5 DEADLY problems with The Great Awakening


See five major problems with that, of what is called the great awakening and many people aren't even aware of it. We know that there's so much chaos breaking out in the world. There's so many energy dynamics that are changing. However, the thing that we need to be aware of is that there are five problems with this whole entire process of the great awakening. I'm going to share with you exactly what those are and how you can bypass them. You're not negatively affected by them. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those five deadly problems that are going on with the great awakening. First off, you might be asking yourself, bro, what's the great awakening. The great awakening is something that's happening right now on the planet.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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It's one of the reasons that so much chaos has happened in the world. Many old things are falling apart. You may notice that there are so many people in reaction mode and fear of what's going on in the world right now. One of the sad parts about awakening just in general, the great awakening refers to also an energy change in dynamics where so long we've been kept in the dark as a collective. We've been allowing things to happen. Not knowing there's more going on the behind the scenes than we've been made aware of. However, I remember seeing a Eckhart Tolle recently say, he talks about, you know, what's going on in the world, the chaos, the fear. He says that, you know, this is unfortunately spiritual awakening doesn't happen when everything is peaches and cream and roses and dandy lions, spiritual awakening happens a lot of times in that chaos.

I know that in my own life, I went through my spiritual awakening. After I went through a lot of chaos. I grew up in between seven and seven to 15 years old. I went through a lot of pain. I went through a lot of, you know, not having my freedom. I had a controlling ex stepmom in my life and that caused certain level of unworthiness. For years I found myself in similar patterns and it was questioning my worthiness. It was questioning just who I am. I was working at a job that I hated. You know, there was a lot of different energy dynamics to it, but eventually I got to a peak to where I said, I have to figure this out where I have to let go of this old way of being. It opens you up to more of the spiritual dimension of life.

Right now, there's so much chaos and so much fear in the world that it's causing people to go through the spiritual awakening. It's one of the reasons so many people are like looking at this information. So the great awakening, unfortunately, it doesn't happen when everything is all nice and easy. It happens when there's things to be brought up. And one way you could look at it too, is so much light is being brought into the planet that it is causing a purge, a purge of a lower vibration to come up. It is almost like if you were to do something called plant medicine, something like Iowasca when people do Iowasca what happens is they take this, this little brew. It's like a little shot. They take it, they go lay down and what'll happen is sometimes they may start to have an experience where old emotions come up.

Some of these old emotions may also be tied to that have different memories of when they were a kid. I know when I've done it. I've had memories of when I was a kid and I had one memory of when a bookshelf for example, fell on top of my little brother and I felt helpless. I was like screaming for my parents and trying to lift this bookshelf up that I couldn't wasn't strong enough. I was like five, eight, like five or six years old. And my brother was like three and he was suffocating. I couldn't get him up. But that memory coming up reminded me and showed me that there's part of myself that was, I'm always afraid that something may happen to someone I love and that I would have be helpless in order to help them. Like these things come up and it's uncomfortable, but it comes up.

You become aware of it and then you can let it go. One of the things that's happening is there's light coming in on the planet and then bringing this stuff up. It's bringing up certain things to do with racial inequality. It's bringing up certain things to do with the way the governments even ran, knowing and looking at the media. People are seeing the media and we're starting to realize, first off the media is owned by six major corporate, well, one of the six major corporations on all the media, and they're starting to notice a lot of things about it. They're starting to see holes in it. Like, for example, I don't know if you guys have seen this. If you were to go on Google and you were to type in on Google and you were to go any random number, I think it's between like zero and 5,000.

Then at the end of that, to put the words, new cases, you will find an article for almost any number you put. It'll say, there'll be an article. There's an algorithm that like pulls it. Then it has an article that is exactly on that exact number. It's very interesting because that's a lot of times on Google. It's what it wants you to see. It's in a way modifying the perception of the people that are looking into it. I sometimes define actually a truth. You've got to go in six pages into something for you, see what actually is a most accurate. There's a reason for that. Now this is one of the reasons, one of the things that you call it, the elite, there are people on the planet that know that if people are kept in anger and fear, they’re much more easily able to be controlled. They orchestrate certain events.

They make things way worse than they are and these things keep people in a certain state of consciousness. It’s so crazy for me. But, people are also waking up to this because of social media showing people are like, we did not do that. Going back to the 5 deadly problems, number one is causing polarity. The polarity is causing people to be in chaos and fear. The elite people knows how the energy dynamics work that want to retain their power. The light is increasing so much on the planet that people are waking up to it and it’s almost like in the Wizard of Oz at the very end. They realize that the only reason there was a power to begin with the belief and the externalization of their own power and the same way that’s happening in the society. But, what happens right now is people are trying to retain their power. When you look at what’s happening in the world especially with George Floyd, every single person in the US is in the same page. It’s wrong and it should not have happened.

But, when we see it, it almost looks like there’s this huge fight and people is arguing about it. Think about this analogy right now, imagine there’s a king on a castle. The king is a corrupt king and he has an advisor. They’re looking down at all these people and their wanting their power back. The king and the advisor are talking on how the king can return his power. The advisor goes, “King, you don’t have to protect your castle or your power. All you need to do is to convince the people that the torch people are trying to steal the pitchforks of the other people.” The, that causes the frustration and the problem. You got them to fight with each other and forget about the castle. The second part is breaking down an old system that doesn’t work. People are starting to wake up to the whole media and understanding how ridiculous it is and they’re starting to realize as well that the part of this old financial system. You look at that of the way taxes are done. What if in the past they wanted people to agree to give away 30%, 40% to 50% of their earnings. Then we just agreed to it and now it just seems like, “Oh yeah, I’m paying 30% to 40% of what I make is just natural.

The third deadly problem with the Great Awakening is the good versus bad myth. Many of us will look into this. When you are going down these rabbit holes, you’ll see that it looks like there’s a good guy and a bad guy. There’s the elite celebrities that do very dark things. They have intentions of keeping people in fear and in chaos. Then, there’s these great people that are doing these amazing things and taking down it’s like a deep state. The thing that I’m very aware of is that there are many different levels to this. In general, there will be some that have a very negative and dark intentions and in general, there are people that have good intentions. I also think that it’s important to be aware of both of these, or maybe a mix of both.

The fourth deadly problem is that though some things are orchestrated and certain ways to keep us into fear and anger, it still bringing up. There’s still this within the collective shadow racial inequality and people that are treated horribly. That’s something that is real. We need to become aware of that and let it go. As we become more aware of this collective shadow it begins to heal. There’s a lot of light in the planet and bringing up the fear. It’s important to feel the emotions of what we feel as well. Many times, it is not comfortable to bring out this collective shadow and also see what is representing within you. As I become aware, I heal my past and as I do find that it lifts and I feel more free.

The fifth thing, “do not do this”. This is one of the biggest traps I think I see a lot of light workers if you’re reading this blog, a lot of people fall down this trap. Many people are waiting for the great awakening to happen. They’re waiting to see like abundance is going to come around and all the deep state cabal is going to have all this money moved out. I encourage you to raise your vibration and shift to the most optimal timeline.


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