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The biggest weapon that the dark, the elite or the heck we want to call the biggest weapon they have is they are able, or the intention they have is to manipulate the emotions of the collective. Because what they believe is that if they can get people into certain states of emotion, it's going to shift them or put them into a certain state of powerlessness. When people are in powerlessness, they're giving away their power and it has an effect on the collective energy. This is something that I haven't shared as much when I talk about the great awakening. When I talk about what's going on in the world. But in this blog, I'm going to show you the probabilities for the end of 2020, the different things they may intend to do. Also, what you can do to retain your power and to really stand in your own energy so that these things don't affect you. They don't affect your family. They don't affect the timeline. You're on nearly as much.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Now, in 2020, it's already been pretty freaking crazy as you can see, it's been crazy. One of the reasons it's been crazy is because there's certain energy dynamics at play to keep people within a certain state of consciousness. Now, what is happening? Let's look at it from a metaphorical point of view. I know this is going to sound esoteric, but there's so much light and transformation happening on the planet right now. There's so many people waking up to more of who they are. That what has happened is there's an old, outdated system that has been around for a long time. It's almost like if a computer it's got really old software on it. Imagine that software just wants to remain there. Imagine you borrow your friend's computer or somebody that had the weird energies computer, right. They're being really weird towards you. They were giving it to you. You're like, okay, I'm going to update the software, so I can use it. I'm like, don't update the software.

Don't do, you're not updating the software. Then, you're like, why don't I update the software? Just don't do it. What they would then maybe do is have you believe that you need to leave it the way that it is because maybe they have some hacking software on it that where they can see inside of what you're doing. They can do some creepy stuff that you're not really aware of, but in a similar way, what is happening, there's so much light being brought onto the planet. Many people are waking up, but this older software system, these older you call them, they're people that have just had power for a long time. They do very dark things dark. I mean, just kind of horrible things when it comes to the way they are and what they do is they want to keep people in. Look at the scale of consciousness here, you got fear, anger, neutrality, willpower, reasoning, love. They want to keep people in fear and anger. When people are in fear and anger, they're much easier to control. Then, that in away from their mind stops, the process of transformation happened on the planet. They know it's inevitable.

There are people that I believe know it's inevitable that people are eventually going to wake up, but they want to prolong the process because the longer they can keep people in the dark, the more they can retain their power and the more they can keep the smoke show going. Here's one of the things that you may have not heard me say before. One of the things, their intention is, is to create the emotion, negative emotion. If they keep people in negative emotion, they're much less powerful, but also think about it like this. There's a collective energy that we all have connected together. I believe that there are people on the planet that know this and what they do is if they can manipulate the collective energy, the beliefs of millions, of people on the planet, then they can keep them.

Where they want them. What they do is they have them feeling certain emotions. Think about it like this. There's an infinite number of timelines that exist. The goal for them is to keep people on the most fearful timelines because that's where their power is. The idea is that if we infuse fear in anger, and we control it, then people are going to remain on those timelines. If we can control the narrative. That's why the media will spew out and exaggerate just about everything that's happening. Well, the media is owned by one of the six major corporations that have almost the same intention, whether on this side or this side, it's like, if you're battling that's in that, that reset, that kind of state. The thing that I want to share with you in this video specifically, is that there's an infinite number of timelines that exist at the end of 2020. There’s some astrology that says just like it did, you know I’m not huge like the biggest astrology person ever. I don’t understand it all. I do know though that there are people that study this a lot.

They’ve been saying that at the beginning of 2020, it’s going to be crazy. It definitely has been. Many people that study astrology have said that the beginning of 2020 also points to the end of 2020. The thing that I want you to put your attention on is that this does not have to be a fearful thing. The fear is a choice. If we can neutralize it by observing it, we then have our power back. My guess is that there’s could be something before the end of the year that surprises us. The thing that I want you to be aware of is there are things that have happened this year and each time I put my attention to it, I got very triggered. I immediately reacted. Then, I caught myself as the story started to unfold, you could see different things happening. When it came to the riots, you can see that bricks were planted in different places. There were people that were at these riots that we are seeing other people that were not black that were writing BLM that then were being confronted and you could tell that they are undercover or something was going on.

Not to say that all of them like that, you can tell that there are people provoking other people at these types of riots. It was very interesting that began to unfold. In general, if you can manipulate the emotions, you then put people that are in those emotions on a timeline that is equal to that. I had a reading with Bashar, and one of the things that he said when it comes to this whole great awakening, there’s an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and what happens is we are going to individually shift to the collective that matches our vibration. Some of you I know may be going down the rabbit holes of a lot of the crazy stuff happened in the world. The thing I encourage you to do is not give away the power to not be in fear to understand it. Yes, there’s more going on that helps to wake people up but then to be in the state of what you prefer to raise your own vibration that’s the best thing you can do. For me, I realize that when I lower my vibe and it’s harder for me to get things done. This is the key though, it’s neutralizing what is happening, neutralizing your thoughts. Realizing that if something does happen before the end of the year get to a neutral place before reacting.

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