The Levels of the Law of Attraction (My Story and Top Tips)

In this episode I explain my whole journey with the Law of Attraction and the different “levels” I have experienced.  I’ll show you what I’ve learned and the best tips I have for creating from a higher level paradigm.

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Top Ways To Raise Your Vibration, Twin Flames, Enlightenment and More with Victor Oddo

#7. Top Ways To Raise Your Vibration, Twin Flames, Enlightenment and More with Victor Oddo

In this episode, Victor and I talk about our top ways that we raise our vibration.  We explain our perspective on twin flames as well as answer questions during a Live Q and A.  If you want to ask a question feel free to follow me on instagram below and I will update you for the next one.

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My Views on Spirituality, Extraterrestrials, and the Law of Attraction (Q and A)

#5. My Views on Spirituality, Extraterrestrials and the Law of Attraction (Plus Q and A)
In this episode I explain the correlation with the Law of attraction and letting go, I give practical advice on developing will power and explain my views on Aliens, Ets, and spirituality.   We go deeeep.   If you want to ask a question feel free to follow me on instagram below and I will update you for the next one.

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#5. The Ego and the Law of Attraction, Life After Death, and Emotional Tranformation (Plus Q and A)

In this episode I explain the limits of the Law of Attraction in relation to the expansion of consciousness.  I show how we can align our energy to the greater collective and how when we do that, everything can align for us.  In the Q and A section (in the second half) I answer questions that everyone has.  If you want to ask a question feel free to follow me on instagram below and I will update you for the next one.

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#4. The Truth about Law of Attraction Techniques, Permission Slips, and Changing Beliefs

In this episode I explain the truth about permission slips and where the true power is when it comes to techniques and tools. I am going to try something new this weekend and will update you on the results next week.  Victor Oddo and I share our experiences with Plant medicine in detail and invite you to join us in November of this year.

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#3: Conspiracy Theories, Sedona, and Going Full Time Doing What You Love

#3: Conspiracy Theories, Sedona, and Going Full Time Doing What You Love



Today’s video was filmed at the top of Bell rock in Sedona Arizona.  Victor Oddo Joined me once again for another episode and we spoke on a variety of concepts ranging from the reason we love going to Sedona, all the way to understanding conspiracy theories and how to respond to them and finally how we went full-time on YouTube doing what we love.  Let me know what you think in the comments and any suggestions to topics will also be kept in mind for future episodes.


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#2 Raising Your Vibration, Changing Your Emotions and My Ayahuasca Experience

In this episode I explain my personal experience with raising my vibrational set point.  I show you exactly how I went from about a “4” or “5” out of 10 (with 10 feeling the best) to a solid “7” or “8” out of 10.  I explain the different levels of consciousness as well as explain how I let go of the pain of my past.  The power we have to expand our consciousness can really change our life in a powerful way and thats why the focus of this video is just that.  I open up towards the end about my ayahuasca experience and explain my whole experience of what happened while in Costa Rica at a resort called Rythmia.

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Law of Attraction Q and A


Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron. I hope people expanded their consciousness. Now this video what I’m going to be doing is a Q&A. It is my first ever Q and A and what I did is it’s actually weeks ago that I put this in a video I asked you guys for questions and I got a whole bunch of questions and then it’s just taking me a couple of weeks to get to this point. Now some of you know I had the ability recently to leave the job that I was at for like four years which is really cool. And now I have the ability to put more time into youtube more time into creating content for you guys. So I’m finally getting to the point where I can create this Q&A. So I thought this would be just a little bit more casual So it’s like we’re just sitting here kind of having this conversation and what I’ll do now is I’m just going to answer some questions some of them are going to be like more personal some of them are going to be more on the information that I share on the channel.

A lot of them are the Law of Attraction. Go figure. I mean that’s what I share a lot of the show. So I get it. So first of all answer how about a personal one. I get this question a lot actually. How do you get your teeth so white.

So I don’t whiten them. I don’t go and I don’t put like Crest white strips or anything like that. What I do is I just brush them twice a day and or three times a day. Just depends on the day. And I used Tom’s toothpaste which is fluoride free and clear which I do also keep in mind I do have a ring light that I use which might make my teeth whiter than they are. They are pretty white though to be honest with you. So I get asked a lot that you know not to be cocky about it but it is what it is.

Where do you see the sweet spot between taking action and letting go. Could be is it sometimes we’re taking too much and waste and energy or useless stuff are not enough to realistically hit our goals. So

this is a question about taking action and letting go and this is something that is very important now when it comes to it. It’s about really just being aware of the kind of action you’re taking and what kind of results you are getting. So you might see that if you take a couple a whole bunch of action action action action but you’re not getting results. It may mean that you need to re iterate or figure out what actions have highest leverage. So it’s about really being aware of what that is. Now for me for example I decided to make a video a day and I realized that making a video a day was the highest leverage thing that would completely change my life. Like I remember I was sitting there and I was like What is the one thing that if I did every day in a year could profoundly changed my life and for me that was making a video and I made that decision back in February and since February a lot has changed because of that decision.

Now this is something I also hammerin a lot. And I remember the other day somebody commented on channel and I was like you don’t get it it’s not about taking action for the Law of Attraction. You hammer. You know like it’s not about action it’s about more just thinking about it. And you know any successful person that you can study and I know there’s anomalies I know there’s exceptions but in general for most people any successful people that you can read their biographies or learn about people that have grown businesses they’ve had to at some point take action. Now I’m not saying take action to a point to where it’s like your nose to the grindstone and you hate taking action when you do what you love.

Action is a natural part of it. You love taking action. And I mean find me one person that has really been able to create massive success and somebody that we really look up to and they’ve taken massive action before. And for me it’s one of the thing in the Law of Attraction community that I think is just really underemphasized That’s why I kind of explain it so much because with the movie The Secret and a lot of people that talk about the law of attraction it’s all about the energy it’s all about the thinking. Well that was me that was me for like two years of having this YouTube channel.

I sat around and I was all focused on the energy I was all focused on the vision for what I want to create. But guess what. It didn’t really pick up until I took massive action and that’s when everything happened so I only say because I’ve learned it from experience. If you have just created you know something magnificent and amazing success for yourself without taking action I think that’s great. And that’s your experience but my experience is that action is a part of the process that the more you take action the more you learn to love taking action. And that from there that’s when you get amazing results. It’s inspired action plus the energy and the vision that you have. So it’s a little bit of both. So I kind of went on that tangent there but when that person commented it like I did you know kind of really kind of down talking and all taking action thing.

I mean I’m open to it. I’m not attached to it but at the same time I know it works for me. So I like to talk about things that I have experienced for myself and that’s why I share it with you guys. So another question that I got was. Can you give examples of how you think you manifest it is that she wanted how you manifested those things. So I will link up at the end of video a lot of attraction the three top three Law of Attraction stories that I have. But just to kind of summarize a couple of those. The moment that I really became aware that the Law of Attraction was something that could be powerful or I really started to believe in it was I worked in a sales commission job at Nordstrom’s for about five years that’s about six years ago and I worked there from pretty much right when I got out of high school.

And you know it was all commission you got paid 10 percent commission of whatever you sold. And about three years into it I learned about the law of attraction and I remember that I decided I was going to try it. So what I did is I went over to my mirror. I had a dry erase marker and I wrote down a certain amount I wrote six thousand six hundred and sixty eight dollars. And what I did is I wrote that number down and I just simply believed and I thought about hitting that number at the end of the day like by the end of the day that was as much I was going to have in my commission for that day.

And I worked in woman’s shoes. The average price point was anywhere between two dollars to$800 and to hit that exact amount would have been kind of you know it was kind of very rare because it’s a very specific amount and all the shoes to add up. You know I wanted to get within at least a couple hundred dollars of it but I remember that I went to work that day it wasn’t necessarily busy It wasn’t like a Saturday or it wasn’t like we were crazy busy or anything but I remember that I specifically was very busy that day like I was standing around either that or you know sales people around me but I just I always picked up the right customer at the right time. And I remember that by the end of the day I went before I left for the day and checking my number and I had sold within a hundred dollars of that six thousand six hundred and eighty dollars or whatever it was it was right around.

I remember there was 6 6 8 8 in it. I don’t know which order but it was it was six thousand and then one of those. And I sold within a hundred dollars of it. And with that point going forward I knew there was something to it because it was the first off that was a high goal for the day. I mean we get 10 percent commission that means I made between six and seven hundred dollars for that day. And to be within that amount it just proved to me that there was something there. So from that point going forward I was much more consciously aware of what I was thinking I was much more aware of you know how I could intend for certain things to happen and it happened more from there.

But that was the first big time that it happened for me and was another story. I had had to do what you know I like to share it because it’s something I’m very passionate about his YouTube channel. Now to a certain level back in February like I said I asked myself the question what’s the one thing I could do that would really change the kind of results that I was getting and my lifestyle. And it was creating a video a day and from that point going forward I decided that no matter what I was going to create a video a day so there was a lot of action that was there the energy the passion the emotion it was already there.

The missing link for me was the action. I decided to take action every day with it. And within a month things went from growing to by. I was growing by like maybe 300 a month. Then it got to where I was going by like a thousand or 3000 a month. And then like the next month it went like 20000 a month. A couple of videos that started to hit on high velocity. And from there things really picked up I went from back in February I had maybe two or four thousand subscribers and now I’m sitting that you know 90 something thousand and it’s all something that was intended for you know I had a certain goal by a certain time of the year that’s what I wanted to hit.

And it’s definitely moved there very fast and I’m with then you know I should be able to hit that goal here within the next month or so is 100000 subscribers. And for me that’s just a benchmark because it shows that if I take action and I have a certain intention and my intention with this channel is to add value to as many people as possible to really spread a message more so than you know having the ego of oh I have 100000 subscribers I have this kind of following. It’s more so about you guys and having this interaction with you guys and feeling like I can share these ideas with you and I feel really grateful to be able to do that every every other day or every day. And the other thing I knew is that in order to change my side hustle in order to change my side hustle to my full time.

The one thing I really had to do was I had to treat my side hustle as my full time which meant that as I was going to work every day I would go work eight an eight hour shift. I would come home sometimes I’d come home at midnight because these last four years I worked at Barnes New York were in a woman’s shoes which is like a high end you know luxury retail store. And we were we live in Vegas so we’re you know because in a like luxury casino and I worked till midnight sometimes I’d come home get home at like 12:31 I would film a video till about 2:00 I would edit till about three or four have it set out to go out at 10:30 the next day which is when all my videos go live and then I would I would sleep for like four hours and get up for the next day because I’d worked earlier the next day.

That happened a lot. And then eventually I figured out hey if I create like four or five videos in one day then I can edit and have like less strain on myself. But in general I had to really you know put lot of energy into this to get it to grow and that’s in a way a manifestation story. But there’s action involved. But I see it because action is a part of the process. I love making videos for you guys and that’s why it doesn’t really feel like work even though I am working you know now that I don’t have that job any more and I let it go.

But my my last day was the McGregor Mayweather fight and I did intensely because I was going to be busy and it’s kind of like a celebration for me afterwards. But I work very hard now. I still I still probably work eight to 12 hours a day. But I’d do it just what I love. I’m creating videos right now for you guys. Don’t feel like work even when I edit videos that don’t feel like work. You know I eventually what I want to do is travel around and make videos in different places. It’s not going to feel like work. You know I get to share these ideas with you guys so it’s all a matter of perspective when you really love what you do. It’s kind of like something is kind of more natural kind of just flows a little bit better.

Let’s get to a couple more questions. Are there any suggestions.

To tolerating and loving negative people. The first thing I have to say to this is it be very reluctant to label someone as naked because sometimes if we are focused and knowing that they are negative then what we do is that becomes like a self-fulfilling prophecy. And we in a way can influence them to kind of draw and pay attention to those characteristics of them.

Now that you can still be discerning and realize that maybe either energies are compatible with you but the first thing is to really just show them compassion a lot of the people that are negative have been through a lot in our lives. I remember there’s this one guy who used to work with that he was considered of having like very negative energy and people would talk smack about him. People would always say things about him and I’m always that guy that loves the underdog. I’m always the one that likes to see people different from the way other people see them. So me for example I befriended the guy like I was friends with him and I was I actually got pretty close to him and he knowing his childhood and hearing his stories of how he grew up it became very obvious to why he was a negative person.

And it was like showing them and being friends with them and really like understanding them this is another strong one. Seek first to understand it rather than be understood. That’s very powerful for the process because it puts you in their shoes and you realize that at the deepest level we’re all human. We’ve all been through things. You know I went through a lot in my childhood. I was around somebody that was very negative. It was my ex step mom. She was very abusive in certain ways. And coming out of that when I was 15 years old and my dad divorced her I could have been and really held onto the victim mentality. But what I learned was it’s first off I was able to forgive her because I realized that she was abused by her dad that she did the controlling aspects and like probably has some type of bipolar disorder.

You don’t I don’t see it in a judgmental way but I say it because it helps me understand how someone else is coming towards and like how someone else is thinking. So that’s important because when you seek first to understand rather than be understood it allows you to not attain her like to label them as negative it allows a more equal understanding there and then you can really feel compassion for them I have no hard feelings towards her whatsoever because. I have these ideas or I understand them and it’s just like.

I think that’s important is this you can have compassion for other people when you understand at a deeper level that we’re all connected and that we’re all doing what we’re doing based on our own rationalization and how we feel. So that’s a way to kind of forgive at the same time of letting go of maybe people being negative or having that label that’s tainted them. Let’s see I get this question a lot. I will make a video on this. I know you guys have been asking me a lot for this but it has to do with my top books for the law of attraction or just hot books in general for reprogramming the subconscious mind. The more esoteric books now these are books that maybe I haven’t I haven’t really talked about a lot but it’s it’s books by someone called Jane Roberts.

It’s called the Seth materials. It’s kind of more advanced information in a sense that’s not the easiest stuff to understand. It’s a little more esoteric. I’ll tell you that. But the Seth books by Jane Roberts have been very powerful in the understanding these ideas and a lot of what I like to explain to you guys is I like to take these complex literature of these complex ideas and make them something easy to apply and something easy to understand. So the Seth Material by Jane Roberts any information you can find on Bashar Bashar is has amazing information. And Bashar is very esoteric in certain ways. Some people don’t like the idea of how maybe the information comes about comes through a guy named Dero Anca is where Bashar like comes through. But any information by Bashar is absolutely amazing. When it comes to let’s see the power of now by Eckhart Tolle Yeah I know I talk a lot about that but that helps you really become present for the moment.

It’s helped me become present to the moment. Those are I would say the top literature or books or you know you probably find videos on YouTube about them as well. And that was very instrumental in me understanding and really having the perspective that I do. So those are the top ones. I’ll give you for now eventually I will make a video on it. Let’s see what is the paradox between life past and understand the paradox between free will and destiny. I believe that every one of us has a certain type of destiny certain things that we want to do in our life experience. Now the thing is we have free will we can create what we want in our life.

Now in general the emotions that we feel if passion I believe that that passion and us following our excitement is part of our destiny. For example for me I’ve known since I was a freshman in high school that I wanted to be a speaker in some form that I wanted to be at some level somebody that travels and speaks. I’ve just always known that now the kind of information I share maybe was about more free will depending on where I am and my path but at the same time that would happen in some form. So think of it in the way that we have a hallway that we are destined to walk down. Now the way that we walk down the hallway is up to us. We could run we could skip we could jog we could walk backwards we could walk zigzag.

That’s our free will. In general we will always knock back to that hallway based upon our emotions and what we intend to do in our life. But the way we go about that is up to us. We have the free will to create what we want. But that’s kind of the analogy I use. So there may be different forms that you could express your passion maybe you have a passion for creating some type of art but the art could be open to your own interpretation the art could be creating videos. It could be actually drawing you could be sculptures. There’s so many ways to go about it but the expression is what’s important. You wanted to express yourself so that’s kind of the idea and the perspective that I had. Maybe there certain contracts we have with certain people and we can have those.

But at a deeper level there is free will involved in there as well so it really is kind of like that paradox. Now maybe one more question we’re getting to 17 minutes and I think I only have 17 minutes left on this on this SIM card.

So let me see.

Spirituality can be exhausting a certain face. What tips do you have for keeping the energy levels high to stay out of the funk. Now the first thing IDM do is really quick as I think I only have like 45 seconds left. Is spirituality being hard at times. D the linguistics of that question is implying that it is built in spirituality is exhausting. The first thing I would do is drop it. Being exhausting and reframing it to understanding that we may need to balance ourselves out but to impose that a lot of our beliefs are in our definitions and our in our linguistics so if we change that we change the experience. So letting go of spirituality in hard at times will allow us to then feel like you can be more smooth and the other thing I would say is that keep your energy levels high focus on you recharge your batteries.

Understand that you can’t really help other people until you help yourself. And when you go about it through knowing you’re at the cause and not the effect that’s when everything’s begins to change. So I’m going to go ahead and sign up for this video let me know if you guys liked the style of video. If you do I’ll do more Q&A in the future. And then other than that as always I will see you guys on the next vid. Peace much love Namaste.

The Top 3 Things I’ve Learned from Meditation

Every now and then I’ll come across what I call an Epiphany. This is a realization of an idea or concept that profoundly changes the way I perceive my life. Sometimes it will come when I am researching a specific topic, and sometimes it comes out of nowhere. Meditation has triggered many Epiphanies within me and has expanded my view of possibility. These 3 realizations are the most profound truths I’ve come across in my own experience. Mediation has the ability to transcend the limited thinking mind and to expand the scope of perception. All the answers are inward and can easily be tapped into by bringing the awareness into the body and the moment of now.