How to be Positive in Any Situation

I believe we give the meanings to the effects we get out of our life experience and that every situation and circumstance in life has the potential to be seen from a positive point of view. What this means is that every situation in life is inherently neutral. It has no positive meaning nor negative meaning . We decide what the meaning is and therefore perpetuate an emotional response to the situation. Its the reason why some people may love a rainy day and some people may not. Its all about the filter (our brain)that is perceiving the information. We can do this by understanding there is some positive reason for the circumstance occurring. We may not notice it immediately but eventually if we project that belief and trust it will eventually come into awareness. We can allow the moment to be what it is knowing that we prefer something else. Understanding our power to decide the meaning of events in our life is a key to cultivating a positive mental attitude and happy life experience.

How to Relieve Anxiety Instantly

I believe the best way to relieve anxiety is to prevent it all together. Understanding where it comes from can help us realize how we can align with how we truly prefer to feel. I believe our natural inner state is excitement and unconditional love. When we allow ourselves to be who we truly prefer to be we embody the positive emotions life has to offer.

When the inner dialogue puts filters and caps on whatever life circumstances we are experiencing, the natural state of excitement and passion begins to transmute to the unwanted emotions of fear and anxiety. This means that in order to relieve anxiety its a matter of allowing the moment to be (not resisting ‘what is’) and allow ourselves to align with our true state. Anxiety is normally a projection and fear of a certain “future” moment. The way to relieve this anxiety is to focus on the present moment rather then the future moment. To not label the feeling of uncertainty about the future to be fear or anxiety and to understand it can be excitement. I believe all anxiety is, is excitement that is being put through a belief filter that it out of alignment from our true nature. If we see it as exciting we can then truly embody the positive emotions rather then the segregative emotions of fear and anxiety.

How I Awakened to My Passion and True Self

I believe the purpose of life it to awaken into more of who we came here to be. Awakening for me is understanding that there is more to life then the physical ego structure that I identify as. The more I went on an inward journey and began to question why reality is the way it is, the more I understood the correlation between thought, beliefs and perception.

I believe that we are spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. That when we are born we forget who we are and one purpose of this is to remember our connection to all consciousness. I know for myself that there is a connection between all things. I believe we are all connected and sharing this experience together while having our own perspective of it at the same time. I’ve also come to realize that fear is an illusion created by the mind. This awareness has allowed me to move my emotions and thoughts to a higher level and because of this awareness I can honestly say that I feel peace, joy and happiness almost all the time. Awareness is love and love is power.

Redefining Our Lives and Reclaiming Our Power

I’ve always noticed that how we define ourselves shapes our experience in life. I used to have ADHD years ago and realized that for years I defined myself as having it and needed adderrall to tone me out. The moment I realized how my definitions and thoughts created my experience I decided I could choose to redefine myself and change my life in that way. I then began changing my life from the inside out through redefining how I labeled myself. I believe we all have the power to define ourselves with awareness to who we prefer to be.

How to Have More Energy and Passion in Life

Many people claim to be tired often and claim to lack passion in their lives. We have the power inside to cultivate a state of being that is energetic and vibrant with life. If we define ourselves as passionate and energetic and take action with this attitude our energy for life will increase. Life is a refection of our internal beliefs and state and understanding the correlation leads to ultimate power. How to have more energy and passion in life



My Morning Routine: 5 Steps to Having a Happy and Successful Day

My Morning Routine: 5 Steps to Having a Happy and Successful Day


Having a morning routine is important for setting the tone to the day. Years ago I would study successful and happy people to see consistencies between what they do to how they feel. I can confidently say that over the past 3 years I have been consistently feeling happy a majority of the day. I believe that a huge factor in this was the decision to take more control of my day by having a morning routine to put me into a positive and mindful state first thing in the morning. We all have the power of controlling our internal state by being mindful and in the present moment. That power is best maintained in the morning with momentum being perpetuated though out the day.

Why Drink Alkaline Water?


Why Drink Alkaline Water?

Science has been showing us the benefits of having a majority alkaline diet and the correlation to being healthy. Alkaline water has been growing every year with the acknowledgment of the health benefits of it.

Alkaline water is clear of Fluoride and many other chemicals found in most tap waters and even some bottled waters. There is a lot of proof on the effects of Fluoride on the body. When our bodies are at the acidity side of the PH scale, we tend to have more of a chance of getting sick due to the fact that disease, virus and cancer cells thrive in that type of environment.

However being more Alkaline ensures that the cells that cause ill health don’t spread and dominate the system until sickness manifests.

I’ve been drinking Alkaline water for about 3 years now and the benefits I’ve had have been amazing. I have not been sick at all in the last 3 years. It may seem hard to believe but its true. The most I’ve been is a little congested and that went away in a couple days. Since most of our bodies are made of water, the quality of water we put into our bodies will have an effect on how we feel and the state of our health. Alkaline ionized water absorbs into the body easier due to the smaller water clusters. This increases the oxygen level in the body and promotes a healthy immune system and can increase general wellbeing due to the cells being more alive with oxygen.  Why Drink Alkaline Water?

The Myth of the Pursuit of Happiness

The Myth of the Pursuit of Happiness: Perception vs Pursuit.  Many of us grew up with the belief that life is a pursuit of happiness. Being in the pursuit of happiness tends to separate us from feeling happy with where we are now due to the externalization of power. Happiness is inside of us and we can decide to be happy right now.

Life is about enjoying the moment and being present with our goal setting and intentions. We are capable of anything and being present and mindful has the power to make sure we are happy in the moment and powerful beyond measure.

How Meditation Cured My ADHD and Changed My Life

For a good portion of my life I would take Adderall to supplement ADHD.  The side effects were harsh and encouraged me to find an alternate route to dealing with ADHD.  As I was doing research I found many people who were able to cure certain conditions based on meditation.   The research on meditation shows that there is a neurological change that happens in the brain and balances out the centers in the brain.  I decided to give mediation a try and that decision was the best choice I’ve ever made.  Immediately my perceptions on life began to expand and my feelings moved to a higher place.  I was much more balanced in life and I was able to focus without the need of supplements or prescriptions.  I believe meditation is a tool in life and has the potential to help many people overcome conditions that limit the joy in life! In this video I explain how mediation changed my life and how it can help others as well.  How meditation cured my ADHD and changed my life.

How to Change Your Habits to Change Your Life

One of my favorite quotes and it was a quote that was on my iPad for years was by Aristotle and he said…

“We are what we repeatedly do excellence then is not an act but a habit.”


It’s one of my favorite quotes because it was something that I applied in my own life and I was able to make a big change on how I feel everyday in the things that I do.  In explaining this, I want to come at it from a neuroscience point of view and the reason being is because once you understand this concept it becomes very evident to why it’s so important to change your habits.  Neuroscience tells us that on average every day we think about 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day and that out of those thoughts we about ninety percent of them are recycled from the day before.  Which means that on a daily basis we are creating the same type of experiences, we are thinking the same way and we are feeling the same way.

If we are consistently doing the same thing we’re going to get the same result.  If we want to have new experiences we need to change the way we think and therefore change the way we feel.

The emotions that we feel come from the neuro-transmitters and hormones in our body (such as vassopressin,serotonin and dopamine) and all these have an effect on how we feel.  When we think specific thoughts, depending on how we view those thought through our belief systems produces an emotion.  The emotions come as a result of how we are thinking in correlation to our internal references and how we compare ourselves to the thoughts.

In my prior blog post I explain how getting outside of your comfort zone is a powerful step towards learning more about yourself and expanding your realm of influence.  This is why my first tip is to get into new enviornments and try new things.  This is relevant because if we think on average 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day and 90 percent are recycled from the day before, then most of the information our senses are absorbing are consistently the same.  Making it much easier to fall into a habitual autopilot mode of doing the same thing and getting the same result.

If we consistently see the same people everyday, have generally the same conversations, do the same things, etc we limit the experiences and connections we could of made if we went to new places, tried new activities, etc.  Getting into new environments causes us to pay more attention and turn on learning centers in our brain that lay dormant when we are doing repetitive activities.

For example, if a goal you have is to get more physically in shape and lose weight, then putting yourself in an environment that promotes that would trigger change and learning.  You may go to a yoga studio and meet like-minded people who eat how you would like to eat and live an inspiring lifestyle.  You could also go the gym and see someone you were good friends with in college and decide to be workout buddies going forward.  These are two examples of many opportunities that could happen by changing your environment and making connections with new people.

The second tip to changing habits is to start off small.  When most people approach New Years Resolutions they go at with bold ambitions to take on huge levels of change.  This is also why most people quit after the second week of the new year.  Making big, bold goals tends to be a great idea but normally we lose motivation if the end result looks too far off in the distant. Instead of saying “I’m going to lose 50 lbs” or “run 10 miles a day,” make the goal of doing more physical activities or just running for 5 minutes a day.   Even the simple goal to just go to the gym for 20 mins three times a week is a more powerful goal then trying to declare going to the gym for an hour every day of the week. If the goal is more easily seen there is more likely to be follow through and less likely chance of quitting.

The third tip for changing your habits is about accountability.  This is a very powerful tool because we must have a process for checking in with ourselves and holding ourselves accountable for our actions and goals.  Go over your goals periodically and determine which ones are highest priority.  Doing this consistently will ensure that the end result is fresh in your mind.    Having an accountability partner is very powerful too because even though sometimes it can be easy to let ourselves down and bend our focus, having someone else to check in with will ensure you don’t let them down too.  Even better for accountability is posting your goals and ambitions in a blog or online because normally we will do everything in our power remain consistent with a community of people watching.

The good news is it gets easier as you go.  Neuroscience show us that neurons that fire together, wire together.  Meaning that the more consistently the thought and actions consciously occur, the easier it will be the next time to thing and do the same thing.

The most powerful habit I have adopted has been meditation.  It’s the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes of my day and I’ve been doing it for about 3 years now.   I read about all the benefits years ago and the correlation between hormones and meditation was enough for me to give it a go.   From that point forward my while life changed as my emotions and feelings moved to a higher place and stress was minimized to almost nothing.  I literally felt like my senses where enhanced because my awareness was so much more present and I viewed the world through new eyes.  I’ll go through this more in a later post and explain more about the tool of meditation and how it can change your life.

What new habits will you form? What process works for you?

I hope to gained some value from todays post and have a great day.