# 26: How to Architect Your Own Reality Step-by Step

Welcome back to another episode. Today, we're going to be speaking about and understanding more about how to architect our own reality, understanding that one of the things, one of the purposes we had that when we came to it, the earth was that we wanted to architect our own reality to an in a way kind of created and to put intention into it and to then move in the direction of what we want and to experience what it's like to create in our life.

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And what are the biggest steps you'll ever take in your life is when you go from being in a way that the whims of society in a way from being at the effect of whatever's happening, to then starting to move the energy and the way that you want to set the intentions for what you want.

And I've learned a lot about this to be honest with you, a lot about different intentions. I used to, as many of you may know my story, I used to work at Barney's New York selling woman's shoes just until February 2017 is when I made a choice to go daily on YouTube and out of feeling that would help me grow.

And from then till August I think August 28th I think was my last day working a nine to five job in 2017. And now I do what I love every single day. And I've learned a lot about even just the old job I had, I used to work at Nordstrom's. It's funny, I went to Nordstrom's yesterday, I used to work there. I worked for five years, between 2008 in 2012 or 13 or something like that.

And I went there. I'm ready to go to Costa Rica soon and I went with my buddy and we went shopping and I parked under a Nordstrom's because I wanted to go through there because it's been so long and it was such a weird feeling. I felt like this anxiety is weird. Like, I don't know if it was just because, you know, there's so much past there and triggering memories for me and it wasn't that bad.

I mean, I'm just a totally different person now. I went through my spiritual awakening when I worked there too. It’s interesting because of one of the reasons I left there because I went through a spiritual awakening and after I did, I just felt so different about everything that it just, I felt this inclination to move and not, not work there anymore. It was a very funny dynamic.

But, that was something I experienced just the other day and it just kind of reminded me of what it was like. I saw one of the people I used to work with there and It's just a different thing. Like I'm just in such a different place than I am now. I'm not saying that's a brag by the way, like, oh, you know, but I'm just saying like I have gone from that to do what I love, learning how to architect my own reality and when I want to share with you is how you can kind of do the same thing.

But what I was going with that is I used to work a sales commission job so I'd go into work every day and I started at zero, so like you only get paid a percentage of what you sell. I started off at zero and even if I had a really good day the week before or a really good day the day before, you start at zero every day. I'd go in and I was able to see a direct correlation between what I was thinking, what I was feeling and what I was experiencing.

I would see if I went in with the intention to make a certain amount of money, how that would go. I'd see what kind of state of being I was in and how that would affect people and how that would affect the customers. And how that affects my sales. It was really cool because I was really into the Law of Attraction, not that many other people in my department knew what that was or a couple of people did, but it was like I was able to use the sales commission job as a playground for me, learning how to achieve goals and how to use the Law of Attraction.

That was my playground. I did that for years because I knew about the Law of Attraction back in. I've known about it for a while and things since like 2008 or nine when my mom made me watch the movie the secret and it planted a seed, but I wasn't like that intuit or anything. I just kind of did my younger stuff, you know, it was my 18 to 20 something as just wanting to have fun and wasn't really focused on creating my own reality.

But then I started meditating and that was in 2012, 13 when I was working at Nordstrom's. And that's when I started becoming aware of how my thoughts created my experience. And from that moment on, I started probably like 2011 is when I started using it at that job and then 2012 I left and that's when I started going through that spiritual awakening, but I became more aware of how my thoughts correlated with my experience and I was like, okay, I'm going to set my intentions and I started getting different results.

I'm going to increase my state of being. It started getting different results and things just started happening easier and easier and I've learned so much and I want to share with some of that what I've learned with you today with that have intention especially because the intention is like the most powerful tool that you can use for architecting your own reality. Because intention increases the probability.

They give it like there's an infinite number of potentiality that exists and into an infinite number of possibilities. But what makes something more probable is whether you set the intention for it or not. If you set the intention, you increased the probability that happening. If you set no intention that there is no energy movement, there is no vision to move towards, it just is simply there. If I went into work every day and just kind of moped around, kind of walked around, you know, not really having an intention not to help that many people just kind of like wanted the coast.

Then I'd get a certain type of results. Those people that were coasting like that normally had troubles making their numbers. You know, as a sales commission job you had to like make your numbers and stuff. He had to sell a certain amount and it was hard not to make your numbers, but some people struggled with it because they were more so just kind of lugging around. 

And if you don't have intentions, that's the first step. If you find that you don't feel empowered, it might just be because you're not sending more intentions. You're not sending enough intention, set intentions. I promise you, you set intentions. Your life will begin to change in a powerful way because you will be moving the energy in a certain direction. I’d say that's one of the first things I learned.

If you simply set your intentions, then things will begin to change in a powerful way.

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If you simply set your intentions, then things will begin to change in a powerful way. I use that now. I set intentions. I set intentions for videos as I want. I intend to feel really good when I make a video because I know that other people will also feel that goodness off of me.

They'll feel that contagious energy. I intend to for that. I'll set intentions to go to the gym and have a great workout. I set intentions to enjoy the food that I eat today and to eat healthy food and make healthy choices. I set the intention to enjoy filming and editing and doing all that what I'm doing today to be productive as that intention to relax and have fun.

You can even say you can even set an intention to enjoy yourself while you watch a TV show. Sometimes I'll watch the show shark tank or something. And when I watched that show, so the attention just to enjoy and to let go and I'm just aware, I'm aware of these things.

For example, I don't just most people, what do they do when they watch TV? They might just put whatever on that might be watching some repo show where they like them. It's like a reality show where they repossessed people's cars and stuff and you see people screaming and stuff like that at other people and it's like fighting and stuff.

Why? Why do people watch that? That's what I wanted to like that. All that does is, is allow people to see more and more in a linkup with more and more of the vibration of that kind of conflict. And then they'll see more and more of that in their life and it's because a lot of times people that watched that, their thoughts are drifting, their thoughts aren't going in a certain direction and the keys to be aware that whatever you consume you are becoming the vibration of.

I'm watching shark tank but I'm doing it with the intention of having fun or detention of enjoying myself and letting go because I spent so much of my time, you know, doing other things. And also, it's entrepreneurs and people that I'm an entrepreneur, you know, so I can relate to it. You got these, you know, five very successful people that are like the sharks or whatever and I resonate and I like to learn about it.

I liked to. I felt like I learned a little bit about, not that it's exactly how business works by the way, when you see this whole percentage and stuff like that, but maybe some of it is true, but in general I just liked seeing the story of different people's companies and how they overcame things and how they're there now and how they're successful and all these things I like to enjoy.

I like to enjoy that. By consuming that and by being aware of it, it's like attention moves in a very powerful way. Set intentions with everything you do doesn't mean you're constantly staying in touch with everything. I do the keys and then I turned it down and put it under.

You don't have to go that deep, but just in general such, as set more intentions is I tend to have a safe drive to the gym. I intend to enjoy it and tend to go to the gym, have a great workout, but you have to be like, I tend to go to the gym and do this much. That’s the other thing is how does it feel? Because emotion is another part of this. Think of it like this. I posted a quote on Instagram the other day or yesterday.

It was about Tesla and Einstein's. It's very similar things about vibration. Tesla said that if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, look first to vibration, something like that and does that verbatim, but look to vibration because vibration is the secret to the universe. Einstein said that if you want it said that if you match the frequency to the reality that you want to experience, you will have that reality. It can be no other way. This is physics, so he says something like that. Once again, not exactly, but it just shows that these two brilliant minds at both said that it's about vibrational frequency.

What makes up your vibration? What makes up your vibration is how you think, how you feel and how you act. That was also funny enough. Make up your personality and remember your personality creates your personal reality. That's a quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza, who also is like Aquinas. He studies quantum physics and neuroscience and stuff like that, so knowing that it's like that's what our reality is.

Our reality is a combination of what we think, how we feel and how we act. What was I thinking when I used to work at a Barney's New York or Nordstrom's will if I wasn't setting an intention that I'd experienced a reality that was equal to that too, where it's just me moping around by set intention. I would feel a certain way.

However, I learned that it's also important the energy underneath the intention that you set, so it'd be aware that if I set certain intentions and it was only to benefit me, like for example, if I went into work, it's like I want to make money because I want to have better paycheck so I'm going to help these customers and how can these customers help me make more of my paycheck?

Then it would only get a certain type of result, but if I had the intention of adding value to other people, which means I had an expansive energy, then things would happen very powerfully. I noticed that if I went in with the intention of having fun and just enjoying myself, it would have a much better reaction about it. Much better response and it's almost like because it's a win-win for everyone involved, it would just happen even easier.

But also, I'm tying in my energy state because it feels better to give than it does to take. As I'm getting into that state of being magical, things are happening. The best days I've ever had working in the days I made the most money with the days I had the most expansive energy.

Part of that expense of energy has to do with how I felt and if I realize that too, when I was working these sales, you know the sales commission job, so women's shoes that if I would just focus on having fun, I would get people into an emotional state and emotional state of feeling good and in the emotional state they're more willing to buy anyway, so it's a win-win all the way around.

They feel better. I had the intention of helping them and because of that also they are getting and I'm adding value to them and by me adding value to them in exchange they're like, okay, I'm going to buy this. It's an emotional thing now. In the same way, I noticed that with my YouTube videos, if I make a YouTube video because my intention is for me to have more views and more subscribers, then it won't.

It won't do as well and you can feel the energy and any that video doesn't. Isn't as a peer, however, if I set the intention that I want to add as much value as I can to people that are listening, it's an expansive energy that people can feel and those are the videos that tend to do very well. The videos I intend to just give and that is power.

The power is and knowing that we're all connected. When you add value to other people, you're adding value to other aspects of yourself, but when you make things a win-win, that's where everything begins to change in a powerful way. That’s what I began to do. I do that in so many different areas of my life and I've just aware of how do I feel about what I'm doing?

Do I feel like it's burning me out? Because if so maybe I'll take a step back. I'm learning about that now because I just put out so much. I mean, I do daily YouTube videos. I do daily Instagram posts. I do podcast episodes, I do business stuff. I have courses and coaching groups

I don't want to feel like I have to really work at doing it. I don't want it to consume me. I don't want my business to consume me to where I'm like an employee for my business. I want to enjoy it and have the deliberate ability to do what I want and to add value and increase my state.

But also to add values people so many people as possible, so you see all these energy dynamics go into the architect and our own reality and tension. I intend blank set more intention to your life will begin to change, but then add to it a vibration of the state of being. How do you prefer to feel? You can give yourself permission to feel anyway that you want with your awareness that the emotion exists within you.

Set your intentions and also feel the emotions you want by focusing on the present moment on how you already have those things. Wherever your focus goes, so where the energy goes, why don't you focus on expands, set the intention that you feel more of whatever you want to experience. If for example, you want more money, what does money mean to you?

Freedom, security, feel more of it. How do you do that? Focus on things in your life that you already have or if you have it, you probably have a place that you live in a shelter house or an apartment or something or you live with other people. Whatever it is, you have a shelter so you have some level of security. Maybe you can go out right now and buy a cup of coffee.

If you want it to a cup of tea, be grateful that you could do that. You focus on that. You'll feel more of that. You start to get into the vibrational resonance of it, but then eventually realize you don't need these external benchmarks to feel happy. You feel happy just because you choose to.

Happiness can be a choice and that ingredient in of itself is very powerful and when you do things because it just increases your energy, state comes a win, win all the way around because then people could feel that off of you, so think of it in terms of energy, thinking of in terms of vibration. That's how you create the reality that you want.

Think of it also in terms of the kind of like we're baking or baking a cake, dairy free cake so we can digest well. It's not something that takes a lot for us to digest something that's is delicious and when you're making this cake, there are different ingredients that go into this cake and in the same way imagine you are manifesting reality.

There are different ingredients that go into this reality. One is the vibration. When is the action that you're taking? I know some people don't like it when I say this, but action is a part of vibration. Maybe some people will take more action than others. Maybe it depends on their belief systems. I'm not telling you how it has to work, but what I am saying is this, to be aware of what you're doing.

You know, I like taking action. I love what I do. I love making videos, therefore I do that. But be aware of what that means for you because maybe act as a part of it, you could think all of you want about being a yoga teacher and owning your own yoga studio, but unless you ever do yoga, if you never do yoga, that's probably not going to happen.

You can think about it and feel the emotion of it, but if you actually do it because you love yoga, then it's a different scenario, so be aware of the different ingredients that go into your manifestation. They go into your cake. What I realized for me is that there are different ingredients. I thought about this last night because I have a couple books on their old school marketing books. Paid 100 bucks for this one book because his book's out of print.

It's a book from a long time ago and it's on copywriting. Understanding I'm old school marketing understandings of how marketing works now. That's one of the ingredients to what I do because if I can reach more people, they're going to add value to more people. You know, some of my videos, you'll see my thumbnails. I'm good at. I know how to market. It's about the message and if I can get the message out to more people because I know marketing, then more people are going to awaken and more of the planet.

It's going to help all the way around, so that's what I focus on, but in order to do that, I've learned marketing. I learned how to market, not from necessarily like stuff I learned in college. I learned it from trying to do trial and error. I learned it from making daily YouTube videos for two for almost a year and a half now and making hundreds and hundreds of videos.

I've learned how to market, but I also study other marketing, all stuff like that because that's one of the ingredients. Well, it could be another ingredient can be speaking me, learning how to have the right tonality so that when I say certain things you feel a certain emotion, but when I slow things down, you might have a different emotional response to it, so maybe part of this is me learning how to speak.

I'm making videos and exotic places. These are all things that I'm going to be doing. I'm doing right now, but these are all the ingredients and what would make up me being able to have that ingredient, you know, to do that. Well maybe I have to hire people to help run parts of my business and I do. I have three virtual assistants that help me with customer service and stuff like that, editing for one of them for some of my Instagram videos and stuff.

There are people in certain ways that I'm leveraging all this, but what are the ingredients that go into the reality I want to now, even back in the day before, maybe you're like, okay, well now that you own a business, you have the ability to do that. Well, even back in the day I was doing that when I was working at Barneys New York selling women's shoes, what ingredients do I have?

Do I need to develop in order to go full time while I need to start making daily YouTube videos, I need to have the ability to have that kind of consistency because that's what I felt like I needed to do? I needed to learn. That's when I started to learn the marketing stuff that I'm sharing with you. A learning how to do website design. I throw that ingredient there. I had to learn how to edit videos. I had to throw that in there.

I didn't know how to edit videos. I started at zero with all of this. I did not edit videos and know how to run a business, didn't know how to make money on online digitally. I didn't know how to do any of this, but I learned it all because I was like, okay, well I have to learn all of it. Honestly, I mean there's a lot of people in the spiritual needs that don't necessarily learn this kind of stuff because it's more about being spiritual, but understand that the more that I know, the more that I can grow and the more value I can add two more people.

In a way, I just knew that I have to do this for myself so that I. it's part of my vision. I had to learn how to make a website or to have someone make my website. I had to learn how to do and make an email list. Many people in the spiritual community that make YouTube videos and they have huge.

Some of them have hundreds and hundreds of millions of subscribers. Don't even have an email list. An email list is like the most you might be on my email list. I send out almost daily emails out to people and my emails help people to move through certain things that add value to my emails, but that's my relationship with people, so in the same way, when we're more aware of the different energy states, when we're more aware of the ingredients that go into our manifestation, we then see that we can change our lives in a powerful way because we know the ingredients that go in there.

If you don't know how to bake a cake, you don't have the ingredients and know what to do then if you're not going to get very far, but if you. If you know what goes into it, if you put your energy state intuit, if you understand the different vibrational aspects of it, that's when everything begins to change. Maybe try to find some ways and closing this episode out.

Try to find some ways that you can put different ingredients into your manifestation. Maybe some of those ingredients include you learning certain skills, learning how to do website design, maybe learning marketing, maybe learning what it takes to go full time doing what you love. Maybe you're already doing what you love, full time, what it takes for you to get to the actual dream reality, the vision you want to move towards. Set the intention that you set your intentions.

Paradox inception is set the intention to set more intentions and watch how your life begins to change, and as you start to do this, your energy will start to move in that direction. You will increase the probability of certain things happening, pay more attention to your state of being and the direction than anything else. Intention plus emotion is the key to you.

Experiencing what you want and if you start to move in that direction of that vision because you're setting the intention, you'll find that your life begins to change in a powerful way. Remember, when you have this intention of adding value, of expansion, energy, things will also help you happen in that powerful way as well. These are things that I find to be very powerful than things that I think and transform your life and the things that transformed my life.


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