Language Patterns and the Law of Attraction The TRUTH on Affirmations


What I'm going to be sharing with you is the truth on the Law of Attraction with that of language patterns, understanding why affirmations may be holding you back, how to transcend them and create what you really want easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on affirmations, understanding how we can transcend that, have what is called language patterns and how that actually may be holding us back.

Maybe you've experienced it before where you've experienced something and then in trying to describe it, you realize that there really were no words for explaining something. In ways language can have many benefits to us in life because language allows us to dial in on explaining something on communication really.

But at the same way the way that we talk to ourselves, the way that we think to ourselves, many times we will hold ourselves back by thinking thoughts and having a certain dialogue in our mind of these labels, these definitions which may be actually holding us back.

This is something I realized because the more I've got out of my own head and into my own body, the more my life has changed. What do I mean by this? Well, the more I've done what I'm passionate about, which for me is making videos, the more I'm in this vibration of doing what I love and the more that because I'm in that vibration.

I find more and more reasons in my life to be reaffirmed. That kind of state of being, that kind of life situations, everything is equal to that vibration vest state of being. In general, one of the main parts of today’s topic is understanding that language limits us as much as it can free us up in certain ways to communicate. It also many times also has the opposite effect.

The key to this is being aware of how you speak to yourself, being aware of the affirmations you're using and how the affirmations may actually be limitations in of themselves. For us to get beyond that, of that, of the language patterns we use. Because the thing is we may be saying that I'm capable of making this certain amount per month.

We may be focused on the side effects a lot of times of our goals. I know that the more that I focus on doing what I love, the more the money has come anyways. It's a funny paradox because normally when you're all focused on the money, it ends up being something like resistance.

You end up experiencing a lot of resistance, but the more you focus on what you just love doing and you find ways of adding value to people in that way, then the side effect of that is the abundance. This is about being aware and breaking everything that you want to create down into emotion and to more of a feeling rather than even just a feeling that you labeled.

We may say, oh, that would feel cool, that would feel exciting. I would feel passionate about that. If instead what we do is we get down to the core vibration of what it is and we focus on feeling that more and more we're going to increase that inside of our body and inside of our life, but if we put labels on it, then we've automatically started to define it.

We've started to limit it. If I were to say that my name is Aaron Doughty and I am just a YouTuber, I'm a YouTuber. That's it put me in this box of being a YouTuber because I make daily YouTuber videos. Then I limit myself because I could be much more than that. I could become a speaker. I could become somebody that coaches people, that helps people. I can become somebody that adds value and does something with philanthropy work.

There could be many different areas that I am in, but the moment I put a language barrier on it, I put a definition on it is the moment I began to limit myself. While sometimes these can be powerful ways for us to transform our life because we could take ourselves at one level of our self-image and then transcend it to the next at the same time that may actually be limiting us.

The key to this whole process is understanding awareness. Where do you lie with that of what you're creating in your life? For example, if you're in a certain place and your intention is to get beyond the current self-image that you have, and you use that, have a definition maybe currently you're at 100, and something pounds and your goal is to lose 15 pounds, and you're reaffirming that this is the body weight that you're at.

That can help you to start to see yourself in a new way. You change your self-image and then with that self-image you change. You change your habits that go along with that. He changed the thought patterns that go along that with that and the language patterns that go along with that. It can be powerful.

The key though is not to limit yourself and to keep that as who you are forever because eventually you could become even more in shape or you could find that that's even a limitation of itself. Say your goal is to make, let's say right now you make $50,000 a year and your goal is to make 80,000 a year.

You could set the goal to make 80,000 a year, but eventually, that will be a limitation of itself because what if you could be making way more than that, but you limit yourself by saying only the $80,000.

There are times when it's. The awareness is powerful because we become aware of how to transcend it where we currently are, because the version of you that is making 80 k a year versus 50 k a year has different thought patterns, has a different way they think about themselves, has different actions that they take on a daily basis.

And you can begin to model that now and begin to create that reality for yourself. Because everything we experienced in our life is a reflection of who we are. Being so if you link up to that, then everything changes, but at a certain level that may eventually become a limitation in of itself. As I've said in other videos before, you don't even know they want to make the goal just the 50k a year.

It's good to have some type of external benchmarks, but what's I found even more powerful is to get to the emotion and get to what you love doing and to focus on increasing that state inside of your body and especially when you tune that to something greater than yourself.

What I mean by this is my main intention is to add value to as many people as possible by making these daily videos. That's my primary intention. I understand that the way the universe works is what you put out is what you get back. By me having the intention to add value to people, that eventually comes back to me. I become more abundant. But the main intention is to adding value first because then I get beyond myself.

In the same way, what I encourage you to do is to drop a lot of the labels and to redefine what your real goals are. Are Your goals including what you're passionate about? I remember back in the day I was focused on something called kindle publishing and I wasn't passionate about it at all. Of course, it was a way to make money, but even then, I wasn't really even focused on that of the adding value via these books that I wasn't even writing their books.

I was outsourcing to someone else and I was learning how to market those books and I did that for about six months, but I found out that I wasn't really that passionate about it. It was a lot of work to manage people that were writing the books and then get the books and do all of this stuff to sell a book for $2.99.

And it was just like this was a lot of work, but not only. It was a lot of work. I just wasn't really passionate about it. When it comes to these challenges will come up. I just feel a lot of resistance. If there are challenges that come up, I pushed through it because I love what I do and it's just a part of the process. It's not something that really weighs me down, but you see, I had to redefine what I was passionate about.

I had to go for that. Instead, everything you want to experience in your life can be broken down into a vibrational state, a state that when you're in, you attract things easier than ever. Think about your goals right now and think about the language patterns that you have around that goal.

How do you talk to yourself? The inner dialogue in your mind? How do you talk to yourself about that goal? What words do you use? Because the words that you use, the definitions that you use, the labels that you use are going to keep you within a certain bubble up called this a belief.

Bubble away for that. You see the process away that you see yourself and what will happen is this bubble will control your life until you become aware of how to break beyond it. One of the easiest ways to break beyond it is to stop using all the words and distend, get down to the vibration to realize the words, our limitation of themselves.

You may be using affirmations that may be actually holding you back for a certain level. Words are powerful tools, but they are not the end all be all. I've had experiences in my own life through meditation and through deep levels of states of consciousness.

You simply can't put into words, and if I were to stop it, stop the experience because I couldn't understand it and I couldn't put it into words, then I would have completely limited myself, but in general, as you raise your level of consciousness, you will need affirmations less and less.

As you raise your seat of consciousness, language patterns become more and more irrelevant because then you move from thinking, you move from doing into being. When you are in the bean vibration, you transcend that, have language patterns,

because then it's more about energy dynamic. It's more about how you are projecting by being. You're not trying to project; it's just you are. You see, this is a different understanding of affirmations. This is a different level, but the key to this and the key to this whole video is finding what you are passionate about, finding your flow state and getting into that state as often as possible because that state of being is the highest vibrational expression of you.

And when you get to that place, you won't need affirmations as much because you start to merge your conscious mind with your subconscious mind and you start to be the best version of you. There's a lot of trying when it comes to thinking and doing, and there's a lot of ease when it comes to being so shifting from the triad. There's a triad of all of us, what we think, what we do and who we are, how we are being.

When we shift from thinking and action and doing into being, that's where everything begins to change and the way that you do that is by simply following your passion, observing the thoughts that come up, observing the labels that come up and then just deciding to simply let them go. The more you let go of these thought patterns that come up, that may be actually limited in you because you get a lot of negative self-talk as well.

You may say, I'm going to go do this, or this is the kind of person I am and there may be a voice in the background that goes, no, you're not. That's not who you are. What are you talking about? The key is not to fight that voice. The key is to observe that voice and to allow it to be there. The paradox is that by allowing it to be there, you begin to transcend it. It's only when you resist it are you fighting with it and it keeps you lower down.

The key is in the observation. The key is in the awareness. Become aware of what you were thinking. Allow it to be there and understand that the more you shift into the fundamental core of what you want to experience, the more you will experience that in your life language as much as it can be. A tool can also be something that holds us back that's coming from someone. I'm a very, what did they call auditory type person? It means that I.

There's three. There's normally two or three kinesthetic that we all use. Some people are very visual people, which means that when you ask them to imagine something, they think about it regarding what they can see, what they would see if it were there. Some people hear that, so someone like me, I hear because I'm a speaker. I'm someone that hears kind of my thoughts is something that just of a field, they just feel kinesthetic.

However, if you're like me or in general, everyone has a little bit of all three, but in general, what you can begin to do is to transcend these and get straight to the vibration themselves because the vibration is what you want to experience anyways.

Think about it. Anything you want to experience in your life is because the emotion it brings you. If you want money, you want freedom, you want security. If you want a relationship, you want a connection and love. You don't necessarily want what you think you want.

You want the emotion that that thing will bring you. Knowing that, how can you use that to your advantage to then transcend what is holding you back to get straight to the core vibration? Because the more you get to that core vibration, the more your life begins to change. The key is in the observation of your own thoughts, understanding why you want what you want, and then simply as cliché as it sounds, following your passion, follow what you're excited about.

 When I started making daily videos on YouTube, I felt this flow state. I said, I'm going to do this every single day and I've done it every single day since February 2017. I absolutely loved doing it. 

And by doing it, it has completely transformed my life. Find something you can do every single day that puts you in the vibrational state that you want to be in and just simply feel into it. Transcend the dialogue about it. Maybe thoughts come up. I like doing this, so this is a flow state. 

Am I in the flow state? I don't know if I'm in the flow state. Observe those thoughts. Allow them to be there and then focus on the feeling inside your heart. When you start to create from your heart, you start to create from a much higher paradigm.

There is so much power when you create from your heart.

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There is so much power when you create from your heart and your heart comes from being not thinking, not even doing.

It comes from being because you naturally love. That is who you really are. That is a higher state of consciousness, which is who we naturally are. It's simply we've been taught and we've been conditioned that that's not the case. The key is in the awareness.

What I'd encourage you to do is to find out ways that you can get more to the core vibration of who you are, how you can let go of what no longer serves you, and how you can break everything you want down to an emotion and simply choose that you feel the emotion right now. Because the more you choose to feel that emotion, the more it begins to change your life.

3 Things Your Ego Doesn’t Want You to Know and Will NEVER Tell You


Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three things that your ego does not want you to know and will never tell you. Once you know these three things, it can dramatically change your life.

I'm going to be sharing with you those three things that your ego doesn't want you to know is things that are a lot of times in the background that unless people become aware of it, will continue to run their life over and over and over again.

The reason this is so important is that many times in life in general when people are using the Law of Attraction when people intend to create what they want via their goals, what they're doing it from is they're doing it from the point of the identity in the attachment to the ego.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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This isn't inherently bad, but the thing is when we become too identified with it, what we do is we keep ourselves back from experiencing higher states of consciousness because we think that who we are is that ego. What I'm going to share with you today couldn't be what helps you to create a shift in consciousness.

What helps you to shift your level of awareness from things are always happening to me from the identification with the ego and to that of a new way of being and a new understanding for who you really are. If you haven't heard me speak of this kind of idea already, what I've been doing lately is I've been moving more into understanding how our thoughts work.

How we work with that have consciousness and when I'm actually creating right now is a whole step by step program called these shifts experience.They shift. Experience is going to be something, unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's going to help you to move from that of things happening to you.

From identification to the ego to that of a new way of being, of being free from all the social conditioning and really creating a transformation within your own level of consciousness. This is something that I experienced back in 2012. This isn't necessarily enlightenment, but this is a big jump in consciousness where you go from feeling the lesser emotions, the lesser vibrational states of consciousness to the higher ones.

This is something I'm creates called the shift experience and it's going to be coming live here within the next few months. If you want to sign up for updates, you'll see a link in the top of the description box below and it's also going to be something that I travel the world doing seminars and workshops on.

1. Understanding our ego

When it comes to the ego, let's first off understand that the ego is not something that was meant to when we decided to have a life on earth, wasn't something that we necessarily were meant to be completely identified with. Part of the purpose of life is to understand, to wake up to who we really are, and the reason this is because when we come to earth.

The thing is we forget who we really are. We are in actuality on conditional love and bliss. They've been very temporary human experiences and in most places or in many other places in the galaxy. I believe that we actually remember to retain that memory of who we are, but when we come to earth, the earth is a unique kind of game.

When you would come to earth, we forget who we are because one of the purposes of life is to remember who we are, to literally remember, to reconnect to who we are and to have that kind of connection because it's a very empowering feeling. In 2012, when I went through the experience, it totally transformed my own life because then I realize that there is so much more than I probably thought that there was. I was always trying to interpret things through past experience.

I remember being identified with things that happened in my past. I was identified with the past experience as identified with the labels that I had and the definitions that I had. I always identified with having ADHD and I thought the only way to cure that was to take Adderall. I thought that the only thing, and I had a lot of painful past memories of my childhood and I thought that I wasn't worthy.

These were all something that as I began to shift my level of consciousness, I became aware of the real purpose of those and then I was able to transmute them and it was through understanding the separation or the shift from the ego perspective to that have a higher level of consciousness.

What you are experiencing, even as you hear me speak right now, you may be having thoughts in your mind like what does this all mean? What is going on right now? Every single thing that you hear is a tape. It is an autopilot. It is a repetition. It is something that continues to run itself out over and over and over again, and in actuality, this body is an Avatar.

If you've seen the movie Avatar, you'll know that the guy is able to project himself in a way or connect and go into this kind of like this sleep machine and then project himself somewhere else, and that is his body as his avatar self. Well, the only difference between that and actuality is that in higher dimensions, we're doing that right now.

We are asleep pretending that this is who we are. We forget that that's what we really are, that we are unconditional love and bliss, that we exist in higher states of consciousness and what happens is we go around and we ended up identifying with this life experience. We say this is who I am. These five senses that I interpret reality through.

This is what's real. You see, the ego is always identified with what it thinks is real and what your ego doesn't want you to know is that actuality, that's not who you are. That's the interpretation of reality is what you experienced through your senses, but in actuality, this is nothing but an Avatar. This is something that we are creating.

What science is showing us is that it's highly probable. We live in a form of simulation. When you say that, some people get afraid, they're like simulation. What do you mean? Out of the computer? It's a computer as a metaphor for it. The idea is more like the movie the Matrix and not that that's going to make you feel any better about it, but understand you are unconditional love and bliss. You exist now.

You will always exist, so there's nothing to worry about. It's just that right now you might be having an experience through the five senses of your Avatar, the avatar slashes the ego, but what happens is people walk around, they identify with the senses, everything in society as well in trenches, people into their senses.

They're watching the news. They get triggered into lower emotions. Why do you think every single thing that you see on the news almost is of a negative lower vibrational state? It puts you into anger, fear, guilt, shame. All of these lower emotions.

Have you ever really watched the news or anything and then felt an increase in your vibration and increase in how you feel? Most likely not, and the reason this is because these lower states of consciousness keep us identified with the ego-self, not understanding that we are actually immortal, spiritual beings of contemporary and temporary human experiences.

The key to this is not to become mad at the government or mad at all the way that things are, because that only creates even more of an identity. It creates more of resistance to what is the key is to acknowledge it, but then to move past it, to understand that this is one layer of reality anyway, but what you begin to do is you begin to take your power back.

Is this a physical-self that's interpreting reality through the five senses and you start to realize that you are so much more than that. That's when there is a shift in consciousness that begins to take place and that's something that I experienced because I've realized through just simply observing my thoughts that my thoughts are just on autopilot.

Science has shown this over 90 percent of what we think day-to-day is the same thoughts, the same emotions. We do the same actions. Therefore, we're continually being the same person day in and day out, but that person is on autopilot. Everyone is always at the effect. It's like things are happening to me and things are happening to me.

The key is being aware that the ego-self is not just who we are. When you're able to shift into this level of awareness, you realize that you can observe the ego, you can observe the thoughts. I went through a shift when I learned how to observe my thoughts and set, not control them because originally it was like, oh, I got going to control my thoughts and I create resistance because I'm like, nope, can't think negative thoughts.

It was also shortly after I learned about the Law of Attraction and I was like, oh my thoughts create my reality. Can't take negative thoughts, can take negative thoughts, are cause resistance. But then what I did is I learned how to observe them simply. They come into my mind, observe them, they go out instead of having to have them come in and then fight them, and then they just ended up staying there anyway.

That's one thing that your ego doesn't want you to know because your ego wants to identify as a supreme being, like the one that does everything. When in actuality, you are so much more than the ego. The ego is just your avatar in the reality you. It'd be like playing the sims game.

You're playing the Sims game and you're identifying with just your sim character. I go to work every day. I come home, kiss the wife, have the two and a half kids and the dog, whatever you're doing in the Sims game and saying, this is who I am, this is who I am. In actuality, you are so much more than that.

2. Your ego wants to survive

The second thing that's your ego doesn't want you to know and won't tell you, is that your ego just wants to survive. You may say, I want to be successful. I want to do this. All of this stuff that we want to do and all your ego wants to do is to keep you to survive.

The ego is a survival mechanism, so sometimes you might be wanting to go into part of you. You may feel this split. You may want to go into an experience more. Maybe your soul, who you are at a deeper level wants to experience more in life, but there are these blocks that come up.

There are these plateaus that come up, and these plateaus simply come from the ego wanting to survive, and you can feel it too because the ego will sometimes sabotage you. You'll, you'll find that you need to go do something or something. You're already, and then all of a sudden something happens.

Maybe your body starts to like shut down and you're like, you feel like you're not feeling good all of a sudden because of something that you know is going to be a little bit scary.

The key to this is understanding what's your ego is one, your ego is the Avatar to your ego just wants to survive. What you want to do is you don't want to fight your ego. I hear this sometimes people like the ego is the enemy.

The ego's the enemy that you and even at me right now as I'm showing you these three things, that the ego doesn't want you to know what to tell you. It's not that the ego is bad, it's just about being aware. This isn't about good or bad, good or bad is being caught up in duality and polarity.

It's does this work or does this not work? Is this efficient or not efficient? It is efficient. The more that you understand your ego and your ego is just trying to survive is the more that you can break out of that pattern because when you become aware of that, then you can see the patterns.

You'd be like, well, I went to work the other day and I wanted to do this, but then this happened or the nights I was scared to do this. There have been many times where I've been afraid of doing something, but I stepped up and I did it anyways and even though I had to push through the uncomfortableness of the ego, it ended up becoming stronger outside of it anyways because here's the thing.

We have a self-image. The way that we see ourselves, the way we see our avatar self. We will always do everything we can to stay within this bubble, to be consistent with the way that we define ourselves. In order to go beyond that, we have to be aware that wherever we are as a current limitation, even if you believe that you can be making like even a million dollars a month or something, that's still a limitation because then there is still that limit of only a million dollars a month, but you see the ego always wants more.

The ego wants more, but the thing is when you're looking outside for validation or you're looking for things on the outside to change that and when those things on the outside change, then I can be happy. It's an externalization of power.

It's a hamster wheel. We will always be on this hamster wheel, but the idea is that everything is a limitation. When we see it in the form of the self-image, how we see ourselves, but the key is not to taper rod a new self-image to say, okay, right now I see myself as able to make this much per month. I need to know to see myself making a little bit more per month and set, just let go of the limitation and then be moved from having to doing to being.

That's the secret of enlightenment. That's the secret. What's the difference between an enlightened person to an unenlightened person and enlightened person is simply saying yes to the present moment and enlightened person understands the truth, that this is a form of reality that is very temporary.

Knowing that everything is the way it is and that even though the ego-self is that stimulus-response, the enlightened person may be at stimulus-response stimulus response. The difference is the enlightened person allows the moment to be the ego. The avatar is always trying to be somewhere else.

Ever noticed that the ego always wants to be somewhere else. It's like, no, I want to be over there. The ego always wants to externalize. Always wants to think something else. The ego in the shower, thinking about what it's going to do tomorrow.

The ego in the gym. Think about what's going to eat when it gets home, the eating, when he gets out and the egos, thinking about what it asked to do in like 20 minutes after that, the ego's always externalizing its own power, so the key is to be aware of that end, to move from doing to having to simply being, being present to the moment, shift into that level of awareness.

3. Multiple personalities within you

The third thing that's your ego will not tell you and doesn't want you to know is that you actually have multiple personalities within you. This sounds like a scary idea but thinks about it. Think about just simply this. When you're in different states of being, you have different levels of a personality.

You have a different way that you define yourself. Think about divided personality like this as well. This is an easier way to understand personality. Personality is a combination of what you think, how you feel and what you do. There are different parts of your day.

There are different parts in different states that trigger you into certain different ways of being is different parts of your personality. Doesn't mean that they're not all you, but they're all different faces, different facets like a crystal. There are different facets of a crystal. They're different facets of your own ego because many times you say, I have one ego.

The ego is like the buffer in between physical reality and nonphysical reality is what we use to interpret our reality through the five senses. However, it was a powerful shift that happens when we become aware. There are different states of being that we're in that are different emotions.

Maybe when you get out of when you may be when you go to the gym, you have a certain personality, a certain way that people respond to you when you're there. I know when I go to the gym just certain focus I have. There's a certain way that I am becoming more present with my body.

I'm pushing outside of my limits of what my body can do and as I do that in a certain way that I am and I feel in a certain way and then afterward I feel a certain emotion. There are certain times when I go do something else and something happens and I identify with what's happening or I interpret it in a certain way and based on that interpretation, I then get a certain type of effect in life and that's a different facet of my personality.

There are people that I'm around, I'm around. I have a completely different way of being because I'm just being. I'm just having fun, man. I'm just letting loose. It depends on what I'm engaged with in life.

For example, there is a business version of me that's focused on my business. That's a certain part of my personality. Then last night I was at somebody's houses because there was that Connor McGregor could be fighting to go on and what I do is we're there. We're just having a good time.

I'm the business air. The business version of me is kind of put on autopilot and I'm just having a good time and then I'm there and then someone who might come up to me and asked me about business or asks for my advice and then guess what the business version of me comes up and then what happens if I go somewhere else and maybe someone's having trouble with relationships.

 The advice part of me comes out when it comes to life advice. You see what I mean? There are different facets of who we are and then I'm. Whereas someone else may have been around a family member in a very compassionate side of me comes out. You see? It's something that a lot of people probably won't admit, but we all had different facets of our own personality. That is also many times dictated by our state of being.

There have been times when I'm in an amazing state of being and nothing can bring me down and there are times when I'm in a lesser state of being where things affect me more.

When you are in an amazing state of being anothing ca bring you down.

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A lot of times those perspectives are in red, are embedded within that of the state of being so it's about being aware of everything I'm sharing with you right now that you are interpreting, that you are soaking in, that you are saying yourself.

What does it mean? It means nothing. Everything I said is meaningless and everything in life in a way only has meant that we put into it. When we become aware of that and we become aware that the way reality has been projected to us is completely different than the way reality actually is and that there's never going to be an agreed-upon reality anyways because everyone has a different perspective.

We can then start to take our power back and then we realize reality is so much more flexible than before. We just have stories that tell ourselves, we tell ourselves these stories about the way reality is. We keep this hamster wheel going and the shift experience that I'm creating right now is an opportunity to get off the hamster wheel and they'd become present and understand that not only can you get off the hamster wheel, but you can go outside of the cage.

You go outside of the cage and you can go explore, but the belief system we have is the cage and the autopilot mind, and the ego is the hamster wheel, and as long as you identify with yourself right now and everything that you think is true through your five senses is that as long as you're going to be kept inside that hamster wheel inside that cage, and what I'm encouraging you to do is to simply break out of it, to unleash the power of consciousness, not just your mind because you are not just in your mind.

You were even beyond that. Remember, these are three things that your ego won't tell you. He doesn't want you to know. That is simply that your ego is your avatar. In this physical experience, you are unconditional love and bliss, that secondly, your ego is just wired to survive.

That is, it not to thrive, just to survive, and the key is to observe that, to observe the survival mode, and then thirdly, to simply know that there are different facets of your personality. There are different versions of you. You can start to integrate them all, allow them to be.

Become aware of them because in the light of awareness is where all the power is. From this point going forward, you are forever changed because you understand these ideas. It has now planted a seed. Even if you think that in two or three weeks you forget about this, you will always know from this point going forward that your ego is not just who you are.

And that there is this shift in awareness you can have and that you can get off the hamster wheel. You can go outside of the cage and you could understand that you can explore the world in a completely new way because that's what you have available to you.

That's what you have when you stop reacting to life and you start engaging with in life. When you stop thinking and projecting yourself to a future moment and you start being present to the moment, enlightenment is not something you attain.

It is something you realize and you realize that by letting go of things that don't serve by letting go of the past and by understanding the truth and that truth is within you right now, and that's what you begin to tap into.

#21: To Experience THE SHIFT Treat EVERY Thing Like You “Choose it”


Welcome back to another episode and today what I'm going to be explaining to you and sharing with you are some ways that you can move into more empowerment into your life. Understanding that everything in your life at a certain perspective, you have chosen that experience and if you treat everything as if you chose it, it will radically transform and shift your life.

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The reason I think this has been so powerful for me is that what it allowed me to do was to let go of a lot of things I was holding onto for a very long time. Could have been the story I told myself about why my childhood was the way it was. It could have been the labels that I had of thinking I had ADHD or that I was a certain way just because of, uh, some definitions that I had.

It could have been all of these different things. However, there's a lot of, a lot of times there's resistance around these things. Like people view it as like they have resistance because it should be different than it is. We always have these rules in our mind, right? Like things should be different.

Things are supposed to be a certain blueprint in our mind and that in of itself will take many times that resistance will cause things to stay there. This is about more so being aware that the more we say yes to the present moment in, the more we treat every situation is if we chose it, the more we will then begin to transform and to shift our life.

The reasons I say shift a lot is because maybe if you've heard me talk about this before, but right now I'm creating something that's called the "Shift experience with Aaron Doughty", which is mid and the shift experience is going to be that. Both a workshop, like an all-day workshop that I traveled the world giving workshops on and help people to create a shift in their level of consciousness.

And it's going to be a program that I have online. People can also get like step by step coaching as to how to do it as well. The shift experience is an actual experience. It's not just the theoretical ideas, the concepts, the theories, all of that can only get us so far. It's when we move out of the concepts and into the experience that everything begins to change.

I experienced this shift in consciousness back in 2012 is when it started. And just in the last two or three months, I've experienced another complete jolt in this direction. Maybe you can feel it in my content, maybe you've seen my newer videos on YouTube or just newer videos on Instagram or whatever it is.

I've been experiencing a shift in my own consciousness and I've been moving away from not moving away from the Law of Attraction necessarily, but moving away from the perspective that I used to have about the Law of Attraction because it's becoming so apparent and I becoming so aware of this higher paradigm, this higher paradigm of consciousness, of existence, of the manifestation as well.

It's like when we go from always trying to have and always trying to do, we then move into being, and when we're in this been mode, we're saying yes to the present moment.

Then we can actually choose whatever we want, but when the ego is saying that the ego is not currently satisfied, therefore I want this or that because a lot of times the desires we have are the ego's desires. They're not really the core of who he's ours desires. They're just the ego. The ego wants more and I'm not saying that this is wrong or that we have to like suppress the ego. I'm saying that we must become aware of it.

We must become aware the from where the energy comes from, from where the desires come from. The more that I've become aware of all of this, the more I have shifted my own consciousness and realized that most of the questions people ask me when it's like, how do I attract a specific person into my life?

How do I win the lottery? These kinds of questions have a certain level of consciousness from which the question is asked. I'm not saying that like I'm on top of a mountain. What I am saying is that when we become aware of where the level of consciousness is coming from, we can then see and start to get more to our core because we can then start to create the shift, the shift from the EGO's perspective.

The ego is always in reaction mode. The effect of the ego as things happen, stimulus response and the key is shifting from that stimulus response of social conditioning to stimulus response of the beliefs that we have adopted from other people, whether that be our parents or whether that be the society that we live in or the culture.

If we can let go of those and be aware of them, that's when we start to create a transformation in our life. That is what the shift experience is about, is becoming the source of your life, of becoming the person that can create what they want in their life because it's not that they from the ego, it's the day from a deeper part, a deeper level of consciousness.

That's what the shift experience is about. If you want to be the first to know about the shift experience and you want to experience it, it's going to be the most powerful thing that I've ever done. It's going to be my message for probably the next five or 10 years, I'll probably end up writing a book about it. It's going to be called the shift experience and it's going to my website, and you'll see an option to click to be notified for the shift experience.

It'll take me a while. I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to do it with whether I'm going to do it as weekly workshops for like six or eight-week-long courses for the shift experience, and it'll be like live workshops on zoom where I can talk to people and help them work through different issues and understand their level of consciousness and understand how to raise their vibration.

There are different steps to the process. I'm going be helping people to heal their past experiences to move into. Then this level of instead of doing and having into a level of being, I'm thinking either I'm going to have it all with will be. Meditation's all these different tools and techniques and processes for shifting into that level of consciousness.

Plus, it's an actual experience, it's like the law, the final part of it is an actual experience where you jolt out of your ego and into a new way of being and it has to be done more.

But what I'm thinking of is having that in a course format and then having the live options available or just having the zoom meetings where it's instead of having a whole bunch of content embedded in a website that you go to that you can watch whenever you want to more so having like live every week and then eventually that just remains like I do it live and then it's just on the website and you can watch that later.

It's like I'd have to do it live every single time I launched the course or I could just have it built in there with my best content, edited the right way and everything. And then people can just watch it whenever. I'm kind of debating back and forth. If you have any ideas of how you think you would most prefer it, let me know.

On Instagram, go to my newest post and if you could just let me know there, that'd be the easiest way for me to see whatever you have to say about it or get to your opinion as well.

I wish that on a podcast on Apple, that was like a comment section for each episode would be so much easier. Let me know what you think about that. What kind of format you would like the course in whether you would like it. I'm thinking it's going to be drip-fed context.

The thing is you have to do certain steps before you move on. It can't be you get it all at once because then people just go to the final day which is the transformation day and then that they won't actually be as powerful. I have to drip feed it out anyways.

That’s coming available the next couple of months as well. Do you want updates? You can see on the website. And the main general idea of it is that we are living from the ego.

We're living from stimulus response. We are ego is just trying to keep us to survive. Our ego does nothing more than to keep us to survive. If we want to thrive, we have to move from that have been in reaction from being an effect into a higher vibrational state of consciousness, which is actually who we naturally are.

That's why a lot of enlightened people from the past have said before that enlightenment is not something you attain. The only person, the only one that wants to attain enlightenment is the ego, and the ego's emphasized that in the present moment, it's not already enlightened.

Enlightenment is a realization. It is something you realize from a level of being, being present to the moment to understand that everything in your life that you believe to be true is based on an agreement. You have agreed to that level of reality.

You've agreed to it. That's why you experience it. Your beliefs are reflected back to you will naturally agree with things that are in alignment with priced prior reference experience. The key is to take inventory of all of this and to realize that your beliefs, your notions about life are creating your life experience.

The biggest belief that you will shift in your life is moving from victim mentality into that of empowerment, of knowing that you can reframe it your whole past. You can see things from a completely different point of view and you can move from the victim mentality into that of an empowerment of knowing that you decide the meaning as to what things mean.

That was my biggest shift and within a week of me doing this, I, I've explained this before, sorry if it's repetitive, but I'm just going to kind of give a little bit of an overview of it.

I had an abusive stepmom from seven years old to about 15 years old or eight to 15. She was physically abusive and mentally abusive. I and my brother weren't allowed to eat very much. My Dad was a firefighter or 24-hour shifts. We didn't see them as often, so she got away with a lot of stuff. I and my brother were a lot of times locked outside.

We had to work outside all day. We weren't allowed to eat very much food. We're given a bowl of cereal in the morning and at nighttime, we were given a TV dinner and we were always hungry. We had to go to school. Well, of course, we went to school. We weren't allowed to go to school if we got in trouble or we would get a school activity is taken away from us like band camp or forensics debate tournaments.

We weren't allowed to watch TV. We weren't allowed to have friends. It was just a very unique power structure type thing going on. My stepmom was a very angry person. Up until 15, my dad didn't divorce or all of a sudden me and my brother have all this freedom again. We're allowed to watch TV.

We're allowed to have friends, were allowed to do normal things, kids do. We're allowed to eat again, eat the right amount of food. We were at the gain some weight. We looked a lot healthier.

Even after all that though, still felt a lot of resistance, so felt why did all of this happen, still felt like a victim in the back of my mind because of all this stuff that happened. Why did it happen? Why didn't I have a normal childhood? All of these questions now, fast forward then eventually I'm going to college.

I'm working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. My manager at the time, I worked in salon shoes, which is like designer shoes, uh, here in Las Vegas. Manager at the time had the same exact type of personality traits as my ex-stepmom. She would talk down to people.

She would get away with the craziest stuff because she was protected by upper management and she'd been there for 20 years, and she would talk down and she was just very demeaning, very similar type personality and nothing. I mean, even if people went up to her, she was protected. There's not much we could do now within a week of me learning how to observe my thoughts and of me completing the past.

Meaning I relived the past and I felt the emotions that I felt in the present in the moment of when I was going through those painful experiences with my stepmom, and I felt it and I allowed it to be there and I observed those thoughts for more of a neutral perspective.

That's when everything began to change. All the sudden I became at peace with it and I realize that that was when I went through that shift, the shift in consciousness, and I started to realize that life, I'm so much more than I probably thought. I realized that it all happened for a purpose and that purpose led me to my spiritual awakening years later.

I was able to reframe it in a positive way and by reframing it. Then I let go of the past burden, the past energy, the pass attachment I had, and then of course then randomly within a week that another manager got fired. She no longer was needed. In my reality. You may say, well, are you so egotistical that you think that you actually shifted that manager getting fired? And I would go as far as to say why not?

Because everything we see and experience in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true and what energy resonates. And all there is one consciousness anyways. We are all part of the same consciousness. The perception that we all individually have will be our experience. The is the only thing that is real. And even though I could say, well maybe there's a whole bunch of different factors that went into it.

That's fine, but it doesn't get any further other than the only thing that was real was that experience. I did this, then this happened. That's my experience. That's the only thing that is real for me. The reason I say that is because understand your life will change when you begin to apply this. When you move from the victim mentality of the past experience to that, of being empowered and knowing that the meaning you give the past is going to be the effect that you get out of it.

The past only has power over us. If we haven't dealt with it and we haven't allowed it to be there, I suppress all of that energy for 10 years because for 10 years I was like, why did this happen? Why did this happen to me? And I was in holding onto that. I was holding onto that, those vibrations. I was holding onto that perspective and everything changed.

When instead of knowing that these things happen to me, I realize these things happen for me because it led to my spiritual awakening. You see, this is the thing will go a little bit deeper. Go a little bit deeper down the rabbit hole. Take this for what it is and see if it resonates with you. It may not resonate with the eagle right away because the ego is starting to find itself out. As we're in this experience right now, this podcast, the ego is starting to figure itself out, and that's the thing.

The ego wants to figure that the ego doesn't want to figure itself out, but you have to shift and do an observation mode, but understand this. This is what I became aware of when my shift of consciousness. I became aware that in life, use this as a metaphor.

Take for what? Take it for what it is in life. Our ego is like our avatar. It's like our avatar. Have you seen the movie Avatar? It's like we're projecting in a higher level of consciousness. We are unconditional love and bliss. We are projecting ourselves to that of this life experience.

We are born into this body. This body is our avatar. Then what happens is we have this ego and this avatar that we're experiencing, but then what happens is we think that we are the actual avatar. We think we are the ego. We identify with the ego, we identify with what's happened in the past and we live from the perspective of the ego.

In the same way that if you were to play a game of Sims, you remember the game or have you've ever played the game of Sims or heard of it, you can play a character in sims.

You know that you aren't actually the character, but if you played it for a certain period of time and that's all you played and you identified with everything that was happening and you are also in reaction mode to everything, you would eventually believe that that is who you are and in our life, we have started to identify with the Avatar, with the ego, thinking that the ego is all that we are when we're actually so much more than that.

We are consciousness itself and when we start to shift to this level of perception, we can see that at a certain level, from a higher-self perspective, we have chosen every experience that we've had from a higher level, so this to some people is something people reject that first because they're like, you're.

Then it justifies all of the pain. You're saying that I meant to be. Some people have been through way worse things than even me, right? Some people may have been through some level of a rape or some level of the victim mentality that's way beyond what I experienced. However, the longer we stay in those stories justifying why we are where we are or what happened in the past, the more we justify it and the more we react to it is the more it will have power over to the present moment.

 am trying to help free you from the past and the only way you will free yourself from the past is by coming at peace with it and understanding that at a certain level, maybe not from the ego's perspective because of course, the ego doesn't want it from a certain perspective. 

The only way you will free yourself from the past is by coming at peace with it.

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 You have chosen it and that is hard to hear because then I'd have to. I'd have to absorb that too. I'm saying that I chose that abusive stepmom. I'm saying that I. I chose that.

Why would I choose that? That is does it even make sense? A doesn't have to make sense from the ego, but from a certain perspective, there is some type of learning experience out of it and there's any amount of pain that you experienced that can be transmuted into even more amount of positivity because I've been through so much pain, I can help people to move through the pain. Imagine I'm this positive guy on YouTube and everything in my life was always handed to me.

Imagine I was this positive guy on YouTube and I had a perfect pass. I went through and had the most loving childhood where everything was just perfect and my parents never got divorced and I didn't have an abusive step.

Mom and I lived in like normal kids and I just went through the normal stuff and I always had what I needed when I needed it. I wouldn't be as able to help people because people, especially people in pain, they wouldn't relate to me. They like, yes, but you don't understand.

I understand and like I said, I'm not saying that I've been through worse things than you. Maybe you've been through worse things, but the key to this whole video is understanding that until you become at peace with what has happened in the past, it will continue to have power over you. Until you realize that you did choose it at a certain level.

Then you can realize there's more to it than this ego game. Then this Avatar game. Sometimes people ask me on my YouTube channel, this is a controversial type of topic, but people will say, well, what about the third world country?

A third world country we have kids that are experiencing famine and that are dying. You're saying they chose that. Understand that those kids may be from a soul level doing it out of compassion to reflect back to us that we have let society get to where it has from a larger consciousness point of view. I'm not justifying it insane.

We shouldn't have compassion for them because we should and we must in order to understand that they are another version of us. Understand that at the same time there's a shift in consciousness happening on this planet and that most of us have decided to be here for this time right now and I think that there is such a desire to be on earth right now because of this transformation that's taking place that even if people and souls are like, hey, you're going to have a life of only five years old and you're most likely going to die.

People are still want to be here because right now on the planet, it is the time to be here. It is a time of transformation. If you want more on this, on understanding this idea, there are books by Dolores Cannon. There are 17 or 18 bucks, 19 bucks on this idea of transcripts of people in the deepest level of hypnosis, the where their higher selves come through, and they talk about why they incarnated.

At this time, there had been thousands and thousands of people that have been through what is called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHTT), people go through this and what they do is they come out and they understand why they incarnated, maybe why they incarnated with certain people in their life, maybe why they add certain types of relationships while they went through a certain amount of abuse or whatever it is, and these higher-self comes through, the ego gets out of the way and then they communicate with it and thousands and thousands of people.

I've said the same thing chose to come to earth right now because the earth is where it's at. There is something happening on earth that has never happened before in anywhere else in the universe, and that is a shift in consciousness at a global level. Even though not everyone you look around right now, a lot of people may still be asleep.

There is a global shift in consciousness that is beginning to happen and we are all. If you're even listening to this message right now, you are at the forefront of it because you are aware of it right now and when people continue to go through this over the next 15, 20 years or however long it takes, and it'll be an ongoing process, you may be at the leading forefront where you can also add value and help people understand what they're going through.

That's what I believe. I believe that if you're listening to this message than you are at the forefront, you are meant to be somebody that holds the space that holds for this level of transformation that's happening. We understand that at a higher perspective and because everyone wants to be here right now, there are seven over 7 billion people.

The population keeps growing. Earth is where it's at. The vibration is speeding up the vibration of the planet, the People's consciousness. It is so much that we can accomplish in this lifetime because of what's happening globally that everyone wants to be here, so understand that the shift in consciousness is going from the ego's reactive mode of thinking.

We are the Avatar to understand that we are also a larger point of consciousness. We are all connected and understanding this connection to the higher-self that we all have.

That is the shift. When we shift from having and doing into being present to the moment, say yes to the present moment right now and body, the presence of who you become present to the moment understand that you are so much more than you can even imagine and when you say yes to the present moment because you shift into the present moment knowing that you are all incomplete. That is when everything in your life will begin to change.

You are holding complete. You are not just to Avatar you’re not just the ego. You are consciousness itself. You realize that you have chosen everything in your life from a certain perspective. Maybe not from the ego's perspective, but from a certain perspective, and the more you absorb in this, you can then choose what you actually want, but unless you take responsibility, which means the ability to respond responsibility, unless you take responsibility for all the choices that you've made, at a certain level, you continue to be at the effect.

I'm encouraging you to wake up from the dream of effect, to wake up from social conditioning to knowing that you are so much more than you can even imagine, and the more that you absorb this, the more your life will actually change. 

The Alignment of Your Energy Systems with the Law of Attraction

What I'm going to show you is how to have alignment with your energy systems understanding how this can be a complete game changer in the process and how when you do these things happen quicker than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you. The ways you can go about the alignment of your energy systems and understand how this influences the Law of Attraction in a powerful way or how this at least allows things to come into your life in an easier way because of you.

Become of the vibration that is necessary to experience what you want. In our life, we always get a reflection of where our vibration is. Our vibration is a combination of how we think how we feel how we act. It's the different patterns that we have.

 And one of the most I think the missing keys are so many people is simply understanding the state of being that we are in when we are in a higher elevated state of being because we love what we do over passionate.

That then causes us to raise our frequency when we raise our frequency then our thoughts have more power because the energy is coming through easier than ever.

It's like there's more high potency with the process. In general, when I'm talking about this idea of the alignment of our energy systems let's talk about a couple of what those are because the more that I've aligned myself to this understanding and to my own energy systems the more things have happened in a very powerful way.

And for a lot of people what I see is that some people may be saying oh I'm focusing a lot I intend a lot for things to happen but I feel like there are just these blocks or there are different things that they're doing. And even though they're taking action they feel like it's just not happening.

Well, this could be why. And this normally is the reason when it comes to us creating what are what we want with the Law of Attraction or just, in general, we must have our different energy systems all aligned in one fluid direction.

Imagine that every time you think of something you think of something and you have a goal you have a vision for something you want to move forward. But every time you think of it you didn't think of something else. It's like you take one step this way then you take another step this way you change directions and then you keep on switching the direction and therefore it's not likely that you're going to get in that exact way the way that where you want to get it's likely that you're going to get there efficiently if at all.

The key is understanding and to align it towards a vision. This is going to be a combination of our different energy systems which means the emotional energy system the energy in general that we have our passion our mental and all of these three things.

This is the three main ones. You could say that there's also a spiritual type energy so when you're doing something that you're really passionate about you really have a purpose for when you align all of these together all of these energy systems together in one direction of where you're going. That's when things happen in a very powerful way.

You have the mental, emotional, and the body. These are all important parts of the process. And for me, I've realized that the more in the beginning to my YouTube channel I used to talk a lot about that of taking massive action which can be powerful because that is a lot of people is the missing key because of people into the Law of Attraction.

Many of them will be using that of the thinking of the thinking about it and the thinking about the goals or think about what they want. But the missing key is the way of bringing that goal that thought in mind into actualization. And for a lot of people taking action may be the thing that makes all the difference in the world. But at the same time if we don't align our body into it which means we may have to do something physically then the idea remains in the ether.

You see our thoughts while we think they don't exist we think that there just thought patterns that we have inside of our brain. The truth is the world that is around us like for example the energy field. There's an energy field around my body the Hartman Institute has shown that everyone has an electromagnetic energy field that goes around their body a pterodactyl field.

And when we think thoughts we think oh I'm just thinking thoughts and they're just that's what it is they're inside my brain. In actuality when we think of thoughts we are creating electromagnetic blueprints of it and the theory grounds we may not actually see it but what happens is when we think about something the more we think about it the more our emotion into it.

And then when we take action is the more that thing becomes more and more solid. Anything that you have ever seen in your life was once first thought of the mind before it was created.

Anything that you see that is made by the lamps the glasses the pillows anything was first created as a blueprint in the mind. And then it was used to create it into reality. In the same way when we miss that key in the process then we end up creating blockages within ourselves.

It's almost like the energy just doesn't move in that direction. I'll preface this also with a spiritual type connection. For example, I used to be really into this is like 5 6 years ago before I knew I wanted to be on YouTube or I wanted to share these ideas. What happened was I knew that I wanted to be successful.

What I did is I went out and I learned something called Kindle publishing which is where I was learning how to like outsource books make books and put them on Amazon.

And that was something that I was interested in doing so I took a course on it was learning about it but I wasn't passionate about it. I was really passionate about and it was actually more stressful than anything else because I had to manage people that were writing it and writing the books and I wanted to be a certain way and all of these different things with the cover of it.

All of these different things but I wasn't really passionate about it. I remember doing it and it felt so much energy for me to put into it. And I just didn't feel passionate and I felt like almost certain things would happen with things that were kind of messed up that may be either showing me that are not in alignment with it or that I should look for other things that maybe isn't the ticket.

You know at the time I just try creating a passive income to quit my job. But I went through that and then realized that if I am actually passionate about it's very effortless for me to put my energy into it.

For example, I started making YouTube videos. When I was making YouTube videos, I get behind the camera. After about a couple of weeks of doing it, I began to feel flow state that I couldn't explain. It was just like I get in front of the camera make the videos and it's like it's just this feeling this is an emotion that emotion is telling me that emotion of passion is telling me, "Hey continue to keep doing this because this is what you love."

For many people that may be the missing key. They may be doing something they're not really passionate about. They might be thinking of it they might be taking action but the missing key could be that it's not really something that moves their soul.

It's not something that they get excited to get up every morning and I wake up in the morning not trying to brag or anything, but I get excited to make a video to do things I'm in Los Angeles right now I'm going to go meet up with another YouTube. And it's a cool lifestyle that I've created through following my passion. And if you're looking at this just know and you want to also be on YouTube you want to share your own ideas you want to become whatever it is you want to do be or have you can do it.

The key is believing in yourself and knowing it is possible for you many times the Law of Attraction, in general, can be the golden nugget that was even really talked about but in general with the “WoW” attraction manifestation the missing key for a lot of people is they focus on all of these things.

But do they even believe that it is a possibility for them? Because if you rationalize where I am, for example, you say oh he's lucky you know or that's just you know a one-time thing that he has Ord's because he's this type of way or he is a very extroverted personality so I'm sure that's why all the key is actually knowing that anything you think of and you put as an excuse will hold you back when in actuality I think anybody can do what I do if they're really passionate about it and they continue to put energy into it.

It's about knowing that it's about moving forward with that and believing in the possibility of it before anything else. Because if you don't even believe in the possibility it's not going to happen because you always get a reflection in your life of what you believe to be true and then the key to that is the alignments of that. Let me ask you a question.

Can you imagine the best version of you right now doing exactly what you'd love to be doing? Passionate to wake up every day feeling high energy a lot of emotion loving what you do.

Can you imagine that version of you? Because if you can. That version of you that you can imagine right now. That image of that version of you is a bridge to you being in alignment with that. You're something. Sometimes we don't talk about a lot in the Law of Attraction but how is your body in correlation. With what your experience. What I mean is not just the action you're taking but how healthy are you.

The reason I say this is because the more I've got on top of my health than eating food that increases my energy level nutrient-rich foods the more it's raised my own vibration it's easier for me to have that sustainment of going in my passion going in the direction. There's a lot of there's an intimate correlation between what we put into our body and how we feel.

And when it comes to this process if you want to increase your energy levels change your diet look at or you do an exercise every day. It's scientifically proven that when you do exercise you increase the amount of serotonin and dopamine and you decrease the amount of cortisol. You balance out your hormones just by running for 20 minutes a day or 10 minutes a day or walking or doing something at the gym whatever it is.

But, that's not talked a lot about in the Law of Attraction because it's more about the thinking and the emotion the doing. But as well dig about your energy about how you feel and if you can leverage all of these things together you know some people talk about yoga is about a union it's about the union of mind body soul and in the same way of these different energy systems that we all have.

It's about being aware of which ones are in alignment because of the key the secret to this whole process. Is aligning all three or four or however many energy systems this is into one direction. Your mental. What you are focusing on your intention. What you're feeling.

And you move into that direction your energy levels in general. That continues to move you why are you doing what you do your body the action you're taking. Plus, the food you put in your body for how much energy that you have how much energy you are generating. You see it's never about I remember I think I heard this quote from Brandon Bouchard he was saying you don't.

It's not about having the high energy it's about aligning yourself by eating the right foods by doing the right activities to generating more energy and the lighter you can hold the more energy you will have. I focus on eating clean. I focus on doing a lot of exercises because that's what I love doing. And here's the thing once you do it for a certain period you start to enjoy it.

You will if you don't go to the gym at all right now and you start going to the gym you won't like it for about a week. But after that week you'll start to love it because you start to associate it with fuel and positive you start to associate the benefit you get a feeling good of fitting the clothes you want or feeling lighter when you go to bed at night or feel more energy when you wake up in the morning.

Find out what works for you. But understand that the secret to this whole process is aligning all of these energy systems together. For example, I'm doing what I love by filming videos. When I film videos, I can do a flow state. It elevates my emotion with that I'm focused on my goals and focus on helping other people focus on adding value.

I merge this spiritual connection into it because I know my purpose I believe is to add value to as many people as I can so I focus on that value and by doing that. It's almost like it moves through me it's like it's almost like it's just it's something that I want to do but also that it's almost like it helps other people so it almost just amplifies it from there. I do have to work. My body is eating. I'm eating good food that makes me feel vitalized.

And then I do an activity that makes me increase my energy level so that I can do things like speak in front of people or I can do things like making a video every single day no matter what.

And I'm studying I'm currently doing research to on things I'm passionate about so I can learn new things that I can explain it to the people that watch my content. Those are ways that I like it. But let me ask you a question How can you do this for you. A lot of times in our life, in general, to change our lives in a very powerful way. All it takes is one choice one decision that we make.

And right now, you could make that choice you could make that decision by just choosing. I'm going to align all of these down together right now. What you can do is write out that piece of paper.

The emotional goals all of these things write it all down and write down what those goals are and write down what you will do to align those together. What will you do and how can you take action every day. Maybe one thing per category a day that you do to become more optimized and then do that every day because over consistency everything changes in a lot of times as well with manifestation in general.

We think about it in timelines in our mind right. I'm here and I want to get over there. How long will that take? Instead of focusing on three months in the future you can have that goal but focus on mastering your day and doing things that over time with repetition will lead you to your goal.

For example, rather than stretching this all out of my mind and thinking about this whole long process I focus on what could I do every single day that will make the greatest amount of difference for me that's making a video every single day. That's me emailing people that are on my newsletter every single day that I develop a powerful relationship with them where I added a lot of value to them.

That's me doing a couple other activities every single day go to the gym every single day. Healthy every day I do these few things every day. And it seems hard but it's not. Once you get to the habitual pattern of it once it becomes the autopilot it's easy.

But over time over a month to month three months four months it's completely an indescribable feeling plus it's totally a different reality altogether. It's about being aware of that you may not need to master your whole entire life master your day first.

Make a choice and make a decision right now that you're going to change your life that you're going to align all of these different levels together. Write it down on a piece of paper. All the different levels all the different energy systems and align them all towards one goal.

Take action every single day and the direction your life will change. I promise you that. But you just have to stay consistent.

Take action every single day and the direction your life will change

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The Holographic Secret to Improving EVERY Area of Your Life


What I'm going to be showing you is the truth on reality, understanding the holographic nature of it, and how you can change every area of your life easily.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you a powerful understanding that I think will totally transform your life and it's the nature of the way reality works. In general. It's understanding something that science has been coming to understand, but as now becoming more seriously taken into consideration and we're starting to learn more and more about this whole process. ​

The truth is, and with this I'm going to be showing you how to practically apply it with that of life in general because maybe your experience, it's where you want to increase or you want to improve success in your life, but you find out that it's quote unquote hard to do.

Or maybe you have one area of your life that you know. If you just make it a little bit better, it'll be something that transforms your life. And sometimes what it could be is what I'm going to be sharing with you today. It's understanding this idea and how when you do this one thing, everything begins to change. First off, we need to address understanding that reality in of itself is a hologram or is holographic in nature.

A hologram or a holographic understanding what this means, hazard with understanding the one and the whole. If you have a hologram, maybe you remember, I remember when I was growing up, I had those old Pokémon cards. You'd have the pitcher part. It would be a hologram, which means that when you moved it, it would look like it had some type of three d depth to it, but in a hologram, every little piece is also full of the whole entire piece and it means that the one is the hole and the hole is the one.

Let's look at a couple other patterns in life of how this works. We have that what is called reflexology in our body, we have our hands and we have our feet. If you've ever been in, had a massage, maybe you've had a reflexology type massage, which you'll notice is that there's these charts and these charts. You'll see that the nerves in your hands and the nerves in your feet run, and there's Oregon's the same nerves that run through the Oregon's run through certain meridians and the hands and certain Meridians and the feet.

Why is this? Well, when it comes to the holographic nature, in the same way that a hologram will have every little pixel, we'll have the whole image within it, so does our body in the same way. We may have our hands, we may have our feet, but that run through our hands that run through our feet.

We have the same nerves and we have the same pinpoints for certain organs. That's why they say like if you have a headache, if you were to press on a certain of your body, like right here in your hands, you begin to relieve pressure in the head because there's certain parts of your hand that relate to the part of your head, so it's almost like the energy flow opens up.

This is something that they use in acupressure, acupuncture, this is something that they use when it comes to reflexology, like when you're getting massages. It's why sometimes you may just get simple massage and you may start to feel relaxed and so many different ways. Well, there is a correlation between the body, how relaxed it is, and how the mind feels and how you feel. This is about understanding this idea of understanding.

The one is the all new, all are the one. Let's look at us as a society. Let's look at collective social conditioning. If we look at just conditioning in general, we look at the collective consciousness. We see that within our body we have that have cells that go through our body.

Hopefully we have a lot of healthy cells and then of course, every now and then there'll be the six sales, what they call cancerous sales. These cells take more from our body and it's something that we have to fight in order to keep ourselves healthy.

In the same way that we have cells inside of our own body and we can stay healthy if we put nutrient rich foods in our body, we stay healthy. If we do the right things and we exercise, we put a little bit of stress on our body, then our body tends to rebuild itself even stronger and our energy levels tend to go up.

However, in the same way that we have cells inside of our body and our body is over 70 percent water in the same way, the earth itself has cells on the body of earth. Those are called people, and not only that, but the earth itself is over 70 percent water. It's very interesting this microcosm to macrocosm type correlation and how the one is the all in the all is the one.

I’m going to explain that and help you to understand that we live in a holographic nature type reality. The cool thing is that we are so much more than we can possibly imagine that we exist here now and that it is highly probable that this in itself is a virtual reality, that we exist at a higher level of consciousness.

We are unconditional love and bliss. That is who we are and we have a dream of life experience on earth because we forget that that's who we are and even though that seems painful, there's a lot of benefit in that. Imagine you're playing a video game and in that video game, you know it's a video game.

You're not. Might not take it as seriously as if you in a way log into a video game that you think is real. This is a very real feeling video game from a certain perspective. That's a metaphor, but it's a certain perspective when at the fundamental base we are unconditional love and bliss and we are also all connected.

The reason you feel unconditional love and bliss when you look at someone else's because that's your natural state of being. When you fill that positive emotion, you're allowing more of that to flow through.

You anytime you feel separated from someone else or you labeled them in your own mind, that label is defining them and that won't feel good, so it's about being aware of this intimate correlation. When it comes to this whole process, collectively, we are creating our own reality and individually we are creating our own reality collectively because we're all doing this together.

We're all one consciousness. This is why almost all the great sages of our past, all the enlightened masters that we can imagine, they've all said the same thing. We are all one. Love is all that exists. Everything else is an illusion. It's about being aware of this and then using this to transform our life.

And I think that if you do this, it will transform your life. But I had explained all of that so that you see these patterns so that you know this is something that's actually true or something. At least you can relate to.

When it comes to understanding this holographic nature of reality, how can we apply that towards our life? Well, this is what you do when you change one area of your life and you focus on bettering one area of your life that will influence many other areas of your life.

Let me give you an example. If your intention is to become more successful, but you don't necessarily know how to become successful, one thing you could do is you could get on top of your health. You can start to eat healthy. You can start to exercise regularly. You could increase the health sector of your life, this section of your life, because many times if you do this, you will then have more energy.

You might find that you feel very drained of energy. You might find that you eat a lot of food that brings you down, and by doing so, you don't have the energy to become successful because it does to become successful. It does take energy. It doesn't mean it has to be hard, but the energy can either be something that you will allow because what you do is you get on top of what you put into your body.

You focus your mind in a certain way, and once you're, when you're focused on what you're passionate about, it's easy. It doesn't have to be hard, but it does take energy. With this, if you increase the health in your life and you start to get on top of your health, you say, you know what? I'm going to make the choice right now to become very healthy.

Guess what? You may find that you have more energy, that as you have more energy, you come up with more vital and creative ideas that these vital and creative ideas then lead to you becoming more successful.

If you want a relationship, maybe become more healthy because as you are feeling more energized, you have a more of magnetic type energy. Then when you're around other people, you're more attractive. You see there's many, and then it can work in many different areas.

You could do that and then get your relationship. Maybe you already have a relationship, you get that going 100 percent and then that energy of that relationship's not draining you anymore because now you've worked on your relationship and then you have more energy to put in success, to put into health, to put into whatever different area you want to improve in your life.

The reason this works is because when you improve one area of your life, you give the opportunity to increase all areas of your life because they all link together. The way I wanted to say this to you and the purpose behind it, my intention is that you look at your own life and look at the different areas of your life right now.

When you improve one area of your life, you give the opportunity to increase all areas of your life because they all link together.

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How do you feel about your relationships? How do you feel about success? How do you feel about your health? Those are the three main areas, but there's so many different subset areas that you can look at. Look at these and then decide is there one of these?

That would be the easiest for me to change that. Not necessarily the easiest, but you believe will have the biggest impact on you. And then what you can begin to do is you can begin to do that. You can begin to change your life in that way and you'll find that if you just focus on one area of your life, it will eventually influence many other areas of your life.

Maybe as you go to the gym, then what happens is you start to meet more people that are fit and in shape, that have a lot of energy, and maybe they just so happen to also be successful. And then what you do is you surround yourself with these successful people and that influences you in subconscious ways.

And then that improves the finances of your life and you have more energy. And as you improve the finances, every life you'd let go of a lot of stress that doesn't serve you, which means all your other relationships start to go deeper with their family, significant other, whatever it is, friends.

You see one area of your life. If you make the choice right now to change one area of your life, you will find that every area of your life begins to raise as well. Because the microcosm, the macrocosm, because this is a holographic type reality in nature, in what we can begin to do is use that to our advantage.

Right now, choose one area of your life that you can begin to change and simply make a choice that you are going to change it, and then what you could do is follow that up.

Start to create momentum. Start right now. Take a little action. Move in that direction. If it's health, if it's relationships instead of success, whatever it is, and start to move in that direction, you'll find that everything else begins to raise because of it, and then you start to create what you want in your life. The main reason I also wanted to make this is to share this understanding of the patterns of reality and understand that we are all one consciousness.

I can look down there and be like, that's them. That's other, and this is me that's emphasized in the label, that's emphasizing the form that's emphasized in the ego. At the fundamental core, everything in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true and every one is a reflection of the one consciousness probably different video because that will go even deeper.

#20: How to ENGAGE with Life and SHIFT your Level of Consciousness


Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and I run this podcast. I also have a YouTube channel. I also run that today we're going to be speaking about how to engage more in life, how to engage more with who you really are, how to move from the autopilot mind of being at the whims of society.

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I see some beliefs blowing around how we can move. I used to be a leaf in the wind. The wind would just take me wherever I was going. I really didn't have any of that attention. Therefore, it's also think of it like the metaphor, like a boat in the ocean. Imagine there's like a sail boat in the ocean.

There's no sail up and just the waves are just carrying it wherever the waves want to carry it. When instead, if we were to throw up that sail, all of a sudden, we'd start going in the direction that we want. Well, what does that sail? How do we set up that sail? What do we have to do in order to do that? How do we move from that of the, uh, the passenger seat into the driver's seat?

How do we do that safely? Like, we want to do that, but that sounds kind of dangerous. Were in the passenger seat. We want to move to the driver's seat. What do we do that, why we're driving? Do we stop the car?

Do we get out to the car? Do we walk around and then get in the driver's seat and then start going in the direction that we want? How do we really engage in life in the safest way possible? Is it dangerous to be, you know, taking an engaging with life. I mean, in this episode, that's exactly what we're going to learn. We're going to learn how we can move from the autopilot mind into engaging with life in a powerful way.

I know that was pretty dramatic in drove, but, uh, hopefully, hopefully it got you psyched up for today's episode because I'm ready. Ready to help you engage more with life and understand how to shift your level of consciousness. That you go from effect, effect, effect, stimulus response. This is happening, this is happening to. I'm at the cause, not the effect.

I am part of the happening in itself. This is something I've been working on lately. As you may have known or heard me talk about. I'm so currently creating something that's called the shift experience, the shift experience with Aaron Doughty and it's going to be both a live event which I traveled the world doing, Webinar webinars.

I traveled the world doing workshops on and it'll also be a course that shows step by step how to go through, have this shift in consciousness so that you also raise your vibrational set point because when you go through a shift, when you start to let go of a lot of this stuff that no longer serves, all the sudden you start to feel differently.

You're like, "Whoa, I feel way different than I did before." Because you start to realize that the way you felt before was just on autopilot and that you didn't have to think the same thoughts.

Therefore, you feel same emotions, therefore get inspired to take the same actions and then as you start changing these things that, because you're trying to become better has remember the ego, the thing I want to do and the thing I kind of want to bring into that of a, my teachings now is understanding the ego in a new way and knowing that a lot of people are trying to use the law of attraction in a way just from the ego, x perspectives of wanting more from an “egoic” point.

It's not a bad thing, but you have to be aware that you're doing it. Like, I can be aware that, hey, I want to grow a YouTube channel. Hey, I want to, uh, you know, maybe have a book one day and travel and do this and have this kind of lifestyle. But I'm aware that that's something that I have, that's a believer.

That's a desire that I have, but I'm not being swept away with it. And having that as something that like drives me, um, as if that's going to bring me happiness. It's like what we have to realize that we can also be happy right now in the present moment. I want to share with you some of the things that helped me along the process of moving from more of things that are happening to me too.

Then me moving into that driver's seat in a way, because most of our life, unless we become aware of it, unless we consciously decide that we're going to move from that of the driver of the passenger seat to the driver's seat, and I don't mean the ego by the way, we might be saying that. It's like, well it may. It may require a little bit of willpower, but it's not like the ego that has to run the show because a lot of times the ego wants what is comfortable.

The Ego wants familiarity because it wants to survive. The Ego's job is not the thrive. The Ego's job is just to survive. The autopilot mind is most likely the ego's safety mechanism to stay consistent in what is familiar and in order to move beyond that, what we have to do is not project ourselves. To the future is not to say, well, if I do this, this, this, maybe I'll accomplish this in the future.

It's more so about becoming present to the moment and saying yes to whatever we are experiencing. This is the shift of consciousness that I went through and for a long time I was. I had a story, like a narrative that was running my life. If I think too, one of the things that changed my life the most, and maybe you've heard me say it before and talk about it, but it was honestly, it's just making daily YouTube videos because at the time I was working at Nordstrom's.

I was working full time, 40 hours a week and I knew I wanted to be on YouTube and I only had maybe a thousand, a couple thousand subscribers on YouTube and it was by no means something. I felt like I could just leave my job and do that full time, but I had this story in my mind. I had this like fairytale, like, like I was like, okay, someone's going to come into my life and it's going to be a main public speaker.

They're going to see all this potential in me and what they're going to do is they're going to say, Aaron, US see a lot of potential in you. I'm going to put my money on you and I'm going to help you go full time with your passion and I'm going to give you a platform to share your message and all of this stuff and I'm going to say thank you so much.

I've always known that this is going to happen and then I would go and go about that and then I would become. For some reason I thought that it was like a mentor or something I was going to put me on. That was a story that I told myself and I was in this kind of the leaf in the wind type thing, waiting for it to happen. Making a video a week on YouTube, looking around like, why isn't things growing?

Well, I'm still waiting for that mentor. I still have this story in my mind that there's going to be some mentor that comes in that's going to be like, Hey Aaron, you've got potential here you go and then have the golden touch and all the sudden I'm this like very successful person. That was a story I told myself and that held me back for many years or probably be about a year of me making videos from really going all out.

There was just this epiphany I had. I was just like walking around my house. I was uh, I was in the, in the hallway upstairs at my dad's house. Believe it or not. I actually moved back into my diet at the time because I was like, I want to be full time on YouTube. And I had enough, you know, I was, I had an ex-girlfriend.

We were living together and then we broke up. She moved back to California and when she moved I was like, okay, so I'm going to move in with my dad so that I can start pursuing this full time thing because I don't want to have. I don't want to be selling shoes my whole life, you know, there's nothing wrong with that by the way.

I think sometimes I talk about that my podcasts or on social media and my old coworkers are like, what's wrong with being a shoe salesman or sales person?

My was talking bad about it by any means. It's just not something I was passionate about, you know? I just knew it wasn't what I was meant to be doing in life. Uh, but yeah, I was walking around my house and I just simply knew that this is not something I wanted. I knew that if I thought to myself, it was really a one question I asked myself. I asked myself this one question.

I said, what is the one thing that I could do every single day that would change my life the most in a year? That in a year I would look back on and be like, wow, that changed my life. And I just asked myself that question and that the answer that came up for me was to make a video a day. It was like, I don't know if there's a voice out of the clouds and just does like make a video a day or if there was some mentor that just popped in.

My mind is I hit Aaron, Tony Robbins, I hit errands, make a video a day. And I was like, Oh yeah, that was, that's great. That's what I should do. I was like, “Okay, make a video a day.” And I just had this feeling in the moment. I had that thought. I felt like this rush of energy through my body. It was like just a mild rush of energy.

It was like, okay, a video a day, I'm going to do that. From that point going on, I started to make a video a day no matter what. And there are times as working I'd get done at work because I live in Vegas and where, you know, things are open till late. Um, so barneys New York, which is like a high end retail store, I worked in women's shoes, I sold shoes that were like $800 to $1,200 for a pair of shoes.

And I worked there for years and I was there and I get it. I get done sometimes at midnight go home, like, oh, I got to film a video, got to edit the video, got to post the video and I get to bed at like three and I wake up at seven or eight the next day. And I did. That. Didn't happen all the time, but it did happen sometimes.

And just to show you the kind of mindset shift that I had because I would've never done that with the older mindset and be like, well, that seems hard. Why would I do that? There's still someone that's going to put me on one day. It was going to be this mentor is going to come along. It's going to be like, “Hey Aaron, you fricking awesome. Here you go. Here's your platform.

Here you go. You could go ahead and make all your money now and give you some.” I give you permission to do so. But what happened was, is more so than just me, I'm going from my passion. It was like I started to engage with life more. I started to experience it more. I became, I became just so in the moment because what happened was is the more I did it, the more I enjoyed it.

It was almost like the more I would get in front of the camera, the more I would enjoy being in front of the camera and the moral flow state would happen. That was the moment. That was something that really changed my life because then within four or five months I was able to get rid of that nine to five job. I was starting to figure out how to make money. By then things really started to grow. Within the first month I had one or two videos start to go viral and as those videos went viral brought in a lot of people.

I went from two or 3000 subscribers to like 40, 50,000 subscribers in a month or two. And I was like, Whoa, okay. And then I remember asking those couple other YouTube is. I reached out to us that had like a little bit more than me. They had like 60 or 80,000, so I was like, hey guys, when can I go full time?

Like as assets as asking them permission. I was like, what will it take me to go full time? What subscriber count? And I remember one guy, he's a friend of mine now. He's like, yeah, it doesn't, it's not a subscriber count. Just depends on a lot of different factors. The numbers really, you know, you could, you could do that 10,000 subs if you, if you have the right strategy. And was like, oh. Then it started to change my, my mindset, my belief about it.

And as I then started to see the opportunity, that's when I started to really double down on that and figuring out the business side of it. I was going to leave in the beginning of August, but I was like, no, I'll wait because I knew it was going to be busy. I waited until that day. That was like a celebration for me in that moment on.

I worked for myself, I'll never go work for anyone else again because of my mindset, you know, just because they don't have to, but also, it's my mindset. I could never work for someone else because of the way I think now and the person I became, you know, and this whole process as well.

When you start to engage with life, it's not about what you can achieve or what you can get or even it's about who you become because now I've become the kind of person that I look at different challenges in my life and I'm, I'm the kind of person now that I know I can figure it out because if I could figure it out to go full time on YouTube, if I could figure out how to get rid of a job I didn't like, if I could figure out how to transmute that pain of my past, of like the childhoods, like the kind of childhood that I had and I can go through all of that.

Then what else can I do? You see? It's almost like you can take all the pain from your past. You can take some of the challenges you're going through where maybe you've been at the effect before at the stimulus response. The main thing you have to do in order to experience this as you have to start, you have to stop intellectually in all of these stories and you have to start just simply being.

That's the shift because I was like, I kind of in a way imagine the best version of me, what I'd be doing. I was like, and I always thought I'd be making videos. I'd be traveling the world and speaking well, what is a platform for me to do that and to create it myself? Well, there's YouTube. No one has to me on YouTube.

You don't need an agent to put you on. You don't need a network marketing or whatever you call those. Some networks that's going to put you on you do it yourself, and that's the cool thing about YouTube as clothing about social media is that if you want to make it, you can. You just have to be putting in the work.

You have to be adding the value, you know, so I put my whole brand and everything that I'm about, around adding value to other people because I've been through pain. I've been through being the leaf in the wind. I've been that boat in the middle of the ocean that has no direction.

But what happened was as I started to develop an empowering vision and one thing you can do to start to engage in life is to have a vision. Have a vision for what you want to experience. Be aware if it's, whether it's just the ego. Why do you want your vision? Sometimes it could be just the ego that's like, oh, well, if I had a really nice car and I've had this and I had that, then I could feel happy, but experience the present moment right now, knowing you could enjoy the moment along the way.

You can join, you can enjoy the process and the more you enjoy the process, the more you find that you shift into the present moment and in the present moment is where everything happens. You know, I don't know whether it was like I started doing so many YouTube videos that I started to get into a flow state when I got in front of the camera or if it was more so just that's my purpose in life.

I just feel that naturally. I don't know whether it's the chicken or the aid that comes first, but whatever it is, simply decide that you are going to experience life and you're going to see the person that you become. That's what's most important is the person you become. It's the experience of it.

You know, a lot of times we have these labels. We have these stories that we tell ourselves. Like I had this story that there's some mentor guy who is going to come into my life or some mentor girl some coming to my life like, Hey, this is what you could be doing is how you can be successful.

And I'd be like, that gives so much is a story that held me back. What stories do you have in your mind? What stories of disempowerment do you have in your mind that caused you to be alive of the wind?

One of the main ones is what are your beliefs about life? Because if you believe that life is happening to you, then you'll remain in the victim mentality. And sometimes people hear me say that and it's like, oh, this guy talking about victim mentality. What has he been throw? He's probably had it a very entitled life.

I've been the victim before. I've been the victim. I've had an ex step mom that was abusive, both physically, mentally. She's a sociopath. She still is. I don't mean that in a mean way. I'm just calling it like it is. I mean, if you shouldn't to be diagnosed, that's what they would say. And she just, uh, I went through a period of my life where I had no power whatsoever. I experienced, at least that was my story that I told myself. And because of that I didn't, you know, I lived a certain way.

And then up until 15 years old and my dad divorced or all of and I have all this freedom again, but I still had patterns within me of the past being at the effects, meaning that they effect being at the effect because I didn't deal with it and experience those types of things. Here's the thing, when something happens, like my ex step mom, you notice to give it a little bit of a backstory just for a second as maybe you heard me talk about it before and the reason I bring up the past, sometimes you know, sometimes people will ask, they're like, "Well, why wouldn't I just let go of the past?"

Never talk about it again. Wouldn't that be more powerful? Mean bringing it up? But the reason it happened, the reason I have to bring it up is because people need a reference experience and to know that I've experienced it and they kind of relate to it.

It's something I used to relate to other people so that people know because I could never talk about it again and probably would have less effect over me. But I've. I've used that as an empowering story and a metaphor because I have a platform to help other people go through the same thing because there's a lot of other people that were abused growing up or had an abusive parent or a went through bullying or whatever it is, and people can relate at some level.

That's why I bring it out. Let me just. First off, let me just clarify that, but just to give it a quick backstory except step mom was in my life from seven to 15 years old and in that period she, in a way, my dad was a fire. He still is. He's like firefighters. He's gone 24 hours a day, works on an off 24 hours shifts.

I and my brother, my brother's three years younger than me, we were always around her. She was very manipulative. She had something called or has something called borderline personality disorder where she just gets very, very angry. Um, and she, I think, went through a lot of pain when she was growing up. That's how she thinks that she has to treat other people.

But uh, what happened was me and my brother, a lot of times we're locked out of the house. We weren't allowed to eat very much in the morning. We were given a bowl of cereal, only one bowl. We were allowed. And then, uh, at the end of the day we're allowed to eat one TV. Dinner wasn't very much food. Me and my brother were very skinny, very malnourished, and we weren't allowed to watch TV.

We weren't allowed to have friends. If you wanted to watch TV, we'd have to break into the house when they would, when she would leave for work, we were locked out of the house. We had to do all these chores, raking. We had like half an acre of property. We're constantly doing stuff, digging trenches, doing just random stuff around the house or around the outside of the house. And then we would have to do all this stuff and we would then eventually try to break in the house. 

We go watch TV or we can try to eat some type of different types of food. You know, we'd always sneak because we weren't given, we weren't given that kind of. I'm kind of almost the bare necessities, right? We were totally, there's a certain way we had to think we had an earned going to school. If we got in trouble, would get taken away from us. We weren't allowed to like go to forensics debate tournaments or band camp, you know, that stuff would get taken away from us if we didn't admit to the line about something that we didn't lie about and she was just a very angry person.

Went through all of that. And then what eventually happened is I developed this pattern, this story about how the life works and how reality is and that I'm not worthy. I developed a self-image around it and here's the thing. Fifteen came around, my dad divorced or all the sudden my brother and I have a lot more freedom or allowed to watch TV. We're allowed to have friends, were allowed to eat food and like we're not reality more than one serving of food.

When I'm not just a TV dinner, we're allowed to like, you know, what we want. It was, it was such a feeling of expansion in that period because it wasn't like we were, were then like spoiled. We were just giving the bare necessities, you know, it's like all the sudden we were allowed to just do what every other kid was doing, you know, and um, we're allowed to have friends and stuff.

It was just, it was a big game changer. But even then there was still a pattern within me of being at the victim because then eventually I went to and I worked at Nordstrom's and women's shoes when I was going to college. And when I was working at Nordstrom's, I eventually got into a department where I had a manager and this manager had almost the same exact traits of my step mom.

It was like a pattern within me that attracted that kind of person in my life because I hadn't dealt with it yet. What happened was, is I was in my life like for years, no matter what, like people, everyone who tried to get her fired because literally she was so abusive mentally, she would say the main, like the main things, but she was protected by upper management so she wouldn't get fired.

Here's the crazy thing though, when I learned meditation was when I worked at Nordstrom's, I learned meditation, learn how to observe my thoughts are and how to observe my past and I started to heal my past. I started to let it be there within a week of doing this and I never learned meditation before that I fell a lot of resistance. Maybe know my story, the whole ADHD thing, but what I did is I let that go. 

When I let that go, within a week she got fired. It was almost like as I allowed the past to be there, as I reframe past experience and I realized I was no longer the victim, I could observe my thoughts, observe my beliefs. Within a week she got fired. It was incredible. What does that mean? That it's like me that did it. I don't know. All I'm knowing that is it in my own life.

The moment I started to feel it embodied the emotion of what happened to me of the past and I started to integrate it. It was the moment that then it dropped the vibrational resonance of those things in my life. I even then after that one, the next step, mom, one of the first girlfriends I had kind of resembled my step mom. She had like, she was a very controlling type person.

Always trying to control what I did. I was always like the loud one. I was always too loud. I always had to be a certain way, you know, I'm always, always kind of like, I've always been kind of like somebody that, you know, I like attention. I like that this is kind of like being a, being a fire sign. I don't know what it is, but that's just how I am. But I had an ex-girlfriend, my first ex-girlfriend after that, one of my first girlfriends after, uh, the whole step-mom thing and 15 years old.

I was like 17 years old at the time. She's very similar. All of the sudden I deal with all of this stuff. I feel the emotions of what I went through. I allow it to be there. I reframe it and I integrate it. And then all of this stuff leaves, right? I mean, I actually already broke up with that girl way before. Um, but in general, I never attracted to myself a person who's controlling like that again. Um, I never had to be in that kind of experience again because I let go of it vibrationally.

If you want to shift your consciousness, and if you don't want to be a leaf in the wind, what I recommend to you is to actually experience whatever happened in the past to let it be okay. That it's there to let the emotions come up. Because many times something will happen in your past.

If you want to shift your consciousness, and if you don't want to be a leaf in the wind, what I recommend to you is to actually experience whatever happened in the past to let it be okay.

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Maybe your parents divorced and you think it's your fault. Maybe something happens and somebody it's very embarrassing type situation in a moment that happened. Normally what happens is we resist the moment we exist, the experience in, in the resistance of that experience.

We caused a pattern within us that then attracts to us similar experiences that happen over and over again. It's about being aware of all of this. Being aware of all of this pain, of whatever the experience of it is, an experience it and once you experience it, you complete it. It's like it comes full circle.

I've experienced and I let it be okay that I experienced that negativity, that I experienced the control of my step mom, of even that manager that I had. I let it all be there and in the letting of it be there and the experience and really absorbing it and allowing it to be there.

It then transforms. If you want to shift from being a boat in the middle of the ocean with no sail, put up your sail and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come up and in that feeling of it, you'd didn't let go. It's almost like think of it like sand bags that are inside of the boat that are holding the boat from moving anywhere and as you let go of it, as you pick up those sandbags and let go of the past, you allow them to be there and you just let go of it having power over you.

Then you start to let it go and then the boat can more easily move in the direction that you want. You're letting go of all of these ties that are holding you back, all of these things, but let it be okay that they're there. We sometimes we judge ourselves and we think that we're supposed to be more spiritual.

We're supposed to be better than this, but the truth is we are perfect the way that we are. Let it be okay that you experienced it and you actually experienced it more so than just an intellectual idea because I could have said that I was abused growing up on my step bomb, but that is a story you could say.

Well, no, it's true. You had an abusive ex step mom. She was mentally and physically abusive, but here's the thing, that's a story that I tag onto the situation. What actually happened, what actually happened is, yes, she may have hit me and my brother that may have happened, but the abuse is part of a story and this space, they aren't harsh to some people, but it really helps us to start to see things more as the story, what happened in the story that we tell ourselves about what happened because saying that we experienced some type of a s ice breakers.

I experienced social trauma when I went in front of the class and I didn't know how to give a presentation. I forgot my lines and it was silence, and then that was like a. people were laughing. That social trauma. No, that's not social trauma. All it was I went in front of a group of people.

It was a meaningless situation. Everything in our life does not have meaning unless we give it meaning. My ex that mom could have hit me. It could have happened, but the meaning I gave that was, oh, she's abusing me. That's the experience. That's what I, that's what I may have felt in the moment.

That's maybe even what I experienced, but most of what we experienced is a label. It's not actually what we experienced is the interpretation about what we experienced and is the label of us our past and our parents divorced and all of this stuff happened and it was it my fault.

That's all inexperienced, so the key is knowing that we can allow it to be there in by allowing it to be there. We then transform the past and when we transform the past, we transformed much of the beliefs we have about life because then I realized that I don't have to believe life is hard. I don't have to believe that things are happening to me.

I don't have to believe I'm a leaf in the wind and say what I can do is realize that the true power is not the eagle controlling everything. The true power is in choosing to experience the moment right now. Say Yes to the present moment. If negative emotion comes up, say yes to it. If positive emotion comes up and say yes to it, if negative comes up, say yes to it, say yes to whatever comes up because you can start to observe the mind.

You can start to observe all of this. The more you observe all of this is, the more you take your power back. The truth is you and you alone can start to embody the present moment more and more.

You can start to say yes to the present moment and the more you say yes is the more you start to realize that you can choose what you want in your life, what you have to first off, take responsibility for what's happened in well.

Responsibility means the ability to respond, the ability to respond in the ability to experience, experience your past. Go into a meditation and experience what it was like and let it be there. You may find emotions come up. You may find it's painful, but allow it to be there because then as you allow it to be there and you experience it, you relive it.

You will then be letting go of what doesn't serve and you will then be transferred to transforming your life. You will move from a leaf in the wind to be an on your purpose. You will move from the boat just drifting in different directions, then going and you put it up the sail and you go in and powerful way.

Abraham Hick’s Meditation for Getting into the Vortex INSTANTLY


Today, I’m going to be sharing with you and Abraham Hicks appreciation meditation for getting into the Vortex. Instantly. In this meditation, I think will be an easy go-to anytime you want to get into the vortex so that you create what you want easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you that have an Abraham Hicks Meditation, one that I created looking at all of the teachings of Abraham Hicks and putting it into a powerful process that you can apply to get yourself to a state of the highest vibration possible.

This has to do with a couple of different fundamental factors, but the main intention and the reason I made this blog is that I recently did another video on Abraham Hicks, meditation for getting into the Vortex, and the feedback has been incredible.

There are people that have said that they had been crying while doing the meditation because it opens up their heart so much. If you go to that video, just look at the comments. It's just phenomenal the kind of impact it's had, and it's not necessarily me, but it's just the. It's the teaching of it. It is the power of being in the vortex that is so powerful.

The attention with this article is to give another video that can do a very similar thing when it comes to getting into the vortex and going at it from the point of view of that of appreciation. Before we go into that, the meditation, what I like to do is explain these ideas from the viewpoint of the teachings of Abraham Hicks so that when you go into the meditation, it makes it easier for you to wire in these ideas and then also it helps to create a transformation within your own life because then you start to see the world differently.

In order to understand appreciation, let's understand first of that of vibration. If I were to show you the scale of vibration right now, which is a scale that is conscious, is commonly referred to in the book, power vs force by Dr. David Hawkins and Abraham Hicks is a scale of consciousness where at the bottom you'll see emotions as to shame, fear, guilt.

Eventually, you see moving up to neutrality. This is when we learn how to observe our thoughts. This is why a lot of times Abraham Hicks recommends that of meditation. Then eventually you'll see willingness and then eventually you'll see reason, reasoning, reasoning. It's more of using the mind, the intellect, and then you get into love, love, joy, peace, enlightenment at the top.

The idea is throughout our day and throughout our focus, we're constantly shifting through different vibrational states of consciousness and different vibrational states of being.The key is when we feel negative emotion, what we can begin to do is one, allow the emotion to be there, become present with it, and then what we can begin to do is begin to let it go because as we let go of the lower emotions, we start to raise our vibration and the higher our vibration is, not only is it the better we feel, which is like a window in of itself.

But also you're going to be able to have a more magnetic ability to attract what you want because your thoughts are going to be much more potently focused. What you do as we move up to that have the willingness and then eventually we get into love. Love is appreciation.

Appreciation is anytime we look around and we feel it goes beyond that of gratitude. Gratitude is something that we normally have based on these circumstance that something is here. Like I'm grateful for my car as long as I have the car, but when we get to appreciation, it's something that's more, more long-lasting. Appreciation is more of a vibrational state. When you feel appreciation for something, the way that you're looking at that something is in alignment with that source energy.

This is something I've been teaching on my channel even be before that of really diving into Abraham Hicks content because the idea is that under the old way of looking at transforming our consciousness and raising our vibration, we think it's we have to pile on a new idea.

We can just pile on a new idea. We would then have a higher vibration now that comes at it from the frame that we are naturally low vibration and we have to try to become more than trying to become more is the resistance.

The key is understanding. First off, we are source energy. When you say, when we look at it enlightenment, when we look at that of unconditional love, peace, joy, that is who we naturally are. What we're doing is we're having the temporary experience of being in a physical body and by doing that sometimes conditioning of our lives, sometimes the belief of our parents, all of these things may weigh us down, but that's not who we really are, so the key is to really let that go.

When we look at someone else and we appreciate them, what we are thinking of is in alignment with the version of us. That is that source energy. The source energy has unconditional love and bliss source energy has that have an alignment of allowing the moment to be. You'll see a lot of people that become enlightened say that enlightenment is not that of an attainment.

Enlightenment is a realization in the same way. It's not. We have to attain enlightenment. We don't have to attain a higher vibration. All we have to do is let go of what doesn't serve and understand that it's our natural state of being.

When you feel appreciation, you're feeling in alignment with your higher self, your feeling in alignment with that of who you really are. You as being source energy.

When you feel "appreciation," you're feeling in alignment with your higher-self.

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That's having a temporary physical experience in what we call life, so this is about having that awareness as we go into this meditation because what that helps us to do is to know that this isn't something hard. This is something that's natural. It is natural for us to be in a high vibrational state of consciousness because that's who we really are.

 Anything else feels hard because it's denser. It's us trying to be something we're not as Abraham Hicks would chase us holding the Bob under the water. It just wants to go back up. That's the natural set point is the Bob with the air. It's natural for it to be on top of the ocean, but what happens is we hold it down because we say, no, look at these lower emotions.

Look at what this person did to me. Shame, fear, guilt, whatever the negative emotion is, and we're holding that bob down, but that's not who we really are. If we let go of the Bob, I'm holding it under the water.

It naturally floats back up, so in the same way that naturally floating back up into the level of appreciation is who we really are. In this meditation, what we're about to do is we are about to go through a visualization that would allow and help us to gain momentum with the appreciation starting with small little things and then moving it into more and more detail of our day and have the natural vibration of who we are.

What we're going to do in that others meditation, it's connected to this higher-self version of us, this higher self that is naturally in unconditional love and bliss. That's who we are. We're going to connect to that vibration because it's not like it's we need to talk to our higher self as if it's separate.

We're still connected. They're still a vibrational connection that we all have, and what we're going to do is amplify that vibrational connection to see what it's like to look through source energy. Right now, what I'd like to ask you to do is we're going to move into that in the meditation.

I encourage you to listen to this meditation when you are either able to lie down or to sit and meditate, preferably with no distractions, so that you can really absorb in this type of benefits, and what I encourage you to do is to set the intention right now that you connect to the deepest part of yourself and that you connect to this unconditional love and bliss of source energy that you naturally are.

Because when you set that intention, you then increase the probability of it and what you do is you allow that intention to come to fruition. Let’s go ahead and take a deep breath in. Deep breath out and feel your body relax more and more. Take a deep breath in, breathe out, feel your body relax more and more. It's going to take in another deep breath in, deep breath out and fuel our bodies. Seeing into more relaxation.

Fueling yourself loose and more and more. Put your hands over your heart. The reason we do this because when we put our hands over our we put attention in our heart center, the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head. That's what the heart math institute is shown.

Put the awareness into your heart and know that the more attention you put into your heart, the more you grow the energy in it and the more you will feel unconditional love in your body. Let's take one more deep breath in and out. Breathe it out. Feel how now the energy inside of your heart has begun to increase even more.

I'm going to ask you to close your eyes if you wish and just know and set the intention that right now through this meditation, you are going to connect to the deepest part of yourself, more than you ever have before. You're going to connect to source energy, which is who you really are, and put the awareness first in your head, but the awareness and to that of your brain.

You could feel the energy behind your eyes. Feel your eye muscles relax, loosen up, but the awareness now into your jaw. Feel your job. You get to hang loose, relax, relax your tongue. Feel the energy in your neck now, but the awareness in your left hand, your left are and imagine it loosening up, feeling warm and relaxed, but the awareness now in your right arm, your right hand, feel and loosen up the energy and now put the awareness into your chest, into your hands over your heart, and imagine that there's energy inside of your hearts, a ball of energy, any color that you like, imagine that it's spinning in a clockwise position and as it spins faster and faster, you can feel right now.

This tingling sensation of love begins to increase inside your heart's. Imagine that ball of energy, any color you like, spinning faster and faster, and the faster it spins, the more you feel this. Love the fastest spins. The more you know that this is who you naturally are. Put the awareness in your abdomen it relaxes, loosen up your left leg and foot, loosen up your toe.

That fuel. Relax your right leg, your right foot, loosen up your right toes. Imagine that there was a wave of energy that flows through your whole body, that you and you could feel yourself letting go of any entity that does not serve. Imagine it leaving through the heels of your feet. Any energy that doesn't serve, there's a wave of energy flowing through your head, your tours, so through your feet and feeling any energy that doesn't serve. Leave through the heels of your feet.

As you put the attention on the heels of your feet, you can feel the energy leaving you were letting go of any lower vibrational energy that does not serve you. Anytime you want, you can simply remember, put the attention on the heels of your feet and you can release energy that's not serving. Imagine that you're in a very relaxing Zen-like place.

This could be a place that is indoors or outdoors, could be by the beach in the forest. Could it be that? Have a very relaxing room. Imagine you're in this very Zen-like place that you can always come back to anytime you want to do the deep inner connection, to really connect to yourself at a very deep level. Look around. Notice how relaxing this place feels. You feel like this is another form of home, maybe a place that you've kind of forgotten about consciously, but you've always known. Deep down is here.

As you look around right now, what do you see? Imagine whatever you see becoming brighter, brighter, what do you hear? Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder. How does it feel to be in is very relaxing and loving place?

Imagine that feeling becoming more and more powerful. Notice that as you look around, you can see that have a chair, and as you look at this chair, this chair is maybe 20 feet away. You noticed that this is a chair that you have been in before. This is a chair that anytime you sit down and you reconnect through the eyes of a source, you reconnect to source energy, which is who and what you naturally are. What we're going to do is we're going to begin to take steps towards this chair and right now we're going to take 10 steps towards this chair.

With every step we take, we are going to fuel our body, relax more and more, and we're going to feel the love in our heart to increase. With every step that we take, I'm going to count down from 10 to one with every number I count. Take a step towards this chair and feel yourself relax more and more. Ten, take a step. Starting to move in the direction of the chair, and nine, with every number I count, you feel your body becoming more and more relaxed. Eight, double the amount of relaxation.

With every step you take. Seven, feeling more love in your heart. Six, feeling this energy began to increase in your heart. Five, getting closer to the chair for just a few steps away. Three, two, one step, double the amount of relaxation and one you are now at this foot of the chair.

And what we're now going to do is we are now going to sit in this chair. Before we do that, I want to let you know that when you sit in this chair, you are going to have thoughts that link up to this source energy version of you thinking of what you appreciate in life is going to be very, very easy.

Anything you focus on you, we're going to find things to appreciate. You're going to find things you love about your life. You're going to find that sitting in this chair reaffirms to you that unconditional love and bliss is who you naturally are. You really are source energy. Knowing that let's now turn around, sit in this chair, and the moment you sit in this chair, you can feel the energy through your body begin to increase.

You can feel this lightness. Begin to increase inside of your body. Pay attention to how high vibrational your thoughts, our focus right now on something you appreciate and notice how easy it is. You could appreciate something very general. You could appreciate that you were able to have this meditation right now, that you were able to find time to do this.

You can appreciate that you're able to connect to your heart center anytime that you want, by simply putting your hands over your heart. You can appreciate people in your family very easily. You could appreciate life circumstances, even small things such as something you can eat today, water you can appreciate being able to do what you want when you want to do it.

You can appreciate having the abundance to be and do and have whatever you want. Put your awareness now on a few things in your life that you appreciate. It could be things that you have. It could be people that are in your life. It could be activities you're able to do. Even the smallest things we can appreciate. We can walk around.

We can go to different places. We can spend time with an animal. There are so many things we can do that we take for granted that if we simply put our awareness and our appreciation on, we begin to link up with our source energy of who we are. What do you appreciate in your life right now? Think to yourself, I appreciate dot, dot, dot.

What do you appreciate? As you can tell, the more you do this, the easier it gets for you to focus on what you appreciate right now. It is so much easier than it was a minute ago because you've started to gain momentum. What do you appreciate in your life now? Think of a person that you appreciate. What do you appreciate about them? What do they do that you appreciate?

How do they look at you that you appreciate now? What else do you appreciate? What's something that recently in your life happened that you appreciate and you are grateful for, that you know is going to lead to something even better? Feel that appreciation now, this feeling that you have.

Understand that this is who you naturally are right now. You are looking through the eyes of source and whatever you looked at from this point going forward, you're going to be able to see things as they are and appreciate them as they are.

Understand you don't have to try so hard. Trying hard implies that you're not there already. Instead, simply know the truth, that everything is perfect as it is except what is allowed, what is to be, and as you do that, it can then transform the eyes of a source, sees everything as love and bliss, and this is who you naturally are.

What I'm going to do is count down from 10 to one and with every number I count, you're going to feel this source energy flood through your body more and more. This is going to be a very intense experience in a very positive way. If any emotions come up if you feel like crying or releasing it is totally okay. Maybe you'll feel a level of bliss inside of your heart that you've never felt before that is totally normal. You are now going to allow more source energy into your body and to flow through than ever before.

Imagine that there's a dial on the right side of this chair and this dial is marked from that of one to 10. What we're going to do is go from 10 to one. 10 is the least amount of source energy coming in. One is that of the natural vibration of source energy. I'm going to count down from 10 to one. As I count, we are moving the knob from 10 to one.

We're going to feel an increase of love in our hearts, unlike anything we have felt before and allowed yourself to feel whatever comes up now begin to feel present to the moment while you're in this chair. Put your hand on that dial and know that right now we are at 10. You can feel yourself. You feel the source energy beginning to flow through your body. Nine fuel it starts to increase with every number I count.

You're feeling double the amount of relaxation side of your heart center. You can feel it emanating from your heart, flowing through your whole body, feeling it increased even more. You're being on the field. This vibration, unlike anything you've felt before, seven, deal yourself, release what doesn't serve field, double the amount of relaxation and love inside of your body.

Six, even more, energy flowing through right now. Five, four, feeling an increase of source energy, feeling and knowing that you are love and appreciation. Three, feeling it begins to increase in your body even more to just when you thought that there couldn't be even more love. You're beginning to feel it trickle into your body even more.

Any of that, of emotions that come up, allow them to be there. Allow yourself to release that doesn't serve it is, oh, okay. Allow yourself to feel what comes up to end one. Feel this source energy flow through your body right now. You are completely linked up to the source energy that you naturally are. You are source energy. You are unconditional love and bliss, and from this moment going forward, you will know that you are forever changed because you can simply remember this meditation and you will be in the vibration of your source energy.

Feel this energy flow through your body. Notice what you perceive of in your life and how everything is perfect as it is. You don't have to try hard. Everything is perfect. You are seeing through the eyes of source everything you see as love and bliss and you can appreciate things in your life at such a deep level. Soak in this vibration of source energy.

Allow yourself to let go of what doesn't serve you are raising your vibration and as you do, you may find that you let go of things that no longer serve vibration right now is higher than it has ever been before, consciously in your life. From this point going forward, this will eventually be your natural set point, so in this vibration now I'm going to count down from five to one.

Every number I count. You're going to feel more alert, more present to the moment knowing that you've just shifted and that you can appreciate things in such a powerful way of knowing that is forever changed. Five, fill yourself now. Becoming more alert, more present for feeling the energy inside of your body. Begin to move you. Feel yourself becoming more here. Three began to move around now to begin to wiggle your toes and your fingers.

One zero. You can open up your eyes now and simply know that you have shifted. You are now in a very high vibrational state, which is your natural state. From this point going forward, you're going to find that things in your life are easier to appreciate than ever before, and what I do is I recommend that you do this meditation for at least 21 days to wire this in as your natural set point to wire in this source energy because this is who you are.

From this point going forward, simply know and have the awareness. You don't have to hold the Bob under the water, that if you are, you can let go of what doesn't serve. You can realize the truth of the matter is that you are high vibrational to begin with and as you move through this, you'll see more and more of who you really are, which is that unconditional love and bliss.

3 Powerful Ways To Feel Worthy INSTANTLY (GAME – CHANGER)


What I'm going to be showing you are the three ways to feel worthy instantly, and I'm going to show you ways of looking at life in general that may completely change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Now, I'm going to be sharing with you the three ways that you can feel worthy, instantly and how you can begin to tap into more of who you are. The reason this is so important is that I've been sharing videos on the Law of Attraction on my YouTube channel for about two years now and in it, I've shared, especially in the beginning of my journey.

I talked mainly about how we don't always necessarily get in life that which we want, but we always get a reflection of who we are being. The reason I say this because sometimes I say this and people feel a little bit discouraged about it now, it doesn't mean you can't get what you want.

But what it does mean is if you believe that what you want you are not worthy of, then you won't experience it because it'll be outside of your realm of belief.

It's not so much that we get that which we want, but we always get a reflection of who we are being. Let me ask you this question because for years I dealt with this myself, I didn't feel worthy. My question to you is what do you think you deserve?

Because most likely what you experienced in your life right now, you are getting a reflection of not only what you believe in, but also what you think you deserve. Sometimes this might sound a little bit hard to hear because when you hear that and you're thinking, you're thinking, well, what am I?

What do I believe I deserve? And all I say is just look around. Because if you look around, you'll see what you do deserve and you'll be aware of it. And the thing is sometimes what's happened is something happened when we were younger and in a moment we decided that this is who I am.

This is what I deserved. When really you deserve so much more. It's just about getting outside of that little bubble that you may have been created subconsciously when you were a little bit younger.

1. Getting down to your first memory

The first way that you start to become and to feel worthier instantly is by doing a simple exercise. It's getting down to the first memory you have. Sometimes this memory will be kind of buried. It'd be kind of buried in the subconscious mind, but you have to get to the first childhood memory that you can remember.

The first serious memory doesn't have to be negative, but in general because maybe you have a very positive self-esteem and maybe something happened when we were young that really re-emphasize that. But in general, you'll see people like Tony Robbins, for example, who does a lot of personal health seminars, and he deals with the work of transformation.

I'll ask that question a lot. He'll be like, what is the first childhood memory you have? What's the first memory you can remember? And the reason he asks this is because when we're young and an event happens in a moment, we decide that either this is the way life is or this is the way I have to be in order to get what I want. This has done it like a subconscious level.

The key is being aware of what those first childhood memories can be. My buddy, Victor and I were in the, we were in San Diego for two days. I'm in LA meeting with a couple of other YouTubers out here. He flew back today. Uh, but we were in, uh, San Diego for a couple of days. And last night we watched a movie in the AIRBNB. We're at, there's a movie called the king's speech.

And in this movie, there's a guy, it's a British movie. Very good movie by the way. There's this guy that's about to be King Henry the sixth or something like that, and he stutters and he can't talk. He can't talk fluidly. It's like he stutters when he speaks and he asked to give a very important topic because he's about to be king because his dad passed away and he stuttered.

It's like how powerful of a king would he look if you couldn't even speak, so he has a speech coach and in it the speech coach is taking them back and helping him understand and it's a weird. It's a funny dynamic because you got this guy with an ego and he's trying to help break down this guy and take him out of his ego so that he can realize that he has this past childhood trauma that happened when he was four or five years old.

The king, a King George or whatever he was the sixth when he was like five years old. He got in trouble and in a moment when he was getting yelled at, he decided that this is who he was, of course as a fictional character, but this happens all the time and money. I'm assuming speech coaches and people that have problems like stuttering, uh, most likely stems from a root belief of something that happened when they were young.

And this happened even for me, for example, there was a certain level of feeling not deserving from Ireland, childhood because of the way I grew up between ages of seven to 15 and abuse of step-mom. But, between that period, I and my brother were reinforced continuously that we weren't good enough. Coming out of that, when I was 15 years old, my dad divorced her.

All of the sudden I have all this freedom again. And I still felt that I felt such a lack. I felt such of undeserved mobility because of that past experiences. But this is what happened. When I became aware of that experience and I started to observe it, I started to transform it then. I started to feel worthier.

The key is in the light of awareness and simply becoming aware of the memory that is holding you back, that's when you start to really transform yourself in a powerful way and it could be as simple as the very first memory that you can have that you have that had an impact on you and in many times what happens is sometimes the mind even block out the memory that's before that.

Remember the earliest childhood memory that you have and then imagine a memory before that you might not to really intended for it to come up, but many times there's something that happened even before that memory that we blocked out because the brain, it was too much for us to handle this.

A lot of times happens and it's when you become aware of it, it changes everything. Sometimes people think, oh, it's got to be more complicated than that. Like you can't just find out this memory and then automatically change your life, but it really can be that simple. It's only our beliefs that say, oh, it has to be more complicated. We need to make a complex.

It can be that simple because when you become aware of it, you see you don't have to continue the story. You don't have to continue the narrative, you know it's something that you'd been to let go of.

2. A completely new moment

The second way that we let go of not feeling deserving and we can start to feel worthier instantly is understanding that in every moment it is a completely new moment. As we are shifting our perspective of this now moment, our cells are constantly dying and being reborn, so the story that we tell ourselves continues to take on this momentum of its own, but we can change that at any moment.

We decide now, for example, I'll share with you a little bit of my story with this. When it comes to labels. I used to label myself as I had ADHD, which means simply I had a lot of energy, have a lot of energy. I still do, but I reframed it and what happened was is I went to a doctor.

They gave me this prescription drug called Adderall and I took that and that helped me focus, but the real harsh side effects like you couldn't eat very much, couldn't sleep very much. I took that for years and then I was like, eventually I need to find something else. And uh, because of the harsh side effects and I eventually came across meditation.

I was working at Nordstrom's at the time in women's shoes and I remember learning about, I remember learning about meditation and the science of it, like the benefits of it and it was like just black and white science.

Like if you do this, you increase the Serotonin, the dopamine in your brain and what Adderall does, it increases dopamine. It's like, okay, I'm going to try this. What I did is I learned meditation has absolutely changed my life knife. Not only did he get off Adderall within two weeks of doing meditation, but I became aware of all the beliefs I had that were holding me back.

I believed that I had to take Adderall. And because of that label, it continued to create the situation. Believe in. I had ADHD continued to create the momentum of that over and over again, but I could just let that go and the moment I let it go was the moment things began to shift for me. The moment I became aware, once again they shined. The light of awareness on that is the moment everything began to change.

As I became aware of that belief, I let it go and my whole life changed and in the same way, I always start to able to feel more deserving because anytime we believe, imagine it like this, we have an energy field around her body. Every single one of us.

If I had my handy dandy notebook right now that I have in my other videos, you had known to be able to draw this beautiful stick figure of me or just a stick figure and then this energy bubble around it. Imagine this energy bubble around a stick figure and imagine that there's this flow of energy that's constantly happening.

The Heart Math Institute has shown that there is a toroidal field around her body that goes six to eight feet around our body. At least, and what happens is in this energy field, there's an easy flow smooth, a smooth flow that goes through it.

What happens is the moment something happens that we don't think that that thing should be there. What happens is the moment that thing happens and we, the way we relate to whatever happens is a negative thing. We create this jolt in our energy pattern and we create this kink in our hose in a way, and then we create this disturbance in our energy field and what happens is when we go out into the world and we will then link up.

Because we always get a reflection in our life, of our energy, a reflection of what we believe to be true, and it will in a reflection of how we feel because there's this pattern within our energy field. We link up to experiences that reflect that back. We may have just this kind of something that happened when you were five or six years old in our energy field and it just kept being propelled, kept being perpetuated because of the story that we tell ourselves.

The truth is that every moment our cells are dying and being reborn, but it's like we're almost not aware of it simply because we are telling ourselves the same story day in and day out. You know, I had to change my story. I have ADHD too. I have a lot of energy that I need to ground and I grounded by meditating 10 minutes, 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at night. Become aware of what that is. 

Here's another interesting example they've shown. This is scientifically proven. It's been an experiment that many times people with personality disorder, multiple personality disorder. What they have found is that people with multiple personality disorder, when they're in one personality, say they're in the personality of Darrell, then shifts to another personality of that, of Derek and when he's going from Daryl to Derek and Darryl's body or Darryl's personality, he may have completely healthy body, be a very positive person.

He shifts to his other personality and the other personality. Derek is a negative that is a little bit more negative and because he's more negative, he has different thought patterns and that Derrick may actually have a disease actually in the cellular body, like if you were to take that of the sales in that person's body and Derek's body and put them into a petri dish and test it, you could see that that person has some type of disease or some type of sickness.

However, when they shift 10 minutes later into another personality, you could test their body again and then that disease is not in their body. How is this possible? The way this is possible is either get more esoteric care. Either we live in a simulation and the pattern of the energy of how we identify ourselves as continuing to perpetuate itself.

It can change on a dime like that, which I believe is probably by the way, and that's something that science is beginning to show. It doesn't need to be a scary thing. Sometimes people hear simulations like, well, we live in a computer or something.

No, it just means that there's a deeper level of consciousness and that things are based on patterns and it doesn't have to be a scary thing. It's actually very empowering thing because once you learn how to use it, you can then kind of direct your life in a powerful way and you realize that you are so much more than the Avatar body that we live in.

Anyways, the idea though is that they shipped that person can shift from one to the other because we are constantly shifting from second to second based on our identity, based on how we identify ourselves.

Do you think you're worthy and if you don't think you're worthy, can you give yourself permission to change right now? You see that is the key. The key is giving yourself permission to change. Sometimes I find myself saying when I achieve a certain level of success, then I can feel happy.

Then I can be a certain way and I wait. I put my happiness on hold and then when that thing comes, it's almost like I feel a little bit let down because it's not as good as I thought, but if I conditioned myself to be happy to now, things happen quicker than ever. This is about having that awareness of understanding how all of these changes.

3. Mind rule

The third way that you can feel worthy instantly is by letting go of the rule in your mind of what it takes to feel worthy.

Many times, what will happen is we'll say, when I achieve x, y, z, just like I was fighting in a minute ago. But we all have a different rule set for what it means for us to feel happy and the expectation we have is something that unless we live up to, we will always feel less than that.

I'm going to say to say, well, you're seeing to lower my bar doesn't mean that you lower the bar of your goals. What it means is you give yourself permission to enjoy the process towards the goals and you give yourself permission right now to feel deserving and worthy.

The truth is you are always 100 percent whole and complete the only thing that will keep you back from that is being attached to identities that no longer serve or being attached to some type of definition or label that no longer serves and comparing yourself to other people, but something that will do it as well.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. I know it's easier said than done, but understand that everyone is only thinking of themselves anyway. If you were to go in the middle of the street right now and say something and make some weird gesture or whatever, people are thinking about it in terms of what does that mean for them?

Maybe they don't get it, that we're a gesture that you do. I still accept you but understand that if you do it, they're thinking of themselves as just kind of the way you. I mean just having that realization, you could then see, bring it back to you. Bring it back to how you feel about yourself because here's the thing. Whenever you feel about yourself, you're going out into the world.

You're projecting that out and other people are responding to you based on how you feel about yourself, so knowing that it means who cares what people think because it's more about what you think.

It's more about how you feel and the key to that is lowering the bar of what it takes for you to feel deserving or worthy and you will feel worthy instantaneously when you lower the bar and you know that you exist, therefore you are worthy and away saying that we're not worthy is in a way arguing with creation.

It's arguing with the universe because if you weren't worthy, you wouldn't exist. It's about understanding and agreeing with the universe that you are worthy because otherwise, you'd be doing something else. You wouldn't be here, but you have a purpose. You have something you could be doing.

You see, and that's something that I've come to understand more and more is the more I tapped into how worthy I am understanding that everything in my life is a reflection of what I believe I deserve. The more that that changes my life.

What I choose to do. Here's another tip, Freebie fire to put number four. Here we go. Number four put the awareness in your heart more often. Increase the energy field of your body. Increase the energy field of your heart. Learn to observe your thoughts as well. This, in general, will change your whole life. You learn how to observe your thoughts.

You learned that thoughts aren't you. Thoughts are just content, just information. We interpret the reality that we experience through our five senses. The thing is we may have certain thoughts that come up which are normally repetitions of the past, but we can learn to do is to observe them understand. There's so much more than what we experienced through our five senses.

There are emotions beyond that which we have priorly thought or felt experienced, and we begin to tap into that. When we let go of the content of our mind, when we let go of the repetitive thoughts, we've been thinking with the little bubble that we create around herself with the Lens through which we see the world.

There is so much more than that and the moment we begin to experience that is the moment we let go of the rules as to what it takes for us to elevate our emotion because when we're in a higher state of emotion, that's truer to our frequency. That's who we really are.

That's why when you follow your passion, it feels so good. Passion is the body translation that's telling you, hey, this is who you are. Keep doing this thing. When I make videos, I get into a flow state which is in a way telling me, Aaron continued to do this. This is who you are, this is what you're meant to be doing, and when I follow that passion, everything in my life changes and when I go for the passion first, I feel worthier.

I feel more deserving. I feel like things in my life work out for me because I'm in alignment with who I am and what I meant to be doing in my life.

It's about alignment. It's about understanding who you are, what you deserve. I know it is a little bit about the shadow work going deeper within, but when you, when you let go, when you become aware of these patterns, you shine the light on it. You can then let it go. You know, it's nice to see and to have some of these Law of Attraction teachings to where it's like I think it just keeps thinking it.

Just keep thinking it. But if you want to go in and unrooted and get to the roots of what you believe, that's where the power is because it's more so our beliefs create our reality than just the thoughts. In general, you think about something enough and you take action with it as well and you start to mold yourself and to get into the vibrational flow of it.

 You may start to believe whatever you're focusing on, but the key is understanding that if at the roots you don't feel worthy if at the rude you don't feel like enough, then pull and become aware of that. 

Pull out those roots and become aware that as you pull out those routes, you are taking your power back. You are allowing the light of consciousness to shine on you and you're able to glow in that realm of who you really are. The spotlight comes at you and you become the star of your own movie rather than the cameo in anyone else's.

Rather than comparing yourself to other people, you are enough. I encourage you to feel it. You know you can let go of the past experiences that you are constantly shifting and every single second, the cells of your body are dying and being reborn.

Rather than comparing yourself to other people, I encourage you to feel and embrace who you are. Remember, you are enough!

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Tell yourself a new story by letting go first to the story that no longer serves, so remember, you are worthy.

The Law of Attraction and the Higher-Self The TRUTH NO ONE TELLS YOU


Today, I’m going to be sharing with you the truth on the Law of Attraction with your higher self. I'm going to be showing you how to apply a couple of simple ideas that can totally transform your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you more on understanding the Law of Attraction in conjunction with that have the higher self. The reason this thing is something that people overlook a lot. It's almost like a doctor that is trying to treat the symptoms without getting to the cause.

With the Law of Attraction in a similar way many times the way a lot of people go about tracking what they want is the reason they want what they want is because they think it'll make them become more it or they think it'll make them in a way feel worthier.

What I am implying to you is that sometimes, certain desires that are ego has may actually be out of alignment with who we really are in what we want as a soul. As a larger stream of consciousness, so sometimes we may be desiring something.

You see some people they're like, oh, I want this, I want that, and sometimes that's something we can get, but if we don't, I mean in many times in the case it is something that we can achieve. But the thing is when you integrate your higher self with that, things happen easier than ever and also at the same time it becomes more conducive to the kind of person you came to be in your life.

What I was going to do is maybe show a diagram, but I'll just kind of explain it. Think about it like this. The thing is we have two different aspects of ourselves in general. We have the ego self. The ego self is the version of us that focuses in certain directions. It's the version of us that can sometimes be too identified with what we experienced in our life and then we have that to have what is called our higher self.

Our higher self is a higher-level consciousness part of us that exists right now in the present moment. And in order to understand this, we have to understand who we are at a deeper level because at a deeper level, we are infinite spiritual beings that exist, that will always exist, but we're having a temporary human experience.

And in this temporary human experience, we normally forget that that's who we are, that we are this greater level of consciousness. And because we forget that that's who we are, we sometimes identify with the ego more than we need to have more than we should. And that's something many of us do in our life. It's not like I'm on top of the altar, say, no, I'm perfect.

I don't have an ego. I what I'm saying is when we learn how to work with it, that's when powerful things begin to change. Here's what happens, because we're infinite immortal, spiritual beings having a temporary human experience before we come into her life, there are certain things that we want to happen when calling this our life plan.

Think of it like this life plan, certain things that we're going to experience, certain challenges that we're going to overcome, certain relationships that we're going to have. There's this life plan that our higher-self maps out knowing that it's going to go off course a little bit because the ego has that have the free will and this higher-self is still a part of us, but in general, there's a certain direction that our life wants to go in.

Here's the thing, we set certain directions and certain intentions for us to do something we're passionate about us to follow our purpose and helping other people or whatever it might be, and we set these intentions.

The thing is we have this life plan that's right over here and what happens is sometimes our ego is like, I want x, y, z. I want the Lamborghini. I want this. I want that. Not that those things are bad, but if those things specifically are the primary focus versus the focus being the passion, and if that is the case, what happens is that may actually take us off the course of what our higher-self has mapped out for us, so what happens is we are then intending for things to happen and tending for the materialistic things which aren't bad.

I'm not saying that we need to be mad if that's what we want, but it's to be more aware of why do we want that? Because here's the thing, if we have all of these intentions and all of these desires, but they're out of alignment with this passion out of alignment with this life plan, then what happens is we create resistance and we'll a lot of times create a lot of blocks because the blocks will show us how to get more into this life plan.

The easiest way for you to manifest from your higher-self is for you to follow your passion. It sounds simple, but it really is that simple. It doesn't need to be more complicated than that. Find out what you're passionate about if you don't know, set the intention to figure out what that is.

Set the intention to become a more passionate person about what you are doing or finding out what you could do more passionately that will put you into the frequency of that higher-self mission that you accomplished, you set to accomplish in your life, and then all of these things will come anyways.

Set the intention to become a more passionate person.

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You see all of these things that we normally want are that have the perfect husband or wife or that's of the perfect house, the perfect car, all of these things. Those are all side effects of the higher-self of living in that passion.

Those come anyways, but the primary focus with the Law of Attraction and the thing that I see so many people get tripped up about is that they want these secondary effects of something that should be primary.

Something else that should be primary. The thing that should be primary is the focus on being. It's the authentic part of us. It's doing what we are passionate about. It's following that because when we follow that, that is the highest level frequency in our life. Think about it like this. Think about it in terms of radio stations. We always get that which we tuned to.

If we are tuned to the station, that subconsciously as saying, I'm not enough already because I want this car. I want this person and there's nothing wrong. Like I said, with wanting those things, but the key is to first off, align it with the high vibration passion that we are and then those things come anyways.

I guess what I'm trying to say is normally what I see happening is just like someone might go to the doctor and the Dr. May give them a prescription for some type of a for some type of something that's going on in the body, give them a prescription.

They do take that prescription. They come back to the doctor a month later. The doctor gives him three more prescriptions to deal with the side effects of the prescription that the doctor gave a month ago, and then that just keeps happening over and over again.

Well, we can learn to do is get straight to the cars, get straight to the source of understanding why do we want what we want, do we feel whole and complete already because when we're doing our passion, when we're in our life path, we will feel whole and complete already and the old school way of doing it.

The way I even taught my channel for a long time that I'm starting to evolve the way of looking at it because I'm involved in my own way of looking at it is that normally it was create the right self-image, do all of this stuff and as you do in change yourself image and see yourself as this perfect person and all of these things, you will change your life.

That is one way to go about it. That does work. However, there's an easier way. The easier way is just being in the high-level frequency of the higher-self right now because we choose to because that's who we are. You see the self-image and all of this stuff that's coming from a paradigm that says, I'm not all incomplete already.

I need to do all of these things because once I do all these things, I give myself permission to feel whole and complete, but the key is knowing that that's an outdated paradigm.

That's the old school paradigm for the Law of Attraction. The old school paradigm for the Law of Attraction is do all of these things become successful and then you can feel good about yourself. The old school way of the Law of Attraction is focusing on the what. Instead of focusing on the why do you want what you want?

Because when you focus on the passion, if you start to ask yourself a new question, you will get new answers. The way the brain works, the brain is constantly looking for the answers to questions that the brain asks. The brain is constantly asking questions and we normally ask the question, how do I get what I want?

But rarely do we ask, why do I want what I want? And if we ask them why, we then see that reason. We want what we want is because we believe it will make us feel better.

But if we can go straight to being in that high-level vibration that we naturally are doing our life path, which is our body, that higher-self will find that those things come anyways and we don't have to desire. We don't have to go through all the blocks that are trying to get us back on that path.

You see our higher-self, our sole purpose, our sole plan that we have linked out before our life is something that we can easily follow by being the best version of us by embodying that version of us, but not from a place of lack, not from a place of that will make me more. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that you are enough already.

You don't have to try so hard. You can let go of putting on masks you can let go of trying to become more than you presently are. Instead, just be yourself, and I know it sounds too good to be true and it sounds cliché. Be Yourself. Everyone says that, but the truth is you become yourself by letting go of what doesn't serve.

And if there are these outdated paradigms that say that you have to become more to feel whole and complete, then that will be something that you constantly have to compete with. You are already enough and when you came into your life because you are of this high-level frequency, you are of this high vibration, naturally that is who you are.

You decided, I'm going to come into this life and I'm going to remember that that's who I am. That's going to be part of my life purpose. These are going to be the things I. These appointments that I set in my life purpose. I set the employment that I meet, this kind of person that I go through this type of challenge.

Maybe that this person backstabbed me or that this person does wrong to me, but the purpose of it is a lesson. It's to learn and that then you transcend it and you never have to deal with it again. You see, the earth is in a way, a playground. It doesn't seem like that sometimes because of the pain, but it is a school and a playground mixed.

It depends on the perspective. And it depends on where you are and how you relate to the process or how you relate to what you experienced in your life. But in it is a master class where we learn about ourselves.

You see in higher levels and higher dimensions, we are such a high frequency that we don't experience the limitations we do on earth and you say, well, that's what I want, but that's what we normally experience, but what we do is we log into the game of life.

We log into the game on earth and we slow down time. We don't have as many abilities and the higher dimensions, we're not bound by space and time. We can go somewhere instantaneously.

We're not. We don't have the slower rhythm of manifestation to where we have to think of it, desire it and all of these things and then we see it and we have to learn all of this in the higher dimensions. Things happen instantaneously. Imagine you think it is there, but imagine there's not much challenge with that. You can have anything you want, but if you put a little bit of rule set constraints like when you come into this life, you forget who you are.

When you come into this life, things are very much slow down, so you have to think about it. The higher dimensions, there are certain people that you might butt up against that normally you'd have a higher level of consciousness around so there's not as much challenge, but here you can get so much growth done in such a short period of time in 100 years of a life experience.

Here you can get so much learning that would take thousands of years in the higher dimension and who we naturally are. Not somewhere that we are right now.

We're simply dreaming that we're here. We are of that high level of vibration and the key is being aware of what that life purpose was that we set because we do have one and we have this connection to our higher selves and in this life.

I believe that one of the attention from a mass consciousness point of view was that many people will have the choice of merging with our higher-self because when we merged with our higher-self, we start to evolve our consciousness and as we evolve our consciousness, we live in a totally new paradigm. You see, normally the way it works is we go through a long-life experience. We die. We wake up as that higher level of consciousness.

Then sometimes what we'll decide as we decide to come back, we may take a long time, do things in other systems of reality, but in general right now on earth is a time of transformation. Maybe this resonates with you, me saying this right now because this wasn't something I was going to talk about, but does this resonate with you?

One of the reasons I believe there are so many people on earth right now is because this is the place to be. There is a transformation of consciousness happening.

More and more people are waking up to who they are. More and more things are coming into the limelight to where they can’t be easily hidden. Things that had been in the background for so long are starting to become in the front of the public.

People are coming forward and this information is getting out. His information is becoming more mainstream and I believe that this is a time of transformation of when people realize we are not. We don't have to be so limited anymore. We can start to transcend our own consciousness and people are going through awakenings, so great to see, nonetheless, we are this higher-self version.

This life plan that we have is more important than all of the things that we may get. Then all of the things we may desire and what I'm encouraging you to do is to focus more on this knowing that all of these things come anyways.

The car, the family, the house. Those will come when you do this because when you raise your frequency to your passion, your vibration will be so high that when you think of those things, those things manifest easier than trying to create from a paradigm of lack.

You are already whole and complete, you are enough, and the more you embody this higher-self aspect of you by following your passion, the more you raise your frequency, the more everything in your life changes.

3 Secrets of Your Higher-Self WARNING WATCH OUT FOR THIS


Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three secrets of your higher self that no one tells you, understanding the deeper part of this so that you can reconnect to this larger part of who you are and change your life in a powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you those secrets of the higher-self that no one tells you. I'm going to share with you ways of understanding this from a deeper level so she could start to apply things in your life in a powerful way.

Maybe you've experienced it before where you intended to create something in your life. You had a focus and intention, but sometimes there was some type of blocks that were happening.

Maybe you've had a feeling that at a certain level, maybe that was being held back from you. Well, I'm going to share with you the truth on that and I'm going to share with you more on who you actually are from a greater level of consciousness.

To begin this, let me just say and explain it using this. Let's say this right here is source energy. We are at our fundamental core, unconditional love, and bliss. That is who we naturally are. What happened in reality, what we decided to do is that we were going to have experienced and one of those experiences includes earth.

The thing about earth is that when you incarnate on earth, you forget who you are at a greater consciousness level. What happens is in many different other realms of reality, there are this. There is this remembrance of who you are.

There is this remembrance that you are in the immortal, spiritual being, living in a very short temporary human experience on earth. We live for about 100 years and the key is knowing who we are and we say, okay, I'm source energy.

I'm going to forget that that's who I am to see if I can remember, and I'm going to go through different experiences. I'm going to learn. One of the main parts and purposes of life is to learn to grow and to experience.

What happens is we're source energy, so what we decide if we're going to come down to earth and we're going to forget who we are. In a way, life is a form of a kind of like the metaphor of a video game. The reason this is because if you were to just be playing a video game, you wouldn't be taking that video games so seriously, but if you were actually to think it was real, you would treat it very differently.

In a way, we are led to believe that everything we experience in our life is real. Even though everything is over 99.9% empty space. Even though we such a small vibrational range of reality, we can only interpret it with our five senses, which are very limiting scopes of how we perceive. Nonetheless, we have that kind of experience that we can learn.

This is what happens. We come from source energy. Source Energy is unconditional love and bliss. That is our natural state of being. That is who we really are. What we do is we come to earth, we can call this. We have these two aspects of ourselves.

We have this higher self-part of us and we have this ego self. The ego-self is a lot smaller than that of the higher self. The higher self is closer to this higher vibrational source and really our ego-self could be at that level as well.

But the thing is the ego has attachments. The ego has identification with form. The key is knowing that when we come into our lives, there are specific desires we have from the higher self-perspective. I'll just put for higher-self right here. We as the higher-self have specific desires to experience in our life. Sometimes we may experience blocks.

When we have an intention from the higher self and we have a certain path, a certain life path of certain things we want to experience in our life, this could be life events, this could be meeting certain people.

You could think of this as appointments we've made from a higher-level point of consciousness, this higher-self aspect of who we are. This is still who we are. We are connected to the higher self. It is a part of our soul.

The ego-self is when we identify and when we react to our environment, the ego-self wants to have.

The ego self is still an aspect of us, but many times what happens is we get lost with the ego, so for example, we may have certain desires and these aren't necessarily bad, but we may just be focused on the money.

We may be just be focused on the relationship and what happens is if we are so focused on these, but these don't fit into the larger consciousness, the larger life plan that we had, then sometimes these things will be blocked.

This does not mean that we don't have free will. This means that the purpose of life, one of the purposes is for us to link up with the higher self and to align with the vision and the purpose of it.

I'll give you an example of this. I remember for a long time I wanted to be abundance. This is about five years ago and I wasn't making YouTube videos yet. I wasn't even really thinking of sharing my message with the world and I always kind of knew in the background that that was one of my purposes, but what I did is I just like, okay, I want to make money.

I learned how to do this thing called kindle publishing, which means I was going to freelance writers to write books and then market it and then make a royalty on Kindle publishing. I did that, but I knew it wasn't part of my purpose and I knew that at a level it was almost going to hold me back and distract me from getting on the path to me doing what my purpose is.

My purpose is to be making videos or to be sharing these ideas in some form or another now because that desire was out of alignment. It made me almost drained my energy to do it, to deal with the different people that were writing the books, to do all of these things that drained my energy.

What I learned was is that was out of alignment with my higher vision, which eventually I ended up because I let go of that. I ended up finding and realizing that what I really wanted to do was to share my own message.

1. Your higher self is constantly planning out

The first secret of your higher self that no one will tell you is that your higher self is constantly planning out and figuring out ways for you to get in alignment with this larger life plan over here. Let me explain how this might look as well.

Every night I'd be talking about this in a minute. Every night when you go to bed, you are reconnected as your higher self and you are reconnected to this larger stream of consciousness.

You're really always connected to it, but you're more focused with it. In a way, what your higher self is doing is it as planning out different parts of your day for the next day, for you to experience to see which route you go to see how it can help powerfully influence you.

This is still a portion of you, so don't think that because it's like, oh, I'm the ego wise by herself doing this to me. Your higher-self loves you because your higher self is you, but what's your higher-self does that night is in or in general, it is figuring out ways of getting your attention. It is figuring out ways of getting you to see things.

What it might do is your higher self, which is still an aspect of you will maybe have it so a certain event happens. Maybe something that would normally trigger you happens and when this thing happens, it wants to see how you responded.

Then that kind of probability, that way that person could have helped you isn't in your life. What happens is they'll give you someone else later on, but until you are aware of the signs and two, you are aware of what is being communicated.

You may just keep to blocking it out until you are ready. They always have that saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. That in a way is what happens with that. Of our ego self to our higher self, so there are many times that you go to bed at night that when you go to bed at night, your higher self is you.

You are as your higher self and you are planning out your next day. You are planning out what you will experience, seeing how you can learn, what kinds of things will come into your life.

Sometimes you think, oh, this is just happenstance. Just circumstance just happened. It may have been literally an appointment that you have made on this life path that you had from your higher self-perspective.

This doesn't always go according to plan, depending on the ego, but the higher self is always making little situations to get you to go back up here, and this is important because this alignment is where you want to be.

This is the highest vibrational state of place being that you want to be in. The funny thing is that the money, the love, all of these things, the little eagle. Once you get that, when you come here, when you go according to your life plan, because you learn and then you are in a way rewarded for it, but it's almost a higher vibrational state if you want to create from a higher paradigm.

First off, go with the higher-self life plan and when you do that, your vibration raises and you create things easier than ever. This is about really understanding that at a greater level.

2. Higher-dimensional state of consciousness

The second secret of your higher self that no one tells you is that when you go to bed at night, you are literally awake and a higher-dimensional state of consciousness.

I can recognize even at the ego point of view, I can recognize that right now I'm experiencing reality through the five senses. I can hear taste, touch, smell. I can have this level of interpretation of reality, but when I go to bed at night, I wake up to a whole new level of reality.

What you think of as your dreams may just be little symbols that your brain can understand what you're doing and higher dimensional realms. Remember, we come from source energy. We come from a higher dimensional state of consciousness where simply dreaming that this is who we are. I'm dreaming this dream of separation.

That's just a form of experience that I'm having and what I'm doing is intending to connect to other people, to help other people to in a way wake up to understanding who they are from a greater consciousness point of view, but at the fundamental level, we're all connected to the better I put out to the world, the more comes back to me because literally in a way it's selfish because I'm helping other people knowing that these other people are other versions of me.

But nonetheless, when I go to bed at night, I wake up to this higher state of consciousness. I wake up to this unconditional love and bliss and in higher dimensional states of consciousness, I am awaking.

The thing is in reality, I only interpret reality through the five senses. These up here, their senses, we don't even understand. There are ways of our brain could not even comprehend what we're doing up here, so we get little dreams.

I had a dream last night that I was in a classroom and I was talking to this person and that's like, that's like something that we might experience, but that's a symbol. The Dreams are symbols that communicate a message from our subconscious mind or from our higher self to that of our ego.

Mind also depends on how you use your dreams, but in general, when you go to bed at night, you are awake as this higher self and you are existing in this unconditional love and bliss. That is who you naturally are. You could in a way say that reality is more of a form of a dream than anything else.

And right now, from a higher-self point of view, you are in a way kind of asleep dreaming that this is who you are, a dreaming that you are your ego, but you're always connected to your higher self.

That is the second secret that a lot of people don't tell you that you don't really learn, but you at a higher level when you go to bed at night, you are awake to these higher states of consciousness. But when you come back and you wake up, you totally forget everything you're doing.

It's not even that you just forget, it's that your brain doesn't even have it a reference experience to begin with. Imagine up here, you can instantly, you know there's, there's so much more ability.

You can instantly go somewhere. Imagine you have the ability to manifest what you want instantly. Imagine you have the ability to feel unconditional love and bliss with everyone in your environment. Well, imagine you remembered that as the ego self. You would be like a separation. I got to experience all of this here.

You would kind of like, you wouldn't want to be here, but the thing is you have to desire to be here or you have to think that this is what is real. I look around right now and I see the grass outside and I see all of this stuff and his beautiful from a certain perspective.

But knowing the higher-level state of consciousness, it may kind of detract us from our life purpose. That is something that we do as well. When it comes to the higher self, we are at nighttime. We are awaking to these higher states of consciousness.

3. The higher level of frequency

The third secret of your higher self that no one tells you, and this is one of the game changers in my own life, was your higher self and is that your higher self is always broadcasting to you. A frequency, a higher level of frequency of who you really are. And this higher level of frequency is and connects to your ego in the form of passion.

What happens is when you follow your passion, what you're doing is you are connecting and becoming your higher self. For example, when I started making YouTube videos, I eventually started to feel this flow state as I was making the videos, as I was making the videos, I would feel like it was almost like just this rush of energy I felt like I was just didn't have to really think much.

Actually, the more and my ego get out of the way, the more I just felt this rush of energy and that was assigned to me that says, hey, keep doing this thing. Keep doing this passionate thing. ​

f you simply follow your passion more, you will start to exist in this higher, higher state of consciousness that then naturally aligns to all these appointments you've made from a life, the life purpose that you have and also the life plan that you've made.

Become aware of what that is by simply asking yourself the question, are you following your purpose in life? And if you're not following your purpose, it's okay. Set the intention to find out what that is.

The intention is so powerful. I intend to figure out what that is and then pay attention throughout your days going forward. Of what that could be, but nonetheless, the more I started to do my passion, the more I was doing what I love.

I know that my next step is doing public speaking events because when I did one at the beginning of the year, I went to this talk in La. When I did it, I felt such a rush of energy when I was on stage. When I was up there and I was talking to other people and I was giving a speech, I could feel it and that was assigned to me.

That was my body's translation. I was telling me, “Yo, Aaron, continue to do this.” This is going to lead you to the next best thing. This is something you're eventually going to be doing more. That was the message that I got.

This passion, whatever it is, is going to lead you to more and more things that are conducted to that passion. It may start off small. It may be like, you know what?

I'm passionate. I like this type of book and I'm going to read more on this topic. You start reading more on this topic and by reading more on it, you start to develop momentum with it. It leads you to the next best thing which is you meet somebody that's of the same vibration.

You see these will lead you to the next best thing to the next best thing, but this feeling of passion is a higher vibrational state of being to where then whatever you want to manifest, it just comes so easily. You don't have to try very hard. It's something that just naturally happens.

For me, living in abundance is easier than ever because I exist from this higher state of consciousness of my passion. We all have that connection. I'm not special. I just have learned over time how to really hone it in.

And how to really do it as much as I possibly can because I love it so much. These are the three secrets of your higher self that no one tells you. The first thing you can realize is that it blocks come up.

There's a certain life plan that you have and your higher-self, in general, is figuring out different situations that can hook you in and get you to understand and to learn.

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It may be there's a certain life plan that you have and that your higher self at night or your higher self, in general, is figuring out different situations that can hook you in and get you to understand and to learn.

The main purpose of life is to learn. It's to evolve is to raise your vibration and the more that you choose to do that, the more you're going to be living in alignment with this and the more things are going to become easier to manage us anyways. When you go to bed at night. Secondly, you are in this higher state of consciousness.

You are experiencing a whole new reality when you wake up in the morning. You just get dreams that interpret and give you a symbol as to what that could be, but really you are so much more at a deeper level. And the third secret is that the feeling of passion is your body's translation from your higher-self telling you, “Hey, keep doing this thing.”

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