The Vibration of Sexual Energy


When it comes to vibration and how much energy you have, sexual energy is one of the most potent energy centers that we have in our body. When we are going out and what we are doing, is we are wasting it. It could be a form of masturbation because there are some people that masturbate every single night and think of it, you're just literally spilling it everywhere, it's not going anywhere, it's going towards any actual purpose, it's just being spilled, making a mess. That's one way that a lot of people use their sexual energy, they waste it, they pour it out everywhere, they make a mess, and they're energetically literally depleting themselves. 

Then, they feel lethargic, they don't know why they don't have that much energy, when they talk, they don't have a lot of enthusiasm or passion in their voice. Well, literally what they are doing is they are getting their life force energy, and they are spilling it everywhere and wasting it. What happens is when we talk about the vibration of sharing sexual energy can be a very magical thing, can be a very sacred thing.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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But sometimes what happens is understanding the connection that we make to other people, and how that vibration of the other person. In a way mix with that. Imagine that you are going out and you are sleeping with many different people. Imagine that you are then mixing your energy with them. That's what happens when you are having sex, what happens is then the pure energy that you have, if you are doing it mindlessly, let's say you're doing it with people that maybe have a lot of trauma, maybe you're doing it with people that you know, it's giving you an ego gratification, but there's a lot of stuff underneath the surface that you're absorbing, you may not even know it.

Then what happens is you go out and you're literally giving your energy to other people filling up their cups. But imagine that what happens is when you keep doing it, and you're doing it from a place of maybe validation, or your mind, you're not aware, you know, when it's with somebody that you really love, or it's somebody that you really connect to, it's a different type of energy, it could then be self-sustaining, actually fill up your cup, but realize you're energetically mingling with other people and if you hardly know them, you may be taking on energy that you're not even aware of, could be an energy cord, you know, they talk about this in some esoteric traditions, but cords that we literally connect to when we connect to other people, but they've actually shown epigenetically, that when two people have sex, especially for the woman, the energy is absorbed inside of her and then that changes the DNA in the genes, which is very interesting.

It's something to very much be aware of, and that be more protection of your own sacred sexual energy. Because what happens is when we continue to waste it by putting it on the counter, when we continue to mix it with other people, and we're not aware of the things that they have under the surface. Imagine that gunk in the bottom and you're moving that around but then you feel afterwards, you feel kind of drained and depleted? Well, one of the reasons could be is because literally some of that energy now is something that you're dealing with. When it comes to this, realize you can use your sexual energy for just about anything. You can use it towards certain goals, you can use it and you literally feel that you have more vitality.

I know that when it's just been wasted, there is a drop in energy for men, what happens is there is a drop in testosterone, there is a drop and actually oxytocin, ironically enough for a woman, there's normally if especially if it's with somebody else there's an increase in oxytocin, there are certain increases, but when it's being wasted, when we're mindlessly throwing out sexual energy, it is maybe the reason people feel fatigued. Stop wasting your energy.. stop filling it over the counter and have more boundaries when it comes to who you are sharing your sexual energy with. What I recommend is to share it with someone you know and you feel comfortable and safe and loved. For me personally, I’m selective and judgmental in a certain way, because I understand the interplays of sharing your sexual energy.

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