The Law of Attraction, Parallel Realities and Beliefs Creating Reality THE TRUTH

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the truth on parallel realities, the Law of Attraction and beliefs, creating reality. I'm going to compare all three of these and show you which one of them is actually true.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding parallel realities, understanding the Law of Attraction and beliefs, creating reality, showing you the similarities, the differences, which one may or may not work for you in which one of these is actually true. In this blog, you will find out, so with this process, maybe you've known it or maybe you've seen even on my channel over the last two years, my channel has gone through many different evolutions.

You could say I started off in one kind of niche and it was more of a general awareness niche and then what I did is I kind of started to create more and more videos and the Law of Attraction because I saw it was really helping people and it was what I was really passionate about. And the basis of the Law of Attraction that I was teaching has something to do with understanding the thoughts that we're thinking, the consistency of the thoughts that we're thinking, the momentum of what we're thinking.

It is also tied in with that it was taking action because one of the biggest changes I made in my own life was when I went from seeing myself as somebody that just kind of was waiting for things to happen, to then start engaging. I started to really engage with life and as I started to do that, I started to get much better results. That's what took this channel to the next level. I had 3000 subscribers and in February 2017 I said, I'm going to start to make a video a day because I was really passionate about it and I knew that if I had a feeling, if I did that, that in a year my life would be totally different.

I follow that intuition and I started to take action in it. I was working the nine to five job. Many, many of you may have heard this story before, I'll be honest, but just kind of summarizing it in case you haven't, but what I did is I took action. I took a lot of action and I was making videos every day while I was working a nine to five job. I recently went back to that nine to five job and said hi to everyone that was working.

That was rude. It's really weird to do. Not Weird. This is cool to see them, but it was like walking back in time almost. And I said, hi. Anyways, tangent. I was taking a lot of action and that changed my self-image. I started to see myself as successful. I started to see myself as somebody that goes after something and with that explosive growth started to happen.

I went from 3000 subs, 20,000 to 50 to 100,000 within like three. No, about six months. And then I was able to quit my job when I quit my job. Then I went full time, you know, I was doing this full time and that Law of Attraction modality for a way of thinking brought me far. It made me learn a lot about how my thoughts correlate with what I experience.

I learned a lot even when I worked at Barneys New York, selling women's shoes about the Law of Attraction while he was there, I was able to pretty much work every day and see a direct reflection of what I think too, what I experienced because that was a purely commissioned job. I was able to kind of use it as experimenting grounds while I was learning it and teaching at the same time, which I thought was really cool.

The Law of Attraction got me to a certain level. It's not that I don't use the Law of Attraction anymore, but there are different realms of understanding. Just like there's different levels of consciousness. Different paradigms work in different ways. For example, working hard will get you to a certain point. Working hard for me did get me to a certain point and I still put in action. But it's not working hard any longer because now I'm able to work smart and the idea is that now that I've changed my self-image, now I can let go of that old paradigm of the beliefs that you have to really work hard in order to accomplish something.

What I did last year was I've been shedding and letting go of those old beliefs system saying you have to work really, really hard to be successful and I've been wired in this understanding that it's more about me taking aligned action, which means that I have a high vibrational energy behind what I'm doing and that I can then take less action and get better results.

Of course, I'm still taking action, but if for me in general, I'm somebody that loves to take actions and sometimes people will see me and they'll due to the law of attraction and he's introduced. You still have people who took action.

That's just what works for me and that's what I love doing. It's more empowering to then thinking, the traditional way of thinking about it, where some people think, you know, I'm just going to sit on my couch and think about it all day. It's more about engaging with life because you have a purpose for being here.

When you're doing what you're passionate about, you're in a high vibration state.

When you're doing what you're passionate about, you're in a high vibration state.

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It's about knowing that when you're in a high vibration, you then experience a reality that is equal to that vibration that you're putting out. Your passion, the vibration of you doing your passion, is that high vibration that you will then experience that reality that is equal to that.

Law of Attraction, is it true? The answer is yes. However, there are different paradigms. Which is more powerful between the Law of Attraction beliefs create reality and parallel realities. Well, let's move onto the next one in the next category that I have for you today. That is beliefs creating reality. We experienced in life a reflection of what we believe to be true. This takes things to the next level and if we were to even look at. I'll go ahead and put that. That chart right here, I know you like it. I know you. I know you wanted to see it.

The chart you see right here is the scale of consciousness on it. You will see different levels at the bottom you see shame, fear, guilt. You see that a neutrality, which is a big step. Then you see that have the willingness, acceptance, and then reasoning, and then you have love and all the higher emotions of joy, peace, enlightenment.

With the Law of Attraction, most people, not all people, but most people are using the Law of Attraction, the lesser level emotions because they're saying, I really want that over there. They may be angry that somebody else has, has it, and they don't. They may feel this lacking desire for it instead of knowing that you can be that in the present moment and because of that, they create resistance. Yes, you can still move up the scale by using the Law of Attraction, but it's a lot harder and it takes a lot of time because there's a lot of resistance that you must move through.

The key is to let go of the resistance to let go of the incessant desire that I have to get somewhere else and to actually neutralize it by being okay with where you are in the present moment, acceptance of the present moment. Most of the Law of Attraction, not all of it, but much of the way that it is stereotypically used in society, is from the Lesser Paradigm, from the lower vibrational emotions. When you get into beliefs create reality.

That is four to 500 range, four to 500 is a higher vibrational rage of reality creation. Then that has the lower paradigm and that is understanding that our beliefs create our reality. The thing is whatever we believe to be true will be reflected back to us. Things in our life will be a self-fulfilling prophecy, so if you look for evidence for something, you will be able to find it. If you go on Google right now and look for evidence for something that is not true, you will find "evidence that it is not true even though it might be true."

Whatever you look for, you find more evidence of. I use this analogy recently, but I remember growing up seeing this article that said that Dick Cheney is a robot and he had like, he had like wires hanging out of them. You go online right now because I did it. I showed on Instagram stories by the way, and I. I typed in Dick Cheney's the robot. There's a whole article that comes up about how Dick Cheney's robot.

Maybe he is. I don't know. I'm just saying I'm just kidding. Probably not a robot, but the idea behind it is that whatever you look for it, you'll find evidence of, especially on Google because a lot of stuff out there, but the idea is that four to 500. For example, Einstein himself calibrated that for 99. He took the intellect as far as it could go, but in order for him to go from four 99 and a $500 and to love, he would have had to completely let go of the intellectual ideas because our beliefs create our reality and in order for us to get to the next level, we must let go.

Letting go, letting go of the identity, letting go of the old stories we tell ourselves, letting go of all the intellectual ideas we can then be in a state of unconditional love that doesn't need conditions.  However, whatever you look for, you will find evidence of if I asked you right now to look into your past for evidence that you were are worthy.

You can find reflections of that. You can find memories of that, and then when you're in that state, it's even easier to remember it. If I were to ask you to sing with the opposite times when you didn't feel worthy, you would find more and more evidence of it both exist in the present moment right now.

Both reference experiences, but the focus will find evidence of whatever it looks for. Beliefs create reality. When I was looking at this, for example, I'll show you how I use it in my own life. I recently realized that I believed. I was telling myself intellectually I believe that I don't have to take massive action to be successful, but yet my actions were in correlation with the old belief system of grind mode, grind mode, make videos, and do everything that I was primarily doing.

I'm still going to make my daily videos and do all of this stuff. And I went to Costa Rica for a week, which is a vacation. I haven't had a day off since I quit my job in August 2017 because I love what I do and I love making videos, but I'm like, wait, there must be a limiting belief that says I have to take so much action.

For the whole entire week until the last day because her other YouTubers there, so you know, we had to, we had to do those collaboration videos, but for a whole week, minus one day I was not making videos at all and I was wiring it into my mind that you don't have to make videos every single day to be successful. And by doing so, I was then becoming and shedding this old belief system.

And as you enjoy the process, your state begins to increase and as your state begins to increase, you didn't have more leverage. That the actions you do take have more momentum, it has more power behind it. The key is aligning the emotion behind the action, letting go of the outcome, and then moving forward in that direction.

That's what I learned to do and that's what has made me see the whole process in a much more different way, better way more optimized. That is what I realized with beliefs create reality. Is it true? Well, as I said, I'm not telling you what to believe, I'm just saying that your beliefs create your reality.

If you believe that to be true, then it will be true. But understanding that this is about deprogramming the things that we used to believe that don't serve us, that things are hard. Things don't come easy. You have to do this, this and this to be successful. You have to. All of these things are stories we tell ourselves. And in this paradigm, there are all these stories that we tell ourselves.

With this whole process, it's never about is this true because all truths are true. Whatever we look for, we'll find evidence up. It's is this efficient? That is the real question. Is this efficient? Because then we'll see is this really serving me or not? Now that we're in a way looked at that have the chart of consciousness which will help us understand this whole process in a powerful way, we can see that there are these different paradigms.

They all work. Can we create what we want by shifting through parallel realities? Well, the experience will tell you that, and the only experience where you really have is this moment right now. There is the experience in the present moment right now, which is the only thing we ever experienced. What we think of as the past is something that comes from our memory. What we think of as the future is from our imagination.

The present moment is all we experienced anyways and because we can piece these linear expressions together, we think it's one long fluid, linear time space, reality. However, the only thing we've ever experienced in this present moment. In the same way that we look at a film projector, we may stretch out the film and look at each individual frame. We can look at it through our memory and remember each individual frame and see how it all glues together.

However, we know each individual frame exists in separation from each other. Of course, we are all connected and this is all one at the same time, so it's a paradox, but the idea is that every individual parallel reality you can imagine it exists right now. It is simply vibrating at a different frequency. With that of parallel realities, the reason it is so powerful is that we can identify the reality we want to experience and then give ourselves permission right now to embody the frequency of it.

The frequency is a combination and our vibration is a combination of what we think, how we feel, and what we do. If we align how we think, feel, and what we do to the vibration that we can imagine in the parallel reality that we prefer, we will then start to embody those characteristics in our life right now and by doing so, we will then eventually experience that reality.

That's about vibrational resonance. The magic of parallel realities is that we can start to let go of time, space, reality and the way we used to understand it. You remember that chart I just showed you a minute ago where it goes up to four to 500 will parallel realities is with the awareness that we can let go of the beliefs of this has to happen. This has to happen in his ass up and this has happened. You see with the law of attraction and beliefs create reality.

We think of everything in a linear way. While I must do this, this, this, this, this, then I can have what I want. Parallel realities and the power of it is understanding that you can more so jump from here to here by embodying the frequency of this right now without going through all these individual steps because all these individual steps are stories that we tell ourselves about how we have to accomplish what we want and what we must do.

With the magic of parallel realities, you can create greater distance in greater connection to this reasoning of having to understand everything because eventually, the intellect gets you into trouble because then you start to resist things because you're like. This isn't happening to the blueprint in my mind, so then we create resistance to key with parallel realities is letting go of all this linear time space, reality type understanding.

Let go of the intellect and simply embody the frequency of what you want to experience, which is your vibration, which is how you think, how you feel, how you act, the version of you that is the best version of you that you can imagine already exists. You already. It already exists. All you have to do is match the frequency of that reality, which is how you think, how you feel, what you do.

Some people would say, oh, that's kind of like acting as if in a way but acting as if with the awareness that the whole linear way of thinking about it, you can begin to let go of the intellectual ideas and you can be in the present moment right now. That's what you can begin to do. In that case, you begin to transcend the old paradigms. It's very powerful.

It's even now, I would say even a little bit more magical and you can create a greater distance or a greater degree of change between where you are in and where you want to be, but you can embody the frequency and the emotions right now in the present moment. Here is the question that everyone wants to know, which is the best, which is true. Is it Law of Attraction?

Beliefs create reality or parallel reality shifting. The answer is drum roll, drum roll, all of them and whichever resonates with you. Remember, beliefs create reality, which one of these three, and maybe there's even more than these, but which one of these three resonates with you the most? Which one of these intrigues you the most? Which one is yours? Are you most excited about? Whichever one it is, go for that one.

Maybe your current beliefs say the parallel reality stuff's a little bit out there from you, bro. That's cool. Do whatever works for you. Beliefs create reality. Maybe you're like, that resonates with me right now. Then work with that and see it and maybe eventually get to a point to where you take the intellect and the beliefs that you have and you eventually say, I'm going to let these go, and then you start to just be in the frequency you want.

Maybe it's a combination of all three. That's what I use in my own life. I use the power of my self-image from understanding that of the Law of Attraction, a way of going about it. Then I changed my, what do I believe to be true? Understanding the way and what I believe to be true and the version of me in the parallel reality I want.

I mix all three of them. It's almost like a prescription. If I'm working with someone that has trouble believing in parallel realities, I'm not going to try to tell them that they should believe in it, but I'm going to work with where they are and I'm going to help them to see it in a higher light or to see it in a way that they can relate to it or in a way that works for them.

Work with wherever you are. These three things will work and the key is seeing which one works for you, which one resonates with you right now? You may find that for the next year, you use the Law of Attraction. Then you move into the beliefs create reality. Then you move into the other one or vice versa. Maybe for a while, you use that. A parallel reality that you know what? I liked the whole self-image stuff.

You go to the other one. It doesn't matter. Maybe you combine all three. A lot of these, honestly, almost all of these intertwine very powerfully so you can. You're using part of beliefs, create reality, which is consistent to Law of Attraction because the thoughts you consistently think you'll eventually believe. You see these all compare. These all related. The key is using what works for you. Which one works for you?

The Cosmic Mind of Manifestation No One Talks About (Collective Manifestation)

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the Cosmic Mind of Manifestation. This goes beyond the Law of Attraction. This is about understanding the way reality works and how you can hack it and a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the cosmic mind of manifestation, understanding how reality works in a new way that maybe you haven't heard before, and understanding this that you could see how you relate to this level of understanding because this we're taking it from the microcosm, bringing it to the macrocosm, and there may be certain things you're doing that are blocking your success.

That's our holding you back and you're not even aware of it, and today we're going to be going beyond just the ego structure and understanding the forms of how reality actually works. For this process, let's look at the old school traditional way we see the law of attraction, our thoughts create our reality. If we desire it, then we can attract it into our life, put the intention out for it, start to align with the desires, putting the action or put in the energy alignment for it.

Take action. Create what we want. That's from the individual's perspective. There are different paradigms within that. There are paradigms of getting more into the love frequency of your heart, of dropping the intellectual ideas on how everything happens. Understanding your beliefs, create your reality. There are many different levels within the individual paradigm for manifestation itself.

We are creating our own reality from our thoughts, our beliefs, our perceptions. That's the reflection that we're getting in our life.

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We are creating our own reality from our thoughts, our beliefs, our perceptions. That's the reflection that we're getting in our life.

If we look at it to a macrocosm point of view, we can see that as a society, as a collective consciousness, there are also billions of people on the planet creating their own reality.

At the present moment, most people on the planet do not understand that they are creating their own experiences through their thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc. If you're watching my video, then you're one of the people that have become aware of it and you are in the direction of doing it more consciously, more creatively, and doing it with awareness, which is very powerful because once you are aware of you can then make little shifts and experienced a massive change in the reality because as you change on the inside, your reality will begin to change.

When it comes to these different levels, let's see that we have the microcosm and the macrocosm we have that have our own beliefs, desires and what we're taking action to fulfill, and then we have that as a collective society that we have agreed to be a part of. Because when we came and decided to come and have this life experience, one of the parts of it was that, okay, we're going to create our own reality, but collectively together we're going to do this together as well.

There is still a collective consciousness and the choices that we make as a collective does change what kind of experiences we have. We have those two different perspectives. Think about it like this and the same way that we might have cells inside of our body.

We might be more of the blood cells are the cells that help other people, white blood cells or whatever they call it, that are fighting cancer as blood cells. There might be some people that are cancerous cells that are parasites, that are sucking energy from other people. They might all exist, but we're all having our own individual experience and we're all part of the same hole.

What are some signs that we live in this type of way that there is this cosmic mind where we're all connected, this collective consciousness? What are some signs of that? One of the signs is the Maharishi Effect. You can have 7,000 people meditate in that have with a certain intention of love and these 7,000 people can influence violence on the planet in decrease it by 70 to 80 percent from doing that.

That is profound that that can happen because as these 7,000 people emanate that love energy, it affects the rest of the planet. Whether people are aware of it or not, meaning somebody would normally go and do something very harmful, but they feel less inclined to do it because of the love frequency that is then amplified on the planet.

What does that show us? That shows us that even people on one side of the planet can influence people on the other side of the planet without actually physically doing anything or even talking to them. It's an energetic type thing. There's also something called the Hundredth Monkey Effect. The Hundredth Monkey was originally a specific type of monkeys that were eating fruit on the beach, and what happened is one of the monkeys realize that if you wash the fruit off in the ocean, it's more pleasurable to eat, and they knew she used not to know this.

Even same type of monkeys all over the world started to figure that out as well. At the same time, just like people that have inventions of people that come out with the same exact invention idea at the same time all over the planet. Why is that? Because something was in a way grown momentum has grown in the collective consciousness and more and more people picked up on it. The idea is that we live in this cosmic mind of energy.

We live within it and the key is understanding it because the thing is most people live on autopilot. You may think that most of the thoughts you're thinking about your own, some of them may be but many, many of them and most of the time they are not. We acquire the beliefs of our parents. We acquire the beliefs of what we watch.

You may be saying some things you're really passionate about, but maybe you heard someone else talk passionate about it and you're attached to it. Sometimes out here, my sister, she does forensics debate, which is something that I did in high school as well and we're talking about some stuff sometimes and I can tell that her perspectives are her purse, her perspective of her dad and her mom's. They're kind of mixed, but she thinks they're her own, but she's repeating under not just not aware of it.

She's repeating and some of the stuff that she has heard as well and it's just natural. You watched the news of the media. You might have certain perspectives and it may just be the reiteration of certain thoughts over and over again. The key is about getting to the core of who we are and understanding this idea.

Understand that we have an energy field that goes around our body. This energy field will have within it our emotions. Our intentions will have a certain momentum now when we go out and even just in public wherever we are, there's a grid of energy that's invisible to our eyes, but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist and our thoughts are actually things we may not visibly see every single thought that we have, but when we consistently you think of something.

It begins to grow the momentum within our life in the same way when we go out into public and you may say you may feel emotionally charged when someone cuts you off in traffic, you may say, that person did that to me and you feel emotionally triggered because of it. You may have also been linking up and aligning with the thoughts of the thousands of other people that have been cut off on that same road and that might be amplifying your emotion.

If you were to go to a football game, a basketball game, soccer game, whatever it is, you may feel the energy there because there are an is so much attention there. That's why a lot of people like to go to games versus watching them on TV. It's an energetic experience. What happens is that energetic experience is something that actually amplifies the energy of wherever that is and when many people are focused on one thing that amplifies the energy of it both negative and positive.

If someone does something good in the media, people are sending them a lot of positive, a lot of positive energy, someone does something bad, the exact opposite of that, and that person will feel it even at subconscious levels. Knowing that we can then ask yourself question, what thoughts are really my own? What thoughts are my own in what intentions and desires do I really have?

Some people want a Lamborghini or Ferrari just because they see all the other cool people have and they want to be cool. But why do you want to be cool? You might want to be cool because you want to feel more validated. You can get to the core of what you want and why you want it and see that. A lot of times the thoughts we have are that of other people's thoughts.

Even if we just go beyond this whole other people's thoughts, I think there is this understanding as well as this thought grid that I'm talking about, whether you agree with something that happens or disagree, if you're on either side of the spectrum, you're being sucked into that energy. For example, you may like the president, you might dislike the president, whichever side that you're on, whatever perspective you have if you are charged one way or the other that is and having a damper on your energy that is sucking your energy is.

It's almost like you're feeding that penalty, that thought form, and that form is also in a way taking some of your energy. In general, to be successful, I have found in my own life that it requires energy. Doesn't mean it has to be extremely hard, but it requires the energy of thought, the energy of emotion, and that gets skewed when it is being given in drained out by watching the news or drained out from other people that are saying, you can't do what you think you can do.

You can't do this or judging you for what you're doing. If you align with it and you let it happen, then it will drain your energy and you won't have that energy to then go in the direction of what you want to experience. This is about understanding the different layers. Let's talk about something else.

When it comes to understanding manifestation as well, certain people have already had a certain level of success within this Cosmic Mind of Manifestation. Tony Robbins talks a lot about it. The model success of someone else, and you can acquire the same results, will literally what you do when you do that, as you pick up on the vibrational pattern of it and as you pick up on the vibrational pattern of it, you start to align with it.

However, there is a paradigm that goes beyond that. To a certain level, yes, you can model the success of someone else. For example, you want to start your own art gallery. You don't know how to do it. There are other people that have done it before and you see the different steps that they took. They talked to this person, they got this type of lease.

They did it in a little art show at this type of place. They did this. They talked to this type of person, so you say, okay, if I reach out to a similar type of people, eventually something will come into my life. If I do a similar type of art show for at a smaller level, then maybe it'll lead to something else and you could follow the steps of that pattern and you can link into that level of success.

However, there's a paradigm above that where you create your own success, not necessarily from the ego's perspective, but you allow it to happen in a higher vibrational way. You give it up and you let yourself be authentic. You see, a lot of times we're trying to be someone that everyone else likes, so we're not really being our authentic selves. Go forth doing what you want to do, being authentic to you because when you do that, you create your own thought force.

You create your own momentum. I'm creating that authentic notice within this grid, this structure, and when you're different, a lot of times I can help you will. It makes me different is the esoteric information that I share. I share concepts that a lot of people don't talk about.

Ask yourself the thoughts you're having are a majority of them. Yours are most of them and many of them, other people's thoughts trying to live up to a different type of expectation, but you see within your own life, understand there's this energy field around your body. This energy field has your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, your intentions inside of it.

There's also an energy field around the planet and around each individual person, so when you're talking to other people, your energy fields are literally commingled and if you align and you resonate with what they are saying, it might be that you take on some of the vibrational resonance of it. They say you are a combination of the five people you're around the most. it's not just because you're thinking the same thoughts.

You are the combination of the five people you're around the most because you also resonate with their vibration. You start to harmonize with it so when you're aware of that, you can then become more aware of how you can let go of things that don't serve you and how you can be in the site that you prefer. The vibration you prefer, so this is about understanding the cosmic mind of manifestation.

Right now, on the planet, there is an awakening happening, an awakening of consciousness. Us becoming more aware of who we are, realizing that this life experience that we have is a temporary life human experience we're having, but we're actually spiritual beings having a human experience and one thing that happens when we come to earth as we forget who we are, there's a veil for gratefulness.

We forget who we are. We come here and part of the purpose of life is to remember who we are and as we remember who we are, we go through different levels of awareness. We start to feel empowered. We increase our vibration. We increase our level of consciousness and at a certain level what happens is we realized that everything in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true.

And what has happened right now is more and more people becoming aware of that. In the cosmic mind, there is more and more momentum around this level of awareness and around this level of awakening. And as that happens, there is a vibrational increase on the planet that is happening where things will manifest quicker than ever, where you will see things in your life change in a powerful way.

There's a certain level of integrity that's necessary. I can feel it within myself as well. Things have to be done in a certain way, in a high vibrational type mentality for them to really work and more and more people are waking up to this and it will cause a snowball effects an avalanche of this positive emotion.

Of course, some of the negative will still get brought up, but be aware. Is it negative and is it bad or is it just something you need to process? And the reason I share all of this right now with you is so that you understand that there is this consciousness shift happening and if you're reading this blog right now, it may be because you are one of the people that are going to help this process.

You're even watching this. You cannot perceive what you are not the vibration up. If you're here right now, then you're already at that level. You understand that maybe at a deeper level, this resonates with you, that there is this upgrade, this shift in consciousness that's happening on the planet right now, and that this is part of the cosmic mind manifestation upgrade.

As the vibration increases, things time will go by quicker. Things will manifest sooner to have you noticed that time goes by, so fast time. Literally, I blink and it's the next day. It is incredible how fast time is going and it's like that. For many people, as well that I speak to. I was like, is this just me? The heaviness experience, am I, am I the only one? Increase my vibration? No. We are a part of a collective whole as well.

It's not just the individual experience. It's also the collective experience as well. If you find that there are blocks in your life and maybe because you're thinking in your thoughts are being drained by that of the collective thought process. You're either a republican or democrat. Whatever it is, be aware of where it's draining your energy and put your energy on the focus of what you want to experience and understand that by you creating change within yourself, you are changing the world by use shifting your own consciousness.

You are changing the world and that one of the things that you intended to experience in this life is this. Waking up to more of who you are and then if you're here right now if you can even perceive of me saying this than you are meant to hear it. You are meant to see it and this is something that is a part of your journey as well.

Zen Manifestation Techniques That Work like MAGIC Empty Your Mind…

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the Zen Manifestation Techniques. I'm going to show you how empty in your mind is the key to attracting everything you want.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have Zen manifestation techniques, understanding how you can use some of the principles of what we would call a Yogi or what we will call someone else was very present to the moment, so present to the moment they attract everything they want and it's going to show you a new paradigm for going about manifestation.

This is something I've been thinking about for a while and it's something that actually I've been experiencing myself because you may have heard me say before that there's a powerful shift that happens when we go from having and thinking into being or is it having and doing, having to, doing into being powerful shift.

Because in your present to the moment when you're present to the moment, more of your energy is in the present moment right now, and what happens is because you're more so embodying the present moment, your state of being goes up, your vibration raises and you attract more of what you want in your life anyways. There's a couple of principles that are going to be sharing with you today. She may have heard me talk about before, but I'm going to put it in the context. It's easy to understand and stuff tonight.

You're like, oh, I could apply that in my own life, and the first one I want to talk about is simply understanding the power of emptying your mind. Why would you want to do that? Emptying your mind well, don't you want to always be thinking about your manifestation or what you wanted to experience? Well, that's actually something that many times things create. Things are created with resistance when you do that, so sometimes people have that. I'm always going to think about my goal.

If I want a relationship, I'm going to think of a relationship all the time. If I date of birth, race all the time, I'm going to try more and more of it into my life, but remember, it's not just what you're thinking about. It is how you feel about what you were thinking about, so if you are feeling resistance when you're thinking about that thing that you want, you end up creating more resistance in your life and then you experience a reality that is equal to that resistance that you feel so sometimes one of the best things you could do is actually underway. Ignore it to think about it, intend for it to feel the emotion, but then to let it go.

That's why I let him go is so powerful. That's why in these Zen manifestation techniques, there is that of emptying the mind, understanding vibrational frequency. I imagine that you have a radio dial and that you haven't tuned to a certain frequency. When it is purely tuned to a certain frequency, it's going to pick up on that frequency and it's going to sound very clear.

It's going to be very easy to hear. In the same way, our experiences in life are equal to the vibration we put out. In the same way, if you want to a reality of you being in a certain level of abundance, you have to tune to that reality to the experience that in your life.

However, if you are focused on multiple different things at the same time and you have all these different bandwidths going on, then the signal gets a little bit jumbled and what happens if you're not purely focused on that one reality, so something that has worked like magic for me is this simple idea, and I used to use this before even understood these den manifestation techniques I'm sharing with you right now.

I used to use it when I was at Barneys, New York selling woman's shoes. I would practice this little thing. What I would do is whatever I did, I would be 100 percent present with it while I did it. The idea is that you do one thing at a time. Most of the time we think, oh, multitasking. This is how we do things in the west. We multitask. We can do multiple things at the same time, however that causes a jumbled amount of energy.

Instead of having one thing that you do in one direction that you're going in, you end up being in multiple different. Your energy is dispersed for you to manifest what you want and for you to vibrate with the reality you want to experience. What you must do is you must have dialed in, focus, dialed in. Vibration. Vibration is a combination of what you think, how you feel and what you do.

You want these three things to be aligned in the direction that you're going in so that you experience it, because if there is a disturbance there because there are other thoughts, other focus, then what'll happen is you will pull in and that disperses your energy. You don't want to disperse your energy with distractions. Instead of what you want to do is you want to focus on the moment being present to the moment.

In general, for this process, understand that emptying the mind, maybe the best thing that you do because when you empty the mind, you also let go of the outcome.

When you empty your mind, you also let of go the outcome.

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The higher self is the larger aspect of us. I can see around the corner. Our ego can only see exactly what's in front, but the higher self can see how things linked together. Yes, it might look like this isn't so good, Aaron, but then it eventually it will get better. Just trust the process. That's why trust in the process is powerful and part of trusting the process is letting go, letting go of the outcome. Let go. Just let go. All you have to do is let go now. Okay, I get it.

Some people are going to hear me say, let go. Does that mean I don't do anything? Does that mean I don't think anything? Does that mean I don't feel anything? You still do that, but you let go of how things happen normally like things have to happen a certain way and the moment we give a meaning in reality that something's not happening to the blueprint. In her mind, we feel resistance.

And remember that resistant feeling will then resonate with other things in life that will reflect that resistance back, which could be a roadblock, which could be something happening. And you're like, why is this here? The key is giving positive meaning to things in life, knowing that they lead to something better or they are simply a part of the process. That's like the first part of the Zen manifestation technique I want to share with you is empty in the mind. How do you enter the mind, Aaron? I get it. I don't need them. I know this is what you do.

Emptying the mind is about observing the thoughts and observing your thoughts. It's about realizing that every thought you have is just neutral. You may think, well, I have good thoughts, bad thoughts. That's duality. I'm just saying, let's just do it as duality. That's good. That's a bad thought. It's a good time. Thoughts just are we give them meaning as to what they mean. If I were to say a word right now, Gosh, marsh and board.

Gosh, more and board. You hear that word? Gush Portion Board. What does it mean to you? What does it mean? Gosh, abortion board, how do you feel when I say God's more board now, but the mind will do is if I say, well, German mood and is going to Zulu to this and all of these different things, but if you had no idea what it meant, you had no other associations in your mind even I don't know how to feel about it, but I'd be like, Yo, you know, what you want to onboard means high vibrational feeling in your heart and a connection between all things. And you might be like, Yo, I kinda like that word. I like that word because I'd given the meaning of the context for what that is. And the same way all our, all our thoughts are simply thoughts.

And when you observe them, they don't get caught up in the mind. It's only when you judge the thoughts that they get caught up in the mind and then they stay there. But instead of what you do is they go into the mind and you say, Oh, I see you and you let it be there. Then they start to go away. That's the key is the observation. By emptying your mind, your vibration will be purer and when your vibration is more appeared, whatever you focus on has more intensity.

Think about it in the form of intensity, but if your energy is dispersed, you got thoughts going everywhere. Your energy can't really clear. You can't really attract what you want because you've got everything going in all directions in the same way. Have a radio. You want it dialed in. You want to dial into the frequency you want. You don't want it to static. You get static. When your focus is going in many directions, you don't want that static. You want the intensity of focus. The best way I've found to do that is to just simply focused on one thing at a time.

I remember working as I said at Barneys New York, I'll in women's shoes is what I was doing and what I would do is I would help one customer and I would just help that customer. I would focus on them and how can I add value or whatever it was. I sold women's shoes, but if I was focused on that customer and then looking at other customers thinking, oh, I wonder if I could pick up those customers and what I'm going to do this. I'm going to go into that. Do that. I wasn't trusting in the process which was busy and I had to, but in general, I would focus on one person at a time and by focusing on one person at a time, I was able to be present at by doing one thing at a time.

I'd go in the back. I would do something and I would just be present with it. How you do one thing is how you do everything, so if your energy is dispersed in a million different directions, then what'll happen is you'll continue to create experience is where things in your life feel very dispersed in many different ways. You'll feel like you can't really get a handle on things thinking about it in the terms of, like I said, like the radio dial, dial in on what you want and stay tuned to it for as long as it resonates and then you can change it, but don't try to multitask. Don't try to do many different things at the same time.

Keep it focused. On one point, when I even look at my success on YouTube, for example, it came from unfocused. If I was like, Yo, I want to be on YouTube and Instagram and Facebook and all of this stuff, I would've had my eggs in so many different baskets. I wouldn't have gained momentum. Have the focus. Stay focused on one thing you want to experience. You can move onto something else. It doesn't mean you can't ever focus on something else.

It just means that while you have a strong intention, be honest with yourself and put the energy in that direction, have an intensity about it, and then let go of all the distractions and then you'll let go of the disbursements of all that energy. It takes energy for amazing things to happen, so put that energy in that direction, so that's also a Zen manifestation technique. I got more for you though. You might be like, Yo, that's like mind-blowing.

All this stuff is mind-blowing. I never heard of this stuff before, but there's still more. Alright, here's the next step. The next one is something I've shared before. You may have heard it. It is called decreasing importance and also decrease in desire. We can talk about both those decrease in importance as in desire. When you look and you studied eastern philosophy, there's this powerful understanding of letting go. I guess talking about it a little bit ago, letting go.

It's very powerful. In terms of vibration. When you say, I really want this, you are saying, I don't currently have it, because if you had what you wanted, you wouldn't want it, so vibrational resonance is what you're looking at here. The key is instead of saying, I want that focus on the person, you will become, focus on your vibration. Your vibration is a combination of what you think, how you feel and what you do. Align these three things to that best version of you, and it's not that you're trying to fake it till you make it.

It's at you're letting go of what's inauthentic anyways because if you're doing what you're passionate about, that is who you are. When I make these videos, they are who I am like this is what I'm passionate about, so it's very easy for me to be in that vibrational frequency and you do it. You find that then there's less desire in the way I really need to get somewhere else and what I'm learning is the more I let go, the more amazing things begin to happen.

I recently got back from Costa Rica and when I was in Costa Rica, but always say it like that when I was in Costa Rica, I was learning to let go up swaying a little bit about that right now. Before I went to Costa Rica grind mode, grind, grind, grind, make videos, make videos, take action, take action, business stuff, business stuff, website stuff, website stuff over and over and over again.

Wake up every day, business grind, grind, grind. I love doing it though. That's the thing is I love doing it. However, I realized I had been working since February 2000. I've been working. Yeah, February 2017. I haven't had even one day off because I make videos every single day, bro. I was like, Dang, I need a day off and I've been trying to take days off and I'm like, I want to do stuff. I like doing what I do. You know what I mean?

But when I went to Costa Rica, what I did is I said, you know what, this next week I'm going to be here for a week with other YouTubers, with other friends. I said, I ain't going to make one video. I did make a couple of videos. I'm not going to lie, but I'll talk about that in a minute. What I did though is I had. I did not wake up every morning and do my normal morning routine.

I did not go into YouTube and actually even comment. I'll share that with you in a minute as well, and what I did is I just simply got up, ate, had fun. I didn't even make. Last time I was there, I was there in November 2017. I made videos every day, state of my morning routine, all that stuff, so you know I'm not going to do any of that because I want to wire it into my mind in my belief system that I don't have to take as much action to be successful. You see certain beliefs will serve for a certain period of time.

It'd be sending a signal to myself, conscious mind that I can upgrade to a new paradigm, a new belief system. That's what I did. However, of course, the ego wants to get a little bit involved. I said, okay, I'm not going to make videos, but within what happened, I go into my YouTube channel to comment on people's stuff and comment on my stuff and you know, be like, hey, you know, someone's like, hey, this video. I'm like, oh, that's cool. Love you.

And I would go in there to do that and guess what? I go to log in. I don't remember my password. Guess what? They have to send me a verification. My phone. Guess what? I'm in Costa Rica. Guess what? I can't get into my phone to verify it to get into my YouTube channel. I'm locked out of my channel for like four days so I can't even get into my YouTube channel to comment and reply to people. Guess what I did? I took it as a sign the university saying, no, Aaron, we got you really let go. It's okay, we'll let it go. You don't even have to get your channel to common every day. I waited three or four days until because I wanted to get in my channel because I like to engage with people that watch my videos and I like to go back and forth.

I think that's important because I want people to know that I'm there and yeah. That was kind of my mindset about it, but that's what I did. I waited for three, four days, then I got in and all I, it was common and then start making videos. The last day there I made a whole bunch of videos because I was with like four or five.

I was with four other YouTubers, so we made videos the very last day that we're there. But for the first six days, I really didn't make any videos. It's a lot of Instagram stories, but that's so easy and casual, you know. But that's what I did is I learned to let go. I wanted to share that with you because I let go and by letting go because I almost allowed more to come in. Let go. Then I was, I realized that so much more creativity has come through.

I've had like the shift in my own awareness. Maybe you feel it in my videos, maybe they feel more authentic. If you look pre-Costa Rica, those videos, there's an energy behind me. I'm still doing what I love this a little bit different vibe, you know what I mean? That’s the key is letting go now decrease importance. Anytime we make something very, very important, we put it on a pedestal. The moment we put it on a pedestal, we create this resistance and we create this potential for that thing to get taken away.

The key to this is to take it off the pedestal. How do you take something off the pedestal where you see what happens? You put on a pedestal. What you're saying is that your current self-image, it's not linked up to what that is. If someone were to look, it's a whoa hundred thousand dollars a year, that's crazy. They put it on a pedestal. What they're saying is that my self-image is not that I'm capable of making $100,000 a year, but if you believe that you can make $100,000 a year, you will look at that and go, oh, that's just what I can do. It's so natural and it's not that big of a deal.

If there's someone that you're attracted to and you put them on a pedestal, they're going to feel that resistance, but if instead you see yourself as worthy of talking to them and you could care less about how they respond to you because you're not attached to the outcome, then guess what happens? There's more likely for that attraction to be there because they don't feel that neediness. It's an energetic type thing and the same way when it comes to your manifestations if you really wanted do you have a car you just bought and it's really important that nobody touches your car.

It's really important that cars don't park so close to it. It's really important that rocks don't hit it. When you're driving. What is the best version of you and how are you being? How are you acting? What are you doing? What I imagine the best version of me traveling the world, giving seminars, very dynamic seminars in front of crowds going like this with my hands when I imagined me just saying, expand your awareness over and over and over again in front of crowds. It's like that's just.

That's just natural. You know what? If I was like, oh my God, that'd be so cool to not only be on YouTube, go and expand your awareness, but to be in front of crowds, going, hey, murders zone, and expand your awareness. How cool would that be? If I put it on a pedestal, I am emphasizing the vibrational resistance between where I am to "we're. I want to be, but instead what I can do is acknowledge that I can, that I'm that person now and that by having that equal level vibration with it, I'm no longer creating that resistance.

I no longer creating that disparity in vibration, that dissonance, I am closing that gap, bridging it and I am here and I'm going from having and doing into being I'm being so. That's the key. Everything I'm sharing with you right now is Zen manifestation techniques and just to summarize a little bit, empty your mind, stay tuned to the frequency you want and focus on what you doing and are doing.

One hundred percent. Don't disperse your energy yet so you might have, I want a relationship and I want this and I want that, but be honest with your priorities and when you're focused on one thing, do it 100 percent. When I was focused in Costa Rica on relaxing, I was focused on enjoying myself. It wasn't without purpose. As I'm back in the real world, what I do is when I go do things, I focused on doing whatever I'm doing.

For example, I'll go film the video and filming a video right now out of this I go and edit a video. I'm going to edit that video. I'm not going to do other things. I mean sometimes I'll do it, but for the most part, I'm just going to edit that video and then what I do is after that I might go to the gym. I'm going to the gym 100 percent, not think about work, don't think about other stuff.

Then what I'll do is I might relax, watch Netflix thing. I will sit down and watch a Netflix thing, go hang out with friends. What I'm going to do, I'm going to do it 100 percent with the intention of being present to the moment, and by doing so, I bring presence into the present moment like gifts, like gifts ever say. The whole stereotypical prisons will give through whatever it's true, it's true, and you become more things in their life will become more magical when you do that as well. Because when you're present to the moment, you're more tuned into synchronicity.

These are Zen manifestation techniques, manifestation techniques you may have never heard of, but I think they can change your life intensity, the intensity of focus, of being be present to the moment. Watch what happens. Something else I'll be doing is more live Q&As, not just cues, not just but both Q&A's on Instagram. If you would like to interact with me, I did one and a half hour long Instagram Q&A yesterday and it was really cool.

3 Higher Vibrational Manifestation Secrets That Change EVERYTHING

What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three higher vibrational manifestation secrets that can totally transform your life. These are things that when I began to apply in my life, things began to explode with synchronicity, and I think that they'll help you do the same.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have those three manifestation secrets that have allowed my life to explode, the synchronicity there, understanding things from a different perspective, a little bit of a higher perspective than maybe most people would focus on, and it has to do with understanding these levels right over here.

Eventually, you'll see that of neutrality, which is where we learn how to observe our thoughts. Then you'll see that of reason. The reason is the intellect is the mind. It understands that our beliefs create our reality. Then you get to that of love, joy, peace and above. This is all the different states of consciousness and these different states of consciousness we'll all have with it a certain type of reality. When we look at it from the lower levels of consciousness, maybe 200 and a bulb below, that's when we're creating things from neediness.

I need to create this. I want this. That's when we think we have to work hard for it and we have a lot of blocks that come into the way. There are many people that may be created from that paradigm. Then you get to the Middle Paradigm. The Middle Paradigm would be that of around 300 to 500 middle paradigms is where a lot of the videos on my YouTube channel has been lately.

That is understanding that our beliefs create our reality that rather than trying to go out there to change anything, to go out to the mirror reflection, because reality is a mirror. It's reflecting back to us our vibration, our state of being in our beliefs, and instead of trying to go out there to change outer reality, we must first change the inner reality and if we become aware of how our beliefs create our reality within change that in a powerful way so we could say that that is a part of the higher-level consciousness, but there's actually a level even beyond that.

The level beyond that is when we get into 500.  Einstein himself was that a $4, 99, which means he was right at the verge. You took the intellect as far as it could possibly go, and he was starting to teeter on the edge of love, which in order to get to you actually have to drop the beliefs. You have to see beliefs for what they are. Beliefs are vehicles that we use for a period of time and you may trade in those vehicles.

You may trade in those beliefs. You may believe for a certain period of time that you're capable of making $80,000 a year and you may one day say, you know what, I want to make $100,000 a year, and then what you do if you trade in that belief. Our is one of those beliefs. True and what not true. It just depends on the perspective. There are both actually neutral. It's just based on what you identify with and how you see yourself. In order to get to 500, you actually have to like go a bulk belief.

You have to see them for what they are. They're just beliefs and when you realize that you can let go of past patterning and past conditioning and the old self-image, you start to transcend from having and doing into being. When you're being, you're more so present to the moment. You're more so here. You're more so in the vibrational state that you want to be in and that's where things began to really happen in a very powerful way.

When we're looking at manifestation in general, when we're looking at higher level manifestation, let's look at it from the five hundred and above, and let me share with you those three secrets that I have found throughout this process.

1.    Letting go

The first one has to do with simply letting go of how things happen because the how it comes from the belief from the four 99 and below and give it up to a higher source of energy.

This higher source of energy could be your higher self, could be some divine component that you feel connected to. And when you do that, you let it go beyond the intellectual ego structure. For example, something that I've done with this is I allow things to happen as they are, and I say yes to the present moment. You know many times in our life, we assume that when something happens that we don't think it should be there.

That's coming from the ego, the $400 for 99 and below we start to feel resistance because things aren't going according to the blueprint in our own mind. The key to this is being aware of that blueprint rule that we had inside of our mind about how things had to be to be aware of it, but then to simply decide that, hey, I'm going to let it go.

It doesn't have to serve me. The thing is we are all connected and because we are all connected, we can see synchronicity run through many different ways. You can say that's just a coincidence, but there really is no coincidence. It's all synchronicity that is running through us and will become more aware of it. That's where the power is, is simply becoming more aware of the synchronicity that is already there.

The same thing with like the Law of Attraction. We create our own reality. We all do it whether we're aware of it or not. If you're learning about the law of attraction or it's something you're passionate about or you-you know about, you're just more aware of the synchronicity in what you're already creating in your life. They're just not aware of the synchronicity does there. They're not aware of the thoughts that are thinking to what they're experiencing.

We're all connected. That's why what you put out is what you get back because what you do to someone else, you do another aspect of you now, the ego you necessarily, but this deeper stream of energy. When you set the intention for you to give it up to your higher self, you allow for there to be new avenues for things to come to you.

What if the best possible case scenario of your ego self-was of the best thing you can imagine is actually the floor of the higher mind? What if you're limiting yourself by saying, I want to attract x, y, z, and there's actually more in store for you, but you're limiting yourself by thinking that and if he said, just gave it up to your higher mind and trusted and surrendered to it, it would then find something even more amazing for you.

When I find myself getting too resistant with the way my ego is doing things with like, okay, I need to make this many videos for YouTube. I need to grow and to become more. What I do is I let go and some days it's easier than others, but I let go of the outcome I let go and I trust that the process is going to work itself out. I trust my higher self to figure it out.

Maybe even in ways that go beyond what my intellect is configuring out, but to move from for $99 to 500, we have to let go of seeing just the beliefs are what they are. They're just beliefs. Maybe you have negative beliefs. Be aware of them and just realize that there are both true and not true. Everything in life is a half-truth because it depends on the perspective of it.

Some people will have certain perspectives and other people will have different perspectives. It all depends on the person that is perceiving of it. When we change our perception, we change our reality, but there is a state where we get into when we surrender it to a higher stream of energy, which can be a higher self. Whatever label you want to give it, you allow it to come through in a much more powerful way because you get out of the ego or you're aware of the ego, but you surrender to a larger stream of energy.

Enlightened people of the past have talked about this. When you let more of this energy flow through, it will create more and more amazing things for you because you realize that you aren't your ego. You transcend your ego by being aware of it, and then you start to exist in this higher vibrational state, in this higher vibrational state, which is love, joy, and peace.

2.    Vibration Intensity

The second secret I want to share with you has to do with understanding the intensity of your vibration, the intensity of your energy. I've found for myself, this is just me talking from personal experience that success I have come from a great amount of focus because the more focused I put on something, the more intensity that vibration grows. Imagine that everything you see around you at one point was probably in your life and you made it more probable with your focus, with your thoughts and with your beliefs.

You allowed it into your life experience. Certain things, if you want to create a great degree of change from where you are to where you want to be, one thing you may need to do is to focus on something for a certain period of time or to have a high degree of charge of focus on something so even if it's not a great degree of time, it's an intensity and what you do is having that greater intensity is where things begin to manifest that.

A very quick rate because everything around us is probabilities and vibration anyways. This is why something like meditation is very powerful because when you meditate, you diffuse the charge of negative thoughts which no longer drain your energy. If you're in shame, fear, guilt in the lower vibrations, that will drain your energy. Some people say, why can I attract what I want? But what is happening is they have these blocks within them of being attached to these lower vibrational states of emotion, and that's blocking them from having the energy to manifest what they want.

If you are doing and overthinking, then learn to observe your thoughts. Allow your thoughts to be there, observed them. That diffuses the charge of it. And in that observation and in that neutrality, the negative thoughts go away and your vibration increases. This is why many people have a very high vibration, are able to just observe their thoughts. They're able to realize they are not their thoughts, they may think thoughts, but they are not their thoughts. In the same way, you can learn how to observe your thoughts and as you observe your thoughts, they no longer have that much power over you.

You can look at this in many different ways. You could say the food that you eat has a certain vibration. If you're eating heavy foods, it's taken away your energy. They don't aren't going to have that energy to focus on other things and there's even an intimate correlation between the food that you eat to how your brain works, so if you're not able to think clearly, then you're going to feel that cloudiness and you're not going to.

Be able to manifest what you want because it's hard to focus, but remember it's more than just ahead. It's about connecting to the heart and in general, the food will influence how much energy we have because if we eat heavier food, it takes your body a lot of energy to break it down, so eat food that is alignment with you. Watch things that are in alignment with you.

If you're in a higher frequency, state and things are easier to manifest.

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Consume content that is in alignment with you, the deeper core of you, the higher vibrational aspect of you because then you're in a higher frequency state and things are easier to manifest.

Anyways. I love making videos. I'm in that high frequency when I make videos, so it's about being aware of that and then focusing on cultivating that vibration because the more you're in that high vibrational state, the more things will manifest easily for you anyways.

This is a secret of manifestation I think a lot of people overlook, but if you find that you have these blocks in your life, it could be that you're attaching to these negative emotions without being aware of it. And as you let go of it, your vibration will naturally raise as you do what you're passionate about, your vibration will begin to raise as you surrender it to the higher mind, your vibration will begin to raise. The Ego doesn't have to do everything. You can allow it to be easier than you think.

3.    Cosmic mind of reality

When we move into the third secret, this is also about understanding the cosmic mind of reality, that we're all connected. There's a certain way that this reality that we live in because this reality as a form of virtual reality, we interpret our reality through the five senses that appears very real, but at a higher level of consciousness. We are asleep right now dreaming. ​

That was a crazy dream and there's a lot of things I learned. Life is both a dream, a game in a school at the same time, school because there are things that we learn. There are different lessons now people, a lot of people have a negative connotation with school, so doesn't have to be that serious. That's when we can realize life is a form of gain because when you figure out how things work, you can have more fun with it.

A game is also more fun and when you find out that your beliefs create your reality, you can go in and architect your beliefs in a new way and create a new reality for yourself and about life is also a dream because at a greater sense of consciousness, that greater level you are dreaming, this is who you are. You're so much more than you can imagine and this is very temporary.

It appears real because it's consistent. It's a consistent drink and goes like this and make a sound. You're like, oh, well that's real, but that's just vibrational interpretation of what we identify with being real because of our beliefs, so we can go beyond all of this and when we see this, we can see that we're all connected. There's a certain intention of the system itself and right now on the planet, it is about awakening to higher levels of consciousness of who we are.

That is what is happening right now on the planet now, what's happening at different levels, so it might not be like you're watching the news. I'm like, where's that happening on the news? It depends on where you look, but there are more people waking up to this information than ever before. Even look at my YouTube channel, you can look at other people coming out with this information. You can look at different networks.

This information is coming out and more people are becoming aware that they create their own reality. More people becoming aware of all this. The system itself of reality is a co collective creation. We're all in this together. What timelines we experienced, what probabilities we experienced as a collective reality of everyone on this planet will depend on our beliefs, our thoughts and our emotions as a collective. As we change our beliefs about reality, our reality begins to change and that's what's happening right now.

The way the system works is when you are doing something to help the system to help the universe, the universe also helps you back because it wants to help you help itself. In a way, like we realize we're more divine, we also realized that we can be of service to the collective. This is something I attribute my whole success on YouTube too, is my intention to add value to as many people as possible, knowing that we're all part of the same level.

We're all part of the same consciousness. We're all facets of it and because I have that intention, the universe wants to support me as well. It's a very spiritual thing. The Universe is saying, here you go, Aaron, keep going to this direction. Keep adding value. You will keep getting rewarded for it because I'm also not identifying with the ego aspects of it.

I'm just letting it flow through what I make these videos. I just allow whatever flows through to flow through. There's very little ego Aaron involved. Yes, I have to decide to turn on the camera and I have to decide to get in here. I have to do this every day. They don't have to, but I choose to, but I allow this greater stream of energy to flow through and as I do, there's more information.

There's more here for me and the more that I aligned with that pure intention, the more adds value to other people. If you want to add value to other people, if you want to create what you want, a very powerful way, start to have the intention of helping the system itself. Does that mean you have to help the whole planet? You have to become a YouTuber or somebody that's like making content like I make content or anything, but it could be that you have this intention of adding value to other people.

This is something from the book think and grow rich is something from many different levels, but look at any successful entrepreneur and they add value in some way, whether that's solving a problem, whether that's something just like scrub daddy that's just scrubbing things in a certain temperature, you know, from shark tank or whatever.

It adds value to people. That's why it's done like $100,000,000 in sales. There are different levels to it. I'm not saying that you have to become like some person that just wants to give their whole entire life and, and be a certain way to add value to people. But if you have a general intention of helping people solve problems, or having a general intention to add value to people, then that will come back to you because you are helping the system itself. When you help the system itself, the system helps you.

When you help the universe and you become in a way a soldier of the universe. It's almost like the universe will then give you more to work with. Right now, my intention is to add value to as many people as possible and I feel like things are just aligning for me to do that. As long as I don't get carried away with my ego and think that I am the one.

All of this, it's a balance of the divine flowing through me, me realizing it. But you are the same. I don't want you to hear me say this. It'd be like, well Erin's divine because he's doing this. You are divine. You are, and if you're listening to this video, it might be a message that you need to hear right now. You are divine. You are connected to this larger stream of energy.

It's a part of who you are. I'm just here to help you remember who you are. Allow it to flow through, give up your manifestations to your higher mind. Surrender to the moment and watch what happens. Watch how things happen. Even more amazing than you can imagine, but surrender it to a larger stream of energy. Understand that the more energy you have, the more you'll manifest in, the more you'll be in this high vibrational state.

Observe your thoughts, let go of the negativity, observe it for what it is, and then realize we're all connected, so when you add value to the system, the system will add value to you. When you are having the intention appear intention of adding value, the universe will literally manifest for you. Those are three things that I've learned, three things that have totally transformed my life and I hope they're able to transform your life as well if you apply them.

This whole shift thing that I'm sharing with you, the soul shifts up the vibration states of consciousness. There's something I'm actually creating called the Shift Experience with Aaron Doughty. It's going to be a whole experience for going through these levels of consciousness and really manifesting in a higher-level paradigm.

Muscle Testing and the Law of Attraction LIVE Demonstration feat Gavin Stephenson

What we're going to show you is how to use muscle testing with the law of attraction when it shows you how to break past limitations and how to start living from a totally new paradigm.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I have here, Gavin from Wakeup Fulfilled. Right now, we're in Costa Rica. How are you liking Costa Rica? It's beautiful. It's beautiful hair, nice web, a nice treat. Hearing the crickets at night. There's three other YouTubers as well that it. We're here at this place called Rhythmia in Costa Rica, and we're having a great time or all.

Last day we went through a whole week of transformation and now it's all about we're trying to pump out as many videos as cancer that will give you guys a whole bunch of content. Today what we're going to be talking about, something that I know Gavin showed me a long time ago and it has to do with something I read in the book called power vs force, so maybe some of you guys know and have seen my videos when I show that scale of consciousness at a scale consciousness.

There are different emotions that vibrate at a certain frequency and the idea is that as we move up this vibrational scale, we increased our frequency. What Gavin knows and what Gavin has shown me is that there is a process that he uses which is called muscle testing and muscle testing will make you aware of what you believe to be true and maybe you've seen the videos where I talk about how beliefs create our reality, but there's this really cool process that might have Gavin share with you that has to do with knowing whether you believe something is possible.

Because the thing is, if you don't believe something's possible, you're not even going to start taking action with it. You're not going to move in that direction. You must believe it to be true before you. Actually, start moving to that direction. Do you want to share a little bit about muscle testing and how powerful it is and how you've used it in your life?

First, I wanted to talk about abundance and money because I've always wanted to make more money in my life because I grew up in a really rough neighborhood and stuff and no money was like a big deal for me. And what I found is like, I had these beliefs that were stopping me from achieving success. In fact, I got to the point where I was actually making a lot of money. But what would happen if I would self-sabotage because I have beliefs underlying that?

That said I can only make 60 k per year. We would like to share with you how to muscle test and find out exactly how much you could potentially make per year and in how to change that and give you the ability to manifest small because you don't want to like put hot effort into creating some fake into your reality and using a lot of force when using a lot of force. What happens is you ruined your health, it doesn't feel good, it's stressful, and what you want to do when it comes to taking action is it needs to be more flowing, more enjoyable.

Because if you're unmotivated and you're trying to push yourself all the time. Gary Vaynerchuk started like hustle, grind. You really hurt yourself. It's unhealthy to do long-term, especially if you're not fully aligned emotionally and mentally now. But when you are mentally and emotionally aligned, it's like easy to hustle because it's just like something you just do naturally because you're in love with it. You, you're aligned with it and stuff of this nature.

Muscle testing is basically a part of an applied kinesiology and what it allows you to do is find out certain beliefs that you had, have even chiropractors use it in their practices and stuff to find out, you know, what vertebrae’s are out of alignment and stuff like this. We can do it to find out beliefs. We can do it to find out what's wrong with our body. We can do it for many different things.  I'm muscle testing is simply using a part of your body.

We can actually test Aaron right now to find out what he believes. He can make a quick trick. What we're going to do is we're going to use his body. We'll find out and see what it is. If you put your arm at your friend and find out. What we're going to do is going to say, do I believe I can make $100,000 beer?

Do I believe for $200,000 a year? Can you just push it? Push your arm uptight. When his arm is strong that means it's a yes. When his arm is weak, it means it's a "No". That means it's not. What we want to do is find out where his, know his and when we find out where he is now is we know that's his cap of how much he believes he can potentially make.

Alright. Let's try a $500,000 per year. Do you believe you can make $500,000 per year?  That's still strong. What about a million dollars? Oh, that's pretty strong. Let's go really high. $5. Million dollars per year. We're getting a little weaker there. And then we're going to do $10,000,000 per year. What do you, what do you need to do and if he wants to increase that to 10 million, which she doesn't necessarily have to, but if you want to increase that, what he will do is find out when he says $10,000,000 per year in his body, what he would do, he is, you would look for, you know, a feeling or a sensation in his body where he has like a weakness or like a dull ache or maybe like a sensation or an emotion.

Maybe for me when I hear 10 million, I feel like a back here in the back of my neck, like a sensation back here. It feels like there might be beliefs that I have around that. What you do is you look into that particular frequency, that energy right there, and you just start repeating some Hano Pono Pono.

I don't know if you've heard of that before, but you simply repeat, I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. Over and over and over again. Wow. Show feeling that sensation. And what will happen to begin to happen is that particular vibrational frequency will start to dissolve.

For you at home what you want to do is you can actually use a different technique than if you're with someone you can actually test the belief doing it like we just shared with you. Strong would be a yes. And we could be a no. Or you can use. This is the one I use and I teach in my programs is you, you do this little circle thing right here and then you put these two fingers and believe in.

Sorry, you put these two in between and then you push them apart. Pushing them apart when it's strong, that's a yes. When it's weak, that's if, if I say a man named Gavin, right? It's nice and strong. My name's Aaron is like really weak. That's basically how your tests. You can test. I believe I can make $100,000 per year and I'll get it?

Yes. Do I believe that to make $10,000,000 per year, I get a clear "No", right? I noticed beliefs. It's actually stopping me from reaching $10,000,000 per year. You don't necessarily need to believe that, but if you're someone at home and you want to increase your income, get a job that you want to manifest into your life or you know, start a business or whatever it is he needs to be fully aligned with that.

And the way you do that is by finding the beliefs that you have around it. And then you release the energy from around it just by using the Hano Pono Pono technique can just repeat it. I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. Over and over and over again until you feel like the energy has completely gone. And the funny thing is like, you know, there's a lot of affirmations and like, you know, subliminal and stuff.

And what I find is if you still have that belief like here that you can't make more than $10,000,000, beer, that emotion is still there, it's going to be hard for you that. You get to that level and actually sustain it for a long period of time. That's really cool. I didn't know he's going to do that. We're going to do the live demonstration. I thought that was really cool though. I could feel it too. Every time you went up it was. I could still. It felt strong at 100 and $500 and a million even if I was strong.

But it's, I could feel it. It was, it was, it was getting weaker as he went. Like I could feel the resistance begin to like increase where it was harder to do. But yeah, that's really cool. You guys can do is go like Gavin said, put your fingers like this and between and then test it and you'll get the answer to what yes or no is. And this, what he sharing right now is the same stuff they taught that they talk about in the book, power versus force was Dr. David Hawkins is muscle testing, understanding that our muscles and our body is integrated with the subconscious mind.

Some people, I even said, I think I felt like Elliot wholesale before. It's like your body is the subconscious mind. There are parts of your body that correlate with certain, with certain beliefs. And even I was just at that stem cell thing that I'm doing and there's laser they port, they put on certain parts of the body with correlate with certain organs which also correlate with certain emotions in which we correlate with certain decision-making processes and certain adrenal glands and all of this different stuff. The bodies like the map, but it's about becoming aware of that and allowing and diffusing energy.

Because even if you, if you don't believe that you can make a certain amount per year and you listen to affirmations, you do all this stuff, it's cluttering up the mind. And it might be like, you know, maybe you start to believe it a little bit, but there's always going to be that resistance. It's like a tug of war like if you believe, I went to, I believe that I can have a successful business, but at the same time money is evil, but there's a huge conflict there. It's like a tug of war.

You're battling back and forth and that's why that's why you need to do to releasing and be fully aligned with what you are wanting to create. The other part of this I wanted to touch on briefly is the power of just awareness because what you told me, it's funny because he said that his belief that he used to believe was he can make $60,000 per year.

My belief used to be $60,000 per year as well. And I worked at Barneys, New York selling women's shoes and every year when I do my taxes it was like almost right on it, like 63,000 or $60,000. And there were, there was one year where I think I got, I got like $10,000 as something, I forget what it was for a bonus or something like that. And when I got it, it was gone very quickly.

It was almost like it was like sabotage and that's because of the power of the self-image, the way we see ourselves, our subconscious mind will do everything it can to be consistent to the way we see ourselves.

It's like no matter what we do, it's like the subconscious mind is going to say, yeah, okay, Aaron keeps trying. You know what I mean? But you're, you're, you're only eight capable of this.

But the key is to know that you're in. You were inside a box, you were inside a box of I can only make $60,000 per year. Once you become aware of the box is when you start to transcend it because in that awareness you come out of the box, you look at the box and you say, I don't use this anymore. I was just unaware. I was in a box. I was unaware of my self-image.

The first step you can take right now is to become aware of your self-image, become aware of what your blocks are or become aware of your, how you see yourself and then work on these different beliefs. Work on beliefs about money, work on beliefs about relationships, work on beliefs about life in general, and if you come up to a certain point where Gavin was saying is imagined on the part of the body and see where you feel that sensation go within.

And you might say like when he was talking about his money beliefs in his neck. When I think of it for some reason goes around my heart. I can feel like there's little pool in my heart when I think of like 10 million a year or something. Maybe there's something, some belief I have that's attached to love, or it's attached to me doing my passion for a living and there's some subconscious child stuff, or you know, I don't know, but that's where I feel it.

What I would do is I would do Hano Pono Pono on my heart center and I would wait until that energy starts to subside. I would wait till it starts to. It starts to loosen up and go away, and that's when we start to change our reality. That's a great thing. You don't need to know. Go back to your childhood and find out the exact belief or what happened to whatever it is. You just need to feel the sensation in your body. You need to find where it is.

It's easy to feel you just close your eyes, the Cynthia self, that brief a little bit and just think about that. The money that you want or being in a relationship or whatever it is. Maybe when you think about relationships and maybe you've been cheated on in the past, so you went freestone thinker, whatever is filled with that is in your body and start dissolving that because what you're doing actually is forgiving yourself. You're releasing the energy and your sub, dispelling it out of your system and once that vibration is gone, you know, it changes everything.

And one of the examples around like the $60,000 Ba is like people who win the lottery, they win the lottery and then they lose it all off the few years, $100, million they spent over $100, million dollars and they don't pay their taxes and they're screwed, right? 100 million dollars because they saw themselves as only able to maybe make $100,000, you know, or, or less or maybe like $50,000.

Like you will always come back to what you believe and what you feel. You always come back to what you're resonating. Imagine yourself like a radio station that's turned into a specific frequency. Do you want to ask yourself what frequency are you tuned into? Right, and once you find out and you learn more about yourself, you able to grow that and raise that to a higher vibrational frequency, which goes back to the power versus force.

Why don't you raise your vibration on the scale of the power versus force? What starts to happen is you're starting to allow more into your life and you have this sort of force that you have this energy, power, powerful entity to help you create more, more what you would prefer, what you would like to see. Whereas if you're on a lower scale is struggle and frustration. When I first started my business, I was working a nine to five job, you know, a forklift driver book in 10 hours a day, sleeping like four, five hours a night, and it was really grinding point, a lot of effort in.

I got really sick, stressful anxiety, depression using a little force, a lot of. Yeah, a lot of fun for us. Yeah. Now I'm using a lot of power, right? Which are a much higher vibrational state and I'm able to allow more into my life? Yeah. Thank you. I, I think this is, is, it's like getting to the core. It's like a lot of people try to change the outer reflection in their life.

They go around, you know, and even me, for a long time I was trying to change the outside, can I change this? Can I change the external? But the key is actually to change on the inside and when you become aware of these beliefs, then the outer reflection changes anyways. But it's all about awareness. It's all about being present to the moment. It's all about allowing the emotions to be there. It's about self-love.

That's why Hano Pono Pono can be very powerful because you're literally giving yourself the love that you maybe haven't given yourself before. And then as you change, that changed your vibrational frequency and then it changes everything in your life.

Hano Pono Pono can be very powerful because you're literally giving yourself the love that you maybe haven't given yourself before.

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The Vibrational Purge: What it is and How to Deal with it

I'm going to be sharing with you more on what is called the vibrational purge. I'm going to show you how to deal with it moving forward so that you raise your vibration to totally new heights.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I’m going to be sharing with you more on what is called the vibrational purge. This is a name for something of that is happening on the planet right now and I'm going to share with you how you can move through this so that ultimately you let go of the things that no longer serve and then you raise your vibration. This is something that this kind of coin. It's not necessarily like the movie, The Purge, where there's going to be people that come find you or I don't even know what that movie's about, to be honest with you.

But it's not like that. Basically, what the vibrational purge is, is it's a collective shift in consciousness that has been happening and will continue to happen as time goes on. And you may feel it, feel it, felt it, you may have felt it. You may be feeling it right now, that there are things that are no longer resonating with you, that as time goes on, there are some people that resonate less with you.  Well, one of the main reasons that are happening right now is because on the planet there is a shift in consciousness that is happening. Some people call this ascension.

There are different names for this, but in essence what is happening is people are waking up to more of who they are. Many people are going through what is called a spiritual awakening, and what is happening is as people become more aware of who they are, as each individual person changes and starts to shed, the old part of them increases their frequency.

As they increase their frequency, it adds to the collective frequency of many people experiencing this. Back in 2012, when I went through my spiritual awakening, it was. There were a lot fewer people going through it. It was more of a taboo thing and even before that, some people have been around since a lot we know since the eighties. I mean it also a lot before that, but just people that I've spoken to is like, yeah, they'd been going through this for 15, 20, 30, 40 years and it's this level of the purge that's happening that was happening right now is we're at a pinnacle right now where the vibrations continue to speed up and as the vibrations continued to speed up.

The more and more people are becoming aware and things that used to serve just aren't serving any longer. I know for me there are things, activities I used to do and I can't even do them if I wanted to now because the vibration has sped up to a point to where if I did it would just like throw a wrench in everything.

For example, last night I went and took my family out for food because it was Thanksgiving. I didn't feel like cooking. I brought them out to a restaurant and ate some food and the food was much heavier and I haven't eaten like that in a very long time and I could definitely feel the pull on my body from that and it's because there is this higher frequency that we start to exist in and we all have the potential to do it.

I'm not special because I've YouTube channel or anything. I'm just saying that when you start to do this, you'll see that your body almost starts to operate at a higher level and in the same way that your body will operate at a higher level, your emotions will operate at a higher level. Your awareness will operate a higher level and old things will really throw a wrench in it.

That's what happened last night is I eat some food. It wasn't the best food. Today I'm kind of like, I'm starting to get back there, but that is something that we must be calmer, more aware of. What is this collective shift in consciousness that I'm talking about? Well, if you want more information on this, there is a source. Her name is Dolores Cannon. She actually passed away within the last like five years and she has 17 books app. These 17 books will show you transcripts from thousands of people that had been under what is called QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. This technique puts them in the deepest levels of brainwave activity and when we're in that when they're in that activity, Dolores would ask them, or a practitioner would ask them questions, and answers would come out, and the answers would come from the person's subconscious mind or their higher self.

Some of those questions might be, why did I incarnate at this time? What is the relationship with my father and what was the purpose of this? Why did this happen? What are the soul contracts that I had? What am I doing when I'm asleep at night? Who am I in a higher dimensional point of view and what do I do? These are all questions that people may ask a QHHT practitioner and in these books, there is transcript after transcript of people saying that one of the reasons, the main reason they're on earth right now is to go through this collective shift in consciousness that is happening right now and it wasn't just one person that said this.

It was many people and all these different transcripts that said that and what that points to and people from all over the world that didn't talk to them. I didn't talk to each other like, hey, let's get this [inaudible] thing and let's say this cool story thing. It was many different people. Some people have no idea.

It's not like they were even aware of the collective shift in consciousness, but it came through them and that is something that happened over and over and over again. And in general, the reason there are so many people here on the planet right now is because there is this shift in consciousness happening and everyone wants to be here because never before has this happened where a whole entire collective, the size that we have has shifted into a totally new realm of consciousness, which is going from the 3D duality sense, 3D, good, bad light, dark, uptown where we're in a way feeling this game of separation to go into a more of a unified state where we see the connection between all people.

This is something that we're bringing our physical for with some people will see them, oh, essentially means we're going to send it to some to some higher from where we no longer use our body. Our bodies coming with us is something that's happened. It's not something that will happen. It is something that is happening and we are going through this shift in consciousness right now.

If you were to take how you feel right now, even how you look right now and you would have liked teleported yourself back to like 2005, you would be glowing because the vibrational frequency of your body has risen. Even if you're still like, oh, I still feel like I'm filling out in a positive emotion in general, we have been shifting up into these higher states of vibration. If you were to go back in time, you would be glowing because of the number of lights that we've been bringing into our bodies and it is something that will continue to happen.

Knowing this, it's about really seeing what can you do to facilitate this shift in consciousness because it's happening regardless.  It's like paving the road and making the road more and more of a high stream desirable road to go down and more people are looking around and they're like, hey, I want to go through that and feel like thank you know somebody said they bless you, so appreciate you.

And when it comes to this, let's see it more in the form of vibration and efficiency. Instead of asking things like, is this good for me or is this bad for me? Ask, is this efficient for me? Because when you ask that question, you can see is this serving me or is it not serving me? And then what you can begin to do is you can begin to take what I call vibrational inventory. Take inventory of the things in your life that make you feel a certain way. Take inventory of the kind of people you're around. If there are different activities you're doing that are draining your energy will let go of those activities. Find new things that you could be doing. Be honest with what you're doing for a living.

Are you passionate about the job that you have? By paying attention to all these things? The reason I say this because your passion, your feeling of passion inside of your body is your connection to your higher self that is telling you, go in this direction. Your passion feeling is a guiding mechanism through life that is showing you where you can go and how you can go and navigate, and when you follow that passion, it gets you to where you need to be and the key is to follow that and right now you'll notice that if your intention.

Sometimes I see people, they're like, well, I'm going to go do this because it's going to make money, but many times they do in that thing because they're not even passionate about at all. There's no level of passion in it. They'll go do it, but they won't get great results. Well, why is that? Well, right now on the planet, it is about doing what you're passionate about.

You could still be aware that certain things maybe resonate with other people. You might be able to really passionate about basket weaving, but isn't a lot of people that that want that, but that's also a limiting belief because there's the internet and there are ways you could make that entertaining, fun and informative for people that are in the basket weaving, weaving or underwater basket weaving, which maybe is a thing, but you see what I mean.

When you start to go for your passion, you're then connected to your heart. This time on the planet right now of this vibrational purge is about us moving from a 3D level of consciousness which is separation, which is duality, into more of love consciousness which is connected to our heart. When we're connected to our hearts, that's what magical things begin to happen and that's when our reality begins to change. The vibrational purge that is happening right now is going to be a letting go of the old and it's happening right now.

If you look around and you look into society, you'll see that certain government structures are falling apart. You're seeing, you're able to see the game of all these different political structures and it just kind of looks ridiculous. You're able to see that things in life just aren't working the way that they used to work 10, 15 years ago and part of the vibrational purge is letting go of the old systems and it will continue to happen and as it happens, the key is remaining in your power.

You cannot perceive that which you are not the vibration of meaning. If you are reading this blog, then it means that it's something that you are ready to hear, part of your purpose in life. Maybe at some level to help people go through this vibrational purge, which is also an increase in vibration.

Part of the purging is going to be the letting go, the letting go of things that don't serve, the letting go of old patterns, waves of doing things. And as you do that, you will start to feel in a higher state and higher emotion and other people will. And this will happen at the collective level, just like at the individual level individually that might look like you let go of things that don't serve you as far as activities or doing maybe old habits.

You have maybe old TV shows that you used to watch, maybe old people that you're around that bring you down. Maybe that's it at an individual level, at a collective level. Because remember, we're all connected just like we have an electromagnetic energy around our body that our thoughts, feelings and emotions and our actions have patterns within this energy field. We go out into the world and perceive reality in a reality.

Reflect back to us whatever is in our energy field and our beliefs the same way. There's an energy field around the planet and within the earth there is the collective thought stream of every individual that is combined into this momentum of this energy field. And as more and more people wake up, we are letting go of the negative. It is being transmuted and we are raising our vibration. And what that will manifest like in life with the collective consciousness is the government structure is falling apart.

The old ways of doing things, just the longer survey anymore and because of that we can then observe it and let it go and when you're grounded because you kind of understand what's happening and you're like, oh, there's this vibrational purge that's happening. There is this vibrational raised in shifting consciousness happening. I'm going to choose to be grounded and trust the process that this is about letting go of the old to build a new.

If you had a sand castle that wasn't sufficient, you don't try to build on top of that sand castle. You clear the ground and then start to build the foundation. Right now, on the planet, we are clearing the ground of the old outdated ways of doing things. And what was then beginning to do is we are moving into a state of how do we prefer to be and collectively we will do this.

We will decide the not necessarily old political way of doing things where we elect someone to do all this stuff. It will be more of a level as time goes on of us unifying what we want instead of the lobbyists and all that other stuff, but am I really going to get in there. I'm just kind of sharing with you that the oldest guy to fall away, the new will come into place and this is the vibrational purge that is happening right now on the planet and it is also happening individually for people. The way you navigate through a vibrational purge is awareness. Simple as that awareness.

Once you become aware of something, you cannot keep doing that thing the same way. For example, this is just an analogy I use to not count my macros. You may even here he stands, say one of those calorie counter dick guys. You know, it's like ridiculous. However, the thing I liked about learning my macros, which if you don't know macro stands for macronutrients, it's like counting your calories so that you know how many calories you eat.

I wanted to become aware of that because I wanted to lean out. I wanted to lose weight. Maybe notice that this now I look now as much different than I looked at my videos like six to eight months ago. What I did is my buddy Victor taught me how to count my macros. There's just. I mean it's pretty simple actually. Go in line. There are this website and stuff and I put in my food and I track all my food and I started tracking my portions and stuff. It wasn't the funniest, but I became very aware of how much I was eating every day in correlation with how many calories I was burning.

Once I became aware that there are 200 calories and two tablespoons of peanut butter and that I'm only going to be eating like 2,220 400 calories a day for me to lose. For me to lose, to lean out. I then was relating to peanut butter in a new way. I couldn't eat. But once I was aware of it, I could not keep doing it because that awareness was there.

You see? It doesn't mean I'm labeling it as good and bad. It just says I'm aware of what is efficient and not efficient. If you become aware that someone is trying to bring you down and you keep hanging out with them, then you keep choosing to do so. But the key is in the awareness you could say, you know, what do I feel like I want to be brought down today. Maybe I will either have a talk with this person and try to get into the equal ground so that we don't have to go through this or better. What I'll do is I'll just go somewhere else and do something else.

Awareness is where the power is.

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You see, awareness is where the power is. The other thing I asked you to become aware of is what are you consuming as far as television?

Are you watching that have reality TV, news, things that spike lower vibrational energy? Because if you are, then that is causing more and more residents of those kinds of states of emotion. You may find that things just kind of fall apart and it keeps triggering this fear emotion inside of you will have.

The more you watch the news, the more you are resonating with those kinds of activities resonated with the belief system that this is the way the reality works and you'll keep experiencing that in your life, so it's about being aware of that. The other thing, I'll make a separate video on this one, belief inventory. What do you believe to be true? I'll make one called belief inventory or the belief inventory process, how to take inventory of all your beliefs to let them go, the ones that don't serve.

The vibrational purge. It's happening right now. Be aware of it. This doesn't. This isn't a negative thing. Purging is a good thing. You're letting go of what doesn't serve. Allow yourself to shift. Allow yourself to embrace this shift in consciousness which is happening right now on the planet and will continue to happen for our lifetime. This is the best time to be alive on the planet ever because of this collective shift that is happening on the planet you chose to be here, whether you remember it or not, and just ask yourself, does this resonate with you at a deep level?

Because it's something that you can feel the ego might not understand it right now, but understand that you are an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience that higher states of consciousness you exist and part of life is this dream, this dream of remembering who we are. One of the purposes of life is for us to remember who we really are and knowing that we are not just this physical structure of the sense perception, the five senses that we interpret our reality through understanding.

We are more than the ego. We go beyond that and when we understand that, we start to wake up from the dream of illusion. This illusion of separation. We wake up from the dream of things are happening to me and then we wake up into a level of awareness to where we can direct things in the energy, in the direction that we want because of our vibration, and remember our vibration is a combination of what we think, how we feel and what we do.

If there are actions that don't serve you, purge them out. If there are feelings that don't serve you, complete them and purchase them out. If there are thoughts that you have observed them and don't let them have power over you.

Thoughts Creating Reality from 3D, 4D, and 5D Levels of Consciousness

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the truth on thoughts, creating reality in that of the third dimensional level of consciousness, the fourth dimensional level of consciousness and fifth dimensional level of consciousness. By the end of this blog, you will understand this process in a much deeper way than ever before and they will influence how you manifest what you want in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a new perspective as to whether the thoughts create our reality, understanding this from a point of view that's deeper than a lot of the other ways of understanding it, maybe some of the more surface levels and that as you begin to go deeper with this, you will begin to relate to this whole process of reality creation. Creation had a whole new level.

First off, let me just explain the different levels of consciousness and how we can begin to transcend that. The lower level paradigms. When it comes to this, there is a different paradigm, different levels of vibration that we will be in that we will have certain desires in. If you were to look at this chart of consciousness right here, which is my favorite chart to share, and all these videos you will see different paradigms. They'll see different emotional states. You'll see that of shame, fear, guilt, eventually get to neutrality.

Then what you'll see is you'll see the middle level of emotion, which you'll see that of accepting reasoning and right there is the mid-level of vibration and then you'll see above that you'll see love, which is a huge movement from reasoning into love. There's also a huge movement that we make when we go from the lower emotions to neutrality, and what happens is as we move up these vibrational states of consciousness, we increase our vibration and there's a different level of energy that is influencing our manifestations.

In the lower level paradigm, there is an immense amount of action that is needed in order to create what you want. This is where also there's this desire of I really want that which says, I really, really don't currently have that. Which is also an externalization of power because by saying I really want that you are projecting and saying that you'll feel happy when some external point happens. There are different level paradigms. The lower level, the lesser paradigms require that have an immense amount of action and a tremendous amount of going back and forth.

The mid-level paradigm is a big step because then you start to realize that it's not so about trying to change the outside. The bottom level paradigm is about changing the outside. When in reality, we realized in the second level that in the mid-level, the outside is a reflection of the inside, so this is where we realize that our beliefs create our reality and because our beliefs create our reality, if we change what we believe to be true, we then change the outer reflection that we get in our life, so that's an even higher paradigm.

A lot of the YouTube videos that I make on my channel or about the second level about moving from the old school law of attraction way of thinking into a more conducive understanding how reality works, which is our beliefs create our reality and in the higher-level paradigm, this is a level of surrender that we get into when we realize that the moment right now is perfect as it is.

When you say yes to the present moment and you start to surrender, you increase your vibrational frequency and then you perceive to have more of what you want to experience because you're in that natural state right now. It's even easier. It's even less trying hard. It's even less of the I need to get somewhere else.

That's when you start to embody the emotions that you want right now, in the present moment, and you end up becoming okay with whatever you manifest because you feel so good. These are all different levels of manifestation.

When I talk about 3d 45 d levels of consciousness, let's look at it with this chart. This is something that I'm going to correlate because you've maybe seen the chart and many of my videos, but you'll kind of see where you're coming from there and make this more practical because sometimes when people hear 3D, 4D, 5D, they think it's this weird thing, but understand that we are multidimensional.

We exist in more than just one level of consciousness at the same time and when you go to bed at night, you wake up to these higher states of consciousness, but you just simply forget when you wake up in the morning because when you wake up in the morning, you wake up and your 3D. You know, we're making a transition right now on the planet.

But we wake up in these different states of consciousness and we only remember that which is that we treat can from our brain and our brain interprets 3D to 4D reality until we extend ourselves beyond the beliefs that we currently have, especially as a collective.

We don't really remember these higher states of consciousness, of unconditional love and bliss, and if he remembered every morning when you woke up that you just came from a realm of unconditional love and bliss, you might not want to be here as much.

There's this veil of forgetfulness that goes around, that we, that we come into, and then we just remember, oh, this is where I am. We must think that this is really for us to be having the kind of experiences that we do for us to stay here, for us to stay grounded and for our lives to stay relevant.

The truth is, is when we think that thoughts create reality, it's not necessarily always true because, in different levels and different paradigms, there is this linear time, space, reality that we experience where when you think something, it does not instantly appear.

Over time, there can be a momentum of thoughts that build, but the truth of the matter is your vibration creates your reality. In all three paradigms, your vibration will create reality, and the bottom paradigm though most people are trying to create their reality with our thoughts only and they're giving such emphasis to their thoughts, but they aren't changing the other areas of their life.

We get in life that which we think, feel and do, but they're remaining just on the thinking and when you're just in the thinking, you're on just one part, one stool, one leg of the stool, and it can't actually balance itself out. In general, as you move up these levels of consciousness, you'll find that you can align certain ones of these more powerfully and that things happen easier, but that has to do with the intensity of the vibration that you begin to increase.

When people say that their thoughts create their reality, it's not necessarily always true from the level of consciousness that they're coming from and it's not necessarily practical. For example, for me, I thought that it was thoughts create reality for a long time, but I wasn't getting results. This is before I grew up on YouTube. This is before when I was doing a job that I wasn't passionate about.

I was thinking about what I wanted over and over and over again. I had affirmations. I would say I had this self-image that I was intending to shift and I was thinking a lot about it, but I was not linking up my emotions nor my actions to that reality.

This is about alignment because when you align what you think, what you feel, what you do, you then increase the probability of it happening on all levels of consciousness because you are in the vibrational state that you want to be in. Back in the day when I first started to grow on YouTube, I started to link up my emotions and my actions to have my thoughts and that's when things really began to explode.

Here's the thing though, as I've come from that paradigm and I've aligned my actions, my emotions, and my thoughts together, it now gets to a point to where the other parts of it are less and less that I need. I don't need to take as much action as I had to before because I have momentum. The thing is it's about the alignment of that into these different levels of consciousness.

Let's look at this. Let's let me explain it a little bit in a way that maybe it's easier to understand. 3D and 4D level of consciousness. We were born into a 3 to 4D level of consciousness back in whenever you were born and in this level of consciousness, we have duality.

Think of 3D and 4D. There's a level of duality because we're creating from our mind, left brain, right brain, good, bad light, dark up, down. This is created from duality. We live in our board into duality, but one of the things that we're experiencing in this life right now is transcending duality, transcending labels and transcending separation.

We're becoming aware that we are all one and as we become aware of this, we begin to increase our vibration and why as a consciousness right now as a collective consciousness, we are going through this process. We are raising our vibration and when you look at this every night when you go to bed, you could say that that's a 4D level of consciousness and we could also say that right now we are in 40 level of consciousness in society depending on our vibration and a 5D level of consciousness is when we start to get into a unification of understanding love.

Understanding that we instead of creating from the head can create from the heart and when we start to create from the heart, amazing things begin to happen. The Heart Math Institute has shown as well that when we create from that of our heart when we are feeling into our heart, it is emitting electromagnetic energy around our body.

That is thousands of times more powerful than that of just the head. There's an electromagnetic energy around the head and the heart. The heart is thousands of times more powerful. When we get into the fifth dimensional level of consciousness, we are getting into unity consciousness. We are feeling love for everyone else. We start to let those go and we start to see the connection between all of us. When we look at this, here's the thing, right now on the planet, we are transitioning as a collective from 3 to 4D level of consciousness into that a 5D reality.

We're going through this change right now. This is something that people have come to earth for at this moment because remember, you're an immortal, spiritual being, having a temporary human experience. You may have forgotten this, but remember, you cannot perceive that which you are not the vibration of.

If you are listening to me say this right now, then at a deeper level, it's highly probable that this resonates with you and this is something that many people have come here for right now because there's this evolution of consciousness happening on the planet.

People are raising their vibrations and people are becoming more aware of who they are and as you become more aware of who you are, you let go of who you are not, and you start to exist in a higher state of consciousness which is unconditional love, bliss, joy, peace, all these higher emotions. That's who you really are and when you're in these states of consciousness, you manifest things easier than ever. 

Things you don't have to try so hard. You start to feel better and as your state of being increases, you start to perceive of things that are equal to that vibrational state change and the way that you do this is through your state of being and through how you are identifying yourself in the present moment.

How present are you? Bring the awareness from in the head into the sense perceptions because as you do that, you start to become more present to the moment you start to come from this duality type thinking and into your heart. That's where things began to change in a very powerful way.

Right now, on the planet, there is a transition that will be happening going forward. It will continue because it is something that we've all agreed to as a collective birth herself is going through this transition and we are coming with it.

Some people say, oh, 3D, 4D or 5D, you know, like as if we're going to move from 3D and 4D into 5D and we're not going to be able to ever perceive of 3D or 4D again, maybe one day that's the case. But this transition that's happening, we have 3D, 4D, and 5D levels of consciousness available to us right now. I used to be mainly in a 3 slashes 4D of consciousness, but as I've raised my vibration, I'm able to perceive and exist in the higher states of consciousness and it becomes easier and easier to do.

And one of the reasons I think people liked my videos is because they're able to feel the vibration that I'm admitting off doesn't mean I'm special. Does it mean that I'm different? I am similar to you and you have access to the same levels of consciousness. All I do is I put people's focus on it so that they can exist in that frame.

This transition that's happening right now is about that, and as you raise your frequency, you will manifest things easier than ever, so in actuality, thoughts do not really create reality in the sense that people think it does because it depends upon the vibrational state of consciousness that you're coming from.

If you're coming from the lower vibrational states of consciousness of shame, fear, guilt, and anger, then what'll happen is you'll feel so much resistance that you'll create blocks and those things don't even come into your life anyway. The key is to be aware of those thoughts, but then to add in the vibration, focus on vibration, how you think, how you feel, how you act.

And if you find you're not getting results, is it because you're only thinking about it because if so, then add in taking the action and feeling the emotion and as you do that, it becomes more about a total unit that are working for you and then as you increase your vibration, you will need less of those other things.

You will need less action, less of the needy and all one of those sides of the coin instead of what you can do is be in the vibration you want, but as you raise your vibration, things will happen easier anyways, but understand that when people say thoughts, create your reality at a certain level is true, but it's only true when you also incorporate a sense of being.

When you go from doing and having into being, being as the higher level of consciousness being is in your heart center, authentic to you. That is who you really are. The key to this process is being present to the moment, being in your heart center and understanding what is authentic for you. When you follow your passion, you are in the highest vibrational state of who you are meant to be in this life.

When I make videos, I'm in a high vibe state because this is showing me, Aaron, this is what you're meant to be doing, making videos, adding value to people. This is who you are and it feels great for me to do so. Therefore, I keep following us, so let me ask you that question. What are you passionate about? How can you follow your passion? What can you do to add value to other people?

That also makes you feel great because when you're doing those things, you're going to be increasing the vibration of yourself and of the people that are around you and as you do so, your manifestations will happen easier than ever. Remember that for this process.

There are different levels of paradigms of manifestation and what you can begin to do becomes aware of these three slashes 4D level of reality, which is the dualistic type thinking and what's happening right now as well as our reality is becoming more of a dream, and this is a quote that I've been saying for a while.

The more that you realize life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become. 

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I love saying this. I'll probably continue to save for a long time. The more that you realize life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become.

This is because as you realize that La life isn't as solid as you thought it was before in the 3D level of reality. It's not so solid. Then you begin to see it become more flexible for you. Things become more malleable for you.

Your life can then transform in a very powerful way, but the key to this is understanding what your beliefs about reality in general are? Do you believe things are solid? Do you think they are fixed? Is his life hard? These beliefs, these general beliefs about reality will influence the kind of experience you have when it comes to this process. What I encourage you to look at is your vibration, how you feel are you doing what you're passionate about?

If you're not getting results, focus on how you think, how you feel and how you act. That's when I started to get amazing results and as I then transcended my consciousness, things happen easier than ever. I don't have to take as much action. I don't have to do as much as I had to do before because I'm in a higher state of consciousness and this state of consciousness is who I naturally am and it is who you are as well.

I'm not special. I'm not saying I'm a guru. I'm on top of the mountain on perfect. What I am saying is that this same level of consciousness you have access to right now and when you get into it, things in your life will begin to change because you are then perceiving it from a 5D level of consciousness that is void of separation, that is void of all of these different perspectives. As you do that, you will increase your vibrational frequency and things will happen easier than ever.

Would that be inset? There is something that I have that I recommend you listen to you for 21 days. It is the most powerful meditation I've ever created is called the completion process. meditation. It is for completing your past and feeling 100 percent worthy, whole and incomplete. I recommend you listen to it for 21 days and if you do, it will completely change your life.

# 30: Vibrational Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and I'm here with you today to help me expand your awareness.

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Today we're going to be talking about understanding some vibrational packs that you probably have never heard of before. These are things that I was talking about recently on a live Q and A that I did on Instagram and it was a really cool live q and a by the way, if you follow me on Instagram yet, aaron_doughty44. I've been doing these live q and a's where I bring people on and I brought on my friend Ryan Cropper is also YouTube and we talked about some pretty esoteric stuff, not going to lie.

And one of the things we talked about was understanding the vibration of things in our life that you normally wouldn't think of. Like you probably put it on your shirt today and you put on your clothes and thought, oh, it's just my shirt, my clothes. Well, I mean it is. You're shortening close. I'm not saying it's not that, but if you were to wear clothes that you were originally war maybe five or six years ago, you would be in a way tapping into some of the emotions, thoughts, and energy of something that may have happened five or six years ago.

This is interesting to me because I recently went to Costa Rica when I was in Costa Rica, we had these things called ceremony, which like these plant ceremony session things and I would always wear whites. Yeah. It's like you were white on white, you know, so I was wearing these white shirts and it's funny because these white shirts, anytime I wear these white shirts now I feel this almost like this, this same level of energy that I felt when I was there wearing those shirts.

I can kind of tell. I have all these white shirts that I wear. I wear them a lot, but there's three or four of them that I wore on the nights of the ceremonies and I can tell which one they are because I get like this. Almost this similar feeling. Not that like I'm tripping out or anything, but more so like I can just feel this like divine settle this or this introspective creative type feeling as I wear the clothes.

In the same way you may find some, you may have never actually thought of before, but what you may do is you may wear something that you never really thought of before that as of it is as something that know would make you feel any certain way because it's been years since you wore that thing. But the thing is when you wear hand me down clothes, what ends up happening is you take on the vibration of whoever was before wearing that thing.

When you look at that, it's just something to think about. You know, some. Something that I've always kind of been aware of is that if I handed me down clothes, what I do is I in a way take on the same feelings or that energy will in a way become a part of something that influences me. What I do is I just, I get my own clothes.

This is just something to be a little bit more mindful of is when you are doing certain things, maybe even when people give you gifts, understand that some of the gifts people give you, it might have some of their signatures on it, like an energetic signature on it, which means the feelings that they have. Maybe the environment that was in.

I know recently also I was going to go and I want to get a whole bunch of crystals from my house and I was talking to a friend of mine and she said that you want to get crystals from a place where they have good energy or where the crystals that were mind, we do not mind in a like a negative environment because if you get that then that influences the Chrysalis themselves. She told me of a certain place in Sedona that has good vibes in it and it's like the crystals come from a legit place that doesn't have that kind of energy, like that energy.

I'll end up getting them from there. These are just ways of thinking about reality in a new way to where you relate to it in a way to where you're just aware. You might be aware that certain energetic things are influencing how you feel. There's the vibration of objects, the vibration of location, the vibration of people, the vibration of food, everything is vibration.

But when you become aware of it, you can then start to align how you are with you being the best version of yourself. I talked about this a lot, but imagine where you are and then quote where you want to be. The key is, of course, we felt the emotions you want now to be happy with where you are, but at the same time when you are thinking of that, what you want to do is you want to think of how that version of you is thinking, acting, and feeling.

Because those three things make up your vibration. Also, think of the objects or what is in your environment or kind of activities do you do in that preferred reality? The way you do this is through your imagination. For me right now, I can imagine my dream reality of me traveling the world, giving seminars, doing what I love, when I imagined that reality, it is very easy for me to do because when I'm doing that, it's something that I could see myself.

What would I be doing? I would be a traveling. As I said, I would be eating at great restaurants. I would be networking with people that are in my industry. I would be doing and interacting with people that are following my content. I would be doing masterminds. All of these things I can imagine and I can see what kind of activities would I be doing in that reality?

What kind of food would I be eating? What kind of interaction? How would I talk to other people? As I pay attention to all of these things, I began to tap into the reality of that and the key is to understand that that reality from a parallel reality point of view already exists, so it's not so much about me having to create it. It's more so about me choosing it by making choices in my current life that ended up bridging where I am to that reality.

But the key is embodying the emotions now, so being grateful for where I already am, I could look and see in my life right now how I can feel grateful I can feel thankful for that I can have a YouTube audience and an audience online that I can go live with. That to me is very exciting. I can see how I can interact with people on different social media platforms, which is kind of like being live. I can imagine myself and how similar that is to go in life.

And as I focus on the similarities, I'm able to feel the gratitude and to able to say to myself, well, I'm pretty much already doing it, so it's not as much that I need to try to do something or not already doing. It's just that I need to transform the way that I do it. In the same way, be aware of your vibration and be aware of what is in your environment. Think of it like this too, when you go to a specific place or do some other type of situation when you go there, there's a certain energy of that place. If you go to a certain rock concert is going to be a certain energy that is created.

If you go to a hip-hop onto concert, there'll be another type of energy that's created. If you go to some type of ballet or opera, there'll be a different type of energy that's created there. And there'll be a general, the echo of that energy even after the event happens.

In the same way, if you were to go to a restaurant that has really good energy and the service is really good, that will influence your experience and that will influence your vibration. If you go to a restaurant and they were rude and the food that will influence the food, even at subconscious levels you don't understand. And then as you're eating that food that will then influence you in different ways. This is about being aware of vibration. It doesn't mean you have to be afraid of it, doesn't mean you have to look around and fear like, what if this happens?

What if that happens and it doesn't mean you have to take inventory of every little thing that you do, but what it does mean is when you're aware of it, you can then see, is this serving me? Is this something that is allowing me to become more of who I prefer to be? Is this in alignment with my higher self? Is this in alignment with how I prefer to be?

And if it is, then that is something that you can continue to do and if it is not, then you can in a way say no to it. You can choose not to do it. If every time you go somewhere and you feel negative emotion when you're around someone, you don't have to keep doing it.

You can change your perspective. You can change how you are about it. The key to this is knowing and being aware of your vibration in correlation with everything that you are experiencing and the way that I applied this in my own life is what I do is I am just constantly asking myself, is this in alignment with how I prefer to be now?

Not every little thing, but there will be in general, as my general diet for the day. Is this in alignment with a high vibrational way of living? Is it the people that I'm around? Are these people in alignment with my high vibrational way of living? And if so then great, then I keep doing it, but if there's something that needs to change, then I'm just aware of it and then I can set the intention to change it.

However, be aware of these little nuances that maybe you never thought about before. You may have never thought of, hey, there's this a vibration of the clothes that I'm wearing. You know, I thought about this too. This is a cool idea. What if like you could look at a blanket or something from your past, maybe something that you had when you were a baby.

And you were able to in a way pick up on some of the thoughts or emotions of your parents when you were that age, so because sometimes when you look at shadow work, you're looking at things that you subconsciously absorbed, a kid that you forgot about and what you can do is be aware of that and then maybe you can even tap into some of the thoughts and the emotions and using that as a symbol.

Understand there's always information around us. There is always information that we can begin to translate and the key is just being aware of what that information is. Being aware that as you become aware of it, some of the things of your past youth and then change your past.

That's what we call shadow work, but in general, everything is vibration. The air that you're breathing. There've been other people that brought breathe in that air before. That's something Ryan and I was talking about on that life that we did and we were talking about a place that you go, you're picking up on a similar thought stream of other people that have thought similarly.

You are going to different being around different types of people. All of these things correlate with what your vibration is. The most straightforward way for you to bridge and get to the vibration you want is by being yourself. As cliché as it sounds, I know it sounds cliché, it's like, be yourself. You're like, how do I be myself? What does that mean? It just means that let go of what doesn't serve and just feel free. Just do what you want to do.

Put, bring it more within instead of trying to make other people happy, just do what you want to do and as you do that, you'll be more authentic, but then you can also identify what is more authentic for you. You might be working a nine to five job that you're not that excited for right now, but that's not really even you. That's just what you're currently doing, but then you will imagine the version of you that's passionate.

What is that version of you doing? Maybe that version of you is doing something specifically for a living will start to imagine that version of you and start to take on the vibrations of that version of you, which means how that version of you think feels an ax start to absorb that start to align with it, and as you start to align with it, you will start to feel like that becomes you and then see what objects are in that version of your reality.

Maybe that version of you eats a certain type of food. Maybe that version of you wears a certain type of clothes. Maybe that version of you has a certain type of body language.

Start to be in the vibrational resonance with that reality, and you will begin to experience that in your life.

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Start to be in the vibrational resonance with that reality and you will begin to experience that in your life. This is simply about vibrational resonance.

The Cosmic Game of Reality and 3 Levels of Manifestation EXPLAINED

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the cosmic game of manifestation, understanding how reality really works, and I'm going to be sharing with you the three levels that you can learn to transcend which changes everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the cosmic game of manifestation. This is where we really start to take our power back. At the fundamental core, I've explained some of the concepts that I'm about to share with you, but I'm going to explain it in a completely new way that helps you understand why things are the way they are.

One of the main reason things are the way they are is that most people on the planet at a certain level are still asleep. This is the time on the planet of awakening, many people are becoming more aware of who they are. Some people call this a spiritual awakening. Some people just call this an awakening in general. Whatever term we want to give it in general, more and more people on the planet are waking up to who they are and are remembering that we're not just this physical structure.

We are not just this, this meat body that is walking around that is more of the ego. We are actually more of mortal spiritual beings have in temporary human experiences. What I'm about to share with you is something that I began to learn back in 2012 when I started to go within, and I started to ask myself these questions, and these are things that I think can transform your life and we start to see things from this new perspective.

But as with everything observed, what I am saying and see if it resonates with you because that is what I did when I was learning this. I was like, oh, okay. And it started to change my perception, but I went within to see if it resonated. Let's understand reality in general and this understanding for understanding consciousness.

In general, we are that of unconditional love and bliss. That is our natural state of being that we simply become programmed to experience less than that.

In general, we are unconditional love and bliss, that is our natural state of being.

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We could say that societal conditioning programs us, we could say it's our childhood experiences. That program was. We could say it's many different things. But if I'll go ahead and plug that consciousness chart that I've shared in many videos before and in the consciousness chart, you will see that at the top you have emotions such as enlightenment, joy, peace, happiness that have an unconditional love that's at the top of the emotional spectrum.

That is actually who we are. The lower emotions come from when we feel separated from that of a source, separated from that of who we are and when we feel separated, that comes from attachment to certain perspectives that comes from attachment to things that have happened to us, things that we haven't necessarily processed yet. That's why the bottom you see emotions like shame, fear, guilt.

Then you get to neutrality, which is a big step, and then from neutrality, you eventually move up to a willingness and then reasoning, which is the intellectual mind that's understanding that beliefs create our reality. Then eventually we go beyond reasoning and into love. This whole state, this whole consciousness chart right here are the different levels that we move through as we move through different levels of our own perception.

In general, what is happening on the planet right now is many people are waking up to who they are. They are remembering this now with remembering. It's not that they're learning anything new. They are simply remembering what they already know at a deep level because that's one of the things that happens when we come to earth is when we come to earth, we go through a veil of forgetfulness. We forget who we are at a greater sense.

It's the idea that if you are playing a video game for example, and you knew that it was a video game, you would only play it to a certain extent, but if when you logged into a video game, you thought it was real, you would have a much different experience than you would if you knew it was fake.

In a way, the reality that we live in is a form of virtual reality. We live and we interpret reality through our five senses. At a greater level, though we are unconditional love and bliss, we have simply gone through that, have a full Griffith veil, a veil of forgetfulness. To then go through the experience that we're having on earth because it makes it more real and it makes it something more of an experience.

The thing is that sometimes people experience a lot of pain with that because when you forget who you are, sometimes they'll go through the periods of pain, but a lot of people that go through that pain also eventually make it through because then that pressure causes them to come out to the other end within a spiritual awakening. One of the purposes of life is to remember who we are.

And if you're reading this blog, then most likely you're already going through that process. You are going through the process of remembering who you are and you are a part of this shift that's happening on the planet. Maybe it's just you being you and you're adding value or maybe you're sharing this information with other people.

Whatever it is, this consciousness shift is happening and will be happening over the next hundred years or so and even beyond that, but the main changes will begin happening right now and they've been happening for about the past 10, 15 years now. In general, what I'm going to be sharing with you is understanding this cosmic game reality in a way is like a game and when we look at the cosmic game, we'll see that there are three main different layers of this reality.

First off, when we logged into this game of life on earth, one of the reasons so many people are here right now because there's a transformation that's happening on the planet. If you want to know where I get this information, there are about 17 or 19 books by Dolores Cannon. That's where I got some of it, so a lot of it is actually from within, from something that I could feel. It's intuitive, but Dolores Cannon has 17 books, which are people in the deepest levels of brainwave activity, deepest levels of the subconscious mind.

What happens is these people go into this process which called QHHT or quantum healing hypnosis technique. They go into this really deep level of hypnosis, their higher self or their subconscious mind comes through and we'll pretty much answer any question to why they incarnated at this time, how reality works, any question that Dolores would ask them and then what would happen is it would be on tape player and the videos are transcripts of those tapes.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of people have been through this level of hypnosis. None of them knew each other or didn't know of each other all over the planet and basically, the main consensus is that there's an awakening happening on the planet right now. People incarnated because they wanted to be a part of this transformation. That's why there are over 7 billion people here right now because people keep or souls keep coming in because they want to be part of this transformation that is happening right now.

When you decided to come here, it could have been because he knew this transformation was going on. He decided to be here. Some people have been here many, many, many times. Some people have been here a little bit less than maybe normally incarnate on other systems and other realities on other planets we could say, but nonetheless, reality is a dream anyway, so let's just understand that.

It's something we could take a lot more lightly. We can have fun with this process. The first level is the stage. The stage is already set up. The stage is the planet, right? There are different continents on the planet. The Planet is spinning. That is the stage that is the fit, the physical reality that we experience would be that of the earth us incarnating on the earth using the carbon bodies that we have, the societal type structures that we have, the different land masses.

All of these things are set into the stage, so the stage in a way is somewhat set so that when we get here, we're able to plug into the reality and we have certain laws we could say we have a certain level of what we could perceive as gravity. We have a perception of that, of the earth in general. The way things kind of work when it comes to the physics of this. These are things that we said at a certain level, at a higher level as well. Remember, we're all one consciousness. We are dreaming that we are all separate, but in actuality, we're all connected.

But that was one thing that we decided with this reality system of earth is that there is this stage, the stage is the planet, and the planet has certain physical structures, has certain laws with it. The law of attraction could be seen as one of those things. Whatever you perceive of you find more and more evidence of like attracts like. We have that. Have the stage now. That's the first level. That is the physical part of, uh, of this experience of what at least what we think is physical, but we know is also in vibrational interpretations.

Let's go to the second stage or the second level of this would be the collective consciousness, so the collective consciousness to get the idea of collective consciousness. On this earth, this stage we have that have many different people now that many different people will are all having their own individual experience but added up with everybody there. That equals the collective consciousness. Collective consciousness could be social conditioning.

Many times, there's these beliefs of collective consciousness. These beliefs are what then many times when we're born into this society, we have this desire to fit in, so we had a tag. These beliefs onto who we are as well, but the idea is that when we come into this life, we have first off, the stage which is earth and then the collective consciousness which is social conditioning.

Which is the belief of our parents, which is us and the societal political structure that we have as well, which is certain norms, which is different ways that the reality works with the media and all these different things? These are the collective thoughts of everyone in the world that the stage that we came in, so this many times will have power over people if they let it.

When you're watching the news and you're seeing all this stuff that's happened in the world, if you react to it, and if you identify with it, then that can affect you. You see, the thing is, is most people are completely asleep to understanding who they are and that they create the reality that their beliefs create their reality. They feed into the collective consciousness, which could be that of the media. It could be that of the, uh, the different things going on in the world of political things going on.

All of these things will have an influence over someone if they focus on it. This in a way can be a big distraction from who we really are. There could be some benefits of it. For example, social conditioning has allowed us to understand that if you do certain things, you could end up dying social conditioning. You could say some of it's a logic. It seems like logic. There's also a certain level of societal conditioning in some of that that can be beneficial at certain levels.

However, in general, is about waking up to who we are. When you become and have a spiritual awakening, you become aware that you are not just your physical body. You become aware at the same time that you are so much more than that, and part of that is also becoming aware that you create your own reality from your thoughts, from your focus.

These are the two levels that we have so far to now. The third level is our Avatar self. This is our personal reality. We all individually create our own reality from our thoughts, our perceptions from what should we focus on? This is our avatar.  Where is the planet going? Where is the United States going? Whereas Russia going, we're all these different cities and countries. Where are they going in the sense of their future?

Well, we decide that collectively together with that, of our thoughts with that, where we put our emotion, all of these things. The main thing that you can understand is that you can be aware of your avatar but not necessarily completely identify with it because you are also more than your avatar. When you look at all these different people on the planet, they appear to be separate because we have different bodies, but at a deeper fundamental level, we are all connected.

We are all one. We're just playing this game of separation. But what makes this easier to understand is that this collective consciousness, sometimes people say, well, why are certain things the way they are? Well, there's just like we individually are thinking our own thoughts, our own thoughts. We have a toroidal field around her body based on what we're thinking, this Toronto field, there'll be thoughts that are recycling in and out, in and out, in and out, and that's what causes patterns in our life.

That's why we might attract the same type of person over and over again. We might feel unworthy and then attract more and more experiences in our life that are equal to whatever we feel. However, at the same time, many other people are creating their own reality that is also thinking these same thoughts and as their thinking, their thoughts of what they believe these thoughts team up, we normally think that thoughts aren't things.

Thoughts, although they may be invisible, exists at a different frame of reality and when we see that, whether or not someone opposes something, they're adding energy to it. This is why you may get and you may notice that whoever wins the president and the presidential election, whoever has the most energy and the most attention will win. Whether it's positive or negative.

That's because it's the collective conscious as pushing the most energy in that direction. In general, something that's very powerful is when many people are focused on one thing when many people are focused on one thing, it adds energy to it. That's why maybe if you've ever gone to a sports game, you may have felt the rush of energy just from being there. Well, that's because you've got not only that of the thousands of people that are physically there.

But you've got millions of people around the world that may be watching that same type of game, so it's like it's adding so much energy to it, however you can be aware of it, but the key is understanding these three levels because once you're aware of these three levels, you can start to transcend the game. In general, if you simply focus on raising the own your own consciousness by understanding that your Avatar is just that. It is an Avatar. You don't have to identify with that of your physical body. I think that this is all who you are because if you do that, there are many times you'll experience the resistance that comes with it.

It's about understanding that the Avatar is a part of who you are, but you are a larger consciousness structure as well. You are unconditional love and bliss. You exist in higher dimensions of reality right now and are simply dreaming that this is who you are. Life on earth and becoming part of the purpose of life on earth is to become aware that this is a dream. This is a cosmic game that we are all playing. There may be different levels of it.

This is why beliefs create reality. Someone may say, well, if I believe I can fly, why can't I fly? Will this stage the earth that you decided to come into had certain physical laws? Maybe at certain levels when you become so at your core, so at who you are, maybe then you could. When we look at someone like Jesus or enlightened people that supposedly were able to walk on water, that could have been them embodying the true self, the true core self of who they are, and because they were doing that, they were able to do godlike things.

At the same time, that same energy exists within all of us and the more aware we become of who we really are. This is not just the avatar which is consciousness itself, we begin to transcend our own levels of consciousness, so this is about being aware that in the reality that we incarnated in, there's a certain type of rule set the rules that is gravity. The rule set is the law of attraction. The rule set is what you put out, what you get back. It could be certain levels of karma.

However, this planet, in general, is going through a transformation right now. The stage is getting transformed. There we are coming in because the only way, this is the thing, this is what happens if you want to go a little bit deeper. Here we go. What happened was is on this planet there is free will, there is free will where we can do what we want and we can in a way kind of go in the direction that we want to go in.

This is what happened. There are influences that have happened on the earth and certain influences as cotton caused certain negative things to happen. For example, Hiroshima, that was one of them. This a nuclear bomb that goes off that not only affects the planet that we live in but affects many different reality systems. Many different herbs, all are different versions of earth or many different planets in general, and it affects more than that than just earth.

Here's the thing. When that happened, when something like that happened, there was a call that went out that call. This is something that's from the books with Dolores Cannon, by the way, but the call went out and the call went out because the earth was in need of this type of help. The thing is is it's not like a divine source or whatever you want to call it, could just snap his fingers and everything changes because remember, we want to have a physical experience.

We want to understand how we can experience this together because we're all one consciousness at the same time, so this call goes out. The only way that we can influence this reality, which has been in a certain way, in a certain form of limitation and maybe under certain influences from other realities, systems may be in a negative way. The only way that we could influence it was through the inside by incarnating into it, by forgetting who we are, by coming here and then going through the process of remembering which is painful because many of us exist in higher states of consciousness, of unconditional love and bliss.

All the sudden we are coming to earth. We have to forget who we are. There's a good chance that there'll be pain involved. There's a good chance that we're going to have to do a lot of different things to remember that this is who we are. If you're reading this blog, then you're on that path already, so the idea is that the earth is time to go through a transformation. That's why there are 7 billion plus people here, so we've incarnated into this system of the earth to have this kind of change, to go through this game of remembrance so that we can help other people go through this transformation as well.

In essence, what is happening is the planets are raising its vibrational frequency, and we have the ability as consciousness to go through our own soul's evolution as well. Our own transformation of consciousness. That is what is happening. That's why there's these three different levels of reality, three different levels of manifestation. We're going through a manifestation change on the stage itself because the earth is going through a transformation and we are a part of it. We are the cells of Gaia, just like there are cells inside our body.

We are increasing our light quotient and we are also increasing our vibration. Then we have collective reality right now. There are people like me on YouTube making videos with the intention of influencing the collective consciousness in a powerful way. More and more people wake up. The more and more people that wake up, the more people increase their vibration. The more that also influences the rest of the planet.

You see, the higher your vibration goes, the more impact you have on other people. When we are saying, well, not everyone on the planet so awake right now, you're telling me everyone's going to wake up on the planet. Those couple of hundred people are those thousand people will have more energy, more influence over that reality, positive influence. Then millions of people at a one or 200 range.

The higher you raise your vibration, the more you can influence reality to a positive way. Focus on what you believe to be true. Focus on knowing that you are more than your avatar body, and you could start to have a shift in consciousness by understanding who you really are, that your beliefs create your reality.

If you choose to not focus on the lower vibrational states of the collective consciousness, which simply means you don't watch the news, you don't choose to get triggered by certain things that are happening, you're going to start to take your power back. It's only when we add energy to it, we relate to it. We see it as part of reality. Does that really have power over us? The key is being aware of what beliefs we have and how that's controlling our life experiences.

When we realize that everything in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true, we start to take our power back, so these are the three main levels of manifestation of the cosmic game that we have chosen to play. We have incarnated on this earth from the inside to go through this transformation that's happening on the planet right now.

Ask yourself the question, does this resonate with you? Does this resonate at a core level? Let me know in the comments below if this resonates with you and the reason I say this because don't take what I'm saying and think that this is the truth. Remember, all truths are true. Whatever we believe to be true is reflected back to us, but if this resonates with you at a deep level, then you'll see that maybe it's something you can use in a positive way.

This is what has allowed me to transform my own life. Many other people that I've worked with is understanding this idea of how reality works because then we can see that we can start to take our power back. Instead of giving and being at the unconsciousness of collective conditioning, of a collective consciousness, we could start to take our power back and move in the direction that we want.

When you change what you believe to be true, everything in your life begins to change and when you start to do this, you move from having two dueling into being and that shift will change your whole entire life. That is the shift that I am creating with the shift experience. I will also be doing that of traveling the world and giving seminars on this, uh, but it will also be a digital course that you can take from home with meditations and everything involved to help you create a shift in your life.

How to Raise Your Vibration Towards ANY Subject (Higher Vibrational Manifestation)

What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three main levels of vibrational resonance, how you can move through each of these paradigms so that you start to create what you want easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding how you can transcend certain levels of vibration, certain levels of consciousness towards any subject that you might have. You might be saying to yourself right now, well, I want to attract more money. I want more health. Those are the three things most people want to attract them to their life.

What I'm going to show you is different paradigms and different paradigms that you can begin to connect to and that as you connect to these different paradigms, you'll see where you are and you'll say, “Oh yes, that's where I am.” And I'll say to you, “Okay, this is what you got to do.”

You'll notice that on this scale of consciousness we have the bottom levels of consciousness, which is shame, fear, guilt. Eventually, you see that have the level of consciousness called neutrality. And if you move up a couple more levels of consciousness, you'll see that a willingness moving up to little reasoning, which is the understanding of the mind and the intellect, and then the level of consciousness of love.

Every time I say the word consciousness, you got to take a shot of apple cider vinegar, so just keep taking shots. Let's keep going. When you see that have then eventually over love, you see the level of consciousness of that, of joy, of peace, and of enlightenment. That's the highest level of consciousness. This whole consciousness band goes from zero to 1000 level of consciousness. This is the level of consciousness that we all are a part of, whether we're aware of it or not.

As we go through our life experiences and as we shift our level of consciousness, we will find that we resonate with different realities, with different levels of consciousness. Okay? I know consciousness getting a little bit overplayed, so I'm just going to get into it. You see that these levels right here, all of these different levels, you will see that there are different times in your life when we align with different emotions, different states of consciousness.

There you go again. What we do though is what we must become aware of is how we are feeling. That's one paradigm. There is a paradigm where we say, I really, really want that. I really want that. Its things are put on a pedestal. I really, really want that. How amazing would it be for me to have that? And the more we really, really desire that is the more resistance we feel. And in order to get it, this is what we think.

I need to work really hard. I need to try really hard. I need to do everything I can to get there. We need to find other people that can maybe give it to us. Maybe we'll try to find. People will go to different teachers, hop around from Law of Attraction video to Law of Attraction video, trying to find out how we can find it.

I'm not talking down at that if you're like, that's how I'm doing it right now. I'm not talking down to it, but what I am saying is just be aware that that's the level that you're at, is wanting it, desiring it and giving it a lot of importance. Anything we give a lot of importance to, we create resistance around. The more we say I really want that vibrationally were saying, I really don't currently have that. This is about being aware that that may be the level of consciousness that we have. That might be how we are thinking about ourselves.

That's where we go, so then I'm going to kind of act it out. It'd be like, I really want that. It would be really cool to experience it. I wonder if there's someone that could give me some little information. Sometimes I'll see a DMZ, I'll get how do I attract a specific person? How do I get my ex back?

How do I get that? Those questions are coming from a place of lack and don't think of lower middle, high as like bad, good or really like middle a great. It's not about good, bad. It's about just being aware of where that energy is coming from. First off, we become aware of those energies down. We have the lower emotions of feeling that shame, fear, guilt, the anger. Why do other people have it? If you get mad at other people for having it, then it's a sure sign that that is the level that is at currently.

When you learn how to neutralize those by neutralizing your thoughts, by becoming aware of them, by observing them, that's when you start to move out of the lower level and the mid-level.

The second level is the middle level of consciousness. Take another shot of apple cider vinegar. The middle level of consciousness is that of understanding that our beliefs create our reality so our beliefs create our reality.

Okay, well, if I don't currently have this, what do I believe to be true about this that's causing this kind of block? We can then see that there's a certain level of blocks that we have around this and we can then define it in a new way. We could see that, okay, I have this belief that I'm not worthy of it. I believe that they have it and I don't, and I feel resistance because of that.

This is where we become aware of the levels of consciousness of reasoning. When we see the reason right there, that reason is that of the intellectual mind, the intellectual mind of, okay, I can get into and understand that my beliefs create my reality and when I changed my belief. I understand that. Then I changed my reality, so police create reality.

This is a higher-level paradigm than the lower one because the lower one thinks that reality is fixed. It thinks that things are the way they are. It's this is the way it is and I can or can't manifest it. The second, the Middle, that paradigm, the middle level of consciousness is that understanding that the way it works is if we change our beliefs.

We then will experience a new reality, the intellect of it, understanding, okay, this is something that I can change from within. Something that has changed in my outer reality will begin to change as well. This is the second level of consciousness. This is where a lot of my videos on my channel are there in that second level between a four and 500 level of consciousness, the reasoning mastering the intellect.

When we master the intellect, we didn't change what we believe to be true within change, the outer reflection that we're getting in her life. However, now I'm starting to move into that.

The third level is more of a love consciousness. Observe the thoughts, observe the emotions you have observed, why you feel the emotions that you used to have or the emotions of lack, and then choose to let it go and to complete the past. Many times, as well. However, it letting go is the doorway into the second paradigm.

Once you're in the second paradigm, which is that of reasoning, which is that of understanding that your beliefs create your reality, what you then begin to do is you move from the second level, the doorway into the third level is understanding and dropping all the intellectual ideas. It is dropping. The intellect is dropping. That beliefs create your reality. You have certain vehicles you might use for a while, but eventually, you're going to get out of that vehicle and into a new one or you're going to realize that you can just teleport places.

You don't even need the vehicle. That's when you start to get into the higher level of consciousness because all beliefs are valid and all beliefs will eventually shift. You might have a belief that you can only make 50,000 a year. Eventually, you will let go of that belief and you have to let go of that belief to make then 100 or a million a year.

You have to eventually let go of the belief and the self-image that you currently have to move onto the next one and the same way. In this higher-level paradigm. It's about understanding and going beyond the belief, beyond the thoughts it into being in the present moment and to tuning into a higher level of frequency.

We all are connected to the divine, to this divine frequency that can flow through any of us if we choose, and the more we tune into it is the more we will experience it in our lives and the way we tune into it is by doing something we are passionate about. It is by connecting to our heart and trusting the process.

Just like the doorway was neutrality into the second level. Think of it as a one of this level down here, this level, the lower one would be having, trying to have, or it could be doing. I don't know which one it would be.

When I make these videos, I am passionate about making videos. The more the energy just flows through and it's easy for me to make these videos. I've made daily videos for almost two years now and I don't plan out any of my videos. I do not write out. I do not script them out. It just comes. The energy just flows through because I'm tuning into this channel. I'm tuning into this vibration and therefore I allow it to.

This is the higher-level paradigm and in this level of paradigm you can let go of linear thinking, well, if I want to do this and I have to do this. That's the second level and below quantum, manifestation is about understanding that you can scramble up your beliefs about how the process has to go. You could instead just tune into the vibration of how you prefer to be this divine vibration of who you really are.

That goes beyond the mind, the doorway from the second level paradigm of creating your own reality, of understanding how your beliefs are a reflection of what you experienced in your life. The doorway from that level to that of the higher level is moving from the head and into the heart from having and doing into being, and when you make that transition, your frequency will increase and when that happens, you will then experience a reality that is equal to that change in vibration. It's about being aware of that and moving from the head and into the heart, and the way you do that is by surrender.

The way you do that is with the awareness, the awareness of who you are, the awareness that as you connect to this energy, everything in your life will begin to change. If we look at all of these levels, we'll see there are different personality traits and each level, different versions of us that are in different states, different emotions. The reasoning and the intellect will get us so far, but eventually, there's a level higher than that.

The lower levels of consciousness, shame, fear, guilt, anger. Those are all on Cert, on, on autopilot, keeping just thinking on a loop over and over again. I'm not worthy. I'm not this, I'm not that. I want this, but I don't have it is in the head, in the head, in the head.

Wherever you have observed that level of consciousness observed that state, and as you observed it from a neutral place, you then start to move and to realize that from that level if you're at the level of you think and you think everything set, everything is the way it is. What you do is you try to go and change the outside near you. Try to go change the mirror itself. Remember, the reality is a reflection.

We always get a mirror reflection of what we believe to be true and if we go out and try to change the mirror without changing our expression first. That is the bottom level paradigm. The Middle-Level Paradigm is understanding that we must first change our expression then change the reality we want to experience and the higher-level paradigm is beyond the mere itself. It just is and that level of surrender, that level of understanding that that divine energy can flow through as a totally new way of being.

And I believe that in this lifetime on earth, many people are here right now because there is a transformation of consciousness happening. People are bumping from this bottom level to the middle level, the middle level to the high level or all three. They're just moving all the way up. We have that potential right now. If you are watching reading this blog then you are in vibrational resonance with moving up these levels because you cannot perceive what you are not the vibration.

If you perceive of than it is something that was possible for you and is profitable for you as possible for everyone. It's probably for you, but be aware at which level you're at and the doorway to each one. That doorway from the first level, the bottom level to the middle-level neutrality, observing your thoughts, being aware of whether they're understanding the world is not fixed.

The world is not the way it is, just because that's how it is. That is a belief. Beliefs create reality. Then we bump them to the second level. I believe create my reality. If I want to change over there, I must first change in here because that over there is a reflection anyways.

Then we change the expression on our face. The mirror reality reflection we get then begins to change and then the doorway into the next level is letting go of the mirror, letting go of attachment, letting go of the identity with the ego.

And being the way we've referred, being existing in love, understanding it's a higher-level energy that channels through us. This higher level of energy is who we really are. It's the larger aspect of us. It is our higher self. It's higher states of consciousness. It's love, it's bliss, it's passion.

Follow your passion and you start to become more in alignment with that. Which level are you in and how were you moved to the top levels? I've given you a little bit of a game plan and what you can do at each individual level.

Follow your passion and you start to become more in alignment with a higher-level of energy.

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There are different traits of each level. Understand this isn't about good, bad or different levels have gone higher than you because I'm at this level. That's the ego. Just allow yourself to be aware. Awareness is the key. Awareness is the light and as you become aware of it, you can then move through these different levels and increase your vibration.

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