what is really going on right now? here it is.


There are hidden agendas of things going on behind the scenes that lead us to believe and leave us to have this conflict with each other, not knowing who the real enemy is. In this blog, I'm going to be showing you what that hidden agenda is. My perspectives on it at least, and then exactly what we must know about what is called the great awakening, which I believe is happening right now.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be revealing to you. Some of that, of the hidden agendas, things I think are going on behind the scenes and with all, if it having a certain intention that is still the same as what happened at the beginning of the year. Let me first off say this. It's not that what happened at the beginning of the year didn't exist at all. It's just that what happened was there was this thing that was happening and the media and the intention was to put people in such a mass amount of fear so that then they remained powerless. Then they didn't remember. Then they remain in a very controllable level of consciousness where then we can, they could also bring through different, different things that then would keep us safe. I'll explain a little bit more about this problem reaction solution mentality they work with. The idea is this is the level of consciousness we've got love, reasoning, willingness, anger, fear. If you keep people in anger and fear, they're much more easily able to be controlled. In the same way, what is happening right now is we look out into the world and yes, racism does exist. That is a thing that exists. But what is happening is there are things that are being instigated at different levels.

There are people that are undercover. There are people that are financing. Some people that are instigating and causing much more problems than there needs to be in order to keep, once again, people feeling separate, we think that this is us against us. We think this is black versus white. Yes, racism exists. But what we're doing is I also believe that at a certain level, these ancestral wounds are coming up for us to look at, for us to deal with, to let go, to decide that judging people based on the color of their skin is not acceptable. A certain group of people have been treated wrongly for such a long period of time. However, the other side of this though, is why is it that there are bricks being laid out in different places at these protests? As these rights, literally people seen forklifts bring over these bricks, lay him down, conveniently for people to then pick up and throw. Why are people at there's videos on Instagram of this of people at riot saying we did not vandalize that cop car. We did not even put that there.

That cop care car was brought in with graffiti already on it. Why would that be? Well, there's a certain narrative. When you can put it on camera, you can put it on the media and make it look a certain way. It then has people feeling, Ooh, this stuff is even worse than it is, but also people being instigated and provoked to be even more rowdy. Winner's many, many, many peaceful interactions, even. I mean, there's, there's a one's online of cops and black people hugging. There were five or six black gentlemen that were literally like protecting a cop that got separated from his group. Very good feeling things that you're not seeing everywhere. You're not seeing on the news, at least on mainstream media. When we talk about this, some of the things that are happening is those things may be there. The hidden agenda behind this is there's a guy named George Soros, who, if you look into this, you'll see, and you could follow that. There's a pattern this guy has with doing things like this with funding.

He's been kicked out of, I think, six different countries, but part of a, an organization or in a way controlling things so that it, then it gets to a place to where these things become much worse than they are. Then what happens is you've got one interesting thing that's happening right now is when this whole blackout Tuesday thing happened where there's the black square and everyone is going to post the black square. First off, a hidden agenda. This is going to sound esoteric to many people, but if you, I don't know if you remember, I have another hidden agenda video where I talk about the post of like Tom Hanks, for example, Tom Hanks had a post on his Instagram a long time ago, where after he got what he got, and can't say it for some reason, I'm on YouTube without it immediately doing something to the video. Basically, what happened is he flew across different countries. He flew to Australia then got this thing.

Then he got sick, but then just so happened to have a typewriter that was the brand name of exactly what’s going on in the world. There’s this group of people what we call the elite. They get up together and what they do is because they have such large audiences, what they do is what you call like rituals that charge objects with energy. They have these things that influence our collective consciousness.  These elite people know that there’s collective consciousness and that we’re all connected. I know this sounds esoteric but there’s a lot of evidence that shows they know things like these. The way that our reality works is we come to earth. We forget who we are so then we remember who we are. There are people on the planet that in a way know this but they have some twisted beliefs that are linked up to some very dark stuff.

They want to keep people in low vibration so they can continue to control things. We know the great awakening happening right now, it’s working in our favor. If you are reading this blog, you are in a positive timeline where so many people are waking up. Here’s what I think as well, it’s very interesting that on blackout Tuesday, the Hillary trials are also starting. There were post all over social media about it. There’s a lot of things happening behind the scenes right now that are not being talked about. The way that these elite people, the way they work is that they try to introduce a problem then they pay attention to the reaction through the narrative of the media. They may try to do some things like grab power for the election. I think what’s going to happen is as long as we remain in our power and we observe, we are not going to let that happen.


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