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Attract Money, Love and Success by Letting Go of it (life-changing)


I know this sounds counterintuitive, but when you let go of a few things that I'm going to share with you in this blog, you then attract money, love, success, easier than you've ever done it before and once you get a taste of it, you'll never go back.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you why money, love and success come when you let go, which is so counterintuitive because for a long time even I was chasing money, love and success. It was something that I desired and when I read the book think and grow rich, it was like you need to have a white-hot burning desire and that's what I did for a long time. You'll find as well that when I'm sharing with you in this is the two biggest shifts in my life and it came from this one technique of letting go. I'm going to show you how to do that and how that absolutely transformed my life. However, understand that there are different levels of vibration, what we call vibration. I know that sounds like an esoteric term. If you've ever read the book called power versus force, you may be seen my other videos where I talk about it, but it has to do with calibrating different energies based on muscle testing.

Muscle testing is connected to our subconscious mind, which then allows us to become aware of the different levels within us or the different levels of consciousness within us. Different emotions in a way, and you'll see down here you'll see fear, anger, neutrality, reason, love. There are more emotions as well, but these are the primary emotions that as we begin to move up, we then raise our vibration. When we raise our vibration, our level of consciousness, we perceive things from a new level. And not only do we do that, but we feel better. We enjoy life more. And as I look at my own journey from the kind of where I was to where I'm now, I literally feel like my life is just an astatic dream in a way. I enjoy life. I love what I do. I live life on my terms and when I let go and I learned that technique, that's when everything changed. However, what we may need to hear at certain levels may be a little bit different. When I'm sharing the most powerful technique I've ever learned of letting go, it's coming from a level of this mid-level right here. However, we must also let go of the bottom levels to get to the mid-level. The mid-level is about willpower, willpower, and moving in a certain direction and that will help many people get to the what they call success is deciding this is who I am now and the midsection right here, all the way up to reasoning.

You have shame, guilt, fear, anger, the neutrality, which is a big step. Then you have reason, which is the mind, which is understanding our beliefs create our reality and when we understand our beliefs create our reality, we can architect reality the way we want. Then we have that of love and love is the connection inside the heart. Einstein resonated at four 99 that's where he calibrated because he took the mind as far as you could take it. But in order to get into love, you'd have to completely let go of the intellectual ideas, which is something he was starting to learn or beginning to learn towards the end of his life. Does it mean you need to be Einstein smart in order to get into love? Sometimes reasoning can actually be a trap because it becomes so in a way fascinated with the intellect that it keeps you from getting into love.

The key to this though is understanding that it is truly about letting go to become successful, to attract love and to attract that of money. Now the reason being is because as you raise your vibration, your energy becomes more potent. You become more in alignment with also your purpose, what you're meant to be doing in life, and then from there, things happen even easier for you when we're attached. The thing that keeps us from raising our vibration is attachment. All pain and suffering come from attachment. The more attached we are, the more we suffer and maybe think about it. There have been times I've been attached to the outcome of things and that's all I think about and I ended up butchering it up. The more I think about it. If I'm attracted to a certain person and I really think about them and I put them on a pedestal, I then create resistance around them because I'm attached to the image in my mind that I have of them and I'll tell you right now that when it comes to attracting love and money or abundance and the key is letting go of it altogether, think about what letting go really signifies as well.

Letting go signifies that I'm already love, I'm already abundant. Letting go signifies and is also an attractive quality. It's an attractive trait if you are intending and wanting someone else to think a certain way about you, that wanting and thinking about them a certain way is putting out energy of desperation. I want you, I would be more complete if I had you, but if you send out the message that I'm already holding a pleat, I'm in the start of my own movie. That's an attractive quality. The first thing I want to share when it comes to letting go is these are the things we're going to let go of. We're going to learn to let go of. This is what really allows us to raise our vibration, which the more we raise our vibration, the more magical life becomes. Our definitions about reality are the attachment that we have to the outcome. It's been a major lesson for me is learning how to let go of the outcome. Not needing the ego to do everything, but trusting the process as well. Then being right, the necessity to be right will keep us in suffering.

I figured this out actually yesterday when I had a call with my bank because every time I go to log into my bank for some reason, no matter, I swear I'm putting in the correct password of exactly what I set the password to, but it always suspends my account. Then I got to come up with a new password. I can only think of so many passwords and then it sends me on this endless loop where no matter what new password I create, I'll then go to create the password and then I'll go to login and it just keeps saying incorrect password. I had a call with the bank and I talked to them and then I went to technical support. Then they called me back like two days later after they looked into it. What I realized is I may have just been entering the password wrong and then it after two or three tries it goes suspended and then it just, that loop of suspended notice just kept on happening. However, I realized that when I was talking to the representative, I was attached to being right. I was like, no, you don't understand. I keep putting in the exact same password. The guy was like, well, you got to understand. I could see the password that you're typing it in and it's, Oh, it's very, very close. But it's a little bit different from what you're typing in. But I was so attached to being right that that being right was keeping me in lower vibration.

It was keeping me from actually being and being in a state where then my energy is contagious. I'm able to make videos easier. You see these attachments keep us in low vibe even in different areas of our life. Like when I go to them make a video, maybe it's not as potent because I'm kind of resistant from it. These other things that were happening. Now you may have heard my story before. I do share it many videos mainly because I've had over 1,013 hundred videos on this channel and can only have so many stories. However, you've probably heard, if you've heard my stories before, and if you haven't, then you know that a lot of my past was dealt with indeed the anger, fear, neutrality, a lot of it was blamed because I had a painful childhood and because of that, that kept me in low vibration and for years I was repeating cycles in a way because I had an abusive ex stepmom in my life.

She's no longer in my life, 15 years old. My dad divorced her, but from seven to 15, which is also a life cycle. By the way, I find that interesting. She was controlling emotionally, physically and mentally. My brother and I lived a, we were in this house. My dad's a firefighter. He wasn't home very often. My brother and I many times were locked outside working. We weren't allowed to have friends. We had earned going to school. That's why we probably really liked school. It's probably caused that was an escape for me at home. However, between seven 15, we had almost no freedom. We'd have to sneak food to get enough to eat. Because of this like survival mentality, even after 15 years old comes around, my dad divorced her. I still have this pattern, especially with women. I associated woman from trying to control me. The first two or three girlfriends I had were really trying to control me. It was an unconscious pattern that I have and even after I broke up with one of those girlfriends within a week, I got promoted at the job that I had at Nordstrom's in and woman's shoes to a department where the manager was the same exact controlling weight. It was a pattern that was on autopilot until I became aware of it. I was experienced in a reality that was on autopilot and I think I might actually have this little thing right here that kind of shows how this actually works.

We have beliefs which then caused feelings, which then cause thoughts, actions and results and it feels, it either believes that I wasn't worthy and because I had the belief I wasn't worthy, I then got fueling built. I was on, I was unworthy then I actions I would take because I would only take action to the level that I thought I was in a worthy and I get that result. It was a cycle that just kept on happening. The other belief that I had was that I had ADHD and there was something wrong with me because I had a lot of energy and people would say things about me. I had that nine to five job that I had and some people would always talk. I hear people talking about me sometimes about how much energy I had. My energy was kind of more sporadic as well. Because of that, it was this also this cycle. I didn't feel like I was enough, felt like someone's wrong. The actions I would take, the results are a cycle. Now, the biggest shift I had was when I learned how to let go of, of all of these things by neutralizing them, by learning meditation. Meditation was one of the huge shifts in my life. I learned how to observe the meanings. I gave things to the past to observe the labels, the definitions, and the labels I had and when I learned how to observe them, that's where I started to become more powerful. That's where I could then let it go and I let it go. I started to realize that money, love and success started to come to be easier than ever, and it came because I was letting go of patterns. I was completing the past.

When you complete the past, you no longer have to repeat the past. Now the other side of this is then becoming aware that the more we desire and attach ourselves to things is the more resistance we create around something. The key is to let go and to trust the universe. That is the next step. Getting a meditation practice can be so transformative for this. Now the next step is becoming aware that reasoning, the belief system we have and right under it, over neutrality is willingness. By the is willingness, willingness is the willpower. What happens is once we start to get certain results, we start to associate pleasure with that. For example, you may start to go in a certain direction and you might start to focus on something that you want to create in your life, and the more you do it, the more rewards you get, the more recognition you get, whatever it is, and that fuels you to keep on doing it. I started making daily videos on YouTube and then I started getting results and then I was like, this is a good thing. This is a positive thing.  I just kept making YouTube videos and I've done that now for three years. That's willpower. That's the discipline. However, what I've realized is that this work hard mentality that I had a definition that I had to work hard, a belief that I had to work hard to be successful, and because of that it was keeping me from enjoying life, feeling love, and knowing that my ego doesn't have to control everything. 

Awareness really is the key to this whole process by the way, awareness because once you become aware you can then let go. You can't let go what you're not aware of. that's exactly what I did is I let go of that work hard mentality and I focus instead on trying to get to an external point in the future. I focused on enjoying the present moment and I'll tell you right now, once I did that, my whole life really began to change. I could then do less and get more. I then was like, Oh, I need to find like YouTube videos that'll do well so that it brings in more people and they were able to spread the message out with the help more people and having that perspective was like always like I had a carrot that was dangling in front of me and I was chasing it. I was chasing it around trying to catch it, but then what I did is I simply decided I was going to let it go and trust that the universe would bring me that which I was in alignment with by just enjoying life, having more fun. I realized I was also becoming a little bit more serious with life.

The more that I was trying to get somewhere else and the more that then I ended up enjoying life, let go of the outcome and released it and allow the universe to bring it to me is the more it actually came to be easier. I started to trust my intuition more. I made videos on some esoteric ideas and those videos ended up doing really well. Even though my mind, the paradigm I was at was afraid of what people would think of me if I made certain videos, made some videos on star seeds and some esoteric concepts, but I trusted that that was my passion. I trusted that I could believe in myself and that there was a purpose behind it and as I let go of what people thought and I started to do what I was passionate about, what I loved, what I loved talking about, guess what happened, more abundance game than ever before. The channel then went from I think like three or 400,000 subscribers up to five or 600,000 subscribers within a couple of months and all I did was like go. When I look at love and attracting love, the more that I desired it, I realized the more resistance I was creating. What I became aware of is once I let go of thinking that I needed a relationship to be happy or that would, that would somehow be something I needed. I then started to enjoy life more. I let go of the outcome and guess what happened?

I went to Costa Rica with some friends and we went for a week and some other YouTubers as well, and I ended up connecting with someone there that ended up being in a relationship with for about a and it was an amazing relationship. Her name is Leeor and also from that relationship I learned a lot of letting go. I learned a lot about unconditional love from that. You might see that and say, well, there's no love in your life, right? How can you talk about attracting love if you're not in a relationship right now? Well, I don't necessarily want to be in a relationship right now. Doesn't mean I don't know how to do it. However, realize you, I don't know how to do it. That implies the ego. The point of this is letting go. The more I let go is the more that these things happen anyways because when we try to control, we're doing it from the paradigm of the ego. But when we allow, guess what happens, when we just focus on her own state, that's where magic is. The more I let go of wanting or needing love, the more I was the star of my own movie enjoying life. The more I was in a higher vibrational state, the more that I was then attractive to other people. You are an attractive person, especially when you let go of the outcome.

When you're the star of your own movie, when you let go of a belief in, you need it to be happy. Realize that that's the way our reality works is the way we raise our vibration is by simply letting go. The more we let go, the more we let in. The more we let go is the more we raise our vibe. And that's when reality becomes even magical. Over love are joy, peace and enlightenment. The book autobiography of a Yogi, maybe you've heard me talk about that before. It shows Paramahansa Yogananda goes through different, it's, it's literally an autobiography of his life. He talks about how he met enlightened gurus in India that could do literally magical things, things we wouldn't even think possible because they were other levels of consciousness of enlightenment, which means that they also knew that reality is a form of a dream.

We believe it is solid and heavy, and that's why it's solid and heavy. They know reality is a dream, therefore it's more flexible for them. The key to this whole process is letting go, letting go, which isn't always comfortable because we think, and we identify so much with something that we think that it makes us who we are. But I'll tell you right now, the more you let go is the more you will find that things happen, even magical for you. I do have a video that's on how to stop chasing money, love, and success, and I show you exactly what to do instead.

3 Hidden Agendas Going on Right Now in The World


These things are going on behind the scenes, not where we can actually see it. Some of them are going to sound pretty weird, to be honest with you. Nonetheless, I believe that these are three hidden agendas going on right now that you need to know about. You don't need to, but you're going to want to know about it. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you, we're going to be going down the rabbit hole a little bit. I'm not somebody that just studies look at certain things and that's a conspiracy theory. I really believe in that. I do a lot of research.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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What I encourage you to do before I even get to the video is to do your own research, to start to see these own patterns, and how things are, and to do that for yourself. I'm not going to be telling you what to think, but I'm going to say I've known about a lot of this since 2012 and I went through my spiritual awakening. I kind of put it in the background and then now it just seems more relevant than ever. Maybe you've been quarantined at your house for a couple of weeks, maybe you've been questioning things, maybe even seeing these little patterns come up. I've been talking more and more about this and let me say as well, I talk about this in a positive way. I believe that a lot of positive things are happening. The energy dynamic is changing in the world.

The way things had been done in the past is literally crumbling. The old ways that were very controlling and manipulative, they're starting to crumble and what happened, what is happening is the people, the people are starting to gain the power back. Let's go out and look at it like this. Okay? There are three hidden agendas going on right now that I want to talk about now. Right now, you might be quarantined at your house, not able to leave. And what I think is, I think there's actually a lot more going on than on the surface of what we actually think. The first thing I want to talk about is the elite, the elite. You see this pyramid right here, and this just kind of shows this is a way that I believe the energy has been on the planet for a long time behind the scenes, but the people haven't necessarily been aware of it.

What I mean by the 1%, I'm not just talking about just the wealthy 1%, I'm talking about a certain number of people that have in a way kind of, they're like, Hey, you over there, let's all get together and let's get this, let's get this thing going to where if we can keep people in a certain mentality, then what it's very easy to do is let's keep dim and let's control the way things are because then we retain the power and we can control what is going on. Then these other powerful people said yes. Then that's what happened. What happened is you got the 1% at the top and then you've got a lot of people the dark that aren't aware of what is going on. See what it is, actually people behind that of the people on the forefront that I guess could be their cheerleaders. You've got some of these very well-known celebrities that are a part of this, but really what they are is they were in a way, they have such huge audiences because they can influence so many people. The idea is you've got a certain number of people that they have these celebrities or these elite people, whatever you want to call it, that are then able to put out certain information to their audience.

There's Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks has an Instagram photo. I learned this from Gigi Young, she had a video and she's a YouTuber and she broke down this post and showed all the symbolism in it, showed what it means and what some of these elite people do. It really opened my eyes and I was able to see all these things. I was like, Whoa, that really resonates like that. It's crazy. Then I was talking to Leeor, you know, one of my best friends, we were talking about it last night and I was telling her about this and we just started cracking up because of the storyline of it. First off, you have this post right here. He recently got the whole thing or whatever and he was like, quarantine and stuff. If you are in a different country and at eventually in the text, I'll put the text up there as well. It says I travel with my favorite typewriter. It's a 25-pound typewriter and you travelled to a different country with it and you took a picture of it. Okay. I know that that may seem like, Oh, it just looks like they're really looking into it.

Who would travel to a different country with their loving typewriter that they love and it just so happens to have the name on it? That is the name of what is going on right now. The name of this thing going around. What are the chances of that? I was talking to Laura about it and I was telling her, I was like, yeah, he says that he carries this 25-pound typewriter because it's his favourite typewriter to a different country. While whole countries in quarantine, he travels with it and she's like, and it just so happens to be called this. This is the brand. We just started laughing. Because think about how ridiculous is this. When you look at this post as well, what you'll see is that eventually says that his wife is beating him by 201 points at Remi as some game called Jenny Remy, whatever it is, 201 points.

If you were to look more into that, and this is what I learned from also that, um, from Gigi Young 201 has something to do with some type of Bill Gates. Oh, one thing that has to do with vaccines. The ideas behind this are what some of these people do is they make decisions at the top that then get people to a certain state. They get in the masses into a certain state to where they are, where then the masses are very open to certain things. The idea is what's one way that you could get people open to doing and having vaccines? What's one thing you could do if you put everyone into a lot of fear and then what you did is you had them quarantined themselves in their houses because they're afraid of everything else.

Very likely then that some people would be like, Oh, you know what, I'm open to that. Then what could they do in those vaccines? Well, if you've done a little bit of research and you've studied a little bit about this, then you'll see that these vaccines that appear, do they help people in so many ways actually may have very harmful and negative things in it. Maybe even things that that could control people at certain levels that could, it just wouldn't be good. The more research I'd done, the more that I found at this could be something there. Here's the thing, it says two Oh one in this post. The name of the typewriter has to do with what is going on right now. Is that a chance now? It's also this post was, this post was posted to 17 military times, 1717 and there are certain rituals that some of these people do at the very top in this group format that then affects the collective consciousness.

What they could do is they charge that typewriter with energy. When that typewriter then comes in front of millions of people that have watched, I think they got over 1.6 million likes, which means it's been seen probably 10 million times or more. What happens is people that see it and they see this two Oh one and they're having this PO, there's an association with it. The idea is that a lot of these things will be right in front of people's faces and they won't even know it. This is right in front of our face and we have no idea. If you were to look around as well, right now it is, it is super, super obvious that there are some things going on right now with these certain of these different celebrities and there's all this code in symbolism in their Twitter posts.

It is so obvious to see that there's some type of messaging that they're sending to each other. It's very, very interesting what is going on right now. I don't even normally look into this stuff, but I just so fascinated with how blatant and obvious some of these messages are. But in general, when you look at that one with Tom Hanks, it's very interesting and it just seems so weird. Also, Madonna is somebody that has had this same typewriter and some of symbolism of her videos and symbolism of her, and her photos as well. It's very interesting to see. That is just one example. That's just, we were laughing about it because of how obvious it just this weird, it is just a general, so this is kind of an idea of, of some of the stuff that they may do at these higher levels to keep people kind of in the dark, but also to facilitate certain probabilities.

What can we do about that? We can say no, we can say no and we can choose and say, yeah, I don't want that. When you see the symbolism, the powerful thing is that when we see this symbolism, we can just kind of be aware of it and then not feed into it. Awareness really is power, but the key to this is being aware but not fearful. Fear not fearful. I believe that this old power dynamic of these people that have had this like level of control for a long time, literally the ground is crumbling underneath them and they are losing that power. It's happening right now on the planet. Even as I record this, that's something I believe is going on right now. Many people are going through a spiritual awakening right now because what's going on right now in the world is also waking up a lot of people to question their reality.

The second hidden agenda thing that's going on is a lot of people are waking up to the media, which by the way, this may sound, this is just fact, they're owned by six of the major corporations own all, all of the media. They're like, Hey, once again they came together and like, Hey, let's have people believe this. Let's have to believe that this thing is this and let's pump a lot of fear into it and get people to feel this fear and imagine that then what they do is they get together and then every single thing you see is like that. Then what happens is people watch the news and they're like, Oh, what's on the news today? I'm like, Oh my goodness. Then they don't even add in there and then they're in that fear state. What's happening though is a lot of people are waking up to see how obvious and how much slander there is with that whole media just in general.

It is something that is happening right now. I believe that over the next couple of years as well, there's going to be a huge shift in the media where we're actually, I believe that one day, I don't know how far away it is, one day I believe we will actually get real news. Like it really, I believe this, this sounds like a crazy thing, but I believe that one day we will, rather than something that is happening on one specific part of the world that has a certain narrative over it, that that's projected to be what's going on everywhere. You would think that if they were to like do something in the Middle East and see that stuff's going on, you would think that's happening everywhere. But in actuality, 99.999% of people don't actually experience that. What is the purpose of that? Well, the purpose of it is if you keep people in these, this is a scale of consciousness.

You've got fear, anger, neutrality, reason, love. If you keep people right here, it's very easy to dictate because these people in fear and anger, they're craving certainty. They're craving safety. When you look to an authority at the somebody else that's an authority or that is able to make you feel safe, you're more open to it. The idea is that this medium and they're just, the media is just doing what they're told. There have been many, many stories of newscasters who've wanted to share something and who started to that they would get fired. We wouldn't be allowed back that things would happen. It's very interesting to see. But right now, one thing that is happening on the planet is this media. There's going to be a switchover over the next couple of years of this. It'd be very interesting to see. However, it is very empowering, once again, everything I'm sharing here is very, very empowering.

These all these, all these people that have been around for a long time doing that crumpling the crowd is crumbling. They're like, Oh my goodness. They're seeking out, they're desperately looking to each other and sending these secret coded messages via Twitter. Like, Oh man, it's so obvious. Some of them are so hobbyists, like with this whole Tom Hanks thing, like Ellen DeGeneres literally had a shirt that said like, run Forrest run. There's like these, this weird symbolism, man. It is so obvious. Then you see the things that they're saying in their messages that make no sense. Then you could just, you know, there are people that can decode it and it's, it just like looking too deep into it.

This is like in front of our faces. It's like right there. If you just, if you just opened up the mind a little bit, you can see it, you know? As I said, I'm not telling you what to think. Go on your own little journey of seeing this, but also remain in a positive state. Sometimes going down this whole route can be a little negative because then you see that there are people that do very dark things. There's energy. This a thing that there also is on this planet. There's an awareness that the energy of the mass consciousness affects the kind of reality that we're in. There are some people that know this. What they do is they affect the mass consciousness many times also through Hollywood. A lot of his big controversy in Hollywood going on right now, but in Hollywood, if you can have a certain type of movies that come out that millions of people watch, you can put it in front of their faces.

A lot of times there's a movie called contagion that is super, super, I even watched it by the way, but it's super, super similar to apparently what's going on right now. There are these things that are embedded into the collective subconscious that in a way have it so that people are familiar and kind of know what to expect. It's very interesting the way things work. You're like, this guy's a pretty smart guy. I'm going to listen to a little bit of what he's saying. The third thing, a hidden agenda that's going on right now is something called disclosure. I mean, how do I say this? Okay. We are not the only, we are not the only race of human, like the human race in the entire solar system, galaxy universe. It's infinite. It is an infinite universe. Yeah. Sometimes we may think we are the only one of the little special snowflake. There's much more going on. This is something that if you look into certain things, you know, one show I used to watch a lot, it's called a Gaya as on Gaia called cosmic disclosure. There's a guy named Emery Smith. If you go to, you'll see some of my like favorite episodes and stuff.

You've got also I think give a two-week free trial and just binge-watch a little bit of that cosmic disclosure show. But you'll see these people that are what are called, you could call them, I guess whistleblowers have stepped forward that used to work at underground bases. Some of them worked for different programs and they have very, they are either telling the truth or I say this all the time, but they're either telling the truth or they are more creative than J K rallying who wrote Harry Potter and I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, so it's one of, it's like one of the two. Either they're so congruent, they're telling the truth because you could see through hundreds of episodes how they act or they are the most creative and it is the, it is just incredible. But they talk about these experiences of working with ETS and underground facilities.

There are these underground facilities all over the world where they do testing and it's not necessarily owned by the government. They're private corporations. It is normally protected by the military, but it is normally these private corporations that are doing these tastings and doing different things. I know somebody that has given me some type of information. This isn't just me hearing it from other people that I don't know. It's also, it's from somebody that I've known almost my whole life that has told me and said, yes, this is something that's real and someone that yes, as has definitely worked in one of these types of places before, so it was very, that's what really opened my mind to it and basically the government as no, whatever we call it has known that ETS exists for a long time. They've known it, but they haven't released it and told people, because once again, you keep them in the dark.

That's what happened. This is something that will happen in our lifetime, I believe very strongly is I believe that disclosure will happen. There are, of course, some negative. There's polarity in the universe. A lot of them are good though, and they're of higher vibrational state consciousness, and they realize that we're all connected, so they wouldn't do anything harmful to us. Once again, I don't think there's anything to really be afraid of. I think that this is just the awareness of these three things is something that I believe is going on all right.

So The Corona Virus Sparked Your Spiritual Awakening… Now what?


So, the C virus sparked your spiritual awakening. What now? What do you do now? Let me explain to you why this happened, what it means, and the most powerful thing that you can do about it right now. 

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the things you need to know about spiritual awakening and why did you go through and did it a spark because of what happened right now. Well, first off, I want to say congrats. Congratulations. This is a very powerful time in your life. I believe that you will have more personal growth in the next maybe three to six months than you have in your entire life. You will be learning more about yourself and really be unrewarding some of maybe the things that have caused you a lot of pain and resistance in the past.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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It's going to be literally like a whole new world that you begin to experience. It's a very expansive time of your life. A little bit of nostalgia from when I went through mine in 2012. I'm such a different person. I was somebody that had ADHD. It was hard for me to focus on. I felt very unworthy because of having a painful past. I was feeling stuck, confused, a lot of negative emotions. And then afterwards I was literally a completely different person in a much more positive way. I live life according to my own direction now of not necessarily kind of going before I was very much on autopilot. A lot of times when people go through a spiritual awakening, they start to wake up and start to choose things from this new perspective, from this new, realizing that they have a choice.

First off, congratulations on going through this spiritual awakening. One of the reasons I think this happened, okay, so we got the C virus thing happening. One thing that happens with spiritual awakening, S stands for spiritual awakening on the board, by the way, is it never happens in your comfort zone. As great as it could be that it's like, Oh, I just came across this spiritual realization and all of these cool things. Unless we are challenged and then unless there's some type of pressure, normally we'll just stay in what's comfortable. One of the side effects of this C virus going on is that many, many, many people are going through a spiritual awakening right now. It is, it is incredible. I did not realize that the side effect of this would be this many people waking up to more of who they are starting to question their reality in a completely new way and just understand that that comes from not being in the, it comes from getting out of your comfort zone.

I think something else that happened as well is it could be some people are waking up because there's okay, there are no more sports to really watch. All sports are shutdown. There's also the news and the way that it is projecting and exaggerating what's happening and, and how every single thing it says is completely fearful. I think that people are starting to question things a little bit more. They're starting to question what they're being told. Maybe the manner in which they're told it and they're starting to say, why is it always like that? You know, I made a post on my Instagram about how to be careful, you know, do wash your hands and do all of this.

Have we ever seen anything on the media ever? That's been positive? Well, that alone it started to wake people up to realize, yeah, why is it like that? Why is it that every single thing is completely negative, completely fearful? It is some of the worst things happening in the whole entire world. That's what it pinpoints on. Therefore, that's what we think is all around us. We think that what's happening in some of these third world countries and stuff is happening like down this street next to next to a target or something like that. It's something that many people are waking up to there as well. First off, one of the things that happen with the spiritual awakening is you realize that you are not just the ego-mind.

You're relighting, you're going beyond thought. You're not. You go through life and you say, this is who I am. I am Aaron. I had this past in the past. This is who I was. This is who I am now. I identify with my thoughts. And the problem is with that is when we identify with just this part of ourselves, we're leaving out a greater part of ourselves. That greater part of us is understanding that we are a spiritual being, having a temporary human experience. Let me share with you as well, this might sound a little bit esoteric, but right now on the planet, this is what's happening because now is a time of transformation on the planet. This is a time where we wanted to wake up to who we really are at a mass level. There are different people going through it at different stages.

But nonetheless, this is something that we agreed to go through at a certain level. This is who we thought we were before. Now, because of the pain and the fear, it created pressure. Now what we're realizing is that we are not just the ego body. When in actuality we are an eternal spiritual being. What happens is we've gone beyond this and we start to realize, we start to question things. We're born into this body, to this ego and we're told this is who you are. Then what we do is we compare ourselves to everyone else because of the way the social conditioning is looking at magazines and models. Then we may feel like we're not enough. What happens is we identify with that and then eventually there's enough pressure that's created within.

We go beyond the thoughts and the ego. Then that's what's happening now on the planet. Everything has a certain vibration. It calls it vibration or a level of consciousness. Everything calibrates at a certain level. This is a scale from zero to a thousand zero. Yes, fear is about a hundred. You've got anger and you got neutrality at 250. The reasoning is 400 love is 500 and then joy, peace and enlightenment are seven is a 600 and above. What happens is as we move up the scale, our vibration increases, we feel better. Our base point raises for how we feel, and this is a general progression of what we wanted to go through in life, is to really remember who we are, is to raise and elevate our levels of consciousness.

Now here's the thing. Almost everything shared on the news is between the level of fear and anger. It keeps us, right? It is projected. There. We look at it, then we resonate with it, and then, therefore, we'll within that little bubble. What's happening as many people that are going beyond that, and the way you go beyond that is through learning how to observe your thoughts. If there's one thing that I could share with you that will transform your life more than anything else, anything that, anything else that I teach, it's if you were to sit down every single day for five or 10 minutes a day in the morning, five or 10 minutes at night, and just observe your thoughts, just observe your thoughts. Because when you observe your thoughts, what then happens is something very magical. You realize that you may think thoughts, but you are not your thoughts.

It's increased this little bit of a separation. That little bit of separation makes a huge difference because what happens is as you do that for five or 10 minutes in the morning, five or 10 minutes at night, you begin to feel calmer. Cortisol is your body begins to, the stress hormone begins to reduce. You begin to feel more dopamine and, and good feeling. Hormones in your body, you begin to feel better. But then what happens is when you're observing your thoughts, not trying to control them. By the way, this is about controlling thoughts, controlling thoughts creates resistance. When I first learned meditation, the first day or two, I was trying to control my thoughts. I didn't have a great time. I was like, this stuff doesn't work. Then what I did is I learned how to observe my thoughts. Just neutralize them as they go.

Just look at them as they go, not try to control them. Just kind of be curious. As I did that, I began to feel completely different about myself. That resistance begins to go and then what happens is it leaks into other parts of your day. For example, you observe your thoughts for the first five or 10 minutes of your day. You didn't go out. Something happens in the world. And then what happens is you, you're able to observe it and not react to it. It changes everything. Then what happens as well is by observing your thoughts, you may then start to observe other parts of yourself, certain beliefs you had about who you are. Like for example, I used to believe I had ADHD and I thought the only way I could go through this is by taking Adderall, which is the prescription drug they give for it, which had very harsh side effects of you can't eat very much and you can't sleep very much.

Then what I did is I started to question that. I started to redefine myself and as I did that I became free from that label, free from that belief. Now what I do and what I've done since 2012 when I completely quit taking Adderall is I ground myself in the grass. I walk on grass and what I do is I meditate every day. That balances out my energy and I feel so much better. I still have a lot of energy. I'm sure you could tell by some of my videos, but it's completely different. I've redefined something about myself. I used to believe I was unworthy. I could see these thoughts come up. I can see these beliefs and say, wait, do I choose to believe this? Is this actually true? Then you begin to go through a metamorphosis where you begin to drop labels.

Somebody may have told you growing up that you weren't valuable, that you weren't special. Somebody may have said something mean to you and you believed it and then it's just gone unchecked. It's been on autopilot. You're waking up and as you wake up, you begin to pull out these things and you begin to literally reinvent yourself. And that's what spiritual awakening is. As you're beginning to let go. Let go of some of the thoughts you may have been thinking the attachment to it and understand that one of the most powerful things of going through a spiritual awakening is understanding that you may think thoughts, you are not your thoughts.

You're not your ego. You're more than that. You're a spiritual being, but also everything in your life is fundamentally neutral other than the meaning you give it. Everything in life is neutral except for the meaning you give it. If it was a rainy day, it's windy right now. One thing it's like really went to Vegas right now. If I want to talk about, oh, it's window kind of go for a run and all of this stuff, and the truth is it's a neutral thing. The wind is a neutral thing. However, that could even give it a positive meaning if I want it to be like, you know what? I'm going to go fly a kite and I can just like throw out a kite, like red out. It's like you get limits to make lemonade. But the idea is it's neutral and even things, if somebody were to get fired from their job, they can say this is really bad.

It's actually a neutral thing. A lot of times that'll happen when somebody does it, isn't really passionate about their job and they can maybe find something that they like even better or start their own business or whatever it is. But the meaning we give it is this is what we get out of it. That's part of the spiritual waking as well. That's the level of reasoning. The 400 400 to 500 is the reason for understanding our beliefs are creating our experience, whatever we believe to be true. This is a very powerful time of becoming free of those past beliefs that don't serve like my past. Beliefs of ADHD, not feeling worthy and all these things. Another thing that you might go through, and I want to kind of not warn you, but people may not understand what's going on with you right now.

They may not get it. You may say, well, what about this? What about that? The important thing to do is to not necessarily look to them or to need their validation to understand what you're going through. When I went through mine, I felt like people didn't understand me. I felt judged. It caused me to kind of go in my own cocoon. Know that there are millions and millions and millions of people going through a spiritual awakening right now. If you want proof of it, look in the comments below. You'll see other people there say what up to them. What happens is you can, you can, you can realize that people may not understand right now, but you just got to be you. You've got to go through this transformation. Don't, it doesn't matter what people think because they'll eventually go through it on their own time.

This is your time to go within. This is your time to redefine yourself. They expect to see you in the way they've always seen you. For a while you may feel like it's not linking up because they're seeing you a certain way, but you're changing. It's just only thing that matters. Is that how you see yourself, but don't need their validation. It's okay if they don't give it to you. Have compassion for them. They're afraid of losing the old version of you. But just understand that you have to trust this process. Don't also be the old version of you, because they expect you to be so reinventing yourself. You might have to also have to learn boundaries. That's something else that she may have to learn. Boundaries of people try to get you to do low vibrational things or they want you around.

You may find that it begins to drain your energy a little bit. You may actually have to say no, which then says yes to something else. I eventually had to say no to going to certain parties and things. I was like, no, I don't really want to do that. I kind of want to do this. I want to read about this. I want to do this when I was going through my spiritual awakening. Another thing you may go through, the last thing I'll talk about is inventory. You may do an inventory of your diet. Understanding that what you put into your body becomes you. A lot of times that this is a great time to redo your diet and to really start eating nutrient-rich foods and whatever that means for you, your beliefs about who you are, do an inventory of that, observe them, and then let go of labels that no longer serve you.

This is a time of really doing a powerful inventory of this process and this is something that you can begin to do in a very powerful way. If you want to calibrate your what's called your vibration, which is like this scale of consciousness right here if you'd like to calibrate it and go to what's my or click the top of the description box below, calibrate your vibration. I'll also give you a meditation for getting you to the next level. Plus, I will be showing you how to elevate your level of consciousness. This is something that will help you. You'll learn more about your level of consciousness through that of an archetype, and then show you how to get to the next one with that of meditations. Try that out as well. Other than that, subscribe. If you haven't already, I'll be making more videos that are, show you how to go through this process and I look forward to that.

3 Low Vibrational TRAPS You May Be in (and not even know it)


One of the most insidious things is that some people that are intending to be in high vibration may find they're in these low vibrational traps and they don't even know it because when we are in what is comfortable and familiar, we become blind to what our actual potential really is. In this blog, I'm going to share with you those three low vibrational traps, how to get out of them, and how to even know if you're in them, to begin with.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing something with you that I become aware of in my own life. There are parts of my life where I become aware of certain things and then all I want to do is share it with you guys. What I want to do is actually take this out of the tripod. I'm going to bring you over to this amazing, it's amazing. A little chart that I have over here. This isn't the chart. Oh, let me find this chart of vibration. We're very familiar with this. Try to vibration. It's shown in many videos. You see on the lower vibes, you got shame, fear, guilt, anger, the neutrality, willingness, reasoning, and then love, joy, peace and enlightenment. The more we raise our vibration, the better we feel. The more we raise our vibration, the easier it is to create what we want in our life because of our vibration, our frequency is higher. Here is the thing, everything calibrates at a certain frequency. This is just the intro to the video because it's important to know this, but everything vibrates at a certain frequency. When we do certain actions, those vibrate at a certain frequency. The way this is done is through something called muscle testing.

You test via the muscles. It's I'm from the book called power vs force, and it talks about how anything, the subconscious mind is connected to truths, things being going strong or weak. We're able to calibrate different things based on this muscle testing. What they found is that weed, for example vibrates at about 350 which is the level of acceptance. Alcohol is at 275 which is that of courage. There is, let's say classical music is reasoning, which is the funny cause of a lot of intellectual people like listening to classical music. Very angry music will vow will calibrate lower. Everything has a certain rate of vibration. There are certain things we do though that keeps us locked into certain vibrations that we may not even be aware of simply because we are comfortable doing them and we've been doing them for a certain period of time.

Here's the first thing I want to share with you. It has to do with understanding vibration and music. Things you do that you're not aware are keeping you within those lower vibrational States. Let me give you an example. Maybe I will, but what happens is that music that I'm talking about when you tune things, two different things. When you tune to let's say music, let's say your music, you're listening to subconsciously the music is saying, or the person that is performing the music. Say it's like get yourself to the money and beat people up along the way and you're comfortable listening to this. You're like, well, I feel a lot of energy when I listened to this.

Every time you listen to it, what it does is it subconsciously programming your mind that you got to get to the money but beat people up along the way. You see because of that repetition. The trap of that is that when you listen to music consistently, it reprograms your subconscious mind. This is something you want to be aware of and this is something you also want to be aware of when you're doing different activities that are priming you for certain states of being. Let me give you an example of this. I was watching a show on Netflix the other day called black mirror black mirror. It is very mentally, it's like mental mind candy for a show. It's about like the futuristic things that may happen in the future with technology and like the bitter sweetness of it. Some of it can be kind of dark now.

I went on a little bedroom, I was watching like two or three episodes in one day because it was so interesting to me. Then I found that I had weird dreams that night and I found that it just put me in a little bit of a funk and I didn't, I wasn't really aware of it because I was so mentally enjoying it. But I could definitely feel when I looked back at it, I could definitely feel that it damps it by vibration. I was in something that was keeping me in a lower vibrational trap and I didn't even know it because I was enjoying, I was in a way distracted. That's the thing with some of these low vibrational traps, they keep us distracted. But when we tune to it, we're then tuning our vibration to it. Then what happens is even though we're mentally enjoying it, it has an effect on our vibration itself.

The key to this is becoming aware of what you are paying attention to. If you're watching Netflix, what shows do you watch? You're watching YouTube channels. What YouTube channels. You watch it be aware, is this actually helping me? Is this something that's making me more aware of myself? Is this something that I'm enjoying? Here's the thing. Does this mean that you can never enjoy your life? Like I can never watch an episode, another episode, black mirror again or it's like in a wreck my vibration? No, but it is about being aware of it because going on a binge or of watching three to four episodes, I definitely see how that affected my vibration. The key to this is always awareness. Always awareness. If you're listening to the same songs over and over again, here's something else that might keep you in a low vibe.

There is certain music that I used to listen to when I was a stoner. When I say stoner, I mean I used to smoke a lot of weed. Okay? It's back in 2011 2012 and I like those songs. Okay. Key Cuddy. You ever heard a kid Cuddy KitKat he's got some great songs. I used to smoke and it's very nostalgic because when I hear those songs today it brings me back to that time, we used to just kind of smoke and chill with friends a lot, which is kind of sometimes nostalgic, but I do recognize as well that when I listened to those songs it almost teleports me back to that place, which even though I was smoking weed I wasn't actually very happy with my life. It brings me back to that place. Even. Here's another, this will sound kind of weird, but I've been intuitively aware of this.

I listened to chill step now, which is a high vibe type of music. The chill step is like something I listened to on a YouTube. It's in the background when I'm working now. Chill step. There are certain playlists, there are certain videos, they're like an hour long. I listened to it. Sometimes I'll go through a thing where I'll listen to the same one every single day because it gets, starts priming me to get into work mode. However, there are ones that I listened to maybe a year ago and what happens is a year ago I was in a very different place. What will happen is when I'm listening to the same one I listened to a year ago, it almost like it brings back similar emotions, similar thoughts, similar memories. Is it bad? No, but you know where it is, where the power is, because in a way that is an insidious trap that we may not become aware of.

Where's the light? There we go that we may not become aware of because we're so familiar and comfortable with it. The second thing I want to talk about is, okay, this is like a similar pattern that we may attract into our lives and not even know it. I've shared this story many times, but I'm going to share it in a new way today by sharing how my sister's going through this as well. Back in the day, she's seven 15 years old. I had that, that stepmom, my ex stepmom in my life that was very mentally, physically, emotionally abusive, and she someone we consider to be a narcissist. What happened is she was in my life between that period of time and it kind of beat down my self-image, my self-worth. I always, I was, she was very, very controlling. Well, what ended up happening is my dad divorced when I was 15 all of a sudden, my brother and I have a lot of freedom or able to date.

It's like a whole new world. We're able to watch TV, do all normal kids’ stuff. Well, what happens is I ended up, the first two or three relationships that I got into were with women that were trying to control me straight up, almost similar personalities. Then after I broke up with one of the ex-girlfriends back when it's back in like 2011 or 12 when I, or even before that when I worked at, um, Nordstrom's a woman's shoes, I got transferred to a department where the manager of that department had the same type of personalities, my ex step-mom. Until I completed that pattern, then I learned meditation. I became aware of these things, and then she got fired. We tried getting her fired for like a year and a half, but we couldn't because she was protected by upper management because she would do the things that you just should not be able to do, but she was protected.

Well, what happened is as soon as I completed these within myself, then she left my life. Ever since then, I don't deal with anyone that tries to control me. Here's the thing, there was always someone in my life to show me that pattern until I became aware of it and then cleared it. Let me show you. Let me share with you how my sister's working through this right now. My sister is 17 years old. She'd recently have decided I'm not going back to my mom's house. She's at my dad's house. They're divorced obviously. What happens is she's like, you know, they have to go to court and all this crazy stuff because my sister, yeah, she just doesn't want to see her. Her mom's very mentally and emotionally. I mean, her mom does crazy stuff. Her mom will text her friends, pictures of her, like to embarrass her, like do things that you just couldn't even imagine someone would do to them to, it's crazy.

However, she does these, these things, right? My sister's like, I'm not going back to my mom's house, don't want to see her anymore. Well, guess what? She's in a relationship where the person she's in a relationship with, he's a nice guy, but he is somewhat controlling. He doesn't want her to go swimming class because she'll be in a swim in a swimsuit, even though it's a swimming competition. Do you see what I mean? This is very obvious to me now. I'm not going to say this, I'm going to let her kind of figure this out for herself because she, you know, loves him and all that stuff. However, it's a pattern that will be on autopilot that we won't become aware of, that we'll be familiar with because of the lack of awareness.

That's a low vibe trap that we stayed. We stayed in, trained in until we become aware of it. The third low vibe trap. What, what is the first off, what is the key to that is awareness and completing the past. I have a whole meditation. I have a whole video on it. There's a meditation listed for 21 days. I'll change your life. The third way that you can go about this process is understanding guilt with friends. As you start to raise your vibration, what's going to happen is your friends may start to tell you, hey come back over here. Just smoke a little weed. Just drink a little both. It's okay, it's okay. It's okay. Just do it.

You're like conflicted cause you're like, well I went through a spiritual awakening and I learned meditation and all of that stuff. I don't want to drag them out. They're like, because its smoke. The thing is are you feel kind of conflicted. What can happen though is you'll feel as if you don't go into it, you might feel kind of guilty, like there's something wrong with you because you haven't stayed consistent to the way they expect you to be. There was another example of this as well. I remember I was talking to someone that's kind of coaching someone at a, my buddy had this retreat thing and there was somebody there that I could tell kind of need to help because she'd been through the same type of, I guess that whole narcissistic mom thing or ex step-mom thing that I went through the narcissist ex step-mom.

I stepped on my, I love my real mom. My real mom is awesome. My ex step mom who I didn't have communication with by when I was with my ex step mom by the way, for like that seven or eight years, cause we were brainwashed and not be able to do so. But that is something that resonates with a lot of people. My buddies retreat. This person comes in and she was telling me about how she'd been through something similar and her mom, I think it was her dad though, her mom though, her sister recently passed away and I was like this really traumatic experience. The thing is she wanted to get out of the depression to be happy, but part of her also wanted to make her mom happy. Her mom for some reason wouldn't be happy if she was happy because if she was happy then that would show her and that would reflect back to her that everything was okay and she wasn't really sad about her sister and all of these things.

She was feeling trapped because of the expectation that our mom had of her. She wanted to break out of depression. She wanted to break out of the sadness, but the other part of her wanted to please her mom and her mom didn't want to see her that way. Subconsciously. Of course, any parent probably wants to see their kids happy, but the ma mom was too much in the victim mode and rightfully so in some way. From certain perspectives of, of what happened. I'm not saying victim mode like she shouldn't, but is it more in the motive, I don't want to, uh, deal with this emotion right now. This happened to us, this happened to us rather than integrating that emotion, if that makes sense. I know that can sound kind of harsh, but I don't mean it harsh. I promise you that.

I mean it in a way of like, of understanding the different and the perspective. Like if you don't want your daughter to feel happier, then that has a lot to do with some type of emotional trapped emotion that's not being cleared. Our expectation of ourselves and of how we're supposed to be for other people is a low vibrational trap that'll keep us within a certain box. The key to this is becoming aware of what that is becoming aware of. Do we have, when I went through my awakening, I had this desire to be normal compared to everyone else rather than doing what I wanted to do. That caused a lack of boundaries. Remember a boundary are just what's okay and what's not okay. If you think it's okay that people treat you a certain way, then that's a lack of boundaries.

If that certain way is in a way that you'd like to be treated and to develop boundaries, you just have to become aware of what's okay for you and what's okay for you is for you to be you. The more that you embrace that, the more empowered you feel and the more that then you could say no to things that you don't want to do and you don't feel like doing. That's where power of boundaries really is. That's what I encourage you to do, is to be aware of that and then to take your power back and to then to not feel guilty because that guiltiness is a trap and almost everyone that goes through the spiritual awakening process will go through a part of it. That's the key as well. If you haven't already, could you do me a favor and subscribe to the channel? I'm going to be making more videos like this, sharing more of these types of ideas. Really what my goal is with this channel is to help make spirituality practical and relatable.

Manifesting Money in 2020: Why the old paradigm DOESN’T Work (and exactly what to do)

The key to manifesting money in 2020 is to actually not focus on the money at all. That's the old way of going about it. That's the old paradigm and in this blog, I'm going to show you a much more powerful way and what you must do to attract money in 2020 and beyond. Certain things are coming to the surface, certain old ways of going about things that simply aren't working anymore and it's very obvious that there's a shift in energy.

Some people would call this 5D manifestation or something like that. Understanding higher vibrational mechanics of this, but think about it anyways. When people want to manifest money, why do they want the money? They want the money for the things that that money can get them and the thing is as people I've been going straight to the money not knowing that the source of energy within them, the currency within them does not need the money to get these actual things. Think about it as well. Money is energy. We are energy. When we are putting good out into the world, when we are doing what we are passionate about, we are then being a service to the world and what happens is what is called the surplus energy within us. It's called surplus energy, which means energy that goes beyond our own survival mechanism. We need the general energy to have shelter, to eat, to do the day to day stuff.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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That stays within what keeps us safe. Anything beyond survival boat, which is when you're doing what you're passionate about, anything beyond that to where it then adds value to other people. It's like your cup is already full so you can then add value to other people. That is where then that surplus energy that you put out then comes back to you. That's the way it actually works. What happens is when we focus on the money, we're actually going to, we're going for a side effect because money is a side effect of energy. Money is a side effect of energy. When we go for money, we're going for something that is the side effect of something else. When instead, if we focus on the energy, our own energy, how we feel, and we focused on getting more in flow, we'll see that. Then things go more our Whoa way.

Okay? That's the key to this is understanding this dynamic of energy and the chasing of the money is a 2019 paradigm. It's old, it's outdated. It's like you're one of those people that just got a new car and then a year later you're like, I need a new car. This one's old. It's just a 2019 but guess what? This is like, this isn't even just a 2019 it's like the way time is going and the way the energy is moving. It's like that's a 2014 okay, I got a 2014 Lexus right now. I'm getting already traded in for a Tesla. That's like me. Also, symbolically trading out my old belief system of how it works for money, focused on numbers, focused on money. Here's what I'm learning about 2020 okay. I'm going to open up to you guys. All right. I started you two back in 2017 2016 but I started going daily in 2017 you probably heard me tell the story.

I told him many times, so what I did is I got here and my mom, what I did is I started making videos on YouTube, on the YouTube, okay? I started making video onset YouTube and I started doing the zany videos and what eventually happened is the daily action. I take guts rewarded by growth. I started getting more and more views, more and more people coming into my funnel, more and more people wanting to transform their lives. I started getting a lot of responses from people. People are like, Whoa, this changed my life. I feel so good, blah, blah, blah, and all these cool things, and I got rewarded. I was like, yes, yes. This feels amazing and then what happened is I kept focusing on there's the YouTube and on say, YouTube. I then proceeded to make daily videos every single day for three years in a row and here I am 2020 still making daily videos almost.

You may have noticed that now on Saturdays there was no video because then I make an epic video for Sunday. Here's what I'd realized. It's like an old outdated belief pattern that I have to continue to make daily videos on YouTube for everything to keep going and I found that this year I've been very focused on numbers, statistics. How can I keep my, getting my channel to the next level? I have this goal as well, if not just being known. I think right now the brand, what I teach, it's like I'm kind of known as a YouTuber and my goal is to not just be a YouTuber. It's also to be on different things and to travel, be doing events and all this other stuff.  I want God to keep the daily videos going.

I've been making daily videos for three for three years in a row. I'm sorry I can't come up with new ideas every single day and the repetitive stuff I think is cool. Anyways, but that's beside the point. Okay, here's what I've realized though. I've been focused on stats. I've been focused on numbers. How can I grow this? How can I stay here instead, what I've that 2020 is about, I see this not just on myself, but in other friends, other people that are in different niches, different businesses altogether? I need to just not focus on the numbers being focused on the stats. It's kind of like being focused on the, on the money and realize that the stats, I've always intuitively known this by the way, my YouTube channel and just growth in general is always a direct reflection of my own inner growth.

If I feel like that's not there, it's because the own inner growth isn't as dynamic. When it comes to manifesting money in 2020 it is about understanding that it's about not focusing on the money. It's like me making videos focused on the numbers I'm going to give. What's in flow from me is to actually not keep making daily videos. I want to make like different style of videos that take a little bit more effort that maybe aren't as much maybe then I give people time to digest the information and maybe I get people looking forward to the next videos because I make them so epic. Maybe I do that and maybe I'm really passionate. I put creative energy into it because there's more flow there. Maybe when I do these live events I get in such a flow state that that's actually what really gets my juices going. Then I'm stepping out of my own comfort zone of what's been working for three years and I've got all this fresh creative energy and then the side effect of that is when I go to make videos, I have different energy and I've been done.

I've been talking to different types of people and doing events to where then I have more information. I see what people are really working with and I kind of know what other people might be working with as well because I've already worked with people alive. Does that make sense? This is the difference. What is in flow and what is easy? Where can I get the numbers, all of this stuff. How can I live up to this expectation of how people expect me to be? How can I live up to this expectation on myself? He makes daily videos, has a crazy work ethic and that's how I see myself. And because I see myself like that way I'm doing everything I can to stay consistent to that way. I see it myself. It's like a thermometer on the wall. You see the moment her and it sets 72 degrees. This house is set to 72 degrees. It's kind of called compared to my old house, but I got used to it 72 degrees. If I were to have it set at 72 and then open up the window, guess what happened? It's cold out so it's going to come in, come turn down to 70 the heater thing is going to kick on. It's going to get back to 72 because it's a cybernetic mechanism. It's set at 72 it will stay at 72 I see myself as a YouTuber.

I see myself as a hardcore willpower actually type guy. My subconscious mind is doing everything it can to keep me there. Everything, but the key is awareness. We need to become aware of these things. That's when things, Jason, you want to know what else is what is about 2020 super important, super important, high integrity, and doing things. The whole get rich quick things. They aren’t working. When you see people doing that, it's very short period of time and then they just kind of get, it doesn't support the energy does not support that anymore. I've seen a lot of ways in the collective consciousness. This is coming to the surface. I'm even going within myself and really making sure that everything I do from this point going forward, it's just very in integrity with just who I am. Just being very looking at things at a very minute level.

That’s the way the energy works is what you are doing. Adding value and value could be emotion. You could say, Aaron, I'm not a YouTuber that makes content on the spiritual stuff that you talk about. I'm a comedian. Well guess what? Comedians add value. How do comedians add value? Because they make people laugh and when people laugh they feel better. Hi, yay. Funny person and they feel better. That's adding value. That's increasing their state. When I used to have that nine to five job, I don't know if you've ever heard me tell a story, but I used to work at Nordstrom's and women's shoes, the nine to five job I'd go in every day. And when I went in focused on me, how will you add money to my paycheck? Will you help me hit my goal $4,000 for the day? That would be really make me happy.

When I would in with that energy. Guess what? Even though of course I didn't actually say that, but when I went in, guess what? It would happen. They would feel that off of me and be like, here's your shoes. Do you want to buy them fricking weirdo? You want to buy those shoes? They're like, yes, I'll buy it. I'm like, okay, come on, let's go. Let me ring you up. Make more money. But instead if I went in, I'll cool swab, having fun, increasing their state, seeing how can I add value to you? Then they would feel that and then I wouldn't be needy because I'm like, Hey, there's an abundance out there. That's also something. It's huge. You want a book that will change your life when it comes to money. Simple book, the science of getting rich by Walter Wattles, super short book.

I read it when I used to work that nine to five job in Nordstrom's and women's shoes, and when I read it, it changed so much for me. There's one part in it. There's a creative mindset versus a competitive mindset and a creative mindset. What happens is you realize there's an abundance out there. You don't have to compete with your coworkers because if you have the frame that you're in the competitive mind, then you think there's scarcity out there. Oh, I used to do that in my nine to five job when I was selling women's shoes. I was like, someone over there just got a customer that could have been my customer. Then I get into a low state and then I go out and I'm like, Oh, I'm kind of mad about that. I wish I had that customer. It would have been good.

Just standing around doing nothing. Then I keep telling myself a story. I'm standing around doing nothing and then I'm not able to perceive with people that actually need to help because I'm in that state and my energies are attracting. People come around me and I'm like, can you help? Do you need help with shoes? And they're like, no, just get away from me. See the energy difference there. But if you're in the creative mindset, you're good. Either way, if you buy anything or if you don't, it doesn't matter because there's always more. If I stay in a positive state and I feel happy, I'm going to perceive a more abundance. Well, guess what? For a long time, I even on YouTube, be honest with the guys, I've been making YouTube videos like three years now. I sometimes fall into that competitive mind state because there are other people that may model the content from my videos.

I may make videos, not that all my videos are 100% original, but I make come up with certain thumbnails, certain titles and certain messages. Then once I get one that does well, there's like some people that just remake the same video and then what happens is I get into this little competitive mindset. I'm like, that was my idea. I feel like I'm an artist and someone's taking my work and I'm original. But what if people see their video and then see my video and they think I copied them when I was the first one to make it. It gets into this whole competitive, that ego thing. But what I've realized is there's an abundance of people out there and if the message is reaching more people, then that's a good thing. If it's not if I take it out of my little ego and I'm like, okay, that's a good thing.

Well, guess what? The money in 2020 and beyond is all about that. It is about understanding a creative mindset, not a competitive mindset. It is about knowing to be in top integrity and understanding your energy in what is flowing. Make it easy. Hard work is the mentality of 2019 and is in before I kind of work really, really hard. The energy that's coming in now, it's a much higher vibration. It's more about being in flow and to realize as well, your energy is currency. Your energy is currency. If you want more currency of Moolah, what you got to do is you got to increase your own energy and the way you increase own energy is you do what you're passionate about, what juices you up, what turns you on, what turns you on? What gets you fired up? What when you're in that state, is it contagious?

You see these things I share with you right now are extraordinarily powerful. I do have a meditation that will show you how called think and grow rich meditation that recently came out. There are people that did that meditation that said within a week of doing it, they manifested 605 once the person at 566 euros. I don't know how much money that is, but I think it's a good amount of money and then somebody else said some very similar people manifest money after listening to this meditation because it gets you to a certain state and energy state.

5 Things I do to Get into High Vibration Everyday (game-changer)


What do you do if you're not already in high vibration? Meaning you've elevated how you feel and you're feeling great, which means more synchronicity happens and more things just happen. It tends to go your way. What if you're not in that state already? What are some things you can do every single day that will put you in that high vibrational state and allow more synchronicity, more things to go your way easier than ever? In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly the five things I do every single day. I'm not just going to tell you about it. I'm actually going to show you how I get in high vibration and stay there. I'm going to show you how to do that too.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to get into high vibration. First off, you're like, what's high vibration? What does that mean? Is that having to do with electricity? Sort of. It has to do with is our energy States of consciousness. Every single one of us will resonate at a certain frequency, at a certain vibration. What quantum physics shows us, first off, everything is vibration. As esoteric as some of this may sound, it's actually rooted in knowing that everything is always moving and what happens is as we raise our vibrational state of consciousness, we feel better. We're in a higher vibe state, which means also what we think has more potency has more power.

At the bottom we have shame, fear, anger. Then what happens? We get to travel and we learn how to observe our thoughts. We then can disassociate. You're kind of in a way let go of these lower emotions. Willingness is like willpower. A lot of self-development resonates. Their reasoning is our beliefs create our reality. Being aware of science is also in reasoning and then love, joy, peace and enlightenment. In general, music will calibrate it a certain frequency. Some of the music we listen to may only calibrate. Say like angry death metal music that may only calibrate it like a 200 or 175 and why can't I raise my vibration? Well, we may be listening to music that's calibrates less than that keeps us in that vibrational state. In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you those five things that I do in my everyday life.

The first one I want to talk about is, first off, there's a sound called ohm. Ohm. Let's do it. Let's all do it together right now. It's actually more like this actually, that's the Western way of going about it. The way you do it is you go, it's like you're making it a free a sound and then you just close your mouth. That's what makes the ohm. It just naturally goes ohm as you are now that frequency resonates at 720 on this scale. That's extremely high. One of the highest word syllables that there is on when we're talking about that scale of consciousness. It's going a little dark because the light is changing. There we go. I really like this camera because it knows this right over here. The first thing that I do is something called sound therapy or sound using sound to raise vibration. I found that that helps me to change my state. First off, ohm is something everyone can do. I've got this part in my house as well. These are like little crystal bowls. When I hit these, they make different frequencies. Sorry, here's the heart shocker.

These are just different sound frequencies that you can use and these are crystal balls. Did you not need crystal balls though? I know some of you may watch this and you may be like, well I don't have those. I don't necessarily want to go, Oh by those will. What you do is the frequency of your own sound. You have a voice and you just do OME or any type of mantra that is very powerful for raising your vibration. Also, just in general as well. I used to work in that nine to five job that I didn't really like and there were times that I would go into work and maybe something would happen that would put me in low vibe or I would just allow myself to kind of get there. Maybe a coworker would say something to me and it would get me mad or something like that. Something that always really helped me is anytime I'd get triggered, I find myself in a low vibe state. I would go walk around outside, just walk around outside. I worked at Barney's and women's shoes.

I would go outside and I normally hang out with valet, just kind of like, it'd be like nice cars and stuff, but I would just kind of walk around and by walking around outside and breathing in air, even though it was on the Las Vegas strip, that was something very powerful for cleansing my state in a way. When you move as well, that has to do with your vibration too. It's almost like you're able to kind of move that stagnant energy in a way. That's the first one. It's sound vibration. Walking is also very powerful. As I go through these as well, I'm going to be like throwing in random little things I'll show you that don't really have to do with the five. Really just probably be like nine that I share with you in this blog, but that's just kind of in general.

The second thing I do, which you've probably heard me talk about before, which might sound a little bit cliché, but doing whatever you're passionate about every single day is one of the highest vibrational things that you could be doing. Because when you're doing what you're passionate about, that's your true energy. That's your true vibration. If I wasn't making these daily videos, I wouldn't be authentically, completely myself if I wasn't expressing myself somehow. If you look at this right here, this is what I have set up. I've been doing them here lately. I turned on these little lights right here and this is normally where the camera goes. The thing I, the reason I do videos every single day right when I wake up is because it's also what I do for a living. It's like I'm able to get that out of the way. But I enjoy doing it, but doing it every single day. I also do it right when I wake up because I'm in the creative flow.

When you come out of the subconscious mind, it's like my mind is primed and ready to go like right now, and that's one thing you want to do. Let me show you this quick little analogy, this quick little metaphor that kind of makes it easier to understand why to do this, and I've explained this before, but it's just super important if you haven't heard it yet, it's understanding that you are, every single one of us has an ego-self and what is called a higher self or a higher mind. What happens is our higher self is on a metaphorical mountain and able to see us in the Valley. We're in 3D physical reality. We can't always see what's ahead. We can't always see all of this. However, our higher self can, our higher-self communicates with us in the form of a vibration. That vibration, our higher self, which is still us, is putting off, is the frequency of our passion. Whenever we're doing our passion, it didn't put us into a state that says, Oh, this is what I'm passionate about.

There's like a river over there and it says no. If you just keep walking, you realize that there's a little bridge that takes you across the river and then it's quicker and it's even a more of an enjoyable journey going up. The key is to trust the higher self and to do whatever we're passionate about, even when the passion doesn't seem as logical. It's about being aware of that energy and, and just following that energy, knowing that doesn't have to be like sometimes our intuition doesn't necessarily need to speak to us in the form of a voice. Like, Oh, go do that. I'm like, okay. Then I go do it. It's like, Aaron, go do that too. Okay. No, it's more so like our intuition, our higher self will give us a certain frequency, a certain energy that we didn't tap into, and then that energy is something that when we go along, good stuff tends to happen because we're in that high vibe state. That's the second one that I want to share and it's the one that I find to be very powerful.

Another thing too, if you're wondering to yourself, how do I know what vibration I am currently at? Well, there's something that I have that will calibrate your vibration. It is a quick two-minute survey where you answer some things that calibrate your energy where you're currently at. Then what you can do is I'll show you how to get to the next levels by giving you a personalized meditation. That's one that's for your current level of consciousness that shows you how to get to the next level. If you want to check that out, you go to,, that's what's my But that will help you to then get to the next levels, understanding that process. That will help as well. The third way that I go about raising my vibration, and I'm going to be completely honest here, I do this every single day, at least once or twice.

I come out and I walk barefoot on grass. We are in the world that we live intend to walk a lot on concrete. We'll be inside. I remember having that nine to five job especially. This is where I come every day and I actually come over a year. I'm one of those people. I have no problem hugging history. Okay. I like connecting with nature in general. But that's what I found to be very grounding. You probably heard this story before, but I used to have to be labelled as someone with ADHD has a lot of energy and used to think there's something wrong with me and because I believe that had ADHD and I believe that the only way to get through it was by taking Adderall. That was my reality. Then what happened is I came across the study of meditation, how powerful it is, started meditating and then I realized I could redefine myself because I had a label on me that I had ADHD or something wrong with me.

I changed that label and then I realized that all I had to do is meditate and ground myself every day. When you put your feet in the grass, what happens is there's an energy that it connects you to the ground. It connects you to earth and you'll find that energy can leave through the heels of your feet. It leaves to the heels of your feet. That's why walking barefoot on sand as well on the beach is so powerful for energy. You're able to release that excess energy and that helps to raise your vibration. One thing that I recommend every person do if you can, is somehow getting on grass, get on the sand, dirt. It doesn't really matter, just connect to the earth and hug a tree while you're at it. The fourth thing that I do every single day is I binge watch Netflix.

Super high vibe. I just put on Netflix. I watch this show called black mirror right over there. Actually, I'm just totally kidding. I have been aware of recently and understand that with everything I share it's in general. Like it's not like I can't even enjoy my life. It just lasts one show and you can still watch a show and become on, but be aware of it on your energy. I started binge-watching that show. Black mirror. I know it's been out a while. It's super interesting though. I watched like three or four episodes a couple of days ago. It had really weird dreams that night. Also, I just felt like a, I could definitely feel like it had an effect on my energy now even though I'm aware of it. That's why we're in, this is the most powerful thing. Even though I'm aware of it, I'm probably still going to do it.

Sometimes. The key is the awareness though. Like I stopped at three episodes in one day, but in general, one way to raise your vibration is to actually pull back on watching certain content and especially stuff that may be lowering your vibration. As interesting as that show is a lot of it can be like kind of painful stuff happening to people and just not ideal living situations. I was aware of how it was making me feel, even though it was giving me an initial rush of like adrenaline or whatever when you're watching like some type of show that suspenseful, you know, so just in general when you're watching, be aware of how it's making you feel. I've lately been watching a little bit more personal development like higher vide YouTube videos, I guess you could say. I think that helps.

But pulling back from watching the news, especially the news, if you know what the news does, keeps you in fear, anger gets you angry at what somebody said keeps you in fear of going outside of doing certain things, keeps you in these lower emotions. Watching the news will actually keep you from progressing. The thing I recommend is pulling back and watching the news, pulling back and just being aware of how you feel when you watch certain things because it has a really powerful effect on your own energy field. First off, let me share with you the fifth one. Let me show you, share with you just some fun things that I do that I'm, that I'm not recommending. You know, you have to get red light therapy or anything like that. But I do have like this right here, for example, is red light therapy.

It's like this right here, you kind of see it. This I do for about 20 minutes a day. It's really good for actually like sleep. It's really good for a whole bunch of other stuff. It helps to rejuvenate the body. This is something that I do every day that helps to keep me in high vibration. It's not necessary though. That's why I shared these ones like, and they don't actually count as the five because I know not everyone's going to be able to get like a red-light system. Something else that I do every single day is this thing right over here. This is an infrared sauna. This I found to be one of the best things I've ever got actually. I do this thing every day for about 30 minutes.

It goes on for 40 minutes tops. It goes up to 160 degrees. It's infrared. It is different than a regular sauna, but it heats your body up from the inside out, rebuilds the cellular structure and does a whole bunch of cool stuff. The next thing I'm going to share with you is actually the thing that changed my life the most is the thing that I think will raise your vibration more than anything else that you could do. What I do every single day is a simple meditation. Where would I do is I like this right here and I stare at the candle flame. The reason I stare at the candle flame is that when the eyes are focused on one spot, it makes it very easy for the mind to begin to calm down. Anytime your eyes shift focuses and it then takes the new stimulation and the more your eyes wander, the more your mind wanders. When you stare at one point, think about it. Meditation is like anything where you, you focus on one thing, it can be a candle, the flame was a sight.

Could we just close your eyes and focusing on your breath? Even in transcendental meditation, which I never really done but I know it's just like one mantra over and over and over again and that is what helps people get to a very deep level of relaxation. Doing and learning meditation has changed my life so much because then I was able to disengage from my thoughts. The thing that brings a lot of pain to people as people think they are their thoughts. When you could observe your thoughts, that's when you can see them for what they are. Just thoughts. Then you can choose what you identify with. When we think we are our thoughts, that's when pain actually comes in and when we're attached to our thoughts, that's when suffering comes in. The key to this is being aware to observe thoughts.

When you observe thoughts by maybe staring at a candle flame and watching the thoughts as they come into your mind, you start to disengage from them. You start to see them as thoughts. Then you can let them go and when you let them go, you begin to become free. When I started meditating, my vibrational set point on a scale of zero to 10 was that about a three before. After the meditation, I went to about a seven or eight out of 10 I started feeling amazing. I started to feel high all the time, not don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do anything. I meditate and I do this 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at night, at least maybe 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes a night, every single day. It has changed my life more than anything else I've done. It helps you to really disengage and have that neutrality when it comes to lower emotions.

STOP Chasing Money & Abundance and START Having it by doing this!


When it comes to chasing, stop chasing and instead start having, this has to do with understanding that the more you chase, the more you feel lack, the more you resist, the more you don't perceive of what you want. In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly what to do to start chasing and start having money and abundance.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you how to start having and stop chasing. Chasing has to do with understanding the energy dynamics that are going on. The first thing to know about this is that chasing especially from a desperate place and even that of wanting, if you heard the Buddhist said, the Buddhist said this, you said that desire is the root of all suffering. When people suffer, they're that in a state. That scale of consciousness that I always share. You'll see anger, fear, doubt, and then you eventually see willpower or willingness, love, joy, peace and enlightenment. Towards the bottom though is actually desire.

You might say, well that doesn't make sense. Don't you need a why taught to burning desire? Like books, they can grow rich to be successful. Understand that that desire, that feeling of lack is a low vibrational emotion that then attracts more of things in life that reflect back that feeling. Have you ever noticed that there may be a certain way you feel and maybe someone will tell you something and you'll react in a certain way, but if you are feeling a different way, you'd react in a completely different way? It depends on how we feel to be then the experience that we have in life now chasing is where we are looking for something outside of us and we are trying to make that a part of us.

This has to do with chase. He also has to do with understanding, desire, wanting. It has to do with translating and turning this wanting into something much more powerful, which I'll talk about. This is something I realized, especially I used to work a sales commission job and the more that I would help customers and I really want them to buy, it'd be like, please buy please just once you buy these shoes is what I sold women's shoes. The more that I could feel that resistance in the morning, it would repel them. Imagine if you want to attract money or even love and you're like, I hope this goes well. Oh my goodness. Then what happens is they could feel that and they're like, I'm good. It's almost like you're repelling them. It's like repelling energy, but when there is an understanding that I'm good, either way, it's a different type of energy that's not chasing.

Have you ever noticed, we're just talking to energy dynamics here, but if you ever noticed the cool guy, like think about the stereotypical, like the archetype of a cool guy in high school who's like just sitting there on lunch at the snack shack with like leather or a vegan leather jacket and then he's like, he's like just cool and stuff? All the chicks go up to them and like, Hey, can that sit next to him? He's like, I don't care, and it's like he's got that carefree attitude, right? He's not attached. What if non-attachment is actually the key to all of this? He's just not attached and this happens many times when people are in this state of like being curious but not attached being and having. This is why. Also having fun is one of the best ways to raise your vibration.

Then attract money, love or abundance into your life, but attachment and even putting things on a pedestal. If it's very important that you make a certain amount of money, then it means it's not natural. The key is to make this natural. Here's the other thing. When it comes to abundance and money, the where people get caught up is people chase money in abundance. Even though money in abundance is a symbol, it is a symbol. The key is to understand that money in abundance is a reflection of you doing something, being a certain way and adding value into the world. If you go about it that way, then you won't actually be happy and you'll find yourself. It's just going about it backwards. It's like chasing the symptoms instead of going to the cause. What causes money in abundance? What causes money in abundance is you being in a certain state.

This is about understanding that different energy dynamic. You know, when I started making YouTube videos, I started feeling in my flow and my state and before I even did YouTube, I was intending, I found this guy on online that was making money by making Kindle books. What he would do is have like certain personal development marketing and he'd figure out different Kindle books to be made and we like manage to have the made and then marketing them. I thought that was a really cool idea because you could make money passively, right? But what I eventually realized was that I wasn't really passionate about it. I bought a course, I started applying it, but I felt like I was forcing myself. I didn't enjoy it cause I was chasing the money. I was chasing this, this dream rather than getting to the core of who I am and figuring out what do I want.

Then knowing that money in abundance is a natural reflection of that. But here's the key that makes a huge difference when it comes to money and abundance. How do you see yourself? Because when I was working at a sales-commission job, literally every single day I went into work, I would like there would be a, you start at zero and you'd help customers. What happened is the next day there'd be a certain list of the top salespeople, all the salespeople. You can see what everyone's sold the day before. What we would then do is it was almost like always a competition in a way, the competition to see who could sell the most. Actually you kept your job by remaining on that list in order. If you were always at the bottom, then you could get in trouble. Right? I worked there for years and I would sell.

I was always kind of right in the middle, right in the middle on that like I was an average salesperson. Well, there came a time when I learned about the self-image and I started to apply something. I started to meditate and release. I learned meditation, which completely transformed my life. I released my old self-image and I simply started to feel as if I was already at the top of the list and then I went into work and I was and I acted and I was helping customers as if that was me. Guess what happened? Within two or three days I was a top salesperson. From that point going forward, I was one of the top two or three people out of like 15 people and before that I was right in the chunk of the middle. Self-image is powerful because of the way we see ourselves as projected out to other people and it has a certain magnetism.

What I didn't focus on there is I didn't focus on making the money. I focused on being that kind of person. You see the difference here? When it comes to this, realize the more you want something, the more you vibrationally say, I don't have it. Look at this. It's like I want $10,000 I want $10,000 I don't have the $10,000 I really want it. It's got it up on a pedestal and if it would just come up with a pedestal, it can be my go into my bank account. Don't feel really good. That's one vibration. Then let's go over here. It's more silky, smooth, vibrational, more buttery, smooth. It's $10,000 it's natural for me to have or make or it's just easy. It's with the flow. I don't have to chase it. Why would I chase that money? Why would I even want that money?

It's just a natural part of my identity. It comes as a result of me being who I naturally am of adding value into the world. You see, these are two very different vibrations and the key to this is this is a huge, huge difference. It has to do with non-attachment. It has to do with the higher-level paradigm of manifestation. The way you, it's not your fault, by the way, know that as well. It's not your fault. You've been taught this, they teach this and a lot of law of attraction stuff. You got to want it, have a white-hot burning desire. But that's actually what is blocking you from experiencing it in your life. The only time desire is cool or powerful is when that desire then propels you to take action, which means that then once you're taking the action, you're out of the desire, but many people will remain in that place.

Here's the thing to remember as well. Gratitude. Just gratitude. When you think about it like this, I really, really want, and then think about it. I'm so grateful now that I've attracted this. Gratitude re literally merges you with a potentiality that is not here yet, and it allows you to vibrationally be in that so that when you experience it, gratitude is the unifier of the reality you want. If you can feel gratitude on the inside for something that's not here already, you can then eventually see more and more evidence of it in your outer world. Realize that's all the outer reality is anyways. It's a reflection of the inner reality. If you could feel gratitude for this now it changes absolutely everything. This is what's changed my life the most. I've applied this process to becoming successful on YouTube, to becoming successful in life, to have an amazing relationship with people.

It has to do with non-attachment, has to do with the higher-level paradigm. There's something that I teach that's called the shift technique, which helps people to do this naturally so that they don't have to desperately want something and it's also a step by step process for how to go about manifestation in a higher-level paradigm. This is for people that are tired of the law of attraction, old school ways of going about it, the desire and all of that stuff and the desperation of wanting something and feeling like the more you want it, the more you repel it. This is about understanding a higher level of consciousness and how to attract by letting go of the outcome, using, keeping it natural and seeing it as natural for you to manifest what you want. This is smoother, this is more fun. It's also a more fun process as well.

If you didn't know, I do have something that's called mind shift. Meditation is a pro is a process and a program that helps you to do exactly this. It helps you to manifest what you want from a state of non-attachment and also to have fun while doing it, to knowing that potential reality already exists. All you got to do is embody that now. There are meditations that help you wire that in and it changes your identity from the inside out so that that's natural for you.

The Great Awakening Has Begun… (What To Expect)


I feel confident in saying the great awakening has begun. This is something that's been going on for a while, but I would say that right now is really the tipping point and maybe you can feel it in your own life as well, but in this blog, I'm going to share with you what it means that now the green awakening has begun and some of the things that we can expect to experience and the time moving ahead.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you some ideas that I haven't shared on the channel that much yet just because they do consider to be a little bit more esoteric. When I say esoteric, I mean some people may hear it and think that it sounds like something that's a little bit off the wall and I'll be honest with you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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When I first went through my spiritual awakening in 2012 I started to learn about this and it took me a while to really warm up to it. As you can probably notice, you look around right now, a lot of things are falling apart. I think that that is part of a big process. I've seen a lot of different information that is linked up to say the exact same thing. When I went through my awakening in 2012 and I think anybody that really goes through some form of spiritual awakening, let me say right now as well, that the great awakening happened right now. The pressure is what spawns a great awakening. Right now, or even a spiritual awakening, that's what happens is pressure comes from it. When you look at my past with what I experienced growing up with having a harder childhood and then feeling unworthy and going through all that pain that catapulted me to then pushing through and going through that spiritual awakening.

Most people that have gone through what is called the spiritual awakening, where people become aware that they are eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. It's been happening more and more on the planet and since everything that's been happening with this pandemic and everything, there has been a quickening of this experience. Many people are waking up now I see it not just in people reaching out to me. I see it just in the world in general. Many people are starting to ask new questions because certain things aren't adding up the way that they used to add up. This is what's causing that awakening to happen. That awakening to who really we really are and what our purpose really is. The great awakening and it's a term that we can use for understanding that there is a mass level of awakening happening on the planet.

This means that many people are becoming aware that they may have lived their whole entire lives. Just believing what they were told by the government, believing what they were told by their family, by their friends. They're beginning to question certain things and they're starting to see holes in certain things. We now have it to where we have the internet where we have the media, which has a certain perspective that keeps people in a certain realm of consciousness. You'll notice that everything, every absolute thing on the media is a, is fear or anger. Have you ever noticed that? Have you ever watched the news even before all of this stuff happened? I've heard just a couple of years ago, I was like, there's not ever been one thing ever I've ever seen on the news that's been positive ever.

There's a reason for that when people, when there's a certain perspective that people have for us, it keeps us in a certain realm of consciousness, believing that the world is a nasty, dirty place and that we better have somebody that controls and has all these, these ways kind of mitigating everything. We're much more open to that and we're much easier to control that way. I know that sounds a little bit out there to some people, but it's just the way it is. There's a reason that the world and the media is the way it is. What's happening is people are starting to see holes in that. They're starting to question why is it always so negative? Why is it being spewed this way when I think that actually things may be happening this way and that's at adding people to go within. When they go within, they didn't see them. Maybe reality is a little bit differently different than what's going on now.

Let me make a statement right now. I believe that the next 10 years on the planet will be so much transformation that when we look back 10 years from now, it will look completely different. I'm not just talking about some type of technology that comes out. I'm not talking about just some type of political structure I'm talking about. Everything will begin changing in ways we can't even imagine yet and in the next 10 years, it'll be the progression that maybe would have taken 150 years prior to that. That's how fast we will evolve from our state of consciousness, from our state of awareness and it will happen gradually, but there'll be these bumps that happen and it's something that's been long prophesized even by ancient civilizations. If you talk about the Mayans you talk about, there's been many ancient prophecies that are talked about this time on the planet right now and if you've ever studied that of Dolores Cannon has over 19 books out or 17 books or 19 I, I should probably be.

You'd think I would look that up by now. I've been talking about robotics for a while, but I never actually looked up as a 17 or 19 it's one of those odd numbers, but she has books that are transcripts of her talking to different clients because people go into a very deep level of hypnosis and she asks them questions. Their higher self will come through or their subconscious mind will come through. They'll go out in a way into this trance and they'll ask questions like, why did you incarnate at this time? What was the purpose of this person in your life? What is your purpose in life? All of these different questions and get an answer to it. It's called Q, H, H, T, quantum healing hypnosis technique. It is the technique that Dolores can and founded. There are people all over the world that do that, do things like that where they put that are practitioners for putting people into this deep level of hypnosis to get to understand past lives and these connections.

It's very interesting, but there's very consistent content that has come through hundreds, if not thousands of different cases from these books. You want to know what the one thing was asked over and over again was about. Why are you here at this time? People would say, I'm here to be a part of the great awakening. I'm here to be a part of the shift in consciousness. I'm here to be part of this huge transformation that's going to be happening on the planet in this lifetime. It was consistent. She'd go do that with somebody in Europe instead of somebody in South America. Then somebody over here that didn't know each other, they weren't like teaming up on like a WhatsApp group chat.

It's a physicist. It's asking questions to higher vibrational states of consciousness, it's called I am raw by raw and it's very interesting. It's lined up perfectly with that. This talks about something that's called the harvest, the harvest that's going to be happening on the planet from 2011 onwards. It's been happening for a while, but that's when it's really going to exponentialize and what it has to do with is this harvest where we have this potential to go from one level of consciousness to a new level of consciousness and the criteria for it is to be 51% or more service to others rather than service to self. Prior to that on the planet, there's been a certain control structure on our planet that has been controlling things for thousands of years. It's what has our systems put into place. It's what causes there to be a conflict between these people and all of this stuff that's we think of as normal because we have the media and the news.

This is just the way it is and that's been projected for a certain way because then we believe that we need this type of protection and we need these walls like all of these things. Here is what it was said as well right here, the Dolores Cannon material. It talks about how we wanted, we came here, many of us, if you're reading this blog right now, then that includes you. You came here to be a part of this transformation also to assist, to help because the thing about reality here on earth is that we forget who we are. When we come here, we forget who we are so that we can then remember who we are. What happens is the way to influence this reality is to actually play according to its game and play according to its rules. The rules are that when you come here and you forget who you are to then remember and then to go through learning and the experience of being on earth.

What many of us decided to do is to come here to remember who we are, to then create the change from the inside out. That's what's happening on the planet. The reason being too is because there's been a certain level of control factor there. There's been a certain elitist mentality that has controlled things and kept things in the way that it is. If you look at the log one, it talks about that there has been contacted with the sound out there and for some people, but it's becoming more and more well known. There's more and more proof on a showing of this. Basically what does has it, there's things that have been kept, information that has been kept and we think of a lot of things as normal. What I understand, I went through my awakening back in 2012 when I started learning about all of this and I thought to myself, why don't people know this?

Why do people know that meditation will transform your life? I don't. Why are they able to see the control structures of how society has run? Why are we just going to go into work everyday? Do you want all of these things and we're in this little bubble? We don't realize there's way more to reality than we think. Then I came to understand more. Sometimes people would call this, I'll be honest with you, I have a lot of discernment with these things. I'm not somebody that reads something. It's like, Oh, this is true. I look at it and then I see other evidence of it. Then I see other patterns of it and then I find people that I resonate with that I can see are telling the truth and I can kind of piece these things together and when we look at what we could call a conspiracy, understand, there are things that happen behind the scenes that we aren't aware of.

It's just the way it's been happening. I don't think it's to be feared. I think that what this is a time on the planet of is us waking up to who we are is waking up to us being eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences, and it's us to wake up to that. There's been this control structure on the planet that we're going to begin to take our power back as the people. When we look at some of the things that may happen now, there's a certain, there's a certain prerogative, there's a certain intention by those that a long time ago teamed up together and realized, Hey, if we keep society in a certain way, then we can retain the power. We just have to control the narrative. We'll control the six companies that own all the media. If we own that, we can own the perception because that's the way it works. There's a collective consciousness on the planet. If you control the attention and perception, you can have certain structures in place.

There are times what these people do is it's in a very elite level of people that see a certain way and therefore take advantage of that power control factor. What they do is sometimes what they'll do is they'll give you a problem and then that'll put the problem of the people in a certain place to where then they're open to a solution. What happens is that's something that's been happening for a while. Certain things happen, whether you call it nine 11 whether you call it a, even from a certain perspective, it could be sort of what is happening right now on the planet. Then it makes us open to certain other things happening. And, we're in a state to where then we're right where it almost needs to be. If you look at the patterns of this throughout history, you'll see different versions of, it's not that everything isn't that way, but many times it can be and many times it is.

What I'm saying with this is what we're becoming aware of is there are certain things that we've also kept in a place. For example, when we talk about currency, I don't know if this is a, a thing that is really that not known anymore, but money and the banks are corporations and they're not. The money's not backed by gold. It hasn't been backed by gold since I think the eighties and when they need more of it, they just print more of it. We just print more, print, more money. It's not backed by gold. Money is the meaning we give it. Something that I believe will happen on the planet over the next 10 years is there will be a revamp of currency on the planet. I do believe that. I don't know what that means. I don't know exactly what will happen with that. But what I do believe is I do believe there will be some form of revamping of currency will, it may go back to a gold standard towards backed by gold or something like that. It's something that in 2012 is when I really learned about all this.

I then decided to put this kind of all in the background, even though I'm passionate about it and A couple of years ago when I started on YouTube, I knew that people just wouldn't be open to this information. Even if you listen to this right now and you're kind of open to it, but it sounds kind of weird. The goal and the intention for me is just to share some ideas and that may be at a certain point it resonates. There's like an opening there. That's kind of the point behind it. What happens is the revenge currency I believe will happen. I believe there'll be a media turnover over the next couple of years. Right now the media is controlled by six major corporations, and there's a certain, there's a certain narrative, whether you're Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter if you're in those mindsets, you're in a way feeding the system, you're feeding it. These different six corporations own all of them.

The idea is it doesn't really matter the perspective this, if you're feeding the system, then that's the goal that they have to keep that polarization there. You know, there's been a certain amount of duality on the planet, a certain amount of control. What we're coming to now is we're starting to take our power back as the people. What we'll realize is that as there are people that I believe right now, there's more going on behind the scenes. I believe of this whole pandemic that's going on. I don't believe it's necessarily all bad. I believe that these elite people that may have been controlling the narrative may have been controlling things for a long time. I believe that in a way they're losing their power, literally losing their power and that as they lose their power, us as the people are going to come back on board.

That part of that means losing the power over the media to control the narrative, to control different situations that keep people triggered and in pain and in fear and orchestrating different things. I believe that that will happen over the next couple of years. I don't think it will happen right away like immediately, but I do think that over time you'll notice a switchover with a lot of things happening on the planet and I think that this whole revamp in general, we're going to see a lot of things change. I think some of this can be very shocking too. There was a lot of not telling you right now because I'm getting just pieces of what I think people are able to absorb right now because it is, I know it is. Some of it is a little bit out there. I'm aware of that. What I'm sharing right now is a little bit more out there, but I believe that many of us here right now deep down can probably feel that we are here to go through some type of transformation into this lifetime and that as a society we are going through that collectively.

You can tell he's being honest about it. He's not lying about it. He's not some guy, he's a very quiet introverted guy who doesn't even look like he really wants to be sharing it. We have all of these things that were just a huge jump from where we were and what I believe is, I believe that a lot of that was reverse-engineered technology that then brought in these different systems, whether that'd be computers or television or whatever it is with that. I think that when Bob has our talks about that or somebody like that it's easy to see that this isn't something that's that weird. In his book the love one, it talks about how there's a gut, there's a back government that's had and known about ETS for a long time. Just what they knew is they take the, if there's some type of M E T technology, they'll take it or reverse engineer it. They use it for themselves and not even all ITI things that we see in the sky are actually teeth. Some of it could actually be part of the government that's using flying it around, maybe putting a certain type of perspective onto it.

In general, the main purpose of this blog is to show you there's way more going on than what we actually think and what I believe will happen over the next five, 10 years is a huge shift in consciousness. We are moving from what is called in the book, the law of one, a third-density level of consciousness into a fourth-density level of consciousness. The third shock or I think of it like the third shock or the solar plexus and to that of the heart, solar plexus is about control. Willpower. We're letting go of the certain power structures that have been on the planet. What we're going to eventually do is we're going to, that will switch over and back to the people. The fourth density is more about understanding that everything is vibration, understanding unity, oneness. We're becoming more aware of that as we go through this process and realize that the pressure happening right now on the planet is causing more and more people to wake up. As time goes on, more and more of this will become the norm.

How to Break OUT of the Prison of Your Mind Once and for All


Today, I'm going to show you exactly what that key is and exactly how to lose it, to use it well, to lose it, to lose being inside your mind so that you finally become free. Your mind is a prison, and when you're stuck in your mind, when you're inside of your head, you will feel constricted. You will feel stuck. You will feel like these blocks keep coming up like you want to make progress. But these things keep happening. That's because when we're inside of our own mind and the rules and the beliefs we set up, they keep us in prison and the key is for us to first off know that we're in it. This isn't something that it's like a this.

This is something that the more awareness we have, the better. In reality in general, something I believe that happens in the world is in a way there is an intention for people to influence your own mind. Part of that could be the media that you watch because when you watch certain media, it keeps you in a fear and anger mentality, which means that then you're so busy doing this, all this other stuff that you may not question, wonder, what's my purpose here?

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Why am I really here? What's really going on in the world? The question and for us to think for ourselves is something where we're told what to think and what happens is when we're kept within a certain belief system, we feel in prison, we don't actually reach our full potential. Any person that you've seen that's acquired a certain amount of success, anybody that has really accomplished something that you admire. What they've had to do, what they had done is go beyond their belief system. They've had to break out of the shell of the way people assume them to be and they'd have to, they had to break out of their own identity the way that they saw themselves.

It's a meditation that changes your identity, core beliefs about who you are. I actually stumbled across this when I was back in the day. Maybe you've heard part of my story. I'm going to share a little bit of it right now so that you can see what I mean. As many of you know, between seven and 15 years old errands told the story again between seven and 15 years old. I had an ex stepmom that was on my life that was very controlling my brother and I had no freedom whatsoever, but many times we were just working outside and we weren't allowed to have friends. We weren't allowed to go to school. We get school activities taken away from us.

We get books taken away from us. I think maybe that's why I like Harry Potter so much. That was my escape. But what happened is that made me feel unworthy after my dad divorced when I was 15. My brother and I have a whole new world were labelled to have friends, were able to watch TV. We're able to eat enough food because we were very malnutrition. Before that, we were only given a bowl of cereal in the morning, TV, dinner at night. Well, very, very skinny. Then what happened is 15 years old comes around, we have all this freedom, yay. However, we both still felt unworthy. I had all this energy because now I'm allowed to be myself and then people would tell me that I had ADHD. I go to a doctor that gives me Adderall, the prescription drug for it.

I had trouble focusing and I started to label myself and I started to think of myself as somebody that had trouble focusing. I worked at Nordstrom's in a woman's shoes. There was like a lot of jokes about how just how much energy I had and stuff. It was a point where I felt unworthy. I felt lonely. I felt like I couldn't necessarily, you know, I kept attracting a woman into my life that was very controlling. Listen to this as well. Our mind will play patterns on us. What does that word? Patterns. Even though my ex stepmom was no longer in my life here, listen to how weird this is. This is how the prison of the mind works. When my dad divorced my ex stepmom when I was 15 years old, I remember that I had all this freedom all of a sudden not to know what went through my mind.

This is scary. This is scary to have this much freedom because I wasn't using, I was used to having to like sneak food. I was used to having to like put it in this little box of not able to like sneak watching TV and stuff and all of a sudden, I had all this freedom and it felt weird. It felt like there was like, I think what I created was a certainty. I see how some people may get out of abusive relationships and want to go back to it because it's what they know. It's what's, it's what feels safe even though it's not safe and it sounds crazy, but, I remember feeling that at that place. Well, guess what happened? No worries. I ended up attracting a woman is always woman came into my life that would try to control me. It was an ex-girlfriend.

When I got out of that relationship with the ER out of, I get it, I have to see my ex stepmom anymore. I then had a girlfriend that was trying to control me that didn't like how loud I was. She just, there was so many things that I had to be a certain way. Then I broke up with her and then I got transferred to another department and woman's shoes at Nordstrom's and I went from one woman's shoe to a better women's shoe department with a more expensive price point because it was sales, but the manager of that department was exactly like my ex stepmom. It was crazy how similar she was. Then I became aware of this. I started to let go of these labels. Once I learned meditation and I learned how to let go of those identity beliefs, guess what happened?

That manager got fired within two weeks. I've never had to deal with someone in my life. Again, any woman or man that tries to control me and it's because now I have dropped that from my sense of identity. Even just I realize even looking back and in high school in freshman year, I felt and saw myself not dumb as an average student. I saw myself as an average too. I just didn't think I was smart. I was getting CS. Then one time there was this one situation where I did good on this test and these people were talking about. It said, well, you're smart. You did good in this one test. I started to at the moment see myself as smart. From that point going forward, I went from CS to getting B's and A's consistently at a 3.8 GPA in high school and I took honors classes and stuff.

Not trying to brag or anything, but that is, I just changed my identity. I changed my identity beliefs. When we change our identity beliefs, we become free. These little beliefs, these little labels in prison us. When I learned meditation, I used to tell myself a story. I can't meditate, I have ADHD, but I said, you know what? I'm going to learn how to observe my thoughts. I'm going to do this no matter what. Guess what happened? After about two, three or four days of doing it, it completely changed the way that I felt. I didn't redefine myself. I became aware of all these beliefs I had about myself and it started to let them go. I realized I just agreed to them at a certain point in my life. If somebody calls you shy, you can challenge that belief. It'd be honest yourself.

Yet maybe I'm a little bit of introvert, but I'm not afraid to talk to people. But at the same time, maybe it's somebody told you something about your body or something like that or how you look and you just agreed to it. What if you were to challenge it and then you would start to feel different about yourself and that's when you start to become free. The key to being free is realizing that these labels are not you. You may think that's you may have these labels that they're not who you are. That's the key to this. The IB or the identity beliefs are what keep you trapped within the prison of your own mind. The key to being free is learning to observe them and to challenge them and to get to a level of letting them go and realizing who you really are.

That's the key. There are many rules we'll have. We'll have rules that are kind of like beliefs that say, I will feel happy when X, Y, Z. I will feel happy when I have this. If we play according to those rules, we're siphoning our own happiness. Why can't we be happy in the present moment? I will know someone loves me when they texted me every day and they tell me how amazing I am. Do you see what I mean? What happens is these, these rules make it so we don't feel as love as often. A lot of times those rules are based on external things, which means you're trying to control the outside. If the rules are based on just things like I choose to feel love when I focus on something I'm grateful for. Oh, my goodness, I could do that all day long.

I choose to feel I'm worthy when I am just recognizing something within myself. Oh, that's internal. I can do that all the time. It's easy to do, but we make a lot of things very hard because we make them and we make rules that are very detailed and specific. I will know I am love when this person texts me, Hey, Hey, good. How are you? Like we want to be talking about your kid or something. The key to this is breaking out of those walls, becoming aware of your self-image. I realized, and I learned this when I learned this meditation stuff, I was working a nine to five job. When I learned that, guess what happened? I was working that night at five job. I saw myself as just an average employee.

Then every day you go in, you see the top salespeople from the day before. You see as the list of the people that were top salespeople in the tubule that didn't do so well. Then it was like a comparison factor every day. But I realized, I just see myself as the kind of person that comes in and is always in the middle. I was always in the middle. Guess what I did and did, I saw myself as a top salesperson. I changed my self-image. I then went in and I started acting that way. Guess what happened from that point going forward, I was at the top, Oh I did was changed my self-image because our self-image, the way we see ourselves is what we project out. It's what we act in according to. If you see yourself as a top salesperson, you begin to act according to it.

You begin to model it, your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions begin to link up to it. The key to this is understanding that when you change your beliefs, you change your whole life, your beliefs cause your feelings, your whatever you believe to be true then causes a feeling of belief is like a meaning. A belief is like a thought, a pattern thought in a way that didn't cause you to feel a certain way. You say, oh this, like if you were to break up with someone or someone or break up with you, the meaning you gave, that would be the feeling you felt. If you felt good about that, like, Hey, I got freedom now, then you'd feel great if you felt like, no, this was my one chance at love. I know I can't happen. No pills. Oh good.

It's because the belief is causing that. But if you change the meaning, the belief, it changes how you feel. That's the cool thing. Then you got the feeling. It's like the idea of rainy days, a neutral idea. But you mean you give, it's whether you give it a positive thing with it or not. It's your meeting, it's up to you, you choose it. It's just that many times we have chosen these meetings based on a green with society or green or agreeing to something. Someone told us growing up watching a hundred Disney movies. Oh, it was my one chance for prince charming. But the truth is you can free yourself from that belief system and then the feelings and when you're in a certain state, then you have thoughts that are equal to it. That's why Tony Robbins teaches change your state. Change your life because when you change your state, you then change how you think.

That's why feelings come before thoughts. Even though people mostly be like, Oh, filter, come before that. If feelings, then thoughts, then actions, then you take actions, then you get the results, which fuels the belief. If you change your beliefs and more specifically your identity beliefs, you will change and transform your life and you will become free to create life on your terms. Stop giving away your power. It's not for everyone. It's for you to use to then also add value out into the world, so it's about changing your identity beliefs. This is how I became free. You may, I mean I meditate every day. I no longer have ADHD, I still have a lot of energy. As you can probably tell, I feel completely worthy. I love my life. I love who I am. I don't feel unworthy, I don't feel dumb. I feel like I'm a smart person.

I'm able to share these ideas. That's all changed and I feel empowered because I've let go of my identity beliefs. I want to make and have this video go out. There is something that I have that will help you to change your identity. Beliefs. They are the most powerful meditations that I've ever made. There are five meditations. There's five-step process to this, to do this and to releasing your identity beliefs and I believe it will completely transform your life. They're called mind shift meditations. There's a really cool bonus in there. What I did is it's called the epiphany notes. I went through my iPad and I have all of these screenshot notes with like notes that I hand wrote in there of my personal notes, over 200 screenshots of different books where I circled certain sec sections and some of them.

Then I wrote little notes down. You get all of those, you get like over 200 of those plus all the documentaries. I linked to that have changed my life. All the kind of like behind the scenes of like the things I actually study myself. I share those. There's also a behind the science behind the mind series where I interview and show you the belief system of Leeor Alexandra, Victor Oddo, and Ryan Cropper. This is something that, shows you inside the belief system of different people. You could see what made the shift, but this is for you if you're ready to take your power back if you're ready to get rid of those identity beliefs and to become free to create life on your terms.

If you feel stuck, you feel like blocks keep coming up. If you feel like you love the content that I create, but you just don't know exactly how to apply it, well, this is a step by step process that helps you to take your power back to become free and to start creating life on your terms. These rules are not meant to be walls. You're to let go of those to create life on your terms so that you feel empowered and these meditations get you into that subconscious mind. They get you into that to completely transform it from the inside out.

3 Negative Side Effects Of Raising Your Vibration (NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS)


Raising your vibration isn't always sunshine, daisies, roses, peaches and cream. There are some negative side effects of it, some of which some people probably don't talk about. In this blog, I'm going to share with you what those are, how you can bypass them so you don't experience the negative effects of raising your vibration.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you why raising your vibration has these negative side effects and what you can do about it. The first thing you might be wondering is what is raising my vibration? Anyways, let me share that with you. Raising your vibration is about increasing your frequency and what that means is we first off become aware that there is something that is called the scale of consciousness. This is from the book called power versus force.

There are different emotions that resonate at a certain rate. Everything, and what quantum physics shows us is that everything is vibration. The thing is as we raise our vibration, we feel better. We then are able to create what we want easier than ever do, to have them more potency of our thoughts and the key to raising our vibration normally involves letting go of the lower vibe. We've got shame, fear, guilt, anger, neutrality, willingness, reasoning. Then we have love, joy, peace and enlightenment. The more we raise our vibration, the easier the more synchronicities are in our lives and the better we feel. The first negative side effect of us going through this process has to do with building what is called a spiritual ego.

What happens is as you become more aware of these things, like for example, back in 2012 and I went through my awakening, all of a sudden, I started feeling completely different about myself. I stopped doing things that were keeping me in a low vibe. For example. That of alcohol resonates at the level of courage at or yeah, right at the level of courage, which is right at about 275 and what happens is if we are higher than that naturally and we drink, it actually brings our vibration down. Even though it gives us a temporary enjoyment of that thing. Same thing for weed. Something like marijuana that resonates at 350, which is also the level of acceptance, which is funny cause when people smoke normally they just accept the moment.

For some people, if they're feeling negative emotion that may raise their vibration temporarily. But I'll tell you what, everyone reading this blog, your natural vibration as much higher than that of alcohol or weed. You might be asking, how do we find out these different? These different vibrations of what things calibrate at well in the book power versus force when it talks about is what we use is something called muscle testing, which is connected to the subconscious mind, which allows us to then calibrate these different things to see the rate of vibration. When I raise my vibration initially in 2012, what happened is as that happened, I started to feel completely different about myself.

I learned how to meditate. I would say on a scale of one to 10, feeling like a three out of 10, normally I felt probably at about a seven or eight after I learned meditation, it changed my whole entire life. Then what happened is I go through the spiritual awakening and I start sharing these ideas with people. I start sharing this with people and some people didn't understand. They thought it was weird. You know, I was this guy that was drinking a lot and having a lot of going to parties and stuff like that. All of a sudden I'm talking about meditation. It's like what happened? The things I used to be interested in changed very quickly.

Because of that, it caused me to hang out with friends and stuff like that and feeling kind of like an oddball because I wasn't as understood. Then what happened is I started to develop what is called a spiritual ego. A spiritual ego is when you start to, in a way see yourself as somebody that's higher up on the scale and you start to compare yourself to other people and you're like, well, this person doesn't understand me so because they don't understand me, they're at a lower vibe than I do. That's why they don't get it. They don't get me because they're not awake. You ever heard someone go through a spiritual awakening that happens? Sometimes it's like they just don't understand because they're not awake.

They're not at the same level. Well, what happens is the old ego goes out the back door or it goes out and then a spiritual ego comes in through the back door and this happens quite often. When people raise their vibration, they then develop a spiritual ego within, they look in a few and feel them appear to be better than other people and it's a natural pro. It's natural progress that a process that a lot of people go through, but the key is to be aware of it. It is a negative side effect because it's insidious. You may not be aware that there's this part of you that comes through the back door that then is identifying and seeing other people as less than. But let me share with you the solution to this.

See everyone else as perfect and at the perfect place for themselves. Don't view them as above you or below you. Everyone just is where they need to be. Having that perspective and knowing that when you're around people that are doing low like that or lower vibe, realize that there may be a lesson there for you. There may be something you can learn from that, maybe if it's even your own boundaries. But by switching that frame about it, it makes it so much easier to connect with people. I found that after a period of time, it was harder for me to connect to people because I kept telling myself a story. There are no people that understand me. There are no people that are awake, there are no people into the same things. That affirmation created that experience over and over and over again.

But then what I did is I realized it. I became aware that I had that belief and then I was getting reflected back in life over and over again. Then what I did is I changed it and once I changed it, I had people that were in the same mindset into the same type of metaphysical information come into my life. Also, you'll notice that people in the comment sections below, there are people that vibe with you if you haven't already subscribed to the channel as well. I share information that helps you to raise your vibration, helps you to also feel more empowered, really take your power back and show up in the world in a powerful way. People here, we're all in the same, we're all in a similar vibe, you know, otherwise, we wouldn't be reading this blog.

That's the first negative side effect of raising our vibration that a lot of people probably won't tell you. But also we should know about the second negative side effect of raising your vibration has to do with something that happened to me when I quit. This happened actually when I quit smoking weed back in 2012 and I stopped drinking. I stopped doing a couple of different things, but one thing that happened for about three or four months actually because I was smoking weed for probably about a year, almost every day. I take Adderall during the day, which I was prescribed for having ADHD. I'd go to work selling women's shoes and that would be really pumped up, ready to work. I do really well. Then I'd go home at night. The side effects where you don't eat very much, you don't sleep very much.

Then I'd go home and I would smoke and I did that for like a year, year and a half. Then when I quit, when I learned meditation was when everything really began to change. I'm going for a whole year with smoking. What happened is there was a certain amount of buildup in my body of doing that every single day. What happened is when I decided to quit, there was this energy inside of my body that then I began to literally purge out for months afterwards after I made the decision to quit. It was this, I'm just going to sound kind of nasty, but it was like this yellow mucus stuff that I would cough up, and I was clearing out of my body and I intuitively knew at that time I was like, what is this? But I knew that it was this deep-rooted stuff and it was just, it was like ready to come out.

As it did, I felt lighter and lighter and it took a couple of months for it, of every couple of days. Doing that for, it's really come out. But when you raise your vibration, there's certain things or certain things that you end up purging out of yourself. Another example would, this would be as you raise your vibration, you may find that you start to gravitate away from certain types of foods. Maybe you gravitate away from like eating deep-fried fast foods, stuff like that. If you were to go back to it, you'd have a very negative side effect because it would shock your body. I know that happened to me. I started eating really healthy and then I rebelled against it one day. This is back like this a long time ago, but then I went and went to a McDonald's, got a whole bunch of unhealthy food and then I ate a whole bunch of it at once.

My body just completely was like, what are you doing bro? Just completely had to get rid of that too. But the purge of these, it's almost like you're purging lower vibrational thought forms in a way as well. Thoughts, everything is energy and when you purge out past things, I realized a lot of I was, the reason I was smoking back in the day was that I was kind of numbing certain emotions, certain things from my past that were unprocessed. When I then let that go, I became aware of it, I processed it, I meditated and observed it. That changed everything. Then I spent those months purging out that yellow mucous stuff, which sounds disgusting, but it's true. It's something that I went through and it's something that I think happens as you raise your vibration.

You purge, maybe metaphorically, maybe it's not as physical as that, but in the sense as well, you may find yourself gravitating towards new types of food. You may find that you try going back to it sometimes two to the other food, and then you just can't because it just doesn't resonate with your body as so much anymore. Sometimes people may consider that a negative side effect. Of course, purging isn't always the most pleasant thing, but it is something that you felt light afterwards. You feel amazing, you feel free, and then you're just, you're cleaned out and you feel better. The second one has to do with perching. The third negative side effect of raising your vibration is that you will then most likely be activating other people in your life. What I mean by activating is in a way triggering them to go through their spiritual process. Maybe not in the moment and the way you think it should happen so quickly.

Like when I was talking earlier about when I went through my awakening, it didn't. Other people didn't really understand it. I wanted them to, I was so excited about learning meditation and learning about the spiritual side of me. I wanted everyone else to understand it. The thing is not everyone was ready to understand it. What happened though is it planted a seed for so many people because now it's been years later, and I have friends, people that I never thought would necessarily wake up this fast, are starting to wake up and be open to this type of information about understanding spiritual awake, awakening, understanding, raising our vibration, understanding things like meditation and why that can be so powerful.

The thing is when you initially go through it, you will be activating people, which can cause a little bit of polarity. People may see you and then you will represent to them that they aren't going through what you're going through. It kind of brings up negative emotion within them. Also, when you have a higher vibration around other people, it may bring things up because in a way it's like then in order for them to resonate with you, they need to clear some things in a way as well. It's always a one on one reflection as well, cause we all, we all bring things up with any each other. But in general, you'll find that you may trigger people and you may activate people in a way that doesn't feel so pleasant because then they're just, they're thinking about you in a different way and you feel like it brings up more stuff than it used to.

If you were to just be quiet, if you were to just decide to watch television, to watch Jersey shore and not complain or talk about meditation and all this woo-woo nonsense, it would be very comfortable for them. The thing is you're going to activate those people and when you activate them, you are then actually doing them a great service, but the initial onset, the initial on the vibration of that trigger and that activation within them may seem kind of unpleasant and not so enjoyable. If you're wondering as well where you are on the scale of consciousness, I have a free quiz that you can take. It's a little survey. It takes about a minute or two to complete. It's on, Calibrate your vibration, plus get a personalized meditation for getting to the next level of consciousness that will help you to more easily move through this process.