Stop Being Fearful it is Weakening Your Immune System


When we are in a fearful state, our immune system goes down. One of the worst things that we can be doing right now is to be in a state of fear because what that does is that shortens the telomeres inside of our body that increases the cortisol and increases the probability that we actually could get sick. In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead and how to really stop being fearful.

Today, what I wanted to do in this blog is to actually share with you a spiritual perspective about what is going on in the world right now. When you look around, you may be seeing a lot of other people that are very fearful and then it becomes very easy to absorb what is called that state to transference.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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When people feel a certain way and you're around them, that energy is very contagious. When you may watch some type of media and you see a certain type of narrative that's being projected at you, it may be also very easy to feel in that fearful state. However, what that does is that actually increases the probability of something bad actually happening. Whatever we focus on, we feel, and when our vibration is in a lower vibrational state such as fear, our anger, what happens is things tend to happen in more of a segregative type weight. Think about it, the more you raise your vibration, the more you experienced synchronicity in your life, the healthier you are, but the more you're in fearful states, the more negative synchronicity happens. The more the immune system begins to shut down, the more cortisol there is in the body than anything else.

Cortisol is very acidic and when your body's acidic, it's very easy for things to spread. When you look around right now and you see what is going on, be aware that first off, the best thing you can do is learn how to have awareness. Awareness and fear are completely different things. You can be aware of something without being fearful of it. I'm not saying to not be aware of what's going on in the world, but I am saying to be aware of it but not fearful. Fear is a choice. Fear comes from a belief and you may say a choice. What do you mean? I'll explain it to you, but understand that this is going on right now. I'm not in fear. There are a lot of other people that know what I'm sharing right now and they are not in fear either.

It just that when you look around, you see everybody else pretty much in fear, so it's like, Oh, this is how I should be in order for me to care. Sometimes we also, we think that caring means also in fear and I'm here to tell you that caring, the best thing you can do right now is to actually emit love, energy and do I make confidence and trust that everything's going to be okay. Think about it like this. There's an electromagnetic field around our body. What happens is the thoughts we consistently think and the feelings we consistently have are within that energetic field. What happens is that energy emanates out of us. Then we have millions and billions of people on the planet that also have an electromagnetic field around their body. There's an electromagnetic field around the whole entire earth.

We call that the collective consciousness. Because there's a mass amount of fear on the planet, there is this collective consciousness that has fear within that bubble. In order for it to heal, the key is not buying into it, not putting yourself on the same wavelength of everyone else, because then that actually is adding to the problem itself. The key to this, and if you're reading this blog right now, I believe that you are someone that can hold space, that can be aware of what's happening. You can still go wash your hands. You could still go and be aware and it stocks up on food and do all that stuff, but you don't have to buy into the fear because the fear itself is decreasing the strength of your immune system and increasing the probability that something happens. I don't actually believe that it is as bad as it says I have. I have people all over the world that have been DMed me on Instagram that has said it's not as bad as they're making it sound. They're in different parts of the world and Europe and different places.

Even though there's a lot of people that are in a fearful state, it's not as bad as we think. Here's the thing that I think, here's a spiritual perspective on what's going on. What happens is our belief is extraordinarily powerful. Let me show you what I mean by that Dr. Deepak Chopra, many of you have heard of him, he has a book and one of his books that came out, I read a long time ago, I've always remembered this story. There was somebody that went into a doctor and had some tests done.

What happened is the doctor did some tests and then told this person, I'm sorry, but you have this specific type of problem and you're only given like three weeks to live. That's the max of what you have left. This person ended up passing away three or four weeks later, just like the doctor said. However, what they eventually found out is a month or two later that that person's files were mixed up with someone else's. What happened is that person through their own mind, through their own belief system, ended up having their body shut down because of their belief and their belief in what the doctor told them. There've been many other people that were told before by a doctor, this is what's going to happen to you. You only have this much time left. They chose not to believe it.

Those people, many of them are still alive today because of their belief. Could it be that it is partially because of this type of thing that's happening? Or could it also be that the emotion and fear are being pumped into it and the belief is being pumped into it and therefore it is actualizing more and more? I think it's a little bit of both, but I think that one of the sure ways for you to bypass from all of this is to not buy into it, not buy into the fear. Let me ask you a question as well. This is something that I did a post on Instagram and it got two or 300,000 views in like two, two days and it was insane. It got shared 20 something thousand times. It was on understanding this idea. Have you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever seen anything on the media that has been positive ever?

Have you ever seen anything on the media that's like, Oh, you should be aware of this, but you don't have to be in this fearful state ever? No. It is always the lowest vibrational way of interpreting it. That is projected out and then that keeps people in that state. Maybe just maybe there's a reason for that and I don't know exactly what that reason is. I do know that people do what they're told more easily when they're in these states. I do know that the more we think for ourselves and the more we change the way that we feel about this, and the more we observe it from a place of awareness is the more we take our power back. Let me share with you a little bit about how this works now. What is fear anyway? This is going to be a short little explanation that I think will change your life because you'll see it in a completely new way.

This is the way it works. We have belief then thoughts. It's supposed to be thoughts here instead of feelings. Belief, thought, feeling, action, and result. In order for us to have any type of feeling, what happens is we must first have a belief about something and then that belief causes the feeling. If we're feeling fear, it means that we have some definition that is causing that fear. If we want to not feel the fear, we don't try to change the fear itself because the fear is the roots of the belief. We must first off be aware of what is our definition of what is our belief about this situation? What are we buying into that's causing us to feel this way and if we find that we're buying into and having a vision that the whole world is, is going to have the certain, you know it's going down and all this stuff and guess what, then no wonder we're going to feel that?

If we feel like this thing could happen to me, it all of this stuff and, and we have to do this, we have to do that, then we're buying into that belief. The key is being aware of what are you buying into? What meaning are you giving this situation? The meaning I'm getting this is I'm going to be aware and because I'm aware I can then choose how I feel. This is a choice. It's just that people many times buy-in and adopts the beliefs of what they're being told. They think that they have to think that way. You can question what you are being told. You can question what is being put on TV. You can question it. Yes, maybe something is happening. But the story we tell ourselves about what is happening is what causes the emotion. It is the story we are telling ourselves and the key to this is taking back the meaning, your interpretation of that story.

I am not in fear because I am not interpreting it the same way as everybody else. I'm not buying into it. I am aware I'm observing it but I'm not buying into it. Once you see this, you can see if you want to change the feeling, the fear. It is about first off, becoming aware of your belief about the situation, the story about the situation and what you are agreeing to. I think that in a way, as crazy as this sounds, I think that on the planet right now, there's a form of pressure that's being created that's allowing more and more people to wake up to the media. What's going on to seeing how obvious a lot of this really is, it's right in front of our faces. Here's the thing. When you put a frog in boiling water, it jumps out. If you put a frog in lukewarm water and then you turn up the heat and it will boil itself to death.

Many of us are so used to the way the media is there. The way that we interpret reality thinking that it always has to be in fear. We think we have to buy into that emotion, which as I said, then that fear puts us into a state to where our telomeres shrink. We have more cortisol in our body. Our body becomes more acidic and it's more likely for us to actually get sick. The thing is you don't have to buy into it. You can question it. You can choose your perspective and by choosing your perspective, you're going to remain more powerful. When you are powerful, you don't as easily buy into these different types of things.

The most powerful thing that you can do right now is to observe what's happening from a place of awareness. The most important thing you can do right now is to take care of your own health, is to take care of yourself and to understand that the more you become aware of the beliefs and the story you tell yourself about what's happening, the more powerful you will actually feel. Here's something else that I just recently did. I have a guided meditation for transforming that fear into love and for strengthening your immune system. It is absolutely free. Listen to that meditation for 21 days. Watch what happens

Hidden Levels of Manifestation it’s time you know about


There are levels of manifestation that you haven't been told about, some things that happen behind the curtains in a way, and I'm going to share with you exactly what this is, what you should know about it, and how you can use it in your own way and take your power back.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I want to be sharing with you the hidden levels of manifestation. These are the things that I believe. Some people know, some organizations know, some groups know, but they don't necessarily make it apparent to the people and I think maybe you can start to get my drift. What I mean by this and what I mean is that there are certain things that may be orchestrated, maybe put on a certain way so that it affects the collective consciousness of the earth so that then it gives some type of an agenda, some type of outcome that maybe a certain group of individuals would like because then they remain powerful.

You can call this whatever you want to call it, you can call it the mastermind principle from thinking grow rich or when many people's minds come together focused on one outcome, it has a certain level of power and the more people that have their mind focused on that, the more powerful it is and maybe it's time to also realize that there's a reason certain things appear to be so negative in the world. Think whatever has attention and has the power. Wherever we put our attention is where we put our energy. When we start to see our energy as currency and the more people's energy that's focused on certain things, the more energy goes in that direction. The more we can see that. Maybe just maybe certain things are right in front of us that we've just come to accept now this is what and why I'm making these videos. Because I to show you that you can begin to wake up and take your power back and put it in the stuff in the direction that you want.

That's what this is really about. I didn't know idea that the post that I put on Instagram talking about probably what you think I'm talking about. The best thing we do is actually not worry. It is, have trust and faith in the process and then divert your attention to what you want. Why would people put the attention on that and do that? I don't know the answers. I don't know the exact reason. I do know though, that 99.9% of everything put on the media ever that you've ever seen has been completely fear and negative and something that makes you feel fear or anger. That when people feel fear and anger, they're much easier to control. They're much more obedient. They don't become creators of their own reality because then they're just watching the television doing what they're told to do in the exact state that is being projected at to them. Whatever you tune yourself to via the television you are tuning your vibration to and you're adding and feeding energy to it, then you're going to go, Hey, I want to manifest that in my life. It's like too bad there's not enough energy.

You've already given it all to the fear and anger to the lower vibrational states. If you keep people in low vibes states, they're not going to raise above and then it makes it very easy for the ones to retain their own power. This is just me putting the attention on certain things. I'm not trying to make some bold claim or anything. I'm just saying question it, become aware of it. When it comes to hidden levels of manifestation, understand there is this triad. We have the universe, everything is connected. Think of it as a microcosm and macrocosm. We have that of the universe, earth, and then the soul. We are creating our own reality. From what we think, feel and act and the earth. There is something called the collective consciousness around the earth. Here's the thing. There is electromagnetic energy that goes around each of our bodies. This electromagnetic energy emanates out of us and you can even measure this energy based on the person's emotion and see a difference in this field compared to someone else's, based on their emotion.

There are ways that they show this using technology. The individual energy that we have emanating off of us, there is then collective energy that is going around the whole entire planet. That is an accumulation of all the billions of people around the world that have the energy emanating out of their field, out of their energetic field that goes around their body. What we call this is a collective consciousness. This is the collective consciousness. Just like we are influencing our own reality from what we think, what we feel and what we and how we act. If you can control the narrative of what people pay attention to on the planet, you will then control the probabilities of what the collective consciousness experiences. Let me say it in another way. What happens is we individually create our own reality. What we think, feel it act is what determines the different probabilities that we experience.

At a collective level, whatever we are collectively focused on and the emotional state we're in, the thoughts we're thinking and the actions we are collectively taking is determining what our collective consciousness, the probability we experience. We have the soul, earth and the universe. The ones that we're really going to focus on is the salt in the earth because when we talk about the universe and we talk about other beings and stuff, it's all whole different rabbit hole to go down. However, there is this tryout here. This is why a lot of times I talk about when you are doing what you love to do and adding value to other people, it's even more powerful because when I'm adding more people, adding value to the people on earth, the people that are watching my videos, I believe that that energy comes back to me and it's like this big cycle.

It's almost like the universe will see that you're using the resources not just for you but also for other people and it gives you more resources because it wants you to help more people. That's kind of the way I explain it but think about it and I was at a Tony Robbins conference recently and he talked about this and I liked that because it, it's something I do believe it. He said if you are doing something for yourself, there's a certain amount of energy you have available for you. You'll see a lot of times people that have a kid or something and then as they have a kid, all of a sudden, they step up. A buddy of mine who's also a YouTuber, he's getting ready to have a kit. He told me, he said, the only time I really step up and start, you know, because get to the next level of success is when there's some external reason for me to do so.

When he got a girlfriend, then he took his success to the next level. He's having a baby. He's taking you out to take it to another level. It's one of the reasons he called me because I was helping him strategize things so that he could add more value to people and, and do that so that he's a secured with his family. Tony Robbins says, is that then when you're not doing it just for yourself, you have more resources available, more energy in store for you. Then when you have the intention of adding value, maybe not to just your wife or your husband and kids, then if you want to also add value to your community or then your society or then your country or then your world, then there's a different level there to that. There's more energy in store for you.

One of the ways you can go about this is to add value to more people. That's the way that I do it. I add value by doing what I'm passionate about, but then I also add value to other people knowing that that energy comes back to me and the university will more so support me with that. If you've ever read the book, think and grow rich, one of the main parts of it is something called the mastermind principle. When you are focused on one outcome and you get other people also focused on that outcome, it becomes much, much, much, much more powerful. And think of it, could it be that this awareness has been used in a way to keep people within a certain box with millions and millions and millions of people to be focused on the most negative aspects of our consciousness? Because then these people just do what they're told.

They don't really question reality much. It just seems normal to pay 40% tax, and to go through these different processes. That's just, yep. That's the way it works. Most people are in the hamster wheel of going to the job that they may not like trying to climb the corporate ladder. They get up, they go home at the end of their day and they've worked some 50 out of 40 50 hours a week and they're getting ready for bed and I wonder why am I here on earth? I wonder why I probably met that and it's like, Oh, time to go to bat. Don't have time. Could it be that we're just kept busy and that we're led to believe that this is the way reality really is? The more you raise your vibration, the freer you become.

I remember when I went through my awakening back in 2012 I was wondering to myself, why wasn't I taught this growing up? Why did I come to this conclusion through meditation, after also reading books and doing this inner work? Why did I like to stumble across this? Why wasn't I taught this? Then you start going down the rabbit hole and you realize that there may be, or I'm not here to come to give these big bold claims, but just questioning. That's all I'm going to say. We've been so primed and programmed to hear a perspective like this to go, Nope, I don't, I don't. I put this post on Instagram yesterday, there were a couple of people that were like this new age, like it got so much actually positive enforcement what I shared on YouTube on Instagram, but there are a couple of people that were like, Oh, I can't unfollow or something like that and I'm thinking to myself like, is it really that far out there?

It's just this perspective. I've just shared this perspective, but some people are so comfortable in the current reality and they, it's just, this may seem too far out there, but I'm just saying questioning. I'm not asking you to completely dive in. Start to question these things. Start to question what you consume, start to question and pay attention. Maybe there is some type of an agenda there. If you were to do more and more research. If you were to read the books, the law of one, the raw material, which is a some of the most profound channeled material from the early 1980s the husband was a physicist asking his wife questions who was channeling this material. There's a lot of information that comes through with that. There's a lot of information, a lot of things that had been around since early 1900 that we don't necessarily know about as a collective, and we would probe or program to shut that out and be like, that's not true.

There's no way I would know about it. It's almost like the frog was put into water and then it was slowly turned up into boiling and that's what happens if you, I don't, I've never done this. I've never would, but they say that if you were to put a frog in boiling water, it would immediately jump out. But if you put a frog in lukewarm water and then slowly turn it up till it's boiling, it will boil itself to death. Could it be that so many of us have been in the boiling water, we're so comfortable with where we are. We believe what we're told. Watch the movie the Truman show and begin to see how in life it may be something kind of similar that things look a certain way. You know, that was the Truman show is a metaphor, but things look a certain way and appear a certain way many times to keep people from their true power.

If we all knew how powerful we were, we would take our power back, in reality, would be very different, but I believe that one of the reasons we came here is to remember who we are, is to remember our connection to each other and to actually unify ourselves together to take back our power because maybe for thousands of years the power dynamic on the planet has been where there's a certain number of people that understand certain things about the way the universe works, about the way reality works. Then what they do is they say, okay, well if we can orchestrate certain things to show become a certain way, what we can end up doing is keeping people in a certain mentality to where they don't question things too much and there are lots more easily moldable and then do what we can do is just do our thing and retain the power.

What we decided to do is we decided to come here and to change it from the inside out. That's what we did to come here and you've got to completely forget who you are so that you can remember who you are. As I share this right now, just see if that resonates. Go within yourself to see if that resonates with you. I know that the way we're programmed and primed to think is that this would all seem very weird and wouldn't I know but just go within yourself to see does this resonate and see that the reason you may have come is to wake up to who you are. You are an infinite spiritual being, having a temporary human experience or one of the things I believe we wanted to do in this life is to connect to each other and to take our power back.

We are collectively as a collective consciousness creating the probable timelines that we experience in reality. The key to this is us waking up and taking our power back from where we've been investing it. Instead of investing energy into fear and the anger and the things that are put on the television, what I would recommend you do is know that your energy is potent and where you put your energy, where you put your currency is where you're putting your momentum. It is the reality that you are feeding and instead of feeding a negative paradigm, I encourage you, I implore you to focus more on positive things, to focus more on things that make you feel integrated, things that make you feel empowered on your own vision and get together with other friends and family and focus on a certain vision. Go through the mastermind principle.

Attract Love and Relationships using the Magic of Detachment (do this and they will chase you)


Anytime I get to a place to where I really, really would love to be around somebody or I really look forward to certain interactions and I ended up kind of in a way put it on a pedestal. Anytime I do that, there is something that I have to do to take that off a pedestal so that I can then be on the same level so that then I can experience it and in this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to take it off a pedestal, how detachment is actually the key to you attracting love into your life and this works very powerfully when you apply it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how to really attract love from the place of resonance. Understanding that attachment will keep you from actually doing that. Any type of attachment, whether that is an attachment to some type of story that you have, whether that's an attachment to some type, one specific person that you're putting all your energy on and realize that when you think of someone, you are sending them energy and if you're feeling that lack of love and you're acknowledging that you don't currently have love, you're also sending that energy out. And that's why attachment many times is something that you have to let go of. 

This is very important to understand this whole entire process. The vibration of wanting versus the vibration of having are two completely different realities. The importance of this is knowing that when we talk about desire when we talk about attachment, it's an attachment to a desire. Anytime you want something, you can't have it. The vibration of wanting versus the vibration of having understood these are two totally separate realities. Imagine that there's a version of you that wants something and then there's a version of you that has something. The version of you that wants something, feels the lack. Because if you want it, it means you don't. Got it. I want it, I got it. But if you want it and you want it and you want it, then you don't have it. The key to this is understanding that when you see there are two separate realities, which are first off, must understand is that what must change is your inner reality first. Because the outer reality is only a reflection.

That's it. It's just a reflection. When we want something and we're looking to the outside, we then can't actually have it because we don't first off have it within. We must first off have it within. The key to this is understanding that the other dynamic to this is knowing how important is this? How attached are we? I remember when I first got on YouTube, this is don’t necessarily have to do with love, but let me just share with you an example of how this might work. Back in the day, I was on YouTube and I was starting to grow my channel. There were certain people that I wanted to make videos with. There was certain people's content that I liked and I was like, Hey, let's, I'd like to make videos with you. I first off got to maybe 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and I kept reaching out to a couple of different people that I was like, Oh, maybe eventually I'll be on their radar and we could make a video together.

When I wanted to do that, when I really wanted it, I wouldn't really get any response back from either of these, like two or three people I'd reach out to. The more I wanted it, the more I could not have it. What I had to end up doing is the more I ended up growing, the more that I became detached from it. I don't need someone else to put me on. I don't need to be around someone's energy because I got my own stuff going on. Not only that, but I'm also starting to get pretty busy here. I don't even know if I have the time to necessarily go and do that. I'm focused, this is like two or three years ago, I was very focused on my videos and what ended up happening is the more detached I became from the outcome, the more it began to align.

I remember after not long after I really detached all the sudden I got the text message, and I was like, hey man, I know I should come to LA. Let's do a video together. You see that's the key is how detached can you become. You have to get to a place to where it'd be cool if it happened. It'd be cool if you, you don't, you almost don't care one way or another. You don't care if you do have it, you don't care if you don't have it. When you get to that place, that's a very dangerous place. It's a very powerful place to be at when you get to the place to where you're cool. If you do, when you're cool, if you don't, that's right where you want to be. But if you are really wanting a relationship, really wanting love, really wanting things to go a certain way, you will keep wanting till you get tired of wanting. The key is to instead with choice, move to the reality of having on the inside. The way you have on the inside is by giving yourself the emotions you would feel if you had the relationship.

If you had the relationship, you would then give yourself permission to feel certain energy within your field and then you would be able to feel it. The key is knowing that get rid of the rule, the attachment you have to the rule in your mind that says that you must first have love on the outside to then feel it on the inside. That's all it is. It's a rule. You can decide to give yourself that love and the more you focus on giving yourself that love, the more you will actually feel it. The key is knowing that the more you feel it on the inside of, the more you can really just get to a place of detachment is the more that then you're going to resonate at it from a deeper level. If we desire something, then it means we have some type of attachment. If we have some type of attachment, then it means we are at some level suffering or resisting. If we are in the vibration of resisting, then we can't perceive the love that could come into our life because we're on a different radio frequency.

Think of these as different radio frequency channels and if we're on the channel of wanting it means we're on the channel of lacking. If we're on the channel of lacking, then we're on the channel of resistance and if we're feeling resistance, we're not going to experience in a reality where amazing things come into our life or refine that person that we're meant to be with or whatever the situation is that we want to experience. The key to this is understanding the detachment. Here is the problem. The attachment is the problem. When you can get to a place where you're cool, if it doesn't happen or does happen, that's where you are at. The self-perpetuated emotion and momentum. You generate that feeling from within. You have your own gravity of things going on. The key is knowing that's not the way in a place you want to be. The place you want to be is detachment.  

You have your own gravity going on and the way that you detached from is you realize first off that you have the desire that you have the desire, the desires within you. I have this attachment to desire and realize that any time you want something, you will never actually have that thing you want because by the time you have it, you've moved from the vibration of wanting to having. Sometimes people use actions to do that because when you're doing actions, you're then in that momentum, in that movement, and then you allow yourself to move from that to this. It's almost like the action also becomes an awesome way believable in a way for that to make the transition. The key to this is an understanding that the root of all the pain is from the attachment to the desire and the more you want love, the more you resist love.

The key is understanding that instead of suffering, get rid of that. Suffer by detaching it, releasing it, release that suffering into the ethers, release the desire into the ethers and understand that you're good either way. Some of this could be you just becoming aware of your label or belief that rule that you need to be in a relationship to be happy or that anything on the outside has to change first, that anybody has to be a certain way. When you stop trying to control the outside and that's pretty what it is too. We're trying to control the outside reality and when we are attached we're attached to that control of things being a certain way. People being a certain way, our thoughts, our beliefs were attached to it. When you allow yourself to become aware of the attachment, to become aware of the desire, you can then let it go. You can then say, who would I be without that?

Oh, I'd be free, I'd be free. I wouldn't be doing things for other people to like me. I'd be doing things cause I want to do them. I would have my own gravity. I would go in this certain direction to be the star of my own movie. That's the key. That's the energy dynamic. It has that play. But I'll tell you right now that one of the most powerful ways for you to attract love or relationships into your life is for you to let go of the desire altogether and really let it go. Not say, I'm going to let it go so that I could actually get it. We try sometimes to do that. We'll try to like let go of something that, and it's like, okay, I let it go. When we tried to change the outside and by trying to change the outside, that's where the resistance comes. That's where the resistance comes. What's even more powerful than even just releasing it. It's, it's almost in a way allowing the universe to let it do it for you.

Try by trusting in it, by just trusting that it's going to bring you exactly what you need when you need it. It's like the more you try to control the universe, the more you're putting your hands up the throat of it and you're like, work out this way. The little ego thinks it knows everything and the ego is attached to this perspective. It's like it's in that amusement park. Imagine it's an amusement park and it's like, I just want to ride on this one ride and there's like 700 of the rides, but it's like, no, this is the one, right. I want and it needs to work. That's a level of scarcity too. Then it's putting out that energy and imagine the ride has a consciousness of itself and the rides like bro, way too needy man could away from me plus some things that were in maintenance mode right now.

But, if you were just to relax a little bit, you notice that maybe you got that VIP thing that gets you to the front of the line and you don't have to wait in lines and it's much more enjoyable. Do you see? But that's all. That's all this is. This is about understanding that if you release the desire, if you release the desire, you release the attachment, it can then come to you. You are then in free space. You have everything within yourself to feel unconditional love, joy, peace, bliss, and enlightenment. That's actually who you are. The high level of enlightenment you are enlightenment. It's just we've got to undo things that have been done. When we have a desire, it means that we are, when we have desire and attachment, it means that we've got some knots to undo. I'm going to say to, I'm enlightened by the way it can levitate. Okay. I can't leave a tape, but I'm just saying in general, I believe that that's our natural state and this whole journey that we're all on is about undoing.

That is what's been done. That desire to attachment isn't as a desire to a story that we must be in a relationship. It's attachment to different people in the way they should act and trying to control the outer reality, not knowing that if you just let it go, then you can allow things and you can then be in a certain state to where the inner reality is then changed. The key to this whole entire process is understanding that the more, the more we love ourselves, and I know it sounds super, super cliché, is the more we can experience what we want, but really this, this getting rid of desire and attachment is really just a choice of awareness, is becoming aware that we have it and then choosing to let it go and then choosing and allowing the universe to bring something else to us. Then becoming free. Imagine that you don't have to pretend to be somebody else to attract somebody.

You don't have to do what they, you think they want you to do. It's like you're at the gym and you see them walk around and you're like, Oh, I'm going to put some more weight on this. I'm going to put some more weight on this machine, on this machine or this, this bench, and then push it. I was like, I was reading something yesterday. It was talking about somebody saw like the rock, it was like on Reddit or something. Somebody saw the rock at a gym and he was like, he was so like star struck, but immediately started picking up a heavier weight and stuff. That kid, like the rock, was going to look over at him and be like, Whoa, bro, that's a little bit heavier weight than I expected you to be using. It's like, can I want to? You're a cool guy, but that's, yeah, but all attachment.

Imagine who you would be if you didn't have that attachment. Who would you be? You probably would be way cool because that's who you are. You probably would be an amazing person because as who you are, but when you're not attached, you're free. When you're not attached to, you can be in the love frequency and remember, these are literally different frequencies. You never get what you want because when you want it, you lack it when you want it. You lack it sometimes. Then you'll take action. You'll get rid of the rule altogether. You'll just decide to feel the emotion on the inside. When you feel the emotion on the inside, that's when you'll experience love in your life. But all you have to do is release the desire itself, release the desire and allow it to come. I shared this one last story with you really quick.

I've shared it a couple of times before. He used to, I work with this chick and she would anytime she was intubated, she was starting to get in a relationship. She gets hit on by so many guys. But when she really wanted a relationship, she wouldn't get attention at all. But if she started getting that relationship, she gets hit on like eight times in a week when before, that'd be eight times in like eight months. That's the difference. What was different? She wasn't wanting to love. She was having, she was already in it. She already felt it. The paradox is that the whole entire time she could have felt that in between and she could have been hit on by 800 guys in eight months. How desiring are most people? I'm just kidding. I was like, I'm sure most of the women would not want that, but in general, maybe it's, gee, what if it meant she could find like the perfect person or something like that, but when your cup is already full, guess what? You're good. You don't need other people's liquids. Okay. You don't need other people to give you this.

3 Weird Ways Music Influences Your Vibration (and you don’t even know it)


I'm going to be sharing with you three ways that music is influencing your vibration and you may not even know it and I'm going to show you things that you can do so that you aren't negatively impacted. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the kind of weird influence that music has on our consciousness and in also understanding like if we know this if we know that when we listen to music, it puts us into a certain frequency depending on a couple of the different factors I'm going to be sharing in this blog.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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This is something that I have been kind of aware of since I was even younger even before I got into the spiritual awakening for information. I remember listening to certain music and thinking to myself like, this doesn't sound like a positive thing to be continuously putting into my consciousness and saying certain affirmations, like certain songs, are very catchy and when you're thinking of them it's like you're it. Especially because they're catchy. Think about the repetition that's involved there. If you hear a certain song and it says something and says like the song was talking about like how money is evil or something. I mean I don't know how many songs talk about how money is equal.

Normally when you're getting to a certain state and you're talking about maybe there's a song about a breakup, like think about this, like a song that's about a breakup and how whole, how incomplete somebody feels from listening to that song. They're like, Oh, I feel like incompletes and all this other stuff without you. These days you see that over and over and over again with emotion. The depth of the words inside of it as well. That gets programmed into your subconscious mind and you say it over and over and over again. Understand that, especially with music, because music has a tendency to stay kind of locked into our thought process with repetition, then we are wiring ourselves in different ways. One thing that I've become aware of, especially in my spiritual awakening journey is how aware I am of the information about the music that I'm listening to and how that influences my vibration.

This isn't the end all be all. This doesn't mean that if you listen to certain songs and you enjoy it, but they don't have necessarily, you don't know the exact intention of the song or anything that you have to like never listen to it. Again, I'm just saying be aware of how some of these things may influence us. The first thing I want to talk about and the first weird way that it influences us is understanding that the frequencies. I've noticed this within myself. When I do what I notice and something that I became newly aware of and then I confirmed with someone named Bashar who we need to make her up before. But if I curse and I'm like, I don't want to curse cause I didn't want to bring that type of ration through.

But, if I were to, and I say certain words, what I notice and what I believe happens is that our energy state, because words are vibration, the vibration or frequency that we are resonating in when we say these words are linking up to other people with other words and other people that have thought those words before or not before, but just in general. We pick up on the frequencies of other people that are also cursing and good Kersey many times can also be something that then puts them think about the state. Some people are in when they're saying the F word. Very often you see that this is something I had confirmed by talking to Bashar. I went to a Bashar conference and or like a seminar-workshop and I got to ask questions. One of the questions I asked is when listening to certain songs, what happens is if you get a certain song stuck in your head, many other people on the planet have also been thinking and feeling a certain way while listening to that same song.

You begin to pick up on the frequencies of those other people who are also in the frequency of that song listening to it. It's stuck in their head as well because everything is frequency. What I talked about with Bashar was something called pendulums. This understanding that our thoughts have an energetic form even though we don't see it. Thoughts are literally things. When we think certain thoughts and when we think of certain curse words, when we think of certain, um, songs, it puts us into a certain frequency and everybody else that's on the planet, it's in that frequency. Because we're connected to a collective consciousness, we begin to pick up and pull through the information that they are also thinking of. It doesn't mean it always influences us in such a negative way.

But, in general, think of everything as frequency and anything you pay attention to, anything you vibrate at the same frequency, yet you are picking up and pulling in information based on that thought structure. I know this is a more esoteric concept, but our thoughts are literal things. When we think certain thoughts and we think in certain thoughts, structures, which are like songs, there are many other people on the planet that think the same thing. Because we're all collect connected via this collective consciousness, we pick up on the emotions and the feelings of those people that are listening to that song. What you'll notice is that there may be higher vibe song songs that other higher vibe people may be listening to, maybe even with sacred intention, maybe something that they listened to get them into a certain state so that they can meditate. When you listen to it, you pick up on a certain frequency because it's also within the collective consciousness.

This is about understanding that we're all connected. Imagine the earth and around the earth as an electromagnetic field. Within this electromagnetic field is the accumulated thoughts and emotions and feelings of all seven-plus billion people on the planet. When we are turning to a certain frequency, whether that's a certain type of music that has a certain intention, that is certain words, the billions of other people or millions of other people on the planet that are also listening to it, we begin to tune to the frequency of everyone else as well. It connects us into that vibration. If we're listening to songs that are like, you know, maybe disrespecting a certain type of people, maybe songs that are maybe like a, like a heartbreak song for example, where there are many other people that are feeling that same way, you may find that it has a certain influence on your vibration because you're also picking up on the vibrations of everyone else that's feeling that emotion.

The work of Dr. David Hopkins ohm, the mantra itself is the sound of the universe and it calibrates that over 700 on the scale of consciousness from zero to a thousand. It's very high vibration. Many people that use that frequency, use it with the divine intention. Because of that, you connect to the energy of everyone else. That also has that divine intention. That's why that can be such a powerful intention and such a powerful sound. The first part of this is understanding that when you are thinking and feeling and putting yourself in a frequency, there are millions of other people on the planet that have done the same thing. You connect yourself to their energy fields based on that frequency you're putting yourself in.

What Bashar said about that is everything is frequency. He said that when I was asking him this question specifically, he said that when you do it, you do end up linking up to that energy field and to those frequencies. But it really only influences you if you are in a way, I guess, unconscious of it. The second weird way that music will influence your vibration is by influencing your beliefs, by influencing your beliefs. These different people all have different belief systems and based on their music and what they're saying, the definitions themselves. Well, why are your beliefs? If there are certain money, the certain beliefs about like for example, maybe like underground, some underground hip hop that talks about how the government is corrupt. Not to say that the government isn't corrupt, but what I'm saying is that that belief structure could end up building in resistance.

Maybe it's like your power's particular way from you. You got to do this, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Even though that may be inherently true, that certain power has been in a way externalized. But sometimes people can stay there a little bit too long towards then they start to develop resistance and negative beliefs about how they're not powerful because of all this resistance going on in the world.

Here are many different layers to this. There are many songs and music in general that will talk negatively about women. When you have songs that are talking negatively about women, there may be a programmed way that many guys listening to that and even girls listening to that may start to see women in a disempowered state because of the repetition of the song. I know it's kind of a weird way, but understand our beliefs create our reality and the way that we show up in our world is many times dependent on our beliefs about ourselves and the beliefs about others. The way we relate to other people. Music has a very profound impact on the words and the language that we use in our own life. What is the energy state in of the artists that you're listening to? If you're reading a book, you pick up on the frequency of the author that wrote the book.

It's you're into music, you're picking up on the energy field and the tonality and the intention of the person that you are listening to. When you're talking about how much money you have and you're putting it out there like that. Why are we that into the collective consciousness now? I think that that actually helps them. It can have an impact. That is something to pay attention to as well. Who are you listening to and do you like their energy? Some people when they get into that of, um, certain songs that they sing, they start to literally channel energy when they do that. But she high vibrational music, they're literally kind of getting out the way and they just like almost, it just comes through them and then you may listen to that and you may feel the high vibration. That's why some people I think like to watch people live like performances because of the influence that'll have. However, in the same way, I think that when I do these videos, I get into a flow state and then many people liked the energy of these videos when it's just me being in a flow state.

You see the attention and the person's energy that you are consuming the songs from will also impact you. Be aware of what that energy state is. Be aware of how they feel about themselves. Be aware of their own energy and ask yourself, do I want to bring more of that energy into my life? When someone is doing like a sacred mantra. For example, with that intention that that person has when they're doing that mantra when you didn't do that mantra, you put yourself into that high vibe frequency of the person that's doing it that has that divided attention. This is something that I think can be very powerful for hacking our own energy. You can watch this and listen to this for 21 days. This is something that I call collective manifestation. As you imagine everyone else listening to this frequency, having that kind of transformation, having a transformation there like connecting to the divine.

Becoming extraordinarily abundant and by you adding your thoughts, structure and your intention to it, it becomes this mass movement of this meditation and I recommend you listen to it for 21 days and watch the miracles that happen in your life. That's one of the most powerful things I've ever put out on YouTube. I recommend you listed for 21 days. Watch what happens and see how it can change your life. Other than that, remember music has a powerful impact on the repetition of your subconscious mind.

Music has an influence on the words that you listened to, which of the programs you with thoughts repetitiously so be aware of what that is. Be aware of the energy state. The person that is in that is delivering the information, delivering the music, and then decide, is this something that I want to resonate with? When you start to modify this by this and the high vibration from music, this is the mantras. You'll see that your life begins in a very transformative, very powerful way. The meditation below will help you to do that.

How I Harnessed My Sexual Energy to Attract Money, Love and Success (life-changing)


Think of sexual energy simply as energy and think of your energy as currency. What happens is when we give away, and we waste sexual energy, it's literally like throwing away our money. It is throwing away what is able, we could be investing and other things, and it is thrown away, making us much less powerful than we would be if we actually used it for a powerful benefit.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be sharing with you exactly how you can harness your sexual energy and exactly how to do that using a process called sexual transmutation. I know it sounds kind of weird at first of the word sexual transmutation. I remember when I first learned about this, I was working in a sales commission job selling woman's shoes at Nordstrom's. I was learning about the law of attraction. Every day I went in, I started at zero, and as I was selling shoes and doing stuff, then I would make money for the day. Every single day I went in, I was able to see what worked, what didn't work, what kind of energy state was optimal, what kind of goals having was a, was powerful for getting a certain type of result, what kind of contagious energy I could have. There was a game-changer that happened when I learned and read the chapter in a book called think and grow rich, which is one of the most popular personal development books of all time.

Any people that are millionaires have said that. That was the book that changed it all for them, including a Bob Proctor who walks around with a book everywhere he goes. Basically, what it talked about is that our sexual energy, when harnessed and put towards a definite chief aim or desire or intention, is very powerful for the attainment of that vision of that coming to fruition. It is something that then I became aware of. There's this chapter on sexual transmutation. He thought I was messing with him or something. He's like, dude, what are you talking about? Cause that that word transmutation sounds weird. Transmutation simply means the changing of form. We're changing the sexual energy in our bodies. What we do is we have a desire. What many people do is waste that energy.

There are people that will masturbate and let go of that energy, that creative energy, so powerful. It could literally create a baby. It is a creative energy that is wasted. What if that energy could actually create your dream life? What if that energy could create a unique way of thinking and an increased intuition and allow you to have more potency behind your thoughts. This just doesn't work for only guys, by the way. This works for a woman as well. Also, I started using this back in 2013. What I noticed happened is my energy levels went up. You know, you guys see me in these videos. Let me tell you something. Not saying this to be a square or anything, but I don't drink alcohol. Oh no, I don't. I do not smoke weed. No, I don't give that up in 2012, and I do not drink caffeine. Not because I'm better than you. I just don't. I have a lot of energy. I believe that my sexual energy, which I do not to waste.

It's not something that I'm compulsively letting go of. I also realize that that energy I use, and it makes me more contagious, allows me to have more energy to where I don't need caffeine or any of that other stuff. It has a lot to do with is what made me successful in my life. Some people will ask me to say, Aaron, how do you make daily videos on YouTube? How have you done it for three years? It's not always the first thing in my mind where I'm like, Hey, have you ever heard of not masturbating? It's normally not the icebreaker. It wouldn't be a good icebreaker, though. But that's honestly, that has had such a powerful effect on my own life. Let me read to you. You might be like, well, this sounds pretty cool. What's this book you talk about?

Think and grow rich. Can you explain a little bit more? Yes, I can. Here's one of the quotes it says in Napoleon Hill's book, in that chapter called sexual transmutation, it says, "when driven by this desire, men and women." It was written back in the 1930s, and sometimes they forgot to put that develop keenness of imagination, courage, willpower, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times. Here's some of the benefits. You have a stronger intuition too turned on by whatever you are working on or thinking about. You literally developed a magnetism towards what you want to experience, and that's because there's pure desire there. I'm going to talk a little bit in this blog as well as how to transmute that desire because you've heard me talk about desire before and desire is not powerful unless translated into the intention.

If I say I really want something, I really want that over there. I want that over there. I want that over there. That's a feeling of lack, but if I transmute that desire into intention, that is where the power is. It's in the transmutation of it. I'm going to share that that in a minute. The third thing, more sensitive to stimuli for a thing, exuberant and expressive, fifth thing more energized and inspired and six things more driven to take action. These are all benefits that happen when we begin to cultivate our own sexual energy. I see a lot of people that say I just don't have the energy, and they feel like they are kind of in a lull or they feel stuck. A lot of times, it could be because of the creative energy creative. You start using different aspects of your brain because you have a new way of expressing yourself. It's something that will help you solve problems in your life in a completely new way as well. This is something that I applied in my own life.

I've honestly been applying this before I even knew about sexual transmutation. Let me explain it to you. I'm not going to go too detailed because this is a little bit getting a little bit deeper, I guess, in certain ways, but, in a little vulnerable but okay. Between the ages of zero to 18 years old, I never in my own life actually masturbated. I know that sounds pretty crazy because I normally think once you turn like 13 or 14, you just start going crazy. But I never did. I don't know why. I just couldn't. I look back at my life now, and I can see some of my past between seven and 15 years old, I had no freedom whatsoever. When I was going through puberty, I was completely controlled. My brother and I many times were locked outside doing yard work. We weren't allowed to have friends, weren't allowed to watch TV.

We had to sneak food a lot of times just to get enough to eat. I say that just so you kind of see the premise here, it's like, that's probably why I w I didn't have time necessarily. My brother and I also shared a room. We lived on a certain part of the house that was being remodeled. There's this, I guess there's this no opportunity for it. I never came up and then I just became 15, 16 years old. Then 18 comes around, and it happened. I was like, Oh, this is like a whole new world. But even then, it was something I've always kind of somewhat been aware of in some weird way because I've always kind of valued that sexual expression or that sexual energy in a way. I share more.

By the way, if you want to know more about this topic, I did a podcast episode. I have a podcast that I do every Tuesday and Friday. I get a lot of messages from people that say they love the podcast. It's called the expand your awareness 2.0 podcast. It is on iTunes and Spotify on LinkedIn in the description below. Also, there's a video on a new Aaron Doughty 2.0 YouTube channel where I go deep on this idea and share more of my story with it and how I apply it in my life. Sexual energy is the most potent energy we have. When we're not wasting it, we're then able to put it more into our desires, our goals, our vision, or whatever it is. Think about it. Your thoughts didn't have more potency. What you're thinking about then has more power behind it because you have more energy and energy, and sexual energy is energy. It's more of even pure energy.

Action or intention. The intention is a declaration of some outcome you want to experience in your life, so its action or intention is also action. This is where a lot of people kind of get confused with this. They think that intention is only a thought. Intention is a thought plus an action. Intention is also action. If I set the intention right now, if I had the desire to put my hand up that only has so much power, it doesn't mean I'm going to put my hand up and say, Oh, I have a desire, but if I intend to do it, then I just naturally put it up. It's a declaration. I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it. The important part of this process and exactly how to do this is you need some form of creative expression to use this sexual energy that you're going to have could be a business idea you have.

It could be some type of art you create. It could be some type of video you make. It could be anything but you some vehicle for expressing this sexual energy. That's what I would highly recommend is finding out what that is. You don't know what that is yet. That's fine. Set the intention to figure out what it could be. It's expressing these ideas, really big head gestures, and my facial expressions. This is me expressing that, and obviously, it's got me to a certain point because as you see the YouTube channel, it's grown, and the message resonates with people, and that's me expressing that energy in a very pure way. The important part of this though, is understanding that what you do is you convert that sexual energy which will then be the desire and you convert that desire into intention and intention means you declare something, you want to create your life, you have a vision for it.

You become clear as to that vision, and you start to work towards it and to express yourself along the way. It's exactly what I did on YouTube. I started making daily videos on YouTube. I was expressing, I am expressing myself still to this day, and that energy is then having a channel. You want to give that energy a channel. If you want to learn exactly how to use this process, I talk more about it in that podcast episode below. However, basically what you do is you do something called a Kegel. Kegel sounds kind of like a funny idea, but a Kegel is like when you're going to the bathroom, and you stop the flow. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

The more you can, the more you strengthen that muscle. What you could do is learn to squeeze that, and then move the energy up the spine, move the energy up to your heart, and up to your head. What you'll find is that you then move the energy. Then you can apply that, and that helps you become more creative. You can apply that towards the vision you have, and once you want to experience in your life, and the important part of it has some form of expression for it. That's what I highly recommend is having some type of expression for that. That will really help you.

“I’m not worthy” This Belief will keep you Poor and Single (here’s how to break free)


The most common limiting belief there is that I am not enough. This is the one belief that keeps us single. It's the one belief that keeps us not becoming wealthy. In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to know you are worthy so that your life on the outside begins to change.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you this one belief that I found is the most common limiting belief that people have. I have shared a lot of videos on YouTube about understanding how our beliefs create our reality. If we change our beliefs, we change our life. The outer reality is a reflection of what we believe to be another word for belief. By the way, his story, the story that we tell ourselves, and we may tell ourselves or have a subconscious story that says, I'm not enough.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I don't feel worthy. I'm not worthy. When we believe that story when we buy into it, people didn't treat us according to what we are projecting out. I'm not enough. Then somebody else will look at you, and they'll compare you. They may feel that off of you and then somehow communicate to you. Yeah, you're not enough, and maybe a girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you. Or maybe you find that you can never really become abundant because of that. Well, that has to do with an underlying story. Here's what I want to really emphasize. It's a story. A story is something you can change. It's like you're watching some type of movie and there's some type of story on there. If the screenwriters went in and changed that story, a completely big different story.

The thing is many times, we believed we were given a script, and something happened in the past many times that we think was set. It's just the way reality is. It's who I am. Because of that script, that's become our reality from that point going forward because we believed it, and we thought that it was unchangeable. When we start to realize that first off, it's just a story, we can begin to let go of it more and more, and we become free to then be the way we want to be in our own story that we call of life. I'm actually going to do something I've never done before, and I'm going to explain it using a prop. Let me go get that prop. Or actually, I'll take you with me. All right, told you guys, I'm doing something I've never done before, but I'm going to show you how this table is the belief system that is holding up the belief, I'm not worthy, and I'm going to use that. This is a metaphor, but nonetheless, I'm going to show you how to break it down, break down that belief system. The same way that we made a built it up over time; I'm going to show you exactly how to change that. Now I've got to do figure out a way to set this up so it looks and you could see what I'm doing.

Well, it looks like I got the setup. This will do for now. I want to share with you that this table right here, this table is an analogy for our, and many of us may have the belief and the most common limiting belief that I've seen, by the way, is the belief that I am not enough. Hopefully, you can kind of see that I didn't realize that this table, eh, in case it, maybe I get a different marker. Then kind of see right here it says, I am not enough. There's a little bit of a glare, but you see, I am not enough. This is the belief that it is on the tabletop. In order for this tabletop, this belief system to be in place, what it needs is it needs these legs on the side. What happens is there were certain points in our past to call, like past reference experience where something happened, and when something happened, we gave it a meaning.

That meaning that core experience is what is a lane that folds up, this whole entire belief that says I'm not enough. I'll use my own life as an example, and I'll try to use a new example because I know I always share a lot of the same ones. Just because I've made daily videos for like three years in a row and it's only come up with so many different stories, you know what I mean? For example, one thing, so worthy, am I enough? I know one thing that my dad's a firefighter, and he still is a fire investigator. When I was growing up for a certain period of time, he eventually loosened up. But for a certain period of time, my brother and we had to tuck in our shirts and comb back our hair.

I guess it was the idea because when you're a firefighter, there's a certain level of, I think we're pride that comes with that. We were a reflection of him. We had to tuck in our shirts; we had to call Mar hair back. At that moment, you know, I was young, I was probably like eight years old when that started, or seven or six years old. I remember I wanted to express myself, but I couldn't. That meaning could have been; I had to tuck in my shirt and come back to my hair and look a certain way in order for me to be worthy. You see, not all of these situations as well have to be some mind-blowing thing. It could have been something like it could have been, it can be something small too. The meaning we gave these in the past is the meaning that then holds up these different belief systems. The key to it is becoming aware of what these core experiences are. What are the things that are holding up this belief, and the way you do this is you just ask yourself the question, what were times in my past when this was a feeling that I felt when I really felt unworthy? What is the time in my past with my dad or my mom treated me a certain way?

Or you know, even friends or family, when maybe you felt rejected. There were times I remember in school, I kind of felt like a weirdo, I guess because I didn't have freedom between the ages of seven to 15. In that time period, I wasn't allowed to have friends hang out with friends and stuff like that. I kind of felt like I wasn't as socially aware, I guess you could say. I think that the belief of worthiness has to do with also the approval that we get from other people. Maybe you could think of a core experience when you seek approval and maybe didn't get it, but in general, what did you want to do is you want to become aware of what that belief is, and you want to find you reference experiences that hold up that belief and realize that these reference experiences that hold up of the belief are what's keeping it on autopilot.

There’s one other belief that I totally forgot about when I was like a younger, I had really bad acne. My dad had it as well, and I remember that it was a, it was pretty bad. Do you know what they say? This just came to me as well. They say that in the book called; You can heal your life, whatever. By Louise Hay, it says that acne gives meaning to these different things that manifest in our body, and it shows the belief that corresponds with it. With acne, it means that we don't love ourselves when you have really bad acne. It's like a sign for us to start loving ourselves more. When I was a kid, I had really bad acne. I don't think I loved myself at all. My dad had it also growing up, but that was something else I was very embarrassed about. There was definitely something in my life as well that would also be affirmed that belief. Hey, I'm not worthy. I'm not enough. What happens is these beliefs are held into place because we have given it the meaning in the past, and we have it in a way completed the past, yet we haven't let it be there and maybe even reframed it. That's kind of a cool analogy too, to give it like reframing. Like when you reframe something, it's like a, you know, the reframing a meaning of the past. If it's like, Oh, you know, my dad used to tell my brother and that we had to tuck in our shirts and comb our hair in order for, you know, for us to be accepted.

Or that was the belief, at least I gave it and when I was young, instead of seeing it like that, if I already reframe the meaning of it and realize that, you know, maybe my dad just a, I could not necessarily always rationalize it and justify it, but just be aware that maybe that led to me becoming a little bit more rebellious and maybe breaking out of my own belief systems in a way, kind of seeing the positive that came out of it. You know, when I looked at my ex stepmom and the craziness that, you know, the no control that my brother and I had between seven and 15 years old, that led to my spiritual awakening when I looked at that. It changed everything, all that emotion from the past, all that baggage. It's like I was carrying this around everywhere I went going, I'm not enough.

I'm not enough thinking I wasn't. Then it was really uncomfortable. Because everywhere I'd go, I'd have to carry around this belief system that is metaphorical for this tabletop that says I'm not enough with the little reference experiences of on the side. Like I had to tuck in my shirt, I had bad acne. These are all things you'd become aware of when you start to inquire within yourself. You start to become aware of your story. What is your story? It says I'm not worthy. Well, how do you know that? What are things that happened in the past that showed you you're not worthy? Then what you can begin to do is begin to reframe it and think of reframing. It's like literally reframing this table, taking off these beliefs that don't serve. When we take off these beliefs, guess what? The table can't hold itself up. It's just going to completely crash down. It's not going to be able to hold itself up on two limbs. It's just going to fall over. That's the key to this process. When we say I'm not enough, realize that when we go into the world, and we want to attract more money, we want to attract a relationship.

We have this tabletop we're carrying around. It's going to be very hard to get into certain restaurants because you're not allowed to have tabletops, and certain restaurants will be very hard for you to bring that tabletop into certain banks so that you can cash out that money. Do you guys want to know what the key to this is? Breaking it down and the way I'm going to show you exactly how to break it down. The key is questioning and inquiring about why these different beliefs are here. I'm going to show you from a different cam camera angle. Here we go. Here's what you want to do. You are a reframer. A reframer is somebody that can look at a new meaning and give a new meaning to our past experience. You're going to be tearing down the belief I am not enough. One way that you reframe this is you start to see it from a new point of view. You let it be there, and you see that at a certain point, you made that choice in the past.

A lot of this is too; we have to understand that we gave it that meaning, even though yes, many other people can maybe agree that all that you know, control that you had when you were growing up, that wasn't preferable. That wasn't cool. It's not that we're saying it's cool, it's that we're becoming aware that we generated that meaning because when the meaning goes unchecked when the meaning is on autopilot, it continues to create it over and over again. I thought I wasn't worthy enough. I thought that people were judging me when they were seeing me and were able to look at that and first off, do something called complete the past with if you haven't seen before, I have a whole video that's on completing the past with a meditation that helps you to go back into these past experiences and then release them. When you do that, that then clears out that energy pattern. The idea is that within our energetic field, something happened in the past. When something happened, it caused this joy in our energetic field and chill. We go back, and we let it be okay. That was there. We, in a way, also look at that past version of me of when I was like 11 1213 years old, probably 13 years old going through that bad acne, send that version of me.

Love. See that? That actually may be built into becoming more mentally strong. As I started to look at it, guess what? I started to reframe it out. Okay? So that's all. That's all I did for now. But you see, you need to reframe it a little bit. A little bit more energy. Okay? Okay. Okay, there we go. I'm going to have to clean that up, but guess what? We're getting the point across, right? Okay, this says that I'm not worthy. I actually look at that and see how that got me to a place of going more within myself. I can see that I could give it a new meaning in a way because I do believe that that kind of in a way led me to my spiritual awakening. Years later, even after my dad divorced her when I was 15 years old, the stepmom in my life. I went through a spiritual awakening, became aware of a lot of things. At the moment, I changed the meaning of the past, the meaning that said, Oh, all of this happens. It means I'm not worthy. I could then see also, here's someone else that helps see it from their point of view.

My ex stepmom was probably treated the same way by her dad. That's what I found out. Stuff like that happened to her. That was she just playing out these dramas playing out these patterns, and in a way when I became aware of that doesn't mean it made it right, but it did help. It did help me understand it a little bit more, and sometimes when you understand it, that helps a lot. Then when I changed that meaning and I stopped giving you that negative pass that I was giving it, guess what ended up happening? Guess what ended up happening. I reframed it. Okay, now look, now we got to, let's see how this stance, okay, I'm going to take this out real quick. Let me figure this out. Okay, so here we go. Let's look at this. Okay, let's just put it down here for a sec. Okay, here we go. Let's see what happens. How does that still stand? I'd be, I kind of my blood right now when we look at, I am not enough.

This belief system that says I am not enough. I thought that for sure. If you let go of two legs, it would like to go. Okay. Obviously, that's not the case. What do we get to do? It's like we've got this personality or self, we're like Bob, the belter pot and then Bob the destroyer. Okay, we're going to destroy it. We got one more belief that we have to destroy. I'm not like, Oh if I don't tuck in my shirt and call my hair back, my dad doesn't love me. Now, that I'm older, I can look at that and see that. It doesn't have the same emotional charge that it used to. I can see at a certain point in my past, I thought that that led to me not being enough. The key is not about getting a new tabletop that says I am enough. It's about just destroying that belief that says I'm not enough. Because when you realize, when you just, when you let go of that belief, you just aren't enough. That's the thing. That's the way that it works.

Maybe the first thing I could do is maybe I could try to drown it. Do you guys think you think I could round the table? Let's try that. This is my cold plunge right here. Maybe I'll just round it. Is that a good idea? Do you want to be drowned? Do you want to be drowned? No, I don't think it does. I don't think, honestly, that would do anything. I have to clean out the water, so I'm not going to do that. I'm not sure exactly when this is going to work. I'm not sure the neighbors are going to like me doing this, but let's say I am not yet enough, and we just throw it down, and there we go. I don't know if you could see it, but pretty sure we just destroyed the tabletop that said I'm not enough, and what do we have to do?

We had to tear down; we had to tear down each of the different lakes. I got a little bit messy. That's a part of this process, but as we tear apart each of these different lakes, we then tear apart that belief system, and as we tear it apart, that belief system, we then become aware that, Hey, I am enough. That's what happens when we go through this process. The belief I am not enough. We're leaking to every area of our life. The key to this is tearing it apart by becoming aware of those three or four reference experiences, reframing them, seeing them from a new point of view, and completing the past. If you haven't seen yet, there's a video I have on completing the past where you, it shows you how to complete the past. You no longer have to repeat the past, plus it'll help you to feel 100% whole and complete.

The Most Powerful Meditation for Turning Fear into Power and Strengthening the Immune System


Make yourself comfortable either by sitting down or laying on your back. You are about to go deep into your subconscious mind. Begin by bringing the awareness inside and feel the sensation in your hands. Feel the sensation in your feet now. Bring your awareness to your head and feel the energy behind your eyelids. Begin to loosen up. Relax. Feel any tension in your forehead. Melt away. Loosen up brain the awareness into your job. Feeling your job loosen up, relax. You can let go and allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into relaxation. Bring the awareness into your neck.

Feel your neck. Begin to relax. The more you hear my voice, the more relaxed you feel. Bring the awareness now to your left arm, your left hand. Feel it loose enough. Your right arm and your right hand. Feel it loosen up and relax. Bring the sensation now into your chest and feel your chest. Begin to loosen up more and more. Bring the sensation into your heart and feel your heart begin to tingle. As you put the awareness there, bring the awareness in your abdomen, your stomach. Feel it loosen up, relax, melt away. Any tension. Bring the awareness into your left leg, your left foot. Feel it. Loosen up more and more.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Imagine that any excess energy in your body, any energy you want to let go of. Imagine it leaving through the heels of your feet. Let it go when it allows it to leave your body. Imagine that you all right, a very comfortable place. Place can be indoors or outdoors. It's a place you go. Anytime you want to feel comfortable, any place you want to go in your mind. Imagine it. This is a place you can go anytime you want to do deep inner work. Notice what you see. Notice what you hear, what sounds are around hell. Imagine that about 15 feet away there is a door. This door takes you deep into your subconscious mind and this door has a certain look to it. Very comfortable. Look, that feels all too familiar. Walk to this door. Take a step, take another step, and get closer and closer.

You are at the front of this door and go ahead and put your hand on this door. Turn it and open up the door and notice that as you open it up, you see a staircase stat goes down, and you know now you are going to go deep into your subconscious mind. Take a step and notice that with every step you take, you feel more and more relaxed. You can feel yourself loose, and you know that you are about to make power for change in your life. Take another step, and I'm going to count down with every number I count down. You will feel yourself relax more and more, and by the time you get to the bottom of the staircase, you feel this loving vibration you will feel comfortable and relaxed. 10 take another step now. Nine, feeling yourself loosen up more and more. Eight, feeling yourself sink more into this deep relaxation. Seven - feeling another step now six, doubling the amount of relaxation in your body with every number I count.

Five getting towards the bottom of the staircase now for three, doubling the amount of sensation of relaxation your body to almost towards the end of this staircase now and one now you are at the bottom of this staircase, and you notice that there to greet you is well you call your higher self. Your higher self has unconditional love for you. Your higher self is here to guide you and help you to release emotion that's not serving you, and your higher self is a part of you. Your higher self has a message for you. What is that message now? Think your higher self or whatever messages are coming forth and now your higher self lets you know that you are about to transmute all fear in your body and you are about to increase the amount of love that you feel you are about to increase the strength of your immunity and feel your body with light and love energy.

Your higher self explains that all fear is his fear is a safety mechanism within the body. Fear is a response that has been programmed to help people survive. However, fear is something that has become much out of balance. Fear has become much more emphasized than is needed and fear is not needed, nor is it helpful at this stage. Your higher self explains that there is a crystal in bed close by, that when you lay in will transmute energy inside of your body, allowing you to release all the fear, let it go so it no longer has power inside of you. Knowing that that fear can then be replaced with love on the count of five to one. You will be at the front of this crystal in bed, this healing bed, five, four getting closer to the front of this bed, three, two, and one. You are at the front of this crystal in bed.

Notice what it looks like. Notice how there is a comfortable feeling as if you have been here before and notice that there is this feeling in your body where you know that this is going to change your life in a very, very positive way. Go ahead and climb into this Crystalyn bed and notice how comfortable it feels. Lay back and relax. Your higher self lets you know that you are 100% safe, and you can just let go and relax. Notice that there is a dial on the right of where you are laying in. This dial controls the energy, this crystal Lynn healing bed. Now go ahead and put your hand on this dial and notice that this dial goes from one to 10 and that 10 is going to be the max amount of love and healing frequency possible, and what is going to happen is as the dial goes up, you feel an increase of this energy and that as more and more love and fuses your body, there will be light. That also comes out of this machine that he wills any low frequency.

Any of the fear within your body is released, and your immunity and your immunity is increased tenfold. You will feel stronger than ever. That's what this will do. Go ahead and put your hand on this dial and every number I count up. You feeling increase. I have this love frequency in your body. Now one, you can feel the machine. You can see the light frequencies around you begin to increase, doubling the amount of sensation in your body, feeling more and more of the fear release out of the heels of your feet. You can feel this fear load on you. Now three, increasing the amount of love and you can feel with every number I count this increase of tingling sensation in your body. Feel wherever this sensation in your body goes, the healing taking place. Five, dabbling the amount of sensation in your body.

Now feeling more and more of this love flow through six, knowing that you are increasing the immunity in your body. You are increasing the love frequency. Seven, feeling the sensation through your body now. Eight, dabbling with every number. I count a feeling this love flow more and more. Nine feeling it now as it continues to increase in your body. And 10, allow this love frequency to flow through your body. You are love. You are safe. The cells are now being rejuvenated in your body. Imagine this light frequency infuse every cell of your body, knowing that from this point going forward, you are healthy. You have a very strong immune system. Your body is working with you to keep you safe. Realize your higher self has a message to you about fear. What is that message?

Realize from this point going forward, you are able to observe from a neutral place what is happening on the outside. Realize that when you observe, you're not in fear. You can observe from a place of awareness. Fear is a choice. Fear comes from a negative definition of the situation. Fear is not something you need to choose, and because you know, you don't need to choose fear, you can now choose love. Love is who you really are. Love is what keeps you in a strong immune system. From this point going forward, your immune system will be more powerful than ever before, right? There's an excess sum of amount of love inside of your body, which is who you really are. You can send this love energy from your heart to anyone. What else in the world?

You can send it to people that may need it. Imagine this energy. There's an infinite amount of it inside of you. You have plenty to give away. Send his love energy all around the planet to anyone who may need it. You can also send it to someone specific in your life. Thank you for sending your love. Go ahead, and you can get out of the crystal chamber, the crystal healing bed, and notice now your higher self-smiling at you knowing you've done such amazing work. Go ahead and walk towards the staircase. Begin to walk up now. Every step you take up knowing that you are confident, feeling great, feeling love. You know you can choose love. You've transmuted all of that fear in your body until love. You feel powerful, and you are able to remain strong in this emotion.

No matter what is happening on the outside. Take a step 10 with every step you take, feeling yourself become more alert, more present to the moment. Nine. Every step you take, bringing awareness back into your body. Eight, seven, six, put the sensation in your feet and your hands. Five for bringing the awareness now more into your body. Three, feeling relaxed and alert to one, and you can open up your eyes. Knowing that you have just transmuted all of the fear in your body and that from this point going forward, you are remaining in this love frequency. From this point going forward. Your immune system is strong, and you are safe.

5D Habits that will Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY in 2020


Fifth-dimensional vibration is something that is available right now for us to tap into, and the thing is most of the habits we have to keep us in what is called 3D level of consciousness. 3D is a polarity reaction. It's lower vibrational emotion, and when we shift and develop these five habits, it allows us to then be in that vibration and make that shift in consciousness to being who we're really meant to be and living an empowered life. In this blog, I'm going to share with you exactly what those are.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you fifth-dimensional habits, habits that you can begin to tap into literally create heaven on earth from the perspective of your level of consciousness. That's why they say; you may have heard that saying before, we don't see the world as it is. We see the world as we are because if we are reacting to the moment if we're in negativity, that will be our reality. Maybe you've had that happen where you have like a negative thing that happens in the morning, then you go out, and the whole day are a reflection of that. Well, it has to do with our vibration. Vibration sounds like an esoteric term. However, vibration is what quantum physics is showing us.

Everything is a different rate of vibration. When we talk about 3D versus 5D levels of consciousness, understand that right now on the planet, there is this splitting of vibration that is happening. This splitting of vibration that's happening has to do with us choosing our vibration in relation to other people. I remember when I went through my awakening in 2012, there were a lot of people that believed that this shift in consciousness was going to be some like physical Ascension thing. In a way, our body does come with this, and when we've talked about 5D but people believe that it was more of like we were going to be here and then not be here at all. The real way that 5D works for the fifth dimension are overlaying the fourth dimension, overlaying the third dimension. It's kind of like Russian dolls in a way.

Right now, if we're in 5D, we can perceive a 5D world around us and are in a way it's like lenses. Imagine we're wearing these lenses, and that's the lens through which we see the world. If we're, we're in 3D goggles, we're going to experience 3D things. 3D is polarity. It's good, it's bad, it's light, it's dark, it's this opposite, and when we react to it, we get caught up in it. I'm going to share this chart with you right now, and I never really shared it exactly like this before. It's going to help you understand this in a much easier way. First off, that's what a third dimension is. Its reaction has been a lot of control on the planet for many years. The perception of time, maybe you felt that maybe you felt recently like time just flies by. I know for me, the time has just felt like it goes by incredibly fast, and reality becomes much more like a dream.

Right now, I believe that that's happening for a lot of people on the planet. Then we have something called the fifth dimension, fifth dimensional. The state of consciousness is where we understand unity. The connection between all things is where we start to feel connected to our hearts. We start to go more on vibration than we do on anything else. It's more about energy and the purity of the energy. This is literally where we create heaven on earth. Here's the thing, there's a splitting happening right now. This splitting is there some people that are reacting to the news, and it keeps them in the third dimension. There are some people that are then taking their power back coming in where they create their own reality, and they can change it based on changing their thoughts. Then there's also 5D where we understand that everything's a reflection.

When things happen, we more so are able to remain calm and be compassionate, and we're able to then realize that our vibration continues to raise and understand the more you raise your vibration, the more things manifest easier than ever. The more ease, the more flow, the more enjoyment there is as time goes on. I can tell that my vibration has continued to rise, and I think all it is for you guys as well watching this. But this last couple of years for me, it's definitely gone from one to the next to the next. I believe that that's what's happening on the planet right now. We came here to be a part of this right now. We have that of shame, fear, guilt, anger. These are different rates of vibration. You'll see enlightenment at the top. This is where, you know, in the book, autobiography I GFI of the yoga that I share where some of the enlightened gurus in that book from Paramahansa Yogananda that he came into contact with could do things that we literally are considered magic.

We would consider it magic. It's because they were enlightened, and they realize that life is a dream because of that. And because their vibration is so high, they could do things we consider to be magical. And then you see this. I'm not talking about that, though, getting to that level because I have not attained the level of enlightenment. Therefore, I do not really have advice to actually get there. I know some of the principles that may work, but I haven't actually achieved that. Which isn't something you achieve by the way. That's the ego. But anyway, so we have all of these now think of it like this on the scale of consciousness that you may be familiar with from here to here. All the lower vibrations up to neutrality are the third dimension. They're a dimensional state of consciousness. Think of that as polarity. Good verse, bad reaction.

When something happened in the past, something may have happened, and that may have triggered a certain vibration inside of us. What happens is as we complete the past, we no longer have to repeat it. And that that observation of neutrality, when I learned how to observe my thoughts, it was such a powerful place that I ended up being in. As I observe my thoughts, I no longer reacted to him. I was no longer in the polarity. Then you got 4D and 5D. This is where we become aware that we create our own reality. Things are vibration. Reality becomes more dreamlike, and then the reasoning like where we start to realize the meanings that we give things and how that creates our reality. A lot of the content I teach in my YouTube channel is right in between here, and then we have that of love, joy, peace, and enlightenment to get into the fifth dimension of love and above.

What we must do is we must drop all reasoning and just do things and be for the sake of being not doing things to get somewhere else. This is 5D; this is 40, this is 3D from the level of consciousness point of view, I will say that when you're in 5D things manifest easier than ever because you have a higher vibration. It's a very powerful state of being in. The key to this is aware of that and how we relate to it. The first fifth-dimensional habit that I would say is probably one of the most important is understanding that of the power of moving up. That vibrational scale is really about understanding your purpose in life and going for your passion. I know that sounds cliché to say follow your passion, but the one habit that I do every single day I'm making a video right now is I normally create content every single day. It's what I'm actually passionate about.

This has kept me in high vibration and think about it like this. The more you do any one thing, the more than that begins to change over time because the repetition changes the subconscious mind. It changes us at our core energy, and when we do something consistently, it changes the identity. As I was making daily videos every single day, doing what I'm passionate about, my whole reality changed because after a day or two may not have seemed like much of a difference. I may have gone for a week, then two weeks in, three weeks of making a video every single day, which your version of that could be something else, maybe painting every day, but you don't have to paint a whole picture of it.

I just paint a little bit each day. Being in that vibration will raise your vibration more than anything else. I learned a lot of this from Bashar if you've ever heard of Bashar. It has to do with understanding our vibration in correlation with our state and how we're showing up in the world. And we simply follow our excitement that raises our vibration more than anything else. I will say that my reality has totally changed. I was working that nine to five job, went to work every day. I decided to make videos every day. That was my passion. Within just a couple of months, I was able to completely get rid of my old nine to five job. That's the power of doing your passion. When you do your passion, you're doing what you love. Like this right here. When you're doing what you love because it's who you are as well. Understand what I'm doing, what I love. I'm doing my passion because it's who I am.

I love creating content. If I was creating and doing something for reasoning, which means I have reasons for I'm doing making YouTube videos because it will get me more money. That's more in 4D, it has reasoning. When you're in 5D you're doing it because it's who you are. You're doing it because you enjoy it. You're doing something. You do it because you enjoy it. Not because you need to do something else or, it'll get you somewhere else that you're not already, which is kind of like escaping as well. That's the first one doing your passion every single day. The second one, I would say, understands the energy of the 5D. Fifth-dimensional energy is all about energy and how it feels. Is it a light vibration? Are you in flow? I was working out with my buddy Victor and my other friend Justin the other day, and we were at the gym, and Justin's this guy that's extremely in shape.

He was like a professional bodybuilder, and he was training Victor and me and showing us some really cool things, and you just know so much about how to work out, and he noticed a certain pattern in me. I've been working out for years. However, when I work out, a lot of times, what I do is I have a mental number in my mind that I need to know, that I need to do. For example, it's like, okay, we're going to do this chest workout. How many like am I going to, am I going to do ten reps and three sets of that I need? I normally want to know that before I get into it. What I learned from him, and this is just a metaphor. I was always focused on the numbers, so let's say I was going up in weight to a weight that was more challenging for me. I do anything I could to get that ten reps if that was the goal in my mind.

However, the thing he kept telling me to do as he says, don't focus on the number. Focus on how it feels. Because if I sacrifice from, then it has a negative effect on my body. The fifth dimension is all about efficiency. It's about efficiency and how it feels. That's a powerful metaphor that I always remember because I do that in many areas of my life. What does it take to get to the next level? Well, what if the next level it's I miserable trying to get there. What if it's just a mental idea in mind versus me going about how it feels and doing it because I enjoy doing it. Something, this new energy, it's all about how does it feel? Am I playing according to an old definition? I believe the way I used to work out was like an old way of doing things. Another thing I learned as well that can also be applied to this whole process of fifth-dimensional habits is becoming more present to the moment.

I sometimes realized when I'm working out as well, I'm thinking about the next set, I'm thinking about something else. When I'm doing that, the energy isn't completely on my form, which I never realized how sloppy some of my forms work because I'm always focused on getting to the next level, then increasing the weight. That would be the third thing is becoming aware of being present and doing things for an end of itself. When you do that, you'll find that then it's, it's much more magic—the magic of the fifth dimension. I remember even when I had that nine to five job that I wanted to escape, I wanted to be full time on YouTube. Something that happened is I was going into work for the last month or two. I was there, and I'm like, why am I here? It's so slow. I sold women's shoes, and it was, you know, sales, you know, the business was kind of dying because not that many people were buying shoes anymore.

Most people are buying online, and this is like 2017 before I quit. And I was like, what? I shouldn't be here. I should be making videos. The more I would resist and think that I needed to leave rather than just being present while I was there. The more I wouldn't have that great of days and then what I would resist and not enjoy it. The more I would say yes to the present moment, which is a common thing in the fifth dimension, saying yes to the present moment. When you say yes to the present moment, you integrate, and you bring on more powerful energy. That's something that I highly recommend to become aware of is what you can say yes to? Maybe you're working a nine to five job that you're not passionate about, but understand that that nine to five job, you're still choosing to go there.

You're still choosing to believe that you need to have the job in order to pay the bills, which you say maybe that's true. I do need that, but we limit ourselves with our own belief system, sometimes not knowing that maybe there's a better job out there for you or if you put your energy in your passion, maybe that can become your full time or something like that. That's something else to become aware of. The fourth thing that I want to talk about is that kind of half to talk about this one. It's observing the thoughts, as you can see. I'll show you right here on that scale. As you see right here on the scale of consciousness, you see that of neutrality as the bridge between three to 4D is where you learn how to observe your thoughts. It's the polarity good and bad. When I was having the pain of my past, when I was angry at my ex stepmom, when I was feeling all these negative emotions about my past, because I didn't really have much of a childhood and I was like 21 years old when I was going through this, I felt a lot of negative emotion.

The trigger was when I learned how to observe my thoughts, neutrality, that's where you disengage the 3d. If you were to watch the news, a lot of times it will try to pull you into anger, fear and shame and guilt and all these lower vibrations. It keeps you in 3D the more you, anything you would pay attention to you become. If you learn how to observe, then guess what? You then begin to de neutralize that they're dimensional energy. It stops pulling you back into that vibration, but you have to learn how to observe those thoughts rather than react. Observe even the definitions you give yourself. I know that I used to give myself certain definitions like I have ADHD, I can't focus. I have too much energy or these are definitions that I had that I realized was I decided at a point in my past that something happened and that that's who I was. I identified with my thoughts.

Neutrality allows you to separate that engagement with the identity, and when you do that, you think to create space, and that's the bridge and do fourth and fifth-dimensional state of consciousness. Think of it in a way as well. Think of the bridge. Think of the bridge from 3D to 5D as being aware. The more aware you become, the more aware you become. That reality is, but a dream reality is, but a dream, and the more you realize reality is a dream, the more dreamlike it becomes. I'll tell you that right now. My reality has become very dreamlike. I'm in Sedona, Arizona, right now with my best friend. We're chilling. We're having a good time. After this, I'm going back to Vegas. I go back home, and I'm excited to go back home. It's like a constant fun vibration, and it's because I've created that freedom in my life.

I used to feel stuck. I used to feel while I was trapped in my own belief system. I started to challenge that. I started to become aware of that, and then I started to live life on my terms, which is a fourth-dimensional state of consciousness is creating your own reality, becoming aware of the blueprint that you have as to reality, but 5D, that's where you start to trust the universe more as well. The fifth-dimensional habit. Fourth is the meditation, observing, neutralizing, third-dimensional energy. The fifth-dimensional habit that's very important is trusting the universe. This is a theme in my life right now that I'm learning more so than ever before. I'm getting ready to step and jump from this. Being on YouTube, making daily videos, I will probably bring the videos down to maybe five times a week instead of seven times a week, and I will start putting my energy and doing live events.

That's what I'm doing right now. I'm going to have my first event in February or March of this year. This is the analogy of understanding 5D. It understands that you have to break out of the old system, the old way of going about things. One thing I recommend doing this is to be spontaneous, is to be spontaneous, and to do things you've never done before. Because when you think the same thoughts every day, feel the same emotions every day and do the same things every day. You get the same results over and over and over again. But when you do something new, you step into this new energy. That's where magic is. The fifth dimension is about magic. It's about synchronicity. It's about being in the present moment, enjoying the process. If you didn't see back on January 1st, we had a live meditation that was raising our vibrational set point permanently that was inspired by fifth-dimensional energy.

3 Things that Happen When You Start to Raise Your Vibration (Watch Out for These)


You were raising your vibration. It actually, there's sometimes there are parts of it that aren't the most pleasant and unless you know what they are before you get there, you might kind of freak out a little bit. In this blog, I'm going to show you three unexpected signs of things that start to happen when you start raising your vibration.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how you can become aware of three things that happen when you raise your vibration. First off, when I raised my vibration, I didn't really have, I wasn't there. There was, of course, YouTube, but when I was learning about this stuff, it wasn't as readily known to raise the vibration. The law of attraction, these things back in 2011 and 12 were not as readily available. When I was going through the process, I was looking around to like friends and family. I was like, well, it's code on why do I feel this way? And there weren't many people that could actually relate to me. Now you might feel like in your life; there are people that don't get you.

You might feel like you're the weird one in the friend group and the weird one in the family and understand though that you have online to come to where there are people in the chat. You see people in the comment section below that also are in the same boat where they're going, and they're beginning to raise their vibration, or they're in the process of it, or they've been doing it for a while, and there's just a lot that comes up within that process. The first thing that we're just going to get right into it. This is going to seem a little bit unexpected. The first thing that happens when you begin to raise your vibration that is unexpected is that things fall apart. Have you ever had it to where you make a choice to do something, and the moment you make that choice, even though you haven't actually done it yet, things begin to change?

I've heard that and I've experienced that in my own life. There's a lot of people that will try something like a plant medicine, for example, and they say that once you decide you're going to do it, it's when things start to happen in your life. It's almost like that's when the process begins. I've done events and had programs before. When people buy-in, what they happen is things start to come up for them. Things the process starts the moment you do it, even if you don't actually go to the event yet. For example, say you come to the shift experience, live event or something, and you come to it, even before you show up, you will start having things in your life happen. Sometimes these key things can be there to challenge you, and sometimes these things are just there to show you that you are making a shift. Think of it like this, I'm going to have a handy dandy part of this right here.

I know because I wrote this last night before I went to bed like a good boy, but I make my videos so right here we have the old self-image, the old vibration, the old way we're being thinking, feeling and doing based on the current vibration that we were in and that many times is based on the pattern. It's just based on, that's how we were in the past. We decided at a certain point in our past; this is who we are now. What happens is there is a safety mechanism. Our ego is a safety mechanism that keeps us safe. We want to become this new version of us with the halo and everything. It's like a super high vibe. It almost looks like a sun, but it's actually a halo, and what happens is when you start making choices as this version of you as this one, what happens is the older vibrations will start to get brought up.

Let's say, Hey, this is not familiar. Sometimes people may have things happen, and they may say, Oh, maybe spirit and, and my higher self is telling me not to do this. When, in fact, many times, it may be just bringing up things that come up from within. Not saying I'm an enlightened being or anything, but I have some people when they're around me in general, it brings up certain stuff within them. I've had people come maybe from a different country, come here, come to even my house, for example. Something that may happen is maybe there are certain processes that kind of get brought up within someone. It's not saying I'm like I'm an enlightened or anything. I'm not saying that at all. But I'm saying that sometimes when you make a choice to do something to be around certain people, it may bring up things that are a little bit not necessarily resolved yet.

When we look at this, you'll look at there are the lower negative emotions such as anger, fear, new 250 when we learn to observe with us as neutrality, willpower, then we have reasoned, the meaning we give things, our thoughts create our reality. Our beliefs create our life. When we change our beliefs, we change our life. Then love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. What happens is as things begin to fall apart, it's because as you raise your frequency, these things are coming to deal with. These things are coming up for you to process them. Know that it may be that certain things fall apart as you raise your vibration. Think about it like this. Think about it as you have like a little sandcastle, yay, sandcastle like that. Imagine that you want to build a new sandcastle.

A lot of times, you've got to clear this space first. Start out with a fresh foundation, and then you could build it amazing, elegant, with even a flag. That's the idea. You get the idea, so what happens is you must clear the foundation. Something that might happen is things may fall apart when you're beginning to raise your vibration, but no, it's just these lower vibes coming up to the surface for you to look at and go, Whoa, okay, I need to really remain firm and strong on the choice that I made because I'm affirming this new identity, which you'll see right there. Okay, you get the idea. The second thing that may happen, it might not be the most pleasant thing, but when I went through my spiritual awakening, I began to raise my vibration.

People won't necessarily understand, okay, as you raise your vibe, and you may in a certain friend group have been smoking, drinking, having a good time, popping a little booze, and maybe you start raising your vibration. It's not that you can't ever do those, but maybe now you're like, you know what? This isn't actually really serving me, and you just kind of decide that like I have to say, answer me anymore just like that, not anymore. Then what happens is many times, though, people that you are so comfortable around for so long, it may not resonate as much to be doing those kinds of things. Something that happens when you raise your vibration is you may feel a little bit either guilty towards trying to be around those people for those people to see you in a certain way or to make them happy.

Or they'll just try to pull you back. They'll try to pull you in to what's comfortable because when you challenge their beliefs, when you challenge their way of being, they may not actually like that. But what is the alternative to do and be the kind of person everyone else wants you to be. It's about being aware that this new version of you, as you raise it doesn't mean they're all lower vibe than you and you should, but you got to be aware of and remain firm in your choice of raising your vibration, knowing that you must first fill up your cup before you can fill up anyone else's cup. This really is just about being aware of that. When I went through my spiritual awakening, I remember going out; I started raising my vibration. I quit smoking weed back in 2011 or 2012.

I stopped taking Adderall for having ADHD. I stopped drinking. I stopped partying, and I started meditating. Then people would come over like, Aaron, what are you doing? Why is there this spiritual music on? Why is there a candle over there that it looks like you've been staring at that? I immediately went vegan. Like I went to whole foods and spent $100 on like three things of vegan crackers. Then from that point, going forward, a lot in my life changed, and that shocked a lot of people. A lot of people were like, what's going on with Aaron? Even my dad was like, Hey, what's happening?

I went from one way to a completely opposite way, and people just didn't understand. That made me sometimes feel like there was something wrong with me. But the more I went down the process, the more I realized this is just me changing going through my own wedding. You may go through a quick, you might go through it a little bit longer, but regardless, people may not understand, and you've got to be okay with that. You got to be okay with that. You got to let that be. You ain't got to do anything. I'm not here to tell you what to do. I love you, but you can understand that it makes it easier when you let people be who they are and understand as well. Don't be bitter towards them. I was bitter for a while. I was like, these people don't get me. I felt misunderstood.

I was like, darn just then the spiritual ego comes in, and the spiritual ego is like, they don't get it because they're not awake yet. They don't get it. They're just low vibe. But you see that keeps the spiritual ego intact, and that keeps that vibe there. The key is being aware of that, not trying to sell it to people, ask me sometimes what do I do in that situation when people don't understand, and I want to like help them. Then, if I'm trying to sell it in a way it's resistant, people don't want to be sold to. But instead, I just was myself and I, I stopped, tried to sell it. I just started living by it. Guess what? I've got a lot of people coming to me. They're like, oh my goodness, I want to learn meditation.

I want to learn this. It's like a completely different energy dynamic. That same thing could happen for you if you stop trying to sell it. You just be yourself, but you remain firm in yourself over everything else. This one's going to be part two; part three is going to be a two-part thing. Okay? The reason being is because I just thought of one when I was doing the video that I think is very important to something that might happen is you might develop a spiritual ego where you are way higher vibe than everyone else in your friend group. You are way higher vibe than your family, and nobody else understands you. What you do as a protective mechanism to justify that they don't get you, is you develop this belief and this perspective that you are high vibe and they are not. That's when the problems begin because this is what happens.

You didn't have that belief. You go out into the world. Reality is like a mirror. What happens is you say, Oh, and you look at them, and you see them. You see them less than you like little small people. What happens is then they can't relate to you anymore. You can't relate to them anymore because you've got this big wall up. It's like, yeah, well you know, you're, you're having low vibe thoughts and stuff like that, and you're judging them, and that judgment is the actual antithesis of becoming spiritual soon. I think spirituality is really about accepting people, loving people, and we developed these barriers. That's something that actually causes us not to feel more alone. I actually felt pretty alone during my spiritual awakening journey back in 2011 or 2012 because when I went through it, some people didn't understand me.

I started to develop a spiritual ego, and I was like, Oh, people don't get me. They're just not awake yet. It's my job to just do this. Then that caused me, and then I developed these beliefs that just nobody is awake around me. I've no other high vibe friends that I could share this stuff with. That caused me to feel lonely. That belief became my self-fulfilling prophecy. But you want to know when things changed? When I changed that perspective, when I decided, you know what, I'm not going to judge people as higher or lower. I think everyone is in my life for a reason. For me to maybe become aware of my boundaries or whatever, but I'm going to just drop the judgment and just know that it's all perfect. Then what happened is I started to meet higher vibe friends.

People in a high vibe, I mean, saw such an ego thing to say, high vibe, low vibe. Everyone's perfect the way they are—everyone's power-packed. However, the part of this that's important to them is to understand is that you become more in resonance when you drop some of the definitions that you have. I say, Oh, I always find somebody that takes advantage of me. Well, that belief, that definition will cause more and more of that to happen. It's about being aware of that. The last part of this is you start tapping into your own higher faculty faculties, higher parts of yourself, higher perspectives. Let's say that higher perspectives. When you start to raise your vibe, you will then look at some of the things in your past and see how it may be the anger and the fear of your past, or that you even feel now as some of your greatest gifts.

When I look at my past, my painful ex, the pain of my ex stepmom, and all this stuff that you've heard me talk about in a hundred different YouTube videos, I look at that, and I can see the meaning of it, of when I gave it a negative meaning and how that perpetuated more of that in my life. That's when I knew that the next thing to do was to subscribe to this channel. If you haven't already, I do daily videos on awareness and spirituality. I had to put that in there somewhere. I have realized, I don't ever say to my YouTube videos, I'm going to start saying it because it's important to raise your vibration, but in actuality, this is about becoming aware of the higher perspectives. You'll relate to this in a different way. You'll also start to view people in a different way. Well, you're bringing out the best in other people. It's a very positive thing, but as you start to bring out the best in certain people, it may also bring out the shadows, and certain people kind of like I was talking about earlier, and it's bringing out the shadows so that they can deal with it.

Starseeds: A Relatable Explanation that Will Change your Life (and not weird you out)


The intention of this blog is to share what star seeds are and make it more relatable and not to be something that's so esoteric, and I believe if you allow some of these ideas to soak in, it may profoundly change your life. First off, you might be thinking this all starseed thing. It's kind of weird. You might be thinking as well, maybe one of your friends sent you to this.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I went through my awakening back in 2012, where I started to become more aware of who I am. What I mean by that is not even just Starseed, who I am more so just as a spiritual being evident, temporary human experience. You start to observe your thoughts, you start to feel differently about the way that you relate to life in general, and that causes a lot of different kind of rabbit holes you can go down now, let me first off say I'm somebody that has definitely done the research. I've read many different books. I've gone through my own inner discernment to see what resonates with some things.

A lot of things actually don't resonate when I read about this, but there are some consistencies I've found through different resources that have shown that, Hey, this is something to actually be looked at. There are some common misconceptions when it comes to Starseeds, so first off, what is a star seed? I'm going to share that in a little bit of a different way. Maybe a way that's a little bit more relatable, but let's start more at the beginning, and by beginning, I just mean, let's understand reality itself. When we talk about reality itself, we have that of what we could call an avatar. An avatar is our 3D physical body. The body that we're in right now. This is what we interpret our reality through. We have five sense perceptions. We can smell, touch, taste, see, these are different things in different ways that we interpret reality.

What happens is when we're born into our reality, we are born, and we are led to believe that we are our avatar. We are this physical body, and then we start to associate and believe that this is everything that there is, that if we can't taste it, touch it, smell it, see it, then there's no validity to it. The thing that happens though, is we start to identify with our body, and we start to limit ourselves in our own expression. We've been conditioned to only go that far to only go as far as our ego will allow us. Now, the part, the reason I'm explaining this now, is because once we learn how to observe our thoughts, that's where we can start to observe the mind. We start to observe the way the avatar thinks. Then we don't need to identify so much with it.

We learn not to do that so much. What happens is this isn't just the vastness of who we are. The truth is we are spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. You can look to almost any old school mystic text about this, and the religion will show you at a certain level that the idea is that we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. We have this human experience through what we call our avatar. What I'm going to be sharing when it comes to starseed, first off, is that you are not special because you're a star seed. Every single person on this planet is what we call multi-dimensional meaning. We exist here in 3D reality, and at the same point right now, we also exist in different realities because that's our vast, our soul is we simply forget it.

You are just as special. Here is the best way. I've tried to figure out a way of like condensing all of this into an easy way to understand, but knowing that we are infinite spiritual beings have been temporary human experiences, we have not only incarnated our energy on earth. The thing with the earth that makes earth so challenging is that we forget who we are. When we come here just like we identify with our avatar and say, Oh, this is who I am. I am the avatar. Now we forget who we are when we come here because there's this realm of free will here. It makes the game more interesting. It then allows us to wake up in this game of life in a way, is a metaphor, reality. 3D earth is very much a game. It is something that we come into. We forget who we are so that we can then remember who we are. That's why a lot of stars seeds are going through that awakening. When I went through my awakening in 2012, it was very profound.

I started to realize so much more, and it was almost like a, it's like a whole new world in a way because you realize that what you've been told growing up, the things you've been worried about and stressing about, there's so much more beyond that, that it kind of makes it not as important anymore. You still important, you're still, it's also important to still be in this reality and to still be present here, not to escape and like be thinking of some Starseed escape routers or something like you're going to ascend back into the Pleiades or something like that. It was funny; we went to our friend Drew's house, he owns a really cool company in San Diego, he had some of his friends. There was this girl that came over. She was really cool as she was telling me how she was at one time at a party and there was somebody that came up to her and was like, I was like a networking thing, like a business networking thing.

As far as relate-ability goes, it was just a funny little side note there. But anyways, it understands that we forget who we are when we come here because part of the purpose of this life is to remember who we are. I'm going to share some information from Dolores Cannon. Dolores cannon has written, she actually didn't really write any of them. There's like 17 to 19 books that are transcripts that she has had from her, what is called QHHT sessions. QHHT stands for quantum healing hypnosis technique. What she does is she's a hypnotherapist who came across a technique to get people into their subconscious so that their subconscious mind comes through and explains why some people or some things about people's lives. For example, someone may go in and say, Oh, she may ask like this person that seen this deep level of hypnosis, like why did you incarnate at this time?

What was the purpose of your relationship with your dad or your mom or these different things, and why did this happen? The subconscious mind can give different answers to that. Well, she's done those kinds of sessions with thousands of people all over the world. That's what her 19 or 17 books are. I know it's an odd number. I can't remember which one it is and their transcripts of that and through many different people all over the world, none of which knew each other said a very similar thing. We came here for this time of transformation on the planet. We came here to be a part of the great awakening, and this is something that also the law of one, which is considered some of the most profound channeled text of all time. Yes, it is channeled. I know that sounds a little bit weird, but that comes from a, a physicist was actually the one that was asking questions.

Here's the thing, and here is why we had to forget who we are, and this is the whole thing about understanding star seats. First off, there are different star systems. We did not just incarnate all of our energy on one planet. We wanted variety. You have incarnations called parallel incarnations and many different star systems at this moment right now. What happens is every single night when you go to sleep, you're more awake to this. You're more open to this. The 3D physical avatar may think this is very weird. I totally understand that. I thought it was weird too, when I first became aware of it. But what happens is when you become aware of this, it starts to open up new possibilities. You might start to see your dreams become a little bit more interesting because you start to open up in a way you can only perceive that which you believe is possible for you, and we block it out if we don't, if we're not open to it.

Here's the thing, and here's what Dolores Cannon also said. Dolores cannon through thousands of different people, and though many of them said this same thing. What happened was that back in the 1930s, the 1940s, when the US or the world, in general, was playing around with nuclear bombs. What happened is there was a bomb right here, okay, this is earth. Well, it could be because we're not necessarily taught that and if anything, we're conditioned to believe that that is weird stuff, and that's why inside of us we're like, this is weird. This will star seed stuff until we become open to it. And then we're like, Whoa, it's a whole new world. But happens is there's a certain level of control here. There's it was kept from, in a way knowing that we're eternal spiritual beings have in temporary human experiences. We are so caught up in the rat race of this whole, the financials, all these different things are set up to keep us asleep.

That's just the way it's kind of worked there. Not every influence on earth and maybe has been positive. I don't like to go down that route of the whole negativity thing, but I understand the control on the planet. However, it's something that's there. What happened is back in the day when the 1930s and forties, when we were messing around with nuclear bombs, what happens, we put out these nuclear bombs and that then exploded and it went out into the universe. What happened is that nuclear bombs, in general, don't just influence our reality. It also influences the realities around us, different star systems. There's a rule with the earth. This is all from Dolores Cannon. She says through many or thousands of our different clients and that QHD hypnosis.

There is a rule on earth. We are allowed to do what we want within our own freewill go through and to learn the different experiences. You could say in a way that earth is a school for growth where we forget who we are so that we can remember we're allowed to do what we want with free will as a collective consciousness. However, there's an exception there. This is what would happen. This is what happened in this with Dolores cannon and the law of one talks about, but a lot of it's Dolores Cannon. What I'm talking about right now, when that there was in a way earth put out a call, I said, Hey, I need help. I was just going to sound even more esoteric, but the earth is also energy. It's also a connection that we all have to earth. I won't go too esoteric there, but it's a being.

What happened is, is earth put out a call. I may have lost you there when I said that. I shouldn't have said that too. It's like that esoteric but earth put out a call that said, I need help because I'm about to destroy myself and there are other nuclear bombs that come off. We're literally going to destroy the planet. What happened is there was a call that was put out this call that was put out when all around it. Guess what? There are many beings, spiritual beings, that have had lives on earth before that may have been chilling in different realities. Then what happened is we heard this call, many of us may have heard this call and said, huh, well, I do feel an immense amount of love for the earth. It's a very beautiful place, and the earth does need help right now. What happened is we decided, we said yes, it's going to be difficult. It is hard to be in the 3D reality where you forget who you are.

However, we knew that as what we could call starseed, we were going to come into this reality, remember who we are, because that's the only way to influence it. You see, you could say, why don't we as higher dimensional beings, it's all of our amazing abilities. Change it from the outside in. We'll remember there's the freewill here. We can't intervene with it that way. We have to let the experiment, this earth school for growth, figure it out itself. The only way to influence our reality was to actually play according to the rules that it has. The rules that are really loudly had on earth was that you must incarnate into this system, remember who you are, and then make the change from within in a way and filtrate it. But that's, that's the difference. That's what we knew we had to do.

We knew it wasn't going to be easy, but we knew there'd be so much time for, for GRA, there'll be so much ability and opportunity for an immense amount of growth. When you can talk about law of one, we are going through a harvest where we are able to wake up to who we are in higher dimensional reality, where we, we literally transmute the energy from 3D going into 4D or reality becomes much more flexible, becomes much more dreamlike, becomes much more magical. You see, there's something about our collective consciousness; whatever we believe as a collective consciousness is their kind of reality that we have in mass and in totality. As we begin to change and there's this spiritual awakening happened on the planet, it starting to win. There's a ripple of it, and there's an avalanche that's beginning to start with it.

When you think of it as well, we'll go a little bit further down the rabbit hole for this blog, but think of it. Maybe there are different star systems like the Pleiades, for example. Okay, let's just ask the plutonium, but let's say that we have this or you kind of see it, you, we have this star system over here now with that incarnation that you may have in the plutonium and the Pleiades. What happens is there's a certain energy there now in this life right now what you do, maybe not even knowing it, is you bring through different similar character traits from that version of you into this reality. That is a way that you bring through and seed the information from the stars here.

It sounds esoteric. It's really not that weird. We are all multidimensional beings who have forgotten who we are. We are here to remember who we are. We are here to make a transition from the 3D level of reality into a four D level. Reality or reality becomes much more magical. The old systems of control, the old systems of control that have kept us ignorant, are beginning to fall away. You may have a life on earth, and then you might also have a life in the plutonium on a different reality. They both exist right now, and you have a higher self, which is what your guidance system is, which is you connect to in meditation and at a grand level. We're all connected. You, I, everyone, if you go up further up this ladder. We're all one consciousness. But here's the thing.

If we think that earth is the only player that exists, this is all that. It's all that's comfortable, but it's limiting ourselves. Do we understand that there's an infinite universe out there? Infinite. It is vaster than we can even imagine, and we are more creative sources is more creative than just have it all in one place. But every night when you go to bed, it is my bet that you are awake to more of this information, more of this reality. You're doing things in your dream state you probably can't even imagine. But while we're here on earth, we forget this, and that's why we only identify with our avatar and our senses.

But in general, know that this isn't as weird as it seems. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It simply is. Right now, you have connections to different versions of you that you may not even be aware of. It's not that important for you to know every little thing about it. The important part is, are you doing your own work? Are you tapping into your own power? Do you remember more of who you are? You are an infinite spiritual being. You came here to be a part of this time of transformation. The key to this is really remembering and embodying who you really are. If you want more information on this, let me know.