# 28: Costa Rica Epiphanies that changed my life and how they can change yours too

Welcome back to another episode. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you all about letting go, the gateway to surrender, understanding how you can do more within your own consciousness. You can understand how to raise your vibrational set point so that you used to be in a higher state of consciousness.

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I just got back from Costa Rica. I was in Costa Rica for a whole seven or eight days. I just got back last night at about one in the morning. I got some sleep. I woke up today and it's time for a podcast episode. I haven't done a podcast episode, like a specific podcast episode. Actually why? I think it's been like a week and a half. I've been busy. You know what I did in Costa Rica. There are things I did and there were things I did not do. And let me explain a little bit of what I went through it.

I was in Costa Rica. I went to a life transformation spa place in Costa Rica with four other YouTubers. I went with Ryan Cropper, maybe you've seen him on YouTube. I went with Victor Oddo, who a lot of you guys know. I went with her. I went with Gavin Stevenson from wake up fulfilled. There were five and then me of course, but I had. Yeah, of course, it came with me. There was five YouTubers total at this place. It was really cool. It was like a life transformation spa.

There was a lot of stuff that happened. We did a lot of shadow work, let transformational breath work. All of these different things we did and when we did it, I was becoming aware a lot of things within myself that I could begin to rewrite because I realized that I have my own limitations. I have things that I believe to be true. Understand that our beliefs create our reality. Like I've known this for a long time, but there were some subconscious beliefs there that I did not know about that word. Controlling my life experiences or causing certain things in my life to happen. One of them was something I learned last time when I went there.

I went there exactly a year ago and what I learned last time was that, uh, I believe that I had to work really hard to become successful. I was making daily videos on YouTube. I still make daily video videos on YouTube. However, for me to take a day off, it was like a big deal. I was like, how would I take a day off? Like I feel like taking a day off like I'd lose momentum or something. I had this limiting belief that I always have to be taking action in order to be successful because I was rewarded so much in February of last year when I went daily on YouTube that my YouTube channel exploded. Within four or five months I was able to quit my nine to five job working at Barneys, New York selling woman's shoes. And my whole life began to change. I got so much benefit from taking action.

I was like, this is how success works. You take a lot of action, you get massive results, and it does work to a certain extent. The thing is, is there a certain paradigm? And I realized that I had a paradigm and I believed I had to work hard and I was working hard. That was a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, what I learned last time I was there a year ago, November thousand 17, is that I didn't have to work as hard as I thought I could let go of the outcome.

I could more so be present to the moment. I could not have to try so hard. I could more so just be in a good state of being while I do things and things will happen even better because I've increased my state of being. I knew this last year, but it almost didn't get wired incompletely because this is what I realized.

If you would've asked me, I said, I believe that you don't have to work hard. I would have said, I believe that you cannot take that much action and you can get results.

However, the thing was what was happening is even though I said that I believe that I didn't have to work really hard to get results, my actions weren't actually aligned with that because what I was doing is I was still in that grind mode. What would that involve? What would it involve for me to change my own belief? Well, the first thing that I have to do is that I have to realize that my actions are direct reflections of what I believe to be true. I may say I don't have to work so hard to be successful, but yet I'm still working really hard, which proves to me that I haven't actually changed that belief.

The key is to first off, be aware of what those beliefs are. And for me, that was becoming aware. I said, okay, this next week I am not going to wake up in the morning and make a video like I normally do because normally that's how I was as like I have to make daily videos. I have to do this. I have to do that. I have to write down the night before I go to bed, 10 things that I need to do the next morning and I'm going to get up in the morning.

I'm going to do those 10 things and it's going to feel really aligned for me to do so. But what I realized that I could let go of that routine. And by letting go of that routine, I started to feel freer than ever. Because as I let go of the need to do those things, I was rewiring that belief inside of my subconscious mind that I don't have to try so hard. I can allow things to be easy, and by doing that I began to wire in a new way of being. I made only a couple of videos while I was in Costa Rica because the last day was a Saturday.

We were all, all the YouTubers like we need to make videos together, so we made a whole bunch of collaborators the last day, but the whole entire week I didn't make videos intentionally. Of course, videos still went live on YouTube because I'm ahead on videos and they're scheduled to go out.

But you guys want to hear something even crazy. It kind of crazy to listen to how the universe works. All right. This. This is something that I found very paradoxical that happened. This is what happened. I was in Costa Rica and even though I was like, okay, I'm not going to make YouTube videos, I was still to get into my YouTube channel. The comment, now this is what happened. That was another opportunity for me to let go because I couldn't even get in, to begin with.

It was almost like the universe was showing me to let go and I let go of that as I let go of that. And I let go of saying, okay, well obviously, you know, there's deans not working out for that. For me to get into my YouTube channel to comment on videos is at the end of the world that I don't comment on a couple of videos on my YouTube channel while I'm in Costa Rica. I was like, no, it's not the end of the world. I can continue to let go.

I'm going to say that one more time by me taking a non-action by me not making the videos, I was wiring it into my brain, that new believer that I don't have to work so hard. By doing that, that is the key to wiring in. The belief is to realize that whatever the belief that you have, that you're trying to change, become aware of what that is and simply decide that you are going to let go of the old way of being and you're going to wire that in.

For me, that was wiring in a non-action. Not necessarily an action but an annex, but how can you apply that? Well, you can be like, well, I usually think that losing weight is hard, all of these things, but if you start to wire in that losing weight is easy. You can start going to the gym almost like every other day or something. Just start going that simple action. Even if you just go to the gym for 10 minutes, we'll start to wire it into your mind that you go to the gym every two days.

You will start to change your self-image. That was a big game, big game changer for me as I began to become aware of the beliefs I had and realizing that my actions were correlating with a belief system that is outdated. I went almost a whole week without making videos. I felt free. I felt like I was really letting go. I felt like I was actually on vacation because that's the thing.

The thing is since I've been full time on YouTube since I've been making daily videos, I haven't even taken one day off over the last two years. However, I made that exception when I was on this trip and I decided I was going to only make videos the last day that I was there in Costa Rica. By doing that I was then wiring in this new way of being this new belief system and I was letting go and it wasn't even something I was trying to do.

It was more something I was letting go of us letting go of this old belief I was letting go of these old patterns. By me doing that, I was more so able to become present. I was more so able to enjoy myself and I went through certain epiphany's. One of the things Lee or went through, you guys don't own Lee or Alexandra, she's amazing. She's a great friend of mine. She went through an experience where she realized that reality is kind of a matrix, the reality is a matrix, and that kind of freaked her out and I was kind of reassuring her and helping her feel better about the whole situation. Well, we experience reality through our five senses and the thing is we think that what we experienced through our five senses is the real reality.

It is a projection of consciousness. We come from higher states of consciousness. We come from a higher dimensional realm of existence. We are simply dreaming that this is who we are. We are really unconditional love and bliss. You ever see the movie Harry Potter that's closer to the real reality of who we are that's closer to the things being flexible with us having more abilities and higher realities.

We forget that though because can you imagine that? You remember that you're an immortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience.

You know that you exist in higher states of consciousness where you can instantly appear other places. You can manifest things instantly and then you wake up here with this veil of forgetfulness and you wake up here and you have to experience some lower vibrational emotions or things that you don't prefer. You just want to be there so we have this veil of forgetfulness in reality that makes us forget who we are and by forgetting who we are, we then are more likely to stay here and stay relevant here.

Reality is like the Matrix and we are more than we priorly thought and the power in this is huge because when you realize that things aren't so solid, your life becomes more like a dream. There's this quote I've been saying recently and it is that the more you realize life is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become, and this is a very empowering statement. Some people get frayed because my ego wants to remain solid and intact with this all being real.

I'm not saying the experience of it is not real, the experience of it Israel, but what I am saying is that in actuality you are so much more than you can even imagine, and the aura became aware of that. She started to become aware of who she really is an understanding that her reality, what happened is her reality in a way was turned inside out when it comes to what is real and that is making her reality more flexible.

Yes, I can bang on this table right now. That is an experience that appears to be real, but in actuality, there's empty space in between these atoms. We live in a type of virtual reality. We are projections of consciousness from higher states of consciousness. We are really unconditional love and bliss. They might as well enjoy their life experience. That is what life is about.  Let me ask you that question.

Because things that you think are solid in your life are going to create more and more experience of it being that way, and that is going to be something that changes your life. If you begin to realize it, detach from what you believe to be true.

Shake up your own belief system. If there's a definition you have about reality, oh, it's hard to attract relationships into my life. Oh, it's hard to attract money into my life. If you have those beliefs, if you have the belief that it is hard to attract those things in your life or do you experience those things, be aware of those definitions because that is just a confirmation, a reaffirmation that that is the way reality works. When in actuality thinks can be so much easier. They're really in life is no outside. There is only a reflection of the inside.

If you change your beliefs about reality being fixed, if you change your beliefs about thinking, the reality is the way it is and it's fixed, it's always going to be that way. If you realize that life is more flexible, your life will become more flexible. The more you realize that life is a form of a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become, and that's one of the powers of letting go of your belief system that no longer serves of letting go of the things that are outdated, of allowing yourself to more so become present to the moment.

That's when things really began to change is realizing that the true change comes from within and how you relate to things in your life. What else did I learn? I had this an experience the third night that I was there of laying in my bed and what I did is I had this utter surrender and I went into this meditative state and what I did is I focused on just being present to the moment, allowing the moment to be.

And what I did is there was music playing and I was allowing this music to come on. Let me be honest with you right now.

What am I talking about right now? There is this plant medicine that is called IOWASCA. There we go to out of the bag. You may have seen that and you made it like, Whoa, that's really weird. Is he talking about he's done about something like that? Guess what? I was afraid to share this on my YouTube channel. I was afraid to share this even a year ago. But you know what? It expands consciousness. It is not like one of those drugs that's like, you know something bad is. It's something that expands your own consciousness.

It is something that makes you do a lot of shadow work. You go within yourself and you really find out a lot of things in your subconscious mind that have been holding you back. You might not have experiences of your past that really show you a lot of things. And, uh, I'm becoming more and more aware that I could let go of my self-image, you know, I was like, oh, what will people think on YouTube? Will I still be credible if people know that I did Iowaska, but guess what? I wasn't going to do Iowaska even as the time that I went, I went a year ago, I was like, you know what, I'm just going to relax and enjoy company with five other YouTubers, a lot of subscribers that I had going, I'm going to have a good time. But when I went as like, you know, I'm all about expanding awareness, and that was something that I felt called to do again.  You're releasing from your body is no longer holding you back.

The key is being aware of all that and the key is understanding that when you let go, you will allow new patterns in your life when you let go of what doesn't serve you, when you let go of your shadow self.

When you let go of what doesn't serve you, you will allow new patterns in your life.

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I was becoming aware of my own shadows and I was becoming aware of these things from my past. I had this one experience where I realized that I felt unworthy partly because I had this experience that I was completely unaware of. I was a five or six years old.

My parents are divorced at this time and they still are, but I was going back and forth like four or five days at my mom's house. Four or five days at my dad's house. And every time I'd come back from my mom's house to my dad's house, my dad would have an action figure on mine and my brother's bed. And we get all excited. Like, oh, what's going to be at Dad's house when we get back? Eventually, we came back home from my mom's house and there was no action figure on the bed.

Of course, I know and I understand. I'm like, oh, there's no action figure, Bro. Just man up. It's all good. I realized that part of a feeling of unworthiness that was deep in my subconscious came from when I was five or six years old. My Dad stopped putting an action figure out on my bed when I came home from my mom's house and the meaning I gave that was maybe he doesn't love me. Maybe I need his validation, maybe I'm not worthy, and when I was in that moment, I became aware of it. When you become aware of it is when you can begin to change it because you can see it's an illusion.

You can see that was just a pattern you kept carrying from when you were young. That's what I realized and I let go of that part of myself and I started to nurture that five-year-old. I started to give that five-year-old version of me that love says, it's okay. It's okay. Little Aaron, your dad still loves you. He just may not have a present for you right now, and I started to relate to it differently. You see, that's called shadow work is by being aware of these unconscious patterns that we have of yourself.

Back to that moment that was talking about where I became very present at the moment. What happened was is I was in the third night, it was getting pretty intense. There are these sensations that go through your body. I was feeling an overwhelming amount of love, and this can sound paradoxical, but I was feeling so much love that it was kind of scaring me because my body wasn't used to feeling that high-frequency love.

It was a. It was beyond what I could imagine as I'm filling these waves of sensation flow through my body of love, I'm letting go, letting go of needing to control it. You know, my, my, my ego is like trying to control the situations like let go, let go, allow this, love to flow through it. What I did is I started just allowing the moment to be. I said yes to the present moment over and over and over again, and then what happened is this, there's this music in the background and beautiful music.

Sometimes it's live music of like these four or five different shamans playing harmonica, singing, all these different things as beautiful. However, they also had this music playlist on, and what I did is I started to really listen to music. I started to listen to the music deeper than ever before, and what I realized is that I never have actually listened to music from a state of presence to state of being.

It was always an intellectual thing like, oh, this music sounds really good, but what I did is I shifted into experiencing the music, feeling the music, and by doing that I became more present to the moment, but that was the key. The gateway to the sense perceptions was me becoming present to the moment and by me becoming more present to the moment and putting the windows in my body. That was the key, is putting the awareness in my body.

I began to feel completely different about myself. I began to say yes to the present moment and the thing was whatever came up, I said yes to it. There are people around me. Some people were coughing or some people were throwing up. Some people were crying, some people were laughing. There was noise or is it maybe a dog that was barking in the background? Whatever happened, I said yes to it and it began to transform myself. I began to realize that you can see, I can say yes to the present moment no matter what. I then went from doing and having into being, being present with the moment, being with them, music, listening to the music.

I began putting the sense perceptions inside my heart center, inside of my hands, inside of my feet. I became so present to the moment that it started to transform my life because I realized that I could just say yes to the present moment. I realized that I could just be. I am. Say that with me right now. I am. Put the awareness in your sense perceptions right now.

Feel this sensation inside of your hands. Feel the sensations of your feet, sensation side of your heart, maybe a light buzzing feeling you can bring this sensation inside of your body and by doing that you start to become more present to the moment. You start to become more here right now and say yes to whatever comes up. If you're driving right now and someone cuts you off, say yes to it, assume it is part of the process.

Assume that it is part of something you want to experience in your life and as you start to let that be there, you'll find that you begin to relate to things in your life differently. Allow things in your life to be as they are going forward with your day-to-day. Allow things to be, say yes to whatever comes up. Treat everything that happens in your life as if it's there for a reason.

That's what I began to change my life and from this point going forward, I'm not saying that I'm enlightened. I'm not saying that I'm going to be in these blissful states of Samadhi my whole entire life. What I am saying is that I can always bring myself back to this remembrance that I can let go and that I can absorb into my sense perceptions. Bring the awareness into my body, not make everything so intellectual.

I like this song. I liked the beat to the song. What do I like about this song? I like the beat. I like this. Those are all labels, experienced the music. If you're in your car right now and you're just listening to my voice experience, my voice experience, the tonality, you don't have to label the tonality. Be like, well, he's doing dynamic. He's very enthusiastic. He says those are all labels. It's okay if those come up. Here's the thing. As those thoughts come up, experience those thoughts. Let them be there.

Allow the moment to be right now. You are more so entering the present moment than ever before, but the paradox is you are already there. It's just you're shifting your experience into the present moment.

So yes, that is this, this episode. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Understand that your reality, you can begin to shake it up. You can let go of what doesn't serve you. You can. We rewire new beliefs, but you can ultimately let go and go into a state of being.

Be present at the moment. Can you do me a favor and let me know what you think of this week's video by commenting on my newest Instagram posts. You can also follow me on Instagram if you haven't already. I post daily content there at aaron_doughty44. Let me know what you think of this week's episode. Let me know if you want me to do more podcasts. I enjoy doing podcasts and if you want me to do more, I'm considering doing it. Let me know in the newest Instagram post that I have, comment there what you thought of today's episode. I love to interact with you. I'll be there as well.


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