#13: How to Manifest from Source Energy

Welcome back to another episode. What you're going to learn is how to become a sorcerer, a source, or a source of energy so that you can manifest whatever you want. I read that there was a quote from Carlos Castaneda, I should have written it down, but it was in the book, power of intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer and he quoted that quote from Carlos Castaneda and it had to do with understanding that we are all sorcerers, where we create our life from source energy.

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Source energy is unconditional love and bliss. It's a higher vibrational state of consciousness that we all naturally are and we could go as far as to say is that our life is in a way a dream. Sometimes we maybe even dreaming that we are separated from it, but in court of course we aren't, but it's about being aware that we can manifest from this source energy that when we do amazing things begin to happen.

We find that when we create from source energy, it's a such a higher vibrational state. The things just happen easier that when we're in this high vibe state, it's like things come to us. It's like we're in the right place at the right time. It's like we connect to the people we need to connect to.

Magical things happen when we connect to the source energy.

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Magical things happen when we're connected to the source energy and of course the paradox is that we're always really connected to it. 

Let go of things that don't serve and start to embody more of who you naturally are. 

In order for us to feel disconnected from anything, we'd have to first off be connected because otherwise we wouldn't have a reference experience to know that we are disconnected, if that makes sense.

It's like we're always at some level connected. It's just how much of it are we letting in now. Even a lot of what I do on my YouTube channel, to be honest with you, it is. It is not necessarily Aaron that is doing it. That may sound kind of like. What do you mean by that?

Well, what I mean by that is when I connect to this larger field of energy, when I connect to this flow state that I get into, when I make videos, I get into such a flow state that there really is no ego me. It's almost like my ego kind of goes to sleep. I'll still use my ego. Of course. Understand there's always these two main aspects of us. There is the ego, us that reacts to everything. There's the ego that's identified with being someone.

There's the ego that always wants more, that ego, that wants to have. That's the ego. That's the little thing of that. Like the little eat, the little me, whatever you want to call it, the little version of us and there's a larger aspect version of us which I like to call the higher self just because it gives us, you know, it's like the higher self of us.

It's like the higher vibrational self of us, whatever name we want to give it, but then there's this higher-self version of us and when we're doing what we love, we are in a higher vibrational state of consciousness. This higher vibrational state of consciousness is being connected and merging with our higher self. One of the reasons that I love making YouTube videos so much is because when I do it, I get into this flow state.

I'm in it right now. Even now or they speak to you like I'm still using my ego to talk to you because what will happen is I'm going to tell stories and stuff. I'm going to talk about my own life experiences and when I do that I pull experiences from the ego's perspective, from the ways I identify myself. But at the same time, it's almost like I allow more of that energy to flow through me.

It's like the valves are kind of open to. There's no kinks in the hose and anytime we feel resistance or our ego gets triggered with something in a way we close in ourselves, we're still connected to our higher self. What we do is we kind of close in that hose a little bit and it's a little bit more constricted, a little bit more resistance. One of the main purposes of manifesting or the keys to manifesting from source energy is to let go of resistance.

When we let go of resistance, we allow more of who we really are in now. There is a book I'm reading right now and I just actually got done making a meditation. It's a meditation that I made. I've decided on my YouTube channel as well. Just so you know, just to keep you informed is I did a lot of meditations a while ago and I was real consistent with it.

And then I kind of stopped. But now I'm getting back into it again and I'm going to be doing more meditations because my, my vision is like my dream or vision or a goal or wherever you want to call it is. I want meditation to be something that people can actively do, not necessarily just a meditation that people like do and go to sleep, but like a meditation people can practically do that helps to wire in ideas so you let me know what you think of this idea, but I want to in a way merge education with meditation and I want to just.

I'm going to be doing a lot more of them, but like, so what I did today for example, is I made this meditation. If you've ever heard of the book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Wayne dyers and amazing motivational speaker and he was an amazing teacher. He passed away like four or five years ago or less, I don't know. Time goes by so fast, uh, amazing guy though, amazing teacher in every way.

And he had a book that was called the power of intention, which is a very good book. And he talks about intention and how intention is a spiritual energy and tension comes from our higher self, from the higher vibrational state of us from source energy. And that's kind of what inspired this episode I'm doing right now.

And what I did today, for example, is I made a meditation that was the power of intention guided meditation, which is inspired by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and what I did is I kind of summarized the book in the beginning in a very, like, in like a five, six-minute period.

And then I go into a guided meditation that wires in the idea and allows us to integrate into experience the teachings of the book so that it's not just an intellectual idea, it's something that we actually are able to be impacted by and it becomes more of an emotional way to learn. You let me know what you think of this. I recently did a meditation on the book. The feeling is the secret by Neville Goddard, which is also an amazing book. And in it, I just, I give the teachings that principles of it and I wire that I help people.

Why are that in into a daily practice that people can listen to every day as they're going to bed when and waking up in the morning. And that was a meditation I got amazing feedback from. I'm like, okay, maybe I want to, I want to make education, I want to just, I want to help people to make things more of an experience. I want learning and I want self-help to be an experience, not just an intellectual idea.

That's something that I'm going to be doing more of. And you let me know what you think of that. But what I'll do is I'll link to Dr. Wayne Dyer Meditation. It's, it's me leading the meditation by the way. But what I did is I just connected to the. I read the book a lot, like for an hour the night before. And I've read the book before by the way, but what I did is I read the book and then I, I absorbed the information and the main central teaching.

That this morning when I got up to make the meditation, it was just very fresh and it was something I felt like people could really connect to. The, so the, the main premise of the book, by the way, like I was mentioning earlier, it's that we are all source energy. We're all connected to it. And when we raise our vibration, what we do is we create from a much higher paradigm. And that intention is actually a spiritual energy that exists within all things.

Everything has intention. If you think about it, a flower as intention to grow. Maybe trees have an intention to release the into really be. It's really about being. It's not, you know, like a tree doesn't intend to become like a treat as intend to become like a, um, a flower. A tree doesn't intend to become like, you know, some type of other type of plant.

It doesn't desire to become like a cloud. A tree just is. And it's been in living the intention and the same way sometimes what we do is we get caught up in the ego's desires. We get caught up in the ego's manifestations and we try to intend to be something that we're not.

We're like, well, myself images right now that I can only make $50 a year and I want to make 100 k years, so I'm going to see myself as making 100 k a year, but what I found to be even a higher paradigm, because that can work from a certain perspective. We might create resistance. It can work, and we do have to let go of our 50 k a year mentality, but really what it is, it's about being authentically who we are and it's about more so being in this higher vibrational state of consciousness.

It's about being an existing from this source energy which means existing from our heart space. That's something I wanted to talk about as well because about six months ago I started to learn more about the electromagnetic of the heart. I watched that or I listened to that of the heart math institute and listened to and researched the.

The proof that there's the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head, and when I came to understand this, it made me really understand and really feel that I've been going about it in a less efficient way. I was so focused on the head creating from the head, but what I realized is that the more I and the reason you'll hear in all my meditation is in the beginning of all my meditations.

We put our hands over our heart and we connect to our heart space because in the heart space and when we connect to our heart, we immediately increased the energetic field around our body, the electromagnetic energy, and we start to admit a more powerful vibration.

The key to this is really knowing and tapping into our heart center. Even right now, as you listen to us fuel inside of your heart center, put your, put your hands over your heart, and you can feel the electromagnetic energy inside of your heart. You can feel the warmth from your hands. Even right now.

You probably feel a little bit increase in tingling sensation, some type of sensation in your heart. Even doing this for just a minute or two a day, you increase the electromagnetic energy in your heart and you begin to feel more connected, and when you come from this connection first, before you set your intentions, things happen very magically because you're connected to that source energy.

The truth is you're always connected to source energy, but the more you do that prior to what you do, the more you'll find that things happen for you, that you're aligned with your heart. You know, I was kind of going about things a little bit more resistant. A long time for on the YouTube channel is like, oh, you know, fake it till you become it.

You know, not fake it till you make of a fake it till you become it, but like developed this new self-image and see yourself this, but that. A lot of that was being created from the ego's perspective. It's like what? What does the ego want? But when we tap into the heart center, we tap into the source energy of our soul and we create from a higher level.

Sometimes you might hear me say, it was like, well, are you telling me not to go for my ego desires? You're saying I can't have that nice house or that the wife for her husband. Are you saying I can't have any of those things?

No, I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying that when you get to the core vibration of your heart center, those things many times will manifest anyways, but it's about first off, coming from the source energy, the energy inside of the heart, and then going forward the intentions, but first off, having the intentions be connected to the good of all. Have any intentions to be a very spiritual type practice. You know, I view a lot of what I do on my YouTube channel as I like to merge worlds.

In a way, I kind of picture myself as somebody that merges the science with the esoteric that merges that of the Law of Attraction with this spiritual connection is spiritual awakening and really making this one concept one way of being that we can live from and when we begin to be ourselves, we can do beef from this source energy be from our heart center.

We find that all everything else begins to fall into place naturally. But if we go for the side effects, if we go for the ego desires, it's like we're not treating the cause. I've shared this analogy many times before, but it's kind of. It's so powerful for understanding. It's like going to a doctor and getting a pharmaceutical drug and then having to go back to treat the symptoms of the side effects of that pharmaceutical drug and it's never ending cycle.

But if you just go straight from the source, instead go straight to the source. Literally. And what you do is you go for the connection to your heart. You go for the emotion. You may find out that the reason you want that relationship is because you just want more love inside of your heart, but that it exists within you right now. You may find that if you want more money, you just really want to feel more free to be who you are, but if you just feel that now and you connect to that heart center, now those things happen.

Anyways, so I guess what I'm saying is this energy all exists within you now and the more that you connect to it is the more that that will then become something that is of your reality. There's a couple things I want to share with this, with, for my own life. And that is when I began to. One of the major changes in my life was when I chose that I was going to make daily videos.

And the reason being is because I started at the beginning. It wasn't as powerful in the heart. It's not like right in the very first day I made the video, I was like, oh, I feel this flow state more so than ever before. I'm going to make videos every day no matter what. It was more so I just had this intuitive knowing that my purpose in life was to share this message, just share these messages in some form and for me it seemed to video and I always wanted to be a speaker, so I was like, okay, I'm going to start making videos.

I started making videos and the more I did it, the more I started to tap into my flow state, but it came from practice because I had to learn how to let go of my ego. There were certain videos I would watch and I could tell how much of my ego was in it and the more I allowed in of this energy, the more I allowed in more of my higher self or whatever we want to call it.

The more that it became easy and effortless and some people look at me and I do get, I guess other YouTubers that are like friends of mine that reach out to like Aaron. I don't know how you make daily videos. I don't know how you come up with a new idea every single day. How do you do it? And there was one guy in particular that's a good friend of mine and I told them, I said, I kind of was like, he was kind of frustrated because he was trying to grow his YouTube channel and what I did is I explained to him and I said, “When I make videos there is no me.”

What I mean by that is my ego gets out of the way. I just allow in something that's beyond me. I allow in something that want a message that wants to flow through me and this energy, this flow. It's almost like you know that, that there is a flute.

For example, you were here, the beautiful music of a flute. It's not the flute that is making the noise. The flute is the instrument. There is a source energy that is flowing through the flutes that is flowing through the person that is playing the flute and that energy that flows through is what's really doing it in the same way I am like that flute. I am allowing the energy to flow through me for a message that wants to come through and as I get into that state, I don't really have to do that much.

In fact, the less I do, the better. As paradoxical as it seems, but there really is no mean. You'll find anytime you get into a major flow state, there really is no you. There is no little ego is what I mean. There's more of just a higher self. When you see some of these athletes do amazing things, a lot of times they get beyond themselves.

I've seen this before too, when I watched someone. I remember there was this one person that was in this cross fit game and in his cross fit games, she won this event and the reason that you could tell that side of herself, she saw herself as a winner and they do these crazy workouts. By the way, I mean they got to do all these different obstacle courses.

They going to lift all these weights and do all these crazy things that I've done cross fit workouts before. They were very intense. You're just drained and they just keep. They do. I'm like 17 over the course of a week, you know, it's an insane doors. This one girl though, and this documentary I watched on Netflix, I think it was called, um, what was it called?

It's called the fittest on earth or something like that. And there was this girl that her, her grandma recently passed away and she loved, loved her grandma's so much and she passed away within like the last year of her good doing this competition. And she did this. She did her whole competition and dedicated her competition to our grandma. She just kept thinking about our grandma and how she wanted to make her grandmother proud.

And in the documentary, you feel really connected to her. You feel like you can really feel her passion and it's mainly because she, she has this intention of, uh, in a way doing something that is greater than herself.

She has an intention of doing something for someone else, even if it's a spiritual type thing, and she taps into that flow state. She taps into that spiritual energy that exists within her and even though she may not consciously know it, she's tapping into that and all the sudden she does something amazing. She, she gets out of the head and gets into this been state because her why is much more powerful her why.

That's where all the powers, the powers and why we do what we do. You know I. The reason I do what I do is because I want to add as much value to other people because I believe that we're all unconsciousness and that when I help other people, I'm helping other aspects of myself. In a way, I'm being selfish. I'm selfish because I understand that we're all one consciousness and the mortar that I help you.

The more that I helped another aspect of me and it's not that I'm doing it because, oh, the, what did you put out is what you get back. If I do something good for you, then I'm going to get something out of it. It's literally at a deeper level of consciousness. We're all connected.

It's like you look at the fingers on your hand and we're all individual fingers that are connected to the same hand, so if it's like, if I can help and kind of help the other finger out, then it's going to help the larger consciousness of who we are out. That's the way I view it, but it's also just knowing that that's that beingness, that that's natural for me because I'm connected to us or synergy.

That intention that Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about, we're all connected to the spiritual intention and when we have a strong why for what we do, that's when we start to connect to it. There was another guy he played for the Celtics or plays for the Celtics. I don't remember his name. I haven't watched basketball as much as I used to, but it's like a year or two ago, he was in playoffs, I think it was last year. And his, uh, his mom or someone passed away.

No, like or is like a couple people pass away and his family is like two or three people in his family got in a car wreck and died and it was right at playoffs and he's very emotional. He's one of the best players on the Celtics and people didn't know how he was going to play for playoffs because it's like, oh, this dramatic traumatic thing happened. How is he going to be able to even be focused, you know, but he got outside of himself and he went in and he like won these.

He won, got real far with this whole in the whole playoff series. And eventually he didn't get, they didn't get to the end, but they won like against a team that they didn't think they were going to be and they just did amazing things and it was like he was getting beyond himself. You know, when you get beyond yourself and you have a strong why for what you're doing.

He was probably doing it for his family. You know, he wasn't doing it just for himself. And because of that, it's almost like he tapped you to a larger source of energy. But I guess the purpose behind this episode is for you to know that you are source energy, that all of us are simply dreaming. That this is who we are, the ego is who we are. And the only time that we really feel disconnected from the source energy is when we identify with the ego.

When we identify with these aspects of us and we identify with what we have, we identify with, um, controlling different situations. When we identified that's when we lower our vibration. And the key is knowing that we are naturally that high vibrational energy and it's not so much about piling on a new idea. It's about just naturally allowing more of us in by letting go of control.

What if you could let go of control? And what if by letting go of control, you allow it in so much more, what have you let go of needing to know everything, of needing the certainty. Because sometimes in the uncertainty is where the magic happens and you could simply trust the process more. You know, a lot of manifestation is about our level of vibration and we increase our vibration by one saying no to things that maybe don't serve us anymore.

Maybe this is a note of television shows that don't serve. Notice food that weighs you down. That takes a lot of energy to digest, low vibrational people that you're around. Maybe you just are around them less. You choose to be around more positive people around just be alone and he started to really go within and you started to connect your heart center. The other way is through the heart center.

Connect to your heart more just a couple minutes a day. Put your hands over your heart. You'll find that you increase the electromagnetic energy of your body and you'll find that from doing that, things began to change in your life in a powerful way. I've been bringing this heart energy into my body and into my manifestations more than ever before and it's amazing the things that have happened.

Literally, I'm having people reach out to me, people that I used to look up to and I still do look up to as amazing public speakers, entrepreneurs, people that I've watched for years on YouTube and they're reaching out to me because they watch my videos and they want to connect with me and I'm just like, wow, you know, I think it's, I'm so connected to who I am and I'm so connected to my purpose, my vision for the future of how I want to add value to people.

I think it's picking up with other people as well. And the reason I say this is because the source energy exists within you. It sounds something you have to seek. You know, there's a book, the alchemist and in the whole book it's like he's looking for something is going on this journey of self-discovery and he's looking at his journey for finding things and it leads them all the way back to understand that the whole time the energy was within. It all exists within the source.

Energy is already within you and the way you tap into it is by raising your vibration. The rate, the way that you raise your vibration is by letting go. It's by connecting to your heart, connecting to why you do what you do, and the more you connect to why you do what you do in, the more you realize that you are naturally this high vibrational state of consciousness.

You're just dreaming of this ego. You're just dreaming that you're this little version of you. You're really so much more than you can imagine. When you start to observe the ego, which means you observe the thoughts, you observe what you are thinking, that then you're able to let it go, and when you let it go, amazing things happen.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can move from the thinking and the doing. You can move into connecting to your heart center and by just knowing that there's this larger stream of energy, the source energy and that you at a deeper level are a sorcerer, a source or a magical source are connected to the source energy. That is what I recommend for you is to connect to the source energy.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.