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My 2019 Manifestation Routine that works like MAGIC

I'm going to show you my manifestation routine for 2019 how it switched up over the years and how you can apply in your life too, so that you attract what you want easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you my 2019 manifestation ritual and also share with you that I believe that as time goes on, as more and more people wake up in the planet, the vibrations are increasing. Therefore, since the vibrations are increasing, whatever we want to manifest happens easier than ever.

Whereas it used to be, I had this really long ritual where I had so much to do and some of it's good because it's like me priming myself. But what I've realized is that things can be so much easier when you allow them to be easier. What I'm going to do is just kind of share with you some of the things that I do every single day. And then I'm going to go into a segment or I talk about something called transformative vocabulary.

Transformative vocabulary is words that have a very strong influence on the subconscious mind and does a certain way you can use it when looking at a mirror. And it's something that I've been doing for a very long time now and it works very powerfully. There's a way you look at yourself in the eyes and by doing so, you connect to yourself and you can literally change your subconscious mind. That will be coming up here in a little bit. But first off, what I wanted to do is to share with you that it's about routine because routine gets you in a prime state.

Every single day, here's a couple of things that I do. Like for example, there is now water made. This is hot water, hot water. I have a lemon. I'm going to cut that up. That's going to go inside something to drink that's really good for digestion. And I actually first read that and think and grow rich. Think of it like the body influences the mind and the mind influences the body.

If you have a whole bunch of food that's not digesting from the night before, that will weigh you down. In general, something else I do for manifestation is when I wake up in the morning, I want my energy to be more potent so I don't eat. When I get up, I eat, I actually do something called intermittent fasting where I only eat for the first A. I don't eat till about four, about five hours, six hours into my day.

I only eat within an eight-hour window. That because it's then it gives my body more time to heal itself and to do what needs to do. But if I did also keep me in a high vibe state to fast so that I do that as well. I drink lemon water every single morning. Something else I do is I do a very cold shower that primes me. But the first thing I do every single morning is I meditate.

I may meditate on this. I may move it over a little bit. And what I'll do is I will observe my thoughts completely neutrally. I will not judge them. I will just allow them to come in and allow them to go out, allow them to come in, allow them to go out. And by doing that, I start to disengage from the reactive mind. I would say that's a huge, huge thing.

And what I do is I do that for about 10, 15 minutes. And then if something happens throughout the day, instead of me reacting to it, I can just respond. It's a game changer. It's completely changed my life when I started doing it about 10, about know about six years ago. I think it'll change your life too. If you do it, you just observe your thoughts. Sometimes what I'll do is I'll have like a candle on it, like something not with a candle flame and I'll look at the candle flame and keep my eyes on it and just allow the thoughts to come in and allow the thoughts to leave.

That's something else that I do. That’s something that I am passionate about. What you can do as well as find out what you're passionate about and do the same thing right when you get up in the morning and do the most leveraged things right when you wake up as well. But for manifestation, I would say it's a combination of taking action. It's me doing what I'm passionate about.

In meditation, the mind doesn't know the difference between what it's thinking about and what it's imagining. What I do or what does imagining and what is actually happening. What I do is I prime certain states and then my life. And I do that and I visualize what I want to experience. And by doing so, it primes me to a certain emotion.

And that emotion helps me manifest. But understand that things are manifesting quicker in 2019 and it's about really just being in alignment with you and your passion and your frequency of how you prefer to be. And what I would say is the more you focus and also meditate is the more you disengage from the old 3D reality. The news is always trying to suck us in. If you just observe it, it won't have so much power over you.

Observe the news, observed the 3D world, allow and really have boundaries for your own vibration, and that will help you with this process. What we're about to get into is a video that I made that has to do with understanding my morning routine plus my nightly routine of how you put your hands over your heart every day. How you do this thing called from the book called the feeling is the secret by Neville Goddard.

An amazing process, one of the most powerful manifestation processes I've ever used, and I use it almost every single day. You'll see that as well. I share a whole bunch of stuff that I haven't shared before coming up in this segment. There are certain things that I say right when I get up in the morning that has a very powerful effect on my mind, and it has to do with the words you actually say.

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the words that I use because it's called transformative vocabulary. Imagine that there are certain words that you use that impacts your mind in a more powerful way than other words. And for everyone, that's going to be a little bit different first off, but the idea behind this, and I'm going to share with you also the most powerful technique that I've ever found for manifestation, and it has to do with Azur going to bed at night.

And I'm going to share with you that in a minute, but first what I wanted to do is I wanted to share a little bit about the actual words that you can use that can influence your mind in a powerful way. Because what I did is I originally read this book, it's called awaken the giant within, it's by a guy named Tony Robbins. If you've ever heard of Tony Robbins and in it, he has this, this part of it that's called the transformative vocabulary, which are these words that influence the subconscious mind in a very powerful way.

And the idea behind it that I use is I make sure that I say those words right when I wake up in the morning or right before I go to bed, or I at least think them. You don't have to say that loud. Of course, when it's Leo or I'm saying it, but in your own mind, you can also think these words.

Of course, voice though does have a certain dimension to it because as you say it, it's a certain vibration that you're literally putting out into the universe. Saying it does have a lot of power as well. But I understand also that sometimes when we're going to bed at night, you may not have the energy to say it or when you wake up in the morning. And that's a very powerful time to say an affirmation. Let me show you a little bit of this.

There’s this part in it. And what it does is it shows, I don't know if he could see it right here, but it shows on one side of the page, it's, it shows good words to use. And on the other side it says, great words to use and I'm going to show you, that's why you can transform the emotion you feel any of these words, when you go from what it is, the good word to the great, it allows you to feel it more.

First off, when you've seen these affirmations, I always say them in the present tense. Even with Leo or I'm not like you will be beautiful or you will be successful in the future are you will be experiencing explosive growth or you will be loving or compassionate. It's not. You will be. It's you are. I am. I'm saying you are. I say I am. You want to say I am feeling when you're doing this, I am feeling you really want to get in your heart space as well.

I recommend always putting awareness in your heart because the electromagnetic energy and the heart are thousands of times more powerful than the brain. But there are also neurons in your heart. The heart math institute has shown this. Put the energy in your heart and then think words like this. Let me show you some examples.

One of the words would be like, I'm feeling alert. I'm feeling all right. I'm feeling attractive. Well, this is a great word. See how this takes it up? Another law, another notch. I'm feeling energized. Much more powerful than alert, right? I'm feeling super much better than all right. I'm feeling gorgeous. Much better than attractive. Do you see? These are all different words and there's many of them. I'll give you some of the great words. I'm just going to start reading them off to you.

These are all words you can use when you think I am. I am feeling that you can think, unstoppable, serene, outrageous, turbocharged, impassioned. I'm feeling cosmically charged. Just tremendous, unbelievably vest. Blessed Vaishyas over the moon. Better than excellent. I feeling passionate, compelled, driven to moving at warp speed. Fantastic, spectacular.

Couldn't be better. Energized, focused, extraordinary. Monumental exhilarated, incredible cooler. Mundo. I liked that one. Kula Mundo, that's one of them. Invincible, charged up in bolded, empowered, brilliant, explosive, soaring. Great. These are all words that you can use, all of those you can use and see which words really poke out at you, which was really allow you to feel more of that emotion inside of your body.

Because the key to this is always the emotion that you're feeling. That's what you want to do. And you want to think of this in the form of repetition. You might be asking yourself, why do this right in the morning are right at night? Because understand that that is the window of influencing the subconscious mind. The window of influencing the subconscious mind is 30 minutes. As you wake up in the morning, your mind is the most susceptible.

That influence and then also the 30 minutes, right before you go to bed at night, your mind is winding down and you're going into those deeper states. Think of it like this too. You are right now awake with me. You are in about Alpha or Beta state. That's the awake state. We're all in an alpha or a Beta state when we're awake unless we're meditating.

We have that have the Beta state, the Alpha state, and the Theta state. These are the three main ones. There's a, there's a couple of deeper ones in the sleep state, but the idea is that an Alpha and Beta, the alert states, we don't have much influence over the subconscious mind. And when we're awake, we're in the conscious mind. As you go to bed at night, you drift off into Theta state in Theta state.

That's where we influence our subconscious mind. As you're growing up, up until about the ages of eight to 10 years old, you're pretty much only in a theta state, meaning you're just absorbing everything into the subconscious mind. That's why they say a lot of times that your beliefs are formed at an early age and you take on the beliefs of your parents because you're mainly in a theta state. You're in that data state, so what you do is when you're going to bed at night, you are drifting from the Beta to the alpha to the data, to the delta.

As you're slipping, you're slipping into sleep. Then you have this window of influencing the subconscious mind, so whatever you say in that window has even more power. That's why we [inaudible] when as she's waking up in the morning, I'm saying those affirmations because it is having more power over her subconscious mind.

Then she wakes up, she walks around, she goes, Oh yeah, I'm beautiful. I mean, she knows she's beautiful, but you know what I mean? And she, she just, she knows these things even deeper. You can do that in every area of your life. But that's why as you're going to bed, you want to do that. Let me share with you the technique that I use and I actually, I'll actually, I'll show you and I will go into my room and show you what you might do.

First off, when I wake up in the morning, what I do is I do the affirmations and sometimes what I'll do is I'll look into this mirror right here. This mirror is a, I can look at myself in the eyes. When you're doing it in the morning and you're doing the affirmations, look at yourself in one of your eyes.

You'll see what you have a predominant. I look at yourself in the eye because it's almost like you connect to the deeper part of yourself. You ever notice that when you make eye contact someone else, you feel very connected to them. Well, in the same way, when you make eye contact with yourself, you feel more connected to yourself. Say those transformative words right when you wake up in the morning, looking in the mirror if you can.

If you're in bed than sitting in bed, feel it. And then what I would do is I'd come over here and then I would say things like that. Like I feel an amazing turbocharged excited, passionate about what my day. I feel like everything's going to go. I'm going to be in the right place at the right time. I like to say things throughout my day as well.

I have general intentions and then sometimes what I do is I have intentions of what I want to experience throughout the day. I went to the gym, I have an amazing workout. I feel like I'm breaking down muscle and rebuilding it and I feel so good even that the next day when I feel a little sore, I know that I've done a lot of work. I love that feeling. I love the feeling of feeling energized after a good workout. Even though those kinds of don't seem like they go together.

They do. For me, I pride myself for that. I pride myself that when I eat, I get food that's nourished. I pick food that does well for my body. I set these intentions and throughout my day it adds up and adds up over time. In bed, for example, another thing you could do for this as well, when you're waking up in the morning, get a crystal.

I have like different crystals. This is rose quartz. Have different crystals that I may use. And once you can do is as you're waking up, maybe put the crystal in your hearts or something. But what I would do is I would lay down as here, as I'm going to bed at night, okay, this is what you want to do, that it's going to show you. Here's what I would do.

All right? As you're going to bed at night, put your hands over your heart because then the electromagnetic energy starts to go inside of your heart. Put the electromagnetic energy inside of your heart, feel the energy, and then what you want to do as you're falling asleep. And this is a technique from the book called the feeling is the secret.

It is one of the most powerful techniques I've ever found. Put your hands over your heart and feel the emotion of what you want to experience in your life and think of it and immerse yourself inside of a certain situation. For example, I may close my eyes. I imagined myself with the freedom to travel the world and to be doing speaking events, places, or to be able to eat at amazing restaurants and to being beautiful places that I'm staying at.

I would imagine the freedom of that. How passionate I feel, how I love what I do. And I would put the awareness in my heart and feel as if it's happening now because the mind doesn't know the difference between what it's imagining and what's actually happening. And what I would do is as I'm falling asleep at night, I feel the gratitude, focus on the gratitude of that being your current reality, and then you begin to drift off into sleep.

And if every single night you drift off into sleep with the gratitude in your heart, have you already experienced in the reality you want, that will eventually become your reality. This is a technique that I have shown so many in so many people's life has been transformed from this technique. That's why I share it with you every single night as you go to bed, puts your hands over your heart, feel the emotions of what you want to experience, and be grateful that it's your current present reality.

Imagine as if you're looking through your own eyes. Don't necessarily, I wouldn't imagine myself like traveling. What would, if as if I was watching them myself in a movie, I watch it as if it's happening through my own eyes as if I may be on a plane. I may look around, I may, you know, I made, I see it like that. In the same way, you can do something very similar. Imagine it, put the awareness into your heart. The feeling is the secret.

The feeling is the secret to influencing your subconscious mind. You can do that in the morning when you wake up and when you go to bed at night. But also there's a window. That window is when you can say things with emotion that give you emotion. All those words that I said earlier, only picked the ones that you really feel strong emotion about.

Those will help you in this process. Understand that this is something that can transform your whole entire life as you begin to apply. Understand that the more you feel the emotions of what you want to experience and know too, that when you do that, you're literally becoming that version of you. It's not just that you're thinking it and it's like you're going to attract that into your life.

You become the kind of person that feels grateful for that reality as you're going to bed at night. That becomes you. I feel that freedom naturally because that's who I am. That's how I view it. At least. With that being said, I hope you enjoyed that video. I hope that it gave you a little bit more clarity as to how you can apply your own manifestation ritual.

Take what works from me or take what works and leave what does it, some stuff will resonate. Some stuff won't observe the old 3D reality. I'd say for everyone that would be beneficial not to reengage and like to emphasize it, to observe the old, to understand that what's coming is going to then focus on your vibration. You doing what you're passionate about, you deciding that you been in that frequency is going to be you really manifesting what you want faster than ever.

And then also just understanding that you are a spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience. And the more you allow yourself to know that your life can be divine, the more divine that will be. The more you realize your life is a dream, the more dreamlike it becomes. See how you can apply to all these things. I'd say the cold water, lemon water or the hot lemon water, it helps with digestion.

The observing the thoughts meditation for 10 or 15 minutes, right when you wake up in the morning, beyond that you can do visualization where you can connect into your heart center and then beyond that you can do that of getting to your heart center.

Do the feeling is the secret before you go to bed at night. All of these different things are simple yet powerful, but reprogram your subconscious mind using the transformative vocabulary I share and it will change your life and things can happen quicker than ever in 2019.

The Great Solar Flash Event it’s time you know about…

I'm going to be sharing with you more on what is called the great solar flash. This is something that will be happening in the future and it's something that is the time you know about.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be sharing with you more on what is called the great solar flash. Understanding that there is a trance mutation of energy happening on the planet right now or you can say transformation. That's a better word. There is a transformation of energy happening right now on the planet.

You may have heard me talk before about the shift in consciousness that we're as a collective going through right now, which is going from a third demented third density state of consciousness and do a fourth and fifth density state of consciousness and right now it's happening on the planet.

You'll notice that more and more people are waking up than ever before. I'll be honest, not that I didn't have like strong belief in humanity, but it is happening so fast. Many people are waking up, and it's happening in waves and if you're watching my videos right now, then you're one of the first waves because you can only perceive that what you are the vibration of. And if you're here right now, then this is something that you are ready to here.

Let me first off say that this great solar flash that is coming, it is not to be feared. It is not to be feared. It is not like something's going to happen and then everyone's going to, you know it's like either you're alive and you're not alive. It's not like that at all. There's sometimes fear put around certain ideas like this so it's not like you need to rush to do something specifically.

However, understand that this is about transformation and that the more you raise your vibration, the easier this process will be. But as a society, we have chosen that we are going to go in through this shift in consciousness together. There are different timelines in 2012 where we could have gone on a couple of different timelines.

One of them was could have been something to where it was either you go this direction or this direction and a lot of people, just wasn't as many people made this ascension process, but what we decided is that as a collective we are going to go a little bit slower through the process.

Cause now it's 2019 for example. And we are going to continue to go through this process and we're going to raise our vibrations together so that more people can make this shift. In general, everyone can make this shift. This isn't something you have to be afraid of. What's happened to my dog? What's going to happen to my kids? Don't worry about that.

Worry about you raising your own vibration because the more that you raise your vibration, the more that is helping the collective consciousness anyways. When it comes to understanding the solar flash, the solar flash is where the sun is going to emit such high vibration energy that it penetrates all the people on the face of the planet and inside of the planet as well. And that as it penetrates everyone, it transforms the consciousness.

It's like our body turns into more light. However, we're still going to be physical. It's not like we're going to be these little theory ghosts walking around. We are going to remain physical, but it's going to be like our body continues to transform. It's almost like our body goes from a more carbon-based body into a crystal and body, which is happening right now.

First off, when it says the great solar flash, understand that these solar flashes that are already happening, they're already happening. That's why I beat, you don't have to be afraid of this. This is the most empowering thing you could come to understand is that as the sun changes, it changes us. The sun is a replicator of energy. The sun is an amplifier of energy as well.

The sun helps create life. The sun will help the grass grow. The sun helps. We can absorb energy from the sun. You could call that to the galactic son because the universe is actually a pterodactyl field. The universe, just like there's a Toronto field around our body where there's a toroidal field around and what the universe is and we are in earth going around and through this Toronto field.

What happens is we are moving through a very highly charged area of space right now. Just to give you an idea of what this may be like is this is such a high vibration of space that it is raising our vibration. It's allowing us to transform our own level of consciousness and one of the ways it does that is as we move through this space, it influences the son and the son that he admits it on the US and it awakens us more, and more so the sun has light codes in it.

A lot of people would worship the sun. They understood that the sun has very transformative energy. He sold their flashes, which is a little bit different. It goes onto the planet, and it awakens the consciousness within the people. It transmutes the consciousness of the people and it is happening right now. There are more people waking up on the planet than ever before and this will continue to happen as time goes on.

When it comes to this, when it comes to this great solar flash event, understand that there are triggers of it happening right now. There are triggers if it happening right now, and when it comes to it, there will be what is called when we move out of what is called a solar minimum. There are these different levels of us moving through this area of space. When we get out of this solar minimum, it is going to happen and there'll be more energy of this flowing through and it'll happen even quicker.

That is supposedly going to happen around 202620272028 so there's a little bit of time, but up until then, there will still be flashes that are waking consciousness. This solar flash event is meant to be that literally helps awaken humanity as such a great level. What could it look like? Could it look like this event happens and it happens through a pulsation, through the whole plant where people just start to become aware of who they are as spiritual beings.

Maybe certain memories unlock memories of us having a connection to the stars, memories of us having a connection to what we're doing when we go to bed at night, because every night when you go to bed, you are awake to higher states of consciousness. You simply don't remember it because there was a veil of forgetfulness. Could it be that these great solar events starts to have it to where we remember more of what's happening at these greater levels of consciousness?

These are all things that are possible. However, we don't know exactly what will happen, but we do know that the sun transmutes energy, we do know that these pulsations are happening right now on the planet. We do know that there will be more of that happening and that the purpose of it is to help wake up humanity as a whole and that Thursday form of a spiritual renaissance happening on the planet right now and it will continue to happen.

And if you want more information on this, I'm going to have a link in the bottom right down here. This is where I've gotten a lot of this information is from a show called cosmic disclosure. I watch Gaia and I've watched every episode of cosmic disclosure. You get sucked in and you start watching it. You're watching like two or three episodes used to be sucked up by for three weeks because that's when she'll be watching.

But there's more information about this. There is a someone named Corey good that is the insider that brings forth this information and a lot of it has to do with the solar event, the solar flash that will eventually happen and it's happening now. It's about knowing that this is about the transmutation of consciousness. And if you want to know more, you'll see the link in the bottom below.

But in general, understand that the sun transmutes energy, that we are going through this transformation right now, that our bodies are connected to the planet, the planet is connected to the star, our star is connecting to a bigger star and it's this whole universe moves in a pterodactyl field type fashion.

And right now we are experienced in reality the way we are from all these different points of consciousness. Because never before on the planet has there been so many people that have gone through this shift in consciousness, in form, in the way that we are going. We always think of as grace understand there are extraterrestrials that look very similar to us. There are extraterrestrials that we aren't connected to that you as a soul are connected to.

Maybe the Pleiades, maybe serious maybe Arcturus. It may be Andromedan and maybe all these different places. These are the sexiest terms. There are thousands of thousands of different places, but our souls are immortal, spiritual beings and we have not just incarnated our whole soul on that have little earth.

As amazing as it is, we have existence is at many different layers as well. Knowing this, we can then be, we can then see that reality is so much more of that than we can imagine. There are a lot of people on the planet that have kept this information back when it comes to this great solar flash.

But it's the time that it becomes more people become more aware of it and they know because there are people that are trying to go underground to block out this event because when it comes, it will transmute all of humanity, it will transmute and they're trying to be because this is what it does. Okay, so let me give you an example of what I learned from cosmic disclosure.

As we move through the galaxy or through the universe, we are moving to a more highly charged area of space. This highly charged area space. Also, Trans means consciousness. What they decided to do is they sent some people all with different mindsets, all with different backgrounds into this area of space and like some type of way of transporting or you know some type of vehicle, probably some type of space ship or whatever that they have.

And they go through that into this, into the, what we could call it the future, like into where this area of space that we're moving into and they observe these people. What happened? The people that were negatively charged, meaning that they had maybe negative mindsets, maybe they were just more negative in general, they felt more negative. They felt more like they were having breakdowns or like they were, they weren't able to handle it.

They felt an amplification of whatever they were feeling positive. People on the other hand, that we're in this crap where they went into this area of space, felt joy, felt love, felt bliss, felt peacefulness. They felt amazing. Depending on the person's polarity, whether they were more positive or negative will depend upon how they feel going through this process.

We'll understand that. This is also a metaphor for the area of space where we're moving through because we are moving through it right now. Over the next 10 years and as we move through it, we will get an amplification of whatever we're feeling and with whatever we're feeling, it's like the dark sites get brought up for us to deal with so that we can allow this blissfulness to come through because this transmutation of consciousness, this transformation of consciousness is happening right now on the planet.

Be aware of it and understand that as you, as you become more aware of this, you can then focus on yourself. Can you raise your own vibration? And I said, how can you raise your own vibration? Cause as you raise your vibration, this process of this solar flash will impact you in more and more powerful ways. With the solar flash, you don't have to necessarily go around and tell him there's this great solar flash come in because I don't know how physical it will be.

What I mean is, I don't know if it's like some we, you know, our eagle thinks it's going to be some flash of energy. We all see this white light and it's like we're all just blissed out and a, we have these awakenings and now all of a sudden we can interdimensional travel, but it might be very different.

We don't know exactly what's going to happen, but it could be that we just have these inner realizations. It could be a happens in a nonphysical way, so we don't actually see it, but we individually feel it. But regardless, there are these solar flashes that are happening right now on the planet and they will continue to happen at different rates. Almost like different pulsations getting us ready for a big whammy.

You couldn't say it's starting out kind of small. It keeps happening, keeps transforming us. And then eventually once we move out of solar minimum, which is what Corey Goode said, that he was told that, then it'll happen even more powerfully. And that's in like 2027 2028 but until then there'll be a lot of things happening.

There'll be a lot more information coming out about things, about how reality works and about things that had been hidden will be brought out to the surface and it'd be brought out for people to become aware of and it will be happening from now up until and just going forward. More and more light is being shown and being shined in these dark places for this information to come out and it's not to be feared.

This is the thing. Sometimes when you look in this information, he becomes fearful like, oh, this shift and this and this. It's just meant for you to go within yourself and focus on raising your own vibration. Focus on raising our own vibration because as you focus on that, you'll find that what happens is you end up transforming the people around you as well because energy is contagious and it helps the shift in consciousness happening even easier.

The best thing you can do is not go out and blast all of this information unless you feel called to do that. Maybe you know that's what I'm doing, but the best thing you can do is to change within yourself, to love yourself, to integrate your shadow self, all of these different things.

If you want as well, I have a guided meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point, helping you through this process. It's one of the most powerful meditations I've made. Absolutely free. Let's do it for 21 days. It will transform your life. Also, I'll be doing more live communities on Instagram, so if you want to follow me and ask me questions, you can ask me questions below. Also, I post twice a day there as well. Let me know what you think about this.

The Divine MATRIX of Reality and How to HACK the System

I'm going to be sharing with you the divine matrix of reality and show you how to hack the system. By the end of this blog, you'll understand more about how to create what you want in your life and what your reality really is.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the divine matrix, understanding the reality that we live in, understanding it from a deeper point of view than maybe you've ever understood it before, and understanding how you can upgrade your level so that you manifest from a higher paradigm so she knows way hack the system.

Think about it like a video game. If you have a video game and you know the cheat codes, then guess what? It makes it a little bit easier for you to move through it because you know how to move through. Imagine also then not just that you have a guide that helps you through this process as well. You have a video game and you have like guidance as this was coming up, this is coming up. This is what you can prepare for.

And if you know the rules of this game, it makes the process so much easier. Well, in a way, life is a form of a game. Think about it as a game as well. When you have a game, what you do is you play this game and maybe whatever game you want, and when you're looking at this game that you're playing, you know that that Avatar that you're playing in the game isn't actually you, but you immerse yourself in it. And the thing is if it's just a game, sometimes you may take it a little bit more loosely.

You may just kind of mess around a little bit. You may not get an actually the value out of it that you would get if you are actually experiencing it for yourself. That's why some people on grand theft auto will go on this game and they'll go smack people around doing things that they wouldn't actually do in real life. Let us at least I hope not. Well, in a similar way, you wouldn't go around doing all that because if you did, there'd be Karma.

How far can I push the limits? How far can I run away from the police and hit people on the side of the road and run over people without actually having that come back to me? Well, the thing is life is not like a video game. There's a veil of forgetfulness. We come in this reality or like, oh, this is who I am.

We grow up our whole entire lives identifying with the census, thinking that this is who I am and then what we do is we go through an awakening process. We eventually get through the awakening process. We get to a place to where we realize that we're more than the ego. Normally that happens through pain and then it causes us to wake up, wake up to who we really are, which is a spiritual been leaving a temporary human experience and there is a purpose behind this.

But here is the thing that I want you to understand is that you came here to remember who you are. You came here to go through this veil of forgetfulness to then remember, because also right now there's this ascension happen on the planet. There are more and more people are waking up right now than ever before and it is amazing to see it is happening so quickly.

And the reason being is because as a collective we've decided to upgrade the system. Just like you would think of the Matrix. Think of the Matrix as an analogy. And the thing with the Matrix is one of the reasons the matrix did so amazing as a movie is because, at a deeper level, the concept resonates with a lot of people. Think about the idea of the matrix where Neo in the matrix and then the matrix, everyone's going through that of the motions of what they're doing.

Everyone's identified with their sentences, everyone's eating the food, everyone's thinking that that's who they are. But then Morpheus comes along, pulls him out of the matrix that says, Yo Bro, you're so much more than that. You are the one, and guess what the one is that of a, a metaphor for the one consciousness that we are all connected to, whether we're aware of it or not.

But what we do is when you look at that of the Matrix, it's like when you become aware of it and there's no going back. You can think of it as the pills being that of awakening because there really is no going back. There is this matrix and then you look at the movie, the Matrix and there's all these, he goes through all these, you know, gains better abilities.

You learn how to control his mind. He realizes his everything, his mental, well guess what? In reality, it's very simple. It's very similar. The reality that we experience the ego that we experience is sense perceptions. It's a vibrational interpretation. It was a very real metaphor and it's very real, it's the way reality works. However, this is the disconnect between the movie, the Matrix when it comes to all these AI and machines coming in.

And that's thinking that like there's no organic fabric of reality. We live in a divine matrix. That is the difference. We live in a divine matrix. Everything we see in reality, his compositions of light, we are all lights. We have all liked beans. There is this organic structure that we have. Yes, it is partly programmed. You live in the autopilot mind and you just sort of robotically going through the same actions every day talking to the same people every day thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day.

Then what happens is you wake up, that's when you start to wake up from the Matrix, but the thing is it is a divine matrix. You are a divine spiritual being that exists in higher states of consciousness right now, and you are now coming to more awareness of that. That is what the awakening process is. It is realizing that you are the one, you are the one and when it comes to being the one, it's about understanding that we're all connected and that we're all divine.

We're all a piece of source energy, so this is what we're coming to understand in this lifetime. When it comes to this divine matrix, understand there are ways of hacking it. There are ways of hacking the matrix. Here is what you want to pay attention to. And this is the power of this whole entire blog. Your beliefs about the matrix create the kind of experiences you have.

Let me ask you this question. When you look at your life, what are your beliefs about how your life works? Because if you understand that it's a divine matrix, it makes it much easier for you to flow through the process because you don't have to give so much seriousness to everything that happens. Everything doesn't have to be so heavy. You can allow things to in a way kind of smooth out. You can enlighten yourself, which means light and heat up on yourself.

But if you believe everything is heavy and dense and this all this lower vibrational emotion, then it keeps you way down into that experience. But you see, this is where we start to become aware of who we really are. This is where we start to take our power back because we're becoming more aware of who we are. But the key to this is the beliefs we have about it.

Some people believe that things don't come easily to them that believe that things have to be hard. No pain, no gain. And that is social conditioning thought form that people tag onto. No pain, no gain. Things have to be difficult. Things have to be hard in order for it to be worth it. It has to be hard. Well, here's the thing. If you change your beliefs about manifestation, things will change for you.

What are your beliefs about reality itself? Do you believe that life is divine? Because the more you believe that your life is divine or really not even believe it, but understand that it is. That's more just awareness is the more divine your life will be, the more synchronistic, more synchronicity will come into your life. Do you believe that life has to be hard? Because if so, it will be.

Pay attention to what your beliefs about reality Ar. That's why spiritual awakening is so because you expand yourself out of the ego structure, you expand yourself out of the limited thought forms and the social conditioning. Unplugged from it. Social conditioning is the mass thought forms of what many, many people are thinking like got to go to college and be successful.

Things like you just got to work your job, work your way up. Things like so many interrelationships. There are these beliefs, there's all these social conditioning and beliefs and pay attention to them. And when I say pay attention to them, observe them neutrally and then shifted to where you want to believe. How do you want to write the system to your own life?

How do you want to hack the system? Because everyone is living in response to their reality. But if you go within first, you can change the way you relate to your life and when you change the way you relate to your life, you then change the outer circumstances because your beliefs create your reality.

Most people's beliefs are just on autopilot. Reality is hard. Things happen to me. All these perspectives because more and more experiences that mere back that belief. If you change your belief and how you relate to reality, your reality will then change. But most people are going external to change reality, which is why it is hard and difficult because they may also have a belief that says it's hard and difficult.

I get a lot of people in DMs on Instagram. Aaron, how do I manifest a relationship when all these girls always treat me like this where guys always do this to me? I'm like, well you have a belief that guys always do this to you or girls always do this to you. Therefore, you have that self-fulfilling belief, the self-fulfilling prophecy. Everything in our life at a certain level is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But here's the power. You give it the meaning you give them meaning and then it becomes this self-fulfilling prophecy changed the meaning of your life. You can make it like that. You can change the meaning of your life. You are no longer a victim. I would say the thing that keeps people so interested in what we call the metaphorical matrix is believing in the victimhood newness.

Because when we believe where a victim, we believe we are lifting leaf in the wind and then we're getting carried wherever it takes us, we have no control, no ability to direct it. You are the leaf, the wind, and the environment. You are the divine matrix itself. Part of the right way that we transcend the matrix is by realizing that the matrix is in itself, us. This is going deeper down the rabbit hole, but just like in the movie, the Matrix following the white rabbit, follow the white rabbit, white rabbit.

Think of it like this. Your life up until this point has been mainly on autopilot. Everyone has until they wake up until they wake up, but now we're going through this process of waking up millions. Millions of people are waking up on the planet because now it was a time of awakening. And as you wake up, you become aware of all these autopilot behaviors that are running the life experience. And then you wake up and realize, what am I doing?

I can create the life that I want by focusing my thoughts, choosing the meaning. I give things in my life. And by choosing that meaning I didn't experience a reality that is equal to that meaning I give it. People on earth right now are becoming aware of their waking up and they're taking their power back instead of giving it away. Because you see this divide matrix, we live in the thoughts we think create our reality, the thoughts we think as a collective create the collective reality.

When we look at the level of control that may have been on the planet for a long period of time, it's mainly that it's been the control of us and our thoughts. If the media is going to control the thoughts, it controls reality. If you look around on the news and you'll see that everything is Warren and doom and gloom, then guess what? You assume that reality is doom and gloom and we create that reality together of that conflict because billions of people are focused on it.

But what is happening now is people are waking up, they're waking up and say, I don't want to put my energy on that. I want to put my focus on those negative things, and as we all wake up together, it's going to change the collective consciousness. As you wake up right now, you are creating a new imprint in this divine matrix allowing more and more people to tag on to this energy because energy and thoughts actually are real.

We just don't see them all with our eyes. But thoughts have an energetic pattern that is floating around the whole planet. This divine matrix is about knowing that you are a divine being. Live in a short human experience, but in this life, you have chosen to be like a meal and to wake up to take one of the pills, not pharmaceutical.

Maybe just a little bit of herbs or something. You take it and you realize that metaphorically you are waking up to a higher level of consciousness and that in this higher level of consciousness, you can create your own reality because you give them meaning to the things in your life and because you give the meaning to it, you then experience the reality you want. Don't go outside to change your reality.

Change the inside, change how you relate to things, change your own internal beliefs and then the outside reflects those beliefs that you change because beliefs create reality. Change your beliefs, you change your reality. This is the divine matrix. Everything you see in your life is made up of light. We are all connected to the one, the one source of consciousness. We're all dreaming that was little separate parts.

When in actuality we're all connected. The more you wake up and your life is, the more you hack the system. Raise your vibration. You raise your vibration by doing what you're passionate about by letting go. You raise your vibration by letting go. Letting go of thought forms that no longer serve, letting go of things that are holding you back.

This Meditation will TRANSFORM Your Emotional-Set Point WARNING THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

I'm going to be sharing with you a meditation that will transform your emotional set point. I'm going to share with you some ideas that can totally change the game as well as that meditation that will help you do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that meditation that will help to really change your emotional set point. Once you do this meditation you will start to perceive and feel like you're in a higher vibration and also understanding that maybe normally our emotions are like we have our highs, we have our lows, and it goes like this.

There's a whole another level that when you start to exist in that level of consciousness, you'll realize that your highs are much better and your lows are maybe where your highs are right now. This is what emotional transformation is and this is something that honestly, I went through years ago. Let me say the style of this blog is that I'm going to be explaining these ideas at the beginning that helped to wire this idea in.

Then at the end, we're going to do the meditation that will help to solidify everything so that learning becomes more of an interactive experience rather than learning just be something that's like in the head, something that we think about theoretically. With that, back in 2012 I went through a spiritual awakening, and this is when my whole entire life changed because I used to feel like on a scale, if we had a scale of one feeling not great at all, all the way up to 10 10 feeling amazing on that scale.

My set point where I was consistently between a three to a five I would feel three was feeling anxiety was feeling like I wasn't enough, was filling a little bit depressed, not knowing my purpose, and then a five would be like something happened on the outside, as something happened wasn't necessarily internally. Something that came about from the inside. It was something that something happened, and I was like, “Oh, this is great.”

Maybe a friend would come over or a friend who was in town or something like that. Then I would feel like it was at a five but then when something would that Fred would leave, then it would go back to about a three to four on average. What happened was is I felt anxiety, and I felt a lot of anger mainly because of my childhood that I went through. It was kind of like repressed inside of me even though I wasn't consciously always aware of it.

I noticed that I felt that inside of me on a majority of basis. I also had something that is called ADHD, which is something that I was diagnosed with a doctor from. They prescribed me Adderall, and I would take Adderall every day so that I could focus. Cause at the time I worked at Nordstrom selling woman's shoes. It was hard for me to focus because I had to focus on helping people, helping customers.

And my energy was just so old all over the place. Like I've always been a loud person, but this was like, I was just like obnoxious. Like I remember I would walk around work, I'd always clap my hands and I was always kind of like saying things to customers and I like to have fun. But at the same time, it was, it was definitely overboard. And I definitely see how it wasn't very grounded now that I look back.

What happened was I felt that anxiety. Because of that, there were negative side effects. What I did is I went online and I looked up and found that there were other ways of healing ADHD, and one of them was meditation and have first meditation. To me, it didn't really resonate was like meditation. That sounds like something is not really going to be into.

It was almost kind of by accident because in a way I just like, you know what? What do I get to lose? That's kind of my idea. It's like, what do I have to lose? And then what I did is I simply started to meditate on the first day. Nothing crazy really happened. I did get to more like a present state, but it was nothing crazy because I was trying to control my thoughts.

And that's what I learned not to do. You don't want to control your thoughts. You want to allow them. Then what happened is the second or third day I sat down and I just simply knew something about it. I just knew that that was going to change my life. That experience is going to change my life. I remember having this feeling underneath it and I sat down and I began to meditate.

I got to this state where I learned as like, you know what? Instead of me trying to control my thoughts, I read that if I were to stare at a candle flame, what would happen is if I stared at the candle flame, one might, the vortex of my eyes is on one point. When it's on one point it makes it so the eyes aren't wandering as much.

Cause when the eyes wander, the mind wanders as well. What I did is I stared at that one point, and I just observed my thoughts. I allowed the thoughts to be there and certain thoughts would come up, certain emotions would come up. I would just observe them from a neutral place. And what happened was I got to this spaciousness, I got to this feeling that just totally blew me away.

It was like a very blissful feeling. There's really no other way to describe it other than it's something I'd never really felt consciously before. And then what happened is I was in that state and I came out of it, and they would linger on. It was like I did it for like 10 15 minutes and I was like, Whoa, this is very different. That started to become my natural set point because what I started to do is I started to realize that my beliefs were creating my reality.

I started to become aware that I identified with having Adhd. I believed that I needed Adderall. Therefore I took Adderall. That was all I could do. I started to become aware of these thought patterns I had, and I also started to really process the pain I went through in childhood because if you guys remember, maybe you heard me talk about it in prior videos.

I'm not here to throw a pity party. I know a lot of people went through a lot of pain growing up, but I had an abusive step mom that was kind of like a sociopath and she was very manipulative. She was very physically abusive and between the ages of seven to 15, my dad divorced her when I was 15. That was when I had freedom and I could actually be normal again, but I wasn't allowed to watch TV. I and my brother had to work outside all of the time.

We weren't really allowed to eat very much, so we were very malnutrition. She was a very angry person. We were always in trouble for something. And there are other things as well, but just a general basis, it was a lot of pain and I didn't know why it happened. Then I was able to learn how to do something called Eft, emotional freedom technique.

This is a technique that has to do with knowing how to release and process the emotions by using something called tapping. If you want to learn more about this and how this can transform your life, I'm going to be doing a free workshop training. And if you go to the top of the description box below and you can sign up there, I'm going to be doing and sending you a video that shows you exactly how to go through this process of transformation.

It's something I think is very powerful and I think it can totally change the set point that you are at because that's what I did. I learned how to process the emotion that I was resented for many years that was kind of stored inside of my body. And then what I did is I simply started to let it go. And I remember that I did this a couple of weeks later.

I remember I was walking around my room and I just felt like almost it was too good to be true. I was almost like, I hope this feeling doesn't go away. I feel so amazing. And the funny thing is I didn't need to do anything to feel it except to be present to the moment or just simply like meditate once a day. It wasn't like I had to drink, you know, some type of green tea or I had to do something.

I wasn't drinking alcohol or doing any drugs or anything. I was just totally natural and totally raised my set point. Then my set point went to about a seven or an eight out of 10 and it's like my whole life has changed now. Everything I view from a much different perspective, I'm able to observe my thoughts rather than react. And there were a couple of key things that I did for this to happen and that's why in that training and the workshop I explained to go very far into detail about all of them.

But, just in a nutshell is to give context for the meditation we're about to do. And for this video in general, it has to do with really letting go of the emotions and processing it. This is what a lot of people don't do and a lot of people, especially in the law of attraction community because for a long time, and I was like, I don't want to think of any negative memories.

I'm going to bring it back up and all of this stuff. But the thing is I had to change the way that I related to my thoughts. I had to change the way that I process thoughts because by doing so, I then changed my emotional set point. We can always change our focus because it is true. Whatever you focus on you feel. But the thing is there's a certain pattern of the way we focus on things.

There's a certain pattern for how we process emotions. And if we keep processing emotions in the same way, then what happens is we keep those patterns going even if it's at subconscious levels. The key to this is learning how to let go, how to process, and then how to just simply be that which we are meant to be. Because now I do believe my set point is that naturally seven and eight or a nine, that's my natural set point.

And I not saying I'm better than anybody else. I'm not saying I'm even an enlightened or anything because I'm also realized recently that this one to 10 scales that I'm talking about, there's actually a 10 through 20 or maybe even 10 to 100 who knows? But I'm realizing that there are actual emotions that go much further. There's this feeling of passion. There's this ability to really just let go, you know?

And a lot of times when you think of emotional transformation, we think of piling on a new perspective, right? I'm at a five or a four and I need to start piling on a seven or an eight to get there. It's actually more so about just letting go of the five or the four. It's about just letting go of the thoughts that keep coming up and changing the relationship to those thoughts. And as we do that, everything begins to change.

And the key is to start to view things from more of a neutral point of view and to reframe a lot of the stuff that's happened in the past. As I said, I go a lot more in detail. This is just a YouTube video that's going to be like 20 minutes long because of the meditation we're about to do. With that, if you want more in the workshop and the top of the description box below, I will teach you the EFT.

I will teach you exactly how to go through this process and how it can completely change your life. With that, let's go ahead and get into the meditation. What we're going to do is, of course, we're going to put our hands over our heart. We're going to increase the electromagnetic energy around our heart. The other thing that we're going to be doing is we're going to be learning how to neutralize our own thoughts and how to observe them.

Almost like we are observing people walk by at a park. Something as simple as that because as we do that, what happens is we start to change the way we relate to our thoughts. And we can almost use that kind of as a metaphor. But what we're gonna do is we're going to learn how to get to this neutral state of being and then how to start to wire in this new relationship that we have of that, of our thoughts.

If we change the way we think about our emotions, we then change the way we relate to our emotions, then we can actually change and transform our emotional set point. It's all about that relationship more so than anything else. What I encourage you to do right now is to go ahead and take a deep breath in and out with me.

If you can listen to this with headphones, if you can, I recommend that you either lie down or sit down and let's go ahead and get into the meditation. What we're going to do is we're going to breathe in, we're going to breathe out. And what we're going to do is we're just going to relax with every breath that we take. Somebody to go ahead and cue the music. Let's take a deep breath in,

Feel your body relax more and more and put your hands over your heart. Feel the warmth in your hands over your heart and know that the more you put your attention inside of your heart center, the more you grow this electromagnetic energy around your body, around your heart, and the more you become who you authentically are. Let's take another deep breath in. Deep breath out, feeling even more relaxed.

Three that out. Feel your body relax more and more. Close your eyes if you can. Imagine that in your heart center is a ball of energy. It can be any color that you like and imagine that this ball of energy is spinning clockwise inside of your chest and that as it spins clockwise, you are feeling this warmth, that sensation inside of your hearts. You are feeling this energy in your heart begin to vibrate with even more power.

You can feel unconditional love flow to your body and imagine at this ball of energy is spinning faster and faster and the faster it spins, the more you feel this love energy, the faster it spins, the more you feel relaxed and know that now the energy around your heart is so much more potent. That was a minute ago, and this is when we really begin to step into our emotions and who we authentically.

Imagine that you are in a very serene place. This can be any place that you want. It can be that of the beach or the forest, can be in the mountains. It could be in a room that you feel very comfortable in. Whatever it is. Imagine this place in detail with all of its colors. Yeah, with the environment and begin to look around and notice what you see. I'll pay attention to what you see and imagine the colors and the clarity becoming brighter and brighter.

Notice in this environment what you can here. Imagine those sounds becoming louder and louder. Notice how comfortable it feels to be here. As you look around, notice that in the distance, maybe 2030 feet of way. You see that. Have a chair and walk over to this chair and notice what it looks like. Notice that this chair has a sign on it and it says your name next to that says neutrality chair.

This is a chair that anytime you sit in, you are able to neutralize your own thoughts, you're able to neutralize your own thoughts and also why are in some ideas that will profoundly change your subconscious mind in a very positive and powerful way. Go ahead and sit down in this chair, turn it around, sit down. Notice how the cushion feels. Notice how relaxing it feels, how comfortable it is.

Notice that there's a button on the side of this chair that allows you to see and observe your thoughts from a neutral point of view. And when you push this button, you are able to observe your thoughts rather than react. You're able to see them as neutral. You realize that thoughts are not good, they are not bad, they're just simply thoughts and all the brain is ever trying to do is to keep you to survive, is to keep you safe.

And sometimes certain emotions might feel safe because of pattern, because of repetition. But when you took to push this button, what happens is when you are able to see things from this neutral point of view. You're able to wire into yourself and to know that from this point going forward you can neutralize your thoughts. You can see them just as thoughts and they no longer have power over you. Go ahead and put your finger over this button and know that when you click down on this button, you're going to see and experience a new reality.

In a reality where you choose how you respond to things that happen are a reality where you're not reacting to the environment. Our reality where everything can be neutral if you decide for it too. Go ahead and put your finger on the button and then push it down and notice that as you push it down, you then feel yourself letting go of what no longer serves. You were then able to let go of any attachments you have to labels, any memories that were always being brought back up.

You realize that now you can see any painful memories as simply a memory. It's simply a thought that's resurfacing based on repetition brought from this point going forward. You know that you can just see it for what it is. It is simply a memory and knows that going forward you are changing and have changed the way that you relate to your thoughts because your thoughts simply now repeat that mantra, that affirmation.

My thoughts are simply thoughts. My thoughts are neutral and I give them meaning and if I choose for situations to have a positive effect, then I will get a positive effect. I choose to reframe painful experiences and to know that I can grow from them. I choose to know that anytime I want, I can neutralize my thoughts and observed them.

This set point as you were to increase this dial, it would increase in vibration. You'd be feeling more energy in your heart and you'd be experiencing your true authentic self. Notice that on the set point it is from one to 10. No. What we are now going to do is we're going to turn up our vibrational set point, our emotional set point, and with every number that I count up to 10 you're going to feel more relaxed.

You're going to feel an increase in the energy inside of your heart. You're going to feel more love than ever before, and you're going to know that this is your new natural set point. Imagine that the knobs on one right now and then we'll begin to move it up, one to feel the energy through your body. Begin to double and relaxation.

Double in this energy in your heart. Three, four, five, six. Feel the energy inside your heart. Know that this tingling vibration will continue to increase. Seven eight doubling in vibration nine 10 this is your natural set point. This is who you are. Imagine that there is light flowing through all of your body right now that this light is full of love.

This light is full of who you really are at this point going forward, you realize that this is your natural set point and that anything that comes up from the past, you're able to neutralize it and see it from a neutral point of view. You understand that you are not your thoughts. You may think thoughts, but now that you are aware of your thoughts, they no longer have power over you. You have forever changed the way that you relate to your thoughts.

You're going to know that your emotional set point has changed. You're going to realize that the way you relate to your thoughts is completely different. You have much more awareness than before you started this meditation and you are much more aware of who you are and how you relate to your thoughts. Sorry. 10. Feel yourself now becoming more alert. Present to the moment. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four.

Feel yourself now. Start to wiggle your toes. Start to move around. Three, two, one, one, one go ahead an open up your eyes and simply know that from this point going forward, you are a totally new person with a totally new vibrational set point. This process is all about understanding how we relate to our emotions. You have changed the way that you relate to your emotions and you have also increased your own vibrational set point.

I do recommend that you listen to this meditation for at least 21 days to get the full benefit out of it and to really make this a solidified thing that you've raised your vibrational set point. You will see that in-depth training video, the series that I'm making that show you exactly how to transform your emotional set point. It's free, it's in the top of the description box.

If you want to check that out and learn EFT tapping and all the other modalities you can use for letting go and really raising your vibrational set point. I'm also going to be doing more live communities on Instagram, so if you want to ask me questions or also I'll be doing live meditations there as well. Go ahead and follow me on Instagram as well.

Ascension into the 4th Dimension and Why it’s Happening NOW

I'm going to be sharing with you the ascension into the fourth dimension that is happening right now. I'm going to show you why at a deep level, you know this and what you can do to make this an easy transition part.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of the ascension into the fourth dimension and understanding why it's happening right now on the planet and also sharing with you that at a deep level you knew that this was going to be the happened in this life. The main reason you came here was to go through this shift in consciousness and it's, of course, you have a purpose in life as well and no purpose will be tied to your passion, which is the highest frequency and there's a lot you can learn in life.

But the main reason there are almost 8 billion people on the planet right now is that there is a shift in consciousness happening and this shift in consciousness has to do with the dimensional shift, a dimensional shift in awareness. Before I go too deep into understanding this fourth-dimensional ascension that is happening, let's understand that there are different dimensional shifts when it comes to awareness.

Sometimes when we think of dimensions as well, we think of it in the form of different plates, like their dimension. Here I am, the fourth dimension, I'm going to be completely up there like it heaven or something like that. Understand that this is a shift in consciousness, but in this different shift in consciousness, the reality is totally different.

But let's go back to the different states of consciousness and understand three d reality. The third-dimensional state of consciousness. Is that a duality? It's good, Bad, light, dark. Also, think of the third dimension as the brain. The brain is polarized with left brain and right brain and the idea and the understanding is when we become attached to those ideologies, it keeps us in the third-dimensional state of consciousness.

That's why when you watched the news, it gets you kind of pulled into those states of consciousness into the three d. It's because it keeps you at a certain frequency band. You can only perceive that which you are the vibration up. When you're thinking of all this stuff that's happening on the news, you then look out into the world and assume that this is the way the world is. When in actuality it's very different.

But in general, the third dimension is a state where we have duality, good, bad, light, dark. A lot of times in three d reality, there'll be a level of control. There'll be a level of control when it comes to how things are running and the kind of information that's out there and that is something that's been on the planet for thousands of years.

The fourth dimension is about understanding time and space in a new way. There's still a certain level of duality. We can still have polarization, but it's coming from a much different place. The fourth dimension is more about understanding vibration. It's more about vibrational resonance and the fourth as well. Things become much more slippery when it comes to time. Time will appear to go by much faster.

Have you felt that recently? Have you felt like time has in a way sped up? That is because there is this quickening of vibration happening, but in general, when it comes to the fourth dimension, time becomes slippery. We don't think in terms of the past future present, we are more so looking and feeling that vibration.

This is also when we understand that space is more flexible. Time's flexible spaces flexible. This is when we'll realize that in a way life is a form of a dream and things in life become much more dreamlike. This is also when a lot of times timeline, splitting, timeline shifting. What happened with this is what we call them Mandela effect or some people believe that Nelson Mandela died at a certain time and then other people believe that the opposite.

This is because there's this bifurcation of timelines and there's a difference. There's this Mandela effect that happens based on people's perception, so there's more of this shifting that happens. 5D consciousness is unity consciousness. It's where we recognize the connection between off people. It's where we understand that we are infant spiritual beings living a temporary human experience, and the fourth dimension we start.

We understand that as well. We start to understand this connection that we have with everyone else, but the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness really is a level of consciousness that's purely in the heart. It's about understanding our connection to everyone else and that's why there'd be no war at all in the fifth dimension because other people are other versions of you.

Why would you do something bad to someone else like that when that's another aspect of you? There's a higher level of awareness there. The fourth dimension though, there's still a level of this physical reality where we can see it more dreamlike and there's an increase of vibration. This is when you focus more on how you feel in the 3D reality have to work really hard to manifest what you want.

4D realities about this alignment of energy, the alignment of the emotion and understanding that in this reality things become much more magical. If you were to look to Harry Potter, for example, the movie, that would be like a fourth-dimensional state right there. Of course, it'd be higher. It could be higher because there's a lot of stuff going on in that movie. But the magical type of stuff that happens is more in alignment with the fourth dimension.

It's like almost like we've become more magical Atlanta's times as well. You look back to Atlantis Times. There were abilities that we had that we could barely even imagine. When it comes to what we can do with crystals when it comes to what we could do, it's just we end up using it and not so good way and that's what brought us down back into a level of consciousness.

Without that magical type stuff that we could do, but now we're coming more aware of this and we're raising our vibration and going from carbon-based bodies to crystal and body, which means our bodies can carry more light. We're literally starting to turn our body into more and more light. That we understand a little bit about what these dimensions are.

Let's understand this ascension to the fourth dimension that is happening right now on the planet and what we can begin to understand is that the 1980s there was something called the harmonic convergence. The harmonic convergence had to do with an influx of energy that began to awaken people. Waking a lot of people to their mission as well.

But, into this understanding that there is this shift in consciousness about to happen on the planet and since then there have been more and more people waking up every single day and even now it's amazing how much it is avalanche since then and he might ask yourself, why are we going through this ascension? Well, first off it is simply a natural byproduct for certain cycles.

There are certain cycles that we go through in reality and this is one of them in a way. Think of it as well as we raise our vibration, we have the ability to let go of a lot of Karma, a lot of Karma that may have been built up for many, many lifetimes. We're back here to release that Karma and understand that we can let it go and as our vibration increases, we can deal with it faster than ever.

We can get through lifetimes of Karma in one little life because of this ascension into a higher vibration. This is essentially the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness. Understand that this is a natural cycle. It's a natural way for reality works. However earth herself, the planet earth is an actual beam. This may sound a little bit out there, but planet earth is an actual beam.

We have that and we're kind of like the sales on planet Gaia. We are like the cell, so as the planet herself, you could call their Gaia. Gaia herself is going through the ascension of vibration. As Gaia, herself goes through this ascension of vibration. We as the cells on Gaia are also going through this shift in consciousness and you could say the same thing about the sun.

The light coming from the sun is transforming our consciousness. This is a whole evolution of consciousness happening. Let's look at why this may have happened and why this is happening now. Well, one, it's part of a cycle too. Let me tell you a little story and you tell me if this resonates with you. I shared this before in the video. It's maybe the second time you hear it, but here's what happened. Back in the 30s and the forties the 30s and the forties we started to create and have nuclear bombs.

Nuclear bombs are very powerful. They are also very dangerous. And these nuclear bombs that we were setting off on the planet, we were setting those off and those bombs, the energy from those bumps are going out into the universe and far out into the universe because that's how powerful those nuclear bombs are. What happens is in this reality, we have free.

What we have is this veil of forgetfulness, where we come to planet earth, we forget who we are so that we can remember who we are, will that free is honored unless we as a planet are influencing other reality systems with our own stupidity or our own ignorance. If that is the case, then there is divine intervention. What happened? His mother, Gaia put out a call into the universe, said, I need help. There was a call for help.

There was this understanding that Gaia herself needed help to transition into a higher dimension. Because she didn't want to have to destroy yourself. She didn't want the beans on the planet to destroy themselves, which would destroy her and nuclear bombs have the potential to do that, to destroy the whole planet and it's happened in the past as well.

This call was put out, it needs as a higher dimensional being because you let your core are high dimensional been we're in other reality systems on other planets doing some pretty cool stuff. You were maybe teleporting to different places because that's the fourth dimension in a higher state of thing that you could do. You were being able to read your friends and family telepathically because that's what you can do in the fourth dimension.

You can make things magically happen because that's the thing that you can do in the fourth dimension and hire many, many of us as well or exist in higher states of consciousness in that. However, these are things that we could do. But we heard that call, and we remembered that we had many lifetimes on earth back in the day and we had a special soft spot in our heart, a little soft spot where like I love the earth.

I remembered this earth is a very unique place because people from all over the universe, this is like a melting pot of people from all over the universe in many galaxies come to earth and it's like a melting pot and there are many different types of beans incarnated on earth right now. That's why there are so many different personalities and so many different types of people.

We said you know what? It's not going to be easy because I'm going to have to forget who I am and most reality systems, I remember who I am even as a baby and I'm grown up with this spiritual understanding that I'm a spiritual being, limited temporary human experience. I'm going to go to Earth, I'm going to forget totally who I am so that I can remember who I am, go through a spiritual awakening and then align with my mission and help other people on the planet awakened so that we go through this shift in consciousness together.

And along the way, I'm going to release some Karma as well so that I don't have to be so tied to the earth plane because when we built up Carmen, we've got to deal with it. We said you know what, out of compassion, I'm coming back to Earth. You'd started to come back to Earth. You had to also lower your vibration and your signature into such a low forum that you could come into this planet.

Some people say I don't want to be here is painful. I get it. You're such a high vibrational being, every single one of you that yes, it is dense to be here, but you can handle it. You wouldn't come here if you couldn't handle it. You chose to come here to help awaken the planet and you knew as well that this is one of the most exciting times to ever be alive because never before has a whole entire planet moves into a higher dimension in a body the way that we are.

Yes, it's happened in certain ways. Certain societies have done it, but the whole entire planet is going through this shift in consciousness right now and over the next period of time on the planet, there's going to be more transformation than ever before because of this. And you came to be a part of it and you're one of the first to wake up. If you're watching my videos, you know that as well. You're one of the first people to wake up cause you wouldn't have woken up if this didn't resonate with you.

You wouldn't have woken up and read on this blog. Even it means at a deep level. This resonates with you. Let's understand as well. This is something I believe. I believe we are already in the fourth dimension. All of us. Some people say the fourth dimension is time. We're in the fifth dimension. In general, we are in the fourth dimension in this dreamlike reality.

Dreaming that we're still in the third dimension because you see there's a certain momentum that the thoughts, we think there's a certain momentum to the co-creative powers understand that just like you create your own reality, all of us together are teamed up creating our own collective reality. It's just that there are certain old structures like the old political structure of the old days, the old guy that has momentum, so we're letting that that wheel spin out and slow its role and then we're going to assert this new way of being.

However, we are in the fourth dimension, creating the illusion that the third dimension is still here and it becomes even harder and harder to engage with it if you noticed that, that it just drains your energy because you're not in the vibration of it anymore. You may try to pay attention to all the news and try to pay attention to this and try to pay attention to that, but it's harder because your vibration is quickening.

There's this more contrast that's happening. Understand that for the fourth dimension, it's already here. It's just aligning with it. Understand that your beliefs about reality control, your kind of experiences. If you believe that reality is very fixed, very hard, very slow, very hard to manifest, that's a 3D level of consciousness. How about reality is more like a dream. The more you know that the more dreamlike and becomes the time and space is flexible.

You'll notice that time starts to slip away. You'll notice that you're just so in the moment that it not only feels better, but things happen faster than ever. That's because your vibration is increasing and as time goes on, it will keep on doing that because your vibrational continue to increase something that it also shutting with studying with the Schumann residents, the residents of the planet has been increasing.

This is something that can be measured as the planet increases. So does our physical bodies. We are going through this shift in consciousness just as the planet herself is going through this shift in consciousness and we will continue to go through this shift in consciousness. Understand that the reason this fourth-dimensional shift happening now and in a certain way, it's already happened. We're just raising our vibration and lowering and letting go of the old momentum.

We can then start to be with it. We can start to align with it more and more. Be present to the moment and one of the keys to this is doing what you are passionate about. When you're doing what you're passionate about, you're doing and aligning with your soul's frequency, which is what you're meant to be doing. When I make these videos, I'm in my soul's frequency.

I can make two or three of these videos in a row because I've done my soul's frequency, but that's my, that's what puts me in a high vibration because it's my purpose and maybe your purpose is similar. Maybe it's different, but find out what that is. Get to your core, set the intention to find out what that is and it will start to come to you. You'll notice it pop out in your life. Oh, I can do this.

I can do that. Be aware of it, follow your passion and raise your frequency. The more you raise your vibration in the morning, you help this planet ascend as the best thing you can do. You want to help with this board. He shifts. Raise your vibration, let go of things that no longer serve, do what you're passionate about and as you do all of this, you will raise your vibration and you will make this shift easier than ever.

That's the fourth-dimensional shift that's happening right now on the planet. Ascension into it. Something you meant to go through. Your body is literally transforming from carbon-based a Christian base as we speak. It will continue to happen. Let me know in the comments what you think of this ascension.

 Are you enjoying it? Can you feel it? Do you feel like time is fed up and your comment below? Also, I have a raise your vibration mP3 that will help you to raise your vibrational set point. This will help you to rise into the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness.

3 Things Keeping you TRAPPED in the 3rd Dimension and you don’t even know it

I'm going to be sharing with you the three things, keeping you trapped in the third dimension and you don't even know what I'm going to show you. Ways of breaking out of it so that you start to live in a higher level of consciousness.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three things that will keep you trapped in the third-dimensional state of consciousness. Understanding it's easier to break out than you think and that when you do this, you start to also feel higher vibrational states of consciousness, me and you feel better emotions.

Right now, on the planet, in case you haven't seen my other videos about it, is there is this ascension going on, this rise in vibrational frequency and what is priorly? The main dominant frequency on the planet has been what is called the third dimension. Understand also when we call it the talk about dimensions. Dimensions aren't separate places. It's not like we're in the 3D reality right now in the third dimension.

And then we had set it up to the fifth dimension and it's a completely different space, completely different like a planet or anything. It's literally here and we have access to a 3D level of consciousness afford the level of consciousness and a 5D level of consciousness. This is in a way, it's like a frequency band of different levels of perception that we can experience.

The main dominant frequency on the planet for a very long time was the 3D reality, that third-dimensional state of consciousness and this 3D reality is all about duality. Duality means good, bad light, dark. Think of duality as creating from the mind. It was polarized, so left brain, right brain, good and bad, light, dark up down, Republican, Democrat, this sports team, this sports team, oh, whatever it is.

There's all this polarization going on now in the 3D reality as well. There's this strong attachment to ideologies and there's also normally a strong degree of control, so there's been a certain level of control on the planet for a very long time. We're, the media has been in a certain way, you know, fabricated to where we believe this is the way reality is.

And you could almost think of it like these lower vibrational emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, anger. The idea is that if people are kept in that frequency range of everything you see on the news is you know there's bad stuff happening and then you'll think the world is bad and you'll be in the fear mode for in a fear mode.

You're not going to really ask about a spiritual awakening. You're not really going to understand and try to branch outside of where you are because you're in survival mode. Keep everyone in that these frequency band and they won't really question too much by the time they get done with their nine to five job, working over 40 hours a week trying to get their errands ran on their days off, taking care of their family and everything.

They sit down at night and what do they have the options to do. They can either watch some game of Thrones TV show. They can question the existence of reality and wonder how reality really works. But you see if you're kept in that frequency band of the fear mentality of the news, that's why everything on the news is negative because it keeps people in that fear mentality that it keeps people unaware of who they are, but now on the planet as a time of waking up.

In order to do that, you had to disengage from that. You got to disengage from the news, disengage and understand there's more to reality than what is projected out to us. 3D reality is being aware of that but not being angry about it as well. I'll talk a little bit about that as well, but when it comes to this, the 3D reality is where we're moving out of and then we're moving into a 4D and 5D state of consciousness. In 4D reality, it is more about vibration. It is more about understanding that time exists now in 3D it's past, present, future. It's very linear.

The focused when we understand that now is the only moment that exists. What you want to manifest becomes easier than ever because it's more tapping into the vibrational resonance of it. When you tap into the vibrational resonance of it, you tap into your heart center and it has even more power in the fourth dimension. There can still be polarity.

There could still be fourth density, positive and negative, but it's coming from a different place and it's also when you realize that in a way life is like a form of a dream. Life becomes much more flexible. Think of Harry Potter. That would be like the fourth dimension. When we're able to do like magic and stuff and in this reality we could do stuff like that. We're becoming more and more aware that if you've heard about like the ancient Yogis, if you've already read the book autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

He had firsthand accounts with these kinds of yogis that literally could do magic, but that's our natural state of being and just forgotten it. If you go back to Atlantis Times, we had this kind of abilities with magic but we fell from civilization because our egos got to us. We started using it for bad stuff. He's also a divine type of way.

We can go about this, but we fell from that and Atlanta is timed, but now we're reemerging as that and we're going back to this 4 and 5D state of consciousness. The fourth dimension is more about this, this dreamlike reality of things becoming much more magical and we realize that life is a form of drain and 40 which makes it lighter, much more fun. And in the 5D reality, that's when you tap into unconditional love.

That's when you tap and even higher states of consciousness. That's when you create from your heart instead of your ego. And that's when you also understand this connection to everyone else. We're all connected. That's a label. I'm not a label, whatever. That's the 3D reality and 5D reality where like everyone is connected. I wouldn't do anything bad to you because you are another aspect of me. Another thing that's available in 4D consciousness is what is called telepathy and already 93% or more of communication and current society is not the words you say it is nonverbal.

It's mainly body language and tonality. Well, in the same way in 4D reality, fourth-dimensional state of consciousness, telepathy is a natural state of how we communicate. We don't really use words in the same way. We can just kind of know because we're also all connected, but you become more aware of that connection and it's like it's easier to tap into it. Telepathy being very empathic. These are all natural things that we experienced in 4 and 5D reality, the fourth dimension, the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness.

On this planet right now, what we decided to do as a collective is going through a shift in consciousness. We are moving from the 3D and into the 4 and 5D levels of consciousness. It is happening right now. On the planet. It is why you chose to come to earth at this time. Maybe at a deeper level, you know, you, you feel this, but nonetheless, the reason there are so many people here on the planet right now is to go through this shift in consciousness because when we come to Earth, we forget who we are.

It's just a part of the way this reality works. We forget who we are. There's a veil of forgetfulness so that we can go through certain experiences. We can have things that happened that we ended up transcending. We can go through the pain and it out of that pain, out of that pressure, we come out of it and we become more because we start to question our existence.

We started to question who we are, and in that spiritual awakening, there's a raising vibration. There's or re remembrance, literally our re remembrance of who we really are and that's part of the game itself. This game of life. It's to remember who we are. Can we forget who we are through this veil of forgetfulness and then wake up to who we really are. That's something that we chose to experience.

What is weird? Maybe weird is actually just believing that you're a separate entity and that you're just this physical ego structure experiencing reality through that at the five senses, which are limited expressions of vibrational interpretation when your reality, you're so much more than that, but right now and he ain't gone do. What are you doing in life right now?

You're waking up to more of who you are. Waking up to knowing that you're nice, moral, spiritual being, living in temporary human experience, waking up from the reality veil of forgetfulness that we go through and are born so that we can then be the natural vibration, that high vibration that we're meant to be and then we can help other people wake up. Everyone's going to do is awaken you right now for that purpose. That is the power of this awakening that's happening right now.

Let's understand the three things that'll keep you trapped in the third dimension. The first one I'm going to share has to do with simply fear, fear, very simple. I'm going to get into some more fun ones here in a minute, but the first one is fear because if you're in a fearful state, if you're in survival mode, then you're not going to question reality so much.

You just going to kind of do what you're told. You're in survival mode. The key is being aware of that fear and then choosing not to engage in it, choosing to observe it. Fear is false evidence appearing real. It's an acronym, meaning different letters from different fear, false evidence appearing real. You get it. False evidence appearing real. You look at that evidence and you go broader, that's false. That's false. I don't need to get engaged in it.

I don't need to watch the news anymore. I don't need to engage with it because I realize that it is an illusion. This whole separation game is an illusion. It's an illusion I have agreed to for a certain period of our life, but I don't choose to experience it anymore. The media knows this, not even the media that people that behind that that have that orchestrated out. Understand that with this 3, 4, or 5D split, there's also these different timelines.

Like right now I'd be more of a 4D state of consciousness and yes, there's still 3D stuff going on in the world. I go watch the news, I can go to someplace and react to all this stuff and then being a 3d timeline. But in the moment, right now you have a choice and when you realize that your vibration is a choice, you start to take your power back because then you ask yourself a question, what do I choose to engage with?

Will I engage with that of CNN or Fox News or will I engage with something that I'm actually passionate about? Something I will actually directly influenced my life. Because even though it was, a lot of people would tell you, oh, you watch the news or you, you could return not to watch the news, but all this stuff affects you. I'm going to tell you, I have not watched the news in five to six years and nothing has.

If you could say, oh, indirectly things the president does affect you and stuff like that. Well, it's not in my awareness and I'm not getting angry about it, so it's not lowering my vibration because I am not even paying attention to it. You do have a choice and when you realize you have a choice is when you start to take your power back. But if you believe that you are a victim of circumstance, then you will continue to create that experience over and over again.

That will keep you entrenched into the third dimension through its fear, it's identity and identification with that fear. Observe the fear as for what it is, false evidence appearing real. And as you do that, you start to take your power back. This is part of the process of transcending that, of transcending the 3D reality is understanding and claiming your power back.

And when you claim your power back and no longer has as much effect over you, the second thing that's keeping you trapped in the third dimension is that of something new. This is a fun one I want to share is that of songs. The thoughts that we think that we are invisible. Yes, our thoughts are invisible until they manifest the thoughts we think are still things.

There are real things. They're energetic patterns. When we are thinking certain thoughts, they are coming out of us, they're going into our energetic field and we were walking around and those thoughts are teaming up with other people that are resonating with different situations, different opportunities in our life and we'd pick up on them.

Most of the thoughts that we think are our own are not really ours. Most of the beliefs that you have come from other people. Somebody told you when you were young that you are not capable or you are a dumb or whatever it is and you may have believed that those aren't your thoughts, Bro. Those weren't your thoughts. Those were someone else's thoughts, but you may have taken them on.

You may have literally said, okay, grab them, put them on and loved it around and started lugging them around. They get this as you are. I am. These are the thoughts. These are, this is me. But they're just thoughts. When you become aware of it and she's realized that a lot of the thoughts you think aren't even your own, so you can start to just let them go. Just like it. Let go of something that's not yours.

You wouldn't go, you will carry it out. It's not yours that's called, that's called fee for re thief. Don't want to be a thief, okay? It's called robbery or something. Just let it go. Even if it's your parents believe superiors, luggage, let it go. If it's something a kid told you we were in here in school and just let it go. And as you do this, you start to naturally be in a 4 or 5D state.

Knowing that these songs now I'm going to get into songs, but knowing that these thoughts are yours, here's the understanding of songs, okay? When you get something's caught in your head, some type of song caught in your head and you're going around, you're going around walking around or wherever you are. We are connected to this collective consciousness grid within this collective consciousness grid is an accumulation of all the thoughts of the billions of people on the planet.

When you are thinking and humming and singing a song or something that millions of other people have thought of, that song, whatever song that is, you are literally pulling upon the consciousness of everyone else that is seen that song. If you are sitting in some rap song, it's like get me to the muddy, but I came out of, you know I live in the, I live in hard times.

Well, the consciousness that you are pulling from the thoughts, the emotions that you're feeling, you're also going to be pulling upon all the other people thinking the same thought, seeking the same song. Be aware of what that is because when you tap into this social conditioning when you tap into what a lot of other people are thinking and feeling, you begin to literally think and feel the same way.

I know this because sometimes I get some song caught in my head. I used to always get the song caught my head by the weekend and anytime I can, so Matt, I'd hear it somewhere and I hear it. When I get mad, because they don't be caught in my head for four days, I think it was impossible to get out of my head. Songs are really catchy, but I would also feel this pull almost. I start thinking, feeling similarly, not just because of the repetition of the songs, but in general. We pulled upon consciousness.

This is why when you do a sacred mantra, you tap into this level of consciousness because most people that are doing the heathers, the same sacred mantra have the same intention, divine connection, whatever it is. So mantras that sacred mantras can be powerful for unplugging you from social conditioning and tap into a sacred part of yourself.

Or it can work against you because you could be like, get me to the money. Look at these, all this, you know, negative connotations and stuff and all this stuff that brings us down in vibration. I believe that a lot of the songs we'd seen and these things we're tapping into other people's conditioning and consciousness. Even the person that's singing the songs consciousness. It'll keep you trapped though.

If you're constantly infusing yourself in an environment that keeps you in that moment modality, it's going to be hard to get out of it because your environment, the, even the inner environment and the outer environment is being triggered in that way. The other thing he keeping you trapped in this third dimension is psalms slash social conditioning.

These thought forms that aren't even really yours. You are Republican, you are a Democrat. If you are triggered into any of these things, better to be Democrat or Republican, you're still being pulled in by the system. You're still being pulled in by the social conditioning. Realize you can disengage from it, you can observe it and by observing it, you start to take your power back. That's the second thing, keeping you trapped in the third dimension.

Understand with everything I'm saying, this isn't a fearful thing. You're trapped in the third dimension. You still get out the belief that you're trapped in the third dimension. We'll keep your chapter in the third dimension. He's limiting beliefs or what you can begin to detach from. That brings me to the third one, the most obvious one, but the one that will really allow and allow you to be free is to understand the thing is keeping you trapped in.

The third dimension is simply a reaction, reacting and not responding, reacting to the thoughts you have reacted and things happen in reality. Stop reacting, start observing, observe the 3D at the same time. You don't want to become too angry with a 3-d cause. I'm aware of the 3D but I'm like, oh look at this, look at that. I'm angry at these people that run this or that, whatever it is that is externalized as the power, let go of the victimization, observe it.

It's part of the experience. We chose to come here to earth, that this time to awaken and to help other people awakening and there will be an old structure that exists, but that old structure is continuing to fall apart. It's falling apart right now. Observe it fall apart and know that it is part of the process. It's part of this process, but as you let it fall apart, you didn't become more aware of who you are.

You then raise your own vibration and right now on the planet, we are raising our vibration, but the key to this is observation. Every day for five or 10 minutes, observe your thoughts even right now. Observe the next thought that comes into your mind. Wait for it. Wait for it. Observe the next thought that comes into your mind. Listen, you see as you put that awareness, that listening, that alertness in. Okay.

You create a little bit more space in between what you were thinking once you are identifying within that space is that observation mine. That's when you disengage from the old identity. You disengage from the things that you're feeling attached to or being attached to the outcome, whatever it is. When you disengage, you create space. And in that space, is where you bring in presence. And when you're bringing presence, you raise your vibration.

This little thing right here, you can apply every single day and you'll begin to disengage from the 3D reality. Yes, stuff's going on, stuff's happening in the news, whatever it is, be aware of it. But now that you don't have to be consumed by it, you see that's where the power is. These are the three things, keeping you trapped in the third dimension.

Be aware of the kind of music you're listening to, being aware of the things that you're engaging in the social conditioning. Choose to think for yourself as well. Sometimes it's the sexy, popular thing to be inside of the third-dimensional state of consciousness. You can disengage from it and you can let it go. It doesn't serve anymore. You can observe it and in the observations where all the power is, you don't have to be fearful anymore.

Fear is false evidence appearing real. You can choose your response to things and as you choose your response to things, you take your power back. No, you're not in the victim. And my having that mentality, knowing that you create your own reality, you choose how you respond to things.

The Secret to How Enlightened People Manifest REVEALED

I'm going to be sharing with you how enlightened people manifest showing you the things that they do and the way that they are. In order for them to do that in a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how enlightened people manifest, revealing to you the things the thought processes they have, and even going beyond the thought process they have in order for them to actually do that. These are going to be some things that I've noticed in either studying people that we consider to be enlightened and either from the book the autobiography of a Yogi by Yoganonda or looking at some of the things Oh, the show was able to do when it comes to him in his Rolls Royce.

If you look at some of the other enlightened people that we generally assume to be at that level of consciousness, there are certain things, and there are certain perspectives that they have that make the process of manifestation so much easier. And what we can begin to do is take some of those perspectives and see how it can change some of the ways that we think about the process of manifestation.

Because if we start to adopt some of those similar processes, there's a chance that not only will we raise our consciousness, but as we raise our vibration, we also will be attracting things to us in a much easier way. If you were to read that of the autobiography of a Yogi, which is a, from Yogananda who was in an enlightened person in early 1900, I think he died around 1950, I believe.

And he documented, and it's an autobiography. It was him documenting and showing his life and what he went through when he was going through the process of becoming enlightened, but also the interactions he had with his gurus and the interactions that he had with other enlightened people in India. And there are many stories in there.

There were stories of things materializing. His mom had this locket that materialized in her hand because it grew, told her that that was going to be a locket she was eventually going to give to Yoganonda. And she went into meditation. This lock, it just appeared in her hand after a couple of minutes of meditation.

There are many stories of things like that happening when it comes to understanding manifestation and even how reality works in a, in a powerful way. Looking at that, let's look at some of the perspectives that enlightened people have that makes it so that they're really able to manifest in a very easy way. First off, the underlying arch belief or the way they see reality is different than the way that we see reality in the way that they see reality as a combination of light.

They see everything is light. They have the awareness that everything in the world is different compositions of light and because of that there is no need to give one importance to one and not the other and because they see it as simply light, it makes it easier for it to be mold, for it to be changeable, for it to be flexible.

There's this one analogy that Yogananda uses. What he does is he talks about consciousness in general and he says, what happens is when you go to a movie and you have this film projector and this light that's being shown through these frames onto the screen, you will watch that movie and you will enjoy that movie. You will even suspend some of the belief that you are watching a movie. That you can immerse yourself in it and relate to the movie so that you get some type of effect out of it.

However, at the end of the movie and at any point you can realize that it's just moving pictures on a wall. But if you get value out of it, it's because you related to it and you internalized it, but at the greater fundamental basis you realize that it is all light and different compositions as being projected onto the wall in the same way.

Life, in general, is all light. We just give things a different sense of realness because we are immersed inside of it, but you see enlightened people understand that even though that projector with the light shining through it and we may suspend belief and watch a movie, they have the awareness that life is no different at all. Life is the same exact way. It is a different composition of light. It has different combinations of it and because of that changing something is a very minor thing because also they aren't even attached to it.

It's like being attached to a movie. You don't have to be attached to the movie and an enlightened person is not attached to what other people think and an enlightened person is not attached to exactly how things happen. The enlightened person is very neutral in their observation. They are not giving importance to different things.

They are just there. He would have that and he would have that desire and he didn't even have to make the money for it. People, rich people were literally just like, here's my Rolls Royce. You can borrow it, you can have it here, take it. And he had many, many roles rise because of this. Could it be because he simply, it was loved Rolls Royces?

He appreciated them and he was not attached to it whatsoever. And because he was in a high vibration, things like that, we'll just allow themselves to, to come to him. The enlightened people in such a way that they are not attached to the outcome and that they also realize that life in general and everything we experience in life is simply light.

It has different compensations of lights and they do not identify too much with any one thing. Another thing I've noticed in enlightened people is that when it comes to this process when things really start to happen for you is when you have an intention to go with the divine universe. You can call it whatever name you want, but when you merge with the divine when you be humble and you allow this light to fill your body with the intention of adding value to other people, the energy begins to carry you in a very powerful way.

Many times, when I was reading Yoganonda the book Autobiography of a Yogi, there was one time when one of the gurus after he became enlightened, his guru told him that anytime he wants his guru would have materialized for him. That's another thing as well. They're not bound by time and space.

There are some gurus that we're able to literally materialize in front of Yogananda this, this sounds impossible. It sounds possible from the mindset that says that everything is based on form. Everything is solid, but you see they go be AV and have gone beyond belief. They have gone into a new state of consciousness and the thing was after one of the disciples, I forget exactly who it was, became enlightened and his guru materialized and said, anytime you want, you call upon me.

I'll show up. He went on and went to his, one of his friend's house, and he wanted to show his friends what he could do. What happened is he went into a room, he said, let me go into this room. I'm going to call upon my guru, and you're going to see that there was no way he came into this room other than he materialized.

He goes into the room, he closes the door. His friends are outside and the other room he calls upon his guru. His Guru comes and he says, Guru, I have these people here. I would like them to come in to see that you're real. He said, don't do that because that is not a divine type reasoning for doing so just to prove it to someone else.

To prove it to someone else that probably won't believe in anyway, and he was right because then he begged, he grew was said, let this slide this one time, just do it because I just, I don't want to look on not credible to all these people that I just told that. We said, okay, so these people come in, they look at him and even then, the people were trying to figure out how the guru got in there and his guru's message for him was from now on, I'm not going to come.

Anytime you call me, I'll come anytime you need me. But also, it must be in more of a divine type way. It must be something that's not to prove something to someone else. People say, you know, they may talk about levitation and they may say, why don't they just someone to levitate? And he just put it on Youtube. And the idea behind it is that that takes out the divinity of the process.

It may sound like an excuse, you might buy it. I was just an excuse not to do it. But the thing is when we talk about this level of con, if you could make something out of gold, if you could turn iron into gold, and if you had any intention whatsoever of selling that or making money on it, then it takes out the divinity of it and you won't be able to do it.

It has to be done with divine intention. And many times, a divine intention includes the intention of adding value to other people. If it's good for someone else, it's almost like the power will come through more. But if it's something that is just for an ego type gain or to accentuate the ego, then many times it may not actually happen. It also has to do with merging with divinity, merging what is best for all.

When you do that, the energy will begin to carry itself because you see enlightened people understand that we're all connected. There really is no separation other than the identity in our mind and the labels in our mind that says, I am you, IME you or you. And the more I emphasize me and you, the more separation we feel enlightened. People don't know where they begin and where they end.

He didn't know what was him and what was not him, because he dropped identification with form. And that caused him to be in a very high vibrational state, which was his enlightenment. You see the higher up the vibrational scale we go when we go from reasoning, which is the intellect. Beliefs create reality into that of love.

We have to drop the intellect, we have to drop the beliefs, we have to just be enlightened. People are just being, they are present to the moment and many times we get distracted from everything else because we're here now, we want to be here. We're looking at here. We're looking at all of these different parts instead of just being here now because they are being and they are embodying the present moment so much. They have more of their energy coming in and then it affects more and more people.

You know, they say that when you're around certain enlightened people, it just, the, their energy just affects you. I've never been around someone like that, but apparently, it's supposed to be a very powerful emotion and feeling because that steak transference comes off in a way. It kind of initiates people, which kind of makes sense because an autobiography of a Yogi, there's something called Korea Yoga, and in order to go through Korea Yoga, you have to have someone that initiates you into it.

Not that that person has to be enlightened, but there's a certain process, certain visualization process for bringing the energy through the body and aligning and everything for Korea Yoga. In general, the way that enlightened people manifest is the first thing they do is they're already enlightened. That is a very high vibrational state they understand and they realize that everything in their life that they experience is a composition of light and it is not necessarily real. That's another thing as well.

We get so much validity and we think everything is so real, so because it's so real, it has that kind of effects. If you realize that life is a form of a dream, your life will become a dream and that was one thing that was very often talked about with enlightened people is that this is the dream of life. There is more to this. We exist in higher states of consciousness beyond this light form, beyond this life form and light form. And because we exist beyond it, we realized that this is a temporary dream that we can enjoy right now.

But there is so much more, there is so much more than just this. And enlightened people know that. They don't give too much emphasis or too much power over to this type of process. Enlightened people are in a high vibration state. They are not attached to the outcome because their thoughts are so clear. Their intention also has much more power.

Think about it. Normally I can set an intention to go do something, but if I have all these cloudy thoughts there, it's not as powerful after I meditate or do yoga. My thoughts are much more powerful because I am so much more present to the moment and, and people have no other thoughts that they're attached to. When they think of something, it becomes the will win.

In Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda is talking to one of his gurus. If one of his gurus was say something to him like, you can go do this, are you going to go do this? It almost, it's almost like it just naturally will happen. He believes in it so much that it will happen, that it does happen. That belief, it could be partially because the belief he has in him, but it also could be because the other guru has such a clear intention in such a clear outcome that it just aligns to that reality because this reality is just a composition of light.

This is the power of understanding how enlightened people manifest of how they're able to do that from an energy state and how we could be getting to adopt some of those ideas to how can you adopt those ideas? First off, start to observe your thoughts. Your thoughts then have more intention or more power behind them. When you do have thoughts, you say, I'm going to go do this. I intend for x, y, z. It has more power.

Also, realize you can merge with the universe. Having the intention of adding value. The reason I can do daily videos on YouTube is that I'm always having this intention of giving information to the energy comes to me. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to do daily videos. It just comes through me because I have this intention of just giving.

Does it make me a saint or anything? I'm just saying that's what I do is I merged with that energy and at the same way that you can begin to do as well as you can begin to look and realize that life is a composition of light. It's all moving pictures because it's moving pictures. You can rearrange those pitchers and by not being attached, not being attached to anything and understanding that the first goal you can have is to raise your vibration.

As you raise your vibration, you will then begin to create things and a much more powerful way because then your thoughts have more power. Your emotions have more power. You're in alignment and alignment is where the power is.

For this process, set the attention to raise your vibration. Find ways of doing that. I have many meditations that will help you to raise your vibration. I have a meditation that will help you to raise to a higher state of consciousness. If you listen to that meditation, I think it will absolutely transform your life. Listen to it for 21 days and watch what happens.

3 Things that Accelerate the Ascension Process 10X

I'm going to be sharing with you the three things that accelerate the ascension process. How you can easily apply them in your life and how doing so will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three things that make the ascension process speed up. Understanding that first off, this is something that you came for. Maybe just understand that first and foremost that you came here. One of the main reasons that you came to earth was because you wanted to go through this ascension process.

You knew that by coming here there's going to have more ability to transform in this life than ever before and right now on the planet, what has happened is Gaia herself, the planet is raising her vibration and we are on Gaia and because the planet is raised in her vibration, we are also raising our vibration.

This is something we knew that when we came we were going to go through these different layers of ascension. Think about it. Also, we are ascending from a lower level consciousness of what is called the third dimension 3D reality, which is the dimension of control, duality, good, bad light, dark attachment to thinking. It is really where the ego likes to live and it was also the strong sense of separateness. It's like I am this person.

You are that person. If you don't plug my beliefs then I don't agree with or you know there's like this, this conflict that happens and there's a lot of control that normally happens to the third dimension as well. There's a level of control or it comes to corporations or it comes to like how things are done. This is something that has been on our and in our society for a very long time and what happens is that we have that 3D reality.

We are now moving into a 4D and 5D reality. The fourth dimension is all about vibration. Understanding that there's also not so much emphasis on time because everything exists now. For example, in 3D reality, there is this past, present future and everything's very linearly thinking. If you want to track [inaudible] in your life, it takes a lot of effort. It takes a lot of trying because you're trying to get that from over there to India here.

But with the fourth dimension way of going about things, it's more about the vibration. It's more about understanding that you can tune to the vibration of what you want to experience and then resonate with that reality. The fourth dimension, there's still a certain level of polarity. So there will be good, there will be bad, but it's coming from a much different place.

It's coming from a higher vibrational place. And we then have the fourth dimension, which kind of like, you realize that life in a way is like a dream. And the more you realize that your life is like a dream, the more dreamlike your life becomes. This is when the body starts to go from more carbon base of the 3D into what is called a crystal in a base of the foreign 5D and above realities, which is where we're moving.

We're literally turning into what are called light beings. We're transmuting our body from carbon base into a lighter base, and that's happening on the planet right now and it's been happening. We are moving in this direction and the 5D reality would be more so of unconditional love creating from our heart and knowing that we're all connected as well.

Like what you get out, what you put out is what you get back. Because what you do to someone else is what you do during their aspect of you. Because at a deeper level there is just you. Everyone is another aspect of view. So that's going a little bit further down the rabbit hole. But ascension, in general, is about raising your vibration because as you raise your vibration, you also feel hired vibrational emotions.

Emotions such as shame, fear, guilt are more of a 3D programming. There's also in the 3D reality, it's a lot of homes. All of this program, people are programmed in the social conditioning that is programmed into thinking a certain way and to think outside of that certain way, there's a lot of pain that's involved or people perceive of that at least cause will people accept me. That's why you may notice that when people go through a spiritual awakening, they feel kind of just different and kind of ostracized in a way because they don't think the same as everyone else.

But you kind of have to challenge the system and going through a spiritual awakening. That's part of the process is when you realize that you are an immortal, spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience. It challenges that whole belief system. What's happening now is this raising vibration allows us to feel more love, more or bliss, more peace, more neutrality, being able to observe the 3D reality. The three things that will help you in this process.

The first part of this, before I even get those three things, is understanding that your natural vibration is high. It's high. It is. The thing is what we do is we hold ourselves, think of it as a Bob on the ocean that Bob is going to stay at the top because that's how it works. But if you hold that Bob under the ocean, which is the resistance metaphor for resistance, then you will feel like the negative emotions, shame, fear, guilt, and anger because you're holding the Bob under the ocean not knowing why.

Maybe just talk Matt of pattern cause everyone else is doing it with attachment ideologists thinking that you are your ego and the key to really raising your vibration and ascending is really just letting go. It's letting go. If you stop holding the Bob under the ocean, you'll naturally start to raise your vibration. So it just makes it easier too because sometimes people think, oh this is where I am. I have to try to get to some higher level.

But there is no higher level to get to in the sense that you're not already there. Like the part of you, the high vibrational part of you, it's naturally broadcasting a frequency to you. All you have to do is clear out the static, not necessarily have to pile on some new idea and get some new epiphany. Your mind blows open. It's all this crazy, cool ecstasy.

It's not like that. It's more so you just let go of what doesn't serve and your vibration naturally begins to race. That's what we can begin to do is to let go of that Bob on the ocean. And as we do, our vibrational naturally begin to raise. But the things I'm going to share with you are the three things that make ascension so much easier.

And the first one you may have already done, but it's really important to understand this. The first thing you must do is you must realize that in your life you do not need to have a victim mentality when you go through a spiritual awakening. When I went to my spiritual awakening, I became aware that this information is known at different levels. Then I became aware that there was this whole control where it is in a way shielded from people understanding this.

And because it's shielded from people understanding it. I was like, oh, there is the information of the government of this stuff, and then you become almost like I was getting rid and realizing opened up this new perspective, but I was then a victim of all of these things happening. I was like angry. I was like, why is this all happened?

Like is why don't people know that they create their own reality? Why don't people know the remodel spiritual beings, the contemporary human experiences, and I was in a way anger.  You are not a victim. If you think that you are a victim, then you will continue to be attached to the 3D perspectives because the 3D perspective is all about victimization.

They want to keep everything in the lower vibrational emotions. That's why 95% of the things you see are more on the news is completely negative. It keeps you triggered in those lower vibrational emotions. But the thing that's important to understand with this is that you are not a victim. Things don't happen to you. Things happen for you and this is coming from someone that's been through harsh things.

Growing up, I had an f you know, may know my story, I'm not going to go too far into it, but I had an abusive ex-step mom. She was in my life from seven to 15 years old. He mentally abusive, physically abusive, emotionally abusive, and it's something I went through and even after it, I came out of that at 15 my dad divorced and I'm like, oh, I have all this freedom now. I can eat food and I can have friends and all of this stuff.

But even then I had this like anxiety underneath and as like, hmm, well why did this happen to me? I've thought I was a victim, but then I realized that at a greater level, as crazy as this sounds, it's one of the best things that ever happened to me because that led me to a spiritual awakening. Years later that pain got transmuted in a light and I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing right now if I didn't go through all that pain back in the day.

A lot of the worst things that happened in our life actually happened for us, for us to grow, and it's hard to think of in the moment, but understand that you are an infant in spiritual being and you could, you knew that you are so strong that you could handle it. If you weren't strong, you wouldn't have gotten that situation.

You are strong enough to handle it. And because of that, you can start to see that you're not the victim, that if you do think you're a victim, you'll create more and more experiences in your life being a victim and that identity will create more attachment to the 3D reality. With ascension, you have to realize that your thoughts create your reality and that you must take ownership of everything that's happened to you.

Doesn't mean it's okay. It doesn't mean you're saying I want it to happen again. But it means that you're becoming aware that the one thing you have the ability to do when your life is to respond the way you choose to, the things that happen, not to control how they happened, but to choose how you respond to the things that happened. As you do that, you can take your power back.

You cannot change what you do not own. You must own it. Not in the sense that you'd say, Oh yes, this happened to me. I deserved it. But you own it in the way that you say, I choose my response to it. Everything in life can have a silver lining and you can begin to see that it can raise your vibration if you give it that meaning in life, we get a reflection of the meaning we give things.

If you change that, meaning you change the result you get. I used to have the meaning that that happened. I wasn't worthy. That's why my extent mom was abusive. All of this stuff, it shouldn't have happened. And then I changed that and I said, you know what? That led to a spiritual awakening that happened because I could become stronger because of it.

And then I started to experience a completely new reality. That's the first thing he wants to do. Realize you're creating your own reality with your beliefs and understand that you are not a victim. If you have the archetype of the victim mentality, you will continue to experience more and more victimization in your life.

Someone will do something to you and people will talk about you, all of these things and you think it's just them doing it to you. But it's really a victim mentality. I know that it's easy to get caught up with it. I know that sometimes it's comforting and it really emphasizes what you've been through and it validates it.

But you got to choose. If you want to get out of that 3D perspective, that things holding you down into the 3D reality, you must let that perspective go and you must realize that you're not a victim. You are a creator. You create your own reality. You choose how you respond to things because you give the meetings to your life. No one else gives a meaning to it for you. You choose it, so realize that you can let it be that kind of choice.

The second thing that you must do to accelerate the ascension process is radical forgiveness. Radical forgiveness. This is the key to all healing ever. Forgiveness, forgiveness of self and forgiveness of other selves. What does that mean other selves? Well, let's raise our vibration right now to this new perspective. Depends on the dimensional perspective that we're choosing to look through.

Imagine that as these lenses and we're looking through these different lenses and in a 3D lens, you look and you see separateness. You look at other people, you go, that's another person. You see separateness between things you understand and you see the different notice which creates more chaos. Then you move up to four and 5D reality. This is the new lens that switches through and he starts to see things as more connected to you. You started to see that people are reflections, so to realize it's all about vibration.

You perceive that what you are the vibration out. Let's go to a six-dimensional state of consciousness, which I haven't talked too much about, but this is the consciousness of unity. This is where we understand that we are all one knowing that we're all one. Knowing that life is about the experience and things that we can learn from knowing that we came to earth so that we could forget who we are so that we could go through a veil of forgetfulness that we could don't wake up out of it and see if we could do it.

We get them. Then see that a lot of the people in our lives are other aspects of us. There are other aspects of us and these people that we think are other people have a connection to us. Even when I look at someone like my ex-stepmom who was abusive, I can look at her and see that she was also abused when she was a kid from her own dad.

She was playing out something that was unresolved within her. She was playing it out. Does it make it right? But I can start to see that most people are in the 3D reality just on autopilot. This helps us understand that they're doing the best with what they can with where they are. They're doing the best they can. Where they are with what they have, which means that day is that you could more so understand where they're coming from.

If someone steals from you, it means they have a belief in scarcity. They don't believe in their own abundance, and they have a belief that they can and can. I can't steal from friends if it's a friend that stole from you or whatever it is. Understand that you can understand where someone's coming from. Don't have to agree with it and say this was right. But by understanding then and seeing them as connected to you, you can then forgive and you must also forgive yourself.

Understand you did the best you could with where you were, and you could start to let go of the negative perspective. All those negative perspectives, all the things that people do to you, all these negative things are illusions of the third dimension is there to help you understand that you control how you respond to it. And as you become aware of that, you start to take your power back. At a deep level. 

We're all one. We're all connected. Forgiving them also clears the pattern within you. Holding on to grudges is holding onto it within your energy field. Then you go out, and you attract similar situations in your life that have that mirror, that pattern. The key is becoming aware of it and then letting it go.

That's the key. And then you let go of it out of your energy field and then it really heals. But if you hold it within your energy field, guess what? You're going to try to more and more people that reflect that back to you. You must complete the past, complete in the past by forgiving, becoming at peace with what's happened.

And when you do that, everything begins to change. Now, the third thing that you must do to really ascend the first two will get you into the ascension process, to begin with. The third thing that you can do to ascend has to do with healing. I want you to think of this and the different Chakras.  This is something I may, I may make a whole video about this. It's shifting from the bottom three shocks. Rest into the heart.

All of our Chakras can be aligned. However, here's the key. Then we have the heart, which is green, which is a big energy center. What we must do to really ascend is to shift our level of consciousness. And the way that we do that is by understanding that as we clear out each of these individual shock shockers, we then allow ourselves to make the shift into the heart.

The question I want to ask you is when you look at your root shock, right, what kind of beliefs do you have about survival? Are you in the fear of mode of survival? Are Do you know that you have enough food to eat enough water to drink? Do you feel safe and if not, become aware of the beliefs you have about fear, the beliefs you have about survival because it beliefs create reality and you can begin to clear that.

You can begin to heal that. See, that may be in the past. You're just playing out a belief of the 3D reality that has to do with that of a believing you don't have enough. That you're afraid of what other people think of you. You're afraid, you're afraid of the survival, that you have nothing having enough money. You can become aware of where these all stemmed from it as you do, you start to transform it.

The second shock for the sacred shock was about relationships, dynamics, the family. Can you heal past relationships? Can you heal with family, with forgiveness? Just what we talked about. And you start to clear that out. And as you do, you start to heal, feel more connected to other people. You can even do meditations where you imagine light and fusing each individual shoppers at these. And then the third, the willpower.

This is your drive. This is, are you moving towards what you're passionate about? Are you doing what you're passionate about? Are you moving that direction? Do you feel like you're procrastinating? Realize procrastination just comes from mixing up the motivational mechanism. We always move in the direction of what brings us pleasure and we always move away from what brings us pain. If you change how you associate pain and pleasure, you then move where you want to go.

Associate a lot of pleasure with taking action, doing what you love and a lot of pain. When doing what you don't love, you will then move and that powerful direction you can clear out and see what are your beliefs about working. You have to work hard to be successful. Can you do your passion for living? Become aware of those beliefs as you infuse healing into these bottom three. Shocker as you can then shift into the fourth Chakra, which is your heart.

The heart is more about being the hardest, more about understanding. You are connected to everyone else. Everyone else is connected to you when you create from the head, and I'll also sometimes when the solar plexus Korean from duality, I really, really want this and because I really, really want it. Your vibration saying you really, really don't have it. Focus on being grateful for the present moment.

Focus on being inside of your heart center, focused on putting your energy over your heart, the intention of your heart for just five minutes a day. It'll change your life because you will grow the electromagnetic energy around your body. Get into your heart, understand everyone is connected to you. These other people are other selves. There are other versions of you have more compassionate, clear heel.

As you clear, heal and take the power back, you're going to start to send your vibration. Very powerful way and the abilities that we're able to take on over the next 10 15 years are going to be phenomenal. It's going to be things that we think are magic because as our body transmutes into more and more light, we have more and more of this power within us so you can realize that you're not the victim. Start to take your power back.

See things from this new point of view. Understand things don't happen to you, they happen for you. Secondly, radical forgiveness. Forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive yourself, forgive others selves. Understand they did the best they could with where they were. As you have that forgiveness and you, you, you let go of it, out of your energy fields, you'll change your life.

And then thirdly, shift out of the bottom three into the heart. You're still going to have energy in the bottom three. It's not like you're only going to be in the heart center, but clear them, heal them, moving your heart center, but the awareness of your heart for just five to 10 minutes a day and watch your life begin to change.

Astrology and Ascension: The TRUTH it’s time you know

I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on astrology with the ascension process showing you where the true power is and how you can tap into it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of astrology in correlation with ascension understanding more about this because it's something I see a lot. I recently got clarity with this and I want to share with you how you can best move through this process. Understand that right now on the planet there's an ascension happening.

More and more people every single day are having what is called spiritual awakening. More and more people every day are raising their vibration. More and more people are understanding every day that they are immortal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences and because of that, there is this mass wave happening on the planet where people are becoming more aware of who they are and the way reality works.

Understand that astrology in itself, I'm going to be making a couple of correlations here. Astrology in itself is a tool. It is a tool. It's a powerful tool. However, many times people get lost in the tool itself. People get lost in it. I see it a lot. It's like, oh, this influence here and awareness is power first off, so you become aware of certain parts of your astrology. It can help you move through it, but here is a new idea that maybe you haven't heard before and I got this from Edgar Casey.

If you guys know who Edgar Casey is called the sleeping prophet. He passed away a long time ago, the 1940s I think or something like that. But anyways, this really resonated with me is strategy is not so much that astrology controls your future as it is. As you chose the time you were born based on the astrology, you chose the astrology of when you came into this planet or this existence because that was a record of your past.

Let me say that again. It's not so much that with astrology, your astrology controls your future. It's more so you chose a time to be incarnated when you came in there was a record of your past in the stars and that pattern allows you to live a certain life purpose and this allows you to move in a powerful way.

However, the power to, the thing of understanding of this though is it's a record of the past doesn't have to be the future because many people will get well, it shows up financially. What you just going to, you're just going to let that be that way because that's what it says in the stars and the kind of surrender to that reality. Not, there's nothing wrong with that, but you want to be abundant.

Abundant is your natural state of being. It means that maybe in the past you weren't abundant, but this is why it is so important now on the planet to wake up to your power. I remember back in, I used to have a sales commission job every single day that I went into this job.

What I would do is I would read my horoscope and sometimes I would read my horoscope, but it would say to gay, each going to be hard to communicate with other people. It's going to be this, it's going to be that. Make sure this makes sure that all of these things I go into work and I literally would feel like a leaf in the wind going to work. Like where is this? And everything was a self-fulfilling prophecy. And so, one day I understood that first off, a lot of those astrology readings are so general.

It's very generalized. However, I realize I choose what I relate to. Some days I'd go in, it would say something and I would intend to experience the exact opposite and I would because of that intention, everything in life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Everything in life you believe something to be true, it gets reflected back to you and you say that's the way reality is.

And then it recycles. And it keeps happening over and over and over again. This doesn't mean that astrology is not powerful. This does not mean that you can't look at your natal chart, your birth chart, but when I'm saying is when you look at your natal chart, your birth chart, that is what was set when you were born and not set when you were born, but that was the patterns that were happening when you were born.

However, you can change that. We're moving into a time on the planet of ascension, and what ascension means is that we're raising our vibration and we're raising our level of consciousness. A lot of the old rules, a lot of the old things are starting and a lot of the old timelines as well are starting to collapse, meaning that in this life we have the ability to move through more Karma quicker than ever before.

We have the ability in this life to really transform ourselves in a powerful way and to get this much learning done in such a short period of time. Does that resonate? Maybe that resonates with you, ask yourself, does that resonate? The reason I say that is because when it comes to this, what the reason that we chose to come here right now, one of the reasons is because one, we wanted to help other people wake up.

If you watch my channel, you're one of the first waves of people to really wake up and to really come to this and understanding because you can only perceive that what you are the vibration of. Because you're here right now, you're already awake to this kind of information and this is a part of you. You are what is called the lightworker or a star seat or whatever label.

We want to get it. However, you also knew that by coming here you are going to be able to dissipate so much Karma in such a short period of time that it was absolutely going to be worth it. Karma from past lines, maybe my infant lives maybe that of Atlantis Times, maybe another star system Karma, who knows? But this ascension on the planet is about us dissipating that Karma and that's sometimes what it'll be influenced with astrology is the Karma that we have are the themes, the lessons we need to learn.

You can look to astrology as a powerful tool and in general, I read my birth chart and it says some things that really does resonate with me. My Life Path number, my soul urge number. That's also getting into numerology. But it says very accurate things about me meant to be a speaker and share it metaphysical information and you liked the esoteric and this is how your personality is. A lot of it does resonate, but I am not a victim to it.

The thing I'm sharing with you is use astrology but don't let astrology use you. Here's another perspective that may just blow your mind. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. I think about this, we think in reality that we are a reflection of the stars that the stars happened and we are influenced by the stars. But what if I had another point of consciousness?

The stars are moving around depending on where we are in our life. What if the stars are a reflection of us? That may sound like a very egocentric thing. Expand beyond just the physical body. You are a piece of source consciousness. You are part of the divine, but at the same time, understand that reality is simply a reflection and maybe based on how you change in the present moment, the astrology changes as well.

This may sound egotistical, but it's coming from a very deep place of understanding of consciousness. You see, we give this time space, reality, so much power, past, present, future. In actuality, we're always in a new moment. What I'm sharing with you gives you the ability to always know you're creating something new.

You're creating something new, you're creating something new and because you're creating something new, the astrology is changing, but we get so much emphasis on the path, well, this is my past, this is what my astrology says. Therefore, we create this the same illusion over and over again and actuality as you change, you change the parts of your past that you connect to and you change the probable futures you will experience.

There is no set pastor future. There was only now, so ascension is about getting into the now moment. It's about transcending Karma by forgiving, forgiving other people and forgiving yourself and focusing on raising our own vibration and understanding that your beliefs create your reality. Your beliefs are creating your reality.

When you change your beliefs, you change your reality. Maybe if you change certain negative limiting beliefs, maybe then you would notice a different part of your astrological chart. Maybe you would, but the point of this blog is just to show you a new perspective that maybe you haven't thought of before. Because many people that study astrology that I see let it dictate their lives and yes, awareness is power.

No general directions of this part of the year. Maybe I'm going to be a little bit more careful. All of these things, there could be an influence, but a lot of times astrology will have power over us when we're not waking up from the subconscious mind or the autopilot mind. I think that astrology in a way influences people more when they're in the autopilot mind because that old pass pattern just continues to burn itself out.

But what if the more you become aware of this, the more you wake up, the more that you become aware of this, the more you can also be how you prefer to be, not let the past experience dictate your future. When it comes to every single belief system we have, be aware of it because our beliefs create our reality, and the more you become aware of that, the more you can then use it.

All of these things are tools. When you use a crystal, a crystal is a powerful, beautiful composition of light and sacred geometry, but it is still a form of a tool. Yes, it can be a divine tool. It can set a conscious piece of consciousness we connect to. But once again, don't think that everything has power over you because if you believe it does, then it will.

But many times, the belief we have in this process has a good amount to do with how and what we get out of it. If you believe in astrology, then it will have more power over you than someone that doesn't believe in astrology. Especially if you believe in astrology and you go into work every day studying and saying, what does my horoscope say? And letting that become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The true power is within you.

And the way you tap into that is by understanding that and believing what are your beliefs about reality, believing that you can choose what those are. If you believe something has power over you than it will. If you believe that something you don't have a belief about it, whether as power over you or not, but you are going about it in the autopilot mind that it may be unconsciously doing that and maybe running itself out over and over again.

Understand that for this whole entire process it's about taking your power back and understanding that when I looked to my astrology, I use it as a tool. Sometimes I'm aware of it, but recently I got this whole astrology of my whole year, like all these predictions and stuff don't do this in this time. This is it.

A lot of it was filled up with like positive things, but a negative spin on them, like more worried anxiety here more of this year, more of this here and it was like at a certain point I was like, you know what? I'm going to just live in the moment and I'm going to go through it in my own way and there's a lot of positive things in it, but I'm like, do you want to know everything that happens in your future? Some people say they would, but then it takes you out of the present moment.

Come more here now. Ascension is about raising your vibration and understanding that as we raise our vibration, we are rewriting a lot of the old coats. We're rewriting all of this stuff. We're creating a new story for ourselves. We're creating our new story as humanity. We're going to drop this victim mentality of how things have been done for thousands and thousands of years.

This level of control that's been on the planet for a very long time and we're becoming more aware of how we can let all that go and then we're rewriting the story. And in this lifetime of ascension, we have the ability to dispel that Carmen to dissipate that Karma by forgiving ourselves, forgiving other people, understanding the truth. The truth is all of us are connected.

We are spiritual beings of contemporary human experiences and the more we become aware of this as the more we take our power back and the more we take our power back because the more we can then put it where we want to go. Ascension is about raising your vibration, understanding this, and then understanding that with astrology it is a pattern, a record keeper of the past of when you were born, you didn't choose your birth, you chose the exact time you came in because of the influences that would have.

But then when you go through a spiritual awakening, you start to rewrite your own pattern. You start to rewrite your own future. We're moving into a time now where all these timelines are condensing. All these timelines are collapsing. Because of that, we can then control our own future, not from necessarily just an ego artistical point of view, but also surrendering to the divine.

Having an understanding this divine plan of ascension, the ascension is a part of the divine plan and the more we tap into that, the easier things are. That's why I make so many videos are all with the intention that this divine-like guide guru or anything. What I'm saying is I allow this information to flow through because I know that the more value I and other people, the more that comes back.

I understand that these other people that are also other aspects of meat, so it's a very deep concept, but nonetheless it does serve. With this process, something that will help you through this process is raising your vibrational set point. If you haven't downloaded it already, it's one of the most powerful meditations I have listened to for 21 days. It will transform your life.

Guided Meditation for Choosing the Parallel Reality You Want (life-changing)

I’m going to be sharing with you a guided meditation for choosing the parallel reality you want. By the end of this meditation, you're going to be in a completely new parallel reality and you're going to find it easier for you to shift to the one that you want.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, what I'm going to be sharing with you are a couple of key ideas to choosing the parallel reality that you want, understanding that you're constantly shifting whether you're aware of it or not. I had a prior video that I did that was a guided meditation on shifting to the parallel reality that we prefer and the feedback on that video was amazing.

I was very happy to say that people love meditation. I had messages later from people telling me that it helped them to do x, y, z to help them to do certain things in their life and it made me feel good, but it made me realize because there were one or two people that asked the question, how do we choose the parallel reality that we want?

Here's the thing with understanding parallel realities now before I get into it, let me say that this is the new kind of style video that I'm going to be doing. I've been doing a couple of them and I love that you guys have been getting such great response or have been really enjoying them. What I do is I do a five to 10-minute part at the beginning, which is me explaining the ideas and then after that, we do a guided meditation that wires at in and allows us to make the change in a more of a connective type way.

It's almost like a more interactive learning process. I think this is the next step for how I'm going to be showing and ideas and spreading awareness. If that's what you guys like, let me know you go in and comment below as well and I will continue to keep doing them. For example, this is a parallel reality. This is another one, another completely separate one.

They look so similar and we literally can think about it in our brain about how they're all tied together because we have memory, but in actuality they all exist in a separate frame of a parallel reality and when we start to see this, we see that we don't have to try to shift to parallel realities. That's not really the question. The question is not am I shifting to a parallel reality?

Because every second we are shifting through parallel realities. The question is, can I create a greater degree of change from this parallel reality to the one that I experience? What neuroscience shows is that every day we think on average 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and that over 90 percent of those are recycled from the day before.

It means that we're doing the same things we're thinking the same thoughts were doing and having the same connections with the same people doing all of these things triggers similar thought patterns, similar emotions, therefore a similar result. The idea is that because of our memory, because of our thought process and our habit of autopilot mind, we create the same thing over and over again because of familiar. That's what's familiar to us. When we become aware that we can create a greater degree of change if we want to.

There was a couple of things that we can realize. First off, we are already shifting through parallel realities. We do not have to try. We just have to first off be aware that we're doing it because in the awareness is where we can then decide to shift to the parallel reality that we prefer, so it's a natural byproduct of movement, so it's not something that we really have to try to do.

I prefer to be. Well, what you do and what we're going to do in the meditation here and a little bit is what we do is we look at the best possible version of us that we can imagine because here's the thing that version of us exists right now. We just aren't perceiving of it because we are embodying the current self that we are.

We had the thoughts, the emotions and the actions of the current self. Therefore, we're in that reality itself, but the key is to start to embody the emotions, the actions, the thoughts of the version of ourselves that we prefer to be. This can be done through imagination. Imagining the best possible version of us and what we would be doing, how we would carry ourselves. We can literally model that version of us.

We can model after that version of us. You hear people like Tony Robbins talking about how you can model the success of someone else and become successful. That does work, but what if you modeled the success of the best version of yourself in the awareness that that version of you exists right now simply at a different frequency, simply doing different things than what you're doing and bodying that version of themselves in a different way.

What if you could start to embody that version of you and start to experience a new reflection in your life? Because that's all that the outer reflection, in reality, is the outer reflection that we experience is nothing but a mirror of the internal and when we change our thought patterns, our emotions, and our actions, we then change the external reflection that we get in our life. It's just that we're bought into the story about who we are.

We've bought into the habit of autopilot thinking and because we're not aware of it, we continue to create it over and over again. By the time someone's 35 years old, most of the neurosynaptic connections in their brain are formed and it's very likely that they're not going to move too much from that. Therefore, they'll continue to stay in a parallel reality that's just familiar when they could shift, if they chose to create a greater degree of change.

Let's talk about that now. How do we create a greater degree of change from the parallel reality that we're into the parallel reality where we're doing exactly what we want to be doing because there is a parallel reality where you are living your passion with this significant other that you choose with a very passionate relationship. There's so much abundance version of you that is contagious energy that exists and the way we know it exists is because time doesn't exist the way that we think it does.

Time is always now. The only moment that exists is now because when it was the past, it was. It's just in our memory banks, we have memories so we can recall either now moments and we have an imagination so we can profit. We can think about what could happen in the future, but they all exist now and as you change in the present moment, you change the offshoot of the parallel realities that you are shifting to and the potential is the probabilities.

You increase the probability of shifting to the parallel reality you want when you embodied the thoughts, the feelings, and the emotions of the version of you that you prefer to be, and this is where the key is. This is our bubble of what we're familiar with. This is the thoughts, the actions, and the beliefs of the current version of us. In order for us to expand this to a parallel reality that we want, we have to let go and we have to think beyond the thoughts that we're currently thinking.

 We have to feel beyond the emotions that were currently feeling and we have to believe beyond the beliefs we currently have. This sounds like a complicated thing. It's not that complicated. When we learn what to do to get out of it, what we do to get out of this is we change our self-image and that's what we're going to do in this meditation is we're going to learn how to shift to the parallel reality.

We want by changing our self-image and seeing ourselves as the parallel reality we want. Because this is what happens. This is the current self-image. We start to realize, we can think thoughts beyond that. You know, normally we think we can only make maybe 50,000 a year. Therefore, that's what we create. We never see opportunities where we can make 100 k because that's not in the self-image.

The self-image subconsciously will always do that. It's best to keep glued to the way it sees itself. Once you begin to do is you begin to go beyond. You say, you know what I believe, and I think that I can go beyond 50 k a year. What do you do? You start to study people that already do it. You start to find examples, read biographies, and it starts to expand you.

For example, I intend to be an amazing public speaker and it'd be somebody that does like events like Tony Robbins one date, so what I do is sometimes I'll watch the Tony Robbins biography. It's an old school biography of his lifestyle and how he, how he became successful, or I'll watch the documentary. I'm not your guru because then I can identify with them.

I can see that he's done it before from a similar type of, from a lot of adversity, so why not me and if I'm willing to work for it, I'm willing to do it. That's my belief, so therefore I stretch myself out of that self-image. I feel the emotions that are beyond it because I condition myself with the new self-image and with that new self-image comes new emotions. I feel more gratitude for the way that I prefer to be.

I stretch outside of the emotions that I currently have, the beliefs I started to develop, the beliefs that I can do it. I start to listen to positive type affirmations or books. Read books and just the information that I put around me is all positive, so it reinforces those beliefs because whatever we consistently think of is what we believe. It's just our habit of thoughts. That's what beliefs are.

The key to this is stretching outside of where we currently are, which means that one of the most powerful ways for you to really shift to the parallel reality you want because it's about creating the greater degree of change, is for you to actually get completely out of your comfort zone. Because the comfort zone is always trying to stick itself together.

To do that you have to make a choice. You have to make a choice and choosing isn't something we have to try to do, which is what this video is about. It's about just recognizing that with the awareness you focus on what you want. When you know it's a possibility and a probability that you experienced the parallel reality that you want.

The more you focus on that probability, the more likely it becomes, especially when the way you relate to it. As you start to identify that as you. It's just embodying seen through the eyes of the best version of you doing what you love, feeling the emotions you prefer, having the thoughts that you want, and taking the actions of that version of you.

Because our personality is a combination of what we think, how we feel and what we do. This is a classic Dr. Joe Dispenza teaching of where he says that, and what we do is we combine those three things because those make our personality and those parts that make our personality, our personality, creates our personal reality.

What we begin to do is begin to change those by seeing ourselves in a new way. And as we begin to realize it's natural for us to shift because it's a natural byproduct of physics. We've never experienced the past, we've never experienced. We will never experience the future because it is all happening right now. Here's another trippy thing and if you want me to make a video on this, I will. As we change in the present moment, we're not only changing the probable futures that we experience, but we are also changing the probable pass that we did experience.

This is what neuroscience shows every time we remember, anytime we remember a memory, we take it out of the memory bank, we look at it, we change it, and we put it back. The past you think you've had is actually overlaid with lots of opinions and things that never happened, but why is this so empowering? Because the story that you tell yourself does not have to be what has power over you.

You see the story we tell ourselves continues to remain on autopilot and that's what keeps people ingrained in the parallel reality, that they are the timeline, that they are. Change your story. You change your life, and that's something that we can deal with as well.

If you need these videos, you want me to make more on the more meditations for comment in the comment section below and let me know, but for now what we're going to do is we are going to get into the meditation itself, on choosing the parallel reality. We prefer by literally understanding and connecting to the existence of it because it exists right now.

It's simply we're not perceiving of it or we're not acting like it because we're not aware of it. We will be aware of it. Right now, what we can begin to do is we can take a deep breath in and out. What I'm going to do is put you a guide you along the process. I'm going to cue the music here in a minute. We're going to put our hands over our heart like this because when we connect to our heart center, we're connecting to the larger stream of who we are.

The Heart Math Institute has shown that the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than he had. We want to create from the heart because the feeling is where the power is, not just the intellectual ideas, but that's why we're doing this new process, this new format for my videos. This is the intellectual ideas of what I just explained for that the last like 10 minutes, and now what we're going to do is we're going to go at it from the point of view of embodying it into our heart and into an understanding so that we're really able to create the change that we want.

Let's take a deep breath in. Deep breath out and fuel our body. Relax more and more as you breathe out. Feel your body relax more and more. Put the hands over your heart and start to feel that as you do this, you can feel more and more energy inside of your heart. Wherever your focus goes is where your energy goes and the more you put the focus inside of your heart, the more you feel connected to the larger stream of who you are.

Let's take another deep breath in and deep breath out, and if you'd like to close your eyes, that'll make the visualization more powerful. Breathe in. As you breathe out, feel your body relax more, more, and as you relax more and more, you're able to feel the energy inside of your heart center. With more and more clarity, you're able to feel the warmth from your hands in your heart and you're able to feel this energy in your body.

Imagine that there is a ball of energy in your heart. Any color that you might and imagine that this ball of energy started to spin clockwise inside of your heart and the faster it spins, the more you feel relaxed and the more you feel the energy inside of your heart center. Imagine it now spinning faster and faster. It feels like speed up. You could feel more and more energy inside of your heart.

As you do this, you feel more connected to who now understand that shifting to the parallel reality that you want is a natural byproduct of your focus and your awareness that it exists right now in the present moment because all parallel realities exist right now in the present. It's simply about focusing and perceiving that version of you. The key to this is knowing that since it exists right now, that version of you.

What you can begin to do is you can begin to imagine that you are in the best possible case scenario, parallel reality, that you prefer to think of one environment and one situation that to you would represent the ideal circumstance, the ideal lifestyle that you prefer, and what would you be doing? Think of one scenario. Maybe it's with a significant other.

Maybe it's you doing what you're passionate about. Maybe it's you living a certain type of lifestyle. Imagine that is in detail. Look around. What does your environment look like? Are there people? Are there? Are you inside or outside? As you look, see the colors matching the colors, the picture, everything you see, see it through your own eyes and imagine the color's becoming brighter and brighter, much more vivid.

Imagine the sounds you were hearing. What can you hear? Imagine those sounds becoming louder. Louder. As you look around, pay attention to the people that are around you. If they're already and at how you interact. What is your body language like? How do you communicate? What is your posture like? Go over and find a mirror that is close by. You see that, that there's a mere tall standing mirror the distance.

What we're going to do is walk towards that mirror and with every step that we take, we feel like this is who we are. We feel more relaxed. You feel more centered and we feel more present to the moment. We have five more steps. I'm going to count down from five and with every number that I count, you're going to feel more relaxed year to double the relaxation through your body. You're going to feel more connected to your heart than ever before.

Five, take another step, feel present into the moment for fuel yourself now in your heart center. Three, double the relaxation throughout your body to closer to the mirror now and one. You are standing at this mirror and as you look into this mirror, you can see yourself as this parallel reality version of you. Pay attention to how you stand. Notice the glimmer in your eye. That is how you look. This parallel reality version of you is you and you can now perceive of it any time that you want when you put the awareness inside of your heart because this feeling is who are you?

Ask this parallel reality version of you that exists right now. What consistent thoughts are emotions. What actions does this parallel reality version of you take and listen for the answer? Ask this parallel reality version of you. What emotions do they feel the majority of the time? And now ask, how can you feel more of these emotions more at the time now asked this parallel reality version of you, what beliefs and now ask how you can develop the same beliefs, not yourself. As you look at this version of you, notice how soft the gaze is.

Notice how confident version of you feels, and what we're going to do now is you're going to put your hand up to the mirror and that version of you is going to put their hand up to the mirror and when you touch each other's reflection, that version of you will become your new self-image. You will start to think of the same thoughts. You will have the same story. You will feel the same emotions on a consistent basis and that will be you.

Put your hand up as you see your hand getting closer and closer to me or you can see how your hand is about an inch away from the mirror and you know, that, right? When you touch the coldness of this mirror, touch your reflection, parallel reality version of you. That will be your self-image and that will be your reality. I'm going to count down from three as I count down by one year, we're going to touch your self-image and that will be who you are.

You will feel more energy in your heart. You know that this is who you are going forward. You will feel forever changed. So three put up your hand. Look up to feeling double the relaxation through your body, feeling the energy inside of your heart even more powerful and one. You can feel the energy flowing through your body.

You can feel that you have in your self-image. You can look around and notice that you are a new improved version of you. From this point going forward, you have a story. You have shifted to a parallel reality where you are who you prefer to be, and he will begin to see any reflection in your life basket in this new energy. This is who you are now.

When you look into the mirror, there is no reflection other than who you are because this is you. Notice how your body language has changed your posture. Things look new and fresh for the first time. You are a new, improved version of you, so now what we're going to do is we're going to become much more alert and present to the moment.

We're going to come back. I'm going to count down from five to one, and with every number I count down to, you're going to feel relaxed, alert, present, and you're going to know that you're going to have an amazing day date and you will see a new reflection of this parallel reality. Five, fill yourself now becoming a more aware presence at the moment for fuel inside of your body. You can wiggle your toes. You can move around to by the time you reach one.

Your eyes are open. Feel confident, centered, present to the moment you know that you are in a completely new parallel. As you look around, things may look similar, but you have shifted. People were responding to a completely new way to you. Your life will be forever changed.

You can do this anytime to shift to the more optimal version of you, so I do recommend that you do this meditation for at least 21 days to get the benefit out of it and that if you do it consistently, you will notice a greater degree of change and what you experienced in your life and you will be living and embodying the best version of you.