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Let me share with you so many messages. I'm getting from people all over the world that they're noticing whether it's in relation to the protests, whether it's in relation to a lot of what's going on right now in the world, I'm going to share with you a whole bunch of these, because I think it's important. Now, see me more as a reporter, I've just kind of showed you guys these things. What does it mean? I'll explain in this blog, what I think it means. I do believe that a lot of this is part of the great awakening. I think that this is awakening so many people to a lot of what's going on in many different ways. Let me share with you some of these. A friend was at the protest and LA and said exactly what you said about the cop car being planted.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I can confirm that's true. Here's the thing, I had so many people reaching out to me, sending me DMS on Instagram saying, there's this video of this guy in LA that is saying that the cop car was planted there in LA. That was like an old beaten up cop car that was in graffiti, like the words, racism, and what it was then done is like put fire on and blown up. There were people saying this was planted. This was not something that people here did. Of course, people added to it because they were throwing a fire at it, but the cop car itself was planted there and there was already graffiti on it. Isn't that kind of interesting. Let's go to another one. Pallets of bricks have been seen in filmed, turning up on city streets out of nowhere.

Also very conveniently to be thrown. There's always more things and it seems very deliberate to create division, maybe Soros or Antifa. Having a lot of people reach out to me saying that George Soros is and has been funding a lot of these protests. I've had so many, it's so interesting to me, all of this stuff. Here's another one, lots of random piles of bricks placed on right sites as well. I keep seeing pictures and videos of them, no constructions around either just bricks in a nest pile. Then, I'll show you this a photo as well, right here. I posted this and shared this on Instagram, just cause I'm getting so much of this. It's showing. I think it's like, there's other stuff going on. I think, I think that the more people are divided the more easily they are to be controlled.

The more likely than it's like, Oh, if we were to run through and have this martial law, everyone would agree because it's like it's for everyone's safety. At other ones, this is happening in Indianapolis to undercover. Cops have also been starting at the looting and had been caught on camera, starting vandalism. Very interesting. Another one says 100%. The riots are stage planned and peaceful protests are being taken advantage of. They have part a post showing the contract signed by the paid writers to escalate the protests and the violence and have jobs like burning down specific building. They also have photos of many accounts of the writers being flown bused in for the protest. I'm at a loss to what to do. I feel like there is nothing I can do, but watch.

It's terrible feeling interesting. I'm sorry. I'm telling you, I'm getting so many of these, someone else says I'm in Minneapolis and the same exact thing is happening here. A cop broke the first windows, starting, the riots, bricks are piled up, et cetera. People are paying attention. Another one live less than a mile away. I can confirm that this is true as well. You can't really see this, but this is also, this is right here, a pile of bricks. That is a, it shows the construction that's being shown, putting and putting the bricks in the middle of the city, just so convenient to be thrown. More of these showing these exact same things. Let me share with you my perspective to a lot of what's going on.

This kind of goes back to some of this stuff I was talking about in some of my prior vids about the hidden agendas going on behind the scenes that maybe we're not aware of and things to do with, with these other factions. A lot of this I think has to do with now to get a little esoteric with you. I believe that there's an awakening happening on the planet. I believe so many people are waking up to who they are. I think for a long time, there have been people on the planet that have kept people in a low vibration state for getting who they are so that they're more willing to just give up their power. I think that as more and more people awaken, there's more and more of a desperate call from these elite people to cause more and more chaos to happen.

Then what happens is people feel divided and in a way, then it leads to the solution they want maybe for some reason they want martial law. It's like, what can we do to have something like this? It's like, well, let's exaggerate this, let's make this way worse. Let's plant bricks and cities let's do this. Let's do that. Then it's almost like, you know, now, I'm in Sedona right now with friends from my buddy's birthday. There was a nine o'clock curfew because of the protests, 1220 $500 fine. If you're found outside, it's just very interesting. You know, when this first started coming out this whole, this whole situation, when it comes to George Floyd, I made some Instagram stories about it and it’s very triggering to make different types of videos. I was making videos about it and I was getting so much polarization on both sides of the spectrums. I believe that we are eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences that are skin are literally like clothes.

I do believe that racism is a problem. I have had people in my life that were African-Americans or minorities that I know for sure 100% fact I’ve had an unimaginable thing happen to them that it’s hard for me to understand because I haven’t had to deal with it. I believe that racism is a real thing and I believe that it is something that is reflecting back to us that we can go within ourselves and heal. When we talk about anger, a lot of people are feeling very emotional about what’s happening. That is okay as it’s part of awareness. There are things going in the world that’s not fair. With what’s happening right now, I do believe that there are different aspects of it that are causing more and more separation even within the spiritual community, I look in and I made some Instagram videos about it. I was talking about it.

But, I was noticing that some Instagram influencers that are in the spirituality niche that are literally like saying if spiritual influencers are not talking about this aren’t making like going to protest that are doing this stuff, then why are you even following them. I just thought it was interesting because the way I think we go about this is, first off, spiritual bypassing is not the answer. I think what we need to do is go within the energy we are feeling in the anger and we need to then realize what’s not going right and we need to do what we can to change within ourselves and move into that energy and do something about it. But, the way that we actually have the solution is by unifying people and not separating people. Separating people will just add to the problem. One of the most powerful thing that we can do is to come together, focus and do group meditation and imagine equality, imagine us all coming together, and not promoting more and more separation.

We need to lead by example here and be more inclusive. Envision a world where there is more equality. Feeling inside our hearts and understanding that people of different race are connected to us and that we are all one. We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. Every single one of us have been many different races in what we can call “past lives”. I think the best thing that we can do is go within ourselves. Become aware of our own judgement of our own inner things. We need to clear out and become aware of our own inner abuses of power within ourselves. In my own perspective, we’re all one consciousness, that there’s a lot of anger coming up and it’s okay to feel that anger. There’s a big group of people that need to feel heard. I want you to know that I hear you. I may not understand from experience what you have gone through. I’m not going to pretend to but I believe that this is going to wake up more people and I do believe as well that there may be something else here with the people that are funding a lot of these things. I do believe that there’s a great awakening happen on the planet right now. Many people are walking up and I think that now more than ever, it is time for us to wake up and realize that maybe this is emphasized to separate us and maybe what we need to do is come together as one. Create unity and create this connection that we all have with each other and understanding that if we do that we are changing the world.

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