# 30: Vibrational Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and I'm here with you today to help me expand your awareness.

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Today we're going to be talking about understanding some vibrational packs that you probably have never heard of before. These are things that I was talking about recently on a live Q and A that I did on Instagram and it was a really cool live q and a by the way, if you follow me on Instagram yet, aaron_doughty44. I've been doing these live q and a's where I bring people on and I brought on my friend Ryan Cropper is also YouTube and we talked about some pretty esoteric stuff, not going to lie.

And one of the things we talked about was understanding the vibration of things in our life that you normally wouldn't think of. Like you probably put it on your shirt today and you put on your clothes and thought, oh, it's just my shirt, my clothes. Well, I mean it is. You're shortening close. I'm not saying it's not that, but if you were to wear clothes that you were originally war maybe five or six years ago, you would be in a way tapping into some of the emotions, thoughts, and energy of something that may have happened five or six years ago.

This is interesting to me because I recently went to Costa Rica when I was in Costa Rica, we had these things called ceremony, which like these plant ceremony session things and I would always wear whites. Yeah. It's like you were white on white, you know, so I was wearing these white shirts and it's funny because these white shirts, anytime I wear these white shirts now I feel this almost like this, this same level of energy that I felt when I was there wearing those shirts.

I can kind of tell. I have all these white shirts that I wear. I wear them a lot, but there's three or four of them that I wore on the nights of the ceremonies and I can tell which one they are because I get like this. Almost this similar feeling. Not that like I'm tripping out or anything, but more so like I can just feel this like divine settle this or this introspective creative type feeling as I wear the clothes.

In the same way you may find some, you may have never actually thought of before, but what you may do is you may wear something that you never really thought of before that as of it is as something that know would make you feel any certain way because it's been years since you wore that thing. But the thing is when you wear hand me down clothes, what ends up happening is you take on the vibration of whoever was before wearing that thing.

When you look at that, it's just something to think about. You know, some. Something that I've always kind of been aware of is that if I handed me down clothes, what I do is I in a way take on the same feelings or that energy will in a way become a part of something that influences me. What I do is I just, I get my own clothes.

This is just something to be a little bit more mindful of is when you are doing certain things, maybe even when people give you gifts, understand that some of the gifts people give you, it might have some of their signatures on it, like an energetic signature on it, which means the feelings that they have. Maybe the environment that was in.

I know recently also I was going to go and I want to get a whole bunch of crystals from my house and I was talking to a friend of mine and she said that you want to get crystals from a place where they have good energy or where the crystals that were mind, we do not mind in a like a negative environment because if you get that then that influences the Chrysalis themselves. She told me of a certain place in Sedona that has good vibes in it and it's like the crystals come from a legit place that doesn't have that kind of energy, like that energy.

I'll end up getting them from there. These are just ways of thinking about reality in a new way to where you relate to it in a way to where you're just aware. You might be aware that certain energetic things are influencing how you feel. There's the vibration of objects, the vibration of location, the vibration of people, the vibration of food, everything is vibration.

But when you become aware of it, you can then start to align how you are with you being the best version of yourself. I talked about this a lot, but imagine where you are and then quote where you want to be. The key is, of course, we felt the emotions you want now to be happy with where you are, but at the same time when you are thinking of that, what you want to do is you want to think of how that version of you is thinking, acting, and feeling.

Because those three things make up your vibration. Also, think of the objects or what is in your environment or kind of activities do you do in that preferred reality? The way you do this is through your imagination. For me right now, I can imagine my dream reality of me traveling the world, giving seminars, doing what I love, when I imagined that reality, it is very easy for me to do because when I'm doing that, it's something that I could see myself.

What would I be doing? I would be a traveling. As I said, I would be eating at great restaurants. I would be networking with people that are in my industry. I would be doing and interacting with people that are following my content. I would be doing masterminds. All of these things I can imagine and I can see what kind of activities would I be doing in that reality?

What kind of food would I be eating? What kind of interaction? How would I talk to other people? As I pay attention to all of these things, I began to tap into the reality of that and the key is to understand that that reality from a parallel reality point of view already exists, so it's not so much about me having to create it. It's more so about me choosing it by making choices in my current life that ended up bridging where I am to that reality.

But the key is embodying the emotions now, so being grateful for where I already am, I could look and see in my life right now how I can feel grateful I can feel thankful for that I can have a YouTube audience and an audience online that I can go live with. That to me is very exciting. I can see how I can interact with people on different social media platforms, which is kind of like being live. I can imagine myself and how similar that is to go in life.

And as I focus on the similarities, I'm able to feel the gratitude and to able to say to myself, well, I'm pretty much already doing it, so it's not as much that I need to try to do something or not already doing. It's just that I need to transform the way that I do it. In the same way, be aware of your vibration and be aware of what is in your environment. Think of it like this too, when you go to a specific place or do some other type of situation when you go there, there's a certain energy of that place. If you go to a certain rock concert is going to be a certain energy that is created.

If you go to a hip-hop onto concert, there'll be another type of energy that's created. If you go to some type of ballet or opera, there'll be a different type of energy that's created there. And there'll be a general, the echo of that energy even after the event happens.

In the same way, if you were to go to a restaurant that has really good energy and the service is really good, that will influence your experience and that will influence your vibration. If you go to a restaurant and they were rude and the food that will influence the food, even at subconscious levels you don't understand. And then as you're eating that food that will then influence you in different ways. This is about being aware of vibration. It doesn't mean you have to be afraid of it, doesn't mean you have to look around and fear like, what if this happens?

What if that happens and it doesn't mean you have to take inventory of every little thing that you do, but what it does mean is when you're aware of it, you can then see, is this serving me? Is this something that is allowing me to become more of who I prefer to be? Is this in alignment with my higher self? Is this in alignment with how I prefer to be?

And if it is, then that is something that you can continue to do and if it is not, then you can in a way say no to it. You can choose not to do it. If every time you go somewhere and you feel negative emotion when you're around someone, you don't have to keep doing it.

You can change your perspective. You can change how you are about it. The key to this is knowing and being aware of your vibration in correlation with everything that you are experiencing and the way that I applied this in my own life is what I do is I am just constantly asking myself, is this in alignment with how I prefer to be now?

Not every little thing, but there will be in general, as my general diet for the day. Is this in alignment with a high vibrational way of living? Is it the people that I'm around? Are these people in alignment with my high vibrational way of living? And if so then great, then I keep doing it, but if there's something that needs to change, then I'm just aware of it and then I can set the intention to change it.

However, be aware of these little nuances that maybe you never thought about before. You may have never thought of, hey, there's this a vibration of the clothes that I'm wearing. You know, I thought about this too. This is a cool idea. What if like you could look at a blanket or something from your past, maybe something that you had when you were a baby.

And you were able to in a way pick up on some of the thoughts or emotions of your parents when you were that age, so because sometimes when you look at shadow work, you're looking at things that you subconsciously absorbed, a kid that you forgot about and what you can do is be aware of that and then maybe you can even tap into some of the thoughts and the emotions and using that as a symbol.

Understand there's always information around us. There is always information that we can begin to translate and the key is just being aware of what that information is. Being aware that as you become aware of it, some of the things of your past youth and then change your past.

That's what we call shadow work, but in general, everything is vibration. The air that you're breathing. There've been other people that brought breathe in that air before. That's something Ryan and I was talking about on that life that we did and we were talking about a place that you go, you're picking up on a similar thought stream of other people that have thought similarly.

You are going to different being around different types of people. All of these things correlate with what your vibration is. The most straightforward way for you to bridge and get to the vibration you want is by being yourself. As cliché as it sounds, I know it sounds cliché, it's like, be yourself. You're like, how do I be myself? What does that mean? It just means that let go of what doesn't serve and just feel free. Just do what you want to do.

Put, bring it more within instead of trying to make other people happy, just do what you want to do and as you do that, you'll be more authentic, but then you can also identify what is more authentic for you. You might be working a nine to five job that you're not that excited for right now, but that's not really even you. That's just what you're currently doing, but then you will imagine the version of you that's passionate.

What is that version of you doing? Maybe that version of you is doing something specifically for a living will start to imagine that version of you and start to take on the vibrations of that version of you, which means how that version of you think feels an ax start to absorb that start to align with it, and as you start to align with it, you will start to feel like that becomes you and then see what objects are in that version of your reality.

Maybe that version of you eats a certain type of food. Maybe that version of you wears a certain type of clothes. Maybe that version of you has a certain type of body language.

Start to be in the vibrational resonance with that reality, and you will begin to experience that in your life.

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Start to be in the vibrational resonance with that reality and you will begin to experience that in your life. This is simply about vibrational resonance.


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