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If you Feel Stuck or Powerless READ THIS


You are so powerful that you can even create the illusion that you're powerless or that you are stuck and the cool thing is that once you let go of that, once you realize the truth of the matter, that's when the whole entire energy dynamic changes and in this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to get unstuck and how to be powerful by understanding that you're doing it to yourself. It's actually what's happening is you're so powerful that you can create the illusion, you're not powerful and when we start to see it from that point of view, we then start to ask new questions. We then start to ask, why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? Why am I creating this for myself? And anytime we get to something where we feel stuck, what that means is there's some type of definition or block in our own mind. It says something that it's a something. It's a something that is there because we almost are insisting that it's there. There's been times in my life as where, well, what you do is you just simply let go of that resistance and you allow the stuckness to be there many times it then transforms. It's a very powerful thing and I remember specifically when we feel stuck, we feel like the story we're telling ourselves, that we believe something to be true and we believe that that story is static. This is the way it is. This is the way it's going to continue to be. Because of that we stay inside of that reality.

I remember specifically as well that it can, many times we use it as motivation. I remember feeling stuck and powerless in one specific scenario at the old job that I had. Many of you may know my story. I used to work at Barney's in New York and selling women's shoes and it was a sales commission job and there was this time when the upper management there, I mean it was there probably the whole time I was there, but they were, it was very much like a corporate type thing where like the store manager was very controlling and he would stress out the managers under him and then those managers would put stress on us as sales employees. I worked in women's shoes and there was this a day that I went in and I got brought up to the office and there was this office room called the situation room.

Don't know why they called it the situation room. Doesn't that sound so negative? It could've been like the conference room or like the magical fairyland room. But no, it was the situation room. I walk into the situation room and there is the store manager who I didn't really get along with. I just thought he was very controlling and negative and too way, way too serious. It's my department manager who was a nice guy, but he's also just kind of serious cause he was being pressured by the other manager. Then there was also a regional manager. All three managers were there and they're like, Aaron, very seriously come into the situation room and sit down. I'm like, okay. I'm going, you know where it is. Suits, I'm, you know, it's what I wear a suit every day to work, you know, selling a woman's shoes at Barney's in New York.

The average price when it was like $800. It was like a high-end kind of a stuffy type environment to be honest. I go in and I sit down and I'm like, okay, what's going on? Like will you please in this situation room? Look over at the projector. There was a projector right there. What they did is they then showed me, they showed me this image, they showed me this video. It's a 10-minute-long video, 10 minutes long, and they wanted me to watch this whole entire 10 minute long video and this video was of me. It was a camera that was on me in the back stockroom on my phone. Here is the thing at this store, not trying to justify it, but at the store you will be standing around for sometimes four hours without a single customer coming in because it's so slow because it's such a high-end place, you only need like one or two customers to have a good day.

You'd just be stayed around for four hours. What we would do is we'd have other coworkers, we'd have someone on the sales floor, one of us would go back and just chill for like 30 minutes while there's no customers on the floor and then we would take turns. It's kind of like as long as some when someone's on the sales floor to help someone if they need help, then it was okay. I'm going to go on the back and just kind of be on the phone. This is one of those times where I was on my phone for like 10 minutes straight. Well what they did is they were making, they wanted me to watch the whole entire 10-minute video in silence with them and I was like, after about 30 seconds, it's like, okay, I get it. I was on my phone; you guys want me to be on my phone? They're like, no, Aaron, keep watching the video. I'm like, okay. I keep watching the video and I was like, no, I've got another 15 seconds. Like guys, I get the point.

They were like, let's just keep watching it. I was like, I'm not going to keep watching it. I get the point, it shouldn't be on my phone. In that moment, the way they talked down to me after, like just in general after that, they talked down to me so much made me feel so small, so powerless. I felt stuck at that nine to five job I didn't like here is what I did though. I used that situation as motivation. After that, they're like, if you ever found do that again, you're going to get like last and final or something like that. Like they're not a threat. You can know leave the situation room, good luck selling shoes and having a good date. Like, okay, now I'm going to go and have a great day selling shoes cause I'm in such a great mood now that this happened. But here's what I did. I took and I use that as motivation.

I use that to change my story. I realize I'm working this nine to five job that I don't really enjoy. Shortly after that I made the choice to go daily on YouTube and that changed everything. I remember even as he was talking to me, the two or three managers were talking to me. I remember thinking to myself, I don't want to ever have a boss. I do not want a boss. The only reason I did sales commission job is because I could put my own intention and have my own, like the own benefits of it from my own intention. Every day was different, so it was commissioned. I kind of liked that, but I was like, after that I was like, I do not want a boss. I want to be my own boss. I will never have someone tell, talk to me like that again. You see, when we talk about being powerless or stuck, sometimes you can use these negative situations and you can reframe them to say, no, never again.

This means this. Then you go in a new direction. That's exactly what I did. I may not be living the life of my dreams right now at the level that I am. Maybe if that situation didn't happen because of the meaning I gave it. It comes from meaning when we talk about, I felt powerless with my whole ex step mom situation between seven and 15 years old where I was beat down physically, mentally, emotionally, not allowed to have friends, not allowed to eat enough food many times just locked outside, having to work all day with my brother. When I look at that after my dad divorced her when I was 15 then I still felt powerless and I still felt like unworthy, but you want to know when it changed. When I went through my spiritual awakening, I realized the meaning I was giving it. The meaning we give to past situations tends to still have power of over us in the now unless we change that meaning.

I realized that my spiritual awakening led me that that negative situation with my ex step-mom between seven to 15 years old, that led me to the pressure of my spiritual awakening years later when I was like 21 and it changed my entire life so I didn't change the meaning and then I started to feel powerful. I started to feel not so stuck because of the meaning wasn't so heavy. This is exactly what it's about. It's about becoming aware of what I call, this is what it is by the way I called them identity beliefs, identity beliefs, identity beliefs, our beliefs about who we are and if we believe that we are powerless, if we believe we're not worthy, then that is our experience and reality will reflect that back to us. We may feel powerless and go out to the world and then other people treat us like we're not worthy. Other people talk down to us. I've been with people before and I've seen the way someone talks to someone else that I'm with and I'm like, why don't you let someone talk to you like that? Or how does someone even talk to you like that?

Like they would never talk to me like that and I don't know if it's my own, it's my own or my own boundaries, but understand that if you have these negative identity beliefs, they're on autopilot. They're going to continue to attract the same situations over and over again, which means you continue to feel stuck. You continue to feel like you don't have power, which of course you do. People treat you a certain way, people may take advantage of you. People may not value you for who you really are. This is part of the side effect of having what are called negative identity beliefs. And when you change that, it changes everything. When I learned meditation and more specifically when I learned how to observe these beliefs and completely release them, it changed my whole entire life. I went from working that nine to five job to doing what I love. I went from feeling the pain of my past to realizing how it fueled me. I went from feeling on a scale of one to 10 with 10 feeling amazing, one feel not so great, a feeling like a three out of 10, which wasn't great at all as my base point to feeling like a seven or eight. It was because I changed those negative identity beliefs that it changed everything.

This really is the key change your negative identity, beliefs, beliefs about who you are. I used to believe I had ADHD. That was the reality I experienced because I believed it. I change and I reframed that and that changed about me. I then used to believe that I wasn't worthy because of the meaning I gave to the past. Therefore, that was my reality and I kept attracting people. I remember I kept tracking people in my life that was the same personalities, ex step-mom. There was a girl, an extra friend that was like that. Then there was also a manager that I had at Nordstrom's before I went to Barneys New York. The only two store swords I really ever worked for was Nordstrom's for years and then Barneys for years. Nordstrom's. I had to manage. That was the same exact way as my next step.

I had the ex-girlfriend in my life within a week of breaking up with that ex-girlfriend, I got transferred to the better department at Nordstrom's, which seems like a really great thing, but the manager, that department was the same as my ex step mom. There was always someone in my life to control me until I became aware of that pattern. Maybe you find that you keep attracting people in your life that make you feel powerless, make you feel stuck, understand there's a pattern there and when you let go of that pattern, that pattern is linked to those identity beliefs. If you change those identity beliefs, the changes, everything, and the way that I did that is through meditation.

Understanding not just any meditation though and meditation that goes beyond the identity and what I'll do is this blog will come out right now when I have something that is now out called mind shift meditations. These are five meditations with five modules meant to transform your life, for you to take your power back, live life on your terms in five weeks or less guaranteed. Also, all my favorite documentaries, music I listened to, it's called the epiphany. It's really cool. But anyways, this is something that I'm very passionate about, that the most powerful meditations I've ever created. The whole entire idea behind it was, can you, you feel stuck if you feel powerless, if you feel unworthy, it comes from an identity belief. And if you want to change those, I have those five meditations will make you go beyond your identity and it will completely change from the inside out.

You can start to be empowered to create life on your terms so that she could start to feel worthy to attract someone in your life to attract, to just feel that love from within. That's the idea of Mindshift Meditations. Check it out right now. It's the best time to join with all the bonuses included and realize the only reason you're stuck is because you believe you're stuck and there's some attachment that you have to labels. There's some block that you feel because of something you're insisting about your current story. Your story is not static. You can change your story right now. The idea is if you feel stuck right now, you continue to change to feeling stuck. You see what I mean? Your new person right now, your new person right now, it's a new moment. It's a new moment. It's a new moment, but what's happening is we're saying, I'm stuck. I'm stuck, I'm stuck, I'm stuck. You're not stuck. You're just you working through this energy. If you allow yourself to let go of that, let go of that belief like all of the story you'll let go of being stuck. That's exactly what Mindshift Meditations is made for and helps to do so.

How to Raise Your Vibration even with Fear and Chaos in the World (step-by-step)


Anytime we are focused on things that keep us in fear or make us feel anger. What that does is it keeps us in low vibration. Many people that are consuming the media when they want to be aware of what they're actually doing is impressing in their subconscious mind and it's having a very powerful effect on their vibration. Well, in this blog, I'm going to show you how to bypass the low vibration that people may be feeling and five steps, five ways you can go about maintaining a high vibration, no matter the chaos, no matter the fear that's happening in the world. This will really show you how to bounce back.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you some of the ways that I'm navigating through some of the things that are happening right now on the planet. Right now, what's happening if you're watching this in the future, there's the quarantine going on. There's a lot of people that are cooped up in their house, not necessarily allowed to leave their house. There's a lot of a fear that's being projected out there and there's a lot of people that are feeling like they're stuck feeling like they're in phew. They're uncertain or worried about family members. They're worried about themselves and no wonder when you turn on the news, that is all you see. That is all you could see. If you're on social media, that's all you see.

You see these people talking about what it's like to get this thing and you're like, okay, I don't want that. Let me kind of put this into perspective for you though. Imagine you actually have a much higher chance if you were to get in your car and drive, there's a much higher chance that you could die that way that you could get into a car accident. However, when we think about going into our car, imagine that every time you got in the car you were like, oh my goodness, there are cars everywhere. This is so scary. Oh, can I get in the other lane? Can I get the other line? No, no, and imagine that that's the way you were driving in that fear mentality. Well, guess what? That kind of fear would put you into a state to where you wouldn't make the best decisions and you'd actually have a higher increased probability of something happening while you drive.

Well, in the same way, that is sort of what is happening by having this very small percentage of people that are going through this thing and even a smaller percentage of it, of people that actually pass away from it and then people getting so fearful over it that that fear is weakening their immune system and then causing them to then be more susceptible and open to that probability of those things happening. The key to this though is being able to recognize what is happening to be able to observe it. It is a very logical way of understanding different levels. You have at the bottom you have shame, fear, guilt. Then you have anger, neutrality, acceptance, willpower, reasoning and love, joy, peace and enlightenment towards the top.

The more you raise your vibration, the better you feel and also the more powerful impact you have on the society around you. Everything calibrates at a certain vibration right now, the news and the media calibrates at the level of fear, so when you tune to it, you may be wondering, well, okay, I've been, I felt this massive dip in my energy, that massive dip and how I feel. Well, it's because whenever we tuned to like we tuned to a television channel, whatever we tuned to, we then make that a part of us that then becomes a part who we are and especially the more we watch it, the more momentum we give it. One powerful thing to realize is neutrality. Neutrality is that of being able to observe from a neutral place, everything that's going on right now. You could look at it as if you're looking almost looking through some glass walls.

Yes, it's in a different room, but you don't have to choose to go into that room. You don't have to choose to go in and to beat and to entertain it. You could just be aware of it. You can observe it from a neutral place. What keeps us in the low vibes though is when we tune to it and then we identify with it. This is about really being aware of that first and foremost. Let me share with you the most important way to raise your vibration in general, by the way, is by letting go of your natural vibration. Every single one of you reading this blog, your natural vibration is that of love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. What happens is when we grow up and when there are certain things going on in our life, we get distracted by these other things that keep us in fear and anger.

If you look at the political parties, you feel angry. If someone says something and it's this game that keeps people from actually raising their vibration and feeling good a majority of the time. What's happening right now on the planet too? When you notice that there's a lot of fear in the world, what do you notice? That there's a lot of chaos being projected out there. Be aware also that what that's going to do is that's going to help more and more people to wake up, to wake up to who they are. It's becoming pretty obvious that some things are exaggerated. Like yes, you know, with everything that's going on right now as well. I believe that what's even influencing everything more is people's beliefs about it, people's beliefs about it. Because belief amplifies the power of something they've showed that many times and placebo effects so by, it's not even just the thing itself, it's people's belief in the thing itself that makes it dangerous.

The key to this though is it's waking up. A lot of people use so many people that are waking up and real waking up to more of who they are waking up to. Realizing that maybe some of the things that are projected out aren't with high integrity. The key to this is waking up. First off, what is the meaning we are giving this? When we look at, let's look at this, the meaning like I was talking about the car, the meaning we give this situation. Even right now everyone in the United States at least is on this form of lockdown. We're not allowed to leave our houses. Well guess what? The meaning we give this time of our life, this time of the next 30 days like here in Vegas for the next 30 days where the only thing is opened, they're like grocery stores, there's like no gyms.

The meaning that each individual person gives, this is going to be the what? That person gets out of it. Understand the meaning is neutral. The meaning is up to us. We get to choose that. We have the power, we have the power, and one of the first parts of understanding vibration is reasoning. Understanding the intellect of our mind, understanding that the meaning we give things is up to us. If we give this whole thing that's happening, a very fearful meaning, then we will get fear out of it. But if we give it a meaning, the meaning I'm giving this is that it's going to actually bring us closer. It's going to bring us closer. When we talk about nine 11 yes, for a while, the vibration dipped of the collective consciousness, it's called the Schumann resonance.

But after that, it actually started to raise back up because more of us came together by the end of all this time of us not being around each other, guess what's going to happen? We're going to really desire to be around each other and we're going to appreciate that time and probably not going to be on our phones as much. We'd be on our phones next 30 days. Screen time's going to go up because of what's happening. But the key to this is realizing that fear is a survival mechanism as well. Fear is something that is ingrained in us. It is information that is inside of us that is trying to keep us to survive. The problem is many people are looking at what's happened in the world and assuming that in order for them to survive, there's all these things they have to do.

They've identified what's happening in a very small percentage of the world. The key is being able to observe that when you observe it, then you see that that fear is not you. That fear is just something that is out there. You're able to observe it. You're able to relate to it differently. Let's talk about the best way that you can help others during this time of raising your vibration. It is not by feeling fear. It is not by trying to stay aware of the fear all the time. Awareness and fear are two different things as well as well. Awareness is what's needed right there and not the fear, but the best way you can help other people is by actually remaining in a calm state. There's something that is called a, you call it like a transfer of energy.

Everyone else is just running around like this. When you see that it's an option to relax, it's going to encourage other people. The second thing is the best way you can help others is by being calm and relaxing. It is by knowing that this is happening in a small percentage of the world and even if you're at your house right now, you have the choice to observe what is happening. You have the choice to remain in a powerful state.

I think that it's is calling upon a lot of what we call light workers people that are here to in a way shed that light to other people. That's a version of that. Even just by being yourself just by being chill and being, being relaxed, realize the way, the reason you probably feel that fear and feel that projection of energy is because you've been tuning to stuff that has been draining your energy, like the media, like the news and like everything that's going on in social media. If you were to take back your intention, you wouldn't be feeling the way you do. It wouldn't be feeding that momentum. I don't feel the fear. I'm not afraid of this. I understand that it's something that's happening in the collective consciousness right now. It is bringing up things, whatever fears happening right now on the planet. This is one of, I think many things that may happen over the next five or 10 years.

There's in a way it's a purging. It's a clearing of energy in the collective consciousness and what we can begin to do is to do their work ourselves. The best way we add value to others is by being in a high vibrational state. It's not by feeling the fear and feeding that reality. The next thing that I would recommend is you could say this is personal development or books but one thing like you know we're on lockdown right now. There's many books that you could be reading and when you read a book you tune to that vibration of the person that read the book. There is somebody that may have read and spent their whole entire life writing one book on one subject where they go very deep and we have the option to read that book and to absorb and download that information.

Over the next period of time of the fear and chaos that's happened in the world, what you could do is you could tune to positive books, self-help books, meditation books. There's a book called the untethered soul by Michael singer that I really enjoy the power of now by Eckhart toll will really help you through this process because it'll help you observe what's happening. There's outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill as well. Instead of tuning to this vibration, instead of tuning to fear and anger that the, that's on the media tuned to books and things that actually are going to progress you and to raise your vibration as well, do the inner work in, that's something I think will just be so powerful. The next thing is a go inwards. Learn meditation. I promise you guys, the biggest shift in my own life and almost everyone that I've kind of encouraged to do this is to learn meditation. It will change your entire life. Meditation is the key out of the prison of your mind.

We live within our own belief systems. Many people right now are locked into what's happening in the media. They're locked into that and they think that this is all that's happening in there. That's the prison of their own mind and the way out of it. The key to that is meditation. Because when you observe what is happening, you don't no longer identify so much with it. Then you start to, you start to gain your energy back. You start to realize that no matter what happens on the outside, you could observe on the inside. That's the most powerful thing that we all have. We can't all control the outside, but we can observe and be present on the inside and paradoxically enough that then controls the flow of what happens on the outside. It does have an effect. There is a correlation between the inside and the outside and if you were to use this time of this fear of this chaos is happening in the world right now.

If you were to learn meditation, oh my goodness, it would change your life in so many ways. You would be a completely different person after 2030 days of doing it. It's what do you do every single day? Over time that compounds and meditation, like I said, it's the key to freedom. It's the key out of the prison of your mind. You think reality is the way it is. The stories about love, the stories about relationships, the stories about money, the stories about the chaos in the world. When you learn to observe these things and to observe these stories, you then see that there are stories, things are happening on the outside, but you don't have to let it affect the inside so much you can observe it, it will change the way you relate to everything and you'll become free. You'll feel emotionally free as well. There's also a meditation below on transforming that fear into love and power and also strengthen the immune system.

Where are you tuning your vibration? Are you around people that are constantly feeding you these negative things? When we look out into the world and we see that and we feel fear, we're actually feeding it, we're feeding that probable reality and we're bringing more of it into our lives. If you become in a way you start to develop boundaries with this, I think it is extraordinarily powerful. I think that what is happening right now in the world is a purging of collective consciousness energy. What we can begin to do is to do the work within ourselves. The way that we transform the planet is we first transform ourselves and we can become aware of the thoughts we have. If you've ever heard of it whole Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian technique where you say, I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. What you do is you take responsibility for actually what's happened in the world. The reason take responsibility for what's happening in the world is because what's happening in the world is happening within you.

You perceive through your eyes and you interpret the outer rear world through the inside. It's not really even outside. We think of it as outside of us, but it's all happening within us. It is all our own interpretation, our own judgment of it. When you do something like whole Ho'oponopono, I mean it was a trouble say that, but I love the process. I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. We take responsibility. I'm sorry for judging the world and saying how bad and fearful everything is right now. I'm sorry for doing that. Please forgive me. Forgiveness is the key to raising our vibration. Thank you. Gratitude’s at very high vibration. I love you. That's who we really are is love, whole point upon. I also have a meditation for that. Listen to that. I think we can heal the world with this process. Listen to that for 21 days. Watch what happens. Anyways, share this with friends and family. If you can help them to understand how they can maintain a high vibration through this process.

The Most Powerful Technique for Attracting Love and Relationships


I'm going to share with you the most powerful technique you can apply for attracting love, at least that I've seen that I know works very powerfully. I'm going to show you exactly how to apply that in this blog. Today, I'm going to share with you that most powerful technique you could apply towards attracting love and relationships. The information in this blog is coming from that of the event that I'm at right now, which is called date with destiny. It's way by Tony Robbins is a six-day old vet here in Palm Beach, Florida. I'm here with my buddy Victor Oddo and we are at this transformational workshop. You know, six-day event. They're very long days. Sometimes they go from 11 in the morning, which I know doesn't seem that bad, but till like one 30 to three in the morning and they are very intensive.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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You get up and you jump around like every 15, 20 minutes to get into state. Then what you do is after that you do a lot of exercises, a lot of workshops. The primary focus of the whole entire workshop is to get into a new version of yourself. In a way, it's to change your beliefs, your values, your rules about life and happiness. When you change it and you rewire yourself, you then experience a new reality. One of the most popular nights is relationship night, which is night number four. He said something that I found very powerful, something that I've also noticed. Many people use this unconsciously to attract love into their life. I've seen it because I've been making videos on YouTube for like three years now. I know how powerful this is.

It's something that I look back on. I see that I've used this as well. This is the technique and this is what you do. Normally the way people go about Law of Attraction manifestation is they focus on what they want to attract. They focus on attracting someone like this with this certain quality into their life. But the thing that a lot of people miss is something that is called outer intention, which means, that actually comes from a book called Reality Transurfing, which is a very powerful manifestation book. It's mainly a book on how reality works. I'm surrounded by quantum physicist in Russia named Vadim Zeland. There is a technique that is called outer intention. What I realized is this technique that Tony Robbins talks about is out or intention and he's a lot of people that have gone to this seminar and then met the love of their life and use this kind of technology, I guess you could say these days.

That's called a call to technology. But, it's also outer intention. They don't even know it. There's an inner intention, which is the intentions that we have to create our life. When we say I want that, my attention is to become more successful, my intention is to become more successful though so that I can feel freer. My intention is to attract love into my life so that I can feel more passionate. The thing is what most people miss is this thing called outer intention, which is the intention of not just us but of other people. If we can align our intention to the outer intention of ourselves, which isn't the ways other people's intention, we then align ourselves with the win-win scenario. For example, you may have heard my story before, so I'm sorry if I mentioned this and you're like, man, I heard that story a long time ago and you're were it again, it's the story of how I attracted the house.

I used to have the house that I lived at for over a year. I went to go get it. It was a certain amount per month. I wanted it, I saw it. What happened was, is I was one of five. I was one of four other people. That's five total that was competing, competing for that house. We all put in rental applications. I thought I got to do something so that I stand out and because I really wanted that house. I looked at all the other houses that were available and they get, not all of them, but you know, I'd get many of them and none of them really were that rise. What I did is I looked at it and I thought to myself and realize I was feeling almost, I was thinking about it too much. It's like, I really want this house. Oh, my goodness. I was imagining myself in it. What I did is I started to create from outer intention. I realized, what do the owners want in somebody to live there.

I was invited and I was just living there for a year. This what they're going to want. They asked for something weird. They asked for photos of the house I was currently living in, even though the house that I was going to rent from them was unfurnished. They still wanted photos. I was like, okay. They said that sometimes they'll do that if they want to know, like the tenant is clean. I was like, well, I'm going to clean person anyways. I was living in like a really nice model house at the time with some friends and it's like, okay, I need to get my own place. I took photos of all of it and it was all very clean. I sent them the photos and I let them know that, and then I sent them the photos. But this is what I did as well. I sent them a letter that said, Hey, you have a beautiful house. I really like it. I would love to live there and I would take really great care of it.

I don't have any pets, I don't have any kids. I work a lot as well. I worked from home and I travel a lot, blah, blah, blah. It aligned with their inner intention. That's what they would want in a tenant. By language and in that way, it then was a no brainer for them. They said, okay. Oh, and at the time as well, there was something that was falling off my credit from like forever ago. I did not have as good credit as for other people. I'm sure that some of them had better credit than me, even though I was making good money. There was that, there's that kind of aspect to it, but I didn't focus on that. Instead what I did is I focused on that. How could that add value? Here's something else I did too. I imagined that that house wanted me to live there. Okay. I know it sounds really weird. I got to give the house a personality almost. I gave it a name, Carl, I'm just getting to give it a name. I just said that I'll be able to do a lot of consciousness work in this house.

I'll be able to help a lot of people with a difficult background and not feel so confident and you know, in high energy to make videos so it's going to serve more than just mean. I focused on that. That's called outer intention. Because of that, I ended up, I remember getting the call, you got the house and I was like, great, amazing. I lived that in that house for over a little over a year, a year and two months. Once again, after a year they said, okay. I said, Hey, can I say an extra two or three months cause I'm getting ready to travel. My rent was up in August, but I needed, wanted to leave in the at the end of September. I needed two more months. They said, no, sorry. They want to really rent it out in August. They don't want, you know, they don't want, they don't want to let it go in September because it'd be harder to rent. Once again, I use the same type of thing. I sent them a letter, I said, listen, I want to travel and do this.

It would really mean a lot to me if you did this. I've been such a good, like Kennan and stuff. I did everything right. The house is like sparkling plain. I gave one a little bit more money. I said, Hey, how about this much per month to give you this much per month? I said, how about this? If you want to really want to rent it out, what you can do is for the last two weeks I lived there, you can show the house. Then it's like, well there's no lose because you could show the house for two weeks and they'll have pictures with some of my really nice furniture. It'd be a win-win. That worked as well. You got to be persistent, you know, I'm persistent with what I want. I'm clear now. Here's how you use it. With attracting love and a relationship. This is what you do. You write down the qualities of the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with the qualities, not necessarily all they're going to be like a, you know, this height, this hair color, this eye color.

It's about the qualities, the emotions you will feel. it could be, I want someone that's honest, that's open, that really cares about me, can read me really well, that has very good energy, that's doing what they're passionate about for a living. I want someone else to like join with me, to do passion, to like do our passion together. All of these things you put down the qualities of what you would want in someone else and then this is what you do. You pay attention to what the qualities would be in that type of person that they would want in someone. You see this, it makes what makes, it will be different. You imagine the qualities that you would want, but also what are the qualities that that kind of person would want in someone else. Maybe you're like, well this kind of person that I'm imagining right now doesn't have to be a certain look or color or anything I imagined they would want someone that's passionate, somebody that's really going for things and like that's the focus, that's clear, that's decisive.

You then focus on what they would want and then what you do. That's Victor Oddo right there. Say, hi, Vic. You guys like his hat. He's very excited about that hat. You got that hat yesterday. You woke up today, came out of his room. He's like, I woke up. What'd you say? I slept in that. It's a cool hat. Is the hat that a Tony has at this conference? We booked this other seminar and gave us it. Anyways, side note. Okay, so you pay attention to the qualities that they would want and then what you do is you become that person. You become the most attractive person. You become something that's on your purpose. You become somebody that's doing what you're passionate about and by having that focus and really loving yourself 100% guess what other people will love you as well.

This has to be something you commit to yourself of you being the ideal version of yourself and when you love yourself, other people will then love you, but if you want to attract someone else into your life, don't focus on attracting them into your life and then being like, you be in the cameo with their movie and then coming around and going, yes, I share spell or you some of my time. By the time you have attracted my interior life. No. Instead, what you do is you realize you're the star of your movie and because you're the star of the movie and you're living in your own, your own gravity, what happens is that then you will attract people that resonate with that. However, the key to this is knowing that you must be calm, the kind of person that other people want to be or want to be with. You must look at those qualities and say, what kind of person would they be attracted to and then become that version. Then it's a win-win.

You're being the most authentic version of yourself. They're naturally attracted to you because that's the kind of qualities they're attracted to and then it's a win-win. This really does work. I think I've seen other people use this manifestation technique before, but the way that Tony laid it out also to just make total sense the way that attraction works as well. Because people are attracted to a certain type of person. It’s not like you're becoming that kind of person because then you attract them. Understand all relationships are means anyways. You want to feel a connection and love. But if you give yourself those emotions, guess what? People will feel that off of you anyways. Something else that I have is read the comments in this meditation. It's the most powerful meditation for attracting loving relationships.

STOP Smoking NOW by Using Quantum Physics


Every moment is a new moment and if you use quantum physics, you can easily stop smoking. In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly what to do step by step to create this in your life so that from now on you never feel like smoking again.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing an idea with you that will make smoking cigarettes or if you wanted to stop smoking weed or just smoking in general. Honestly what I share with you in this blog when we infuse quantum physics into this can also be used for losing weight. It can be used for any bad habit that you may have or something that you are at the point now to where like, okay, maybe this is something I should, I should somehow change.

This is something that when I learned and I began to apply in my life, I also used it for personal development to become the best version of myself, to create the kind of abundance and freedom that I have in my life. I've used this form of quantum physics before, so I want to share with you that exactly what that is in this blog. First off, let me say anytime somebody wants to stop smoking, the problem with why it is so hard to stop smoking is because the smoking person considers themselves a smoker. One of the strongest human desires there is to remain consistent in the way that we define ourselves. When it comes to stopping smoking, now someone may say, well, yes, I want to stop smoking. And then as they start the process, they find that they feel frustrated with themselves, they feel stuck, they feel like they, they're being in a not in integrity to themselves because they keep slipping back.

But the problem is the sense of identity. The image in their mind of who they are is a smoker. A smoker, trying not to smoke seems inauthentic. A smoker, try not to smoke is doing something that is not natural. The key to this is switching that around, which is what I'm going to show you how to do. Let me share with you that this is what I used in my own life. I used to smoke weed every single day for about a year, year and a half. I know weed is legal in a lot of places. It's not necessarily a bad thing for me. I realized though that I was doing it in a way to kind of escape some of the emotional stuff that I went through when I was younger. I wasn't necessarily completely happy with myself and I think I was the purpose behind me doing it was more so to numb myself than it was for any positive type thing.

It was becoming a little bit out of hand. It was becoming a little bit out of balance. I was smoking every single day to eat and sleep were the main reasons I was doing it because in the daytime I was taking something called Adderall and it was the PR, it was a good balance because Adderall side effects, you don't eat very much, you'll see it very much. Well, what's the side effects of weed? It's easy to sleep. It is easy to eat. At work my sales job, I would take Adderall, which would help me focus. Then, at the end of that, what I would do is at the end of the day I would smoke and be able to eat and sleep. That's something I did for a long period of time. The problem was that as I was trying to quit, I kept thinking of myself and remembering all the positive associations I had when I was smoking or when I was smoking.

Because I used to love smoking with friends. I used to play basketball, I used to have a lot of associations with it. It was in a way hard for me to let that go. You know, I also started to go through is what's called a spiritual awakening during that time. That's when I learned meditation. In a way, I think I associated it with that. Part of me letting go of smoking weed was me making the choice but then not seeing myself as a smoker anymore. I had to completely get rid of that image in my mind. As I started to see myself as not as a smoker, I started to then not connect to it as much anymore. That simply has to do with the self-image that we have in our minds about who we are. I've shared this with many other people who did have trouble either stopping smoking or losing weight, and once I shared this, it changed everything.

People that would be trying for months, they'd say, Oh, I stopped quitting. I stopped quitting smoking like five times so far. Obviously, it didn't work. Well. What's different is that when they changed their past by changing their identity. See, this is what quantum physics shows us. Quantum physics shows us that all realities exist right now. There's a reality that exists right now where you are not smoking weed. There's a reality that exists or cigarettes. There is a reality that exists where you stopped smoking cigarettes a long time ago. There's a reality where you never did smoke cigarettes. All quantum possibilities exist right now in the present moment. Every moment's a new moment. What they show as well, even just looking at the biology of our body is every so many months, our whole entire body, all of the cells in it, every single part of it is dyed and reborn.

It is constantly regenerating new cells, a new set of their structure, new neurons, a new way of wiring itself. This is something that science has shown, so every so many months we are a completely new person now. Every moment's a new moment. We just keep creating ourselves to be the same person over and over again. What happens is we say, I am a smoker, I'm a smoker, I'm a smoker, I'm a smoker, I'm a smoker. And that's the identity. We keep recreating that over and over again. But at any moment we can make a choice and think about it. Anytime somebody makes a transformation or a change, it's one choice. It happens in one moment. It may take a whole bunch of little things to get to that moment to say never again. But it's just one moment that it happens.

It happens extraordinarily fast. It's just what will it take to get to that moment? For me, it took me really becoming aware. I knew for about two weeks that I was going to quit. I just had this feeling I was going to quit. I started to read more things online that I used to, because when I was kind of in denial that there was anything, any reason for me to stop, I was able, I enjoy doing it. It's not bad. It's all like all this stuff. Then I wouldn't even look at an article that came up that talked about anything bad about it. But then eventually I was looking at more and more and just kind of interesting as to what it could do. What the benefits of studying, stopping smoking could be. I just started entertaining that more and more.

Then eventually, actually what happened is I had a friend that I ended up buying a piece to do it with a piece like this glass piece. I knew I necessarily shouldn't have done it. I got it. I took one hit out of it and then I immediately just started crying because I knew that that was the last that I ever took I was going to take. I felt all these emotions come up. I felt these emotions of how I made an ex-girlfriend feel in the past, how I made other people feel in the past. Because I, I would do it sometimes with a guilty conscious cause I had an extra friend that didn't like that I did it. I felt all these emotions come up and then me release them. Then I felt so light.

From that point going forward, I just made a choice. Never again. It happened that fast. But now that I know the quantum physics of it and I've helped many other people stop this process, this is what I tell you makes the difference. It's realizing that every moment is a new moment and that as you change in the present moment, you also change the past connections that you have. That's the thing that trips us up is we believe that we have one set past. I'm a smoker right now and this is my past. This is what led me to smoke like four years ago and this is me. As we changed in the present moment. What quantum physics shows us as well is we also change our past. Even when we remember memories from the past, what neuroscience shows is, what we do is we take that past memory out, we look at it, we change it a little bit, and then we put it back into the memory bank.

Then it's a completely different memory. By the time you've remembered something 10 15 a hundred times, it's a completely different memory because our story and our interpretation are laid over it. The key is knowing that as you change in the present moment right now, you are also connecting to different probable pasts. What you can begin to do is to realize that when it comes to you being a smoker and quitting smoking, you can realize that you never did smoke. You can change the probable momentum timelines that are leading you up to this point have caught stopping smoking. You can realize you've never done smoke. You can let go of the past and live in the present moment right now and realize you are not a smoker and you never did smoke as there's a story you tell yourself that you were a smoker for eight years and it's so hard to quit and your friends all do it and it's so tempting.

That's all the story that you tell yourself. That was the story I told myself about weed. I had a whole bunch of friends. I used it. It was something I enjoyed is all this stuff and it, but I realized at a certain point that I had to make the choice and that I could see myself in this new way. Think of it like this as well. When somebody is trying to lose weight, what is the problem with losing weight? It is implying an identity that naturally has the weight that needs to lose it. What happens when you lose something? When you lose your keys, what happens? You try to find them because you need your keys. If you're trying to lose weight, which you might be doing is you might be then trying to find it so you'll lose it for a period of time with going on a diet which isn't a lifestyle change or an identity change.

A diet is just something you do for a period of time. Do you see how powerful identity is in order to really lose weight? The idea is to see yourself as somebody that is healthy, to know that it is a must for you to eat a certain way. That is a must and realize that your taste buds will change, but every moment you're a new person. Here's the thing. The moment you start the process is the moment that is who you are. You can decide this is who I am now. When I became a full-time YouTuber, I was working the nine to five job. I didn't like. I just decided I'm going to make videos every single day for the next year or however long and eventually my life will transform. I just knew it and the moment I started as the moment I gave myself permission to be that YouTube or to tap into that creativity and guess what happened?

Within a couple of months, I was able to quit my nine to five job back in 2017 I've made videos every day ever since, and I'm able to really live life on my terms now because I decided and gave myself permission that this is who I am now. The moment you start eating healthy, you could say, I am healthy. You don't have to remind yourself, Oh, in the past I wasn't eating healthy. I've eaten for 10 years this way. When you decide to stop smoking, you've stopped smoking. That's your identity now. You don't have to tell yourself a story. Well, I spent eight years smoking and you had to drag it into the present moment. No. Once you start, you have now stopped and now the probable past you connect to is the probable past or you never did smoke. You lose weight. You realize you are healthy now and you may look at your body and say, well obviously I'm not healthy, but the moment you start is the moment.

That's who you are. Give yourself permission. When I started meditating, after a couple of days, I just decided this is who I am now. I am somebody that meditates.  I can meditate now and then I got rid of a detach that whole ADHD label from myself and then that's when I eventually use that to detach the whole nine to five job person. I have to work. I know where the nine to five job for like eight years completely got rid of it and now I work. I've worked for myself for the last three or four years now. It's identity, it's identity and probable realities. Every moment's a new moment. You can choose to be the version of you that you want now. As you do that, you'll find that that changes everything. Something else that I do have is a subconscious mind meditation that will help with this process will help you to see yourself in this new way, help you to make this shift within yourself.

3 Weird Things I Do to Get into Alignment with My Desires That I am Scared to Share


These are going to be three secrets. I don't share with anyone about how to get in alignment with your desires. In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you three secrets that I personally use to get into alignment with my desires. Some of these are going to sound a little bit weird. I want to tell you that right now. If you're wondering what getting into alignment means, think about it in terms of vibrational and then alignment. Imagine that your desires are over there and what happens is you want to get into alignment with it will, if you ever studied Abraham Hicks, what Abraham Hicks talks about is how you need to elevate your state, how to think a better feeling thought

So, come on and watch the video below:

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As you keep doing that, you start to get into this high vibrational vortex. Then as you're in this high vibrational vortex, it's like all these things magnetize themselves to you. If you want to get in alignment with your desires, you got to feel better. There’s the scale of consciousness that I share, which is from the book called power versus force by Dr. David Hawkins, which has different levels of vibration. It's even color-coded cause it makes it a little bit more understandable from the terms of how we symbolically relate to colors. What you'll see is that this scale is also the Abraham Hicks scale in a way where it talks about, oh well you can't, you can't get there from there.

Abraham Hicks will tell you, well, if you want to feel love or joy, you can't get there from feeling shame. You can't just jump from one to the other. You're going to have to feel shame. Then you feel hopeful. Then eventually you feel maybe neutrality, then acceptance, and then you move your way up. When we talk about the alignment of desires and what I'd be sharing to do in this blog is also some that maybe some, I've seen other people use other celebrities, not even knowing it necessarily, but nonetheless has been extraordinarily powerful. The first one I want to share is, and has to do with something that is known as decreased in importance. I've talked about it before. There is a guy that I just was watching the UFC fight with the, or I was watching UFC fight of him. His name is John Jones.

He's a UFC fighter and he was actually known. Okay, so now there are different notes here that we can relate to, right? When you see John Jones right now, he was somebody that I'm used to getting a lot of trouble, show John Jones at a trial or something. You see John Jones is all-around. He's cleaned up his act a lot and he's a UFC fighter and he's considered one of the best fighters of all time. He's undefeated and he was talking about now back in the day, a couple of years ago, John Jones was known for the kind of getting into trouble.

He did some things that got him into a lot of trouble. What he would do is he would get in a lot of trouble when he was drunk, when he was doing things, when he was doing like drugs and alcohol. What happened is he told Joe Rogan on Joe Rogan's podcast picture of him with Joe Rogan and what you'll see is him with Joe Rogan. He was telling Joe that what he used to do is before his fights about a week before, what you would do is he would go on a complete binge or where he would get blackout drunk a week before his fights. Keep in mind he's a high-level UFC fighter. He hadn't lost, hasn't lost any fights even to this day. But what he would do is he said he would do that so that if he did lose then he could blame it on that.

This on the surface looks a certain way for him to get in alignment with his desire. What may have been happening and see was getting too much importance, too much resistance towards his goal. What he heated to get in alignment with that is he actually did something like do something that would then show him that if he did lose it was because of him going on that blackout drunk thing a week before. What he did there is he would decrease the importance and that decrease in the importance then made it easier for him to be loose and him not to have so much resistance. In the same way in our own lives to think we can become aware of is do we have resistance around this thing? This is the mind, the mentality frame that I have around that of alignment with my desires, with what I want to experience in my life. Here's the thing behind this to realize that once you get to a certain level of success or something you want to experience, that's just natural for yourself.

Image, it's just natural for that version of you from the version of you that's down here that's like, Oh my goodness. From that perspective, it's like I can't wait to be up there. That'd be so cool. Then from the perspective of you being up there, you are like, this is just something that I experienced on a day to day basis because it is. You see the difference there and the key that I realized is that by the time this gets there, that's how it'll be natural. What I do to get alignment is I view it as natural. Right now, if I were to go into my work in my old sales job and be like, Oh my God, it'd be so amazing if I were to sell, then I'd be created on a pedestal and create a lot of resistance. But instead, if I went in like, okay, it's cool if I do, it's cool if I don't, I'm just, this is who I am. It's a part of the identity and when it's a part of the identity, it's much more likely to actually happen. Something else that I do, the second way that I get into alignment kind of weird is what I do is I watch and I consume content from people that are already where I want to be.

What I do is I will in a way try it on. What I mean by that is like for example, there's a documentary called, I am not your guru on Netflix by Tony Robbins or you know, it's about him being at his events. Well, one day I want to have an event like that down the road. Of course, you know, five out of two to 5,000 people's, it's a lot of people, but eventually, that is a long-term goal. But what I would do is I would watch it, let me show you right over here. Let me just tell you this. Another way that I would do this is if I was driving back in the day, I'd be driving to work working that nine to five job and I would listen to a recording of Tony Robbins. What I would do is I would kind of pay attention to the language patterns.

When you read someone's books, someone's book, you begin to link up your thought patterns to theirs. You begin to kind of get inside their mind a little bit and tap into that vibration. I would intentionally do that also by listening to the audios that he would create and that he had. Then I would kind of like, I'd almost put myself into that mind state. It's almost like I was linking that up. That's something else that I've done to get in alignment is I found somebody that I want to in a way be somewhat like and in to try on what that may be like at that level of doing live events, of speaking in a certain way of having that kind of dynamic influence on people. I kind of pay attention to all that. You could do that as well by finding someone that you know, an art gallery or something.

I always kind of use that example, but something like that. Then linking up with their daily habits, what they do, how they treat, how they show up in the world. That will help you understand as well how you can do the same. The third one's the weirdest one. Okay. The third way I get in alignment with the weirdest alignment. I use sound and mantras to get myself to a certain state. Here is to the extent that I use it. First, off the sound in mantras, we already know that sound influences matter. Sound has an effect on water, molecules, water in it. But you know, most of our body is water.

It's almost like toning is something that is, is just, it just helps facilitate that vibrational shift, that vibrational change because as you vibrate, you're changing, you're moving quicker, and then it's like you're able to let go of resistance and also elevate your vibrational state of consciousness. Look at this handy dandy chart here, Daniel. It's through the chart again, the vibrational chart, so you see it right again. What you'll notice is that at the top, if you were to calibrate the old mantra, it calibrates at about 720, I believe it's very high vibration. It will help you to release emotion that you don't want to be there. A lot of alignment really is, it's getting rid of the blockages. It's getting rid of the resistance. When you get rid of the resistance, you've got to clear even flow, and it's much easier to go, okay, now here's the weird thing I was going to tell you.

This is what I used to do as a little bit different, but I used to always have this feeling that like rap music, okay, think about like rap music. Just music in general. When somebody creates music and they are saying it with a certain frequency to a certain emotion, they get very passionate about it. I feel like that goes out is vibration. It goes out and when many, especially when many people are hearing that same thing and getting into the same elevated emotion and seeing people, for example, you got little Wayne to talk about getting to the money. All right, little Wayne is getting to the money and talking about how he's living in a, you know, I like little Wayne, but he's talking about how he's living in like a ball or mansion or something. Well, when he's at his concerts, he's saying that or even just people are listening to him in the, they're actually visualizing little Wayne getting to the money. It's almost like it increases the probability and there's more emotion that's being added into the collective consciousness.

That in a way facilitates little Wayne getting the money. Okay. So I know it's a very esoteric idea, but there is a collective consciousness we're all connected to. Anytime the mass amount of people focus on something, it grows probability for that thing. One thing I used to do, now, I'd never performed this, I'm not a professional rapper by any means, but this is what I used to do with my old job, my nine to five job selling woman's shoes. I'd go into work. This happened a couple of times where this happened detailed to the point to the, to the actual, like it was crazy. What I did is I went on my lunch break sometimes, sometimes on a lunch break, working at Nordstrom's in a woman's shoes. I go, I would park in the basement, which employees were not allowed to do, but I was a rebel. I would park in the basement and I would go into my car and what I would do is I would relax. I would put on some beat instrumentals, normally forget about Dre, if you ever heard of that. There's a been instrumental to that. It was like, my car is booming.

I just thought it was fun to free float and to get out of the mind, like the logical mind and the more loose you to allow yourself to get, the more you come up with creative rifts and creative things on the spot. What I would do is I would do that. What I figured out eventually is what if I were to wrap up my day? Okay. That's what I did is like what if I rapped about what I wanted to create when I go back from this lunch break thing. Sometimes there were a couple of times I did this in 280, so I was rapping about the kind of customer I wanted to help and I wanted, and I remember, I was wanting to help customers with this brand issue called Tory Birch. These shoes, Tory Birch, they were just like 197 bucks or something like that, or 199 bucks or something. 

But they were normally very easy to sell. This is a weird way to get no alignment, but it's a way to get new alignment. If you like weird things like this or if you like me to share how to get an alignment, how to achieve your goals, how to change your identity. These are things I share in the YouTube channel. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can subscribe below. Every single one of us has what is called a dominant vibration. There are three weird ways that I found to change my dominant vibration to attract the kind of life that I live today, which is like my dream life. That's something that's very powerful. I share some things I've never shared before.

3 Things You Knew About this Life Before You Were Born (Did you forget this?)


This time right now on the planet is the most exciting time to be alive than ever before. In deep down, you knew it before you came into this reality. You knew this and even when you go to bed at night, you're awake to these higher states of consciousness. Today, I'm going to share with you those one, two, three things you knew about this life on earth and what you need to know moving forward as we move through this time of transformation.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, we're going to go a little bit esoteric. I'm going to be sharing with you some ideas that I've really looked into since the year probably 2011 2012 and I really got into this kind of information and what I'm going to do is share that with you and see and go within yourself to see if this resonates with you because I'm not going to lie to you. Some of this is pretty esoteric. However, this is also something that I think more and more people are waking up to. It's becoming less and less woo and more and more of an understanding. Look to any of the ancient texts that have been around for thousands of years and they all point to us being eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences.

That's something that's been around for a very long time. However, the way that I'm going to language it with you is knowing some of these sources. I'm going to be sharing with you some of the information from this blog. It's going to come from the content of Dolores Cannon. You have the books, the Law of One. Dolores Cannon has 17 or 19 books out on transcripts of our hypnotherapy sessions of getting people to a very deep level of hypnosis where then they reveal certain things from their subconscious, like one, why they incarnated at this time, to maybe some of their pre-life agreements, things that they agreed to, three, maybe the different relationships they have in their life that they want clarity on and through thousands of these different hypnosis type of sessions. There were very consistent things that were said from people all around the world who didn't know each other.

Some of the things I'm going to be sharing with you today about what you knew before you were born. The second one, the law of one. There are five of these books. They're called the law of one, and it is by a that of Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarthy. Jim McCarthy is a physicist who was interviewing his wife who was brought through this information in the early 1980s very profound information, very deep. It takes a lot to read. It's kind of a hard read to be honest with you because the questions are so advanced and the answers are so advanced. However, very powerful information considered some of the best channels works of all time. Many of you know who Bashar is, or maybe you've heard me talk about him before.

I read a lot of books and I've read a lot of the contents. First things first, this may be a little bit of a surprise to you. I've talked about another video before, about you picked your parents. You may say, well, I picked my parents, but what about this? What about that you picked your parents because of many different reasons. Sometimes Bashar said this before, sometimes it could be based on convenience, it could have been convenient, it could have been a light thing. You just needed a body to come through. That's why you pick them. However, many times you pick your parents. I know that I feel very close with my parents like I've known them in different lives and stuff like that at deeper levels. However, that is something that we do. We pick our parents. Even if you go through some type of pain, it's normal for some type of learning type lesson.

Maybe it causes a lot of pain. But then it could also be a sole contract where then if you're adopted, my mom wasn't. For example, my mom was a foster kid. That could have been something that at a higher level she agreed to. This is the thing, we do choose their parents. We chose our name. There's a certain vibration that our name carries. You may say, Aaron, I don't like my name. I don't like it. Here's the thing. You didn't choose it at the soul level. You impressed the vibration of the name that you wanted onto your parents and then they chose a name that was within that vibration. This is what they call numerology and this is what people that study numerology believes, but this is also something that I think has a lot of validity because I believe we do choose our name. Our name has to do with the vibration that we put out into the world and you can look more into that to see.

I know that probably also sounds kind of esoteric, but just look into it and see if it resonates with you. We chose the time of our birth. Our astrological signs, you know, these are all just kind of permission slips or tools that we may use to understand certain projectors, or of the trajectories of our life. However, it helps to kind of steer us in the right direction. Those are some of the things that were already the, what I'm talking about in this blog though. Let me share with you a little bit of the content from Dolores Cannon of what she said that's consistent across thousands of different of the hypnotherapy sessions. Let's look at this. This is earth. Okay, this is my rendition of the earth right here. You can kind of see it. It's a little Blab right there. Earth is beautiful.

However, here's what happened. Through these hypnotherapy sessions, one thing that was consistent that came around is that back in the 1930s, what was happening on the earth, what was happening was we as a collective society experimented with nuclear bombs. We weren't necessarily doing the highest vibe stuff. We were experimenting with nuclear bombs. When did that happen? If some of those nuclear bombs went off and what happened is it caused this big ripple. Imagine this big ripple going out into the universe. What happens is the way that our reality works, using any, you could study any of these four sources and talks about this, the way that our reality works are everything is connected and the way our reality also works is we have free will within here on earth and earth is a place that we go where we forget who we are so then we can then remember who we are.

The thing is the free will is based on what we've agreed to as part of this game on earth. Think of it, it's kind of like a game. It's like alerting, lessen ground. We come to earth to learn a lot of lessons very quickly because it advances our soul in a certain way. What happened is back in the 1930s we did it. No, no, no. You want to know what that no, no was the no note was we kept putting out nuclear bombs. We can influence our earth, our reality where we forget who we are. But when we start to have something that goes out that it takes other reality systems like a nuclear bomb, then it becomes something where it's like, okay, that's a no, no, you guys can't be trying to kill yourselves and trying to blow yourself a step.

Okay, it's a no, no. What happened is there was a call that was put out energetically to a lot of different souls all. Here's the thing as well. Let's go a little more esoteric. Every single person reading this blog, you aren't all die dimensional. I know it sounds kind of weird, but you exist at many different levels of consciousness right now. You are much vaster than you can even imagine. Here's the thing. That call was put out and there were a lot of souls that had been on earth before that had this deep love for the earth that wanted to come back to help because in a way there was a call that was put out that said, I need help. The people on this planet are trying to destroy me. That call was put out and we said, I want to come back and I want to help and over thousands of different transcripts in Dolores Cannon's material.

It talks about this and it talks about that consistency was there where it was like I heard the call, I heard the call and that's why I came to incarnate, so the first one is we knew that this was going to be a time of transformation. We knew that coming here was going to be something of an incredible amount of growth and in the law of one it talks about this. What we are doing is we are going from a third-density reality and to a fourth and fifth a fourth-density reality. That's a little bit different, that dimension, but this is what is called the harvest and the law of one. If you want more information on that and check out the law of one, check out the harvest. We're going through a harvest right now, which in the 1980s when that information was coming through was saying that between the two thousand 1987 and then up till now we're going through this shift in consciousness.

This harvesting of souls where we have the ability to elevate our consciousness from 3D, which is the heaviness, the density to duality, things being very heavy time going by a little bit slower, a lot of control on the planet to 4D, which is life becomes much more dreamlike, much more flexible. Things become much more about vibration. That is something that we knew was going to be a part of this life. As I said, you could study, don't just take my word for it, do some of your own research and see what resonates with your soul. We've been primed and conditioned to believe that we're not powerful beings. Therefore, what we do is we go through life believing when we're born. Here's the thing as well, when we're born or important to this ego body like a stick figure, you know, stone by a stick figure. What happens is we grow up believing that this is who we are. We are the avatar. We are an eternal spiritual being that's using the vehicle of this avatar. That's what's important to remember and in the ancient texts talk about this. It's a vehicle called the Merkaba, the light body.

That's what we're doing in this life because we are activating aspects of our light body. We have the opportunity to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. The first thing we knew before we were even born is that this was going to be a time of transformation. I really believe it is the most exciting time to ever be alive in the history of what we are going through now. That's something else that in a way we wanted to see if we wanted to be alive. Dolores Cannon's work. That's what she talks about as well. There are souls that want to come into the planets earth and that's why you may notice the population is growing so much. It's not just because of the biology of everyone's, everyone doing it. It's also because souls want to come in here. What's happening is there are all these souls that want to come in and there was this a, I don't know if it was a metaphor weapon, isn't Dolores Cannon's work?

They were, they just, there are many souls that said, I don't care what kind of life I have on earth. I just want to be on earth for the time to say I was here during the time of transformation because this is one of the only places at the degree of forgetfulness that we have on earth. This is one of the densest and most challenging places to be in the universe from what is explained in some of these sources. It's very challenging to be here, but it's also very rewarding. Also, know this about yourself. Sometimes we look and we're like, Oh, this is so challenging. It means where a low evolved soul, it takes a strong advanced soul to be able to come here to go through this kind of process. You are a strong, empowered being. You are not some unevolved, some uninvolved caught up in the trenches and you have to go through all of this at the, you know, the whims of everything.

Many souls have said, they just want to come here to be alive. Think about it. Even if it showed up, it was talking about this and it said that there were souls saying, there were souls looking at different probabilities of what they would experience on earth. What happened is, is somebody was telling them, okay, you can go on earth, but what's going to happen? I don't know if, what kind of, what kind of person was mediating this, but said, or what kind of soul was media? They said, okay, you can go on earth, but you're going to be in this country and you're going to pass away at this age. That's the highest probability, blah, blah, blah, blah. Then souls would say, I don't care. I just want to be alive on the planet during this time. Just to say I was here because never before has such a mass amount of people gone through this shift in consciousness embody.

That's something else that you can study on this and deep down, see if this resonates with you. Some of this might sound very esoteric. You might be, I don't know about this guy in the white sweater. I'm talking about this kind of stuff, but go within yourself and see, I've done a lot of research. There's a lot of stuff that I turned away based on discernment. It's not like I just, you know, I did this research. I looked, I've looked through many different consistent things to come to this conclusion, but also as something you have to go deep within yourself to see. There's a lot of content out there that shows this though, so it's not that kind of weird. Here's the second thing. You knew when you came here, you knew that this was the life to remember, to remember who you are, to literally remember and to re wake up to who you are as eternal spiritual been many lives.

We live on autopilot and many people still may have been on autopilot even as they remember this, but this is what we call the spiritual awakening and spiritual awakening as something that completely shifts our own life. But understand that as we do it, it also influences the people around us. I know when I went through my awakening back in 2012 it was like it's kind of popcorn. They're like, you know like one of those kernels will pop in the microwave and then another one will pop and then another one, a pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. That's how awakening is. I popped back in 2011 and there are people that went through awakenings way, way, way before that for thousands of years. But I went through in 2011 and then I pop.

No, what happened is some people in my family pop, pop and then some friends, years later now are starting going, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. What's happening here? It's pop in time. It's a poppin on the popcorn because it's a time of awakening. That's what it is. The pop-in is the remembrance. You better be popping. Okay, you're popping. If you're reading this blog, I'll tell you that right now, remembering who you are, remember was something that you agreed to do in this life. Otherwise, it is seen as a blog. This blog you wouldn't even, you would maybe turn it off for two seconds and I would've said the thing about picking your parents and you would have remembered how you got to put in timeout when you were three years old and said my parents and I was like, and then you turned off the video but no deep, deep job.

You knew this actually somewhat resonates. Here we are just doing stick figures that people tried to get in the earth and he's got an avatar right there. You came here to remember who you are. That's something that's kind of self-explanatory, but you came here to wake up. Part of the joy of this game is you said to yourself, Hey, can I go on this planet where there's a lot of craziness, there's a lot of stuff going on, there's a lot of people that are fighting each other and all of this crazy stuff. But here's what you wanted to do. The way that this reality works. Because some people will say, Hey, why don't like higher dimensional beings or ETS just land to give us like free technology and stuff and they're just like, well clean the oceans and everything will be great.

The way that these reality works is we must influence it from the inside out. We must play according to the rules. It's kind of like in Star Trek when they can't like to interfere with the less evolved society or like a civilization. It's kind of like that in a way. A lot of these ETS are higher vibrational beings. If you studied the law of one Dolores, I mean it talks Bashar, I mean all of these were just talking about some type of ETE. ETE means beyond our earth. There are other realities. Systems were multidimensional. There are realities systems beyond earth. What happens is a lot of the ancient texts, by the way, that talk about angels and God, like beings, they were ETS.

I hope that absorbs nicely for you. But that's what it was. In a sense, we had to change this reality from the inside out and part of you waking up, it's going to influence other people. You came to empower and shed your light. This is the time of awakening. By knowing this information, even if you're like, Aaron, I'm not going to go make videos about this. I see it even by you just consuming this and looking at it and entertaining the idea, it is going within your subconscious going within the way that you, the way that you think. Even if you're like, well, I don't even know if I'm going to apply it. What happens is we're all connected to a collective consciousness. The more people that are becoming aware of this and the more people that are tapping into it, it's bringing through more of that energy.

It's beginning to grow with that energy. That's why something like social media can be so powerful in a positive way is if more and more people absorb this kind of information is spreads the information even more. But you came to empower, you came to do the inner work, you came to raise your vibration and because of that, that's what really is going to help you to transform your own life, but also the life of the collective consciousness. Something that you came to do is to empower and I want you to know you're some powerful beings. You came here to shed your lights, you came here to do the inner work, and as you do the inner work, you're not just transforming your life, you're transforming literally everyone around you as well.

You will notice this trickle effect, this pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop up. Popcorn. Okay, I got a little carried away there, but this is the key. You might be wondering yourself, Hey, is there a meditation I could do that could help me to become more aware of this? I have a star seed minutes. It sounds more esoteric. Let's go. There is a star seed activation which will help to activate some of these. These remembrances within you. It's a very powerful meditation.

STOP Needing Money, Love and Success and it will Chase YOU


Ariana Grande's said I want it. I got it. What she did is she shifted timelines like literally like if she was like, I want it, I want it, I want it. She would stay on that timeline. No, but no, she went, I want it. I got it. In that God in it, she then had it. It was a different vibrational frequency in a way. In this blog, I'm going to show you why needing anything will keep you in that paradigm, on that timeline. When you stop needing it, it will then need you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you why we got to stop needing the more we need anything, the more we don't. Got it. Why are we going to keep doing that? The way that this works is we were taught, and here's the thing too, this also will have a lot to do with desire because if you've read like the old school books like think and grow rich, it's like have a white-hot burning desire. But here's the thing, if you stay with that white-hot burning desire and you don't ever turn it into intention, it just stays there and you just stay, sit on a room. I want that. I really want it, which means I want, I need, I need, I don't have, I don't have, and it's a timeline for that.

When that desire is then transfused and transmuted to intention, which means I intend. That's when you go from one to the other. The key to this is making that transition. When I first learned about the law of attraction, well, let me tell you something. Well, I was working a nine to five job when I learned about law of attraction and it was a sales commission job. You probably heard the story and like 20 other YouTube videos that I've talked about before. But I started to apply the law of attraction at my sales commission job. It really did work. One day I went in when I was first like, let's me see if this law of attraction stuff works. What I did is, I wrote on my mirror on this like marker thing and I said today I will sell $8,836 and that was like a big day for that day.

Because normally when you go into the, where I used to work at Nordstrom's and woman's shoes, you'd sell like two or $3,000, sometimes like 3,500 to 4,000. If you had a really good day. I set myself a goal that was like double. It was like sometimes what people would sell in a week and one day. I went in and a first, nothing really happened for a couple of hours. I went to lunch, I came back. I just stayed in that knowing and it was taking action and seeing myself as somebody that was going to do that for the day. Things started to go well and like two hours before the close, I was about to close for the day. We were about to close the store. I had a friend that was getting off for the day. He gave me a customer and the customer spoke zero English. He was from China and he just literally around and tried on a shoe and said, okay, try it on another shoot.

Okay, let's try it another you okay? I'm like, what did you mean by, okay she does end up buying like five, $4,000 worth of stuff and I ended up at the end of the day I have to clean everything up. I go over there and I checked my number and guess what? It was within like $80 of that exact dollar amount and that's when I was like, okay, there's something here. Because I worked there for years. I've never sold that much. But that, that actually happened. After that though, I got into a lot of understanding the law of attraction and I was the one that was like kind of trying to manifest my dream life from just thinking about it, not actually being it, not actually getting to the vibration of intention. I was in the very long time of wanting it and therefore I was in a reality of that for a long time.

When I started to make daily YouTube videos. That was when I translated that needing into being, into being in that vibration. Even when we look at this, we can see that if you look at even my own life, there's a moment in our life when we decide that this is who I am now. Like they say with the law or they say, Dr. Wayne Dyer says, you don't always get in life that what you want because also what you want, you say you don't already have, but you always get in life a reflection of who you are. What's your identity like? What is natural for your identity? Because if you need it, then you, your identity, it's probably not natural. It's not natural for your identity if you need it, which means you lack it. Needing anything is also saying I lack, it's when you see it as natural for you to have something, it is then just a part of your self-image.

You don't even think about it as a need because it's just naturally there. You see, this is the difference. This is that scale of consciousness that you probably see me sharing a lot of videos and on it you'll notice that desire's one 25 and you might say, well that's kind of a low vibe. I mean, you got one 25, you got two 50 of neutrality, you've got three 50 of acceptance for under reasoning. 500 are love, joy, peace, enlightenment is above that. The more you raise your vibration, the easier the more flow there is in your life, the better you feel. Desire is normally coming from a place of lack and a place of lust, a place of normally it's rooted. The kind of desire that this is talking about is the desire that's coming from, not necessarily the state of being this, but the state of desperation.

A lot of people when they're trying to manifest what they want, they're in a state of desperation. I really, really want that, which once again means I really, really don't have it. The thing that makes this blog a little bit different than the way I've explained it before is understanding this whole thing with timelines and also frequency. You'll see a radio frequency 92.6 first one Oh 7.1 just exact examples there, but one frequency, the frequency of needing something is the frequency of not having something.

In order to move to the other frequency of having it, what you have to do is you have to move from that pure simple desire and meeting into the being. The being also has to do with action and a choice about who you are. It's a choice about the identity, but the more we remained in that meeting as the more we remained in the old identity. Think about it like that. That's the way I like to think about it is the old identity burst the new identity, what identity wants and needs and when it needs it, it says it doesn't have it. It's feel investigation, but there's thinking, feeling and acting equal to that reality. If you want to make the transition, what you must do is decide that this isn't who I am anymore. When did you start to associate enough pain with that, like what did this blog with?

What on what I'm doing is really just showing you a thought reversal as to instead of needing it, wanting it and desiring money, love and success, realize that those things that you need on the outside are already inside of you. The emotions that you would get from feeling and having a lot of money like freedom and security, you can feel those emotions now. The emotions you'll feel from having love in your life. You can feel love. Instead of needing anything, realize you already got it. You got it. Remember Ariana Grande's, she says, Oh God, okay. She said it like that as I want, I got it. I went to a new timeline. I got it. She ain't saying I want it, I want it, I need it. I'm not having it yet. I want it. No, she moved very quickly. She literally shifted quantum field timelines by doing that and then the same way she went from one identity to the next identity. She may not even know it, but she, it's natural for her to set how I have gotten it.

There's just a natural flow for her. Okay. In the same way, what you can do is realize that this old you that thought that the outer reflection was something you had to change. You now realize that this is really about a shift in consciousness, a shift in awareness. I can feel more gratitude. The more you do that, the more you then get in vibrational resonance with what you want to experience. Needing and wanting our lower vibrational paradigms of also the old 3D reality. Whoa, we're going a little esoteric here. There's a shift in paradigms right now happening and on a planet. I know that sounds a little bit weird. If you haven't watched my videos on this kind of stuff, then you probably think, Whoa, this Aaron guy who was really cool, but now he seems a little weird. But here's the thing. What is happening in the old paradigms of working really hard. The old paradigms of a scarcity mindset, the old paradigms of the mentalities that we had of the willpower and all of that, it's starting to change. The way it's starting to change is it is now more about flow.

It is more about letting go of trying to control. It is a different paradigm that we're moving in and the needing and the wanting and the old school paradigm of the 92.6 is becoming a station that's becoming a little bit fuzzy and the fuzzier it becomes, the more necessary it will be to get to a higher-level paradigm. That higher-level paradigm is more from acting from a paradigm of love, maybe even some reasoning reasonings like the beliefs that we have about the way reality works. Change your beliefs, you change your life, and what we're moving into a paradigm of is not wanting outer things. Realizing this is all an inner game reality is a reflection in this new paradigm that we're moving into right now. It is about integrity. It is about having fun. It is about enjoying yourself. It is about doing things that are win-win for other people.

You win, they win, and that's one thing that I'm really focusing on right now because even in 2020 which is the year I'm making this blog, it's something that's more important than ever. It's understanding this integrity in this energy, this energy wants to flow this way of going about things in the past of old paradigms that my ego is definitely attached to. My ego is still attached to making daily videos on YouTube, but I'm realizing now that I should just do that. As much as it feels fun to do, as much as I feel inflow to do it, and then I could focus on my other stuff like doing the live events that I'm scared literally make a scheduling today and all of these other things that I'm doing. That's where my focus and my flow goes. How do I feel? What does in a higher vibe, which is what doing what I love?

Here's the thing though, the old version of me that needs things to be a certain way, that's controlling the outcome is what I do is I become aware of it and then I decided to move into the being of the version of me that I want to be. It's really that simple, but the key to this is really becoming aware of the vibration. When you become aware of your vibration, you then allow things to soften it up to get easier so that you manifest from a higher level of consciousness. Stop needing it. Money, love and success will come to you because you realize the emotions that these things bring. You are already inside of you. These things that you think you want money, you think you want enough, but what you want is the effect and the emotion it gives you and if you get rid of the rule that says that you need certain things on the outside to feel the way on the inside, then you might start feeling more security, love, compassion now and then you will be in vibrational resonance to see the mirror of life reflect back to you those things, but if you need it, you are negating the and the awareness that these things exist inside of you taking.

Then you are negating that reality on the outside. When you start to feel gratitude for the emotion that these things bring you. How could you do that? Well, let's say I don't have that much money in my life, but you probably still have a place to shelter and food. You probably still have a people in your life that you love, like family and friends, even if the specific relationship you're looking for is already there, and the more you focus on the gratitude for what's already in your life, the more you'll put out of the needing frequency and into one Oh 7.1 which is the having and the being of it. The fruit, you have the freedom to go eat what you want out of the fridge right now. It's a small way of looking at something that you already have, but it's a gratitude frequency, which is something you have not that you need.  You did not something you need and then you start to feel it on the inside and then you'll, you'll experience more and more synchronicity that reflects back what's on the inside.

This reality game that we're in is an inner game. That's it. It's an inner game. When you change on the inside, you also change the outer reflection but don't go and try to change that outer reflection. It's tempting. I know I'm going to go change that over there. I'm going to go make it look different, but I need to control it. I need to control that person. That's all on the outside. You can choose those and you can shift that timeline with the conscious choice of also knowing that those emotions already exist inside of you. If you're wondering and you're like, Whoa, Aaron, this whole vibration thing sounds kind of weird. I do have something where you can calibrate your vibration. It's called, or what's my don't go to it's it's a quick two-minute survey. You'll know what your vibrations at and then how to get to the next level of vibration.

The Truth About Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Feel Good


9/11, Roswell, JFK, reptilians - what do all these things have in common? They're conspiracy theories and in this blog, I'm going to share with you three truths about conspiracy theories. Today, I'm going to be going deep on a topic that I haven't talked that much about and one of the reasons I haven't talked that much about it is because a lot of times when you talk about it when you talk about conspiracy theories, it can be a more negative thing for people because people hear it and then they may hear certain things and then get kind of scared because then the conspiracy theories.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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If I have a definition, it's much more than shit because I was like, and I just kind of want to know too. Conspiracy theory conspire just means like a secret plan to do some type of act, and when we look at that of they, the people behind the government, whatever we want to call them, there's definitely stuff going on that isn't in the limelight and when we think it's the government too, it's, it's kind of like a blanket statement because I believe there are deeper levels to this whole process. Let me first off, kind of make this a little bit more relatable and say that many people that go through a spiritual awakening process may then go through and learn meditation, start having positive benefits with that and then wonder to themselves, why wasn't I taught this in school?

I've taught all this other stuff. I know the Pythagorean theorem. I know that, but I don't know how to meditate. Meditation changed my life so much. Why was I necessarily taught this? When we go down the rabbit hole, we begin to see that maybe there's some intention behind not learning certain things and maybe a lot of what we've learned is in a way a distraction from the truth about who we really are.  I came to that conclusion through meditation, doing my own research and coming across information that then began to link up. It's not like you'd read one little thing online, you're like, Oh, is this true?

They eventually come to a phase, I call it a phase. I went through a phase where I was really into studying conspiracy theories. This is back in 2012 I learned meditation within a couple of weeks, got rid of taking Adderall, which is the prescription drug I took for having ADHD, got rid of smoking weed. I just started feeling good a majority of the time, didn't drink alcohol anymore. I just felt generally better. Then I started going deeper as to wanting to know more about how reality works and why. It seems like a lot of things are kind of suppressed and not really put in the mainstream. That's when you go down the route of conspiracy theories to conspire. Well, you don't conspire, but you see that maybe other people have conspired. Well, what happened is that I went through about a month or two of looking into these and being really interested because when you realize there's a whole level to the reality that maybe you weren't shown before, it makes a little bit more interesting.

I wonder what I wasn't taught, wonder what could be true and that's when I then started in a way to realize that a lot of people that get stuck in the whole conspiracy theory route, whether it's David, I collected David Eick has great intentions. However, I think that sometimes what happens with conspiracy theories is it didn't bring up a lot of negative things in people. A lot of fear because then they think to themselves, well, everything, a lot of what I thought to be true, maybe reality is completely different than I think, and that scares some people and when people know that. What I learned through that process by the way, first off, is that I had to become aware of that. It may exist, some of it may exist. However, the more you get in trained in it, the more you'll find. It does perpetuate fear if that's the way you respond to it. But I found that it's cool to get into it and then to get out of it to say, yes, maybe reality is a little bit different than we think, but don't stay there because if you stay there, you'll then find that it drains a lot of your energy.

I think one of the things that actually make conspiracy theories powerful and gives power to the thing that you don't want to give power to is when you're fearful of it and you're literally giving your energy to it. When I share what I'm going to share with you, the three truths about this that make it so much easier to understand, know that some of these conspiracy theories maybe actually true. I got into it and then I got out of it and I'm aware of it. Some people will say, well, what about this, Aaron, what about that? I, I just kind of, I'm able, the thing is, is when you give something attention and energy and fear or it should change, you're feeding it, you're feeding that reality. What I did is I got it, became aware of it, and then kind of got out and said, what can I do to change it?

In a way, a lot of the teachings that I have on YouTube may bring into awareness certain things, but without the fear, it's like David Ike, but a little bit the opposite side of the spectrum where it's not going to bring out fear. It's going to bring out empowerment and I believe that we as a collective are starting to wake up and because we're starting to wake up and we have something like the internet, this information comes to the surface. It's no longer really a theory. Some of it may not be a theory. Some of it may come out, would you get these whistleblowers and stuff like that and it begins to wake us up even more. The first thing I want to share with you when I found my marker is the verse truth about conspiracy theories that make us sleep better at night and that are more positive is first off, we are all of one Oh, come on air and I was hoping you'd say something juicy about rods. Well, I was hoping you say something cool about JFK or something like that.

Oh one what does that mean? Let me share with you this. This is kind of, this is from what I understand, if you want to read out the books of Dolores Cannon, there's another law of one. There are many different books that talk about this idea, but what happened with our, with earth and what shows through those the works of Dolores Cannon or many different channel texts that are kind of coming out as well is earth is a place where we have what is called free will, where we forget who we are when we are born. We come into this reality, we forget who we are and part of the purpose is so that we can re then remember who we are. In a way influence from different types of power, from different types of beings that the reason this is because when you can control the thought process of billions of people on the planet and make them believe that they're not powerful, it's much easier to control how all these systems and belief systems set in place that keeps people at a certain range of, of what they're capable of.

Here's kind of what happens. What happens is you go to a nine to five job that you might not like or an eight to five, whatever it is. You work a lot. You're trying to build up the corporate ladder. People watch the news, they try to grind up the corporate ladder. They go to school for a certain number of years that they could eventually get the job and then retire when they're a certain age and then go and live in Florida and all this stuff. However, they're so busy, they barely have time to ask, who am I? Why am I here? They're playing a part of the system and that's most people get caught up in that hamster wheel. What happens is that system was set in place intentionally. Have you ever noticed that? Almost 99.99% of the stuff in the news is negative? I remember wondered why. Why is? Is it because that's how negative the world is? No, but that's the way it's advertised to be, and then what does it do?

It keeps people in fear, and when people are in fear, they're less likely to do things. They're less likely to question things because they're in a low vibration state of consciousness. When I say now that could sound negative, but it's actually not negative. The thing that I want to share with you is that we're such powerful beings, all of us, that we came here to wake up to who we are. What happened is one of the rules about this reality is you forget who you are so that you can then remember who you are. For maybe thousands of years, there's this been this control on the planet. What we've decided to do is many of us decided to come here to wake up who we are to them become aware of these things because then that has an effect on the collective consciousness, that belief system, the way that we think as a collective, what was controlled before was the collective thought pattern, the collective thought form of what we think is possible at a mass form.

That's why there's a negative connotation on conspiracy theories because you're crazy if you even think that could be true, but a lot of times what that says, I'm just afraid that if it were true, then I'd have to question my whole view of reality and I trusted like my society, all these different things. However, here's the thing. When we look at these people that have controlled the government and all of them not even the government's behind that, when we look at that, what we need to realize is that they're playing an important part. See, the reality is somewhat like a game. Yes, there's some pain in this game. There are some things that don't feel the best to experience. There are some things that are unfathomable with the way that some things happen. However, we're eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. Almost any ancient texts will tell you this.

However, one of the things that we did is we all signed up for different roles in this game of life. Some people signed up for the role to play. The person that's going to try to control things, they are connected to us. We are all one consciousness, so when people get angry at them, it's with the lack of awareness that they are playing apart. They're not, they may not be aware that they're playing apart, but when people dislike the president or all these different things, understand that at the deepest level we're all connected and that we're all playing a certain part in reality. When we realize that we can then see that they're actually doing an act of service. We wanted some challenge with this game. We wanted to wake up and to go through the process of remembering who we are. We needed some people to say, Oh Hey, control this area and it's, it's a cosmic game.

We live in cosmic reality. We forget who we are. We come here to then remember who we are and then what happens is we begin to become empowered, which is what's happening right now on the planet. The good thing to know is that we're all wondering that these people did they get, if people, all these different things, even reptilians, we're all connected, all of us. There are some beings that aren't aware of their own power, so they believe they need to take it from other people or control the certain vibration of the way things are. However, the more aware of this would become the more that power is going away, but we can have compassion for them. If we have fear about them, then we've, we play into that reality. We lower our vibration and then we're more likely to experience negative synchronicity.

That's still another aspect of my consciousness. It's still here and it's playing an important part so that we can then become aware of who we are so we can have this, this awakening that's been happening on the planet. It's like an avalanche. The second good thing about conspiracy theories is tech. What I mean by this is because of the internet and the time that we're in right now, a lot of these things that used to be completely crazy, some of them are starting to be shown that they could be true. You've got whistleblowers, you've got people coming out, and because of the internet now it's like the information's becoming harder and harder to control. Back in the day, it was easy to control because he had one or two little things that if you control that, then you control everything. The narrative, the perspective, everything. You got the internet, which is very different.

What happens is one of the positive things about this is that we have tech where now these things aren't as easily hidden. You know, there's something that I watch that is, I'm on Gaia TV. There's something I watched that is called that of a cosmic disclosure. I've shown a lot of people it on Instagram and I get so many people that messaged me saying, thank you for showing me that. It's opened up my eyes to a whole new level. The key to this is waking up and realizing that this is part of the game. Don't feed your energy to it. Realize that now is the time of awakening. But like I said, that cosmic disclosure show, there are many other shows in Gaia that I watch like beyond belief with George Nori. Very interesting. We'll show you there's a whole new level of reality. The third truth has to do with something that I saw one time when Bashar was being interviewed when somebody was asking the question of Bashar and once the person was asking about chemtrails, what about chemtrails? All these, these planes that put out this, you know, this thing that influences the environment and all this stuff in a negative way.

What Bashar kept saying is that pretty much the more you feed that, the more that it becomes your reality. But basically what he was saying is that there are many different timelines that anyone of us on earth can experience. The more we feed the negative timelines is the more likely we are going to in a way experience more of that. In a sense, if you were to not pay attention to those negative timelines and feed your energy to it, it's less likely you wouldn't be experiencing more of that. Basically, where your attention goes is where probability goes. If you're afraid of something happening and you're feeding that energy, then you start going down that time. The key is just being aware. Do I prefer that? Do I prefer that? Do I want to put my energy into this? One thing I do is I don't watch the news.

Yes, I know there's the Heineken, the Heineken, what is it? The virus or whatever. I know, which, I know it's called the whatever it's called. Anyways, but that's the idea. You see, it's like if you pay attention to it, you're feeding it and if you get scared, then you're putting out that fearful energy and then you're more likely to experience things of synchronicity. The truth about it is you don't have to focus on it. You can focus on what you want. It's all about timeline and focus, timeline and focus. What you do is you just, you don't focus on it. Don't watch the news. Watch something that makes you feel powerful. Unless it's maybe a certain type of news station, but in general, realize don't get sucked into the negativity of these things. It will keep you low vibration. It will feed the other paradigms.

How to START Raising Your Vibration even if you’ve never Meditated Before


Your natural state of being is high vibration. This is who you naturally are. What happens is through past reference experience through things happen to you when you're younger, we start to believe that we are the ego structure that we identify with and that comes with it. The lower vibrational emotions, until we become aware of it and let it go, and then we raise our vibration and things happen even easier for us. Well, in this video I'm going to show you where do you actually start raising your vibration from square run? You're like, Hey, are you talking about this? Raising your vibration stuff sounds a little bit weird. Never heard of it. How do I start? Well, in this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to start exactly what you need to know. I've got a list of things that are really going to transform your life and here we go.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to share you how to raise your vibration, how to actually start and share with you some things in my life that transformed everything for me and allowed it to be very easy. You probably could tell I have a lot of energy and that's a partially because I've done some of the stuff that I shared with you in today's blog. When I first heard about it back in 2012 when I started learning about this stuff, I was like, raising your vibration. What? Why would you do it? What are you, what is a vibration? Well, guess what I found out quantum physics shows us that every single thing is at a different rate of vibration and everything is vibrating vibration everywhere.

It’s going so fast that we don't actually see it. Our eyes don't pick up on it, but everything is at a different rate of vibration. What happens is as we change our vibration and we'll rate the things on the outside, that we then attract into our experience, begin to change along with that. If you want to start experiencing higher vibrational things in your life, the idea is to raise the vibration of your body. Here's the thing too. The higher up the scale you go, the better emotion you feel, the higher up the scale you go, the easier it is for you to think of things and to get an alignment with those re that reality that you want to experience. All the way around raising your vibration will help you feel better. I'll allow your life to become easier and it will allow you also to find people that resonate with this new way of being.

You'll start to see things in reality in a completely new way. It's a very expansive time in your life going and starting this process of raising your vibration. First off, let me say that now. Back in 2012 so first off, I'm going to write it right. Let's do a little timeline. 2012 I became aware of some of this information. What happened was prior to 2012, I ended up paying in my life and mid, you've watched my videos before then you've heard some of my story. Between I was seven to 15 years old. I don't know why I forgot the one, seven to 15 years old. I had an abusive ex step mom in my life where my brother and I had no freedom whatsoever. It's like if we wanted to go have fun with friends, if we wanted to watch TV, if we wanted to even eat more than just a TV dinner for food at dinner at night, we weren't allowed to do that. My brother and I were very malnourished. My dad's a firefighter. He wasn't home very, it was on and off on 24 hour shifts.

She kind of run the show. She's very controlling. She's very manipulative. She was very kind of a nasty person. Well, seven to 15 years old, my brother and I had no freedom whatsoever. We'd have to earn going to school. Then my dad divorces her when I was 15. My brother was like 13 or 14. Then they get the divorce and then all of a sudden, my brother and I have freedom. We can eat the food we want. We don't have to just work outside all day. We're allowed to actually have friends. Then after that it was like a honed, it was literally like a whole new world. Well, deep down I still felt unworthy. There was still that pain of my past that was, that was underlying underneath myself. I felt unworthy. Even though I was having fun with friends, I felt like there was just something wrong with my life. I felt kind of, I felt very angry at my ex stepmom because like, why I didn't really have much of a childhood. I felt like I was beaten down a lot and that had a lot to do with my self-esteem and that was the lower vibrational emotion that I had within me.

2012 comes around. At the time I was working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. I was feeling negative emotion and I felt unworthy and I realized that I always had a woman in my life that was trying to control me even since my ex step mom, 15 years old, never have to see her again. The first girlfriend I got a couple of years later was trying to control me. Literally, she did not want me to do certain things. She thought I was too outgoing. She wanted to try to put me in a box. I was in a box for so long that when I came out of that box, I had such an outgoing personality and then she didn't like that. Then what happens is I'm working at Nordstrom's and women's shoes. I break up in like 2010 with this chick and then I get transferred to a better department within two weeks.

That better shoe department called salon shoots had a manager that was just as controlling as my ex stepmom, almost the same type of personality and for years we could not get her fired and we tried. We tried because she'd say a weird thing. She'd say, did you get away with the craziest things of saying to people? But she was protected by upper management, so here we are and we're trying. It's not working. It's 2012 I realize I feel unworthy. I'm taking Adderall during the day for ADHD because people told me I had ADHD and then what happens is I feel the pain of my past and I'm drinking a lot and smoking a lot of wheat because that was the way I coped. What happened is in 2012, I came across as a man, you just have to be a different way other than all these other things. I learned meditation and once I learned meditation, that started to change my life in a very powerful way. Meditation means observing thoughts.

Then I learned how to observe my thoughts. That changed everything and I started to feel completely different. I would start meditating just for five or 10 minutes a day, and within a short period of time, my whole entire life began to change. I stopped smoking weed, I stopped drinking. I started feeling completely different about myself and that led to where I'm at today. The way I describe it to people is on a scale of one to 10, I used to feel about a three out of 10 consistently pretty negative emotion. All of a sudden I'm feeling seven or eight out of 10 and I, I don't know exactly where it comes from. I just started feeling really good. What was that? What it was is it was simply first off awareness. I became aware that I saw myself as unworthy. I became aware and started to observe my past, but secondly, I started to let go of resistance.

Do you want to know how to raise your vibration? Let go of the resistance. That's it. That's it. All we have to do is let go of resistance. Resistance is anything in the lower vibrational emotions. It's shame, fear, guilt, anger, and here's the cool thing. To start raising your vibration, you'll see neutrality is that 250 neutralities is a huge raise in vibration. This scale comes from a book called power versus force. They use what is called muscle testing, and that's how this scale is put into place. These are all different rates of vibration. You've got a Ram Hicks who uses this kind of scale as well. She's like, think of better thought and then you raise your vibration however you try. I like working at this stuff from the level of the identity. When you realize you're not your past, you didn't let it go.

Neutrality resonates at two 50 and when you learn to observe your thoughts, that's where you start to really let go of these lower vibrational emotions because then you start to see that they're not you. Instead of identifying with them, you observe them. This is what I did. I just observed my little thoughts coming into my mind and then I'd observed them leaving. I wouldn't try to control them. The second or third day in of meditating is when I had the big epiphany and that big epiphany was if I observe my thoughts and not control them, then they start to, the resistance starts to leave and then this started a long process and from the moment you start your life, it gets a change in very profound ways. You start to question everything you believe to be true and everything you've bought in from other people. I realized, Oh, I have ADHD. Do I really?

Maybe I just have a lot of energy and I need to go ground myself in the grass. That's what I eventually reframed it as. You can reframe these meanings. First off, meditation will change your life. It won't be enjoyable in the beginning because it'll be like, why am I doing this? You're going to have all these thoughts come up and be like, why are you here? Thoughts? I didn't invite you. Then you're going to try to control them and you're going to say, just stop. Just stop. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. But what you're going to find is the more that you tell your thoughts to stop it, the more they step. They keep doing it. They just did little rebels. Those dots are rebels. Do you want to know how to get rid of them? If you stop feeding them attention, they eventually go. You, you put attention on the observation of them, but just stop giving them resistance.

They feed on resistance and when they feel that they're like, but what you do is you observe them and when you observe them, they then begin to fall away and they won't have as much power over you. Neutrality, huge, huge, huge, huge step. That involves simply observing, observing the thoughts, observing the labels. I believe that because I thought that I was my past. Here's the thing. Every one of us is high vibrational beings. That's why you got this stick figure right here and you have this pterodactyl field that goes around the body. Everyone has a toroidal field that goes around their body. It is something that is, some people call it an energetic field that's been around for thousands of years with like the understanding, the aura of understanding the different energy bodies that we have.

Here's what happens. We're high vibrational beings. This is who we naturally are. We have little things that happened to us growing up or big things and it causes a disturbance in our energetic field. Then what happens is we identify with that disturbance and it stays there and then it keeps perpetuating itself because the regulatory of builder works is it keeps filtering through and until we become aware of it and let it go, it remains there. Let me show you what will stay in your energetic field unless you become aware of it. First off, let's just recap a little bit. The first step to learning how to raise your vibration is always awareness, awareness, and first off, the key to this is knowing that you are a high vibey. Naturally, the only thing you have to do is let go of resistance.

When you let go of this resistance by becoming aware of it and observing it, when you observe it, you're no longer trying to control it. Then it just kind of, it's like you're at a park sitting at a park and there are just people walking by. They just walked by. You see a dog walked by, he just goes and walks by. You're not going to chase the dogs. You might because you love dogs, but you don't chase the dog. Don't chase the thoughts. Okay? They come and they go. Then that allows you to then disengage energetically from the thoughts that you've been identifying with. As you do that, you'll naturally begin to raise your vibration. Let go. Awareness is the most powerful thing you can do for raising your vibration.

You just have to trust me on this. If you begin meditating for just simply five or 10 minutes, right when you wake up in the morning, five or 10 minutes right before you go to bed, just once a day, start meditating. I promise you it will change your life. It has changed my life more than anything else. To this day. I do the same meditation that I've done since 2012 I stare at a candle flame because if my eyes are focused on one point, it tends that my mind doesn't wander as much. They say eyes that wander a mind that wanders and then I just turned the candle flame and I observe the thoughts that come in and I observed them leave and I let them be thereby allowing them to be there. You stop feeding it resistance. It's a huge paradox, but it is so powerful so you just do that every single day. I promise you, your life will transform so much if it were just like it.

Just explain this and have you really understand and like know that at first, it will seem like it won't, but over the course of maybe a couple of weeks of doing this, you will start to see your reality in a completely new way. You may think thoughts, but you're not your thoughts. That's the key to this and up until this point you've been told, I am the ego, what I identify with and what I experienced reality through the five senses. That's who I am when in actuality you are an eternal spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience. It's what every major religion shows us. Ancient texts show us. It talks about this and it's because it is something that is deep within our collective consciousness. This is who we are. The key to this also is now you'll notice that when you get up to here, you've got the lower vibrational emotions, neutrality, the zero-point observation.

Then you've got courage and willingness. This is personal development. When people look at Tony Robbins and they're like, yes, Tony Robbins, yes, yes, yes. That is normally what has happened is they are coming out of the lower vibrational emotions or that is fueling them to then have the courage and willingness for a certain vision they have. What that does is that is then something. They want to go to all this there and it's very powerful. It's very powerful stuff. But that's right in the middle and that is the willpower. When I stopped smoking weed and I stopped drinking and I started meditating, then eventually I started focusing on my vision. Having a vision is very powerful. The vision I can move towards making daily videos on YouTube, helping people transform their lives. That had me move towards something. Reasoning is the intellect. Reasoning is understanding your beliefs, create your reality, and if you become aware of your beliefs, you can then literally architect your reality from the inside out.

This is about becoming aware of the reasoning. Then to get into love, you actually have to drop reasoning. Love is unconditional. Love is who you naturally are. We have all these rules though in reasoning. Once I do x, y, z, then I can feel worthy. Once I do this then I can feel love. But the thing is those reasons, if you let go of those reasons, those rules, you then start to feel love naturally. But you have to become aware of them. These come to all times from when you were young. Our parents say, Oh, why don't you, you know, they, they may withhold their love unless you do some type of chore. Then you say, unless I do this, then I will feel accepted in love. Then those are built at a young age until we become aware of them. They're on autopilot. That's a more advanced video.

If you'd like me to do a video on that, go and comment below and I'll do one of that, but right now this is just about becoming empowered and raising your vibration and one of the most powerful things you could do is learn to forgive, learn to forgive. When we hold resentment and we don't forgive someone else or we don't forgive ourselves, we hold this inside of our energetic field and the key to releasing all karma, what they call karma is forgiveness of the self and forgiveness of other. Forgiveness, let's look at that for a second. Everyone is doing the best they can with that, the level of consciousness they are at. Even my ex stepmom that was mentally, physically and emotionally abusive and manipulative, even she was doing the best she could with where she was.

She was treated the same way when she was a kid. That's how she believes that she needs to survive and he needs to treat people in order to feel powerful. She's doing the best she can with where she was. It doesn't make it right. It's not like I'm like, thank goodness all of this stuff happened to me. However, in a weird way, I'll share with you. I kind of am. But that is, that is about understanding that everyone's doing the best they can with where they are. If someone stole from you, a great friend stole from you, they may have a belief that they can't create abundance themselves. They may have friends or family that they feel like they had to do that for and therefore they did it. It doesn't make it right, but it does help you understand them a little bit more and understand that they were just doing what they thought. They rationalized it from their own point of view.

That makes it so much easier to forget. What happened is the pain in my past, what I did is I looked at it and I was able to see that it actually led me to a spiritual awakening. It led me to want to raise my vibration, and a lot of times this negative emotion creates pressure that then shoots you off to raise your frequency. You've probably been through some pain. Guess what that led you to this video that led you here, that led you to you just want you to do the inner work yourself or maybe even learning meditation and that alone will transform your life from the inside out. It does serve a powerful purpose. When I look at my past, all I did was I had my past. I literally reframed it and at first, I wasn't aware like I need to reframe my past. I was just like, wow, they got all those things to happen because it led me to this point. It led me to wake up and it changed everything about me.

It led me to this realization and now helping other people do the same thing. The most powerful things that you can do is forgive by understanding people are doing the best they can with the level of consciousness that they are and forgiving yourself as well. You did the best you could with where you were. Don't beat yourself up. Know that it led you to this point now and now. What can you do with it? What meaning can you give it? Meaning comes from reasoning and did you give it a negative meaning it then has a negative weight on you, but if you let go of that meaning you give it something, a new meaning, then you raise your frequency. Remember the key to this is letting go of resistance, let go of resistance, and then your vibrational match to the beginning of a race.

Become aware of that resistance. Become aware of the meanings you give things, and then you can start to change the meaning. The meaning is up to you. Then what you do is forgive and have a vision for something you want to experience that you can move towards. Then once you can also do is you can start to eventually learn to create boundaries as well. That's something else that's very powerful. Here's the thing. If you want to know what your vibration calibrates at, there is a quick survey you can take at whatsmyvibration.

An Unpopular View on Narcissism that may change your perspective


This blog is an unpopular view on the idea of narcissism. I'm going to be sharing with you how to know if you have maybe some narcissistic traits or if somebody you know, maybe has that and exactly what you can do to either help someone else or to help and heal yourself.

Today, I'm going to be sharing it with you more on narcissism, narcissistic traits, narcissistic characteristics, and how to really cure those. The reason I'm doing this blog actually is because I have a whole series on this. I'll go ahead and link it below in case you're interesting. One of them is on why narcissists don't get their karma and the other one is on narcissism and understanding why you may have attracted that into your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Either a narcissist or associate. I say this from experience because I have had someone in my life that was or is still a narcissist, but I don't have to deal with it anymore. It's my ex step mom between the ages of seven to 15 years old. I had to deal with her. She was a mix of what you'd call a narcissist and associate path. She would manipulate people to have stories go out in certain ways. She would really take away and in a way feed on other people's energy and another people's power. It was always about her. Even to this day, my dad still has to deal with her and it's something that I'm able to see even my half-sister.

I see what they have to go through as well. There's certain things that I've learned from being in it from seven to 15 years old. There are certain things I've learned from seeing. My dad continued to go through it as my sisters are growing up. It's something that I also had made those videos on, on how I navigated through that and how to deal with someone. But there's a compassionate part of me that wants to also make a video for people that maybe feel like they have narcissistic traits or characteristics. I say that because when I make those videos and I make that content, I've had people reach out to me on Instagram say, well, what do I do if I feel like I had those characteristics? Like they feel like in a way those videos may be, you know, people always talk about the, you know, the people that are the victims of narcissistic traits and characteristics.

But what about the people that actually feel like they had those traits and they feel there's something really wrong with them. The way that I want to share this as an unpopular view because it, it a lot of times will favor the person that's the victim. I was a victim of it. You know, or what you consider to be that of somebody that definitely experienced the negative side effects of it. However, I want to explain it in a way where if someone is a narcissist reading this blog, I want you to know that there is and it's not like this is who you are forever. I want you to see also I'm going to be sharing this in a different perspective. It really has to do with integrating your ego and everyone has an ego. Everyone has an ego. One of the things about physical experiences that we have this thing called an ego that we interpret reality through.

The thing is sometimes what happens is we become overly identified with the ego and when we're growing up, this is when we start to learn patterns and behaviors about survival that then cause certain people that people that have narcissistic traits or qualities because certain people to then survive based on taking from the energy from other people, not even knowing it sometimes. The key to any of this is first off awareness and also forgiveness, forgiveness of the self as well. One thing that really helped me when I went through my spiritual awakening back in 2012 I already had been like seven years without ever having to see my ex step mom. But the, the thing that really helped me is learning how to forgive her and realize that she went through a lot of pain growing up and that's kind of what molded her into the kind of person that she is today.

In a way, she was most likely as a teenager, she was reprimanded in a certain way and she learned that behavior and then acted out against other people. You know, people that are bullies are normally bullied when they're a kid or at a certain age. That caused them to become a bully because that's how they felt that they had to act out. Once I've really forgave my ex step mom and it really helped and I realized that you seek first to understand rather than to be understood. It helps quite a bit. I just realized that she had been, you know, that there's a reason she is that way. It came from some of the growing up and some of the things that she learned now first off, narcissism. What is exactly narcissism. Narcissism is an inability to see beyond the self and that's when the ego integration comes into place.

I've recently been looking into this a little bit more because I think that it's a misunderstood thing in society and that if we approach it from a level of compassion, there's a different level of results that we're going to get from it rather than the other side of the spectrum that kind of happens sometimes when we go through different processes. I was actually talking to a buddy of mine about this the other day too. There's two sides of the spectrum. What this has to do with his ego integration. On one side of it, we have that of what you could call a narcissist and the narcissist is in survival mode and many times has that inflated sense of self-importance because that helps with survival. That attention kind of feeds it in a way and it feeds on the external energy.

Many, the external energy of others. That's a very common thing with the ego. Think of it like the ego in a way has locked into place and it has been emphasized in the person that is in narcissist. A lot of times what it's a hardening of the ego structure and then it's an identification with this is who I am. The thing about the ego is the ego. Do whatever it can to survive. Not just survive with food and shelter, but the ego does whatever can to survive in its image of itself. If it's trying to has this inflated sense of self-importance and it needs that energy from other people in order to feel powerful. Then it will do anything it can to, to retrieve that. Here's the thing. On the other side of the spectrum, the person that the narcissist normally is around is normally going to be somebody that maybe needs to learn how to develop their ego structure, say may lack that ego structure.

They lacked that boundaries. In a way, it's a lesson and it's maybe sometimes a harsh lesson for the person that's not the narcissist, but he helps this person learn how to be ended to develop the ego structure. In one there's an over identification with the ego structure and in the other there's a lack of a built of that ego structure and the boundaries that that ego structure can have. There is a difference. The reason I say that there is there is you don't have, if you look online, it'll say that narcissism is never cured ever. I believe that through meditation and through levels of awareness, anything is possible. I believe that when people have a spiritual awakening, they then go beyond the ego identity and they realize that there are more than that. Really what our system is it's an inability to see through someone else to someone else's eyes.

We're given the ability when we come here to be able to see life through other people's eyes, through empathy. Many times, that left empathy will be lacked because it is emphasizing the survival. Narcissism and the word narcissism in of itself will keep people in a little bubble and then everyone else calls them in narcissist and it keeps it within that little bubble. What I would recommend, maybe more powerful is to look at that word of a narcissist and start to let go of the label in of itself. Because if there's a difference when somebody says that, if someone says I'm depressed, there's a difference between saying I'm depressed and I'm having depressing thoughts. The thing is, is at a certain point in the past, normally narcissism is something that is learned at a young age through watching other parents. At a developmental stage of the ego, it didn't look to the parents or it looks to the external and says, Oh, I get rewarded if I emphasize this, the ego structure.

Then it continues to go through that. The key and one of the things that will really help a narcissist, someone that has traits heal is first off, becoming aware. Awareness is always the first key. If you become aware, you start to loosen that trap. Sometimes I put other people down because it makes me feel better. Well, guess what? You're becoming aware of it now. When you become aware of it now you start to lessen the amount of power that this label and this ego structure has over you. It's always awareness that begins to free you. The key to this is knowing that one of these subconscious rules of a narcissist is that the narcissist needs validation from external sources. The narcissist needs attention from other people in order to feel fed in order to feel complete. The thing that a narcissist or somebody remember, let's start to lessen the degree and the label of this narcissist and start to see it as more of narcissistic thoughts, narcissistic tendencies instead of being a narcissist. Because here's the thing.

If someone views themselves a narcissist and everyone else is calling someone a narcissist, well guess what? That ego is being is being emphasized and the ego will then do whatever it can to stay consistent to that. Here's the thing that a narcissist needs to remember as well, that when you look at your ego, when you are starting to become more aware, you're starting to free yourself, and the key to this is knowing that you can be loved for being you and that you don't need other people's validation or other people's energy for you to be loved. I know I was a people pleaser for a very long time. The thing is sometimes what'll happen is then there's this balancing out of the where someone over here, we'll go over here to start to reclaim their boundaries in certain ways. I was talking to someone the other day about it and they said that they were so much lacking boundaries at one point that then they said screw it and they started to become more narcissistic without knowing that they're just trying to balance out the scale.

Imagine they start to do that and then they start to identify as this and then they just keep this pattern going. It's a pattern and it's a momentum that's then on autopilot, but the first step to this process is becoming aware of it. When you become aware of it, you start to free yourself from it. The key to this is becoming aware of the thoughts, becoming aware of the desire to maybe think that you, someone may need someone else's attention, someone else's energy, and start becoming aware of when that comes up and start to see those as thoughts. Start to see those as beliefs. Start to see them as emotions rather than a part of your identity of who you are. When you change that, when you realize you might think thoughts, but you are not your thoughts, that's when you start to become more powerful. That's when you start to take your power back and that's why this blog may not be a very popular view because here's the thing.

Compassion is the key to this cure, compassion and even the narcissist. If you feel like you have narcissistic traits, the key is giving compassion to yourself. You give compassion yourself, not needing it from anybody else. The more you practice this, even just doing something very simple of putting your hands over your heart for a couple minutes a day and completing what is called a mind, heart coherence, connecting to your mind, to your heart and feeling that gratitude inside of your own body. Then saying things like, I am safe. I am love. I accept myself. No, when you don't need anyone else's validation to be loved and knowing that it is okay for you to really love yourself but not in the sense of the narcissistic loving the self because the self that the narcissistic loves is the ego. There is a spiritual side to the narcissist that maybe the narcissist started to become aware of.

But there's a spiritual side which is beyond the self, which is beyond the ego. This is why I believe meditation is one of the most powerful tools for this process and a meditation of going beyond the self-image, a meditation of going beyond the ego. That's what spiritual awakening is. Spiritual awakening is going beyond the ego. When you go beyond the ego, you start to become free. If you feel like you have narcissistic tendencies, narcissistic characteristics realize that their thoughts, their pattern behaviors that you're becoming aware of, it's an identity that you think you are. If you think you're a narcissist, and the thing is you could start to see yourself in a different way. I really believe that now, 15 minutes into this blog, if you really were a narcissist, you wouldn't have watched it this far in because a lot of times narcissists, they're down the rabbit hole and they'd wouldn't want to even entertain an idea like this because they maybe wouldn't be ready for it.

But you aren't a narcissist. You may have narcissistic tendencies, narcissistic thoughts, but what you can start to do is become aware of them and then you can start to give yourself love. You could start to forgive yourself. If you feel guilty about taking out your energy on other people, on feeling like you've done other people wrong because of some of your narcissistic tendencies, forgive yourself. By forgiving yourself, you'll start to become freer. Something that I have with this, it's very powerful for narcissistic tendencies, for forgiving yourself and giving to other people has to do with a whole Ho'oponopono meditation. It's a very ancient healing modality from Hawaii. It's very powerful. Listen to it for 21 days. Watch how your life begins to change.

That will really help with this process as well. Remember there's different sides of the spectrum and as you become aware of it, like some spiritual people may start to rebel and start to have more narcissistic tendencies to balance out. Men in the past, they felt like they lacked that and they had to do it to survive and then they got rewarded for it. They kept doing it. But realize you're becoming aware of this now and as you become aware of it, you can then see its beliefs. Its rules are thoughts and what helps with this process is doing meditation. The whole point of meditation is more of an exercise, but it will help you to clear out your energetic field and to really forgive yourself if you feel like you've been taking that out on other people. However, the energy dynamic may be. If you want me to do a follow up video to this, let me know or more videos on this topic.

But compassion really is the key. If you know someone else that's a narcissist, show them compassion they feed. Or if it's a funny thing, because I'm kind of talking to both sides of the spectrum here, but if you're narcissist, then maybe what happens is you catch yourself. I'm okay. I'm safe. I love myself, I accept myself. If somebody else is around someone that's a narcissist, instead of resisting, that feeds the narcissistic ego structure. Instead of resisting it and arguing with, give it compassion and compassion, it starts to hit the person at the soul level versus at the ego level. That's when you really start to become free. I have videos on this channel that share kind of different things when it comes to the ego, it comes to understanding us as spiritual beings and understanding more about how reality works.