If You’re a Millennial… READ THIS in 2020 (not what you think)


I get it. I used to be stereotypically what people call a millennial. I was lazy, entitled, and somewhat good at technology and pretty good. Today, I'm going to be showing you the thing that all millennials need to hear. I mean, maybe not all of them to give, to be fair. I mean, I think I'm a millennial. Maybe I don't need to hear this. Maybe I do. I do know that I needed to hear this about three and a half years ago and I've recently been talking to a couple of other people that would consider being millennials by getting them, giving them some advice for how I've become successful and good at what I do and live a freedom lifestyle. Because I think that I may have a lot of what a lot of millennials may want, where I have the freedom to do what I want when I want to do it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I have the financial abundance where I could travel the world and live in a cool house. Really just the freedom to be and to do what I want away from tradition, not any nine to five job that I don't really care about. The thing I want to share was how I created that bridge from the old reality of working a nine to five job. I wasn't passionate about the kind of mindset I had, how I was kind of waiting for things to happen, and then how I just started to become it and how I, I became it using and understanding what I'm about to share with you in this blog. This really also has to do with the understanding of the common patterns within many millennials that I've noticed. This isn't stereotypical, does not judgemental in any way.

I am a millennial and I think anyone born after the eighties is considered a millennial between the eighties and early 2000. I think that would be me. In any way, I'm going to be talking about kind of about the shadow side of a millennial and understanding the way that a lot of manuals are. Millennials are looked at as in a way as the stereotype being lazy, entitled, and somewhat good at technology. Here's one of the things that I think has happened at a spiritual level. This is going to sound esoteric. We're going to go a little bit down the esoteric rabbit hole here, but I believe that we are eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. The work of Dolores Cannon for example. A lot of the books by Dolores cannon are transcripts of people that were in a deep level of hypnosis.

What happens is their higher self or their subconscious mind come through comes through and then they are asked questions. A lot of times these people are in a trance state and they may see things like, I came here at this time to be a part of XYZ to do this. What was your relationship with your family like your dad, like your mom? Like what was the purpose of that relationship? This kind of information comes through and one of the common themes that happened for anyone that was pretty much born after the 1980s was that many of them said, I came here to be a part of a great change in consciousness. I came here to be a part of a great shift, and that in a way is what I believe is happening. What happens is you have these millennials, many of which know they're not here to keep their tradition going of the old system.

They get kind of bored with the old system, the old way of going about things. Maybe their parents paved the way in a certain way, but there was all this really hard work involved. There's this way of going about it that just seemed kind of old, outdated, and like there's probably a better way to go about it. What happens is the millennials then see that and go, yeah, it doesn't resonate for me to do those kinds of things. They may even use the word resonate that doesn't resonate. Do it, go do this deep heart, go do this hard work. It's like it doesn't resonate. It doesn't resonate. But the part of this that's easy to see is that a lot of millennials, they didn't come here to maintain the status quo. They came here to change up. Okay. They wanted to change it.

The thing is, is when we talk about that some of many millennials, let me see if this is you. If you're listening to this, you're a millennial or you have your millennial kids and you want to send them this blog. Many of the millennials want to make a change. They really want to change. It's just that they may not want to actually do it to make the change they want. They may not want to be the change-makers, but they want the change. Now, the key to about this, to understand as a millennial coming into their power, it's about knowing that you came here to not just want the change, but to come here to make the change as well. That's something I had to learn. I recently had a talk with a buddy of mine who's in the process right now of the kind of where I was about three and a half years ago of having a nine to five job. I'm not passionate about going full time doing what I love, which is making YouTube videos and teaching these ideas and traveling the world and doing live events like. I know I wanted to do this. I know I wanted to be a public speaker when I was still in high school.

But I don’t know exactly how to go about that. I watch the movie “The Secret” back in the day and I realized I wanted to manifest being a public speaker. First off, I have a lot of videos about the Law of Attraction. The way I was going about that is my idea of having just think about it. Set these intentions and part of my intentions is to come into work and manifest Tony Robbins. That was my idea of how it’s going to work. But, what actually worked was when I created the spark inside of me that said, I’m going to do this. I’m going to be this version of me. I realized I need to go through like a warrior initiation. It changed my self-entity and my work ethic. I was able to gain a level of confidence because I knew that whatever I put my mind into. I could accomplish it. Three weeks into that video went viral on YouTube and my channel started to grow. So, my advice to my buddy, who is also a millennial is to do what he wants to do and focus on it.

Whether you are masculine or feminine, I believe that the key to this is understanding your vision and having that vision and deciding that is who you are now. Be in that version of you. Don’t feel shameful if people call you millennials. You didn’t come here to make the same tradition your parents did. You didn’t come here to keep the status quo. You can here to change stuff.  In order to change stuff, you also came here to be a leader. And, to be a leader, you have to step into your power. I did that, and I got what all millennials want. I got freedom. I got some technology that I get pretty good at. I’m able to create life on my terms.


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