The Shift Academy


Working with Aaron truly is a SHIFT in experience and now I know… There is no going back!

Also I feel FREE from old beliefs and empowered knowing I can change my perception of reality using “SHIFT” and then “BE” in the reality I want.


The Shift Academy has helped me see the right decision to make to CHOOSE my reality. I found myself immediately rewarded with a wealth of opportunities.

Now I knowhow to embrace the happy and relaxed state of being that I’m made to live in.

Mindshift Meditations


Wanted to share something that may give others to change.

One of my patterns of behaviour I have uncovered is that I don’t speak up. In many situations! I either stay quiet because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, I don’t want to be rejected, I do the other persons thinking for them and already tell myself the outcome won’t go the way I want it to. I tell myself that people won’t be interested in what I have to say.

Well, let me tell you shifters - how wrong was my ego!!!!!!

Twice in the last week I have made decisions to speak up in situations I wouldn’t have previously, and twice both decisions paid off. So simple yet so powerful. Don’t keep yourself small, you are amazing!

Phoebe xx


I start feeling different from the first day and got in a flow state. The vibe was really good what already on its own helped me transform my vibe. I'm busy solving it. But, I'm definitely happier and letting go is easier.


Looking brighter. I still have a lot of work to do and I need to be consistent with what I've learnt, especially the meditations. Realizing how far my beliefs and issues stem from. Ancestry and childhood.

Finding exercises and practical tools to help deal with my shadow side and limiting beliefs

The Shift Experience


My journey with you Aaron has been an ah ha after ah ha type journey. You have helped me remember to remember.

With your help Aaron I was able to shift my reality from just another statistic, just another product of my environment, to something magical! I'm a man that can lift over 300 lbs, that has been to prison and to war. My point is I don't use magical freely. My life now is nothing less than magical, epic, some would even say legendary!

My life has exceeded my wildest dreams and I know this is just the beginning of my journey.


Aaron, you were the first YouTuber I found and I have followed you throughout my journey. The most important aspect of your videos is that it’s detail oriented. You take the time to form the structure, to do the research and to formulate the content. I love that.

My whole perspective has changed. Starting from trusting the universe and the process, to losing control. This way I attract abundance and do not worry as I used to! Most importantly, I am growing as a human being every single day!


While in the “T” for Transformation section, I felt like I had what people call a “satori” experience. This is hard to put into words but it was as if my ego was lifted up and I felt a limitless potential for myself. In this state I realised who I really am and that I AM who and how I choose to be.

Thank you for releasing me from my past. Thank you for showing me that I can give myself PERMISSION to be myself and to BE BOLD in life. The Shift Experience truly is a SHIFT in experience and now I know… there is no going back! Thanks Aaron and much love!


They resonated with me! I felt an instant connection by someone who honestly wanted to help me improve myself.

I'm in a WAY better place than before I started the courses or implementing them into my life . I am so grateful to find Aaron.


Aaron explains concepts in an easy to understand manner, whereas lessons from other teachers might go over my head. This training helped me to realize that abundance comes in many forms other than money, which helped to shift me into an abundance mindset.

I'm now working towards developing my own business, which is something I never though I could do before meeting Aaron.

The Emotional Transformation Process


I just watched the live workshop from yesterday! And I want to express my gratitude for all the values we are receiving Aaron! The changes I am seeing in my life since I am understanding my vibrational states of being are mind blowing!

My business, my relationships, the way I speak my truth have had a big impact! Thank you so much again!


Did your manifestation meditation yesterday for the first time… I felt an amazing sensation right through my entire body! Thank you so much for all you do. I truly appreciate it.

The Shift Trilogy


There is NO doubt that I have shifted myself to completely different reality. I’m currently packing to leave to a 6 weeks’ vacation to the Caribbean with my husband. My income has tripled, I feel so good in my body and I am having the time of my life in my currently experiences. There is not resistance, there is not need to make anything happen, I am happy today, right now.