# 29: Shift Your Beliefs About Reality

Welcome back to another episode. Today, we're going to be down the rabbit hole of understanding our beliefs, our beliefs create our reality and how to change our general beliefs about reality itself. This goes beyond just the intellectual ideas of understanding like sometimes we get too specific or like what I want to change my beliefs around a relationship. 

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I want to change my beliefs around money. I want to change my beliefs around health, but what are your beliefs about reality? Because when you get to your beliefs about reality, you see that then you change and you get deeper and it's a lot easier too because you may change your beliefs about relationships, but if you think that things come hard in your life in general, it may be something that you're attracting.

A relationship might have to become hard because it has to reaffirm the general belief that you have. There's almost these trickling down beliefs that we have that create our reality. We have more specific beliefs on one side and then we have more of the more general beliefs on the other side and if you believe in general that life is hard, that things don't come easier than in general.

Your life will be hard and things won't come easily. One of the things I'm doing with this video is I am putting your awareness on what do you believe to be true because whatever you believe to be true is reflected back to you. We have these general beliefs about reality and then we also have these more specific beliefs about things like relationships, what it's like to attract relationships or money or whatever it is.

Find your general beliefs first because when you find your general beliefs, what you end up doing is you end up becoming aware of how you can let go of the things that no longer serve you from a more general perspective, from a more general point of view. And is it something that I'm realizing, and I'll tell you right now that I was in Costa Rica the last week and it was amazing and it was a lot of fun.

I was a five year two, I was one of five YouTubers. They're at this place.

There was a whole bunch of people that think very similarly and stuff which was really cool. And one of my good friends was there, her name is Leoor Alexandra, you may know who she is and one of the nights she had a very deep experience while on the plant and medicine. And she went very deep into her own consciousness and she was shown. And basically, what happened is the plant medicine, Iowaska, whatever you want to call her, said and pretty much showed her and showed her general beliefs about reality.

And in a way kind of showed her that what you believe to be true about reality isn't actually the way reality works. And what that did is that kind of shook up her belief system. And what I told her afterward, I was like, this is so powerful, because when you think reality just simply is the way it is, when you think that reality is set, it is just the way it is and things will never change.

 Then what happens if things don't ever change things or rigid things can change because it, in order for things to change, you have actually to change something that's solid. What we become aware of is that things are much more flexible.

The more you realize that life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become.

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One of my quotes recently is that the more you realize that life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become.

When you become aware of that, what you then begin to do as you begin to dismantle the old beliefs, the old beliefs that appear, that makes things very hard and very rigid, and simply knowing that that things aren't the way you think that they primarily were or are you already begin to dismantle the old ways of being.

You begin to realize that then life can become more dreamlike. And one of the things that I think is happening right now on the planet is more people are becoming aware that life is a form of a dream. And let's talk about that for a minute. Life is a form of dream. What does that mean? Well, what I'm basically saying when I say that life is a form of dream.

What I'm saying when I say that is that who we think we are is we perceive reality through the five senses, but in actuality, we're so much more than that. That's just a. that's just an experience that we're having at a greater consciousness point of view. We exist in higher states of consciousness and because of that, what ends up happening is we go through our life experiences. We think that everything is real. This is real.

When we go to bed at night, we go to sleep. We wake up in these higher states of consciousness. We might not completely remember it. We might actually get that of subconscious dreams and dreams that we don't really understand because that's our brain's interpretation of understanding something that's beyond its current reference point. But what happens is at night time, you wake up to these higher states of consciousness you might not remember, it might not be as relevant for you to remember.

Imagine you remember that in higher states of consciousness, you exist in unconditional love and bliss, and then you woke up here and there are all these solid kinds of stuff and there's these people that you know that that maybe make you feel bad or all of these different things. It wouldn't be so relevant. When you come in, you wake up, there's this veil of forgetfulness.

You don't remember all that stuff. You just remember that my name is Aaron and this is who I am and I interpret reality through the five senses. But in actuality, there's so much more going on at play. And when you start to expand your consciousness, you start to see that you don't just see it. It's not something you just intellectually think about. You know, like a bit that I'm as intellectual as spirits have been. You've actually started to feel it. You start to feel that you are more than your physical body.

You start to realize that you are more than just the sense perceptions you have. You remember that part in Neo, that part in Matrix where Neo is being told by Morpheus. He's like, what do you, what is real? What do you think is real, is just vibrational interpretations of reality through your five senses and the same way that is kind of what the movie, the Matrix was in a way a form of a documentary?

Like, of course, I wasn't like neo in the matrix and his machines that come out. I mean there's a, there's the action part of that movie. But in actuality what kind of scared me. I'm looking at myself in the camera and I was moving the chair back and forth and the kind of scary there for a second. It was like, what is that behind me when it comes to that of the, of the Matrix. Understand that when you become aware that life is more than your five senses.

And we know that too. Because like for example, if there's a dog whistle and you don't hear the sound of a dog whistle because of the decibel range that it is, do we assume that the dog whistle just doesn't exist? Or do we acknowledge that the dog whistle does exist? That maybe dogs can hear it but we can hear it, but that doesn't mean that it's not there in the same way.

There is a reality that is beyond our five senses that when we begin to tap into the potential of it, we start to perceive higher states of consciousness. We're going beyond the reality that is encapsulated with the five-sense perception. It's about awareness that there's just more to us than just our five senses.

There is more to us than this. What we perceive. We can only see between that if infrared and ultraviolet, but we say, oh, well there's the only colors that exist. Dentist realities, all that air there are ever is there ever will be, but in actuality, I think that there's so much more going on at play. I think that around us right now, there are just certain things that are visible. I think thoughts also are things they're not visible.

Not all thoughts are visible. They've become visible when we manifest them, but in general, I think that our thoughts when we think thoughts that are electromagnetic energy and I think also there's this grid around the planet. There's a collective consciousness grid around the planet and as we think and feel a certain way, we're adding to that collective grid and the direction that timeline that us as a collective go on will depend upon how we feed collectively this grid and it's an interesting idea, but a lot of times we think we're having our own thoughts and you may say, well, I'm having my own thoughts right now, but in actuality they may also be the thoughts of a whole bunch of other people that are around.

You may think and go to a sports game and be like, yes, I want this team to win and maybe you do want that team to win. I'm not saying you don't, but what I'm saying is that energy, when you go to a game, there's an energy there that you feel and some people will get high on that energy. It feels really good, but that's because there's a condensed amount of thought energy that is there. There's a condensed amount of electromagnetic energy thoughts that you're aligning with that's causing you to feel that way.

What I'm saying is there's more than a play than just our five senses. There's more than at play than just what we perceive through our five senses and when we become aware and we just acknowledged that we start to break upon our beliefs that what we believe to be true is just what's experience through our five senses.  We already know that the x-ray machine, not like x-Ray Vision doesn't exist because we can't see with our eyes.

You know there's an x-ray machine that can show that perspective in the same way. There may be perspectives that we're not aware of because we're only focused on the physical type aspect of what we're experiencing in our life. In general, what I am intending to show you today is that you can begin to break up your beliefs.

You can break up your beliefs about how reality works. The more solid that you think reality is, the more solid your raw reality will be and the less changeable it is. If you want to make your reality more changeable, are more malleable, all you really have to do is you have to first off realize that the reality that you experience is through your five senses. But that's not all that exists. Like I was saying, it's not because you don't hear a dog whistle.

It doesn't mean the dog whistle frequency of that decibel range doesn't exist. I'll because we can see between ultraviolet and infrared doesn't mean that anything outside of that spectrum doesn't exist. It means that that's what our five senses are perceived to experience. And when you, when you realize that that's when you begin to expand your awareness to see that there's much more to life than just what we experienced through the senses, it starts to break down those beliefs of reference experiences, those beliefs of past experience, the beliefs of what we've experienced in the past, thinking that's all there is.

And in order to really experience more in your life, what you have to be able to do is to go beyond the current sense perceptions that you've had. For example, if you've only been feeling that of shame, fear, guilt, anger, and you want to go beyond that, you have to acknowledge first off that that's not all there is.

You have to be aware that maybe that's a perspective that you have maybe an auto "thought", thought loop that you have. And what you then begin to do is you begin to release that and as you release that, you can then let it go and then you begin to raise your vibration. That’s part of this process is just the awareness. Let me think of a time or you know, even just being in Costa Rica and going through those experiences I became aware that what we experienced in our life as a part of, you know, it's an experience and the experience is real.

I'm a really or came to me the next day after she had that experience and she was asking me. She's like, well, does it have no meaning? Well, of course, it has meaning and it's. It's not that it's not really other than the experience of it is what's real, but we give so much solidity and forum to what we think is real.

That sometimes having an experience where our beliefs are shown to us that, hey, this doesn't have to be the way it is, or there's more to life than that.

We begin to break apart our own belief system and we'd be hard to see that there's so much more to life. There's so much more. There's always more and the more we go down that rabbit hole of understanding that we don't have to just identify with our senses. The more that we tap into it. Here's the thing though, this is a big paradox, is my third, fourth night there.

Whereas in Costa Rica I became very present to the moment I, I did. I had this experience where what I did is I went more within. I was putting all the awareness in my sense, perceptions. I was putting all the awareness inside of my body and by doing that I've started to just say yes to the present moment, like whatever came up.

I just say yes to it. If I was laying there and there are people making noise on the other side of the room, I'd let them make noise. If there were a, was a dog barking outside and let the dog bark outside. If there's a song being played, I didn't really care for. I would just observe my thoughts. I said I don't care for that song. And by saying yes to the present moment, I began to feel more present than ever.

Even as you listen to me right now, you may hear some silence in between the words. If you listen for the silence, you become more present to the moment.

If you just absorb whatever is coming up, what am I going to do after I watch this or listen to this? Just listen to be aware of it, just to absorb it and as you absorb it, you become more present to the moment. The sense perceptions and being is the gateway to that level of, of, of being the sense. Our perceptions are the gateway to being. That's the key is bringing the awareness into the body.

The MAGIC of the LOVE Frequency and How to Tap into it

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the magic of the love frequency and I'm going to share with you exactly how to tap into it in a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how you can tap into the love frequency and the magic of it. When you start to do this, this goes deeper than just out of the law of attraction. Most of the time when people are using the law of attraction, they're creating from their mind, they're creating in their head and there's nothing inherently wrong with it.

However, many times when that happened, there is a sense of duality that is created because the mind has left brain right brain, so if we create something in our life, we create the potential for the opposite.

If it always ends up being a little bit of a double-edged sword. However, the truth of the matter is, when it comes to your love frequency, that is who you actually are. That is the authentic part of you. That is who you are in life. Anything less than that is a constriction of energy, and when we see that manifestation, in general, is about getting into a higher frequency, we see that that's the key to manifestation. When we look at the old school way of doing it, it's about desire. It's about working hard. It's about all these different concepts and they do work. It's just that what degree do they work to?

When you focus on the frequency, first, you'll find that you feel more in alignment. You'll find that things happen more for you because you are allowing this frequency to channel through you, but remember it's who you naturally are, but the key is stepping from the mind thought creation into the heart, and even if we look at the chart, the heart and the chart that I always show you, you will see that have the different levels of consciousness and you'll see that at the bottom of emotions like shame, fear, guilt.

Then you'll see that of anger, the neutrality, which is being able to observe the thoughts you eventually move up to that of reasoning. The reasoning is understanding that our beliefs create our reality. That's when we're more so fuel empowered rather than the world happening to us. We know that we can influence the world in a powerful way. That's a very powerful paradigm for four to $500 going and knowing that our beliefs create our reality is a very powerful step and for many people, it will get the results.

However, when you move from $400 to $500 when you move from the reasoning into the love, this is when everything begins to change. This is when the magic begins to happen because that is a higher frequency state. I'm going to be sharing with you how to move from the four hundred into the five hundred and it's not even really something that I can necessarily show you x, y, z, how to do because that's the linear mind.

And as Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem from the same level. The problem was created. Ironically enough, Einstein and calibrated that for 99 very close to the love frequency. In order for him to completely transcend his consciousness into that of unconditional love, he would have had to let go of the intellectual ideas because when we get to understanding that our beliefs create our reality, we play around, it's fun, but here is what happens.

There is a certain point when we realized that every truth is but a half-truth, meaning whatever we believe to be true is reflected back to us and whatever we believe to be true is true for us, which means that all truths are true depending on the person's perception and perspective. However, there was no real inherent truth for every single person on the planet when it comes to this intellectual understanding, so even Einstein himself, if he would have let go of all the intellectual ideas that got him so far, he would have.

He brushed up and it was right next to then he's even talked about love before. Love is the fabric of the universe. It really is who we are. There are just different degrees to which we allow love into our life. If we want to move from these 400 states into the 500 states, it is about understanding and having the awareness and seeing beliefs for what they are. You may say to yourself, well, I see myself as able and I believe I'm able to make $55,000 a year.

Therefore, your reality is equal to that belief and that subconscious self-image, but then what happens is you become aware of that self-image and you say, well, that's a limiting belief. I'm going to see myself now is making $80,000 a year and if you align your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions to that of the $80,000 a year version of you, then you will create that reality for yourself.

However, you can see those beliefs as just vehicles for getting you from one place to another place. Is that the actual truth? No, it's a vehicle because eventually, you're going to see yourself as I'm able to make over $100,000 a year and you're going to desire more, and when you do that, you will then have to let go of that belief so the beliefs aren't even true or untrue. They just simply are the never. It's a question of is this belief real or true? It's is this believe useful?

Remember that, is this belief useful? Because then you start to detach from this true, not true realities fixed, not fixed way of thinking. The magic of the love frequency is that when you move from the linear type thinking of this has to happen, this has to happen. There's a blueprint in the mind. When you let go of all of that and you just simply move into being and moving into the heart center, that's when things begin to change.

If you want to transform your life right now, what you could begin to do is to live more from the heart and to do so. Even right now, as you're watching me, as you're listening to me, if you could just put your awareness inside of your heart center, put it over your hands and into your hearts. Right now, just this little exercise that you just now did, you have increased the toroidal field around your body. You've increased the energy around your body and you've increased the energy inside of your heart. If you do this consistently, your life will begin to transform because you will be coming up more at your core and you will be transcending the mind and going into your heart. This is where powerful manifestation happens.

Whatever you believe to be true will be reflected back to you. I've got to have something, have a certain level of knowledge. I got to do something specific to become successful. When you move from that into being, your life will begin to transform. This is another aspect of love. The universe is a part of you. You are not just a drop in the ocean. You are also the ocean. In the drop, what this means is that when there is something you desire, if you get into the feeling of emotion, of love, the universe will work for you. The universe will help you in the process.

This is what you do. You stop trying to have the mind do it. All the mind wants to do it. All my needs to figure it out. Trust me. I get trapped in this little thing too because Aaron's ego has gotten him so far. Errands, ego has gotten him to the place to where he's become successful on YouTube, but paradoxically enough, it's not really just errands, ego, errands, ego had to make the choice to make a daily video, to put everything he had in treat YouTube like his full time.

And then YouTube became as full time and the more Aaron aligned with this, the more amazing things started to happen in his life. The thing is though, is a lot of that though as he's passionate about doing that, have videos. I did everything instead. What I could do shift the perspective back now is I can give it up to my higher mind. I can trust the universe to help me in the process as long as I'm aligned with my heart when I do this. Because when I make YouTube videos, I have the intention of adding value to people.

I understand that we're all one consciousness, so the more value I add to other people, the more that comes back to me anyways. But it also feels good to give to people. It feels good to make these videos right now. I get up in the morning, I make these videos. I'm in a flow state. It feels great. It is assigned to me that says, Hey, this is what you're meant to be doing. That's when we moved from having and doing into being. Another aspect of the love frequency has to do with passion.

When you're in doing what you're passionate about, you are closer to that love frequency, like do what you love, do what you're passionate about. Those words are interchangeable. I love making videos. I'm also passionate about making videos. You may notice with my hand gestures, my eye movement, the tonality I use.

I'm very passionate about what I do because I love this and I'm passionate and I love this. You should go get this type of thing and do this for a living because I approve of it, but if you aren't passionate about it and you continue to live that, then you're only doing yourself a disservice when if you were to show yourself that self-love and you were to embody it and it was something you're passionate about, then the universe will begin to support you and you get out of the linear thinking and into the hearts.

Get out of the mind and into the heart. This is a magical state of being to be in and the more you let go of the intellectual, the more you let go of how things happen is the more things can happen and a more magical way let go. It's a paradox, but if you look at that chart, you'll see the lower emotions and the neutrality. In order to move up past the lower emotions, you have to neutralize it. You have to be able to observe it.

Then we get up to that to have a willingness and then reasoning and in order to get to love, you have to once again let go of the paradigm of reasoning. Does that mean you don't, you know, aren't aware that your beliefs are creating your reality, but you get more from letting the intellect run your life and you get more into the state of being more into your hearts, more understanding of how you are meant to be and going from b into being versus having and doing.

This is really a magical state of being because when you get out of the linear, then things can happen for you in a much more spontaneous and synchronistic type way because the blueprint of the mind is not saying things have to happen in this specific way for me to be happy and that's when we really begin to come into this alignment. But if you want a simple exercise that you can do today for this process is to put your hands over your heart, to imagine a ball of energy inside your heart. Imagine it's spinning clockwise.

Imagine it's spinning faster and faster, and the faster it spins, the more you feel this love energy inside of your heart, and as you do this, you begin to increase the toroidal field around your body and what then begins to happen is you go from your head and into your heart and you start to feel more loved than ever before.

At first, if you just feel it a little bit, that's okay. Keep doing it because what it will do is it will increase the energy inside of your heart and eventually that will become your momentum. That will become your natural set point. This is how you move into a magical state of being. It's when you're giving yourself that love. It's when you're moving from the intellectual ideas into the heart from having to doing intervene and in order to do so, let go, observe. Give it up to your higher mind.

If you let your higher mind do things for you, you'll feel inspired to do certain things.

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Let your higher mind do things for you. You'll feel you'll feel inspired to do certain things so it's not like you're like, well, I'm just going to sit over here and I'm going to tell and asked my mind to get all of this stuff for me, and normally then when you're doing is you're asking the mind for things.

You're asking from the mind for things that don't really satisfy the soul. It's like, well, okay, well I want a Lamborghini so I'm going to ask my higher mind for Lamborghini, but you don't really want a Lamborghini. You want the emotion that comes with it and maybe you do. I'm not here to say that materialism is bad. Of course, recited a physical experience and there can be things that can enjoy it.

That's where the power is so nor to do so, head into the heart, having to, doing it to being let go of the intellectual ideas. Any believer self-image you have is just a vehicle. It is serving you right now. The question is not, is this true or untrue? The question is, is this useful or not useful? If it's not useful, let it go.

Give up your manifestations and allow your higher mind to show you other aspects of how it could happen. Allow things to come into your life. Still, get inspired to take action there. May Say your mind higher mind may say, go over here, go do this. You may feel inspired to do so.

The TRUTH About Your Vibration that NO ONE TELLS YOU

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how to tune it and I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on your vibration.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be showing you how to tune in to a whole new level, and by the end of this blog, you'll know exactly how to do that. What I’m going to share with you is the ways for you to understand the truth on your vibration that no one tells you, and I want to be sharing with you how to tune into a totally new level at a totally new vibration as well.

For this process in a minute, I'm going to be sharing a metaphor with you that I think will make this so much easier to understand, and what I want to say is that also when it comes to the reality that we are experiencing the people that we are around, the type of situations we attract into our life, the different types of habits that we have.

Everything we have is in alignment to our vibration. When we change our vibration, what happens is some things will fall away that no longer serve. There will be some people that will get brought into our experience as we change our vibration and one of the things that are the most important part when we look at vibration has to do with our emotions, has to do with how we feel, and it has to do with understanding this whole process of vibrational resonance. The way I want to show this to you is in a way that I haven't really explained it before, but we're going to use the metaphor of that of a television set.

A television set will be that of a set that you can push TV on and one of the things it does is it picks up on frequency. When it picks up on frequency, it dials into a certain frequency and the frequencies exist all around. Just like a radio. We'll be able to pick up on different frequencies that are all already around all the time. It'll just tune into a specific frequency and then that will be what it perceives up. That'll be what it picks up on.

In the same way, what we do is we are picking up on different frequencies and we are allowing those frequencies to flow through us. We are allowing those to become a part of who we are and here's the thing. Many people think they're having their own thoughts when in actuality many times they're having thoughts of these different frequencies that are around that they're picking up on that they're living out, but they're not actually their thoughts, so who are we to begin with? Because many times will think we are our thoughts, but in actuality a lot of those thoughts are already around this anyways.

You may be driving down the street, you may have someone cut you off and you may get angry. You may feel a charge of anger towards that person that cuts you up. In the same way, there are different vibrational frequencies around us at all time and who we think we are is normally a certain type of personality, but many times it's actually the choice of different frequencies that we have allowed to become a part of us.

Think of it more as we are a television set that is picking up on different frequencies and who we think we are will depend on which frequencies we choose. Because all these different frequencies exist right now. And our state of being is one of the things that tuned us to it. Is there a part of you that maybe when you're in a good mood, you're everyone is your friend, everything anything could happen that seems to be negative, but you transmute it into something positive?

Everything just seems to flow. You allow things into your life. You're a very inclusive of everything that happens and is there another state have been where you're in a bad state and somebody says something to you and you take it wrong even though maybe they didn't mean it that way.

Well, which is you, which is you? Are you the one or the other? The answer is both. It depends on your state of being. Now, in the same way, when we say who are we at our core, we are all of it and none of it's at the same time. It's about what are we choosing in the present moment and what are we choosing will depend upon our state of being, our identity, how we define ourselves, and there's a powerful part of this when we learned to let it go, because as we learned to let go, we allow more of the frequencies to come into our life that we prefer.

This is a way that I like to look at it because then it makes me understand more about vibrational resonance because the version of you that you want and prefer to be you kill it. It does exactly what you want to be doing for a living you on top of the world and the relationship that you love that she felt very connected to. It's simply a matter of vibrational resonance just like a television set or a radio set. The frequency already exists. The television set does not have to create that channel 37 because channel 37 already exists.

The key is more so looking at what is it picking up on and the same way? What are you picking up on? Because you don't have to create it. You just have to align with it and the same way you don't have to create your own reality. It already exists. It's simply a matter of vibrational resonance, so it's about choosing the perspectives of the version of you that is already live in the kind of lifestyle you want, and then embodying it went 100 percent because that is who you really are, so it's not about faking it till you make.

It is not about trying to, you know, steal someone else's frequency. It's who you are. It's just becoming aware of how you can more so channel that just like you would channel for television, set a channel, pickup on the channel, have you and your higher self because as you start to embody your higher self, you'll find that things begin to manifest very easily for you because you're in a higher vibration. You're in one of those channels that costs a little bit of money, but they're much better quality like HBO or Showtime or one of those.

You see that who you really are. You always have access to it. You just don't believe you do have access because you thought that you only got the cable package that had the 12 channels of the very basic stuff. What I'm inviting you to do is to understand that you are all of it. You have access to all of it. You have access to the best parts of yourself. You can allow this to channel through. Now there's another channel, it's called Channel One 11.

Everyone likes synchronicity. Channel One, 11 is the divine channel is the unconditional love part of you is the higher-level consciousness part of you, and guess what? It already exists. You don't have to create it. You don't even have to try to connect to it. It's always broadcasting, always broadcasting, always broadcasting.

The key is will you choose the perspectives of it and will you embody it? Will you allow that energy to flow through where you allow it to come through you? Because of the divine energy, the divine manifestation, the manifestation energy of it, it's already there. It is simply about picking up on the perspectives of it. Now, even me with what I do, not that I'm saying, everything I do is totally divine.

What I am saying is that I'm inspired by this channel, what 11 I'm in.

I'm inspired by adding the adding value to other people when I make my videos and because it's not about me. When I make videos, it's not about me. The more I get out of the way, the channel version of me that is maybe more of the ego that wants certain things, the more that version of it gets out of the way and I allow this divine channel to come through. Channel One 11. I tune into it. The more of these videos just flow.

In general, your divine channel will be that of what you are passionate about. For me, it's creating videos, so when I get into this video state where I make videos, it just, it flows. I don't have to think about it. It is who I am. However, at the same time, the more I let it flows through because I realized that there's energy that wants to add value to many people is the more I get out of the way, the more I can just naturally channel through just like it's a TV channel and the same way as channeling the energy. Who you think you are is not who you are. You are more than that and when you start to open yourself up to this type of energy, you'll find that amazing thing happen in your life because you literally start to embody a higher frequency.

That higher frequency is who you really are, but you see you can't have the identity with that frequency as when you're channeling. This is just the ego. This is just me. I'm Aaron and I make these videos that transform people's lives. When I get into that mentality, the energy doesn't come through as strong, but when I get through it, as I just allow the energy channel, when 11 to come through, then it's almost like it projects out even more powerfully because you have to remain humble.

For this, what I recommend you do as you tune into the frequency of your passion because when you're in that state, you start to align more with this channel. What 11 that I'm talking about, and Channel One 11 is a channel that when you connect to it feels amazing. It feels light. It feels like who you really are.

What I make videos. I'm in a state to where it's just coming through. I make daily videos, so even when I say I make daily videos, but we have this ego structure to relate to each other in life, so I just, for the sake of vocabulary, you get the idea, but I've been making videos for two years now.

Every single day doesn't script out my videos. All I know is the title before I come into it because I love to do it. I get in, I tune into Channel One 11 in all this information just comes through because this is my purpose, this is what I'm passionate about, and they say, boy, what are you passionate about? And many times, this passion may also add value to other people. When you started to see it like that. It's almost like this energy wants to come through you, but the truth is your vibration has a lot to do with your state of being and with your choice.

What are you choosing and when you tune to different channels with it comes a different reality? In one reality, you might have a certain type of friend or friends that treat you a certain way, that interact with you a certain way that you do certain activities within a different channel. You might find yourself around totally different people.

Some of them go away and you invite new people. You might find that you just have a different relationship with them. Maybe it's deeper. Maybe it's less. Be aware of your vibration in correlation to which channels you are tuning into because in general, who we think we are is not really who we are. We are more than that. We are of a higher level of consciousness. We are love, joy, bliss, peace, and enlightenment, and that's why people that are enlightened say that you cannot attain enlightenment.

You cannot attain Channel One 11.

You can just simply allow it to flow through and then you find out that Channel One 11 is your natural default channel and that's called enlightenment, but the key is knowing that the ego cannot be encapsulated with it. It can, it can absorb into the ego, but it's not about being identified as it because the ego would love to be enlightened. The Ego would love to say, I am Channel One 11, but the truth is in the same way a television set does not go, I am all of these channels. It's the same thing for us now at a deeper level of consciousness, we're all also connected because we're all connected.

The value that I give to you is the value I'm giving to another aspect of myself, and guess what? That energy comes back to me. It comes back to me in many different ways, but it is about understanding my path, what I am doing, the channel and tuning into, and the truth is your frequency is all around at all moment, but what are you tuning into?

What is the channel you are tuning into? Because you can go to national geographic, it can be all about nature. You could tune that to reality television with the desperate housewives of whatever and you could feel that drama. You could become part of a channel that is something that you love to be connected to. Something you're very passionate about. Whatever it is, you don't have to create it. It already exists.

Your divine connection already exists. It's already there and you have access to it. It's not like you have to get a new cable package. You have access to Channel One 11 right now. It is simply about you remembering it and tuning into it. You tune into it by getting into your passion, by doing what you love, by aligning your vibrational frequency of it, by adding the value and understanding is not just the ego you, it is who you naturally are, but allow it to flow through.

You don't have to get too much into the thinking. The other thing that tunes you to Channel One 11 is you move from your head and into your heart. When you move from the head to the heart, you start to be more in this being state rather than us thinking and doing state and Channel One 11th, all about being surrender, and when you do that, you start to align with this higher frequency energy. This is about higher-level manifestation, a higher level of consciousness, high vibration.

It's all here for you. You have access to Channel One 11. You've just simply thought that you had the lower package of cable and you thought that you couldn't access it. You can. The way you access it is with your passion. The way you access it is by your state of being how you feel, the way you access it is by not identifying with it the way you access is by looking at how you can add value to other people and by knowing that it already exists.

Tap into the energy to understand that any reality you want to experience is all about aligning your vibration to it.

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What I encourage you to do is to tap into this energy to understand that any reality you want to experience, it's about aligning your vibration to it and the way you do that as though your choices, through your state of being, and as you do that, you will start to experience a reality that is equal to that channel.

That you are tuning into that vibration. Tune out the other channels. You may see other channels you may see channels that bring you down.

You may have the news channels that show you all of these things that are happening in the world that you don't prefer to see, but guess what? You don't have to tune into it. You can decide that you're going to choose on things that just benefit your energy, benefit your vibration, and as you tune into that, those channels will go out of your range to where you don't even have to perceive it.

You choose to put on the news. If you watch the news and you can choose to switch the channel, and if you say you can't, then there's a story there that's telling you why. You can write. Family members always have to watch it. This that change your story. The channels you tune to are all a choice. All the channels that you want to experience already exists are simply about tuning into it. When you tune into it from your vibration, you will allow it to flow through.

I encourage you to tune into Channel One 11, which is your divine energy. Allow it to flow through and as you do so, it will transform your entire life and you will then be manifesting from a higher-level paradigm beyond the ego, beyond in wanting to manifest something specifically from out there into here understanding it already exists.

A lot of what I'm sharing you with you right now is going to be information that also goes into something called the shift experience, which is what I am creating right now. That'll be available next couple of months if you want updates as to when this goes live. I'll also be doing live events with it.

Your UNIQUE Vibrational Frequency REVEALED and How to Tap into it

Today I'm going to be sharing with you the unique vibrational resonance. I'm going to show you how you can tap into it more so that you start to create what you want in a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you is the unique vibrational resonance, exactly how you can connect to it more, understanding how you fit into this world in a way to where you can really embody who you are meant to be.

In reality, we always experienced a reflection of our vibration. The reality we experienced is equal to the vibration that we have, and when we shift one of these elements, either that of our emotion, that of our thoughts and our focus or that of our action, we then start to change our vibration.

The thing is when we decided to come to earth, we could say, when we decided to be born, when we chose this kind of experience, what happened was is there is a certain unique core frequency about us and the thing is many people may get in a way kind of lost from that core frequency.

It's always within. It's not that we have to go outside to find it necessary, but what does happen sometimes is people get lost in the lower vibrational states of consciousness. Now that would be those emotions such as you look at this chart of consciousness that I share and a lot of videos, shame, fear, guilt, anger, fear.

All of these different emotions are not who you really are. And the more that you peel back these layers is, the more that this true core frequency will start to come out. And you'll start to see it, you start to feel it, and the more that you are able to let that go, the more you can be how you're meant to be and the more you can also embrace yourself so that you can embrace the emotions that come up, you can embrace what you feel guided to take action with.

You can embrace what is currently focusing on because the more you embrace it, the more you integrate all of these things is the more you allow yourself to be who are really meant to be. I remember when I first got on YouTube, my main focus was as I was in a way trying to be what I thought people wanted me to be.

I was trying to be what I thought it was added to edit videos in a certain way. I thought I had to like almost add even more value in the way of things that weren't really in resonance. I saw a couple of people that were on YouTube that had their videos edited in a certain way. That's how I thought I had to be. But the more I realized that I could just make videos, sharing my ideas is the more I started to embody who I really am.

The more I started to also feel worthy because they're like, wait, I don't have to like edit these videos as a certain way with like all these graphics that come up, I could just make videos and then people will be interested in if it resonates with them. And I was, the more I started to embody that vibrational frequency of the real me was the more I bought into me.

What I'm saying for you is that you could understand that there is an absolute gift you have and a certain way that you embodied that gift that you can begin to move forward with that understanding. Because sometimes even the things that you see as shortcomings may actually be the thing that makes you different than everyone else.

And I only just different, but it, it just, it resonates with people at a deep level. What I realized for myself is that the more I embody this vibration, the more I move forward knowing that there's a purpose behind it is the more things really powerfully happened in my life. Ask yourself this question. Imagine the best possible version of yourself. Imagine what you would be doing.

Imagine what you would be thinking. Imagine what you'd be feeling and understand that that version of you exists right now. It is simply that it's a matter of focus from the version of you to the version that is the best version of you, and it's not so much that that best version of you as a fake version of you, that version of you may be the one that's embodied more of who you are, but it's about giving yourself permission to feel those emotions right now in the present moment.

Right now, let's do a quick little exercise. Let's take a deep breath in, deep breath out and lets it connects to this best perfect version of us. And the way we do this is we do this with our focus and we're putting ourselves in the shoes of that version of us. Just imagine what we would do as we do. We begin to find that more and more of that information starts to come to us. Let's take a deep breath in.

Deep breath out right now. Breathe it out. Feel your body relax more and more. Let's take one more deep breath in. Deep breath out. And as we breathe out, let's put our hands over our heart because as we do that, we're bringing the awareness from out of the head and into the heart, which is where our core frequency is. Let's take another deep breath in. Deep breath out.

As you breathe out, feel your body relax more and more. I go to put your hands over your heart and imagine that there's a ball of energy inside of your hearts and that you can feel this ball of energy spin. And as it spins, you're able to feel more and more of this court frequency of your body. And even as you put their awareness there right now, you can begin to feel that energy grow.

The energy in your heart begins to grow. The more that you put your awareness there and understand that right now, set the intention that you connect with your core frequency, that as you could feel your body increasing vibration as you do this right now, but the awareness on your intention to notice how you act and the reality where you are completely embodying your true self.

How do you act? What and how do you carry yourself? Imagine the kind of emotions you feel. Imagine how other people respond to you. Imagine what you'd be thinking about consistently. All of these different things that you're imagining that you can think of right now. The reason you can connect to it is that it's also a part of you.

The truth is when you go out into the world, it's about connecting to the parts of you like the state of being that you prefer because the state of being, the emotion you feel is what connects you to that best version of you and the way that you find it is by connecting to your heart and then embodying the real you.

Even if negative thoughts come up, negative emotions, negative memories from the past, say yes to it because then you integrate it and as you integrate it, you're being that the real you, and as long as you're not judging it, it will easily integrate and you'll find that you're able to embody more of this court frequency. Let me ask you a question with your hands over your heart right now.

What is your highest passion in your life right now? Understand that your passion is the thread that connects you to your higher self, to you doing what you are meant to be doing.

The feeling of passion inside of your heart is what your body is saying to you and say, oh, okay, this is who you are, but if you follow that passion, you then get more and more into that core frequency of who you are.

The feeling of passion inside of your heart is what your body is saying to you. If you follow that passion, you then get more into that core frequency of who you are.

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The more that I made videos, the more I realized this is who I really am. This is what I love to be doing. I follow that feeling and it led me to a life of abundance more so that more than I could even imagine happening quicker than I thought it could even happen because I embodied that core frequency, but you have to set the intention first. I set that intention and then I realized, oh, I make videos. I feel that passion, so I'm going to make videos every single day.

Right now, you can keep your hands over your heart if you like, but this is the thing. The more that you connect to your passion is the more you connect to your core frequency and the more you allow yourself to embody that best version of you is the more that reality that you experienced in your life will be equal to that vibration.

There are certain things that that will tweak your vibration. One of them is the people you around. They say that you are the average of the five people you're around the most. That happens to be true because not only is it that you think similarly and that you'd take the same action similarly as those people, but the vibration of those five people you're around the most begins to harmonize with your vibration as well.

Even at subconscious levels, you begin to vibrate with them. If you find that you feel like you're being held back, pay attention to who you are around the most and it doesn't mean that you have to kick every one of the sides. If you realize that some people are negative, are there to kind of drain your energy, but it means that you are more discerning with how you feel when you're around other people, not judgmental, discerning.

You are aware of how you relate to other people. You are aware of how you feel around other people than what you can do is you can become aware of your vibration when it comes out of what are you consuming, what kind of YouTube videos are you consuming? Are you consuming videos that fill it, make you feel uplifted and empowered or are you watching things that bring your vibration down and make you think over and over again of consistent things like that, of that thing that bring you down?

If you're watching maybe the news that's bringing you down and everything on it is negative, then be aware of that because that might be tampering with your vibration and this is about embodying the true essence of who you are. Me, I've realized that I just completely stopped watching the news. I completely stopped watching shows that bring my vibration down because I realized that the more I'm in the vibrational frequency of me doing what I love, the more amazing magical things happen in my life and the same way.

Pay attention to you and the different ways that you feel when you're doing certain things because I understand your emotion is an important part of it. Where does your emotion come from? A lot of your emotion will come from either the guidance from you and your higher-self feeling.

Is this really an alignment with the with me? Some of it will also come through from your perception because the meaning that we give things in life determines the way we relate to it, the way we relate to it will be that emotion.  Therefore, when you go to do it, you don't enjoy it.

You feel negative motion resistance. Part of that could be just because the way you're defining the situation, but if you were to lighten it up, make it fun, maybe you would relate to it in a new way, so some of it may just not be what you're passionate about. It's not my passion to crunch numbers and do accounting. That's why I pay someone to do it, but it's understanding that the more weight we give certain situations, the more negative resistance we may be creating.

Just be aware of what that is because the meaning you're giving things will determine how much you get out of it and how you feel and relate to it. But when it comes to your vibrational resonance, understand it. It's about connecting to your heart. That is the missing key for so many people, but if people come to me and say, Erin, I don't know my purpose.

I don't know what I meant to be doing. The thing I'd say to them is always the same. Set the intention to find out what it is and then get into being. Get into your heart and then as you go throughout your day, you're going to see synchronicities. You're going to see things that mirror back to you what you could be doing. They'll give you, give you signs of it too, so you might be at the coffee shop getting some tea or coffee and you're in line at someone in front of you.

You're like, oh, that sounds like something I might be interested in. I'm going to investigate it, and you go home. You get some books. You read about it online. You get more and more passionate about it. It leads to than someone that you end up talking about because then you're growing that idea within you and the more you do that, the more evidence you find.

Set the intention to figure it out and then get into being given to the vibration. You know, even for me myself, I realized that when it comes to our beliefs, create our reality. When it comes to an understanding of how we go through this process, how reality is a mere reflection of what we believe and it's a mere reflection of our also our vibration. I find it very empowering. However, the more I get just down to the energy itself of the emotion is the easier things become because it might just be in the emotion and the state of being that I prefer.

I'm in my core vibration and then things in my reality began to change very quickly in a positive way. Break it down into simplicity. How do you feel in the present moment right now and if you don't feel good, is it because the meaning you're giving the situations in your life are weighing you down or is it because maybe you're just not in the vibrational resonance of the way you prefer to be?

Maybe the environment you have isn't conducive to who you are. Maybe the people you're around are draining your energy. Maybe the television that you're watching is blaming your energy down. Maybe you're. You're not taking enough physical. You're not going around and doing physical exercise to make yourself feel and change your state, make it more about your state of being and understanding your core frequency is within you right now. You just have to give yourself permission to feel it. Give yourself permission.

That's what I took forever to do because I was trying to seek validation outside of myself. Oh, maybe if I get another YouTube subscribers, I can feel validated. Maybe if I go do this and get someone to you know, agree with what? If I get my dad to love what I do, maybe then I could feel validated, but instead what I did is I went within and I started to validate myself and as I validate myself, everyone validates me anyways, so that is the key. You want to get down to the court frequency of who you are. You are everything.

You are the reality that you live in as well. Everyone that you see in your life is just another facet of you. This is when we begin to shift our consciousness because we begin to understand that we are not just ending at our physical body. This physical structure that I experienced right now is what I think my energy is, but I have an energy field that goes far beyond my body just like you do, and the key is knowing that everything you would experience in your life is a reflection of you.

You are also the dream itself. You are life itself. You are not just a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean in the drop. You are both so when you go around wondering what your core frequency is, you are all of it. That's why there is no judgment. That's why there is only inclusion. That's why there is only the validating from within the validation of self-understanding that everything around you are a reflection. It's a reflection of the one consciousness that you are integrated.

Allow it to be there. This is a shift in consciousness right now that I'm talking about. I'm talking about getting to the core of frequency of who you are by aligning with your state of being, with your emotions, with the actions you're taking, with the thoughts that you're having, but understand that it's all you anyway, so say yes to the present moment.

Allow the present moment, but to be that exercise we did a minute ago is how you could find out how you can align with this, but at the fundamental core, you are so much more than you can imagine in the way you connect to this is with the awareness. The awareness of who you really are and who you are is more than you can even know.

Life is about remembering these different layers. It's about getting to the core and understand that the more you follow your passion, the more you are in that frequency and you break things down from these complex ideas of, oh my beliefs, great, right reality. Break it down to the simplistic side of understanding that you connect to the state of being, connect to the emotion. It's really as simple as changing one of the three things, your emotional state of being, change your state that has to understand your thoughts and your focus.

The more you focus on anything, the more you feel it, so that ends up influencing that anyways. The more you focus on something, the more you increase the vibration and the momentum of it, and then that of action. What are you physically doing? These three things make up your vibration. You change that. You change your reality itself. However, the key is getting to the core of who you are moving out of having and doing into being.

Be present to the moment, say yes to the present moment right now, and then you'll find that things begin to change in your life in a powerful way because things will begin to resonate with that validation. With that saying yes to the present moment with that lack of resistance and in that high vibe state, you will experience more and more of who you really are, so know that you are more than you can imagine.

When you tap into this energy, everything in your life will begin to change and you'll notice that from that point going forward, you are in your core vibration, your unique core vibration. What I was doing at the end of this video is part of a shift in consciousness. There is something I'm creating right now that was called the Shift Experience with Aaron Doughty. It'll be ready within the next few months if you want updates as to when that becomes available as well as become part of my mailing list.

# 28: Costa Rica Epiphanies that changed my life and how they can change yours too

Welcome back to another episode. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you all about letting go, the gateway to surrender, understanding how you can do more within your own consciousness. You can understand how to raise your vibrational set point so that you used to be in a higher state of consciousness.

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I just got back from Costa Rica. I was in Costa Rica for a whole seven or eight days. I just got back last night at about one in the morning. I got some sleep. I woke up today and it's time for a podcast episode. I haven't done a podcast episode, like a specific podcast episode. Actually why? I think it's been like a week and a half. I've been busy. You know what I did in Costa Rica. There are things I did and there were things I did not do. And let me explain a little bit of what I went through it.

I was in Costa Rica. I went to a life transformation spa place in Costa Rica with four other YouTubers. I went with Ryan Cropper, maybe you've seen him on YouTube. I went with Victor Oddo, who a lot of you guys know. I went with her. I went with Gavin Stevenson from wake up fulfilled. There were five and then me of course, but I had. Yeah, of course, it came with me. There was five YouTubers total at this place. It was really cool. It was like a life transformation spa.

There was a lot of stuff that happened. We did a lot of shadow work, let transformational breath work. All of these different things we did and when we did it, I was becoming aware a lot of things within myself that I could begin to rewrite because I realized that I have my own limitations. I have things that I believe to be true. Understand that our beliefs create our reality. Like I've known this for a long time, but there were some subconscious beliefs there that I did not know about that word. Controlling my life experiences or causing certain things in my life to happen. One of them was something I learned last time when I went there.

I went there exactly a year ago and what I learned last time was that, uh, I believe that I had to work really hard to become successful. I was making daily videos on YouTube. I still make daily video videos on YouTube. However, for me to take a day off, it was like a big deal. I was like, how would I take a day off? Like I feel like taking a day off like I'd lose momentum or something. I had this limiting belief that I always have to be taking action in order to be successful because I was rewarded so much in February of last year when I went daily on YouTube that my YouTube channel exploded. Within four or five months I was able to quit my nine to five job working at Barneys, New York selling woman's shoes. And my whole life began to change. I got so much benefit from taking action.

I was like, this is how success works. You take a lot of action, you get massive results, and it does work to a certain extent. The thing is, is there a certain paradigm? And I realized that I had a paradigm and I believed I had to work hard and I was working hard. That was a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, what I learned last time I was there a year ago, November thousand 17, is that I didn't have to work as hard as I thought I could let go of the outcome.

I could more so be present to the moment. I could not have to try so hard. I could more so just be in a good state of being while I do things and things will happen even better because I've increased my state of being. I knew this last year, but it almost didn't get wired incompletely because this is what I realized.

If you would've asked me, I said, I believe that you don't have to work hard. I would have said, I believe that you cannot take that much action and you can get results.

However, the thing was what was happening is even though I said that I believe that I didn't have to work really hard to get results, my actions weren't actually aligned with that because what I was doing is I was still in that grind mode. What would that involve? What would it involve for me to change my own belief? Well, the first thing that I have to do is that I have to realize that my actions are direct reflections of what I believe to be true. I may say I don't have to work so hard to be successful, but yet I'm still working really hard, which proves to me that I haven't actually changed that belief.

The key is to first off, be aware of what those beliefs are. And for me, that was becoming aware. I said, okay, this next week I am not going to wake up in the morning and make a video like I normally do because normally that's how I was as like I have to make daily videos. I have to do this. I have to do that. I have to write down the night before I go to bed, 10 things that I need to do the next morning and I'm going to get up in the morning.

I'm going to do those 10 things and it's going to feel really aligned for me to do so. But what I realized that I could let go of that routine. And by letting go of that routine, I started to feel freer than ever. Because as I let go of the need to do those things, I was rewiring that belief inside of my subconscious mind that I don't have to try so hard. I can allow things to be easy, and by doing that I began to wire in a new way of being. I made only a couple of videos while I was in Costa Rica because the last day was a Saturday.

We were all, all the YouTubers like we need to make videos together, so we made a whole bunch of collaborators the last day, but the whole entire week I didn't make videos intentionally. Of course, videos still went live on YouTube because I'm ahead on videos and they're scheduled to go out.

But you guys want to hear something even crazy. It kind of crazy to listen to how the universe works. All right. This. This is something that I found very paradoxical that happened. This is what happened. I was in Costa Rica and even though I was like, okay, I'm not going to make YouTube videos, I was still to get into my YouTube channel. The comment, now this is what happened. That was another opportunity for me to let go because I couldn't even get in, to begin with.

It was almost like the universe was showing me to let go and I let go of that as I let go of that. And I let go of saying, okay, well obviously, you know, there's deans not working out for that. For me to get into my YouTube channel to comment on videos is at the end of the world that I don't comment on a couple of videos on my YouTube channel while I'm in Costa Rica. I was like, no, it's not the end of the world. I can continue to let go.

I'm going to say that one more time by me taking a non-action by me not making the videos, I was wiring it into my brain, that new believer that I don't have to work so hard. By doing that, that is the key to wiring in. The belief is to realize that whatever the belief that you have, that you're trying to change, become aware of what that is and simply decide that you are going to let go of the old way of being and you're going to wire that in.

For me, that was wiring in a non-action. Not necessarily an action but an annex, but how can you apply that? Well, you can be like, well, I usually think that losing weight is hard, all of these things, but if you start to wire in that losing weight is easy. You can start going to the gym almost like every other day or something. Just start going that simple action. Even if you just go to the gym for 10 minutes, we'll start to wire it into your mind that you go to the gym every two days.

You will start to change your self-image. That was a big game, big game changer for me as I began to become aware of the beliefs I had and realizing that my actions were correlating with a belief system that is outdated. I went almost a whole week without making videos. I felt free. I felt like I was really letting go. I felt like I was actually on vacation because that's the thing.

The thing is since I've been full time on YouTube since I've been making daily videos, I haven't even taken one day off over the last two years. However, I made that exception when I was on this trip and I decided I was going to only make videos the last day that I was there in Costa Rica. By doing that I was then wiring in this new way of being this new belief system and I was letting go and it wasn't even something I was trying to do.

It was more something I was letting go of us letting go of this old belief I was letting go of these old patterns. By me doing that, I was more so able to become present. I was more so able to enjoy myself and I went through certain epiphany's. One of the things Lee or went through, you guys don't own Lee or Alexandra, she's amazing. She's a great friend of mine. She went through an experience where she realized that reality is kind of a matrix, the reality is a matrix, and that kind of freaked her out and I was kind of reassuring her and helping her feel better about the whole situation. Well, we experience reality through our five senses and the thing is we think that what we experienced through our five senses is the real reality.

It is a projection of consciousness. We come from higher states of consciousness. We come from a higher dimensional realm of existence. We are simply dreaming that this is who we are. We are really unconditional love and bliss. You ever see the movie Harry Potter that's closer to the real reality of who we are that's closer to the things being flexible with us having more abilities and higher realities.

We forget that though because can you imagine that? You remember that you're an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience.

You know that you exist in higher states of consciousness where you can instantly appear other places. You can manifest things instantly and then you wake up here with this veil of forgetfulness and you wake up here and you have to experience some lower vibrational emotions or things that you don't prefer. You just want to be there so we have this veil of forgetfulness in reality that makes us forget who we are and by forgetting who we are, we then are more likely to stay here and stay relevant here.

Reality is like the Matrix and we are more than we priorly thought and the power in this is huge because when you realize that things aren't so solid, your life becomes more like a dream. There's this quote I've been saying recently and it is that the more you realize life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become, and this is a very empowering statement. Some people get frayed because my ego wants to remain solid and intact with this all being real.

I'm not saying the experience of it is not real, the experience of it Israel, but what I am saying is that in actuality you are so much more than you can even imagine, and the aura became aware of that. She started to become aware of who she really is an understanding that her reality, what happened is her reality in a way was turned inside out when it comes to what is real and that is making her reality more flexible.

Yes, I can bang on this table right now. That is an experience that appears to be real, but in actuality, there's empty space in between these atoms. We live in a type of virtual reality. We are projections of consciousness from higher states of consciousness. We are really unconditional love and bliss. They might as well enjoy their life experience. That is what life is about.  Let me ask you that question.

Because things that you think are solid in your life are going to create more and more experience of it being that way, and that is going to be something that changes your life. If you begin to realize it, detach from what you believe to be true.

Shake up your own belief system. If there's a definition you have about reality, oh, it's hard to attract relationships into my life. Oh, it's hard to attract money into my life. If you have those beliefs, if you have the belief that it is hard to attract those things in your life or do you experience those things, be aware of those definitions because that is just a confirmation, a reaffirmation that that is the way reality works. When in actuality thinks can be so much easier. They're really in life is no outside. There is only a reflection of the inside.

If you change your beliefs about reality being fixed, if you change your beliefs about thinking, the reality is the way it is and it's fixed, it's always going to be that way. If you realize that life is more flexible, your life will become more flexible. The more you realize that life is a form of a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become, and that's one of the powers of letting go of your belief system that no longer serves of letting go of the things that are outdated, of allowing yourself to more so become present to the moment.

That's when things really began to change is realizing that the true change comes from within and how you relate to things in your life. What else did I learn? I had this an experience the third night that I was there of laying in my bed and what I did is I had this utter surrender and I went into this meditative state and what I did is I focused on just being present to the moment, allowing the moment to be.

And what I did is there was music playing and I was allowing this music to come on. Let me be honest with you right now.

What am I talking about right now? There is this plant medicine that is called IOWASCA. There we go to out of the bag. You may have seen that and you made it like, Whoa, that's really weird. Is he talking about he's done about something like that? Guess what? I was afraid to share this on my YouTube channel. I was afraid to share this even a year ago. But you know what? It expands consciousness. It is not like one of those drugs that's like, you know something bad is. It's something that expands your own consciousness.

It is something that makes you do a lot of shadow work. You go within yourself and you really find out a lot of things in your subconscious mind that have been holding you back. You might not have experiences of your past that really show you a lot of things. And, uh, I'm becoming more and more aware that I could let go of my self-image, you know, I was like, oh, what will people think on YouTube? Will I still be credible if people know that I did Iowaska, but guess what? I wasn't going to do Iowaska even as the time that I went, I went a year ago, I was like, you know what, I'm just going to relax and enjoy company with five other YouTubers, a lot of subscribers that I had going, I'm going to have a good time. But when I went as like, you know, I'm all about expanding awareness, and that was something that I felt called to do again.  You're releasing from your body is no longer holding you back.

The key is being aware of all that and the key is understanding that when you let go, you will allow new patterns in your life when you let go of what doesn't serve you, when you let go of your shadow self.

When you let go of what doesn't serve you, you will allow new patterns in your life.

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I was becoming aware of my own shadows and I was becoming aware of these things from my past. I had this one experience where I realized that I felt unworthy partly because I had this experience that I was completely unaware of. I was a five or six years old.

My parents are divorced at this time and they still are, but I was going back and forth like four or five days at my mom's house. Four or five days at my dad's house. And every time I'd come back from my mom's house to my dad's house, my dad would have an action figure on mine and my brother's bed. And we get all excited. Like, oh, what's going to be at Dad's house when we get back? Eventually, we came back home from my mom's house and there was no action figure on the bed.

Of course, I know and I understand. I'm like, oh, there's no action figure, Bro. Just man up. It's all good. I realized that part of a feeling of unworthiness that was deep in my subconscious came from when I was five or six years old. My Dad stopped putting an action figure out on my bed when I came home from my mom's house and the meaning I gave that was maybe he doesn't love me. Maybe I need his validation, maybe I'm not worthy, and when I was in that moment, I became aware of it. When you become aware of it is when you can begin to change it because you can see it's an illusion.

You can see that was just a pattern you kept carrying from when you were young. That's what I realized and I let go of that part of myself and I started to nurture that five-year-old. I started to give that five-year-old version of me that love says, it's okay. It's okay. Little Aaron, your dad still loves you. He just may not have a present for you right now, and I started to relate to it differently. You see, that's called shadow work is by being aware of these unconscious patterns that we have of yourself.

Back to that moment that was talking about where I became very present at the moment. What happened was is I was in the third night, it was getting pretty intense. There are these sensations that go through your body. I was feeling an overwhelming amount of love, and this can sound paradoxical, but I was feeling so much love that it was kind of scaring me because my body wasn't used to feeling that high-frequency love.

It was a. It was beyond what I could imagine as I'm filling these waves of sensation flow through my body of love, I'm letting go, letting go of needing to control it. You know, my, my, my ego is like trying to control the situations like let go, let go, allow this, love to flow through it. What I did is I started just allowing the moment to be. I said yes to the present moment over and over and over again, and then what happened is this, there's this music in the background and beautiful music.

Sometimes it's live music of like these four or five different shamans playing harmonica, singing, all these different things as beautiful. However, they also had this music playlist on, and what I did is I started to really listen to music. I started to listen to the music deeper than ever before, and what I realized is that I never have actually listened to music from a state of presence to state of being.

It was always an intellectual thing like, oh, this music sounds really good, but what I did is I shifted into experiencing the music, feeling the music, and by doing that I became more present to the moment, but that was the key. The gateway to the sense perceptions was me becoming present to the moment and by me becoming more present to the moment and putting the windows in my body. That was the key, is putting the awareness in my body.

I began to feel completely different about myself. I began to say yes to the present moment and the thing was whatever came up, I said yes to it. There are people around me. Some people were coughing or some people were throwing up. Some people were crying, some people were laughing. There was noise or is it maybe a dog that was barking in the background? Whatever happened, I said yes to it and it began to transform myself. I began to realize that you can see, I can say yes to the present moment no matter what. I then went from doing and having into being, being present with the moment, being with them, music, listening to the music.

I began putting the sense perceptions inside my heart center, inside of my hands, inside of my feet. I became so present to the moment that it started to transform my life because I realized that I could just say yes to the present moment. I realized that I could just be. I am. Say that with me right now. I am. Put the awareness in your sense perceptions right now.

Feel this sensation inside of your hands. Feel the sensations of your feet, sensation side of your heart, maybe a light buzzing feeling you can bring this sensation inside of your body and by doing that you start to become more present to the moment. You start to become more here right now and say yes to whatever comes up. If you're driving right now and someone cuts you off, say yes to it, assume it is part of the process.

Assume that it is part of something you want to experience in your life and as you start to let that be there, you'll find that you begin to relate to things in your life differently. Allow things in your life to be as they are going forward with your day-to-day. Allow things to be, say yes to whatever comes up. Treat everything that happens in your life as if it's there for a reason.

That's what I began to change my life and from this point going forward, I'm not saying that I'm enlightened. I'm not saying that I'm going to be in these blissful states of Samadhi my whole entire life. What I am saying is that I can always bring myself back to this remembrance that I can let go and that I can absorb into my sense perceptions. Bring the awareness into my body, not make everything so intellectual.

I like this song. I liked the beat to the song. What do I like about this song? I like the beat. I like this. Those are all labels, experienced the music. If you're in your car right now and you're just listening to my voice experience, my voice experience, the tonality, you don't have to label the tonality. Be like, well, he's doing dynamic. He's very enthusiastic. He says those are all labels. It's okay if those come up. Here's the thing. As those thoughts come up, experience those thoughts. Let them be there.

Allow the moment to be right now. You are more so entering the present moment than ever before, but the paradox is you are already there. It's just you're shifting your experience into the present moment.

So yes, that is this, this episode. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Understand that your reality, you can begin to shake it up. You can let go of what doesn't serve you. You can. We rewire new beliefs, but you can ultimately let go and go into a state of being.

Be present at the moment. Can you do me a favor and let me know what you think of this week's video by commenting on my newest Instagram posts. You can also follow me on Instagram if you haven't already. I post daily content there at aaron_doughty44. Let me know what you think of this week's episode. Let me know if you want me to do more podcasts. I enjoy doing podcasts and if you want me to do more, I'm considering doing it. Let me know in the newest Instagram post that I have, comment there what you thought of today's episode. I love to interact with you. I'll be there as well.

How to Break OUT of the Matrix and Go INTO the Rabbit Hole with Leeor Alexandra

Today, we're going to show you exactly how to break out of the Matrix, how to go down the rabbit hole into your own consciousness, and how to understand more about yourself than ever before.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I have here Leeor Alexandra, who will keep your vibrations way, way, way up. And today we're going to be talking about that. Have more esoteric stuff. The other day we were actually talking because we're at this place in Costa Rica called Lithonia and here we do something called plant medicine for three or four days in a row in this plant medicine where we go deeper into our own consciousness to a lot of shadow work where we become aware of our unconscious beliefs and whatnot.

And we had this conversation the other day and I remember after a conversation like we should have recorded that it was such, it was such a deep and so different than the YouTube changing conversation for me for sure. I felt like little shifts and it was different. It's not something that I've ever talked about on my agenda, not even close. I'm sure that you sometimes I've touched on it before, but this will really be going deeper.

I guess the way we'll start it out. Leeor and I are here for a whole week in Costa Rica. And how's your experience been so far? I mean now it's over, so over almost. And it's the best thing I've ever done for myself. I can't wait to come back. Yeah. I can't wait. I didn't know what to do it. I was like, Oh, I'm actually going to come back. And now I already said it. I said it was just you, you, you, you saw the future. Well, I kind of felt like as I felt, yeah, there was going to come to, you know.

Oh No, if you guys don't know who the author is, you should and her youtube channel will be linked below. But she's one of my best friends. She's also an amazing YouTube channel and she has great content. Check out our channel. Your welcome. I've never done anything like this. Anything like Rhythmia at all? I think I lost SCO would be the most common name people would understand it as, but you do that for three or four nights a while you're here and you go deep and you purge out things that don't serve you.

You have these realizations. It's very powerful. However, it's a little bit more taboo in society. And I was like, what are people going to think of if I say this, but now I realize that this is, it expands consciousness. You know, we don't like, you know, any other drugs or anything like, yeah, that's not how we spend our time at all. You guys know what Aaron does, a lot of people know what I do. We just grow and empower people and just like live very healthy, happy lives. It's not like we're searching out ways to like this is to go more within, not to go out to heal for more ways to heal even deeper.

That's why we came here. And we came here this week were with three or four other YouTubers, which is really cool. I know she's never really tried anything other than you have alcohol now and then, you know, but not like nothing. They need mind altering stuff like this, you know. I didn't know how she was going to respond, but I felt like she would get whatever she was looking for, she'd have some type of transformation. I didn't know that. I actually didn't come here 100 percent deciding I'm going to do anything, but it just felt right.

There was just this energy and like everything was just, everything is perfect. The way things happen is perfect, good or bad. And that's how I feel about this week. The first day, the first day we come in, we go to the ceremony at like 5:30 to six at night, you know, and we all had our own experience, you know. And then just to kind of summarize that, so what was your experience like or would that lead to that conversation that we had over there? You know what I mean?

That was the loop the third night, but okay, the loop. Yeah. There was kind of a theme going on. The first night I got stuck in this loop where I was something was coming to the surface. The way that the plant medicine works as it brings things to the surface so you have to feel them and then it makes what's coming is going is what exactly. If it's coming to you, if you're being, if you're aware of it, then it's leaving. But I was really scared of this thing that's coming. I didn't know what it was and I kept pushing it away and I got stuck in a loop and it just kept going and going and going and I got really, really scared and ultimately it was beautiful.

But this went on into the third night. In the third night, this loop started again, and I kind of remember asking. I was like, give me the truth. I want to see what the truth is. And that's when I was shown that a part of me that's doing this plant medicine at that time is stuck at that moment forever. A part of me. And I was that part of me and I felt stuck and I felt like I had. I just felt like a prisoner to this, to this life. And then I kind of, I mean I only saw one of the matrix movies, but that's what it was. I wish shown the truth and it looked like the matrix like we're hooked up to machines and this is a simulation.

All of life is a simulation. And I kept saying, this isn't real, this, everything here isn't real. When the ceremony ended in, everybody was kind of waking up. I was really angry at everybody. Everybody was sharing Aaron wishing I wasn't mad at you. I know, I know when I heard you, I felt a little bit better, but, everyone was sharing and I was just like, why are they doing this? What's the point? What's the point to all of us? None of this is real. We're stuck here. Like, this is a simulation.

We're computer files were drowned in, dropped. Like I had just this realization that things weren't the way that I always thought that they weren't. You know, I'm always, I've always been a very happy and positive person. I've never really felt that bad. I was sad. I woke up the next day much better and I was spouse until me and Aaron and I had this conversation and he reframed it for me and we'll talk about that.

But the way that this happened, that I had this experience and then it was reframed was also perfect. It's exactly the way they had to be because I was waiting for a resolution while I was in the ceremony on the plant medicine and I didn't get it, but I wasn't ready for it. I had to kind of feel the sadness that I haven't felt in such in my entire life. I had to really, really feel it. And then we talked and then it just made so much sense. And I mean you can tell them why I felt so bad for me.

A lot of, a lot of we can feel the emotion of how we feel when we look at certain ideas. I remember the order came up to me one of the nights and she had a sad look on her face and like me, I have this relationship with Leeor to where like I, I feel, I don't know, we couldn't even be close to each other because I'd be too worried about her and not worried like a worried parent. But I wouldn't be able to have my own experience without thinking of her because like I was kind of that protector, you know what I mean, that's kind of the vibe that I get with her.

And when she came up to me, she kind of looked at me and she goes, we live in a matrix and none of its real. And she was kind of saying like a question, like none of its real confirmation. You want a confirmation from me and I couldn't be inauthentic and say that it's not a simulation or it's not the matrix because it is, we're in the matrix in a certain way.

What I did is we, there's a location over there that we were talking. I was like, let's get away because there are so many people here. It's like, let's get some time to where we could just kind of talk about it for a minute.

And we started going deep on the concept and basically what I was sharing with her is that we do live in the form of a matrix, like the senses that we experienced through our sense perceptions were viable. These are interpreters of vibration. The thing is unless you're aware that you are in a matrix if you are at the effect of everything in your life than you are at the effect of the Matrix. Like everything is controlled in a way because you're at the whims of everything else.

You're at the whims of circumstance, you're not aware of it, and the way that I explained it to Lee or is that you are immortal, spiritual been you are so much more than just this one physical structure that you have and because you're so much more than that, it's like you, then the part of you that's scared of knowing.

That is the ego part that wants to really remain attached to the form itself and what that was showing her that night is that she is actually so much more than she could have imagined, and the way that I explained it to her is that we're immortal. Spiritual beings living a temporary human experience. Energy exists and will always exist. You cannot create or destroy energy. It just is we our energy. We are consciousness. What happens is from a soul perspective, we are unconditional love, bliss, joy, peace, enlightenment.

When we feel those emotions, it feels good because it's who we naturally are. What happens is when we come into this life, we start to become programmed by the matrix programmed by society, by our friends, by our family, by circumstances, and it makes us into this certain structure of the ego thinking we are the ego.

The key is knowing that that's just a certain perspective of us. That's just a certain part of us, but in actuality, we have come from higher dimensional forms of existence of this unconditional love and bliss and we have incarnated into this matrix into the system. It's just that we use for the system. We use our body which is the interpreters of vibration to have this current life experience and if we feel something for focus on a perspective that feels like a lot of negative emotion, that negative emotion is telling us that that's not who we really are.

The moment that Leeor was focused on this perspective, I was like, that's. It's not that it's untrue that we live in a matrix. It's just that the way it's been interpreted isn't in alignment with the truth and understanding that you are any mortal, spiritual being that exists in higher states of consciousness.

You've just temporarily put your form here because this is like a school. This is like a game. This is a dream.

We think it's so real. This dream appears to be very real because it's so continuous because we have these sense perceptions, but in actuality, it's something that we're having for a certain experience but that we chose, that we chose and we chose to be here. Yeah, so not to make me feel so much better because then you realize it's not like you were put here too nice because then you realize that you weren't put here for that reason or you realize that there's a deeper meaning to life. I chose to come here because there was something that I needed to experience and wanting to experience here. I'm not a prisoner to this dream. No. I chose it. This dream and if anything, you chose this dream as well because right now I believe.

I mean, it's kind of a personal belief, but you look around, you'll see kind of evidence of it. There is a transformation happening on the planet where more and more people are awakening to who they are and as people awaken to more of who they are, it starts to change the way that we relate to the dream itself, how we relate to this whole experience, and there's this transformation going right now, so the purpose of a lot of what we're experiencing in our life is because it's all in alignment with what's happening is transformation.

Just being aware that we're in a matrix and the matrix itself is something that's there that once you're aware of, you can then see how you navigate through it in a new way, and the truth of the matter is though, the only thing that is right, I remember I kept telling me that day, the only thing that is real is that you are love. That is, it. Everything else is not real. It's. It might seem real. The negative emotions will look real, but those are just. Those are just identification with thoughts that we're having.

We may think thoughts, but we are not our thoughts, so it's like the more we became aware and what the or went through I think is it started that experience that you had that was negative because it's like we live in a matrix that was breaking apart her beliefs of reality in general because when you believe that things are very solid, they will be very solid.

When you believe that reality is a certain way, reality will always be that way because you buy into it so much, but what that did is it shook up her belief system and said, okay, the reality is not what you think it is. Reality is more flexible. Reality is about alignment. It's about love. Love is the only thing that is real and it then it kind of shift you into a state to where you're like, this is all that's real. You know what is real? Well, what does it matter? If it's the experience that's real and that's what I can remember I kept telling you to.

It's the experience that's real. I feel like. Yeah, it was so attached to my idea of what's real and now I'm not. That's what had to happen. That was your miracle. It wasn't my America sheet and you can tell now because your energy is free and her honesty has been very free. She's like one of the most authentic people I know. You know, and she's always had this very open energy, but I can just feel it within her. This level of empowerment where you realize that you don't have to buy into the old beliefs are because our beliefs create our reality and when we're here, what we were learning is all these beliefs that we acquired when we were young that we started to let go of and now that we've let go of them, it changes.

Everything feels so free and yours was the ultimate because yours was your belief about reality itself. And I said this quote to her the other day that I don't know who coined it or if I even coined it, but I've ever really heard it before. But the more you realize that life is a form of a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become. New Mantra does it every day to buy beer at another one. Yeah, exactly. We're going to have to make room for a year. It's when you change, you realize that life is more than you, priorly thought that you argue mortal, spiritual being that is, that when you go to bed at night, you wake up to these higher states of consciousness but your brain doesn't remember it. And I remember kind of explaining that as well.

Like your brain can only remember the things that it relates to. You get these symbolic subconscious things of, "Oh, last night in my dream I was in eighth grade and this happened." Well, that's the way the brain interpreted it. But when you go to bed at night, you wake up to these higher states of consciousness that are not bound by time and space. Harry Potter, I know we're both huge Harry Potter fans.

The reason I think we like Harry Potter is because Harry Potter land is closer to reality than this reality, so like when I read all the Harry potters I got out of it was like, I like to be a muggle. You know, there's so much fun in the magic and life is really meant to be magical, but in this matrix right now, there's a belief, consensus of reality where a lot of people believe that magic isn't real. There are beliefs about reality.

That's what you get. Exactly. It manifests this agreement that we have the subconscious agreement between everybody, our collective consciousness. I forgot it, but the more, the more you let life be magical, magical life will become life is meant to be measured. I remember you said this to me, like that our higher selves, the selves that sleep and have this dream, we can't remember the dream because it's so much better than we wouldn't want to be here. And that resonated a lot with me because that shows me that we're not hooked up to machines.

No. And the movie, the Matrix uses a certain symbol, symbolic type form and it had action parts in it and it had this whole storyline. Yeah. But in actuality I said, well, you could look at the ego as a machine. The Ego could be a machine, but the thing is, is it's organic. Exactly. But it's organic like our minds are still programmed from our environment, but when you start to see it more so as it goes beyond that, it's organic. It's this and that. It's, yes, we might be somewhat, we might have programmed in the mind of our past experience, but we can reprogram it, which is powerful to know.

But also, it's still organic, so it's not like we live in a computer that's cold and there's no emotion. The only thing that's true in life is that we are love. Everything else is an illusion. It's an identification and it's not really actually true. The experience of it will feel real, but it's a temporary blip that we eventually become aware of. But it's also not. You know, if you're watching this video right now, you cannot perceive of that which you are not the vibration up. If you're reading this right now, maybe some of these ideas are starting to open you up to who you really are.

Because the truth is you are any moral, spiritual being you exist in these higher dimensions right now. You're dreaming. This is who you are and when you go to bed every night you wake up like that you. But if you knew that if you are playing a video game and you knew that it was a video game, you don't take it as serious. But if you play a video game that you believe is really real, this is real, you respond to it differently and then the power though is that you have one life, so you respond to it, news funder in you, there's more meaning behind it and there's a purpose behind it.

But eventually what happens is when you become aware that it is a game because one of the purposes of the is of the game of life is that you become aware that it is a game, but it is a dream that it is this experience. Because when you become aware of it, then you can change the rules. But if you're at the effect of the whole entire dream, then you'll just remain at the effect. It's about that shift into that awareness of. But, you have to become aware of it first.

She experienced it and that experience shifted her whole beliefs about life and now her life will continue to change. It'll be curious to see how your life changes from now going forward. Because I can already see a difference in her, and I think it will be more beautiful.

How I Let go of my Painful Past, Raised My Vibrational Set-Point and Became Emotionally FREE

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the way how I raised my vibrational set point. I transcended my past and how I became emotionally free.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how I raised my vibrational set point, how I transcended the past experiences I've had, and how I've been able to become then emotionally free. The reason I'm making this is that I think that so many people can that experienced the same thing that I went through in the sense of how I transcended a negative past and exist in an entirely new state. When I say this, I'm not seeing them enlightened or anything, but what I am saying is that it's a higher level of consciousness to where I was before now, to give you a little bit of a basis for it.

I remember that this was back in about 2012. I was feeling so much resistance. I felt like I didn't understand why my life was the way it was because back in my childhood form, the ages of seven to 15 years old, I had an abusive stepmom in my life. I had A. I wasn't allowed to eat very much. I wasn't allowed to have like do the normal things that kids did. My brother and I were mainly outside working all day. We were not allowed to watch TV. We were not allowed to eat very much food. We had to earn, go into the school if we got in trouble with the school, taken away from us. It's a unique situation to be in and that caused a lot of resistance because 15 came around and my dad divorced her.

All of a sudden, we have all this freedom, but at the same time, for some reason, I resented like why did all of that happen? And for years I felt that resentment and I carried it around with me even though it was subconsciously. What happened was, is I felt that resistance for about five or six years, not knowing exactly what to do with it and always just trying to almost just be positive. I would have these negative thoughts, and I would just try to focus on the positive thoughts, but a lot of times I end up resisting those negative thoughts that would come up and eventually that led me to when I went through an experience that shifted my consciousness, and all this was me learning that my beliefs create my reality and learning how to observe the different beliefs that I had that made up the reality that I lived in and I believed I was a victim.

I believe that things, things happened to me. I believed that I had ADHD and couldn't focus. I believed that I had all of these different labels that were kind of thrown on me and because of that, therefore created that experience over and over and over again. I had this experience with you two, a 12 when I felt on a scale of one to 10. I use the scale sometimes. I used to feel like I was at about a three to a five out of 10, 10 feeling amazing. One feeling not so great. What happened was is I learned how to observe my thoughts. I learned how to not try to control them. I then got to this space of spaciousness as the best way I can describe it and in that space what ended up happening is it changed my whole life because, within a week or two, I started to feel a majority of the time that I was at about a seven or an eight out of 10.

 I felt really good. A majority of the time I didn't need a drink. I didn't need to do anything that would change my state. I just naturally felt good and from that point going forward in my whole entire life changed because I started to see myself in a completely new way.

When you become aware of the beliefs you have, when you become aware of the things that are triggering you to feel a certain way, you start to take your power back because then you realize that you don't have to give away your power to something else.

When you become aware of the things that are triggering you to feel a certain way, you start to take your power back.

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You realize that the true thing that the really only thing that matters is not what happens, but it's the way you respond to what happens. In general, many people are walking around at the reaction to everything that is happening to them and that's when we're letting the autopilot mind run itself out. The autopilot mind for me was why did I go through all these experiences when I was seven to 15 years old?

Why didn't I have a normal childhood? Why was everything controlled and all of these different things? Why did I have to earn going to school? How come I wasn't allowed to eat the of food that I wanted to eat growing up or not even eating the food I want to eat? I wasn't also really allowed to eat as given one bowl of cereal in the morning and a TV dinner at night, and it wasn't very much food. Well, no one else was home outside. We would sometimes try to break in to eat the food. Why did all of that happen? Right? Why do we have to do that?

But what I realized was that even after 15 years old, I have all this freedom is fantastic and a lot of friends, I'm allowed to do all this cool stuff, and I'm wondering why did this all happen and I'm feeling that way. Well, that remained on autopilot for many years and I was always in reaction to everything that's happening and 90 percent of the people when you look around or more are in reaction just to everything that's happening. They aren't aware of how they are relating to what's happening and because there isn't that awareness there.

It's just everything is on autopilot and part of the time that we are on right now on this planet, it's about waking up. It's about transformation. It's about knowing that we don't have to be at the effect of everything that's happening and one of the best things we could do is start to simply put our focus and the direction of what we want to experience.

It may be part of this is just becoming aware of what has happened in the past. If you were to look at your past and at a certain level, be able to see that you chose it. It changes everything. That might seem ridiculous. How could you tell me that you chose to have an abusive step? Mom, how could you tell me that you chose all that? Well, here's the thing. There are different levels of awareness that when we begin to get to, we can see that there's actually something in it that may have shaped into the way we are now, and here's the thing. When we treat it as if we chose it, we let go of resistance. We let go of the victim mentality, we let go of the identification with it, so what I did is I was able. This is back in 2012.

I was able to look at that and to see how it shaped me into who I became because that pain from the past eventually led me to create the pressure to have a spiritual awakening and many people that do have a spiritual awakening and have been through some type of painful past like that. By sharing my story, I'm not saying that I have had it worse than anyone else. I'm just saying that a lot of people think that I'm this happy person and I'm a positive person because I was entitled growing up or something when it was really.

There was so much restriction in my life that life, in general, is amazing because it wasn't what it was in that way, so in a similar way, what you can begin to understand is that a certain level you may have chosen your experiences because those experiences led you to become more, to transcending the negative emotion. If you treat it as if you chose it, you then begin to transform it, so that is one of the keys. Treat it as if you wanted it and then you will transform it because then the resistance goes away.

The key to this process of letting go of all of that is completing the past. This is going to seem paradoxical to a lot of people that are that don't. Because of many times what happens is we stopped feeling whatever we're supposed to feel in the moment or whatever's coming up at the moment. And as we carry that around, we continue to experience things in our life that are equal to that experience. For example, I've shared this once or twice before, but with my stepmom, she was manipulative.

She was, you know, all those different things I shared earlier. I was like, why did this happen? I had this kind of thing in my energy field of resisting what happened and resisting the emotion that I felt at the time. What happened was years later I got a job at Nordstrom's, work in a woman's shoes, and I had a manager that was the exact same way. This manager, of course, couldn't physically do anything, but mentally she did the same exact thing. She would talk down to people.

She was controlling power, tripping all of these same things. And she was protected by upper management at that job, at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. She was pretending to upper management so everyone would go to her because of the things that she would say. But he would protect her, so for four years she was my manager and I'm dealing with like the same type of person as my stepmom, pretty much the same person in a different body and as like once again it was because there was this pattern in my energy field that resonated with this, so I was attracted to being in that department, which is very synchronous in itself because of there are some things that happened that made me in this department.

This part is actually the department of Salon shoes, which is designer shoes, which is the most expensive department in the whole store. It as a commission based job so is the best department to be in, but it's very ironic that are not even ironic, but it was just very peculiar that that kind of thing happened.  When I eventually learned how to complete my past, when I allow the emotions to be there, when I realized and I reframed my whole entire past of that whole experience, my stepmom, I learned how to observe my thoughts.

Well, all I know is that beliefs create reality and that when we let go of negative emotions that no longer serve because we've let go of the belief that's attached to it or we've let go of the disruption or energy field. Then the people on the outer reflection that no longer resonate just seemed to drift away. It seems very synchronous that she would leave my experience the week or two after I complete the process of the negative emotion.

I became aware of why it was in my life that way. How that kind of in a way formulated to me being either such strong desire to help break people. Out of the prison of their mind, how to break people out of the painful pasts that they've had and I would not have had that if it wasn't for some of the things that I went through when I was younger, so I've in a way reframed it and seen it as something that maybe I did shoes at a certain level.

And that transformed my whole life and from that point on I've never had to deal with someone like that again because I've completed the past. If you want to learn how to complete the past, I've made one of the most powerful meditations I've ever made for completing the past or just in general, and it will help you to feel the emotions, get the beliefs that are in the way and then to feel it and to let it go forever.

That's what transformation is all about, and you can do the same thing. My understanding that your natural set point, that who you really are is unconditional love and bliss. That is who you naturally are. And when you begin to tap into that and realize that that is who you are, you can let go of all the things that no longer serve. There'll be different layers that were attached to base on our beliefs, based on the reference experiences that we've had, and the more we resist the past, the more we keep those alive and we are more than we keep our vibration bogged down.

The key is to let it go and to observe those different perspectives, to observe the past experiences, to observe all of it because then we transcend our vibration. But understand that your natural vibration is that of a love of bliss. That's who you naturally are. Lastly, I want to share with you one way that you can go about taking your power back in a very empowering way and that has to do with literally treating everything in your life as if you chose it. Treat everything in your life as if you chose it and say yes to the present moment.

This is a transformation in of itself because when you treat everything as if you chose it, you start to take your power back. Most people, over 90 percent of the people on the planet are in reaction to everything that's happening. They aren't choosing anything. Everything is happening to them. The key to this process is treating everything as if you chose it because rather than being at the cause of the cause of the cause or rather have been at the effect of the effect of the effect you then are at the cars.

The key is going from being at the effect of everything that's happening. This is happening to me. This is happening to me, to then being the cause of it in itself because you're treated as if you chose it. Then you also allow, you are saying yes to the present moment when you say yes to the present moment, the transformation in of itself begins to happen. That's when you start to become emotionally free.

I treat everything in my life as if I chose it and by doing that I allow the present moment to be and then transforms my own consciousness. I genuinely feel that on a scale of one to 10, I am at a seven or an eight out of 10 and I used to be at a three to five out of 10. I believe that our natural set point is going to be on this planning, raising over that have this imaginary skill in my mind of one to 10. It will eventually be that have much more and that you have the potential to shift to do a higher level of consciousness and that when you do that, your whole life begins to change in a very powerful way.

The 3 Levels of Manifestation REVEALED Time to Upgrade…

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three levels of manifestation, how to transcend your level of consciousness so that when you raise your vibration, you create what you want easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What I’ll be sharing with you today is the way how you can understand the three main levels of manifestation, each paradigm and how you can transcend to the new level so that you create what you want easier than ever, because as your vibration is higher, as your frequency increases, you then have more of an ability to attract what you want.

Almost think of it almost like the magnetic spectrum of that is increased, so things just happened even easier. Let's look at it like this. What I'm going to do is I'm going to share with you the different levels of manifestation that I have experienced. Here's the thing, who we really are at our fundamental core is we are higher vibrational states of consciousness. That is who we are. We are unconditional love. We are joy, peace, and enlightenment.

That's why people that have been enlightened that say that enlightenment is not in attainment. It is a realization because it's not a level that you attain because you are naturally lower vibration.

Enlightenment is not in attainment. It is a realization.

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It's just that when we're born and we go through life experience and we have the social conditioning, there are all these different layers that go on, so then we think that we're less than we are, but the key is to transcend that and understand that you are so much more than you can imagine.

However, for now, let's look at these different paradigms because I'm going to share with you some of those paradigms of manifestation. Some of the ones that a lot of people may be at because they're not aware that there's a higher-level paradigm. There's a higher-level paradigm where things happen even easier, so let's look at this. Let's dive in. You'll see at the lower vibrational emotions, we're going to call this 200 and below or 250 and below would be that of the lower level paradigm.

Think of that as the lower level paradigm, so when the movie the secret came out, now the intention of the movie, the secret, as many of you may have seen the movie, so you may know what I'm speaking about. The secret intended to open up people. It was to kind of like be an introductory level of the potential of your own thoughts, understanding your thoughts, your reality.

There was an emphasis, the interpretation that many people got out of the movie was that it was about materialistic things. I understand that it's not so much. This isn't about whether that's good or bad, although I do think we're having a physical experience and I think that it's okay to enjoy things. It's just about not being identified with those things, understanding that we are also spiritual beings as well, so bringing in the spiritual aspect, but nonetheless when people are saying, I really want that, I really hope I get it and they're coming from a place of neediness, almost like I believe in.

If I had that, then I could be happy. That is many times coming from the lower vibrational paradigm which could be that a shame, fear angle, anger angle, and the. It's about understanding that that brims upon that and the next level. Most people that are coming out from the point of view of only if only I had this and that and this and that. Then they're coming at it from a lower vibrational field because they are identifying with that over there which is emphasized in the vibrational resonance dissonance between where they are and where they want to be.

If we think that something on the external is what is going to make us happy that many times we find ourselves in a loop going around and around and around trying to figure out what this is and trying to be happy, but knowing and ended up finding out that the true happiness can only come from within. From this level paradigm, this is where we have to try really hard. This is where we may not have clarity as to what to actually do. This is where we look at other people and we have these positionalities positionality means these perspectives.

We say, well, that person has that because of x, y, z. they've had to step on people's heads to get where they are. They've had to do some things that were unethical in order to be successful. For a long time, I was in this level paradigm. I watched the movie the secret. I was intrigued by it, but I did realize that the outer reflection, in reality, is a reflection of my inner. I was trying to change the mirror of life without first changing my reflection and because of that, I went around looking for happiness. Is it over here?

If I go within first and I make these changes within myself, if I make these perspective changes, I let go of this identification doesn't serve me, then things would happen anyways. It would happen much easier than it would if I was running around trying to change everything on the outside. The true key is giving the validation from within, getting the validation from within and that by doing that the outer reflection will eventually change. I was at the time, this is a back in this paradigm as well. By the way, we'll also include trying to control other people because out of the desperation I think of this as survival mode.

This is more like survival mode. Like I really, really need that I need to make rent next month, I need to, uh, to do this so that I could have this or I need to have this girlfriend or a boyfriend because then I can be happy. You see, these different perspectives of need are from that of the survival mode. And if we make things very important, we create resistance around it. This is about being aware of the importance. We're in the lower level paradigm. There will be some results because whatever you focus on grows.

Even at the lower level paradigm, if you become aware that your thoughts create your experience and you become aware of the correlation between what you think, what you experienced, you can start to move in a powerful way. However, if you remain in the, I really, really need that on the outside, you remain externalizing your happiness, externalizing your abilities, and many times that will cause even more resistance.

The key to this is understanding that you can become aware of it and that that is one paradigm, but if you make things very important if you feel in a survival mode, you can start to transcend to the next level. The next level is the second level. The second level of manifestation is that of the 252 for $99, 254, 99, 250 is neutrality. This is when you learn how to observe your thoughts. This is when you start to go within and you start to see that these thoughts you have are not good. They are not bad. They simply are. They are just thoughts. The content of it is subjective. It depends on the person that's looking at it and in the same way, what we start to do is when we become neutral, we start to neutralize our own thoughts. We realize we are not our thoughts.

We may think thoughts, but they are not who we are. And then what happens is as we observe the thoughts we let go of the negative charge of it, you see in the lower level paradigm, what we do is because we have these kinds of these negative emotions that we're thinking and feeling, we go around in the world and we catch on other patterns onto our energy body that then grows that within us so that when we go out, we keep resonating with more and more experiences like that.

However, when we start to observe the content of our mind, we begin to observe the thoughts that we're having. The thoughts will in they will go out, they will come in, they will go out, they won't come in, get blocked up because we're identifying with them and then stay within our energy field and then attract more and more situations in our life that are in resonance with that. It's about being aware of that. The second level is 2:50, two for 99. This is the level that a lot of my YouTube videos are based at is the second level because this is also the level of the intellect.

When you get to four to 500, which acceptance reasoning is like a. it's like a desire, but it's like putting a willpower decision, a choice to do or to be or to have something and then four to 500 is that of the intellect. Understanding our beliefs create our reality. Whatever we believe to be true, we will get reflected back to us. This is a very high level for most people, especially when you're at the lower levels and you really, really want something and you're identifying with the lower vibrational emotions.

You learn how to neutralize your thoughts. The doorway to the second level of manifestation is learning how to observe your thoughts, knowing you are not your thoughts and when you're not your thoughts, you can then choose the next stop. That's the doorway. Then you start to get into the second level paradigm, and in the second level paradigm, you realize that reality literally is a reflection of what you believe to be true, so what you could start to do is get to the core of what do you believe to be true? Because if you believe money is bad, then guess what?

You won't attract more of it into your life. You'll have these mixed connotations. On one hand, you want more money. On the other hand, the money is evil, just like people think, money is the root of all. See, everyone knows that statement because it's ingrained into the collective consciousness and ingrained in a lot of people the keys to becoming aware of it.

You neutralize it. You look at it, do I choose to believe this? Does this even have to be true for me? Was this something that I picked up along the way and I just simply thought that that's the way the reality is, and I thought, that's the meeting. I get it. Money is a neutral idea. Money has no built-in meaning other than the meaning we give it, but when we give things a certain type of meaning, we then experience a certain level of block. It could be relationships.

For example, maybe you have a relationship. I had this belief that relationships were something I didn't want to experience because I equate your relationship being in a relationship with not having freedom cycle. Then I'll have to, you know, take her here, do this, do that, and I equated it with lack of freedom. Whereas I love freedom because I do what I want when I want to do it, and that makes connotation within me cause resistance.

What I've learned to do this and let that go, and when you get to the core of what you believe to be true, that's when the outer reflection, the reflection, in reality, will really begin to change. It's about being aware of what do you believe to be true? Because as you become aware of this, you start to see that reality literally is just a reflection. You can start to kind of look at certain things and then let go. Look and let go, let go of what doesn't serve.

Let go of the things from your past that you identified with. Let go of the beliefs of your people that you learned things from growing up. Let go of the negative perspectives that you may have aligned with when you were younger. You no longer have to live them out. As you become aware of them in the light of awareness is when you can really begin to let it go, so become aware of it.

Let it go. Your beliefs create your reality. This is a level when a lot of power is there because then you can change things not from the outside, not from going out the first level, going out and trying to change everything on the outside, but inset going within and making the change within yourself. Just like Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world. If you want to change something out there first, change it within you. Change how you relate to it. If you change that, you start to let go of the negative emotion.

Now, like I said, with all three of these levels I’m about to share with you, the third one, with all three of them, though you will get results with either with any of them, but the degree of results that you get will depend on each ring that you move up, the three different levels.

As you go up, things get easier. Things become more empowering, and at the third level, it goes to an entirely new level. Now, Einstein himself calibrated at four 99 because he took the intellect as far as it could go. Most people reading this blog right now are going to be between, I would say 3:50 to 500. Congratulations. When we look at this, in order for Einstein to go up into the next level of consciousness, he would have had to let go of all of the intellectual ideas. Because to go from reasoning to love, you have to let go of the mind.

To go from the mind to the heart, you have to move into the heart, which is love, which means you can let go of the intellectual processes, you can let go of the attachment to these ideologies. You can let go that beliefs create your own reality. It works for a certain period of time, but at a certain point you let all that intellectual stuff go and the doorway here is surrender. It is letting go just like the doorway from the first ring.

The second ring was the neutrality observing rather than reacting. It's not so much that it's a doing from one level to the next, it's more so a non-doing a letting go. What we then begin to do is we take all the reasoning and we let it go. And by letting it go, we then naturally start to increase our vibration. We started to feel better and by letting go, we then start to trust the universe in a new way. We start to say yes to the present moment. That's what happens because, in the paradigm of 500 and above, it isn't about doing, are having and for $99 and below it is about doing and having, doing, having been in the higher-level paradigm.

It is about just being present to the moment, so from this level paradigm, you just are. You just connect to the core frequency of who you are. You may do what you're passionate about. You may decide to do this, you may decide to do that. If certain thoughts come up, it's okay if you're like, what am I at? The higher-level paradigm and you just observe those thoughts. It's okay. This is about a shift and transformation, a shifting consciousness, becoming aware of what you think to what you feel.

Becoming aware of how you could just be present to the moment and how you can let go of all the intellectual ideas. You know, it's funny, I go through these different levels and I'm not always in this being paradigm because I still have a business and I still do certain things. I have this story.

Maybe I'm telling you a story right now and I can just let it go and just be enlightened. However, that's not the case.

I fluctuate through these different levels and if I feel majority, I probably feel the majority of the time as I'm in the second ring, the second level because my beliefs create our reality, so the things I had, the intentions I have, everything aligns with understanding. If I change the inside, the outside changes as well, but there are times when I move into this higher-level paradigm when I allow the moment to be, I say yes to the present moment.

I am being my authentic self rather than trying to have her do and I let go of the outcome. I trust the process. I trust, know that I can just do what I'm passionate about. One of the best ways to be in the third level paradigm is to just do what you're passionate about as much as you can because the passion frequency is who you really are, and when you're who you really are, you are being yourself and when you're being yourself, you don't have to try to become more.

You don't have to emphasize the lack, so emphasize, I really want that, and I am saying I really don't have it. By really want it and said, just be saying yes to the present moment. Understand when you're doing what you're passionate about, you are in that higher energy state and in that higher energy state, you will attract more things. You will see a reality that is equal to that energy state as well. Everything begins to change.

This is about understanding these three different paradigms. I asked you a question, we'll level paradigm. Do you think urine don't think of this as the higher level is better? I have the spiritual being and I am at the top level and I am enlightened. That builds a spiritual ego. I believe we all shift through different levels of this. I really, really want this. Right now, I'm in the lower level paradigm. Wait, okay. I remember though, these are neutral.

I remember I can see that my beliefs are created. What do I believe to be true about this thing that eventually says, I'm just going to let this go and I'm just going to be present to the moment? Everything is the way it is and I'm going to be three different level paradigms. What level are you at? Maybe you find that you fluctuate just like I do. Maybe you see that there are doorways for you to get to the next level.

Maybe like, you know what? I've been at this level for a while. I want to focus on being present to the moment, so this is the power we all have and if you want as well this, everything I'm explaining right here is going to be something as a part of what is called The Shift Experience with Aaron Doughty.

3 Things High Vibrational People ALWAYS Do to be in a High Vibration

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three things that high vibrational people always do to stay in high vibration, and I'm going to share with you how you can apply it as well.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you the three things that high vibrational people always do to stay in high vibration and how you can do the same thing. First off, let's understand that when we are in a high vibration, our frequency will then attract to us things that we want faster than ever. However, at the same time, we will naturally just feel good anyway, like one of the main reasons.

We want to attract those things into our life so that we can quote unquote feel better, but if it could feel better now we actually attract those things much easier anyway, so when it comes to being in high vibration, there are a couple things that when you do it will just speed up the process, but also you will enjoy the journey along the way as well.

First off, I feel like I should always show this chart just to kind of give the context and I love this chart. Power versus force chart. Here we go. This is the chart of consciousness. Shame, fear, guilt. You eventually see neutrality. Huge step neutrality is when we learn how to observe our thoughts. Then we get up to willingness.

We eventually see that of acceptance and then or reasoning or the reason the mind, the intellect. Then there's a big jump into love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. This scale of consciousness is in our life. What we are shifting through and one of the main purposes of this life on earth right now is what is going on is there is a shift in vibrational states of consciousness going on on the planet right now. There are more and more people are waking up to who they are.

They're are waking up out of the dream of the lower levels of consciousness. What happens is as we move up the scale, we eventually get to a place to where we feel connected to other people. We will one day on this planet be the majority in a level of love consciousness and it is the destiny or the. The reason everyone's here right now is that there's a quickening of vibration that's happening on the planet just like the Schuman residence has increased it, which is the frequency of the earth. It's the same thing for us, macrocosm, microcosm.

We are in a way the cells on Gaia, we are these cells and because Gaia herself or whatever we want to call is starting to transform, so will we as a result, so when we look at this, we see that there is shame, fear, guilt, neutrality, willingness than reasoning, which is the intellect, but in general, people that are in a high vibration are going to be at about the four hundred and above.

We could say 400. Above and above are the higher vibrational states of consciousness and being in those higher states of consciousness. It's all about understanding who we are and how we relate to our life situations. You see the different perspectives that as we begin to go up, you'll notice that you'll see neutrality there at right around 250.

Neutrality is a huge step. I remember when I went through the experience of letting go of lower emotions that were holding me back, I let go of that, of the anger that I felt towards my stepmom for the pain that I went through in the past. I let go of a lot of emotion that I was holding onto and in a moment, back in 2012, I became aware of this perspective, and I started to observe it rather than react to it. From that moment, I let go of all that.

I jumped into 2:50 and above. Then what happened is there was another jump, and that was when I realized that my beliefs were creating my reality. Between four and 500, that's also a big jump because then we see that our reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true. Most likely if you're here right now, you're into my content.

My content resonates at about four to 500 and now I'm starting to tip more into teaching people how to be, how to create the shift in consciousness from going from being at the 400 of reality creation to being in the five hundred of feeling more at being this, being authentic to who you are and really transcending the lower levels. But in general, there are certain milestones that once we hit, we begin to increase our vibration.

1.    Learn how to let go

The first thing that high vibrational people always do is they know how to let go of the outcome of things that are happening, how to let go of attachment to labels because in the four hundred, that's where we're aware that our beliefs create our reality.

 We lock ourselves into that reality and when we're attached to how things happen on the outside, remember what we're doing is when we're trying to say, oh, the outside has to change before I can first change. That's something that higher vibrational people know is that it's more about letting go. If you look at this whole scale, the key to moving up and to raising your vibration is not to pile on a new idea.

And many enlightened people have said in the past that enlightenment is not something you attain. It is something you realize in the same way your natural vibration is a high level of vibration. It's just that if you're feeling lower emotions is because you're holding onto certain perspectives. You're holding onto certain positions thinking that this is the way things should be. This is the way reality is.

If there's one thing I could tell you right now that high vibrational people always do as well as they say yes to the present moment, say yes to the present moment. When you say yes to the present moment, you allow the moment to be even if something happens that makes you feel resistance, you say yes to it.

You're saying yes to these events and then you get more and more evidence of things that you actually like to say yes to.

2.    Responsibility

Now let's look at the second thing that high vibrational people always do in order to remain in a high vibration, and the second thing has to do with responsibility. Responsibility simply means the ability to respond when we become aware that we have the ability to respond rather than the ability to react because most people are just in reaction mode.  People are at the effect of what is happening. And when you become aware of that, it's kind of like waking up from a dream.

You become aware that you can steer your ship in the direction that you want. Here's the reason that we must take responsibility because unless we take responsibility, we're giving our power away. That is where the power is. Here's another thing that will help you to be in a high vibration treat every moment as if you chose it. Because when you do that, you're also saying yes to the present moment, but understand that you cannot change what you do not own. When you treat it as if you chose it, you then see that you can go in the direction that you want.

You can then say yes to the present moment. Let go of the resistance, and by doing that you put yourself in an experience too where you go in the direction that you want. This is about being aware of the dynamics of how you relate to the present moment, but knowing that if you treat it as if you chose it, it makes this process so much easier.

You may say, let me share with you something else that I haven't really shared in many YouTube videos and it's that you chose your parents, whether you're aware of it or not. Maybe you had very abusive parents.  You can tell me I chose that at a certain level. Yes, I did. As painful as that may sound, there is a purpose behind what we choose, and we do choose it at a certain level.

The ego might not choose it. The ego might say, well, I went through this pain. I went through this abuse. How? Why would I choose that? The ego may have not chosen it, but the larger consciousness of who you are, the higher-self has chosen it because there is something you can grow from it. Maybe you learn more about who you really are by learning, by who you are not.

Maybe you learn how to transmute the pain so that you can help other people to do the same. Be aware that you treat every situation as if you chose it and your life will begin to change and that is something that every high vibrational person does is they say yes to the present moment and they treat it as if they chose it.

3.    Start applying what you’ve learned

The third thing that all high vibrational people do that will also, you can begin to apply and you see it transform your life, is knowing that if you want to create change in your life, you must first create change from within.

Normally what people do is they're going out into the world, they're trying to change what's happening over there and in the same way, understand the world is just a reflection. When we're trying to change the reflection on the mirror, we know that we don't go over there and smile. We don't try to change our expression with our hands. We know that we must first change our risks, but reflection, and then the outer mere reality will change as well.

We're in the same way. When we go outside trying to bang around and changed the outside, we ended up creating resistance instead changed from within. That's why Gandhi said it himself. He said, in order for you to change the world, you must first change yourself. In order to change yourself, what you do is you change the way that you relate to the world.

Change the definitions you have about the way the world is, change how you relate to those definitions and start to let them go. Let go of the labels. Allow yourself to be more so who you are. Be present to the moment and as you change from within, by changing the way you relate, the outer reflection will begin to change as well.

That's the best gift you can give to the world also because as you do that, you raise your frequency that is contagious and other people can feel that, but if I experienced something in my life that I don't like, I look at it and I see how I can look at it in a new way. What is a new perspective I can have? How can I relate to it? How can I say yes to it, an integrated into my life and as I do that, everything changes?

Remember our beliefs create our reality. Whatever you believe to be true is reflected back to you. If you say, well, this is why things are happening in my life because this is the way things are. That's all a belief and it's a perpetual self-belief that will keep it, that experience over and over again. What you can learn to do instead is to realize that reality is just a reflection. That's all it is. Change the inner state of being how you feel.

If you change how you relate to what is happening in the outer reflection of reality, you then change the reality itself.

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If you change how you relate to what is happening in the outer reflection of reality, you then change the reality itself. Because reality is literally just a reflection of what you believe it to be, so that is when things barely began to change.

Remember, you can begin to apply these things. You can start to take more responsibility, which is the ability to respond. Treat every moment as if you chose it. Let go of what doesn't serve, let go of the outcome. Allow the moment to be, and as you do this, you will then start to be in a higher state of consciousness which is, remember who you really are.

The Vibrational Resonance of Abundance (TAP in like this)

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the true vibrational resonance of abundance. I'm going to be sharing with you the true vibration of abundance. I'm going to show you exactly how you can be in that frequency so that you start to perceive more of that in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the true vibrational resonance of abundance, and the reason I'm going to do this is because there's a lot of mixed notions about what abundance is, and when you simply start to be in the frequency of it and the vibration of abundance, then that's when you start to perceive more of in your life. And the first thing that I want to do is say that this is going to be more of an experience.

Maybe you hear it right now, I'm going to put a data beat underneath what I am saying and what I want to invite you to do is to just relax and allow yourself to absorb in some of the ideas I'm going to be sharing with you some of the things I'm going to put your attention on. Did you become aware of how you might be blocking your abundance in your life?

And the reason I say blocking is because in actuality, in reality itself, there is only abundance, there is only abundance, there really isn't even lack what we perceive of lack, maybe an abundance of lack, but we are creating the experience of it simply by looking at things from a point of view of limitation. I know that seems like, well, doesn't that mean lack is still there, but understand there was never a lack in the universe.

There is only an abundance of anything we focus on. If we happen to focus on lack, we may think we're getting lacked, but we're actually getting the abundance of lack. Lack is still a thing. Think of lack as still some type of thing. Because if you see that, then you see, oh yeah, if I'm attracting lack than what beliefs do I have or what am I focused on that's causing more and more of this lack to come into my life. Here's the true thing about abundance as well. Abundance is all around us. Whether we are aware of it or not.

The key is to just become aware of what already is happening because as you look around right now, you will see that whatever you focus on, you feel, but whatever you focus on, you find more evidence of. If you were to look around right now, the famous Tony Robinson, he always says, seminars.

I look for brown, look for brown, look for brown. Look for brown all the way around and just keep looking for brown and if you close your eyes and he asks you to tell you what you remember that you saw that was green.

It's harder for you to remember because you just have so much focus of that, of everything being brown. In the same way, if you look for brown and you'll say, well, what is, you know how many things you find brown with? You'll find a whole bunch of evidence of it because whatever the brain focuses on, the brain finds more evidence of, so understand that first off with this whole process, there is only abundance.

It's a new way of looking at it. It's where you see that you always get what you focus on, so whatever you're focused on, you’re getting more of. If you're focused on perspectives that don't serve you, then you will experience more of it. Reality, in general, is a reflection of what we believe to be true, so if we think that we're not abundant, we will create the experience over and over and over again of us not being abundant.

In actuality, it could be as simple as switching our notions about abundance, switching our notions and our beliefs about it, and if we do that, that's when everything begins to change. Let me ask you a question. What are your beliefs about abundance?

 What is abundance? Become aware of what your beliefs about abundance are. What does abundance mean to you? Is abundance just out of money? Because for many people it is. They pick up on and say straight up the only thing of money, but a button could be so much more. Abundance could be a state of being a vibration that when you get into you see more opportunities.

What if opportunities were a side effect of abundance? What if even beyond opportunities, just people, certain types of people that you would attract? You can be an abundant type state. Have contagious energy. What if abundance was so much more than just money? What if abundance was a freedom? Feeling a feeling of freedom to be able to go around and do what you want when you want to do it.

You see, when you start to relate to abundance in a new way, the things in your life will also begin to mirror that change that you've made for the way that you look at it because the reality is a reflection of what we believed to be true, so start to expand your definition of abundance instead of thinking that a bunch of just money, but it's could be opportunities. It could be people that you meet. It could be a certain emotion that you feel it could be you do in your passion. These are all abundant type things and the more you be inside that frequent, see, the more you will conceive and proceed of that which you want.

I can think of anything to write with that one but think of it more like that. Think of it more as abundance is a vibration of expansion. Many people are just coping. Many people are just on autopilot. Mind Day in, day out, same thoughts over and over again. However, there is a powerful shift that happens when you move out of those surviving type of motions and you let them go and you start to be in the abundance of the higher states of consciousness. You go to reasoning and above. The reasoning is the intellect. It is knowing that your beliefs create your reality.

When you start to become aware of that, you start to redefine what abundance is for you, but you also start to get into this vibration where you start to become more expansive. This whole energy thing. You know how like when we look at emotions, we see that of love on one side and fear on the other side and people talk about how those. Then there's like motions in between.

If you were to look at all these emotions, you could break it down and said there are love and fear and all these different negative emotions are derivatives of fear and all the higher emotions are derivative of love. You could say that that's the way it is. In the same way, when it comes to abundance, you could say that there are love and fear.

It is a similar type of thing, so it is about being in the vibrational state that you prefer. It's about understanding that because there are these things, we can put labels on them. There is abundance, there is surviving and thriving. That's where I was going with it. There is surviving and abundance. You're either your energy is going more to survival mode and fear or it's going more into that of expansiveness. It's either contracting or expanding.

What I encourage you to do is to be aware of is your energy going outwards or is it going inwards? Do you feel like you're in a great state of being? Are you doing what you're passionate about? These are all things that you can begin to become aware of when it comes to abundance because the more you become aware that you could be doing something that puts you in the vibrational frequency of what you love, the more that will become your reality.

Understand that our vibrational resonance is what is creating our reality. We always experience a reflection of our vibration. Tesla said it. He said that if you want to find the secrets of the university in terms of vibration, Einstein said that you can't solve a problem from the same level of consciousness. The problem was created and he also said that if you want to experience the reality that you want simply vibrate with it and that will be your reality says, this is not. He said this is not philosophy.

This is physics. Align with the frequency of the reality you want, and the way that you do that is by understanding your vibration. Your vibration is a combination of how you feel, how you think, how you act. In the same way, someone else that said something similar is Dr. Joe Dispenza. He said that your personality creates your reality. Your personality is a combination of how you think, feel, and act.

You could say that your personality, the things that you consistently do, think and feel are also your vibration. If you want to experience more abundance in your life than what you must do is let go of the vibrations that don't serve and you must realize that abundance is all that there is. Anyways. It's like saying lightened dark.

Well, there's these two sides of the spectrum and in actuality, there are only lights and then the absence or less dense light that appears to be dark from our visual or visual perception. However, in the same way you could say that there's only love and lack of love and varying degrees of love because you remember there really isn't any lap, so even with love, it's like there's always love, but it's just different degrees as to what it is and there's a way.

There's a way for pitching us off. It's like there a flow that's going to the hose and there's always that flow going, but you can kink up the hose so when you see that, it's like, okay, well I can unkink the hose and then the water will flow easily. It's the same type of thing. There's always a flow. There's always a flow just like there's always abundance, but if we experience lack, there's a kink in that hose, but there's still the abundance coming.

It's just that we're experiencing that kink because of what we focus on, but abundance is all the way around at anything you look for when it comes to abundance. Anything you look for, you will find more and more evidence of. Let's talk about the abundance of these state of being of that. I used to work a sales commission job working at Barneys New York and before that, I worked at Nordstrom's and women's shoes and I would go in every single day and it was really cool because I was learning about the law of attraction for years.

I worked there practicing the law of attraction and I went in every day was a sales commission job. I started at zero. I was able to see a direct correlation between how I thought, how I felt and what I experienced and one of the main things I learned is that the more I was just focused on my goals, that would benefit me, the more I would feel resistance because it was more of a lose-win type scenario.

I was looking at customers like, can they help me make my goal if I sell them something, I'll get closer to the paycheck amount that I want to make. And there was a shift that happened when I realized that this is more about emotion. This is more about an energy state because one day I went in, I said, you know what, I'm going to have this goal in the back of my mind.

Yes, it'd be cool to sell $5,000 worth of shoes, which at Barneys, New York is like five shoes. You know, it's not that much, but it's a good amount of five to whatever is a good amount of commission off of that. The percentage that we got. At golden with that goal. But there were times I'd go in and, you know what, I'm just going to have fun today. I'm going to laugh. I'm going to joke around a coworker.

I'm a joke around with customers. I just want to connect with people today and you want to know what I found out when I did that, I would have the most amazing days because I was going in with the intention of connecting to other people and elevating my state of being. Then I would feel really good. Then I had a contagious energy.

Then more and more people wanted to be around me. It's almost like I was picking up all the people that wanted to buy stuff because they just wanted to be around my energy. And then I realized that selling is not so much about trying to do x, y, z. it's more about an emotional state type thing because when people start to feel really good increases their state, they're more likely to buy because people buy based on emotion, so in the same way abundance is a vibration. It is an emotional vibration. The more I would have fun, the more abundance would come at me.

In the same way, what I encourage you to do is to focus more on the feeling and have fun to loosen up, to let it be about that.

When competing, focus on the feelings and have fun to loosen up.

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Here's something else I noticed when I worked at Barneys New York and Nordstrom's, the more I was competing with my coworkers to pick up customers, the more my energy would go inwards. The more I was only thinking about me, the more of my energy will contract and that would cause a lot of resistance because the flow wasn't there.

It wasn't that expensive because I was always thinking, oh, well, hold it in the right place at the right time. I hope I pick up that customer. And what I realized is there's something from a book. There's a book called the science of getting rich by Wallace. Is that what it's called? Walter bottles? It's a book that I've read that I read when I was working at Nordstrom's, I believe, which is before Barney, so I've read it a long time ago, but in it talks about these two perspectives of the competitive mind versus the creative mind that competitive mine looks around and is competing with everyone else to create. The competitive mind thinks that there's scarcity. There's only a limited amount to go around.

However, the creative mind knows there's always abundance. There is always more be in the state that you want. You don't have to compete. It's more just you compete with yourself. Like Michael Jordan said, his biggest competition was just himself and the same way, just there's always more, there's always more. It's an abundant mindset, so I would go in and someone else would get a sale. I would be happy for them not just like fake, happy, like “Yay, good for you.” And then I'd be like in the corner, like, oh, manner.

It was more so just like I was. I was. I was happy for that because I knew that that state of being as well was something I wanted to be a part of, so the more than I was in an abundant state, the more than I would do well, so in the same way be in the creative mind, not the competitive mind. You don't have to compete. There's an abundance of whatever we focus on.

If you focus on why your coworker is doing better than you, then you'll find more and more evidence of that. I was aware of that too, that better days I would have. It would get to a point to where my coworkers were helping me, not even knowing that them adding there if they had negative emotion because I was doing well and I was friends with all of them, but it's, it's.

There is a competitive type vibe between most people because most people don't think like this, but if they could feel that, then a lot of times they would feel it. They would be like, why is Aaron keep picking up the good calls? Why does Aaron keep getting all good sales? They were thinking that they wouldn't really say it, but if they were thinking that I will be walking around and guess what?

They wouldn't be amplifying the reality of me getting all the good sales, so you see this is an energetic type thing, but when you start to put off more abundance, abundance can then come to you in a new way. That's why if I was in an abundant state, I would attract more and more people that were in abundance state that or just buy and they wouldn't say it'd be easy sales too. They'd be like, oh, I'll just take those $800 pairs of shoes. I'll take them.

Barely tried them on were at somebody else's making it really, really hard and it's like the customer is like, I need to try on different pairs of shoes to buy this $400 shoe, which is the lesser price point, or I used to work, so it's about understanding these different paradigms, these different levels of abundance. Understand that you can begin to tap into more of who you are.

Another part of this is understanding your passion frequency. What do you love to do? I started making daily YouTube videos. I'm very passionate about more abundance coming to my life than ever before because I'm in the vibrational frequency of what I love to do. This is an abundant type state. Remember, abundance doesn't have to be just money, just this or just that. Abundance is about outflow of energy. It's about what are you putting out? It's about understanding energy and just that have is it bringing your energy in a contract and you are expanding you out, and the more that you focus on that, the more that will become your reality.

Understand you could let go of these notions about money. You can be more than abundant mindset and understand how abundance is all there is anyways. It's just varying degrees of abundance and if we pinch ourselves off, we can be more aware of what are we focusing on. Lack is still a thing, but if we're getting the evidence of lack, that's not real. That is just us pinching ourselves out from the true nature of the way reality is, and the truth is you are abundant.

You are abundance. You can be in the abundant states just by choosing to do with what you love, by being more aware of these definitions you have about money by letting go of what doesn't serve, and then by being in an expansive state, increase your state of being, how fun. Loosen up the process. All of these things will put you into abundance.

Say, and if you set the intention right now that you do this, this will begin to change for you. Set the intention that you become more abundant. Set the intention that you beat. Come in a better state of being, that you just allow things to flow, that you are in the creative mindset. You aren't competing. Things just are you. Say Yes to the present moment, and then you start to bring more and more abundance in.

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