Everything is a self fulfilling prophesy


That's actually quite interesting. Anything you look for evidence in the world of you will find a reflection of that's. The interesting thing is it's called confirmation bias. Anything you look for, you will find, you can believe in, have a belief that you're unworthy. Because of that, you'll go out into the world and you'll find a reflection of that. You could have the belief that money comes easy, and then you will find that that comes in your reality, whatever you believe to be true is reflected back to you.

I have a hang drum right here. One thing I've been doing myself to break out of my old identity is I used to always tell myself a story or have an identity around me believing that I'm just not a musical person or, but like believing that music doesn't come easy for me. Like, I meant to be a speaker.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I speak for a living. That's what I do. Music that's not really me. But think about that. What I was then saying is I'm not a musician, I'm not into music. All I was saying is that my old personality, my old identity hasn't really focused on it. Because I then had that perspective, I would then block out being able to play any type of music. While I'm not like a genius, I guess a limiting belief. Right. But saying that, but I've been spending like 20, 30 minutes a day playing the hang drum or playing other types of drums. I really like drums. I've realized that since doing that, it's really changed my identity. It allowed me to tap into a part of myself that normally wasn't really activated. I mean, it's like something mind blowing. I'm not here to tell you guys like, look at me now, the most amazing musician ever, but I will say

Doing this as a sense of accountability for myself as well, like posting about this, because I believe that when we do things that our old identity was maybe afraid to do, or just didn't define ourselves as we begin to break out of our own box. I recently moved to Sedona. It has got a very magical energy. One thing that I've been doing here just in general is tapping more into parts of myself that helped break me out of my old identity. Playing things like, like drums, we've got little instruments, other drums, bongo, and there's a piano over here. You know, these are all things that I can practice. As I do guess, what happens? It allows me to tap outside of the way that I used to view myself, my old identity. Part of the purpose of this blog is just you showing and helping, you know, you can break out of any limitation and anything that just isn't natural for you because you haven't done it consistently.

You can break out of that. All you have to do is you have to decide that, okay, I'm going to do something that my old identity may have not defined myself at, but you begin to act as that. One thing you could do is if you've never saw yourself as somebody that you know is very into physical exercise, if you were to start doing yoga, you may eventually start seeing yourself as somebody that does yoga, being like a yoga type person. Guess what? That's going to change your identity, especially if you do it consistently. I’m doing the music and, and making music for 30 minutes a day begins to change my sense of identity. I'm like, wait, I am more a creative person. You want to know something crazy too. I told myself for such a long period of time that I'm not a musical type person yet.

When I was in middle school and high school, I played the trombone and I was in band and I had to learn to read sheet music. I was very passionate about it. At one point, I literally thought that I wanted to be a band teacher when I grew up for like a couple months. Then I got into forensics debate. I was like, no, I want to debate people. I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but the reason I'm sharing all of this with you is anything you look for, evidence of you will find. You will find evidence of that. If you believe that the key to this is becoming aware of those limitations, become aware of those stories. You tell yourself, you may have a story that you're unworthy and you don't deserve certain type of love in your life. Well, you'll go out into the world and guess what, that's exactly what you're going to find evidence of.

You're going to be emitting then an energy that says, Hey, my energy, isn't my energy. Isn't magnetic or people aren't, don't resonate with me at this deep level. There'll be like these limited limiting thoughts and beliefs there. But the key to this is realizing there's so much information about around us. Think about that. Let me sit down for a minute. Think about that. There is so much information around us that would ever perspective. If we focus on, we find, and you want to know the crazy thing. Most people hold other people in a certain frame of reality, and then they hold them there. For example, I used to work with this guy that everybody disliked working with. One thing that I did was I decided that I’m not going to deal with him this way. I’m good to almost act as if and pretend that he is positive. Guess what happened? I tapped into it and I don’t know if it was me that pulled that side of him out.

I ended up enjoying working with him much more than I enjoyed working with some of the other people they worked with. We connected in a deeper level because I didn’t hold that frame inside of that perspective. One of the best things that you can do is to become free of all the beliefs and all the judgments about other people. As you become more free, it’s going to be a whole new world. You can use this towards everything even something like numerology. Same thing with astrology, some people that reject astrology is because they may reject the permission slip. But, I like using these things as I think it’s powerful and I’m also aware that it’s not the end-all be-all. You are not limited because your astrology is not favorable. It’s just showing you where the energy is and what you can do about it.

One thing that I can say that can help you branch out of your current identity is doing something the old identity would have never done. I realize that working really hard, I believe I can take my energy back and be passionate and I can get results from that. I also realize that by doing less, I’m getting more. It’s becoming very magical for me. If you align more to your vision and to your purpose, you become aware of the limiting beliefs.


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