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What I'm going to be sharing with you is a feeling which is the secret guided meditation that will help you to achieve your goals. I believe if you listen to this meditation for the next 21 days, it will totally transform your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I’m going to be explaining to you the power of what is called the feeling is the secret book by Neville Goddard. I'm going to be sharing with you a meditation at the end that you can listen to every single night that will help you to achieve your goals.

That's going to be actually a majority of this blog, but for the first couple of minutes, what I wanted to do is to share with you how to use it and what the idea is behind the teaching of Goddard and how it works with the feeling is the secret.

This is a book that I originally read about five or six years ago. It's a short book. It's about 60 pages long and when I read it, I started to really become aware of this window of time before I go to bed at night and it's the same for everyone. As you're going to bed at night, what is happening is your brainwaves are going from that have more of an Alpha Beta state, which is the more awake states into the deeper levels of consciousness.

You're going from Alpha and Beta into more of a theta state and as you're moving more into Theta Delta state, Delta is more of the sleep. State data's more of the really relaxed meditation state. What we're doing is we have this ability to influence our subconscious mind in a very powerful way and we do that with feeling the language that the subconscious mind speaks in is the feeling and that's why the feeling is the secret.

Most people are intending to change their subconscious mind using logical thoughts, but that doesn't work because that's not the language that the subconscious mind speaks in. Many times, we can sit there all we want and say something like, I am abundant, but if we don't feel the abundance underneath that, that's when we moved that into what is called an incantation, when sometimes we can even use our body to change our physiology, to change how we feel, will we begin to do is we begin to then influence that part of our brain which then begins to influence our life.

Understand our subconscious mind runs over 90 percent of our life experience, so when we get to the core of our subconscious mind and we learn how to influence it, everything in our life can change and if you look at it like this as well, when we grow up, up until about the age of eight to 12 years old, we're in a predominantly a theta state, which means as we're growing up, we're literally absorbing the environment.

We are attributing meaning to certain things and we're doing that all subconsciously. We're not even aware of it. That's why a lot of times when you see people going through transformation type work, you may see someone like Tony Robbins that asked someone, what was your relationship with your dad like? What was your relationship with your mom like? Because the relationship with the parents is the first relationship we normally have and we have derived so many meanings and associations from them that subconsciously that's what runs our life.

Even 30, 40 years later, that person may be still running on that same subconscious patterning. Up until about the age of eight to 12 years old, we're in that data state. What happens is right around that time we start to move more into the Alpha state. We start to move more from the subconscious mind into the conscious mind, and we start to then have this thought process where we can have this barrier between what we think and what we experience.

What happens is then we get set in our ways for most of our life experience. The key in the power is hacking our mind by knowing there are certain times of the day when our brain is going into more of a theta state. When it is drifting into the deeper brainwave state to win, then we can influence it with emotion. The way we do this is the 20 minutes when we wake up in the morning and 20 minutes before we go to bed at night, because that's the window of time.

What I do and what I recommend you do is you visualize what you want to experience as if you already have it as if it's already something that's real for you and you feel that and you put yourself in the vizier visualization right before you go to bed at night and right when you wake up in the morning.

There's a couple hacks I'm going to be sharing with you in this meditation. This meditation that you are about to listen to is going to be one that you can listen to right when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed at night. I have recommended you listened to it twice a day in order to get the maximum benefit out of it, and this will help you to then start to create a more empowered self-concept to self-concept.

As a self-image. We will always be inconsistent to the self-image we have. We always do that subconsciously, so as we have a thermometer on our wall, maybe what you'll do is you'll see that it's set at 75 degrees. If it gets hotter or colder, the AC or the heat or were will kick on to put it back to that set point.

We may try to change but not change our set point. What'll happen is we'll try, we'll start gaining success, for example, but if our thermometer is set at 75 and we start to get success, it'll kind of pump on and be like, “Yo, that's not who you are. Come back. Let's see.” Let me sabotage you really quick so that you come back to what's comfortable. It's about being aware of what that is, but this meditation will help you to bypass all of that.

This is why I recommend you listen to it for at least 21 days, right? When you wake up in the morning, right? When you go to bed and you put in a similar visualization each time you do it for things to really become something that we experienced, it takes repetition. That's why I recommend with this meditation some of my other meditations, you can maybe switch what you think about because then you still get a powerful effect.

This one's a little bit different. You want to imagine a similar thing, but you need to make it more about the focus of the feeling, but make it something that's a similar outcome because what manifestation is the power of it? It's a combination of an increased emotion, which is the feeling we're going to be generating with an increased intention. These two things make for what we want to experience in her life, but that intention.

You want to think, I intended dot, dot, dot. You want to think intention vs something that's clear, something that is specific, something that you can see every single time you do this meditation and intention is like a declaration of desire. That's the difference between desire and intention. Desire says, I want something, but an intention says I intended for that is declaring it into the universe is the way you can think about it.

What I'm going to ask you to do right now is to take in a deep breath in, deep breath out, and to feel yourself. Relax what I'm going to do in a minute. Let's cue the music and then we're going to move deeper and deeper into relaxation, and I'm going to guide you along this process of fueling more inside of your heart center.

And then what we're going to do is move into our actual visualizations, visualizations, and feeling as if it is happening now. Let's go ahead and take a deep breath in and deep breath out. I recommend you listen to this headphone, this meditation with headphones if you can. Let's take a deep breath in and deep breath out.

As you breathe out, feel your body relax more and more. Let's take another deep breath in. Deep breath out. And as you breathe out, put your awareness in your hand over your heart. Heart math institute has shown that the more attention we put on our heart center, the more we grow that electromagnetic energy around our body, that the power of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head, so it's taking another deep breath in, deep breath out.

But the awareness over your heart and begin to feel inside of your heart center. Feel the warmth of your hands into your heart. Feel free to close your eyes now if you wish and know that with every breath you take you are shifting deeper and deeper into relaxation. You were feeling your body relax more and more. I'll put the awareness in your head. Feel the sensation in your forehead. Put the awareness behind your eyelids.

Feel your eye sockets relax, but the awareness in your jaw. Imagine your jaw relaxing. Let it be loose. Relax the tongue, fuel the awareness in your neck, down your left arm, your left hand. Imagine a wave of relaxation flowing through your hand. Imagine this wave of relaxation flowing through your right hand, your right arm, feeling it, relax.

Put the awareness in your chest and your heart. I imagine there's a ball of energy inside of your heart. Any color that you like and imagine with every breath that you take, this energy is becoming more and more powerful. You are feeling an increase. Imagine that this ball of energy is spinning in the clockwise position and the faster it spins, the more you feel this love.

Imagine it spinning faster and faster. I put the awareness in your stomach. Imagine relaxing your hips, your left leg and foot, wave of relaxation, right leg and foot, wave of relaxation flowing through your whole body. Imagine that any excess energy in your body or any energy that's not serving you is flowing through the heels of your feet. Imagine that energy flowing through your body and leaving through the heels of your feet.

Feel relax. Imagine yourself in a very relaxing place. This could be a place that's at the beach. It could be a place that's in inside a room you feel very comfortable and couldn't be outside in nature wherever you want. Imagine that you are in this place.

As you look around, what do you see? What kind of sounds do you hear? Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder. Pay attention to how relaxed you feel. Notice at about 15 or 20 feet away, you notice a chair and this chair, it's one that you can sit in anytime you want to increase the feeling inside your body of you experiencing what you want.

We're going to take 10 steps towards this chair and with every step we take, we're going to feel that as we get closer to the chair, we feel an increased emotion inside of our heart center. We're going to feel more love in our heart than ever before.

I'm going to count down from 10 to one with every number I count. I imagine that the energy in your heart is increasing. You're feeling elevated, emotion, more warmth, and more love. Take a step towards this chair. Ten feeling your body now begin to move in that direction.

Nine, with every number I count you feel double the amount of love inside of your body. Double the amount of relaxation. Eight, getting closer to the chair now. Seven, feeling yourself, feel relaxed and comfortable. Six, feeling this energy in your heart to increase even more.

Five for getting closer. Three deeper into this feeling of love to an increase in your heart now and one. You are standing at this chair and you could feel the energy in your body increasing more and more. Pay attention to how this chair looks and then notice and become aware that you can sit in this chair and do this meditation anytime you want and that when you sit in this chair, you always feel relief. You always feel an increase in the emotion you want to experience in your life. It's very easy and natural for you to do.

Go ahead, turn around, sit in this chair and notice that as soon as you sit in this chair, you can feel how relaxed you feel, how much love you feel. There's something about this chair to you. It is so easy to feel the emotions you want to experience in this chair. You're feelings are much more sensitive and you can feel positive emotions more easily than ever before. Imagine some things that you want to experience in your life, certain goals you have.

Imagine them as if you are experiencing them now, not as if in the future you will, but as if you are experiencing them now, imagine what it would look like through the eyes of that version of you. Imagine what you would see achieving a certain financial goal, relationship, goal, whatever your goals are. Imagine a scenario where that is happening.

 What do you see in this scenario and it's experience? Imagine the color's becoming brighter and brighter. What can you hear in this experience? Imagine the sounds becoming louder and louder right now. You are feeling as if this is happening. Soak in this feeling. Notice how natural it is for this version of you. These experiences you're in are a part of who you are. Imagine another scenario of you achieving your goal. 

You experiencing something you've always wanted to imagine it as. If you're looking through the eyes of this version of you now, what do you see? Imagine those colors. Whatever you see becoming brighter and brighter and much more vivid. What do you here? Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder. What do you feel? How does it feel to be the best version of you? Imagine the feeling of your body increasing more and more and move to one more experience that would represent you living the lifestyle you want. 

One more outcome or goal, declare it right now. Say, I intend for this to happen. Whatever this is. Imagine you're in this scenario. What do you see? Imagine those colors coming brighter and brighter, much more vivid. What do you here? Imagine the sounds becoming louder and louder and what do you feel? Feel it as if it's happening right now. I notice that on the right side of this chair, you see a dial and on this dial it is marked. 

The intensity of feeling well we're going to do is we're going to move the dial from one to 10, 10 being the Max, where you're going to feel this emotion through your heart like never before. You're going to feel as if you've achieved your goals. You're going to feel the love and happiness beyond what you can imagine, and this will influence your subconscious mind and a very powerful way. Imagine yourself putting your hand on this dial right now. 

It's marked at one, at every number that I count up. You're going to feel an increase in your heart center. Increase of love, increase a feeling, one, fill your hand, touched the dial to as you move the notch, you can feel it. Increased surge of love. Go through your body. Three, fueling more of it now for doubling the amount of sensation with every number that I count. Five. Six, an increase of energy in your hearts. 

Seven, double the amount of love. Eight, feeling it more than ever before. Nine, ten. Feel this. Flow through your body. Allow yourself to soak in this love feeling. The feeling is the secret and this is what you're feeling now. This is what it feels like to achieve your goals. Soak in that feeling. This is where the power is. This is what influences your subconscious mind.

Before the day ends, set your intention and you will get a reflection of this change that you've made from within.

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Set the intention that before the end of the day, you get a reflection of this change that you've made from within. You will start to see evidence in your life of what you want happening because you have shifted your feeling and that is influencing your sub conscious mind.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to count down from five to one. Every number I count. You're going to feel yourself becoming more alert, more present, feeling great five to yourself now becoming alert, feeling amazing for double the amount of relaxation your body three, present to the moment to one.

You can either open your eyes or keep them closed. It's up to you know, after this point going forward, everything has changed in your life because you have shifted your feeling.

The TRUTH on ALL Beliefs and How to TRANSCEND them


Today, I'm going to be showing you the truth on all belief systems. I'm going to show you exactly how you can transcend to a whole new level of being, a whole new level of understanding that will totally transform your life, and by the end of this blog, I think it is possible that you can experience this shift in awareness.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What I'm going to be sharing with you is the truth on all belief systems, even the belief systems that we look at that like, oh well I'll believe I'm capable of a little bit more all belief a little bit more in something that's a little bit beyond where I currently am.

I'm going to be showing you the truth on that. The truth on the belief systems of successful people, that belief systems of enlightened people, the belief systems of anything you could want to accomplish, those people that have already accomplished that which you want to accomplish, believe something to be true.

There are belief systems are creating their reality. This goes deeper than the surface level of the Law of Attraction, of just the focus. Many times, some people would be like I'm going to focus on this, but if they're focused on this, and they don't believe they deserve it or they don't believe they can have it, then even if they focus on it, they may go out into the world, see more of whatever that is.

They may say, I want a relationship, but if they don't believe they're worthy of a relationship, they might go out into the world and just see other people in relationships. They may say, I want a Ferrari. They may say, they may say, I don't know if I deserve a Ferrari, but I want one, and then they might have vision boards of this Ferrari's everywhere. They go out, and they see a lot of Ferrari's, but it won't actually be actualized until we believe it to be true.

I'm going to show you the truth on those beliefs and how everything in our life is literally a reflection of what we believe to be true, but I'm going to be given you and showing you something that is a shift in awareness. It's something that's going to go beyond belief because beliefs are just the surface level. Beliefs are just one part of this whole equation.

Have you ever seen the Truman show? Truman show is a movie even though it's called the Truman show with Jim Carrey and in this movie, Jim Carey is born into a reality TV show where there's a set around him. Even the environment itself, it was like water and it has this environment, this big dome that this huge that the city is in.

That is the Truman show and it's these 24 slashes seven show that's going on where people around the world are watching this show of Truman and Truman has had an experiment experience, and he doesn't figure out that he's a part of this show until that's what the movie's about.

Until he was like 33 years old or something like that, so he's going through this experience of finding out that everything around him is fabricated, that everything is everyone's in on it except for him. You start to see patterns. There's a loop.

This movie is a very powerful symbolism of the way the world works because in it there's this one part where somebody asks, which is named Jean. I think Jean the guy that created the Truman show in the movie, he's like this genius guy that's looked, that's twisted because of everything that's going on, and somebody asked him, why has it taken him this long to figure out that he's in a show that he's like the main star in a show that he just hasn't been on, and he said something very interesting gene.

The guy that created the show said, well, it's very simple. People accept the reality that they're given people except for the environment that they're in. People accept and believe that whatever they're given is simply real. I'm paraphrasing by the way that made it.

Maybe the words were moved around a little bit, but that was the idea of people accept the environment that they're given. Everything in Truman's environment was kind of on an auto loop. In one scene of the movie, He is in the driveway and he's having his wife, his wife comes and show because his wife is also an actress.

His wife comes to show and he's like, look, these people and all of a sudden, he's like, you're going to see a, you're going to see someone driving on a bike, you're going to see something else and you to see a beetle all, all the same time and he's already doing this.

And he does it. And then three, two, one, it comes exactly as he said. And why is that? Because they're just on a loop. They're going around and around. That's what he's saying in the movie. And they're just going around on the loop. Well, in the same way, think of that as a program in society and think of it as we live in a form of environment where we have always accepted the validity of everything we experience.

Which means we've absorbed all of these beliefs and we've absorbed the beliefs are environment thinking. They're all real. The key to this is understanding that all of the beliefs, the environment of our environment and what are some of those beliefs.

Some of those beliefs are that we are not good enough already. We have the beliefs of consumerism. If only I could change everything on the outside, then maybe then I could be happy. We go to the supermarket, we see these little magazines that's up there and says, Hey, if you only have six pack abs, how to look like this person, how to be like this, and it's this type of mentality a lot of people aren't even aware of and I'm not saying to be, we need to be a victim here.

We need to be mad at the government mad at the media. I'm just saying, be aware that there's a certain way that there's a benefit in us thinking in this consumerism type way and thinking that we're not good enough already because if we're not good enough already, maybe we can buy our way to worthiness. Let's buy our way to worthiness.

Let's change everything on the outside knowing that as we change everything on the outside, then we could feel validation on the inside, but that's a belief system. You see reality in of itself. The more we think that it is actually really solid, it is the way that it is, the more that that is the case.

The reason I bring up some of these ideas is that most people are living according to the rules of the environment and according to the rules of the beliefs they were given or shown at a young age. People that have in a way adopted the beliefs of their parents, adopted the beliefs of their government or deletes of certain political party affiliations. Whether you're Republican or Democrat, you're still on one of the sides.

There's still a belief in the system itself and not telling you to drop all of these beliefs. All I'm saying has become aware that these beliefs are there because unless you become aware of the beliefs, you can't actually change them, can actually let them go.

Then what we could do is we could look at the beliefs of society, we can look at the beliefs of the way the world works and how most people relate to the world to look at the beliefs of a successful person. What's the difference between the beliefs of a successful person to the beliefs of someone that's not successful? Well, the beliefs of someone that is successful is they normally believe that they can accomplish something.

They normally believe that there is a way the belief system of an unsuccessful person is normally the world is fixed. The world is the way it is. There's not much I can do. Then there's also a belief. A lot of times that doing something would be very hard.

The belief system that successful person says it doesn't matter. I'm going to go through anyway. You see these two belief systems both conserve a certain type of person. The difference is one is more resourceful than the other. What I am saying to you is be aware of the different belief systems and how to let go of the ones that don't serve.

I'm not telling you to be if you're the person that thinks the world is fixed, the world is hard, and all of this stuff. I'm not telling you to just believe in more of something else. I'm saying just let those go. It's not about which beliefs are true because here's the truth of life years. The truth of everything that I teach the one truth in life is that all truths are true.

Whatever we believe to be true will be reflected back to us and there may be periods of time in our life when certain beliefs serve us, but eventually, we let go of those beliefs and then we go to the next level.

Whatever we believe to be true will be reflected back to us, and there may be periods of time in our life when certain beliefs serve us.

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We start to believe something different, so beliefs in a way or like vehicles that we get into that. We then go around places and we experience things and then we say, okay, this, this vehicle has been great, but it's a little bit heavier. It's a little bit. It's like a. it's like a PT Cruiser.

It's like it doesn't go very fast. It feels like it takes a long time actually to accelerate. It got me from point a to point b, but now I feel like I'm capable of more so you get out of that belief system, you get out of the PT Cruiser and then what you do is you get into a better car, Tesla, better car.

This is about being aware of the different beliefs this is you have, but one day as you're getting from one car to the next car because then this is a better car, which you may find out is that yet can instantly operate like in Harry Potter or something.

Just saying maybe, you find out that you don't even need cars. Perhaps you find out there's a new way of transportation and it's called flying. Maybe it's a new way of going about things that completely shift our beliefs about reality. You see, that's what I'm saying.

That's what we would call it. Enlightenment. That's what we'd be called, dropping the reasoning, drop it in the belief systems and that could eventually happen, and I know I'm using a cheesy metaphor of cars and flying and stuff, but that is the idea.

The idea is that our whole lives, we go around at the whims of society, absorbing our environment, just like the movie the Truman show, we accept the reality that we're given and we're not aware of it, but the moment you start to become aware of is the moment you start to gain your power back because you're not really having choice.

You're not really having free choice, free will until you become aware of it. This is an idea I thought of the other day and it's something that's really been changing. The whole perspective I use, of course, we all have free will. We have three will to do whatever we want.

We can choose whatever we want, but 99% of people are on autopilot. They're not aware. They create their reality. They're walking around like, this is happening to me. This is happening to me. That's the thing that belief systems and the autopilot mind, 90% of what we think are on autopilot, so I'm choosing this, but the choice of making this was something that came from the autopilot mind of all of these other things you see, so the only way we really have free choice is if we wake up, if we wake up to who we are, we wake up to reality.

We wake up to understanding that our whole lives, we've accepted the reality that we're giving. I'm not saying to resist it. It's like now we got to rebel and like Truman, we got to get out of the whole system itself, but in a way, the Truman show represented his belief systems, and he was breaking outside of his belief systems. Here's the thing he had to do though. He had to break out and face his fears.

You've seen the beginning of the movie, the Truman show gene, the guy that created it, very smart about this. You said you know what, for Truman and never go beyond this little glass dome that we've made, we have to associate fear with doing it.

When he was a kid, he was very young because he was born into the show and all that stuff. What they did is they made him feel like his dad died in the ocean even though that didn't really die, he had his dad died in the ocean. It was very dramatic.

He was crying, a lot of painful associations and then from that point going forward, he wouldn't even go to the water, use afraid of water because that was fear that was put into him in order for him to leave the Truman show because he tried driving.

He tried so many different ways. It wasn't that easy. He had to actually face this fear, get on a boat and start to a sale and that's sorry during the movie, but that's what happened and with it, he fakes his fear. When you face your fears, you break out of your own belief system, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of what other people think of you.

Maybe you should face that fear. What's the worst thing that could happen? Maybe face the truth. Truth is what people think of you normally doesn't even have much to do with you anyways as much more to do with them. Maybe also face the truth that however many people there are, there are that many different perspectives about you.

You see what I mean? Awareness is what breaks down these belief patterns. We start to realize all of these now, just to give us a basis of something to see the calibration chart that I put right here.

This calibration chart is that of the calibration of consciousness, of different emotions. You'll see at the bottom, shame, fear, guilt, eventually get to neutrality and trousers. When you learn how to observe your thoughts, this is a very powerful point that eventually gets up to other emotions.

You have to courage. You have to willingness. Then you get up to that of reasoning. The reasoning is the intellectual processes. Einstein calibrated for 99. What happens is reasoning is where right now we're talking about changing our beliefs, isn't becoming aware of what we believe to be true, how we architect reality, how we can let go of all the things that no longer serve.

Here's the thing though, we can rearrange all the belief systems we want. However, what is more, powerful than doing that is to simply let go. The way that we move up the scale is not by a pilot on a new idea.

It's by letting go of the lower vibrational states of consciousness. You want to let go of shame, fear and guilt neutrality. Learn how to observe your thoughts. You want to let go of the lower. You just let them go. It's not like you have to attain. You have to go from courage to willingness.

It's more so you have to just let go of the bottom. Perspectives are bottom positionalities the position, the way that we see things, so even if we were to retake inventory of all of our belief systems, that would only be a four 99 and below types mentality. There is a paradigm higher than that, and that is when you transcend belief in totality, you realize that all beliefs are true and that instead of piling on a new belief, just let them go.

Whatever is this going to get more into eastern philosophy and understanding the world is perfect the way that it is. The paradox is when you understand the world is perfect the way it is, things begin to transform even easier because there's no resistance to what is the ego wants to change? Everything to Ingo looks around and says, I want to attract this.

I want to attract this. I wish all of these things. Most people are using the Law of Attraction from the perspective of their ego's desires, but the design, but the goal of the ego, the main focus of the ego is to survive simply. The ego is going to try everything I can to let these belief systems remain intact.

Belief systems of childhood, belief systems of religion, all of these belief systems, their ego wants to keep it to survive. The key in what I'm showing you is that everything you've thought of until now has been from an ego perspective and met too.

I'm not saying that I'm enlightened, so I am here to show you the way I'm showing you a new level of consciousness. Who Right now when you're listening to me speak, are you listening to me from the ego or from the later? The greater part of being what I'm showing you is that there is a part of you that has always been within you, a part of you that is considered being.

There's doing, there's having, there's been the ego wants to do. The ego wants to have. There's a level of consciousness that is being and when you are being you are void of beliefs. You are void of needing validation. You are void of needing to make it happen.

What I'm encouraging you to understand is that your whole life may have been an accumulation of these different experiences of the different moments of now, the different ways the ego has responded to life situations. And what my intention is to show you that instead of being at the whims of society, instead of being at the whims of the social conditioning, of the belief structures of the society that you've grown up in and said of all of that, start to engage with life in a new way.

And when you engage, say yes to what is the more you say yes to what is, the more it transforms, the more you become okay with everything, the more everything will become okay. That's the key. That's enlightenment in a nutshell.

The difference between an enlightened person in the not in line person is simply the enlightened person absorbs and integrates what is happening in the present moment. The unenlightened person is thinking of. The next thing is thinking of what it can achieve.

The enlightened person will stand here. Right now. The unenlightened person says I want to be over there. That over there is even better. The unenlightened person is aware and is not trying to cling onto a new belief system. The unenlightened person is trying to believe more, is trying to get to the next level.

You see, there's a shift in consciousness here that you're beginning to tap into. You can feel it right now. Even as I say this right now. What is it going on in your mind? What does this mean for me? What is going on?

What is he saying about beliefs? Can I absorb this in my life? Am I thinking from the ego or am I being this? Do have bee stuff? What's that? That is all the ego. Be aware of what the ego is thinking. Don't resist it. Don't try to control it. Be aware of it. Allow it to be.

This is where transformation begins to happen because up to this point, you may have been living your whole life at the whims of an environment of society. You could start to do is engage with life. Know that you can go beyond belief. You go beyond belief by letting go of it, by being present to the moment and knowing you are unconditional love and bliss.

That is your natural state of being. The more intellectual we are, the more we get caught up in the webs of oral unbelief. Let go of belief, be in the present moment be. That's where the power is. Understand enlightenment is not something you attain. The ego wants enlightenment. The enlightenment though, it's something you realize you already are.

It's just that there are these layers over these beliefs over they've been clouding it up. Wipe the screen and when you do that, you'll let go of everything that doesn't serve so I hope this blog today helps you to understand how you can go beyond that and beliefs. This is a kind of a teaser for something that's going to be coming out over the next couple of months. It's called the shift experience with Aaron Doughty.

I'm going to show you exactly how to shift from the social conditioning, reacting to the environment, show you how to go from the thought structures of these belief systems, the story we tell ourselves, and do a new level of consciousness, a new level of being that feels like freedom. That feels like a totally new way of being.

3 Law of Attraction TRUTHS I Wish I Knew Earlier


What I'm going to be sharing with you is the three Law of Attraction truths that I wish I knew earlier. If I had known these earlier, I would have saved so much time and I would have achieved my goals easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you three commonly understood Law of Attraction mindsets of the way we go about attracting what we want. I'm going to be showing you how it is completely outdated and how it only works from a certain, you could say level of consciousness and how when we shift that perspective, everything, and our life can change.

And how also when we shift that perspective, things become so much easier because in the very beginning of my YouTube channel, when I first started making daily videos, the main thing that I would promote was massive action which did get me massive results.

However, the reason it got me massive results because I loved what I was doing. Even though I was working full time at the time I was working at Barneys New York selling woman's shoes, I was also working 40 hours a week there and I was also working about 25 to 30 hours a week making daily videos because I made myself a choice.

This is what I'm going to do. Bank daily videos. I did that and I got results. I was like massive action, massive action, massive action. However, the things I learned along the process has totally changed everything because while I still do what I love, obviously I'm making videos, still do daily videos.

I woke up this morning and it's the first thing I do every day, but it's also what I love to do. But many times, in my past, I look at my past and there have been times that I would do and take massive action doing things consistently.

But if I wasn't passionate about it, it wasn't sustainable. Not only was it not sustainable, but it's almost like things would happen to show me, hey buddy, this ain't the thing to be doing. This isn't what is actually going to get you results. It's about being in tune with that higher energy stream, understanding that when we're doing what we're passionate about, we are in a higher vibrational state.

When we're in a higher vibrational state, we manifest things easier than ever. I'm going to be sharing with you those three things I've learned in the last year and a half of taking massive action and also things that I found that it made everything so much easier. The first thing that most people that teach the LOA will tell you and the thing that you'll learn, especially from the old school Law of Attraction books, I remember this is something that was in the book think and grow rich, which I think still is a great book.

However, there's this understanding that when you transcend it, it changes absolutely everything, and it is this understanding.

1. The idea of desire

The first one is about the idea of desire. Most people believe that desire is the best thing. Desire is what gets you results, but all desire does is if it's transferred into intention then is powerful. I'll explain that in a minute, but the moment we say I really, really want something is the moment we vibrationally say, I really don't currently have that something.

It's about being aware of the vibrational resonance because we always get in life a reflection of what we believe and a reflection of our vibration. That's always reflected back to us. Are we resonating with the vibration of the reality we want? If we say I really desire it, will the version of us that is already experiencing the reality we want.

They already have that which we want so they don't have to desire it. The key is seeing it from a new perspective because I've realized this is my own life. The more I needed really want something, the further away that thing goes because wanting and needing is an energy of desperation and it is also an energy that retracts whatever is in its field.

This is about being aware of the different levels of manifestation when it comes to where are we currently at? Because there are times that desire can be as some a good thing because desire will it monetize will call forth upon you to then see what do you want so you can become clear on your focus.

But if you remain in that desire, you will remain in that lack vibration and no matter how much action you take is coming from a place of desperation. The key is some people, what happens is unconsciously they have a desire. They're going about their stuff.

They create resistance, but then eventually they let go of the outcome. When they let go of the outcome, they let go of the resistance and then all the sudden it flows through and they say, yes, you see the desire got me the result, but really the desire and got them to ask for it, got them to focus on it.

Then they created resistance and then what happened is eventually they let it go and then it came through. Viewer see that where somebody maybe wants to attract a relationship that really, really want it and they're really, really thinking about it and it doesn't happen, but the moment they go do something, they forget about it.

It's like they just have in front of their friends and then all of a sudden it just pops into their life. It's because they've desired it, but then they've let it go. They forgot about it or they already have gotten to something else and it changed their vibration.

This is about more so understanding, desire, think about it in the form instead of vibrational resonance that transformed my life because now I see things more in the form of, now how can I just desire something, but how can I transfer that desire into intention?

This is where the power is. I've shared this before with some of the other concepts that I shared on the channel like Reality Transurfing, but there's this idea of if I have a desire to put up my hand right now, the desire to put up my hand does absolutely nothing because I haven't actually transferred that desire into an intention.

You could say, well, a desire is a good thing because then what you can do to get desire and then you could actually intend for it. You could actually do it, so the difference is that is that right there. It's just making that shift from desire into intention.

Many people might have desires. They may say, Hey, I want to have a Lamborghini. Hey, I want to do this. I want to be at that person. You can desire it all you want, but unless you say I intend, and then you back that up with being you backed that up with the vibrational resonance. It doesn't actually happen.

Think of everything in the world as a vibrational resonance and the key is knowing that the version of you that already has that which you want to experience at that already exists.

The key is putting yourself in that vibrational state by knowing that you can develop a perspective that your cup is already full. You don't have to want something, therefore lack something. This is a game changer when you begin to apply it because you see that desire isn't necessarily always the key like it always has been shown in the old school Law of Attraction teachings.

From a certain paradigm, from a paradigm of complete unfocused, this from a paradigm of a lower vibrational states of being attachment attached to the thoughts, it can eventually pull you out of there over a lot of resistance and struggle, but there's a higher-level way of doing it and the higher-level way of doing it is by knowing you're already whole and complete and then vibrationally resonating with that reality that you want.

You bypass all that resistance and you allow things to happen easier than ever, but the logical mind wants to understand everything. How am I going to explain or do all of this? Let go of linear thinking, let go of needing things to happen, a certain sequence allows things to happen by taking action, by having a clear outcome of what you want, and then trusting to come in.

If we have a certain perspective, a blueprint for how everything has to happen, we limit ourselves because there could be many different ways. If you want to attract something into your life, do you want to track the person into your life? For example, if you set the intention, you go out, you put yourself in certain situations where that could likely happen.

Maybe you go to yoga, you'll do something of where that person would be the kind of person that you'd want to attract. Maybe you do that, but perhaps then somebody comes up to you and says, Hey, you want to go to this place over here? And you're like, nope, I don't want to go do that. I'm too focused on trying to get this person into my life.

But if you were to go with that person, maybe that would lead you. If you were to trust the process, that would lead you going out somewhere else, maybe lead you to that person you see, but the logical mind wants to understand everything.

This is something that's also very strong through a lot of eastern philosophy. Letting go of the outcome, understanding that desire is not the key. It has more so been.

It's almost like thinking is the desired thing instead, be present to the moment because in that spaciousness you allow a lot in, so that's something that I think is so cool because it bridges the two worlds of the western idea of understanding goals to that of the eastern philosophy of not being attached to the outcome.

2. Get to the core of what you believe

The second thing that I wish I knew earlier when it comes to Law of Attraction is that it's not about the focus. The focus is important, but more so than what we're focused on. Then thinking, I want this.

We don't always get in life that which we want, which is the desires, because what we want, we say we don't currently have, but we always get a reflection of what we believe to be true.

This, in my opinion, and one is one of the most powerful things that if you begin to get to the core of what you believe, you change everything. The truth is, as this one isn't the sexiest thing, I've made many videos before on them, how beliefs create reality, but it's not like they get the most views on YouTube.

It's not the thing you'll hear a lot of people talk about. However, it is not my opinion. One of the most powerful ways we can go about changing our lives is changing our core beliefs, changing what we believe to be true, because we can want all we want a Lamborghini, but then we don't believe that Lamborghini can come into our life or we don't know or aren't resonating in the frequency of it.

By adding value to other people or creating that level of abundance, then it won't happen. We have to believe that it is possible for it to happen. Remember that old-school Henry Ford quote, whether you believe you can or you believe you can't, you're right.

It's just a matter of perspective and choice, but in general, get to the core of what you believe to be true and everything in your life will change. There's a couple of simple ways of going about this and this is something that I've done in many different layers of my life, different areas of my life in different layers.

I've let go of many beliefs because they used to have a belief that I wasn't worthy because of my childhood kind of being brought up the way that I was and then I was able to. Away after I broke out of that experience then is years later I still had to work through it and you start to become aware of those patterns and I remember not feeling worthy, not feeling like I deserved a lot.

I had to become aware of these patterns. I have to observe them and then I had to let them go and see that they were outdated. You See, what happens many times is when we were younger, something happens and when something happens, we give it a certain meaning and then we carry that meaning with us. Sometimes our whole entire life.

Sometimes somebody will be 30 years old, 20 years old, whatever it is, but carrying around the beliefs and the perspectives of when he was or she was six years old when the parents said to go do this or some traumatic experience where the parents got divorced and he automatically said, stay parents got divorced because of me. I'm not worthy.

This is that. What is the effect I have on people and then subconsciously carry that around or this is how this is what happens when people around me or whatever it is?

You see it's about being aware of those beliefs because unless you're aware of the beliefs, you can't actually change them. They're just on autopilot. Here's the thing too. Most people are on autopilot completely on autopilot. They're playing out scripts. I remember when I had my old nine to five job every day I'd go in and be like the same conversations.

I get up every day. I would do brush my teeth the same way. I would then go and do the same type of things at the same type of thing for breakfast. Then I would go to work and have the same conversations, help different people, but have similar types of experiences, and then go do something else. It was all sequenced and all on autopilot.

The key is waking up from the autopilot, waking up from the beliefs that we have and being aware of them because in the light of awareness is where everything changes, so to change your beliefs is actually very simple and it's almost so simple that some people go, it must be more complicated than that, but it doesn't have to be you.

Become aware of your beliefs. That's always the first step. Become aware of what you're thinking, become aware of what you believe to be true, and you could just simply ask the question, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

When you ask that question, the brain will start to look for the answers and you'll start to see patterns of what that is. What would I have to believe is true to be having this negative experience, this negative emotion. All emotions come from beliefs.

We must first believe something to be true, to have any emotion and maybe some feelings are on autopilot, perhaps naturally we feel love for certain people easier than others, but when it comes to life situations, the idea of a rainy day, for example, whether we feel positive or negative, emotion to that will depend upon our beliefs about it and our prior reference experiences about it.

This is about understanding what do you believe to be true? Well, if you're feeling negative, resistance about and relations, maybe you say, hi, always attract the same type of person. This is a common one, man. This guy always treats me bad. I always attract the type of person.

Well, the key is asking yourself the question, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience over and over again, and then you can ask yourself another question. What experience in my past is what caused the ripple of this belief?

And it may be, well my first girlfriend or boyfriend was this way and they were this way, and then I interpreted this meaning I have to believe that I wasn't worthy, had to believe that they were the only ones that could make me happy and I have to believe that now I'm looking for that person in other places because of the heartbreak or whatever it is.

You see, you start to become aware of these. You start to see and then you see that what you're becoming aware of was a perspective of the old version of you that no longer resonates the old version of you that is outdated. The moment you identify that it's outdated and the moment you're aware of it is the moment you can let it go. You make a choice then to just let it go. Thank you. It serves me for a period of time.

I'm now wearing my beliefs. They you. I let it go. Is that simple? That's how you change any belief. You simply become aware of what the belief is. You ask and find the root of the belief, which means you say, well, would I have to believe is true, or what is the reference? Experiences comes. You'll start to get a sign of what that is.

Maybe it takes a day or two. You're starting to get assigned to what that is. You say, “Oh, thank you. That belief was trying to keep me safe.” That belief was something that's now outdated. I now choose to let you go, and as you let it go, you then transform your life because then that pattern is no longer being carried around with you.

If I would've known this earlier, I would have created so much more easily because I wouldn't have been doing it from a place of lack and I wouldn't be doing it from a place of believability of believing I wasn't worthy yet. Missing, getting more to the core. Your beliefs create your reality. You will always get a reflection of what you believe to be true. If you change your beliefs, you change your life. That simple and it is so powerful.

3. The state of being

The third thing that I wish I knew earlier when it comes to the Law of Attraction is simply that of state of being. This is so underemphasized, but nonetheless, it's one of the most powerful things because another thing that we experience in our life is a reflection of how we feel, so if we are in a less good state, everything that we see outside of us is going to be a reflection of that. They have that same wherever you go.

There you are. Wherever you go, in whatever state you're in, you're going to look around and find more and more evidence of that. The thing is when it comes to your state of being, you will always experience opportunities and situations that are equal to that state of being. For example, you fill an amazing state of being. You will also experience more people that are of a similar nature.

You will experience more people and situations that mirror that back to you. I remember I used to have a sales commission job before I was doing YouTube full time, so about over a year ago and when I had this job, what I was doing is I go in every day. It was purely sales commission job. It wasn't.

I didn't get paid an hourly. I would go into work every day and what I would do is I would be able to see an intimate correlation between what I think and what I experienced that day because I had a really good day. I mean it was right there in front of me.

If I sold $5,000 for that day, that means I'd make about 500 bucks. It was about 10%commission. The idea is I could go into work every day and see how well I did base on my mindset, based on my beliefs, based on what I thought about the day.

Here is the cool thing. If I simply chose to focus more on my state of being on feeling better, everything aligned anyways. You see, it's a funny idea, but this is what I would do. I would actually go into work.

I worked in Barneys New York selling woman's shoes, which means I was helping people buy $1,200 pair of shoes, $800, a pair of shoes, people that are buying expensive shoes and normally they go, you got to be a professional around these people. I wasn't like that. I like to just have fun.

I like to just like kind of joke around a lot. I was known at work for somebody that was just always like pulling pranks are doing stupid stuff because I like to just lighten the mood and it got me in trouble sometimes, but it was also a lot of fun and here's what I noticed though.

The more I focused on my goals, I have to do this. The more serious I was about it, the less well I would do, but the more I went in and I simply had fun, the more I focus on increasing my own state of being and then just being that and just having fun.

The more things would work out for me anyways because this is the thing I realized if I would have fun, I get people into a fun state because it's contagious and they're more likely to buy it because then they're in a buying state. Buying is an emotion.

People buy based on emotions, so by just being in a good state, all these opportunities would open up to me and it was simply because I was changing my state of being so we normally think, oh, it's about the goal setting.

It's about this. It's about that. No, it's about your state of being. How are you feeling? You can apply this to almost anything you want to be more attractive to someone else than simply change your state of being and then go out. You will be more attractive.

Change how you feel loose enough. Don't take life so seriously, and as you do that, everything in your life will begin to change because you always get a reflection in a life of how you feel.

Just like always getting life a reflection of what you believe to be true, how you feel is going to be something that you always see experiences that are equal to that, so it's something that can be primed with time and it's something that you gain momentum with, but the more you focus on feeling good.

The more you focus on feeling good for the sake of feeling good, the more you will experience, more reasons to feel good. Like the saying is as you go there you are as you feel in a great state of being, so will everything around you be a mere reflection of that.

Change your state of being because everything is a reflection of the inside.

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Everything is a reflection of the inside, so change your state of being. You change these three things. It will change your life.

I wish that I knew all of these earlier in my life if I would have known that my beliefs create my reality that's more about getting to the core of what I believe to be true.

If I would've known that desire actually blocked, that had me experiencing what I want and what I can instead do is set intentions and transfer that desire and the intention, and if I simply knew that by doing that, it would transform my life. Plus, that have changed my state of being. Everything in my life would be different right now.

I'm grateful for what I've been through because now I can help you go through the same type of thing and I can help you understand. It can be easier than you think, but nonetheless, this is something that you learn with time. Some that I've learned to experience, not reading this in a book.

This is something I just simply learned as I went through. I had a sales commission job for like eight years, so I saw every day is when I went in with a certain perspective.

What I would get out of it, when I would hit my goals when I wouldn't hit my goals, what kind of energy state was necessary. It was like an experiment every single day of me using the Law of Attraction and I found out what works in states of being beliefs and intention, so that's where the power is, that what you can begin to apply.

Law of Attraction Exercise for “Priming” Your Day


Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a powerful exercise that will help you align with the best version of you. I'm going to be using metaphors. I'm going to be using stories that help you to be the vibration that you prefer to.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you a powerful exercise that you can apply that I recommend you apply every day that you do something consistently, so maybe it's like you go to your job every day.

When you go to your job, there's a certain mentality that you can have when you go in, there's a certain type of vibe that you can bring to the table, certain kind of attitude, and there's a certain way that you can use the power of language, the power of thought in order to prime you for that state of being to then have an amazing day.

State of being is like the most important thing is the thing that for a long time I was always focused on the thinking. I used to have before I was a full-time YouTuber and I've been doing this for about a year now, a little over a year, and before that I worked a sales commission job at Barneys New York, so I sold women's shoes and then before that I worked at Nordstrom, so I sold women's shoes for a while.

I was going to college and when I was doing that, what I did is I go in every day. It was a commission job, so I was able to see the correlation every day between what I think, what I experienced. The cool thing was that this was when I learned the Law of Attraction, so I learned the Law of Attraction probably two years into selling and then I was able to use that as my playground.

Every single day I'd go in, you start at zero every day and what you do is you then focus on. I could see the different ways my energy was to what I would sell for the day. There'd be some days that I would sell a whole bunch.

I would make like, you know, we got 10 percent commission so if I sold four to $5,000 worth of shoes, I'd make four or 500 bucks and there were days that I'd go in and if I felt really resistant then maybe I'd only sell like $1,500 with the stuff which means I haven't made 150 bucks.

It's like there's a big range, you know, you can make a lot a lot or not as much, you know, and I'd go in, and I was able to see that correlation and I was able to use that as my playground because when I learned the Law of Attraction, that's what I did.

The cool thing about that was I was aware of certain patterns and I was aware of certain things. And one thing that I used to always do is I used to pride myself for this state have been used to. I remember this, some kind of random. I used to always do.

I used always to go around, you guys remember the movie or the show, the Jersey shore back in the day, a psych something you watch now and you're like, I can't believe I used to watch that, that I used to watch it back in the day and there was this, there was that guy that used to go, oh yeah, he would go like that. I used to go around at work, and I would say that this randomly and it would prime me into the state.

I just thought it was funny, you know, and there was like other people that, that was funny too. We were kind of like a joke that we used to say, but I used to go around and just say that no, just prime need to be in a good mood. To have an amazing day in a poor part of the process is how are we priming ourselves?

You know, there are certain anchors that we have that certain body movements that we have in our physiology powerfully affects the kind of data that we have. The first part of this blog, I just want to share with you so yourself a trigger or set yourself like a, an anchor for you to be that kind of way.

An anchor means like some type of physical activity that you do that primes you to be in a certain way. As I said, the physiology is what kind of determines how we feel. It's like if I were to ask you to imagine right now what a very confident person looks like, you'd probably imagine them as like the superman or superwoman pose.

Their chest out chin level. They're like confident. If I were to ask you to imagine someone, it's not confident, you'd probably imagine someone. It's like looking down talks a little bit slower, not a lot of passion. You know you can. You can feel these just by thinking about what that is.

But if what you do is you imagine the most energetic version of you than what you can do is start to model that. Even if you don't really feel it at the moment, maybe you're at your house or getting ready for work, and you're like, oh man, I have to go to work today.

I got to do this, but you could just kind of snap out of it and then put yourself into this state that you want to be in and then what you do is you start to embody what you would look like.

You could even just get into a power pose. I mean, they've even shown that if you get into a power pose for just a minute or two a day, it changes the physiology of your body. It changes the neurochemistry and changes the hormones that you feel.

For example, the standard power pose like this, which means your hands at your hips like this, your chest out, your hips tucked in your chin level and you stand like this for two minutes a day. You increase the Serotonin and the dopamine and you decrease the amount of cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

You increase the good feeling and you decrease the bad feeling hormone. That's something we could do every day as well. What I want to do is to share with you just a couple that there's a. there's a lot of power in stories and there's a lot of powers also in that of metaphors.

What I wanted to do is to kind of use this, have this video so that you can always come back to prime yourself for feeling empowered and knowing that you can go into work every day.

You can go do whatever you have to do every day in the peak state and feeling really good about what you do and knowing that it's as simple as you set yourself a trigger of you, setting yourself and creating this anchor. And that's something that has really changed my life because I'm able to set an anchor.

I mean there's an anger every time I film a video and it's the thing that you even see it. You go, I go, hello, welcome back. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness.

When I do this, this is an anchor. This is an anchor and I've practiced it before where I'm in the middle of like a store or something and I could do that, not care what people think I could do it and then go like that and then feel in that flow state.

I've done, you know, 700, 800 videos on YouTube so or more because I've done other videos as well and it's big. Just a very easy for me to do. That's something you can do as well. Just through the power of stories, one of the reasons I like to read biographies of people, successful people specifically is because it puts me into the state that they're in.

It puts me into understanding their mindset and there the way they are because then I can also be a similar way. For example, I want to share with you may be a day that I went into work and a day that I went into work that I just had an amazing day. Right? And now I'm huge. I have my own business and you know, I do what I do full time, but back when I had a job, I worked at Barneys New York.

The last job I had before I went full time doing what I do now and I remember going in one day, and I just had this carefree attitude. That was one thing that I learned. What I would do is I'd go into work and it wasn't so much that I was like trying.

I noticed that the days I really try for certain things and it really intense powerfully and I'd take it very serious or days that I also at the same time created a lot of resistance because then if things didn't happen the way I thought they should create that resistance.

But I remember one day I went into work and what I decided is, you know what? Today the primary focus is just going to be having fun connecting with customers and having fun. Because I would help people that come in.

A lot of the customers were obviously very wealthy because they were buying shoes that were priced between $700 on the average price point all the way up to like, you know, a couple thousand dollars for one pair of shoes. It was like I realized that it was about the state of being right.

I remember the thing I would always do is I'd focus on making them increase their state, making them feel better. I would go in and I'd start off. I just having fun with myself, just self-amusement is something that is so powerful. I would go in and of academy joking around with myself and be laughing at little things and I didn't have coworkers, right.

I worked for about four or five different people, sometimes more in the department that I worked in and women's shoes and I would just kind of laugh around with them. Just have a good time and it would increase my state. And I remember some customers would come in and this particular day it was just like I was always in the right place at the right time.

There'll be a customer that came in, and the thing is you're only able to help one person at a time. You weren't able to have like two, three customers while someone else had none. He had to pass off the customer if you already had one. And there was someone else standing around, you know unless they weren't around.

But I would, it was helping a customer and there was just going really good interaction and then right after that, you know, they would buy something for like six to 800 bucks. Then right after that, I pick up another customer almost immediately.

There was just this flow, this dynamic flow where things happen very effortlessly and I remember that what happened throughout that whole day is my state just to keep increasing in my state just kept increasing.

And as it did, I just felt good. And even if like a customer came in and they didn't buy, I was okay because I knew it was more about the connection is more about the state of being. As long as I felt good, as long as I felt good, I knew that it would be there for the day that I will do well.

Those are the days that I did the best. The days I did the best is when I was feeling good for the sake of feeling good. When I was having fun, everything just was always in alignment. I was always in the right place at the right time. That's the main thing is too is because I wasn't attached to the outcome so much. I was more of it. I would still have the intention to sell a certain amount, but I was more focused on the connection.

I was more so focused on the state of being and anytime I go straight for the state of being, everything goes very well. Even while doing these videos, if I have an intention that I'm going to make this immersion video that goes viral, it doesn't do as well as if I'm like, this is just something that I'm passionate about. It's something I want to speak about.

That's something that I could feel come through. It has a different level of energy. State of being is what is important for your day. Let me share with you a little story of something that happened at my job that seemed like a negative thing that I turned into a positive because of my mindset and maybe as you go into your job today or wherever you work, you can also see how you can apply this as well because I think stories are, will help us understand how this works.

I remember going into work one day and I worked with this one guy and what happened is this one guy mainly just made his money on Instagram, so he came from New York. He had a whole big your followers, like 50,000 followers on Instagram and he didn't ever have to help customers.

He just would go through his phone and he had a whole bunch of customers in his phone through social media, which is smart on his part. You know, he was good at what he did in that as. Absolutely in that retrospect or that, that aspect. What happened was one time though we were both standing there.

We were talking and there's a lot of downtimes when I worked there, you know, we were in a suit or just kind of talking because we're waiting for customers to come in. It's not a crazy busy place because it's like a high-end place so it's not like you helped 100 people a day.

I used to work at Nordstrom's before that and there I would help like 20, 30 people at this place though that I worked. It was like you helped like eight people at a and M. I remember that one time this lady came in, she was a lawyer and she was with her mom and that she herself was probably 50 years old and her mom was like 80 years old.

Her mom was pretty old and she came in and she had this New York attitude, New York attitude because it's Barney's, New York, especially in Vegas, but Barneys New York. Vegas attracts a lot of people from New York that are traveling to Vegas, so they'll come to Barneys New York because it feels like home to them and New York attitude sometimes they have straightforward attitude and she came in and she was talking to this guy who was my coworker and she wanted help and he was supposed to help her because he was talking to her and he passed off the customer, and he came to me because he didn't want to help her.

And the thing is, is I heard what the customers were saying because we're saying we want, we want seven, we want size seven narrow and all of these things we don't really have. We're a luxury store. We don't have like seven narrows, which means that her foots really skinny. She had Burundians on her foot, which means that it's probably really uncomfortable shoes.

It looked like on the surface this is going to be a customer that was hard to help because there were so many different aspects of what you needed. And they both had this attitude that was kind of like very, um, kind of like, almost like they were irritated, you know, so he passed on the customer because he didn't want to help them and when you pass it off to me and the moment there was this slight, there's this like a slight moment where I had to choose to make now one choice was going to be, I was going to be huffy and puffy and help them and be mad about it, which I kind of did for a second.

I was like, I was like, you should, you know, because he called me when he said, can you help them? He said it in front of the customer. I was able to say no, you how you can help them because you already started talking to them and they don't look like they're necessarily going to buy anyways.

When they come in with that attitude and they come in talking about seven narrows and we don't have any sense. We don't even have any narrow shoes, you know what I mean? But I was like, you know what? I caught myself and I said, I'm going to help this customer and I'm going to just do it with the right attitude even if they don't buy anything because it's already too late. Like I'm already. I already kind of that he said it in front of the customer.

I was like, okay. I helped him and I had a good attitude and I had a good state of being and everything was like, even though at first, they have kind of like a negative mindset or like a very direct mindset. What I did is, because she kind of had an attitude with another guy as well, so I was like, oh, that's a Florida flag. I don't really want to help them, but I was like, okay.

I was like, I helped them. I started helping them. I ended up connecting with them. She was a very successful lawyer. She just from New York, so she had that kind of attitude. She ended up being very nice. They ended up buying like $6,000 worth of shoes. It was like 12 pairs of shoes and it was easy. I would bring out shoes and it was like if it fit they would buy it.

They tried on a whole bunch of different shoes and it was just like her mom needed, she needed to buy our mom a whole bunch of shoes because she didn't have any shoes for the trip and if it fits, she bought. They ended up buying like eight to 12 pairs of shoes, ended up being like $5,500, $6,000 a sale. And I remember him looking around those, ringing it up and he was like, whoa. She's like, oh.

He was kind of like, I wouldn't have passed it off. I've already known that and I was kind of like, you probably wouldn't have sold that Mesh because of his attitude. Probably wouldn't have been there. I mean, I don't know, who knows? But do you see what I mean? Like that kind of attitude. Even if something negative happens, what you can do is you can make it a positive by knowing that the most important thing is your state of being.

Your state of being is the most important thing. Focus more on that because then nothing can bring you down and there's something really powerful with momentum. If you choose how you respond to the things that happen, your state of being will continue to go up.

We'll continue to go up and that was something I learned from having a sales commission job where I only got paid based on a percentage that I sold and I worked there for years and I used the Law of Attraction and that's what I learned. The state of being is key because then your state goes up and when your state of going up, you attract customers that are of a higher vibration. You attract people in that way.

You can use this even if you don't have a sales commission job though. Just know that every interaction you have, if you can focus on your state of being on connecting with the other person on being that then you start to become an experience more and more of a higher vibrational day and that will allow you to link to the next best thing to the next best thing to the next best thing.

I wanted to tell you the stories because there's something powerful in stories and it's almost like it connects to the brain in a certain way and anytime that you find yourself having a bad day, you can remember that story I just told where it was. There was a negative thing that happened, appeared to be negative, chose my state of being ended up being very positive.

There are many times that things like that happen as well, so you can choose for that to be the case. You can choose your state of being and when it comes to metaphors, imagine that what you want already exists. It already exists because anything we can imagine exists in some form. We just might not be able to physically see it. But knowing that, imagine that, that there's also this metaphor I wanted to share with you that imagine already exists.

I mean, to kind of finish up this loop, imagine what you want already exists and it's more so you're gliding through to experience it. Almost like you don't have to try so hard to make it happen. It's like gliding as if you're skiing and as you ski, you're able to feel that blindness, you're able to feel ages, carries you, you've got momentum that carries you and as it carries you, you feel your vibration increase more and more, and when you get to that peak, you just know that things happen for you.

If you feel resistance in the process, I don't know if you've ever seen the movie Harry Potter, I think it was the first Harry Potter movie, Big Fan of Harry Potter. I wanted to have, wanted to use this analogy for a while, but in part of Harry Potter, the very first movie or the very first book, there's this part in where Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone, he's going to Harry Potter's going through these little obstacle courses and it was going through his little obstacle courses with her.

Miami and Ron. There's this part where they fall, they get into this was the chamber of secrets. I forget where it was. I forget the first movie, the second movie. Anyways, they inside the castle of Hogwarts, they get inside of this room that they go to, that's kind of like a booby trap or obstacle that they have to get through, right? And they have to figure out, they have to get through this stuff. They get on top of this.

They get inside this chamber area, they fall on top of these vines and these vines are like a better vine and then they, they move because you know, it's a magical place and he's vines move. And when they fall on top of this place to like, oh, they fall on top of it. Like, Oh, this thing cushion, this feels good. Right? And then what happens is these vines start to move and it starts to, it starts to like go around them and starts to strangle around their neck, her mind because she's all smart and stuff is like, I know what this is, just surrender.

Just let go. Because if you let go through these things, stop fighting you and you just sink to the bottom of it. And then you, when you sink to the bottom of it, you fall into, you go into this place to where they need to go. The key was they had to learn how to let go.

They had to learn how to relax. The more that they fought, because you start freaking out because someone's grabbing on your neck. The more that it kept fighting you and the more that you are going to lose. But if you surrender, you just sink down, it stops fighting you sink down and then it works for you. It gets you safely to where you need to go.

And the same way many times in life when we let go, we allow ourselves to surrender. We let go of resistance, we get where we need to be. The Universe is always working with us. A key is, are we letting go? Are we allowing it to? In the same way, the next time you find that you're resisting, you're fighting. Remember this metaphor, remember the bed of the vines that are alive, and then if you fight it, it coils up more and more.

It starts to become more and more entangled and it fights you back, but that's really not fighting you back. It's just the resistance you feel and it's going off of that resistance. Instead, surrender, relax, trust the process. You'll fall all the way through.

You come through the other side to your goals, to where you want to be. That's a powerful metaphor. That has really allowed me to be something I remember. Okay, let go. Let go, let go. I wanted to explain that to you as well.

You’ve heard me explain a couple of different stories, a couple of different metaphors that I think are powerful. The most important thing is your state of being. When you focus on that primarily, you'll find that things work out better for you. 

To have an amazing day today, imagine yourself the body language you'd be in to have a great state. Imagine how you'd be acting. Imagine the different levels of how you'd be interacting with other people.

Have the focus to have an increased state of being and watch everything else fall into place anyways. That is where the power is.

Have the focus to have an increased state of being and watch everything else fall into place.

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#22: The Money Belief Episode that Changed Your Life


Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty. It's today we are back at it again. We're going to be talking about the money beliefs and our beliefs about money because the truth is our beliefs are creating our reality, and if we believe that money is hard to create, our lives or money is hard to attract in our lives than it will be.

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You know, it's funny, as you can't really say, can you create more money in your life or you got to make more money? Making money is illegal. If you were to print your own money, it would be illegal. The first thing I want to share with you and I want to show you is that the money already exists. You don't have to create it. It's already there. It's already out there. This isn't a matter of creating it or printing it and I don't want you to go to jail.

I'm just honest with you. I don't want you to go to jail because you've been wanting to create more money in your life or to make more money in your life and you just weren't aware of that. If you make money, it's illegal. You know, in the current reality system that we live in, the beliefs of our society, that's where we currently are.

Let me first off say, it makes it so much easier to know that there is so much abundance out there. There is so much money out there that you don't have to make it. You don't have to create it. It already exists. The key is understanding money in an entirely new way, and by the end of this episode, you're going to have a totally new outlook on money.

I can promise you that, and it's going to involve seeing money in a new way and then you can start to see how you can in a way formulate what you're doing to align with that of the principles of money itself. First off, let's just define, I've been through my own barriers with money because for a long time I saw myself as only able to make a certain amount.

I used to work a sales commission job as some of you may know. I worked at Nordstrom's in women's shoes, then I worked at Barneys New York, which is like higher end women's shoes. I've always sold like luxury women's shoes, women's shoes that are between ages, between the price point of 300 bucks on a very cheap end to like all the way up to the couple thousand dollars for one pair of shoes.

I worked there for years before I went full time on YouTube for about a year and a half ago. And it was interesting to me because I could see a direct correlation between what I was thinking, what I was feeling, what my intentions were to when I went into work every day because it was almost like I had the perfect experiment, experiment, experiment for.

I had the perfect way to learn how to attract money into my life. Because every day you start at zero, so it's a complete commission job, so I'd go in for the day and you start at zero and then you start selling to people and that adds up and then when you leave at the end of the day, hopefully you've sold a certain amount that it makes a good.

That makes a good amount, right? Because you got a present percentage of that. I got like 10 percent at Nordstrom's and at Barneys New York it got like I think six percent, but the price point was way higher but it was like what I liked about it is I kind of in a way controlled my paycheck based on how much I would, you know, work and I would learn and all of that stuff. It was like the playground of the law of attraction and I was able to learn what works, what doesn't work.

I'm going to show you some of you, what does work, what doesn't work in this episode, plus new perspectives to see how money really works. I would have learned a lot of things as I was working at Nordstrom's and Barneys and I would pay attention to if I had a certain goal of what I wanted to make, I would pay attention to the kinds of interactions I'd had with customers.

There was a certain energy place that I, when I would get two things would happen much easier and the paradox of it is you would think that the more you're like thinking of something, the more you are like you know, serious about your goals and that would be the case, but a lot of times it was more so. As much as I would let go of the outcome, good things would happen.

As much as I would just have fun in the present moment, things would happen even better as long as my state of coming first. If you're finding that you're not making a lot of money in your life, be aware of how your state of being is with money. If you view money like that as something that's very serious, something that's very heavy, something that is hard to attract.

If you have these beliefs about it, then that will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. You'll look around, you'll want more money, and the wanting it in the present moment also clarifies and says, Hey, I don't currently have that. It's not in vibrational resonance with it.

The first thing about this whole process, becoming aware of how you relate to money, how do you relate to that? Have money, does money come easily. What would you put after that statement? Money is easy to come easily. Money is all around. Money is something that comes and goes, like, what are your beliefs about money?

Become aware of that. Your beliefs about money most likely are a reflection of what your parents believed about money or the people you around growing up. It's just simply the way it works and you we adopt in a way we've just kind of like Hammy, take hammy down beliefs of our parents of the way money works.

And what we could start to do is start to become aware of what that is, what those beliefs are. And the simple way of doing this, by the way, is what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience. And a lot of times it's an emotional experience that we have with money. I also understand the money isn't the only form of abundance.

Money is one of the forms. Money actually has no built-in meaning whatsoever other than the meaning we give it all money is his money isn't agreement, or we say that money means this, so because it means this, we can go around and trade this, this paper and this paper is going to get us more things, but the power is not in the money.

The power is in the belief and the agreement that we all have. That money is something that we use to trade and the sale of goods or whatever. It's about being aware that the true power of all of this is consciousness itself. Think of money more as what emotion does money give you?

Think about what that is. What emotion is money giving you? For me, money gives me freedom. Money gives me security. I remember to do what I want when I want to do it. That's what money represents to me, so because of that, that's what I relate to. That's how I think of money. The thing is we usually have all these connotations that come with money, like these strings attached. Maybe you saw your parents stress about money growing up. Maybe you saw that one of your parents was like, okay, with money one wasn't, and there's always this frustration between the both of them because one was good with money.

When it's about money, maybe you started to associate pain with money then because you started to see that pain gave problems in your family, but the first step to this process is simply becoming aware of what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience. Then what you could do is you start to ask yourself what perspectives and memories from my past developed my beliefs about money? You will see certain memories pop up.

You will see that maybe you had a memory of you wanting something and going and then not able to get it, not able to afford it, and you started to associate pain with it. You may have a belief that when you were younger, you wanted something and parent told you something or someone told you something or you were with a group of friends. You have a pretty young age, are you when you were old enough to like go to a little store or something he didn't have enough money for it is embarrassing.

Find out what the reference experiences were because he's referenced experiences. Maybe what controls and is guiding your experience of money in your life, but the key is knowing that money has no built-in, meaning it is the meaning we give it and knowing that money already exists is not something you have to create. It is just something that you begin to get in alignment with when you begin in alignment with yourself in a new way.

Let me share before I get into the life-changing the transformational way of looking at money in an entirely new way. Let me share with you some of the things that worked when I was working at Barneys New York or Nordstrom's, which are both sales commission jobs now, what I recognized is that the more I went into my job more or no work and I focused on increasing the state of being of the people that I was helping, so I'd be helping customers and the customers I was helping.

It was normally pretty wealthy people because they're able to afford a $1,200 shoe, $100 shoe, so when I was helping these people, instead of focusing on the money, instead of focusing on what they could give me, how they could make my paycheck much better, how they could add value to my paycheck instead of what I focused on is how could I add value to them.

I focused on how I could increase their state of being because this is what I knew about selling. This is one thing that I learned that really changed everything. If I could focus on increasing their state of being, they would then get into a buying decision. It's more about emotion. People buy based on emotion, not just logic, some people buy on logic, but people, people, people justify with logic, but they are pooled with emotion and what I realized is that, okay, instead of the days I had the best days are the days I was just having fun.

I would just joke around. I would just kind of go around, I would just have fun with their coworkers, and I would have fun with two people and I was kind of had like this sarcastic thing, so I would just like mess with people in a nice way, but I would do that and increase my own state of being and guess what? One of my state of being is increased.

Then other people can feel that off of me and it's contagious, so then people just want to be around me. I remember some of the best days I had days. I was in a really good high vibe state, feeling really good and I wasn't even really focus on a certain amount. There were a couple times that I said there were a couple of times I was almost to the dollar amount of goals that I had, you know, there's many times I'd get close to them, you know, close to goals over the goals.

But there was one time when I was first learning about the law of attraction, I set this intention. I remember I wrote in my mirror, I wrote $6,835. That's what I wanted to sell for that day. And we got paid 10 percent commission. That means I would've made 600 bucks and, you know, eight-hour shifts. That's good.

What I did is I wrote that on the mirror and I just simply knew it. I believe that I could do it, you know, it's traditional law of attraction story a thought it. I believed it, that I achieved it. I go into work and when I went into work that day, it actually wasn't that busy. I was helping some people. And actually, the first half of the day I didn't even do that. Well, I was maybe at one grand or 2000 bucks by the time I went to lunch, like three hours later I had to take a break because I was just getting tired.

I was like, I'm going to get frustrated a little bit. I took a break when I ate lunch and then when I came back, things started to pick up. The customer started to come in and my sergeants get on point. I started to be in the flow almost and people just start coming up to me even though there are other salespeople around, it's like they wanted help from me.

I got really busy and then towards the end of the day, my last customer, somebody actually passed on the customer to me it was this guy that normally sold a lot. I was surprised he pass it on to me, but he had to go or something like that. He passes me on this customer that was this a Chinese lady that didn't speak any English at all, but she had money.

She literally walked around with try on different shoes and she bought like $4,000 worth of stuff or like she bought a whole bunch of stuff and by the end of it was one of the biggest sales I had up until that point where it can at Nordstrom's.

I checked my number and my, what I sold was within $10 of that $6,000 goal that I had. I talk about it sometimes. I don't remember the exact number. It was like 6,685 or something like that, but it was a tenant within $10 of that $6,600 something. Some, I don't remember the dollar at the end. It's been like six years, but it was a big moment for me and I remember that it was within like $10 of it and I was like, oh, this stuff is actually real.

That then started to prime my belief system so that I realized that if I set myself a goal for something that I could achieve it. So that's what really began to change my perception of, okay, this stuff actually works. However, sometimes there's been an overemphasis on the ego's desires of wanting to sell a certain amount and sometimes what works better, just getting to the state of being first and having an intention, I found with money is having an intention to add value to other people has been monumental and the whole experience.

When I would go in thinking about how could you add value to my paycheck, I wouldn't do that well at all. In fact, it would repel customers. People can almost feel it off of me. I almost came off more like a salesman type guy, but when I was just focused on adding value, I was like a person and it was like a person as like a connection I felt with the people I was talking to and people respond in a much different way. Think of the energy dynamics of that adding value, increasing your state of being, being present to the moment, being happy in the present moment, enjoying the process. That was when things really began to change.

That's what I learned with my own experiences of working in a sales commission job for years and I learned that the state of being is the most important thing, but also getting to the core of what I believe about money.

What are my beliefs about money? How do I relate to money? And knowing that if I the first thing, that's the first step. This whole process always is being okay with where you are. If you resist what you've already created in your life and you don't take responsibility for it, you continue to create that resistance, and you'll continue to lock yourself in that little bubble of not having a lot of abundances. It is okay where you are.

Maybe you're these beliefs are on autopilot and you just weren't aware of and be grateful because now you're aware of it. First, say yes to the present moment. Be aware of what your beliefs are. That is what she began to shift for me is when you start asking yourself the question, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

What I have to believe that money is bad. Well, where did that belief come from? Well, I remember this one time. We were driving to buy these really nice houses, and I made a comment about them and I was kind of shut down, or my dad or my mom or dad then felt really resistant when I mentioned something, and then I picked up on that emotion.

When you start to ask these questions, your brain, your mind, you'll start to find answers to what that is. It starts to find the reference experiences and the subconscious mind for it. Then what you do as you are aware of it and you're then grateful that you have found it and you allow the emotion to be there. You allow the feeling to be there and you simply decide that now it's outdated. It's served you because now you're aware of it.

You can just let it go. You then see that it was just on autopilot. See what happens is our beliefs create our reality and the moment we give something, a meaning in our past, that then becomes absolute. That then becomes something that's looped, that's on autopilot until we've been dealing with again. Then it until we do that, it won't change.

We have to become aware of it, kind of take it out of the toolkit, look at it and then decide to let it go. If it's not serving us anymore, it's never an answer or is this right or wrong? It's does this work or does this not work? Because all beliefs are true. Whatever we believe to be true will be reflected back to us from one person. The next person might be totally different.

That's okay because reality in of itself is just a reflection, so now that we're this far in and I've kind of explained how money beliefs work and how our beliefs create our reality, how you can become aware of those reference experiences you have and how you can begin to let it go.

Let's understand this new way for understanding money and what money is and understanding a new way of looking at prosperity and money in general. Something I've recently been learning and it's something that's changed my perception of that of money in general and I've always kind of had this feeling, but it's making me more riveted to find as it thinks of it like this, what you put out, think of it. Everything in life is energy.

What you put out into the world, the energy you put out into the world is going to be your surplus energy. You have just the energy of your ego is just too that have survived, but anything extra you can put out there is surplus energy when you are putting out this surplus energy which is adding value to other people, which is making people feel a certain emotion.

That'd be like me putting out my daily YouTube videos and adding, you know, putting out that energy into the world and helping other people to increase their state of being. You can do this in any genre or any niche or any market. By the way, I used to work at a sales commission job. I could have seen myself as adding value to the other people.

I was doing that subconsciously, but this is the way it works. Our energy we put out into the world. We could put that out in an as an emotion, as value, as whatever it is. Then what happens is other people pick up that energy, other people benefit from that surplus energy that you've put out into the world, and then what happens is that reciprocation comes back to you. Somehow that money will come back to you.

Whether it's through having like I have different digital courses, I have things that also help people transform their lives. On the other side of that is financial, financial money coming back could be an opportunity coming back, like being able to travel the world and do different things.

It could be speaking opportunities, could be all these different things and what we put out comes back to us in different ways. When you make people feel a certain emotion and it adds value in whatever way it does, that didn't come back to you, but you have to first off, put it out for it to bring it back.

That's why it's about giving value, giving an emotion, giving a surplus energy, whatever that is, and when you put out that energy, then it will come back to you so you can start to see money in a different way because money is less about that of just the paper, because remember, money is an emotion. Maybe the money brings you a certain emotion, but money has no meaning other than the agreement we have in society.

Are you adding value to people with just the emotion, just being around them? Are you adding value by helping people to learn things? Are you teaching people things? Are you? Do you have an invention that then adds value to people's lives in a certain way? Because the degree to which that adds value to other people or give surplus energy to people will be the degree to which comes back at you. You see money is not this. Just this idea of how do I get money?

How do I get money? How do I get money? That is the wrong question to ask. It's what the surplus energy that you can be giving out to the world is? How can you be giving value out to the world because then it will come back to you? That's a different way of looking at it and if you start to observe and you start to become aware of this, this will change your whole entire life.

This has changed my life because my whole life, my abundance, I live in more abundance than I've ever lived in my life, and every month it becomes more and more it grows because I'm also not focused on the money. I'm focused on the value. Most very wealthy people, most people that are millions or billions of dollars, they're not focused on just the money. They are passionate about what they do. They're passionate about the value they add.

They are passionate about what they're doing and they see that even if it's Warren Buffet, right, who's mainly just as in the money finance market, what he has done is he is passionate about that of what he does. When he was six years old, he had that have investment books when he was like six. It's something he's just naturally passionate about.

The emotion he puts out, he puts out an emotion of passion into the world and even subconsciously it just goes out there and it inspires other people and that comes back to him. It's not about getting buried in the details of how exactly am I doing this? How am I doing that?

If you're doing what you're passionate about, if you're in the vibration of what you're passionate about, even subconsciously that it's going to affect other people, as other people will feel that through. Like I was talking about earlier, this state transference. They can feel whatever you feel.

It's contagious. If you start thinking about abundance more as a state of being as an emotion and money as just something that we've agreed upon, now it's important not to have negative thoughts about money if they get all money is bad because we're choosing to play the money game. We're in a society with money.

If you don't like money, then you have the choice to go live somewhere else and not be a part of that. But the thing is if you're in a society and you are playing the money game, then it's essential to at least understand the game and to allow the game to be there doesn't mean you need to identify with.

Doesn't mean that you get lost in it, but you have to be aware of it because sometimes in the spiritual community, when you become aware of certain things, you're like, oh yeah, money's control. Money isn't backed by gold.

All these negative things, and the more you've developed as data perspectives, the more you relate to money in that negative way, the less money you're going to attract into your life. You've agreed to play the money game. Just be aware of that, like just acknowledged that but doesn't mean you have to be identified with it.

You're just aware that you're playing that game. What you then do is you realize that in life in general, it's kind of like a monopoly game. You play monopoly with your friends, you have this fake money, but you agree for the time being of playing the game that here we go, let's change the money.

Let's trade this, let’s do this. They all got to go. Got to go to go with $200, whatever. That's a monopoly. In life, we have agreed to play the game of life and when we walk around, life, in general, is a giant monopoly game that we have agreed to play.

The way we relate to all those different pieces and all those ever things is how we relate to those pieces, to those different properties. Whatever it is, it's going to be the emotion of how we feel about it. If we walk around with a negative connotation about all of those different places, those different places aren't going to want us to own it. Pretend like these different pieces on the board have a different emotion. They have a different perspective or a consciousness. Do you think they're going to want you to live there?

Do you think they're going to want you to add them as an investment? They're not because it's like you almost negatively relate to them. Instead, develop a positive relationship. By knowing it's more about the value you can add to other people.

The value you can add, the surplus energy you can put out there will then come back to you to where then you can become more and more abundant because the truth is money is an agreed upon reality. Money has no power other than the other than the meaning we give it other than power. We give it, but the power comes from within us.

When we start to see that we are the source of power, our beliefs create our reality. That's where everything begins to change. A lot of what I'm sharing with you right now is going to be stuff that I also teach in the shift experience, the shift experience with Aaron Doughty.

When we start to see that we are the source of power, our beliefs create our reality.

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That's me. I am creating a program right now that is going to be a total transformation of consciousness. It's not going to be just a digital thing that you think about. It's going to be an actual experience that you go through that shifts your level of consciousness into going from being at the effect of everything that's happening to your life to understand that you are so much more than that too.

Then waking up to this higher dimensional level being does higher this higher way of going from having to do, having to try to have something into being into the present moment, knowing that you're already whole and complete and knowing that everything is a reflection of what you believe to be true and we change what you believe to be true you. You change everything, so if you want to be notified as to when that goes live.

If you go to, you'll see on the front page on the, like, you just scroll down a little bit. You'll see it on the left-hand side. The shift experience is coming. You click there, I will send you updates. I also send daily newsletters and like tips and stuff and a lot of people have been really liking that.

A lot of people that comment on my Instagram posts and south early thank you so much for the emails and stuff because I post like four times a week, four to six times a week that have a thing that just adds value via text and a lot of people like the YouTube videos or the audio, but that's another way if you want that as well. I'll be doing more live q and as on Instagram, so if you want to interact with me, you may do that as well.

3 DANGERS Of Your OLD Self-Image That You MUST Know About


What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three dangers of your old self-image that you must know about. These are things that once you begin to apply in your life what I'm going to suggest to you, you're going to let go of the shackles that keep you tagged onto the old version of you so that you can really start to be who you are meant to be.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you the three dangers of your old self-image and ways that your old self-image will actually sabotage you towards you experiencing what you want. Because the thing is our self-image, the way we see ourselves as a very strong indication and a very strong influence over what we accomplish in our lives.

And many times when you experience any type of plateau or you feel like there's just a wall coming up in your life that you're trying to hurdle around, that comes from a block or the sabotage of the old self-image.

Just to give this a little bit of basis to, as I've gone through my own journey, I've noticed that there are different levels of my self-image that I've had to transcend. I've had to let go of and in general when it comes to this kind of work we normally think of as putting out and having to get to another level, pylon, a new idea when in fact it's more about letting go of what doesn't serve anymore.

This is going to involve understanding that has a thermostat. There's a thermostat over there on the wall and right now it's set to 78 degrees and if I were to open up the window because I live in Vegas or open up this door, it would go from 78 up to maybe 80. What would happen is the thermometer is set to a certain temperature that regulates what the temperature of the houses and if I move that dial to 76 degrees, the AC will kick on.

If I move it to 80 degrees, then it will kick off until the house heats up. This type of mechanism is called a cybernetic mechanism. A cybernetic mechanism means that whatever the base point is, it will do everything it can to make sure it stays within that base point, but the moment that you move the dial up or down is the moment that it kicks into gear and it has to do something to keep it there.

In the same way, you may be intending for certain things to happen in your life, you may be trying to attract something into your life. You may be intending to accomplish some type of goal, but if you don't link up your self-image or you don't transcend your old self-image, then you will keep continuing to create levels of sabotage and things in your life that keep you in the safety mechanism of the 78 degrees.

You may be like, I want to turn up my life. I want to get to the next level, but the soul old self-image says, no, that's not comfortable. That's not familiar. Stay where you are because that is what that self-image knows.

  1. Your old self-image

The first danger of your old self-image is that your old self-image will do everything it can to sabotage you and keep you where you currently are. We don't have to think of this as it's us against us and we have to create all this resistance within, but it's about being aware of that self-image and choosing to observe it rather than react to it.

There may be things that come up that show and that you have to in a way hurdle through and once you heard all through it, you show that you have begun to shift, that you have begun to change, but the old self-image is afraid of new experiences.

On average, we think 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day of those over 90 percent of recycled from the day before, and we're constantly doing the same things every day, thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day. Therefore, creating the same things every day.

The key is to stretch outside of this bubble of our identity and when we stretch outside the bubble of our identity, it takes a little bit of energy because it's so easy to stay in the autopilot mind, so the key is to stretch outside of it. When you go to stretch outside that bubble, the self-image, the old self-image is going to do everything it can to keep you safe, to keep you to survive at a certain level.

This may have been something through evolutionary pressure that has kept us as a species alive because if we were to do something a little bit risky or dangerous, it may mean death at a greater level. The key is to be aware of that self-image and to observe and to a way to nurture that self-image to say, it's okay. I see what you're doing for me.

You're actually trying to protect me. I recognize that, but I'm going to still do this because I believe in the benefits of it. Early on in my journey, I would pay attention to different things that as I was changing my beliefs about who I am as I was changing to a new state, to where the way I feel I would start to feel this resistance kind of bubble up inside me.

It was almost like part of my self-image was so addicted to the negative thinking that I used to have to think into identifying with having one's called ADHD and to live in a certain way that when I started to let it go, I began to feel almost kind of empty and I thought that that emptiness with something to be afraid of not knowing that that emptiness was actually a spaciousness.

If I simply let go of the negative, so something else that you may want to do to shift your self-image is to let go of the definitions and the labels because those will hold you back. Those will keep you within that metaphorical bubble of the consistent thoughts, emotions, and actions that continue to create the same level of being over and over and over again.

I've seen this many times before with people as well, people that want to change their lives and right before they're about to make a great change, they get sabotaged and it's themselves that sabotage themselves, even though they're not aware of it, because simply of that, of the uncertainty of what could happen almost causes us to go back in our metaphorical shell like a turtle, and so the key to this is to be aware of this self-image into a way, in a way observe it allowed to be there and to acknowledge it.

It's almost like the ego in a way. What you want to do is you almost want to acknowledge the ego, observe it, but you don't necessarily want to talk down to the ego or fight it because then you create inner resistance. This is about being aware and in that awareness, is where you can actually shift it.

  1. No one there to support you

The second danger of that of the self-image, will have you believe that when you shift, you're going to have no one there to support you. This is a big con. This is something that for a while I felt because as I was changing my own self-image, I went through a spiritual awakening back in 2012.

It totally transformed my life and when it changed my life, I started to relate to people in a new way and it became very scary because it was almost like I wanted to change or it was just kind of naturally happening, but part of me was afraid of it because who is going to be there afterwards because as I changed, so did the people change around me and the way that it was almost like I wasn't resonating at the same level as I was before.

Therefore, I was feeling a little bit lonely and that's one of the biggest dangers of the old self-image is that it will have you believe that it is going to be lonely, that there was going to be no one there. As you change and you shed your old self-image, the key is to hold the frame. When I say hold the frame, it means simply trust the process that as you change the people that you resonate with will begin to gravitate towards you at a deeper level so you may find that you start to resonate with people that you never really resonated before because as you change your core and as you shift.

You let go of layers that no longer serve you, let go of the shackles of maybe the things that were keeping you related to the old version of you and to the friends of that old version of you. It's okay to have them there and it's okay to be friends still. The key though is being aware that it is not lonely when you shed that of the old patterns that when you shed the old patterns, it's not like there was no one there.

I just got back from California and when I was there I met up with like four different YouTube and there were people that a couple of years ago I probably would have never talked to simply because I was unaware and I wasn't. That's a state of being or that I wasn't into the things that I'm in now and when I met up with them was great because we were able to relate to on so many different levels.

But you see, I had to trust the process because if I get afraid when I first started creating YouTube content, a lot of people thought it was weird that I was making YouTube content or it was. I'm like, why am I doing that? It's never going to take off. You know, a lot of people that I could tell doubted what I was doing and thought it was just a hobby.

It was a waste of time. But I held close to my vision and when I held close to my vision, not only did I observe my ego that was in a way trying to sabotage me from believing it wasn't possible, but also other people. And what I had to do is I had to recognize that I can trust the process.

Because your vibe attracts your tribe. You will attract people to you that resonate as you change. Don't be afraid to change because as you change, you will find that you resonate with people at a very deep level. Maybe it's new people that come into your life, maybe it's some of the old people. However, it works. Trust the process.

  1. Reflection of the old reality

The third danger of that of your self-image understands how the self-image works with what we call the universe or what we call that of reality in general when it comes to this process.

Many times, what will happen is as we change our self-image, we will get a reflection of the old reality, and the key is if we base our state of being on the old reality, then what happens is it proves to us that we haven't actually changed because what happens is as we are changing, if we are saying that our internal state of being is dependent on if the mere changes, it's like we're looking into a mirror looking at her reflection and saying, okay, I'll change once you change.

As funny as that sounds, we know that that mirror reflection will not change until we first changed, but the key is as many times what we do is we keep looking to the mirror, waiting for the mirror to change, and then we would finally say, okay, now I changed, but it never works like that.

You will continue to get an old reflection of the old self-image or an older reflection of the old reality until you respond differently to the old reality. What this means is you almost have to become at peace with where you are and show that you and your internal state of being are not dependent on that of the old reality.

And as you do that, you start to transcendent because you start not to be affected by the old vibrational energy of that reality and have that self-image. The key is to, once again hold the frame, but to understand that there may be some challenges that come up and it could be challenges of sabotage of the old self-image.

But it could also be the old patterns and the old momentum that you've had going for maybe 10, 20, 30 years, and as you become aware of that momentum, as those things happen, the way that you heal it is you become aware of it in the light of awareness.

You can then choose and decide to let go of it. Having power over you of transcending the victim mindset and being an empowered state of being. I remember that when I started making YouTube videos, for example, I made daily videos in February 2017 at the time I had 3000 subscribers on YouTube and I merely held the vision.

I held the intention and I continued to make content now after one week of making content if I would have given up because I'm like, well, I'm not. I don't have crazy views. Nothing's really happened yet. Then I wouldn't be where I am today. But what I did is I held the frame and I. There will be challenges that would come up. It'd be hard for me to work 40 hours a week at my job. Let's make videos 40 hours a week.

There'd be these little challenges that kept bubbling up, but as I became aware of them, I observed them and as I was not dependent, I was not feeding and trying to increase my state of being dependent on what kind of results I was getting.

As I kept in that vibrational momentum and direction, eventually things did change, but the key was to not wait for the mere reflection of change, to not wait for the whole bunch of views to come in, for me to get validation, to keep on going. I kept going no matter what.

In the same time, many times in your own life, you may have to keep going knowing there are an old momentum and pattern that's been going on for a long time and that what you can do is observe that pattern and then choose to move through it, so the real power of who you are and who you are meant to be. It's about letting go of the old self-image. The old self-image has tricks up its sleeve, but it's old.

The old self-image is something you can easily transcend by becoming aware of it, and by stretching outside of the bubble of your old self-image to the constant thoughts you think, emotions you have and actions you take.

As you stretch outside of that and you let it be okay to be in the uncertainty, you will start to transform your life, but the key is to not buy into the antics of it. It is not going to be lonely as you let go of the old vibrational state of consciousness. It's not going to be something where there's no one on the other side is just you. 

There's going to be people that you resonate with at a very deep level. If the universe throws some things at you, it's okay. It's a part of the process. This is about letting yourself and your internal state of being what you focus on, and as you do that, you are not dependent on the outer reflection that you get in your life.

Everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside, and as we change the inside, the outside will naturally change.

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Everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside, and as we change the inside, the outside will naturally change.

The BELIEF System of Sadhguru EXPLAINED (Enlightened People and Beliefs)


Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have the belief system of Sadhguru. I'm going to show you how the belief system works of what is called an enlightened person and how we can also transcend belief into a whole new paradigm.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What I'm going to be sharing with you is more of understanding the belief system of somebody that we consider to be enlightened. The reason I'm doing this is that if you've been following my channel for a while, then you know that what I think is even more powerful than what people call the Law of Attraction understands that our beliefs create our reality.

That what we believe to be true is always reflected to us. And the thing is from person to person to person.Those beliefs will be different, and that's why everyone gets a different reality that they perceive of. The key is that a lot of people go around trying to attract certain things in their life, focused on things.

But the thing is, is unless they believe that they deserve, that we're sort of focused on, unless they believe that it is something that they can accomplish, they won't actually experience that thing in their life. This is why many times we have to get to the core of what we believe to be true.

Then let go of the stuff that no longer serves so that we can get to a new level of consciousness or a new level to where we allow things into our lives in an easier way. In a very simplistic type way and a very condensed way to explain this as we raise our vibrational frequency, the things that we want to create our life happen easier than ever.

But also, our wants will change going from certain levels of consciousness. We'll see that our thoughts are our, our, uh, our desires change. Like when people responded to me and asked me questions because I get a lot of people that DME every day asking questions.

One of the ones I get a lot is people asking how they can manifest a text message from someone else or how they can bring their ex back into their life. If that's the frame that we're coming from, then we're coming at it from a frame that says, I don't believe that I'm already whole and complete.

I hope that that person that brought me happiness in the past will come back into my life. I don't feel already all incomplete. I'm hoping that person will text me back because then I'll feel validation and I'll feel better about myself.

But you see, when you raise your level of consciousness, you don't seek the other people's validation. You aren't trying to get an ex back into your life because you know that you're already whole and complete and you're standing strong within your own frame.

The key is, and what I encourage people to do is not just so much to change your beliefs or even so much to try to attract to your life, but first off, shift your level of consciousness because, in a higher level of consciousness, you're going to desire different things in your life.

This is what I think is the bypass. Rather than going about it in the way of the intellectual part of beliefs create reality. Let me change what I believe now it is. It is true. Our beliefs create our reality. However, there are higher level paradigms than just that a belief.

That's why I'm talking about Sadhguru today and talking about enlightened people in general, people that we consider to be enlightened because when we transcend our level of consciousness, we don't need even to have a belief system. If you don't know who he is, is somebody that many people consider to be enlightened.

I would if I looked at what enlightenment is, I would say that he is enlightened from what I can see and from what I can feel and that of an enlightened person a lot of times has a lot of mysticism around it and it's for a certain purpose as well because the goal or somebody that is enlightened many times, one intention they usually have is to help break apart people's belief systems.

Just when you think like you understand Sadhguru, many times that will be kind of thrown on his back. It'll be in a way he'll say things that either triggers you or he'll say things that make you think in a new way because the goal of Sadhguru, not maybe even like he's like, I wake up today.

This is what I have to do, but one of the things he does is he breaks up parts of people's belief systems, breaks people out of the ego. Because when you become enlightened, what you learned to do is you learn to let go and not identify as the ego.

You're aware of the ego, but it's a different type of mentality. If you look at that guru, he's also a little bit edgier. Have you seen an enlightened person driving on a motorcycle with his beard? All you know in the wind, that's something that's a little bit edgier, but that's something that he enjoys doing.

You See, enlightenment is not about dissing and throwing away the ego. It's about being aware of the ego and still living. Your life is still about enjoying the experience. Whether you're enlightened or not really makes no difference other than the way you identify yourself to be.

Do you identify yourself as the reaction mind or are you waking up? And an interesting thing that I found was that guru is that he has been successful most of his life. He used to be someone that went in and he would, uh, find snakes. He's like a snake charmer.

He would go in and people's like when he was young, there'd be people that would have snakes in their house and snakes in their backyard and he would go and get the poisonous, dangerous snakes. And then bring them somewhere else. From a young age, he was a form of entrepreneur and he talks about that and he talks about how he used.

He had many businesses. I think there's something with like a water reserve or something like that when he was younger and he figured out a way to do that was more efficient. Anything that he has done, it seems like he's been very successful at now.

Why is that? Is it because he's enlightened? Well, he says that he added me to lightened until later on in his enlightening experience. I found it interesting because what happened was is he went to a top of the hill and he was looking at a view of the valley of wherever he is from or for wherever he was, and as he was doing it, he just had this realization.

He had this epiphany, this experience that was beyond an epiphany. It could have been, you know, what we consider being be enlightened. As he looked around, he realized that he could not tell the difference between where he began and where he ended.

He realized that everything he saw around him was an extension of him and he started to cry. He said there was. There were tears coming out of his eyes and there were just his whole entire clothes were soaked in his own tears because he cried for hours and then I guess what he said is he fell asleep and then he woke up and there were just crowds of people around him asking them to heal his.

You know, lead is, can you make my daughter find a husband and can you do this and can you do that? And people touching his feet and what happened though is he transcended that of his ego and he realized the truth. The truth is everything is consciousness. Everything just simply is we could say everything is a reflection of what we believe to be true, but that still emphasizes that has to believe something to be true.

You see, when you go out every day, there's this perspective of the reactive mind. 99% of people in the world or more are in the reactive mind to their environment, in their reaction to the government in reaction to the things that are happening in reaction to other people and because they're in reaction, they're in the survival mode of the ego.

The ego wants to survive. The ego wants to desperately defend the belief systems of what the book of what the ego believes to be true, and the more we're in this reaction type state, the more we create from a paradigm that is on autopilot. We think the same thoughts every day.

We have the same emotions every day. We do the same things every day. We get the same results every day, and most people that want to use the Law of Attraction or coming at it from the reaction mind, they think the reason they want what they want is because there'll be happy not knowing that their happiness is already within them, and if they were to make this shift in consciousness simply, everything in their life would begin to change.

You see, that's what happened is that guru, he went through a shift in consciousness. He was living as the reactive mind and maybe even less than most people because he seems to be very engaged in everything he did even up until his enlightenment, because he was already successful, so he was very engaged in everything that he was doing and then he became what we call it, enlightened.

He realized the truth, and the truth is this is a dream. Life is a form of dream. Life is a consistent game that we're having and we many times identify with the Avatar. We identify with this Avatar in this life experience. My name is Aaron. I make YouTube videos. I make videos about started guru in his belief systems, and even as you hear me say this right now, you may notice and it may be bringing up within your different perspectives.

What does this all mean? What is the belief systems that I have? How can I change my beliefs to create what I want my life? But you see that still coming out from the frame of the ego. 

The ego wants to understand all of this. The ego wants to know what the different belief systems you should have are? The ego always wants more. The ego's saying, I'm not holding complete already. 

Therefore, I'm hoping that I can change around my belief systems and see myself as more, but what I am telling you is that what you can begin to do, another opportunity is that you can shift out of that ego perspective and start to observe more.

When you start to observe, you begin to shift your level of consciousness.

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When you start to observe, you start to shift your level of consciousness. You start to realize that everything that you've been playing as a certain role based on prior experiences, something happens.

You decide that this is who you are. Therefore, you continue to run this autopilot mind over and over again. I've been thinking about this recently, especially when it comes to free will because we think we have free will, but if we're in the reaction to our environment and we're just acting based on prior experience, are we really in free will and do we have a choice? If everything's on autopilot, if we haven't taken the initiative to shift from the reactive mind of everything that's happening into that have been.

What Sadhguru has done is he has moved from the needing to be better. He has moved from having to believe more and to attract what he wants more and he has moved into a state of being and in this state of being. It's a higher vibrational level of consciousness where you don't need more, but naturally, because you are of a higher vibration, more continues to come because if you get a reflection of that which you are, he is simply being and by being.

He's transcended that have the even the Law of Attraction. Not that the. It's not working because it's the law, but what happens is he's in a state of being that transcends, that have lower vibrational states and desires. You see, everyone wants to make a video on YouTube about Sadhguru confirming the Law of Attraction or disproving the Law of Attraction.

The truth is that certain level of paradigms, the Law of Attraction seems a little bit redundant because when you transcend and you shift your level of consciousness, those things happen anyways, but your desires change, so when everyone's like, well, I want to attract this person into my life and I want to attract more money into my life and I want to track this into my life. Sadhguru will look at you and be like, but who is the you that wants to attract that into your life and what paradigm is that coming from?

You see, let me put right here. The levels of consciousness on this scale of consciousness, you'll see shame, fear, guilt. Eventually, you move up through neutrality. That's a big game changer. Neutrality is when you learn how to observe your thoughts rather than react to them.

That's when you learn not to identify so much with what is happening. When you observe your thoughts. That is, that was a game changer in my own life. I realized that a lot of the past that I had when I was able to observe the past and I was able to accept it, that's when it transformed. Then you move up to other emotions. You have anger. You'll have that to have a willingness.

You'll then move up to reasoning. The reasoning is most people coming to Sadhguru want to understand more about the intellectual part of how they can attract what they want. How can they even change their beliefs? Because beliefs create reality and this is a higher-level paradigm for most people. Most people on earth.

I would say most people with the Law of Attraction, even because I share a lot of that content on my channel sometimes are trying to attract things from shame, fear, guilt and anger and saying, I want to create more, but they're coming out from the lesser paradigms, which means they're experiencing a lot of blocks. The key is even if you get up to reasoning, you get up to the intellectual mind.

You can intellectually understand all of these ideas, but the next big, the next big shift after neutrality when you learn how to observe your thoughts is moving from reasoning to that of love. The reasoning is the intellectual ideas that calibrate at about 400.

You'll see that enlightenment is closer towards the top is around 700 Sadhguru wind from lower level paradigm, most likely for hundreds because he's a very intellectual guy back in the day, up to that of 700 and who knows exactly what it is, but I would say that he's for sure over 500 is what I would assume and when he made that shift, that shift in consciousness, he went from the intellectual Nis, the reasoning this, and he let all of that go understanding the truth.

The truth is all of that reasoning and below is an illusion anyway. It is not who we naturally are. Many enlightened people have said before that enlightenment is not something you attain. Enlightenment is a realization because every single one of us is naturally unconditional love and bliss.

We come from what we could call source energy. We could give it any type of label we want, but we are having a temporary human life experience dreaming this who we are having experiences in our past that brought us down into these lower emotions based on how we related to those things in the past.

Therefore, we experienced these things on autopilot over and over and over again. When the truth of the matter is, the more we let go of the reasoning, the more we let go of the shame, fear, guilt, and anger. The more we let go of all of these things, the more we naturally raise up.

Just like the Bob on the top of the ocean. If you're fishing, there's a bob there. If you push it under, you hold it down. If you let it go, it goes back up. Enlightenment is who we naturally are. We've simply forgotten it because of social conditioning because we're always trying to become more because we have identified with the ego and the ego wants to survive.

You let go of the ego. You let go of all those lower vibrational states of consciousness and you start to then be the unconditional love and bliss that you naturally are, so what Sadhguru has done is he has let go of the Ford Id nine and below, and maybe he's still going through experiences of having a there, but in general he's let that go and by doing so, he's in that unconditional love and bliss and service to humanity.

That is a shift in consciousness that goes beyond that of beliefs. You could look at someone like Buddha. You can look at someone that we would call any enlightened person of the past. You could look at them. You could notice them and say, what is their belief system?

Well, it's not so much that they tampered on a new belief to get to the level of enlightenment. It's not like to believe that you're in enlightened. You have to like do all of these things. All you have to do is let go. People that are enlightened or what we consider to be enlightened are people that have liked go. They've let go of beliefs, they've let go of desire, they've let go of these things. Maybe they still have a certain level of desire, but their desire isn't the same as from those lower level paradigms.

The key to this process is to understand that you are already whole and complete, and that way you can begin to do is to shift your level of consciousness. From the intellectual ideas of identification with the ego to that have a higher level because when your vibration raises, guess what?

Everything begins to change. The key is, and this is something that's changed my life, is understanding that literally what we experienced in our life is what we believe to be true. The only thing that keeps that into play is our insistence that it is the same as the past. It's the memory that we have in our mind of how things are meant to be.

The more we let go is the more we let in. If you're interested in having what is called the shift experience, which is a program, a course, and it is a speaking tour that I'm getting ready to go on here in a couple months, I am putting together this right now.

It is called the shift with Aaron Doughty. It's where I help you to shift your level of consciousness to a higher state, to where you understand that you are not just your ego, your so much more than that, and when you start to be that what you naturally are, you start to create things in your life easier than ever, but also your desires will change. You'll realize that you are so much more than you priorly thought.

This will help you to raise your vibrational level of consciousness and from that point going forward, you will see yourself as a completely different and new person. This is not necessarily in the light and mint, but it is a shift in consciousness.

I say that because I'm not saying that I'm enlightened. I'm not saying that I am Sadhguru level of consciousness, but there is a fundamental shift that happens when you go from the reasoning, the ego, the intellectual ideas, and you shift into understanding that literally things are more flexible than you priorly thought.

This is called the shift experience into a higher level of consciousness. You can sign up and I'll send you emails and I will notify you when that becomes live so that you can have the shift experience as well and you can shift out of the old identity shift out of being in reaction to your environment, shift out of the social conditioning, shift out of being asleep in the life, and when you wake up to this, everything in your life will begin to change in a powerful way.

How to Create a Wave of Success using Reality Transurfing


What I'm going to be sharing with you is how to exactly create what is called a wave of success and how this can totally transform your life if you apply it. This honestly is one of the things that really transformed my own life.

Creating in a way this momentum of success when it comes to what I've achieved on either you could look at it as far as like YouTube subs or you could look at it just like the impact that maybe you've seen my content.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What I want to do is explain to you the Reality Transurfing. Just for those of you who don't know, it's like the Law of Attraction. Two points. Oh, is like the Mac of the philosophies for creating our own reality.

It's like the most convenient. It's the most a transformative way of going about it and it's one that's totally transformed my own life. I attribute me living in the kind of house that I do right now. For example, to this, because I use something called outer intention, which is where I tapped into more so than just the inner intention to myself.

I tapped into understanding the larger grid of the planet, of tapping into an understanding that just as much as I wanted the house. At the same time, I imagined it as the universe wanted me to live there because of the kind of content I'd be able to create.

That was a technique that I used. I've used a technique called frayling. It is a technique where you learn how to tap into other people's, what are called inner intention. And I use that to actually get the house because even though I'm only renting, in order to get the house, I had to win the competition because there are four or five other people that, that applied for the house.

I ended up tapping into their inner intention because I knew that one of the things they wanted to do was they wanted someone that was going to be in the house that was going to respect their furniture.

The reason I knew that it was because when they asked for pictures of the current house I lived in when I applied for the house, which is kind of a weird thing, but it made me realize, okay, they're value is that or their concern is having someone keeping the house. Very good condition.

I sent them pictures of my current house that I lived in, which everything looks really clean and everything was really good. And I also wrote them a letter of tapping into. I don't get in a little bit overboard with explaining all of this stuff, but the fundamental basis is that these techniques work not only for me but also for everyone that has been applying the Reality Transurfing teachings and I get messages every day from people saying how much Reality Transurfing being has changed their life.

The concept that we trying to understanding a wave of success, and maybe you've seen it also in my house where I have that have the, uh, the tidal wave that is inside the living room at my house, that tidal wave is representative of that, of what is called the law of success or the wave of success because the wave of success represents that, have the momentum.

The success that we're having. Let me explain what a wave of success is. The Reality Transurfing if you know, just to clarify Reality Transurfing, if you've never heard about it. It's a book that was written by a quantum physicist named the Vladim Zeland in Russia. It's a book that explains parallel realities of understanding how we shift from parallel reality to parallel reality and understanding that we don't have to try so hard that what we want to experience already exists.

It talks about the energy dynamics of the Law of Attraction and anytime we are really wanting something, we put it on a pedestal and then what we do is we create resistance around it. This kind of merges that of understanding eastern philosophy with letting go of the outcome and at the same time understanding how to intended, which is a powerful part of surfing, so kind of got that out of the way.

It also has to do with understanding how to let go of social conditioning because many of us are under the spell of social conditioning thinking that we have our wants, but in actuality, we have the wants of society and the conditioning of societal, of the way that people think. This is about being aware of all those things. When it comes to a wave of success, how do you create one?

Well, with the Reality Transurfing concept or a philosophy, it's about understanding that anytime something happens that increases our state of being, what that does is that increases our vibrational frequency as it increases our vibrational frequency. What ends up happening is whatever thoughts we're thinking at that moment have much more power.

If we have thoughts that are of a lower vibrational frequency, they don't have as much power, they don't have as much magnetic type pool. Our thoughts, in general, have an electromagnetic energy type reality to them, we may not actually physically see our thoughts until they become materialized, which anything you've seen in your life, by the way, at a certain point was before it was materialized, that you could see it.

It was something that was more of an energetic thing. If you look around at a chair, the chair was the first idea, someone thought of it before it was created. The idea is whatever we consistently think of, we begin to materialize it more and more. Anytime something happens, if we give it a positive meaning, we increased our state of being, which means we increased our frequency and we start to put ourselves on a track of more and more success.

For example, when something happens, if I give it a positive meaning my state goes up, or if I at least like soak into the moment I enjoyed the process, my estate goes up. As my estate goes up, I'm shifting from a parallel reality. The parallel reality that is more conductive of that life track. The idea is that there's an infinite number of these parallel realities that exist. What we think of as movement and what we think of as time is actually the movement through these different parallel realities.

Anytime an event happens in your life, if you give it a positive meaning, you shift to the live track where you get a positive effect out of it. If you give that situation a negative meaning, then you shift to the experience of the negative effect. The thing is both of those probabilities exist right now in the present moment, but depending on one our state of being and to the meaning we give this situation that's going to determine which one we experience.

If you've ever seen that mean of the people that are on the bus and on one side of the bus, he's looking out, maybe I'll link it up if I remember. I'll link it up and you see on one side someone's looking out the window and they see something really magical and then on the other side they're looking through and seeing clips and dark and gloomy, so the same bus, their different perspectives, and the meaning that we give to each one of those different perspectives or the anything that happens in our life is going to determine the kind of effect that we get out of it.

That's what's empowering because the truth is all the potentiality exists right now. Anytime you skip something and negative meaning know that the life tracks you shift to from that meaning you give, it is going to be the effect you get out of it, so it's about being aware of it because at the moment you're aware of it, you can choose to give it a positive meaning and then you shift to better and better parallel realities that are more conductive of how you prefer to be.

If you want in a way, what you can do is you can create your own wave of success. Let me explain to you how to do this. I think this is an absolute game changer and this is what I did. What I did is I simply decided that the different levels of things that happen, I gave them a positive meaning.

I started out small. What do I mean by this? I mean anytime something happens, it could have been something as small. You can start this year at your day, right now, somebody opens the door for you when you're going to the gym or going to work, whatever. You usually look at that and you go, oh, they just opened the door for me. No big deal, but if you look at it, if you milk the feeling and you give it a positive meaning, you're like, stays amazing.

Somebody opened the door for me. Some other people care about me. We start to develop these positive beliefs rather than the social conditioning and nobody cares, right? But sometimes we block out things depending on our thoughts. You give it that meaning you increase your estate, you feel grateful for it. You then shift yourself to more and more life experiences that are conducive to that state of being that meaning you give it because then you create momentum.

The idea behind the wave is that you build momentum. When you build momentum, it grows, it grows, it grows, and then it keeps on going and then there's another wave of success. In general, it's a funny thing too because when I look at success in general and when I look at like even YouTube growth, there are certain fluxes on a YouTube channel. 

Certain waves happen. For example, a video, as it goes viral, what happens is there's a huge amount of watch time coming in, there's a huge amount of influence in flux comes in, and then all of a sudden, it'll die off a little bit and then there'll be another wave of something else. It's kind of funny how it works even with the algorithms in our reality. It kind of works in so many different ways.

But the way you can create a wave of success for yourself is by doing things, putting yourself in a position to move in the direction that you want, and then what you can do is you can begin to give those things positive, meaning the more positive meaning you provide those experiences and the more you sink in that state, that vibrational state, the more your vibration will begin to raise.

Create a wave of success for yourself by putting yourself in a position to move in the direction that you want.

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This is about understanding that that's how life works in general when it comes to success when it comes to creating what is called that wave of success. The idea is that when you're on that wave of success, right, it keeps going. It's like when you're in a flow state, you don't want to get out of a flow state. You want to just keep on doing it because it feels so good.

The key is to keep riding that wave of success. The key is to keep on going in that direction, understanding that that's a part of the process. If you find out you're on a negative wave, I don't know if there even is a negative way, but if you're in a negative perspective of what you're and you want to diffuse the momentum, simply observe the thoughts. Observe those thoughts that come up.

Don't give them a negative meaning. Even if the meaning you give it is now I'm becoming more aware of what I think. Then you're starting to gain your power back, but if when it happens, what you do if you give it that negative meaning you're going to keep putting yourself on the infinite parallel reality tracks that are more conductive of that way of being.

The truth is all of these different probabilities exist in what brings that probability into something that is more something that happens, like the way that you increase that probability is by focusing on it and feeling with it, focus and feeling attention, intention. These two things with the vibrational feeling are what makes all the difference.

When it comes to vibration, one thing that I recommend you do is you lower your bar of expectation as to what it, what you need to feel happy, what you need to raise your own vibration. It could be easy if you allow it to be easy. For example, what rules do I have about being happy? Do I need to accomplish a huge feat for the day? For me to be happy?

Do I need to do all of these things or can I be happy for just getting up in the morning? Because then you can start to create a wave of success, right? When you wake up in the morning, think of a wave of success like momentum and you can create momentum for yourself by simply knowing that in every moment there is a decision. You can make about the meaning you give things that are happening and if you milk the feelings of the things you want to experience and you just focus on it, even if it just starts out small, someone opened the door for you. Someone compliments you.

You do something else to someone else and make them feel great. Can you revel in how that makes you feel? You're going to be taking your power back. That's about the awareness. That's what I wanted to share with you today is understanding the wave of success.

It seemed kind of suited, you know, fitting as well because here I am at the beach and waves are coming in and crashing in and it's what made me think about it. Also, that wave, you'll see the picture and at my house, the new picture that I got that's kind of in the background, you'll see it and what it is, it's got that big wave that comes through that way is a symbolic representation of what that is, which is the wave of success.

That's something that any one of you can tap into by being more aware of the meaning you're giving situations in your life. Understand that all of those different things are probabilities that exist right now, and as you tap more into that, you start to gain your power back and you start to literally shift yourself to those parallel realities that are conductive of how you prefer to be.

The Most Powerful Meditation EVER For Feeling Worthy, Whole and Complete

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the most powerful meditation that you can do for feeling 100 percent whole, complete and worthy.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the most powerful meditation that I've ever created for that of feeling worthy, whole and complete. This is something that I've been making videos on more lately because I've been sharing more about how our core beliefs create our reality, and I've been saying it a little bit in a new way as well.

Because what I used to say is I used to say that our beliefs create our reality. Well. They do. However, this is the thing as well is we always get in life a reflection of who we are, but we always get in life also a reflection of what we believe we deserve.

Even if we want to attract something into our life, if we don't believe that we're worthy of it, then we will create subconscious blocks within us. We'll create experiences that in a way block that from happening because it's out of alignment with the way that we feel about ourselves. This is something that also trickles out, like how you feel about you is something that is constantly being emanated out, even if it's something that's more subconscious and you don't have to say anything but people can feel it.

When you start to love you more, it's then things on the outside begin to change. Then people start to view you differently and it's not because you necessarily have done anything differently. It's more so that just your energy has changed and the way you feel about you has changed and that's why if you've ever felt like you were in a really good mood and things were just happening for you in the right place at the right time, it's because the energy that you are emitting off was a more in alignment with who you naturally are.

If I look at the beliefs that most people have and looking at what they believe to be true to what they're experiencing in their life, I would say that the one belief that most people have that holds them back is simply people believing that they are not worth comparing themselves to other people and putting this expectation.

This in a way a rule as to what it takes to be happy and what it takes for them to feel worthy and because of this rule, because of this mindset, this concept in the mind, we then experience almost like a filter around us that is blocking us from experiencing who we really are. Thinking of it like the visual I just got my mind is like this filter around us. That filter becomes more and more cloudy. More and more. That light can't come through or light can't go out.

When we are focused on perspectives that don't serve us. We're more focused on the concepts of saying that we're not worthy or this. This is something that makes me feel like I'm not enough. And because of that, we cloud of that filter. But the key is not to get a better filter, the key is not the pylon and new idea is just to let go of the filter altogether and realizing why that filter is there. The meditation that we're going to be doing today actually has to do with going deeper within ourselves.

This is because what I believe is more powerful than just the, uh, you know, certain meditations that just kind of focus on the surface level. This is about getting to the core of you and maybe something that happened at a very early age in life, getting what they could call shadow work, but getting to the core of what one of the first memories you have around that have been worthy and then deciding to feel that emotion completely.

This will seem a little bit paradoxical at first, but I really believe that this video is something that can really change your life forever. And I mean that because this is why this is about getting to the core of the moment. In the past that we decided that we had to be someone else or we had to be a different type of way in order for us to survive. Let me explain what I mean by this. In every moment, there is a certain energy flow that is going through our body.

What happens is we, for most of our lives or in a stimulus-response state, which means things are happening to us, we're at the effect of our environment now, especially at a young age. We're at the effect of our environment and what happens is when we're going through certain experiences, there is this reaction that we have and at the moment we have a reaction.

What happens is that we decide that we either have to be a certain type of way. That reality is a certain type of weight and that causes a disruption within our energy pattern. Think of it like there's this bubble of our energy field around our body, which is something that science has shown us.

There's this toroidal field of energy around our body in a moment that something happened we identified with the moment we had a jolt in our energy field and this Joel in our energy field then cause it to continue to happen over and over and over again, and what happens is unless we become aware of what caused that jolt of in our energy field, or even if we don't become aware of it, we are allowing ourselves to feel that emotion of whatever it is. Then that disturbance will stay within our energy field and will continue to not feel worthy.

You continue to not feel whole and complete. This happened to me when I was younger and I was feeling a will between seven and 15 years old. I've shared this story many times, but just to give you a little bit of a, of a reference experience for what I mean by this. Between seven and 15, I had an abusive ex-stepmom in my life. At 15 years old. My Dad divorced her, but between seven and 15, I had someone in my life that had what is called borderline personality disorder.

She was somebody that is very and still is very angry and was somebody that it got to the point to where it, me and my, we didn't have any freedom whatsoever. We were just working outside almost all-day long. My Dad's a firefighter so he wasn't home very often. When we were with her, we'd be outside working all day long, a lot of times locked out of the house.

You have to drink water out of a hose. We weren't allowed to eat, but once or twice a day, normally it was a bowl of breakfast in the morning and TV dinner at night. We were always very hungry, so we had to sneak food. We weren't allowed to watch TV. We'll learn a lot of friends if you got in trouble. We weren't able to go to school or we weren't able to go to any school activity. We had earned going to band camp way to earn, go into forensics debate.

And then in, that was just how it was. It was kind of like a very strict army routine, but she was also physically and mentally abusive. So, it pumped down or it bogged down myself worth and how I felt. I was like, why did all of this happen? Even after 15 years old comes around, all of a sudden me and my brother had more freedom.

We're allowed to have friends, we are allowed to eat food, eat more foods. We started gaining health. We started looking healthier. Uh, we didn't have to work outside all the time, we were allowed to like watch TV and enjoy ourselves. We were allowed to do school activities when you have to earn them. All of a sudden, we have all this freedom.

But then there was still this feeling of lack and this feeling of lack was there because I identified there was a time in that experience between seven and 15 when there could have been times when things were happening to where I just decided that I am not worthy. This is who I am, this is what's meant to happen. And what happened is, is that I held around that energy pattern for years. Even after that, I never had to see her again really.

And even then, I had a job after that when I was 18, 19 years old, I worked at Nordstrom's and women's shoes and there was a manager that I had and she is almost the same exact person. She would talk to people that same exact way. She was protected by upper management. It's almost like I manifest as somebody that was almost the same exact personality profile because I didn't feel worthy and that was reflecting back to me that disturbance in my energy field of what I thought that I deserved.

The funny thing is when I started to become okay with this, I started to do what I'm about to share with you in this meditation. That's when it transformed my life. And paradoxically enough or funny enough, within a week of doing this exercise, that manager got fired so she no longer was relevant in my life and she was so hard for her even to get fired because she was so protected by upper management.

But it got to the point to where they could not protect her even anymore. I'm saying with this is we always get in life a reflection of what we believe we deserve. There is almost always with every person, there is some type of reference experience. Reference experienced means a memory, a memory in the past of something that happened to where you subconsciously decided, this is who I am, this is what I deserve, this is the way it is, and when that happened, it caused a disturbance within your energy field and that will continue to be there until you become aware of it and this is the key.

Allow yourself to feel it because at the moment that that thing happened in the past, you've probably tried to escape from it. You probably said, oh, I got to pretend to be this kind of person, or I got to put on this face, or maybe something happened and you wanted to cry, but somebody told you not to cry, not to be a wimp or whatever it is, and then you hold onto that emotion.

That emotion is suppressed and then as you go around right now, there's like this pressure of emotion inside that hasn't been let go of yet, but the key to transforming the past experiences is not to try to pile on some new idea. The key to experiencing it in the key to letting that go is just completely to relive in the experience and to realize that as you allow yourself to feel whatever comes up, it will naturally begin to go away.

This isn't about blocking the experience. It's not about shifting to a new identity or any of this. Allow yourself to feel what comes up when you feel it. You then complete the pattern. You complete that pattern, so allow yourself to feel whatever comes up. That's what I learned how to do. I've learned how to be okay with my past. I looked at my past and instead of saying, why did this happen to me, I realized that that led me to eventually having my spiritual awakening because I created so much.

That created so much pressure on me that it said, made me wonder why does reality the way it is and made me go deeper within myself and made me understand more of a spiritual aspect of who I am at a deeper level and who you are at a deeper level. But this is about getting to the core of what that is and the way you get to. The core of what that is by letting go of layers that no longer serve and part of that is finding that runs for its experience of the past.

Finding out what that is and if it doesn't come up right away in this meditation. Let it be okay, but we're going to get into a deep level of meditation and you're going to connect with your higher self and you are going to be shown these experiences. And as you see these experiences, you're going to be allowed to feel whatever emotion comes up.

And then after that what we're going to do is we're going to move into a level of love. That something that you have maybe never experienced before. And it's. This is the thing, it's who you naturally are, so it's not like I'm going to be giving you something that you don't already have. I'm just going to be directing your focus from something that you are not from this reference experience, from the way that you see yourself prior to who you really are, which is unconditional love and bliss, which is you knowing that you're worthy because you exist.

You don't need any rules, you don't need any things in your mind that says you can be worthy if or when and compare to other people. It's just a natural byproduct of who you are. You exist; therefore, you are worthy. Existence doesn't make mistakes. And by saying I'm not worthy, I'm the one exception out of everyone else in life.

Everyone else's worthy, but I'm not. We're making ourselves different. We’re hanging onto some part of identity. We are trying to play a role, a role that's not us. Maybe it's a victim role. You know, I played a rape victim role for a long time. Why did this happen to me? All of this stuff. But it's an illusion. It's just something that we can tie on or justify what's happened, what's happened in the past, but we are the result of our past.

We are who we choose to be in the present moment right now, so what we're going to do is I had to give all that basis so that you understand the context of where everything's coming from so that now when we get into this meditation, we're going to go deep within ourselves. We're going to look at these memories were going to become okay with them, and here's the thing.

Negative memories may come up, positive memories may come up. Whatever comes up, let it be there. Allow yourself to feel the emotion because remember, as you do this, you are completing the pattern. You are allowing it to then let go in your energy field. Part of that letting go may be feeling emotions that don't feel as pleasant, but if you really want to feel worthy, if you want to make this a permanent change, then this is why I'm using this meditation.

When I was getting ready to make today's video and to do a meditation today. Either two options I had, one of the options was I could go very much more on the shallow surface, so moving your focus to feel worthy, shifting your focus to some self-image and that would work and you would feel very worthy, but it wouldn't last. It would last for a period of time, but the moment the subconscious comes back into play and says, no, remember the past experiences, this, this memory of this bump and this disturbance.

Then it would bring it back so that's why what I'm saying is what we can do is the second option, which is getting to the core of white is there in the first place and then letting it go forever. Allowing it to be there, observing it. That is what transformation is all about. Rather than just moving the focus and feeling some emotion for a short period of time. I really believe that this meditation is something that can completely transform the way you view yourself.

The way you feel about yourself. It can help you to let go of what doesn't serve anymore so that you can be who you are meant to be and to be worthy because you are meant to be worthy in life. That is who you naturally are. It was just something happened in the past that jolted us into some type of experience where we thought we were less than, but the truth is you are enough, and by the end of this meditation, you're not just going to know it intellectually.

You're going to feel it from your core. With that, let's go to move into the meditation. What I'm going to ask you to do is to either lay down or sit down, if you can do this, when you're not driving and do this. When you can really go within. First off, let any emotion comes up that comes up. Whatever emotion you get is what you're meant to be getting. It's what you're meant to be feeling. It's what you're meant to be processing, so let it be there.

Don't judge yourself. Don't judge yourself and think, I'm more spiritual than this. I shouldn't be feeling this. This is about allowing and releasing and completing the pattern so it's okay. The other side of that, after we do all this, I'm going to move into the part of the meditation where you're going to feel and flood yourself with more love than you've ever felt before with more worthiness than you've ever felt before, and you're going to feel transformed, so just know that there's light at the end of the tunnel.

This is a process that could change your life forever, so set the intention that you do let go of what no longer serves. Set the intention that you become aware of whatever that memory could be or the whatever that memory is, and then decide and know that it's something that's going to present itself to you. Let's go ahead and take in a deep breath in and deep breath out.

As you breathe out, feel your body relax more and more. It just knows that with every breath that we take today, we're going to feel our body sink more and more into a deep relaxation, more and more to feeling loose and relaxed. Let's take another deep breath in, deep breath out. Breathe it out. Feel yourself relax more and more. I'd like to ask you to do is to close your eyes if you can, and to bring the awareness now into that of your head.

Feel yourself. Feel the sensation in your head. Feel the sensation now behind your eyelids. Relax more and more. You can feel the eye muscles. Imagine them tensing up in the relaxing, loosening up. Bring the awareness to around your nose to your jaw. Feel your jaw relax more and more, but the awareness in your tongue, and imagine your tongue just loosening up, hanging loose, relaxing, not bringing the awareness to your left arm, your left hand.

Feel it. Relax, loosen up. Bring the awareness to your right arm, your right hand, cause it loosens up. Relax now bring the awareness into your chest and feel inside your heart center. Notice that as you put attention in your heart's center, you're beginning to feel an increase of energy inside of your heart.

This is what the heart math institute has shown is that the more awareness we put inside of our heart, the more we increase the electromagnetic energy around our body and the more we tap into the love that we naturally are. Imagine that there is a sphere of energy inside of your heart, any color that you like and imagine at this sphere of energy, whatever color you like as spinning clockwise, faster and faster inside of your heart and you could feel it more and more even right now as I'm speaking about it, you can feel the tingling says she sensation inside of your heart begin to increase.

You can feel this tingling sensation spin faster and faster. The faster it spins, the more you feel that love and allow yourself to feel this expansion. Go all around you. Bring the awareness into your stomach. Fill your stomach muscles, begin to loosen and relax. Bring the awareness to your left leg, your left foot. Relax your toes. Bring your awareness now to your right leg, your right foot. Relax her toes.

Imagine that there was a wave of energy flowing through your body and that it starts at your head, goes through the middle of your torso, and then it leaves through the heels of your feet. Imagine any energy that doesn't serve you. Any excess energy that you can let go of. Imagine leaving through your heels right now. You can feel it. You could feel the energy from your heels, yourself releasing what no longer serves you.

Bring your awareness and imagine that you are in a very relaxing place someplace that you can go anytime that you want to do some inner work, to become more aware of who you are on the inside. Become more aware of this connection to your heart. This place is a place that you can go. It could be inside, it could be outside, it could be by the beach. It could be in a forest. It could be in a room wherever you'd like. Imagine that you are in this location right now. Look around. Notice what you see, what is in your environment.

Pay attention to the colors. Imagine this color's becoming brighter and brighter. Pay attention to what sounds you can hear. Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder. Pay attention to how it feels to be here. I just had an actually feels. Imagine that feeling becoming more and more strong within your body. Now that you feel comfortable, how did she feel? Confident that you can do inner work well. We are going to do now is we are going to connect with our higher self and our higher self is going to guide us through this situation, this experience of transforming and becoming worthier.

Our higher-self resides in her heart. Now as you look around, notice that there was a doorway. There was a doorway in the middle of this room. Free standing. Walk over to this door. Notice what the door looks like. I noticed that on the top of the door it says your connection to your higher self and put your hand on this door handle. Turn it open up this door and noticed that you see steps going down and you can tell that there is light at the bottom of this room.

Now what we're going to do is we're going to begin to take steps down into this room and every step we take, we're going to feel an increase of love in our body. We're going to feel an ability to let go of what doesn't serve easily. We're going to feel more present to the moment than ever before. With every step that we take.

Start taking steps down. Take a step, take another step. Notice how it feels. Put your hand on the railing. As you go down with every step you take, you can feel yourself becoming more, more confident, more connected to your higher self. We are about 10 steps away. I'm going to count down from 10 to one. With every number, I count. You're going to feel yourself get closer to the bottom of this doorstep, to the bottom of these stairs. You're going to feel increased the love inside of your heart. Feel yourself become more present to the moment.

10, take a step. Feel more love in your body. Begin to increase nine. Every number. I count doubled the amount of love inside of your hearts a, allow this energy to flood through your body. Seven, feeling an increase in energy now. Six, as you take another step, you can feel double the amount of love inside your heart.

Five, getting closer to the bottom of the stairs now for three, just a couple more steps now to double the amount of love inside of your heart and one, you are now at the bottom of the stairs and as you can see a chair in the middle of this room. This is a chair that you can go to anytime you want, and in this chair, you're going to easily be able to remember any past experience that you intend to.

You're going to be able to find out whatever you want to find. You're going to get clues as to what that is. It's going to be easier than ever for you to find out what that is. Go ahead and walk over to this chair. Notice what this chair looks like. Notice how comfortable this chair looks.

Set the intention right now that when you sit in this chair, you're going to be able to easily remember any memories that you want, any memories that I guide you towards, you'd be able to remember what those memories are and you're going to feel strong. You're going to feel the ability to feel whatever comes up knowing that as you do so you were letting go of what no longer serves. 

Turn around, sit in this chair and as you sit, feel how comfortable it is. Feel how you know right now that you're going to be able to let go of what doesn't serve you, what's been holding you back. I noticed that in this chair so easy for you to ask and get answers. This is a chair of awareness. This is a chair that you can use to become aware of any inner work, any memories, anything you want. I'm going to direct your focus to what we call your past.

Understand that your past does not equal who you are. You are who you choose to be, but also understand that sometimes there may be some patterns from the past that we haven't dealt with

Your past does not equal who you are. You are who you choose to be.

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We haven't felt completely that today we're looking at worthiness with feeling whole and complete with feeling like we are enough understanding that in the past there was a situation, a circumstance of when we felt like we weren't enough, when we felt like we had to become something or someone in order to protect us.

Look and begin to become aware of any memory that surfaces from your past could be from when you were very young. Could be any time of your past. That was an experience of you feeling not whole and complete. What is the first memory you have of when you didn't feel whole and complete? What is the first memory you have of when you felt like you weren't enough? What memory comes to your mind?

How old were you? He came to pay attention because now the memories coming in surfacing. You can see it more and more. How old were you when this happened? Who else was there and this memory? Pay attention to what you see. Pay attention to what you can hear. I noticed that this memory is surfacing and you can see it more and more. You're now more aware of what this memory is. You're bringing this memory from the subconscious into the conscious.

Whatever memory this is, become aware of what you felt and this memory and this experience. Set the intention that right now, whatever happened, let it be okay for you to feel whatever emotion comes up in the feeling of whatever comes up is the freedom for you to let it go. It's the releasing of the energy. How did you feel in this circumstance and the situation? What perspectives did you have?

What emotions did you feel? Allow yourself to feel these emotions. Allow yourself to soak in whatever that experience is. Feel it. It is. Oh, okay. If you feel like releasing emotion, it's ok, let yourself feel whatever comes up. It's ok, allow yourself to feel any emotions that you feel right now knowing and the feeling of the emotion is the freedom you can allow yourself to feel whatever is coming up.

Relive this experience, allow yourself to feel any emotion, pay attention to what is happening, be present with it because in the presence of this experience is the release is you letting go and notice his memory may have been something subconsciously that you were carrying around ever since it happened, because in a moment you may have decided that you had to be some way. 

The world works some type of way to protect yourself. Somehow. Know that now you can let go of all of that. You could allow yourself to be how you are, and this isn't about changing the past. This is about changing the emotion. It's just about experiencing it 100 percent because in the experience is the closing of that pattern.

I simply know that by you feeling the emotion like you just did, you are allowing a powerful release to happen. You are allowing yourself to feel whatever comes up. These are emotions aren't good or bad. They just simply are, and by you feeling them, you are now allowing them to free themselves and notice how much more freedom you feel. Notice how much lightness you feel inside your body.

You are beginning to let go of the patterns that no longer serve. They served you up until this point, but now you are aware that you can let them go, that you can shift yourself and to a new way of being and way of being where you experience life and whatever comes up knowing that emotions are not good or bad, they simply are, and the more you allow yourself to experience life, the more alive you will feel.

Be grateful that you were able to feel these emotions. You were able to heal yourself from this past memory, this past experience, and to know that now you have closed the pattern. You have completed the pattern from this point going forward. You are a completely new person. You were no longer living the scripts of your paths. You're no longer carrying around that disturbance in your energy field and you now are who you are meant to be. You can come back to this chair anytime you like to remember any memories and to feel the emotions and to complete the patterns. 

You can always come back to this meditation in this chair and do that. Now, notice that right across from you is another chair and this chair looks smoked more majestic. It has embroidered gold on the handrails on the armchair of this chair. Go ahead and get up. We're going to walk over to this chair. Notice how much more comfortable this chair looks now in this chair.

You can sit in it at any time you do. You're going to feel more love and more worthiness in your life than ever before. Notice it on this chair. There's a dial. What we're going to do is we're going to turn around. We're going to sit in this chair and we're going to begin to feel the true vibration of who we really are. I'm going to ask you now to turn it around. Sit down in this chair. Notice how comfortable it feels. It's perfectly made for you. Feel the vibration of comfort. This vibration of this energy that you can begin to feel building within your body because you know what is about to happen.

I noticed that aren't this dial on the right side, the right arm of this chair? Well, we are going to begin to do is we're going to be again, to increase the love frequency of who we really are. Right now, the dial is at one. We are going to move it all the way up to 10, which is the maximum amount of love. Every notch that we moved this dial-up, you are going to feel an increase and a flood of love and worthiness through your body. You're going to feel more energy in your body than ever before.

You may find that you are releasing your crying because it feels so good. You may find that you just feel a level of love inside of your heart that you didn't even know was possible. For right now, we're going to feel this true vibration more than ever before. I'm going to count and we're going to move this dial from one to 10.

With every number I count up, you're going to feel an increase. Double the amount of love inside of your body. You're going to feel an increase in this energy of who you really are. You're going to feel this flood to your body and notice right now that you can already begin to feel it inside of your heart center. We're going to move it from one to two. Now, you can feel it. Begin to increase through your feet is all the way up to your heart. You can feel this energy begin to tingle more and more. Three, fuel it double throughout your body.

Go ahead and move it up to for an increase in this level of love, you're starting to feel it flood through your whole entire body. Five, even more, love you feel so whole, so complete right now. Six, feel it is increasing even more. You can feel it. Move through your legs, move through your hearts, move through your whole body. Seven, eight, double the amount of love, doubled the amount of sensation flow into your whole body. Allow whatever emotion it is to come up. Nine, and now here we go. To the maximum amount of love that you have ever felt in your life. 10 feel this energy flow through your body feel whatever emotion comes up for you to know that you are whole and complete, knowing that this is who you really are.

Whatever emotion comes up, just know who you are. While you are complete. This is who you are. Let this emotion flood through your body healing anything that no longer serves you can feel yourself letting go of any patterns that no longer serve, knowing that you've increased your frequency to who you really are. In this state of love, in this higher vibrational state, you can get any guidance that you want from your higher self. If there's any guidance you're looking for, anything you would like clarity on, ask that question, ask what that is and pay attention to the answer that comes up because you will get an answer.

Ask Right now. Is there any message that your higher-self has for you about this change you've made today or just in general? Pay attention to what comes up now. Allow yourself to continue to soak in this vibration. Knowing that from this point going forward, you changed forever. You have completed a past memory, you've completed a past identification and you've decided and been able to experience it and let it go.

You've wired in more love than ever before, and as you go throughout your day today, you're going to notice people respond to you in a new way. You're going to notice that you relate to life in a new way. You feel more love in your life than ever before because you know you are worthy.

Soak in this vibration. I want to congratulate you for doing the inner work today, for experiencing that past experience, that past memory and letting it go is from this point going forward so much in your life changed in a positive way.

Acknowledge how much work you've done today. Acknowledge how far you've come. Make the choice right now that you have forever changed, that you have forever shifted, and now we are going to become aware present to the moment. Go back over to those stairs. We're going to start walking up the stairs, coming back to the conscious awake state. Every step we take, we can tell and feel that will become more alert, more present to the moment. I'm going to count down from 10 to one. With every number, I count.

You're going to feel yourself becoming more alert, more present to the moment knowing that you have forever shifted. No, we know you are worthy, holding complete. Take a step now. Ten, feeling yourself becoming more alert and present. Nine, double the amount of awareness in your body. Eight, seven, take another step. Six, five, getting closer to that door now for three to feel this sensation now inside of your body, begin to tingle.

One, you can open up your eyes now knowing you have made it a very powerful shift today. I want to congratulate you because you just did so much powerful inner work. The inner work that you just did has the potential to change your life really. From this point going forward, you will be a new version of you, a lighter version of you. You will find that old patterns may come up that you then can see no longer serve you.

Let those be there. Understand that the more you do this meditation, you can do this anytime. There's any memory you want to let go of. You can use this for any type of past experience that you want to become at peace with. Allow yourself to feel those emotions. I recommend you listen to this meditation for 21 days in a row to wire in this new level of worthiness really, but know that just alone, the work you've already done today has been something that could be monumental in your life, could really change everything.

3 Secrets for Going BEYOND Beliefs and into Transformation


Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three secrets of going beyond belief that no one tells you. This goes beyond that of the ego. This goes into a total transformation for the way you view yourself and how you can start to be instead of having or do.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you three Law of Attraction secrets for going beyond beliefs because beyond that of just what we focus on, many times people are focused on getting the results they want just by simply their focus.

And as much as I love simplicity, at the same time, no matter how often somebody thinks of a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, if they don't believe they deserve it, and if they don't believe that that is something they can experience that they learn actually will not align with that coming into their life.

It's because it's not so much that we just get whatever we think about. It's that we always get a reflection of who we are being and we always get a reflection of what we believe to be true. When we get down to the beliefs about reality, this is when everything begins to change. If you haven't heard yet, I am coming out and I'm developing right now.

Something that is called the shift experience, the shift experience as a total transformation process that I'm going to help people to facilitate an order for them to get to a new state of consciousness. This is when things become easier to manifest because you get out of doing and having you get into a state of being.

Then what you do is you transcend to a level of consciousness where this happens easily, where you realize that you are not your ego, that much of your life has been pre-patterned prepaid to that of social conditioning and when you wake up to this ability, you have to direct your life.

When you start to become the cause rather than the effect, your whole entire life changes. But like I said, this is not some theory. Intellectual idea. This is an experience that I'm creating right now. It's something that I went through years ago, back in 2012.

I went through a shift in my own consciousness. When I went from this reaction mode, I went from understanding that all of these beliefs, all this identity I had was not who I was.

I was able to let that go and I explained the story before, but on a scale of one to 10, I normally felt about a three to a five out of 10, so I didn't feel that great, didn't feel absolutely horrible, but 10 feels amazing.

Then what happened is after I went through this experience, I went to a seven to an eight out of 10. I started to feel really good at the time I thought that maybe the feeling was going to go away. It never did. It became a natural set point. I'm not saying I'm enlightened. I'm saying that I had a shift in consciousness.

In actuality, we are so much more than we can imagine. Normally what we think we have to do is we have to pile on new ideas. We're like, okay, if our beliefs create our reality than what I should do is I should just believe that I'm a millionaire and then that will happen.

Well, that's one way of going about it. But what I found is even more powerful is actually not even tapering on any beliefs at all because beliefs, while they will always have this opportunity, this possibility that it does become true if you are emphasizing a belief in the present moment, you are also emphasizing that it's not currently enough that where you are is not good enough.

This causes resistance. This is where most people are using the Law of Attraction. This is where most people intend to manifest what they want. It's from a level of lack. It's from a level of not being enough already and what I'm talking about when it comes to this shift is transforming it to understanding that where we are is already perfect whole and complete.

That as we begin to be where have we started to transform our consciousness? Beliefs are a vehicle that we use for a period, but the belief is not the end result. The truth is, is a belief works as often and as much as we give it meaning and power.

Even everything you've shared, I've shared on my YouTube channel, the only way it is something that works for you is if you agree with what I'm saying. These are certain beliefs. These are certain thought patterns, a way of going through the world, ways for navigating the life that can work for you only if you believe it to be true.

1. All truths are true

This moves us to the first secret of that of going beyond belief, and the first secret is that all truths are true. Whatever you believe to be true will be reflected back to you, and it's not that whatever you believe to be true is actually the inherent truth for everybody else. It is just a belief that you have somebody else, Jim, Joe, Bob's son, or whatever might have a little bit different belief, a totally different belief that could be their version of reality.

That's completely true for them. It's not like one of us has a belief and we have to get other people to believe it. That's the way some people go about it, but the truth is all truths are true. Whatever you believe to be true is reflected back to you and whatever you believe to be true may not be what everybody else believes to be true.

This poses a question. How much of what you believe to be true is your own belief and how much is it hand me downs from your parent's hand me downs from society because that is the social conditioning. That is the program, the way of thinking that most people are completely entrenched in. That's how I was for a very long time.

Once again, not enlightened, I'm just saying that I've become aware of a lot of the social programs that I had going on in a way become aware like Neo in the matrix. You know when he's told, he's told that he lives in a matrix. It's kind of groundbreaking stuff.

The reason the movie the Matrix did so well was not just because it was a really cool movie with agents killing each other. The philosophy behind that of the movie, the Matrix resonated with millions and millions of people and it's considered a cult classic because at a deeper fundamental level it resonates.

 It's true, but then again, it's my own belief that is true, but Bruce slipped and Dr. Bruce Lipton, who wrote the book called beyond belief or not, not beyond belief, that's called the biology of belief, has said that the movie, the Matrix was on a movie. 

It was a documentary. He's probably being facetious, but in a way, it is a documentary. We live in a form of Matrix. Whatever we believe to be true is reflected back to us.

There is no meaning in reality other than the meaning we give it.

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There is no meaning in reality other than the meaning we give it. Everything that I have shared with you is both false and true.

At the same time, take what works and what doesn't work. You see? That's what the shift experiences about that I'm creating. It's about understood that if you use a belief that is fine, but it's just a belief. It can just serve you for a period of time, but it doesn't have to be the end all be all.

It is not all that exists. There are certain beliefs that you have right now that you may eventually let go of. This is something I recently paid more attention to because I'm somebody that's been preaching massive action, massive action, massive action.

I love taking action. This belief is working for me right now and maybe at a societal level. We say the more people that take action, the more it works and maybe it does. The thing is in the Law of Attraction community, I see a lot of people thinking, but not holistically being and part of the bean.

Sometimes it's taking action. Part of me wonders though is that my own belief process, you become free when you start to ask these questions because then you realize it's not about what's inherently true. It's about is that the reflection you're currently getting right now in my life, taking massive action is serving me because I love taking action, so it's a win-win.

Plus, it's getting me grand results. Is it the action get me the results or is the belief I have in the action that's also facilitating the results? I don't know. I don't know, but what I do know is that I love doing what I do, so I'm going to keep on doing it, but in five or 10 years, maybe I get to a point to where I can do very, very little and get maximum result and more so be kind of just at the core of who I am.

Maybe it's a different level of consciousness I don't know. I don't know is something that I become more comfortable with saying because the only person that really wants to know, it's the ego, but you see the ego is not all that you are. You are more than your ego. That's what this is about is understanding that shift of the ego and doing its job.

The ego is just doing. His job is trying to survive, but most people stay in this ego reaction mind their whole entire life. The truth is you are so much more than you can even know.

2. Letting go

The second secret to going beyond belief for you to create what you want is just simply to let go. Just let go, let go. This isn't about piling onto a new idea, oh, I believe I can only make 50 k a year. I'm going to believe I can make $100 dollars a year. Self-image is powerful.

This is all a certain paradigm. I get it but understand that you emphasize that you have. If you emphasize the resistance, you emphasize that you don't currently have that what you want. What I'm saying is be totally okay with where you currently are. Look around. It'd be grateful for where you are as you are grateful for where you are.

As you absorb that, what you were you are, you then can transform it. If you resist where you are, you keep that pattern alive. What resists persists doesn't just sound the same. It's because what resist we do, it ends up persisting in her life. It stays there.

It's almost like a pattern that just stays tag to us on the levels of consciousness that I've shared many times before, right here, the lower emotions. You'll see emotions such as shame, fear, or guilt. You see emotions. You eventually move up to that of a neutrality, which is where we learn how to observe our thoughts. You get to that of reasoning.

This is a higher paradigm. This is a paradigm that we want to get you set. We create our own reality. This is a paradigm where we understand that our beliefs create our reality, but as Einstein said, you cannot solve the same problem from the level of consciousness that the problem was created in the same way as much as we can look at our beliefs and say, what do I believe to be true and change our beliefs?

We can also transcend to a higher state of consciousness which is that of love, which is that of understanding and dropping the intellectual ideas, having to make sense of everything. This is when we start to let go of the EGO's perspective. More and more, we acknowledge it. We don't completely let it go. If we completely let go of our ego, we wouldn't be having a physical experience, but the key is to be aware of the ego, to be aware of these beliefs.

Yes, we can use these beliefs, but we're using it from a higher-level paradigm. We are already holding complete. If we're in that love consciousness, we accept the present moment, the shift experiences I'm creating. It's about shifting from the lower level paradigms to that of neutrality.

Then for neutrality to that of reasoning and understanding that of the beliefs we have and then from that to a level of being that is a whole new reality in of itself were then things to happen in a very fast, quick and new way starts to let go of linear type thinking.

Quantum is something that we could say as well, so that's about understanding that this is about different levels of consciousness. Getting different levels of our beliefs of what works for us and then letting go of what doesn't work for us, but remember it's not about a pilot on the new idea, moving up the scale that I was showing is not about, okay, I'm at a willingness. I need to get up to reasoning. No, just let go.

Let go of the ones before you let go. You naturally start to raise up. If you had a bob above in the water for fishing and you had the Bob, and you held it under, you'd hold it under, but you don't have to work to get it to the next level to come back up to the surface. What I have to do is let go of the air in it. What does bringing naturally back up is the same way? That's how our consciousness works, so let go. All you have to do is let go.

3. Understanding the truth

The third way of going beyond the belief going beyond belief, in general, is understanding the truth about who you really are. You exist in a higher state of consciousness. You are unconditional love and bliss. The reality that we live in is a form of Matrix.

It is reflecting back to us the perspectives we have and the meanings we are generating and things is going to be what we get back. The truth is you are unconditional love and bliss. You are dreaming that you are having this physical experience on what we call earth, what we call life for a certain period of time, but that is not really who you are. The ego is our avatar in this life experience.

This is what we use to interpret our reality through. What happens is we go through certain reference experiences. These reverends experiences then create our models for the way we see the world until we become aware and we wake up to the truth. The truth is your body is an Avatar.

Your body is an expression of that have a higher level of energy, which is who you naturally are. You exist in realms beyond what you can even imagine. You are so much more than you even know. When you go to bed at night, you wake up to these higher states of consciousness.

Then what happens is you wake up in the morning and say, wow, that was a crazy dream. This is who I really am, but in actuality, when you go to bed at night, you wake up to who you really are. When you wake up in the morning, what happens if you're going to sleep.

Life is a form of a dream. Life is a dream that is consistent, so it appears very real. Thing is, is when we think of our other dreams was like, well, there's no consent. Continuity and those streams must not be real. Those dreams aren't the interpretation that we get of how we can understand something that's beyond even what our brain can interpret.

We get symbols of what our brain can understand, but in actuality the reality that we come from, we could say that we come from which were actually there right now. We're just dreaming that this is who we are. That is who we naturally are. We're dreaming that we're here. Life is a form of a game. Life is a dream. Life is an experience.

We forget who we are when we're born because part of the purpose of life is to wake up. If neo-new the whole entire time, those whole entire lives that he was in a matrix, it may be a very different movie.

It may be a very different experience. There's power and going through a spiritual awakening. There's power in realizing that reality is so much more than you can imagine, and that's one of the purposes of life, so that truth is of itself shows us that there are more flexibility and malleability.

The reason I shared this when asked to do with going beyond belief is you understanding that reality is a form of illusion anyways. We think that that means it's real. If it's consistent, it's real. That's just a belief though. You see there's actually much more power and understanding that life is a form of a game.

Life is a form of a dream and that will we can begin to do is to accept the dream, to enjoy the dream, to have fun with the dream. I'm not saying that we have to become enlightened isn't in the cave all day.

I don't know if that's even the purpose of what would be the most enjoyable thing right now. For some people, it will be. Some people will say that the biggest thing in life is seeking enlightenment, but most enlightened people have said that enlightenment is not something you attain.

It's something you realize because it's a level of awareness. When you become aware of it, you become aware that you are not the ego structure that is not just who you are. You become aware that you are the universe itself. You are the ocean in a drop as well as a drop in the ocean.

This is when we begin to shift our level of consciousness and the understanding that life is a dream. It is a consistent dream, and now it's more flexible than we probably thought that it was. You are unconditional love and bliss. That is who you are.

What I'm saying to you right now, does this resonate with you? Maybe the ego gets a little afraid. I was like, well, you're giving me all this power. You're telling me about this powerful, this is who you are. You are so much more powerful than you can even imagine.

This life experience we're having right now is a long lucid dream, but you're not lucid unless you become aware that it is a dream. You just like in a lucid dream. You're reacting in your dream, racked in, in a dream, but the moment you become aware of it's a dream, you're like, “I can fly.” I can do what I want now.

I can have fun. I realize it's not so serious. I can joke around and it's a much different feeling and the same way you become lucid in a dream. I'm encouraging you to become lucid in this dream, in what we call real life, the real-life experience of a long, fluid, consistent dream that to be real, just so that we can have the experience of waking up to who we are at greater levels of consciousness.

You are so much more than you can even imagine, and the moment you start to wake up to that and you wake up to understanding that life is a form of a dream, that life is more of an experience. The experience can appear to be real.

That can be real, but the inherent, we've even found that when it comes to physical matter when it comes to the atoms, it's not something that is easily measured as we thought because it only exists within our own consciousness.

This is about you understanding that you can go beyond belief because whatever you believe to be true is if it's being reflected back to you, but remember, it's not so much can you pile on a new idea? It's can you let go of what doesn't serve and can you realize the truth?

That life is a form of a dream. That life is a game that you've agreed to play. It might be consistent, but it is much more flexible than you thought. Change your notions about life and life will change in order for everything to become okay.

You must become okay with everything, allow let's and everything in your life will change. I could promise you that the moment you start to absorb this reality and you start to be, this is the moment everything changes.

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