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The Vibration of Desire REVEALED (not what you think)


I'm going to show you the true vibration of desire showing you why it's actually a low vibrational emotion and what you can do to increase it so that you experienced what you want, easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you the true vibration of desire, where it calibrates on that scale of consciousness. I share all the time why some people tell you need a white, hot burning desire in order to be successful, showing you the truth about the process, and then show you what you can do to more so experience what you want without having to really, really want it and then desire it. And then to also say, I really, really want it, which means I really, really don't currently have it, but I wanted, and I'm going to show you the higher-level paradigm.

I've been wanting to make this video for a while. I've been talking about desire because desire is actually something that holds you back from what you want unless you transcend desires. sometimes people get to an emotion desire and then if they use it properly and then transcend it, then they get results. But the people that just stay in that lack mentality find that they end up feeling more resistance than ever when they find that they don't actually get the results that they want, that they want.

Let me show you something right over here. This is the scale of consciousness that I drew up. There's a scale of consciousness by Dr. David Hopkins that it's based off of, but this is your mind, literal artistic value. What do you think? Look at that. Okay, so we got the lowers levels over here. You got to 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 700 is like enlightenment.

These different levels of consciousness correlate with different states of emotion and we are always moving and fluctuating between different emotional states of consciousness. And it's also the same kind of level of consciousness that, uh, that Abraham Hicks talks about. Using muscle testing. What they did, uh, Dr. David Hawkins do is calibrate different emotions and then calibrate different things within the emotion. For example, cow, the braids green tea resonates at 300.

I know that because I looked at it recently, the movie Wizard of Oz resonates at 450. I thought that was pretty cool. There's a lot like music, if you talk about like certain types of music, it'll resonate different frequencies like heavy metal rock music resonates pretty low. Um, but then classical music resonates at like 400. These are all just different calibrations. I don't think that this is an end all be all.

I don't think that the map is the territory, but it is powerful for understanding and awareness. That's like the one hundred areas and then 202 50 is neutrality. 300 is acceptance. Willingness is about three is between three and 400, 400 reasoning of the mind. Your beliefs create your reality. A lot of the content on my channels, 400 type material, 500 is unconditional love. What I'm sharing with you, his desire is actually only 125 it's considered pretty low because when you say it's a, it's think of a desire, a yearning as I really, really want that and it a lot of times comes from a desperate place of wanting to be different than you currently are.

The thing is when people say, okay, I show you, so when people say you must have a wet, hot burning desire like they did in think and grow rich, you'll see that it calibrates on the scale at 125 right here. What that means is if you have a white tux burning desire at 125 it would be so powerful that that then brings you into a state of willingness. Willingness is your willpower. It is the color of the shirts I currently wear, which represented the willpower, solar plexus part of the body.

If you can ensure, if you can transfer the desire into the willingness, if that gets you to take action, then that desire has done its job. That desire has gotten you to the next step because the way that you go up the scale is you go through it in a linear type fashion. Most people will not go from [inaudible] tubs, burning desire into enlightenment. What they must do is there's different levels going up at, so if you're at anger, you're not going to be like, oh, I want to be a reason enough right now.

You might have to get to neutrality first, where you observe your thoughts, you observe how you feel, you observe the perspectives you have towards the other people that you're angry at or towards the current life situations that you're angry at. The key to this process is awareness and knowing that if you want, and you, if you want to move up the scale, you do show with awareness. But there are shifts in consciousness that you can have that can be very, very quick and you have these shifts in consciousness when you start to transcend the ego, when you start to see the ego in a new way, and when you do that, you start to disassociate with the old way of going about it.

Cause the thing is we naturally are high vibrational beings of love. But we come here and we forget this and then we forget it. And then we pretend that we are these little egos because we identify with them, we identify through our senses. We say, this is me that does not to me. But the truth is when we start to integrate more into ourselves and we start to do and process older emotions, we then start to be in these high vibrational states of consciousness. They can be a very rapid thing when you learn how to go through that process and how to let go and to start to be in a higher vibration.

And I share that with you. Plus we do a live meditation for tapping into our heart and into a higher vibrational state of consciousness so that we feel and flood ourselves with these high vibe motions. And if you want to join that, you'll see in Lincoln the top of the description box below. You can join it and we can go through that together. For this process, you'll notice that I also wrote these down when I've just explained it to them and to deal with the wanting and having the doing and the being the, the, the middle section is a section of generally willpower discipline. And if you want to move into using desire in a positive way, the way that you do that is you transfer it into discipline itself because when it is in discipline, then you have energy moving. The lower vibrational emotions.

I remember it. There's also different stages of the law of attraction. I remember when I first got on YouTube, when I first, even before I was really on YouTube, I was like, I want to manifest, been a big public speaker one day I want to be a travel the world and speak and do all of this stuff and I just really, really wanted it, but I wasn't doing anything about it. I'm going to share with you something that's kind of a paradox as well. What I did is I said I really, really wanted, and I would sit around all day and I would visualize, but nothing would really happen because I was just thinking about it. I wasn't using the physical vessel to take action or to do anything and therefore I just experienced more and more of a reality of, yeah.

It's like, imagine I heard this from Neil Donald Wash. He said, imagine that the universe says to you yes with whatever you say that you want, right? Or whatever you say. Imagine you say, I want to be public speaker. The universe says, yes, you do want to be a public speaker, Aaron, that you do. And I'm like, yeah, I know I really want it. And then the universe goes, yeah, I know you've visited, bought in. Yeah, you do. And then, but if I were to say like I am, I am doing this, the action would naturally link up with it as well in the universe would said, well, here's the reality that's equal to you being that. It says yes, but if you say, I really, really want the universe is just going to say, yes you do. You really, really want it, but it doesn't do anything.

Like I need to get to the next level. I need to grow more. I was tried to escape the present moment. And then what happens is after these levels of reasoning and you realize your beliefs create your reality, I realize I had a belief is that I have to take a lot of action. I, in order to get this success, then you actually get into a level of love and a bean where you don't have to do as much. I get much better results just by being and having fun than I ever have because that's the next level paradigm. Think about it like this. This is kind of funny to think of it like close. I read this in a book called levels of energy. Think of it as clothes. Okay. This level right here would be that of racks. Okay. Like below what 100 would be like the homeless.

We like rags, right? Then neutrality, 200 to 300 would be like casual wear 400 it'd be like intellectual, very smart eyewear suit and then 500 to be like casual wear. I just want you to be comfortable and then six to 700 would be racks. I'd be like, I don't even care. You see how it goes from like rags to casual to very fuzzy to casual to racks on the same way. You've got not much action at all, but I really, really want and then you got, I'm going to take a lots of action and then you got, I'm going to take a little bit less action and more so about alignment. And then at the very high levels it's like I don't have to take much action at all. I'm just in a high vibe state and I don't really need anything and I'm just happy being here in the present moment because I am unconditional love and bliss and I'm an enlightenment.

And when you're enlightened, you just don't really need much. You're going to be like Eckhart toll. And he could just sit on a bench in London for like for like a year and a half and it's very, very cold. But you're good cause you're enlightened. What I'm sharing with you today, I want to share with you a mantra as well. But when we talk about these levels, just be aware that desire, it might be what? What is what a Buddhist say? What a Buddhist say. Okay, this is what Buddha said. He's a desire is the root of all suffering. What happens is what some people do with that suffering is they say never again. I will be successful. And then their ego gets gratified and they check a lots of action. They do a lot of cool things and then eventually they get up to love or no did they get up to reasoning and success.

And then they may give that up and then go into love. Okay. Basically, what I'm saying is all of these emotions, they're just emotions. There's that we look at the scale like this, like oh no. It's like we could become more holy as we go up, but oh she's really run this way. There are more horizontal because now they're not good or bad. They just serve their purpose and sometimes maybe someone needs to go through the desire where they're really wanting someone to get something or someone to get to that of willingness accepting his solar plexus yellow.

Maybe they need to get there but, and then that brings them to the next level. Like I've gone through many different levels of this over the last like three years. And in the, even before the three years I was in a lot of lower vibration emotions like anger, fear, guilt, and, but I've, I've been able to transcend it through working through the Zelkovas, the consciousness.

That's why I had that woman art training that you'll see below that you can join and you can learn all of that. And also we can do an exercise. And in general, these emotions are bad. They simply are. But when people say you must have white taught to burning desire, it means if you have a white Todd burning desire that will propel you to go beyond and to eventually get into willingness, acceptance, and in the solar plexus and then through consistent action, you're no longer in the desire, you're in more momentum.

And then eventually things become easier and easier for you. Just know that that's what they mean when they say white, hot burning desire. When you get to the higher levels though, like 500 you realize that desire is actually blocks everything. You can just be you have within you right now, all of the emotions to feel unconditional love and bliss.

How To Deal with the 5D Energies Coming in NOW


I'm going to show you how to deal with the five d energies that are coming onto the planet right now, and I'm going to show you how to best navigate through it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I’m going to show you what is happening on the planet right now, how in a way you came for this, whether you're aware of it or not. You came to be a part of this shift that's going on the planet and it's something that at a deep level you knew this was going to happen. You knew it. You knew that it was the main reason you were coming here at this time because there's more an acceleration of growth that can happen here than ever before. But when you're born here, you forget this.

You forget this information and the information I'm about to share with you. Some of it comes from Dolores cannon who was somebody, she was a hypnotherapist, and she would get people to a very deep level of consciousness to where their higher selves would come through and answer certain questions like, why did this person incarnate at this time? What is this person's mission in life?

Who are they? All of these different things. What is this relationship with this person? And one thing that consistently came through thousands of people that she had in this hypnosis level of consciousness is all around the world who did not know each other. They said that they came for the shift, they went for this raising consciousness, this raising vibration to be a part of the great awakening that has happened right now on the planet.

And I'm going to share with you a little bit about what I've learned through a mixture of Dolores Cannon. The law of one, which talks about something called the harvest, which is very similar to the same idea. And how this is a time on the planet of us waking up more than we ever have before. Some patterns just don't serve anymore, and we're becoming more aware of letting those ghosts that we can be in a high vibrational state and over the next 10 to 15 years, the real world as we know, it's going to change in ways you can't even begin to imagine, not just because of technology, but old systems are falling away.

New Light is coming into awareness, and if you noticed, you'll look into the government. You'll look into media and you'll see a lot of stuff happening that's bringing truth to light, a lot of stuff, and it's because now is the time of this on the planet and you can't, they can't hide things anymore. You know when it comes to the whole area, 51 things and all these other things, it's a change in energy. It's a change in awareness that's beginning to happen.

First off, I want to kind of show you this chart right over here that I just made on my handy dandy notebook. I'm like the blue, whatever. Okay, here we go. It’s like the 3D or 5D earth split. What is happening is right now on the planet, you can think of this right here as the galactic core. Think of it as a part of the universe that is, has energy coming towards us. In the same way that we have a son that gives us energy. The sun revolves around a bigger sun that you could call the galactic core.

You can call it many different names, but it's an even bigger sun that sends and we're connected to and it sends us energy and the sun itself changes our DNA. The sun itself changes our molecular structure. It changes the light within our own body, and our own son does that. But plus, this galactic core does this thing that's you could call an upgrade every so many thousands of years.

It's why a lot of ancient, uh, a lot of ancient, what would you call it, traditions or civilizations talk about this time on the planet right now is because they knew that every so many thousands of years there is this raise and frequency where there's this pulse of energy that comes from what you could call the galactic core. And it changes the molecular structure of everything in the reality that is pointed towards that. It could be at the whole universe is going through this type of upgrade, but think of it as an upgrade. Like it's cleaning out what doesn't serve anymore, and it gives an opportunity to move up to the next level.

What happens is this energy coming from the galactic core comes towards the plant to comes towards us. There are two different versions overlaid on the planet. You could say four D is time. There's a lot of debate of what 3D and 5D actually mean. But, think of 3D reality as what a lot of us may have been born into and that is that of duality. The wars going on, all of this stuff, the level of control that's been in society and a really emphasizing our ego, emphasizing control.

That's a 3D level of consciousness and when we think we're separate than each other than we emphasize that 3D level of consciousness. A 5D level of consciousness is overlaid in our reality right now, and we have the ability to tap into 5D levels of consciousness. And what is happening from this point going forward is these two levels of reality, which are overlaid, are going to become more and more of a separation.

There are times of my day when I might be in a 5D state when I meditate and when I'm doing cool stuff like that. And then there are times in my day when I may go, and I may get triggered by something in reality, and as I'm getting triggered, getting brought in and getting frustrated, it brings me down into a 3D level of consciousness. And then my reality is equal to that level of consciousness that I'm in.

This 3 to 5D split is happening right now. That's the one thing I want to talk about. It is happening right now. It will continue to increase as time goes on. The way that Bashar has mentioned it, if you guys know I like to listen to Bashar says it's like train tracks. Imagine there are these train tracks that are going that have been going since 2012 every year the vibration continues to speed up more and more like the, as time goes on, we are going to be vibrating quicker and quicker, which means whatever we think is going to have more of an impact on our reality quicker than it would have years ago.

That's why you really have to get an alignment with what you want because what you want and what you're thinking of or get in alignment with what you're, you're thinking of and make sure it's something that you want because that's going to come to fruition quicker than ever. Let me ask you a couple of questions. Have you noticed that their perception of time has been going by much, much faster? I feel like that's really, I wake up in the morning, I'm going to make this video. I'm going to do a couple of things on the computer.

I'm going to go to the gym. I'm going to come back. I'm going to eat. I'm going to feel like I'm going to bed every single day. It's like that. Or if I do something a little bit different, you know, then it's cool. But regardless of what I'm doing, time is speeding by quicker and quicker. And they've shown this on the Schuman residence before. The Schumann resonance. They've shown the frequency of the planets is increasing.

The planet is 75% or more made of water. We on the planet are like the cells of mother Gaia herself. As mother Gaia is going through this shift in consciousness, we are also able to go through the shifts in consciousness. She may have already gone through it. We're just catching up. And what happens is these 5D energies that are coming in right now are very high vibrational energies. And what sometimes that means is that there's going to be some pain involved, not paying like necessarily physical pain, although there may be.

But in general what it could, it could mean is that it brings up deep-rooted stuff right now and I believe that right now on the planet from about now to 2022 I believe it's going to be a powerful time of cleansing, of purging, purging out old childhood memories, purging out old beliefs that no longer serve, purging out the negative things in relationships that aren't working, purging out the toxicity in our bodies, purging out bad diets, purging out low vibrational energies is going to be the theme of now until 2022 ish dates times kind of irrelevant here.

But the idea is that right now we're going through this cleansing and then we're able to move to a completely new level. I want to bring cause something that I believe will happen as the energies continued to increase is that we will proceed more of higher vibrational beings that we're connected to because we are multidimensional beings who have forgotten that we exist right now at many different levels. Maybe you've seen some of my star seed videos before, but I talk about everyone is a star seed.

Everyone has connections to different stars. A lot of people just aren't aware of it, but if you're reading this blog, then you either are open to that idea or welcome to that idea. The idea or the understanding is that you already terminal spiritual bean. You've lived in, you've lived not just on earth. Imagine how uncreative that is. The only life I've ever had ever has been on planet earth, and I've reincarnated thousands of thousands and thousands of times, even though I mean eternal spiritual being beyond time.

No, every single person on the planet, whether they are aware of it or not, has had existences at many different levels of consciousness. But when we're alive in 3D reality, we forget this. We forget who we are. We forget that we're eternal. Spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. We get lost in this dream of separation, but in awakening is when you start to become aware that, hey, I am a spiritual being and I've had existences on many different levels of existence before.

If you're here right now, then you are a very strong soul. You are a very strong bean. Does that resonate with you? As I'm saying this right now? See how it sits with you. Earth is a place you forget before you come here, you forget about your connection to source. You forget about who you are, and many people go through a lot of pain to get through a spiritual awakening. The thing is that's not a common thing. There are existences in levels of reality that you may incarnate to or you know your whole life who you are.

You exist at many different levels, and when you go to bed at night, you have access to these, but you don't remember when you wake up because it makes this illusion that much more real. If you remembered all of that, then it would, in a way, be given away the point of the game of forgetting. It's like knowing the future of everything. Knowing the past of everything takes you away from the present moment, and it makes it not so fun.

If you were playing a poker game and you knew all the cards that were going to come out ever, you'd eventually get bored. But if you pretend or you at least don't know, then you're actually able to be in the moment, and you're able to have this beautiful experience. This is what I would recommend. Do a vibrational detox and become aware of how the things in your life are making you feel. How are you responding to certain things in your life? What kind of foods are you eating? Are you eating heavier foods?

We would feel like it brought up to the surface, and even negative emotions from the past, negative perspectives, anger, different vibrations that don't, we don't prefer to experience. It would get brought up out of the subconscious into the conscious while being close to that person or that soul's energy field, that higher vibrational bean. We would then think it was them that was making us feel that way.

Even though it's our own energy that just is being integrated. In a way I liked that metaphor because what it didn't show us is that in order for us to be ready for more contact, for more info, government information to come out that's been suppressed, whatever it is, in order to be more aware of it, we must first integrate this energy within ourselves. We must first go through that of integrating what we could call our shadow.

We must go through working through all these different things that maybe we haven't completed for the past. We at least allow them to purge out. The 5D energies that are coming onto the planet right now are here to assist you. Yes, there are times it doesn't feel the best. Something else that's happening right now is people are becoming more aware that you must be in integrity with yourself.

You must have a positive intention to help other people. At some level. In the law of one material, it's talked about this a lot. You must be 51% or more service to others. But here's the thing, service to others is service to sell from a different point of view because when you realize that everyone is an extension of you, everyone is a reflection of you and that everything in your reality is a reflection of you.

Then when you are helping other people, you are helping other versions of you. You may feel like you're getting drained. You may feel all of these different things. Take time for yourself. Take time for yourself. And I'm going to take a little bit of my own medicine because sometimes I have a tendency to work hard at what I do, but I'm something I've been learning more than ever is it?

A 5D level of consciousness is like feeling love as your natural state of being is being so integrated in who you are, what you are passionate and excited to get up in the morning and it's you have a connection to your environment, connection to your real, your world more than anything you can even imagine. And in the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years, however long it takes, I believe that this paradigm will become a more dominant paradigm.

And right now, from this point going forward, you can be a majority of the time, more in a 5D like consciousness, then a 3D consciousness and as time goes on, those two worlds would begin to separate more and more. You don't have to worry about it, though. When you're in a fight, the level of consciousness, you bring up other people around you.

This Meditation Will SHIFT You into the 5th Dimension (WARNING NO GOING BACK)


This blog contains the most powerful meditation you can do for shifting to a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness right now on the planet. We are moving from a 3D level of consciousness to a 5D level of consciousness, and this meditation will help you make the shift.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I wanted to explain a little bit about why to do this meditation and also what it is. On the planet right now, we are moving from a level of consciousness of duality, of positionality, of being in the autopilot mind of really emphasizing time, linear space, causality. A lot of times you'll see that in the 3D level of consciousness, it's reactive to the environment.

It's the news, and it's the media. Everything in our society that has been controlled has kept us in a certain state of consciousness that has kept us from getting into who we really are. A fifth-dimensional state of consciousness is that of connection. Feeling love between you and other people with the awareness that those other people are connected to you.

It's a level of consciousness of you being in your passion, you being in the authentic expression of who you are and really of you bringing in 5D energy. These you are a multidimensional being. Whether you remember this or not and being in the 5D state of consciousness means you are bringing through the energy of more of who you are. This we forget who we are, we identify with our ego, and because we identify with our ego, we stay trapped in the 3D reality.

You are so much more than your ego, and you're so much more than you can even imagine, and when you start to tap into the fifth-dimensional states of consciousness, you will also feel higher vibrational emotions. You'll find that when you go out into the world, you just feel more connected to other people. You feel more joy, peace, love these becoming natural state of who you are, and right now on the planet, there is a shifting that is going on.

We are moving from a 3D state level of consciousness into a 5D level of consciousness. And you came here for this, whether you aware of it or not. The work of Dolores Cannon, for example, talks a lot about this five and 3D earth split that's happening right now. It's going to be harder and harder to jump back and forth because these energies become more refined. Bashar has said the same thing before, but Shara has talked about it and said that there are metaphorical train tracks and it was happening as time goes on, they're beginning to separate.

The idea is to get on the train tracks that you prefer to be on because you want to be on the most optimal timeline. The harvest is this dimensional shift. We are going from what is called third density to fourth density. This is the dimension. In a way they have some similarities, but what you can know is that we are moving to a fourth-density state, which is also a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness.

You're going to feel 5D energy unlike anything you felt before, and you're going to wire this in so that this point going forward, you're on the most optimal timeline and this will help you to bring more and more people from the 3D level of consciousness into that of the 5D world so that as this earth split happens, you are in the optimal timeline with people as well that you influence even just subconsciously.

It doesn't mean you're going to get them on board and like, come on, come over here. It's more about understanding that as you begin to resonate with it, you perceive more people in your life that then can match that vibration. When I went through this shift, people in my family went through it as well because they could just feel it off of me. It's something you can go through as well. The other thing I highly recommend for this meditation you're about to listen is to listen to it for 21 days. 

The reason being is we've spent our whole lives building up a 3D level of reactivity to our environment. When you do something for 21 days, especially immersing yourself in this 5D energy, what you begin to do is you begin to repattern it into who you are. Do this meditation for 21 days. I think it will change your entire life and one meditation really can change your life. I know this because I've done a lot of meditations on youtube and I hear it all the time from people not saying it to be cocky.

I'm just saying, people, message me and say this meditation that you did, I did it, and I did it like you know, 10 days in a row, and by the 10th day, something just switched. It changed my life, and it's something that can change your life. What I encourage you to do is to make the choice right now that you're going to do this meditation for the next 21 days so that you are on the most optimal timeline, and so that you experience more of your five, the energy, you bring it down into your body, into your reality, knowing that as you go through this, things begin to change.

The other thing that will happen is you'll raise your vibration, and you'll notice that things manifest easier than ever. You'll notice that, ah, people start responding to you differently. You'll notice many different areas of your life will change because of this because you're more at the moment. You're more in the 5D energy than you are identified with the 3D ego. So, 21 days is what I recommend and doing that I think will change everything. Right now, let's go ahead and get into the meditation.

What I'd like to ask you to do is to do this meditation when you are able just to relax when you're able just to let go. Maybe be private alone. What I would like to ask you to do is I'm going to cue the music here in a second, and we're going to breathe in. We're going to breathe out, and as we do that, what I'd like you to do,

It's a just imagine yourself relaxing more and more of that as you go through this meditation, you will feel the energy that you've never felt before. Set the intention right now that you shift into a 5D level of consciousness. Set that intention right now. Before we get into it, understand you have spiritual guides. We all do. What we're going to do at a certain point in this meditation is to ask our spirit guides to come forth to help us with this infusion of energy into our bodies.

Take another deep breath in and breathe it out. Yeah. Feel your body as you begin to relax more and more. Put your hand over your heart and know that by simply doing this, you begin to increase the electromagnetic energy inside of your body. The power of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than the head. With your hands over your heart, set the intention right now.  Set that intention right now. Know that every breath you take, you will feel your body sinking more and more into deep relaxation.

Who feel parts of your body begin to loosen up. Relax. You'll feel any tension melt away now bringing the awareness until your eyes. Imagine your eye muscles relaxing, feeling warm. Bring the attention to your forehead. Feel your forehead begin to lose and a relax. Bring the awareness to your job. Feel your job. Begin to relax. Feel how lose it is. Bring the awareness to your tongue. Imagine a warm sensation now in your tongue to just be and let go of any stress.

Imagine that there's a ball of energy. Any color you like. And imagine that this ball of energy spinning, I imagine that it begins to spin faster and faster and the faster it spins, the more you feel this energy, you can feel it now begin to grow. Tingling begins to grow. Now feel this tingling, love, sensation side of your heart and know that the more you hear my voice, the more relaxed you feel,

And the more you feel this love inside of your heart. Now bringing the awareness down into your abdomen. Feel it. Relax. Loosen up and bring the awareness into your hips that melting away any stress. Bring the energy into your left leg, your left foot, heel it. Relax your right leg, your right foot, wherever you bring your attention, you feel yourself relax. Imagine that any energy that does not serve you is able to leave through your body right now and go out of your heels.

Any dark energy you've been holding onto, any 3d energy, any anger, any emotions, imagine they are able to leave through the heels of your feet. You're able to let it go. You're able to know that right now, you are going to feel higher vibrational energy than ever before. Feel yourself laying here right now and imagine that as you're laying here, you then begin to realize that you can go into a higher vibrational state of consciousness.

And what you are going to do is you are going to expand your energy field. Set that intention right now that you are going to go to a magical place within your own consciousness, a sacred place where you can tap into 5D energy more than ever before. Imagine that right now; there is this fear of energy around your body. It goes out about five or 10 feet all around your body that set the intention that this energy around your body has loving, transformative energy that transmutes any energy into light and love. Imagine this bubble around your body right now,

And imagine that this energy wants to bring you somewhere. It wants to take you somewhere and set the intention right now to go where it wants to take you. It has your best intentions in mind and notice that this energy begins to loosen up, begins to bring you, you feel light, you feel buoyant, and it's now bringing you up, and it's drifting you up, and you are going. You can look down right now. You can see your room. You're drifting up now you're outside of your house.

You're looking down at the roof of your house or wherever you are, and then it keeps bringing you up. It keeps bringing you up, and you are moving upwards to this magical place you keep going. Look down and notice that as you move, you notice you're moving further and further away from where you were moving towards a very magical place. Now imagine that as you move further and further away from the earth, you are fueling yourself.

Begin to loosen up and relax, knowing you are going to really very comfortable, a very familiar place. Deep down, you remember this place, you are going to what is called the Crystal Palace. This crystal palace is a fifth-dimensional place that you can go to want anytime to soak in high vibration energy. To do inner transformative work to ask for guidance from your spiritual guides. This is a place you can go whenever you want.

I'm going to count down from 10 to one. With every number I count, you will feel your body become more relaxed, and you will also feel your core vibration in your heart increase. Take another step now 10 feelings this energy. If you can do increase inside your body. Nine feeling more and more relaxed and love at the same time. Eight, double the amount of sensation in your body as you get closer and closer towards the front of the stairs.

Seven now, you notice that your spiritual guides are starting to form at the top of the stairs. Six you can feel yourself becoming more and more excited, feeling more and more of this unconditional love flow through your body. Five feeling of double of this sensation as you get closer and closer to your spiritual guides for feeling this, now you're getting and knowing that this is your core frequency. Three, getting closer to the front of the stairs, seeing your spiritual guides. They're waiting for you to double the amount of sensation and one. You are at the top of the stairs, and you see your spiritual guide.

They have been waiting for you. What message do your spiritual guides have for you? They tell you that they are always with you whether you're aware of it or not, and you feel very comforted by knowing this. Spiritual guides take you by the hand and start to walk to a big door, and as you walk towards this magnificent door, you know that you are about to soak in high vibrational energy, unlike anything you've experienced before.

As they opened up this magnificent door, you look inside and you notice that inside of this palace, there are more colors than you've ever seen before. There are ultraviolet lights, there is high vibrational energy and crystals all around, and notice what it looks like, how magical it feels. How you can feel the vibration. You notice in this crystal palace that you have other spiritual guides that are also coming to meet you,

These souls are always looking out for you. Notice what you see. Notice if any of them pops out more than usual in the ask them, what message do they have for you? What they tell you is they tell you that you are about to soak in 5D energy unlike anything you've ever felt before. The explained that this energy is that of love,

After you go through this experience on the crystal bed, you will feel like the new improved version of you. Your spiritual guides walk you over to this bed. Look at this crystal bed. Notice how it has a very glossy, bright energy. Notice how you can see that there's vibration that goes all through it. You can see that it is used to help you to heal. There's something familiar about it as well. Your spiritual guides tell you that it's okay for you.

To get on the crystal bed to lay down, go ahead and jump on the crystal bed and notice that it's actually surprisingly comfortable. You feel yourself sink into it feeling more and more relaxed. And now what your spiritual guides do is they surround you and they put out their hands. They are going to assist you and help you heal so that you're able to be in a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, of love, of joy. You being able to bring through more of your energy than ever before.

You can feel that something has begun to happen right now. Something is happening. You can feel this 5D energy begin to spark up within you. You can feel inside of your heart. Set the intention right now that you feel more of this high vibrational energy than ever before. Set the intention that your guides help you to feel this as well, and now I'm going to count down from 10 to one with every number I count, you are going to feel an increase.

Of this 5D energy inside of your body, it will heal any pain of the past. You will feel yourself, let go of things. You will feel light and vibrations flow through your body unlike anything you've felt before. And remember, your spiritual guidance are here to help you aren't safe. I'm going to count down from 10 to one, and every number is a double amount of this. 5D energy now. 10 feel this energy begin to increase. You can feel the light begin to bright, shine brighter and brighter. Nine feel this energy begin to increase more and more. You can see your spiritual guides sending you energy. You can really feel it inside of your heart.

Eight feel this energy begin to spin faster and faster. You feel this vortex of energy starting to spin around your body now. Seven, doubling the amount of sensation around your body, feeling this begin to increase. Seven, feeling it more and more. Six as you feel this energy, you feel yourself letting go of what no longer serves. Five, double the amount of sensation you can see and feel that your spiritual guides are beginning to send tones of sound through your body for feeling this increase more and more double the amount of sensation with every number.

I count to feel this energy continue to flow through your body. One, feel this. 5D energy. Allow yourself to soak this in. Knowing that right now, it is healing. Any energy that wants to leave, it's allowing her to leave, and it's healing. Any pain of the past this light energy flows through your body and this high vibrational energy is activating DNA with the inside of you, and every time you go through this process, you feel this 5D energy, even more

Your spiritual guides have a message for you. What is their message? Your spiritual guides tell you that you can get out of the band, and what they do is they come over and they give you one big group hug. Feel that love energy flow through your body. Feel that comforting feeling. Feel how relaxed you feel and how you know this is who you are. They tell you that from this point going forward, you will notice that you begin to embody more this 5D energy than ever before. They tell you that some of the old 3d structures that no longer serve will begin to fall away, and it's okay. Your spiritual guides are always there to assist you, and you now know this more than you have ever known it before.

They say that you are ready to go back, but that when you go back, you will bring this energy with you and as energy will influence everyone in your life whether they know it or not, and give your gratitude to all these spiritual guides as they are so proud of you. I began to walk through that outside of the Crystal Palace. Notice those stairs began to walk down the stairs. Every step you take, you still feel relaxed knowing that you just did so much work. I imagine that there's this sphere of energy that's going to take you back to you in this present moment.

I'm going to count down from five to one with every number I count. You're going to feel yourself becoming more alert, more present to the moment knowing from this point going forward, you are on the optimal timeline. Five. Feel this ball of energy, this sphere of energy you're in, begin to move closer and closer to where you are in the hearing now for feeling yourself.

Become more present to the moment. Three, bring the awareness into your hands, into your feet. Two, now you can, one, open up your eyes knowing that you just did very powerful work and that from this point going forward, your life is forever changed.

3 Reasons to NOT Ascend into 5D reality (and STAY in 3D)


I'm going to be sharing with you the three reasons to stay in 3D and not a cent to a 5D level of consciousness, and in this blog, you'll know exactly what those are and why you can stay there.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three reasons you may want to stay in 3D and not sent to a 5D level of consciousness. I'm going to show you what those reasons are. Then I'm going to show you the shadow side of those reasons as well because this happens a lot. Many people will go through a spiritual awakening or start the process of a spiritual awakening, and then they may not like certain aspects of it, so out of fear, they may go back to something else that's comfortable.

They may go back to something else that makes them forget about the whole spiritual awakening process because it can be a little bit disorienting while going through it. When you become aware that you are an eternal spiritual being, limited temporary human experience, it's a lot to take in. You might take it in and be like, Whoa, I don't know about this. I don't know about all this spiritual awakening stuff, and you might feel a little bit afraid as well.

When I went through that, that's kind of how it was. I was afraid of it. I would go, and I would tell people about it, and then some people would judge it, or family members won't understand it. And then I'd be like feeling like I was, uh, I was a dummy or something. And uh, going through it and makes you question it, you know, and for this process, but then sometimes people will do they go through that pain of the backlash of going through that spiritual awakening, that ascension into a higher level of consciousness.

And what they end up doing is doing maybe drugs, maybe somehow numbing it and trying to forget who they are. Going back to the old lifestyle. And you see it happen sometimes, but sometimes people go back and forth for a while between the three to 5D levels of consciousness and rejecting wanting to be in the 5D because of certain characteristics of it and staying in that of the 3Ds. First off, let me just clarify what 3D is?

What is 5D or 3D level of consciousness is in a way what we were born into and born into in the way that we have duality around us. We have good, bad light, dark up, down, and we come into this reality, believing that we are our avatar. We are what we are experiencing reality through our avatar experiences, the reality through the five senses we can touch, we can smell, we can taste, we can hear, we can.

These are, these are different aspects, different ways of interpreting vibration from our avatar. We grow up though believing we are our avatar. Take it. This is who I am. Someone said this to me. Our avatar will do everything it can to be right. Our avatar will do everything it can to survive and not just survive in the sense of the bare necessities of life but survive in its identity for who it thinks it is.

But that's when we're unaware of the larger eternal spiritual part of ourselves. We go through living our life as this part of us not knowing we are so much more. And then things continued to happen that sometimes beat us up. And eventually, we may become aware that we are eternal spiritual being living in a temporary human experience. The 3D levels of consciousness normally come with an attachment, a desire.

What I mean by that is in 3D we have to be right. This group is right, or this group is wrong. There's a lot of fighting back and forth, a lot of the same. This is me, this is you, and that's what creates separation. The more we individually, the more we emphasize our egos, the more we feel separated from other people. Find the level of consciousness is when we become aware that we are eternal spiritual beings. We'd become aware that we can connect to our hearts more so than our heads.

The heart is when we realize we are connected to everyone else. Everyone else is a reflection of us, so I wouldn't do anything bad to you because you are another aspect of me. This is why there is what you put out is what you get back. Other people in our reality at the deepest levels are other versions of us. And in a 5D level of consciousness, we start to realize that, well, I'm not going to treat that person bad because they are another version of me at a deeper level.

And in the 5D level of consciousness, we start to become aware of vibration because the reality of experience is a reflection of my vibration. The focus begins to change, and we feel it so more expanded in the 5D level of consciousness. We will feel more joy, love, peace, and higher vibrational emotions. The 3D content level of consciousness, there's a very high tendency to feel shame, fear, guilt, anger towards other people for their perspective or willing.  

There could be some, you know, mid-level emotion in that of the 3D reality. But in general, it becomes from an attachment to some ideology. Right now, on the planet, we are shifting from three to 5D level of consciousness. It's been happening and will continue to happen. It's very powerful to see because as time goes on, we have more and more ability to really raise our frequency. If you noticed that things have been manifesting quicker than ever, have you noticed that the experience of time has been going by super-fast?

That's because as we ascend in the collective consciousness, as we are raising our vibration, we all have that potential. To understand this is a natural byproduct of what's happening right now on the planet. The three reasons to stay in 3D, the first one is because 3D is very comfortable. It's very comfortable in 3-d. Everyone expects you to be a certain way, and if you act in alignment with the pain the way people expect you to be, there's not much backlash.

There are not many people criticizing you. This is one of the reasons people will stay in 3D is because they believe it is comfortable, and when they started getting a little bit uncomfortable, they go, no, what is all this uncertainty? These things I've never known before. We may have lived a whole 20 years of our life or a longer believing one way, and then all of a sudden we have this new perspective, and it's a little bit scary because it's not as comfortable. And when I went through my awakening, it was very similar to that.

There was a level of spaciousness, but there was also a level of fear because what you don't know, it's you can't predict. You know, sometimes people sabotage themselves. And then they sabotage themselves somehow because they have this belief that they're not worthy of it or they start to feel the shadow side of going through the spiritual awakening. As you raise your frequency, you will bring up all the things that haven't been processed yet and as you do so you may be like, well, I don't want to deal with this right now.

I want to go back to what I was doing before. Yes, maybe it was a little bit less aware. Maybe I could just go watch TV with my friends. Maybe I could just go and have these conversations that weren't so meaningful, but they were fun and comfortable. Maybe I'll just go do that because this, this shadow stuff that's being brought up isn't so comfortable and many people will do that.

They'll go back and forth for a while because when you start to bring up the shadow, the shadow side of us is the part of us that's been growing up believing it's the ego believing it's the Avatar. That shadow side of us maybe still have some momentum, and then we were becoming aware of it, and we're bringing up all this stuff that wasn't processed when we were young. Maybe certain situations from childhood, maybe different things that happened in ways we identified herself, but you see, this is the key.

We become aware of it. We begin to transform our lives, and the shadow is something we can begin to integrate, but it may not be comfortable to integrate your shadow. You may go through a couple of months of integrating your shadow and say, you know what? Yeah, this isn't for me. I'm going to go back to what I was doing before and tried to forget about it. Here's the thing though, once you start the spiritual awakening process, it started. You may go on a tangent for a year or two or however long, but eventually you will be brought back and guided back to your spiritual growth.

Miracles can only happen in the unknown to realize that we think the same thoughts every day. Feel the same emotions day, every day, do the same things every day. Therefore, we create the same things every single day — nothing new we can experience because it's so predictable. Our mind knows what to jump to. You get into the unknown new possibility.

There's no possibility there's a new possibility and you go through your spiritual awakening because it's a new realm that you haven't explored consciously yet, so just know that as you move through this process, it will be tempting to go back into what is comfortable, but you are strong enough to go through it. You are strong enough to go through it. It would not have happened. Your spiritual awakening would not have sparked if you were not ready. And if you're reading this blog right now, then you are ready to hear this, or you're already going through the process.

Just know that it makes it much easier to go through. It makes it much more comfortable to know that you have, you can have comfort in the process as well. Have comfort in knowing that your higher self will guide you where you need to be. Have trust in that process, and by having trust in that process, you can feel more comfortable knowing that you're guided. It all depends on how you look at it.

The second reason to stay in 3D that you may say to yourself, and this was once again, this was me. I'm telling these things for my own personal experience is loneliness. Because when you first go through a spiritual awakening, what do you want to do? You want to tell everyone you want to go. You want to tell your friends; you want to tell your family. But then what you do is you tell them, and they go with that.

What are you talking about? Spiritual awakening and internal spiritual being meditation. What do you just be who I expect you to be, be the way that you've always been? And then you look around like, well maybe this stuff is weird. Maybe this stuff is a little different than I thought and we'll call, you know, like what do I do now? And then what we do though, as we then may go back into our little hermit shell or we may not want to see and be around as many people that negate who we actually are, even though it's authentic for us to be talking about these things that we're passionate about.

And then sometimes what happens is we did develop this belief in this identity with seeing people in my life just aren't awake. I lived like in Vegas, but a little bit on the off skirts to where I lived in a house in the middle of nowhere. That's where my spiritual awakening happened. It was a nice house too. It's cool. It had like had a property in the newer mountains close by and stuff, and it was really in the middle of nowhere.

And I just kind of, that was my spiritual awakening because of I just, I kind of felt alone. I didn't really feel like going and media other people, people wondering what's there. And a, I get to kind of feel what they were thinking about me. And I can see how many people would say it's lonely in this 5D I want to stay in 3D where I can relate to my other friends in a new way.

And I'll say yes, it's a lot of my relationships, they have changed when it comes to how I relate to people, they have changed. But that's part of the process of evolving. You may say, you may be afraid. You may go back to the 3D and just talking about the same stuff. I'm going to talk about hockey, and I talk about this, I'm going to talk about that. And you can still enjoy those things in 5D as well. But what I'm saying is I'm going to just go into the sleekness of it all.

And that's what I kind of, I kind of doubted it for a while because of not just the comfort but at the loneliness. But here's the thing, if you stick with it and you drop the definition that everyone around me is asleep, you'll allow people to come into your life that is awake. And now with the power of the Internet as well, we can connect to people all over the world.

Millions of people that are awake that are in a 5D level of consciousness. And as time goes on, it will become easier and easier and easier. Just trust that process. But the reason to stay in 3D is because it feels lonely and 5D, but I'm telling you right now that as time goes on, it will get easier and easier. And by not you, by you not being yourself as well, other people aren't really getting to know the real you.

The best thing you can do is just be yourself. Whatever you, you know, whenever you like to talk about. Yes, I understand there's some discernment. I don't go talking about ascension in Starseeds to everyone I talked to at the gym. I'm just starting with that, but I talk, you know, if I'm with my buddy victor, we'll talk about it wherever. I'll be in an Uber talking about that stuff.

I don't really care what people think, but understand you don't have to be that much of a rebel. You could just be yourself. Just do. We'd say what you want. You'll find your tribe, but don't, don't develop a negative belief that says that people just aren't awake because then that'll be a self-fulfilling prophecy. That's at least what I learned in my process. The third reason to stay in 3D and not go into 5D level of consciousness reminds of a quote from the movie, the Matrix, the movie, the Matrix. Reality is a form of simulation. We are eternal spiritual beans dreaming. We are these little avatar bodies.

And in a certain part of the movie matrix, there's a guy that's like the bad guy, his name's cipher. He's a guy that tried to hack the matrix and like he was bitter at it. He was like trying to kill off the people that were inside the matrix that we're doing some type of work. And at a certain point he made a, he made a deal with the agents, and he's at dinner eating the steak dinner, and he's eating it, and he goes, you see, I understand that this stake isn't real. I understand that it has no real illness whatsoever, but you know what?

Ignorance is bliss. If he did some deals with the agents and he'd like to sabotage their whole operation with Neil and Morpheus and all of them, and then he would be able to go back into the matrix and be really rich and be all the 3-d things that he could possibly want, but it doesn't turn out too well for cipher. That was his goal. That was the plan, but it doesn't turn out that way. Understand though that that's a metaphor for spiritual awakening. Ignorance is bliss.

Ignorance is bliss. Sometimes yes, maybe. Maybe you're right. Maybe all of these is, he's a thing with spiritual awakening. Maybe it's true that we are eternal spiritual beings. We can begin to connect to that feels very expansive, but it is sure is fun to go to a hockey game. It sure is fun to indulge in alcohol or to do this or whatever it is. I get that. That can be blissful, but when you become aware of the true impact that has on you, especially in excessive amounts, you then see how detrimental it can be. Ignorance is only blissful for us.

What we learned is we first off, become aware of what we did, learn via becoming aware of what we did learn. What we can then begin to do is we can then let go of what doesn't serve and by letting go of what doesn't serve you, then raise your frequency because this is who you are naturally. The only reason we feel less than is that we've got all these weights on us. We got all these things that bog us down. Yes, ignorance may be blessed, but when it comes to indulging and excessive amounts of drugs or any drugs, alcohol, like unhealthy relationships with sex, any of this, this can be detrimental to our vibration.

Be aware of it. It might be ignorance is bliss, but it also has a spiritual consequence. Everything in life has consequences. You sometimes a good consequence, but be aware of what you're choosing. What are you too easy? Remember this scene in this reality we call life a, b, c, always be choosing, always be choosing, always be choosing. Because if you treat anything like a choice, you then begin to loosen up the vibration about it and it's very empowering.

How to ESCAPE a Negative Parallel Reality Timeline INSTANTLY


I'm going to show you how to escape a negative timeline, how to get on a positive timeline, and exactly what to do.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding how to escape a negative timeline so that you're able to get on the timeline that you prefer. Understanding as well that there is an infinite number of these timelines that exist and the negative ones are ones that many people get tethered to base upon their attention.

This is something quantum physics shows us that there is the only moment that exists at this moment right now and that there is an infinite number of these realities that exist. Science is pointing to this idea, this understanding. There are scientific studies that show the focus of that, of the intention that we have, the focus that we have, the double-slit experiment, which you can look up online to get and learn more about.

But it shows that there are different realities based upon where we put our focus. And then the same way every moment we are shifting through these different parallel realities that look so similar that we don't know the difference. Plus, they are so similar that we have this memory, we're, we're able to tie them all together as I go like this right now we have memories to, were you able to remember all it was here is here, is here, tier two, the tier.

This is gluing everything together, and it's about understanding the timeline that we are currently on. First just to give it a general basis, think of it as we have that of time being the movements through different parallel realities. That is the continuity itself. When we talk about timelines, it's important to understand that there is an infinite number of timelines that exist and right now on the planet, this is something that Bashar has talked about before.

If you've ever heard of Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka, it's very similar to like Abraham Hicks type thing. And Bashar talks about it and says that right now on the planet, there is this splitting of timelines happening. What this means is there are these branches that are happening based upon our collective focus of just like we are individually creating our own reality. Collectively many different timelines exist. The timelines depend upon our perspectives.

Do you pay attention to all these negative factions of the government and all of this stuff? They're in this fear vibration and the reality that the experience is equal to that fear, they will look out into the world and find evidence of it in the same way. There will be some people that will not experience it at all because their focus is not there because their belief does not allow it in because they're in a different vibration.

What's happening is right now there are these different timelines that exist, and we will experience a reality that is equal to the energy we are putting out the attention that we have. And the key is if we are experienced at a timeline, we don't prefer to start to shift our focus to shift our energy. There'll be some people moving forward that find that the government falls apart and there's this huge rush chef recession. That's a possibility.

That's probably one timeline. There's another timeline when people don't experience that at all because of their focus, because of where they are. You see where we get caught up as we all have to agree. We agree that there are all these different parallel realities, and this is the one you're on. This is the one eye on; we like to compare. Oh God, we don't get to compare these parallel realities. It's okay.

We can just be in the vibration we prefer, but let me get out my hand dandy marker with my Handy Dandy big ass no book and what I'll do is I'll just kind of show you. We have this of us, we perceive a reality that is equal to our focus. Imagine this; there are many different timelines that exist. Which timeline will we PR? Which timeline? And there are many more than this.

This is the egg. The idea is that there are just many timelines in general. What as you move forward propels you to, maybe this is a more positive timeline, this is a neutral timeline, this and they get a timeline. Let's just use these three as an example. What propels you to be on certain timelines? Well, I'll tell you right now that what is equal to the reality that is equal to what you experience has to depend on the filter of your beliefs.

If you are happy, you believe the world is a great place; you will then experience more of a reality where the world is a great place. You see, it depends upon our beliefs that filter through our experience. Think about it like this. There are 4 billion-plus bits of information around us, but we can only perceive of two to 4 million bits of information now which two to 4 million bits of information we perceive up depends upon our focus as to which parallel reality timeline we experience.

There's a certain level of momentum that our thoughts have. There's a certain level of momentum that our emotions have that propels us on a certain timeline. At any moment when you make new choices, when you change your energy you then change that timeline, but there is also a story that is tied into your beliefs about who you are, and you are filtering through the bits of information.

You do this at an unconscious level. You don't have to try to do this. It's your beliefs just naturally filter out information that is there so that it can reflect back to you what is called self-fulfilling prophecies, self-fulfilling prophecies. Whatever you look for, you will find if you go out into the world and say everyone's negative and always brings me back down, and you will find people that will be negative, and you will let that be an excuse for it to bring you down your internal state of being able to depend on it because you defined it to be such things in life are a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And we get a reality that is equal to whatever we believe to be true. When we talk about escaping a negative timeline, understand that the only way a negative time, I can be there is if we first off have a definition that it is negative. You see our language will reveal to us much of our beliefs, and if we believe that we even have to escape a negative timeline, we are imposing a negative timeline on of itself.

The negative and positive are left to the interpreter. It's just going to say that. Understand that whatever you perceive of which time I need to perceive of it will depend upon your definitions. The language that you use. If you use empowering language like I can do this, I will do this, and you'll experience something else. I can't do this. That locks you in. That locks you into a negative timeline. I can't do this. I have to do this.

Somebody is forcing me to do this. I have to work a nine to five job. I'm not passionate about. Well, then guess what? You're going to feel like you need to escape from that timeline. Here's the beauty of everything I'm sharing with you right now. Every moment you are shifting through billions of parallel realities, and that seems like a, how is that possible eyebrow that fits like a say, not probably as a treasurer thought ahead.

Here's the thing. As you look around right now, he has in the same way; you may look at that of a film projection knowing that in the film projection film projector, you have this light shining through these frames. These frames are moving very quickly as they move through. It looks like one long fluid movement, but if I were to edit this right now or you a film projector frames, each little thing is its separate little frame.

They are all separate even though they look so similar, but then we piece it all together, and this is what we get if we shine it through at the same, at a certain frequency. However, these all exist independent of themselves in the same way as I'm in this reality right now. There could be a flyover there. It could fly this way instead of this way. Well, guess what? Even if I do the same thing, they're totally separate.

Any small changes, a total change. Just like in even a small change that looks the same. Do you have a frame and I was like this and the frame that's like this? You may say, well that's the same frame, but they're actually different frames because there's, there are two different spots you see if you were to take out the frames, they might look the same, but one's over here, one's over here, so there's an infinite number.

Ones of these exist. We do it naturally. The reason I'm sharing this with you, it's a natural byproduct. The way the reality works. It's so similar to the law of attraction. I don't have to learn to attract these and law of attraction. It's naturally happening. It's just how do you, how do you discern your, your attention, and how do you optimize it, but you don't have to try to do it.

It's been positioned there by you, by your definitions. What is a negative one and positive depends on you and if you start to see how the negative timeline is serving you, even that negative definitions, negative language, it served me cause I'm taking my power back, it serving me because now I'm going to make new choices. Here's the thing, your choices, your attention, and the story here.

Tell yourself is putting you on these different timelines and there's many more than this, but this is the idea which parallel reality timeline do you want to be on? That's the question I have for you and if you want to be on a positive timeline, could you start to see things in a new way? Could you tell yourself a new story? Because the story you tell yourself about why you are the way you are, the story you tell yourself about the past.

That was a story that you may have told yourself because something happened in the back, and that was, that was some pattern that you have tied onto. Then what happens is in the present moment right now you have that belief. You go out into the world, and you experience more of that negative timeline because of this story. Well, here's the thing. At this moment right now, you can change your story. You change your story, and so it's, it's you change your story by becoming aware of your story of the past.

Most people are living in the past. Therefore they are on the same timeline that they were when they were young. They can be at a timeline of feeling unworthy, could be a theme of their timeline of not feeling worthy because when they were a kid, their parents made them feel like they were unworthy. But understand this, your parents can't make you feel unworthy. You choose to be unworthy from an unconscious level. Maybe you didn't know better, but still, at a certain point, you agreed to it when you agreed to it in the past. You now agree to it in the same at this moment right now because you haven't changed that agreement. You haven't even become aware that it's there.

When you become aware of the story, you tell yourself, that's when you can transform it. Not earlier than that. You have to become aware of the story you tell yourself. You have to become aware of the agreements you made in the past because then you can change them. You cannot change what you do not own, and he can't change what you don't know. Damn, I never thought of that. Can't change what you don't own, but you can't change what you don't know.

Awareness is really the key to all of this in the present moment right now. Who are you? Most people think they are the result of their past. They are the things that have happened. They are the agreements they made. You are who you choose to be in the present moment. And by knowing that, by then looking at the store, you tell yourself, you then begin to transform it because you can tell yourself a new story. You see your story of what it is, a story.

The story is a story. You don't have to keep living through that story. It's like being in a film, being in some type of an acting job, reading a script that you don't realize and you've been sticking around a stage in a set that you don't even want to be on. Realizing, Hey, I can change this script, or I can let it go and just be myself. Let it go and just be yourself and then choose from awareness what you want to engage with.

Choose your attention, your attention, your choices, your focus. These are all things that go into your reality, and when you change these things, you change your life. The only thing that keeps you stuck in a negative timeline is unawareness of past experience agreements you've made that you're not aware of. If you want to transform your life, become aware of the past agreements, become aware of the story, and become aware of your definitions, and then choose new ones. Make new actions.

You'll see this is all on autopilot. It's all on autopilot, but you're watching this video now so now you become more aware of it, and then you can consciously choose the positive timeline. You can choose the positive timeline, but you do that from this moment right now, this present moment right now, so that is the key to you. Shifting to a more positive timeline, make new choices, become aware of the story you tell yourself, become aware of the agreements that you've made in the past.

3 “Weird” Vibrational HACKS that Raise My Vibration INSTANTLY


I'm going to be sharing with you three weird vibrational hacks, things that I do that raise my vibration instantly. I think if you apply these in your life, it'll do the same for you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be sharing with you those three kinds of weird vibrational hacks that will help you to raise your vibration instantly. First off, if you haven't heard me talk about vibration before, I normally do. With this little chart right here, this chart is the chart of consciousness and on it called the map of consciousness.

And on it, you'll see different vibrational states of consciousness. You'll see that at the bottom of shame, fear, guilt, anger, willingness. I've seen this, I've done so many bidders with it. I remember, and then eventually you'll see neutrality. Then you'll see the reasoning, which is the intellect of the mind, and then you'll see that of love, joy, and peace. Every single person has a dominant set point to where their vibration is.

And when people are angry, they see through the lens of the reality of anger. They'll see other people that make them angry. They'll see situations and find things on the news that make them angry. That's the lens through which they see the world. Somebody of the consciousness of love, they will find love in everything, even when things most people wouldn't consider to be loved.

They will see the love there. But when we talk about these different states, we understand as well that not just we calibrate at a certain frequency. It comes from a book called Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hopkins. What he talks about are these different states. How you use muscle testing, which is connected to the subconscious mind to test these statements, and the body will need to go strong or go weak for different things.

Some examples would be you could calibrate different activities. You could calibrate different people, different places on earth. Just fine.  In general, you can think of it as well. I figured a green coffee tea. I think it is at like 300. It resonates at, you could talk about of um, classical music calibrates in the 400 heavy metal, uh, rock music resonates under 200, I believe. Rap Music, most rap music that's talking about like materialism and stuff like that normally resonate under 200.

These things have a vibrational residence with everything in our life, and our environment is constantly triggering us to a certain level of consciousness. The news generally resonates under 200. It's constantly pulling us into a lower state of consciousness. The first step to this whole process is becoming aware. You don't notice that certain things keep you bogged down.

Years ago, I could see that there are a lot of things I was doing one thing as you, as I was taking Adderall back in 2012 Adderall for ADHD, it would help me focus. But I eventually learned that Adderall resonates very low on the scale because Adderall is a form of methamphetamine. It's illegal, you know, prescription drug doctor they give to people, but it keeps people very focused in dopamine. But it's a very low vibrational pharmaceutical.

Well, you're going to eat, you have to sleep right. For a year or two, I smoked very often. And what happened is eventually, um, I realized that and saw the calibration of lead is right at about 300 350 which isn't that low necessarily. When you do it, it's going to bring you back down, and it's going to bring your vibration down. I'm sure that you use it with the right intention then maybe that's not the case.

The more we work through our own emotional things, and we also, the more we let go of things that are of a lower vibration. Everything is vibration. We even movies calibrate at certain vibrations. I'd imagine that Christopher Nolan movies like the Inception or Interstellar most likely resonated over 400. And then you have movies that resonate very low like alien versus Predator or something which would probably resonate at like a hundred or 200 horror movies.

Keeps your vibrate, you know, keeps you focused on low vibrational things, which lowers your vibration. I'm going to share with you the three vibrational hacks that I've read, and I've learned from especially from the different books by Dr. David Hopkins. He talks about some of this, and some of this makes sense to me. Let me show you.

There's this one book that is called autobiography of a Yogi, which I've shared many times before. That book calibrates in the six hundred, very high vibrational book. The book autobiography of the Yogi is a book about parallel haunted Yogananda's journey through enlightenment and his firsthand account of the Gurus. He met these people that could do literally magical things these people could do.

And what these people could do is they could make objects appear instantly. Some of them could teleport; they could send messages telepathically. They could do this because they were of such a high vibration that they were able to do things that we would consider to be impossible. And Paramahansa Yogananda shares in his experience what that was like.

And then what I realized with what's happening right now that I was reading the book. He was very self-realized with it. What happens is by him being around Sri yet to swore his energy field began to resonate with it eventually. Understand that when you're around certain people, you're resonating with their energy field. Whether you're aware of it or not.

For example, in one of the books by Dr. David Hawkins, he talks about how many people that have these enlightened gurus. Their energy links to that person's energy field, and they begin to then as a tuning fork resonates with it. That helps them enough path to enlightenment. This is one of the hacks that I do now. I do not worship Paramahansa Yogananda. I do not worship it. I see these things as a reflection of the divine because in the books, by Dr. David Hopkins, what he shows is that when we are holding in our mind.

When we hold some high vibration person in our mind, and we're paying attention to them, it's raising our own frequency as well. Our body goes strong. It is something to resonate with even if we're not physically there. It's not that I am worshiping Paramahansa Yogananda, but what I do is I focus on him, and I recognize the divine within me. That is also the divine within Paramahansa Yogananda cause I think that he embodied that very well.

This is Paramahansa Yogananda. When I meditate, we'll sometimes stare at this image and resonate and see the reflection of the divine within myself. And I feel like I take on some of the spiritual qualities of somebody that I do that too. That's a lot of times why people do this. It's not that they're worshiping them, they recognize the divine within them, and that divineness within them allows them to then resonate with that energy field. That might sound like a kind of weird energy hack, especially because I don't necessarily worship it or that person or that level of consciousness.

I just recognize the divine, this within myself, and I choose to take qualities on like him. He was a very selfless person. He was somebody that had this strong intention of adding value, and he very much allowed the divine to flow through him. The way you do that is by not having the ego be involved and giving it up to this divine energy. If you want to know more by the time this video goes up, the shift experience will have been launched, and there is a webinar you can watch. Or I show how these enlightened gurus raise their level of consciousness so that they could then do these magical things. And how you can also shift your level of consciousness.

I share with you exactly how you can shift your level of consciousness. There will also be a live meditation in there as well where you can, uh, hit into the heart center and really transform your level of consciousness. There was a time when I was watching a lot of us or certain person blogs on YouTube, and I realized that when I do that, I have weird dreams. It is not necessarily the highest vibration. Eventually, what I decided to do was to stop watching them because I knew it was bringing my frequency down, whether we realize it or not, all of these things are influencing our frequency.

If you want to raise your frequency, one thing you could do is a certain type of Montrez mantras are vibrational hacks in a way. And it's a level of resonance that then begins to tune yourself to that vibration of all I think about it there. Think about vibration, right? Of syllables or these sounds and p n and other people that have also done the same thing. Most people that do own are doing it with some type of spiritual intention. It’s almost like there's this energy field around the planet.

When I think of this as well, okay, I went, when I went to up a shark conference, I asked for Shara about this. I said, I had this feeling that when you listened to like certain rap music or certain catchy tunes, you get them stuck in your head. You're picking up on other people who have listened to the same music. You're picking up on the momentum of that. So for example, you get some, materialistic songs stuck in your head.

There may be a lot of other people that listen and resonate with that song that are thinking it. And it's almost like it's easier for you to pick up on their thoughts because of the electromagnetic energy that you're picking up on. This is something I think of in the form of resonance. When you do something like a sacred sound like ohm, many people that are doing it are doing so with the divine spiritual intention. You pick up on that frequency.

Saying every single day can be a very, and not just saying it, but doing all with the spiritual intention of connecting to your heart. Do not every day if you'd like, let me know. Maybe we'll do like a 15-minute meditation for that, and it will help you and help us all to raise our frequency, especially with the intention, the collective intention as well. This is something that that I've found to be kind of a weird hack, but it really works in what makes it weird is the way.

It's a different angle than we've probably ever heard it. It's like, oh you say the mantra as you get a certain style that's been around for thousands of years, but understanding the mechanics that it's an energy field that we're picking up on. And you pick up on the divine intention of everyone else to do it. It changes the game a little bit. The third weird vibrational hack, this one really is weird. You may have seen me in my Instagram stories.

I do this weird thing, and I used to do this in public too. I would see how far much I can get away with it. I say the word belly button, it's the most random word you could ever like here. And that's why this the beauty of it to be honest with you. But what I would do is there's this, there's a long story behind it, it's the word belly button has no real meaning. Sometimes what I do is when I'm in conversation, what I used to do, and I was in conversation with people as I'd be talking to them and then as I was about explaining something, what I would do is I would insert the word belly button just like I did a second ago.

But if you do it a certain way, the brain doesn't pick up on it if you don't know what's coming. The reason I would do that is that it's a pattern interrupt. If they even catch it, a lot of people don't even catch it. But for me, it was almost like self-amusement. But belly-button to me is a form of self-amusement of saying something that really has no meaning. There's a little story about it and the reason, one of the reasons I say it a lot actually is I used to work at Barneys New York and women's shoes if you want like the rundown story of it.

I used to work at Barneys New York and woman shoes, which is a very high-end place with $1,200 pairs of pair of shoes, very expensive. I helped to help the very wealthy clientele, and sometimes you get bored. Sometimes what I would do is I would see in conversation how much I get away with just saying it. Not in a mean way whatsoever. Not to be mean anybody, but just to see. Sometimes people caught up on it.

Sometimes people didn't. I was also a way of increasing my own state. It brings me in a high vibration, put me into like a fun mood, you know. And what I would do is I would, everyone kind of knew the purpose of it. There was no purpose of the word belly, but it's just fun and lightens. It was just something I said just to kind of wake myself, wake myself up.

And who would wake other people up out of the kind of the autopilot mind? Well, eventually, it caught on. It wasn't just me and woman's shoes. It was like almost everyone in a woman's shoes would try to do it with customers because it was kind of funny. We thought it was funny, at least. Um, and what happened was, is eventually somebody took it too far.

There was somebody I worked with. What he did was he got into someone's email, someone left their email up, and they were emailing customers, and he changed her headers that it said her name and then it said belly button under that. She was sending emails out to customers, and he said the belly button. Well, that person then sent an email to the store manager not knowing this, that belly button, and the store manager saw the word belly button.

I said, why is there a belly button in your email? And then she said, everyone, the department's stating the word belly button is some dumb thing they're doing, blah, blah, blah, blah. Automatically most people thought it was me that went into her email and did, even though I would never have done that. We all got called up to the office.

We got told that if we ever said the word belly button again, we'd all get fired. We were suppressed from saying the word belly button, and there was no meaning behind belly button other than it was just for self-amusement. However, when it is the rest of the time I was there, I worked there another year. I never said that word belly button, but to me, it was just kind of funny. It's kind of funny that it became that much of a thing to where we couldn't say the word belly button.

I remember us all getting pulled in and they're like, so what is this thing with a belly button? And everyone's kind of like, um, it's just like, you know, we didn't really know what to say. Do you know what I mean? But it's really random. I say it because I just think it's self-amusement, but it also breaks up and wakes me up from the autopilot mind, and it has the potential to do the same for other people.

I've kind of created a little pendulum around this idea of belly button just because it has no meaning. When you do things that have no meaning, it actually increases your frequency when you make stinks for the sake of doing them. Have your form of the belly button, whatever that is, have your form of the belly button. And understand that as you apply that you begin to increase your own frequency and you begin to feel in a higher vibrational state.

The three vibrational hacks that I have for you is first off, using that of finding a high vibrational person. You can consume their content, pay attention, focus on them, only watch YouTubers that you believe have a high vibration for the majority of the time. At the same time, maybe have a picture of somebody that represents that divine essence to you.

Like I have a view Yogananda, and focus on developing the qualities inside of your heart that is similar to that which you want to be similar to and tap into your heart instead of divine intention to connect with that spiritual energy within you. 

Let me know how long you think of a time period as well that you think we should do at 10 1520 minutes or more. And then thirdly, focused on something that has no mean, that's a pattern interrupt that allows you to wake up from this autopilot mind.

3 Things that Happen After Death (WARNING NOT WHAT YOU THINK)


I'm going to share with you the three things that happen after debt. These are things that your soul knows, but your ego may not. I'm going to share with you what those are and how you can best understand it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to share with you the three things that happen after debt. These are things that your soul knows, but your ego may not. I'm going to share with you what those are and how you can best understand it.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the three things that happen after you die. There may be more than three things, but these are three things that commonly happen that many people have in deep hypnosis when they're brought back to life between life or life after death. These are the things that they say happen. These are the correlations that have happened between thousands of different people that have been in this deep level of hypnosis.

It's empowering to know first off, that we are eternal spiritual beans. Having these temporary human experiences and knowing it makes it easier for us to understand something that I think is very commonly misunderstood. I think so many people grieve and are afraid of what we call death. Not knowing that debt is actually more of a, as a less of a shock to the body than being born.

Think about that for a minute. Somebody consistently said through thousands of different people that have been in these deep level of recalling things that have happened on and high different states of consciousness or you know, what we call life beyond this physical form have said that it is more of a shock to the body being born than it is death. And that is because it's more our natural state of being in higher dimensional states of consciousness when we are free from the physical Avatar, the physical ego body.

The information I'm going to be sharing with you today I think is very empowering. It'll also be kind of clear way for you to understand that death isn't really something to be afraid of. We come here to learn. We come here to have a learning experience, to have these experiences with other souls and maybe things that we may have kind of been away signed up for, but that at a deeper level, there's so much more to our soul than we can even really imagine.

The things I'll be sharing with you today will come from a book called the journey of souls, which a lot of people recommended to me, but I never really got into till just recently. I've read a lot of Dolores Cannon's book. She passed away a couple of five, six years ago, but she has like 17 or 19 books with some odd number like that of transcripts of her with these people in a deep hypnotic state of consciousness.

Asking them questions about what it's like in higher dimensional states of consciousness. These people would go into this deep state of hypnosis, and she could ask them questions like, why did you incarnate at this time? What is your purpose in life? What was your relationship with this person? Uh, here's the limit. Let's go look at some of your past lives. Let's look at your future lives. Let's look at all of these different things.

And this information that would come through different people would be so consistent over thousands of different people, all of the world, all who didn't know each other that it seems like there is a consistent type protocol in the way of things that happen. What I'm going to do is I'm going to share, I wrote them down just to give a better understanding of what that is.

First off, the thing we'll talk about is the tunnel of light. A lot of times when people go through, um, they transition out of their body. Sometimes from what I hear, people will go out of their body through some type of death, and they may actually be above their body scene that maybe they're at a hospital or something. They're seeing things that are happening, and they'll realize, oh, I'm freed from my body now. And some people may find themselves just traveling.

A lot of times there's this tunnel of light. I've also listened talks with them, Thomas Campbell, who talks about how reality is a simulation and he's um, he talks about how one of the reasons we may see a tunnel of light is because that's our belief system. The tunnel of light in weight represents traveling. And that's the way we interpret our brain.

Or our ego can interpret something that it doesn't really understand. Because also something that I, that kind of resonates with me is Bashar says that we never actually leave spirit. We never actually leave spirit. We're in spirit right now dreaming that we are these physical beings and when we, when we die at the end of our life, I believe we make wake up to this higher state of consciousness as spirit projecting ourselves to this reality. When we see this tunnel of light, it may be our interpretation of us getting back to this other state of consciousness. However, in general, the tunnel of light is consistent with a lot of different people.

But a lot of people may have the same belief system that when you die, there is certainly just a belief system. But it's just an interpretation of an energetic shift. And the way that we interpret that is through this tunnel of light that then brings us to another state, to another state of consciousness.

Something that in the book journey of souls, he talks a lot about is he talks about this place that many souls go to after death. He calls it the staging area and in this staging area there is this in a way like transmit where people are then transported to where they need to be. However, the staging area is also a place where souls may go kind of like a train station because remember Harry Potter, remember the last, as the last part two, part one is part two of Harry Potter of the seventh movie where he goes to like this train station.

It may be more busy train station because there was nobody that was just him and a double door. But the idea is you go to this place, and they call it the staging area, and in the stage area, there are a couple of things that may happen. Maybe what I'll do is I'll actually see if I have it written here also is regardless of experience, eventually arrive at a central port in the spirit world called the stage in what I call this stage and area.  

It also seems that it depends on different and levels of consciousness, different levels of souls like where they are at, their growth as to where they go. Maybe some souls bypass this stage in the area and once past the orientation station, which is like the station of travel that I'm talking about, there seem to be no further travel detours for anyone entering this space. The spirit world, apparently large number of returning souls are conveyed in a spiritual form or mass transit. Sometimes souls are escorted by their guides to this area.

I find this practice is especially true for younger souls; others are directed by an unseen force which pulls them into the stationary and beyond to weighting entities. What seems to happen is many people will talk about the soldier we're talking about after the death process. They will travel almost like an individual, like a, a separate force is pulling them through this tunnel of light and into this experience of the staging area where there may be certain souls waiting for them, and it could be many times it's spiritual guides.

We all have spirit guides. He sends that out of the thousands of people that he's had in his hypnosis learning about this kind of information. Not one of them did not have a spiritual guide. We all have spirit guides. They are our spiritual guides, our souls at higher levels of consciousness that are there to help us.

They're like guides. I mean literally spiritual guys, they're there to help us through our experiences on life there helped to understand certain lessons of uh, why we came here and certain things that we wanted to experience. And going to the staging area is something to where we have that have guides helping us understand the process.

One of the first thing that happens when we go through this, this tunnel of light and we go to what is called this stage and area, and we're met with our guides. One thing that does happen, and one thing I've actually experienced in a certain state to the state of consciousness on an NDE or near-death experience is what is called a life review. A life review is where you're able to look at your life. The things that have happened in your life and understand what there was to learn from this experience.

Some of the ways, from what I understand, you also will experience it. Informa. What I've actually experienced because I've had an NDE before the NDE experience that I had had to do with, uh, this is the best way I can describe it. There were these crumbled up pieces of paper and they would, they would, I would hear this crumbling up and then it would come out like in front of me like this.

And then I would see certain parts of my life, certain things that happened in my life that had, that were important junctions in my life. And I was then able also to feel what I felt and then feel how I made other people feel. I would have this experience of this crumbled up piece of paper. It would come up, and then I would see an experience, what it was like from my perspective, and then also other people's affected a perspective of how I made them feel.

Then what would happen, it was a crumble back up, and then it would crumble into a new piece, and then I would have a new situation. I went through many of these, I don't even remember all of them, but there were many of them, and I just kept feeling what other people felt. This is a lot of times what happens in the NDE experiences. We're in near-death experiences as well.

At the end of our life in general though, an actual death experience, we experience what we felt and also what other people felt and how we made them feel so that we can more so learn the whole round experience of how we felt and how we made other people feel. That was kind of my NDE experience, but it resonates me. I kind of know that. I know that from experience. This isn't something that I just read.

I've had that before, and it was very powerful, wasn't something I expected to happen. It was something that wasn't necessarily like, oh, I'm going to happen. I'm going to have this type of experience. Many of us may, maybe not all of us, maybe there are different interpretations of that or different versions of it, but some form of stage area, which once again also maybe just a metaphor for the way our brain interprets something that we don't understand, but this staging area that many souls go that then they're met with their spiritual guides and then their spiritual guides show them some of the things that happen in their life.

They could have learned some of the things they may have could have done a little bit differently. And then also some of the ways that you made other people feel. However, I do want to say this as well. There was no judgment other than self-judgment. It's not like someone else's judging you and they're like, oh, this is what you did wrong. It's more so this is what you learned.

That's something that that happens in apparently. What else? Another thing that happens as well that they talk about is that you have at this meeting with your guide or guides and then what happens is many souls where go to what is called a council of elders, a council of elders, which could be our 3d way of understanding something that maybe just doesn't have words, but it's like you go to a round table conversation with very high vibrational beans that are ahead of our spiritual development and they help us understand what we've learned.

Maybe our next experiences, maybe certain things that um, kind of access how we did to access what we can do next. When we die, we go through this tunnel of light, at least our interpretation of it. Many people will, depending on their belief system, go through this tunnel of light. Either they will be also guided with through this tunnel of light with the guide or they may just feel this, feel this invisible force that pulls them to a certain space.

And then what happens is they go to this place, they're with their spiritual guides and their spiritual guys helps them go through that of a life review where they are able to review their life, what they learned, the relationships that they had, and then also learn, um, what they can do to, to, uh, to feel the emotions of what other people felt, but also what they could do to learn from it and really get the most value out of it.

That's one thing that happens when we die. I mean, I guess it's like three things right there that happened. The second thing I want to talk about is something you do when you die as well that you have the ability to do. Cause you might be wondering, well first off, we're so focused on our 3D experience here that we think in terms of it, but something else that happens is when we pass away, or we shed our physical body, we have the ability to connect to other friends, other families, other star systems.

We are not known any longer bound by time and space. Something that you may do is you may connect to somebody that passed away in this life, maybe even different lives, but when I hear there are past lives, we had even deeper connections with people that we have incarnated with and this life, but we don't remember those.

There's a veil of forgetfulness. When we were born, well we don't remember this type of information, but from my understanding, this is empowering to know that there's someone that's passed away. We've all had someone that's passed away in the life that we missed, that we love and just know that you will be able to communicate with him again. You will, and you probably do by the way as well. Every night when you go to bed, you shed this fee, you don't remember it.

But many people that pass away have connections to other people that have passed away. Sometimes those people that pass away will also chill, kind of stay around to a well; it's not necessarily they stay around. I think that's a misconception. We think that soles pass away, they stay around forever, they go onto new experiences. But when we're not bound by this by the body so much, we have more access to them to where if we think of them, we can have a dialogue with them because at a higher level they are eternal spiritual beings as well.

You could both connect to the individual person and you connect to that person's higher self, which is also connected to your higher self. Something else we may do when we pass away is if we want, we can connect to people that have passed away, people that we want to heal with, people that we want to clarify things with people that we just missed.

We connect to these people, family members, whatever it is, friends in this life and in many different lives as well. We could be meeting our soulmate, so mates we have many different soulmates. You could meet them that maybe the ones you didn't even incarnate with. You see, so we are internal. Spiritual beings have existences, not just in this life on earth. We have an existence in different star systems as well. We are multidimensional beings dreaming that we are these physical bodies and we believe our whole life that we are these avatars until we maybe go through a spiritual awakening.

However, in general, one thing that's common to do after we pass is to go and have these connections to these different states of consciousness. The third thing that we do after we pass away, I want to talk about it, but it's not. I think this is interesting. Apparently, something that happens is we all have what is called a soul cluster, a soul cluster. It's kind of like a soul family. And in the soul cluster, what do we have is we have souls that are at a similar spiritual level that we tend to incarnate many times in many other lives with.

That's why sometimes people in your soul family, you may switch roles — one life. You may be the mom, they may be the son or the daughter, and in their life, you might be their dad, you might be there one day, you might switch, and then you are the son or daughter of somebody that and vice versa.

We switched roles and sometimes that may be in the same family. It may or may not be. But we have these soul clusters that we are in that we reincarnate with many different times for learning experience, for growth, experience, for being at a similar frequency. That's something that we do, and we're aware of after death. We're aware of these different people, these souls that were even deeper than people, but souls that we're connected to.

We may prefer to go to a very, very past life that is not in the linear time-space way that we think about it, but in general, we do like having physical life experiences. Earth makes it difficult because this is a place where you not only forget who you are, but there's a lot of pain that you can have emotionally and spiritually. However, there are other realities systems where it's not as bad as that as this.

Like as this level of forgetting right now on the planet is the most important time to be alive to ever before, the most exciting time to be alive because there's the shifting of consciousness that's happening at a great level. We chose to be here, but this is a very difficult place to be because of the level of forgetfulness, because of the pain, the emotional pain that we go through.

There are many reality systems that we may incarnate to where we retain the memory as a baby and growing up of who we are as spiritual beings do conditioning. Maybe our parents tell us they have that awareness, but in general, when we pass away, we have this choice. We choose to come back. We choose to do some more work to finish out more Karma. What we put out is what we get back. Maybe there's some things that we still have to, to accomplish. That's why people that commit suicide.

They have to come back and finish the work that they started. A lot of times they say that what happens is the journey of souls book says that what happens many times is when people do that, they're in a way disappointed with themselves because now that you have to come back and do more things and Redo the work.

We are these eternal spiritual beings that have forgotten that, and when we pass away at the end of her life, it's more of a shock to be born than it is to die. There’s not really anything to be afraid of. But what I will say is the most powerful thing you can do about this now is to live your life truly. Truly live your life with no regrets. Become passionate, understand what'd you put on is what you get back at the end of your life. If you have a life of you and you're feeling that way, that you made other people feel, make it something to where you made other people feel positive emotion.

Make it something to where you are compassionate, and you are really doing what you love, where you don't regret things and understand there are things you chose to learn. There's still lessons you chose to have and the more you become aware of these, the more you really start to live in the present moment now is the more you begin to transform your life because then you're truly living. Many people are walking around in a daze and a deep hypnotic state of conditioning, but when you wake up, you start to experience life for really what it has to offer, and you are an eternal spiritual being. But what you can begin to realize is that you exist now. You will always exist.

And the key to this is knowing that choosing to live now in the present moment truly. What I have for you is a guided meditation that will help you to transcend your level of consciousness and will help you to remember some of these scenes so that you get the most benefit out of your earth experience here. It's something that if you listen to for 21 days, I think it will shift your level of consciousness.

The MAGICAL Power of “I AM” and How to Use it (only use for good)

I'm going to show you the magical power of two words. Those two words that are I am, how you can use this in your life and how using it will transform your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the magical power of the words I AM, how to use these two words because instead of just saying it without having the meaning behind it won't have as much power as understanding how the phrase in itself works and why it is so powerful. The first thing I want to say to you is this is a powerful post I've ever made because it's going to tap into a higher vibrational state of consciousness.

Understanding who you really are to begin with because we come into this reality believing we are our ego, believing that we are the Avatar self and we forget who we are because part of the purpose is so that we remember who we are. When we identify as our ego and we're trying to change ourselves, it's the ego trying to change the ego, but you see you're not even really just the ego anyways. You're more than that. You are an infinite spiritual being, living a temporary human experience and most people go about the law of attraction and go about self-development, trying to change themselves from the same level of consciousness that they've created themselves to be, but the key to this is going beyond the ego self, going beyond the 3D Avatar that we pretend that we are and knowing who we really are because who we really are is divine spiritual beings. When we say I am, it is not coming from the level of the ego. It's coming from the level of the divine self that you are.

You see who you think you are as far as your personality is something that's familiar that you've identified with in the past. You've identified with how you think, how you feel, how you act. Therefore, you've done everything you can to stay consistent to that way that you identify yourself and you would say, I am my personality. This is who I am. But that's who you are on the surface. Because deeper than that, you are a source energy, but you forget this, and your natural state of being is meant to be feeling unconditional love, joy, peace, enlightenment. That's who you naturally are, but you forget that. So life is about realizing that you are a divine being and that everybody else you come into contact with is also a divine being.

And when you start to tap into this energy, your whole life will transform because it's a higher vibrational energy. You realize that you're worthy of feeling unconditional love, joy, peace and enlightenment. When it comes to I am, I'm going to share with you how I've even used this in my own life before I understood the whole divine aspect part of it, because whatever comes after the words I am is what you become is the vibrational frequency that you are. Back when I used to work at Nordstrom's in a woman's shoes, one of the biggest transformations I had while I worked there is first off it was cool because every single day I went in, I was able to kind of use it as a playground to see what thought processes, what kind of energy I'd bring to the table, and then what were the effects of that.

So I'd go in some days I just have fun and I would see what kind of results I'd get. Then some days I'd go in, I'd have fun, but I have an intention and I'd see what kind of results I get. Then sometimes I go, I'm very serious trying to get a certain result and I would see what kind of result I would get. Then I'd go in some days and see customers as a means for me to make more money and I'd see what kind of results I'd get. Then I'd go in and see people as somebody who would want to add value to and I would see what kind of effect that got. And I was able to do that every single day because every single day in a commission based job you start at zero. But it was really cool for me to be able to see the kind of effect that would come from that.

One thing that was a game changer for me is I used to identify myself. I went from BP shoes, which is like brands like Steve Madden or Jessica Simpson or um, like athletic shoes, cheaper shoes. About two years into it, year and a half, two years into working there. I didn't know, maybe three years. I then transferred to salon shoes. Salon shoes is Jimmy Choo. It’s a more expensive brand. I went from $1 amount on average price point to eight higher dollar amount per average price point. And the type of customer also went to more expensive customers. I used to see myself as more of like a mediocre sales employee. That's how I viewed myself. But then I read a book called a psycho cybernetics, which is about the self-image and what I did is I changed my self-image from saying and from believing I am a mediocre sales employee, which is on autopilot. Nobody would really normally see I'm a mediocre employee, but I did view myself as like just kind of getting by. I was the only person there that worked four days a week because I had every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday off, which was really, and I was like, oh, I don't need it to be a top where some people did that for their career and I was like, this isn't my career.

I don't have to be a top sales employee. But then when I started playing with the idea, I went into work and I said, I am a top salesperson. I simply knew that every day when I would go in out and check that we'd have these, the sheet of the top salespeople from the day before. I'd go in every day and I would see my sales from the day before and I would just imagine myself as being at the top of that list every single day and I started to do this as within days I was a top sales person, I was a top sales employee. I've go in everyday and I'd be number one or two and the guy that was always number one, he was like doing this for 20 years and he had a huge clientele list and you'd just, it was like what? He was passionate about me. I was like just starting to see myself. I am a top salesperson and within a short period of time I was a top salesperson. That's the power of I am. I am still works at the same level of consciousness of the ego, but what I'm saying is even more powerful when you realize who you really are, which is a divine spiritual being. The other time I use this is when I was intending to go full time on Youtube. Instead of saying I am someone trying to make it on Youtube.

Instead of trying to say I am somebody that's doing what I can and I'm doing a full-time job and have the side hustle, I said, no, this side hustle is my full time. This is who I am. I am a fulltime Youtuber and within a couple months that's my reality. I was making daily videos on Youtube, which I knew was a part of my identity of I am and within a short period of time I became that which I saw myself. It didn't take much time because you have to believe it and know that is true for you. When we talk about, I am understand that the limitations you currently impose upon yourself are what's holding you back. If you are poor and you're saying, I am rich, it will never work because you're first off acknowledging that you are poor. You're trying to change the level of consciousness you're at and trying to change your reality from the level of lack.

You are not poor. You must come at it from I am rich from an empty vessel. You see, we're all divine empty vessels and the moment we say we are at a certain level is the moment we put these self-limitations upon us. You're not poor trying to be rich. You are a divine spiritual being that is claiming I am rich. If you're currently working a job you hate, you're not trying to make it on whatever your fulltime is, you are an empty vessel as a divine spiritual being that is then intending and saying, I am this. Whatever you say you are, you are in that moment, but don't make the mistake of trying to change the ego from the level of the ego. You must first disengage from the old patterns. You must disengage from the way that you see yourself and not self-impose that limitation.

I realized that I was doing this in many ways when I was intending to get to the next level of my business or whatever I'm doing. But the key is knowing that you are an empty vessel. This is what Buddha talks about enlightenment. It talks about being empty. When Bruce Lee talks about being water, it's the same idea. It allows things to flow through. We are these divine spiritual beings that pick up on different frequencies and the moment we even acknowledged that we are poor, that we want more abundance is the moment we self-impose these limiting beliefs upon us. But instead, if we realize that we are divine spiritual beings, we then could move into ILM presence and be that which we want, but don't make the mistake at the same level of saying, I am poor now I am rich. Don't even acknowledge that you are poor.

Don't put your attention on it. Attention is what feeds that reality in resonance. But if you disengage, that's where the power is. It's about acknowledging that you may, in prior circumstances thought that you were poor, but it doesn't mean you're poor. You are not who you were in the past. You are who you choose to be in the present moment right now. And if you say I am rich, you're saying I am rich because you're first off acknowledging that you are divine spiritual being and that you choose to be rich and you may be rich in emotion. You don't need the outer reality to reflect anything back to you because you know I am, I am. You are, which you state yourself to be, not to do, not to think, to be at the being level. This is powerful at the being level.

The being level is the acknowledgment of your divine self and when your acknowledgement of the divine self is there, it's easier for you to be flexible in reality in that way. But everything up until this point in your life may have been on autopilot. You may have saw yourself as a mediocre employee or a mediocre business owner or whatever it is because it was on autopilot, but now you're aware of it. Because you're aware of it, you can disengage from the old story and not say, I am working a job I don't like, but now I am working at a job I love. No, you weren't even working a job that you don't like in the begin with. The key is to disengage from that store. You tell yourself the story you tell yourself is what keeps you bogged in at different paradigms and at different levels. The key to this is really acknowledging that you are a divine spiritual being dreaming. That you are this ego structure and then knowing that you are who you choose to be in the present moment right now.

Think of this resonance as like an identity Lock. This ego way that you see yourself, that you're trying to change. The mirror desire to change that which you are is saying that where you are is not good enough. You see, this is where transformation because it happened because then you can disengage from that identity and just a certain who you are because you are not even poor. It's just your past prior thought patterns were that you were poor. The key to this is being aware of it and then making the choice to engage with this larger aspect of who you really are, which is this divine spiritual being, having a temporary human experience, dreaming that you are this ego, but don't try to change the ego from the level of the ego. Instead just be that what you choose to be by giving yourself permission. Do it from a higher level of consciousness. You are a divine spiritual being and you choose to be, I am.

You don't really need anything. After that, you can say, I am. I exist. Anything after that was in limitation. Anyways, I am a Youtuber, like I'm not anything else. I am a top sales person. What you like, you're not anything else. It's all limitation anyways, so you are a divine spiritual being. You are who you choose to be and by making the choice, you will begin to experience magic in your life. But this engaged from the old level identity by realizing it's just a prior thought pattern. It's not who you really are and by changing that perspective, your whole life will begin to change. Something that I do have for you below is one of the most powerful meditators I've made. It's a self-image meditation that will help you to resonate with the reality you want. Not only that, it will help you to see herself in a completely new way. Once you change your identity, you changed your whole entire life to changing your self-image is where the power is.

Wanderer Souls VS Walk In Souls: Signs YOU Are One (and How to KNOW)

I'm going to show you the difference between a wander soul and a walk-in soul. I'm going to show you the signs to know if you are one. Chances are you could be either one of these.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show a new the difference between wander soul and walk-in soul. And so like I said a minute ago and I'm gonna show you the same. Now, you only perceived that which you are in the vibration of. So a lot of you watching this video right now would only have found this video if you were possibly one of these two types of salts or just you're meant to understand more about the potentials for your soul than you'd think.

Because the underlying premise of understanding this is first off, you are an eternal spiritual being, dreaming. You are this little physical human 3D body. You are so much more than you can imagine. And we all are what are called multidimensional. We exist at many different levels of consciousness at the same time. So when we talk about, I made videos on Starseeds before and those videos tend to do quite well out of people, and people ask me questions about Starseeds and then are they start seeing every single person on the planet exists at different levels of consciousness. Now what we call a Starseed is someone that's aware of the connections they have to the stars. But us as eternal spiritual beings are so vast as souls that we do not just exist on earth, we are too vast to do.

So, we have existed on earth also is more of a 3D, 4D experience. So, what about your 5D 6D 7D whatever experience? These are just labels we put on the understanding realities, dimensional understandings, but nonetheless we are eternal spiritual beings. But I think in higher dimensions, magic is like who we are. Magic is a natural part of reality. I think natural magic as a part of this reality, we allow ourselves to have that kind of experience.

But in general, not to get too off topic here, I like Harry Potter anyways. Wanderer souls the first walk in Soul. So let me tell you a little story. A bunch of Bashar conference, you guys don't know who Bashar is. but Sharice channeled by Darryl Inca, one of the most legit channelers of our time, I believe. And he has these conferences that you go to where you ask questions and he answers them and he does like a dialogue in the beginning of like 10 to 15 minutes. And then after that what he does is he just sits there for questions and answers. So what happened was, I'm gonna kind of move this around a little bit. So the first, was this the first time I ever went, I don't remember the first or second time I ever went toa shark conference.

I got to ask a question. I remember I was one of the last people to ask a question. There's one from like 10 o'clock to 12 o'clock and then one from like two o'clock to four o'clock. There's like a two hour lunch break. But right before we go, I got the ask a question and ask you a couple of questions. I asked about enlightenment and I had questions about like the belief systems of enlightenment, which I recently asked follow up question to because I saw him recently as well. The other question I asked him though was about wanderers. I asked him, I said, Yo, Bashar, I said, is Eckhart toll,Is he a wander? Now I did not mean to ask wander. I don't, I wasn't interested in really whether he was wander or not. I was interested if he was what is called a walk-in. Now let me share with you the difference between the two and why I thought Eckhart Tolle was a walk-in. in the first chapter of his book, the power of now, he had this experience where he was feeling so negative. He would show, identified with this thinking he was in depression.

He did not enjoy life at all. He was going home and he lived in England or something like that. And you went home and he like late was laying in bed and he had this void experience where he had this experience where he realized he was thinking, I cannot live with myself any longer, I cannot live with myself any longer. He realized there was an I and a myself. So there was two like versions of him. So in the moment he realized there were these two versions of them. He had this realization that there was this ego and consciousness perspective and that like my bloom. But then what happened is he went into this void and in this void he said he doesn't remember much of what happened. But then when he came back he was enlightened. When he came back he had like this experience of like walking around and everything felt new for the first time. He was able to observe his thoughts in a way that he never had been able to before. And you started to feel blissful. He like stayed on a park bench for like a year, just like living there cause he was like so happy and ecstasy and it just felt so present to the moment.

Now, He said even after he came back, he changed his name. He changed his name from whatever it was before with some long name, those hard to pronounce to Eckhart Toll. And I think you said he got that in a division or something like that. Or like a dream or a vision. He saw Eckhart toll written on a book or something. He knew that was like his new name. It's like his new identity in a way. So he had this desire to change his identity. A walk-in soul is sometimes what'll happen is certain souls will leave, we'll have a intention to leave the planet. And then what'll happen is another soul of a different frequency with a different purpose. Normally these are souls with a certain type of purpose will come in place in the body and take over that body and live the rest of the life out the rest of the life out with a certain type of mission.

So I was asking that because Eckart toll had a certain life and then all of a sudden here's a very different life. And I was asking if he was a walk-in, but for some reason when I was in the bizarre thing and I asked Bashar, I said, wander. I said, he's a wanderer, so I don't know why in my mind I got to mixed up. What he said was that Eckart toll was a form of wander. He's a form of wander, which I found out what I did, which I found it was interesting, but a walk-in soul. There's a guy named June volume and Kiza deck. Let me show you. He was a wander, a walking soul as well. A walk-in normally will happen when somebody has a death experience, , they are unhappy with their lives and something happens and they come back and they're completely changed.

Completely different person. Sometimes though, that's just the soul that's like had an NTE and realize their spiritual consciousness or something and then they, they change our lives. Sometimes that's all it is, but sometimes there's this book called the ancient, the ancient secret of the flower of life. There's this guy named John Volo who is a, this guy right here. He, from what I understand is a walkin and he talks about it. He talks about him having a sole agreement with the body of the person before it was June volume keys Codec and saying that at a certain time in his life he would, they would switch. It was like there was this NTE experience that was like planned out in a way, at a higher level and then what happened is there was a cup, there's a couple minute period where the soul can come into the body, neither so leads.

It's like an agreement and he said also that it was like a very good deal for the soul that was in that body before that. How's that body? So that'll happen when somebody's a walk in will happen when somebody has like a big mission and, and something they want to accomplish on earth, but they don't necessarily want to have a physical body their whole entire life. Something because if you forget who you are, everyone almost forgets who they are as spiritual beings when they're born. There is a chance that some of these people get lost in Karma. They get lost in the dimension itself. That's why a lot of people are helping people to wake up on the planet right now because we've come here to shift to the level of consciousness, but some of the that were born forgotten who they are, so they're getting kind of lost in that Karma or confused in it.

So what a walk in is, a walk in is somebody's a body, somebody's had a certain life experience, may have been having a rough time or just decided that at a certain point they would swap with a different soul and the different soul they swapped with may have been another version of them. Maybe it's not a completely different soul. Maybe it's a different version of them. Maybe it's from a similar oversold. I don't know. But what I do know, what I do when I've studied this, what I do and come to the conclusion of is that it's normally with some type of purpose that somebody will switch and then come in and, and then live out a certain life with a certain purpose in mind. So is Eckart toll a walk in? I don’t know. Actually, the more I think about this, I think walk-ins are actually pretty rare because you've had to have like an NTE experienced some type of near death experience for that to happen.

But there's been many times I think maybe like I love it, laugh at them a lot changed, which is me too. I've had moments when everything in my life change and for a while I thought I was a walk-in, but I don't think I am now. I think it was just a shift in consciousness and this isn't a scary thing by the way. It's just, we're, you know, when that walk-in comes in as well, we, you know that the person that's in it before like leaves, it's like has like a transitionary experience. So we wouldn't know like you, you would be the walk. And so that would've came in if that was the case. However, it's something that's agreed upon upon a higher level. So realize that and I'm that person that walked in, the soul that walked in would also take on the Karma, would also take on the thought patterns and all the memories would still have the memory.

So it may not even really know to walk in or not. I, I think a lot of people that would be walking through probably have no idea consciously. So something else I wanted to share. So one of the most powerful channelings of all time besides Bashar is the raw materials. it's called the law of one. And in it it's some Iof the most profound challenges. Some of them, it's kind of harder to understand cause like the language that's used. But nonetheless, it's if you guys know David Wilcock, he talks a lot about the raw materials and it has to do, he talked a lot about a harvest, effect. You said he's the 80 said that in the future, in like the two thousands and beyond, there'd be this harvest. This harvest is the shift in consciousness that's happening right now on the planet.

It was talked about a long time ago and it has to do with this shift in consciousness where more and more souls have the ability to graduate to a higher state of consciousness. We're going in body from a third density level of body to a fourth density level of consciousness. So we're going through this right now. Now Wander, I'm going to explain to you a little bit about wanders from the perspective. This will explain it in a pretty cool way. So the question who, just to give you context, rob was channels from a lady named Parlia and there were years and years of it and there's like four or five different books on it, of just the raw material itself. And then more other than that. And it's, it's a question, the answers. So it's somewhat, it's her husband asked him the questions and then the answer the question or the person answering the question is rock.

So here is the explanation of it. Question, you spoke of wanders who are wanderers and where do they come from? Ross says, imagine if you will, the sands of your shores as countless as the grains of sand are the sources of intelligent infinity. When a social memory complex has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is service to others with the distortion towards reaching their hand, reaching out their hand, figuratively to any entities who call for aid. These entities whom you call the brothers and sisters of sorrow have move, have moved towards the calling of sorrow. These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation are bound together by the desire to serve. In this distortion, entities are from the reaches of infinite creation, bound together and desire to serve into irritates 3d. So this is what that kind of means.

These entities after they've evolved to a certain point. Say, you know what, one of the things I want to do is be service to others, be service to others. This means add value to other people. Help everyone else ascend. So a lot of in the raw materials was talked about is this idea of service to self and service to others in order to ascend into this harvest. What is said is that you must be oh 51% or more service to others, which means an intention to add value to other people, not just self seeking ego gratifying. If you're 51% or more service to self, then that causes you not to ascent. I think these percentages aren't the most important thing to understand. I think they are just references. I don't know how you would calibrate someone. Well there are 52% years they can ascend and think it's a gradual thing that's happening regardless.

But what it said is that these wanderers are higher vibrational beans that have decided to come back to help other people to transcend out of the three d four d illusion. So that's what a wander is. So the question then says, how many of them are incarnate on earth? Now what Ross says is the number is approximate due to the heavy influx of those birth at this time do to the intensive need to lighten the planetary vibration and thus eight in the harvest, the number approaches 65 million. This was back in the 70s my guess is this number is exponentially higher now. So many people on the planet right now are wanderers, which means they come from higher vibrational states of consciousness to help other people wake up. My guess is that you watching this video may be a wander right now. You may be a wonder and a wander is here to help awaken other people to help remind people of who they are.

This is a note and it's a form of Starseed. You can be a wander and a Starseed. All these little labels we can identify with them if we choose to, but remember you are an eternal spiritual being. Having a temporary human experience. That's the most like solid thing. I think it's important to understand because we get lost in these labels sometimes, but they're cool that they're cool to think about because we are so much more than we can imagine. Now the questioner says our more of our most of these from the fourth density, like the fourth dimension or what dimension or density do they come from? So in general, a fourth density beings is like service to others but also a little bit service to sell. This is also what could be referred to as like the astro planets.

Fourth density beings would come from astro planets. Fit density would be that of love would be a density of love. And then sixth density is that of love, but also of a density of unity, of understanding that we're all one. So, and then third density is like is like the ego control, duality. So there are these different densities and different realms of explanation. So what Ross says is few are from fourth density. The largest number of wanderers as you call them, are six density. The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind. And once you call for hardiness or bravery, depending upon your distortion and complex judgment, the challenge, danger of the wander is that it will still forget that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the mouse frame of what it had to incarnated to advert this destruction it had incarnated through rivers.

So the idea is that these wanders come here with the intention of waking up, going through a spiritual awakening, like maybe you have gone through and then helping other souls to evolve of Elton other souls to evolve. But we're under this karmic reality. So some people just developed the Karmic and they never actually wake up, or they, they may get through and numb their spiritual awakening. They may numb it with some form of drugs and alcohol instead of actually going through the process of really waking up. So wanders versus walk ins. Are you one that's kind of dramatic, but are you one most likely you are, everyone's a Starseed. Everyone is multidimensional. Whether they're aware of it or not. Start seeing someone's just who's aware of their connection to the stars. A wanderer. I believe a lot of the people watching this video are wanderers are people that come from higher dimensional states of consciousness to help remind other people.

You may have been lost in the karmic cycle, not knowing your you who you are as a spiritual being. But I think now more and more people becoming aware so that they can de plug themselves from building up more and more Karma. And I think that some of us may be walk-ins. I think walk-ins are much more rare than wanders. Obviously if there's 65 million wanders back in the 70s there's so many more of them now. They very much any soul being born 1990s and beyond is, is, has this connection that they're much more, they have this ability to wake up much more than other souls. So leave a comment below. Let me know what you think about wanders versus walk-ins and if you want as well. I have a Starseed DNA activation meditation, which will help you remember a lot of these.

My Morning Routine for Raising my Vibration INSTANTLY (Step-by-Step)

I'm going to take you with me and I'm going to show you my morning routine, exactly what I do to remain in a high vibration so that you can do the same.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to show you everything I do. What I do every night before I go to bed is set my mornings up for so much success for me to be in the proper state, for me to get everything done. So the first thing I do is I write down, on my iPad and what I do is look my high vibrational morning routine, exactly what I do every day. What I do is I write down some of the different things that I'm going to like five ideas from the day and then I write down the top three things that I'm going to do tomorrow, which is some things I have to do for the upcoming shift experience. I have to make an MP3 and then film, one to two videos.

What I do is I write down my videos right before I go to bed. The benefit of that is when I wake up in the morning, my subconscious mind is primed and ready to go because when I get up. But what happens is, is my mind is primed as I'm going to bed tonight. Every night before I go to bed, I believe that our morning routine actually starts at night because we prime ourselves. So something that I do every single night is one thing I do is I make sure the only thing I do in bed is sleep.

I only make sure that I prime myself for when I'm going to sleep rather than you know, some people read in bed or watch TV in bed and by doing so, it primes their brain that when you sleep in that spot, it's not really just going to bed. The other thing is I take a shower every night before I go to bed. I also do something to do that in the morning as well. I've heard that's good for the pores and it's good for opening up the energy. I don't know if that's true. My grandpa told me that. He knows a lot about that kind of stuff so I thought it was interesting. Something else I do every single night is meditate.

So to take a second, So what I do is I come in here, I close everything off, I have some crystals. I normally will put crystals right around here and then I just relax and I stare at a candle flame. So I know it's not the most exciting thing, but I pride myself so that when I come into this place is a high vibrational energy. Normally, the only thing that I do in this small room is meditate. So it's almost like there's an energy that's prime tier, but I meditate every single night before I go to bed, which allows me to then have a very good dreams, very clear intentions for my next day as well. I believe that the morning routine actually starts at night.

So here's what else I wanted to do. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is I normally go to the bathroom, I go pee. And then right after that what I do is I meditate. I observe my thoughts. What I do is I sit down right here and I have that of a candle.  This is Kinda what it looks like. And what it does is it goes all the way up here. And then what I do is I meditate. I stare at that candle flame and then when I'm staring at that candle flame, what it does is it keeps my eyes focused on one spot. When my eyes are focused on one spot, the mind doesn't tend to wander so much. I learned this when I first started doing meditation. I learned that when the eyes would wander, the mind would wander and I actually learned that from a Bikram Yoga class. They say that to like keep your eyes on one spot in the mirror, and I realized that that's so true. So what I did is when I meditate, I would observe the candle flame and as I would do so, my mind would calm down more and more.

But also when I learned how to do the biggest game changer in my life is when I learned how to observe my thoughts rather than try to control my thoughts. Normally we think when we're learning the like the law of attraction, like you control thoughts. The key is observation. When you just observe them and you allow them to be there, the negative thoughts eventually go away. But when you try to control it and like almost keeps the resistance there and it keeps it going. So that's what I do every morning. I'll normally do a little meditation where I will put the awareness inside of my heart center. So I'll kind of go and I'll imagine the energy coming into my heart. And then what I do is I focus on is a couple of my intentions for the day.

Some days I want to be productive. Some days I want to add value. Like with the Youtube videos I make some days I want to have fun, you know, just kind of depends on the intention of the day. I set the intention and I set in also imagine the outcome of what I want to experience for the day. So I imagine like something very successful happening throughout my day and I set that intention that that happens. And I imagine that happens as if I'm looking through my own eyes. So I do that as well and it tends to work very well if I do that. Especially over time. You do this consistently, eventually you just find that it compounds over time and it becomes something that works better and better and better. So what I recommend is doing an observation meditation where you just observe your thoughts, you allow your thoughts to be there, and then after that, visualize what you want to experience in your life.

Visualize it as if you're looking through your own eyes and you've already accomplished it. That's what I find that works very well and that's what I do every single day. So I'll do this normally for about 10 or 15 minutes and doing that, I've done it every single day since 2012. If I can explain one thing to you that would change your life the most, it’s learning how to observe your thoughts every single day for 10 to 15 minutes in the morning and tentative 15 minutes at night. That's it. If you did that, it'll change your life because then you learn how to not react to in the environment so much. Either know how to respond. So this is what I do every single day.

Right after what I do is immediately after that I go straight into a cold shower which may not sound like the funnest thing in the world. The main reason I would say that I take a cold shower is because it helps me to increase my willpower if right when I get up in the morning, I meditate and then this thing I do right away is take a cold shower, what that does to me is that shows and kind of shows myself that I'm able to do something that a lot of people won't, aren't willing to do, but I'm also able to do something that's kind of, in a way kind of painful, not painful.

To be honest, it’s not that painful, but I'll do something that's not the most pleasant thing to do at first. You eventually get used to it, but it also primes your state. I remember I first saw Tony Robbins, he would do this. He gets up and he goes into like 50 to two to three degree water or something like that. Any, and when he does that, just it shocks your body. It shocks you awake. It's really good for your nerves. I was actually reading a book by Paramahansa Yogananda who wrote the book autobiography of a Yogi. And even he in that book says, take a cold shower. It's good for your nerves, it's good for your circulation and it's good for your energy. So I've been doing this for a couple of years now and what I do is I wake up in the morning, I meditate, I do a cold shower.

The other reason I do a cold shower is cause this primes me to do the next thing I'm going to do, which is actually the thing I'm doing right now, ironically enough. But when you do this consistently, it gets easier and easier as you go. You become a little bit more used to it. But the benefit of putting yourself in, immersing yourself in cold water is just so amazing for your energy. It just gets you ready to go for the day. And I find that it also kind of raises the vibration as well. It's also good for the circulation. Like I've mentioned it already.

So, the moral of the story is that when you fill many things, you become more into the pressure of the video and it becomes easier to be developed and your head gets very, very known when you take a cold shower. But it's very good for your brain. There are a lot of very smart people as well that used to do this. They would duck their heads in very, very cold water number firms I find or who it was. If someone venture, let me take a very, very cold shower. He stuck his head in cold water and he'd come up with these like really cool ideas. I don't know if there's some dudes who the water in your brain, but um, then let's try it. Do a cold shower, it'll, it'll, it'll build your willpower. And then you'll also just know that there's something you can do right when you wake up in the morning, you just gonna do it and you're going to know that you can do it and then you're going to apply that to other areas of your life. You almost like you become the kind of person that can do things that aren't the most pleasurable, but that’s very beneficial.

The next thing is what I think everyone should do. I mean, you do what you want, but what I think one of the most powerful thing to do is, to do the highest leverage thing, which requires the most amount of energy. Now for me, that's make a video. And what I do is, as you know, the night before, I set my intentions for the video and I pride myself with the title of what I have ready for that video that I'm going to be filming. So my mind as I sleep is like marinating in the ideas and then I get up in the morning, I'm pretty much ready to go. I mean after I take my cold shower and everything and what I do is I have everything set up for me. So right here you'll see my camera with the ring light, which was just in the bathrooms that I could fill in the shower episode or this the shower part.

But then what I do is I come here, I stand right here, I stand in the same spot every day and I say, welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now when I do that sane, that primes me to be in a certain state as well. That primes me to be like, okay, now we're creating a video. And the other primer is when I take the cold shower, it wakes me up so it weight not just wakes me up, but it gets me in that state because it's hanging out of a shock to the system. So what I recommend people do is that you find out what you're passionate about. When you do what you're passionate about, right? When you wake up in the morning, you also give yourself the ability to tap more into your core frequency of who you're really meant to be in life.

And by doing that, and maybe two or three days doesn't seem like a big deal, but if you do that for let's say a month or two over time, you being in that frequency right when you wake up in the is very powerful, especially consistently. That allows you to do is to always prime yourself to be in a certain state. It's almost like the energy in my office is just mainly thinking energy for like stuff like that for like business and stuff. So I do that something else that I do every day and I, I do my best to do every day, every morning at least I do this every night no matter what is one of the main reasons I got this house is because of the grass.

I do that in the morning. And then the other thing I do is to maintain a high, these are all things I believe, I think to raise your vibration the most. Doing your passion everyday when you wake up in the morning is one of the most high vibrational things you could do because that's your core frequency. That's who you're meant to be in life. Now, something else is very good for digestion because our body, the things we put into our body has a powerful effect over how we feel over our energy levels. Something that I find to be very powerful is this, right? I mean this is just a empty, I need to put water in it. But what I do is I use water. I like alkaline water. That's what I actually have an alkaline water machine.

So, I'm not buying all this plastic, but I was recently, it's kind of hard for me to do both of these. I'm going to be honest, especially cause I'm doing a whole gallon.  Everything I'm sharing with you right now are things that I do every single morning. Now to recap, I think the most important thing you can do is meditate every single morning. It will change your life. Imagine you get up every day and you go out into the world and you're reacting to everything that's happening. You're in reaction. And then imagine that instead of that reaction, you can observe and you can observe your thoughts and your thoughts don't have to have so much power over you. And imagine that by doing that and having that observation, it then changes your whole entire life because then you, you don't, you're no longer reacting to things.

You can choose different things. You're no longer in the autopilot mind. Meditation I'd say is the thing that changed my life. The most cold showers will prime you for your day and that will begin to build your willpower. So do something like a cold shower. Watch how it increases your energetic levels and how you feel, and then do something you're passionate about every single day. Maybe that's art, maybe that's writing. Maybe that's creating content. I mean, as the things I like to do, so those are as easy for me to talk about, but whatever it is, maybe it's playing a certain part, maybe it's hanging out with your kids, whatever it is, do that thing right when you wake up in the morning within the first hour or two and it will profoundly change your life and it'll compound over time.

And then if you ever need to ground your energy, you know, something else I do is I'd jump on this rebounder. This is really good for increasing energy as well. This I do to increase my vibration. I do this, especially after I've been in my computer for a while, so maybe I'm writing an email or something. And what I do is after I write that email, what I might go do is come here and this helps me to like or my energy. And then a lot of times what I'll do is I'll feel ungrounded and go ground myself. And then I go ground myself in grass, but do things and start to experiment with things that have an effect on your energy field because as you change your energy field, you'll change your life.

And if there's one other thing I was going to talk about. So when you wake up in the morning, what happens is you're moving from a theta state of brainwave activity, which is where the subconscious mind is. You moving into an Alpha and Beta state, which are the awake states as you wake up in the morning, right when you wake up for the first 30 minutes is the most powerful time to reprogram your mind. So right when you wake up in the morning, if you are to think of what you want to experience in your life, if you're, if you were to assume the wish fulfilled of anything you wanted to create, that's the most powerful time to do so because you're closer to the subconscious mind and you'll be the rest of the day at the same time before you go to bed at night.

If you were to feel the emotions of what you want to feel as you're falling asleep, which is what I recommend people do, that will help you to then program yourself because the language the subconscious mind speaks in is feeling and allow you to reprogram yourself to be the kind of person you prefer and to and to be in that vibration and it like it improves your, it influences your subconscious, your subconscious mind in ways you don't even know. So that half an hour in the morning at night is the most powerful time in the morning. Take control of it by making time to do these little things. These are things I do to remain in a high vibration. They are things that have changed my life in many different ways.

I don't eat in the morning. I find that intermittent fasting works very well for me. I'm not saying it works for everybody, but intermittent fasting works very well for me because I own my own business. Even if you don't own your own business. Even when I had a full time job, I did intermittent fasting. I would get up every day. I would do all of my stuff. I'd go to the gym after this to go into the gym as a way that I raised my vibration as well. However, I don't eat normally until about one or two in the afternoon and I eat within a six hour window. Most intermittent facets within an eight hour window. So you could eat at 11 and then stop eating at seven. But what that does is it gives your body more time to do its own thing.

It gives your body more time to not be using energy to digest food. So I've been doing intermittent fasting for about two years now and I'm, I'm a big fan of it and I didn't, won't eat till about one or two today and I'll stop it in about six or seven today. And that's the way I do things. So, I don't necessarily eat in the morning, but I do the lemon water. Just test these things out with your own bodies, see what resonates with you. Out of everything I shared today, find out what resonates with you.