The truth About Twinflames VS Soulmates you Probably Don’t want to Hear About


I'm going to show you the truth on twin flames and soulmates, and you probably don't want to hear it. It goes a little deeper than I've ever gone before in this idea. And some of this is empowering, and some of this really clarifies it. She sees it from a completely new point of view.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame. And I'm going to show you the different dynamics that are involved there because it's not always what you think, you might think, oh, in the media or in the way that we learn about it. This is always the way this has to go. However, there are different circumstance or different dynamics of this that may open up your mind to this idea a little bit more to see it in a new way.

And it also will explain to a little bit of the different dynamics of our soul and how we're all connected because when, and also what I'll be sharing with you is how you can go about finding or connecting with what you could call soulmates or twin flames. First off, before I even get into it, understand that every single one of us is connected. We all have a connection to each other. That's why I did this little chart right here to show you kind of how it works. The idea is that there is a source of energy. Then we offshoot and to what you could call an over soul fundamentally.

This over-soul right here then is connected to different higher selves. Then the different higher selves are then connected to different incarnations. Do you see what I'm doing here or what I'm showing here? If you want more information on this, check out the information of Dolores Cannon and Bashar. The law of one talks about different levels of existence. Think of a film projector, you have a film projector, and on the different film, strips are different. You, they're different. Maybe you're in one scene and then later on in the movie you are at a completely different age and a different scene.

All those frames exist at the same time. Those frames are different aspects of you right here, but the higher self can look at all of those. The film strip at the same time, they're the film projectionist, so they're able to kind of look through them and see them all from that higher point of view. That analogy a lot of times makes it a little bit easier to see the different dimensions to it. Like there's a dimension of you watching a movie, feeling like you're in the movie, and then looking up to at the film projectionist and seeing the film projector go down on the movie. You see that it's just a movie. And the same way our physical reality here is a form of illusion. We are infinite spiritual beings, Evan temporary human experiences.

But when I make the jump from the higher self into the physical self, we have this veil of forgetfulness. It doesn't happen everywhere, but it happens on earth, happens here. That's part of the game that we've decided to play. We've forgotten who we are so that we can remember who we are. What a lot of people do when it comes to twin flames and the idea of soulmates is they go around, this is the drug. This is the reason I really also want to make this blog is people go around looking for it so much. But the theme is seeing is the more you look for it, a lot of times the more you resist it, the key is to let it go. And to know that at the deepest level you're all connected anyway.

We're all connected. We all come from the same source of energy. We're just playing a temporary illusion that I am this piece. You are this piece. You are this piece, but an actuality. We're all connected. I'm going to use this chart. I'm going to show you what the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame really is. In our life, we have set up certain appointments. We have set up certain dynamics, and that is for the purpose of learning. We come here; we forget who we are so that we can go through a learning process.

We can, in a way, sometimes balance out some energy. Maybe there's some energy from past incarnations, from different states where we had a certain energy dynamic, and we're balancing out. That could be one thing, but in general, there's a lot of people in our life that we incarnate with over and over and over again, but a lot of times the dynamics will change. It's interesting to see these different dynamics, but there are different dynamics where there may have been times in your past for you and one of your siblings were enemies.

There are people that you've incarnated with before. But there's different dynamics of the relationship you want to learn. You say about this time you're the mom, I'm the dad, or you're the mom, and I'm the daughter. Or there are many different dynamics to this. They're people that you incarnate with again and again. Sometimes that's not always the case. I've watched a lot of Bashar, and I've heard him talk about this, he's been doing and giving information on this for like 30 years, and the information is very interesting. People go up to him, ask him a question and say, Bashar is as, how do I find my twins?

How do I find my soulmate? And the answer he always gives is that we're all connected and that everyone in your life at the moment is a twin flame or a soulmate. That's not the answer that people want to hear when they're asking the question. They want to know is this person definitely my shoulder mate. However, understand first off, soulmates, many times can be romantic, and many times soulmates can also be as friends or soulmates can be as a family. You may have, your mom may be one of your soul mates.

Does it mean it's romantic? My buddy, Victor Oddo, he and I, we believe we are soulmates, not romantic, but we believe that we incarnated here and we chose that we were going to be like as close as we are as friends. We were going to do a lot of business together. We were going to do a lot of things together. We believe, and we feel that now soulmates are something that doesn't have to be romantic, but it definitely can be. When it comes to a twin flame, the way that Bashar has talked about this before, cause when he doesn't give his generic answer, where you guys are all, everyone's your twin flame at the moment.

Everyone's here. You're a soulmate at the moment when he doesn't give that what he does go a little bit more detailed. What he says is this is the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame. A soulmate is somebody that normally you have a contract with and that contract is you may live your whole entire lives and be happy. You may have incarnated many other times in the past and been happy and had great, great deep relationships. Sometimes people assume that they put twin flame on this higher pedestal than I'm soulmate and they both serve a very powerful purpose.

Their reflections, any relationship is a reflection because we're all connected at a certain level. You see now the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame. A twin flame is a counterpart. A twin flame comes from the same over soul or that you could even say the same higher self. Think of it like this. Maybe this is one person, person number one, and then this person has a contract with maybe this person over here and they just, they fall in love, and that's like a soulmate type connection. Very deep. Maybe that's in their life that maybe they're meant to be in each other's lives their whole entire lives and may need many different lifetimes.

Doesn't make it any less special at all. However, that's what they're meant to experience them with each other. At the same time, there could be somebody that maybe things don't go that well with number two after a certain like three, five years. Well, that person it may not have worked out with, and then you meet someone else. That person is still may have been your soulmate. It doesn't mean you are meant to be with your soulmate for eternity. You're an infinite spiritual being, limited temporary human experience. But also, there may have also been other people that are family.

You may find your dad, your mom, your brother, and sister, they may also be soulmates as well and your best friend. You don't, though. These are different dynamics that happen for a level of reflection and sometimes what'll happen is you'll have enemies. People in past slides, firms have been enemies come together to be best friends, to be lovers you never really know, but it balances out. It could be something that rose reflections balance out. The energy can be very deep, very meaningful.

With twin flame, on the other hand, is somebody that comes from the same, has a connection to the same higher self. It's called the counterpart, which means you're very deeply connected. And normally what will happen, this is what they, they say normally will happen to a how about that? Normally what will happen is one will carry the masculine and one more carry. The feminine energy could mean that it's two males, but one's masculine. One's female could mean it's two feet. It depends, you know, there's different dynamics, different things people may have signed up for.

Does it mean that only heterosexuals can be that of the twin flame dynamic? However, what it means is that there's a counterpart of somebody that has a very similar vibration. And as a very similar vibration, it's also connected to the higher self. I've seen one, and I was listening to one a while ago, and I really was digging into this cause they really curious about it and Bashar was talking about how you met what is called a counterpart.

You met, and you're connecting to what is called a counterpart. It's almost like a similar tineas incarnation, very deep, but not to be meant to be put on a much higher pedestal than that of a soulmate. Because soulmates can also be very deep, many different reincarnations live. However, this is about understanding those different two dynamics. Now I'm going to tell with you in this blog as well, how you can meet your twin flame, how you can find your soulmates the most powerful way. This is the most popular episode on my podcast. I'm going to go and link at the top description box below is 50 minutes long with us talking about some experiences and some things that we've never shared on YouTube, and you can click on it and top a description box below and subscribe to the podcast as well.

Cause every Tuesday and Friday; there are different types of different, different podcasts episodes. The other thing that you could do is you could smash like on that; I tried to do it, I tried to do this whole cool thing. I saw this other guy do. Can you smash that like button? Maybe just maybe that would be really cool. Still, I started doing that at the beginning of the videos now because it just sounds like fun.

Get to your core frequency of what you love doing. The reason being is when you are doing what you love; you are in your most powerful alignment. You are most likely than meet the other person that can reflect that back to you. But if you're not the core of who you are, you're not going to meet them who they're looking for your core energy in away. There are certain appointments that you've made, and there's a certain energy that they may subconsciously know that when they meet, this is the person, this is the one, this is the whatever.

They're never going to find you. If you are not vibrating in the same frequency of who you really are. You do what you're passionate about; you go forward in a powerful way. The key to this is understanding that the most powerful way to find your twin flame or your soulmate is to do what you're passionate about and to be yourself in every moment. I know that's very cliché thing, but that is the key. And the second step to this is completely letting go of it. There's the more you go around going, are you my twin flame? Are you my twins today? Are you my twin's name? Are You my twin flame? Are you meant to inflame? Are you my twin's name? Are you my twin lame? Are you my twin flame?

The more that you are putting out this resistance, that then is causing it to where you're externalizing your own happy happiness may time a twin flame p. The people that are really into that believe that there are only half a person, half a soul, and they're looking for their other half of their soul. And because of that meaning, they're desperately trying to find it. But when you realize that you're already holding complete, when you realize that you can be in what you love doing, that'll be your best bet to finding that other person or that level of connection because you are so at the core of who you are.

But the key to this is not looking for it in that way or you my soul. Or you might like that book. I mean it was like a Dr. Seuss book. It's how are you, my mother? Chicken or something goes around and goes, are you, my mom? Are you my mother? Are you my mother asking like a human and like a basketball or something? It's been like a long time since I've read that book. But that's the idea. But I feel like I see that happen a lot and I understand, I understand that people want a deep connection. People want to find that at other people. But understand that we can stop and drop these labels because, at the deepest level, we're all connected.

What if we could have a soulmate connection with every single person that comes into our life? If we were going to get to our core and realizing this understanding that we're all connected and see it's very powerful, powerful understanding. But in general, the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame is that a soulmate is somebody that you have a contract with, somebody that you may have known in many different lives. Somebody that you may mean to have a whole entire life connection with. This person doesn't mean anything less than a twin flame.

Whereas that of a counterpart to inflame is somebody that comes from the same higher self, which means it's very deep and a lot of times there's a lot of work that needs to be done there because there's a lot of reflection that happens. A lot of times we'll, from what I understand, twin flames come together for times of deep transformation and deep work even at a greater level. That's what we've been told. And in that episode of Libra, Alexandra and I, we go deeper on this, but we were told that the idea or what did a twin flame, twin flames come together to activate each other, and twin flames come together so that they can do some type of deeper work.

This is the power of understanding that and many times; there'll be things that they get brought up. I talk about that once again in the podcast episode because a lot of things got brought up within me having this kind of realization, things I couldn't even understand and I realize now the past life things they were, things like that. And its part of the process though, but these are all convenient terms that we use to label and understand different connections we may have.

The power is within you. And you could start to realize that you're connected to everyone. You are connected to everyone, and then you're going to start feeling more connection. But at the same time, if you're trying to find your soulmate, the best thing you can do is to not look into, just be in the frame of your own movie. Do what you love to do, maybe set an intention for it, but then let it go. Say for twin flame, you want to meet the twin flame connection, do it in meditation, do it and tap into the little twin flame energy within yourself of you feeling whole and complete.

Then do what you're passionate about because that is the best, quickest route to you finding these other aspects of you and these connections of you. With that being said, you will see the podcast episode down below. Let me know what you thought of this episode. What do you think about twin flames and soulmates? Does this resonate?

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