7 Conspiracy Theories that may Actually be True (but sound crazy)


Some of these are going to sound out there. Some will sound actually pretty crazy, but these are seven conspiracy theories that may be actually true as crazy as they may sound. Today, I'm going to be showing you exactly these seven conspiracy theories. That may be true. Sound a little bit crazy. Some of them or many of them, but nonetheless, some of them, I actually know from personal experience people in my life that had experienced some of these things before, that they could be true. For me, it was a process of back in 2012, when I went through my awakening and starting to see that, Hey, the reality that we're being shown by the media, by the government, isn't necessarily the reality. That may be actually everything that's included.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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There may be extra stuff included that we're not aware of. First off, the thing I want to talk about is the first thing that may actually be true is that the CIA, the CIA back in the day coined the term conspiracy theory and what they did is they gave it a negative connotation to deter people from actually questioning the government because the word conspire conspiracy comes from the word conspire, which means a secret plan. If you didn't want people looking into something, what you may do, imagine you work for a company and people are starting to look into like how you are doing the finances or something like that. One of the things they did is they either distracted you or they made it and gave you such a negative connotation, they made you feel guilty. Like you're going to question the finance team, what, you're not a true Patriot or something like that.

Or they made you feel like I'm just like a Dodo head, like a cat, anybody, that questions that you need. One, that question is the corporation's Dodo head. That's kind of what they did with the word conspiracy theory. They made anybody think that if you were to question the government, you'd be some weird lunatic or is there anything they did to maybe people don't know this, but, the kids, there's actually a say there's a, there's a documentary on Netflix or on a YouTube that came out, it's called out of the shadows. It talks about how, when they joined, they coined the word conspiracy theory. The CIA also made movies like James Bond because they had an infiltration in Illinois they're infiltrated into Hollywood. They had them make James Bond series, which made the CIA looks super, super cool. On one hand, they're like, okay, we want to look like our job is the coolest job ever.

We want to look like when we go home and we go home to our kids and stuff, our kids and our family just like, you're the coolest person ever. Let's make James Bond, which is this really cool series with this really suave Sean Connery guy. On the other side of it, we're going to have conspired conspiracy theory, such a negative word that people don't even look into the question, the government. It's like kind of the two parts of this coin. Another part of the conspiracy theories is you could look at a lot of different movies that show very dark things, especially kids, movies, that show very dark things that may point to some things that are happening in the world. There are people on the planet that may know that there is a collective consciousness around the world. One thing they know is that they can embed it with subliminal programming.

They've actually proven this in different commercials and before, and other things like that. However, here's what I mean by that. If you were to look into like some movies that this is going to get a little bit dark, okay, we'll go a little bit dark a little bit further down the rabbit hole than I was going to go. But if you look at a movie like the way that I believe it works from what, the way I, there there's a lot of like dark ritual magic that some of these elites people do, we'll get into that as well. But one of the things they do when they believe in is they believe that they're going to put it in front of our face to show us what they're doing, but we're just going to think it's entertainment. I know this sounds crazy by the way, but this is also how I think it works.

They put this stuff in front of our face also because maybe it seeds our subconscious minds. Also, because in a way, the way our reality works is I believe we have a level of free will. As a collective consciousness, we need to be in a way allowing it to happen. It's like from an energetic point of view, they're like, well, we're putting it in front of your face and you guys are just allowing it to happen. That's kind of the idea is that then they're more cosmically allowed to do it. I know that sounds crazy, but here's the thing. This would include certain movies. Okay. One of the movies that really pokes out to me that I became aware of after I started learning about this was the elite and what they do with very dark magic. There’s a documentary show on YouTube and it’s called “Out of the Shadows”. It’s kind of hard to find now. What they’ll find is that they do very dark things with the kids. One side of the story is if you look at the movie, Monsters Inc. In this movie, the monsters would scare kids. As these kids got scared, it would grow this energy like battery thing that the monsters would use for energy. In different ways, there is the conspiracy theory that these dark elite people do things with energy like that.

Let’s move on to the second one. Underground tunnels/caves. I know someone who is retired now but used to worked for 20 to 30 years at some type of underground facility and told me that 100% the government knows that ETS exists and he has confirmed certain things, though he didn’t tell me a lot of things. The idea as well is that when it comes to these kids, some of the dark things that these people do and these Hollywood elites are in it because they harness the attention of millions of people so they were kind of invited into it and now they’re in it but these dark people to understand that the way reality works are that, if they can keep people in fear and anger, they are much easier to control and retain their power.

The third conspiracy is Roswell and ETS. If you notice, back in the 1930s or 40’s, we had a huge jump in technology. We went from having radios and all of a sudden, we have the TV and the internet. The rumor is that we had certain technology that was reverse-engineered. The conspiracy theory is that we reverse engineered if you remember, there was a hot-air balloon in the 1930’s and there was supposed to be an ET crash. And when it crashed, there were ET beings in it and what they did is they reverse-engineered the technology. They learned some things and that was Roswell back in the 1930s. The fourth one is JFK’s assassination. Certain things were not explained, that it was an inside job and that JFK was killed shortly after starting to reveal what is called the shadow government, which is that elite group of government that I was talking about.

Another one is the 9/11 conspiracy theory that may be true. They said that it was an inside job. If it was an inside job, I don’t know. I will say this when you look at how architects have gone recently within us like five or ten years that have wanted to open back up the case on 9/11 because they structurally cannot understand how the building fell with the way the beams that were in place was constructed. When in actuality, when you look at the video of it, you will notice that there were bombs that go off at different levels that allow it to collapse.

Number 6, the cabal, riots, and Soros. The goals that the elite group of people, that kind of get together that want like to control the masses and keep people in fear and keep the resources funnelled towards them. Recently you have probably heard me talked about what’s going on with George Floyd and everything that’s going on in the world. Then cops, in general, are vandalizing their cars and writing BLM on side of the cars. Why would they be doing that? There are people saying that you know, there are different levels to this but all pointing that there’s a little bit going on than necessarily being shown.

Imagine that a crooked king is at the top of his castle, looking down at all these people and he’s thinking how he can retain his power and his adviser told him that he doesn’t have to go to war with his people. He can just tell the people that the pitchfork people that the torch people are trying to take their pitchforks and then, they will be at war with each other. Part of what may be happening is the instigation that is happening. The last one is Antarctica. There is rumor that under the ice. I recently heard Emory Smith talked about this. He was talking about how maybe ET or our first contact happens or we first become aware that ETs exists is not actually they come here. It’s that in Antarctica, it is beginning to melt more and as it melts more, there’s a ship that has been frozen under the ice that has been used for a period of time as well where there have been different people that have gone there and looked at it. 


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