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The Great Awakening Purge of 2020 & What is Really Happening Behind the Scenes

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Things behind the scenes are getting brought up to the surface. There is the emotion being brought up to the surface within the whole collective consciousness, all with a certain intention and in this blog, I'm going to show you about the purge of 2020 something that is currently going on, something that is coming more into the light and exactly what you need to know about it. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you something called the perch. This isn't like the movie the purge where I'm talking about like you're going to be walking outside and there's going to be a whole bunch of people that are able to do whatever they want. It's complete anarchy or anything like that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I didn't even see that movie, to be honest with you. I just know that that's what I heard about it or something like that, but I'm talking about a purge in the way that it is normally used when we talk about plant medicine and it's a symbol for something that's going on the planet right now and I've maybe you've seen some of my other videos on what is called the great awakening now. The great awakening is about right now a lot of things that previously been in the dark, things that the government is doing, not even to the government. It's like behind the government, the government's just kind of like a puppet show that keeps a lot of people like distracted and kind of like immersed in the game. But behind that, there are different events that are orchestrated and certain power dynamics at play that then keep people in a certain state of consciousness.

I'm showing you this. This is what I've shared this in the great awakening videos. I'll link the playlist below as well for the great awakening cause it'll explain my perspective on a lot of this. Like I said, always do your own research. I'm not here to tell you exactly what to believe. I've just looked into it quite a bit myself and this is what I've come to the conclusion of now. In general, what's happening is people are kept in fear and anger because when people are in fear and anger, they're much easier to control. Plus, they're much more likely to look to authority for certainty and to be told what to do and say, okay, that's what I'll do, and what has happened is because of the media, because of different thing, different aspects of this, there's been a lot of people that have been kept in this fear and anger, especially what's been projected out.

The thing is if you were, let's use the symbol of this and this, I believe that 2020, this is what it's all about. This is what's happening. It's happening for a purpose though because the vibration on the planet is increasing and there are people that know the planet. Vibration is increasing and they're going to do whatever they can to keep the vibration low so that people are easier to control. This is a time that has been talked about for thousands of years. Many different ancient texts. This is something that I've learned from the book. The law of one also called raw materials. Dolores Cannon is something I normally will tell people that they can, they can watch the convoluted book, the convoluted universe books one through three are great for this, but they kind of explained who we are at a greater sense and how we came here to be a part of this shift in consciousness.

Part of what is called the great awakening and what happens is a lot of the things that were previously in the dark are being brought into the light. It's exactly what a purchase it is. Window are things that are in the dark being brought to the surface. The problem is that we've been kept in this fear and anger mentality and therefore our vibration has been kept low. But the thing is now the time we're moving in is we're taking our power back. I truly believe that you'll see a lot of people that may be in fear with certain things happening. I believe that this is a part of the process. Is this getting brought up so that we can clear it and then let it go? Because of the thing, the way that this works as well as we have the earth right here.

There are energy fields around our body and there were also energetic fields around everyone else's body, on the planet, plus around the earth in general. What certain people I've learned have been called them the elite, whatever we want. They've learned that if they do somewhat dark, very dark things, but if they keep people in that control mentality, they're then able to keep the vibration in a certain, in a certain range. When that is in a certain range, then there's more ability to control. There are different aspects where you can then control the resources. You can control the narrative and there are different levels to this as well. If you do your own research with it. Let me explain the analogy of why this is a good thing that things are getting brought up right now. Because more people than ever before are being aware of things and it's like they're questioning things.

People are in their houses right now. They're questioning things. They're going down little rabbit holes. I got friends that aren't even really into this information asking me questions and they're starting to get into it. I've got friends whose parents are like questioning things and realizing something's not adding up. Something feels fishy. If you go to even certain celebrities’ profiles, there are people that are, I'm starting to figure out, you know, there are these code words that they use sometimes and in reference to certain in call it certain conspiracy things, but there are some dark things that there are some major celebrities involved in. Part of this has to do with, you know, they show themselves to by using these weird code words. What happens though is it's getting brought into the light and as people get brought into the light, then people are becoming aware of it.

There are millions of people that are aware of this and if you see their posts on Instagram, you'll see the comments, you'd be blown away. There are things that a lot of people are saying no to. There's also a certain level of, I'm trying to keep people from saying certain things. Unfortunately, it's something that YouTube has also been censoring certain things. It's like certain things I can and can't say in this blog if I want it to be read if I want people to be able to see it because otherwise it, yeah. Is there an interesting in the way it works right now, but understand that there are six corporations that own almost all the major mainstream media? What's happening though is that's beginning to crumble and people are starting to see kind of the smoke and mirrors with it.

Not to say that there's not this thing going around. You know, I'm not saying that I'm just saying it's a lot of things are very exaggerated and made to look a certain way to keep people in a certain state. Now, if you were to do something called plant medicine, for example, it's going to be something called the AYA. You know, that's like the short initiation initials for it. There’s a lot more people are experimenting with this. I only recommend looking into it if it's something that's really calling you. However, I've done it before in Costa Rica and I'm at a place that's medically licensed to do so and where it's legal and I just throw that out there. But I went there, I did it. What happens is you take this, you have a bucket, you have like a mattress, it brings up stuff.

It brings up and you do something called purging of the purge is when you release, you may release some type of stored emotion. You may release it in many different ways. You may burp, you may move your body in weird ways. You may kind of twitch here and there. It's a release of energy. You may yawn, you may sneeze, you may. There are many different ways of going through this purchase process, but it's a release of energy when I've done it before, I've had experiences where I remember childhood things that I completely forgot about. I remember one time when I did it, I was experimenting and wondering why there were parts of myself felt worthy and why I felt like I was people-pleasing. What I realized is that there was a time when I was like six years old when my parents were divorced.

I'd go back and forth from my mom’s to my dad's house. Every time I come back from my mom’s to my dad's house, my dad would have an action figure on our bed and we'd ask him why? He said, well, it's because I love you. Then what happened is eventually I came home and there was no action figure on the bed. I had this image, this memory of how sad I felt when I came home. This is kind of like the purging and just becoming aware of that memory was allowing me to release and the parts of what's happening right now in the world are the vibration is actually increasing.

You would think that it's actually getting lower because of all the fear and all the mentality of what's going on. You know this is the scale of consciousness. You've got fear, anger, neutrality, willingness, reasoning, love, joy. But here's what's really happening. You would say, Oh well then maybe Iowa or some type of plant medicine. Maybe this is a low vibrational thing because it makes you feel these, these emotions and it brings up the stuff that hasn't been processed, but actually, it is high energy that then brings up anything that's not in alignment with it. That's why when I take it and I have certain intentions of working with different things, it will bring this stuff up for me to look through. Once I feel it and I release it, I did begin to feel free. That is what happens is this is a part of a process and purging in the very same way is happening right now on the planet in many different ways.

Part of that purging is us becoming aware of the fear and anger that's happening that may be actually, you know, legit and called for it. But then there's also an aspect that may be a little bit exaggerated or a lot exaggerated. Then there's also the stuff that's in the dark being brought into the light when it comes to the things that had been going behind the scenes. When it comes to these elite people and things like that. Like I said, dude, I know it sounds out there for a lot of people, but if you do the research, yeah, I think you might find to see certain patterns. Back in 2012 I looked into it for a couple of months and went like a heart. Anytime I get into something I go like kind of hardcore into it to study it and then eventually I had to get out of it because it's a, it's kind of dark to study some of this stuff.

You wonder why society is set up the way it is and it's because then there are easier ways to mitigate the resources and to control different aspects. But here's the thing that you'll learn from Dolores Cannon or even the law of one. We come here to earth to remember who we are. I know it sounds out there when some people hear that, but we come here, we're eternal spiritual beings who forget who we are so we can then remember who we are. Part of the great awakening is a great remembering. Part of that great remembering is an increasing the vibration that then brings within us all these things that we weren't aware of, both collectively and individually. The other thing I'd encourage you to look through is it's not only the corruption, you know people are starting to see the corruption in what's going on.

Many of the major CEOs step down from their companies within the last like couple months of 2019 many of them moved away and call them whales in the financial industry took out almost all of their money a month before the stock market crashed. Could they have known something was going to happen? You see there are interesting things going on to where people are becoming, this dark is getting brought into the light and things are becoming obvious and that obvious, this is like, Oh maybe there's more to this and that's happened. People go within also, cause everyone's at home right now, so they're going with it. As I make this blog, everyone's at home at least now the other thing that's going to be, we're going to be purging is belief systems. Now, belief systems. I'll say one of them as well. People with nine to five jobs right now.

There's a lot of people that I believe that maybe, you know there's a lot of people that may not have jobs right now because of everything going on and I want to encourage you just to trust this process and to know that it may bring you something even better. Maybe this is your call to actually go for what you're passionate about, which may not have been that job and maybe there's a, maybe there's something else out there that's even better and this is a blessing and I know that cause I mean I used to work nine to five sales commission job and I know a lot of those jobs aren't going to be really relatable anymore. Retail jobs, everything's going online. You know, I got out three years ago, but in general, also control. I'm learning in my own life. I have a certain level of control that I try to put over like what I want to create in my life and even my willpower.

Here's what I'm learning though. As the vibration increases on the planet. What is happening in the old ways of going about things, the control mechanisms and the real power in personal development. It's still powerful but there's a new better way to go about these things and it has to do with having a higher vibration. It has to do with surrendering, letting go of attachment, letting go of control and being enjoying this moment now not trying to escape it. You see the third-density from the books, the law of when to third density is that of control, separation, willpower. The solar plexus is what it is. Representative. We are moving from the third-density into fourth density. The fourth-density is the connection to the heart is our connection to all others. It's where reality becomes much more magical. Things become much more about vibration.

That's what's happening right now. We're making this transition and as we make this transition, the vibration on the planet is increasing and as the vibration on the planet increases, it is bringing up and allowing us to purge out the negative emotion that has been suppressed, that has been there for a long time and as it comes up we can then look at it. What do we do about this? What we do about this is we take an inventory of our own belief systems of things that aren't working. We start to trust more in our life. We start to see certain things from our past that as we would, as I was explaining that that situation earlier with the going it on the bed, the action figure, the toy or whatever, and the same way, what would I have to believe is true to be having and to feel unworthy to be attracting this kind of people into my life to be doing this, to be doing that.

What would I have to believe? Then as you become aware of those belief systems, you let them go. You become free. It's always a choice. The problem is, is that sometimes these belief systems give us some sort of positive payoff or negative payoff that we're not aware of that fuels us. We're afraid to let it go. There's a story there that this belief system has always been me, but every moment you are changing, every moment you're changing. Every moment is a new moment. The thing is you can create a greater degree of change from what you are experiencing now to what you want to experience. All you got to do is let go of that old story. Let go of the story you tell yourself about who you are. And as you let go of that story, you will begin to become freer.

This is really about choice, letting go and giving yourself permission to be in these higher vibrational states of being aware of where your attention is. Whatever you focus on, you feel of knowing that there is more going on behind the scenes and doing your own research to where when you start to question it, things become obvious and you start to really take your power back and stop feeding it to the media and all these other things. If you haven't seen, I have a video that is on three hidden things that I think are coming to the surface, three hidden agendas in a way, and people have been really enjoying that video. I didn't realize it gets so much attention, but I guess it resonates with people. I'll go ahead and link that below. Go ahead and check out that video, the three hidden agendas going on right now in the world that you may not know about.

STOP Chasing Love and instead See it as “Natural” for you to be Attractive


Love will chase you when you start to know your own worth. When you start to see it as natural for you to be attractive. In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly what to do to make that happen so that love or relationships chases you.

Today, I'm going to be showing you different ways that you can shift your self-image. Just start to see yourself as attractive because the way it works is the way you see yourself is projected out to other people and other people respond to you based on that energy you feel about yourself. I've noticed this in my own life. I've seen other people as well that in my life that are very attractive people, but they may not know it themselves or think of themselves.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Therefore, when they go out into the world, it's almost like they aren't able to perceive of people being attracted to them because they're projecting out that they're not. It's something that the more aware we become and the more we see ourselves and really value ourselves, the more that other people will value us as well and it has to do with that awareness. It has to do with these little energy dynamics that I'm going to share with you in this blog that shows you how to tap into your core authenticity and your core of the owning of your own vibration, your own energy and when you do these things you'll find that then you develop very magnetic energy and the people start to chase you because of what you are projecting out and it's not even really an inauthentic projection. It's just you being an understanding of your own value, which then is something that's a contagious type mentality.

The first part that's important to understand with this process is when it comes to being attractive. Any time we chase, we are automatically putting that person we are chasing outside of the realm of capability for us to really reach them or be in a way attractive to them. I've shared this little story before, but I remember being with an old coworker and we were looking at one of our other friends who we worked with and she'd made a comment to me because she noticed that anytime he would chase different woman he'd want to be with and chase being in a relationship with them, the more he would chase them. It's like you got the stick and then in a way you're putting them vibrationally away from you. No matter how far you walk, it's always going to be that far away from you because vibrationally what you're saying is this isn't in my life. When you're chasing it, you say, I want that. I want to be in a relationship with that person. I want validation from that person. What ends up happening is vibrationally we're saying, I don't currently have that person in my life. We keep reaffirming that that person isn't in our lives and in my own life I've realized that whether when it comes to abundance, whether it comes to relationships, whether it comes to me just wanting, whether it's to move into a house or whatever it is, the more I really, really want it, the more I end up resisting it.

The key to that has been to know that you are good. Either way, you are good either way. When you have that frame going into it, it then lessens the importance a little bit. Remember anything we make very, very important. We put on a pedestal and we create resistance around it, but when we know, Hey, I'm good. Either way, it makes it so much easier and I understand as well that it's like when you really, really want it, it's almost, it becomes a momentum. It's like you keep thinking about it and that momentum keeps growing and you keep wanting it and it becomes almost like a little, a little bubble that just keeps on growing. But the key is knowing that when we do that we end up creating resistance. The frame about this is about really becoming aware as well of our current self-image, of our current self-image.

This really changed it in my own life when I was 15 years old, some of you know my story, but when I was 15 years old, my dad divorced my ex stepmom, my ex stepmom was very controlling and physically, mentally, emotionally abusive. We had my brother and me, no freedom whatsoever. Even in high school, we weren't allowed to have friends up until when my dad divorced her when I was a sophomore in high school. All of a sudden junior in high school, the last two years of high school, I was able to actually have friends and look the way I wanted to because before I had to always call my hair back, tuck in my shirt, which was embarrassing, going to school with your shirt tucked in and I had to kind of be like a goody-two-shoes.

That's how I had to portray myself in order to be accepted or you know, the way I was kind of controlled. The interesting thing was my brother and me, my brother was two years younger than I. We go to high school in junior year. My brother is a freshman, I'm a junior and we in a way weren't used to getting attention from other people because we always looked kind of like the goody-two-shoes. We always had our hair tucked back in, our shirt tucked in. We were kind of like the nerds in a way. Now, junior year I go in and all of a sudden, I'm able to look the way I want. It doesn't mean I had like my pants sagging or anything, but then I was able to do my hair the way I want. My brother and I actually we had like died like a highlighted hair, you know, this is back in the day.

I wouldn't do that now, but it was kind of it. We ended up looking the way that we wanted. We ended up starting to develop a style and the more we started to value the way that we looked and the way that we were, it was like then all of a sudden, my brother and I were like to talk between the girls at school because we were like the, we looked completely different and then people were starting to talk about it. It's like, Oh, they actually look pretty cool. Then my brother and I started getting different intention and the funny thing was, the more we were like, Oh, we weren't used to that. We weren't used to people treating us that way. We were always kind of like the nerds. The more we recognize that it was like the more our own self-image change.

Not that our own self-image should be changed by outer circumstance, but this is before I knew about all this awareness information and stuff. This was a, you know, I was just kind of looking. I was like, Oh, I guess my brother and I are able to get more attention when before we, I also have braces and there was just, it was, it was something, it was going about it the opposite way. I was younger, but it was going out from the outside in rather than the inside out. But the more I recognized and started to value myself because I was being validated with other people, the more attractive I then became to other people. It was an interesting thing and I wasn't used to it at all. I wasn't used to it and it was like really weird for me to get attention. However, that's what I noticed is as my self-image changed, the way that I viewed myself, the more that those perspectives and what I was in a way projecting that energy out, that awareness out and the more of the value I felt there, the more that it then made people in a way chase me.

I remember I had one of my first girlfriends that I really liked and she didn't necessarily treat me the best way and she got kind of flack for it from that. She was kind of controlling in some ways and her kind of got flack from other friends and stuff for certain things that, that happen. Certain ways that she would talk to me and stuff. But I really liked her. What happened is I started to become friends with a new group in high school. As I became friends with that new group, there was a girl in that group that I started to talk to and started to like. Then that other girl that wasn't treating me well, plus we broke up, but it was like I still really liked her.

All of a sudden once the energy shifts and I start being in this other group and I didn't have other options in a way and I'm attracted to someone else, she kind of feels that energetic pool and then starts calling me and for a couple of weeks was trying to get me back because the energy dynamic changed. I started to realize my own value and I started to realize in a way there was, I was more in abundance mentality and then she felt that energetic pool and was trying to give back. When you change this energy dynamic and you start to see yourself as attractive, other people will start to see you that way as well. Other people will then in a way chase you. But the key to this is first off, becoming aware of your own energy and then seeing how you are projecting yourself out.

I think of it like this as well, the more love you can feel within your own energetic field. If you could feel love and value yourself by noticing the positives you have in yourself by recognizing your own worth, your own value. When you're doing your passion as well, this energy field is much more electric and what happens is that energy goes out and other people can feel it. Think of it like this. The world is mirroring back. This is a mere right year. The world is mirroring back the energy that you feel about yourself. Some people will rely on external stimulus in order to know how they feel. The key is feeling that self-love. Knowing you're projecting that out in the world. You're putting them on that stick with the carrot on a stick and you are chasing them, but they're always going to be a little bit further away.

The key is to this is seeing it as natural for you to be valued and for you to be in that feeling of self-love. One of the main parts of this process that's important is understanding how to change your self-image. Changing your self-image has to do with first off become aware of what your current self-image is. When you look at a mirror, the key to this as well as not needing the mirror reflection, in reality, to change before you change. The way this works is when you're focused and you're looking at yourself in the mirror, how are you seeing yourself and understand that then how you see yourself is also what is projected out. The key is being aware that there is a difference between the image you see in the screen and the way that you view yourself and you project out your own energy out when you go out into the world.

The reason I show this as a mirror is that it's a mere reflection and this reflection will not change until I change. Sometimes what people do is the wait for the mere reflection of change and they'll end up waiting and waiting and waiting. That's what I did for a long time until I became aware that I have to not need the mirror to change prior, but the key to this is first off, becoming aware of what that reflection is. Become aware of what your self-image, how are you seeing yourself. There was an interesting book called psycho cybernetics and it's written by a plastic surgeon who noticed that when people would get plastic surgery, what would happen is it would take about 21 days. That's why a lot of people say 21 days to really make a powerful change, which is that three weeks and it would take them about 21 days until they changed their own self-image.

Even if they had like a nose job or some, you know, facial reconstruction. If they didn't change their self-image then they wouldn't actually feel changed. The key to this is changing your own self-image and if you see yourself as unattractive, if you see yourself as below other people, then that energy is projected out and other people are responding based to it. The first step to this process is first off, become aware. I'm going to put the text right here. Become aware of yourself. The image that is the first step, what and how do you see yourself? Then the second step is as you become aware of it, then what you can do is start to identify the new self-image. How would you prefer to be that second step?

The second step is identifying what you'd like your preferred self-image to be. Then thirdly, it's about just deciding that's who you are now. Don't think about this as taking it till you make it or being someone that you're not. Realize that the way that we've been seeing ourselves may not be actually valued in ourselves. That's not who we are anyways. The key to this is first off, identifying our current self-image. Secondly, identifying the way we prefer to be and how we'd love to value ourselves. Then thirdly, deciding like right now we are going to be that. What can you do to bridge those two self-images? What can you do to bridge to the be that version of you prefer to be? It may require you doing things that show you your own self-love.

It may mean require that you do things because you enjoy doing it, that you do in reading books that you're passionate about. You know, certain areas of our life will link to other areas of our life. If we are focused on that, you know, if we're not doing our passion, for example, we may not feel as confident if we were to do our passion. That's saying I am worth it and one of the most common beliefs or are out there is I am not enough. I felt like I wasn't enough for a long time because of what I went through growing up. Even after being in relationships, I would keep playing out that pattern. But the key was for me was reframing a lot of things that happened in the past and understanding our own vision of love and what it takes for us to be loved.

What are our rules for love? My old rules were, you know, in order for me to feel love, I have to be getting approval from other people. I was kind of a people pleaser because the way that I was modelled love as a kid, as I had to be a certain way, have my hair combed and had to project myself and in a certain way, you know, my dad's a firefighter. There's a certain way that in a way I was meant to kind of reflect onto him. That ended up making me kind of a rebel as well. That changed my self-image too when I became a rebel because then I see myself as a, as somebody that kind of pushes against rather than just goes along with the flow. The key to this though is becoming aware of your own sense of what it takes for you to be loved.

Because the more love you can feel inside. The more you project that out and the more than other people can then feel that from you. But the key to this is seeing that as natural seen as natural for you to feel that love within. See it as natural for you to focus on your positive qualities. You net as natural for you to go for your own passion, becoming aware of your old self-image. Then deciding who do you really prefer to be and who are you really because the old self-image is based on prior past agreements that may no longer serve. The key to this is really changing that self-image. If you haven't seen that attracting love meditation I have, it's the most powerful meditation on my YouTube channel and read the comments are so many people that say they attracted love from listening to that meditati

2020 is going to be HUGE for Anyone that knows these 3 things…


I was listening to a Bashar session recently and the one thing he said about 2020 is he says 2020 is going to be nuts and that's what he said and in this blog, I'm going to share with you those three things that you got to know these three patterns for 2020 that will guarantee you to have an exponential shift in your life in a very powerful way so that as well you don't start to experience some of the negative timelines of things that could happen.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you those three things on these energy patterns that you can become aware of that change everything for 2020. The first ones that I've recognized with this is that of a power dynamic that's going to be balanced in this year of 2020. This is going to happen both at a collective level and you'll see it happen at an individual level as well, and I see this happening in so many different people's lives. Let me explain to you a little bit about what, what I mean and maybe share a little bit of a story, maybe even kind of like a personal story about this. There is a certain power dynamic when it comes to certain people taking advantage of other people.

I think that this power dynamic has gone on for a very long period of time because, in a way, both parties are playing a certain role. Maybe you have someone in your life that kind of manipulates you, makes you feel a certain way. You put up with their stuff and you feel like it emotionally drains you. Maybe you have someone in your life that just controls how you are and how they expect you to be. What I can see happening in 2020 is all her of her cards falling down. The energy dynamic that was in play for so long is getting ready to crumble on top of her. I could see that because my sister made the choice that she's not going to go back to her mom and that she's 17. By the time the court system did, you know, they did go, it'd be months and months away probably. She'll buy herself a little bit of time, but not having to be around her. However, what I find very interesting is I can see that people in general that have that narcissistic or that power dynamic, I can see their carts falling in 2020. The energy dynamic that's at play is a year of balance for this year.

That's not just her life. I've talked to other people. I went to a retreat recently with my buddy Victor. There is like out of the 20 people there. There were two or three people that have had to deal with the power dynamic like that with having to like a narcissist in their life like that somebody that's controlling or somebody that has those kinds of personality traits. It was very apparent that things are getting ready to, the cars are getting ready to fall for some people. It's because I think that the energy is so high now on the planet in general and we are coming more in our power. You know, my sister decided she's not going back to her mom. But she decided that it's like almost like she's like, I've had enough, I'm not dealing with this anymore. You know, not the guys that deal with my mom sending my friends text messages pretending to be me to try to embarrass me. That's crazy. I think companies, that company I used to work for Barneys New York, there were certain power dynamics at the one that I worked at that you could see weren't really in alignment.

Certain levels of control, certain levels of manipulation and that ended up going bankrupt. You know, I think that integrity is more important than ever in 2020. I think that power dynamics, even at government levels, you'll see certain things begin to manifest for them that really puts them into certain states. It's up to us to really just be in our own power. That's the message for 2020. I think it's going to be huge for anyone dealing with that kind of power dynamic, that kind of struggle. It's about really just being in your power altogether. That's one of the energy patterns that I've noticed. The second energy that will make 2020 huge for you, has to do with understanding that for many people it may be a year of going more within. I recently went to an event. It was the Connor McGregor fight here in Las Vegas and I live in Las Vegas and I had a lot of buddies that I went over to their house and there's a whole bunch of my buddies from high school there and I can't tell you how many of them have started to come more aware of the spiritual information coming up, wanting to tell me these stories, these synchronicities they're having, they're becoming more aware of their thoughts and how that affects their experience or changing their mindsets around different things.

They're craving an internal sense of awareness in a way. One thing that I noticed for many people is that 2020 maybe a year of going within and doing the changes within yourself, growing more on the inside. Even like I know recently Lee or posted something on her email list and she said that for her 2020 is going to be a year of her learning. She's like learning hypnosis, she's learning yoga, she's learning, she wants to do retreats and like bringing women together and people together. A lot of what she's doing though is going within and learning. I think that even for me, there are certain aspects of my life that I'm really going within and kind of becoming more aware of certain aspects of myself. I think that for 2020 it's very important because there have been so many people, and I see this as well when I was talking to my group of friends a lot. There's some of them that are trying to make changes in their life and what they're doing is they're trying to change the outside.

They're trying to change the outside. They're tired of trying to change the outside. Oh, if I could just do this and trying to change it from the outside. The thing is, is what I can see the pattern is, is the key is to flip that around and to change from the inside out. That's the powerful energy of 2020 and what it has to offer. I think people that keep trying to change on the outside will continue to create more and more resistance, create more and more, maybe the less preferable synchronicity. However, if we go and we focus more on changing on the inside, healing within ourselves, I think that then the outer reality will begin to change anyways. But I can see that certain people are being pushed in that direction of going within and that there are many people that are in that boat.

As I said, there's the power dynamic, there's going within. Then the third one I'll share with you at the camera angle right over here. The third energy trend that will make 2020 huge for you has to do with understanding that what got you here won't get you there. This has been a powerful realization in my life too. There have been many people actually in my life that I'm noticing this in and you, and this is more relevant in my life as well. This is something I'm mentioning now. What got you here won't get you there. It is a time of expanding into the unknown. You could say you're stepping out of the comfort zone. For me, I've been on YouTube for three years now. I have this belief this, it's kind of a limiting belief that I need to make videos every single day to keep my success going on YouTube.

I find that sometimes it burns me out a little bit, to be honest with you. Part of me is realizing that I want to do things a little bit differently. But also, I know intuitively that the next level for me, the next level is for me to branch out and to start doing live events. I know that I've been saying that for months. Sometimes what I realized that gets kind of challenging with personal development is even though sometimes you might know something and be aware of it, you don't always necessarily do it. I know that this belief that I always have to work hard and because I'm realizing if I'm going to branch out into new things, I need more energy to put into the other things as well, not just on YouTube and my email list. The reason I'm mentioning this is that I believe that 2020 is also a year of plying what you may kind of already feel within yourself and don't judge yourself. Sometimes I judge myself, I'm like, Oh, I should've already been doing this and why do I know this? But then I'm still not actually applying this. That's just me sharing with you that sometimes that's just there's some stories or blocks that might be there that might be keeping us from really branching out and 2020 is a year of branching out towards the vision 2020 vision, so for me, that is something that I'm going to do no matter like this year, in the next like a couple of months is those live events. It's been planned out for a while. The first step was me moving into this house, finding a house in Vegas. I found the house and it's now about me stepping into the unknown, which sometimes might be a little bit scary as I put more energy into that and traveling and doing events and working with people and getting to meet people like you in person, which would be really cool. It's going to take away a little bit of my energy for making YouTube videos. I'll probably still make almost as many videos as I make, but it's an energy thing and it's this realization that the paradigm you're at, it may be time to take it to another level.

If you're doing the same things every day, the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day that you did in night, 2019, then 2020 may be the year of you breaking out of that shell. Doing something that you've never done before. Trusting that process to the unknown sometimes comes with the perception of risk. But I think that 2020 is really going to be powerful for anyone reading this blog. Remember, you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of. I think that 2020 is also a year of raising our dominant vibration. That means that as we raise our energy, we then perceive a reality that is more in the alignment of what we want. The thing that Bashar said in his talk is that 2020 is going to be nuts. There's going to be a lot of change. But what he said is like the eye of a storm remain in that neutral point. Observe what happens. Things might get a little nutty. You may notice people acting out against you.

They may have a little bit of a rougher time, but if you're watching this video, then you're someone that has the awareness that you can observe that rather than react and then put your energy where you choose to put it rather than where society, the media and anyone else tells you to put it. But in 2020, it's a year of you really branching out and raising that dominant vibration. If you haven't seen yet, I posted a video on January 1st title of this meditation will raise your dominant vibration permanently and it's got an amazing response from people. Listen to it for 21 days. It will change your dominant vibration. Read the comments as he was possible. I have a question for you. What theme do you see happening in the year 2020 what theme do you see in your life and is there any of these that I mentioned that really resonates with you?

The 4th Density Shift (related to The Great Awakening)


We are currently moving from what is called a third-density level of consciousness into a fourth-density level of consciousness. This is something that was talked about in the books, the Law of One, which refers to it as the harvest. The harvest is happening right now. I know this sounds a little bit very esoteric, but what I'm going to be doing is making this relatable and practical in this blog and show you exactly what to do to make the transition easily into a fourth-density state of consciousness so that you can be in that state of the new age we're moving into.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I know just got a little bit longer if you've been watching my videos for a while, so in this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you what I believe is going on and again, this is my own interpretation of it. There are books that I will point you to, some of which are the five books of the law of one, which are five channelled books from the 1980s. I know that sounds pretty weird, but here's the thing. A lot of this stuff that's talked about in this book, so when it is related to astronomy, other things have come to be true. It's a physicist that is the husband that is asking questions to his wife who is in a channelled state.

Is the information powerful? What I have found is through studying the Law of One, it has definitely increased my own vibration, my own awareness. It's a very powerful way model for seeing the world and kind of what's going on right now in the world. The other thing I'm going to be doing is merging that you might look around in the world, see that there's a lot of fear getting bought up right now we're in the midst of what some people call a great awakening. That's a part of what's happening. The vibration on the planet is beginning to raise. The consciousness is beginning to raise on the planet. It is bringing up all of these things underneath for us to deal with right now, which when you look at what's going on in the world, there's a lot of fear getting brought up.

One of the reasons that fear is there so that we can be aware of it and clear it out. If you've ever done something like I'm Aja, I plant medicine, you purge. What purge means is that you release negative energy. You release stored energy sometimes in the form of energetically throwing up sometimes in many different ways that that can happen. However, it's a feeling of the subconscious or the things getting brought up so that you can then let it go. Then your vibration is raised, you feel loose, you feel free. That's kind of what's happening right on the, on the, on the planet is there's a purge going on, a purge where the hidden is getting brought into the light in the years moving ahead. I believe there will be more and more of these hidden agendas by the government. The things we call conspiracies, that we have such a negative connotation around.

One of the reasons we have a negative connotation. You want to know why? Because back in the '70s or '80s, the CIA came up with the term conspiracy theory gave it a negative connotation. People are afraid to believe that there could be an agenda behind the scenes. It's all conspiracy means is a secret group plan. I'll tell you right now that the more you study this stuff, the more you may see those patterns you do the research for yourself. Don't just believe me or anybody else just because we say it. Do the research. One of the things that I recommend though is I look at this more as an energy transition more so than I do like the conspiracy anyways. What is happening right now is we are moving from what is called third density into Fort density.

I'm going to explain what that is and let me also say that I recommend the law of one plus. I also recommend that of Dolores Cannon's books. There are 17 books and there are hypnotherapy sessions there, transcripts of Dolores Cannon asking people questions and what comes through our people's subconscious mind. She would ask certain questions like, why did you incarnate it this time? What is your purpose in this life? Why did you pick your parents? Stuff like that. Well, one of the most common things that were said that came through that we came here to be a part of the shift in consciousness. We came here to be a part of this. We came here to wait, help people wake up. We came here to wake up ourselves. What is also talked about in both the Law of One and that of Dolores Cannon's material is that when we come to earth, we completely forget who we are and part of the reason for this is so that we can then remember who we are.

It's still really the experience of it is something we learned from. It is in a way like a virtual reality where we extend our consciousness, we're eternal spiritual beings. That project our consciousness here and then part of the purpose is still that we wake up to who we are and in Dolores Cannon's material. What it also says is that back in the 1930s this will sound kind of out there, but back in the 1930s what happened is there was a call that was put out in a way from mother Gaia herself and what happened, it was a call that was put out because we were beginning to destroy ourselves by messing with nuclear weapons with nuclear bombs. This is the thing with the earth. We have free will here so we can do whatever we want to earth as a collective consciousness.

However, when we start to influence other star systems, when a nuclear bomb goes off, it goes into the solar system and it starts to influence other reality systems, not just our own. That is when that call was put out, that mother guy was like, yo, I need some help. These humans are crazy. They could be killing each other and there may have been a timeline there with that did happen, but what happened is that call was put out and then billions and billions of people and millions that, I don't know, I don't know the numbers, but so many what we call lightworkers, people that wanted to help the planet wake up you reading this blog, this isn't some way to make you feel special, does it? Like we just, you know, everyone is a multidimensional being, having a temporary human experience and we're all special snowflakes.

That's one way of looking at it. We're all one the Law of One. What happened is that call that was put out, many of us came here to wake up in this time. This is really one of the most exciting times to be alive than ever before. That's what I taught. That's why I talk about what is called the great awakening. As more and more people wake up, it is changing the collective consciousness as more and more people wake up, they're becoming aware that there may be hidden agendas behind the scenes. It's even talked about in the law of one how there was this back-military complex of people. They've had ET technology for a long time. But what happened is they kept it out of the awareness of the people and they used it. They reverse-engineered it.

These things are starting to come out and more and more people are becoming open to it. But what's happened is the energy has been suppressed. The information has been suppressed. What if they're people that know that we are eternal spiritual beings? What they did is they created a construct where most people are fear and anger, and in a way, it keeps people from knowing their true power. Then it's easier to mitigate the resources. Okay, so I know we've kind of got off topic a little bit here. Let's go and get back into the densities. But the reason I share all that is because when I shared these densities with you, you can start to see why. Right now, we're moving out of one density, which is the third density into what we call the fourth density. The way that the law of one talks about it is they talk about it in the form of rays of energy.

When we say raise of energy, realize there may be a red ray of energy that goes into our root chakra, an orange ray of energy that goes in our solar plexus Chakra belly button and the solar plexus, which is the third chakra, which is related to willpower. I'll kind of go through each of these. What it is said in the law of one is as the harvest happens now, the harvest is where there's this opportunity for us to go from one level of consciousness to the next. Let me clear this out as well. Right now, I believe that we are going through this in a collective consciousness way. I don't believe that people will be left behind. I believe that we agreed to do this in a, in a grand way. The reason I say this, people are so fearful and the book it says you must be 51% service to others in order to raise your vibration instead of 51% or more of other services to others than service to self.

The third density, it's mainly ego. It's the main service to a lot of it is the negative side of it is service to self. When it talks about that, what happens is that we believe that we need to have that kind of what we need. We need to like reconfigure the way that we think and start to realize who we really are. That's why it's called the Law of One, realizing that we are all connected now. What is happening though is for us to make this transition? Here's the thing as well. I believe that there's also a splitting we could say of parallel realities that happen. There'll be some optimal timelines, some, some somewhat not optimal timelines. That's why it's important to get in the state of being that you prefer, so that's why when some people are really afraid of certain things to happen in the world if we would understand that, we can choose it from a place of awareness to not feed the old paradigms.

If we're afraid of this back-government thing, then we're feeding it energy. The thing to realize is that we are outnumbering them so many to one and that we can retain our own power. As I said, do your research with us. I'm not trying to say, I'm just kind of telling you that I, you know, since 2012, I've been fascinated by this stuff. I've looked into it and this is what I've come to understand. Let's look at the different, what did it say in the law of one to move into the fourth density is we must clear the bottom three shock reds and balance them out. Also, the bottom three densities to the move into the fourth density. Let's look at it like this. We have the salt, we have the root chakra, the sacral chakra grows the solar plexus in the heart.

The root chakra is the red ray. The red ray would be that of survival shelter in our needs. Survival meaning are we in? Like right now, there's a lot of people that may have an imbalanced rude shock cause they're freaking out because of all this stuff happening in the world. Well, we might also have been the basic necessities. Many times, what will happen is we may feel like in survival mode. The basic shelter, having shelter, having food, having water safety, our needs. That's why fear right now, maybe in balancing the root Chakra, our survival. To balance out this chakra it's necessary to understand and it's necessary to really understand and to be aware of the fear that we may have.

Sometimes we may be in a lot of fear and we may realize, Hey, I have a house. I'm in a house or an apartment, I have shelter, I have food, I have the bare necessities. Sometimes even that realization in of itself can help to balance that out. One other thing you could do is walk barefoot in the grass, be in nature more. Connect to that part of yourself. The elements take a bath. These are different ways and there are different activities that are emerged that are, that correlate with each of these densities and each of these shoppers. You could say that when we talk about the first density as well, the first density would be also an analogy of the rock and mineral kingdom, which kind of is just, it's still a level of consciousness. It doesn't necessarily have the ability to move. I mean I guess some ways it could, but in general, it's the mineral and earth is the density. The second density is our relationships. If you have hard relationships with other people, you may have a lot of stuff built into your sacral chakra. It is also understanding the acceptance of self. The more we can accept ourselves, not beat ourselves up so much and then as well as our power over others. When we were in a level of consciousness of having slaves, for example, that was a sacred shock imbalance. A little bit more than that to be honest with you. But when you look at the correlation of that, that's where it would be power over others. The sacral chakra, things that we can do to balance out that is also each of these correlate with different colors. You literally do things with different like eat oranges, you know, like different, okay.

It could be beets, it could be any red, you know, red apples, things like that can help to balance out the root chakra. Also like herbs, teas. Then we look at the second we have the orange. You can talk about orange, like, you know, like orange fruits and stuff and vegetables. But in general, learning to forgive others, learning to accept yourself, learning to do something like whole Ho’oponopono is a very powerful way to heal you between you and other people. That's a very powerful way to heal this Chakra. Chakra and I have a video on Ho’oponopono as well. Go ahead and link that below. The third density is the dead sea that we've been in for a long time. This also second-density, by the way, would be the animal kingdom. It'd be like dogs and you know, dogs. Actually, I believe from what it sounds like in the law of one, by having dogs, they're becoming closer to humans.

It actually elevates their level of consciousness even more from what I understand. But animals, in general, are second density. Third density is where we have self-awareness, humans, the in this raw form, third density, self-awareness will, power, individuality, separation, power group power powers, where we start to learn personal power. Then there's still people that are using and abusing that group power. The third density is where we've been for a very long period of time. This is the game of separation. This is where we believe we may be separate from other people. This is also where you know, you might do a lot of personal development work, very positive things. However, at a certain point though, this is also where there's a lot of dualities. The third density is a lot of dualities. Good, bad, light, dark. It's the game of separation.

The fourth-density is what we're moving into right now. When we've been moving into for a period of time, but the old 3D structures that are beginning to break away, people are starting to become more aware that there's this control faction behind the government. People are starting to become aware that there's more going on. People are starting to become aware that this whole win loses mentality or lose, lose mentality of service to self hasn't been serving. That's why I believe that moving forward, especially companies that are founded upon those lower vibrational principles will continue to drop out, literally continue to crumble. It is all about having a high degree of integrity in the fourth density, which is connected to the hearts which is connected to love connection between all of us and also understanding that things are vibration. This is very solid. This is where things become a little bit less solid, a little bit more flexible.

You may notice in fourth density that time appears to be going by quicker. Time isn't even a really a real thing. Time is a perception that we have. The only moment that exists at this moment right now. What happens is as our vibration increases, we experience more and more of a faster frame of what we call time. What did it say we must do is clear out the bottom three shoppers? This solar plexus could be you understand your own personal power. This could be you developing your own sense of individuality. Look at it like this as well. The second density when people have power over others, maybe even we could talk about narcissists, they have power over someone else. That may cause somebody to have an imbalance of the second chakra and they may need to stretch up and start to take their power back and maybe to say no to someone that has prior had power over them.

Then they start to move more into their third density power, their third shocker. These all exist within us right now. But, what we can do is we can begin to balance out the bottom three shockers, take our power back, understand our own sense of survival, be aware of the fear. Do something like Ho’oponopono. We can learn how to have a vision for what we want to experience in our life, have our own individuality, but at the same time realize our connection between all things and the third density. We build up the ego and the fourth-density, we begin to see that we're all connected. Still can have an ego structure and move into fourth density.

It's becoming a higher vibrational. It's almost like an antenna of higher vibrational energy, which I believe every single one of you is in a certain way. When you start to in a way connect to your higher-self more and more, that's what you experience and every single person has that connection. I really believe is the most important time, the most powerful time to ever be alive than ever on the planet. This is about clearing out the bottom three shoppers and then moving into the fourth. If you want to learn more, I have a step by step process that helps to clear out these bottom three shoppers to then move into the fourth shocker. It's something, I think that it is very important for us to do it this time. You can check that out. That is a step by step process as to how to go through this whole entire process of transformation and understanding that this really is the most exciting time to be alive. I'm excited to be here with you.

3 Manifestation Mistakes that BLOCK Money, Love and Success from Manifesting


Money, love, and success are doing everything they can to get to you, but what we do is we block it from coming into our lives. By doing these three things, I'm going to show you exactly what to do to bypass them so that you finally start to allow what you want into your life. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three biggest manifestation mistakes that are blocking you from attracting money, love, and success. The first one has to do with this understanding of our energy in general and the things that we think we want versus whether it's actually in alignment with our soul or alignment with our passion. Because sometimes what happens is we say to ourselves, we say I want money, love, success.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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These are the things I want. However, we think the mode, the getting there is sometimes ways that are actually out of alignment with who we really are. Let me give you an example of this. About three, about five years ago I would say, I was intending to learn how to make passive income online. What I was doing is I saw this YouTube or he was showing how to make and how to outsource Kindle books, like outsourcing Kindle books and you hire people to write them and you get ghostwriters and stuff and then you market them. He was showing how to do this and how he was making like, I don't know, it was like $10,000 a month doing it. He taught people how to do that. I thought it was really cool. I was working my job selling woman's shoes at the time.

I was like, okay, let me try, let me get inside this and let me see how I can do this. I bought his course, it was like 60 something dollars and I started studying it and I started actually apply it. However, there was a lot of resistance. There's a lot of resistance that came up. The thing that I realized was that I was doing it for the wrong reasons. It was nothing I was actually passionate about. I wasn't passionate about writing. I wasn't passionate about getting these people to write books and marketing these certain ideas. I wasn't actually passionate about that and what happened is I felt a lot of resistance and nothing actually really came from it. After about a month or two of trying to do it, it was a big hassle. I wasn't really making any money from it and I decided to stop doing that.

But now that I look back, I see the actual truth of that. I was doing something I wasn't passionate about, which was lowering my frequency and it was something that wasn't a part of my natural passion. Remember your higher self and your body, your physical ego, your higher self is always sending you a signal that is showing you whether you're in alignment or not and when you're feeling passion, you're in alignment with what you're meant to be doing. As I make this blog right now, I'm very passionate about it because this is what I love doing. In the same way, what happens is this is the scale of consciousness right here. Just like an example, maybe you've seen me talk about it in my videos before, but the more you raise your vibration, the more the easier your manifestation ability is and the better you feel.

Remember feeling goes into your manifestations. Sometimes what people do is they may be focused on the money, they may be focused on the relationship instead of focused on the feeling and the passion of knowing that it is in alignment. That is alignment. Let me get this a marker right here. In alignment, so the key to this is the first mistake we make is we're not actually passionate about it, we're not passionate about it. Because we're not actually passionate about it, what ends up happening is it's actually something that lowers our frequency. Plus in a way it's something that our higher self is showing us is an actually enlightening. Like, for example, if I were to do and be doing that thing that I was doing with the selling Kindle books, I believe maybe it would have taken me on a timeline where it wasn't actually what I was passionate about.

It would have kind of veered me off of the timeline that I'm on now to where I eventually started making YouTube videos full time. Sometimes people do this as well. They're like, I want to win the lottery and if we want to win the lottery, what ends up happening is we think that what we want to win is the lottery. But what we really want is the emotion that comes from the security and the financial freedom of winning the lottery. But the thing is what if from your soul's perspective, you winning the lottery would take you out of your power of you actually creating things from the inside out. Because winning the lottery is kind of like outside in type thing. We need to ask ourselves the question, is this relevant for our life, for our purpose, for what we're passionate about?

That's why when I talk about manifestation, I always mention it in the form of making sure it's connected to your heart. If attracting money, loving success, if you're trying to check money based on things that are in principles that are out of alignment with you, then you might be coming up with blocks. You might think you just want a certain dollar amount, or you might think you just want a person because this person may make me feel better, but what if that person that you're trying to attract is actually going to treat you in a very negative way or whatever. It will be a very sour relationship, or to actually deter you from your purpose of you accomplishing your dreams. When I was going through my and starting to become more well-known on YouTube and really going for my passion, I realized that maybe being single during that time was necessary for me to really get my momentum going.

That's something that that really makes a difference is first off, understanding your passion and whether it's really in alignment with what you're meant to be doing and with your soul. In general. The second that may be blocking you from money, love and success. The mistake you may make with manifestation is believing that it is all about thinking rather than also feeling in acting on whatever you want to create in your life. I remember when I was first getting on YouTube and just also working my nine to five job that I wasn't passionate about. I actually, people look at me now and they say, wow, Aaron's got a lot of willpower. Everyone's able to like to make a lot of videos on YouTube and all this stuff. The truth is I used to be somebody that was manifesting really by kind of just sitting on the couch.

To be honest with you, I was like thinking about what I want and I would sit here and I'd be like, Oh, I really want this in my life and I really want that perfect relationship and doing what I love full time one day, being able to speak like some of the people I look up to. That's what I want to do one day. I remember I was, I was thinking that I would go into work every day and just nothing was really happening. There were a couple of synchronicities. One of the synchronicities is I met Jack Canfield. You guys don't know him. He was in the book. It was in a, he's like the author of the chicken noodle soup soul for the soul books. I use also the movie, The Secret. He came up to me to buy something for his wife, but there was no one in the department.

He needed to buy clothes. He came to the shoe department to get rung up and then I talked to him and stuff and he was really cool. I told him, one day, I'm going to do what you do. It's kind of funny because now I do kind of what he does for a living, you know what I mean? But there were some synchronicities there, but nothing actually really happened. But then what I did was I kept hearing people talk about taking massive action and at the time, that's probably what I needed to hear, but I wasn't really doing it. I'd hear it and kind of feel resistant about it. Like, take massive action. Sounds hard. What about Law of Attraction? Like you should be able to just make it easy where you don't have to really take action.

You just think it, you know, or believe that you could just think it. But a big change for me was what I did is when I was at my house walking around and I just had this feeling, if you make a video a day, every single day for a year, your life will be completely transformed. I committed to that. Within a short period of time, my channel went from 3000 subscribers all the way up to over a hundred thousand subs. Then four months later I quit my job and I've been doing it ever full time ever since. It's been amazing. That happened though for me moving out of just thinking that it was about thinking with the law of attraction or thinking about my goals or money, love and success to actually lining that up with also feeling and acting being that version of me taking massive action.

It's a huge mistake I see a lot of people make and you know sometimes for this too, it's what do you need to hear at the moment? Like right now I'm at a place to where I'm actually taking less action than usual because I've been realizing that for three years I've been taking massive action and now I need to actually go more within so that I can creatively come up with, with new things so that I could also start doing my life events and stuff like that. Like I'm having to redirect my own energy. That's what I need to hear now. But my guess is that maybe there's many of you that were like me a couple of years ago and you hear take massive action. I promise you to do one thing every day that brings you closer to your goals and that by doing it every single day you're going to be able to experience more of in your life.

It compounds over time that eventually that becomes something that you can do in your life. The second one right here, let me go and write it down really quick. One sec. Okay, here it is. Thinking right there, just thinking the top one is not actually passionate about actually in alignment with the soul. The third one has to do with something I've been talking a lot about on the channel recently. However, I'm going to share it with you where it's really practical and that is understanding that anytime we chase something, we immediately put it outside of us. But also understanding that it's also assuming that those emotions don't already exist with the inside of us. For example, we have our energetic body right here. What we do is we say, when I accomplish the money, love and success, then I'll feel happy and we externalize it and we're always chasing it.

It's like we got a stick on a string and we're chasing that money, love and success, but we're never going to catch it cause we got the stick that's too long. Instead, instead of chasing it, what if you just felt the emotions on the inside of money? Love and success? What if you felt gratitude for what you have now and by feeling those emotions on the inside? Then the outside begins to change. Remember life is like a mirror. It's reflecting back what we feel on the inside. If I go over to the mirror and I'm like looking for it and chasing the mirror, it's like chasing the mirror. If I chase the mirror, I'm always going for something that's external from me. But remember the mirror of reality is just a reflection anyways. If you change the inside, which doesn't mean that you necessarily, it means that you, you learn how to respond instead of reacting.

That's the biggest change. Respond instead of reacting. If you respond, then you're coming at it from a level of awareness and if you react, you're coming at it from the level of the survival mode. The key to this is knowing that if we're chasing anything if you're chasing a person, I really want you, then it's saying, I really don't have you. I really don't have you and I really need you, which means I'm not complete without you, which is sending us a subconscious symbol to yourself that you're not good enough already. The key to this is understanding that vibrational resonance. In a way, it's like a radio station. If you have a radio station, it's at 92.7, which is the frequency of love. Let's say that was the frequency of love and you want to experience more love in your life.

You have to first off resonate and be at that radiofrequency. Then you can perceive of the what else is on that channel, which may be your soulmate coming up to you, you meeting certain types of people, business opportunities, whatever it is. But you must first off be resonating at that frequency and anytime you're chasing money lover success, you're not at that frequency. You're, it's like you're at 87.2 trying to perceive of 92.7 so the key to this is that awareness of feeling it with inside. Giving yourself permission now to feel that love, giving yourself permission now to really get to that state, knowing that as you do that, then really things begin to change and one of the biggest things too is learning how to Living in the End reality. That's a concept by Neville Goddard. But imagine the perfect version of you, how you would think, feel, act kind of books.

You would read that version of you and live in it. Feel as if that is you. That feeling on the inside will then change the outer mere. I just recently did a living in the end meditation, which is very powerful. You can read the comments to see what's possible. Go ahead and click below or actually I'll put an end card right here. Listen to that meditation for 21 days. Watch how your life begins to change because once you do that, everything changes.

The Great Awakening: Signs we are in it


Why are so many people waking up right now becoming more aware of some of the hidden things that have been going on behind the scenes? Why are people beginning to question reality in a way like never before? Why is this happening in such mass amounts of people? Well, I believe it's because we are officially in what is called the great awakening.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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In this blog, I'm going to show you the signs that we are in that plus exactly how you can best move through it. Some people would call these conspiracy theories and in a way, they are conspiracy theory means an act or a plan by some type of back. Part of the secret society that is has a certain intention and it's just that like, let me say this as well. Back in the 1980s or 70s, the CIA coined the term conspiracy theory and gave it a very negative meaning to deter people from wanting to even look into that. Even when I say that word, you may feel something inside of you kind of clench up a little bit. The reason that is, because there was a desire for people not to question things, to just kind of take things at face value. A side effect of that is on the back end of things. There's been a lot of things going on behind the scenes that we have been aware of. I'll explain a little bit about what those are. In 2012, I went through my spiritual awakening. It completely transformed my life when I learned meditation. Within a couple of weeks of learning meditation, I started to question a lot of different things. I was questioning my own belief systems. I used to believe I had ADHD. I used to believe that I wasn't worthy.

I started to really transform myself from the inside out. I was like, why is this something that is not taught? Why did I stumble across this? There's a saying that goes, the truth is learned but never taught, which I think is a very interesting quote. One of the things that it made me aware of is kind of going down, understanding some of these things going on behind the government, not even really the government. I went down a rabbit hole for probably a couple of months and then eventually I was like, okay, I need to focus on other things because sometimes it gets a little bit negative going down some of these rabbit holes. But in general, there are people that understand that we create our own reality with our thoughts and that if you control the collective consciousness on the planet, you control the resources, you control the energy. In the past, what's happened many times is there have been many different events that have been orchestrated over the past that have kept people in a certain state of consciousness and fear and anger. When people are in fear and anger, they're much more likely to be able to be controlled.

Plus, they're more likely to look to authority for certainty. It's easier to keep them in that little bubble. There are people that know this. Therefore, there are people in many different layers of government or people that had been appointed in the past to kind of facilitate this. If you even do your research with this, and this is the thing I recommend as well, always do your own research with the things I'm telling you and see what resonates with you. But from the research I've done, the media companies and not almost all the media companies that we see are owned by one of six major organization or corporations. What that means is that if you can control the narrative, if you control the thought processes, then you can also control the actions of the people, the behaviors of the people. You can in a way keep people from knowing their true power. The great awakening is about 99% of people realizing that we have the power together and that we can choose what we do want to experience, what we don't want to experience. I have people that I never thought would be open to this kind of information that is saying that are looking into it, that are posting things on social media.

I talked to my buddy the other day and he said that his parents were telling him that, you know, there I grew up around his parents and they were telling them that there's something going on. It's kind of fishy here. I don't think that this is exactly what the way it's portrayed to beat and just made me more and more aware that this pressure is causing people to go within. One of the signs that this great awakening is happening is that now I will say as well if you want more and you want to learn more about this, there are a couple of resources that I recommend. One of them is the book by Dolores Cannon. She has some books called the convoluted universe books one, two and three and four I believe. They're all really great books and what they are as they are hypnosis transcriptions from people in a very deep level of hypnosis who have what is called their higher selves or their subconscious mind to come through that then says an answer certain questions. They might ask her questions like, what is my purpose in life and what is my relationship with this person? What was I meant to learn? But then also why did I incarnate at this time? All of these books are just transcripts of those conversations. If this people in a very deep level of gnosis and something that many, many people all over the world said that didn't know each other, is that I came here to be a part of the shift in consciousness.

I came here to be a part of the great shift and many different terminologies of using that. But that those resources will kind of help you understand more of your multidimensionality because you are an infinite spiritual being, having a temporary human experience. Because of that, there are many different levels that you exist at and you aren't going to becoming aware of more and more of those, I believe as the great awakening continues to happen and some of the things that also signs of the great awakening happening are there. You can also look into many ancient texts, many ancient books that talk about this time. What are the Mayans, there are the Hindus, there are many different ancient texts that talk about this? Even the Bible talks about revelations, right? There are many different texts that I've talked about this time on the planet, and it's not meant to be this fearful thing.

Fear will come up for us to process, but I believe that the great awakening is also part of us raising our vibration, raising our vibrational level of consciousness, and it's happening so that these negative, fearful things can come up so that we can then look at it and then clear it and become free of it. Another book that I also recommended, the Law of One, these are books right here. I have like four, you know there are books one through four. These are also great books. These talk about something called The Harvest and it is a something on the planet where people have the opportunity to move to what's called a third-density state of consciousness into a fourth-density state of consciousness. Third density state of consciousness is more of control. It's more of the willpower. That's where we've been for a long time on the planet now forth. Chakra, which is the heart. The fourth-density is where we understand that everything is vibration. We understand that we're all connected, we have more oneness. That's why it's called the law of one and there are five books there. I recommend those books very strongly as well.

The perspective I have with the great awakening is that we're all connected and that in a way we set the game up to where certain people are playing some very evil, dark roles. You've got some people that have some very negative agendas, some people that may be controlled in a way and told what to do by other people that we've never even seen in the public before. But there are some celebrities even in people that are just kind of doing what they're told. What I mean by that is maybe there are certain actions that happened. For example, I didn't plan on sharing this, but something that has happened for a long time. I believe from the research that I've done is there's some dark magic that happens with certain elite celebrities. There are certain code words they use. This is also connected to certain things that, that, that have happened. What happens is they do some very negative things to people like, like kids and stuff like that. It's very sad and very hard to even pay attention to. It's hard to even study some of this stuff, to be honest with you. But they understand that everything is energy. If they can keep the collective consciousness in a certain dark state, then they can control it. But what they do is they in a way harness energy from, from very pure souls in a way.

What ends up happening is they have done this for a certain period of time. I was talking to somebody and I've heard about this, you know, I've heard that there are these underground places and things that they do in order to keep them in fear. It's almost like the biggest symbol of it would be the movie Monsters Inc. If you saw Monsters Inc., what they do is the scare the kids and then they get the energy from them. Well in a way, that's a symbol for exactly what's happening behind the scenes. A lot of what they put in Hollywood sometimes is the stuff that's actually happening because then what happens is it's in front of our face the whole time, which is one of the kinds of like the freewill rules that there is with this game that we're in this physical reality when we're actually turtle spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. I heard that what's happening is a lot of these kids are being found and being, being freed in a way and taken care of and going through a process of real reintegration. I was at my buddy Drew's house in San Diego like a week and a half ago or week ago. There was a lady there that was there checking his house for EMS and like kind of balancing out his house and stuff. She told us that she had a friend that was a nurse in Iowa or some other like Midwest where there was a whole bunch of earthquakes and she said that what happened is that the nurse said that there were over 1200 kids that were rescued from some underground facility and they needed like deep trauma healing work and stuff like that. When I heard that, I immediately knew that that was connected to what I've been hearing in these things.

You know, it starts to validate these things for me. 1200 kids have been saved and are not being rehabilitated. The nurse was a friend of the one that I met. It starts to make me question things and starts to make me see things. That's another sign that this stuff has happened, this stuff that's been happening, it's very dark with certain celebrities and elite people. Their worlds, I think will literally begin to crumble more and more. I believe that over the next few years and other signs, the media is going to completely have a turnover. Eventually. I think we'll get to actually get news rather than get a lot of the stuff that's being projected out, which is just fear and anger and 99.9% of anything you've ever seen on the news is probably been completely negative. There's a reason for that because then we believe that the world is negative and we believe that we need this level of control on the planet. If there's chaos and this is what we need, right, and what's happening is over the next few years, I think there'll be a complete, people are just waking up too fast where they're realizing that what they're being projected out, is it just the truth or is it completely accurate?

Then they're starting to look to their own means and they're starting to go within themselves and that's happening at such a grand scale. It's amazing. I think that there'll be a lot of corrupt people that get out of certain organizations. I think that there'll be a revamping of a lot of these different dynamics. He told me that the government knows 100% that ETS exist. I know that sounds kind of out there maybe to some people. However, he's getting old now. That's why he told me that he was like 80 something years old and he's not really supposed to be talking about all that, but what he asked told me is that they know for a 100% fact that they exist. He knows that. He hasn't told me much more than that. Told me some other things as well. But in relation to that, I think that over the next part of the great awakening is us becoming more and more open and more aware of this.

The Timeline CRUNCH of 2020


A lot going on right now behind the scenes and what's happening right now is what we could call the great awakening. Many people around the world are becoming aware that there's something else going on that maybe isn't being told to us and what's happening is what I believe is called the timeline crunch and what this has to do is understanding that there's these merging going on and right now it's more important than ever to be in the state that we prefer and I'm going to share with you exactly some of the things this means plus exactly how we can best move through it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you what I call the timeline crunch and what is happening right now is think of it kind of like compression of energy, a compression of different probabilities that are happening right now and there's a different way in the collective that it has manifested. There are different pockets. I'm going to be explaining this now just to give this blog a little bit of context. I have a playlist that is all about the great awakening, the great awakening to something that millions of people all over the planet are aware of right now. It has to do with understanding that there are a lot of things coming to the surface right now.

There's a lot of things in the collective happening with the media and a lot of things that have happened in the behind the scenes. We could call that. There are certain elite people that have been doing things and people are starting to question things. The mass amount of people is starting to look at what the media is saying, what's actually happening, what they're experiencing, and because people are going into words right now, they're starting to wake up to more of who they are. I have seen it just in my own life as well. I look at social media. Many people are questioning things. Many people are asking you questions. Some people that I never really thought would have been into this kind of information are starting to realize, yeah, maybe there's something else going on. That could have to do with the intentions of maybe some of the things that are going on right now.

The intentions of certain people in that are behind the scenes with power and the great awakening are about us as a collective consciousness. Waking up to this, and I've talked about it. There's the book, I always have them right over there. The books, the Law of One, the raw materials or Dolores Cannon's books. She has 17 books, 19 books, just two others that our daughter had as well. Their transcripts of people in a very deep level of hypnosis who have said many people all over the world have said in this subconscious state and this deep of no state that they came here. Why did they incarnate at this time? Because at our core, we're all eternal. Spiritual beings have temporary human experiences. Why did we do that? We came here because we wanted to wake up. We wanted to go through the mass awakening, the big shift in consciousness.

There are many different labels for it, many different names for it, but we wanted to be a part of never before has this many people that this kind of way been able to wake up to a higher level of consciousness. It means that there's going to be, I think magical and amazing things that fall apart, which can look a little bit dark and grim on the front, but there's going to be so much amazing things that manifest. I think that right now on the planet is the most exciting time to be alive than ever before. I really believe that and well right now we're living through history with a lot of the things that's happening right now. Like what we're living through right now will be talked about for decades to come. Part of this though, the seed that's being planted in the great awakening and it's causing so many people to wake up and it's a great thing.

Like last night, for example, my mom texted me, my mom's been like studying a lot of this type of information for awhile knowing there's stuff going on behind the scenes. Since I went through my weekend in 2012 is when I really looked into it. But what happened is you go down certain rabbit holes and I started to notice certain patterns but I didn't like the way it made me feel cause studying it can sometimes be not the most positive thing when you're studying. Like why do, why would an elite group of people keep billions of people in the dark about who they really are as spiritual beings having temporary human experiences that they create their own reality.

What's happening is that's getting brought into the light. But when I learned about that in 2012 I went through like a month or two of like, wow, this is, I can't believe this is happening and it and things started starting to connect some dots but then eventually I let it go and I was like, you know, I need to focus on like my own way of helping people and not get too much into it now my mom and I like when I went through it, then my mom actually went to the awakening as well. Then now that all of this stuff is happening, this is the stuff that we've been knowing kind of would eventually happen eventually because there'd be certain things that manifested to where it just had people either wake up or also to take down like these people that are behind the scenes pulling strings so they only, they in a way lose their power.

There are different events that would come to fruition for that now. And just let me say this as well. It doesn't make anyone like the great awakening and be having these spiritual, spiritual awareness doesn't make anyone more special than anyone else. It doesn't make anybody more woke than anyone else. I think everybody's on the same playing field. It's just people are waking up in their own timings. Let me just say that as well because I don't want it to, sometimes when we come to these things, we start to develop like an ego about it. It's like, I'm awake and they're all asleep, or something like that, you know? But it's still to have compassion for other people.

Look what's happening behind the scenes or something like that, you know? With that being said, my mom texted me yesterday like, Aaron, can you like I was meditating and I'm kind of worried about things. And my mom's also been studying a lot of this, this stuff that behind the scenes, watching a lot of YouTube and kind of going down different rabbit holes. I kind of see what resonates. Sometimes stuff won't resonate. But the thing that I was explaining kind of, you know, sharing with my mom is that the timeline crunch is understanding that right now on the planet, there are timelines. We're what's going on in the planet right now would happen for, for months and months and months and months.

There are timelines where it affected way more people than it actually did. There are timelines where Bill Gates is actually able to move forward with his whole vaccination prop thing, you know? But it's super interesting that so many people are waking up because as so many people wake up, it's literally merging our timelines. It's crunching our timelines under more optimal or onto different ones. Like, you know, not to get too like into the thing. I always recommend as well as do your own research with a lot of this stuff. But from the research I've done, there are people that are in a way kind of you could say like these elite people that are behind the scenes, many of which we've never seen. What they do is they use different celebrities. The celebrities in some way, there's really big-name celebrities, a lot of which many of all of us know, you know, grew up watching some of them.

What happens is they're a part of this thing, but they're just kind of doing what they're told in a way doesn't make it right, but they're just kind of doing what they're told. You've got somebody like does your own research with this. But did you got somebody that like Bill Gates for example, who is pushing and who has government funding from the world health organization, all of these other things that funnel into it that make it look really legit, right? But then you find out things of how horrible it's been for other people that have maybe had the vaccinations in other countries, right? Hundreds of thousands of people that have died or been way worse.

Some people probably be like, no, that's actually a good thing. But the way that this elite stuff kind of behind the scene works is there are times that what they do is they get together, they understand that the mass consciousness of people, how people think and feel. If people are in fear and anger, they're much more easily able to control. They're much more likely to look to authority for guidance and for certainty. What if behind the scenes, what they think to themselves is what have we orchestrate an event that keeps people in a whole bunch of fear. Then what we do is we give them the solution. If they're like, Oh, we want people to be open to some type of vaccination, then what we'll do is we'll give them there, we'll have something to where they're in a lot of fear and then they're actually open to it because they'll do it out of wanting certainty, wanting to safe.

Do you want it security? Oh, well let's do this and then we'll get them open to this. That's kind of the idea. When you look at somebody like bill Gates whose just kind of doing what he's supposed to be doing from, you know, different types of influence, it's the stuff that has a very negative connotation. But it's very interesting how many people wake up. If you go to any of his newest posts on Instagram, you'll probably see hundreds of thousands of comments from people of which like seven out of 10 will be people that are saying, Hey, we don't want your deep population thing and stuff like that. You know, and as I said, do your own research with this.

You just got to start doing your own research to see what resonates, what doesn't resonate. I believe different pockets of energy, different pockets of us as a collective. One thing that we did recently on April 4th or 5th, whichever date it was, I think it was both because it depends on where you were around the world. It was fourth through me in Las Vegas. There was a global meditation. There are over 1.1 million people meditating on us being on the most optimal timeline on sending peace and love and healing to those being affected by what's going on right now. If you look at the Schumann resonance that day, it was off the charts. It was like unprecedented amounts.

It was crazy. With that many millions of people focusing, we have the ability to literally shift our timelines. Even when I did that meditation alone, I think there was like 11 or 12,000 of us live just on that, you know, but there were 1.1 million people all around the world doing it. It's like I've first off, thank you. If you were there, it was amazing. I felt like it really made a huge difference in the collective. When we have those intentions, it has a very powerful effect. One thing that has happened right now is by us getting together doing global meditations, we are setting ourselves on more and more optimal timelines. I truly believe that we would be on not such a great timeline right now if we as millions of people over a million people didn't do that meditation. I think that the outer reality would be a little bit different and it wouldn't be as optimal. This is something to think about as well, but also individually, which reality will be experienced. When people talk, because I get a lot of people right now asking me about forced vaccinations and stuff like they're worried about that now. The way that I view it is that we have our own power and that they, we are part of the greater way.

Can you so many people are waking up that if that's something we don't want, we state that we just don't do it. We don't move forward with it. Well, what if they force you? It's something that we figure out as we go and we team together with our own energy. There are many different timelines that exist right now and if you're fearful about it, maybe that's the version, the pocket of the energy of timeline that you experienced where that is more of the case. You see. It could be that depending on our own state of determining which one we individually are on. Because what quantum physics shows us is that there's an infinite number of potential realities that exist. From what I feel as well, the timeline crunch of 2020 and I believe it'll continue to go on.

There are timelines where they've had even more power and maybe this thing affected even more people than it actually did. Maybe there was the other thing that happened with things moving forward with the whole vaccinate. Like there are many different layers to this that could it be way worse right now, but we're not on that timeline. The key to this is knowing that as we've chosen our own focus, our own state of being, we then can choose our which timelines we shift to and one of the most powerful things we can do. The one that's on the optimal timeline, medic live meditation that I did, you can still listen to it. It still has very powerful energy because there were so many of us at once doing it, but you pick up on the energy-momentum of it.

I recommend doing that as well to add energy to that. Us being on that timeline, that optimal timeline. But realize that the thing I told my mom when she was texting me like, Oh, what about this? It's like it was like disengage and start to put energy into what you want. You know, this is the time of our own power of us taking back our power. If we see things we don't want the world, we can look at it and say, no, I prefer this. But the more we tune ourselves to the fear and the anger of the media, the more we resonate with it, the more likely we are to be influenced by the agenda of whatever that is and realize there are many different levels of different agendas of things right now because they're behind the scenes. A part of the great awakening is there's this fight for having control of what people think, but we have the power of the internet now and even like the videos, a couple of the videos I made on the great awakening, they've been shared so many times, so many people are becoming aware of it.

I'm not the only one making content on this. It's just something I've newly actually started talking about just because I saw the demand and figured, Hey, I want to put my perspective on it. But the reason I say this is because we as a collective are the ones with the power. We are the ones that get to choose what we experience. There are many different timelines right now. Even when I look at my own life, I believe, you know, past-future lives were infinite spiritual beings that are connected at many different levels. I look at even my own past lives, the way what I feel intuitively about it, I can feel that I'm completing certain cycles right now. I'm completing certain patterns. When Leeor and I were together at the end of 2019, we were travelling and we were in Tulum and I could strongly feel that I had a past life in mind.

I think it was very symbolic because I think that Leeor and I were also connected in that past life. Leeor and I are still great friends but in that path, it was like I could feel that I was completing certain cycles. I was completing certain energy dynamics and she was as well for sure. As I've moved through that, even just like the last couple of months, I'm realizing my own patterns. I'm realizing the own things that they'll like the lessons and the themes that I've been working through and I'm completing them and in a way learning from them and then moving on and becoming free and then experiencing more of the timelines of what I want. It's really a time of taking back our power and understand that it's it like also just a general side note as well.

It's something I've been realizing recently. If you study numerology, astrology and all these other really cool healing modalities for understanding ourselves, understanding, I think they're really cool. I love numerology, I love astrology, I love all these things. But one thing that I've really learned this last month is just to take my complete power back and realize that sometimes if I'd read something, I would then think, Oh, maybe my day has to go like this. Or maybe this is the way things are. I'd almost put myself into a little box. One thing I'm realizing with this little timeline thing is the belief systems we have to keep us on certain timelines and if we become three of them, we can then create whatever you want. Sometimes the knowledge is power. Awareness is powerful, but use it as a tool.

Don't get the tool, use you. That's what I recommend. With the timeline crunch of 2020, this whole time is about taking back our power. It's about choosing what we want about going on the optimal timeline we want. Parts of these things I believe will continue to happen, but it's all about us and what we choose us taking back our power and us getting together as well and doing things like meditation and setting that positive intention. If you haven't seen that meditation yet, I'll go in and link up below. Check out the series on the great awakening, the whole a whole playlist that I have to learn more about it. It goes really well with this whole timeline crunch idea.

Non-Neediness: The Secret to Having Love Chase YOU


The ratio of how not needy you are will have a direct impact on how attractive you are. The more non- neediness you can have and the more you can let go of needing anything, the more attractive you are, the more you will have love chasing you. Today’s blog is going to show literally how you can have money and love chase you and it has to do with understanding the energy dynamics of being what is called not needy and imagine it anytime you've really wanted something you felt like you may have needed it and then by needing it what happens is it puts you into a scarcity mindset and in that scarcity mindset, guess what happens?

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Your body language gets all tense. People can see also that you have an end in mind. This will work for both men watching this and a woman either way and any type of orientation as well. It has to do with just as a general basis. I'd say it's more common for men to be needy than woman and a lot of that is because women mostly will get more attention and have more options, will be more abundant than men will. However, this is something that I've learned from experience just in general. The more that I let go of the outcome, the more that I'm just myself and the more that I'm able to not need anything, the more things just come at me.

Whether that be love, whether that be money, whether that be whatever. I've experienced this when it comes to even grow on YouTube, believe it or not, the more I was obsessing over, you know, growing and having these like external goals and doing things for a means to an end, the more resistance I would create. But the funny thing was the more I let go, the more results actually came. It's a huge paradox. I let go of caring what people think, guess what, more abundance came when it comes to love. I can look at almost every relationship I've had and if I have placed them on a pedestal and wanted anything from them. Anytime that I tip the scales the other way and I was like not needy and I was good either way and I was in a masculine person or just I guess masculine energy is about being focused and centred and grounded in certain values and principles and having boundaries as well.

One of the things that happen, especially if people are on a spiritual path, is they may in a way get rid of those. A lot of that maybe some type of people-pleasing. But I'm telling you it's not too late for you to take your power back. This is something that you can learn. This is something that you can embody and you don't have to continue to be needy all because maybe you have been in the past. Now you're wondering, well how do I not be needy? How do I have non-neediness? Well, it comes from understanding the basis of who you are and how you go about things. This may require a little bit of inner work but understand this. Say we're right here and this is like a glass of water and I use that as an analogy, but imagine that this glass of water in a way, what we may be saying is I lack approval, validation, worthiness or love.

These are things mostly we want in love and relationship and think about it. Anything we want is because we will feel better in relation to it. If we say I want a relationship, it's like, well what do you really want? What you really want is you probably want compassion connection. You maybe do want that validation or approval. But here is the crazy thing when we look in other people for these things, we're assuming that these things don't already exist inside of us. One of the main reasons people are needy is because they are under a false presumption that approval, validation, worthiness and love exists in someone else's cup. If I could just get that approval, validation, worthiness or love, then I'll feel worthy. Then I can have all of these things. But here's the thing, those things already exist inside of you and if you were to give yourself these emotions, then guess what would happen? You would be not needy. If you're a people pleaser, I was a people pleaser for a long time. If you look to a lot of the way that somebody grew up, you can not a lot of times tell why someone may be a people pleaser.

For example, I had an ex stepmom that was very controlling, so between seven and 15 years old when she was in my life before my dad divorced her when I was 15 I was doing things to please her because she had such high standards and if I didn't live up to that, I didn't feel worthy. Even after she left my life in 15, I kept attracting people in my life to attract back, to reflect back that energy dynamic and I would try to make other people happy. Here’s the thing about this though. When we're talking about this whole process, you want to know what changed. When I became not needy and not a people pleaser anymore when I started giving myself these emotions when I started to approve of myself when I started to feel my own worthiness when I changed the meaning that I was giving things.

That's just the way it works and one of the ways you become not needy is by understanding your own value and also developing a lifestyle that is because you want to do it, who you prefer to be. Most people are conditioned to be acting and reacting, not even acting, reacting to their environment. They may want to go do and do something for a living, but they're holding themselves back because their dad or mom wanted them to go to college and do this certain degree and they're not even passionate about it. But understand this, when you start doing what you love, you will become more attractive. When you start getting to your core and your core principles, you will be attractive. This is what it does. This is what it means as well. Not being afraid of being rejected, understanding that the more you are yourself and if people reject you, then what's happening is you're making your life easier because that person's not going to like you anyway.

The real you. That's something to realize as well. I've realized in certain aspects my own self, I remember I was talking about this recently on a podcast that I did and back when I was like 12 or 13 years old, I had an experience where one of the first girls I ever asked how it was 18 years old. It was at this parks and rec place and she was way older than me, though she was hot. I was like, "Yo baby girl." There was this dance we were doing and I was just old enough to go and yet he'd be like 12 or 13 years old. I was like, right there. I go in. I asked this 18-year-old to dance. She goes, "Ha... ha." Some other chick that I didn't want to dance with.

And she's like, huh? It was like this. It was this feeling of rejection. I remembered that even years later. I used to find myself, if I went to go talk to someone I was attracted to, I feel this big block and I wouldn't really want their approval. I wanted them to like me and I was afraid of that rejection. But here's the thing, when it comes to being attractive, it means being in it. It's being okay with taking risks. It's also holding your frame and being who you prefer to be. Having your values, doing things because it's who you are, so that is the key to this process of being not needing. We must learn to have our own. This isn't just a relationship issue, non-neediness or attracting love issue. Non-neediness is not. Neediness is about understanding that if you want to attract what you want in life, you've got to develop this non-neediness, which means you are in your frame.

You're not doing things to get you somewhere else. You're doing things because it's who you are. This is also where we get to the identity. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as like a chump or something like, "Oh, I just really want the text message back." Or like, I'm going to refresh my Wi-Fi to see this person has texted me back. Maybe if I refresh it, maybe I'll see that message come in. There’s a podcast recently by a girl. Her name is Rebecca. She told me that, an example, I'd give you people that's the thing I guess check and see if they texted, now that I'm saying I've never been like that. I'm just saying that when it comes to this process, what you want to realize is do you have a vision for your life and are you the star of your own movie? If you're the star of your own movie, you don't need another people's validation. Yes, it'd be nice to have some cameos in your movie, but you're not trying to become a part of everyone else's movie. You are the star. That’s what the movie is about. But the key to non-neediness is giving yourself all of these emotions by realizing they already exist inside of you.

Anytime you say I want, you're saying I don't have, I need means I don't have. The key to this is understanding the vision for your life. You be the star of your own movie, you being rooted in your core principles, your core values, and understanding what you want. If you just get clear as to your vision and are you living your purpose, are you doing what you love? As you start to take risks with these things as well, you start to develop more attractive energy. You start to design a lifestyle that you love, that your passionate about and think about it when you're talking to someone else, maybe somebody that you're attracted to. Do you need them to laugh at your jokes or are you saying the jokes because you find them funny? You know there's this fine line where you learn to be in, to fill up your own cup. Which means also that you don't need someone else's approval because you give yourself that approval. But, also you enjoy your own company.

You have fun with yourself. If I know someone else and you don't see yourself better, it's isn't about being narcissistic and seeing yourself better than anyone. This also has to do with just understanding that if you're saying things to get a certain result if you're saying the pickup line to get the person to be a certain way, then guess what's happening. You are doing a means to an end. The key to this is understanding this dynamic. Are you doing things to get somewhere else or are you doing things because it's who you are? Are you making someone laugh because you want them to like you or are you making someone laugh because you're making yourself laugh and you find your yourself funny? Do you see what I mean? It's not what changes here. The one thing you must do is you must develop non-neediness because you realize that validation, approval, worthiness and love already exist inside of you.

You don't need it from someone else. One of the best ways you do this is by getting into the core principles and values of who you are. You start to feel your own cup and you don't say things because you want other people to like you. How can you expect anyone else to be a want to be around that energy? Energy is contagious. One of the most attractive things you can do is develop gravity in your own life where you are passionate about your own life, where you don't need approval. You'll find that your life becomes magical. Non-neediness is the key to you. Attracting what you want and giving yourself that love.

The Social Media Worthiness TRAP: How Many Followers Until You feel Worthy?


Social media is kind of like a dirty high. We think that once we get a certain number of followers, then we can finally feel 100% whole and complete. Let's ask the question, how many followers does it take to like can finally feel worthy? When we look on social media, it's quite easy to see that we believe the more followers we get, the more people that pay attention to our stuff, the more fulfilled and satisfied we may feel however many times, what that causes people to do whatever they can to get approval and validation and that has a dark negative side effect. In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly what that is, how many followers it really takes for you to feel worthy and how you can bypass it so that you don't experience that. I believe this could be one of the most powerful videos you watch on social media and it's something that can change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you understanding the comparison trap on social media. Or now I'm not saying any of this to brag or anything, but just so you know, I know what I'm talking about. I've been on YouTube for about three years now. I have one of those play button things over there. I have a camera set up in my house. I have cameras set up on different parts of my house because I do a lot of filming and I've been doing this for awhile. First up, just know that I've been doing this. I'm caught talking from experience when I share the stories from my own life on this. Also, it's just something to understand that what I'm saying I think can save you a lot of time by social media journey.

Started back in 2017 I was making videos once a week on YouTube and I just didn't feel like I was really where I really wanted to be. I was working a nine to five job selling women's shoes and I decided in a moment that I wanted to be a full-time YouTuber and I wasn't going to sit with the old like the reality of going to a job I didn't like anymore. I said no matter what, every day for the next year, no, are pretty much going forward. I'm going to make a video a date until I'm a full-time YouTuber. I told myself that and what I did is I ended up going for it. I worked at a nine to five job. I'd get up in the morning, I'd go to it when I got off, I would film a video, schedule a video to go out the next day, edit everything, and then there it would go.

I was very busy doing that and over the course of a couple of months, my channel went from 3,500 subscribers. About a month into it, three weeks into it I had a video that went viral. That video got like 300,000 views within the first couple of weeks and that took my channel from about 3000 subscribers all the way up to over 20 something thousand subscribers. That started to gain momentum for me and that's when it started to happen to where I started to feel the validation of growing on social media or YouTube. What happened is a few months after that I started to grow, started to gain momentum and I learned that I could do a couple of different things, start coaching people so that I could go full time on YouTube. That's exactly, I began to do in August of 2017 after about five or six months of making daily videos, I was able to quit my job working at Barneys in New York in women's shoes and I went full time on YouTube.

I remember that in my mind I had it and I thought that once I hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, I would then finally feel worthy. It was just this idea in my head, it was my first ever goal on YouTube numbers-wise. I remember thinking that and then going to bed one night I was at about 90 something thousand subs. I went to Sedona about a month earlier and made a video about five things you must give up to raise your vibration instantly. That video ended up going viral as well. That took my channel up to about 96 or 97,000 subscribers and I went to bed one night and I woke up the next morning and I was at over a hundred thousand subscribers. I thought it was going to take a couple of weeks longer than it did, but I had that other video that raises your vibration video go viral.

When it did, it took me from three or 4,000 subscribers pretty much overnight. I woke up at 100,000 subs and I remember thinking to myself, yes, I finally hit it. That feeling lasted about until about the time I went to the gym that day. Literally, I was at the gym on the bike doing a warmup for a workout and like appreciating grateful that it hit 100,000. There was a goal I wanted to hit and it would finally happen. What happened after that was a little bit disappointing. I realized that even though I had gone from, you know, zero or 3000 subs to 100,000 subs, and even though I was doing what I love making videos, part of me still felt like it wasn't all, it was hyped up to be. Part of me still felt like there was something missing.

This feels just like it did at 90,000 or 80,000 or 70,000. There was no different in feeling from going from zero to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Shortly what I noticed after that is after hitting 100,000 on YouTube, I thought about it. At that moment, what the mind does is looked for a higher number. The mind then said, well, what about 200,000. It's not just like this one-time thing, 200,000 shows that you can really replicate this over and over again and think about that. Maybe then you'd have people coming up to you in public and stuff like that. That's where the ego goes with this. Let me tell you once again, that was what I just kept making videos. Let me also say this, I'm making videos because I love making videos and because I want to help people become more aware of who they are. If you haven't subscribed to the channel yet, you could see I have over a thousand videos showing people how to raise their vibration, how to more consciously create what you want in your life goals.

Many different things are the stuff that I talk about. I love talking about it. However, there is a dark side to social media to where then once you get tapped into it, it's almost like it's self-perpetual. You feel like you always have to keep up, you feel like you need to always have a video better than the day before. In my own life, I've noticed this as well because the more that I try to always get ahead and have a video that's like completely different than the other videos, a lot of times the more I end up resisting the natural process. You are in the more privileges and freedom that you have. You see people that are literally being really fake and nice to each other just so that they can get more likes on their profile or more likes on their rating. At a certain point, she's desperate to get more because she wants to move into this new place. The actress she wants to move into the new, this new nice apartment building. She's been really nice to people. If we try and our need for other people's approval, that causes resistance many times they will give it. But also, that approval can only come from within.

On this journey, what I've realized is no matter how many social media followers you have, your mind will always look for more. The mind wants more, the mind wants more validation, the mind wants more. People think that once I eventually get there, then I can feel happy. That's exactly what I've found. The trap is of this whole entire process. There's also a comparison trap. When I first started on YouTube, I was one of a couple of people making content on some of the topics that I talk about. There weren't that many. Of course, there are no really original ideas. However, I feel, and I've noticed that some people, they will just take the ideas that you put out and when that happens it can be very triggering to the ego. In a way, that was something that I had to deal with as well because there are people that would kind of see what my videos did well and then replicate them and be making the daily videos. It's kind of like being a guinea pig for people to kind of like figure out what works. Social media will bring up a whole bunch of stuff within you and then what I would do is I'd compare myself to those people that did that and in a way, feel like I had to always keep up and always stay one step ahead in order for me to always kind of remain in the level that I'm on social media, on YouTube, on Instagram, whatever it is.

However, the thing that I've realized is that the feeling of worthiness and validation, it really only comes from within and once I realize this, once I let it go, once I catch myself and it's a process, I continue to catch myself trying to go for some type of number and realizing why am I really doing what I'm doing? I'm doing it because this is who I am. This is what I love doing because I want to help people because of the connection that I'm able to make with other people. That's why I share a lot of my journey. Even though it sounds vulnerable at times, sharing some things that maybe you guys haven't seen behind the surface. But what happens is the more you are able to tap into your own sense of worthiness and own sense of validation and really being yourself to the videos I have that do the best are normally the videos that I'm just being myself. I had to learn that the hard way because it becomes very easy to chase views, especially when you start comparing yourself to other people, other people that may be kind of in a way to, you know, using similar ideas that you use.

It's like you always have to feel like you get a step ahead and there's this comparison trap to where it just keeps perpetuating itself. Then I found myself even recently, I'm like, Oh, I need to take things to the next level. And, knowing that it's not a technique, it's not a certain keyword or a topic for me to take things to the next level, I just have to be myself more. As cheesy as that sounds, the more I myself, the better. I feel and then the better I feel, the better content I make. That's what I've realized through this process. When it comes to worthiness though, understand this, the more rules we have as to what it takes for us to be worthy, the least likely we are to say it. We have us right here with the neck and what happens is we have us and then we give ourselves these rules. These rules say I will feel worthy, and these rules that we have that we say after that all have to be check marked in order to happen must happen in order for us to actually feel that worthiness on the inside. the irony is that worthiness already exists. All we have to do is give ourselves permission now to feel worthy. That's the thing, these rules that we have on outside, I will feel worthy when I have 1 million followers when I have a certain amount of money in the bank when I have everyone like me when all of these things happen, then I will feel worthy.

But here's the thing, many times, we get caught up in our own sense of worthiness. these rules don't even make sense. For example, I have a goal of reaching a lot of people and helping them transform their lives through the videos I make. That's one goal. I have another goal of it. It's subconsciously of everyone liking me. Well, what are the chances that everyone's going to approve of me and give me validation if I'm also having a goal of reaching a lot of people? Thing is the more people you reach, the more likely there's going to be people that don't approve of you, that don't like you. I had to become aware of this in my own life and I had to change the way that I internally gave myself permission to feel love and worthiness and think of this as well. We normally have a belief system that says, once I get a certain number of social media followers, then I'll feel worthy. Once I have a certain amount of money, then I'll feel worthy. Meaning I have a certain number of social media followers, then I'll feel valuable.

Once I have a certain amount of money, then I'll know that I have value in the world when instead, if we were to change around the way that we saw this idea of worthiness and knew that I have worth and value for simply being me because I'm unique, I have something unique to share and when we have that frame, we didn't feel valuable now and we're more creative to come up with cool ideas. Creativity wise, we're more likely to show up authenticity just in the world expressing ourselves in a cool way. The key to this whole entire blog is knowing that the more rules we have about worthiness, which means how much value do we feel, the number of rules that we have, the more rules we have, the harder it is to fill for us to feel worthy. If we realize that worthy is an inside job, we can feel worthy by noticing and appreciating the value we have for being us. The more we will eventually feel that approval and satisfaction.

We can only give it from within. Even think about it when we say, when these things happen, then I will feel happy when this thing on the outside happens a by me having a lot of followers and having a lot of money and everyone liking me happens, then I'll feel happy. All we're doing is we're waiting and prolonging the happiness that already exists in our own mind. If I were to tell you, Hey, you didn't know this, but when you went to bed last night, you have a social media post that went viral. You have 2 million followers and you have all these people that liked you and all this crazy stuff and then all of a sudden you feel this rush of adrenaline and you're in a rush of love and all of this satisfaction, but I'll tell you what, that would go away very fast, but this is the thing.

Those emotions already exist inside of you. It's just that you've then hit a rule inside of you that says, once I have this, then I'll feel happy. Realize that all of this exists within worthiness is an inside job. No amount of social media followers will you hit and then finally feel worthy unless you feel worthy for being you worthy already. Even now I'm at, I don't know what I was 800 something thousand on YouTube and the mind is like, what about a million? I know this deep down that once I hit it, once it hits a million subscribers, guess what? It's going to feel the exact same as it does now. But it does the ego love to go for it? That's the way it works. The key here is all awareness and becoming aware of that.

The Great Awakening: Peeling Back the Curtain


There's a lot going on behind the scenes. You may not be aware of beyond just what the media is showing you and once you become aware of it, you start to take your power back and you stop feeding the old paradigms. That's why in this blog, we're going to peel back the curtain of what is called the great awakening, something that has already begun, and I'm going to show you exactly what to know.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you more on what is called the great awakening. The great awakening as something that I believe we have all waited our whole entire lives for up until this point. In a way, of course, we're meant to have a human experience, but up until this point, there's been a lot of things going on behind the scenes and the great awakening is about an increase of vibration, an increase of light.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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More and more people becoming aware of the planet. As more and more people become aware. The way that it's been, let me say this as well, do your own research on this. Don't just believe me cause I'm some guy on YouTube. Do your own research and you'll learn more and more about this and you'll see what really resonates with you. You know, there's a lot of this that I've looked through that I've looked at it. Some of it resonates, some of it doesn't. But you kind of learn what to take with you as you go. That's what I recommend you do as well. Let me also say I'm not an expert at this information. I'm just someone that's passionate about knowing the truth or what I believe to be the truth. I've gone quiet in detailed to some of these things.

That's what I wanted to start off by saying as well. As the light increases on the planet, and the way that it's worked for many, many years, maybe even thousands of years. There's an elite group of people that have wanted to retain the resources. The idea is that if you keep people, this right here is called the scale of consciousness. You can kind of see it at the bottom of it. It's from the book called power versus force. It's just called the levels of consciousness. You've got shame, fear, anger that eventually at 250 of neutrality, that acceptance, willingness, reasoning, that love, joy, peace and enlightenment, everything calibrated at a certain vibration. What happens is if you keep people in anger and fear, they're much easier to control. Plus, they're much more likely to look to authority for security.

One thing that's been going on behind the scenes for a very long time is these people knew that. The idea was, Hey, let's put 99.9% of everything that ever comes out on the media. Let's have it be completely negative and put people in a fear mode. That's what's happened for like think about it. You ever saw anything on the news as positive? Maybe one or two things possible, but other than that it's completely negative and it's completely fear base. Well, there's a reason behind that because there are people that know, like I said, do your own research with this, but there are people that know this. When I went through my weekend in 2012 I went down the rabbit hole learning some of this information. It's honestly a little bit dark. After like a month or two of studying it, I stopped studying it as much because I was like, my purpose is to do other things and I felt like it was weighing down my energy.

But you begin to ask questions. Why is the reality the way it is? Why did I stumble across awakening? These are things that then made me question a lot more. But basically, what I came to the to understand is that there are people that do know this and what happens is they figured out that if you control the narrative, if you control the story that people hear about reality and the way it is, and you keep people in a fear survival mode, they're easier able to control and then you can, these people can retain the resources to keep people in that dumbed downstate. That's what's been happening for a long time. As I said, do your own research with tests. I know this stuff to some people, you know, I've known about it for a while, so it's kind of natural for me to hear, but for some people, maybe a little bit more out there now, I watched something last night called out of the shadows.

It's on YouTube. It's a documentary. I'll actually link it below. It's called out of the shadows. Let me kind of put this little caveat here. It's not necessarily a movie. It's going to raise your vibration. It'll make you more aware. However, like when I studied this stuff, I do it in small doses. That's just my personal preference because if you go too far into it all at once, you may find that it dampens your vibe a little bit because some of the stuff going on behind the scenes is a little bit dark. But basically, what that documentary is, it's like an hour and 20 minutes long. What it shows is it shows how the CIA has infiltrated Hollywood and how that's had then control over the story and the narrative of the movies and the media that we consume and how that affects our consciousness.

How that keeps us in this fear, anger in this kind of box. It goes pretty deep. But let's even look at them, what Hollywood, Hollywood, the word Hollywood. Holly. There's a Holly plant, and I forget the name of the exact plant. Maybe it's called the holiday plant. But what this plan is, is it was used in ancient times and what they would do is they would use it to brew up spells, to control the masses. There's a lot of times these little symbols are there and we don't even know it, but behind the scenes of this is exactly what's happening when we talk about Hollywood. There's a plant that's based in, it has to do ancient times with casting spells along the collective, and that's what's happening with these movies and these different things.

The CIA has had connections and in that documentary out of the shadows and shows how the CIA has had connections for a long time. I think about this, it's kind of interesting. I thought this was funny. They then CIA people that have had connections to Hollywood, they're like, let's make CIA people look cool so they can feel cool about themselves. What they did is they came out with a series of James Bond. They kind of influenced the whole James Bond series to come out so that when you think of the CIA, you think of these cool people going behind the scenes until trading different countries, saving the planet and all this cool stuff. Right? That's kind of like that was intended because it's like, let's make our job look cool. Then also we have a positive connotation with the CIA. We don't want to question the CIA.

Do you want to question James Bond? He's so cool. Do you see? That's the idea. The CIA's has an infiltration. If you look at all the media, you look at Disney, you look at Marvel, you look at all the six different major corporations on all the media. What if there was a certain intention there for people to be and have a certain narrative, a certain story about the way reality works. If you look at Disney movies, I grew up watching Disney movies, especially in the 90s where a lot of movies that came out have a lot of very edgy symbolism in it. You might know what I mean by that. It had a lot of symbolism in it and one of the reasons is it influences the subconscious mind and there are different intentions there. In that movie, out of the shadows, it talks a lot about this.

It talks a lot about the CIA, how that filtrated Hollywood, it was a directed, or the guy that started it used to be a Hollywood stuck man and he would notice things at different parties and stuff like that. He started to piece these things together. But just to also base it, there are dark things going on with some of the people that may actually, that control Hollywood. What these people do is they have a connection to very dark, kind of like dark magic in a way. They do very dark things within the collective consciousness. That's kind of an unimaginable, to be honest. They do it and it keeps the vibration in a lower state of consciousness, however, they're starting to get outweighed. That's something that's happening right now. We had over a million people all around the world doing a global meditation on April 4th, and that made the Schumann resonance, which is the frequency of the earth go up an astounding and unprecedented amount.

If we were to keep doing that, we're counteract counterbalancing this dark tie, a kind of magic in a way. This is also some things I just kind of want to point to you now. As I said, I'm not an expert all this, I've just looked at some of the pieces and I realized that I kind of have an intention and if this blog resonates with you or some of these things, maybe you share this blog with other people. Not saying that what's going around right now isn't a real thing and isn't harmful. I'm not saying that it's not, but what if it is exaggerated to a certain point. There are dark doctors that have said that when it comes to the depths of what is happening right now, and I'm not going to say the word because if I do then this blog won't get shared as much or yeah. There's another thing that goes on with that with Hollywood and some of the things, the way that certain things are controlled.

Think about that, so could it be that the numbers are going up because there is an increase of people that are just doing what they're told and deeming them as most likely having that thing. There are some doctors that are rebelling against that saying, I will not say that because it's not true. There are people, family members. I was talking to someone else today that that knows someone that had somebody that was like a younger kid that actually passed away. What if it's kind of like being exaggerated in certain ways, some of the things happening now. Why would that be? Let's look at another one. There was a guy that broke into a hospital get this, they said that certain in certain places in, in certain areas where there's just huge, all this stuff going on.

The hospitals are completely packed. Many people because of this huge thing happening. What happened is this guy breaks into a hospital that is completely empty and he ends up getting arrested for it. But he's on social media running through these halls of this empty hospital. Could it be that they've only kept certain hospitals open so that it looks more packed than it is so that when you have the news in there, it looks a crazy busy? Like there's way more going on there is. I don't know. As I said, do your own research. I just, I'm looking at some of the pieces here. There are already media companies. Remember the six major corporations on the media that have already been caught taking Italian footage, meaning footage in Italy of people in these hospitals and using it in American media, passing it off as if it's in the United States.

They've already been caught doing that. Why would they do something like that? Could it be that they want things to look way worse than they are? You see, there are different levels of things happening here now when it comes to these elite people that are actually losing their power right now. I do believe that these elite people that have controlled the narrative for a long time, they're in completely losing their power. When we do these meditations, we're literally imagining us as the people having our power back. You know, we've become so used to certain things. We just agree, Oh, I'll pay 40% of my taxes towards the government because it goes towards the roads and all that cool stuff. Right? Not knowing that that might've been used for way different things, but you want to know how it works, problem, solution, and then we're open to certain things.

Imagine that there are people that say, well, what could we do? What could we do to get people to believe that they need to pay like 40% 30% 20% of their taxes to us? What could we do for that? Well, if we were to have some type of a war going on and they wanted to be safe and they were in, they were in fear, then they'd probably be open to pain, a big chunk of their money to being safe and to feeling that. Then that happened back in the 60s or whenever that happened. Guess what? We just now assume it's a part of our natural reality. You'd be paying 30 40 20% of our money towards taxes when maybe that money goes towards things we don't even know. I'm not saying it. I'll just do your own research. As I said, I'm not trying to tell you what to believe, but what if?

What if, let's just say what if there are people, there's a solution to this as well. There's a positive, I'm going to get there, but I'm just trying to open up a little bit more than maybe is being shown when it comes to this problem, solution open thing. What if there were an elite amount of people that said, you know what? What if we wanted people to be open to getting vaccinations and what have been these vaccinations? We put some stuff in it. It's not good at all, but it was, it would keep people in a box. We'd have a little bit more control over certain things with the, what if there's an anti-technology in it or something like that that we connected to the 5D or something like that, and then it kept people in a certain frequency or we had more control.

Well, we need people to want that. Well, what if we had something that we unleashed out into the public and then what happened is it put people in a very fearful state and then they were afraid of other people. Then they were demanded that you had to be inside the house and not leave ever. Then if you wanted to travel or something or did they just be completely open to taking it because they would want safety and they would shame other people if they didn't take it? Because then it's like, what about their safety? Well, what if we were to have the problem and then give them that solution and they'd be open to it. You see, this is the kind of things that are orchestrated behind the scenes.

There's a technology that's been suppressed for a very long time. There are solutions and I believe to these two different things that just aren't brought out because then it can feel a certain agenda. As I said, do your own research and look into this now, what is the positive benefit of this? Of everything, I'm sharing. The reason all of this stuff is going on right now is because of the light on the planet is raising so much that these are like the last cards up their sleeve that they have in order to try to control and to keep the vibration in a certain frequency. And guess what? It's not going to work. Too many people are waking up right now. People are questioning their reality. People are at home right now. Maybe they're at home to start to question things and as time goes on, more and more people will question.

I think that there's this avalanche of awakening happening right now and it's going to be harder and harder to stay asleep. When I make this blog, it's to plant some seeds. If you have friends and family, this blog may help. Maybe share this blog because what did it can do is it can start planting the seeds a little bit more. The positive side of this is the best thing we can possibly do is to raise our own vibration. What does that mean? It means doing our own shadow work, becoming aware of different emotions that we may feel, and then letting them go.

Remember the fear you have to first off believe something to be true, to feel that fear. The reason I don't feel fear with everything going on is because I'm able to see kind of all of this and I know that it's being projected and that's the perspective that's wanted. That's the agenda. Then I choose not to feel it. It's a choice, but it's because of my belief, what I believe to be true. Become aware of where that's stemming from and anything you focus on, you feel. If you're focusing on the fear and the media and all that stuff, then you'll find that you feel more of that fear and all of that emotion that's being transmitted through. But the best way you can raise your vibration is by first off learning to observe your thoughts, observe things that are happening right now.

That's the level of neutrality. That's when you let go of the negative energy and then the other thing you can work on is something like forgiveness, forgiving yourself for giving other people going within and doing the own your own work in that way and then becoming, doing more of that inner work in general, putting the scope within. If you expand this con this scope out a little bit more. What you'll find is that we're all one consciousness. We all agreed to this kind of thing that's happening in the world right now as a way for us to take our power back so we had certain key players playing certain dark roles so that we could learn this. We're all eternal spiritual beings. I'm temporary human experiences, but as I said, dude, your own research, go with it. Find out what resonates with you.

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