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The TRUTH on Manifestation and Higher Dimensions

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on manifestation with understanding higher dimensions. I'm going to show you the truth about who we are at a greater level and how we can begin to align with who we really are.

So, come on and watch the video below:

I'm going to be sharing with you today is the truth about the higher dimensions and understanding how this correlates with that of manifestation or the Law of Attraction process. This has to do with almost a grander picture as to why things are the way they are and also who we are at a greater level. I believe that we are immortal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. This is something that you can read and a lot of literature and meditate on yourself.

This is something you can find out for yourself if you have a spiritual awakening. That is something that happened to me and a lot of people that are watching this channel. I guess that you have also been through something very similar when it comes to a spiritual awakening or just knowing that there's more to life than that of which we are experiencing now. I've been talking recently on this channel about an idea of something I'm going to be sharing a little bit more on as time goes on because one, I enjoy talking about it too.

I think it's a new perspective that allows us to really expand our consciousness to see things in an entirely new way. This actually has to do with a quote from Elon Musk, and it is a quote where he says that he believes that the chances that this reality that we experience, that this reality is the baseline reality.

The true reality is a fraction of a percentage.
- Elon Musk

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He says that he believes that the chances of that being the true reality is a fraction of a percentage, which means that it is highly probable that we live in a form of a simulation. 

When we play video games, we are playing a character and we are doing certain things with the character and there's a certain experience there where we can kind of in a way put ourselves into a different position, into a different mindset. We may at a steeper level.

We know that that is a game, yet we play it and we have fun with the process and even some people that play the game, they get mad or frustrated if it's not going the way that they want. In the same way with what we have with virtual reality, with VR, we can already have the type of helmet that you put onto where your brain really doesn't know the difference between what it is seen and what is actually true.

It will actually feel the stress of what's ever happening or the happiness of whatever's happening because the brain doesn't know the difference. I actually had my own experience of this. I've shared it before and a couple of videos, but my experience was that I wore a VR headsets when my cousin came and we were at my dad's house and we're having like a family thing and we put on the PS3and it was like this game thing and you put it on and you're looking around and you actually feel like you are underwater.

This particular game was you're underwater. You in like the shaft. You were descending down into the ocean. You saw fish swim by. You saw coral. All this really cool stuff and when your head moved, so did the pitcher you received and what happens is eventually there's this shark that comes by and the shark that comes by comes kind of goes close to the cage.

You get a little bit scared and then it kind of disappears back behind you and to like a dark abyss and then all of a sudden you look back a couple of seconds later and it comes fast at you, and then bites and the cage takes a chunk out of it. Then you're vulnerable, and you're open to this shark. Where you can't see where it is and you're teetering and looking over, and you see dark back down into the dark abyss going all the way down and it kind of scares you.

You almost feel like you actually kind of have like this heights thing even though you're underwater, but nonetheless, it made me realize that even though I knew it was a game, it felt very real and it was hard to see the difference. I almost just surrender to it. I would have thought that I was there.

I know that that was the case. This is the first part of us being able to learn about virtual reality. We're like the very tippy, tippy beginning. We barely have even start with the progression of technology with virtual reality and yet we already can't tell the difference between what we imagine, what we are experiencing. I guess that in five or 10 years, give or take maybe 10 years. I think it will be sooner than we think.

Though we will have the ability to be wearing something that we can't tell. The difference between what is real and what is not real now from a higher dimensional state of consciousness, what I believe we have done is we have come into this life, forgotten that we are immortal, spiritual beings because one of the purposes of life is us to remember who we are.

It's us to remember that that is who we are. That's part of. It's one of the facets of the life experience and then when we remember who we are, it's a very empowering time because then we have a little bit more flexibility. We become aware that we are immortal, spiritual beings, living a temporary human experience. We have these avatars called our physical body that we perceive through the five senses and the five senses that we perceive through our just interpreters of vibration. That's what we are doing.

We are literally interpreting vibration. We can see touch, feel, the taste here. All of these things are interpretations of vibration, but at a fundamental level, we are much more than even that of just our senses and maybe in this life we become identified with painful situations and sometimes those painful situations allow us to create pressure that then we come out and we understand things at a deeper level.

That's when a lot of people have spiritual awakenings. I went through a lot of pain growing up and one of the reasons that could have been because that led to me having a spiritual awakening. Now, when I say all of this stuff, let me talk a little bit about who we are at a greater level because then it helps us understand how this all fits together at a greater level.

I believe that we exist in a higher dimensional state of consciousness, a higher dimensional state of consciousness where we feel unconditional love. This could be considered a higher dimension and in this place, we are actually. This is the cool idea. We're actually there right now dreaming that this is who we are and when we go to bed at night, I believe we are waking up as that version of us and we think that when we go to bed at night we are going to sleep, but in actuality we are asleep right now dreaming that we are here.

It's just that we have a continuation time, space, reality. We have such a fluid dream in this life. We could say life is a dream, just like life is a game and we could say that life is a dream and it feels very real and it's a consistent dream. Then it feels even more real, but what if it is actually just a dream that we are experiencing that could still have fluidity.

You can still have time, space, linear reality because this dimension has time and space, but in higher dimensional states of consciousness, we are unconditional love and bliss, and when we want to create something that happens instantaneously, there was no gap between thought form, inexperience. There’s a gap here because of the dimension we live in. There's a gap of experience, I think of something I want and then if I create resistance, I block it, but if I can let it go, then it's more likely to come into fruition.

This is a game that we experience of how we can focus, not be attached to the outcome, trust that this higher self, this higher realm of consciousness can flow through us and then we can experience what we want in a very powerful way and what if that is part of the experience of life is the gap that we experienced. That's what makes it beautiful because we can learn more and the gap. Imagine you're in the higher dimensions.

Things happen in detaining honestly. Of course, it's still fun, but it's a different perspective. There are more lessons to be learned when things are slowed down, so we experience 70 to 100 years of experience could be longer by the time we get older, and we experienced this and we can learn so much compared to what we'd learned in different states of consciousness and one of the experiences in our life now is becoming aware that we are unconditional love, that everything we experienced that is negative is us showing us what is not us.

It is showing us the different facets that we can observe and then let go. We can become masters of emotion, which is one of the purposes I believe. His life as well is becoming masters of our emotion, understanding emotion at a deeper level that may make this dimension a little bit hard because there's a lot of negative emotion, but there's also the potential for a lot of positive emotion in that adventure of going from the oppressor of negative emotion.

Then into transcending levels of consciousness to going back to who we are to remembering who we are at a greater level. I believe that when we think of something at a higher dimensional state of consciousness, it already exists. We could also look at this and look at parallel realities. There's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, anytime you think of what you want, it already exists.

You've already realized it at a higher-level state of consciousness. The key is catching up that of your ego, that of your Avatar in this light with that and the way that you do that is by remaining in this state of consciousness that you prefer remaining in that trust of the process because the moment something happens and we gave it a negative meaning, we say, oh, this isn't part of the blueprint is the moment we take ourselves out of this state of being.

That gets us to that realization of that manifestation. However, everything exists here and now because when we think of it, we may not physically see it, but the thought form exists. The moment we think about it, you may know someone like Abraham Hicks who says, the moment you think about at the moment it already exists. This could be because at a higher level of nonphysical energy of consciousness, it already does exist.

It is just about us embodying the vibration of it now, which means feeling the gratitude for it now not be meaning attached to the outcome because if you had that thing, you wouldn't be feeling resistance and as you let go of resistance, you become more of who you naturally are and you're more likely to experience that at a greater level.

I believe that at a greater level, every night we go to bed, we wake up at a higher level of consciousness that we don't remember this in the morning because maybe it's not relevant. Imagine you remembered that you feel unconditional love and bliss. When you go to bed at nights, I imagine that you remember that things happen instantaneously and that you have and are surrounded by so much love in the higher dimensions because that's who you naturally are, but then you come here and you remember this and then you might not want to be here.

This is why so many people have what is called NDEs near-death experiences and they come back and they are completely changed. They realized that they are so much more than they probably thought they were. They realized that a lot of times they don't want to come back because they feel so much love and bliss, but they have to come back because there's something still to be learned at a certain level.

They chose to come back even though they might not be consciously aware of it, but I know people that have had NDEs near death and it forever changed them. Not just that. A lot of them came back and completely re prior, prior. They put a new priority in their life and what they did is then they saw things in a completely new way and that shows that there is a good possibility that that is who we naturally are.

Now, an NDE is something that kind of shocks us into that kind of experience. However, when we go to bed at night, we are also awoken in these levels of consciousness. Our brain will give a certain symbol which we call dreams because that's what the brain can do is it can give us things that we've already understand in our current life, ways of digesting information so we may have some weird dream where we do something and we have no idea of what this could mean.

But the information does get digested at a certain level, maybe even at a subconscious level, but maybe it's the only way that our brain or our dreams can come to us, is through the symbols in our dreams, but in the high dimensions, I believe it is so far beyond what we can even imagine that we just get these little glimpses, but at a fundamental level, we are that unconditional love, that higher state of consciousness and we are there right now in a deep sleep dreaming that this is who we are.

I'm dreaming that I'm Aaron Doughty, that I make videos on YouTube, that I get up every day, take a cold shower, and I filmed videos. That's who I am, but that's a part of who I am. That's part of the Avatar. The steam experience I'm having through these five senses where I can taste, hear, smell, touch, and all of the senses can interpret vibration.

That's what I'm experiencing, but I'm also aware that I am a greater connection to consciousness, a higher dimensional state of consciousness as who I really am in a higher state of consciousness as who you really are. You are unconditional love and bliss. That is who you are. The only time you won't be in that is when you are identifying with less than that with a story that maybe doesn't serve with a focus on the highest things going to happen. Are Things going to happen?

All of these different perspectives may hold us back, but at the fundamental core, you are that unconditional love. That is who you are and at the end of this life, I believe that I will "die", but wake up in a higher state of consciousness and I will wake up and then say, wow, that was a crazy dream. That was a dream of an experience. I learned so much, but it was a dream and just like we wake up every morning and we go, wow, that was a crazy dream.

I think the jokes on us because we're dreaming right now. This may have some fluidity. This may have some type of consistency with time and space, we think, oh, this is so real, but it is an experience that feels real and at the fundamental level, I believe that you are an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience.

The more that you tap into this, the more that you experienced it. Have you been who you naturally are, and I believe that one of the purposes of life is to remember this.

#3: The Mindset of A MASTER Manifester (Competition and the Law of Attraction)

Today I will share with you how we can create and become what is called a master manifester. It's going to be talking about the mindset of what it takes to become somebody that is able to create what they want in their life and really to kind of like being a winner in life in general.

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Now, this doesn't have to be a winner like everyone else loses. Maybe I'll talk a little bit about something that's with them that comes to competition and the law of attraction. But this was actually something that's inspired because I'm currently in Sedona and I'm with my buddy, Victor Oddo who many of you guys know and were last night while we were doing as we went for a hike yesterday we went ate at this great restaurant and then we had an Asai bowl we will get our sables to come to these epic ensembles here in Sedona and we got that.

And then what we did is we went to the hotel we have has a Sonho in the sauna. Then after that, we went and we had a couple of hours before it's time to go to bed and we were going to get some work done but you know what I'm kind of on vacation here when we go to Sedona.

We normally come here to either go on vacation just to recharge our batteries because we're so busy back home in Vegas or we'll come here to get some work done. Like last time we arrived, we were putting together this whole this whole thing together that we were doing. And it was like a real work intensive time last time we came.

This time was cool because there are times more of his vacation. We're like hey we could be doing like work and stuff. You know we could be doing stuff or just going to relax so what we did is we watched the documentary is actually a documentary. I've already seen and it is a sports documentary and it's on cross fit.

If you guys know a cross fit is cross fit is like a type of work out where what you do is there's very functional exercises and is pretty intense like people would be doing like you guys ever heard of Burpee or a certain type of pull-ups very fast pace.

I've done it. I've done crossfade exercises before and they're like circuits as drains your energy it's so much but it's so good for you. I mean it's if you do it right and you don't injure yourself but if you if you do it the fast pace intense workout like that. I found them be very beneficial but anyways the reason I say all that is that's what crossfade is it's like a very high functioning quick type workout.

They have these things called The Cross Fit games and the Krasik games are actually something that's growing and something that's gaining a lot of popularity without. There's a lot of people that will watch these events almost like people watch football games watch them on the TV or go to the events. There's like thousands of people that go to these events and there is this documentary called what's called the fittest on earth or something like that.

And there was one that was a couple of years ago and there was a new one now it's called like redeemed or something like that dominant. The dominant and the redeemed fittest on Earth was like part II. And I've seen a couple weeks ago and I told Victor about and he wanted to see. We watched it and there was something so fascinating about the mindset of the people in there because there were there were a couple of different mindsets I want to talk about.

And in this episode what you're going to learn is kind of the mindsets that it takes to become like the best at what you do not the best. Like in an egotistical way like I'm better than everyone else but more so in a way that you just you see yourself as the best version of you. Like you have the self-image of a winner.

Because in this documentary there is this girl that is from Australia and it kind of follows these different people that are some of the top cross fighters which mean to be across it. I mean you've got to do all these different exercises it's not like to be the fittest on earth in this documentary. It's not like you just a couple different core exercises you do. And if you're the best at those you win. It's like you have to there's like 12 or 15 different events and you have to like the place at all of them and it's like whoever has the most points at the end wins.

And it's very interesting because you have to be all around like very fit and very good at what you do. And there was this one girl who last year or the last I don't know his last year is actually so back up as the first documentary fittest on earth kind of documents her evolution and kind of how she's gone through the process from like maybe three or four years ago.

But basically, there is this one girl her name is Tia but I forgot her last name. She's from Australia. And it is fascinating to watch because a couple of years ago when she was being interviewed or she was being followed around for this documentary you could tell that she just didn't believe in herself like someone to come out for an autograph and she'd be like oh you're probably going to burn that photo when you're done with it or somebody would like me wanting to picture with her and she'd like I don't know I want a picture with me or she's like one of the best.

Like she's is so fit and she's places that like almost every event. But she just didn't see herself as one of the best and it was interesting to see because I remember watching the first one a couple of weeks ago and was like wow she just kind of has the mindset that she's not Worthy's she's not good that can't play out well like there's no there's no winner that's like armed. I don't I don't view myself as a winner.

It was hard for her to even say that like she kept stuttering. I'm like man that's kind of symbolic that there must. There may be some kind of disconnect or maybe she just doesn't see yourself like that because even her to say that she had to say that for like the camera it was like behind the scenes of showing what she had to say for the camera for like ESPN.

She had a say like I'm one of the fittest women on earth or something but she kept stuttering even though she speaks English and it's her primary language and she's kind of joking around about it she's like all these other people a lot of people that are like English as a second language and they're probably not stuttering as bad as me but it is interesting the mindset that she had a couple of years ago.

And she a couple of years ago she like should have won the crossfade games like there's like 17 different events and she should have won. But what happened is right when there was the last event it came down to the very last event she was doing like this type of lunge thing and she got right to the end to the last step.

But then like missteps and she had to redo that step and as she redid it somebody else pasture and won the first place and she won second place and it was a very devastating imagine almost winning something to being the fittest woman or man on earth. And then all of a sudden you lose it because it's something like that. Obviously, there was something in the mindset that was she won by like steps but she had to redo the last step because it was like you could tell she went into her head and so she lost she won second place on the first documentary.

You know that was like four or five years ago three or four years ago whenever it was and you could just see herself talk to see the mindset that we had she had and then this year or this new one called redeemed and the dominant in the redeemed or whatever it is it's like the part to her mind Steph started you can see it's shifted.

She started to see yourself more as worthy. You can tell by the things that she was saying that she didn't viewers self as much as like somebody that wasn't worthy. She started to see herself more as a winner. And even though she didn't completely maybe she wasn't like know completely cocky or anything like that she definitely you could tell that something within her started to shift.

And in this one she like dominates through the most of the whole thing until the Vajda into the final two exercises and in the final two exercises that are like these different obstacle courses and stuff she's going through them. And it was like the same exact thing. It came down to the wire because there was someone else like she dominated every single thing but it still came down to the wire. And it was between her and another Australian girl that was that was doing the last event.

And it was like the same exact thing the last step she messed up and she had to go back and you could just see it in her mind and you can just kind of see how she's thinking about it and it's so weird that it was like the exact same thing but she goes back, and she does it and she pretty much thought she lost again. She thought she got second place again.

It was like a reiteration of the time before but not to ruin it or anything. She ends up winning. And she got it. It was her mindset she had to think about herself differently. She was honestly like hands down. Everyone thought she had it in the bag way before the competition even ended but she started to kind of work against herself. It's very interesting. While I'm watching this and there's another guy I think his name is Matthew Frazier he's like the guy is like the guy version.

That is the strongest man in the world he wins like almost every year and he just dominated everything and it was interesting because Victor and I were sitting there talking and the mindset is so different from some of the people that are like numbers three four and five. They're like, “Oh I get fifth place.” That's really cool.

And it's like ok with a second or third place but the winners like when you look at the guy this guy I think is Matt. His name is Matthew Frazier I knows for sure his last name is Frazier but he like you is Matt if he got a second place like he was he saw himself so much as a first place or that he couldn't even imagine himself getting a second or third place is very interesting because he dominated everything.

 But what I noticed is I was talking to Victor about this because I looked over I was like you notice how all the people that are third fourth fifth place are totally ok with it but the people that are the first place that are normally always first base and expect to be first place they like they can't even imagine themselves in second or third place.

Are we playing to win or are we playing not to lose.

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It was just a very different perspective which got me to think are we in life playing to win or are we playing not to lose. This is a very interesting idea because we may even see this in many different areas of our life if you look at people that just naturally view themselves as winners. 

Things happen a lot of times more in their favor because that's the way they see themselves. They see themselves as winners. They see themselves as the way they preferred to be and because they see themselves that way it's almost like they project that reality out and then that becomes who they are. It's interesting because it's more about the way we see ourselves and just how are we approaching life in general. That was one thing I noticed I found very interesting. Now, this doesn't mean like we have to be better than everyone else.

Compare ourselves but at a certain level we have to become the best versions of ourselves and we have to know that we are the best versions we can be and we have to see ourselves as winners in life in general. Like I consider myself a lucky person. I just say to myself a lot. I mean repetitiously I'm a lucky person. Things are always working out for me and that becomes my reality the more that I say and the more that I think it and I do I view myself as a winner in life.

That's how I view myself. Doesn't mean I'm better than anyone. It just means that that's the mindset of the way I go about it and I find that it works for me. There are different stories and different narratives that run us, and there's different. I was reading about this recently somebody was talking about how there are three main archetypes.

There's the there's the victim there's the hero and there is the villain there's the like the three main archetypes that people identify with. And I personally would prefer to be the hero over the other two. Because if you're a villain then you're kind of the bad guy. Some people thrive on being the villain. And then you get the victim which of course is where a lot of people are because they're not aware that they create their own reality or that they can use their thoughts to influence what they experience.

But what I find very interesting is how powerful the story the narrative we tell ourselves influences our life experience. The way that I view myself is I view myself as somebody that is a winner. I view myself as someone that's lucky. I view myself as somebody that I still work hard. I know some people don't like it when I say that but I do put in a lot of effort to what I do and because of that I get a lot out of life and it's the way that I view the process.

It's my beliefs it's my story that I tell myself. But that was one thing I noticed from this documentary is the top best people viewed themselves as a winner. And it was funny because the girl that there was a girl that won two years in a row before this and her name was Catherine. I believe Katie Ryann and she was from Iceland and she won two years in a row. She was the one that that girl lost to very closely like a year or two ago and she won like the fourth or fifth place but she was so mad at her.

And I'm not saying it's good to beat yourself up but you can just see in her mind she was just confused because she's like she said at the end of a documentary 2 She's like it's just so hard for me to see because I know I'm the winner.

Like I know I'm a winner and I know I could have won and I didn't. It's kind of just the reason I'm bringing this up is that like what's your self-image it's like how do you see yourself. Do you love yourself as a winner? Are you the best version that you can be? And if not how can you start to see yourself in a new way. I start to see myself and I've been seeing myself as just one of the best at what I do. That's how I view myself and I'm not a cocky bag I'm better than everyone else that's in my niece or anything like that. It's just I view myself as that. And because of that, I believe I'm easier it's easier for me to embody that version of me. And for me to just kind of be myself knowing that's like the master role that I prefer to see myself in.

It was kind of a different idea but that was what I noticed as the fourth and fifth people. They were very OK they were kind of just happy they placed but the people that were playing to win won. Whatever you focus on it becomes your reality in the second to the last step that Tia was taken where she messed up. She wasn't thinking of winning. She was thinking of not losing. She was thinking of I hope I don't misstep like I did last year and therefore she did it again.

And there was somebody that you only get two tries for this certain event and people. Someone said one of the girls was like you don't want to look at other people because if you see someone feel it then make it can influence. You almost have to just focus on you and just look at the bar and it just there's so many correlations I see with this and then life experience, in general, is like where ever you focus you go if you focus on not if you focus on not failing.

It's still the focus is on failure. But if you focus on winning it's more likely that you can actually win. That was something that I've noticed also in other people like if you get a guy, for example, that's like nervous to talk to girls. Right. And it's like hey go push yourself and go talk to that girl that you're attracted to go up to her and talk.

If a guy goes up to a girl and he's thinking himself. I hope you don't reject me. I hope I'm worthy. I hope you don't say anything mean or you don't like you know kind of reject me and it will dampen my self-worth that frame that you go forward with is going to emanate to girl and then she's going to look and she's going to be like she's going to kind of feel that and just bounce back off of that and be like oh she's going to kind of feel that your plane did not lose it.

Oh, that's so cute. He's coming up here. It's going to be that kind of mentality. But if you play to win if you play you're like you know I'm attracted to this person I'm going to go talk to this person and see if we have that connection.

It's a different type of energy. It's about holding the frame and knowing that you're worthy and playing to win and not playing to not lose. You don't want to play to not lose because whatever you focus on is where the energy goes. And that's something that I've been practicing in my own life is how can I become and be the best version of me.

How can I focus on what I want and know that as long as I do that I'm going to be embodying the best version of me? Now here's something else I want to talk about as well that is understanding what we call in the Law of Attraction we could call it the difference between competition. Normally we think of competition a of which I actually can't everyone if everyone uses the Law of Attraction will everyone can win. So, who wins in that case.

Well, what has this has to do with his understanding of the self-image. There are different variables that come into play a level of allowance how attached to the outcome are you going to people that are everyone's focused on. I mean not everyone but a lot of people are focused on winning but some people are actually focused on not losing. But the key is how much is someone allowing the true version of them to flow through. How much is someone attached to the outcome because then that creates resistance?  There are different variables that come into play. But let me share with you is something that completely changed my life. When it comes to competition the Law of Attraction. I used to work at a place called Barney's.

No this is actually before I used to work at Barneys New York. Before that, I worked at this place at Nordstrom's it was Nordstrom's I worked in woman's shoes. I sold women's shoes there for about four or five years and while there I learned about the Law of Attraction. Dr. Wayne Dyer book is like the power of intention.

I watched one of his seminars and I got motivated and I read this book that was called the Science of Getting Rich by Walter de Waddle's and this book is a short book but it kind of shows the science of getting rich you know some of the concepts in there that I still apply today. And one of them was understanding about how to use thoughts how to use emotions.

One of them is understanding how there is this creative mind and the competitive mind. Now I worked in a sales commission job which means I went in every day and I got paid based on the amount of soul I got paid 10 percent commission so if I sold you know three thousand dollars’ worth of shoes which is like an average day I mean 300 bucks not bad. And I would be OK with that day.

You know and would go in. But I was also in a way I had my friends were co-workers there but they would also be wanting to sell you know they had their own goals as well and you know kind of in a way you're competing because then you've got customers coming in. You want to take on the customer you want them to pick you to help or you know kind of like you going up to them the customer kind of pick who they want. But this is what made a big change.

I used to have kind of a competitive mind, “Oh I hope I get that customer because the more customers I get the more I can make I changed from this competitive mind to something called the creative mind.” Now the creative mind is knowing that there's an infinite amount of abundance and all we have to do is align with it.

There's an infinite amount of abundance that exists. It's just that when we believe in competition, we believe that we have to compete. We create more of needing to compete. We create more of this scarcity mindset. It's like oh there's only a certain number of customers coming in if this guy gets it then that's going to take away from me.

But the key is understanding that there's enough to go around. At the immediately from switching from the competitive mindset to the creative mindset I started to more so embody the characteristics that I prefer. I started to more so in body and know that I could allow things to happen. Resistance went away and I started to actually make more money. I started to sell more. My energy kind of opened up and it was like I let go of a scarcity mindset. A lot of a lot of competitors as well.

We're constantly shifting through different parallel realities there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist with a whole bunch of different versions of us and we're constantly shifting through these parallel realities with every second what we think of as time is the movement through these different parallel realities and they all exist right now because the only moment that does exist at this moment right now.

The power in this is knowing that because this is the only moment that exists in an infinite number that does exist in a parallel reality we could focus on resonating with the reality that we want. Because of that, there is a version of us that is always a winner. There's a version of us as is losing. There's a version of us that's from a fourth or fifth place right in between.

The key is to focus on us knowing that we can resonate with that reality because there are also be versions of that reality where other people. Let them do their thing you just shift to the reality where you want to be. What this does is this take out the will I get the scarcity mindset and it puts it more so in the frame of there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and I'm going to choose the one where I win by seeing myself as that version of me and body and the thoughts the emotions the actions as that version of me knowing that as I do that I'm going to experience more of what I want.

This is kind of a new take on it. I wasn't really going to mention that but that's a different idea that I think really makes it easier and sometimes people as to they're like well these parallel realities. What about the version of me that snootiness where did that go. They all exist right now we don't need to be worried about what other versions of reality. This and that they all exist now.

We're just shifting our perspective through different ones so it's not like they died although there are versions where we aren't alive right now there's that number that exists. But the key is to shift out of this competitive mindset because in the competitive mindset we create more competition we create more resistance and therefore we create the reality where someone else can win a lot of times people that are in second and third place aren't focused on themselves they're focused on the first-place person. How far away they are.

Therefore, almost like adding to the energy of that person winning almost adding to that reality. The key to this is knowing that you can see yourself as a winner and that by you seeing yourself as a winner that will become more of your reality. You can change your self-image and you can understand the psychology of someone that's master like a master manifest or somebody that's a man or master manifests or creates their own reality or chooses it. However whatever perspective we're coming from.

But they focus on the best versions of themselves. They focus on them becoming and resonate with the reality they prefer. They don't have to be attached to the outcome because they are naturally whole and complete already they can be the version of themselves that they prefer to be without needing the approval of other people. And the key to this is knowing the version of you that exists a powerful way to connect to this version of you is to imagine the best version of you that exists.

How would you be acting? How would you be thinking what emotions would you be feeling and start to embody the best version of you? Now, this isn't about faking it till you make it. This is about letting go of what doesn't serve and being who you naturally are. And if being a winner doesn't feel natural it may just be a repetition of the Old Mint victim's story that maybe you're telling yourself maybe you're in the unconscious autopilot mind and it's like oh this doesn't feel familiar it's not that that's not you.

What I encourage you to do is to get more into a competitive mindset , get into a creative mindset know that there is enough to go around. Know that there's an infinite amount of abundance doesn’t shortchange the universe and thinking that it can only provide so much. Know that as long as you focus on you as long as you focus on being the best version of you you'll know that you can then shift to more and more that reality, see yourself and give yourself the self-talk that talks you up.

I'm lucky. Things are always happening to me. I'm always in the right place at the right time. I am the best version of me. I am putting in and living my life's purpose these affirmations said with repetition. Create a powerful reality and you're able to then go beyond that of the limitations of the blocks of the autopilot mind that's just kind of comfortable or just familiar.

And the more you do that the more you start to embody the true essence of who you are. You start to embody who you are really meant to be and you can take yourself out of the story may be of being the victim or the villain and you could start to become the hero of your own movie be the hero of your own movie. Not the cameo in the movie anyone else's. If you're finding yourself and you are focused on what everyone else is doing then it's just the autopilot mind.

It's the familiar mind wondering what is everyone else thinking. You can start to buy more into yourself you can know you are holding. You can know that there's enough to go around this creative mindset that's something that's really you know even on YouTube right. It's like oh there's people out there that you may assume there's a lot of people that make a law of attraction videos. Is there really competition in my niche?

Not really because if I collaborate with them it's a win-win. It's not like people on YouTube can only be subscribed for well Law of Attraction people. Somebody else that like is you know taking or you know doing the same thing is all they've taken away my business. No there's only that of creating and collaborating. There are so many people out there we don't need to be thinking of the competition.

We don't need to be thinking like that. If you have an idea and you want to put it online there's billions of people out there don't think that it's congested if you have a unique spin if you have a unique perspective and you're willing to put in the effort and really to really resonate with the vibration of the reality you want. You stand out.

This is about understanding who you are and opening up these limitations we put in our mind opening up and knowing there's so much more out there. We don't have to have the scarcity mindset we can buy more into a reality where we collaborate with each other. We're in this creative mindset we can shift to the parallel reality where we are the winner because we are the best version of us we can know that we can.

Instead of playing to not lose we can play to win and by playing to win we start to become a winner. See yourself as a winner become aware of your self-image and then everything in your life will change. That was a powerful packed voice of me talking passionately about this I hope you guys got value out of it.

3 Reality Transurfing Manifestation Techniques that Work Like MAGIC

I'm going to be sharing with you three Reality Transurfing techniques that work like magic. These are some of the most powerful techniques that I've applied in my own life. I'm going to share with you how I've applied it and how it changes everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

The three Reality Transurfing techniques that can totally change your life and they were definitely game changers for me and the way that I see the world and in the way that I go about manifesting what I want. Let me first off say that Reality Transurfing, and if you haven't heard me talk about it before, it's one of the most powerful manifestation processes I've ever found. Even beyond that of just a manifestation process.

It's a philosophy. It's a way of seeing the world. It was written by a quantum physicist in Russia. It's now being translated into a whole bunch of different languages. It has been translated, but now it's getting a lot more headway in the community. More so than just the Law of Attraction, it's more of a philosophy, a way for seeing the world that changes everything.

It explains and it combines the eastern philosophy of letting go with that of the law of attraction. It combines understanding of social conditioning and the new way how to connect to our hearts and then powerful techniques for going about manifesting what we want. Now, the idea behind Reality Transurfing has more so to do with parallel reality manifestation than it does the traditional. I'm going to attract this into my life because many times with the old school way of thinking, we say, I'm going to attract that over there into my life now, which reinforces in the present moment that what we want doesn't already exist and the key is understanding that we don't have to create our own reality.

That's the old Elo way law of attraction. We have thought now if we had to create our own reality, we are implying that that reality that we're trying to create doesn't already exist. But what quantum physics and parallel realities shows us is that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist now, even as I go like this right now.

The idea is that each individual frame is a separate parallel reality.  This is a parallel reality that may look very similar, but just like there may be very similar frames that we stretch out of a projector, we may say, oh, this is very similar to this one, but the minute difference makes it a separate frame. And even if it did look like the exact same frame, they'd still be different frames. It's the same way with parallel realities.

The key to creating what we want is realizing we don't have to create it.

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Now, any parallel reality you can imagine already exists right now in the present moment is simply vibrating at a different frequency. And the key then to us creating what we want is realizing we don't have to create it. It already exists. 

What Reality Transurfing shows us how to do is to glide through that process as in a very easy way versus us having to create it and us having to resist it, us making our goals very important, put them on a pedestal and creating resistance around it.

This is more about gliding through the process. That's what Reality Transurfing is in a nutshell, and there are three main manifestation techniques that I've applied in my life that have totally changed my life and some of them I think you'll find if you start to apply them, your life will change in a very quick way.

1. Outer intention

The first one actually is called outer intention. Now there are two types of intention when it comes to Reality Transurfing, there is inner intention and outer intention. The inner intention is having a goal that we want to accomplish. It's the different steps in between the goal. Think of it like you may have a goal that you want to bake a cake. This is the analogy I used the other day and you want to bake a cake, so you have to go. You have to get the ingredients, you have to go and you have to do some stuff with the ingredients to put it in the oven.

All of these steps in between would be considered inner intention. It would be the desire you have to accomplish it. It'd be the process of accomplishing it. Now, outer intention is the realization that even though there's this process right here of achieving and making that cake, outer intention is realizing that the cake already exists in the alternative space, it's almost like you could skip all of those different steps and maybe if you were to really allow this process to happen.

You would find that you create a greater gap in between the different steps and maybe you're out and somebody just offers you a cake, maybe that you're somewhere and somehow you attract a cake to you and a completely new type of vibration and resonance.

The idea is to have a vision of the outcome of what you want to experience and as you have that outcome, to simply match your feeling to it and then trust the process. Let go of how things happen. I read a quote the other day from Jim Carey and I really resonated with it. He said manifestation or creating what you want in your life is really about having a clear outcome of what you want to experience, having an intention and then letting go of how that happens and how that comes to you.

And the same way when we focus on the vibration of us having the cake versus actually having the cake, how we feel about it, we'll find that more and more circumstances come into our lives that reflect that back to us and let me share something with you. This is like magic when you apply it.

Now, one of the reasons I think that my brand has grown so much that what I do just continues to really flow in a very easy way is because I tap into what is called outer intention because it's outer attention of myself, right? Like in a way, of course, there isn't a desire to grow as a person to progress a person for me to grow my brand and all of this.

However, the other side of what I do that I think makes it a little bit different as I have a genuine intention of adding as much value as I can to the people that watched me so because I'm tapping into other people's intention, that's outer intention to me because it's not my intention. My intention is to help other people, but it's the other people's intention that has the intention of them helping and also progressing their own self.

Right? I'm tapping into people's intention for them to better themselves. Therefore, I'm tapping into outer intention. That energy comes back to me in a very powerful way. It's almost like the universe wants to manifest through me because I'm going to do very powerful things with that energy.  You see how it's kind of a different mentality, but this is why when you add value to other people and you have that intention, it comes back to you so quickly because it's almost like the universe wants to manifest through you.

It knows, hey, if we, if we continue to flow this energy, it's going to help all of those involved. This is something that I've done is I've tapped into outer intention by having this intention to help as many people as possible with what I do, knowing that as long as that's my pure intention, what ends up happening is that comes back to me in a very powerful way.

Now, something else I recently did is I had this mentality that imagines we normally just think about it from our point of view and we want to manifest something. We think about it from, I want to attract this into my life. Here's something very powerful that can totally change your life instead of just seeing it from that point of view. See it also from the point of view that somebody else wants to manifest you in the same way you want to manifest a relationship.

Somebody wants to manifest you into their life and the same way that you may almost think of everything as if it has consciousness. This is what I do to tap into the vibrational resonance. Let me explain when it comes to money, for example, now with Reality Transurfing, and you don't want to make money, the goal, because money is a side effect of you doing what you love and it's more about connecting to the heart, but say you had a belief that money is bad.

Well, you can't actually resonate with the vibration of money because you have a belief that negates that actual vibrational resonance, so instead see everything in your life as some form of consciousness and you can then see how you have to relate to it in a way that is in vibrational residence. For example, the key is to almost view it as much as you want the money. The money wants you.

I did this recently because you see me in this house. I'm going to make a whole video about it. I don't know when this video is going to go out. Maybe you've already seen the video that I'm going to be posting about it, but the new house that I move into and about four days is a house that I attracted purely using Reality Transurfing. I'm going to make a whole video about it, but basically one of the things I did because there was competition to get into this house.

It's a beautiful house. You'll see what I mean. I'll do a house tour of it and it's a house that there were four or five applications. I'm just renting. There were four or five applications on it and I had to in a way stand out. I used Reality Transurfing to do that and I'll share with you in a separate video exactly what I did, but a general gist is I imagined that the house had a consciousness and it wanted me to live there. I imagined all the things that I could do in that house to add value to other people.

All the videos I could fill, all the value that I could add to other people in this house with all of this space and that ended up flowing through me. I imagined myself meditating in different rooms in that house because there are four bedrooms.

I imagine having an actual meditation room and I imagined that the house wanted me to live there. As weird as this sounds, these works view everything in the form of vibrational resonance, and what I did is I imagined that the house wanted me to live there. I imagine that the people that live there, landowners, the people that owned the House wanted me to live there because I'm clean or the different parts that I ran through my mind, so this is of itself, outer intention was one of the most powerful things that I have experienced in my life in the bulk Reality Transurfing.

And they say that outer intention is what any type of magic, any type of miracles happens because of outer intention. Outer attention really has to do with letting go because the inner intention is about the ego, about accomplishment, but you have to let go.

To then allow there to be a greater space in between where we are to where we want to be, to not have the cake, to have the cake, and if we let go, we trust the process and we vibrate with that resonance. We find that things happen in a very powerful way.

2. Frialing

Now, the second technique I want to share with you is a technique that you use in communication. It is called Frialing. In general, the idea behind this technique is tapping into other people's inner intention. Now, as I say, I'll make this every video on the house, but I also tapped into the intention of the landowners because the landlords knew that what they wanted was they wanted me or whoever moved in there to take really good care of the house. I could tell you know how I knew that because I could tell because one of the things they asked for was 15 photos of the current house I live in. I had to go around my house. I had to take photos of everything.

But basically, I tapped into their inner intention of them wanting someone that very clean to live in the house. This is another perspective now. Let me show you an example of how I used to use this now think it in terms of how other people think. And it's kind of like where we also focused on adding value to other people.

But this is a powerful technique for communication. I imagine you have a job and you want to get time off. Now. This actually is an actual story from a job I used to have before I was a fulltime YouTuber at this last year, that everything's moved very fast, but I used to have a job. I worked at Barneys, New York selling woman's shoes, high-end retail stores.

The average price of shoes is like 1200 bucks. And I worked there and I used to have a manager. His name was Neil and he kind of had like this little, he's a great guy, but he had this power tripping type mentality. It's almost like you could if you needed something, he had to make the one decision that you could do it. You couldn't implant the idea and assume that he would do it. You had to almost give him full reign for him to decide on it.

This is what happened. If I would go to him and I would say, Hey Neil, I need the third and fourth, I need the third week off of July for some vacation thing that I'm doing. He'd be like, well, I don't know if you can have them, you know, that third week of July off because there's this, this and this going on, like makeup marinade kind of something be going on. Wouldn't be that big of a deal. It'd be like some little event that doesn't make a difference.

I'd have to like almost fight for it. Right? So, instead what I would do is I'm very good with people and I know how to talk to people and I know how to say this is before I even knew Reality Transurfing by the way, but I look back at it and I was totally using this technique without even knowing it because I didn't use, I didn't learn Reality Transurfing until about eight months ago when I just dove in and learned as much as I can now.

I read the book every night. What happened though is I knew how he thinks and how you. I used to have a stepmom that was kind of like a sociopath. I had to learn how to deal with her so I know how to deal with people that also have that power trip mentality.  That's the power of frialing. The giveaway that which you want to get. If it's a certain emotion. If you're in a relationship and you say, okay, I want more love in my life, give it away. Love more, give more compassionate and watch it come back to you.

Give it away because the giving is the same vibration as the receiving. That is where the power really is, so this has also been a very powerful technique that I've applied in my life.

3. Reality Amalgam

The third technique is that of what is called a reality amalgam. Now, like I would say that Reality Amalgam, a reality, Amalgam in the Venetian times, what the Venetians would do, however, you say it, but they would do, is they would have these big Venetian mirrors. They would put a hint of gold in the mirror so that when you looked in these mirrors, you go, Whoa, I'm way more attractive.

You've got this gold hue about you, this soft kind of look in your skin and you look very healthy. That is called an amalgam. It's kind of an amalgam that's overlaid into the mere. The gold hint is in the mirror, so in the same way a reality, amalgam is a metaphor, but nonetheless a reality.

Amalgam is an overlaying belief that you tell yourself repetitively. It's a very general belief though, so let me share with you some of the reality amalgams in my own life. Everything works out for me. I'm in the right place at the right time. I have a contagious personality where people are just attracted to me. These are reality amalgams. They're very general beliefs that it's almost hard to have some type of resistance towards.

If we take that further, we can develop resistance towards it. We could say everything happens at the right time when I'm in this place doing exactly this. Well, it's okay. That's a very specific thing. It's more about letting go and having it be more general. In general, though, with the Reality of Amalgam, what you do is you repetitiously say this phrase over and over again, and it's a belief that being to affect every other area of your life, so what I do is I just know that I'm always in the right place at the right time.

Now, this translates in many different ways because I say this to myself a lot, so what I'd do is I'm in traffic and guess what? I emerged into the next lane. I'm in the right place at the right time and it's like, just happens fluidly. Then I go through a Green Line, I keep hitting the green lights, and I keep reaffirming to myself I'm always in the right place at the right time. Then something will happen. Somebody will open the door for me when I go to the gym.

Guess what? I'm in the right place at the right time. I say this to myself over and over and over again, and then it keeps on bringing more and more evidence of it, so it's a general belief that as we say, continues to bring in more and more into our life, so maybe this is something you can see as well in your own life, that this is something that you can begin to apply that as you do so this with repetition especially can begin to transform your life, but find a very general belief.

Something that you almost can't have that much resistance towards. Things happened to me at the right place, at the right time. You can use it to people or just magnetic to me, I have a contagious personality where it just rubs off on other people and people you know, feel that energy. It can be almost around anything and as you begin to use that repetitiously, you'll see that more and more and more evidence of that you will get.

Now, something else that I'm currently offering is I have something called the Reality Transurfing. This academy is a month to month coaching program where you get private videos from me, premium videos that you don't get on Youtube. These are specifically for the program that shows you step by step exactly how to apply this whole process of Reality Transurfing and these are only three of many different types of techniques and I show exactly step by step how to go through the process so that you create from a much easier place.

This is for people that don't want to reaffirm in the present moment. They don't have what they want. They desire it so much. This is about gliding through the space of variations, gliding through the parallel realities and creating in a completely new way so that you feel empowered knowing that what you want already exists. So, you'll also get a mastermind community that helps this process. You'll get live Q and Q's with me every two weeks, be able to ask me questions. You'll get a whole bunch of bonus meditations that you don't see on YouTube and you get more of me.

 This is how I coach and this is something that for a very short period of time I'm doing at a dollar trial. You can try it for seven days for only a dollar, so if you want to try it, there's going to be Lincoln and top of the description box. This is something that I don't do very often at all, but if you want to try it out for only a dollar, you'll see the link below and you can see what it's all about. It's the most part. Use testimonials as well from a least 10, 15 people that I have on the actual page showing you exactly what you can expect.  Check it out and if you resonate with you, go ahead and join it for a dollar trial for seven days and if so you can keep with it and if not, it's all good.

The TRUTH About What You Do In DREAM State

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth about your dreams and understanding exactly what you are really doing when you go to bed at night.

So, come on and watch the video below:

I'm going to be sharing with you what I think is happening when we go to bed at night. I'm going to share with you a new perspective that I've never really shared on the channel before. Maybe a little bit. I've talked a little bit in recent videos about the possibility that we live in a simulated reality and the same way that we may put on a (VR) virtual reality helmet and look out and actually think that we are there at the very early stages of VR that we are right now. It's highly possible that in 10, 15 years we won't know the difference between what is real and when we put on a VR set.

If that is real? Because of that, what is to say that at a higher level of consciousness, we haven't already done that in. This kind of goes into what I'll be talking about when it comes to dreams, but I think honestly this is a very enlightening idea. It's something that makes me feel good knowing that we are so much more than we can priorly imagine knowing that our dreams are not just some little side effect of our subconscious mind, which that could be one aspect of it.

However, I think there's so much more that's actually happening and I'm going to share with you a little bit about what I think that is. Now. First off, let me say that I believe that it is possible that we live in a simulated reality. Now, this is something Elan Musk actually said. Elon Musk quoted and said that he believes that the chances that this reality that we experience, the chances that this is the baseline reality, meaning the true reality.

He says, he believes that the chances of that are less than a fraction of one percent. He said, pretty much that we live in a simulated reality now. This is something that when I first heard, “I was like, hmm... I thought it was a little bit weird.”

But then I did some research on it and I looked up different perspectives to this and I realized, well, what actually I realized when I actually tried a VR system for myself, and I've shared this story a couple of times. Basically, my cousin came over. I was at my dad's house and we were having like a family event. He brought over his PS3.

We put on this VR headset and you look around and you're actually believing that you're there because as you look, you're fueled of perception goes with you. There are sounds. Uh, I was in an underwater cage thing and I was looking around at fish that were swimming by.

And then a shark came by and a shark bit out. This case that I was sinking down in and I actually thought the shark was going to get me. Even though I knew it was a game, it still spikes the cortisol. Then I looked over the edge after he busted this thing out of the cage and I was looking over the ledge up real far down into the abyss and it was something that felt very real and I realized at that moment that if I'm already feeling this way and we're at the first very, very, very beginning on stages of virtual reality, imagine the potential.

When Elon Musk said that, I said, yeah, what if at a higher-level dimension of consciousness, we have decided to log in to the game of life to have certain experiences. Now, here's what I believe is happening in our dream state.

When we go to bed at night when we say I'm going to go sleep, what we are actually doing is we are sleeping is “Avatar”. We used to play this game and we're waking up at a higher level of consciousness. Many times, what we do is what I believe.

I'm doing a dream state as I'm actually doing things in higher dimensions and I believe you're doing the same thing. Not that I'm special. I'm just aware of it and there are times I remember some of these things. Here's the thing, the higher dimensional realm of consciousness may be outside of what our brain can interpret because our brain can only get information to us that it has context for.

If we are actually doing things that are far beyond what our brain can even imagine, then what'll happen is there's this buffer where the brain will give us symbols as to how certain things happen so that we can digest the information.

What this means is that at a higher level of consciousness, when we go to bed at night, we are most likely waking up to these higher levels of consciousness. And then in a way when we wake up here, we are coming back to this level of awareness. We may from a certain perspective, be going to sleep in that reality to wake up here so when actuality.

This is about as far as we get from the true reality of who we are, but I think that's very exciting because I believe in the higher dimensional realm of consciousness. The vibration that we normally feel is unconditional love when we come down into what we call the third dimension, which is this life experience, and we forget who we are because there's something called the veil of forgetfulness. Imagine if you were playing a video game and you knew that you were playing a video game.

Would you take it as seriously? You may not, but imagine you're playing a video game and you actually think that it's real. You actually can't tell the difference between whether it's real or not. How much more seriously would you take that game? How much more would there be to learn, and that's kind of the idea of why we chose to be here.

We chose to be here because one of the things that this makes this place so hard is we forget who we are and then our life experiences are that which we are remembering who we are. We are letting go of who we are, not we're letting go of labels, the identity of who we are, not some personal experience, bad programming, social conditioning, and as we let that go, we become more of that natural state of who we really are. We start to merge more with our “higher self”, that higher realm of dimensional existence.

We are merging with that. I think that's something that's happening right now and some people are experiencing it more than others. It's not a race, but it is something to where the depending on what you are to the vibration of you will experience, but what I believe is happening is that at the fundamental reality of who we really are, we are immortal.

Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences that in higher levels of consciousness, we can instantly manifest what we want because there's no time and space. There are time and space. In the third dimension, there's a time-space, a linear experience that we have here, but in higher realms, things happen instantaneously. I think that unconditional love is our natural state of being, that we feel connected to every single person with the awareness that that person, that other soul is another version of us, so we don't create as much resistance.

I think that as that higher level dimensional realm of consciousness in that realm, that's who we naturally are, but then out of bravery, we choose to come here because this is one of the most challenging places to be because we forget who we are when we come here because we go and we descend into a level of consciousness where we forget who we are and we can always remember and that's a lot of times why we experience either the pressure of pain in life.

Sometimes that causes a spiritual awakening in this spiritual awakening and then we become more aware of the higher realm consciousness. We, we become more connected to it. We feel more connected to it. We're always connected to it. We feel more connected to it, and then what we do is we begin to embody more of that.

So, at the fundamental level, what I believe we do when we go to bed at night is we wake up at a higher level of consciousness and that the symbols that we get in our life of what we did in that higher level of consciousness could be the dreams. Notice that a lot of times dreams are nothing more than symbols or metaphors for things we can currently be learning in our life. Or maybe we look at our dreams are we're like, there's no way that means anything, but understand that even the logical mind doesn't understand it at a certain level.

There's something that may have sunk in theirs even if we don't remember our dreams. Does it mean we didn't learn anything? It just means we didn't remember our dreams. But the reason I'm saying all of this is because I want you to know that I believe you are any moral, spiritual beings living a temporary human experience, that you have forgotten who you are at a certain level to incarnate into this system.

And that one of the purposes of life is to remember that we logged onto this game of life, but that we are not the Avatar that we identify with. It is just one aspect of us, but at a higher level, dimensional, at a higher level, dimensional part of consciousness who we really are is unconditional love. It's bliss. It's a connection to everyone else is his ability to create what we want instantly, but we decided.

We said I want to experience a new type of version of myself. I want to experience something where I can learn a lot of lessons because things happen so fast up here that I want to experience a time, space, reality. I want to experience things where when I manifest something, it's not like it instantly happens. I have to think about it. I have to vibrate with it. I have to learn how to act as if it is already true.

I have to really take action as it soaks in the experience rather than just instantaneously be there. Imagine the higher dimensions. There's no journey. It's all just the end result, the end results like, oh, I want to enjoy this more. I want to more so sink into this feeling and that's why we may come to this realm of consciousness now from a larger dream of consciousness.

Let's go down the rabbit hole a little bit deeper from a larger dream of consciousness. I believe that there is an intention of the reality itself and I believe that one of the intentions of the reality that we live in right now is that there is a sort of “mass awakening happening”. You may look around and you may say, it doesn't look like that await.

Mass awakening is happening, buddy, but it's happening at a certain level and it's trickling out. It's causing a ripple effect. There are millions of people that are waking up to who they are and we would call this a spiritual awakening, but they're waking up and they're not identifying with the ego perspectives of separation as much as they used to. This is a progressive thing, but it's the main reason. I believe there are 7 billion people here right now on the planet.

I believe they are. That's the reason some so many people want to be here right now because I believe there is a sort of evolution that's happening on the planet and evolution of consciousness, of remembrance, of re, members of who we really are. Reconnecting ourselves to who we really are and remembering this because it's who we really are and just as hard as the gay may be for us to go to sleep at night and I think we're just seeing these subconscious type symbols as hard as it is for us to also come here and for us to experience the pain that has to go with being alive here and the slowness of how things manifest.

There's something about the process of raising our vibration back up and us collectively doing it because just like we are creating our own reality from our thoughts, we collectively are creating the momentum of what reality we experienced because all of our thoughts team together to create a collective consciousness.

Now, part of the dream, the simulation that we live in is that it's getting an upgrade right now. We are upgrading the reality that we live in and it starts from with all of us. It starts with all of us remembering who we are, making the choice within ourselves to see the correlation of what we think to what we experience of us making the decision that we are going to go deeper within. We're going to realize that we are immortal, spiritual beings, living a temporary human experience.

We are not the ego. We are not the Avatar that we may identify with. It's one aspect of us, but at a higher level of the dimensional realm of consciousness. That is who we really are. What are you doing in your dream state? I think that you're going to bed in this reality, waking up from a higher level of consciousness, and then when you come back here in the morning, you don't remember 99 percent of it because it's not even relatable to your brain.

Imagine you did something that was beyond the five senses. Imagine you did something that you had no words for it. You can't even explain it. Their colors you've never even seen, you know you're not going to have words to describe the colors you had, emotions that we don't have any human words for any human or English or any language for imagining you experienced something so far outside of your normal realm of perception that you just can't even explain it well.

 How would that come back to you in our awake life now with our realm of consciousness where we currently are with our brain, the only way that it has us through symbols and through metaphors or symbols and metaphors, we may not even completely understand, maybe flying and then a monkey comes out of the sky. Something happens.

Dreams are symbols where our subconscious mind can communicate with us.

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You know random stuff has no real meaning, but at a certain level, it may be a certain symbol that sinks in some way. Dreams are symbols. Dreams are ways also that our subconscious mind can communicate with us. Dreams are ways that our higher self, our guides can connect with us. These are all possibilities. 

I don't know exactly what is happening, but what I do know and what I've personally experienced, his dreams are not just some little regurgitation of brain activity. Dreams are just a symbol for something that I can't understand because my brain doesn't have reference experiences for it, but I get the sense that every single one of us goes to bed at night. When we go to bed, we wake up at a higher level of consciousness. We are more connected to people that had made even passed away in our life.

We are more connected to everyone else at a deeper level. We may be doing similar things that we're doing now. I believe in my dream state that I may be teaching at a certain level, had many “dreams” where I am speaking in front of different people. I am teaching certain ideas very similar to what I do in my real life. When I wake up here and I go, Whoa, this is the real life. This is what I do.

I'm doing something similar in my dream state and that is a symbol for what I could be doing it at a higher-level realm of consciousness and it's a possibility. Like I said though, I believe that this is all a symbol. I believe in a way life is a metaphor or a symbol. I believe that as real as we think does this. It's an experience.

I believe at the fundamental level. We are immortal, spiritual beings, living a temporary human experience. We are forgotten who we are because that's part of the game of life. We have a time, space, linear type experience, but in actuality, things happen instantaneously and higher dimensional realms of consciousness. We are all here right now for a collective system upgrade, a system consciousness shift.

We may have forgotten and that's why we're here, but I believe it's one of the main reasons we are here and then as we become more aware of who we are, we start to then tap into more of our true power and with more of our true power, with the remembrance of who we are at a higher-level realm of consciousness or more to the core frequency of who we are.

We start to create from a much higher paradigm and that our life right now is about us connecting to our higher self, us connecting our Eagle Avatar to that have a larger aspect version of us and I believe we're all remembering it.

I think this is very empowering. I think that our natural state is that of unconditional love. I think that's who we really are, that we may come here, forget all of this because it's a beautiful thing to remember. It's a process to remember and maybe part of the journey is to reconnect, remember, and to be the best version of us, to embody more of our true self, to let go of what doesn't serve and then exists in that higher level dimensional of consciousness, of unconditional love.

I believe in your dream state. You're doing things you don't even understand. You can't even imagine because you are so much more beyond that which you can't even imagine to begin with and that you may give yourself these symbols. You may give yourself these types of metaphors. You wake up in the morning go. That was what my dream was, but I think that that was just what your brain can interpret.

I think you are actually much more than that, so something that I have for you is a guided meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational frequency so that you more so merged with this highest version of you so that you create things easier in your life so that you connect to yourself at a very deep level. It will show you how to raise your vibrational set point. You do it for 21 days, I think will absolutely transform your life and another.

Law of Attraction Meditation for Manifesting Your Day

I'm going to be sharing with you a Law of Attraction meditation that will help you manifest your next day the way that you prefer. I recommend you to do this either right in the morning when you wake up or before you go to bed the night before.

So, come on and watch the video below:

Align your energy and thoughts to attract synchronicity into your life.

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What I’m going to share with you today is something that has absolutely transformed my life and that is learning how to set intentions the night before I go to bed or right when I wake up in the morning for the way I want my day to go. This is something that I've been doing for less than a year now, but it is totally transformed my life because I'm able to get what I want done in a very smooth way. 

At the same time, I'm able to attract synchronicity into my life because I have aligned to my energy and my thoughts right before I do something. This is going to be one of those blogs that I do where I do express explanation in the beginning and then what I do is we do a meditation at the end to wire it in and the meditation is something that I recommend you to do for at least 21 days to really get the full benefit of it and you'll find that things start happening easier than ever because you are aligning your energy and your thoughts to what you want in a very powerful way and by doing it and chunking it into what are called segments.

And I'll explain that in a minute. What you do is you start to find that things just kind of lock into gear in a much easier way. Let me explain this first off because the one we understand it, we can then see why we're doing it and we can see what it is doing by us doing a meditation like we are about to do. This is the idea what we are and what we have around our body is our body and our energy does not end at right at our fingertips.

There is an electromagnetic energy that goes around our body. This is the something that the HeartMath Institute has proven has shown and there's actually more electromagnetic energy in your heart than there is in your head. Nonetheless, there's a toroidal field that goes around your head. There's a toroidal field that goes around your body.

In general, this toroidal field that's constantly going around your body has within it the emotions, the feelings, and the patterns of your thought are within that emotional field, that emotional and energetic field. Now when you go out into the world, you are linking up with other people. You are linking up with other situations that are in alignment with your vibration. This is when they say in physics that everything is vibration.

Your energy field has a certain vibration and if your energy field is of a certain vibration, you will experience certain things in your life. Now in general, for about a 30 day period, you have that have the momentum of the thoughts you've been carrying around, so it's almost like the thoughts that you may have thought a couple of weeks ago, maybe you had something happened, there's a possibility, there's still a ripple of something that happened.

Maybe it was something positive, but it's still within your energy field. When you learn how to observe it and you're not reacting to it, or when you learn how to direct it, what you do is you start to create what you want in your life more deliberately. This is the thing with segment intending. In the beginning, it may feel like as you do it, it's not doing as much, but it compounds over time.

This is why when you are segment intending your day, which means that you get up and there are certain segments of your day that you intend for certain things to happen. So let me give you a couple examples. This is something that can transform your life. If you begin to apply just this alone, what you do is you wake up in the morning and you set intentions for what you're about to go into.

For example, let me show you how I segment into my day up until this point, and it's early on in the day. What I do is I get up in the morning, I set the intention that I have a really great meditation, that I'm able to observe my thoughts in an easy way that I feel connected to my heart center. I set the intention that I do that for 15 minutes and I feel great after I do that and I do feel great and what I do is I get up and I set the intention that I have a great cold shower because I film videos right when I wake up every morning. So, I set the intention that the cold shower wakes me up, that I feel in lived with energy.

I'm growing that within my energy field and it makes it easier and easier and easier. Now when I get into a video, I just pop into the flow state. None of my videos are scripted. The only thing I know before I go into my video is normally the title and a general idea of what I'm going to talk about, but then I just go on and normally my videos are 15 to 20 minutes. I don't say it to brag or say that it makes me special because I can do that.

I'm saying I practiced it and I intended for it through the power of intention and focus and practice. That's what it is as well. Nonetheless, what am I saying for this is that your energy field has within it those thoughts, emotions and patterns.

So what? When you begin to segment intent part of your day, that everything can begin to change because then you build a new momentum and that vibration then attracts to it a totally new reality. With all that being said, what we're going to do today is we're going to do a meditation that I recommend you listen to when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed at night or both.

But this is what I've done more and more over the time of the last year is I've done that for a while where I say segment intending. I have that segment intention, but this is what I do a little bit different now is what I do is I literally will imagine my whole day right when I wake up in the morning. So what I'll do is I will imagine myself and what do I have to do today?

I always have written, this is a little productivity tip for any of you guys that want it. The three things, most high leverage things I'm going to do for today. I do it right when I wake up in the morning after I meditate and after I take the cold shower. Normally one of those was making a video. I set that intention so that almost like as I go to bed at night, my subconscious mind is priming myself for that experience and it just makes it so everything just falls into place easily.

But what I do is I imagined the things I have to do today. Today, for example, I have to go to the gym. I don't have to, but I want to. I'm going to go to the gym, I'm going to go shopping and get some stuff for the house.

I'm going to do a couple of things online with my business. I'm going to put together some things on my business website. There's a couple things I'm going to do, but I knew when I wake up in the morning that I set that intention and that I imagined everything going well. I ran it through in my mind and I imagined myself being there and everything just falling into place so smoothly.

Everything just happened perfectly. If anything did come up that was out of the blueprint for how it should happen, I imagined myself really like embracing it and learning from it. And then going back into it, and as I did that, it's like it makes it so much easier. I promise you, if you apply this, it will transform your life and that's why what we're going to do now is we're going to imagine our whole day, so maybe it's the end of the day to day and you want to imagine tomorrow or maybe it's the morning right now and you have quite a bit of your day left or it's the middle of your day.

Just imagine what you'd like to happen the rest of the day and start to focus on a couple of things that to you would be ideal. Maybe it's you tab and a great conversation with somebody. Maybe it's you connecting to somebody else. Maybe it's you having some type of abundance full through or you have to go talk to a client or something for your business. Whatever it is. Imagine that going well. Think of a couple scenarios and what we're going to do is we're going to go into that intention exercise in a meditation.

I'm going to guide you through help you relax, and then what I'm going to ask you to do is to focus on the emotions, focus on the different intentions that you have, and focus on how it would feel, and we're going to go through this together. This is something you can listen to whenever you want, but like I said, in the am right when you wake up at nighttime, right? If we go to bed, that's the ideal time to do it. So right now, what I'd like to ask you to do is to take a deep breath in, a deep breath out, and then to feel yourself relax. Let's take a deep breath in.

As you breathe out, feel your body relax more and more knowing that with every breath you take, feeling more and more relaxed, put your hands over your heart because the electromagnetic energy is so much more powerful than that of the head. It's been proven that by putting your hands over your heart and feeling the sensation inside your heart center, you work with rowing the electromagnetic energy around your body.

Let's take another deep breath in. Deep breaths out and feel ourselves relax now. As you breathe out, feel free to close your eyes and feel yourself relax more and more. Well, imagine yourself laying there relaxing more and more and feel a wave of relaxation through your body. Every time you feel this wave of relaxation, your body loosens up. You can feel yourself now drifting to a very relaxed state, feeling loose, feeling presence, feeling blissful.

If you're the sensation behind your eyes and imagine it more relax, imagine side, you're right. Now, imagine your body relaxing more and more. Imagine a wave of energy flowing through your body. As this wave of energy flows through your body, you feel more and more relaxed. Feel this sensation inside of your head, behind your eyelids. Feel it. Feel the sensation in your throat. Relax your neck.

Now you have a sensation in your left hand, left arm. Squeeze and relax the sensation in your right hand, right screens. Feel the energy in your heart center feeling warm. Feel ball of energy spinning clockwise or it spins. The more you feel in this heart energy, feel right below your heart center, your awareness and your stomach. Feel this sensation of relaxation now.

Feel the sensation in your left leg and foot. Relax like a sensation in the right leg and foot. Relax. Let go. Now. You were in a much more relaxed state and you can plan your day. You can set your intention is very powerful. Now imagine the next segment of your day. Imagine whatever that segment is, maybe that segment as you in the morning he beats you. Going to talk to somebody specific data. Your GPA was whatever it is. Imagine the next segment of your day. Imagine have an ideal way.

Imagine how you would feel if it turned out perfectly matched, what kind of sensations you would feel in your body. Bring the awareness into your heart again and feel how it feels to feel present to the moment while you do and are in this segment of your day and amplify that energy in your heart center right now. Now, what intentions do you have for this segment of your day? Set those intentions. I intend Dr. What do you intend? No. Imagine yourself feeling happy and peaceful and whatever segment of the day.

Be grateful how everything is turning out. Now let's move to the next, second day. What is the thing after that that you intend to happen? Imagine that in detail happening the way you say your mind. What do you intend to happen this second now?

How would it feel if everything turned out perfect for that segment? What would it feel like in your heart? Imagine that feeling, feeling inside your heart magnifier increase its energy just by thinking about it. I think of a ball of energy in your heart to spinning faster and faster, and the faster it spins, the more you feel this gratitude that you feel. No things are going to happen that way.   

Now let's move onto the next segment of our name. What's the next segment? What you want to happen, what you intended before imagined that I intend. What do you intend to happen in this second? Imagine a scenario that would represent to you the ideal circumstance I am setting. The intention is more powerful than you even imagine. I'll put the awareness, your heart center, and feel the emotion of how it would feel for that segment, that scenario to go out and perfectly happened. Just the way. How does that feel?

Imagine your body posture, how you carry yourself when you're in that state of being, feel grateful that everything is happening perfectly. I think of one more segment that you would like for. Imagine it in detail. What are your intentions now? Imagine field that ball of energy in your heart faster experience than what you feel that love energy. Pay attention to how it feels to set these intentions. How does that feel?

Set general intention for your day and in general, say larger. It's going to be something simple. I intend to always be at the right place at the right time. I intend for them always positive way. I intend to have an amazing day. I tend to do whatever overall intention. You have. Set that intention right now.

Then imagine yourself going to bed tonight after all of this has happened and imagine how accomplished you feel. Matching the energy of your heart, a passionate you feel, and simply know when you go to bed tonight, we are going to feel some accomplishment, was passionate gratitude.

Now what we're going to do is we're going to come back to the count down from five to one, and with every number I count down, you're going to feel more alert or present to the moment and you're going to know that things are going to happen and be much more smooth way today you're going to feel more deliberate about your day than ever before.

Five, feel yourself become more and more present for feel a wave of relaxation through your body. In a wave of presence. Three, start to wiggle your toes. Start to become more present to fill yourself now, open your eyes. Feel certain that you're going to have an amazing day to day that your intentions will pan out the way that you intend for them to. Remember, the most important thing is not what happens, but it's how you respond to what happens and what you just did is you directed your energy and your emotion in a powerful way in the direction I want to recommend that you do this meditation for 21 days to get the maximum benefit out of it.

I think it can transform your life and helping you to set more deliberate intention to bring in your emotion. Remember manifestations and just intention. It's not just emotion, it's both. This pinnacle right here at this middle section is right where the power is. That's why doing this meditation daily Family Change Your Life, so I also have a guided meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set points that you manifest from a much higher paradigm.

How to Use Affirmations with Reality Transurfing

Today, I'm going to show you how to use affirmations with Reality Transurfing. This very well could be the missing link to you really getting what you want by letting go of parts of affirmations that no longer serve you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

I really believe that what I’m going to share with you can totally be a game changer when it comes to you creating what you want in your life, understanding affirmations at a deeper level and understanding it more at an energetic level than anything else. This involves understanding the energy part of affirmations.

Let's look at the old way that we go about the law of attraction. Now, the old way of a law of attraction. What it is we have a desire in what we do is we say the affirmations to hopefully get us to that end desire to that kind of goal.

In a way, normally we think of affirmations as a means to an end. Our affirmations will get us the results that we want. Now there's a couple ways to tweak that and one thing we could do is simply say our affirmations in the present moment, so whereas normally people are saying, I will attract your relationship, will is presupposed that's going to be in the future, which isn't right now and since the only moment that really does exist is right now is right now.

What we then do is we say, I am whole and complete, or I am in a relationship and that will get you a certain benefit. However, what I believe is even more powerful is this understanding of how to use it with what is called Reality Transurfing. If you've been following my channel, you know that this is a powerful manifestation process that I've taught quite a bit about and more so than even just a manifestation process is actually more of a philosophy or a way for seeing the world that when you start to adopt it, it can completely transform your life.

I'm going to share with you a little bit about Reality Transurfing in general before I get into it. Just to give context for this blog and with Reality Transurfing, it's about understanding that it's about intention more than anything else. Reality Transurfing is a book that was written in Russia by a quantum physicist named Vadim Zeland, and this book is now getting much more popularity.

I've been sharing it on my channel. I've had so many people text me pictures of the books or email me or direct message me on social media like pictures of the books that they'd got it, saying that they're loving it. It's changing their lives and there's a couple of key principles that change everything and the guy that wrote it is a quantum physicist, which means he has more of a perspective of understanding parallel realities and this is something I've talked about before as well as the power of parallel realities to really create what you want in your life and understanding that awareness that the only moment that exists is this moment right now.

When we're projecting ourselves to the future, we're not creating the residents with the reality that we want right now in the present moment. Under Reality Transurfing, there's two or three main ideas that can really help you understand that more, the first one has to do intentions. If we simply set more intentions, we will create more of what we want our life think of intention as the direction and if you set an intention, you're giving your boat metaphorically speaking, some type of direction.

The intention is the sale. Without it, you just kind of remain stagnant. Now, the idea is that as you set an intention, you start to more so flow to the reality that you want to experience. Now, there's another part of understanding that every possible reality you can possibly imagine exists right now in the present moment. We're just shifting through these different parallel realities with every choice that we make with the intentions that we set, and then there's another part of Reality Transurfing that has to do with understanding what are called pendulums.

Now, pendulums are these thoughts, structures that are created when we are thinking similar thoughts and when people think the same thoughts or have the same beliefs, these thoughts, structures come together and create an overarching belief for society. Because we're co creating our lives with other people, the idea is a collective level.

The idea is that there are pendulums around every idea you can imagine, and many times we think that we're having our own thoughts when in reality we're having the thoughts of a pendulum. There are pendulums, Yvonne being Republican or Democrat, about being this for this nationality, against this nationality, for this football team, against this team. Any time you feel a rush of energy and a lot of times you may find that it's actually the thoughts of a pendulum.

The power of this is to observe your thoughts, to take your power back, and then to transcend that. In a way, you can say that that is social conditioning. As we take our power back, we start to create from a much more powerful place. Now the third part and the most important part, I would say it's funny, it's the most important part of Reality Transurfing is about decreasing importance, so anytime we give something excess importance, meaning we make it very important that we give it excess, meaning we create what is called excess potential.

Now when we do that, there are balancing forces that come into play that have to neutralize that energy, and the way that it neutralizes it is by giving it the opposite of what it wants. When it's very important. You may have experienced this if you want it to be in a relationship with someone and you put them on a pedestal and the moment you put them on a pedestal, you distance yourself from them and then you couldn't actually connect to them.

They either felt that as resistance or just circumstances come into play to where it did not happen. This is that awareness that those ideas are the main parts of Reality Transurfing. Now, when it comes to affirmations, because we're setting intentions, what we begin to do is realize that when we set intentions, we are literally bringing in the probability of those parallel realities that exist right now.

Now, affirmations with Reality Transurfing being there, there's a couple of key differences between that and the regular Law of Attraction process we might use. Now the first off, we must connect to something we're passionate about when we are saying our affirmation, so under the old way of thinking about it may be that we want the idea of money. We're saying I have 100,000 dollars in the bank or I have $10,000 or even $10,000, whatever it is, we say that in the present moment.

Cool. We're saying it in the present moment with Reality Transurfing However, Reality Transurfing is about more so connecting to the goal itself rather than having money be the goal. You see money as a side effect. Money is a side effect of the value we can give to other people or have us doing our passion for living.

We have to be honest with what we want and we have to connect it to our heart.

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We start to feel more connected to it and we see it from a real place of passion. This means that we have to be honest with what we want and we have to connect it to our heart. You see, the mind doesn't understand that the money equals the freedom or the money. He goes to security. 

The mind understands that the heart does not. So we must connect. First off, our affirmations must be something that we are actually passionate about.

So, make sure it's something that's your real goal. Like my real goal for example, is me traveling the world, going to amazing places, meeting people, speaking in front of people, having people that love what I'm saying, love what I'm doing, going to a really great restaurants, filming in exotic places. Those are all my goals and I can feel that when I say it, but it's not like I want to manifest, you know, $300,000 so that I can travel for a year. You know, it's not, that isn't.

The translation is more than that. I go straight to the goal itself and I say it as if it's in the present moment. So, the first part of reality, transformative with affirmations is to first off, say something you're passionate about. Now the next one is going to be something that maybe you've never heard of before and I've just kind of mentioned earlier, but once you want to do is say it in the present tense because you're doing it from the awareness that parallel reality exists right now.

Right now, there's a version of me that exists because everything exists here and now of me traveling the world, doing what I love to do and what I do is I imagine that at that exists. So first off, have that awareness because having that awareness makes it that much more probable for you and then saying it and feeling it as if in the present moment.

So, I view it almost like that is already happening. So that can happen for me if I resonate with it, by aligning my beliefs, my thoughts, my actions, and knowing that that is something that can be. Now the other part is understanding decreasing the level of importance.

I can give myself right now the permission to love what I'm doing because I'm doing this at a different level. Like I'm speaking to you guys right now through this camera and I could go travel right now and do pretty much whatever I want. However, it's already a way I'm doing it and as I recognize that, I bring more so that energy, that resonance into what I do and it makes it so much more powerful. So that I actually experienced it in my life. Now, the key to this and the part that I'm getting at is we must decrease the level of importance.

We give our affirmations and we must make it more so comfortable. Now, this sounds a little bit paradoxical, but what we do is we must see our affirmations, state them in the present moment and say them as something that is comfortable.

The reality that you are doing whatever you're seeing in your affirmations is natural. It's comfortable for you so you had as comfortable because if you view it as comfortable, you know sometimes there's a negative connotation around something being comfortable. If you expand your comfort zone, that then becomes your level of comfort.

If you do something you haven't done before or you say something as an affirmation, you start to know that you can do it. It starts to become natural for you. So, say it as if that is the case, and then start to see yourself as that type of person.

Change yourself image with your affirmations so it's a part of who I am to travel the world and speak and paradoxically enough and a couple of days I'm going to La to give a talk. One of my first talks in La in front of 50 different people with another YouTuber, buddy of mine, so that's exactly what I mean is in the present moment, it's already happening. I've been saying this and this is why I think now I'm having these kinds of experiences in my life.

The last thing I'll talk about is something that is called a reality amalgam. Back in the day, the Venetian times. It's paradoxical because I used to actually work at the Venetian hotel when I had a job or like you know, a nine to five job, the Venetian and the Venetian times. What they would do is in nears, they would put hints of gold so that when you looked into this mirror, you look slightly more attractive.

This is what an amalgam is. It's that golden. It's the underlying belief that we can put around everything that we do. It's this underlying belief that if we say repetitively begins to become so conscious and starts to influence us in a subconscious way, these are overlaying beliefs such as the world always takes care of me.

Everything is always working out for me. Everything has a positive meaning. If I choose to see it that way, I feel lucky. I am lucky. I'm a lucky type person. Thankfully. Think, think I'm thankful that that happened. It's an overarching belief or an overarching affirmation that we say repetitively, that if we do it again, we think and we say it repetitively, it starts to shape our world. So first off, let me ask you a question. How do you see affirmations in general?

Do you use affirmations as they don't work? Well? If so, then they won't work for you. It's all a self-fulfilling prophecy. Start to see the whole manifestation process as something that does work for you, and as you do that, guess what? You will start to get the benefit that you want. Start to see things as working out for you. Start to see that you're always in the right place at the right time, that every day gets better and better.

That's a common one and once you want to do is you want to set these reality amalgams, which is this overarching belief, and say it four or five times a day, this isn't a way an affirmation, but remember we say it as if it's comfortable. We allow it to be there in a powerful way and we see ourselves as natural with the process, so this is something that is sort of like an affirmation that when you start to really apply it, it will help you to transform your results with affirmations.

Now, remember that with affirmations and Reality Transurfing of the major differences are that it's more about an overarching belief that you can say that can start to shape your whole experience with the manifestation process. That beyond that you want to see your goals as something connected to your heart.

When you do that, you connect to it in a much more powerful way and then what you do is you see it as natural. You see it as a part of who you are. You start to give yourself permission right now to increase your state of being, to give yourself permission to feel like you are who you choose to be, and as you increase your state of being, your affirmations, then have much more power and you're much more likely to shift to the reality that you want because it already exists here in the present moment and simply add a different resonance. And we must get ourselves to feel that way by knowing we are already holding complete and using what I shared today.

Law of Attraction and Memory – The TRUTH about Manifestation and Your Past

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on the Law of Attraction and memory. I'm going to share some ideas with you that can totally change the way that you see yourself, that can help you to become the kind of person you prefer to be.

So, come on and watch the video below:

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on memory and the Law of Attractions and why when you begin to let go of your memory that may actually help you to manifest more of what you want in your life. Now, here's the thing with memory, and in order for us to really understand memory, we have to understand consciousness at a deeper level, which means we have to understand who we are. Now, we normally think that who we are is what we have done in the past, things that have happened to us in the past.

Therefore, what we do is in the present moment right now, we continue to create the same experiences over and over and over again. Not aware that all we're doing is regurgitating the same thing that has happened. Now here's the thing, the past we normally think of as this thing that actually happened. We think of the past as something that is real. Now, the truth is the past doesn't exist except for as something in our own mind. Same thing with the future. The future doesn't really exist because by the time the future gets here, it will be this moment right now.

The more we tap into the now moment, the more we really tap into the potential of what we can manifest in our life.

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Memory is something we use using our brain and the future probabilities. Imagination is something we use with our brain, but in actuality, the only thing that really exists is this moment right now. The more we tap into the now moment, the more we really tap into the potential of what we can manifest in our life.

It's just that normally we have these identifications, these labels that keep us tied into past experiences and what we can begin to see is we can look at reality and consciousness in a completely new way. So actually what we experience right now in the present moment is who we were. It's what the momentum of focus, the momentum of thoughts that we've had that have led up to who we think we are now.

And the thing is we stay so consistent to the way that we see ourselves because of the way the subconscious mind works because of the way the self-image works. Therefore, we continue to create the same things over and over and over again. Now, this is the cool thing, and this is what I want to share with you that I think could totally transform your life.

It's understanding that we think of the past in general as something that is very solid. In actuality, the past is changing as we change. Now, this is something that actually quantum physics is beginning to show us in the same way. Think of it like this in the present moment right now, there are many different probabilities of what you could experience in the future. That's the idea is the future. There's different probability streams now, depending on which one you shift to will depend upon your state of being.

The actions you take in the present moment, the emotions you have, the focus, those will determine which probable futures you have and which ones you choose at a deeper level. Now with that, they all exist right now in the present moment and depending on the actions you take in the present moment, that will determine which probability you shift to using your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Now, in the same way we think that the past is set, but the past is changing as we change. This is the truth. This is the thing that a lot of people don't know because we haven't studied quantum physics enough to where we have the level of understanding and it's something that's coming out more. Now. We're understanding this at a deeper level now. Now this is what the neuroscience shows us.

Every time we look to a past experience in our mind, in our memory, what we do is we look at a memory in our mind and we slightly change it. We take the memory out of the memory bank, we look at it, we slightly change it without even knowing. We put a little bit of our bias, a little bit of our opinions over it. Then we put it back into the memory bank when we're done looking at it.

Even though we may think that the past was the past, that is something that's happened in actuality. By the time we've looked at a memory three to five times, it's already completely different than what actually happened, so our memories aren't even that accurate. And here's something else that's cool, as your state of being changes in the present moment right now, so does the probable futures and the probable pasts that you will remember, so the memories that you can remember easily right now will depend upon this state of being that you're in.

For example, you're in a great state of being, if you're feeling on top of the world, if something just happened, you got to raise, you got a promotion, something just happened, you got good news. What happened is as you're in that great state of being, you're feeling awesome. If I were to ask you to remember another point in your life of when you felt a great emotion, it would be very easy for you to do so.

Now, the reason this is, is because you're already wired in that state of being and in that state of being. It's easier to recall memories that align with that state of being now that will constantly reaffirm that reality for you. Now, here's the other thing. If you are feeling in a negative state, it is going to be easier for you to remember memories. You remember times in your life when you also weren't in a great state of being. When bad things happened, which will then reinforce that reality.

So, either way, whether we're focused on something great happening, whether we're focused on something that's not so great happening, we are reaching back into the memory banks to find similar memories to which we will get an equal amount of evidence for whichever one we look for. So we could say to ourselves, I am a confident person and insane.

I'm a confident person. We can look to our past and we can find moments when we were confident that reinforces that self-identity. At the same time, we can say, I am not confident. We could find times when we didn't do things great and when we didn't feel confident and reinforce that reality. The truth of the matter is, there is an infinite number of probable futures that exists.

There's also an infinite number of probable pasts that exists, but we relate to certain ones based on our present state right now. What if the past is constantly changing, but we have this thread to where we believe it was something that was solid. That's actually more in alignment with what quantum physics is showing us and what we are learning is, things are much more flexible than we thought they were.

We'll have an influence over us right now, which will then have an influence over the future, which never really comes. It's just an actual idea in our imagination, but in the present moment right now, that's where all of the power is, so sometimes you may see a little bit of a contradiction. How am I supposed to? Am I supposed to do the Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction thing or the Eckhart totally present to the moment thing? It's both. That's the answer. It's both. It puts your focus in a certain direction. Feel the emotions of what you want but be present to the moment right now knowing you are already whole and complete.

If you look at it in a certain way, it’s actually very nicely intertwines anyways, but this is the thing that holds so many people back, and here's another part of this whole process.

It is the story that we tell ourselves. There is a story based on our memory bank that we are constantly telling ourselves over and over and over again, this is the type of person I am. This is what I can accomplish in my life. This is what I will accomplish. There is a certain narrative, a certain archetype too, about the way we see ourselves that we stay consistent to and based on that that will determine how much success we're able to accomplish based on that story.

If we tell ourselves a story like I didn't go to college for four years and get a degree and I didn't go do this and I was told to do this and If we tell ourselves all of that and we believe it, then that will hold us back. But if we tell ourselves a new story, which means we look to the past in a new way, we realize the past doesn't really even exist.

Rather than trying to change the past couple of different ways, you go about this. One thing you could do is you could change your past. You could literally look at your past in a new way and realize that you normally we're developing so much momentum in your mind saying, I am not a confident person. There's all this evidence and past experience that I focus on and the more I focus on it, the more I realized that I am not a confident person.

You could change that, and you could start to look in your mind at things that make you more. There are times in your past when you were confident. It's hard for you to believe or to remember that just because there's momentum in the other direction. You could start to remember times in your past when you were confident, when you won some type of award, when you were given some type of positive reinforcement for doing something.

When you're young, at some level, there's has to be something there and then when you focus on that, you begin to change the momentum that the past has on you because the past is something that will begin to influence you more if you focus on it more, but what I'm saying is there's a paradigm even above that, that is to drop the past entirely.

You see, we liked the past because the past reinforces our identity. It says, this is who I am. Let me regurgitate some things that I learned in school on a piece of paper and I'm going to look very smart but doesn't really do us much good.

Is it really that beneficial to be like a parrot walking around and saying, oh, I remember this, I remember this. That is not really true intelligence. That is just a regurgitation of something we learned when we were in maybe sixth grade about earth science, about how the planets and the stars work, which may not even be actually how it works anyways.

It's just something that we've learned through education through school, but what I am saying is my intention is to help you to let go of what you think you know, to let go of the past experiences, to let go of your memory, to understand that you are so much more than you can even imagine. The story that you tell you that you keep telling yourself maybe what is holding you back. You can change your story, or you can simply let it go.

This is something I've been learning more about. I've been really combining that of eastern philosophy with that, of understanding the western idea of the Law of Attraction and combining it in a way to. We realized we can drop our ego's perspective. We can drop the past of who we think we are. We think on average, 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day.

Ninety percent of those are recycled from the day before. Therefore, the past memory continues to create and regurgitate itself over and over again and actuality. Let it all go. Be present to the moment. Be happy with where you are. The way you let go of the past is by observing those thoughts as they come up, not feeding them and choosing to be more present to the moment. Choose that now is enough.

Choose that you are already whole and complete. Choose that this moment you can give yourself permission to feel the emotions you want. You can give yourself permission to enjoy the moment and as you do that, you start to let go of the ties of the past experiences. Now, this is where the power is. It's about letting go of the story we tell ourselves.

Letting go of the past understanding the past is always changing so we can keep telling ourselves, this is who I am, this is what I've accomplished before, but the more we tell ourselves that story, the more we still limit ourselves and what we could experience.

Now, the last thing I want to leave you with is understanding the power of the UN, known the memory gives us certainty. We feel like this is who I was. This is what I can accomplish. This is who I am. The truth of the matter is, you are not the result of your past experiences. You are who you choose to be memory, the past experiences.

That is a concept of the old, what we could call three d reality, the emphasis on linear, time space logical type way of thinking, which we can only use for that of reference experience, but nonetheless it is not who we are. When we look at it from the point of consciousness, we are so much more than we can imagine.

We have to just let go of the result of thinking that we are the result of our past. We are an accumulation of press, prior reference experiences of neurosynaptic connections in the brain of the way we thought before, we are not the result of our past.

We are who we choose to be in the present moment right now, and the more we choose to be the way we prefer to be and we choose to be present to the moment, the more we let go of that memory, the more we let go of that story, and the more that we then start to embody the way that we prefer to be in the unknown is where magic happens.

In the same autopilot mind in the same thoughts that we think over and over again, nothing new can happen because it's already being regurgitated by the machine. If there's no thought, there's no newness, there's no freshness. It's all just a regurgitation. So if you want to create miracles in your life, if you want to escape the trap of the memories that we have and have the prior reference experiences, get into a new environment, do something you have never done before.

In the unknown is where magic happens because the mind can't shift back into the autopilot mind, therefore creating the same results. If we do think 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and 90 percent of those thoughts are recycled from the day before, then we continue to create the same thing over and over and over again. We get up every day. We do the same actions. We see the same people. We have similar type conversations.

We triggered the same emotions and therefore create the same results over and over and over again, and what we can do is like all of the memory, let go of their habitual patterns. Let go of those and start to be new. Start to do things we've never done before. Go to that Yoga class you thought of going to go and do something you haven't done. Go to that environment you don't feel comfortable in right now.

Get into the unknown because the more you do that, the more you shake up your old identity, your old reality, the old memory, and the more you expand into more of who you really are. So this is that awareness that you are so much more than you can even imagine. You are not the result of your past. You are who you choose to be in the present moment.

The more that you step into the unknown, the more you do things you haven't done before, the more you challenge that all identity, that old neuros hypnotic connections in the brain, the reference experiences of who we think we are. The more you realize that you are so much more than you can imagine.

You can give yourself right now permission to be whole and complete, and the present moment. The more you refocus on the present moment, the more that you embody a magical type presence and the more you will experience that which you really want in your life.

So I hope I helped you understand how you can let go of your memory, how you can be more present to the moment, and how you can magically change things in your life in a very powerful way.

3 Signs You Have Shifted to A Parallel Reality

You may have already shifted to a parallel reality without even knowing it. So, I'm going to share with you today what are three signs that you should look out for in able for you to see that you have shifted to a parallel reality.

So, come on and watch the video below:

The idea is that things look so similar to the way that they did before that we assume it is the same life track. It is the same type of parallel realities stream when actuality it is a totally different parallel reality. This is something that actually happens quite often and it's something that quantum physics has been showing us that we exist within so many different parallel realities and the idea behind this list.

To give this a little bit of an explanation before I talk about my personal experiences with this and things that you can know whether you've done it or not, is think of it like this. There's an infinite number of realities that exist. What we think of as movement, this of me going like this right now, is actually the me shifting through different parallel realities.

Think of each individual parallel reality as a separate frame, so this is a separate parallel reality. This is, this is, this is, and if there's one little change, there is a total change. Now, think of this like a film strip analogy. This is the easiest way to understand it. If we have a film strip and we were to the layout and stretch out of film strip, we would see that even though when we play it through a projector, everything looks like it's very fluid.

We could stretch it out and see that there's individual frames within each of those different frames of reality. Those are each individual frames that are totally different than the other ones. They may look very similar, but this is different than this is different than this. Every change is a total change. They are not the same, so in the same way, what we think of as time is actually the movement through different parallel realities.

Because at the fundamental base, the only moment that does exist is this moment right now, I really think about this. We've never actually experienced the past because when it was the past, it was the now moment, just from a different point of view, but we can remember the past with our brain and I'll talk about that in a little bit and the same thing with the future. We can imagine what the future could be, but once again, that's the imagination.

It's in the brain. When the future gets here, it'll be this moment right now. So experientially, we've only experienced this moment now, but the idea is that we are shifting through different parallel realities so quickly that it looks continuous. The idea is that we have memory so we can tag all of these together. We can look at them in a continuity type way.

We assume that it is all one reality when in actuality we are shifting billions of times per second through these different parallel realities. If that's hard to believe that. Because when I first heard that it was something I had to really let sink in. But think about it like this, if I'm right here, right now, and there is one other variable in this parallel reality, like maybe a catwalk and around the cat moves around just a tad, then a different place, then that's a totally separate parallel reality.

There's billions of variables in our lives. It could be people walking around, they move a little bit different, and it could be me making different choices. There's different ways that we move through parallel realities, but there are times when a, at a higher level of consciousness, we may shift ourselves to a parallel reality that is conducive of a different way of being. Now, the reason I say this is because I believe that we are immortal, spiritual beings, that contemporary human experiences, just like quantum physics shows us, energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

There are times when something may happen where we shift ourselves to a parallel reality that is more reflective of what we want to experience.

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It's simply is at a higher level of consciousness. I believe that there are times when something may happen where we shift ourselves to a parallel reality that is more reflective of what we want to experience. Let me share with you my experience with this.

1. Break in continuity

This is the first sign that you have shifted to a parallel reality and may not know it back in 2000 and I want to say 11 or 12. I was driving from one part of town to the other part of town. I was going over to a friend's house and when I was on my way over there, I was getting into a left hand lane and in the left hand lane I was speeding up and getting ready to make a left hand turn at like a, at a stoplight. Now there was a median that was on my left, a big median that you couldn't even go over because there was like the sidewalk, but then there was like the big chunk over it.

I would have smashed into it if I would have gone like this into it. Now what happened was there was a huge semi-truck that was about 20 feet ahead of me. I was going and I was getting ready to, uh, to make that left turn. I was probably about four or 500 feet away and all the sudden that big semi-truck starts to shift towards me and he got closer and closer to the point to where I knew it was going to hit me and what happened is a second later I felt this jolt and all the sudden I was about 15 to 20 feet behind the semi-truck.

This was something that really does kind of jolted me. I had no idea because why did this happen and I knew that something happened. Even then in 2011 and 2012, I hadn't gone through a spiritual awakening and yet I didn't know this whole understanding of greater level of consciousness and how these things could happen and even then, I knew that something had happened. I knew something had happened.

I said, “Oh man, this is something that happened at a deeper level. I could feel it and I just had this knowing and from that point I was 30 feet behind the truck. Everything was good. Otherwise, what would have happened if that semi-truck kept coming in, merging, I would have had nowhere to go because there's a car in front of me, a car behind me. I literally would have hit into the median and been crushed.

So that's one sign. You know, there was one other sign as well. I wasn't going to mention this, but back in the day I used to, as funny as it sounds, they used to drive a moped. There was this one time as well when I was at a stoplight and I was getting ready to make a left-hand turn and there was this car, this huge truck that just kept going and it was this. I was getting ready to make a left because I had the green light to make the left. I didn't have a yellow light and a green, you know, like the yellow blinking lights. I had a green light. I was getting ready to turn and I started to read it to go and it takes a second for it to pick up.

And when that happened, this is years ago when that happened, it was like something pulled me back to where I wasn't moving, it wasn't going and once again I felt a little bit of a jolt and that was because then there was a truck that was running a red light that was going probably about 50, 60 miles an hour in a 35 and then went all the way through. Same type of thing. It would have for sure hit me. And I had this knowing that something happened at a deeper level. These are two examples now.

What does that sign you feel? Some type of jolt or some type of break in continuity. A break in continuity is where there's really no explanation and there's a jolt of one frame to another frame and it just, it makes no sense. But you know, maybe at a deeper level that something happened and you just don't know exactly what that is.

You know, our conscious mind may not understand it, but at a deeper level there may have been something happened because we are so much more vast than we can imagine. We're not just our ego where much further beyond that, so has that happened to you? Maybe at some level that's happened to you before. If so, leave a comment in the description or a in the comment box below. I'd love to hear if that happened to you guys and that's something that is a sure sign that something has happened at a deeper level and that you've shifted to a parallel reality.

2. Past experience

The second sign that you've shifted is actually looking back at a past experience or a past thing that was a prior agreed upon thing and it has been totally changed. Now, this is what some people call them Mandela Effect. This is when and has to do with understanding time and memory.

When it comes to this, there may have been certain things in your past that you knew it was a certain way. Now, some people call this the Mandela effect. When it comes to the Bernstein bears and the way that it's spelled. Some people thought that Nelson Mandela died back in 2000, was 1999 or something and he ended up passing away much later than that and it's funny though because I was actually one of those people.

I thought that he passed away long before and then I found out later that he passed away much later than I thought and I remember thinking to myself, wow, that's weird, and there was a big pull because collectively there's some. There's groups of people that are like, no, he died in this time, and some people like, no, he just died recently. Is it that it's just a confusing or could it be that some people had the experience in the parallel reality of the past of it being different?

Because the idea behind this concept is that the past doesn't exist the way that we think it does in the present moment right now. The past is constantly changing. Just like the present moment choices we make are changing the future probabilities in the same way. The memory is just something that we think is real, but it's actually constantly changing based on how we change in the present moment.

Think about it like this. If there are an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, there was a parallel reality where nice Nelson Mandela died in 1999 and also were where he died in 2008 or nine or 10 or whatever when he did. These all exists right now. It's simply that we are proceeding of different ones depending upon our state of being dependent upon our choices and dependent upon what is relevant for us now collectively as far as the collective consciousness goes, as we change because we are creating our own reality from our thoughts, our emotions, our state of being, our actions.

We are doing that individually and collectively. Now we're shifting through these different parallel realities and we may recall different ones because we're all shifting in a somewhat of an a. think of it like a bubble, like a collective manifestation bubble will. Some of us will have some different experiences, but as a group we experienced some level of relate ability, but there's still some types of changes now.

It was a different track or a different parallel reality, so the key to this whole process that I'm sharing why right now is actually that we're constantly shifting through parallel realities. Whether we are aware of it or not. The question is not can we shift to a parallel reality? It's how much aware will we be that we're always already doing it already, that we're already doing it, so even as I go like this right now, I'm shifting so it's not like, oh, am I shifting? Is it a sign that I've shifted? It's is there a greater degree of change based on the continuity, based on my state of being and what are the probability factors that come into play?

One of them is the choices we make. I'll get into the third sign here in a minute, but I just want to share this because I think so powerful. The choices you make in the present moment are shifting you through different parallel realities. The choices you make, the state of being that you're in, the emotions you feel. All of these go into the probability stream of what you're creating and the more you pay attention to your state of being, your emotions and the actions you're taking.

The more that you consciously will shift to the ones that you experienced. What I think personally is more powerful than even that of just the Law of Attraction is understanding quantum physics with parallel realities that we're constantly shifting billions of times per second because there's so many different variables at play and that if we can do that consciously with a certain focus state of being an action than everything in our life will change.

3. Near-death experiences

Now, the third sign that you have shifted to a parallel reality as a little bit more extreme, but it's one that if you. There's thousands and thousands of records, where people that have talked about this and the near-death experiences. Now, an NDE is when somebody supposedly dies and what happens is they go into a certain state of consciousness where many people will have certain very spiritual type experiences.

Some people have very similar experiences to other people, so I'm a little bit different, but nonetheless, a lot of people come back from MDS, totally different as totally different people. They see life in a much more grateful way. They know that life is more of experience than it is something that's really real. You don't have to take this so seriously. He'd have a little bit more fun and enjoy the process.

So, as a choice, do I come back or do I go on to a new experience? Because we're immortal, spiritual beings of contemporary human experiences. Now, many times people say that they had to come back. There was a purpose for them coming back. A lot of people say that they go in that state of consciousness, that they feel so much unconditional love and bliss that they don't want to leave, but nonetheless they choose to come back.

Well, what many times happens is there some parallel realities where people actually died and that was it, but there are also ones where what happens is someone died and then what happens is their sole brought them back and put them in a parallel reality that looks so similar, but nonetheless they were able to live because they have more to experience in their life. This is something that actually happened to my grandpa.

This was when he was like eight, six to eight years old. He's always, he's 80 years old now, 84, something like that, and he's always. He's never really been afraid of death because when he was young under 10 years old and he goes like six or eight. He had an NDE and he just simply knew. He went to someplace where they told him, it's not your time to go yet. He always knew that there was more to life and that's why even now he's not afraid of death.

And it's very interesting though because it was a similar type experience where he did die, but then he was given the choice or he was told there's more to experience in this life, and he was put in a parallel reality that was so similar that he appeared to be the same. But the idea is that we're constantly shifting through different parallel reality.

Even though it appears to be the same, it is actually different because the parallel reality still exists of where that person passed away. So these three things are signs that you may not know it, but you're shifted through a parallel reality. You're actually doing it right now as you read this blog even out right now, as I watch advise I make it, I could go out on final cut pro and stretch out the frames and be like, this is individual parallel reality.

The key is to do it consciously and in the direction that you want, so that's something that on this channel, if you haven't already, feel free to subscribe below because that's something I help people do. I help people to more consciously create the reality they want through either the law of attraction, through parallel realities, through understanding some deeper metaphysics, and what I do is I bridge all of these worlds together of personal development, spirituality, metaphysics to help make it something that's practical and easy to understand.

So, what are those three signs?

The first sign is that you have gone through the process and you feel some type of jolt, some type of break in continuity. That's kind of unexplainable. The second one is that you are going through some type of experience where your memory is different than you thought it was. It's not that you're going crazy, it's just that you remember at different layer in the parallel reality stream, it's something that's still happened. And then thirdly, what you do is you understand that if you have an NDE, a near-death experience. You may have actually died but come back because there was more to experience in your life to a parallel reality, so similar, but nonetheless, it's one that you choose to be an at some level.

Law of Attraction Meditation for 7 Days

What I'm going to be sharing with you a Law of Attraction meditation that if you do for the next seven days, I believe it will totally change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

I'm going to be sharing with you that meditation and it's going to be something that if you listen to for seven days, I think it will totally re pattern your vibration. You'll start to see things in your life change in a very powerful way. However, before we get into the meditation, I want to share some of the fundamental principle ideas that will help us so that when we go into the meditation, we understand exactly what's happening because it's something that I've realized. The more we wire in these ideas, the more we know the actual process.

When we go through it, we know what's happening and we feel like we make the changes within ourselves. Now, the strategy and the formula I'm going to share with you in a sec has to do with that of Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has been in the documentary called what the bleep do we know? He does seminars, he has books out. He has a book out called how to break the habit of being yourself is a book out called you are the placebo.

He also has another book called becoming super human and his books are on understanding the correlation with quantum physics and manifestation and understanding how the brain works in the manifestation process. The way that I'm going to be explaining this to you has to do with understanding two fundamental key principles and it's all under this one basis. It's that our personality creates our personal reality.

Let me say that one more time. Our personality who we are creates our personal reality. 

Now, normally when we think of this idea, we think and we give it this negative connotation, we say to ourselves, oh, it's a bad thing to change. Our personality should be set, but the truth is our personality changes based on our state of being.

Our personality changes based on our state of being.

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Have you ever noticed that when you're around someone, maybe you're in a good mood and you treat them a certain way, but if you're around that same person and you're in a bad mood, you treat them a different way? Well, it's not so much that that person has done anything that different. It's just that when you're in different states of being, you have a different way of being. What we can begin to do is to condition ourselves to feel a certain way and condition our personality to be a certain way so that we then create our personality and a more powerful way than we have been.

The first key to this is letting go of thinking that changing our personality is a bad thing. Changing our personality is about understanding that who we are is a familiar set of thought patterns, that stuff that has happened in the past to something happened in the past. We decided this is who I am and we stay consistent to that. That's been on autopilot. Our personality is what we think, how we feel and what we do.

These three things make up our personality, which then creates our personal reality. If we change those three things, how we think, act and feel, we then change what we experienced in our life now versus thinking of the manifestation that you want to experience in your life. First, just thinking of that. Maybe it's a nice house, maybe it's a nice car. Maybe it's a relationship. Instead of thinking of that, this is what I encourage you to do, this has been so powerful in my own life.

Think of the kind of person you will become in order to have those things naturally as a reflection, so think of who you will become because a natural reflection is going to be the next step based on your vibration. Now, understand that we always get in life a reflection of who we are, so if our intention is to attract to the nice car and your life, but we don't live the lifestyle, we don't have the vibration of somebody that it's natural for that version of us to have a nice car.

Then many times that car could get taken away or it just doesn't happen. Is about knowing that we get in life that which we are a vibration of and we get in life a reflection of who we are being, so how do you see yourself? What is your personality? What are you consistently thinking, feeling and doing because those things that are on autopilot are going to continue to create whatever you have in your life over and over and over again, and the key is not being afraid to do new things.

I encourage you, if I could encourage you to do one thing beyond the meditation that you're about to do, which I think will change your life. I think it's so powerful. If I could encourage you to do one of the thing, it would be to step outside of that self-image, to step outside of who you think you are and start to try new things. Because when you do new things, you get into an unknown zone and when you're always doing things that you've always done, you'll always get the same results you've always got.

We always get that which we are being and if we're always doing the same things, feeling the same emotions and doing the same actions, we will always get the same results, so I encourage you to step into the unknown a little bit to do something you haven't done. Maybe if it's going to some type of yoga class that go to it, maybe if it's going to some type of meetup group, then do it.

If it's interviewing for that job that you've always kind of felt scared of, do it because the act of doing it, the pushing forward with that courage is going to change your personality. You're going to become someone beyond that. What you currently are. They say that on average, we think 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and that every day, 90 percent of those are recycled from the day before, which means we're thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same emotions, doing the same actions, and even think about it.

You'd probably get up on the same side of the bed every morning, probably brush your teeth in the same type of way at the same time. You may eat the same thing every day for breakfast. You may drive the same route to work every day. All of these things are constantly triggering the autopilot mind, which is going to continue to create from that same personality structure.

What I encourage you to do is this, right now set the intention that you step outside of how you think, feel, and what you do. You're going to step outside. You're going to do something about it or done before you're going to read a book you've never read before is here. You're thinking of something different. You're going to feel emotions. You haven't because you're going to start to do things and think in new ways, which means you're going to trigger new emotions.

All of these things can absolutely change your life when you begin to apply it because what you do is you start to get outside of the old bubble of who you think you are and what this meditation is going to do is it's going to help you do these two things combined. Two things. This is the formula that when you read doctor does spend his newest book and I think it's in his other books as well, but he really emphasizes it and becoming super human.

It's a book called becoming superhuman, how ordinary people are doing the extraordinary Sam of the book and he talks about the whole-time people that have done this thing I'm about to share with you right now that you will be able to do in the meditation. I recommend you do it for seven days at least. I would recommend 21 days if you can. It's this formula right here in elevated emotion combined with a focused intention.

These two things, they found using that of quantum physics, that if you have just one of these, it's only so powerful, but if you combine these together, you increase the electromagnetic energy, you increase the probabilities tenfold, and all you going to do is combined an elevated emotion, which means you get more into your heart center as well. That's the missing key for so many people. That was the missing key for me for a long time.

I was so in my head, so focused on the intellectual stuff, so focused on taking action, but it was missing this component of being in the heart center, so when I decided to do is I'm going to focus more on my heart center right now. Even right now, put your hands over your heart like this and just feel inside of your heart.

Now, this may take a couple of times of doing it because we're not patterned are used to doing this, but what the awareness inside of your heart and the more you do this, the more you will feel that emotion. The more you will feel this warm sensation in your heart. The more you'll put the attention there and the more attention you put in your heart, the more you grow the electromagnetic energy around your body. We have a toroidal field that goes all the way around our body.

There's one that goes around our heart and when that goes around our head and it goes all around in our body. Now the one in our heart is actually thousands of times more powerful than that of the head. When we combine our elevated emotion with our heart center, with that of the intention, with what we're thinking of, that's the middle point of when we create in a very powerful way. It's the combination of these two things.

There's certain ways of increasing emotion and some of them have to do with literally just putting the attention more and a heart, which is what we're going to do inside the meditation. And the more we do that, the more we start to feel into it as well. The feeling is the secret. There's a book called the feeling is the secret by Neto got art and it's a short book and it just explains that the feeling is where all the power is and it's the missing key for so many people don't necessarily just focus on the vision of what you want to experience.

The goal of visualization should always be that when you're in the visualization, you feel passionate, and if you don't, then it may mean that that goal that you have isn't actually what you really want. Your goals and everyone's goals. Our goals should be connected to our hearts, which means we feel it when we imagine it, and if not, that's okay, but starting to put the awareness in your heart starts to become more of a feeler than that of just the intellectual thinker.

Now, then what you do is you get it to a pinpoint. What you do is you put your hands over your heart. You think about what it would feel like to be in certain situations. You think about what it would feel like to be the kind of person that you prefer. Then what you do is you set an intention and intention is a will or a determination to have or to be a certain way and a lot of things.

We set intentions. If we simply sent more intense in their life, I'll tell you right now, your life will begin to change in a powerful way because intentions or outcomes that we increase, the probability of things happened in that way. I can set the intention that I have a safe drive to the gym and it does influence my drive. I can have an intention that when I'm at the gym, I have a great workout and it will affect my workout.

I set the intention every morning that I create a great video and I create a video and I get to a flow state very easily. I've pattered myself with this intention, with this outcome. Before I go into certain segments of my day. Some people call this segment intending and I found it to be one of the most life changing things I've done, but when I combined the increased intention with an elevated emotion in my heart, everything in my life begins to change.

This is when things really happened. This is when there has been more growth and what I'm doing than ever before, more opportunities coming out me than ever before and I really feel even more an alignment because it's not like the ego has to do everything. The ego's always thinking, right? It's more so about the feeling and the trusting and you get into more of a trust state when you do this as well. So, this is like the secret formula, an elevated emotion combined with that of an increased intention or a focused intention.

What do you intend for? I intend to go to this job interview and do very well. I intend to connect with the people I see today. I intend to have a great day of going into my job and feeling connected to the people that I'm around. I intend to go feel energized when I'm doing things, been going for a walk with my dog.

I intend to feel great when I'm eating the food that I'm going to eat. I intend to feel hydrated when I'm drinking the water and I always remember to drink plenty of water. These little things add up and it will change our lives if we begin to apply it more. What we're now going to do is we're going to go into the meditation that's going to really transform the way you go about the manifestation process.

That's what it has the potential to do, and what I encourage you to do is to really become aware that the more intentions you have and the more you put your awareness in your heart, the more your life will begin to change in a very powerful way. And if there's no one of the thing I can encourage you to do is to do something new. Do something you haven't done before.

When you get into the unknown, your mind cannot go into the autopilot mind that therefore create the thoughts it's always had. It must create something new and that's what I've learned in my own life. The more I do things that are uncertain, the more things actually end up working out for me because I proved to myself that I can do it. I feel more courageous and the result of that normally is something very positive.

The Resonant Manifestation Balloon Meditation

What I am going to share with you today is something that will increase the probability of what you want to experience in your life happening, and it's something that will totally change your life.

Increase the probability of what you want to experience and it will totally change your life.

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So, come on and watch the video below:

I have something exciting to share with you today and this is a meditation that I have personally been doing for about three or four weeks now and I found that it is very powerful for a couple different things. Now before I get into the meditation, which will be the majority of this blog, I just have to share a little bit of the context for what I will be doing. Understanding that from the point of how we will be influenced in our own energy and understanding our energy in general.

Now with the Heart Math Institute has shown is that there's an electromagnetic energy that goes around our body and this electromagnetic energy emanates from both our mind, but more powerfully from our heart. The cool thing is that what we can begin to do is we can influence that energy with certain meditations with becoming president and our heart center, and as we do that, we grow the electromagnetic energy in our body.

This is something that's scientifically, they have shown we can expand our own energy fields. Now there is something. Let me just give a little bit of a backstory to this. My grandpa is someone who is 80 something years old now and in the eighties or nineties he was and still is. He's very into the esoteric type stuff, stuff that I'm into and he was into something from an institute called the Monroe Institute. Now I've shared this one or two times on the channel before, but the Monroe Institute, there's a guy named Robert Monroe and he is a guy that he's passed on now.

He's a guy that was a very wealthy, a business guy that ended up becoming fascinated by out of body experiences. What he did is he made something called the Monroe Institute where he took scientists and people that were highly credible and had them experiment with different types of meditation that could induce going out of the body and now going out of the body.

What they could do is they could look at different levels of consciousness and understanding that we are so much more than we probably thought that we are, and there was a certain level of scientific research that was done there. There's also a guide that I really enjoy watching. His name is Thomas Campbell. Little bit more is in. He's a physicist and it's a little bit more sometimes hard to understand some of the things he's saying.

it's called the big theory of everything. Anyways, I don't want to get too off track. Nonetheless, what they have done is they have these types of meditations that will help you to expand your consciousness and to go beyond that of your physical body and knowing that you are so much more than you could possibly even imagine.

My grandpa told me about this and what he told me, this is about two, three months ago, he said, if you get what's called the gateway experience, which is these guided meditation CDs, they will change you. You're going to completely have a new perspective on life. You're going to experience so much more than you priorly were. And I was like, okay. So I looked it up and it is a, they are not, they're not cheap. They are expensive.

That the DVD, I got all the CDs, I got six CDs and totally, and it adds up to about six to $800 worth of CDs. Now there's three meditations for cities. There's three cities per part. There's six parts there, a whole bunch of different CDs there. And it's old school because it's the eighties or nineties. However, it uses something called Hemi sync technology. Hemi sake means that it balances out both hemispheres of the brain.

That's basically what you're getting is you're getting that. Plus you're getting a certain guided type meditation throughout every single one of them. Now I've been doing them for about a month now and I will say they are very, very powerful. They've definitely expanded my own perception and I've gotten to some of the deepest levels of meditation since I've been using them and I'm only on I think the four. I'm on part two out of the six and one of them is this what is called the energy balloon.

It's called in there, the Monroe Institute called the resonant energy balloon and what it is. It puts this balloon around your body so that you can then have it to where it resonates with what you want to experience in your life, which is very similar to manifestation and what it does is this balloon around your body as something that every time you do this meditation, it grows this resonance energy balloon around your body and the more you do it, the more powerful it becomes.

So, you could do it every single day and it's almost like the standard induction before every single meditation. Even though meditation will have different focuses. It's like part of the standard induction of when you're doing certain things. And what I've been doing is I've been bringing some of the metaphors into my meditations now I'm not going to do the whole thing because obviously that wouldn't be ethical or integral on my part.

Of course, I'm not using their Hemi sync technology or any of that stuff, but I think that I can make my own version of it using somewhat similar type metaphors. Still being integral in my own and having it be my own versus me just taking and taking someone else's idea and making it completely something I claim as mine.

That's why in this blog, I'm sharing with you all of this about the Monroe Institute because I don't want people to think that I am just taking it and using it as my own. This is something I learned from the Monroe Institute, which is a, which has this whole cd set called the gateway experience. It's five to $800. I got a deal on it. I think I got it for about $500 and I think it's worth it, but I understand a lot of you can't afford that.

What I'm going to do is make my own meditation version of that that will help you and this is going to be more of a focus because the focus there is more so on putting a resonant energy balloon around your body that resonates with what you want, but this that I'm going to be making is specifically for that of manifestation.

Just to give it kind of now that we have kind of a backstory to that whole thing, there is an electromagnetic energy that goes around our body and when we think in a certain way, our thoughts have an electromagnetic type reality even if we don't actually see them. So, what we're going to be doing in this meditation is we are going to be growing the electromagnetic energy around our body and we will be putting a metaphorical type balloon around our body that then resonates with what we want to experience.

Now us simply putting our awareness here every single day, I do recommend you do this meditation every single day. What you're going to be doing is increasing the energy in your field and also intending for it to experience more of what you want, intending that it magnifies things to you and that it repels things that you do not want.

Imagine a balloon around your body right now that is attracting to you what you want to manifest and it is repelling things that do not serve you and imagine that every day you're able to with visual guidance from me, able to put this around your body so that when you go into public, people respond to you differently. I have noticed about that, this, about that meditation as well.

I have an increased energy around my body, so when I go out, there's a different way that people respond to me and I also realized that a lot of times there'll be something that'll start to happen. Even if it's something negative and it almost transforms because I have been programming this energy balloon around my body. Even though it's a metaphor, it's also something that is quite literal.

What we're literally doing is we are putting something around our body that is transmuting energy and the more we do this, the more we tap into understanding of the nonphysical aspect of ourselves, which goes just beyond our physical flesh and blood.

We begin to then have a powerful effect on our surroundings. Now here's the thing, do this every single day for the next 21 days at least. I think that the more you do it, the more you're going to feel the results from it and the more you're going to realize that you start to resonate with that which you want to experience, the more consistently you done it.

What I did it, it took about two or three weeks for the real benefits is an app and it happened pretty fast to where I could feel a difference and the first two or three times of doing it, but the time that I really started to. It's like X. it's like meditation in general. It's exponential type results. You may get a little bit, little bit, little bit, and then things really start to becoming present to the moment you start to feel differently, so imagine everything that you want with this manifestation balloon around you is going to be attracting things to you, attracting situations, people, opportunities, and it's going to be then transmuting anything that does not serve you.

Transmuting anything that you do not prefer to experience and that the more you do this, the more you grow this energy around you so that when you go out, you were then more likely to attract things to you. With all of that being said, now let's get into the meditation. I'm going to use a couple of the metaphors that they use in that Monroe Institutes, CDs or the meditations, but I'll be doing it a little bit in my own way just to keep it integral and they keep it a little bit fresh.

Right now, I'm going to ask you if you could put on headphones when you do this, that would be great. If not, that's fine, but I would also recommend that you either lay down or sit down in a lotus position, which means cross legged being a being a comfortable place where you can relax for a little bit and we'll go ahead and get into the meditation. What I asked you to do now is to take in a deep breath in, deep breath out and feel your body relax. So, breathe it out.

Feel your body relaxed more and more. Let's take another deep breath in. Deep breath out. As you breathe out, put your hands over your heart. Take a deep breath in. Put your hands over your heart and breathe out. Begin to put the awareness inside of your heart center and understand the more you put the attention into your heart center, the more you grow the energy inside of your heart. The electromagnetic energy in your heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head, and the more we put awareness in our heart, the more we grow the energy around our bodies. I'll take another deep breath in and out, and I encourage you to close your eyes.

If you can breathe that outs and relax with every breath you take going forward, you're going to feel your body sink into more and more relaxation, more and more loose, feeling more and more of them.


I'll begin by feeling the sensation in your head. Feel the sensation in your forehead relaxing. Warm sensation behind your eyelids relaxed your muscles. Feel sensation, your jaw. Imagine your jaw relaxing your tongue, loosening up your neck feeling loose. Relax your left arm, your left hand. Feel the energy. Loosen up and relax your right arm, your right hand feeling warm and relaxed. Feel the sensation in your hearts. Feel the sensation. Begin to increase in your heart center.

Feel the sensation in your abdomen, your left leg and left foot, your right leg, your right foot. I've taken a big deep breath and imagine a wave of relaxation flowing through your body, starting at your head and the energy releasing through your heels. Take another deep breath in, releasing through your heels. Any energy releasing through your heels.

Now, imagine that you're in a very relaxing place. It's going to be indoors or outdoors can be at a beach in a forest. It could be in a room wherever you'd like. Imagine a very comfortable place where you feel relaxed, very Zen like place. Now imagine that off to your left, you see a trunk. This trunk is something that you can use anytime you want, and what it does is it converts anything that you put into a solution, so anything that's on your mind right now, put whatever that is.

Imagine yourself putting an object in this trunk that symbolizes whatever that is because this trunk is going to convert it into positive energy into the solution, so walk over to the trunk, open it up, and then what you can do is anything that's on your mind, put it inside of this trunk. If it's money, put a wallet inside of the trunk. If it's a relationship, think of something that symbolizes the relationship, maybe an object or a picture. Put it inside the trunk.

Anything else on your mind? Put it inside this trunk because it will convert it into positive energy. Now go ahead and close the heavy lid on the trunk, and as soon as you close it, you see lights come out of the cracks. It is converting everything and to positive energy, but for now we can leave it behind. We will not need any of those in this meditation. Now stand up and then turn away from the trunk, turn away from the trunk and know it will. It will all take care of itself. Now notice that off to the right now you see that have a chair, a very comfortable chair.

Now what we're going to do is we see that the chair is about 15, 20 feet away. Well, we were going to do is we're going to take 10 steps towards that of the chair, and with every step we take, we're going to fuel our body, go into more relaxation. We're going to feel the energy in our heart increase, feel more love flow through our body, speaking to take a step now 10. With every number I count, you feel double the amount of relaxation through your body. Nine every number, I count doubled the amount of love in your heart. Eight, seven, getting closer to this chair.

Now, six, five for getting to the front of the chair. Now, four, three, two, one. Now you were at the front of this chair. What this chair is, is this chair you sit in and when you sit in it, it grows the electromagnetic energy around your body and your thoughts are much more powerful. Now go ahead and turn around. Sit In this chair. Notice how comfortable it is. Notice how much clarity you have and how you can just focus on what you want to experience so easily.

Now, begin to imagine and begin to feel the energy around your body. The energy around our body goes much further out than we think, and when we put the attention there, we didn't to increase our energy field. Now while you're sitting in this chair, imagine that you can feel this energy around your body. You can feel the space around your body knowing that that is also a part of your energy field.

Set the intention that you are going to create a resonant manifestation balloon around your body. Now, this resonant manifestation balloon will act as a magnet and it will attract to you situations in your life that will help you achieve what you want. It will attract to you the right people in your life. It will attract you with different scenarios that are conducive of what you want to experience.

Now, this energy balloon will also repel and transmute anything that doesn't serve anything that may come into your energy field. You will be able to observe it from a neutral place and you will be able to then easily shift your attention from it. Now understand that the more you do this, the more it will grow, so set the intention that you're able to do this consistently to really powerfully grow this energy around your body.

Imagine that there is this balloon that extends about four feet outside of your body and imagine that it goes all the way around your body. Your body is inside this energy balloon. What color is your energy balloon? It can be any color that you like. What color pokes out at you? What color resonates with you?

Imagine you can feel this warm sensation going around your body. You can feel this tingling vibration go all around your body and you can feel that you are creating this energy balloon. It is encapsulating your body. You can feel this energy increase now. Feel it. Start around your head. Feel the vibration moving around your torso, moving around your legs.

Now your feet and imagine that this energy balloon is encapsulating your whole body. Now put a layer around this energy balloon that acts as a magnet. Imagine two or three things you want to manifest in your life right now and imagine that with this energy balloon, circumstances, situations, and people are just attracted to you. Imagine them being attracted to you, coming to you. Imagine them attracted to you.

Imagine them coming closer to you, closer and closer, so easily, easily. I set the intention and put a layer around this balloon that will repel anything that does not resonate and will transmute it into something you do prefer. Now imagine that there is a layer when all around this energy balloon that is going to transmute everything into something you prefer and imagine that anytime something happens that looks like you may not prefer it, you're able to observe it and then let it go.

Observe and let go. Now what we're going do is we're going to charge this energy balloon around our body with love, so imagine and feel the sensation inside of your heart and imagine that with every number I count, you feel an increased amount of love and you feel it. Increase the energy inside of this balloon.

I'm going to count down from five to one with every number I count. Imagine it increasing with this love increasing with discharged energy. This charged energy can be any color that you like. He'll feel the sensation, your heart five, feel it now going all around your body, increasing with vibration for fuel. It becoming more and more high vibration.

Three, feeling it increased, double the amount of increase. Love to feeling it increased even more now and one, feel this energy resonant manifestation balloon around your body, knowing that throughout the rest of the day to day you will be attracting things powerfully into your life and you will be easily able to observe things that do not serve.

This energy balloon is powerfully around your body right now and before the end of the day today, you will see an experience, something in your life that shows you that this energy balloon is working for you.

So, in this vibration now what we're going to do is become more alert. Present to the moments. Come back. I'm going to count down from five to one. With every number I count. You're going to feel yourself becoming more alert and more present.

Five, fuel yourself now becoming more present to the moment for start to wiggle around three Julian sensations side of your hands and your feet. Two and one. You can open up your eyes now and knowing that you have shifted and that you have created this energy balloon around your body that will attract to you the things you want to experience.

And then at the same time will transform things as well. So you may have noticed that in the meditation I said certain words, I emphasize them. This is what they do in the Monroe Institute as well as I found to be very powerful. It influences the subconscious mind and it allows us to go deeper. This is something that I recommend you do and you commit to for 21 days.

The more you grow this electromagnetic energy around your body in this manifestation bubble, the more it will work for you. So the more you put in is the more that you get out. So if you guys could let me know what you guys think of this type of meditation. If you want me to do more like this, I will do more like this. This will help in the process as well.

In this pairs, very with the resonant energy balloon, it's going to be in the top of the description box below is absolutely free. You can also listen to that for 21 days. That will also really help with this whole process. I'll also be doing more live communities on Instagram, so if you want more interaction for me, want to ask me questions, go ahead and follow me on Instagram as well, and other than that, I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you want to see more meditations like this, feel free to follow my blog.

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