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3 DANGERS of Raising Your Vibration

Have you ever wondered if there is a downside in raising your vibration? Yes, there could be some drawbacks but let me guide you on how you can avoid some of the common pitfalls when it comes to increasing your vibration.

I'm going to be sharing with you the three dangers to raising your vibration. I'm going to show you what to do to make sure this doesn't happen and I'm going to share with you how I went through the process so that you can know how to do it.

With this whole process of raising vibration, this is more about normally when we think of raising vibration, we may think of kind of getting a new perspective, seeing things from a new point of view. That may be part of it, but a lot of it is also just letting go of what no longer serves, so I'm going to show you the scale of consciousness right here.

It's a scale I've showed many times before. It's a powerful understanding for the whole levels of consciousness. It's from a book that is called Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins. You'll see a scale of consciousness right here and on the bottom, you'll see certain emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, moving up to the anger, eventually willingness. Then you get to love peace, joy, and enlightenment at the top. Now these are all different levels of consciousness, different rates of vibration.

We all have a core frequency, a core vibration that will resonate at either maybe between a. If we're not feeling so good, maybe at resonates at like 150. If we are feeling elated, we're feeling very good, then maybe we're resonated more in the four hundred of maybe even the five hundred of that of love. Now, in general, the basis for this is understanding that we have a base point of where we feel based on prior experience, based on the way we think, based on what actions we do. It'll keep us in trained within a certain level of consciousness.

Let me share with you a little bit of my story. It's just so you get kind of a basis for how this works. I used to feel very angry about my childhood. I went through a lot of either an abusive ex-step mom, so I went through a lot of kind of like childhood trauma you could say, and that kept me within a certain realm of feeling anger. I was angry towards her. I didn't feel like I was worthy. I felt some type of a guilt. I felt so many different negative emotions that that carried with me. Even after my dad divorced her when I was 15 years old at the time, so all the sudden me and my brother have all this freedom.

We're able to have friends again. We're able to eat foods or more foods who are able to gain weight. We weren't restricted in so many different ways. It's kind of like a real harsh level of control where all my brother did is we worked outside every day and we weren't allowed to really do anything other than that. We weren't allowed to really go to school activities. We had to earn it in order to go.

We had a lot of emotional stuff as well because it was like manipulation and stuff. So, anyways, I just want to give you a basis that I felt a lot of resistance. I'm allowed to be like a normal kid and from 15 to about 20 slashes 21, I felt a lot of resistance because even though I was, had all this freedom, there was still that pain from the past of why did all of this happen?

Why didn't I have between 7 and 15 years old? I didn't have a childhood really. And I was confused as to why that happened and I thought maybe, you know, there are certain beliefs that were kind of in trained into me about am I worthy? This is, is this a part of who I am?

What happened is I learned meditation because I was taking Adderall for ADHD, which ADHD just means I had a lot of energy. It wasn't balanced and I was taking Adderall. Which the harsh side effects where you didn't eat very much.

What I did is I started meditating and within a week or two of meditating, it changed my whole entire life. I learned how to observe my thoughts rather than react. I learned that a lot of the beliefs I had come from that period in my life. I believe that I wasn't worthy. All those things, I became aware of how my beliefs were creating my reality and on a base point of one to 10, 10 feeling amazing, feeling not so good. My base point before that was like a three to a five, so it wasn't necessarily horrible, but it wasn't great at the same time either and it was less than. It was less than mediocre. Then what happened is I went through my spiritual awakening.

It moved my vibrational set point up to about a seven or an eight out of 10. Now all the sudden I'm feeling this feels like ecstasy. This feels amazing, and that stayed with me and it's honestly, it's not. I'm not enlightened. Let me first off say that I'm not enlightened, but I raised my set point because I learned how to observe my thoughts rather than react. I remember walking around my room thinking, is this feeling going to go away?

I thought it will go away. It never did. It just became my natural set point. It became less euphoric in a way like it. It just became natural. You see? And there were a lot of things that happen. So the things I'm going to share with you, the three dangers of raising your vibration because even though that sounds very good, there's also drawbacks to that as well.

So you could say that on the scale of consciousness, I most likely went from a baby, a 150 to 250 calibration to that have more of a 3:50 slash 50, because that's when for hundreds is when you start to get into the intellect of the mind. You then start to brush upon that of unconditional love, which I have more so been between the fours and the fives.

I haven't really been the unconditional love yet, but it's more about, uh, I've been learning about the intellectual illness of creating our own reality, understanding how to let go of a lot of what doesn't serve. 

And by doing that we raise our level of consciousness. We can manifest and create things in our life much easier from these higher levels of consciousness than the lower levels. The lower levels are emphasizing that we aren't already where we want to be.

Raising our level of consciousness can manifest and create things in our lives easier.

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When we create from the lower levels, we create a lot of resistance and things just don't happen as easy. In this process of me then going through that spiritual awakening, me feeling completely different, so much about my life began to change. Things begin with my life, began to change when it had to come to the vibration, how I felt. It changed people's perception of me because then I'm a totally different person.

1. Misinterpretation

With this process, the first thing that may happen, the first danger of raising your vibration is that certain people may not resonate with you anymore. So I remember that at that period in my life I was working at that job. I had a lot of people that'll allow her friends and stuff and there were people that just did not understand what I was going through. They didn't understand how I went from one way of being to a completely different way of being. I started to really dive into metaphysics, understanding how we create our reality from our thoughts, all of these things, and to people that normally know you as a certain type of person when they look at you and they see this kind of change within you.

It kind of scares them. You know? And I kind of get it now that I look back at it because there were a lot of people that are friends. Even family. Like my dad for example, he didn't know what happened. He thought I was on drugs or something like that. Because I go from one way to all the sudden meditating all of a sudden talking about like higher consciousness and stuff like that, and he just didn't understand it.

And now the paradox is that I was not, I quit drinking, did not have to drink anymore. I quit doing anything. No, there's no drugs. There was no anything other than me being an meditating once a day and doing things that, uh, that were kind of like conductive of the lifestyle I was living, living. But there was no, there was no drugs, alcohol, nothing.

It was kind of a paradox it was actually far of the opposite of what we thought was happening, but people nonetheless did not get it. So when you start to resonate with those higher levels, like I was showing you, not that this means you're enlightened or anything. You know, sometimes I say things people think I'm like insinuating that I'm enlightened.

But when you do start to live, I do believe I do live more so within the four to 500 range than I used to. And I believe you have the same ability as well. That's why I'm sharing this info. That's why I share a lot of the videos on my channel because I want other people to feel the same way that I do.

Sometimes you have to let go to then let in. This is about realizing that it's about resonance and when you start to resonate at a higher level of consciousness, there are some people that won't dig it. There are some people that won't like it, and the thing that you want to avoid here though, this is one of the dangers that's on the other side as well, is you want to refrain from developing what is called a spiritual ego.

A spiritual ego is something that I actually developed when I went through my spiritual awakening. I started raising my vibrational state of consciousness, which is a big paradox because it's like you're more aware but less aware that you are judging in a way. It's like a form of judgment and that's what I did because I was like, oh, I'm in this higher state of consciousness and everyone else just doesn't understand me.

I was kind of bitter honestly, because I just felt like nobody got it. You know? There were very few people that have, a couple of people did, but most people did not understand it, so when they see me in what I'm doing, they assume that there's something going on, something weird going on. So, what I had to learn to do is to let go of the spiritual ego, realize everyone's on their own journey. This is simply a matter of the process itself. This is about just more so embodying how you prefer to be letting you be yourself and letting other people be themselves.

And if they do have beliefs about you that you don't prefer, just observe them and let them be. It doesn't mean anything to you and that will help you move through this process because there may be some people that just fall out of your life because they don't resonate anymore. The good news is that if you trust the process by letting go, you will didn't let in people that really do resonate with you.

2. Radical Shifts

You may notice that you start to feel completely different about yourself. The second danger of raising your vibration is that there may be radical shifts in your life because when you change your vibration, when you change your state of consciousness, it will then change what you resonate with. And you may notice a career change. You may notice, like I said, with the relationships, you may notice that you start to get pulled to move to a different part, a different place of wherever you live. You may notice these things because they just simply don't resonate anymore.

So, when I was showing you those levels of consciousness, then what you'll notice is that there's a certain on the lower emotions that could work in all the way up. You'll notice that there's that certain scale of kind of show it to you one more time. Let me share with you something else that did happen. I feel guided to say this, this wasn't something I planned this video, but I think it's powerful and I think some people may want to hear this now. This may not resonate with everyone. But, this is something nonetheless that did happen when I went through my spiritual awakening.

Certain emotions lie beneath your scale of consciousness.

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What you'll notice on the scale of consciousness is at the bottom you'll have certain emotions. Then you move up and eventually you'll see the, uh, the two and three hundred, two and three hundred maybe eventually get into like anger. 

And then you get into like willingness, love, and all of those. I started to go from the three to a five to the seven or and eight. I had that, that shift in feeling and what happened was, is then I would, if I were to smoke after I had that shift, it would actually bring me down.

I would go from that seven or an eight down to like a five or a six and I was so confused. I'm like, this brought, made me feel good for so long. Why is this doing this now? And I just did not understand it. But then reading the book Power versus Force, I became aware that marijuana or weed resonates at about 350. It's not necessarily that low, but it's also not necessarily that high. It depends on where you are on the scale of consciousness.

3. Emotions Coming Up

Now, the third danger of raising your vibration has to do with old things coming up. Within our body there are certain emotions, there are certain stored energies, and when we start to move through them, we start to see them come up. We can then decide to let them go. Now, many times when we are entrained into certain levels of consciousness, what happens is they remain on autopilot, so we're simply not aware of them.

Now, as we raise our vibration though, as we move up to scale, it then makes it so that we almost have to let go. Those things will get brought to the front. It may seem scary sometimes. This is the one. Sometimes people go through the dark night of the soul and they haven't experienced like that, but then what that does is that gives them the opportunity to look at it, to let it go, and then to come out even stronger on the other side.

I recently went to a place in Costa Rica and there it was like a light transformation place. And when I went there, what we did is we did this breadth workshop in this workshop, we breathe this certain type of way for about 45 minutes. This is like deep breath, it's called transformational breath work. And I just did not know what to expect. I've heard of it.

I went into it not knowing having any expectations, do the certain type of breathing you actually breathe through your mouth, which is kind of counterintuitive to me, but it's what you do and you do this certain breathing technique for about 45 to 50 minutes with music in the background. There were about 30 other people there and they said that when things come up, just let them go. There'll be certain emotions that come up that been stored within the body.

What I did is I was going through starting to do the exercise and every now and then a practitioner would come over and kind of adjust a little bit the breathing to see how to breathe properly, you know, and kind of like loosen up certain muscles. And I'm breathing in all the sudden in this exercise, about 20 minutes in my hands cramp up like this, like almost like a praying mantis and I'm lying there on the floor like this, and they said that something like that might happen.

They said, you may feel inclined to being on the floor to release the stored energy. And it was something I totally did not expect to happen, but I felt this tenseness in my hands really tense and it didn't feel bad. My body actually started to kind of go numb, but it wasn't a bad numb.

It wasn't like I was afraid of it, but nonetheless I could feel this going through my body. And then what happened is there were waves of sensation I with my body and I could feel myself letting go of energy that was stored up letting go of things that no longer served. As I did that, I just kept thinking to myself, let go, let go, let go.

And as I did that, I was letting go of story, emotion from my past childhood, from the kind of person I had to become to cope with all of that stuff. The control that I had, my ego had to develop. I had to kind of develop a, I guess a strong ego for me to become successful on YouTube. I started making daily videos. I started putting everything I did into what I do for a living and that kind of developed this ego, this control that I had to have over my life for things to happen the way I want.

And what I learned is how to let all of that go. I remember afterwards we had like a sharing and I was going to explain in my experience and he said it was a very common type experience. Some people were crying, some people were laughing, some people were just banging around, some people are humming. I was humming for a while as well, but this was really a transformative type experience. And it lasted about an hour.

After that I felt so very just relaxed, peaceful, serene, euphoric. And that was letting go of those kinds of emotions. So it seems like a bad thing though, right? I was feeling that tenseness, all of this stuff. But what was happening is the oxygen I was bringing up inside my body, I was increasing the oxygen levels of my body that was causing things to come up. And then I was able to look at them and then to let them go, you know, even though my eyes were closed and I'm of laying back, I started to bang my hands, like halfway through and I could feel myself just letting go of that stored energy.

Now that may seem like a scary experience, but it was very transformative. And it was something that really allowed me to, to let go of things that just no longer serve me now as much as what they told me as well. I remember I was talking to one of the transformational breath work practitioners afterwards and she said that the way people breathe, the breath pattern we have so they can look at someone's breath pattern and they can see almost exactly. Or generally what that person's personality traits are. So, I said, okay, well what's my personality trait?

Then she saw me breathe for 40 minutes, you know, because she came around and adjusted me a couple times. She was like, you're an overachiever. She says, you, you have a very strong desire to be successful. A lot of people that breed that way do are successful, but they create a lot of resistance because they have this armor around them.

They breed from their back and it's so true. I've always breed like there's certain times during the agriculture what kind of breed like that because I'm controlling my breath because I need to. I need to like control my breath and bring in more. And she just kind of explained that what you can begin to do is to let go. You can begin to see that things can be easier than you make it and that from that point going forward, I learned how to let go of the control of my eagle even more and I started to feel an even a higher level of consciousness. I know all of this may seem a little bit more of a metaphor than anything else, but it was something that happened that was very true for me is letting go breathing in more.

If you have breathe shallow, then maybe you don't feel as confident. You can learn to code, you can learn to allow your breathing in a completely new way and it can change everything. The more oxygen you bring in your body, the more you're going to let go of stored emotions. And that's something that can help as well.

The Law of Attraction and Time

You may be wondering how long does it take to master the Law of Attraction and get the results that you wanted. Is there a way to speed up the process so that you experience what you want faster than ever?

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how you can speed up the process of the Law of Attraction, understanding a completely new model of time and a way for integrating time into your life.

I will help you let go of really creating more distance or more of a gap between where you are and where you want to be. Now this is going to be rooted in an understanding. You may have read the book, the power of now by Eckhart Toley and in that book, it's the power of now.

The idea of the past is something that exists in the mind because the only moment is now, and this is something that we can see that the past and the future, both our projections of consciousness, the projections of the mind, because when it was the past, it was this moment now and when it will be the quote unquote future, it'll be this moment right now. 

The idea of the past is something that exists in mind.

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Our brain can use our imagination for the future or our memory for the past, but those only exist in the mind.

The idea of the question of how long will it take for me to create this in my life that's under the presumption or under the premise that we are going in a linear time space type mentality. Now of course we're having a linear time space reality experience, but remember it's an experience.

The more you focus on time, the more the time appears to be there.

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Now, many times what happens is the more you focus on anything though more, it grows. The more you focus on time, the more the time appears to be there. Maybe you've experienced this before. 

Have you ever had it to where you're doing something and time just flies by? There's some times I'm filming videos and fill in two or three videos and I'll look down and it's been two and a half hours and it's like where did that time go? Because I got into a flow state and because this is what I love to do.

We're in a vibration of a flow state now. Have you ever had it on the other side of that where maybe you were? I remember I used to work a job I wasn't that crazy passionate about and I remember sometimes the more I would check my watch, the more time I would create, the more experience I would have of, oh, an hour left of work.

You see over and over and over again, I would look at it and create more of it. Time exists as an experience, as a benchmark. We can use for reference. We can say, Hey, I'll meet you at 8:00 on Tuesday and you go, yeah, chippers and then you guys go meet at 8:00 on Tuesday. Now it's convenient, but at the fundamental level, the experience of it all exists now. Now this gets really interesting because this is when we then talk about parallel realities, which is something that I've been sharing on the channel.

Now let me ask you a question. When you're manifesting what you want, doesn't it feel hard that you have to create your own reality that you've got to create it as if it doesn't already exist as if you've got to like have some type of magic marker that you pull out of your backpack and you start like creating a whole set of circumstance and a whole bunch of people and everything. If you had to create the perfect partner, how much does that? Sounds like a big job that you got it. You got to create the perfect partner, a relationship. You see that's not how it works.

That person already exists in the same way. Understanding parallel realities and understanding that every reality we can possibly imagine exists right now, it is simply vibrating at a different frequency. We could then see it's less about having to create it. It's more about choosing it from a set of options, so this is under the understanding that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. This is what quantum physics is showing us.

Time is something that we create when we keep talking about it and we keep looking into it. What if we were just more in a flow state? We were just doing what we love. That's what brings me to my first point. The first part of this process is understanding that if you're wondering how long it will take you to manifest something, it's coming from the mind and not from the heart. It's not coming from the state of being. If you focus more instead on the manifestation itself and you purse, you focus on the person you will become.

You will paradoxically enough create less time in the experience. Let me say that again in a little bit different way. We don't attract in life that which we want. We attract in life that which we are because if we go just for that thing, we may just temporarily get that thing, but it will subside. It will be like the waves coming in from the ocean and they come in and then they go. But, if we make it a part of who we are, it will be a permanent type thing because then even if it does go, we can recreate it because it's the kind of person that we are. When you ask successful people, you say, “Hey, what would you do?” People always ask me, “Hey, what would you do if you lost all your, your millions of dollars?”

What do they say? They always say the same thing. They say, “I would go and create it again, like I know how to make millions of dollars. Like I would just go do the same.” I'd go do what works and I would figure it out again. It's because they've become that kind of person. Even me with what I've been doing in my life as I have, as I have a certain focus in my life and I realized what I can do.

It expands my horizons and my goal. If I could do this, then I could probably do other stuff. This is about understanding that also. Okay, so let me just kind of close that loop. The idea is to focus on the person you will become because when you focus on what you're passionate about with who you are becoming, that's when everything begins to change.

That's one time. Doesn't really matter as much as I'd like to be traveling the world and doing these big old seminars and all that stuff. I know it's going to eventually happen. I'm just going through the process right now of building a foundation before I move into that and the next like six months or so. I have a certain process to it, but I'm not like, I need to be over there. It's taken so much time. I'm like, no, I'm enjoying the day to day basis stuff. I'm enjoying the what I'm doing right now.

We are skipping a whole bunch of stuff along the way that can be very enjoyable.

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You see, life is like a journey. Imagine this is like a journey. This is life now. Normally we're like, we want to get here, want to get here, want to get here, but if we just want to get here, then guess what? We are skipping a whole bunch of stuff along the way that can actually be very enjoyable.

It's like if you were going out, what's that Alan Watts quote? It's like you're going to a music to watch an orchestra and you're listening to this beautiful music and you're like, just get to the end, get to the climax, get to the end. It's like, well, I'm going to watch a good movie, and you're like, just get to the end. Just watch the whole movie. Enjoyed the story. Enjoy the process. Just like your life. Enjoy the process. How long will it take? The more you worry about the time, the more of the experience of time you will create.

The more time you focus on, the more you create it. That's why everything I'm sharing with you today, it's about looking at it a little bit differently so that you changed the question itself so that paradoxically like I still want to get you to that end result, I still want you to create the less of the experience of time, but you create less time.

When you enjoy the moment, you create less time. When you are immersed in the process, you create less time. When you were more focused on what and who you are that focused on the future, the future potentiality of who you may be one day. So, this is a journey.

Now, let me ask you another question on these questions today. When you ask yourself, you can get in alignment to your beliefs for how long things will take for you by asking yourself certain questions. For example, do I believe that within this period of time, do I believe within a year I'm going to be traveling the world to be giving big seminars?

I could see if there's a yes or no answer as much as possible, but maybe it's like I don't know, I'm not sure about that, which means normally know so that I can say, okay, within eight months, how about within six months? So, if I said six months and I was like, Eh, maybe, maybe not. Um, I think that it's most likely going to happen in like six to eight months.

You see, by asking myself the question, I can see where I feel comfortable under my current belief system. So, you could say to yourself, maybe if you're working a nine to five job you don't really care for right now, and you're like, okay, I want to do my passion for living.

My passion is making art. Do I think I can go full time in the next, let's say year? Yes. I think for sure in the next year I can make that happen. Okay. That means your beliefs are in alignment with that. Then you can say, okay, do I think I could do it in nine months? You said, yeah, I think I could do it nine months. Do you think that you could do it in six months?

You see you start to develop this resistance around it like I don't. I don't know if I could do in three months. I know probably six months I could do it. That's when you found the barrier of where your belief is on how long you think it will take. So, this is how you tap into the subconscious mind and are able to see how long your beliefs think. It will take you, how long under your current belief system will take you, but then what you could do is you could change those beliefs because those beliefs are not set.

They're just an inner guidance of where you currently are. What you could do is you could look at it from a little bit different perspective and you could find people that have done it in a shorter amount of time. You can find people that have already accomplished that and then study them and you see, oh, somebody didn't in two months. Oh, more awareness is power. If I would've known what I know about the online YouTube and all of this stuff back a year ago when I was at a nine to five job selling woman's shoes back in February, 2017, it I didn't go full-time to August.

I could have gone full-time in probably June may, but I didn't know all of this stuff about online. I didn't know about the back end of a business. I didn't know that I could just coach like 10, 12 people and that would be plenty of a full-time income. But I thought it was like this long process as I was like, oh, and you're on YouTube. You got to have 100,000 subscribers. Didn't you go full time? But it doesn't work like that. It's more of the awareness of how things work and then you figure it out.

The reason I'm telling you all of this stuff is because the beliefs will go into this process, you understand what you believe to be true. The other part of this process is understanding that that time doesn't even exist anyways. Time is something we create from a point of experience, but the only moment that exists is this moment right now, so if you're asking the question, how long will it take in the question itself of how long it will take?

It's creating more of that time. So, my encouragement to you is to focus more on the passion for what you are currently doing. Focus on the kind of person you will become. All of this stuff will happen easier anyways. The focus is the person who will become the passion, but I'm getting you to the same end result. As you experiencing things in a much more blissful state and things appearing to go by faster because you are enjoying the moment. I guess my main attention is to help you enjoy the moment more and understand that life is a journey.

Like think about this. What if just what if this is, let's get a little deeper. Let's go down the rabbit hole. Let's look at things a little bit deeper. What if in higher dimensional states of consciousness, right? We've seen that power versus force book that I always show with the different levels of consciousness was that what if in a higher realm of consciousness, we're able to manifest things instantly we think it is there.

What if that's normally the case, but what we do that's more of a higher dimensional state of consciousness? Probably when we go to bed at night, we're more awake to those states. That's why in your dreams you make instant thing. Things may happen. Now, what if when we come into this life, which is more of what we could call it, the three, four, four d life experience, when we come here, we agree that things are going to happen a little bit slower.

Things aren't going to happen as fast here. We want to really think and feel and focus to then see things manifest rather than have it come immediately because there's a little bit more of an enjoyment in the process. There's a little bit more to learn when there's a little bit more of a gap between here because the thing about it with how many people think if they were to instantly manifest what they want, there'll be a lot of random stuff in the world.

There'll be a lot of stuff just everywhere, and it would almost be like we'd have to focus on decreasing the things that we created. That makes sense because there'd be so much stuff with everything instantly happened. So, in our reality, what I believe we've done is we've agreed to certain rule sets. One of the rule sets was were first off for a mortal spiritual being living some temporary human experiences.

We choose to come here for a learning lesson. Life is a form of dream, a very long consistent dream, but nonetheless a dream and in a high, I believe in a higher reality. We're dreaming that we're here right now and that when we die at the end of this life, we wake up in a higher level of perception. But nonetheless, one of the rule sets here was that things were going to be something we had the ability to really to really, to really finesse, to really see how the process goes, to feel through it, and to then to create in that way so things don't happen instantaneously, but they can and they can happen faster.

That's why it's about getting present to the moment. When you get present to the moment your vibration increases and then things happen even easier. That's why a lot of people are going through this expansion of consciousness because the more awareness you have, the easier it is to experience what you want in your life.

The more awareness you have, the easier it is to experience what you want in your life.

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So, the crazy thing is, is that from this deeper level of perception, from a deeper level of consciousness, we may be right now in this moment sleeping in a higher dimensional realm of consciousness, dreaming that this is me, this is me, Aaron, onto YouTube, and this is everyone else that may be watching and this is who we are, but at a fundamental level, we are so much more and I believe that when I die in this life, I'm awake up at a higher level of perception. That's just the feeling I get. That's just my sense of the process. Who knows? Could be way off.

Nonetheless, I'm just giving you these kinds of understandings because I believe that they can be powerful and I believe the more we become present to the moment, the more we enjoy this life experience, the more that we focus on the passion, the more we focus on the kind of person that we can become, the more we focus on letting go of the beliefs that don't serve, the more that things happen anyways. With all that being said, another thing that I did is if you want to speed up time, super-duper fast, if you raise your vibration that also speeds up the time, you'll manifest things much faster.