3 signs their “secret plan” isn’t working


Their secret plan. Isn't working. It's not working out when I say secret plan. When I say they, I'm talking about an elite group of people, as movies, as movie, as that sounds an elite group of people that have gotten together that have wanted to control millions of people on the planet to keep them in a certain box, to keep them distracted from other things going on so they can keep control and keep the resources going in their favor, things and their cards are literally falling down and there's signs that they are not winning. There's many signs that we are actually taking our power back. That's what they call the great awakening. I'm going to show you three signs that their secret plan isn't working and show you exactly what we need to do to make sure we continue to go down this path of us taking back our power.

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I'll be showing it to you those three sides that they're secret plan. They're really super-secret plan. They don't want anyone else to know it just isn't working anymore. Okay. When we talk about this, you might say, yo, Aaron, who's they? They have a secret plan. This sounds kind of conspiracy theory. Here's the thing about conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory, conspire simply means secret plan. Like a secret plan that's being brought out. That's all conspired means. What happened is back in the day, the CIA was like, here's what the CIA did. The CIA wanted to be considered. Really cool. At the CIA date is first off, the CIA's been infiltrating Hollywood for very long time. One thing they did is they said, Hey, this is what we're going to do.

We're going to get a movie called James Bond to come out, played by, you know, well, I mean, now it's Daniel Craig, but back in the day was Sean Connery. Even before that, I think there was someone else, but we're going to have them play that it is going to make us look super, super cool. People are going to really like what we do. We're going to do. They're going to think it's cool. Let's give the CIA a very positive connotation. Then what they did is this other aspect of it is they said, okay, we're going to make this word called conspiracy theory. We're going to make it and give it such a negative connotation that nobody wants to look into anything, a government, a secret plans the government would do would do. That's kind of what they did. We'll make James Bond and everything.

We'll make us look really cool. Then we'll make conspiracy theories look really bad and really dumb if they even look into it. We've been primed. I even want to look into this idea of a secret plan, which a secret plan, but okay, who is they? Okay. They is an elite, an elite group of people, very wealthy there. They, in their own minds, they, they think they're very powerful. Okay. The only power they really have those that we just have to kind of let them do things. That's it. Once we realize it, we then take our power back. That's what's happening right now on the planet. Part of the great awakening, what they call the great awakening is so many people on the planet are waking up and through these little different things that they are instigating. They're emphasizing one of the things, these elite people, and first off who they, who are they?

Some celebrities are a part of this. There are big time celebrities that are a part of this, but understand they're only a part of that because they have, and they harness such a great attention. Because they have so much attention, they're in a way Poole did and said, Hey, come into this cool little room. We're going to show you some cool stuff. They say, look, this is really cool. Then they see stuff. They think it's cool. Then they see stuff. Then they're in too deep. There's like no way out for them. Beyond that though, there are different. I think a lot of them are people we actually haven't even seen before that are kind of behind the scenes. I, I learned about a lot of this when somebody I personally knew for a majority of my life was a part of some type of not even government, but some type of thing where one did the underground basis in a way, and this person has seen and been around things that have been kept from the public that we would have no idea exist.

These underground facilities harness many different things. That made me aware that there's other things going on than what we're necessarily shown. When I started learning about a lot of this stuff, especially like the spiritual awakening stuff, I started to wonder, why don't they teach this in school? Why is this something that I just stumbled across? Then I realized that actually, this in a way is kept from, I think, us knowing it to keep us where we are now in the dark and not, not knowing this now. Okay. First off, what is the first sign, their secrets planet and what is their secret plan? Their secret plan is to retain and to re have control, to have what is called a new world order. Their secret plan would include also vaccinations. See the way this, their secret plan works is it works in the form of what is called problem, reaction, and solution. Here’s another thing, if we want martial law and curfew, what can we do? Can we instigate a lot of what happened in the world? There are reports that there are people in undercover and doing a lot of things. It’s very interesting to see and the reason I say this is why would that be? Once again, there’s these things, the problem, reaction, and solution.

The first sign that this is not working is there have been post on social media of actually very good feeling things. For example, cops and African-American people hugging. There have been many feel-good signs that we are actually connecting more and more and that we realize that these are actually healing ancestral wounds. This is bringing us closer together. The second sign is they are desperate to stage and instigate. The third sign that it’s not working is that I believe that if it was working, there will be way more things that would have already been brought out. I believe that this is our last desperate attempt at a power grab. This is their last desperate attempt to control and everytime something happens, the initial reaction, but then people start to waking up that there’s other things going on behind the scenes that were not necessarily aware of.


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