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# 31: The BELIEF Reset Button and the Buy In of the Game of Life

Welcome back to another episode of the expand your awareness. What I’m going to share today is the way how you can reset your beliefs in a very powerful way. Understanding that in a way reality is much more flexible than we priorly thought like normally we think that reality is so set just it is the way it is, not that we can do to change it, but here's the thing.

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When we realized that it can be more flexible, it becomes more flexible, so the key to this is being aware of the beliefs we have about reality itself and today what I'm going to share with you how to do is how to change that, have your beliefs about reality itself. Because the thing is if we believe that for example, money is hard to come into our lives, then it will be hard to come into our life.

If we believe that it's hard to lose weight, then it will become hard to lose weight. These are all things I've realized also more recently, I've been redefining a lot of my beliefs about the way reality works recently because I'm realizing that a lot of the beliefs that I have are simply there to keep the oldest self-image in place.

It is there to reaffirm me knowing how reality works when in actuality reality is so much vaster than I could even imagine. And what I'm realizing is everything. Literally, everything in life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Meaning if we believe it to be true, then that becomes our reality. I realized this when I was the other day I was paying attention to how my diet has been recent.

I've been eating a lot more nutrient-rich foods. I've been in a lot of like raw foods, get a lot of like natural enzymes in and perfect digestion. Kind of wanted to go through a detox mainly just because I know that, uh, I've never really done a heavy detox before.  I kind of wondered if there was like those heavy metals in my body.

I was like, Huh, what do I want to do to re like to let go of the heavy metal metals in my body? And I was looking at different ways of going about it. Of course, raw food is like, you know, one of the best ways and I've been looking at my lifestyle. Last year I had been doing what is called counting my macros. Counting macronutrients are nutrients, which is like counting calories.

And what I realized I've been doing is I've been counting calories and the idea is that if I, you know, my certain body weight for like how much weight I want to gain or lose if I burn, for example, if I burned 2,800 calories a day, then the idea is that if I were only to eat 2,600 calories a day, then I'd be losing weight.

If I were to eat 3000 calories a day and only burn 2,800 calories a day, which I burned a lot of calories because I do a lot. Um, I do a lot of a workout at the gym. I run sometimes. These are things that influence my energy. And the thing is, is when I was last year, I've been going about things.

I've been very measuring everything, but what I'm realizing now is that that system does work if you buy into the system itself. If I look into it and yes, at a certain level we can look at science. We can be like, well, science shows that it works. It must be true. And from a certain perspective, yes, if we play that game, however, I'm starting to look at it a little bit differently now.

The reason that is, is because I've read a book called the autobiography of a Yogi, and in this book, one of the Gurus that a Yogananda comes across is talking about that, of understanding that our mind is the melder or welder.

I can't remember how to say it, of the muscles, so it's about understanding that our mind keeps things in place more than we think it does. As much as I want to count macronutrients and count calories and all that stuff, what I'm realizing is that it's also the mind that is holding these things in the place. Like what if I had a belief that I didn't have to eat a certain amount of like for example, protein.

There's like these social condition thoughts that you need a whole bunch of protein in your body in order to stay, to survive or even to like to look a certain way or to be a certain way. And I'm thinking to myself, well, there's a certain belief system that I bought into it for a long time. And yes, from a certain point you'd be like, well, science proves this, that and that.

But the power of belief, I believe, I believe is more powerful than other things because we know the placebo effect is right. Even more of the times, like pharmaceutical drugs, we'll compare how effective something is to the placebo effect because the placebo effect is that effective.

Think about that. Literally that is what happens is when they are doing and studying pharmaceutical drugs, it depends on how much it will rank against a placebo because the placebo effect is that effective, upheld as nothing in it other than maybe saline or something that's utterly neutral thing, but yet it still has a massive result just because of the belief that people have of what's inside of it. Everything in life is a form of placebo, everything.

And sometimes you say, well, I can back it up with science. Okay, well maybe that's the key, the key. But if you're looking to the belief system of science than maybe that's what you need to reaffirm that reality. From a certain level, of course, there's this understanding that there are certain things already put in place that are easier to believe.

Like for example, you'd be like, well, I'm just going to believe I can fly and I'm gonna go fly. Well, there is also, we did plug ourselves into this reality and part of this reality agreement that we made is that we were going to abide by the laws of the collective consciousness as well, which means that flying isn't as probable because we have gravity or whatever it may be.

But it's about being aware of these different nuances and understanding that within the nuance which within the very general things, you know, not the necessarily the extremes and maybe there are certain beans that are able to get beyond that like enlightened people.

And that book, the autobiography of a Yogi, there was a. There was like a Yogi that could teleport. You know, I think that that could be possible from a certain perspective and it's just that most people don't experience that because we are conditioned by society because it is a. we're not necessarily enlightened at that level. That maybe there's this Indian Guru.

Was that a Yogananda in the book, the autobiography of a Yogi and a Yogi came across. However, what I'm saying is I don't know if it's possible or not, but I like to believe that it could possibly be the case, that that is something that is possible because the reality we live in is a form of a dream. That is something I do believe. When you start to meditate, you start to go within and you start to really redefine your belief systems.

You realize that a lot of the things you believe to be true are they're just going to be reflected back to you and if you change what you believe to be true, you change your reality. That's what I've been realizing lately as I'm like, okay. I normally believe so. What I did recently is I went to a more of a raw food type diet, so I've been eating a lot of big salads with a lot of different vegetables in it. A big smoothie with fruit in it, and I used to not eat that much fruit because I was like, well, fruit has sugar and I don't want that much sugar because the sugar will turn into fat and not want to be lean.

And all of these beliefs, but now what I'm realizing is it's more important how I feel when I eat those foods. I feel really good. And what I'm realizing is I had this belief before that you needed a whole bunch of protein, so I see a lot of Tofu and stuff in order to gain muscle up.

Tofu is processed. When I'm realizing now is I'm starting to change my beliefs about the diet itself. We'll see how it goes because it hasn't been like, you know, years or anything since I've been doing this. However, I'm maintaining my muscle and everything by doing this because I'm simply believing that that's going to be the case for me.

That is me a filling prophecy. I'll see how it does long term, if I can read it, if it doesn't work long term, it doesn't mean that it doesn't work, it just means that I haven't, I don't believe it yet for that to be the case for me. There's also a guy that, uh, victor, my friend Victor, on YouTube as collaborative before, his name is Ray Moore is a YouTube channel. And he does these chronic initiations were like, you do these dry fast for like four days or longer, I think maybe even a week.

No water, no food, which goes beyond the belief system of most people because what do people tell us? You need food and water or you will die. That is how it works. You know? That's the belief system we kind of subscribed to. But what he does is he takes people, it takes like 40 people at a time on these retreats and they go a week without eating or drinking water. How is that possible? You see what I mean? It's kind of.

And this dude, if he wasn't, he's in good shape. He's not like the skinny. He's not like a skinny. Like sometimes you see those really skinny people are like, Oh man, you just need a sun gays and do this and do that. And they're really skinny. And you're like, ah, I don't know if I want to be that skinny, you know?

That's how I was towards. If you see some people will talk about it, but this guy actually has good body weight, body mass, and the dude hardly ever eats, so I'm not saying I'm going to completely give up food or anything. I'm just saying that what this is doing is this is redefining my idea of beliefs of protein, of how the body maintains itself and it's making me see the world differently because I'm seeing that literally, things in life will be true if we believe that to be true.

Depending on how we depend on how we define ourselves, depending on which belief systems we prescribed to, that's going to be the different levels of how we experience reality. I'm looking at these macronutrient things where it's like I normally count my calories and I'm not going to count my calories in a more.

I'm going to do more of what is called intuitive eating, which is where I listen to my body rather than my mind because my mind is very logical. It wants to understand, well, if you put in this much calories and you do this and that, well, yes, from a logical perspective that is true and from that level of belief that is true. However, the one truth in life is that all truths are true.

Whatever you believe to be true is what you're going to find more reflection up, so I'm thinking to myself now, well, why don't I break the rules a little bit? Why don't I not eat as much protein as I normally eat, but have this belief that my muscles were retained, the level of a muscle and it's that I can eat less and eat more raw foods and that I can still feel great and not feel like I'm fatigued or something like that.

Why don't I develop that level of belief and that's what I have now and I've been doing this for a couple of weeks now and I feel great? I feel higher vibration than ever. This is what I'm sharing with you. My experience with this and that is that I am redefining my beliefs and I'm redefining what I believe to be true. From a certain level, you can look out into society and you could see people that get a certain type of result because they model successes.

Other have other people that can work, but understand that that's a belief system that's like, okay, someone else has done it. Therefore, I can do it, and sometimes that may be the path of least resistance. That then causes a momentum. If we tie onto those thought forms. If you were to be in traffic and get angry, so I'm cutting you off. There's been a lot of other people in that same position that have been angry about traffic. You may be also picking up on their forums because thoughts are literally things we think because thoughts are invisible. They don't exist.

Thoughts are still energetic patterns, so when we become aware of that, we can see what do I choose to believe because most of the beliefs we have are just on autopilot. There are things that we believe because for a long period of time that's been the case, but what we could start to realize is that we can let go of these beliefs. They don't have to be our reality if we don't choose them too, but the key is to first off, be aware of it because when we're aware of it, we start to take our power back.

When we're not aware of it, we made in the autopilot mind. The autopilot mind will do everything. The reason I say that is because I'm now becoming aware of a lot of the subconscious beliefs that I've had about the way reality works, how reality works this way, this is how things are, and I'm looking at it and I'm like, wait, can I think about this in a new way? Is there a new way that I can approach this when it comes to health, when it comes to relationships, when it comes to money, when it comes to all of these things, abundance, doing my passion, I'm starting to see things is more inclusive?

What about this and this instead of this or this because of this or this is the mind coming in that's trying to decide how things work in society. For me, this is about just becoming aware of the beliefs and understanding that everything in life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They did this study before. There was a study where what they did is they got somebody that had multiple personality disorder and what they did is from one personality, somebody would have a certain medical condition.

Twenty minutes later after they shift to a different personality, that mental condition can be totally gone, which means the biological structure of that person's body literally at a cellular level has changed because they changed identities. They've changed personalities, so in one they may have a tumor and another one, they may not have the tumor and within 20 minutes that tumor disappears simply because they've shifted their personality and their identity.

Think about how interesting that is. They've also shown that certain people's eye color will change when they go from personality to personality, so it just shows us the power of belief in the power of identity and when we change our belief and ourselves and how we view ourselves, that's when things begin to change in a powerful way.

I'm not saying, hey, you got to develop a personality disorder or something like that, that that's how you have to be from this point going forward. But what I am saying is that you can start to become more aware of how you are and how you define yourself, because you do not have to define yourself in the basis of the limitations that you make for yourself. You can understand that you are so much more than you can even imagine, but the way you tap into that is by redefining yourself.

It doesn't mean you have to pile on a new belief or a new idea just means you have to be aware of the old one that you're playing according to. This works for everything, by the way. From a certain perspective, you could say, well, astrology is true. The patterns are true, numerology is true, and yes, I think it is in can be true. However, are you playing to that game?

Are you playing according to the game? Because the game will reinforce it to be even true for you. And maybe you say, yes, I like this game. I like this permission slip, but recognize it as simply a permission slip. That's it. Just recognize it as a permission slip and as you recognize it as a permission slip, you can then see that these things are more choices. Most of the beliefs that we have about our past have simply been handed down to us and we've agreed to them at a certain level.

We might not be aware that we agreed to it, but we did and even if it were five years old and we agreed to it, we absorbed it into ourselves and us to suit. We made a choice that this is the way reality is. Even at an unconscious level, it is still a choice that we made.

The key is to be aware of all of these beliefs that we've made and then deciding that we can let go of the beliefs that no longer serve because many of us will have beliefs that have been holding us back for years and years about the way reality is. These beliefs about how people treat me and how I am in public and how the relationship with my parents is. All of these things are just beliefs and more important.

I was talking about this earlier, more important than just the beliefs that we have about little things like money, relationships, like the little smaller subjects. What are your beliefs about life? What are your beliefs about how reality works? Law of attraction can be powerful and maybe it is a law for the way the universe works. However, I'm saying the more you believe in the law of attraction, the more it tends to work for you or the more aware you are of the correlation between what you're thinking and what you're feeling.

Some very successful people don't even consciously use the law of attraction. They may use it unconsciously, but they do not consciously use it and they still find what works for them. With this whole process, there is no right way. There is no wrong way. There simply is the way and the way is what works for you. But just recognize that when you have these beliefs when you have these ways for going about how reality works, see them as a choice.

And the thing is with choice, if you continue to live out a certain choice that serving you or not serving you, then you realize that because it is a choice, you can choose something different. If reality is fixed in reality, just is the way it is, then it becomes unmalleable unchangeable, solid and real, real serious, and the more serious things are, the more that we find it has power over us. One big thing you could do to loosen up how your reality is going is just to enlighten up, loosen up a little bit.

Reality doesn't have to be so serious. Things don't have to be so rough and hard. Laugh at it. Let it be something that is there. You have a negative belief that you find that came from childhood, kind of Snicker at it. Be aware that you became aware of it. The more that you make it serious, the more you hold that reality in place in, the more that reality remains in its power.

Understand that you are so much more than you can imagine. My sound is so true because of we ourselves with the box of our own belief system. We have certain beliefs. We say, this is who I am, this is what I'm capable of. Not knowing that if we simply took ourselves out of the belief system, we take ourselves out of the limitation because the beliefs we have are like a little box. It's like a box that we keep ourselves in.

That box we keep ourselves in is the limitations of however we see ourselves, but the moment we take ourselves out of that box is like, whoa. The view from up here, it looks way better. I want to be over here, and that's what we realized is that we can move outside of that box. We can move outside of that self-image.

Everything I'm showing you right now is just what I'm currently going through is I'm redefining my own beliefs and I'm becoming more free, free to be myself. Since I've been back from Costa Rica. You may notice that my energy is totally different. I feel much more authentic, much more than I can be myself, fewer walls up and a lot of that is because I'm just redefining my beliefs, my belief about working hard, my beliefs about all these different things.

I'm learning just simply to let them go. Not necessarily on a new believer. It's not like am I letting go of the belief that I have to work really hard. I'm like, I'm going to paddle out of belief. That is easy. How do you do that? Simply ask yourself the question, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

As you become aware of what that belief is, you start to gain more of your power then back. Your mind will start to look for a reference.

You start to gain more of your power if you become more aware of your beliefs.

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Experiences look for past experiences of things that have happened that will reflect back to you that that's what it was your brain and even you might just have like you might wait a little bit and then a couple of days later you get this memory of when you were a kid, something happened.

# 30: Vibrational Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and I'm here with you today to help me expand your awareness.

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Today we're going to be talking about understanding some vibrational packs that you probably have never heard of before. These are things that I was talking about recently on a live Q and A that I did on Instagram and it was a really cool live q and a by the way, if you follow me on Instagram yet, aaron_doughty44. I've been doing these live q and a's where I bring people on and I brought on my friend Ryan Cropper is also YouTube and we talked about some pretty esoteric stuff, not going to lie.

And one of the things we talked about was understanding the vibration of things in our life that you normally wouldn't think of. Like you probably put it on your shirt today and you put on your clothes and thought, oh, it's just my shirt, my clothes. Well, I mean it is. You're shortening close. I'm not saying it's not that, but if you were to wear clothes that you were originally war maybe five or six years ago, you would be in a way tapping into some of the emotions, thoughts, and energy of something that may have happened five or six years ago.

This is interesting to me because I recently went to Costa Rica when I was in Costa Rica, we had these things called ceremony, which like these plant ceremony session things and I would always wear whites. Yeah. It's like you were white on white, you know, so I was wearing these white shirts and it's funny because these white shirts, anytime I wear these white shirts now I feel this almost like this, this same level of energy that I felt when I was there wearing those shirts.

I can kind of tell. I have all these white shirts that I wear. I wear them a lot, but there's three or four of them that I wore on the nights of the ceremonies and I can tell which one they are because I get like this. Almost this similar feeling. Not that like I'm tripping out or anything, but more so like I can just feel this like divine settle this or this introspective creative type feeling as I wear the clothes.

In the same way you may find some, you may have never actually thought of before, but what you may do is you may wear something that you never really thought of before that as of it is as something that know would make you feel any certain way because it's been years since you wore that thing. But the thing is when you wear hand me down clothes, what ends up happening is you take on the vibration of whoever was before wearing that thing.

When you look at that, it's just something to think about. You know, some. Something that I've always kind of been aware of is that if I handed me down clothes, what I do is I in a way take on the same feelings or that energy will in a way become a part of something that influences me. What I do is I just, I get my own clothes.

This is just something to be a little bit more mindful of is when you are doing certain things, maybe even when people give you gifts, understand that some of the gifts people give you, it might have some of their signatures on it, like an energetic signature on it, which means the feelings that they have. Maybe the environment that was in.

I know recently also I was going to go and I want to get a whole bunch of crystals from my house and I was talking to a friend of mine and she said that you want to get crystals from a place where they have good energy or where the crystals that were mind, we do not mind in a like a negative environment because if you get that then that influences the Chrysalis themselves. She told me of a certain place in Sedona that has good vibes in it and it's like the crystals come from a legit place that doesn't have that kind of energy, like that energy.

I'll end up getting them from there. These are just ways of thinking about reality in a new way to where you relate to it in a way to where you're just aware. You might be aware that certain energetic things are influencing how you feel. There's the vibration of objects, the vibration of location, the vibration of people, the vibration of food, everything is vibration.

But when you become aware of it, you can then start to align how you are with you being the best version of yourself. I talked about this a lot, but imagine where you are and then quote where you want to be. The key is, of course, we felt the emotions you want now to be happy with where you are, but at the same time when you are thinking of that, what you want to do is you want to think of how that version of you is thinking, acting, and feeling.

Because those three things make up your vibration. Also, think of the objects or what is in your environment or kind of activities do you do in that preferred reality? The way you do this is through your imagination. For me right now, I can imagine my dream reality of me traveling the world, giving seminars, doing what I love, when I imagined that reality, it is very easy for me to do because when I'm doing that, it's something that I could see myself.

What would I be doing? I would be a traveling. As I said, I would be eating at great restaurants. I would be networking with people that are in my industry. I would be doing and interacting with people that are following my content. I would be doing masterminds. All of these things I can imagine and I can see what kind of activities would I be doing in that reality?

What kind of food would I be eating? What kind of interaction? How would I talk to other people? As I pay attention to all of these things, I began to tap into the reality of that and the key is to understand that that reality from a parallel reality point of view already exists, so it's not so much about me having to create it. It's more so about me choosing it by making choices in my current life that ended up bridging where I am to that reality.

But the key is embodying the emotions now, so being grateful for where I already am, I could look and see in my life right now how I can feel grateful I can feel thankful for that I can have a YouTube audience and an audience online that I can go live with. That to me is very exciting. I can see how I can interact with people on different social media platforms, which is kind of like being live. I can imagine myself and how similar that is to go in life.

And as I focus on the similarities, I'm able to feel the gratitude and to able to say to myself, well, I'm pretty much already doing it, so it's not as much that I need to try to do something or not already doing. It's just that I need to transform the way that I do it. In the same way, be aware of your vibration and be aware of what is in your environment. Think of it like this too, when you go to a specific place or do some other type of situation when you go there, there's a certain energy of that place. If you go to a certain rock concert is going to be a certain energy that is created.

If you go to a hip-hop onto concert, there'll be another type of energy that's created. If you go to some type of ballet or opera, there'll be a different type of energy that's created there. And there'll be a general, the echo of that energy even after the event happens.

In the same way, if you were to go to a restaurant that has really good energy and the service is really good, that will influence your experience and that will influence your vibration. If you go to a restaurant and they were rude and the food that will influence the food, even at subconscious levels you don't understand. And then as you're eating that food that will then influence you in different ways. This is about being aware of vibration. It doesn't mean you have to be afraid of it, doesn't mean you have to look around and fear like, what if this happens?

What if that happens and it doesn't mean you have to take inventory of every little thing that you do, but what it does mean is when you're aware of it, you can then see, is this serving me? Is this something that is allowing me to become more of who I prefer to be? Is this in alignment with my higher self? Is this in alignment with how I prefer to be?

And if it is, then that is something that you can continue to do and if it is not, then you can in a way say no to it. You can choose not to do it. If every time you go somewhere and you feel negative emotion when you're around someone, you don't have to keep doing it.

You can change your perspective. You can change how you are about it. The key to this is knowing and being aware of your vibration in correlation with everything that you are experiencing and the way that I applied this in my own life is what I do is I am just constantly asking myself, is this in alignment with how I prefer to be now?

Not every little thing, but there will be in general, as my general diet for the day. Is this in alignment with a high vibrational way of living? Is it the people that I'm around? Are these people in alignment with my high vibrational way of living? And if so then great, then I keep doing it, but if there's something that needs to change, then I'm just aware of it and then I can set the intention to change it.

However, be aware of these little nuances that maybe you never thought about before. You may have never thought of, hey, there's this a vibration of the clothes that I'm wearing. You know, I thought about this too. This is a cool idea. What if like you could look at a blanket or something from your past, maybe something that you had when you were a baby.

And you were able to in a way pick up on some of the thoughts or emotions of your parents when you were that age, so because sometimes when you look at shadow work, you're looking at things that you subconsciously absorbed, a kid that you forgot about and what you can do is be aware of that and then maybe you can even tap into some of the thoughts and the emotions and using that as a symbol.

Understand there's always information around us. There is always information that we can begin to translate and the key is just being aware of what that information is. Being aware that as you become aware of it, some of the things of your past youth and then change your past.

That's what we call shadow work, but in general, everything is vibration. The air that you're breathing. There've been other people that brought breathe in that air before. That's something Ryan and I was talking about on that life that we did and we were talking about a place that you go, you're picking up on a similar thought stream of other people that have thought similarly.

You are going to different being around different types of people. All of these things correlate with what your vibration is. The most straightforward way for you to bridge and get to the vibration you want is by being yourself. As cliché as it sounds, I know it sounds cliché, it's like, be yourself. You're like, how do I be myself? What does that mean? It just means that let go of what doesn't serve and just feel free. Just do what you want to do.

Put, bring it more within instead of trying to make other people happy, just do what you want to do and as you do that, you'll be more authentic, but then you can also identify what is more authentic for you. You might be working a nine to five job that you're not that excited for right now, but that's not really even you. That's just what you're currently doing, but then you will imagine the version of you that's passionate.

What is that version of you doing? Maybe that version of you is doing something specifically for a living will start to imagine that version of you and start to take on the vibrations of that version of you, which means how that version of you think feels an ax start to absorb that start to align with it, and as you start to align with it, you will start to feel like that becomes you and then see what objects are in that version of your reality.

Maybe that version of you eats a certain type of food. Maybe that version of you wears a certain type of clothes. Maybe that version of you has a certain type of body language.

Start to be in the vibrational resonance with that reality, and you will begin to experience that in your life.

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Start to be in the vibrational resonance with that reality and you will begin to experience that in your life. This is simply about vibrational resonance.

# 29: Shift Your Beliefs About Reality

Welcome back to another episode. Today, we're going to be down the rabbit hole of understanding our beliefs, our beliefs create our reality and how to change our general beliefs about reality itself. This goes beyond just the intellectual ideas of understanding like sometimes we get too specific or like what I want to change my beliefs around a relationship. 

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I want to change my beliefs around money. I want to change my beliefs around health, but what are your beliefs about reality? Because when you get to your beliefs about reality, you see that then you change and you get deeper and it's a lot easier too because you may change your beliefs about relationships, but if you think that things come hard in your life in general, it may be something that you're attracting.

A relationship might have to become hard because it has to reaffirm the general belief that you have. There's almost these trickling down beliefs that we have that create our reality. We have more specific beliefs on one side and then we have more of the more general beliefs on the other side and if you believe in general that life is hard, that things don't come easier than in general.

Your life will be hard and things won't come easily. One of the things I'm doing with this video is I am putting your awareness on what do you believe to be true because whatever you believe to be true is reflected back to you. We have these general beliefs about reality and then we also have these more specific beliefs about things like relationships, what it's like to attract relationships or money or whatever it is.

Find your general beliefs first because when you find your general beliefs, what you end up doing is you end up becoming aware of how you can let go of the things that no longer serve you from a more general perspective, from a more general point of view. And is it something that I'm realizing, and I'll tell you right now that I was in Costa Rica the last week and it was amazing and it was a lot of fun.

I was a five year two, I was one of five YouTubers. They're at this place.

There was a whole bunch of people that think very similarly and stuff which was really cool. And one of my good friends was there, her name is Leoor Alexandra, you may know who she is and one of the nights she had a very deep experience while on the plant and medicine. And she went very deep into her own consciousness and she was shown. And basically, what happened is the plant medicine, Iowaska, whatever you want to call her, said and pretty much showed her and showed her general beliefs about reality.

And in a way kind of showed her that what you believe to be true about reality isn't actually the way reality works. And what that did is that kind of shook up her belief system. And what I told her afterward, I was like, this is so powerful, because when you think reality just simply is the way it is, when you think that reality is set, it is just the way it is and things will never change.

 Then what happens if things don't ever change things or rigid things can change because it, in order for things to change, you have actually to change something that's solid. What we become aware of is that things are much more flexible.

The more you realize that life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become.

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One of my quotes recently is that the more you realize that life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become.

When you become aware of that, what you then begin to do as you begin to dismantle the old beliefs, the old beliefs that appear, that makes things very hard and very rigid, and simply knowing that that things aren't the way you think that they primarily were or are you already begin to dismantle the old ways of being.

You begin to realize that then life can become more dreamlike. And one of the things that I think is happening right now on the planet is more people are becoming aware that life is a form of a dream. And let's talk about that for a minute. Life is a form of dream. What does that mean? Well, what I'm basically saying when I say that life is a form of dream.

What I'm saying when I say that is that who we think we are is we perceive reality through the five senses, but in actuality, we're so much more than that. That's just a. that's just an experience that we're having at a greater consciousness point of view. We exist in higher states of consciousness and because of that, what ends up happening is we go through our life experiences. We think that everything is real. This is real.

When we go to bed at night, we go to sleep. We wake up in these higher states of consciousness. We might not completely remember it. We might actually get that of subconscious dreams and dreams that we don't really understand because that's our brain's interpretation of understanding something that's beyond its current reference point. But what happens is at night time, you wake up to these higher states of consciousness you might not remember, it might not be as relevant for you to remember.

Imagine you remember that in higher states of consciousness, you exist in unconditional love and bliss, and then you woke up here and there are all these solid kinds of stuff and there's these people that you know that that maybe make you feel bad or all of these different things. It wouldn't be so relevant. When you come in, you wake up, there's this veil of forgetfulness.

You don't remember all that stuff. You just remember that my name is Aaron and this is who I am and I interpret reality through the five senses. But in actuality, there's so much more going on at play. And when you start to expand your consciousness, you start to see that you don't just see it. It's not something you just intellectually think about. You know, like a bit that I'm as intellectual as spirits have been. You've actually started to feel it. You start to feel that you are more than your physical body.

You start to realize that you are more than just the sense perceptions you have. You remember that part in Neo, that part in Matrix where Neo is being told by Morpheus. He's like, what do you, what is real? What do you think is real, is just vibrational interpretations of reality through your five senses and the same way that is kind of what the movie, the Matrix was in a way a form of a documentary?

Like, of course, I wasn't like neo in the matrix and his machines that come out. I mean there's a, there's the action part of that movie. But in actuality what kind of scared me. I'm looking at myself in the camera and I was moving the chair back and forth and the kind of scary there for a second. It was like, what is that behind me when it comes to that of the, of the Matrix. Understand that when you become aware that life is more than your five senses.

And we know that too. Because like for example, if there's a dog whistle and you don't hear the sound of a dog whistle because of the decibel range that it is, do we assume that the dog whistle just doesn't exist? Or do we acknowledge that the dog whistle does exist? That maybe dogs can hear it but we can hear it, but that doesn't mean that it's not there in the same way.

There is a reality that is beyond our five senses that when we begin to tap into the potential of it, we start to perceive higher states of consciousness. We're going beyond the reality that is encapsulated with the five-sense perception. It's about awareness that there's just more to us than just our five senses.

There is more to us than this. What we perceive. We can only see between that if infrared and ultraviolet, but we say, oh, well there's the only colors that exist. Dentist realities, all that air there are ever is there ever will be, but in actuality, I think that there's so much more going on at play. I think that around us right now, there are just certain things that are visible. I think thoughts also are things they're not visible.

Not all thoughts are visible. They've become visible when we manifest them, but in general, I think that our thoughts when we think thoughts that are electromagnetic energy and I think also there's this grid around the planet. There's a collective consciousness grid around the planet and as we think and feel a certain way, we're adding to that collective grid and the direction that timeline that us as a collective go on will depend upon how we feed collectively this grid and it's an interesting idea, but a lot of times we think we're having our own thoughts and you may say, well, I'm having my own thoughts right now, but in actuality they may also be the thoughts of a whole bunch of other people that are around.

You may think and go to a sports game and be like, yes, I want this team to win and maybe you do want that team to win. I'm not saying you don't, but what I'm saying is that energy, when you go to a game, there's an energy there that you feel and some people will get high on that energy. It feels really good, but that's because there's a condensed amount of thought energy that is there. There's a condensed amount of electromagnetic energy thoughts that you're aligning with that's causing you to feel that way.

What I'm saying is there's more than a play than just our five senses. There's more than at play than just what we perceive through our five senses and when we become aware and we just acknowledged that we start to break upon our beliefs that what we believe to be true is just what's experience through our five senses.  We already know that the x-ray machine, not like x-Ray Vision doesn't exist because we can't see with our eyes.

You know there's an x-ray machine that can show that perspective in the same way. There may be perspectives that we're not aware of because we're only focused on the physical type aspect of what we're experiencing in our life. In general, what I am intending to show you today is that you can begin to break up your beliefs.

You can break up your beliefs about how reality works. The more solid that you think reality is, the more solid your raw reality will be and the less changeable it is. If you want to make your reality more changeable, are more malleable, all you really have to do is you have to first off realize that the reality that you experience is through your five senses. But that's not all that exists. Like I was saying, it's not because you don't hear a dog whistle.

It doesn't mean the dog whistle frequency of that decibel range doesn't exist. I'll because we can see between ultraviolet and infrared doesn't mean that anything outside of that spectrum doesn't exist. It means that that's what our five senses are perceived to experience. And when you, when you realize that that's when you begin to expand your awareness to see that there's much more to life than just what we experienced through the senses, it starts to break down those beliefs of reference experiences, those beliefs of past experience, the beliefs of what we've experienced in the past, thinking that's all there is.

And in order to really experience more in your life, what you have to be able to do is to go beyond the current sense perceptions that you've had. For example, if you've only been feeling that of shame, fear, guilt, anger, and you want to go beyond that, you have to acknowledge first off that that's not all there is.

You have to be aware that maybe that's a perspective that you have maybe an auto "thought", thought loop that you have. And what you then begin to do is you begin to release that and as you release that, you can then let it go and then you begin to raise your vibration. That’s part of this process is just the awareness. Let me think of a time or you know, even just being in Costa Rica and going through those experiences I became aware that what we experienced in our life as a part of, you know, it's an experience and the experience is real.

I'm a really or came to me the next day after she had that experience and she was asking me. She's like, well, does it have no meaning? Well, of course, it has meaning and it's. It's not that it's not really other than the experience of it is what's real, but we give so much solidity and forum to what we think is real.

That sometimes having an experience where our beliefs are shown to us that, hey, this doesn't have to be the way it is, or there's more to life than that.

We begin to break apart our own belief system and we'd be hard to see that there's so much more to life. There's so much more. There's always more and the more we go down that rabbit hole of understanding that we don't have to just identify with our senses. The more that we tap into it. Here's the thing though, this is a big paradox, is my third, fourth night there.

Whereas in Costa Rica I became very present to the moment I, I did. I had this experience where what I did is I went more within. I was putting all the awareness in my sense, perceptions. I was putting all the awareness inside of my body and by doing that I've started to just say yes to the present moment, like whatever came up.

I just say yes to it. If I was laying there and there are people making noise on the other side of the room, I'd let them make noise. If there were a, was a dog barking outside and let the dog bark outside. If there's a song being played, I didn't really care for. I would just observe my thoughts. I said I don't care for that song. And by saying yes to the present moment, I began to feel more present than ever.

Even as you listen to me right now, you may hear some silence in between the words. If you listen for the silence, you become more present to the moment.

If you just absorb whatever is coming up, what am I going to do after I watch this or listen to this? Just listen to be aware of it, just to absorb it and as you absorb it, you become more present to the moment. The sense perceptions and being is the gateway to that level of, of, of being the sense. Our perceptions are the gateway to being. That's the key is bringing the awareness into the body.

# 28: Costa Rica Epiphanies that changed my life and how they can change yours too

Welcome back to another episode. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you all about letting go, the gateway to surrender, understanding how you can do more within your own consciousness. You can understand how to raise your vibrational set point so that you used to be in a higher state of consciousness.

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I just got back from Costa Rica. I was in Costa Rica for a whole seven or eight days. I just got back last night at about one in the morning. I got some sleep. I woke up today and it's time for a podcast episode. I haven't done a podcast episode, like a specific podcast episode. Actually why? I think it's been like a week and a half. I've been busy. You know what I did in Costa Rica. There are things I did and there were things I did not do. And let me explain a little bit of what I went through it.

I was in Costa Rica. I went to a life transformation spa place in Costa Rica with four other YouTubers. I went with Ryan Cropper, maybe you've seen him on YouTube. I went with Victor Oddo, who a lot of you guys know. I went with her. I went with Gavin Stevenson from wake up fulfilled. There were five and then me of course, but I had. Yeah, of course, it came with me. There was five YouTubers total at this place. It was really cool. It was like a life transformation spa.

There was a lot of stuff that happened. We did a lot of shadow work, let transformational breath work. All of these different things we did and when we did it, I was becoming aware a lot of things within myself that I could begin to rewrite because I realized that I have my own limitations. I have things that I believe to be true. Understand that our beliefs create our reality. Like I've known this for a long time, but there were some subconscious beliefs there that I did not know about that word. Controlling my life experiences or causing certain things in my life to happen. One of them was something I learned last time when I went there.

I went there exactly a year ago and what I learned last time was that, uh, I believe that I had to work really hard to become successful. I was making daily videos on YouTube. I still make daily video videos on YouTube. However, for me to take a day off, it was like a big deal. I was like, how would I take a day off? Like I feel like taking a day off like I'd lose momentum or something. I had this limiting belief that I always have to be taking action in order to be successful because I was rewarded so much in February of last year when I went daily on YouTube that my YouTube channel exploded. Within four or five months I was able to quit my nine to five job working at Barneys, New York selling woman's shoes. And my whole life began to change. I got so much benefit from taking action.

I was like, this is how success works. You take a lot of action, you get massive results, and it does work to a certain extent. The thing is, is there a certain paradigm? And I realized that I had a paradigm and I believed I had to work hard and I was working hard. That was a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, what I learned last time I was there a year ago, November thousand 17, is that I didn't have to work as hard as I thought I could let go of the outcome.

I could more so be present to the moment. I could not have to try so hard. I could more so just be in a good state of being while I do things and things will happen even better because I've increased my state of being. I knew this last year, but it almost didn't get wired incompletely because this is what I realized.

If you would've asked me, I said, I believe that you don't have to work hard. I would have said, I believe that you cannot take that much action and you can get results.

However, the thing was what was happening is even though I said that I believe that I didn't have to work really hard to get results, my actions weren't actually aligned with that because what I was doing is I was still in that grind mode. What would that involve? What would it involve for me to change my own belief? Well, the first thing that I have to do is that I have to realize that my actions are direct reflections of what I believe to be true. I may say I don't have to work so hard to be successful, but yet I'm still working really hard, which proves to me that I haven't actually changed that belief.

The key is to first off, be aware of what those beliefs are. And for me, that was becoming aware. I said, okay, this next week I am not going to wake up in the morning and make a video like I normally do because normally that's how I was as like I have to make daily videos. I have to do this. I have to do that. I have to write down the night before I go to bed, 10 things that I need to do the next morning and I'm going to get up in the morning.

I'm going to do those 10 things and it's going to feel really aligned for me to do so. But what I realized that I could let go of that routine. And by letting go of that routine, I started to feel freer than ever. Because as I let go of the need to do those things, I was rewiring that belief inside of my subconscious mind that I don't have to try so hard. I can allow things to be easy, and by doing that I began to wire in a new way of being. I made only a couple of videos while I was in Costa Rica because the last day was a Saturday.

We were all, all the YouTubers like we need to make videos together, so we made a whole bunch of collaborators the last day, but the whole entire week I didn't make videos intentionally. Of course, videos still went live on YouTube because I'm ahead on videos and they're scheduled to go out.

But you guys want to hear something even crazy. It kind of crazy to listen to how the universe works. All right. This. This is something that I found very paradoxical that happened. This is what happened. I was in Costa Rica and even though I was like, okay, I'm not going to make YouTube videos, I was still to get into my YouTube channel. The comment, now this is what happened. That was another opportunity for me to let go because I couldn't even get in, to begin with.

It was almost like the universe was showing me to let go and I let go of that as I let go of that. And I let go of saying, okay, well obviously, you know, there's deans not working out for that. For me to get into my YouTube channel to comment on videos is at the end of the world that I don't comment on a couple of videos on my YouTube channel while I'm in Costa Rica. I was like, no, it's not the end of the world. I can continue to let go.

I'm going to say that one more time by me taking a non-action by me not making the videos, I was wiring it into my brain, that new believer that I don't have to work so hard. By doing that, that is the key to wiring in. The belief is to realize that whatever the belief that you have, that you're trying to change, become aware of what that is and simply decide that you are going to let go of the old way of being and you're going to wire that in.

For me, that was wiring in a non-action. Not necessarily an action but an annex, but how can you apply that? Well, you can be like, well, I usually think that losing weight is hard, all of these things, but if you start to wire in that losing weight is easy. You can start going to the gym almost like every other day or something. Just start going that simple action. Even if you just go to the gym for 10 minutes, we'll start to wire it into your mind that you go to the gym every two days.

You will start to change your self-image. That was a big game, big game changer for me as I began to become aware of the beliefs I had and realizing that my actions were correlating with a belief system that is outdated. I went almost a whole week without making videos. I felt free. I felt like I was really letting go. I felt like I was actually on vacation because that's the thing.

The thing is since I've been full time on YouTube since I've been making daily videos, I haven't even taken one day off over the last two years. However, I made that exception when I was on this trip and I decided I was going to only make videos the last day that I was there in Costa Rica. By doing that I was then wiring in this new way of being this new belief system and I was letting go and it wasn't even something I was trying to do.

It was more something I was letting go of us letting go of this old belief I was letting go of these old patterns. By me doing that, I was more so able to become present. I was more so able to enjoy myself and I went through certain epiphany's. One of the things Lee or went through, you guys don't own Lee or Alexandra, she's amazing. She's a great friend of mine. She went through an experience where she realized that reality is kind of a matrix, the reality is a matrix, and that kind of freaked her out and I was kind of reassuring her and helping her feel better about the whole situation. Well, we experience reality through our five senses and the thing is we think that what we experienced through our five senses is the real reality.

It is a projection of consciousness. We come from higher states of consciousness. We come from a higher dimensional realm of existence. We are simply dreaming that this is who we are. We are really unconditional love and bliss. You ever see the movie Harry Potter that's closer to the real reality of who we are that's closer to the things being flexible with us having more abilities and higher realities.

We forget that though because can you imagine that? You remember that you're an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience.

You know that you exist in higher states of consciousness where you can instantly appear other places. You can manifest things instantly and then you wake up here with this veil of forgetfulness and you wake up here and you have to experience some lower vibrational emotions or things that you don't prefer. You just want to be there so we have this veil of forgetfulness in reality that makes us forget who we are and by forgetting who we are, we then are more likely to stay here and stay relevant here.

Reality is like the Matrix and we are more than we priorly thought and the power in this is huge because when you realize that things aren't so solid, your life becomes more like a dream. There's this quote I've been saying recently and it is that the more you realize life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become, and this is a very empowering statement. Some people get frayed because my ego wants to remain solid and intact with this all being real.

I'm not saying the experience of it is not real, the experience of it Israel, but what I am saying is that in actuality you are so much more than you can even imagine, and the aura became aware of that. She started to become aware of who she really is an understanding that her reality, what happened is her reality in a way was turned inside out when it comes to what is real and that is making her reality more flexible.

Yes, I can bang on this table right now. That is an experience that appears to be real, but in actuality, there's empty space in between these atoms. We live in a type of virtual reality. We are projections of consciousness from higher states of consciousness. We are really unconditional love and bliss. They might as well enjoy their life experience. That is what life is about.  Let me ask you that question.

Because things that you think are solid in your life are going to create more and more experience of it being that way, and that is going to be something that changes your life. If you begin to realize it, detach from what you believe to be true.

Shake up your own belief system. If there's a definition you have about reality, oh, it's hard to attract relationships into my life. Oh, it's hard to attract money into my life. If you have those beliefs, if you have the belief that it is hard to attract those things in your life or do you experience those things, be aware of those definitions because that is just a confirmation, a reaffirmation that that is the way reality works. When in actuality thinks can be so much easier. They're really in life is no outside. There is only a reflection of the inside.

If you change your beliefs about reality being fixed, if you change your beliefs about thinking, the reality is the way it is and it's fixed, it's always going to be that way. If you realize that life is more flexible, your life will become more flexible. The more you realize that life is a form of a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become, and that's one of the powers of letting go of your belief system that no longer serves of letting go of the things that are outdated, of allowing yourself to more so become present to the moment.

That's when things really began to change is realizing that the true change comes from within and how you relate to things in your life. What else did I learn? I had this an experience the third night that I was there of laying in my bed and what I did is I had this utter surrender and I went into this meditative state and what I did is I focused on just being present to the moment, allowing the moment to be.

And what I did is there was music playing and I was allowing this music to come on. Let me be honest with you right now.

What am I talking about right now? There is this plant medicine that is called IOWASCA. There we go to out of the bag. You may have seen that and you made it like, Whoa, that's really weird. Is he talking about he's done about something like that? Guess what? I was afraid to share this on my YouTube channel. I was afraid to share this even a year ago. But you know what? It expands consciousness. It is not like one of those drugs that's like, you know something bad is. It's something that expands your own consciousness.

It is something that makes you do a lot of shadow work. You go within yourself and you really find out a lot of things in your subconscious mind that have been holding you back. You might not have experiences of your past that really show you a lot of things. And, uh, I'm becoming more and more aware that I could let go of my self-image, you know, I was like, oh, what will people think on YouTube? Will I still be credible if people know that I did Iowaska, but guess what? I wasn't going to do Iowaska even as the time that I went, I went a year ago, I was like, you know what, I'm just going to relax and enjoy company with five other YouTubers, a lot of subscribers that I had going, I'm going to have a good time. But when I went as like, you know, I'm all about expanding awareness, and that was something that I felt called to do again.  You're releasing from your body is no longer holding you back.

The key is being aware of all that and the key is understanding that when you let go, you will allow new patterns in your life when you let go of what doesn't serve you, when you let go of your shadow self.

When you let go of what doesn't serve you, you will allow new patterns in your life.

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I was becoming aware of my own shadows and I was becoming aware of these things from my past. I had this one experience where I realized that I felt unworthy partly because I had this experience that I was completely unaware of. I was a five or six years old.

My parents are divorced at this time and they still are, but I was going back and forth like four or five days at my mom's house. Four or five days at my dad's house. And every time I'd come back from my mom's house to my dad's house, my dad would have an action figure on mine and my brother's bed. And we get all excited. Like, oh, what's going to be at Dad's house when we get back? Eventually, we came back home from my mom's house and there was no action figure on the bed.

Of course, I know and I understand. I'm like, oh, there's no action figure, Bro. Just man up. It's all good. I realized that part of a feeling of unworthiness that was deep in my subconscious came from when I was five or six years old. My Dad stopped putting an action figure out on my bed when I came home from my mom's house and the meaning I gave that was maybe he doesn't love me. Maybe I need his validation, maybe I'm not worthy, and when I was in that moment, I became aware of it. When you become aware of it is when you can begin to change it because you can see it's an illusion.

You can see that was just a pattern you kept carrying from when you were young. That's what I realized and I let go of that part of myself and I started to nurture that five-year-old. I started to give that five-year-old version of me that love says, it's okay. It's okay. Little Aaron, your dad still loves you. He just may not have a present for you right now, and I started to relate to it differently. You see, that's called shadow work is by being aware of these unconscious patterns that we have of yourself.

Back to that moment that was talking about where I became very present at the moment. What happened was is I was in the third night, it was getting pretty intense. There are these sensations that go through your body. I was feeling an overwhelming amount of love, and this can sound paradoxical, but I was feeling so much love that it was kind of scaring me because my body wasn't used to feeling that high-frequency love.

It was a. It was beyond what I could imagine as I'm filling these waves of sensation flow through my body of love, I'm letting go, letting go of needing to control it. You know, my, my, my ego is like trying to control the situations like let go, let go, allow this, love to flow through it. What I did is I started just allowing the moment to be. I said yes to the present moment over and over and over again, and then what happened is this, there's this music in the background and beautiful music.

Sometimes it's live music of like these four or five different shamans playing harmonica, singing, all these different things as beautiful. However, they also had this music playlist on, and what I did is I started to really listen to music. I started to listen to the music deeper than ever before, and what I realized is that I never have actually listened to music from a state of presence to state of being.

It was always an intellectual thing like, oh, this music sounds really good, but what I did is I shifted into experiencing the music, feeling the music, and by doing that I became more present to the moment, but that was the key. The gateway to the sense perceptions was me becoming present to the moment and by me becoming more present to the moment and putting the windows in my body. That was the key, is putting the awareness in my body.

I began to feel completely different about myself. I began to say yes to the present moment and the thing was whatever came up, I said yes to it. There are people around me. Some people were coughing or some people were throwing up. Some people were crying, some people were laughing. There was noise or is it maybe a dog that was barking in the background? Whatever happened, I said yes to it and it began to transform myself. I began to realize that you can see, I can say yes to the present moment no matter what. I then went from doing and having into being, being present with the moment, being with them, music, listening to the music.

I began putting the sense perceptions inside my heart center, inside of my hands, inside of my feet. I became so present to the moment that it started to transform my life because I realized that I could just say yes to the present moment. I realized that I could just be. I am. Say that with me right now. I am. Put the awareness in your sense perceptions right now.

Feel this sensation inside of your hands. Feel the sensations of your feet, sensation side of your heart, maybe a light buzzing feeling you can bring this sensation inside of your body and by doing that you start to become more present to the moment. You start to become more here right now and say yes to whatever comes up. If you're driving right now and someone cuts you off, say yes to it, assume it is part of the process.

Assume that it is part of something you want to experience in your life and as you start to let that be there, you'll find that you begin to relate to things in your life differently. Allow things in your life to be as they are going forward with your day-to-day. Allow things to be, say yes to whatever comes up. Treat everything that happens in your life as if it's there for a reason.

That's what I began to change my life and from this point going forward, I'm not saying that I'm enlightened. I'm not saying that I'm going to be in these blissful states of Samadhi my whole entire life. What I am saying is that I can always bring myself back to this remembrance that I can let go and that I can absorb into my sense perceptions. Bring the awareness into my body, not make everything so intellectual.

I like this song. I liked the beat to the song. What do I like about this song? I like the beat. I like this. Those are all labels, experienced the music. If you're in your car right now and you're just listening to my voice experience, my voice experience, the tonality, you don't have to label the tonality. Be like, well, he's doing dynamic. He's very enthusiastic. He says those are all labels. It's okay if those come up. Here's the thing. As those thoughts come up, experience those thoughts. Let them be there.

Allow the moment to be right now. You are more so entering the present moment than ever before, but the paradox is you are already there. It's just you're shifting your experience into the present moment.

So yes, that is this, this episode. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Understand that your reality, you can begin to shake it up. You can let go of what doesn't serve you. You can. We rewire new beliefs, but you can ultimately let go and go into a state of being.

Be present at the moment. Can you do me a favor and let me know what you think of this week's video by commenting on my newest Instagram posts. You can also follow me on Instagram if you haven't already. I post daily content there at aaron_doughty44. Let me know what you think of this week's episode. Let me know if you want me to do more podcasts. I enjoy doing podcasts and if you want me to do more, I'm considering doing it. Let me know in the newest Instagram post that I have, comment there what you thought of today's episode. I love to interact with you. I'll be there as well.

# 27: How to change the Mirror of Reality (The ONLY Way)


Welcome back to another episode. Today, we're going to be talking about some really cool things. All right. I hope you're ready for today's episode because we're going to go deep on understanding how reality works. What we're going to do is we're going to understand that reality itself is a mirror.

And if we want to change the mere of reality, we must first off go within and change the way we relate to ourselves because everything in our life is a reflection of what we believe to be true and is also a reflection of how we see ourselves, how we are, how we late to the external world, and then when we changed that, we change everything.

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First off, I want to thank you for being here. You know, I do daily YouTube videos. I do twice a day on Instagram. I'm doing my best to stay up to two times a week on podcasts. I want to start having more conversational type podcasts as well. Just kind of like a side note. I think it'd be cool to bring people on. It's just that I'm so busy. It's hard. I don't know. Maybe that's a belief. You see. Sometimes I catch myself in my own belief patterns. I'm like, oh, it's hard to do this. It's hard to that.

Why? Why did it have to be? But at the same time, I'm going through this thing right now where I'm realizing that it might be good for me to take like maybe a day off a week or something, you know, not, not from. Not like I don't post at all for a day because of I still, I'm like far ahead on videos and stuff.

Videos will still come out. Instagram videos can still come out, but I mean like have a day to where like I don't do anything where I just relaxed and I have spaciousness within me and I just like meditating on grass all day and I just, I don't know, something like that. I haven't, I've been, it's funny because I've been full time doing my passion now for about a year and a half. And I don't think I've had one day off. I mean, I've even gone on vacation. I still make a video a day.

I still do a lot on social media just because it's kind of my job, you know? And I love doing it. It's like I'd rationalized of do I do, but at the same time, I'm realizing that I just get messages from some people that are like, hey, you know, maybe be good if you just like, took a day off and just relaxed, you know.

Last week I got a massage. I used to do a lot for myself too. I used to go to like sensory deprivation tanks which is like where you go into this tank, it's like the size of a small car and you're just floating around. Then it's like there's the water's the same temperature as your blood and there's no sound in there so it like deprives all your senses.

You couldn't really deep levels of meditation. I haven't done that in a year. I used to do Bikram Yoga every single week, like no matter what, but I have, I don't do that as often. I still do yoga, my house every day, but I don't actually go because 90 minutes is a long time for me to be away from my doing, doing my work.

But I go to the gym every day which is like my getaway. But yeah, I need it anyways. I know I'm venting to you right now. But also, just so you know, a little bit about what it's like behind the scenes. You know, I'm finding the more I go within myself, maybe the more space that I create, the more creative ideas will come. I just have such an output of energy. I'm always doing.

I'm always doing what I'm passionate about. I wake up every morning, literally excited to wake up. I'm not trying to brag if you're like, oh, you get up and you don't enjoy what you're doing, but this is what's possible for you just to follow your passion, follow your heart, understand it as cliché as that sounds. It's really true because when you do what you're meant to be doing in life, the universe gives you support back.

And then you start to live in abundance, especially when you're doing it with a higher purpose. Many people I see on social media or a, there's defined, they're not growing with what they want with their business or whatever it is. It's because they're not connected to that higher purpose. Understanding if it, if it benefits the whole, it's more like the whole is going to work out for you and the hole is going to help you.

Like the universe will support you if you are helping support the universe. The more that I focus on that, the more things, the more things tend to work out, the more than I care about the people that listened to my videos and I care about my subscribers and the people that follow me, the more that I find they care about me. It's all a reflection.

It's all a reflection. There really is no out there at a deeper fundamental level. We're all one consciousness. We're all kind of going around imagine it like we are like imagine there are cells in our body which there are cells in our body by the way, but the imagined cells inside of our body and there might be some blood cells in your arm and the might be looking at your left arm to your right arm and there might be blood cells over here that there was a blood cell over here.

There are blood cells on both sides and where they may see themselves having different experiences, they might. One might be having some experience with their family members as blood cells. I don't know what they talk about. I don't know what they do, but on one hand, literally on one hand they might be having a certain type of situation or experiencing something.

On the other hand, it might be completely different, but they're still part of the same body in the same way. We're all having our individual little experiences, but the mother, Gaia, the planet itself, herself, whatever we want to call, you know the planet is having an experience and we are the sales of Gaia. We are the blood cells, the white blood cells.

The cancer is blood cells, the different types of blood cells. There's all of us are here, some are a little bit, you know, some might be more of the protector ones, the ones that want to help the planet of all one. Some might be the cancers, blood cells, the people that maybe try to control everything and maybe have more negative intentions, but we're all part of the same consciousness. The key is understanding that in the more negative emotion we have towards the people that are controlling things is the more resistance we build.

And then also the more we reaffirmed that reality that they are in. The key is to become at peace with it all and understand that we may not choose it and if we don't choose it, we can shift our focus. The more we focus on it and the more we resist it, the more we create it. In general, what I'm doing right here is I'm just trying to show you a couple of new perspectives that when you see it kind of shifts the perspective of reality a little bit because then we take it out of the limited focus of us and we bring it to reality itself because reality is what we believe it to be.

And what I think is happening right now on the planet is I think that there's this shift in consciousness that's happening. It's happening with some people at first and not everyone, maybe not everyone is going through this shift in awareness right now.

Some people are on their own path, but in general there's this awakening that is happening or more and more people are becoming aware of who they are. They're becoming aware that they are not just the ego structure like this physical body that I can see these looking at my hands right now. This appears very real. I can clap my hands and it feels real, but the thing is there's an energy field that goes far beyond my body and in the same way you have an energy field that goes far beyond your body and we're all connected.

And when we see that, we can then see that the things we experienced in our life are that of which we identify with and if we identify with only the body, we will continue to create experiences that are equal to that identification, but understand that we're much more than that and right now on the planet, what's happening is people are becoming aware of that.

Some people are going through a spiritual awakening. There are more and more of this information coming out. When I first started even two years ago on YouTube, my content was very esoteric, or it was also. It was also just whether there wasn't a lot of it.

There's more and more information coming out there is becoming more and more and aware of it, so the idea is that I believe one of the main reasons we're here right now on the planet is to go through this transformation of consciousness. It's not looking like there's a shift in consciousness is happening, but what happened? What is happening is more and more people are becoming aware of it.

One of the people are watching the news go, why the hell am I watching this? Why is this all negative? One or more people are watching saying, you know, I think that's controlled by the corporations, the last US president of this election. They're like, oh look, they. They were. They were looking at the way things are random, like, oh, it's all ran by corporations and this and that, or whatever it is. More awareness is being brought through than ever before because of the awareness that it's happening, what's happening on the planet now in general, we think of reality as one reality.

There's one percent perception of reality, the way things are, but in actuality, there are 7 billion people on the planet. Therefore, there are 7 billion different points of perception of reality. Every one of them and every one of us is having a separate totally unique experience based on our beliefs, our perceptions, how we relate to the world, so the power in knowing this is knowing that there is not one universal truth of reality.

There are seven plus billion different points of reality. Let me point out this too. Why do you think there are 7 billion people here on the planet right now? Is it just because we're all reproducing at such a fast rate? Well, scientifically may be one of their reasons, but the other reason is that there's such a desire to be here right now that there are so many souls that are coming here just to be part of this shift in consciousness happening because never before has it been where we've shifted from a 3D level of consciousness, which is duality. Unity, consciousness. That's what we're shifting into and we're going through that process right now.

We can take into the fourth 40, the fourth dimension is time more of a dream-like type state, but in general, that's what we're going through right now and the more aware of it we become, the more we begin to change our lives in a powerful way. This shift in consciousness happening right now is something that you agreed to at a certain level. You might not remember it. You might have lived your whole life without even being aware of it. And that's totally fine, but the more you become aware of it, the more you can see that some of the things in your life may have happened for you to grow from.

I look at my past and the painful part of it off, you know, my ex-stepmom who is abusive and all that stuff. It's like a whole story going along with it and yes, it happened. However, it led me to a spiritual awakening, so maybe it happened for me to become spiritually awakened just so that I could help other people become spiritually awakened through sharing the information and sharing to help people say, hey, the reality that you experience is a reflection of what you believe. Now let's go deeper into this.

Normally what we think is what we're trying to do is we're trying to get other people to agree with the reality that we have. You may say, well, no, that's not the way the world works. The world works this way, but the truth is, is there is no way the world works. Every truth is but a half-truth. It's a paradox because from one perspective it can be true and from another perspective, it won't be true.

It's been from having a vision or a perception or belief and saying that this is the belief for everyone. The truth is, is this is the truth of life right here. Are you ready? Are you ready for the one truth in life? That is true. This is the one truth in life that once you know changes everything. The one truth in life is that all truths are true. All truths are true.

Whatever you believe to be true will be reflected back to you, but what that also means is also all truths are not true. It depends upon the perspective, but reality itself is a reflection of what you believe to be true. If you go out into the world and you go, oh, I always attract this type of person, all guys are this way. All the girls are this way. Well, guess what? That's the reality.

You will experience, but is it true for you? It is, but for someone else, it won't be true. It's about understanding the power, the power of choice because you are choosing your beliefs. Most people walk around incomplete at the effect of everything that's happening to them. Therefore, they experience the effects of that. You choose your beliefs whether you are aware of it or not. You may say, I didn't choose to believe that scarcity.

You know my parents were afraid of money and all of this stuff and all these negative connotations around money. I didn't choose that. What a certain level you did because you chose this life and part of your life is this connection to your higher self and you chose some of these experiences so that you could learn how to transcend it. If you treat everything in your life as if you chose it, your life will begin to transform because you will allow what happens to happen and then you will choose something new if you choose, but that is where the power is, but understand there is no one really other than understanding that we're all connected.

There is at a certain level of connection that we all have to each other, so there is this universal unity consciousness. We're moving into the only truth in life. The only real thing that will exist beyond that, of the beliefs of the intellect, is love. Love is the only real truth that exists. The constant, however, some people experience different degrees of it.

They may experience a lack of love, which is still love just in a frame or it's being filtered so much that we filled the negative emotion and the same way that there is no darkness switch in your house. There's only a light switch. It's just where it's not in the visible spectrum that we can see there is only light, there was only love, but the degrees of love that we experienced, we might feel ashamed.

Fear of guilt, that is just a filter that is only letting a certain amount of love in, but understanding you are always connected and when you become aware of this, you can then see that eventually, you can transcend the need to have all of these beliefs. That scale of consciousness goes from zero to a thousand and what you'll see is when you get up to like 20, 30, that's like shame, guilt. Fear is like a, you know, a little bit further up.

Eventually, you get to that have the courage and you get past like shame, fear, guilt, anger. You get up to courage as like around 200 and then you get to neutrality, which is 2:50, which is where you realize that you can observe your thoughts rather than react. Huge step right there. Then eventually you'll see a neutrality. You'll see that of willingness, acceptance, and then at 400, we have reasoning. The reasoning is the intellect, it is the mind. Reasoning is understanding from four to 500, 400 is reasoning, 500 is love, 500 is understanding unconditional love and what happens is a huge shift happens when you move from the $400 into the five hundred is understanding our beliefs create our reality.

Everything I'm sharing with you right now is if you want to move fluidly move through your reality and experience what you want. Once you become aware of is the reason you have the beliefs that you have, the intellectual thoughts that you have and understand that those are creating your life experience.

However, there is a shift in consciousness you can experience that goes beyond that of just the reasoning like Einstein himself calibrated at four 99, not quite 500 because he was still attached to the intellectual ideas, but he's very close and if he would have dropped all those intellectual ideas and moved it into love, he would have transformed his own consciousness into a higher state.

And that is the key to this life, this, this transformation that we're going to on the planet right now. We are going from these intellectual ideas of understanding our beliefs, create our reality, understanding these degrees of separation, these different labels we might have towards each other, and we're dropping those labels to then move into more of a universal level of love of into being, having undoing on the four 99 and below into being have doobie.

Understand we can be. We can be in the present moment. We can say yes to the present moment and this is when we begin to transform our consciousness. When you think that you have to go outside and change the mirror of life to them, be happy. You're putting your happiness outside of you. The key is to change instead of the way you relate to whatever's happening on the outside.

How do you relate to it? And then to find out why you are relating to it in the way you are. Maybe you want validation from other people. You may say, well, if I can get people's validation, then I can be happy. But the truth is, if you're looking for the validation outside of you and instead give yourself that validation by understanding things are the way they are and the way they may be, the way they are is because maybe you've had this rule in your mind that people had to validate you to be happy.

But this is showing you that the validation is not without. It's not from the trying to change the mirror itself. Change the expression on your face in the mirror will change. Give yourself the validation that you seek and other people will validate you if it's the love that you want to find in a relationship. Instead, give yourself that love, and I know this all may be sound easier than it sounds, right? That sounds easy, but it's harder than that.

That's a belief. What I am saying is move out of the having and the doing and into being. Be aware of the beliefs you have in that process because if you believe that this is hard, you believe that it can't be that easy, then guess what? That will be your reality.

But what I'm asking you to do is to become aware of these beliefs, become aware of these perspectives and shoes to transcendence. You can transcend it by going into being present to the moment and understanding that the intellectual only gets you so far. The intellectual mind will make you aware of what you believe to be true, but even then, people are still too many times are within their own belief systems.

Even me, I find myself in my own belief systems, oh, can I go do that? I don't know if I can go to all of those. All those thoughts, all those labels, all those definitions are beliefs. Your beliefs create your reality, but the key is not to go outside of there and try to change their mirror of life. The key is to change how you relate to yourself, to relate to yourself.

Someone came to me recently and was talking about how all these things in their life is starting to go wrong and I had to kind of be the person to say go within because they're like, well, this person did this to me. This person did this, meet. This person did this to me. I said it has nothing to do with what this person did to you like nothing to do with any of this stuff that you think it has to do with.

Those are all outer manifestations of an inner incompletion or an inner disturbance. If you instead go within yourself and saying, what is this teaching me about myself? Do you have a rule in your life that this rule, this person has to be this way for me to be happy? Or maybe are you just integrating? Is it showing you something about yourself that maybe you aren't integrating your embodying the best version of you?

You aren't letting go of these attachments as lower vibrational emotions. You weren't letting go of all this, so, therefore, you're experiencing more and more of the negative emotion and I could see that it started to sink in with this person I was talking to. I kept just all I did was I turned their focus from being out there to in here, your reality is a reflection of what you believe to be true in.

The more you become aware of your beliefs is the more you can begin to neutralize them, but you can have a lot of fun. Here. You can have a lot of fun because then you could feel whole and complete. You can change how you relate to life in general. You can drop the rules you have about how people have to be and then your life will change.

However, there is a higher level of consciousness that you begin to tap into when you then move into being, move out of having moved out, move out of doing and move it into being, and it might sound easier said than done, but remember, that's just a belief. You can just say yes to the present moment and you will start to embody more of being. Say Yes to the present moment. Know that by saying yes to the present moment, you are allowing the moment to be.

You are more so being than having are doing and that in that state of consciousness where everything because it changed because the truth of the matter is you are unconditional love and bliss. That is who you are. Everything else is just something that you can learn from something that you could take from, but understand that right now on the planet, it's about waking up from this 3D level of consciousness, of duality, of good and bad into that have a higher state of consciousness.

This higher state of consciousness is considered a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, which is unity, consciousness, and love. We are transcending into it in this lifetime and that as we go through the next 10, 15, 20 years, however long we're going to be shifting more into that awareness.

It's about dropping the mental ideas, dropping the beliefs. Maybe they served. You served for a period of time, but you'll go through different beliefs in your life. You'll outgrow certain beliefs as well, but it's about being aware of what that is and simply deciding that you are going to move from having and doing into being.

You are unconditional love and bliss. The more you change, the way you relate to yourself is the more you will change the outer reflection in your life, become at peace with the way everything is, and you will start to see things change.

The more you change, the more you will change the outer reflection of yourself.

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If you become okay with everything, everything will become okay, so hope you enjoyed today's episode. If you could do me a favor if you could review this podcast, let me know what you think of today's episode or review this podcast in general. That would be amazing. You just go to the iTunes page and you could see the option to review it. That would be awesome. Still a newer podcast, so it's cool to see.

# 26: How to Architect Your Own Reality Step-by Step

Welcome back to another episode. Today, we're going to be speaking about and understanding more about how to architect our own reality, understanding that one of the things, one of the purposes we had that when we came to it, the earth was that we wanted to architect our own reality to an in a way kind of created and to put intention into it and to then move in the direction of what we want and to experience what it's like to create in our life.

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And what are the biggest steps you'll ever take in your life is when you go from being in a way that the whims of society in a way from being at the effect of whatever's happening, to then starting to move the energy and the way that you want to set the intentions for what you want.

And I've learned a lot about this to be honest with you, a lot about different intentions. I used to, as many of you may know my story, I used to work at Barney's New York selling woman's shoes just until February 2017 is when I made a choice to go daily on YouTube and out of feeling that would help me grow.

And from then till August I think August 28th I think was my last day working a nine to five job in 2017. And now I do what I love every single day. And I've learned a lot about even just the old job I had, I used to work at Nordstrom's. It's funny, I went to Nordstrom's yesterday, I used to work there. I worked for five years, between 2008 in 2012 or 13 or something like that.

And I went there. I'm ready to go to Costa Rica soon and I went with my buddy and we went shopping and I parked under a Nordstrom's because I wanted to go through there because it's been so long and it was such a weird feeling. I felt like this anxiety is weird. Like, I don't know if it was just because, you know, there's so much past there and triggering memories for me and it wasn't that bad.

I mean, I'm just a totally different person now. I went through my spiritual awakening when I worked there too. It’s interesting because of one of the reasons I left there because I went through a spiritual awakening and after I did, I just felt so different about everything that it just, I felt this inclination to move and not, not work there anymore. It was a very funny dynamic.

But, that was something I experienced just the other day and it just kind of reminded me of what it was like. I saw one of the people I used to work with there and It's just a different thing. Like I'm just in such a different place than I am now. I'm not saying that's a brag by the way, like, oh, you know, but I'm just saying like I have gone from that to do what I love, learning how to architect my own reality and when I want to share with you is how you can kind of do the same thing.

But what I was going with that is I used to work a sales commission job so I'd go into work every day and I started at zero, so like you only get paid a percentage of what you sell. I started off at zero and even if I had a really good day the week before or a really good day the day before, you start at zero every day. I'd go in and I was able to see a direct correlation between what I was thinking, what I was feeling and what I was experiencing.

I would see if I went in with the intention to make a certain amount of money, how that would go. I'd see what kind of state of being I was in and how that would affect people and how that would affect the customers. And how that affects my sales. It was really cool because I was really into the Law of Attraction, not that many other people in my department knew what that was or a couple of people did, but it was like I was able to use the sales commission job as a playground for me, learning how to achieve goals and how to use the Law of Attraction.

That was my playground. I did that for years because I knew about the Law of Attraction back in. I've known about it for a while and things since like 2008 or nine when my mom made me watch the movie the secret and it planted a seed, but I wasn't like that intuit or anything. I just kind of did my younger stuff, you know, it was my 18 to 20 something as just wanting to have fun and wasn't really focused on creating my own reality.

But then I started meditating and that was in 2012, 13 when I was working at Nordstrom's. And that's when I started becoming aware of how my thoughts created my experience. And from that moment on, I started probably like 2011 is when I started using it at that job and then 2012 I left and that's when I started going through that spiritual awakening, but I became more aware of how my thoughts correlated with my experience and I was like, okay, I'm going to set my intentions and I started getting different results.

I'm going to increase my state of being. It started getting different results and things just started happening easier and easier and I've learned so much and I want to share with some of that what I've learned with you today with that have intention especially because the intention is like the most powerful tool that you can use for architecting your own reality. Because intention increases the probability.

They give it like there's an infinite number of potentiality that exists and into an infinite number of possibilities. But what makes something more probable is whether you set the intention for it or not. If you set the intention, you increased the probability that happening. If you set no intention that there is no energy movement, there is no vision to move towards, it just is simply there. If I went into work every day and just kind of moped around, kind of walked around, you know, not really having an intention not to help that many people just kind of like wanted the coast.

Then I'd get a certain type of results. Those people that were coasting like that normally had troubles making their numbers. You know, as a sales commission job you had to like make your numbers and stuff. He had to sell a certain amount and it was hard not to make your numbers, but some people struggled with it because they were more so just kind of lugging around. 

And if you don't have intentions, that's the first step. If you find that you don't feel empowered, it might just be because you're not sending more intentions. You're not sending enough intention, set intentions. I promise you, you set intentions. Your life will begin to change in a powerful way because you will be moving the energy in a certain direction. I’d say that's one of the first things I learned.

If you simply set your intentions, then things will begin to change in a powerful way.

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If you simply set your intentions, then things will begin to change in a powerful way. I use that now. I set intentions. I set intentions for videos as I want. I intend to feel really good when I make a video because I know that other people will also feel that goodness off of me.

They'll feel that contagious energy. I intend to for that. I'll set intentions to go to the gym and have a great workout. I set intentions to enjoy the food that I eat today and to eat healthy food and make healthy choices. I set the intention to enjoy filming and editing and doing all that what I'm doing today to be productive as that intention to relax and have fun.

You can even say you can even set an intention to enjoy yourself while you watch a TV show. Sometimes I'll watch the show shark tank or something. And when I watched that show, so the attention just to enjoy and to let go and I'm just aware, I'm aware of these things.

For example, I don't just most people, what do they do when they watch TV? They might just put whatever on that might be watching some repo show where they like them. It's like a reality show where they repossessed people's cars and stuff and you see people screaming and stuff like that at other people and it's like fighting and stuff.

Why? Why do people watch that? That's what I wanted to like that. All that does is, is allow people to see more and more in a linkup with more and more of the vibration of that kind of conflict. And then they'll see more and more of that in their life and it's because a lot of times people that watched that, their thoughts are drifting, their thoughts aren't going in a certain direction and the keys to be aware that whatever you consume you are becoming the vibration of.

I'm watching shark tank but I'm doing it with the intention of having fun or detention of enjoying myself and letting go because I spent so much of my time, you know, doing other things. And also, it's entrepreneurs and people that I'm an entrepreneur, you know, so I can relate to it. You got these, you know, five very successful people that are like the sharks or whatever and I resonate and I like to learn about it.

I liked to. I felt like I learned a little bit about, not that it's exactly how business works by the way, when you see this whole percentage and stuff like that, but maybe some of it is true, but in general I just liked seeing the story of different people's companies and how they overcame things and how they're there now and how they're successful and all these things I like to enjoy.

I like to enjoy that. By consuming that and by being aware of it, it's like attention moves in a very powerful way. Set intentions with everything you do doesn't mean you're constantly staying in touch with everything. I do the keys and then I turned it down and put it under.

You don't have to go that deep, but just in general such, as set more intentions is I tend to have a safe drive to the gym. I intend to enjoy it and tend to go to the gym, have a great workout, but you have to be like, I tend to go to the gym and do this much. That’s the other thing is how does it feel? Because emotion is another part of this. Think of it like this. I posted a quote on Instagram the other day or yesterday.

It was about Tesla and Einstein's. It's very similar things about vibration. Tesla said that if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, look first to vibration, something like that and does that verbatim, but look to vibration because vibration is the secret to the universe. Einstein said that if you want it said that if you match the frequency to the reality that you want to experience, you will have that reality. It can be no other way. This is physics, so he says something like that. Once again, not exactly, but it just shows that these two brilliant minds at both said that it's about vibrational frequency.

What makes up your vibration? What makes up your vibration is how you think, how you feel and how you act. That was also funny enough. Make up your personality and remember your personality creates your personal reality. That's a quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza, who also is like Aquinas. He studies quantum physics and neuroscience and stuff like that, so knowing that it's like that's what our reality is.

Our reality is a combination of what we think, how we feel and how we act. What was I thinking when I used to work at a Barney's New York or Nordstrom's will if I wasn't setting an intention that I'd experienced a reality that was equal to that too, where it's just me moping around by set intention. I would feel a certain way.

However, I learned that it's also important the energy underneath the intention that you set, so it'd be aware that if I set certain intentions and it was only to benefit me, like for example, if I went into work, it's like I want to make money because I want to have better paycheck so I'm going to help these customers and how can these customers help me make more of my paycheck?

Then it would only get a certain type of result, but if I had the intention of adding value to other people, which means I had an expansive energy, then things would happen very powerfully. I noticed that if I went in with the intention of having fun and just enjoying myself, it would have a much better reaction about it. Much better response and it's almost like because it's a win-win for everyone involved, it would just happen even easier.

But also, I'm tying in my energy state because it feels better to give than it does to take. As I'm getting into that state of being magical, things are happening. The best days I've ever had working in the days I made the most money with the days I had the most expansive energy.

Part of that expense of energy has to do with how I felt and if I realize that too, when I was working these sales, you know the sales commission job, so women's shoes that if I would just focus on having fun, I would get people into an emotional state and emotional state of feeling good and in the emotional state they're more willing to buy anyway, so it's a win-win all the way around.

They feel better. I had the intention of helping them and because of that also they are getting and I'm adding value to them and by me adding value to them in exchange they're like, okay, I'm going to buy this. It's an emotional thing now. In the same way, I noticed that with my YouTube videos, if I make a YouTube video because my intention is for me to have more views and more subscribers, then it won't.

It won't do as well and you can feel the energy and any that video doesn't. Isn't as a peer, however, if I set the intention that I want to add as much value as I can to people that are listening, it's an expansive energy that people can feel and those are the videos that tend to do very well. The videos I intend to just give and that is power.

The power is and knowing that we're all connected. When you add value to other people, you're adding value to other aspects of yourself, but when you make things a win-win, that's where everything begins to change in a powerful way. That’s what I began to do. I do that in so many different areas of my life and I've just aware of how do I feel about what I'm doing?

Do I feel like it's burning me out? Because if so maybe I'll take a step back. I'm learning about that now because I just put out so much. I mean, I do daily YouTube videos. I do daily Instagram posts. I do podcast episodes, I do business stuff. I have courses and coaching groups

I don't want to feel like I have to really work at doing it. I don't want it to consume me. I don't want my business to consume me to where I'm like an employee for my business. I want to enjoy it and have the deliberate ability to do what I want and to add value and increase my state.

But also to add values people so many people as possible, so you see all these energy dynamics go into the architect and our own reality and tension. I intend blank set more intention to your life will begin to change, but then add to it a vibration of the state of being. How do you prefer to feel? You can give yourself permission to feel anyway that you want with your awareness that the emotion exists within you.

Set your intentions and also feel the emotions you want by focusing on the present moment on how you already have those things. Wherever your focus goes, so where the energy goes, why don't you focus on expands, set the intention that you feel more of whatever you want to experience. If for example, you want more money, what does money mean to you?

Freedom, security, feel more of it. How do you do that? Focus on things in your life that you already have or if you have it, you probably have a place that you live in a shelter house or an apartment or something or you live with other people. Whatever it is, you have a shelter so you have some level of security. Maybe you can go out right now and buy a cup of coffee.

If you want it to a cup of tea, be grateful that you could do that. You focus on that. You'll feel more of that. You start to get into the vibrational resonance of it, but then eventually realize you don't need these external benchmarks to feel happy. You feel happy just because you choose to.

Happiness can be a choice and that ingredient in of itself is very powerful and when you do things because it just increases your energy, state comes a win, win all the way around because then people could feel that off of you, so think of it in terms of energy, thinking of in terms of vibration. That's how you create the reality that you want.

Think of it also in terms of the kind of like we're baking or baking a cake, dairy free cake so we can digest well. It's not something that takes a lot for us to digest something that's is delicious and when you're making this cake, there are different ingredients that go into this cake and in the same way imagine you are manifesting reality.

There are different ingredients that go into this reality. One is the vibration. When is the action that you're taking? I know some people don't like it when I say this, but action is a part of vibration. Maybe some people will take more action than others. Maybe it depends on their belief systems. I'm not telling you how it has to work, but what I am saying is this, to be aware of what you're doing.

You know, I like taking action. I love what I do. I love making videos, therefore I do that. But be aware of what that means for you because maybe act as a part of it, you could think all of you want about being a yoga teacher and owning your own yoga studio, but unless you ever do yoga, if you never do yoga, that's probably not going to happen.

You can think about it and feel the emotion of it, but if you actually do it because you love yoga, then it's a different scenario, so be aware of the different ingredients that go into your manifestation. They go into your cake. What I realized for me is that there are different ingredients. I thought about this last night because I have a couple books on their old school marketing books. Paid 100 bucks for this one book because his book's out of print.

It's a book from a long time ago and it's on copywriting. Understanding I'm old school marketing understandings of how marketing works now. That's one of the ingredients to what I do because if I can reach more people, they're going to add value to more people. You know, some of my videos, you'll see my thumbnails. I'm good at. I know how to market. It's about the message and if I can get the message out to more people because I know marketing, then more people are going to awaken and more of the planet.

It's going to help all the way around, so that's what I focus on, but in order to do that, I've learned marketing. I learned how to market, not from necessarily like stuff I learned in college. I learned it from trying to do trial and error. I learned it from making daily YouTube videos for two for almost a year and a half now and making hundreds and hundreds of videos.

I've learned how to market, but I also study other marketing, all stuff like that because that's one of the ingredients. Well, it could be another ingredient can be speaking me, learning how to have the right tonality so that when I say certain things you feel a certain emotion, but when I slow things down, you might have a different emotional response to it, so maybe part of this is me learning how to speak.

I'm making videos and exotic places. These are all things that I'm going to be doing. I'm doing right now, but these are all the ingredients and what would make up me being able to have that ingredient, you know, to do that. Well maybe I have to hire people to help run parts of my business and I do. I have three virtual assistants that help me with customer service and stuff like that, editing for one of them for some of my Instagram videos and stuff.

There are people in certain ways that I'm leveraging all this, but what are the ingredients that go into the reality I want to now, even back in the day before, maybe you're like, okay, well now that you own a business, you have the ability to do that. Well, even back in the day I was doing that when I was working at Barneys New York selling women's shoes, what ingredients do I have?

Do I need to develop in order to go full time while I need to start making daily YouTube videos, I need to have the ability to have that kind of consistency because that's what I felt like I needed to do? I needed to learn. That's when I started to learn the marketing stuff that I'm sharing with you. A learning how to do website design. I throw that ingredient there. I had to learn how to edit videos. I had to throw that in there.

I didn't know how to edit videos. I started at zero with all of this. I did not edit videos and know how to run a business, didn't know how to make money on online digitally. I didn't know how to do any of this, but I learned it all because I was like, okay, well I have to learn all of it. Honestly, I mean there's a lot of people in the spiritual needs that don't necessarily learn this kind of stuff because it's more about being spiritual, but understand that the more that I know, the more that I can grow and the more value I can add two more people.

In a way, I just knew that I have to do this for myself so that I. it's part of my vision. I had to learn how to make a website or to have someone make my website. I had to learn how to do and make an email list. Many people in the spiritual community that make YouTube videos and they have huge.

Some of them have hundreds and hundreds of millions of subscribers. Don't even have an email list. An email list is like the most you might be on my email list. I send out almost daily emails out to people and my emails help people to move through certain things that add value to my emails, but that's my relationship with people, so in the same way, when we're more aware of the different energy states, when we're more aware of the ingredients that go into our manifestation, we then see that we can change our lives in a powerful way because we know the ingredients that go in there.

If you don't know how to bake a cake, you don't have the ingredients and know what to do then if you're not going to get very far, but if you. If you know what goes into it, if you put your energy state intuit, if you understand the different vibrational aspects of it, that's when everything begins to change. Maybe try to find some ways and closing this episode out.

Try to find some ways that you can put different ingredients into your manifestation. Maybe some of those ingredients include you learning certain skills, learning how to do website design, maybe learning marketing, maybe learning what it takes to go full time doing what you love. Maybe you're already doing what you love, full time, what it takes for you to get to the actual dream reality, the vision you want to move towards. Set the intention that you set your intentions.

Paradox inception is set the intention to set more intentions and watch how your life begins to change, and as you start to do this, your energy will start to move in that direction. You will increase the probability of certain things happening, pay more attention to your state of being and the direction than anything else. Intention plus emotion is the key to you.

Experiencing what you want and if you start to move in that direction of that vision because you're setting the intention, you'll find that your life begins to change in a powerful way. Remember, when you have this intention of adding value, of expansion, energy, things will also help you happen in that powerful way as well. These are things that I find to be very powerful than things that I think and transform your life and the things that transformed my life.

# 25: The Vibrational Resonance of your DREAM Parallel Reality (and how to SHIFT to it)

Welcome back to another episode. Today I'm going to be sharing with you some stuff on shifting through parallel realities, the Law of Attraction 2.0. Oh, beyond that, of trying to attract something from over there to India year. Understanding that what you want to experience, it already exists so we can go about it.

We go about it like I really want that thing over there and there's a couple of different ways I'm going to be sharing this perspective with you and understanding that over there is a construct in the mind and that the real level of resonance is from within.

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In essence, what I'm going to be showing you is how to vibrationally resonate with the parallel reality of your dreams, your dream, parallel reality that you want to experience now in the future. I think that what is going to become more and more commonplace is going to be understanding parallel realities and how we are shifting through different parallel realities of the every second.

The thing is they look so similar to the parallel reality before it. She doesn’t even notice it, so in essence, I'm going to be showing you how to shift through parallel realities, which is a natural byproduct of the way reality works anyways, but what I'm going to show you how to do is how to be more consciously aware of it and then how to go in the direction of the reality of your dreams.

But it's not really to go in the direction of it because I understand that reality on the outside what we perceive to be reality. It's just a reflection of our internal state of being, of and our internal vibration. It's about more so understanding that. This is how I live the lifestyle that I do today.

And you may have heard this story before. I'm going to say just real quick, just again, just so you kind of know what I'm talking about when I say this. I had this epiphany moment when I was walking around my hallway is back in the day I actually live at my dad's house.

At the time I was working at a nine to five job. I didn't really like, which is, I was selling woman's shoes working at Barneys New York. I sold the $800, a $1,200 pair of shoes on average price point and I knew I wanted to be doing my passion full time.

So, I was like, okay. At the time, I just recently got done with the breakup with an ex-girlfriend, decided, okay, I'm going to move back into my dad for a period of time because I want to try to figure this whole side hustle thing out. I moved in. My dad was upstairs, uh, in front of my room and I was walking around.

I was thinking to myself, what is the thing that I could do that would change my life the most over the next year? And I had just had this vision, I had this, like this epiphany, this feeling that if I was to make a video a day now, if I was to embody, doing my passion full time now, if I was doing body, that version of me now, then it would eventually become my reality. I imagine the best possible version of me, the Aaron that I wanted quote unquote big.

And when I looked at that version of me, I noticed that I was making more content. I wasn't just making one video a week and hoping that things popped off. I had a much different work ethic. So what I started to do was I started to embody that version of me in the present moment. And guess what happened within three or four months I was able to quit my nine to five job and go full time doing what I love.

And within a couple months after that I was able to move into a much nicer house, my own house or actually I moved in with some friends and a really nice house. I did that for like four or five months, about four, five months I think. And then from there I was like, okay, now I live in enough abundance where I can easily get my own house.

And that's where I am at now. And that was like a year and a half, two years ago. And I, it was all from knowing how to shift into embodied that version of me. See the thing is, is all of these already exists. Anything you can imagine at a certain level, it already exists.

The reason this is because there's an infinite number of parallel realities, so even though it appears from moment to moment that we are shifting, we are just continuity going from one to the other. It's a natural byproduct of reality. But understand that the past experiences that I had, I can remember them using my brain, but they exist right now. It's simply my perception.

It's almost like the light of consciousness is just going through it to where there's different frames that are coming into focus. For example, think of it like a film projector, a film projector you have and this film projector, you can look at the film and you can spread out the film.

You can take out the film and you can stretch it out in front of you. Notice that there's individual frames all separate individual frames. Some of these frames will look so similar that they barely look different, and if you speed up the frames, you can then see this one fluid motion. The thing is those all exist right now at the same way.

All those frames of reality, all those different frames in the projector film, they all exist right now. It's simply the light of consciousness is going through them at a different rate and they're speeding through at a different rate. Our perception of it is what changes. The key is understanding that they all exist now.

The version of you that you could imagine if you can imagine it, it already exists at a certain form and what's happening is it's almost like that parallel reality version of you is connecting with you and letting you know what you can do to resonate with it.

That's the way you can think about it. This is more powerful, I think the Law of Attraction, because the Law of Attraction comes a lot of now it's, yes, whatever. We focus on expands. I'm not denying that. Not even talking bad about the Law of Attraction.

I've got 800 videos on YouTube about it, but what I'm saying is there's more efficient ways of going about it, and if we can identify the embodiment of the vibrational resonance of the reality we want to experience, we then increase the probability of us actually experiencing it. It's about understanding that it already exists, that what we want to create already exists, so we don't have to create it. We can allow it to be much easier, so let's do that right now.​

Let me ask you, what would the best possible version of you be doing right now? Because I understand that version of you already exists, already exists, is simply about tuning into the vibrational frequency of it. Let's talk about vibrational frequency for a minute.

Emotion is that what you feel and emotion comes from beliefs. You must first believe something to be true, to then have some type of way that you relate to it, so for example, somewhere to lose their job, they'd have to believe that losing their job was a bad thing.

For them to feel negative emotion. It would have to believe that maybe they shouldn't have got fired within to feel that negative emotion. I know some people that have been fired, laid off, whatever you want to call it. They were excited because then it opened up a new realm of where they could go. They had no ties to it, so it's the meaning we give it just like the idea of a rainy day. It's a neutral idea, but the meaning we give it.

It's going to be what it determines how we feel from it, the emotion we get from it. Our emotions come from our beliefs and we can always change our beliefs by becoming aware of them and asking what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience? Then we can just let go of the beliefs we don't prefer to have, but it's about being aware of that.

I was looking at the vibrational resonance of the version of me that was already doing YouTube full time and I noticed, okay, the emotion of this version of me is that I'm very passionate about making videos that I am studying, things I'm passionate about. I give a positive meaning to the things that are happening when it comes to making videos and editing and learning all this stuff.

What I then focused on the motion of that version of me and the emotion of that version of me was someone that created daily videos. Somebody that was learning how to edit somebody that was learning, marketing, learning the business side of things that was doing all of these different things and as I would imagine the emotion and the emotion of that version of me.

I started to embody it in the present moment and embodying. It felt a little bit different at first because I'm making daily videos. That's not what Aaron normally does, but within a short period of time I was able to get rid of the job I didn't really prefer to have and it wasn't that I had to get rid of it. It's just that it didn't serve because my vibrational residence was changing from needing to work a nine to five job to then being and doing what I love.

You see a lot of people want to ditch your nine to five job, but they don't have something that they can put their vibration into that would replace it, and the key is to first do that and then the job is something you can let go. Imagine right now the best possible version of you. What are you doing? What emotions are you feeling?

What kind of daily habits do you have? What is your body language? When you talk to other people, what kinds of beliefs does this version of you have? What kind of little next do you have about yourself in this parallel? Reality is understanding. It already exists.

Tune into it and would you could see is that after you tune into this, you can see that this is that parallel reality you imagined is actually more of who you are because the version of you now maybe working a nine to five job you don't care for or maybe you are working the job that you love or you're doing what you love, but you realize that you don't have the beliefs that you're worthy or the beliefs of that version of you that you prefer to be, but understand this isn't necessarily about faking it till you make it and acting as if and all of this stuff.

It's about identifying what is more you. This version of me now is more me than I was when I was back in the day working a nine to five job. That was in a way a facade of me coping with the way I thought I had to be. I'm thriving because I'm in my natural vibration, so it's about becoming more of who you really are meant to be and who you naturally are.

We've identified the vibrational resonance. What you can begin to do is to simply embodying. Some of it might feel a little bit unfamiliar. At first, you might be going around, you might be doing actions you normally wouldn't take because I just feel it's kind of weird. It doesn't feel weird. It just feels unfamiliar. Normal is familiar, just not normal.

You're going to be wiring in a new way of being, but the more you do it, the more that becomes your natural. I make a video every single day on YouTube and it's just a part of who I am. People ask me all the time I met, I've met up with other YouTube creators over the last month. I've met with three or four different YouTubers and they'll ask me, how do you make daily videos? I don't know how you do it, and they get it because they make the, you know, they make videos.

They know it's not easy. How do you do it? Well, it's just a part of who I am. It's natural. I don't know. I don't know how to describe it. It's just what I do every day and I just come up with a new topic every day. Just have this. I just, I don't know. I just. It's a part of who I am.

It's the vibrational resonance of that version of me. Imagine that version of you and start to embody it and it becomes natural. It becomes who you naturally are and then you're able to really vibrationally resonate with what you want to experience, but you see this is the trap. You don't want to fall into the same trap of Law of Attraction of saying, I want that over there. I'm going to feel the desire now because that desire is subconsciously saying that I don't currently have that what I want, so I want to track that from over there to India here.

Instead of that. We change our terminology. I want to shift to that reality over there, but you see the key is to identify all of this and you can become aware of it, but the key is to actually eventually just let go of emphasizing that you're not there already. Just let go. Let go of the prior belief systems that said that you weren't worthy. Let go of believing in you need that nine to five job.

It doesn't mean quit. It just means be aware of the beliefs you have about it. It's more about letting go than it is piling on. We don't want to. It's not a we don't necessarily say, okay, I don't want to track that from over there to here. I want to shift over there. We want to instead embodied the natural frequency of who we naturally are.

Identify how you'd be acting. Identify the different habits you would have, the different ways you move around all of these different things and see does that feel natural for you? Not Natural as uncomfortable, but does that feel like who you really are? Identify what that is and simply make the choice, uh, from now on, you are going to embody more of this, but understand that you can also at the same time shift your level of consciousness and knowing that you can say yes to the present moment right now.

What I'm doing is I am intending to merge the eastern philosophy of being present to the moment of being here now of understanding that we are already whole and complete with that of the western intellect, of creating our own reality and now choosing our own reality from parallel reality creation. But we can embody all of this right now.

We can transform our consciousness and understand how reality works with the awareness and by understanding that we then change our lives. Awareness is the key, so from this point going forward, what I encourage you to do is to treat every moment as if you chose it. Because in a way you chosen your state of being. You've allowed the beliefs that you have to be in a place so even if it's on autopilot, you're aware that you're choosing it.

You start to become more aware of how his reality is working, which parallel realities are shifting to, and as you become aware of what that is, you can then shift to the ones that you want to go to. But remember shifting to the ones you want to go to is emphasize. You don't currently have it, be here now, become at peace with where you are because when you're at peace with where you are, you're allowing things to be flexible.

You're allowing things to be malleable, but when you're trying to change and go somewhere that you are not already, that's when there's a lot of this resistance created, so does know you are already whole and complete. Know that the parallel reality you want to experience, it already exists right here, right now. It's already here and now.

It's just the vibrational resonance of it. You might not be tuning to it. The process of manifestation is not necessarily to try to attract something from over there to India here or try to shift to some parallel reality. It's simply about making what is invisible, visible due to vibrational resonance because it all exists here and now and the way you make something visible is by vibrationally resonating with it. You'll see sometimes you may end up getting into a certain state of being where then you are able to perceive of things coming into your life.

Oh, I just have this opportunity to come into my life. I've manifested it. All you did is you vibrationally changed and now you saw an opportunity that may have always been there, may have been a job opportunity or something and you've always known this person, but all of a sudden the opportunity comes up because you vibrationally resonated with it is things that have always, always been around us, but now we are becoming aware of because we are vibrationally resonating with it, so it's about being aware of it and as we are aware of it, that's where everything begins to change.

Remember, you don't have to create your reality. It already exists. Identify what that is, but embody it. In the present moment, that version of you know that you can also transform your consciousness by saying yes to the present moment. By knowing this moment is all that exists anyways, net.

When you begin to do that, things become more malleable. Things begin to shift into a much more easy way and then as you begin to embody this, your whole life will begin to change. You will notice things change very quickly, but just accept whatever comes up. You are more than you can even imagine in.

The more you tap into this, the more you begin to experience it, believe in yourself, as cheesy as that sounds. Maybe a capitalist or you might imagine that would be on it is so true because the more potential you believe you have, the more you will embody that potential. Something I was actually talking about the other day on Instagram, so I might have you put a shark in a certain type of tank.

A lot of times that shark will only grow up to the size of its tank, the tank that it's in, but if you move it to a bigger tank and then grows even more now, in the same way that tank represents our belief systems, that tank represents the self-image.

We have to keep ourselves in a small tank. We only live up to that potential. The key is to get rid of the tank and understand that you can be a cosmic shark. That was kind of what I was talking about. You don't because you can say, okay, well I'll just go into bigger tank.

I'll go into a bigger thing. I'll go make her take. Well, that can work, but we could also do is realize your cosmic shark. You don't need the water to breathe. You can breathe wherever you are. You can let go of beliefs. You can let go of the tank and general and trust the process because you are more than just a shark. You are any moral, spiritual being, having a temporary human experience, and the more you embody the true potential of who you are, the more you really feel into it.

Your vibration or resonance is a combination of your emotion and your motion.

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Remember, your vibration or resonance is a combination of your emotion and your motion. You can begin to resonate with that version of you by imagine how you'd be acting.

You can begin to resonate with that version of you by imagine how you'd be acting. What actions would you be taking? You look at the habits you would have. You can look at the emotions you'd feel in the beliefs that you'd have. You could choose at that as the more authentic version of you.

You can begin to embody it and see how your life begins to change. You can also shift your own level of consciousness and knowing that you are so much more than you probably thought that you are unconditional love and bliss that you can feel and say yes to the present moment right now and that by doing that your life begins to change in a very powerful way.

#24: How to SHIFT into a 5D Level of Consciousness

All right, welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and today I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how you can shift out of 3D reality and into a 5D level of consciousness. I think that this is going to be a very transformative experience for the both of us because I'm going to be kind of going deep on some things that I haven't shared before and I think that just from knowing some of the things and being aware of some of the things I'm going to be sharing, it's going to make it very clear to you that you get shipped out of that of the 3D duality, reality, the red it into 5D now. You might be asking yourself right now the 3D reality. What is that? What is this 3D?

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What I don't even understand isn't everything. 3D, it's like a pop-up book or it's like a 3D movie. Isn't everything 3d? Well, when we're talking about consciousness, let's understand that we came to earth at this time because there is a shift in consciousness happening on the planet, whether we're aware of it or not. It's happening and more and more people are waking up to it and over the next 10, 20, 30 years, however long it takes, more and more people are going to be waking up to who they really are.

Waking up and understanding that we can move out of this 3D reality and into this 5D reality, which both exists right now. There are times in my day when I am in a 5D level of reality and their time of my day when I might be in a 3D level of reality.

It is something that we're constantly shifting back and forth with, but because I have a feeling that you might be like, oh, can you explain this whole 3D thing a little bit more? Let me explain it to you. Kind of like this. We already mortal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. I know it's kind of a lot to throw out there. It's kind of a bold statement, but it's true. I feel like I got to be authentic about it, you know?

So, afraid to say that for so long, but now I feel like it just says it. You will always exist because energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It's simply is you exist. You will always exist. You're simply changing your perspective from maybe certain mode, certain vibrational states of consciousness, however, you feel what are ever you are identifying with.

But let's understand 3D and 5D and 3D is about understanding. Think of 3D, as the solar plexus. Think of it in that form of the shocker. It's like solar plexus represents like willpower. Solar plexus is like a that have that. That's kind of how far we take it in 3D is we're mastering the willpower or mastering understanding certain ideas. And in 3D in general, the 3D reality is about duality. It's about left brain, right brain. It's about up and down.

t's about light and dark, negative and positive. It's about all these different things. These are all different versions of duality with this polarity that is there, and duality is the theme of 3d third dimension type consciousness. Think of reality in a way like a game like we exist and we are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences and in our natural state we are unconditional love and bliss.

That's just who we are. Okay, so then we come into the earth. We get into this avatar body and there's this veil of forgetfulness. When we come to Earth, we forget that we are immortal, spiritual beings of contemporary human experiences. Knowing that one of the purposes in life is for us to remember that this is who we are, so we forget that. We're like, okay, I'm going to come here. I forget that. I am living life.

My name is Jane and my name is Joe. My name is Harold, whatever the whatever our name is. My name just so happens to be Aaron. And the idea is that we play this part and one of the purposes of life is to remember that it is just a part that we are immortal, spiritual beings and we existed in love and we are all connected. This is a higher level that I'll get into in a minute, but there are different levels to this game.

One of the levels is that of duality. Just like Einstein said, Einstein said it in Einstein knew a lot of cool stuff. Let's just listen to Einstein. He said you cannot solve the problem from the same level of consciousness or the same level of thinking from which the problem was created. In order to transcend that, have 3D, we have to move beyond 3D. Think about it.

3D is light and dark, good and bad, left or right up or down. All these different ways of thinking. In order to transcend it, we have to just observe it and be aware of it. It's not to like feed into certain perspectives. It's not to necessarily keep the game going and to feel entrenched in it. And a lot of our attention, if you look in the media, you look at the way the current 3D society is ran.

When you look around, it's all triggered and it's all made to trigger you into perceptions of 3D reality. Look at this, that's going on in this place. Look at this. Did you hear about what this person said? Did you see this person's twitter account? Omg keeps people triggered into the lower vibrational states of consciousness that keeps them in duality.

That keeps them in the reaction mode, and that is 3D now, 3D in general, some of this is like the 3D level of reality. The reality in a way what science is showing us is that reality in a way is like a simulation. What that means is that we have in a way logged into the game of life. We are thinking about it. We're immortal, spiritual beings living a temporary human experience. We have just been chilling as unconditional love.

We've been chilling in the higher dimensions or thought and things that we want instantly manifest. We don't have to wait for things. That is who we are at our essence in higher dimensions, but what we decided to do is we said, you know what? This is fun and everything, but let's make it more challenging. Let's have it so that we don't instantly think and then things appear.

Let's have it to where there's a little bit more challenged so that we know that if we can move through this and remember who we are, then that says a lot about who we really are. We want that challenge. If you've ever played a video game maybe and you have all the cheat codes and you just demolish everything. I remember when I was a kid I was playing grand theft auto, which is where like you go out and you just do the most wretched things.

You just go and hit people and do random things in society. Things that you maybe wanted to do just for no reason whatsoever. You can do that in this game and there are certain cheat codes you get to where you can just do crazy stuff. Like all of a sudden, you peer with a tank.

You go around and just taking people for no reason. This is like the cheat codes and that's fun, but that's fun for like literally like maybe an hour or two and after that you're like, okay, this is getting boring because you can just do everything. You could literally just have as many guns as you want. You're just shooting everything that you see in sight, but eventually, it does get boring and you want a little challenge on the same way in the higher dimensions. We chilling. We tell them at each other, we're like, “Yo, I think of somebody instantly appears and then eventually what happens is we're like, oh, okay, this is cool, but now I want a little bit more challenged.”

We say let's create this reality called Earth. This 3D reality where you forget who you are. One of the purposes you have to remember who you are and there's going to be different levels and when you get to certain levels or certain things you learn and that as you move through it, you raise your vibration.

You feel closer and closer to your natural state of who we really are and let's throw in this element of time because, in this higher dimension, things instantly appear. No spending at this time so that we have time to cultivate our manifestations. We can think about it.

We can know if we really want it. We can let go of the outcome. We can experience it more in a present type way. We set up these game to this. We set up the rules to this game and in the 3D reality, it's about understanding control, understanding, willpower, understanding and taking action, understanding a duality, good, bad light, dark.

All of these things being attached to thinking you can think of 3D as the ego and being identified with the ego and what's happening now as people are waking up and realizing, hey, I don't get to be this ego structure my whole entire life. I can be present to the moment and in the 5D level of consciousness where everything is amazing, where I feel phenomenal. Well, guess what?

In a way, think of it as 3D, 5D, 3D level of consciousness is more about control. It's about control of the government, these positionalities of victim and Predator, Predator or a victim. You're either the person that's going around and harming other people or you're on the other side of it and you're the victim. There are these different stories that are playing out.

There's a different level of control that may have happened when it comes to that of the control of society. Maybe you say, Oh, look at that media. It's controlled. What about the Illuminati and that person that bailed out by our gardens and all of these people behind the scenes pulling strings? That's all 3D, we are transcending the 3D reality. We are moving from 3d into 5D. now. If we remain in the autopilot mind, we remain asleep to understanding that we are more than the ego.

Then we remain entrenched in the old reality, but what I am sharing with you right now is that you can shift from the 3D level of reality into a 3D level of reality. Let's talk about 5D for a minute. 3D is about control. 3D is about duality, good, bad, light, dark, all these different positionalities 3D is about the ego and what are we moving into now? 5D level of consciousness is more about unconditional love. Understanding that our basis is we are unconditional love and bliss. We can assume that.

We can observe our thoughts from a neutral perspective. We do not have to be controlled by the ego. We can observe the ego, we can understand that we are all connected, that we are meant to be creating heaven on earth, that that is what we are bringing from a 5D level of consciousness, understanding that we are already whole and complete.

We can shift from having and doing of the 3D reality into being now in the present moment and the gateway to this 5D reality is letting go, letting go of the ego's need to control, letting go of attachment to lower emotion, letting go to lower vibrational states of consciousness, letting go of positionalities of this person did this to me and I feel justified in this perspective and what we can now learn to do is to let go of all of that and as we let go with awareness, we move from the red level of consciousness into the 5D level of consciousness, which is who we naturally are.

This is where we merged with our higher selves, with the awareness that we are this high vibe state. Naturally, this is when we move in from being written reaction into being present to the moment.

Right now. This is when we look around and we look at these people that we call avatars of our time. We look at Jesus, we look at Buddha, we look at Greece. We look at all these people. We say, oh my God, aren't they amazing? But all they were is they were themselves completely embodied in their 5D or higher level of consciousness and right now on the planet.

What is happening is we are shifting collectively from the 3D avatars, the 3D avatars of experience and into a higher-level state of consciousness, and this higher level of state of consciousness is us embodying our avatar self. The second coming of Christ is not actually literal. It is a metaphor for understanding the second coming of Christ consciousness which exists within every single one of us right now.

He said, the things that I can do that I can do, and you can do even greater things, but sometimes people don't want to hear that because then it means that they have to take their power back.

It means that they have to understand that they are that which they seek and other people or in this idea of this metaphor, this symbol that we use of certain characters. We can look at Buddha, but understand that Buddha consciousness is within. We are all in the aspect of this divine consciousness. We are all in the issue of this one single point of source energy.

We are unconditional love and bliss playing the game. This fragmented game of separation where I look around and say, oh my goodness, this is who I am, but that is just when the ego's Avatar's perspective. What we are learning to do right now is to shift from the 3D level of being in reaction to the environment.

The 3D level of being, the Avatar, of being in reaction to everything and then moving into a 5D level of consciousness, of allowing the present moment to be of being here and now moving from having to, doing into being, moving into the present moment and the gateway to get there is awareness and letting go.

That is the ability that we all have right now to shift into this level of being. The 5D reality exists right now on earth. We many times in back in the day when this information was first coming out, a lot of people thought 3D, 5D. there's this split that's going on. This split is then eventually you're not going to be able to talk to people in 3D if you're in 5D doesn't be this split and there's going to be this dramatic thing that happens.

This split is a metaphor I am right now in this 5D level of consciousness given you this information. However, I'm going to go to the gym and a couple of hours when I go. If I were to get in reaction to my environment. If someone were to come over and Jim, Joe, Bob, or to take my bench set when I was getting ready to bench now's it'd be like, that's bad.

You shouldn't be doing that. Jim, Bob Guy. You'd taken my bench. Then I'd be more so in 3D reality, but then maybe what happens is I shift back to 5D reality when I become aware and I remember, hey, this is all a game anyways. I still got a couple of sets, slept and I can just allow it to be and do my thing or I can be entrenched in, in. I can really get ingrained in it in all my perspective of this is who I am and being identified with it and I can let myself raise back to it.

But here's the thing. What is happening on the planet is people are shifting from the 3D level of consciousness into 5D. It is happening right now and it is like a glass wall that we can look through.

I don't watch the news because the news will trigger people back into the 3D reality, so what I choose to do is to not watch the news. Sometimes people might be like, well, okay, so there are still these things going on in the world. There is still. This stuff happened in Syria, there's still this happening in Iran and all the. I get it that it's happening, but it's not a part of our experience unless we perceive of it. Unless we are entrenched in it and attached to different perspectives of it. 

Everything is working itself out and when we are tuned to it, if we're attuned to it in the way that it is a problem, we see it as a problem. It is not supposed to be there.

Then we create resistance and we actually end up feeding that reality more than we realize. This is about observing, observing, and observing. We start to take our power back when we are aware of what is happening, but not in the reaction mode.

When we create resistance and we actually end up feeding that reality more than we realize.

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There is power there, but the other thing to do is sometimes it's not relevant. It is not relevant for me to watch Fox News, CNN or whatever is out there. It's not relevant for me because my purpose is different than that of the media, which I think is mainly have a certain agenda that's behind it, of keeping people entrenched in this 3D reality and maybe that's just a belief I have.

I don't know, but I choose to just focus on what really matters to me. What matters to me is helping people to shift out of this 3D level of consciousness of being identified with the Avatar that they've agreed to, that they kind of incarnated into this system with and reminding them and saying, Hey, I know you've been living your whole life as this avatar thinking that you had to be in reaction to the environment, thinking that you were your past experiences, thinking that you were your thoughts, but in actuality you are so much more.

Not only are you more, but you are unconditional love and bliss. You are an immortal, spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience. You have simply loved into this game of life to have an experience, but right now you are raising your vibration and as you raise your vibration, as you become more aware of this 5D level of consciousness, you are shifting your life experience.

You are experiencing the shift right now. Even as you listen to me right now, you are shifting your consciousness. You from this point going forward, we'll go about it in life and realize this 3D, 5D doesn't mean you have to throw labels on everything, but like, oh, that person over there, there is obviously the 3D level of consciousness.

That person over there is 5D, I'm going to go talk to them, but you will be more aware of things from this point going forward in this new level of consciousness because you will realize that it is a game.

It is a game that you've decided to play. You might be interpreting your reality through the five senses. You might be interpreting reality as your Avatar, but the key is knowing that you are so much more. You are so much more than this avatar. You are so much more than what you think that you are.

The other thing that's happening is as the vibration on the planet changes, manifestation also is quickening. You may notice that if there's something that's in alignment or out of alignment, you figured that out very quickly because the vibration on the planet is raising, as the vibration on the planet raises more and more people are busting out of their ego and into this Vibe d level of consciousness and it is happening right now.

More and more people are becoming aware of it and as time goes on, it will continue to happen more and more. It's about being aware of that. It's about understanding that this is what is happening and that things will continue to speed up, but you just have to allow them.

You have to be clear. Are you in alignment with who you are meant to be? The way you know that is, are you doing what you're passionate about? When you are doing what you're passionate about, you are living as your higher self because your body's translation of passion, your body feeling passion is your body's indication telling you, hey, you're in alignment with your higher self. You're doing what you're meant to be doing right now. As I film this, I feel in a very high vibe state because this is what I'm meant to be doing in life.

This is about understanding that awareness and understanding who you are and following that passion and understanding that life, in general, is so much more than you can even imagine. But remember you cannot solve a problem from the level of consciousness.

The problem was created and you cannot figure out 3D and You cannot. You have to transcend 3D and the way you do that is by observing your thoughts, understanding that it's all a game anyways and moving from the lower vibrational states of consciousness into the higher ones by letting go. The gateway is letting go. Some people say, well, what's 40 colleges?

As you talked about throwing a huge party, but for three days it was 44. D is like that, you can think of it as time the of his time. That's all. Let go, let go of time and be present to the moment though, and that's the gateway.

The gateway from three to five is awareness and letting go and as you let go of control, as you like to go positionalities. As you let go of having to be right, you start to exist more in the present moment and in the present moment is where things begin to happen.

What I want to say to you right now is congratulations because you are making the shift in consciousness. If you're even perceiving of this and I am also creating the shift experience which is this, everything I'm talking about in this episode is going to be something that you can experience in that of a course, a digital course. It's not just theoretical ideas.

This is an actual experience that's as meditations and different ways of moving through your own consciousness and this will be available within the next couple of months.

If this is something you are excited about because you do me a huge favor because you go to my Instagram just like go to my news photo, just like click on the photo and be like, Hey Aaron, I'm ready for this shift experience.

I just need a new podcast. I that was really dope. You just let me know. The reason I say that is because then I know that you're on the podcast right now. You see, the thing is iTunes, it doesn’t have this analytics like YouTube, so I don't know how much you liked these episodes.

Do I keep doing them? Do I just do one a week? Do I do two a week? Do I do three times a week? How many times a week do you want me to do this kind of stuff? Let me know because if you let me know when I can do more.

I can kind of gauge it off that, but if you're also ready for the shift, let me know my news, Instagram posts because I see stuff there because Instagram is more like in the present moment and it's easy to see the captions or the comments, whereas an iTunes totally different story, so if you want to experience those shifts let me know on Instagram and my newest post, you can go there.

# 23:The Story of How You Came To Earth from the Higher Dimension and WHY You are here NOW


Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and today we're going to be speaking about something I think will totally transform your life. This is something that actually I've been thinking about lately and it's a story.

It's a story. It's a journey that I want to take you on that I think after you go through the store and you hear what I'm about to share with you, I think it may totally transform your life. I really believe that. I don't want to say that a lot because one, that's my intention is to help people transform their consciousness.

However, I really believe that this is what I'm about to share with you, something that when I realized that changed my perception of life in general and it made me relate to things in a completely new way.

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And this is the story of our higher self, the story of who we really are, the story of higher dimensions, understanding who we are at a greater level. Because the truth is, is who we are in this life, who we think we are is an ego structure, who we think we are. It's kind of like an Avatar, kind of like an Avatar-like you might have in a video game where you're playing a video game for a certain period of time.

The thing is, is when we're here on earth, sometimes we start to identify with our Avatar really. We started to look at our hands, appears very real. We're interpreting our reality through our five senses. And we have these experiences where we just think that we actually are our avatars. And I think one of the purposes of life is for us to remember that our Avatar isn't who we are.

It's just that we are using our avatar for a period of time on earth. And when we start to have that realization, a lot of things begin to change in life. What I'm going to be sharing with you is this story, the story of how that came to be, the story of understanding who you really are.

Because as I've said more in many videos and in many podcast episodes as we are unconditional love and bliss, that is who we are, that's our natural vibration. But we go through certain life experiences that kind of bogged our vibration down and we think, “Oh, I am a shame, fear, guilt.”

And all these other emotions. But in actuality, those feel like negative emotions because they're far from who we are, how we are relating, and the how we are thinking is out of alignment with the true self of who we are.

Allow ourselves to let go of what doesn't serve. And as we do, we naturally raise our vibration.

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This is about knowing that we can start to just allow ourselves to let go of what doesn't serve. And as we do, we naturally raise our vibration. Imagine that once upon a time you and I and many other souls, we're chilling, just chilling and the higher dimensions.

In the higher dimensions, there was more ability for us to do what we want. When we want to do it, and the higher dimensions, we can instantly think of something and instantly experience it. We are not bound by time and space. When the higher dimensions there we are, we are chilling with each other, we can exist in many different places other than one place at the same time because we're not bound by time and space.

We understand that we're all connected. When we think of something, it instantly appears and we exist in this high vibrational bliss and we exist and we're having a great time.

However, after a couple of thousand years, we started to realize that, hey, maybe we want a little bit more challenge. This is fun and all, but it almost seems too easy. It's kind of like having a video, playing a video game and having all the cheat codes to where you could just dominate and there is no challenge whatsoever. Eventually, you get kind of get bored.

One thing that we decided to do as we said, okay, this is a lot of fun and this is who I naturally am, but let's make it a little bit more challenging. What if we made this place made earth as one of the places or maybe many different realities. Systems in the universe will make this place called Earth and on this planet, we're going to have time and space and instead of things manifesting instantly, we're going to have the physical reality experience be that things happen in experience as if they are linear experiences.

If there's this past, present future so that we can really soak in a certain type of experiences so that we can start to learn more about who we really are and it'll give us time and it'll give us this stretch out experience where we could learn more and what if when we're born at this place that we forget who we are. We don't have this remembrance.

There's this veil of forgetfulness because then it makes the game that much more real because then it makes it more of an experience because if we remember it, maybe then we won't really take it so seriously and maybe what we'll do is we'll split off and many different people and instead of just us knowing that we are one large consciousness that's all connected. We'll play this game of separation. Well, we're going to think and we're going to imagine that we are separate from everyone else.

Okay, and we're going to play this game because part of the fun of the game is remembering who we are in us all coming together to help to transform ourselves from the inside out and by doing this we are going to learn more quickly than ever. We're going to prove to ourselves and challenge ourselves and know that we can accomplish this.

Then we can accomplish anything and that's the kind of experience that we're going to have this illusion of separation and some of us are even going to play certain roles, so maybe some of the people in your life that you perceive to be not so friendly to you or me to be a people that you seem to be the and enemy. You think of them as their enemy.

Maybe at a certain level from a higher dimensional perspective. We said, hey, let's play certain roles so that we can learn compassion so that we can learn how to forgive. Maybe we decided that we're going to come from these higher dimensions into this earth realm and we're going to learn these lessons so that we can learn how to forgive.

We can learn these different emotions because in the higher dimensions we just mainly experienced higher vibrational emotions. What if we put in this earth reality, we put some of the lower emotions that we have to learn how to transcend. We had to learn how to let go so that we can understand that we are naturally enlightened, and what if this story that I am telling you right now is not actually fiction?

What if it's actually closer to the true reality? What if had a greater level? You are unconditional love and bliss. You're simply logged into this game of life, forgetting who you are so that you can remember and go through these life experiences and remember who you are. What if in this reality right now we experience life through the five senses. We can hear, taste, touch, see, smell, all of these different senses, but what if all of these different senses are just interpretations of vibration?

And what if a higher state of consciousness, you are so much more than you can even imagine, and what if every single night when you think you're going to bed, you're actually waking up in higher states of consciousness, but your brain doesn't have any reference experiences for understanding it. All it does is it gives you these dreams.

It gives you these dreams of I was with Sally yesterday and this person from my old high school and we were talking about this and we were in this weird environment and that was my dream, Huh? That was interesting, but in actuality, you may have been doing so much more.

It was simply that you are given that symbolic form of something for maybe some type of lesson or maybe that was your subconscious mind's interpretation of what actually happened, but what if the into higher dimensions you do things that your brain couldn't even interpret.

So, what? What could you even get that would be representative of that? And what if even when you go to bed at night, it wouldn't be that relevant for you to remember what you're doing in the higher dimensions. Because if you knew that you were unconditional love and bliss and you were to wake up here in lesser good feeling emotions, then you may not want to be here.

Maybe it's not even relevant for you to know, but what if in this life experience right now, we have all decided to start waking up like popcorn collectively? One kernel goes off; another colonel goes off, another colonel goes off, pop, pop, pop. We keep popping in realizing who we really are. We realized that we are immortal.

We realized that this is just a temporary human experience at Earth, in general, is a beautiful place to be. It's like the melting pot of the universe where there's much different diversity of different type of animals, different types of plants and trees. You ever look at plants, animals.

I'm looking out my front yard right now and I see about eight to 10 different birds in my grass under this tree with these purple leaves, eating and pecking at the ground. You ever think about how beautiful that is? Things like that, the simplicity of it, because from a higher dimensional perspective, all of these things were the first pro thought into for them to exist and higher dimensions. We were like, look at this symbolic thing.

Maybe as meaning, maybe it doesn't. Maybe it's just beautiful because it is, but trees, in general, were first thought of before they were brought into this reality system, so you see these trees have certain colors and the diversity of it is amazing. I've got a Rosebush in my backyard. I was looking at the Rose Bush the other day, how beautiful the roses are, and there are these thorns on the rose Bush and he's throwing his hurt when you touch it, and it's a beautiful metaphor.

The bittersweet, this of a rose of a Rosebush, and when you look at that, you realize that it from a higher dimensional perspective, we've decided and we've brought that into this physical reality because it is beautiful. It is a metaphor, and in the same way, many things in our life that we look around at, everything was first thought of before it was brought into this reality system. Man or woman may have created some things.

Maybe we have, you know, we create this home looking out my front door to see houses in front of me that were made from concrete, which are different elements in this reality system that we've used in order to create that have shelter and we have these plants that are more organic, more natural and at a certain level from a higher dimensional state of consciousness.

We've brought those here. The idea, the thought of it. Even if even if we say, oh, well it's been here on earth this whole time. Well, it was first thought of for it to be planted, the seed of thought that ended up creating it and thinking how beautiful that is that everything here was first off thought of before it was actually put into this reality system and there's so much diversity here and it's so beautiful because of all this diversity.

We have so many different types of animals. We have birds that fly, that uses the aerodynamics of flight. Then to be able to fly, we have that, have animals that are in the ocean, have water that to them, their whole reality is what water is. It's what it's how they breathe. For most of them, some of them can go back and forth, but in general, these, these different reality systems that we all exist in and these things that we experience in our life, well first thought of before they were here and it's a very beautiful thing, but understand that at a higher dimension.

We first off thought of these things before they came and that's what allowed it to come into this reality system. That life in a way is a real system and what we're doing and what we're going through right now on the planet is a transformation, a transformation of consciousness. We're becoming more and more aware of who we are, like the kernels of popcorn kernels of corn that are popping, and it just starts off with one or two at a time. Back in the day, we'd say it'd be people like Buddha and Jesus.

They were the kernels that went off a little bit earlier, but right now on the planet, it's a time of mass awakening. Maybe you look around right now and be like, what is he talking about? There's still the pain. There's still genocide that's happening in the world, but understand it doesn't take the whole entire planet to wake up for there to be transformation because the vibration may be a hundred people that exist in a higher state of consciousness, they can influence powerfully, that have millions of people that are in Lester states of consciousness because of the vibration.

The frequency of the vibration and what is happening is right now more and more people are waking up and that is causing a ripple effect. Even if you look around the last political election, for example, more people will wait waking up like, what? Why is this what we're experiencing?

People are waking up from the dream because the only way that we could influence the dream is from the inside out. Maybe earth was an experiment at first as this experiment. We come here on earth. We forget who we are. We have this certain experience. There's a lot of learning we could have in a short period of time, but then what happened is maybe there are certain forces that kind of made it go in a different direction.

Started to become more about control. Greed to identified with the avatars that we live in too identified with our bodies and maybe what happened is that as an act of compassion, maybe you came back, I came back, we came back to remember this because the thing is it's not like we can just float out of a cloud and be like, we're going to change this reality.

There's free will within certain reality systems, just like in this free will. The rule is that you have to incarnate into the system to change. It cannot change it just from the outside in because it goes against the free will of our society. It goes against the free will of the real system. What we've decided to do is to go through this remembrance and part of this remembrance was forgetting who we forget that we are unconditional love and bliss. 

We exist in these higher states where we can emit instantly manifest things and we decide, okay, I'm going to come to this reality system of the earth because there's this transformation that's happening right now on the planet and I want to help other people wake up. Yes, I'm going to go through pain. I may even forget who I am for a good chunk of my life, but I'm eventually going to remember and it's all going to lead to that time of remembrance and as I remember who I am, I am then going to be able to help other people remember who they are and as I pop

in the popcorn analogy, I'm going to help other people to speed up their vibration to a level of heat to the pop, and in this pop, is the transformation going from a caterpillar into a butterfly and it's so much freer, so much more flexibility, so much more able to be the way we prefer to be, to have the freedom to fly around and that may be very well what life is.

And right now, I believe that there is this transformation that's happening on the planet, that we have decided to come here. We've forgotten who we are, but now is the time of remembrance. And now we wrote remembering that this is who we are. We are unconditional love and bliss. We are of this higher vibrational state of consciousness. And it is time to remember that this is who we are and maybe you're listening to me right now and maybe some of this does resonate. Maybe some of it doesn't.

Well, what I'm asking you to do is just go within and find out what's true for you and maybe at a deeper level. If you ask yourself, does this resonate? Maybe it does resonate. Maybe it resonates with your heart. Maybe it resonates with your core and maybe not either way. Find out what is true for you because in this reality that we live in, what we believe to be true is always reflected back to us.

And when we start to drop our beliefs is when we begin to raise our vibration really and as we drop these beliefs where you become more in alignment with who we naturally are, things in our life begin to change in a very powerful way.

Moving forward in our life, I believe that over the next 10, 15, 20 years, 50 years, things are radically going to change because we're understanding more of who we are. We are understanding that we have the power to direct our lives in a powerful way that when many people are focused on one timeline, when many people are focused on one positive outcome, that influences reality in general, and that's what we're going through right now is this transformation.

We're realizing some of the old stuff's falling away may look around and be like, well, the government's falling apart. That's part of the game. That's part of the system. You have to let go of what doesn't work. The old three d structures have to fall away so that then these new, higher vibration structures can be put into place. We have to first off, let go of what doesn't serve. That's what's happening right now.

Just like this is one reality system. There are many other reality systems, could be reality systems on different planets and the thing is we think of them as separate, but guess what? You are immortal, spiritual, being limited, temporary human experience. You have not only lived lives and been in the real system of earth, how boring would that be to be here for infinite time and space? Just be in this one place. You've existed in many different reality systems, many different planets, many different abilities, and most of them are in higher dimensions.

This is one of the hardest places to be as earth. It's also a very beautiful place to be because we're remembering who we are and if we can do it, if we can go through this much challenge to remember who we are, it shows it to other realities systems that they too can go through this challenge. They too can forget who they are and go through experiences remembering who they are and right now as a planet we're going through this together.

We've decided is that we want to experience, we want to upgrade the system and here we are right now going through this and from this point going forward, there will be an acceleration of this awareness and acceleration of this experience. You may notice more and more synchronous in your life. Have you felt it? Have you felt that time has been sped up over the last 10, 15 years and especially the last few years? Even the last couple of months.

Time is speeding up time, it doesn't even exist, but the experience of time is speeding up because our vibration is speeding up and over the next 10, 15, 20 years, it's going to keep happening. Things are going to keep happening and you're going to realize you're going to shed layers that no longer serve you going to be letting go of things that no longer serve, but the truth of the matter is it's all part of the plan. It's all part of this reality.

The alarm clock is going off and it's time to wake up. Maybe this one is for you is a reminder because maybe you already know this, but also maybe not. Maybe get one aware of it and maybe this is planting the seed right now. Maybe right now, this doesn't even resonate with you. Maybe you'll come back to it in a couple months, a couple of years and you remember and you'd be like, Oh yes. Reality is a form of a game. ​

Reality is a game that I've chosen to play, and I remember that reality is also like a dream, and now I'm becoming lucid in the dream and as I become lucid I could start to go more in the direction that I want and now there's an alarm clock going off in his alarm clock is awareness. This alarm clock is becoming aware. The US becoming aware that, hey, this is a dream.

We have more flexibility than we thought we could influence the reality with our focus, with our thoughts, with our beliefs, and as we become more aware of all this, we start to transform ourselves from the inside out. It's a very empowering time and more and more people are becoming aware of this, so we're starting to take our power back as a collective. It has the vibration speeds up. You'll notice things fall out of your life, accept it, allow it to be allowed to fall away. People habits.

They seem scary at times, but allow it to be there because it's all a part of the process. Understand that you are unconditional love and bliss. You exist in higher dimensions right now. You're simply dreaming, this is who you are in this life is about merging back with our higher self, merging back with who we really are, remembering this and then being lucid in the dream of life because it's meant to be fun. It's meant to be an experience. It's meant to be love.

It's meant to for us to merge back with who we really are and all I am right now is an alarm clock. I'm just an alarm clock that is showing you who you really are helping you to remember that because this is all this information all exists within you and has this alarm clock goes off. You'd be more aware of it. You can continue to sleep through it if you want.

You continue to pretend to be asleep, but from this point going forward, I think you're going to know this seed has been planted and from this point going forward, you're going to remember that everything you see was first off, thought of it as a projection from a higher level of consciousness and in this life you've come here to remember who you are and to reconnect to this higher dimensional version of you and for this point going forward, you are forever changed because it's the seed has been planted.

Maybe you already knew this before. Maybe it's just allowing that seed to water and allowing that seed to grow, but from this point going forward, your whole life will feel different. Just because you were here today listening to this little monologue that I've created, it is the alarm clock is waking you up.

You are now more aware. You were more lucid in the stream of life and from this point going forward, your life is forever changed. If you simply know that that will be your experience, so I want to congratulate you because you may be waking up before a lot of other people in your family. You may be waking up before a lot of other friends and the key is not to go and to necessarily shove it down their throat or to shake them awake violently.

As much as it'd be great that they wake up, everyone's going to wake up on their own time. Some people on their iPhone or whatever phone they have will have five different alarm clocks set at 4:00, four, oh, 5:00 for 10:00, 4:15, all of these different times to wake them up and they'll sleep through each one and they'll choose to go back to sleep every single time.

Right now, I'm one of those alarm clocks for you. Maybe you will eventually be an alarm clock for someone else, but the way that you do it is by living your example, by living in a higher vibrational state, by being who you are. That is the best way to act as an alarm clock for other people.

If you shake them awake, they're going to be resentful, they're going to want more than ever to go back to sleep. Instead, just be lucid in your own dream. Be lose it in your own life, live the expression of how you prefer to be, and you will notice that from that place, people then begin to wake up naturally because the dream will seem obsolete.

The dream will seem less relatable, less necessary. The way we create change in the world is by first creating change within ourselves. I encourage you to wake up and remember who you are. The alarm clock is going off. You are unconditional love and bliss. It's time to remember this time to wake up as your higher-self time to remember.

They are certain appointments you've made. Maybe there are certain things you've experienced has been painful in the past, but maybe you made those appointments from a higher state of consciousness and maybe just maybe it's time to integrate it, allow it to be there, and then you will transform from the inside out. The alarm clock is going off. It's time to wake up. Good morning, so I hope you enjoyed this episode today.

If you liked it, can you let me know? It's a little bit different than normal. Kind of like a theatrical type podcast episode. If you liked it, can you comment on my newest Instagram posts and let me know so that I can see it and if so I'll do more like this ad. A lot of fun actually making this one.

I didn't. I just kind of sat down. I was like, I'm going to make this story thing and make it a little bit more theatrical and let me know what you think of it because if you like it, I'll do more and I just comment on my newest Instagram post. Other than that, I want to thank you for being here.

I hope you enjoyed this and also there's something called the shift experience that's coming out next couple months with Aaron Doughty. This will help us to remember who we are and to wake up at this higher vibrational state of consciousness and to kind of remember this game of life is living as our avatar and it's about a transformation.

#22: The Money Belief Episode that Changed Your Life


Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty. It's today we are back at it again. We're going to be talking about the money beliefs and our beliefs about money because the truth is our beliefs are creating our reality, and if we believe that money is hard to create, our lives or money is hard to attract in our lives than it will be.

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You know, it's funny, as you can't really say, can you create more money in your life or you got to make more money? Making money is illegal. If you were to print your own money, it would be illegal. The first thing I want to share with you and I want to show you is that the money already exists. You don't have to create it. It's already there. It's already out there. This isn't a matter of creating it or printing it and I don't want you to go to jail.

I'm just honest with you. I don't want you to go to jail because you've been wanting to create more money in your life or to make more money in your life and you just weren't aware of that. If you make money, it's illegal. You know, in the current reality system that we live in, the beliefs of our society, that's where we currently are.

Let me first off say, it makes it so much easier to know that there is so much abundance out there. There is so much money out there that you don't have to make it. You don't have to create it. It already exists. The key is understanding money in an entirely new way, and by the end of this episode, you're going to have a totally new outlook on money.

I can promise you that, and it's going to involve seeing money in a new way and then you can start to see how you can in a way formulate what you're doing to align with that of the principles of money itself. First off, let's just define, I've been through my own barriers with money because for a long time I saw myself as only able to make a certain amount.

I used to work a sales commission job as some of you may know. I worked at Nordstrom's in women's shoes, then I worked at Barneys New York, which is like higher end women's shoes. I've always sold like luxury women's shoes, women's shoes that are between ages, between the price point of 300 bucks on a very cheap end to like all the way up to the couple thousand dollars for one pair of shoes.

I worked there for years before I went full time on YouTube for about a year and a half ago. And it was interesting to me because I could see a direct correlation between what I was thinking, what I was feeling, what my intentions were to when I went into work every day because it was almost like I had the perfect experiment, experiment, experiment for.

I had the perfect way to learn how to attract money into my life. Because every day you start at zero, so it's a complete commission job, so I'd go in for the day and you start at zero and then you start selling to people and that adds up and then when you leave at the end of the day, hopefully you've sold a certain amount that it makes a good.

That makes a good amount, right? Because you got a present percentage of that. I got like 10 percent at Nordstrom's and at Barneys New York it got like I think six percent, but the price point was way higher but it was like what I liked about it is I kind of in a way controlled my paycheck based on how much I would, you know, work and I would learn and all of that stuff. It was like the playground of the law of attraction and I was able to learn what works, what doesn't work.

I'm going to show you some of you, what does work, what doesn't work in this episode, plus new perspectives to see how money really works. I would have learned a lot of things as I was working at Nordstrom's and Barneys and I would pay attention to if I had a certain goal of what I wanted to make, I would pay attention to the kinds of interactions I'd had with customers.

There was a certain energy place that I, when I would get two things would happen much easier and the paradox of it is you would think that the more you're like thinking of something, the more you are like you know, serious about your goals and that would be the case, but a lot of times it was more so. As much as I would let go of the outcome, good things would happen.

As much as I would just have fun in the present moment, things would happen even better as long as my state of coming first. If you're finding that you're not making a lot of money in your life, be aware of how your state of being is with money. If you view money like that as something that's very serious, something that's very heavy, something that is hard to attract.

If you have these beliefs about it, then that will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. You'll look around, you'll want more money, and the wanting it in the present moment also clarifies and says, Hey, I don't currently have that. It's not in vibrational resonance with it.

The first thing about this whole process, becoming aware of how you relate to money, how do you relate to that? Have money, does money come easily. What would you put after that statement? Money is easy to come easily. Money is all around. Money is something that comes and goes, like, what are your beliefs about money?

Become aware of that. Your beliefs about money most likely are a reflection of what your parents believed about money or the people you around growing up. It's just simply the way it works and you we adopt in a way we've just kind of like Hammy, take hammy down beliefs of our parents of the way money works.

And what we could start to do is start to become aware of what that is, what those beliefs are. And the simple way of doing this, by the way, is what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience. And a lot of times it's an emotional experience that we have with money. I also understand the money isn't the only form of abundance.

Money is one of the forms. Money actually has no built-in meaning whatsoever other than the meaning we give it all money is his money isn't agreement, or we say that money means this, so because it means this, we can go around and trade this, this paper and this paper is going to get us more things, but the power is not in the money.

The power is in the belief and the agreement that we all have. That money is something that we use to trade and the sale of goods or whatever. It's about being aware that the true power of all of this is consciousness itself. Think of money more as what emotion does money give you?

Think about what that is. What emotion is money giving you? For me, money gives me freedom. Money gives me security. I remember to do what I want when I want to do it. That's what money represents to me, so because of that, that's what I relate to. That's how I think of money. The thing is we usually have all these connotations that come with money, like these strings attached. Maybe you saw your parents stress about money growing up. Maybe you saw that one of your parents was like, okay, with money one wasn't, and there's always this frustration between the both of them because one was good with money.

When it's about money, maybe you started to associate pain with money then because you started to see that pain gave problems in your family, but the first step to this process is simply becoming aware of what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience. Then what you could do is you start to ask yourself what perspectives and memories from my past developed my beliefs about money? You will see certain memories pop up.

You will see that maybe you had a memory of you wanting something and going and then not able to get it, not able to afford it, and you started to associate pain with it. You may have a belief that when you were younger, you wanted something and parent told you something or someone told you something or you were with a group of friends. You have a pretty young age, are you when you were old enough to like go to a little store or something he didn't have enough money for it is embarrassing.

Find out what the reference experiences were because he's referenced experiences. Maybe what controls and is guiding your experience of money in your life, but the key is knowing that money has no built-in, meaning it is the meaning we give it and knowing that money already exists is not something you have to create. It is just something that you begin to get in alignment with when you begin in alignment with yourself in a new way.

Let me share before I get into the life-changing the transformational way of looking at money in an entirely new way. Let me share with you some of the things that worked when I was working at Barneys New York or Nordstrom's, which are both sales commission jobs now, what I recognized is that the more I went into my job more or no work and I focused on increasing the state of being of the people that I was helping, so I'd be helping customers and the customers I was helping.

It was normally pretty wealthy people because they're able to afford a $1,200 shoe, $100 shoe, so when I was helping these people, instead of focusing on the money, instead of focusing on what they could give me, how they could make my paycheck much better, how they could add value to my paycheck instead of what I focused on is how could I add value to them.

I focused on how I could increase their state of being because this is what I knew about selling. This is one thing that I learned that really changed everything. If I could focus on increasing their state of being, they would then get into a buying decision. It's more about emotion. People buy based on emotion, not just logic, some people buy on logic, but people, people, people justify with logic, but they are pooled with emotion and what I realized is that, okay, instead of the days I had the best days are the days I was just having fun.

I would just joke around. I would just kind of go around, I would just have fun with their coworkers, and I would have fun with two people and I was kind of had like this sarcastic thing, so I would just like mess with people in a nice way, but I would do that and increase my own state of being and guess what? One of my state of being is increased.

Then other people can feel that off of me and it's contagious, so then people just want to be around me. I remember some of the best days I had days. I was in a really good high vibe state, feeling really good and I wasn't even really focus on a certain amount. There were a couple times that I said there were a couple of times I was almost to the dollar amount of goals that I had, you know, there's many times I'd get close to them, you know, close to goals over the goals.

But there was one time when I was first learning about the law of attraction, I set this intention. I remember I wrote in my mirror, I wrote $6,835. That's what I wanted to sell for that day. And we got paid 10 percent commission. That means I would've made 600 bucks and, you know, eight-hour shifts. That's good.

What I did is I wrote that on the mirror and I just simply knew it. I believe that I could do it, you know, it's traditional law of attraction story a thought it. I believed it, that I achieved it. I go into work and when I went into work that day, it actually wasn't that busy. I was helping some people. And actually, the first half of the day I didn't even do that. Well, I was maybe at one grand or 2000 bucks by the time I went to lunch, like three hours later I had to take a break because I was just getting tired.

I was like, I'm going to get frustrated a little bit. I took a break when I ate lunch and then when I came back, things started to pick up. The customer started to come in and my sergeants get on point. I started to be in the flow almost and people just start coming up to me even though there are other salespeople around, it's like they wanted help from me.

I got really busy and then towards the end of the day, my last customer, somebody actually passed on the customer to me it was this guy that normally sold a lot. I was surprised he pass it on to me, but he had to go or something like that. He passes me on this customer that was this a Chinese lady that didn't speak any English at all, but she had money.

She literally walked around with try on different shoes and she bought like $4,000 worth of stuff or like she bought a whole bunch of stuff and by the end of it was one of the biggest sales I had up until that point where it can at Nordstrom's.

I checked my number and my, what I sold was within $10 of that $6,000 goal that I had. I talk about it sometimes. I don't remember the exact number. It was like 6,685 or something like that, but it was a tenant within $10 of that $6,600 something. Some, I don't remember the dollar at the end. It's been like six years, but it was a big moment for me and I remember that it was within like $10 of it and I was like, oh, this stuff is actually real.

That then started to prime my belief system so that I realized that if I set myself a goal for something that I could achieve it. So that's what really began to change my perception of, okay, this stuff actually works. However, sometimes there's been an overemphasis on the ego's desires of wanting to sell a certain amount and sometimes what works better, just getting to the state of being first and having an intention, I found with money is having an intention to add value to other people has been monumental and the whole experience.

When I would go in thinking about how could you add value to my paycheck, I wouldn't do that well at all. In fact, it would repel customers. People can almost feel it off of me. I almost came off more like a salesman type guy, but when I was just focused on adding value, I was like a person and it was like a person as like a connection I felt with the people I was talking to and people respond in a much different way. Think of the energy dynamics of that adding value, increasing your state of being, being present to the moment, being happy in the present moment, enjoying the process. That was when things really began to change.

That's what I learned with my own experiences of working in a sales commission job for years and I learned that the state of being is the most important thing, but also getting to the core of what I believe about money.

What are my beliefs about money? How do I relate to money? And knowing that if I the first thing, that's the first step. This whole process always is being okay with where you are. If you resist what you've already created in your life and you don't take responsibility for it, you continue to create that resistance, and you'll continue to lock yourself in that little bubble of not having a lot of abundances. It is okay where you are.

Maybe you're these beliefs are on autopilot and you just weren't aware of and be grateful because now you're aware of it. First, say yes to the present moment. Be aware of what your beliefs are. That is what she began to shift for me is when you start asking yourself the question, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience?

What I have to believe that money is bad. Well, where did that belief come from? Well, I remember this one time. We were driving to buy these really nice houses, and I made a comment about them and I was kind of shut down, or my dad or my mom or dad then felt really resistant when I mentioned something, and then I picked up on that emotion.

When you start to ask these questions, your brain, your mind, you'll start to find answers to what that is. It starts to find the reference experiences and the subconscious mind for it. Then what you do as you are aware of it and you're then grateful that you have found it and you allow the emotion to be there. You allow the feeling to be there and you simply decide that now it's outdated. It's served you because now you're aware of it.

You can just let it go. You then see that it was just on autopilot. See what happens is our beliefs create our reality and the moment we give something, a meaning in our past, that then becomes absolute. That then becomes something that's looped, that's on autopilot until we've been dealing with again. Then it until we do that, it won't change.

We have to become aware of it, kind of take it out of the toolkit, look at it and then decide to let it go. If it's not serving us anymore, it's never an answer or is this right or wrong? It's does this work or does this not work? Because all beliefs are true. Whatever we believe to be true will be reflected back to us from one person. The next person might be totally different.

That's okay because reality in of itself is just a reflection, so now that we're this far in and I've kind of explained how money beliefs work and how our beliefs create our reality, how you can become aware of those reference experiences you have and how you can begin to let it go.

Let's understand this new way for understanding money and what money is and understanding a new way of looking at prosperity and money in general. Something I've recently been learning and it's something that's changed my perception of that of money in general and I've always kind of had this feeling, but it's making me more riveted to find as it thinks of it like this, what you put out, think of it. Everything in life is energy.

What you put out into the world, the energy you put out into the world is going to be your surplus energy. You have just the energy of your ego is just too that have survived, but anything extra you can put out there is surplus energy when you are putting out this surplus energy which is adding value to other people, which is making people feel a certain emotion.

That'd be like me putting out my daily YouTube videos and adding, you know, putting out that energy into the world and helping other people to increase their state of being. You can do this in any genre or any niche or any market. By the way, I used to work at a sales commission job. I could have seen myself as adding value to the other people.

I was doing that subconsciously, but this is the way it works. Our energy we put out into the world. We could put that out in an as an emotion, as value, as whatever it is. Then what happens is other people pick up that energy, other people benefit from that surplus energy that you've put out into the world, and then what happens is that reciprocation comes back to you. Somehow that money will come back to you.

Whether it's through having like I have different digital courses, I have things that also help people transform their lives. On the other side of that is financial, financial money coming back could be an opportunity coming back, like being able to travel the world and do different things.

It could be speaking opportunities, could be all these different things and what we put out comes back to us in different ways. When you make people feel a certain emotion and it adds value in whatever way it does, that didn't come back to you, but you have to first off, put it out for it to bring it back.

That's why it's about giving value, giving an emotion, giving a surplus energy, whatever that is, and when you put out that energy, then it will come back to you so you can start to see money in a different way because money is less about that of just the paper, because remember, money is an emotion. Maybe the money brings you a certain emotion, but money has no meaning other than the agreement we have in society.

Are you adding value to people with just the emotion, just being around them? Are you adding value by helping people to learn things? Are you teaching people things? Are you? Do you have an invention that then adds value to people's lives in a certain way? Because the degree to which that adds value to other people or give surplus energy to people will be the degree to which comes back at you. You see money is not this. Just this idea of how do I get money?

How do I get money? How do I get money? That is the wrong question to ask. It's what the surplus energy that you can be giving out to the world is? How can you be giving value out to the world because then it will come back to you? That's a different way of looking at it and if you start to observe and you start to become aware of this, this will change your whole entire life.

This has changed my life because my whole life, my abundance, I live in more abundance than I've ever lived in my life, and every month it becomes more and more it grows because I'm also not focused on the money. I'm focused on the value. Most very wealthy people, most people that are millions or billions of dollars, they're not focused on just the money. They are passionate about what they do. They're passionate about the value they add.

They are passionate about what they're doing and they see that even if it's Warren Buffet, right, who's mainly just as in the money finance market, what he has done is he is passionate about that of what he does. When he was six years old, he had that have investment books when he was like six. It's something he's just naturally passionate about.

The emotion he puts out, he puts out an emotion of passion into the world and even subconsciously it just goes out there and it inspires other people and that comes back to him. It's not about getting buried in the details of how exactly am I doing this? How am I doing that?

If you're doing what you're passionate about, if you're in the vibration of what you're passionate about, even subconsciously that it's going to affect other people, as other people will feel that through. Like I was talking about earlier, this state transference. They can feel whatever you feel.

It's contagious. If you start thinking about abundance more as a state of being as an emotion and money as just something that we've agreed upon, now it's important not to have negative thoughts about money if they get all money is bad because we're choosing to play the money game. We're in a society with money.

If you don't like money, then you have the choice to go live somewhere else and not be a part of that. But the thing is if you're in a society and you are playing the money game, then it's essential to at least understand the game and to allow the game to be there doesn't mean you need to identify with.

Doesn't mean that you get lost in it, but you have to be aware of it because sometimes in the spiritual community, when you become aware of certain things, you're like, oh yeah, money's control. Money isn't backed by gold.

All these negative things, and the more you've developed as data perspectives, the more you relate to money in that negative way, the less money you're going to attract into your life. You've agreed to play the money game. Just be aware of that, like just acknowledged that but doesn't mean you have to be identified with it.

You're just aware that you're playing that game. What you then do is you realize that in life in general, it's kind of like a monopoly game. You play monopoly with your friends, you have this fake money, but you agree for the time being of playing the game that here we go, let's change the money.

Let's trade this, let’s do this. They all got to go. Got to go to go with $200, whatever. That's a monopoly. In life, we have agreed to play the game of life and when we walk around, life, in general, is a giant monopoly game that we have agreed to play.

The way we relate to all those different pieces and all those ever things is how we relate to those pieces, to those different properties. Whatever it is, it's going to be the emotion of how we feel about it. If we walk around with a negative connotation about all of those different places, those different places aren't going to want us to own it. Pretend like these different pieces on the board have a different emotion. They have a different perspective or a consciousness. Do you think they're going to want you to live there?

Do you think they're going to want you to add them as an investment? They're not because it's like you almost negatively relate to them. Instead, develop a positive relationship. By knowing it's more about the value you can add to other people.

The value you can add, the surplus energy you can put out there will then come back to you to where then you can become more and more abundant because the truth is money is an agreed upon reality. Money has no power other than the other than the meaning we give it other than power. We give it, but the power comes from within us.

When we start to see that we are the source of power, our beliefs create our reality. That's where everything begins to change. A lot of what I'm sharing with you right now is going to be stuff that I also teach in the shift experience, the shift experience with Aaron Doughty.

When we start to see that we are the source of power, our beliefs create our reality.

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That's me. I am creating a program right now that is going to be a total transformation of consciousness. It's not going to be just a digital thing that you think about. It's going to be an actual experience that you go through that shifts your level of consciousness into going from being at the effect of everything that's happening to your life to understand that you are so much more than that too.

Then waking up to this higher dimensional level being does higher this higher way of going from having to do, having to try to have something into being into the present moment, knowing that you're already whole and complete and knowing that everything is a reflection of what you believe to be true and we change what you believe to be true you. You change everything, so if you want to be notified as to when that goes live.

If you go to, you'll see on the front page on the, like, you just scroll down a little bit. You'll see it on the left-hand side. The shift experience is coming. You click there, I will send you updates. I also send daily newsletters and like tips and stuff and a lot of people have been really liking that.

A lot of people that comment on my Instagram posts and south early thank you so much for the emails and stuff because I post like four times a week, four to six times a week that have a thing that just adds value via text and a lot of people like the YouTube videos or the audio, but that's another way if you want that as well. I'll be doing more live q and as on Instagram, so if you want to interact with me, you may do that as well.

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