#17: CORE Beliefs and Deserving more in Life BEYOND Abraham Hicks Teachings

Welcome back to another episode on the expand your awareness podcast. Today, I wanted to be speaking to you about a couple things and these things are going to be ways of going deep, real deep within your consciousness to expand your awareness and to understand that you get in your life quotes that which you believe you deserve and quotes don't know who quoted that.

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It could have just said it without the quote, but I decided to say with the quote, so you always get in life a reflection of what you believe you deserve. There are a couple of things I want to kind of break down in this, but the main thing I want to talk about today is how to go deep. And the reason that is because a lot of times with the Law of Attraction in general, we are focused on that of the surface level.

We're focused on what do I want to create my life? We focus and we say, I'm going to focus on this. I'm going to focus on that. That's all good in everything. And maybe you remember my earlier YouTube bits from when I first started going daily back in February 2017.

And one thing that I used to always say is we don't always get in life that which we want, but we always get a reflection of who we are being. That's one thing I said. Another thing I said is that we always get a reflection of what we believe to be true. The reason I say this is because a lot of times people focus on the surface level. They're like, wow, I want a Lamborghini. I'm going to paste and thinking about a Lamborghini. I'm going to post a Lamborghini all over my room and it'd be Lamborghini everywhere.

I'm going to have the Lamborghini childhood, a comforter. I'm going to have Lamborghini as my toothbrush. I'm going to have this. I'm going to have that. All this Lamborghini stuff, and we may do that. But guess what?

That's what we may go out and we may even see more Lamborghini's when we're out because the reticular activating system of our brain is focused on Lamborghinis. But if you don't believe that you're worthy of having a Lamborghini, and if you don't believe you are worthy of creating abundance in your life.

Then that those blocks will cause it to where you don't attract a Lamborghini into your life and go even deeper than that. What I would say would be better than going for the Lamborghini is to go for what you would actually the emotion you would get. Understanding that the value you give to other people.

You always get a reflection of that and if you add a lot of value to people, then you will get a lot of abundance to a one day. Maybe you can't get a Lamborghini. But the thing is, as many people focus on the surface level things, and there's nothing wrong with it.

I'm not saying it doesn't always work, but what I'm saying is there's a better. There's a better way of going about it, and it's understanding that when we get to the core of what we believe to be true and we will get to the core of what we believe we deserve, that's where everything begins to change.

This is about getting down to the core, the core, and it's funny, I've been getting to the core of my own beliefs. I've also been doing more core workouts at the gym. I wonder if there's a correlation. Core workouts mean like I'm using like the whole function as my whole body gets into the core center where I'm doing like these kinds of harder workouts.

And I've been doing those for a while now, a couple of months now and I've been actually running and stuff. Things I never used to do, but I've been feeling inspired to do it lately. But I've also been getting to the core of my own beliefs and be like, okay, well what do I believe to be true?

Because anytime I do this, my life changes in a very powerful way. I've become more aware of these beliefs that are holding me back. You know, I used to believe I wasn't really deserving of much because of my childhood that I went through and I had a certain way I saw myself or what I thought I was worthy of.

And those are subconscious, they're like, I just, they're there, but sometimes we're just not aware of it. The thing is, and the key to this whole process is becoming more aware of the beliefs we have and just start asking you questions like, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience? Because the moment we ask, we can start to find new answers to whatever that could be.

Actually, was just talking about this in a YouTube video as well that I just made and it's because of this idea that it was talking about Abraham Hicks who I think that was great. Great content, great information. There are times though when there's like this teaching from Abraham Hicks where it's like you want to focus on what you want.

But what you also want to do is like, you want to just think of the next best feeling thoughts and if there's something you don't like to just remove your focus from it. And there are times I can be powerful. Like if, if somebody, if Becky or Tom comes up to you at work and starts venting other stuff on you.

They're venting to you, I mean the best thing could do you could do maybe, maybe it is to walk away or to change the subject or go to some other part of your work or something like that could be. However, there are times that things happen that we feel negative emotion, that if we just keep switching our focus all the time, we're not getting to the actual core of white is there. You see there are certain patterns within our body.

I want you to imagine right now to give this a little bit of a visual. Imagine a body and imagine around the body. Imagine like a stick figure and imagine around that stick figure is a big circle that goes about eight to 10 feet around it.

And imagine that this, this, this body that goes around at this, uh, this energy field is someone's energy field and that in that energy field, there's this vibration of unconditional love and bliss. That's who we naturally are. We don't have to try to become that. We don't have to pile on a new idea to become love and bliss.

That's who we are, but what happens is growing up we believed that were less than that. There are these energy disruptions that happened. We're in a moment. Something happens when we're young and we decide. We say, this is what I'm worthy of, and subconsciously then what happens is maybe that happens.

Something negative happens when we're six years old, somebody tells us children are meant to be seen and not heard, and then we make this decision, okay, I need to be a quieter person and I can't really speak out.

I can't really tell people what I'm really thinking because I'll get pain if I do that. Then what happened when you were six years old. We're 30 years old or we're 20 years old and as 20 years old were like. We still feel that way.

We don't know why, and somebody may say are like the Abraham Hicks teachings may say, we'll just switch your focus with your focus to the next best feeling thought that can be powerful, but what's more powerful is getting to the core and releasing that pattern that's there.

Because when we released those patterns, we released the negativity that comes with it. You know, there's this one pattern I had. I had an ex-stepmom, if you know my story, I'll just very quickly explain about ex-stepmom who had borderline personality disorder still has it.

I don't see her anymore obviously, but when I was seven years old to 15 years old, she was in my life and she's very abusive both physically and mentally. And it was like my brother and I didn't eat very much. We weren't allowed to have friends at school.

We had to learn it. All of these, you know, all we were, we were a lot of times locked out of the house when you just had to do chores all day. Um, and we're allowed to watch TV. We had to sneak food in order to eat because we were only allowed like a bowl of cereal in the morning, like a TV dinner at night and it's, that wasn't much food.

My brother and I were on mountain nourished and I thought for a long time, even after 15 years old, my dad divorced her. All of a sudden, we're allowed to eat food. We're allowed to, you know, it's like a whole new world of a sudden we're allowed to have friends and stuff.

It was like everything changed really. Wow. And when everything changed, um, even though everything changed on the outside is on the inside, I still felt like I wasn't worthy and I carried around those patterns.

Here's the funny thing. I mean, it's not really funny, but it's kind of funny. After my stepmom at 15 years old, I never have to see her again. I feel bad for my, my, uh, boss. I have two half-sisters that, that's their real mom and unfortunately, they still have to deal with her, but I don't have to deal with her anymore.

And it's like I left her at 15 years old, then I was like 21 years old or 20, I was like 19 or 20 years old and I go to work at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. And when I'm at Nordstrom's a woman's shoes, I ended up going to salon shoes with like designer shoes there after a year. And the manager there was almost to at exactly like my stepmom.

She would talk down to people. She was manipulative. She was, um, she was like mentally, I mean she couldn't be physically abusive. She was meant to the abusive and it was very, very stressful. Everyone, they've disliked her because of how mean she was, and she was protected by upper management.

Even though she did so many things that she should have for sure got fired for, for the way she talked to people and just little things that happened. But she was protected by upper management. And here's the thing. For a long time, you could say, well, just shift your focus to switch your focus. And I did that. A lot of times, you know, that happened.

It would just remind me so much of my step mom was like a pattern that was within me. Then I learned meditation so that I was like for three years into working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. She was my manager for a couple of years and it was a lot of pain to be around her and stuff and it was hard to deal with her.

I knew how to deal with her though because I had to deal with my stepmom. I learned a lot of like psychology of how to talk to someone like that and there's a certain way that you do it to where you almost have to fluff up their ego a little bit. But you have to know how to talk to them. For sure, I knew how to do certain things, but it was still a lot of pain that was involved with it.

And here's the funny thing. Up until then, I learned meditation. I learned how to observe my thoughts and I learned that I had this pattern within me that believed that that's what I was worthy of the subconscious pattern of my stepmom and I resisted my ex-stepmom for so much time and I didn't really forgive her.

What I did is I simply forgave my ex-stepmom. This is when I learned meditation. My whole life began to change and what happened was is then I started to see myself differently. I started to realize that I was no longer. I no longer had to keep dealing with that and I got to the core and let go of the beliefs that were tied to it to believe that I was unworthy to believe that that's something that's even normal and I just started to let it go.

I started to allow it to be there, even allowed my manager. I'm like, I'm going to, allow you to just do what you're doing. I wasn't letting her take advantage of me, but what I'm saying is it was like an energetic thing. I wasn't going to give my power away any longer.

Within a week of making this decision, a week of making this choice, she got fired. It's funny because for four years she was the manager. All of a sudden, she gets fired and I believe part of that was to do is just in my own life.

It no longer resonated with what I was experiencing. I completed that process and by completing the process, by completing that energy disruption, I then let go of needing her in my life and it was like a. It was like there was something that happened that management just could not overlook.

I forget what it was, but it was. I figured it was, but nonetheless, I completed that pattern. Sometimes that is the key, is actually to complete the process of whatever we're feeling and to allow the emotion to be there. I was resisting it for so long.

I was resisting her because she was just like my stepmom, resisting the pass of my stepmom. When I became at peace with the past, that's when I let go of it in my life and I got to the core and I was able to really heal it by allowing it to be there.

The way we heal the past is by relating to the past.

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The way we heal the past is by relating to the past and the new way by seeing how it may have actually served us, even if that serving us was like an actual lesson.

It's about being aware of that because the truth is we are so much more than we know and the energy patterns may be there to show us something about ourselves that we're unaware of and you'll find many people.

You may think that that's what you deserve. There may be some level of belief there or something that happened in the past that you resisted it because you resisted it. It's within your energy pattern. The key is to be aware of whatever belief that is or the way you view yourself as and as you become aware of it, you start to let it go, but you have to become aware of it first. This goes deeper than that of the surface level of the Law of Attraction.

This goes deeper than just switching the thoughts. There are times that is relevant. There are times for me when I'm like, okay, you know what am I? My thoughts are going down to negative direction. I'm going to switch my thoughts and I switched to something more positive and then I start to feel better.

However, there are also many times when what I do is I get to the core and I realized that at the is where everything changes. That the beliefs are what create reality, I need to get to the core of what I believed to be true and one of the best ways to do that is to simply push through it.

That's one way. For example, I'll give you another little story. When I was in ninth grade, I had an experience where I was in a. What class was it was the English, no, sociology. I don't even remember what Kasha was, but there was a class I was in and I had to give a speech with that have four or five other classmates and I gave a speech in the school I went to.

At the time there was like, there was a big classroom, so it was like, it wasn't like 10, 15, 15, 20 people in the classroom. There were like 40 people, 50 people in the classroom. I got up to give a speech with, you know, four or five other people and when it came for my turn to speak.

I completely forgot my lines and I was like something I was supposed to remember and I had like a dialogue as opposed to go up and say completely forgot it and I stood there silent in front of the room and it was like crickets and it was just like the silent thing all of a sudden.

And then like a minute into it, somebody came in and like a kind of like took the burden and then went onto the next thing. But it was almost awkward, probably one of the most awkward moments in my life. And at that moment, I felt pain and resistance and I believed that there was a pain with speaking up the pain was speaking in front of people.

I remember I went to a sophomore year of high school. I said you know what? I'm going to take forensics debate because at the time I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I'm like, okay, well I'm going to have to eventually push through this. I'm going to have to eventually push through this, uh, this fear, this pain, so said, okay, I'm going to become, I'm going to go to forensics debate and just push through this fear. I went to a forensics debate, which is a class.

It was like an elective and what happened is I went to that class and there were tournaments every single month and there will be like a certain debate topic. I did something called Lincoln Douglas Debate, which is like a moral debate. It's like values, values-based debate. And I started to do it the first one or two debates. I wasn't very good. I was very nervous and it was something that as I felt, I was like, Whoa, this is like, it was very uncomfortable. However, I kept pushing through it. After the third or fourth time, I started to actually enjoy it and then something happened.

There was, I don't know what it was necessary, but I went into one of the debate rounds and I started to just speak more passionately. I started to realize that I could use my voice almost like an instrument I used to play. I used to be in a band and I used to remember there were notes, there was like these things called crescendos or things become louder and then there were these things called decrescendos where things become softer.

There were certain like some called the stigmata where you talked very fast. There are certain things you want to emphasize and then there's more of a soft side. I realize that a voice, it's kind of like an instrument and that I could use it in that way and the moment I started to do that was the moment I started to win tournaments.

Like I started to win and get rewards for debating. Like first one time I won first place, a couple times I won second or third or fifth. I got different rewards for different places. I started the place at these tournaments and it was my first year doing it as like wow. And I. All I did was push through that fear. I let the fear be the be there and what I did is I moved through and as I moved through it, I started to redefine myself and I started to see myself in a different way.

It changed my whole self-image and then I started to love speaking and I get to that date. I don't know what I'd be doing if it weren't for pushing through that fear because in a moment I decided forensics debate. I remember thinking to myself one day I'm going to speak for a living.

I just knew it like it was just as knowing that I meant it in my part of my life purpose is to be speaking for a living. I just knew it and I thought it was to become a lawyer and then, of course, I was going to school for that and like learning about it.

And then I had my spiritual awakening back from 2012 and when that happened and changed my whole life and I was like, I was like, I don't really need school for this. You know, I, I know that I'm going to be speaking about stuff that they don't really teach in school.

They don't really teach, you know, awareness, like the stuff I mean, I guess you could say certain parts of philosophy are, but just in resonate with me. I decided you know what I'm going to do my own thing. That's what I did and it worked out pretty well for me now.

I'm very grateful and it's about beliefs though. I had to get to that, I had to get to that experience and I had to feel the fear. Have you ever had it in a dream where you're maybe running from a nightmare running from someone else and when you refer someone else, eventually you say, you know what, I'm not going to run anymore, and you just stop and you let the thing absorb you or that you let the thing come up to you.

And then what happens? Normally nothing. Normally it goes away because as you faced your fear, it no longer is relevant. The fears are illusions. I remember sometimes always hearing false fear is false evidence appearing real, fear and we believe it to be so real, but it's not really that real at all. It's just a belief that we have that this is who we are.

This is what we're worthy of, but the thing that really changes in our life is when we become aware of these beliefs that we have and we start to ask yourself, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

And when we start to do that, we get to the core of what we are. The way that you can do this is a very simple process. Something I learned is actually called the completion process and it's from this guy name Nanda or something like that or Swami or something in India and it's a very powerful process for understanding that when emotions come up, what you do is you observe these emotions and you allow the emotions to be there.

You actually feel the emotions and many times these emotions will come from when we're actually a kid. He was explaining when he was talking about this technique, one experience of where this guy was younger.

There was this guy that was deathly afraid of going to the beach because when he was six years old, he witnessed to fishermen, fishermen killing another fisherman, and he was six years old and he saw that as traumatic forum and he started to associate the beach becoming very afraid of it. He was afraid of people.

He's afraid his whole life. He was six years old when that happened. I can imagine how much, how traumatizing that is to a six-year-old. But what happened is now that dude is, I don't know how old, like 30, 40 years old, and he's still living in that six-year-old inside of them is still.

They're afraid of the beach. If he goes to a beach, she starts to get very, very afraid and starts to feel anxiety and he can't even go to the beach. The key to that is not the old site, the Abraham Hicks way of just changing the just danger thought you're going to be better.

The key is actually for him to relive the experience and to allow the moment, the emotion to be there because what happened is in the past when he was six years old, that happened and he resisted that happening.

He resisted that experience and then it remained in his energy pattern and now anytime that reminds him of that, anytime he even goes to a beach, he has that association. He starts to feel that that trigger is energy field, and then it's like that core belief is still there, so the key for him would be to actually go into a visualization into really feel like it's happening again.

That may feel painful and that may be counterintuitive, like wouldn't you attract more of that? But no, what he's doing is healing the past because the moment he decides and the moment he becomes okay with what happened and he relates to it in a new way, he just sees it, that it happened. He sees that he could learn something from it, that he could have compassion and heal the past.

That's when everything begins to change because then he allows it to flow through an energy pattern, so remember the kind of like I was talking, imagine there's an energy bubble around your body. The moment that happened is the moment he said, this should not be here as the moment he held onto it subconsciously and that pattern remained in him and even now he's 30, 40 years old, however old that guy is.

He's experiencing that over and over and over again and even similar things, so it's about becoming aware of it, allow it to be there, and by allowing it to be there, it will naturally dissipate because it's almost like in a dream.

When you see something chasing you, you say, you know what? I'm going to let it be okay that you chase me and you're going to stop. Stop running. When you stop running, you can end it. The game, the illusion of believing in the lies, believing in that fear, allow it to be there and then it transforms.

That guy did that and it transformed and he was no longer afraid of going to the beach. His whole life is transformed because of it because that belief could have also leaked in many other different ways. Imagine that belief caused them to be afraid of other men and he is afraid of his boss and afraid of you know that that could have stemmed into so many different ways and it's about being aware of these beliefs and being aware of what we believe to be true. Let me give you now a simple process for going about this.

What you can do is you can do that completion process. As I said, you can check out more videos on that. If you could just type in the completion process by Swami G and you'll see it there and you can watch some of those videos, but it's about understanding that you can feel the emotion of whatever comes up really live in it.

I want to remember one thing I did is I remembered the negative experiences. My stepmom and I just, I felt it and I let it be there and I allowed it to be there and I related to in a new way and then it transformed. I felt like I released all that emotion inside of my body and you could do the same thing for baby childhood pain. Maybe your parents were divorced and he started to associate relationships with that. Let it be okay.

Maybe part of me resents the fact that your parents are divorced and you they thought you should have been together forever, or why couldn't you have a normal childhood? Feel the emotions allow it to be there Hewlett by completing it, and then once you complete the process, it's not on auto-loop anymore, and so I continued to play itself out and then you can start to ask yourself this question. What would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

Because emotions come from beliefs. We must first believe something to be true, to even have an emotion because meaning is what controls our life. Start to find out what the meanings you are that you've given life and you'll start to find out these beliefs. You'll start to uncover them and you'll get some more of the core of who you are at the core of what you believe to be true, so this is something you can do.

This is something that will transform your life. If you do it, get to the core of who you are. I want you to know that you are so much more than you could imagine, that you always get in life a reflection of what you believe you deserve, and I'm telling you right now, you deserve more, but what you may have to do is you may have to get to the core of what you believe. You may have to feel the emotions of past childhood trauma.

Allow it to be there and then release it. Let it be there. It's the biggest paradox because you think, oh, I'm thinking negative thoughts. This is a bad thing, but if you allow the thoughts to be there, that's when they transform. When you label them and you resist them, you'll energetically hold onto them. This goes beyond that of the surface level.

This goes beyond this, the Law of Attraction. This goes down to the root core of who you are and when you change at your core, everything in your life will begin to change. If you liked this very episode, could you do me a favor and respond on my newest Instagram post and let me know that you liked it and let me know if you want me to do more like this.

Maybe some topics as well. You say favor for the podcast because you talk about x, y, z. let me know and I'll take into consideration. I've been doing about three a week. I'm just going forward on the, on the whole, podcast channel, I'm going to try to find a way of differentiating the podcast episodes on YouTube videos.

I've decided to put the YouTube videos on podcasts as well because there's a lot of people that like to listen to podcasts. Like some things are going to audio. If that's you, then I'm going to put the YouTube videos here. Plus, I'm going to try to find a way to distinguish the other video, so maybe I'll do podcast number, you know, 12, 13, 14, and then the ones that say number, our podcast, everything else that just has a regular title is going to be like a YouTube video just to make it easy for you.

 If you want me to do that, let me know, and I'll differentiate the videos. Just comment on my newest Instagram post and if you do that then at least, and I'll know that's the right thing to do or the right direction you want me to go in.

The BEST Way to Raise Your Vibration and TRANSCEND Low Vibration Energy

Today I'm with Owen and Julian himself and say we're going to be talking about that of expanding consciousness and the understanding of raising our vibrational set point.

This topic that Jude, I talk about all the time and we've been hanging out. We've been talking about this and the reason why we do this is that once you understand this whole idea of raising your state of consciousness, you will see the world in a completely different way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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It's a light on consciousness even while awake and so what Aaron's talking about and what you and I are obsessed with is continually just raising that as you get older and we see it because of a lot of people who were. Let's say they hit their forties or fifties by the time that they had been in that grind of working a very repetitive job and bickering with their loved ones.

Fighting with their family and, and playing the victim card and all that kind of stuff in that, in those lower states of consciousness, by the time they're 40 or 50, there are often times have just had their face kicked into the dirt by the boot of life and they've lost that childlike joy.

That playfulness, their creativity. And what we think is that as you get older, you want actually to magnify that. You want to be more playful, more joyful, more alert, more alive, smarter, more capable, more competent, have more energy to do the things that you want to do. And that's a beautiful thing and that's why we're so passionate about sharing this type of work.

Julian's done this within the framework of releasing trauma and getting people to do energetic releases of things that have classed onto them or trauma energy and letting it out and a focus that I've had along with really being on board with that in loving what he's doing there is even just in my regular daily life, getting out and socializing with people, laughing with people, getting you know, taking in influences that are positive and uplifting.

Anything in my experience that it sorts of gives us like the light level of discomfort, but it forces you to align to the presence and it gets really addictive. Once you know what presence feels like or what it feels like to be in what we would call a higher state of consciousness.

I want to spread this out because you feel a different type of energy and you want to share it with others. Then funny enough, the more that you share with others, the more that you move up to. It's kind of a crazy thing. That's something that I've done through a lot of socializing and laughter and my favorite thing to do is like Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday, it just goes out to someplace where there are lots of people just talk to everybody there, crack jokes with everybody, make everybody have so much fun and you know, Julian's done that for years

Watching you now getting teaching live and I'm just saying what you're doing. I'm going to say it here first. I want to be the first. I think you're going to crush it. I think you are going to Arusha. Let's set it for us here. Okay, my little life. Look, the biggest quality that I see that people that shove them into a low vibration state are they do what I would call it. They major in minor things, so like life is so beautiful. There's so much to life. There's if you ever actually just truly look into the eyes of another person or you know you're just petting your dog or your walking in nature or you're even walking.

I mean heck, even just like a, a manmade strip mall. There can be incredible beauty, obviously some more than others, but you know there can be truly incredible beauty in anything that you look at it. You can just look at a simple apple and if you just really look at it like I would say if you're watching right now, try just looking at the palm of your hand for a minute and looking at the finest little details in it. Or if I look at the railing here really, really closely, or take a breath, just take a deep breath and notice how it feels. Life is such a miracle.

We live in a society where you can, you have websites you can go to just travel the entire world. We have education available online to make an incredible amount of money. We have an understanding of health where even though there's still a lot of controversies around which held approaches work, there's a lot of incredible information about health, wealth building, raising your consciousness, raising your vibration.

There is so much that we can do. There's so much potential to life and what we tend to do in a lower vibration state as we made sure minor things. Oh, Janet bothered me at work. Oh, she didn't respect me. That guy cut me off in traffic. I'm a victim. And why is it that an in spiritual work, being a victim is one of the big topics versus say gratitude. Well, as you raise your vibration, you go from being a victim to gratitude.

One thing that we found was really helpful to say, speaking with somebody who might be homeless and seeing struggle that they have, and oftentimes if you want to understand low vibration thinking, if you speak to a homeless person who feels very victimized, you can see that a state of consciousness is now manifesting it.

Pettiness is one of the great enemies of a truly great life. Whereas imagine what your life would look like if instead of spending your time on anything petty at all, you put 90 percent of your time on it.

Just laughing, having fun, enjoying your moment to moment experience, and then from there using that to open yourself up and working towards your highest goals, working towards learning, working towards contribution, and if you didn't just talk about this or theoretically sort of say that sounds great, but really do it starting now and think of what your life would look like.

And once they're on this journey, it can. It can feel sometimes isolating because you're seeing people, you're in your little track and you become who you hang out with.

But I know that something Jew and I talk about why we were kind of curious your take on that and how you feel inside. The way that I view it is most people are just going down what they're thinking of is they're completely in the autopilot mind. They're thinking thoughts. They've always thought, you know, there's that Dr. Joe Dispenza’s type of thing where he always says or did they say for neuroscience on average, we think 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and of those 90 percent of cycles in the day before. We're consistently going to work the same.

Every day we're talking to the same people having similar type conversations. We're getting up on the same side of the bed, we're doing all the repetitive stuff over and over and over again. And that's triggering the same emotions which are triggering the same actions which are triggering the same everything.

Most people are sad but true. A lot of people are in deep hypnosis of society, and they are attached to the thinking of the thoughts that they're thinking. That's why if you look at the chart of consciousness, maybe I'll put the chart right here just to show and I know if you've been watching my channel, you've seen it many times.

You'll notice that you see shame, fear, guilt. Eventually, you get up to a spot of neutrality. In neutrality, that's where you learn how to observe your thoughts, where you learn to detach from those, and when you detach from them, you start to identify yourself a little bit differently.

When you identify yourself a little bit differently, you may find that the people that you've related to for your whole entire life, all the sudden you don't relate to them in the same way and your closest family too, and the people you lapped too, and they I that experience with my own family.

When I went through my what is called a spiritual awakening, which is where I learned how to observe my thoughts. I realized I didn't have to let the idea of ADHD holding me back and he did more because that's what doctors told me I had because I have so much energy. You can fix it with Meditech.

Exactly small doses of pharmaceutical every single day and that's why I took that. I took that. I worked at. I took, I took Adderall and I worked at Barneys. I worked at. Do you know what she's done? I got a lot done. I worked at Nordstrom's and I was selling a woman's shoes. I would take one, I would go into work and I would sell so much and then I would go home at the end of the day and my energy was just.

I couldn't sleep well at night because the side effects of it or you don't sleep very much and I could eat a lot, so I was trying to gain weight and I couldn't eat a lot. Having that hard side effects and man there's going to be something else. That's when I came across the research on meditation and I, at first, I thought it was kind of woo.

I was like, Oh, what is this? I had all these ideas of mantras and I was like, I don't know if I resonate with this. What I realized though is okay, I'm looking like what Adderall does, it increases dopamine, right? And what I found out is that meditation makes you as well decreased the amount of cortisol, which is the stress hormone and increase the amount of Serotonin and dopamine.

I started to learn it and then my whole life changed because I started to see myself differently. I started to dis-identified from my past and I had like growing up and stuff. I had an abusive ex-stepmom and stuff like that. I went through a lot of pain between the ages of seven to 15.

And then I carried that even after 15 years old and my dad divorced her, I still carry that guilt. I still carry that. I didn't feel like I was enough and I know that's something you talk a lot about. I didn't feel like I was worthy. I didn't feel enough. And because of that I was going around and looking for it in many different ways. I would drink, I would smoke, I would do all of these things.

And then when I learned meditation I realized I no longer had to identify with the thoughts that I was having and I realized I didn't have to even I became aware of the definitions I had. I realized my definitions were creating my reality, so I believed I had ADHD. I bought into that premise, so therefore victim a victim mentality. Exactly. There's something wrong with me.

Resistance, and then I became aware of that label. I said, well, you know what? I'm going to reframe this. I just have a load of energy. What I'm going to do is I'm going to ground that by meditating and walking on grass barefoot or something like that. That's what I did and when I did that, it changed my whole entire life.

When you're doing what you're passionate about, it feels really good when you are attached to the negative thinking, you don't feel so good. The key is not to pile on some new idea, it's not to get some new type of cool theory that's going to change everything. It's more so letting go of that no longer serves.

Enlightenment is more of a realization than anything else.

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That's what I've learned in my own life. That's what's merely made the change, is observing the thoughts and then choosing to let them go. 

Knowing that the natural high vibrational state of consciousness of love, that's why people that are what we call it, enlightened anyways, like a show or whatever they've said before, that enlightenment is more of a realization than anything else because it's not something that you attain people seeking a lightened. It means that don't currently have it, when at a vibrational level that's really who we are.

Just living in reaction and people can't snap out of it because you're just constantly following this chain. It's like effect, effect, effect. You're always at the effect. There's that famous saying, you know, if you don't have a plan for yourself, someone else will that reactive say thing that's running you that has a plan for you, and then going even deeper.

What is that reactive thing? It's been stuck and say a lower consciousness state of being, I'm reacting from past trauma. Whatever is running you and no one addresses that, you know, we just always run from it and even our solutions, we try to find these surface layer solutions which are still an escape and this is tying into where you were saying also about letting go. Letting go is so key because say the traditional approach, you might realize, “Okay, I'm reactive. I don't feel good enough.”

I'm in a lower state of consciousness. What can I do to go from here to up here and it doesn't work that way because even from you're trying to go from down here to up here, you're doing it in reaction to this, like say I want to be confident. You'll never actually be confident because it's in response to you not being confident to begin with. I want to be happy in reaction to you.

It keeps it alive. I want to be enough. Keeps the fact that you're not enough alive and that's why the goal is and how do I get from up down here to up here. It's how do I realize I'm up here? What are the lies I bought into that are holding me there? And then letting go of all that, you realize more and more that you're already there and funny enough the more you move up and it's something to reflect on too.

It's like you can't become enough. You can't because it means you're not enough, to begin with. You can only start by being enough and then the journey becomes identifying those, those things that are telling you're not enough and letting them go and that takes you down this whole other journey where you can look at some surface things like, “Okay, I guess I believe this. Let's release the charge around it.”

But then it's like, what are some past experiences that I haven't validated that I haven't integrated yet? Past trauma, for example, different core beliefs. And you've got to really venture down. Like it all starts with awareness in your life, but even in your own mind, like venture down in your shadow, you know, I'm sure you're familiar with shadow work if not look that up. That’s the thing that really changed my life in ways.

I mean, I couldn't even imagine it was like, wow, it's not about adding more or optimizing, which is the traditional self-help route. Doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that. By the way. One of my, the things I say all the time is, it's not the thing, but the place it's coming from, like to make money, go be successful, but don't do it.

It's looking at different patterns in your life. Everything's awareness. One practice that I love to in terms of bringing stuff up is I'm doing a death meditation. I don't know if you've ever done that where it's like you literally sink into the perspective of, I just died right now.

Letting go will change your life in ways you cannot imagine. And don't be afraid of bringing your awareness to dark things. You know, without the law of attraction, which I completely believe in, but there's like this belief where it's like almost always be positive, always be positive and yeah, and it's like, okay, well that's true, but if you're forcing yourself to be positive, that means you're not positive. There's still something that's there, understand that.

We all have all these thoughts. Like in the background, it's like you're not good enough. You sucked into it. It's like you got to become aware of it first to process it. Don't try to avoid it. The crazy thing is that a lot of those things in their subconscious mind between the ages of being born up until about the ages of eight to 10 years old, you're in primarily a theta state, which means that everything in your environment, you're a sponge soaking up information, and it could have been as something as small as your mom saying something to you.

The key is always awareness. It's asking yourself this simple question, what would I have to believe is true to be experiencing this? Because here's the thing, emotions come from beliefs. Unless we have a belief about something to be true, we won't have an emotion.

For example, if it's a rainy day, rainy days, a neutral idea, it depends upon my interpretation of a rainy day. What I believe, what I believed that means as to the kind of effect that I get out of it, so if I give it a positive meaning that I've experienced a positive emotion, but the idea itself is neutral.

The key to all of this stuff is when you start to ask yourself the question, what would I have to believe is true to be experiencing this? You can then start asking your brain what memory in my past may have attributed to this belief, to this pattern, to this belief that I'm not worthy? Your brain will then look for the answers.

The brain will start to find. The answer is maybe it takes you a day or two. Maybe you're walking the next day after your kind of frustrated, you can't remember what that is and all of a sudden, you're at the grocery store and you remember, wait, there was something that happened. I think I was my parents were going through a divorce at four years old and I have this memory of something happening and you become aware of it.

Here's the cool thing about this whole process. It is just as simple as becoming aware of whatever that belief is or whatever you have to let go of is. It doesn't have to be more complicated. A lot of times people are like, oh, it can't be that simple. I just become aware of the limiting belief or I just become aware of what I need to let go of and then it solved.

It can be that simple because the moment you are in the awareness of it, you see that maybe for 20 years you've been acting like a six-year-old. You've been responding the same way that you did when you were six years old and you're responding like that now that you're 26 years old went out of the awareness without the awareness that that was something that happened when you were, but you're playing that pattern over and over and over again.

The key is just becoming aware of it. Because in the moment of awareness, you realize that it doesn't relate anymore. It served you for a period of time of what we were talking about, the unconsciousness on being not aware of it, and then because you're not aware of it, linking up to the social conditioning of what everyone else is doing or just going on autopilot. The key is to be aware of it because in the awareness is where you gain your power back.

We don't see a need to impose that on people because maybe someone's not ready, but it's really amazing what you can do with a group of people that are ready and see them go through that process or even in, you know, online academies, you guys have your academies and creating that environment online is even really amazing.

I mean I've just seen online groups that are so positive and people could just look forward to getting home and being part of it and raising themselves up and then getting into a higher a set of results, which then, of course, they have more good to share it. I just, I love upward spirals and I love combining that with things like nutrition, herbs, lifestyle choices.

The other one though, which is so big, and I know that as teachers yourselves, both you guys have experienced this, is things just get easier. It is a state of higher vibration. There's an, there's an ease to it. People, people in the lower vibrations that I know because I've been there at. I couldn't go there so now. What happens is, you know when you fall off the wagon, that's like our equivalent, like right? It's like you when you go back into a low vibration state, things are just difficult.

You've been triggered. When you're talking to someone, a little vibration state, they're like, but this person said this and this is happening, and they're looping on negativity and it just seems difficult. You'll see it even when you're teaching in a room where all of a sudden it just becomes easier.

And if you look someone in the eye, you say, thinking about your biggest problems right now, do you think you can solve them? And they're like, yes. Oh my God, of course, I can. But in a lower vibration state, it just seems like you're climbing up a mountain. I've even seen this and say public speaking, I share that because both of you have speakers.

I remember when I was younger I would add. I have all this on videotape too, which is so crazy, right? YouTube and all the stuff. I remember doing this, doing a talk might be so difficult and I would be nervous in front of the camera and let's say that I was tired. You're way past her bedtime. He goes to bed early. I go to bed late. Say you're tired. Right? And I would be like, I can't do this.

Well, I'm tired. I remember one time I was in New York, I had an about a 400-person audience waiting there the next day, including a couple of celebrities and I was saying to our friend Mike's House and there was construction outside the front of his apartment in New York.

I slept about an hour and you know, I'm a younger guy and I'm walking in there and one hour sleep with all these people expected and I'm just miserable thinking how am I going to do this? Or there's been times where I've spent a lot of time and money maybe to travel maybe earlier in my career when I wasn't in as much financial abundance.

I'm spending my last dollar to go to Phoenix, Arizona to shoot a certain type of video and it's just not panning out in the cameras on me. It is hard. And I'm thinking about how broke I am or you don't have in front of the big seminar.

What I found as I got older was that those talks where I kind of rose above it and did my very best. Even from just a relaxed mindset, I feel like I can communicate more power and more ease with minimal effort.

Things just become easier. And this is what, this has really become my obsession. These two things. One is the majoring in minor things and just watching myself, but you know, observing in myself when I'm just getting obsessed over things that are irrelevant instead of like the 10 things that if you actually focus on your life would be amazing.

And putting more and more time on that, putting more and more time onto experiencing joy and the most common of situations, getting myself to start laughing, not letting the energy just die down, but enjoying each moment and valuing, treasuring it.

One realization that I had, and this was a really weird realization, as I was watching that game. One Lebron James almost single-handedly beat the best team. The warriors. What was his name? Who's The guy? It was Jr Smith. Right? What happens is he almost when's the game? And then wait, which is just like a miracle to just to watch us. If you know what you're watching, you can see it on a spiritual level. You're seeing a whole other level to this.

A lot of people are surprised. I'm a sports fan and they don't understand what I'm getting out of it. I'm not like doing, as Jerry Seinfeld says, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm not. I'm not like, Hey, you know, it's not like that. It's maybe a little, but for the most part, it's, you know, it's, it's the um, it's what I'm really seeing. It could be incredible, right?

What I believe is that the universe puts w when we're on a mission to rise up, the universe will put these obstacles in front of us and we're either in spiritual growth. We say we go into the creator or the creation, what do we want to create or the creation, do we need that physical thing or do we move up into a high vibration state?

What are we attached to? Are we going to stay rooted in our high vibration state? Or we going to go into the physical. And typically, the fiscal is always moving. There's that duality. You see Lebron and he, he actually had this incredible series a couple of years ago, so he's in this one and he, he literally performed what to me looks like a miracle.

And you remember that game. It's like watching a miracle honestly. And then you see that he gets tested where Jr Smith does this ridiculous thing and he talked about a low and say this poor guy too, he's had a pretty tough life.

They talk about trauma, right? Basically, he thinks that they've won the game. He runs the bowl to half court and the game's tied. Lebron melts down, pouts freak out, they lose the game bad. And then afterward he goes and punches the wall, breaks his hand, plays the rest of the final with a broken hand. Talk about it because it's the only.

Give them an advantage revealed at the end. Right? I saw that and you know what I thought to myself when I watched this from like a practical perspective, want to give a good practical tip here. I thought I've seen myself do that. Like maybe I'll be shooting a video. It was so good. And then we lost the audio are we lost the shot? And I get, I get frustrated, I get attacked. It's like a pain.

What I actually had done to shift internally was to say, even if I contribute everything that I have in this lifetime, someday the world's going to end. Ultimately, it's still my responsibility to be joyful and present right now regardless of what's happening. Still, take the lesson from and try to not have it happen again.

Learn from it. Make a new process. Because otherwise, you're just, I think you call that a spiritual bypassing, right? Where you just like, I'll just be spiritual, not going to fix my audio or something like that. You still have to address it now going from there.

I think it's always a series of inquisition, what solutions have not resonated with and not even able to physically see what traumas have and I let go of yet what energetic phenomenon, you know, like pendulums and things like that am I not aware of yet and how and just living this general lifestyle. I truly believe the sky's the limit.

That's why we're so passionate about it. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. I like what you said. I think that when it comes to what you did is when you first got triggered by everything that was happening when you lost the footage, it's almost like you transformed the energy just by allowing the energy to be there.

Because the prior pattern you had was that it was coming through and then you were resisting it because it shouldn't have been there and it was a constant reminder of the past experience, but it was the moment that it was looked at from a new perspective or it would not even look that from an EU perspective.

It was brought into presence. It was brought into being that things began to change. There's this triad of having, doing and being, and you'll see that certain people that get into more of a resistant type state where they're really, really trying. Anytime you have to really try.

You're creating a lot, a lot of resistance, so that trying comes from doing, but the key is when you shift into being. The other part I'll talk about for a sec is understanding our self-image because the part that may have also been in a way coming back at you was the old self-image. It was these barriers that we put in ourselves of our self-image for the way that we see herself, that the universe will sometimes give us a sign.

Give us something that happens that says, are you sure you have changed? Because it'll give you the old pattern. Think about everything we experience in our life is a mirror reflection of what we believe to be true. If we wait for the mere to change, we will wait forever, but the moment we allow the mirror to be different and we change ourselves is when everything changes.

The universe will give us this mirror reflection every now and then of who we were before. Because a lot of times there's a momentum to our self-image because there's a pattern that we've all been living for a long period of time. We continue to do experience it.

But the key is when we move from doing into being, when we're aware of it, and we make that choice to move forward because we understand we are shedding the old part of our self-image that no longer serves us, the self-image that scared a lot of times that's a self-image that likes familiar themes, so it's trying to keep us safe.

The self-image is trying to do and trying to keep us to survive. It's doing something good for us in the eyes of that ego, that part of ourselves. We have to innovate, nurture it, a note, no, it's there and then make the conscious choice to continue to push through it.

And when we do, we get to that high vibrational state and in my own life I've noticed that the more I have I guess become successful or really just been in the flow of what I do, the easier things become at the very beginning.

And then you could write it, and then you write it. Exactly. In reality, Trans Surfing, many of you have heard me talk about this thing called the wave of success. The wave of success is where you become aware of something that happens, you give it a positive meaning and you increase your state of being and then you experienced more of a reality that reflects that state of being and you keep writing that up.

The only time that'll knock you off the wave of success is if something happens and when something happens, you give it a negative meaning it bumps you off that wave because of the meaning you're giving it, but remember there is a reality where there's a positive that comes from it and a negative.

It depends upon your perspective because whatever perspective you're in will be the pattern recognition that you see in your life. The key to this is being aware of what those patterns are. Understand that self-image is trying to do its best to keep you safe, nurture it, allow it to be there, but then make the conscious choice that you're going to move through anyways and then shift from that of doing to being.

It may be a little bit of a process in the beginning when I started daily videos on YouTube, I had to do for the first like 30 videos until I became and I saw myself as somebody that creates daily content, someone that generates a lot of content, high-quality content. I started to embed, embellished that into my self-image.

Then it became natural because I have begun to become it and in that becoming of it, everything happens easier because it's a natural flow of who I am. And it's the way we're letting go of old layers. We're shedding the old way of being. We label things so fast, you know, and experience like saying hypothetically right now, the camera just died. Like we lost the video. Camera died immediately. I would just send to my mind, be like, no, the video's gone. It's over. And I would judge the experience and whenever that happens, because it's still occasionally done, I always remind myself, how do you know? How do you know it's bad?

You don't necessarily know why are you so quick to judge something that is bad is when reality doesn't conform to what you think is good for you, but how do you really know perhaps the camera dying and losing the video is the best thing that ever happened to you. Some common ones that you hear all the time is, you know, my relationship ended. This is horrible. How do you know? How often did a relationship end for you to be in the future with someone else?

And you're like, thank God it ended because I met this new person. Someone who's way better for you or a job, you get fired. You're like, this is so horrible. And then you find a job that you were meant to be in. This is so common. Reflect on those moments.

What happens every single time? Um, you're taking action and being. That's true. Yep. And next time something hits where you're like, oh, I can't believe this. How do you know? Even in terms of different emotions, you know, what causes a suffering is our resistance to it? Like, say you're anxious, how? Why is that bad? Like what keeps you anxious? It keeps you feeling bad.

Are you feeling bad about feeling bad and feeling bad about feeling bad, about feeling bad? If you're like, imagine all the videos you ever watched, it's like, hey, when you feel anxious, that's awesome and you are conditioned that way.

When anxiety kicks in, you're like, Oh yes, awesome. And it would actually be an enjoyable, pleasant feeling. Exactly. A lot of it's the labels bring awareness to the different labels. I love also you said about our identity. You got to identify like who are you? You know, what are your ceiling of success and all these different areas.

In what ways are you hoping? Are you being held back? For me, an identity I had for a long period of time was the self-destructive artists and it would always just keep pulling me back. I couldn't truly be successful or say healthy, so on and so forth because then it was no longer self-destructive. Identify that, nurture and embrace it by embracing it, you'll let go of it.

Then you'll expand beyond that. And the last point I'll say with the making things hard versus easy, his view this as an example, a lot of us have a certain ceiling of success when it comes to the people we deserve to be with or be around, whether it's romantically or in terms of friendships.

And you can catch yourself here. Your ceiling is where you start feeling stifled around that person. Say you go on a date and you're talking to someone and you're like, you know what? I'm kind of in the same league, or I'm actually outside their league.

You're going to feel very comfortable and things are just going to flow. You're not going to be stuck in your head is going to be very easy. As soon as you're with someone who you believe is outside of your league based on, again, conditioning, core beliefs, your identity, so on and so forth. Suddenly you're going to freeze and you're going to start allies like, oh, they're outside of my league and things are going to be very, very hard.

We're like, okay, they're out of my league. What can I say? Let me think of the perfect thing to say. And things just become very, very hard. And that's a lot of the patterns that people are stuck in. In today's world. I used to be like that.

There are still some cases where I am where it's like we're always fighting against the same with like self-sabotage instead of identifying self-sabotage and letting go of the sources is not have it.

We have it and we just keep finding techniques and ways to fight against it. And everything is heavy. Instead of doing that, identify the cause, let go of it. You shouldn't be stifled, you shouldn't have self-sabotage. It should be easy.

3 Energy Hacks for Manifestation that Work Like MAGIC

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three energy hacks when it comes to the Law of Attraction, that if you apply in your life, will increase the momentum and increase the energy in the direction of what you want to experience. I'm going to share with you three hacks I've learned in my own life as well as hacks that have helped other people that I know.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you those hacks that have helped it so that the energy that I generate goes in the direction of what I want to experience.

1. Energy and momentum

First off, that when it comes to this whole experience of manifestation, it has to do with energy. It has to do with energy and momentum, and when we put the energy into what we want, we'll find that whatever we want grows, wherever our energy goes is where we experience more of that.

Whatever that focus is. Whatever we focus on, we feel and whatever we focus on grows. This is about understanding the alignment that we have to our own energy, into what we're doing in our life, to the activities we're doing, to the kind of foods that we're eating, to everything that goes into the process. What's recently been shown using the power of science, is that the power of the body to generate the energy that we generate, about 20 percent of it or more go specifically just to the brain.

This means that a lot of what we think is using the energy of our body, most of it is going to be going around our body and it's going to be actually in general, the energy field goes far beyond that, just a than our physical body. It goes all the way around us and what we are continuously thinking and feeling is being generated around what is called a toroidal field around our body.

The thoughts that we have, the feelings that we feel, the actions we're taking, these all imprint a certain energy frequency that goes around our body and in general for about 30 days, there's a certain momentum to our energy.

Maybe there's something that happened two or three weeks ago and in it there may be some level of a pattern that is going on within your energy field that if you were to keep feeding, you would go out into the public and you would then resonate with experiences that are then in alignment with whatever happened.  

That's why it's very important to have it come in, observe it, and then let it go so that we don't cling to it. Because the one who cling to is when there's an energy disturbance. In general, knowing that a good percentage of our energy is going to that of our brain, where we can begin to do is understand that the more we observe our thoughts and the less we identify with them, the more we're going to have energy to put the direction of what we want.

What the Heart Math Institute has shown is that the electromagnetic energy of that, of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head. When we are feeling the way that we prefer that is having more of an impact over what we want to create in our life, then that of just the head. This is about being aware of that and what I have learned to do or I recommend doing is combining the power of the head to the heart.

And the simple way to do that is maybe you've seen some of my meditations before. Those will help you as well, but that's why we always put our hands over our heart like this, and then breathe into it and put the awareness into our heart center because it brings the awareness and it also brings the energy out of being a majority in the head, into the overthinking and into the heart. This is what is very powerful.

The first hack for putting energy in the direction of what you want and just having a more general energy for your manifestation is simply following your passion. As cliché as this sounds, this is something that I have realized in my own life has really transformed it because just two years ago, year and a half ago, I was working at Barneys New York, working in women's shoes and I was working 40 hours a week and I knew I wanted to be on YouTube and what I did is I decided that I was going to make a video a day because I felt like if I made a video a day, things would grow quicker and quicker. I was working 40 hours a week. Plus I was also making videos about 40, 30 to 40 hours a week.

But here's the thing, because it was my passion. I didn't feel like it was draining my energy at all. What eventually happened is because I was doing my passion more and more, what happened was then it got to the point to where the work was draining my energy because I had so much energy for this stuff over here.

I was able to do both for a while and I did that for about four or five months, but then eventually I said, you know what? I'm going to go all in on YouTube, all in on creating videos and helping people get the results that they want and from making that choice from really going forward with that, it has changed everything about my life because now I have more energy than ever before. I get to get up every day, do what I absolutely love and I don't have to go and be told what to do or work and do something I'm not passionate about.

Nothing wrong with selling women's shoes at Barneys New York, but it's not my passion. The reason I say this is because when you find your passion, it is so easy for you to generate energy for it and it's so natural for the energy to be something that's connected to your heart that say the thing. Too many people go around looking at their goals and thinking that their goals is money. Their goals is the side effect of things.

That's not really the primary focus. The primary focus should be doing what you're passionate about and the side effect of that is the financial abundance. If you could find ways of adding value to other people or bringing him, even entertainment is value. If it makes them feel a certain way, so any way you could find to add value to certain people that will increase their state.

You are then aligning with ways that you could make that something that is financially feasible, but it's about being aware of that. First hack is simply using your energy and understanding that when you feel the emotion of passion, that emotion of passion is your higher-self telling you this is what you are meant to be doing.

Think of it as a metaphor like this. You have two aspects of yourself. The lower aspect, the higher aspect, the ego self, the higher self, the ego self is on top of a mountain that the higher self is on the top of the mountain. The Ego self is in the valley. The higher self is telling you and can see all the obstacles that are coming in your way, can see the quickest route for you to be doing your passion and is guiding you along the way and the way it is guiding you is through the emotion and through the feeling of passion.

Passion is your body's translation letting me know, say, Hey, go in this direction because this is where you're meant to be and sometimes you may logically with the ego. Look around and see some logs. See some type of river that you don't know how to get across and what the higher self may be telling you is follow the passion because the passion will lead you to this bridge right over here that takes you over the river and then the shortcut that goes all the way up.

It's about being aware of that vibration and how that serves you because that's something that is very often miss, overlooked and it's something that just for me, applying myself has just dramatically changed my life because now I have more energy than ever before.

2. Optimize your energy

The second way that you can optimize your energy is to understand that any type of success comes from an insane amount of focus.

If you want to become a master at what you do, the key is going to be to put a grand amount of focus.

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If you want to become a master at what you do, if you want to learn how to become one of the best in whatever you do, then the key is going to be to put a grand amount of focus.

The thing is what a lot of people do is they focus for a short period of time on something and by focusing on a short period of time, they get a short little bit amount of results. A lot of people give up after a certain period of time when if they were to simply kept going, they would have continued to exponential their momentum.

Focus is the secret to putting energy into what you want. Think of it like this. We all have a certain amount of energy expenditure. Let's say that this is our energy bank account. At any time we go out into the world or even just at our house, anything that is consuming our intention or our attention we are giving our energy to, so when you watch the news, you are giving your energy and your focus to the news.

When someone is venting you, you are giving your energy over to them and that may be draining your energy. Anytime you are eating unhealthy food that is draining and it takes a lot of energy to digest like deep fried foods, heavy foods, then that's taking your body energy to digest than what is happening and that's draining your energy.

All these things are draining your energy. In the same way, if you had a bank account, let's say you had a certain money account and you had a certain amount in there, you wouldn't go out into public Ed. Just start saying, “Here you go.”

Handing it out for no reason whatsoever with no purpose behind it. Know, no reason behind is giving away that money to whoever comes up. In the same way, what we do is we're in reaction in our environment and in their life and what we do is we go out and we just give away our money to everywhere.

We give away our energy everywhere and as we give away our attention or giving away our energy. The key is to take that back into design and to be more discerning with who and where we give our energy. If we're giving our energy to low vibrational television, low vibrational, entertainment than it may be bringing their energy down.

If we're eating heavy foods and maybe bringing the energy down. If we're around people that are bringing us down, well, same thing. It's bringing our energy down, so this is about being aware of that energy bank account and not frivolously. Just throwing money everywhere sounds ridiculous. If we were just to go out and have a certain amount of money, just give it to everyone.

However, if you do it with purpose and you're adding value and you are doing it in a way where you have poked into energy, going in a certain direction because it's thought out or it's something that is in alignment with your passion, then you'll find that things change, so this is about being aware of your energy expenditure and simply deciding that you are going to put your energy into things that you actually like and that actually serve you.

3. Have the right energy

The third hack to this process of having the right energy and making the manifestation so much easier is avoiding extremes. This might sound a little bit counterintuitive or don't you really, really, really want. I want it. Well, the thing is you focus on what you're passionate about. You're not given any excess meaning, any excess importance there.

Think of it like this. There is this path, and sometimes this is referred to as the way or the tau. There's this path that you can go down and when you go down this path, things happen more smoothly. It's balanced. What happens as many people are going in a certain direction, but they really, really desire something.

Anytime you really, really desire something, you really, really are saying you really, really don't currently have it vibrationally. That's what you're saying. The key is to be aware of what that is and if there's anything that you're giving a lot of meaning to, to observe that meaning and to decide to let it go because then that's coming on.

The other side of this is the way in the extremes is on the other side, so you want to do is be aware of those extremes. If you're obsessed with anything, if he accepts with someone else, if you are a giving too much energy to something that you want to experience. If you can feel this imbalanced and be aware of it and understand what that is.

A lot of times what happens is people will have certain goals or certain things they want to accomplish, but what'll happen is they're not linking up to a new self-image that is more conductive of that way of being. For example, if we desire something, we are saying that we don't already have it, but for the version of us that already has it, the best imaginable version of us that is natural for them.

You may imagine the version of you that's making a, you know, a certain amount of money per year, maybe it's you know, 80 to $100,000 a year. You imagine that version of you and you think that would be so amazed. I would feel so good. It was so in, it moves you, but if you give it too much importance and you put it on this big pedestal and you create resistance around it, then you may be actually emphasizing that you don't already have it, but the version of you that's already experiencing that, that is natural.

That version of you makes 80 to $100 a year. When you start to see it from that point of view, you can see what is that version of me doing? How does that version of the act? What is the body language like? What kind of actions do they do daily? What kind of values do they have? What are they associated with? Pain and pleasure? What are they moving in the direction of?

You start asking yourself these questions. All the energy changes because in general when it comes to manifestation, it is all about the energy. Are you putting the energy and things that serve you? Are you cultivating the energy around you? They say that we are an accumulation of the five people where you're around the most, and that is true because from an energy vibration point of view, we subconsciously influenced each other with our vibration.

If we're around people that maybe just aren't happy with themselves, if we're around people that are just nagging us or bringing us down, then that also is damping in our own energy. Be aware of what that is and choose to be around people that serve you. And if you don't have people in your life right now that are like that, then once you could be good to do is to be in the trust, the process, and as many times as you let go of what doesn't serve, you make room for what could come in that would serve.

This is about being aware of the energy dynamics of manifestation and understanding going in the path of this way and in this way. When you're doing what you're passionate about, you're naturally in the tower. You naturally in the way going through the way and what you want to do is you want to align with that.

You want to link up to your new self-image and what you want to do is be aware of any extremes, any obsession you may have for something inside you. Be aware of it. Observe it, let it go, and then be the best version of you that you can be. And as you trust the process, it will lead you to where you want to go.

But remember, the feeling of passion is your body's translation. That is saying, Hey, go in this direction, this will change your life. With that, if you want to learn how to decrease importance, decrease importance as a concept from a book called Reality Transurfing is a process that I have applied to my life has really changed my life.

#16: Secrets of the HOLOGRAM and how to transform your life

Welcome back to another episode. Today we're going to be talking about something that's really cool. I think you're really going to like it. I'm so excited to share with you. Are you almost ready? Let's get into it. Today we're going to be talking about something a little bit more esoteric but also really freaking awesome at the same time.

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Instead of the effort because I'm not sure if iTunes penalizes for saying curse words. I don't think so. Joe Rogan, I think does it all the time. I'm pretty sure he's okay. I just made a YouTube video on this, so I'm excited to talk about this. Just a little recap. I just got back a couple of days ago from California.

I went to San Diego for a couple of days with my buddy Victor. We went to San Diego. We went to a whole bunch of good places to eat. We got some work done. We brainstorm some ideas, what we do, Victor Oddo, he's a YouTuber and my best friend.

We went jet skiing. That was really cool. We went jet skiing, we went. Jet Skiing is very interesting by interesting. Went to mission bay in San Diego. It's a really cool victory and I each got our own. It's funny, we were going to get one and then take turns, but we're so glad that we got to because I would have been kind of funny.

One of us holding each other around and just going from one from one place to the other. We were on the jet ski going around and there were these two, these two girls that like fell out their jet ski and we came to save the day.

Victor did a little bit more than I did or a lot more than I did. He got off the jet ski and we help these girls get back on them. We spent a good amount of time helping out at people, you know, trying to add value, we still had a lot of fun. We got those things up to like 40 something miles an hour maybe. I think Victor got his up to 50.

I can only get mine up to like 40 something miles an hour. It's fast. When you go for some miles on top of the ocean, you're like, damn, damn, that's kind of what that's going to look like. And what else do we do? Then we went up to, uh, basically we went for two days and then after those two days what happened is we went up to Los Angeles, we met up at Alexandra who's a good friend of ours.

We're all going to Rhythmia place in Costa Rica soon. I wanted Viktor to meet Leo orcs. He hasn't met her yet and is one of my good friends. We all met up and everything went really well. They got along great as very happy and then we would some really good Mediterranean a spot.

And then what I did is I flew Victor back because originally Victor and I were going to drive back to Vegas together, but another company hit me up a continent. Got a crew of people I've been watching on YouTube for a while that I respect what they do. And I ended up meeting up with them and a film and a video together that'll be coming out next week. It's gotten named Owen.

Uh, so it was really cool. And then I was up there so I was getting to see. I mean they were very successful at what they do. I was able to go to his house as he has a house in the Hollywood Hills. It's like five stories. It's overlooking like the whole Los Angeles. And we filmed a video up there is really cool. We made a video on understanding the low vibration energy and how to transcend it.

A guy named Julian, me and Owen. We got a good video coming out soon. I don't know when this episode will come out, but that actually that, that video will probably come out soon after the APP, the podcast episode comes out, so be on the lookout for it. It's going to be on low vibrational energy and how to transcend it.

I'm kind of like that. It's kind of a cool acronym. I went there and I hung out and we talked about business. We talked about a whole bunch of different stuff and kind of helping each other out. And he was, he uh, helped me understand that I should be doing events, kind of. I already know I'm going to be doing events like it's already in the plans, but he kind of really does like this company, it's called RSD.

They do like so many events. I do like an event every week, so it's crazy how many, like how much events they do and they do these boot camps who's all this stuff? I'm going to be doing my own. And he was kind of given me advice because he's seen that he's been in the business and he's seen like what kind of work.

He recommended I do like these all-day events, almost like these transformation type of seminars that are like five, six hours long, however long it takes. And that really resonated with me and I've kind of always felt like that, you know, kind of like a mini Tony Robbins event, not like seven days long with like, you know, as intense and as much production value obviously, but something kind of similar.

That’s something I'll be doing as well. And then I drove back, what was it yesterday, the day before, and now I'm back. I'm just now getting caught up on sleep because the dad hung out with them. I was up till like six at night or six in the morning. And normally I go to bed at like 11 or 10. Yeah, 10 or 11. I had to get back on track. I'm getting back with caught up on videos and everything.

I don't know why I just felt like giving you guys an update on everything sometimes I know people like to hear inside the life of what's actually happening and that's what's happening. That eventually I'd be doing it, moving into live events.

I have the name for it already and I, it'll be a certain process that we use to, to pretty much transform, transform consciousness, our level of consciousness at least. And there's a certain process that I went through to Trenton. It's for my own consciousness from a low vibrational state to a high vibrational state and I want to help other people do the same thing.

An all-day seminar that helps people to get that kind of result. And I'm also working on a flagship product for that as well. That'll be like a course that you get that's a six week long from a to z exactly what to do to do so.

That I'm starting to build that as well. Yeah, I'm excited. There are so many good things happening. Things are moving so fast time is going by so fast. It's already almost time to go to Rhythmia here and a couple months, which is crazy because I went a year ago and in November it'll be exactly a year and it's already like, what? Almost October? That's crazy.

Time is flying by and I know they'd say the busier you get, the faster time periods to go. And that is so absolutely true. That was about five, six minutes on just that have ground keeping house cleaning or whatever they call it. That was the announcements. And what I'm going to be talking about today is understanding the holographic nature of reality. This is something that I've been coming to learn and it's an idea that I just made a YouTube video on that syncs real legit.

I think people are really going to like it. It's a completely new perspective. I haven't heard many people talk about before, but in general, have you seen it before? Let me ask you a couple of questions. Have you seen it before?

Where look, when you look at your hands, all right, look at your hands right now and when you look at it, have you ever seen the reflexology charts where you see that the nerves in the hands and that the nerves in the feet, the nerves that run through those also run through every organ in the body.

You'll see that in reflexology when they massage certain parts of your hand, certain parts of your feet, that that actually influences different organs. That's why acupuncture can be so powerful because sometimes what we do is we keep stored emotion inside of our body without knowing it.

They put it a few pins or you know there are a few needles in certain parts of the body and it releases the energy flow of that part of the body. With reflexology, there are certain parts of your hand, for example, that if you push on certain parts of your hand that will relax.

They say if you have a headache to push on like the area between your thumb and your index finger. There an area like that pad, like the pad of your hand right there. If you push there, then what happens is you release the pressure inside of your head. Sometimes people have headaches. If you go to do that and they have a headache, that will feel very painful. But if you put that pressure there, eventually the pain goes away in the head.

I've done that before. I know my mom's done it before it does work. There are certain parts of the fee to. I haven't gotten a massage, uh, recently I need, I want to give another. I want to get one again. I'm kind of weird about massages. I like it. I like when I get a massage, I like it to make sure the person that's giving the massage has good energy.

I want to make sure, like they, they don't have to be into energy necessarily. Don't have to be like a professional level 19,000 reiki master. Uh, but at the same time I do want them to have good ones. I remember one time I went to a massage and it was from somebody that was a, that didn't, I, I never had a massage from this person, but I go to this place because the person that I normally went to, I used to get massages a lot back in the day and when I went, that person wasn't there, so I went to someone else.

Her name was Coco. You get what you ask or sometimes I said I wanted someone that gave a really. I like really a deep tissue massages almost where it's painful. Her energy was very jolty. I remembered like the mediatory when she touched me, I just didn't resonate with her energy and when she was doing it like the whole time, it was a 90-minute massage that I knew I was getting. And I laid down and for the first, like two or three minutes, I was like, no, this is not the right person to be giving me a massage.

I could just feel there was a jerky movements. It just wasn't, wasn't resonating. But in general, when you get a massage, I mean it's supposed to be relaxing, uh, but the key is understanding the entity. It is an intimate thing to when you're going to massage, when you get a massage, it's an intimate thing like somebody is literally touching you and their energy, their energy field is mixing in with yours. That’s something to definitely think about. I'm much more mindful now, but I've been wanting to get a massage just to kind of relax the feet, relax the hands, and how that kind of influences the energy flow inside of the body. A butt massage is a very powerful for that. In the same way. I'm going to put your attention on that. Let's look at a different thing with the understanding the holographic nature of reality.

When you look at your body, you have cells inside of your body. The cells inside your body are fighting to keep your body healthy. You have a whole bunch of different parts of your body that are naturally doing its thing without you having to really put much attention on it.

You have adrenal glands, you have hormones, you have digestive system for the most part, all work on autopilot. You don't have to really think about digesting your food. It just kind of digest and you have a body that has over 70 percent water and you have these cells in your body that are doing their thing now in the same way, bring your attention now to that of the earth.

The earth is over 70 percent water. The earth has people and plants and beans on it that make up the cells on earth, and even if you look at the shocker system of our body, there's also a shocker system of earth.

I think Mount Shasta is the Crown Chakra Sedona. One of the shockers and think is the third eye Chakra, or maybe it's something else a. Then you have Hawaii. It is the heart Chakra. You have Australia is one of them. You have one and I think London or Europe. You have one in Machu Picchu, you have, whereas the other ones, maybe another one in Mexico, you have some in India, you have them all the way around.

These are all different shoppers at the planet and the same way we have shoppers on the planet, we're shockers in our body. The reason I pointing your attention to all of this is because, let me explain now what a Hologram is in a hologram.

If you look at a Hologram, if you think about a Pokémon card Pokémon. I grew up in getting Pokémon cards and always got them for Christmas and stuff and I was always hoping that when I open up the Pokémon cards, I got like the newest best hologram if see a Hologram holographic Pokémon card.

When you look at it, you could see that when you move it, you kind of see a shift in that of the screen itself. And that is the appearance appears to kind of move as well. In a Hologram, each little pixel is what would you call each little frame has the whole hologram inside of it. It's almost like the one is the, all the all is the one.

Even if you were to pin down to the smallest little particle of that, of the Hologram, it would be also of the whole Hologram, the same photo. It's just one of the other. That's why it gives it that kind of appearance. The thing is, is that's what a Hologram is. In the same way, it works the same in reality, we have microcosm, macrocosm. We are individually creating our own reality, but then collectively all of us together are creating a massive reality together and bid depending on the choices we make, we're going in a certain direction.

This is why any enlightened teacher you've said in the past has said that we are all connected. The one is the, all, the, all is the one. We're all one. Even look at the movie matrix. Neo is the one. These are all metaphors. These are all symbols. But the truth is, is that a deeper fundamental level, the only thing that separates us is the labels and our own mind and the emphasize. None of this is mean. That is you. The truth is, is we are all connected. Knowing that we're all connected and knowing that just like there's the nerves in her hands that are flowing through, there's the nerves in our feet with the nerves flowing through that connect to every organ in our body and the same way we can see that with every area of our life. Let's go into the personal development side of it.

Because you know me, that's what I like to do. I like to relate this to the personal development. How we can use in our life when it comes to understanding the holographic nature of reality. What we can begin to do is understand this. When you emphasize and better one area of your life that will influence every other area in your life.

It may not be that you need to change your whole entire life and go through all of these things. It could be one area of your life that you begin to shift. For example, if you were right now not eating very healthy, eating a lot of sugar without even knowing, it may be eating a lot of processed food and you felt like you didn't have a lot of energy and you felt like maybe you weren't at where you want it to be successfully.

You maybe you find it. You don't have the relationship that you want. If you were to increase the health in your life and you were to start to take your health and make one choice to make your health better, that could influence every other area of your life. Let me explain why. When you change your health, you start to increase your energy.

Maybe you start to go to the gym more often. You start to put a little bit of stress on your body and you start to increase the amount of oxygen in your body and by doing that you start to feel healthier. As you feel healthy or you start to change your self-image, you start to see yourself in a different way and you start to literally have more energy because you start to be more mindful with the food that you put into your body, so now you are being healthier.

You have more energy. You start to feel confident with just your health, maybe at the other areas of your life still aren't going the way you want, but as you start to have more energy, you start to come up with more creative ideas.

You start to see more opportunities in your life because you're in a resourceful state, so then you start to resonate with people that are also at a higher vibrational state, and as you start to do that, you start to surround yourself with people that then are rubbing off on you in a way that you don't even know and you are the average of the five people you're around the most. All of a sudden you start to resonate with that and you start to find yourself with new opportunities in your life that weren't there before.

 Then what happens is as you're killing it with their success and as you start to become more successful because things are happening because you have more energy, and let me tell you, in my own life, I've realized that to become successful it does take energy, doesn't have to be hard, but it does take energy and the more energy, the more focus you put into what you love, the more you have energy to give to that, the more that will grow.

I focus a lot on my energy. I've focused a lot in having things in my life that increased my energy. I go to the gym every day. I eat very healthy food. I am getting something new that I'm going to share with you soon as I just ordered it, but always wanted to have it come into my house soon. Let me know what you think it is. Maybe on my newest Instagram photo. Reply with what you think it is. It has to do with health. It's something I've always wanted. Having it delivered to my house next couple of weeks. It's going to be really cool. Let me know what you think it is. I'm curious to see, maybe you could feel what it is or maybe you just know kind of my style and what it might be, but in general, if you increase the one area of your life and you start taking one area of your life and you start to improve it in a holographic type way, you start to improve every area of your life.

Maybe you have a significant other in the relationships, kind of rocky. If you were to improve that one relationship, you may find that as you let go of the stress and as you started to become in aligned with the person you're with or you let go of them, depending on what you decide as you do that, you may find that then you don't have stress and energy going towards that that's draining you and you have more energy put in success, more energy to put into health.

You see what I mean as the three main areas that people can relate to, his relationships, health and money and finance and career. If you increase one area of these, if you decide right now that you're going to increase one area of these and the holographic type nature for the way reality works, you will then start to improve every area of your life because that's the way things work.

Energy, think of everything in life as energy and when you start to put energy in one area and you start to improve it, you're going to start to also feel more confident because you're going to say to yourself, wow, look at what I've been able to do. Look at what's happened with this one area, and then your brain starts to do something very different.

I know that as that becomes successful on line with what I do with my brand, with helping people, it influences other areas of my life because then I just constantly say to myself, well, if I can do this, I can do anything. If I can do this, then I can apply this towards getting it. N II have this intention to become the best shape I've ever been in my life and I've become leaner than ever before. I run every day, I do things I would have never done before, but it's like literally just influenced me to where now I can kill with my business.

I can kill it with this. I could just do good at how do I could do it all if I want, but by taking conscious control of one area of our life, I'm starting to leak it, starting to link into every other area of my life. This is about being aware of that and making that choice that with the holographic nature of reality and the way it works, you don't have to fix every area of your life.

Focus on one area of your life and watch how every area will then change.

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Focus on one and watch how every area will then change because the microcosm, the macrocosm you fix one thing, it many times will bring up everything else because as you have more energy, you have a higher vibration.

As you have a higher vibration, you resonate with people at a, at a very deep level or at a higher level than you attract new people into your life, new relationships, new business opportunities, new people to be around that then influenced your health in a new way because now you're in a healthier food.

Whatever it is to understand that the one is the all in the all is the one you he can look around right now. We can be like, look at me. I am separate from everyone else, but that's emphasizing the labels as emphasized in separation. At the fundamental core, we are all connected. We're all one consciousness. We're just living a dream right now.

A dream of separation. We're leaving a dream of a virtual reality because at our fundamental core, we are unconditional love and bliss. We're simply having this life experience. It's like a dream and we're having this life experience and we think that we're separate from everyone else. We look around and go, look at that person. That's them. This is me. That's the dream. That's a dream that it's an experience we're having, but at the fundamental core, we are the one. The one is us.

We are living in a holographic type nature reality, which means the one is the all. The all is the one, the nerves that flow through our hands. The nerves that flow through your feet also flow through your organs.

If you start to relax, you start to increase and improve one area of your life. You will find that everything in your life begins to rise up as well. Find out one area of your life, make a choice to start to improve it, and I promise you, you will start to see an increase in other areas of your life and it will begin to change everything about you.

3 Signs You Live in a Virtual Reality (and Don’t Know it)

What I'm going to be sharing with you are three signs that you live in a virtual reality and don't even know if I'm going to show you signs that it's highly probable that this is the case and how we can use knowing this to our advantage to create what we want in our life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you the three sides that us as a society or as the reality that we live in, that it is probably a virtual reality and this isn't something that I just kind of thinking of. This is something that there's been a lot of other very credible people that have thought of like Elon Musk, for example, has said this on many occasions, that he believes the probability that we live in a virtual reality is much more than the probability that this is the baseline reality.

What he says is he believes that this what we experienced in our life, that we interpret through our five senses. He says, the chance of this being the baseline reality is less than a fraction of one percent, which means and implies that it is highly probable that we do live in a form of virtual reality.

This is something that I've thought a lot about, and let me first off kind of shared the idea that this doesn't have to be something scary. This isn't something like we live inside the little bit of a. We live in a little computer box.

It simply means if there's certain programs of reality, there are certain ways that reality works that when we become aware of we could then start to use to our advantage. And it also comes from this understanding that we already mortal spiritual being, living in a very temporary human experience.

I believe that one of the signs are not necessarily one of the signs, but one of the parts and the reasons that we come to experience life in this reality is because we forget who we are at a greater consciousness level.

And this actually helps us because imagine playing a video game and the whole time you know it's a game and you won't take it as seriously as something that you log into that you believe is real and part of it is you have to believe it is real to really take it to the level to where you learn from it.

The way that I view it is that we are immortal, spiritual beings live in very temporary human experiences and that one of those parts is that we've in a way logged into this game, this virtual reality where there's certain rules, there are certain ways that things happen, but we can learn to hack it.

That's what I'm going to be sharing with you as well.

1. Virtual Reality

The first sign that we live in a virtual reality and we may not know it is simply the idea that we already almost have the technology to do this even as a society with where we are right now. Think about it like this. I've shared this story once or twice on my channel before.

This was like a year ago, my cousin came over. I was at my house visiting. My cousin came over. He brought over his PS4 and what he did is he brought it over and we played it and we had a virtual reality headset that we put on in virtual reality and what we were doing is we were playing these games. One of the Games was this little bond game where you had to like a diffuse a bomb and you look around and you're in like this room and you've got to like do all these things in the right order, and then there was another game that was I liked a little bit better.

Wasn't even really a game. It was just one that you were doing and you are in this virtual reality and it was underwater and it was being able to see all of this coral being able to see all these fish swim by and it was really cool because when you're looking around, your head moves with it.

It's like wherever your head moves, it's like you feel like you're actually there. There was death, there was the sound, the way that the sound was done and what happened is I was looking around and all of a sudden there was this shark that came back that came by from around and I was like, “Whoa!”

And it felt like it was really close and it was like I actually felt like I was there, like my brain did not know the difference between being there and not being there. Although of course I knew that okay, I'm in this virtual reality or whatever, but it felt very real. Then what happened is the shark winter around and shark does this thing where it scares you, so it kind of went around.

There's this noise and then it goes away and you don't know where it is and then you look. You can actually look all the way around. I looked all the way around and all of a sudden, this truck comes out of nowhere, scares the shit out of me, and then it comes around and bites into the cage and as bite into the cage, you see its teeth and you see if fight in the cage.

And then all of a sudden, the door comes off as a door comes off the thing that sentence little cage that you're kind of being brought down to is if you're in like a scuba, like one of those little tanks or whatever that are cages that are being brought down and then the thing starts to move like as if the chain is about to break and I'm looking over the edge and you actually, I felt like that vertigo feeling as if you're going to fall over the edge.

I felt that now what I learned from this experience is that the brain doesn't know the difference and we already are almost at the point to where we have the technology to where we don't know the difference.

The learning and knowing that we are already almost there from having a virtual, having a reality that we can hardly tell is virtual reality or not and they'll be eventual great quantum leaps with it to where it's like there's some type of technologies where you really don't know the difference. Because you could say, oh, well you kind of felt that you would be.

No, it's not, you know, you're underwater, whatever, but the brain doesn't know the difference at a certain level and if you could bring in a couple more senses, which they've already done, then it would be something that would take it to the next level.

We're on 2018, we're only a certain far along and think about it in five or 10 years they're going to have it like there's no doubt about it now. What's to say at a higher level of consciousness point of we haven't already done this. We have already created this reality system called Earth where we interpret reality through the five senses and this is how we interpret our reality and we forget who we are at a greater consciousness level.

And then we come here. We have certain lessons we learned, we have certain experiences we go through, we die at the end of her life and we would wake up at this higher level of consciousness. This seems highly probable, especially knowing that we can already almost do it and we're like the caveman status to where we'll be in like 50 to 100 years with as far and as fast as technology go, especially with AI and everything that's coming that's coming up.

That's a sign right there that it is highly probable that we live in a virtual reality. There is already almost the technology to where we don't know the difference between what is real, what is unreal and what has to stay that at a higher-level consciousness point of view that when we go to bed at night, I believe we wake up at this higher-level consciousness.

We simply forget why we're here because it's not necessarily relevant. I believe in a higher dimensional aspects of us. We feel unconditional love and bliss, which is naturally who we are, but the thing is it's not always relevant to remember that because then we wake up here and there's resistance and things and we wouldn't want to be here, but we have to still want to be here. We don't remember all of those aspects of who we really are.

That is a sign that we live in a virtual reality and don't even know it. We already have the capability to do it. It's just that it's something that we may have done at a higher level of consciousness point of view.

2. Avatar

The second sign that we live in a virtual reality, we don't know it is going to use this example. I'm just going to share with you this example because this is something that has stunned scientists and people that have researched this and it's this understanding that is highly likely that we live, that our identity, who we think we are as a form of Avatar and based on the Avatar, based on the way that we see ourselves, that is going to determine what we experience in our life.

There's this phenomenon, there's not really a name for it, but it has to do with studying people with multiple personality disorder. People that have multiple personalities that shift from one person to the next person within the same person, so they have one reality, one person, or they have certain characteristics.

They shifted into personality, totally different characteristics. Here's something interesting that they found. There are people. This is documented. This is a real thing. There are people that have multiple personality disorder. What happens is these people will shift from one personality. We'll call that Fred to another personality.

We'll call that Tom. They shift from friend to Tom. When they ship from friend to Tom, Fred may have that, have a certain personality and may also have a certain type of makeup with his body. Fred will then go to Tom and when Fred goes to Tom. Tom has a tumor or some type of cancerous, a cancerous tumor in his body has that kind of a genetic makeup, not genetic makeup.

It has that type of a characteristic with his body and has different characteristics, maybe different personality traits or whatever it is, maybe even a different Eichler then shifts back to Fred and when he shows back to Fred, he does not have that tumor, so they shift this person.

These people with personality disorder, multiple personality disorder will shift from one personality to the other in one personality, not have the tumor and the next personality have the tumor or how the cancer is type cells. What has changed within the five minutes that they have shifted from one personality to the other, we'll they've literally shifted avatars that are of a different program.

They are of a different type of pattern way of thinking of a different personality traits and also other different cellular structure. This is very interesting because there's been even cases where people change Eichler and it's very.

It's something that's empowering to know that it could be that easy to shift out of some type of disease or some type of cancerous type cells could be simply changing the programming of the Avatar, changing the consistent thoughts that person thinks that could the ways that they identify themselves, but this shows us that it is probable that there could be some type of program in play to win that person shifts.

 They also shift their past because then they'd never had the tumor. That's what you can't even. You can't even go through Fred's body and finally cancerous cells because it's not there, but 10 minutes later it may actually be there. This is something that boggles the minds of scientists themselves because how do we understand this? What does this all mean and what it shows us is that reality is much more fluid than we thought.

We are much more powerful with the momentum of focus.

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It shows us that we are much more powerful with the momentum of focus we have with the momentum of thoughts we have because maybe in a certain way Fred's personality only has certain thought patterns. 

But then Tom's personality has thought patterns that are a little bit more negative thought patterns that are a little bit more identified with things that don't serve and maybe somehow that bring maybe even the genetic makeup of that version of Tom, they inland's Fred.

That version has certain patterns that run in the genetics of that program of Tom that then have that cancer type cells.  It's very interesting idea, but it could be as easy as shifting and understanding that the Avatar is something that we perceive through, but we are not just the Avatar.

We are also the energy that moves through the Avatar and the same way that when we played the game sims, we think that, you know, we know we're playing the game sims and we're having the person go and go to the daycare, drop off the kids, then go cook something in the kitchen and the simulated game.

We know that that's not really who we are as we play it in the same way at a higher level of consciousness point of view, I may be pretending to be Aaron was speaking through an Avatar who's speaking and sharing information, but at a greater level of consciousness.

I believe that I'm so much more than that. I believe you are so much more than that as well. Not saying this as if I'm special. I'm saying as we are all special, we are all more than our Avatar, but we identify, we perceive reality through our Avatar for the period of time while we are here.

3. The flower of life

The third side that we live in a virtual reality and we don't even know it is simply paying attention to mathematics. Simply paying attention to certain patterns. Look at this pattern I'm wearing right now. This is called the flower of life.

This pattern is inherent and found in every single particle in every single structure and is the founding blocks of what connects our reality together. That's one reason why I wear this shirt a lot. It symbolizes the connection between all things. You can find sacred geometry in just about everything. You could find sacred geometry and plants.

You can find sacred geometry and the wake crystallization forums you can find in everything is the way matter is constructed and connected. Mathematics for example as well, everything works in cad or in school. Everything's a bunch of ones and Zeros. This is something that has been shown at the quantum physics point of view.

This is something that shows us that is highly probable that this is something that because there's patterns of. It's a level of a program, there's a consistency that runs through all of it and because there's this consistency, it's a sign that there's a level of simulation or a level of this understanding of how we relate with reality.

Even think about it in the form of the movie, the Matrix. For example, why did the movie the Matrix do so well? What was it? Just because it was a really cool movie with a lot of cool action and fighting movies that do as well as they do normally do well because it resonates with people.

At a very deep level now, it may not be that there's agents coming out to beat us up, but it could be a metaphor for understanding our own ego and understanding the matrix of life, the Matrix of reality being asleep to who we really are as this higher level of consciousness point of view of being the one as neo is, and it's very funny, the symbolism, neo, neo cortex, understanding the symbolism of the whole movie in general, but it resonated. It did so phenomenally well in theaters and how many people have seen the movie the Matrix and how many people love the movie.

It's very to me, curious that that is something that has really caught on with our level of consciousness or with consciousness and gentle with people and something that resonates with people at a very deep level. I believe that one reason that may resonate so deeply is because there is a level of truth in it and the level of truth is that we are logged in here.

I believe that when we have what is called a spiritual awakening or we become aware that we're not just the Avatar. We're not just the ego, we wake up to that higher level of consciousness and when we wake up, we didn't have more ability to go through life, to go through an experience what we want, but that's a sign that we live in.

A virtual reality is the mathematical precision of how everything works and the patterns that we see inherent throughout reality shows that consistency of what we experienced at how can you hack through all of this knowing that we live in a virtual reality will.

The first thing you can do is realize that the intent to have when you have an intention, you increase the probability of something happening more so than just the Law of Attraction. I think that this is even more powerful because it comes with the understanding of this higher level of consciousness that we naturally are and how we can experience what we want through aligning with what our purpose is in life. The idea is that this larger consciousness part of us, our higher self, we could call it, has a certain life plan for us.

Certain things they want to experience while we're here in this limited hundred years that we're here on earth and that what we can then do is realize that we are so much more than just this ego, that just the Avatar, and then as we realized this, we can start to follow our passion.

The vibration of our passion is the thread. It's the message from our higher-self telling us, Hey, go in this direction. This will lead you to something even better, something even better. So, as we follow that thread of passion, we find that things happen even easier for us because that is the path of least resistance.

This is something that I have found to be very powerful in my own life. The more I focus less on the materialism, the way that I used to look at the Law of Attraction, which just focus on the money, focus on the cars, focus on the house. Instead, I focused on my passion. Knowing that as I trust the process, those things are side effects of it.

Anyways, that's what I found to be powerful intention. I intend the dot, dot, dot. What do I intend for? Whatever I intend for, I increased the probability of and because of that, it's something that comes more into fruition, so think about it more in the form of intention.

Understand the first step is becoming aware that we live in a form of virtual reality because then we gain our power back. Do you believe that we live in more of a game? Is Life eight game? I find that that serves me to believe that, that some people will say, oh, well what about all the hard things in life? You're delusional buddy ticket that we live in a game.

Well, life is like a game. That is a metaphor we can use because that is empowering because when we know it's a game, it's fun, it's loose, it's light. We can figure things out. We can hack the game. We could figure out little cheat codes without really cheating, but what we can do is we can do things that optimize us. The things that are negative things are bad. I'm not this entitled guidance saying this. I've been through a lot of things.

I've been through things when I was young. I've been through a lot of child abuse growing up. It's not like my life's been all dandy roses and Unicorns and stuff, so I'm not saying this from a perspective of I've never experienced negative stuff in my life. I'm saying it. I've been through all that negativity. I transmuted it. It led to my spiritual awakening.

To me, waking up to understanding that life is more than just this physical reality that I experienced, that there is higher level consciousness point of view. What I'm saying is having that perspective has served me to hack the system, to becoming aware that I am so much more than that. So are you, and what I can then do is wake up and transmute all the negative past all this stuff from the past. You can do it as well.

That's why I tell you what I've been through because then you know that if I've done it, so can you.

You can hack the system by becoming aware of the idea of understanding. You are so much more than your avatar and the ego structure that you look through that nighttime, you're awake, you're awake at this higher-level consciousness point of view, and that if you exist now, you will always exist because energy cannot be created nor destroyed a very empowering understanding.

These are the three signs that you live in a virtual reality and may not even know it. Understand, it could be as simple as knowing that virtual reality already exists. We already know the difference. What's the say at a high-level consciousness point of view, we haven't already done this understanding that the rule set that we've created, that the way reality works is something that has patterns in it.

Patterns that inner weaved in and out of it, that there's this mathematical precision and that width with this mathematical precision. It is something that is consistent through all of life. Understanding that there are people that shift from one Avatar to the other using a multiple personality disorder that proves to us there's a different genetic makeup.

A different level of cellular structure which shows that it's highly likely. It's just a program of one to the other. We could say that we are so much more than this program at a higher level of consciousness point of view. You are so much more.

Abraham Hicks Guided Meditation for Getting into the Vortex

What I'm going to share with you a guided meditation for getting into the Vortex inspired by Abraham Hicks. I think, what I’m going to share with you can totally transform your life and allow you to be in the vibration that you prefer in the easiest way possible.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you and Abraham Hicks guided meditation that I think will totally transform your life, and the reason I say that is because the principles that I share in this meditation have transformed my own life.

Understanding what the vortex is, understanding how we can get into it is the key to us experiencing a totally new reality when that goes beyond having to try hard when that goes beyond having to re-create resistance along the way, and when you understand the vortex, you understand manifestation altogether.

In order to do this, what I want to do is I'm going to do a quick demonstration of exactly what the vortex is explained in such a simplistic way that I think you'll really begin to understand it. Because a lot of times when we hear it talked about, we can kind of get it, but to feel into it and understand it's entirely different thing and I believe that this will help you to do that.

Then we're going to move into the meditation that I think if you listen to for 21 days will totally transform your life. I think you'll begin to merge with yourself in a completely new way. The real part of who you are and that as you do that, you find that things happen easier than ever.

When we are in a higher vibrational state of being, we manifest things easier.

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First off, just to explain this, just to give us a little bit of basis when we're in a certain state of being. When we are in a higher vibrational state of being, we manifest things easier than ever when we are trying to create from a paradigm of lack.

When we are creating from a lower vibration, it takes a lot more energy to make things happen and we create a lot of resistance and blocks along the way. That's why when most people have the intention of having and getting certain things in their life, they'll experience blocks. It's because they're coming at it from a place of lack.

They're coming at it from a place as if that over there. It's going to make me feel better, but the truth is we can make ourselves feel the way that we prefer right now in the present moment by understanding our emotions in a new way. Let's look at this of our goals and that of the vortex like this.

I'm going to use my handy dandy notebook here to show you, but imagine that this is us and what we want to do is we want to create what we want in our life. In general, we always get in life that which is equal to the vibration that we are putting out.

When we think of that about it from the higher vibrational point of view, I'm going to go ahead and put a charge right over here that you're going to see right there and that chart you'll see there are different emotions on that chart, the higher vibrational emotions or towards the top. When you get towards the top, you move from that of shame, fear, guilt, up to neutrality.

Then eventually you get to willingness. Then you get up to love bliss, and then enlightenment is at the very top. The idea behind the vortex is that what we learned how to do is to tap into our higher vibrational states of consciousness, of love, of bliss, of joy, of peace, and we can do that by getting into what is called the vortex.

What I'm putting out is the vibration. Imagine that. This right here is my vortex. My vortex is that have a higher vibrational state of being. You can think of this as an energetic. You can literally think of it as a vortex that is constantly having the energy go within it and it's also increased in the vibration of what has ever within it.

We all have a state of consciousness that when we get to our things just happen effortlessly for us. Maybe you've had it before. Have you ever had it where you've had a date where things just happen for you when you were in such a good state that is something a little bit negative happened? It didn't get to you.

That could have been because you're in your vortex. We all have a vortex which is a higher state of consciousness that when we step into things manifest easier than ever.

The key is understanding that when we get into this vortex, which has a high vibration when we get into this vortex, our thoughts have more magnetic power. Our thoughts have more of an ability to attract to it that which is equal to it. Imagine that we're on this vortex. We're in this.

However, we feel. Imagine that chart that I just put over here a year and second ago. Imagine that chart. There are different emotions within this vortex and as we raise our vibration, we perceive of the reality that is equal to that emotion we feel so if we are feeling that have lower negative emotions, we will see the reality that is equal to that of whatever we are perceiving.

The same for each emotion as we move up. There's a certain progression, there's a certain way, and in the meditation today you're going to learn how to do that to where you move from the lower emotions to that of neutrality, and then from neutrality up to that of unconditional love and bliss.

This is about being aware of the different levels of what we perceive of and how we can move up the scale. Something that Abraham Hicks has said before is that instantaneously when you have a desire or an intention for something, the vortex already has it. It already exists.

Maybe you've heard of my teachings before, and the way that I explain it is that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, so technically, even before you think about it already exists in some form because there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist.

Nonetheless, you can apply what you know about what I've said with that, with this understanding that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and when you have an intention, it is a neatly there. It's already there. It's about lining up and closing the gap between where you are to where you want to be in the way you close that vibrational gap is through the vortex.

We have where we are to where we want to be, and what we do is we look at the vibration that is here. We look at the vibration that is here and when we get into the vortex, we immediately begin to close this gap because we're in a higher vibrational state when we're in this higher vibrational state of being. Our thoughts have more magnetic power and we create things in a much easier way. This is when we then begin to perceive of that which we put into our vortex and that which we put into our vortex already exists because everything already exists, but when we connect to it, that's when things began to change and a very radical type nature. Understanding we always perceive that which is equal to our vibration. The first step should be or can be for us to raise our vibration.

When we raise our vibration, we start to perceive of more that is equal to whatever we are in the state of and the way we could do that is by, as I said, getting into the vortex and by letting go of what doesn't serve an allowing this energy to carry us. This is the vortex. This is how we create what we want.

This is how we close the gap. It seems like a paradox, but instead of saying, I'll be, I'll see it and when I do see it, then I'll believe it. It's the other way around. You must believe it to see it. In the same way, in order for you to experience the reality of ultimate abundance, you have to already be feeling the everyday reality of ultimate abundance.

Here's something else that's powerful. We'll mix this in with the Abraham Hicks teachings. It's understanding that the version of you doing exactly what you want to be doing, the version of you in your vortex filling, the bliss, feeling, the love that version of you already exists, because there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist.

This is what quantum visits are showing us. Because of that, all we have to do is begin to link up with that version of us. And the way we can do that is by getting into the boards x and closing this vibrational gap. And that's exactly what the meditation you're about to listen to, will help you to do so.

The meditation you're about to listen to, what I would do is right at the timestamp that you see. I'll put it in the description box below the timestamp for that. At this meditation, I recommend that you listen to this meditation every single day for 21 days, and as you do it, you're going to begin to refine your vibration.

You're going to begin to close this vibrational gap from where you are to where you want to be, and as you start to embody the vibration of this reality, now it will become your reality and not only that, you will enjoy the process along the way because when you're in a higher vibrational state of consciousness, you feel good.

At the same time, you will then be manifested in a much easier way. The idea is to get rid of the lack. Get rid of the desire, get rid of the needing things to be better and get into the vibration of already having it. The vibration of wanting it says, we don't already have it.

That vibration of having it is the vibration of the reality that we want, which has in the vortex the higher vibrational states of consciousness has us, and the way that we're going to do that today is through the meditation that we're going to get into right now.

What I'm going to go ahead and do is I'm going to put this right over here and now what I'm going to do is that we are going to take some deep breaths in, some deep breaths out, and we're going to feel our body relaxed more and more.

I recommend you listen to this meditation while laying down or sitting down if you can, with headphones. I'm going to be using some that have some techniques that get us into a very deep level of relaxation and I'll be using some NLP techniques for us to increase our vibration.

And this is something that if you see my meditations before this is I think what makes the meditation's very powerful is using that of the NLP. Let's go ahead and get into this right now. Take a deep breath in, deep breath out and feel our body relax more and more as you breathe out, feel your body relax more and more.

What we're going to do is we're going to put our hands over our heart center. The reason this is the Heart Math Institute to show him is that the more we put the attention inside of our heart, the more we grow the electromagnetic energy around our body. And the more we do that, the more we grow into the vortex of a higher vibrational state of consciousness.

Let's take another deep breath in. Deep breath out. As you breathe out, feel inside of your body, not invite you to close your eyes if you can and feel the sensation inside of your head. Feel the sensation behind your eyelids. Imagine a warm sensation being brought now to your forehead. Imagine your forehead relaxing more and more.

Bring this warm sensation to your jaw and imagine your jaw relaxing, loosening up, loosen up the tongue on the top of your mouth. Bring the awareness to your neck, your left arm, your left hand. Imagine it, feel it. Relax your right arm, your right hand. Feel it, loosen up, bringing the awareness now into your hands and into your heart and imagine that there's a ball of energy inside your heart center.

Any color that you like and imagine it spinning faster and faster, and the faster this ball spins, the more you feel. This tingling sensation inside of your heart. You can feel it now beginning to increase. It starts off small, but it starts to grow. You can feel this tingling sensation increasing inside of your heart center. This is love.

Allow yourself to soak in this vibration that bring the awareness into your abdomen. Feel it, relax, bring your attention and your awareness into your left leg, your left foot. Feel your toes relax your right leg, your right foot, your right toes relax. Imagine that there's a wave of energy that is flowing through your whole body and imagine that it is leaving your heels of both your feet.

Any energy that's not serving you any stale energy. Imagine it leaving your feet any darker energy. You don't prefer to have any resistance. Imagine it leaving the heels of your feet right now. I'll wave of relaxation flowing through your body and out your heels. The negative energy goes. Feel how relaxed and peaceful it feels to be here.

Imagine that you are in a very relaxing place. Sticks can be any place you can come back to whenever you want in your mind. It can be outdoors. It could be in a forest by the beach or by or in a room that you find relaxing. Whatever it is. Imagine that you're in this relaxing place. Look around and notice what you see.

Imagine whatever you can see the colors. Imagine them getting brighter and brighter. What do you hear in this environment? Imagine the sound becoming louder and louder. Pay attention to how it feels to be in the serene environment and imagine that energy increasing more and more.

Notice that off into the distance about 15 feet away, you noticed that. Have a door that was in the middle of this location. This door is a door that when you walk through, you walk into what is known as your vortex that's walk up to the door. We're going to take 10 steps closer to the door, towards the door.

Every step that we take, we're going to feel an increase of love in our body. We're going to feel more relaxed, more presence with a certainty that we are going to be in a high vibrational state of being. Begin to take a step 10. Every number I count. You feel doubled. The amount of love. Double the amount of relaxation inside of your body. Nine, feeling this energy begin to increase. You can feel the tingling sensation in your heart.

Eight, every step that you take, you can feel it double in the amount of love that you feel through your body. Seven, six, getting closer to this door. Now, five, only a couple of feet away for three to double the amount of relaxation. Double the amount of love and one. You are at the front of this door and you see that it is marked by the vortex.

When you walk into this room, you are going to feel an increase in energy, unlike anything you have ever felt before right now. Imagine anytime in your past, when you felt in this high vibe state and imagine that times 100. This is going to be an exhilarating experience where you will know and feel connected to your higher self and to your vortex and a totally new way.

Put your hand on that of the doorknob and begin to turn the doorknob and as you open this door, you notice there's a bright light that comes through. It's a very warm, bright light that makes you feel love, that makes you feel a blissful feeling just by opening the door and as you look in, you can see a vortex of energy, a spiral vortex of energy with glistening light inside of it, and you know that when you step into this vortex in a minute, you're going to feel more love, higher vibrational states of being that you have ever felt in your entire life.

What we're going to do is in a moment, we're going to take a step into this vortex and set the intention right now that in this vortex you feel unknowing. You feel a connection to that of your higher self, to that of your inner being, and that as you feel this connection, you know that anything you want to manifest in your life is easy and it's a natural part of who you are.

What we're going to do is we noticed this vortex of energy flowing in increased vibration, and what we are now going to do is we're going to take a step into the vortex and when we take this step into the vortex, we are going to feel this energy flow through our whole body.

We're going to feel in a higher vibrational state than we ever have before, so I'm going to count down from three to one, and when I reach one step into the vortex and begin to feel in this vibration of unconditional love in these higher states of consciousness of who you really are.

Three, get ready now. In a moment or two, you're going to step into the vortex to take one step forward. The next step, you are going to be in that of the vortex and one, allow yourself now to feel all of this energy flow through your body. You can feel this energy now flowing through your veins.

You can feel all your desires are fulfilled, everything you know, you can simply intend for it, and it is yours. Allow any emotion to come up to allow any emotion to come up and know that this vortex is something you can connect to want anytime. By simply remembering this experience, this unconditional love is who you are now. Pay attention to how you feel in this vortex and now put your awareness on your intentions for what you want to experience in your life. As you're in this state right now, your thoughts have a magnetic power to them. Unlike anything you've felt before and you thinking and feeling into your intentions will magnify the probability of them happening.

Imagine any intention that you have. What do you intend for? Imagine whatever intentions you have coming to fruition, what it feels like to accomplish them. What if feels like to already be the person, the version of you that has these things that experience these things as natural? This is who you are.

From this point going forward, you will notice more of a reflection of what you want to experience in your life than ever before. From this moment going forward, you have forever changed because you have connected to your vortex, to your higher states of consciousness, of who you naturally are.

I'm going to count down from five to one, and with every number I count, you're going to feel more awareness, more alertness, ready to go, ready to have an amazing day knowing that you've tapped into your and a very powerful way and you will carry with it a vibration in your heart that's carried with you. Everywhere you go. Five, fill yourself now.

Starting to bring your awareness back to the here and now for filling this alertness, this present this in your body. Three, feeling yourself becoming more alert, more presence to start to wiggle your toes. Start to move around and one, you can open up your eyes.

Knowing you have just tapped into your vortex into the highest level of vibration that is your natural state of being. From this point going forward, you are forever changed. The vortex is who we really are. Anytime we feel experienced less than it's becoming from an attachment to some level of thinking that's under that have unconditional love, bliss, and joy.

My advice to you is to tap into your vortex every single day. Tap into this higher vibrational state of being where your thoughts have magnetic power. Unlike anything you've ever experienced before, you will experience things in your life manifest in a very fast way from this point going forward.

As I said, I recommend you listen to this meditation for 21 days to get the maximum benefit out of it. And from there I recommend you listen to it as a refresher to always tap into your vibration of who you naturally are. It will get easier as you do it.

Eventually, you'll feel it easier to tap into this natural state, but I encourage you to know and be on the lookout today for things happening in your life that are proof confirmation that this is who you are.

#15: The TRUTH on Karma NO ONE TELLS YOU

Welcome back to another episode. I'm excited to be back with you today because I'm going to be talking about something that I've shared maybe once or twice on the YouTube channel, nonetheless, I'm going to deepen my understanding of it today with you and going deeper down the rabbit hole of consciousness.

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So, what we will be covering today is understanding “karma”. Karma has a lot of power over us. Is Karma real? What is Karma anyways, and understanding the truth about reality, the truth about time perspectives that maybe you haven't heard of before that really integrate quantum physics?

What we understand about reality in general and how this can powerfully affect our lives. First off, first things first. When it comes to Karma, how do most people think of Karma? Most people think of Karma like, okay, I in a past life was a life and I used not to have much power and people used to tell me what to do or in my past life I was a warrior and I was out there fighting and tearing people's heads off and stuff.

That was my life and I was a warrior of justice are people like I was a king in a past life and I ruined the lands. And now in this life, people don't respect me. I'm trying to think of other creative ways of things that people, things people say, of who they were in the past. In general, we may think that these past experiences that many people think that what Karma is, it's his past life experiences of things that have happened that now we are playing out again in this current life.

And that in a way we may be experiencing the drawbacks of these lives, of what has happened in the past unresolved stuff that we need to figure out in this life. And in general, I don't have much to say that I, to be honest, I don't think anyone really knows exactly what the absolute truth on karma is, but I'm going to share with you my perspectives and how I've applied it in my own life.

And the way that I think about Karma is I think of first before we talk about Karma, let's talk a little bit about time. Normally, the way people think about past life is they think that their past life was them in the past. The truth is, or the weight, what quantum physics shows us is that the only moment that exists is this moment right now. When we think of the past, the past still exists right now.

The future exists right now. It all exists right now because the only moment that it does exist is now the only thing that changes are our perception of the now moment. In a way, we're shifting from moment to moment to moment, but really there's just one moment. It's a little bit of a paradox, but this is what past lives really are.

This is what I believe in past lives are. This is what I've learned through quantum physics and from doing a lot of research what we think of as past lives actually exist right now. What they are is a parallel incarnation of our soul, so the idea is that we are so much more than we can imagine from a soul level. We think my name's Aaron and this is me in this life, but in actuality, I have other parts of my same soul that are in past experiences of the time of the linear time space.

What we would consider being past experiences plus future experiences, and I have existences in many different realms just like you do. We all have many existences, but why we're here on earth. It's not relevant to know all of those different existences because maybe by knowing all of those different existences, we would then not be focused in the present moment right now.

Some people, I think it also a little bit caught up with the whole past life thing because of they. They spend years and years and years researching their past lives, which can be powerful, but let me, let me share with you as we get through this episode, you're going to see that of why that might not be. You'll see why that might be the way of going about it might be a little bit outdated in a way.

There's always power and seeing and looking at them and learning from the past, but when the past isn't what you think, you then get a different effect from it. When we look at the past experiences of our past lives, it maybe lives that our soul is connected to, but they are not actually who we are.

We are the in this life, the person or the Avatar that we identify with. That's not all that we are there because we are so much more than we can even imagine, but the key is being insane present to the moment and not identifying too much with the past or the future.

Because when we do that, we lose power over the present moment. It's almost like we disperse our energy like imagine I'm here right now. If I'm thinking about and identifying with the past, I'm draining my energy because I'm. I'm projecting myself from here to somewhere else.

If I'm thinking about the future and all the things that could happen and worrying about it, I'm also draining my energy. The key is to be so fully present in the present moment, so fully here now that everything starts to resolve itself naturally. Here's the way that I see when it comes to past life, how it works and how and why that might be irrelevant for us to look too much into past lives.

Of course, a general like past life regression might be something that's powerful. It depends on the person. Maybe it helps people get clarity, but in a way, it's like I think a permission slip. It's a tool that we can use to become more aware of patterns, so in general, we always get in life a vibrational resonance to what we're putting out.

We may have been putting out the same thing for a long period of time. In the present moment right now, as we change in the present moment right now and we take our power back or we do whatever we're doing as we change our energy right now, we changed the parts of our past that we connect to. Let's think of this even from a more of human perspective of just this one life that we're living. When I think right now, if I were to think of a time in my life, I was really confident.

Think of a time that I was feeling really badass. I was walking around just everything was happening at the right place at the right time. I felt happy, feel joyful. People are just smiling. Everything's going very well.

If I get myself to a peak and I feel that emotion and I were to then try to think of other parts of my past where there were that kind of the same kind of experience, it'd be very easy to do because of what I am thinking of.

The neurons in my brain are firing easily in that way, so to think of other experiences that were similar is very easy, but if I were to feel that positive, that confidence and then try to think of an emotion or a time in my past that was the opposite. It would take me a minute because I'd have to in a way like re-shift the gears of my mind to pull from a different part of my past.

In the present moment right now, there are past experiences where I was really, really confident and past experiences while I was really, really not confident. Those both exist right now in the present moment now, which ones I connect to will depend upon the momentum of my focus, so it'll depend on what I'm looking for because there's plenty of quote past experience that exists right now in my memory that I can remember.

But the thing is even every time we look at a memory, what we do is what neuroscience shows us is that we take the memory out of the memory bank. We look at it, we change the memory a little bit, and then we put it back in the memory bank. By the time we've remembered something five or six times, it's a completely different memory that has within it different interpretations of what happened.

We begin to weave a new story about what happened, so knowing that even in our current life right now that both potentials exist for our past experiences of what we connect to and the same way depending on our state of being and how we feel and what's going on in her life. We are only going to pull from the past experiences, the past lives, which are also parallel incarnations that resonate with what we are currently experiencing in our life.

It will resonate with the current theme that we have going on in our life. For example, maybe you have a couple experiences. I remember one time my mom, for example, she went to a past life progression type thing and at the time she was in a relationship with someone that was taking advantage of her or in a way that was kind of draining.

Her energy was very negative and uh, she went through a divorce with this guy and he just like got up and left and didn't give. It was like a, she, she didn't have a job at the time and it was like she was kind of put into the victim mentality, you know, like, and I was kind of her perspective.

When she goes to this past life regression, just this person's like, well, yeah, you had past lives where you were in a village and he just left you in the village and all of this stuff happened. And it's like Brie patterning. That's the same type of Karma happening again.

But could it be that because that was currently happening in her life that what she did is because we are infinite beings and we have so many different paths, potentiality, so many different future potential realities that when she went to this past life regression is that past life regression has looked at the momentum she currently had going in her life and pulled from it past experiences that resonated with that event and with that life situation.

The idea is that maybe there is some type of past or future experience that includes that, but maybe it's just one probability or one potentiality based on the current momentum that is happening right now in the present moment. It doesn't have to be that, that, uh, that, that is the only part of who we are. We think of it like, Oh, I've had like 37 past lives.

No, we were infant beans. We don't just have one this or one that. We exist in many different realms at the same time. Some people call this interdimensional. We exist in higher states of consciousness that go beyond that of just our earth body. It's just that while we're currently alive, we only really remembered that which we interpret through the five senses.

When we go to bed at night, we wake up from this, this limitation of the five senses and to a higher reality, but then when we come back in the morning, we don't remember it because it's beyond the five senses.

We can only interpret through our brain that which is relevant or that which we have reference experiences for. When you have a mystical type experience and you're like a real deep level of meditation, there'll be times that you do no words for it because we don't have reference experiences in our brain to describe it, but doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

It just means it can't be interpreted through the five senses that we currently use and with the ones that we interpret our reality through. The key to this is understanding that many times our belief in Karma itself will hold us back if we believe, oh, I'm experiencing all the pain of my past. I was a victim in my past. Then we continue to create that in the present moment.

The key to releasing yourself from Karma into ending the cycle of you experiencing that victimization is taking your power back and becoming aware of the unconscious.

If you become aware of what was priorly you were unaware of, you start to bring those patterns into the awareness. You start to change. The only time it has power over you is if you're not aware of it. The more you become aware of these patterns, the more you change which pasts you relate to because you're an infinite being and you have many different past experiences, many different future experiences, but they all exist now.

Treat every situation in your life as if you chose it.

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The key to this is treating everything in your life as a choice. This is what I've been found to be a very powerful spiritual practice.

Treat every situation in your life as if you chose it, and by treating every situation as if you chose it, you'll find that things happen easier than ever for you because you start to take your power back.

Even if somebody makes you feel a certain way, somebody, somebody, uh, somebody makes you feel good about yourself, that compliment you and you feel positive, then you've chosen to feel positive.

It's not that that's an ingrained thing into the reality that when somebody compliments you, you have to agree with what they say because there are some people that will compliment someone else and they'll be like, oh, they're just saying that because of this or they're not really. They're just trying to suck up to me.

Or you know, like the interpretation is that is where the power is. And if you interpret things as positive, then you generally get a positive effect. But if you're unaware, the thing is, is a lot of the patterns we have are on autopilot. Somebody says something to you, you respond in a certain way and that's an unconscious way of responding because you've always responded the same way.

If somebody responds a certain way to you or tells you something, talks down to you, then maybe that's a pattern that's unconsciously been there because maybe you think that's what you're worthy of or you always react to it.

The key to letting go of all of these patterns is being aware of them and then paradoxically enough allowing them to be. They're not resisting them because anything you resist persists. If you resist a pattern like if you resist a disturbance in your energy field, think of it. Somebody does something. There's a disturbance in your energy field by you responding and resisting that you still keep it within your energy field.

Think of it like there's a toroidal field around your body and whenever you think and feel and even how you act, there's a certain pattern within that. It's constantly going and recycling within your energy field, going out through your, your head and then out through the bottom of your feet and just go in and recycling about, you know, far beyond your body. Maybe 20 feet around your body. There's this toroidal field, or some people say it's only eight to 10 feet, but it depends on which layer, but that's what the heart math institute has shown.

By the way, this isn't just like some cool new idea. This is like science shows that there's an electromagnetic field called a toroidal field that goes around our body and the patterns within it will continue to bring forth new experiences that resonate with that reality, with that pattern, but the moment you become aware of the pattern is the moment you let it go.

It's only in the unconsciousness that it has power over us. If you treat everything in your life as if you chose it, and also simply started to become more aware of what you are currently choosing, you will start to resolve your Karma, but relate to Karma in a new way. That's what I recommend relate to Karma. That Karma is helping you become aware of what you're already putting out, but that your past is not set the way most people would like you to believe.

The past is not said that you only have a couple of past lives or a couple of future potential realities. There's an infinite number in either direction that you will focus and perceive up depending on the vibration that you're in.

When you focus on it, if you're in a positive vibe, if you're feeling powerful and everything's going well in your life and you look back, you'll see things that, that resume with that. I remember one time I went to someone that was kind of like that and what she said was that in my past lives, she explained to me the two or three of them said one of them I was a warrior so long time ago and when I was a warrior I was fighting for some cars, but when I was sharing ideas and when I was sharing these, I just like I do in my current life, right?

I'm sharing ideas on my current life and she pulled upon like three or four past lives and every single one of them I was killed for my ideas. I’m one of them, I was in some type of like Roman times or something and I was, I was helping like share ideas with the people and helping like enlightened people or like making them more aware, kind of like I'm doing now in this life.

But the difference was it wasn't the right time and I got thrown into some pit and align 8 million and literally bid off my shoulder and killed me or something like that. That's what this person said now in the present moment. At the time, I wasn't making YouTube videos yet, but I was. I knew I wanted to. Maybe they were picking up on that vibration and then they're able to pick up on past experiences where that was the case.

Then she said there was another past life in Egypt and it was something kind of similar. I was sharing ideas and something happened. I don't even remember really. It's been a lot of. It's been many years, but it was the same thing. Did I get killed for Sharon subtype of ideas that were very like edgy ideas, right?

Like, because back in the day they didn't want. And even today they. There's not necessarily a huge desire in social conditioning for this information to get out there because it awakens people to their true power.

And there's a current structure in place that is more about keeping people kind of in the. About it, but that's changing now, which is really cool anyway, but the key is knowing that in the present moment, as I reach back to those past things changed.

That I'm in a completely different vibrational reality, I'm sure that if I were to go to someone like that, they'd be like, oh, well now they're pulling upon other past lives where I was doing. Other things are probably maybe even similar things, but just in a different type of way. It all changes in the present moment right now.

The now moment is the only moment that does exist. The now moment is the only moment that does exist and everything that we perceive of as the past and the future. It's always changing. It's changing because we're improving

and some people when they hear that it's a little bit unsettling. He's like, well, what do you mean? You know? They want solidity and form and they want to be able to say, this is who I was and all of this, but the key is that's very empowering because as you change in the present moment, you change your past.

You can apply that in your own life in powerful ways as well because as you change in the present moment, you change not only the passenger lives that you may connect to, but you can change your past and realize that you can let go of a lot of the things that hold you back because every moment there are millions and billions and trillions of your cells dying and being reborn every day, every so many months you have an entirely new body, not just like it looks kind of different error or it looks similar.

It's completely different. Every cell has died and been reborn, and the only thing that keeps these old patterns alive if is if we are not aware of them, and if we tell ourselves a story that keeps them in that same pattern, let go of the story or transforming the story. Allow the story to be something that transforms for you.

That's what I did. I used to have a story that I was this kind of person. I wasn't very worthy. I went through a lot of pain in my past and it was a disempowering story, but then what I did is I reframed it and I started to realize, well, that led me to the spiritual awakening that led me to create pressure to wear.

Then now I have this desire to help other people get other, get out of their own limitations because I was in that limitation for such a long period of time. It's inspired me and it's changed my story and as it changed my story, it changes my life because now I can use the past in a powerful way or just completely let go of it, but I was aware of the patterns I had because shortly after coming out of the experience that I had when I was younger.

When I was going through the child of abuse, the child abuse of my stepmom. For example, my dad divorced when I was 15 and all the sudden me and my brother had more freedom rev to eat because we weren't able to eat that much before.

We were very malnutrition. I'm just doing work all the time and all of the sudden we have all this freedom, but the thing was I felt I felt like I wasn't worthy and because I resented my stepmom so much, I kept attracting people in my life that of a similar vibration, my manager at Nordstrom's, which is where I worked for years, was the almost the same exact type of personal characteristics as a very rare personality character too.

It's somebody that's very like almost pretty much sociopathic and manipulative and it was like. It was like how, what are the chances that I attract myself into the same type of situation and now a manager that's like talking to me the same way and it took years for her to get fired because she was protected by upper management.

But eventually, it happened. But you want to know when it happened? It happened. When I learned meditation and when I learned meditation, I became aware of the patterns. I became an. I allowed the pattern to be there and then within a couple of weeks that manager got fired and she was there for five. I worked for her for three years before that happened.

How amazing is that? It's like the pattern let out of my energy field and then she was no longer relevant as a lesson for me, so who knows how it all works. I'm not saying I have all the answers, but what I am saying is that when we become aware of the patterns, begin to let go of them.

We begin to change your life. Maybe you've realized that you've had three or four relationships in your past and every relationship may be a different person, but it may be the same type of person in a different body because it's the same pattern. It's the same type of energy. It's what we think we're worthy of what we deserve.

The key is being aware of the unconsciousness, being aware of the patterns we have going on, taking our power back, understanding where so much more powerful than you can imagine. Remember, your past is not set. Your past changes.

As you change, become aware of what is that you're unconscious of, and you begin to bring your power back and the most powerful thing you can do, the most powerful spiritual practice you can do is treat every moment as if you chose it. You will start to feel empowered and you start to change your life in a very powerful way.

Reality Alignment 101: 3 Ways You Create Your Reality (and Don’t Know it)

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the reality alignment, one on one, and I'm going to be sharing the three ways that we create our own reality and may not even know it. This is going to be things that you can apply today that will help you to understand your life in a completely new way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What I'm going to be sharing with you is the reality alignment one-on-one. I've got my handy dandy notebook here, so I'm going to be doing a little bit of a chart for you. I'm going to be writing some stuff down just to kind of give it a little bit of context.

A lot of what I'll be sharing and first off when it comes to us creating our own reality, it's about understanding that more so than the creation of it as if we have to create it as if all the trying that we have to put into it.

It's about understanding. It can be so much easier if we allow it to. I'm going to show you exactly how to do that, making the process easier than ever, and then also showing you what makes the greatest amount of difference so that you really create what you want, so more so than us creating it. It's about us aligning with it.

That's why it says reality alignment one-on-one because when we align to who we really are when we align at the being level with our soul, that's when things really began to happen. A lot of times when you look at the current Law of Attraction teachings, what you notice is that a lot of it comes from the ego perception.

This isn't necessarily bad, but it's only one slice, one sliver of the whole equation. Because the idea is that if we only focus on what the ego wants, we may be out of alignment with our life purpose and because we've become out of alignment with our life purpose, what we ended up doing is we end up creating blocks.

We ended up creating things that are higher-self has to guide us back into alignment. Let me kind of show you a little analogy for understanding this. We have our self-right here. Let's call this our higher self.

This is the larger aspect of us that we are always connected to. That is also a part of us. The thing is what we do when we come into reality is we decide when we come into, especially on the earth plane, we decided that what we're going to do is we're going to come here and we're going to have an experience where we forget who we are.

We're going to in a way kind of a fragment our self and do what we call the ego, which is our current body. It's the current way that we identify ourselves. This is going to be the smaller version of us and what happens in us as our higher-self came into this life with certain things we wanted to learn.

Of course, they're still free will with this, but the idea is that we're going to learn certain things and there's a certain life path that the higher -elf had in the cue for us to go through it had in mind, and this life path is certain contracts that we've made.

There are certain things that we decided that we're going to do. This isn't completely set all the time, but this is something that we do at a certain level, the site on from a higher point of view. This higher self is still us. It's just a different aspect of us. It's a more expanded part of us that was always connected to now our ego self.

This is what people normally in the Law of Attraction community are focused on, is this little self is us creating our own reality with what we want and the thing is what we want from the ego self may not always be in alignment with the higher-self wants.

The key to alignment and what I'm going to be sharing with you today is understanding that the key to this alignment is understanding the thread that connects the higher self to the ego self, and that thread is the heart.

The electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head and when we are emitting from our heart, we are admitting the natural vibration of our higher self. Our higher self is more nonphysical than physical reality as something we experienced while we're in the ego structure and one of the things is in the higher states of consciousness, higher states of consciousness as well as hire yourself.

When we're in these higher states of consciousness, what we do is we feel unconditional love and bliss, but we at the same time don't have form in the way that we do here. There's so much that can be learned on earth. That's one of the reasons we come to earth is because there's so much that we can learn by being in a physical body.

Right now, there is a time of transformation where billions of people are on the same planet and we are collectively going through a form of transformation together. Some people more aware of it than others, some people at different stages of it than others, but nonetheless, that was the point behind coming to earth.

The reason I explained all of this when it comes to reality creation because if you connect more to your heart center, you start to connect more to your higher self. When you create from your higher self, things happen easier than ever. When you merged from yourself, when you merge to your higher-self, you'll find that things happen for you because your higher-self is.

Your purpose is the contract, the things that you wanted to accomplish in your life from your higher self is that of what your purpose is. It's how you can also add value to the world just by you being you. The missing key for so many people when it comes to reality creation or reality alignment is that they're more focused on what the ego wants.

They're focused on maybe the money they're focused on maybe the house and because they're focused on the house and the money. Those aren't things that really connect to the heart. These are things that the mind wants, not the heart wants. If you go straight to the emotion of the passion, if you go straight for that, these things come anyways.

That's what I've learned from experience. I've learned that the more I focus on these things, the more resistance I create, but the more I focus on what I'm passionate about, the more these things come anyways.

These things are side effects of the passion and things will happen for you when you connect to your passion, so the way your higher-self communicates to you, the higher self is still a part of you, but the way the higher-self aligns with that of the ego-self is through this thread of passion.

When we follow our passion when we do the most exciting thing we can do in every moment. This just could be. What do I feel like doing right now? We start to ask ourselves that question when we start to change the questions we ask ourselves, we start to live a new type of light life, but what we do is we follow this thread.

We follow this thread of passion. We find that we increase our vibration and when we increase our vibration, things manifest easier than ever. The thing is people are creating from the mind and they're creating from a lower consciousness point of view, they're creating from resistance.

They're creating from a dualistic nature. Think about it. We have two eyes that we see through. What happens is we have a left brain and a right brain, which is dualism. We have good, bad diet, light, dark up, down. All of these things are dualism is dualistic.

When we create from the head, we create from polarization, which means if we want something, we also create the absence of that. We create the potential for that absence. Sometimes this is also considered the third eye. What we do is we create from a higher-level paradigm and we create from our heart. We realized that there is no difference between a lot of the things that we thought there is a difference.

They're just different perspectives of the same thing. There are different lenses to look through, so the reason I share all of this with you is because us expanding our consciousness is about us becoming of this higher-level vibration and the way we get to this higher level of vibration is simply by following our passion is by asking ourselves, okay, I know I want the house.

I know I want the money, but what do those emotions bring? What do those things bring me as far as emotions will the money bring me freedom? The house brings me security and the freedom and the ability to feel expansive in the House that I live in.

Those are emotions, but if instead, I go straight for the feeling, I'm them connecting to my higher self and then all of these things that I decided to learn and all these things I decided to experience, I can then experience in a much easier way, so this is about having a total picture of instead of creating from the ego-self, we can begin to create from a level of the higher self.

Because when we connect ourselves to our higher self and in actuality to be honest with you are always connected to our higher self. It's just that sometimes we may feel that connection more so than others, but when we are more so aware of that connection and we are living from that place, we're living from our heart center.

We have much more energy. Things happen in alignment. We just feel like we're flowing through life. Things don't have. We don't have to try so hard and everything becomes easier. This is the key to reality alignment. It is following our heart and understanding how reality works. In general, there are three main ways that we create our reality. We don't even know it.

  1. Interpretation

The first way is through simply our interpretations and turret. Interpretations or perceptions or just say that perceptions and what we can do is understand that whatever we interpret, the meaning we give to things in our life is going to be part of the reality creation process. For example, something happens that we give either a positive or a negative meaning, but the way that we relate to that thing that happens is going to be the pattern that we create.

Everything in our life is fundamentally neutral. The things that people, that we meet, the emotion, the way that we relate to them is the emotion that we feel, the situations when things happen to us or for us, the meaning we give to that situation is going to determine the effect we get out of it. The first way we create our reality without even knowing it is how we interpret our reality.

It's how we perceive or perceive of our reality and the way we perceive our reality has an intimate correlation with what we experienced. Because anytime something happens, we create a response, that response creates a pattern, and that pattern will then go on autopilot unless we become aware of it. That's the first way that we create our own reality.

  1. Belief

The second way is that a belief, whatever we believe to be true is always reflected back to us and in a way, it's similar to interpretations because it could be that something happened when you were younger and we interpreted that event a certain way.

That then created a belief. A belief is something that we have that continues to perpetuate itself out over and over and over again because it's on autopilot because it's on just a simple pattern. I used to have a belief that I wasn't worthy because of my childhood that I went through.

It was a pretty rough childhood when I went through certain things and because of that, I had this belief that I wasn't worthy. Is it true that I wasn't worthy? What could it have been? Could I have that belief and then what I do is because I believe that I go out and I act in a way that's unworthy and then people respond to me based on that.

It continues to reaffirm that reality over and over again. That's why awareness is always the most powerful thing is because when we become aware of our beliefs, we become aware of how we can transcend the limiting.

Once when I became aware of how I could create content online and do what I love, the more awareness I got around that, the more I believed that was possible for me, the more I looked and I focused on other things, on other people doing the same thing as well. If they can do it, I can do it too.

And then as I started to step forward with that, I started to believe in myself more and more and more. Belief is an important part of this. We don't always get exactly that which we want, but we always get a reflection of what we believe because the thing is whatever we want, how do we relate to that?

If we feel resistance with what we want, then we block it, but we always get what we believe we deserve. We always get what we believe to be true, which is also correlated with interpretation.

  1. Intention

The third way is the most powerful way we create our own reality and that is through intention. The intention is a declaration and a focus on a certain outcome or a certain experience. Think of a reality. In a way, we're reality is information. Everything we experienced as a certain level of information, we give specific meaning to the information and that meaning is how we interpreted the meaning is the pattern of belief.

We may have to it, but the intention is when we set a declaration on a certain outcome and we then what we do is we increase the probability of that happening. When it comes to the Law of Attraction in general, a more powerful understanding then I attract that over there into my life as if it's separate, is understanding that when we set intentions, we increase the probability, so when we set intentions, we increase the probability percentage of something happening.

Because when we set that intention, we give the focus of our consciousness of something to come through. The thing is we're so preoccupied with our focus on the past, on the interpretations, on the beliefs, and we're in this cycle of thought that continues to perpetuate itself. The intention is allowing us to stretch a little bit further.

But remember the key to this is this is the way we already create a reality without even knowing it. But the key to this is focusing on the heart center. Because when we focus on our heart center, what we realized is we can observe our thoughts. We can let go of the current interpretations we have that don't serve us.

We can let go of the beliefs that no longer serve us, but then what we can do is we can have in connection to our heart because when we are connected to our heart, we increase our vibration.

We are then in a higher state of consciousness and when we're in a higher vibration, things manifest easier than ever because also we're in alignment with our higher self, which is these things that we set out to accomplish in our life.

We learn in the process rather than being distracted by that of the ego-self was just once all of this. It's not that I'm saying you can never have a nice car. You can never have a nice house. You know it's furthest from the truth because you've probably seen my other videos.

But what I'm saying is go for this primarily because when you go for the connection to your heart and you go for what you're passionate about, these things come anyways and they come easier than ever because you've risen your state of consciousness. You've risen your vibration and when you're in that high vibrational state of being that high vibrational state of consciousness, things happen easier.

When I'm saying is I think the process can be so much easier when we go for these things first and foremost, instead of going for these a lot of times with these two because we're not passionate about it, we may look for shortcuts. What is the get the rich quick thing? What is the quick way to do this? Enjoy the process.

When you're in the vibration of your heart, you don't need to speed it up because you love what you do. I love what I do, so it's like, yes, there's certain things or certain big goals that I have that I want to accomplish, but I'm okay with where I am because I love the process of getting there.

I love the process of the journey. I love being connected to my heart. This is what I've found is to be more powerful. If you look at my YouTube channel maybe a year or two ago, you'll see it mainly about the ego perspective.

It was about all of this. What I'm finding is more powerful as being connected to the higher self because a lot of times people's higher self will block them in certain ways because it might. These might not be in alignment with this, but we can merge the two and get both of what we want.

We can merge the two, so remember, when you merge with your heart, things happen in a very powerful way. I'm going to link and you'll see the link inside the description box to a higher-self meditation that will help you to get to this higher state of consciousness.

The meditation will literally merge you with your higher self so you know what this is. You start to feel and live in this place. I think it can really powerfully change your life. I recommend you listen to that meditation for 21 days.

I think it's very powerful. It's going to be in the description box below and then what we can do is understand that we create our own reality without even knowing it to our interpretations are perceptions are perceptions.

I almost wrote it wrong, so because of that I was, I keep saying the other way, believe the beliefs we have, our beliefs create our reality, and then most importantly, the intentions we set when we align our intentions with our emotions, that is where all the power is.

Remember, you are powerful!

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Remember, you are powerful. When you are connected to your heart, amazing things begin to happen. 

This is about aligning with the best version of you, aligning with your higher self because when you do that, all of these things happen naturally.

How to Tap into Your CORE Vibration and Manifest Easier Than Ever

Today, I will show you exactly how to tap into your core vibration to attract in a much more powerful way. I'm going to show you exactly how to do that and why it is so important.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you the ways that you can tap into what is called your core vibration to attract anything you want and especially making things easier than ever because you're actually existing at really who you are meant to beat.

Sometimes we have goals or things we want to manifest in our life, but they may not actually be in alignment with what is called our core frequency. Our core vibration on not what quantum physics shows us is that everything in our lives is vibration. Everything is vibrating at a certain frequency.

As a soul and as a person, we have a core vibration that if we align with, we will attract everything into our lives more quickly than ever. It's just that sometimes what happens is we're conditioned by our environment to be a certain way. We're conditioned to look a certain way to dress a certain way because of society, because of a desire to fit in and when we start to really come from this frame that we are just going to be who we are.

That's the most cliché saying, ever. Just be yourself, just be you, but it is the truth when it comes to our core vibration. Let's look at who we are at a greater level. We are immortal, spiritual beings, living a temporary human experience and a way we could say that life is a form of a dream. Life is a temporary experience.

We interpret the world through our five senses through being able to hear, smell, touch, taste, see all of these. These are all ways that we interpret vibration. What happens is we get lost in our self-concept or our self-image. We get lost in the way that we think we have to be to be accepted because there's such a strong desire to be similar to everyone else and to not be ostracized by the group.

The key is understanding who we are at our core vibration and letting go of this poll of what we could call social conditioning, this pool to be a certain way, this pool to act, a certain way to be accepted. The key to this is understanding how we relate to who we really are. We are really who we really are. Our natural state of being from a higher level of consciousness is unconditional love and bliss.

When we look at someone and we view them like that, we will feel that emotion. Anytime we look at something, we think it should be different than it is. We judge it in the present moment and we see it as a problem. We feel negative emotions. Our emotions are showing us where we are in alignment with who we really are.

This is like the classic Abraham Hicks type analogy or metaphor, but it's. It understands our emotions are either in alignment with who we really are. We couldn't see through our eyes of the source for seeing through the eyes of the source, we feel unconditional love and bliss.

That is who we really are, and anytime we feel disconnected from that, it's coming from a perspective that is not aligned with that source energy, with who we really are at our fundamental core, so when it comes to us attracting what we want in our life, it's really about just allowing dean with a certain emotion.

The emotion is that of passion. Instead of loving what we do, if we do that, things will attract to us faster than ever, but it's finding out what that is because whatever that is, it's where we don't have to expend a lot of energy. This is the other part that I want to talk about in this blog.

Anytime we do something we not, we're not really passionate about at our core vibration. It takes a lot of energy to do. Maybe a time in your life you've worked a job that you weren't crazy about a job that you really didn't enjoy working. You win and every day you felt like you had to waste so much energy to be there because it wasn't something you were passionate about. On the other side of that, maybe you've done something before that didn't feel like work.

You just hopped into a flow state. Things just happen easily and when you look at the clock and all of a sudden, it's been two hours, but it feels like it's been 15 minutes. That's because you tapped into a flow state and in that flow state, you are in a feeling of that excitement.

Maybe it was a settled excitement. Sometimes following our excitement and following our bliss doesn't mean that we're constantly like blissed out and just like running around feeling this, you know, absolute euphoria, but it's a gentle passion and excitement for who we really are.

When we follow our passion, when we follow our excitement, we are in alignment with what we could call that source energy. We're in alignment with our higher self and that we're not just limiting it to our ego-self because our ego wants to do everything. Many times, when it comes to manifestation, I noticed and what I'm learning is to go beyond just the ego.

Why does the ego want what it wants? Why does the ego want the relationship? Why does the ego want the money? Why does the ego seek to house many times and there's nothing wrong with these things, but the key is being aware of why the ego wants what it wants because then we'll look and see if this really in alignment with my core frequency?

We think it is, but many times it may actually not be. We may think, hey, winning the lottery would be amazing and I'm excited about winning the lottery, but in actuality, if we win the lottery, we're not really passionate. We think it would be the passion about the money, but we're not really passionate about the money because the money is a side effect.

What is your core vibration? I'll tell you right now that your core vibration, it involves unconditional love and bliss. That is part of it. What you do is you taper that with what you are passionate about and moving in that direction because it takes the least amount of energy. There's not a high degree of energy expenditure there.

Anytime we're thinking of thoughts that don't serve us, we expend energy. Anytime we eat a lot of food that doesn't serve our body that takes our body a lot of energy to break down. We're expending energy in order for us to really create what we want in life are manifestations, take energy, but it doesn't have to be hard work. What it could be is it could be simply that. What we must do is we must manage our energy and then align it with our core vibration.

Who you really are is a high vibrational being. A high vibrational state of consciousness is who you are. That state of being is who you are. We grow up and we attach ourselves to labels. We attach ourselves to these beliefs that this is who I am. When in actuality that's not who we are, but then we feel less than that positive emotion thinking that that's who we are.

At the fundamental core. You are so much more than you can imagine. We are literally dreaming that this is who we are, but we exist in a higher state of consciousness and I believe when we go to bed every night we wake up to these higher states of consciousness and then what we do is we come back and we're dreaming that we're here and the same way that we go to bed at night and we dream, I believe we wake up at a higher level of consciousness and then what happens is we come back here and in a way we'd go back to sleep and this is a dream that is experienced through the five senses.

We interpret vibration through our senses, but at the fundamental core, we are still unconditional love and bliss. That's why most of the spiritual work and personal development in this whole process, it's not about piling on some new ultimate epiphany idea. It's just about letting go, letting go of what doesn't serve, letting go of the things that are not conducted to how we prefer to be letting go of the attachments. We have to certain beliefs, letting go.

It's all about letting go. Well, let me ask you this question. When it comes to having a high vibration, what are you holding onto that may be holding you back? Maybe it's a belief that you need to work your nine to five job, that there's nothing better out there for you. Maybe it's a belief that in order for you to do what you love, you have to go through this long process of four years of college and all of these different things and maybe for some reason it's not sitting with you.

Maybe you find that there's a certain blueprint laid out for you by your parents, by family and peers that they expect you to be and you don't feel like you're walking in that expectation. You feel like you're trying to do what will make them happy. I've seen this a lot. I remember I grew up with a friend that wanted to be a musician, but his dad was always talking to them out of it.

Why are you going to go for that? Go to go, go to school, go to college. Why are you trying to do this whole musician thing? He had a band. He was in a good band too, but he was trying to be what he was expected to be. I was expecting to be a lawyer. I was expected to go to college, but I believe more in my own vision for myself.

I've always believed that by the time I was 30 years old, I'd be at a certain level and get closer and closer to that and I always believed that I don't in my own business and I do that now, and I'm not saying this to brag or anything or I'm saying this because your core vibration comes into play when you start to do what you want and more so than just what you want, but what you are really connected to your heart space because you are unconditional love and bliss, at your core, and anything less than that is an attachment to some way you think you should be and you don't have to buy into it any longer.

There's a simple formula you can use for tapping into your core vibration and it has to do with simply following your excitement in every moment. Find out what you're most excited about doing, do that, and then just let that keep leading to the next most exciting thing. This will lead you. Maybe you don't know your whole core vibration. What am I meant to be doing like me, I meant to be making videos and speaking and helping people and stuff.

Maybe I don't know that yet. That's okay, but doing what you're excited about at the moment will lead to the next best thing to the next best thing. The next best thing. I just knew I was excited about a year and a half ago I started making YouTube videos or how is that going to get from here to here?

How I met my goals? Why you started doing that and then it led to this and it led to this and it led to this and now here I am and I had the ability to speak and do an event and have people show up because it led to that. That is also my poor vibration. Somebody commented on my Instagram and if you don't follow me on Instagram, feel free because I do a lot of content over there.

We have live Q&As and somebody asked me to said, what is better? Right? You, you, you talk a lot about taking massive action, but what about the law of least effort? The what I replied was, for me taking action is the path of least effort because I love what I do so it's natural for me.

I just want to do things because it's part of my vibration. Sometimes we separate these things in our mind we say, oh, this is what I'm passionate about. This is hard work. Many of the successful people of our past, people like Steve Jobs, people like Warren Buffet, people, like many successful people have said, find out what you're passionate about and do that because it won't feel like work and because when it appears to be hard, you're willing to push through it.

When most people would give up, I'm going to figure out whatever I have to do because this is what I'm passionate about and that is my core vibration. Follow your passion because your passion is your core vibration and anytime things get tapered onto it that don't serve, you can learn to let it go. These things get, get tapered on are these beliefs, these expectations about how you have to be.

You are who you choose to be in this life and you can make your own path. You don't have to follow the reigns of social conditioning. You don't have to follow the expectations of what people think you should or should not be, but your core vibration is tapped into that and that is who you naturally are.

You know when it comes to emotions and all of these things, we think we, as I said earlier, we think we must taper everything on a pile. All of this stuff on. It's not about that at all. Just let go because it is who you naturally are. When we have this perspective, it's easier because we realized, oh, I don't have to try so hard. You know, we take manifestation is here I am in here. I want to be, oh my God, it's going to be so hard to get from here to here as a belief.

How do you believe about the manifestation process? Because whatever you believe will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yoga, a reflection of that, but here's something I found to be even more powerful. The process of manifestation is really just about embodying your true core frequency, which is who you naturally are, which involves letting go of the ego's desires.

The ego wants things because it can really solidify itself in a certain way because, oh, I have this now, I feel even better about myself. This is when you get more into the core of who you are and start asking these questions. You start to find answers. The brain looks for clues. The brain looks for patterns, but unless you don't have the brain works by asking questions, it then looks for the answers. Why do I want this type of relationship?

Maybe you find that you know what, I don't really feel. I feel like I believe I need a relationship to be happy. I feel like I'm not already whole and complete and then once you do, as you're aware of it, you look at it, you observe it and you let it be there and it will go away.

Funny Paradox because the way it works, if you observe something, an emotion that keeps coming up and may just be a pattern emotion that keeps coming up because of some past experience because you believed for so many years that you had to have someone else in your life to be happy, but you can be whole and complete already and the paradox is that by doing that you will attract someone quicker than ever. People ask me all the time, Aaron, how do I track a person into my life?

Aaron, how do I do this? Aaron, how do I do that? You attract that person into your life by letting go and more so focusing on the connection with yourself being in the star of your own movie rather than trying to be the cameo in someone else's would that person you want to attract into your life, so it's really just about getting to the core of who you are and letting go of what doesn't serve and as things come up that doesn't serve you anymore, you observe it and let them be there and then they naturally start to fade away because everything else that our life is a pattern until we become aware of it.

This is where everything changes me. I become aware of a lot of patterns that I had growing up, patterns of belief saying I wasn't worthy and I had to look at those and I had to become aware of them and I had to let them go and there's still. Of course there's part of it, the 13th. It still comes up every now and then, but I still let it go. I observed it and I let it go. I'm aware of it.

In the light of awareness is where all the power is.

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In the light of awareness is where all the power is and then I can simply choose to be more of my frequency. I was just thinking about this yesterday. Today's my last day in this place. The videos from here going on.

I'm going to be in a new house. Maybe you heard me talk about it or show houses on Instagram, but the thing is I went for this hike yesterday and I just realized how much my life has changed in the last year. Things have moved so quickly, so exponentially fast.

Things have grown and I look at it and I'm thinking to myself, I feel so different like my life might. My vibration feels so different because I've been following my passion and when I look back at my past, sometimes it feels a little bit nostalgic. As weird as that is as much better as I feel. I feel like, like better than I've ever felt in my life.

But it is different and it's moving so fast and ted days go by so quickly and I love what I do. And the reason I say this is because it's. It's something that as you start to follow, it just keeps leading to the next thing, the next best thing, next best thing, and then eventually you're just in a completely different reality and that's the time on the planet we're on right now.

The time is for you to follow your passion for you to tap into who you really are because the more you tap into your true vibration, the more that trickles out to other people, even in ways you don't even understand, and by doing that, it will change not only yourself, but you'll change the people that are around you because as you align with your core frequency, you encourage others to align with their core frequency.

That's where the power is. You are unconditional love and bliss. You see through source energy. Anytime you feel that emotion at any time you have perspectives that connect you to other people. Anytime you have judgments or labels that's taken you out of that alignment, you can make the choice to be happy. More often, you can make the choice that you are already whole and complete. You can make the choice to become more aware of these beliefs of why you want what you want and as you become aware of whatever that is, observe it and let it go, follow excitement at every moment, and you will create a cascade of positivity in your life, a way of success.

3 Secrets of Intention: Prepave Your Way to Success Like This…

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the three secrets of intention and I'm going to be sharing with you a game plan that if you apply in your life, will totally transform it, and allow you to see things in a completely new way and they’ll really prepave your way to success.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I will be sharing with you exactly how you can pave your way to success. What this means is there are certain formalities for ways that we can apply what is called intentions and intention is like a will or determination to have something and it's like a declaration that you will either have it or you already do have it. Intentions are where the power really is. The thing is most people don't have intentions.

Most people aren't steering the direction of their lives in a powerful way. Therefore, they're thinking the same thoughts. They always think and thus get the same results they've still got. Most people aren't all pilot, and I say this not as like the top of the king of the hill and being like, oh, everyone else is like this. I get like that too, and I have been like that for most of my life.

The difference is now I'm aware of it, and I'm waking up to understanding more about how I can consciously go in the direction that I want with using the power of intentions, and today I'm going to be sharing with you my daily practice for it and how it will totally transform your life. For this process, understand that intentions in a way are sort of like outcomes. What do we want in life?

What do we want out of our day? When we become clear as to what this is, we allow what is called the probability of whatever we focus on to increase. What quantum physics shows us is that the only moment that exists is this moment right now and we're coming to learn more about what is called parallel realities. Understanding that we are constantly shifting through different parallel realities that what we think of as time is the movement through these parallel realities and into different perspectives.

Like I was saying before, everything we think is on autopilot. We think on average 70 to 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and of those over 90 percent of them are recycled from the day before. You may get up on the same side of the bed that you get up every morning. You may go into the bathroom and brush your teeth in the same type of manner.

Thinking about maybe the same type of thoughts. You may drive the same route to work. You may go to work and talk to the same people normally about similar. What this does is because we're constantly thinking similar thoughts, feeling similar emotions, doing similar things, we create the same things over and over again.

We become in a way in reaction to whatever the environment is and the key and the power of intention is it allows us to direct ourselves away from the stimulus of the environment into the direction that we want and when we are focused on a certain outcome, a certain intention, we increase the probability of that actually happening and it can be something small.

The intentions could be I'm going to have a safe drive on the way to the gym or on the way to work. When I get to work. I intend it to have a good conversation with people and to feel connected to other people and to listen when other people talk. You're like, okay, you're paving your way and you're increasing the probability that those things happen. Just that we usually just go to work, get on the phone with someone. There's no intention to get stronger. Maybe there's an intention to go to the gym, but sometimes it gets on autopilot.

 Perhaps we're not focused on the growth or pushing ourselves or whatever it is, but in general, think of that intention as something that increases the probability.

When we set intentions, we increase the likelihood of something happening tenfold.

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That's actually the first secret of intention is that when we set intentions, we increase the likelihood of something happening tenfold and this could be something as small as driving safely, it could be something significant such as creating a certain type of abundance in your life.

When you set these intentions and somebody asked me once, they said, what is the difference between desire and intention? Desire in itself is not powerful unless it is realized or translated into that of intention. I think about it. If I have an intention to put up my hand, I just put up my hand. If I have a desire to put up my hand, I may have the desire, but I may not actualize it.

It may not turn into an intention, am I sit there as a desire? Desire in of itself is not powerful unless there is movement involved or unless there is turning it into intention. The intention is the declaration of that desire is declaring that I wanted this, I have this or I will have this, or I am this. That's the difference and when we do that, we increase the probability factor tenfold.

They've done experiments before with this in quantum physics using the power of intention and one of them that reminds me of when I read it in the book. I think becoming supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He talks about and talks about this experiment and what happened in this experiment is they took all bunch of baby chicks. What happens when baby chicks are born?

They hatch out of the egg outcome. The baby chicks, what they do is they pair with whoever's in their environment, they normally pair with their mom, which means they pair with it. They follow them on around or you're seeing a mom, a chick or a mama chicken, and then all bunch of baby chicks just following them on wherever they go.

Wherever she goes are clean and shit. When they're all walking around and falling around that mom, they've paired with the mom. What they learned is that you can pair a baby chick, which just about anything, you could pair it with a person, and you've seen that before as well, or someone's walking, and the baby chicks are pairing with it.

Well, that's because the baby chick doesn't have the chicken mom, so it's apparently the human or you can even use objects. It could be an actual inanimate object. The baby chicks will pair with it if it thinks it's their mom. It's like that book growing up. It's similar to that. What they did is they got a what is called a random generator machine and they put it in an arena.

What this random generator machine would do is it would randomly turn with no systematic pattern. It would randomly turn left or right, and what they do is they put it in this big arena. They would put it. They mapped out the kind of form it would make and it would go in a certain direction, and it would look like all bunch of scribbles everywhere.

It would just go in some random direction. It would cover pretty much the whole amount of the arena over the course of whatever it was, like 10 minutes. It would go everywhere. What they did is they paired it with the chickens, the baby chicks, and what they did is they caged out the chicks only and to a certain part of the arena and what happened was the machine that was moving around, all the sudden it pairs with the chicks, the chicks that are following it, so by the chicks focused on it.

The only place that the machine really would be is in the one general section of where the baby chicks are. Even though the machine could still go everywhere, but the baby chickens couldn't. What happened was is that showed that the intention and the focus of the baby chicks influenced the random number generator machine to an extent to where it stayed on to have this big arena in this little small section majority of the time.

That's interesting because they've also done this with people when it comes to looking for certain numbers in random number generator and machines where they will look for certain numbers, and the numbers statistically show that they will come out more often. If you're focused on it, well, the thing is both probabilities exist at the moment, but what they are seeing, they are bringing it into reality as the one that is more in alignment with their intention, with their desire.

That's where intention is powerful is because it increases the intention of something happening. How can you apply this in your life and how do I apply this in my own life? Think of it like this in the beginning, it's going to seem like a little bit of work. It will get easier though I promise you that with momentum, everything will get easier. Here's what to do and here's what I do.

Would you want to do is you want to prepave your way to success? What I mean by this is you simply set more intentions in your daily life, and these intentions can be very small. One intention, maybe I'm going to have a safe drive to work today. Every time you get into a car set this small intention, it just takes two seconds. It's not like you have to think, I intend and do some mantra, although I'm sure those can be powerful too, what you can do is set the intention.

I intend to drive safely, to work, to enjoy my drive and to have easy flow through traffic. That simple, set that intention before you get to the car. Then what you do is in the next segment, this is called segment intending. Something that Abraham Hicks has taught for many years. Segment intending means that there are certain segments of your day.

A segment could be you driving to the gym. It could be you being at work. A segment could be you going to lunch at work. A segment could be you go to the gym. These are all individual segments, but if you set intentions before you go into them, you increase the probability of whatever your setting to actually happen.

This is the thing. This is the power. If you do this for a week, two weeks, a few weeks, you start to develop momentum to where eventually you don't have to do it so much because when you get into your car, you've programmed yourself to think subconsciously of driving safely to work naturally. When you go to the gym, you prime yourself to think of having a great workout naturally.

When you go to work, you naturally think of how to connect with other people or how to be very efficient. This starts to go on autopilot after a while and now I don't have to set as many intentions because it's all a part of who I am.

You could say it in the future tense, but present tense as powerful as well. Either way, he didn't say, I'm going to have a safe drive, which is future tense, or you could say, I'm driving safely to work flowing in and out of traffic and an easy way I feel, and I'm enjoying this time driving. Some simple like that takes a second or two, but over time this will lead to more and more momentum. For any level of success, what is necessary is a combination of both focus and a level of belief, believing in yourself, believing in it as possible, but when you focus, that's where the power is because whatever you focus on grows.

In general, when you're doing something you're passionate about, it is so easy to focus on it. Some people ask me because they see that I work a lot, whether I'm on Instagram stories or whatever it is, they see that I work a lot, but I love what I do and it doesn't feel like work, but I also understand the more I focused on what I love to do, the more that grows in my life. It's kind of like a win.

I don't have to try to do it. It just naturally happens. In the same way, what you can begin to do is to become clear as to what you want. What are your outcomes and segment intended those throughout the day knowing that it will get easier and easier and easier to do because it just goes on autopilot?

The third secret of intention that I have to share with you has to do with understanding certainty and how to note it is done. What do I mean by this? Well, sometimes people never see that. There was an interview with Jim Carrey where he was talking about how hope is a beggar.

I hope this happens. I hope this happens, I hope is a beggar. You don't want to be hope. Maybe a better emotion than maybe lower emotion, so perhaps it's part of the process, but then move beyond hope into a knowing, not knowing like the ego has to do everything and I know I'm the best and I know I'm the king on top of the mountain.

No, that you can trust the process because if you know you can trust the process, things will happen for you. A lot of times we think the ego must do everything. The ego must intend to them. Ego must have every part of this puzzle figured out, but the key is also to trust the process because what if the universe, whatever you want to call it, source, has such a better plan for you, and if you were open to it, you could then experience the greater plan that the ego can't even imagine.

The more we become aware of what this is, the more that will become our certainty that we can put into what we do. There are certain things that you're particular about. There's an area of your life that you feel certain in. It could be relationships. It's that relationship.

Could be a career, is that a career could be a connection with your family. If it's not, your family could be a connection to spirituality. It was your spirituality could be a connection to something that you're good at. You have certainty about something.

The key is to pay attention to how you feel with that certainty, knowing that you can treat your intentions the same way when I have my goals, whether it's a certain type of goal, like I have a goal in the next few months I'm going to be doing public speaking, or I'm going to be doing seminars. I treat it with certainty as if it is done as if it's almost destiny.

Of course, I have free will, but I treat it that way because then that certainly makes it and allows me to move forward with that strong energy and it increases the probability that things happen. If I hope it happens, think about it. How does this feel? Which one feels better? I feel certain that I'm going to be speaking in front of a large number of people.

I'm going to be doing seminars and the other one I hope I can maybe speak in front of people. I hope I can maybe do some seminars, which one feels more in alignment when I say it? The certainty because the certainty is the one that will bring it about. I can also trust the process. Does it mean I'm like the ego at certainty? It is done. My ego did it all. I feel powerful on top of the mountain top.

I like how I keep talking about the top of the mountaintop, but the key is to understand. You can also trust the process, but I have certainty that that's the direction I'm moving into. These three things that I share with you right now are the game changers when it comes to intention.

Understand first off, the parallel reality version of you that is successful and not successful is this right now. If you set intentions, you move in the direction of making that more probable, set your intentions and you increase the probability. Secondly, set intentions through certain parts of your day, knowing that as you do, that you increase the likelihood of certain things happening and that at the same time you create a powerful momentum that eventually goes on autopilot. It's like you naturally create those things in your life.

Then thirdly, the focus and the certainty. If you're doing what you're passionate about, it's easy to focus, have certainty that these things are coming to pass, trust the process, this balance of trusting the process as well, and you'll find that things happen easier for you.

Something else that I have for you that will help you to raise your vibrational set point. This is something that makes intention much more powerful is when you intend it from a higher level of consciousness. I have a free guided meditation that will show you how to raise your vibrational set point.

I used to feel like on a scale of one to 10; I was about a three year to five with the 10 feeling amazing. One feeling not so great. Once I went through and applied to what I teach, or I show in this meditation, I went to a seven to an eight out of 10, and I can help other people do that through the meditation.

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