The Great Awakening: Signs we are in it


Why are so many people waking up right now becoming more aware of some of the hidden things that have been going on behind the scenes? Why are people beginning to question reality in a way like never before? Why is this happening in such mass amounts of people? Well, I believe it's because we are officially in what is called the great awakening.

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In this blog, I'm going to show you the signs that we are in that plus exactly how you can best move through it. Some people would call these conspiracy theories and in a way, they are conspiracy theory means an act or a plan by some type of back. Part of the secret society that is has a certain intention and it's just that like, let me say this as well. Back in the 1980s or 70s, the CIA coined the term conspiracy theory and gave it a very negative meaning to deter people from wanting to even look into that. Even when I say that word, you may feel something inside of you kind of clench up a little bit. The reason that is, because there was a desire for people not to question things, to just kind of take things at face value. A side effect of that is on the back end of things. There's been a lot of things going on behind the scenes that we have been aware of. I'll explain a little bit about what those are. In 2012, I went through my spiritual awakening. It completely transformed my life when I learned meditation. Within a couple of weeks of learning meditation, I started to question a lot of different things. I was questioning my own belief systems. I used to believe I had ADHD. I used to believe that I wasn't worthy.

I started to really transform myself from the inside out. I was like, why is this something that is not taught? Why did I stumble across this? There's a saying that goes, the truth is learned but never taught, which I think is a very interesting quote. One of the things that it made me aware of is kind of going down, understanding some of these things going on behind the government, not even really the government. I went down a rabbit hole for probably a couple of months and then eventually I was like, okay, I need to focus on other things because sometimes it gets a little bit negative going down some of these rabbit holes. But in general, there are people that understand that we create our own reality with our thoughts and that if you control the collective consciousness on the planet, you control the resources, you control the energy. In the past, what's happened many times is there have been many different events that have been orchestrated over the past that have kept people in a certain state of consciousness and fear and anger. When people are in fear and anger, they're much more likely to be able to be controlled.

Plus, they're more likely to look to authority for certainty. It's easier to keep them in that little bubble. There are people that know this. Therefore, there are people in many different layers of government or people that had been appointed in the past to kind of facilitate this. If you even do your research with this, and this is the thing I recommend as well, always do your own research with the things I'm telling you and see what resonates with you. But from the research I've done, the media companies and not almost all the media companies that we see are owned by one of six major organization or corporations. What that means is that if you can control the narrative, if you control the thought processes, then you can also control the actions of the people, the behaviors of the people. You can in a way keep people from knowing their true power. The great awakening is about 99% of people realizing that we have the power together and that we can choose what we do want to experience, what we don't want to experience. I have people that I never thought would be open to this kind of information that is saying that are looking into it, that are posting things on social media.

I talked to my buddy the other day and he said that his parents were telling him that, you know, there I grew up around his parents and they were telling them that there's something going on. It's kind of fishy here. I don't think that this is exactly what the way it's portrayed to beat and just made me more and more aware that this pressure is causing people to go within. One of the signs that this great awakening is happening is that now I will say as well if you want more and you want to learn more about this, there are a couple of resources that I recommend. One of them is the book by Dolores Cannon. She has some books called the convoluted universe books one, two and three and four I believe. They're all really great books and what they are as they are hypnosis transcriptions from people in a very deep level of hypnosis who have what is called their higher selves or their subconscious mind to come through that then says an answer certain questions. They might ask her questions like, what is my purpose in life and what is my relationship with this person? What was I meant to learn? But then also why did I incarnate at this time? All of these books are just transcripts of those conversations. If this people in a very deep level of gnosis and something that many, many people all over the world said that didn't know each other, is that I came here to be a part of the shift in consciousness.

I came here to be a part of the great shift and many different terminologies of using that. But that those resources will kind of help you understand more of your multidimensionality because you are an infinite spiritual being, having a temporary human experience. Because of that, there are many different levels that you exist at and you aren't going to becoming aware of more and more of those, I believe as the great awakening continues to happen and some of the things that also signs of the great awakening happening are there. You can also look into many ancient texts, many ancient books that talk about this time. What are the Mayans, there are the Hindus, there are many different ancient texts that talk about this? Even the Bible talks about revelations, right? There are many different texts that I've talked about this time on the planet, and it's not meant to be this fearful thing.

Fear will come up for us to process, but I believe that the great awakening is also part of us raising our vibration, raising our vibrational level of consciousness, and it's happening so that these negative, fearful things can come up so that we can then look at it and then clear it and become free of it. Another book that I also recommended, the Law of One, these are books right here. I have like four, you know there are books one through four. These are also great books. These talk about something called The Harvest and it is a something on the planet where people have the opportunity to move to what's called a third-density state of consciousness into a fourth-density state of consciousness. Third density state of consciousness is more of control. It's more of the willpower. That's where we've been for a long time on the planet now forth. Chakra, which is the heart. The fourth-density is where we understand that everything is vibration. We understand that we're all connected, we have more oneness. That's why it's called the law of one and there are five books there. I recommend those books very strongly as well.

The perspective I have with the great awakening is that we're all connected and that in a way we set the game up to where certain people are playing some very evil, dark roles. You've got some people that have some very negative agendas, some people that may be controlled in a way and told what to do by other people that we've never even seen in the public before. But there are some celebrities even in people that are just kind of doing what they're told. What I mean by that is maybe there are certain actions that happened. For example, I didn't plan on sharing this, but something that has happened for a long time. I believe from the research that I've done is there's some dark magic that happens with certain elite celebrities. There are certain code words they use. This is also connected to certain things that, that, that have happened. What happens is they do some very negative things to people like, like kids and stuff like that. It's very sad and very hard to even pay attention to. It's hard to even study some of this stuff, to be honest with you. But they understand that everything is energy. If they can keep the collective consciousness in a certain dark state, then they can control it. But what they do is they in a way harness energy from, from very pure souls in a way.

What ends up happening is they have done this for a certain period of time. I was talking to somebody and I've heard about this, you know, I've heard that there are these underground places and things that they do in order to keep them in fear. It's almost like the biggest symbol of it would be the movie Monsters Inc. If you saw Monsters Inc., what they do is the scare the kids and then they get the energy from them. Well in a way, that's a symbol for exactly what's happening behind the scenes. A lot of what they put in Hollywood sometimes is the stuff that's actually happening because then what happens is it's in front of our face the whole time, which is one of the kinds of like the freewill rules that there is with this game that we're in this physical reality when we're actually turtle spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. I heard that what's happening is a lot of these kids are being found and being, being freed in a way and taken care of and going through a process of real reintegration. I was at my buddy Drew's house in San Diego like a week and a half ago or week ago. There was a lady there that was there checking his house for EMS and like kind of balancing out his house and stuff. She told us that she had a friend that was a nurse in Iowa or some other like Midwest where there was a whole bunch of earthquakes and she said that what happened is that the nurse said that there were over 1200 kids that were rescued from some underground facility and they needed like deep trauma healing work and stuff like that. When I heard that, I immediately knew that that was connected to what I've been hearing in these things.

You know, it starts to validate these things for me. 1200 kids have been saved and are not being rehabilitated. The nurse was a friend of the one that I met. It starts to make me question things and starts to make me see things. That's another sign that this stuff has happened, this stuff that's been happening, it's very dark with certain celebrities and elite people. Their worlds, I think will literally begin to crumble more and more. I believe that over the next few years and other signs, the media is going to completely have a turnover. Eventually. I think we'll get to actually get news rather than get a lot of the stuff that's being projected out, which is just fear and anger and 99.9% of anything you've ever seen on the news is probably been completely negative. There's a reason for that because then we believe that the world is negative and we believe that we need this level of control on the planet. If there's chaos and this is what we need, right, and what's happening is over the next few years, I think there'll be a complete, people are just waking up too fast where they're realizing that what they're being projected out, is it just the truth or is it completely accurate?

Then they're starting to look to their own means and they're starting to go within themselves and that's happening at such a grand scale. It's amazing. I think that there'll be a lot of corrupt people that get out of certain organizations. I think that there'll be a revamping of a lot of these different dynamics. He told me that the government knows 100% that ETS exist. I know that sounds kind of out there maybe to some people. However, he's getting old now. That's why he told me that he was like 80 something years old and he's not really supposed to be talking about all that, but what he asked told me is that they know for a 100% fact that they exist. He knows that. He hasn't told me much more than that. Told me some other things as well. But in relation to that, I think that over the next part of the great awakening is us becoming more and more open and more aware of this.

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