3 Secrets all High Vibrational People Know but will NEVER Tell You


There's a reason why high vibrational people don't say these things. And that's because most people that aren't in that mindset wouldn't understand.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding our vibration. I believe that deep down and even on the surface, you are a high vibe being. Okay? First off, let me get it there. You probably know these things deep down. This isn't some secret society thing where people know about it, they get together, and they're like, yo, we got these ideas, let's not share it with anyone else cause we share it with anyone else.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Then they'll have power too. It's more so like a high vibe. People want other people to win. People may not tell you this first off because people may not understand it. I mean this whole level thing is kind of egotistical. It's like you're at a lower level. It's not really like that. It's more so that we fluctuated between this level. But the first thing that high by people won't necessarily tell you is that it's about being responsible for moving up the vibrations. You have to first off, be responsible, and have responsibility. Take responsibility for what has happened to you. Why don't I buy, people normally tell you that because normally when people are in pain, so response-ability. When people are normally in pain, and they're angry at someone else, they're in the position that this person did this to me, and that was wrong.

Or they're in the understanding that maybe they're fearful of something and they're feeling that fear. When somebody that's of a higher vibration, that's feeling love or maybe reasoning, willpower says to them, Hey, you, do you realize that you can have the ability to respond to that situation? Because when you begin to raise your vibration, you'll see you've got the lower vibrations at the bottom. Anger, fear, shame, guilt. Then you have neutrality. This is a zero point. This is where you learn how to observe your thoughts. Then you have willpower reason, which is the intellect to the mind. Our beliefs create our reality, and then we have love. You must let go of reasoning and just be unconditional in love to feel the vibration of love and then joy, peace, enlightenment at the top. As you go and move up these, you raise your frequency; you raise your vibration, things manifest easier than ever.

That's why they say in the book, autobiography of a Yogi and lightened to people could literally manifest instantly because there is such a high vibration. They know that reality is flexible and malleable, and therefore they set their intentions, and it happens. The scale is about letting go of the things underneath, letting go of what is called positionalities perspectives. If you have the perspective that someone did something to you and they shouldn't have, then that's an attachment. That attachment keeps you in a low vibe. If you learn, when I learned how to neutralize my thoughts, I used to have a story that I have ADHD, you've probably seen something. Maybe you see somebody in the videos, and I've talked about it, and I talk about my ex stepmom, for example. Those were things that I became attached to, and it kept me in low vibe, and a lot of it was I was blaming other people.

You may look at that and say well you went through this or that. Like, of course, you were a kid you wouldn't understand or whatever. But re-realize it's responsibility means the ability to respond. There re the ability to choose a new meaning. This is another thing that that highlights people won't necessarily tell you because you say that to somebody that's in pain. They'll say, what are you talking about, bro? My manager said this to me, and that's annoying to somebody that's in pain. But high vibe people normally just know. They understand that it's about understanding and taking responsibility for the meaning you give it, which a lot of times sounds annoying to many people. The first thing that high vibe people know but will never tell you is that if you're feeling the low vibe, you did it to yourself. Even now, if there's a part of you, that's like, Whoa, what do you mean?

I did it to myself. You'd tell me some of the most horrible things that happened to kids or all this stuff happened because they, they, uh, they chose it. The key to this is understanding that we are infinite spiritual beings and that when we go through these different situations, the meaning we give it is the effect we get out of it. The most painful situations I've been through have been the most transformative and powerful things in my life. I believe that me doing what I do for a living is possible because of the pain I went through. I changed the meaning. I had a lot of stories about all these things. Then what happened is I became aware of the meaning of it when I changed the meaning. I changed my life. Understand that anytime we have the perspective that something else happened to us, we immediately give away our power to the situation.

We give away our power, and we feel less powerful, but the higher up you go up this, the more you realize you can allow it to be, and you can take responsibility, which is the ability to respond in a new way—everything in life and the level of reasoning. By the way, everything in life is funded. We realize that everything is fundamentally neutral. It's windy out today. Some people will go, it's so windy and cold. I know. Why can't, when it's windy and cold, it doesn't feel so good, but guess what? To someone else, they got a kite. Okay, they got a kite. They're flying that kite.

What is the difference? They have responded to the wind in a new way. Some people respond to the wind in and discomforts in complaining. Having a positionality that says it shouldn't be like this. It's nature. Nature's kind of do what she's got to do. Okay, so in the same way, high vibe people, they fly kites when it wins. All right? If it's rainy outside, they dance in the rain. They make the best with what they got because they realize that they have the ability to respond in whatever way they choose. You heard me talk about that at the videos, though. Sometimes it's repetitive stories, but guess what? I make daily videos on YouTube, and I have for three years. You go into work, and someone's like, Hey, can you believe this manager said this? They just want to keep talking about it like, okay, I get it. They just keep wanting to talk about it, and you're like, okay bro, I get it. People will never tell you. You want to know. The second thing, the highlight people won't tell you because they may feel bad if, if somebody of a low vibe is coming up to them, they'll tell you I got, they won't tell you I got boundaries, bro.

I got boundaries, bro. I got boundaries for days. It's okay to have boundaries. In general, boundaries are okay. The more I raised my vibration through my life, I've realized the more it's okay to have boundaries back in the day. I found, you know, when I went through my awakening, I had it to where a lot of changed about me, a lot changed about me and a lot of people didn't understand what was going on with me before my spiritual awakening, I was drinking, I was smoking, I was doing um, like partying a lot. Then I learned meditation that changed my life. I learned how to observe the pain of my past. It raised my frequency. I started feeling completely different, and what happened is, is a part of me had this old, almost addiction to doing the same things. I quit smoking weed and then what is like months later I was like, well, what if I try it again?

Maybe now it's not going to be different or something. But what I found is the higher up you go, the more boundaries you create. Even with your own energy, you're like, you know, I don't need alcohol. Then we have a lead which resonates at like 350, which is acceptance. These things will keep us in a low vibe when we want to go higher; those things will kind of keep us locked in. But when you develop better boundaries, what happens is then you decide, okay, these things honestly serving me and you'll develop better boundaries around other people. Those people that may be draining your energy, you're not going to necessarily tell him, bro, I got boundaries, and you'll vibe as affecting me. You're not me. You may not say that because it would seem kind of mean, but in actuality, you develop boundaries, and it's totally okay. Understanding the high vibe, people know that you have to fill up your cup before you can give anything to anyone else.

The key to this is knowing that it's okay to have boundaries. It's okay to say no if your intention right now is to raise your vibe and go after your passion full time, you might have to say no to people that want to hang out and bring you and kind of keep you in the same state because it's comfortable. I had to learn to do that. I had friends come to hang out, come hang out. No, I got to make daily videos on YouTube, talking about the same four stories and every video. It's what I do. You being that version of you. Then what you'll see is that being in that high vibe state, you're going to start to feel differently. The other people might try to kind of vent to you, get you, it doesn't mean your non-compassionate you're like low vibe energy by no, it just means that you're just aware of your own boundaries and how you feel around different people. It's okay to have boundaries.

Understand that those emotions are already inside of you. It's about knowing that if you could change the inside, you then change the outside, and the most powerful hi by people, in general, are grateful. Can you see that? Yeah, kind of. Okay. You can kind of see it. Gratitude is the key. The more grateful you feel, the higher your vibration goes. Think of it like this. There's a future potential you want to experience in your life. You have a certain momentum going on the way that you are showing up in the world. You have a certain story. You tell yourself about who you are. You have a certain type of energy dynamic, a certain type of dominant vibration that is causing you to feel and to be in the vibration, the reality you're currently in.

If you were to identify the vision of the ideal reality, you want to experience and notice how you think, how you feel, how you act, and if you were to simply decide that that's who I am now and be grateful for that reality. The emotions you would feel realize if you want more money, guess what? You really want. You want the freedom of security. If you want love or you want a relationship, what you really want is love and compassion. These emotions already exist inside of you. You can give yourself permission to fuel them. The funny thing is by giving yourself permission to feel it, now you will see on the mirror of reality, it comes. Do you see what I mean? By people know that it's all an inner game. It's all within. We're all one consciousness as well. Anytime that sounds kind of annoying to some people that are like, you're telling me Trump is not connected.

We're all one consciousness. When you get mad at somebody like that, and you maybe have all these negative perspectives about it, those negative perspectives that you have about him are going inside your energetic field. He knows a toroidal field or out of your body that's causing you to feel that disruption within your energetic field. At the deepest level, yes, you are connected to me. You're also connected to Donald Trump. You're also connected to Johnny Depp. You're also connected to Denzel Washington. We're all one consciousness, high vibe. People know this.

When you realize that that changes so much in reality, to be honest with you, they're so much more about the vibration that a lot of people don't understand. Like for example, clothes you wear when you're wearing it, and you're feeling certain emotions, that energy goes into your clothes, and you might find that you wear something in the future, that it's been a while since you board and you feel the energy of it, and you don't know why you're having certain thoughts.

The ONE Habit that will Attract Love, Money and Success (life-changing)


There's one habit that, if you do, will easily attract your money, love, and success. When I started to apply it, everything in my life change, and in this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the one habit that changes everything when it comes to manifesting money, love, and success. I would say that there have been these last two or three years for me, I've created or had more abundance in my life than ever before. When I look back at the things that really made a difference, there were a couple of key things that did it. In this blog, I want to share with you the habits of that and how that changes you at your core level.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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First off, let me tell you that there are two or three things that when I applied in my life changed everything about me and let me share with you why it changed everything and how you can apply this in your life. What you habitually do every single day becomes who you are. It becomes a pattern, and then reality is a reflection of that way you are being. Here's the important thing that a lot of people don't know about habits is the habits that you do consistently forms what is called your identity. Maybe you've heard me say before that your reality; you get in life a reflection of who you are being. You don't always get what you want because sometimes what you want, you feel lack of and you resist it, but you always get a reflection of who you are being.

Who you are being, the identity is formed from habits. They say that a lot of our identity as well as formed by our subconscious mind, which is something that has been on repetition. When I was looking at my old life, for example, my old life so long ago, it was like three years ago, I was working a nine to five job that I wasn't passionate about. I went into work every day. I had a habit of thinking negatively about work. I'd go in and really resist it. I had a habit years ago. It was ahead of a habit of taking something called Adderall, which is what I would take for having ADHD, what they call ADHD. That was like a pharmaceutical thing I was prescribed. But that was something that I was taking.

People would say things about my energy and how much energy I had or how my energy was sporadic. Then I would feel like there was something wrong with me. That it's not just the habit of what you do, but it's also the habit of thought that you have about it. Sometimes when we have these disorders, we may assume that this is very negative and then feel that negative emotion about it. If I look through, there were many habits of thoughts I used to have about feeling unworthy due to my past. My reality was exactly equal to the habits that I had. There was a huge transition for me. The transition was that one thing I did with the whole Adderall thing. I started to meditate. I came across meditation, the research of it because I was experiencing the harsh side effects of taking out at all. Like you can't sleep very much, you can't eat very much.

I was like, Oh, this is, I don't, I want to be able to like eat and sleep, you know, the parent necessities. I was reading online about how powerful meditation is, and I came across research on it. I said you know what? I'm going to try this now. Here's the thing. The first couple of days of meditating, nothing really happened. I actually felt a lot of resistance, but then eventually, what I did is, I started to relax into it, and instead of trying to control my thoughts, I started observing my thoughts. Then I started to get a good result from it. After two or three days, I started to feel very different, so what happened is, is I gave up that habit of doing Adderall, which is what I believed. I believed that I needed it because the doctor told me that I did, and then it would help, so I took it. Then what I did is I cha, I started to meditate, and after about a week, I decided to do it every single day.

I started to get great results from it, and I was like, I started feeling different. I said, okay, I'm going to start meditating. Over the course of a month or two of doing it, guess what happened? My self-image changed. Almost everything about my life changed; my energy changed. People would ask me what I was doing at work because my energy was so different. I was much calmer, I was much more grounded, and that changed my identity. Then I look to even my old; I used to see myself as a nine to five or going to a job that I didn't really care for. Then what I did is I decided, okay, every single day I'm going to create a video. You know, this story. Then eventually, after about three weeks of doing that, the video went viral, and then the YouTube channels started to explode. More so powerful than just making the daily videos and like the YouTube algorithm going crazy is that making the daily videos for me changed my identity. It changed who I was in reality. Here's the thing about habits.

The more you make your habits more, you have a habit that changes your identity, the more it changes your life. It doesn't have to be some crazy hard habit. It could be something very easy and, over time, think about it. You do something in a 24-hour period in a day, and then you do it tomorrow, and then you do it the next day. There are not great results until a little bit down the road when then you see everything about your life has changed. It's one habit that changes everything. I attracted money, love, and success in my life by doing one thing every day. What was that thing for me? It was doing what I'm passionate about and the reason that one habit that you must do or you know for them to get and attract money, love and success, it will change upon each person.

What if your passion is creating that of art? Then maybe the thing for you is if you were to create art every single day, you would then find that things in your life begin to happen in an explosion. Other things begin to happen. Here's the thing to get down to the core of the kind of way that you could maybe challenge the current way you are because the current habits you have are very comfortable, and when you decide to challenge that by doing something, your old identity would never do. That's where things change. I was resistant to meditation in the beginning. I'm like, I'm not one of those people that meditate. Do you know? It looks like a lot of medic people that meditated, like they may not have like drank or done. You're like smoked or done any done stuff like that. I was like that there is, they look square and boring. I want nothing to do with that. I was like, you know what, I'm going to do this meditation thing because there's a science that shows how powerful it is. I decided to do it and guess what?

It began to change my identity. Do you know? I think it's an interesting thing when people do yoga. Also, when people do yoga, like especially people that end up maybe going from not doing it at all, to doing it like every day. Like when you go to a Bikram yoga class, they'll tell you, Oh, you've got to come every day for a week or something. Like they try to like, you know, motivate you to come every day for a while to really see the benefits. What happens is a lot of people will go, and then they may keep going. It begins to change its identity. They'd be, they become like a Yogi person. They be, they see themselves as a person with like the mat that they carry the mat, and then they go to the yoga class. You know, there's a place here in Vegas that's like a life's, I think it's called true fusion.

It's like a lifestyle. They have yoga and these boot camp classes and stuff, but it's like trendy and hip and music. It's an identity thing. When people go consistently, they start to see themselves differently. The key to this is understanding that one habit. There's one habit that you can do every single day that would begin to change your self-image, and for me, even now, like look at, and this is what you do. You look at how you are being, what are you consistently doing right now? To be honest with yourself, become aware of some of the habits you have and then realize that there's probably one habit you have that's keeping you in a certain reality. Maybe it's a certain way you're thinking about something and something that you're doing every day. A lot of times, doing has a very powerful effect on our identity.

Sometimes, even more, powerful than just thinking is doing. It's actually wired it into a physical reality, but be aware of maybe one habit that you can just decide, this is not who I am anymore. It's not what I do. It's not. It's not even just what not what I do anymore. It's not who I am anymore. One of the humans, like the biggest human desires there is to remain consistent in the way that we see ourselves. For example, if you were to go over here, you may have heard this analogy before, but this is like a thermometer right here, and if I have this set right here, it is set at 69 degrees. If I were to move this up to let's say 74 degrees, what would happen is the AC would, the heater would actually kick on because it's cold here in Vegas right now and it would regulate it up to 74 and then if the windows or the doors opened or something and then went down to 72 the heater would kick on and bring it back up.

The cybernetic mechanism, it will do everything it can do to remain consistent with what you said to that. The same with our self-image. If you see yourself as somebody you know, I used to see myself also, by the way, as somebody that was lazy, I would literally like sit on a couch and one of the things I wanted to, I'd be like wanting to manifest things, and I would just be thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it, but I would never really back it up with action and because of that there, what my life wasn't really moving very much, but then I realized that making those daily videos, having a nine to five job, working 40 hours a week and making the daily videos on YouTube, being busy with both, it made me say, wow, I am somebody that's very focused. Who else is doing this?

There are not many people I know that are doing this kind of thing. Like you know, having this much willpower and just much focus don't want it to be successful. Even more so powerful than it bringing results is it changed my self-image. I went from somebody that was like trying to manifest it just by thinking about it but not really doing it or following it up with physical activity, which yeah. From that, it changed my self-image. Then I was able to apply that towards other things because, as I did that, then I was like, you know, I can apply this towards anything. I could, instead of just making daily videos, I could do that towards learning, marketing, learning how to spread my message in other ways, edit things I was passionate about. It changes everything. The point of this blog is money, love and success are on the other side of doing something you may not be comfortable doing because your current habits are keeping you in your current reality.

If you have a nine to five job, if you're at a certain story, you're telling yourself your reality is equal to that story, and the habits are what wires in that identity. If you want to change your life, become aware of your current identity, I'll cut your current habits that you're doing, become aware of them. Then to start to do something every single day, that over time, over time, will compound and change your identity. One thing every single day. That's all it takes is one thing. If you view yourself as out of shape and you were to start going to the gym every single day, even if you just go for 10 minutes a day, that will begin to change your self-image. You won't just be a guy or a girl going to the gym. You're going to be a gym-goer. It changes identity.

If you see yourself as scatterbrained and you start to meditate, guess what you're going to, you may start to see yourself as somebody that has this awareness, that has this presence, that has this powerful energy. You do that every single day. But here's the thing, there's a little bit of a mere delay. You'll do it once or twice, three times, maybe a week. You might not get the greatest results, but if you remain consistent with it, that's coughed. Hmm. That's where the magic happens. The magic happens when you do it consistently, and you decide this is who I am now. It's super easy. It is just between pain and pleasure, pain, and pleasure. Imagine this is a scale.

Okay, so pain and pleasure, we will do everything it can. We can move away from pain, what we believe, or what we defined to be a pain. We will move every; we do everything we can to bring us towards pleasure. That's how we're already wired. If we go to the gym every day, we associate some type of pleasure with going to the gym. Maybe we actually enjoy going to the gym. I enjoy going to the gym. Or maybe we associate the pleasure with how we look from going to the gym or from the pump that we get or from the knowledge and this, the security we get from going to the gym and how that makes us feel over time or how confident that comes from how our body looks. If we don't go to the gym, we may associate a lot of pain with that.

I got to drive to the gym. I'll feel weird when I'm there. People might judge me if I'm on the treadmill or whatever the story is. Then that's the thing if you want to make anything easy for you to do, tip the scales in a different direction. Remember, this is what we believe brings us pleasure or pain. That's up to you, what you define it to be if you associate pain with staying in the same with you. I started to associate pain with taking Adderall because I saw the hearts or the long term negative side effects, and I saw what it could do to people, and I saw that. I just knew that it was addictive, and it wasn't, it didn't have great results from it.

I started to associate pain with it, and then I started to associate pleasure with this vision of me being able to meditate or me being able to easily have my energy managed pleasure with being able to eat and sleep because of the side effects of the Adderall where wear that you didn't want. It was harder to do those things. As I started to think about it differently and then why are you doing with that one habit, then it becomes easier, and you can do this with everything. By the way, you could do this with anything. You can change the way you do it. I used to think it was very hard for me to like at the beginning of me making daily videos on YouTube, but then I started to associate pain with staying at that nine to five job. I started doing associated pleasure with making YouTube videos.

Of course, I was passionate about it as well, but I actually started to enjoy the process more. What do you define to be pleasurable and painful in your life? If you want, you could switch it around, and that'll change it. If it's unhealthy food, you eat unhealthy food is because you may be associated with pleasure with eating unhealthy food. These stimulations, the short-term effects that you, the PO, the short term tasty effects of it, and you may be associating pain with eating healthy food because of how blended tastes. Here's the thing, if you change these around it, you start to associate pleasure with eating healthy food because of the way it's going to make you look or the way it's going to make you feel and that new image of yourself. You'll start to enjoy it more than if you associate pain with the deep-fried foods.

Literally, write it out like this pain and then pleasure, and then decide what the topic is. If it's food and then writes on each side what you were. Eating the right portions of food or whatever it is with the amount of food. I feel sick. I feel satiated but not stuff, and I associate pain with feeling overly stuffed. I associate pain with eating unhealthy food as you do this exercise, and then you start to wire it in every single day with that habit. It could be a habit of eating healthy every day. It will change your identity. Then you won't be somebody that's just eating healthy food, or you won't be somebody that just has the habit of eating healthy food. You become somebody that's healthy. You see one habit, you do everything single day will change your identity. Do you want to have of making more money?

Start to be more grateful for what you have. Start to do something that adds value to other people. Go to have one habit of once a week. You hate your job. Go do it and apply it to a job that you don't think you're necessarily ready for, but that will start to change your identity to where you see you could do it. This will branch you out of your current identity. There's one habit a day that, if you do, will change your entire life. What is that habit? It depends on you and what you want to accomplish in your life. It will depend upon the person but realize that when you change what you do, and you do it consistently, it changes who you are. Just decide one habit you want to get rid of and then have one habit you want to be, and it can change everything about you. That's what happened to me doing daily videos on YouTube. There's also one habit that will really help you change your, what's called your dominant vibration, which is how you think, act, and feel, which changes your outer reality. There's a meditation on raising your vibration permanently that came out on January 1st. It's super powerful. Listen to it right here for 21 days. Make that a habit and watch how your life changes.

Why Spiritual People Lack Boundaries and Can’t Say NO


Do you find it hard to say no to other people when maybe other people want you to be a sure way to do certain things, even though you know you really don't want to do it yet, there's a part of you that feels like you're obligated to, or you should do it?

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you something that so many spiritual people have asked me. Like people may be going through a spiritual awakening. I know that one time I was talking to a guy that was in my coaching, my group coaching a group that I have called the Shift Academy and I was talking to him, and he was telling me like, I've gone through all this spiritual awakening, and I feel like a completely new person, and I'm excited. I've been telling my friends and family about it, but they want me to be this other way. They want me to be the old version of me. He's like, what do I do about that? What I told them to do is I said, bro, you just got to be the way everyone else wants you to be. It's so selfish to be going and doing what you and being who you really are. Why would you be so selfish?

Of course, that sounds so ridiculous. I was completely sarcastic, but once I framed it like that, he's like, you're right. There's really no other alternative. There is no really another alternative. You want you to be a certain way, and you have to be inauthentic to you. That's the thing when we go through a spiritual awakening, and we go through such a metamorphosis, we changed the way we view ourselves. We changed the way that we see ourselves, we changed the way we really show up in the world, and then other people that might make them uncomfortable. Now part of us wants to make them happy. We want to make other people happy. Why do we want to make other people happy? Why do we want to be a certain way for other people?

That's the question. When we talk about spiritual people lacking boundaries, the boundaries are lacked because the person is focused on making someone else happy or on pleasing other people. This also has to do with being a people pleaser. Something that I was for a long period of my life. I went through many of you know; you heard my story, just will—a quick snapshot of it. I had a controlling ex stepmom in my life. And what happened was in that period. I learned that I was rewarded for following the rules, and I got pain if I didn't make someone happy, and I didn't like to get that validation in a way. When my dad divorced when I was 15, I then felt like I was going around subconsciously, trying to make people happy. That turned out that I was then people pleased.

In many ways, I would do what I could to really, it's almost like my self-worth was tied upon how happy can I make other people, and I would do my best not to like kind of rustle the feathers of other people even though in some ways I was a rebel in many ways. I wanted to make other people happy. I wanted that validation. The reason this happens, especially for people that go through a spiritual awakening and what we call spiritual people, is because many people tie their sense of self-worth based on the giving to other people, making other people happy.

It's a part of this self-worth that says, if I can make you happy, then maybe you'll love me. When it comes to spiritual awakening, what happens is people go through it, and then they view themselves differently. They're into different things. Then what happens is they may have a group of friends, a family that understands them and know them in one certain way. But what happens is now they're, they have a desire to make them happy, yet they want to be authentic to who they are now. So that's the thing with this whole process that's important to understand is how do you view yourself, and is your self-worth tied upon other people validating you?

Because when we get to down to our rules about what it takes, think about what worth means is well worth, has to do with value. Am I valuable? What are my rules to be invaluable? What happens is, is a lot of times we say, well, I am valuable once I do X, Y, Z, and I'll notice this a lot with a lot of people, people that go through a spiritual awakening. Many of you reading this blog right now, if you identify with this, you most likely have been through a lot of pain of your past because the pain of your past, of going through a spiritual awakening, that pain catapulted you gave you pressure to then go through a spiritual awakening. When you go through the pain of your past, a lot of times that made me mean that you had a rougher childhood, and if you had a rougher childhood, what that could mean is that your sense of self-worth isn't powerful from when you were growing up. It means you've had to relook at your sense of self-worth.

When you now look at your sense of self-worth, and you redo the rules in your mind as to what it takes for you to be worthy, you can then reconstruct this whole thing to where then you don't feel or feel like you're not worthy unless you do X, Y, Z. I was talking to someone else in that Shift Academy, the coaching group that I have two days ago when I did a live Q and A, and there was this lady that I was talking to who is currently going through where she's learning how to walk again because she had some type of disease that affected or some type of a thing that affected her spine. She can't really walk. What she said was, is that she finds herself, it's very difficult for her cause she finds herself wanting to help other people in her family, her ex-husband, her grandma, and her mom. They all need her help. What happens is she's extending herself so much, and she's like, how do I, that was exactly the questions, kind of what inspired this video, how do I develop the boundaries? Because she lives with her mom, and she's helping her mom.

She started to help herself, too, because she's learning how to walk again. Then her husband, her ex-husband, and all these things. The thing that I explained to her is, I actually shared with her a story, but the story is this. About a week ago, I was with my buddies. I don't think she'll mind. It's with Victor, my buddy Victor Oddo, who's a YouTuber and then his wife Patty, who's also amazing and they're good. They're like my best friends. We went hiking with some friends, and we were at red rocks here in Las Vegas, and we hiked up the mountain. We went up; we were at red rock. There's this little cave thing that's enclosed that's like completely enclosed away from the wind, and it's overlooking like this beautiful view of the loss of eight of Las Vegas and all these mountains and stuff.

We do as we get up there, and that's the perfect place that we wanted to chill for a little bit as like the Oasis at the top of this mountain. I get up there, and it's kind of hard to get up because you got to climb up this way, and then you kind of got to like your kind of like got to shoot yourself over a little bit in order to get up there. But it's totally worth it causes it's such a cool view. Well one person was up than I was the second person up and then Patty was coming up; Victor's wife and Patty were starting to get up. Then what I did is I was like, Hey, take my hand. Like let me take, take my hand and I'll, cause she was like, she's afraid of Heights. She was kind of freaking out.

She started to get really flustered, and when she started getting flustered, I was like, just grab my hand. I will pull you up. She was like, no, like, like no, I'm not going to do that. I was like; I started to take it personally. I was like, why wouldn't you just grab my hand, I'll bring you up, and you will get into the cave, and it's all good. I was like, okay. Then she's like trying to get up, and she's still kind of like, she's like, I'm kind of freaking out about it and I'm thinking to myself like, why won't she just let, why don't you just grab my hand and I will bring her up. Like it's, it's super easy. Like she'll have the stability, and she'll just put her leg up, and she'll be good. What happens is, is she's like, no, I'm not going to do that. Then what happened is she eventually got up and then when she got up she calmed down a little bit because she got flustered trying to get up.

She wasn't mad at me or anything. However, then she said something very interesting. She said I had to do it myself because if I have, you helped me, then how would I know that I could do it myself or not? I wouldn't know. You know, in a moment that was a wake-up call for me because I realized that I was trying to rob her of the joy of figuring out whether she could do it herself or not. I was trying to, and I also was aware that may be part of my self-worth is based on how I can help someone else get up. In a way, I was going to get some type of dirty high by bringing someone up and saying, look at me. I helped to bring you up. That's what I've realized about myself. There's these, this part of me that always wants to add value, always wants to help people, but it's not just helping people, it does the work for them. My sense of self-worth is on doing and having that kind of perspective. When I look at that situation, the key to it is understanding, are you really helping people, or are you doing the work for them?

When I was talking to the lady I was talking to that I was coaching, I said maybe you're trying to yank your family up to the cave. You're trying to yank them up and do the work for them and enabling them to always rely on you rather than letting them do it themselves. All of our boundaries are based on our level of self-worth. Until we question our rules of worthiness, our rules of value, how will I know when I'm valuable? We tend to do everything we can to make other people happy instead of actually being ourselves and doing what makes us happy. I'm kind of a fixer in my life in general. Family needs help with money, and there you go. I have people that need help. I tried to do it for them, and I realize now I have to let them. I can't keep robbing people of their power. I have to have my own boundaries. When it goes, it comes to a spiritual awakening.

When we go through this process, a lot of times, we'll do everything we can to make it so that other people will love us, will value us not knowing that that validation we seek, that love that we seek, we can give to ourselves. By having those boundaries, that's how we give that love to ourselves. Because then we have more energy to focus on us. When it comes to boundaries and spiritual people's way you take your power back is you reevaluate a prior evaluation of your own self-worth, and you realize that the most powerful way for you to show up in the world is by you being yourself, you being yourself, you be you. And when you are being yourself, what you'll find is that more people gravitate towards you anyways.

Those boundaries are a good thing. Those boundaries, when you say no to something, you say yes to something else. I see people that I know that go through a spiritual Lake, and their friends want them to always hang out the same way they used to. Sometimes as a spiritual person, you might find that a lot of people come to you for help and they want you to give them energy and to help them, but realize that the more you say yes to that, if it's out of a place of guilt, a lot of times this will be tied to guilt. I know that even in my family, sometimes I feel obligated and responsible. Even the lady I was coaching, she felt responsible for her mom and her ex-husband.

But the thing is we do our work. We do what we can do. We could still be compassionate, but we have to be aware of our own boundaries. Remember when we have boundaries, that's when we're really able to be ourselves. This is about awareness and our sense of worthiness. That's where the power really is. What I recommend you do is first off, subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven't already. I shared videos about how we take our power back. I help people to become empowered with the videos that I make. If you haven't subscribed already, I make videos every single day on topics like this, and also, there's a meditation that will help you to raise your vibration in the sense of worthiness. It's on completing the past and feeling 100% or the whole and complete. If you listen to that, that will help you to clear out these rules that you may have made about yourself.  

90% of Reality Creation is Complete when you change this one belief


I'm going to show you how 90% of reality creation is complete. I'm going to show you how this changes everything and exactly how to do it. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the one belief that if you change over 90% of reality creation is complete. It is a belief that as well, many people make it so much more difficult than it has to be just based on the fact that we see, and we believe that it has to be this way and first off, understand that for this process, beliefs create reality. Whatever we believe to be true is reflected back to us, on the other side. If we believe that it's hard to attract a relationship, then it will be hard to attract a relationship.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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We will find ourselves in situations that make it appear to be hard. We will act, feel, and think consistently to a reality where it is hard to attract a relationship, and if it's hard to attract money, the same thing. There's a belief it is hard to attract money, therefore it Zen something that we experienced in our life. It's about understanding that whatever we perceive of is because first, we have an inner belief that says something, and then reality reflects that back to us. A lot of what I teach and a lot of what I share is how if you change your beliefs, you change your life. What you could do is you could go and look for your beliefs about relationships and change your beliefs about relationships and loves that you can attract love into your life. What you could do is you can go to your beliefs about money and say, you know, I want to attract more money into my life.

You could go and look at your beliefs about money and change your beliefs about money. You could look at your beliefs about your health and losing weight or being the perfect energy level, and you could change your beliefs about that. This one belief is simply believing that change is hard or that it is difficult to manifest what you want, like instead of changing your beliefs about relationships or beliefs about money, your beliefs about health, what have you changed your beliefs about reality itself? What if instead of believing that there's this big story to the way that reality works and believing that change is really hard and transformation has to come from no pain, no gain, what if instead of that you realize that things could be easy, the things could be in flow, that things you could allow to happen.

You see, instead of going for the individual beliefs around each individual category, what did you challenge your beliefs about reality itself and the way that reality works? You see, this is the profound shift that you can have in your life, and this is what I have noticed about the process. When we understand the quantum physics of things and quantum physics shows us that every moment is a new moment. All potentiality exists right now. When we understand that, we can then see that every moment is a new moment. Every moment is a new moment. Every moment is a new moment right now, right now, right now. The idea is what story we tell ourselves right now. What storytelling herself right now? What story are we telling herself right now? Because they, Oh, this is hard. Well, then it will be hard.

Then we can realize that every moment's a new moment anyways. Why not create a greater degree of change between this moment and this moment? Because the potentiality already exists. But it's about knowing. It can be easy if we allow it to be easy. But we all have a story about how to relate about how relationships work, about how health works, about how money works, but how reality works. This story is keeping this narrative on autopilot. It is keeping us in experiencing certain things over and over and over again. But it's about realizing that if you're creating the same story from when you were a kid or even the beliefs of your parents, you're doing it now and you're doing it may be from the autopilot mind, but once you can begin to do is be aware of it because awareness is 90% of changing beliefs.

When you become aware of a belief, you didn't see it as a belief, not as the way reality works. If you say, boy, it is hard to attract this. Is it inherently true that it is hard to attract money? Is it inherently true? No. For some people, it's easier than others, but it depends upon their belief systems. But when you let go of the belief that it has to be hard, that's where things will be good at transforming your life. Instead of trying to change your beliefs about money by health, by love as the big three right there, change your beliefs about reality itself and realize that reality is much more flexible than you can imagine. What quantum physics is showing us is every moment is a new moment. Every moment is a new moment. The only thing that keeps so much continuity there is the fact that we are so insistent upon this story that we tell ourselves over and over and over again.

But if we let go of that story, we then become free. Like, think about it like this. How, what are the practical examples of this? You may believe, I know I was talking to my mom a while ago and she was talking to me about quitting smoking cigarettes. Actually, let's back up. Even a couple of years, like years ago, five, six years ago, I was talking to her, and she had these stories and beliefs about quitting smoking cigarettes. She told me she knew somebody that quit smoking, smoked cigarettes their whole entire life, and then stopped quitting smoking cigarettes and then died or something like that. In her mind, if she were to quit smoking cigarettes, she could end up having that same response even though there could have been many different things in that. Maybe that person had a lot of other stuff going on besides just that.

But it was a certain story that then scared her into being afraid of quitting smoking cigarettes. If you want to quit smoking cigarettes and then somebody was to tell you, Oh, it's super hard to quit smoking cigarettes. Wow, it's so hard, and you know you're going to fall back many times, you know, I've quit like 12 times, and I'm still smoking. You know, like this is how it works, blah, blah blah. You were to listen to these stories and agree to these stories and let them into your consciousness. Well, then guess what? It may be hard for you to quit smoking, but it's just a story. It's just a story that we intertwined, and maybe other people agree with that story.

Understand this, though. It's just a story. Quitting smoking cigarettes is just a story. If you believe it's hard and once you can begin to do is ask yourself, what does it really take to quit smoking cigarettes? Well, simple. Just don't put another cigarette in your mouth. That's it. It's really, really, really easy and simple to quit smoking cigarettes. But you see even now he smoked cigarettes like, well, that's easy for you to say. What about all the withdraws? What about the science behind the withdrawals? If you were to quit smoking and you would feel these withdrawals, but if you were to be present with the withdrawals, if you were to not label it, if you were to not resist it and think that you shouldn't be having the withdrawals, then you might find that it's way, way, way, way easier than you think you see.

But we have re we have ideas about smoking. We have these ideas about these different things that we believe that it has to be hard, but there are certain things that you'll see like this scientist, you know, I shared this a lot just to show you what's possible because then if you hear this story, then maybe you say to yourself, Whoa, how can I apply that in my own life by letting go of my identity or what does this, this now this story is, but this is something that's been scientifically proven and at as somebody that has what is called multiple personality disorder. Maybe for me to tell this story before or not this, I guess it is a story, but it's also something that's been verified and this phenomenon where people with multiple personality disorder, which means they have one personality. Then they shift to another personality, and in one personality, they may have certain thoughts, structures.

They may have their own name for themselves, and let's say that person's name is Carl and say, Carl, I don't always normally use the same name. When I tell these, I realized it's like Carl and Jim or something like that. Let's say Carl has that have more negative thoughts that you say this personality of Carl has that of some type of disease. You could test that person, that Carl, that personality and see, Oh yep, this person has this disease and then 10 minutes later they will shift to be in the gym. One minute there, Carl, five minutes later, their gym, once their gym, they have a different identity, different thought patterns differently. They view themselves because it's multiple personality disorder. And then if you were to measure Jim's body and you were to see if they had the same disease, they then would not have the disease within minutes.

Now, what is that? Why can something happen that quick? Well, it's a phenomenon, and it's something that is the way reality really works. There's a story we tell ourselves there's a momentum we have with our current identity that keeps us locked within a certain box. When you let go of that identity. When you let go of those beliefs of how reality has to work, it can become much more fluid and much more flexible, but the key to this is knowing that it can be easy. You're changing your new every moment regardless. It's just there's a story that glues all of this together that has to have you experiencing that over and over and over again. You see, if you believe that it is hard to lose weight, it is hard to lose weight. It is hard to eat healthily, then guess what will happen? You will find yourself finding other people that agree with you.

You will find yourselves in tempting situations. You will find yourself having a story in a narrative that says it is hard, all of these things, but is it hard to lose weight? Is that inherently true in reality that what you do is you eat fewer calories than you, then you burn off? Well, no, but that's a belief. There's a belief there that that is hard. You just pay attention to what you eat. You eat a little bit less when you have these feelings of hunger cause you're used to filling up your stomach more. You just become present with it. You become okay with it. You see, and you allow. You don't label it, and then you'll find that it is easy. You can allow this transformation for yourself to be easy.

You can allow yourself to see that reality is a form of a dream. It is just a consistent dream that isn't equal to the story that we tell ourselves, and if we believe things need to take a lot of time, a lot of effort. If we find ourselves like, Oh the only path to success is I have to go to college for four years, and I have to graduate and then work myself up the corporate ladder and go along this 12-year plan in order to get and have that perfect family and all of these things, then that will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. You'll find yourself going along to that narrative, but what if you were to question it? What if you were to realize you could direct your life in the direction that you prefer? See, this is where things really begin to change, but this is about understanding a new choice. You are making a new choice to be and just realize that that's all that really takes. 90% of reality creation is complete. Do this one thing as well.

I imagine that using my imagination and I'll get into a meditative state, and then what I'll do is I'll just start to visualize it, to feel as if that is me and then I'll just decide to make a choice. My actions and everything will be in alignment with that belief, with that belief, that choice that that's who I am now if you haven't seen it as well. One thing that I'll pitch to you right now, and you'll see one of the most powerful meditations I've ever made. It's a free meditation on YouTube. Read the comments to see what is possible. It is on shifting parallel realities, and you literally walk into a new parallel reality and just know that's who you are. Read the comments to see what's possible. Don't take my word for it.

People have had some of the most profound experiences. Listen to that meditation for 21 days. Have you listened to it? It's one of my most popular meditations on shifting through parallel realities. What it really helps you to do is to let go of this old belief that reality is fixed. The reality is hard, and it allows you to be here now. What it allows you to do is to let go of the old story so that you can then choose this reality that you prefer. In general, beliefs are about simply becoming aware of the belief, seeing it for the belief. Cause once you see it as a belief, it's just a belief and then choosing and then wiring in the new one. That's it. It's real simple. But what are your beliefs about reality and the key to this becoming aware of your beliefs about reality?

The reality is fixed. The reality is solid. Things are hard. You were then questioning those beliefs seen other times in your life when they weren't hard, when things were easy, when magical things happen, when synchronicity happened in your life, starting to pay attention to the magic in your life, not trying to rationalize it with the logical mind, starting to reframe those beliefs. If you believe you're not worthy, you find times in your past when you were worthy. To see yourself as worthy, you see, you can wire in these new thoughts. Remember, they're just beliefs. If you have a limiting belief, see it for a belief and then realize that when you change the belief by wired in the new one, by taking action is that new version of you. By choosing that this version of me that thinks, acts, and feels a certain way, that's who I am now. That's who you are, that will then become your reality. The most powerful way that I found a wire that end is through meditation, which is why I highly recommend 21 days and watch how your life transforms.

3 “Weird” Ways to Change Your Dominant Vibration INSTANTLY


I'm going to share with you three ways to change your dominant vibration. The way you're showing up in the world or reality you're getting. I'm going to show you how to change that instantly. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three ways to change your dominant vibration. The ways that I've done it in my own life that has allowed me to then get to a higher level and also to be embodying a new version of myself. First off, what is your vibration? Your vibration is a combination of how you think, how you feel, and what you do, how you act. These three things make up your vibration. The problem is your vibration may have been on autopilot since years ago. Therefore, you may be doing the things that are comfortable.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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You may be thinking thoughts that you're used to. You may be feeling an emotion that's within a certain bandwidth of emotion that you felt for a long time. Therefore, when you go out into the world, what you see is you see a reality that is equal to that bandwidth of information, that level that you have been feeling. Even if something were amazing, that could happen in your life, maybe meeting someone or maybe some type of synchronicity you may not perceive of it if you're still within your own vibrational bubble. The thing is we have a dominant vibration that's been running our lives, and when we change that dominant vibration, we change our life. I've been for the last three, was it three days, four days that we've been afforded, putting in the four days. It is a fourth-day date with destiny, with Tony Robbins.

This is a seminar that Tony Robins runs where it has to do with getting to your core beliefs and your values about who you are. When you change these little things, it then changes your life. This blog, as well, is going to have within it some of the key points I've learned from being a date with destiny, with 5,000 other people. The way that he rides it, just to give you a little bit of context, is you're in this room with 5,000 other people. He keeps the room at like 40 degrees because I think that that helps people stay awake because they're going to be in there from like 11 in the morning till like two or three in the morning the next day. It's an intense level of energy that you're putting into, into this and a Tony. It's incredible how much he is up there.

He's up there the whole entire time. You know, we get tired of watching it and just being, you know, in the chair sitting there, but he's like walking around and doing it. However, what Tony does is he shows us how our beliefs create, you know, beliefs in the meanings we give. Things are creating the kind of experiences we're having. A lot of it is, you know, a lot of it is similar to some of the stuff that I share here. To be honest with you, as I go through it, I see, wow, this is like some under the belief shifting process and stuff like that, just in a different language and for a little bit different, I guess a demographic in a way. However, the things that I've learned from it have been very powerful, including like something that we do that I've been talking a little bit about is like we do this thing where we jump up and we start dancing every like, you know, 15, 20 minutes, which keeps our physiology engaged.

When you're engaged, you retain more information. I've always known that he does that at his seminars, but I've never actually experienced it until now. It's pretty cool. It's like you'll be doing that for hours and time will go by very fast or normally I'd be very hungry by like five o'clock, because I do intermittent fasting, but sometimes I'm not even that hungry because we're in that state. It’s been very interesting so far, very intensive. I've seen him also work with a lot of different people on what is called interventions or when he talks to them. They'll stand up, they'll be in front of 5,000 other people, and there'll be, you know, he'll be kind of like in a way pulling out and, you know, making people aware of their values, of their beliefs, of their rules that they need, that people have as to what it takes to be happy.

That's what I'll be sharing a lot of in this blog. The first thing I want to talk about is when it comes to this process, it has to do a lot with our vibration in correlation to our own rituals. What are we consistently doing? A ritual is something that we do consistently. Something that Tony talks a lot about is something called incantations. Incantations are kind of like affirmations, but where you involve your physiology a lot more. For example, Tony Robbins says that when he was, you know, first starting to become successful or wanting to become a speaker, he would have like a 90-minute drive from his house in California to his work and back and forth. What he would do is he would say these incantations that had something to do with like, I, you know, wealth is circulating through my body, and I'm adding so much value to people and all of this stuff.

He would like to do it with so much enthusiasm and so much energy that it would really spark him up. When he would do is you would do these, these repetitive incantations for like 90 minutes going from his house to there and from, you know, his work back to his house. He did that for a lot. He's done that now for you, 50, 40, 50 years, however old he is, how long he's been doing it. I think he said 40 something years. He's been doing these same exact incantations before he even does seminars. It's wired it into his physiology now. One thing he had us do is come up with our new incantations that why you're in a new identity. Why are we in your vibration, and changing your dominant vibration is about understanding that what you consistently do overtime changes you at your core?

I focus so much on the future sometimes that I feel like I miss out on some of the joy of life. Like I've spent so much of my life trying to get to some end result rather than enjoying the process along the way. I want to cultivate more gratefulness. One of the things we did is we did like a lighter version of it. Not necessarily like so many different words, but it's like I am grateful you don't. It's like saying it with your physiology. Then my next one was I am playful, playful, because I feel like the more successful I become, the more serious I become about my business.

Where I used to have so much fun with everything I did, everything used to be so light. I feel like it's gained a certain level of heavy, heavier this at least. It was funny cause as we were doing, you know, we were doing this exercise, the lights kind of went off and we were all like, you know, you got 5,000 people screaming. They're in conditions out, which are all different. But it's like I am playful. Then it's like, as I started to say it, I would say more fun ways. Like I am playful, like a question Mark or I would say as many different formula, like ways that would like almost elicit that playfulness. Do you know what I mean? I could see how if I got up every day and I was to do that, I am playfulness that would loosen up my vibration over time.

That’s just because I need to finally step into doing the live events. That was something I had to push outside my comfort zone because I'm so used to making videos on YouTube. I'm so used to like doing social media stuff, but now getting in front of the people I know it's going to be like my main passion in life. But now I know that's what I need to do. That's what I'm going to do. However, I need, you know, that courage, I'm wired in that courage. Imagine an incantation, doing it every single day. How that changes the physiology, how that changes the mindset, how that changes the image in my mind as I say it.

I think of myself as playful as I see myself as grateful. I imagined myself like, you know, feeling gratitude for my heart. I imagine myself on stage being that way. Do you see it? This is the first weird way that I would say that I go about changing my dominant vibration. If something, I'm going to be implemented in my life that I've learned from the state with the destiny program that I've been a part of for the last four days. The second one that I want to share with you has to do with identity. This is a very powerful concept. How do you identify yourself? You've heard me share this before. I'm going to give you a different angle.

Don't worry about it. When it comes to identity, we, and if we identify with our thoughts and we think that we are our thoughts, that's when a lot of times we'll get trapped into a certain vibration. For example, I've noticed, because I've studied NLP, how Tony uses NLP with people that are thinking about committing suicide. What he does is he goes to them, he starts talking to them. Normally people that want to, that are in that state, what happens is their blueprint for the world, the rules they have in the world for, for who they are and how life should be. Their blueprint is not, Maxine is not matching their expectations of how they thought things should be. Or there are many times holding like there's one guy yesterday that he did like a where he asks people if they're suicidal and they stand up and then he, he interventions with a couple of them.

You're able to see that a lot of them have these crazy rules as to where they should be in life or what they should or shouldn't have done. Some of them don't forgive themselves for things. He shows them that you have this belief, you have this thought that says this. Did he ask everyone in the room? How many of you have had suicidal thoughts in the past? Almost everyone Rose their hand. Everyone's thought about it. The difference is some people think about it, and then the thought goes away, and some people think about it and think about it and then identify with those thoughts. You see. The repetition of thinking of it ends up many times, causing it to them to identify with it. Once you identify with it, you then think that you have these suicidal thoughts, and you're suicidal, and then you even said, I'm suicidal.

Or you say like, I don't, you know, everyone has depressive thoughts sometimes, you know, at some point in their life. But are you a depressed person? That's the identity. It's when you learn not to identify with your thoughts, not identify with your beliefs, with these rules that you have as to what it takes. One other thing that, that, you know, somebody else would that was in this suicidal state had is they had a high level of significance there. Her dad always told this younger lady and that she was amazing and so special. But what that ended up doing is it ended up kind of messing her up because then she expected herself to be this very special, significant person in life and at her rules as to what it takes to be significant. She didn't see herself as significant.

She thought that meant she had to be some movie stars. I'm like a high level, you know, billionaire or something like a millionaire or something like that. What Tony then showed her is she is already successful and significant, just not within the, you know, not even now, but the rules that she had made it impossible for that. But she was somebody that like started an orphanage and, actually helped save people's lives at committing a kid's lives at committing suicide. She likes talked to them, and you know, she was like leading this orphanage that she became a part of when she was like set at like 19 years old or something like that. She couldn't see how significant, how in a way special she was and how she's changed and helped people save people's lives. But she ended the rules in her mind. She wasn't able to see that at the time.

She sees that, and it changed the whole entire meaning for herself. But the thing that I noticed Tony does is when he talks to them, he gets them to then at the end realize that that's who they were. Right? He's like, so that person you were, which isn't who you are anymore, tell me like, why you're not that person anymore. Then the person's like, well, I'm not that person anymore because I realized that I don't have those thoughts. You know, those thoughts may come up. What he does is he frames it using NLP so that they don't think that's who they are anymore. It's an NLP type thing. But then they see it out of their own mouth that like, no, this, that's not who I am anymore. He goes, why isn't that who you are anymore?

Well, because I realized now that I had these thoughts. It really makes them disassociate and disconnect from that old identity. Once they can see that old identity for what it is, they no longer identify with it anymore, and then they've shifted their dominant vibration, the way they think, feel, and act, the way they identify themselves. If you change your identity, you change your life. That's the second part of this process. You can apply that so many different ways.

These are important because we have these values, and these values are like the driving forces of our life. We have these; actually, they're called needs, so we have the need for significance, the need for certainty, the need for uncertainty, the need for love, the need for a contribution, and the love for growth and the need for growth. These are the six human needs as far as Tony teaches it, and these six human needs we ranked in a certain order. What you sometimes realize when you become aware of it subconsciously on autopilot. One of our top needs might be significant. If it's the significance, then we're always looking for approval. We always look for people to see the value in us. When we did, we have to do things to get it. Instead of having like something like a like contribution, which is like adding value, which like feels your spirit or having love as your primary, which means you're going to feel more love and it's going to drive your life in a different way.

But then what happens is we have these rules as to what it takes to feel significant. We have these rules as to what it takes to feel love. We have these rules that take for us to feel like we're contributing, and these rules reveal a lot to us. I might make a whole video on this idea of the rules. But basically, if we have a rule that says, we can only feel loved when we've done something amazing for someone else, we can only feel loved when we've like, you know, saved someone's life or something, then we may not feel loved very often because we make the rules and we raise the bar so high. But what if you gave yourself the rule that you just show up today? You get up in the morning, and you put your hands over your heart for a couple of minutes, and then you can feel love.

You see, when you change your rules about it, you didn't allow more in. Think about it. Everything you want to manifest in your life, anything you want to create in your life. Why do you want it? You want it because of the emotion it will bring you. What if you could just give yourself the rule that you can feel that motion easier. What does it take for me to feel the love? Well, it could be just me focusing on someone I love and feeling that love within my heart. Or it could be that I have to like to fly and meet them right now and talk to them and, and hug them and then I can feel love even though I'm traveling the world right now. Do you see what your rules are? When you get rid of some of your rules, you can then be happier.

You can then feel more of that emotion. Become aware of your rules as to what it takes for you to feel happy, become aware of the identity you have. When you change that identity, you change your life. One of the most powerful meditations I have is self-image meditation. Listen to for 21 days. It will change your life. It will change your self-image when you wire in your new identity. It changes absolutely everything. Then the other thing is to change your rituals.

How to Feel 100% Worthy of Money, Love and Success (life-changing)


We always get in life a reflection of what we believe we deserve. And if we believe that we don't deserve money, love, or success, then we will actually block it out of our life. I believe it will change your life because it will help you to feel worthier so that you have money, love, and success coming after you. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how you can feel 100% worthy, whole and complete of having money, love, and success in your life.

I'll tell you right now that I used to believe I wasn't worthy of any of those. I'll get into the reasoning behind it and a little bit, and there's a little play on words, their reasoning. Because when we believe that we're not worthy of holding complete of money, lover success, then we continuously block it out of our life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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This was something that I experienced for years. Wondering, thinking maybe I'm just not supposed to be abundant in life. Thinking. Why is it so hard? Let me show you this, though as well. This is our old self. Think of this as the self that maybe doesn't feel worthy, is not abundant, is conditioned by past experience. The version of us that is in the autopilot mind thinking the same thoughts every day. It has the pain of the past kind of wearing it on our back, and that's all based on the meaning we give to our past experience and the meaning we give to who we are now.

We are currently thinking, acting, and feeling equal to this version of us. Here's what makes manifestation so much easier to understand. If we want to create our dream reality, all we have to do is imagine the best version of us that feels worthy, that is bold. Imagine that version of us, and then what we must do is simply be that version of us. This seems so simple, and it's like, well, it's not that easy, and the only reason it's not easy is that we've been believing and bought into this one for so long. We've believed that an identified believing we are the past. We are conditioned; we are in the autopilot mind. We are not abundant. We are not worthy. This is all been based on just autopilot.

When we can start to learn that we can become less of this and become more of this. This is how we experience amazing things in our life. If you've read the works, Neville Goddard, even Joe Dispenza, feeling the emotion now allows you to perceive the reality you want. If we're not feeling worthy, we will get a reality that shows us that we are equal to not being worthy. Which means people may treat you like you're not worthy. You may go to groups of people and feel like you're not enough, or you have to kind of people pleaser kind of agree with people in order to be worthy. You might feel that when it comes to money that you don't have enough of it, and you don't feel worthy of it, and that's your reality. All reality is as a reflection of what we believe we deserve and who we believe we are.

So, this blog is going to show you how to redo those reasoning, the way that you see yourself so that you can then experience more of the love and abundance that is in your life. Here's the other thing that I wanted to share that you could say yes, I just have to feel, I just have to feel worthy. If I feel worthy, then I attract more love into my life. But this is how it really works. The way that it really works is we first have a belief, a belief about who we are. Then that belief causes us to have a feeling, and then that feeling causes us to think thoughts consistent to the feeling that is our state of being. If we're in a certain state, we think certain thoughts and then our thoughts are equal to that feeling. Then those thoughts lead to us saying, Hey, maybe I'm going to take a certain type of action.

Maybe I'm not going to go after my dreams because I don't feel worthy. Maybe I'm not going to go talk to that guy or girl over there because I don't feel worthy. Then that action or non-action then leads to a result which then fuels that same belief. For example, the most common limiting belief that there is is the belief I'm not enough. And if we believe I'm not enough, then we will feel like we're not enough. We will feel inadequate insecurity. From there, we then think thoughts that are similar to that, I'm not enough, I'm not secure, and then we will take action or the non-action based on that end result, and it becomes a perpetual cycle. This isn't about just looking at the feeling, it's saying, well, I'm going to feel worthy. We have to first off, become aware of the belief.

The belief is the reasoning. Let me share with you a couple of stories about how I went through this. Even more recently, I've become aware of certain beliefs and meanings that I gave to things in the past. For example, I had a couple of root experiences. Am I enough? Am I worthy? When we say am I worthy, we're really saying, am I enough? What happened was, I thought that I wasn't enough because of past experience. That's where most people get caught up. Most people are caught in the knots of their past, believing that their past is who they are identified with past experience thinking; this is who I am. If I wasn't worthy in the past and how am I ever going to be worthy in the future. But the part here that's important to understand is the identity, the identification.

For example, when we look at this, I found certain root experiences. We all have route experiences of things that have happened in the past where we then gave things, meaning that then became on autopilot, and those things that were then based on that meaning then send to run themselves out in subconscious ways. For example, I had this one called clown boys. What I wrote right here, I had this one experience with my, uh, I became aware of this actually while deep into meditation. Actually, I kind of even remembered it consciously, but I forgot about it because sometimes in the business of life, you forget about certain memories. I asked myself, why don't I feel worthy? Why do I feel such a desire to prove myself to people, and why do I feel inadequate, insecure? I remembered this one memory that I had back when I was younger.

My dad didn't mean this. I love my dad, dearly. However, at the time he was probably trying to, he probably had his own reasons for doing this, and when I was about nine, 10 years old, I did this weird thing with my tongue or what I would do is I would look right the sides of my mouth. I don't know why I did it. I'm sure there's, you look up Louise hay or something, you could hear your life. There's a thing about it. But I was doing that. I was looking at the sides of my mouth, and what happened was then it caused a rash that would go ride around my mouth where then it would turn red, and then it looked like I had this white, this red thing going around my mouth. I remember that I was very insecure of it, and my dad noticed it, and I'm sure my dad had good intentions at some level about this.

My dad's a very caring person, but he may be just wasn't aware in this moment when we were in a car, and I was with him, and I think it was also with the influence of my ex stepmom who may have told them like, you need to tell them to stop doing that or something like that. That's just the feeling I have. But he was saying like, why you keep doing this thing? Like it's going to keep the rash there. That's why a lot of times you'll notice that a lot of people that maybe don't have much, they don't want to connect to their spirituality. Sometimes it's because their relationship with their parents may have reflected back something to them, and therefore that's how they'd been viewed. Reality spirituality, the way the world works. In that moment, though, I felt insecure, and even the person that I probably look to the most in the whole world thinks and calls me clown boy. The meaning I then gave that situation was that I am not worthy, am insecure, and I am not enough.

For a long time after that, there were a lot of times where I was always trying to prove myself. I then started to associate that if I can do certain things, then maybe I will finally be worthy if I did. Then I even realized for a long time I was really seeking his approval over anything he wanted me to. I know he wanted me to like to go to college and get a degree. I went to college for a year or two, but it wasn't my passion. I knew I wanted to do something different, and I found myself feeling guilty like I wasn't enough and secured. Do I have his validation? Then there was another experience that was one root experience that clearly came to my mind in meditation. Then it was also in my conscious mind. Then obviously you've probably heard of my story before about my ex stepmom was in my life between seven and 15 years old. During that time, my brother and I had almost zero freedom whatsoever. We weren't allowed to have friends.

We weren't allowed to do normal kid stuff like watch TV and ride bikes and stuff. We were normally locked outside of the house and had to do yard work, drinking water out of a hose. My brother and I would try to make time go by if we, uh, we were also not given that much food. We'd get a bowl of cereal in the morning, TV, dinner at night. We were both very skinny. My dad divorced ref when I was 15 years old, and all of a sudden, then my brother and I have all this freedom, and it was like a whole new reality. Because I was talked down to physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by my ex stepmom, between that time, I felt like I wasn't enough. I felt like my value wasn't there. And the thing is that it remained on autopilot.

I actually experienced that of someone was all some female figure was always in my life. That was very similar to my ex stepmom trying to control me because I was comfortable with those emotions, and the meaning I gave to women is that women want to control me. Woman controlled my dad, the woman can and then, and then she controlled me. This is just how it is. Even after my ex stepmom, 15 years old, comes around. Then I have all this freedom. Then about 18 years old, I had a girlfriend before that was also trying to cook a little bit controlling and then I had a girlfriend for five, four years that can try and control me, very jealous. Didn't like if I was hanging out with friends a thought that my energy was too much and I dealt with that, and then I was working at Nordstrom's, and woman's shoes broke up with her a couple of years later and then guess what? I got transferred from one department to a new department. That new department had a manager that was almost the same personality as my ex stepmom.

It's very interesting how that works, and here were the game changer years into it. We were trying to get her fired for a long time because she was so in the department because she would say and do things that she shouldn't have gotten away with, but she's protected by upper management. Nothing ever happened. You want to know when everything changed was when I realized these things. I realized from the past that I was given things a meaning that I was my past. I believe that the heaviness of my past was who I am, and then I changed that meaning I saw the meaning in a completely new way. I then was able to see that those things that happened to me were actually positive because it led me to become more aware. It led to waking me up, and if you're here right now, then let me tell you something.

You are waking up to more of who you are. The things that happened in your past led you to go within. It served a purpose. When I realized that the pain of my ex stepmom and all that stuff led to my spiritual awakening, I then change the meaning of the past. Now realize this, this is the scale of consciousness. Right here, we have shame, fear, anger. That's where I lived for a long time, was infuriated anger. The neutrality was where I learned meditation. I learned how to observe my thoughts, to observe the things that happened in the past. Then what happened is I became aware of the reasoning. The reasoning is the meaning I gave meaning to things in the past. I gave them meaning to my ex step mom's situation as I am not worthy. I gave meaning to the whole. I have ADHD and can't focus thing and then realize that I agree to it.

We are the ones that make up these meanings, and now many times, many other people may agree and see and say, well, yes, of course. That's a meaning that you should agree with. I would agree with that too. Yeah. You shouldn't have experienced that when you were younger, but here's the thing, we have to realize that we generated the meaning. When we see that we generated the meaning and agreed to it in the first place, we can then change it by reframing it. I think that a lot of the ex-step-mom stuff happened because then it led me to my spiritual awakening so that I can now help so many people. That's me changing the meaning. When I changed the meaning, it changed my life in so many different ways. Our worthiness is directly correlated with how vow, our sense of value. Are we enough, and if we have this big value system in our mind, these rules that say, I know that I will feel worthy once X, Y, Z, then we're putting our sense of worthiness outside of ourselves.

Let me tell you something. This will change your life. Understanding this right here, you are worthy and valuable for just being you. That's it. You don't need to do anything for me to love you. You don't need to do anything or be in a certain type of way. You are worthy of being you. You add something unique and special to the world. There is no one in the world that can do what you do in the way that you do it. Everything on this planet has a purpose. If you were to watch different nature documentaries, the way the seasons work, the way everything in nature work, it all has a purpose, and it is part of this rhythm of life, and if we can agree that everything has a purpose, you have a purpose, and you have a purpose and something that you're meant to be embodied in this life, and the more you embody that, the more value you put out into the world.

When I started doing what I'm passionate about, which is these making these videos, I started to feel more, you don't want to get up and think that you, what you do is what makes you worthy, but you need to know that I am who I am right now. Me making videos as who I am, sharing these ideas as who I am. The more you tap into who you are, the more valuable you will feel, and when you get rid of those past meetings that you gave things, that's when you start to become free. You may have good things in the past. The meaning that I feel anger, fear, whatever, shame for what happened in the past. That's why it feels so heavy right now, and you've thought and identified with your past, and that's what's brought it into the present moment, and then you said, I'm not enough.

You are enough. You don't have to do anything to be enough. You just are. When you lessen the degree of the rules you have as to what it takes for you to feel valuable, that's where everything begins to change. When you realize your own worthiness when you believe that you are enough because you see that you don't need to be in the level of reasoning. The reasoning is where all the pain happened in the first place. I'm not worthy. I believe this. I believe that that's all reasoning. The truth is you are love, you are love, and you have value just by being you. That's it. This whole belief thing is from the reasoning and below paradigms. We'll still use this in our lives, but the key is knowing who you are at your core, you are love.

Realize that you are enough, and all you have to do is get to the core experiences that caused you to feel like you're not enough. There may be many of them. There are way more than just two for me, but as I become aware of them, I then see them for what they are, just meanings, things I gave meaning to in the past. They are not really who I am. Then as I changed the meaning, it then changes my life. You see, we all have a story. We tell ourselves, we have a story that says that I'm not enough. I'm not worthy. I'm not abundant. That's just a story. And if you want to be worthy, all you have to do is let go of this story and realize you really are love at your core. You are enough, you are enough, and you have value just by being you.

When you're in that feeling state, you will perceive opportunities; you will perceive more money in your life. You will perceive and be at the right place at the right time to attract love. That's all it really takes. But the key to this is feeling when a hundred percent worthy hole incomplete by completing the past and realizing you have value for being you. And if you didn't know, one of the most popular meditations I have is on feeling 100% worthy, only complete and completing those past experiences. Listen to that for 21 days. It will transform your life, and it will allow you more money, love, and success to come into your life.

3 Ways to Use Quantum Physics to Manifest Your Dream Life


What if the old school law of attraction ways of going about manifestation were outdated? What of trying really hard and doing things to get something from over there to into here is something that actually causes more resistance than anything else, and what if? By using quantum physics, we could have an easier way to manifest what we want, and we'd be using the leverage from the way reality works to make that happen easier than ever. In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that, and I believe it will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three ways to use quantum physics to manifest your dream life. I'm going to share with you some things that quantum physics has shown me, some things that I've learned that I've applied that make all the difference in the world.The first one I want to share has to do with understanding the power of intention and understanding that when we set an intention, we are increasing probability. Anytime people ask, they say, is this possible? The answer is that anything is possible. What we're really asking is, is it probable, and the way we make things probable is by setting more intentions. Think of intention in a way as an outcome of a certain reality.

When we focus on this, and we intend it to bring it into realization, intend in a way is another way of saying intend in a way. It's kind of like expected, but it's also like a to claim it to forth, to claim it forth and to claim it. Fourth is also like understanding that intention many times is related to action as well. Action is one form of intention, but even just thinking in the intention, in your mind, what do you intend for today? What I do is if I am going to the gym, for example, one segment of my day would be me going over to my car, opening up my door and getting into my car. That could be a segment, and then another segment is me driving to the gym, and then another segment is me at the gym working out. What we can do is we can set intentions going into each setting, in each segment, so what I would do is I would set intentions as I was going into my car. I would set intentions to have a safe drive, and then as I'm driving, I set intentions that I'm enjoying this drive.

I am that I'm feeling safe, that I'm hitting green lights, and then as I'm getting to the gym, I'd set the intentions that I am having a workout, being present really at the moment, enjoying the workout, pushing myself beyond my limits. Those are all different intentions we set as we go into different segments. There's another part of this, though, intention. If you've ever listened to Dr. Joe Dispenza, he talks about intention mixed with that. Of an elevated emotion. That is the key to manifesting what you want, intention, and outcome of some type of reality in your mind that you declare an outcome of some type of reality in your mind that you declare mixed with an elevated emotion. This is why being connected to your passion is so important and so powerful for this. Let me tell you one of the first times I ever experienced this; I don't know if I've ever shared this story before.

I was working a nine to five jobs on one of my shoes. I have told that story before, but I was working that nine to five job. When I first started learning about the law of attraction, I'd go in every day, and I would try different energy things to see what kind of results I would get. For example, I might say, I'm going to sell, I'm going to intend to sell like $5,000 today. It was a sales commission job. If I sold $5,000, I'd get 10% of that 500 bucks. That's, I've got a very good day. And I would set those intentions. One day I did this thing, I'm not, I'm not a good rapper or anything. Okay. When I say the rapper, I mean like the actual, like a beatbox someone beatboxes and then you wrapped behind it. But what I would do is I would go into my car on my lunch breaks.

I like to be alone on my lunch break sometimes cause it was so many people. I like to like just kind of go within. Sometimes I would go out to my car, and what I would do is I would blast beat drum instrumentals beat. I know this is kind of outside of the league cause I don't look like somebody that would do this. What I would do is that music, would it be going, and what I would do is I would rap about what I wanted to manifest. The reason being is when you get into a flow state, and you're rapping, you start to elevate your emotion. It's almost like as you're putting your intention and your focus on a certain outcome with an elevated emotion, it increases the chances of it happening. Here's one thing that actually happened and actually this worked many times, but one of the really memorable ones was I set this intention, and I was rapping about how is it going to go back into the, you know, after my lunch break I was going to go back into a Nordstrom's, and I was going to help a customer that was from Mexico that didn't speak much English.

I said I had this wrap and I was talking about how there was going to be a family of people that were all going to buy shoes, and they're going to say, see, you know, they're going to say that same. What happens is I rap about that. I'm just; it's so cheesy. I know it's so cheesy, but I do it. Then what happened is I go into back from my lunch break and no joke with the 10 minutes I picked up this family of people that all bought stuff, deed, and it was the safe thing at the very end. I was like, well, how to get over to the cash wrap. When I was doing it, I felt it too. I remember when I was wrapping it, I was feeling it. I was like really getting into the flow. That's one way to use quantum physics to manifest your dream reality. The second way that I'm going to share with you, it's going to be inside. Do you want to know why I like to change the environment? Also, to be honest with you, my hands are really cold. It's actually really cold here in Vegas outside. The second one, okay. You might be asking yourself, you're like, Hey Aaron, I smoked cigarettes.

I want to learn how to stop smoking cigarettes. How can I use quantum physics to stop smoking cigarettes? The quantum physics shows us that all possibilities exist and what happens is when we have a certain identity, a certain way, we see ourselves, we'll do everything we can to remain consistent with the way that we see ourselves. Now, if we view ourselves as a smoker and we're trying to quit smoking, that's very difficult because we're trying to change our identity, and our identity likes to feel set. However, if you realize that there is a reality where you never were a smoker, you can then start to tell yourself, I am not even a smoker. You could start to tell yourself that I am the version of me that never smoked. That makes a huge difference when it comes to this process.

You don't always get in light that what you want, but you always get in life who you are. The thing is, is who you are. There was a certain point in your past. We decided this is who I am, and then you started to do certain actions that made up what you think to be your identity because of the repetition. However, that can change at any moment by realizing how right now you are one probable version of you. However, there's also a version of you that does not smoke cigarettes or whatever your habit you're trying to get rid of. When you realize that you can then say, well, that's the version of me that I prefer. Plus, you can take on the past of that version of you. If we find it hard to smoke cigarettes to quit smoking, we might tell ourselves a story.

It's very hard to quit smoking cigarettes. If I do, I'm going to get these withdrawals. I use this to quit smoking weed. That's right. I used to smoke weed back in 2011 2012. It was a part of my identity, and I saw myself as a smoker. I saw myself as somebody that was like, you know, into conspiracy theories. I think there's like an archetype when you smoke a lot and it's like there's, cause there's like certain things are going to be into, you're going to be in a Joe Rogan, like hands down. There's no way you're not into Joe Rogan. Then secondly, you're a, you know, you probably like to go out and eat with some friends and stuff when you smoke. Thirdly, I mean this is all, this is all like, I'm just kind of joking around here. But part of what I realized is there was almost an identity with it. And because I identified with that archetype, it made it hard for me to quit because of the story I told myself that was on autopilot.

But when I realized that I could just be the version of me that I never actually did smoke from this new perspective. I know that that might sound delusional, but when we realize that in a way they create the image that we have of ourselves right now as an illusion, that we keep assisting, we keep reaffirming over and over again. Well, you can start to start to tell ourselves like, can I just, I could just change my story. I could just change the way that I view myself. Quantum physics shows us that all possibilities exist right now. I talked about this a lot of my older videos; every moment's a new moment, every moment's a new moment, every moment's a new moment. What story am I telling myself? What story am I telling myself?

What story am I telling? What story am I telling myself? Huh? What story am I telling myself? I keep telling myself it over and over and over again, and therefore that's the reality. I get over and over and over again. But see that's the thing. Change our story at any moment. We could change the way we identify ourselves in the way we identify our past. I was at a, I went to the gym yesterday, and I was talking to my buddy, a buddy that I haven't seen in a long time and he's this guy that's like has like a sales job, and he's doing like really well. It's like a commission sales job, and I was like congratulate him and stuff, and he told me, he's like, dude, I used something you said or something like this like six months ago to quit smoking, smoking weed. I just saw myself as not a smoker anymore, and it works, and it works.

I don't know what that noise is. I used to smoke weed. As I said, I used to smoke weed. That's how I quit other than meditation, which allowed me to become more aware of the things, and then I just let go of that identity altogether. That's the key to that. Let go of the identity. If you see yourself as somebody that, that has a lot of emotional baggage, complete the past, feel the emotions, and then let them go and realize that as you change, as you deal with these things in the present moment, you then change your probable pasts. As well as when you change your present, you also change your probable pasts. Every moment you're changing, every moment, the past, the past experiences, you have changed as well.

Even neuroscience shows us every single time we think of a memory of something that happened. We take it out of the memory bank; we look at it; we change the memory a little bit and overlay our opinions. Our story on it and then we put it back and by the time we've done that 10 20 a hundred thousand times, guess what? It's a completely different memory. The past that we think we have isn't even actually the past that really happened. It's the story that we overlaid. Why don't we just put more stories on top of that, or why don't we just let it go? Just be honest with yourself. I got a lot of energy to carry all this stuff around. It's almost like baggage that we've just been login and login and login and we just want to go over there easily.

But there's so much baggage to lug. But here's the take. He just let it go and decide and see it for what it is something you agreed to pick up a long time ago, but it doesn't serve, you know, Mo and it's actually keeping you and trained in the reality that you've been at. The third way that you can use quantum physics to completely transform your life is understanding a radio frequency and understanding that the reality that you want to experience it already exists. It already exists. The version of you already exists, just like we use that. Somebody break my shoe right now, there's a problem. There's a reality where the guy that the people that mow my lawn probably broke this thing that my mom gave me. Okay? And that's kind of sad. That's kind of sad. But guess what?

It's okay. Why? No, it's okay. I'm going to come in here and shift in a minute. I'm going to go back out there. It's going to be fixed. I just noticed that my bad. Any probable reality you can imagine already exists. I did use this to become a YouTuber. I did use this, and I'm using this now to become a speaker. Guess what? I had a buddy of mine who owns a big company out in San Diego and invites me to his company to do a talk. It's like I'm embodying this new identity now. That's what quantum physics shows us. Think of yourself like a radio frequency, a radio channel, or you can, you can tune to any channel and imagine that there's 98.7 there's 98.9 now a 98.7 you are living in a little bit of struggle.

The way you tuned to that reality is you feel the emotions that version of you now, and you decide that that's who you are. That's who you are. If you look at any of Neville Goddard's work, never got art's been around for a long time, or I mean he was, he's a passed away, but he was back in the 19 hundreds a lot of his work is about the feeling is the secret. Feel the emotion now, and you eventually will create it in your life. Feel the emotion of what you want now, and that eventually becomes your reality. That is also something that quantum physics helps us with because when we see, here's the part of quantum physics, that helps too. When you see that ideal version of you live in the dream life, killing the game, that killing the game of totality is natural for that version of you. It's not on a pedestal.

But here's the thing. It could happen even more amazing than your ego can even imagine, but you got to do is let go, let go. Somebody actually came up to me at a, my buddy Victor Oddo, he had a retreat. Somebody actually came up to me, and she found out I might be speaking there. She went to Victor's retreat, and she wanted to just thank me because she said that there was that meditation that she did, and she was told by her doctor she would never walk again and that she broke some part of her back and she would never walk again and she'd never been out of a wheelchair. Well, guess what? She was at Victor Oddo’s retreat in crutches, and she could walk, and she says that that meditation is what helped her to do that. That's how powerful we are. Something doctors tell you can't do, it's possible for you to do when you get to that emotional state, and you realize this is the parallel reality I want.

How to Change Your Subconscious Story About Love (STOP feeling lonely and single)


We all have subconscious stories. We tell ourselves like, guys, don't pay attention to me. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Every person I date is the same type of person with a different face. Why can't I attract love? I'm just that crazy cat lady. Every person I date is emotionally unavailable. I feel like I'm always the one to put in the effort. All of those are stories we may tell ourselves. However, when we take out the subconscious story we have about love, we become free to really attract love into our own lives.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you how to unveil your subconscious story, which has been on autopilot. Running itself out over and over and over again, and you might not even know it and understand that our reality is a direct reflection of the story that we tell ourselves consistently. When it comes to our subconscious story, this little thing right here is supposed to be one of those glaciers or something where a lot of them are submerged under the water. Most of our story about love is under the water and then a little bit of it we are aware of. First off, let's understand that subconscious. We give it this very esoteric meaning we're like, what is this subconscious?

It sounds like this very abstract thing. The idea is that it's just, we're not aware of it. That's it. It doesn't have to be this really mystical flying butterfly thing. It's like what is that? What is that? It's like it just means it's unconscious or subconscious, and now you make it conscious, and what you do to do this is you go through, and you start to ask questions. You start to unveil the perspectives you have unveiled some of the perspectives maybe your parents had, and the more aware of the subconscious stories you become, the better. The more that you are then able to change it. Realize that we have a little stick figure right here. Our reality is direct. It's a mirror reflection of the story we tell ourselves on the inside about love.

Question things like I always attract this type of person into my life. Things like it's hard for me to attract someone into my life, or it's easy for me to attract them, but it's hard for me to keep them. These are all stories. Then there might be stories that are parents. We may have modeled growing up like love doesn't last. It's something that I've seen divorcing divorce happen a couple of times in my family, and because of that, part of me is like, do I even ever want to get married? That's my subconscious story about love. It means that it doesn't have to be this esoteric, weird thing cause it's subconscious. It just means it was subconscious. Once you make a conscious, then it's a choice. But until then, it's on autopilot. It's like the shadow that is there. Your subconscious story may and most likely is exactly what is holding you back from experiencing love in your life, from attracting the person that you want to be with.

The one that you would really resonate with at a deep level. There's a subconscious story that keeps that person from coming into your life. Imagine they're trying to crawl themselves into your life, but what you're doing is you have the subconscious story that's like blocking them out. You're like this, and then then you don't even see them, and they're just crawling, trying to get in. But you got that subconscious story there. You may believe that you are not lovable. Subconsciously, you may have had experiences growing up where someone broke up with you, and you said, I'm not worthy. You have these rules in place that many times may hold us back from experiencing the love that we naturally are and understand that when it comes to attracting love into our life, it comes due to vibrational resonance.

The key to this is actually feeling the self-love now. Even think of it like this. Then what happens is we have a rule, a rule about love and side of our mind that says, well, when I, someone's in my life, I will then be able to feel love because every single Disney movie that we've ever watched has shown some miserable person that is lonely and miserable, and then eventually they find some type of a person, someone rescues them, whatever the story is, the story, the subconscious story that is being shown. Then, in the end, they lived happily ever after, and they are fighting the wholly complete. Then as we grow up and we're six years old, we see this on Disney, and we see Cinderella, we've seen snow white and all of these Latin and all these and we're like, Oh, maybe if I get that person, that Prince charming, that a princess, I will finally feel worthy holding complete.

This has been embedded in my subconscious mind that this is what it takes to be loved. This is what it takes. Then we have a rule, and that rule says, when this person comes into my life and saves me like the princess that he is the Prince charming. All we did was had a rule. They met that rule, they met that blueprint, and then we feel self-love the whole time. By the way, love is within us. We can feel the love. It's just that we've got these stories that keep us from feeling the love because we're like, wait, don't you feel that love yet? Don't you feel it? Because if you feel it, then it's the idea is that we have this rule that says that we can only feel it once they actually come into our life.

That's the rule that keeps us from feeling the love, which would then help us to actually attract more love into our lives due to vibrational resonance. That's why I always say the statement; you find the one you love by doing what you love, because when you're doing what you love, you're in the core frequency, and you love other parts of your life. Then that person comes in as a direct reflection of that. You are attracting someone based on that reflection. The keys to really be who you're meant to be in life, do what you're passionate about. Our subconscious story about love is under the surface.

In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to figure that out. For that, I have this which I already made, which kind of helps this process of the visual presentation. We may say I'm not worthy of a certain type of relationship. Whatever the word is. A lot of the most common limiting belief, by the way, is the belief that I am not worthy. I am not enough. The most common limiting belief that most people have added the key to this is this understanding right here. I did it. I did a good job, huh? Huh? Look at that. It says this is a table. Okay, beautiful. Well, well, draw a table.

I can't manifest love. That's not a core belief. That's a side effect of something else. People will try to change. I'm, they'll try to change that says, Oh, I can attract love. Then they'll find that there are other things that are also reflecting back to them, that same thing. Maybe if they believe they're not worthy, they have trouble finding love, and they also have trouble manifesting money. You see, so it's a core belief thing, and the way you find your core belief is you see what is the emotion you would feel and what is the fear you have about not attracting a relationship or not attracting money?

Well then, maybe I wouldn't be, I'm abundant. Then what would happen if I wasn't abundant? I wouldn't be able to have enough. Well, then what would happen if I didn't have enough? Then maybe I realize I'm not enough, and then maybe I wouldn't be accepted by friends and family. Then what would happen if I didn't get accepted by friends and family? Maybe it all gets tied back to I am not enough. We have this tabletop, which is the core belief of I am not enough, which most a lot of people that if they're having trouble finding and attracting love, it may be there's that subconscious belief that says I'm not enough.

There's one experience that one time I was rejected, which for me there was one time when I was rejected more than once, but that time that I was rejected was that the first time that it was really memorable was when I was like 11 to 13 years old. I think I was 13 because it was like this teenage party in this park. What I did is that we were allowed to go to the school dance and I asked the 18-year-old teacher to dance with me and I just kind of laughed. She wanted to dance with someone else her age, and she kind of passed me off to this other chick I did not want to dance with, and that made me faster rejected, and I had this feeling I that then started to wire in. Maybe I'm not enough.

That was one memorable experience. I also had experiences that weren't even related to love experiences such as maybe my next step ex stepmom, who is verbally, physically, emotionally abusive, that really wired in, Oh, Hey, you're not enough. You'd barely deserve to go to school. You barely deserve to eat. Because I had those experiences, then that also helped, that also wired in. I am not enough now. There may be other experiences, but the key is to look through your memory bank. Sometimes we've suppressed those memories, but start to ask your question, the question, what is the reference experience that may have wired this meaning in this belief that says, I am not enough?

I'm not enough, and then I'm not enough translated into other things in our life, and that just was an unquestioned belief that we had. What you want to do is you want to write out whatever that core belief is for you and then see the reference experiences that you've had that may have wired that in. This is all unprocessed emotion. It's all unprocessed emotion, meaning you felt it, and it was something that was not really understood from a certain perspective, and therefore it kind of got; it was like an unquestioned meaning that then got integrated. We have these unprocessed emotions as these different legs. The key to this process of what I'm sharing with you today is becoming aware of your subconscious story. About love, and what it takes for you to be loved, what rules you have about when you'll know you're loved.

Because I'll tell you what, the harder you make the rules, the less likely you are to feel love. Remember what I'm talking about, attracting love. It's about you putting that love first, feeling the emotion within you first by loving yourself, and then finding someone else that is also able to love you as well. Plus, making your story really easy for people to like. It's easy for me to attract love into my life. It's easy for me to exude love because I am loved. Those are very easy rules that we can have. But if we're like it's very hard to attract love, and I would only feel love when other people have said to me, I love you, Aaron. Then when you say that enough, then I'll finally feel it, and then you have to buy me nice gifts.

If you buy me like really nice gifts and you tell me you love me like three times a day and then maybe I'll look at that, and I'll think about it and then maybe I'll feel the love. The harder we make those rules, the less likely we are to feel love. But if you make it really easy, it's like I feel love because I really recognize that within myself that I'm more so able to feel it. Do you see it? But we have these unquestioned meanings and these unquestioned beliefs with us. Here's the process. First off, find your core belief is that I'm not enough. I am not worth a lot. I'll tell you right now, a lot of times, most people have that limiting belief because we grow up in a society where we're comparing ourselves to other people.

We're literally made to feel like we're not enough, cause then better consumers. The more we feel we're not enough, the better we're going to buy, the more we're going to buy stuff. That's just the way we've been primed from a cultural standpoint. When we realized these things, and we realize that we have these core beliefs that the Disney movies, then we start to realize these things and realize that we've been primed in a way prime to give up the dime, to give up the dime, to give up the money so that we become even more worthy. That's just the way it is. That's the way we've been programmed. But we can question these things, and that's the part of this process. Find your core belief. Find the reference experiences that may have wired that in and start to ask yourself the question.

The first step is always awareness. What does that subconscious story bring? The subconscious out of the dark and into the light? You do that by asking questions. What would this belief be? What would I believe to be true, to be having this kind of experience? Understand that the way it works as well is first we have a belief and a meaning or a story. Then we have an emotion. Then we have that of the action we take. Then we get the result, and then that fuels the story. Emotions come as a result of meaning. I just felt like Sarah [inaudible] sharing that now. Understand that the emotion we feel anytime we felt rejected, anytime we felt like we're not worthy or I feel like I'm shame, guilt, those come from some story, some meaning of something that happened in the past. The key to this is having awareness.

Then secondly is once you become aware of these little reference experiences of some of them, you can then start to doubt them. You can start to doubt them. You can start to look at the story in a different way. You can start to question those experiences. Here’s the thing too, that neuroscience shows us every time we remember a memory from the past, we change it a little bit before we put it back in our memory bank. By the time we've thought about something hundreds of times, sometimes thousands of times, it's a completely different memory that has been over overlaid with the story over and over again until it's completely changed because of the narrative we put on it. For example, that one time, I was rejected. What actually happened? Let's look at that. You could separate the story from what actually happened.

Well, what happened? I asked some girl to dance with me, and she said, no, that's what happened. That's it. That's it. I asked a girl to dance with me. She said no. The story is I went up to this girl, she was 18 years old, and I thought she was going to like me, and I asked her to dance with me, and she sent me to somebody I did not want to dance with. That's all a story. What actually happened? I asked to dance with the girl. She said no. The story is emotionally charged. What happened is not emotionally charged when you're able to see and doubt the old story. I could even add a different story to what maybe she was having a bad day, or maybe she, I was just too much of a 13-year-old stud, and she was just worried and like not confident around me because I was so confident as a little 13-year-old guy.

Maybe that was it. Right? But when you start to see it from a different perspective, it starts to doubt it. You start to relate to it in a new way. Also, you can have fun with it. That's why I'm kind of saying it in his fun, lightweight. In general, the idea is that then you're able to see it in a different way. You're able to relate to it in a different way, and you're able to doubt these different reference experiences. One thing with my ex stepmom, I realized that she was treated the same way from her dad when she was a kid. That's the only way she thought she could feel powerful. I could imagine it like she's like tearing down people's sandcastles.

She's going around like I'd make a case out of council and she would read it like this and just kick it like, like this, and then I'd feel sad. Do you see it? It's like I'm able to see it in a funnier way. It didn't relate to it a different way, but really, she was just afraid because she didn't want other people to build really nice Sam castles. She felt kind of threatened if somebody did have good sandcastles. That's why she tore down people sandcastles. You see, that's a metaphor. But that's the idea as the idea is you're able to see them and then doubt them and kind of relate to them a new way. It's awareness than doubt. Then the third step to changing your subconscious story about love or really anything is reframing it with your new identity reframe.

That was the reframe. See in a new way and seeing that these couple of reference experiences that built up this core belief, it's only a couple. Many times if you look through your past about love, you can find many exceptions or many instances where you were actually loved. I had other experiences when I went up to someone, and I asked them out, they said yes, but you focus on that deal yet because they've got these core beliefs is I'm not enough. You see, so the key is then focusing on these other parts. That's something I found actually helps as well. People would have kicked out his sandcastle. A rod got rejected by that 18-year old that one time. Who was afraid that he was going to, that he was just so confident.

You see, that's a story, though. I'm not saying necessarily the best thing to do is to build another story, but it's to realize what happened to the story we tell ourselves about what happened. You see, so this is a three-step process to love and to really just hear if there's one other thing I could tell you as well that really helps is, is understanding that you are the star of your own movie. You are the star of your own movie. You're not the cameo. The more you realize you are the star of your own movie, the more you show up in the world as the star, and the more that then people respond to you in that way, you would literally are the star of your own movie.

Anytime it's been difficult for me to attract love into my life, it's because I'm trying to be a cameo in someone else's movie, not understanding that I am the star of my own movie. You are the star of your own movie. That's also when you can make powerful choices. You can make new choices about who you are. When you make these new choices, you find that then you feel empowered. When you also make choices, and you're doing what you're passionate about for a living, and you make it a choice to just go for it, and you focus on things like that, you'll then be in a more powerful state. Realize that we may have a subconscious story that we tell ourselves about who we are, and the subconscious story is running our life about love. But what you can do becomes aware of that subconscious story.

As you become aware of that subconscious story, you then bringing out of the dark and into the light, and then guess what? You do whatever you want with it. You can then choose a new story. You can then be the best version of yourself, and you can question those old beliefs about love, that you have realized that anybody on the outside that loves you back, you're giving yourself permission. They're meeting a rule inside of you. Then because they need that rule, then you give yourself permission to feel love. But the love is inside you the whole entire time.

3 Signs you are about to have a Quantum SHIFT in Vibration


When we experience a quantum shift in vibration, our whole entire reality changes; however, the signs to it may be very different than what you would think would breathe in you a quantum shift in vibration. However, in this blog, I'm going to share with you those three signs. Anytime I've gone through these, I've had a quantum shift in my energy, and these are the ways you can know that the same is happening to you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I am going to be speaking about how you can know you are about to go through a quantum shift in vibration—understanding that your vibration is what is dictating the kind of reality that you experience. You always experience a reality that is equal to your vibration. When you change your vibration, you change your life, and there's many different things that go into when we're talking about vibration and energy. I'm actually right now in Tucson, Arizona. I'm here for a rock. Well, it's I say rock show on Instagram. People think, I mean like rock band show. I'm getting stuff from my house right now. When I look into my own life, and I look right now, for example as well, the first sign that you can know you're about to go through a quantum shift in vibration is different than you think it has to do with things are breaking down.

You may assume that if things are breaking down that it's actually going into the complete opposite route of that, of having a quantum shift in vibration. However, when I look to my own life right now, like, for example, I feel like a little bit of a stagnation in my life. Like things that used to work for me to get ahead to where I wanted to be, aren't working as powerfully as they used to. That many times is the way our soul, our spirit communicates to us and says, okay, this area of your life isn't working the way you've been doing it. It is time to change it up. If every time you were doing it or just, you know, whatever that area of your life is, everything we're going perfect. Guess what? There would be no reason to change. Even with just making daily videos, I'm finding it a little bit more resistant than it used to be for me to continue to make daily videos on YouTube.

I feel more of a calling to go and do the live events that I've been talking about for a while now. That's a different energy. That's a different reality. The things that used to work aren't working as powerfully as they used to and even though my ego might resist that and want to change it, I realize that the key to this is actually realizing that the breaking down is a gift and right now if things are breaking down in your life, guess what? What happens is it's tearing apart the old belief system. It's tearing apart the old habits, and then you can actually catapult yourself to the next level. Many of you know, my buddy, Victor. He was recently going through something like this as well where he was, he and I were talking and what we realized is that there's these like four seasons of manifestation of our vibration as well.

Do you give it like this? Just a little short synopsis of it. You have that of spring, summer, fall, winter. Just like the seasons we have. Spring is all about new ideas. Summer is about figuring out what works. It's kind of like putting in the action, put in the work. Fall is when things are working, and you're starting to reap the rewards of it, and then winter is when things are kind of breaking down, and you're redefining yourself so that then you can go through spring again. Just like we don't freak out. If there was some type of tree that didn't lose its all of its leaves and it's just winter. We know that in spring, the tree knows that in spring, those leads will come back. It will revitalize itself.

In the same way, if you find that right now, things in your life are breaking down, they're not as easy flowing as they used to. Rejoice. Be excited because that means that the winter is going to turn into that of spring. It is causing you to go within to see what are some new ideas I have. How can I more creatively go through this? What I explained to my buddy Victor is he was getting hard on himself because he was in the winter of his business and then what I did is I showed, I showed him, he was also comparing the winter of his business to someone else's business that was doing, that was in like the summer of their business or the fall. They were reaping all the benefits. When I then it's easy not to compare ourselves as much, so realize that this is part of the process and that if you're going through things breaking down, if you're going through a time of feeling resistance, guess what?

That's when there's a transformation that's happened. That's when you experience a quantum leap. That's what's getting me, for example, to a place to where I just want to jump forward and jump into the new because what's working, it's now time to change that up, and when you change that up, that's when things really begin to change. If you find that you're at a job you don't like and you want to start going for a different job, you started getting kind of fed up with it. If you find that certain relationships might be kind of breaking down. If you find that belief systems are breaking down, guess what?That's when the quantum shift comes. It's right after that. I looked at any point in my life when I experienced some type of quantum shift, and it's come from me redefining myself and understanding that disclosed.

There's no clarity right now. This is scary. But then after that came, the realization and that realization leads you somewhere. The second sign that you are about to create an experience, a quantum shift in vibration, is that people may not understand you, and what I mean by this is you might be changing, and people might be looking at you like, what are you doing? What are you going through? This whole, the spiritual awakening stuff that you're talking about, and you even questioned it. Sometimes when I went through my spiritual awakening, there were times I questioned it because here I am going through a change in my vibration. I used to literally I would drink and smoke. Then I found, I learned meditation. That changed a lot about me. When that happened, I was then going around to like friends and family and telling them about meditation and about spiritual awakening and who we really are as, as spiritual beings.

They were looking at me like, Aaron, what are you talking about? Then I would question myself like, is this, is this right? Is this, I'm like the only one. What if I'm just delusional? What if there's something? What if, what if something happened? I don't know. My crazy, it's a very common stage of spiritual awakening. I had that thought, and I remember back in the day that was something I was like, I had deep dreams about it at a dream one time back in the day, I was like waking up at an insane asylum, and my dad was there, and it was like my dad thought I was crazy when I was going through my spiritual awakening. I kind of see where the subconscious was there. But there was a knowing within me that this is the path for me. Yes, it's not popular, especially back in the day, let me tell you, spiritual Lake.

Even now it's becoming more and more well-known at least or more accepted. But back in the day, spiritual awakening when I was going through it especially, and it was only back in what, 2000, 1112, but I was looked at like a really weird person, and I just knew though, I knew there was something right about it. I knew that it resonated, and even though people didn't really understand it, I knew that it was true for me. I was coaching someone in my Shift Academy, which is like my monthly coaching thing. He was telling me, he's like, well, I'm trying to like tell and explain all of this to my new friends and family and, and they don't want to listen to it. Like they don't want me to be this way. They want me to be the old meat. Once we realized that the alternative, isn't he, he goes, he goes, no, I was playing devil's advocate because I knew that. Then he'd defend it.

And it's like, well, you see, there's really is no other option. You can't pretend to be someone. You're not to make them happy. In the same way, you may have a knowing that this is the path for you, that things in your life are changing and understand. You are the five people you're around the most, and if you're trying to conform to their vision of you, guess what? You're constantly trying to be something you're not. Because of that, it keeps you in that reality. If you feel this resistance and you feel like people aren't getting you, that's a sign that you're about to experience this quantum shift in vibration. They're trying to hold onto you because of their vision, their image of you, and how comfortable that makes them.

But guess what? You didn't come here just to make people comfortable. You going through a spiritual awakening will challenge your friends. They will challenge your family and friends may look at you and say what the heck happened? But understand this. You are going to be causing more of a spiritual awakening in them just by you being yourself than anything else. You’ll feel freer doing it. It won't always be the most pleasant thing you; we want approval from people. But I'll tell you what, the more unapologetically I've been in just being who I meant to be, not needing them to like me or to understand this whole spiritual awakening and stuff. The more that I did that, the more they ended up coming around anyway because I wasn't trying to change them. I wasn't trying to get them to see anything, particularly.

Maybe that's the same thing. It's let go and realize that if they're trying to hold onto their image of you, but let go and know that you got to be bold and that there's a quantum shift in vibration about to happen within you. Once you can start to feel that you just know you can't continue to be the old way. People are judging you a little bit more, and you find that you're doubting yourself. That's a great thing. It means that you're creating space within you and all these things I'm sharing with you, by the way, I've been through them all. I'm not saying like they're theoretically going through a spiritual awakening is this way? No, this is what it's all about. The third sign that you're about to go through a massive shift in awakening is understanding synchronicity, both positive, negative.

I know I'm about to go through a quantum shift in vibration. I can feel it. My life has changed so much. I've gone through numerous ones of these, but there's just always new levels. You may see some type of synchronicity. Understand the synchronicities are what it means to us, what it means to us. Maybe you see three, three, three, and it means something to you. Someone else sees a six, and you think that's a bad thing. But to them, it's a good thing. Do you see it? Be aware that when we see numbers, synchronicities, synchro sometimes do you ever have it to where you're talking about something; you stop, you go somewhere else. Then someone else is talking about the same thing you were just talking about, or you keep getting some type of synchronicity of something that you're thinking about that maybe you're self-conscious of and you keep like almost hearing conversations away, or other people mentioned things to you that kind of always brings your mind back to that.

Well, that's making you aware, and one of the necessary components of a massive shift in fiber ration is understanding this awareness with patterns, both positive and negative, as time goes on with the planet because the energy is continuing to rise or to raise. If your experience increased synchronicity, negative or positive, it's a sign that you're about to have that quantum shift in vibration because you are in alignment, and alignment is where you're in the highest vibrational Trek. You could say, think of it like different timelines, and if you're experiencing a lack of synchronicity, then it means that you're not paying as much attention. You're not as aware, but if you're seeing some type of positive synchronicity, number synchronicities, synchronicities with what you're talking about, what you're thinking about different, whatever it is, different topics, that is a sure sign that you are about to create a quantum shift in your life.

It's going to happen through you. But I promise you this, when you go through that quantum shift in vibration, it will be worth it. Understand that when you plant the seeds, it's not the same day you eat the fruit. However, time is speeding up the appearance or what we perceive of time, and there may be some days that you do plant the seeds and eat the fruit, and with this quantum shift in vibration, it is absolutely possible. If you haven't seen, I do have a meditation that will help you create that quantum shift in vibration for this year, 2020, and beyond. It's meditation. I went live on January 1st, and we had people live doing it. It added so much energy to it. Even you are doing it now, even though it's not January 1st, you will pick up on that energy stream and create that quantum shift in vibration. Listen to this meditation for 21 days. Watch what happens.

How to Reprogram Your Mind for INSTANT Manifestation


What if I told you there was something more powerful than reprogramming your subconscious mind? It's something that we hear all the time. Reprogram your subconscious mind, and it changes your life. I'll tell you right now that I went from a nine to five job to live in my dream life, living in a nice house, living in getting to travel the world, do what I love, and I didn't ever focus on reprogramming my subconscious mind. There was something even more powerful that I found, and in this blog, I'm going to show you exactly what that is, and it allows you to experience things faster than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing something very powerful with you. The first thing I want to say with this process, the way that we relate to this idea of instant manifestation, is going to be the kind of experience we have, our definition of it, and when we reframe it, that's when we start to experience more of it. Think of it like this instant manifestation. All manifestation is instant. It happens in an instant when we start to see that, that even if we tell ourselves a story that, Oh, I did this for six months, and then this thing manifested, understand that that thing manifested in an instant. In our mind, we tell ourselves a story that it took six months for us to get to that place.

There’s a couple of different paradoxes with this as well with this language that we use, but our language affects our mind, affects our reality, and affects what we create in our lives. There's another one, I got this from Bashar, it's if you're a, you never actually have it. When it comes to confidence, you're always confident in something. It's just that sometimes you might be confident in a definition that doesn't serve you. For example, you could say, Oh I have low self-esteem. You don't really have a low self, you're not confident, and that's why you have low self-esteem. You're confident in a definition that says you have low self-esteem. In the same way, when it comes to instant manifestation, understand it already happens. It's like transformation. If we talk about transformation, I've heard Tony Robbins say this before too, when it comes to transformation, transformation happens in an instant, but it may take a period of time before that happens.

That's the story we tell ourselves and understand the story we tell ourselves about manifestation is going to be the kind of results that we get. The other thing with this process as well, when it comes to that of a reprogramming, our subconscious mind understands as well, I didn't ever really focus specifically on reprogramming my subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is a powerful tool. We can use a powerful understanding. But this thing that I share with you is what I personally use to create my own reality. For many of you, that may have seen my journey, or maybe you've heard one of my thousand YouTube videos where I talk about this. I used to work in nine to five jobs on women's shoes, I wasn't passionate about it. I decided one day I got up, and I said, I'm going to make videos every single day until I'm a full-time YouTuber.

I decided I was going to be a full-time YouTuber, and within six months, my whole entire life transformed, and since that I've, I now travel the world. I live in a very nice house that I love being in, like I can do cool stuff. I got up this morning, did a cold plunge that I have of this huge freezer upstairs as a cold plunge. I have red light therapy. I have a sauna that's going to be here today or tomorrow that I'm going to have, and I live this lifestyle not because I focused on reprogramming my subconscious mind. What I focused on was raising my vibration in a three-step process that will allow us, that allows instant manifestation easier than ever. Understand the way that we think, feel, and act. It's on autopilot.

We're doing the same things every day, filling the same emotions every day, and because of that, they get the same thoughts every day. We create the same experience over and over and over again. The key is becoming aware of it and then jumping outside of it. When I was being a nine to five job person, I was thinking, feeling, and acting equal to that nine to five job person. What I had to do was wake up to that identity, wake up to that story and then decide I'm going to be a new version of me. First off, let me show you this really quick just so we understand a little bit about this. If you've never heard me share it before, and this is the scale of consciousness right here. There are a couple more emotions as well, but in general, it goes from zero to a thousand, and we have that have the lower vibrational emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, anger, neutrality.

Then there's eventually willingness, acceptance, reasoning, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. As we raise our vibration, you'll find that you have more ability to instantly manifest things happen easier because your vibration is higher. When we talk about that of a book that is called autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, that's his firsthand experience of going through the enlightenment process in India, meeting many other enlightened people in his journey, and there were enlightened people that could make objects instantly appear. There were enlightened people that could buy, locate people that could implant ideas into some of their, devotes his heads, these things that we would consider to be literally magic and including one of them, bringing back someone from the dead that was dead for a day.

I know that sounds pretty out there, but if you read the book, you can see whether you feel it's authentic or not and the book itself, by the way, using this scale calibrates at over 600 so it implies that it is something that is in truth. What happens is everything will resonate at a certain vibration. When we test our muscles by using as a certain process, what that does is that has us understand and know the truth or validity of certain things, and you could say, Oh, is my vibration over two 50 is it over three 50 and then if you get to know, then it's like, okay, then I'm at three 50 right now. That's the idea behind this. What I want to share with you and what I applied in my own life and what will allow you to instantly manifest is understanding this concept right here. When it comes to it, 400 to 500 400 is reasoning, 500 is love. The reasoning is the mind.

We do things because of reasons we do things because, logically, it will get us somewhere else. When we get out of reasoning, and we get into love, the vibration of love, that's where the magic begins to happen. That's where things can instantly happen, but we have to get out of the reasoning mind and out of reprogramming the subconscious mind and into the vibration of who we really are, which is love and above. What this means is that we start to observe. That's how we raise our vibration, especially from neutrality. That was a huge step for me going through a painful past. I remember that I identified so much with my painful past. What I ended up doing is observing those thoughts, observing the things that happened, and that neutrality took me out of the emotions.

Then what happens is acceptance of what's happened, acceptance for where you are, and then reasoning where you understand that your beliefs create your reality. We're all sciences in the four hundred, and then you've got that of love. The key is doing what you love, doing what you love, being that vibration. That's why I love making videos. I love sharing these ideas, and because of that, it puts me in a high vibration state. The other thing is understanding that you can get rid of the reasons that you need to do certain things, be a certain way for other people to like you. You start to observe these stories. You tell yourself, you see, this is the kind of the irony of the whole situation.

We have an identity, our identity, the way we see ourselves, the way our brain is wired. We have a certain story we tell ourselves about the way reality works and the story that we tell ourselves and the identity that we have for the way we see ourselves as on autopilot. Our mind is a self-preservation system. It is a survival system. That's it. We talked about reprogramming the subconscious mind. It's like how I can survive a little bit better? But the key is actually going beyond the mind and going into being, going into being in the vibration you prefer. Let go of reasons for doing things. When you do things for an end of itself, this is like some people call these stages of enlightenment. There are patterns that we have an overall identity. The more aware of it we become, the more we then begin to detach from it because then we see it as the old identity.

Then we could simply do this process of the new us being that new weight. Let me write something down really quick, and I'm going to share with you the main idea that changes everything, exactly how I became a successful doing what I do and loving my life. I'm going to share with you that the exact process is simple. I've shared it before, but it's so powerful that I need to explain it again. Understand that at the lower levels of vibration, we're trying to have things we're trying to survive. That's the level of consciousness that normally we're at. That is a level of consciousness where there's a painful past we may have that may make us want to get rid of it or change it. We're changing from the levels of pain the middle levels are due.

There's a level of willingness that's right at about three to 400 willingness is the willpower, the desire that we have desires. Actually, one 25 because desire normally comes from a yearning. Remember, if we desire it, we lack it, and then what happens is we're trying to do things to be successful. This is the mid-level, the achiever level. When I was making daily videos on YouTube and focused on my willpower, even though I was passionate about it, there were levels of hard work mentality that I had within my vibration that was causing me to have to work hard. The thing is the way reality works is it works the other way around. What we must do is we must first be it, then we can have it and do it or do it, then have it whatever order we want to be. It is the highest level of vibration be.

It is when we're it because it's who we are and when we're doing things because it's who we are or we're away because it's who we are. That's where the most power is. If you want to go beyond reprogramming the subconscious mind, and you may have clicked on this video thinking I was going to give you some habit or some process for reprogramming your subconscious mind, this is about going beyond the mind, and that's where the instant manifestation is. That's where you can reframe reality. What is the story you tell yourself about how reality works? What is the story you tell yourself about manifestation? Do things happen easily? Are things hard? Becoming aware of the story is key and then stepping outside of it by being the way you prefer because it gets you what you want.

Know you be the way you prefer because it's who you are. You get a reflection of life and who you are being. Here's the key right here. The key is thinking, acting, and feeling. This is the old way. You were thinking, acting, and feeling. You want to become a new version of yourself. What you do is you identify that new version of you. How would you think, feel, and act? Then what you do is you simply decide that that's who you are. You match up your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions to that version of you without the reasoning, the rationalization that says, well, I'm not there yet. You do it because it's who you are. That's what I did. With that nine to five job, I may have looked around and said, well, I don't have the speaking ability to do the daily videos. I don't have the time to do it.

I don't have this. I don't. It's all a reasoning, but instead, what I did is I identified the vision for that version of me, and I simply decided that's who I am now and within two or three weeks of the video went viral. It was some weird video where it was a lot of my videos might be weird, but it was a weird video where I was talking about actually reprogramming the subconscious mind. Ironically enough and my eyes were doing this weird thing, but nonetheless, it got has almost a million views now, but that was one of the first videos that popped into my channel, and that video really propelled my channel.

That was an instant manifestation from a certain perspective, but I was in that version of me without the reasoning of am I there yet? Being that version of you, this like the idea of it's not like it must first do and create art for six, six months, then you can eventually have your own art gallery studio. Then you can be an artist. No, you must be an artist and realize that when you're the artist, then you will naturally as a side effect be doing and creating art more consistently, and then you can have the art gallery studio. That's the way it works now that I want to scale out of just being known and doing things on YouTube, I'll be doing live events. Guess what I'm thinking?

Feeling and acting equal to the air and the vision that I have of the version of me that's making and doing events. That is my reality, but not because it will get me that reality because more so it's a side effect of who I actually am. That's the key to this whole process. Raising your vibration is really about raising your dominant vibration. If you haven't seen yet, there was a meditation we did on January 1st for raising our dominant vibration. It was extraordinarily powerful. There's an energy there from so many thousands of people listening to it live, plus people afterwards. There's a momentum there. I highly encourage that you listen to the meditation for raising your dominant vibration.

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