3 Signs you are about to have a Quantum SHIFT in Vibration


When we experience a quantum shift in vibration, our whole entire reality changes; however, the signs to it may be very different than what you would think would breathe in you a quantum shift in vibration. However, in this blog, I'm going to share with you those three signs. Anytime I've gone through these, I've had a quantum shift in my energy, and these are the ways you can know that the same is happening to you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I am going to be speaking about how you can know you are about to go through a quantum shift in vibration—understanding that your vibration is what is dictating the kind of reality that you experience. You always experience a reality that is equal to your vibration. When you change your vibration, you change your life, and there's many different things that go into when we're talking about vibration and energy. I'm actually right now in Tucson, Arizona. I'm here for a rock. Well, it's I say rock show on Instagram. People think, I mean like rock band show. I'm getting stuff from my house right now. When I look into my own life, and I look right now, for example as well, the first sign that you can know you're about to go through a quantum shift in vibration is different than you think it has to do with things are breaking down.

You may assume that if things are breaking down that it's actually going into the complete opposite route of that, of having a quantum shift in vibration. However, when I look to my own life right now, like, for example, I feel like a little bit of a stagnation in my life. Like things that used to work for me to get ahead to where I wanted to be, aren't working as powerfully as they used to. That many times is the way our soul, our spirit communicates to us and says, okay, this area of your life isn't working the way you've been doing it. It is time to change it up. If every time you were doing it or just, you know, whatever that area of your life is, everything we're going perfect. Guess what? There would be no reason to change. Even with just making daily videos, I'm finding it a little bit more resistant than it used to be for me to continue to make daily videos on YouTube.

I feel more of a calling to go and do the live events that I've been talking about for a while now. That's a different energy. That's a different reality. The things that used to work aren't working as powerfully as they used to and even though my ego might resist that and want to change it, I realize that the key to this is actually realizing that the breaking down is a gift and right now if things are breaking down in your life, guess what? What happens is it's tearing apart the old belief system. It's tearing apart the old habits, and then you can actually catapult yourself to the next level. Many of you know, my buddy, Victor. He was recently going through something like this as well where he was, he and I were talking and what we realized is that there's these like four seasons of manifestation of our vibration as well.

Do you give it like this? Just a little short synopsis of it. You have that of spring, summer, fall, winter. Just like the seasons we have. Spring is all about new ideas. Summer is about figuring out what works. It's kind of like putting in the action, put in the work. Fall is when things are working, and you're starting to reap the rewards of it, and then winter is when things are kind of breaking down, and you're redefining yourself so that then you can go through spring again. Just like we don't freak out. If there was some type of tree that didn't lose its all of its leaves and it's just winter. We know that in spring, the tree knows that in spring, those leads will come back. It will revitalize itself.

In the same way, if you find that right now, things in your life are breaking down, they're not as easy flowing as they used to. Rejoice. Be excited because that means that the winter is going to turn into that of spring. It is causing you to go within to see what are some new ideas I have. How can I more creatively go through this? What I explained to my buddy Victor is he was getting hard on himself because he was in the winter of his business and then what I did is I showed, I showed him, he was also comparing the winter of his business to someone else's business that was doing, that was in like the summer of their business or the fall. They were reaping all the benefits. When I then it's easy not to compare ourselves as much, so realize that this is part of the process and that if you're going through things breaking down, if you're going through a time of feeling resistance, guess what?

That's when there's a transformation that's happened. That's when you experience a quantum leap. That's what's getting me, for example, to a place to where I just want to jump forward and jump into the new because what's working, it's now time to change that up, and when you change that up, that's when things really begin to change. If you find that you're at a job you don't like and you want to start going for a different job, you started getting kind of fed up with it. If you find that certain relationships might be kind of breaking down. If you find that belief systems are breaking down, guess what?That's when the quantum shift comes. It's right after that. I looked at any point in my life when I experienced some type of quantum shift, and it's come from me redefining myself and understanding that disclosed.

There's no clarity right now. This is scary. But then after that came, the realization and that realization leads you somewhere. The second sign that you are about to create an experience, a quantum shift in vibration, is that people may not understand you, and what I mean by this is you might be changing, and people might be looking at you like, what are you doing? What are you going through? This whole, the spiritual awakening stuff that you're talking about, and you even questioned it. Sometimes when I went through my spiritual awakening, there were times I questioned it because here I am going through a change in my vibration. I used to literally I would drink and smoke. Then I found, I learned meditation. That changed a lot about me. When that happened, I was then going around to like friends and family and telling them about meditation and about spiritual awakening and who we really are as, as spiritual beings.

They were looking at me like, Aaron, what are you talking about? Then I would question myself like, is this, is this right? Is this, I'm like the only one. What if I'm just delusional? What if there's something? What if, what if something happened? I don't know. My crazy, it's a very common stage of spiritual awakening. I had that thought, and I remember back in the day that was something I was like, I had deep dreams about it at a dream one time back in the day, I was like waking up at an insane asylum, and my dad was there, and it was like my dad thought I was crazy when I was going through my spiritual awakening. I kind of see where the subconscious was there. But there was a knowing within me that this is the path for me. Yes, it's not popular, especially back in the day, let me tell you, spiritual Lake.

Even now it's becoming more and more well-known at least or more accepted. But back in the day, spiritual awakening when I was going through it especially, and it was only back in what, 2000, 1112, but I was looked at like a really weird person, and I just knew though, I knew there was something right about it. I knew that it resonated, and even though people didn't really understand it, I knew that it was true for me. I was coaching someone in my Shift Academy, which is like my monthly coaching thing. He was telling me, he's like, well, I'm trying to like tell and explain all of this to my new friends and family and, and they don't want to listen to it. Like they don't want me to be this way. They want me to be the old meat. Once we realized that the alternative, isn't he, he goes, he goes, no, I was playing devil's advocate because I knew that. Then he'd defend it.

And it's like, well, you see, there's really is no other option. You can't pretend to be someone. You're not to make them happy. In the same way, you may have a knowing that this is the path for you, that things in your life are changing and understand. You are the five people you're around the most, and if you're trying to conform to their vision of you, guess what? You're constantly trying to be something you're not. Because of that, it keeps you in that reality. If you feel this resistance and you feel like people aren't getting you, that's a sign that you're about to experience this quantum shift in vibration. They're trying to hold onto you because of their vision, their image of you, and how comfortable that makes them.

But guess what? You didn't come here just to make people comfortable. You going through a spiritual awakening will challenge your friends. They will challenge your family and friends may look at you and say what the heck happened? But understand this. You are going to be causing more of a spiritual awakening in them just by you being yourself than anything else. You’ll feel freer doing it. It won't always be the most pleasant thing you; we want approval from people. But I'll tell you what, the more unapologetically I've been in just being who I meant to be, not needing them to like me or to understand this whole spiritual awakening and stuff. The more that I did that, the more they ended up coming around anyway because I wasn't trying to change them. I wasn't trying to get them to see anything, particularly.

Maybe that's the same thing. It's let go and realize that if they're trying to hold onto their image of you, but let go and know that you got to be bold and that there's a quantum shift in vibration about to happen within you. Once you can start to feel that you just know you can't continue to be the old way. People are judging you a little bit more, and you find that you're doubting yourself. That's a great thing. It means that you're creating space within you and all these things I'm sharing with you, by the way, I've been through them all. I'm not saying like they're theoretically going through a spiritual awakening is this way? No, this is what it's all about. The third sign that you're about to go through a massive shift in awakening is understanding synchronicity, both positive, negative.

I know I'm about to go through a quantum shift in vibration. I can feel it. My life has changed so much. I've gone through numerous ones of these, but there's just always new levels. You may see some type of synchronicity. Understand the synchronicities are what it means to us, what it means to us. Maybe you see three, three, three, and it means something to you. Someone else sees a six, and you think that's a bad thing. But to them, it's a good thing. Do you see it? Be aware that when we see numbers, synchronicities, synchro sometimes do you ever have it to where you're talking about something; you stop, you go somewhere else. Then someone else is talking about the same thing you were just talking about, or you keep getting some type of synchronicity of something that you're thinking about that maybe you're self-conscious of and you keep like almost hearing conversations away, or other people mentioned things to you that kind of always brings your mind back to that.

Well, that's making you aware, and one of the necessary components of a massive shift in fiber ration is understanding this awareness with patterns, both positive and negative, as time goes on with the planet because the energy is continuing to rise or to raise. If your experience increased synchronicity, negative or positive, it's a sign that you're about to have that quantum shift in vibration because you are in alignment, and alignment is where you're in the highest vibrational Trek. You could say, think of it like different timelines, and if you're experiencing a lack of synchronicity, then it means that you're not paying as much attention. You're not as aware, but if you're seeing some type of positive synchronicity, number synchronicities, synchronicities with what you're talking about, what you're thinking about different, whatever it is, different topics, that is a sure sign that you are about to create a quantum shift in your life.

It's going to happen through you. But I promise you this, when you go through that quantum shift in vibration, it will be worth it. Understand that when you plant the seeds, it's not the same day you eat the fruit. However, time is speeding up the appearance or what we perceive of time, and there may be some days that you do plant the seeds and eat the fruit, and with this quantum shift in vibration, it is absolutely possible. If you haven't seen, I do have a meditation that will help you create that quantum shift in vibration for this year, 2020, and beyond. It's meditation. I went live on January 1st, and we had people live doing it. It added so much energy to it. Even you are doing it now, even though it's not January 1st, you will pick up on that energy stream and create that quantum shift in vibration. Listen to this meditation for 21 days. Watch what happens.


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