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Quantum Jumping Technique For SHIFTING to a Parallel Reality (NO GOING BACK)

I'm going to be sharing with you a quantum jumping technique for shifting to the parallel reality that you prefer. I'm going to share with you exactly how to apply it so that you start to shift to the reality of who you really are.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that quantum jumping technique that will help you to start to create what you want easier than ever. One could say that this goes beyond that of just the Law of Attraction.

There is an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, and because these parallel realities already exist, we don't, under the conventional way of understanding the Law of Attraction, have to attract something to us because we're here and that's over here. We don't have to attract that from over here to over here in our life.

What we must do is start to resonate with the reality that we prefer. Understanding that what we can begin to do is create a greater degree of change between where we are and where we want to be so we don't have to try to shift to the parallel reality to parallel reality because it's a natural byproduct of movement.​

These individual little frames that would keep ongoing would be separate individual parallel realities that I could then look at and see that there is some degree of variation between each in each one. Here's the thing. We have this experience of memory and we're able to glue and kind of tether all of these parallel realities together in our consciousness.

It looks like one fluid movement, so it's like one fluid movement, but in reality, it's shifting through billions of parallel realities per second. That is the nature of our reality. We are shifting constantly whether we are aware of it or not. The question is not how do we jump from one reality to another because we're constantly doing that. Whether we're aware of it or not.

The question is how do we create a quantum difference? How do we create a greater degree of change from where I am right now to some ideal reality that I want to experience? That's the technique I'm going to share with you in today's blog. That's something I think is so powerful because then it gives us more permission to live from the end right now.

Many times, in our life we have a story that we tell ourselves. We have a certain story, a certain narrative in our mind, and our story subconsciously is controlling our life and it's controlling the direction of the parallel realities we shift to. We may have stories of this is the kind of person I am. This is the kind of way people treat me.

This is the kind of way that I act and health like with my health and how I eat. This is the kind of way that I am with a relationship is the kind of way I am with my finances. We have a story that we tell ourselves based on prior experiences based on the parallel realities that we've been in that we attached to subconsciously.

The key to this is to start to tap into new data streams. Think of every parallel reality as a separate data stream and when we focus on the story that we're telling ourselves, even subconsciously, we are pulling from data streams that may not actually serve us. We may say, okay, I want to attract a relationship into my life and I want to shift to a reality where there's a great relationship.

But if we have a story about how we are worthy and we're not worthy of that, and if we have a story of how relationship has gone in the past, then what we do is we pull in the present moment or pulling upon those other parallel realities and we're then creating a similar pattern in our daily life. Think of parallel realities as well as patterns.

This is something that quantum physics has shown is when you look into the past looking for a certain pattern, you will find it and in the present moment right now, what if you could also look into the past and find the opposite of something that you previously saw as a disadvantage.

For example, you may say, Oh, I'm an awkward person. Maybe somebody feels like they're an awkward person. They look to their past. They see all these situations in their mind that they blow up in their mind of them being awkward. Just one time they went to work and I said this weird thing and everyone looked at them funny this one time they had to give. 

They had to do something at school for a group project and they did something and it was weird and people thought it was awkward and they started to then I'd turn allies it and think that that's who they were and as I look into the past, they can see experiences as that, but what if there was also the potential for past experiences also been where you were very comfortable with people of that same person had very comfortable and confident times of their life when they were confident in public, very confident with around other people.

You see the potentiality in the past exists right now for the person actually to experience what they want, but they're only focused on one data stream. There are only focused on one possible probable past. They all exist right now in the present moment. That's the cool thing to the present moment is all that exists.

The past was another perception, another perspective of the now moment, but we have memory so we attain it in their memory and say, oh, this is who I was, and then the idea of the future, the future never actually gets here. The future is something we can project using our imagination.

By the time the future gets here, it'll be this moment right now. All of the parallel realities that we can imagine exists right now in the present moment. They are simply vibrating at a different frequency. Therefore, we do not perceive of it until now, until now.

Because we are. What we can learn to do now is we can learn to tap into the version of us that is in a completely different reality and we can begin to then draw upon the characteristics of that version of us. And if we do that, we then start to embody a whole new level of being and we start to then resonate with the kind of reality that we prefer.

I have kind of a story that I've told them, a couple of parallel reality videos that I've done and it was a story of when I was in, I was in a car, I was just about, I forget exactly how long it's been now. It's been years though. It's this probably back in 2011, 2012 and I was driving in a certain lane here in Vegas and I was getting ready to make a left and a turn and ahead of me just a little bit.

There was this huge semi-truck and as it was shifting into the left lane, which is lane I was in, it was shifting. All of a sudden, I knew it was going to hit me like it was obviously like it didn't know I was there as A. I had a smaller car at a huge semi-truck. It was shifting and as it was shifting, all the sudden I felt a big jolt and then I was real.

I was like 20 feet behind that semi-truck. And it was weird because I couldn't piece together that gap between where I was to then where I was. The question I had, or this is before I even knew about the quantum physics stuff, this is before I even knew about all the chuffed I share my YouTube channel. I didn't even know about it yet, I. But I knew that something happened.

I knew that from a higher level, some type of maybe my higher self, I don't know what it was, but I shifted from one reality to the other because in that reality I believe that semi-truck probably crushed me. But I experienced a quantum jump from one to the other. But it was more of an unconscious thing. It was more of something that maybe was done at a level that I wasn't consciously aware of.

But nonetheless, I felt a jolt. I was then back and then the semi-truck was like 20 feet ahead of me and everything was good. And I remember just for like 20, 30 minutes, I was like, what the, what happened? I just didn't understand that. I just kind of accepted it. And then it just kind of went in the background. Then I learned about this stuff later and it all made more sense.

Creating a quantum jump in our life is about resonating. It's about doing unconsciously, consciously by the way, that the story that I had just kind of proved to me that this is something that may be real. But now that I know what I know about parallel realities and kind of my own experiences with it, it makes it something that's more tangible for me.

When it comes to the whole technique in general, the key to this is understanding that in the present moment right now, the version of you that is in a much different space than you right now, it already exists. There is a version of you that is doing exactly what you want to be doing for a living. Maybe you're already doing that.

There's the version of you that is in the perfect relationship that isn't the perfect house, that is living the kind of lifestyle that you love. That version of you. It's not like, oh, it exists in the ethers. In the future, it exists right now and what you can begin to do is you can begin to imagine individualization. What you can do is you can imagine yourself connecting to that version of you.

You can imagine yourself as if you're looking through the eyes of that version of you because as you begin to do that, what happens is you start to pick up on the same data stream as that version of you, meaning the same thoughts, emotions, and actions. You will begin to imagine what that is and you're going to begin to pick up on that frequency because it already exists and what you can then do is the technique behind this is to set that intention that that is who you choose to be now is to begin to embody those emotions and body, the body language of that version of you.

This is something I've done many times because I imagine myself traveling the world, giving seminars all around the different cities. I imagine what I would look like on top of the state, on top of the stage, walking around how I would interact with other people. How I look into the crowd and how people would look and how excited they would be there, I would pay attention to what I would do when I was done with that go into maybe restaurants are going to do different things in the cities that I'm traveling to.

I imagine the kind of people I'd be connecting to. You see, I imagine all of these different things. How I carry myself and I don't imagine it as if, oh, wouldn't it be nice if I more so imagine it as if knowing that that already exists and I don't have to try to create it all. I have to do body those emotions and as I embodied those emotions, things begin to change because as I embodied those emotions, things begin to resonate at a different frequency.

I'll notice then that there's a different reflection that I start to get in my own life. Here's the thing though, I make the choice that that is who I am. I embody those emotions. I embody those characteristics. I know that the best thing I could do right now is to create more videos and do what I love doing because that puts me into a flow state just like I'll be in a flow state when I'm on stage, but then here's the key. Here's the thing that makes a big difference for the quantum jump.

This is what is necessary. Put yourself in a situation or an environment you have never been in before because the way it works in the quantum world is that the moment that our brain begins to pick up on a pattern, it then begins to create a very similar experience over and over again, and that's why sometimes you may have of the beginner's luck.

When someone does something and they do a really good job at it, but then maybe they try it again and again after that and they don't get the same results. Will they have no expectation when they tried something they've never done before because they had no expectation.

They were able to get better results in some people that may have been doing it for a very long time, but then as they started to get used to those results, they started to gain an expectation because then it happened really well, but then they did it a couple more times, maybe whatever it was, it didn't happen as well, so then they assume and they start to develop a pattern that they didn't start to remain consistent.

To think of it as data streams and patterns. We live in patterns. We live in a certain pattern of thought, motion action, and when we jump outside of that pattern, we start to create a quantum leap, a quantum jump, but what we must do is change our environment, change the data input of what we are experiencing and as we changed the data, input what we are, our environment, what we're constantly thinking, feeling and doing.

Then we change what we are resonating with, but we have to drop that attachment to that data stream. We have to drop the attachment to the prior way of being, and the best way to do that is to get into a completely new situation, maybe even an uncomfortable situation because what's comfortable, what's familiar is only familiar because you've done it so many times, but when you do something you haven't done before, you start to branch out.

This is something I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza, is you cannot create miracles in the same habitual thinking. Our personality creates our personal reality. My personality is a combination of what we think, what we feel and what we do. These three things make our personality. These are all on autopilot. We think this is who I am, but really these are just on autopilot from years and years of prior repetitions and familiar thought patterns.

These three things are personality is created by our what we think, what we feel and what we do. They'll personality creates our personal reality. If we want to create a greater degree of change between where we are and where we want to be, we must first off do something that gets outside of the autopilot mind. We must do something that is unfamiliar because then the brain can't sink into the same patterns as before.

What I recommend you do is go to a completely new place, maybe go traveling somewhere, decided to do an activity you've never done before because as you do that, as you get more into the unknown, that's where you can create something much better. You cannot create anything amazing and what's familiar because there's too much repetition already there. There's too much potential for the thoughts to just go back to what's already comfortable.

The technique is imagining yourself right now, looking through the eyes of the version of you that's living the best kind of life you can possibly imagine. Close your eyes even right now. What I encourage you to do is we're going to take in a couple of deep breaths and I encourage you to imagine yourself looking through the eyes of the version of you that already exists doing exactly what you want to be doing, and I'll just guide you along this process and still be like a short little mini meditation.

Just take a couple minutes, so let's take a deep breath in and out. Free that out. One more breath in and out. Feel your body, relax. Close your eyes if you can imagine yourself and what you would be doing in the ideal reality of what you want to experience, the reality that already exists. Find one representation of what this could be.

This could be you with a significant other content promotion at your job, switching to a new type of job, owning your own business, whatever it is. Imagine yourself doing it, looking through your own eyes. What would it look like and imagine a scenario that would prove to you that that is something that's happened?

As you look around and you notice, be aware that this reality exists right now. This version of you exists and what you are doing right now is you are picking up on the data stream of that reality. What you can begin to do is to make the choice that going forward. This is who you are now. Pay attention to the way you carry yourself in this reality.

Pay attention to the kind of emotions you feel, the kind of actions you take and simply choose that this is who you are now and what you can do is as you go throughout your day to day, simply know that you are going to get a reflection in your life before the end of the day today that proves to you that you have shifted to a completely different parallel reality and set the intention that you will feel inspired to do something new, to do something that you haven't done before to go somewhere you haven't been before.

Set the intention that when you see whatever this thing is that you can make the choice to do it and that you will do it in a very confident way with courage and once you can do is then go throughout your day to day knowing you are who you choose to be in the present moment. Choosing that when an opportunity arises for you to do something you haven't done before, you will know and you will take that option.

You will choose that now. Once again, remember this reality exists right now by imagine it in a body, the feeling, the feeling is the most important thing. Fuel it inside of your heart. Feel it. What would be like to be this version of you and shoes that going forward? This is who you are. This is really just a matter of choice. You can choose that this is who you are and then trust that as you start to do things outside of your familiar comfort zone, you start to create a quantum leap in your vibration. You start to develop a whole new pattern for a way of being. Choose that this is who you are.

You can open your eyes. It was like a little mini meditation there. What you can do is just realize this really is a matter of choice and part of this choice is to do something you have not done before. Get out of what is familiar. It starts to become and be who you naturally are from the perspective of that version of you because there's an infinite number of versions of you that exists but notice that who you really are.

It's the feeling inside of your heart. It's this feeling of passion and that version of you is feeling more passionate. You can embody it now by choice, by choosing to and by knowing that as you link up your body language, you link up and you start to literally model that version of you, that everything in your life begins to change.

This whole process is something I found very powerful is something I've been applying to my own life. Kind of his mantra as well. I am not the result of my past. I am who I choose to be in the present moment. That helps me to drop the story of the past and it didn't create a quantum jump in the reality that I'm experiencing.

So, I encourage you to get into the unknown courage, you to know that you are so much more than you probably thought that you can experience what you want more easily than ever when you make the choice to because you don't have to create it. It already exists. Choose it from that perspective.

What I've also done is I've created a free guided meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point, which will make it more likely that you then shift to the more probable reality that you prefer. That's something that's absolutely free. I recommend you listen to it for 21 days. I think that it can absolutely change your life if you apply it.

Reality Transuring and Self-Image (The SECRET to MASSIVE Success) with Guided Meditation

I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how to link up your self-image with the best version of yourself and I'm going to show you how to do this under the context of Reality Transurfing.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how you can powerfully change your self-image, but also not just that I'm going to show you it in the context of that of Reality Transurfing, which as many of you know is a process that I've shared before and it's what I believe to be one of the most powerful manifestation processes I've ever found and even beyond just that of a manifestation process.

It's also a philosophy, a way for seeing the world of understanding this correlation with what we think about, what we experience and how to balance our energy towards that. How to let go of the outcome and different techniques that we can use to really wire it into our consciousness.

And this also has to do with as far as Reality Transurfing goes with knowing that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. This kind of encapsulates a whole different version of the Law of Attraction that normally isn't looked at in a lot of. It's actually backed by what quantum physics is showing us as well, which is cool because the author of the Book Reality Transurfing is actually a quantum physicist in Russia.

It's a book that's now starting to get a lot more headway because it's being translated so many different languages and it's when I've shared a lot, it's one that I literally think is the most powerful way that I found going about things because it really takes into account the energy, the vibration, more so than just that of the thinking.

Another thing you'll notice is that at the end of this blog, there is a guided meditation. I think it is the most powerful guided meditation I've ever created. It's the one I get the most. People that reach out to me sit that say they listened to it every single day that it's changed their life. It's a self-image meditation that uses NLP, neurolinguistics programming to really wire it in.

That's why I've chosen to put it at the end of this blog, but I also want to give this blog context so I'm going to be explaining to the beginning how to wire this all in before we go into the meditation. This is a little bit more of a whole process for it, but nonetheless, self-image. I've spoken about the self-image many times are and it's about understanding that however we see ourselves, however, we see ourselves. That is what is called a cybernetic mechanism.

It's a set point just like there's a thermometer over there on the wall. If I set it to 75 degrees and the window were to open or to start to get hotter, it's set there as a cybernetic mechanism, so then the AC would kick on to bring it back down to 75 degrees.

It's hot here in Vegas, so that's normally what will happen and it'll bring it back down to 75 degrees because it is a cybernetic mechanism. In the same way, if we go about life and we're thinking to ourselves, okay, well let's say we see ourselves as only able to make $50,000 a year. Let's see yourselves as overweight. If this is how we see ourselves and even if we take all of our energy and we put it into us making 100,000 dollars a year or us being and losing that weight.

Even if we focus on losing the weight and $100,000 a year, unless we see ourselves as able to do that, unless it's part of our new self-image, then we keep creating what are called subconscious blocks. The subconscious mind is going to bring those experiences into our life that says, hey, this isn't who you are. They could be that.

We're going to get a raise at our job and then somebody steps in the way. Or it could be that something happens. Metaphorically speaking, of course, or it could be something happens with losing weight and you keep getting this temptation to eat something else. That temptation is the old self-image. What I have found is powerful is to almost look at ourselves images as different versions of us.

The reason this is because when we can start to identify with the best version of ourselves, we start to let go of what doesn't serve us and we start to let go of the versions of us that aren't serving because we can then identify them and see when they are creeping back up.

Understand also the purpose of that, of the subconscious mind or of the old self-image is just to keep you to survive. It doesn't want you to do things that are scary, things that are unknown because what could happen, it wants you to say, okay, this is familiar.

This is who you really are, so just keep doing this, this over and over again because it wants to survive, which is a very loving type mentality. However, it doesn't really serve us when our intention is to grow. The thing is when we look at that and we say, oh look, this is trying to get us to feel a certain way. This is trying to tell us something, trying to tell us, let's be safe. You can acknowledge it and be like, know what I'm going to do is I'm going to be safe, but I'm going to be okay.

You can almost talk to your old self-image, but I go, it's okay. I know you're trying to help me out, but this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to still go through with this because I know that it will help me in the end. I know I'm going to learn something from it. I know there's something good to come from it. And then as you take action from that place, that's where everything begins to change because then you start to embody a new frequency.

You start to embody a new pattern and that's what I've personally done. I imagined myself as the best version of me that is traveling the world that is speaking in front of people and doing seminars that are going to eat at amazing places saying those great hotels and going to good restaurants. That's how I view myself and I view myself as that right now and what I know is that as long as I continue to do this, as long as I continue also to take action from that place from point of view.

For example, if I were to get scared of having an opportunity to do some type of speaking event, then I would acknowledge that and be like, oh look, it's the old self-image that wants you to say comfortable. No, just make YouTube videos, Aaron. That's what you're good at. That's what you're used to. Just do this and don't worry about that.

You know you don't know what will happen. That's the old self-image and I can acknowledge the old self-image and be like, thank you. Thank you for looking out for me. However, I'm going to move forward with this because I know there's something to learn from it. You see, this is how we can begin to talk to the different aspects of our own consciousness, the different versions of us because they all have a different type of intentions. This doesn't mean that we have to have multiple, multiple personalities, but at a fundamental level, we already do.

There are different states of being when we're different types of people. It's just that world. It's those are both to you. It's just there are different versions of our state of being that defines how we are being in the present moment. This is about having that awareness and being aware of how we could start to push forward with the one in the version of us that we prefer.

Let's look at Reality Transurfing for a minute. First off, just to give it a very general overview Reality Transurfing is a powerful manifestation process that has to do with understanding our energy and how our energy correlates with what we experienced. First off, there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and this is called the space of variations, and even if I do like my hand like this right now, I'm shifting through different parallel realities.

Each frame is each movement. What we think of as time is the movement through different parallel realities because it all exists right now in our experience, the way we perceive it as that it's all happened literally, but that's just a side effect of time, space, reality at the fundamental level, they all exist now in the present moment and every choice that we make, every state of being that we have is shifting us through these different parallel realities.

The idea of Reality Transurfing is to surf through the space of variations. Think about how easy that found sounds to surf through the space of variations to serve through the parallel realities to the one that you want versus trying to create everything, and I've shared this many times. I think it's one of the most powerful ideas when it comes to this whole process.

Normally when we think of the Law of Attraction process, what do we think about? We think I am here and I want to be over here and I have to create my own reality to get there, but think about how much trying that includes, how much do you have to really go for it, how much have to put in to try to create your own reality? It's just at a different frequency, so all you have to do is match the frequency of it and you will begin to experience it.

You will begin to glide through the space of variations. You don't have to create it because it already exists. This is the lifestyle of Reality Transurfing. There are one or two main parts I want to talk about here, and that is one of the most important parts. Paradoxically speaking, is this whole idea of importance, so anything that we give excess importance or excess meaning, we immediately put it on a pedestal and distance ourselves from it.

The most common understanding you can have this, have you ever had someone who had a crush on maybe you were younger or even more recently had a crush on someone and because you had a crush on someone, you put them on a little bit of a pedestal and you thought they were just the coolest thing ever. You thought there were so cool. Every time you talk to them, you're really hoping that everything goes well with them, or what a lot of times happens if you put someone on a pedestal.

Then what happens is, metaphorically speaking, there are these balancing factors that come into play that neutralize that excess. Meaning we're giving things that importance. We're giving thing so it's almost like we put it on a pedestal and then the universe kicks out one of those pedestal stools so that then it falls over because the idea is to have it as a part of what is natural.

Maybe you had a crush on someone and then they felt either resistance around you because you are really hope and everything went well or it just so happened that things didn't work out because of that resistance and that excess. We knew we were giving it, so it's kind of funny how it works. Funny, a little bit sad sometimes, but it's the idea of understanding. This is about understanding that sees things as natural for you. This is where I'm going to be mixing that of reality.

Transfer surfing with that of understanding the self-image. See things as natural so when I view my self-image of me traveling the world, being in front of a lot of different people and doing speaking engagements, what I do is I see that as natural for me. I don't put it on a pedestal, and I'm like, oh my God, that would be so amazing if that happened. I'm like, more so like that is natural for me.

You still have a connection to your heart. You're still passionate about it. Doesn't mean you have no emotion. It just means that the emotion is a natural vibration of who you are. Another important part, important. Paradoxically, I always catch myself of Reality Transurfing is that connecting to your heart space because the heart space is where all the power is. Make sure your goals are aligned with what you're really passionate about.

That's when things really began to happen, so I see myself traveling the world in front of other people, doing seminars, enjoying connecting with the people all around the world. I see that as natural for me. That version of me, that self-image of me sees that as a natural part of my life experience now to my self-image here, self-image in the present moment. I may look at that and go, Whoa, that looks really cool.

That would be awesome to experience, wouldn't it be so cool? But that's what happens is then I am distancing myself from that parallel reality, that parallel reality vibration is different than this one at that point. The key to this process is to see things as natural and as you see things as natural, you are able to then see that you start to vibrate more with it.

How do you do that? How do you see things more as natural where you have to first off, where well you have to first off have the self-image that is just you? When I think about how I view myself, I first off become aware of how I view myself. I view myself as somebody that's on YouTube that makes these videos, and then I also view myself as another characteristic of me as somebody that likes to speak.

Somebody that likes to do live events, likes to interact with people. I started to view that as myself and the more I view that as myself and I start to act like that, the key is to act from that space to literally be embodying that. Then what I do is I start to vibrate with that frequency. The key to always changing our self-image is a couple of key steps.

One of the steps is to always become aware of what your self-image is. Because most people self-images, there's an autopilot. They may be making $50,000 a year and they may say, I want to make more, but they don't know that they already see themselves with their self-image is only able to make $50,000 a year. I'm going to focus on $80,000 a year.

I'm going to focus on a better car, a better house, focusing our focus and our focus on it. Then what happens is they go out and they see it. They're like, well that's a house. That's more. That's what would it be? Perfect. That's the car I want. I'm seeing more of it. This is great, but what happens is unless they internalize it and they see it as possible for themselves, as long as they.

If they're able to embody the emotions of that version of them and to embody the actions of that version of them, how would that person be acting? Then they start to really embody it at a completely different level, but the key is in the vibration. The key is in the awareness that that version of us already exists. We don't have to create it.

All we have to do is choose it, choose it from that version of us and embody it into our vibrational frequency by taking action from that point of view, by embodying the emotions and by knowing that the more we do that, the more everything in our life begins to change. This is really more about the awareness of reality in general, that all of the different potentialities exist. The version of me is doing exactly what I love. Traveling and giving seminars already exists because everything exists here and now and there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist.

The key is to embody that version of you and to know that the more you embody that version of you, the more you are shifting your vibrational frequency and the more than you can experience what you want, but the key to this is to first off, become aware of your self-image.

Once you become aware of your self-image, what you can do is you can bank it. The thing is you want to thank it. You want to allow it to be there because if you don't, then you resist it and then you almost hold it into place. Say thank your self-image. Thank you for trying to keep me to survive. Thank you for keeping this as part of my reality so I don't drop below it, but I'm going to still do this because this is actually more conducive of who I prefer to be.

It may seem scary, but I know I'm going to learn something from it so we have that little dialogue with the current self-image and it helps us to detach from that self-image and to realize we are so much more and then what we do is when we decide to why you're in the new self-image, but the key what makes this different than all my other self-image videos as what you want to do is you want to imagine that version of you and you want to imagine that version of you have these things being natural for it, for that version of you, so it's like it's natural.

It's not like it's on a pedestal. It's not going to be anytime we think our goals are going to be. This is a static, blissful feeling. It's normally off the mark because we have such high expectations. It's more about connecting to our heart, still being passionate, still feeling love and excitement, but it's not like this. This unsustainable type thing that we put on a pedestal where it's like, oh, it'd be so amazing when this happened and this happens, and then thinking it's going to be this amazing, amazing thing only to be let down that it's more natural for our self-image.

See things as natural. If you see it as more of natural for you, doesn't mean that you stayed to this natural self-image as natural for the self-image that you prefer to be because as you do that, you begin to wire it in. Then begin to take action from that point of view, begin to know that the more you do that, the more everything in your life begins to change because then you start to re-pattern your vibration and the more that you become aware of your self-image, you thank it for being there and then you decide to let it go and then you were in and condition the new version.

Have you seen things as natural? That three-step process there will change your life if you apply it, especially if you do it every single day, and I also have many meditations I can help with this. The meditation you will see here in a second is going to be that of a self-image meditation that will help you to wire in that self-image that will help you to become the best version of you and to understand that as you wire this in, it changes just about everything.

And this meditation will use NLP. This meditation I believe will absolutely change your life. I think it's one of the best meditations I've ever created in my life. Be honest with you, just science and it's one that I get so many messages from people saying that it's helped. With that, it's going to be here in a second. I recommend you listen to it with headphones if you can, and I think that if you do so, it will change your life.

Guided Meditation:

Make yourself comfortable either by sitting down, laying down on your back. Begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose and let it out through your mouth. Take another deep breath. As you exhale, relax. Let go. Any tension, breathe in again and fuel away relaxation through your body. And as you breathe out, let go any tension. Imagine your body becoming more relaxed with every breath. If there is any tension in your body, notice where you feel. Focus on that area, loosening up and feeling relaxed.

Focus your awareness on your head. Notice the sensation in your face, loosen up any tension in your face and fuel it. Relax. Feel behind the eyes, release any tension. Relax your forehead, your jaw. Relax your tongue. Bring the awareness to your shoulders, field them, relax, release attention, your arms, your hands, what the awareness on your left leg and foot relax your toes, your right leg and foot relaxed your toe, and now imagine a ball of energy into your heart center. It can be any color you like.

Feel from this space and notice the sensation that is beginning to grow. Imagine this ball of energy spinning faster and faster as it's been you are feeling more and more. Relax more and more control, more and more right, your true, authentic self. Visualize the best possible version of yourself you can imagine. Imagine what you would be doing in a certain scenario. Maybe it's doing your passion for a living.

Maybe it's an ideal job that you or running your own company, whatever it is. Imagine imaginative vividly in detail. Imagine how you would carry yourself. What kind of body language to you? How do people respond to you? What are you seeing? Imagine the color is whiter and brighter. What are you hearing? Imagine the sound getting louder, louder.

Most importantly, how do you feel about yourself? How does it feel to be doing your passion for a living? How does it feel to express yourself? One hundred percent? How does it feel for other people to acknowledge you for your gift that you share with?

Go over to him and look at yourself. See how relaxed you are. There is a shine to face and a look in your eyes. As you look at yourself in the mirror, what kind of beliefs do you have about who you are? What are your beliefs about money? What are your beliefs about relationships? What can you accomplish in your life? How does it feel to know that you can create whatever you want in your life? As you imagine looking at yourself in the mirror, I want you to make the colors brighter and brighter. The colors are more vivid. You can really see yourself and feel that that is who you are.

This is who you are. This is your new self, is who you choose to imagine that all of these affirmations are true for you right now. At this moment, repeat each affirmation in your mind or out loud with conviction. Use your imagination to believe each relaxation fully. Affirmation. I am a new person except myself. One hundred percent.

Appreciate who I am and love sharing my energy with the world and the perfect body weight for me. I am confident and I trust the course of my life. I am a new person, a success with what I do. I am open to receiving new opportunities in my life. I can accomplish what I set my mind to be happy. I deserve to be successful, bonded tonight. I am who I am.

One I love who I am and it is my natural birth desert. Confident in my choices, trust the course better to be me, spreadsheet my future. My future is full of opportunity and I feel I know and trust that things will happen. They are meant to happen. Great. Everyone in my life that people are excited to be around me.

I am whole and complete. I love that. I don't need approval from other people.  We're matching a ball of energy, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Imagine all of the energy around your heart making you feel relaxed and comfortable, spinning faster and faster. This is yours. You are meant to be.

Are going to release the old self-image for after. Imagine you were looking at a movie screen and on that movie screen, you see your self-image, the person you were before you. Listen to this recording that you is no longer you. That was the condition version of you. Imagine that version of you getting dimmer, dimmer. It's hard to even imagine the color now fade to black and as you look at this old version of you, you feel like it was you from the past.

You recognize that now you can let that version of you imagine you are looking. Imagine you weren't looking in the right corner of the movie screen. You see sell them in the corner of this screen so you weren't looking at the elders are getting brighter and brighter. Colors are now more and the picture on the right-hand corner of the screen is getting bigger and now it covers the whole screen. This is now you can see this is your salary.

This is who you prefer to be. From this moment on, you are a complete person. You will find people responding to you in a new way. People will notice a glow about you and how your energy is full and most importantly, you will feel completely different about yourself. You confident you except yourself.  

You feel new purpose within you grows day by day, matching that ball of energy around your heart, spinning faster and faster and more relaxation throughout your body. In a moment I will count to three if you'd like. You can choose to go to sleep, at which point you will find yourself drifting, peaceful sleep, and if you would like to remain awake, you will find yourself. Yes, take a deep breath in. Feel relaxation, your body. Take another deep breath. Exhale slowly taking one more deep breath and exhale, full knee feeling refreshed. 

The Belief System of Abundance 3 Mindset SHIFTS that Change Everything

I'm going to be sharing with you the belief system of abundance. Understanding three mindset shifts that when you'd make changes everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the belief system of true abundance, understanding three mindset shifts, his little tweaks in our minds that when we begin to make changes the whole way that we relate to that of abundance so that we really start to create what we want in our lives in a completely new way.

This is something I'm going to be speaking about because I believe when it comes to abundance, many people hold themselves back from the true natural abundance of who they are because of certain identities, because of certain ways that they see themselves and just making a couple little tweaks makes all the difference.

This is something that I've learned to experience. This is something I've learned through a long time of understanding of the Law of Attraction and how the. When I really, really want something, a lot of times what happens is that creates resistance and then I end up blocking more of it from coming into my life, so it's about understanding vibrational resonance at the same time as well, because if you were to imagine right now, the best version of you that's doing exactly what you want to be doing and you live in the kind of abundance that you want.

You notice that that version of you that you can imagine isn't trying really hard to get anything because that version of you already has that which you want. When you realize this, then what you can see is, okay, how can I focus on more so been in the vibration of what I want and how can I see that what I want already exists?

You see the world around us is something that is simply a reflection of what we believe to be true and if we believe that abundance is scarcity doesn't come around very often, and so it is. That's the reflection that we get. If we believe money is bad, then guess what? Money is bad, and guess what?

We're not bad, so we wouldn't want us to perceive money because if we had money then it means we were bad too. But a lot of times we had these mixed associations and these mixed beliefs about who we are and by having that we end up blocking money from flowing into our lives and a much easier way. The first mindset shift that this totally changed my life when I understood this is this little understanding that I think right now will help you shift your perspective about abundance.

Understand that in actuality there is no such thing as lack or scarcity. There is no such thing. What we think of as lack or scarcity is just an abundance of lack or scarcity. The idea is that there's an abundance of everything around us is simply that we get more of what we're focused on and we get a reflection of what we believe to be true.

But if we create lack, it's coming from creating from the illusion that there is not enough to go around, but we're actually creating that. Another part of this shift happens when you realize that anything in your life that you've created, you from a certain level have chosen it.

You may say, well, I didn't choose for this or I didn't choose to have this belief that money is bad or to believe that money doesn't come easily. I didn't choose for that. Well, you did at a certain level because even if your parents, you learn that from your parents, you accepted the notion. Like if somebody came up to you right now and said something ridiculous to you, maybe said something about how much they like someone came up to me right now.

I use this analogy all the time, but if someone came up to you right now and he's like, Hey Aaron, I hate your orange shirt. It's horrible. Is very ugly. I don't know why you wear it. I wouldn't, you know, first off, I wouldn't even. Even if they said I don't like your black shirt, I'd be like, you know what?

I don't even care. But if they said I don't like your orange shirt, then I'd be like, well, I don't even agree with your premise that this is an orange shirt, so therefore I'm not even going to take that in. I'm not going to even accept that notion that this is an orange shirt. I don't even relate with what you're saying.

But what we do is that we take in these notions when someone says, Oh, you know, it's hard to do this, or you're out of like a little tea with your friends, and they're like, oh, is he? Did you see this? Well, there's an economic recession. If you agree to that reality, then it will be your reality, but it first comes from an agreement. Instead of a green with everything, when people tell you things, you can accept it, you can observe it at that moment, you can either accept it or reject it.

What I encourage you to do is observe it to just be neutral about it, to understand that it's just a neutral idea, and when you understand that, then you could look around and see that you get an abundance of everything. When you start thinking of it like that and you treat every situation is if you chose it, that's when things begin to change because then you start to take responsibility for everything you see.

If we remained in this mindset of the blocks and all of this stuff, then what we do is we ended up in resistance and when we're in resistance, we actually hold that thing in place. Anything that we're pushing away, we're still focused on pushing that thing away, but it's about being aware of the abundance that's already naturally around us at all times.

It's just that we might be creating the illusion of lack or scarcity, which actually means we're getting an abundance of not what we want or the abundance of the opposite of what we want, so treat it as if you chose it, you chose it from a certain perspective. Then you can take responsibility for its responsibility.  When we decide we know that we're making these choices, that's when we take our power back.

That's when we get aside exactly what we want to create, but the first step in all this process is always taken responsibility for where we are and then realizing that we did choose it from a certain perspective. Abundance all naturally around you at all times. The second mindset shift that you can make is by letting go of your definition of abundance and expanding it. For a long time, I thought that abundance was only money.

That's all the buttons are and I thought because that's a symbol that I use it, but see we are using certain symbols of abundance, but we limit ourselves when we only allow abundance to flow through one channel and that channel being that has financial money. Understand money has no meaning other than the agreement that we have in society that we give it. Money's not even backed by gold.

I'm just saying that money isn't what you think it is, but we agree that $100 gets you about this much of this and this much of this. We agreed to that. Knowing that money is a neutral idea. I'm not saying to think that money is bad because it's not backed by gold. That's relevant. Let's just see money as more of an energetic source of resources and when you limit your resources to a paper thing that comes into your life, you limit yourself in many ways.

When I made this shift, this is what happened. I made the shift about a year and a half ago, but a year ago I made this shit about a year and a half ago. All I did was I said, you know what? For some reason, I got it in my mind that abundance means money, so I'm going to drop that definition. I became aware of where that definition came from.

Social conditioning, media. See movie stars and see these celebrities in magazines, nice houses. Oh, money. I want that. I would feel so. Hold on, complete. If I had all of that and I look at that and that's what I thought, but then what I realize is I'm limiting myself. I said, "You know what? I'm going to allow money to. I'm going to allow abundance to flow through whatever way it wants." Within a month of doing this.

I think it was within two or three weeks I get an email from a place in Costa Rica that's a life transformation place and they say, Hey Aaron, I see your YouTube channel. If you would come here, make a couple of videos and posts it on your channel, you can come here for three. By the way, it's a $5,000 value for you to come here. It's for free. You get free organic food every single day.

You get breadth workshops and all this other cool stuff and you get it for free. I said, okay, cool. And I looked at that and I said, I'm going to do that and that's why I ended up doing and that's when I realized that, hey, there's more than just this of money that can come through and I had this belief and I thought that money was the only way that comes through, but guess what?

I let that go, and then that happened and at that moment I realized there's much more, more ways of opportunities to come in. Then just that have money, but we must let that go. I know someone that owns this business that I could introduce you to that I think you would vibe with, and then you would say, no, that's not money.

I don't want to talk to that person because that has nothing to do with me making money and that would limit you, but instead of what you could do is you could realize I'm going to trust the process and realize that opportunity could be just as good if not better than money. I'm here in Sedona right now and I've met with me and my buddy victor are meeting with other YouTubers and other people and there's a cool opportunity. We're learning a lot of stuff. It's knowledge and information now.

Maybe it's not a one on reflection like we're meeting up with these people and they're like, Hey Aaron, victor, we love what you're doing. Here's some money. Here you go. But maybe the knowledge and the information we're getting from masterminding in talking to these other creators, it's an opportunity for us and then creates what we want or like, hey, there's a button's there, but it's not financial money.

We're not like, oh, it's not paper. I don't get it. Well, what's the value in that? But you see a lot of people run around their whole lives chasing paper and the paper has no meaning, and then when they get the paper they realize, hey, this really doesn't mean much. I realized that in my own life too, guys, I have become more and more abundant, seen certain dollar amounts of my bank account that I'd never seen before and I'm going, Whoa, this is really cool. But then after, after a couple, a couple of days, I'm like, it really means nothing. Yes, I go by what I want right now, but it's just a dollar amount. But guess what? I'm more focused on the vibration of me doing what I love. I'm more focused on me in the emotion of creating videos like I'm doing right now.

You can't put a dollar amount on me making these videos because I love to do it. You see that's the. That's the shift that we can begin to experience. Drop your definition of money. Think about it right now. Money is blank. I believe money is blank. What comes after that? What comes up in your mind as money?

Status is money means there's money you have to do with identity. You see, be aware of what you currently believe because all that stuff's on autopilot and when you let go of it, that's when things really began to change. The third mindset shift with money, so it changed my life is like I said, made it go knowing that it's a resource, but also putting it through this filter. There's like this filter that we can begin to filter our understandings through and asking, does this add value to other people?

Don't think of the money. Think of the value. You may say, well, Hey Aaron, you're in the personal development industry. You, you, you're in the business of adding value. I'm an artist. I like to paint. How is that adding value? That is adding value because everything is interpretation. Everything is vibration, and if somebody gets a certain emotion from looking at your art are very experienced in what you do, then that's that may say, well, I'm a comedian.

I don't add value. You do add value. You increase people state and people's emotion. It's all depending on how you frame it. They can get their focus on what they love to do, which is acting and have been progressing themselves and learning as much as they can to become better.

A better actress or whatever it is, but very few of the best people are the people that we look at it like, oh my God, they're so amazing. Those people aren't focused on just the dollar amount. They're focused on what they love to do, so have this filter that go that you run things through and you say, does what I'm focused on align with and through that filter and what you'll notice is that if it doesn't, then a lot of times that's assigned not to do certain things.

It's a funny thing, but if I make a YouTube video that I think we'll get a lot of views. Guess what? It usually, the energy doesn't come through as well and when I do it, it's never on YouTube. It's never the videos that you think are going to pop.

Usually, it's the videos I put out, I'm like, I don't know, put that out. I'll put it out loud, know wasn't that great. Whatever, whatever, whatever. And then those definitely have that pops. But the one that I like, you know what? I worked a lot on this title, this thumbnails epic, all that stuff. And it does. Okay, but the thing is, is what is the energy behind it? When said, what I do is I say, you know what, I want this video to add a lot of value.

I did a meditation that I released yesterday for example, and the energy behind the meditation that I released yesterday was I just want this to transform as many people's lives as possible. It was a worthiness meditation and I had great intentions. It wasn't to get views or this or that, and the energy was very peer and because of that, see hundreds of comments of people that they're saying they're lives are transformed because of it because it's an energetic thing.

It's not just the words of the intellectual things. It's about being aware of all of that and making sure that you're doing it for the right reasons. Understand every single one of us are connected to each other in the world. When we add value to other people, that comes back to us. But when people are focused on just the money is focused on just the themes, then what happens is that ends up becoming energy that just like constricted within the ego, outward flow, outward flow.

What are you giving? What are you adding value? It could be an emotion, could be on you're a comedian, could be you're doing art, could be that you are spreading good vibes as a manager, whatever it is, you have a nine to five job, doesn't matter. Focus on adding value.

The more value you add, the more that comes back to you, the more maybe than you'll outgrow where you currently are if you want to grow past it, but abundance is about seeing things as more of in alignment with your soul, and guess what? Your soul is not focused on how much money can you make? Can you make the most amount of money possible? That's the ego and the identification.

It'll be aware of it. I'm not saying it's bad. I'm not saying you can't attract that of winning the lottery or have any of that stuff, but I'm saying that you're focused on the wrong things. Focus on more of getting to your core, adding value, doing what you love for the sake of doing what you love, and notice that the money comes towards you anyways, and when you have that perspective, you will not only get what you want, but you will feel great in the process

and when you feel great in the process, it makes the whole entire process easier. One last thing I'd like to say to you, say yes to the present moment. Just say yes. Allow whatever is to come up. If you feel experienced resistance, when you think about abundance, that's okay. Don't judge yourself.

Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up, say yes to the present moment. Say Yes to whatever your definition of belief, your belief about money is. Be aware of it. Don't resist it, and then change it. If you decide, reframe it, see it from a new perspective. You think money is bad. You think people are about. If they have a lot of money, be aware of it. Don't be mad at it. Look at it and say, you know what?

The idea is that there is always whatever we look for when you find so start to look for things that reinforced the way that you prefer to be. If you make these three mindset shifts, your whole entire life will change. Understand abundance is all around you. If you experience lack, you're experiencing an abundance of lack. That's coming from focus. Shift your focus. Shift your life.

Remember that everything in your life is a reflection of what you believe to be true. If you change the definitions, you also change the reflection that you get and that if you simply have to start to have more fun in the process and you put it through the filter of, does this add value? Am I enjoying this?

What is the vibrational state of in? As I go through this, your life will begin to change. The philosophy of everything I'm sharing with you right now comes from understanding how you can create a shift within your life and there's something that I'm creating right now.

It's called the Shift Experience with Aaron Doughty. It's going to be a live event plus a course that you can get to experience a shift in your vibrational state of consciousness. It will be available the next couple months. You'll also get added to my email list, so I will send you newsletters almost every single day. People always commented like, thank you for the emails because I email four to six times a week. If that's something that you're interested in, then you could do that as well.

3 Reality Transurfing Techniques More Powerful Than the Law of Attraction

I'm going to be sharing with you three Reality Transurfing techniques that go beyond the Law of Attraction. These are things that when I began to apply in my life, changed everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the most powerful manifestation process I've ever found, which is called Reality Transurfing. The Reality Transurfing shows us how to manifest from a point of view of understanding quantum physics and understanding the mechanics behind manifestation.

It really explains in balances out the views of thoughts when it comes to eastern and western philosophy and in an example of this, think of it like, how would I have an intention for something and then let go at the outcome. Many times we'll say, well, I want this, but there'll be social conditioning, which means the way that so many people on the world think that's ingrained into us that blocks us from actually experiencing what we want.

What Reality Transurfing does is it's a process that shows us that what we want to experience already exists. Therefore, with the old Law of Attraction way of thinking that we need to create our own reality. It's more so understanding that the reality we want to create already exists in a certain frequency and if we learn the energy dynamics of how to tap into that, we then experience it more for ourselves.

First off, reality, Transurfing is a book that is written by a quantum physicist named Vadim Zeland. It's a book that was recommended to me by a friend when I was out at lunch one day with them and he said, hey, have you. What do you think about reality transcription? And I said I'd never read it. He's surprised I hadn't read it. So, I go home. I read it. It's like a 500-page five-part book, and it was, to be honest, kind of dense to read.

However, it completely transformed the way that I saw the whole process of manifestation. I began to apply it in my life and within about a year, everything in my life changed. I went from having a nine to five job to being full time on YouTube. I learned how to really tap into my own authenticity because that's the other thing, Reality Transurfing shows you how to do, how to create your own wave of success.

You may notice that behind me right now is that painting, that painting is based on the success of me using the power of reality, Transurfing, which has to do with understanding the energy dynamics behind it, of what propels someone to be authentic to who they are.

If you've ever felt like you couldn't be free to be yourself, that comes from social conditioning. When you break out of the social conditioning, that's when everything begins to change. Think of it like living in the matrix and then you become neo and you realize that you can go beyond the matrix and that you then have all of these abilities you didn't know you had.

That's like no joke. It's that powerful and when I started to apply it in my whole life changed and so actually I'm going to explain some of the techniques here today, but it's actually also the reason I'm in this house. I Use Reality Transurfing the is something called outer intention to get this house and I wouldn't be in it if it weren't for Reality Transurfing, so reality Tree and surfing is a book by a deemed Zealand and it's the most powerful processes I've ever found.

There is something also that I have that is called Reality Shifting Academy, which teaches reality. Transurfing. You get me giving you videos every single week as to how to apply reality, Transurfing. You get what is called a pendulum of the success of other people that are thinking similar thoughts, which is a mastermind.

And that adds to your own success and you pretty much get all the bonuses, meditations that you wouldn't even see on YouTube and a whole bunch of other perks as well, and I've made it much more affordable for people to do so because the one on one coaching with me would be about would be much more than $47 a month.

This is a way to get me to help you in the process of creating what you want and reality transfer. If he really is something you can read the testimonials as well to see there are so many of hundreds of people that have been through the academy and the results have been phenomenal.

People getting jobs that they want, that they never thought they were worthy of people getting into relationships and blossoming and new ways of success. That clear create a wave of success than they ever thought possible. So, read those testimonials as well, just to see what is possible.

1.    Creating the pendulum

The first technique I want to talk about today is actually that of creating a pendulum and detaching from old pendulums. Think of it like this, a pendulum in the book reality. Transurfing is a thought structure, so just like we're thinking thoughts right now, we think our thoughts don't have form, but in actuality, our thoughts do have a forum.

Our thoughts are an energetic pattern that even though we can't physically see with our eyes, it still exists. We have an active field around our body and when we're thinking thoughts are these thoughts going in recycling within our energetic field that are going around and around our body and when we think consistent thoughts that add to our energy field. The same way we have an energy field around our body.

There's an energy field around the planet and you have billions of people on the planet thinking similar thoughts. These thoughts could be at range from anything to do with am I worthy or thoughts of the social conditioning of wanting certain sports teams to win.

And the idea is whatever these thoughts are going around the planet, they exist there and other people pick up on those thoughts. For example, you may be driving down the road, somebody cuts you off in traffic, you may get mad, and then instantly you will begin to link up with other thought forms of other people that been cut off on that same road before thinking that that added emotion is you.

That added emotion is not necessarily you. That is the social condition of those pendulums. And when you learn how to observe those thoughts, observe those pendulums, you begin to disengage from them. And that's why what Reality Transurfing is really about is disengaging from the pendulums that bog people around.

What are some powerful pendulums in society? You must go to college to be successful. There are pendulums of do you feel worthy and you're not worthy because you're not doing x, y, or Z. There are pendulums around every single thing you can think of my YouTube channel is a pendulum.

The idea is that I make it a pendulum that helps people because there's a lot of people focused on the channel. There are pendulums around that, have sports teams. When you go to a sports games and you feel the thrill of being there, it's because you're tagging onto an energy-momentum of that, of that pendulum, of that thought form.

Whoever will win the presidential election, we'll have whoever has the most attention, whether it's positive or negative. The thing with pendulums is the more you fight a pendulum, the more that it actually resists, the more that strong that it becomes. If there's a pendulum in your life, a pendulum or a thought structure that says something like you have to go to school to be successful, the more you fight that, the more than it actually is there.

The key is to observe it and then to let it go. You don't want to fight a pendulum and there are pendulums around every single thing. The idea around this is to actually become free of the pendulum by first of observing it. You can also have a positive pendulum. A positive pendulum is people focused on a similar outcome, so if you have what is called the mastermind principle, like the classic in Napoleon Hill's think and grow rich.

That is where people, multiple people create a pendulum, and that pendulum then creates a wave for those people that are focused on it to ride on. In the Reality Transurfing, if you know the reality shift can academy that I have, we have hundreds of people in a Facebook group where we do live Q&A's and we focus and tree a pendulum together where we create success to where simply by being in the group, you tap into that of the powerful pendulum.

What we do is in each meditation that we do or each live Q&A, we connect to our heart centers together and we increase the vibration of all of us connecting together so that it carries us into the success that we want. That vibrational alignment that we want. That is the power of a pendulum. If you are to link up with other people in a powerful way and thinks similar thoughts and have similar intentions, that's where the power begins to happen.

And like I said, the reality is shifting academy. We do that together. In general, becoming aware of pendulums, observing them and then let him go. We'll allow you to become more free to be yourself and then also set the intention for your own pendulums where you don't let it carry you. Don't let it control you, but you let it carry you if you so choose with awareness.

A pendulum is a powerful understanding of how to disengage with the old that didn't create the new. And it's the thing that so many people don't even know runs their life. They think they're thinking their own thoughts. Thoughts are just there, they're not who we are. And the more we realized that the more we start to gain our power back.

2.    Wave of success

The second technique I want to share with you is actually called the wave of success, which is what has allowed me to create my YouTube channel and to be as successful as I am is understanding these waves of success. A wave of success is when you start to become successful and you start to or you have an intention. Let's first off talk about that for a minute.

In the old school way of understanding the Law of Attraction, we know that desire is such a good thing. That's what we. That's what we believe at least because we're told that and in the old paradigm, the desire was powerful because desire says that. Then we're going to focus on something else and then experience it.

However, from the energy dynamics of reality, Transurfing desire actually blocks results because the more that we desire something, the more that we are emphasizing that we currently lack it in our own life. The key is to turn desire into intention. The difference between desire and intention is desire is a longing for something.

It is just simply there and a desire is an acknowledgment that we don't currently have it, and intention is an acknowledgment that we quote, want to have it or a quote that in the present moment right now, we intend and expect for it to be coming into our lives. Experience and intention increase the probability of something we want to happen to actually happen.

That's the difference. Start to set your intentions in your life and your life will begin to change. Set more intention. I intend to have a safe drive to the gym today. I intend to enjoy connecting to my coworkers at work. I intend to eat healthy food today. What do you intend for? Intention? Increases Probability and shifts you to the parallel reality you want because every parallel reality you can imagine already exists.

It's about simply gliding through it, allowing manifestation to be easy, letting it be an easy process. That is what you can begin to do, is to set your intentions. This is the key with a wave of success. We'll wave of success is anytime something happens, you give it a positive meaning, whether it is positive or not, understand that positive depends on upon our perspective and our own choice.

If you choose to give everything a positive, meaning your state of going up, you feel better. Then when something else happens, if you give it a positive meaning, you keep climbing up the moment you give some within a negative, meaning you didn't go down and your state of going down, which means you then experience a reality as equal to that may give emotion that negative state, so instead give everything a positive meaning.

Even if you don't understand it in the present moment, it could be something appears to be bad, but you choose to see it in a positive way of how you could learn how it could be a synchronized link you up to somewhere else and it begins to change things for you.

This is something that happens. Someone may lose a job, their state goes down. You say you know what? Maybe this is a good thing because I wasn't actually passionate about the job I had. You simply give them meaning to things in your life, but you also set the intention.

Something I also helped create people do once again is setting that wave of success and helping people write it in a powerful way, and that is something you'll learn in the Reality Shifting Academy.

3.    Outer intention

The third technique that will change your life if you begin to apply it as something Law of Attraction probably hasn't really talked about before, he'd never heard. Let me tell you a little bit of a story. This is on outer intention. I applied for this house, this House I'm renting, I'm not buying yet because in order to buy you have to, Oh, you know, in business for three years in order to qualify.

And I've only owned my business at the time. I got this house for about two years. I wanted this house. I first off, I looked at about five or six houses, maybe four houses, I forget, three to four or five houses. I looked at all of them, um, that I saw and I didn't see anything that I really liked. There was one house I applied for, but it was kinda like, "Eh, I wasn't that crazy about it."

I trusted the process. I gave it a positive, meaning that those houses weren't working out and that I wasn't really passionate about anything I saw yet. And in Vegas right now other than Las Vegas, everyone's moving here because of the sports teams and everything. So it's to get a nice house, sometimes a little bit more difficult. However, I simply knew what I trusted the process that I would eventually get the kind of house that was perfect for me.

I like one story. I like bigger one-story houses rather than two-story houses because I don't like going up and downstairs. Not that I'm lazy or anything, but I just like big one-story houses for some reason, so I knew I wanted a one-story house. All of a sudden there's this house that becomes available, which is a house I live in now.

When it becomes available, I literally sought the day that it came out. The next day I went and saw the house. I called the guy that was showing me houses. We come here, I look around the house and I fell in love with it. The energy was good. The people that lived in here before that owned the house actually, that are renting it out there when the lady is a Cirque de Solei performer, very InDesign type style stuff. They had like Zen decorations all the way around and was just like perfect for me because I love that Zen mentality.

There's grass in the backyard, which I love it because I loved walking barefoot on grass with grass in the front yard and the side yard there are trees everywhere and in Vegas that's a very rare thing in it is all one big open floor plan that goes all the way back to the master bedroom is amazing. There's my own office on the other side of the house.

There are two other bedrooms is just, it was the perfect house when I saw it. However, there was competition to get this house. There was about four, three or four other people for including me that applied for this house. I was like, "Ah, I got a little bit antsy." But I knew that using reality, Transurfing, I shifted the reality where this is my house and it didn't matter the other people that applied. This is what I did.

I used to Reality Transurfing techniques. The first one is called outer intention. I imagined and tapped into the intention out of me, but of everyone else I intended, what I knew is that if I created videos here, I'd be in a high vibrational state and it would help more and more people in the world.

This is where you tap into the universe manifesting for you because if you let the universe manifests for you, you know the ego doesn't have to do so much. The other thing is I have almost this house a form of consciousness in a way. I saw this house as an actual entity and said, this house wants me to live here. The plants want me to live here because I love plants. The House wants me to live here because I'm going to appreciate and take good care of the house.

I tapped him to outer intention. Our intention is beyond the inner intention of me. Inner intention is I'm going, I want to do x, y, z like from within me, but the outer intention of me is other people's inner intention and the universe is inner intention. It's almost like I allowed it to flow through me.

Then what I knew is that the landowners themselves, they asked one weird thing for people that it's not normal is asking the people that are applying to send pictures of their current house. I sent pictures of the current house that I lived in and the current house that I lived in at the time was very clean and what I did is I attach the photos. Then what I did, I sent them a letter because I knew that since they had that they want us to send pictures that they wanted someone who's going to take good care of the house.

I said, listen, I want you to know that your house is beautiful. I want you to know that I think your house is amazing. I would appreciate living in your house. I would take very good care of it. I'm a very clean person as you can see from my photos. Also, I own my own business and I work a lot. I don't have, you know, I'm not throwing parties. I don't have any animals.

I tapped into their inner intention and the next day I got the call, you got the house and that was a static and I knew that this was meant to be. I really feel like this house has meant for me to be in it because I also live close to the airport. I know I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling, but all of this happened because of Reality Transurfing the techniques that I appeal to them. It's called frayling in reality transfer.

And there are all these techniques. What I teach in the reality shifting academy is all of these techniques plus more plus how to glide through this spot. It's called glide through the space of variations. There are all these different variables, all these different realities that you can glide through. Most people think I need to create my own reality that's rigid, glide through it, allow things to be easy. Reality Transurfing is about making the manifestation process so much easier than you can imagine.

3 Things ALL Starseeds Must Know in 2019

I'm going to be sharing with you the three things that all starseeds must know for 2019. If you're reading this blog right now, then you are one of them and I have some stuff to share with you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a little bit more about star seats, understanding who we are at a greater consciousness level, understanding the multidimensionality of who we are and what our mission on earth is right now.

First off, let me just throw this out the gate right now. If you are here right now, then this is for you, because you cannot perceive that which you are not the vibration up. If you're here right now, maybe you saw the video as a suggested video, or maybe you just saw the video and you clicked on it.

Then this is related to you. Let me explain to you why also when we stayed, when we say starseeds, the implication of a star seed, by the way, is somebody whose sole has a strong connection to a parallel life on a different existence or planet. The key to this though is understanding that every single person on this earth is multidimensional.

We all have connections to many different star systems because we are immortal spiritual beings living in a small human body for a small period of time, so we wouldn't incarnate all of our energy, which we are a vast being on just one planet.

Some people on earth may have had many, many, many thousands of lives, whereas somebody else may have just had a couple but a lot of lives in different reality systems. The reason I say this is because then you can really understand that we're all multidimensional. The key to you being a star seed though is a couple characteristic that I'm going to explain.

They're going to help you understand a little bit more about your mission on earth, why you're here right now, and how to best move forward, especially in 2019. There was a call that was put out in the early 19 hundreds in this call. Had to do with the bomb or maybe was the mid-1900. When the planet was going down a road of destruction. There was a call that was put out because as a planet we were messing around with that of nuclear power.

And the thing is we have free will on earth, but if we do something that then affects all the neighboring galaxies, which if you put off a nuclear bomb, it does affect all the other galaxies because we're all connected. If that happens, then many times there is a need for some type of change because it is not allowed for us to, to influence all the other neighboring star systems with what we are doing on our planet.

Because this is a planet of free will. This is a planet. Also, have a masterclass. If you are here right now, make no mistake you are a master soul. Doesn't mean we have to grip this big old ego with it, but understand that to be here because this is one of the only places in the universe or in the galaxy where you forget who you are at the degree that earth has it, we feel separated from source.

You remember who you are or you are at least top that. And it's something that you know, going into that life. However, here you completely forget, you go through Amnesia, you go through the birth process, you have social conditioning growing up, you have the environment of your parents and all your friends and all this stuff and you forget who you are.

First off, understand that. If you're here right now, you are already a master. Yes, it is difficult here, but things are going to get better. Things are going to get better because we're going through an ascension right now and essentially of vibration. Just go within yourself and ask yourself, does this resonate with you? Go within your heart. Does this resonate with you at a deep level? Because if you were to also if you want more information on this, you could study that.

Have Dolores Cannon's work. I've been sending a lot of people to her work lately because she has 17 books or more of transcripts of people that are in the deepest levels of brainwave activity called QHHT or quantum healing hypnosis technique. This is a technique that Dolores Cannon found who's passed away recently, but she's one of the best hypnotherapists of all time and she was able to get people to this deep level of the subconscious where their higher self would come through.

The higher self comes through. Then the people that are in this deep hypnosis are talking, there's a tape recorder and they're seeing all of these things when Dolores Cannon asking them questions and then she'll ask them questions like, why did you incarnate at this time? Who is this person in your life and why are you working through this Karma? What is it like in between life after death?

What is this like, what is this like? And she's able to get thousands and thousands of transcripts from people that had been through this type of hypnosis. Here's the thing, thousands of people from all around the world that did not know each other and let me tell you as well, this was back in the seventies and the eighties and the nineties, so this is back when it was way out there. People all over the world were saying something very, very similar.

They came to earth right now to be a part of this shift in consciousness because this is where it's at. The earth is raising her vibration and we are a part of this transition and right now is the best time to ever be alive on the planet ever and it's the most exciting because this is the increase of vibration of us waking up to who we really are.

Yeah, some old structures will fall away. The old ways of going about things, but in general this is a very positive thing. The editing that Dolores Cannon was able to ask them is what it's like on different planets, different existences. Most of these plans, by the way, were higher dimensional beings. We don't have to necessarily create the way we do here where there this time and space and you got to think about it.

There are places where you instantly think about it. That's my Harry Potter. If you know me and you watch me on Instagram or you hear me talk about Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter because that is closer to who we really are. That is closer to what it's like in the higher dimensions than what we experienced here and that's why I think it was such a phenomenon. People loved it so much because it's closer to what we can really remember at a deep level.

With that, you being a star seed is about you remembering your multidimensionality and knowing that you exist in many different states at the same time. When you go to bed at night, do you think you're just going to bet you forget what you do when you go to bed at night and you think, all right, just had this dream of this thing happening and this is what happened, and it was pretty cool?

However, in actuality, that's just your subconscious mind interpretation of higher-dimensional stuff. What really happens is when you go to bed at night, you wake up to these higher states of consciousness. You're doing things beyond what you could even imagine and then when you wake up in the morning, you wake up here and in a way you go to bed up there because you exist here and there at the same time.

It's hard for our mind to understand this because we think of light. How can you be here, there at the same time, but that's the way it works. You are a multidimensional being. You are more than you know. When it comes to starseeds, if you are listening to this, watching this video, listening to it, understand that you have a strong mission here.

Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever feel like for maybe even an early age that you had a great, great big mission here? He didn't know maybe what it was, but you knew there was some type of mission that you had. Give her feel like there's something that you meant to be doing. She didn't know. You don't know exactly what that is. I believe that what you're meant to be doing is raising your frequency, raising your vibration and an understanding that as you change, you are changing the world.

You're changing the people around you, whether you're aware of it or not. There are different types of starseeds. There are different rates just as there are many different races. Remember the key is to not get too caught up with all of it because your multidimensional, you have many existences. It's not like you're just this or just this or just this year beyond what you can imagine.

Everything I'm sharing with you right now just to help you understand that you're watching this, you are a starseed because you're perceiving of this video and to embrace it, there may be times that you felt lonely in your life. Different. I know growing up I felt different. Not In an egotistical way, like I'm better different. Just like I felt like I wasn't necessarily always understood.

I felt like I was always into things that a lot of other people were like, I'm in the metaphysics. I'm into this kind of stuff. I love talking about this kind of stuff, and the videos going forward will include content like this, just so you know, because this is what I'm passionate about it. So you are a star seed and it started. Seed means that you have a strong mission here on earth to help this collective shift in consciousness.

You've done this before. I want you to know that as well. You have done this and other reality systems before because here we forget who we are in the three d, four d reality and in a five d reality, which is where all of us have existences in. That's about unconditional love. Peace. There's more flexibility with time and space. We feel connected to everyone. Imagine you felt like you were in love with everyone.

That is what it's like in the fifth dimension. We are transitioning from 3D to 5D right now. We will continue to go through this and we in order to change this reality, we had to incarnate from the inside. Once you to know that as well, so you can't just people ask all the time, why can't eat cheese? Just land? Why can't this happen?

People would freak out when at a higher dimensional being or a higher being comes here, even if they're in three. Even if they have the 3D body and there is such a high vibration, it will bring up all this stuff that we have not yet processed and it will scare us because we will have to work through it in order to then vibrate at the frequency they're at. First off, if we were to happen, it wouldn't be the necessarily the most positive thing right away for most people.

However, right now we are going through this transition. We're going to continue to remember more and more and in order for us to influence this reality, we had to do it from the inside, meaning we had to incarnate into the system because it's a planet of free. It is a time of waking up.

1.    The time is “NOW”

The first thing that all starseeds much know for 2019 is that it is time. The time is now. The time is now for you to raise your frequency. The time is now for you to claim who you are at your multidimensional level and to really embrace it.

It is time for you to bring that awareness more in your life and then to let it affect everyone around you. This does not mean that you have to go out and tell everyone that you're a starseed. Hey, I'm a Syrian star. Say just so you know, moms maybe, maybe remind me to be cooler than you know, Fuck told my dad that are like broke. Was it going up? But what are you doing? Did you know you have discernment with this?

But when you are aware that you are multidimensional and everyone is, but when you're aware of it, you start to really claim your power back and right now on the planet, it is time and what is happening right now as well as our light bodies are being more activated there. I said it. I know that's a little bit, a little bit more than maybe you've heard me talk about before.

If you want me to talk more about the light body, let me know in the comments below. I will talk more about it, but we all have a light body. We all have certain levels of it that are activated, but in this lifetime we are activating it more and more and more and we're all going through this and part of this process has to do with letting go of the past, letting go of the story we tell ourselves because as we do, we did increase our frequency.

It is time on the planet. For you right now to remember this, there is no coincidence is the synchronicity is here. If you are watching this video than it is time. You knew that you are a star seed, that you are more than you can imagine, that you are a multidimensional, that when you go to bed at night, you're connecting to higher aspects of yourself, which are you start to become more in alignment with that awareness, and as you do so, your life will begin to transform in a powerful way.

Make your primary focus right now, raising your frequency. I have other videos on raising your frequency. It's about letting go. Stop watching the news. Those are old three d concepts. You did not come here to reestablish the old grid and the old way for going about things. You came here to create change. You came here to remember, so what I recommend you do is you stop watching the news.

You start eating higher vibrational foods that will activate your light body more. This would be green foods, foods with color, foods with nutrients in it. Eat more of those. Understand you can learn how to observe your thoughts and not respond to them. A lot of those thoughts you're having are thoughts of the past thoughts of past emotions observed them. Let them be there and allowed them to let go and start to understand that your beliefs create your reality.

You can let go of limiting beliefs. You could start to exist more in your heart. This is the time now for you 2019. It's going to continue to speed up and then in 2020, it'll continue to speed up more. It is only going to get higher and higher vibrational from this point going forward.

And I want you to know that and when I say this right now, go within yourself and ask, does this resonate because logically this maybe I can start to see what does this mean? What does is a might be a little bit outside what you know, but you know this at a deep level. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, so it is time to wake up tomorrow for you are. The truth is to the younger people have less conditioning. And if you're between the ages of 16 and above or even less than that, honestly, but I don't know how many people under six.

You're under 16 and you're watching my videos. Can you let me know that this is awesome, however, understand that even more so you are just more activated for it? You're more ready for it and some of the triggers for activity that might have actually been paying, I wouldn't have gone to my spiritual awakening unless I went through the abuse that I went through when I was a kid.

Pain led me to a spiritual awakening which is now allowed me to connect to more of this and over the next years on this planet, things are going to speed up. Things are going to get better. Some things are going to fall away. You're a peer to get worse, but then they will get better. But know this because when people, this stuff's happening, people are gonna be looking to you and you can then begin to help them.

2. Let go of the old ways

The second thing that all starseeds must know for 2019 is that you let go of the old story. Let go of the old ways of doing things. Let go of the old energies start to realize they served you for a period of time. But let them go, let go of victimization. Sometimes when we go through this starseed awareness, we are activating and we are feeling like we're lonely, we're feeling like we want to go home.

If you ever had that sensation, you want to go home, but you couldn't really understand it because you might be like, I am home. Well home for your soul. You may have strong connections to other parts of existence. However, we are here right now. And the key is to become completely at peace with where we are and to let go of the victimization.

Let go of victimization. Let go of the government did this to us. Don't feed the old paradigms, the back government, whatever you want to call it. Let it all go. It doesn't serve us to feed it. The fear feeds that Paradigm, Oh, did you know that money is a dish and this is controlled. And they orchestrated this nine slash 11. Let it go. Just allow it to be. Because the more we focus on it, the more we create a pattern of it. Instead, focus on you.

Focus on letting go of those energy addictions that we might have to victimization to those little, those, those other perspectives and understand that this is about really taking our power back. You are powerful. If you're watching this video right now and you go this far into the video, why don't you to know that you are more powerful than you can imagine, and I'm not just saying that I really mean it, but you must claim your power and you must be grounded within yourself and not be at the whims of circumstance at the whims of what people say at the whims of the media.

All of these things have discernment and allow yourself to let go of the old by letting go of the old you raise your vibration. You want to know the best way to raise your vibration. It's not the pylon and new idea is to let go of what doesn't serve. You will naturally raise up because you are a high vibrational beam, so 2019.

There's got to be more of that. Things are going to trigger you are light. Bodies are being more activated right now, which means it's bringing to the surface old Karma, all things that no longer serve, and if you simply observe it and then let it go, then you'll find that you process it. You don't have to deal with it again. You don't keep it as an energetic pattern within your energy field. If you want me as well, I'm thinking of doing a light body activation meditation.

3. Focus on your heart

If you want that, let me know as well below and I will create something like that. The third thing all starseeds, much know for 2019 is that you must focus on your heart. The fifth dimensional level of consciousness is living from the heart, not living from the head. The past. We've been really focused on the head, the material desires, all of that. It's okay, but start to focus more on your heart. What are you really passionate about?

How do you want to help the collective? How can you add value to other people? Focus on your heart, focus on you doing what you love, your passion. I love making videos. This is my passion. This is my heart, this is my heart expressing itself. For you, what does that mean for you? Don't know what that is yet. Set the intention to find out what your heart wants.

Connect your heart in a powerful way. I have a meditation that is very powerful that will help you to connect to your higher self and help you connect your heart in a very powerful way. You can exist more in that state when you put the intention and even just right now, put your hands over your heart like this for a minute, but the awareness inside of your heart set the intention that you become more and more aware of your multidimensional self. More and more aware how you can feel more loving around other people and imagined that that energy in your heart is now expanding more and more.

Even just doing that for a couple minutes a day, you will begin to increase the energy in your heart center. The heart math institute has proven this by the way. This is actual. This says facts broke, okay, facts, so if you want to increase the energy, your heart, you can do that exercise. Remember that you watching this video right now are multidimensional. You are here to create change. You are here because of your larger mission.

The first mission you have is to raise your own frequency. If you raise your own frequency, things will begin to happen in your life. Yes, some things will get brought to the surface. Your light body is activating. There's gonna be things from your past that come up, observe it, allow it to be there, begin to let it go. You're going to be doing the work.

I will do more videos on it. If you want the meditation and the light body, let me know as well. I do more videos on it and for this process, the things you must know is that things are going to continue to change. The best thing you could do is to raise your own vibration, exist in your heart, and let go of the past as 2019 is going to be a very high vibrational year. There will be some clearing, but in general, you will make more transformation in 2019 if you make the attention right now than ever before.

Full Moon Ceremony for Integrating Your Shadow with Leeor Alexandra (Life-Changing)

We are going to show you a full moon ceremony for integrating your shadow self. This is a completely transformative time on the planet right now with the full moon that's coming up and doing this ceremony and what we share with you will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm here with Leeor Alexandra. Keep your vibrations way, way, way, way up, and today what we're going to be sharing with you is exactly how you can integrate your shadow using the power of the moon or we're going to be sharing our own experience with this. This is something I think is so transformative.

If you are reading this blog right now, then the full moon is coming up and we want to share with you a way that you can get a similar result that can transform our lives from the comfort of your own home. Using the powerful process, we share, but we want to do today is we want to share with you some of the profound insights that we've had over the last one, like two months.

Three months, two or three months since we went to Rhythmia and Costa Rica and just to share with you how you can go through and integrate what is called your shadows. This can be like a little shadow training where we're going to share with you how we transformed our integrated, what's called our shadow to do shadow work, which then has transformed our whole entire lives.

And I know, I know looking at you and seeing you in the last two or three months, you're a totally different person and I'm sure you say the same thing about me these last two or three months. I'm a totally different person because we went to Costa Rica and this isn't about Costa Rica, but we're going to share a little bit about our experience at Costa Rica. And we both went to Costa Rica and it was the second week of November.

We were there for a whole week and we were doing something that's called plant medicine was. I know it sounds kind of weird. I know when I first went I was like, I'm not doing this, like I'm just going to go for the vacation, you know, and I was kind of reluctant to do it, but once I did, it's where you go really deep in your subconscious mind and you understand things that were holding you back or things that were kind of causing a certain pattern in your life that you just weren't aware of.

And what I thought we would do is share a little bit about those things that we experienced and how that transformed our own lives. I know that when you went, you had a profound experience. We've talked a little bit about that, about, and if you guys don't know, by the way, this is Leeor Alexandra, she makes amazing YouTube videos.

She's very well known on YouTube and for what she does and how much she puts out amazing content on Law of Attraction spirituality, very similar to my content. If you haven't followed her already then definitely do that anyways. At Rhythmia, after the plant medicine, which I really wasn't sure if I was even going to do the first night, was very intense because that's when I had the deepest shadow work and the shadow work was what was happening was that the plant medicine was showing me parts of myself, things I've forgotten are put into the, into the depths of my subconscious mind in order to function normally because I couldn't heal from it.

I didn't have the tools to heal from what I experienced in my childhood and growing up teenage years, a lot of things, a lot of traumatizing Korean things that I never realized were impacting my behavior. And they were affecting the way that it was manifesting and creating my reality because I didn't realize how deep my issues with men were. And it manifested in my reality. Basically, what happened was I discovered on that first night of ceremony that first of all, I had some issues with my dad who is a wonderful, wonderful man.

But when we were younger he was going through some things and he wasn't able to keep my family. He safe keep me and my brother is safe and the energy in the household that my mom was reflecting onto my dad and there we're transcending between each other, transferring between each other kind of impact the way that I grew up and I created this belief in my mind and this is something I had no idea about.

I have no way of knowing this. It created a belief in my mind that men are unreliable and aren't to be trusted and that belief created situations in my life that would prove that again and again and again. I ended up in relationships with men that were not reliable, that cheated on me, that betrayed me, that really hurt me, and this all manifested from this childhood experience.

I ended up in really bad situations where I would be vulnerable or like in a vulnerable state and that would get taken advantage of by men. All these things transpired just because of my childhood trauma, I guess you would call it, and it wasn't anything bad. I had such a good childhood, but this belief that created in childhood created all these life matters, all these patterns and I didn't have the tools to deal with them until going through the plant medicine.

Yeah, so when I went through the plant medicine, I saw everything. It's like my childhood self-showed me what was wrong with me. I asked what's wrong with me? What is what's deep down there deep in my subconscious mind and it showed me my shadow came up to the surface and when you bring something to the surface, you put the light on it, integrate with it, and you start to heal.

And when I was able to do that, I changed my belief system and I rewrote what men are in my life, so before male would equal, unreliable, not to be trusted, and now I've completely changed that and men are. I've created a new definition for males, which is a trusting, kind, nurturing, safe. And since doing that at Rhythmia in Costa Rica three months ago, every in my life with men, every interaction with men has proven that new belief, because that's what happened, is that we create new belief systems.

You get a new reflection in life, shows you that what you believe is true. The shows you. Before when I had all these shadows, I kept manifesting, excuse me, I kept manifesting situations in which men were unreliable and untrustworthy.

She texted me when she was in Europe and she's like, my relationship with men is so different. Everyone is so nice to you. Everyone is opening the door for you. All of these things were happening and it was because you changed the way that you related to that to what that represents to you.

The universe had to show me, Yup, this new belief system is how things are. Doing something like what we're talking about is like bringing it to the surface because the subconscious mind rules most of our life experience. She consciously, it was like, I want to trust men or I want to do this, or I guess she knew consciously we teach the Law of Attraction and even me it was a very similar thing.

There are these unconscious patterns that you're not aware of, but the moment you become aware of it is the moment it transforms. For me, it was something similar in a way where it was a childhood experience that I just totally forgot about. I didn't even know. Not even that I forgot about it. It was just, it was subconsciously there and it was such a small thing.

It's something that you would look at now and be like, that's no big deal. It was when I was five or six years old, I was going back and forth between my mom's house, my dad's house because my parents are divorced and I was going back and forth. When I would go back from my mom's house to my dad's house, it'd be like every three or four days we'd go back and forth. I'd go back to my dad's house. My dad would always have an action figure on our bed, so my brother and I would come home, we'd have an action figure waiting on the bed and we intend me to ask her like, what's action figure for?

He's just because I love you, you know, it's because I love you. It's here you go, you know, it'd be like Batman or Superman or like some cool. My Dad, my dad was a huge Marvel fan or x men fan, so we come home and it was there and that happened for like four or five, six months. We'd always have an action figure, but then one day I was in this ceremony, we were, you know, doing the ceremony.

I had this remembrance. There's just this quick little memory of me going into my room when I was five or six years old looking on the bed and seeing that there was no action figure there even though I expected there to be there because my dad said that he did it because he loved me. I was thinking to myself. Then at that moment, I walked into that room and I saw that action figure and it wasn't there.

I made meaning in my mind that maybe my dad doesn't validate me, maybe my dad doesn't love me, or why is it not here now? Why was it here before? Not here now. That was the five or six-year-old version of me. In the ceremony, I was aware that there's a five or six-year-old version of me that hasn't healed from that experience and that was giving that experience of meeting and said, I'm not worthy.

I'm not validating. I need that to be happy. What I did is I became aware of the shadow. I became aware of this part of myself that wasn't healed and what I was able to then do is to give that five or six-year-old version of me give that version of me. It doesn't have to be this negative thing because at an unconscious level, of course, logically I'm like, "Bro, grow up." Like you just didn't get an action figure.

Like I get that, but the five or six-year-old version of me doesn't get that. Then what I did is I changed that belief. I changed that understanding, that definition of validation and since then even it might be. And my dad's relationship, for example, it is so much better. It feels so much more in alignment. Much more understanding that validation is just there.

Because before it was just this belief that it wasn't there, it was there, it was. There was a belief in my mind that was like, Oh, my dad doesn't validate what I do on YouTube because he wanted me to be a lawyer or like something in to go to school and have this like eight-year degree and somehow smart I was, why didn't I do that? Do you know? And now it's like he just totally accepts what I do on YouTube, what I do for a living. He's so inspired by. He tells me all the time, I love what you do. I want you to travel, I want you to do this.

That'll happen since Rhythmia. Also before Rhythmia, I had this, you can tell and everyone else that's on Instagram can probably see that when I, when I share ideas and when I, I'm so much more myself now. Before I had like this wall up where I was like, this YouTube guy, this personality, it's like three things you're going to do for this.

And I was very serious. I'm coming back from Rhythmia. Bless you. Coming back from Rhythmia, I'm so loose and it's just I want to be myself. Even this plant medicine stuff that I'm sharing with you right now, I would have never shared this before Rhythmia because I'd be like, what do people think of me? When you become a new, integrate your shadow self, you feel free. You full of yourself and people love you anyway, so I thought people aren't. People aren't going to like what I was talking about.

Plant medicine, you know, and we're not even talking about the plant medicine is. That's what you need. We're not even saying that right now because this is the thing. What we're talking about right now is doing inner shadow work. It is going within you to find these subconscious memories, to become aware of them and then to let them go.

And when you do that, you then change your beliefs and you change everything about it. And one thing we want to invite you were going to be doing this. This is a process that you can go through with us and this is without any Iowasca. A plant medicine, nothing. No traveling. You know, traveling, you don't have to, you know, to for us to go to Costa Rica and all this stuff, it was like a $6,000 expense type thing is what it would've cost.

However, you can from your home do what we're talking about right now and it's having a ceremonial type experience. This isn't just like some little thing. This is an experience that you have that is something that stays with you and it's you becoming aware of your subconscious thoughts, subconscious memories, things that are holding you back, going within yourself.

This is what we call shadow work is what we could call it your inner child and really giving them just like how you did with, with a five-year-old version of me. Yeah, the old version of you getting that little self so much love and healing them and that's what the ceremony. Because then as you hear that version of yourself, you then integrate this aspect of yourself. Everything on your reality will change on the outside. You must first change the inside before the outside.

What we and what has done as created a program, a process for using the power of the moon. This is also something we've been going through the last two months is this moon. The moon energy that's been coming in has been very powerful. I've never been the kind of person that's like the mood energy is like the reason or mercury retrograde.

I've never been that kind of person, but these last two months I've really understood the power of the moon and they've proven. They show that when the moon is out full moon, the tides go in, go out, it affects the planet. The planet is 70 percent water. We're 70 percent water. It affects us as well, so strong. He brings everything to the surface and it's the best time of the month to pluck everything out, which is coming up. There's a full moon coming up.

There's a full moon coming up and what we'd like to do is offer you to join us because we're going to be doing a process that has created called light work and light work is an experience, not just some little process you go through. It's an experience that you go through that will help you to integrate your shadow, to heal your inner child, to understand why you're feeling the way you are, to really come at peace with it, and then to transform from the inside out. Is this something you do?

There's stuff that you do before the full moon stuff you do for the ceremony of the full moon that brings all these things to the surface afterward. Also, afterward, there's a. there's a process that you go through as well to integrate all of this and then to have it to where you're good to go afterward and an easy type way, so this is for you.

If you are looking for something that helps you to transform from the inside out. This is for you. If you're looking to understand why you're feeling the way that you do and if you really just want to let go and also to deepen your spiritual practice in general because you have to get closest to yourself, to your higher self, and this is such a strong way to do that.

When you integrate with your shadow, you become closer to your higher self, come closest to your highest self. Life just completely changes. We both become a much more intuitive this last two months. It's almost like more of our higher-self abilities are coming through right now just to be a whole person. You have to integrate your shadow. You have to bring light to the darkest parts of yourself and love all of you to become complete 100 percent, whole and complete.

If you join light work right now, which is the ceremony that we're talking about, you'll see a link right below if you joined. What'll happen as well is you'll get that have a live workshop with both Lee or anti where we're going to help you to integrate your shadow as well. Understand this at a much deeper level. This is something you get if you join right now.

How many people have gone through that now? You've had a lot of 300, 300 people have gone through it. I know you were in Europe when you were getting testimonials. She was in Europe. She was texting me. She's like, this is so awesome. I was blown away by the response things people were experiencing in the ceiling.

Much healing and because there's the Facebook group, they're all talking about it afterward and they're like, yeah, I felt that. I saw that. I went through that and then kind of develop a tribe afterward as well. They're talking about their experience later and the two weeks after that, just like, I'm getting this insight and my dreams are telling me this and there's just.

It's so empowering, so empowering, so that also gets as you become part of a tribe, people have likeminded that you can bounce back, understand what you're going through, interaction from both of us as well, so it's this is something that resonates with you. It's called the light work ceremony. Very powerful and we want to help you to integrate your shadow to get the same type of results that we have without spending five or six grands to go to Costa Rica a week of downtime plus flight and all that stuff.

3 Things You Must do to Activate Your Lightbody

I'm going to be sharing with you three things you must do to activate your light body. This blog will make you so much more aware of how you can transition and transform into who you really are.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a new concept that I'm going to be sharing on my channel more and more, and it's about understanding the light body. You see every single one of us has a light body and some of us are now going through a transition of activating that light body.

Let me first off explain a little bit about this process and what a light body actually is. Think of your light body as activation of your higher self. Think of it like this as well. The body that you have right now, the physical body that you perceive of through your five senses. It's an illusion. It is an illusion which in what we think is real, is over 99.99% empty space.

When it comes to this reality, we are in a matrix, okay, like sounds a little bit deep. It is deep. We live in a matrix, a holographic matrix that we're all in. We incarnate into this system because it's part of the joy of life. It's part of the experience because in a way we forget who we are. When we come here, we decided I'm going to go to earth. I'm going to have these cool experiences. I'm going to have certain appointments made with certain people, certain types of relationships, and I have a certain mission on the planet as well.

However, one of the hardest things about coming to earth and being in this reality is that you forget who you are. You in a way go through this veil for wellness in a way actually, literally you go through a veil of forgetfulness and you forget who you are. That's a part of it as well because we have and we accumulate past memory. We accumulate these experiences and we then are lead to believe that what we perceive through our five senses is the real reality.

When in actuality reality is much more beyond just the form that we see. Think of this reality that you are perceiving right now as that of the fourth-dimensional reality, third and fourth-dimensional reality. When you look around right now, what has been happening over the last hundreds of years.

But mainly lead especially the last 40 years is there has been an increase in vibration happening on the planet and as that happens, more and more people are becoming aware of who they are and also people are letting go and starting to go through this process of letting go of the density of how they perceived themselves since about 1987 when there was something called a harmonic convergence.

We have been primarily had access to the fourth dimension which is considered more like a dream state. Has Your reality fit felt more like a dream over the last however many years because as the vibrations continue to rise, we perceive more and more of this reality is like a dream?

Reality is turning into a dream because reality is a dream. This is life. Experience is a dream. You in your true form are a high dimensional. Being that is dreaming. This is who you are. Sounds deep, sounds a little bit out there, but at a deep level, does it resonate with you? Go within yourself and see if this resonates with you, the mind, the ego part of it, no dishes, real science facts, solidity dishes, what's real, but in actuality, it is only real because of our belief and our experience of the of the thoughts that we intermingle with it.

They go, this is real, this is solid, and the same way you wake up at the end of the day in the morning, you go, oh, those were dreams last night that I had. At the end of this life, you're going to wake up and he'd be like, well, crazy dream. I learned a lot and you're going to wake up in the higher dimensional states of consciousness, unconditional love, bliss, where your thoughts instantly materialize because we're not bound by time and space and higher dimensional states of consciousness.

Everything I'm sharing with you is stuff that you already know at a deep level and go within to see. Don't believe everything I say. Go within yourself and see if it resonates with you. The thing is right now there's a shift going on into the planet where we're moving from third and fourth dimension to the fifth dimension. We are overlaying them right now and it's not a place that we're going. It's not like the fifth dimensions.

This utopia with rainbows in the sky. Unicorns jumping down Harry Potter in the corner with Juan and stuff. It's not like that fifth-dimensional state of consciousness is a state of consciousness. It's available right now. Fifth-dimensional state of consciousness has to do with unconditional love and living through your heart and us literally creating heaven on earth because it's within us. As we transform ourselves, we transform what we experience in our reality.

When I talk about the light body, the reason I explained all that so that you know that what we are shifting out of is the matrix. The Matrix is our mind. The Matrix is the way we think. Reality works. The Matrix is the web of thoughts that we have. It's the stimulus-response and the reaction to their environment.

Most people are living in that matrix, so when you break out of the matrix, you're breaking out of the mind and you're going into your heart, and it sounds cheesy, it sounds Corny, but it is the truth, and when you start to live from your heart, you start to transcend duality. Duality is good, bad light, dark up, down, all of these different polarities, left eye, right eye, left brain, right brain. We see through this, through these eyes, and we create duality.

Even the Law of Attraction, we really want this. We create a lack of it. We have this dual, this pool of duality. When we go from our head into our hearts, it's a singular point of focus. This light body is our connection to higher states of consciousness and is our vehicle for being multidimensional. Think of it like this. I'll put a little bit of a picture right here.

That picture is of what we call the light body or the Merkaba. I'll go in future videos, I'll explain this more, but the Merkaba is a star Tetrahedron that has the. The has a spinning motion on each side of it, and this activated light body is what we use to travel. I mean this in the form of states of consciousness at this point in our evolution. Maybe some people do it consciously, will they physically go there, but what I'm talking about right now is us activating our light bodies because as we go through this ascension over the next period of time, we're going to be shedding the layers of the old matrix, the old self, and we'll be.

We'll be activating this light body at a higher level. We all at a certain level have our light bodies somewhat activated, some people more than others, but this light body is what helps us to embody and hold more divine light. You are a divine being, whether they're aware of it or not. You are a divine being that is a part of the source and right now maybe this video's helping me remember that your divineness and that divineness comes more into your life.

As you activate your light body, which is all around you. The more you activated, the more you embody your higher self and the more you increase your frequency. Here's the thing, going through light body activation isn't always the most pleasant thing, the whole entire process. It is totally worth it. It is something that I am going through right now and many other people in the planet are going through right now and if you're perceiving of this blog, most likely you are going through it at some level right now as well.

There's a couple of things that I'm learning over the last couple of weeks that has guided me to be sharing this kind of content on my channel. Back in the day I would never make a video on light body, but it's happening and more and more people on the planet are going to be going through this light body activation over the next period of time on the planet because this is what it's all about. It's about this time of ascension.

1. Disengage

Here is the first thing you must do in order to activate your light body. It is to disengage from the mental constructs of the stories you tell yourself. You say it again in a different way. There stories we have about who we are, about the solidity of form, about how reality works, about how things need to be proven, all of these things.

The more we buy into all of that, the more we are creating from the old paradigm of the Matrix of our own mind and because of that, we continue to tell ourselves similar stories over and over again. The stories that we mentally have are also causing our emotions. You may have negative emotion towards something that happened to. I had an abusive ex-stepmom growing up. I told myself a story for a long time.

Why did I have this experience? This she shouldn't have been doing that to me and my brother. We shouldn't have had to go through that. We should've had a normal childhood. We should have been allowed to eat food so that we didn't want so skinny back when I was like 14 years old, so I had a story for years. I felt that negative message because the negative emotion, because of that story I was telling myself, guess what?

When I started to look at it from a new point of view, I started to observe those thoughts. That's when things began to change because that wasn't engaging with the old major. Remember, the Matrix of the mind just wants to regurgitate what it already knows. The way reality works are people do things to you, a victim of circumstance. This is how things are. This is how things are.

That is the old mental constructs and it's time to let it go when you're going through your light body activation and these old stories come up because as you increase the frequency of that of your body, the old stuff that has piled inside of your body that hasn't been dealt with and maybe 10, 15 years. Ivy, I've had things come up from the last week or two that I got a couple of weeks. I've been going through this activation.

I've had things come up from when I was like eight years old, five years old. Even things are coming up. Where does this coming from? This is part of the process. The key is to mentally observe it rather than react to it and to be aware of those mental stories because there are different layers of our body. In general. You have, you heard people talking about we have an energy body, a product body, a mental body, and emotional body.

All of these things are going to be, are they going to be agitated in the light body activation, but it's a very good thing. When these stories come up, when these images in your mind come up, I have an image in my mind of my stepmom and this and that. Observe it, be grateful it's coming. It's coming up because it's coming up from inside of you so that you can look at it.

You could observe it and you can say, thank you. I'm ready to let it go now, and then you start to let it go, but the more you mentally they engage with it, this should happen this way, this should have happened this way. The more you hold it in and then you have to keep dealing with it over and over again. There will be some resistance to this process.

I'm telling you from experience, there are things being brought up. They don't feel the best and I felt so high vibrational for so long. Not to be cocky about this or to get some spiritual ego about it, but when I went through my transition, especially since I've been making daily YouTube videos, I felt so high vibe all of the time. Like I feel high. I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke weed. I don't drink caffeine, I just feel high all the time.

However, since this activation last couple of weeks, there's been these ebbs and flows where it's like these things are being brought up. I deal with it and then it goes away and then it's part of the process. That's what I've come to understand. I'm experiencing it right now because I want to help other people go through this as well. If this is something you want to help, if you want help with, let me know in the comments below because this is something that is new to you.

I understand that it's a new idea, but this is the key to everything because when you activate your light body, your thoughts have more potency. You connect with people in a deeper way. It changes your whole entire life, so this isn't just like activate the light body, but what does that mean? It's transforming your life because you're living in a higher expression of you.

You are activating your higher self within you and you're activating the life. The truth is you aren't light. This is an illusion. You are pure light at your core and when you activate your light body, you activate that part of you, which is you and right now that transition is happening. First off, your mental stories, the mental things that come up in your mind, observe them and allow them to go. They served a purpose to understand that it served a purpose.

You know it's going to sound kind of crazy to some people. I've shared it before in other videos, but you chose your parents and even me, I chose my step mom that was abusive. I agreed to that because that helped cause pressure for me to wake up. And anytime I say that some people are going to say in the comments, well, I wouldn't have chosen my abusive dad.

I wouldn't have chosen this. I wouldn't have chosen to be in this horrible situation. The ego would not have chosen it, but you are not your ego. You are a higher dimensional being that knows how strong you are and when you go through these painful experiences, it creates pressure for you to come outside the other end of it. The reason I share this is that when we see it, we say, okay, for at a certain level I did choose it so we can start to let it go.

If you treat every situation in your life as if you chose it, it will transform your life. But the moment we say things happen to us is the moment that we go into victim mode and then we don't have our power and then we remain there. What I'm trying to do right now is to take you out of the Matrix and I want you to become aware that your light body is your higher self and that is who you really are. You are made of light. That's the first part.

2. Patterns of the past

The second thing you must do in order to shift into your light body is you must complete the patterns of the past. It's similar because a lot of the mental things that come up will be that of things. You have emotional charges too, but you have to complete the past. These past couples of weeks I've been going through this, I've been seeing these mental pictures come up and then what I've been having to do is to allow them to be there and to feel into it, to remember what it's like and I found a powerful way to do this as well.

Maybe I'll make a meditation on this as well. At a certain point in your past when something happened, there was a part of you at that age that something happened that Joel, could you and that version of you hasn't been healed yet? For example, when I was five years old, I almost drowned in a pool that's four years old. I completely forgot about this memory until I called my mom recently because I was having these memories come up. These emotions come up and she was able to help me work through them.

I had a memory of when I was in. I used to. We were in a condo at the time. I have 44 or five years, I don't remember much of my childhood, but I remember this was on the court. I was on the edge of a pool and I was kind of climbing down. My Mom and my dad were kinds of to the side a little bit doing whatever and I let go of the ledge and I thought that I was in the shallow end and I can touch the ground, but I couldn't.

I ended up bobbing down and I started to drown and I couldn't breathe and I remember being underwater. I remember not being able to breathe and I remember being scared shitless now. Someone jumped in and think my dad or my mom jumped in. They got me, and at that moment I thought that I did something wrong. Of course, they didn't.

They weren't mad at me or anything. They were very loving about it and but maybe they even felt bad that we fell in, that I fell in and I absorbed some of that. That feeling as well, who knows? But in general, I made meaning in my mind that I did something I shouldn't have done and I believe too much in myself. You see that emotion comes up and there was a fall four or five-year-old version of me that hasn't healed from that experience.

Doing a meditation, what I did is I went back, and I comforted the four or five-year-old version of me and I hugged them. That version of me told them it was okay. I had let it know it was okay, that that version of me feel that way is totally normal. I talked to that version of me as if I would talk to a five-year-old and I felt myself heal.

This is kind of thing that you can do because in the timeline, in my own timeline, there was a part of me that wasn't healed yet from that experience and there were other experiences as well that I've been able to heal. Because of that. That's a powerful technique you can use to allow and to heal that version of you. If you want me to make a meditation on that, let me know. That's something I will do.

3. Live from your heart

The third thing you must do in order to shift into your light body is to start to live from your heart. Even right now, let's do that just for a minute. This will change your life if you do it consistently. The Heart Math Institute is proven this as well. When you put your hands over your heart, you put the awareness in your heart for just a couple of minutes a day.

It increases the vibration side of your heart and around your whole entire body and the electromagnetic energy of your heart is thousands of times more powerful than the head. Right now, what I'd like to ask you to do is put your hands over your heart like this and just breathe with me. Maybe you could feel it now, a little bit more tingling sensation inside your heart. You see, your light body will emanate from your heart.

It will eliminate all around you. The more you change your energy with your heart center, the more you tap into a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness. I understand we're all connected. What you do to someone else you do to yourself because that someone else is another version of you.

You're connected and when you start to realize that everyone's doing the best they can with where they are, it's easier to forgive. Look at my stepmom, for example, I can forgive her because she's playing out a pattern in her own mind of something, in a way that she thinks she has to be. She was treated the same way when she was a kid. She thinks that's how you treat people.

It doesn't make it right to me. Doesn't mean I'm so glad I went through all that, but in a way, I am because it led to a spiritual awakening, but she did the best with where she was with the level of consciousness she had. At the moment. We're all doing that. You forgive yourself for things. In the past, you did the best you could with where you were.

I understand that the more you put your hands on your heart, like this right now is the more than your body's been activated. This is a process that we're all going through. It's a process we will continue to go through in our life and there are different layers to it. There are different levels of light body activation, but when you know that the reason these negative emotions and these things from the past or being brought up there because of that, it makes it so much easier.

I'm going to share this with you as well, so a little bit esoteric. I'm going to tell you right now if you guys ever heard of Bashar. Bashar is one of my favorite teachers. Bashar is channeled by Darryl Anka and is a multidimensional being that comes through with information and he's been around for 30, 40 years and it's been so consistent and the, I've been to conferences before and ask questions actually.

First off, the societal conditioning and all that, like people would just lose their stuff, right? And understand we're all connected. We're multidimensional, we have connections to different star systems. You do. I do. Whether we're aware of it or not. Sounds a little bit out there, but it's true. You are so much more than you can imagine, and the time on the planet right now is about remembering this.

Somebody asked said, hey, why can't higher dimensional beings come and meet us right now? He said, if a higher vibration of that high vibration where were to walk up to you right now, they would be admitting such a high vibration that it would bring all the lower vibrations within you up immediately for you to deal with right now because they're so integrated that it makes us have to integrate ourselves.

We would then be afraid and think we were afraid of them when in actuality we're afraid of ourselves because this darker stuff from our past is being brought up for us to look at as we become in their energy. Think about that. If they were to come, that's what would happen. It would bring all that stuff within us. Well, guess what's happening right now.

Your light body is activating, which is of a higher vibrational nature. And because of that it's bringing up all these lower vibrational stuffs to be dealt with once and for all, and that's what you can do right now is tap into that, so I use that analogy because it helped me understand this.

It's all a part of the process. Things make me get a little bit dark as you're going through this, but as long as you know what's happening, you realize it's part of the process. It makes it so much easier. This time on the planet is about us activating our light bodies, becoming our higher selves, literally merging with the higher dimensional aspects of us.

The Vibrational Resonance of MONEY and How to Align with it (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

I'm going to be sharing with you more on the vibrational resonance of money. I'm going to show you how to resonate with it and a completely new way so that you start to create more of it in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the exact vibrational resonance of money, understanding how we relate to money and how we can change the way we relate to it's that we start to attract more of it into our lives.

At the fundamental level, something that been bringing back into my channel a lot recently is understanding that our beliefs create our reality, so this goes beyond just the surface level of law of attraction because there's a lot of people that may be focused on more money, but asking themselves, why am I not experienced?

I'm thinking about it, but the thing is if that person does not believe that they are worthy of the money or that person believes that money is hard to acquire, then there are belief systems that are actually blocking the vibrational resonance of money from coming into their life experience.

What I'm going to be sharing with you are different ways that I've gone through the process. I've transformed the way that I relate to money and how you can do the same thing. First off, let's understand the deeper core of reality itself, and that is, like I said a minute ago, that our beliefs create our reality. Here is the cool thing and here is one of the most empowering ideas in life. Some people may think that this is actually scary, but this is so empowering.

It's this simple idea right here. The meaning of what things mean in our life and the vibrational resonance of them depends on how we interpret those things. When it comes to the idea of money, money in of itself has no inherent value other than the value. We as a collective give them money because it's an agreement.

We say, “Hey, when you give me $20, I can get this, this or this out of it.” That's an agreement that we have. But if we change the currency of what money was, we said, you know what? That money's going be bitcoin. Then all the sudden the value of the dollar doesn't isn't what it is. Because if everyone's using some other type of currency, then did the agreement starts to break. When it comes to the idea of money, understand that that money has no inherent value other than the value we give it.

This sometimes can actually block us because the thing is his spiritual people, people that come into it and look at money and they go, well, money is a negative thing because money is a form of control money. This is a perspective that I honestly had this perspective back in 2012. I went through a spiritual awakening.

What I went through that spiritual awakening and I realized that my beliefs are creating our reality. I realized I had a whole bunch of labels that I identified with and those labels were actually holding me back to my life and what happened is I then looked at the world that I said, why is the world the way that it is? Why aren't people aware that they create their own reality?

Why is a lot of information suppressed at certain levels, whether this is the back government or people that control the so many corporate major corporations and all of these things that have been around for a long time, but she didn't know electric cars has been around since 1991?

I did a whole report of it when I was in college. True. The such as a side tangent, but that is something that there's. There's a lot of. When it comes to reality and of itself, there's information has been suppressed, so when I became aware of this, I became angry. I'm like, why is this information being held back from the public? Why aren't people aware of it?

Then I become aware that the idea of money is not backed by gold and it hasn't been by practical buy gold for a long time and that money in a way it's just been printed and it is used as a form of control. This is a negative perspective and for about a year or two, guess what? I did not attract much money into my life because I had these negative connotations to what money was. I thought money was negative.

Money is control. Money is this thing that doesn't even exist. I gave it a negative definition because I was more spiritual. The reason I go like this is that sometimes we lose track of what it means to be spiritual. First off, not even a big fan of the word spiritual to begin with because the way that a lot of people use being spiritual as if someone is more spiritual than someone else.

Some people may be more aware of their spirituality, but everyone has that level of spirit within them. It's just some people emphasize it more than others, no one 's really like, I'm more spiritual than them. You're just maybe more aware of it and he liked to flaunt it's a little bit more and that was me. For years, I had this spiritual ego for about a year or two until I became aware of it.

I the spiritual ego that was like money is bad, not only as money is bad but then it's used as a form of control and all of these different connotations that I had on it was what caused negative resistance within me and then guess what? I did attract much money into my life because how could money come into my life? I didn't even really like money, it didn't at a deeper fundamental level.

That lasted for about a year and then I became aware of it and I saw that everything in life I was reminded that everything in life is fundamentally neutral and that if we give it a negative meaning, then we block it from our experience. It doesn't mean we have to worship it because then we become too identified with it. We put it on a pedestal. That's the exact opposite side of the spectrum.

One side of the spectrum is it's bad. The other of the spectrum, it's really good and really important that really need it. It's about the middle way. The middle way is understanding that money is a neutral value. It is neutral. Money is a neutral vibration, but the meaning we give the money is going to be what determines how it comes back into our lives.

Let me share with you the two things that I think really influenced the vibration of money and how we relate to it because remember the vibration of money is going to be different from you to me to everyone else, but there are two main things that I think really influences it. First off, it's your notions and your beliefs about money because that's going to be the inherent value that you get out of it. For example, let me share with you so empowering ideas I have about money.

One of them is that money is an exchange of value, so when I'm on my YouTube channel, I'm making videos. My idea is that I'm going to add as much value as I can knowing that as I put good out into the world, there are different ways that money and abundance comes back to me because it's a natural byproduct of the value I can provide.

The more value I give to the world, the more financial abundance comes into my life and the more other forms of abundance come into my life as well, such as opportunities such as meeting people so many different ways, but I don't limit myself with that of abundance thinking. Abundance is only money, but I recognize that in society it is the value of exchange that we use, but once again, I don't give my power over to money. Money is a tool that I use.

It's a resource that I use. It is not something that controls my life and I do my best to make sure I'm not following the money and not doing things in my business just because it brings me money. I'm doing things because I think it will add value and because I love to do it and the money is a natural byproduct of it. You see, most people with the vibration of money is they think that the money is what they want.

The money is not what you want. What you really want is the emotion that money will bring you. It's the emotion. Your notions about money. What are your beliefs about money? Let me ask you that right now. What are your beliefs about money? What do you think about it? Does it come easily to you? Is it a positive thing? Is it a negative thing?

How do you relate to money? Because most of that is just completely on autopilot and some of that might just be hammy downs from your daddy and your mommy. Maybe they said, “Hey, money's bad.” or they said money doesn't grow on trees. Money is paper.

Money is trees. Were you talking about, you know, eventually it'll be cryptocurrency or to be something else, but it's just a funny idea that people believe that this money is a is bad and it comes from hammy downs from parents, from society, from looking over and seeing somebody that has money and assuming an NDC number and that way that we relate to money will hold us back and will block you from coming into our experience.

It doesn't matter how much you think of a million dollars. If you don't believe you deserve it or you don't believe that it can come to you, then you won't experience it because we only see the world through the filter of our belief systems unless we transcend beliefs, which is also very powerful.

It's about understanding how we relate to money, our notions about money, becoming aware of the beliefs. The funny thing is the moment we become aware of what that belief is, is the moment it begins to change because we wake up from the autopilot mind. We wake up from it having power over us, that we snap ourselves and do the awareness of.

We can just be more present to the moment knowing that a natural reflection of that could be financial abundance and for doing what we love. The second part of this is kind of what I hinted at a second ago. It's the emotion that money brings us, that we can begin to really tap into emotion. First off, we have to have the meaning and the meaning comes the emotion. For example, this is something that I used to do at my job and it has to do that.

My old job, I used to be A. I used to work at Barneys New York and women's shoes before I was a full-time YouTuber. I've been a full-time YouTube for about two years now, so it's been a while, but I remember when I did it. What I loved about the job that I used to have. This is something I used to love because I was loved the law of attraction.

I loved understanding my thought process on how I feel and what I would get my life. Every day that I went into work, it was a purely commissioned job. I'd have the goal of selling maybe a four or $5,000 worth of shoes, which I worked in women's shoes, Barneys New York, which the average price when shooting for shooters like $800, 1200 bucks, so it's like four or five shoes, but it was a. it's a higher end place, so it's not like there's, you know, thousands of people walking in every day.

Working there, but I became aware of is I would experiment, I would go in some days and I would go in and I would have certain intentions. I would say, okay, I intend to sell this amount or I would go in and I didn't pay attention to how I felt while I was doing it. If I felt resistance, what was I doing to feel that resistance? What was I focusing on?

How am I relating to the customer? All of these different things. Well, perspectives, what I have while helping the customer, I'd be able to tailor hundreds of times a week because I'd helped hundreds of people a week and because of that I would become very refined as to what gets results and what doesn't get results. It was like my playground, the law of attraction.

Here's what I learned though. The more I would just be in a high vibe state because I chose to be in a high vibe state because I was having fun is the more the money would come anyway, so this is what I would do. I would go in every day and I have an intention for how much I wanted to sell. I'd say, you know what? I like to have a four to $5,000 a day.

Sometimes I'd experimented like, let me go more specific. I want to have a 5,000, $265 a day, whatever. I would go in there with that mentality, but then when I do is I let go of the outcome and then what I would do is I just increased my state of which means I will just have fun. Here I am as we're in a suit at my job and I was just kind of like this jokester.

I would joke around with other employees and then I would joke around with customers. I was very sarcastic and the great thing is, is sometimes people didn't know when I would kind of be able to mess with customers because I was able to hold a straight face and be kind of sarcastic and just see. I love to see how people respond to certain things and then it ended up being funny, but it would lighten the mood.

A customer would come in. I'd be helping them. I would make them laugh if I could increase their state of being. If they came in feeling like they were at a, a nonchalant, mediocre level, they're just like, whatever. Having an okay day and I could make them have a much better day because of the way that I'm interacting with them. The likelihood of them buying would go up by 10.

I don't know why 10 but 10, it just goes up. It would go up dramatically. There's much more likely that they would buy because I increased my own state of being and there's just something where there's this energy is contagious, so my state of being, or just feeling good and having fun and I would have. I'd have fun regardless of whether they even got it. I would just do it for me. Self-amusement. That's how I kind of view it.

I would go in there and I would do that and guess what? I would then have some of the best days. Some of the best days I've ever had are the days I was just having the most fun because I was in a higher vibrational state and in that emotion, it would attract more and more abundance. Guess what? When they see me helping customers, laughing, having a good time, customers waiting around with wanting me to help them versus the other guy over there, that's about it.

 It's like a customer, you know? It's a totally different, totally different thing. I had an increase in my state of being. All of a sudden, I'm in a good state. I'm in a good vibe, contagious energy going around. Everyone's like, “Oh, I want to be around that guy.” That's what I would do. That's why I'm sharing it with you is because your state of being can be one of the most powerful things.

We attract more money. Think about it, even if it's not money, even as the vibrational abundance, you go out into the world, you're feeling good, you're having fun. Who's going to be more likely to be attracted to you? Everyone could be somebody that owns a business as you know, you're very put together, your love, your vibe of your energy.

If you want to work for me, then you get out of the job that you have and into a better job. Who knows? It doesn't have to be just money, but money is a natural. The meaning we get money is going to be the effect that we get out of it. The beliefs we have about money, the notions we have about money is going to be what we get out of it and even just beyond that, the vibrational resonance of our frequency, which you could say it say, what does that mean?

That just means how do you feel? Because if you increase how you feel, you are then going to be attracting more of it into your life because as you increase how you feel as far as you just have fun, that means you let go of resistance. The days I went into work and I was like, I got a shelf $5,000 to Jay, you know, go around, kind of all customer would come up and help a customer.

They went by my union binding now just like walk away. I didn't really say that, but I go put away the shoes, and it'd be over there and I'd be like, where's my next customer? And I'm looking for them and then I get them and I just had this bad mood or the whole day that didn't work because it's so serious. Seriously doesn't really get you results. Having fun does get you results. Big Paradox.

Do you think the vibration of money you think these people are like crunching numbers, crunching numbers, and stuff? I need to make more money needed to make more money. That is resistance and you will make more money if you go into it lose. Do you want to do that? Having fun, lighthearted, enjoying the process. That is the vibration of money.

I'm not here to tell you how reality works. Actually, I am. I'm here to tell you how reality works, but what I'm telling you is that you interpret reality the way that you want. There is no like. I actually can't tell you how reality works because every single person on this planet has a different belief system and our beliefs create our reality, so because of that, it's going to change from person to person to person. It's going to have that coming back to them. This is about being aware of whatever you believe to be true in the meaning.

You give things because money is a neutral idea. Your car gets you from point a to point b. that's it. Whether you like it or not, whether it's the shiny color you want, whether it has all the bells and whistles and it has the air-conditioned seats. If you give that meaning, then it's a big deal. If you just have been fun to get from point a to point b, it's a lighter vibe. If you want to be in the vibrational resonance of money, loosen up on yourself.

Let go of all the resistance and the seriousness you put around money. If you give money, a big meaning, it's going to be something that's hard to attract into your life because it's so heavy. It's over there, and it weighs a hundred pounds because it's heavy because you're giving it excess meaning and you have this like heavy vibration about it.

It's heavy. It's not likely to attract over. But if you loosen up your vibration, you have fun with it, and you look at that money, you're like, oh, that's so, so light, so fun. It just is what it is. It's got no meeting anyway. It's kind of neutral. Guess what? It loosens it up. It's not so heavy. It can just float around. It's more buoyant and exists flow onto your lap because you aren't given it.

All of this meaning all of this weight that is holding it back from you. The truth of the matter is that you are the abundance. It's just that we give symbols in our society for the current time and honestly, I believe in a couple hundred years, maybe less. It'd be 50 to 100 years. Eventually, there'll be many different exchanges in our society than money not dogging on the money. I think money is.

It's cool at all. If I had a negative perspective on money, guess what? I wouldn't be attracting too much of it in my life. However, I also recognize there are other ways of going about things, but we're not there yet. Maybe we'll get there. Who knows? All I know for now is that money is a neutral vibration that if I changed the way I believe that the way I think about money and what I believe to be about true about money, I begin to change how I relate to money.

Then I change my frequency of how I feel. I start to just be in a good state of being. I start to associate it, to be fun, to make money, to fund, to give to other people. I believe that money is a natural byproduct of the value that I can add to other people that seems to serve me very well because then as I put good out into the world, that just seems to come back and then it totally transformed my view on money, so that's something you can begin to do.

This Meditation Will Trigger INSTANT Manifestation (WARNING YOU BETTER BE READY)

I'm going to be sharing with you a guided meditation for triggering instant manifestation. I'm going to show you exactly how to do that and then give you a process and a meditation that will allow you to do that faster than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you some of the mechanics of what is necessary to create what is called instant manifestation and then also I'll be giving you at the end of this blog, a guided meditation that will help you to go through that process and to really start to embody the version of you that can create instant manifestation.

As you know, and some of my videos, if you've been watching my videos, is that I now do a new type of format where I will explain some ideas and some ideologies that I think can change our lives.

Very practical, and then go into a meditation that will wire all of this in and then help you to make learning more of an energetic type of experience. Rather than it just being an intellectual, so first off, what I want to do is I want to explain a little bit of the components that are necessary for instant manifestation so that when we go into the meditation, we're able to understand why we're doing certain things more easily and then also the intention is for us to come out of it and then to create for ourselves that greater gap of where we are to where we want to be.

The idea behind this and a lot of the info that I'm going to be sharing from this blog is going to come from Dr. Joe Dispenza, who wrote the book called How to break the habit of being yourself. He wrote the book called becoming super natural and that this is about understanding our mechanics and our autopilot mind. Because the way that we create our own reality is through our personalities. Our personality creates our personal reality.

Our personality is a combination of three things. What we think, what we do, and what we feel.

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Our personality is a combination of three things. What we think, what we do and what we feel and when we change these three things that are on autopilot by the way, because we believe that merely who we are is just the similar type experiences we've been in the past.

We identify ourselves a person a certain way, and then what happens is we continue to play out the identity over and over again thinking that we have to be consistent to it because one of the strongest human desires there is to be consistent to the way that we define ourselves.

If something happens in the past we say, oh, this is who I am. We continue to play that out over and over again because the mind likes familiarity, familiarity, the mind likes familiar things. What happens is the mind always goes back to what is comfortable and because it always goes back to what is comfortable. It will continue to create the same thing over and over again.

Something else that's been shown in science is that over 90% of the thoughts that we think day to day is repetitive. That we think on average over 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and that over 90% of those are recycled the day before, so to create instant manifestation, it is not possible from the paradigm of the autopilot thinking. What we have to begin to do is to wake up from that autopilot thinking and we have to be willing to do things that we haven't done before.

We have to be willing to challenge the old self-image because the old self-image will always create experiences consistent with what it is experienced before. The way that Dr. Joe Dispenza explains it is that anything that we are repetitively doing, we will continue to create the same result. We do the same things. We get the same results.

In order to create the miraculous, we have to do something completely outside of that bubble, that comfort zone, that familiar territory, and if we do something that's inconsistent too, that we get into the unknown, we have the known and the unknown. We can think of it like the known and the unknown, and there's a circle in there that's the known. If we remained in the known, we're always going to continue to create same experiences over and over again. However, if we start to do things we haven't done before, they might seem scary because they're unknown.

What we do is we start to do things that are unknown. We expand ourselves, image, we expand our realm of what we are capable of and by expanding our realm of what we are capable of, we step into the unknown and in the unknown, is where miracles can happen because what happens is then there's not that expectation.

Have you ever heard of beginner's luck? Many times, people will have beginner's luck because when they go into doing something they're not familiar with what kind of things they can expect to happen and they'll have that lucky type experience, and then once they do it a couple times, they expect certain things to happen, so maybe they aren't that lucky going forward. It's a phenomenon that's been going on for a very long time.

The idea is that even sometimes when people train people in certain fields, sometimes they want people that have never done whatever field it is because then they're more malleable, they're more trainable, and they're more likely to then to then have a different type of result from that versus somebody that's been doing it so long that the rigid in their own thinking. We do not want to be rigid in our own thinking and in order to trigger instant manifestation.

What we must be willing to do is to get outside of the self-identity for the way we see ourselves. We must be willing to expand out of that by doing things outside of that known realm of comfort by doing things we have never done before. Maybe this means that you go out to a yoga class that you've always been afraid of going to, but when you go there, you realize that you're actually very passionate about it.

Or you meet somebody that you're attracted to and then you guys go on a date or there are a million different scenarios of how this could play out, but going, doing something that you're a little bit afraid to do because it's not who you normally are. We'll then start to trigger the unknown things happening, the miraculous because you are outside of that self-image, so this is the fundamental of the process.

The fundamentals are, and I'm going to give you a formula here in a minute as well that I think is very powerful, but the fundamental of the process is you must be willing to try new things and set the intention to try new things so that when you go into life, you are able to step into that unknown. The unfamiliar in the unfamiliar is where the very powerful expansion of who you are will live and this is ours.

That's the kind of person that you really want to be. That you want to be so confident in yourself that even in uncomfortable situations, you make it through and you feel accomplished because you're not doing the same things over and over again. I would say in so far as you are not really living. If you are doing the same things over and over again and you aren't pushing yourself to do things that are a little bit scary or that challenge your belief system or that challenge, even the self-identity for the way you see yourself.

Even just setting the intention to do things you haven't done before. Set the intention to do that. Set the intention also for certain things to happen. Whether it's you wanting to meet someone and get into a relationship, set the intention that you go out and you talk to somebody or set the intention that you meet somebody when you're out.

If you start setting intentions, you aligned up yourself with those probabilities. You increase those probabilities and then what you do is you do things outside of that comfort zone and you open up into the unknown and the unknown is where things can really come to you. I know I just kind of spewed all that out there. I think that that's some of the most potent information that I've given in an eight-minute type session here, but what I want to do now is explain the little formula and then we're going to go into the actual meditation.

The formula is a combination of a couple of things. One, it is in an elevated emotion. The idea is that whatever you want to experience in your life, whatever miracle, instant manifestation, think of what that is and break it down into an emotion. If you want money, you may want freedom.

You may want security. If you want a connection with someone else and you want to be in a relationship, you might want to feel compassion. If it's a majority of different things, you can break anything down into an emotion and as you see what emotion it is, you can then realize that the more you focus on things in your current life, like the current way you're living, that already embodied those emotions, you're going to be growing that energy within you, so it's the elevated emotion.

And let me put a caveat here because we're going to be doing it in the meditation as you using the electromagnetic energy of the heart is the best-kept secret from the whole LOA community, and I know some people talk about it, but it's really underemphasized. The electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than the head and more empowered, more powerful than just the intellectual ideas.

It's the embodiment and that's why we're doing meditations because when we increase the energy of our heart in the direction of what we want to experience, it's a very powerful energy. The head creates from duality, left brain, right brain, good, bad, light, dark. But when we create from the heart, it's a singular point of focus and it's connected to what we're passionate about and it's something that's much more potent energy.

We have this right here is the elevated emotion. It's a connection to the heart of this right here is an intention, an intention, and the intention is I intend to have more money in my life. I intend to see more opportunity in my life. That's what you want to think. What is the instant manifestation you want to create in your life?

We want to think about that now and combine those two things. Realize that what we're going to do in this meditation is combined that have the elevated emotion with the intention, and I'm going to help guide you through that, but then also focus right now on one situation of you breaking outside of the comfort zone of what's familiar for you. Have you doing something that would help that thing come to fruition.

That's unknown because in the unknown is where the miraculous can happen. For example, you're like, my intention is to attract a relationship, set the intention to attract a relationship. We're going to feel the elevated emotion of the compassion, and then what you want to do is you want to think of one action you can take of doing one thing that you can go do, a scenario that would prove to you that you break outside of that self-image of you normally say, and I normally don't go talk to people, but then once you do, as you imagine yourself going to a yoga class, like the analogy I was using earlier.

Then what you do is you go to that yoga class and you pushed yourself to step outside the box and to talk to the people around you or to see how you can break outside of that little bubble with the intention of meeting someone special. And what you do is you set yourself that intention, but you need to have a scenario in your mind.

If something you could do. If it's making more money, maybe it's you going out and presenting yourself to somebody that owns a business and something that you want to do as well. Maybe you could work for them or with them somehow, or collaborate maybe to reaching out to somebody on social media. Whatever it is, set that intention and realize that's outside your comfort zone. That's okay. You have to get outside of the known in order to trigger instant manifestation.

There's the autopilot mind and then there's really feeling alive. That's what I'm encouraging you to do. Right now, what I'm going to ask you to do is take a deep breath in and deep breath out. And with every breath that we take, we're going to feel more and more relaxed. We're going to feel ourselves relaxing more and more. We're going to feel the energy in our heart. What I'm going to do right now is I'm going to cue the music. Let's take a deep breath in.

Breathe out. Feel your body relax more. You get to feel the energy inside of your heart because the energy in your heart is much more protein out of the marine, and when you begin to feel more into the heart, you begin to row the electromagnetic energy around your body. As you do that, you increase the magnetic power that you have to create what you want in your life. Let's take another deep breath in.

Deep breath out. I encourage you that if you can to close your eyes, take a deep breath in, breathe it out. Feel your body relax. What's your awareness back to ask you now? Imagine a ball of energy inside of your hands, inside of your hearts, all of power. Imagine this ball of energy in your heart, spinning faster and faster. As the ball spins faster and faster, you can also feel your body relaxing more and more. Feel the energy around your eyelids.

Feel the wave of relaxation through your body, allowing you to feel like you can really let go. I'm going to count down from five every number I count. You're going to feel your body relaxed more and more, and you're going to feel that ball of energy in your heart, making me feel more warmth in your heart. You're going to feel that more and more field.

That ball of energy is going faster and faster. For your body is feeling warmer, and max three, feel yourself letting go more and more into feeling that warmth in your heart. Priests now feel this energy body has expanded now. Imagine that you were in a specific scenario to you would represent that manifest. Whatever situation that says, imagine it in detail. Imagine it through your own eyes. Noticed, respond. No, it's your body. How you feel.

Look around you. Notice your environment. You can imagine the color's becoming brighter and brighter. Kind of sounds. Do you hear? Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder. Notice how this version of it you carried yourself.

Notice how confident this version of your meals, this version of you to try things that are uncertain, to do things you've never done before because this version of you know you can handle anything now as this version of it you, you can manifest things very quickly, so right now, put the intention into what you want to manifest. Set the intention that you experienced what you think I what do.

I'll put the awareness in your heart and notice that this version of you as very powerful energy, she can feel it and think of the emotion. What you want to manifest, things of, what emotion you would be feeling. I feel that inside your heart. Feel that emotion right now.

Where is this emotion already in your life? In some form, this version of you feels emotions on demand whenever you choose. I'm going to count down from five to one. Every number I count down. You are going to feel more of this emotion inside your heart. You're going to handle it increase and double feeling with every number that I count you will feel this emanated through. Your body, through your heart, you'll feel a little more. They'll feel blissful with every number I count. Five. Feel this emotion.

You are feeling it expand for getting warmer and warmer, feeling it with more energy. Three, feel this energetic volt through your heart feeling very good to feel this energy spinning faster and faster. One doubled and power. You can now feel this emotion throughout your whole body and you know this is who you are, this version of your nose, the way you manifest what you want through the emotion in your heart, in the intention, and that's what now as this version of you ask, what is one thing that I can that will allow me to expand what is familiar for me?

What is one thing I can do that will get me into the unknown, that I instantly trigger manifestation and then wait for the year? Set the intention that you do this thing that will get you out of your comfort zone that will expand your self-identity for the way you view yourself. Set the intention that you experienced this within the next two days that you feel called to and you're going to feel inspired to do something to get into the unknown space, instantly manifest something miraculous. You will know you will feel guided.

Set the intention right now. Understand that this new self-image is who you are. You are someone that can merely feel into your heart center, to set a plan and then manifest what you want. That's a part of who you are and this version of yourself that's confident in doing uncertain things. This is who you are now. Make the choice that this is who you are. Make the choice throughout your day-to-day. You are going to experience more of this confident version of you and that this is going to solidify for you right now.

What we're going to do is we're going to bring this self-image back into our body. We're going to feel very present to the moments. I'm going to count down from five to one with every number that I count. We're going to feel yourself becoming more present, more alert. You're going to feel this self-image anchor into you and you will be a totally new person, more confident than ever before, and you will also be experiencing your reflection before the end of the day to day of this version of five.

Feel yourself becoming more present to the moment for fuel, the energy in your body, part three, wiggle your toes and start to realize where you are to feeling more alert, more present, and then one, feel yourself now open your eyes feeling present to the moment knowing that you are a completely new version of you, that you can experience what you want in your life simply with attention, emotion, and doing something a little bit outside of what you're used to.

This is a formula that does work. It's just something you have just shifted into and now you'll understand that you can embody this self-image because this is who you choose to be. Before you end of the day today, you will notice something in your life that shows you that you have shifted, that you have changed.

Be aware of that. Be open to that because it will show itself to you before the end of the day. With that being said, something else I've done is I've created a free meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set points that you manifest from a much higher vibration.

3 Tricks of the EGO that BLOCK Success, Happiness and Manifestation

I'm going to be sharing with you three tricks of the ego that blocks success, happiness, and the Law of Attraction from working. I'm going to show you exactly how to push through these so that you start to live in a completely new way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three tricks of the ego. The ego may have a couple more tricks, but these are the three main tricks that I have acknowledged in the ego that really blocks success, happiness, and manifestations from coming into your life.

Maybe we will be able to perceive of that which you want. Let's first off understand the ego. In the process of manifestation itself. The job of the ego is to focus and is to identify and have a level of awareness with where it is to where it wants to be.

The ego tends to be more identified with goals. The ego tends to be identified with outcomes and it's about being aware of that. First off, you are not just the ego, the ego may be part of your human experience because when we come into this reality, we need a vessel for having an earthly experience and that vessel is our body and our body has an ego.

It's almost like the ego is the Avatar in this reality because, at a greater sense, you are an unconditional, immortal, spiritual being, unconditional love, a mortal spiritual, been from the higher dimensional aspects of consciousness that are projected yourself here into this reality and while being here, you use your body and your ego as the Avatar.

The thing is people in their life many times become overly identified with that Avatar or that ego. It's almost like you're playing a video game and you start to think that you are only just the character itself without realizing that you are also the person that is playing the game.

Of course, this is the idea of our higher-self. Our higher-self is us, and there is this balance between the higher-self and the ego. The ego's job is to focus. The ego's job is to pay attention to what it wants, what it doesn't want, and the job of the higher self is to guide it. The thing is for the process of happiness, manifestation, even the Law of Attraction for us to really be imbalanced, the key to this is having two sides of that coin.

It is having that of having the focus in a certain direction and moving in a certain direction. We could even call this the action and being aware of how we feel along the process. The ego can identify what that is and pay attention to what it wants and all of that. And then the other side of that though is the key is to let go and let things happen.

The way they are meant to happen and this means letting go and giving up the outcome of how it happens to that have the higher self and then the higher self can help guide through the experience in a much more powerful way. But the thing that happens is many people get caught up in the ego thinking that they are only the ego.

And they think they must do absolutely everything. When we believe we must do everything, we put all of the weight on our back and we carried it around. And by doing so, we end up feeling bogged down. We ended up feeling at the whims of everyone else. We feel like we are at the effect of everything in life rather than being at the cost.

1. Ego thinking

The first trick of the ego that I want to share with you has to do with the ego thinking that it must do everything. The ego thinks it must do everything. That's not the case. The job of the ego and what you can begin to do is to become aware of how you are setting your goals, what are your outcomes. 

And then being aware of how you can move in that direction, but also allow the elasticity for your higher-self to help bring through the kind of information to help bring through how things could actually happen. This is about having that, that balance of understanding what the job of the ego really is. The job of the ego is to focus. It is to go in a certain direction, and you can think of this as well as the guidance system for that of your ego is that of the feeling of passion.

You can use your emotions when you are doing what you're passionate about. That feeling of passion is your body telling you, “Hey, this is who you really are.”

You can use your emotions when you are doing what you're passionate about.

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Continue to do this thing and that is the connection to your higher self that is guiding you through the process, but what'll happen sometimes is the ego will also go for goals that it doesn't really want. The ego may think it wants it, but the higher self always knows better. It's about being aware of that and having your goal connected to your passion.

Go from your heart. How do you feel? That is what is important because the emotion transcends the intellect. The ego is more concerned with the logical understanding of everything trying to piece it together in their mind, and when you go beyond that of just the ego, you go into your heart, you then see those amazing things begin to start. Go into your heart and understand that when you set the intention also do your passion more of the time.

You will then start to see more and more of a reflection of that in your life because the truth is the more you do what you're passionate about, the more the side effects come anyways. What I mean by that is you may say, well, I want money. I want a relationship. I want this, I want that, but what you really want is you want this connection. You want this feeling. You want the emotion.

Those things will bring you. If you go for your passion, you are then going for the highest probable timeline of you. Then also having all those other things. If you start following your passion, you're going to meet someone that's also doing what they love and that you're more of vibrational resonance with. If you are doing your passion, there's more likelihood that you're going to be able to add value to other people because you're in a high vibrational state and then that money in that financial abundance just comes back to you.

In the same way, you may find that when it comes to health, you're in a high vibrational state, you have more vitality, you feel like you want to go out and you want to do more physical exercise. Therefore, you become even more healthy, so be aware of these different facets because when you're aware of how you feel in the process, amazing things happen, but it doesn't have to be purely a mental, logical type thing.

You can make it an emotional thing and you can tap into your passion, but the moment you think that the ego has to do everything is the moment that you're going to put too much on your back and you're going to start to feel resistance. When that happens, observed the ego. Bring awareness into your body. Even right now, as I do this, we can do this exercise right now.

Bring the awareness from in your head and into your sense perceptions into your hands, your chest, your feet. Imagine that there's energy going out of the heels and your feet. As you do this right now, you probably feel more present to the moment. Then you can observe the thoughts that you have and as you observe the thoughts that you have, you can see and choose whether you identify with them or you continue to observe them because as you observed them.

You neutralize the power that it has over you, so instead of I have to control this, I have to do this and this, and this. You start to observe it and see that a lot of times it's just the worrying of the mind.

2. Self-preservation

The second trick of the ego has to do with the self-preservation system of the ego. The ego wants to survive. The ego wants to remain the same. When you bring a different variable into your life and the egos see that, the ego will try to sabotage it. The ego will try to make it so that that doesn't happen because it does not want to go off the rail of what he had envisioned in its own mind.

This is something I've experienced recently because as I bring a new element into my life, I feel this, this inner resistance. And it has nothing to do with the element it has to do with my beliefs about who I am and how I saw myself in my blueprint of I was going to live my life and that's allowing me to bring these things up and then to process it and let it go.

You see? That's what is powerful. When you understand that it's a self-preservation system. The ego just wants to survive. The ego wants to remain the same, so instead become aware of the ego. Become aware of the self-preservation system. Ask yourself this question. Anytime you feel like you have these limiting beliefs, what would I have to believe is true to be having this kind of emotion?

I'm like, why am I feeling this? And I asked myself the question, well, what would I have to believe is true to be feeling this and I got down to believing that it would derail a certain level of financial abundance or this or that, all of this stuff, and I realized that it's false. It's not even true. It's just the ego is trying to preserve itself.

Then when that happens, once again, you can observe it and you can move more into your heart, move into your heart and understand it for what it is. It's just doing his job. There's no, you know, sometimes they say these things, they have the book. There's a book called ego is the enemy. The ego is still something you are using to have a physical type experience, so instead of fighting the ego, be like, screw you for having these limiting beliefs.

Understand that maybe the ego will try to self-preserve itself, but instead what you can do is you can look at the ego and you could say, listen, it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. Yes, maybe this is a little bit different, but it's going to be okay. Yes, you can still do this and this. It's not going to be as rigid as you think. It's okay.

Just trust this process and the next time that belief comes up, that feeling comes up, observe it, observe the feeling. Emotions dissipate when you observe them with detachment because then you see them for what they are. They're only painful when we identify with them and we think that they are who we are and they think they shouldn't be there. Allow those emotions to be there. As you do that, they will then begin to go away more and more.

This is about this. Really everything I'm sharing with you right now is about the same kind of process awareness, become aware of what your ego is thinking, then choose to detach from it. That is what will really help you to go beyond that of the ego structure because remember you also have a self-image in a certain way. You see yourself and that self-image is what is called a cybernetic mechanism, meaning it will always go back to its base point, so if you see yourself is only able to make 50,000 per year, only able capable of having a certain type of relationship.

All of these things, the image, and the ego will start to get a little bit freaky because it's like, what are you doing? This is out of alignment with the way that you saw yourself forever and instead, you observed that you become aware of it and then you process the emotions and you let them go and then you will move beyond it and you start to transcend it and then you start to exist in a higher state of consciousness. You start to exist in a higher vibrational state.

3. Ego's rules

The third trick of the ego is the ego's rules that it has for what it takes you to be happy. Many times, the ego will tell you that you can feel happy when some external benchmark and because of that external benchmark, you will always be looking for it and think about how funny that is. We say, when we get this specific type of financial abundance, when I have this certain career, when I had this when I have that, then I'll be happy.

If there is a rule in the mind and we can permit ourselves to feel that right now because all we experienced in our life is more of our own energy. We may use certain people as a symbol for that and they could feel the same emotion. That can be love. There can be a connection there. There can be a passion for what you do for a living.

It's about understanding that there's this alignment that takes place when you more so soak into the moment now and you give yourself permission to be happy now and as you give yourself to be happy, now permission, you begin to increase your vibration and then you experience a reality that is equal to that high vibrational state.

It's about the awareness of what rules are in your mind. What rules are in your mind right now that says that you can be happy, when, when can you be happy? Why not now? Why not be happy now and understand that by being happy now, you will actually attract the things in your life quicker than you can imagine.

That a funny paradox we say, when I get the car, the relationship, the money, then I'll be happy, but the key is when you'll be happy when you are happy, those things will come anyways. It's about understanding the trick of the ego, of the if-then scenario and instead choosing to be happy now because remember we experience in life that which we are the vibration of.

The more that you allow yourself to be in that vibration of what you love doing, have permitted yourself to be happy. Now, the more that you do all of these things, the more that you embody that vibrational frequency and the more that you then start to perceive of the reality that is equal to that vibration. Your vibration is a combination.

Would you think, act and feel. Permit yourself now, even right now, as you read this, can you permit yourself now to be happy? A lot of times I can come from focus as well. What are you focused on? You focus on the gratitude you have for what's in your life right now. You could be, and I said, well, I don't have a lot in my life.

The three tricks of the ego and how to transcend every single one of them is about first off understanding. You don't have to control everything. Give it up, let go understand that you can just follow your passion and when you're. When you're in a high vibrational state, you are aligned to who you really are and that half the equation is focusing.

The other half, maybe it's even more than half, is trusting the process and having your higher self-bring you what you need, trusting that it will work out. If you do that, then things will smooth out so much easier. You will take all that weight off your back and understand that things can be given to you. At the same time, remember that you have a self-preservation system inside of you that's trying to remain the same. When the resistance comes up, be aware of it, observe it, let it go.

Notice that you just have to a lot of times dissolve those negative emotions. You have to just dissolve those negative beliefs by being aware of them and observing them with detachment. They just are what they are. Do that exercise every day. Bring the awareness from out of your head into your hands, into your feet and notice how you become more aware present to the moment, and then at the same time, I know that for this whole process, the more that you give yourself permission to be happy now, the more you experienced what you want your life.

This is about letting go of all the rules and permitting yourself to be in the present moment. As you're in the present moment, you observed the ego and the ego begins to cooperate. That's where the power is. A lot of what the ego will cause. There's a lot of sometimes emotional disturbance is now. What I have is I have a free webinar training showing you how I raise my vibrational set point, became emotionally free and let go of my painful past.