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The One Thing You Must Do So Narcissists & Sociopaths “Get Their Karma”


I'm going to show you the one thing you must do so that narcissistic and sociopathic people get their karma.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make it so that the balancing forces, when it comes to maybe a narcissistic person or a sociopathic person that you're around. How it starts to tip in a new direction, and I'm going to show you what you can actually do about that. A couple of weeks ago, I made a video on why narcissists and sociopaths don't get their karma, and that video did weight way more people were interested in that video than I ever thought of actionable.

I knew it was more of a niche thing, but nonetheless, it was something that I had experience with, which many of you may know from my ex stepmom who definitely had many of those different characteristics. For sure and I explained my personal story and some of the things I went through and then what I noticed of what changed the energy. Just to clarify it, the reason that I say that sociopathic people and narcissistic people don't get their karma has to do with understanding the energy dynamics.

Many other people play into the frame, and it keeps the energy pattern going where they don't realize their own karma. However, like I was sharing with my ex step-mom, it is mind-blowing how much she is actually able to get away with. When you look at her relationship with my dad who, you know, just to give it a, a very quick summary, which if you've seen my other videos and you've heard this probably many times, but I had, she was in my life between the ages of seven to 15 years old.

We weren't allowed to have friends, and we weren't allowed to go play. In the morning, we were given a bowl of cereal with some milk. And at nighttime we were given a TV dinner. Then she was also very physically and mentally abused, so she'd get mad, had a temper.  And also, the interesting thing was she would kind of control things to where we would get the opposite of anything we wanted to do. It was a lot of emotional manipulation.

You think you're going to get out of that; you're going to that, you know? It was this weird thing where I had to like figure out, you know, I almost in a way would like to do the opposite. I'd be like, I pretend not to want to go to a forensics debate tournament, you know, and my brother and I in a way had to earn going to school activities, and that was our escape, which in a way made it so that I focused more on school. There were different facets of it. But in general, my brother and I didn't have any freedom. You know, if 15 years old came around, all of a sudden, my dad divorced her and then my brother and I are able to watch TV. We're able to have friends who were both very socially awkward because we weren't, we weren't able to have friends at all.

We were just kind of in our own world. What happened is then we had all this free in my 15 years old came around. To this day, I don't even have to see her again. I don't even have to talk to her again. My half-sisters, which we had the same dad, different mom, that's their real mom now she's already brainwashed one of them to be a certain way. Kind of like she brainwashed my brother, and I did not like to want anything to do with our real mom. And then, after 15 and my dad divorced her that we have a relationship. But what happened is, is now my dad has to deal with her and she does everything she can. They make my dad's life a living hell. She will lie. They go to court about things, and she will lie and say the craziest things of things that didn't even happen and things that my dad is the nicest guy ever.

He's like too nice to where he ends up getting taken advantage of. He does things according to the book because he is a fire investigator, which means that he, he just, he has this very strong sense of doing what's right. The energy dynamics there, it's like she gets away with so much. Unfortunately, she's doing everything she can to get away from that. But it's hard for her because her mom is that manipulative and that's kind of the way the court's work is they believe in this case.

She's also a compulsive liar. She would lie about everything.  It's like lying to get what you want. It's all about me, me, me, me. The thing is I remember that word, this thing I'm sharing with you comes from what the one thing you must do is, I remember one time my dad was going to a, some type of a thing for me, one of my sisters and it was, I don't remember, it was like a counseling session or something, but I know when he went, she, my ex stepmom was just, was just trying everything she could to get to my dad was just like, you know, yelling at it in public and saying all these things.

You would say something, and he would kind of feed into that. But this is the one thing you must do around narcissistic pet people and sociopathic people. And this is what made the change. And I told them to do this one day. I said, just go in and when she's yelling at you and saying all these things to you, just have a blank stare. Don't even react completely. Ignore it. Don't even give it attention. And this is what he did. He said that he went there, she started going off on him, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and public while they were at something like I think it was like a, an office or something, I don't remember. It was like a therapist's office there or something they had to go to.

And he was just a blank stare. And I think even you're just like, like this. And what happened was, is she did that for like a couple of minutes. And then as he was not giving any reaction whatsoever, she just said something and left just said something and left it. Because when you're not getting a reaction, you have nothing to feed on. And I actually learned about this idea and this concept from that of some type of study they did where they said that they're, I forget what it was exactly, but they were doing some type of study where they were noticing that what was more nerve-wracking to people wasn't when somebody gives you negative PR, like imagine you're in an interview, and this was the test. The test was like to see people's reactions and like how they felt and how they responded that were, that people that were thinking they were getting interviewed, and the interviewer would have delivered like one of three different expressions.

They would have like a happy expression at like really receptive, and then they'd have a reception where they were like, really just proving like, like this. The people that had a negative effect, they had more cortisol because they add, they did not know what was going on. It's like you almost don't have a context. I remember hearing that, and I told my dad that I was like, just don't give it attention. They're in their frame, they're calling their shots, and therefore the energy dynamic hasn't been able to balance itself out yet. When my dad, it's like we'd look at my accent, mom, it's just insane because of her; it appears to be getting away with everything.

She gets away with all of these crazy things, allegations that she makes that aren't true. She gets away with so many different things or like, okay, she's going to get her car, but she's going to get her car but going to go to Parma and appears that it's not happening. Well, why isn't it happening? Well, the other thing is that people that have narcissistic or sociopathic, they normally don't feel shame. They, they normally feel like they're not doing anything wrong. They just have to manipulate rap reality to get it to be a certain way. You see.

I've just been, it's like, how can you even, how can you even do something like that? Well, unfortunately for my sister, the thing I've had to tell her to do it in a way to be able to observe it and to realize that her mom has just kind of lost, not necessarily a judgmental way, but her mom was just in her own little belief structure, her own little control mechanism, and she's acting out as a full-grown bullying.

She is somebody that doesn't make me feel good about herself, and she's literally been a bully to other people, so it's hard for 14 or 15 years old to have that level of a weirdness, but it's like alerting lesson, you know, in a certain way when there are narcissistic and sociopathic people in our life, we did agree to that. Being around them for a period of time in our life doesn't mean always.

The thing though that makes all the difference is to stop playing according to their game. It means that you're a cameo in their movie and they're the villain. Instead, be the star of your own movie. Then you gain your power to where then you can develop the boundary. You can say no, and you can go in the direction that you want, but you see, that's the thing is the energy dynamics that are out of whack because everyone is feeding into their reality, and attention is what gives them energy. I believe that when they're controlling things and people are giving them their attention; they're actually feeling powerful.

You see, a narcissist or a sociopathic person feels like they don't have power. Therefore, if they can get you to pay attention to them, you can then give them energy, which then makes them feel powerful. But the key to this is you being within your own gravity, you being the star of your own movie and drawing the boundary if you have to. But the only reason they haven't got their karma is that the energy dynamics are still playing itself out. If my dad, for example, were to stop playing according to her game and just to beat in his own reality because he has a certain story about it now, you know, I'm sure he's able to go to work and tell his friends about how crazy that some of the things that have happened and just the things that you would, you hardly saw movies at.

It's like wow, like, and he has a story about it, a story that's keeping that reality perpetuated. And if he were to change his story, he would then and realize that it's not happening to him. It's happening for him to where he can maybe draw the boundary to where he can maybe stand up. Because I see sometimes he's such a nice guy that she's able to take advantage of him because she's the one calling the shots and being so manipulative in such a compulsive liar. It's about understanding the energy dynamics, and is it showing you, what does it mean for you? Does it show you that you can stand up for yourself? Does it show you that you can draw your boundaries? Does it show you that you can be the star of your own movie? Because I think I may have shared this before as well.

When I went through that experience up until 15, she was very controlling, and after 15 my dad divorced her. All of a sudden, I have freedom. One of the first girlfriends that I had was somebody that was trying to control me, that was very jealous, that had a lot of this like negative emotion. And I dealt with that for years. And then, when I was done with that, I got promoted to a department at Nordstrom's and women's shoes where the manager was almost the same personality as my ex step-mom. There was always a manipulative person in my life until I cleared this pattern. I changed the story around it. I observed my thoughts around it. When you complete the past, you no longer have to repeat the past. But what is the story that you're telling around this? When you reframe the story, everything changes.

You see, I believe that they do eventually get their karma, but the energy dynamics have to tip in the other way. At the very, very least, when every one of us dies, we have an experience when it's called a life review. If you studied thousands and thousands of NDE experiences, we have a life review. And what happens in the life of you is you feel what you've made other people feel in your life. If you've generally been getting, you know, getting either learning your lessons as you go, maybe you learn your lessons. You don't have to feel as much the drawback of it. But if you're somebody that's so rigid, so controlling everyone taking its part power and a narcissist or a sociopath, then guess what? At the end of your life, you will feel what you made other people feel, and you will experience that, and then you will be able to say, do I want to make people feel like that?

At the very least, at the end of life, when we have life reviews, these people will get their karma, but that's not our job to focus on. Our job is to focus on how are the energy dynamics within us? Are we played according to their frame? Are we or are we in our own frame of reality? Are we the star over our own movie? Are we focused on making everything about them? If that's the case, then we are keeping that energy dynamic in the place, and what we can begin to do is change that energy dynamic by first off, changing ourselves, changing ourselves. A lot of people that are taken advantage of in narcissistic or sociopathic relationships where someone's a sociopath towards them are people that are very nice people. People that get taken advantage of that have a lack of boundaries in the key is to become aware of that and then decide that you're going to develop your own level of boundaries.

You're going to develop your own gravity, which may mean saying no, which may mean ignoring completely. If you give them something to hook in on it, they will feed on it. They will come up with some crazy type of way of getting in with that. But if you don't give them anything to hook up and not to, they can't do anything. This is about being aware of that energy dynamic. The one thing you must do in order for that narcissist or that sociopathic person to get their karma is you must realize that it is not about playing according to their game and plain according to their frame. You must be in your own frame, in your own reality, the star of your own movie, and you must, at the same time, let go of trying to make sure they get their karma. Let go of the story you have about who they are, the story about everything you've been through, the story about all of these different attachments you might have to that identity, that story that keeps your certain, you almost might get an emotional charge from it, talking about it.

Yeah, she did this, and this, this, I kept to believe that blah, blah, blah. But until that story is like go off, it will continue to play itself out because they're just playing according to the role. One of the most powerful things for this process, as well as that of a process called Hoʻoponopono, which is a process that is an ancient Hawaiian technique, but it has to do with four simple statements, which, which I'll explain in the video below. But you do this process, and as you change your image of this narcissistic or this sociopathic person, you may find that as you change your image of them and the way that you relate to them within yourself, you may find that either they fall away out of your life, they no longer vibrationally resonate or they start to change within themselves. This starts to bear the question, what is reality other than a reflection of what we believe it to be.

What happened was in Hoʻoponopono, the experiments that were done with that, there was a doctor that would just focus on patients that were in an insane and silent, who would focus on their profiles, on their stories, on their files, and he would heal what that was showing him on the inside. He would look at these peach people, see them as a whole, complete and heal and change a story about them, and then they would begin to heal in real life. As he changed his image of them, as you saw them as to heal, they would then begin to change where they didn't have to be there anymore. He did that with over 50 people at this place. And it works. And it's an ancient technique, and it's something that I'm doing a meditation about that you can just listen to why you're in your car, listen to why you're doing things.

And what it does is it begins to change your energetic field. It begins to complete the patterns of the past is something that's very powerful that you can listen to.  It's called Hoʻoponopono. Listen to it for 21 days and watch how you start to change how you can change your image of how you relate to them and that how that changes everything in your life. For this process, remember that what you can begin to do is change your own reality by being the star of your own movie. Realize that anything that's happened to you from them is a story. And what you can begin to do is let go of it, draw the boundary, but let go of it to become three so that then you can be yourself.

The Universe Will Manifest FOR You If you Do This


I'm going to show you how the universe will manifest for you. I'm going to be sharing with you how the universe will manifest for you. If you do a simple little thing and you start to understand this philosophy as well because the truth is what if what you wanted, what if what you wanted want in you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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This is something that we think about. Sometimes we think about, oh, I want to attract this person. It's my life. I want to attract this money into my life, and what we assume is that it's all from our own perspective, but what if instead of that, what if those things actually wanted you?

You see, this changes the energy dynamic, and this allows us to see things from a new point of view, and I actually use this. This really does work. The first time, I've told this story many times before, but when I was the first moving into the house that I live in and the house, you know, I'm going to move out of it and a couple of weeks, but I didn't love living in a while. I did live in it, and in August of last year, when I was getting ready to, you know, get find out if I got the house or not. I remember there was competition for the house for like three to five other people that applied for the same house. It was just renting. But for some reason, everyone's moving to Vegas right now. I live in Las Vegas, and what happened was, is I imagined it as if the house wanted me to live there.

I thought about how I take good care of the house. It had like trees in the backyard of the Peachtree had a like a lot of grass, and I really appreciate it, and love grass, and I just knew that in the house I would be able to make so many videos for YouTube, which now I have probably like five. I probably made over 500 videos in that house so far, and I knew that it would also help and add value to other people by me being there cause I feel so expansive. It'd be such a nice, such good energy.

Hopefully, you can see it now. It says over here it says when this goes up, what will happen is the universe will manifest more for you because then you're going to be in a higher alignment to the hole. When you start to feel more unity, when you realize that you're connected to everyone else, you start to tap into more divine energy. And you're also focused on giving value, giving value, because we're all connected. When your ego goes up, what happens is the universe will manifest less for you because then it's just an ego scenario where you only win if your ego wins.

This is ego and separation. If you want the universe to manifest for you, your vibration has to go up, and part of your vibration going up will have to do with what you are putting out into the world. The more that I've realized this concept, this is pretty much what I use to grow my YouTube channel. I just understood the dynamics thereof, the more value that I provide and that I put out the better come back to me.

It's almost like the universe will go down these paths of least resistance. Here's the thing with the universe that we're in right now. This is the way this, the way it seems to be going down. There is a global shift in consciousness happening, and more and more people are waking up every day. Because of this, because this is something the universe wants to do, it wants to expand. And my guess is that some level of your passion is connected to helping people expand, whether it's you creating amazing art, you sharing your passion with the world, and it raises the frequency of other people, whatever it is.

And the more you are raising your frequency; the universal manifests for you when you raise your frequency. Something else I want to talk about today is I've been talking a lot about how bots are the true things; thoughts are literally things. There are some esoteric boots books on this. There's one book called top form, so old school book. And when it talks about is how, when we think thoughts, they're actual energetic things that exist in the astral plane because there are different planes here. We have the physical reality that we're in, which is what we can physically see. We have the astral realm, which is overlaid our reality, which we only see really when we're in bed at night or if you're clairvoyant or in meditation. But when you go to bed at night, you're in the astral realms, whether you're aware of it or not.

At least you travel through it. What happens is when you're thinking thoughts, your thoughts are going out, and it's going into the astro. The key to this is understanding that the more consistently you think certain thoughts, the more it builds those thought-forms. But another part of it that's very important is the quality of the thought you have. If your thoughts are of a higher quality, which also means it's going to carry with, I'm going to explain this in a second, but it'll carry with it your aura as well. What happens is it then has a higher frequency. For example, if I have the V, if I have the intention to grow my YouTube channel because I won't get just more subscribers and more ego gratification that may carry with it an aura color, like thinking about my oars in the selfish, maybe like the more of the greed survival mode, maybe it's more of a red color.

Those thoughts are then going out of a lower frequency type of nature. However, if my intention is to add value and to help other people wake up, what may happen is that the thoughts, they're coming from a higher quality place, those have more power, so our thoughts are literally things, and they are components of our own aura. This is something I've been learning about more and more recently. It's a little bit more esoteric, but it makes a lot of sense too with all the, the information I've read from Paramahansa Yogananda and his book, the autobiography of a Yogi where he talks about aligning yourself with the divine because when you align with the divine, what happens is you then have a higher frequency and things will happen even easier for you. You see, the truth is you are divine beings may have completely forgotten that, and your natural vibration is to be in a high vibrational state.

But once again, you may have forgotten that. But the more you embody that divine space, that divine energy is, the more the universe will manifest for you because you're tapping into that energy. You see, when we talk about these enlightened gurus from the book autobiography of a Yogi where he shares Paramahansa Yogananda goes through the process of enlightenment and shares what it was like and what it was like meeting these people that are doing things literally that we think are magic, making things appear. And the reason they're able to do that is that their frequency is so high that their thoughts are so clear. Their intentions are so strong that it just happens. They also realize that reality is a forming of illusion. Because it's an illusion they can do, they have more flexibility, whereas most of us run around thinking this is also serious.

Breathe it out. Notice how present you feel. I notice that you probably are more aware of the energy within your own body, and this energy increases your vibration. As you increase your vibration, then the thoughts you think have more potency. You know, one of the reasons I think when people do like substances consistently, maybe like they drink a lot, or they're smoking a lot, or they're doing these themes that alter theirs or alters their aura, I think it may dull their aura and then it's almost like their thoughts don't have as potency. Their intention doesn't have both poets and sees the energy behind what they're doing doesn't have as much potency. And the people you're around, you're literally mixing your aura with them. They have a lot of problems in there or a lot of things they're dealing with. Maybe they're always negative, telling you why you can't do things that you want to do in your life.

Then that doubt from them is coming into your aura. Do you see it? Be aware of your energy. It doesn't mean you have to be a little cocoon-like running around and afraid of everything. But what it does mean is be more aware of your aura. Be more aware of your energy. Are you taking deep breaths? That's why exercise, I think, can be so powerful for this. But you see you're walking around right now, and it's like the gravity that you hold is going to determine the things that come towards you. And this is just from; this is just to explain it because, at an actual level, our reality is simply a reflection, but this is an understanding of what you can do to raise your frequency, then have a higher perception of a higher vibrational reality. The main thing that I've learned through this process is the more that I raise my frequency is, the more that the universe will actually manifest for you meet.

If you want me to do more videos on this as well, hit the light button, let me know. And I'm going to be doing more videos on concepts like this and especially the esoteric concepts. Do you'd like to esoteric concepts with thought forms, with understanding, and how that goes into our energy and how that goes into our reality creation? If so, hit the like button, let me know and I'll use that as a barometer as to if I do more videos like this, but in general realize that the more value you give, and I realize this too, when I used to work at a, you said my sales commission job, if I went in and I was thinking, how can this person, that's I, you know, I'm selling women's shoes. How can this person add value to my paycheck?

It's very constructive energy. It carries with it a vibration of control. Then what I did is then I would go and the cool thing I liked about where I worked, because every single day I went in, I started at zero. I was able to see what kind of energy dynamics worked, what kind of like if I was just having fun when I would sell a certain amount, if I had certain intentions, I would sell a certain amount. If I had the intention of adding value, I'd sell a certain amount. If my intention to just increased my paycheck, I would tell a certain amount, and I was able to see what really works. I'll tell you right now what really works, what works is the more you have the intention of adding value and just having fun, those two combinations because when you're in a high-frequency state, you perceive of a reality that is also more high frequency.

Some days I'd go in, and I would just focus. I would hardly focus on the money. I'd focus on knock, how much I sold. I focused on just having fun and increasing the state because a lot of times, the money that we make is in proportion to the value that we add and even emotion of making people feel better. That's an emotional value right there. And then also think about it. I get people into a good feeling state there. Then in the feeling of they want to buy something cause they're feeling so good and that contagious energy is spreading. Do you see it? The power of what I'm sharing right now is on understanding your state, understanding your energy field, understanding that your intention behind what you do is what's important. But though the most powerful way that you can raise your frequency as well are you going for your passion, you do what you're passionate about.

I get up every single morning. I make these videos because it's. Actually, it's my passion. It gets me into a flow state. I feel like, I enjoy this. This is why I do what I do. And it also, it's not only what I love to do, but it's also teamed up too. It adds value to other people because there are many people that are going through awakening or are wanting to know more about how to create their own reality. And in general, the key to this is understanding that now and another little aspect, I'll, I'll talk about this as well. It has to do with the ego and responsibility because I believe that like for example, the more that this YouTube channel grows, the more that my influence grows in life, the more responsibility I have to make sure my ego stays in check. 

But then there's like the switch or what happens is they go from like having this authentic connection they have the switch to where then it's like all about money or it's not about what they're really passionate about, and it's all about gratifying the ego. And when that happens, a lot of times the universe will then sometimes give you situations that humble you, you see what I mean?

Do you still have a divine, pure intention? And I watched some people that may start to bring their ego into it and start to get to ego ratified and they lose their, their intention to add value. And when that happens, it's almost like the universe. Sometimes we'll give people the reason to humble themselves or a reason to look at their own ego in a new way. With great power comes great responsibility. As cheesy as it sounds. I know it was in the movie, Spiderman and everything. I thought it was a really cool saying, but I believe that in general, if you want the universe to manifest for you, understand it's not just about you. The reason I'm saying this too is you may think Aaron's the one making all these videos. Aaron's made thousands, you know, hundreds of videos in a row because you've been doing this for years.

But I would say that I get into a certain state and this energy comes through once you think of as Aaron being this intellectual, smart guy, if that's what you think, maybe you think of just some, I don't know, some like loony esoteric guy, but whatever it is, it's not J it's, it's this energy. It's more so channeling like my higher mind you could say, or it's not really just me. I want to be I air and wouldn't be able to make a daily video on YouTube for years and years and years in a row if it were just the ego. You see, there's a larger thing at play here. And, and that reason I'm shouting it out right now is that it's true. It's a flow state. It's a higher vibrational state. It's that divine energy that's flowing through. And I think that when people watch my videos, if they like, cause some people to say, oh, I watch your videos and I get a certain feeling from it.

I feel high by when I watch it. Well, what you're connecting to, you're connecting to your own energy. I'm just assembling cause I'm embodying this divine energy within myself. And then you see that, and then you feel a certain way because of that. It's in a way you're tapping to the divine within you. When people do and may create amazing art, they get into a flow state. They could say, oh, it's my ego making this. But maybe it's more so the painting making itself. Do you see what I mean? If you want the universe to manifest for you, I recommend you get into your flow state. I recommend you start to do, breathe more, charge your energy field. Be it. Have boundaries with people that are maybe negative, bringing you down, telling me you can't do what you want to do. Understand you're an infinite spiritual dream.

Enjoy this reality; enjoy it. Have Fun with it, and understand that the universe wants you to be successful, but it also wants you to understand what's important in life. It wants you to understand that you are a part of the divine and want you to understand these things, and it will give you reflections of this as you become aware of it. I understand that as much as you want a relationship, there's somebody out there that wants you as much as you want to attract money in your life. Abundance wants to come to you. It just wants you to be in vibrational resonance with it, and the best way to do this is to raise your frequency. Understand you are divine. Understand that the more you raise your vibration, the more your life begins to change. Part of this as well is understanding the do you have an energy field around your body thought you consistently think, go into this energetic field.

What is overtime we have all these stops in our energy field that we haven't cleared out? One of the most powerful ways to clear out your energy field is through a process that is called Hoʻoponopono, and it's a process that's been around for a long time and what it does is it clears out your energy field and also clear energetic cords that you have with other people. It's extraordinarily powerful. I have a meditation, something that you can just repeat. It's four simple words, and when you do, they are four simple statements. When you make these statements, you start to clear out your energy field. It starts to raise your frequency to where then the things you think can happen much easier.

The SHIFT Within: you’ll NEVER Be the Same


I'm going to show you the shift within. I'm going to show you something I'd never shared before, and I believe if you read this blog, you will never be the same.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the shift within understanding this truth about reality, this understanding that when you come to the basis of it changes everything because instead of going about reality as trying to change the outside, which we know the outside is just the reflection and the same way that I might see these very beautiful mirrors here. I know that if I want anything to change, it does nothing. Do you know what I mean? But if I look at myself and I changed my special over that light and shades, you know what I mean?

These are the reflection changes. Reality is a mirror. Now here's the thing. Think about how powerful this is. When we shift our consciousness, and realize that everything is about how we relate to ourselves, we can then change how we're relating to ourselves. Then change our outer reality. You can't change that which is outside of us, but I'm going to be sharing with you some ideas, I think totally revolutionary, but not revolutionary. There's been a lot of people that have shared it before the ancient wisdom and stuff, but it's stuff that sometimes we overlook. Okay. And let me share with you this too. I believe that if we change our energy fields, we change our life. If we change our energy fields, we change our life.

The key to this is understanding that when you take responsibility for what's in your energy field, you then begin to transform your life. But you see, here's the thing people, a lot of times people will over there and say, that's not ma. That's not me. That's not me. That person did this to me. They are wrong, but they're over there. How can I take responsibility for what they did over there? You are taking responsibility for your own energy field. You are taking responsibility for how you respond to this person doing something to you. The key is understanding responsibility. You cannot change that which you do not own. Here is something that that's may plant a seed inside of each understanding when you go out in public, okay? When you go out in public, you are merging with other people's energetic fields.

Some people may say, oh, I can read the body language. I can do this. A lot of times we're just subconsciously reading each other's energy field. When you go out into public, okay, and you've got your energy field right there. What happens is the reason, sometimes it feels chaotic in public is because when you go out, and you have your energy, if you, everyone has their energy field, you may go to a public place where there's a thousand people or hundreds of people or whatever it is. They all are thinking of different things, and they're all in their own reality, so it feels chaotic walking around because there are so many different points of thought direction. However, a lot of people will like to go to like a football game or a basketball game because you've got tens of thousands of people that maybe there focused on the same exact thing.

There's a unity of focus. That's when people go to these events, and they say, oh, I feel so when I'm there, I feel so high. You feel so high when you're at this, this type of m football event or basketball event, it's because you feel the rush of the energy of that tens of thousands of people live and maybe even millions of people watching on television. You feel that unity of thought, and you feel you get a rush from it. The key to this is understanding that who you associate with your energy fields have meshed together. Our meshing to get who you are consistently round your energy fields are meshing together. The person that has the highest vibration will generally not be as affected by the lower vibrations, especially up to a certain point. When you get to a certain point of vibrations, you're not as affected.

You are more in your own energy, and you have different levels of awareness. Here is the key to really transforming your life is to understand that your reality is a reflection of what's in your energy field. And you can take responsibility for what's in your energy field. Even if somebody treated you really bad in the past, you take responsibility, and you change the meaning you gave on the inside to the things that happen on the outside. You change the meaning, you change the way you relate to it, and by changing the way you relate to it, you then change the within your energy field. Because this is the thing for a long time I carried around in my energy field of belief that to me woman was controlling and that I had to like break free and like be myself because I had an ex step moment in my life between the ages of seven to 15 years old who was abusive and controlling and manipulative.

All of a sudden, 15 comes around, my dad divorced, assert it's a whole new world. Do what I can do whatever I want. I go to eat. I'm allowed to eat what I want. I'm allowed to a cause where I wasn't really lovey. I just like sneak food when, when she was in my life because we were only given like TV dinners at night and like a bowl of cereal in the morning and we were very skinny and my brother and I and when I came, I'm all of a sudden, I have all this freedom. I can do what I want. I can have friends, and I can go to school activities and do all the like king's odd normal kids do. However, I felt a jolt in my energy field. Like why did this happen? I had to like break free of it.

In a way, I had to get comfortable with just being myself. I didn't really become my own personality until I was probably like 16, like 17 years old is when I started developing it. A lot of people had already started developing their personality. I was like, Oh, what is this? I could say, what do I want? I can do what I want. Cause I couldn't do that between seven and 15. What happened though is eventually I had this belief that people, even after my ex stepmom, I had an ex-girlfriend and that was in my life. I was always trying to control what I was doing with friends and all this stuff. She was always jealous and manipulative, and then after her, within two weeks of breaking up with her, I got a promotion to a different department. It this job I worked at, which was Nordstrom's and women's shoes, the department I got transferred to was somebody that was almost the exact same personality traits as my ex stepmom.

She couldn't physically abuse us because she was a manager, but she could emotionally and mentally, and she did that for years and then once I learned what I'm showing you right now, the shift within, that's when everything began to change because then I took responsibility for was in my energy field and I healed it. I allowed it to be there, and I saw it for what it was. I changed the meaning of the past but changed the meaning of the passage. Then changed and then changed everything. But I had to take responsibility for how I responded to it. I take responsibility for the belief I had in the energetic field that said, women are this way or I have to break free from this or all of this, this different type of stuff. Understand that our reality is simply reflecting back to us that which is in our energy field.

And when you change what's in your energy field, by healing it, completing it, that's when your life will begin to change. Now here's the next thing I'm going to share with you, which is I think will blow your mind. Okay? This blew my mind when I became aware of it. If any of you ever heard of Sadhguru, does that guru is an enlightened guy from India. It's probably the most popular enlightened guy in the world. He's got like 3 million Instagram followers or 3 million YouTube followers, and he just travels around and speaks, and he talks about his in La. He's got very high energy, very high vibration. He talks about his enlightenment experience, and there's a light. My experience is what happened. I'm probably saying it wrong. Johnny Hill's on some hill.

He looked out and realized that everything was him. Everything was him because everything was him. He just started crying. The sunset is all the sudden. I just started crying. He never really cried like that in his life. I've been doing this with certain people in my life who have had certain addictions, who have had certain things going on and within a month or two completely got rid of it. Is it just because of me? Am I that egotistical to think it was just because of me? 

Well, who's to say this is where we get deeper into reality. Who's to say it's not all just a dream, and we're all just reflections of this idea and energy and energy charges that we have about each other. By letting go and healing it within ourselves, we then heal our version of it. I do know that reality is more flexible than we can even imagine. And that you understand that if you go within your own energy field and you change within your own energy field, you will change your whole entire outer reality.

Stop Making Money Love & Success Important and instead do this


I'm going to show you how to stop making money, love, and success And I'm also going to show you exactly what to do instead. This makes all the difference, and this will allow you to really perceive what you want in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you why you should stop going about money, love, and success. I'm going to show you how this is one of the biggest blocks that people experience with attracting what they want in their life. Because the moment we make something very important or just important in general, we vibrationally put it on top of a pedestal. We vibrationally separate ourselves from it. And then what we do is we try everything we can to get to it.

What happens is we create a lot of resistance in the process. And the reason is that we are emphasizing that we are not good enough. We are emphasizing that in the present moment right now, this moment isn't good enough, and maybe eventually, I can get to a place that is. The easiest analogy of a way of thinking about this is how much making things importance. You want to attract someone into your life. You make them your sole priority. It is so very important that you attract that person into your life.

The moment you put them on that pedestal, they will vibrationally feel that desperation. They will feel that desire coming from you, and then it will trigger in them something that says, well, maybe I want to back off from this. Imagine you could easily have and be in the relationship that you want, but the moment you make it important is the moment that thing starts to go away from you. The moment you put it on a pedestal, you vibrationally separate yourself from it. Imagine you want to attract money into your life. There's magic that things are always coming towards you that are in resonance with you.

But the moment you make it important is the moment that you start to repel it. Importance equals repellent. It will literally repel other people from you if you feel inferior. A lot of this has to do with inferiority. If you feel inferior to someone else if money makes you feel inferior, then how can that come towards you? If success makes you feel inferior because you're worried about what other people will think you're worried about and think that you don't deserve it, then how can it come towards you? In reality, we get a reflection of what we believe we deserve. If we're making something very important, we are vibrationally saying that we don't deserve it or that it's not currently here.

They say, if I get that in my life, then I'll feel good. It's coming at it from the point of the ego. The ego dwells in lower levels of consciousness. The ego also dwells in mid-levels of consciousness, and the ego starts to really dissipate. As we get into higher states, still there we have an ego because we're having this physical experience. We had to in a way forget who we are to come here and to have this kind of experience that appears very real because at the deepest levels, this is a virtual reality that we live in.

We live in the form of virtual reality. The reason that doesn't resonate with some people is that it sounds a little bit too technical. It sounds too much like technology, but we perceive reality through the five senses, and this is a divine matrix that we live in. We set up this game so that we could forget who we are so that we can incarnate here and then learn the process of what we are thinking about it and higher realms, higher states of consciousness. You think it automatically there no buffer of time here though, we said, you know what? I want to be able to cultivate it. I want to be able to experience it. I want to be able to learn how to raise my vibration. I want to be able to learn these lessons over a period of time rather than all at once.

We chose to come here. The reason I say that is because then it makes it easier to understand that when we come here, we forget who we are than we buy into everything. People tell us as we go through life, people tell us or make us believe that we're not worthy. They do that via ads, via the social condition. They do that via the beliefs of your parents. Then we believe that we're not worthy, and we go through life experiences that reflect that back to us. The key to this process is waking up, waking up from the dream of separation, waking up from the dream of unconsciousness of unawareness. When you become aware of this, this is when your life begins to change.

And in this lower level paradigm, we have primary emotions. It's a shame, fear, anger, guilt, emotions that make us feel separation, that we're not good enough, makes us feel resistance. And what happens is we have this paradigm right here. I'm going to show you how to transform your paradigm. When you transform your paradigm, and you link up what I share with you, you won't have to worry about resistance anymore. Oh, understand this. Imagine this right here. How do you see yourself? What is your self-image? Because most people first off don't know what their self-images and because they don't know what that is, they're unconsciously going through and projecting out to people a certain self-image, getting a result back, a reality that is equal to that image and that feeling that they have about who they are. And that continued use that perpetual cycle.

This self-image right here that we are projecting out to other people.  Anytime we make something important. We're putting that thing on a pedestal right up here. Imagine this is a pedestal. There's that thing on a pedestal. It's far away from us. It's not within our realm of vision. We can only experience that which we are the vibration of.  When you start to become aware of your self-image, you start to wake up to your own old unconscious self-image. The key to this whole process I'd be sharing with you is understanding that with your self-image right here. When you change your self-image, and start to see these things as natural for you, they no longer feel important. Imagine that person that you want to attract into your life, and you're like, "Oh, you're really, really important."

I really hope really badly that everything would just go right. If everything would go right, then it would be amazing. I could finally really be happy looking at the external. Well, that saying that that thing is on a pedestal is vibrationally further away. Imagine that instead, you have the self-image and the awareness that you are already whole and complete. You are worthy. Well, because you believe you're worthy. Imagine this is money. You put money on a pedestal up here, and then you say, "Oh, it's vibrationally farther away. I'm not worthy of it."

My parents have only made this amount per year. I probably also only capable of making that much. Instead, you realize that this reality is a form of a dream. You realize that a lot of the old stories you told yourself are connected to that of old worn-out beliefs and downed from your parents and from your environment, maybe from the environment you grew up in, the kind of school that you went to, whatever it is, and then you start to realize, well, that was just an experience that I had that doesn't have to equal my present. You start to remove those layers of inauthenticity. You start to remove those layers and say you're not good enough because the truth is that's an illusion. That's something that's got you to learn something powerful about yourself, and then you start to see the money.

You start to see as natural. You won't give it so much importance. Money's just an energetic exchange, has no power other than the meaning we give it, but you've been given it the meaning that it's up here and because that meeting is this up here, you vibrationally feel like you can't have it right now. Money comes in proportion to the value you put out into the world and tie the value of how you feel. Do you feel abundant, you will perceive more money around you? The key to this is knowing that importance is putting things on a pedestal, but understand this paradigm you have at the bottom.

I've shared it before, have looked like an x, but it's shifted a little bit sloppy when the way I did it. Okay, have, this is the lower level paradigm. People at the lower level where they're saying, I'm not good enough. I really want, can I just win the lottery? You're emphasizing that you want to have something. Okay. The mid-levels, we then start to get to willingness. When I make daily videos is what I love. It also adds value. Make you maybe you make art, you make art not only adds value to you, but someone else can enjoy that art, or by you being in that frequency, it encourages other people to be in that frequency for themselves. You see, the best thing you can do is to do what you're passionate about because that will raise your frequency.

The thing is as you move up this vibrational scale of consciousness, your vibration raises, and then you create things easier than ever, but the attachment is what keeps you in lower levels. Attachment is also very often tied in with importance. If you are attached to the outcome, you are attached to how things happen. If you are attached to a person, the person you're putting on a pedestal, if you are attached to money and how money relates to you, then guess what?

You're keeping yourself in a lower level of control as you move up this vibrational scale as well. There's less of a need to control, and there's more of a need or a desire to allow because this is what I want to talk about as well. This comes from the Toltec tradition. I've been studying the Toltecs a lot because I feel a connection to them. It kind of gives me more of a framework. We all have a certain way that we see the world. And that, in a way, is our art. But most people aren't. Where they are aware of the colors that they're using, they're not aware of the beliefs that they have. They're not aware that they can choose different colors. They think they've been given just, you know, some type of one gray color. That's all you can use.

Therefore, every, they've been painted with gray, they'd been getting bored. They don't know if they enjoy it anymore. But what I'm here to show you is that there are different colors and you're free to create whatever you want. What happens is there are these two understandings, and there's a difference between intention and intent. The intention is willingness. The intention is a goal, a desire, a focus to create something. Many times, that will bridge you from wanting, desiring, and then doing is the bridge into being to being.

This is natural for me. At first, it felt a little bit fake for me to make daily videos, but I still enjoyed it, and it was still part of my passion, but it felt to do it that much. But then eventually that bridged me into being in that vibration and be, you guys know the story. I became a full-time YouTube, or within months of doing that, you can be in the vibration you prefer by giving yourself permission to do so. You are a divine spiritual being who's forgotten who you are, and you've been playing according to this rule and to that ego-mind thinking that you are this little tiny ego that's just trying to survive. That's all the ego wants to do. The ego wants to survive, and the ego wants to be right.

Those two things, it gets like in a little emotional payoff from being right. Yeah, you did this to me. I told you not to do that better. He feels better not knowing that that necessity to be right is what keeps you in a lower vibe. The key to this is being aware of that ego, being aware of this, and then realizing that intention is powerful. He set intentions. You'll change your life. He set more intentions, and things will begin to change. Intent though is different from the Toltec tradition. Intense has to do with the intent of the universe to flow through you because you are a divine being dreaming right now that you are this little ego that needs to set an intention and needs to have goals and needs to accomplish things so they can feel better if you could just get a little more YouTube subscribers.

Yeah, when you would be better, but until then you just have to really want and desire and then once you have to do is you have to set the intention, and you say, okay, right now you're at 700,000 subscribers, but if you can get to 800,000 Whoa, then you'll be more, you'd be much more of a worthy. You see, and that's what the ego does. The ego is going to say, okay, I'm going to keep trying, and maybe eventually I'll be worthy. Knowing that that's just a rule in mind, that's all it is. Just a rule in mind, and then I can scratch it off my list and scratch it off my goal and go. Finally, I'm worthy. People love me, and because of that, now I can give myself permission. I could have given myself permission in the beginning, but you see the difference.

She knew the intention of the ego and the intent of the universe is that the universe wants to flow through you. You see people telling me sometimes they say, Aaron, how do you make daddy videos on YouTube? It's so impressive. And my ego's like, yeah, it's impressive, isn't it? But really what it is, I'm not doing these videos. Down's a little bit weird, sounds a little bit esoteric, but all I do is get into the flow state and allow this information to come through. That's it. I get into the flow state. This information comes through, and then it's like it wants to come through because it wants to be in this collective consciousness, and it wants to help people. I as the little ego, Aaron wouldn't be able to make a video every single day for three and a half years or whatever it's been by just doing it for my own ego.

I allow a higher level of consciousness, the divine part of myself to flow through, and then people watch it and go air, and I feel a buzz when I watch your videos. I love the energy that I feel when I watch you, and all it is I'm tapping into my higher self. I'm tapping into a higher vibration, and that's reflecting back to you and everyone else or anyone else that thinks that that vibration that exists within you. It's just a reflection. That's all I am too. We get to the deeper levels of consciousness. I'm just a reflection of you. You're dreaming of me right now. You're creating your own layer of me right now, and I am you, and you are me. And it's a deep level of understanding, but the intent is understanding the divine intention of the universe to flow through you. This is a higher level of being because when you're doing what you love, you're just in that vibration.

You're also connected to the divine because you have a purpose for being here. You are vibrationally separating yourself from it. And once you can begin to do instead is to smash that like button. If you smash that like button, I feel where the whole incomplete. Okay? It's very important right now that you smash that like button. If you smash that like button, then I can finally feel whole and complete, and you will make my day. Do you see how desperate that energy feels?

It's a repellent long be in a relationship with me. If you would just be in a relationship with me, you, it feels so good that I would finally go where the old is complete. You'd say, whoa, back up bro, and then sign up for this. If you just come into my life I've been, I'll feel worthy. I'll be held up by that thing. I really want to buy it. Why don't you come to me so that I could just use you as an object?

Do you see that? You see the difference there? One. There's no importance, and I'm cool either way, and you'll want to smash that light button. The other one, though, it's like please desperately do it. I'm trying to control you, and I really would like it, and you don't want to do it. That's the difference. The difference is not what I say. It's the energy behind what I say. Why don't you just smash that like button and we can all go home? That's the key. For this process, what I recommend you do is you start to tap more into your divine energy by having the awareness that anything less than that is an illusion. It's a temporary story. You tell yourself it's a temporary self-image that doesn't really serve you anymore. And what should be to do is tap into these higher states of consciousness.

To move up the scale, the thing that you must do is to complete the past. When you complete the past, you no longer have to repeat the past. This allows you to feel 100% worthy, wholly complete, which is a higher level of consciousness. What I'm going to link down below is a meditation that will help you to complete the past.

Stop Wanting And Needing and instead do this…


I'm going to show you how to stop wanting, how to end needing, and exactly what to do instead. And I'm going to show you how to have the things you want you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to go beyond wanting how to go beyond needing, how when you say, I really, really want something, you are actually saying I really, really don't currently have it, and I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead because the key to these changes everything. And for me to uh, explain this for me, first off, say that back in the day you read old school books like, um, think and grow rich, have the led touch, burdened, desire. You must really, really, really want it.

Well, the thing is, is when you really, really want something, sometimes it can really, really make you really, really take action so it can move you up this ladder to where you go from the wanting of this energy you're putting out to then you taking action and dissipating that wanting and then moving into a different state. However, the key is not in the wanting. The key is not in the wanting unless, if it moves you to take action, moves you, and gives yourself permission to move from one state to another, then it can be powerful.

But what I'm saying in this blog, I'm going to share with you; there's a powerful process. There's a PR, a process, even more, power, a lot of peas. There's a process even more powerful than that. And that comes from a higher level of consciousness that when you begin to raise your level of consciousness, you see that these things happen. Reality is meant to be magical. Reality is just a reflection of our internal state of being. When you look out right now, everything around you is a reflection of what you believe you deserve. Okay. You might see a certain type of relationship you're in. Maybe somebody talks down to you.

If that's the case, then it means at a certain level you may meet, believe that's what you deserve, and if in what you can do is realize that you maybe don't, you have a bigger boundary and you don't allow that to happen, but you see everything around you is a reflection. That's all the outer reality is. Now, this is the key. Most people are chasing things, which implies those things are running. If you want something, you are putting out a vibration like think of these as separate vibrations — the vibration of wanting something.

I really, really want it. I really, really hope it happens, and that would be so cool. What does that vibrationally mean? I don't currently get it. I don't get it, and I want it. I want it. I got it. Okay, but now let's move it over here. The vibration of having it, the vibration of having it. I naturally have what I want. I naturally am able to create what I want. And it's like this is what it's like and it feels like this and I'm happy, and this is how I feel. This how natural it is, this vibration to I want it. I got it. A totally different vibration. Well, I mean that would be like, I want it. I got it. But that's a song. Anyways, this idea is about understanding. These are two different vibrations. The vibration of wanting something, the vibration of having it are different.

What is the key to this process to uniting with this? Well, the key to this more powerful than really wanting something, needing something, or chasing something is mentally uniting with that thing that you want in your life. You must mentally unite for it. Unite. Think of it like this. Let me use an example. At first of an analogy, the reality is simply a reflection. If you want something, you must mentally unite with it. And the way you first, mentally unite with something is you unite with it on the inside; you unite with it internally. This is actually what I did to be in this house. Here's the thing, this house I'm in right now, it's pretty cool. I really like it. It's a one-story house here in Las Vegas, which is where I was born and raised. And the cool thing, what I love about it is certain little characteristics of it.

Let me share the little story because there was a time when I wanted this house, and I really even told myself I need this house, but I wouldn't be in this house right now if I didn't make this switch that I'm going to share with you. Originally what happened was I is back in August 2018. I'm actually going to move out of this house in the next like three weeks to a month because I want to be traveling the world. I'm kind of sad, but at the same time, I'm happy cause I'm traveling the world. But this is what happened. August 2018, I'm like, Yo, I got to get my own place. I was living with roommates. I was like; I got to get my own place. This is, I got an email and camera set up and leave it up. Don't worry about anybody taking my camera stuff and all that.

What I said is I said, okay. I go and look at a couple of houses, I guess. I mean, it's, I don't know how I forgot how I got some real estate person. But anyway, they were showing me some houses. And I like the vibe. The lighting's not good. I saw another house; it's in another house. It was close to one of my buddies. I was like, cool. But the house wasn't that Nice. And by the fourth or fifth house, I saw this house. Okay, I'll walk into this house. First off, it's in a location that I like to close it. It's actually quite close to where the high school I went to and stuff. And I'm so; I'm very familiar with the area now. What happened was I come into this house as a gated neighborhood.

I was like, which I like to, I'd come into this house, and it's this big open house like it's an actual just very open floor plan, and I come in, and it's got a really good vibe, but really vast vibe. The way that they had the furniture set up was really nice — really kind of similar to the way I would have it. Most of the backyards in Vegas are just dirt. That's it. How did you suppose to ground yourself in the dirt? Well, you could do it, but it's really hard dirt. The backyard here got grass over there. I got grass over there; I got grass in the front yard. There's a lot of grass here. I have to have someone mow the grass, but I'd rather have the grass.

I have a pool right here. I've used it a couple of times. It's pretty cool. I have a peach tree where, and then I have a lemon tree right behind or in the corner over there. There are certain parts of this house. I was like, Whoa, this is the perfect house. Houses were going very quick. However, there's the guy there is, he's cleaning that yard, or he's the guy's getting a little long, so he's going to trim that. But anyway, I find out there's five other, or if there are three or four other people that have, I was one of like four or five people that had applications in on this house. There I am like, Ooh, what am I chances like one in five. I was realizing, I really, really want this house.

I don't even want it. I need this house. That was the perception I had. But then no, I had this realization, I said, I like, like this, this part of me was like, Aaron, I was like talking to myself. I was like, Aaron, you are not going to get this house if you are that desperately needy and chasing it and wanting it that much like that you're putting out that energy because it was desperate energy. I was like, I really want this house. I really need this house as close to the airport. I need to be doing a lot of traveling, which I have done a lot of traveling this last year.

This is what happened. I said, okay, I got to mentally, internally unite with this house. What I did is when I would go to bed at night, I would relax, and I would understand that what I could do is visualize it, be natural for me to live here. There's that aspect to this too, I'll talk about, but the vibration of wanting, the vibration of having, I was in mentally the vibrational of having this house of being in it, of knowing that I could make amazing videos that would help people in here of knowing that I could have this, uh, you know, I have this many different aspects of this house that I knew I would enjoy and I imagined myself enjoying it and how natural that felt and how, you know, like a lot of times when people really want something or need something, they put it on a vibrational pedestal. 

I knew it was natural. I imagined this is going to sound kind of weird. Try this with your manifestations. I imagined that the house wanted me here, that the, almost like the house had some sort of consciousness or something. I was like, Aaron, I want you here because you're going to hug the trees every night. There are two, there are three trees in the backyard, and I sound kind of weird. I hugged them every night. Okay. I'll just, I just touched him, and I'm like, I don't love you. And then I go to bed. Okay. I don't know why I do that. I just like to myself; I walk barefoot in the grass every single night before I go to bed. It's the way I grabbed myself cause I have a lot of energy, and that's what I do. But I imagined that the house actually wanted me to, you know, everything.

I believe everything has a certain energy, and you can be incompatible with it. And by having that mentality, you can then see that maybe things want you, you know, everyone's focused on, I want to attract that person into my life. But what if instead, you imagine that that person also wanted you because of the value you provided because of the person you are, how funny you are. You see, it's a different energy dynamic. My story on the inside is showing the story on the outside, and my story is I already got it. See that when I did that with this house, there was no question in my mind. I got this house. There are four other people, three other people that have applied for this house. I got it. What if I was like, I want it. I want it. I'll want it. I want it. I want it. I would not already have it.

Do you see what I mean? I hope I'm getting the point. You know the thing about too, it's like I really, really, really want you in my life right now. If you like trying to attract a relationship or something, but imagine instead of what you do is you realize that you can move into this vibration of just having this be natural. I saw it as natural for me to live in this house. Do you know? The key to everything I'm sharing with you right now links up to your self-image, and here's another key. Change the story. You tell yourself the story you tell yourself. If you have a story that says, well, anytime I've tried to do something in the past where I'm trying to, you know, poke a comp, compete with other people, like put in an application, I want them to choose me and tell them I've done something like that in the past school project.

I wanted to win some competency. I never went as my story. I never really won. And then we carry that story into the present moment, and we say, well I probably want when that's, I didn't win. And that's back in eighth grade. You shouldn't mean well those are different. That's a story that we're telling ourselves on the inside that may eventually, well, the May have a certain reflection on the outside as well. The key to what I'm sharing here is to move from that of the, the story on the inside, make sure the story on the inside you are mentally aligning and vibrationally aligning with the reality of you having and being in that vibration of what you want.

I realized that part of my story is I don't need the ego to do everything. I have certain intentions, I have certain visions, but then what I do is I allow things to come to me. That's a story. Maybe it's storytelling me that maybe that's the way it works. I don't know. But I know that. What I did with this whole house when I wanted it and I really wanted it, what I did is I vibrationally moved into mentally viewing it and pitcher and as if I was already living there. And then imagine the house wanted me to live here. The other thing I did is I knew that the owners here that lived here before, they wanted pictures of the current house I was living in to see if I was a clean person.

I knew that they valued that cause it's very, as a very rare thing to say, hey, we want each of the applicants to send pictures of their current house that they're living in, what it looks like. And luckily, I was living in a model house. I was living with some friends at the time, but the house that I was living in was like a model. It came with the furniture they bought; they bought the house, my friends and they bought it with the furniture in it. And it was like really beautifully set up. I just took pictures of this perfect house.

But then what I did is I sent them a letter that said, listen, I work from home, I travel a lot, and I don't, you know, I don't party like crazy or anything like that. I really appreciate your house and think that I would love to live there. I would love to take care of it, and I would really value it, and you'd have nothing to worry about. And I don't, I knew that they also didn't want pets, you know, that they wanted, they, they would allow like a one really small dog, but they were kind of, I could tell they're kind of reluctant on that because they, they all have these stipulations with it.

I have no pets whatsoever. I got no kids. The house could be in great shape. I tapped into something that's called outer intention, but it also was tapping into their intention as well. And then because I was appealing to that aspect of themselves, they said yes, you see. I wrote them a little letter that said, hey, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I tapped into that. But in general, I wasn't needy in that leather. I was in that letter, I was like, I really, really need, this is a really, really want this, blah, blah, blah. It was more so just explaining how I felt so that they knew that I would take pride in what I was living here, which I have, and they've really liked me as a tenant. I'll tell you that. And this is about being aware of that.

The reason I'm sharing all this with you is so that you can start to mentally unite your own story of seeing things as natural for you. Have it a part of your self-image. What is your self-image, and how do you see, and is it natural for you to accomplish what you want? Do you see it? Because if you put your goals of what you want, what you need, what you chase on a pedestal, they are vibrationally separated from you, and you can't actually experience it. The key is knowing it's a part of your nature. It's a part of who I am to live in a house where there's grass in the backyard where I have an open floor plan where I create videos every single day.

That's natural for me — the same thing. When I started going daily on YouTube, it was hard at first because I was changing my self-image, but I tell people even more powerfully than me making daily videos and having the YouTube algorithm go crazy and all that stuff to grow. It changed my identity for seeing myself as I used to see myself as somebody lazy. To see myself as somebody that's passionate loves what I do, and it's easy for me to take action. It changed my self-image.

This is the key. It's mentally uniting with what you want, but visualization, visualization is one of the most powerful ideas behind this that I think can change your life and decrease in importance is another extreme, extraordinarily powerful thing. If there's someone you like, you're like, I really, really like you, and it's put on a pedestal, it's immediately separated from you. But if you see it as natural for you to talk to that person as natural, for them to like you too because you realize that you add value, you're funny; whatever it is, then it's more of an energetic thing. Instead of, "I want it, I want it. I want it." It moved to "I got it. I got it. I got it." Because it's who I am. It's natural for me. And by doing that, you'll find that then things in your life begin to shift in a very powerful way.

The Revision Technique: The Hidden Teachings of Manifesting While you Sleep


I'm going to show you the revision technique, which is the most powerful technique I've found for manifesting while I sleep. I'm going to share with you exactly how you can use it, and I'm also going to show you a meditation you can use that will transform your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you the power of could say like a hidden technique for manifestation or the law of attraction that is called revision, the revision technique, and this is something that is meant to do as you are falling asleep at night. Some of you may have heard me talk about these techniques when it comes to going into bed at night and why that's so powerful for reprogramming the subconscious mind. Well, this technique does that, but it also wires in a new level of identity.

This is something I've found to be extraordinarily powerful, and I'll show you the basics of it, and I'll also show you the different steps that are involved is actually quite simple. But when you do this, it allows you to go beyond that which you've been thinking, feeling, and doing. When you start to do this, you start to see yourself in a completely new way. You start to literally rewire, right the way that you view yourself, the things that have happened in the past, and it creates a new pattern in the present. Things happened, and it wasn't the most positive day. Well, what happens is because that momentum is going when you go to a bed at night, a lot of times we're subconsciously reviewing our day as we're falling asleep.

What happens is that wires into our subconscious mind, and we continue momentum on that when we wake up in the morning, even at the subconscious test levels. What happens when we go beyond that as we're falling asleep at night, and we were to revise that? Imagine, instead of that, you review some of those things that happened, and you then rewrite it the way that you would have wanted to see it. Well, what happens is as you start to do that, and now as you start to feel into it, your mind will not know the difference between what was the last day that happened to what actually happened.

The cool thing about this is then you start to develop a new momentum. You start to reprogram your subconscious mind, and then what happens is as you go into the next day, you carry with you a new past. You see, this is extraordinarily powerful, and if you do this enough, I was talking to one of my buddies recently, and he was telling me that when you do this consistently, your mind won't remember what the true past was. It won't remember, well, did I have this kind of day norm? Maybe I had a more positive day that I thought it starts to not necessarily remember it because of the somatic connections in the brain that wired together, that fire together wire together. The more consistently you remember these have these memories, and these new memories are, the more you start to wire that into a part of who you are.

Think about how powerful this is. Imagine something happens where you get rejected and imagine you're able to observe that rejection. Maybe somebody, maybe you asked someone out, and they said no. Maybe you're able to observe that rejection, and then maybe you're able to write it the way that you would have wanted to see it and the way that you felt about it. Do you see it? Then you're sending your subconscious mind a more powerful message. Before I get into it, let me just shout out Neville Goddard, who is a, was a teacher I think in the early 19 hundreds and very powerful teaching. The feeling is the secret is a book that I talk about a lot, and then this was from one of his lectures that he shared what it's called, the revision technique, which I'm going to share with you in a minute.

Let me also share with you the reason why when you're going to bed at night is the most powerful time that you can possibly reprogram your subconscious mind. Well, that's because when you are going to bed at night, you start to shift into the states of consciousness of where the subconscious mind dwells. So we have that of the Beta state, which is the more alert state. We have the Alpha state, which is the more relaxed state, but still, alert. A lot of times when you're watching TV, you're in an Alpha state, much more receptive than to different suggestions and then you have that of the Theta state, and the Fed state is a deeper state of consciousness where we're in more of a meditative state or we're getting ready to fall asleep or about to fall asleep.

That's when our mind is the most suggestible. It's in the theta. Each level we go deeper is the level we go to where our subconscious mind is most influence-able. Now think of this as well. When you are born, you're primarily in a theta state, which means that as you're growing up, especially to the about the ages of seven or eight, you're mainly just in this data state, and you are literally absorbing your environment. You may not know it. You may see that your mom treats your data. Certainly your dad treats your mom a certain way.

Somebody tells you, nope, that's bad. You are starting to learn pain and pleasure, and you start to make these meanings even at a young age that just absorbs into you because you're in a theta state. Now what happens is you develop a lot of your beliefs from, you're young. Then you turn into nine 10 11 years old, and you start to be in an Alpha state primarily and then it's a little bit less programmable, but it's still there, and you're still absorbed in your environment. And then when you start to hit puberty and onwards, you start to exist also in a Beta state and then to theta state that was so easily accessible where your imagination was so strong is all the sudden not as accessible, as accessible as it used to be.

Now, here's the thing. Our subconscious mind is in that data state. We can hack it by as we fall asleep at night and as we're going to bed by doing these things. And that's why the meditation that I've made for you, that you can listen to when you're done reading this blog, you can listen to it tonight. Let's do it for 21 days that it will absolutely transform your life as the most powerful one I've ever made. I made it last night. It will help you to do that, to reprogram, and to see yourself as the version of you that you prefer. And it will help you also to program yourself so that when you wake up in the morning, you have an amazing day the next day. 

That's when you're more easily programmable. And that's where you can then revise your day before. Okay, so Neville got her talked about this technique. I've used this technique myself. I've had days where I wake up, and there's this kind of things that are a little bit off, you know, and then you go, and you know, maybe the video that I'm doing that day isn't flowing as easy and I find that then you can go to the gym. I don't have the great workout that I like to have. And then what I do is I go to bed at night, and I've used this before. I revise it and see the way that I want it. I revise it. I'm like, you know what? I wake up in the morning. I want to feel really good. I want to feel my heart center. Even as I wake up, I wanna remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning.

Then when I've taken that cold shower, that gets me ready for my videos. I want to tell, just like live like, like so alive when I do that. And then, when I feel my video, I just want to feel this flow state where like this, this energy comes through, and I start to feel really dynamic, and I have fun. It's not just a video that I do. It's like I enjoy that video. And then, after that, I want to go to the gym, and I want to be inspired to do something I haven't done before, and I want to feel like I'm doing this workout for the first time, even though I may have done it many times. And then after that, I want to eat some food and I'm gonna maybe watch something, but really just enjoy the food. You see this revision as I'm going to bed at night.

Then makes it so that when I wake up in the morning, I'm programmed to have an amazing date. And even if some things go a little bit off the script, in my mind, it still is a much, much better day. This is something you have to try for yourself, and this is something that works so powerfully. I also used to use this technique when I had that nine to five job without even aware that it's called the revision technique. I would remember, I'd go tell a woman's shoes, and I would go in and what would happen is if I had a day that was customers weren't buying and my energy just wasn't right, I imagined my day before I was, if everything went good and I did that over and over again as I fell asleep and the next day would be amazing.

This is something that really does work. This is something that you can use to prime yourself. Here is what it is. The first step to this is this is as you're falling asleep at night; this is maybe 20 minutes before you go to bed. The first step to it is review. You want to review your day before as you're getting ready to fall asleep. When you review it means observe? Don't necessarily get mentally attached to it. Don't be like, oh, things should have happened this way, but they happen this way. Just observe what has happened with no judgment whatsoever, knowing that you're just looking at different parts of your date.

The first to this is review. The second step is to rewrite. Rewrite and revise. Now what you do for this is you look at it as the way you would have liked to see it. For example, if you went to work and a customer didn't buy, and they may be said something to kind of hurt your feelings or something, you would rewrite it and revise it the way you would have wanted to see it, rewrite it and revise the way you want to see. If you went to the gym and didn't have a great workout, imagine you'd have a good workout. And now when you do this, here's a little hack as well. Don't view it as if you're watching yourself in a movie. View it as if you're looking through your own eyes.

Well, what you want to do is you want to start to relax your body. You want to allow yourself to do this and begin to relax. You know, something that I do, like the meditation that you'll see below, will help you to do all of these. It'll help you to wire in and manifest while you sleep and listen to for 21 days. I think you will start to see how your life transforms in a very powerful way. But the third step to this is the sleep state doesn't mean you fall asleep. It's where you start to induce a level of relaxation throughout your whole body. For this could be like an affirmation, it could be like my body starting to feel sinking into the bed. I do the induction in the meditation below. I'm trying to think of other ways that you could do it if you don't listen to the meditation.

But it would be like imagining that your, your arms are getting heavy and heavier and lightens. You're feeling very loose and relaxed, and as you do this, you'll start to realize that even though you're visualizing, you're starting to relax your body, it's almost like you're starting to make that vision become more and more real. And I use a little bit of NLP in that meditation to help you make your visualization brighter so that you feel like you're more there.  You want this to be and feel like it is actually real. You want to do it until it starts to take on the nodes of reality. Get down to the details. Would I say for this is you're in that sleep state, you know a lot of these kinds of bleed into each as well, like a review, rewrite and revise.

You start to get tired because it's late at night anyway. And then revise until reel. And by that, what I mean is feel what it would feel like. The sensations of it. What would you taste? What would you hear? What would you smell? What would the temperature like in the air be? What would you see? The fifth step, fall asleep to it, fall asleep to it. Fall asleep to it because as you go into bed, that's when it's most programmable with that of the subconscious mind, so you fall asleep to it. That's going to what? Start to wire in in a powerful way, and before you go to bed at night, set the intention. You remember your dreams; you have a great sleep, you know you're going to have an amazing day today.

That's brand new, and what it will help you to do is to do this whole process without even thinking. Now the revision technique, I think about this, we get in reality reflection of what we think, what we feel, and what we do. One day we do something, we go to bed normally. We're going to repackage that and Redo that the next day. What happens is in order to experience more than that, we must go beyond that which we thought that which we felt that which we did.

No, that's what Dr. Joe Dispenza talks a lot about. We always get a reality that as equal to our vibration, our vibration is what we think, what we feel, what we do. When people go to bed at night, normally they're reviewing what was. Therefore, they create more of that. But what we can learn to do instead is to go beyond though what would we have thought where we have felt what we've done. And by doing that, using a powerful process like the revision technique, it will totally transform our results because we're going beyond our identity.

And that's something else that the meditation that you'll see in the top of scripts back to below does is it helps you to shift your identity. You literally walk into a reality, and you know that when you wake up in the morning, that is who you are. You wire that is in a very powerful way.

The Most Powerful Meditation for Manifesting While You Sleep (Sleep Meditation)


This meditation will change your life. If you do this meditation for the next 21 days, you will find that you become the best version of you can imagine, and you'll find that your life changes and they very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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It is recommended that you listen to this meditation at night before bed, using headphones. Make yourself comfortable. Notice how soft your bed may feel. Notice how the sheets feel, any clothes that you are awaking, and how your bed feels underneath your back. Realize with every breath you take; you feel your body becoming more and more relaxed. You are able to easily let go of anything from your day able to just simply let it go and know that with every breath you take, the more relaxed you feel.

Taking a deep breath into your nose, breathe it out through your mouth and relax. Set the intention right now that this is some of the best night's sleep that you have ever had and set the intention that when you wake up in the morning, you feel energized, excited, and happy. Notice the sensation at the top of your head. Bring the awareness to the top of your head. Notice what you feel. Imagine that there is a healing energy that is spinning, and as it spins, you feel healing energy flow through wherever you put awareness. Imagine that this energy, this ball of energy that represents healing, imagine that it is warm, relaxing.

Anywhere it goes anywhere; you put that awareness. Put that awareness in your forehead and feel your forehead. Begin to relax. Feel that warm sensation. Go now to your eye and feel your eye muscles begin to relax, but the sensation now to your cheeks. Noticing how relaxed and lose your jaw feel. Notice how relaxed your tongue is, how calm you feel. Bring the awareness and the sensation now to your neck. Imagine this warm energy, relaxing your neck. Bring the awareness now into your left arm, your left, and imagine it loosening up and relax. Letting go.

Bring the awareness now to your right arm, your right hand. Fill it. Loosen up and relax. Bring the awareness now into your chest, feeling the energy inside of your heart feel and notice there is a buzz sensation there. It starts off. Light begins to increase. This loving energy is inside of your heart. And imagine this warm energy, their healing, the energy in your chest. You begin to feel this vibration res. You begin to feel calm, yet a high vibration of love in your heart. Feel this energy begin to increase.

I'm going to count down from 10 to one with every number I count. You will find yourself relaxing more and more. You will find you feel this love in your heart. Begin to increase more and more as you relax. Feel this sensation in your heart. Ten feel that energy in your heart and feel how relaxed you feel. Nine, feeling an increase of love in your heart. A very warm sensation. Also helping you to feel very relaxed. Eight feel this sensation doubling with every number. I count every number. I get closer to one. You feel an increase of this love and an increase of this relaxation. Seven. Six feel this energy begins to increase more and more.

Five, doubling with every number I count for feeling it more and more so relaxed. Three. Two. As I get closer now, you feel double the sensation of love and relaxation and wine. Notice how calm you feel. Notice how relaxed you feel, and now put the sensation and the energy into your app to men. Feel your abdomen begin to relax more and more relaxation flowing through your body, but this sensation now in your hips. Become aware of how relaxed you feel, how you've released any tension, and feel how gentle each breath that you take is now bringing the awareness now to your left. Lay awake in the loosen up. Relax your left foot.

Bring the awareness now to your right. Lay awake. Imagine it loosening up, relaxing your right foot. Let it relax. Imagine that there is a way the pulsation of energy that is flowing in through your body, allowing you to let go of any energy from the day that is not serving you anything you want to let go of a match in a wave of energy flowing through you and releasing through the heels of your feet. Imagine right now, but the sensation in your feet and imagine this energy is releasing.

The sensation through your body and imagine now that you are in a very relaxing place. This can be a place in your imagination or a place that you've been before. This is a place you can go back to any time you want to wire in something into your subconscious mind. This is a place you can go any time you want to connect into your heart in a very powerful way. This is a place you feel comfortable, relaxed, and this is a place you can go to recharge and rest. What does this place look like?

Look around and notice what you see now. Imagine that everything you see around you is becoming more and more vivid, becoming more and more real. What do you see? What do you hear? What background noises do you hear? Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder, much more real. How immersed you feel in this environment. Notice that off about 15 feet away; you notice that there is a door at this place, a door right in the middle of this place. I began to walk towards this door and notice that every step you take and more and more relaxed, you feel and notice it.

As you get closer, you feel more and more a sense of comfortability. More and more a sense of knowing that this is a sacred place take a step towards this door feeling more and more relaxed, more and more comfortable knowing you are about to make a powerful change. Nine feel this doubling of a sensation of relaxation inside of your body ate every number. I count feeling more and more relaxed. Seven. Six getting closer to this door now. Five, four, only a few feet away now. Three, two, and one. You are out this door. Understand that right now; this door represents to you, you being able to open this door and see a reality that is you living in the perfect version of you.

This is you living in the kind of energy that you prefer to live in. You feel like all your desires are meant you are having the perfect relationships, doing what you love for a living. This reality exists right now. Before you make a choice to live in this reality and to make the jump into you living your best life, living and being ready for this high vibrational life that you are about to wire in, notice that on your right, you see your higher-self coming towards you. Your higher self is still you. It is the part of you that unconditionally loves you. That is always guiding you. Imagine that your higher self is becoming closer and closer to you right now. 

Notice how you are feeling more and more of this love right now. Feeling this love, we can do increase more and more. I'm going to count from three to one. By the time I reach one, you will have your higher self in front of you with a message for you. Notice your higher-self getting close to you to get in right in front you now and one your higher self is in front of you right now to help you make this powerful choice for you to live in this new reality where you give yourself permission to be the best version of you.

Your higher self has a message for you. What is that message? I feel gratitude for this message. This message is exactly what you needed to hear right now. Your higher self will be here. Every step of the process, your higher self is always with you. Your higher self looks you in the eye and asks you if you're ready. And you know deep down that now is the time to give yourself permission to be the person you are meant to be. Look at this door right next to you. Face this door and know that right now, you are about to walk into a reality where you are the best version of you are and have the qualities that you know are within you that you simply have to give yourself permission to have.

With your higher-self right now, take a step into this reality and notice what you see. You see the perfect reality. You can imagine the one you deserve to live in and notice what you see in this environment. Notice how people respond to you as you walk around. Pay attention to how you feel. Imagine a scenario that would be your ideal scenario that shows that you are living the life of your dreams with the people you prefer to be around and the count of three to one. There you are in the perfect scenario that represents to you, you living as that version of you. Notice what you are doing.

Notice how other people respond to you. What are your daily habits? Make a choice now that you are going to have those habits from this point going forward; you will find it very easy for you to do those. You will find it very easy for you to feel confident, for you to feel worthy, for you to feel loving. Notice how comfortable this reality is for you. Notice how natural it is for people to respond to you in a loving way. Notice how it feels to have the abundance that you deserve in your life. Thinking to yourself right now, I am such an abundance. I am so successful. Notice how much love is in your life. How any time you set your mind on something, it just happens. You notice synchronicity wherever you look.

A few of the sensations inside of your heart right now and what you're going to do is we're going to wire in this sensation. I'm going to count down from 10 to one with every number I count. You're going to wire in. Download this into your heart, and by the time I reach one, you are going to be this version of you. From this point going forward, you will feel more confident. You will feel more love. You will notice the abundance in your life, and you will attract the most amazing synchronicities into your life from this point going forward.

Feel this energy now inside of your heart. Ten begin to increase with every number I count. Nine, feeling a doubling of the sensation side of your heart. Eight, feel it begin to increase. Seven, this vibration increasing with love. Six knowing that this is who you are now. Five, knowing from this point going forward, you will be this new version of you for giving yourself permission to feel this love and side of your body.

Three, double the amount of sensation, too, and one is knowing from this point going forward, you are the perfect version of you. Set the intention right now. You will wake up in the morning as this version of you and that you will know amazing synchronicity in your life. You will wake up feeling relaxed, feeling the love in your heart. You will wake up in high vibration, and tomorrow, you will have something amazing that happens that proves to you have made a shift. This is who you are now.

Stop believing in yourself and instead do this


I'm going to show you why you should stop believing in yourself — understanding that the beliefs you have are what's keeping you in the problems that you currently have, keeping you in a low vibration, and I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you how your beliefs are actually killing your manifestations, how your beliefs are causing you to stay in a low vibration, how you are living within the prison of your own beliefs, and you might not even know it. This is something that we hear a lot. It's that just believing in yourself. Just believe in yourself, but what is the self you should believe in? You see the self has to do many times with people refer to as the ego.

And what happens is when we tell people to believe in themselves, understand they've believed in something about themselves their whole entire lives, whether they're aware of it or not, the problem actually is that they've been bought in, in believing in everything they'd been told about themselves. They believe what they tell themselves on the inside about who they are and how they relate to other people. They believe I'm a shy person. I'm an awkward person. I deserve this kind of relationship. These are all beliefs that people agreed to. And based on those beliefs, that's what creates the prison of our own life.

First off, don't believe anything that I'm telling you right now. Don't believe it. Don't believe what I'm telling you. And also, don't believe what you tell yourself. You see, when I create this content on YouTube, a lot of what I actually intend to do is to wake people up to understand that they create their own reality. Your reality is a reflection of the story that you tell yourself consistently. The story you tell yourself has within it those beliefs.

For example, I'm not a worthy person. That's a story that we tell ourselves, and we could say, well, we have evidence of it. Look to the past when you had somebody that treated you this way, it reaffirmed that you're not worthy, but it's assuming that the external, the external circumstance had to create and had to influence my internal validation, my internal circumstance. And then what happens is that happened like at eight years old.

That story many times will get held with people. They'll keep that story going their whole entire lives. Not aware that they believe they're not worthy. Everyone is constantly looking at different meanings in reality of what different things mean. We're giving meaning to everything, whether we're aware of it or not. Your parents divorced. You could have given that in meaning that you caused it, that you're not worthy. Instead of seeing it and changing the meaning and realizing that because they divorced, you then weren't a part of such a hectic environment and didn't being around each other all the time.

Maybe your environment was still hectic regardless of what it is. Understand that if things don't happen in life to you, things happen for you. That's a shift in paradigms and a shift in paradigm, but understand beliefs are not necessarily good. They're not necessarily bad. Beliefs just simply are, and when we start to see beliefs for what they are, just their filters, it makes it more powerful. I remember when I went to Beshara conference within the last couple of months, I remember learning the beliefs create reality. I already knew that. I knew. I mean, I know that I've known that since 2012, when I went to my spiritual awakening, and then I realized that I had a belief that I had ADHD at a story.

I told myself you went to a doctor; they told you to have this. Everyone else thinks you have too much energy. There's something wrong with you. And then I learned meditation. I learned how to observe my thoughts. I learned how to observe how I felt on the inside. And I learned that I didn't need the outside to tell me how to feel on the inside. And what I did is I then changed my story. I said, I no longer have ADHD. I just have a lot of energy. I reframed it from that point going forward. I'd never had to take Adderall again, which is the prescription drug given out for it. And I feel like I just balanced my energy out. I've grass hop side, I walk barefoot on, and that's my new story.

I said, okay, this is cool. How can I apply this in the rest of my life? But it wasn't that I attained a new belief that I just have a lot of energy. I reframed the old belief. It was more, so I just let go of the old belief. Okay, so you see, it will work the same way. In reality, any belief we have, which is also a story we tell ourselves, isn't actually inherently true, and many times those beliefs that we have now will eventually be obsolete. For example, understand that we are infinite spiritual beings living a temporary human experience. We forget this when we come here, but what happens is, our reality is perceived through our belief system.

What we do is we go out into the world, we have something that happens. We give something a certain meaning that meaning then stays on autopilot until we become aware of it. What happens is until we become aware of it, that will run itself out over and over and over again. When we become aware of it, though, we can then do is look at that story, look at that and realize it and see it for what it is and then let it go when it doesn't serve. For example, you may believe that you can only make $50,000 per year.

What you could do is you could just let go of that belief that that's all you're capable of. Expand your awareness and start to see other potentials for you to create value for people, for you to see how you can become more abundant, and then allow yourself to, in a way, take up that and be in that vibration. What happens is you may then eventually have the belief that you could make $100,000 per year. Well, that belief will eventually become obsolete because there will come a time when you outgrow that belief.

Beliefs change as you change your beliefs are a direct reflection of the story that you tell yourself. Believing in yourself is the cause of almost all the pain in your life because you've believed in yourself. You've believed in the things that you have been telling yourself over and over and over again. Things like I'm not worthy. I'm not enough. I need that person in my life. Why don't they like me? These beliefs, these stories that we tell ourselves on the inside, are something we already believe to be true. That's what's causing the pain. The key is not believing in yourself.

The key is letting go of the beliefs and then knowing thyself, knowing thyself, moving beyond belief and into being, being present to the moment, being here. You see, the mind always projects itself. The mind wants to get to the future. The mind wants to get out of the past or wants to change the past or think about the past, and therefore, the mind is always scattering itself in different directions. The key is when you become more here.

You can experience everything in your life as if you chose it for the first time, and by doing that, you then go beyond belief. Let's get back to what I was saying with belief. Understand it says B lie beliefs are lies. We tell ourselves why are we may have beliefs to say I'm not worthy. People say believe in yourself, but the thing is most of the things people believe in are things that aren't true about themselves or things that don't actually serve them. Instead of asking ourselves a question, is this belief true? As does this belief served me?

Because you've been told your whole entire life to believe in yourself, to believe in the stories you've been telling yourself is the whole reason you feel unworthy. Instead of believing in these lies, be just take this all out. Take all these four letters out. Just be, be present to the moment. Go beyond belief and beyond belief. Intervene. This is the key to transformation. This is the key to go and beyond the filters. Go beyond the autopilot mind. You've been told your whole life what to believe. Most of us just absorb the beliefs of our environment.

We absorb the beliefs of our parents. We absorb the beliefs of everything. We're told, believing this is who I am. This is what I'm worthy of. This is how I have to be in life. The key to this is understanding those beliefs were handed me downs from your parents. I used to, in a way, not really like that because you're, I am talking about the love attraction to believe in yourself and all this stuff, but now it has a lot more meaning.  Doubt is actually a good thing. We should doubt the beliefs that we have, who we think we are.

We should doubt the stories we tell ourselves we should doubt because, as you doubt all of these things, you let go of all the illusion in your life, and what are you left with? The truth, the only truth, by the way, sorry to spoil into this movie, the end of this show, the end of this reality of figuring this all out for yourself and you can only really figure this out through experience, but at the end of this life, what we're going to find out, spoiler, is that all that exists is love. Everything else is an illusion. Everything else is an illusion. Everything is about love. At the end of our life, we might have a life review at the end of our life.

We will feel what we made everyone else in our life feel at the end of our life. We will realize that love is the only thing that is real. That's why most people that come back from an NDE and near-death experience have such a new, profound love for life and an appreciation. It's because the truth is love is the only thing that matters. It's all money thing that we're chasing. All this other stuff that we're chasing. We're going to find out at the end of our life or hopefully a lot sooner than that's not really what matters, but you can't take that money with you, but love is something that transforms you and going on to the next level of our shift in consciousness.

It's about understanding that love is all there is. What happens is we're born into society. We then get told what to believe. Bob From our parents, we absorb the beliefs of them. We take on many of the problems they may have had, and we can continue to live those things out until we become aware of it. But then what eventually happens is we start to believe in ourselves, but believe in yourself. Just believe in yourself. The problem is the self you've believed in is the ego, and most of the beliefs that you've been told by other people are lies.

They're beliefs that you're not worthy. They're beliefs that you're not enough there. Beliefs that you need other people to be happy. Don't believe in yourself. Take out these four letters and just be treat every situation as if you're experiencing it for the first time. Go beyond the ego construct and allow yourself to be more curious, to have more fun, to enjoy life. Then you'll start to wake up from the autopilot mind, the autopilot thing that people have been telling you how to adjust.

Believe in yourself. The problem is all the problems in your life come from what you believe to be true. The stories you've been telling yourself consistently. Most of the beliefs we have are negative, and any belief we have is a limitation. For example, I believe I can make $1 billion, Aaron, that's not a limiting belief. That is so much money. I believe I can make $1 billion. I believe I can make $1 billion. But guess what? Let's say that you know we all agree that $1 billion is a lot of money. Most of us would agree to that. You talked to Jeff Bezos. He might think that $1 billion is less than a percent of what he's worth.

Guess what? That's true. Being a billionaire is at the level that Jeff Bezos is a billionaire. Okay, so yes. 99.999% of people in the world, $1 billion does not. Their limiting belief because of where we currently are, $1 billion to Jeff Bezos, is a very small fraction of what he's worth. And in five or ten or you know, even like another year or two, he might be worth like two or $300 billion and then it's even less. What is my point of this? $1 billion is a limitation from different points of view. If Jeff Bezos were to make only $1 billion this year, he would probably think there is something very, very wrong with his business.

My point is $1 billion is still a limiting belief from a certain perspective. It's still a limitation. As you're saying, I can only be going to make $1 billion this year, only a billion dollars. I know it sounds ridiculous for me to say this because I got so much money to so many people, but all I'm trying to show you is that $1 billion in of itself is a limitation. All beliefs are transit we use for some time, but eventually, we may let them go. In our lifetime, in my lifetime, I may never make $1 billion, and if I don't, guess what?

That's okay. However, I recognize that $1 billion from certain perspectives are a limitation. You see, so the belief in itself isn't where the power is. The key is within you. You are a limit. Lists being you are capable of anything you set your mind to is in judge by leaving yourself. Just believe in you. But what I'm showing you right now, go beyond the self. Go beyond the self. Don't believe in yourself. Believe in being. Just be present to the moment enlightenment. If he's experiencing them for the first time, no matter if he's been to the same hallway, talks to the same people a hundred times. He experiences it as if he's experienced the first time.

That is, which we call enlightenment. He is just being Sadhguru. Do you believe that you're enlightened? He would probably tell you no, or he would probably tell you he doesn't believe in anything. You know what? I went and saw Bashar recently, not dying along ago. He meets these enlightened people that could do literally magical things that can make objects appear instantly. They could tell the port; they could implant ideas in people's minds, things we consider to be magic. Some of the little mantles already do.

You know we already sent thoughts, and you pick up on people's vibes, but in general, some of these things literally we would consider being magic Bashar. Why can these people do these magical things? What beliefs do enlightened people have? You want to know the answer. Enlightened people don't have beliefs. They know thy self, thy self. They know though is not the same self that you must believe in. It's a self that is beyond the ego construct. It is the larger consciousness part of us that we're all connected to. We are all connected to each other, and we are all source energy experience in itself through different perspectives.

We are God that's been cut into billions of different pieces and put into different bodies. All meant to have this life experience of going through this transformation on this planet. That is why what you put out, it's what you get back. That's why, because what you do to someone else, you do in another aspect of you, that person is you at a deeper level. he self that you're going to believe in is more so recognition of knowing that this self is not really you. It's an Avatar that we're using for a short period of time. I go around and go, Aaron, good job. You did great. Yeah, my daily videos on YouTube for a very long time. Good job. Just believe in yourself. And then I went, Yay. I'm going to believe in myself.

I can make another video tomorrow. But see, this is the thing. That's the little self, that's the little ego-self. Most people run around, in reality, trying to create their reality from the level of the control of the ego. The key to this, though, it's going beyond the ego. You see, we're all divine beings dreaming that we have separate human experiences. That's what we're doing right now, and it's fun, and we're meant to enjoy life. But the thing is beliefs keep us in our prison. Go beyond belief. Go into being, be here now. Focus on knowing thyself. And the way that you do this is you stop believing in the little self.

You stopped believing in the separate self. You stop believing that you're not worthy. You stop. You start to question all of these things that you've believed about yourself. Don't believe things because I tell you it doesn't believe things because I said this a year ago, mortal, spiritual being, living a temporary human experience. Don't believe it just because I said it. Go within yourself. See if it resonates with you. Also, don't believe the things you've been telling yourself. It doesn't mean you can't come to certain conclusions, but it means that you've been telling yourself, I'm not worthy. I deserve only this.

I am a shy person. All of these things that you've been tying onto your identity, I'm just saying question them. Then thirdly, don't believe me. Don't believe yourself. Don't believe other people. People are going to come over to you and say, oh Liz, but this day is this way. I remember going to my nine to five job. He was like, oh, today's so slow, isn't it?  There are no customers here, and I'm thinking to myself, do I want to agree to that? You can say, well, look around. There's no Bernie Prevo. Does it mean it doesn't have to be a story that the whole day is going to be like this and I've been times that I go in there, I reject that belief, and now I'm the only one that's busy.

You see, I had a sales commission job. What I'm saying is don't believe other people. Don't believe them. Telling yourself, you're not worthy. Don't believe it when they tell you that you're not attractive. You're not this kind of person. You don't deserve happiness. Don't believe them. Don't believe yourself. Don't believe me. Doubt everything you believe to be true because then the illusions begin to fade away in life. That's the ending of this story. The ending of this blog, everything in life is love. That's it — spoiler alert.

Stop believing in yourself. Stop believing in other people what other people tell you. Stop believing, and even when I'm telling you right now, start questioning reality and start going beyond belief into being an experience. Write your own rules. I want you to write your own rules in society. Write your own rules for what it means to be happy. Write your own rules and get rid of a lot of those rules. Cause a lot of those rules are keeping from limitation, keeping you from feeling the love that you naturally are.

Attract Your Soulmate in these 3 steps with Victor Oddo


We're going to show you the three steps soul mate attraction process, and we're going to show you exactly what you can do to attract your soulmate into your life. I'm with Victor Oddo, and we're going to get into it right now.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I am with Victor Oddo, and he will help you navigate through your awakening process, you deficient as well as attract your soulmate. Yes, those are my two specialties, especially today, more than ever, because today's blog is on how to attract your soulmate. Many people ask, and they say, what can I do to attract my soulmate and my twin flame relationship, which are all different facets of understanding relationships that we may find in our own lives. And part of the process of spiritual awakening is coming to a process of knowing yourself more, which could mean a lot of times redefining and understanding deep parts of relationships you may have had with many people.

We were doing a podcast episode last night, and we realized that there's a, there's this process that victor used actually to attract his soulmate. He thinks he's my soul mate. I don't know. We're kind of joking around about it, but the idea is a lot of people think that soulmates are just romantic relationships when a lot of times your soulmate, maybe your mom, maybe someone in your family or a non-romantic relationship.

We're like social creatures. Maybe we're social spirits, but it does seem that we come in not alone with, with friends, with family and because we are infinite and eternal beings. I think sometimes we swap around roles like, like a, I right now my, my wife Patty, she, she's like my s my soulmate, my romantic soulmate. But I could have very well been her father in other lifetimes. She could have been my brother in other lifetimes, but regardless, we have a lot of soulmates and they can serve different purposes in our lives. I think that is a hopeful cause. I know a lot of people, they'll feel they need to find their s their one soulmate. But you've got a lot of options.

And it puts a different facet on it as well. Like we were talking about it last night in the episode that we were doing, we were talking about how, in our, like our relationship is that we're best friends. We also do a lot of business. We talk, and we help each other out with what we do for a living. Our passions are very much aligned, but we feel like we have like a brotherly connection like in past lives as well. We know and can feel that we were brothers. And then there's also past lives where I feel like we were connected in a way where it could have been more of an older, as a mom or it's funny, it's always fun to sit to the ego, his say shit like that.

Do you know what I mean? But the idea is like we could have been a dad and son, or we could have had these different roles switched around and it makes it a little bit more interesting to understand. I know that my mom and my brother Alex, they have very much like my brother is kind of like acts like her dad sometimes in many ways he's very white. He's got like this wise energy, and you can kind of tell him that the dynamic between them that it really takes care of in a certain way. And you can tell that there's that kind of connection there.

The reason that we're sharing all this though, is we want to kind of break apart the beliefs as soul mates only means romantic because of your soulmate maybe someone in your family and maybe one of your best friends. And it seems like synchronicity that you met up with someone. And what I thought we would do now is share a little bit about, because we're going to share through this three-step process that I believe will work if you apply it. Its what victor uses, what I use this also help you.

You got that, that thing came back. Yeah, huge bug. You were like, Whoa, Victor's like blew it away. But this three-step process, because this will also help you to attract your high vibe tribe or people that you may know your whole entire life and have a deep connection with. Why don't you share a little bit about your finding your romantic soulmate in your life? Cause I think that's what a lot of people want to understand is maybe see hope for them doing the same type of thing. And I know that you've definitely met your soulmate in your life being patty.

I've been married for over ten years with my soul mate for about 14 years. And it happened in a very sort of magical and synchronistic way. But as I was talking to Aaron, yesterday, I believe, I sort of like not knowingly applied his three-step process, which I'm not going to reveal just exactly right now. I'll let you get into it. But essentially, it involved a lot of inner work and coming to love me. I was a drug addict a long time ago, right out of high school. And I had finally gotten clean after trying, you know, multiple times and I found myself at a pretty young age, 19 years old doing a lot of inner work. I had a therapist, I was waking up every day and meditating, and I had all these different little affirmation books, and I was going to meetings.

 I had just more of a confidence, more of a word of Eunice. And at that point, I began to start a sort of like w like expect my soulmate to come. Like, you know, I've done a lot of work. I am lonely, I do want this, but it's not coming from any longer a needy place. Like I need it. It's more like it's time. And I was telling Aaron, I said, I put out this prayer to the universe, you know, and its sort of a literal way.

I went to my big window, and my parents’ house, and I like to kneel down, and I was like, God, I sort of prayed to, to meet my soulmate. And it worked. A week later, I swear to you, it just happened very synchronistically where my wife happened to come and sit right in front of me at this particular AA table amongst hundreds of people. She, there was one spot left, and she was late. We sat right across from each other, and we like, we just had this connection man, and I had to kind of step outside of my comfort zone and talk to her and what not sort of initiate and get the ball rolling. But the rest is history. But it came from a lot of self-love and an inner work intention and then action.

And I love that story because it shows, it shows there's the three-step process I'm going to share. It was kind of, I've thought about last night after he shared this and after I realized that I did the same exact thing when it came even to meet people in my life, whether it be that of romantic or that of somebody like victor who is like you know, nonromantic, a connection where it's like this deep soul brother connection type thing, and we're going to share with you the three-step process that you can apply now. And the first one is something that I think if you make this your primary focus, it makes the process so much easier and understand this; you always find someone in life that is a reflection of where you currently are.

And if this is what I realized when I was in prior relationships in my past, whenever I was doing a job I wasn't passionate about, like many of you may know, I used to work at Barneys New York and woman's shoes and or even before that in Nordstrom, I just was selling women's shoes. I wasn't passionate about it, but I was doing it is how I made money. I realized that I always attracted a girlfriend that also was working a nine to five job that they weren't passionate about. It was like this kind of one on reflection. I always notice it.

But then what happened is I started doing my passion. I started doing what I love, and then I started to attract people into my life. And you know, I'm with someone now that has that passion for what they do. It's very interesting that that dynamic is something that I noticed in that reflection. I remember there's someone on a recent Q and A I was doing, and they were like, you know, I met this at the soulmate connection with somebody, and then it didn't work out. And the thing is, is we'll talk a little bit about that too as we're soulmates. Cause sometimes people think that soulmate connection means that like, it has to be forever not understanding, you know? Yes. But I was telling this person like the reason you found somebody that is deeper than any of the connections that you've ever had in your life is because you've gone deeper within yourself.

And because you've gone so deep within yourself, you now have a reflection of somebody that also is at their core. It's a reflection, something to know that there could be even a deeper connection out there if you haven't found it. It's this understanding and this recognition that you always get in life a reflection of where you are and the depthness that you've gone within yourself cause you're already holding complete. The key to the first step to this process is getting to your core vibration because you're working a nine to five job that you hate.

You might find that you find somebody else that also is working a nine to five job they hate. It doesn't mean that you can't find it out. Can't be the one, but just in general, get to your core vibration because your core vibration is going to, in a way, put out a frequency that then allows the other person that's in their core vibration to then find you. But if you're not at your core vibration, you're not putting out that frequency that then let somebody else to, to find you in a way or for to you, for you to find them. It's almost like a resonance thing, but you have to be vibrating at that frequency. So this could mean doing your passion. This could mean you really doing the self-love, the self-love work.

Because if you don't feel love within yourself, what happens is you put that energy out, and then other people pick up on that subconsciously, and you become more lovable the more that you love yourself. So it has to do with this, this getting to your core vibration. And for me that was like the more that I know both of us have been on this self, this self-ascension journey and doing what we loved is the more we find because now we have many friends that do what we do. And it's like it's a, it's a compounded thing. I think it's about like Aaron said, it's about finding your core vibration, really finding yourself going deep and really discovering who you are. But not only that it's also about expressing that cause sometimes people know who they are, but they're afraid to express it.

But then if you're not really if you're not letting your guard down in life, then you're really not, you're not really, like he said, offering the ideal frequency out there. You're, you're, you're putting on this mask, and then you're going to attract other people with that sort of false self. It's kind of both of those things, but at the same time with also what you were saying it can play out in so many ways. As my wife and I, we happened to meet, and at the time, we're like spitting images of each other.

She literally was a recovering addict about a year, and we had like very, very similar paths. But, for us, it just so happened to where we started to grow together. We'd been together for a long time now, and it seems to be continuing that way, but because we have so many soulmates, sometimes we'll attract a soulmate for over where we're currently at, but then we're, we're, we continue to outgrow them and then it's like, oh my goodness, I don't want to let go. You talked about the story last night, and I have like similar experiences of that with your friend.

I had a really close friend, my friend Derek, and we were like, we were like blood brothers. It was like even when I was a little kid, I could tell we were synchronistically always doing the same things. They always had the same jobs. When I got clean from drugs, I went to this place in Florida, and he came down a week later, and we just had the same job, and we are there, and we are just like attached at the hip. We would always bicker and stuff because we are so close. There was there a real brotherly love that I still feel for him. And over the years, it became where there was a huge vibrational clash where it became very evident that who I was present or becoming was just not who I used to be.

But my friend Derek was, in a sense, still the same way. And I could just tell he didn't treat me with the same level of respect. He courtesy or a was just really not as good of a friend to me. And I was in a sense putting up with his drama, putting up with him, his abuse in a sense is just, it was a very unbalanced relationship, but I was afraid to let go because we prayed it all this time we put in the store and it had the love, the love was real, but it was like at some point I realized I no longer, I'm almost choosing to take on this abuse because he's absolutely not changing that.

I knew intuitively I shouldn't, so I just let it go, and I was lonely for a little while there, but then because I stopped, I almost liked by holding on that relationship was like holding onto my old self and once I let go of both of those, I was like, okay, this is who I am. It took some time, but then I, I met Aaron, and many old Aaron, and I have a ton of soulmate friends now that are just amazing. It's funny cause his store, like what he just shared with you. This same exact thing happened to me, and it was a level of comfortability, but there's a level of knowing that it's like, okay, in order to continue to grow, I have just to do my own thing and focus on my own growth.

And it was lonely for a while, but then victor and I ended up meeting up synchronistically online. We reached out to each other via email when he was living in Michigan or moving to San Diego. And then we ended up, yeah, he ended up coming here, and then it just worked out to where now, you know, we, he moved to Vegas, and we live in Vegas, and it's just, it's really cool. But there was a level of trust and a level of letting go. The reason I wanted to say that is with your core vibration, there are certain parts that when you let go, you then can allow something new in.

If you find that friends are draining your energy, if you find that you're in a relationship and abusive relationship or some type of relationship or the energy dynamic is off, you can try to work with it. But you can also go and give that yourself, that love within and see what happens, you know? But don't be afraid to let go of what is keeping your vibration and keeping you in certain states. Man, nothing is huge. Yes, I know. And Yeah. The second step is that of intention. Setting the intention. You do the inner work, you're in your passion, you're doing what you love. Then you set the intention. You say, I intend, you'd be like Victor, the I'm ready.

It was kind of the same thing for me, even when it was just from a, even when it's just like victor, I remember I was like, Oh man, it'd be so cool to have somebody that would, that I could vibe with at the same level of where I'm making content and into the same type of stuff because I felt like I didn't have anyone to really relate to. When it comes to the spiritual awakening information, I remember you and I both were really into Bashar, and it was like, we're like, well, someone else has really into Bashar.

We had so much to talk about, you know, intention, set the intentions at the intention to meet someone, set the intention to have that be brought into your life, set the intention and put out that the intention is like the focus of that energy. And some people don't actually intend for it. They're just saying it's not here. And you know, I make videos sometimes talking about the vibration of wanting, and the vibration of having is different. You say I want a relationship; I want a soulmate, I want a soulmate, I want to, some that say I don't currently have a soulmate that's not as powerful as an intention. The intention is more like I'm ready, or you're putting yourself in the vibration of knowing it's possible.

It's a different energy source. That version for you was you setting the intention and saying, I'm ready. And you found out later on as well. I know we talked about this in the podcast. I'll leave the podcast down below as well because it was like 30 something minutes. And also, just a little precursor. Now we're going to be doing; we're doing a video on Victor's channel for signs that you can find your soulmate, and that's going to be really cool. I already know what we're going to be talking about and some stuff that we've never shared. That's going to be linked below, as well. Make sure you check out that and you check out. Victor's channel, as well. But in general, Patty did the same thing, right? She did the intention you find out later.

I found out later after, after talking for a while, that my wife did essentially the same thing, and then when I met her, she actually had a boyfriend that she was kind of settling [inaudible] a nice guy that as cool as this guy right here. But she is like, she like knew intuitively that this is not her forever person and she did the exact same thing, looked out her window, I swear to you. She had the same prayer. Like God, I really want to meet my forever stole me. That's like, then you're attracting that same, it's more like the energy behind the intent, and you attract. It's almost like, like with Aaron, it's important. I and patty both did this unknowingly, but we're like, we're ready for our soulmate. 

At the very least, what will happen is you'll start to yes, be, become aware, and attract all the different things you need, whether it's a learning lesson or a healing or a little temporary relationship. You get that ball rolling by setting that intention, and you're going to be on the fast track regardless of how it happens to play out for you. Whether it's immediately you meet them a week later or whether it's you meet someone else that then leads you to, you have in this deeper connection that you, the thought possible.

The third thing was something that really resonates with me as well because of the kind of like the spiritual and the community idea of what it means to be spiritual and attract what we think of attracting. And we think it's all about thinking it's all about, but sometimes many times it is necessary to put yourself in the vibration and to take action and to make a move. For you, that was you making a move, and what was it? It was, you guys wouldn't, I liked that story that you shared.

I could tell, even though this was well before my spiritual awakening that something was going on, I was like, why is this really beautiful woman like super into me? I could just tell, and I just felt this connection with her, and I could tell she felt it with me even though we had just like sat across the room from each other. But I found myself after the meeting ended, everyone goes outside, and smoke cigarettes and I wasn't even smoking at the time. And I saw her sitting over there kind of hanging out with her friends. I had enough intuition to know this woman I could maybe date or something, and I was like; this could be the one.

She didn't just come up to me and say, Hey, I'm your soulmate. What up? It was more like I had to get kind of clever. I and I was, and I was very nervous cause I choose, I thought he was like, well out of my league in a sense. I walked up to her, and I like came up with some bullshit in my mind. She felt bad, and I had like hustling my way to like to sit by her, but it took some hustle, some like creativity and definitely some pushing outside of my own nerves at the end of the night. I didn't even tell you this, I even made up the story so I can drive her home. I said, hey, you know what? I found out where she lived. Like I'm going that way after this meet, after the coffee, maybe I'll give you a ride.

I don't even live anywhere near where she lived. And she was like, well, okay. I drove her home, and we talked, we connected. My favorite song came on the radio. It was like magic, but it was like, yeah, fate sort of handed me this situation, but I had like need it. I think that's powerful too, and it's powerful to know that it's there for you, but you must move into it, and that can, that means taking action. What could this mean for you? Set up situations that put you in opportunities for that. For example, you want to meet more spiritual people that vibe with you.

Go to yoga class, go to meditation groups, get on the know, find different people, find where these people are and then go, does it mean you're desperately looking for them? But just understand that you must do something in order to put yourself in that vibration of where the proximity of where a lot of these people are. If he would've just looked at me like, oh, that's a great idea, maybe something will happen in the future, then who knows what kind of time track that would have been on. But it's three simple steps, and it's finding your vibration, which means doing what you're passionate about. Starting to find out what that is. You don't know what that is.

Set the intention to find out what that is. The intention is extraordinarily powerful. Part of that is also letting go, letting go of the old stories, letting go of the, you may have stories to also that it's hard to check your relationship, a soul mate, a story that it doesn't happen. You always attract a certain type of guy, a certain type of girl. Drop that story, see it for what it is, and get to your core vibration. And then secondly, let set the intention just like victor did. Set the intention, set the intention to meet more high vibe people. Set the intention to meet soulmates. Set that intention and then see what comes in your direction.

See if you get something else that makes you learn something, whatever it is. And then thirdly, take action. Put yourself in uncomfortable positions. You know, Dr. Joe Dispenza says you put yourself in the unknown. That's where miracles happen. No miracles happen in the known because in the known you think certain thoughts, you feel some emotions, you take certain actions, you get the same results that you've always gotten of what those are. If you can get into the unknown, that's where magic can happen. Victor had to step into the unknown. You had to do things that were a little bit uncomfortable. You had to get a little bit clever with ways that he could put himself in a situation to be around somebody that he knew had a deep connection with.

These three-step process that he can apply, and I think that it will help you with that process. Anything else you want to add? I shared a lot of really good stuff beautifully. Yeah, no, I just, I concur with what Aaron said. That's been my experience, and I think what if you apply what he said, it will work for you. And we're living in a time where it is possible to be your romantic soulmate and also a bunch of high vibe friends, but we have to sort of step into our power and do a little bit of the work. Also, it's not even a bad thing to do. The work leads to more self-growth, a better life, and the new relationships are often the kind of reflection of the new person you've blossomed into.

Spontaneous Healing AND Spontaneous Manifestation: 3 things you MUST DO

Spontaneous Healing AND Spontaneous Manifestation: 3 things you MUST DO

Today, I'll be sharing with you spontaneous healing and spontaneous manifestation and the three things you must have in order to experience that. This video I think will be a game changer for many people and help many people to see that things can change like that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you the truth about spontaneous healing and spontaneous manifestation and the three things you need in order to make that happen. They're going to be three. It's like a three-step process of what's necessary like ingredients for allowing that actually to happen and the truth is we can change on a dime. 

There is some problem, let's say a problem that we are identifying now. For me, part of that was I believed that I had ADHD. I was told that I had a lot of energy. I remember going into work every day, and I'd have people talking about me like how does he have so much energy? People saying things like, is he on something to be having that much energy? And I remember feeling very guilty and very much like there was something wrong with me. And what happened is I went to a doctor, they said, hey, you have ADHD. You can't focus.

Here's some Adderall for it. Adderall made it so I couldn't eat very good. I couldn't sleep very good at night. And for years, I carried around that identity. I carried around that problem. And what happened was is like this, I was able to change that once I applied to three things that I'm going to be sharing with you today in this blog. And within a week or two, literally everything about me, my whole energy was different. I remember going into work, and people were asking me what I was doing, why I was so different, and it was because of the things that I'm sharing with you.

And there's also, you know, this kind of brings, brings me back a memory as well because recently, this is probably five, six months ago I went to my buddy Victor Odo was thrown a retreat in Sedona, and I went to retreat and there was somebody there that said that they were listening to one of my meditations and they said that prior to that they weren't able to walk, they weren't able to walk, they got into a car accident and they were told by doctors they would never be able to walk again. What happened was, is she was listening to some of my videos, she found one of my meditations which were on shifting to a parallel reality, which allows you to let go of your old story to be a new version of you.

And what happened was that she said she listened that meditation and she said that now she is able to walk because of having that kind of experience, she started to rewire her own belief system prone story and she claims that that that meditation was what did it for her and it was funny, the meditation let's really said walk into a parallel reality on the thumbnail walk in. Even the title of it was some do walk a bit parallel reality, which is kind of ironic because she couldn't walk before, so it was almost like maybe there's some type of visualization there, I'm not sure, but what that made me realize is that things can change on a dime and something.

As much as somebody being told you're never going to walk again, somebody can walk again based on their own belief in their own story that they tell themselves. It just shows me that there's so much more to reality. There's so much more to woe and who we think we are and things can really happen that fast if we give ourselves permission to know what I'll do as well as that walk into a parallel reality meditation, I'm going to link that below so that you can listen to it and feel this for 21 days. I think it'll change your life and really it could happen in a day or two.

It's something that when you listen to you, you start to tell yourself a new story. You start to let go of an old identity, and that starts to happen. The same thing with spontaneous manifestation. There are certain parts to this whole process that are necessary, and when you see that something like that can happen, that's when things can change in a very powerful way. There are times in my own life where there was something that I wanted to happen, and what I did is I just gave it up. I just allowed it to happen, and then nonetheless, it happened. But there was one poke component of it. The first part of this process. Say there are three things you need in order to make this process happen or to allow it to happen.

Not necessarily make it happen from the ego's point of view, but the first thing you need for this to happen is belief is believing that can happen, believing that it's possible for you. And a lot of times what I do is I like to share stories with people to help them more aware that they can change like this. For example, it comes to healing when it comes to manifestation. There are people in the world that had been through this type of scenario. Let me show you what is possible here with spontaneous healing because you need, first off, you need the belief. For example, there are people that have what is called multiple personality disorder, which means they have one personality and then a moment or two later, whatever, however, a period of time later, maybe 2030 minutes label later, they'll shift into a completely different personality.

One personality may go by a certain name; one personality will have a certain thought structure. Then what happens is they shift to a different personality with a different thought structure, with a different identity, different name, and that's called multiple personality disorder. Now here is what they have found. Somebody may be in a certain entry in a certain identity. Let's say their identity is a gym. They may then shift to Carl. Jim May did not have cancer. Jim may be perfectly healthy; Jim might have Jim might smoke cigarettes.

Then Jim switches to Carl. Carl May have cancer, may have some type of negative disease, and have a completely different thought process, completely different neuro synthetic connection, wiring in the brain. And within a moment of shifting from one personality to a different personality, it's literally a completely different person. If you were to measure and test the cells of the Jim Character, Jim would not have cancer. Two minutes later, he has it. You see this as how quickly things can change. On the other side of that can happen the other way around. The person could be, you know, obviously if you switched it around and somebody does have cancer, then a moment later they don't.

Think about how quickly that can happen. You see, simply knowing something like that can show you what is possible and how quickly you can change. And that meditation I did where the someone was able to start walking again. What happened was, is there was probably a high level of belief there. I said, your life will change in that video. And because of that belief, she then went into it and then was able to change. You see, belief is the number one thing you need. If you tried to get someone and someone doesn't believe it is possible, then they won't experience that. You have to believe and know that it is possible and showing other times of, of times when that's happened for other people, it makes you know that this is something that can happen for you too.

First off, it is possible for you to go into healing spontaneously. It is possible for you to manifest something instantly. What degree of believability do you have for that? You see, I remember I went to see Bashar not too long ago, maybe like five or six months ago. And I asked Beshara, I said, why we're, why is it that people in the book autobiography of a Yogi, which is about Paramahansa Yogananda, his journey through enlightenment, he meant different enlightened gurus. Why was it that paramount Yogananda met these enlightened gurus that could instantly manifest and he said that they knew the truth about reality?

The truth about reality is reality is an illusion. Because of that they were able to manipulate things in a different way because they're coming out from a higher level of consciousness. You see there's much more flexible than we even can understand. And if we called out to these, it's not so much even about attain a belief system that you can be healed this more. Just letting go of the belief that you're not already healed. And the same way wasn't so much that those enlightened gurus had to believe that they could change reality using a certain type of a modality.

It was more so what they did is they just let go of their belief in the rigidity and salinity of reality that they were able to just be and change because they recognize the truth of it is an illusion. Belief is the one number one thing to this whole process. You must first off believe that you can be healed. When you talk about a healer, what does a healer do? A healer is someone that's able to view someone else in a certain way and is able to admit off a certain frequency that that other person can match. And if they match that frequency, then they go through a healing process.

It's simply about the energy dynamics that are involved and the belief, it's like they hold them in their mind that they're healed, they're the person can match that through the energy transference and then be healed. Do you see? But the person has to be ready for it, and the person has to be willing. Some people aren't. We're ready to give up their certain causes. Some people aren't ready to give up their belief that they aren't healed because some people get payoffs from not being healed. As crazy as that sounds fun, people aren't aware of it, but someone may get a payoff from the attention they get from being sick and not even aware that they liked that and afraid that if they were to let that go, subconsciously they didn't.

Wouldn't have people that love them that go to the hospital that see them that takes care of that. Do you see? Belief is the number one thing. The second thing that you must have in order to go through this process is a willingness to let go and release, let go and release. For me, what I did is I realized that I had ADHD, I was labeled as having ADHD. Yeah. And what I did is I was, I started observing my thoughts. I started allowing them to be there. And as I started to observe my thoughts, I started to relate to them in a different way. And I saw then I was able to look at my past to see at a certain point I believe that I had ADHD because everyone else told me there was something wrong with my energy. I just had so much energy.

When I was able to do then is to see it, to acknowledge it. 90% of transformation is becoming aware of the story. You tell yourself becoming aware of the current beliefs you have. Then recognizing it and deciding that you are going to let it go, and it no longer serves you. I realized I had a story that I have ADHD. This is what other people labeled me as many other people would agree with that too. They take well then if you get chemically met you, if you're able to like measure it, you would see that you do have that, but you see that's just an agreement agreeing to it. Instead, what I was able to do is to let go of that old meaning. Reality fundamentally has no meaning other than the meaning we give it.

What I do is instead of that, I looked at myself, and I thought to myself, I just have a lot of energy. I reframed to, I let go of the old meaning and I started to reframe it, and I said, I just have a lot of energy. I just need to balance myself out by walking barefoot and graphs every day by meditating in the morning, meditating at night. From that point going forward, my whole entire life began. Yeah, change. And it was because I became aware of the story, became aware of the point of my past. It was just an agreement, and I was able to let it go. It's the story we tell ourselves as similar to the beliefs we have and the time in the past, somebody may have told you, you have this, you have this condition, this is what the doctor said.

And you give them a high level of credibility because you believe that that is the system that you need to go to a doctor. And a doctor tells you what you have, but you see, you can either agree or not agree to it. When I look at, I haven't been sick in like five years because I don't believe that I do. I don't believe I get sick. Anybody listening to this, you too can have that belief. I remember I was listening to actually somebody that isn't really, it doesn't really spread the spiritual information as much. He's an awesome guy. His name's Gary Vaynerchuk. He has a book and you've probably seen him on social media before.

That's all about working hard and grinding. His, one of his books, he talked about how one day he just decided on a plane, he read that there was some scientific study, that belief of getting sick and he said he just decided he'd never get sick again. He says he hasn't been sick since I read that and I was like, I could do the same thing. I just simply don't believe that I do and therefore, I don't. What is your belief? What are you buying into? The first thing you need is the belief that it can happen for you.

The second thing is to let go and release of the old, even the pet negative payoff, the positive payoff. You may think you're getting of attention from other people or whatever it is, but for any of this to happen, you must let go of the certainty as well for you to really create something magical in your life, to create a miracle in your life, into belief, and you need to do new things, get into uncertainty. Uncertainty is where magic can happen. If you do the same things every other day, every day you're going to get the same results you've always got, but if you do something new, you get into the level of uncertainty than anything can happen.

Letting go of the certainty and search to embrace uncertainty and doing this will allow you to manifest instantly and much quicker because you're not in the solid belief system, the solid structure of what you had before. But understand that this process is really about you becoming more aware of who you are. You are an infinite spiritual, being able to a temporary human experience and you are changing every moment, every moment, every moment, every moment you're in new you, you're a new you, you're a new you. What story are you telling yourself? What story are you telling yourself?

What story are you telling yourself? Because that story will play itself out over and over and over again. The key is letting go of the old story, knowing, recognizing that you're new and every moment, and the more that you become aware of that, the more that then your life begins to change. I look at all the times my life has changed, and I observed that I used to have ADHD. I simply let go of the label, and I no longer related to it.

There's something that has served me. I let it go no longer. I have to deal with that. When I was doing that, I also felt like I had to because of the side effects of not eating very much and not having not to be able to sleep much. I would then smoke weed and I did that for years and then all of a sudden, I just decided I no longer relate to. I no longer identify with it. I let it go, let go of the belief that I even needed. It changed everything. That's why the third step has you seen yourself in your new self-image. You seeing yourself as healed, you see yourself as not having a problem. I saw myself as not having ADHD is just having a lot of energy that I would balance. I saw myself as somebody that didn't smoke anymore that was able to feel high all the time.

Naturally, I was able to then wire that is, have a vision of what it's like for you to be healed, have a vision for what it's like for you to be who you really are. Void of any problem because that problem was something you agreed to in the past at a subconscious level. Somebody said it, you said, oh, Yep, this is the way reality is. We told you, Aaron, you have a lot of energy. There's a problem. I thought, Oh yeah, you're right. And then they'd say something about ADHD, and I'm like, oh, let me check up on that. That I found more and more people that were there to confirm that reality, but then when I disassociated from it and saw it as something I didn't choose any longer, it didn't go away.

Remember, every moment you're choosing, every moment you're choosing, every moment you're choosing, you're either choosing from the autopilot. Are you choosing from awareness? Every moment it's new. Every moment it's new. Every moment it's new. What are you creating right now in the present moment? You see, the truth is all transformation happens in an instant. Just sometimes, we tell ourselves a story that we have to build things up. We need different permission slips, and then eventually, we just give ourselves permission to shift. We give ourselves permission to let go. We give ourselves permission to be, can you just give yourself permission right now? It is. Give yourself permission to view yourself as whole and complete, and there's nothing wrong.

There's no problem. Anything you want to create your life, you can do instantaneously. When you let go of the old belief structure, when you let all the old story, and you just start giving yourself permission to be in that vibrational frequency of being healed, act realizes that the old act is an act anyways. Be as if some, I've been saying a lot lately and normally to say act as if but you being sick, that's an act. You're 100% whole and complete. You have a problem that's an ax even you may even put it on for years. It's not who you really are. The real you, the eternal spiritual be you is wholly complete already, and because of that you can start to really embodied that part of you.

You can start to realize and see yourself as whole and complete. See yourself as already living in that reality you want. That's why a lot of times I talk about kind of like realizing any reality you can imagine already exist and you can tap into it right now. Tap into it vibrationally. Be as if that version of you realize it as more authentic to who you are. More in alignment with the worthiness that you can feel. For this process, those three steps, first off, believe it's possible to stop, believe, and know that your beliefs create your reality.

The story you tell yourself consistently is running your life, whether you're aware of it or not. Secondly, be willing to let go of it. See the positive payoff you may have thought you were getting, whether that's more attention for being sick, whether it's something that, something where you can see that people really love, whatever it is. Be aware if there's any negative payoff or any positive payoff that you think is there, even at a subconscious level.

And maybe it's not, but just be aware of it and be willing to let it go and be willing to let go of this story. Be willing to let it go. And then thirdly, see yourself as healed. Be as that version of you simply know reality is a reflection, and if you want that reflection to change first, I'll change how you relate to it.

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