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Reality Transurfing “Frailing” Technique for Attracting What You Want Faster

I'm going to share with you a reality transurfing technique called “Frailing” that I think can completely transform your life. I'm going to share with you ways of applying it so that you really get what you want much faster.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm gonna be sharing a technique that is called Frailing within the book of Reality Transurfing. Now, before I do that, I'm kind of explaining reality just to help really wire it in. If you've heard me talk about it before, but also in case you haven't heard of it before, reality transurfing is more so than just a manifestation process. It's a philosophy for a way of seeing the world that when we start to adopt some of these ideas into our life and integrate them and see, you know, kind of from that point of view, it makes us see everything differently.

Now, originally I was recommended the book from a friend and I started reading it and I was like, OK, this is really cool. Let me apply some of these ideas, and I started to apply them in my life and within a week or two just stinks. It was like I was allowing things to happen. I started to really shift my perception on different ideas and that changed everything. So now what I do is I just want to share this with you guys because I want you guys to have the same type of expansive type perspective that I had a couple of months ago. So, reality transurfing is a book that was written in Russia by a quantum physicist named the Deem Zealand and the book is now being translated to a whole bunch of different languages and more and more people are getting to know the book.

The idea behind reality transurfing is understanding that there are an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. Which makes sense. Since he is a quantum physicist. The guy that wrote it, and it comes from this awareness that since there are an infinite number of parallel realities in the book, this is called the alternative space. The idea is that what helps us to create what we want in our life is to set intentions. If we simply set more intentions, we will start to experience more of what we want in our life. The idea is every choice that we make is putting us on a certain “life track” that is going in a certain direction. Now, in general, most people just don't have a direction for where they're going because they don't set intentions. So first things first. If you simply set more intentions, you're going to start to change your life.

Now, the difference between intention and desire is that desire comes from a place of lack. Anytime we say I really want that, or vibrationally saying, I really don't have it. So the key is to set intentions and knowing that as we do that we are getting closer and closer to what we want, but also the intentions as part of the feeling of itself. You feel like you're going in a certain direction. Now, another part of Understanding Reality Transurfing is this idea of what are called pendulums. Now, pendulum is a thought structure that is created for many people thinking of similar thoughts. The idea is this, every single person has a certain layer for the way that they see the world. The layer is their perceptions, their beliefs about how things are and that layer goes into the world or the also the alternative space.

The idea is as we think certain things, those thoughts have an electromagnetic type energy even if we can't physically see it. Now, since we have collective consciousness, we have so many people thinking in similar ways, the thoughts that are similar, the beliefs that are similar, link up and create thoughts, structures that continue to run itself out. Now, this is what people call many times social conditioning. We think sometimes we're thinking our own thoughts when in reality we are thinking the thoughts of a pendulum. We are going around and we're thinking of maybe some type of a news idea. Anytime we see the news, that is a pendulum and the pendulums always want to suck the energy out of this. They want to maintain a life they want to exist, so what happens is we feel kind of compulsive towards a say in something specific or thinking something Pacific and that becomes something that we started to emotionally feel.

We've start to, in a way emotionally charge it. Now there are pendulums around being a certain culture. There are pendulums all the way to being a part of certain political parties. Whether you're Republican or Democrat, you're part of the pendulum and whether you agree or disagree, you're also part of the pendulum because anytime you negate something and you argue with something, you're still feeding the pendulum. So there are pendulums around sports teams just about anything you can imagine. So the idea behind this is to be aware of what your own thoughts are to what are the thoughts of pendulums that are running most people's life experience. You know the pendulums around you have to go to college, you have to do this, you have to do that in this kind of like a habitual hypnosis that a lot of people are under. The great news is the moment you become aware of this, you can start to take your power back and say, I choose to think and be who I prefer to be.

You can start to become aware of it and then you can start to change it in a very powerful way. Now, the other concept of Understanding Reality Transurfing has to do with understanding how to decrease the level of importance. There's these balancing factors that come into play and anytime we give something excess meaning, meaning we make it so important, we also create on the other side of that a balancing mechanism that must balance it out. Now, this is why if you really want something and you put yourself a lot of pressure towards getting it, you may feel the resistance and that resistance therefore creates it so that you don't experience what you want.

So, the key to this is to lessen the degree of importance, and as you do that, you so resonate with your desires. If you are making a certain amount of money per year and you want to make quads ripple that, but you don't know how to do it, and you make it very, very, important that you do, most likely, unless you take action with that and you dissipate that desire, you dissipate that important.

That's one way of doing it because then you get out of the intellectual of it, you know, making it so important, you kind of start to put it in motion. Unless you do that, what will happen is those balancing factors will make it so that you don't get it because vibrationally you're not resonated with it naturally. So decrease the level of importance. Realize you're OK either way, and as you go about it, then you simply intend for things to happen. Things happen in a much more powerful way. Now the last thing I'll explain in this is because this goes into the technique of failing, is understanding inner intention and outer intention. Intention is the will and the drive that we have to change our life experience, so it's almost a process that we go about the movement that we have through these different parallel realities towards us experiencing that which we want, so this is the will that we have.

This is like the take action type mentality and inner intention can be very powerful. However, on the other side of that, there is something called outer intention. Now, outer intention is more so the trust in the universe that we have. It's more so focusing on the end outcome and not being attached to how things happen. Whereas more so inner intention is about what can we do, so this is more of a trust that you can have. Outer intention can be very powerful about mainly focusing on the outcome of what you want to experience and trusting that that will get brought to you. Also maybe having certain beliefs about who you are, like things happened to me in a very nice way. I am very lucky. Those are overarching beliefs that will help outer intention and I have other videos on our intention as well. In case you're interested in finding out more.

However, now what I'm going to be explaining to you is frailing. Now, once you are able to let go of importance, you're able to see it as natural for you to experience what you want and if you guys want a free meditation that will help you to decrease the level of importance I've created. One that I think that if you listen to for 21 days will absolutely transform your life and it'll help you resonate with your desires. Go ahead and download that and start to really tap into that and also wire in a lot of the reality of transurfing ideas and that will help because then when you get to Frailing, what Frailing is, any time you want something from somebody else, what you do is you realize that one motivation you can use is to tap into other people's inner intention.

So this is relevant in many different areas, but behind this is realizing that everybody has a certain motivation, everybody has a certain intention and when you start and if you see that somebody has something you want to work with somebody for example, what you can do is work with their inner intention and if you give them that which they already want, you're going to start to resonate with them. The idea behind Frailing is that if there's something that you want and you give that to somebody else and you help somebody else achieve that, you are then going to help create that for yourself. So this is kind of like the golden rule. What you put out is what you get back. And I really believe this because what I used to do is almost like I used to work in a competitive sales environment at the old job that I had before.

I did Youtube full time and I remember that it was a direct reflection. I would get paid only commission. So it's not like I had to kind of work to get what I made and you know, it changes every day, but what I realized is when I wanted other people to succeed that I worked with and when I helped other people achieve their goals, my goals would naturally be met. It was kind of a funny paradox and I really believe this to be true, but it's like what you put out is what you get back. Now. This is the best part. One of the reason is because of the vibrational frequency of giving something to someone else is very similar to the vibrational frequency of receiving that same thing. Now the reason is when you give something to someone else, there is a generally positive feeling that comes with that.

So if you help somebody, even if you were to give someone money, right? Even if you were to give a homeless person money, the person that would benefit would be the person getting the money that has something to eat. But a lot of times giving that person money, there's a vibration that comes with that because then you feel good and that feel good, works all the way around. So it's almost like you start to tap into really feeling good. That's why some people will give away a lot of their money because it makes them feel a certain way. Also, many times when that happens, they create some type of energy that you put out is what you get back and it comes back anyways. So this is about being aware if there is, let's say you want to attract relationship into your life. Maybe help somebody else attract relationship into their life somehow.

Maybe start connecting other people together and as you start to align with their inner intention, guess what? Either somebody may return the favor and started thinking of, you'd be like, you know what? I have somebody that I think you'd be very well with like you would. You'd really dig and then they make something happen. Or maybe you start to align to the inner intention of someone that you like a business opportunity that she wanted to be into. You know, this is also the important part, I think of this when it comes to Frailing, when it comes to marketing. What you do in order to get your name out there is you literally line up to other people's inner intention of what they want to learn. That's what I do. What I did to grow on Youtube and to grow my brand is I literally sat there and thought, what is the person who was watching me?

What do they want to know? More of what will help transform their life? And as I saw that, I was like, OK, This is what I will share. And by tapping into the audience's inner intention, I'm able to add value in such a way to where the side effect of that is people subscribed, abundance and helping people in this general. So you see what I mean? It's almost like the giving is where then it's like everything just works around because I am tapping into other people's inner intention. So you can use this for just about anything. You can use this in order to tap into the frequency of what you want to, but realize that whatever you're focused on is whatever you're vibrating with and what you can begin to do is to begin to focus on ways that you can align with other people's inner intention.

You still want to be under purpose. I'm not saying that completely given what your purpose and just start being a people pleaser. What I am saying is if there's something that you want maybe start kind of experimenting with, how can I practice this in my daily life? How can I help other people maybe you attain the same level of thing and if you're trying to sell a product or you're in some type of business, realized the best thing you can do is serve the needs of the people that are your customers. That's what I do. I look at ways that I can transform people's lives from an it point of their inner intention, and guess what a side effect of that is abundance. Most people just kind of focus on what they could get out of it. You know, this was something else I realized when I used to sell, right?

I used to sell commission job, like I was saying, I sold women's shoes were like 1200 bucks that are very expensive and I did that for years while I was going to college and before I quit going at that job because now I do Youtube full time, so this is one of the things I notice if I went into work and I had this mentality of how much money can I make? How much money can, how many shoes can I sell to make money? Guess what? A lot of resistance came with that and I wouldn't do as well as if I went in and I thought to myself, OK, I have a certain goal. What I want to make, how can I provide this much value to the people that I help? How can I help them and how can I align with them? Now this what it does, it helps you align with their inner intention.

Their inner intention is not to give you money so that you can make your goal for the day. Their inner intention is, Hey, I'm interested in buying shoes, I'm interested in having a certain feeling when I'm wearing these shoes, and the idea is that because I was able to tap into that inner intention, guess what? When I would do that, I would have the best days, I would surpass my goals or I would at least hit my goals for that day and everything went really well and I learned that through repetition because a lot of times I'd fall into the old habits of like, you know the, you know because you only get paid based on commission. What you want to do is align with other people's inner intention. If you are selling something and understand that you can practice this Frailing technique by giving away that which you want to create in your life, in that by giving it away, the frequency of it is the same as also receiving it.

So the more you do this, the more that you see that this is a powerful technique you can use for communication with other people, selling products, marketing yourself, and understand in general that we are all connected in that when we begin to tap into this unity type field, we start to really put out that which we want to experience. Everything can begin to change.

Parallel Reality Frequency SHIFTING: SHIFT LIKE THIS

I'm going to be sharing with you parallel reality, frequency shifting and how you can shift to the reality you want effortlessly. This is an epiphany, something that I've just come to realize in my own life and it changes everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding parallel reality frequency shifting, how this totally revolutionized the way that I go about creating what I want in my life and their insights that I've had from actually going to see Bashar. So if you've never heard of Bashar, Bashar is channelled by Darryl Anka. It's kind of like an Abraham Hicks type thing. I've gone to his seminars before and it's high vibrational information that comes through and a lot of it has to do with understanding how our beliefs create our reality, how reality is formulated.

And then what happens is people go to these seminars and there's like a Q and. A. You can ask questions. You put your name in and then maybe you get your name brought up and then you can go and ask a question. So, what happened is I go, and I have some very powerful insights and those insights I'm going to share with you. Now, what originally happened is, this is last Saturday and Leeor Alexandra, Victor Oddo and I had an event that we did here in Las Vegas and this event was on Sunday. The day before that we go to this bizarre conference. We're like, perfect, we'll go to Bashar, we'll relax, go to a conference and ask questions and learn.

It was Leeor’s first time going to Bashar. Victor and I have both been before and it was cool. We put in our names in the beginning when you go in and you can put your name into a raffle to see if you get called, because it was 100 people there and only 15, 20 people that can ask questions for the event. So I put up my name, Leeor puts in her name, Victor put in his name and all three of us got picked to ask questions within the first round from 10 to 12. So there's two sessions. The first session, all three of us got asked or got picked to ask questions. So we all got to ask questions. So it was really cool.

Victor went up, ask some questions and I was the last one to go up. I go up and the first question I asked was about enlightenment and belief systems. So last time I went up, there was a couple of years ago and I asked about the least systems because our beliefs create our reality. And when it comes to the parallel reality shifting, we always experience a reality that is equal to our beliefs. So, I go in and I asked him to elaborate a little bit on beliefs creating reality because he said that the enlightened people go beyond belief and in the knowing. So there's a different relationship there that they have with reality because I was asking in correlation with the book called autobiography of a Yogi because in that book Paramahansa Yogananda shows and shares his personal experience being around these enlightened Yogis in India and they could do literally magical things.

Things we don't even think is possible like levitate, like a one person autobiography of the Yogi was like 400 pounds but never ate. Kind of showing us like what reality really is. There were enlightened yogis that could make objects instantly appear. Paramahansa Yogananda, his mom went into meditation and was told that a silver locket would appear in her hand and she goes into meditation that night and that's exactly what happened. A silver locket appeared in her hand that she was meant to give. Mohan said later in life, they could implant ideas specifically in certain people's heads, like Paramahansa Yogananda's guru told him to meet him at the train station at a certain time and they had to cancel that. So it's understanding reality in this new way and these enlightened people could do that.

So my question was, “Bashar, I wanna make objects instantly appear. I want to like be enlightened. What are the belief systems of enlightenment, which of course comes from ego, right? Cause we want to have the belief system. How do attain the belief system of enlightenment?” Well, it's not, enlightenment is not an attainment. It's not something in the next level you get to from an overachiever point of view, it's more so a realization that you have from letting go of all the concepts that don't serve. So I asked Bashar, I go up there, I go, Hello Bashar, last time I came to you, I said, what are the belief systems of enlightened people? What are the belief systems of enlightened people? And I was like last time you told me that it was, you know, they move into knowing and it was like, I was like my guess is that they just know reality is a dream so that they can make more reality dream light. And he said yes.

They don't think that. They don't believe it. They know it. They know reality is a dream. And because they know reality is a dream, it becomes more flexible and more malleable for them. I was like, okay, really cool. So, we talked about that for a little bit and I want to, I can't wait for the recording to come out. I'm going to buy it because I want to see the quote. There was so much that happened when I was at questions. I just don't remember it. Second question I asked was unrelated to parallel reality shifting because I talked about something called pendulums. Now, a pendulum is this idea that comes from a book called Reality Trans Surfing, which was written by quantum physicists, Russia. I used to make a lot of videos about them, about the reality trans surfing process is very powerful. If Ian has to do with knowing the Pella reality, we want to experience so we can glide through the parallel realities to the one that we want. We don't have to create it from nothing because there already exists.

When it comes to pendulums, what I asked him is, okay, so just to understand pendulums, pendulums are these thoughts, structures. There are these thoughts, structures that they actually have their own gravitational pool. Now, let me explain it like this. We have an energetic field around our body and within that energetic field we have that of thoughts that we think that influences our reality and certain thoughts we're thinking we'll go within our energetic field and they'll influence us in certain ways. Thoughts are literally things now in a code when it comes to reality itself, we are co creating our reality with the collective consciousness. Now there are billions of other people on the planet and when we are all focused on the same thing, we feed these thoughts, structures and these thoughts, structures, we'll then have a pool over us if we aren't aware of them.

So, for example, when people are Republican or Democrat, if you are anti Republican fighting the Republican with your mentality, how you feel about it actually feeds the pendulum itself and makes it stronger. Whether you're for or against the president. If you like him or hate him, you're feeding the energy structure of him. So a pendulum is around anything that has attention from many people. There's a pendulum around different sports teams. There's pendulums around different ideas and the people feed these pendulums. And the more people that are focused on it, the more pool that it has.

So, pendulums are a very real things that have an energetic structure and many of us are influenced by pendulums and we don't even know. It could be the pendulum of you got to go to school, you got to go to college in order to then go and be a part of a company to work there for 20 years and then retire. That's a pendulum. And many people buy into that pendulum. And the key to this is observing them and then choosing something new, not fighting them because if you fight them, you feed them. So my question was on pendulums. How did these pendulums work? Are they a real thing? And what he said was they are all different frequencies that people pick up on because I asked him this question as well. I said, I had this intuitive feeling that when I listened to music, when I listen to certain music, I also pick up on the frequency of the millions of other people that may have listened to that same type of music.

The club, the consciousness of those people. So if you're listening to a certain type of rap music by, for example, if you put yourself in the frame of that rap music, you may be also listening to the other people and picking up on the frequency of the other people that have also listened to that, you know, rap music and it could be very positive rap music or it could be rap music that's very destructive. That's very chaotic. It's like go do this and fight this present or do this or get to this. It just depends on the intention behind the music and the other people that are listening to the music. So if you listen to maybe like classical music, you pick up on a lot of the other people, this is a class can music intellectual type or if you're listening to spiritual music, you pick up on the other people. Listen to this spiritual music.

The powerful part of sacred sounds is that when you're oming. When you all you pick up on the frequency of the other people that have owned that are oming, which are also normally doing it with this spiritual intent. So that was my question and his answer was that their desk, different frequencies. And when we are tuned to that frequency, we pick up on the other people that are at that frequency as well. So, when it comes to parallel reality shifting, everything you do with your attention is shifting you into different parallel reality streams, parallel reality time lines. So the power of this is showing you and asking you what parallel reality frequencies are you tuned to. Because whichever parallel reality frequencies you're tuned to is going to be the one that is equal to whatever you're tuning yourself to.

So, when you listen to music, you're tuning yourself to a certain reality. When you are going to certain seminars, you're tuning yourself to the people running the seminar. When you are watching a movie, you're literally tuning to a frequency. Think of it like this. The reality you want to experience already exists. They all exist at the same moment right now. Just like if you are watching television and you're on channel five but you want to go to channel seven it's on that. You'd have to recreate channel seven. You push a button and it tunes you from one frequency to another frequency. They both exist right now. So the question I have to you is, which channel are you tuned to?

Are you tuned to the reality of your abundance? Are you tuned to you doing what you love for a living? Are you tuned to the frequency of what you want? And if not, understand that version of you imagine that is the perfect version of you. It already exists. You don't have to create it. The key is tuning to that version of you and you could do that. The bridge to that is your imagination and your identity. Are you being the best version of you? Imagine right now in the present moment right now, now is all that exists. But many people are living now in their past because they are scarred from some past experience. But right now what you can also do is you can connect to that future version of you with your imagination.

What is the frequency of the channel? Because the more you tune to that TV station of that frequency of you, the more you bring that characteristic into your current life stream. You can use your imagination to connect to the future frequency of you and by thinking and putting your attention on that future frequency of you, you bring it into the now. So when I imagine the future version of me traveling the world doing what I love, I'm tapping into that frequency that exists right now. Most people regret the past, are guilty of the past. They're now focused on the past. Therefore, bringing more past patterns into the now.

These past frequencies are only there because we scored ourselves at a certain point in their life. Something happened that caused an energy ripple, a disruption in our energy field that keeps now the same past experience, the same paths, frequencies in our life now you are not the result of your past. You are who you choose to be in the present moment right now. So, because of that you can pay attention and be like, where's my vibration right now? What am I focused on right now? And I focus on the past and I focus on reminiscing about the past and regretting. And even then if you project yourself to the future, you do it now, but you do it from the awareness of this is who I prefer to be and the frequency already exists.

When I decided to do a video a day on Youtube, it was almost like the future version of me was saying, Aaron, do a video a day. That version of me, that frequency of that version of me was saying that if you do a video a day, you will tap into being a full time Youtuber before you are a full-time Youtuber. And that's exactly what happened. As I took on the identity and the frequency of that future version of me now and now. I get up every day doing what I love, traveling the world now. I imagine in the future, the future version of me, the frequency of be traveling the world speaking and helping people to transform their lives. That version of me already exist. I can pick up on the frequency by going into visualization and imagine that version of me I pick up on the frequency, that version of me because it already exists.

Therefore, I bring that into my current life stream. They all exist right now. It's about the imagination of it. It's about bridging that, so understand that for this process is simply about recognition that it already exists. Recognition that it's simply about changing the remote control tuner from one channel to the other. It's that simple and we can do that at any time. Do you like what channel you're tuned to? Because sometimes what happens is people might be on channel 22 and they may not like channel 22 but they stayed tuned to channel 22 the remote is right in front of you. At any point, you could pick up the remote and change the channel, but people stay tuned to channel 22 because it's comfortable because you've seen the episodes 600 times and you know what's predictable and you're stuck in the autopilot mind because it's familiar. Channel 22 is boring. Channel 22 is that what you know?

You've seen every episode, you've seen every show on channel 22 but yet it's comfortable. And what I'm saying to you is you can change the channel; you can make the choice to change the channel and you can pick up on a new frequency and your attention is your remote. When you change your attention, you change the channel you're tuned to and therefore you change the reality. You experience. Reality is a reflection of where we tune our attention. Change your attention, you change the channel, you tune to you change your reality. So channel 22 is boring. Stop watching it. Make the choice to grab the remote and choose something new. Choose a new story that you tell yourself. Choose a new station, a new frequency, new people, whatever it is. By you choosing that, you will then experience a new reality. So that's what parallel reality, frequency shifting is about is just realizing it already exists.

Tune into it using your imagination, no, that that is who you are and with time that will become more of your reality. Now something I do have is the shift experience that is coming and the shift experience. We'll show you how to shift to a new level of reality and a new level of consciousness. So, most powerful thing I've ever created is being made right now. As always peace, much love and namaste.

The Vibration of Wanting VS Having and How to Make the SHIFT

I will show you how to make the vibrational shift from the frequency of wanting versus having, this is the game changer. This is why so many people are experiencing what they want. And I'm going to show you exactly how to make that shift.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the vibrational difference between that of wanting versus having and this little technique or mindset shift that makes all the difference in the world. And it's something that I've realized through years of practicing the law of attraction or how to create our own reality. There are things that I noticed in so many people. When people really want something and the difference between that and actually having it and why sometimes certain things may happen that they'd gets you into that vibrational shift.

So, I was actually thinking about this yesterday because I was talking to some friends and we were talking about that of something that we noticed when it comes to people wanting to get pregnant. Now, I know it's kind of a random analogy, but when people think about it like this, there's some couples that we'll try to get pregnant and for some reason it's not happening like they want a baby, but the baby ain't coming out.

There are no baby being made and what happens is they really, really want it. But then this is a funny thing that can happen and this happens a lot by the way. People really, really want a baby that doing the thing, they're trying to make it happen and it's not happening. So then what they do is they go and adopt. They say, you know what? Maybe it's not meant to be.

I'm going to go adopt and that's how we're going to have our baby. They go adopt. Then what happens is without really even intending for it, within months of adopting, all the sudden they get pregnant. You know, the woman gets pregnant and it's, it's something they tried out for years, but just now happens within a month or two of adopting a baby. It's this phenomenon that happens very often. Why would this be?

Hmm? I have a theory behind that and my theory is that the vibration of wanting a baby and creating a lot of importance and putting that idea of a baby on a pedestal and the fact that the baby isn't already here creates resistance that then doesn't allow the baby to come through. However, once they get in and adopt, they didn't lessen the importance of the wanting the baby because then they have the baby, they have a different baby. It's not the way that they thought, but now nonetheless they have adopted a baby and in the vibration of having a baby because of that, without any training whatsoever, they then get pregnant and all of a sudden they'd gone from the vibration of wanting to the vibration of having and then something happens easier than ever without even really trying. Why did that happen?

Well, I believe it's because the wanting vibration and the having vibration are different. And because they made the shift, even though they were unconsciously using the outer reality to make that shift because then they have the baby, but then they allow it through. And the reason for that is because then vibrationally they were in alignment with that desire. They were in the vibration of having, so the question is then do we need to adopt a baby in order to have, and the answer to that is no, we don't.

What if they, instead of saying, you know, there's nothing wrong with adoption, you know, they got to give the baby just, but what I'm saying is that it wouldn't be necessary if you could embody the vibration of that, of having the baby. And also think about it. The couple that has the baby, if they were to loosen up and think it was natural for them to have a baby, it'd be much more likely. But you see in the wanting vibration, it's really, really important. And they put it on this pedestal without knowing it vibrationally and then that separates themselves from it. You see anytime we say something like, I really, really want something, we are vibrationally say it. I really, really don't currently have it because you're saying I want that from over there to India here which is emphasized in the lack of it right now.

That is a difference vibrationally then that of having, cause if you have it, it's just natural for you. If you have it, it's a much different vibration. Think about this in terms of TV stations you see because the truth is that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. This is what quantum physics is showing us based on our intention. That's what increases probability, but there are many different realities that exist and imagine it like a TV station. If you are on a certain TV station, if you're on HGTV, watching home renovations, trying to figure out how you can rearrange your home or watch house hunters and watch people that look at three houses and then choose based on those three houses they choose which houses are going to live in for the next 20 years. That might be a channel you're watching.

You watch that channel to get into that at the same moment you'll could, if you want it to shift to the channel to Bravo, maybe you can watch like housewives or something. I don't know. I don't watch that show. I don't watch any of those shows, but I'm just just sharing the idea. Go from one vibration. Those two channels exist in the same moment. They're just different frequencies and you don't try to change the HGTV channel itself. You just switch the frequency. You see. You don't have to create channel 39 or whatever Bravo TV is, you know what to create. It just got to change the channel using the TV remote or using your apple TV or whatever it is and it can be that easy. So understand this, the vibration of the couple that doesn't have the baby, the versions of them that already have the baby already exist.

They don't have to create the baby, but they go and try. But they can actually do. I mean you guys get the analogy though, right? You don't have to create the reality and tap into a vibration. If I've read the vibrational reality already exists, they could do the action, you know what I mean? And the action, you know, they have to take the action in order to have the baby. They don't do nothing. You know, nothing’s going to happen. But it's about understanding that it's easier than they think. It's easier than they think. And what they can do is they can just acknowledge the vibration of that version of them and how natural it is for them to have the baby and what that would be like, what their morning routines would be like, what with the vibrations that versions of them doing in that parallel reality.

They can begin to tap into that. And then by doing that they're changing the remote from the wanting to the having and eventually they'll get pregnant or something or something. But what they gotta do is switch the frequencies, switch to the vibration. And you could apply this in any area of your life. I'm just being pregnant. But say you really, really want a job and you really, really want it and you're going to do a job interview and it's a lot of importance and you sit in front of the person doing the interview and you feel kind of nervous cause you really, really want it will understand that the vibration of wanting and the vibration of having are different, if you were to go in there knowing that you're just the right fit for the job, that you're going to add value to that company which is in tapping into something called outer intention, which taps into the intention of the company.

Adding value is so powerful and if you were to go in there, just knowing as natural for you to do well, how the intention of adding value of really shining your light and showing them what your, what your personality is like if a much better chance of getting the job than you do if you're just really, really wanting it and not vibrationally compatible with it because of how bad you want it. So the vibration of wanting and the vibration of having our completely different vibrational realities based on the focus in the moment and whether you are happy in the present moment.

You see, this is the other thing, the vibration of having is the vibration of you. You in a happy mood. One of the best ways to shift from wanting to having is to just loosen up. To have more fun. Reality is like a dream. And when you learn how to play through this dream, it's like a mixture of a dream in a game. We'll come here to learn. But it's meant to be fun. It's meant to be more of a flexible dream, not meant to be so serious. And when you have more fun with life, you find yourself shifting through it in a much easier way.

You find that things become very light and enlightening us. So much can happen. You know, the more, the more that I have enjoyed my life over the last year, the more successes come so much easier and I enjoy the process. That's what I'm realizing now is the old paradigm of like you have to work really, really hard all the time in order to be successful and all this stuff. In the beginning. That may be something that helps us have in like a strong work ethic and all of these things, but understand that if you're not enjoying it, you're creating resistance.

If you'd said have more fun, it loosens up the vibration and then because you're in a high vibration, you're closer to already having it. It's an easier jump, but if you're saying this moment right now isn't good enough because I want to get over there, you're creating this resistance. If you want to close the gap, increase your vibration. How do you increase your vibration the best way I know how to do that, just to have more fun to do more things you enjoy. Not even, it's not that you review this. Another thing too, it's not even that you have to change what you're doing. It's just change how you're doing it. I still make daily videos on Youtube and I still do things with my business like I've been doing for the last like two, three years. However, I do it with a much more fun attitude.

I do it and I have more fun. I enjoy myself. It's not as serious that I have to do this, this or this or this. It's more so how can I enjoy this? The how is what change, but here's the thing because the how is changing. I'm enjoying it more. I'm in a higher vibration and I'm closer to the things I quote unquote wants or already have. You see, I don't have to want it so much because I feel good either way. If that couple that wanted to get pregnant was good, either way they may have gotten pregnant sooner.

They're like, it's okay that the baby doesn't come yet. It's just, have fun with the process. Why are we making love? Because we have to get a baby. Why don't we just make love and then the baby may come, but if it's like there's like so much desperation for this baby because it would make everything better, then then it may create resistance. I understand that there could still be a very strong desire to have kids, but understand that it can be more of a smooth process. It can be a fun process and maybe loosening up Lucy up is one of the easiest ways to let go of what is called excess potential.

This is a Reality Trans Surfing term. The idea is that anytime we put something on a pedestal, we create importance. Importance vibrationally separates us from the reality we want. Anytime you make anything important, if you're trying to attract someone into your life and you start to talk to someone, you make them very important. You put them on a pedestal and you immediately start to distance yourself vibrationally from them. They'll feel that inside of your energy. When you talk to them, they'll feel that something's a little bit weird, but when you said you have fun and guess what? It's a much more contagious energy.

That's the job that she wants. Instead of really, really wanting it and put it on a pedestal. Loosen up and have fun. I'm not saying go to the interview and be like, “Yo what’s up dude”. I want this job right here. I'm in the vibration of having it. This is my true personality. What you can do instead is you can relax. You can go in, shine your light, know that you add value. Just be in the vibration of accepting that it's, it's something in a job that she can have. You see, so understand that there is a difference in vibration from the vibration of wanting something from the vibration of having something there.

Different television station frequencies. They both exist right now. The vibration I think of whatever you want and think of it and know that there's a vibration of wanting that thing or that experience. There's a vibration of having that thing or that I've experienced to tap into the vibration of having that experience. First off, loosen up about the process. Have more fun because how you do something is going to be the energy state you take with it. Increase your vibration first and then focus on the part of you, the version of you that already is living this lifestyle.

Begin to merge. Merge the thought patterns, begin to emerge. The beliefs of that version of you, the body posture of that version of you put yourself in the vibrational frequency of it and the more you do that, the more you're going to be in that vibrational frequency. See things as natural, take away the importance of the wanting. No, it's natural for you to experience that and by doing that you begin to create more and more of this potential inside of your life and then go through your life. Just knowing that as you loosen up, as you focus on the version of you that has that you've just been that version of you now you also have an identity that that's a part of who you are.

Identity is a part that can really change your manifestations cause if you see it as natural for you, it's a part of your identity. For you to have that kind of job, for you to be in that kind of relationship. For you to have kids, it's a part of your identity. So one of the most powerful meditations I have is for 21 days and I think it could change your life. Other than that, as always, peace, much love and namaste.

How to TRANSCEND the bottom 3 Chakras and Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY

I'm going to show you how to transcend the bottom three shock rows and move into you heart, which will raise your vibration instantly.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that understanding of how to transcend the bottom three Chakras because the main reason, most people are here on the planet right now is to go through an ascension of vibration and what happens is we come in or having this experience we're going through. Many people right now are going through what was called a spiritual awakening, and as we heal ourselves, as we go through certain things in our life, we start to transcend it. Different states of consciousness and these states of consciousness are in alignment with which shock is balanced out and we are able to move through.

Now, when we say transcend the bottom three Chakras, it doesn't mean we don't have energy within the bottom three Chakras. It means that we clear the energy so that we can move our energy more up. And in order for us to move into the heart, we must first off transcend the pain and the disturbances that we've created in the bottom three Chakras. The bottom three Chakras would be the root Chakra, the sacral Chakra and the solar plexus. And even right now I'm wearing this yellow shirt right here. The yellow shirt represents that of the solar plexus. Solar plexus is like will power.

It is the relationship that we have with society. The sacral Chakra is the relationship that we have with ourselves, with our family, with loved ones. And the root Chakras is the survival mode, the eating, sleeping, the, um, our feeling of feeling safe or the emotion that we'd feel, feeling safe, taken care of. Our needs being met at these three Chakras also represent many different emotions. Sometimes we may have shame, we may have fear, we may have guilt that will be lodged and causing disturbances within the bottom three shock rose. And in order for us to move into our heart to move and make this transition from three to the four, we must go through the clearing of the bottom three.

Think of it like this as well. This is the way I look at the transcendence of Chakras. This is the way that I think about it. I think about it in the form of the three to four or 5D reality shift. It's also the third Chakra into the fourth Chakra. The third dimension is about a lot of it's about control. There's been a lot of control on the planet and what we call 3D reality. There's a lot of duality, good, bad light, dark up, down, and what happens is as we become identified with those different ideas, it polarizes us and it keeps us within a certain level of duality. Now what we're moving into right now, when I was talking about that of us transcending into a new state of consciousness or the ascension that's happening, is we're moving out of the level of the duality out of the level of the control, and we're then moving into what is called the fourth or fifth dimension.

Now the fourth or fifth dimension or 4D reality, 5D reality, they're kind of interchangeable because some people say fourth density or third or fourth dimension. Understand this is about more so being centered in our heart and understanding reality is, but a dream. Reality is a dream and when we start to realize this, our life becomes much more flexible because as much more dreamlike. So think of it also as that when I talk about the Chakras, when I talk about the root Chakras the Sacral Chakras the solar plexus and us moving into our heart, it is also us moving from the 3D level of reality of us being in a level of control, controlling ourselves, controlling other things will power taking a lot of action and more so focusing on 4D reality, which is connected to the heart.

What are we passionate about? 4D reality is also about that of what we are doing vibrationally. So it's understanding the vibrational reality with which we live in and understanding that the more we realized life is a dream, the more dreamlike life becomes. We start to get rid of the solidity or the seriousness of 3D reality. Things become a lot more fun. So in order for us to make that shift through and to the heart, what we want to do is we must clear out the bottom three Chakras, and you see this is the thing which each one of our Chakras, there are stories we have about who we are that keep energy either open or that keep energy closed and blocked in those Chakras. So the stories we have are controlling our life experiences. Now what do I mean by stories? We'll everything in our life that we have as a belief is a story we tell ourselves. Some people will tell you, well, it's just the way it is. Guys, just treat me this way. Girls treat me this way. It's just the way the world works. It's not the way the world works.

 It's a story we are telling ourselves. Maybe that story came from one time. Maybe the first boyfriend or girlfriend treated you a certain way and you thought that that's what you deserved and then you always experienced something that was close to equal to that. You see, that's a belief that you may have a story. You may tell yourself about how you relate to other people or how you even relate to yourself. If it comes down to self worthiness. And what then happens is you keep that story going and it may cause blockages to continue to go. For example, the relationship with other people. Maybe your relationship with your family that may cause blocks in your sacral Chakra, your second Chakra, which is right your belly button. So those stories you're telling yourself may not actually be serving you.

You may have beliefs about your surviving, about never having enough food, never having enough shelter or always having trouble paying the rent. You may have then blockages in your root Chakra about feeling safe. You may think everyone's out to get you. You may think that you're a victim of what other people do and maybe sometimes you're the one that gets you in trouble for doing things or you, you've gotten hurt before by other people. And maybe there's something to do with safety there and a story that you tell yourself about who you are that then causes blocks in that area.

Maybe you feel like you have to control everything in your life or you feel like maybe you're kind of lazy and you don't feel yet. You're doing what you're passionate about so you don't have this willpower and this story that you're telling yourself about who you are and you're like, I can't do my passion. I have to work a nine to five job. I don't care about. Maybe that is causing blockages inside your willpower, your solar plexus, you see, the stories we have will always be reflected back to us and the key to this is becoming aware of what those stories are because when we become aware of what those stories are, we take ourselves out of the autopilot mind.

Until we do that, we'll be running the same things over and over and over again because we're not aware of it. We cannot change that which we do not know and if we're in the autopilot mind, we will keep those stories on recycle. The key is to become aware of what those stories are. Your stories about relationships, your stories about you doing your passion for living, your stories about survival, your stories about money, your stories about all these things. You're getting a one on one reflection to whatever those are. So mine as well become aware of them and then in the awareness of them you can then choose something new. But that's why the key to this is understanding the waking up from the autopilot mind.

Because most people are walking out around in society only in the bottom three shockers. They're not actually getting to the top to the upper ones cause they can't move up because there's so much blockages in the bottom three. They're staying tethered to the 3D reality. Duality, good, bad light, dark there stayed tied to it and they don't even know it. But the first step is becoming aware of what those stories are. What are your stories? What are your beliefs? What is your sense of worthiness? And here's the key. You must heal the bottom three, not just change it. You must become a completely okay in grateful that it is there. The disruptions cause ended this in the awareness of it and allowing it to be there.

You complete the past. You see the reason a lot of times people will have a certain relationship that they're in and they're saying, why do I always attract this kind of person into my life? And it's someone that they think are worthy of, even if it's something that, that they don't prefer to experience. Because in the past they may have had somebody who were around that treated them that way and that's how they thought it works. That's how, that's what they thought they had to do to be loved. So they're in that certain type of relationship and then they're in a new relationship now, but they haven't healed the past. So they brought someone into their life that reflects back that past, you must heal the past and be completely okay with it. Some people will say, yeah, you know, I forgave this person. But if there's even that bitterness underneath the, yeah, I forgave that person, then there's not really the forgiveness there and that will cause an unconscious memory pattern of resistance.

So, the key is to heal the past. How do you heal the past? You heal the best by completing the past. Completing the past means that you feel these emotions. You do a visualization exercise, you feel the emotions. You imagine yourself in that painful situation you were in the past. You imagine yourself there. You put yourself there energetically, you allow the emotions to come up and then you simply let them be there because by letting them be there, you close the loop. It's almost like when you have a bad dream and you're running away, you're running away. You're running away from something that's chasing you, but then you say, you know what? I'm going to stop running.

You turn around, you stand there in front of whatever's chasing you and what happens? It normally goes away because you've then faced it. You've completed it. You’re no longer running in the same way, you may have negative beliefs, negative thoughts, negative stories about relationships and until you become okay with what happened in the past, how you were hurt in the past until you realize that that may have actually served you. It served you because then you learn something from it by knowing what you don't want. Now you know what you do want and you have these stories about everything and we've had some time in the past when you were doing something and maybe your parents had trouble paying rents and you were afraid because you thought you may have to go live on the streets where you've got to go live with some friends that you didn't.

You felt like there's so many people in the house and then that caused a belief. A story about survival, about not having enough about wondering, oh, is that around the corner, that uncomfortableness. But you see the key is to actually visualize that experience, bring up the emotions and allow it to be there and know that it served you because now you're so much more aware of what you do want your on top of things. Now you see that as leading you towards that. When it comes to willpower and control and solar plexus, you can see their stories. You may have about things that have happened in the past about you haven't have control of everything. It could start to heal that and know that you can allow, you can let things happen.

You can know that if you want to have good discipline, you just choose to do it. Do you believe that you're lazy? Then you could start to change that by understanding when were you lazy in the past? What were you at afraid would, if you would have gone through boldly with what you wanted to do. You see by bringing your attention to these stories that you have, you start to gain your power back and then what you do is you heal those stories. You let them be there. You see how they served you. He may have known my story, but I had that of x step mom and my life between when I was seven to 15 years old that was abusive, mentally, physically and emotionally.

And for many years after my dad divorced her when I was 15 who I went from not being allowed to do anything at all, having to work all day outside, locked into a certain part of the house, not having to sneak food in order to eat because I was so skinny, it wasn't able to have food. And then what happened is after the 15 years came around and my dad divorced her, all of a sudden me and my brother were allowed to have friends again. We were allowed to go to school activities.

There's no more physical abuse. And all of a sudden we had this freedom. But I still felt resistance. And it was because I was still angry towards my ex step mom because of everything I went through. I felt like you didn't have a normal childhood, was able to have friends. So, 15 years old and I had this story and what I had to do is I had to heal that story, had to become aware of how I related to it. I had to allow it to be there. I had to feel the emotions and let it be there and then to completely forgive because then I saw that that led me to a spiritual awakening years later and it actually became one of the most positive things that ever happened to me because now I'm able to help so many people transform their negative tasks, but it happened from completing the past, and here's the thing. Even after that, acts, step mom controlling next step, mom left my life.

There was always someone in my life that reflected that personality back to me. I had an ex-girlfriend right after that step mom thing. I was like 17 years old, had a girlfriend for three or four years. That was exactly like that, almost in different ways, but similar energy. Then after I broke up with that girlfriend, then I got transferred to a department. When I worked at Nordstrom's and women's shoes, I got transferred to salon shoes, which is designer shoes. I had a manager that was just as controlling almost the same personality as my step mom. It was crazy for years, tried to get her fired.

All the people, the department, because of the things that she would say, we're just so off the wall, but she was protected by upper management. Within two weeks of meditating and learning and completing my past, which was about two or three years in, within two weeks of doing that, she got fired because I completed the past. I no longer needed that energy in my life. It was so synchronous. The way that it works, so understand that when we complete the past, we no longer have to repeat the past. The key to moving out into the fourth Chakra of love is healing.

The bottom three Chakras. You are love at your core. It's who you are. The mental ideas in the mind, the things that have happened, the stories we tell ourselves, well, what keeps us in the bottom three or as the key to this is being aware of it, allowing it to be there, and then starting to live from love. I started to do what we love. I love making videos. Follow your passion. See how you're connected to everyone else. Everything's a reflection. We live in a vibrational universe. Everything is vibration and based on your emotion and your alignment with your soul, are you doing what you love?

That's when you start to exist more in the fourth Chakra. So this is what transcending the bottom three Chakras is about. It's becoming aware of the stories you have in the bottom three Chakras. It's about healing them, allowing them to be there, seeing how those things served you, and then making the choice to live from love because love is who you are. You forget that when you come to this planet because you're an immortal, spiritual beings living a temporary human experience. You come here, you forget who you are. You go through life experience identified through your five senses, and then eventually at a certain point you may go through a spiritual awakening.

And a lot of people that watched my videos have been through that or are going through it, or we'll go through it very soon. And as you do, it wakes you up to this, a mortal eternal part of you. And then as you go through, you'd let go of all this stuff that doesn't serve you, shed at all, and that you're able to be more boldly inside of your heart. So this is the key to you, transcending and raising your vibration is doing that. Now, one little tip, the best way for you to raise your vibration in general, I don't think I emphasize this enough, the best, most powerful way for you to raise your vibration is to simply have more fun. Reality is a dream. This is an Avatar that we use for a period of time that we identify reality through the five senses. We identify with our ego or Avatar in this reality until we go through a spiritual awakening, which is where we wake up and realize there's an eternal part of us.

We're just simply dreaming that this is us for a short period of time, but the more you allow yourself to have fun, the more you raise your vibration. It's about having fun and when you start to realize your life is a form of dream, your life becomes more dreamlike. Things become more flexible. This is the time removing it and we're moving into a time when things are more malleable. Time does seem a little more slippery. Doesn't it feel like time is going by faster? We're going through this shift, but understand, the more you loosen up about it, the more you raise your vibration.

The Ego loves seriousness. What is the answer to this? This is serious solidity, holding things into place. Loosen up. It's the dream of life. Have Fun. Go out. We normally are in the higher states of consciousness. We may not have food. We might, we may not have a physical vessel that we can eat food, enjoy food, enjoy life, enjoy interacting with other people. This is meant to be fun. The more you realize that, the more you will raise your vibration. But the more solidity, the more heavy everything is, the more we keep those energy blocks in.

So, the best way to raise your vibration is to simply have more fun. So, if you want a meditation to help you to raise your vibration, the most powerful one I've created, I think if you listen to it for 21 days it will change your life.

The Dangers of getting STUCK in a Parallel reality REVEALED

I will show you how to not get stuck in a parallel reality. You may be stuck and don't even know it, and I'm going to show you how to go beyond that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding how you may be stuck in a parallel reality and not even know it, and this has to do with understanding for his obvious, the autopilot mind, the way that we think, how our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings are consistently shifting us to a parallel reality that is equal to whatever that which we identify with. And you can honestly kind of look at this from the point of view of the movie, the Matrix, one of a movie that I really enjoy that I watched years ago.

What is the movie? The Matrix, which I'm sure you've seen it before and if not, you should definitely watch it. And it has to do with understanding how there's this metaphor in reality that reality isn't what it seems. The Matrix is a represented by an autopilot way of thinking where many people believe that that is who they are. It's kind of like going into a video game and believing that you are the Avatar and then finding out that the game itself is a virtual reality and then you go through different experiences of waking up to more of who you are and that's what the movie, The Matrix is about.

It's just using the metaphorical type way where people are like fighting and stuff and then there's like ways they use the mind to hack reality. There's a cool part in the movie as well where Morpheus is like what is real that which is interpreted by your senses which are like thought, which are like vibrations, interpretations to protections of vibration.

And it really kind of puts the script on us cause then we could see that what we perceive of in our reality is an interpretation of vibration and vibration is everything. That's what quantum physics shows us. Everything is a different rate to vibration of the same thing. Now when we look at parallel reality shifting, it's important to understand that most of us are on autopilot. It's just the way it is. If you look to the teachings of Doctor Joe Dispenza, he says the same thing. He says, you're Lithion and the record of a path of the past. And if you consistently, I think the same thoughts, you're going to feel the same emotions.

You're going to do the same things and it's going to keep this perpetual cycle going over and over and over again. And what happens is, we keep having what is called groundhog's Day, where we do the same thing over and over and over again. I know when I had my old nine to five job years ago, I would go into work every day. Sometimes I'd have almost the same conversations. Yes, some of the customers would change. I worked in women's shoes, so I was helping different people, but it's sometimes even similar situations. And then at the end of that day, I'd go back home and I would do similar things and it felt like this autopilot type reality.

In a way it was because I was thinking the same thoughts. I was feeling the same emotion. I was doing the same things and when it comes to understanding us shifting through different parallel realities, if we stay tied to the same level of thinking, if we stay tied to the same thoughts every day, the same emotions every day and the same actions every day, we will create the same type of experience every single day and understand that the paradox of this is that you can never actually be stuck in a parallel reality.

You can never actually be stuck in it because we are shifting every single moment. It's just that some people may create the experience of this same thing over and over again, but we're shifting to the same experience over and over again because of our familiarity with what is comfortable. So we use reality in that way and many times it may just be the definition itself, the definition of I am stuck. Well then we create the experience over and over again of being stuck because of that vibration.

That vibration has an actual feeling to it. There's a certain level of resistance of being stuck in that parallel reality time line. If you do the same things every day, you feel the same motions every day, you think the same thoughts every day, then you're going to get the same results every single day.

But it's new results. However, it'll appear to be the old results that appear to be groundhogs date. So you see this changes the game because then you see, well, if I'm shifting regardless, why don't I just create a Google, a greater degree of change from where I am to “where I want to be”. So where I am, where I want to be, well, most people do is they create from the record of the past like doctor Joe Dispenza would say, or they recreate the same level of thinking from the consistent thoughts, feeling and emotions they have over and over and over again.

Of course, this is completely new parallel realities over and over and over again, but the definitions of being stuck or the definitions of being comfortable of what we think reality is, we'll keep that going over and over and over again. The key is creating the greater degree of change from this reality to this reality and understand this, this reality and this reality they both exist at this moment. Right now they're just vibrating at different frequencies and the same way that we made tuned to a certain channel on the television, you made tuned to ESPN.

You made tune into HGTV much than tear down houses and rebuild them. You may tune yourself to MTV. You may tune yourself to the news. Whatever channel you tune to is the one you're going to vibrationally resonate with, but here's the thing, you cannot change the channel you are on. This is one of the newest insights I've had about personal development in general. Many times we will try to change ourselves. There is no change. There is only shifting because you see the parallel reality version of you that still hasn't gotten out of that stuck parallel reality that still exists.

Just at the same way that you might be watching ESPN and understand that HGTV still exists. You don't try to change espy ESPN. What you do instead is you tune to a new frequency of a new version of you. Changes in illusion. Change is an illusion. Instead it's about shifting. Shifting is the new transformation because we're shifting. You shift your identity with it instead of identifying with the person that's always thinking the same thoughts, feelings, emotions, doing the same thing. You can then instead transform and shift to the reality prefer you can let go of the past.

When you stay tied into the past of the old identity, you keep some of that energy momentum going in the new reality. Instead understand you're constantly shifting. Just like you might change the channel to a new channel. You're tuning to a new frequency. If you want. You could go to the old identity. You could go back from HGTV to ESPN if you want to, but you might find is that when you go from maybe the news to a new channel, you feel a lot better and then you don't really want to go back. You're like, “why do I want to pay attention to the news and have it bring me down?” And focus on this part of the negative parts of that happened in the world and have me emphasize with my thoughts and my emotions and getting triggered to feed into this the old reality.

You know what, I don't prefer that anymore. I prefer to stay tuned to a channel that makes me feel good and I enjoy shark tank or I enjoy OA are the two shows I like, but then I stay tuned to it but I wouldn't go to a channel that I don't like. I put on Netflix shows before that I think I might like and I realized I don't like them, but then what I do is I just don't watch them if I don't like them. But what many people do is they find something they don't like and they stay focused on it and they stay focused on it and they think they have to stay focused on it.

When you can always change your focus in the same way, don't stay tuned to a Netflix show yet. Don't tune into to a new one in the same way. Don't do something in reality that you don't prefer to do and think that you have to stay locked into it. It's like you've all, you've already watched two seasons and there's like six more seasons and you're like, well, I've already watched two seasons. I might as well watch the other six.

You don't have to. If you don't prefer that reality, change your focus. Change your thoughts, change your beliefs about reality, change the way that you see yourself and you'll get a new reality, but it's about choosing something new, not changing the old reality. This makes reality a lot more fun. This makes reality a lot more loose because then you could see it's more about vibrational resonance. When we look at the world, we can then identify the different frequencies we want to experience and then choose to resonate with it.

But that comes from a point of choice. There's always choice. We choose how we respond to what happens in our life. Things have no built-in meaning. So, I can't do the khaki stuff I normally do where I, walked from one side to the other and I'm like, I got it on. Maybe I can. So normally what we do though is we have something that happens in our life and in the moment something happens.

If we give it a negative meaning we then go on the negative, the negative channel, both channels exist. The key is choosing to give things a positive meaning because then you will experience a positive channel, but then again it's choosing, not creating your own reality thing. You don't have to ever create your own reality. Every probable reality you can imagine already exists because everything exists here and now as you move you are shifting through these different parallel realities. That's what time is.

Time is the movement through different parallel realities. It's just that we have memory so we're able to tie all these together and go, well, there is time. The only moment is now. It's just that there's different perceptions of the same now moment. So we experience through memory the linking together, because I can remember that I just went like this. I can then link them together and say, didn't I just do that? So for this understand that the power is understanding, that if you are stuck in a parallel reality, it is because of the identity it is because of the choice of the thoughts.

They're just comfortable. You're taking them over and over and over again. You're staying tuned to a channel that you may not prefer unless you're stuck in a very positive parallel reality. But the words stuck implies no choice. Many people are stuck because they are in a more of a victim mindset. Things are happening to them and there's nothing they can do about it. And I know that sounds kind of harsh to say, but I've been through pain growing up. I know what that's like. I'm not saying it from a level of entitlement. I get it that it's hard and it can be hard, but a lot of times the belief we have that it is hard is what causes it to be hard.

And the belief that we are stuck is what causes us to believe stuck and the belief that we're a victim is what causes more and more experiences in our life for us to reflect back to us that we are. When we can change that identity, we can change that parallel reality track anytime we want with choice. Choice is more powerful than decision. The word decision means to cut off from, so it's like do you have certain choices but you're going to cut off certain choices and you have to choose something.

Choice is something that's very empowering because it's not like you have to cut off anything. It's like you just choose. You're not given a finite number of two things. You can decide. Given a choice and in every moment when you choose, you have more ability and you have more power, so stuck is an illusion created by our definition. I say this before about other things as well. Parallel reality of waiting. Some people are waiting for things to happen. The vibration of waiting is a vibration in of itself instead of focused on time of when will something happen.

Focus on being in the moment because then that's a separate reality frequency. There's many different frequencies. There's a frequency of stuck. There's a frequency of flow state. There's a frequency of love. There's the frequency of anything you can imagine. What are you tuning to? What channel are you tuning into? They all exist, but if you find yourself watching the second season of a Netflix show that you don't prefer to watch but you feel like you have to, change the definition, change the channel, change the Netflix show that you're tuned to. So with that, if you'd like, I have a meditation that'll help you to raise your vibration to a higher state of consciousness. If you listen for 21 days, I think it can change your life.

Do the Backdrop People Have Souls? (The TRUTH about Reality)

I'm going to be answering the question, do backdrop people have souls. I'm going to show you a totally new way to look at reality that may blow your mind. My name is Aaron and I owe people expand their consciousness. I'm going to be talking more about what are called backdrop people.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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It's this understanding that came from a book by Dolores Cannon and Dolores cannon was a hypnotherapist that was around. She passed away I think about five to eight years ago. And she developed a technique called QHHT, quantum healing hypnosis technique. And what this would do is this would get people to a very deep level of brainwave activity to where their higher self could come through. And then she could interview this person's higher self. And what she would do is ask questions like, why did this person incarnate at this time?

What is this person's purpose in life? Anything to do with the soul or the person in general. And what she did is over thousands of thousands of these trans interviews, she created transcripts that she didn't put into books. And there is this one concept called backdrop people. I made a video on it about a couple of weeks ago actually when I was in Japan. I was walking around with a whole bunch of people in the background talking about this idea and I shared my unique perspective on it and what it may mean plus what were my perspectives on it. And there were some questions that came up. People would ask questions like, do backdrop people have souls? What does this mean about backdrop?

It's one that I was filming in Japan while walking around. There's a lot of fun and it did very well and I could see that people wanted to know more about it. So, what I thought I would do is explain that a little bit more now. It is something that Elon Musk has said and is something that quantum physics is showing us and think of it like this. Our body is our avatar. In this reality we experienced this reality through the five senses. However, there are vibrations that our body does not pick up on.

There are senses that maybe we haven't even discovered yet and that's because when we are going through this reality we had to have some limitation as to who we are and how we relate to the outer world and when we go through our life we grow up thinking that this is who we are and then a lot of times we in a way get kind of lost in that we may think that we are our actual Avatar, not aware that we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experiences and part of the purpose of life is to wake up to who we are.

Now think of this when it comes to reality being a simulation, they already have technology that you could put on to where you would not know the difference between what is real and what is not real. And I've shared this story before, wherein I have worn one of those headsets before. It was just for the PlayStation, and I was at my cousin where as my dad's house because he came over, he brought over that technology.

I put it on looking around and I actually felt like I was there and it was even underwater, but I felt like I was watching this fish swim by. I was in this little cage. It's like a little snorkelling type of VR headset and I felt like I was snorkelling somewhere and eventually the cage broke and then I'm looking down. I'm looking down far and I start to get a little bit of Vertigo even though I'm in water, but the brain doesn't know the difference, so it'll still feel and have those emotions go through the body because it almost thinks it's real.

Well in the same way, because we're at the very beginning of that, of this kind of technology. Imagine in 10, 15, 20 years what technology will be, we really won't know the difference between what is real and what is not real. What's to say that's not already happening at a greater level of consciousness. What's to say that we are not these eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experiences now that is closer to what reality is than anything else. Reality is a form of simulation. Now the backdrop people are this idea is this idea that Dolores cannon had in one of her books.

She didn't talk extensively about it, but there is a section on backdrop people and backdrop people. The idea is that there are people in our life that may appear to be real but nonetheless are what are called backdrop. People, just like in a movie you may have that have the main character, the hero, you might didn't have some cameos in that movie. You might have the supporting role, you might have people that have smaller parts, but then eventually you get to somebody.

That is the backdrop. People, if somebody, you get people that are the backdrop people, people that are just there to kind of walk around and kind of go and and fill up space and make it look real. And in the book with a Dolores Cannon when she was interviewing, someone's higher herself and that information came through. It is suggested that there are people in reality that are these backdrop people that are, because this is a simulation, they are just there to kind of take up space and the question is if you were to go up to a backup backdrop person, would you be able to interface with them?

That's the question. Now there is this question as well is do backdrop people have souls. Now, the way I'm going to explain this to you is a little bit different than maybe the way you would explain. Maybe you'd like a yes or no answer, yes or no to backdrop people have souls. People are that of backdrop people in our lives, but we may also be the backdrop people in other people's lives. You see, this is what I talked about in the video that I made in Japan because it gets, it becomes kind of dangerous when we say that there are backdrop people.

We assume then there's people that don't have souls and we may then be tempted to treat them a certain way since they're not real. Anyways, here's the news flash though. Everything in our reality is a form of simulation. So is it real? Is it not real or the experience of it is real. At a greater level though, everything is more of you. Everything is a reflection of the one consciousness. So when we looked at something else and we say, that's not real, or we give it and we put it on less of a pedestal than anything else, we start to get in dangerous territory because anytime we looked down upon something or someone that creates an energy imbalance and that creates a higher level of ego.

This becomes a very egoic concepts. If we start categorizing people as backdrop people or are now backdrop people or people as real or not real, I don't even think the idea of backdrop people is that wrong. It's only when we say that somebody is somebody is less of a soul than someone else. Someone is less than because that draw people just to relationship. We may be the backdrop people in other people's movie,

But you see, here's the thing, everything is a reflection of one’s consciousness. We are all source energy, experiencing ourselves through different little avatars to have new perspectives. But when we go onto the world, we experience a reflection of what we believe to be true. Now, if we have this hierarchy of backdrop, people, Cameo, supporting roles and all this stuff, that it can be a little bit dangerous. Now here is what I will say. Have you ever seen the movie, the Matrix? It is pointing to the fact that reality is a simulation and that we are in this matrix, this programmed way of thinking.

But then eventually, part of the purpose of life is to wake up from that dream, to wake up from that autopilot thinking. And that's what Neo goes through. At the end, he realizes that he is the one, the one is a metaphor because we're all part of that one consciousness. But nonetheless, it's about this society, the nine to five job. All of these things are all program. And you can use this all as a metaphor. When we talk about backdrop, people think of it as a metaphor. When you talk about the Matrix, think of that as a metaphor because it's a programmed way of thinking and most people are just doing the same things every day, feeling the same emotions every day, taking the same thoughts every day. They're in for getting the same results every day. They're in that matrix.

So when we look to this, we could say, are people in this matrix, this form of matrix and most likely, I think the reason that the matrix resonated was so many millions and millions of people and it became like an instant colt classic was because it resonated with people at a very deep level. Because that is kind of the way the reality really works. And it resonated with people at that deep level. Maybe people just thought it was a cool movie, but it has a lot of deep symbolism and a lot of deep metaphors in it. So when we look at this, let's also, this is the way I want to explain this. We are all individual powerful beings who have, you know, this is a thing too is we don't have souls. We are souls.

We're expressing herself through the physical body. But when we think about this in the term of the Matrix, the perspective I want to give you to think about this a little bit different than maybe you've heard anyone talk about this before is imagine that the more source energy that you bring through, the more source energy you bring through is the more of your soul that you're channelling into this reality. However, when we're in the program, the way of thinking in the Matrix and we're just robotically going through the same actions day in and day out, and we're on autopilot, we may not be allowing as much of that source energy to flow through. So in a way our light will be dimmed.

So we could say maybe for a period of time, someone in life is the backdrop. People in general, because they're just going through the repetitious actions over and over and over again. Then they may go through a spiritual awakening. They may start to have the reality shake up and they may demand more of their life and then they may go from the backdrop person to more of a supporting role or the cameo of their own movie. Most people are in response to their environment and therefore they remain the backdrop. People in everything in every part of life. But understand this as a metaphor.

They still have a soul, but how much of that soul they bringing into their current life? That's the question. How much of your soul are you bringing through? How much of you are you embodying or are you just repetitions that are going through the same actions day in and day out? So the way that I see this whole backdrop, people thing is many people are asleep in the matrix. They still our souls now, they don't have souls. They are souls that are experienced in reality through the five senses and they're identifying with their avatar. But some people are so deep in the hypnosis that they don't allow that soul to come into their life as much.

They don't allow higher vibrational emotions to flow through their body because they're too identified with the little ego structure that keeps them in the repetitious things day in and day out. When I was going through Japan recently, couple of months ago and I was walking around, there's just so many people, but a lot of the people seem to be in that autopilot mind. That's everywhere you go, not just in Japan, but when I was filming that backdrop video, you can just kind of see that a lot of people are just in their own heads, in their own minds.

Now do they have souls? They are souls, but they may not be allowing as much of that soul energy through because they may be so identified with the little ego and in the repetitious thoughts at day in and day out, but they don't allow that divine energy in, but there's still that divine being whether they realize it or not.

You see, that's the paradox. It's just how much are they aware of it? How much have they woke up from the dream of life? How much have they woken up from the autopilot mind? So most likely if you're watching my videos, then you are already in the stages of waking up to more of who you are because you wouldn't perceive of this video if you weren't. So you can have a lot of a lot of reassurance and knowing that you're waking up, you're allowing more of this source energy to flow through.

But the key that I want to offer to you or something that I want to encourage you to do is that you move from the backdrop person in your own life into these star role. You're meant to be a star in your own movie, but you may be playing in the backdrop, people in everyone else's movie. You may work a nine to five job that you hate supporting a company and making money for a company that you despise, but doing it because it's the autopilot mind and it's very comfortable. And if you would allow more of your higher vibrational energy in by you doing what you love, by you loan for your passion, by you waking up from the autopilot mind than you would find that you move from that of the backdrop person to more of the star role.

It's just most people are at the effect in their own life. They're at the effect that everything that happens to them and then they go down the path of least resistance, which is what is comfortable, which is the program way of thinking of the Matrix. Let this whole backdrop people think be a metaphor for, are you living in your life as the star role or are you the cameo in someone else's movie? Are you trying to be in a relationship with someone and you just want to be in their movie? Come on, just let me in your movie. Let me be your supporting role. Let me be the cameo and giving away your power.

Instead, be the hero of your own movie and let other people gravitate towards you. It's a very contagious energy and if you feel like you're doing a job that you hate, then maybe start to intend that you find a job, that you do love doing something because you want to do it. You see, this is about a different way that you show up in the world. Reality is a form of dream. Reality is both a dream and reality is also a form of simulation. At the same time, because we are eternal spiritual beans dreaming, this is who we are, but it's just a long consistent dream.

We have memory were able to tag all these things together. What I want to encourage you to do is to redefine your role in life. Does it matter if backdrop people have souls or not? I think this is one of those things that does it really make a difference because everything is a reflection of the one divine consciousness. However, I would say that it is dangerous to get into this hierarchy of ego and you are not assault a new RSL know. This is more about understanding. It's a metaphor. I think that this is a metaphor. I think when that information is channelling through too, it goes through the belief system of the person has channelled through.

There was only a couple of sessions where we're talking about backdrop people. It wasn't like everyone you know, out of the thousands of sessions in this QHHT process with doors and there is thousands on backdrop people, but there was general ones about how reality is a form of simulation. It's something that quantum physics is starting to show more now, but understand that it's more of a metaphor. It's more of a metaphor. We may be the backdrop people on other people's lives. There's all spiritual awakening thing may just be the crazies in that reality.

They may look to us like as if we were like the people with like the tin foil on the head or some shit. So, understand that for all of this it's about just being aware of how you are showing up in life. Be Aware of how you are showing up in life. Be Aware of whether you are the star of your own movie, the supporting role in someone else's or the backdrop. People in your own life become the star role. Understand that you don't have a soul. You are a soul. You are an eternal spiritual being, having a temporary human experience, then just know that that is you.

That is everyone. Some people may not resonate with that awareness right now. They may eventually in their lives, who knows, but know that you are more than you could possibly imagine. Reality is more flexible than you could possibly imagine. When you let reality be more like a dream, it will become like a dream. So let it be flexible. But take back your role. It's time you take back your star role. And by taking that star back, you will start to be more at the cause rather than at the effect in life. And you'll be getting to wake up from being in the autopilot mind and you'll start to direct your life in a very powerful way.

So something else I have is that free guided meditation. I help you to raise your vibration. If you listen for 21 days, I think it will absolutely transform your life. If you have more questions about the backdrop people, you can ask me questions on Instagram right here. I post twice a day there. Plus I do live Q and A's quite often. Also, let me know what you think about backdrop people. Let's get a dialogue going. Let's talk about whether you think of reality is a simulation or not, Other than that, as always, peace, much love and namaste.

The Infinite Versions of YOU REVEALED the TRUTH on reality


I'm going to be revealing to you the infinite versions of you. By the end of this blog, you will know how to let go, the versions that no longer serve so that you can start to experience what you want in your life in a way like you have never done before.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the infinite versions of you sharing with you something I don't think I've ever really shared before at this level, and it has to do with going even beyond that of parallel realities. Our quantum physics shows are that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and what we think of as time is the movement through those different parallel realities.

We know as well at that time, at a deeper level is an illusion because it's so relative. We've never actually experienced the past and we'll never actually experience the future because it'll always be this now moment, however, we have that have memory and we have that of imagination, so we're able to protect ourselves right now in the present moment, backward in times or forwards in time, but it's done.

Using our mind done until you using memory and imagination. The only thing that is actually real is the experience of this right now. That's the only thing that is actually real. This is what I've observed in life and my own life and in so many people's lives as well, is that because most of us are on this autopilot mind thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day, therefore experiencing the same things day in and day out.

However, what I've noticed is that we continue to shift to similar frames over and over and over again because of our identity, how we view ourselves. We may view ourselves as going to a certain job every day and we may go to that job and my dad didn't like that job, but we believe we have to and we'll say, we'll come up with reasons why we have to.

We have to go to the job because that's what people do when you got to pay the bills. But every time we go to some job we don't like it is actually a choice. It's we're choosing to do it. We're choosing to buy into the reality where we have to go to a job in order to pay the bills, especially when we don't like so understand that our identity is what threads us to these different parallel realities, which all exist right now.

When we think of that someone else, that person that we're thinking of, someone could be sitting right next to us also thinking of that same person, but they're both thinking of completely different people because the idea that they each have in their mind of this person and say it's the president. There isn't just one precedent. There are billions of presidents because there are billions of people on the planet.

You could say that there are however many hundreds of million people there are. There are that many different versions of the president, but many people know who the president is, but every single person would have a different perception based on the frames, based on the images they have of that person and how they relate to that image. Some people choose to look at certain frames and they feel very happy.

Some people look at their friends, they feel very angry. Some people feel neutral about it, depending on which strains you look at and how you relate to those frames is how you emotionally feel full. But understand this, the two people sitting right next to each other, they're thinking of a totally different person. They may have some general agreements like, oh, this is the person's name, this is who it is.

But in actuality is a totally separate person. When we talk about this, understand that we're really soaking into knowing that this idea of reality that we've been sold, that we bought into is different than we think because everything in our reality is a concept or an idea because it starts at the level of thought. It starts with a level of thought. It's how we relate to it. It's the thoughts we have about it that it determined our version of it.

The thing that gets people tripped up is we try to always have similar versions. We tried to always agree upon one thing. That's why two people in politics will argue they're never going to come up with the same agreement because they have different frames they're looking at. You just have to render the frames and be like, okay, things are what they are. You might be asking yourself why or what's that White Board for? I don't really know.

I just thought it'd be cool to bring it up. However infinite versions of us, let's say, I just kind of feel like drawing some right now because I feel like drawn some right now. Look a stick figure. Can you see the sticker? I hope so. Most people that our whole entire life when it comes to the infinite versions of us focused right now in the present moment on either the past versions of them or the future versions of them. A

nd every person that someone else is thinking up there thinking about that, anything in the past or the future. Most of the time or example, your mom may say something to you and when they, she said something to you, it makes you emotionally react a certain way. Maybe she tells you about some plans that she has to go move somewhere and you're kind of irritation and moves somewhere because you love her and you want her to stay where you live. When she tells you that you in the present moment right now, we'll be thinking about the past versions of your mom.

And maybe some of the agreements that she's made that she would live there for life in your city for a while for the past agreements of your mom and things that your mom had done for you in the past that maybe she's not going to be able to do anymore. I think you'll also be thinking of the future versions of what that means and the future frames of your mom living somewhere else and you not being able to get and have her come over all the time.

You see right now in the present moment, you projected to a different version of your mom and the future at a different version of your mom and that then they're your actual mom. They're all ideas and the same way we did this with ourselves all the time, the intimate diversions us, most people are living 90% of their life focused on the past and what should have done and what didn't do and what they regret or what, how something else should have happened.

Most people are focused on and living in the past. They're living based on past habits, past things, past identities, and they're dealing through the lens of how they are viewing and looking at the past it would be like driving a car and just staring in the back-view mirror for the whole trip. It's very dangerous in the same way. It's very dangerous to be focused always on the past and the regret, the things that have happened, all of these things more so than even that every time we pull and look at the past, we take that idea out of our memory bank, we look at it, you change it, and then we put it back.

By the time you thought about something that happened in the past like 10 times, it's not even the same packs. It's an idea. Everything in our reality is an idea or a concept until we experience it. And even if you say, well, you and the memory, you did experience that. But yeah, not experiencing it right now. You see there's an infinite number of versions of you and in the present moment right now, you're either projecting yourself to the past, the future, or you're here with me right now reading this blog, but your mind may be drifting a little bit and saying, well, what does this mean?

What does this mean for me? Because the mind always wants to be right. The mind wants to survive. The mind wants to think, how does this relate to me? The mind or the ego? The only thing that's actually a real though is being here now. It's being present to the moment, not the sexiest thing. It's like just be present. Like what does that mean? But understand that most people are projecting themselves to the past or the insurance.

They're not even in the present moment and many people right now, I will say, I want this in the future. I want this in the future. And every time you say, I want more, I want it to be like it was in the past. Anytime you say I want, you are no longer a vibrational match for what you want to experience. Understanding in the future, the future is a set of probabilities, probabilities, probabilities, percentage, the future.

There's a set of probabilities now what determines which version of you shift into will depend upon the choices you make, the emotions you feel, the beliefs you have and the intention. I'd say the most power, one of the most powerful things. Your intent. What are you intending for? Tension is like the direction. Think of it like the direction and intent is different than desire. You say, I really want something you say you're very graciously not compatible with it when you intend for it. It's almost a declaration.

Are they in the present moment? I intend to go to the gym today and have a great workout. I intend. I didn't by thinking about it and feeling in the present moment right now, I intend that when I shift into that gym time, space, reality, I've been increased the probability so there's nothing wrong with the planning. It's just understanding that you're planning something in the future. You could do some shadow work and look at your past, but just be aware that you present with that to what you're doing at the moment.

What does any emotional states that we feel about anything? Here's a game changer. If you feel angry at someone or something someone did, the frames you are choosing, I don't need that. That anyways. The friends you are choosing from the past of that person or of the future of that person, the friends you are looking at are making you are frames that are making you feel depressed or mad about that person. It's the frames are choosing to look at. 

There's an incident number of frames in either direction. There's an infinite number of probable futures with this person. If for example, your mom saying she's going to move somewhere, there's an infinite number of frames and where she stays there, she moves in your infancy or quite often there are all these different friends, but the ones that they pick are the ones that, oh, she's going to be far away. I'm not going to be able to see you so much.

Does she not care about me? All these interpretations that we have or in the past at times, and she said she was going to stay, you know, lives around you for a while or things that she's done in the past, commitments she's made, whatever it is. If you feel depressed, then you might be picking parts of your past that made you feel regret, parts of your past that make me feel disempowered.

You are looking at those frames at the exclusion of other frames and you are also imagining a future where it's depressing where it's like, oh, there's no purpose in life or I'm just doing this in my life and it's not what I really love to be doing. You're looking at frames in the present moment of either thing you don't want to experience in the future or things that you regretted in the past.

The frames you're choosing to look at, the incident versions of you that you are sliding into the slot are ones that you don't prefer. The question becomes, might you do that bike ride to do that? Huh? Why is that? To do that? You don't have to right now in the present moment focused on those strains or the future frames. Just be present to the moment. I know it doesn't sound the sexiest thing.

You're like the stuff you just told me to be present with the moment. Yeah. Be present to the moment and understand that there's an infinite number of versions of you. Normally what we would say in this is we'll just get a new identity. Here we are right now. Maybe it's a certain version of air that I'm imagining. Talk about myself in the third person. Make me sound cool. I imagine a certain future, I'm going to be this version now and be in vibrational resonance with this version of air that is traveling the world, doing a certain type of speaking event.

I'm going to imagine that now. I get up every day and I'm like, yeah, that's who I am. Understand the ego, just a mask. Anyways, we have a certain way we portray ourselves so that other people like us because we're afraid of what other people would really think of being of who we really work over the persona or a mask. Carl Union type, understanding Union, and the key though is what I'm not, what I'm telling you to do is there's an infinite number of versions of you that exists. I ain't even telling you to try to become some future version that you're not already.

I ain't telling you to live in the past and try to be this past version of you. What I am showing you how to do is to let go of it all. Let go of the game itself. I've said this many times with the more you realize your life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life becomes. The more you realize your life is a dream, the more flexible you allow your life to be. When we talk about these, this version of you and all these different versions of you, they all exist, but I've saved become none of them.

Let go of the rules as to what it takes for you to be happy because this version of you may have the perspective that you got to make a certain amount of money per year that you have certain commitments that you don't have now it may be more of a burden. You know, I was watching this interview with a Sadhguru who's like this enlightened guy from India. You've maybe seen them on YouTube before. He's got like 2 million subscribers, like the dopest enlightened person ever. He got 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

You like rides a motorcycle and stuff is a really cool guy. Cool. And it's talking about, I remember listening to an interview with enlightenment or I read a book or something. He experiences every moment as if he was experiencing it for the first time with no friends of the past of how things have to be. So every, even if he does the same thing you did the day before, and he treats it as if he's doing it for the first time. It's almost like you live like it's your last day and your first day. Think about how exciting that is. Enlightenment also.

From what I, what I've seen with Sadhguru is he had his enlightenment experience and in that he was on Sean Donnie hill or something like that. I've heard him tell the story many times, but I can't remember. That was the hill that's on. You go to charging to me for something. I don't remember, but he's not shutting down the hill. He's looking out into the vast distance and then all of a sudden struck with the enlightenment.

Right? Something like that. His version of it, whatever that is, and you start trying, started crying. He started crying. He couldn't find where he began and he ended. You would look out into the world and see that it was all him, not ego him. This larger aspect of consciousness that we all are. In a sense. What he did is he dropped his identity. He dropped this version of him. And then what he did is he started the shifts himself more into the present moment and out of the identity itself.

And now he can be new in every moment. Think about your life. Think about how much a lightness is there. Is there? What I'm sharing this with you. I'm not telling you to be this, I'm not telling you to remember this. I'm telling you just to be here now. Enlightenment is a realization that you have not in attainment and it's within you.

And it is completely based on how present are you to the moment. See unconditional love as a part of enlightenment because then you realize that everyone is you anyways. The precedent that you have that you may dislike, that you may pick certain frames up and look at it and feel angry about at the deepest level. It's another aspect of your own consciousness. And if there's something you dislike about the president, the president, there may be something you dislike about yourself. Maybe you dislike your own arrogance, maybe you just like whatever it is. But the things we like or dislike or normally intimately related to our identity and the way we define ourselves.

But the way you define yourself has been from all of these records of the past, all these things that have happened that you did meaning to it then said, this is who I am in the present moment and I'm not telling you to get some new identities and new teacher thing living right now. I'm telling them just to let it all go because it's not you anyway, not you. You are an eternal spiritual being, having a temporary human experience. How do I know that?

I don't. All I know is that for myself. I recognize you as another aspect of me in this dream of life, but the only way you're ever going to know is by going within yourself. I know that for me, this is my reality going through a spiritual, a Canadian meal barrier of being present to the moment, how much happiness there is in the present moment. Not that I'm enlightened, but I know for myself.

That we are eternal spiritual beings, but for everyone else that depends on your level of agreement and once you've experienced for yourself. What I'd say is to get out of the identity in general, just be present at the moment. Live as if it's your first and your last day and it's the first time you've ever experienced something in your life. You can let go of the records of the past and by doing so, you increase your vibration, you'll feel in a completely new way.

There's an internet number, there's an innovative version of that. Anything that you think about, the only thing that allows us to have this conversation is there certain things we do agree upon. Let me agree. Oh yeah, that's the same president. It's an agreement that we make, but it's not, it's not the same because, in everyone's mind, their version of them is totally different. And we project onto other people are versions of how we relate to it.

Understanding this, we can then see that the more we let go of intellectual ideas and you just focus on being present to the moment is the more we're going to be happy in life. Something else I have is a free guided meditation. I help you to raise your vibrational set point. Let's do it for 21 days and that will change your life.

The Most Powerful Technique for SHIFTING to a Parallel Reality

The Most Powerful Technique for SHIFTING to a Parallel Reality INSTANTLY WARNING NO GOING BACK

This video, I'm going to show you the most powerful technique for shifting to a parallel reality instantly, and by the end of this blog, you're going to be able to do that easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the most powerful technique I've ever found for shifting to a parallel reality. Instantly. It has to do with understanding how reality works. It has to do with understanding one simple gesture that you can do to start to create a greater degree of change from the parallel reality you in. You are in to the one that you want to experience. First off, here's the thing.

The movement that we experience alone is us shifting through different parallel realities because there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. The change we can put in our world and the change we can experience will depend upon the greatest degree of change we can make from one parallel reality to another parallel reality. In a way, this is similar to the Law of Attraction because of the Law of Attraction.

It's the idea that we are always using it whether we are aware of it or not, we may even use it to believe it doesn't work because if we focus on it not working, we attract situations where it doesn't work, which is of course using that process. The parallel reality shifting is a natural byproduct for the way reality works, so it's not something we have to learn how to do. We're going to do it regardless. Here's the thing, think of it in the form of the film strip analogy which makes it the easiest to understand I find is this analogy here.

Imagine that there is a film projector light shines through the film and there's different frames that come into place and we know that if we were to stretch out those frames where to take the film strip, stretch it out, you'd see a frame over here maybe looking like this, that a frame over here maybe looking like this and a frame over here, maybe looking like this. These three frames all exist at the same moment and going like this movement is what connects them movement. It was what connects them.

Regardless, there's going to be some level of the film strip going on. There's going to be some type of experience that we call life that is having a shift from parallel reality to parallel reality to parallel reality. However, when we look at this, what we want to do is we want to create a greater degree of change from one reality to another reality.

We want to create a greater degree of change, but it's not something we have to learn how to do. Understand this as well. The parallel reality that you want to experience, it already exists. You don't have to create it because it already exists at a certain frequency. The key to this is understanding that because we can look at these different frames of reality, we can imagine the best-case scenario routed that we want and we could see that as one parallel reality frame.

The technique I'm going to share with you is going to allow you to look at that frame of reality and simply make the choice to switch. Simply make the choice to live as if there's a powerful book that is by Neville got art. It has to do with the technique in this book. It has to do with assuming the wish fulfilled, assume the wish fulfilled.

In a way you could say that's looking at this parallel reality frame and assume this to be intended to be and live as that version of you. Because understand we always get a reflection in our life of what we believe to be true and we always get a reflection in life of who we are. Something I used to stay on as YouTube channel all the time as I would say, you don't always attract what you want, but you always get a reflection of who you are being who you are. Imagine these different frames of reality.

There's an infinite number of us. The thing is we tell ourselves a story that keeps the same parallel reality frames playing on over and over and over and over again because of the autopilot mind. But the funny thing is even if we were to create the of experience of being stuck, we'd be shifting to a new parallel reality over and over again where we appear to be stuck but they're separate parallel realities over and over and over again.

It's just our story that keeps that pattern into place. Our story is what's controlling the parameter of what parallel realities we shift to what film reel we are using. But the key to this is knowing that you can switch it out at any time you want. It's simply about you giving yourself more permission to do so. Anytime I look at how my life has changed the most over the last three to five years, it has been because I've had an identity shift.

I've shifted my identity itself, not because I was trying to fake it till I make it and like think of something that was not me. Although in a way you could say it was, I was more so focused on being the most authentic version of me, which was back in the day me working a nine to five job, which wasn't an expression of who I really was selling woman's shoes to.

Then deciding that I was going to see myself as somebody that took action. That was a part of it. When you look at these parallel reality frames, which is going to include a new identity, so see, imagine we have all these different parallel reality frames. These probable versions of you, there is a version of you does absolutely kill it in life. There's a version of you that is doing way less great at where you currently are now and there's a version of you.

Everything you can imagine in between. Knowing this makes it easy because then you can tap into these different versions of you. What I did back in 2017 is I imagine the version of me that was doing YouTube full time that was real passionate about what I was doing. And I noticed that that air in that version of me was making a lot of videos.

And anytime I think about it, like he just makes a lot of videos. He loves making videos so much that you can't keep him from making videos. And I imagined that version of me and I had a nine to five job at the time. And normally what you think, because we have these stories in our mind, we're like, oh, will I could become full time at YouTube when I quit my job and then I go full time on YouTube and I make a lot of videos.

Did I go full time? But it's not how it works. Instead you must embody the vibration so much of what you want that that becomes the dominant vibration. It's not this or this because then what happens is if people just, if I just went for the YouTube before I actually was detaching from the job. And like still in doing the job while doing YouTube, I would have made you two very, very important and then I would have created resistance around it.

Instead, I did both. Even though I was very, very busy, it allowed me to dominate my vibration with who I am becoming this person that works hard to change my identity too. I started to see myself as somebody that just makes daily videos, doesn't have excuses, makes 40 hours a week. He works a job he doesn't really care about, but also 30 hours a week he makes YouTube videos.

It changed my identity and the key is knowing that as you change your identity, there'll be a period of time and when we don't get our direct one on one reflection, there was a month or two where things still weren't growing very fast, but as long as I held strong to the vision, eventually my reality shifted and I started to experience that. What is the most powerful technique for shifting to a parallel reality?

It has to do with the change technique. I learned this from Dr. Joe Dispenza up. He has a book called how to break the habit of being yourself, and it has to do with understanding. The autopilot mind is just running itself out over and over and over again, but you can wake it up with a certain type of technique. In this technique could be very simple. It could be a clapping your hands like this.

And what this says is this wakes us up out of the autopilot mind. As we wake up out of the autopilot mind, we then start to create a new reality. We stretch and create new note neuro networks in the brain. What I would do is anytime I would think about how I couldn't create daily videos on YouTube or every time I'd go back and do the autopilot, mind had been like, oh, this job, I don't really care about all this stuff. I would do this and go change. This brings in your physiology change.

You keep reaffirming the new identity. You can reaffirm the new identity change. This is who I prefer to be change. Anytime you remember, you're bringing yourself back to that awareness. Understand that any of these parallel reality frames, we can imagine they already exist. But with repetition, we can focus on the frames that we prefer and I'm focused on being the person that would prefer to be. Here's the thing with this process. Here's what I found to be the magic sauce. Magic sauce.

That's always a funny word in there. I'm just said. Anyways, magic sauce. Imagine the parallel reality we want to experience. It exists right now. Instead of focusing on the things you think you will get, inserting parallel realities, focus on the qualities you will have, kind of like ingredients. Imagine you're baking a cake, a beautiful Vegan cake made with almond milk, Vegan eggs. I don't know what those are made head of all this other stuff. Okay? You have certain ingredients you might put in. You might put in a little bit of some type of gluten free.

Gluten free Vegan cake. Okay? You might put in some type of gluten free stuff that makes the cake. I don't know how to cook. Does it like wheat flour or something? I don’t know but it's gluten free, so it's not wheat. You put it in there. Okay. Then you put in some of that almond milk. Then you put in some of this Vegan cake mix, and as you're putting in each of these ingredients, this is coming to be the kind of person that you are, but it's the authentic part of you.

A part of that ingredient is your passion. What do you love doing? Part of that is maybe a certain quality. Maybe you realize, you know in this part and it's parallel reality. I imagine I'm a, I'm not afraid to express myself, so I'm expressing myself more. You put in this this expression ingredient, you put in the ingredients of you doing what you love.

You put in this ingredients of you having fun with other people. You put in this ingredient that you having a good sense of humor. What is the parallel reality version of you? You Imagine? What qualities do you have? And then put that into your cake. You're Vegan, gluten free cake because then that is the kind of person that you become and then you will advance to the experience of reality is equal to that version of you, but a way that you can always add in those ingredients is by reminding yourself with repetition, with the change technique, change, change and do that over and over again.

It wakes you up from the autopilot mind and it allows you to then focus on the frame of reality you want to experience, which also has to do with something that's called creating a slide, the slide technique. The slide technique has to do with something that's from a book called Reality Transurfing, which is the most powerful manifestation process of or found. It's a book that was written by quantum physicist, individ deemed Zealand and it has to do with imagine the parallel reality we want and knowing that we can shift to, it's easier because it's already, it's already created.

We don't have to try to attract somebody from over there to India. Here, we just have to pick the parallel reality that we want to experience and tap into that frequency and be that person. And the slide technique is when we imagine that slide, that, that imagine that what we would imagine that version of us to be, what would it look like through our eyes? And we then can use this technique to change technique to insert that slide, insert that slide, think about it as a parallel reality frame. And over and over and over again, we insert that slide. We insert that slide, we insert that slide that's called a slight technique.

And if you want to learn more about Reality Transurfing techniques, I'm going to go ahead and link to it below Reality Transurfing is the most powerful manifestation process that I've found. And there's a technique called outer intention, which is what I use to attract this house. Outer intention. There's something called the reality Amalgam. Very, very powerful technique. Understand that for this process is about understanding who you are, how reality works. We're shifting regardless, just like you're using the Law of Attraction, whether you're aware of it or not.

But how deliberate will you be with it? That is the key. And to more deliberately shift to the parallel reality you want, you have to first off, realize what is on autopilot and then choose the new one. Choose the best case scenario. Choose the ideal reality of what you want to experience and change.

And as you change, you wake up from the autopilot mind and you shift yourself to the one that you want. This is what I use to become a fulltime YouTuber. This is what I use to let go of certain habits. I have used to tune my fingers a lot. Over and over and over again with repetition, it changes everything. That's a way that you can start to give yourself more permission to change instantly. It can be that quick to, it's just our belief systems keep this process into place.

The Shadow Side of the Law of Attraction REVEALED (It’s time you know)


I'm going to be sharing with you the shadow side of the Law of Attraction that no one tells you. Understanding more about this aspect, how dangerous it can be, and how to transcend it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the shadow side of the Law of Attraction. This is a very subtle thing that a lot of people aren't aware of, and when you become aware of it, it changes the game. It changes the game. You want to know why changes the game because then you don't come from this place of neediness, this place of the energy state from which you want what you want to create in your life. A lot of times what we'll realize too, let me first off, share with you a little bit of this.

I've been reading a lot lately about that, of the Toltec. The Toltec been around. We're around thousands long time ago. I don't know exactly how long, but they talk a lot about, there's a book called the four agreements that are based on some of the teachings of the Toltec. And it has to do with understanding that our reality is a dream. We all have our own individual dream. And our dream is what we create with our beliefs.

And at the same time, we have this collective dream, which is the accumulation of all the dreams of that, of society, of all the different people. And what happens is many of us have our own dreams. We could even think of this as the dream of what we want to create in our life. And what many of us do is we tag on to other people's dreams of people. We idolize people we look up to.

And the danger in this is that many of us may think that we want what we think we want, which is what we're given as social conditioning. When we go out into the world, we see that have the money, the cars, the clothes, the status, the power, all of these things that we think we need to want. But we only want it because we've been conditioned to think that that's what's important.

We've been conditioned to compare ourselves to other people. If we can get just a little bit ahead of everyone else, we can feel better about ourselves. And many of these desires are actually the desires of other people, of other celebrities, people. We look up to media corporations. And what happens is when we take on the collective dreams as if they're our own.

And many times, that will create a lot of unhappiness, a lot of unworthiness, a lot of dissatisfaction because we're taking on the goal of the things that are side effects. What I mean by side effects is many people don't get straight to their heart of what they want. And the shadow side is from when we're going to just the mind. We're going to the ego. Think of the shadow as part of the ego that wants things based on increasing his status, wants things based on increasing its level of self-worth.

But understand that what we can begin to do is be aware of this. Sometimes people will come to me and they'll say, Aaron, I want more money. I want to win the lottery and a dog on the lottery a lot. And that the reason being is because most people want the lottery to win the lottery for the wrong reasons. They want the money the lottery brings, but they're not really passionate about going and getting lottery numbers. 99% of people aren't really passionate about it.

They're just hoping that they can acquire all the money that comes with it. And many people will go straight to money. Many people do go straight to their money. They're doing the job they just don't like, but it brings in the money for the bills, and it's comfortable. However, money is a side effect of you doing what you love or it's a side effect of the value you bring.

When you start to look at these things in new ways, you can see that many times you made me chasing the wrong things. You may be chasing money thinking the money's going to bring you happiness when money won't bring you happiness. Money is just a side effect. Instead of going for side effects, go for getting to the core, the shadow aspect.

Think of that kind of like the darker aspects also that are created as we are growing up and as we are developing who we think we are, our sense of identity and many parts of our shadow, maybe things that are running in our life unconsciously. Some of them may serve us for a period of time, but eventually, we have to let them go. For example, when I first started making YouTube videos, part of me probably was putting so much effort and willpower into what I do because I was intending to become worthier.

I was intending to become someone to prove people wrong that didn't believe in me when I was first starting on YouTube. I had a lot of people that would look at me and they'd be like, what are you up to Aaron? I'd be like, I'm making, I'm making YouTube videos and I was making YouTube videos for like six months to a year with almost no, no. With almost no results at all and people I would, I would see, I'd go to like parties and stuff or talk to friends and I could just see the glaze in their eyes. I'd be like, I'm making YouTube videos like, oh, okay. You know, like that'll never happen.

Another one of your dreams. And I'd be like, no, I'm going to prove everyone wrong. I'm going to do it myself. I'm going to have this willpower. It served me in certain ways, but I realize that when I was putting my happiness into the future and I was using the wrong parameters. The wrong benchmarks for success. You see as like looking for like, like, oh, I'll be happy when I get to 100,000 subscribers. Hundred thousand comes around. It's a great feeling of accomplishment. I'm doing what I love full-time.

However, there was also a sense of I want more, more, more always more. And then what happened is I achieve up to 200,000 and then I hit 200,000 and three hundred thousand four hundred thousand five hundred thousand now you see, it just keeps on going. But the shadow side of the Law of Attraction is if we are too materialistic and we only want things for the things that will gratify our ego, we create a dangerous environment.

It will serve for a certain period of time because if that serves us to take action and that's great, the key is not becoming identified with it. We just have to be aware. We have to be aware of the shadow side of ourselves. Part of me may have such a strong work ethic because of my past of having to become someone in the past when I went through pain growing up of being told that like you don't go to college, you won't be successful.

The shadow side of the Law of Attraction is understanding the ego desires versus the higher purpose. Think of it like that. The ego desires of why we want things. Our ego thinks it wants it because we will have more power, we will have more things to buy, we will have more friends, we would have more involved in this stuff. That's the ego desire. You're going to be aware that some of this are a side effect. Yes, I and then there's that higher mission and the higher mission and the ego. It's about merging these two together and not being identified with the ego desires.

The higher mission is something that adds value to everyone else or that adds value in general. By you being yourself, you're adding value if you're being your true self. When I make YouTube videos, what happens is I'm doing what I love. I'm in a high vibration flow state. That's my higher self. However, if I were to become solely identified with Aaron Doty who has x number of subscribers and all of these things, then I create the shadow aspect of myself and that creates the potential for me to be knocked off the pedestal. What I do is I make sure that I always remember that it's not really me making these videos.

It's an energy that's flowing through me. Some people could call that channeling. Some people call that flow state, whatever you want to call it, but as long as I remain humble and I allow it to flow through because it wants to come through, the study can help more people, then it keeps the energy going and a side effect of that is still abundant. The nice things still come. The cool opportunities come, the ability to travel, come to the friends, everything comes, but I'm not identified with it.

It comes from a level of identification in the shadow side, wants to identify with all of the materialism and if we become identified with the materialism, we stay in lower states of consciousness. However, realize reality is still a dream. It's still meant to be fun. You can still enjoy those things but you don't become identified with them. You don't become attached to the dream itself. Do you see? This is a different perspective and the way that I view it is I focus more on bridging the two.

What are you passionate about? You know, it's, I watched the show shark tank sometimes and then the show, you see product people come in, and they pitch their products to these investors and the products they pitch. You can always see a correlation with the ones that are going to do the best with how much value they add to other people. Value is subjective. That is true. You could say, well you know, I was watching one the other day and it was like some like food restaurant place that had some of the unhealthiest food you've ever seen.

They would like mix like Mozzarella sticks with Jalapeno poppers with like all these different things into a sandwich is so unhealthy, but the sharks thought it was delicious. What you'll notice is that that company will do well make one cause it's on shark tank and that immediately puts it to like a new level of people paying attention. But two people are going to see the value in going to eating some unhealthy food. They're going to get that validation while they eat it, even though it might not be health conscious or something that helps them. However, it's about being aware that people will perceive that as valuable. Because of that, that is adding value, the perceived value in the marketplace.

Okay, and then there's the other side of things, of adding value maybe in more of a sense of something that really does add value and changes people's lives. There's been, I've seen things on shark tank that have come on that are really something that'll add value to people's lives. Like there was one that was like some type of breath meter things so that people could know whether they had alcohol in their system if they were good to drive or not. That's stronger why it's a stronger purpose.

That would help even more people and that one, every single shark was in on that deal. It was for millions of dollars because it had a strong why, a strong purpose. Let me ask you a question though. What is your purpose? Because if you are going towards that, you will find that all these little side effects of the ego stuff come anyways.

As long as you don't become identified, it will continue to happen, but be aware that there's a larger stream that wants to come through. You are aware that you have a purpose in life and when you tap into that purpose, you tap into the larger energy system. You see, here's the thing. Every single one of us is connected, whether we're aware of it or not. Every single one of us has a connection and what we put out comes back to us. Just as much as we are having our own individual reality, there's a reality that encompasses all of us and the universe is consciousness in itself just like their cells in our body, but we are also a cell of mother Gaia.

The universe itself has consciousness and when you have this intention to add value to the universe, to other people, the universe gives you more resources to do that in a humble way. That's why the contribution is so powerful is when you have a strong way. When you have a strong purpose.

That truth about the Law of Attraction is when you're in alignment with the universe, you are embodying your divine self, your authentic self, who you really meant to be. But you see the shadow side of the Law of Attraction is when you just identify as the ego. Fill up your own cup and realize the energy is within you to feel happy right now. And when you start to embody to happiness right now, you begin to transform your life in a powerful way.

You see, we just give these external benchmarks in our mind. When x, y, z happens, then I can feel happy, but the key is being aware of it because when you become aware of it, you can then say, wait, I can give myself permission right now to be happy, and by doing so, you will become happier. All these external benchmarks I had when I get to 100,000 subs, I'll feel happy. 200,000 sub-three, four instead, I'm like, why don't I just feel happy right now?

And the paradox is as soon as I decided, no, I'm just going to be happy right now, more and more abundance comes in than ever before because I'm in a higher frequency. If you focus instead on the Law of Attraction, he focused on raising your level of consciousness. You'll get what you want anyway, but most people do and are trying to attract things from a level of unworthiness or from a level of the ego desires or identification with the ego. Be aware of the balance of these two things. Start to put yourself more connected to your heart. Why are you doing what you do? What are you passionate about?

And understand, the more you do that, the more you focus on that, the more your life will begin to change because then the more you're existing in a higher state of consciousness. But the key to this blog is awareness. Be aware of why you want what you want and start to merge it with a higher vision. Start to merge it with the universe flowing through you. Doesn't mean you have to become a YouTuber, has shares information.

It could be. What it could mean is that you just start doing what you are really passionate about because that feeling of passion is normally going to be something that has value to other people even in unconscious ways because you've been at the core of who you are. You doing what you're meant to be doing in life.

The shadow side of the APP is, the Law of Attraction is when we go for side effects, it's when we go just for the money, we become identified with it. When wen we go just for the power, we identify with it instead, go for more of at your core, aligned with the universe, allow things to flow through. You have a strong why. Be aware of what the ego wants, but don't identify with it and you'll be just fine. 

Archetypal Energy Manifestation: This works like MAGIC


I will show you the truth on archetypes with manifestation, how this is the secret sauce to you, really attracting what you want and I'm going to show you how to use this powerful tool.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding this powerful tool, which is called archetypes. This is something that I have been toying around with over the last about five or six months and the power of it has been incredible. It's beyond anything I could've imagined as far as understanding how reality works in a more powerful way and also understanding of these collective energies that are all around us that any of this can connect to at any moment.

And some of these are running our lives and we don't even know it, and it's because we have a certain level of identity that is in a way teamed up with the collective consciousness and we may be running out a certain pattern over and over again.

Not aware that it's the archetypal energy that is carrying with itself that of our vibration or we're running with it. First off, archetypal energies. What exactly is that? Archetypes are these collective thought forms, these collective manifestations of these ideas that had been around for thousands of years with within our collective consciousness and within it, it has a certain energy-momentum.

The way I want to explain this has to do with kind of understanding the energetic form that goes around our body. Think of it like this. There are these thoughts that we think that as we think them, they go within the energy field, around our body. We all have an energy field, and within our energy field, there's a toroidal field that goes in a motion like this and it recycles itself. What happens is the thoughts you consistently think, even though those thoughts are invisible to your eyes, they still have an energetic structure.

Doesn't mean they're not actually things that just means they're vibrating at a frequency where you can see it. What happens is these thoughts you have to go out, they go through your energetic field, and as you think certain thoughts, you develop certain momentums. Then what happens is as you go out into the world, you get a reflection in the life of things that energetically match that momentum that you have going.

For example, if you get very mad when people say your name a certain weight, every time someone says your name a certain way, you think about how mad that makes you feel. You feel this energetic jolt within your energy field and that exists within your energy field. Then what happens is you, as you go out into the world, it links up with other people, other situations where people may save your name that wrong way, and it is something that you almost manifest because it's within your own energy field.

That's because there are an inner genetic resonance and this disruption in your energetic field that's situations like that. The reason I explained that is because now you can see that your thoughts have an energetic form, even though you might not actually see it with the visible ice spectrum. Here is the thing, just like we have thoughts that go around our energetic field. There's an energetic field around planet earth herself, and this energy field has within it the collective thoughts of that have billions of people on the planet.

Billions of people on the planet that are thinking certain thoughts. These thoughts go in, emanate out not only within their own energetic field but out as well. And that links up with other similar thoughts that create these thoughts, structures, and we could say that part of the collective consciousness has within it these collective thought forms that have within it these archetypes.

When we talk about this, the other analogy I like to give is something that comes from a book called reality transfer theme. Reality transfer Finn is a book by a quantum physicist named Nadeem Zealand, and it has to do with understanding that our thoughts are things and that there are these things called pendulums. Pendulums are these energetic thought structures that exist within our collective consciousness.

And any time we are thinking certain thoughts that link up with other people. Also thinking certain thoughts. It creates this energetic structure that then wants to be fed and it gets fed with attention. It's a metaphor, but it's actually also a very literal thing. When you think of it. Think of it like this, whether you're Republican or Democrat if you're a part of the pendulum of Republican and Democrat. Whether you love Republicans or hate Republicans, if you have any emotional tie one way or the other, it feeds the pendulum.

This is why sometimes we may go out into the world. We may think we're only thinking our own thoughts, but we may actually be feeling the momentum of a pendulum. For example, there's think of any thoughts people have that may be similar to your own. For example, the analogy I like to use is, imagine you are driving down the street. Somebody cuts you off at the moment that cuts you off.

You get energetically mad about it. Do you get this jolt of why did they cut me off? And the moment you do that, you may feel an increased energy of anger, and it could be because there are also many other people on that same street that had been cut off before, and you are in a way energetically linking up to that thought structure and then feeling it increased emotion because of it. This is why when sometimes the president may say something bad or whatever it is, have it.

What happens in politics when people see it, they may not really care, but if they focus on it enough, they start to care more. They start to get pulled in from the energetic structure. The key to what I'm sharing with you is simply awareness, becoming more aware of that, of these energetic structures that may exist.

And let me share with you also, I went to Bashar. If you guys don't know who Bashar is. Bashar is a channeled by Darryl Anka. It's kind of like an Abraham Hicks type thing. But I've been listening to Bashar for years. It's like a Q and a for most parts of it. And basically what happens is Darryl Anka gets into his state and then we go up and we ask the shark questions. I've been to two or three before, it wasn't my first was my first Rodeo.

What happens if I went with Lee or Alexandra and Victor Oddo and his wife, Patty, and we all went to this bizarre conference. Here's the cool thing, by the way, we went to Bashar, we put our name into the raffle. There's this raffle. And when you put in your name, you may get called, there are over a hundred people. There are around a hundred people there, and only about 15, 20 people get to ask questions. We've all put our names in Leeor or Victor and I all got to ask questions within the first two-hour session.

It was pretty cool. Leeor goes up and asks a question. She has a couple of questions, she's got some really cool answers. Victor went up, asked him questions, he got some really cool answers. Then I went up and I got to ask some questions and I asked about enlightenment and belief systems and maybe I'll make a video on that if you want me to share what he said. The second question I asked was on these Reality Trans Surfing, these thought pendulums, and archetypes.

There's a certain archetypal energy that's built around. Anything that has mass attention. Understand there are pendulums around everything. There are pendulums around sports teams, around people, around YouTube channels, everything. There are pendulums around anything where there are many people focused on something and there's a certain energy that's behind it.

They're not always bad, but in general, there's just this energy that picks up and when you get sucked in, you may feel this rush of energy. Like I think that people that watch my videos, there are lots of other people that have watched my videos. You may feel like this rush of energy when you wash them, and there's a lot of other people that I've watched the same videos that have may felt kind of similar, so creates this energy-momentum.

What I mentioned to him, to Bashar, as I said, I noticed when I listen to certain songs, I feel certain emotions and I feel like I pick up on the thoughts of similar people that may be listening to those songs and certain types of songs will have a certain type of thoughts I pick up on.

For example, if I'm listening to spiritual music, I may pick up on, you know, a little more pure thoughts are a little bit more spirituality and legal feel like meditating. But if I were to listen to maybe some like rap song that was like good to dances, like really angry or I'm against the government or something to do with like money and all of this stuff, I start to think of very different things. I feel. I just feel intuitively like I'm picking up on this energy.

I asked him about that and he said that his answer was that it's all frequency and that when we're listening to a certain frequency, which is a song, it taps us into a frequency and that frequency will pull from it. Other people that have also been in that frequency because energy, even though it's invisible, is actually a real structure.

It's actually a real thing. He said with archetypes, cause then I asked about archetypes. He said that there are all different frequencies that we can use as tools or just become aware of them. These archetypes are that of frequencies that we can always pick up on. I think that this blog can be very powerful for you to understand the power of archetypes.

Let me give you some analogies of archetypes. You can see that someone in your life, you may have had certain archetypes and then let them go and then moved on to other ones. For me, I felt like for a good part of my life, I was a victim. I had this archetypal energy of being a victimless people. Things were happening to me and um, people were treating me a certain way. I didn't feel worthy. I felt like the abused kid because I was, I went through that experience growing up.

You can look them up online to see all of them, but there's so many of them. And within those archetypes, there are certain personality structures. And remember these are all frequencies. When you start to identify with certain archetypes, either consciously or unconsciously, they start to pick up their own momentum within you.

And it's very interesting to see how that impacts because I look at even my own success on YouTube and when I started seeing myself as somebody that just makes daily videos, I remember I was listening to a guy named Gary Vaynerchuk and he talks about working hard.

And that's kind of what I did for like two years. I just worked really hard, made a video every single day. I still work hard, but it's a different type of heart. I, I enjoy it and I do kind of what I want now. It's a different energy. But for a wire that served me, it was this archetype of working hard, of getting things done, this willpower boss mentality.

I'm an entrepreneur and that archetype switched my identity that archetype switched my life in a powerful way. There are other archetypes. Could be the archetype of the healer, Karen, any healing energy? There could be the archetypes of many different things that you can look up on the, I wish I could think of all of them right now, to be honest with you. I'm like, I'll come up with more. There's many of them you can check up online.

And what happens is at certain points in our life, different phases in our life, we may be carrying these archetypal energies and not even know it. And for me, that included that of the victim for many years. I carried around the victim mentality until I realized that I had that mentality. Then I became at peace with it and I let it go. I saw that things didn't happen to me.

Things happen to me. In a way, I switched out that archetype and then switched up from maybe somebody that was kind of lost and confused. And then I went through a spiritual awakening. Then I was like, my eyes were open and I felt like a newborn baby in a way. Maybe that was an archetype, but like newborn, like everything I was experiencing for the first time, I felt like an outcast. That was an archetype that I felt like for a while.

And I went to my spiritual awake and I felt like people didn't understand me, people didn't get me. It felt very alone. You see these archetypes, I'll have an energetic structure and based on our level of identity, we are resonating with the frequency of these archetypes. Here's the thing, it's not just these ancient archetypes that had been within the collective consciousness for thousands of years, like the joker in the Boston, the hero and all of these things.

Or maybe just that idea in general of traveling the world and speaking maybe if it's not even just him, but the archetype of being a speaker who speaks on stage. You see those in archetypal energy there. I was talking to my Buddy Austin the other day and he said, well, he did is he used to use archetypes where he would imagine Conor McGregor, who was a fighter, kind of retired now. 

And Conor McGregor has a certain energy and what he would do if he would meditate and ask for the energy of Conor McGregor, similar energy to flow through him. And he said, my friend, Austin said that his body literally changed from doing this. He said, his head structure changed from doing this. He started to carry himself differently. His body language linked up with this archetype.

It’s very interesting to me, but if you see somebody that you admire, be yourself, but maybe see how some of that energy, the belief systems of this version, see how this person thinks sink. Look at that energy and see how maybe you could allow some of that to come through you if it's something positive. These archetypal energies are all around us and some archetypical energies are being created now.

There's a new, you could say there's archetype energy around being a star seat about being indigo. I'll be in a crystal child about being awake, and DNA turned on and being aware of all of these things. How can you use archetypal energies that manifest what you want? You can see how the energy of what you desire, the energy of what you admire can become a part of you by meditating and allowing that energy to flow through you in a positive way.

That's what I've been doing recently. You know, I think, I think subconsciously you ever see people from India that stare at the picture of their guru or they meditate. I think it's a symbol of that energy within the collective consciousness. And sometimes you may even feel more holy. You may even feel more of that energy flow through. You may a more like these people because you're focused on them. Focus equals where the energy is going.

And if you start to focus on certain archetypes that serve you, you may find that that starts to impact you in a very powerful way. Understand that this archetypal energy is all around us. It's all different frequencies. But how are you identifying yourself? Be aware of what archetypes might be running in your life. Be aware of what frequency of what you want to experience in your life and start to see what attributes you may want and then maybe think of archetypes that could bring through those artists and those energies.

It doesn't even have to be a person. You may meditate on the archetype of a tiger and start to feel yourself becoming more assertive, a little more aggressive. If you're someone that's very soft or on the other side of that, you may look to an animal that's very compassionate, like elephants and you may bring in the LFE of elephants to become more passionate. You see, what do these symbols mean to you? Cause that's what really matters.

But you can use animals. You can use symbols and just pay attention to how you feel, but you can meditate and bring through this energy to create what you want. Understand that these energies, these frequencies are all around you right now. You're picking on them up on them, maybe mostly unconsciously until you read this blog. You know you can use them consciously identify some old archetypes you want to let go of.

Choose to let those go. Choose to see that they served you for a period of time, which is time to let them go if they don't serve you. And then simply choose to bring through an energy that is more of you that is authentic to you, but bring through some of the characteristics that you prefer to embody. Similar to the mastermind principle and Napoleon hill as well, you check out that book, think and grow rich. These energies are very powerful.

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