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How to be Positive in Any Situation

I believe we give the meanings to the effects we get out of our life experience and that every situation and circumstance in life has the potential to be seen from a positive point of view. What this means is that every situation in life is inherently neutral. It has no positive meaning nor negative meaning . We decide what the meaning is and therefore perpetuate an emotional response to the situation. Its the reason why some people may love a rainy day and some people may not. Its all about the filter (our brain)that is perceiving the information. We can do this by understanding there is some positive reason for the circumstance occurring. We may not notice it immediately but eventually if we project that belief and trust it will eventually come into awareness. We can allow the moment to be what it is knowing that we prefer something else. Understanding our power to decide the meaning of events in our life is a key to cultivating a positive mental attitude and happy life experience.

How to Have More Energy and Passion in Life

Many people claim to be tired often and claim to lack passion in their lives. We have the power inside to cultivate a state of being that is energetic and vibrant with life. If we define ourselves as passionate and energetic and take action with this attitude our energy for life will increase. Life is a refection of our internal beliefs and state and understanding the correlation leads to ultimate power. How to have more energy and passion in life



My Morning Routine: 5 Steps to Having a Happy and Successful Day

My Morning Routine: 5 Steps to Having a Happy and Successful Day


Having a morning routine is important for setting the tone to the day. Years ago I would study successful and happy people to see consistencies between what they do to how they feel. I can confidently say that over the past 3 years I have been consistently feeling happy a majority of the day. I believe that a huge factor in this was the decision to take more control of my day by having a morning routine to put me into a positive and mindful state first thing in the morning. We all have the power of controlling our internal state by being mindful and in the present moment. That power is best maintained in the morning with momentum being perpetuated though out the day.

The Myth of the Pursuit of Happiness

The Myth of the Pursuit of Happiness: Perception vs Pursuit.  Many of us grew up with the belief that life is a pursuit of happiness. Being in the pursuit of happiness tends to separate us from feeling happy with where we are now due to the externalization of power. Happiness is inside of us and we can decide to be happy right now.

Life is about enjoying the moment and being present with our goal setting and intentions. We are capable of anything and being present and mindful has the power to make sure we are happy in the moment and powerful beyond measure.