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STOP Chasing Money, Relationships and Success and instead do this (they will chase you)


I'm going to show you how to have money, relationships, and success chase you. What I share in this video is the key to transformation, and it's the key to creating what you want from a higher level of consciousness.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how you can stop chasing it and how it can start to chase you. This has been one of probably the most profound realizations that I've had since I've been on this journey of understanding metaphysics or how our thoughts create our reality.

Thinking about something consistently, even when you look at a lot of what you learned in the movie, the secret, for example, it's about focusing. It's about wanting. It's about desire. But as you may have seen me share before on the level of consciousness, I'll go ahead and put the chart right here. The level of consciousness you see, desire resonates at 125 desires doesn't resonate at that high level of consciousness.

That's because when you desire something, you are energetically also saying that you don't currently have it. A desire is also many times tied to that of a longing, a longing for something. When we look at these different levels of consciousness, we can see that eventually, you see desire, then you'll see willingness. Willingness is the willpower.

You don't feel very powerful if you don't have the discipline or you can't set intentions on what you want or focus on what you want and that many times will move people in a certain direction. It is very powerful. Willpower can be very powerful. But when it comes to this understanding, I remember I was with someone at work once, and she was telling me she was, we were talking about somebody else that worked there. And we realized that the more he chased her, the more she ran away.

Does that make sense? The more somebody wants someone else, the more someone else can feel that energy, they then go further away. And it's because of the energy resonance is because they can feel that neediness from that person. Therefore, they're running. They're chasing them. But if they're chasing them, it means that the other person's running away. You see this as a two-way thing when it comes to that of relationships, success, and money.

When it wants to come to you, it wants to come to you. But it's running away because the energy field that you have says I really, really want you. And then you look crazy and like you, you just really, really need it. And of course, that off puts it in general. The key is understanding that when you really want you vibrationally say, I really don't currently have. Then there's this desperate resistance to it because right now in the present moment it's not good enough.

It's not good enough because in the future when you have that thing when you have that relationship when you have that money when you have that success, then you can feel happy. Your energy fields in the present moment carry with it a sense of lack. But if you were in to feel instead of the abundance that you have right now. And you were to feel the emotions instead that you'd want to experience right now, eventually those things because of vibrational resonance can make them appear. They can literally become visible to you.

I remember hearing this from Bashar once; he said the process of manifestation is not about bringing something over there to indie here. It's about making what is currently invisible, visible because everything exists here and now. Therefore, it's not so much about us trying to get anything as much. It's about us getting into a certain state, getting to a certain level of consciousness. One thing I always recommend people to do is not to focus on the success or the money, focus on raising your level of consciousness.

If you were to, I remember looking at the research of the levels of consciousness and what Dr. David Hawkins was saying with that chart that I share. The higher up you go, the less unemployment you could say there is. It's like a four or 500 level of consciousness. It's like 0.01 is unemployed at like a 200 level of consciousness. You've got like 30 to 40% of people unemployed — something like that. I don't know. I don't remember the exact numbers from the book, but that's the idea. The higher up you go, the more useful, the more value you add, and it's like those things just come to UV of resonance.

Even when you look at these gurus in India, these enlightened people, they still have a lot of people that will show up just to literally hear him speak and then again, they don't even need, you know, I'm using the analogy of a job, but that's not the end all be all. You could be an entrepreneur or whatever. I'm just using that as an example to show the degree of value because money and success come via value.

It's a reflection of the value you can provide in the marketplace, whether that you're in the market of sharing information as I do online, whether you're in the market of doing some type of service or some type of a product that you're supplying to people, whatever it is, the degree of the value you provide is that degree of money and abundance that comes back to you. But see, most people go about it the wrong way.

They focus on the money without focusing on the value first. When it comes to chasing money, chasing success, chasing relationships, understand that the way you view those things is what's causing the resistance. Let me use this as an example right here. Look at these thoughts. We think that our thoughts are not things; our thoughts are literally things. They're just invisible to our ice spectrum. When you have this energy field around you, and you thought that you really want someone to treat you a certain way, you want to be in a relationship with someone that wants is also resistance.

Thinking about like this, blocking your energy field, and then you go around chasing this person over here, but they can feel this energy block. And then when they think of you, they feel that within you, even if it's at subconscious levels and also you seven, this resistance that you really, really want. This is really, really emphasizing that you're really, really not currently okay. That right now isn't good enough. But when you get this person, then you can be happy, when you get this bout of money, oh my goodness.

Then you can finally be happy. But it's externalizing your own power. You see, transformation is being aware that none of these things will even make you happy. It's just that you're using them as benchmarks to then eventually say, now I can be happy. I have the money. I have a relationship. Now, I have the success, but let me tell you from experience when you attain these numbers, these games, these things that you think are going to make you feel blissful forever, you'll find very shortly that the ego steps in and says, well, what about the next barrier?

What about this? Okay, I've made this amount of money, but what about the next level? You'll always be projecting yourselves to the next level. That's what the mind and the ego do because we grow up believing that this is who we are as the ego. You see, the key to this is the transformation of consciousness because then you start to become aware that you are already holding complete and by you healing and understanding why you have such a burning desire.

Do you ever hear that? I remember reading that in the in a that of think and grow rich. You must have a burning desire to be successful. Well in a way that is very powerful because when you have a burning desire, you're normally then willing to take a lot of action and then in action you become more in the beans states and then in the bean state, things began to happen. The action causes the domino effect for things to happen. A white-hot willingness will then lead to an extreme amount of discipline.

People that are enlightened are just being people that are in a flow state or just being when I make these video; I'm just being, I'm not doing a video. I am just being, and in this flow, the state comes this information, and we all have a flow state. We all have something like this that we can tap into. Maybe it's videos for you; maybe it's art, maybe it's you with managerial skills. Maybe it's g, we all have a version of that.

Can I have the money? Can I have this and by saying can I have it means you don't currently have, which means you have this resistance inside your energy field which means you're not currently good enough already. That's why you have to chase these things because there's resistance in your energy field. What if you just allowed yourself to be under the realization that you are already good enough? What if you did? That's what transformation is about. Transformation is about understanding that you are self-projecting.

Everything that you think is not good enough about you. You are having that self-fulfilling prophecy go out into the world, and you are getting more and more reflection of that. What if you are wanting a relationship with someone else was reflecting back to you, and you're chasing that person because you're not already tapped into your relationship with yourself. You see, because you can give yourself validation. You can give yourself a positive, loving relationship. You can give yourself all of these things heal inside your energy field and then understand that all reality is it's a reflection.

If you're chasing the relationship, if you're chasing money, if you're chasing success, it means you don't currently have it. There's something in the present moment that you are resisting and therefore, you continue to experience a reality that is equal to that level of resistance and that level of lack. But the key is getting into a state of consciousness of knowing that all of these things outside of you are just symbols and there are symbols of things and emotions that you can give yourself permission to feel right now and by you not chasing those things, those things were no longer be running away from you.

You see, that's the key that there is no outside. It's all reflection. Everything you experienced in your life is a reflection, and everything is reflecting back something to you. Even the things you don't want to think are this person is this way. There's no way that's reflecting anything back to me. They're mean to me. They're doing this to me, but you see, if you had better boundaries, maybe that person wouldn't be in your life. Sometimes something's coming to our life for us to say no.

If you have a relationship in your life with someone who's abusing you or someone's talking down to you, well guess what? You're not telling. You don't have to be in that, and if you believe you do, then it's just a belief that's keeping you there. The reason things appear to be running away from you is that you are desperately chasing them because you don't believe that you are good enough already. You believe you don't have a relationship. You believe you don't have the money. You believe you don't have this success.

Therefore, that resistance stays and therefore, because realities are a reflection of what we believe to be true, we continue to experience a reality where that is a lack. Instead, what you can begin to do is let go of the resistance. Let go of the rule in the mind that says, I will be happy when I find that relationship. I'll be happy when I have that kind of money. Focus instead on the energy. If you focus on the relationship with yourself, if you focus on the money that you want to get an incentive, the money you focus on, the value that you want to provide money, this abundance will come back to you.

It's a different focus. It's like every video I made, all I focused on was the YouTube subscribers that would come because of this video. And it's the same thing when it comes to energy dynamics between different people because your thoughts that you think are not things are actually, things are just invisible to your eyes spectrum. Instead of focusing on the lack, focus on the abundance, focused on the relationship you already have with yourself.

Focus on the relationship you have with family members. Focus the abundance that you already have in your life. Focus on the gratitude you have for the house you live in for the shelter you have for the Internet connection you have. If you're watching this video, the gratitude will put you in the vibration of it. You see the vibration of wanting something or the vibration of not having something because you wanted is very different from the vibration of having something instead of I really, really want, it's like I really, really already have because everything exists within me and I can give myself permission to feel positive emotion right now.

And if I was feeling positive emotion, then I'm in a higher vibration and then high, no higher vibration. People keep running from me, but don't they know that I'd really want them in my life? Think about how desperate that sounds. It's the same thing for money and success. Money may not have a distinct personality, but with money, with money, you want to come to you. If you are like, I really, really want you so bad.

If you want to be in relationship with someone, you're like, I just really, really would be happy if you'd be in a relationship with me. They are going to feel that desperation. They're going to run away just like money, money. We'll feel that off of you and just want to like not want anything to do with you. But it's not even that money has a personality where it says, I don't want anything to do with you. It's more so you're just resisting it because you're really, really want it.

And vibrationally you're saying, I really, really don't currently have it. The key is letting go of understanding that these are just symbols. Instead, get to the core of understanding within your own energy field. You could feel happy whole, complete. You're making a rule in your mind. These are just symbols, though. And the more you realize that, the more you start to take your power back. Stop chasing success. Because the more you chase it, the further away it is.

Vibrationally, instead, be in a high vibrational state. Be in a relationship with yourself. Be somebody that adds value. Be somebody that's living their purpose, and by being in that frequency, all of those things will come. Remember that the next time you really want something to remember Aaron sitting in front of you and saying, really, really?

People feel that this vibration right here is very different than what I did a second ago. She would, I mean, it's a different type of energy. With manifestation, stop chasing it. Start being it. Start being in the vibration. When it comes to this process, understand that being as the key being is the key. When we look at that of different things in our energy field, things will block us, though might be relationship issues that continue to experience them in your life. There might be certain money issues that express yourself in your head and your life because you haven't completed the past.

Telepathy: How to Send Telepathic Messages


I'm going to show you how to send telepathic messages, the truth on telepathy, and what you can do to communicate in this fifth dimensional way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth about telepathy and not just telepathy, but understanding more about the connection that we all have to each other. As time goes on, as the vibration on the planet continues to rise, there'll be more and more ability for us to connect to each other without using so many words. What I'm going to share with you comes a little bit from my own experience. It comes a little bit from Bashar.

Every single one of us is connected. And think of it like this, this the way that I use it. This is the way I think about it. Our energy fields go around us. Our energy fields also go far, far, far out beyond what we can imagine. When we are all rout other people, we are immersed in each other's energy fields. When it comes to connecting to other people telepathically, it's there within our energy field regardless. It's simply about transmitting whatever that message is.

I'm going to show you how to transmit those messages, how to transmit those telepathic messages. And let me start by saying that I first started playing around this with this when I went through my spiritual awakening. Back in 2012, I went to my spiritual awakening, and I remember my brother Alex and me, we were like, the reality is so different than what we think.

This is so cool. What we did is my brother and me, Alex, what we do is we would do this thing where we would look each other like deepen the eyes, and we would send ideas, we would send, we would send messages, like some type of a, we would test each other. What we would do is we would pick a number between one and a hundred and what we would do is I would look deep into his eyes, and I would imagine that number going from my eyes and my head.

And then I would practice it in different ways. Either it has gone from my head and then into his, or a feeling or a mental picture. And I would try different things to see what worked. And we played, we played around with this for awhile, but after a while of playing around with it, we got pretty good. I remember there was one time it was like, okay, we're like, okay, let's try it again. We tried it again and the number was 67 and we looked at it and we did it. It was just like 67 and we were like, really?

Oh my God, what are the chances? You know that as one in a hundred but one in between one and 167 I'm like, what does it mean? Because we also realize that our mom, she was born in 1967 so was it some meaning like I didn't think of that. The meaning of 67 when I saw it. Oh, our mom's birthday. She was born in 1967 we didn't think of it like that. It was more so just he was just the number that came, and then he just looked at me and he goes, 67 I was like, yes, that's what it is.

And then we kept doing it and we were right majority of the time. And then eventually, and then eventually you start to doubt it and it starts to go away. But there were many times that we did it and it actually worked in the chances are one in a hundred now. What did we learn to do though, is it has to do with the emotion? Bashar says it like this. Telepathy is an emotion. It's a feeling. If you want to send a telepathic message to someone, it's more so about embodying a certain emotion and then using that emotion to project it.

And then when that person thinks of you, they think of whatever you're also thinking of. If they match the frequency of you, you see this is the game changer would tell empathy. And it's what Bashar says; this is what resonates with me. When you send a telepathic message to someone, it is not so much that that person is picking up on your message and then, and then receiving it and then sending you back a message. It's, it's just that you are having the same thoughts at the same time.

It's like there are these different wavelengths and when you send a telepathic message, there's this wave lake that you're matching. And when you're thinking of someone else, if they matched that wavelength as well, you then have that message, that telepathic message, but it's simply a frequency. In the same way, one thing that happened with a, I went and saw Bashar about four or five months ago.

That was pretty cool. One of the questions that I asked Bashar, as I said, I talked to all archetypes. Archetypes are these collective unconscious energies that exist in our reality. We have the hero; we have the joker, we have all these different archetypes. And my question to him was how much power do these archetypes have over us? How much do they influence us? And what he said is a similar thing. He said that it's all frequency.

It's all frequency. We can choose to match, or we can choose not to match, but it all exists here, and now in the same way when it comes to sending a telepathic message, I'm going to share with you exactly how to do that in a second. But when it comes to the telepathic message, it's just frequency. We have the energetic fields we pick up on the frequency, and it's not so much that you are projecting out something as it is that you are emitting a certain frequency and when someone else thinks of you, they could feel that off of you.

Let's talk a little bit more about energy for another second because you'll understand what I mean by this. Many people that are going to want to send a telepathic message may want to send a certain emotion or send some, have some type of a motive with it. Here's the key though. When you send a telepathic message, how you feel is going to be what they feel, but what you don't want to do is you do not want to manipulate. You don't want to manipulate anyone. You don't want to send a telepathic message so that they call you.

What you want to do instead is you want to focus on yourself. You see if you really, really want someone to call you. When you think of them, and you imagine them calling you, you're trying to control them. You're trying to have them do something, and when you think of them, you're going to feel the resistance of them not calling you or them not giving you what, what are your needs are or whatever you want him to do.

And when they think of you, they are going to activate that resistance you feel about them. Do you see the emotion you feel about someone else? When you think about them, when they think about you, they are matching your frequency and then they will feel the same emotion that you feel. This is why sometimes people go, I really, really want that person to like me.

I really want that person to text me back. But they feel a longing or desire for that person to text them back. And because of that, what ends up happening is their project. When they think of that person that is projecting out that person not doing what they want, that they're projecting out that resistance and therefore that other person is going to feel their resistance. The key to this is simply making it more about you and your energetic field.

You communicating with yourself, you feeling the emotions you want to feel, you feeling up your own cup and when you fill up your own cup you can then project out and put out a frequency of love and other people can feel that off of you. When it comes to sending telepathic messages, understand you are picking up on frequencies all of the time. Other people are picking up on your frequency all the time and any time you think of anybody you are pookie and picking up and drawing it on their frequency.

For example, if you are thinking of some motivational guy, they get a lot of people. The reason a lot of people may like to watch Gary Vaynerchuk, Whoa, that was funny. I was just thinking of Gary Vaynerchuk, and I just had an, I remember that last night. I had a dream with him and his not weird. When people think of this kind of person, they're drawing upon to his energy or her energy. That's why a lot of people would like to meditate on some spiritual guru. They pick up on his spiritual energy. Even if he passed away, everything is frequency.

If you're thinking of Tony Robbins, then you're, you're taking it off, you know, whatever Tony Robbins is, um, and change your state or whatever it is you're picking up on that frequency, and you're most likely also part of that is the frequency of this state that he's in right now. You see Sinatra's his content in general, but the frequency states that he's in right now.

The key to this is understanding it's just frequency and that it's not you sending and projecting, it's you matching a certain frequency within yourself. Also understanding there really is no other, we're all connected. Then it becomes how do I communicate better with myself?

If you want to send a telepathic message to someone, what you do is you first get to your core, you get to a vibration inside of you of feeling inside of your heart center, and you make sure that you know, it's about the emotion. It's like you send the telepathic mental aspect of it and it comes like this, and then the emotion is what moves it towards that person. But instead of what you can begin to do is you can view yourself as already whole and complete, and you can tap into the vibration within yourself of a certain mental picture.

You see, this is what it is. It's about mental pictures and emotion with that mental picture. For example, you had people over at your house, and you wanted them to help you do something around the house, instead of you imagining them helping you around the house, what you can do is you can imagine a time when you helped someone else around their house. You see the difference. You then bring the power within you, and you focus on you.

And sometimes you've ever done that in the past, you pick up on a frequency within yourself, a memory in an emotion of how it felt to help someone else. And then when they think of you, they're going to feel that same emotion that you feel within yourself of you helping someone else. Do you see that? Do you see how that can work? It's, it's about you feeling, having the mental image, feeling the emotion of some other time that you've done that and then they pick it up on you in the same way you want someone else to text you back.

First off, get to your core, realize you don't need anyone's approval, anyone's validation for you to feel good, and then what you do is you can remember a time that you got back to someone else. You can remember a time when you replied to someone else in a certain way. Feel that emotion of you feeling satisfied that you did it. Or like you, you did something, you know, got back to someone. You close that thought loop and be in that energy and then just see what happens and if they text you back, great. If they don't, great, you're good, you're holding completed already.

But by doing that you get to the core within yourself. You then energetically with a reality where someone can text you back because your energy is on point. For this process, it's about understanding that it's all about you and your messages with yourself. Because when you communicate powerful messages within yourself, that then translates to other people. But when it comes to telepathic connection, that's the future for five d we're moving into a 5D level of consciousness because they fit dimensional.

We're moving out of the three d physical ego bodies where it's just about heaviness, and we're moving into a lighter body, a lighter level of consciousness. And you may notice that there's a lot of synchronicity happening. Manifestation will continue to rise in vibration. Meaning when you think of things, they'll happen quicker than ever. Not only that, but time is appearing to go by faster. Not only that, we could say less, say less, and we can actually communicate even better.

There's just so many times Leoor, and I have had the same thought at the same time, and it in when I'm around, especially even with like Victor, for example, we'll be doing something. But dude, I was just going to say that exact same thing. Is it that we're projecting out these thoughts and we're doing all of these things? Or is it this, we're in the same frequency, so we're having the same thoughts at the same time. But if we want to project a certain thought, we must first off, get to that core within ourselves.

And if we want to project a mental edge image to someone else, understand it's about the telepathic, the message you have, the mental image, and then the emotion, the emotion. Get inside of your heart. Feel the emotion of you sending that energy out. That emotion will then be the carrier of that message.

It's like the cupid going around. It's like, Yo, here's a message. Who does that? That's the telepathic message. It's a, it's an empathic tell empathy, but understand, be okay already be 100% okay on the inside. Do not need validation. Do not need someone to text you back because if you need them to text you back, then many times they'll going to feel that resistance on you and they're not going to want to do it.

Have more fun. Loosen up. This reality is much more dreamlike than you can even imagine, and when you allow it to be more dreamlike, it becomes much more fun. It becomes much more lucid.

The TRUTH on Full Moon Energy Updates REVEALED (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)


I'm going to be sharing with you the truth about full moon energy updates and show you the real impact that the moon has on the planet and how you can best move through it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth about full moon energy updates. Maybe you've seen a lot of people on YouTube doing full moon energy updates. Are they really powerful? Is there really something there in regards to the energy of different four moons?

We had these little aromatherapy things makes the. I like the vibe of it. What I used to do is I used to believe, oh, it's just kind of like a belief system. Like it doesn't have to have so much power over you if you choose that. It doesn't. And I also used to have that perspective because when I was what I was working at Nordstrom's and women's shoes, every day I would go into work, I would check my horoscopes, I would check this, what's called Lang Lang Lang Lang three, or know what number three means. I wonder.

Like three different versions of it. It's like I just want 2.0 now 10 iPhone 10 I'm going to work every single day. And what I would do is I would check my astrology for the day, and it's like more of general astrology, you know, I'm a Sagittarius. It would say something like, today you're going to have a great day at work. Or it would say like, you're going to communicate well with people today, or whatever it would say. And then I would assume and go in with that pre-frame.

Sometimes it would say something like, today you're going to find this kind of thing happens with people. There'd be like something negative. And I would go into work, and I would experience that because it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. For a while, I believed that there was, not that there was no power in it, but I chose cause then I eventually came to a realization where I don't have to let this have power over me. This is a powerful tool. It's a powerful point of awareness, but it doesn't have complete power over you. It's something that made me kind of reframe it.

For the longest time, especially when you hear about like mercury retrograde, everyone's always talking about mercury retrograde. And I've always kind of been like, you know, I think, I think that when people focus on mercury retrograde, sometimes what happens is people create that to be even more of a reality within themselves. It's like they give an excuse that if anything goes wrong with television or not television, but I'm just looking at a television a that it's because it's mercury retrograde.

The thing is I'm going to share with you is the way that I view this process. But the thing is, is many of these things are self-fulfilling prophecies. They are self-fulfilling prophecies. The powers really within us. With that being said, when it comes to a full moon wood, I believe a full moon does, is it amplifies whatever is either there consciously or unconsciously and amplifies.

They say that there are more people. That's why they call it a lunatic. Somebody that does some crazy thing because during a full moon, Luna the moon, it amplifies whatever emotion you're feeling. And I could feel that right now. Today is the launch of my shift experience. I think I've been making for the last six to eight months. There's a certain level of energy that I feel about it. You've got Leeor on the other side of the world right now.

I feel like we're just, I don't know, I just feel the energy amplifying whatever is, is unconscious or like we're not necessarily aware of if that makes sense. Normally this is also a time of shadow work. I remember the last time that Lee or went to Europe, it was kind of a similar thing and it was around a full moon as well.

And it was like there was just this, this clearing is energy coming up. Whether it was like missing each other or it was just being apart, not quite sure what it was. But in general, these things come up because they're being amplified. They're there regardless, but they're just being amplified. The moon is in a way in an amplification system. What it will do is it will amplify to you a lot of the things that haven't been dealt with.

It can be positive, but in general, they amplify what is unconscious. Every single one of us has an energy field around our body. All of our energy fields are connected together. And then there's this big energetic field around the planet. Within this energetic field is what we call the collective unconscious. It's going to like that, the collective unconscious.

Just like we individually create our reality, there are 7 billion people on the planet that has within it what we could call the collective unconsciousness crawl unit. Work on this, and I asked Bashar questions about this too. I asked him to share the collective unconsciousness, and he said they're frequencies. They're archetypes. Archetypes are an example of this. They're frequencies that we all pick up on the collective unconsciousness.

You ever heard of archetypes? For example, we have archetypes like that of I'm the hero, the magician, the seer, I'm the victim. All these different things are different archetypes, and that's why sometimes we may think we are thinking our own thoughts when in reality we may be picking up, sorry, I don't know if I was in this frame. We may be picking up on other thoughts that around us, thoughts are literally things. Thoughts are literally things we don't see it with our eyes.

They may be invisible to our ice spectrum, but when we think thoughts, they're actually things. And when you walk around society, when you're walking in public, you're actually walking through different people. The reason it feels chaotic when you're in public is that you've got thousands of people with different thoughts going to different directions. When you go to a rock concert or a hip hop concert, or you go to a football game or a basketball game, you have a unity of thought. That's why people feel a rush of energy when they're there. In the same way, these thoughts broadcast energy.

What happens is when we have that of a full moon, the full moon amplifies that emotion. The moon, in a way, represents an emotion. The moon represents emotion, and if you've noticed when it's a full moon, the tights I had just, I just had a crack in my voice, I'm going through puberty. The tides, what happens is they go in, they go out depending on the moon. Well, is it ironic? It's not ironic, but the macrocosm micro, macrocosm, microcosm, we are over 70% water, and the earth is over 70% of water, and at the same way that on the full moon, the waters change the water, which represents the emotion changes within us.

It's very similar in that symbolism. What happens is as this gets increased, this collective unconsciousness also gets increased, and we feel it even more. This is when it brings up stuff that's very deep with it. Here's the thing, what people that can read the energy, full mood, energy updates, what they're doing is they're interpreting their reality and the themes they see and other people's realities through this collective unconsciousness that present becoming conscious.

And what they do is they perceive of it. And when they perceive of it, they're then able to interpret it so that you can move through it a little bit easier. And in general, you will always find what you are the vibration up. Whoever you find for that is going to be somebody that you resonate with. And maybe if it's completely different from millions of other people on the planet and we are into full moon readings, it doesn't matter because you'll always find that which you resonate with. It's all perfect timing.

The full moon energy has a powerful amplification on our planet, and it is amplifying the themes and amplifying what's inside, and each moon carries with it a different vibration that we can move through. This is the key though. Yes, there are people that can look at that, and they can tell you different things about the themes and all of that, and I think it's great.

What I'm saying though is don't confuse and think that the map is the territory. Even though we can use these things to interpret our reality, the true power is within us. I will remember I was reading part of a book called Autobiography of a Yogi, which is the, I always say this just so people know, it's like a, it's not just some movie book. Steve Jobs read it. He liked it. If every year, the last 40 years he was alive, which is a true story and it was the only, it was only a book in his iPad, and it's called autobiography of the Yogi, and in it, he talks about how he was told certain things by different astrologists.

You're going to have this part of life is going to be this way. You're going to have this way, and what he did is he counteract with it using his own will, using his own energy to show that the true power is not within the astrology, not within these different things. The true powers within us. We may identify, we may relate with certain things that are happening with me, may we may relate with other people that are able to interpret certain things, but we can all interpret these things. Just what is in your personal life, what are the themes you're currently going through? That's what the key is.

The key is the power is within you, and we can use these as signposts to say, oh, this is what's happening, but just like, you know, just you. We use these tools for a period of time.  I use astrology for awhile and I still, I still think there's value in astrology numerology, but I still see it as a tool. It's just the tool.  Some people sometimes say, oh my astrology says I'm not supposed to be wealthy.

Are you going to let, are you going to agree to that? Like it. The only way that becomes a reality is if you agree with it and then you just surrender to never, you know, I'm not meant ever to have money or whatever and I've seen people that have been told that before and it's really disempowering to them when an actuality we're creating our own reality. We're creating our own reality so this is up to us and how we identify with these different things, but in general, the map is not the territory.

Don't think that these things have power over you. If it resonates with you, then use it as a tool, as a powerful signpost and use it as something that helps you to become more aware of who you are. At the same time, become aware that there are certain themes inside our collective on consciousness. You may be picking up on some of those themes. Maybe it's like family dynamics, or this is happening, or in communication or your electronics, whatever it is, you can be aware of it, but also be aware of that you must first agree to something before it has power over you. You must first agree.

If you don't accept it, then it doesn't have much power over you. The point of this blog is to show you a little bit about how the energy works. What the moon is. The moon kind of represents to us as far as the energetic SCO. And then also to understand that it can be powerful, but at the same time, don't give away your power and thinking that negative things have to happen just because of something that you saw or read.  

This Blog Will Trigger a Vibrational TRANSFORMATION in You (WARNING NO GOING BACK)


This blog will trigger a transformation at one of three different levels of consciousness. From this point going forward, a seed will be planted, and your life will be changed.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm sharing with you right now the three huge jumps in vibration. And simply knowing what I'm about to share with you, we'll begin to plant a seed that will change your vibration over time. Even if I share these with you and at a certain level you're like, I'm going to forget that for now, you're still have had it planted so there's no going back.

Because once you know, you know, but even beyond knowing it's an experience, it's something that you begin to experience. But once the seed is planted, it increases the probability of one of those experiences happening. What this has to do with as I'm going to share with you the three biggest transformations in my life and there are shifts in consciousness, and as many of you know I have been using this chart a lot.

This chart is the charts of consciousness as just, it's just written by me. It's not necessarily as elaborate as you normally see on my screen, but we have different states of consciousness. And I got this chart from Dr. David Hawkins. It is in the book called power vs force, and it talks about how there are different vibrational calibrations for different emotions and different states of consciousness. What happens is throughout our life, we will shift through different states of consciousness depending on how we think, how we feel, and where we are.

And if we, there are certain jumps that we make that will allow us to get the higher vibrational states of consciousness. And when we make those realizations, those Epiphanes when we have them as Epiphanes, our whole entire life will change, and it won't be the same after that. And I believe right now what's happening on the planet is people all over the world are going through these mini shifts in consciousness or big shifts in consciousness.

I think that one of the reasons we chose to be here at this time was to go through a mass awakening, a mass raising vibration and raising consciousness and so many people. It's amazing to see because there are so many people that are waking up now more than ever. I remember 2012 I went through my first big awakening, and I'll share with you what that was here in a minute, but when I went through it, it changed my whole entire life.

I didn't see the world the same way, but uh, I also became aware that this is a time on the planet to be alive. This is a time of becoming aware of who we really are because we forget who we are when we come here. The truth is, let me show you the truth about the matter. This is how it actually works. We are up here when we're born, this like, who is who we are?

Enlightenment, joy, peace, higher vibrational emotions. But when we're born, we forget who we are. We go through traumatic experiences, we grow up and we, there's anger, fear, guilt, and the lower vibrational emotions. And then so it's a survival mode. Think of them as survival mode. And because of that, we remain in those states of consciousness because we think that's who we are. We identify with our ego.

And then eventually, what happens is as we begin to become more and more aware of the ego and then eventually disassociate and just observe the ego, we start to raise our vibrational frequency. What's happening is people are becoming aware of, Hey, I'm a spiritual being, dreaming that right now I'm this human and because I am aware of this, I don't have to react to things so much. I don't have to react to things so much show this is part of the process.

I'm going to share with you the first big jump, the first big trigger, and transformation that happens when you become aware of. And that is a transformation happens when you go from anger to forgiveness, anger to forgiveness. What I'm about to share with you will help to trigger that transformation within you. Many of you know my story about my ex stepmom and how she was a, you know, growing I was growing up is like my brother and me and I had to deal with a lot of, uh, you know, someone that was very physically and mentally abusive and for even after my dad divorced her and I was 15, I felt a lot of anger.

I felt a lot of resentment. Many of you have probably heard this story before. I know I talk about it a lot on channel. It's just a show that you can go from a lot of pain to transcending it fairly quickly when you have this realization. What happened was, is I was very angry with her, and I had a lot of resentment because I didn't feel worthy. But what happened was, is eventually what happened is I learned how to observe my thoughts.

I learned how to observe my thoughts, to observe my perspectives. And as you see on the scale, neutrality is higher than the lower vibrational emotions, which are shame, fear, guilt, and the one hundred and the one 75 to anger and then 200 and neutrality or two 50 is neutrality. I learned how to observe my thoughts, and when observing my thoughts, I can then see things from a higher perspective, a higher point of view.

What I became aware of is that everyone is doing the best they can with where they are. I say that again. Everyone is doing their best they can with the level of consciousness they have. When I was looking at my ex stepmom and think about it like this, to say I have my energy field right here. I show you for say a how. Let's say I have my energy field right here and oh, there we go. Sorry about that. Say you have my energy field right here and within my energy field, I am angry. I have this energetic disruption.

I'm angry about my ex stepmom. Even though my ex step mom's all the way over there, I'm the one holding onto this energy. I'm the one holding on the energy. The key is not me trying to change her because she will probably never; she won't change for awhile.

She's still the same way. She was my dad. My sisters had still had two sisters that are, that's their real mom. They still have to deal with her. They don't really, at this point, they're not getting away from that. Because of that, I can't, I'm not going to try to change her. I'm going to change within myself, and I'm going to understand, I'm going first off to understand her. She's doing the best she can without with where she's at with her level of consciousness.

She's acting out of anger towards people. She's being controlling with people. What I do is I say, and I'm able to look at her and say that that's the way she was probably treated when she was a kid. She's just playing out some old drama. That's the way she treated. It's not that I so much am going to heal in the way of trying to heal her. It's more so that I'm going to hue my perspective within my own energy field of her by just understanding her. Everyone makes decisions based on their own level of consciousness.

They have rationalized it somehow inside of their mind. They have rationalized it. They're acting on a survival mode and they're trying to control other people. They're abusive is because that's either what they learned or they think they have to be that way in order to survive. You see, so it's not that it makes it right that I'm acknowledging that, but it does make it so that I understand it a little bit more and if I understand it a little bit more, I can then forgive. I can then forgive.

You do not forgive someone even because they deserve it. I'm not even saying that. Some things, you know when I talk about my ex stepmom, that you may have been way worse things. Many people have been through way worse things. I just use that as an example to show that I had done it so that many other people could do it too. However, you forgive because it's something, it's an act of compassion to you because you're the one holding onto the energy.

When you start to see that you're the one only, you're only hurting yourself by keeping it in your energetic field because then what happens is you will walk around and meet other people that reflect these little wounds inside of you. Even after my ex stepmom left my life when I was 15, I had people in my life that always reflected back that kind of person that was either mentally abusive. I'd have a manager at a where I worked at Nordstrom's. That was almost the same kind of personality until I learned what I'm sharing with you right now, which is how to heal the past and the way that you heal the past is by reframing why it happened.

Also, things in your past did not happen to you. They happen to you. If I didn't go through that pain, I might not have had my spiritual awakening back in 2012 so that pain led me to that pressure, which led me to awaken more and more many people, and this probably includes you, you've been through pain in the past and that pain may have led you to this point right now, this level of spiritual awareness, this expansion, so it a very powerful point. It served a very powerful purpose. The key is being aware of that, but the key to forgiveness, the key to letting go of anger is forgiveness.

Forgiving the other person because they don't know what they're doing there at a certain level of a conch of consciousness, they're asleep. But you don't want to necessarily at that can becomes a dangerous perspective because then you say, oh, they're asleep and what happens is then you, you start to judge them, and you're like, Yo, just a slave and the net create separation.

They're just where they are. It makes it helps you to understand them a little bit more. People do the best they can with where they are. If someone steals from you, it's because they believe in their own lack and they don't believe in their own power. Maybe they steal from you, but what you can begin to do is forgive them because they are doing the best they can with where they are. They just may have learned growing up that stealing is one way to get around.

They may have had experiences in the past if someone's stealing from them, so they're just acting out different patterns. That right there is a huge shift and transformation. When you go from anger to forgiveness, you start to understand where they're coming from and part of that could still be saying no, doesn't mean they are like, oh, I just understand you now. I'm going to continue to take this abuse from you. It could be, no, I don't deserve this anymore. I'm going to go in this direction. As discernment, at the same time now also neutrality, such a huge step. You have anger, fear, guilt, shame, fear, guilt, anger, desire.

Desire is low vibration because desires come in like a longing, like I really, really want that. It's not necessarily a high vibration. There's instructing desire, and intention. The neutrality is 250 and 250 is when you learn how to observe your thoughts. Then we have willingness and acceptance. Willingness is actually under acceptance. Willingness goes at about three 10 acceptances at three 50 so I kind of cross-reference it right here. This is the second trigger in transformation.

Instead of saying, I really, really want that. Do you actually go and do something? That's why the action can be very powerful and some people, I'll be honest, don't want to hear that. I didn't want to hear that when I was like trying to go full time on YouTube and making daily videos. I didn't want to hear that. One of the keys that I needed to take massive action. That was like the last thing I wanted to hear. But I will say that once I started to make daily videos on YouTube and I just made it a must that I will, I will do this, I will help people, I will go through this process.

That's when everything began to change. It's almost like you start to have more faith and more power in your own ability and your own integrity. Cause you say you're going to do it, you can do it. However, eventually what I realized was happening is I had such a strong discipline, you know, I'm even wearing this yellow shirt right now, which by the presents like the solar plexus.

I had so much discipline that I had to make those every single day. I remember one time I was in Costa Rica and this was, I had this big epiphany when I could just start to I guess instead of trying to get somewhere I wasn't already, willpower means you're not, you know, if you have to be so discipline, it means, it's like I'm trying to get somewhere else other than where I'm already am trying to escape the moment, trying to get the next level.

Once you get to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, you want 200, and then you get to 201 300 the ego always wants more. But the trigger for me was actually in Costa Rica, and it was triggered because I was actually locked out on my YouTube channel because when I was, I couldn't remember my password and I sent the verification code to my phone, but I was out of the country. Because I was out of the country, I couldn't get the verification code to get back to my YouTube channel. And it was starting to kind of like, oh, this is, I'm supposed to comment on videos as well, so do this.

Things need to change things even, you know, you need to be disciplined. It's a powerful perspective. If you're at the level of desire and you're not doing anything, but when you start to get to willingness, there is a huge transformation that happens when you say, okay, this is my discipline, but I can accept the moment the way it is. I can accept things as they are. I can just enjoy this moment. And that's what I began to do when I had that realization.

And then I was like, you know what? I'm just going to keep it on the back burner for a little bit. That happens a lot. By the way, willpower, my ego needs to figure something out online. I need to figure out some type of thing that's not working on my website. I will sit there and hammer it down on my ego will try to figure it out for five hours straight. I will accept the moment for what it is. Walk away, let it go. And within like 10 minutes of coming back to it, it's fixed because the ego and the willpower create resistance. It can create pressure and momentum, but it can also create resistance. A huge trigger for you is if you're feeling this resistance. No, it's coming from the ego trying to control. It's coming from the ego, having some type of way that reality needs to work.

And once you can begin to do instead is focused on acceptance of the moment. This moment is good enough, and by you being accepting of the moment, things in your life become so much easier except yourself. You don't always have to try to change to be better. Instead, you could just accept yourself. The next level, the third trigger of change goes from reasoning at about four to five. It's between four and 500 and love reasoning and love. When I shared on my channel about how your beliefs create your reality, that's a 400 to 500 level of teaching. Your beliefs create reality. If you change your beliefs, you change your reality. The outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality, and when you change your beliefs, everything changes. Reasoning says intellectually this is the way reality works. This is how I fit into compartmentalization in my mind.

Einstein himself resonated at four 99 because he was a genius, but in order for him to go into 500, he would've had to let go of all of his intellectual ideas. He may have been attached to them. That doesn't mean that in order to go to 500 you have to be an Einstein and in fact they may be easier for some people to get into 500 if they let go of the intellectual ideas that may have also been a big, a big factor and not being able to pump into the next level. Here's the biggest thing. Life has no meaning other than the meaning you give it. That is the most powerful understanding that we can ever come across is that reality is meaningful because we give it meaning. We recognize the meaning, meaning in it.

When we talk about it being a rainy day, it's a neutral idea. Things in life are new. That's like a judgment, but it's a neutral idea that maybe we agree at a mass level that this thing happening on the planet was a negative thing. But we don't know the long ramifications of it over the course of a thousand years of some big event happening. What I'm saying by this is reasoning is the reasons we do things too. Why are we doing what we do?

Huge transformation happens when we let go of reasoning, and we get into being, am I making a video right now because it's going to do x, y, z, or am I just making a video right now? I'm not making a video for any reason. That's a higher level of consciousness. You do things for the sake of doing them. It's like doing the dishes, not because you can then have more food to eat, more dishes to eat on later you do the dishes for the sake of doing the dishes, then life becomes a meditation.

You didn't move into being instead of trying to get somewhere else or doing things for reasons, and when you do that, you go beyond the ego. You get into a step, a level of consciousness, of love, of beingness and you understand that in the separation goes away. As you go up that scale of consciousness more and more towards states of enlightenment, your ego becomes lighter and lighter, and you start to see it more for what it is. At the bottom, it's very heavy, very heavy, solid, heavy, dense, anger, shame, fear, guilt, and the trolley. Then it starts to loosen up. You start to become aware of it.

You start to observe your thoughts, observe your reasoning, and then you let it go and you get the love, and it's so much lighter. Do things because there's don't, you don't have to have reasons behind everything you see. This is a higher-level paradigm because when you do things for the sake of doing them, I can walk outside and ground myself, but I also could not ground myself and just walk outside and just be with the grass and beat and relax.

You see, they're different level paradigms. I'm not going out there because then my energy is grounded so that I can do this amazing video I'm going out there because it is a word of reasoning. Do things, transcend reasoning, and get into being. You see, these things may not make complete sense. Everything I'm sharing with you right now, and that's okay. They are planting seeds of transformation within you. These seeds, you may come back to one day.

You may come back to this video one day, and you may realize, Oh yes, this is powerful. Oh yes, I was angry at this person. When is Aaron talking about that stuff like what do you mean now? How can I, it feels fake just to forgive someone has done something so much worse to me, but one day you may come to the realization that someone else is more connected to you.

Then you know that someone else is just reflecting something down within you that you can become aware of because then there's an inner transformation that takes place. That's when real transformation begins to happen. You may realize that from willpower to acceptance, so to accept yourself as whole and complete, you don't have to control everything and that the ego is the one that creates resistance, so the more aware of it you become, the more powerful you become.

The Purpose of our Simulated Reality and how to HACK the Matrix


I'm going to show you the purpose of the Matrix, the simulated reality that we live in. Understanding why it is here, what we can do about it, and how we can navigate through it in a much easier way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the purpose of the simulation, the purpose of reality that we live in, how it is highly, highly probable, that it is a form of Matrix. How this is something that more and more people are coming on board with. I know years ago, this is something that was very, very taboo, but more and more people understand this.

You have a big name. People like Elon Musk said that the probability that we live at is that this reality is the baseline reality is less than a percentage, and that implies that yes, we do live in a simulation. I'm going actually to ask them. You're saying we live in a simulation and he's like, yes, I want. It was something he really likes to talk about.

Elon Musk is a very smart person and this is very interesting to me because the more that you go through the spiritual awakening process is, the more you realize that it is a simulation. You experienced things in your life where you understand that this isn't the baseline reality. What we experience reality through using the five senses that we give so much meaning to when we give so much credence to that we think is so real is actually just an interpretation.

And what I'm be sharing with you in this blog, the purpose of the simulation itself, because I believe this is actually a very empowering thing. Sometimes when you take stipulation, we take of computer, we think of a machine like in the movie the Matrix, and it becomes very scary. It doesn't have to be scary. It's not meant to be. The machine, I think, is more of a metaphor, a metaphor for a program, a programmed way of thinking.

The thing is most people are walking around completely immersed in programs. They're doing the same things every day, feeling the same emotions every day, thinking the same thoughts every day, therefore getting the same results every single day. They have just had some level of autopilot, and they say, well, I'm a real person, but they're doing the same thing, feeling the same thing, thinking the same thing. It's a programmed way of thinking, which is why tip plugging out of the Matrix is about, in a way, a spiritual awakening.

Remembering who you really are, remembering that it's all just a dream, but it could be now a fun dream. Then once you know the rules of this dream it, then it becomes a little bit easier to navigate through. The only way to really understand this is to actually go through the spiritual awakening process because even then you don't understand it completely.

But you do feel that this isn't as real as you thought it was and you do start to feel that you are in eternal spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience. You start to have more experiences where you go inwards. You find out more and more who you really are. When you find out more and more who you really are, what you really find out is that this 3D avatar body is not who you are.

It is just something you are using. The easiest analogy I can think of when we talk about a simulation is thinking about it from the form of like Sims or some type of game. Because in a game you play for a certain period of time. You are this little avatar and you're doing everything you can to keep this avatar surviving and in a way, that's what our ego is.

Our ego is our avatar, and it will do everything it possibly can to survive. It will. It will do what? It can't. Also, to remain consistent to the way it defines itself. The ego is a safety mechanism in reality, but many of the players in this reality have gotten completely immersed with their avatar thinking. It's all that they are. I am this Avatar. I am the survival mechanism. I'm this programmed way of thinking, not knowing that their avatar does not have to use them.

But they can become aware of their avatar and then use it in a more powerful way by observing it, what we call it. He's like an enlightened guy that you can check out. He was talking about how on Chun Donnie Hill, he had this spiritually, this enlightening experience and he realized I could not define that's which is me, and that's which is not to me. He looked out, and he didn't have that enlightenment realization that he has everything. He went beyond his little ego beyond his Avatar and became the larger consciousness system.

In our reality what happens is we forget who we are because that's part of the game. If you were to play a game and you knew the whole time it was a game, you would treat it differently as if you went to a game and you completely have forgotten who you were. That's one of the purposes of at least the game at this level. There are other realities systems or different star systems, whatever we want to call it out there that have maybe a different rule set different meaning rules for that game, that reality system.

Maybe they remember who they are so it's a little bit lighter. They remember that they are eternal spiritual beans. They have maybe a recollection of their purpose or why they're there, or they're different incarnations other places, but we forget about it here because part of the purpose of this reality is for us to remember who we are. Do you then go through this process of awakening and many people on the planet right now are going through this transition.

They're going through this spiritual awakening. It's very cool to see, and in a way, you could think of it as the avatar becoming aware, waking up and saying, wait, I do not want to do the same thing over and over and over again like an automaton or like some type of program. I want to be myself, and when you say myself, there really is no self. You could put it down on cause we are eternal spiritual beans, but I want to be more in alignment with this fun aspect of me. I want to be more in alignment with what

You could say that your passion is in a way a signal from your higher mind of who you really are, what you really meant to be doing in life. Whatever that passion is, you can then follow it. Let's look at it like this. This is a way for us to interpret reality. Think of it like you're an eternal spiritual being, a nonphysical entity. And you kidding? I was listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton talked about this. Say the date it says, as a spiritual entity, you weren't able to taste chocolate.

You weren't able to enjoy some of the aspects of life because of your nonphysical. However, one of the reasons you came here is so that you could taste chocolate. You could enjoy some of the physical activities you could do here on earth. And you chose to have that kind of experience because you wanted to experience it. And especially right now on the planet when many, many people are becoming aware of who they are and remembering, reconnecting, remembering that they are eternal spiritual beings.

They're not just their avatar. The purpose of the game itself is for us to remember who we are at this greater level and the greater purpose of that, of this reality system, though, is just learning. It's learning, learning, and more about who we are and learning more about who we are not learning. Think of it as a school.

Think of it as a school. When you go to school, you have things that you're learning. You have certain classes you might go through. Do you have certain grades and you can't go from one grade to the next grade without first of completing the lessons? Well, many times, you'll notice people experienced similar Karma over and over and over again because in this reality system, what you put out is what she get back.

You see at the greatest level as an eternal spiritual being; you are source energy. You may have forgotten this. However, it's who you really are and what you did is as imagine as source energy as this infinite energy of love. You had an experience of just yourself because that's all there was and then you said, you know what? If I have just one other, there is then a relationship. There is then something to learn off of that, but then once you did is you said, okay. I'm going to put myself into billions of different bodies so that then there's a relationship where we could understand who we are at a greater level.

We can go through a higher degree of complexity to see if then we can come back into the unity of knowing who we really are. That's why what you put out is what you get back because what you do to someone else you do to another aspect of you, so at the deepest level we're all connected. We may have forgotten. That's kind of hard to grasp the totality of, but when you notice everything in life is a reflection. Things really big in the change in life, but one of the things that we came here to learn as well is love. We came here to learn love. Love is the base point of this simulated reality of the simulation itself.

Love is the base point. Unconditional love is the base point because everything else is a reflection of you. And having that love is a recollection is a recognition you can have, but many times we'll overlay that with judgment. Oh, I love you. As long as you're doing this, I love you, as long as you do exactly what I want you to do. I'll love you. We have these rules and those rules then cause a barrier of separation where we can't actually really love someone because we have these rules that we overlay with reality.

But one thing we decided to do when we come here is we decide that we are going to go through a process of learning to love, learning to love anything that we feel that's less than love is a lower vibrational emotion that somehow we're tied to do to attachment, which is I a lot of times just observing your thoughts is a way, a way to raise your vibration, but as you detach more and more, as you detach more and more, you didn't get to a feeling of love, and you realize that everything is love.

That's why I went to a lot of, yeah, you can say enlightened people go through the process of enlightenment. The more we become aware of this, the more that we can see that the more we can unconditionally love is the more we are going to quote unquote grow up and get to the next level. These are things that we can begin to do and as we begin to do this, we begin to hack our reality more. One of the ways that are simulated reality works is with intention and probability. Intention.

Desire is just saying, I really want something. It's a statement. It would be nice if intention is when you declare something that you're going and moving towards and then you take action with it. Action. Intention are interlinked because in this physical reality, the language that we use to speak for us to create what we want is the language of action is physical movement. This is not the only one. We can have thoughts and feelings, but action a lot of times I believe is completely underestimated.

For this simulated reality that we live in, some of the things that we agreed to, some of the things that are a part of it is that we had to forget who we are. We had to go through this dream of being this 3D physical avatar body, believing that this is who we are. But then what happens is we eventually go through a spiritual awakening, which is where we become aware of the avatar itself. The more we observe the Avatar, and we don't identify with it, the more we raise our vibration, and as we raise our vibration, we then start to feel more in that love frequency, and we start to realize that everything in our reality is a reflection.

We might as well love. We might as well learn, and as we learn, we in a way go through these different levels. Fear is going to lose in fear comes from mind. Fear comes for from trying to control the ego. The 3D Avatar sometimes try to control things, tries to control reality. But remember there's this larger consciousness system that wants to flow through you. The more you get your avatar body out of the way, the more this higher vibrational energy could flow through your body, the more you're going to then tap into a flow state.

The more you let go of who you think you are, the more who you really are can come in, which is more than you can even imagine. That's who you really are, and it's not defined by any label. By need is one thing you do or one thing you think is beyond what you can imagine. The purpose of this vision, this simulation is that find out for yourself. Go within and become aware of who you are.

The more you become aware of who you are, the more you realize these things for yourself. It's something that, I mean, they could do things with computers that they're proving that when it comes to information in the database of reality. However, the only way to really experience it is to go in it and to go within yourself and to observe your Avatar, observe your ego, allow higher vibrational energy to flow through and find out for yourself.

That's the best way to do it. Meditation's been the most powerful way that I found to do it. It's kind of like the reset button, but find out what works for you. Get into a flow state, do what you're passionate about that leads you to you growing up more and more and at the same time learn to love. Learn that everyone is a reflection of you. So how would you treat yourself and treat yourself. Understand that you are loved, so treat yourself better because some people don't treat themselves good enough.

They treat themselves like they don't want to say except themselves. Love yourself and by you loving yourself, other people will feel that off of your avatar, and they'll want to love you more. It's a funny way it works, but what you put out is what you get back. The way you view yourself as the way other people view you, because there really is only you.

3 Autobiography of a Yogi Stories that will change your life FOREVER


I'm going to show you three stories from one of the most powerful books I've ever read, which is an autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. This is the only book that Steve Jobs had on his iPad, and he read it every year, the last 40 years of his life. I'm going to share with you why that is and why these three stories I share with you can change your view of reality itself.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three stories that when I read in the book, an autobiography of a Yogi completely changed my perception of what reality is and how reality works. Because once you do and you see in that book is Paramahansa Yogananda who is coined for bringing yoga to the West. He, in his process of enlightenment, met many different gurus, different, many different people in India.

Things that don't really even seem possible. When Yogananda was a baby, um, was told by Yogananda's his mom said that when he was a baby, he was told that he was going to bring yoga to the west, who's going to be a Yogi. And what eventually happened is years later when he was a young adult, his mom went to and was told by somebody that she didn't have that much longer to live. And that she would then go into some form of meditation and in her hands would appear some type of jewelry that eventually she would give to Yogananda.

What she did is she went into meditation. This, they said it was an Ashley produced a locket that was then appeared, materialized in her hands, and she later gave that to Yoganonda after she died. She wrote a letter about this experience and gave it to one of her other sons to give to Yoganonda at a certain point in his life, and it just shows that when people are around these gurus or these enlightened people, there is potential for magical things to happen.

It's like they say it with so much certainty and so much power that it just comes to be true. You're going to go home, and you're going to instantly manifest something in your hands when you go into meditation that you'll eventually give the Yogananda. She goes home, she does that, and then just lock it appears in our hand that she gives to Yoganonda.

There are many different stories in this book. My challenge was going through and only finding three than I could explain in a video because otherwise, it'd be like very, very long video because there are so many cool stories from it. But the one thing that I would say the book does is it tears apart your belief about what reality is in a very positive way. It shows you that reality is much more than you think it is. Reality is much more than this 3d physical avatar.

And what you learned throughout reading this book is that you can start having more fun because you also become aware that reality is in a way like a dream. It's a cosmic dream of the divine. We are all having our own individual experiences, and the more we become aware of this is, the more we tap into the true power of who we are.

Wise Man told him to get a college degree because when he came over to the West, they will take you more seriously if you have a college degree. You're going on to went and got a college degree, and Surrey Yonkers just swore like this guy that had this um, this really cool beard that's really cool.

Like white beard right here. He had and lived on this ashram that was like ancestrally handed down. The first one I want, the first story I'm going to share with you is it has to do with actually something that happens later in the book. Suria Kishore who is a really wise. He is a cool character guy who was very enlightening and enlightened. He eventually passed away after Yogananda moved to the states. He moved to teach yoga and Korea Yoga to that of the United States. What do you want it to do was to merge that of the western philosophy of materialism and the eastern philosophy of the ancient wisdom and say, we can have both.

He left his guru, which was very sad for him. And about so many years in, eventually, he got this telepathic message from his guru come back to India. This is before there were like telephones where it was so easy to connect to people on the other side of the world. It took weeks to get back. His guru said, hey, I don't have much time left. I'm getting ready to leave my body. And he said, okay. He took a couple of weeks to get there, and he got there, and he spent the last couple months with three acres of the shore. Three of us were passed away, and you'll get on. It was very sad.

What Yogananda says is that three up at the shore does not just appear in front of him. In his mind, he literally is in front of him. It's like as if you and I were talking in real life and I was there. That's how it felt for Yogananda. What happens then is three youngsters swore to Yogananda what happens afterlife. I liked doctor death. What happens in the astral realms explains to him how reality works. And it's this whole long chapters, chapter number 43. It's, I'm explaining to him all of this metaphysical stuff about how reality is and how reality is a dream of the divine and how we're all here. We forget this.

And what he explains is, um, is all these different, these different aspects. He says that there's a gross physical body and astral body and a causal body. The way that I interpret this maybe through the new age philosophies is the gross physical bodies that 3d body, the 3d physical avatar body, the 4D ball, the astral body is the 4D body, the fourth dimensional body, and the causal body, which is the thought form.

It's like literally in the causal realm, things appear instantly. It's the fifth dimension. And he says, what happens is when we pass away, we shed the 3D physical body. We wake up in the Asheville rounds, which we go every single night. And what happens is in the astral realms, there are certain levels that we're able to go to depending on our level of consciousness, real evil spirits don't, aren't, aren't able to go to the higher realms of the 4D level of consciousness, the astral realm.

He talks about that. Sri Tells [inaudible], tells him about there's about 500 to a thousand years lifetime in the astro realm on average. That we look the same. We can look the same way that we did in our life, but we look at the peak of our life, whatever age we thought we looked the best at Sri yet to soar being wise liked his older form.

But you can take on any form that you want, and you normally take on the ideal version of yourself. The higher up you go, the more heavenly like it is. And in a way, what tethers people back to the 3D reality? Is there a, is there Karma? It's there. The things that they've put out that they haven't learned, it's their level of consciousness. You go into 4D reality, some more depending on your level of consciousness. And there are many different 4D planets what he says as well, which I resonate with.

I think that many of us have a multidimensional connection to many different levels of existences. We could say some of this is the Pleiades.  There are many different planets. 4D is more of an astral, like it's much more physical than this, less physical than this. But nonetheless, what it basically shows is that there is more to life than this 3D physical body.

And it goes very in detailed to things that I just, it's amazing to me and I love reading that chapter. I go back probably once every couple of months, and I read that chapter just because it's so fascinating to me. The way that it's explained, the level of certainty that is explained and when you're reading this book, this book carries with it a certain vibration and that vibration you can just tell resonates.

You can tell all of this guy's not just making up all this stuff. And these stories are genuine stories of things that have happened. He's not like, oh my mom had this experience where she was told by somebody that she had materialized a locket and she didn't know. It's not me. You can feel whether it's, you just have to go within yourself and see if it resonates.

And for me, the book resonates as something that to be true. Something that really happened. That was the first story. That's a chapter 43 in the book that explains what happens after death and detail and really what life really is. Life is a dream. It's a fun dream that we come here to learn things and uh, we're meant to enjoy life and when we die there really is no death. There's just a transition. I think every night we go into the astral realms.

But what happens when we die is we just finally shed the body. We don't come back to the ER, the 3d body, the physical gross bodies. We just hang out in the astral realm, and we learn there. They're still learning to be made there. The second step already I want to share with you is a story that shows that life also isn't what we think it is because three years is sore.

This blog is dedicated to the three others who are because there are many different stories in this book, but all three stories are with him because I really like him. We'll be on a first-name basis with these enlightened masters. Lahiri. We probably called the master or something like that. And what happened is Rama got some physically some debts, really detrimental disease where he was going to die.

The next day his body like he dies, I don't remember, was that a house or a hospital or what it was or if they, their version of a hospital back from like the 1900 early 19 hundreds but Rama dies, three x was very sad. He goes back to the hearing and says, Lahiri, he ended up dying, blah, blah, blah, blah. And he was very sad. And then here he says, just meditate. Just meditate. Well, he didn't tell us three x disorder to do is the next day, almost like 24 hours later, he sees that he's still distraught over it and he says, dear boy, grab like, why didn't you trust me when I said it?

Or something like that that I said that he would be fine. And when he did is he then told him, said here there was some lamp oil nearby, gives him the lamp oil, says to go put seven drops in Ramas mouth. And he says, three extra days, I don't think that'll work. It's, he's already been dead for over a day.  He leaves, he goes to this house where Robin's body still is laying there. Rama was risen from the dead. I think that's actually the title of the chapter. Rama has risen to the dead from the seven drops of lamp oil, and that was it. Seven drops of lamp oil.

Let me read to you this quote that he said, I actually screenshotted it because it kind of explains it. It's like, why would, why would all of that happen? But India's a very mystical-type land. Let me show you what he said. Finish the awesome story. Paramahansa Yogananda Astraea, why did the grew use Castro oil? Oil Child? He says, giving the oil had no meaning, except that I expected, I expected something material. And Lahiri Saya shows the nearby oil as an objective symbol for awakening my greater faith. The master allowed Rama to die because I had partially doubted.

I told you twice that Rambo would be, well, yeah, you could not fully believe me. The here, he said, I did not mean the doctors would be able to cure him. I remarked only that they were in attendance. There was no causal connection between the two statements. I didn't want to interfere with the physicians. They have, they have to live too, and a voice resounded with joy.

The group added, always know that the inexhaustible Para Maha Intiman, I'm not sure what that meant, but anyways, in general, what that shows is that people can literally, that is possible when it's, it's not them doing it, it's not likely here Rick cured him. He allowed this divine presence and divine certainty to flow through. A lot of what you learn in the autobiography of a Yogi is this divine energy that flows through. I was reading in another Paramahansa Yogananda book, and what he talked about was he did something similar.

He allowed this divine energy to flow through when after some lady died that was having breathing problems or something. He was with the whole family. The husband was crying, and he asked for the divine to flow through him. He went like put his hand over her head and tapped her on the chest or something like that. And she was laying in this bed, and she came back alive, and he says that there's stuff like this can happen. It kind of shows us that there's more to reality than what we think.

The third story I want to share, it's kind of a funny story. It involves three, a Curtis war and Paramahansa Yogananda. I think it's a mansion and in India. And what they did is I have a lot of devotes. He's going there, and there's a lot of people that are like learning from Sri soar term. Ohana is like one of the leaders there. I'm like his right-hand man in a way.

Paramatta you went on onto, puts it in a certain spot in his room and they say, okay, let's go for a hike. And I say, okay. They leave the house, they're almost all the way to the beach, and they're talking and [inaudible] being his human, his Ninja mind powers are enlightened into my powers. Goes Paramahansa Yogananda. They don't, it's called them something other than that, but that's the name that I don't bite. Paramahansa Yogananda. Did you lock the back door before you left?

And what he said was, is, is a paramount. Yogananda thought about it and couldn't remember if he locked the back door or not. And triaged source says you did not lock the back door. You did not close it. Your carelessness has just caused you one cauliflower, and Paramount's Yogananda thought about how weird that was that he said that.

Like how mystical, what do you mean that costs me one cauliflower? Well, what happened was three younger swore had one of the nearby peasants close to the house. Like a peasant, like a baker or something like that, that wasn't in the house. Go through the back door, like go through the back door, go into the house and grab just one call a flower and then leave.

They get back to the house, and he checks, and he was right. He took one of the cauliflowers left five, took one cauliflower. Andy and Yogananda had a whole bunch of very expensive gold jewelry and very meaningful gold jewelry. He was worried it was going to be stolen. None of it was touched. This guru, this peasant took just that, just the one, the one cauliflower and the explanation for it was having that level of consciousness.

Well, that explains and what Paramahansa Yogananda says is that years later they proved the power of the radio frequency. Everything is vibration, and everything has different rates of vibration. And what these enlightened gurus were able to do, what wasn't able to do as well, by the way, is tap into different frequencies. And he was able to tap into the frequency of that of the baker. Influence him to walk in, grab that one cauliflower, and to leave.

I know it sounds like a random story, but it always kind of stood out to me. It's like coal fire is kind of like a pattern interrupt. In general, what that proves is that, and it shows is that reality is much more flexible than we think. Reality is these cosmic vibrations. The more we tap into who we really are. We realize this divine essence of who we are, the more we tap into this magic that is available to all of us.

The Vibration of Unconditional Love REVEALED 3 Secrets that will change your life


I'm going to share with you the vibration of unconditional love, and show you three secrets that will change your life if you begin to apply them today.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three secrets that can change your life forever. This is very different from the way that we normally think about love. As you know, on that scale of consciousness that I share in many different videos. A love is one of the higher vibrational emotions, and it's actually the core of who we really are. But we grow up thinking we are these separate little egos and then we put conditions on what it takes to be happy. Think about how funny that is, so we put conditions as to what it takes for us to be happy.

We put rules in our mind that says, if this person does this, then I will feel love. If I do this, then I can feel love if I accomplish this and I can feel love instead of knowing it can be unconditional. And by letting go of those rules, we feel loved more than ever. Think it's just like why not get rid of the rules? Why not get rid of the conditions and just feel love because the ego likes to attach itself to things. When I thought I wouldn't do as well is I got this really cool Airbnb right now with my buddy victor, and we are, I'm here for like three days. This is where I'm filming videos. I kind of show you, just figured I'd show you. We're behind the scenes type stuff. It's about, it's one of the balconies right over here.

I'll kind of show you this is so it's got like a lot of these houses in California have like these stairs that come up. I'll show you. There's like this really nice balcony thing. This is like the room that I'm in it, and then we go upstairs right over here like this. Let's not do it. Hi. Okay, look, there's, yeah, they want to show him upstairs real quick. I was like, okay. I'm going to film a video. He came out here, he's doing his brainstorming. This is up here. This is really cool. I was up here last night, but it was kind of rainy. It's kind of hard to sit. It's really cool. The stars were out.

When it comes to this process, turn this around real quick. As I just hit my knee really hurt. When it comes to conditional love, Whoa, look like I sent it into an Avatar or something. When it comes to like unconditional love, it's who we naturally are, and we just have these rules in our mind as to what it takes for us to be happy and what it takes for us to love other people.

The key to this also has a certain level to do with presence. Not like gift presence, presence, like being present to the moment just being, because when you're just being, you're not projecting yourself to the past or the future, the past of what should have happened but didn't, or the future of what you want to happen and you're able to just be present to the moment.        

There's also have a correlation between just being and accepting the present moment and feeling unconditional love. Let me share with you how this has shown up in my own life. Well, recently I realized that I have certain expectations and rules as to what certain people in my life need to do and how they need to communicate with me in order for me to feel love for them.             

But I realized that I had expectations for someone to process emotions in a similar way that I did and like to communicate that with me. But what I realize is that I was putting conditions on this person and I was in my mind saying that if you do this the way that I expect you to do it, then I can love you.               

  And I realized that I was also in a way making this person feel guilty for not for, not admire and adhering to my expectation. The power of this though, that I'm sharing with you is that that does not love. Many of us think that we are feeling love for other people. That's conditional love. That's dependent on whether we're getting and receiving what we think we need.

You see, the key to this is unconditional love. What I realized, it's kind of hard for my ego to, to do this, but what I realized that I hadn't let go of those conditions, I had to love this person regardless of how they interpret emotion and how they express it back to me. And the moment I did this is the moment I began to let go of this negativity from my energy field.

And when I started to let go of that negativity from my energy, I started to feel better. Here's the thing, the ego has this insidious thing where the ego always wants to be right. My ego was telling myself, this person needs to communicate with me in this way because if they're not, then they're wrong. And my ego wants to be right. But the payoff, the ego wants to be right to pay off to that many times as negative is we get this rush of adrenaline that we are right, but then the payoff, the negative side of that is that when we feel miserable while we're beating ourselves up about stuff.

And I remember that after this situation happened, I was at the gym and stuff and it's just on my mind. It was on my mind, and I was feeling, I'm like, why am I feeling, why am I doing this to myself? Why do I have this expectation? Does this person need to be like that? And then when I did it, I just let it go and I accepted the situation for what it is and I realized that this person processes emotion in a certain way and that my job is to accept this person 100% have you ever had that happen in your life where you wanted someone to do something and you realize that at a certain level that may be conditional?

Love that you know. Of course, there's a balance of this. It doesn't mean you accept like if someone's abusing you, I just accept this because if I don't that I'm resisting you. This is what I'm about to share with you. There's a process, I think of it like your energy field right here. There's a process called Ho Pono Pono. Four simple statements. It's, I'm sorry, please forgive me. Thank you, I love you. And by saying these four things over and over again, what you begin to do and you begin to feeling in them, and I have a video that explains it and has a 15-minute meditation that you can listen to while you're in the car.

You can listen to it when you're traveling. The more you listen to this meditation, the more that it clears out your energy field. It's called cleaning. You're cleaning out your energy field. The one thing I did as well when I had that situation where I realized I had conditional love is I immediately started making the whole point of Pono, and I was doing it on myself, on the person.

And understand there is no other you, everyone is a reflection of you. What's your cleaning? I'm sorry for viewing them that way. Please forgive me for senior less than divine spark that you are the divine essence. You are. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for being yourself. I love you the way you are. Those four statements right there can change your life, and whole point of Pono with the meditation I have is a complete game-changer.

Listen to that for 21 days. It will transform your life because you will transform your energy field. I want to write like an article and day or a book or some shit called to transform your energy, transform your life, transform your energy field, transform your life. Right now, you think that you're not good enough already. If you're doing self-help, if you're looking at different things, you may believe that you're not good enough already, which means that you're emphasizing you not being whole and complete and because you're emphasizing you're not holding complete it. The scale is acceptance.

You are accepting yourself. What if instead of saying, oh, there's a problem here, I need to do this differently. I need to do this with you just started to accept yourself more. You would raise your vibration, you would feel more confident about yourself. Much would begin to change, but acceptance is the doorway. First, I had to accept the other person that was, that I was viewing as less than perfect and having conditions to accept them the way they are.

Do you see the difference here? Because there is no other, there is why unconditional love is the vibration of our reality. It's just that we have been led to believe that we are all separate beings, have in different ego perceptions. Imagine this, imagine that you are, you are viewed in our scopes so fine pointed, but imagine that you can just see one little thing, one person, but then imagine you were to expand that scope back more and more like expanding your awareness.

Like I say in all my videos, and instead of seeing just one person, you then saw a whole planet, and instead of seeing every single person on the planet as separate people, you saw every single thing on the planet as one unit. You would then say, why would you hurt someone else? Why would you go to award and get someone else?

It's all relative based on our level of identity. Imagine that you are. Okay, so it's so, it's funny because we were at war with each other on this planet. Because you may be in some land that's like jellyfish, swimming around and stuff, swimming in the air, and then you see a person, no matter what race they are, they could be the furthest away culture that you can imagine. Maybe even a culture that you don't really like, but you would feel connected to that person because they have more in common with you than the jellyfish thing that's swimming around.

You see, so it's all based on relevance, but if you were to a scope, okay, even if you are to expand your scope beyond that, you would then see that even the jellyfish or in the same area in the same space as you and you may see yourself connected to them as well. This is all relevant. How much are you going to emphasize the ego? How much are you going to emphasize the separateness? Because this is a dream of separateness.

This reality is a dream that we're currently living in to have the experience of being separate individual units, and in this lifetime we've come here to wake up to remember that we're all connected. That's what the material called the law of one talks about. That's what a lot of other, that's the work of Dolores candidate with the hypnotherapy. Let's want a lot of people to say they came here right now to go through this shift in consciousness.

The shift in consciousness is the awareness that everyone is connected, what you do to someone else you do, to another aspect of yourself. That's why we have Karma.  Why is that? Because those other people are other versions of you. The idea is to be aware of this and then to see that there really is no other, so that's when you can start to tap into love and you overheard that, that, that quote from like Mother Teresa?

It's like, I'll never go to a protest or something like that, but if you have like a walk of love or something, I'll go to that. Well, that's a similar thing as to what I'm talking about. If you see yourself as connected, you're more in the vibration of that integration. But trying to change everything makes more of that.

The last thing I want to talk about is a perspective of enlightenment. I've, I've shared this story before was that guru, but this will just kind of give you an idea for what I mean by unconditional love here. Said Guru who is like one of the most famous enlightened people on the planet right now, 3 million YouTube subscribers, I believe his information is really good though, and very high vibrational bean.

And what he talks about is his enlightenment experience. He went to this hill called [inaudible] hill or something. I don't even know if I'm saying that right. And what happened was, is he goes to this hill, and he was working on the light using yoga and stuff, and he goes to that hill, and he's looking out, and that's when his enlightenment hit him. He had this realization and changed his life forever.

Everything he saw was him. He realized that everything he perceived of was more of him. He could not find out. What he did is he expanded his identity out of the individual unit of consciousness and into the grow larger consciousness system. And because of that, he didn't feel unconditional love for everyone. He said before enlightenment, he would, he would emphasize, he'd said before in light may, he'd be like, well, I am me and you are you. There's nothing. I'd have no problem with you, but I am me, you or you. After enlightenment, there was no separation. He is everything. He is everyone.

You see this cosmic dream that we live in. The more we expand our consciousness, the more we realize that identification with the little ego is what causes all the problems. The ego doesn't want a sec except things. The ego always wants to be better. The ego always wants to change other people. The ego always wants things to go according to its plan in his own mind. But when you start to observe the ego, you start to gain your power back.

And even beyond that observation of the ego, when you start to understand that you, that the ego is doing its job. But that you are, everything you come into contact with, everyone is a reflection of you. There is no outer reality other than it being a reflection. If you want to change anything on the outside, as you know, you must first off, change the inside and how do you change the inside?

You first become aware of what's inside. You become aware of how you feel. Become aware of your ego and how you identify with other things. The ego loves to be right, even if it causes negative emotion. The ego gets an adrenaline rush of being right. You shouldn't be this way. You should be this way. Let me prove to you that you shouldn't be this way. And if I prove it, then I get this rush of adrenaline. Yes, I was miserable for 10 minutes while I was coming to this, this realization, but nonetheless, it's about being aware of that necessity to be right and choosing to just be in the moment except the moment for what it is. The acceptance is the doorway.

You are a separate unit of consciousness. The key though is realizing that everything is you. Everything is love. Everything is something that you can connect to. The reason unconditional love is the fabric of the universe. Much of our life is based on what people tell us. If we just instead go straight to experience like yes, somebody said that this is how this is, but instead, I'm just going to experience it for myself. Watch because you may, you, you treat everything as if you just chose it.

If you treat everything as if you're experiencing it for the first time, you'll live in a magical reality like all of the past. Be here now be unconditional love because that's who you are. Don't have expectations for other people. Realize that in your energy field, these rules you have are keeping you from feeling happiness, keeping you from feeling loved, get rid of the rules and you will be unconditional love.

The 5D Earth Timeline SPLIT That is Happening Now (2019-2022)


I'm going to be sharing with you the 5D earth timeline split that is happening right now. What you expect from these years of about 2019 to 2022, what the theme is, and what you can do about it is that you move through it and a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the 5D earth split, the timeline split that's happening right now on the planet. What this really means, a metaphor for it. And then what area, what phase we are in of it. The first thing I thought I would do is show you my beautiful drawing and you guys like this. Got ADHD. Just getting, let me show you, though. Let me show you something. And what I want to show you is that there are these different, there are these different.

Think about it. By the way, look how big these markers are. It makes it so much easier to see. I don't know if that's Florida. I don't know what the heck that is. Oh yeah, look at that. Oh yeah. What’s happening right now is to imagine that there are these different trajectories. How do you say that? Word trajectories, trajectories that the earth can go on.

There are different timelines. The earth can go on. These different timelines will depend upon the collective consciousness of the earth, the collective consciousness. They give it like this energy field around the earth. And we are a part of the collective consciousness. But the general basis, overarching energy of the collective consciousness determines which parallel reality timeline we go on.

Here's the thing that a lot of people don't understand. It's that these all overlay, let's say that we have a 3d. There's a 5D split happening. 4D. These are just words. I mean, these are just terms that we give meaning. But when we talk about these 3D, 4D, 5D, what you'll see is we have these different, these different terms. Let me try and move this thing out. The 4D level of consciousness is more about vibration. It's more about, it's life becomes more flexible, time becomes more malleable, and there's still a duality of good and bad. There can still be negative and positive forces. However, it's from a different place. It's more about vibration and, and there's a little bit, there's more awareness in that realm of perception.

And then they're going out into the world, and they have these beliefs, and they're consistently experienced in reality through 3D goggles. What happens is as they raise their vibration or they go from a 3D level of consciousness to a 4D level of consciousness, what happens is then they perceive reality for the 4D level of consciousness, which is a much higher vibration, which has to do more with understanding energy, which has to do with uh, allowing things, become more flexible.

They didn't have these goggles on, and they see reality. They meet other people, they meet other situations in their life that reflect back, afford the level of consciousness. A 5D level of consciousness is that of more unity level of consciousness, and once again, goggles, you will see more and more reasons to feel love. They all exist at the same moment.

Right now, there are some of us in 3D, some of us and 4D some of this in 5D. Some of us may shift between these throughout our days or our weeks. As you move up, there becomes less and less. Attachment to the ego becomes a little bit of a different type of relationship. However, it's about understanding that they overlay themselves. We don't have to try to wait until 2035 and then we can be in a 5D level of consciousness or afford.

These are just terms. Also, you're giving these terms, the 43 D it's what we do to relate to these different vibrational states of consciousness. We can exist in them right now by raising our vibration. What's happening is back in like 2012 he gave this analogy. He says, as time goes on, there are these different tracks, and they're all next to each other. They're very close together. But what happens is as time goes on, 2016, 2017, you realize you have to go faster and faster to keep up with these trains. What happens is as time goes on, 2016 maybe you're, you're going through like a brisk walk, 2017 you're starting to jog 2018 you're starting to run 2019 you're starting to sprint very fast.

And as time goes on, they're splitting apart. Then it becomes very obvious, which are 3D 45 d because you're, they will look so far away, so hard to relate to those levels of consciousness. The idea is to get on the train track you prefer to be on now because as time goes on, it will be more and more disparity between those tracks. That's a powerful analogy, and it just means get on the path that you want to be on.

Are you doing what you're passionate about? Are you going for your passion? Because if not, now is the time to do it. I see so many people I talked to, I was talking to someone in the gym just a couple of days ago, and he's asked me what I do, and I tell them about what I do on YouTube and like, you know, stuff like that.

There are so many people I meet. They want to do their passion, they want to find out what they're passionate about, they want, they don't want just to be a part of the old 3d system of doing a job you hate. People are starting to really gain their power back. The theme of 2019 to 2022 that I have noticed and it's going to continue to happen, and it's what I've noticed in my own life and also in a lot of other people's lives.

The theme is cleansing, cleansing, and purging. You may notice that in society, the current political system we have has a lot of polarity as a lot of people get very triggered about things. The old systems are going to continue to break down. It's a part of the process. The old systems have to break down and what you may notice in your own life is that certain systems in your own life start to break down the what's not working, what's not have a 5D level consciousness or a 4D level of consciousness.

The old paradigms, if there are control dynamics in your family, you may find those getting exposed and dealt with. If there's somebody that's burdening your energy or you feel a lot of negativity from people, you may be cleansing that and allowed to start taking your power back. If there are themes or childhood memories of things that had happened, you may find that those come to your awareness that you can let them go.

We're becoming aware of this, and we have the ability to let it go and to process it, but right now it's a level of purging. You know, when you talk about plant medicine and purge genius, you notice you ever hear people talking about like the idea to implant medicine. And what happens is there are buckets, and they do. What happens is this, this, this stuff goes into their body, and it does something with their frequency.

Subconscious memories come up, things happen, and then they puke, they burp, they yawn. All of these different things are different levels of what's called purging. It's releasing energy, and right now on the planet, we're doing that completely just by being, we're purging old systems, purging, old realities. I know people that we're addicted to certain things, and they're just, they're getting rid of it doesn't resonate anymore. It's a cleansing period — cleansing of vibration, cleansing of a detox. I said, I noticed a lot of people eat healthier, be more mindful of what they eat.

It's a time of cleansing because 2022 to 2030 it's going to be a very quick rapid change. I think technology is going to speed up very much virtual reality. There's going to be things that we can't even imagine now, but right now it's about, it's about getting rid of what isn't working so that we can start to be in the vibration of what can work. The theme is letting go. But the one thing that I also want to mention to you is don't wait. Don't wait to make a change. Don't wait to be yourself. Don't wait to do what you're passionate about for a living.

Just do it now because the more you wait, the more you're creating this gap and this waiting is a vibration in of itself. There's a vibration of waiting. The more you're waiting, the more you're not doing what you love. And there's a lot of people on the planet that when we talk about these different, you know, cause part of these different earth splits as well. I've got a paper cut. A lot of these earth splits as well may have to do with disclosure.

Us becoming aware that that there's been this easy connection that we've had to the planet for a very long time. If you watch these people that have had very high-level talk about William Tompkins or some people that have had really high level of clearance in the army or in the military talking about this kind of stuff, and I know some in my own life who have been apart of a certain organization that said 100% the government knows about this.

It is just the way it is. It's something that's real and more people become aware of it. The more it breaks apart our reality of the way that we've been going about, just kind of like in the autopilot mind, believing what we're told on the news, thinking that's the real reality. That's the reality that keeps people locked into the autopilot mind that keeps people in lower vibrational states of consciousness right now on the planet.

It's about waking up and cleansing our vibration, cleansing our vibration. And if things come up, know that they're coming up for a reason. I noticed it in my own life. I see things coming up that aren't working perspectives and aren't working, being angry at different people, things that aren't working and what I'm given the opportunity to do is to change my attitude, change how we relate to it.

By doing that, that's when you start to, that's when you start to raise your frequency, but you have to let go. Imagine something is raising your frequency and then it's, you know, they say, Bashar says, this is kind of a cool analogy. What’s happening on the planet is we are going through this cleansing so that one day we can have an experience like that. I don't know when it'll be, I don't know if it'll be 2025 Joe's and 33 2004 I don't know. But I do know that we have to let that go in order to be in the vibrational resonance of them.

Something else that a lot of people in the community of disclosure would talk about is something called the event, the event, the event. However, remember, the vibration of waiting is a vibration in of itself. The key is knowing we can choose how we prefer to be right now it's not very powerful to assume that what's going to happen is someone's going to give us a whole bunch of stuff or the change is going to come from outside, and it's going to like tell us or like, you know, there's going to be some type of technology that's just given to us.

No, it's going to be about us becoming aware of the technology that's already been here. It's us becoming aware of our own power. It's a metaphor and us knowing it's a metaphor. Maybe if it's not, then great, but what I see happen a lot is we wait, we wait, we wait the five two years but up or got to wait. We're waiting for this ascension, and we wait for all this stuff. No, it's happening right now and us and body, what we're passionate about, us taking our power back and doing something with it is where the power is. I say that from experience 2012, and I went through my spiritual awakening.

Maybe I can help people or I can share my ideas. And then I started making videos and then I started, I mean it was eventually as a little bit more down the road than that. But the idea is every single one of us has a gift. Every single one of us has the ability to tap into 5D level of consciousness right now. But in order to do so, we must go within, and we must make the transformation within ourselves.

Parallel Reality SHIFTING Visualization : The Secret to Manifestation


I'm going to be sharing with you parallel reality visualization, the secret to true manifestation. This blog, I think, has the potential to change your life and how you go creating what you want.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that have what is called parallel reality and visualization. But, we're going to mix the two together, so we get parallel reality visualization all as one thing and the reason being is because this I think is the key. This is a secret to you really creating what you want, and it's also understanding this, how visualization really works in the process of how reality works. What quantum physics shows us is that we are shifting to a parallel reality, two parallel reality and we're doing this so continuous, we don't even know we're doing it.

That's how skillful we are. We're doing this, and we've got no idea what we think of as time is moving through different parallel realities. Do you see what I'm doing right now? I'm moving through time. This we have this time-space linear way of interpreting reality, and that is why we may experience things because they have memory. We're able to tie these events together, but it's all happening at the same moment.

The idea and the understanding of how reality really works are embodying the frequency. One of the most powerful ideas I've ever found is also from Neville Goddard is ever heard of Neville Goddard. He wrote the book called feeling is the secret. He has this idea. You're ready for this. This is very powerful. This intertwines perfectly with parallel reality visualization. Assume the wish fulfilled the is a book that or something, but it's a concept that he talks about a lot.

You are killing the game. Imagine that version of you, what you be doing, how you'd be acting, what kind of beliefs would you have and you can then identify the frequency of that version of you, the vibration of that version of you. Are you feeling, how you act? You change these three things. You change your vibration, and you change the reality that you shift to. If you could identify that frequency, you can then assume the wish fulfilled. You can assume that that's who you are. I've done this many times in my life. I remember I was projected myself using the old law of attraction way of thinking about it.

Hence, I, if I make a video a day, my life will be forever changed, but what I did is in that moment I started to embody the video a day because then I'm of the frequency of that version of me, I imagine the air and in a year from February 2017 it was like it wouldn't your heads. I would be making daily videos on YouTube full time, not going to a job I don't like and I imagine that version of me, but then what I said is I said, okay, I want to embody it now. I'm going to make daily videos. You say we have a 40 hour a week job.

When it comes to visualization and parallel reality, you understand first off any reality; you can imagine it already exists. But if you match the frequency of that version of you, you then we'll start to experience that reality. If you imagine the version of you that's killing the game and you look very confident, you could start to embody those characteristics now of being confident. You will start to experience more of that reality now.

But remember, it already exists, so it's not something that's a project to sometime in the future. It's more so you could just embody. Right now, the thing I've always believed as well, not even bullying but experienced is I can give myself permission to feel any way I want by not needing reasons to feel a certain way. Our mind needs reasons. The ego structure that we use in this reality, this 3D avatar body, it needs reasons.

I will feel happy what x, y, z happens. Then I'll give myself permission to release dopamine and cortisol or dopamine or serotonin, but we could just feel the way we want by giving ourselves permission to feel that way by not the rule. In the mine it says, when x, y, z happens, then I'll feel this way. And by embodying that in the present moment, we begin to experience the reality that we want because it's about frequency.

First off, let's understand as well. When it comes to visualization, what is the purpose of visualization? The purpose of visualization is that when you're visualizing a parallel reality version of you killed the game doing what you love, you imagine that version of you. You do it because it makes. It helps you tap into the frequency of that version of you not because in the future you will then experience that parallel reality. You do it because it's the vibration you prefer. Most people use visualization to get somewhere.

Don't use visualization to get somewhere. Use visualization as an end in of itself. Use visualization because it allows you to tap into your frequency of who you really are. This is the secret to true manifestation. Assume the wish fulfilled. Assume that what you want to experience already exist because it does, and then simply link up to the frequency of that version of you and literally become it.

Well, first, I need a better camera. I need this type of editor. I need no, just give yourself permission to tap into that reality now because it already exists. Parallel reality visualization is about understanding that because that parallel reality already exists, you can begin to tap into it. Here's another thing. When you think of that parallel reality version of you, don't think of it on a pedestal.

This is an idea from reality transurfing, which if you haven't heard, is the most powerful manifestation I've ever found. Reality Trans, everything. It's a book written in Russia is very popular in Russia. It's only in the last like five years. It's starting to get to the states. It's called. It's probably like the book the secret, or you know what? A lot of people in the United States or west or in society, most of the secret, it's like that in Russia. Reality transurfing, it's an amazing book.

I have a meditation below right now that will show you that of the decreasing, how to decrease importance, which is one of the most powerful concepts of ever found. This kind of is a marriage between eastern philosophy, western philosophy as well, like letting go, like how do you let go and Manna and then intended the same time. Well, you understand that decreasing in importance. Anytime you make something very important, you put it on a pedestal.

When you separate yourself vibrationally from it, imagine you're like, I imagined the reality where I'm making a lot more money, a hundred thousand a year. Oh, it's so important. It's so cool too. If that would happen is so cool. It's so important. And then we're vibrationally sane as separate from where we currently are. We're putting on a pedestal and the more important we make it, the more vibrationally dissident we become from it.

The key is to take it off the pedestal to know you to be good. Either way, whether you make a hundred k a year or whatever, you're good either way. And by knowing that you think could just be more natural about it. But in general, realize that this becomes all-natural. A parallel reality visualization is the literal understanding that what you want to experience, the parallel reality you want to experience; it exists right now. You're tapping into it, but you're not doing it because it's going to get you there in the future because there is no future.

You're doing it because it is the frequency of who you are and you just want to be yourself. I just want to do me. That's it. I visualize because as who I am, and in the same way, that's what you could do is you could just visualize the best version of yourself killing the game, knowing that parallel reality already exists. And then look at that version of you say, how has that version of the acting? How has that version of me felt? What does that version of me doing?

What are the values of that version of me? What are the daily habits of that version of me? And then just be that version of you not in the future, not one day, and it's not on a pedestal, but you just start to embody those characteristics. You start to do stuff like that version of you and by doing it and assuming the wish fulfilled, assuming the wish fulfilled because the version of you that's killing the game just assumes he killed the game.

You've got tried to kill the game. That's another thing as well with parallel realities. Don't try. Trying is so unnecessary. It's like Yoda said, it's like try do or do not. There is no try. He said something like that. I'm pretty sure I'm not a huge star wars fans or whatever, but it's a very why sane and it's true. If you're like, I'm going to try to do this, would you say, I'm going to try to do something?

It just means you doubt whether you can do it or not. It means I'm not. I may do it, but I'm probably not going to do it. Try and means that you're probably not going to do it and said, just decide you're going to do something. If you're going to figure something out, don't try to figure it out. Figure it out. If you have this mentality, you then see that you got to push through whatever you've got to do.

Just be that version of you because you understand that already exists. Why don't I just be it? You see that's the difference. Then we can be someone. You could give yourself permission to be right now, and he's happened to that parallel reality. You don't have to create 3000 pieces of art and then open up an art gallery studio, and then you can be an artist. It has been artists. Just paint. Just draw. Give yourself permission. Basically, the purpose of this blog is to give yourself permission to be who you prefer to be and to tap into and assume the which fulfill, assumed the wish fulfilled.

3 Quantum Jumping Techniques that changed my life FOREVER


I'm going to be showing you three quantum jumping techniques that changed my life, and I'm going to show you how you can apply these today and experience a quantum jump in your reality.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, we are going to talk about reality and how we can go and shift from one to another. But quantum would, that implies quantum implies that there's a greater degree of change between one reality and another reality. What I'm going to share with you are some things that I've learned in my own life that I've applied, and some of them are concepts about the way reality works. And I'm going to share this.

I know I share this a lot, but think about it in the term of a film strip analogy, this makes it much easier for us to understand. Normally we think of everything as linear when instead what we can begin to think of it as the only moment that exists at this moment right now. Imagine you have that of a film slide projector and there is light being float being pushed through that at the projector, and then you see on the screen the different pictures.

In the way that each individual frame, we know that if we were to stretch it out each individual frame is it a completely separate frame. Although if it goes quickly enough, it looks like one fluid movement. Well, what we think of as time is the movement through different parallel realities. Here's a cool idea. When we have this film strip analogy, we have that of one frame over here and then a future frame over here.

That frame exists right now. Just like the parallel reality version of you doing exactly what you want to be doing already exists. The key is tapping into the frequency of that parallel reality that already exists embodying it now in the present moment and eventually through vibrational resonance that becomes your reality. That's one of the most powerful ways that I've understood it, and it's helped me to shift and create my own reality from the state that it already exists.

I don't have to try to create it in a way like, like h, think about it, create your own reality. Think about how much work that implies when it already exists, just about vibrational resonance. The first quantum jumping technique that I want to share with you has to do with simply having new expectations and having new assumptions. Every day we go into the world.

We haven't a certain assumption for how things work. We have certain expectations, and based on those expectations and assumptions, we experienced the same thing over and over and over again. This is the way I use this. I use this one. I used to work at Barneys, New York, and woman shoes. I worked there for years, and I go on every day, and I worked with like four. I worked, there were seven people in the department usually, and I would work with like one or two people a day.

Other people, and we, you're around these people a lot, you know, there was this one guy that people always had had such a negative energy, but I remember that what I did is when I went into work, I just didn't accept that premise even though I already knew him and I was like, yes, he has some like negative tendencies you could say. But what I decided to do is when I was going into work, and I was around him, I just assumed and expected him to be positive.

I didn't fall into the story that this person's very negative and this is how this person is, and by not allowing myself to have that story, what ended up happening is I went into work, and he literally was not negative, so I changed my assumptions about him. It's almost like the way that we expect people to be; they're going to mirror back whatever that expectation is. If you change your expectations though, you then create that shift. You create a new version of that person. You bring the best out of that version too, so it helps to change them.

But I've noticed this in many different areas of my life. There are certain people that you expect to be a certain way, but when you change your perception of them, you shift to reality. One thing you could do is change your expectations and change your assumptions about the way things are. Go in and experience things as if it's your first time ever experiencing them because then you don't bring the past into the present. Most people are just living out their past. They're living out the consistent past, over and over and over again with their expectations over and over and over again.

Therefore, they experienced the same things over and over and over again. Have new assumptions, have new expectations. I do that also with a lot of people in my life. You heal within yourself, and it transforms your outer reality. I've seen other people heal in my life because I've been doing the whole unopened opponent worked, doesn't mean that I caused their healing.

The second technique I'm going to share with you is one that I've done two or three times. That does work very well. Okay? What you do this is recognizing what you want. Write down a letter. You could say a letter to your higher self, you could call it our higher self, the higher aspect of us, which from the law of one says that our higher self is a mid-six density being. We all have a higher-self that's in mid-sixth density. Instead of way we're writing a letter, that version of us saying, Yo, this is what we want to experience in our life.

Make sure it's more grounded in characteristics of like emotions you want. Rather than like, I went Ferrari higher self, I watched Ferrari, please bring me Ferrari. I want to win the lottery. Please. Instead of that say, I like to be doing what I'm very passionate about being such abundance and adding value to people, have a more of a pure intention. That's at least my experience that, that I've had best results from just having that more pure intention.

That's what you do. You write down a list of stuff that you want but more characteristics you want to embody. What you do is you kind of write it out like as to your higher self and then what you do is you simply trust that somehow your higher self is going to bring it to you and what you do is you burn it. How would you burn it? You bought it, you burn it because you say, I trust that my higher self is going to bring this to me. The burden is just a ceremonial ritual you can do that will allow you to know that as you watch your bird, you're letting it go and you're going to allow your higher self to do its thing.

Because imagine it like this too, when you have that of the best-case scenario that year, you can imagine as your ego, that's the floor to your higher mind. Allow your higher mind to bring it through even more amazing and that, and that's something that can happen. I had done this before with many different things in my life. I've also done that, and healing type rituals, healing, healing, past memory and letting go of things, and when you do that, it's us.

It's a permission set that we use to give ourselves permission to shift to a parallel reality. That will also help you because when you let go and the burning or the throwing away or the shredding of that paper will allow you to see, I am letting go. It's just a ritual that says I am letting go. I am letting my higher-self do its thing. The third technique that I have is one of my favorites. Okay? This is what you do.

You do and are completely 100% spontaneous sometimes, okay? When you do the same things every day, you get the same results every day. When you do something spontaneous, what happens is you step into uncertainty. When you step into uncertainty, you allow a new probability, something new to come along, something new to happen. Nothing miraculous can happen in thinking the same thoughts, doing the same things, and feeling the same emotions.

Something miraculous comes when you step into the unknown. The only thing that can happen is everything that's happened in the past. We're in kind of like a straight jacket. But when you step into the unknown, it might be a little bit, Whoa, what can happen here? But in the unknown of, well, what could happen, something really cool can happen.

It's about being more spontaneous, do something you've never done before, go out and go to some yoga class. But sometimes what I do is when I'm driving home just from the gym, some simple, some very small version of it, I'll take a completely different route home because my mind isn't able to go straight to that thing. And when you do something that you've I've never done before, what happens is the brain goes, Whoa, I've got to start making new connections here.

And because I have to start making new connections, I'm going to make new assumptions about how reality is and about how I relate to reality. And in those new assumptions is when you could start to create a new neural network, which would, that new neural network comes to a new type of experience, a new type of way of relating to the world where change and transformation can happen.

It also tells yourself, Yo, I'm the kind of person that can do things I've never done before. Get a new type of results. And you also expand. Some people go in every day to work, they do the same things, have the same emotions, and they experienced the same things over and over and over again. They're shifting, they're just not aware of it, but they're also shifting to the same type of thing over and over again.

The key is creating a greater degree of change. If you want to create a greater degree of change, you have to be able to change your identity, change your identity, the human strength, the strongest human desire there is to remain consistent to the way that we define ourselves. If we always define herself as a shy person, as sober, that can only accomplish and make $50,000 a year like this and this, this, and this, then guess what? The ego will do everything it can to be right. Even subconsciously, like I don't know if you want to motivate more than 50,000 a year.

Well if your ego says no, that's not the kind of person you are and you have to be right. Maybe part of you sabotage is yourself. Well, that's the ego. Try and remain consistent with the way it defines itself. What I found to be the most powerful thing to do is to focus purely on shifting your level of consciousness. Because when you shift your level of consciousness, you're in a higher vibration and then you can create things that you want easier than ever. I'm going to make this video go live when The Shift Experience Webinar is live and what you can do is join and have a mini shift experience yourself.

I reveal all of that for the first time and the top of the description box below, and you can join that Webinar and I'll show you how to really create this shift in your life and it's both a shift in consciousness and shifting your vibration. It's really a shift in identity, and you can experience that for yourself. Remember the three quantum jumps. You can experience this first off, change your assumptions, change your expectations, going in with a fresh attitude, and even seeing people as more maybe more positive when you used to see them as negative.

Visualize something, write it down on a piece of paper, state it as if you have it, and then let it go to your higher mind and burn it in a safe way or shred it, she edited. Thirdly, you begin to do is just to be, I like to go this way, be spontaneous because when you're spontaneous, you're in a completely new vibration and you create amazing things in your life.

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