures, and with these thoughts, structures, we may think many times we're having our own thoughts when in actuality we're having the thoughts of these pendulums.

Another part of Reality Transurfing is understanding the power of the heart, being connected to the feeling more than anything else. Many times, we think the goal is some type of money, but money is a side effect of the real goal, which is what you're passionate about. Money is a side effect of adding value to people and money is a side effect of you doing what you love. That's another powerful part of Reality Transurfing.

And then the other most well-known one is part of Reality Transurfing is that have decreased in importance. Anytime we put something on a pedestal, we immediately give it the potential for resistance because we are immediately separating ourselves from that thing. If we were to say, this person that I'm attracted to, I put them on a pedestal than what we would do is we'd immediately make it so that they are unattainable because they either feel the resistance off of us or beyond just that they will just find out that things just kind of happened so that it doesn't work out. This is because there are balancing factors that come into play to neutralize that energy.

What's the key to this? The key has the self-image that you are the type of person of what you want to experience. It's only when we believe that someone's on a pedestal that we believe our self-image we are not worthy yet. Therefore, we put someone else up there and it's like we're not linked up to the best version of ourselves. Instead see it as natural for you to attract what you want, see it as natural for people to be attracted to you and you'd be attracted to them if that's your choice.

This is about understanding the energy dynamics. When it comes to the power of radiating the vibration of what you want, think of your energy as like an energy bank and anytime there is first off pendulum, so first off, social conditioning. Anytime you're watching the news and all of a sudden something happens, you automatically get triggered. Then what may be happening is that's draining your energy from the energy that could have been used to choose a more ideal reality or the idea of importance. Importance also drains energy.

If you are feeling like worried about something happening, you're making that event and that situation very, very important. And in that importance, you're creating the resistance. You're creating a detachment from the natural flow of who you are. That's why this process is all about alignment. How aligned are you to how you prefer to be in the best version of yourself? And you know this. Something that happens in my life too. Sometimes I find that when I'm doing certain things, it'll drain my energy if I don't do certain things, I'm not recalibrating my energy. Just small things like sometimes go into the park.

Last night I had to go to the park and walk on the grass. As weird as that sounds, that balances out my energy for some reason. If I don't do that, I do that every single night in Vegas. I walk barefoot on grass because I have a lot of energy in it. Just for some reason, it helps to ground me. I do it at the end of the night before I go to bed. I came here in Seattle and last night I forgot, uh, two nights ago I forgot to do that and when I was going to bed the night that I forgot to do it, my leg was throbbing because there's a lot of energy. For some reason, the energy gets stored in my legs. And then last night I walked on falling a little bit grass patch here in the city.

 It was like forget exactly. Whereas kind of like over there or something like that or maybe it was over there on that side and I just. What I did is I just a grounded myself in there I go, is able to balance out my energy. Find things that calibrate out your energy, find things that make you feel more connected to the core of who you are. Because when you do that, you then starting to radiate more of the ideal energy. There are a couple of key points to this.

Whatever you focus on is whatever you're going to feel.

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The simplest one is focus equals feeling. Whatever you focus on is whatever you're going to feel. 

If you find that you are draining yourself of energy, if you aren't preferred in this happened the other day to mean me and my buddy, Victor, we were doing something for one of our launches, showing people how to grow and make a YouTube channel go fulltime doing what they love.

My buddy, Victor Oddo and I are getting ready to launch that course. And if that's, if that's something you're interested in. By the way, if you want to grow a YouTube channel, if you want to learn how to go a ditch nine to five job that you don't really care for, do you want to learn how to really build a business that generates you the kind of money to do what you want?

It was like it felt like it was draining us, but then what we did is we found another aspect that we could focus on and as we did that, everything just started to flow so pay attention to the feeling. It was something small too. I don't remember what it was, but it was like it was just something we were like, man, we're feeling drained. Just thinking about this one little part of the business and say, we started to focus on different pieces of content and then all of a sudden that part started to come, so what I mean is begin to focus on your feeling prior to the thoughts.

Focus on how you feel and then directed as to things that are coming easier, things that are flowing easier and as you do that, you'll find that whatever you focus on, you feel so that when you are in a certain state of being, you start to get and you start to literally shift yourself to what are called life tracks.

Under Reality Transurfing there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. You are constantly shifting through them and choosing them based on your choices that you're making and what you do is you simply choose the ones that feel better because every time you make a choice based on something you're passionate about, you are then shifting to a higher-level timeline. You're then shifting to something that's more conducive of what you want to experience.

Think of it like you have an energy bank and if you are around people that are draining your energy than what I recommend you do is you start to either distance yourself from them or take breaks from it or find people that really influenced your energy in a positive way. People that are very similar to the way that you prefer to be a. another thing you could do to radiate the vibration of the reality you want is to simply get around other people that are already in that vibration.

For example, if you want to own an art gallery studio, which you could do, is you could go to an art gallery place and talk to the owner or a try to go to someplace that represents the place that you want to work out. My buddy Victor and I, we are very similar in many ways and we do a lot of the same things together and a lot of times when one of us will make a change then the other one will make a change as well.

When I first met him and he moved to Vegas, I started to then work out. We started to work out every day together. I started to then in a way build my body very similar to his, like I'm starting to get a lot leaner. I'm starting to become and get stronger as well. And that's something that I think just because we're around each other so much, we are kind of picking up on each other's habits. That's something else recently happened recently.

I switched over to where I stopped eating so many, uh, so much rice, so many starchy carbs and stuff like that. And I did that and I've been doing that for about two weeks now and I feel really good because of a couple of things when you call, when you eat certain races and stuff, it spikes your glycemic index and makes it so that when you store the fat.

I've been just knowing also that my energy is really on point when I'm not eating starchy foods like rice and stuff like that. And I stopped eating that and I started to have a lot more energy and I told Victor about it and we'd go to eat and I just wouldn't get rice. And within like a week, he just texted me yesterday. He goes, you know what? I'm going to do the same thing.

He's hopping on the same thing. You really are the vibration of the five people. You're around the most. Even the one or two people you may be around the most. You are the accumulation of them. So pay attention to WHO's around you and get around people that will help you to radiate the vibration of what you want. Look at their daily habits and ask yourself, are the people around me serving me?

Because if they're not, then even if you don't think they are, a lot of times they subconsciously will influence you even if it's just to eat that unhealthy food or if it's something small like, um, don't go and, you know, do something you are going to do for you, you know, to grow whatever you want to do in your life. Stay here and show with us, you know, little things like that add up.

Pay attention to the kind of things that you're doing. Pay attention to the way that you're feeling and understanding that what you focus on. Let me see if there's any part of this at a whole bunch of stuff written down. Anytime something happens that you save and you start to associate with discontent, something is not supposed to be there. The moment you identify something that's not supposed to be there, that's not a part of the process, you immediately cause a disruption in the energy flow.

It could be something small. It could be you are intending to create something. I'm not. Let me see. Maybe you were trying to create some. Perhaps that art gallery studio thing I was talking about. Maybe you go into the art gallery and you talked to the owner and they say, Oh, you know what? The owner is not here right now. Maybe it's not meant to be. Maybe I'm not meant to do this. To the moment you associate that meaning to it is the moment that you start to feel and you start to disconnect from that energy flow of you choosing the ideal reality.

Instead know that that's a part of the process. Maybe it's meant for you to come back the next day or maybe it's meant because there's another art gallery around the studio around the corner that you could go to. You see the meaning that we attribute to things. The meaning has a powerful effect on how we feel. Give it a positive meaning, which doesn't mean that necessarily has to be the best thing in the world, but the meaning you give it, just allow it to be there and assume it's meant for you.

Give it the meaning that it is supposed to be there because as you do that, it starts to more easily flow through the process. That's something as well. Don't be very quick to give things and to assume that something isn't to the blueprint and our mind. Remember the key to something being positive is not whether it is good or bad, it's more so is it integrative or disconnected?

Is it connected or disconnected? Am I going to connect this into my life and know that this is a po supposed to be there or is this disconnected and am I going to feel that gap? Have that resistance?  Another thing you could do is start to feel like you are literally on holiday, like almost everything that happens is happening for you.

This is actually one of the most important parts of the blog. Here we are 15 minutes in. If he stayed this long, then you get rewarded right now, and that is simply knowing that anytime something happens, milk the good stuff, focus on the good stuff and milk it. I've explained this a couple times and it works very well. What you do is, so you go to, um, you're going to some restaurants, some stores, something. You walk it, somebody opens the door for you.

Normally they just opened the door for you, right? You're like, okay, whatever. Instead, appreciate that door being open for you. Be grateful that it happened because more of it will happen if you appreciate it, and if you milk it, milk the experiences of what you want to experience. Somebody compliments you, for example, instead of brushing it off and be like, you know what? Thank you.

Be genuinely say thank you and be grateful that somebody acknowledged that in you, even though you know that you are already whole and complete anyways, but milk the experiences of what you want because as you milk it, you are more so energy vibrating, vibrating your energy with that reality. Remember, this is more about focus knowing that your vibration is always automatically high. There are just things that may bring us down through our focus.

Choose to focus on things that serve you and know that anytime you give something increased importance; you're immediately distancing yourself from the wholeness of who you are. Let go of importance and a powerful way to do that.

I have a free guided meditation that will show you exactly how to decrease the level of importance you give, something. It will also show you how to resonate with the self-image that you prefer. You start to radiate the positive energy that's absolutely free. I recommend you listen to it for 21 days, and if you do, I think it will dramatically change your life.

 And so, the process is about vibration, focus, feeling, choosing the meaning that you give things in your life, choosing the life experiences you want, not creating your reality, choosing it because remember, it already exists. Therefore, it's about getting in alignment with how you prefer to be. You do that through focus, through feeling, it is natural for you to experience these things and as you do that, your whole life will begin to change.
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