Ascension Timeline SHIFTING the TRUTH about getting left behind

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on ascension timeline, shifting, understanding the truth about getting left behind, and I'm going to show you how to make this shift easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing that with you of understanding more about what is called ascension timeline shifting. Understand that with this process we are all shifting through different parallel realities. This is something I've been teaching on YouTube for a while when it comes to manifestation.

It makes the manifestation process so much easier because then instead of thinking that you want to attract something from over there into your life, you realize that what instead you can do is that you can be the vibration you wish to experience and that thing literally comes to you because it already exists.

It's almost like we're trying to create something out of nothing. Knowing about parallel realities makes this process so much easier. And I'm going to be mixing that with understanding ascension because ascension is something that is happening on the planet right now. It's been happening.

I'm just now talking about it more because we're getting closer and closer to this ascension really being something that's happening at a math level and ascension, in general, is a raising vibration. It's a shift in consciousness and shift to a higher level of consciousness where there are perspectives that are beyond the old 3D reality of things happen to me. We start to understand more about how reality works and the truth is reality is meant to be more fun.

Reality is meant to be more like a dream and the more we realize reality is a dream, the more dreamlike our life will become. In this life, it's about understanding that we came here to go through this ascension. It is the main reason you are here right now. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you came here for the experience, but also you came here to ascend your vibration.

You came here to wake up and to go through this spiritual awakening and so many people on the planet right now are going through this spiritual awakening. It's happiness, such a mass level. It's incredible to see. I have been going through it since 2011 2012 and I've seen, you know, I remember back when I was sharing this information, it was much more taboo to be sharing it. It's much more commonplace and so many people are waking up so fast.

People that I never would have thought would wake up as quick as they are, are waking up not to be judgmental towards anyone. I'm just saying it's amazing how the tides are turning and people that are really starting to go through this ascension now. We all agreed to go through this ascension together and originally there were timelines where we ascended very, very quickly whereby now there would have been a much quicker rate of ascension, but a lot of wouldn't have made the jump.

But what we decided as a collective is that we're going to go through this ascension at a mass level, which means it's a little bit longer timeline. Instead of things happening back in the day like 2012 or back. Then very quickly we decided that we're going to go on a little bit longer timeline but that more people were going to make this shift and understand that this ascension is happening in the body.

Our bodies are transmuting from a carbon base into a crystal and base, which means we can then hold more light. Our bodies are transforming, our consciousness is transforming. We're understanding more about who we are and it is something that we agreed to be a part of. We wanted, we came here and for this, because this is the thing as well, so many lifetimes may have taken so much Karma, so much time to take care of so much Karma, but in this lifetime, we have the ability to transcend so much of it's so fast.

By going through this ascension, so many of the things getting brought up from people. Some people may feel that things are getting brought up. The old past memories, even past life memories are getting brought up. That's because we're literally condensing the timelines right now and working through it to ascend to this higher vibration for a minute.

Let me talk a little bit about that ascension and the difference between what we're moving out of and what we're moving into. We're moving out of a 3D reality. Think of 3D reality like that. The duality that has good, bad light, dark up, down, left, right? I'm trying to think of as many opposites as I can, but that is the also separation. It's like, I am me. You are you.

There's a good level of control and the third dimension, it's like controlling the energy that's been the thing that's controlled. The direction of the timelines of the whole planet has been controlling the media, controlling the thoughts of the millions of people, billions of people, which controls the timelines. We're learning to take our power back now, but the 3D reality is a reality of the experience of a lot of times separation.

It can be very, there can be very negative. It's very polarized as well. The reality is what we're moving into four and 5D reality is more about vibration. There can still be duality, but it's coming from a different place and the third or fourth dimension that can still be duality. The fifth dimension there isn't, it's more universal love consciousness, understanding that we're all connected, but there's still a level of self there.

There's still an individual experience and what happens is we are in the fourth. The fifth-dimension level of consciousness is what we're moving into, which is where we start to more so exist in our heart. We start to more so see the connection between us and all people. We start to understand that we are part of a larger sphere and then we can move in the direction that we want.

It's this level of connection. It's when we have a more increased ability for telepathy because we're all connected so we can read people and I mean already in the third dimension anyways, it's 93% of communication is nonverbal. When we move into that. Of the 5D reality, we are moving more into an understanding of that, of uh, of this connection to where then we really are able to connect to people in a way to where words aren't as necessary.

We're moving there right now into that direction. We're moving into disability to really have what we want to experience. It manifests so much faster than it used to take. We're starting to realize that connection we all have. It's an amazing time we live in. This literally is the most amazing time to ever be alive on the planet and never had before. It hasn't been done as a huge society was seven and a half billion people in the body the way that it is happening now.

There's so much attention. The spotlight is on earth right now because how is this going to happen? What does it look like? What is the experience like? And we're going through that embodied right now and it's very exciting now in general, what I wanted to talk about in this blog is understanding this bubble.

Think of it like a bubble of growth that we all have around us and this bubble is the opportunity that we have for ascension, which we're all going through right now. The reason we're also all going through it right now is that mother Gaia herself, the planet herself is going through it and ascension, we are on planet guy and we are the cells on planet Gaia. Therefore, we are going through this as well. Some people quicker than others.

You may look around and like, Bro, not everyone is waking up as fast as you think. We're all at different paths, but there's a general bubble of opportunity that we have. Think of it like an energetic bubble around her body that is raising the frequency and we all can move at the rate that we want to move it, but there's kind of a bubble.

They're not to be like, oh, that's a limiting thing because we can't move as fast as we want. But in general, we agreed at a mass level to go through this versus just a sending into the fifth dimension right now. And there's, we had to be here too. Some people say, oh, what do we mean the fifth dimension? I don't want to be around these 3D people anymore. But then it's almost like we need to be here.

Lightworkers need to be here because that helps anchor in this high light so that the rest of the planet also goes through this, this expansion quicker than ever. Think of it like there's this bubble around us of change and raising our vibration that we can go through and depending on our vibration, that's going to be the reality that we experience as well. It's almost like this bubble allows us to vibrationally resonate with the reality that we want and the reality that we want to experience will depend upon our emotions, our beliefs, our thoughts and the actions we take.

And depending on that, we'll be which realities we experience. In general, what was happened right now on the planet is more and more people I wake up to who they are and within their little energetic bubble, there's a certain level of transformation they can experience that will raise their vibration.

Depending on that, we'll be which reality they experience. There is a shifting of these timelines that are happening right now and it will continue to happen because there are many different versions of the earth in many different levels of this ascension happening. But the question to you is where are you engaging your energy? Where are you engaging your energy? Where is your attention? Because we're attention goes is where energy goes.

Be aware of what this is because wherever you put your energy is where you are. Also heading is the reality timeline that you aren't experiencing. In general, everyone is on some ascension timeline, some very, very slow, some move much quicker. Within this little bubble that's around our body, which we're all connected, all of these bubbles are connected. Some people's bubble may be a little bit brighter because they're moving a little bit faster, but that will help then trickle on to all these other bubbles to help everyone else awakened as well.

And this is also a very metaphorical type thing, this whole bubble thing, but it's also very literal because we have electromagnetic energy that goes around our body that connects to everyone else. Within our energy field, as we clear out old patterns, as we clear out things from the past, we raise our vibration. As we raise our vibration where the lightening up, we're starting to lighten up our energy field. It's influenced in everyone that we go around.

That's what we call lightworkers, which if you're reading my blog right now, you are a lightworker. You can only perceive that which you are the vibration of. You are bringing through more of this light within your little bubble, big bubble. And we're not going to beat around the bush here. Your bubble is very, very big. Okay? You have so much love within your bubble.

It influences everyone. You go around and in this life, you are meant to help awaken more and more people with your bubble. And the key to this is understanding where are you putting your focus? Where are you putting your energy? Are you observing the old 3D reality and do you, and are you able to put your energy into that what you want?

One of the things that light up your bubble the most is you doing what you're passionate about because if you do what you're passionate about, that is your body's translation, your body telling you, Yo dude, this thing because it's who you really are. It's like your connection to your higher self. In a way ascension is merging the lower self, the shadow self with the higher self and the higher self will give you the vibration of what you're passionate about with the feeling of passion.

You say I'm passionate about art. You do that thing, it raises your vibration, your bubble lights up, and then your bubble is affecting everyone else's bubble. I know we're talking a lot about bubbles in this blog, but understand that this is the ascension timeline shifting that we're, that we're experiencing is the thing that here's the most important thing. Don't understand. The only thing that you need to focus on is your own bubble.

Yes, it'd be great if your dad and mom and everyone in the in your life completely understood it and it was like, you're a dungeon bubble. Looks very good. I'm going to now focus on my bubble. It'd be great if you just told them this and they're like, oh, the French and stuff, it's so cool. I want to get right on the barn. But the key, the truth is, is people will be ready for it when they're ready for it.

They still have their own bubbles. The keys of hope on your own boat, you do what you're passionate about. The more I was trying to sell people on this, by the way, in 2012 is the more people resisted it, but yo dad, look, we're all connected to higher dimensional states of consciousness. We're going through this planetary shift in consciousness.

It was like, dude, are you okay? Do you know what I mean? And I'm sure you've experienced that too at some level. People, friends, family, like what's going on with you, Bro? What's going on? And the thing is though if you don't have to focus on that. You focus just on the inside. You can plant some seeds. Planting seeds are good, but mainly focused on your own bubble, raising your own vibration. What's in your bubble within your energy field?

What's in your energy field? Maybe there's past emotions, unprocessed emotions, past life, things coming up. Observant. Be aware of it. Allow yourself to let it go. Process and focus on your own bubble because that bubble, the residents of your bubble is going to determine which reality you experience. There's an infinite number of ascension timelines happening, some APP, a lot of the destruction of the 3D reality, and some have the magical mister coolness of the 5D reality. Which one will you experience?

That will depend upon the inner work you do within your own energy field. Asked you which reality you experience. They're both potentials right now. You can turn on the news and get triggered into something someone said. All of this stuff and being that 3D vibration or you can observe it for what it is, not give that much energy, not given much meaning and just put your energy where you want to be in doing what you're passionate about and connecting to these, this larger aspect of you, your own energy bubble.

Understand that with this ascension timeline shifting, it's what is within your own energy bubble. Do the work within yourself, raise your own vibration and then your light bubble will raise up more and more and everywhere you go people will be affected by it. Even people in my family that originally thought the stuff was weird or coming around and were like, Yo, it's kind of interesting. I think what you're doing is pretty cool.

And even friends that used to think when I did with weird, they're like, Whoa, what you're doing is kind of cool. It's like the more I detached from that though, the more I focused on my own bubble is the more people can see it, the more people, the more effect it has. Anyways, so this assumption that you're experiencing will depend upon the thoughts, emotions, and actions you take. Focus on that on energy bubble focused on what is within focused on being the change you wish to see in the world you made.

That shift will allow you to ship to the ascension timeline that you want and that's happening right now on the planet. Also, just be more in your heart. Focus more on your heart space. The 3D reality is much more about willpower control. This is about the time of letting go and being in your heart, understanding the connection that you have with everyone else. The more you do that, the more you will raise your vibration, so if you want a meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point.    

The Secret to Feeling 100% Worthy, Whole, and Complete (that will change your life)

I'm going to be sharing with you the secret to feeling 100% worthy, whole and complete. By the end of this blog, you'll know what that is and you'll also have a practical tool for applying that in your life in a powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the understanding of how to feel 100% worthy. This is also the missing key to you experiencing what you want in your life. Because you always get in life a reflection of that which you believe you deserve and if you believe that you deserve a relationship that is abusive, if you believe that you deserve to only make a certain amount of money per year, it's a very limited amount because of what you made in the past.

If you believe that you're not worthy of looking a certain way because of how you think or how you feel, then you will experience a reality. Continuously have that belief and have that perspective. And when it comes to this understand as well that people can feel how you feel about yourself. When you go out into the world, and people are responding to you, they respond to you based upon the energy you are putting off.

If you are someone that everyone loves, then you most likely love yourself. If you are somebody that feels like rejected, you may be rejecting yourself. Whatever you feel about yourself, other people feel from you when they reflect that back to you. The key to feeling 100% worthy, whole and complete has to do with being everything being brought back to you.

And in a way, you must take responsibility for the things that had happened to you and understand as well that I understand that many people have been through a lot of hard things growing up. She might be probably, you've heard me talk many times about my past of having an abusive, physically abusive, emotionally abusive, mentally abusive, ex step mom between the ages of seven to 15 years old, right?

Almost no power whatsoever. I get it. I'm not saying this as somebody that was just like a baby does a kid and had everything given to me. I say this because I've been through pain. See that? I know there's worse out there. However, what I am saying is that the way you take responsibility for things that have happened in your life is by understanding that the one thing you always have the ability to do is to choose how you respond to what happens in your life.

You may not always control what happens, but you always can choose how you respond. I look at some of the people in my life who have been through similar things as me and there are very different timelines. There are very different lives that we lead because of the way we responded to what happened for many years.​

I suppress even after 15 years old came around and my dad divorced my ex-stepmom, I had all this freedom. All of a sudden, I was able to have friends that get, you know how I was able to have friends, is able to do stuff like watch TV or eat food and not female new at nourish. I was able to eat food without getting in trouble and even after it being able to do that for five to six years.

I felt a lot of resistance and guilt and anger towards my ex step mom and I suppressed it, but eventually it, that pressure caused me to go through a spiritual awakening and what happened was is I saw that everything in life wasn't happening to me. It was happening to me. That's the key. That's the thing that makes the difference is the taking back of your power and understanding that it can either feel you or it can tear you down,

but it's completely up to you. Feeling 100% worthy, wholly complete is about giving a new meaning to your past. Why did it happen? It happened because you were strong and you could go through whatever you did. A lot of our sense of worthiness has to do with a sense of belonging, fitting in why things happened in the past. And when you begin to understand that that's the key is bringing it back to the self, loving the self.

That's when things change. But if you define yourself based on how other people think about you, then you'll always be going in a circle because you will never find one way that people perceive you because there are billions of people on the planet and every single person that knows you have a different perspective than another person.

Knowing that you can't define yourself based on what other people think about you, you see then that the only thing that will change as you change in the way you define yourself and understanding that sometimes the most vulnerable parts of you are the greatest gifts you have.

I believe the reason a lot of people resonate with my message and one thing that makes people feel a lot more connected to me is my past. And some people will say, Aaron, why do you keep bringing up your past? Like does it mean you're not over it? I bring it up because I think it is relatable and I want people to know that if I've done it, so can other people, so I bring it up.

But also, I know that it resonates with people. There are people that have been through similar things and we know someone has been through similar things that have been through pain. Growing up makes it more relatable. It makes it more, I can do it too type of attitude because the truth is that I can do it. You can do it too.

That's why I share it because our vulnerability is our power. It's what makes us human. We don't need to be identified with it forever, but the moment that you start to embrace your vulnerability is the moment you start to turn it from something that's holding you back into something that's propelling you forward. I'm reading a book or was listening to an audiobook today while I was running called the power of vulnerability by Brené Brown.

She talks about the one main difference, and this is the key to this blog as well. The one main difference between somebody that feels 100% worthy, whole and complete, and somebody that doesn't is the people that feel 100% worthy, wholly complete belief that they can feel 100% where the whole complete. It's a belief that all the difference. Let me ask you a question. What do you believe about your sense of worthiness?

Do you deserve love? Do you deserve abundance? Do you deserve to be yourself? Because if you don't believe you do, then the key is getting to the root of that belief. Why do you believe that? And when you get to the core of that belief, you can then let it go. That's why the power in this whole changing belief process isn't in piling on some new ideas, I believe for like, oh yes, I am 100% worthy. It's about being aware of just the belief that you gained along the process that's holding you back from feeling that love whole and completeness.

Be aware of what that could be and how do you do that? You start to ask yourself a new question, what would I have to believe is true as to why I'm not 100% worthy, whole and complete? What has to believe that people, almost people must accept me? Well, now I know that actually, people will accept me more if I accept myself more. I start to get my own power back and have to believe that when this happened when I was a kid and people treating me a certain way, that that's who I am now.

Well, now I understand that vulnerability is my power and I understand that that can feel me and make me more powerful rather than tear me down. You start to reframe your past and you can even complete your past because when you complete your past, you don't have to repeat your past anymore, but the meaning is a powerful thing in our lives. Meaning is what steers our life in different directions. The meaning you give things in your life will determine which realities and which kinds of things you are attached to.

And like Brené Brown was saying in her book, the one main thing that was the different factor from people that felt 100% worthy, whole and complete and felt self-love was that they believed they could and they just believe they deserve it. And all that means you have to do is get to the core of what you believe about yourself.

How do you see yourself? Because most likely they're beliefs that are keeping you safe. Beliefs, there's never really, there are negative beliefs, but naked, even negative beliefs serve a purpose. They have a payoff. The payoff is it keeps you staying the same. It keeps you in survival mode. It may not feel 100% worthy, incomplete, and you may attract the people that don't feel 100% where the whole incomplete and because of that, it keeps you within a certain narrow bandwidth of emotion and that's comfortable so that it's paying off because it's keeping you in the survival mode. It's keeping you feeling the same emotions over and over again.

Okay? The key is to become aware of what that is for you. What are you identifying with? What can you begin to let go of more? Can you start to believe that you deserve things? What if we change our definition of life itself? What if your new definition was you are worthy, holding complete because you exist and because everyone exists saying that you're not 100% worthy.

Whole and complete is saying that in a way you are different than every other person on the planet because creation doesn't make mistakes. And to say that we're not worthy would be saying that creation made a mistake and we're also special because creation made this one mistake, which is me because I'm not worthy. And everyone else is. You see, when we look at our belief about reality, we can see that that is a nonsensical belief that may have been on autopilot and it's selfish in a way.

It's a selfish belief because we believe that we're so unique and special that we should not feel 100% or 100%. We're the only complete because we don't deserve it, but the key is knowing that you are special and unique in a different way, but you are also 100% worthy, only the complete, and you can tap into that without awareness, by getting rid of that belief and completing the past.

The key to this process is completing the past. Until I completed the past with my ex step mom between the ages of seven to 15 I kept attracting people in my life that would reflect back that energy. That archetype in a way that narcissism, that control, and I was just doing a podcast episode on it the other day because I realized that there was always someone in my life that reflected that back to me until I completed it.

The moment I completed it is the moment it all went away. I had an ex-stepmom in my life between seven and 15 she left my life. Then it was shortly after that I had my first, one of my first girlfriends was controlling it, was with her for four years, broke up with her. Then I got a job and I got into almost within a week of breaking up with her.

I got a promotion at the job I worked, which is Nordstrom's and women's shoes in Las Vegas, but from the BP shoes to salon shoes. BP shoes are like cheaper shoes went to the more expensive shoes. It was definitely a promotion to find out that the manager in that department was almost the same exact person as my accent mom. Very similar personality, very similar manipulation.

You can physically do anything but emotionally, mentally she did and everyone would try to get her fired, but nobody could because she was protected by upper management. Even though she would say the most bizarre things to people, she would talk down to people. She should have been fired forever ago, but she wasn't because she was protected. I go through my spiritual awakening 2012 I complete the past of my pattern, the patterns of the past with my next step.

Mom realized that it happened and led me to a spiritual awakening within two weeks of learning meditation, learning how to complete my past, that manager got fired like that for something really dumb should have happened forever ago. But guess what? Energetically I was holding that pattern in my life because I didn't complete the past yet, and if I didn't actually completely deal with it yet, she would have left and someone else would have come in.

You see this is about completing the past to not repeat the past. Below me, what you'll see right now is a meditation that is on feeling 100% worthy, whole and complete and completing the patterns of the past that you can live in this new way. It is literally the most powerful meditation I've ever made. Has hundreds of thousands of us read the comments to see what is possible.

It'll allow you to complete the pass so you don't have to repeat it. And at the end of that meditation, there's a visualization where it floods you with unconditional love and light. You'll experience that as well. Listen to that for 21 days. I really think that if you do that, it'll transform your life. 

Belief SHIFTING: The Key to Effortless Manifestation

I'm going to show you how to shift the beliefs in your life. By the end of this blog, you're going to know how to do that, how it can absolutely transform your life and how to start today.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you something that is called belief shifting. It is a process that I'm currently developing that has something to do with this shift experience that I'm creating right now. The Shift Experience is going to be a step by step course on shifting your level of consciousness, on understanding that your beliefs are creating your reality.

When you change your beliefs, you change your reality and in essence that's all reality is. The reality that is outside of you is a reflection of the beliefs you have inside of you and the beliefs you have been developed from an early age that may have been developed when you were a kid.

Many of them were developed actually and given passed onto you from your parents subconsciously. And what happens is, is we absorb these beliefs, we absorb these paradigms even from social conditioning. And then we go on living in our life, our whole entire lives in this unconscious patterning of his beliefs that are just on autopilot, not knowing that if we change our beliefs, we change our life.

And this is a lot of times the block for a lot of people with the Law of Attraction and they're like, well, I'm thinking of this a lot and I'm thinking of it, but it's not actually happening. But if you don't believe that you can attain it and you don't believe that it is something that you can achieve, then you won't experience it.

You won't take the action to experience it and you will align yourself with it to experience it. Just to give you a little bit of context, show you a little bit of B roll of where I'm at, but I'm right now in Maui and Hawaii. I'm here for a week and going to be leaving here on and like four or five days and it's been enjoyable. I've filmed a lot of videos here and it's got me thinking a lot.

I set the intention that when I want to on this trip a Leeor and I went to Japan for a week and then we're coming here for a week. I knew that I wanted to create the shift experience and completely become clear as to what that is, which is the course that I was talking about that's going to be available with the next few months. And this is when all the information is coming to me and I'm really understanding things at a deep level with it.

And when it comes to this process of beliefs, the most important thing that I think helps beliefs shift is understanding that all reality is, is a reflection. And that reality in a way is like a dream. When you become aware of that reality is a form of a dream, your reality becomes more dreamlike. When people have beliefs about reality itself that says reality is fixed. Reality is solid, reality is heavy, then that becomes their reality in a lot of times that's on autopilot because it's stuff from our parents, from our environment growing up and you know our whole entire lives we are made to be socially conditioned in really absorbing our senses.

If you want to supersize something, eat a little bit more, go do things that involve something that has to do with touch, sight, smelling, hearing. These are all exaggerated and these are all emphasized because it emphasizes the 3D physical structure, the third dimensional structure that we inhabit, but the thing we have the ability to do is to transcend our vibration to a higher level of consciousness, to go beyond just the ego and to merge with what is called the higher mind.

But part of the reality that we chose to come into, which is this 3D reality was with the intention that we would wake up to who we really are, that we would wake up knowing that we are immortal, spiritual beans, live in temporary human experiences, that we may have lived most of our life inside of the census. But understanding now that we can go beyond the senses, that we can go beyond our beliefs about what reality is.

I would say that simply knowing that reality is a cosmic dream. We are all pieces of this cosmic dream. We are all pieces of source energy dreaming that we are these separate little fragments and what we do is we go through certain experiences that may emphasize that separateness and based on our positionality meaning art perspective that will keep the game going. It will keep the momentum going of things happening to us.

You see with belief shifting as well. If we simply first off believe and understand, it's not really a belief. It's a knowing that reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true from experience. Cause that's all you'll ever experience. You only experience a reflection of what your beliefs are. And if you don't know what your beliefs are, you can become more aware of it. You do this whether you're aware of it or not. Just like the Law of Attraction.

It works whether you are aware of it or not. If you believe, if you think to yourself, oh you know there's, there's beliefs and there are laws. You know, the Law of Attraction is a law that we've all agreed to play, like attracts like in this universal or I'm sure if it's universal, but this reality system at least, and we experienced this, but the key is knowing that we can move beyond that of this, this dream.

I'm remembering quantum physics shows us as well. We are both a particle and a wave. A particle and a wave. Things are both fixed and not fixed at the same time depending upon your perception. You can create the experience that things are very heavy and it's very hard to manifest things. But you're creating it. The first part, the first step to this is understanding that the reality itself that we live in is a dream.

And I believe that when you go to bed at night, you wake up to who you are at a higher level of consciousness. But you forget this because there's a veil of forgetfulness in this reality. And if you remembered who you were at a greater sense and you remembered all these connections you had, first off, your brain wouldn't be able to handle it because it would be trying to interpret fifth-dimensional states of consciousness and higher from a 3D perspective.

It just doesn't have the tools to do so. And it would be distracting. It'd be distracting because you would be like, oh, I feel unconditional love and bliss majority of the time I want to go back there. What am I doing here? In this reality, you become more and more aware of that. And that's the key is becoming more aware of that reality is a form of a dream.

The first step is realizing that your reality is a dream. The second thing is understanding that the old version of you with think that you are a victim. Almost everyone has been through stuff in the past. You know, I talk about sometimes about my past, how I had an abusive ex-stepmom. She was a stepmom. My stepmom between the ages of seven to 15 years old and it was very negative, dark part of my life because it was like things were always happening to me.

I didn't have control. I wasn't allowed to eat food a majority of the time. I and my brother were both locked outside. A lot of times we had to do, we had to work. We weren't allowed to have friends. We weren't allowed to do a lot of the things that a lot of regular kids did. I don't say that so that you pity me. I'm just saying that you understand that you can transcend this.

You can train this, send the story. The reason I tell the story so people know they can do it too. The key is knowing that you are not a victim. You set up these different aspects of use that you could transcend it. Things are not happening to you. Things are happening to you. A lot of times the pain in our life can be the best things because those pain leads create pressure and it leads us to have this breaking through paradigms.

The shifting belief, I believed I was a victim. Therefore the reality that I got was equal to that belief and being a victim. It was until I took my power back and I knew that at a deeper spiritual level, I chose that experience. Some people, I know that sounds pretty out there, you're going to tell me that I chose to have this experience, that I chose to have these people to treat me that way. Will you are in the moral, spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience and you knew that you could handle it.

You knew that you could, otherwise, you wouldn't have experienced it. At a higher level of consciousness, you made that choice. The first step is realizing that reality is a cosmic dream meant to be enjoyed. It's meant to be enjoyed too. If you make the dream so serious and heavy, then guess what? It will appear to be serious and heavy. Reality is meant to be fun.

I look around right now and I see it in his beautiful all around me. It's beautiful and it's fun. It's a little bit of both, but have more of a fun mentality about it. If you had a dream and you knew that you could, it could be more flexible. You have a lighter attitude about it, but you know what? The ego, the 3DAvatar body in this reality loves seriousness. It loves to take things seriously and if you tried to joke around with it, sometimes it doesn't want to have it doesn't even want it because it wants everything to be within its own frame of reference.

Let’s look at this again because the next thing that I'm about to share with you is a game changer for belief shifting. First off, you realize that your life is a form of a dream that you experienced in your life. Both the particle and the wave things are both fixed and not fixed at the same time. Depending on your perception. When you start to understand this, things become more fluid, more flexible, then you relate to your past and a new way because you realize that you are not the victim.

You chose that at a higher level of consciousness. Things do not happen to you. Things happen for you. You start to take your power back there because you realize that you chose it at a higher level. The third thing, this is the key to this whole process. This is the thing that will unlock all the limitations in your life and you understand how to really become free because up until this point, you have been living in the autopilot mind.

Whether you're aware of it or not. Even me. There are times, and there's a lot of what I am experiencing is me breaking out of that autopilot mind. That is why the shift experience has it come out already because I am still cultivating it and experiencing it. The one thing that I really like to teach people is that is to lead by experience.

It’s something that I must embody as well and that's what I'm becoming aware of. The third thing you must do to shift your belief system is to give up the necessity to always be right.

Give up the necessity that you always have to be right because that is what keeps you within the autopilot mind, believing that you must always be right. The certainty is what you think you need to survive and if you just give up the necessity to always be right, you will become freer. I was recently watching a talk a couple of months ago from Sadhguru is an Indian guru guy who's really, he's got really cool videos and in it, he was talking about his mentality of going into different experiences.

He treats everything he experiences as if it's the full first time he's experiencing it, and he goes in it into it like a curious type thing, not needing to tag the past into the present. Most people just live in the past because that's what the ego is. The Ego is running pictures through its mind of things that had happened in the past.

And it's relating to what's happening now. It's what happened in the past. What enlightened people have done like said Guru is they've taken that real the video reel of the past and they've let it go. And they said this doesn't serve me. What is the present moment? How can I be here now? How can I more?

Be curious about what's happening in life right now, not having to relate it to the past. What will help you is to have more of a curious attitude towards what's happening in the present moment? But understand that you need him to be right is what keeps you inside of your belief system. It's what keeps you inside of the Ego Avatar. Yes, this person did this to you.

They shouldn't have. You're right about it, but are you free? No, you're not free. If you have a positionality about how someone should be towards you and what should have happened in the past, you become free by giving up the need to always be right. This is more about shifting your level of consciousness than shifting just these intellectual beliefs about what someone said to you in the past about what you believe about reality, about what you believe about what you deserve.

When it comes to relationships or money or health, you go beyond that. When you get out of the video reel of your mind, which is all the ego, the ego just wants to relate. What should be, what shouldn't be, what's happened in the past, what's happening now and how does it relate? You shift beyond that by giving up your need to be rights.

Let it go because all your ego is trying to do is to keep you to survive. It has rules. Your ego also has rules as what it takes for you to be happy. I will be happy when I'm living my passion. I'm in this beautiful house. I'm doing this, I'm doing this, I'm doing this, all of these things. Then I can give myself permission to be happy. Those rules keep you from feeling higher vibrational emotions that would actually bring you closer to your goals.

Anyways, so belief shifting is about the awareness of how reality works and your reality works based upon the agreements that you have given in your life. You must first agree to something for you to have some type of experience. That's what a belief is. It's an agreement. Yes, this is the way reality works and all you do when you see someone like me online when you see someone else that you may think of as your guru, all that's happened is that person is coming from a place of beingness and you've agreed in their credibility.

You've agreed in whatever they're saying, you're playing their game. What I'm here to share with you is that I want you to play your game. You are also the guru. You are also that which you seek and your beliefs are creating your reality and the only reason you aren't shifting to what you want to experience is you're not giving yourself permission to do so right now you have a story about what it'll take for you to do it.

You're going to try to become this person. There is no trying. There's only doing and being and the difference between someone that you look up to and you is that that person's just being versus needing to try. You don't need to try. Just be, you want to be an artist, be the artist. Don't try to be an artist. Don't try to draw. Draw. You want to be someone that plays sports for a living.

You want to be an athlete. Don't try to be an athlete. Don't train, be an athlete. Whatever you want to do in your life, you can do it by giving yourself permission to do it. Because the thing is is with belief shifting. What we have done is we have, we have a whole process backward. We think we must first have something, then we must do something.

Then we must be something or we think we must do something than have something than be something, know to be it. Then you will have it and then you will do it. Understand this is about you giving yourself permission and understanding that you set up the rules of this reality. You set up the rules of this game, but you hadn't been aware of it because you haven't taken your power back. Take your power back. Now's the time.

It's time to take your power back. And when you look at me, when you look at anyone else online, ask yourself, how can I embody the beingness of who I am? Don't give your power away even to the things I tell you. Don't give your power away. Ask Yourself, are you living within your rules, the rules of your game? Because if not, then you're at the effect, but you can give yourself permission now.

First off, the reality is a cosmic dream, the cosmic dream of God. We are all pretending to be these separate little fragments when in actuality we're all connected, but we experience reality through the five senses. Things have happened to us in the past and that's where we develop a victim mentality. You are not a victim. You chose it at a higher level because you knew that it could happen for you, not to you.

That's the second step is realizing you're not the victim. Start to realize that everything in life is a choice from a higher level of consciousness. From there, understand that you can begin to shift into this new way of being, which is a shift in consciousness and what you can do is you can give up the necessity to always be right to develop your pisses.

As part of this has to do with forgiving other people say, well, this person did this to me, but how much longer are you going to carry on and hold on to that negative emotion? It's only hurting you so forgive, forgive the other because you realize the others in other aspects of you anyways, and that's when you start to give up the need to be right. Really all healing is forgiveness. It's forgiving yourself and forgiving other people.

That's the secret to forgiveness. It's not a secret, but it's something that people think is a complex thing. It's not complex, but for this process, all you have to do is realize that life is a form of a dream and because of that you can have more fun with the process. Realize that you're not a victim. Things happen to you, did not happen to you, they happen for you.

Everything's a choice in your reality and then understand you can give up the need to be right, give up the certainty bubble step outside of the little bubble that you've created. Be here now and experience reality from a state of presence, not as a state of the old videotapes in the mind of the past.

Doing that, you will begin to shift your beliefs. If it sounds too esoteric or too complex, just focused on being present. Focus on being present and experiencing everything you experience in your life for the first time. That will bring you into the present moment.

That will bring you beyond belief and into being, which is what the shift experience is all about in which what is what I'm creating right now. The shift experience will be out in the next couple months, hopefully, sooner.


This blog will shift your timeline and by the end of this blog you will be on a completely different timeline than you are right now.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you some ideas that will shift your timeline. My idea is that will also shift your level of consciousness. Well, you start to see things and be in a completely new way in your life. You'll show up in a new way, you'll understand things differently from a new way.

You won't see things the same way you do right now, but at the end of this blog, however long this blog is, and that's because the things I'm going to share in it or things that I haven't shared yet at the level which I will be sharing it with you. And it's about understanding more than just that, of shifting parallel realities. I'm sure that in many videos understand that we always get a reality that is equal to the vibration we are putting out.

And when we think about the law of attraction, we think I'm going to track that from over there go into here, but in actuality what you can realize is what you want to experience. It already exists so you don't have to attract from over there to over here. All you have to do is change your frequency, change your vibration by changing how you think, act and feel.

By changing these three things, you then change the outer reflection you get in your life and every moment. Here's the truth of the matter. First off, the truth of the matter is your constantly shifting through parallel realities. Every second it happens effortlessly. It's a byproduct of movement by me going like this.

Right now, they're totally separate parallel realities. They look very, very similar, but just like an auto film strip, you would have a film strip, you would stretch out the film and you could see two similar frames that look almost identical. Even if they did look identical. There are still different frames. They're just shining through the, the light is shining through it onto the projector screen and it looks like it is completely one long fluid movement.

Understand that we're shifting to parallel realities every single second, so it's a natural byproduct of the way reality works and that's something that we have to try to do. Now when we talk about timelines and what this blog will show you, is it a new way of being that shifts your timeline is about understanding that there's a certain perspective. You have a certain level of congruent between where you are and the general direction you're going in.

There are probable timelines, certain timelines are probable. There could be a timeline where after you read this blog and you go and do one thing and a different timeline for another thing, but the way it works is time-space. Reality is flexible, so there's a certain timeline with the momentum you have going and there are different ways, different timelines that will get you there.

That's why trusting the process is so powerful because then you start to go in the direction that you want or that you're meant to be going in, but you're also creating your own reality. There’s also this level of free will that's in that as well. But the timeline is about understanding that if you really want to shift your timelines, first of all, understanding it's all about choice.

What are you choosing in the present moment? Because every time you make a choice, you shift into a new parallel reality and to a new timeline. For example, if you left your job six months ago, you shifted your timeline and maybe it was a timeline, it's more conducive to how you inverted B. But in the other way if you were to go and have a relationship with someone, that is a specific timeline. I understand that these choices we make are all different timelines and you have to ask yourself which one resonates and which one is with your highest excitement.

Here is the key and here is the thing that will shift your timeline right now. And from this point going forward. If you choose to live from this way, it will change your whole entire life and it's a higher dimensional understanding of how reality really works. When you look to the outside reality, understand that the outside reality that you experience is a reflection. It is just a reflection.

It is a reflection of who you are as a soul. It is a reflection of how you relate to life itself. It's a reflection of what you believe to be true. Now, here's the thing. Here's the truth that changes everything. Everything you experience in your life is more of you. Everything. Everything is more of you when it comes to this process. Other people or other aspects of you.

When you look to someone you have a relationship with and if things aren't going the way that you want, understand it has to do with your relationship with yourself. I say that because a lot of people project their stuff onto other people not knowing that that other person is a reflection of them. Your relationship with your family is a reflection of you. If your family doesn't accept you then it may be because within you haven't accepted yourself in a certain way.

You see anytime we look to the outside to change, we're losing our own power. There is no outside, there is no outside. Depending on the demand, the way that you look at reality, you can shift your level of consciousness to see that everything is more of you. You see, we're right now going through a shift in consciousness from a 3D level of reality up to a four and five d reality out of duality, out of good, bad light, dark and into a new way of being.

One of the things about transcending the third dimension is understanding that we are the third dimension itself. Transcending it is completely different than we thought because we're realizing that that is us now that we are third dimensional than we are. I saw identified with it but that everything is us anyways. You will only find more of yourself in everything that happens in your life is showing you how you relate to the one, the one that you are the one source.

You are the source. You see. Do you see how your consciousness is beginning to shift right now? Because you are shifting out of anything on the outside needed to change. Knowing everything on the outside is just a reflection. Everything is a reflection. The reason what you put out is what you get back is because those other people in your life, the other people, you are affecting our other aspects of you.

They are other aspects of you. Because of that, once you put out is what you get back. But you see this 3D, this physical body that we use, whatever for 3, 4, or 5D. I can label it as Aaron Doughty and create this separation between me and everyone else. That's what we use for convenience sake in reality or in this, in this experience, but that is nothing but a convenient at the label for navigating through this experience.

The truth is when you remove the label, you see you are a part of a greater whole. You are not just the drop in the ocean, but you are also the drop the ocean and the drop, so anything and everything in your life is just a reflection to how you relate to life. Everything in your life is also an agreed upon reality. The only reason money has power in this reality is because we've agreed to it. Mass consciousness level, we've agreed to it.

The only reason something will negatively affect you in your life is if you agreed to it. You see, this is another part of the shift in consciousness I want to share with you. There is no built-in meaning in anything you experienced in your life. There is no built-in meaning the meaning depends upon what you give it. The meaning is what you give anything. Anything that appears to be negative can be positive. If you define it as positive, you literally will shift yourself to reality. Where are you? Get a positive benefit.

Imagine something happens in your life. You're just going along. Something happens, boom, it happens. Now, the meaning you give this situation is going to determine whether you shift yourself to a positive timeline or a negative timeline. You have the choice of that meaning there is no built-in meaning we think there is, but that's because we can't see beyond ourselves. We can, but that's the idea of the negative belief that will keep us believing that only things are negative that happened like this. If you give it a positive meaning, you will shift to a positive timeline.

Okay, and that's the power that we have within us is to choose the meaning. We give things and every moment, but understand that you will only experience more of yourself. That is all there is. Your life is a reflection of how you relate to you. Your life is a reflection of what you believe about reality. Do you believe things happen easily for you? Do you believe that things happen hard? Do you believe you've got to work really hard for things?

Do you believe that people don't get you well then maybe you don't get yourself? Maybe you don't think that you're worthy of being loved so you assume that other people won't love you. You see, this all comes back to the source. It all comes back to who we are. We are the source, it's who we are, but anytime you're looking to the outside for something to change, you've already given away your power.

Yeah, it's already being projected out there. Now, this, for some people it can be a little bit hard to hear because it means that literally everything in your life, you have to start taking responsibility for, oh, you're going to tell me I have to take responsibility for what this person did to me. That person is another aspect of your consciousness, whether it's bad or good, whatever they did, okay, and it's there for you to learn from because you are the dimension itself.

You are this reality itself. Does it mean you agree with what happened? Doesn't mean that you ask for more of it, but maybe it was there for you to claim your power back, for you to learn more about yourself. You see everything in your life is just a reflection. It is all light and your life has meant to be divine, but we're so caught up in all these ideologies and all these things and all the in our thoughts move out of your thinking and move into being experience reality itself. Almost everything we experience is some conceptualized idea.

Almost everything we experience is based on the deep past autopilot mind. Well, this is kind of like this experience I had and if I mixed that experience, this experience, this is kind of how it is. The mind only thinks in the past. The way of breaking it out of it is understanding and being aware of that. It's just running itself out.

The mind likes to relate, the mind likes to label, the mind is like that but the key is observing it. Just like you can observe thoughts and then choosing to be, be in the present moment right now. Be here now and when you do that you move out of the matrix mind and into a level of integrating with what it couldn't be called your higher self, which is just once again more of you.

Treat every situation in your life as if you chose it and your life will change because then you'll see that you do have a choice. You have in choices the meaning you give things. You have a choice as to what you will think, feel, and do, and because you have that choice, you can then shift your bra, probable reality timelines, but you see, most people are just in the autopilot mind. They don't know that they can shift that. Therefore they stay in that repetition.

Most people think the same thoughts every day, feel the same emotions every day and do the same actions every day. Therefore create the same thing over and over and over and over again. The key to this process is going to yon that what you currently think, feel and do, and what do you do and how do you do that? You make the choice is so simple.

Once we start to embody it and understand that we can just choose to go beyond. We can choose to also wake up to wake up from that habitualized comfortable thought pattern of what we were thinking, feeling, and doing, and it's all on autopilot. The more you become aware of it, the more you expand out of it and then the more you can embody this new way of being, which isn't new at all. It's actually a natural state of being, but it's about being aware of it.

Understand that in reality itself, anything you want to change in your life, what has to do with you, change you within yourself. Do you want to change your job? What kind of job do you think that you're worthy of?

What beliefs do you have about going and getting a job? What beliefs do you have about your doing your passion for a living? You see, don't go out there looking for a job first. Change your belief about reality itself. Change your about what it means to have a job, but whether you could do your passion for a living, change this and then that will change and then when you do take action it will be leveraged. ​

Everything in life is a reflection anyways. You will only find more of yourself and everything that you do, the people that you enjoy being around in your life you like because they reflect something back to you. Maybe they reflect parts of your identity back to you because are similar to you. Maybe they reflect back to you in a way that you like to become.

Maybe there's something you don't like and there's something you don't like about yourself and that's what keeps them vibrationally compatible in your life. There is no outside, there is no outside, there is only the reflection of the inside and every single person you come into contact with in your life is a reflection of you. They are another aspect of you.

And if you like them then you like them because you like some part of yourself as you dislike them, then you dislike them because you dislike a part of yourself and they are there to show that to you. They are there to bring it out of the dark and into the lights. And the more you become aware of this is the more you take your power back.

I want to help you take your power back and you do that with this shift in consciousness with the understanding that there is no outside that we are currently on the plan and going through an awakening and ascension process. And as we go through this we become more aware of these higher dimensional states of awareness.

And one of those is understanding that everything is connected and that we are all connected and that everything is a reflection. If you want to make a change in your life, be the change you wish to see in the world because there is no outside world apart from the reflection of you on the inside anyways, you will literally shift yourself to a probable timeline that was more conducive of the change who make within yourself.

That's the key. That's what quantum physics is starting to show is how these probable realities work depending on focus and attention. So this is what I encourage you to do is to understand that right now this understanding will shift your probable timelines forever. You are a new person now that you know this, whether you, whether you were like, well, maybe a lot of changes maybe a lot didn't change.

There was a ripple effect that has started to plant the seed in your mind and that seed will grow and you will understand more and more than everything in your life is a reflection of the inside. If you want to change something on the outside, you will know that you must first change on the inside and from this point going forward, that simple change you taking your power back will shift your probable timelines profoundly.

I want to congratulate you because it, it does take responsibility to do so and you're taking responsibility for your life right now. Okay, so would that be and said something I have is a free guided meditation. I will help you to raise your vibration. It will help you to have these higher vibrational perspectives.

Higher Vibrational Manifestation Process for FAST Results (Beyond Law of Attraction)

I'm going to share with you the higher vibrational manifestation process that can make things so much easier for you. I'm going to share with you exactly the perspectives that can help you reach that level so that you achieve what you want much faster.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, we're going to be going more in detail, detailed, understand, higher level manifestation and higher vibrational manifestation. I've been sharing recently on this channel more processes for creating what you want your life. Also, do it from a higher-level paradigm, so a little bit less down the kind of the cookie cutter out of how people normally look at the law of attraction when it comes to trying to attract something that's outside of us, into our life experience.

Having a strong desire to do so and keeping it mainly just in the realm of the thoughts. There are ways of going about understanding how to create a different energy level so that you create what you want much faster and that's where processes like Reality Transurfing come in. When I talk about like parallel realities, that's where this also comes and this is something that can be a relatable or you can at least relate it to somebody.  

I'm not saying that you have to get to enlightenment in order to do this, but let me show you the scale of consciousness that I showed many times on the channel that will help you understand more about these different levels and how to create from the higher levels. The first like one to 200 to 200. Those are normally the lower vibrational states of consciousness and the states have been what you can see as emotion, so shame, guilt, fear, anger.

As you move up, it gets a little bit higher and then towards a little bit over 200, you'll see that. Then you start to get into more of willingness, eventually neutrality, and then if you move even further up, you get eventually to ones like acceptance, love men at the top, joy, peace, and enlightenment. The idea is that in the traditional way of looking at the Law of Attraction.

The way that it's normally explained, that resonates right at about 300, which isn't necessarily bad, but at the same time it's not necessarily the highest level of paradigm that we can go about it and let me share a little bit about the different levels before I go deeper into it. A somebody like Albert Einstein, for example, was at four 99. He wasn't quite at the 500 and 500 would be like unconditional love because he was still understanding it from the point of the intellectual ideas.

Still very high. A lot of the great thinkers of our past have been between four and 500. Fortune 500 is a huge leap from the lower emotional states have been a lot of the content on this channel is in the upper four hundred. It's about understanding the parallel reality side of things, the higher level manifestation side of things and that's where I'm going to be for a while, sharing information from that level of consciousness.

Eventually, the content may evolve to more of unconditional love and peace, but the idea is that that doesn't reach the most amount of people because most people wouldn't relate to it in the same way. I know this isn't all about numbers, but the idea is that I intend to impact many people understanding these deeper level ideas. That’s why I keep my content generally between the four and five hundred of understanding the intellectual ideas of it and how we can do it.

I think it's more relatable. It's, it's harder for somebody to jump from two or 300 and the process for understanding the law of attraction to have five or 600 than it is for them to gradually elevate to like a 400 level. A 300-level manifestation process is I'm going to desire something. I'm going to really want something. I'm going to think about it over and over again through repetition.

That can be something that is powerful, but it can only get you so far because once you start to evolve your consciousness and see things from a higher point of view when you start to realize that everything in life is fundamentally neutral, that we give the meaning to it. That's when we get more into the 400. Somebody like Tony Robbins used to be at a three eighty, three 90.

His content has definitely evolved. He is teaching much higher vibrational states of understanding, um, you know, how we can personal development in general and therefore it is rising from that level. The idea is that we can use our will, we can use our desire, but it must be translated into the intention. That's what I talk about a lot when it comes to Reality Transurfing.

You'll see on this level when you do that, you start to get into more of a conscious creator type thing without being attached to the ego. That's another important part of this level of the paradigm of the 45 hundred. It's not being attached to how things happen and it's more so following your passion. Now that you kind of gets a context for this chart, you can see that when you let go of lower emotions, you drop those states of consciousness.

Those are normally like, this person did this to me. I'm talking about, you know, once we forgive, that's when we let go of a lot of those lower emotions and we allow ourselves to the naturally raise up. Neutrality is a powerful place to be in. When you learn how to observe your thoughts, that's when you also will transform the paradigm and they'll start to be more of the four to five hundred, which is more about just understanding who we are, how to follow your passion, follow your heart, and that's where creativity comes.

There's a lot of very creative people. I know Salvador Dali was calibrated to be between four and 500. There's a lot of, uh, there are some athletes that are between four and 500. You know, it's, it's a little bit of a mix of everything. There's so many different. It's not just certain levels of occupations are uncertain consciousness, but generally speaking, if you want to create from a higher vibrational state have been, you must elevate these levels of consciousness in order to obtain that, in order to be that and attain.

It's like almost the Eagle wants to get somewhere else, but it's more so about just the awareness of who you are. You have different vibrational states within you. It's just which ones are you activating, right? You have four to 500 within you already. Which ones are you activating? Some people only activated when they're in certain, like when they're in love with someone else, then they're more in like the love, the love state of consciousness, but it's very dependent because that's not coming from within.

This is a higher level of manifestation. It's because he had that perspective. That’s the memorial. Mainly when you get into like an understanding of unconditional love and understanding that we're all connected, that everything literally is a reflection of you. This is a deeper level of awareness and this comes from going within and doing a going with it and having the intention to go beyond but not being attached to the outcome. It's a little bit of both.

What are the things that you can do to have a higher vibrational manifestation type process for you will? One of the first things you can do is to eliminate things that bring you down. There are certain activities that when you look at that scale, there are certain activities that will constantly keep you in a two to three to 3:50 range.

What you want to do is learn how to observe your thoughts to not be attached and to then come at it from the point of view of you are already whole and complete. You do not need something outside of you to make you feel better because you come with the awareness that everything on the outside is a reflection of you. Everything on the outside is a reflection of what you believe to be true.

When you see that you don't go over to the mirror to try to change your reflection. You know that you must first change your reflection. That's the level of consciousness that is between four to 500. It's with that awareness and it's with this awareness that you don't have to be attached to the outcome. You can trust the course of your life and as you trust it, you surrender and that's actually where you have the most amount of control because the one thing you always have control over is your own state of being.

It's your relationship to that mirror and when you start to tap into that, you start to detach from the external needing to be a certain way and you allow things to happen. Things happen much faster when you allow them versus when you try to control how everything happens. And remember there is a slight delay process between how you are being too. The reflection you are getting to the reflection of your internal state of being.

There's a delay process because there are certain momentum that's already built and the true degree of change is not whether even the outside changes, it's whether your relationship to the outside changes, even if the outside remains the same. The idea is to become OK with the way things are. Allow things to be there, observe your thoughts, observe what is happening, and as you observe what is happening and you let it be OK, your energy state begins to raise.

Another part of this process is the most corny cheesy line you may have heard many times and that has to do with following your passion. Your soul's vibrational frequency is the sign of what you can feel, that you can follow that by following your passion. That is who you are meant to be. When I'm in front of the camera right now speaking, I am in a flow state and I enjoy being here because this is a sign.

This is an indication to me that this is what I meant to do in life and maybe it changes. Maybe it goes from being in front of a camera to being in front of people, which is something I'm getting into now. Well, guess what? That's a part of the process and I'm sure I will enjoy it in a very similar type way because of the feeling that comes along with it.

Understand that other thing we want to manifest in our life when it comes to higher vibrational manifestation, it's not so much about wanting just the money or just the things that come with it. It's understanding first of the state of being and that money is a side effect of that. It comes with that level of awareness. That's a higher level of awareness.

Money is a byproduct of value that you can give to other people and that's a byproduct of you doing what you absolutely love. If you follow those two things, you follow your passion and you do what you love and you do it with the intention of adding value to others. Even if it's not like you're in the service industry, you could still have a general intention of sharing that energy with other people. Even if it's creating art and sharing your art with other people and you know that it has a certain vibrational essence to it that people like, that's something that you can do as well.

This comes with the awareness that as you follow your passion and as you understand that your heart must be connected to the process. Things happen in a much more accelerated way. Think about this. The Heart Math Institute has shown that the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head and that when we start to live from our heart, things happen in a much more accelerated type way.

Once you can be good to do is to bring them or within and to understand that like you, you're thinking you are coming from your heart space. You're starting to resonate closer to the 500 range and then the 500 range. That's where things really began to happen because we begin to drop the linear space understanding. That's why Einstein can only get to four 99, but as we let go of that, we can then allow things to happen, very synchronicity type way.

We can allow things to happen in a much more smooth type way, so those are ways you can go about. One other thing I want to say is that when you do this, you let go of the outcome. You're not making things as important and when you don't think so important to you, don't separate yourself from it and that's a little bit contradictory to a lot of the law teachings.

If you want a guided meditation that will wire in a lot of these ideas and help you decrease the level of importance you give something, go ahead and click the link in the top of the description box below. That will help you to decrease the level of importance to then increase the probability of you experiencing it in your life. One of the things I want to mention is to have a light sense of humor about it and have fun with it.

Humor vibrates over the five hundred, and when you're having fun with it, you loosen up and you're not so attached to how things happened and the seriousness of everything and things happen in a much smoother way because it elevates your state of being so focused more on the energy side of it, more so than just the intellectual ideas. Use the intellect for what you can, but understand that it has those limitations and as you do that, you'll find that things happen at a much easier way and that you feel much better about the process.

Transcending the 3rd Dimension: How to Do it NOW

I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how you can transcend what is called the third dimension, understanding the perspectives that will take you beyond it so that you start to exist in a higher vibrational paradigm.

First off you might be asking yourself a little bit, you might be like, “Yo Aaron, what's this third dimension that you're talking about?” This just like 3D reality. It is. The third dimension is actually as a cycle what the planet and we on the planets are moving out of.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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We are moving out of a third dimensional level of consciousness, 3D consciousness. And the third dimension is all about duality. It is about separation. It is about control. It is really the desires of the attachment with the ego. Think of this kind of like the solar plexus in a way. Think of it like the Chakra. You've got the root Chakra or the sacral Chakra, the solar plexus, which is the third Chakra. And then once you move past that, you get to the heart, the heart Chakra.

We are moving from the third Chakra to the fourth Chakra, but don't misinterpret it and think that doesn't mean that we're not lighting up other parts of our Chakra for us. But in general, what we are doing is we were moving from a per dominant level of consciousness, from being in this separation mindset of attachment and especially these lower vibrational emotions.

We're moving out of that and into a paradigm of love and connection and it's been happening and will continue to happen on the planet right now. It is the main reason you incarnated at this time. You might look around and be like, Yo, there are seven and a half plus billion people on the planet. Why are there so many people here?

Well, the reason being is because we knew at a soul level that comes in here right now, we had this opportunity for this upgrade. Think of this life as the ability to do what is called graduate from one level of consciousness to another level of consciousness. Graduate from that of the separation to belief in separations, that we have the belief that we're all separate, that we're not connected, this belief that we have to feel like we're a victim of our past that were in this victim mentality.

Moving into that are the higher-level paradigm where we realized that we are all connected. Just a brief overview of knowing what we're moving out of and what we're moving into. Think of that. Of the 3D like duality, good, bad light, dark up, down attachment to certain thinking. The whole purpose of the news and the media keeping you inside that have a lower level paradigm way of thinking or reacting to the environment is that then you remain in that frequency band.

That is always in reaction. That's never, you can't really think for yourself when you're always worried. He'd look behind your back for things that are happening. Well, that's why 99.9% of what you see on the news is negative because it keeps you in that frequency band and then you're much more controllable.

You're not going to really step outside too much because by the time you go home from your eight to five job working, going, doing the errands on your days off, getting, making sure everyone in the family is good. You don't really have time to sit down and go, Whoa, I wonder what the secrets of the universe are. I wonder what's really going on out there.

I wonder who I really am at a deeper level. We don't really ask these questions because of the way that society has been programmed. The third dimension has been to keep you within the matrix. Think key to this lifetime is transcending and waking up from the dream and hypnosis of the metaphor of the Matrix, the program, the way of thinking, the habitual thought patterns, the lower vibrational states of consciousness, of shame, fear, guilt, anger, attachments to these ideologies.

This lifetime. It's about waking up from that, waking up from the dream and into the new dream, which the new dream is more flexible. The new dream, as much more malleable, you can have more fun in the real dream. You see, you go to bed at night, you think that you are dreaming, but in actuality, you are dreaming right now and when you go to bed at night, you wake up to who you really are because you are a multidimensional being, living in a very temporary human experience.

You are multidimensional. When you go to bed at night, you wake up to who you really are, but then when you wake up in the morning, you go through this veil of forgetfulness because the little 3D mind that we all have wouldn't be able to really understand who we are at a greater level.

The many different connections we have, the mind is only programmed and set so that it can have a certain type of experience. There's a reason there's kind of a governor's switch on the mind. The purpose of this life isn't to tap more into that, but there's a reason that we don't under, we don't understand 400 different parallel lives that we have in different dimensions and different states of consciousness.

We are focused here. You wouldn't go at war against someone else because you know that that other person has another aspect of you. Us becoming more aware of this connection to our heart that we have. The key to this whole process of transcending it is observing it and becoming aware of the truth.

The truth is the third dimension is not who you are. We have the identity of who we think we are. It's just the ego and the third dimension. We're constantly reacting to the ego. We think this is who we are. This is the way reality is. The Kia shifting out of that and into a lighter state. The fourth and fifth dimension is about that a vibration, vibrational resonance, and body and the vibration than she wants to experience.

And right now, we have the ability to tap into this vibration and we are, you see right now on the planet, we have access to the 3D level of consciousness, 4D level of consciousness and 5D level of consciousness. The degree to which one you experience will depend upon your choice. But you see, the thing is, is most people's choices on autopilot, they're still in what is called the third-dimensional state of consciousness, which is the reaction to the environment, CNN, Fox News, all of this stuff that's happening.

Oh my goodness. But the key is to wake up from that hypnosis and to see that it is simply a play is a play that we've given so much credence to. We've given so much power to, but in the third dimension, it's about victimhood mentality. It's about this person did this and this. Keeping you trapped in the third dimension because of the alignment to the thoughts to that reality.

The key to this whole process of transcendence is observation and awareness, not the sexiest technique. It's like, oh, can you be his? The third eye technique where I just think of the color yellow and then I put my hands like this and all the sudden just boom, I wake up, but it's more like understanding. This is about awareness. You've got to become aware of who you are.

First off, you're any mortal, spiritual, been living in a temporary human experience and your whole entire life you have thought that you were this Avatar self because when you are born, you went through this veil of forgetfulness and some mortal spiritual being that you are. You forgot who you are. You come into this avatar body that you experienced through the five senses.

You identify and are told through social conditioning. This is who you are. You walk around comparing your Avatar to everyone else's Avatar and think that as long as you can get a little bit further ahead than the other avatars, then maybe you can finally be happy. But the truth of the whole matter is it. It's an illusion. Yes, you're still using your avatar. You become spiritually awakened. You're still using your Avatar, but you relate to it in a new way because you see that as something you're using.

You're not having your avatar use you. You are then being in a new state of being. You're going beyond that of the reaction mine and the key to transcending this is to go beyond the reaction Mike and to be present to the moment. That's when you start to transcend your consciousness. You do that through awareness. Are you aware of the 3D reality, which is just a label, by the way, just a label? We can say, oh, that's 3D. That person is 3D look at them. But that's a spiritual ego that's judging the other people.

The key is to just wake up, to wake up to more of who you are, do what you're passionate about. That will put you in a 4D reality state because the feeling of frequent, the frequency in your heart of you doing what you're passionate about is who you naturally are in. The more you tap into that is the more you create from that powerful state.

Understand that this is something that we're all beginning to do this process as well. I wrote down a couple of other things I wanted to talk about. It's about becoming aware of all the social beliefs of the third dimension. A lot of the thoughts we think we're having aren't even our thoughts. A lot of the beliefs we have aren't even our beliefs. They're beliefs that we tagged onto their thoughts that we've thought in congruency with other people that were thinking the thoughts, but we don't actually have original thoughts.

We think that we are these, we would, that we are thinking these thoughts out of nowhere, but we are more so antennas where is that is picking up on frequency because everything exists here and now do you get down to the quantum physics of it? Knowing that we can see that then as a kid we are a sponge.

Just building in and bringing in all of these different beliefs when it comes to the family members that we grew up with, the friends that we had, the associations that we have, the attachment, these are all beliefs that we have tied onto it. Got To go to school and get a degree. Work yourself up to that corporate ladder. Which football team do you like? Are you American? Are you proud of being American? These are all levels of social conditioning. Not saying there's nothing beautiful about it, but understand that we are an infant.

Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences and any label we have will separate us. If we were to go, imagine we go to a different planet, for example, imagine that and would it be relevant to say I'm American or I'm from this country or from this country? No, you'd be like, you're human. You're human. I relate to you because human, but the more detailed we get, the more we create these barriers around us.

When we feel separate from everyone else, the keys to dropping the label and the understanding that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. We could look at the color of our skin, but that's also most people do that with the unawareness that they have been many different colors and different lives. We've been many, many different races in the past. Beyond that as well, just that of the human race, we've been many different extraterrestrial races.

That sounds a little bit hard to believe for some people, but we're you mortal spiritual beings and we wouldn't have incarnated all of our energies on earth. We are as a soul, more creative than that. You couldn't say that God is also more freedom than that. If you're going down the religious mentality. It's not that God only could only creative enough to make one planet in an infinite universe. There are billions and billions of planets.

Also with light forms and different levels of consciousness. And we have existences on those parts as well. And most of those that were connected to, our higher-level pieces of consciousness, we have the existences and 5D levels of consciousness, which is that of unconditional love. We have many different levels of consciousness that we are connected to. And the key is that in this life, we are bringing through that light, bringing through that awareness into this reality.

And the more we become aware of this, the more that we begin to transcend the third dimension. The third dimension is going away anyways. Earth herself, planet earth. Mother Gaia is transcending into a fourth and fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, which means the old d paradigms got it. Go then God to fall away.

They are falling away to look around, look around at the old political structure. We don't even have a politician in the United States as the president, things are falling apart because the old 3D reality has to break down for something new to be built. Just like you can't build a sand castle on top of another sand castle.

You have to clear it out the foundation and then you can build a sand castle, the old 3D reality getting swept away. It's going to get you to crumble down, but it has to say something better can build upon it. And you as someone that is proceeding of his information now we'll be able to help other people understand what the hell is going on because they're going to look around and they'd be like, what's going on?

They're going to be in reaction would be like, you know what? This is part of the process. As part of this has to fall apart for a new, something new to the bill. It'd be like, why is that person so cool about it? Why is that person not freaking out like everyone else? You'd be like, “Yo, look, this is what's happening.” You're more than you think. This is an old paradigm and we're moving beyond that. Another thing I'll talk about real quick, first off, the reality is a dream. The reality that lives in is a dream.

And what we are doing is we are waking up from that dream. That's why they call it a spiritual awakening. We are waking up from the mass hypnosis of social conditioning, the massive gnosis of reacting to our environment. Massive doses of being within the bottom three Chakra, risk of lower vibrational states of consciousness, of shame, fear, guilt, anger. We're waking up from the reactive mind and into a state of being.

That's what's happening right now on the planet and that's what will continue to happen. But the key is to understand it and to observe what comes up because there will be old patterns coming up. It's about understanding that we are waking up from this mass hypnosis of social conditioning, or social beliefs, and we can start to really think for ourselves.

We start to really be in this higher-level paradigm. When it comes to this process, the most empowering thing I can also tell you is just to understand we are not victims, we are not victims. When you look at the people that did run the government [inaudible] not Jay. All of these things to understand that if we look at that and are afraid, we're giving away our power, we're giving away our power. Understand this is not, you can observe it, but guess what that paradigm is going.

The more we pay attention to it, the more it grows as well. What we're doing is we're waking up from that massive gnosis. We're taking our power back. The only tool that I live in that day has had against us is that they use our mass consciousness to control the kind of realities we experience through movies, through media, through events. Putting on them flat out these orchestra done events or whatever it is that's, and that's using the power of seven and a half plus billing people's thoughts to create the reality.

They never really had the power, to begin with. They just control the focus of the seven and a half to 8 billion people. But right now we're waking up and as we wake up we take our power back, we take our power back and we choose not to be in entrenched into the third dimension. No longer do you have to watch the news from the same level of awareness.

No longer do you have to react to everything from the same level of awareness you can choose to know you are not a victim. The more you claim your power and you claim and the key is you don't have to control the outside. You just focus and choose your internal state of being regardless of what's happening on the outside because you could choose how you respond to things. By doing so, you begin to take your power back.

You begin to become who you are really meant to be. This process is about you claiming your power, knowing you are not a victim but also you are waking up from the mass hypnosis. The mass dream of thinking that you are. This avatar self does limit the avatar ourselves. When actuality you are so much more. You are a spiritual being, limited temporary human experience in this lifetime you signed up to through this process.

It's called the process of ascension, the process of awakening, and we're right now transcending it in this lifetime. Everything I shared with you today was little aspects of transcending of the third dimension, but if you simply observe, you choose your thoughts, you choose your internal state of being and you know that you're connected to everyone else, you'll begin to transcend your consciousness. Let me know if you want me to make one on the fourth and fifth dimension as well.

3 Law of Attraction Concepts that are Totally Misunderstood and RUINING Your Life w/ Leeor Alexandra

We’re going to be sharing with you the three Law of Attraction concepts that are commonly misunderstood. We're going to show you how to reframe them, how to see them in a better way so that you start to attract what you want easier than ever. I'm with Leeor Alexandra, here we go.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm with Leeor Alexandra today and she's keeping your vibrations. Wait, wait, wait, wait, way up like that. Okay. Coffee everywhere. It's okay. It's okay. That was from the coffee part of the process.

They're the ones that I hear all the time like how did I do this? I do that. Can you go over this again? What we're going to talk about? Yeah, and it's a lot of times also it's the same things over and over again. It's like, well, what about this? How do you do this and this at the same time? All of these things. And when you have a fundamental basis for how the Law of Attraction works in a more powerful way, that's when everything begins to change.

And I would say a very general explanation of how to get the Law of Attraction to work is to understand that in life you get a reflection of what you think, how you feel and what you do. These three things make up what is called your personality and your personality creates your personal reality and didn't even practice that.

No, but we set it in sync. And that's a very general understanding. If there's something that you're not manifesting in your life, look at how you see yourself. Look at how you are thinking, what you are feeling and what you were doing, and see if there's resistance there. Is there resistance in your definitions? These are the things that you can begin to see and can change the whole way you go about the Law of Attraction.

It does. It's not just about thinking when we have also the emotions, the actions, there are different aspects of it that I think is misunderstood in general. But we'll go ahead and now get into the three most common misconceptions that we see work on these three things. Manifesting is going to be so much easier for you. Yes, you're going to have a more understanding of how reality works.

Which one should we start with? Going up abundance in La. We'll do that one and has been talking about this. This is something that I've been sharing recently and I think it really makes the shift within people. I had made a video the other day actually on something called a paradox. A paradox is something that can be seen true from one point of view and at other points of view at the same time.

And it shows that the power's in the middle of the power is in the neutrality because everything in life is fundamentally neutral depending on the meaning we get, it is what we get out of it. Anytime something happens to you, if you choose that it is a negative thing, you will experience the reality that is also negative because of that choice that you've made, even at a conscious or a subconscious level.

It's important to understand that now the paradox of this idea can make all the change in the world when it comes to how you see abundance. The idea is that you could think of it like abundance and lack. There never is actually lack. Lack is something that doesn't exist the way that we think it does. There are an abundance and everything in the universe.

There's an abundance in everything we get in life and abundance of whatever we focus on. If you are experiencing lack, it's not because you are actually experiencing what you think of his lack. You are experiencing an abundance of that conception of lack because you get an abundance of everything. The power of this is knowing that if you experience lack, it's because you're choosing from your definitions or from your focus to focus on not having enough.

Therefore, you are getting an abundance of lack. Rather than there being abundance and then on the other side of that spectrum being black, there's just abundance. An abundance of not having. Exactly. There's always plenty of everything. Exactly. And that's how the universe works. Plenty of not having and steps that don't think about it as a spectrum and that think about it as you are focusing on having so much in an abundant amount of nothing.

Exactly. Why am I focusing on this? Maybe you're focusing on it because your parents focused on it. Maybe you're focused on it because you think you're just what you're worthy up, but it's still something that you're choosing to focus on. This can seem a little bit harsh, but unless you realize that you are choosing to focus on lack, even from an unconscious point of view, until you understand that you'll continue, you'll keep doing it on autopilot and what we're trying to do is show you, hey, that you're so powerful.

You are such a powerful spiritual being that you can create the illusion that you are not powerful because that's how powerful you are. You can create the experience of not having because you have free will and this reality, you're choosing it exactly. Exactly over again with what you focus on, what you focus on, what you feel. Start to understand that that's a common misunderstanding. There is no lack, there is no scarcity.

There is no lack of a relationship. If you're trying to attract a relationship, I get that my Q and A's all the time. What about a relationship? If you don't have a relationship, you are at some level focusing on not having, you are focused on when is it going to happen. You are focused on a time when instead you should be focused on ty mean like that. Like that. Okay, listen to an audio thing wasn't me, what that little thing.

I can't take complete credit for it because this no Bashar thing, but it's, it's, it's true because when you focus on time, you create more time. Then you create the lack. When you focus on lack, you create more of the experience of lack, but you're getting an abundance of that lack. You're getting an abundance of time of when will it happen.

The more waiting you focus on the more waiting. Again, that's so true. I feel like a really good example of focusing on lack and having an abundance of black is like, you know when you tap into that feeling of lack and you get it so abundantly, you start getting like bills are coming out of nowhere. He did a speeding ticket or a parking ticket and all these things pile up because there is an abundance of it. Once you focus on the lack, you'll get so much of the right.

Obviously, that's not what you want to do. You want to focus on abundance, focus on having a lot there is an abundant, the universe has abundant resources. There's no scarcity. Yeah, it's empowering. Were so powerful that we have this free will to where we can create anything we want in our lives and we can create anything that shows that we're not powerful because we're so powerful.

We can do that. I can choose this other thing. And how do you choose the other thing? By choosing your note, what you focused on, but choosing your perspective by making a shift in what you focus on. Should I study choice moment by moment and you started right now? Yeah, exactly. And focus on, you focus on being rather than identifying with the future as well.

The more waiting you choose, the more waiting you are in, the more time you create. Okay. The second one is one that you were to a recently telling me about. This is a huge one. Huge one. This is probably the one that even in my Q and a when I did a little poll is the most common one as well. Definitely, the most common one because it's so easy to misunderstand it and that concept is letting go.

This has been talked about in so many Law of Attraction books. What was it talked about in the secret? I think it was talked to somehow it was such a big concept of the Law of Attraction is really important, but it's so misunderstood. People believe that letting go means, oh, I have to completely forget about what I want. And I think that may be in the, you know, I've done so many videos about letting go and I think that in some version of it I could see that.

I might be telling people like, just drop it and go do something else. Forget about it. But that's not about forgetting about it. It's about letting go energetically from that acts from expecting a certain outcome and letting go of not what you want. It's like what you want is a vibration also. Like if you want to experience more abundance in your life, that could be free to more like more of a relationship in your life.

That could be love. You can experience any of these motions that you want. The idea is that you can focus on cultivating that energy inside of you, but not to focus on how things, what happened, because when or where they will come from the details. The ego wants to control everything. It's letting go of the ego's necessity to control the whole experience and you let go of it.

Your spirit knows better. What if you are like, I'm going to meet a relationship. The person I'm going to be in a relationship at a yoga studio. We're going to be doing downward dog and we're going to make this eye contact like that. Great. Because you have this visual Mellon, this is coming to me. I'm channeling it this and, and you have all these details.

What happens is when you go out to get coffee later or tea. There's somebody there that could be a great, could be someone that you're meant. You know, that you have this deep connection with, but you may completely be blindsided by them or not even noticing there because you're still thinking about the person at the out, how you're going to meet this person at a yoga studio.

Closing off all these doors of opportunity. Exactly. By not letting go by being attached to a certain, to how it's going to come to you. It's not about letting go of, it's not about forgetting it. It's not really even about letting go of the desire because the desire is beautiful. It's so beautiful that there are things that you want, that you want to create or goals that you have things that you want to manifest.

Hold on to that because that's, that's why you're here. You're the ultimate creator. You're supposed to want to create things, but it's more about letting go of like the desperation of the lack mindset thinking, oh, I don't have this. Where is it going to come from? When is it going to come? Why? How? How does it work? Is it even going to come? Those are the things you have to let go of.

When we say let go, we say, let go of all that, all that part of the process and just focus on how good you're going to feel when that thing is manifested. Tap into that emotion so you have something that you desire and you know there are different ways to go about it. To look at it. You could think about having that desire like the manifest.

Maybe you want a new job, you can think about how good it's going to feel when you have that job and just immerse yourself in that emotion. Act as if do all this stuff to get yourself prepared for this job. Or you can obsess over it. Not like go be attached and think where's it going to come from? What do I need to do? What? What has to happen? Like, think all these things that are holding you back in that are keeping you attached and not letting go.

Think about this in terms of energy as well. In other analogy that I like is everything that you could possibly want to manifest is doing everything it possibly can to get to you. There are just outdated definitions you're holding onto that is keeping it from getting to you so you don't have to attract that from over there to India.

Here. It's more about just letting go of the resistance, letting go of the negative definitions let go of the belief that it's not already here and by letting go you allow it in so it's, it's much easier. Manifestation is really meant to be easy. Manifestation is a natural byproduct for the way reality works. It is not something you have to learn how to do.

It is something that you can become aware of and then become more conscious of what you are manifesting. Right? Somebody that says the Law of Attraction doesn't work. They are creating for themselves and experience a lot of traction at working. They're getting exactly what they're manifesting, exactly what they're focused on without even knowing it.

But the question is are and can you shift it to something that you want to manifest that is more conducive of what you want. Can it be more aware of it more than delivery? Exactly. Intention, deliberate creation and can you get out of your own way, let go so that the universe can fulfill what it needs exactly. Self can do what it needs to do and make this happen. I worry about the how, when, why, where that will come in, is that what we want to talk about next?

This is something that we see as a common misconception when it comes to the Law of Attraction. A lot of people believe that action is not a part of the process. This is a double-edged sword that we're going to be sharing with you because it's not that we're telling you to go grind your notes for that, but put your nose on the grindstone and just don't put your head up until you're just, you know, they're no sleep and all that.

We're not saying that. But what we are saying is so many people in the Law of Attraction community seemed to be refraining from doing and putting in that physical movement, putting in the action somehow. And in my own life, and I shared this story a lot, but just in general kind of, you know, summarizing it, most of my success has come from embodying my passion.

Passion is a high state frequency is a high vibrational frequency, but it's come from me taking action. It's come from me making videos, doing daily videos on YouTube for a year or for four or five months is what got me to go full time on YouTube. It was action. For me, I'd been rewarded for action. But there's a balance to this.

It's about being aware of it, which is why it inspired action is where it is, which is why you want to identify your passion. You want to choose to be acting on your passion and then to take action in that way. Understand that in general, in higher dimensional states of consciousness that we exist him. When you go to bed at night, you go beyond that time, face reality that we're in now. And you can manifest things instantly because you're not bound by time and space.

But in this reality, we have time and space. We agreed as a physical template of this reality. We agreed to be a part of this physical collective consciousness where there is this matter of experience of form and time in linear equity. We don't have to emphasize it so much, but when it comes to this process, we agree to have physical action be a part of this process because, in higher dimensional states of consciousness, we don't always have this, this kind of experience.

It's fun to be here. It's fun to be embodied, having to take action. That's the journey and the of this reality. This whole life is a, a sort of journey. When we want to manifest things, there's a journey in that too. I always say like when you, when you're here and you want to get over here you go.

The journey's usually like this and there's ups and downs and ebbs and flows, but that's part of the whole process. It's like we want to do that, but I want to experience that and we want that movement. We don't want to just stay here and get everything over here.

We want to grow. We won't contrast. We want to feel these. I went from a consumer into a creator, not to make anyone feel bad if they're not creating content. But it changed my identity and change the way I saw myself. And now my reality is equal to the way I see myself. We're on vacation right now, but we're still making videos because it's not, we have to, we want to.

It's we want to and it's who we are. This is us, this is what we do. We make content. This is who we are. Understand that that's a common misconception. Maybe, maybe really, really quick. We'll talk about visualization. Visualization is a big one because a lot of people aren't as visual as others.

And there's kind of a like a rating system for how visual you can be. Like one out of 10, one through 10 and you don't visualize the same as another person. Everybody visualizes differently. A lot of people come to me and they're like, well, I can't really see this thing. I don't really have a crystal-clear image of what I want. Can I not manifest it?

Visualizing doesn't have to be as, even though it sounds visual, the purpose of visualization is not that what you visualize has to come to fruition. The visualization is a symbol and a tool that you use to get yourself to feel a certain way and that feeling then downloads and allows that reality in you then become more and more of that reality.

Say you want to become abundant. You visualize yourself being abundant, going and doing what you love for a living. You Monitor yourself in a high vibe state and when you imagine it, your mind doesn't know the difference between what you imagine in which actually happening. And it doesn't have to be visual. It can be a feeling. I haven't to be a feeling. It should be a feeling. Exactly. Knowing that it doesn't have to be visual, it can be a feeling.

What can you do to get yourself to the feeling of what you want to create in your life? If it's love, then focus on the love that you have with an animal or your family members. Yeah, sources of love that you already have that time. Like in one of my programs, I have a love list that you list things, different things and aspects of your life that you love every day and just focusing on that love creates this emotion.

This is a type of visualization and no, it's not so much betrayal. You're just tapping into emotions in order to manifest in online to reality, to bring things to you that creates, that creates similar or the exact same emotion. Yeah, so I think that in general when we bring it back down to emotion, bring everything down to an energy and an emotion because what you want when it comes to abundance and lack is what you wanted.

You want to feel abundance. You focused on that emotion. You'll become more abundant, but focused on lack. Then you almost in a way hold that lack from coming into your life, but it's not even that you're getting an abundance of that lack. Understanding that when it comes to this energy dynamics of letting go, it's about letting go of how things happen.

It's about being in the state of being that you prefer not needing the outside to change, for you to change. And then by being in that state you experience; your reality is equal to it. And once again with action, it's the same thing being the vibrational state, the emotion, the physical action is a component of that momentum. By doing so, we create more and more of what we want. These are the top three, three and a half things. Yes.

Three then yeah, thank you for the best. That's the top three, three and a half. I'm misunderstood. Things with Law of Attraction, we think that if you start to focus on those things and this new way of understanding abundance, how to let go. And just like Laura was saying, in a powerful way of letting go of the how and needing it to happen in a certain way, you could begin to change in a very powerful way and you'll start to embody more of who you prefer to be, which may include action.

3 Things You MUST do to make the 3D to 5D Earth Split

I'm going to be sharing with you the three things you must do to make the 3D to find the earth split that is happening right now on the planet. I'm going to show you exactly what to do so that you make the shift to the one that you prefer.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I want to be sharing with you that of the three things you must do in order to make that three the five the earth split and it's happening right now on the planet. There is a shifting of timelines that was happened and the track that you are on, the one that you experienced will depend upon your vibration. In this blog, I'm going to show you how to tailor your vibration to the track that you want to be on so that you experienced the one that you want.

The information I'm going to be sharing with you today is going to come primarily from two main sources. One went to two main sources. That's going to be that of the law of one. It's channeled material from the 1970s and it's considered one of the most profound channel channeling type things ever. And if you look into it, you'll see there's so much very accurate information.

And one of the things that were mentioned through the law of one the raw materials is what is called is that in this lifetime there would be what is called graduation or a harvest. There was this opportunity where we as a species have the option to upgrade from the current level of consciousness that we're at up to a higher level of consciousness.

And this happens in cycles. It happens every so many year. And by so many, I mean like millions of years and it is the main reason that there are over seven and a half to 8 billion people here on the planet right now is that we wanted to be a part of this shift in consciousness. And maybe you know this at a deep level, ask yourself, does this resonate with you that you came here for something as big as an ascension, like a raise in your vibration?

We are moving from what is called third density into fourth density and this is where there is much more ability for us to manifest what we want even quicker time. The perception of time speeds up. This is where in if I were to summarize the whole thing for moving into fourth density is where we moved more into our heart center and more.

We understand that we're all connected, so we start to understand that the way we treat someone else is the way we treat another aspect of us. We wouldn't necessarily treat someone in a way that we wouldn't treat ourselves. It's this connection.

It's this time of really being able to create rapid change on the planet, this time of coming together. Whereas the 3D  reality is more separating. It's more about the labels, more about control, willpower moving forward and we're moving out of the third density into the fourth density.

It's this a graduation, this harvest as happening now and some of the Info I'll be sharing in this blog we'll have to do with that. The other source that I'll be pertaining to are looking at is from that of Dolores Cannon, which may be some of you heard of me.

I have talked quite a bit about her books, but Dolores cannon had this technique called the QHHT technique, quantum healing hypnosis technique that got people to some of the deepest levels of brainwave activity where their higher selves could come through. Imagine somebody that's being regressed back to a past life or a future life. They lay down, they go can't they relax, and then what happens with their higher self comes through and you can ask any question that you want. What she did is she did this and her books are 17 to 19 books.

I forget, I always forget the number. It's either 17 or 19 it's an odd number, but in her books, they're just transcripts of the sessions and she's done thousands and thousands of sessions through thousands and thousands of sessions. People from all over the world who did not know each other said that the reason they came to earth at this time is to go through the shift in consciousness to go through this shift in consciousness.

That's why they came here and maybe deep within yourself right now. Do you feel like that resonates? Do you feel like maybe you came here for the shift in consciousness now? Something else that she talked about or the people talked about that word being regressed. They said that they wanted to help set up what is called the new earth, the new earth, and they explained that what would happen there wouldn't be a splitting of the timelines of the different Earths.

There would be a 3D earth and 5D earth. This is just the metaphor example when in actuality it's also very literal, but understand that sometimes we think there's one, 3D or there's one five the earth. We're shifting through different parallel timelines every second. There are really many different versions, but which one will you experience?

That's what we're going to be talking about in this blog and in general, they mentioned that there are these three to five feet split where you may be on one of these tracks and you may not perceive of people that are on the other one. It's this gradual splitting. You may find that some people in your life that may be used to bring you down, maybe they're just a little bit harder to reach out to at first.

Maybe it's like they just don't hit you up as much anymore. And then maybe as time goes on, these tracks start to spread out a little bit more. And it becomes to where you start to separate yourself from them without even knowing it. Just a vibrational type thing. And the new earth is something that we are going to be creating in this lifetime and it's happening right now.

And as you perceive of everything around you, that will depend upon which track you are on. Those are the two sources I'll be using to explain this blog. And the first thing that you must do in order to make the shift into the 5D reality, this earth split is going to come from the raw materials where it is spoken that we must be up 51% service to others.

There's service to self-service to others, service to self as something that will only benefit me. It will only benefit you if it's your perspective. It's like you do something cause it helps you a lot of 3D reality. The third density is about duality, good, bad light, dark and polarity. And what happens is that many people get polarized to service to self where they only want to help themselves. It's almost like the survival mechanism.

It's survival. This I need to can't give away to someone else because it'll take away from me and then some perspective that is without the awareness that everyone is connected to you. What you do to someone else, you do another aspect of yourself. But if you heard it in for yourself, you're also in a way taken away from the other people around you if it's the intention of service to self.

In the raw materials that says that in order to make the graduation from the 3D reality, the third density, which a little bit different than dimensions, but we'll just use the vocabulary for now, that third density to fourth density is what you must be able to do is be of service to others.

Be 51% service to others in order to make that gradual shift. And I'll tell you right now that if you're reading my blog, if you are aware of this spiritual awakening information than most likely that is you at some level or it is something that you can very easily begin to being into a prime yourself for understanding. If you have the awareness that everyone outside of you is another version of you, then you'll start to see that you can give more, you can add value more.

Most of what I teach on my channel is that the more value you put out is the more that you get back. That also has to do with being in service to others because if you put out good to other people, that comes back to you anyways, but then you're being a more than that 51% service to others.

In general, let me just clarify real quick as well. I feel like there'll be some questions about this that if it's between three to 5D and third density, a fourth density, it's just a play on words. They use density's a little bit different than dimension. We could say that even the 5D reality, 5D is the sexiest term that I've been five the fifth dimension in general. But in general, we can kind of inter-use these terms for now.

Third density to fourth density, third dimension to fifth dimension, whatever. It's the same type of thing. I wanted to clear that up before we go. We’re going to talk to service to others as well. We talk about it 51% when I read it, when I listen to it, I think it's just kind of a metaphor. It's, how do you know?

I don't know if they'd really like, oh, this person's 49% or if it's just in general, if you have that intention of adding value, if you understand that you are connected to the all is one and you go and you just put out good into the world, then you're there. That's how simple we can make this instead of like, oh, am I this am I that? Just keep it simple.

If you're adding value, if you understand that once you put out is what you get back, do you have the intention of knowing that that's the way abundance works to the more abundance will come to you? The more that you put that out and it's almost like the universe wants to help you because you're adding value. Keep that in mind as well.

You will actually get more service to others, service to self-more because the universe will work for you to bring you more because you're using the resources to add value to more people. Understand that first and foremost, be service to others. Understand the more value you add, the more love you put out there as the more level come back to you.

That'll make the process so much easier. The second thing that you must do in order to make the three to five the earth split is you must observe the 3D and not engage in it, and it'll be hard because we had been habitually pattern into reacting to it, stimulated to reacting to the environment ever since being brought up.

We watched the news, all this stuff's stimulation for a reaction. The president said this has happened. It is so much going on, but what we must realize is we can observe it from a neutral place. The more you charge it as positive or negative is the more you engage in it and said, just observe it. It's just happening. Some people will be honest.

I'm going to say, Eh, dodger thins and note the feel of the Troponin and I'll be like, okay, yeah, I was sort of it, but I'm not like, don't show me that I'm in 5D consciousness. No, because if you did that, then you wouldn't be resisting it. And what we resist persists. It's almost like you're emphasizing that importance of that negative reality.

I observed that 3D be aware of it when it comes to the way things that construct and all of that stuff. Just observe it, but understand that you don't choose to invest your energy and him anymore. You're just going to look at it, observe it. You see a thought goes in your mind, you observe. You don't have to control it. You don't have to do anything like that.

Just observe it. Let it pass through all 3D reality. Observe it. The old 3D structures in this lifetime are going to continue to break down. They have to, the third dimension has to crumble so that we can have a foundation delay the 5D principles upon. But if everything was working just fine, there would be no willing, no necessity to change. A lot of times things in our life will fall apart so that we can build something new because if everything remained the same, then we would think, oh, everything is how it's supposed to be.

I really enjoy it. There's nothing we got to really change. But the key is to understand or recognize it, to observe it and then we can build something new. It's that awareness that even though it's comfortable, it's not necessarily as practical anymore. It doesn't work the way it used to. Observed the 3D reality and let it be there, but know that you can then move forward and creating what you want.

When it comes to this as well, what it might look like is it's not an actual literal split where, where it's like we wake up one day and it's like this heaven on earth place in a different galaxy somewhere and all the 3D people are still playing out their Karma and playing out their stuff here.

There could be parts of this to interpretation and some people can say no, that's probably what will happen. But what it is we chose to do this inform. We chose to do this as a collective. On this reality, right now there aren't people that are experiencing a 5D earth. There are people that are experienced in a 3D earth. The more time goes on is the more we will be in vibrational resonance with who we are and the less the 3D will influence us and the less than 3D will be something that, that we experience.

Think of it like there will be glass walls that we can see through, but we can choose not to engage with it. Yes, we can look over there. We can turn on the news. We can see the old 3D reality if we want to, but as time goes on, who it might be less and less probable that we do, we may find that it's just not something that we can even tolerate.

We can even look at because our vibration continues to raise so much. What you must do is observe the old 3D reality so that she can put your energy in what you really want, which is a higher level of consciousness. That's what's happening right now on the planet is these both probable. The splitting is happening right now. You can perceive reality through a 5D level of consciousness. What are you engaged with and are you focused on yourself?

Make the change yourself. Go within yourself. That's when a big shift in consciousness happens. Everything outside of you is our reflection anyways. If you want to shift to the 5D earth, shifted the 5D within yourself, the unconditional love within yourself, going within and doing the work yourself, clearing the old thought patterns, clearing the old things that were weighing you down, clear the energy within you and you will perceive more of a 5D reality.

Always bring it with it because then you'll shift to the reality and the part of the earth, the 5D earth that you want. The last part I want to talk about is a part is a perspective that a lot of people have and it's just a general thing that if you begin to drop and you begin to move in, this new direction will begin to change your life in a very powerful way.

The victimhood mentality is something that I'd say it's a combination of two things. A victim mentality is something that a lot of people had because of the story they tell themselves about what has happened to them, things that ever happened to you, things happen for you. Understand that. And I say that from somebody that experienced pain growing up.

I'm not just some entitled White Guy saying this. I know people have been through a lot more than even what I had been through. I understand it, but we must drop the victimhood mentality in order to move into this new paradigm, that 5D reality, we must move out of the victimhood and this and into an empowered state of understanding as we change ourselves.

That's how we change the reality on the outside. This little shift right here, it changes everything because the victimhood mentality is also saying things happen to me. Things happened to me as a 3D perspective and a lot of people are caught up in that. Be aware, observe those perspectives, but then choose that you're going to be empowered.

Any pain that is caused in the past, anything that has caused you pain in the past has the potential to be transmuted into that of power of empowerment. Use it as fuel. The most painful things in my past. Having an abusive ex step mom and my life has actually fueled me to do and to transmute that and to go through a spiritual awakening and that caused pressure for me to actually grow up. It can be something that you transmute. The other aspect of this, something that's deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness is this waiting for things to happen.

We're waiting for a savior. We're waiting for a higher dimensional being to come out of the sky and to give us this technology that's been around forever, by the way, but give us this free energy and free technology. When I say forever, I mean since Tesla, if we were to get all this information waiting for it, we have to know that we are the change. We can't be waiting for somebody else to save us because we have free will in this reality and they are waiting for us to make that shift within us.

Once we claim our power, that's when then we can then resonate with other powerful beans that can assist us even more in the process. But we must first help ourselves.  The event, this, this recognition of when we started to take our power back and a lot of people that are arrested that are doing bad things in the world and all of this stuff and there's money is redistributed all of this stuff. But once again, it's a mentality of waiting.

And I get it because in 2012 and I went through my awakening, there's a part of me that wanted us all day ascend to new, higher vibrational states of conscious. And I was waiting, waiting. And then I said, you know what? I have to be a change in my own life. I have to be the change I want to see in the world. I'm going to move forward and help people understand more of this information.

And if you want to be the change, be the change within yourself. No more waiting. The more we wait is the more we activate the vibration of it's all not already here. The 5D shift is here now. The event is happening now. It's about embodying that now and understanding the more we invited, the quicker it's going to happen anyways, so understand that this is about resonance.

It's about us choosing it. The three things you must do in order to make that shift is to be 51% service to others. Understanding that those other people or other aspects of you observed the old 3D reality because it will continue to break down. Choose the 5D reality.

Choose to focus on the shift within yourself, drop victimhood mentality and bring in this empowering state of knowing that you are the change you wish to see in the world and you will be on the 5D reality. It is happening now. You can continue to experience it by making that choice.

The BEST Way to Know Your Past Life REVEALED

I'm going to be sharing with you the number one way to tap into your past life. By the end of this blog, you'll understand more about who you are than ever before.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to share with you that number one way to tap into your past life that will change your life. You will begin to see yourself in a completely new way, and let me first off just say that this concept is so often misunderstood that when people even talk about past lives, it's under the assumption that the past life that they are living was actually in the past as if the past actually exists.

In actuality, when we look at metaphysics, when we look at how this actually works, the only moment that does exist at this moment right now. When we look at that, we can see that the past is not something that happens at a different time. It has just a different point of view and the same thing with the future. By the time the future comes, it is still this moment right now, it's just from a different point of view.

This sounds like a small little difference, but it makes all the difference in the world because then when you look at what you understand as a past life, what it actually is it's a parallel incarnation of the same energy, but most real estate, well, it's the parallel incarnation of you. Well, what it is it's a connection that you have, that you are living in this life is where the most attention must be in. Let me show you why this is going to completely shifted the way that you forever look at the idea of past lives.

If you resonate with it. Right now, at this moment, in this life that I am living, there are certain patterns that I live within. There are certain habits that I have. And have you heard these same before, as beloved as above? Our current life right now is an accumulation of all the past experiences and future experiences all existing right now. Because it is all a reflection.

As I changed my life right now, I then change the probable pasts and the probable futures that I connect to because the truth is you are any mortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience and what you think of as your physical life is like is such a small part of you. It's like the fingernail on your body. It's like thinking that this, this fingernail right in here is all of who you are because that's all that we identify with when in actuality there is so much more going on and there is so much more to who we are.

The thing to understand is that there are probably past versions of us which are also part parallel versions of us. There are also probable future versions of us or parallel future versions of us. We're in so infinitely vast as spiritual beings, we get caught up in thinking that we're just this couple past in this couple of future, even if it was a thousand past lives or future lives, it is still so limited to who we actually are.

Let me share with you a little bit of a story about this just to show you kind of how this may work. My mom, for example, she was at one point, she went to somebody that was more clairvoyant talking to them at the time. She was in a relationship with someone who wasn't necessarily the best fit for her and it was somebody that was kind of neglecting her and leaving her candidate just would get up and get a little temper tantrum and he would like to leave the house or whatever and kind of leave her behind.

 Well, maybe that did happen. Maybe it didn't happen. I'm not saying one way or the other, but what I am saying is that as she then goes through a different theme, if she and when she left him and she was in a new relationship, there would be a new way of looking at past experiences. The way that you find which passed you connect to is what patterns are you currently living in your life and are you becoming aware of them because when you become aware of them, you can then also let go the patterns of your past. It's a similar thing for what I do in my own life.

For example, I've been told that in my current life right now, I have a past life where I was in Rome or something like that and some type of battle or some type of fighting type thing. That's where I get my willpower in this life. Is it true or not? I don't know. And I'm not saying that even discounting it, but what I am saying is that there are certain times of my life when I go through certain experiences that didn't connect to different parts of my past.

The idea is that based on the patterns you currently have is going to determine which probable past lives you connect you in which probable future lives you connect to because as you change, so does the past and the future change. See, we think that the past and the future is completely set, but it is not set just as you change in the present moment right now, you are changing the parts of the past.

You connect to in the parts of the future, you connect to you. See, this is when some people get, they don't want to hear that because they want that linear time, space, reality understanding because it's easy to understand, but this is actually even more empowering because as you change in the present moment, you then change all of these past connections. You see, when it comes to Karma in general, the more aware you become of your karma.

The more that you integrated into who you are and you forgive and accept the more that of Karma begins to dissolve, but the thing is is many times we tied into a story about who we are and not only that but who we were in a past life and who we were in future life. Therefore, that's why we experienced what we are today, but that is nothing but a story and I'm not saying that Karma doesn't exist.

I'm saying that we dissolve our Karma. The more that we become aware of unconscious patterns in our current life right now. The most powerful way that you can possibly connect to your past life is first off, realizing that that past life, there's an infinite number of past lives and future lives that exist. And of course, there's some that you will connect to more than others based on relevancy.

But the idea is that the more you change your current and you will become aware of your current life right now, the more you are here now, the more aware you can become of those past lives. Because then you see the patterns you're currently living depending on which pass you or connect to. This is about awareness and I remember even when I was talking to that person that was telling me about my life in Rome.

I was told I had live in Egypt and all this other stuff and I was told that in a lot of the lives I lived I was killed for the information I was sharing because they weren't ready for it then, but now in this life I don't have to get killed because we're in a new time and I'm sharing information just like I've done it, pass lives.

However, what I'm saying here is it, could it be that my pattern in this life is that I'm sharing this information so I'm connecting to past lives where I quote unquote died. And maybe I did. Maybe I didn't. I'm just saying when most people look at past lives and future lives, they get so caught up in what has happened that what they ended up doing is they end up not being here.

The only way you will dissolve the Karma of those past lives is by becoming aware of your current life patterns, your current life, Karma. When you become aware of the unconsciousness that you may be living in, me too. I'm not talking on top of a mountain here. As I become aware of these patterns, as I become aware of these things that I was not aware of before, I then start to dissolve that passed.

I started to let it go and then I will also connect to past in a different way and as I changed my patterns in my current life, I will then also change the future probabilities I experienced in this life and the future timelines of future versions of me that I would connect to. You see the key and the number one way that you tap into your past life is by being here. We like identification. We like knowing that that's who I was in a past life.

That's who I am in future life. That's what we like to know, but what I'm saying is right now on the planet, it's about going beyond the identity, transcending into more of a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness where we understand we are unconditional love and bliss. We understand that the more we let go of these identities, the more that we embody who we really are because even those identities aren't who we are.

Because remember, it's like identifying with the Pinky nail finger. This is who I am. They said, no, I'm a little bit more than that. I'm the. I'm the pinky finger up to this point, and even then that's not who you are. You can say, well, I'm the pinky finger up to this point. It's still identification with some type of pinky finger. The key is to identify with none of it, to observe it.

That's what they call it. Enlightened me is when we learn that everything is a reflection of us and at the same time the paradox is we are none of it. We are all of it, none of it. We are divine. We allow this energy to be who we are. When you look at other people, you realize that they are a reflection of you. Everything is a reflection of that divine energy. Then you start to go beyond the form. You start to get the ability to dissolve the Karma.

The only reason we have so much Karma and so much of these negative patterns are because we identify with our avatar. You see this as an Avatar in this life experience. When we're born into this reality, we forget who we are because if we remembered who we are, it would trip us out. If we remembered who we are.

Also, using our limited 3D brain that we have, it would defeat the purpose of knowing that we're here to learn. If you knew that you're an infinite spiritual being that lives in unconditional love and bliss normally and you have to be awake here, you may not want to be here so much. It cuts the information of us know that and the information is always there for us to tap into. Part of this game of life is for us to remember this.

Remember who we really are and coming more at terms with the potential, with who we are, and letting go of identity, letting go and detaching. Some powerful ways that you can use what I'm sharing with you right now when it comes to past lives, future lives, is to detach from the story you tell yourself in your current life, to become aware of the patterns you have in your current life.

To become aware of the themes that you have in your current life. And by becoming aware of all these things, you will then start to heal past connections. You will start to heal the future connections and as you change in the present moment, you will actually start to connect to different versions of you and then you can begin to transcend the lower vibrational states that you don't prefer.

As my mom has worked through those, the fear of someone leaving her like that, she will then connect to a new part of her past, a new part of our future and literally create new probable experiences in her current life because she's like go of patterns. Most people are thinking the same things day in and out, feeling the same emotions day in and day out, taking the same actions day in and day out there for creating the same experiences day in, day out.

Then the future experiences will be in alignment with that current pattern and the past connections. The same even past lives. The same based on that energy signature, so understand that you are so much more than you can possibly imagine. You aren't just the little pinky finger, the Pinky fingernail. You're not even just that part of the pinky finger.

Not even that part, not even the whole thing. If you're not even a whole hand, you are so much more than you can imagine and the more you realize that we don't need to identify with all of it, we can then start to transcend our vibration and raise our vibration to a new state. However, the key is to detach from the story to see it for what it is to observe the thoughts that come up, to observe the patterns that come up, to become more aware of what you're living right now and by doing so, you will then start to connect to new different parts of you.

I know this is a different perspective as most people talking about past lives, future lives. Even if you look at Dolores Cannon's work, who has 17 books on past lives and future lives, and understanding what happens, life in between death and all this stuff with hypnosis, the deepest levels of hypnosis, it's called QHHT, quantum healing hypnosis technique that Dolores Cannon's made.

She has 17 books out. In more recent years before she passed away, when she was doing it, she would get these people in these deep levels of brain wave activity. By the way, most people said the reason they're here on earth right now is to go through this transformation that's happening, so most likely, if you're reading this blog, that's exactly why you're here right now. There are a transformation and awakening happening on the planet and one thing that they said when she was so far into it, you know, she'd been doing it for 30 years, the last couple of years or the last maybe five or 10 years.

They said it's not important anymore. The past life sting. It's more about where and how are you right now? Because then you change the future probabilities. We're in a time of high vibration right now and in this high vibration state. It's about letting go of the past, letting go of the story and being here now.

This Meditation will SHIFT your Level of Consciousness INSTANTLY WARNING There’s NO Going Back

This meditation will shift your level of consciousness instantly, and by the end of this meditation, you will feel like a completely new person.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a meditation that will shift your level of consciousness. It will allow you to see things in a way that may is baby different than the way that you've seen the world up until this point. And the power of it is understanding that first off, you are more than you can even imagine when people have a spiritual awakening or when people have a shift in consciousness, something happens to where they didn't see things from a totally new perspective.

That's what they call transformation. Change is when we change one little thing, but the reality still remains very similar. Transformation is a totally new paradigm where you see things in a completely new light, and by the end of this meditation, you will be transformed. When I talk about this and when I do these meditations, what I like to do first is I'd like to show a little bit of what's going to happen so that when you do it, you know what's going on mechanistically, you know what's going on with this process.

What I thought I would do really quick is first off, show you the chart of consciousness that I share in a lot of YouTube videos, but just to give you a little bit of a basis for it so that when you go into this meditation, you're like, oh, that's what we're doing right now. This is what we're doing right now. And I, even though you could just let go and relax, it will help you and guide you to what we are actually doing.

At the bottom of the chart, you will see lower vibrational emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, anger. Eventually, you see that of neutrality. Neutrality is a powerful point because neutrality is where you realize that every event in our life is fundamentally neutral. It has no built-in, meaning other than the meaning we give it. It's just our mind that creates the identity that creates the relation to thoughts that says, oh, this is why I feel angry.

We are attached to a position. We are attached to a perspective that causes that negative emotion. Whereas if we were to forgive the other person or forgive ourselves, we would let go of those lower vibrational emotions and then be neutrality. This is why when many people simply learn how to observe their thoughts, their life changes in a powerful way because then they let go of the charge of all those negative emotions.

Those negative emotions are on autopilot. They continue to run themselves out over and over again until we observe them and allow them to be there. Neutrality is a huge step. Then you'll see that above is acceptance. That's also a powerful place where you accept the present moment. You will then eventually move up to willingness. That is willpower. That is the uh, desire we may have to achieve or to become more.

That's a level of consciousness. Then the next step that I want to talk about is that of reasoning. The reasoning is where we understand and start really indulging in the intellect, understanding that our reality is what we believe it to be true. If we look for evidence of something, we will find the evidence of it. If we look for a confirmation of something, we find evidence of it and the one truth in life is that all truths are true.

This is a perspective that has to do with understanding how the brain works. Whatever we focus on, we will find more evidence of and the more we become aware of that is the more that we get to start to gain our power. The thing is most people will fight each other or butt heads because they say, well, I believe this and then this person believes this. We try to have one universal understanding of what truth is, but people have different bases of truth depending on their perspectives, so whatever is true for them will be reflected back to them.

If the world is a dark place, it will appear to be dark. If the world is a light place, I don't feel appear to be light. It depends on what we're looking for and what our beliefs are. When we become aware that our beliefs create our reality, it's a very powerful step and that's where a lot of my YouTube videos have been for the last two years is our beliefs create our reality.

But now what I've been doing is helping people to shift beyond that reasoning. You'll see beyond reasoning, we have that of love. This is where the focus is for this meditation. You see, the key to transforming your consciousness is understanding that you are more than that of your beliefs. You are more than that of the accumulation of things that have happened to you in the past that you have interpreted. You are more than you can even imagine.

And when you let go of all of that, you then start to exist in this higher vibrational state of consciousness. You see, climbing up the scale of consciousness, which is raising your vibration. And when you raise your vibration, your thoughts have more focus. You have more power in general. However, rather than trying to climb up the ladder, it's more about just letting go of what doesn't serve and you naturally begin to drift up.

In the meditation that we're going to get to in a minute, we're going to hit that of neutrality. Then we're going to hit that and reasoning. Then we're going to be in love. This is about going from doing and having into being and to being the present moment and to be aware of who we really are. With that being said, that is how this meditation we'll work.

That is how we will raise our level of consciousness. By the end of this meditation, your life will be transformed. You will feel like a completely new person. Set that intention right now too. That's how powerful you are. You can set that intention right now for you to shift your level of consciousness and as you go through this process, that will become your reality. What I invite you to do is I invite you to either lay down on the floor or sit in a relaxed position so that you can go through this meditation.

If any emotions come up, allow them to be there. Allow yourself to process what comes up. Just relax and understand that this is a process and that as you go through it, you will begin to see things in a different way. You will feel differently. You will understand who you really are. Let's go ahead and get into it right now.

What I'd like to ask you to do is to, with me, we're going to take a couple of deep breaths in and out and we're going to put our awareness inside of our heart because when we put the awareness inside of our heart, we then grow the electromagnetic energy around our heart. And when we do that, we also become more present to the moment.

We're more here now rather than thinking and understand that this meditation to is meant to put you into more of a state of being rather than the state of thinking or doing or having. Let's go ahead right now. Let's take a couple of deep breaths in, deep breaths out and feel our body relax more and more. Let's take a deep breath in right now.

Three that out. Feel your body relax more and more. Put your hands over your heart like this and understand that by simply putting your hands over your heart, you are increasing the energy inside of your heart center. Starting to feel it more and more. I take another deep breath in. Deep breath out. Ah, as you breathe out, feel your body begin to relax more and more, loosening up, feeling very relaxed. Take another deep breath in and out.

 As you breathe out, seeing more and more into this heavy, deep relaxation that you feel coming over your body right now. Close your eyes if you'd like, and put the awareness now in your forehead. Imagine a warm feeling in your forehead, loosening up, feeling more relaxed, but the awareness behind your eyelids and to your eye sockets.

Relax your eye muscles. Bring the awareness now to your nose. Feel the tingling sensation. Relax. Bring the awareness now into your jaw. Feel your job. Are you getting to hang loose and relax your tongue? Feel your tongue loosen up against the top of your mouth. Bring the awareness into your neck, feel your neck. Begin to loosen up. Relax more and more. Barring the awareness now to your left arm, your left hand.

Put the awareness there and imagine it relaxing, feeling soft, your right arm, your right hand. Bring the awareness and feel it loosen up. Relax. Bring the awareness into your chest and put the awareness inside of a sphere, a sphere of energy. Any color that you like. Imagine it now inside of your heart center. Imagine this sphere of energy spinning clockwise and as it starts to spin clockwise, you feel more of this love energy inside of your heart. This love energy begins to increase. You can feel the tingling sensation now.

Okay, I'm going to count down from five to one with every number I count, you're going to feel an increase of love inside of your heart. You're going to feel it double in sensation with every number I count. Imagine that ball of energy and your heart's spinning five fuel. It increased. Double with every number I count for feeling it increased inside of your heart center.

Three more and more to double the amount of sensation of love and one, feel this warm sensation flow through your body, knowing that this is the love vibration is going to continue to increase. Bring the awareness into your abdomen. Feel it loosen up and relax. Bring the awareness to your hips, your left leg, your left foot will, we'll hear toe your right lane, your right foot.

Wiggle your toes and relax. Imagine any energy that you want to let go of right now. Let go of it through the heels of your feet. Imagine that energy leaving your body, going through the heels of your feet and outs. You can let it go. Just allow it to leave and now your body is much more receptive. You feel better than before and you know that this meditation, so when you change your life, now imagine that you are in a very relaxed place.

Imagine that you were in a place that you can go anytime you want to do inner work. This place can be indoors or outdoors, convene and imagination, or in your memory, wherever you feel comfortable. This is a place you can go to. Just relax and do inner work. If you chew, you are there. Begin to look around what do. See. Imagine what you see is becoming brighter and brighter. What kind of sounds do you hear?

Imagine this sounds becoming louder and louder. How do you feel here? Notice that often to the distance about 10 feet away, you see that have a bench. Go ahead and walk over to this bench. I'm going to count down from five to one. With every number I count, you're going to feel yourself go deeper and deeper into this experience. It's going to feel much more real. Five, take another step. Getting closer to the bench for fueling yourself. Begin to really immerse yourself into this experience.

Three, getting closer, even more relaxed. Two and one. You were at the foot of this bench. Notice that this bench is titled and labeled the Neutrality Bench. This is a bench you can go anytime you want to look at certain things in your life and to see them from a neutral point of view. Notice that in front of this bench is a white projector screen where you can look at experiences of your past from a neutral perspective. ​

You can step out of the reactive mind and see how those situations actually served you. Go ahead and sit on this bench and notice that the moment you do, you feel this peacefulness, this understanding that everything in your life happens for a reason. Everything is perfect as it is. Notice that as you look around right now, even in this environment, everything you see is just beautiful. It just is as it is. No need to put labels, no need to put filters.

You can just observe what comes up. You can observe the thoughts you have and you can allow them to be there. Thoughts are neutral. Past situations in your life are neutral. They have known built-in meaning other than the meaning. We give it with our mind. Look at that projector screen in front of you. Notice how you feel much more neutral about your past knowing that it served you in some form.

On the projector screen, there will be certain memories that your higher-self right now we'll show you and as you look on this screen, notice that you have this neutral perspective about it. You feel like you are disengaging from the reactive mind and you are engaging in a neutral perspective. Look at the first memory that your higher self wants you to see.

What situation was this? Notice how you look at this memory. You feel very neutral about it. You see how it may have served you by neutralizing this memory. You weren't letting go of the pattern of it. Bringing more situations of it in your life. Ask your higher self to show you the second memory of something that happened that is impacting your life. That you can begin to see at a neutral perspective. What memory is this now?

Your higher-self shows you why this was actually something that served to you and that you can neutralize it now. Ask your higher self to show you the third memory of something that is impacting your life that you can begin to neutralize right now and to let go of what memory is this. I notice that this memory served you in some way and that now you can begin to neutralize it. Thank your higher self for showing you these memories, knowing that from this point going forward, you relate to the past and a completely new way that you can begin to let go of the charge of the past because in some way it served you.

Even if it became something you became more aware of how you are, you are now able to let go of what doesn't serve from this point going forward. You will know that anytime something happens, you can choose a neutral perspective. You don't have to label it. You can just allow it to be there. You can observe your thoughts about it and you do not have to react. You can instead respond. You can stand up from being out in neutrality bench knowing.

You can come back here anytime that you would like. And notice that about 15 feet away. You see that of a chair. This chair has on it a headset, a headset that goes around your head and walks over to this chair. Begin to take some steps. Every step you take, you feel an in vibration in your body. I'm going to count down from five to one with every number I count, you're going to feel even more emersed in this experience.

Excited knowing that you are shifting your consciousness forever. Take a step now. Five, feeling yourself more in this experience for getting closer to this chair. Now. Three just a couple of feet away to double the amount of sensation in your body and one. You are at this chair.

Yeah, this chair is labeled reasoning. This is where you become the master of your own beliefs, knowing that your beliefs are creating your own reality. I turned around and sit in this chair. Notice how comfortable with feels and then the headset above you. Go ahead and bring it down on over your head right now. Feel it still feels comfortable.

As you are in this chair, what you can do is you can see how any belief that you have is creating your life experience. You can see all these self-fulfilling prophecies you have in your life. Any limiting belief that is holding you back and you can become aware of it all.

Once again, your higher self is with you helping you through this experience. Right now, ask your higher self to show you a limiting belief that you have a belief that is holding you back. That is a self-fulfilling prophecy that you always find evidence of and notice that with this headset on, the ideas come to you so easily. What limiting belief are you aware of right now?

As you look at this limiting belief, your higher-self shows you in test tells you that you can shift around this negative belief by making the choice right now you can see that the belief is there and because you are aware of it, you can then take your power back. Looking at this negative belief, what would be the opposite of it?

Well, the turnaround before it. If it's that there's a scarcity of money out there, then you can know there is an abundance of money out there. Whatever belief it is, your higher self tells you right now that you can switch it to that of the opposite and make it empowering for you. Take a limiting belief right now. Look at it. Be grateful that it's there because now you're aware of it and then simply know that because you're aware of it now it no longer makes sense to keep running itself out.

Choose a higher perspective. Choose a new belief. Whatever that new belief is, I'm going to count down from five to one with every number I count. This is going to wire this new belief into you. You're going to know from this point going forward that this is who you are, this new positive belief. Five. Feel yourself now knowing that this belief is true for you, for feeling yourself now become more certain about it. Three, double the amount of certainty with every number.

I count two and one. Feel yourself now knowing that you have now wired in it positive belief that will forever change your life in a positive way. I'll find one more belief that we can do this with one more limiting belief that is holding you back. Which belief is it? Once again, be grateful that it's there because now that you're aware of it, now you can actually change it. Ask her higher self to help you to switch this belief and what is the opposite of that belief?

I'm going to count down again from five to one with every number I count you're going to wire this new empowering belief into you. It will forever change your life. Five, fill yourself now becoming more searching that this belief is true for you, for feeling an increase in your body right now. Three, knowing that this is true for you to double the amount of sensation and knowing this one, this belief is now true for you.

Thank your higher self for this experience and now you can take the headrest off. You could stand up from this chair and you notice that about 15 feet away is a crystal bead. A bed that is made out of crystal looks very high vibrational. It's got lights around it. This is better you can go to anytime you want to immerse yourself in unconditional love.

Okay, I noticed that this crystal bed is about 15 feet away. We are going to do now is we're going to begin to take steps towards this crystal bed. Take a step notice you can feel this increase in love in your body. Take another step. You can feel this increase in loving your body again. Now we're five steps away. I'm going to count down from five to one with every number I count. Y

ou feel an increase and love inside of your body knowing that you are about to shift your consciousness to I totally new level five. Feel it. Double these sensations throughout your body. Four, getting closer to this bed now. Three just a couple of steps away to double the amount of sensation in your body and one. You are at the foot of this crystal bed that you can come back to anytime you want. Healing, anytime you want to let go.

Anytime you want to raise your vibration to your core frequency, but this bed we'll do is this bed will align you with your core frequency. Go ahead and get into this bed and notice that as you get in it's got a spongy yet harder surface to it but it feels comfortable in this crystal bed, has healing properties and at the same time and it has an awareness property that will raise your vibration to a higher state of consciousness.

This crystal bed is also in tune with your higher self, so any information that you want begins to come to you easily. As you lay in this crystal bed, notice that there are lights glimmering around these lights. Act like light therapy and heal certain parts of your body. Certain parts you might not even be aware of raising the frequency of you. How right now your higher self has a message for you. Listen to what this message is.

It comes to you easily. What is this message now? Something else your higher-self wants you to know is that your body and your mind is the vessel that you are any mortal. Spiritual beings living, a temporary human experience that you are beyond that of this three d physical structure, this body that you inhabit is your Avatar for this life experience and up until this point you have thought that you are an accumulation of your past experiences.

You are your past. That is not the truth. You are a high vibrational being and you are more than you can even imagine. The truth in life is that all true is our true. Any beliefs we have are reflected back to us, but there's a level beyond that and that level is love. Dropping the intellect, dropping the beliefs, knowing we can go from having and doing into being who we are, which is a high vibrational being right now.

You may have thoughts in your mind. Observe those thoughts, know that that is the vessel that you are inhabiting, that is the Avatar you are using and you can observe those thoughts. Right now what we are doing is we are creating a distance between our identity and who we actually are. We are more than we can even imagine and you are more than you can imagine.

The identity that you have made up until this point from past prior experiences is not who you are. It is an Avatar and because you have identified with it in your life, it may appear that that is who you are, but remember you are any mortal, spiritual being of a high vibration and right now you are waking up to more of who you are than ever before.

You are realizing that from this point going forward, you may have thoughts, you may have emotions that come up, but you will be aware that they are not you. They are just the accumulation of your past experiences and you can choose to not identify with them. You can choose to know that you are unconditional love, that this is who you are, this reality.

That we're in right now is a temporary fun experience and make the choice right now that from this point going forward, you're going to have more fun. You're going to understand that this is a fun, loving experience and right now you are shifting your consciousness more and more now, right now, what's your higher self is going to do? It's going to assist you in this shift in consciousness, the shift in awareness of who you really are.

Do our knobs on this crystal bed. Your higher self is there next to you and it's going to assist you in increasing the energy that is flowing through the crystal bed into your being. There's a dial that is labeled from one to 10 10 is the maximum core frequency of love beyond anything you've ever experienced before and it's going to help you to be more authentic than ever before. From this point going forward, your life will be forever changed.

What I'm going to do now is I'm going to count up from one to 10 with every number I count. You're going to feel double the amount of love, double the amount of sensation in your body. If any emotions come up, allow them to be there and know that this is a part of the process and that your vibration is going to increase to who you really are. With every number I count, you're going to feel double the amount of love.

One the knob is now moving. You can see and feel this energy begin to increase inside of your body to double the amount of sensation flowing through you right now. You feel this love emanate from your heart. This crystal bed is lighting up three feelings it increased more and more now, double with every number I count for. Feeling it flow through your body.

Now know that this is okay. Allow whatever to come up. Come up. Five, feeling this energy increase this love vibration side of your heart. Begin to tingle knowing that you are transforming your consciousness right now. Six, beginning to have this awareness of who you really are. Beginning to feel more into this experience than ever before. Six, feeling this now, flow through your body. Allow the emotions to be there.

Allow yourself to soak in this vibration. Seven feeling double the amount of sensation through your body now knowing that you are increasing this energy inside of your body. Eight feeling it flow through every limb of your body. Every cell of your body is being transformed right now. Nine, feeling it increased even more and now double the amount of sensation and 10 feel this energy flow through your body, knowing that you are your higher self.

You are a high vibrational being. You now see the truth and feel the truth of who you are. Feel inside of your heart center and no that from this point going forward, your life is forever changed. Soak in this high vibration. Allow whatever sensations are there to be there. Okay? Your higher self has another message for you. Listen to this message now from this point going forward, your life is forever changed.

You will know that if he reacts to things in the past that that is reacting based on prior experience. You know that you are more than this avatar body. You are unconditional love and bliss. From this point going forward, you will feel more authentic than ever before and you will feel more present to the moment. Understanding that you are not your ego.

You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are beyond all that which you can imagine. Soak in this vibration as long as you like, and when you come out of it, you're going to feel more present to the moment than ever before and more love in your heart knowing that life is forever changed and enjoy this vibration.

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