3 Myths of 5D you must NOT Buy into!


I'm about to share with you three huge myths of 5D reality, some of which go against everything that you've heard about it. Take a big old gold book, kombucha so that you don't spit it all over the screen when I share these with you cause that's how shocking they really are. In this blog, that's why there was a warning in the beginning. Make sure that it is safely being ingested into your beautiful crystal and body so that you can take on the energy that I'm about to share with you. Okay, you guys ready? So first off, 3D to 5D reality out. First off, what is 5D reality?

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I know it sounds esoteric, however, just a general overview of it. 5D reality is a level of consciousness that we have the ability to be in right now on the planet. We have been for thousands of years in what is called a 3D level of consciousness. 3D level of consciousness is right behind me. It is duality, separation, attachment to outcome, attachment to things, materialism, autopilot, mind thinking, the same thoughts everyday, filling the same motions every day, doing the same things every single day. Then reactive, very reactive. The news is happening, stuff's happening in the world and it's very reactive.  I wrote the words, look you want to know, I wrote the words look right here because I was trying out this new marker and I typed out low and then I was like, okay, hello. Okay. Yeah that's pretty much what happened.

Look, just look the eyeballs look. But 3D reality is something that has been here for a long period of time and now what we are doing is there is a 3D level of consciousness on the planet and then we're also shifting into what is called 5D level of consciousness or at the health 4D go, okay, where's 4D we just going to skip three and go to five. Come on. Is that even possible? They say that 4D is actually like time. Okay. In essence, I think that we've actually been in more of a 4D reality. 4D is like things become more vibrational. Things become much more flexible. Those duality and polarity. In 3D and 4D or 5D we begin to move beyond duality and polarity. The 5D level of consciousness is where we have more abilities than maybe we have right now.

Maybe we have more intuitive abilities. We understand our connection more. Five days about connection and love. It's very high vibration. It's very fun. It's very much in the moment. Whereas 3D reality is much more about the past and the future in the in the future. It's like identified with that now 5D reality is what is emerging right now on the planet. It's why there's so much transformation happening. A lot of the old 3D duality of good, bad, light, dark, all those things are beginning to really come to the surface for us to deal with. When we talk about this, the first thing that I want to talk about when it comes to 5D consciousness is the myth that many people believe, okay, hold your kombucha in just in case. Many people believe that 4D reality is actually a place they think.

That's a myth. It is not a place. 5D consciousness, fifth dimensional consciousness is not a place. It is a state of consciousness. Right now, on the planet, what Bashar has talked about, and even in the books by Dolores cannon, it talks a lot about this. There's like a 3D and 5D earth split that is happening. That doesn't mean physically that five, the reality is splitting from earth and that there are people going to be left behind and all of this stuff. Grab your, grabbed your grandma, grabbed your kids, let's get over to 5D. It's not like that. What is happening is right now on the planet, you've got people in 3D, you've got people in 5D, you got people in 4D for some reason in the spiritual community, we like to split up these things and we like to just completely skip 4D.

I don't know why. I don't know. I feel bad for 4D it's probably lonely and it's like no one ever pays. It's like the, it's like the middle child that no one pays attention to. Okay. Now, why the middle child gets angry. It was like, I want you to pay attention to me. You have no choice. Okay. But remember 3D is like the naughty little kid that's trying to control everything. That's like the tyrant 5Ds, like the annoying spiritual kid that just loves everything. Then 4D's right in the middle being ignored. The first myth around that 5D is believing that 5D is a place. It's not a place. Back in 2012 there were a lot of people that were focused on ascending into a completely new, like it was almost like a rapture or something. These things are going to come and we’re going to literally phase out of this reality. When we wake up, these spiritual beings in a different reality. We are doing that in this reality. One of the things that happens when we come to earth, as spiritual beings is we totally forget who we are. We forget that we are spiritual beings.

Then, we go through this process of identifying with our ego, think of this is who I am and what we do is we then go through that kind of forgetfulness and we go through a process of waking back up to who we really are. One of those things that we forgot is we’re all connected. We’re all one consciousness and part of that forgetfulness is in the past in ancient times. Maybe what happened is the Mayans and stuff maybe they did ascend in kind of like group consciousness and they ascended into a higher level of consciousness. Maybe that did happen we’re meant to do it here together collectively. We are taking a little bit of longer path rather than back in 2012 when some of us could have ascended into some rapture. No, we are doing this together. The first myth is that it’s place and that going to happen like we are going to phase here and phase out. The second myth is that some people have this idea that what they’re going to do is they are going into 5D and they want to bring everyone in 3D. They are in fear and they think that this is like the end-all be-all end of the world. But, the other thing that says a lot of people ask us in the Dolores Cannon books.

The third one has to do with understanding that this 3D and 5D shift is not going to be some momentary thing that then is just permanent. There’s this buffer time right now where there is this 3D consciousness and 5D consciousness. But, these things are here now and we have the ability to go back and forth for awhile as the vibrations speed up and by back and forth remember it’s not two different earths. It’s not like one’s over here ones over here. It’s more so back and forth between this level of consciousness. As time goes on, the vibration will speed up more and will want to be more in alignment with what we and how we prefer to be. You observe the duality, the feeling of separation and all of these stuffs. Then, you just be in the 5D, in love, joy, and peace, and high vibe state. Remember, life is a form of dream. You are an eternal spiritual being dreaming right now. Enjoy life and have fun.


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