What The Vibration of Having More Love and Success Feels Like


I'm going to show you what the vibration of having money, love, and success feels like, and I'm going to show you how to tap into it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you the vibration of having money, love, success versus that of wanting money, love and success, which is coming from an energy of lack that we don't currently have it. What I'm going to share with you is how to type into how to tap into the vibrational feeling of what that is now of having money, love, and success. When you may look around and be like, yo, bro, it's not around me right now. How can I tap into that when I look around, and I don't see it? Well, here is a huge shift that I've had in my own life.

It understands that our reality, what we experience on the outside is just a reflection of our inner reality. That's what it is. When we talk about the vibration of having money, money is energy. The thing that people get tripped up about is they go chasing money. Can I get more money? Can I get more money? Can I get more money? And when you want more money, you're saying that that money is outside of you and therefore you can't vibrationally have it because you're in the vibration of wanting. And the vibration of lacking want is a lack. Sometimes the wanting will get people to take then action, which then has them slowly but surely move into having.

But if you recognize the truth, the truth is the vibration of money is energy. Money is energy. Think about it. What happens is the way money works is the more value you put out. Say somebody puts out value, they help other people. Or say somebody has a product that adds value to someone's life. What happens is other people with their own energy are willing to give away some of their energy in the form of money that we use to exchange energy because it adds value to them. They're willing to give in exchange for it. What you put out is what you get back. When you are tapped into your passion, when you're doing what you love, that adds value to other people.

We'll always have some form of adding value, whether it's just your energy state or whether it's actually like my, my passion is actually making these videos. But when you understand the philosophy of money, knowing that money is simply energy, you can then see what I can put out into the world? What energy can I put out into the world that other people will also find value in that? Then they were willing to give energy back in exchange, which is in the form normally of money. The vibration of wanting money is saying the money's over there, the money's over there, the money's over there, and it's saying, I lack money. I like the money. When in actuality, the money is just an outer reflection of your inner tapping into your inner well.

You see, there's an infinite amount of energy inside of you, but the key is you tapping into that energy. I tapped into my energy of what I love doing, and that happens to be adding value to people. I continue to do that, and then my outer reality is a reflection of that. But you see people get caught up in the external reality — same thing with love. The symbol is you being in a relationship, but if you love yourself, you will then emit energy of love, and then other people will feel that, and more people are likely to then fall in love with you because you love yourself just like money. You are tapped into your own well of abundance, which is energy. You see, so the vibration of having versus the vibration of wanting, there are two totally separate realities.

One negates what you actually want to experience and one of the firms that you want to experience, but you see this shift right here, changes everything because then you realize that you are powerful, and you can change your inner reality. When you change your inner reality, your outer reality will begin to reflect that change your inner reality with the recognition and the awareness that you contain everything within yourself right now to feel 100% worthy, whole, and complete. You can give yourself permission to feel those emotions. That's a kind of an ironic thing because not ironic, I'll use that word, ironic sometimes running paradox, metaphor, hyperbole. Similarly, when it comes to this process, what we can do is realize that normally, what we do is we say, when this on the outside changes, then I can feel positive emotion.

It's then in our brain we give ourselves permission to release the serotonin, the dopamine because we simply allow it to happen. We allow ourselves to say, then that's a symbol. It's just a symbol. For example, you could say, when I get that job promotion at my job, then I can feel happy. Then I'll be all in the complete. You get that job promotion, then you give yourself permission to feel those emotions of worthiness and accomplishment, but it's your inner permission you're giving yourself that allows you to feel that way. You can give yourself that permission now to feel 100% worthy, holding complete to tap into your own energy. Well, you tap into your passion, and you tap into the love inside of yourself, and as you do that on your inner reality, your outer reality will begin to change. That's all the outside is. It's a reflection of your inner reality.

It's just most people are not aware of what their inner reality is because they're so caught up and fixed and that this is the way reality is. This is the way reality is. This is the way reality is, and therefore they stay within that perpetual loop of how they think, feel, and act because that's the way reality is. That's the way reality is. But if you let go and you start to become free, you will notice that your life begins to change in a very, very powerful way. You see, this is the key to this whole process is the awareness that there is no outer reality other than what we believe to be. You change your inner reality; you change your inner beliefs, you then transform your life. The vibration of having is totally different from the vibration of wanting, and you can bridge that gap.

What is, what is your current self-image? What are your current stories you tell yourself, how are you currently thinking, feeling, and acting? That's what determined your current reality. All right? If you want to experience the reality of what you want, then you can identify what that ideal reality is. If I focused on that vibration, you could then focus on doing things that get you in that vibration. That's what I did. You may know the story. I talked about it a lot. YouTube, I make daily videos on YouTube now, and what I did is the old version of me was not making daily videos. The old version of me was looking at a nine to five job. I hate it. I said, okay, this is my present reality. This is what I dream of being.

I worked for myself. I'd be talk hook, and it was indispensable, but what I had to do eventually was see it as natural and just simply start to be a YouTuber, which means I was making daily videos even while I had a nine to five job and I was working 40 hours a week, and I was making videos pretty much 30 hours a week. It was a very busy beat. You see, the key to this is stopping that story. I am only capable of having a nine to five job. I can only do this. I really, really want that. That's on a pedestal. Look at that really over there. That was, it'd be amazing. The bridge that gap by being, get into the frequency, maybe even doing, doing help as well do things that put you into that vibrational frequency.

You see, this thing could feel and do is very different than this thing. All right? When you are in the vibrational frequency of this think, feel, and do you eventually begin to wire in a new way of being a new frequency. And then you can have, you can have, when you are, you have, when you are, you don't have, when you are not, you do not have, when you are saying I'm not good enough. I know you are not when you're looking at the lack in your life. Give yourself permission to be this. Is that dinner last night when my father, my dad, okay, talking about the dinner, I was like, yo, debt, let's go eat over here.

We vote, we eat. And then I'll sit there and my dad, and we were talking, he was talking about how when he worked as a general manager like a front desk manager at Circus Circuits. And then what he did is he tested to be on the fire department. He's a fire investigator now. He tested me on the fire department, took him six times again, the fire department because even though you ranked on the top percentage every time. What happens is when you go for it, they don't pick numbers one through 10. They picked like number one, number 84, number 362, and, and it took them six times to get on. He kept at it. He was persistent. He didn't give up after once or twice.

But then this is what he did. You probably don't know that this is what he did. And this is part of the science of the metaphysics of this. But what he did is he took on a volunteer firefighter position in Boulder city here in like Las Vegas. Boulder city's like a 45-minute drive. He worked as a firefighter in Boulder city for free, but there is a fire over there. He'd get a call; he would have to, he'd have to speed down to, to rush down, to go straight to Boulder city to help fight a fire. Then he was immersing himself in the vibration of being a firefighter. Plus, he was around other firefighters, and by doing that for however long, he eventually got into the fire department; he tested, and then he eventually got on. Maybe they saw his name enough, like this dude's fricking serious about it, but also, he was in the vibrational frequency of the reality of him being a firefighter before he was even there.

Just like I was making daily videos on YouTube before anyone was really watching, and before I even knew it was going to pan out, I was living in that reality. I was tasting. What is that liking? What is that liking for me to get up every single day and make a video? And since 2017 February 2017, I have been making daily deals on YouTube ever since the first part of my day and woke up a little bit ago. Here I am making a video. This is a part of who I am, and because I'm in this vibration, I'm in the vibration of having a reality that is equal to how I think, how I feel. And what I do. You can begin to bridge these two realities by being aware of your current story that you're telling yourself.

When Heath Ledger was playing the joker, he said he was having horrible dreams at night because he's playing such an evil character. Well, he was embodying that character 100% you see, he was acting, and he was in it. And then at the end of the day, though, you could go home and stop being in that role, which ended up actually affecting him in a negative way to where what happened. But actors will continuously tell you that they begin to feel and embody the character that they're playing. And it kind of in a way becomes a little bit a part of them, especially while they're doing the movie. The reason that I say don't act as if it's because acting as if it implies that it's only for a temporary period of time.

Just like you might say, I'm going to act. I'm going to do a diet for three weeks. Well, guess what? You're going to get results for three weeks, and then when you go back to your normal diet, you're going to get the results of that normal diet of who are, but that's not who you are. This is the key. This is the secret. You don't take action until you first off to the thought to do so or the intention to do so. The vibration of having is about understanding that the money, the loves, the success is an energy within you that you cultivate by you giving yourself permission and you bridging the vibrational gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Seeing that as a natural part of who you are for you to be doing what you love. I would encourage you to get into situations that put you in the vibrational frequency of those you want to be like, like my dad going to the fire, becoming a volunteer firefighter around other firefighters in the energy field and then him doing that thing and being in the frequency of it and seeing that as a part of who he is. And then, in the same way, me doing daily videos, me seeing myself as a full-time YouTuber and just giving myself permission to be a fulltime YouTuber.

You see that's the, that's the difference and not needing the external, the change you see there will be a temporary time where the mirror of life is reflecting back to you in old way of being because you've had so long that the gears rolling, running on this old way of thinking, feeling and doing that that old reality is continuing to play itself out, but when you decide that this is who I am now, you don't need the external to change, then eventually the external will change. That's the paradox. The external change and it's you holding that frame, holding that frame, holding that role, that then becomes who you are. You see, this is where transformation really begins to happen because you see that this old way of being how you think, feel, and act as an illusion. It's something that you've tied to onto in the past and something that's just been on autopilot.

You become aware of it, and then you start to see yourself as the person of you that you really prefer to be. Understand that the vibration of having money, love, and success is in direct reflection to how much permission you give yourself to feel that you're already in that reality and how much you are linking your inner and outer reality actions, thoughts, and feelings to that. And the way you bridge that is through imagination. And it's through choice choosing that that is who you are.

With that being said, something else that I have is a quiz that will show you where your current vibration is. It will calibrate your vibration and give meditations to show you how to get to the next level of consciousness. It's a free quiz where I give you two meditations that I think will help you to transform your life. You can take that quiz in the link below or go by. What's my vibration.com? What's my vibration.com? You can take that quiz, see where your vibration calibrates at. There are different archetypes that show you where your vibration is, and then how to get to the next level. And I will help you to do that. If you're interested in that, what's my vibration.com, and I will see you there, and I help you transform to the next level.


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