#9: The Law of Attraction Morning Exercise for Segment Intending

Welcome back to another episode on the expand your awareness podcast. Today, we're going to do something a little bit different and normally what it is. I’ll be talking about a couple of different ideas and today what I thought I would do is something a little bit different because I thought it would add a lot of value to you and everyone else at this could be like an episode that you always come back to every single morning for a morning routine. You can follow me on Instagram (aaron_doughty44) where I take questions, ideas for the podcast. I also post live Q&As there.

What I thought about this, my idea behind this is that what I could do, because I just got done actually doing a meditation for YouTube. I made a morning routine meditation that's going to be on YouTube soon and it's one that I think is very powerful, very simple and easy to apply and I think that the missing key for a lot of people is have having a morning where they set the intentions for what they want to experience, but also do a couple key things that make the day so much different.

What I thought I would do is do a little meditation exercise. I'll drive into work or driving somewhere. This is going to be like an active exercise where you're able to drive and you're able to just kind of guide your thoughts. I'm going to guide your thoughts to a couple key scenarios of things that can happen today and to help you to set.

The intention is to make them very powerful and understanding that when you set these intentions, it's going to be something that you start to see more patterns of. It's something that you're going to start to experience and what I'm going to do is also do a little bit of an exercise with observing our thoughts so that throughout your day to day as you observe your thoughts for a couple minutes in the morning through the rest of your day to day, what you'll notice is that you don't react to things so much.

You're able to respond, but there's a big difference between responding to things that happen and then reacting to things that happen and when we get up in the morning, we go straight to our phone. We get straight into reaction mode because like, what is this person saying? Did it get this many likes on Facebook? Or what about this on Instagram? Or this person said this. It's all reaction mode.

 But when we learn how to observe our thoughts and to simply see the things that happen as just things that happen. When we start to see that our thoughts are really neutral. Even thoughts that we think of as negative.

When we learn how to shift our perspective, that will influence the rest of our day. 

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They're just thoughts in general. When we learn how to shift our perspective, that will influence the rest of our day.

There's a couple key things we're going to do and today's episode, but my goal for this is that you have, you have something you can come back to every single day to listen to and that by doing this it's going to radically change your life over the next month of doing it and I highly encourage that you make it a part of your morning routine every day, whether you listen to it or you do it in your own mind, but this is a simple pattern that I think is very easy to apply.

It's what I personally do every single morning and it's what I've done for the last since 2012. It's been a while now and I've seen such a great difference in my life since I've been doing it since I've really honed in on. There's a couple aspects that are a little bit newer in it. There's we're going to connect to our heart in a powerful way and just feel the energy. It's very simple.

Something you could still do while driving, but as we do that, it changes the energy because a lot of our day has to do with our focus and it has to do with our emotion. The very simple formula for the Law of Attraction that I've shared before that almost all teachings simplify down to is the emotion plus the intention.

The emotion plus the focus and the emotion is the heart center and what we're going to do is learn how to increase that and then the intention is the focus and we're going to set three main intentions and let me explain a little bit about how this works and then what we'll do is we'll move into the guided exercise for it, but it's pretty simple.

It's three main parts. The first part of it is we learn how to observe our thoughts from a neutral place knowing that our thoughts are not good. They are not bad. They simply are. But the secret to this and what I'm going to guide you through the process of is the thing most people miss is they resist their thoughts.

They think I'm not supposed to be thinking what I'm thinking right now, or how long is the meditation going to last, or how long should I do this or I don't feel so comfortable there. I'm sitting like this. All of these thoughts come up and we resist those thoughts, but you see, this is the secret. It's not necessarily the thoughts. We think it's the way really relate to those thoughts that we think and if we relate to the thoughts that we think and we think they're not supposed to be there.

We will feel the resistance of them, but if instead we allow those thoughts to be there knowing they're just neutral thoughts, that's where we start to gain our power back. That's when we start to get from the reaction mind into the response mind, and this has been a game changer in my own life because when I became aware of my thoughts, it, it led to other things. I also became aware of the beliefs I had about myself.

I had a belief that I couldn't focus, that I had ADHD. I had all these beliefs, I wasn't worthy and I was able to observe these beliefs. I was able to observe them and then let them go, and the secret is to observe and to allow not to control and to disallow and to not let yourself think a certain way. Let them, let the mind do its thing.

Work with the mind, not against the mind you want it to be to where when you work with it, it's like, uh, flows through. It's no resistance. There's nothing for him to latch onto, but when you give something to latch onto, it's going to keep on going.

The first part of this is simply observation. I'm going to guide you through a process to where you're able to observe your thoughts, allowed them to be there, to let them be there. It's okay and know that they're neutral. They have no built in meaning other than the meaning we give them.

And then what we do is we move onto the second section, which is our heart center, and I'm going to guide you through the process in a way to where it's just you realize the more attention you put in your heart center.

The more you bring the awareness from in your head to in your body. And as you do that, you would decrease the amount of resistance in the mind. And as you do that, you become more present to the moment. The Heart Math Institute has shown is that when you put more attention inside of your heart center, when you just put the attention there.

What happens is the electromagnetic energy around your body begins to grow and as you begin to grow this field, you increase your frequency and when you increase your frequency, when you then on the third step, set your intentions.

Those thoughts have much more power. Understand as well, when you wake up in the morning, you are moving from that of the subconscious mind into the conscious mind. You are moving from the Theta state to the Alpha state and the Beta state.

You're moving from the deeper levels of consciousness, from the deeper levels of brainwave activity to where then you influence your mind in a powerful way and the mind, the subconscious mind runs most of our life experience.

What this allows us to do is this allows us to then influence our mind in a way to where it has a powerful impact. Plus it gives us focus so that we see certain patterns throughout the day so that we're able to feel what it would be like and how accomplished we'd feel if we did it. And as we focus on that emotion, as we focus on that outcome, we begin to bring it into our life in a powerful way.

If people simply set your intentions and their life, they would experience more of what they want in their life. But a lot of people just don't have that intention. Without that intention. There's no direction. It's like we think the same thoughts every day. Therefore, we get the same results every day. That's what this allows us to do.

This allows us to create something new and to create from this pair, this powerful paradigm and understanding that as we do all this the last step, that's the third thing, which is the third step, is the intentions is us being able to focus and to focus on three main scenarios that we want to happen today.

I intend to go to work today to feel connected to my coworkers and to my clients. I intend to. I used to work at Nordstrom's. I used to have a sales commission job, so I'd say I intend to sell $4,000 worth of shoes today was such as a certain amount of commission that I would make. That was my intention, but I also would couple that with the intention of connecting to the people I talked to, to feeling good in the process.

My intentions look like I intend to film an amazing video and amazing meditation. That was mine today. I intend to film and to record an amazing meditation. I intend to have a great workout at the gym to feel connected to family members, to reach out. You know, I've set these intentions. He just set three main ones is the easiest thing to stay consistent to.

What I encourage you to do right now before we get into the exercise is to just kind of think of three possible intentions. You have three things that you would like to happen, three outcomes that can be very general, that could be more specific, whatever it is, but the intention out there and start to think of what those could be because then when we move through this process, you'll see that it can be very easy to do.

We're going to do right now is I'm going to guide your thoughts in this process. You can be driving right now, you could be doing whatever you're doing. Just kind of think of what these could be and kind of observe some things that I'm pointing your attention to because this will help you to get to this space.

This will help you to begin to center yourself into your heart and to begin to know that you can accomplish what you want and it's much easier than you thought before, but this little part of your day right now doing this every morning will influence the rest of your day.

I can promise you that, and it weighs you. Don't even understand, but the morning routine, the morning guided type meditation and the Gordon. This exercise, we're doing a. it's not a meditation where you need to be sitting down or laying down. You can if you want to, but you can also be doing it more actively. The first part of this is on. We're going to start it right now and what I'm going to ask you to do is to simply become aware of your thoughts.

See, there's always these two perspectives. There's the thoughts that we're thinking that I'm thinking, and then there's this ability to observe the thoughts that I'm thinking like I can think to myself. I feel like I have a lot of energy right now. I can see I have a lot of energy, but then I could also look at that and say, well, who's The I? That feels like they have a lot of energy and I can see that there's two main perspectives.

I have a lot of energy and I can observe the thought that says, I have a lot of energy. You see this gap right here is a magical place, so I'm going to ask you to start to become aware of the thoughts you're having. Maybe you're wondering how long this meditation exercise lasts. It's okay. Observed that thought. Let that copy there. Maybe you're wondering what the three intentions are you're going to have. It's okay. Allow those thoughts to be there.

Whatever thoughts you're having, allow them to come up. You see these thoughts are not positive nor negative. They simply are. They're just thoughts and more important than the thoughts that we think. The content of our mind is how we relate to that content in her mind, how we relate to those thoughts, and the key is that if you allow them to be there, if you observe them and you allow them to be there, you think it's okay.

The paradox is that they begin to actually go away because you're not creating resistance unconsciously. If we need to control our thoughts so we create resistance, allow them to be there. Uh, pay attention right now. What's the next thought that comes into your mind? Observed that thought. It's okay. Allow it to be there.

Allow any worry to come up. It's okay when you thought to come up about what you want to happen. It's okay. It's okay to have these thoughts. Let them be there. The magic is in the allowing of the thoughts to be there. Even as I speak right now, you may notice that in between the words I say, there is silence. There is this gap. None.

That gap is awareness because as we listened, as we put our attention on what is going to happen next and we bring it into the present moment, we become that present moment.

We become that observation point of view. Observe the thoughts that come into your mind and then let them go. The easiest analogy to think of is as if you're sitting at a park bench in a park, you're watching people walk by, maybe a walk by, someone's walking a dog, you observed them walk by. You don't have to get up and follow them. You just observe them, walk in front of you, and then walk by the content changes. The view changes than someone else walks up.

Maybe you see a squirrel, you see some birds. It's all content. Observe it, let it go. You don't have to follow any of it. It's all neutral. It all just simply is. It works the same way in life. Things are simply happening. Let them happen. Whatever you're doing right now, if you're doing something while you listened to this, I just observe what's happening. Allow it to happen.

Let it be there and let your thoughts be there. What I encourage you to do is to put the attention in your heart center. This is the second step and it's very simple because we don't have to even put our hands over our heart. We can. I encourage you to do it if you can, but if you can't, that's totally fine. Just put the attention on your heart center. The Heart Math Institute has shown is that the more we put attention into our heart center, the more we grow the electromagnetic energy around our body.

But the awareness in your heart, maybe you can feel that light buzzing feeling began to increase more and more. Feel it in your heart center. The thing you can do as well as put the awareness and imagine that the energy is flowing through your body and going through your heels. You could feel it flow as a wave and go through your heels.

As you do that, you become more present to the moment. You become more in your body rather than being locked in the head. What I found is the most powerful though is doing that once or twice and then putting the windows your heart.

As you put the awareness in your heart, you can feel it. Feel that buzz. The more you do, the easier it gets. If you have thoughts that say, oh, I don't feel it right now, observe those thoughts.

Let those thoughts be there. It's okay just by doing this for a minute a day, you increase the electromagnetic energy in your heart so much you can feel it. You become more present to the moment and set the intention right now that throughout your day to day, you can observe your thoughts. You can observe the things that happen and you can always bring the awareness back into your heart.

Bringing the attention into your heart will bring the awareness out of the head, the overthinking, and you're going to be more present to the moment to know that by you putting your attention to your heart right now, you're increasing that energy and now bring your awareness to the third step, which is that of the intentions.

Set an intention right now for something you want to happen. It could be general, it could be specific. Imagine that thing happening. Just imagine what it would feel like in your heart center. Imagine how people would respond to you, your body language.

Just imagine all of that. Imagine how accomplished you feel. At the end of the day, you have to look back and think, wow, yes, I accomplish it. Feels so good and really feel how it feels to accomplish that. Look at the details.

You always imagine it as if you're looking through your own eyes is what that would look like. You may see pictures, you may get sounds, whatever it is, and move over to the second intention. What do you intend to happen? Imagine what it would feel like for that to happen.

Imagine what it feels like in your heart for that to happen. Imagine how other people respond to you, how accomplished you're going to feel, and imagine at the end of the day today you feel so accomplished and knowing that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Imagine that third and final intention. What do you intend to experience? What do you intend to happen today? Imagine that specific scenario. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Imagine the end of the day to day you feel so accomplished knowing that the intention is you said today, I've come to fruition.

I feel the gratitude right now for all of this happening, gratitude. You'd advise you with your spirit, with who you are. Feel the gratitude for all of this happening now knowing that you are powerful. The final step is a little added step. Simply know that this is true for you.

Simply know you will experience these intentions at the certainty of knowing that whatever you focus on, you feel whatever you focus on you experience, simply know that you can observe your thoughts from a neutral place.

You will get a signed before the end of the day to day that this has benefited you in an immense way. Set that intention and think to yourself. That's the exercise. It's very simple.

Three main parts. Observe fuel the energy of your heart and after you feel the energy of your heart, set three intentions every day. I recommend three intentions every day and imagine them happening.

Fuel the energy inside of your heart if you'd like. I also have a guided meditation that will be coming on YouTube. Maybe what I'll do is I'll try to release these videos at the same time so that if you want, I'm going to put these in the show notes. Uh, you can just click and watch the actual in depth video, which in it there's about a 10 to 12 minute.

I can't, I can't remember exactly how long it is, but you can listen to that anytime you want. And I recommend you make this part of your morning routine. I really believed that consistency is where the power is.

I noticed that my own life, I got certain results from one or two days of doing it and I got much better results from doing it for much longer than that and it compounds over time. Simply know that you're developing momentum with these intentions, you're developing momentum with being able to observe your thoughts and this becomes your new reality.

Like I said, you will see that meditation, the show notes, or you can go to YouTube, go to Aaron Doughty, type in “morning meditation” and see what comes out. There'll be some videos and because I have some other videos on morning routine, but just seats the most recent video. And other than that, I want to thank you all for being here. I appreciate you sharing your energy with me.

The TRUTH About Thoughts and the Law of Attraction NO ONE TELLS YOU

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the truth on our thoughts. These are going to be things that no one has told you, but if you begin to apply what I'm about to share, I think it can totally transform your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on your thoughts, understanding the deeper level, what is happening at an electromagnetic level, and understanding how this influences our reality in general.

This is something I recently have been studying more because I am into a book that is called Reality Transurfing, and it's a book that was written by a quantum physicist in Russia. His name is Vadim Zeland, and part of the book is understanding a well.

It has to do with understanding that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist that we don't have to create our own reality because it already exists at a certain frequency and it's about understanding.

There's a part in there, a big part of it. Actually, that's about something called pendulums. Pendulums, our thought structures, they are thoughts that we think are our own, but many times they are the thoughts of the collective conditioning of social conditioning and think of it like this.

Anytime we may be for or against a certain sports team, anytime we may be for or against someone running for president, what happens is we link up with other people who also are thinking the same way and these thoughts correlate together and create a momentum of whatever that thought is.

Maybe someone cuts you off in traffic. You're like, oh, I'm mad at that person. Cut me off in traffic. But a lot of that emotion may be also you literally driving into other thought forms of people.

The thousands of people that may have been on that same freeway before, that may have also been cut off. That felt that negative emotion. And you may be also feeling that. It maybe you resonating subconsciously in linking up with those thoughts and then that being something that kind of in a way becomes a part of your own energy.

The thing with pendulums, this the metaphor, it's called a pendulum. It swings back and forth whether you agree with it or disagree with it. If you agree with it, you feed it. If you disagree with it, you also feed it because you're adding energy to it. The key is understanding our thoughts in general and the power of our thoughts. And what I'm about to share with you is something that may totally change your life.

This is what it is. This is what it's all about. In general, let's look at it like this. This is us as a classic stick figure. And what happens is we have these thought forms, these thought forms can be little top forums, big thought forms thought forms like this. We have these thought forms, and as we think of these thoughts, these forms grow.

Sometimes what'll happen is we'll think about something so consistently that that becomes something that just continues to grow around our energy field because we have a toroidal field that goes around our heart and when that goes around our head, we have an electromagnetic energy field that goes all around our body.

When we consistently think of certain things, we think, oh, those thoughts, I'm thinking them. They're just invisible. Well, they are invisible. Invisible just means we simply don't see it with our eyes.

Doesn't mean it doesn't exist because there is a grid or a pattern around reality around our bodies, around the earth, and when we are consistently thinking thoughts, these go out into that grid and many of them will stay around our body, especially the ones that we continually think about.

This is why sometimes a lot of times, sometimes a lot of times when it comes to success, it requires focus because it's literally we are growing those thought forms and when we just do it a little bit and then we focus on something else, what happens is those thought forms begin to eventually die out or dissolve because we're not giving them enough focus.

What happens is say we have other people also, these other people are stick figures and what we do is they also have their electromagnetic energy around their body. They have thoughts. They're thinking, when we're thinking these thoughts and we go and talk to other people, if someone else's energy affects us, what that means is we vibrationally resonate with whatever they are projecting because the only way somebody can negatively affect us as if we are of the same vibration of that person and if we have thought forums within ourselves that also have that same vibration.

The thing is these thoughts are literally things they are literally. They're just not visible with the eyes, but it doesn't mean that they're not real. The thing is these thought forms will continue to manifest and to attract certain things to us depending on what vibration they are, how continuously we think of them and when we go out into the world, we may see thousands of other people. We may interact with other people and we are bumping around.

It gets other people's thought forms and we are resonating with other things with other things as well. This is why once you put out is actually what you get back, what you put out. Once you think of you have a certain vibration that's within your body that you are feeling and when you go out into the world that is being projected out and other people are linking up to it subconsciously or consciously and that is affecting your experience or it's causing certain conversations to come up.

Certain opportunities to come into your life. This is about really being aware of our thoughts in general and understanding. There's a lot more going on than just our thoughts that we're thinking. And then that is it in the same way, there are billions of other people on the planet who are also thinking thoughts and there are certain concepts.

These are what I call pendulums that I was talking about earlier. Certain concepts have a lot of momentum it. For example, if you have a thought that says, am I, I'm never going to be successful, I didn't go to college and get a degree. In order to be successful, that's what you have to do. If you buy into that pendulum, you buy into that thought for believing that the only way you're going to be successful is if you get a four-year degree at a college and go work a job or whatever.

If that's what you believe, but it's not really at the core what you want to be doing in life. Or that's just not something that resonates with you, but you believe it. You're tapping into that pendulum to all the other people. You may watch the news and you may hear people say, “Oh, you have to get a job.

Oh, you prepare it.” And family members like, “Oh, well if you don't get a job, Johnny, then you aren’t going to do stuff with your life or whatever it is”.

Then you may start to believe it, but the only way that that really affects you, if you agree to that reality, if you agree to all these things that all them, all these people are saying, Yay, job, college, or whatever it is, right? What happens is these will affect you as well, and it's almost like then it gives these more gravity and that may weigh down your energy field. Here's the thing, here's the secret to all self-help. This is the secret just about everything.

What happens is the truth is we naturally have a very high vibration. We exist at a higher level of consciousness that we can even imagine, but when we identify with our ego, when we identify with our body, that is something that begins to weigh us down.

What happens is if we simply observe these thoughts, if we simply observe them saying, “You have to get a job and going to college.” And that doesn't resonate with you. You got to observe it from a neutral place because when you observe it, it no longer has power over you, but it has power over you if you agree to that reality.

This is about observing all of these thoughts because the truth is your natural vibration is very high, and what you do is as you do that, you let lighter into your body. That's why most enlightened people and even the word enlightenment is bringing in the light. But guess what? The light is already there. You don't have to bring it in. You just got to let go of all the other stuff that gets kind of boggled in and attached to the energy field.

This is about being aware of that and just letting stuff float through. Be aware of the emotions as they come up. Be aware of the thought forms that you're having. Be Aware of the identifications you have for the way that you see yourself. Be aware of all of that because the first step is always awareness because you weren't, you may not have been aware of before that your thoughts are literally things, but now that you are, what you can begin to do is see this from a new perspective to say how and what am I putting out?

What we put out is what we get back.

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There's this law of the universe. Whatever we sow, we reap reaping and sowing, so the key is understanding that what we put out is what we get back.

If you put out, if you go into your job, got a coworker there she doesn't really like, and what happens if you're putting out negative thought forms to them and you're.

You're negatively thinking about them. What will happen is if they also attached to that or agree to it or somehow subconsciously feel it, that will also be something that grows that negative energy within them subconsciously may not even know if you're at, but you may be adding a projecting negative energy to them, not even knowing it because you just disliked them.

That is adding to them as well because our thoughts are literally things were literally sending that out and then what happens is in a way, since we're putting out that energy, that energy will come back to us. Think of it like this as well. There's like an energy bubble that goes around our body and if we put it out because we're thinking negatively of someone, we may dig wool, it's not about me, but it's in your energy field, so what happens is that negative energy, maybe something you go out into the world and he keeps seeing patterns because whatever we project out is also something we feel about ourselves.

Maybe if you have something negative about something else, someone else who also think somehow negatively about yourself, maybe what they represent to you. It's that aspect that you just don't like about integration, about being aware of all this because the truth is all of this stuff is about being aware and that when we become aware of, but we take our power back.

Even someone like Tony Robbins, for example, he's highly respected who is, uh, you know, one of the most well-known personal development speakers who study the science of things. He's even said in interviews before. Think about it, you know, he says, think about it. All of the thoughts that you see are all the thoughts people have. There've been thousands of people over thousands of years who vet it, had the same thoughts.

He's hinted at similar things like this. I've heard many other philosophers, many of the people will hint at this understanding, but what I want to do is I want to help people understand that this is something that is interwoven within the reality that we live in. These thoughts are literally electromagnetic energy and the patterns that we hold within our energy field are things that we are pretty creating resonance with. We may meet other people that also have a similar resonance like attracts like.

But the key is being aware of that because in that awareness is where everything begins to change because then we start to take our power back. The truth about this, in general, is that anything we put out that is negative, we'll come back to us on the other side of that. Anything we put out this positive, we'll come back to us as well.

This is why one of the easiest ways for us to transform our lives with our thoughts is to focus on giving love. Love is always the answer because when we put out love, there is no polarity there. Love is naturally who we are. Love is our natural state of being. Our bodies are filled with light quotient and when we are putting out love, we are acting in accordance to who we really are. Anytime we feel a little bit of a disturbance, we say that shouldn't be there.

Why is this? They're all of these little things. We create disturbances within our energy field that then manifests in life with us, linking up with certain people that may have the same shit going on, but it's about being aware of that because then that awareness is where everything begins to change because then you can allow it.

You can integrate it, you can let it go, being aware of that because whatever we are allowing through that is the key is to allow more light through. That is who we naturally are, the negativity. All of these other things are like ripples on the surface. They don't have to affect us unless we agree to it, but the key to all of this is being aware of it because unless we're aware of it, it will have power over us more so than the kind of person we want to become.

More so than any of this is us being in the natural high vibration? The moment we have to try to become something we're not is the moment we lower our vibration. We can be. We can just be authentic to who we are. We can just integrate allow by doing this, we raise our vibration.

The truth is any thought form is not as a high vibration as us just being of us, just being the natural high vibration that we are understanding that the light quotient of the kind of light that we are carrying isn't bound by words. That's why sometimes people might be saying affirmations, I am this, I am that I am this, but words themselves aren't of a very high vibration. It may be higher vibration than other thought forms. There may be some words that are higher than other higher vibration than other thought forms or other words, but the key is knowing that being present to the moment, observing these thoughts is where all the power is.

Because in the observation of those thoughts and in the simply being, the energy begins to increase. We naturally have a very high vibration. We grow up being identified with everything that we think of with thinking that these thoughts are who I am, that I have to become something, I am not, and by doing that we immediately began to lower our own light quotient.

We begin to lower into thinking we have to be different than we are. This is about integration. This is about observation. This is about awareness because in that awareness we can then decide what we resonate with and as you put out good energy and as you really just put out love because that's who you naturally are, other people will feel that in what you put out is what you get back because once you continue to put out love, which is who you naturally are, there is no room for any of the darker disturbance stuff that can then resonate with other people.

It gets to a point to where that begins to go away. Here's the thing, there may be a little bit of momentum with what you've got currently going on. Switching over to this mentality of being, of observing, of understanding may feel a little bit difficult at first, but the key is to keep going because the more you integrate, the more you let it go.

The more you allow to flow through, the more it becomes natural. You may just have some momentum that's going on. We all do. It's okay. Observe it, let it go. Be aware that your thoughts are literally things that the more you focus, the more you grow these thought forms, the more it becomes your reality, but in the same way be focused on love, but be focused on giving, be focused on what you put out is what you get back because as you do that, that will dramatically change your life. With that being said, if you want to learn how to raise your vibration and how to create from this new paradigm from really let more of this light.

3 Ways to go BEYOND the Law of Attraction and Why “thinking” isn’t Enough

So, come on and watch the video below:

Today, I'm going to share with you three reasons that the Law of Attraction isn't enough and understand how you can really get through that barrier so that you experienced what you want easier than ever. I'm going to show you ways of getting deeper into understanding the way reality works so that you can optimize your own life in the process.

In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you the three things you can do and three reasons the Law of Attraction isn't enough. These are going to be the things that people normally experienced blocks with, but I'm going to show you ways of getting deeper because the thing is it goes just beyond that of the Law of Attraction. Of course, the Law of Attraction is nonetheless something that we see in our universe.

It's one of what is called d quote rule sets of the universe. However, the thing is when we get deeper than that, we see that it's actually much simpler. You would think it'd be more complicated because like, well, isn't it just you think about it and that's what comes into your life. Isn't that about as simple as it gets? Well, the thing is there are a couple different characteristics that come into play and there are a couple different areas.

We move in the direction of unconsciously without even knowing it. You may have someone for example that is thinking about a certain type of car and maybe they go out and they see this certain type of car, but it's not like necessarily they've internalized it and they've allowed themselves to believe they deserve it. You see there's a little bit of a difference between what we think about to what we believe we deserve.

Someone may think about a Ferrari or a nice car, but if they're not aligning and resonating with that reality, then they're just thinking about it. Of course, when you think about it, you may bring more characteristics in that life, more opportunities that if you act upon and if you do certain things, you begin to resonate more with it.

But many times, people will think of things and unless they internalize it in some ways I share with you, then it remains just exactly that a thought in the mind. I do believe that in a way thoughts are things, so when we think thoughts, we think that they are invisible, that they just don't exist. I think on a plane, on a certain way of looking at it, they do actually exist. It's just that they haven't formalized yet. They haven't crystallized into reality because there hasn't been a momentum.

There's maybe a couple of different reasons for this, but in the same way that there are certain frequencies we can't see with our eyes like we can only see between infrared and ultraviolet. We can only hear a certain decibel range. I believe there are other vibrations out there and it would be in a way kind of limiting to think that we can see, hear and experience everything there is to experience when we know that we can only feel and see.

We can't see x rays for example. We can't hear the sound of a dog whistle. He had a dog can yet that doesn't mean the sound doesn't exist. You see? What this does is this allows us to know that there's more to experience than we have already through our senses.

1. Be aware of our beliefs

The key to this and the first reason that the Law of Attraction isn't enough is that it more so is about how our beliefs create our reality.

What we believe to be true is always reflected back to us. We could say that when we go out into the world, what we experience is a reflection of that. It's like a mirror. If we smile at the life and life in general, then we will get a reflection of that fact. We will see reasons to smile.

We get a reflection of what we put out. It's about understanding the beliefs that we have because some people may actually go out and say, I believe the Law of Attraction doesn't work. What they do is that belief in of itself will tone out proof and evidence where the Law of Attraction does work.

It's called confirmation bias and they will only see evidence that the Law of Attraction doesn't work. That's because, beyond just the Law of Attraction, our beliefs create our reality and our beliefs will always formulate and crystallized into such a way that that is what we experience.

The key to this whole process is understanding that our beliefs are what influence our life. Let me ask you a question. If there was, for example, a certain type of car you wanted, let's say that you wanted to have a Tesla. That's what I want. I want a Tesla. If you wanted a Tesla, which you could do is you say, I want a Tesla, you can even think of a Tesla and you may go the gym I go to, there's a whole bunch of Tesla there.

I'm always driving by them and I'm like, “Nice.” And when I see them, I can look at that and say, okay, I'm attracting more, have seen it, but do I believe that I am worthy to have a Tesla? Do you believe you are worthy to have whatever kind of car you like? Whatever kind of relationship you want to be in, do you view yourself as worthy?

Because if you just think about it but you don't think and internalize and believe that you're worthy of it, then you won't actually experience it. The key to this is becoming aware of what you believe. What you believe to be true is something that is normally formulated at an early stage in life. A lot of it unconsciously as well.

We may have these beliefs about money that's a money is bad. Money is something that if you have you're a bad person, there could be. Money is hard to get. There are these negative associations with money, which means money is not going to come into our lives very easily because we have all these rules about it. We have all these mindsets about it. The key to this is to actually become aware of the beliefs about money and then to let them go.

The key is to become aware of our beliefs about relationships. Do you believe you're worthy to be in a certain type of relationship? Sometimes this is pattern in at a young age, maybe when we see the way one of our parents treat someone else and we say, oh, that's the way relationships work, so then we assume that that's how we deserve to be treated, but we can become aware and we could say, what do I believe about relationships?

You see? It's not always just the subject itself that we focus on, but it's how we relate to the subject that we focus on. If we relate to relationships and we think all relationships to me mean no freedom, then we start to give it a negative connotation, which means we want to attract that into our life. If we give it a negative connotation that, oh, this person's probably going to take advantage of me, kind of the presupposition of us going into an experience, then we start to create the momentum for that.

Be aware of the beliefs that you have. Here's a way you find beliefs. Here's the easiest process for changing your beliefs. Simply ask yourself the question, what would I believe to be true to be having X, Y, or Z? What would I believe to be? What would I have to believe is true, to be feeling lonely right now? What would I have to believe is true in order for me to think that money is hard to get? What would I have to believe is true for me to know that I don't interact with other people very well?

As you become aware of all these beliefs, you could then see, well there's this one reference experience that I go back to in my mind when I was younger or maybe 10 years ago or five years ago and this one reference experience started to build that belief, but then what you do is you look at that belief and you look at that reference experience, which is a memory, and you say, that was just one experience.

 That doesn't have to be who I am. That doesn't have to be something that drains itself out the rest of my life at the moment you become aware of it is the moment you can decide to let it go.

Beliefs only have power when we are unaware of them.

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Beliefs only have power when we are unaware of them, when we become aware of them, we see how logical they are because you may see just a couple experiences, but what you can do is you can take that belief and you could find evidence of the opposite of it.

For example, you say, I believe I'm not confident. There are times in your past when you were confident, they were times in your past when you weren't confident. It's if you don't feel confident, it's because you're focusing on the times that you weren't yet momentum or you have some very powerful memories in the past and develop that belief so then what you could do becomes aware of it.

You're aware of it, so you've already started to gain back the power. Then find evidence of the opposite and be like, yeah, well, there's plenty of times I actually was confident and as we become aware of those, you start to develop a momentum in a different direction and just specifically decided to let go of the old belief.

It's a decision to let go, and as you let that go, it starts to change everything in your life. I truly believe that when we get to the core of what we believe to be true, it's a lot of beliefs, but I believe when we get to the core of what we believe to be true, that's when everything in our life will change because that is what we experience. In reality. It's a belief of what we believe. It's a reflection of what we believe.

2. Understanding pleasure and pain

The second reason, the Law of Attraction is not enough, or the reason you may be experiencing blocks is understanding pleasure and pain. See, we may think that we want something. Say we think we want a relationship, but we may associate pain with the relationships of consciously. We may have these mixed neuro associations and Neuro Association is a thing in our mind, a way of thinking about something that causes a certain feeling within us.

For example, you may see and want to be in a relationship, but at the same time associate pain with not having freedom, pain and pleasure is very similar to beliefs in certain ways, but also different in certain ways. That the way that you can use pain and pleasure is by understanding you already use it. You don't have to try to use this, but it's about being aware of how you are using this because here's the thing, here's the truth about every single person on this planet.

No matter what, every single person on this planet is driven by pain and pleasure, we will always, no matter what, move in the direction of what we believe or what we perceive will bring us pleasure and we will always move away from that which we believe are perceived to bring us. Pain works the same for everyone. That is what it's called, the motivational mechanism. The difference is what people associate pleasure and pain with.

For example, someone may say, I want to be in shape. My goal is to be in shape. I want to lose 30 pounds. I want to be at this perfect body weight image, but that's what they're thinking for the Law of Attraction, but they associate pain with going on a diet. They associate pain with going to the gym. They associate pain with being strict on what they eat and because they associate pain with it, they had these mixed neuro associations.

On the one hand, they desire and they want to be at the perfect body weight on another hand. They're not driven by the motivation of doing that because they're motivated away from that. They associate pleasure maybe with eating unhealthy foods they associate pleasure with maybe watching television versus going to the gym and maybe not even knowing this, but here is how you get what you want in your life and this will totally change your life.

If you start to apply it, find out what you want to experience in your life. Whatever that is, become very clear as to what you want to experience in your life, your vision. That's something you can move towards and then associate massive pleasure with doing things that get you in that direction. Associate massive pain with things that hold you, so this may require you to become aware as to what that could be for you.

For example, for me, what I did is I associate massive pleasure with taking action and making YouTube videos. I associate pleasure with editing, doing website stuff, with creating the kind of business that I have with creating the lifestyle I have with growing my brand, with posting on social media. I associate massive pleasure with that because I know that that helps get my message out to more people, but it wasn't always like that.

I used to associate pain with making videos about two years ago before I went daily on YouTube. I did a video once a week and I would enjoy it, but I. It was. It felt like a lot of work. I switched around these pain and pleasure way of looking at it and I say, you know what? I'm going to start to associate massive pleasure with making videos even though it's going to take away some of my time.

At the time, I was working 40 hours a week at Barneys New York, plus I was making daily videos on YouTube, but I switched it around and I started to associate pleasure with doing my passion. I use this also with the gym. For example, I used to be about 10, 15 pounds heavier. Nothing wrong with it, but I wanted to be a lot leaner because I knew I'd have more energy and now I do.

And what I did is I associated pleasure with going on a diet I associated pleasure with eating nutrient-rich foods. I associated pleasure with pushing myself at the gym because of the Serotonin, the dopamine rush that you get when you pushed yourself. I had associate pain with remaining stagnant. I associated pain with eating junk food with eating like you see like two or three, I'll say bowls a day sometimes and he's all stables.

Had a lot of granola which is sugar. And I knew that that wasn't good for me, but I associated pleasure with it. What I did is I switched it around and I associated more pleasure with eating more nutrient-rich stuff. And that changed everything, and within a couple of three months I lost a whole bunch of excess fat and I have more energy than ever before. If you find that you're not getting results with the Law of Attraction, be aware of what you are guided towards with your pain and pleasure mechanism.

And if you want to achieve your goals easier than ever, simply associate more pleasure with attaining them. More pleasure with actions of getting closer to them and associate massive pain with the opposite. If you do this, this will change your whole entire life. And this is what has allowed me to live the kind of lifestyle I do now is because I associate pleasure with things that help what I do grow.

And I'll say this from experience to succeed, does not come from like one or two different things that have events that just change everything. If you develop a successful day, that trickles out and that gains momentum. Every day there are certain things I do that leverage what I do. I make YouTube videos, I edit, I do website stuff, I do marketing stuff.

I do all of these things every single day because I'm spreading my message and that's what leverage is to over time compounding everything, so be aware of what that is for you. Master your day, associate pleasure every day with doing what you love that will eventually become your full time. That's what I did and that's what absolutely transformed my life.

3. Your personality creates your personal reality

The third reason that the Law of Attraction isn't enough is simply that people are thinking about it and they aren't being it. There's a difference between just thinking and being and the difference is profound because when you start to embody the resonance of the reality you want, everything in your life will begin to change and resonating with the reality you want is more so about understanding the three aspects that make up your personality.

Your personality creates your personal reality. This is a quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza and I find it to be true. Your personality is a combination of what you think, which is part of it, what you feel and what you do. Some people are just thinking about it, but they're not doing the other two. Sometimes the thinking about it will lead to the other two because then you'll feel inspired to take action. You'll feel the emotion start to build up as well, but the key to this is understanding the other two aspects.

This may mean that you must start to take a little bit of action because when you start to move the yet you want to think of moving the energy, the thoughts will move the energy, but the action and the emotion move the energy to a whole new level because the thoughts are something like we were talking about before, kind of like in the theoric plane.

We can't actually see it with our eyes, but when we take action, we start to crystallize it into reality. We start to really put in a whole new level of it. What you can do for this quick little exercise for you is to imagine the best version of you, the best self-image you have. You're doing exactly what you love. Imagine that version of you, exactly what you'd be doing, feeling and acting and how you'd be acting. Imagine that version of you and simply decide that every day you're going to do things as that version of you, you're going to feel what that version of you fields are going to think how that version of you thinks, because then as you embody those characteristics in your reality, now eventually that will become reality for you, so it's about being aware of how you see yourself.

It's about being aware of those different aspects and then how that begins to change your life. I imagine the best version of me, I shared this many times. I imagine the best version of me traveling the world, speaking in front of large groups of people doing seminars, being in front, helping people understand different things, noticing how grateful people are going and meeting people that watch my YouTube channel and how that's so cool.

It's so different than just it through comments online and I imagine all of these things and I imagine the version of me and my body language, how I act kind of tonality. I have how I treat people, how compassionate I am, and I simply embodied those characteristics. May even played out in my head a couple times, but that allows me to resonate now with that reality rather than in the future.

Well, you can do is begin to be that what you experience instead of just think that so this is another way that you can profoundly change your life and move beyond just the thinking aspect. To go beyond the Law of Attraction, we must first off become aware of the beliefs that we have.

Get to the root of what we believe to be true, become aware of that belief, and then to simply decide to let it go, and then to secondly start to associate massive pleasure with attaining what we want in life, with moving and progressing in the direction you want, with taking action in whatever way that is doing what we're passionate about.

As we associate massive pleasure with that and the massive pain with the opposite, we start to direct the force of our lives in a powerful way and then remember, it's not just the thinking, it's the feeling and it's the beam.

It's about being the best version of yourself. Choosing that's who you are now and as you do that, you'll find that everything in your life changes. If you want to learn how to change your self-image, what I have is a guided meditation that will help you to reprogram your subconscious mind. It's one that I think they'd be listed for 21 days. It will absolutely transform your life. I get a lot of people that say that it's one of my best meditations.

TUNE into the Vibration of Abundance LIKE THIS…

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to tune to the channel of abundance. You're going to understand some practical ways you can go about living the most abundant lifestyle you possibly can, knowing that it's something you can easily do.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you is exactly how to attune to the channel of abundance, understanding that the channel exists right now, and it's something you can easily tap into by following a couple of fundamental core principles.

Maybe in my life you've noticed that my life has changed a lot over the last two years that I've been on YouTube and the beginning I was actually, believe it or not, I don't think I've ever shared this before, but I knew I wanted to be on YouTube full time and I knew that that was something that I believed was possible.

What I did is I originally, at the time I was living with a girlfriend, we knew that we were going to kind of break up and go our separate ways. I decided instead of getting another place that I was going to move in with my dad. What I did is I moved in with my dad. He worked 24 hours shifts because he's a firefighter, he's a fire investigator who still does, but what I did is I moved in with him knowing that what I wanted to do was spend all my energy and figuring out how to go full time on YouTube.

In a way, I kind of had to take that sacrifice and I had to, even though, you know, I was living with my dad, which kind of hurt my ego in a way because uh, it was something that I figured I was long past, you know, I, I lived with either roommates or I had my own place or I live with like a girlfriend or something if we'd been dating for a while.

However, what I realized is that I wanted to go full time. What I did is I moved back in with my dad, and it was something that I lived there for a year and a half, two years. I don't even remember. But it, it went by quick, um, but at the same time, that was something I did because I knew that if I went in that direction and if I sacrifice a little bit up front, it would allow me the time and the energy to focus on what I was passionate about.

This is the thing when it comes to abundance, this is what I've noticed in my own life, is that when you do what you're passionate about, the money comes anyway because the energy underneath what you do is very potent. It's very vital. And that's what I did, is I simply decided that even though I was working full time at Barneys New York selling woman's shoes, and I definitely made it enough to where I could have my own place.

But I knew that I didn't want to worry about any of that. I wanted to have the ability, the freedom to move into my full-time passion if I so choose. What I did is I focused on not only that, of working at Barneys New York for 40 hours a week, but I on making YouTube videos. I figured what I would do is I was going to take it more seriously and put in everything I had into my passion and the more I was passionate about it, you know, I was inside of the room is a small room that I had at my dad's house and I was making videos in there.

I was doing daily videos a lot, many times worried that he was going to hear me inside the house, like here me downstairs or something like that. And it was something to where I kind of felt like, um, you know, I definitely wanted my own place to make the videos.

Maybe you've seen my lifestyle change because I was there. Then I moved into a bigger house and I enjoyed that for six months and now I'm in my own place because that last house I had, I lived with a couple of roommates and it was a really nice house. But now I have my actual own place and you've probably seen the dramatic difference in my life.

I went from somebody that was living at my dad's house, somebody that was working a nine to five job, working at Barneys New York selling woman's shoes, and I then claimed my passion and made a choice that that is something that is going to live, that that's something I was going to do. And over the course of the last year, you know, this video is kind of special to me too because this is August 2018. I left my job in August 2017.

It's been a year since I made the jump into doing my full-time passion. I get to get up every day doing what I love. Nobody tells me what to do. I'm able to, you know, it's like seven in the morning right now I'm filming my videos and then after this, I'm going to edit. I'm going to do whatever I want. I'm going to have all my stuff done by about 1:00 and then I'm going to be able to enjoy myself or do whatever else I want.

It's a completely different lifestyle change. But I say what I'm going to be sharing with you from experience, not from some cool idea that I found. This is actually I live what I am talking about and that's why I live in this house right now. Honestly, I live in a nice house that is the perfect house for me at this point in my life.

I'll live for probably a year or two before I move into a new house. But nonetheless, this principles that I'm sharing with you has to do with passion. And it has to do with understanding the vibration of abundance.

The more that you follow your passion, the more the vibration of who you really will come out.

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Because the more that you follow your passion, the more that you buy into your passion is the more that, that is the natural vibration of who you really are. What the vibration of passion is telling us is that this is who you are.

When I make a video, I do my little cheesy, expand your awareness thing. It anchors me to a feeling of a flow state. It's what I'm passionate about. This is what I love doing. I don't have to think very much. It doesn't actually even take that much energy for me to make videos. I gave a talk recently in La and I say recently, it's been months now, but it was the beginning of the year and when I did that, it was so effortless.

It was like required no energy at all and that vibration is telling me this is who you are and that this is what's going to be abundant in your life. Anytime you feel something that you're passionate about, pay attention because that's feeling that vibration is your body's translation telling you, hey, go in this direction.

Money is a side effect of that, of you doing your passion or have you adding value to other people. That's something that I've realized because it's almost like the more successful I become, the less focus on money I have to be in, the more I can just actually focus on the vibrational state of being that I'm in and me doing what I love. You know, now that I'm in this house, to be honest, you, you create content is so easy because I feel so good in this house. I feel good.

Get up, I can make different types of videos. I have a podcast room for sound so it doesn't echo so much. I have all of these different things that make every makes my life feels so abundant and expansive that it changes everything, but it's a cascade effect because when you start making choices based on your passion, it trickles into the next thing and the next thing and the next thing.

Here is the powerful part of understanding abundance, tuning into the channel of abundance in the same way that I may have a TV right there and I may get the remote and I may change the remote from channel to channel to channel. What would happen is changing the channel, the channel, the channel. There may be an abundance channel and for me to tune to the abundance channel, I have to be on the actual channel that that is.

I know that sounds very simple and very obvious, but here's the cool thing. All the different channels exist right now at this moment. There's a channel of abundance. Those, a channel of mediocrity. There's a channel of the scarcity. There's a channel of every variation you could possibly imagine. They all exist right now.

The ones we get will depend on the ones we tune into, the one that we tune into. They all exist now so we can argue and say, well, this is this and this, this, this, and this is this. Yes, maybe that is true, but those are all options of the infinite number of channels that exist that we tune into. For us to experience more abundance in our life, what we must do is we must tune our vibration to the channel that we prefer. The way we tune our vibration to the channel we prefer is through our state of being.

We could say our emotion and our focus. These are the two main parts of where our vibration is. Whatever we focus on, we feel whatever we feel then starts to develop momentum and the more we focus on the vibration and we could say the passion, the passion is the feeling you want to follow because the more you do your passion and what you're excited about, the more that leads to a momentum of you doing what you love.

When I made this change in my life, everything began to change. The thing is you have to trust the process and you have to set the intention as well. Set the intention that you find out what your passion is. Set the intention that once you find your passion, you find out how you can add value to other people with it or how you can do it in a way that generates some type of income.

Find out different strategies for doing it and decide to do that thing because the more you follow that feeling, the more it ripples into the air. Every single area of your life. In the life that we live in, in everything that we see around us, it is all about vibrational resonance. We always get a reflection of our vibration.

I know this sounds, some people hear the word vibration and they think that that's kind of like an esoteric that what does that even mean, but will quantum physics shows us is that everything in life is vibration. Everything, in general, is vibrating at a different frequency and what you can begin to do is to see what the vibration of abundance is. I realize that I had to drop some beliefs that I had in order for me to become more abundant because I had some negative beliefs about abundance.

I believed that for a period of my life. I remember in 2012 I went through a spiritual awakening and I believe that money was bad because money is control. Money is by the government and not even the government, but the back government, whatever you want to call it, and it's a form of control. That was one perspective. However, that was a perspective that blocked a lot of abundance coming into my life because money is actually a neutral energy.

Money is a neutral energy that if we give a negative meaning or a negative connotation, we're not in the vibration of it. For us to vibrate with abundance, we must see how we relate to whatever we're thinking about. If you're thinking about a relationship, for example, and when you look at a relationship, you associate that relationship with something negative like heartbreak. If you're low, you can just get out of a heartbreak and you look at a new relationship.

You may think that that's painful or you may subconsciously think it's painful because the last experience was so negative that then you sabotage yourself subconsciously when you're in a new relationship or you're starting a new relationship or you're dating, be aware of how you relate to whatever the focus is and that will make a big difference. That's another way that we tune into the vibration of what we want to experience.

We tuned to it based on how we relate to it, so what I did is I realized, Hey, the way that I'm relating with money is I thought it was a negative thing. Okay, well if I think if it's a negative thing, I'm not going to attract more of it into my life, so what I did is I saw money for what it is. It's a neutral energy, but then what I did is I imagine that the money that I get, I can put into what I do and add more value to more people.

Not only did I give it a neutral energy, but I actually gave it a positive type connotation because the money to me equals freedom. Money to me equals the freedom to do what I want when I want to do it. It's not something that I'm dependent on.

It's also something that we can begin to loosen up our definition of because when we say abundance, we automatically think of money. What if abundance could also be that of opportunity? What if we block ourselves with abundance? Sometimes? What if we could experience so much more abundance?

We could be in an abundant state doing our passion and somebody could come up to us and be like, hey, here's an awesome opportunity I think you would like, but we might be so focused on money that they're like, we're like focused on money and they're over here.

They're like, “Yo, look Aaron, I got this opportunity and I'm like, no, got to make money, but what if that opportunity would lead the money?” Or what if that opportunity was even something that money couldn't put a price on it? You see, it could be an opportunity that would have caused growth, that would grow every area of life. It could be an opportunity that's something for a spiritual benefit, for an energetic benefit, for a vibrational benefit, but if we're just focused on money, we close ourselves in.

The vibration of abundance is simply the awareness that the more we do what we love, the more opportunities come into our life. The more abundance in the form of money can come into our lives, but we don't need to limit ourselves, I want you to imagine something right now. Imagine the best version of you doing exactly what you'd love to be doing in your life.

Imagine how you would act. Imagine the kind of body language you would have imagined, what you would feel excited about every single day, waking up in the morning now, whatever you imagine in these different scenarios and this visualization is you tuning in to the version of you that is living a very abundant lifestyle because remember in the same way that we know that every channel exists on the TV at the same moment, but we can tune to the one that we want.

We can begin to tune to the vibration of us living in an abundant lifestyle. Knowing it exists right now. That's something in the future, not something in the past. It exists right now. It is simply vibrating at a different frequency, but what we do is we say that version of me, I'm going to imagine myself as that version of me.

What EDS is like, what that feels like, what I would be doing. We can let imagination be the bridge between where we are to where we want to be, and then what we can do is we can actually start to embody that version of us.

How do we embody that version of us by doing the things that are passionate to that version of us? When I imagine the best version of I imagined myself speaking in front of people, I imagined myself developing the craft of communication, of speaking, of influencing people in a positive way of interacting with people in person versus just on YouTube.

I imagine my body language, how I would carry myself, how I'd be able to influence people, the different types of skills I'd have to develop, and by tuning to that and imagining that as me, I begin to feel that passion within me. You see a lot of times the purpose of visualization is not to actually get us the thing that we are visualizing.

What that sounds counterintuitive. What does that mean? What it means is the visualization gets us to a certain vibration is certain feeling and in that feeling, we bring towards us more experiences that are similar. Instead of thinking that visualization is the end result, view visualization as a means in itself, because in that vibration you are tuning yourself like a tuning fork to the vibration of what you want.

By doing that, you'll also become more present during the visualization. Visualize the best version of yourself right now. What you would be doing, the kind of people you'd be around, how people would be responding to you. Imagine what that would feel like even right now. Put your hands over your heart like this. Imagine the feeling in your heart of doing what you love.

The Heart Math Institute has shown that the more you put the awareness in your heart, the more you grow the electromagnetic energy of it. For many people, it's the missing key to really creating what they want their life in a powerful way because the energy of the heart is much more powerful than the energy the head. Imagine you doing what you love. Imagine what it would feel like to wake up every day doing your passion.

Imagine the connection you would feel to yourself. Imagine the connection you feel to other people. What does that feel like and begin to feel this tingling sensation in your heart? More awareness you put there, the more it starts to grow, it started to grow. You can feel it now in your heart growing more and more.

Imagine that it grows in doubles with the amount of energy you feel in your heart of passion. Imagine it doubling again and doubling again and you could feel it. You could feel it's even more powerful in your heart than it was when you started this video that makes the choice and the decision that you're going to live more from your passion from this point going forward, knowing that by doing this, you tune into abundance and away you couldn't even imagine before.

Make the choice right now, intend for it and tend to be more abundant and tend to tune to the best version of you. Set the intention, make the choice and know that it has done it is done. That is how simple this process can be. It's a matter of choice. It's a matter of focus and it's a matter of feeling. We just did all three of those right now.

You are more in tune with the vibration of abundance and you have been. Remember, all of these exists right now. All the different channels exist. You can tune to the one that you want and as you tune into the vibration of abundance, that will become your reality.

 Another part of this process is understanding our vibration. When we raise our vibrational set point, we start to create from a much more powerful paradigm. I've created a free MP3 that will help you and guide you along to powerfully shift your consciousness to a higher state. I recommend you listen to it for 21 days to get the maximum benefit out of it, absolutely free.

#8: 3 Ways to STOP Desire From Blocking Your Manifestations

Today I'm going to be sharing with you the three ways you can stop desire from blocking you and this is something that maybe you've heard me speak before about the power of decreasing importance and how anytime we put something and we make it very important, we put it on a pedestal and then we create the potential for resistance.

The key for many of the things that we want to create in her life is actually to take them off a pedestal and to stop identifying so much with wanting them because at the moment that we say I really want that, we are also saying I really don't currently have that. In a way, you want to think of this like a radio station and you want to think of this as the vibrational frequency of the channel that we want.

That's what we're going to be speaking about today. Right now, it's early in the morning. I just woke up a little bit ago. I just got blackout curtains actually for my bedroom. I moved into this new house and for a long time, I was wondering why I wasn't sleeping as good at night. And at the last place, I had blackout curtains, and I had a sleep perfect and I just never thought of it because now I get up at like 5:30, six in the morning and when I get up it's like there's not as much light.

I'm like, “Oh, it's probably doesn't matter.” But even the moonlight and stuff at night it makes a difference. And was like street lights and thing. I got these blackout shades. I slept so well last night. I know that's a side tangent, but yeah, the blackout shades made a big difference, and now I feel rested.

I feel ready to go. I just filmed the video. I get up every morning. That's what I do.

The first thing I do is I film a video and a then now here I am doing podcasts. I want to start maybe doing a podcast every single day. If that's something you'd be interested in, let me know, maybe comment on my newest Instagram photo or something like that.

I wish that on iTunes there was a way to like set comments per episode so that I could see the comments from this. But yeah, let me know if you'd like me to do daily videos or daily podcast episodes. Maybe that's something I'll do. I'll make it part of my morning routine to film the video and then come straight into my podcast room.

A lot of DMs have people saying, well, this whole thing, because it's a. it's something that it's a little bit counterintuitive because many times in the old school Law of Attraction way of thinking, what we do is we focus on our desires. We are told as having a white-hot burning desire is the key to success and that is true for the old school way of going about it and it does get results.

It just gets a lot of resistance with the results because the thing is when you have a white-hot burning desire, what are you willing to do to achieve what you want? You're willing to do, like anything you're willing to put yourself in a certain position in. You focus on it a ton, so when you have anything you focus on grows, so it's a way of going about it, but what I've found is that there's actually more powerful ways to go about it.

Those are the ways I'm going to be sharing with you today, the three different ways that I've mainly a kind of upgraded my paradigm with this because I've realized that the old school paradigm also emphasizes that lack. You know, the way I thought about this I kind of analogy just popped into my head a minute ago is a, think about it.

If you've ever seen the movie Lion King, the Disney movie, Lion King, I grew up kind of watching that movie and in that movie, which may you, maybe you've seen, maybe you haven't. There's these lions are like the protagonist, like the main parts of the, of the movie. And then there's these bad guys and the bad guys is like a scar, which is like the bad lion, the jealous line of the, uh, the king doesn't move Fossa with was his name is all coming back to me now.

And the lions have a very lax vibe, you know, to kind of chill. They want, they're hungry, they'll get something, but they mainly just chill. And then you've got the hyenas that are like looking for a fix to like how even do you imagine a Hyena? Hyenas are like a kind of vulture, like trying to find whatever it can get. It will, it will go out and it'll wait for other people and then it'll take what it's wants if it can, it's got like this, this desire attitudes like you know, I'm trying to breed like it, you know, but you got to get what I mean.

But it's kind of is needy type vibe. Like is that something that, that you would want to be like, would you want to be led the Hyena that really, really wants something that's, that's really desiring it and that feels almost desperate. That's kind of the mentality of somebody that really, really want something that really, really is currently saying they really, really don't currently have it vibrationally.

It's kind of like being the Hyena and the way they go about it even better is to just be more like the lion. The lion is very sure of itself. The lion just sits on the grass and then when he's hungry, he goes out and intends to get his food or her food or whatever it is, but it's a different mentality, and it's a different vibe. And when we. A couple of the ones I'm going to share today out of the three are going to help to do that.

1. Gratitude

And the first way I want to share with you has to with gratitude. The gratitude is one of the quickest ways for you to unify yourself with what you already have, the vibration of what you already have. 

I said it's kind of like a radio station, right? In a radio station, you tune to a certain frequency and you get the channel or whatever you tune to.

Gratitude is one of the quickest ways for you to unify yourself with what you already have.

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The thing that all we do with gratitude as we focus on what we already have, which is a channel that is in vibration with abundance and by focusing on what we already have, we bring more things in our life to affirm to us that this is what we already have and that we get what we want in life. This is more about a perspective of understanding unification with who we really are.

Gratitude is really a choice. Think about it. It's like when something happens, we can look at that thing that happened and we can be mad that it didn't happen the way we wanted it to. We can have a perspective that lowers our vibrational state and by lowering our vibrational state, we then get a lower vibrational radio frequency.

Or what we could do is we could simply decide that there are many other reasons to be happy. We can be happy because we have family members in our life that we love. We can be happy because we are able to do what we want when we want to do. If we want to go eat, we can go eat. We have food, we have the bare necessities in our life. We have shelter.

All of these things are things we take for granted because, oh, that's just the way things are, but if we were to focus on them and see it and really feel into that gratitude, we didn't put ourselves in the vibration of that gratitude and the vibration of what we already have, and we turned to that vibration on the radio station of more of what we can have.

Right now, think to yourself, maybe just think of two or three things that you're grateful for. What are you grateful for in your life? Could be grateful that you have a certain relationship, could be grateful that you are maybe aware of, uh, how to eat healthier. And when you eat healthier, you have more vital energy. Maybe you're aware of many different things. Just think of what you're grateful for. It really depends on the person, but there's you can be grateful for the bare necessities.

But when you focus on what you're grateful for, you then tuned to the vibrational frequency of that abundance and in that abundant state, you realize that you are and you can feel that high vibration energy. It's just that normally what we do is we think that some outside thing is going to make us feel a certain way and that's something that I've done in my own life as I've focused really more on what I already have.

You know, sometimes I get caught up, I get caught up and success and becoming to the next level and if I could just get to the next level and do this much more than I know I can feel good about myself. Yes, there might be these many subscribers on YouTube, but what about this many? What about 1 million subscribers?

And I get identified with that, but I'm like, wait, I have so much to be grateful for. Like just a year ago, I was little over a year ago. I'd just gone full time over a little bit over a year ago. I was working a full-time job. I was way less abundant than I am now. I was in a completely different space and now I have a house that I love. I have the ability to do what I want. When I want to do it. I get to do what I want for a living.

I can travel anywhere I want to go. I can eat whatever kind of food that I want. Of course, I eat healthily, but you know I can. I'm not limited and I feel so grateful for where I'm already at, but sometimes it depends on whatever you focus on you feel. If I focus on those perspectives like, well, I could be at even more.

I could be traveling the world right now and of course I am getting into my next step is me doing live events and stuff, but I can't be too identified with the future because then I emphasize the lack. I lowered my vibrational frequency. Instead, I focused on what I already have, which is the gratitude. And by focusing on what I already have, I experienced more of that in my life.

2. Understanding your higher self

What's the second way we can decrease in importance or let go of desire that may be blocking us. It has to do with being that of our higher self. This may sound like a new concept of you haven't heard me talk about it before, but the thing is when we desire, we desire from the self-image that does not have. We are wishing from a place of wanting to become more in hopes that becoming more will make us feel worthy.

And the key to this is becoming aware of why do we want what we want. Many times, what we want, why we want, when we want is because we believe it will make us feel better. But the thing is we can make ourselves feel better right now and our current self-image. We only want from our current self-image like now imagine this with parallel realities.

For example, there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. If we desire something, we're desiring it from the parallel reality that says, I don't currently have it, but that's just one frequency.

That is one radio station out of an infinite number of them will we could instead decide to do is we can decide to embody the best version of us now and as we embody the best version of us now by being the higher self-version of us.

We begin to that frequency because that for that version of us, these things are natural. The thing is when we desire something we think, and we put it on a pedestal, we think it's going to make us feel so totally different, but normally it doesn't. If we train ourselves to be happy in the future, we will put our happiness on hold and that's something that I'm learning more and more is how I can let go and how I can know that whatever my perfect.

Like if I imagined the best self-image of me, what I meant to be doing in my life, which is traveling, speaking, traveling the world, interacting with people. If I imagine that version of me and I put that on a pedestal, I'm saying that is not who I currently am, but the key is for that version of me that lifestyle is natural.

Just like a year ago, I dreamed the lifestyle I live today, I had written in my, like affirmations and I had these, these, uh, goals written down. I just go written down that I was going to have 300 subscribers, 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. I had this goal written down. I was going to travel the world when I want. I was going to make videos and beautiful places.

And I was like, one of the quotes actually, I had this desire that I was going to, uh, what else was there? I'm trying to think of everything that was on that list, but those things were desires that I had, that I set the intention for that I now live.

But now that I live it, that's natural for me. It's not on this pedestal. It's not this euphoric feeling. Although it is a high vibrational feeling, but it's not like. It's not like something that's on a pedestal, so for the best version of you, the key is to imagine the higher self-version of you. Hire yourself means what you intended to experience in your life, connecting with your soul purpose.

If you don't know what that is, set the intention to figure it out. Sometimes people will say that to me, it's always just set. The intention is always the answer. Set the intention to figure it out, set the intention to find out what the purpose your purpose is, and you will start to find patterns.

Your brain is always looking for patterns, so he's looking for things to correlate and you'll begin to figure out what that is and once you begin to figure out what that high vibrational frequency is and you start to embody that, you choose to be it. You can get into the mindset of that version of you by letting go of the old mindset, which brings me to the third point.

3. Letting go

The third way we go about it is we let go. Let go. This isn't so much about desire is about a place of attachment, of attachment to our ego of attachment to thinking that the things we want and will make us feel better.

It's more about just letting go because then we can let in. You see so many times what happens is like we go to a doctor, the doctor prescribes us some type of prescription for something that is treating the symptoms. Then we go, we come back a month later and the doctor gives us three more prescriptions to deal with the side effects of the prescription.

He subscribed last month or she subscribed last month to us and then what we do is we have to keep going down that rabbit hole, but the key is to stop trying to treat the symptoms to get straight to the cars and getting to the cause.

In this metaphor is us finding out why do we want what we want. Because I study psychology a lot. I study why people do what they do and one of the things I've noticed with myself is one of the reasons I have such a desire to help people may be partly because and being, being aware of this and where the power is because then I can be in that abundance now and maybe because I don't have.

And I believe that if I achieve more, I will become worthier because I went through a lot of pain growing up. I went through a lot of abuse from my ex-stepmom. If you've heard my story before and maybe that diminished my self-image at a young age and now have such a desire to help people, which isn't a bad thing that I have a desire to help people, but I may be coming at it from the point of maybe if I become more well known.

If I become famous. If I become all did these things and I become known as this person. Maybe I'll be worthy. Then maybe then I'll be enough. But see, the key is for me to let go of that perspective and it just is enough already. Still, take action. I still. What I love doing is helping people. It doesn't mean it's going to change it and I just sit around doing nothing. It just means the frame. The energy from which I come from changes.

The perspective has changed because I realized the awareness, the first step is always awareness. When we become aware of why we want what we want, what would then become aware of the holes in our bucket, the things that we can never quite fulfill and the key to letting go is knowing we are already whole and complete as letting go of trying to become more. Instead just be more and said, just be yourself because you are more than you could ever possibly imagine.

And the key to embodying that is just a let go to let go. And you know we don't have to try so hard. Things don't have to be so hard. How do we relate to that of the process itself? Because if we believe the Law of Attraction process is hard and difficult than it will be hard and difficult, but it can be so much easier when we allow it to be easier when we know that it's just natural for us to experience what we want.

Decreasing desire is really just about going about it. Desire comes from lack and it's not that desire is bad. It's just being aware that we can feel the emotion we want right now by choosing to feel the emotion right now, by choosing to have perspectives that actually serve us. This is about knowing that the best version of US already exists.

The higher self-version of us that has the sole plan, what we're meant to be accomplished, her life already exists. The key is to embody that right now in the present moment, and we can do that with a matter of choice and awareness. When we become aware of why we want, what we want, we then become aware of the things that no longer serve us.

We then become aware of how we can let go of the lead in because as we let in more of who we are, we will raise our vibration. One of the easiest ways to raise your vibration is to do what you're passionate about and is to have gratitude. Gratitude unifies you with the source that you naturally are.

When you say and you're grateful for something you already have, you're in a vibrational frequency and you're tuning into the radio station, have more of abundance where normally either in abundance or scarcity, scarcity can we can have desired from scarcity, we can have desired from abundance.

The difference is simply what we're attached to, the perspective we're attached to and why we want what want and when we start to embody more of us being the best version of us, of us following our passion, I was making the decision that that is who we are. We are naturally already, whole and complete. When we come at it from that awareness, things happen easier than ever.

Remember, the three easy ways to stop desire from blocking you is to first off, have gratitude. Having gratitude will merge you with the vibrational frequency of abundance. When you're in that abundance states, when you feel gratitude, you can't feel lower emotion. When you feel gratitude, you can't feel the lack.

The key is a focus on that gratitude. Whatever you focus on, you feel secondly, know that that is natural for you. It is natural for you to experience the best version of you when you get there. It's not that it's on a pedestal. It just becomes a part of who you naturally are. Understand that the parallel reality you want to experience already exists, so the version of you doing exactly what you want to be doing already exists.

You don't have to try so hard. You don't have to create your own reality. You simply have to choose it by making the choices as the best version of you and being that the third part is letting go. The more you let go, the more you let in will know why you want what you want, because when you know the why, you can then become aware and then you can let go of the perspectives that don't longer serve you.

And what you can then do is you can let go to let in more of who you are, more of your light, you are already whole and complete, and when you begin to embody that, everything begins to change.

Competition and the Law of Attraction The Vibration of a WINNER (a totally new paradigm)

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on competition with the Law of Attraction. I'm going to share with you the mindset of a winner and how to make it so that you're able to win more often using the Law of Attraction in a powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you is a new perspective as to pout. If we view competition in this new way, it makes everything so much easier because it comes from this frame of understanding that we don't really have to compete. I know that seems counterintuitive because it's like a competition.

But there's a perspective that will set you apart from everyone else and allow yourself not to limit yourself. This is something that was actually inspired by a documentary that I watched. I watched a documentary that was on Netflix. It was called the dominant and the redeemed. There was a documentary on some of the top cross fit athletes.

I don't necessarily do cross fit. I do now and then, but I'm not crazy passionate about it, but I love watching documentaries where you have these people that have a winner mindset and to see their psychology to see how they move, and in this documentary, what you see is. This was actually a part to this specific one.

It was more of a recent one over the last past two or three years, whereas there was the original, it's called I think the fittest on earth. It was the original was like five or six years ago or maybe three or four years ago, but it was before that. It was like the number one of it. What you see in this is you see this one girl; her name is Tia. She is from Australia and in Australia, she’s one of the top Australian competitors.

There are a couple of top Australian competitors for the woman's class and she's been competing to become the best and fittest woman on earth. What happened was in the first documentary she's competing. She's obviously one of the best and she's competing against this other girl. I think she's from Iceland and the very. They were both tied and it came down to the very last competition.

Let me explain a little bit about CrossFit. Just for you to understand how this is. CrossFit is where you do many different types of exercises. It's not just won the CrossFit games or competition is over the course of a week and there's like 17 to 20 different workouts and what they're doing is these really strenuous workouts. If you have ever done a CrossFit workout, then you know how hard they are.

I've done them before and it's like, imagine what you do is you're doing like an obstacle course or something and you have to jump over this huge wall. You have to climb up on a rope and then after that, you have to go through a go up and under all of these things and then at the very end of it you have to do like 50 burpees or where you have to like jump down, do a pushup and then jump up.

And the first person to win is the one that wins that. And it goes in order of people that win. The idea is that you win the most amount that you can because you get points for every time you're the first, second or third place and you want to rank to become number one. There were some very, I mean, one of the things they did is they would run out one-and-a-half-mile sprint than they would swim for like half a mile and they would run a one-and-a-half-mile sprint again.

And whoever won that one for that class or that, uh, that competition, then the points all get added up. But some of the things they do is in a really intense, I do these deadlifts. They'll do like a, they have to do like 20 deadlifts and they have to go and do a like climb up a rope or something.

There are all these different variations, but nonetheless, it just drains them of energy and it's something that if you can complete then you really are one of the fittest people and especially if you compete at the level that they do. Anyways, now you get a kind of a feel for what this CrossFit thing is and what it is there is this one girl there named Tia and you can see her mindset in the first documentary, she was very negative and she was very hard on herself.

She was like, people were coming up to take pictures with her and she's like, oh, you wouldn't want a picture with me. You're probably going to delete that from your phone when you're done with this and saying. She just kept having this very negative self-talk. Remember thinking to myself, watching it, I was like, I'd be really surprised if she won because of the kind of way she's talking to herself and about ourselves.

You can almost see a, even in part of the documentary, which you had to do is she had to go in front of the camera and say that I am the fittest woman on earth for ESPN because now this is actually growing to where now it's televised and everything. She had to go to the camera and say, my name is Tia to me, or whatever her name is and I'm the fittest woman on earth and you see like behind the scenes and she has trouble saying it and she's like, “Oh, I'm sorry. I can't.”

You know, you could tell that in a way if she couldn't say that, then she probably may not believe it. These are a couple things that I realized in the very first documentary that I saw her. And now here's the interesting thing.

At the very end of that documentary, it's the very last exercise and it comes down to the top two people. Whoever wins this last exercise winds the CrossFit games and she's doing this thing where they're holding these big kettlebells like this and they're doing these lunges. And they're doing these lunges all the way to the end of the finish line.

You see she has like 15 feet of a head start on the person that's next to her. That's the other one that's in, that's in line to win first place. It's the person she's really competing against. And she goes and in the very last step, she gets what's called a no rep, which means that her hand shifted down so it didn't count. She had to take a step back and do it again. She takes a step back to do it again. And at that moment that other girl comes and does this lunge and ends up being hurt by a fraction of a percentage.

That's when the year that Tia won second place. What happened? And she was devastated. You know, as you can imagine, she was so close. Imagine being that close to being a winner. And then all the sudden it's like you, you miss it because of something that you knew you couldn't. You didn't have to mess up on. Anyways, that was the first year.

The second year, her mindset has changed. She is dominating in so many different ways, but somehow in a way, she kind of sabotages herself on the last two or three exercises. You can kind of seed in her mind. She kind of gets a little bit analytical about it. She's still doing great. However, it came down to the same exact exercise with.

Instead of that one girl, that girl from Iceland, it came up from another girl that was from Australia and they were doing the same type of exercise where you're going like this and you're doing the lunges and that same girl come to, you know, different girl, but same type of thing is coming up.

She gets called a no rep on the last thing, but at the last second, she goes back and it ends up being, don't want to ruin it for you in case you're going to watch it, but she ends up getting it. She ends up winning first place, but you can see the mindset shift that she has now and how that shifted how she had to view ourselves in a completely new light.

Let me share with you a couple other things that I realized from seeing everybody interact and everyone that was in that competition typeface, people that were a winner, people that won first place. There was this one guy, his name was, um, is it frankly, I forget his name.

He is the number one guy and he was dominant. He dominates everything. It's pretty much like when you are looking at this competition for the men, it's pretty much who's going to get second, third, and fourth place are a second and third place.

Because the first guy, the first place is the guy that you'd dominate it almost everything. The interesting thing was he naturally saw himself as a winner. Like he would not be happy if he won second place because it's almost like that second place does not resonate with his reality. He's like, you know, you, you'd see him and it's every button that is a winner. And that was winning.

Saw themselves as a winner. They knew it was. There is. Even if somebody else won the certain unit of 17 to 20 different exercises or games, even if somebody wanted a certain game, they were like, they claimed it. They were like, this is my game. I'm going to win this one.

And they did. It was very interesting to see. Here's something else I noticed that people that were running fourth, fifth, sixth place, they were totally okay with it. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, but the difference was almost they were settling for seeing themselves as the third second for, you know, whatever place.

And it was very interesting because the winners could only see themselves as winners. The people that were winning first place is all the consistently. The girl that won first place that beat that other girl the year before from Iceland, she was very hard on herself because she saw herself such as a winner. That is almost like she couldn't relate to this. He didn't understand why she didn't place first or second.

This year she placed like the third or something, or fourth. I forget. Uh, but you see the difference. Is the difference you are playing to win or are you playing to not lose? That's the difference. I'm going to share with you in a minute a completely new way that's going to kind of obliterate everything I'm sharing with you right now, but I want you just to be aware of this difference between the winner mindset to that of the gray area of mindset.

Many times, people will have this mindset of I'm going to play not to lose. Rather than play to win, they may. A guy may push himself to go up to a girl that he finds attractive. He may go up to this girl, and he may not be thinking about how to connect with her or how to get her number. He may be thinking, "I hope I don't get rejected."

There's a big difference between going forward to win, playing to win instead of playing to not lose, and many people are playing to not lose. Instead of I'm going to go for my passion and do what I love and go full time with it. They're thinking, how do I go from my passion, but not embarrassed myself in front of my friends and family and not have to give up or not have to move in with my parents or something like that because they're caring what other people think.

Play to win, not win in an ego way like I'm on the top of the mountain, but play to focus on what you want, knowing that you can have what you want to experience, so this is a perspective that will help you to understand more about the winner mindset because there is a winter version of you. There's a winter version of you, and just like Michael Jordan used to say, I'm not competing with the other people. I'm fighting with the best I can be.

You can compete with the best you can be done in an egotistical way, but in a way where you realize that you can play to win. You can play for the outcome you want. Those people that were winning first place had their mindset and they were certain of that first place or they were certain that they were going to be one of the best.

 The people that were running in fourth, fifth, sixth place. We're totally settling for that. They were playing for that. That's what they were focused on.

Focus on you being the best you can be because that's the mindset that is necessary in order to "win". Let me share with you a totally new perspective. This has changed my life and the views of competition.

Focus on being the best you can be because that's the mindset that is necessary to win.

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Just to give it a little bit of a backstory, I used to work at a place called Barneys New York, which is a sales commission job where I sold women's shoes. I sold shoes that were about $1,200 each, 800, $1,200 each for a pair of shoes and it was a sales commission job, meaning I got a percentage of everything I sold before that I worked at a place called Nordstrom. Same type of thing, commission sales job. I worked in a salon, shoes.

The average price point was like three to $500 and I got paid a certain percentage that I sold. It was all commission, so the other people I work with, not only my friends, but there were people I was in a way competing with because when a customer would come into the store, if they went to someone else that was commissioned, they were going to get instead of me.

I had to put myself out there constantly and it was something I was good at. However, my life changed when I read a certain book. There was a book I read called the Science of getting rich by Walter Wattles. In this book, there was this mindset, this perspective of moving from instead of being in a competitive mind frame to be in something that's called a creative mind frame, and I made this shift. I was reading the book during my lunch break.

I remember there's something called the bar there. I was drinking tea. They get to drinking a lot of green tea. At the time, maybe was drinking coffee and espresso. This is like fighting isn't a long time ago, and I remember reading it and it was about this creative mindset versus a competitive mindset. The idea is that there's an infinite amount of abundance that exists only within the frame of reality where we say, I have to be better than this person, or there's a limited supply of people.

Do we create a limitation in of itself? The idea is that there's an unlimited amount of abundance and the more we focus on competition is the more we focus on scarcity. What I did is when I went back to work that day, I changed my mindset. I said I'm not going to compete with the people next to me.

I said, what I'm going to do is I'm going to imagine and create for myself that which I want. If somebody comes in and goes to someone else or someone else sells to some of them, I'm not going to get jealous about it or angry because I was standing around for that period. I'm going to get inspired knowing that there's still a fantastic amount of abundance out there and I can align with it.

Now, this works, I did this. My state would never really go down because even if somebody else was helping someone. I knew there was still something else out there, and because of that, my mindset, my feeling linked up with more opportunities and I became more abundant than ever before because instead of being in this competitive mind state, I was then in a creative mind state. It changed everything. Understand there's an infinite amount of abundance out there.

When we assume that if I want something and there's less for someone else, we put ourselves into a competitive type state. We put ourselves in comparison to everyone else. We don't have to compare yourself to everyone else. We compare ourselves to only ourselves the best we can be. This was a game changer for me and I view this in every area of my life when I'm now a full-time YouTuber. It's not like people on YouTube can only be subscribed to two or three Law of Attraction niche.

People that share on YouTube. It's not like somebody can't be subscribed to me in two or three other different people. There really is no competition on YouTube. There really is only collaboration because the audiences can only grow and it's a competitive mindset to say, oh, I have to be better than this person or more than this. It's more about creating the abundance for myself and my own frame of reality, not competing with everyone else.

You see there's always more and when we reaffirmed that we create an abundant type of reality and we actually move ourselves to that have above the competitive mind state. There's this perspective I want to share with you that has to do with understanding parallel realities. Think of it because sometimes people ask, well, who wins in a competition? Who Wins? Well, it depends on the person that sees it most as a winner.

They see themselves as a winner, but also the person that isn't cleaning to the outcome. It's normally the more relaxed person that just naturally sees themselves as a winner. The desperate one normally has the desperate energy normally won't win first. They might win second or third, but they normally don't when first. It's normally the person just naturally, it's natural for them to see them as the best. It's natural for them to be there and that is their reality.

That's just who they are. They how they see themselves, so it depends on the energy, the frequency of them. If they're in alignment with the best version of themselves and if they're not attached to the outcome and in that desperate type mode that you will not understand this. When it comes to parallel realities, there's a parallel reality version because there's an infinite number of parallel realities exist.

There's a parallel reality version where you are number one, there is a parallel reality version where you and number two, there's a parallel reality version where somebody else's number one or two and it does also switch around. It's about shifting to that reality with the awareness that it already exists and knowing that all those probabilities exist, so while you may be winning, there's also realities where somebody else wins and vice versa. Be aware of that because then you can realize that you don't have to try so hard. You just have to shift and naturally see yourself as that best version of you.

That's how I see myself, not in a cocky way like I'm better than everyone else. I see myself as the best version that I can be. Knowing that it's just natural for me to experience what I want. It's naturally mean to have this explosive growth for me to be able to do what I love.

It's natural for me and I see myself as one of the best at what I do, not in the best like I'm better than everyone else, but I'm the best that I can be and it's just natural for the way I see myself in the same way. How can you apply that in your life? See it as natural for you know you are whole and complete. Compare yourself and imagine the best version of yourself and imagine that that's who you are.

Whatever you focus on grows all those people that were the number one winners in the CrossFit games I was telling you about. They took CrossFit. That's their life. They see that as a part of who they are. They put in more work than anybody else. There's nighttime’s when they're doing this thing called an assault bike. I’ve done it. It's a crazy experience.

It's like you're using every muscle that you have and it wears you out and about a minute you're just. You burn. You bring like 30, 40 calories in a minute. That's crazy and you're out of breath after two or three minutes of it, but these people are doing it all the time because they are conditioning themselves. What are you focused on?

I focused on making YouTube videos. I focus on becoming a better speaker. I focused on being the best version of me that I can be knowing that as long as I focus on that, that will grow for me, but once again I'm competing with myself, but I'm also in a creative mind state, a creative mind frame where I realized there is an abundance out there.

What I encourage you to do is to shift from this scarcity mindset into the abundant mindset and knowing that you are already whole and complete and knowing that there's always more. There is no scarcity. Only when we buy into the competition and the scarcity mindset, do we experience that resistance? Instead, see yourself as a winner.

 I know that as you move in that direction, you will experience more and more of that reality. If you want help to why you're in the best version of you and to really influence your subconscious mind in a powerful way, I've created a free Subconscious Mind MP3 that will help you to do that.

Law of Attraction Morning Meditation that Works Like MAGIC

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a daily meditation for the morning for manifesting your day. I believe if you listen to this meditation for the next 21 days, it will radically change your life and you'll find that you start to create what you want consciously.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you my personal guided meditation that I do every single morning right when I wake up and how this has radically transformed my life over the last five years, year, eight months to a year that I've been doing this specific meditation I'm going to be sharing with you.

The purpose of this blog is to give you something that's easy to apply, something that you literally just put headphones. You'll hear some binaural beats underneath that of the music with some music. With that of the meditation itself, and what the meditation will do is do a couple different things.

As with a lot of my videos that I've been doing lately, what I share is at the beginning of the videos, I explain the understanding of everything. Then we move into the meditation. If you're trying to go straight to the meditation, you'll see a timestamp and added the description box that goes straight there and then every day from that day going forward, you can just click there and go straight to the time that you want.

For this process, there are three main parts of it that are very powerful that when we begin to apply changes our whole entire life, and really that's what happened when I learned how to do each of these different aspects in my life.

1. Observe your own thoughts

Everything began to change and the first one, the first thing we have to do is take a couple minutes to simply observe our own thoughts.

The reason this is every day that we wake up and we go straight to our phone, what we do is we go straight into reaction mode. We go straight into reacting to the stimulus of what's going on to life events. And the thing is, when we do that, especially when we do it consistently, we get into the pattern of just always been at the mercy of what is happening, but when we learn how to observe our thoughts from a neutral place.

We can just simply see them as they're the even just doing this for five minutes or just a couple minutes that we're going to be doing it in the meditation. What that does is that affects the rest of our day. I remember when I first started doing this, I realized that at the time when I first learned this meditation, I was working a sales commission job at Nordstrom's and I remember doing it and then doing it just for five minutes in the morning I would go into work and someone would say something that would maybe normally trigger me or normally get me to react.

 And I was able to observe that thought. I was able to observe what was happening and I wasn't feeding into it. I didn't feel like I was given away my power. And from that moment on I decided I was going to do it.

Observe your thoughts and you will literally relate to life in a completely new way.

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Every day because it's so changed my outlook on everything, you will literally start to relate to life in a completely new way because you'll see that there are things that happen and that's what they can stay.

They can just stay as things that happen, not things that happened to me or some stories that the mind will develop from the reaction mode. It's about learning to observe, so that's the first part. The first couple minutes of the meditation, I'm going to guide you along the process so I made it very easy. Guide you along, observing the thoughts and then letting them go, observing them, allowing them to be there, and then letting them go.

2. The power of intention

This seems counter-intuitive, but it's powerful. The purpose of this meditation as well as to show you the power of intention because when you simply start to set your intentions, your life begins to change in a very powerful way because the thing is what intention is intention is the direction of our life, and a lot of people simply aren't setting enough intentions.

They have a general intention for maybe one thing they want to happen throughout the day, but they're not setting the conscious intentions that can really allow momentum to build. Think of intention as a focus of direction and intention is a declaration of something that we want to happen and we could say the intent. Think about it. I intended dot, dot, dot. What do you intend to happen today? Do you intend to have a safe drive to work? Do you intend?

That could be on the micro level, but in general, what are the three main things that you would like to happen today? You know, I used to work a sales commission job, so back in the day I'd be like, you know, I intend to sell this amount. I certain amount, maybe it was like $4,000 worth of shoes. I intend to feel connected to the people that I'm talking to.

I intend to eat something healthy for lunch and to feel very present in the moment on my lunch break. The little things like that are what I would intend for an amazingly enough. Those intentions would come to fruition because I was given it focused. I have given it awareness. Wherever attention goes is where the energy goes, and as we learned to set intentions like I'll show you in this meditation, you just got to listen to it and set your own intentions.

You'll see you start to experience more of what you want. I do this still to this day. I intend to feel amazing when I am filming my videos. I intend to enjoy editing even though editing's not a part I normally would enjoy. I intended to enjoy for you to go very smoothly. I intend to go to the gym and have a great workout.

I use intention and so many different ways and what happens is as we use it, we start to give our life more direction and we start to find that things start to happen for us in a new way because we are consciously moving it in that way, so that is the power of intention. That's another main aspect of what we're going to be doing. In this meditation, you're going to. I'm going to ask you to pick three main intentions that you have for the day.

It could be as simple as, like I said, to have a certain type of day at work, to feel connected to other people, to have a great morning jog, or to spend time with your family. Whatever it is, set the intention and then set the intention for what you want to achieve through that. For example, you want to spend time with your family. Well, what do you want to achieve with that?

Maybe it's like, well, I just want to spend time with my family, but it could be I want to feel connected to my family members and I want them to feel like I really care for them. You see, we can add little nuances to it and in the meditation, I'm going to ask you to imagine different scenarios happening and it's going to increase the probability of them happening for you.

3. Understanding the power of the heart

The third part of it is understanding the power of the heart, the electromagnetic power of the heart.

The energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head. A lot of people and most people when it comes to the secret or the Law of Attraction, are trying to create from the head. When we create from the head and we create duality, think about it though. Head is left the brain, right brain, it has both sides and it creates. The more that we want something, we also create the potential that it doesn't, that we don't get it. The key to this is creating from the heart. The heart is a singular point of focus.

When it comes to creating from the heart, things happen in the much more magnetic way because an important part of the process is the emotion we have. It's the energy we have. When we increase the electromagnetic energy around our heart, we increase our energy field, we increase our vibration and we're more likely to achieve that which we want.

This is something that the Heart Math Institute is proven. This isn't just some kind of cool theory. This is something that's actually been proven and what I've done is I've used one of their techniques, it's called the freeze frame technique, and in a way what I've done is I've implemented it into this morning routine, so everything that you're about to listen to in this morning routine and all you have to do is put on the headphones, listen to it, and guide yourself along.

The process is going to set you up to have an amazing day. What it will do is it will bring you through layers of raising your vibration and then sending powerful intentions that will end up influencing what you experience in your life. For this, what I recommend is every single day, whatever time you see this video out right now, around this time, skip to this time and then listen to this video every single day for the next 21 days.

The best benefit you will get out of this whole process is through consistency. That's what I found. I remember the first day I meditated, I learned how to observe my thoughts that a certain amount of results. Second Day, the third day, the fourth day. It was around the fifth or sixth day I started to feel into it really.

I encourage you to make a choice that you are going to master your morning in the morning is when your subconscious mind is the most influenceable when we can influence it in a powerful way. The reason this is because we're in mainly a Theta Alpha state. When we wake up in the morning for the first half an hour, and in the conscious states that are more alpha, Beta, Alpha, Beta.

It's harder to influence the subconscious mind if we learn to observe our thoughts. If we learn how to feel this emotion and this set of tensions right when we wake up in the morning, that will influence most of our day because like science is proven, over 90 percent of our life is ran by our subconscious mind.

This is a way that you can powerfully influence your life by leveraging your morning in a way to where things happen for you through the guided process I'm about to share with you. What I encourage you to do right now is I'm going to be good to cue the music. What I encourage you to do is to think of three intentions you have for the day so you dread general intentions and see what those could be. Just think of them in your mind because then we're going to go into meditation right now and those scenarios.

Think of specific scenarios that you would be in with those come to fruition. For example, it could be me, I imagined myself filming an amazing video, feeling the great feeling in front of the camera, seeing, looking into the lens. I could see, I can feel it even if I wasn't doing it right now, I could imagine it and the visualization in the meditation like I did this morning.

This is what I'm going to ask you to do. Take a deep breath in, deep breath out and relax. Just take a deep breath in. Breathe it out. With every breath you take, you could feel your body relaxing, born more. Let's take another deep breath in. Deep breath out. As you breathe out, you feel your body relax more and more.

What I like to encourage you to do is to close your eyes if you like, and to know with every breath you take and feel more relaxed, more present to the moment I'd like to ask you to do is to observe the thoughts that come into your mind. Observe them from a neutral place because thoughts are neither good nor bad. They simply are.

They are thoughts and observe the thoughts that come into your mind and then let them go. You may be hearing my voice right now, hearing the silence in between the words. When you are listening to the silence in between the words that space it is bringing you into more presence and do more of the present moment. Observe the space in between the words.

If it comes up, it's okay. Allow it to be there. The key is to allow the thoughts to be there because by you allowing them to be there, there is no resistance and paradoxically enough. Then they come in, and they go, wow, and thoughts are okay. Let them come in and let them go out. Imagine those thoughts coming in and going out. It's okay. These thoughts are neutral.

The thoughts are just content that we can observe, but the way that we relate to those thoughts is where the magic happens. If you allow the thoughts to be there, you can then easily let them go. Allow the thoughts to be there. It's okay. Yeah, let them go. What I'm going to ask you to do is to simply know that throughout the rest of the day to day, you are going to be able to observe your thoughts and a very powerful way that wind things happen, that the intention right now that you catch yourself.

You're able to get to this neutral place where you realize thoughts are simply thoughts. They are neutral. They have no built-in meaning other than the meaning you give them. Imagine right now, maybe something happening today and imagine you catch yourself. When you start to follow the mind, and identify with something someone says or something that happens, imagine yourself catching yourself just observing what is happening from a neutral place.

No labels simply are you will easily be able to observe things throughout your day from this powerful place. I'm going to ask you to put your hands over your heart. As you put your hands over your heart, feel the sensation over your heart center. Maybe you feel your hands, the warmth or the temperature of your hands. Allow yourself to feel that and feel the warmth of your hands beginning to warm up and you could feel the energy.

Go from your hands into your heart and know that the more attention you put inside your heart center, the more you are growing that electromagnetic energy around your body. Feel this energy inside of your heart. The more you put attention there, the more this grows. If you don't feel it very powerfully right now, that's okay. This grows. The more that you do it, this becomes easier and easier for you to feel this energy inside of your heart.

Imagine that there is a ball of energy inside of your hearts. Any color that you like and imagine that this energy is spinning in a clockwise position and imagine the faster it spins, the more you can feel this warm energy increase in your heart and imagine it spinning faster and faster, and the faster it spins, the more you feel this love. You can feel it growing. You could feel it growing.

I'm going to count down from five to one. By the time I reach one, you're going to feel an immense amount of energy inside of your heart. You're going to feel love to feel connected to this part of you five. Feel yourself. Imagine that ball of energy spinning faster and faster for imagine with every number you fill, a double the amount of love in your heart. Three, feeling a double with speed now, double wreath, relaxation, double with love to feeling this increased energy in your heart now and one soak in this energy in your heart.

This energy is who you really are now. This emotion that you feel right now is going to influence the rest of your day to day in a very powerful type way. Allow yourself to soak in the vibration of your heart and know right now than anytime you put the awareness into your heart throughout your day.

It brings you back to this feeling now. Imagine right now an intention that you have for something you want to happen today, something you want to happen and imagine as if you're looking through your own eyes and imagine that you're able to see what you would see in this specific scenario. Imagine a specific scenario of you accomplishing whatever your intention is.

What do you see in this scenario? As you look around, I imagine it as if you're looking through your own eyes, pay attention to how it feels. Pay attention to what your body languages. If you were to look in the mirror right now, how do you carry yourself? How confident do you feel? How do other people respond to you? Imagine this scenario and think to yourself.

What do you intend for it in your mind and feel it in your heart? I intend now. Imagine whatever you see right now, imagine it becoming more vivid. Imagine the colors becoming more and more vibrant. What do you hear in this scenario? Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder and how do you feel in this experience? Hey, you will feel this intention come into fruition today. You will see signs of it. You will feel the emotion of what it is.

3 Reasons Things Are NOT Manifesting with the Law of Attraction and How to Turn it Around

What I'm going to be sharing with you are the top three reasons that things are not manifesting with the Law of Attraction, and I'm going to show you ways of turning that around.

So, come on and watch the video below:

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the top three reasons that I see people are not creating what they want in their life, and I'm going to show you ways of turning that around and a powerful, quick and effective ways that can make this process so much easier.

When it comes to it, the truth of the matter when it comes to the Law of Attraction manifestation is that whether we are aware of it or not, we are always getting in life a reflection of what we believe to be true, and part of that has to do with what we are vibrationally resonating with.

What quantum physics shows us is that everything in the universe is vibration. Everything is vibrating at a certain frequency, and for us to experience what we want, it has to do with us. Getting in resonance with the reality we want to experience. The thing is that sometimes what we are thinking of and what we are desiring.

There may be somewhat of a gap between what we desire, what we want and what we're actually experiencing, and if we begin to be believed that things just aren't happening, sometimes we create a momentum where that is the case.

1.    Negative perception

The first part of this process and the first reason that something may not be manifesting is simply that we believe the process is harder than it has to be. Let me ask you a question. What are your beliefs about manifestation in general? Do you believe that things are hard to manifest, that things don't come easily?

The reason I say this is because a lot of times when it comes to the Law of Attraction and learning how to create what we want our life, we're focused on what we want, but we're not even. We don't even understand what our beliefs are about the process itself. A lot of times when we let go of outdated beliefs, things will happen easier than ever.

 Here's the truth about what we're experiencing in our life, whether we are aware of it or not, we are always manifesting something.

Manifestation is a natural byproduct of the reality of what we focus on, of how we feel, of our vibration.

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Manifestation is a natural byproduct of reality of what we focus on, of how we feel, of our vibration. It's a natural thing that happens. It's not something we have to learn to do. We don't have to try to do it.

Manifestation is always happening. It's more so about just becoming aware of what is happening, becoming aware of what we are already manifesting in our life, becoming aware of the thoughts, beliefs, and the actions we're taking because as we become aware of it, we can then start to in a way take inventory of the things that don't serve.

I know there've been times when I've just simply not aware of what I was thinking. A lot of times it's in the autopilot mind as well. If I could say one thing about were a lot of people are creating from, I'd say that when we wake up from the autopilot mind, we start to create a much more powerful way.

When we're in the autopilot mind, which means we're worried about what other people think, which means we're in the mind that just goes into. It's just the part that is like a default. It's kind of like when you're out somewhere, and you're talking to someone else and asking the same old questions, right?

Oh, look at the weather today. Oh yeah. Are you doing living the dream? It's the part that is just on autopilot. It's a part of that. Maybe you're driving somewhere, and you just completely forget about where you are, and you don't even know how you got there.

It's not so much that anything happened other than the autopilot mind kicked in and the autopilot mind will always create what we have always got because the autopilot mind is nothing more than repetition. If you find that you're not attracting what you want in your life, it may just mean that the autopilot mind is constantly generating these same feelings, these same thoughts and the same emotions and actions over and over again.

Therefore, getting the same result. The key is to wake up from the autopilot mind, to wake up from that subconscious sleep that many people are in, and the way you do that is by trying new things. The way you do that is by going to a new location. The way you do that is by choosing to do it. Like I said, when it comes to the manifestation process, what are your beliefs about the Law of Attraction?

Even if you believe that the Law of Attraction doesn't work at the fundamental core, your beliefs create your reality so you can create the illusion that the Reality Transurfing if isn't working. And the reason that that's an illusion is that you'd be using the Law of Attraction to prove that the Law of Attraction doesn't work.

Because the Law of Attraction is about understanding that we always get a reflection of what we are resonating. Act like attracts like. Our frequency is attracting more of it. If we're thinking to ourselves the Law of Attraction doesn't work, we will look around and find reasons why the Law of Attraction doesn't work, which means we're attracting using tracking things that are showing it doesn't work using the process itself, but really, it's about understanding our beliefs, create our reality.

Do you believe that manifestation is hard? Because if so, you can start to understand. That's why I kind of wanted to talk about this because I can kind of show you that it's happening regardless of whether you think it's hard or not, it's happening regardless of let it happen more easily. It's not so much about piling on new ideas.

It's more so about just letting go, letting go of doesn't serve, letting go of the complications were all Law of Attraction. It's hard. Things just don't come easily. It can be so much easier if you just let go if you just allow things to be and that's what I've learned is I've learned how to let it go more and more.

I've been making YouTube videos on the Law of Attraction for about two years now, and the beginning, it was mainly kind of like the whole Gary Vaynerchuk work hard and I got a lot of results from that in my own life.

Work hard, take a lot of action, and it does get results. But the thing is, it's sometimes that causes resistance because if we're not taking action and leveraging it with what's something we're passionate about, it ends up becoming something we create more resistance around. The key is to also let go at the same time and know that we don't have to do absolutely everything in the process of.

2.    Absence of energy

The second reason that things may not be manifesting is that there's no energy moving in the right direction, not even the right direction, but they're just not energy moving in general. What I've learned in my own life is that manifestation and especially living the kind of lifestyle that I live today, that I'm able to do what I love for a living. I'm able to kind of get a house that I love to be in.

I'm able to live in abundance like I probably couldn't really imagine two or three years ago. It's because I put a lot of energy into my manifestation as I put a lot of energy into what I love to do. Here's the thing. A lot of people aren't putting the energy and the focus into that which they want to experience. They're saying, oh yeah, well I want this and they're acknowledging it once or twice maybe throughout the day, but that's about it.

In order for something to really manifest in a powerful way, it requires a lot of focus. Some things, not so much. Not Everything is going to require a ton of ton of focus. Some things if you have no resistance to them, will happen very easily, but I have found that based on the vibration of where I was two years ago to where I am today, it required focus for me to get here.

Here's the truth. Here's the powerful part of this. Whatever you are passionate about, whatever you are connected to within your heart, it's going to be the easiest thing to focus on. I get up every day. I probably work close to sometimes up to 12 hours a day or more, but I'm doing what I love and it's so easy for me to focus on because I wouldn't have it any other way and because it's easy for me to focus on. It continues to grow more and more and more and it's just this thing that naturally flows.

The thing is, are you doing what you're passionate about and is what you're wanting to manifest? Is that something that's easy for you to focus on because you're passionate about it? I would ask those questions and understand that if you're not achieving what you want, is it because there's not enough energy easily going in that direction and maybe are you drained of energy in other ways?

You know, anytime we really want something, we are also vibrationally saying, I really don't currently have it because, in order to want it, you have to externalize it and say that it's not currently here, but many people will drain themselves with the energy of that wanting. Sometimes that wanting can move people to take action and to desire and to create this emotion within them to where then they experienced the movement of that.

But a lot of times people are not creating what they want in their life. They're not manifesting what they want either because the energy isn't, therefore they're not focusing on it or it's simply that the energy is not moving in that direction, so either the energy isn't there or it's just not moving. Move the energy with your focus. Move the energy by either taking action.

I know sometimes people don't want to hear that take action, but the action moves. The energy action puts you in the right place at the right time actually opens up opportunities and if you love what you do, the action is something that becomes easy.

That's something that will come very natural, but the energy may have to just be moved. May just have to go in a certain direction and the way that you do that is by increasing the emotion you have towards it, which means you focus on it more or taking action and doing something that puts you in the right place. If you want to attract to a relationship and you say, I declare I want to attract a relationship.

But you never leave your house. It's not likely that you will be able to meet somebody and maybe unless you're online or something. But the thing is if you put yourself in situations where that can happen, you in a way you meet the universe halfway and then something can happen much more powerfully. But this is why it's about us doing our end of the stick and then the universe doing the end as well.

Meeting in the middle. We can declare it. We can align our emotion or passion to it and then take steps in that direction and it's almost like then the universe will start to push us and guide us and also at the same time making it happen even faster, but many times the energy just has to be moved and don't be aware of also your energy and what's draining you, what's not draining you.

Sometimes you're around certain people, they may drain you. If they drain you, then I would recommend you figure out how to best go about that. Maybe it's a little bit less time. Perhaps it's more time nurturing yourself. If you find that something you're focused on is really draining yourself of energy, take a break.

Sometimes I'm doing website and I get resistant in it. I'll have to go outside, walk on grass, all have to go do something. I come back to it. Things happen even easier. The energy starts to move, so focus equals feeling. The more you focus on something, the more it grows. The more you focus on what you're passionate about, the more you have this potent energy in it, the more powerful if things are happening, so maybe what you are manifesting.

What you are wanting to create isn't something you're really passionate about. If so, then find out what that is because that will be the thing that manifests very quickly and move the energy in that direction with your focus and if you need to be moving the energy with action. Something I found to be very powerful and it's something that I love to do because I love what I do.

3.    Ego

The third reason think things may not be manifesting is because the ego has an attachment to how things are manifesting.

I see this happen a lot and this has happened with myself. I have a certain vision in my mind. This is how things are going to go and if we remain attached to that perspective than many times we will block other opportunities from coming into her life.

Even this house, for example, when I saw this house, I originally applied for one other house and then I looked at another house and I was trying to decide between the two and they were more in a different side of the town here in Las Vegas. I thought it was going to be in that area.

My Ego was determined debt's going to be in that area, but I just knew that there was something else out there. I knew that there was a house I was going to like even better and then after like a week of waiting to hear back on the other house, this house popped up on Trulia on the website.

I was like, Huh. I looked at the pictures. I saw how open it was. I saw how far back everything did, everything was and I was like, man, this house is perfect. I went and saw it and I knew immediately it was the house, but it's on a little bit different side of town.

Still in a good area, but it's different than what I thought, but if I were to remain this very stubborn with that other side, I would be at a house that I would not enjoy 30 percent as much as this house. Like I love this house so much more than the other two houses for sure. It's exactly what I wanted. It was one story. I wanted to a good size one story house rather than a two story. You're going upstairs. I want it to be very open. I want it to be modern.

This was like a, like almost like a Zen vibe is a pool. The grass is everything that I want, but if I would have remained very focused on just what my ego thought it wanted, I want to be on that side of town, I would have blocked out all the other opportunities and this happens for many people. Many times, opportunities are already in our life, but we're not aware of them because we blocked them out.

We are thinking, nope, this is how things have to happen. It's like almost were like, I'm going to create money in my life and we're just looking for money. Just look for the money. Just looking for money when there could be an opportunity that came into our life. It could be somebody that comes up to you and like, Hey, I think you'd be a great person if I introduced you to my friend who's a successful businessperson and this is what they do and this is kind of business they have and I think you would enjoy it.

Nope, I'm just looking for money. Well, that could have led to money. Maybe they introduce you to this person and that person sees the potential, and he was like, you know what? I want you to work for me and I'll pay you 150,000 a year and before you were making 15 and newer goal yourself at a hundred. You see it could always be better than what you imagined, but the thing is sometimes our ego stepsons like, nope, this is what I'm focused on. Be Open.

The point to this one is to let go of control. Sometimes it's also their ego just completely limits us with our potential. What if the best-case scenario for the ego, the ceiling to the ego is the floor to the higher mind. The higher mind like, Hey, I was going to give you, you know, we were going to work something out to where you, uh, manifested $300,000 a year, but you're still focused on these 100 hundred or 50 things in your mind that, okay, that's what we'll, we'll cap you off there but be open.

That's why some people will say things to yourself, whatever your goal is and more like I intend to create and generate the kind of value that brings people over $300,000 or more worth of value because in that comes back to you. This is about understanding the control aspect of the Eagle and how to let go. I went to a life transformation place in Costa Rica last year and I'm going back this year as well, and a couple of months.

And when I was there was this message I just kept getting. We did this breath workshop where I was able to move this energy through my body and let go of a lot of stuff that was piled up from childhood and I let go of it, and when I let go of it, I just kept. I remember my hands 10 stuff.

You're breathing in for an hour and the certain breathing pattern and it's increasing the oxygen in your body. It's bringing up a whole bunch of stuff that's been piled inside the heart and I just felt this tenseness inside of my hands go like this, like almost like a pre-mantis. And I went like this and it felt. I just kept thinking, like, go.

I just remembered let go, let go. Because then it was like I was able to let go of the energy that was stored up inside my body. And as I did that, from that moment on, I felt like I could. Things could be easier. And I remember afterward I was talking to them, one of the particulars there, the transformational breath work practitioners. She said that anybody, uh, you can look at someone's breathing pattern until their personality and she said, my breathing pattern had this almost like this level of work hard.

I have to make things happen. Kind of like a, you know, I am somebody that works hard, but she's like, things can be easier than you think. You make things a little bit harder than they have to be, and I can tell because your breathing pattern, you, you breathe in all of this air and you try to take in more than you have to because you believe you have to do everything of this armor around your body, of you creating this kind of like this momentum.

And you can make things easier. You can allow things to be easy. You can let go. And from that moment on, I focused on letting go, not controlling my breath so much. You know, sometimes small things. We do influence other parts of our lives. Sometimes my breathing, controlling my breath is also a level of me controlling my manifestations.

I learned to let go, allow things to happen. Things can be easier, I can just let go, and that's kind of what I've been focused on and things have been easier than ever because I've also dropped those beliefs that things have to be hard, so that goes into the first one.

Remember the first reason you might not be manifesting what you want. If you believe that it has to be hard, things can be easier than you think. If you allow them to be in a knowing that things are already manifest in anyways, everything in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true.

Secondly, sometimes if we're not experiencing what we want, it may just be that we don't have the energy moving in that direction or we lack the energy in general. Allow things to be there. Let yourself understand things can be easier.

But at the same time, move the energy with your focus, you're feeling and action. Then thirdly, let go, let go of the control. Allow things to be there and as you do, you'll raise your vibration and things will happen even easier.

#7: The Law of Attraction and Locational Energy: Use This Vibrational HACK

Today I have something and I think is maybe something you never heard before and it's something that I'm passionate about, something that I've noticed in reality in general, and something I felt the experience. I'm sure intuitively you have to at a certain level, and when we begin to cultivate this and use it to our advantage.

I think we'll find that we start to really resonate with what we want in a very powerful way. What is this that I'm talking about, what you probably saw the title of the podcast, which is understanding the Law of Attraction with locational energy.

What does that mean exactly? Well, the idea is that every place that we go to has a certain vibrational resonance and this has to do with a couple of things. This has to do with mainly the people that have lived there with the thoughts that they have had and the kind of activities that have gone on there.

There are certain places that you may have gone before where you feel a certain way, maybe you feel very uplifted, you feel almost like a high vibration, you feel very light, and maybe there are places you've been where you go in and it feels very low, very dense energy and the difference is what has actually happened there.

And the trail. I'm going to be talking about that in the minute that trail that has been left from that of the other people that were there, the prior conversations that might have, might have been had there. The activities that have gone on now, what actually inspired this, this, this, a podcast is it's something that I've just realized.

I used to have this place that I lived in and what I would do is when I moved in, I moved in. It was a model house and I moved in and I decided that what I wanted to do because I knew that there was like a certain grid or a certain type of energy. I wanted to imprint into it because I believe that if somebody was like.

For example, the house I live in now, the people that lived in it before, where the owners of this house and they lived up to it, they lived in this house up until the week before I moved in, which means their energy was imprinted in the house with the conversations they've had with, uh, the kind of whatever they were doing, the kind of TV they watch, all of those things.

I don't know exactly what that is. And in general, I feel like they had a pretty, a high vibration. Anyways. I'm one of the ladies that lived or the, it was a husband and wife that lived here with their kids and one of them worked for Cirque de Solei. I know she's really into fitness.

I'm very disciplined and I don’t know, they just felt like they, they looked like a happy couple from the pictures that I could see. But in general, I can, you can feel it when you go somewhere. Just kind of like the kind of energy of it, the kind of vibe of it. But in the last place I lived in, it took about a week, but in about a week into it, I started to kind of imprint and could feel that my energy was more dominant there.

Then whoever was there before, even though it was a model home, but like all the hundreds of people that walked through that house, if not thousands of people that have walked through that house.

Here's the thing, let me explain it like this. I wish I had like a handy dandy notebook to show you, to kind of draw this out. But imagine that you see a stick figure and over that stick figure you see a thought form. You know like the old school thought forms where you see like a little thought bubble. And imagine that in that thought form is a something someone is thinking of, maybe the thinking of someone they love and they feel they have a heart in the middle of that thought for because they're feeling love. The thing is normally the way we think about it is that that thought doesn't exist other than just a thought inside of our mind, but the thing is our thoughts. They are invisible, which means they're not visible to the ice spectrum, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

It just means that they're not other frequency that we can see yet. All thoughts, anything that manifests in life starts as a thought is just that we continue to think that thought and then eventually it crystallizes into reality, through persistence, through focus, through a lot of emotion or whatever it is, but the thoughts that we think are much more alive than we think.

I recently did a video and it's not out yet, but it's called like thoughts are things literally like not. It's not just a metaphor. Thoughts were literally things we just can't see. Imagine it like this. There is a grid around all of our bodies. We all have in electromagnetic energy around our body and around our body. There will be an aura around our body of how we feel, the emotions we have, and what happens is the thoughts that we're consistently thinking and feeling will normally be within that energy field.

For about 30 days or more, we have a certain momentum of thoughts. We have a certain momentum of those thoughts that we've been having and that's why sometimes we made change the momentum, but it may take a while. Maybe it kind of bleeds out the older momentum we had to go because there's a momentum that we have within our energy field of the thoughts that we have, so those thoughts are within our field.

 We may not actually see it, and then when we go out into the world, those patterns that resonate with certain experiences, certain people, and that is something that influences our reality and links us up to those experiences.

The vibration we have, we will experience what is equal to that vibration in our life. That's why being aware of what we're putting in our electromagnetic field is important.

We will experience what is equal to the vibration in our life.

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Here's the thing though, just like we are individually creating or choosing our own reality with this energetic field together, collectively, many people on the planet are doing the same thing. We are all connected and we are all. There's an electromagnetic around the earth of what we are all consistently thinking of. We can call this the collective consciousness. All connected and when you go out into the world, different locations have a different vibration depending on the thoughts those people have had before you think of it in a way like an energy trail.

I may walk if you've ever seen, you know, maybe you've seen like the psychedelic movies where you see like these trails or something like that or. I'm trying to think of what a good analogy would be. If you have like a light strobe, a strobing light that's going really brightened that you were to move around. You'd see kind of a trail of it or the trail of like when you have sparks on like fourth of July and there are little sparks, and you're moving them around.

You can see figure eights and stuff. Think of it like a trail like that, like you know, there's not millions and millions of different, you know, the figure eight, you're doing it in that, in that motion, but it's like you're just kind of seeing the trail of it and the same way we leave a trail of thoughts all around us with everything that we're thinking and those thoughts with time end up being imprinted on the location that we priorly were or just that we're going into.

For example, if certain places on the earth have a very high vibration, some people call these the Chakra points of the earth. There's one in Hawaii, there's one in Mount Shasta, California. There's one in Sedona. That's one of the reasons I go to Sedona every four to six weeks is because the energy there is very high.

You go to Peru, you go to heir's rock in Australia, there are places, I think the Stonehenge is one of them. There's, there are different places on the planet. They also have something called Ley lines that have to do it. The grid of the planets. That's why the ancients put the pyramids on certain formations, on the lay lines because of the vibration of it, but in general, those places have a certain vibrational frequency. I was listening recently to an audio book from Sadhguru if you've ever heard of him.

He's like a famous, well-known guru, like enlightened guy from India and he was talking in one of his books about going to certain places because of the spiritual energy there and how you can soak it in and it literally will influence you and it got me thinking about this more because it's something I've always really thought of and you know, it's my way of looking at it.

As you go to these places and their spiritual places and you end up in a way kind of bringing in and bringing those places within you and it becomes something that influences you. Even at subconscious levels. Maybe you've seen people before that go on some type of trip. They didn't expect it to happen. Then they come back and maybe they start changing their diet around.

They start changing their habits. They start meditating, whatever it is. It could be because they tapped into the vibration of that place and that place has then started to influence them, so this is something I've been aware of for years, but now I'm actually starting to put it down on paper or at least put it out there.

Here's the thing, Palo Santo or stage have the power inside of it to clear negative energy may be, I'm not sure. I don't know 100 percent, but what I do know is that there's thousands or hundreds of thousands of people, native Americans in the past that have used sage to clear spaces. Just because of the energy, the energy matrix of the planet.

There've been so many other people that have used sage to with the intention of healing or you know, with the intention of clearing the space, the vibration of different places. It has almost like a strong gravity of power because it's worked for so many other people. Of course, the power is always within us, but do I need the sage? Do I need the Palo Santo? I could probably do it just with my thoughts alone, but I use it as a tool.

I use sage, Palo Santo, I've cleared the space plenty. It's starting to become of my vibration because I live here and I'm always coming in and thinking about the trail I'm leaving everywhere I go and I'm, you know, that's one of the things when I knew I wanted this house, I thought of all the amazing content that I can make and in a way, that's something that inspired me because I'm like, man, I'll be in such a good vibration.

And that was something that I knew I could focus on. In general, the thoughts that we have that we think are invisible, they are invisible until they materialize. However, it doesn't mean they don't exist. It just simply means that we don't see them with our ice spectrum. The key to this is being aware of what we are putting out, what thoughts we're putting out and how that stays in our energy field, and then being aware of what locations we go to.

Here's a hack. If you want to experience more of the vibrational resonance of what you want to experience, something that you could do is you could go to the vibration you go to a place that has the vibration of what you want to exist in. For example, if you wanted a certain job, you could go to that job already and hang out there, kind of go around and see what it's like to be there. If you're allowed to at start to soak in the vibration of that place.

You know, I want to be and I'm going to going to be in the next couple of months doing seminars and doing conventions and stuff like that where I speak in front of a lot of people. I could go to these conventions now and see what it's like and be in the vibration of it because there have been many other people that have given talks.

Maybe even go on stage and see what it's like there because there's a certain energy bubble, a certain energy trail of the prior speakers that have been there. Maybe it's on a totally different subject, but it still has a similar vibration, so what you could do is if you wanted to, for example, this is the analogy I normally always use, but it's kind of easy to understand. If you wanted to own your own art gallery, you could go to an actual art gallery.

You could talk to the owner and get to the vibrational field of the owner of that art gallery to see what their thought process is like, and as you put yourself in that vibration, it will start to affect you in a powerful way. This is about the awareness of the vibrational places that you go to. This is the awareness of the kind of people that you talk about because everything, everyone you've talked to has a certain energy field and you can kind of feel it and you could feel and you can cultivate your own house to have a certain vibration as well.

Just recently, I had some family come over and look at the house, my dad and my sister more specifically and I love him to death. However, they start every now and then they bicker at each other and it's kind of like a sarcastic argument type thing. But my sister, I come from a family that we all have very loud voices.

I'm sure that you've heard about my videos. I have a very loud voice. My, my dad and my sister both have loud voices, so when everyone's talking it's just really, really loud and I have my house set up a certain way. I have where I put the intention into it. I'm creating a lot of content out of it, so I take it.

It's almost like my sacred space.

I put music in the background, I have a water fountain with water, with like a water sound. I this very serene, peaceful, Zen type environment and that's the way I view it and I take pride in it. Not in a way like, oh look how nice my house is, but more so like this is, this is the energy that I cultivate and I don't let just anybody over.

I don't have like parties and stuff like that. Because also I realized that when people come over, they're leaving their imprints. They're literally bringing in the imprint of their vibration into it. Someone comes over that has a very negative vibration, you know, not that it's the end of the world because that can be cleared.

However, it's just like, you know, you just got. I'm just mindful of what I bring into my house.

My family has a good vibration. I'm not saying they have a lower vibration or anything, but what I'm saying is they came over, they were looking at the house, having a great time, but then they started bickering about something randomly and my sister has a loud voice and she's very argumentative sometimes she kind of gets that.

I used to be in forensics debate in high school and that's kind of where I knew I wanted to become a speaker. She also loves forensics debate and she's in high school now, so she's a lovely lot, about 10 years younger than me and uh, she kind of has that personality sometimes, but she started to argue with my dad and it started to get louder and louder and eventually I was like, you know what?

That stuff doesn't fly in my house. I don't want to hear it. There's no point. This argument's ridiculous anyway, drop it, talk about it later or whatever. Just not here. And I didn't mean to be rude about it, but it's like, it's almost like I just, I take a very aware of the vibration of that I live in or the pie place I live in and this is not just like where I lay my head at night.

This is where I work too. It's like I like to have a high vibration because I'm constantly putting out content. You know, I make a video a day on YouTube. I do two or three Instagram posts a day. I go live every couple of days. I do podcasts more often now. I'm trying to do two or three a week. Um, I do editing, I do all my work here, and I work, you know, quite often.

I take it kind of like, you know, we can have fun. Fun is different. Fun is a good high vibration. But the argument and stuff that lowers the vibrational frequency of the place and that will leave like a trail. And have you ever felt to that maybe you go somewhere and you felt like you kind of walked into something or you like pick something up in a way? Well, we can only pick up that which we have somewhat of an activation of vibration within us.

First, from a certain level, I could be like, well I've, I just don't. If I ignore the argument that they're having, maybe it won't affect me, but that could work. However, I'm just being honest with myself and if the path of least resistance for me, it just says, “Hey, stop.”

Just, there's no, there's no need for that. That seems easier to me than like trying to put up this wall, you know, or something like that. Something else that I do every night before I go to bed. This might sound different and wasn't going to share this, but I might as well before I go to bed every night. What I do is I put an electromagnetic grid. I imagine electromagnet that grid or on my bed and what I do is I put the intention that all the energy around my body and around my bed is transmuted into love energy.

It's like if I have any thoughts or any thoughts bouncing around that are negative, they don't necessarily affect me while I'm sleeping or affect my energy field at all except for in a positive way and I set the intention that I wake up in the morning feeling energized and then I sleep very good to get very deep sleep and I said all these intentions and I find that by doing so, I get amazing results.

I wake up feeling refreshed. I have great sleep, so it's something that I am mindful of that I put the intention into. When I chose this place, I actually looked at many other different places and one thing I did is I went to this high luxury place in Vegas. There's called vantage, some high-rise condos and they're very nice. They have loft style views of the city. A couple floors up, you know, it was really nice.

There were a little pricier, but I was like, oh man, it'd be cool to film there to have like the view of the Strip in the background and I was thinking about it. I go there to take a tour of it to get to look around and right when I walk into one of the buildings or just in general, just from getting there, I could feel almost a constriction.

I felt like I could hardly breathe. Like I had to really take a deep breath to breathe in and to me, it just felt like that was assigned to me that this vibration is not compatible. It felt like it was really constricting my breathing and as weird as that sounds, that made me know, hey, this is not the place for you. And I went and looked in, I looked around, I was like, oh yeah, it's kind of Nice. It wasn't as nice as I thought. I was like, okay, I want a house.

I know it's a luxury apartment, but I want a little more space in between me and my neighbors and stuff like that. I decided I wanted a house and then luckily, I went to two or three different houses. This is the best vibration out of all of them. Plus, it was the best layout that I liked. I ended up going to this house. But you can feel it almost you can feel when you go to certain places, what is the vibration of those place, whereof that place that you're going into?

And some of the things that I recommend you do is to become more aware of the vibration of your house. And it'd be a little bit more mindful of maybe you know who comes over. You know, if you're bringing over people that are venting to you though, that venting is literally. And even though it's invisible, you can't actually see the thought forms that venting is being spewed and like vomited all around your house.

So, be aware of a clear it. If so, I mean sometimes I get, I get it. You have family members or certain things that go on trying to help someone and phatic and helping them. I get it, however, be aware and then cleared the space afterward. Understand that if you want to vibrationally resonate with a certain reality, go to a place where that's already the vibration. Begin to tap into. It began to be around people in the energy field of the people that you want to be similar to.

They say we are the average of the five people were around the most. One of the reasons that is too is it's not just because, oh, you know, it's like you're around them. You're going to think similar to them. It's like you literally resonate at the same vibration of them. You pick up on the same pattern subconsciously.

I know me and my buddy Victor moved to Vegas like a year and a half ago, and since he's lived here, there's a lot that's changed about my habits. I eat a lot cleaner now. He eats very clean. He counts his macros, which means it counts as calories and stuff. I never, I used to look at that like, oh, that seems like a ridiculous why account the macro. It seems very rigid, but I started to do it and guess what? I more energy than ever before. I better shape than ever before. I've lost about 10 pounds of fat that I had. Um, I am stronger. I'm more built. I'm getting more muscular.

Just like those habits, those things, those things really influence one another. I'd be very, very mindful of who you bring into your space, knew who you're around a lot because you're literally going to vibrationally, resonate more with them. Pay attention to the energy around you. And what I would recommend is maybe go to some of these spiritual places on the planet. Maybe go to Sedona, go to Mount Shasta, go to Hawaii.

Why do you think a lot of people go to Hawaii for honeymoons? Hawaii is the Heart Chakra of the planet, and when people go there, it literally opened up their heart. Maybe people go there and they feel it and the right and they feel so much love or they go there and then they want to come back for our honeymoon because they felt that resonance and it's something that is like the capital of where people go for a honeymoon.

A lot of people go to Hawaii for their honeymoon because of that reason. Many different places have an imprint of even ancient societies. A lot of ancient information may have been left in the temples in Egypt, so going there, it's not just, Oh, I got some cool pictures for Instagram. You go there, you literally tap into the vibrational matrix of that place.

Remember that there is an electromagnetic energy around your body and in the same way, there's one around the planet and different places. We go to have a different frequency, a different compression of energy and were able to influence ourselves in a very powerful way there. With all of this being said, that's how you can practically apply it.

You can allow yourself to become more aware of your own vibration, how you can influence what's your experience in your life and influenced your own vibration in a powerful way and just know that the more you take ownership of where you are and your space and you hold it more as sacred, the more sacred it will be to you. That's what I've done in my life. I've cultivated that vibration and my work environment at home and it's something that's really helped me.

It's something I know is a little bit different, but I wanted to share it with you because that's what the podcast is all about and your kind of just sharing these ideas. Some things that maybe I haven't shared on YouTube before. Let me know what you think of this episode. If you could respond to my newest Instagram @aaron_doughty44 on Instagram and respond to my newest post. On a comment and let me know what you think of this episode. That would be awesome. That gives me feedback as to know how many more episodes I should be doing. Let me know what you thought.

Balance, Importance and the Law of Attraction

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you more on balance the Law of Attraction and the importance of understanding how we can walk this fine line that we create, what we want easier than ever. I'm going to show you exactly how to do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you is more on understanding how to walk in this balance with the Law of Attraction, how not to give things excess importance or excess meaning, and how to do this in the easiest way so that you create easier than ever. This has to do with the understanding of the energy components of the manifestation process and how we can best go through it without having this resistance.

The key to this whole process is understanding how to be ourselves, and it also has to do with our self-image of how we see ourselves. Let me ask you this question. How do you see yourself as the best version of you? If you see the best version of you and it's on this kind of pedestal, it's like, Whoa, that would be so amazing for me to be that kind of person.

Then what happens is we've in a way put it on a pedestal and what we've done is we've reemphasized that that is not who we are already. The cool thing is that what we can begin to do is start to embody that version of us right now in the present moment, but the key to this is choosing that. That's who we are and that things in our life that we want to create our natural for us.

Many times, what we do unconsciously is we just put everything on a pedestal, all of everything. We want to create a lot of people that reach out to me and DMS asked me how I can help them manifest a person into their life or how to get something they really, really need anytime there's that kind of energy where it's like, that would make me so happy if I were to achieve that. And we're kind of looking out to that.

What we end up doing is we end up externalizing our own happiness and what we're saying is the version of me that, that is natural for. That's not who I am because I think that that's something that's so, so cool. If it did happen, now we can still have this passion, this desire or this, uh, this, this moving in a certain direction, but it's about having this balance that I'm speaking about.

I was recently reading a book and it was mentioning the Tao Te Ching. The Tao means the way, and it's a book that's been around for thousands of years that it's about this way. How do I walk the way now what I understand about it and what I've come to really understand because as some you know, I teach a process that's called Reality Transurfing.

That's from a book that was written by a quantum physicist named Vadim Zeland in Russia and I made hundreds of videos on it and it has to do with this understanding of importance and it has to do with understanding how not to give things excess importance because when we give them excess importance, we put them on a pedestal. We create resistance and we end up blocking us from experiencing it, but the key to the whole process is understanding how to walk.

The way I'm seeing the correlation between the Book, The Reality Transurfing and that of reading about the Tao and it's interesting because it's bringing in eastern philosophy into the Law of Attraction in a way that I don't really see many people talking about and it has to do without knowing that anytime we give something in the extreme, the Tao is about understanding that extremes are something you don't want to fall into. Because anytime you're in the extreme, it's going to drain your energy. If you really want something, you're also saying, “I don't currently have it”, and you're probably feeling the yearning for it, which is not the vibrational resonance of the reality that you want to experience.

The key is to understand that you're good either way, that once you want to experience the best version of you that's experienced in it for that version of you achieving goals is natural. It is a part of who you are. It's just that a lot of times with the Law of Attraction, what we focus on is we focus on what we can get from what we want to experience rather than the kind of person we will become, and the key is to focus more on the person that we will become.

Because when we do that, we embodied more of the resonance of that. We ended up developing a lifestyle of something that continues to fulfill itself over and over again. If we get something and we want something, we experienced it in their life in less than we can become that kind of person, we may lose that thing, but it's also about knowing this balance, this balance of importance, or we don't give too much importance. With the process of Reality Transurfing, for example, it's about understanding importance.

Anything we give too much importance, we create resistance around and we distance ourselves from it. The key to this is understanding the self-image and our self-image is what controls our life experience. Subconsciously we may not be aware of it, but we view ourselves, we will do everything within our power subconsciously to remain consistent in the way that we view ourselves. If we view ourselves as only able to make $50,000 a year, but we're going ourselves at $100,000 a year and we think that would be so cool for us to experience in it.

And how cool would that be? And we only see ourselves as able to make 50 k but we want the 100 k will experience blocks along the way. And I won't be something that happens easily. The key is to see ourselves as already the kind of person that generates $100,000 or more a year in revenue or in whatever business we're in, but that's the kind of person we are.

The version of you that's making 100 k a year or more. That version of you, it's natural for that version of you. It's only cool. It really awesome from the point of view of the person that's making 50 k a year, but you can choose to identify more with the version of you that adds more value. This is why I say it's about the person we become in so many of my videos because it really is more of a mindset. It's more of a, a way of being. It's more of a lifestyle.

And when we start to embody that version of us, no one can take anything away from us because we can always recreate it. It's the kind of person that we are. For this whole process of balance important and the Law of Attraction, what I encourage you to do is to be aware to your own energy in how you relate to your manifestations of what you want to experience in your life, to the goals that you have. How do you relate to those goals?

And when you become aware of how you relate to it, you can see, well what is my self-image around this goal? Maybe it's a relationship. Maybe you want to attract a relationship in your life and how cool would it be to have someone else to wake up to every day? And if you think like that, how cool would that be? You may be making resistance around it.

You may be putting that on a pedal stool. The key is to see that as natural and to know that that's just a part of who you are. But if you have a belief that says that relationships are hard to attract, you always attract the same type of person over and over again. You see yourself as the kind of person that can't sustain a relationship.

Then that is not in resonance with the version of you that naturally easily attracts a loving relationship, so this is why, once again it's about the person we become because if we're the kind of person that has amazing relationships, then it's more likely that we will resonate with that kind of reality, but you view yourself as somebody that doesn't have that. Then there's a disconnect there. There's no resonance.

The key to this is understanding the energy in the direction of what you experienced in your life and that kind of balance that you have in your life. Are you doing something not enough or are you doing to him things too much? For example, I have to learn to balance out my own willpower. What I mean by that is actually on the other side of the spectrum, I am so focused on what I'm doing that sometimes I don't have as much of a just relax type experience. I am. I work 14 hours a day because I love what I do. Go to the gym. I eat a very clean diet. I very rarely have a cheat meal.

I didn't cheat meal yesterday because I had a friend in town, but it was literally the first cheat meal in like two months because I've been eating so clean and I like eating clean because it keeps me in a high vibrational state and they keep me so that when I'm working I'm doing everything very efficiently, but at the other side of that, if I'm given it too much, meaning if I make it too important, I create resistance.

That's why they say the path is the way, the way is where we want to go. Not on either extreme. You can have a monk who becomes sell celibate, but if all they're doing is thinking about sex than the idea is that that may be create and draining so much of that person's energy. It's about understanding this balance of everything, the balance of diet, the balance of lifestyle, the balance of relationships.

Because the thing is if we don't have that balance, then it's going to always teeter in different directions. It's going to drain us of energy in order for us to really create what we want in our life. It is necessary that we put energy in a certain direction and the energy comes from focus, embodying the state of being that we prefer, but if we are drained of our own energy because of importance, we're not going to have the energy for that.

I think something that's a lot of times that I want to make more videos about that I don't hear talked about very often is in manifestation. It takes an amount of focus, but the focus is easy when you're passionate about it, when it's something you're passionate about, focus natural focuses to part of who you are. For me to focus 12 to 14 hours a day in my business, it's so easy because I love to do it and I wouldn't have it any other way, so it's easy.

It's natural, and the key is it paying attention to what that is. Here's the cool thing. If we're saying to the present moment, we don't have something, then yes, we are going to feel as if we don't have it. The which means that we're going to emphasize the resistance to it. However, anything that we're passionate about is part of the way that I'm speaking about.

You don't create excess potential. Even the book, Reality Transurfing, it's talked about that when it's something you're passionate about, it generates more energy versus somebody that has to go to a nine to five job that they hate. If they go and they're there for so many hours, they're overworking themselves. They're draining so much energy, but if they go do something they love, it's self-sustaining because they love doing it. That's why I can do what I do and some people don't like what I say. Sometimes when I talk about the Law of Attraction and taking action because I'm a proponent, I like taking action. That's the kind of person that I am.

I understand there's this element of energy. I understand there's this element of emotional alignment, but I do both. I do both. I aligned both and I'm not saying that there aren't ways of going about it that's maybe a little bit more allowing, but for me in my own life, this is what resonates for many people too and for me. I see. It's the missing key.

Many people are imbalanced with this because they are focused on what they want to create. They're thinking about it, but they're not moving the energy in any way in that direction, and sometimes you got to move the energy and the way you move the energy is you could take action, you can take one step, you can meet the universe halfway.

It's like wanting to attract a person into our lives, but if we never go outside our house, it's not really likely to happen, but if you put yourself in opportunities and situations like, you know what? I'm going to go do this sometimes even in uncomfortable situations because of the unknown is where the magic happens.

Then we opened up the opportunities for us, but if we're following our passion, we're in alignment with that way. We're not draining our energy but think about it regarding energy. Is there something that is draining your energy and if so, are you giving it too much focus?  You can let go of that resistance by seeing it as natural because that's the kind of person you've become. That's always more powerful and that's when they say successful people say, no matter what, even if they take this away from me, I can always recreate it because people always ask.

They say, what would you do if you lost all that money? They always say the same thing. I would just recreate it because I know what to do. I am the kind of person that generates abundance, so it's the key. The key is that kind of perspective of this balance going along the way, doing what you're passionate about, having it and linking up your self-image with the best version of you because as you link up to the best version of you and know that that's who you are, things become natural.

For me to grow on YouTube. The way I see myself is this is the kind of person I am. Whereas when I was at maybe 2000 subscribers and I would have seen the goal or saw like in the future, the possibility of having over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, I'd have been like, that's so cool.

I would have created resistance around it. I really want it, but instead, I became the kind of person beforehand that generates that kind of growth because I started going all in on my passion. I started stepping in and because it is connected to my heart, it's something that came to fruition. Follow your heart. Your heart doesn't have excess potential. Your heart doesn't have too much meaning in one direction or the other. Your heart doesn't require so much energy to follow.

To follow your heart is very easy to do. It's just a choice that you have to make and sometimes making that choice might not go in alignment with everyone else around you.

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To follow your heart is very easy to do. It's just a choice that you have to make and sometimes making that choice might not go in alignment with everyone else around you. Everyone else around you, I. What are you passionate about that?

It could have been a great lawyer. Why are you doing that? You could have been great, you know, you want to be a musician.

They don't get paid that well, the only a small percentage of people, but that's listening to the peanut gallery and it's not necessary. You can make your own way if you're passionate about it, do it. Go for it. Believe in yourself.

I got told many times on my path, what am I doing? Why am I doing a daily video? Especially when I had like less than a hundred subscribers and there are people that were like, you know, I was that guy. Remember I was talking to a friend about it at a get together recently because we were talking about how I talked about this for a while, how I was doing it. It's not like, oh, I'm going to do this in the future, but I'm like, I'm making videos. This is eventually going to be something I think that I do one-day full time and everyone, a lot of friends that heard me say that thought it was a pipe dream.

They're like, oh cool. They're like, I could see it in their faces. Like, “Oh yeah, yeah”, but I was talking to one of them recent Eddie gets together. He was like, yeah man, I thought it was a total pipe dream. Didn't think it was going to happen whatsoever. You know, there are people like that, but it's okay.

She's had to believe in yourself and you have to go forth and then when you do when you do make it or whatever it is, then they'll have the conversations and we're like, that's awesome man, and then I'm really excited for you. They may admit, they may say, “Hey, I was going to happen at all,”.

But guess what? If I let anybody else influence me, it wouldn't have happened. It would have knocked me out of balance. If I would have kept it on a pedestal, it would've created resistance. The key is to link up your self-image to become that kind of person, to buy into yourself and to follow your heart. That's the key to this whole process.

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