#21: To Experience THE SHIFT Treat EVERY Thing Like You “Choose it”


Welcome back to another episode and today what I'm going to be explaining to you and sharing with you are some ways that you can move into more empowerment into your life. Understanding that everything in your life at a certain perspective, you have chosen that experience and if you treat everything as if you chose it, it will radically transform and shift your life.

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The reason I think this has been so powerful for me is that what it allowed me to do was to let go of a lot of things I was holding onto for a very long time. Could have been the story I told myself about why my childhood was the way it was. It could have been the labels that I had of thinking I had ADHD or that I was a certain way just because of, uh, some definitions that I had.

It could have been all of these different things. However, there's a lot of, a lot of times there's resistance around these things. Like people view it as like they have resistance because it should be different than it is. We always have these rules in our mind, right? Like things should be different.

Things are supposed to be a certain blueprint in our mind and that in of itself will take many times that resistance will cause things to stay there. This is about more so being aware that the more we say yes to the present moment in, the more we treat every situation is if we chose it, the more we will then begin to transform and to shift our life.

The reasons I say shift a lot is because maybe if you've heard me talk about this before, but right now I'm creating something that's called the "Shift experience with Aaron Doughty", which is mid and the shift experience is going to be that. Both a workshop, like an all-day workshop that I traveled the world giving workshops on and help people to create a shift in their level of consciousness.

And it's going to be a program that I have online. People can also get like step by step coaching as to how to do it as well. The shift experience is an actual experience. It's not just the theoretical ideas, the concepts, the theories, all of that can only get us so far. It's when we move out of the concepts and into the experience that everything begins to change.

I experienced this shift in consciousness back in 2012 is when it started. And just in the last two or three months, I've experienced another complete jolt in this direction. Maybe you can feel it in my content, maybe you've seen my newer videos on YouTube or just newer videos on Instagram or whatever it is.

I've been experiencing a shift in my own consciousness and I've been moving away from not moving away from the Law of Attraction necessarily, but moving away from the perspective that I used to have about the Law of Attraction because it's becoming so apparent and I becoming so aware of this higher paradigm, this higher paradigm of consciousness, of existence, of the manifestation as well.

It's like when we go from always trying to have and always trying to do, we then move into being, and when we're in this been mode, we're saying yes to the present moment.

Then we can actually choose whatever we want, but when the ego is saying that the ego is not currently satisfied, therefore I want this or that because a lot of times the desires we have are the ego's desires. They're not really the core of who he's ours desires. They're just the ego. The ego wants more and I'm not saying that this is wrong or that we have to like suppress the ego. I'm saying that we must become aware of it.

We must become aware the from where the energy comes from, from where the desires come from. The more that I've become aware of all of this, the more I have shifted my own consciousness and realized that most of the questions people ask me when it's like, how do I attract a specific person into my life?

How do I win the lottery? These kinds of questions have a certain level of consciousness from which the question is asked. I'm not saying that like I'm on top of a mountain. What I am saying is that when we become aware of where the level of consciousness is coming from, we can then see and start to get more to our core because we can then start to create the shift, the shift from the EGO's perspective.

The ego is always in reaction mode. The effect of the ego as things happen, stimulus response and the key is shifting from that stimulus response of social conditioning to stimulus response of the beliefs that we have adopted from other people, whether that be our parents or whether that be the society that we live in or the culture.

If we can let go of those and be aware of them, that's when we start to create a transformation in our life. That is what the shift experience is about, is becoming the source of your life, of becoming the person that can create what they want in their life because it's not that they from the ego, it's the day from a deeper part, a deeper level of consciousness.

That's what the shift experience is about. If you want to be the first to know about the shift experience and you want to experience it, it's going to be the most powerful thing that I've ever done. It's going to be my message for probably the next five or 10 years, I'll probably end up writing a book about it. It's going to be called the shift experience and it's going to my website, and you'll see an option to click to be notified for the shift experience.

It'll take me a while. I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to do it with whether I'm going to do it as weekly workshops for like six or eight-week-long courses for the shift experience, and it'll be like live workshops on zoom where I can talk to people and help them work through different issues and understand their level of consciousness and understand how to raise their vibration.

There are different steps to the process. I'm going be helping people to heal their past experiences to move into. Then this level of instead of doing and having into a level of being, I'm thinking either I'm going to have it all with will be. Meditation's all these different tools and techniques and processes for shifting into that level of consciousness.

Plus, it's an actual experience, it's like the law, the final part of it is an actual experience where you jolt out of your ego and into a new way of being and it has to be done more.

But what I'm thinking of is having that in a course format and then having the live options available or just having the zoom meetings where it's instead of having a whole bunch of content embedded in a website that you go to that you can watch whenever you want to more so having like live every week and then eventually that just remains like I do it live and then it's just on the website and you can watch that later.

It's like I'd have to do it live every single time I launched the course or I could just have it built in there with my best content, edited the right way and everything. And then people can just watch it whenever. I'm kind of debating back and forth. If you have any ideas of how you think you would most prefer it, let me know.

On Instagram, go to my newest post and if you could just let me know there, that'd be the easiest way for me to see whatever you have to say about it or get to your opinion as well.

I wish that on a podcast on Apple, that was like a comment section for each episode would be so much easier. Let me know what you think about that. What kind of format you would like the course in whether you would like it. I'm thinking it's going to be drip-fed context.

The thing is you have to do certain steps before you move on. It can't be you get it all at once because then people just go to the final day which is the transformation day and then that they won't actually be as powerful. I have to drip feed it out anyways.

That’s coming available the next couple of months as well. Do you want updates? You can see on the website. And the main general idea of it is that we are living from the ego.

We're living from stimulus response. We are ego is just trying to keep us to survive. Our ego does nothing more than to keep us to survive. If we want to thrive, we have to move from that have been in reaction from being an effect into a higher vibrational state of consciousness, which is actually who we naturally are.

That's why a lot of enlightened people from the past have said before that enlightenment is not something you attain. The only person, the only one that wants to attain enlightenment is the ego, and the ego's emphasized that in the present moment, it's not already enlightened.

Enlightenment is a realization. It is something you realize from a level of being, being present to the moment to understand that everything in your life that you believe to be true is based on an agreement. You have agreed to that level of reality.

You've agreed to it. That's why you experience it. Your beliefs are reflected back to you will naturally agree with things that are in alignment with priced prior reference experience. The key is to take inventory of all of this and to realize that your beliefs, your notions about life are creating your life experience.

The biggest belief that you will shift in your life is moving from victim mentality into that of empowerment, of knowing that you can reframe it your whole past. You can see things from a completely different point of view and you can move from the victim mentality into that of an empowerment of knowing that you decide the meaning as to what things mean.

That was my biggest shift and within a week of me doing this, I, I've explained this before, sorry if it's repetitive, but I'm just going to kind of give a little bit of an overview of it.

I had an abusive stepmom from seven years old to about 15 years old or eight to 15. She was physically abusive and mentally abusive. I and my brother weren't allowed to eat very much. My Dad was a firefighter or 24-hour shifts. We didn't see them as often, so she got away with a lot of stuff. I and my brother were a lot of times locked outside.

We had to work outside all day. We weren't allowed to eat very much food. We're given a bowl of cereal in the morning and at nighttime, we were given a TV dinner and we were always hungry. We had to go to school. Well, of course, we went to school. We weren't allowed to go to school if we got in trouble or we would get a school activity is taken away from us like band camp or forensics debate tournaments.

We weren't allowed to watch TV. We weren't allowed to have friends. It was just a very unique power structure type thing going on. My stepmom was a very angry person. Up until 15, my dad didn't divorce or all of a sudden me and my brother have all this freedom again. We're allowed to watch TV.

We're allowed to have friends, were allowed to do normal things, kids do. We're allowed to eat again, eat the right amount of food. We were at the gain some weight. We looked a lot healthier.

Even after all that though, still felt a lot of resistance, so felt why did all of this happen, still felt like a victim in the back of my mind because of all this stuff that happened. Why did it happen? Why didn't I have a normal childhood? All of these questions now, fast forward then eventually I'm going to college.

I'm working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes. My manager at the time, I worked in salon shoes, which is like designer shoes, uh, here in Las Vegas. Manager at the time had the same exact type of personality traits as my ex-stepmom. She would talk down to people.

She would get away with the craziest stuff because she was protected by upper management and she'd been there for 20 years, and she would talk down and she was just very demeaning, very similar type personality and nothing. I mean, even if people went up to her, she was protected. There's not much we could do now within a week of me learning how to observe my thoughts and of me completing the past.

Meaning I relived the past and I felt the emotions that I felt in the present in the moment of when I was going through those painful experiences with my stepmom, and I felt it and I allowed it to be there and I observed those thoughts for more of a neutral perspective.

That's when everything began to change. All the sudden I became at peace with it and I realize that that was when I went through that shift, the shift in consciousness, and I started to realize that life, I'm so much more than I probably thought. I realized that it all happened for a purpose and that purpose led me to my spiritual awakening years later.

I was able to reframe it in a positive way and by reframing it. Then I let go of the past burden, the past energy, the pass attachment I had, and then of course then randomly within a week that another manager got fired. She no longer was needed. In my reality. You may say, well, are you so egotistical that you think that you actually shifted that manager getting fired? And I would go as far as to say why not?

Because everything we see and experience in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true and what energy resonates. And all there is one consciousness anyways. We are all part of the same consciousness. The perception that we all individually have will be our experience. The is the only thing that is real. And even though I could say, well maybe there's a whole bunch of different factors that went into it.

That's fine, but it doesn't get any further other than the only thing that was real was that experience. I did this, then this happened. That's my experience. That's the only thing that is real for me. The reason I say that is because understand your life will change when you begin to apply this. When you move from the victim mentality of the past experience to that, of being empowered and knowing that the meaning you give the past is going to be the effect that you get out of it.

The past only has power over us. If we haven't dealt with it and we haven't allowed it to be there, I suppress all of that energy for 10 years because for 10 years I was like, why did this happen? Why did this happen to me? And I was in holding onto that. I was holding onto that, those vibrations. I was holding onto that perspective and everything changed.

When instead of knowing that these things happen to me, I realize these things happen for me because it led to my spiritual awakening. You see, this is the thing will go a little bit deeper. Go a little bit deeper down the rabbit hole. Take this for what it is and see if it resonates with you. It may not resonate with the eagle right away because the ego is starting to find itself out. As we're in this experience right now, this podcast, the ego is starting to figure itself out, and that's the thing.

The ego wants to figure that the ego doesn't want to figure itself out, but you have to shift and do an observation mode, but understand this. This is what I became aware of when my shift of consciousness. I became aware that in life, use this as a metaphor.

Take for what? Take it for what it is in life. Our ego is like our avatar. It's like our avatar. Have you seen the movie Avatar? It's like we're projecting in a higher level of consciousness. We are unconditional love and bliss. We are projecting ourselves to that of this life experience.

We are born into this body. This body is our avatar. Then what happens is we have this ego and this avatar that we're experiencing, but then what happens is we think that we are the actual avatar. We think we are the ego. We identify with the ego, we identify with what's happened in the past and we live from the perspective of the ego.

In the same way that if you were to play a game of Sims, you remember the game or have you've ever played the game of Sims or heard of it, you can play a character in sims.

You know that you aren't actually the character, but if you played it for a certain period of time and that's all you played and you identified with everything that was happening and you are also in reaction mode to everything, you would eventually believe that that is who you are and in our life, we have started to identify with the Avatar, with the ego, thinking that the ego is all that we are when we're actually so much more than that.

We are consciousness itself and when we start to shift to this level of perception, we can see that at a certain level, from a higher-self perspective, we have chosen every experience that we've had from a higher level, so this to some people is something people reject that first because they're like, you're.

Then it justifies all of the pain. You're saying that I meant to be. Some people have been through way worse things than even me, right? Some people may have been through some level of a rape or some level of the victim mentality that's way beyond what I experienced. However, the longer we stay in those stories justifying why we are where we are or what happened in the past, the more we justify it and the more we react to it is the more it will have power over to the present moment.

 am trying to help free you from the past and the only way you will free yourself from the past is by coming at peace with it and understanding that at a certain level, maybe not from the ego's perspective because of course, the ego doesn't want it from a certain perspective. 

The only way you will free yourself from the past is by coming at peace with it.

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 You have chosen it and that is hard to hear because then I'd have to. I'd have to absorb that too. I'm saying that I chose that abusive stepmom. I'm saying that I. I chose that.

Why would I choose that? That is does it even make sense? A doesn't have to make sense from the ego, but from a certain perspective, there is some type of learning experience out of it and there's any amount of pain that you experienced that can be transmuted into even more amount of positivity because I've been through so much pain, I can help people to move through the pain. Imagine I'm this positive guy on YouTube and everything in my life was always handed to me.

Imagine I was this positive guy on YouTube and I had a perfect pass. I went through and had the most loving childhood where everything was just perfect and my parents never got divorced and I didn't have an abusive step.

Mom and I lived in like normal kids and I just went through the normal stuff and I always had what I needed when I needed it. I wouldn't be as able to help people because people, especially people in pain, they wouldn't relate to me. They like, yes, but you don't understand.

I understand and like I said, I'm not saying that I've been through worse things than you. Maybe you've been through worse things, but the key to this whole video is understanding that until you become at peace with what has happened in the past, it will continue to have power over you. Until you realize that you did choose it at a certain level.

Then you can realize there's more to it than this ego game. Then this Avatar game. Sometimes people ask me on my YouTube channel, this is a controversial type of topic, but people will say, well, what about the third world country?

A third world country we have kids that are experiencing famine and that are dying. You're saying they chose that. Understand that those kids may be from a soul level doing it out of compassion to reflect back to us that we have let society get to where it has from a larger consciousness point of view. I'm not justifying it insane.

We shouldn't have compassion for them because we should and we must in order to understand that they are another version of us. Understand that at the same time there's a shift in consciousness happening on this planet and that most of us have decided to be here for this time right now and I think that there is such a desire to be on earth right now because of this transformation that's taking place that even if people and souls are like, hey, you're going to have a life of only five years old and you're most likely going to die.

People are still want to be here because right now on the planet, it is the time to be here. It is a time of transformation. If you want more on this, on understanding this idea, there are books by Dolores Cannon. There are 17 or 18 bucks, 19 bucks on this idea of transcripts of people in the deepest level of hypnosis, the where their higher selves come through, and they talk about why they incarnated.

At this time, there had been thousands and thousands of people that have been through what is called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHTT), people go through this and what they do is they come out and they understand why they incarnated, maybe why they incarnated with certain people in their life, maybe why they add certain types of relationships while they went through a certain amount of abuse or whatever it is, and these higher-self comes through, the ego gets out of the way and then they communicate with it and thousands and thousands of people.

I've said the same thing chose to come to earth right now because the earth is where it's at. There is something happening on earth that has never happened before in anywhere else in the universe, and that is a shift in consciousness at a global level. Even though not everyone you look around right now, a lot of people may still be asleep.

There is a global shift in consciousness that is beginning to happen and we are all. If you're even listening to this message right now, you are at the forefront of it because you are aware of it right now and when people continue to go through this over the next 15, 20 years or however long it takes, and it'll be an ongoing process, you may be at the leading forefront where you can also add value and help people understand what they're going through.

That's what I believe. I believe that if you're listening to this message than you are at the forefront, you are meant to be somebody that holds the space that holds for this level of transformation that's happening. We understand that at a higher perspective and because everyone wants to be here right now, there are seven over 7 billion people.

The population keeps growing. Earth is where it's at. The vibration is speeding up the vibration of the planet, the People's consciousness. It is so much that we can accomplish in this lifetime because of what's happening globally that everyone wants to be here, so understand that the shift in consciousness is going from the ego's reactive mode of thinking.

We are the Avatar to understand that we are also a larger point of consciousness. We are all connected and understanding this connection to the higher-self that we all have.

That is the shift. When we shift from having and doing into being present to the moment, say yes to the present moment right now and body, the presence of who you become present to the moment understand that you are so much more than you can even imagine and when you say yes to the present moment because you shift into the present moment knowing that you are all incomplete. That is when everything in your life will begin to change.

You are holding complete. You are not just to Avatar you’re not just the ego. You are consciousness itself. You realize that you have chosen everything in your life from a certain perspective. Maybe not from the ego's perspective, but from a certain perspective, and the more you absorb in this, you can then choose what you actually want, but unless you take responsibility, which means the ability to respond responsibility, unless you take responsibility for all the choices that you've made, at a certain level, you continue to be at the effect.

I'm encouraging you to wake up from the dream of effect, to wake up from social conditioning to knowing that you are so much more than you can even imagine, and the more that you absorb this, the more your life will actually change. 


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