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Law of Attraction VS Belief Systems Who wins? the BEST way to manifest


I'm going to be showing you who wins when we're looking at belief systems versus the Law of Attraction. I'm going to show you exactly which route to take and which will make the most profound change in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you more about understanding how you create your own reality and not only how you create your own reality, but how you can go about making interchange in your own life and many times the missing key to you attract what you want because a lot of times what happens is we learn something, and then we learn it, and then we begin to apply it, and then we get a certain result in life. What happens is sometimes there are these things that are unconscious that we're not aware of.

When there are things that are unconscious, we're not aware of; we may be experiencing resistance. We may be experiencing self-sabotage blocks that come up. That's an unawareness of certain things that are running the show, certain things that are on autopilot. When the movie, the secret first came out, on the Law of Attraction, there was this understanding that we create our own reality that we can attract that which we want based on our own thoughts. When we're talking about which is more powerful between that of the Law of Attraction, which is that we attract that which we are thinking about, but we could even say that the Law of Attraction maybe isn't just what we're thinking about, but it's also who we are. I've said before in many of my prior videos that we don't always get in life that which we want because that which we want.

We are vibrationally saying we don't currently have, but it could be that it's we get in life that which we are, we get in life, we get in life that which is equal to who we are, who we are showing up as the story that we tell ourselves about who we are, the consistent thoughts, feelings, and emotions we have, and we change at that level. That's when reality really begins to change. You can think of a Lamborghini all you want. You can think of a relationship all you want, but do you believe that you deserve a Lamborghini? Do you believe that you deserve a relationship? Are you the kind of person that is giving an exuding a certain amount of love that then people want to be a rep? Are you the kind of person that adds so much value to the world that people are willing to give you an exchange?

These are our shifts that make all the difference. Here's the thing. If you don't believe you deserve it, if you don't believe it's possible for you, then you won't experience it anyways. No matter how much you want to attract it, no matter how much you focus on it, and I've experienced a lot of resistance before when, especially early on when I was learning about the Law of Attraction by just focusing on certain goals. Here's something I realized though, I used to have that nine to five job selling women's shoes at Nordstrom's. I first learned about the Law of Attraction. I started to get better results almost immediately. I started realizing, well, if I focus on these certain goals, if I focus on having a certain goal of like selling a certain amount per day, you know, I went in every day you start at zero cause it's a commission-based job.

I got a percentage of the amount of shoes that I sold, and every day I'd start at zero, and I would go in, and I would see a direct correlation between what I was thinking, feeling, and experiencing. A huge change happened when I made this one little shit. What I realized is every day I would go into work and the top sales employees from the day before, there'd be a list of every sales employee in the department from the day before and how much they sold. You could go in and see, Oh, this person sold this much and this way a little bit. Maybe it's a little bit intrusive. You could kind of, you know, you're going to be able to see how much people money people were making. But it was part of the competition. I don't know. It's part of the experience of knowing where you compare to other people.

I'd go in every day, and I used to always see myself as the kind of person that was right in the middle. But you know, right about there, well, something happened. I became aware of how our self-image controls our life. The way we see ourselves, the way we see ourselves, is on a cybernetic means. It always reverts back down to the base points. For example, there's like a thermometer somewhere over here that like shows the temperature of this room, and there's an AC unit, and if you were to turn up the AC or down the AC, either the heater would turn on or the AC would turn out.

What I did is I became aware of that, and then what I did is I started to simply believe that I was somebody that was the kind of person, my identities. I'm somebody that's at the top of that. Everyone else's, you know, lower or not as good as me. But I just started being my, I started seeing myself as this best version of me that was just like a top salesperson. Guess what happened? Within days I was consistently a top salesperson because I changed my belief about who I am. That's when things really begin to change is when I changed my belief.

Maybe you view yourself as somebody that's like, it's hard to lose weight. It's hard for you to be at the ideal body image. It's hard for you to attract love and relationships. You don't feel yourself as worthy of it. You don't view yourself as the kind, you know, if you believe you can only make 50,000 a year, your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions will be equal to you making $50,000 per year. Do you see it? But when you change your beliefs, you then change your life. When you change the way you see yourself, you did. We'll find that naturally, you'll have certain thoughts, certain emotions, certain feelings that are equal to that new way that you see yourself. That's where my life has changed the most. Changing my beliefs about who I am. And the way you do that is you simply become aware of the beliefs you currently have about who you currently are and this, the way that you're currently showing up in the world.

I used to have a belief that I had to work a nine to five job. I used to have a belief that I wasn't worthy of love. I used to have a belief that it was hard for me to be at my ideal body weight. It was lots of struggle, a lot of blocks, a lot of self-sabotage, feeling like I'm not worthy feeling like it's not working. This whole Law of Attraction thing that I've learned, it's like, it's not really working for me. Why not? Why am I focused on what I want? Which remember what we want. We are vibrationally saying, we don't currently have it. We lack it in the present moment right now. You can give yourself permission now, and by giving yourself permission now, you'll find that your life begins to change in a very powerful way.

But the key to this whole process is understanding that the way it works. Let's look at this Law of Attraction, which normally means thoughts. When people normally say the Law of Attraction, it depends upon the way that you relate to the idea of the Law of Attraction. Most people will think of the Law of Attraction as your thoughts create your reality. However, let's look at this. This is the way it works. We have our beliefs, and then after our beliefs, we have our feelings. Beliefs generate feelings. You must first believe something to be true, to generate a feeling. For example, if you believe that losing your job is horrible, you'll feel negative emotion, and if you believe leaving your job and getting fired was the best thing ever because you didn't even care about that job, then you'll feel positive emotion.

If you believe that it raining today is horrible, then you'll have, you'll feel sad about it. If you believe that it raining is awesome cause you want water and you love the feeling of that, then you'll feel amazing. Beliefs then STEM feelings from feelings you then will have certain thoughts. I used to think it was the other way around. It's like no thoughts then come feelings. No feelings generate from the meanings we give, which are beliefs, meanings, our beliefs. Then in that state, we think of many of the thoughts that we have are going to be equal to that. For example, Tony Robbins talks a lot about changing your state, change your state, you change your life. You don't want to be. You want to be in a good state, and when you're in a good state, guess what and change your feeling. When you're in a good feeling, then your thoughts are easier.

You have more access. Think of it like when you think certain thoughts, you're in a certain frequency. When you feel certain emotions, when you feel a certain way, you're in a certain frequency, and then it's very easy for you to think thoughts that are equal to that frequency. It's almost like you have access to thoughts that are equal to, so if you're feeling good, you'll find more reasons to feel good. You'll think thoughts that make you feel good. You'll think of gratitude. You'll find people that also resonate with that level of gratitude. It works all the way around. You have beliefs; you have feelings. Then you have thoughts, the thoughts that you've had, so thoughts that are equal to the feelings you have and meet, which are generated from the meanings you give things. You got beliefs, feelings, thoughts afterthoughts, you'll have action.

What happens is as you're acting in a certain way, as you're doing certain things, you're then many times it'll help you get to a certain state. Then from those re those actions then come results. Think of it like there's an arrow going from beliefs to feelings and arrow from feelings to thoughts and arrow from thoughts to actions and arrow from actions to results. Then an arrow from results to beliefs because then it reaffirms those beliefs. When we're talking about belief systems, understand who wins the Law of Attraction versus belief systems. Well, that's the thing you can think all you want about a Lamborghini. You can think all you want about being in the perfect relationship. Maybe you think so much about it that you change the meanings to certain things, and you start to change your beliefs.

But what happens is unless you change your beliefs, those things can't come into your life. They are vibrationally lucked from coming into your experience. Remember how you think, feel, and act as reflected back to you. If you're the kind of person that's not worthy if you're the kind of person that can only make a limited amount of money per year, and if you're the kind of person that that doesn't believe you're worthy of success or happiness or any of these emotions, then everything in your reality will be equal to that, and it won't come into your life. Sometimes when people say Law of Attraction, though, I mean the feeling, you know, but many times I see 99% of the time, most people don't focus on their own beliefs. Here's something else. Do you believe that it is hard to change?

What are your beliefs about beliefs? Because many times I'll show a certain process that is super powerful. I've seen people transform their lives by changing their beliefs. You change your beliefs; you change your life. But if you have a belief that it is hard to change, in order to get your subconscious mind, you got to do years of transformational work. You need to go to years of therapy. You need years of all of these kinds of help, then that maybe what's holding you back. Because you believe you have to go through a dark night of the soul. You believe that things have to be difficult. You believe it can't just be that easy. But when you become aware of your beliefs about beliefs, that's where things really begin to change. Here's the thing too. Every moment you're changing, every moment you're changing, every moment you're changing.

But many people change to the same things over and over and over again because of their beliefs about who they are and that the process has to be hard and that and that things just are that way. But when you challenge your beliefs, when you challenge who you are, and you realize the truth, the truth is, and quantum physics is showing us, is that every moment is a completely new moment. Our cells are dying and being reborn every second, but they continue to recreate themselves and the way that we've past been in the past. That's on autopilot. We are powerfully recreating the old illusions over and over and over again. Based on our level of identity, but when you become aware of that, that's when things can begin to change, and you realize that you're recreating yourself every moment anyways. But do you want to recreate yourself to be the past version of you, or do you want to recreate yourself to be new?

You're changing regardless, but you might, you might just be changing to be more of the same, the same story, the same identity. The key to this process is becoming aware of your beliefs about who you are because of the story that you consistently tell yourself is what's got you locked into a certain bandwidth of information, a certain vibrational state of consciousness, a certain type of reality. If you want to change your life, you have to change your beliefs about who you are. You have to realize you're worthy of having that relationship. You're worthy of having the love in your life. You're worthy of having the abundance in your life. You're worthy of doing what you love for a living. You're worthy of having that ideal body image. You're ideal; you're worthy of all of this. But you might have beliefs that say you're not worthy because the people in your past didn't feel worthy, and they gave you those beliefs. Society gave you those beliefs. Family members gave you those beliefs because they didn't.

No, they didn't know that they were on autopilot. They didn't know him. They were thrusting their beliefs on you, for they know not what they do. They didn't know, that's all. You don't have to be mad at them. May have to absorb the beliefs that you're not abundant from your mom and your dad. You may have, you may have absorbed the beliefs. You know, I've seen my dad go through two divorces and, and because of that, there are beliefs that I may have that hold me from thinking that that kind of thing is scary. That love is something like that that can be really, really painful like that. When that don't want, don't want the relationship stuff, don't want stuff like that. Those are just beliefs, though. And when you see it as a belief, that's when your life can be a change. But one thing that I would really encourage you to do is to become aware of your beliefs about who you are, your beliefs about what kind of money you can make, your beliefs about the kind of relationship you're in, the beliefs about how much you can enjoy your life.

Become aware of those beliefs and then see them for what they are. Just beliefs. Things you make, meanings you gave to the past. Belief is meaning means you gave to the past that you thought, this is who I am, and because of that, it was on autopilot. Then you become aware of it. That's when it changes. Being 90% of transformation is awareness. Becoming aware of the old patterns, becoming aware of the old beliefs become the way or the old stories you tell yourself, Oh, guess what? Come aware of it. That's when your life changes because then you see it for what it is just to believe, but if you want to change your life, don't do it from the level of thought. Don't do it from even a level of feeling. Do it from the level of belief of identity of who you are. One of the strongest transformations you will ever have in your life is becoming aware that even this ego story that you may tell yourself isn't who you are.

You'll realize you are an eternal spiritual being. You are having a temporary human experience. You go beyond identity itself. That's the most powerful transformation you can have, and you have that transformation as you start to realize who you are not, and I'll tell you, you're not your painful past. You're not what your friends or your family think about you. You are not the limitations you have. You are not the beliefs even you are an eternal spiritual beam of love, of light. You may have forgotten that when we come to this reality, we forget that's who we are because part of the game, part of this illusion is remembering who we are. But here's the thing. Once you become aware that this is a game, once you become aware of that, it becomes so much more flexible, so much more fun, so much easier, and then you realize, well, why am I going to continue to create this resistance story?

Why am I going to continue to create this limitation? And then let's just say as well, this looks a little bit better, and then you'll start being this new way. Then eventually you'll go beyond that, and you'll just keep continuing to redefine yourself, to let go of the old layers, let go of the old beliefs and to realize that the core you are beyond all of this, but you're going to play the game of separation, which is what we're playing. We can start to realize we're all united. We're all connected, which you can begin to do is do it with awareness. Do it with awareness. We're talking about belief systems versus thoughts. Belief systems always win because from the meanings we give things in our life from our level of identity, then spawns the feelings we have in spas — the thoughts we have.

Think about that thought is three levels down. It's not the thoughts that are much more surface beliefs. Identity is where transformation happens — becoming aware of those thoughts, becoming aware of those beliefs if you haven't seen it already. There is something that I have called the shift experience was helps you shift beyond beliefs and into being into a new vibrational state of consciousness that changes everything and OD that of the shift webinar. What we do is an activation that activates this transformation within us using frequency, using a certain sound, and everyone being thereafter that energy. It's called the shift experience webinar. It's down in the description below. There's an activation there that we do, and it'll change your life. It'll spawn. You'll start to see things in your life begin to change because you start to resonate at a new frequency.

I've got two more days here, and then I go to another part of Costa Rica. Then after that, I'll eventually be going back to Vegas, and in Vegas, I'll be starting to do live events here within the next couple of months too. I'm super excited. I'll be doing shift experience, live events, stuff like that. Anyways, I just wanted to make this video really quick to share with you the power of belief, the power of belief, and also the power of not belief, the power, letting go of beliefs, the power of being in a higher frequency, the power of going beyond your identity.

3 (hidden) Manifestation Techniques You’ve Never heard of before


I'm going to be sharing with you three manifestation techniques you may have never heard of before. These are the most powerful techniques that I've personally applied in my own life, and I'm going to share them with you right now.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three manifestation techniques that have changed my life and also ones that, in a way, go beyond just the Law of Attraction. Normally, the Law of Attraction, we're focused on the realm of understanding our own thoughts, and our thoughts create our reality. If you change what you're thinking, you'll attract something new into your life. Well, there are many different energy dynamics that come into play. When you infuse in the understandings of what I share in this blog, it changes everything.

You see, there's like this chart that I've made before where I show the different levels. You have beliefs which then generate feelings, which then STEM thoughts, which didn't have actions, which then gets results, which then goes back to beliefs. It's like this circle with this arrow that goes to each individual one. What a lot of people do is they try to change at the thoughts level, but thoughts are too in you have beliefs and then feelings. When you're in a certain feeling, you then think thoughts close to your feeling. That's one of the reasons Tony Robbins does a lot of work to change your state. If you change your state, it changes your life. Well. Your state is how you feel. You change how you feel. You then have a new set of thoughts. It's almost like the reality that you will experience will be within a certain bandwidth of vibration.

When you're in a certain feeling, you then have access to certain thoughts that are equal to those feelings. It's almost easier to think certain thoughts. If you change how you feel, you get a certain result. The thing that I want to talk about as the first technique, and it has to do with understanding the twofold process, it's about understanding your self-image. How do you see yourself? Even before becoming a full-time YouTuber I was learning about this concept. I read the book called Psycho-Cybernetics, which is a doctor that noticed that when people would go through plastic surgery or some type of surgery that would change their body many times, they wouldn't actually feel any happier. The only time that changes when they change their self-image, regardless of whether they looked in the mirror and looked at different, so this cybernetic mechanism is about understanding.

However, we see ourselves; we will act, feel and do things consistent to that self-image. When I was working at Nordstrom's and woman's shoes, I became aware of this, and I realized that I saw myself as a mediocre employee. I was going into work every day, and there was this chart that would come, that would be put like when you walk into work, and we look at like the schedule, or we walk to where we put our cubby, like our little cubbies where we put our stuff before we go on the sales floor, there'd be this chart, and this chart would have the top salespeople from the day before, everyone from the day before. But you'd be able to see who was at the top and who was at the bottom. I was always right in the middle. I saw myself as a mediocre employee.

I was in like the best department of salon shoes, designer shoes at Nordstrom's, and I was like, Oh, I don't have to be the best because I'm the youngest person here and I make good money from my age, you know, I was like right out of high school, and I was a mediocre employee. Then I learned about psycho cybernetics after, so this is after I learned about the law of attraction. I was ordered to getting great results — the law of attraction. But what took everything to the next level is I started to see myself as a top employee, as a top salesperson. Within days I was at the top of that list, and it was natural. I was acting in a certain way. My behavior changed the way I talk to people, change the way I carried myself changed. People would ask me; they'd say, Oh, why do you work here?

You should be. They thought like I was, I should've been doing something more than selling juice. It was a different energy that I embodied. I more than filled my present space and from thinking grow rich. That's what that's called. Your self-image is powerful in a way technique, but in a way, a whole entire process. The first step is becoming aware of your self-image. The second step is letting go of what doesn't serve, letting go of the parts of you that don't serve. Then thirdly, I just wired that new self-image. For me, that was being, being in the frequency of a top salesperson. Here's another part of the self-image. Notice what is natural for that new self-image. It is natural for you. It was natural for that version of me to be a top salesperson.

It was on a pedestal and be very, very important. I would vibrationally separate myself from it. The key to that was understanding that it was natural for me. Important. How important was it? It was natural. When you imagine this version of you, when I imagined even the version of me, when I went from working at parties in New York selling woman's shoes into being a full-time YouTuber, it was natural for me to imagine myself getting up, creating videos, being in cool, amazing places like this right here, being at this amazing Airbnb as cocky as this sounds, this is natural for me because I am embodying this self-image. I'm somebody that puts out content that adds value, and I see myself as this is just natural for me.

I already know what that Airbnb looks like because we stayed in a similar one in that apartment building. It's a really nice luxury loft. It's natural for me to be traveling the world doing events. It's natural if it were on a pedestal at vibrationally, be separate from it. The thing that I recommend to you is to be aware of how can it be natural for you? How can it be not on a pedestal? How can it be just you're good either way, you see, and then then you have more of a balanced vibration about it. The version of you that's doing amazing things. In reality, it's natural for them. It's not on a pedestal is not a whole bunch of resistance around it. See what that is and why or that self-image in with your actions, your feelings and your emotions and your beliefs.

What are the beliefs of that version of you? The beliefs of the version of me that travel the world does. What I love is I believe I have to put out content to help people. I said, okay. When I was a full time YouTube or when I was at the job, nine to five job was okay, well I need to have the same belief. I need to make daily videos. You see, I need to line up my beliefs to that version of me. That's the first technique. The second technique is a technique that I've seen amazing results with not only in my own life but in other people's lives as well. It's walking into a parallel reality walking into a parallel Riyadh. First off, the first self-image slash importance. A technique I'm talking about, there's a meditation I'm going to link below, and this meditation is on changing your self-image.

It's the most powerful meditation for changing your self-image, but a lot of people tell me amazing things about it. It's completely free. Listen to it for 21 days and watch your life change. 21 days is what it takes for us to change the momentum, the pattern that we have. I recommend that you listen to that one. For the second one, second technique, it's walking into a parallel reality. When I first made this meditation is also a meditation that I have. I had no idea the kind of results that people would come back with kind of testimonials, and for either of these meditations that I'll be sharing make, you can go look at the comments to see what's possible. Don't take my word for it, go see cause then as you see, it also increases your belief that it can work for you as well.

Walk into a parallel reality. The parallel reality version of you that you can imagine already exists and if you are simply mere the actions, the thoughts, the emotions of that version of you, it's easier for you to then walk into that reality for you to realize it's just natural, just who you are. Think about it in terms of vibrational resonance. When you look at that of a radio station or a radio tuner, you tune it to a certain frequency. It then picks up on a certain frequency that then it receives. Now the radio signals, all the radio channels already exist. The radio tuner just tunes to that frequency. In the same way, what we can do is realize that the reality we want to experience already exists. Once again, you don't have to put on a pedestal, but then looking at it, you can then realize you can let go of your all identity, your old story, and you can then walk into this new reality.

You can then be this new version of you, and what you'll see is the most powerful meditation. If for you'll shift to a parallel reality which we're already doing. We're naturally shifting because that's the way reality works. That's what movement is. We have a memory that ties them all together. What this allows us to do is to know we're always new. Every moment is new. Every moment is new. Every moment is new. Do I want to continue to create the old experience? Do I want to continue to create the old experience? Because every moment is new. It allows us to change our story. Let me tell you how powerful this is. I was saying this to brag or anything. This is, this is the, you know, when I do these meditations, it's almost like it just flows through me.

I'm not saying this ego Aaron that did this, but I had somebody who went to, so my buddy Victor, he makes these retreats. He's a YouTuber as well. He makes these retreats in Sedona and Vegas, and when he made this one retreat, there was somebody that I was going to speak at that retreat, and I did, and she heard I was going to speak at the retreat. She said that what happened is she decided to go to this retreat for the chance that she could actually meet me because she wanted to thank me because when I went to this retreat, I gave this talk. She came in; she was wearing crutches. She told me that she was in a car accident and I was told by the doctor that she would never walk again. She would never walk again. That what she had was permanent and she shouldn't even really try something doctors do a lot.

For some reason, they like to implant these beliefs into people. And she then was told she never walk again. Well, what she did is she listened to the meditation that was on, said this meditation would shift you to a parallel reality, which is the meditational shit. I'll a link below and that meditation, in part of the visualization, she walked, you walk into a parallel reality, you walk through a door to where then you're in a new reality, and she said that when she did that meditation and because of that meditation, she was then able to start locking. Think about that. She has a certain type of car accident or a car accident to where she broke something to where she's not supposed to be able to walk again. That's what doctors told her. She listens to meditation and then is able to walk again.

Mind you, she's using crutches, but she's still walking, and she goes to the scene because she just wants to tell me to thank you. Even though it wasn't really me, it was just the meditation that did it. She did it herself. But nonetheless, that's how powerful meditation can be. She literally picked a parallel reality version of her that could walk, and she started, she dropped the story of the old identity, which is what the meditation does, and then she's walking in a new parallel reality. That's how powerful that is. That's the second technique that I recommend you do for 21 days. Watch how your life begins to change. If it can do that, then it can do something else that you would want it to do, whether that be abundance we'd love and your relationship anything. The third technique I want to share with you is an archetype meditation.

This is a little bit more esoteric, but nonetheless, it's very powerful — the archetype meditation. I have a buddy who is actually my assistant. His name is Austin, and he told me about this book that he read that had to do with archetypes. And what he did is he did this certain meditation where what he would do is he would bring through energy. An archetype is like an energy structure in our collective consciousness. It's like a character profile in away. We have that of an archetype around many different things. If you look at the tarot cards, they're all different archetypes. We have the archetype of a mother archetype of the hero, a victim, the archetype of the fool, the joker, the King, the queen. We have the archetype of the magician. These are all different archetypes that exist within our collective consciousness.

What Austin did is he recognized that there was an archetype. He wanted to be more confident, so he did is he meditated, and he brought in the energy of Connor McGregor, who was a UFC fighter. Now retired, but he's no, he's a very confident person, so he did is he started to bring in through meditation the archetype because you know we're all connected. The archetype of Connor McGregor and he started to feel more confident. He said that he'd started doing this meditation. It went so far as to; he started actually to have also, he said his muscles changed. His back started to be to look bigger, even though he wasn't really doing much different other than that meditation. He started to carry himself differently. He started to walk differently. That all came from the archetypes and literally channeling different archetypes, and we all are connected.

An archetype meditation is where you recognize what you want to bring more of in your life. Maybe it's to become a magician to bring more magic in your life. Maybe it's to be the hero. Maybe you find that you're beating the cameo on everyone else's movie. Maybe it's because you want to be the King instead of a child. Maybe you feel like you're embodying more of a child. Well, you do that. You get into meditation. What you do is you bring through that energy, and you allow yourself to feel in that state and what you do is you bring through, and you imagine how that version of you that would embody that archetype thinks, feels and acts having the same thoughts as that version of you or the magician. It'd be like, how would I think as the magician, how would I feel like the magician?

What beliefs would I have as the magician? What kind of behavior would I have as the magician? As we get into feel into it, you begin to bring in the characteristics, the identity of that version of you. That's something that you can do as well. That's called an archetype meditation. I think it'd be very interesting. But nonetheless, these three manifestation techniques have absolutely transformed my life, changing my self-image. That's how I got to become a full-time YouTuber, not making things so important to be making things natural has allowed me to be in reality. I am currently traveling the world doing what I love, eating at amazing restaurants.

I say this not to brag. I believe you can do it too. You just have to focus on changing yourself. Image the meditation below on changing yourself image will help you to do at least over 21 days. It will transform your life. Secondly, the parallel reality meditation, let go of your own story. Realize you are new every moment. You are new. Every moment you are new. If it can work for somebody who has paralyzed now able to walk, then it can work for you and whatever you want to do. And then thirdly, recognize that the more you are able to, what was the third one again? One sec. Oh, archetype meditation. A guy for a second. I was like, what was it? That's how I started. I started to like bleed out the little sentence ever minute they realized that when you, the archetype meditation, you allow it to flow through, and you will start to embody that version of you.

Destiny, Free Will and Life Themes Do we have Freewill? or are things Destined?


I'm going to show you the truth about destiny, free will, and what are called life themes. I'm going to show you if we have true free will, what actually is destined, and how you can change your destiny and life theme. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the difference between what is destiny and what is free will and what is called life themes.

I'm going to be showing you what is the correlation to what we choose before we come into this life. What kind of free will we really have? How much do we actually create our own reality in general and understanding this whole process in a new way? The truth of the matter when we get to, when we get to have the experience of what we call the spiritual awakening, we become aware that we are more than our physical egos.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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We are more than the five sense perceptions that we use to interpret reality. We realize that we are more than that and when we realize that it's then very empowering. It's very liberating. It expands our scope of perception of who we are and when I went through my awakening. I became aware that, in a way, all the things that led to where I was in the present moment, which was in 2012. All the pain that I went through in the past, all the challenges that I had, it actually created pressure for me that then allowed me to wake up more easily. It's sometimes I think that a lot of people that are on the spiritual awakening process, have been through some form of pain in the past, whether that's emotional pain, physical pain, mental, any type of pain in general.

That happens a lot because what happens is when the ego was compressed, there is then a desire to break out, and a lot of that has to do as well as everything. If everything is just lukewarm and comfortable, there's no real reason to question reality. Everything just is a certain way. But people that have been through things, many people reading this blog right now are people that have been through pain in the past that may have led to you becoming more aware of who you are as a spiritual being beyond just the ego structure. This is something as well that, you know, I was talking to some people the other day about it. It's something that once you experience, it's hard to put into words, but nonetheless, it's something that you just simply know.

I just simply knew that after that, okay, we are eternal spiritual beings. This is a temporary virtual reality in a way. That if we direct our energy, and we learn how the virtual reality works. We can then direct it, do we can do to harness our energy in a way to where then it goes into more, preferable probabilities, more preferable outcomes. However, when we talk about this as a way as well, let's look at it like this. Do we have destiny? Do we have free will? Which do we have? And the answer is both. There are certain things in our life that we could call destiny. There are certain appointments we've made before we came into our life situation or into our life. Certainly, even limitations that people may have signed up for.

They are actually souls that came in to teach us. They chose that from a higher level to have that kind of limitation because it was almost an act of compassion that could help us understand more about who we are. How to be free of our beliefs, how to be free of limitations. That’s something that really resonated with me. It seemed like an extreme belief to some people, but I believe that we choose our limitations. We choose many things at higher levels before we come into this life so that we can then choose how we navigate through it, how we navigate through it is the free will, and we have free will. It's just that some of it we have certain things that are destined, certain appointments we've made. Maybe part of that, that destiny was that you would meet somebody that you wanted to have a relationship with, could call that a soul mates deep relationship.

Some people may call it a twin flame relationship. These things can be decided at higher levels, and I think what happens is we all have spiritual guides, and our spiritual guides go to work to help facilitate synchronicity. It's not like a 100% the fact that you were going to go through certain things, but destiny in a way helps align that and bring that into fruition. You have spiritual guides as well that are always helping you to come through certain realization to come through and experiences. There were certain times I looked at my past, and I see different probabilities of how things could have happened, but then I look back, and I can see how it was in a way orchestrated at higher levels. If that didn't happen, maybe then some other way it comes.

They live in Sedona, they're really cool. You can see that when you meet them. She said that it was funny she said that when she was asking her pendulum, you know, she's into like some of the divination or the different types of connecting to your spiritual guides. It's what her whole teachings are about, mainly is how to connect to your guides. From doing that, she asked if miles were her soulmate. The answer she got was no. The reason it was no is that she realized that the more accurate definition was twin flame. Here's something that they told us within the one of the first, I remember talking to them, and I asked him, how'd you guys meet?

However, what they realize is that a year before they actually met, I think it was maybe through friends or something, a year before they actually met, they were at the same new year's party, the same new year's party. They just didn't bump into each other at that party. But nonetheless, they were in the same place. Even though they lived in completely different like areas. It was just very synchronistic that they were at that same party. They didn't connect to them, but then they connected like a year later. You see, I believe that in a way, they had a destiny. They had free will. They had both destiny and the freewill. But the intention at higher levels for them to eventually meet up and when you see them you can see, Oh yeah, they're definitely, you know, none the for a couple of like a year or two now.

You can just do very much see them as a unit like they just worked very well together and they, you could just tell that in a way they were meant to be together, and they chose that at higher levels. How it happens is the freewill. I believe that it was destiny for me in a way to be sharing these ideas online or not even online, to be sharing these ideas in my life, to be helping people to wake up to more of who they are. I believe that that was, in a way, my destiny. That's what I feel. I feel like that was my calling, and when I'm doing anything that I'm passionate about with it, it just drives me that direction. However, I believe it's free will through the way that I go about that.

I had to start making videos eventually, and to make a choice to do that, the free will is I chose to do that online by making YouTube videos, and now I'm changing that freewill and doing online YouTube videos plus doing live events. I'm doing both, but that's why I'm free will. In a way, destiny is something that we decide at higher levels, and there are certain appointments that we've made, whether that may be a soulmate relationship, maybe whether that maybe some you're doing something for a living and maybe a certain type of thing for a living, whether that's maybe you knew you wanted to be an artist. But whether you were a musician or whether you were a painter or whether you made clay objects or you see, there are many different forms of being an artist. But maybe the free will is how you go about that creative expression.

However, when it comes to limitations, maybe somebody is born at higher levels. I believe many times, that was the case that they chose that, and maybe they chose that because they wanted to learn some level of the limitation of it. Maybe they wanted to learn how to transcend that and how to get over feeling a certain way about that. Who knows? But in general, I believe that a higher level we choose some of the experiences that we have, and then free will is the way that we, we work through that. The way that Bashar talks about it, many of you heard me talk about Bashar before. Bashar says that what we do is there's a certain hallway we are going to walk through. We're going to walk down in a way that could also be a life theme. What is the theme of our life? I'll talk more about that in a minute.

There is a hallway that we're going to walk down. That's destiny. You're going to walk down that hallway because it's your passion because your guidance system moves you in that direction. For me, that's making daily, or not daily videos, but that's expressing ideas. If I wasn't doing that, and maybe I could have done that via writing, whatever, but this is the preferred mode for me down that hallway though, you will walk. The way you walked down that hallway is the freewill. You could skip down that hallway. You could crawl down that hallway. You could claw yourself through that hallway. You could have jog; you could sprint. You could see there are different doors down that hallway.

You could check every single door. You could just check one door. You see this, the way you go about this is up to your free will, but walk down that hallway is something you've decided to do. There are different degrees of destiny, as well. Some people may have had many appointments they agreed to, and some people may have just generally said, I want to experience life on earth. I don't have that many things planned. We'll see what happens, but it's up to us. If you study the work of Dolores Cannon, which are transcripts of people that went to something called Q, H, H, T or the quantum human hypnosis technique, a deep level of hypnosis. There are so many people that have been through this that recount and talk about their experiences in life, in between life, what they chose about their life, and they go through, and they see different probabilities.

It's almost like they go to this place, which is really maybe just a level of perception, and they're able to see different probabilities if they were born to a certain family, different probabilities, different life themes, different things they can choose to. Then working with their spiritual guides, they may orchestrate certain types of experiences. Destiny versus free will we have both. It's just the degree depending upon the person, the degree of destiny, the things that you'd read before you were born, you chose your parents. Even people chose parents as you know. In a way, I mean, I did choose my parents, and in a way, I also chose to go through a lot of abuse from my ex step-mom. I chose that because that eventually led to my spiritual awakening.

I just know that I don't, how do you know that? I just know it. It was something I agreed to because I knew it would help develop me and wake me up out of the illusion even faster because this seriousness of 3d is an illusion. Just that we believe so much in it, and we give it so much power that many times it has power over us. One of the things that many of us, if you studied the work of Dolores Cannon, thousands of thousands of transcripts from people all over the world have said the same thing. I came here to be a part of these shifts in consciousness. I came here to be part of the great awakening. Never before has this level of 7 billion people on the planet had the chance to wake up together as quickly as we are relatively quick as well?

Maybe it takes, you know, 2030 a hundred years, but we're all waking up quicker than ever and in the past, maybe in different parts of the solar system, the galaxy or different levels of consciousness. Maybe it's something that takes a longer period of time; maybe then there's a lot more devastation. There are only certain people that ascended to a higher level of consciousness in this life. We have the ability to all wake up together, and that is the life theme that many of us have chosen to be a part of is a theme of transformation. If you're reading this blog, then you are somebody that's on this path to transformation because you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of. There are different degrees to it. There are different levels to which you choose to be a part of, but nonetheless, we're waking up to more of who we are, and if you look out into the world, you can see a lot of things are tearing apart and tearing down because that's like a sandcastle.

You have to clear away the old castle before you can build a foundation of the new. That's what's happening. We're realizing, and it's not very hard to see if you look into the political system of your country or wherever you're from, you most likely see that a lot of things are falling apart. A lot of things are looking like a circus act, and what that's doing is that's waking us up to more of who we are. That's waking us up to more of the illusion itself of holding the blindfold over our eyes, but that was a theme that many of us agreed to, to experience, and there are different themes. I think one of my life themes is learning patience. I'm a very naturally impatient person. I moved very, very quickly. I'm very focused. I'm very strong willpower, and I move in a certain direction, and sometimes I can be very impatient. I believe that one of my life themes, one of my life challenges is for me to learn how to be more patient.

Maybe there are certain life themes that you feel like is something that you're learning. Maybe it's time not to be attached. Maybe you find in relation to is so attached to the other person, and then that caused a lot of pain. What you can, you can learn from that life theme and then let it go. Life themes are many times challenges are the threads that you noticed throughout your entire life. It'd be a certain story, a certain narrative. You have old people always treat me this way, and then they always do treat you that way. Maybe that's a theme that you agreed to experience that then you could transcend. It doesn't mean you're stuck. It means you can also transcend it. But in general, right now, there is this, there is this desire, I believe for so many people to transform to a new level of consciousness. I believe that it's because there is this, there's this great awakening that's happening on the planet.

I've been talking about no one about this since 2012 I was just afraid to talk about it 2012 because it was a little bit more esoteric, but it's so obvious that so many people are waking up and it's happening and remember the people, a higher vibration is much more powerful than a low vibration. Even if there are a million people that are at a high vibration that is waking up, that will influence hundreds of millions of people in a positive way that are at lower vibrational states of consciousness. But this isn't really even about levels. It's just about the awareness of who you are, and what your life purpose is, what your destiny is. If you want to know what that is, what you could do is you can do meditation for connecting to your higher self.

There was a cool lady; a person there named Nikki who told me, she's like, Hey, I just want you to know that I listen to your higher self-meditation. I met my higher self, but she was super dope. I was like, Oh, that's really cool. It's a higher self-meditation, though that if you want to listen that meditation. This information is all within you. It's about being aware that yes, there's destiny, there are certain things you agreed to before you were born. Yes, there is free will, you can choose things, your knife, you're not destined to a life of poverty. If you think you are, then maybe it's just for you to experience that, to then get out of it and get to a higher level.

The life theme, I believe, I believe for most of us is transformation. You are stepping into our power, expressing our ideas. If you're reading this blog, then you're at the leading edge. You're at the leading edge because many people are still deeply asleep, worried about paying taxes and all of these things that seem so real. I'm not saying to pay your taxes, I'm just saying, that's part of the illusion that we agreed to. But what I'm saying is, is people give so much solidity and seriousness to it, and that's why it seems so heavy. What I recommend you do is listen that meditation for 21 days, realize you have free will.

You have certain things that you agreed to because you're an immortal, spiritual being. Live in a temporary human experience. This is just a dream of life. Loosen up with the dream of life. Have more fun. The more fun you have, the higher you raise your vibration, and the easier things happen.

90% of Raising Your Vibrational Set Point is Complete when you do this ONE thing


I'm going to show you how 90% of raising your vibrational set point is complete. I'm going to be sharing with you exactly what to do to raise your vibration and how 90% of that process is complete with this one thing. I look at my own life. My life took a huge vibrational jump back in 2012 when I went through my spiritual awakening and what a spiritual awakening is. It is an awakening to going beyond the little box that we've been living in. To go beyond the ego construct to go beyond the sense of self, which prior to a spiritual awakening, we believe that that sense of self is a limited ego. Then what happens is you go through a process where you realize you are more than that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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You are an eternal spiritual being, having a temporary human experience, and when you have that realization, it changes your whole entire life. Most of you reading this blog right now are, is someone who has been through this process going through this process or very soon will go through it because you can only perceive that which you are the vibration up. Prior to my spiritual awakening, you may have heard my story before about it, but I was working at Nordstrom's and women's shoes, and I had what is called ADHD, which means it was hard for me to focus. I'd go into work every day, and what I would take at the time was something called Adderall, which is the prescription drug they give to people that have what is called ADHD. I would take that during the day; I'd be able to sell a good number of shoes, and then it keeps me really focused.

Then at night, I go home, and it would crash. And what would happen is that was the negative side effects of that. Then what actually spawned me, learning this one thing where 90% of the process is complete, was it me looking further solutions, things that didn't have such hard side effects? And that's what then I came across the research on meditation, and it showed black and white that if you were to meditate, there are all these positive side effects and it can help you to focus on all these things. I tried it first two or three days, didn't really get a result. The third day I really committed to it. It was this weird thing. I just had this feeling that it would change my life forever. I remembered sitting down to meditate. I started to observe my thoughts, and I started to feel this expansion.

I started to feel different. From that point going forward, and my whole entire life transformed. The one thing where 90% of raising your vibrational set point is complete is meditation. I'm going to be explaining to you the different types that you can apply in your life that can absolutely change your life. First off, why even change your vibrational set point? Well, when you do that, you feel better. You enjoy your life more. You are feeling a higher vibration of emotions.

What happens is as you increase your vibration, as you move up the scale and you increase your vibration, you then feel higher vibrational emotions. I was saying that my vibrational set point prior to learning meditation was probably at right around that two to 350. Maybe I was smoking a lot of weed at the time. The weed helped me sleep at night because of the side effect of Adderall; one of them is that you don't eat very much. You don't sleep very much. Well guess what helps with eating and sleeping, needing to do that weed, and that's why I would smoke weed. That was like the side effect that that's what I felt like I had to do with weed resonates at 350, which is acceptance. Think about it. When you smoke, you're accepting of the moment. Everything is okay, and that's where I was vibrating.

Then what happened is I would say as well, on a scale of one to 10 it was like a three out of 10 I learned meditation within a week or two I was feeling a seven out of 10 it changed that much. I felt high all of the time. I remember walking around my room thinking, I hope this feeling doesn't go away. Will this last? What happened is it did last. It just became my natural set point so it no longer was like bliss, ecstasy. It was just like, Oh, this is the way reality is now. Raising your vibrational set point is about learning meditation, about being about understanding that when you're in the reactive mind, when you're in shame, fear, guilt, anger, that's a reactive mind, and that's on autopilot. That's where we stay. What meditation does is it helps you become aware of it.

Imagine that there's this on this scale of consciousness, right here we have an arrow that goes up, and as it goes up, you'll see it says awareness. You know this is an imaginary cause. Imagine it says it's in the air that goes up. This is awareness. The more you increase your awareness, the more your vibration raises. Meditation helps you become aware of your thoughts, helps you become aware of your monkey mind. We all have a monkey mind. Our thoughts are just on autopilot, thinking, thinking, thinking.

One is a meditation you can do to let go. That's a lot of what I did. I was letting go of the meaning of a lot of the past. I was angry at my ex stepmom, who was very abusive. I was feeling unworthy. I felt like I was unworthy as well because I had ADHD, and people thought there was something wrong with me. Even the name ADHD, dysfunctional. It's a disorder. The idea is to become aware of these things. When you're aware of them, then you can let them go. You can see they really aren't you. You then change your identity. You don't even change it. You just let go of the old identity. This process of transformation and what meditation can provide is it can help you to detach from the reactive ego, the identity, and to realize that you may think thoughts, but you are not your thoughts.

Meditation is the key. There are two types of meditation. One, I'm going to go ahead and get over here and go and put that to the side for now. One meditation for letting go, letting go of the pain of the past. I've a meditation that's completing the past, so you don't have to repeat the past. It's a meditation for feeling 100% full and complete and worthy.  Plus, that is what that will help you to do is to, is to in a way, close the cycle of certain things in your life. Read the comments to see what's possible with that as well. Then the other type of meditation is about going beyond where you currently are. Meditation in a way you could say for a visualization, say you wanted to, why you're in certain States.

Maybe you've said, well, I've currently felt like my set point is that of anger or, and I'm feeling courage sometimes. Ingrid, other times you say your set points right there on that scale of consciousness, does it go beyond it? You have to be able to observe the current thoughts and feelings you have because your thoughts and feelings are equal to the reality you're in. Then what you can do is you can go beyond it through meditation. You release yourself and then you can go beyond it by imagining visualization. It's extraordinarily powerful. This kind of meditation it does doesn't meditation, the most powerful meditation for manifesting while you sleep. I'll also link below, and that will help you as you're going to bed at night as to why you're in a reality you haven't even experienced yet. There's a meditation for letting go, and there's a meditation for why you run in these two different types of meditation will completely transform your life if you begin to apply it and simply make the choice that before you go into it, you're going to transform your life.

That's what I did. I simply knew, and I made that choice. It was in that I don't even know if it was just like it was like I just made a choice. It was a choice, a decision that I made, and then that was the real experience. Make reality. Make the choice that with the choice that you're going to raise, you're going to meditate, you're going to raise your vibrational set point then. Remember, the more awareness you have, the more you're able to raise your vibration because then you're able to see as well as some things may not resonate anymore. You may meditate and then realize, Hey, a lot of the activities I've been doing have actually been lowering my vibration when I listened to this music. It emphasizes the ego. It is actually bringing me down in vibration. I wasn't aware of that before, but that I've increased my, my awareness.

Meditation is the key to this whole entire process. Let me share with you something else that I did recently. I shared this on the podcast. I don't think it shows a YouTube video yet. I went, I'm in Costa Rica right now, and I was at a place called the arrhythmia in Costa Rica where there's like a plant medicine and like there's a four, nine. There’s a showman each night that comes in, and you do plant medicine. It's very deep. I brought LeeorAlexandra, Victor Oddo. We brought subscribers. We invited subscribers to come, as well. It was a very cool experience. I was telling everyone going that I'm in 2017 when I went, there was this Shama need my truck is very magnetic energy, in a very just pot. He does the fourth night ceremonies.

He does these healings. The fourth night goes from seven at night till eight in the morning. It's an all-night ceremony, and he does these healings at like five or six in the morning as the sun's coming up and they're amazing. Well, this year we go to it again, and he is there. This year he wasn't there last year. I go every year in November. Last year he wasn't there this year he was there. I ended up connecting with him, and at the end of the ceremony, I came up and talked to him afterward, and he invited Lee or night who are traveling. We're in Costa Rica right now. We were staying in a place called San Antonio, which is very close to where he lives. We got invited to his house; we go to his house.

I'm talking to him, and we had breakfast. It was really cool, really got to know him and he has this, this energy and I asked him, I said, how did you like, you know what? We wanted to know more about his story. He was like, you know, back in the day especially, he was like a big fan of Osho, and I get a picture of Osho at his house and he talked about it. He tells us some of his stories. But the other thing he told me, he said, the reason that I have the energy that I do, because he has a very calming energy, but it's a very high vibrational energy. And I haven't really experienced it in too many people like that before. It was such a calming yet powerful presence. It was a present, and he said, the way that I had, the reason I have this energy is because of meditation.

He says, if you meditate more, you will begin to develop more and more of this kind of energy. I thought it was interesting, and he said that the meditation he does is, it's not a meditation where you just observe your thoughts. Cause that's the meditation I've been doing since 2012, which has gotten great results. There's nothing wrong with it. But he says if you observe your thoughts, you're going to get more and more thoughts. You gonna continue to see more and more thoughts because whatever you focus on to get more up, he said, meditate on being sinking into being, seeking into presence. For me was a game-changer idea.

I made a choice since then, and since then, I've been going deeper in my meditations. I haven't been focused on observing my thoughts. I've focused on sinking into being, and I've noticed that my energy, especially right after the meditations, begin to stick with me more and more. It's a level of presence. There are different levels to this. But understand, the more you raise your vibration, the better you feel. The more you're in that high vibe state, and the easier your manifestations are. This works for many different things, but the most important thing you can do to raise your vibrational set point is to commit to that of a meditation.

Make Reality MAGICAL by doing this one thing


I'm going to show you how to tap into the energy of creating magic in your life. I'm going to show you literally how to become the archetype of what we might call a wizard and how you can break out of the belief system of everything being so solid and real so that things can become more magic than ever for you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how you can tap into the energy of what we call the archetype of a wizard. I'm going to be showing you how things can become more magical in your life. I'm going to show you how to break out of the prison of your own belief systems. Before I even get into this blog, understand that because we all are a part of the collective consciousness on the planet because we're all a part of that collective consciousness.

Whatever we believe to be true is reflected back to us. There are so many people in the world that believed things are so solid, fixed, and real. And because in a way we've been led to believe that we continue to experience a reality that is equal to that prison that we've created. Here's the thing. If you've read a book called Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, he was enlightened, and he talks about his firsthand experiences of going through the process of enlightenment. There are many different stories in that book of him talking to other enlightened gurus, and some of these enlightened gurus could do absolutely magical things. Things like teleport, instantly somewhere else, things like project our consciousness somewhere else.

Bring people back from the dead, which is in that book as well. And read the book, see if it resonates with you. There's a certain level of authenticity for that book. That book also resonates at over 600 on the levels of consciousness from zero to a thousand, which is a very high level of vibration, which means it's an authentic book, and it was not meant to mislead anyone. When he talks about his experiences, these enlightened people could do magic and, and I believe that it's our natural state. I believe enlightenment is a natural state. We get to, once we let go of our belief systems, we get to let go of the seriousness of our own mind, and I believe that every single one of us has the ability to tap into this. When we let go of our ego, these enlightened people, they're just embodying their divine self.

They're just inviting their magic because they're not tied to any rigid belief system. We just have to let go of the ego more and more. I'm not enlightened, but I do experience magic in my life in many different ways. Whether that's synchronicity, whether that's a break in continuity, the more I raise my vibration, the more I experienced in it, and I believe that you can experience the same thing, but it does require a certain letting go of the belief systems. First off, you may have seen that chart of consciousness that I've shared before. On this chart of consciousness, you will see shame, fear, guilt, anger, neutrality. You'll see that of reasoning, which is the intellect. The four hundred is the intellect that science 500 is love. Then you have joy, peace, enlightenment, love, and above is where magic exists.

It's everywhere, I guess, but that's where you really realize that magic, but you have to let go of the intellect. The reasoning of trying to understand everything. When you do, that's where things become magical. I have this scene I say, and the more you realize that your life is magical, the more magical your life becomes because all reality is, is a reflection of us on the inside. I believe that we have the ability to tap more into this magic. The more you raise your frequency on this scale of consciousness, the more magical your life becomes. That's why the enlightenment level, those enlighten gurus from the autobiography of a Yogi, that's why they could do magical things because they were tapped into their own magic. I also want to say as well; when we talk about that of magic, it has to do with divinity.

You are a divine being dreaming that right now, you are this mortal human, and the more you realize that you are one with all, everyone's a reflection. You are one with source energy is the more your life becomes very magical because then you don't have to manifest everything. The universe can manifest it for you. We live in a friendly universe, just the universe is friendly to our own belief systems, and if we believe things are solid, things are real, things aren't heavy, things are hard, then we will experience a reality that is equal to that belief. The universe is friendly. It will give us that belief.

In general, though, I wanted to read you this part from this book. It's called real magic. Leeor recommended this book to me, called real magic ancient wisdom, modern science, and the guide to the secret power of magic or something like that. I can't read the rest of it cause it's a screenshot, so it kind of cut itself off. Let me read to you this little quote right here. I really like it. It says the essence of magic boils down to the application of two ordinary mental skills, attention, and intention. The strength of the magical outcome is modulated by four factors, belief, imagination, emotion, and clarity.

Basically, it says the ceremonial robes, the somber settings, black candles, secret handshakes, chanting, and mantras. Those are all things that get us to go beyond our minds to allow the magic into our life, attention, and intention. That's all that's really needed and a and a, a desire to let go of the logical understanding of how all of this happens. Think about this for a minute. Another thing I remembered is in the book autobiography of a Yogi, it says, the mind is the welder of muscles. The muscles are held in place from the mind. Here's something else that comes to me.

Arnold Schwarzenegger used to work out is an Olympia. You guys may have heard of, Arnold Schwarzenegger used to work out, and he says he would work out and literally imagine that his muscles were growing, getting bigger. He was using his own mind. And if you know and seen Arnold Schwarzenegger talk, he's a very smart, very mentally smart, disciplined person. What if I go to the gym and that I physically work out because I'm breaking down the muscle that then the muscle can then rebuild, and then I get bigger. Is that the case? Maybe I enjoy working out, and I will continue to work out, but maybe the mind has more of power over it than we even know.

Maybe it's that I believe going to the gym, breaking down in my muscle, then rebuilds it to the level that it does, and even now the logical mind might come in and say, no, it's science. It's proven. Maybe part of it is what we need to justify that belief. However, what quantum physics has shown us is that when you imagine something and something is actually happening, the brain doesn't know the difference. What if it's simply we're giving ourselves more permission to experience that kind of magic in our life? What if it's a little bit of both, but what if the mind has more power over it than we think? That's my feeling about this. It doesn't change much. I'm still going to go to the gym because I enjoy it after I record this, I'm probably going to do a workout here. I still believe that, but I enjoy that belief. But what I'm saying is I think it could have much more than we even know.

I think magic just I think the more we raise our vibration; there's the more magical life becomes, the more synchronicity comes into our lives, and a lot of it has to do with understanding our own belief systems, being aware of our own belief systems, our belief systems on autopilot, and you ever saw, sometimes people get too logical about things. Logic serves a purpose for sure, but some, and even for me, I know that in my own life, the more that I've needed to understand everything needed to describe everything needed to explain everything, the more you take the magic out of things. Things can just be magical, but we need to understand it all. Then we say, that's not a coincidence this happened because of this, this, this and this. This is the cause and effect of reality. But think of it like reality is full of probabilities. Probability increases.

The more we set the intention, just like it says, attention, and intention. The more we set the intention and the more we let go of thinking, we have to understand how everything happens. What if we just got into a state of being, of enjoying the moment of having fun, of having the clarity for the outcome we want to experience, but not needing it to happen in the way that ego thinks. See, the ego keeps things not magical. The ego wants to know it. The ego wants to have a complete understanding of it. The ego wants to label and compartmentalize it in our mind, and because of that, we experience more and more limitations. What if experiencing magic was as simple as enjoying life more, being more present to the moment, emitting a frequency of love, understanding our divinity? I believe that every single one of us is divine. Spiritual beings live in a temporary experience, but we've forgotten our level of divinity.

We've forgotten our divinity because we've bought into the story we tell ourselves about being mortal, physical egos. We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience, and the more we tap into that, the more magical life becomes. I want to know the way that I tap into magic more than ever before. Follow my excitement. So close, shy, follow your excitement. But the more I am doing what I love and making a video right now, I'm excited about traveling the world, my vibration can usually increase more and more. The more magical my life has become, but the more I say dope, that's what there's a logical understanding for this is, the more I butcher that up and the less magical it becomes. Do you know? I think that movies like Harry Potter, the matrix, the reason there's such phenomenon, people love him so much is because at a deep level, the philosophy resonates and I think that there's an infinite number of probable realities that exist.

I think that J K rallying was picking up on a reality that exists, which is closer to our natural state of being. I believe that experiencing magic is actually where we come from. Do we need wants? Probably not. Probably don't even need wands. Maybe a certain reality, we use the wands as a symbol, but maybe that's a reality that exists that's closer to who we really are. When we come into the earth, we forget who we are, we forget we are eternal spiritual beings, have a temporary human experience, and because of that, we experience what we don't want. We experience a level of forgetfulness, a level of logical understanding of prison, of our own belief systems, and we are then less than we actually are. That's why enlightenment is more about becoming more, it's about not becoming anything. It's about letting go of beliefs.

It's about letting go. These structures that we create and the more we do that, the more our vibration increases. Name, if you haven't checked it out yet, you can go right now to what's my and you can calibrate your vibration, know where you are. Plus I'll send you two meditations on how to get to the next level of consciousness and it will help you and other two premium meditations by the way. Plus I'll send you emails going forward as to how to get to the next level. And you learn about your level of vibration from an archetype. There's different archetypes for it. One that I wanted to share with you is a powerful process. It has to do with connecting to an archetype. It's about letting go. These structures that we create and the more we do that, the more our vibration increases. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can go right now to, and you can calibrate your vibration, know where you are.

Plus, I'll send you two meditations on how to get to the next level of consciousness, and it will help you and the other two premium meditations, by the way. Plus, I'll send you emails going forward as to how to get to the next level. You learn about your level of vibration from an archetype. There are different archetypes for it. Now, one that I wanted to share with you is a powerful process. It has to do with connecting to an archetype. An archetype that we're all connected to, this collective consciousness. Within this collective consciousness, there's the accumulation of the billions of different souls that have been on earth that are here now and have been in the past. What happens is there are different frequencies based on different levels of identity.

The archetype of the fool, the mother, the child, the hero, and the villain. All of these are different archetypes. People may find that they start to identify with different archetypes, not knowing subconsciously it has an influence on them, but here's one archetype that I recommend that maybe you connect to in meditation. Let me know below if you want me to do a meditation on connecting to the wizard archetype, I can do that. Let me know in the comment below. After I explained this to you, this is what you do. You imagine a wizard, a wizard, the wizard archetype, the magician, the magician or the wizard. Imagine that this magician or wizard is magical. Imagine that in this meditation, you let go of your self-image and you embody, and you channel the energy of a magical wizard of this divine Alchemist, this magician or magic is a part of who you are.

Embody that energy and imagine I, I'd recommend as well being a divine wizard because you are divine. The more you tap into that divine energy, the higher, purer that energy is. Sometimes wizards might be evil like Voldemort, but they want power. They want to control people. What I'm saying is you can let that go and you can just the benefit for all be more like Harry Potter. Okay? Now imagine the thought process that you have. Imagine the emotions you would have and channel that energy. Imagine it coming into you. Imagine that's part of your identity and imagine that that's who you are now. As you soak in that vibration, feel what that's like, and realize that the wizard lives within you. Because we are all infinite spiritual beings. We just decided at a certain point in our past that, Nope, I'm just this limited, this limited little ego inside this little prison, a belief system box.

This is who I am. Maybe we say that unconsciously, but the key is becoming free, and one of the ways we become free is by understanding that we are divine wizards. We are alchemists. This is who we are. This is what the blog is about today is understanding who you really are, that you are a divine Alchemist. You are a wizard, and all you have to do is detach from the police system you have about everything being solid and opening yourself up to more magic in your life right now. Here's what I recommend you do. Set the intention that over the next week, you experience something that is a clear sign that you are magical, a clear sign that you are magical. Set that intention and be aware that there's something that's going to come into your mind. Some belief. Just set the intention that you know something's going to happen that proves to you that you are magical, that let reality is.

It can be miraculous. Set that intention and let it go and know in a week from now, you will experience that and watch what happens. That, in of itself is extraordinarily powerful because the power is really within you and how much permission you're going to give yourself. You don't need to put on some fancy ropes. If it makes you feel more magical, you don't need a little magic wand. You don't need black candles. You don't need some OEG, one of the orange, a board where they call that thing. You don't need any of that. It just happened in the magic that's already within you. All that does. Anyway, it gets you beyond your mind, and into a state of uncertainty where anything can happen, anything can happen. Understand that. The more you tap into that, the more magical life becomes.

3 Ways to Purge Your Mind of Toxic Thought Forms


I'm going to show you three ways to purge your mind of negative thought-forms. This is something a lot of people don't know about, they may not be aware of, but nonetheless, it's so important that you do. Right now, I am in South Beach in Florida. I'm here for two or three days. Then I go up to a Tony Robbins event with my buddy Victor Oddo, and I thought I would come out here and make this video right now specifically on something I was thinking about last night.

Because I've become more and more aware of the esoteric side of reality and part of that esoteric side of realities, understanding that there are thought-forms that we attached to but sometimes are not aware of. What I mean by this is there are some, especially back in early 1900, there were some esoteric thought leaders that we're mentioning this, but as time goes on, we become more and more aware that these thought-forms are something that exists.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Think of it like when we are thinking of certain thoughts, we are emitting it out of our head; we have a whole energy field around our body. What happens is these thought-forms, depending on the different intentions, will have a different kind of form. What happens is as that goes out into physical reality, we walk around, and we may actually be absorbing people's thought-form. As you look around right now, you can't physically see, these are things, thought forms you don't necessarily always see, but they are nonetheless, they may be in someone's ORIC field. Maybe somebody is feeling a lot of resistance, or maybe certain someone has a certain level of addiction. From what happens is it causes a certain energy pattern to a mid out. Sometimes people will walk around and actually absorb other people's thought-forms.

The thing is you can only absorb someone's thought-form if you are in resonance with it or you were unaware of it. And in a negative state. Your state of being has a very powerful impact on whether you absorb dot forms. The thing I want to share with you about, though, is how to purge those thought-forms out of your mind. Understanding that at a certain point in your past, you may have started to absorb those attached to them, but nonetheless, it's time to let it go. With manifestation in general, you need to purge negative thought-forms. If you want to create what you want in your life, if you want to feel a higher vibrational emotion, forget even manifestation. If you want to raise your vibration, you have to perch out these thought-forms. The first one to this that I want to share is going to be quite obvious, but nonetheless, it's one that as I began to do, it changed so much for me, and it was simply learning to meditate and observe my thoughts.

The first way to purge out toxic thought-forms is to observe your thoughts, to become aware of them, and then to, in a way; this is what happened with me. I became aware of my thoughts. And at the time when I learned meditation, I was smoking weed everyday because I took Adderall during the day, which is the prescription drug they give for people that have ADHD. And what I did is I took that in the morning and then at nighttime I'd go home and since I had a hard time eating and sleeping, what I would do is I would smoke weed. What I did is I did that for like a year straight. Then I learned meditation, which had no side effects, and that's kind of what also pushed me to learn more about other alternatives than needing like something like Adderall was.

Then what I did is I learned meditation, which had zero side effects, negative side effects, at least. What happened was I then became aware that I raised my vibration. I felt like I no longer needed to smoke weed. This is what happened. I became aware of the meditation of how that was affecting my energy field. It was slowing down my energy field. I became, and I was somebody, by the way, then talking about smoking weed. I'd be like, and I didn't want to hear it because I enjoyed it. It was something that I guess I had a lot of resistance. I wouldn't even let it into my consciousness at the convenience thing bad with it, you know, that was me. Then I became aware of meditation though that it was slowing down my energy; my manifestations weren't as powerful. My energy wasn't as powerful because of the effect that it had on my energy field.

I decided to quit smoking weed. This is interesting that happened when I made that choice. First off, I remember making that choice. What I did is I'm trying to want to share this. Like the first one is it, I'm going to share this story, but the first part is meditating and then taking inventory of the things that affect your thought processes in a certain way and letting go of what doesn't serve. I have friends that own a smoke shop. I got a really nice one. I remember even though I got it, I spent quite a bit; it's like two or 300 bucks, so it wasn't cheap.

I remember bringing it home and then what happened is I knew that I shouldn't have bought it. I knew that I was pretty much-done smoking, especially as much as I was. Nonetheless, I bought it something, you know, some reason I did, and I remember I took one hit out of it. At that moment, I knew that that was the last hit I was ever going to take the speck in 2012. At that moment that I made that choice, something very profound to me happened, I immediately started bawling my eyes out crying. And I had this experience of feeling how I made everyone else feel when I was smoking. And just to get context. I had an ex-girlfriend that didn't like that I smoked. She has a drink, and I've justified it with, Oh, I can smoke.

There was a lot of like that was a good part of why we started to really distance from each other before we broke through either reason, but that was one of them. Then I felt how I felt anytime I would smoke and then go over to my dad's house and like hang out with my sisters even though I'd never would bring it over there, I would do it and then go over there. I remember seeing this picture of me with them, and we're all happy, but I just skipped this out of my mind. I just had this flash of these different memories of how I made other people feel. What happened is in that moment I knew that I would never smoke again.

But then for three or four weeks after that, because I smoked for a year, I was throwing up this yellow mucus, and I know this sounds disgusting. I knew I was a reflection of that like emotional pain and the numbness that I used for so long. In a way, I was purging out a physical manifestation of those negative thought forms of the, the numbing that I was going through for such a period of time. I'll share something else with you too. Recently I did something called a combo. Okay. I'm going to show you right here. Combo is actually legal. This is going to sound very weird to certain people. Can you see it? Let me see. Where is it? Where is it? Can you see that right there? There's four little thoughts somewhere. Anyways, it's kind of gone now. It's been a couple of weeks. I did something called Cabo. Cabo is legal. Actually, it is intense though combo. It's the poison from a poisonous frog. It's venom. What they do is they scrape off the venom. It doesn't hurt the frog at all. It doesn't kill the frog.

It's not psychedelic at all. But what you do is you purge out things, you purge out emotion, you set intentions and it, that it works with you. And it was, it's very interesting cause I've heard of people of doing it, but I was like, no, I'll never do that. It sounds so crazy and intense. I did it when I was Tulum. Leeor and I were in Tulum a couple of weeks ago. It was before we were doing Iowasca, and they say to do combo before I lost cause good cause you purge out a lot, and then when you do Iowasca you don't have to purchase so much. I was like, okay. What I did is we did the combo and what they do is they burn the four holes, they put the combo on, and it's very intense, and you're feeling this height, this energy, and you're then you just start throwing up, and you throw up a thing.

Emotions that weren't processed, you throw up things you want to let go of. And that same yellow mucus came out. And it was, I was letting go of some of the childhood stuff that I went through, and it was like, you know, they're still deeply lodged in there. It'slike this is considered bio, but nonetheless, that I let go up. It reminded me of that time that I also quit smoking weed because for weeks I threw up that file. And what they do to do as you continue, they give you, you sit in a chair, they burned and then there's like, there is two combo shamans, I don't know what you call them necessarily. Then they'd keep giving you water to drink in between. It's like lot waters, the last thing you want to drink, but then unless you purge out so much and you feel so light afterward, and it's a way of physically letting go of things that have maybe been held onto energetically.

But nonetheless, that's the first one. It's meditating and becoming aware of what to let go of. Also, that was just kind of a way for me to share my combo story cause I was like, people have wanted to share it, but I haven't, I've had, I don't have, I'm not going to make a video on just combo. But that was a way of showing like toxic thoughts, toxic energy, toxic energy stored in the body. That's how you begin to let it go now. That’s the first way that you can let go and purge your mind to toxic platforms. Okay? The second one, I think is actually very similar to the first one in some ways, but it's to do an actual fast, do some type of fast. I would highly recommend some type of like detox or fast one of the tunes.  

Sometimes I'll do like a water fast for three days, or I'll do like a one or two day dry fast with no water and no food. What that does is it gives your body a chance to reset. A lot of people don't know this, but when you eat food, there is a certain energy that's been in the food. Think about the foods you're eating. Think about the people that are dealing with your food. Think about what the chef may be thinking about who made your food, and if they were worried about their marriage or something, that uncertainty, that negative energy may have actually gone inside of your food while they're cooking it.

Then here you are, eating that emotion, and you don't even know it. This is why it's important sometimes to cook your own food and be aware of what energy is going into your food. And if you do it yourself, you'd have more energy over it. However, to faster did you do some type of detox can be very powerful because then you give your body a chance to reset. This is something that I do. I do a probably once every two or three months I'll do some type of fast. Something else I recommend as well is not the most pleasant, but it's an enema. If you were to do some type of enema, which you can look that up to kind of find out what that is. But an enema also will; you'll release energy that's been stored inside of your body that hasn't been released in a long time.

That’s a powerful way of detoxing and let him go with the negative forms. Understand your food, what you eat affects your mind. The information that you consume affects your mind. This is about having some type of purging has to do with it being brought up and for it to be brought up. What you may do is you may abstain from certain types of food, maybe eat very nutrient-rich foods, and then what happens is because there's a lack of stimulation, maybe eat very nonstimulating foods. I noticed that, and I start to appreciate food more when I do that. I've been eating out for two months straight traveling. I'm now in Miami. After this I go to Vegas, I'm going eat very simple foods when I came back because I've been eating such stimulating foods for a while and I feel like my body needs a rest.

But one way of purging out your negative, toxic thought-forms is by changing your diet and doing some type of fast, some type of fast, and letting it go. The last thing I want to share with you is something that I found to be extraordinarily powerful as well. When I was at Rhythmia a couple of weeks ago, do we plant medicine for four nights? It wasn't on my phone, hardly ever. And I noticed that by not being on my phone. Let me tell you, I'm not trying to laugh about this, but I do social media for a living. Sometimes I'll have like four hours, 30 minutes, five hours of screen time per day doing something. Not always the most productive things, but that's like, I know that that's toxic. Something I'm doing for myself is abstaining from social media as much going into doing what I got to do.

I got a post and stuff like that, but then not like staying in there. I noticed that by purging myself and abstaining from social media and immersing myself in seeing so much social media by vibration increased and I wasn't so attached to reaction mode. The key to this is really taking a break from certain things. a break from maybe Sabrina and social media for maybe stimulating foods and watch how much core clarity you have. All of those things affect your mind. When you choose to do things that are more about becoming clearer within yourself, you'll find that you have more clarity, and you find that you didn't feel better.

Something else as well that I have for this that will help you is helping to clear out your energetic thought-forms. There's a process called Ho’ oponopono, which is one of the most powerful healing processes I've ever found for cleaning out the energetic field. I have a video about that. You can just listen to it in the background. Do it for 21 days and watch how your life begins to change. That will change your energy form the thought-forms that will help you perch negative thought forms more than anything else I've ever found. I've used that towards my past. I've used that towards my current life right now.

3 Ways I Radically SHIFT My Identity (only use for good)


I'm going to show you three ways to shift your identity radically. This are going to be ways that I use going from a nine to five job doing something I wasn't passionate about to now traveling the world, doing what I love, just needing a Wi-Fi connection, and how I've been able to spread my message to millions of people.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three things that I personally have done to shift my identity, my identity in a radical way. I'm not just talking about a little change in identity, going from maybe eating a certain type of food to eating a different little bit different type of food or something.

I'm talking about a radical shift in reality. I used to work a nine to five job that I wasn't passionate about. I went in every single day. I worked 40 hours a week, and that was my life, and what I did is I recognized I don't want, this isn't what I'm really passionate about. What I'm really passionate about is making videos, spreading ideas, and even at the time, it wasn't even this; you're making videos. I just knew that it was like a calling. It was something I felt like I was meant to do, but I felt a lot of self-doubts. I was like, well, people even want to listen to my message. Am I as credible as some of the other people that I see on YouTube? All these questions came up in my mind, and it was a certain story that I was telling myself that I was just completely unaware of.

However, it kept me in the reality that I used to be in. I used to always also be in a reality where it was very hard for me to focus. I had what people label as ADHD. It took Adderall for it. I worked at that nine to five job, sell a woman's shoes, and I would take that, and that would help me focus while I was at work, but I go home at night, and I would have these very harsh side effects. That was another part of my identity. There was an I part of my identity of having a painful past that caused me to feel negative emotion in the present moment — also dealings of unworthiness. There was always a woman in my life that reflected back my ex step, mom's control factor in the next step. Mom was abusive, physically, emotionally, mentally, and after that 15 years old, my dad divorced her when I was 15 never had to deal with her again, but yet I had the remnants of meeting people in my life.

It was explicitly a woman that reflected back that level of control, whether it was a, what I was like 18 years old to an ex-girlfriend who was very controlling, or it was that of a manager that was a woman that was almost the same as my ex stepmom at Nordstrom's and women's shoes, who was very controlling. That was a reality that was being reflected back to me because of my identity because of unprocessed emotion. In this blog, I'm going to show you the exact formula of the template that I use to completely radically shift my life to where now it's completely different. I live in more abundance than I could ever imagine. The YouTube channel has gone from 3000 subscribers back in February 2017 to now over 750,000 subscribers at the time, the recording of this video. It's been amazing to just be in this completely new reality where I could do what I want when I want to do it.

It’s completely different. It's just a part of my identity. It's just natural, right? It's just natural. It's not on a pedestal. It's not this that back in the day, if I were to dream about this lifestyle now that, Oh my goodness, that's so cool, but now it's just natural because the things I share with you also help to balance out and for you to see yourself as this a part of naturally who you are. The first thing that I did to create a radical shift in identity was to take radical action, radical action. I simply decided this is who I am now. The old identity was me working a nine to five job I wasn't passionate about. Then I recognize, and I had this epiphany, this feeling when I was walking around, and I was actually living at my dad's house.

I said, what is the one thing I could do every single day? Because I knew that one thing a day compounds over time, do one thing a day after a year, 365 times of doing it. It's a powerful momentum. I was here, and I identified what that was, and I saw, and I imagined, and I said, if I make a video a day, every single day for a year, my life will radically transform. Then I would also be wiring in the identity of being a YouTuber, being somebody that does this for a living. What I did is I took the idea of making videos knowing that that was something I was more passionate about. Then, of course, you know, selling woman's shoes and I said, okay, I'm going to take radical action towards being the full-time YouTuber. What I did is even though I was over here working 40 hours a week, I would, no matter what, make the video every single day wiring in this new identity of being a YouTuber.

The first two or three weeks were difficult. It was making videos every single day and working 40 hours a week. I had no time to really do anything else other than that. I was really dedicated and really focused on that vision. However, I knew that as long as I kept doing it, eventually, it would wire in this new way of being. That's what I did. I did that, no matter what. That changed my whole identity. I then started to see myself. The better I got at making videos, the more I did videos, the more natural it became. The first couple of videos on my channel, you can go back, and you could see I was very stiff, very rigid, and had a certain energy. It's much easier now. I sometimes don't two or three videos in a day, and when I do that, it's just natural.

It's a flow because I've done this process for two and a half years now. But the key to this is knowing that when you radically take action from this level of identity, you will create a radical change because now you are that version of you, and then it becomes a part of just who you naturally are. It's only difficult in the very first part of taking radical action. Taking radical action is only hard in the very maybe the first two weeks. Then it just becomes a part of who you are. Making videos for me isn't difficult to do because it's who I am.

Such a radical action. If you want to bridge where you are right now to where do you want to be or the ideal version of you, make a choice, this also means making a radical choice about who you are. A radical choice that this is who I am now. This is who I prefer to beat. That's what I did. Here's the thing that trickles into so many different areas of your life. When you make a choice like that, those are Howler monkeys, by the way, if you can hear those, I thought they were pigs cause they used to. I grew up with pics. Those are Howler monkeys. For example, when I make videos every single day, I used to view myself as a lazy person. Somebody that didn't take action, somebody I was trying to like, I was mad. I was trying to manifest like helping Tony Robbins, which I ended up helping his wife, Sage, but helping Tony Robins and him like seeing me and be like, Aaron, you have great potential.

I'm going to put you on my stage. Somehow that was in that. That was the narrative in my mind. However, then I realized, no, that's not very powerful. It's not very empowering. I'm going to do this myself. I don't need to be put on, but when I started making daily videos, I then started to see myself, Oh, I'm somebody that takes action. I'm somebody that is able to say I'm going to do something and to do it. I'm somebody that's able to remain consistent on a vision and then accomplish it, and what I've grown, what I've known him about YouTube, I can apply it towards everything. I have applied what I know about YouTube, towards Instagram, and then grown Instagram. I've applied what I've learned about YouTube and work ethic towards many different areas of my life because it changed my identity. You see so radical action, radical action.

You can change it all these different levels. But the reason I show this is because identity really is the pinnacle. I made it a must when I started coming to, I'm traveling from Las Vegas right now. I'm in Costa Rica. I made it a month. I was trying to try to make it a must that I get up every day at like six in the morning because I was in Vegas getting up everyday at like eight 30, and I worked for myself. I get up whenever I want, but I get up in the morning. It has been so magical. It's so much more work done. I feel so much more productive. I have so much more of my day, and I'm so, I set that intention, but it didn't actually happen the whole five weeks I was in Tulum.

You want to know why I still saw myself as a night out. It didn't become a part of my identity. I've been here for about a week. Every single day. I've been getting up at like five 36 it's part of my identity now. I go to bed at like 10. I'm no longer at night. I'd go to bed nine 30 10 get plenty of time to sleep, but get more sleep than ever, which is great, been great. I normally only get like six and a half hours of sleep, and I'm getting more now, but I've changed my identity. Identity shifting is where everything happens. Making a radical choice about who you are and this associating from your old story. I did disassociate from being a night owl. The second thing that you can do that I do to shift my identity radically is I feel the radical shift in emotion.

A radical shift in emotion and part of the radical shift and emotion is understanding that we can wire any emotion right now regardless of whether we have that thing or not. If we were to win the lottery, could that have meaning? I'm free to do whatever I want. You can feel free to do whatever you want. If you're in the right state and you will synchronistically find yourself in experiences that do reflect that back to you. But the thing that you can begin to do is to understand that you have access to any emotion you want. During using visualization, you can begin to wire that in.

Every single night as I fall asleep because when you're going to bed at night, you drift into the theta state. Theta is the state where you influence your subconscious mind, and you drift into it when you wake up in the morning and when you fall asleep at night. The last 30 minutes before you go to bed, and the first 30 minutes as you wake up in the morning are the most powerful times for you to reprogram yourself. And what I do is I feel the emotion as the version of me doing what I want. I imagine that's me and I live in that experience. I do that every single night. I feel that a radical shift in emotion and the more real you make it with your visualization, the more you feel it.

If you tell yourself a story that I don't really visualize that well or that's a story, tell yourself, Oh, I can't really feel that emotion. That's the story. Let go of that story. Realize you could feel any emotion you want, and if you make the visualization real enough, your mind won't know the difference between what is happening. The third thing that I want to tell you about that has radically shifted my own life is something called the shift experience, which maybe you've heard me talk about it before, but the shift experience is a radical shift in identity. It's a step by step process that helps you go from one identity to a new identity. By realizing the falsity, the illusion of the identity, we've created, believing we have to work at nine to five job believing we're not worthy of a relationship.

Believing in all of these things, what the shift experience is, it's a step by step process that uses meditation to help you to shift into a completely new identity. It is extraordinarily powerful. There've been hundreds of people that have gone through the process that have gotten amazing results, and that's why I wanted to share it with you as well because part of this process is about being brutally honest with yourself, being brutally honest with the current story you tell yourself, you know, I'm inspired every single year I do something called plant medicine here in Costa Rica at a place that's legally licensed to do that. When you do that, you go deep into your subconscious mind, and you learn more about yourself, and you get those brutally honest experiences, and then you're able to really create radical shifts in identity. But what I've done is I've taken what I've learned there and made it into meditations and to a process that will help you radically shift out of your own identity and into a completely new reality.

It's understanding who you've been, the way you've been to subconscious beliefs you have, and when you change your beliefs, you change your life, and these beliefs make up your identity. When you change that, you identify the version of you want to be; I help you become that version, and the shift experience will show you exactly how to do that. If that's something that you want to check out or if you want to join the next meditation activation. It will help you to why you're in that vibration by giving you a taste of the shift experience; you can go to the shift or if you want to check out the shift experience upfront, where has it been going through that of the activation.

You can just go to the, and you can check it out there, but the shift experience will help you to bridge that gap between where you are to where you want to be. Read some of the testimonials on that page to see what's possible for you. The meditations there are the most powerful meditations I've ever created and everything I've learned there. Everything I've learned about identity shifting is in that course, and it helps you to do just that. It's exactly why I'm able to live the lifestyle I currently am. I'm now developing and wiring in a new identity of me traveling the world and doing events. You'll see that happen in the next couple of months, but nonetheless, I want to show you that exact process. It's very easy to apply. You just have to make that choice to do so. Maybe part of that radical choice is you choosing to check that out right now and choosing to join, and you also become a part of a high vibe tribe.

Don’t “Ignore Your Current Reality” with Manifestation and instead do this


I'm going to show you the problem with ignoring what is with manifestation, and I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead. This is the thing that makes all the difference. The thing that I think holds so many people into resistance, and I'm going to show you exactly what to do.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding why you should not ignore what is ignore your current reality with manifestation, and I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead. This is the thing, so many people hear this. I think that maybe it's Abraham Hicks, and I'm not dogging on Abraham Hicks at all. However, I think I see what they mean. Like vibrationally ignore what's going on. Like don't emotionally react and resist what is.

But all the way a lot of people interpret that is it's like it's coming from a certain level of consciousness where it's like trying to escape the moment. Ignoring what is ignoring your current reality is actually the exact opposite of raising your vibrational state of consciousness. This is about the more we raise our vibration, the more magical our life becomes. But the thing is when we are resisting the present moment, what we are saying is I'm going to ignore what's all around here. Because if I can escape and get to somewhere, I'm currently not, then I can finally be happy. I can finally be happy.

What happens is many times we have the six-scape mentality when it comes to manifestation, when it comes to the reality that we're experiencing. The key to this is understanding that we don't want to escape the present moment because by escaping the present moment, we are putting out a level of resistance. We are vibrationally saying this reality is not good enough. I want to be somewhere else, and what happens is as time goes on, we will continue to say that over and over again. Even when we get a certain manifestation that we want, we will vibrationally be saying the same thing. We can't actually allow it to come into our lives until we actually become at complete peace with what is understanding that what is beautiful, what is something we can learn to observe?

What is not something to actually resist. What a lot of people say to me is that they want to create something in their life and if they could finally get that thing, then they would be happy, which also goes about it in a different way. It's saying, if this, then I can be happy, then I can be in the vibrational state and what happens is when we're trying to is we're trying to escape. We're trying to chase that feeling, and we're trying to chase that emotion. What happens is we're vibrationally saying and putting out resistance, which then thinks about it, whatever you feel in the present moment, you experience a reality that is equal to that feeling. If you are ignoring resistance, ignoring in a way is resisting or ignoring it, you could say, I mean, I guess from a certain perspective you could say ignoring, just not giving energy to.

But I believe that part of the spiritual practice of life is including in what is and where I was going in a second ago. I remember the train of thought that I had. It was sometimes people will say, well, I want to get out of the current job that I'm in. I want to get into some other jobs. What they do is focus on some of their jobs. They might want to have a resume going to some of their places. This is the thing, though. When we have that intention instead of that, what would be more powerful is doing something that I learned from thinking grow rich, which is more than fill your present space, which means instead of resisting the job you currently have.

I remember the last like a couple of months I was working my nine to five job before I went and did YouTube full time. What happened was is I was almost resisting being there. Sometimes I'd go in, and I could be filming videos right now and selling woman's shoes at a place where it wasn't very busy. I'd be standing around sometimes for three or four hours out of the customer. I'm taking three or four hours. I could've filmed this many numbers of videos, and I would resist it, but then what I did is I made it a spiritual practice to be there. I more than filled my presence space. I would focus on being present with the customers that were there, even though I didn't want to be there. By doing that, it was almost like there was more magical energy, and I would do even better, and I went full time even quicker doing what I love.

Same for a lot of people that I recommend that may be working nine to five jobs that they're not passionate about. What I would recommend you do is focus on more than filling your present space, which almost means you're even more in the present moment. You integrate with the present moment rather than resist the present moment and want to escape it. No escaping the present moment. Because when we do that, we create resistance. All right, this is the key and it's about understanding that rather than ignoring the reality that you are in. What I would say is be the version of you that you prefer to be. I call it is as if not acting as if because acting as if implies that you aren't currently lead the version of you that you prefer to be acting as if implies that you're going to eventually give up the act and go home because you're just an actor for a short period of time.

It's like you're acting in a movie and you're like, okay, I'm at work right now. I'm acting, and then you go home, and you're you. You let go of the actor or the character, and then that's who you are now. Being as if it was very simple, and it doesn't ignore the current reality. It just brings through. It integrates into a version of you. It brings in a vibration of you that you prefer to be. I guess in a way as well; it depends on the energy you're bringing forth with this process. If the energy you're bringing forth is I'm trying to escape the present moment, which I think a lot of people that talk about this, that is normally the intention. It's ignoring the reality of what is. It's like, it's like if I was like, Oh, I want to be speaking on stage in front of people and stuff and I'm like, I'm going to ignore this reality, but look at this reality, and I know it's not, I'm not trying to brag and say, Oh look how cool I am. I'm at this really cool place. But what I'm saying is it takes, it takes the joy out of the present moment, and it takes out the, it takes out the love and the enjoyment of what is here now.

A minute ago, I was talking about the difference, the bean as if now being as if this is what you do, and this is the most powerful manifestation process I have ever found. This is what you do. You imagine the version of you that you prefer to be the version of you that's killing the game, the version of you that's doing what you love for a living, the version of you that's in the perfect relationship, the version of you that is the ideal version of you. You identify with it, you identify it. Do you see what that is? What you do is you notice this version of you. The first thing you noticed is the version of you that you currently are. You've told yourself a certain story. You've had certain ways that you've thought, felt, and acted that has this personality, this identity that you currently are.

You recognize that for what it is you see, it led you to where you are now. It's, there's nothing wrong with it, but it's just a story. It's just a way that you've been living. What you do is you recognize that, okay, that's that. Then you identify the version of you. You prefer to be the best, most embodied version of you, the most authentic version of you, the version of you that's living your dream lifestyle that has all these characteristics that you enjoy. You will imagine that version of you. With parallel realities, that version of you already exists, so like a radio tuner that you tuned to a certain frequency and when you tuned into that frequency, then you pick up on that station and the same way you realize that that version of you already exist. It's just experienced in its life because it's acting.

That version of you is acting, feeling, and thinking a certain way. You notice that you say that version of you; what you do is you imagine that version of you using an imagination which allows you to connect to that version of you vibrationally, and in meditation, you can do this meditation. You imagine how you think, feel, act. What are your habits like in that reality? What are your beliefs in that reality? That version of you has and what you do is you imagine it, you feel into it. You think of it, you do meditation every day and connect to it. Then you simply decide that's who you are now. That is who you will be. That is being as if, and that's who you are now. That's not something you do for a period of time, and then you go back to some other identity.

That's who you are now. That is exactly how I went full time on YouTube, on YouTube, I just decided I am a full-time YouTuber now. I looked at the version of me. It was literally like, I tell this story a lot, but I was walking around my house, and I had this feeling. I had the sense that if I made videos every single day for a year, my life would transform. In a way, the future version of me was giving me a message that said, Hey Aaron, I know what this route looks like if you make this choice right now. I did that, and within three to six months, I was a full-time YouTuber. I embodied that. I imagined, what would the fulltime YouTuber version of me believe and realize that that version of me would believe that making daily videos that added value to people was the most powerful thing I could do that if I got up every day and did that, I'd get a certain result.

I was thinking, feeling, and acting in alignment with the fulltime YouTube or Aaron. You see, that is what I think is even more powerful than ignoring your current reality and not enjoying the moment. If it's just you're ignoring, I don't know, the resistance, you're not giving importance to certain things that could be okay. You're ignoring maybe certain things. I really think just integrating is more powerful. I think integrating yourself into and becoming at peace with it is more powerful then. You are then ignoring the whole reality in of itself. It's like if you're walking around your house, you're like, no, I'm not talking about in my house right now. I'm walking around a castle.

What if you could see your house like a castle? Then you're not really ignoring it. You appreciate it in a new way, and in that grab that gratitude, you can then perceive of something even more amazing that you can vibrationally be a part of. Please don't walk around your house, trying to try to ignore it. Like, Oh, that's not a broken dishwasher. That's a magical clean like it's about, you can have fun with your imagination. But the thing that I say is more powerful is integrating and becoming that piece — having gratitude for where you currently are. Imagine how funny it would look if I was trying to try to tone out this reality.

I'm going to ignore this reality. It looks ridiculous. Right? Well, think about it in relation to other parts of the world. You've got people in different parts of the world that live in third world countries where they barely have food. They barely have shelter. We were recently in Tulum, Mexico. But you go, I was driving around in a moped, and I go into more rundown, not so abundant part of the city. There's literally parks with like little sticks that have a little bit of shelter, and they have kitchens, and that's where they cook. It kind of reminded me that, you know, some people live very differently than we live. To that person, maybe living in a house with shelter and living with like a kitchen with food that stays cold is like the version of living here now.

But see there's a certain level of appreciation that's lost when we're trying to escape the moment. We're trying to tune it out and try to be somewhere else. You so fill the present moment. You feel that in that gratitude, in the acceptance of what is in that integration of what is, what ends up happening is you more than feeling your presence space, and then you can experience a reality that's even more amazing. But like I said, the most powerful thing that I recommend you do instead just continues and just decide to be as if the version of you, you prefer to be. Take on the habits, the thought patterns, the actions, the emotions, the beliefs of the version of you that is the best version of you. As you do that, you will eventually see that your reality because of the shift to it, but that version of you is so into the present moment.

That version of you is so accepting of what is because it knows it's a reality that it doesn't have to escape the present moment. Make it a spiritual practice to be more here. Make it a spiritual practice to really embody the present moment. What you'll find is that then things happen even easier for you. Remember, you experience a reality that is equal to your vibration, so if you want to experience a reality that is more in alignment with you being in a high vibration, you have to raise your vibration and one of the most powerful ways to raise your vibrations, to become aware of where your current vibration is, and then I recommend meditation. I believe that one meditation can absolutely change your life. If you haven't calibrated your vibration yet, you can go to

That's it's quick, it takes one or two minutes to fill out a survey which will calibrate your different thought processes and your feelings and your actions, and it will show you where your vibration is in the form of an archetype. Then what you can do is you can, you will get two meditations from me that will help you get to the next level. Plus, I'll send you emails as to how to get to the next level of consciousness completely free. It takes a couple of minutes to do, and it will show you how to get to the next archetype. and then listen to those meditations and watch how your life begins to change.

90% of Changing Your Dominant Vibration is Complete When You do this ONE thing


I want to show you how 90% of changing your dominant vibration, how that's complete when you do this one thing. This is the reason I'm living traveling the world right now. This is what has gotten me for working the nine to five job to living the exciting life that I live now. I'm going to show you exactly what that one thing is.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you how 90% of the process is complete of changing your dominant vibration when you change this one thing.  I'm going to show you exactly how I got to where I'm at right now. Just to give you a little bit of context, I like to give some of these videos a little bit more context. There's an amazing view of the Airbnb where I'm staying.  Literally, I used to dream of waking up in the morning, being able to make videos, which is what I love doing. Then being able to do that and then just have to have a Wi-Fi connection. Once it's your dominant vibration, it's natural for you. This is my reality. It's not on a pedestal. A couple of years ago, when I imagined this, it was on a pedestal. I was like, that would be so amazing.

Well, now that's my reality. I'm not saying that to be cocky; I'm just saying that this thing I'm going to share with you, it really does work. It really does work. It's something that you just have to apply to different areas of your life. How I'm going to show you how to apply this one thing towards two or three different aspects of your life and how it changes everything. The one thing you know, they say how you do one thing is how you do everything. Your current identity, your current weight you've been at, your current level of being has been. You've been thinking a certain way, feeling a certain way, and acting a certain way, and that consistency, that set point you have has been giving you the same reality over and over and over again. There are similar patterns that continue to creep up.

The thing inside that box, inside that bubble will always, if vibrationally, you will always stay there. Unless you do this one thing and the one thing you must do is you must go beyond. You must stretch yourself. You must understand that the autopilot mind, in a way, that is a trap. It is a prison of our own belief system. I'm going to show you how to go beyond using three different areas of your life and how I did that and how it changed absolutely everything. But when you do this, it trickles into other areas of your life. They say how you do one thing is how you do everything.

This is what I would do. It was a commission-based job I'd go in every day. I was able to see a direct reflection between what I was thinking, how I was feeling, my attitude towards the kind of money I would make, how much I would sell for that day. One of the things I noticed is that if I would do and go just a little bit more beyond, do just a little bit more than I was expected. What I would do is I would, I'd be ringing up someone's shoes. I would put tissue paper in a certain way. Nobody else in my department would've put tissue paper.

I know it's the dumbest thing, but just that psychological thing of how you do one thing is how you do everything that would then leak into other things. Then when I was helping customers, I'd be like, you know what? Some other people wouldn't tell them about how to do this or how to do that or, you know, recommend this kind of shoe or whatever. I would then go do that. It would leak into many different aspects of my day. I noticed that I always remembered that, you know, it's been three years since I've had to like bring shoes out for a customer and help them with shoes. Yet I always remember that because I believe that that's a metaphor for how we can go beyond in many different areas of our life.

The first thing we must go beyond is our self-image. How do you see yourself? 90% of the process is complete when you go beyond your current self-image. This is exactly what I did. I realized my old self-image was that I am a nine to fiver. I am an employee. I was waiting for people to tell me what to do. In a way, that's just was my set point. That's how I saw myself. First off, even when I had that old job, nine to five job, one of the other biggest game changers I had was when I went in, and I realized that I saw myself as a mediocre employee. Most of us have a self-image that's on autopilot that we haven't actually checked. What I did is I became aware of that self-image. I saw myself as a mediocre employee right in the middle. Every day there'd be this, there'd be this piece of paper that was put for all the other employees to see who were the top salespeople from the day before.

I always just expected myself to be right in the middle. I justified it. It was like, you know, I'm with a lot of these older people. I'm like only 18, 19 years old, and I don't need to take this as serious. You know, they'd been doing this way longer. I call myself a story. What I did one day is I changed that story. I said, you know what? I see myself like the top salesperson here. Even when I was helping customers, I'd recommend other things that have it trickled. All of a sudden, I'm at the top of the list. Every day I went in because I changed my self-image. I started to see myself in a new way. Well, this is what I did. I had that old belief system, that old self-image of me being that nine to five job person.

Then when I realized, I said, I want to be a YouTuber. I want to be somebody that creates value for other people. I imagine that version of me and what I simply decided to do is I took on the self-image of that version of me. Guess what happened then? Then I had this, this desire, this urge to make daily videos. Huh? I stepped into the new self-image. I started to see it as natural for me to make daily videos on YouTube. Some people reach out to me like, how do you have a nine to five job working 40 hours a week and make daily videos on YouTube? I made it a must. I changed my self-image. I changed the bar for what is acceptable and saw this is natural for me. If I'm really a fulltime YouTuber, you know you have to vibrationally become a full-time YouTuber before you are a fulltime YouTube.

You have to become an artist before you are the artist's vibrationally. Do you have to give yourself permission to be the artist you have to paint consistently? If you want to be a coach, you have first to coach yourself. You have to be a coach in every other area of your life. You have to see yourself as a coach, and then you begin to be in that vibrational reality. Your dominant vibration is that of an accumulation of how you are being. If you like, my dominant vibration before was me working a nine to five job I went in every day. I had a story that was consistent with that. I saw myself that way. In order to change my dominant vibration, you can either think, feel, or act. You have to dominantly do those in the way of the new self-image and the new way of being.

This is the key. You could do any aspects of these think, feel, and do. What I did is all three. I realized when I was making daily videos on YouTube, naturally, I would start to feel more passionate about it naturally. I'm also thinking about it more because I'm putting more time into it. I'm adding more thought energy to it. That's a game-changer. You could say I'm going to think about it more. I'm going to think about it more. I'm going to think about it more, but when I see it is all three of these works beautifully together. If not just painting like I'm going to think about paying you more than I think, but no, actually paint more. See how it gets you in a flow state. One of the powerful things about my videos that I've always known is that when I'm making my videos, I'm in a flow state.

That flow state is a high vibrational energy that many people may feel, and they may say, I like Aaron daddy's videos, but really, they just like the flow state that I'm in. That also represents them their authentic self. You see, these were all reflections for each other. That's why I say the videos that I make with this down a little bit, the videos that I make aren't necessarily me. That's why I always try to make sure that I have that perspective about it because I always want it to be pure. I don't want my ego to get up, get away with it, judge; this is what I have done. Instead, I focus more on letting it be that energy that's flowing through.

I used to say if you're looking like you know, go do your passion full time or something, and when if you want to make your side hustle your full time, you must first make it your full time. He was it full time before it will become your full time, which also another way of saying he must make it your dominant vibration. Imagine that version of you and the daily habits you'd have. Imagine that version of you. That's kind of what I did. I imagined in a year from now do you deal version of me when I was working a nine to five job, I was like being able to get up every day that the biggest change I've ever made in my life is when I went from working a nine to five job, 40 hours a week to quitting that job and doing what I love more so than going from a certain dollar amount per year to 10 times that there was a bigger difference for me just going full time and getting rid of a job I did not care about.

That was the biggest shift in my reality thus far. What I encourage you to do is if you want to, if you want to do the same thing, you must see yourself in that way, and you must take the initiative. You must take the initiative. I had to become my own boss, no longer can someone tell me what to do. I could tell myself what to do. To do that, I had to develop more willpower. I had to become like, I'm doing this and that's done. I'm doing this, and that's that. I'm going to do that. And friends were like, Hey Aaron, do you want to come to hang out and go and we're going to go do this? I had to be like, I'm sorry, I have boundaries. I have to stay for this if I want this to become my reality.

Another thing with your dominant vibration is to be aware of the boundaries you have. Do you have boundaries going in a certain direction? Do you have boundaries of something you're moving towards and knowing that you may have to say no to certain things? You may say you have to note a bad habit. Maybe there are friends that you have that are drawing you down into a lower vibrational state. Maybe it's music you're listening to that you know, is naked. We programing you; maybe you're watching a television show, television show on upper ration repo, where you see people get their cars repossessed and you find that entertaining, but you realize that that's like seeing people get triggered also triggering you in certain ways. You see, so this is where the power really is. It's being able to identify your current reality and to just simply decide that's not serving you anymore.

I would never do this, but there's a saying that you put a frog in boiling water, it'll just jump right out. But if you put a frog in that of a pot of Luke warm water, and then you heat up that water, it'll burn itself. It'll boil itself to death because that small incremental change of comfortability, we'll just let it simmer and sit there and cook. And the same way, what I encourage you to do is to be aware of your vibration and what is comfortable and be willing to go beyond the end of the thing you must go beyond is your current beliefs. The way you go beyond beliefs is you first become aware of the beliefs.

90% of any belief change work is just becoming aware of the belief. You may have a belief that says you're not worthy. You're able to believe that says you have to work a nine to five job you're not passionate about. You may have a belief that says that money is hard to make. How do you go beyond that? You become aware that it's just a belief, and then when those thoughts come up, you see it for what? It is. Just go beyond your beliefs. I had to go beyond my beliefs, of the way I saw myself. I had to go beyond beliefs of not feeling worthy because of the pain of my past. But once I became aware of the meaning you see, we are always giving meaning to things in our life, and that meaning then remains on autopilot.

But when we become aware of that meaning, that's when things begin to change. Become aware of the meaning you gave the past events you see and realize you agreed to it at a certain point, if you're working a nine to five job right now, don't be angry. You agreed that you needed to work a nine to five job in order to get by in society. If you're in a relationship that you don't prefer right now, be aware that you agreed to be in that and if you see that that's damaging you, that's harmful, to be honest with yourself and then raise your standard, raise your self-image, look at the dominant vibration of what you want and go beyond you. Go by beyond by being aware, aware. Awareness is the key here, but the simplest formula I can give you for this is being honest with where you are.

What is your current vibration, and then simply look at the vibration of the reality you want to experience, and your vibration is how you think, feel, and act? You want to know what your current vibration is. Just look around. If you're working with the magnified job you hate, and there you go. If you're in a relationship that's not serving you, then there you go. If you are finding that you, you don't, you know you're, you don't feel healthy, and you're eating unhealthy foods, and you have low energy, then there you go. That's your dominant vibration right now. Be aware of where you are. Then just like on a GPS, you have to know where you're going. See what the dominant vibrational reality that you prefer is. What is that? How do you act, think, and feel?

What does that self-image and then decide you're going to go beyond and it's going to feel uncomfortable because you're going to go from what's comfortable to step into the unknown, which is another part of this as well. I had to put myself on YouTube. Be subject to other people's comments, what people think. You know, there's things about it that can appear to be negative, but when you step boldly to who you are, you figured out that you make it through and that it's worth it. This is about identifying the passionate version of you and simply decide, take the initiative that this is who you now start to think, start to feel, and start to act in that way and understand this as well.

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to simply decide this is who you are, doubt, and to why you're in emotions that maybe you haven't felt recently. And to really give yourself permission to not be that old reality, that old version of you. That was a realization to me and a game-changer. When I met somebody that was a subscriber of the channel, and I went to a retreat with Victor, my buddy Victor Oddo was making a retreat, and there was somebody that was there. I gave a talk in Sedona, and after that talks, she came up to me and said, Hey, I want you to know that she was in crutches. She said that she was paralyzed from a car accident and said she could not walk, and she said that the doctors told her she would never walk again. She said that she did, and one of my meditations that were on shifting through parallel realities, and she said that after she did that meditation, she could then walk.

She then started working on walking on crutches; something doctors told her she would never do. Everybody was completely mindful, and it transformed her life. That exact meditation, which is the meditation for shifts into a parallel reality, gives you permission to let go of your old story and to then be in this new vibration as your dominant vibration. I recommend you listen to for 21 days so that you begin to change your, your dominant vibration, and your life will be transformed. Commit to that meditation for 21 days and watch what happens. Also, don't take my word for it. Read the comments on that YouTube video. There are hundreds, if not thousands of comments from people that have had amazing experiences. You are doing that exact process, doing that meditation, and I want to share that with you because I think one meditation really can change your life and change your dominant vibration.

3 Ways to Increase the Vibration of Thoughts so you manifest FASTER


I'm going to show you three ways to raise the vibration of your thoughts so that you manifest easier than ever. These are things that I wish I knew a long time ago because I would have been going about my intentions in a very different way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be sharing with you the three ways to increase the energy of the thought frequency you have. Understanding, yes, your thoughts create your reality, but even more important than your thoughts creating reality and the actual thoughts you have is the energy behind the thoughts you have because the quality of thought many times is more important. The quantity of thought. This is something first off that has to do with understanding the scale of consciousness right here, so have a scale of consciousness.

You'll see shame, fear, guilt, anger, a travesty. You'll see that of reasoning that just of the mind. Then you'll see love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. Let me ask you a question. Where do your thoughts lie within this scale? You could almost look to any thoughts you have those thoughts you predominantly have. If you have thoughts of like shame, fear, guilt, fear, like, can I do this? I don't know if I could do this, would it be scary if I stepped into this unknown thing? Then that's a vibration of fear. The thing is that it may cause negative synchronicity, but if you want to manifest something and it's because the intention you have is to gratify your own ego, it may only resonate at like a 200 level, like the level of courage without going beyond that. But I'll tell you right now, if you increase the frequency of your thoughts, you will manifest things easier than ever.

That’s why this is about purifying your thought frequency as you go through the process of manifestation. This is something I applied that really works. The first one that I want to share with you has to do with you raising your own frequency by understanding your thoughts in correlation with who you are as a person. What I mean by this is your past experience. Anytime something happened in the past, you gave it a meaning, that meaning you gave it then something many times that was on autopilot that continues to create your own reality. The key to this is becoming aware of those meanings. Let me give you some examples. You all reprimanded when you were a kid, maybe you were walking, and somebody said to walk in line, and then you had to walk in a line or something like that, and you start filling of a shameful, am I walking in line?

Maybe you were going to be playing kickball and you had a light up or something like that, but you didn't line up with the yellow. Dot. You're supposed to line up at the yellow dot. But you didn't. Okay. Well, what could have happened is maybe you stopped, Oh, I'm not supposed to act out of place. I got to do exactly what I'm told. And from that point on, that was the meaning you gave it, and it kept doing a vibration of fear of actually expressing who you really are. That was a meaning you gave it. Maybe you know my past, what I've shared before with having an abusive ex stepmom in my life between seven and 15 years old, she was in my life and from experiences with her, I felt very unworthy. I gave it a meaning that said that I'm not worthy.

When everything in my life changed, when I raised my vibration is that when I gave that same event a completely new meaning, I then saw that those events of growing up, of feeling unworthy led to my spiritual awakening. I gave it a new meaning. The first step to this process of purifying your thought frequency is about giving new meaning to old situations, new meaning to old situations. That's what allowed me to raise my frequency, my thought vibration. That's why now I believe I lived the life of my dreams because I believe that that's a natural consequence of me having those pure thoughts, which I'll be sharing more about as well because it has to do with a mix of purifying thoughts but also a mix of increasing the thought frequency. What's I'll show you how to do, but the first step is becoming aware of the past meetings that you've been given and things.

The second thing you must do in order to purify your own thoughts, let me see exactly. Okay, so it is actually purifying your own thoughts and understanding the power of adding value, the power of doing what you're meant to be doing, of having a pure intent. Think of it like this. I actually read this in the book autobiography of a Yogi. If you haven't read that book, it's an amazing book. It's by Yogananda who documents his journey through the environment. He says there are thought frequencies everywhere. What happens is you are tuning to certain thoughts and aligned you to certain thoughts, very similar to what Abraham Hicks says, what happens is when you go out into the world, depending on the vibration of your thoughts. They are allowing you to perceive a certain bandwidth of information, a certain bandwidth of realities.

The more you purify your thoughts and you make them divine, the more divine your life will become. This is about understanding that your reality is in direct proportion to the quality of the thoughts you're having. The order goes back to LA today or in Miami right now, do you have any tips for people on how to, how to raise the vibration of their thoughts? Does anything come to you? She just woke up a little bit ago, so I don't know if she's going to be like, boom, boom, boom. Okay. Let me think. Yeah, you should've given me this before. You are raising the vibration of your thoughts. I think that there's something to be said about when you have those negative thoughts, acknowledging them, and knowing that they're there for a reason and not beating yourself up for having them.

That's a good point. Then so when they come, you're like, okay, well, where's this thought coming from, and how's it making me feel? Is it objective? True? Right. Yeah. Once you do that little process work through that, I feel like you can let it go. Thank you. That's important. That is important because I'm showing like how to purify your thoughts as they go up cause that's a common thing that will come up. These negative thoughts. What do you do with those negative thoughts? That's exactly what you do. You acknowledged them. A lot of people tried just to ignore them to pretend like they don't exist. Right. Or suppress them. Especially with the law of attraction because people are like, see my hair is long enough now so I could do the same thing she's doing trying to brush my hair. I just woke up. Okay, go brush your hair. I've got to go back to the video. Thank you. That was a Leeor Alexandra.

Here's something that happened when I started on YouTube. I realized that at first, I was getting on YouTube because I wanted to get out of my nine to five job, and I wanted to do what I love. Then what I realized is that if I made the thoughts, the intention of the videos, about how I can add value to people. More people wanted to stick around and watch my content, and because I had a purity of intent, my intent was to add value to others. Because we're all connected, it's like what you put out is once you get back, then it's you, you perceive of more and more of that divinity in your life more and more that the universe wants to help you in a way and wants to give you resources because you're using the resources you have with such pure intent.

I also realized that working at that nine to five job that I used to have was selling women's shoes. If I went into work every day and it was commission jobs. I was able to see every single day the energy of my thoughts versus the results that I got when I went in. It was all about me making my goals very contracted energy when I went in. And my intention was to add value, to have fun with other people, to enjoy and to raise the vibration, and to just add value in general and to help other people. I'd had the best days. The key to this is understanding, you can clarify the purity of your intent by knowing you have a purpose in life. When you connect to that purpose, everything in your life will begin to change. The key to this is trusting that process.

You don't know what your purpose is. Set the intention to find out. Set the intention to find out what you can be excited about, what adds value to other people. You'll see that then things begin to change. The purity of intent, understanding we live in a divine cosmic reality where we're all connected. What you put out, part of your intention is to add value in some way. Even if it's like you are a, you're passionate about creative work of making TV shows that still add value. It still increases vibration and makes people feel a certain way. It's about seeing what you do as adding value and then noticing that it begins to flow through. The only reason I've been able to do thousand plus videos in a date and you know, or in a row every single morning is because I allow this to flow through.

I get out of the way, and it's the intention of adding value. That’s why a lot of people stick around and like watching the videos because they feel that purity of intent and that flow state that flows. It's really not me, it's not the ego air in me. It's allowing it to flow through. You are a piece of the divine, and you can allow it to flow through in your art and your managing skills and whatever skills you have, you know, whatever you do for a living, whatever your nine to five, it's now the third way to raise the quality or the vibration of your thoughts is actually quite simple. It involves loosening up and having more fun. I realized this this last year especially the more successful I become, the more busy I've come, the more I valued my time, and the more serious things became.

I found that there were times I was just so focused on like thinking about my time in the form of money. Like I was like, Oh, I'm doing this right now at a store. I wish I had an assistant because I'm wasting my time. They're so much of me, as kind of making my ego very important in what I do. Very important. Did I realize the more I did it, the less I enjoyed things, and the more it tampered with my vibration? What I learned how to do, and I remember this as well, from having that nine to five job is the more fun you have, the more your vibration raises. Raise your state of being, when you raise your state of being, your vibration increases, and then you're able to manifest things easier. This is about understanding that you are this eternal spiritual being. We are here in this reality for a short period of time, and we're meant to enjoy it. Begin to enjoy it more, begin to enjoy it more, begin to just have more fun.

It was just like a pattern interrupt and like no meaning whatsoever. But at that old job I had, I would go around to the stock room, and I would do that all the time. People used to know that, and other coworkers would say it as well. We knew we were each other. We're in the back of the stock room was like this stupid little thing we did, but it would increase our vibration. We'd have more fun then we'd go out and help customers in a better state. The days I went in to help customers, and they have fun. It's like I would have the best days without even needing to intend for it so much, you know, have more fun. The more I've been on, I've been traveling for two months, and the more I focused on just having fun, just enjoying the process, the more my vibration is raised and the easier it's become to manifest these kinds of things in my life.

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