Simplifying ALL Law of Attraction Teachings into ONE Formula

Today, I will show you the truth behind all Law of Attraction teachings, the fundamental principles of all of them and how you can easily apply it so that you powerfully change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the truth on all Law of Attraction teachings and I'm going to show you the fundamental principles that underlie every single one of them. This is actually something I've realized after I have studied, literally don't even know how many different concepts, different processes, different ways for going about things, and the thing that I noticed is that there's a certain pattern.

There's a certain level of consistency that flows through every single one of these teachings, and what this shows me is that is that there is a fundamental truth in them that underlies all of them. The difference depends upon the person that is teaching whatever part of it or the kind of way that that person thinks, and as if. And just like there are different people that have a different way of explaining things.

There are different people that resonate with how certain people explain things, however, they are all rooted in this same fundamental principle, and I'm going to be sharing with you a formula that I've noticed in every single teacher and every single teaching and every single philosophy that actually that I found works and how you can easily apply that as well.

First off, let me go through a couple of the major teachings that you may be familiar with and one of them maybe that of Abraham Hicks, if you've heard of Abraham Hicks before Abraham Hicks has been around for quite a while. Abraham Hicks was in the original movie the secret before they edited it.

 And Abraham Hicks is someone that's, uh, it's Esther Hicks, but Abraham is the energy that flows through her to where she has the kind of information. I'm sure you've maybe heard of her before. And it's about understanding the way that it's explained. It's about understanding that we're all vibration.

Everything that we want to create is from a certain vibration.

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That everything that we want to create is from a certain vibration. Understanding that what we should do or what most do is increase our state of being.

That when we increase our state by doing, by getting in what is called the vortex or by feeling better, always thinking of the next billion best feeling thought, and then focusing on what we want. We experience more of what we want, so it is mainly about understanding how to think in correlation with what we want to experience, but nonetheless, it's about the emotion and it's about the thinking.

It's about the direction of our thoughts. Abraham Hicks has been around a long time. Many people have heard a lot of the content from them and that's something I find to be powerful. However, it's rooted in this idea of increased the state of being increased. Think of the next best feeling thought and then from there, focused on what you want.

Let's look at someone like Tony Robbins. I've been diving a lot into Tony Robbin's content lately because I have been just interested in the valley. He teaches a lot about values. How to understand how we value things in our lives and how those values control the destiny of our lives, so I find it very interesting, but I've been studying his philosophy as well, and guess what? It's rooted in almost the same type of energy, the same type of thing.

It increased your state of being, our state of being controls our life, understanding how to take control of the factors that come into play, so how to control what we associate pain with, what we associate pleasure with so that we can then use that for our advantage, but nonetheless a lot of what he talks about, his focus, focusing on what we want, taking action, being in the vibration that we want.

He talks a lot about taking action and he talks about that of focus. It's focus state of being taking action. What are the consistencies we see here so far? State of being and focus. What about Abraham Hicks, state of being and focus? Let's look at the newest one that I've been a really all about within the last like eight months, and that is the process called Reality Transurfing is a book that was written by a quantum physicist in Russia named the Vadim Zeland.

It's a book that brings into consideration the way reality works, understanding it from energy dynamic level, how to align with the best version of ourselves and what it has to do with the understanding that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and that we can experience what we want by embodying the frequency now so we don't have to create it because from the point of view of quantum physics, it already exists.

It's about simply aligning with that energy, so because of that, there is this common thread that you use with Reality Transurfing. It literally means something that is called Transurfing through the Alternative Space, surfing through the alternative space, which sounds a little bit weird. It's like, what does that mean? It means things are easier. It means gliding through the process and the way that you do Reality Transurfing has to do with your state of being.

With being connected to your heart and with having what is called a slide, having this focus on what you want to experience. If you align your emotion with the focus that you have, anyone body it, then you experienced what you want. I found it to be very powerful as well because what Reality Transurfing, if he makes, is different than a lot of the other teachers is it talks about the decrease in importance and having the right alignment to what we want to experience. Because anytime we put something on a pedestal, we created resistance around it and went that resistance.

It then happens to where we block it from our experience because what we're saying is, I want that. I don't have that is what that means, so here also is another teaching that maybe you've heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe Dispenza was in a documentary called what the bleep do we know? He's written some books like how to break the habit of being yourself.

He's written books such as becoming supernatural to science of going beyond the ordinary, something like that. I don't know the exact title, but if something like that and he's an author and he also does a lot of seminars, but nonetheless, he's very good at what he does and he teaches people how the quantum physics of how they create their reality and how to embody the best versions of themselves. What is his formula? His formula is actually the same as almost every single other person.

It's just explained in a little bit different way. The formula is simply this combined the intention. You have an increase that intention you have by having a clear focus of what you want to experience and couple that with an elevated emotion. A lot of what Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about in his newest books is how to connect the energy of our heart and how to increase the energy field around our body by going beyond that of our body, but nonetheless is rooted in a similar ideology of increased the feeling in your heart, which is the emotion, and then increase the amount of intention you have by being very clear as to what she wants to experience.

In the same way, every single one of these teachings is rooted in that. Have merely this, increase your emotion, increase your state of being. And sometimes what this may mean as it all rhymes all the time, all right, I'm done, is what you want to do is even if you had negative experiences in the past, you want to allow those to be there. You want to observe them, and then what you want to do is you want to make the conscious choice to let them go because then what happens if you let go of patterns that don't serve.

Tony Robbins would say that you let go of patterns that don't serve, and by letting go of those patterns, you start to condition yourself in a completely new way. Abraham Hicks might say that as you stopped paying attention to the thoughts that you were thinking before, you start bringing in those characteristics of those kinds of life experiences and as you keep thinking of the next best thought, next best offer, next best thought. You leave that old past behind you.

See, the past does not equal who we are. We are who we choose to be in the present moment right now, and the only way that we reiterate the past into the future is if we keep telling ourselves a story that keeps us tied to the past. That's what Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks, even Reality Transurfing, Dr. Joe Dispenza, they all talk about something similar where it's the story, the same thoughts. Dr. Joe Dispenza would say, 90 percent of what we think is recycled from the day before of the 60 to 70,000 thoughts we think a day.

Therefore, we create the same thing over and over again. We think the same thoughts. We triggered the same emotions. We take the same actions. We, therefore, create the same things over and over and over again. We have to get outside of that pattern thinking, so the key is to let all of this go in our sand that we can be who we prefer to be in the present moment. Let go of the story, let go of anything that's holding you back and understand that you can reframe it and what can happen if you can reframe it positively and that can drive you.

You can literally transmute all of that so that you start to put that into a powerful direction. But nonetheless, what is it about taking that story, observing it, letting it be there, and then letting it go. The only way that changes is with conscious choice. If we're not aware that we cannot change it, we cannot change what we do not own and we cannot change that which we are not aware of.

All these teachings have in common that it's about letting go of the story. We tell ourselves, understanding that we are who we choose to be in the present moment right now, understanding that the more we condition ourselves in the present moment, the more we experience what we want. Tony Robbins calls this and AC Nero.

Associative conditioning is where we condition in ourselves what we want, the patterns that we want to focus on, what we want to associate so much pleasure with what we want, that we then start to move towards it because there's these two mechanisms in our lives that control our whole entire life and that's the same for everyone. This is the exact same mechanism. It works for every single person on the planet, whether they're aware of it or not.

We will always move in the direction of what we associate or we think will bring us pleasure and will always move away from that which we associate or think will bring us pain. Same for every person. The difference is what people associate with pain and pleasure that has to do with their values.

That has to do with the way they see themselves, their self-image. But what you can begin to do is understand what you associate with pain and pleasure and associate pleasure with being the best version of yourself, associate pleasure with going to the direction that you want or Dr. Joe Dispenza that would be going beyond that which is normal.

Going beyond that which is an ordinary, experiencing more than our reality by thinking new thoughts, by stretching outside of what is priorly comfortable becoming comfortable and familiar with the unfamiliar or the uncomfortable, and that takes repetition. That takes conditioning. Neuro, associative conditioning for Tony Robbins, conditioning for Dr. Joe Dispenza up Abraham Hicks.

It's getting the vortex is a vortex. Think positive thoughts. Think these thoughts that make you feel good. Pay attention to how you feel and move up the vibrational scale, and then you begin to increase your vibration. When you increase your vibration, things just happen.

Things happened very powerfully. In Reality Transurfing is understanding how to be connected to our hearts. It's understanding how to know things, can be easy to have the clear picture of what we want and make the choice to do that because in Reality Transurfing, if you don't have to try to do anything, you simply choose it. You don't create your own reality.

You choose it because it already exists. It comes at it from the point of outcome. Here's another similar thing between a lot of these teachings outcome, so Abraham Hicks focused on what you want. Tony Robbins have clear outcomes. If you don't have outcomes, you don't have direction. Have a clear outcome of what you want to experience.

Simply set more goals. You set more goals, you have outcomes. You'll be able to make these things more probabilities. Reality Transurfing, become clear as to what you want because the more intentions you set, the more you experience what you want.

Having more intentions will transform your life. Dr. Joe Dispenza, very similar understanding. The more we focus on anything, the more we bring that into our life. These are all rooted in the very similar, the same type of audiology you will resonate with ever with whichever one you find most values in or you relate to the most. Maybe you relate to Tony Robbins the most, or maybe part of you is like, no, I liked Dr. Joe Dispenza because like the quantum physics side of it.

No, I liked the more esoteric stuff, so I like Reality Transurfing. I like to be very simple in general. I like Abraham Hicks, whichever one you like. It's your cup of tea is totally cool, but the key is to be aware of what that is, but understand there are all rooted in the same fundamental thing. What do I teach on my channel? Beliefs create our reality, so it's a very similar type of thing.

Put the energy in the direction that you want to have the focus, increase your state of consciousness which has increased your state of being and aligned with who you really are. These are all rooted in the same fundamental principles, but we can have different flavors of the month if you will. There may be some that you enjoy because you relate to a for a certain period of time.

The key is to be aware of what that is and to simply decide that this works for me. Here's the thing, the true power is not in any process that anyone shares with you. The true power is within you and the permission you give it to work. Many of these are just tools. There's certain processes, certain ways to go about it, but the true power is within you and whichever one resonates with you more will be the one that works for you.

For some people, they may just like, I'm just going to stick with this one process. Abraham Hicks, I'm going to think better thoughts. I'm going to get into this vortex and I'm going to experience everything I want that works. I know people that that's all they do and they get amazing results from it. I know people that follow Tony Robbins very to the book, everything he says and they get amazing results from it.

I know people that follow Dr. Joe Dispenza, and I know people that follow Reality Transurfing. It's all the same. Go with what works for you, but understand that the reason there's a thread that goes through all of these is because it's rooted in something that works and that's what is powerful, so whichever one you want, know that if you believe it works, then it will know there's a thread of truth that lies through all of these and it's a powerful tool for you use, but the main power exists within you.

This is the truth of all Law of Attraction teachings. This is what you can begin to apply, set more intentions. Understand that as you elevate your emotion and as you increase your intention, you're going to be creating a powerful manifestation of what you want your life and as you move in that direction, everything in your life will change.

Just like I was talking to me to go about that process of Reality Transurfing, what am I most powerful? Meditations is understanding how to align with our goals in a completely new way. Understanding how to make things natural for us, how to decrease the importance we give to our goals.

3 Vibrational Manifestation HACKS NO ONE TELLS YOU

What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three vibrational manifestation hacks for creating what you want, easier than ever that nobody tells you. These are hacks that I use in my own life. Things I've noticed other successful people do stuff that's a little bit different, but nonetheless, I think so powerful.

So, come on and watch the video below:

Today, this video I'm going to be sharing with you those three vibrational manifestation hacks that you can use to resonate with the reality that you want. These are going to be things that I use in my own life, press things. I've noticed another other people that other people do to really resonate with the reality they want. With this, understand that when we think of the Law of Attraction, many times people are just looking at what they are thinking about.

However, what we are thinking about is one aspect of the parts because sometimes our thoughts do not translate into emotion, so I can think about certain things all I want, but if I'm not passionate about it, if it's not something that I feel that it may not be something that is relevant for me. What I want to show you how to do in this blog is how to use vibrational resonance to create and align with the reality that you want.

Think of your vibration in the form of passion. What are you passionate about? Because anytime you find something that you're passionate about, that makes it much easier for you to resonate with the reality that you want it. Because underneath passion is the feeling. Think of it in the form of everything or quantum physics shows us, is that everything in life is vibration.

It is vibrating at different frequencies. When we look at the best version of us that we can imagine the reality that we want to experience, what kind of emotions does that version of us feel? We want to look at what that person is doing. What they are thinking and how are they are feeling? Think of those three things that tailor our vibration, how we think, how we act, how we feel. Those three things. Sometimes many people just exist in the feeling aspect of it.

There just are not in the feeling in the thinking aspect of it. They're thinking about what they want. They're thinking of the Lamborghini, the thinking of the different, uh, you know, the relationship. However, we must also incorporate into that the emotion which means we should align with other things where we already filled the emotion that that thing would bring us.

For example, if it was the emotion of being in a relationship, instead of just focusing on the other person that we want to attract in our life, instead of that focus on where we already feel the compassion in our life, maybe we have that with our family so we can focus on, even though it's not romantic, we could focus on that compassionate. We feel, and by bringing in more of that emotion were more likely to resonate with that reality.

We can focus on the actions we would take, we could see that, hey, maybe the people that, uh, I'd be attracted to you, maybe they're in some type of yoga class or maybe they're at this type of event, go to that event. The action is an important part of it as well because when we do it, we open up opportunities for us to then experience that.

It's a combination of what we think, how we act and what we feel.

  1. Vibrating the same resonance

The first part of this and the first hack I'm going to be sharing with you has to do with vibrating at the same resonance of someone else that you aspire to be like. In general, it is good to be yourself. It's not like you always want to run around and you want to try to be like everybody else. However, there is a hack for this system. Anytime you are paying attention to someone else and you are immersing in their thought processes, you are beginning to resonate with them vibrationally.

For example, when I listened to Tony Robbins on Netflix, on YouTube and listened to his speeches, one of the reasons I do that is because I know that because I desire to live a similar lifestyle of Tony Robbins because I desire to have a similar type purpose as far as traveling and speaking, I pay attention to how he speaks.

How he relates to people is tonality of voice inflection. I noticed all of these things and listen to it because I know the more I immersed myself in his talks in his seminars, the more I will vibrationally resonate with him. And it's almost like they call this mirror neuron in science. When people are thinking a certain way, their brain, the way their brain works, it starts to wire in a certain way and when you listen to it, you start to resonate with it.

Literally what we are paying attention to and what we are digesting as far as the information we are starting to resonate with and the people we listened to the most. We have mirror neurons that we are linking up with. Think of it like this. To the five people, you're around the most, your brain is in the same way. The mirror neurons are wiring in a similar way to the people you're around the most.

What this means is we can begin to take this conscious awareness and do it in ways that we prefer. What I do is I listened to people I desire to be more like knowing that as I do that I am vibrationally resonating with those realities that are similar for me. Of course, I do this in my own way, so I never want to be a carbon copy of Tony Robbins doing my own speaking events, but what I do recognize is that there's a certain type of vibration he's putting out and I can make my own of that as far as the influence, as far as the abilities he has.

How can you use this in your own life? What are you putting in your environment as far as vibration, as far as what information you are digesting. For example, if you wanted to be an art gallery owner, you could either put yourself in the energy field of other people that are art gallery owners because then you're going to start to have those mirror neurons that are similar.

You could maybe mentor for one of them. You could maybe be an assistant to one of them. Maybe what you could do is read the autobiography of somebody that's an amazing artist that you know also has a gallery that they're involved with. You can link up your thoughts to those that are already doing that which you want to do, and by doing that you're going to begin to resonate and get inside their own minds. In a way.

One of the reasons I like to listen to audiobooks that are by the author of meaning. When I go to audible or I listened to audiobooks, I like audio books that the author actually speaks themselves versus like some type of narrator that's not the author. And one of the reasons I do that is because I understand that the teaching they have, they're passionate about the energy that they are saying, whatever they're talking about with is something that's contagious and many times those mirror neurons will actually translate through the audio experience.

The reason I say all this because I want you to understand that is so powerful for you to put in your environment, people that you want to be similar to maybe lifestyles. They have whatever it is, and as you do that, you will start to resonate with the reality that they have paved. You know, Tony Robbins always says, success leaves clues and if you find somebody you can get to model their behavior, you can learn to do anything.

The key to that is what I encourage is to do parts of that, but to do it in your own way, to be in your own the way that you want to go about it, but maybe using a similar type model in a way or maybe some type of similar type things. You can learn from that person because what that person does in their books and their seminars, whatever is they compress everything they've learned over 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years, and you get to digest that and an hour to hour long speech or in a book, so that's vibrational resonance at its finest and that's what you can learn to do is learn to put in your environment audio books of people.

You want to be similar to listening to seminars that people you want to be like getting into the energy of field of the field of people that you want to be similar to, and by doing that, you're going to begin to link up those mirror neurons and you're going to be thinking, feeling and acting in a similar way. As long as you make that choice. Most people just have everything in their environments on autopilot.

They're just not aware of what that is, but the moment you start to consciously decide, hey, I'm going to put this in my environment. That's when things began to change in a powerful way. This is something that I use in my own life. This is the hack that I have. I have a TV right over there. What I do is sometimes I'll put on people that I admire like someone like Tony Robbins and I imagine the state of mind he's in.

I imagine what's going through his thought processes, how he thinks his values. Just to know that that's the result he got. Then I formulate that into my own so I don't copy or I don't try to exactly mimic. I tried to be myself because many times sometimes we limit ourselves to. You may be looking at someone that you want to be like and you may just model everything they do, but what if your potential is actually outside of theirs? I don't say this in a cocky way. I'm just saying alignment in your own way. Be Open to the interpretation. Be Open to the uniqueness that you are because as you do that, you'd really be the special person you're meant to be.

  1. Create your reality

The second hack that I have for you has to do with something that I've learned that I've. I wrote down, I've had it written down on a piece of paper for about the last two, three years now has to do with our beliefs, create our reality, but it has to do with this one aspect of it.

That's a total game changer. This aspect is trusting and knowing and treating whatever your goal is, whatever your intention is, treating it as if it is law. For example, I may set this intention that in a couple of months I do my first speaking event. I set that intention, first big speaking event. I set the intention and what I do is I act as if it has already done. It is law, it is going to happen. It is destiny. I treat it like that with certainty because the certainty is where it begins to form. In reality, there are certain things that I and you are certain about those things that we're certain about come through normally a lot easier.

I may be certain that I can do certain things on with my YouTube channel because I've done them a certain amount of time, so with that as a certain level of certainty with results that come from it, there may be certain you have with speaking and doing whatever your craft is, whatever you're passionate about, whatever you're already searching about, treat whatever your goal or intention is with that same certainty.

Let me ask you a question. What are you passionate about? What are you certain that you're good at and just be honest with yourself. There's something that you are good at and you could at that and be like, Huh, well, I'm really good at getting this type of information and explaining to someone else, I'm very good at this part of my job and everyone always looks to me because this is what I'm really good at. Look at whatever that is and understand that that certainty you feel with that one thing. You can also feel that as if it's law with anything else.

Think of something really small that you don't even think about. Like for example, brushing your teeth. You have certainty that you can brush your teeth and it's on autopilot, something that's very easy for you to do now because you have certainty because it's on autopilot. It's just natural for yourself. Image, it's natural for a part of who you are. Here's another hack. When it comes to the vibration, this is all in the same second hack is see it from the point of view as being natural for yourself. Image.

Normally what will happen is if we set goals that are outside of where we currently are, many times we'll put that goal on a pedestal and we'll see it up there and we'll create resistance around it. For example, if I were for a year ago to imagine being the kind of person that can create a certain amount of videos, that gets a certain amount of exposure. If I were to look at maybe getting a certain amount of subscribers per month.

For example, on my YouTube channel and I were to look at that and I would bet, well that'd be so cool to get that many per month. I'd be putting it on a pedestal and I may create resistance around it. However, because I am now, that version of me that just creates certain type of content that gets a certain amount of exposure. It is natural for me to see myself in that way and there's nothing on a pedestal. It's just a natural byproduct of who I am.

Do you see how there's two different energy streams there? One is, wouldn't it be cool if, which puts it on a pedestal, which kind of his distant. The other one is, it's already a part of my self-image. If you were to go yourself and making $100,000 a year and currently you make 50, you'll look at 100,000. It'd be like, Whoa, that would be cool, but it's outside of the vibrational resonance, but instead if you see yourself as already the kind of person that is able to make that hundred k a year, then it's already in alignment. It's not something on a pedestal.

It's just natural for who you are, which is why sometimes seeing it in creating and connecting to how natural it would feel, still passionate doesn't mean you're void of emotion, but how natural it is, you start to also link up your self-image to it, so think about it in the form of vibrational resonance with certainty. Act as if it has already done. It is already a part of who you are.

Trust the process and see it as natural for you to experience that which you want because as you do that, you will align easier than ever with that reality.

  1. Breaking manifestation

The third hack is something that I've been using in my life for a while now and it has to do with breaking down your manifestation of what you want to create in your life. Break it down into the emotion you would feel so for example, if you want a relationship, focus on the compassion that you would have in that relationship. Is this kind of what I mentioned? The first one which you want to do is you want to milk the feeling of anything you want to experience in your life. Let me give you some examples just to make this a little bit more tangible.

It could be you want to create more money in your life. What does money mean to you? Money is a neutral idea, but we give it meaning, so the money. How do you view money? You may view money and say beans. Freedom. It means security. It means the ability to do what I want when I want to. Well, you can look at other aspects of your life where you could already do what you want.

When you want to. You'd be like, well, I'm walking around my house. It's my day off and do what I want when I want to do it. I'm going to focus on that. Remember, whatever you focus on, you literally feel so focused on where you can already feel the emotions of what you want to experience and you bring it through right now. You see, the thing is normally we have it backward.

We say to ourselves when I feel X, Y, and Z, then I can be happy, but because we are then putting our happiness in the future, it's like we are prolonging our happiness and prolonging the vibrational resonance. When instead, if we were to feel the emotion already of us having what we want, we will then create what we want easier than ever.

This is about vibrational resonance, so find out what you want to experience, but not just the what. Find out why you want it. Do you want it? Because it'll make you feel compassion. It'll make you feel free. It'll make you feel more connected. It'll make you feel passionate about what you do. Whatever it is, be aware of that and then milk the feeling. Focus on things in your life that are already there and because they're already there, you can focus on them and you can milk that and as you milk it, you will be resonating with that vibration, resonating with that reality in a way like never before.

 This is a hack that you can begin to use because then what you do is you feel the emotion beforehand and by doing that you make things happen easier than ever. This also gets us into the pattern of already feeling the gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the best ways for us to align with what we want.

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Gratitude is one of the best ways for us to align with what we want because if we feel like we already have it, we are putting out the vibration that says, this is who I am, this is what I already have.

And you want to think of terms of resonance. If you say you have gratitude, you are resonating with the reality of already having it anyways, so for this process, it's about vibrational resonance and what you can begin to do is use these three hacks that I'm sharing with you because they are so powerful. It has to do with understanding. First off, that you can find someone that you want to be similar to an immerse yourself in their thought processes.

Immerse yourself in their mirror neurons, how they think, and as you listen to their audio books, as you listened to their seminars, as you listened to them in general, or you get yourself in the energy field of them, you will be resonating more so with them. Secondly, know that as you go through the process, you can have the certainty treated as if it is already done because as you do that, you align more with the vibrational resonance of it that you can then start to trust the process and see yourself already in that way.

See it as natural for your current self-image, and then the third hack is that of aligning with the emotional vibration, by feeling the emotions prior and milking, the feeling of it. Focus on what's already in your life. Focus equals feeling, and the more you do that, the more you resonate with the vibrational resonance of that reality.

If you want help with this process, I have a free guided meditation that will show you exactly how to raise your vibrational set point and when you listen to this, this will help you to align with the reality you want to experience because as you raise your vibration, things happen easier than ever.

Reality Transurfing Meditation for “PURE Intention”

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a Reality Transurfing meditation for pure intention. This can absolutely revolutionalize the way you go about attracting what you want. I'm going to share with you a meditation to help you do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you is a guided meditation where something that is called pure intention and why it is so powerful and it is something that aligns us with the best version of ourselves using these Reality Transurfing ideas. As you know, in a lot of the videos I've been doing, what I do is I do a five, 10 minutes of the explanation. Then we wire in that idea with a guided meditation that will help us to give ourselves permission to be how we prefer to be.

If you don't know already, I've shared Reality Transurfing from quite a bit on this channel. I think I looked at the playlist the other day and there are 87 videos on Reality Transurfing and I have about another 50 or 60 videos that are ready to come out that are kind of on the sidelines, so there's going to be quite a bit and just to give it a little bit of a basis or a little bit of context for what it is.

I believe that Reality Transurfing is one of the most powerful manifestation processes that I've ever found and it makes it easier. It's a manifestation process is also a philosophy or a way for seeing the world and what it does is it makes it easier for us to permit ourselves to be the way we prefer to be. With Reality Transurfing, there's this awareness that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and that every moment we are shifting through them.

The idea is that we don't have to try to create what we want in our life because what we want to create our life already exists in what is called the alternative space. The alternative space can be thought of as an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and because it already exists, what we can learn to do is to model the behaviors, the actions, and the emotions and the thoughts of that version of us.

And as we do so, we do something that is called gliding through the space of variations. That's actually what Transurfing means. If you look at the Word Transurfing, it implies surfing, surfing through the space of variations, surfing through the parallel realities that exist to the one that you want to experience, and there is this understanding of what is called a balance of coordination, which means a balance of energy along the way so that you're not trying so hard. It's something that you could more so allow.

For this process, there is this understanding of what is called importance. Anytime we give something excess importance or excess, we give it too much importance, and that will cause resistance. It can either be negative resistance as a negative emotion or just negative resistance as in stress, but regardless, anything that we make really important, we, metaphorically speaking, we'll bring in these balancing factors that will come into play, the balance that out.

That's the analogy that's given in the book. For example, you may have experienced this anytime you put someone on a pedestal, if you put someone on a pedestal you had a crush with you, then see that normally what happens is either something happens to where it doesn't go well. Maybe they're just not attracted, or it's just something happens that kind of knocks it down. That knocks the possibility down well.

The reason being is because anything that we put on a pedestal or we give excess meaning too much importance, we immediately that has to balance itself out and usually the way it balances itself out is it takes it away from us. That's why anything we really want. Normally vibrationally, we are also saying we really, really, really, really don't currently have it, so unless the want implies the action and the energy moving in that direction or unless the want is turned into intention, which is what we're talking about in this video desire in itself under the Reality Transurfing, if in philosophy isn't what is powerful unless the desire is translated in to that of intention.

What's the difference? Desire is something that you want. It is something that you feel from within that is almost like a gap between where you are to where you want to be. An intention is like this. It can cause the energy to move, which can sometimes be a good thing, but normally that is not the case and that's what's normally taught in most Law of Attraction teachings. That desire is something that is really good and it's not really about good or bad because that's dualistic.

The polarization of thinking. It's more about does this serve me? If the desire gets you to take action and gets you to put yourself in that energy state, then it translates you into that and then the energy can start to move, but the idea of Reality Transurfing his desire in itself is not powerful. If I have a desire to put up my hand right now and I'm like, I really desire to put it up, I really want to put it up.

I really want to put up, but I don't do it. Then there was no power in that, but if I were to say, okay, I'm going to translate that into intention. I intended to put my hand up. Then I actually move along the process. This is more about intention. You can think I intended dot, dot, dot. What do you intend for? If you simply set your intentions in your life, you will begin to experience more of what you want in your life.

Think of intentions as ways of increasing probability. There's an infinite number of probabilities that exists. We're constantly shifting through different parallel realities, but when we set intentions, we increase the probability of what we want to actually happen and that's why there's something that in Reality Transurfing called the slide technique, or you imagine one frame of the reality of what you want to experience.

You imagine that frame reality and you put your eyes as if like you're there. You see through your own vision as if you're there and you embody the feelings, the emotions and that version of you. And as you do that every day for a few times a day, you start to bring characteristics of that reality in that alternative space because it already exists right now into your present life. This is about understanding the energy dynamics of manifestation.

Not just, I got to think about it. It has a little bit more to do with the balance of energy, the balance of not desiring to, much to where it used. Say I lack it, but also at the same time of intending for it. By understanding that you can have whatever you want. Knowing you can have whatever you want. You don't have to try so hard, you can more so allow things to happen.

It brings in this kind of beautiful part of almost like what you would think of as Abraham Hicks when it comes to allowing things to happen. It brings in that philosophy as well as the process of knowing it already exists, and all you have to do is intended for it. Set intentions. Here's the thing and here's what this video will do for you. Usually, what we can do, we may do we may say certain intentions are harder for us because we have less believability with it.

For example, if I will say I intend to make a million dollars tomorrow, there's a lot of resistance with that because I don't even know if one day I could make a million dollars. I know it is possible for people to make a million dollars in a day. I don't doubt that, but I don't have the reference experience for making a million dollars in one day.

Therefore, that may be something that I have resistance towards or that it's not as easy for me to attend for now. Actually, a Reality Transurfing Philosophy anyways, you don't ever want to make money the goal, you want the goal to be something that's connected to your heart because that's where the power is. It's the energy of your heart is what will move you in the direction you're supposed to be going in. Whereas the head thinks it wants the money, but the money is just a symbol.

The money equals the freedom. The money equals the emotion that we think it gives us. But the key is, is being connected to our heart at the same time, but just using the money analogy just because it's something that a lot of people can relate to. I give in. I would give them more meaning to make a million dollars then make it a thousand dollars.

That's something that most people do. Most people would say, hey, it's easier to make a $10 or to attract $10 than it is to attract $10,000,000, which is the case. But in the alternative space, the more we delineate the difference between those two, the more gap we create. And the more we solidify the parallel reality we're currently in, or it is much more easily, it's easy to trap that have $10.

The key is to drop the labels, to drop the definitions, and to link up our self-image to what is natural for the best version of us. Let me explain that. A pure intention would be that of me putting up my arm right now. There is no excess meaning. I don't doubt it. I'm not like, can I put up my hand right now? Am I good enough?

Am I worthy enough to put my hand up right now? I don't even have to think about it. And the book Reality Transurfing. If you have a DMZ and Linda uses the analogy of going out and getting the newspaper in the morning that's on your driveway now, or to a new stand because he's from Russia, so I don’t know if they have driveways, but if you were to go and get newspaper and come back. Of course, we don't really do this because it's a little bit. It's a different time.

We just, people would just go on their iPad or whatever, but if you just went out to the newspaper stand, got the newspaper, he came back. That'd be pure intention because it's not. Can I doubt, can I go to the newspaper? Am I able to grab it? Am I able to pay for it?

Am I able to give ten cents or whatever it was back in the day at least and Oracle out to my driveway and pick up the newspaper? Is this something I can do? It's a new perspective that says, okay, what is pure intention? I'm going to go to my kitchen right now. Get a glass of water. That's pure intention.

Do I doubt whether I can do it? Do I have to question myself? Do I? Do you see what I mean? That's pure intention, but when we have an intention of something that we haven't done before, can I go up to that, uh, to that girl and talk to her? Can I do that because there's this doubt with my good enough, am I, this is myself and my worthy? Do you see what I mean? We, we come up with all these stores in our mind, these stories that say, am I good enough?

 Is this the way it can be when everything is fundamentally neutral, but we give it meaning? That's more important than it has to be.

Pure intention takes out the excess meaning and it links up to the version of us where that is natural.

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What pure intention does is it takes out the excess meaning, and it links up to the version of us where that is natural. There is a version of you, and there is a version of me that can make $10,000 a day in the alternative space, even a million dollars a day.

And if we can link up with what that version of us, how that version of us feels thinks is in that parallel reality, we begin to see that their version of their pure intention, they can actually have a pure intention for making a million dollars a day or for them doing what they're passionate about because money shouldn't be the goal because the money is just a side effect of us doing what we love.

If we see that though, we could then see how can we link up our self-image and how can we feel the same way about getting the newspaper to attracting $10,000 in a day. There is a version of us where that is the case and as someone who has become much more abundant in the last year, I'll tell you that the difference between making $200 a day, $500 a day, a thousand dollars a day and even 15 to $20,000 a day, it doesn't feel that much different.

Especially once you get to that place. Because I've done that before and went, now that I can do it, it's almost like it's just natural. It's a part of my self-image, and I believe that anybody can tap into that, but by coming to kind of version of them that is in the alternative space of how they prefer to be and choosing to be that version of them.

That's what I've done is I've shifted myself to that version of me where that is natural. I don't see, oh my God, because we think that the version of us, right, there's a version of us that that is natural for, but when we in our current self-image, look at that version of us that's making $10,000 a day consistently or something like that.

We look at that version of us. We did, oh my God, that would be so cool. That would be so amazing. Can you imagine? But for the version of us that's already there, that's like, it's what I do. It's a side effect of me doing what I love. That is who I am. It's not like this huge thing that's put on a pedestal. It's a funny paradox, but that's the way that it is. The meditation, we're getting ready to do a shorter meditation, but it's one that will help us to relax and to create that, have a natural feeling around our goal.

Before we get into the meditation, where I'd like you to do is to imagine a few goals that you have that would be used stretching outside of your comfort zone a little bit. What I mean is right now if you make, it doesn't have to be a money goal, I don't money is easiest to talk about because it's the thing that most people want to attract in their life to their relationship or money.

I found since having a YouTube channel like I have. find a goal of something that's stretching outside a little bit for you. Maybe like right now for my self-image, maybe it'd be a little bit of a stretch for me to say I travel a five times a week. Right? That's a little bit of a stretch for me because I don't do that right now. I travel five times a week and I give seminars.

That's a little bit of a stretch, but what I can do is realize that there's a version of me that does that naturally and then that that is just who I am. I can see that in the alternative space that already exists. What you could do is you could know that there's a version of you doing exactly what you want to be doing. Maybe it's making a certain amount. Having a certain lifestyle, going full time with your passion, whatever it is, imagine whatever that is that feels a little bit uncomfortable, a little bit like it would be so cool if it happened, and if it's fuel so cool, it'd occur. Then it means there's a little bit excess importance there, and in this meditation, you're going to learn how to transmute that from the excess importance type intention to the pure intention so that you start to actually resonate with it at a deep level, so have that in your mind.

What are one, two, or three different things that you would love to be doing that you think would be so cool if it happened? Because we're going to make that who you are. We're going to make that and help you have the perspective that it is natural for you. When it comes naturally for you, it means it's connected to your heart, but it doesn't mean that it is like there's no emotion there. Like as you were just a robot like, oh, it's not too much meaning. It's not this. It's not that cool. It just is what it is. It means they're still connected to our hearts, but it's just natural for who we are.

It's just this natural feeling in our heart is just who we are. Just remember that as well. It's not like a numb feeling. It's something that we still connect to. Right now, what I'd like to ask you to do is to take a deep breath in, deep breath out with me and just relax with every breath that we take is we're going to go on a journey of wiring in a new level of pure intention. Let's take a deep breath in right now. Breathe it out. Feel your body relaxed more and more, and with every breath, you take, imagine your body just loosening up, relaxing, and allow yourself to sink into this moment.

I'll take another deep breath in, deep breath out and on the breath out. Put your hands over your heart. Put your hands over your heart. The more you put the awareness over your heart, the more you grow the electromagnetic energy around your body. Your body goes far beyond that of just your skin. Your energy goes far beyond your body. Anytime you bring the energy into the core of your heart center, you increase your own energy. Let's take one more deep breath in and out and on the out breath if you'd like, you can close your eyes and relax. Feel your body relax. As you breathe out, loosening up now imagine and feel a warm sensation inside of your head. Imagine your forehead now relaxing.

Feel your forehead, squeeze and relax. Feel the sensation behind your eyelids. Feel the warmth. You don't loosen up. If you listened, station in your jaw, loosen up, relax, put the awareness into your left arm, your left hand. Feel it, relax your right arm, your right and feel, relax, but the awareness in your chest, and imagine that there's a ball of loving energy, of green energy inside of your heart center. Imagine it spinning in a clockwise position faster and faster. The faster it spins, the more you feel. This tingling sensation begins to grow.

You feel this love inside of your heart, but the awareness there and know that you're connecting to your heart in a very powerful way. Put the awareness into your abdomen. Feel it. Relax your hips, your left leg, and foot. Feel it. Relax your right leg and foot. Fuel it. Relax. Imagine that there a wave of relaxation that flows through your whole body and that he gets out of your heels and imagine you are letting go of any excess energy out of the heels of your feet. Energy is flowing through your body. You are letting go of excess energy, excess importance. You're letting go of what?

Imagine that you're sitting in a very beautiful place. This could be a place indoors, outdoors, wherever you like. Being a forest, had a beach, relaxing room. Whatever your place is, this is a place you can always come back to, to just relax. You can go inwards. Notice what you see as you look around, imagine those colors and what you can see becoming brighter, much more vivid. What do you hear in this environment? I imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder.

Well, just how relaxed you feel. I notice that about 15 feet away you notice that there is a chair and this chair to you represent something that you can sit down and become very clear on certain things. We're going to begin to walk in the direction of this chair. This chair is about 10 small steps away. We're going to do is we're going to take these 10 small steps. With every step we take, I'm going to count down from 10 to one. You're going to feel relaxed, become more centered into your heart center, knowing that you can feel like the best version of you.

Let's take a step towards this chair. Ten, feel yourself becoming more relaxed, more present. Nine, eight, feeling yourself, double the amount of relaxation with every number. I count. Seven, six, feeling an increase in love, energy in your heart as you get closer, five for getting even closer now, three almost there too, and double the amount of relaxation with one at this chair now. Now what we're going to do is we realized that this chair is marked peer intention.

This chair, anytime you sit in it will help you have pure intention for whatever your goals are, for you to understand that it is natural for you to be the kind of person that you prefer. Go ahead and sit down, turn around and sit down and in this chair and sit down and notice that as your body feels in this chair, you so relaxed, you feel yourself in this state of being to where you feel very clear that you can accomplish anything that you want in your life. What does chair help you to do is to link up with the self-image that you prefer to be and to see things that you do as natural for you?

In this chair, imagine yourself, you can close your eyes in this chair. Imagine yourself able to accomplish anything that you'd like. You're able to feel what it's like for those things to be natural for you. Imagine yourself first doing something very common, something that you would do very often that's just natural for you. Imagine yourself going into your kitchen and getting a glass of water, filling it up and drinking it. Notice how natural that feels for you to do. Notice yourself going for a walk. How natural it is for you to do this. I noticed how natural it is an imagine yourself calling a friend.

You see how natural this is so easy for you, so easy, natural, so easy. Imagine yourself accomplishing one of your goals and imagine as if you're looking through the eyes of that version of you were. That just is who you are. It is easy. Imagine how you would feel passionate, so easy. Imagine another one of the goals that you have and know that right now at this moment there a version of you that exists that is already accomplishing all of that, and for that version of you is natural.

Begin to look through the eyes of this version of you. Notice how natural it is to accomplish this goal, so natural, easy, so easy, more and more natural. What we're going to do is we are going to shift into this version of us know that as we do this, we carry back that peer intention into everything we do. This meditation will change us in a very positive and powerful way because we will begin to see things as natural, as easy, and as a part of who we are.

Notice that on the side of this chair, there's a dial and this dial is a shift that will allow you to become that best version of yourself and to merge with that version of you. This dial goes from one to 10, and what we're going to do is we're going to move up from one to 10. With every number, I count. You're going to feel an increase in energy in your body. You're going to feel and increasing the energy in your heart center and you're going to know that you have shifted in the alternative space to the best version of you where all of this is the pure intention.

This will change everything for the better. Imagine you're putting your hand on this dial and it's that one. Imagine going from one to two, feeling more relaxed with every number I count, double the amount of love in your heart doubled the amount of knowledge that you have shifted. Three, turn the notch to, for now, feel this energy began to increase in your body knowing that you are who you prefer to be. Five, six, seven, feeling an increase in energy, knowing that you are shifting to this version of you. Everything is natural, so easy for you. Eight, nine, 10.

Here you are now feeling knowing that you have just shifted in the alternative space to the best version of you. From this point going forward, you are forever changed, for the better. You will find that there are new opportunities you see in your life. You will find that when you set intentions, it's easy, effortless, that you are how you prefer to be. From this point going forward, your whole life has changed. View of this energy in your heart center and know that this is who you prefer to be.

I'm going to count down from five to one. Every number I count. You're going to fail yourself, become more alert, present to the moment knowing that you have shifted, that things are now pure intention, that it is natural for you to accomplish what you want. Five, fill yourself now, become more alert, more present for beginning to move around a little bit. Three, begin to wiggle your toes and fingers.

Two and one. You can open up your eyes now and knowing that you have just shifted that things are easier than ever for you and that from this point going forward, you will notice things in your life begin to change because you have just shifted to the best version of you. Know that by the end of the day to day, you will notice that this has happened. You will get a sign, a clear sign that says, I have shifted and I am who I prefer to be, and you can give yourself more permission now than ever before.

To know that things can be easy. With all that being said, I also have a free guided meditation that will help you to decrease importance. It's going to be the top of the description box below. It's something I recommend you listen to that will help you also wire all of this in this meditation you just heard, I recommend you listen to for 21 days because it will allow you to make that shift and wired in and the deepest way possible you have already shifted, but if you want to shift more, listen to this for 21 days.

I'll also be doing more live Q&As on Instagram, so if you have questions about this, if you want to do more live meditations, you can follow me on Instagram as well, and other than that, I hope you enjoyed what I’ve shared with you today.

The Truth about the Law of Attraction, Time and Your Past NO ONE TELLS YOU

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the truth on the Law of Attraction, time and your past. This is going to be a totally new perspective that I think can really allow you to let go of your story in a completely new way so that you start to create what you want easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

Today, what I'm going to be sharing with you is the truth on the Law of Attraction, what we perceive to be the past and tying in general. This is something that I have noticed throughout all of the personal development and it is something that you may hear from someone like Tony Robbins, for example, or he talks about how our story is creating our life experience. This is about understanding the eastern philosophy of letting go and how and why that can be so powerful for us.

Allowing the moment to be understanding that the only moment that really does exist anyways is this moment right now. Because when did. It was the past. It was still the now moment. It was just from a different point of view and when the future gets here, it will still be the now moment, so the power in this is on many different levels and that's what I'm going to be sharing with you in today's blog.

What I'm about to share with you is a model, a way for seeing the world that allows us and permits us to know that we are always changing and that as we change, so does the other side of the spectrum when it comes to the future probabilities and the past experiences. When we start to really in a way absorb this kind of information and this understanding, it really lets us let go of what no longer serves.

With this process, it's about understanding parallel realities. What quantum physics is showing us is that there is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist that what we think of as time is the movement through these different parallel realities. Like I was saying a minute ago, the now moment is the only moment that does exist.

The only thing that changes is the perspective of the now moments because when it was the past, it was the now moment. You have never actually experienced the past. The past is an idea that we recall using our memory and the future is something we can imagine using our imagination.

But we don't the past because it's just a thought in our mind that we don't experience the future because it's just a thought in our mind, but by the time it gets here, the perspective we have, it is the now moment.

This is where eastern philosophy comes in. It kind of sweeps us off our feet and we become aware that what we can do is allow the moment to be. Because if at this moment right now we're thinking of past experience if something we regret than what we are doing is bringing that vibration of regret from the past into the now moment and as we recall it using our mind, our memory. We are resonating with that same vibration of that past experience and therefore creating a potentiality of us. Also having a future probability of that same thing.

Most people are on autopilot with the Law of Attraction, with life in general. They're thinking the same thoughts they thought yesterday, not aware of it. Therefore, creating the same things over and over again. If we think the same thoughts, feel the same emotions and do the same actions every single day, we will always get the same results, so the key for so many people and what I really love talking about on this channel is waking up from that unconsciousness, waking up from that autopilot mind because the more you wake up from that autopilot mind, the more you're going to be able to create from a very authentic place and a higher vibrational place.

Most people's vibration is simply in a certain rhythm based upon those past experiences and how they identify themselves. In general, with this process, here is the cool idea about understanding parallel realities and what we understand about in quantum physics about this process. Any time we remember something from the past, we take that thought, that memory out of the memory bank.

We look at that memory and as we look at that memory, we slightly change the memory, we overlay our opinions and our beliefs over it and we look at it and we slightly change it or we dramatically change it. Then what we do is we put it back in the memory bank when we're done looking at it and when we put it back in the memory bank, we have changed the memory. It is different than what it was before. Most people are unconsciously thinking of certain things that happened in the past, hundreds of times a month, maybe even more.

That one thing that happened that shouldn't have happened or whatever it is, and every time they look at it, they slightly change it until eventually, it's a completely different past memory. But nonetheless, that memory intertwines with this story that they tell themselves that continues to play itself out.

For example, a memory of a boyfriend or girlfriend breaking up with them, they remember it, how it happened, why it happened. They have these beliefs and opinions over it. They're not worthy or they shouldn't have done this or is it maybe a certain victimization type rule or roll to it so they play that story over and over again, feeling the same vibrations of it, and then they attract someone else into their life that maybe has the same kind of pattern because it hasn't been consciously looked at and let go and allowed. It's simply on autopilot.

Here is the thing and here's one of the main points of this whole entire blog in the present moment right now we can project and use our imagination may be using an eve, even being in tune with ourselves. We can look at the probabilities of what we could experience in the future. Those probabilities are not set. They change as we change in the present moment.

The only moment that does exist at this moment right here. Those probabilities change as we change. Anytime you go to a psychic or a clairvoyant person, your future is not set. However, there are surgeon’s momentum's to where something may be probable to happen, but that changes the moment you become aware of it. If you decide to let it go, you can shift to any reality you want that is relevant to you and as long as you follow your passion, you will end up there where you want to be. You'd be following the path of least resistance.

In the same way that those probabilities are changing your past, we think of asset because we have a memory of it, but what you experienced in the past was one potentiality of that version of you. There was a version of you that got broken up by the boyfriend or girlfriend. There was a version of you that broke up with that boyfriend or girlfriend. There was a version of you that is still with that boyfriend and girlfriend or whatever it is. Those all exist, but based on the identity of how we are in the present moment.

We pull upon certain past probabilities that seem relevant, but the past is changing in the same way that the probabilities for the future are changing.

It's just that we tie in so much to identify our identity that we don't understand that it is changing, but our past is changing as we change. Here's the powerful part of this. If our past is changing, we don't identify with these same things that have always happened.

Here's a mantra that if you use in your life will totally transform your life. I am not the result of my past experiences, my past probabilities of what I “experienced”. I am who I choose to be in the present moment right now. I am not the result of the past experiences, the story that I tell myself I am who I choose to be in this moment right now, and the more that you embody who you really are right now, the more you can let go of whatever story you were telling yourself or whatever past experiences that come up in the present moment.

There is past potentiality and potential future realities all based on what's relevant. When people say that they had a past life somewhere, what they mean, maybe they don't know this, this isn't something, but when you look at it from the point of quantum physics and what we understand, that past experience exists right now because everything exists here and now.

It's simply from a different point of view and from a different perspective. It's like a film strip. You have a film strip, you of a movie. You can lay out all the different frames and look at them, but they all exist right now. It's simply the light of consciousness is going through different frames at a certain rate, but they all exist right now, so when someone connects to a "past life", they are really connecting to what is called a parallel incarnation of someone that exists right now that simply connected at a soul level.

It may be a different version of someone's oversold someone's over soul connected. There are different soles which are the same soul, but it's from a different perspective, so there really is no past life, future life. Those change as we change, we may be in a certain level of consciousness and a certain theme of our life and you may hear someone go through a certain experience with someone that maybe is taken advantage of them, right?

Maybe it's a boyfriend, girlfriend, someone's taking advantage of them. It's a relationship they want to get out of and so someone tells them, Hey, that person knew you in a past life. That person took advantage of you in a past life as well will really in the energy stream right now, there's different potentiality is to connect you on each side, so at the moment right now, that may be something that you can look to, but as you change, as you take back your power and new situations come into your life, your past changes as well.

We're all connected. We are one consciousness that is all connected in a very powerful way. You are so much more than you can even imagine or simply dreaming that this is who we are, but in the same way that our potential realities for what could happen in the future are changing. Our past is changing as well. It's just a little bit harder to grasp because we think our memories are so set.

Our memories are nothing but one perspective of one parallel reality that we experienced that we remember, but nonetheless, it is one part of that. There are ways of reconnecting to different reverends experiences of the past. Here's another idea as your state of being changes right now in the present moment, maybe as you become aware that maybe you feel very confident on top of the world when you're feeling confident on top of the world.

If I were to ask you to remember parts of your past where you were also confident on top of the world or anything, in general, that is related to feeling confident, it would be very easy for you because the neurosis kinetic connections in your brain will go through the path of least resistance because you're feeling that emotion. It naturally goes to those memories, those past experiences that resonate with it.

On the other side of that, if you're feeling negative, sad, disempowered, and I were to ask you to remember times you are confident it would be very hard to do because the momentum of thoughts, the nearest genetic connections in the brain is wired differently, but both positive memories of feeling confident and disempowered memories of the past exists right now.

Which one are you going to connect? You will depend upon your state of being and how you are recalling those memories out of the past, but remember that those memories are just one potentiality. You are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience. There's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, and you can let go of your story with the simple understanding. You are not the result of your past. You are who you choose to be.

There are three main archetypes for how people see themselves when it comes to these stories that we tell ourselves. There's the story of the hero, the person that is making things happen that is able to achieve things, that is able to help other people.

There is the victim, the one that everything has happened to them, the one that feels like the world isn't working for them, the one that needs to be saved, the one that's looking for handouts. These aren't bad or good. I'm just explaining the different archetypes.

There's the villain or the bad guy or the girl that's not so nice. The villain is the one that may somehow get off or feel good about being a certain way that sometimes gets attention, but it may be in a negative type light from a certain perspective.

These three archetypes are different stories. We may tell ourselves the three general ones. What story are you telling yourself? Which ones do you identify the most with? Those they're not good or bad, they just are, but be aware of it because if so, you may be just focusing on memories of the past that resonate with that archetype and the more you look at it and the more you let it go, the more it no longer becomes something that projects itself into the future.

Remember, you are not the result of your past. You are who you choose to be in the present moment right now, in the same way that your full potential futures are changing based on how you change your past.

You are not the result of your past. You are who you choose to be in the present moment.

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Your potential paths are also changing, so remember that because you don't have to continue to tell yourself the same story. You don't have to continue to identify with the same past experiences.

You can choose to be who you are in the present moment. The easiest way to do all of this is to allow those memories to surface. Don't resist them, look at them, allow them to be there and then let them go. It is so simple that sometimes people bypass it or they disregard it to let go of our past experience. All we have to do is look at it, observe it, and let it go. Allow it to be there.

If we have a memory we don't think should have been there, we feel resistance and we hold it in place and then we projected off into the future and experienced the same thing. Allow it to be there and your past is transformed. I had to become aware and I ended up to allow a lot of the stuff I went through growing up, a lot of the child abuse. I had to allow it to be there, to look at it, to not resist it. Why me? I had the victim mentality, the victim story, and I transform that area, reframed it into more of a hero type archetype.

I started to see that I can transform it, that I could help other people let go of the past experiences that were holding them back, take their power back. That's the store. I moved my story and now as I looked at my past, it's hard for me to even identify with many parts of my past, but I recognize them as one potentiality, but I realize I am who I choose to be in the present moment right now.

You can do the same thing by becoming aware of your past, allowing it to be they're choosing to let it go, knowing your past. It's changing anyway, and then just reaffirm you are who you choose to be in the present moment. Take action, feel emotion. Think thoughts that are in alignment with the best version of you and you will shift to the reality you want easier than ever. Something else I'll be doing is more live Q&As on Instagram, so if you want to ask me questions, if you want to interact with me more, I also post daily constant over there.

I'm going to go ahead and link it right below. I also have a guided meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point and is absolutely free you. Let's do this for 21 days. I think it will absolutely change your life and allow you to live from an entirely new base point.

#6: The Law of Attraction and the Purple Cow: Why Being Different will Help You Attract What You Want

Today, we're going to be looking at is a new idea, something that I thought about before and it's a pattern that I've seen in a lot of people that really stand out with either becoming very successful or people that stand out in general and its just kind of like you can't ignore that person because they really are. Even though they're different, it's like something about them.

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This is going to be something that also relates to the Law of Attraction, a very powerful way and I'm going to correlate it with understanding something that are called pendulums with a process called Reality Transurfing. We're going to see how to transcend a lot of social conditioning as well.

In general, just to give this a little bit of a of a backstory in a way or how I came across this, the term purple cow as a term from Seth Godin, who is an author and it's a book and it would, it talks about is when you're on or driving, say you're driving on the road and you see on the side you see trees. Are you seeing open prairie? Is that what you call it, an open prairie or something like that. A big open field and then you see some cows.

If you saw just regular black and white cows, some spots on them, you wouldn't really think much of them. There is nothing really that special about them. Even if you saw some big ones, you just kind of noticed them.

They're kind of in the background, but if you were driving and all the sudden you saw a purple cow, you would talk about that purple cow for the rest of your life or you had at some level you're telling people, I saw this purple cow, you would not believe it, and it would be like this. The biggest thing that had happened to you, it's a pattern interrupt, is what that's called.

It would interrupt your pattern because it's like, “Whoa, what is that?” And that purple cow terminology or the phrase purple cow is something that in a way it's an it's. It's something you can't ignore. It's something you have to at a certain level, recognize because it is so out of the norm and it is so different. The way that I view the purple cow with the Law of Attraction is when we are acting out of accordance from the way people expect us to act, we start to create our own way. We start to create our own probabilities.

You see, the thing is with the autopilot mind, and this is like just regular neuroscience or whatever we call it. You can read it and Dr. Joe Dispenza's books, we think on average, 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and of those 60 to 70,000 thoughts, we think 90 percent of them are recycled from the day before, which means if we're thinking the same thoughts day in and day out, we're triggering the same emotions day in and day out and we're probably taking the same actions day in and day out.

Therefore, creating and attracting the same things day in and day out because of that consistency, but the thing is when we start to become the purple cow, we start to become different. What we do is we step outside of that bubble that has been created for us and we step outside of the norm of doing everything everyone else wants us to do.

If you've seen a lot of successful people or studied like what I like to do is I like to read biographies to read about the mindset of successful people and sometimes one thing they do is they just don't stay. They don't accept no for an answer. What they do is they find a way. There are many people that are told you are not going to do this, this is not probable, but what they do is they go in anyways and they make it something that happens.

For a long time. I was told that I wasn't, you know, I had some friends and family and they were kind of looking at me during this whole YouTube thing and they're like, oh, maybe you should do something else. Like if, if at a certain level, if you keep making videos and you're not growing, maybe you should do something else. And what I just assumed as like, okay, well they just don't have the vision that I have and what I did is I just said to myself, no, I'm not going to accept that.

We always have a choice whether we accept what someone else thinks about us or whether we even think a thought like a thought comes in our own mind. If this is something that resonates with us, it's a choice as to whether that resonates or not. But what I learned to do is just to kind of go on my own, on my own vision, and as long as that is something that's in alignment, then that is all that matters.

But in general, when we start to do our own way, we start to go in our own path. We find that we start to almost create our own rules. This is something that I've kind of been doing recently is becoming more of a rebel for my own belief systems from my own rules. Like if I'm like in my mind I'm like, oh, that's not going to happen or this is something that's going to be hard. I'm like, “Wait, why does that have to be that way?”

 That's just prior conditioning. That's all it is. Maybe at times in the past something happened and that's why I experienced something a certain way, but the more I become challenging of these belief systems and the more I step into the way I prefer to be. This is how things really began to change. Let me give an analogy for this, or like an example from my own life as well.

I always kind of bring it back to YouTube because it's what I'm most passionate about and it's not just YouTube, it's making videos is making content, it's sharing a message and when it comes to my YouTube videos, there was a time I kind of fell into the whole Law of Attraction bubble in a way. The whole Law of Attraction niche. I am about expanding awareness in general, but what I did is when I was first intending to grow.

I had maybe a thousand subscribers. One time I'd make a video on Law of Attraction. People would reply like, “Hey Aaron, I love the way that you say this. Can you make another video on this?” But what about this? What I would do is I'd keep making law of attraction videos and then the channel kept growing. I kind of adopted that.

Of course, I believe in the Law of Attraction. Of course, I practice in my mind in my whole life is a manifestation of that. I mean, in general, that's something that's a side note, sine tangents, side rant. Anytime somebody says, um, it's never the question of are we manifesting this or are we manifesting that? It's just life in general is a manifestation.

It's just being aware of what we're already creating, but what I did is I became more aware of it, which is we're expanding awareness comes into play, which is the whole catchphrase and that is the main key is understanding the correlation between what we think to what we experience. That's what happened with me as I became more aware of that. But in general what happened was I just fell into that niche, but what I knew is that I like talking about a whole bunch of different type of stuff.

I like talking about these spiritual awakening side of things. I like talking about understanding who we are as multidimensional beans, understanding that it is highly probable that we are much more than just the ego structures much more than just our physical bodies. I enjoy talking about that kind of stuff, but for the longest time I was afraid to share it out in the channel because I was trying to put myself in a little box.

It was like, “Oh, I'm just the Law of Attraction guide. This is what I'm known for.” Don't step outside of the box, don't step outside of that line and here's what happened. And it's always a funny side to me to go in a certain direction. But basically what I did is I realized that this is something I'm passionate about. People feel like it's more so than the words I talk about my videos, the words I say, the information people can feel kind of what I'm saying.

I'm like, okay, if I'm passionate about this subject, even though I haven't shared it yet, people are going to feel that I'm passionate and they're going to feel that. And I think that'll help regardless. I made a video on, it was a more esoteric video is on three things we agreed to before we were born, understanding who we are, a deeper consciousness level.

And that video I posted and I was kind of afraid to post it, but I posted it anyways. That video is different than any other video that I've done. And it's different than a lot of videos maybe you've seen on YouTube, but what happened is that video went viral. That video now is my number one viewed video on YouTube. It's got over one point 6 million views. I just saw it today actually as I was on YouTube earlier.

I was like, “Oh man, it's got one point 6 million view already.” That's as it would just add a million a couple like a month or two ago. So, to me that's like, to me it's always a sign when something like that happens, assigned to say go into this direction or trust your instinct, trust your passion. That's always kind of like the what I get from it.

But in general, the reason I'm saying all this is that is what makes me different than all the other YouTubers and are not different as in better just different people. Notice if you see a Law of Attraction video, but when you have a unique perspective, like the kind of the way that I describe it, that's what kind of stops pattern and they'd see it and I become that purple cow in a way that is what it's a. That is my intention, but it's also just me being who I am.

It's almost like just the more I am, the way I am, the more success I noticed. I have the option of experiencing. It's a funny thing, but that's why I want to talk about it because I think that the thing you may be missing, if you feel like you're missing anything, maybe it's just you having your unique perspective and you standing firm in it knowing that you are whole and complete, that you have a unique perspective in that it can be valued because that may be the missing key to use.

Stepping outside and people noticing you. I also was listening to this with Tony Robbins the other day. I was listening to a seminar. You say helping some business seminar. He was helping some woman that was having trouble, she was having trouble with their business and he was saying, you don't want to do everything, like you don't want to just do something.

Someone else does better. You want to exceed the customer's expectations and you want to be different. And that is so true. I remember, this is going to sound kind of dumb, but I used to have a job working at Barneys New York and women's shoes. And I remember one thing I would do is after the sale was done after, like I'm, you know, as a commission job after I was done, like wrapping up the shoes and put it in the bag, I would do just a small little thing. I would take this tissue paper and I would like make it look just a little bit better than anyone else probably has done. And I make it look like the presentation just a little bit better. I put it over the box, like inside the bag. You can't really see what's in it, you know, because it's like an expensive pair of shoes.

Maybe she's leaving, she had the coffee shop, puts her bag down, nobody knows exactly what's in there and it's the sales already done. I already got paid for it. It doesn't make a difference, but me just doing that gesture, to me it was like almost just a little bit different than what everyone else does. Nothing crazy.

Just a little bit different, but here's the thing, not even just for the customer, maybe she's like, oh, that's a little bit different. That's so cool. It put the tissue in there. Probably never even realized it to begin with, but here's the thing. For me in myself, I started to identify myself as the kind of person that goes beyond the kind of person that just does a little bit more, at least at least doing a little bit more. I like to consider myself someone that does a lot more, but in general that's the way I would do it and that would set me apart from everyone else.

The point of this podcast in general is for you to know to be different, be the purple cow. You don't want to just be a little bit better than your competition. Maybe you in a sales job, whatever it is, you want to be different because different is what gets remembered. Not that it's like the significance is the most important thing, but in general, that is where I think a lot of success can come from.

Let me explain something else to you and that is understanding Reality Transurfing, which if you don't know, is the most powerful manifestation process that I've ever found. It has to do with understanding parallel realities, understanding that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, that we're shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality. We don't have to create our own reality. All we have to do is choose it from a space of options because it already exists, so it's about really embodying the vibratory frequency of what we want.

But another aspect of this with Reality Transurfing is understanding that have what are called pendulums. A pendulum is a thought structure and we could think of pendulums, like social conditioning. For example, there are many people, we think that if we're in traffic and someone cuts us off, we think, whoa, someone just cut me off, I really mad.

But in actuality there been thousands of other people probably on that same street, on that same freeway that have also been cut off, that have also felt mad. When you start to feel that emotion, you may realize that it's not just your emotion, but you're linking up to the emotion that has also been there in the past. This is what is called a pendulum.

Our thoughts have and electromagnetic reality, even if we can't see them. Sometimes we may be thinking to ourselves, oh, I'm thinking my thoughts right now. This is my thoughts, but it may be actually the thoughts that are also around us.

Think of it like this, we have an electromagnetic energy around our body. Maybe we can't see that energy fit like we can't actually physically see with our eyes. But we know that also there's an electromagnetic energy around our body from what the Heart Math Institute has shown is that there's a, uh, energy around our heart that is thousands of times more powerful than that the head. Knowing that we know that, okay, I'll because we can't see thoughts, doesn't mean they don't exist.

There's a certain pattern, there's a certain frequency to the thoughts that we think, and when many people are focused on the same thought, what happens is it grows the pendulum around that idea. For example, if there's a sports team that you, like, you may say, Oh, I'm very mad that they lost.

I'm very happy that they won. But the thing is, is it's not just you have that emotion that you're feeling. You may also be picking up the emotion of the thousands or millions of people that are thinking the same things. There's pendulums around everything. Anytime you see somebody that won the election, you may be happy. You may be mad, and whatever side of that you're on, there's a pendulum around that.

Here's the thing with pendulums, whether you are for a pendulum or against a pendulum, whatever that is, whether it's a certain political party, it's a certain sports team, it's a certain show that you like to watch whatever it is, whether you're for it or against it. If you're focused on it and there's some emotion there, then you're feeding it. That's an interesting idea. This is something I realized because sometimes I think I'm having my own thoughts when they're just the thoughts of pendulums.

They maybe some pendulums that have momentum. Maybe there's certain pendulums in my life to have momentum, like caring what people think, or pendulums like, oh, in order to be successful, you got to go to school, get a degree. You got to do that as the. Those are the things I used to buy into, but you see, they're not even our own thoughts.

They may be the thoughts of social conditioning and if we fight it or we agree with it, we're still feeding it. The reason I say all of this is because when we think of Reality Transurfing or we think of this idea of a pendulum, most of the thoughts we have are not even our own. We are creating from a paradigm that is outdated. We are created from a paradigm of wanting what everyone else wants.

A lot of times we may say, I want this, but we may just want it because everyone else wants it, so we think it's cool because of my elevator status a little bit, but the whole point of this is to understand what do we really want?

What do you really want? Do you want something because of social conditioning or do you want something? Because it's something that you're really passionate about because when you find out what that is, you can then see that you could just go for what you want and here's the other thing. When you start to act as the purple cow and you don't, it's not like you're acting as the purple car like, I got to be different than I am.

You just are who you naturally are in your so embracing of who you naturally are that you become the purple cow. I don't have to try to be different. My perspectives naturally for what I like to share on YouTube just are different. I'm not saying I'm better than any other YouTubers. I'm just saying they're different and because I embraced them, people can feel that and that it actually ends up working in my favor.

 This is about being aware of how you can more so be yourself, and this is what it does with pendulums.

When you become the purple cow, you get outside of the social conditioning, and you start to create what is called your own pendulum.

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When you become the purple cow, you get outside of the social conditioning and you start to create what is called your own pendulum. I have my own pendulum around my YouTube channel. The YouTube channel in general is a pendulum.

Whether I'm aware of it or not because many people are focused on it and it makes people feel a certain way. Whatever it is. Here's the thing, whether people like it or dislike it, even if they dislike my channel or they dislike something, I say if their folk, if their thoughts are focused on it, they're still feeding the pendulum of it.

You see the pendulum will go back and forth and whether you feel like it or you don't like it, it's. It's pushing the momentum of it more and more so it's about being aware of that, but we all had pendulums in our life that are running our life experience and until we wake up, we become aware of it.

The way that we transcend pendulums as we become aware of them, because the moment we're aware of them, they no longer have power over us. If every day were like, oh, look at the television and we'll look at the news and all this negative stuff and we're not aware that that's a pendulum or we're not even aware of the negativity that is causing us to feel, then we just continue to create it on autopilot.

Most people are creating on autopilot and the key is to wake up from that by being aware of it, and then consciously deciding what you want to experience in your life because once you're aware of it, you can change. It cannot change what you do not own and he cannot change what you're not aware of, but when you become aware of it, that's where everything begins to change, so that's what I have learned how to do.

What I've learned how to do is how to be the purple cow, how to transcend it, social conditioning, because social conditioning is that of a believing what I'm thinking of caring what other people think, so also conditioning is at creating from an old paradigm of it, linking up even around the Law of Attraction. There's a pendulum around all of that.

It really strongly will desire actually reaffirms in the present moment that we don't have that which we want. If I say I really, really want that over there, that I'm also saying I really, really don't currently have it. That was a game changer in of itself. When I started to apply it, I started to realize that I could more so resonate with what I want to experience by seeing it as natural for me by not putting it on a pedestal to begin with, by observing the thoughts that I'm having, knowing most of those thoughts are pendulums, observing them and insane.

I'm good either way, we're good either way, whether we get into a relationship or not. We're good either way because we are already whole and complete. You see, this perspective allows us to feel the vibration of what we want to experience now and by doing so, we start to really connect to ourselves a very powerful way. That's why it's also another part of Reality Transurfing is connecting to our hearts, our hearts center, and then acting in a way and being who we naturally are.

But that puts us on higher life tracks because there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and what we begin to do is we begin to shift more and more to the experience of what we really want. This is where things really begin to change, so it's the understanding the pendulum, how to be the purple cow, and that polarization in general can be a good thing if you are aware of it.

If you are using it to your benefit, like for example, we use it to our benefit in that other Reality Transurfing Academy, that's the academy that I have. If you want to join, this is the best time to check it as it will end on Friday, the 31st of August. You can join through here:

You may have heard me talk about it before and what it's many people that are focused on the same type of transformation, the same type of outcome of what they want to experience by us all linking up and the Reality Transurfing together and connecting our heart space.

We create a powerful pendulum of transformation and that helps us to become more of the purple cow in a way and also helps us to transcend social conditioning so that we create using our own paradigm. It's about being ourselves, being who we are authentically meant to be, and then from that when we go to create what we want in our lives, it happens so much easier because we're not playing to the same rules as everyone else.

It's about understanding that the energy dynamics, how to decrease importance, all this stuff that you've probably heard me talk about before and today is actually the second to last day. So, it ends on Friday, the 31st of August. If you want to join the Reality Transurfing Academy now is the time because after then the enrollment closes and you won't be able to join. It'll open back up months later.

But the purpose of that is so that I can help the people in the group get the changes they want. And just so if you haven't heard of the Reality Transurfing Academy before, it's a month to month type thing where you get content, you get coaching videos, you get live Q&As with me. Ask me any question that you want. You get a mastermind community of other people who think similarly, that's the pendulum we were talking about.

You get bonus courses, you get a couple of bonus courses now as well if you join in the next few days. The courses are understanding how to take any emotion that you want, that you have and raising your vibration around it so that you attracted from a higher vibrational state of being. You also get what's called my vibrational toolkit, which has all these videos.

It's an accumulation of videos and processes that I use to change my vibration very quickly and that's all something that you get access to. You get access to it and it's something that you can cancel at any time. You're not locked into any contract or anything like that, but this is the way that I work with people. If you want coaching from me, this is the way to do it. Like I said though, after Friday, you won't be able to join because enrollment on it will close.

If this is something you're interested in, I recommend you to click the link below:

This is the whole process of understanding the purple cow, understanding how we can attract what we want by transcending social conditioning, understanding that we are so much more than we can even imagine and really tapping into that by not being afraid to be different, by being ourselves, by understanding we can be authentic to who we are meant to be. That is the key to us. Creating our own rules and being the way we prefer to be.

3 TRUTHS That Make Manifestation SO MUCH EASIER

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you three things that make the manifestation process so much easier and how you can easily apply it in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three ideas that can totally transform your life and help make the process so much easier when it comes to you achieving your goals or creating what you want in your life. A lot of the teachings that I've had when it comes to the law of attraction since the last year or two years that I've been on YouTube and what I'd been learning myself.

It's kind of in a way gotten gone deeper. It's evolved in a way to where I look more to the metaphysics, understanding different things about reality in general and how that applies to what we experience.

There are certain old ways of looking at the law of attraction. Just ways that many people have been looking at it for a long time and some of them are a little bit outdated.

1. Create your own reality

The first one has to do with this presumption that what we want to create, our life doesn't already exist. What we do is in the present moment right now, we go ourselves and we focus on, since we're here, getting over here and experiencing whatever it is over here, but the insistence that we are here and we want to be over here creates resistance and it's almost like we're doing more than we have to. This is a common scene in the Law of Attraction. Create your own reality. It's something that gets thrown around a lot, so I say a lot as well. However, it's actually not very accurate.

The truth is we don't have to create our own reality because that reality already exists at a certain frequency. That's why the first one is understanding parallel realities. Everything we can possibly imagine exists right now in the present moment. It is simply vibrating at a different frequency, so the key is to embody that version of us.

Because this is about resonance, but you see, we don't resonate with things that we want to experience. When we are emphasizing that we don't currently have that which we want to experience. If we're here maybe without the girlfriend or boyfriend and we're saying we really want it, then what happens is we're saying we don't currently have it. We have to create it in our lives, but it sees from a different point of view, it already exists. It's about embodying the resonance of that reality.

How can you more easily apply this in your life? First off, be aware that the only moment that exists is this moment right now. Everything else is a different parallel reality that is simply vibrating at a different frequency because everything exists here and now we can begin to tap into that version of us and how we'd be acting, feeling, and what we'd be doing and as we embody the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions of that version of us, we then start to create that in our life.

But remember, we don't create. It already exists. We just simply perceive of it. It's like when you look at a TV station or you look at a television set, there are different channels which are different frequencies. They all exist right now. They're just tuned to different frequencies. If you tune your dial to a certain frequency, you get a certain station, but they all exist right now.

We don't have to create them. We just have to tune into them in the same way. When it comes to the manifestation process, when you let this soak in, this whole understanding of parallel realities, it makes the process so much easier because you don't have to try so hard. You don't even have to create your own reality. It's more about choosing it and knowing that you are already whole and complete and knowing that it exists right now.

We've never experienced the past because when it was the past, it was this moment right now just from a different point of view, a different parallel reality. You see, we have memory. We can tie all these parallel realities together in a linear type fashion, but it doesn't take away from understanding. They all exist right now.

We will never get to the future because the future is an idea in our brain, the past as an idea in our brain because when it was the past, it was this moment right now and when it will be the future, it will be this moment right now.

It's just we can use our imagination or our memory to project ourselves in either direction. However, what we can begin to do is use it as a tool because we can begin to embody in imagine the best version of us right now. If you can even think of the best version of you, how you'd be acting, feeling what you'd be doing, then it already exists at a certain frequency.

We use our imagination to tap into this version of us which already exists and as we tap into this version of us, that's where everything begins to change. You see, anything you want you can have done, be experienced in your life. It's about embodying that version of you because the self-image is what creates our life experience.

Our self-image is something we will always do our best to remain consistent too, but we get locked into a certain self-image of who we were in the past of something that happened where subconsciously in a moment we decided this is who I am and therefore we create that experience over and over and over again, but we don't have to.

Instead, what we can do is have the awareness of this, have the awareness that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. We can simply choose and decide that this is who we are now and as we do that, we start to create the reflection in our life of that everything in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true will always get the parallel reality in reflection to our state of being into who we are being.

That's how we shift and the truth is we're constantly shifting. We don't even have to try to shift. We don't have to learn to shift to a parallel reality because it happens because that's what movement is. Time is the movement through different parallel realities. As I go like this, right now, I'm shifting through different parallel realities.

Any little minute change is a totally separate parallel reality, just like at a film strip, far to stretch out a film strip, we could break out the individual frames. Some may look very similar, but they're completely individual frames. These are all infinite parallel realities that exist. This blows some people's minds because when we think of infinity, it really expands our scope of perception, but the truth is this is so much easier than we probably thought.

2. Understanding your emotions

The second thing that makes the manifestations so much easier, the whole process is understanding that you can feel any emotion that you want right now, in the present moment. You could feel any emotion you want on cue when you condition yourself. Here's what we normally do. Here's what I used to do when I achieve X, Y, Z. Then I will feel happy.

I remember at the beginning of the YouTube of being on YouTube as like when I had 100,000 subscribers, then I can feel happy than 100,000 subscribers come out around and I was. Of course, feeling happy, I'm excited to make videos in general, but it wasn't as euphoric, blissful feeling that all of a sudden want to hit 100,000.

It's just like so much, so much astatic happiness. It was a cool feeling. Some I felt grateful for. I'm grateful to do what I love for a living, but we blow things up in our mind thinking it's going to be this certain way only to be let down because the external isn't what really makes us happy. This is about understanding how our brain works and how our emotions work.

Normally what we'll do is we'll be in a certain place and we'll say, it's almost like we tell our dopamine and serotonin receptors. We say, Hey, don't release positive emotion. Don't feel good because you haven't done this yet, but when you do this, then I wrote rewards you and let you feel that positive emotion. I'm going to work really hard. I'm going to do this with YouTube. Make, get, grow the channel and then you get there.

And then it's like, okay, receptors and Serotonin, dopamine, now you can release positive emotion. Yay, you did it. That's kind of how the brain works are then we then we give ourselves permission. But that's a funny idea. Why do we have to wait to feel the emotion? It's a choice. It's a decision. It's the meaning we give it. Is it inherently built in reality itself that when somebody reaches a hundred thousand, 200,000, a million subscribers on YouTube, that they're going to release all of this emotion?

It's not built in. It's only the meaning we give it. There are people that can be happy with a thousand subscribers on YouTube because that's still a lot of people and they can be happy and ecstatic and they give themselves permission at that benchmark. But what's the difference?

The difference is certain people, certain benchmarks in their minds, certain rules as to when they can be happy, and unless all of those rules checking the place, then they say, oh, can't be happy yet. What we can begin to do is understand that we can give ourselves permission to feel happy right now in the present moment and that by feeling happy right now in the present moment, everything begins to change.

You see, we all normally have it backward. We say, when I see it, then I believe it. When I experience it, then I'll be happy? It's actually the other way around. When we are happy, first and foremost, we resonate with that parallel reality like we're talking about in the first one, and then we're more likely to experience.

First off, we must embody the emotions and we bought it the emotion by giving ourselves permission to feel that right now in the present moment, how do you change your emotion?

Change your focus and change the meaning. You give situations. You can give positive meaning too many different things. They have woken up today, I get another day to be on this earth plane. I'm already winning. And you focus on that perspective. You're going to feel more grateful than if you're like, oh, I haven't done x, Y, Z, one through 10 on my checklist.

I can't be happy, but if you are happier, you'd get everything done on your checklist quicker, easier, more smoothly. This is about understanding the emotions because here's a formula, an added bonus in this video. I wasn't going to share it, but now I will share, and it's understanding this formula. It's very simple. Increased intention means increased focus. The parallel reality plus elevated emotion equals manifestation. These two things right here elevated emotion, and you can give yourself permission to feel the elevated emotion by just choosing to.

It can be that simple. Just choose, we choose our choices. There's a lot of people may have a little bit of resistance to thinking, oh, I don't choose my emotions. They just happen to be. Well, it depends on what perspective you're in. If you're in the reactive mind, everything's happening in the ego mind, then it will feel that way, but you can observe your thoughts, you can observe your emotions and then you can choose them from a state of awareness.

There's always these perspectives, this is happening to me, these are the thoughts I'm having. And then the observation of the thoughts I'm having, that space is where all the power is. That will make the manifestation process so much easier to go straight to the emotion. Feel the emotion now knowing you can give yourself permission right now in the present moment.

3. Follow your passion

The third part of the manifestation process that'll make it so much easier if you apply, is simply letting go mixed with following your passion.

What do I mean by this? It's about resonance and normally what we do is we think that this is where we are, but we want to pile on a new idea and achieve more. The key is actually knowing that our natural vibration, who we really are, is naturally high vibration, high vibration level of consciousness. That is who we are, so it's not so much we have to pile on a new idea, have an epiphany, have even a spiritual awakening.

We just have to let go of what no longer serves. You see a lot of people go through a spiritual awakening because they see there's so much pressure in their life, a lot of pain. They went through that. Then that pressure has them then let go of everything and as they let go of everything, they start to shoot up and have this spiritual awakening experience and people look at them and go to hell's going on with that person.

They're crazy. It's kind of what happens, but they're going through a spiritual awakening, but the key is understanding, letting go. This is more about letting go because if you focus more on your vibration, things will manifest easier, but normally we're focused on the side effects of those manifestations were going out saying, I want the car, I want the money. I want this.

That's a side effect of you doing what you love. Money is a side effect. Money isn't the end result or the end all be all because money is the meaning. We give it to paper, it's paper, but we give it meaning in society. The meaning is what we as a society give it. Maybe yes, that paper can buy us. Nice, cool stuff, but it's about being aware that that's a side effect of you doing what you love and the heart can connect to money. The head connects to the money. The heart can't connect to money. The heart connects with passion. It's a focus on the vibration of what you love doing and then let go of what doesn't serve.

By you letting go of fear, negative beliefs about money, all of these different things that don't serve you. You're going to let go of these negative emotions. You're going to naturally raise your vibration and then attract everything that you want in your life, but that's why this is more about being aware of what you can let go of observing thoughts not reacting to that ego perspective I was talking about. There's always those two perspectives right now. You can observe your thoughts. You can be thinking, how much longer is this blog going be?

You'd be thinking many different thoughts, but then there's also a perspective where you could observe the thought that says, how much longer is this video going to be? And as you observe it, you can do an observation space, and in that space, everything changes. You start to then choose what you want to experience. It's about letting go of the thoughts, letting go of the beliefs, letting go of the repetitive patterns, letting go.

 And then knowing this little caveat to follow your passion, follow your passion. The feeling of passion in your life is your body's translation that is telling you, this is who you are and this is what you're meant to be doing

The more you follow your passion, the more you are going to be living who you really are. And as you let go of everything you are not, you will naturally raise your vibration and track things easier than others.

The more you follow your passion, the more you are going to be living who you really are.

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The feeling of passion is what you could say, your higher self’s way of communicating with you, letting you know that you are on the right path and you could just follow that. My overarching passion doesn't have to be an overarching passion that you do for the rest of your life.

But what it could be is you follow your passion and the moment you say, I'm going to do what I'm passionate about in a moment. I want to read this type of book. I'm interested in this kind of subject. I'm going to read it. I'm. I feel like it can be an excitement passion. Does it have to be this overarching hair on fire type excitement? It could be simply walking out to grass, walking barefoot and being in nature for 10, 15 minutes and then say, what do I want to do now? I want to go eat something.

Okay? Then you come in, you eat, and you go through this, these steps, and you follow your passion. And as you do that, you lead yourself to the next best thing. The next best thing to the next by saying that in a way is like a carrot on a stick that is kind of Bob and you along. And it will lead you to eventually being where you need to be when you need to be there.

You see these three ideas I'm sharing with you right now can totally transform your life and you begin to apply them because it is more so rooted in the way reality works rather than just the side effects of how things work and the more we focus on this, the easier it becomes for us to really embody who we are meant to be in our lives and the process of manifestation is not something we have to learn to do, or trying to do. It's always happening.

We're always manifesting something. It's just what are we manifesting? Can we be more aware of how let go? How do we allow in more? That's where the true key really is. Remember, there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. You were constantly shifting through them and every moment you don't have to create your own reality.

It already exists is simply about imagined. That version of you, how you'd be thinking, acting and feeling and body and those things. And then as you do, you condition yourself to be in a completely new way. Then secondly, what you can begin to do is know that you can feel any emotion you want right now because you choose to. You don't have to wait for some of the external time in the future to do it. You can feel it now by deciding to as you do so.

You'll begin to resonate more with the vibration you want, and then thirdly, you can let go because your vibration is naturally high and as you let go, you start to raise up, follow your passion every moment it will lead you to exactly where you needed to be, exactly when you need to be there.

The 3 Manifestation Archetypes How to TRANSCEND Them and EASILY Manifest

What I'm going to be sharing with you are the three manifestation archetypes and how we can shift to a higher level so that we create what we want easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

In this blog, I'm going to be explained to you something that is called the manifestation archetypes. Three ways for looking at the story that we are telling ourselves, seen which one we identify with, and then how we can transform from the ones we don't prefer into the ones we do. This is something that can really change our lives in the way that we see ourselves because the truth is our story at a certain level of things that have happened in our past. Our story is constantly something that is on autopilot that is regurgitating the probability for what we experienced in the future.

Here's what happens. Something happens in the past. We could say that, “Uh, somebody treats you a certain way.” Somebody tells you something that you start to identify with. Maybe your parents told you growing up that you're meant to be heard or seen and not heard, so then you start to say, okay, I shouldn't speak out. I should be shy. I shouldn't be myself.

And from that meaning, there's a certain story, a dialogue which then comes this archetype I'll be talking about, but that story will continue to run itself out until we become aware of that unconscious story that we're telling ourselves. It's something that remains on autopilot. We continue to tell ourselves a story in the present moment right now, even though it was one circumstance, it was one thing that happened when we were maybe six, seven, or eight years old, and it will be something that continues to play itself out, and it continues to project and create the probabilities of what we experienced in the future.

The key to this is understanding what story we are telling ourselves. Being aware of that. Then deciding to let it go and know that as we make the unconscious conscious, we then start to take our power back. The only time things really have control over us is when we are not aware of it because then we're in a way blind to it and we just keep regurgitating the same things over and over and over again. Before I get into this, let me say that an important part of this understanding is knowing that the only moment that does exist at this moment right now.

This is something quantum physics shows us. This is something we hear a lot eastern philosophy, but it's something that is actually true because you have never experienced anything other than the now moment. All because things happened in the past doesn't mean it happened in the past because when it was the past, it was the now moment.

We can only remember the past using our memory and our brain, but it all exists now. This is the same thing for the future, we can use our brain and our imagination to imagine future potential realities and probabilities, but we do that right now, and by the time the future gets here, to be this moment right now. The reason I say this is because it's important to understand that because the now moment is the only moment that exists.

That's where we make a change, and when we are aware of that, we can see understanding parallel realities, understanding that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. We can see that past experiences were just one realization of something that's happened. There's an infinite number of variations of your past, but what happens is in the moment right now, we focus on just a couple of those.

If you were to imagine and feel confident right now, it would be easy for you to remember past experiences that were in a lined and alignment with that confidence because the neurosynaptic connections in the brain, the way your brain is wired, it will go down the path of least resistance and it is much easier to remember those quote memories. In the same way.

If you were to feel not confident, it'd be easier for you to remember times when you weren't confident. Depending on your state of being is which parts of your past do you pull from? There are reference experiences where you were confident there or reference experiences where you were not confident.

Here's what neuroscience shows us. Neuroscience shows us that every time, every single time we take a memory of something that happened, maybe it was someone at a dinner table when you're six or seven years old telling you children are meant to be seen and not heard.

Every time you look at that memory, you look at it, and you change it just a little bit, and then you put it back. You overlay the opinions that beliefs over the actual memory. Then you put it back so it is slightly changed and every time you do that, over time it's a completely different memory. The key is knowing that since and think about it like this as well.

Think of the different probable futures. The future is not set. There are probable futures based on the energy that we have right now based on the choices that we make of what we may experience in the quote future, which is also the soon moment, just from a different point of view and in the same way the past had many probable pasts. As you change in the present moment.

What quantum physics shows us do not only do you change the probable futures, you also change your probable pasts. The reason I say this is this make it much easier to let it go. Remember this mantra because I believe this mantra can change your life. You are not the result of your past. You are not the result of past reference experiences.

You are who you choose to be right now in the present moment because as you change in the present moment, so does the probable futures you may experience based on your choices and your energy state, and so does the past experiences. You have a different past as you change because not only do you remember different types of memories based on your state of being, but literally you shift the probable use that you experienced. This is what quantum physics is showing us.

What quantum physics is showing us is that the only moment that does exist now is now and that there's an infinite number of realities that exist. Let's get into the archetypes. The reason I explained all of that is because the more we understand that really this is who we choose, how we choose to be is based on that narrative, that story, and how as we change, we change our story. We can then let go of our store easier. What I'm about to tell you will be easier for you to let go of the current story that you may be telling yourself.

With this process, you could think of this like a movie because we have all seen movies. We understand the characters in a movie, and we know these three main archetypes. Think of these as also manifestation archetypes. We can relate it to that of the Law of Attraction or of understanding how our thoughts work and how our beliefs create our reality. There are three main archetypes.

1. Victim Mentality

The first one is the one that I was in for a long time, and it is a victim mentality. Think of the victim character, the one that needs to be saved, the one that hopes the one that tries hard, but things don't really happen as easily. The one where things happen to that person.

That was me for a long time because when I was growing up if you heard my story, I went through and had an abusive stepmom where I want to get too much into it just because I know I share it a lot. I don't want you guys to think that I'm kind of like pity party in it, but I hadn't except mom that had a personality disorder and she was very abusive and from that I went through between the ages of seven to 15, a period of my life and when I had no freedom whatsoever.

It was kind of like living with an army sergeant or something like that and me and my brother were a lot of times locked outside. We were doing work outside all day long here in Vegas. Even though Vegas, a lot of houses don't have a lot of yards, but we had like half an acre. I and my brother will always be outside a lot of times when no one is home, and we weren't allowed inside, we had to sneak food because we can't eat very much.

We will be very malnourished. We had to earn, go into school activities. A lot of times we were locked out of most of the house we had. Like the separate cage section was a bizarre situation. We weren't allowed to watch TV. We weren't allowed to have internet, Internet. Me and my brother pretty much just had each other and what happened was through that experience, I started to develop a victim mentality. Even after my dad divorced her when I was 15 years old, all of a sudden, I have all this freedom.

Everything's great. I'm then able to have friends. I wasn't able to have friends before I was able to have friends. I was able to kind of get out of the shell and start to start to really just experience life versus just kind of like a worker or something and when that happened, even after that 15, I was kind of having self-esteem thing like I didn't feel like I was worthy because of that pain that I went through for like seven years.

However, what it allowed me to do is to become aware of the victim mentality that I had of thinking, why did this happen? Why did this happen to me? Why did I not have a childhood? Why was I not allowed to do the things every kid was able to do, like watch TV and have friends and go to school and enjoy and have friends at school and do school activities without having to get them taken away when I got in trouble for not doing some chore correctly or something.

And I had resentment towards that x stepmom, and what I realized is I had the victim mentality. That was my role and I was thinking everything happened to me. For years I had it to where things were happening to me. I didn't feel very worthy and a lot of the things in my life just weren't going my way. I felt kind of like a leaf in the wind.

The good part of this is this is one character. This is one archetype. This is one thing that a lot of people are in it at a certain level because they may even view themselves. Maybe it's beyond not just you know, abuse and all of that. Although I know a lot of people have been through that, it could be having to go to a nine to five job. You don't prefer having to do things that you don't enjoy doing.

It could be not having the right opportunities. These are all from the mindset that things are happening to me. I have to go to my job. You don't have to go to your job. You choose to go to your job. But for the victim mentality, it's only seen as something you have to do.

That's one that's called the victim archetype. Just like in the movie, the victim archetype is the one that needs to be saved. It's the one that thinks we're just going wrong. The good thing is that that can be transformed because I transcended the victim mentality. When I went through a spiritual awakening, I became aware of the beliefs I had. I became aware of the story I was telling myself and I was able to transcend it and then into what is called the hero archetype. The hero archetype is the one that deals with confidence.

2. The Hero Archetype

The one that's able to deliberately put focus in a certain direction, the hero archetype is the one that's able to add value to other people.

The hero archetype is the one that has intention just like a hero in the movie. The hero in the movie, you will see somebody if you see a hero or somebody that transforms from a victim into a hero, they start to have direction.

The hero archetype is the one that has intention just like a hero in the movie.

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They start to find purpose. They start to feel like they have a destiny, something they're meant to be doing in life. They're following their passion. That is the manifestation archetype that is very powerful. Become the hero of your own movie and not the cameo in everyone else's. Most people may be attracted to someone, Oh, I'm so attracted to you. I hope everything goes well. I hope we have this great interaction that's coming from trying to be the cameo in someone else's movie instead of being the cameo.

Being the hero of your own movie hero doesn't mean you're better than other people. I don't view myself as better than other people, but I'm definitely the hero of my own movie, and I'm able to add value to other people. That's how I view myself, but when you have the self-image of being the hero, things happened for you, not only that, you can direct the focus and you choose to do things and the victim mentality.

You have to go to a nine to five job and the hero archetype you choose to go to your job. Maybe it's not what you prefer, but you know it will lead you to the next best thing or you will eventually evolve out of it, but you trust the process. That is the hero mentality. When I went through my spiritual awakening back in 2012, I transcended from the victim into the hero archetype.

I said you know what? All of this negative situation in the past made me confident and made me who I am today and I can now look at it and help other people go through and transcend that. It's looking at this aspect and then saying, how can this add value to other people? Because the thing is if I didn't go through that pain, maybe as what I do for a living, it wouldn't mean as much.

You know someone, a lot of people see me, they assume that I'm like this entitled Kid that grew up with wealthy parents or something like that, had everything given to me on a silver platter and it's far from this truth, but people assume that because they see how positive I am. I went through a lot of darkness to get to the place, to where I've transcended that and got it to a point to where that transformed so that I can help other people go through the same thing.

It means more to me that I can add value because I've been through the pain and it helps other people. Maybe it still has some story in there, but it's transformed the meaning of the story. Why did this happen to me?

Then it now is something that this happened because now I can add value to other people and help other people go through the same thing. You can only help people do that. What you have experienced yourself or that which you are emanating, so because of that, I can now add value to other people so you can reframe your story and when you reframe your story, everything changes.

3. The Villain

The third archetype is the villain. You may have seen some people go from the hero archetype to the villain. You may have seen some people go from the victim to the villain. The villain is one that sometimes feels a little bit of resentment and sometimes just isn't accepted by people as the hero.

You may have seen people like, for example, tiger woods. Tiger Woods used to be the hero. He's the golf guy that was very successful. Then all of a sudden, he cheats on his wife and the media grabs hold of that, and then people see him in a completely different way, and he goes, and you see this dark side of them and people start to associate him with being the villain.

Someone else might be like someone like Logan, Paul, for example, he’s someone that a lot of the younger community knows who he is. He's a vlogger, and he's at the top of his game at the end of the beginning of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, and if he didn't hear the scandal, the thing that happened, he was literally at the top of his game, one of the most well-known YouTubers, and then he goes into the suicide forest in Japan and while he's there, he takes a picture and has a thumbnail of some dude in the back that's hung himself very quickly.

He went from the hero to the villain and it's funny because now you see a mix. I see it mixed in him of the villain and the victim. You could see that. I don't say this to judge him by any means. I say this because you can. With awareness, you can see the different archetypes that people identify with. My key is that if he was to observe this, he was to integrate this allowed us to be. He could transform it and he could become the heroes stronger than ever able to help other people in a powerful way, and it could transform him.

But it depends on the archetype he identifies with, but very quickly he went from one archetype to the other and with that comes a different stream, a different type of manifestation of different kinds of success, different types of notoriety. And the only reason I bring up these people, you know, I don't like to make it sound like I'm judging them because I'm not, I'm just being.

I'm just observing it. I'm giving it as a benchmark because maybe you can observe it and people that we know as symbols that like, it makes it easier for us to see, oh yeah, that's how somebody goes. But a lot of the people that are very successful from the past have gone from a victim archetype to a hero archetype. People that have gone through a lot of, a lot of business, their business failed and then all of a sudden, it's very successful. It's happened to a lot of people, a lot of successful people.

The way you do that is by reframing your past and knowing that it served a purpose and then identifying more with the best version of you. There are these three versions of us we all have within us. It's not like we have to try to become something. We're not. We all have a part of us that is the hero apart is a victim and a piece that is that of the villain. We all have a little bit of a dark side. We all have the light side and we all have the side that's like the wool with me. We all have that.

Choose to be the one and identify with the one that is the hero or the one that is paving the way in the direction that you want. You can choose to be the way you prefer by putting your focus in that direction, by observing the thoughts, observing the memories as they come up, and then deciding to let him go. Remember the mantra. You are not the result of your past. You are who you choose to be in the present moment right now as you change, so does the probable futures and so does the past.

That probably will that you connect to literally not just certain memories are different. Literally, you are changing, and your past is changing as well. Only in your insistence of that story, do we keep it continued to go now, the path that I went through that was painful. You couldn't say that I'm insisting on it, but I do it as relate-ability because I know that people are going through it as well and it can help people to transform from their story of possibly being in the victim mentality into that of the hero mentality.

My goal and one of my intentions are helping people to powerfully take back their power from giving it away to everyone else or given it away to the media or given it away to the news or giving it away to friends and family. You can direct your life with your focus, with your choice and with knowing that that part exists within you and as you do that, you start to transform your life.

There's a certain manifestation pattern that comes from being the hero. There's a certain one that comes from being the villain and a certain one that comes from being the victim. Choose to be the hero by knowing that part of you exists right now and the more you connect to transforming your past, to being present to the moment, to be how you choose to be into directing your life.

Everything in light and your life will change anyway, so let me ask you a question. Which archetype are you? Which one do you most identify with? Some people may say a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Be aware of it and as you're aware of it, you can then change it. You can then integrate it. You can then look at it, allow it to be there and then be the way you prefer to be.

This isn't about bottling it up, this is about being aware of. It is about observing it, allowing it to be there, but giving it a positive meaning at some level because you can either help other people, whatever it is, so know that you are so much more than you could possibly imagine. You can align with his hero version of you, and as you do so, you will attract things easier than ever.

I would even go as far as to say is that is who you are meant to be. You came here to direct your life in a powerful way to enjoy this life experience, to add value by just being you, and that is the hero archetype and that is who you really are. If you want to learn, how'd you raise your vibration? Because I'd go as far as to say also is that as you raise your vibration, you are more into that hero mentality.

Quantum Jumping Technique for Shifting to a Parallel Reality

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a quantum jumping technique for shifting to the parallel reality that you prefer. I'm going to share with you exactly how to apply it so that you start to shift to the reality of who you really are.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you is how quantum jumping technique can help you to start to create what you want easier than ever. One could say that this goes beyond that of just the Law of Attraction.

There is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, and because these parallel realities already exist, we don't, under the conventional way of understanding the Law of Attraction, have to attract something to us because we're here and that's over here. What we must do is start to resonate with the reality that we prefer.

Understanding that what we can begin to do is create a greater degree of change between where we are and where we want to be so we don't have to try to shift to the parallel reality to parallel reality because it's a natural byproduct of movement. When you see me move right now, this looks like one fluid movement, and from a certain perception it can appear to be one fluid movement, but if you were to take it down by frames, like if after I was editing this video, I could stretch out the frames and then see individual little frames.

These individual little frames that would keep ongoing would be separate individual parallel realities that I could then look at and see that there is some degree of variation between each in each one. We have this experience of memory, and were able to glue and kind of tether all of these parallel realities together in our consciousness. It looks like one fluid movement, so it's like one fluid movement, but in reality, it's a shifting through billions of parallel realities per second.

That is the nature of our reality. We are shifting constantly whether we are aware of it or not. The question is not how do we jump from one reality to another because we're constantly doing that. Whether we're aware of it or not. The question is how do we create a quantum difference? How do we create a greater degree of change from where I am right now to some ideal reality that I want to experience?

That's the technique I'm going to share with you is something I think is so powerful because then it gives us more permission to live from the end right now. Many times, in our life we have a story that we tell ourselves. We have a certain story, a certain narrative in our mind, and our story subconsciously is controlling our life and it's controlling the direction of the parallel realities we shift to. We may have stories of this is the kind of person I am.

This is the kind of way people treat me. This is the kind of way that I act and health like with my health and how I eat. This is the kind of way that I am with a relationship is the kind of way I am with my finances. We have a story that we tell ourselves based on prior experiences based on the parallel realities that we've been in that we attached to subconsciously.

The key to this is to start to tap into new data streams. Think of every parallel reality as a separate data stream and when we focus on the story that we're telling ourselves, even subconsciously, we are pulling from data streams that may not actually serve us. We may say, okay, I want to attract a relationship into my life and I want to shift to a reality where there's a great relationship.

But if we have a story about how we are worthy, and we're not worthy of that, and if we have a story of how relationship has gone in the past, then what we do is we pull in the present moment or pulling upon those other parallel realities and we're then creating a similar pattern in our daily life. Think of parallel realities as well as patterns. This is something that quantum physics has shown is when you look into the past looking for a certain pattern, you will find it and in the present moment right now, what if you could also look into the past and find the opposite of something that you priorly saw as a disadvantage.

For example, you may say, Oh, I'm an awkward person. Maybe somebody feels like they're an awkward person. They look to their past. They see all these situations in their mind that they blow up in their mind of them being awkward. Just one time they went to work and I said this weird thing and everyone looked at them funny.

They had to do something at school for a group project and they did something, and it was weird, and people thought it was awkward, and they started to then I'd turn allies it and think that that's who they were and as I look into the past, they can see experiences as that, but what if there was also the potential for past experiences also been where you were very comfortable with people of that same person had very comfortable and confident times of their life when they were confident in public, very confident with around other people.

You see the potentiality in the past exists right now for the person to actually experience what they want, but they're only focused on one data stream. There are only focused on one possible probable past. They all exist right now in the present moment. That's the cool thing to the present moment is all that exists.

The past was another perception, another perspective of the now moment, but we have memory so we attain it in their memory and say, oh, this is who I was, and then the idea of the future, the future never actually gets here. The future is something we can project using our imagination, but by the time the future gets here, it'll be this moment right now. All of the parallel realities that we can imagine exists right now in the present moment. They are simply vibrating at a different frequency. Therefore, we do not perceive it until now.

What we can learn to do is we can learn to tap into the version of us that is in a completely different reality and we can begin to then draw upon the characteristics of that version of us. And if we do that, we then start to embody a whole new level of being and we start to then resonate with the kind of reality that we prefer.

I have kind of a story that I've told them, a couple of parallel reality videos that I've done and it was a story of when I was in, I was in a car, I was just about, I forget exactly how long it's been now. It's been years though. It's this probably back in 2011, 2012 and I was driving in a certain lane here in Vegas and I was getting ready to make a left and a turn and ahead of me just a little bit.

There was this huge semi-truck and as it was shifting into the left lane, which is lane I was in, it was shifting. All of a sudden, I knew it was going to hit me like it was obviously like it didn't know I was there as A. I had a smaller car at a huge semi-truck. It was shifting and as it was shifting, all the sudden I felt a big jolt and then I was real. I was like 20 feet behind that semi-truck. And it was weird because I couldn't piece together that gap between where I was to then where I was. The question I had, or this is before I even knew about the quantum physics stuff, this is before I even knew about all the chuffed I share my YouTube channel. I didn't even know about it yet, I. But I knew that something happened.

I knew that from a higher level, some type of maybe my higher self, I don't know what it was, but I shifted from one reality to the other because in that reality I believe I was probably crushed by that semi-truck. But I experienced a quantum jump from one to the other. But it was more of an unconscious thing. It was more of something that maybe was done at a level that I wasn't consciously aware of. But nonetheless, I felt a jolt. I was then back and then the semi-truck was like 20 feet ahead of me and everything was good. And I remember just for like 20, 30 minutes, I was like, what the, what happened? I just didn't understand that. I just kind of accepted it. And then it just kind of went in the background and then I learned about this stuff later and it all made more sense.

Creating a quantum jump in our life is about resonating. It's about doing unconsciously, consciously by the way, that the story that I had just kind of proved to me that this is something that may be real.

Creating a quantum jump in our life is all about resonating.

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But now that I know what I know about parallel realities and kind of my own experiences with it, it makes it something that's more tangible for me. When it comes to the whole technique in general, the key to this is understanding that in the present moment right now, the version of you that is in a much different space than you right now, it already exists.

There is a version of you that is doing exactly what you want to be doing for a living. Maybe you're already doing that. There's the version of you that is in the perfect relationship that isn't the perfect house, that is living the kind of lifestyle that you love. That version of you. It's not like, oh, it exists in the ethers. In the future, it exists right now and what you can begin to do is you can begin to imagine individualization. What you can do is you can imagine yourself connecting to that version of you.

You can imagine yourself as if you're looking through the eyes of that version of you because as you begin to do that, what happens is you start to pick up on the same data stream as that version of you, meaning the same thoughts, emotions, and actions. You will begin to imagine what that is and you're going to begin to pick up on that frequency because it already exists and what you can then do is the technique behind this is to set that intention that that is who you choose to be now is to begin to embody those emotions and body, the body language of that version of you.

This is something I've done many times because I imagine myself traveling the world, giving seminars all around the different cities. I imagine what I would look like on top of state, on top of the stage, walking around how I would interact with other people. How I look into the crowd and how people would look and how excited they would be there.

I would pay attention to what I would do when I was done with that go into maybe restaurants are going to do different things in the cities that I'm traveling to. I imagine the kind of people I'd be connecting to. You see, I imagine all of these different things. How I carry myself and I don't imagine it as if, oh, wouldn't it be nice if I more so imagine it as if knowing that that already exists and I don't have to try to create it all. I have to do body those emotions and as I embodied those emotions,

things begin to change because as I embodied those emotions, things begin to resonate at a different frequency.

I'll notice then that there's a different reflection that I start to get in my own life. I make the choice that that is who I am. I embody those emotions. I embody those characteristics. I know that the best thing I could do right now is to create more videos and do what I love doing because that puts me into a flow state just like I'll be in a flow state when I'm on stage, but then here's the key. Here's the thing that makes a big difference for the quantum jump.

Put yourself in a situation or an environment you have never been in before because the way it works in the quantum world is that the moment that our brain begins to pick up on a pattern, it then begins to create a very similar experience over and over again, and that's why sometimes you may have of the beginner's luck.

When someone does something and they do a really good job at it, but then maybe they try it again and again after that and they don't get the same results. Will they have had no expectation when they tried something they've never done before because they had no expectation? They were able to get better results in some people that may have been doing it for a very long time, but then as they started to get used to those results.

They started to gain an expectation because then it happened really well, but then they did it a couple more times, maybe whatever it was, it didn't happen as well, so then they assume and they start to develop a pattern that they didn't start to remain consistent. To think of it as data streams and patterns. We live in patterns. We live in a certain pattern of thought, motion action, and when we jump outside of that pattern, we start to create a quantum leap, a quantum jump, but what we must do is change our environment, change the data input of what we are experiencing and as we changed the data, input what we are, our environment, what we're constantly thinking, feeling and doing.

Then we change what we are resonating with, but we have to drop that attachment to that data stream. We have to drop the attachment to the prior way of being, and the best way to do that is to get into a completely new situation, maybe even an uncomfortable situation because what's comfortable, what's familiar is only familiar because you've done it so many times, but when you do something you haven't done before, you start to branch out.

This is something I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza, is you cannot create miracles in the same habitualized thinking. Our personality creates our personal reality. I personality is a combination of what we think, what we feel and what we do. These three things make our personality. Now, these are all on autopilot. We think this is who I am, but really these are just on autopilot from years and years of prior repetitions and familiar thought patterns.

These three things are personality is created by our what we think, what we feel and what we do. They'll personality creates our personal reality. If we want to create a greater degree of change between where we are and where we want to be, we must first off do something that gets outside of the autopilot mind. We must do something that is unfamiliar because then the brain can't sink into the same patterns as before. What I recommend you do is go to an entirely new place, maybe go traveling somewhere, decided to do an activity you've never done before because as you do that, as you get more into the unknown.

That's where you can create something much better. You cannot create anything amazing and what's familiar because there's too much repetition already there. There's too much potential for the thoughts to just go back to what's already comfortable.

The technique is imagining yourself right now, looking through the eyes of the version of you that's living the best kind of life you can imagine. Close your eyes even right now. What I encourage you to do is we're going to take in a couple of deep breaths, and I encourage you to imagine yourself looking through the eyes of the version of you that already exists doing exactly what you want to be doing, and I'll just guide you along this process and still be like a short little mini meditation.

Just take a couple minutes, so let's take a deep breath in and out. Free that out. One more breath in and out. Feel your body, relax. Close your eyes if you can imagine yourself and what you would be doing in the ideal reality of what you want to experience, the reality that already exists. Find one representation of what this could be. This could be you with a significant other content promotion at your job, switching to a new type of job, owning your own business, whatever it is. Imagine yourself doing it, looking through your own eyes. What would it look like and imagine a scenario that would prove to you that that is something that's happened?

As you look around and you notice, be aware that this reality exists right now. This version of you exists and what you are doing right now is you are picking up on the data stream of that reality. What you can begin to do is to make the choice that going forward. This is who you are now. Pay attention to the way you carry yourself in this reality. Pay attention to the kind of emotions you feel, the kind of actions you take.

Simply choose that this is who you are now and what you can do is as you go throughout your day to day, simply know that you are going to get a reflection in your life before the end of the day today that proves to you that you have shifted to a completely different parallel reality and set the intention that you will feel inspired to do something new, to do something that you haven't done before to go somewhere you haven't been before.

Set the intention that when you see whatever this thing is that you can make a choice to do it and that you will do it in a very confident way with courage and once you can do is then go throughout your day to day knowing you are who you choose to be in the present moment. Choosing that when an opportunity arises for you to do something you haven't done before, you will know and you will take that option. You will choose that now.

Once again, remember this reality exists right now by imagine it in a body, the feeling, the feeling is the most important thing. Fuel it inside of your heart. Feel it. What would be like to be this version of you and shoes that going forward? This is who you are. This is really just a matter of choice. You can choose that this is who you are and then trust that as you start to do things outside of your familiar comfort zone, you start to create a quantum leap in your vibration. You start to develop a whole new pattern for a way of being. Choose that this is who you are.

You can open your eyes. It was like a little mini meditation there. What you can do is just realize this really is a matter of choice and part of this choice is to do something you have not done before. Get out of what is familiar. It starts to become and be who you naturally are from the perspective of that version of you because there's an infinite number of versions of you that exists but notice that who you really are.

It's the feeling inside of your heart. It's this feeling of passion and that version of you is feeling more passionate. You can embody it now by choice, by choosing to and by knowing that as you link up your body language, you link up and you start to literally model that version of you, which everything in your life begins to change.

This whole process is something I found very powerful is something I've been applying to my own life. Kind of his mantra as well. I am not the result of my past. I am who I choose to be in the present moment. That helps me to drop the story of the past and it didn't create a quantum jump in the reality that I'm experiencing, so I encourage you to get into the unknown courage, you to know that you are so much more than you probably thought that you can experience what you want more easily than ever when you make a choice to because you don't have to create it.

 It already exists. Choose it from that perspective. What I've also done is I've created a free guided meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point, which will make it more likely that you then shift to the more probable reality that you prefer. That's something that's absolutely free. I recommend you listen to it for 21 days. I think that it can absolutely change your life if you apply it.

3 Ways to Attract More Money Using Reality Transurfing

What I’m going to show you are the three ways to use Reality Transurfing to attract more money into your life. I'm going to share with you exactly what you do using this powerful manifestation process.

So, come on and watch the video below:

In this blog, we're going to be on a little bit deeper with Reality Transurfing which is the process I've been sharing with you guys and a post that I originally read maybe like 5 or 6 months ago and a friend recommended it. And I read it, and I started to apply. I began to get really like my results began coming so much easier. And through it, it's completely transformed the way that I see the world. And it's transformed the way I go about manifesting what I want in life.

This is a book that was written by Vadim Zeland in Russia is now being translated to a whole bunch of different languages because it's such a powerful book and so many people are catching on to it. And it is more of a philosophy for a way of seeing life more so than just step one two three manifestations. Let me give a little bit of context for this blog. I feel like I have to explain it in every video that I do on it because I want people to understand more about it. It has to do with understanding the power of intention and how there is something called the alternative space the alternative space we can think of like parallel realities.

This is something I've talked about in China before, but the idea is that there is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist that what we think of as time in continuity is something that we perceive of simply because we're able to team together and piece together all the different parallel realities. The idea is that we can create whatever we want in our life by learning how to resonate with who we prefer to be and how to set intentions to put us on the life track of what we want to experience.

1. Set more intentions in your life

First off if you simply set more intentions in your life, you will begin to see results. That's one of the first steps. It understands that intention is what creates the direction of what we experience in our life. Another part of Reality Transurfing is understanding what is called pendulums. Pendulums are thought structures that are created by multiple people thinking about something. Normally when we think of thought, we think we think it in that thought goes away. The idea is that it is electromagnetic energy to that thought.

And if people are thinking similar thoughts or have similar beliefs, those create a thought structure that then that thought structure gains its autonomy in a way in a way it is trying everything to think for itself and try and to kind of suck the energy out of everything to keep it alive. Think of this in the way of like social conditioning right.

There is a pendulum around being a Democrat or Republican no matter what side you're on. There's a pendulum that is created because multiple people think the same thing about it now. You could think the same thing around a sports team around for any sports team. There are pendulums around them. Being an American being on any label you can think of.

There is a train of thought that is socially conditioned inside of it and many times we think that we're thinking our thoughts when in reality we are thinking the thoughts of that social conditioning. This is where awareness comes into play when we become aware of what we're thinking. We can then decide to let them go that they no longer serve us then we can start to think for ourselves, and that's a very powerful thing to do.

Go ahead and get into the main part of the video because this will share with you and show you the different aspects of what reality and surfing is but just know has to do with parallel realities and understand rather than trying so hard it's about shifting in gliding to what we want to experience in our life and really choosing what we want rather than anything else. The first one to attract more money into your life is going to have to do with the whole process of what our goals should be. Most people will have the goals of Hey I want to create an attraction in my life.

A hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars. The idea is many times we are conditioned that's a pendulum. To think that our goals should be money itself. Under Reality Transurfing it's about understanding that you must have a goal and that money is a side effect of that goal. The idea is that what we must learn to do is to combine the power of our mind with the power of our heart. The thing is if we have a goal for more money the head can connect to more money right.

The money is representative of freedom will have to be able to do X Y Z, and it's cool for the brain, but the heart doesn't understand that the heart doesn't think in that logic it's not like oh when you have the money then I'll be able to do X Y Z. What we must do is have a goal that the heart connects to. The easiest way to do this is to follow your passion for finding out what you are passionate about.

And if you want to as well what you can do is focus on adding value to other people when you learn how to add value to other people with whatever it is are you at least have that perspective. You start to outline what is called Your Inner intention with other people's inner intentions as well. You start to tap into something called our attention. Let me explain that for a minute.

Everyone has a combination of inner intention and our intention into intention is the will we have to do something it's the grind mode the hustle of what we can actually do to get what we want in life. Our intention is when we start to link up with everything that's outside of us and know that the universe can manifest for us and that beyond that when we tap into the inner intentions of other people we start to also control our intention our intentions very powerful.

And the only way to really connect to it is to have a trust in the universe to supply what we want and what we are going ourselves. And as long as it's connected to our passion I think of it like this when we add value to other people we are linking up with their inner intentions. And then there's much more power to what we are doing. This means that in order for us to really create more abundance in our life what we can do is start to follow our passion and start to open up our mind to possibilities of how we can monetize what we love.

We have the internet now. There are much you know there's so much we can do. There are so many people that we can connect to that what we can learn to do is how can we add value to other people more so than just that. How can we follow our passion and our purpose with having our goal as being that? Because it connects to the heart. And when we connect to the heart there is much more ability for us to attain what we want and then money becomes a side effect of that. And I'll tell you in my own life that's something I definitely noticed.

I went full time with my passion back in August of last year. I kind of had to make the jump because I was getting no consistent money from the job that I had at the time. But as I just kept following my passion there were more and more opportunities to where money is a side effect of me doing what I love the value I can provide to other people. A side effect of that is compensation of abundance. That's something to consider.

That is will completely transform the way you go about the process and through having that transformed view you will then see money comes to you much easier when money isn't the goal but your passion is the goal.

2. Giving importance

The second one is my favorite has been the one that's transformed me the most and it has to do with understanding the importance we are giving to the money we want to create in our life. You can apply that towards anything as well not only not just money but the idea is that when we decreased the importance for what we want to create in our life we resonate better and stronger towards it. I'll think of it like this anytime you have something if there's something that you want to experience in your life.

The moment you say I want that is the moment you're also saying I did not already have it from my day. I want that over there. It means I want to. I don't currently have. What we must learn to do is to transcend desire and transform it into intention. The idea is that this is what makes trip surfing a little bit different than all the stereotypical Law of Attraction processes. It's not really about having a white-hot burning desire, in this case, it's more so about knowing that desire must be translated and transformed into intention in order for it to be powerful now.

This is the idea behind desire and intention. I have a desire to put my hand up right now and if I leave that desire here it dies no power within itself. But if I translate that desire into intention by going like this then it has power. The idea is that unblessed desire is transformed into intention or action. It remains as a potential that doesn't realize itself now the idea is that what you just do is have intention.

And on the other side of that understand that we must not give significance and importance to anything more so the more we have to think of it like this. The moment we say this is so important is the moment that we distance ourselves from it. And it's also the moment that we can't actually connect to it. We've noticed this the most obvious one that people can relate to is if you've ever like somebody and you had a crush on someone.

The idea is that you may have liked them and if they felt that off of you and you made them very important and you kind of put them on a pedestal they may have felt that and then retracted it kind of like Gannaway and now linked up with you or circumstances came into place to where it just didn't work out. The idea behind that is anytime we get something excessive meaning or has more significance than it is what happens is balancing factors come into play to balance that out so that it doesn't happen the way that we want.

What we must do is have a more your perspective on this. Two more of observing what we want to realize this is the key. That it is natural for you to have the abundance that wants that you want. It is natural for you to be experiencing that. And when you have that perspective so much can happen because you are more of resonating with it. You know I use this analogy a lot, and it has to do with understanding subscribers on YouTube. I’m thinking that 100000 subscribers are going to make me feel this blissful Tideway. And when we a hundred 100000 I went to bed one night at 98 thousand the next morning woke up at 101 because a video went viral.

And what happened is when I woke up it was like cool for about an hour, but it was just natural because I create daily videos. And that just became a part of my self-image. Be aware also of what yourself image is. Because if you have a self-image that says that I'm not worthy of that. It's up there on a pedestal. It's the moment that you know that that excess of potential will be created and balancing forces will take it away.

That's why in order for you to create more money in your life you have to start to see yourself as somebody that's able to generate that kind of abundance because it's natural for who you are and it's comfortable for you.

For you to create more money in your life, you have to start to see yourself as somebody that's able to generate that.

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Comfortability is also another important factor of Reality Transurfing. Most people say well isn't it best to get out of your comfort zone.

Well yes but you expand your comfort zone and then that becomes comfortable for you because you've been doing it consistently. That's why it's not about getting an outsider comfortable your comfort zone. It's about expanding your comfort zone. Do things you haven't done before. That is powerful but also realize that that is just who you are. You're somebody that stretches outside your comfort zone expands it you're somebody that it's natural for you to create the openness that you want. And as you do that everything will change.

3. Understanding experience

The third part of Reality Transurfing towards attracting more money or creating more into in your life will do with understanding referents experiences and connecting to the past. Normally we think of the past as something that is static that is who I was. That is what I experienced. However, under Reality Transurfing it's about understanding that there is an alternative space which is everything that has been everything that is and everything that will be now our choices and our intentions are what choose the future of what we experience in her life and by setting the right intentions and by focusing on what we want. We then focus more and bring in the parallel reality of what we want to experience in life which can be very powerful. However, many times we tell ourselves a story about our past.

Think of this as this is the past. This is the present this is the future. This all actually exists at once insists that our perception moves through it in a time-space linear way. We think that it's one Boom-Boom when it's really just boom everything exists exist on at once. The idea is that in the present moment right now we will connect to our past and say well I want to make you know 20, 30, 40k a month and I've never done that before.

The idea is that we look to our past to see that we've never done it before. The story that we tell ourselves is that it must be hard. We've never done it before and we just don't simply know what to do. That's actually the key is we just don't simply know what to do but we can find out by in the present moment in a couple different things. One of them can be to study people that have already done it before. People that are maybe in the same niche maybe that are you know read their books and understand what they did.

If it's you wanting to take your art and bring it and make it into a gallery and you can find people that have done that and find out what they did and how they marked it themselves maybe come up with your own way and the idea is that as you do that you're able to then connect and create what you want in the alternative space because you're focused on the belief that you can do it and somebody else has done it.

The other thing to do is realize that your past your probable past is always changing only in your memory. Are you able to remember those things and you think that it's your memory when you're connecting to different parts of your past and every moment? Say that you have a memory of something happening or you're in a certain state of being based on that state of being that you're in in the present moment. You're going to connect to different parts of your past.

That's why if you're in a very positive mood it's easy for you to remember other times in your past that you were positive simply because you resonate with that state of being and it's you're easily able to connect to those alternative pasts of what happened. Understand that that is all flexible. Understand you are not a result of your past. You are who you choose to be in the present moment.

This can be a major game changer in your life if you understand this because then you can drop all the story that you tell yourself all the story of money comes harder I can't have it or all of these you know self-esteem and thinking that you're not worthy of it. You will start to really drop all of those perspectives by buying into yourself more and understanding that you are who you choose to be. 

You can choose the alternative space of what you want by making the right choices and by understanding that it is natural for you to be that way so drop your story around money. Understand you can create your own story you can connect to different parts of your past by remembering times when you were abundance reaffirming that that's who you are and then everything begins to change.

Desire and the Law of Attraction THE TRUTH NO ONE TELLS YOU

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on desire with the Law of Attraction and something that a lot of people don't talk about in the Law of Attraction community. This is something that I think will change the way you see the process and also help you to resonate more with what you want to experience in a completely new way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the truth on understanding desire in the Law of Attraction process and a new way for looking at it so that you really start to create what you want from a place of resonance. The reason I say resonance is because when you look at the law of attraction in general, an underlying consensus of the Law of Attraction is that desire is one of the keys to success.

At a certain level, desire gets the energy moving. When you hear people like Tony Robbins talk about how you have to be hungry, it will move energy and even the book think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill where he talks about having the white-hot burning desire. These are certain ways for going about the process and they will still get you results, but that's if certain things come into play and many times it creates blocks that then people have to jump over and sometimes those blocks can make it so that it takes a lot longer than it has to.

Basically, what I'm saying is there's a better way of going about it. That comes from a higher level of consciousness, a higher vibrational state of being to where things happen in a much easier way. Last night I was reading a book before I went to bed and that book was talking about the Tao Te Ching, and it was talking about how that means, the way the balance, it's this certain way that we're going and it talks about how there were these two extremes.

Anything that's on either side of the extreme drains us of energy. So sometimes if we have a strong desire for something, we may actually be drained our energy if we become identified with it and if we base our internal state of being on whether that thing happens or not. You see this a lot and I see this a lot because I'm in this community. I make videos on YouTube about this and I get people that ask me all the time, how do I try to person into my life? I really want to attract this.

How do I go about it? And I can tell many times that people feel drained of energy because they're putting so much into what they want to create in their life. However, what I'm learning is there's actually the better way that I'm talking about and it has to do with more of something that has to do with a point of view.

It comes not so much from what you want, but why you want what you want. What is the why underneath you? Why would you want what you want? Well, it's most likely because whatever you want, you want the emotion that it brings you. You want the feeling that that thing will give you, and the key is tapping into the feeling, knowing that you can generate the feeling of whatever you want simply by deciding to do so. What does that mean?

Well, what it means is a lot of times what we do, what I do and what I used to do a lot, getting better at it is I used always to say that when something happened in the future, then I'd be happy, but that's deceiving because then when the future gets here, I've already been conditioned not to be happy with certain things and then the mind always jumps in.

It ups the ante. Whether this is something like achieving goals when it comes to a certain dollar amount, you may get to that dollar amount that you make per month or per year, whatever it is, this is just normal for me. This doesn't feel as I thought it was. I'm going to up the ante even more. Maybe even another 15 percent more on top of that.

Then I'll feel better, but it's just an if-then thing in the mind, if this happens, then I'll feel better and that's a rule that we place on our self and if that rule comes to fruition or if we abide by that rule, then we'll feel good if we accomplish it, but the key is to understand that we can feel the emotion that we want right now and by doing so, we then resonate more with the reality that we want quicker than ever.

When it comes to desire, I would say that normally what happens with people when they have a strong desire is they remain in one of the first levels of Law of Attraction, and that is the being here wanting to be here, desiring for being over here and feeling unconscious that you don't already have that. What you want. Think about it in terms of resonance.

If you are here saying, I want that over there, you're also saying, I really, really want that. You're also saying, I really, really don't currently have that. And the key and the secret to this whole process is knowing that over there, whatever emotion that over there, we'll bring you. You can feel that satisfaction, that happiness, that gratitude right now in the present moment, and by feeling that emotion now in the present moment, you will eventually get there, but the key is to not need that thing in order to feel happy.

Because if you need it, then you're also saying that you haven't changed. You see, we always get a reflection in our life of what we believe to be true and we always get a reflection or a life of who we are being. And if and as we know, if we look at a mirror, we can't expect the reflection of change before we change. We must change first and the same way. Sometimes what we do is we're like, “Hey, I've changed.”

But then were peeking to see if the reflection changes and we're waiting for the reflection of change before we'll actually change. But we're like, Hey, I think I'm changing. It will look in the mirror and it hasn't changed yet. The key is to, regardless of what the reflection is doing to change anyway, because there's the thing, there's a gap in between what we perceive on the mirror.

We have time, space, reality that we live in, and of course, time at a certain level is an illusion, but there's a certain momentum that we have built up from prior experience and that momentum continues to play itself out. Sometimes there'll be looking at the mirror, you'll be getting the old reflection saying, I know I've changed, but if you do not actually change on the inside because you're waiting for that to change, then the change hasn't happened yet.

It's a paradox because when you don't base your internal state of being on what is externally happening, when you don't base it on that, that's when everything will change and paradoxically enough things will happen even easier, but you have to learn to generate the emotion from within because when you generate the emotion from when within, that's when you actually resonate with what you want to experience.

There's another process that I teach that's called Reality Transurfing. There's a book called Reality Transurfing in written by a quantum physicist named Vladimir Zeland in Russia. It's becoming more well-known because I make it a lot of videos about it as well, so a lot of people are starting to learn a lot more about Reality Transurfing and one of them. One of the things in there has to do with understanding this balance of desire, importance, and intention.

Normally what we do is if we say, I really want that, like I said, we're saying I really, really don't have that, but what we also made doing this be putting things on a pedestal saying this is very important. I really hope this happens. I really hope this interaction with this person I have a crush on goes really well. I really hope it does.

And if we put them on a pedestal, we then create this resistance. We create this potential for resistance. Everything in life has a certain level of what could be called the union, the Yang. If you look at certain traditions, there's this balance, this polarity, and anytime we push it to one side, there's another side that comes into balance it, so if we're draining yourself of energy because we really desire something, there's this pool to come back to the middle and then in order to come back to the middle, sometimes that thing gets taken away from us because that's what in Reality Transurfing is called this balance of coordination.

Anytime we put something on a pedestal, balancing forces come into play because there's something called excess potential balancing forces, metaphorically speaking, come into play to balance that out, so how does it balance it out will sometimes we just won't get that which we want because we're also saying in the present moment, I don't currently have that which I want because I really, really want it, which means I really, really don't currently have it, and because we're saying that what happens is we must get to the middle way.  

As realized in this last night when I was looking at the principles, because it's about this middle way, this middle balance of going about things. Here's the thing, in Reality Transurfing desire isn't powerful. Desire is only powerful if it is translated into intention. Was the difference between intention and desire?

Now, desire is an energetic thing that can sometimes move energy, however it many times causes blocks, but it's an emotion is a feeling that we have that then allows us to focus now intention, the difference between desire and intention. His intention is something that we actualize. It's something that we move energy towards, that we take action with or something that we move energy with.

Whereas desire is simply a thought. It is something that we think about, but in the same way, this is the analogy that using the robotic trans surfing book, as I'm here right now, if I have a desire to put up my hand, that desire is not powerful unless I translate that desire into intention.

 The intention is the realization of that desire, so sometimes desire will get us to that intention. Desire will get us to take action.

Desire will get us to feel a certain emotion or to desire and focus in a certain way, but if we move our hand like this, that's because we had the intention to do so.

Desire will get us to feel a certain emotion and focus in a certain way.

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We have realized that desire, so the key to this whole process is understanding the movement from something that may be a desire into that have intention.

When it comes to the process of desire and the Law of Attraction, let's understand another aspect of getting results with what we want with the Law of Attraction. It's something that I really believe is the most underrated, one of the most underrated things when it comes to this process and that is a focus. Anything we focus on grows and in order to become successful, it requires quite a bit of focus, but a lot of people will focus for a little bit on something.

Then move away from it. Therefore, it just grows a little bit. Think of it like you're watering something, but you're watering something that is able to continue to take in water so you're not over watering it. Sometimes people might work a little bit too hard and create the resistance, but in general, the more you water it, the more it grows, but some people that just trickle a little bit of water on it and then run away and then come back three weeks later and be like, so you didn't work.

Law of Attraction doesn't work. I wanted to go full time with my passion by just didn't work well. It doesn't work if you just trickle of water on it every three weeks. The more that you focus on anything, the more it grows. The reason that Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, a lot of success, people have said that she has to do what you're passionate about is because whatever you're passionate about, it is so easy for you to focus and that focus will then grow, and then even when it appears to be hard, you're still focused through it.

That's the key is focused because in the process with desire and the Law of Attraction, many people will have a certain focus for a period of time, but then shift the focus. A little bit of resistance comes up. The key is to redefine that resistance and to know that it's part of the process and that the more you allow things to happen, the easier things will be for you.

When it comes to desire and the Law of Attraction, understand that desire is only powerful if it's translated into intention, which means the in to the realization in to the energy movement of it and to being able to actualize that which you are desiring and you can even just think to yourself right now, I intended dot, dot, dot. What do you intend for in your life? I set intentions throughout my whole day when I get up in the morning, I set an intention that I have a great meditation in my meditation.

I preplan out my whole day and I set intentions for certain segments of my day, so I set intentions to have a great time filming videos, set intentions to enjoy editing the videos, to getting the work done on my business. I set intentions to enjoy going to the gym, to getting things done the rest of the day. Whatever I need to do or spending time with family, whatever it is, I set those intentions because then that equals and that influences the rest of my day and I find it to be very powerful.

But the key is to set those intentions because intentions are going to help you realize whatever your desires are, so desires can be okay as long as It's moved in a certain direction. Many people stay in phase one of manifestation, which is just the thought of it isn't about thinking. This is about being.

This is about encompassing the whole dynamic, how you think, how you feel and what you do. All three of that makeup who you are and we get a reflection of who we are. The key is to know why we want what we want and then to break that down into an emotion. For example, if we want more money, we could say, how do we, how do we attract what we want and have a desire for it? Without emphasizing that what we want isn't already here.

The key to this is understanding this is more about resonance, and the key to this is understanding whatever you want brings you a particular emotion, so choose to feel that emotion right now because you can choose the meaning you give to things in your life and when you choose to feel whatever emotion that is. If it's money, for example, money brings you what?

Most people, for me, it brings freedom, freedom to do what? Uh, what I want when I want to do it. For some people, it brings security, the feeling of feeling secure and safe. For some people when it comes to a relationship that represents to them connection, compassion, love. You can feel that right now by focusing on things in your life that are already there, that allow you to feel that emotion. And by doing that you will attract what you want quicker than ever because you are more so resonating with that.

This is about understanding that you can choose and give yourself permission right now to release what you want. The serotonin, the dopamine with your focus. Whatever you focus on, you feel start to focus on things you already have that have the vibrational basis of what you want to experience, and you will then be translating that desire into intention.

Make the choice that you're going to set more intentions in your life. You'll start to move the energy in a very powerful way and understand that this goes beyond that of just what you think. This is about who you are and when you begin to see it from this point of view, things will happen easier than ever. What I also encourage you to do is to go down the middle way what they called the way go down and don't give it excess important to excess.

Meaning, see it as a natural part of who you are. See it as something that doesn't have to drain your energy because you're going down the middle way. You're not really, really, really wanting it really, really, really, really thinking you don't have it.

You are just going through the process of observing your thoughts more than anything else and you'll find that things happen easier than ever. You have the power to do it. You have the power to move the energy with your focus and unconfident that if you do, you will experience more of what you want your life and a much faster way.

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