#4: My Top Vibrational HACKS for RESONATING With the Reality I Want

Today, we're going to be talking about some vibrational hacks that we can use to create the reality you want, or we want, and this is going to be things that I use in my own life. These are going to be things that I noticed in other successful people, and they're going to be things that may be a little bit more esoteric, but I think are very, very powerful.

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For me in general, I look at YouTube, I look at how I've gone in a year from where I used to be and just in case you don't know a little bit of my story. It’s almost been exactly a year since I left my 9-5 job. I used to work at Barney's New York selling woman's shoes. I worked there for about five years, and I knew the whole time that I wanted to be on YouTube eventually or sharing the ideas that I am passionate about.

And then in February of 2017, about six months before I actually left that job, I started going all in, I started to treat my side hustle, which was creating YouTube videos. I started to handle it as if it was already my fulltime and within four or five months I was able to go full time, and honestly, I probably could've done it way before, but I was playing it safe and I was waiting until I had the exact dollar amount or whatever, but if I could have figured it out sooner.

But nonetheless, it was something that happened very quickly. Once I decided that that was something that I wanted to do, that I wanted to be on YouTube, that I wanted to live that kind of lifestyle. And one thing that I've noticed is that what makes the process so much easier for us to vibrationally create what we wanted in her life and to resonate with what we want is for us to already be passionate about that which we want to experience.

Because here's the thing, here's the secret to the success in anyone. If you study anyone that is successful, you will see this pattern within them.

It's easier to focus on the things that you are passionate about.

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They have had to spend a lot of time and a lot of energy on focusing on what they want now maybe they didn't have to spend a lot of energy to focus on what they want because the thing is when you're doing what you're passionate about is very easy to focus on.

I was working a nine to five job at Barneys New York selling woman's shoes, which are like $1,200 pairs of shoes, you know, and so matt and I was working there 40 hours a week plus making daily videos, which was taken up a couple hours a day. I was easily working about 50 to 60 to 70 hours a week depending on the week. It was a lot of work, but it's so easy for me to focus on making videos because I'm naturally so passionate about it.

The reason I say this is because success takes focus and the easiest things for you to focus on are going to be things that you're passionate about. If you align your passion and you align that with what you want to experience in your life, you're going to find that you leveraged things in such a powerful way. In general, what I've realized in my own life is the more I focus on anything, the more I bring about that in my life, but the more focus you have, the more momentum you create and the more things just happen for you. And see what I see a lot of people do because I've been in this niche for a while.

I've been making YouTube videos on the Law of Attraction for two, two years now. I've noticed that there's a lot of people that will focus on something for a short period of time, but then they switched their focus. They focus on getting something, achieving something. Maybe it's even going full time with their passion. They focus on it for a period of time, but then what they do is they kind of give up and they go to something else or they just focus on it for a period of time and then they focus on something else.

The key, it's going to take focus in the grand sense and the focus is where the power is, so for example, if I would have given up after two weeks of going daily on YouTube back in February 2017, none of the growth would have really happened. It would have died out because I didn't master that area of what I was passionate about.

I put on it, I go to do a video. I just got done filming my video for the day. It's very easy for me to do because it's just a natural part of my life. I've conditioned myself so much and maybe you look at certain things down, you're like, “Oh, it's kind of hard for me to focus in this way.” But the only reason it may be hard to focus is because there hasn't been that conditioning and the why of why you're doing it, understanding why you're doing it.

When I make a video every day, I understand that the reason I'm doing it is that it's a part of who I am. I am the kind of person that creates the content. I am the kind of person that is passionate about when I speak about things. That's how I view myself.

That's a part of my self-image. When it comes to vibrational renders residents, one of the first things I want to share with you, his focus is so powerful and so underrated. People talk about, oh, it's what you think about is the emotion is this. It is all of those things, but it is also the focus and the momentum. I spend a lot of my time probably 12, 14 hours a day thinking about what I'm passionate about because I'm doing it. I love what I do.

When I wake up every day, I film videos; I'm editing videos, I'm doing website stuff. I go to the gym, which is my little break, and then I come back to it. I'm always focusing on what, on what I love to do. If this doesn't feel hard to me though, this is the path of least resistance.

Somebody asked me on Instagram recently, they're like, how do you combine the path of least resistance with the idea of taking action? Well, for me, the path of least resistance is me taking action because I'm passionate about when you're passionate about something, it doesn't require a great degree of energy expenditure.

The only equal requires energy expenditure. When you're doing something you're not passionate about and you think you have to do more, go with what resonates, but understand that the more you do what you're passionate about, the more that energy begins to work for you, the more that you really create powerful momentum in your life.

Beyond that, let me share with you a couple of vibrational hacks that I've used in my own life for creating the life I want. First thing I realized is that people, in general, have an energy field. Everyone has an energy field around them, but what you want to do to begin to be similar and in similar, I mean your own version. I don't mean you ever want to mimic people I know.

They say, oh, he models success and you'll become successful. You can do that, but do it in your own way. Do it with your own passion. Sometimes we lock ourselves into these thought processes of thinking we have to be a certain way and we get mixed in and we just kind of. We aren't being unique to ourselves or a lot of times what we are unique about is what makes us different.

The more I share my esoteric ideas on my YouTube channel, the more that sets me apart from everybody else. Not In an egotistical way. It's just that people are like, oh, I really liked that. I've never heard that before.

That's why I know to go in that direction of the more unique you are, the better. Of course, you do that with the awareness, but here's what I've noticed as I immersed myself in the vibration of people I want to be like, the more you become like them, the more I become like them. What I do, for example, is I connect with people that I want to be similar to because you are literally in a combination of the five people you're around the most.

That is actually vibrationally true, meaning we have something called mirror neurons, which means in our brain when we're around other people, when we're in other people's energy field, what we do is we start to resonate with the same vibration of them. What we can begin to learn to do is to tailor that environment. Maybe we see that we're constantly around.

People that are negative are people that are bringing us down. If that is the case, then we may need to tailor our environment or change the subject or whatever it might be, but what I do is I immerse myself in the thought processes and in the words of the people I want to be similar to. Let me share with you how I do this.

What I do is I listen to someone called, you probably know this person, Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins to me represents exactly where I want to be and how I want to be in my life as far as influence goes and public speaking. That's the level that I want to be at. I imagine Tony Robbins and the way that he is too kind of influence he has and I listened to his seminars and I could listen to his audio programs or you know, of him talking in interviews, but I, I prefer to listen to his seminars because the energy that he's in there is the kind of energy that I want to eventually be in.

By doing that, by linking up with his energy, I am starting to vibrationally resonate with more of that kind of reality. But I do it in a unique way where I realized I'm also going to be my own unique version of myself. I never want to be a carbon copy of Tony Robbins. But I know that I want to be similar to the kind of lifestyle he lives to the kind of influence he has. What I do is I imagined myself and I vibrationally resonate with the seminars that he puts out.

Anytime I listened to a seminar, I'm starting to vibrationally resonate with him. What I could also do is have mentors in my life and that's something I'm opened up to now, is having mentors that are also already public speakers because as I get around them, I'm going to start to resonate more with the reality of being that kind of speaker where I travel for a living and give seminars, so that's how I use it in my own life.

How can you use this in your own life or first off, be aware of people that you admire, people that you look up to, maybe those people that you look up to that you'd like to be like and these people? Maybe it is you being like an owning your own art gallery. You love art. You have amazing pieces. You want to own your own art gallery studio.

Find people that are already doing it and either get around them, talk to them, interview them, become their assistance, be in their energy field or read their books. Read their articles. I know that anybody you can imagine there is information out there and anytime you read a book, you are literally immersing yourself in the vibrational resonance of that person. There are certain books that you read that you as you read, you begin to vibrationally resonate with that book.

One of them is called the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. As you read that book, you become more present to the moment you aligned with the energy of it and the same way if you want to be similar to certain people read their books, get into their thought process is see how they think, because as you do that, you're going to be more resonating with what you want to experience in your life, so that's what I do as well.

I read books of people that I prefer to be similar like or similar to knowing that as I do that, I begin to resonate with the vibration of those people. That's one of the hacks that I use in my own life for a vibrational resonance. There's another hack that I use that has to do with understanding certainty. Now there are certain things that in your life you feel certain about, maybe you feel certain about your life.

Maybe there's certainty with the job that you do. You do your job better than anyone else and you're passionate about it. Maybe there's certainty around a couple certain types of books that you read and you love studying that.

And when you read about it, you feel like you know all about it. There's something in your life that you do feel certain about. If you're honest with yourself. And if you look to that, notice how you feel about the things that you're certain about.

It feels comfortable. It's a natural part of who you are. Another way to use this is to see yourself as already the kind of person you want to be an almost treat your declaration of your goals. First off, have goals too so many people just don't have goals, they don't have intentions and intention is like a declaration of a goal I intend. What do you intend for and when you intend for something, have this certainty that it is true.

Have this certainty that it will come to pass or is here now have certainty and almost treat it as if it's destiny for it to happen. Because as you do that, you start to align where that is the reality. If we have uncertain energy around it, it almost like we key. It's almost like we keep perpetuating more and more of that kind of experience.

Have certainty doesn't mean cocky arrogance, but what this does mean is just like you feel certain about a certain area of your life. Apply that same certainty and imagine that same kind of certainty you have about maybe your fitness or your family or your relationships or your job or a certain area of your life. Apply that towards whatever you intended for, so if I feel certain about me making YouTube videos, for example, which I do because I make so many of them and I feel so passionate about when I do it.

I can apply that certainty, that certainty feeling. I feel I can start to associate that with me speaking in front of a large group of people because I can see similarities. I'd be like, oh, well, it's kind of similar in many ways. I'm getting into a flow state. I'm speaking in front of 10,000 people a day on the YouTube video. Maybe it's thousands of people in a crowd. It's not much different. It depends on how you look at it.

By me doing that though, I start to vibrationally resonate with that reality because I begin to identify more with it and I started to treat it with that certainty because I already know that there are certain areas of my life where I can do that. There's also going to be ways that I can apply it in my way. Certainty, treat your intentions as if it is destiny.

Don't be attached to how things happened though. Sometimes what we do is we're attached to how things happen. What you do is you acknowledge your intentions, and you think to yourself, I intend for this to happen or better. Don't limit yourself. Sometimes we limit ourselves.

We're like, “Oh, this is the pinnacle of everything I want to experience.”, But we could experience more if we weren't attached to the outcome. Do not be attached to the outcome. Acknowledged that you want it, but know that you're good either way.

Somebody asked me in one of my live Q&As, “How do you have a goal but not be attached to the outcome is not like lying to yourself.”. Well, the key is knowing that underneath the surface you're good. Either way, you're already whole and complete. You don't need the relationship. You don't need the extra, this or that. You're already good. You're already okay. You're already whole and complete, and by having that frame, you can see that you could intend for something.

You can even desire it, but you don't have to be attached to how it happens. Let the universe bring it to you in whatever way it wants. Knowing and trusting the process, even if it's like it doesn't come right away. Know that it may be part of the process that it doesn't come immediately and the moment you deem that it hasn't come yet is the moment you keep that vibrational lack in your reality. Maybe the little hiccup that appears to be there as a part of the process and gets you exactly where you need to be. You exactly when you need to be there.

Understand that with all of this, when it comes to vibrational resonates, this is about you being the best version of you, knowing that you are already whole and complete and that you can easily tailor your vibration to the reality you want. By immersing yourself in the energy field of people, you want to be similar to that. One of the reasons, here's another hack for you. I read and listen to audiobooks from people and authors that wrote the books.

They're also saying the books so I at rather than having an audiobook by somebody that's like a narrator for somebody else, they're getting paid to do it. I prefer it to be a book that is by somebody that actually wrote the book because by doing it, I'm vibrationally resonating with the person that thought process, the mirror neurons and I feel like I absorb more of the information that is just conveyed through the words because there's also an energy underneath the words that people speak.

This is a way that you can begin to connect to the vibration that you want. By understanding that the version of you that is the best version of you had already exists and you can begin to resonate with it by putting yourself into the energy field of other people that are already in that type of energy, but also doing it in your own unique way, and as you do that, you'll find that things happen even easier for you.

If you'll find that things start to happen because you are the accumulation of the five people you're the most. If you're like, well, I don't have these kinds of mentors in my life, the information that you absorbed can also be a form of a mentor.

For example, Tony Robbins is one of my mentors. You may say, well, I don't meet up with them every week. I don't talk to him on the phone every week. I was he your mentor? Well, I listen to his books. I immersed myself into seminars so he isn't one of my mentors. Find mentors that people you want to be similar to, and as you do that, you start to immerse yourself in their energy field. You become more similar and you start to vibrate with that version of you in a similar way, but be unique. Be Yourself. Don't limit yourself as well.

I understand that anything you want is because you will feel better and have of it, so feel the emotions of what you want right now, and as you do that, you will start to experience what you want even easier. You will start to resonate more with that reality. You can give yourself permission right now to feel the emotions you want and as you do that, things change in a very powerful way, but remember, treat it as if it is a certainty.

It is destiny for you to experience what you want. As you treat it like destiny, you will literally start to feel an experience more of that certainty in your life, that certainty you have about some area of your life, merged that over to that of what you're passionate about and you'll see that then things happen in a very powerful way. Also, there's the Reality Transurfing, which is something that I teach, is from a book called Reality Transurfing, has to do with understanding vibrational resonance and how we can resonate with the reality we want in a very powerful way knowing that that reality already exists.

I show with Reality Transurfing,, how to use something called outer intention, how to create from this place of almost like the universe manifests for you and it's really a lifestyle for how to live from the heart and a completely new way, but using the principles of Reality Transurfing.

That's why I have something that is called the Reality Transurfing, Academy, which will help you to resonate with the kind of vibration you want. If you want help with this process if you want to be around other people that think similarly, and if you want interaction for me, coaching from me, helping you to vibrate with the reality that you want. There is the Reality Transurfing Academy which will show you exactly how to apply this powerful process which has the awareness that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and you can begin to shift to that reality.

If you're interested in joining, you can go to aarondoughty.com and you'll see Reality Transurfing on the front page. Click on it, and for a temporary discount, there is the ability to join for only a dollar and to try it out for seven days to see what it's all about and to see if it's something that resonates. If that's something you're interested in, if you want to join and just see what it's about for a dollar, you can do so at aarondoughty.com.

This will help you to resonate with the kind of vibrational reality you want. This helps in the whole process and honestly me aligning with my heart and aligning with what I want to experience in my life and feeling the emotions first has been one of the big game changers. The action is powerful, but there are ways of aligning ourselves with that to where it becomes even more powerful.

That's something that I focus on myself and that's something that I love helping other people to do as well because manifestation really is easier than we think. Manifestation is a natural byproduct to the way reality works. It's not something we have to try to do, but when we align our energy in a very powerful way, things happen easier than ever.


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