Let GO of the Old Identity and Wire in the New By Doing This


This completely blew me away of how powerful this really works. If I would've known this two or three years ago, things would have been so much easier for me to create my life. It had been so much less resistance and I would have enjoyed the process along the way.
Today, I'm going to show you how manifestation has completely transformed for me in 2020, and exactly what you can do to get the same results. I'm going to be sharing with you, uh, an idea and a way of going about manifestation that makes the old way of going about it completely obsolete, the old way, is like trying really hard and setting a lot of intentions and visualizing what you want.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm feeling a lot of resistance and self-sabotage come along the way. In general, you know, to be honest, right now, I'm in a big transition in my own life. Part of that has to do with many of you that know me. You know, I've been making videos on YouTube for about two or three years now. I've been talking a lot about how I'm moving until doing live events. Then, of course, this stuff happened at the beginning of the year, which kind of prolonged a lot of that. I'm starting to realize how powerful it is for me to actually go into periods of my life, where I actually kind of hold them back from taking massive, massive action. A lot of that has to do with me, um, understanding this works in many different areas of life as well.

I've recently, let me kind of share with you where I'm at right now in my own body. For example, can't tell right out because of the shirt I'm wearing and stuff. But one thing that I've been intending to do is to do what it's called bulk up. I want to gain weight and I say, why, well, I just kind of feel like doing it. I kind of feel like doing it so my boys wanted to do so. What that means is I'm eating a lot more food, but the other aspect of this is I have had, I've learned and I'm, you know, kind of following a specific program, but it is completely counterintuitive from everything I learned. I used to work out six days a week and when I would work out, I would also do a lot of cardio, which means I'd be running.

I'd be doing a lot of moving around, getting my heart rate up. I used to really enjoy doing that. However, I wouldn't get that great results. I would not really be gaining muscle or be gaining weight. I'd always kind of remained the same. Recently what I've learned is that actually for me to bulk up, one thing that I will be doing is I work out only three days a week, but the three days a week I work out, I really push it. This is the thing, and this is the metaphor. When I was normally going to the gym before I was just going into the gym, no real plan of anything I was doing. I wasn't pushing beyond my comfort zone. That's the thing. If you want to grow, if you want your muscles to grow, you've got to stretch beyond the comfort zone and tend for it.

Then the other side of this feeds them the right nutrients. One other thing that I was doing is I wasn't eating enough. I wasn't relaxing enough. Now, this is a huge counterintuitive thing that I've learned about just bodybuilding. I'll share with you how this relates to my life. I am actually now only been doing this for a couple of weeks now, but there's a, there's a big difference between in just 10 days, how different I look, maybe I'll put a picture up. What happened is, I only work out three days a week. I push it every single week. I do more weight than I did the week before, even if it's two and a half to five pounds difference. On the four days off a week, I'm not working. I'm just relaxing. I might do a little active recovery of like biking or something like that.
Just got some new bikes, a mountain bike in it and a road bike. I do that. However, and I do the sauna, but I don't normally I would run like five miles. I would work out six days a week and do all this stuff.

I actually recover. Here's another aspect of this. I'm pushing beyond the comfort zone with the muscle, pushing beyond the comfort zone, going more than I did the week before. Then I take a whole day off and I relax. I eat and I refused the muscles and I sleep really good at night. And I focus on recovery and that balance of pushing beyond my comfort zone and then also recovering and focus on my own body and feeding my own body. Relaxing has been key before I thought doing six days a week was actually beneficial. I'm doing more, I'm doing more, but actually doing more was hurting me because it wasn't allowing the muscle to regrow. In the same way, the thing that I want to share with you is it's very ironic to me because I look at, even me on YouTube, I've been making daily YouTube videos for three years in a row. However, I've been feeling a call to go. I've been going ironically enough, six days a week. I've been making as many videos a week as I've been going to the gym a week. But the thing that I feel called to do is to move down to like three or four times a week.

And just maybe by me having those extra four days off of not making videos maybe. I get more creative ideas and then the contents are not repetitive. When I’m relaxed, I’m letting ideas simmer so the thing that I’m encouraging you to understand is doing less sometimes have better results. Do less by letting go and understanding the balance of Yang and Yin. When it comes to understanding this process, understand our old reality, the way we’ve been thinking, you know, our personality. The way we think, act, and feel is on auto-pilot. We have a self-image for the way we see ourselves. What happens is that personality creates our personal reality. If we want to go beyond this identity then what we need to do is stretch beyond the comfort zone and we need to trust the process.

I’ve been getting signs since I’ve been talking for a month about how I’m going to take back and start doing like three or four days a week to do videos. I start doing it and I honestly noticed for like a year and a half that I can like not have to grind so hard to make daily YouTube videos. But, for some reasons, I just keep on doing it. Because if I really believe that I didn’t have to then I wouldn’t. In general, certain things will happen that didn’t show you that you are meant to go this way but you need to trust that process. In general, about in the year 2020 and beyond is this is about becoming very clear as to the identity of the way you prefer to be.

Make that jump, and I looking at myself, I want to be making daily videos. I don’t want to necessarily make videos on YouTube. I want to make higher quality videos maybe three times a week and focus on doing live events. That is something I want to do too. I need you to be that version of me and then understand that there’s going to be an initial bump and there be ways that old identity will try to sabotage me. It will try to talk to me into doing what I was doing before. The thing I want to share with you is that there’s going to be an initial jump in that new identity but you have to trust that identity and you have to trust the signs that come up as well.


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