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#11: 3 Secrets of Intention No One Tells You (except for me)

Welcome back to another episode. My name is Aaron Doughty and were added again with another episode because I said I would do more than one a week. I'm up to bump it up to three a week. I'm thinking of doing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays because it's like every other day kind of gives it, you know, I'll give you a data rest so you can listen to a podcast.

I'll give you one day to rest and then it's like to get right back on it and then. But, on the weekend I'll give you ends off though. How about that? I'm very compassionate like that because I've expanded my awareness to a point to where I can be passionate like that. You can follow me on Instagram (aaron_doughty44) where I take questions, ideas for the podcast. I also post live Q&As there.

Today’s episode is going to be on the three secrets of intention that no one tells you, no one except for me because I got your back. But really other people might tell you this too, and these aren't necessarily secrets that no one knows, but the title just sounded so good. I was like, I wrote it down and I was like, okay, that just sounds really good.

I think I'm going to go ahead and do that. What I'm going to be sharing you as a couple, a couple of ideas that I haven't really explained too much before, but really just understanding a larger scope of consciousness of a probability for maybe how things work in the world. And I want to explain also an understanding of, you know, I've been.

I've been making YouTube videos on the Law of Attraction for about two years now, consistently every single day for about a year and a half every single day. And from that there's a certain mentality that I've had that I kind of look at now and in a way, I look at it and I'm like, okay, I think that my perspective has kind of evolved past that point now that I'm better than it before.

But like there's a message that I think is kind of getting a little bit, a little bit strewed out of control a little bit and I notice it and almost the whole entire Law of Attraction community, and this isn't a bad thing. I'm not calling anyone out or anything like that.

But just in general, there's this, there's this almost presumption, there's this kind of like a premise that the best way to manifest something or to create something. It's from what we want. I've heard it being probably talk about desire before, but that's not what I'm actually talking about right now.

What I'm talking about is what we do is we create from the ego's perspective, we create from what do we want. But when we think of the way we think of the, the ego, we, we think of these stimulation we can get from what we want to manifest. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this. And the thing is though, is when we say that we want the car, we want the house, we want the relationship.

Although those things are great. However, when we make those, the primary focus, a lot of times we create resistance and what I found to be more powerful is to go straight for the thread that connects us to the higher-level aspect of our self. What do I mean by that? Whether there's this ego self and there's this larger aspect of us and this larger aspect of us is always giving us a signal of whether we are in alignment with it or not.

The signal that we get from our higher self, we call it our higher self, is the thread that connects us to who we really are. This isn't about like sometimes you hear in the Law of Attraction communities like fake it till you make it. And I used to say that, but I used to say it more like fake it till you become it. Because a lot of who we think we are is just conditioned thought patterns, you know, it's like, oh, this happened when we were young. We always thought we were worthy of this. And that ended up becoming our experience. Like there was a lot of benefit in that.

But what I'm realizing is it's not necessarily like faking anything, it's just about being and the way you be who you are is by this threat of passion, by doing what you're passionate about, knowing that when you're in this vibration of passion, the vibration of you being in your passion is a higher level of consciousness.

It's a higher state, it's a higher vibration, and all of those other things manifest anyways. It's almost like you would think it almost looks like at a certain level I say, and I show how we can manifest what we want from the ego's perspective.

1. Raise your vibration

But that's actually not the best way to do it. The best way to do it is to raise the vibration first and foremost. Because when you raise your vibration, all of those stings come anyways. But those things have itself are side effects. For example, the house I live in, the car that I have, all of those things. And when I say those things, I'm not trying to brag.

I saw a comment on YouTube yesterday and I kind of made me think like, oh, you have all this money now and all of this stuff and you like as if I sold out or something like that, and it's uh, you know, every now and then there'll be comments like that no matter what.

But the reason I share it is because I'm not saying to go for the house and the car, I'm saying to go for what you're passionate about me and what I've experienced as a complete side effect. All of the house, the car, all these things are a side effect of me doing what I love. But I've, I've even said before that they're not that you think they'd be fulfilling and maybe you've experienced success. I'm, I'm just saying in general.

But as I become more successful, I've realized that it really is true what they say. Like I remember hearing Jim Carrey say something like, Oh, you know, I wish everyone could become very rich famous because they'll realize that it isn't what you think. It's not the, it's not like the key to happiness. Not that I'm saying that I'm famous or anything, but I. What I'm saying is I've.

I've gone from a level of not having that much of abundance to having a lot of abundance and in, in relative, especially to what I had and when I look at it, it's and when I am in it, it's like it's not much different, but what is different is I can now just go from my passion as much as I want because I love what I do, but the thing is most people are focused on the perspective of the little us, the little, the ego us versus the higher self us.

The key in what I'm saying with this video is the thing a lot of people don't tell you is that if you go for the passion, if you go for the higher aspect of you, if you go for those desires which are also connected to your heart, all those edited things come anyways, so it's like, why not go straight for that anyways?

Because then you're also going to feel very fulfilled in the process. You're going to feel fulfilled because you're connected to your heart. The electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head and when we are connected to this thread of consciousness to this threat of passion, we find that things happen even easier for us.

It's almost like I use this analogy the other day, but it's almost like you're going to a doctor, the doctor gives you some pharmaceutical pills and you get these pills and you have to go back a month later and get new pills because you need to treat the side effects of those. The pills only treat the symptoms instead of going for the symptoms.

Like if we're like, okay, I want the money, I want the car, I want the relationship. That's a side effect. We're going for the side effect and said, go for the core. The core is for us to be who we are by following our passion is who we are naturally.

Okay, so I wanted to explain that because now what I want to talk about is this kind of new perspective is that we want our intentions to emanate from the being level now from the thinking level and not from the doing level and in the past. A lot of what I have been focused on is the doing and the thinking, but what I'm finding is the being level is the most important and the bean is us happening naturally when we are in the vibration of what we are passionate about.

It's when we get to the values of what we love doing in our life, like what, what makes us who we are, what do we value in our life? You know, one of my main values, things I love to do is I love to add value to other people. That's just, I, I view it as a larger consciousness system. I believe that we're all connected and that you are literally another aspect of me.

We think of ourselves as separate, we look at our fingers on our hands and it's like we're different fingers and what we do is we look at, or like one my index finger is me and maybe the thumb is addicted to someone else and the ring fingers, maybe you or something like that. And what we do is we assume, oh, we're all separate. We're all having our own individual experience, but in actuality we're all connected to the same palm and because of that we're all connected.

Whatever I do, like if I were to hurt another finger, I'd be hurting myself. But from the perspective of the fingers, I go, yeah, hurt their little finger. You see, but a larger perspective, a larger consciousness point of view is that we're all connected. That's one of the powers. That's one of the things that I've realized is so powerful is when we get to the core of who we are and we start to start to live from that passion.

Things happen easier than ever. That was something I wanted to share with you before I even get into the three secrets that no one tells you. Love. Intention is just understanding. It can be as simple as following your passion. As cliché as it sounds. Follow your passion. Follow your heart.

It is so true because when you do that, you're in a higher vibrational state. When you're in a higher vibrational state, things manifest easier than ever because you've elevated your emotion. When you elevate your emotion, things happen powerfully. The first one I want to share with you actually is the secret of intentions elevating your emotion prior to having the intention.

You maybe listen to this whole thing, like what exactly is intention? I remember I was on a podcast, uh, her name is, uh, just lively. She's, she's really cool. She has a podcast, uh, and I was on hers and I remember I was talking about the difference between she gave out. She asked me, she said, what is the difference between intention and desire? And it took me like, I know the difference between intention desire, but to put it into words, it's kind of difficult for me.

I remember kind of like; how do I word this? You know? And I remember after the interview, uh, I've been on her interview, her podcast twice now. I remember after the interview I looked at it again and I thought I was like, okay, this is the difference. I kind of got it all figured out, right? A desire is something that we have that we don't currently feel like we have, but it kind of moves us in a certain direction.

But the difference between desire and intention, his intention is a declaration that what we want comes into fruition. It's a declaration, desire just, Oh, I want this, but it's not really moving the energy in any way. Sometimes that may be calling forth the energy, but in the intention is the declaration. It's the pinpoint. It's pinpointing the energy on a certain outcome of what we call the future.

But we also view it in the present moment right now. That's what intention. His intention is a declaration of what we quote unquote want, but that want itself is the desire and a lot of times the want is emphasizing that we don't already have that which we want. Sometimes we end up creating resistance with that.

Knowing that that's a declaration, when we add that declaration with the first aspect, the first secret I'm sharing with you, which is elevated emotion, everything because it changed because we begin to raise our vibration. We begin to raise our vibrational set point. I remember for me, for example, I used to have intentions. I've always known that I wanted to be wealthy in my life and but remember that's a side effect, right?

But I remember since I was like 18, 19 years old, I was like, man, I want to be a business owner one day. Don't want people telling me what to do. Um, I want. I always knew that by 30 years old I wanted to be a millionaire. That was just kind of like a perspective that I had and that was what I was focused on. I remember years ago I was focused on trying to make money in certain ways.

Maybe they're not necessarily shortcuts, but I remember one of them was like kindle publishing for example, right? I got a kindle publishing course from this like entrepreneurial guy that I follow and I was learning how to, how to do that. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm sure people do it, but I wasn't passionate about it, but I knew I wanted to do it because I wanted to make money doing it, right? I wanted to get out of my nine to five job because at the time I worked at Nordstrom's.

When I was learning kindle publishing, I worked at Barneys New York and I was learning it working and I was like on my off time I was trying to figure that out, but as I was trying to figure it out, I just. I kept filling resistance. It was, I wasn't actually passionate about it. It was hard for me to focus on like learning it, all those things. It was like, it's kind of difficult for me to understand, not even understand because now it'd be a lot easier for me to understand because I'm in business now.

And I understand business at it at a deeper level, but, but what makes things easy is when you're doing what you're passionate about. I would do things like that. I remember one time I wanted to flip, I bought like a, about like a pair of these Nike's or something cheaper and I wanted to uh, to flip them online and I went to flip them on EBay and I ended up getting kind of scammed into one of those like people from like Malaysia or something like that, I want you to ship it and you ship it and they send like a fake PayPal notification that, that they paid you or something like that.

Like that didn't work out either. A couple of things that didn't work out. Then I kept getting signs. It's like, okay, this isn't the way to do it. And maybe those were like ways I was thinking was like, get me out. I was trying to escape from the job that I had because the present moment wasn't good enough. I didn't want to be there, you know, but I wasn't going straight to the core. I was going straight to the side effect. I was going straight to the car. The thing that I wanted, I was just focused on that, but what it changed was when I started to go deeper within myself to say what do I really love doing? And then I started focusing on my past. I started realizing that in the past I did forensics debate in high school. I loved public speaking.

I love debate. I love talking. I felt like I remember when I was doing debate in high school I was doing, I was speaking at a conference and I, the only reason I got into debate in high school was because I thought it could push me through my fear of public speaking because in in ninth grade, which was my first year, freshman year I do this event.

I do this a project with like four other people for an English class and I get in front of class and I just completely blanked, couldn't remember it. I was going to say, and in that moment that I blanked, um, it was very embarrassing because there's a silence and I didn't know what to do and uh, I don't remember how that ended up, but I definitely remember that experience. I was like, you know what, next, the next year I'm going to do forensics debate to push through that fear.

I do forensics debate and I'm like the third or fourth tournament I started speaking in a certain way that was more cosmetic. It started to flow through. And from that moment on I started winning. I started doing well and I loved it. I loved the feeling. I loved how passionate I was about speaking. A couple of years ago, you know, I was like, okay, well I've always known I wanted to be a public speaker, but I was like, okay, well what do I really want to do with public speaking? Like what? How can I add value to other people or you know?

Then at the moment I was going through a spiritual awakening now starting to see life in a completely different way and I realized that then I had this kind of perspective that a lot of people didn't like. I realize we're in a lot of people around me that understood it. I started sharing the ideas and that's when I started the YouTube channel. But nonetheless, the more I did what I was passionate about, the more I connected to my heart center was the more things started to happen for me in a powerful way.

It's almost like the heart connection of my passion is also connected to that of what I set to experience in my life. Because remember, like I was saying, there's this, there's this perspective of us that is this ego perspective that just wants all the side effects that wants everything. And then there's the, which isn't bad, but the key is to connect it to the heart, which is the higher self.

This thread is what we are meant to accomplish in our life and the universe will work with us when we are connected to this higher self, so the key is if you don't know what that is, that's fine, but set the intention to find out what that is.

When you're connected to your higher-self, you'll find that things just happen so much easier for you.

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Set the intention to connect with your higher self because when you're connected to your higher self, you'll find that things just happen so much easier for you anyways, so that's what I found to be a complete game changer is when I went for the things that I'm passionate about.

First, I feel more fulfilling and things just happen easier because my vibration is higher. I'm creating from a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of vibration. That's the first secret of intention is elevate your emotion prior and go straight to the passion. Go to the passion.

I'm telling you, you call for the passion, go for the passion first, and then everything else falls into line after that. All the side effects, all those things you thought you wanted, like think about it. You go straight for the relationship now, but you're not doing what you're passionate about.

You're of a certain vibration. You may not be as compatible as being in alignment with you doing what you love, which means that the person you become into a relationship with is probably going to be somebody that's also not aligned with what they love to do it. Someone that also may not feel like they're whole and complete, but if you feel whole and complete, now, if you go straight for what you're passionate about, you love what you're doing.

Everything else as a side effect of that. That's what I found is just such a game changer because then your vibration changes and when your vibration changes, you always get in life. That is which is equal to your vibration. That's what I found is powerful.

2. Understanding probabilities in life

The second thing I want to share with you is understanding probabilities in life. It is not that we attract, you know, the, the old school way of thinking about it is like we attract things into our life from outside of our life, but everything exists here in now.

What quantum physics shows us is that everything exists now. The key to what we experience is not us attracting that from over there to India here because when we say that, we're also emphasized in the lack. We're saying that's over there in the bar. We say that's over there. The more that that is over there, the key is understanding probabilities.

Everything is about probabilities. Nothing is ever is it the question of is this possible? Anything is possible. The question is, is it probable? The way that we increased probabilities is by setting intentions. I intend dot, dot, dot. The thing is we are all habitualized into the same thoughts. We think every day. We think on average, 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day. Of those 95 percent of them are recycled from the day before.

What this means is that we're constantly creating over and over and over again the same things because we get up on the same side of the bed, go brush our teeth, we brush our teeth. Then we'd go do this. Then we'd go do that. We do everything in the same way. We're probably thinking similar thoughts. We go to work. We talked to the same person that we talked to the day before.

We probably have a similar conversation and all of these things trigger the same emotions. The emotions triggered the same intentions for us to act in a certain way and all of these things begin to create the same reality over and over and over again. When we look at probability, we can see that order for us to create a new probability. What we may have to do is we have to get outside of our comfort zone.

We have to do something we haven't done before. We may have to think and set the intention for us to stretch. Think of this as stretching outside of what we've done. The more that we stretch, the more that we get outside of that bubble that we've created, that reality bubble of the 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day that are all recycled, 95 percent of them.

The key is to stretch out a little bit and get out your comfort zone a tad. Maybe go to that class you've been thinking about going to maybe uh, you know, the other day I went to this place down the street is an infrared sauna place. Just random, right.

But I just, I went there and I found out I love infrared saunas. They're not as hot. I go to the Sauna at the gym, at the gym. I go to a and it's like 180 degrees in there, but this sauna is 160 degrees, but it's infrared, which means infrared is like different way that it heats up. The body heals the body from the inside out.

I done cryotherapy, do a lot of stuff with my body because I idea I work out a lot and stuff, so I find that I enjoy doing that. But other than that, it's like I'm getting ready to do more public speaking. It's going to be new for me to do public speaking every week, but I know it's going to be the next level because in the uncertainty is where we increase probabilities.

Think about it like this. We're thinking consistent thoughts every day. We can't create anything new. We have to do something new to then bring through a new set of probabilities because the autopilot mind wants. Imagine them autopilot mind just wants to kick back on, wants to make things easy, so if we create from the old paradigm.

If we create from the old level of thinking than we create from the level of the autopilot mind, which means we're always going to get what we've always gotten before, but the key is when we start to do the new things, we get into uncertainty.

There’s a certain level of certainty to a certain level of uncertainty and in that uncertainty, there's more magic that can happen because it has less set from the set of what we've done before. This is a lot of times when you see people with beginner's luck, you've seen people with beginner’s luck.

They do something for the first time and they do really well at it or like something amazing happens, well because they didn't have as much expectation and they had an open level of probability. Their mind is more open, their heart was more open, so get and do something new. Magic starts when you do new things and when you put yourself more into that arena and to doing is stretching out a little bit more than you've done before, and as you do that, you'll find that things happen even easier because you give it a probability to happen.

It's all about probabilities. You increased probabilities. When you try new things, you increased probabilities when you set the intention, and remember when you couple that with your motion to amazing things happen.

3. Meditation

The third thing I want to share with you is meditation. Why meditation? Well, the thing is most people's thoughts are scattered around everywhere and mine are too. Sometimes you know, did this, I'm doing this, I'm doing this. I get in the head and one right in the head. We don't create from a powerful place. Remember, we have to get to our hearts, but the thing is our thoughts and our focus is so powerful.

Our focus is so powerful. The more we focus on stuff, the more that we experienced that stuff, so the key is that many of us have our thoughts scattered. We're like, well, we don't even know what we want and other part of intention, little Freebie here is having a vision for what you want to experience, but don't have a vision like just the house and the car.

Have a vision for the kind of person you will become so that it emanates from the bean level. What'd you can then do is set that intention and to have it to where when you meditate, you focus on observing your thoughts and would that will help you to do is that will help you to observe all the thoughts that don't actually serve you.

Maybe the thoughts of the autopilot mind and the more you become aware of the autopilot mind is, the more you become aware that you can let it go. Of the things that no longer serve, you can let go of the identification with the thoughts, the identification with the mind, and you could be. It's about being more than anything else, but the reason meditation is so powerful is because it acts as a mechanism to clean the slate of all this scattered thought, all this scattered intention.

Meditation is where there is so much powerful power and all you had to meditate. What I do every morning, I go into my meditation room. I have a little meditation room and all I do in this room is I meditate. I don't really do anything else. It's a meditation room and the reason I do that is because when I go into that area, it primes me as well to get into a certain state to use the power of priming.

What we do or what I do is I sit down and I started a candle flame. The reason that candle flame is because when my eyes are focused on one spot, the eyes aren't wandering around. When they eyes wander, the mind wanders. But if I keep the eyes on one spot, I find it's easier than what I do is I observe the thoughts that come into my mind. And here's the secret, here's the key. Here's the thing, there's so many people miss. I allow the thoughts to be there.

I allow them to be there. I observed them from a neutral place. It's okay that they're. Most people resist the thoughts. I think all of those thoughts aren't supposed to be there and because the thoughts aren't supposed to be there, what happens is they create resistance and that resistance causes more thoughts that are equal to that vibration.

The key is to let go and to allow those thoughts to be there. I allow the thoughts come up. I don't like I allowed them to be there. I observed them from a neutral place. But the paradox is that when you allow them to be there, they naturally start to go away anyways. What happens is then they go away and then they keep going away. More and more. I observed them, I let them be there and then they go away.

I let them be there, then they go away, and then what I do is I set intentions for my day, the intentions I set for my day and normally to create an amazing video to add as much value as I can to the people that I that are that I'm done, I'm with Adam adds value to the people that are consuming my videos, my content, and I have some other intentions with the gym and whatnot.

Those are the intentions. I set those intentions and increase the probability of those happening, but then I elevate it with emotion and I do a part where I connect to my heart. I just put the attention, the awareness in my heart. Maybe you've seen my meditations before it almost every single one I have is connect to the heart center because when we're connected to the heart center, we increase our vibration and the electromagnetic energy of the heart, like I've said before, is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head.

That's what I do for meditation. Think of it more as a way to wipe the slate clean of the scattered vibrational thoughts, and it allows you to pinpoint in the new raise your vibration towards the intention that you have. All of these three things, the three secrets of intention that no one tells you but me because I love you.

These are and include the elevated emotion, being connected to your passion. Expand out that of your perspective from the ego self to that have the higher self. Follow your passion, set the intention to find out what you're passionate about. Do that more and more than what you can begin to do is to see everything as probabilities. It's never a question is, is this possible?

It's always is this probable and the way you make things profitable is by getting outside of the autopilot mind and by choosing to do something new, stretch outside because in that uncertainty is where amazing things can begin to happen and also in the uncertainty to you elevate your emotion naturally because you'll be excited to do something you haven't done before.

And then thirdly, meditation helps you to get rid of the scattered thoughts so that the intention is you do have, are more powerful. Observe those thoughts, allow them to be there and everything will begin to align for you. These are all ways you can transform your life and a very powerful way. Let me know what you think of this episode, which you could do.

You could comment on my newest Instagram posts. Let me know. It's normally the easiest way I will see it. I wish there was a comment section here, but there really isn't a. and yeah, I plan on doing these. Maybe that's what I'll do. I'll do Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. We figured this out together. Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, new episodes every week and they're going to be on 20 slashes 30 minute episodes.

Maybe every now and then I'll do like an interview, but let me know. Do you want me to do these two or three episodes a week? If so, I shall continue. We kind of figured this out together. I want you to be as involved as you can or you know, I want to involve your perspective because you're a part of this as well. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this episode. Let me know what you dig up my new Instagram episode. And other than that, as always, peace, much love.

#10: 3 State of Being HACKS for using the Law of Attraction

Welcome back to another episode. I'm back at it again with another episode for you because I said I would do two episodes a week, maybe three, maybe even once a day. You can follow me on Instagram (aaron_doughty44) where I take questions, ideas for the podcast. I also post live Q&As there. And today's going to be all about understanding our state of being with the Law of Attraction.

I'm going to share with you three hacks, three metaphors, three things that I've done in my own life that has radically changed my life. And it all stemmed a year ago. Well, actually, a lot of this happened a while ago. I've learned some of this while I worked at a sales commission job, which I'm going to explain a little bit about.

There was this experience I had, I've kind of shared this before. The place I went and Costa Rica called Rhythmia. Uh, this place I went to and it's a life transformation place. My buddy Victor Oddo, who's also a YouTuber and we went there and it was a real cool experience.

I was waiting for victor to get there because this is before he moved to Vegas and like now when we go in November this year we're going to fly on the same flight, but last year we had different flights so he had to fly in from LA because that's when he got his ticket, so I flew in from Las Vegas. We were like two or three hours apart, so I was waiting for him to get in.

I was like, okay. When I got there and got there a little couple hour early, I was like, okay, I'll go to the transformational breath workshop and I didn't know what to expect, but I remember going in and had this profound experience where I had no idea what to expect.

First off, I didn't even know what transformational breath work was. I go in and basically you go in and I'm in this big room. It's like this. It's like a place out of a dream, you know, I'm in this room, I'm in this huge room that's like half, half, half outside. There's grass everywhere around this like room and uh, like on the outskirts of it and just real comfortable.

There were blankets and a pillow is that each of us had and there were like 20 to 30 people and then there's a guy that was leading it. His name was Christian. He was really cool. And what we did is he went through this breath work that we were certain breathing pattern we're going to do. And the idea is that all of the traumas from our past are lodged within a breath pattern.

As weird as that sounds, it's, I found it to be true. What happens is at a certain moment in our past we decided that subconsciously this is who I am or this is how I have to be. Maybe it was like someone told us to be quiet or something when we were younger and then we gave that mini-me. We're like, Oh, I'm not supposed to talk so much.

Kids are meant to be seen and not heard, you know, it's like a common saying and we immediately are breathing pattern changes and we feel not so empowered and then that becomes our breathing pattern that we carry around for the rest of our lives, not knowing unless we deal with it. And what happened was, is, you know.

I kind of figured, oh, I went through a spiritual awakening years. I've been through a lot of this stuff, you know, and into the ego kind of steps in. But in this breathing breath workshop, you're breathing very deeply in through the mouth, like, like really brief a deeply for like 40 minutes straight. And in that 40 minutes, so much stuff will come up.

You'll let go of patterns, you'll let go of all these tensions and stuff. And when I did it, I had this profound experience where I was like letting go of a lot of the stuff that I went through in my childhood, a lot of pain that I went through. Um, I let go of so much stuff and I started. I guess it's a common thing that happens.

Certain parts of the body will kind of go numb. Not in a painful way at all. It's actually very euphoric feeling, but my, my hands clenched up very tightly and almost like a praying mantis position and it felt so tense, like my hands felt so tense and then they went numb and I'm breathing really deep and I just kept thinking to myself let go, let go, let go.

And I kept getting a message to let go and the message I got in my mind when I was going through this breathing and then you eventually you're allowed to hum or you know, make noises. Some people were crying, some people are laughing, you just, you let go of all the patterns. Right? And I'm like banging my hands against the floor, trying to get feeling back into them, but it's also releasing all those direct Brit breath patterns and all of that.

I had to develop like this strong ego because of like the, like the child abuse and stuff. I went through with my step mom, I had to like, maybe you've heard my story before, but I had to become something. I had to become more, I had to, it almost, it affected my worthiness of how I felt and I had to develop this armor around me, this armor that nobody could, nobody could really like get to and that that affected my breathing pattern and that affected also like the energy that was stored inside my body.

But the whole message I got was that tenseness in my hands was my ego not wanting to let go of control. It was like a kind of a symbol or metaphor. But nonetheless, what I learned through that experience is the power of letting go and how that affects state of being. Because I had these beliefs that things had to happen very hard.

You know, I'm still someone that takes a lot of action because I love what I do. But I remember afterwards I talked to one of the instructors, there was one main instructor and then there was like a couple other instructors and there was this one. She was really cool and she was telling me, she's like, I can look at your breath pattern and know what kind of personality you have. I'm like, really? I was like, what is mine? She goes, you're an overachiever.

You breathe in real deep and you have to like you bring your back muscles into it. She goes, that's that sign of an overachiever. Someone that's very successful like people with that are normally successful people, but they try. They have to try really hard. They have to make things happen and the thing is things can be easier. You can allow yourself to let things be easy and I was like that. That really resonates because I've kind of developed the mindset of like take a lot of action, take a lot of action, which got me results.

1. Letting go of your state of being

But a lot of resistance along the way as well. I've learned how to integrate, letting go into my state of being. That's the first one I wanted to talk about today. The state of being is the most important thing when it comes to Law of Attraction, because how we feel, we always get a reality that is in, that is in conjunction to how we feel.

What I mean by that is we always get in life that which is equal to our vibration. If our vibration is high because of our state of being, then we will perceive of more of positive things in our life. But if when things happen, we give things negative meaning are we decreased our state of being, we then experience a reality that is full of reasons and full of things that reflect that state of being.

The key is to understand state of being and how important it is. And the first one I want to talk about was letting go and let go. Imagine this, let me use another metaphor because I know metaphors make it a little bit easier to understand them.

Imagine that you are sowing some seeds. Sowing what you sow is what you rate. You're putting some seeds into the ground and you're growing something and when it starts to grow, you get impatient and you go and you're like, is it working? Is it working? And you go, you dig up the seeds and you look to see if everything is happening the way you think it should and every time you dig it up you at the same time, butcher up those seeds, butcher up and it ends up taking longer and every time you check.

You check every two, three days. You keep prolonging the process. You keep prolonging the process when instead, if you were to just let go and allow it to do its thing, trust the process, things would happen even easier, but many times in life, what we do is we sell the seeds of our goals.

We say, Oh, I want this to happen. I want this to happen, but then what we do is we keep taking inventory right away. Is this happening? Is this happening? Why? I don't see it yet. I don't see it yet and because we keep saying I don't see it, that we start to impose the vibration that things aren't happening yet and by doing that we end up blocking the experience from happening.

Trust the process allowed things to happen because by allowing things to happen, you end up letting the universe do its thing. You end up letting the process work in a way that is powerful. The first one I was the first one to talk about was just letting go. Trusting the process, knowing things can be easy.

Allow things to be easy. Things don't have to be hustle, hustle, hustle. The more I do that, the more I find that I allow things to happen. Of course I balanced it out. You know, I still take action because I love what I do. I love making videos. You know, I've already made. I made a YouTube video this morning.

I've made three Instagram videos that are going to get edited and go up probably the next week. Now I'm doing a podcast, you know, I just keep going because I love what I do, but at the same time I let go, so if I felt resistance I would let go and I'd go do something else. I kind of learned it when I can put myself into a state of being. There's something else I want to talk about with state of being.

There's this podcast, kind of like the three things with state of being that makes all the difference, that will increase your vibration, help you achieve what you want. The first one is letting go, learn to let go. Trust the process. You don't have to do everything. Things could be easier than you thought.

2. Create an anchor

The second part is creating something called an anchor. What is that? It's something that's from NLP, which is called neuro linguistic programming, which is like mind hacks. NLP is a whole science behind it. I'm Tony Robbins really made NLP really big, but there's certain things I use from NLP in my own life that helps to put me in a certain state of being now, even before I was on YouTube doing what I'm doing. I used to use anchors. Anchor an anchor is something that we sat that anytime we do, it puts us into a certain state of being.

First off, there's an intimate correlation between our physiology to our state of being so if we put our hands on our hips, s for analogy, we put our hands on our hips in what is called the superman or superwoman pose. What in our chest is out our neck or our chin is level to the floor. Our hips are tucked in that will physiologic that that will change our physiology and change. The hormones in our body will increase the serotonin and dopamine.

The amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, we literally feel better, feel more confident. That affects us now. That is an anchor in itself because of the physiology that's involved. Now, something else that we can do is we can create an anchor and I create an anchor because it's a trigger to get me to a certain state of being.

For example, let me just use one that I think you'll know is the one that I use in the beginning of all my YouTube videos. I say, welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. When I say expand their consciousness, not only is there a certain tonality to that, but I use my hands in a certain motion.

Even as I started even as I said, is spans a certain motion. My hands just naturally went up into the, expand your awareness, expand your awareness. You know how I do that little hand gesture. Now my look kind of funny to some people, but every time I do it, that hand gesture, it gets me into that state of being of the flow state because I made 700 YouTube videos and naturally I've tested it before I've gone to whole foods or something.

I'm in whole foods. I'm like, I wonder if this works here. Go into an aisle, no one's looking and I go, my name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness and as I do that, I naturally feel that surge of that state of being, that surge of that emotion, of that flow state, it works because it's an anchor that's been set that I can feel anytime I want. If I'm ever feeling not so great, I might just do that and I'll fill in the flow state.

That's an anchor and I've said anchors even more unconsciously. Years ago I used to work at Nordstrom's before I worked at, you know, I used to work at sales at Nordstrom's. I worked in women's shoes, sales commission job and I worked in salon shoes, so I sold like five to $800 pair of shoes I had a certain type of customer at.

Sometimes the customers would get to you, sometimes you'd be helping someone, you know, Barney or Nordstrom's is known for having very good customer service so people expect a lot, you know, sometimes it'd be helping people and I kind of get drained energy. I go into the back stock room and I'd feel like negative emotion, but what I learned is how to set what is called an anchor. And my anchor was, you're probably going to think this is dumb.

I've shared it once or twice before, but you remember that show back in the day it was called Jersey shore was like these, uh, these people that are like all muscly and Tan gym, Tan Laundry and in New Jersey. And I was like this, it was this reality TV show. I'm sure you've heard of it before at some point, but it was just this corny show that I watched and me and friends would get together every Thursday night.

We would watch it. It was just fun, you know, it was just like it. And I would, I would, there was this, there's this one guy's name is Pauly D and he'd go, oh yeah, he would say just like that. He'd say, Oh yeah. And he would do like this little gesture. And it was just so, it was just so ridiculous, but I thought it was so funny. I'd go into work and I would say, “Oh yeah, I would say it just like that and I will do my hands in a certain gesture and by doing that I did it enough to where I would just naturally feel good when I did it.”

I just figured it out one day because I had a bad customer. But there was this guy that I used to always see at my job and anytime I saw him I didn't, you know, every time I saw him in the back stock room I go, Oh yeah, we would just always say to each other.

Remember one time I was mad at like those customer was, it was like walking me, which means that we're going to buy anything. But they were like demanding. I was having to run all around trying to find them stuff and I just knew they weren't going to buy and I go into the back stock and I see my friend and pattern and a pattern into it. I go, oh yeah. I say to them, and when I said it to him, I just felt not good state of being. I was like, wait, I don't have to let this customer get to me.

I could just feel good because I choose to. I could do this state of being thing and kind of triggered me and then all of a sudden, I know that I could just feel that good state of being because of it. What I'm saying is find your Jersey shore version of that. You know, I don't really. I can use it now, but you know, now, now I've evolved to a much higher level where I say expand your awareness. I'm so above that Jersey source stuff. I'm just being sarcastic by the way.

I used to expand your awareness, so I'm not kidding about that, but there's different levels of you can find out whatever works for you. That was more of a funny way that I used it, that I thought it was funny and the other coworkers didn't stuff so increased my state of being, but set yourself an anchor. What could your anchor be? The way you set an anchor is very simple. You get yourself to a certain state of being, so when you're feeling really good, when you're feeling the way that you want, do a certain gesture, you can do the clap your hands together and pointed out like, Oh yeah, you could do like my expand.

Your awareness is like my hands go out. You could like touch your nose. You could put your, uh, your, your, your index finger knuckle against your thumb. You could do like the Star Trek, the star wars or star trek or whatever the, the live long and prosper thing. You can do anything you want, any hand gesture you want, that gets you to that state of being, and by doing that, you will start to pattern yourself into that high vibe state.

3. The meaning

The third part I want to talk about is the “meaning”. What does it all mean? The meaning of the situations in our life? What? What do things mean to us? The thing is that whatever we give to the situation in our life will be the effect we get out of it. If we give something a negative meaning that something happens and we're like, oh, this is, this is bad, then we will get a reality that reflects that.

Whatever meaning we give that. The key to this is to know that we don't have to, we don't have to give things a negative meaning unless we, we choose to. It's really a choice. For example, let me give you an example of this. I used to work at Barney's New York. I worked at pretty much, I've only had two other jobs before I went full time on YouTube.

I work at Nordstrom's for years and I worked at barneys for a few years. Barneys New York. They're both women's shoes. They're both high end retail places. Barneys New York a little bit higher and the Nordstrom's. But while I was working at Barneys, which the last place I worked for Barneys New York, but in Vegas, by the way, sometimes it's, say Barnes Nardo used to live in New York now. I've never actually been in New York. I want to go there one day and I will, but a side note.

At Barneys New York I was working with this guy, there's this guy there and the way it works is customers come up and uh, or you know, we find the customers walking around and at Barneys New York you don't help as many people as at Nordstrom's because it's a higher end client. There's not as many people looking for $1,200 shoes and there are people looking for two to $400, pair of shoes or whatever.

You don't have as many people. But I remember there was these two coats, two people came in. It was a mom, it was a mom. It was like, it was a, it was a lady that was like 50, 60 years old or 50 years old. And it was her mom that was like 80 years old. And you could tell the mom she had feet that were like very narrow.

You can kind of tell that, uh, she probably, you, she walked very slowly. You can tell. She probably wanted something very comfortable. And at Barneys New York we didn't really have any comfortable shoes because it was more of a luxury store. It wasn't like a place that you go to get like very special type of shoe, you know, but they came in and they kind of had an attitude they had to, were there, they're from New York and New York people are very direct and they went up to my coworker and they said, hey, this is what we're looking for, blah, blah, blah.

And they had like an attitude with him and then he goes, Aaron, can you, you know, he's like, Hey Aaron, can you help them? And he put me on the spot because I would've, if you would've asked me in the back when I wasn't around the customers, I would have said no because I could tell that they had like an attitude and stuff and he kind of put me on the spot.

I kind of had to help them because what going to say no, I'm not going to help them, you know what I mean? Um, he just didn't want to help them because he mainly just made his business through Instagram. He had a lot of Instagram followers through his social media that he didn't really help customers very often, uh, you just sit in his back on his phone post pictures on Instagram and sell.

The thing is I had a choice to take that customer now, but I took it because I was put on the spot. I take up this customer and I remember walking to the back, I was like, either I could, I had a choice. I can either be huffy and puffy about it or what I could do is I could give it a positive meaning. I said, yeah.

I said, you know what, I'm going to choose for this to be a positive meaning. I remember I, I, they, they, they're like, we want a shoe in seven narrow, we want this, we want that. And they kind of had an attitude because they had a bad experience with that guy before he passed him onto me. First off, we don't have any seven narrows. We don't have any, you know, we just had regular sizes.

We don't have very comfortable shoes and stuff. And I'm like, whatever, I go in the back, I bring out a whole bunch of shoes that they want, you know, and basically what happened is I started to connect to them. I started to feel connected to them. They actually had a good, a pretty good attitude. It was just that there are direct to that from New York, so they have a certain vibe, but they were just more so ticked off by the other guy because of his, the way that he treated them because it could, he had kind of an attitude back with them.

But I ended up having a really good, uh, experience with them. I ended up connecting to them. She was really nice. She was a successful lawyer. She bought her mom like six pairs of shoes. She bought herself like three or four pairs of shoes. Shannon spending $6,000, which means I made like 600 bucks and commission on that one sale and like 40 minutes of helping them. It was a very good experience. And it was, I gave it a positive meaning I stayed in a good state of being.

And it turned out really well and that to me like that meaning I gave it was everything because if I would have given that a negative meaning I would have had it been in a negative state have been and things would have happened as well. And I remember going into the back ringing them up because we had like the, the cashier was in the back and be like this little room.

And that guy was like, Whoa, I didn't know they're going to buy that much. Of course you didn't, you know, maybe he wouldn't have sold that much because he would have wanted to. Had a good state have been about it. Who knows? But from that moment on, I just knew that I could choose my own state of being.

And that by choosing the meaning I give to the situation the meaning that this doesn't have to mean I'm going to have a horrible day. Doesn't have to mean I have to decrease my state. I can choose the meaning, I give it and I chose that I don't have to give my power away. I can choose to be in the right state, have been, have I been in that state of being?

Everything happens better, so that was the story I wanted to share with you because there's so many times I went into a sales commission job before you know. Now I'm full time doing what I love, but when I was doing that, I would give things positive meaning and because of it, it would make all the difference in the world.

State of being is intimately correlated with how much money we make. It's intimate correlate with the kind of people that we meet. It's intimately correlated with every experience in our life, so first off, focused on your state of being and everything will begin to change. That's why in this blog, I wanted to share those three things with you.

The power of letting go. You can let go, stop digging up the seeds, allow things to be easy for you. Then what you can do is set yourself an anchor, a powerful anchor. You can go, oh yeah, you could say that could have your little jersey shore type accent. When you say it too. I'm not judging you, I'm not looking. It's all good and you can just create your own anchor.

Whatever that anchor is and like my “Expand your awareness”, put yourself into a peak state, start to do some action over and over again with doing it five or 10 times.

Set yourself a peak emotion and it will naturally bring up your vibration.

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You'll start to develop that, that peak emotion, use that set yourself a trigger that anytime you're feeling negative emotion, set yourself that emotion or set yourself that anchor that you do, it will naturally bring up your vibration.

Then thirdly, the meaning you give to situations, choose to give it a positive meaning. We get in life a reflection of what we believe. If we believe things have a positive meaning, we will proceed with the reality that that is the case. With that being said, let me know what you thought of this week's episode. That would be awesome.

It'd be so cool if you went onto my Instagram at aaron_doughty44, and you went to the newest post, you clicked on it, and what you did is you commented. You said, “Yo, Aaron, I liked that video or that podcast episodes, or you say Aaron step, the episode is whack.” Whatever you think, however you feel about it, let me know because if you like these episodes, I'm going to continue to do more. I'm not just going to do one a week, maybe not even two a week.

Maybe I'll do three or four a week. This was like a 20 something minute episode. I can maybe do some more of these. You let me know what you think because if you like them, it gives me more incentive to do more so you let me know.

I interact also Q&As and stuff like that. Also, you probably know me already from YouTube, but make sure you subscribe to the YouTube Channel because that's where a lot of this stuff goes down. Daily content, long form videos, everything else you can imagine under the sun.

#9: The Law of Attraction Morning Exercise for Segment Intending

Welcome back to another episode on the expand your awareness podcast. Today, we're going to do something a little bit different and normally what it is. I’ll be talking about a couple of different ideas and today what I thought I would do is something a little bit different because I thought it would add a lot of value to you and everyone else at this could be like an episode that you always come back to every single morning for a morning routine. You can follow me on Instagram (aaron_doughty44) where I take questions, ideas for the podcast. I also post live Q&As there.

What I thought about this, my idea behind this is that what I could do, because I just got done actually doing a meditation for YouTube. I made a morning routine meditation that's going to be on YouTube soon and it's one that I think is very powerful, very simple and easy to apply and I think that the missing key for a lot of people is have having a morning where they set the intentions for what they want to experience, but also do a couple key things that make the day so much different.

What I thought I would do is do a little meditation exercise. I'll drive into work or driving somewhere. This is going to be like an active exercise where you're able to drive and you're able to just kind of guide your thoughts. I'm going to guide your thoughts to a couple key scenarios of things that can happen today and to help you to set.

The intention is to make them very powerful and understanding that when you set these intentions, it's going to be something that you start to see more patterns of. It's something that you're going to start to experience and what I'm going to do is also do a little bit of an exercise with observing our thoughts so that throughout your day to day as you observe your thoughts for a couple minutes in the morning through the rest of your day to day, what you'll notice is that you don't react to things so much.

You're able to respond, but there's a big difference between responding to things that happen and then reacting to things that happen and when we get up in the morning, we go straight to our phone. We get straight into reaction mode because like, what is this person saying? Did it get this many likes on Facebook? Or what about this on Instagram? Or this person said this. It's all reaction mode.

 But when we learn how to observe our thoughts and to simply see the things that happen as just things that happen. When we start to see that our thoughts are really neutral. Even thoughts that we think of as negative.

When we learn how to shift our perspective, that will influence the rest of our day. 

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They're just thoughts in general. When we learn how to shift our perspective, that will influence the rest of our day.

There's a couple key things we're going to do and today's episode, but my goal for this is that you have, you have something you can come back to every single day to listen to and that by doing this it's going to radically change your life over the next month of doing it and I highly encourage that you make it a part of your morning routine every day, whether you listen to it or you do it in your own mind, but this is a simple pattern that I think is very easy to apply.

It's what I personally do every single morning and it's what I've done for the last since 2012. It's been a while now and I've seen such a great difference in my life since I've been doing it since I've really honed in on. There's a couple aspects that are a little bit newer in it. There's we're going to connect to our heart in a powerful way and just feel the energy. It's very simple.

Something you could still do while driving, but as we do that, it changes the energy because a lot of our day has to do with our focus and it has to do with our emotion. The very simple formula for the Law of Attraction that I've shared before that almost all teachings simplify down to is the emotion plus the intention.

The emotion plus the focus and the emotion is the heart center and what we're going to do is learn how to increase that and then the intention is the focus and we're going to set three main intentions and let me explain a little bit about how this works and then what we'll do is we'll move into the guided exercise for it, but it's pretty simple.

It's three main parts. The first part of it is we learn how to observe our thoughts from a neutral place knowing that our thoughts are not good. They are not bad. They simply are. But the secret to this and what I'm going to guide you through the process of is the thing most people miss is they resist their thoughts.

They think I'm not supposed to be thinking what I'm thinking right now, or how long is the meditation going to last, or how long should I do this or I don't feel so comfortable there. I'm sitting like this. All of these thoughts come up and we resist those thoughts, but you see, this is the secret. It's not necessarily the thoughts. We think it's the way really relate to those thoughts that we think and if we relate to the thoughts that we think and we think they're not supposed to be there.

We will feel the resistance of them, but if instead we allow those thoughts to be there knowing they're just neutral thoughts, that's where we start to gain our power back. That's when we start to get from the reaction mind into the response mind, and this has been a game changer in my own life because when I became aware of my thoughts, it, it led to other things. I also became aware of the beliefs I had about myself.

I had a belief that I couldn't focus, that I had ADHD. I had all these beliefs, I wasn't worthy and I was able to observe these beliefs. I was able to observe them and then let them go, and the secret is to observe and to allow not to control and to disallow and to not let yourself think a certain way. Let them, let the mind do its thing.

Work with the mind, not against the mind you want it to be to where when you work with it, it's like, uh, flows through. It's no resistance. There's nothing for him to latch onto, but when you give something to latch onto, it's going to keep on going.

The first part of this is simply observation. I'm going to guide you through a process to where you're able to observe your thoughts, allowed them to be there, to let them be there. It's okay and know that they're neutral. They have no built in meaning other than the meaning we give them.

And then what we do is we move onto the second section, which is our heart center, and I'm going to guide you through the process in a way to where it's just you realize the more attention you put in your heart center.

The more you bring the awareness from in your head to in your body. And as you do that, you would decrease the amount of resistance in the mind. And as you do that, you become more present to the moment. The Heart Math Institute has shown is that when you put more attention inside of your heart center, when you just put the attention there.

What happens is the electromagnetic energy around your body begins to grow and as you begin to grow this field, you increase your frequency and when you increase your frequency, when you then on the third step, set your intentions.

Those thoughts have much more power. Understand as well, when you wake up in the morning, you are moving from that of the subconscious mind into the conscious mind. You are moving from the Theta state to the Alpha state and the Beta state.

You're moving from the deeper levels of consciousness, from the deeper levels of brainwave activity to where then you influence your mind in a powerful way and the mind, the subconscious mind runs most of our life experience.

What this allows us to do is this allows us to then influence our mind in a way to where it has a powerful impact. Plus it gives us focus so that we see certain patterns throughout the day so that we're able to feel what it would be like and how accomplished we'd feel if we did it. And as we focus on that emotion, as we focus on that outcome, we begin to bring it into our life in a powerful way.

If people simply set your intentions and their life, they would experience more of what they want in their life. But a lot of people just don't have that intention. Without that intention. There's no direction. It's like we think the same thoughts every day. Therefore, we get the same results every day. That's what this allows us to do.

This allows us to create something new and to create from this pair, this powerful paradigm and understanding that as we do all this the last step, that's the third thing, which is the third step, is the intentions is us being able to focus and to focus on three main scenarios that we want to happen today.

I intend to go to work today to feel connected to my coworkers and to my clients. I intend to. I used to work at Nordstrom's. I used to have a sales commission job, so I'd say I intend to sell $4,000 worth of shoes today was such as a certain amount of commission that I would make. That was my intention, but I also would couple that with the intention of connecting to the people I talked to, to feeling good in the process.

My intentions look like I intend to film an amazing video and amazing meditation. That was mine today. I intend to film and to record an amazing meditation. I intend to have a great workout at the gym to feel connected to family members, to reach out. You know, I've set these intentions. He just set three main ones is the easiest thing to stay consistent to.

What I encourage you to do right now before we get into the exercise is to just kind of think of three possible intentions. You have three things that you would like to happen, three outcomes that can be very general, that could be more specific, whatever it is, but the intention out there and start to think of what those could be because then when we move through this process, you'll see that it can be very easy to do.

We're going to do right now is I'm going to guide your thoughts in this process. You can be driving right now, you could be doing whatever you're doing. Just kind of think of what these could be and kind of observe some things that I'm pointing your attention to because this will help you to get to this space.

This will help you to begin to center yourself into your heart and to begin to know that you can accomplish what you want and it's much easier than you thought before, but this little part of your day right now doing this every morning will influence the rest of your day.

I can promise you that, and it weighs you. Don't even understand, but the morning routine, the morning guided type meditation and the Gordon. This exercise, we're doing a. it's not a meditation where you need to be sitting down or laying down. You can if you want to, but you can also be doing it more actively. The first part of this is on. We're going to start it right now and what I'm going to ask you to do is to simply become aware of your thoughts.

See, there's always these two perspectives. There's the thoughts that we're thinking that I'm thinking, and then there's this ability to observe the thoughts that I'm thinking like I can think to myself. I feel like I have a lot of energy right now. I can see I have a lot of energy, but then I could also look at that and say, well, who's The I? That feels like they have a lot of energy and I can see that there's two main perspectives.

I have a lot of energy and I can observe the thought that says, I have a lot of energy. You see this gap right here is a magical place, so I'm going to ask you to start to become aware of the thoughts you're having. Maybe you're wondering how long this meditation exercise lasts. It's okay. Observed that thought. Let that copy there. Maybe you're wondering what the three intentions are you're going to have. It's okay. Allow those thoughts to be there.

Whatever thoughts you're having, allow them to come up. You see these thoughts are not positive nor negative. They simply are. They're just thoughts and more important than the thoughts that we think. The content of our mind is how we relate to that content in her mind, how we relate to those thoughts, and the key is that if you allow them to be there, if you observe them and you allow them to be there, you think it's okay.

The paradox is that they begin to actually go away because you're not creating resistance unconsciously. If we need to control our thoughts so we create resistance, allow them to be there. Uh, pay attention right now. What's the next thought that comes into your mind? Observed that thought. It's okay. Allow it to be there.

Allow any worry to come up. It's okay when you thought to come up about what you want to happen. It's okay. It's okay to have these thoughts. Let them be there. The magic is in the allowing of the thoughts to be there. Even as I speak right now, you may notice that in between the words I say, there is silence. There is this gap. None.

That gap is awareness because as we listened, as we put our attention on what is going to happen next and we bring it into the present moment, we become that present moment.

We become that observation point of view. Observe the thoughts that come into your mind and then let them go. The easiest analogy to think of is as if you're sitting at a park bench in a park, you're watching people walk by, maybe a walk by, someone's walking a dog, you observed them walk by. You don't have to get up and follow them. You just observe them, walk in front of you, and then walk by the content changes. The view changes than someone else walks up.

Maybe you see a squirrel, you see some birds. It's all content. Observe it, let it go. You don't have to follow any of it. It's all neutral. It all just simply is. It works the same way in life. Things are simply happening. Let them happen. Whatever you're doing right now, if you're doing something while you listened to this, I just observe what's happening. Allow it to happen.

Let it be there and let your thoughts be there. What I encourage you to do is to put the attention in your heart center. This is the second step and it's very simple because we don't have to even put our hands over our heart. We can. I encourage you to do it if you can, but if you can't, that's totally fine. Just put the attention on your heart center. The Heart Math Institute has shown is that the more we put attention into our heart center, the more we grow the electromagnetic energy around our body.

But the awareness in your heart, maybe you can feel that light buzzing feeling began to increase more and more. Feel it in your heart center. The thing you can do as well as put the awareness and imagine that the energy is flowing through your body and going through your heels. You could feel it flow as a wave and go through your heels.

As you do that, you become more present to the moment. You become more in your body rather than being locked in the head. What I found is the most powerful though is doing that once or twice and then putting the windows your heart.

As you put the awareness in your heart, you can feel it. Feel that buzz. The more you do, the easier it gets. If you have thoughts that say, oh, I don't feel it right now, observe those thoughts.

Let those thoughts be there. It's okay just by doing this for a minute a day, you increase the electromagnetic energy in your heart so much you can feel it. You become more present to the moment and set the intention right now that throughout your day to day, you can observe your thoughts. You can observe the things that happen and you can always bring the awareness back into your heart.

Bringing the attention into your heart will bring the awareness out of the head, the overthinking, and you're going to be more present to the moment to know that by you putting your attention to your heart right now, you're increasing that energy and now bring your awareness to the third step, which is that of the intentions.

Set an intention right now for something you want to happen. It could be general, it could be specific. Imagine that thing happening. Just imagine what it would feel like in your heart center. Imagine how people would respond to you, your body language.

Just imagine all of that. Imagine how accomplished you feel. At the end of the day, you have to look back and think, wow, yes, I accomplish it. Feels so good and really feel how it feels to accomplish that. Look at the details.

You always imagine it as if you're looking through your own eyes is what that would look like. You may see pictures, you may get sounds, whatever it is, and move over to the second intention. What do you intend to happen? Imagine what it would feel like for that to happen.

Imagine what it feels like in your heart for that to happen. Imagine how other people respond to you, how accomplished you're going to feel, and imagine at the end of the day today you feel so accomplished and knowing that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Imagine that third and final intention. What do you intend to experience? What do you intend to happen today? Imagine that specific scenario. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Imagine the end of the day to day you feel so accomplished knowing that the intention is you said today, I've come to fruition.

I feel the gratitude right now for all of this happening, gratitude. You'd advise you with your spirit, with who you are. Feel the gratitude for all of this happening now knowing that you are powerful. The final step is a little added step. Simply know that this is true for you.

Simply know you will experience these intentions at the certainty of knowing that whatever you focus on, you feel whatever you focus on you experience, simply know that you can observe your thoughts from a neutral place.

You will get a signed before the end of the day to day that this has benefited you in an immense way. Set that intention and think to yourself. That's the exercise. It's very simple.

Three main parts. Observe fuel the energy of your heart and after you feel the energy of your heart, set three intentions every day. I recommend three intentions every day and imagine them happening.

Fuel the energy inside of your heart if you'd like. I also have a guided meditation that will be coming on YouTube. Maybe what I'll do is I'll try to release these videos at the same time so that if you want, I'm going to put these in the show notes. Uh, you can just click and watch the actual in depth video, which in it there's about a 10 to 12 minute.

I can't, I can't remember exactly how long it is, but you can listen to that anytime you want. And I recommend you make this part of your morning routine. I really believed that consistency is where the power is.

I noticed that my own life, I got certain results from one or two days of doing it and I got much better results from doing it for much longer than that and it compounds over time. Simply know that you're developing momentum with these intentions, you're developing momentum with being able to observe your thoughts and this becomes your new reality.

Like I said, you will see that meditation, the show notes, or you can go to YouTube, go to Aaron Doughty, type in “morning meditation” and see what comes out. There'll be some videos and because I have some other videos on morning routine, but just seats the most recent video. And other than that, I want to thank you all for being here. I appreciate you sharing your energy with me.

#8: 3 Ways to STOP Desire From Blocking Your Manifestations

Today I'm going to be sharing with you the three ways you can stop desire from blocking you and this is something that maybe you've heard me speak before about the power of decreasing importance and how anytime we put something and we make it very important, we put it on a pedestal and then we create the potential for resistance.

The key for many of the things that we want to create in her life is actually to take them off a pedestal and to stop identifying so much with wanting them because at the moment that we say I really want that, we are also saying I really don't currently have that. In a way, you want to think of this like a radio station and you want to think of this as the vibrational frequency of the channel that we want.

That's what we're going to be speaking about today. Right now, it's early in the morning. I just woke up a little bit ago. I just got blackout curtains actually for my bedroom. I moved into this new house and for a long time, I was wondering why I wasn't sleeping as good at night. And at the last place, I had blackout curtains, and I had a sleep perfect and I just never thought of it because now I get up at like 5:30, six in the morning and when I get up it's like there's not as much light.

I'm like, “Oh, it's probably doesn't matter.” But even the moonlight and stuff at night it makes a difference. And was like street lights and thing. I got these blackout shades. I slept so well last night. I know that's a side tangent, but yeah, the blackout shades made a big difference, and now I feel rested.

I feel ready to go. I just filmed the video. I get up every morning. That's what I do.

The first thing I do is I film a video and a then now here I am doing podcasts. I want to start maybe doing a podcast every single day. If that's something you'd be interested in, let me know, maybe comment on my newest Instagram photo or something like that.

I wish that on iTunes there was a way to like set comments per episode so that I could see the comments from this. But yeah, let me know if you'd like me to do daily videos or daily podcast episodes. Maybe that's something I'll do. I'll make it part of my morning routine to film the video and then come straight into my podcast room.

A lot of DMs have people saying, well, this whole thing, because it's a. it's something that it's a little bit counterintuitive because many times in the old school Law of Attraction way of thinking, what we do is we focus on our desires. We are told as having a white-hot burning desire is the key to success and that is true for the old school way of going about it and it does get results.

It just gets a lot of resistance with the results because the thing is when you have a white-hot burning desire, what are you willing to do to achieve what you want? You're willing to do, like anything you're willing to put yourself in a certain position in. You focus on it a ton, so when you have anything you focus on grows, so it's a way of going about it, but what I've found is that there's actually more powerful ways to go about it.

Those are the ways I'm going to be sharing with you today, the three different ways that I've mainly a kind of upgraded my paradigm with this because I've realized that the old school paradigm also emphasizes that lack. You know, the way I thought about this I kind of analogy just popped into my head a minute ago is a, think about it.

If you've ever seen the movie Lion King, the Disney movie, Lion King, I grew up kind of watching that movie and in that movie, which may you, maybe you've seen, maybe you haven't. There's these lions are like the protagonist, like the main parts of the, of the movie. And then there's these bad guys and the bad guys is like a scar, which is like the bad lion, the jealous line of the, uh, the king doesn't move Fossa with was his name is all coming back to me now.

And the lions have a very lax vibe, you know, to kind of chill. They want, they're hungry, they'll get something, but they mainly just chill. And then you've got the hyenas that are like looking for a fix to like how even do you imagine a Hyena? Hyenas are like a kind of vulture, like trying to find whatever it can get. It will, it will go out and it'll wait for other people and then it'll take what it's wants if it can, it's got like this, this desire attitudes like you know, I'm trying to breed like it, you know, but you got to get what I mean.

But it's kind of is needy type vibe. Like is that something that, that you would want to be like, would you want to be led the Hyena that really, really wants something that's, that's really desiring it and that feels almost desperate. That's kind of the mentality of somebody that really, really want something that really, really is currently saying they really, really don't currently have it vibrationally.

It's kind of like being the Hyena and the way they go about it even better is to just be more like the lion. The lion is very sure of itself. The lion just sits on the grass and then when he's hungry, he goes out and intends to get his food or her food or whatever it is, but it's a different mentality, and it's a different vibe. And when we. A couple of the ones I'm going to share today out of the three are going to help to do that.

1. Gratitude

And the first way I want to share with you has to with gratitude. The gratitude is one of the quickest ways for you to unify yourself with what you already have, the vibration of what you already have. 

I said it's kind of like a radio station, right? In a radio station, you tune to a certain frequency and you get the channel or whatever you tune to.

Gratitude is one of the quickest ways for you to unify yourself with what you already have.

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The thing that all we do with gratitude as we focus on what we already have, which is a channel that is in vibration with abundance and by focusing on what we already have, we bring more things in our life to affirm to us that this is what we already have and that we get what we want in life. This is more about a perspective of understanding unification with who we really are.

Gratitude is really a choice. Think about it. It's like when something happens, we can look at that thing that happened and we can be mad that it didn't happen the way we wanted it to. We can have a perspective that lowers our vibrational state and by lowering our vibrational state, we then get a lower vibrational radio frequency.

Or what we could do is we could simply decide that there are many other reasons to be happy. We can be happy because we have family members in our life that we love. We can be happy because we are able to do what we want when we want to do. If we want to go eat, we can go eat. We have food, we have the bare necessities in our life. We have shelter.

All of these things are things we take for granted because, oh, that's just the way things are, but if we were to focus on them and see it and really feel into that gratitude, we didn't put ourselves in the vibration of that gratitude and the vibration of what we already have, and we turned to that vibration on the radio station of more of what we can have.

Right now, think to yourself, maybe just think of two or three things that you're grateful for. What are you grateful for in your life? Could be grateful that you have a certain relationship, could be grateful that you are maybe aware of, uh, how to eat healthier. And when you eat healthier, you have more vital energy. Maybe you're aware of many different things. Just think of what you're grateful for. It really depends on the person, but there's you can be grateful for the bare necessities.

But when you focus on what you're grateful for, you then tuned to the vibrational frequency of that abundance and in that abundant state, you realize that you are and you can feel that high vibration energy. It's just that normally what we do is we think that some outside thing is going to make us feel a certain way and that's something that I've done in my own life as I've focused really more on what I already have.

You know, sometimes I get caught up, I get caught up and success and becoming to the next level and if I could just get to the next level and do this much more than I know I can feel good about myself. Yes, there might be these many subscribers on YouTube, but what about this many? What about 1 million subscribers?

And I get identified with that, but I'm like, wait, I have so much to be grateful for. Like just a year ago, I was little over a year ago. I'd just gone full time over a little bit over a year ago. I was working a full-time job. I was way less abundant than I am now. I was in a completely different space and now I have a house that I love. I have the ability to do what I want. When I want to do it. I get to do what I want for a living.

I can travel anywhere I want to go. I can eat whatever kind of food that I want. Of course, I eat healthily, but you know I can. I'm not limited and I feel so grateful for where I'm already at, but sometimes it depends on whatever you focus on you feel. If I focus on those perspectives like, well, I could be at even more.

I could be traveling the world right now and of course I am getting into my next step is me doing live events and stuff, but I can't be too identified with the future because then I emphasize the lack. I lowered my vibrational frequency. Instead, I focused on what I already have, which is the gratitude. And by focusing on what I already have, I experienced more of that in my life.

2. Understanding your higher self

What's the second way we can decrease in importance or let go of desire that may be blocking us. It has to do with being that of our higher self. This may sound like a new concept of you haven't heard me talk about it before, but the thing is when we desire, we desire from the self-image that does not have. We are wishing from a place of wanting to become more in hopes that becoming more will make us feel worthy.

And the key to this is becoming aware of why do we want what we want. Many times, what we want, why we want, when we want is because we believe it will make us feel better. But the thing is we can make ourselves feel better right now and our current self-image. We only want from our current self-image like now imagine this with parallel realities.

For example, there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. If we desire something, we're desiring it from the parallel reality that says, I don't currently have it, but that's just one frequency.

That is one radio station out of an infinite number of them will we could instead decide to do is we can decide to embody the best version of us now and as we embody the best version of us now by being the higher self-version of us.

We begin to that frequency because that for that version of us, these things are natural. The thing is when we desire something we think, and we put it on a pedestal, we think it's going to make us feel so totally different, but normally it doesn't. If we train ourselves to be happy in the future, we will put our happiness on hold and that's something that I'm learning more and more is how I can let go and how I can know that whatever my perfect.

Like if I imagined the best self-image of me, what I meant to be doing in my life, which is traveling, speaking, traveling the world, interacting with people. If I imagine that version of me and I put that on a pedestal, I'm saying that is not who I currently am, but the key is for that version of me that lifestyle is natural.

Just like a year ago, I dreamed the lifestyle I live today, I had written in my, like affirmations and I had these, these, uh, goals written down. I just go written down that I was going to have 300 subscribers, 300,000 subscribers on YouTube. I had this goal written down. I was going to travel the world when I want. I was going to make videos and beautiful places.

And I was like, one of the quotes actually, I had this desire that I was going to, uh, what else was there? I'm trying to think of everything that was on that list, but those things were desires that I had, that I set the intention for that I now live.

But now that I live it, that's natural for me. It's not on this pedestal. It's not this euphoric feeling. Although it is a high vibrational feeling, but it's not like. It's not like something that's on a pedestal, so for the best version of you, the key is to imagine the higher self-version of you. Hire yourself means what you intended to experience in your life, connecting with your soul purpose.

If you don't know what that is, set the intention to figure it out. Sometimes people will say that to me, it's always just set. The intention is always the answer. Set the intention to figure it out, set the intention to find out what the purpose your purpose is, and you will start to find patterns.

Your brain is always looking for patterns, so he's looking for things to correlate and you'll begin to figure out what that is and once you begin to figure out what that high vibrational frequency is and you start to embody that, you choose to be it. You can get into the mindset of that version of you by letting go of the old mindset, which brings me to the third point.

3. Letting go

The third way we go about it is we let go. Let go. This isn't so much about desire is about a place of attachment, of attachment to our ego of attachment to thinking that the things we want and will make us feel better.

It's more about just letting go because then we can let in. You see so many times what happens is like we go to a doctor, the doctor prescribes us some type of prescription for something that is treating the symptoms. Then we go, we come back a month later and the doctor gives us three more prescriptions to deal with the side effects of the prescription.

He subscribed last month or she subscribed last month to us and then what we do is we have to keep going down that rabbit hole, but the key is to stop trying to treat the symptoms to get straight to the cars and getting to the cause.

In this metaphor is us finding out why do we want what we want. Because I study psychology a lot. I study why people do what they do and one of the things I've noticed with myself is one of the reasons I have such a desire to help people may be partly because and being, being aware of this and where the power is because then I can be in that abundance now and maybe because I don't have.

And I believe that if I achieve more, I will become worthier because I went through a lot of pain growing up. I went through a lot of abuse from my ex-stepmom. If you've heard my story before and maybe that diminished my self-image at a young age and now have such a desire to help people, which isn't a bad thing that I have a desire to help people, but I may be coming at it from the point of maybe if I become more well known.

If I become famous. If I become all did these things and I become known as this person. Maybe I'll be worthy. Then maybe then I'll be enough. But see, the key is for me to let go of that perspective and it just is enough already. Still, take action. I still. What I love doing is helping people. It doesn't mean it's going to change it and I just sit around doing nothing. It just means the frame. The energy from which I come from changes.

The perspective has changed because I realized the awareness, the first step is always awareness. When we become aware of why we want what we want, what would then become aware of the holes in our bucket, the things that we can never quite fulfill and the key to letting go is knowing we are already whole and complete as letting go of trying to become more. Instead just be more and said, just be yourself because you are more than you could ever possibly imagine.

And the key to embodying that is just a let go to let go. And you know we don't have to try so hard. Things don't have to be so hard. How do we relate to that of the process itself? Because if we believe the Law of Attraction process is hard and difficult than it will be hard and difficult, but it can be so much easier when we allow it to be easier when we know that it's just natural for us to experience what we want.

Decreasing desire is really just about going about it. Desire comes from lack and it's not that desire is bad. It's just being aware that we can feel the emotion we want right now by choosing to feel the emotion right now, by choosing to have perspectives that actually serve us. This is about knowing that the best version of US already exists.

The higher self-version of us that has the sole plan, what we're meant to be accomplished, her life already exists. The key is to embody that right now in the present moment, and we can do that with a matter of choice and awareness. When we become aware of why we want, what we want, we then become aware of the things that no longer serve us.

We then become aware of how we can let go of the lead in because as we let in more of who we are, we will raise our vibration. One of the easiest ways to raise your vibration is to do what you're passionate about and is to have gratitude. Gratitude unifies you with the source that you naturally are.

When you say and you're grateful for something you already have, you're in a vibrational frequency and you're tuning into the radio station, have more of abundance where normally either in abundance or scarcity, scarcity can we can have desired from scarcity, we can have desired from abundance.

The difference is simply what we're attached to, the perspective we're attached to and why we want what want and when we start to embody more of us being the best version of us, of us following our passion, I was making the decision that that is who we are. We are naturally already, whole and complete. When we come at it from that awareness, things happen easier than ever.

Remember, the three easy ways to stop desire from blocking you is to first off, have gratitude. Having gratitude will merge you with the vibrational frequency of abundance. When you're in that abundance states, when you feel gratitude, you can't feel lower emotion. When you feel gratitude, you can't feel the lack.

The key is a focus on that gratitude. Whatever you focus on, you feel secondly, know that that is natural for you. It is natural for you to experience the best version of you when you get there. It's not that it's on a pedestal. It just becomes a part of who you naturally are. Understand that the parallel reality you want to experience already exists, so the version of you doing exactly what you want to be doing already exists.

You don't have to try so hard. You don't have to create your own reality. You simply have to choose it by making the choices as the best version of you and being that the third part is letting go. The more you let go, the more you let in will know why you want what you want, because when you know the why, you can then become aware and then you can let go of the perspectives that don't longer serve you.

And what you can then do is you can let go to let in more of who you are, more of your light, you are already whole and complete, and when you begin to embody that, everything begins to change.

#7: The Law of Attraction and Locational Energy: Use This Vibrational HACK

Today I have something and I think is maybe something you never heard before and it's something that I'm passionate about, something that I've noticed in reality in general, and something I felt the experience. I'm sure intuitively you have to at a certain level, and when we begin to cultivate this and use it to our advantage.

I think we'll find that we start to really resonate with what we want in a very powerful way. What is this that I'm talking about, what you probably saw the title of the podcast, which is understanding the Law of Attraction with locational energy.

What does that mean exactly? Well, the idea is that every place that we go to has a certain vibrational resonance and this has to do with a couple of things. This has to do with mainly the people that have lived there with the thoughts that they have had and the kind of activities that have gone on there.

There are certain places that you may have gone before where you feel a certain way, maybe you feel very uplifted, you feel almost like a high vibration, you feel very light, and maybe there are places you've been where you go in and it feels very low, very dense energy and the difference is what has actually happened there.

And the trail. I'm going to be talking about that in the minute that trail that has been left from that of the other people that were there, the prior conversations that might have, might have been had there. The activities that have gone on now, what actually inspired this, this, this, a podcast is it's something that I've just realized.

I used to have this place that I lived in and what I would do is when I moved in, I moved in. It was a model house and I moved in and I decided that what I wanted to do because I knew that there was like a certain grid or a certain type of energy. I wanted to imprint into it because I believe that if somebody was like.

For example, the house I live in now, the people that lived in it before, where the owners of this house and they lived up to it, they lived in this house up until the week before I moved in, which means their energy was imprinted in the house with the conversations they've had with, uh, the kind of whatever they were doing, the kind of TV they watch, all of those things.

I don't know exactly what that is. And in general, I feel like they had a pretty, a high vibration. Anyways. I'm one of the ladies that lived or the, it was a husband and wife that lived here with their kids and one of them worked for Cirque de Solei. I know she's really into fitness.

I'm very disciplined and I don’t know, they just felt like they, they looked like a happy couple from the pictures that I could see. But in general, I can, you can feel it when you go somewhere. Just kind of like the kind of energy of it, the kind of vibe of it. But in the last place I lived in, it took about a week, but in about a week into it, I started to kind of imprint and could feel that my energy was more dominant there.

Then whoever was there before, even though it was a model home, but like all the hundreds of people that walked through that house, if not thousands of people that have walked through that house.

Here's the thing, let me explain it like this. I wish I had like a handy dandy notebook to show you, to kind of draw this out. But imagine that you see a stick figure and over that stick figure you see a thought form. You know like the old school thought forms where you see like a little thought bubble. And imagine that in that thought form is a something someone is thinking of, maybe the thinking of someone they love and they feel they have a heart in the middle of that thought for because they're feeling love. The thing is normally the way we think about it is that that thought doesn't exist other than just a thought inside of our mind, but the thing is our thoughts. They are invisible, which means they're not visible to the ice spectrum, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

It just means that they're not other frequency that we can see yet. All thoughts, anything that manifests in life starts as a thought is just that we continue to think that thought and then eventually it crystallizes into reality, through persistence, through focus, through a lot of emotion or whatever it is, but the thoughts that we think are much more alive than we think.

I recently did a video and it's not out yet, but it's called like thoughts are things literally like not. It's not just a metaphor. Thoughts were literally things we just can't see. Imagine it like this. There is a grid around all of our bodies. We all have in electromagnetic energy around our body and around our body. There will be an aura around our body of how we feel, the emotions we have, and what happens is the thoughts that we're consistently thinking and feeling will normally be within that energy field.

For about 30 days or more, we have a certain momentum of thoughts. We have a certain momentum of those thoughts that we've been having and that's why sometimes we made change the momentum, but it may take a while. Maybe it kind of bleeds out the older momentum we had to go because there's a momentum that we have within our energy field of the thoughts that we have, so those thoughts are within our field.

 We may not actually see it, and then when we go out into the world, those patterns that resonate with certain experiences, certain people, and that is something that influences our reality and links us up to those experiences.

The vibration we have, we will experience what is equal to that vibration in our life. That's why being aware of what we're putting in our electromagnetic field is important.

We will experience what is equal to the vibration in our life.

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Here's the thing though, just like we are individually creating or choosing our own reality with this energetic field together, collectively, many people on the planet are doing the same thing. We are all connected and we are all. There's an electromagnetic around the earth of what we are all consistently thinking of. We can call this the collective consciousness. All connected and when you go out into the world, different locations have a different vibration depending on the thoughts those people have had before you think of it in a way like an energy trail.

I may walk if you've ever seen, you know, maybe you've seen like the psychedelic movies where you see like these trails or something like that or. I'm trying to think of what a good analogy would be. If you have like a light strobe, a strobing light that's going really brightened that you were to move around. You'd see kind of a trail of it or the trail of like when you have sparks on like fourth of July and there are little sparks, and you're moving them around.

You can see figure eights and stuff. Think of it like a trail like that, like you know, there's not millions and millions of different, you know, the figure eight, you're doing it in that, in that motion, but it's like you're just kind of seeing the trail of it and the same way we leave a trail of thoughts all around us with everything that we're thinking and those thoughts with time end up being imprinted on the location that we priorly were or just that we're going into.

For example, if certain places on the earth have a very high vibration, some people call these the Chakra points of the earth. There's one in Hawaii, there's one in Mount Shasta, California. There's one in Sedona. That's one of the reasons I go to Sedona every four to six weeks is because the energy there is very high.

You go to Peru, you go to heir's rock in Australia, there are places, I think the Stonehenge is one of them. There's, there are different places on the planet. They also have something called Ley lines that have to do it. The grid of the planets. That's why the ancients put the pyramids on certain formations, on the lay lines because of the vibration of it, but in general, those places have a certain vibrational frequency. I was listening recently to an audio book from Sadhguru if you've ever heard of him.

He's like a famous, well-known guru, like enlightened guy from India and he was talking in one of his books about going to certain places because of the spiritual energy there and how you can soak it in and it literally will influence you and it got me thinking about this more because it's something I've always really thought of and you know, it's my way of looking at it.

As you go to these places and their spiritual places and you end up in a way kind of bringing in and bringing those places within you and it becomes something that influences you. Even at subconscious levels. Maybe you've seen people before that go on some type of trip. They didn't expect it to happen. Then they come back and maybe they start changing their diet around.

They start changing their habits. They start meditating, whatever it is. It could be because they tapped into the vibration of that place and that place has then started to influence them, so this is something I've been aware of for years, but now I'm actually starting to put it down on paper or at least put it out there.

Here's the thing, Palo Santo or stage have the power inside of it to clear negative energy may be, I'm not sure. I don't know 100 percent, but what I do know is that there's thousands or hundreds of thousands of people, native Americans in the past that have used sage to clear spaces. Just because of the energy, the energy matrix of the planet.

There've been so many other people that have used sage to with the intention of healing or you know, with the intention of clearing the space, the vibration of different places. It has almost like a strong gravity of power because it's worked for so many other people. Of course, the power is always within us, but do I need the sage? Do I need the Palo Santo? I could probably do it just with my thoughts alone, but I use it as a tool.

I use sage, Palo Santo, I've cleared the space plenty. It's starting to become of my vibration because I live here and I'm always coming in and thinking about the trail I'm leaving everywhere I go and I'm, you know, that's one of the things when I knew I wanted this house, I thought of all the amazing content that I can make and in a way, that's something that inspired me because I'm like, man, I'll be in such a good vibration.

And that was something that I knew I could focus on. In general, the thoughts that we have that we think are invisible, they are invisible until they materialize. However, it doesn't mean they don't exist. It just simply means that we don't see them with our ice spectrum. The key to this is being aware of what we are putting out, what thoughts we're putting out and how that stays in our energy field, and then being aware of what locations we go to.

Here's a hack. If you want to experience more of the vibrational resonance of what you want to experience, something that you could do is you could go to the vibration you go to a place that has the vibration of what you want to exist in. For example, if you wanted a certain job, you could go to that job already and hang out there, kind of go around and see what it's like to be there. If you're allowed to at start to soak in the vibration of that place.

You know, I want to be and I'm going to going to be in the next couple of months doing seminars and doing conventions and stuff like that where I speak in front of a lot of people. I could go to these conventions now and see what it's like and be in the vibration of it because there have been many other people that have given talks.

Maybe even go on stage and see what it's like there because there's a certain energy bubble, a certain energy trail of the prior speakers that have been there. Maybe it's on a totally different subject, but it still has a similar vibration, so what you could do is if you wanted to, for example, this is the analogy I normally always use, but it's kind of easy to understand. If you wanted to own your own art gallery, you could go to an actual art gallery.

You could talk to the owner and get to the vibrational field of the owner of that art gallery to see what their thought process is like, and as you put yourself in that vibration, it will start to affect you in a powerful way. This is about the awareness of the vibrational places that you go to. This is the awareness of the kind of people that you talk about because everything, everyone you've talked to has a certain energy field and you can kind of feel it and you could feel and you can cultivate your own house to have a certain vibration as well.

Just recently, I had some family come over and look at the house, my dad and my sister more specifically and I love him to death. However, they start every now and then they bicker at each other and it's kind of like a sarcastic argument type thing. But my sister, I come from a family that we all have very loud voices.

I'm sure that you've heard about my videos. I have a very loud voice. My, my dad and my sister both have loud voices, so when everyone's talking it's just really, really loud and I have my house set up a certain way. I have where I put the intention into it. I'm creating a lot of content out of it, so I take it.

It's almost like my sacred space.

I put music in the background, I have a water fountain with water, with like a water sound. I this very serene, peaceful, Zen type environment and that's the way I view it and I take pride in it. Not in a way like, oh look how nice my house is, but more so like this is, this is the energy that I cultivate and I don't let just anybody over.

I don't have like parties and stuff like that. Because also I realized that when people come over, they're leaving their imprints. They're literally bringing in the imprint of their vibration into it. Someone comes over that has a very negative vibration, you know, not that it's the end of the world because that can be cleared.

However, it's just like, you know, you just got. I'm just mindful of what I bring into my house.

My family has a good vibration. I'm not saying they have a lower vibration or anything, but what I'm saying is they came over, they were looking at the house, having a great time, but then they started bickering about something randomly and my sister has a loud voice and she's very argumentative sometimes she kind of gets that.

I used to be in forensics debate in high school and that's kind of where I knew I wanted to become a speaker. She also loves forensics debate and she's in high school now, so she's a lovely lot, about 10 years younger than me and uh, she kind of has that personality sometimes, but she started to argue with my dad and it started to get louder and louder and eventually I was like, you know what?

That stuff doesn't fly in my house. I don't want to hear it. There's no point. This argument's ridiculous anyway, drop it, talk about it later or whatever. Just not here. And I didn't mean to be rude about it, but it's like, it's almost like I just, I take a very aware of the vibration of that I live in or the pie place I live in and this is not just like where I lay my head at night.

This is where I work too. It's like I like to have a high vibration because I'm constantly putting out content. You know, I make a video a day on YouTube. I do two or three Instagram posts a day. I go live every couple of days. I do podcasts more often now. I'm trying to do two or three a week. Um, I do editing, I do all my work here, and I work, you know, quite often.

I take it kind of like, you know, we can have fun. Fun is different. Fun is a good high vibration. But the argument and stuff that lowers the vibrational frequency of the place and that will leave like a trail. And have you ever felt to that maybe you go somewhere and you felt like you kind of walked into something or you like pick something up in a way? Well, we can only pick up that which we have somewhat of an activation of vibration within us.

First, from a certain level, I could be like, well I've, I just don't. If I ignore the argument that they're having, maybe it won't affect me, but that could work. However, I'm just being honest with myself and if the path of least resistance for me, it just says, “Hey, stop.”

Just, there's no, there's no need for that. That seems easier to me than like trying to put up this wall, you know, or something like that. Something else that I do every night before I go to bed. This might sound different and wasn't going to share this, but I might as well before I go to bed every night. What I do is I put an electromagnetic grid. I imagine electromagnet that grid or on my bed and what I do is I put the intention that all the energy around my body and around my bed is transmuted into love energy.

It's like if I have any thoughts or any thoughts bouncing around that are negative, they don't necessarily affect me while I'm sleeping or affect my energy field at all except for in a positive way and I set the intention that I wake up in the morning feeling energized and then I sleep very good to get very deep sleep and I said all these intentions and I find that by doing so, I get amazing results.

I wake up feeling refreshed. I have great sleep, so it's something that I am mindful of that I put the intention into. When I chose this place, I actually looked at many other different places and one thing I did is I went to this high luxury place in Vegas. There's called vantage, some high-rise condos and they're very nice. They have loft style views of the city. A couple floors up, you know, it was really nice.

There were a little pricier, but I was like, oh man, it'd be cool to film there to have like the view of the Strip in the background and I was thinking about it. I go there to take a tour of it to get to look around and right when I walk into one of the buildings or just in general, just from getting there, I could feel almost a constriction.

I felt like I could hardly breathe. Like I had to really take a deep breath to breathe in and to me, it just felt like that was assigned to me that this vibration is not compatible. It felt like it was really constricting my breathing and as weird as that sounds, that made me know, hey, this is not the place for you. And I went and looked in, I looked around, I was like, oh yeah, it's kind of Nice. It wasn't as nice as I thought. I was like, okay, I want a house.

I know it's a luxury apartment, but I want a little more space in between me and my neighbors and stuff like that. I decided I wanted a house and then luckily, I went to two or three different houses. This is the best vibration out of all of them. Plus, it was the best layout that I liked. I ended up going to this house. But you can feel it almost you can feel when you go to certain places, what is the vibration of those place, whereof that place that you're going into?

And some of the things that I recommend you do is to become more aware of the vibration of your house. And it'd be a little bit more mindful of maybe you know who comes over. You know, if you're bringing over people that are venting to you though, that venting is literally. And even though it's invisible, you can't actually see the thought forms that venting is being spewed and like vomited all around your house.

So, be aware of a clear it. If so, I mean sometimes I get, I get it. You have family members or certain things that go on trying to help someone and phatic and helping them. I get it, however, be aware and then cleared the space afterward. Understand that if you want to vibrationally resonate with a certain reality, go to a place where that's already the vibration. Begin to tap into. It began to be around people in the energy field of the people that you want to be similar to.

They say we are the average of the five people were around the most. One of the reasons that is too is it's not just because, oh, you know, it's like you're around them. You're going to think similar to them. It's like you literally resonate at the same vibration of them. You pick up on the same pattern subconsciously.

I know me and my buddy Victor moved to Vegas like a year and a half ago, and since he's lived here, there's a lot that's changed about my habits. I eat a lot cleaner now. He eats very clean. He counts his macros, which means it counts as calories and stuff. I never, I used to look at that like, oh, that seems like a ridiculous why account the macro. It seems very rigid, but I started to do it and guess what? I more energy than ever before. I better shape than ever before. I've lost about 10 pounds of fat that I had. Um, I am stronger. I'm more built. I'm getting more muscular.

Just like those habits, those things, those things really influence one another. I'd be very, very mindful of who you bring into your space, knew who you're around a lot because you're literally going to vibrationally, resonate more with them. Pay attention to the energy around you. And what I would recommend is maybe go to some of these spiritual places on the planet. Maybe go to Sedona, go to Mount Shasta, go to Hawaii.

Why do you think a lot of people go to Hawaii for honeymoons? Hawaii is the Heart Chakra of the planet, and when people go there, it literally opened up their heart. Maybe people go there and they feel it and the right and they feel so much love or they go there and then they want to come back for our honeymoon because they felt that resonance and it's something that is like the capital of where people go for a honeymoon.

A lot of people go to Hawaii for their honeymoon because of that reason. Many different places have an imprint of even ancient societies. A lot of ancient information may have been left in the temples in Egypt, so going there, it's not just, Oh, I got some cool pictures for Instagram. You go there, you literally tap into the vibrational matrix of that place.

Remember that there is an electromagnetic energy around your body and in the same way, there's one around the planet and different places. We go to have a different frequency, a different compression of energy and were able to influence ourselves in a very powerful way there. With all of this being said, that's how you can practically apply it.

You can allow yourself to become more aware of your own vibration, how you can influence what's your experience in your life and influenced your own vibration in a powerful way and just know that the more you take ownership of where you are and your space and you hold it more as sacred, the more sacred it will be to you. That's what I've done in my life. I've cultivated that vibration and my work environment at home and it's something that's really helped me.

It's something I know is a little bit different, but I wanted to share it with you because that's what the podcast is all about and your kind of just sharing these ideas. Some things that maybe I haven't shared on YouTube before. Let me know what you think of this episode. If you could respond to my newest Instagram @aaron_doughty44 on Instagram and respond to my newest post. On a comment and let me know what you think of this episode. That would be awesome. That gives me feedback as to know how many more episodes I should be doing. Let me know what you thought.

#6: The Law of Attraction and the Purple Cow: Why Being Different will Help You Attract What You Want

Today, we're going to be looking at is a new idea, something that I thought about before and it's a pattern that I've seen in a lot of people that really stand out with either becoming very successful or people that stand out in general and its just kind of like you can't ignore that person because they really are. Even though they're different, it's like something about them.

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This is going to be something that also relates to the Law of Attraction, a very powerful way and I'm going to correlate it with understanding something that are called pendulums with a process called Reality Transurfing. We're going to see how to transcend a lot of social conditioning as well.

In general, just to give this a little bit of a of a backstory in a way or how I came across this, the term purple cow as a term from Seth Godin, who is an author and it's a book and it would, it talks about is when you're on or driving, say you're driving on the road and you see on the side you see trees. Are you seeing open prairie? Is that what you call it, an open prairie or something like that. A big open field and then you see some cows.

If you saw just regular black and white cows, some spots on them, you wouldn't really think much of them. There is nothing really that special about them. Even if you saw some big ones, you just kind of noticed them.

They're kind of in the background, but if you were driving and all the sudden you saw a purple cow, you would talk about that purple cow for the rest of your life or you had at some level you're telling people, I saw this purple cow, you would not believe it, and it would be like this. The biggest thing that had happened to you, it's a pattern interrupt, is what that's called.

It would interrupt your pattern because it's like, “Whoa, what is that?” And that purple cow terminology or the phrase purple cow is something that in a way it's an it's. It's something you can't ignore. It's something you have to at a certain level, recognize because it is so out of the norm and it is so different. The way that I view the purple cow with the Law of Attraction is when we are acting out of accordance from the way people expect us to act, we start to create our own way. We start to create our own probabilities.

You see, the thing is with the autopilot mind, and this is like just regular neuroscience or whatever we call it. You can read it and Dr. Joe Dispenza's books, we think on average, 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and of those 60 to 70,000 thoughts, we think 90 percent of them are recycled from the day before, which means if we're thinking the same thoughts day in and day out, we're triggering the same emotions day in and day out and we're probably taking the same actions day in and day out.

Therefore, creating and attracting the same things day in and day out because of that consistency, but the thing is when we start to become the purple cow, we start to become different. What we do is we step outside of that bubble that has been created for us and we step outside of the norm of doing everything everyone else wants us to do.

If you've seen a lot of successful people or studied like what I like to do is I like to read biographies to read about the mindset of successful people and sometimes one thing they do is they just don't stay. They don't accept no for an answer. What they do is they find a way. There are many people that are told you are not going to do this, this is not probable, but what they do is they go in anyways and they make it something that happens.

For a long time. I was told that I wasn't, you know, I had some friends and family and they were kind of looking at me during this whole YouTube thing and they're like, oh, maybe you should do something else. Like if, if at a certain level, if you keep making videos and you're not growing, maybe you should do something else. And what I just assumed as like, okay, well they just don't have the vision that I have and what I did is I just said to myself, no, I'm not going to accept that.

We always have a choice whether we accept what someone else thinks about us or whether we even think a thought like a thought comes in our own mind. If this is something that resonates with us, it's a choice as to whether that resonates or not. But what I learned to do is just to kind of go on my own, on my own vision, and as long as that is something that's in alignment, then that is all that matters.

But in general, when we start to do our own way, we start to go in our own path. We find that we start to almost create our own rules. This is something that I've kind of been doing recently is becoming more of a rebel for my own belief systems from my own rules. Like if I'm like in my mind I'm like, oh, that's not going to happen or this is something that's going to be hard. I'm like, “Wait, why does that have to be that way?”

 That's just prior conditioning. That's all it is. Maybe at times in the past something happened and that's why I experienced something a certain way, but the more I become challenging of these belief systems and the more I step into the way I prefer to be. This is how things really began to change. Let me give an analogy for this, or like an example from my own life as well.

I always kind of bring it back to YouTube because it's what I'm most passionate about and it's not just YouTube, it's making videos is making content, it's sharing a message and when it comes to my YouTube videos, there was a time I kind of fell into the whole Law of Attraction bubble in a way. The whole Law of Attraction niche. I am about expanding awareness in general, but what I did is when I was first intending to grow.

I had maybe a thousand subscribers. One time I'd make a video on Law of Attraction. People would reply like, “Hey Aaron, I love the way that you say this. Can you make another video on this?” But what about this? What I would do is I'd keep making law of attraction videos and then the channel kept growing. I kind of adopted that.

Of course, I believe in the Law of Attraction. Of course, I practice in my mind in my whole life is a manifestation of that. I mean, in general, that's something that's a side note, sine tangents, side rant. Anytime somebody says, um, it's never the question of are we manifesting this or are we manifesting that? It's just life in general is a manifestation.

It's just being aware of what we're already creating, but what I did is I became more aware of it, which is we're expanding awareness comes into play, which is the whole catchphrase and that is the main key is understanding the correlation between what we think to what we experience. That's what happened with me as I became more aware of that. But in general what happened was I just fell into that niche, but what I knew is that I like talking about a whole bunch of different type of stuff.

I like talking about these spiritual awakening side of things. I like talking about understanding who we are as multidimensional beans, understanding that it is highly probable that we are much more than just the ego structures much more than just our physical bodies. I enjoy talking about that kind of stuff, but for the longest time I was afraid to share it out in the channel because I was trying to put myself in a little box.

It was like, “Oh, I'm just the Law of Attraction guide. This is what I'm known for.” Don't step outside of the box, don't step outside of that line and here's what happened. And it's always a funny side to me to go in a certain direction. But basically what I did is I realized that this is something I'm passionate about. People feel like it's more so than the words I talk about my videos, the words I say, the information people can feel kind of what I'm saying.

I'm like, okay, if I'm passionate about this subject, even though I haven't shared it yet, people are going to feel that I'm passionate and they're going to feel that. And I think that'll help regardless. I made a video on, it was a more esoteric video is on three things we agreed to before we were born, understanding who we are, a deeper consciousness level.

And that video I posted and I was kind of afraid to post it, but I posted it anyways. That video is different than any other video that I've done. And it's different than a lot of videos maybe you've seen on YouTube, but what happened is that video went viral. That video now is my number one viewed video on YouTube. It's got over one point 6 million views. I just saw it today actually as I was on YouTube earlier.

I was like, “Oh man, it's got one point 6 million view already.” That's as it would just add a million a couple like a month or two ago. So, to me that's like, to me it's always a sign when something like that happens, assigned to say go into this direction or trust your instinct, trust your passion. That's always kind of like the what I get from it.

But in general, the reason I'm saying all this is that is what makes me different than all the other YouTubers and are not different as in better just different people. Notice if you see a Law of Attraction video, but when you have a unique perspective, like the kind of the way that I describe it, that's what kind of stops pattern and they'd see it and I become that purple cow in a way that is what it's a. That is my intention, but it's also just me being who I am.

It's almost like just the more I am, the way I am, the more success I noticed. I have the option of experiencing. It's a funny thing, but that's why I want to talk about it because I think that the thing you may be missing, if you feel like you're missing anything, maybe it's just you having your unique perspective and you standing firm in it knowing that you are whole and complete, that you have a unique perspective in that it can be valued because that may be the missing key to use.

Stepping outside and people noticing you. I also was listening to this with Tony Robbins the other day. I was listening to a seminar. You say helping some business seminar. He was helping some woman that was having trouble, she was having trouble with their business and he was saying, you don't want to do everything, like you don't want to just do something.

Someone else does better. You want to exceed the customer's expectations and you want to be different. And that is so true. I remember, this is going to sound kind of dumb, but I used to have a job working at Barneys New York and women's shoes. And I remember one thing I would do is after the sale was done after, like I'm, you know, as a commission job after I was done, like wrapping up the shoes and put it in the bag, I would do just a small little thing. I would take this tissue paper and I would like make it look just a little bit better than anyone else probably has done. And I make it look like the presentation just a little bit better. I put it over the box, like inside the bag. You can't really see what's in it, you know, because it's like an expensive pair of shoes.

Maybe she's leaving, she had the coffee shop, puts her bag down, nobody knows exactly what's in there and it's the sales already done. I already got paid for it. It doesn't make a difference, but me just doing that gesture, to me it was like almost just a little bit different than what everyone else does. Nothing crazy.

Just a little bit different, but here's the thing, not even just for the customer, maybe she's like, oh, that's a little bit different. That's so cool. It put the tissue in there. Probably never even realized it to begin with, but here's the thing. For me in myself, I started to identify myself as the kind of person that goes beyond the kind of person that just does a little bit more, at least at least doing a little bit more. I like to consider myself someone that does a lot more, but in general that's the way I would do it and that would set me apart from everyone else.

The point of this podcast in general is for you to know to be different, be the purple cow. You don't want to just be a little bit better than your competition. Maybe you in a sales job, whatever it is, you want to be different because different is what gets remembered. Not that it's like the significance is the most important thing, but in general, that is where I think a lot of success can come from.

Let me explain something else to you and that is understanding Reality Transurfing, which if you don't know, is the most powerful manifestation process that I've ever found. It has to do with understanding parallel realities, understanding that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, that we're shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality. We don't have to create our own reality. All we have to do is choose it from a space of options because it already exists, so it's about really embodying the vibratory frequency of what we want.

But another aspect of this with Reality Transurfing is understanding that have what are called pendulums. A pendulum is a thought structure and we could think of pendulums, like social conditioning. For example, there are many people, we think that if we're in traffic and someone cuts us off, we think, whoa, someone just cut me off, I really mad.

But in actuality there been thousands of other people probably on that same street, on that same freeway that have also been cut off, that have also felt mad. When you start to feel that emotion, you may realize that it's not just your emotion, but you're linking up to the emotion that has also been there in the past. This is what is called a pendulum.

Our thoughts have and electromagnetic reality, even if we can't see them. Sometimes we may be thinking to ourselves, oh, I'm thinking my thoughts right now. This is my thoughts, but it may be actually the thoughts that are also around us.

Think of it like this, we have an electromagnetic energy around our body. Maybe we can't see that energy fit like we can't actually physically see with our eyes. But we know that also there's an electromagnetic energy around our body from what the Heart Math Institute has shown is that there's a, uh, energy around our heart that is thousands of times more powerful than that the head. Knowing that we know that, okay, I'll because we can't see thoughts, doesn't mean they don't exist.

There's a certain pattern, there's a certain frequency to the thoughts that we think, and when many people are focused on the same thought, what happens is it grows the pendulum around that idea. For example, if there's a sports team that you, like, you may say, Oh, I'm very mad that they lost.

I'm very happy that they won. But the thing is, is it's not just you have that emotion that you're feeling. You may also be picking up the emotion of the thousands or millions of people that are thinking the same things. There's pendulums around everything. Anytime you see somebody that won the election, you may be happy. You may be mad, and whatever side of that you're on, there's a pendulum around that.

Here's the thing with pendulums, whether you are for a pendulum or against a pendulum, whatever that is, whether it's a certain political party, it's a certain sports team, it's a certain show that you like to watch whatever it is, whether you're for it or against it. If you're focused on it and there's some emotion there, then you're feeding it. That's an interesting idea. This is something I realized because sometimes I think I'm having my own thoughts when they're just the thoughts of pendulums.

They maybe some pendulums that have momentum. Maybe there's certain pendulums in my life to have momentum, like caring what people think, or pendulums like, oh, in order to be successful, you got to go to school, get a degree. You got to do that as the. Those are the things I used to buy into, but you see, they're not even our own thoughts.

They may be the thoughts of social conditioning and if we fight it or we agree with it, we're still feeding it. The reason I say all of this is because when we think of Reality Transurfing or we think of this idea of a pendulum, most of the thoughts we have are not even our own. We are creating from a paradigm that is outdated. We are created from a paradigm of wanting what everyone else wants.

A lot of times we may say, I want this, but we may just want it because everyone else wants it, so we think it's cool because of my elevator status a little bit, but the whole point of this is to understand what do we really want?

What do you really want? Do you want something because of social conditioning or do you want something? Because it's something that you're really passionate about because when you find out what that is, you can then see that you could just go for what you want and here's the other thing. When you start to act as the purple cow and you don't, it's not like you're acting as the purple car like, I got to be different than I am.

You just are who you naturally are in your so embracing of who you naturally are that you become the purple cow. I don't have to try to be different. My perspectives naturally for what I like to share on YouTube just are different. I'm not saying I'm better than any other YouTubers. I'm just saying they're different and because I embraced them, people can feel that and that it actually ends up working in my favor.

 This is about being aware of how you can more so be yourself, and this is what it does with pendulums.

When you become the purple cow, you get outside of the social conditioning, and you start to create what is called your own pendulum.

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When you become the purple cow, you get outside of the social conditioning and you start to create what is called your own pendulum. I have my own pendulum around my YouTube channel. The YouTube channel in general is a pendulum.

Whether I'm aware of it or not because many people are focused on it and it makes people feel a certain way. Whatever it is. Here's the thing, whether people like it or dislike it, even if they dislike my channel or they dislike something, I say if their folk, if their thoughts are focused on it, they're still feeding the pendulum of it.

You see the pendulum will go back and forth and whether you feel like it or you don't like it, it's. It's pushing the momentum of it more and more so it's about being aware of that, but we all had pendulums in our life that are running our life experience and until we wake up, we become aware of it.

The way that we transcend pendulums as we become aware of them, because the moment we're aware of them, they no longer have power over us. If every day were like, oh, look at the television and we'll look at the news and all this negative stuff and we're not aware that that's a pendulum or we're not even aware of the negativity that is causing us to feel, then we just continue to create it on autopilot.

Most people are creating on autopilot and the key is to wake up from that by being aware of it, and then consciously deciding what you want to experience in your life because once you're aware of it, you can change. It cannot change what you do not own and he cannot change what you're not aware of, but when you become aware of it, that's where everything begins to change, so that's what I have learned how to do.

What I've learned how to do is how to be the purple cow, how to transcend it, social conditioning, because social conditioning is that of a believing what I'm thinking of caring what other people think, so also conditioning is at creating from an old paradigm of it, linking up even around the Law of Attraction. There's a pendulum around all of that.

It really strongly will desire actually reaffirms in the present moment that we don't have that which we want. If I say I really, really want that over there, that I'm also saying I really, really don't currently have it. That was a game changer in of itself. When I started to apply it, I started to realize that I could more so resonate with what I want to experience by seeing it as natural for me by not putting it on a pedestal to begin with, by observing the thoughts that I'm having, knowing most of those thoughts are pendulums, observing them and insane.

I'm good either way, we're good either way, whether we get into a relationship or not. We're good either way because we are already whole and complete. You see, this perspective allows us to feel the vibration of what we want to experience now and by doing so, we start to really connect to ourselves a very powerful way. That's why it's also another part of Reality Transurfing is connecting to our hearts, our hearts center, and then acting in a way and being who we naturally are.

But that puts us on higher life tracks because there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and what we begin to do is we begin to shift more and more to the experience of what we really want. This is where things really begin to change, so it's the understanding the pendulum, how to be the purple cow, and that polarization in general can be a good thing if you are aware of it.

If you are using it to your benefit, like for example, we use it to our benefit in that other Reality Transurfing Academy, that's the academy that I have. If you want to join, this is the best time to check it as it will end on Friday, the 31st of August. You can join through here:

You may have heard me talk about it before and what it's many people that are focused on the same type of transformation, the same type of outcome of what they want to experience by us all linking up and the Reality Transurfing together and connecting our heart space.

We create a powerful pendulum of transformation and that helps us to become more of the purple cow in a way and also helps us to transcend social conditioning so that we create using our own paradigm. It's about being ourselves, being who we are authentically meant to be, and then from that when we go to create what we want in our lives, it happens so much easier because we're not playing to the same rules as everyone else.

It's about understanding that the energy dynamics, how to decrease importance, all this stuff that you've probably heard me talk about before and today is actually the second to last day. So, it ends on Friday, the 31st of August. If you want to join the Reality Transurfing Academy now is the time because after then the enrollment closes and you won't be able to join. It'll open back up months later.

But the purpose of that is so that I can help the people in the group get the changes they want. And just so if you haven't heard of the Reality Transurfing Academy before, it's a month to month type thing where you get content, you get coaching videos, you get live Q&As with me. Ask me any question that you want. You get a mastermind community of other people who think similarly, that's the pendulum we were talking about.

You get bonus courses, you get a couple of bonus courses now as well if you join in the next few days. The courses are understanding how to take any emotion that you want, that you have and raising your vibration around it so that you attracted from a higher vibrational state of being. You also get what's called my vibrational toolkit, which has all these videos.

It's an accumulation of videos and processes that I use to change my vibration very quickly and that's all something that you get access to. You get access to it and it's something that you can cancel at any time. You're not locked into any contract or anything like that, but this is the way that I work with people. If you want coaching from me, this is the way to do it. Like I said though, after Friday, you won't be able to join because enrollment on it will close.

If this is something you're interested in, I recommend you to click the link below:

This is the whole process of understanding the purple cow, understanding how we can attract what we want by transcending social conditioning, understanding that we are so much more than we can even imagine and really tapping into that by not being afraid to be different, by being ourselves, by understanding we can be authentic to who we are meant to be. That is the key to us. Creating our own rules and being the way we prefer to be.

#5: Transform Your Story and Become a Hero Like This…

We are going to be talking about story archetypes. What does that mean? This is something I actually recently talked about in a Q&A that I did, and it's been a game changer for me in my own life and it's understanding how our story is creating our life experience, so every single one of us has a certain story and a certain character, a certain type of archetype for a way that we identify ourselves and the way that we see ourselves as a story that we stay consistent to whether we're aware of it or not.

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In these story archetypes, it will help you to understand maybe where you are and I'm going to share with you how to shift from one of these archetypes to another as I did. I went from one type of mindset to a completely different type of mindset. As I went through what some people call a spiritual awakening.

As I pretty much just became more aware of the intimate correlation between what I'm thinking and what I'm feeling and what I'm experiencing. Seeing that correlation made a huge difference and I wanted to share that really the way we view ourselves, our self-image is something we'll always do everything we can to stay consistent too.

If you ever saw a movie that you watched that you felt really identified with the main character or one of the characters, maybe you watched it and you saw a certain character and you really like them. One of the reasons you may really like them as you really identify with them in a certain way. Maybe you densify with their story. I loved the books, but Harry Potter grew up living in a little closet.

This might sound kind of funny, but me and my brother kind of lived in a similar way. My dad was a firefighter so he wasn't home very often. If you know my story then I kind of had like an abusive ex-stepmom and we were kept on one side of the house and there was like a cage because it was called like the mother in law's quarters, I and my brother were in there and it had like a little kitchen.

We were allowed to have like one box of cereal for the week, you know, we were kind of malnutrition and stuff, but we kind of lived in that kind of environment where we didn't really have much inside of that room. We had these little fold bed things that I don't even know what they're called, like these little things, I think there are big in the nineties, but they're like these little things that fall down. That's where we slept on. They weren't even real beds.

And that's how we lived up until my dad divorced her when I was 15 and all of a sudden, we had all this freedom. But before that very controlled. And when I watched that movie a Harry Potter or read the books, I identified because of the way that the Dudley's which are Harry Potter's like mogul parents treated him, that was kind of how I and my brother retreated for a period of our life and it's something I identified with. When I identified with Harry Potter and I just kind of felt like I have magic in myself as well.

Like I'm sure everyone did. I mean, Harry Potter is one of the biggest books movies of all time, so I can imagine that. But yeah, that was my, what was your favorite character of mine was Harry Potter. I really identified with the main character.  I've always felt like it's my mission to share these ideas. In a similar way to Harry Potter, you know, uh, and it's, it's when we watched certain movies, there's a certain dynamic that we enjoy when we watched the movie.

Sometimes we watch a movie and we see the character go from one to the other. They go from one archetype, which I'm going to share with you in a minute, the different main archetypes, but it's very simple there, pretty much every movie has some level of it and what we see is we see the person transform and when they transform, we see them go into a totally different mindset.

We see them experience a certain amount of success and that is something that is fun to watch or fun to, a fun to be a part of and we identify. We're inspired by movies that were really inspired by normal movies where the main character goes through some type of transformation and in the same way we are in our own movie and we can learn how to transform ourselves with these archetypes that I'm going to share with you.

First off, be aware of maybe any movie before I give them to you. Be aware of any movie that you really identify with the main character you identify with them. That's the main key because we can always watch like Superman and be like, I love Superman. He's my favorite character. Maybe I'm like Superman. But the key is being aware of maybe the story that you really identify with and as you look at that, that'll kind of give you a clue as to how you view yourself and how and what archetype you may be in.

Think about what that is and now I'm going to start explaining the archetypes. There are three main archetypes for the way that we see ourselves and in the way also in every single movie that we've pretty much ever seen. And one of them is that of what we call the victim. The victim archetype or the victim character in a movie is normally the one that needs to be saved. A victim is the one that doesn't necessarily feel like they have the power. It is the one.

What's coming to me right now is if you've seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, where he takes. I mean it's not really a movie of transformation because he takes a pill and he takes a pill and then all of a sudden, he's got all these mind powers and stuff and it makes them like a totally new type of person.

But in general, imagine he did that without the pill. Imagine he transformed himself with through thinking or something like that. You see him at the beginning of the movie. He's kind of like a leaf in the wind is kind of like the victim. He's the guy that can't get the book deal and he's got all, you know, you got, he's got this desire, but he's kind of let himself go. He's got like long hair, really messy, small apartment. And you can just tell he's not happy. He's kind of depressed. That's his character.

It's kind of more of the victim role and there are the victims. Imagine they need to be saved or they have a certain story that kind of keeps them in a certain way. And I say this not from on the top of the mountain like I'm the king of the hill. I say this because that used to be my story when I came outside of like that experience I'm telling you about.

And my dad divorced my mom when I was 15. All of a sudden me and my brother had all this freedom. We were allowed to have friends, we weren't allowed to have friends before that. It was just my brother and me. We were a lot of times locked outside, had to work a lot. We weren't allowed to really go to school activities. We had to earn school activities and if we got in trouble for the dumbest things, we'd have to admit to lies that we didn't do lies the things that we didn't say we'd have to admit to it or we weren't able to go to like band competition or we weren't able to go into forensics debate.

For example, a school was like a privilege in her eyes. Because of that, I'm all of a sudden, we had all this freedom, but there was still this underlying victim mentality that I had for many years because it was a lot of pain and uh, uh, of the, uh, abuse, physical abuse plus the kind of like the restriction that we had.

I looked at that and I was like, oh, I felt this kind of like under laying unsettling feeling that, oh man, I feel like I should be experiencing or I should be able to let this go. And I felt that kind of victim mentality. I've been there. I understand how it is. Sometimes some people will look at me and see how positive I am and they see my lifestyle and they assume that I was kind of given everything on a silver platter, the silver spoon or something like that.

And I say it because I know how it is and most people have been through more pain than you can even imagine. A lot of people have been through pain on some level just in different forms. I want you to know that I get it. I understand. When I say the victim mentality, I'm not talking down on it.

What would I want to do as well as I want to wake you up to understand that you can let go of the story? Yes. Maybe some bad things happened, but you can choose to let them go. You can choose to see them as something I'm going to share with you exactly how to do that later in this blog as well, but in general, basically what it is the victim mentality is the one that needs to be saved is the one that is kind of more like a leaf in the wind isn't going through life and in the even in a movie and you know dynamically creating what they want or intending for it.

 It's just kind of things that happen. The other perspective is the one that we all desire to be like. That is the hero. In every movie, there is normally some type of hero and the hero is the one that claims their power.

A hero is someone who can add value to other people to save other people.

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The hero is the one that is able to intend to for things to happen and then experience it. The hero is the one that's able to add value to other people to save other people or to make something happened and the hero is the one, the archetype that we all have the ability to be.

When I share the hero archetype to understand that you can become the hero, the moment you decide that you're going to move from, maybe it's the victim mentality into the hero mentality, you have the same potential and the way that you do that is something I'm going to be sharing with you in a little bit. But that is the key is being aware of that hero mentality. So, Harry Potter, is kind of like the hero is the main character in that of Harry Potter is like a hero saving everyone else, right?

Or just able to go through and is on a journey, a quest to find himself and also to help other people and to go on this journey of defeating Voldemort. That is kind of a perspective of the hero's journey and it's a journey. It's not just a one-time thing, it's a journey. Then the other archetype is the villain, the bad guy, the one that normally has the resistance around them or people don't agree with them or maybe the people don't understand that person.

But sometimes he could sell the empathy for the villain as well. I know there's a certain movie I watched where you kind of have empathy where you see someone that's been through a lot of pain and then experiences it is the villain and you kind of sympathize with them a little bit. Like when you look at, uh, what was, was that Black Panther, Black Panther, it was a great movie.

One of the main characters, a guy that's a name is Michael Jordan in real life. Michael B. Jordan I believe is his middle initial, but anyways, he is the bad guy in the movie, but he's also somebody that was very, a troubled youth and probably a lot of people that are villains even in real life or people that were troubled or had like a harsh childhood. Maybe that is where they, the way they are.

But nonetheless, he was, when he was young, his dad was killed in front of him and it was something that he was left from his tribe in Africa, uh, the ad, like, you know, all these abilities and stuff like that, all these are like a superhero movie, but he's left in like Compton or something like that in la, kind of in the ghetto. And he's left there to kind of fend for himself and his dad is killed in front of him when he was like a toddler or very young, so that probably, you know, influences mindset and then he's the villain, but you kind of sympathize with them because he was left there by the tribe and nobody came and got him.

Of course, maybe he developed that level of, uh, of a pain and it may transmute it. You kind of sympathize with villains as well sometimes. But some people go in real life from the certain archetype to another. For example, I've shared this before, but tiger woods wind from that of the hero to the villain because he cheated on his wife and people started to view him in a negative light. Because of that, he kind of has had to fight that role of being the villain or being the bad guy. Some people thrive on being the bad guy though.

You've got people like maybe a Danimals Bilzerian who's got more of an edgy personality. He's like a social media guy who's always like on boats and stuff and it has a lot of money and kind of lifestyle. A lot of people wish they lived, uh, but he can sometimes appear to the villain to some people.

People like John McAfee, for example, I'm someone like them that appears to be the villain to a lot of different people just because of his mentality and the way the way he is. And other people as well. In general, that can also be moved. And it does sometimes move, like recently at the beginning of this year.

I don't know if you guys remember Paul Logan. Paul is a huge blogger; I think he's got like 17 million followers on, on YouTube and like a social media star. He was at the top of his game in December of 2017. And you just like? He was like the growing faster than any other YouTuber, all this momentum, all this, all this energy moving him in a specific direction. And what happened was in a split second, he went from the hero, and everyone dies in everyone's eyes to the villain because he made a dumb decision.

He went into the US traveling and his vlogs. He did daily Vlogs on YouTube, and he lives kind of this edgy lifestyle, or he's always doing unique things for entertainment for people. And he took it a little bit too far. He went to a suicide forest in Japan and when he was there, he, uh, he went to the suicide forest. He took a thumbnail with a dead guy in the back hanging. It was very edgy, something he shouldn't have done. Apparently, a dumb decision.

It even went beyond YouTube, and it went into Dr. Phil was talking to everyone is talking about it because in a moment millions and millions of people went from seeing them as the hero, as this amazing guy. That's like the most entertaining person ever, to see them as the villain, as this bad guy, and you see now when I look at him now, and I'm not saying this in a judgmental way, but when I see him now.

I can tell that it's weighed on him, is that he's not the same as he was before because his story has changed. He has gone from the guy, and that part of it too could have been. It could have been maybe the ego coming in a little bit too much. What happened was that sometimes when people get like that, things happened like that.

They manifest themselves that way to put you off that pedestal in a way because he may have been identifying too much with it. I don't know for sure and I'm not judging him. I'm just saying I do notice that happens a lot with, with certain people if they identify too much with the success that they're getting a, but nonetheless he's gone from that kind of mentality of being the hero to more of the victim or the villain and I can see him now trying to get out of it. I can see and I hope the best for him, but I'm just saying I can see the story and how people's stories change and how certain narratives change.

At any moment. We can go from the victim or the villain and the hero and that's something that I did because when I went through all that pain, I had a victim mentality for years. But then what I. What I did is I observed that pain and I transmuted it. The way that you change your story is by transmuting the pain and seeing that the pain led you to develop the character and the ability to transform yourself in a powerful way.

I transformed myself and instead of all those painful things that happened in the past, I started to know that those things didn't happen to me. Those happened to me. All of those negative things happen and allowed me to transmute that pain because now I have those reference experiences to help other people go through the same thing. Imagine having a guy on YouTube that's like, you know, teaching consciousness who’s always had everything worked out perfect for him.

It's a little harder to relate to, but I see her, my story, not because I'm still, it's still weighed down on me, but because I know that people can relate to it, and if you, if you see someone else who's done something that's maybe transmitted the pain, maybe you feel at the same time encouraged to do so. At any moment, you can change your story by identifying more with everything that happened as it happened to you. It happened for some positive reason.

Even if that positive reason as you come out stronger and you can help other people. But the other thing I did is I started to direct my life in a powerful way. I started to see myself as the hero. I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else, but I see myself as the hero of my own movie. Many people are intending to be the cameo when everyone else's movie.

Many people are kind of a leaf in the wind and letting things happen to them. Things don't happen to you. Things happen for you, and when you start to take more direction in your life, more a conscious ability to go in a certain direction, you intended more things in your life will start to happen for you in a very powerful way. But the key to this is to direct it yourself.

And when you do that, when you start to have an intention for yourself rather than the intention of what your family has for you, what's your job has for you? Things start to happen. A very powerful way. I made that choice back into someone's been exactly a year. I filmed this in August right now of 2018 and I left my old job in August in 2017, so it's been a year and I consciously decided that I was going to develop my own work ethic.

I was going to become my own boss and as I did that, that created the own my own reality for me and I viewed myself as the hero is the one that's paving the way for myself. It was the mindset shift that I made and you can make the same mindset shift as well. When you look at any character that you've ever liked in a movie, a lot of times the great movies or people that have transformed their roles. They went from the victim role.

They went from the role of these things happen to. They are the hero and they transformed themselves. And in those transformation type experiences is where you really identify with the character in a powerful way and it's what you desire to be more like. But in a similar way. You can be the hero of your own movie.

You don't have to figure out what you're attracted to. Someone else, don't view it as you are trying to get into their frame, into their movie because they'll feel that off of you being your own movie and every everyone else has a cameo, and as you have that perspective, you'll find that things happen more for you because you're not giving away your power or giving away your energy.

But understand you are already whole and complete and as you start to take on the characteristics of you being the hero of your own movie, that will become the reality for you. The key with all of them saying right now is to not identify too much with anything though. Just be aware of the story that you tell yourself. You can move it from the victim role to that of the hero role, but don't identify too much with even the hero.

The hero is the best version you can be, but have to be the best you compare to everyone else. You don't have to identify so much with it because sometimes in that identification, in that attachment, we create resistance and we might be someone that gets a crazy amount of success, but if we identify too much with it, kind of like I saw Logan, Paul do, it may in a way kick you off that pedestal and the key is to not identify with it and to know that you are the best version you can be.

And as you have that perspective, it's much more graceful. It's almost like you allow yourself to manifest with the universe rather than you thinking your ego typically doing everything. It changes the energy dynamics of it. In general, you can switch the perspective you have and the story that you tell yourself by being aware of the archetype you identify with and if you identify with more of the victim, then you can switch it to that of the hero by claiming the things that have happened in the past.

Knowing that they made you stronger by reframing why they happened and seeing it from a new point of view and then moving forward and directing your life. In a powerful way, by having direction, by making choices as the hero version of you and deciding that you are no longer going to be the cameo in anyone else's movie, you are going to be how you prefer to know that you are already whole and complete.

Know that nobody else can really take that power away from you and nobody can make you the victim. You can choose to be the hero. It really is a matter of choice and as hard as that may sound, sometimes that might sound a little bit harsh. The truth is if we don't allow people to put us in a box or to put us in that role of a victim.

It won't become that reality. There are times when people may say something to me like, oh, that seems unfortunate, and I'm like, no, it's not. It's just is what it is. Like it doesn't have. There's no story that has to go along with it. You know? It's like if something small happens is just it is what it is and you figure it out and you move on and with that story of knowing that we can always trust the universe, that's when everything really begins to change and that's when that momentum keeps on going.

This is about momentum and if you have a story that you don't prefer, you can change it by identifying more with the best version of you, allowing yourself to feel the emotions that you hadn't in the past. Don't resist it. Allow yourself to feel it and then choose to let it go or choose to transmute it and start to see yourself as empowered.

See yourself as the hero because as you see yourself as a hero, you will attract things easier than ever because you're embodying more of the best version of you. With that being said, let me know what you think of today's podcast episode by responding to me on my newest Instagram post. I've been doing 20-minute versions of these and my intention is to do more than just once a week. If you'd like me to do more than once a week, let me know on Instagram.

Also, you can follow me on Instagram where I take questions, ideas for the podcast. I also post live Q&As there. You can also follow me on YouTube, but most likely you follow me already on YouTube. If you found me on YouTube, it is the main bread and butter where I do daily content there every single day, 15 to 20-minute videos, many times meditations as well.

#4: My Top Vibrational HACKS for RESONATING With the Reality I Want

Today, we're going to be talking about some vibrational hacks that we can use to create the reality you want, or we want, and this is going to be things that I use in my own life. These are going to be things that I noticed in other successful people, and they're going to be things that may be a little bit more esoteric, but I think are very, very powerful.

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For me in general, I look at YouTube, I look at how I've gone in a year from where I used to be and just in case you don't know a little bit of my story. It’s almost been exactly a year since I left my 9-5 job. I used to work at Barney's New York selling woman's shoes. I worked there for about five years, and I knew the whole time that I wanted to be on YouTube eventually or sharing the ideas that I am passionate about.

And then in February of 2017, about six months before I actually left that job, I started going all in, I started to treat my side hustle, which was creating YouTube videos. I started to handle it as if it was already my fulltime and within four or five months I was able to go full time, and honestly, I probably could've done it way before, but I was playing it safe and I was waiting until I had the exact dollar amount or whatever, but if I could have figured it out sooner.

But nonetheless, it was something that happened very quickly. Once I decided that that was something that I wanted to do, that I wanted to be on YouTube, that I wanted to live that kind of lifestyle. And one thing that I've noticed is that what makes the process so much easier for us to vibrationally create what we wanted in her life and to resonate with what we want is for us to already be passionate about that which we want to experience.

Because here's the thing, here's the secret to the success in anyone. If you study anyone that is successful, you will see this pattern within them.

It's easier to focus on the things that you are passionate about.

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They have had to spend a lot of time and a lot of energy on focusing on what they want now maybe they didn't have to spend a lot of energy to focus on what they want because the thing is when you're doing what you're passionate about is very easy to focus on.

I was working a nine to five job at Barneys New York selling woman's shoes, which are like $1,200 pairs of shoes, you know, and so matt and I was working there 40 hours a week plus making daily videos, which was taken up a couple hours a day. I was easily working about 50 to 60 to 70 hours a week depending on the week. It was a lot of work, but it's so easy for me to focus on making videos because I'm naturally so passionate about it.

The reason I say this is because success takes focus and the easiest things for you to focus on are going to be things that you're passionate about. If you align your passion and you align that with what you want to experience in your life, you're going to find that you leveraged things in such a powerful way. In general, what I've realized in my own life is the more I focus on anything, the more I bring about that in my life, but the more focus you have, the more momentum you create and the more things just happen for you. And see what I see a lot of people do because I've been in this niche for a while.

I've been making YouTube videos on the Law of Attraction for two, two years now. I've noticed that there's a lot of people that will focus on something for a short period of time, but then they switched their focus. They focus on getting something, achieving something. Maybe it's even going full time with their passion. They focus on it for a period of time, but then what they do is they kind of give up and they go to something else or they just focus on it for a period of time and then they focus on something else.

The key, it's going to take focus in the grand sense and the focus is where the power is, so for example, if I would have given up after two weeks of going daily on YouTube back in February 2017, none of the growth would have really happened. It would have died out because I didn't master that area of what I was passionate about.

I put on it, I go to do a video. I just got done filming my video for the day. It's very easy for me to do because it's just a natural part of my life. I've conditioned myself so much and maybe you look at certain things down, you're like, “Oh, it's kind of hard for me to focus in this way.” But the only reason it may be hard to focus is because there hasn't been that conditioning and the why of why you're doing it, understanding why you're doing it.

When I make a video every day, I understand that the reason I'm doing it is that it's a part of who I am. I am the kind of person that creates the content. I am the kind of person that is passionate about when I speak about things. That's how I view myself.

That's a part of my self-image. When it comes to vibrational renders residents, one of the first things I want to share with you, his focus is so powerful and so underrated. People talk about, oh, it's what you think about is the emotion is this. It is all of those things, but it is also the focus and the momentum. I spend a lot of my time probably 12, 14 hours a day thinking about what I'm passionate about because I'm doing it. I love what I do.

When I wake up every day, I film videos; I'm editing videos, I'm doing website stuff. I go to the gym, which is my little break, and then I come back to it. I'm always focusing on what, on what I love to do. If this doesn't feel hard to me though, this is the path of least resistance.

Somebody asked me on Instagram recently, they're like, how do you combine the path of least resistance with the idea of taking action? Well, for me, the path of least resistance is me taking action because I'm passionate about when you're passionate about something, it doesn't require a great degree of energy expenditure.

The only equal requires energy expenditure. When you're doing something you're not passionate about and you think you have to do more, go with what resonates, but understand that the more you do what you're passionate about, the more that energy begins to work for you, the more that you really create powerful momentum in your life.

Beyond that, let me share with you a couple of vibrational hacks that I've used in my own life for creating the life I want. First thing I realized is that people, in general, have an energy field. Everyone has an energy field around them, but what you want to do to begin to be similar and in similar, I mean your own version. I don't mean you ever want to mimic people I know.

They say, oh, he models success and you'll become successful. You can do that, but do it in your own way. Do it with your own passion. Sometimes we lock ourselves into these thought processes of thinking we have to be a certain way and we get mixed in and we just kind of. We aren't being unique to ourselves or a lot of times what we are unique about is what makes us different.

The more I share my esoteric ideas on my YouTube channel, the more that sets me apart from everybody else. Not In an egotistical way. It's just that people are like, oh, I really liked that. I've never heard that before.

That's why I know to go in that direction of the more unique you are, the better. Of course, you do that with the awareness, but here's what I've noticed as I immersed myself in the vibration of people I want to be like, the more you become like them, the more I become like them. What I do, for example, is I connect with people that I want to be similar to because you are literally in a combination of the five people you're around the most.

That is actually vibrationally true, meaning we have something called mirror neurons, which means in our brain when we're around other people, when we're in other people's energy field, what we do is we start to resonate with the same vibration of them. What we can begin to learn to do is to tailor that environment. Maybe we see that we're constantly around.

People that are negative are people that are bringing us down. If that is the case, then we may need to tailor our environment or change the subject or whatever it might be, but what I do is I immerse myself in the thought processes and in the words of the people I want to be similar to. Let me share with you how I do this.

What I do is I listen to someone called, you probably know this person, Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins to me represents exactly where I want to be and how I want to be in my life as far as influence goes and public speaking. That's the level that I want to be at. I imagine Tony Robbins and the way that he is too kind of influence he has and I listened to his seminars and I could listen to his audio programs or you know, of him talking in interviews, but I, I prefer to listen to his seminars because the energy that he's in there is the kind of energy that I want to eventually be in.

By doing that, by linking up with his energy, I am starting to vibrationally resonate with more of that kind of reality. But I do it in a unique way where I realized I'm also going to be my own unique version of myself. I never want to be a carbon copy of Tony Robbins. But I know that I want to be similar to the kind of lifestyle he lives to the kind of influence he has. What I do is I imagined myself and I vibrationally resonate with the seminars that he puts out.

Anytime I listened to a seminar, I'm starting to vibrationally resonate with him. What I could also do is have mentors in my life and that's something I'm opened up to now, is having mentors that are also already public speakers because as I get around them, I'm going to start to resonate more with the reality of being that kind of speaker where I travel for a living and give seminars, so that's how I use it in my own life.

How can you use this in your own life or first off, be aware of people that you admire, people that you look up to, maybe those people that you look up to that you'd like to be like and these people? Maybe it is you being like an owning your own art gallery. You love art. You have amazing pieces. You want to own your own art gallery studio.

Find people that are already doing it and either get around them, talk to them, interview them, become their assistance, be in their energy field or read their books. Read their articles. I know that anybody you can imagine there is information out there and anytime you read a book, you are literally immersing yourself in the vibrational resonance of that person. There are certain books that you read that you as you read, you begin to vibrationally resonate with that book.

One of them is called the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. As you read that book, you become more present to the moment you aligned with the energy of it and the same way if you want to be similar to certain people read their books, get into their thought process is see how they think, because as you do that, you're going to be more resonating with what you want to experience in your life, so that's what I do as well.

I read books of people that I prefer to be similar like or similar to knowing that as I do that, I begin to resonate with the vibration of those people. That's one of the hacks that I use in my own life for a vibrational resonance. There's another hack that I use that has to do with understanding certainty. Now there are certain things that in your life you feel certain about, maybe you feel certain about your life.

Maybe there's certainty with the job that you do. You do your job better than anyone else and you're passionate about it. Maybe there's certainty around a couple certain types of books that you read and you love studying that.

And when you read about it, you feel like you know all about it. There's something in your life that you do feel certain about. If you're honest with yourself. And if you look to that, notice how you feel about the things that you're certain about.

It feels comfortable. It's a natural part of who you are. Another way to use this is to see yourself as already the kind of person you want to be an almost treat your declaration of your goals. First off, have goals too so many people just don't have goals, they don't have intentions and intention is like a declaration of a goal I intend. What do you intend for and when you intend for something, have this certainty that it is true.

Have this certainty that it will come to pass or is here now have certainty and almost treat it as if it's destiny for it to happen. Because as you do that, you start to align where that is the reality. If we have uncertain energy around it, it almost like we key. It's almost like we keep perpetuating more and more of that kind of experience.

Have certainty doesn't mean cocky arrogance, but what this does mean is just like you feel certain about a certain area of your life. Apply that same certainty and imagine that same kind of certainty you have about maybe your fitness or your family or your relationships or your job or a certain area of your life. Apply that towards whatever you intended for, so if I feel certain about me making YouTube videos, for example, which I do because I make so many of them and I feel so passionate about when I do it.

I can apply that certainty, that certainty feeling. I feel I can start to associate that with me speaking in front of a large group of people because I can see similarities. I'd be like, oh, well, it's kind of similar in many ways. I'm getting into a flow state. I'm speaking in front of 10,000 people a day on the YouTube video. Maybe it's thousands of people in a crowd. It's not much different. It depends on how you look at it.

By me doing that though, I start to vibrationally resonate with that reality because I begin to identify more with it and I started to treat it with that certainty because I already know that there are certain areas of my life where I can do that. There's also going to be ways that I can apply it in my way. Certainty, treat your intentions as if it is destiny.

Don't be attached to how things happened though. Sometimes what we do is we're attached to how things happen. What you do is you acknowledge your intentions, and you think to yourself, I intend for this to happen or better. Don't limit yourself. Sometimes we limit ourselves.

We're like, “Oh, this is the pinnacle of everything I want to experience.”, But we could experience more if we weren't attached to the outcome. Do not be attached to the outcome. Acknowledged that you want it, but know that you're good either way.

Somebody asked me in one of my live Q&As, “How do you have a goal but not be attached to the outcome is not like lying to yourself.”. Well, the key is knowing that underneath the surface you're good. Either way, you're already whole and complete. You don't need the relationship. You don't need the extra, this or that. You're already good. You're already okay. You're already whole and complete, and by having that frame, you can see that you could intend for something.

You can even desire it, but you don't have to be attached to how it happens. Let the universe bring it to you in whatever way it wants. Knowing and trusting the process, even if it's like it doesn't come right away. Know that it may be part of the process that it doesn't come immediately and the moment you deem that it hasn't come yet is the moment you keep that vibrational lack in your reality. Maybe the little hiccup that appears to be there as a part of the process and gets you exactly where you need to be. You exactly when you need to be there.

Understand that with all of this, when it comes to vibrational resonates, this is about you being the best version of you, knowing that you are already whole and complete and that you can easily tailor your vibration to the reality you want. By immersing yourself in the energy field of people, you want to be similar to that. One of the reasons, here's another hack for you. I read and listen to audiobooks from people and authors that wrote the books.

They're also saying the books so I at rather than having an audiobook by somebody that's like a narrator for somebody else, they're getting paid to do it. I prefer it to be a book that is by somebody that actually wrote the book because by doing it, I'm vibrationally resonating with the person that thought process, the mirror neurons and I feel like I absorb more of the information that is just conveyed through the words because there's also an energy underneath the words that people speak.

This is a way that you can begin to connect to the vibration that you want. By understanding that the version of you that is the best version of you had already exists and you can begin to resonate with it by putting yourself into the energy field of other people that are already in that type of energy, but also doing it in your own unique way, and as you do that, you'll find that things happen even easier for you.

If you'll find that things start to happen because you are the accumulation of the five people you're the most. If you're like, well, I don't have these kinds of mentors in my life, the information that you absorbed can also be a form of a mentor.

For example, Tony Robbins is one of my mentors. You may say, well, I don't meet up with them every week. I don't talk to him on the phone every week. I was he your mentor? Well, I listen to his books. I immersed myself into seminars so he isn't one of my mentors. Find mentors that people you want to be similar to, and as you do that, you start to immerse yourself in their energy field. You become more similar and you start to vibrate with that version of you in a similar way, but be unique. Be Yourself. Don't limit yourself as well.

I understand that anything you want is because you will feel better and have of it, so feel the emotions of what you want right now, and as you do that, you will start to experience what you want even easier. You will start to resonate more with that reality. You can give yourself permission right now to feel the emotions you want and as you do that, things change in a very powerful way, but remember, treat it as if it is a certainty.

It is destiny for you to experience what you want. As you treat it like destiny, you will literally start to feel an experience more of that certainty in your life, that certainty you have about some area of your life, merged that over to that of what you're passionate about and you'll see that then things happen in a very powerful way. Also, there's the Reality Transurfing, which is something that I teach, is from a book called Reality Transurfing, has to do with understanding vibrational resonance and how we can resonate with the reality we want in a very powerful way knowing that that reality already exists.

I show with Reality Transurfing,, how to use something called outer intention, how to create from this place of almost like the universe manifests for you and it's really a lifestyle for how to live from the heart and a completely new way, but using the principles of Reality Transurfing.

That's why I have something that is called the Reality Transurfing, Academy, which will help you to resonate with the kind of vibration you want. If you want help with this process if you want to be around other people that think similarly, and if you want interaction for me, coaching from me, helping you to vibrate with the reality that you want. There is the Reality Transurfing Academy which will show you exactly how to apply this powerful process which has the awareness that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and you can begin to shift to that reality.

If you're interested in joining, you can go to and you'll see Reality Transurfing on the front page. Click on it, and for a temporary discount, there is the ability to join for only a dollar and to try it out for seven days to see what it's all about and to see if it's something that resonates. If that's something you're interested in, if you want to join and just see what it's about for a dollar, you can do so at

This will help you to resonate with the kind of vibrational reality you want. This helps in the whole process and honestly me aligning with my heart and aligning with what I want to experience in my life and feeling the emotions first has been one of the big game changers. The action is powerful, but there are ways of aligning ourselves with that to where it becomes even more powerful.

That's something that I focus on myself and that's something that I love helping other people to do as well because manifestation really is easier than we think. Manifestation is a natural byproduct to the way reality works. It's not something we have to try to do, but when we align our energy in a very powerful way, things happen easier than ever.

#3: The Mindset of A MASTER Manifester (Competition and the Law of Attraction)

Today I will share with you how we can create and become what is called a master manifester. It's going to be talking about the mindset of what it takes to become somebody that is able to create what they want in their life and really to kind of like being a winner in life in general.

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Now, this doesn't have to be a winner like everyone else loses. Maybe I'll talk a little bit about something that's with them that comes to competition and the law of attraction. But this was actually something that's inspired because I'm currently in Sedona and I'm with my buddy, Victor Oddo who many of you guys know and were last night while we were doing as we went for a hike yesterday we went ate at this great restaurant and then we had an Asai bowl we will get our sables to come to these epic ensembles here in Sedona and we got that.

And then what we did is we went to the hotel we have has a Sonho in the sauna. Then after that, we went and we had a couple of hours before it's time to go to bed and we were going to get some work done but you know what I'm kind of on vacation here when we go to Sedona.

We normally come here to either go on vacation just to recharge our batteries because we're so busy back home in Vegas or we'll come here to get some work done. Like last time we arrived, we were putting together this whole this whole thing together that we were doing. And it was like a real work intensive time last time we came.

This time was cool because there are times more of his vacation. We're like hey we could be doing like work and stuff. You know we could be doing stuff or just going to relax so what we did is we watched the documentary is actually a documentary. I've already seen and it is a sports documentary and it's on cross fit.

If you guys know a cross fit is cross fit is like a type of work out where what you do is there's very functional exercises and is pretty intense like people would be doing like you guys ever heard of Burpee or a certain type of pull-ups very fast pace.

I've done it. I've done crossfade exercises before and they're like circuits as drains your energy it's so much but it's so good for you. I mean it's if you do it right and you don't injure yourself but if you if you do it the fast pace intense workout like that. I found them be very beneficial but anyways the reason I say all that is that's what crossfade is it's like a very high functioning quick type workout.

They have these things called The Cross Fit games and the Krasik games are actually something that's growing and something that's gaining a lot of popularity without. There's a lot of people that will watch these events almost like people watch football games watch them on the TV or go to the events. There's like thousands of people that go to these events and there is this documentary called what's called the fittest on earth or something like that.

And there was one that was a couple of years ago and there was a new one now it's called like redeemed or something like that dominant. The dominant and the redeemed fittest on Earth was like part II. And I've seen a couple weeks ago and I told Victor about and he wanted to see. We watched it and there was something so fascinating about the mindset of the people in there because there were there were a couple of different mindsets I want to talk about.

And in this episode what you're going to learn is kind of the mindsets that it takes to become like the best at what you do not the best. Like in an egotistical way like I'm better than everyone else but more so in a way that you just you see yourself as the best version of you. Like you have the self-image of a winner.

Because in this documentary there is this girl that is from Australia and it kind of follows these different people that are some of the top cross fighters which mean to be across it. I mean you've got to do all these different exercises it's not like to be the fittest on earth in this documentary. It's not like you just a couple different core exercises you do. And if you're the best at those you win. It's like you have to there's like 12 or 15 different events and you have to like the place at all of them and it's like whoever has the most points at the end wins.

And it's very interesting because you have to be all around like very fit and very good at what you do. And there was this one girl who last year or the last I don't know his last year is actually so back up as the first documentary fittest on earth kind of documents her evolution and kind of how she's gone through the process from like maybe three or four years ago.

But basically, there is this one girl her name is Tia but I forgot her last name. She's from Australia. And it is fascinating to watch because a couple of years ago when she was being interviewed or she was being followed around for this documentary you could tell that she just didn't believe in herself like someone to come out for an autograph and she'd be like oh you're probably going to burn that photo when you're done with it or somebody would like me wanting to picture with her and she'd like I don't know I want a picture with me or she's like one of the best.

Like she's is so fit and she's places that like almost every event. But she just didn't see herself as one of the best and it was interesting to see because I remember watching the first one a couple of weeks ago and was like wow she just kind of has the mindset that she's not Worthy's she's not good that can't play out well like there's no there's no winner that's like armed. I don't I don't view myself as a winner.

It was hard for her to even say that like she kept stuttering. I'm like man that's kind of symbolic that there must. There may be some kind of disconnect or maybe she just doesn't see yourself like that because even her to say that she had to say that for like the camera it was like behind the scenes of showing what she had to say for the camera for like ESPN.

She had a say like I'm one of the fittest women on earth or something but she kept stuttering even though she speaks English and it's her primary language and she's kind of joking around about it she's like all these other people a lot of people that are like English as a second language and they're probably not stuttering as bad as me but it is interesting the mindset that she had a couple of years ago.

And she a couple of years ago she like should have won the crossfade games like there's like 17 different events and she should have won. But what happened is right when there was the last event it came down to the very last event she was doing like this type of lunge thing and she got right to the end to the last step.

But then like missteps and she had to redo that step and as she redid it somebody else pasture and won the first place and she won second place and it was a very devastating imagine almost winning something to being the fittest woman or man on earth. And then all of a sudden you lose it because it's something like that. Obviously, there was something in the mindset that was she won by like steps but she had to redo the last step because it was like you could tell she went into her head and so she lost she won second place on the first documentary.

You know that was like four or five years ago three or four years ago whenever it was and you could just see herself talk to see the mindset that we had she had and then this year or this new one called redeemed and the dominant in the redeemed or whatever it is it's like the part to her mind Steph started you can see it's shifted.

She started to see yourself more as worthy. You can tell by the things that she was saying that she didn't viewers self as much as like somebody that wasn't worthy. She started to see herself more as a winner. And even though she didn't completely maybe she wasn't like know completely cocky or anything like that she definitely you could tell that something within her started to shift.

And in this one she like dominates through the most of the whole thing until the Vajda into the final two exercises and in the final two exercises that are like these different obstacle courses and stuff she's going through them. And it was like the same exact thing. It came down to the wire because there was someone else like she dominated every single thing but it still came down to the wire. And it was between her and another Australian girl that was that was doing the last event.

And it was like the same exact thing the last step she messed up and she had to go back and you could just see it in her mind and you can just kind of see how she's thinking about it and it's so weird that it was like the exact same thing but she goes back, and she does it and she pretty much thought she lost again. She thought she got second place again.

It was like a reiteration of the time before but not to ruin it or anything. She ends up winning. And she got it. It was her mindset she had to think about herself differently. She was honestly like hands down. Everyone thought she had it in the bag way before the competition even ended but she started to kind of work against herself. It's very interesting. While I'm watching this and there's another guy I think his name is Matthew Frazier he's like the guy is like the guy version.

That is the strongest man in the world he wins like almost every year and he just dominated everything and it was interesting because Victor and I were sitting there talking and the mindset is so different from some of the people that are like numbers three four and five. They're like, “Oh I get fifth place.” That's really cool.

And it's like ok with a second or third place but the winners like when you look at the guy this guy I think is Matt. His name is Matthew Frazier I knows for sure his last name is Frazier but he like you is Matt if he got a second place like he was he saw himself so much as a first place or that he couldn't even imagine himself getting a second or third place is very interesting because he dominated everything.

 But what I noticed is I was talking to Victor about this because I looked over I was like you notice how all the people that are third fourth fifth place are totally ok with it but the people that are the first place that are normally always first base and expect to be first place they like they can't even imagine themselves in second or third place.

Are we playing to win or are we playing not to lose.

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It was just a very different perspective which got me to think are we in life playing to win or are we playing not to lose. This is a very interesting idea because we may even see this in many different areas of our life if you look at people that just naturally view themselves as winners. 

Things happen a lot of times more in their favor because that's the way they see themselves. They see themselves as winners. They see themselves as the way they preferred to be and because they see themselves that way it's almost like they project that reality out and then that becomes who they are. It's interesting because it's more about the way we see ourselves and just how are we approaching life in general. That was one thing I noticed I found very interesting. Now, this doesn't mean like we have to be better than everyone else.

Compare ourselves but at a certain level we have to become the best versions of ourselves and we have to know that we are the best versions we can be and we have to see ourselves as winners in life in general. Like I consider myself a lucky person. I just say to myself a lot. I mean repetitiously I'm a lucky person. Things are always working out for me and that becomes my reality the more that I say and the more that I think it and I do I view myself as a winner in life.

That's how I view myself. Doesn't mean I'm better than anyone. It just means that that's the mindset of the way I go about it and I find that it works for me. There are different stories and different narratives that run us, and there's different. I was reading about this recently somebody was talking about how there are three main archetypes.

There's the there's the victim there's the hero and there is the villain there's the like the three main archetypes that people identify with. And I personally would prefer to be the hero over the other two. Because if you're a villain then you're kind of the bad guy. Some people thrive on being the villain. And then you get the victim which of course is where a lot of people are because they're not aware that they create their own reality or that they can use their thoughts to influence what they experience.

But what I find very interesting is how powerful the story the narrative we tell ourselves influences our life experience. The way that I view myself is I view myself as somebody that is a winner. I view myself as someone that's lucky. I view myself as somebody that I still work hard. I know some people don't like it when I say that but I do put in a lot of effort to what I do and because of that I get a lot out of life and it's the way that I view the process.

It's my beliefs it's my story that I tell myself. But that was one thing I noticed from this documentary is the top best people viewed themselves as a winner. And it was funny because the girl that there was a girl that won two years in a row before this and her name was Catherine. I believe Katie Ryann and she was from Iceland and she won two years in a row. She was the one that that girl lost to very closely like a year or two ago and she won like the fourth or fifth place but she was so mad at her.

And I'm not saying it's good to beat yourself up but you can just see in her mind she was just confused because she's like she said at the end of a documentary 2 She's like it's just so hard for me to see because I know I'm the winner.

Like I know I'm a winner and I know I could have won and I didn't. It's kind of just the reason I'm bringing this up is that like what's your self-image it's like how do you see yourself. Do you love yourself as a winner? Are you the best version that you can be? And if not how can you start to see yourself in a new way. I start to see myself and I've been seeing myself as just one of the best at what I do. That's how I view myself and I'm not a cocky bag I'm better than everyone else that's in my niece or anything like that. It's just I view myself as that. And because of that, I believe I'm easier it's easier for me to embody that version of me. And for me to just kind of be myself knowing that's like the master role that I prefer to see myself in.

It was kind of a different idea but that was what I noticed as the fourth and fifth people. They were very OK they were kind of just happy they placed but the people that were playing to win won. Whatever you focus on it becomes your reality in the second to the last step that Tia was taken where she messed up. She wasn't thinking of winning. She was thinking of not losing. She was thinking of I hope I don't misstep like I did last year and therefore she did it again.

And there was somebody that you only get two tries for this certain event and people. Someone said one of the girls was like you don't want to look at other people because if you see someone feel it then make it can influence. You almost have to just focus on you and just look at the bar and it just there's so many correlations I see with this and then life experience, in general, is like where ever you focus you go if you focus on not if you focus on not failing.

It's still the focus is on failure. But if you focus on winning it's more likely that you can actually win. That was something that I've noticed also in other people like if you get a guy, for example, that's like nervous to talk to girls. Right. And it's like hey go push yourself and go talk to that girl that you're attracted to go up to her and talk.

If a guy goes up to a girl and he's thinking himself. I hope you don't reject me. I hope I'm worthy. I hope you don't say anything mean or you don't like you know kind of reject me and it will dampen my self-worth that frame that you go forward with is going to emanate to girl and then she's going to look and she's going to be like she's going to kind of feel that and just bounce back off of that and be like oh she's going to kind of feel that your plane did not lose it.

Oh, that's so cute. He's coming up here. It's going to be that kind of mentality. But if you play to win if you play you're like you know I'm attracted to this person I'm going to go talk to this person and see if we have that connection.

It's a different type of energy. It's about holding the frame and knowing that you're worthy and playing to win and not playing to not lose. You don't want to play to not lose because whatever you focus on is where the energy goes. And that's something that I've been practicing in my own life is how can I become and be the best version of me.

How can I focus on what I want and know that as long as I do that I'm going to be embodying the best version of me? Now here's something else I want to talk about as well that is understanding what we call in the Law of Attraction we could call it the difference between competition. Normally we think of competition a of which I actually can't everyone if everyone uses the Law of Attraction will everyone can win. So, who wins in that case.

Well, what has this has to do with his understanding of the self-image. There are different variables that come into play a level of allowance how attached to the outcome are you going to people that are everyone's focused on. I mean not everyone but a lot of people are focused on winning but some people are actually focused on not losing. But the key is how much is someone allowing the true version of them to flow through. How much is someone attached to the outcome because then that creates resistance?  There are different variables that come into play. But let me share with you is something that completely changed my life. When it comes to competition the Law of Attraction. I used to work at a place called Barney's.

No this is actually before I used to work at Barneys New York. Before that, I worked at this place at Nordstrom's it was Nordstrom's I worked in woman's shoes. I sold women's shoes there for about four or five years and while there I learned about the Law of Attraction. Dr. Wayne Dyer book is like the power of intention.

I watched one of his seminars and I got motivated and I read this book that was called the Science of Getting Rich by Walter de Waddle's and this book is a short book but it kind of shows the science of getting rich you know some of the concepts in there that I still apply today. And one of them was understanding about how to use thoughts how to use emotions.

One of them is understanding how there is this creative mind and the competitive mind. Now I worked in a sales commission job which means I went in every day and I got paid based on the amount of soul I got paid 10 percent commission so if I sold you know three thousand dollars’ worth of shoes which is like an average day I mean 300 bucks not bad. And I would be OK with that day.

You know and would go in. But I was also in a way I had my friends were co-workers there but they would also be wanting to sell you know they had their own goals as well and you know kind of in a way you're competing because then you've got customers coming in. You want to take on the customer you want them to pick you to help or you know kind of like you going up to them the customer kind of pick who they want. But this is what made a big change.

I used to have kind of a competitive mind, “Oh I hope I get that customer because the more customers I get the more I can make I changed from this competitive mind to something called the creative mind.” Now the creative mind is knowing that there's an infinite amount of abundance and all we have to do is align with it.

There's an infinite amount of abundance that exists. It's just that when we believe in competition, we believe that we have to compete. We create more of needing to compete. We create more of this scarcity mindset. It's like oh there's only a certain number of customers coming in if this guy gets it then that's going to take away from me.

But the key is understanding that there's enough to go around. At the immediately from switching from the competitive mindset to the creative mindset I started to more so embody the characteristics that I prefer. I started to more so in body and know that I could allow things to happen. Resistance went away and I started to actually make more money. I started to sell more. My energy kind of opened up and it was like I let go of a scarcity mindset. A lot of a lot of competitors as well.

We're constantly shifting through different parallel realities there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist with a whole bunch of different versions of us and we're constantly shifting through these parallel realities with every second what we think of as time is the movement through these different parallel realities and they all exist right now because the only moment that does exist at this moment right now.

The power in this is knowing that because this is the only moment that exists in an infinite number that does exist in a parallel reality we could focus on resonating with the reality that we want. Because of that, there is a version of us that is always a winner. There's a version of us as is losing. There's a version of us that's from a fourth or fifth place right in between.

The key is to focus on us knowing that we can resonate with that reality because there are also be versions of that reality where other people. Let them do their thing you just shift to the reality where you want to be. What this does is this take out the will I get the scarcity mindset and it puts it more so in the frame of there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and I'm going to choose the one where I win by seeing myself as that version of me and body and the thoughts the emotions the actions as that version of me knowing that as I do that I'm going to experience more of what I want.

This is kind of a new take on it. I wasn't really going to mention that but that's a different idea that I think really makes it easier and sometimes people as to they're like well these parallel realities. What about the version of me that snootiness where did that go. They all exist right now we don't need to be worried about what other versions of reality. This and that they all exist now.

We're just shifting our perspective through different ones so it's not like they died although there are versions where we aren't alive right now there's that number that exists. But the key is to shift out of this competitive mindset because in the competitive mindset we create more competition we create more resistance and therefore we create the reality where someone else can win a lot of times people that are in second and third place aren't focused on themselves they're focused on the first-place person. How far away they are.

Therefore, almost like adding to the energy of that person winning almost adding to that reality. The key to this is knowing that you can see yourself as a winner and that by you seeing yourself as a winner that will become more of your reality. You can change your self-image and you can understand the psychology of someone that's master like a master manifest or somebody that's a man or master manifests or creates their own reality or chooses it. However whatever perspective we're coming from.

But they focus on the best versions of themselves. They focus on them becoming and resonate with the reality they prefer. They don't have to be attached to the outcome because they are naturally whole and complete already they can be the version of themselves that they prefer to be without needing the approval of other people. And the key to this is knowing the version of you that exists a powerful way to connect to this version of you is to imagine the best version of you that exists.

How would you be acting? How would you be thinking what emotions would you be feeling and start to embody the best version of you? Now, this isn't about faking it till you make it. This is about letting go of what doesn't serve and being who you naturally are. And if being a winner doesn't feel natural it may just be a repetition of the Old Mint victim's story that maybe you're telling yourself maybe you're in the unconscious autopilot mind and it's like oh this doesn't feel familiar it's not that that's not you.

What I encourage you to do is to get more into a competitive mindset , get into a creative mindset know that there is enough to go around. Know that there's an infinite amount of abundance doesn’t shortchange the universe and thinking that it can only provide so much. Know that as long as you focus on you as long as you focus on being the best version of you you'll know that you can then shift to more and more that reality, see yourself and give yourself the self-talk that talks you up.

I'm lucky. Things are always happening to me. I'm always in the right place at the right time. I am the best version of me. I am putting in and living my life's purpose these affirmations said with repetition. Create a powerful reality and you're able to then go beyond that of the limitations of the blocks of the autopilot mind that's just kind of comfortable or just familiar.

And the more you do that the more you start to embody the true essence of who you are. You start to embody who you are really meant to be and you can take yourself out of the story may be of being the victim or the villain and you could start to become the hero of your own movie be the hero of your own movie. Not the cameo in the movie anyone else's. If you're finding yourself and you are focused on what everyone else is doing then it's just the autopilot mind.

It's the familiar mind wondering what is everyone else thinking. You can start to buy more into yourself you can know you are holding. You can know that there's enough to go around this creative mindset that's something that's really you know even on YouTube right. It's like oh there's people out there that you may assume there's a lot of people that make a law of attraction videos. Is there really competition in my niche?

Not really because if I collaborate with them it's a win-win. It's not like people on YouTube can only be subscribed for well Law of Attraction people. Somebody else that like is you know taking or you know doing the same thing is all they've taken away my business. No there's only that of creating and collaborating. There are so many people out there we don't need to be thinking of the competition.

We don't need to be thinking like that. If you have an idea and you want to put it online there's billions of people out there don't think that it's congested if you have a unique spin if you have a unique perspective and you're willing to put in the effort and really to really resonate with the vibration of the reality you want. You stand out.

This is about understanding who you are and opening up these limitations we put in our mind opening up and knowing there's so much more out there. We don't have to have the scarcity mindset we can buy more into a reality where we collaborate with each other. We're in this creative mindset we can shift to the parallel reality where we are the winner because we are the best version of us we can know that we can.

Instead of playing to not lose we can play to win and by playing to win we start to become a winner. See yourself as a winner become aware of your self-image and then everything in your life will change. That was a powerful packed voice of me talking passionately about this I hope you guys got value out of it.

#2: My Top Hacks for Living A High Vibrational Lifestyle

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Today, we're going to be speaking on that have high vibrational living. I'm going to be sharing with you some of my top hacks for how I keep my vibration high, some lifestyle parts of this equation that I have to do with how I live on a daily basis, uh, mindsets that helped me to stay in a high vibe state and even some daily hacks and habits that I have that have just totally transformed my life.

And let me rephrase it by saying that maybe some of you have heard my story before, but I had this awakening experience back in 2012. In 2012, I went through a spiritual awakening. And in this experience, basically what happened is to make a long story short, is I had at the time what is called ADHD, which means that was hard for me to focus.

Doctor said, hey, you have ADHD, here's some Adderall, which is the prescription drug they give out to people so that they can focus and what it does is that will make you focus. So, I went to work every day. I worked at Nordstrom's and I was able to really focus and I made money on it. I mean it was like this. What My Top Hacks for Living A High Vibrational Lifestyle does is it makes you release a lot of dopamine so you just feel really focused.

But then the side effect of that is then you crash. So, I would take it while I was at work and then I'd get off work. I go home and the side effects of Adderall are you can't eat very much, you can't sleep very much and it was just very harsh side effects. It's like imagine you're taking caffeine like a whole shots and shots of espresso, which by the way, I would take four shots of espresso and I would feel like actually focused when I would do it.

You know how some people feel jittery when I had like what is called ADHD, I would actually feel very calm. It was kind of weird how it worked, but uh, nonetheless, what I would do is I would, you know, how you would crash on sometimes caffeine on taking like a spread or coffee, we'll imagine that times 10 on Adderall and that was the harsh side effects.

So, eventually I was working at Nordstrom's and I was going through the harsh side effects, not able to eat very much at night and sleep well. So I did a little bit of research and I came across meditation and you guys want to know what the side effects of meditation are. Only positive, you know, like the side effects. Are you feeling better, more mental clarity? I'm a general sense of wellbeing. I was like, well these side effects look a lot better than the other side effects.

So I was like, you know what, okay, although this research, I'm going to follow up on it, I'm going to practice it or at least see what this is all about. So I remember for a second or a first, second day I tried it, not much of a difference. Then I third day, third day was the magical day. I learned how to observe my thoughts rather than control them. The first two days I knew about the law of attraction already and my mind was like, I was like, oh, can I take negative thoughts?

Which of course causes more resistance. So instead what I did is I observed those thoughts from a neutral place and I allowed them to be there. I didn't try to control my mind. That was when things started to shift. I started to feel totally different about myself. I started to become more present to the moment.

I realized that there is a thinker within me, there's a thinker, and then there's the observation of that thinker that's more awareness. That's more of the expanded point of awareness that I became to understand and from that moment going forward, I started to feel totally different about myself and I remember walking around my room and just feeling so different.

Like I would say that before I felt a lot of a lot more anxiety, I felt on a scale of one to 10 with one feeling not so great, 10 feeling amazing. I felt like I was normally in about three or four, maybe a three to a five, and then after this kind of spiritual awakening in this presence that I started to more so feel I went to about a seven or an eight out of nine out of 10. I started to feel really good a majority of the time and I thought it was going to go away.

I remember walking around my room thinking to myself, oh, is this feeling ever going to go away? But the thing is, it never really did go away. It just became my natural set point. And of course it still fluctuates. I'm not saying I'm enlightened or I'm not saying that, uh, you know, there's times that I don't. There's times I feel really good, but my base point has changed.

So, my base point is now generally at about a seven or an eight out of 10. And as I go down this rabbit hole of consciousness, I realized that this one to 10 scale is kind of obsolete. There's actually a 15 or a 20 out of 10. That's a whole different concept though. That's a whole different episode, but nonetheless, um, that changed my whole life. I then started to live in a higher vibrational state that a lot of things in my life changed from that point going forward.

I started to have a lot more realizations about life in general about the way reality works. I let go of a lot of habits that no longer serves me. Um, and I started to resonate with a totally different way state of being a state of consciousness and what I'm about to share with you, these different hacks and stuff that I've learned over the last year since 2012 that I've just in a way solidified into a routine or stuff that I do consistently that has allowed me to live the kind of lifestyle that I do now.

And part of that lifestyle I live now is I wake up every day and I love absolutely love what I do. I get to do what I want when I want to do it. And it's because some of the stuff I'm going to share with you. I don't say that to brag or to make you feel like, Oh, if you're going to a nine to five job, you don't enjoy, you should feel bad.

Uh, I think that you can do it as well. I think this is stuff that I share is like I just kind of, I've lived it and I've done it, so I want other people to be able to live it as well. So, part of that has to do with understanding a, this one major idea that I'm going to be sharing with you and it's the thread from which all of this kind of weaves through and that is simply understanding passion and doing what you love for a living.

And the reason that is, is because when we're in a high, in a passionate state, when we are doing what we are naturally excited about, when we doing whatever that is, that feeling, that feeling of excitement is our body's translation. It's our body's way of telling us, hey, this is what you're meant to be doing.

This is more to the core of who you really are. This core is who you really are. And that's the thing is when we feel in positive emotion, that's emotion is telling us that we are in alignment with who we really are and I are higher vibrational state. Is that connected to our passion and what we're excited about. When we do that, something else that'll happen as time will go by crazy fast, I swear time goes by so fast, it's insane, and it's because I'm in this high vibe state of me doing what I love and the biggest takeaway.

We'll just get into it right now. The biggest takeaway from this whole thing, I'm going to tell you the hacks. I'm going to tell you all these little things as well, but the underlying thread of this all is, are you doing what you are passionate about? Are you doing what you're excited about?

And if not, that's totally okay, but know that as you start to set intentions for you to figure out what that is, you will start to find momentum in your life going in that direction. So this is more so about understanding who you are. This is about understanding your core frequency, understanding that you can start to do things that maybe are a little bit scary because you haven't done them before, but if you have some type of intuition about it, I'd say go ahead and do it.

I and even me when I was making YouTube videos, I wasn't comfortable. The first video I made like, Oh, I knew that YouTube videos or some type of videos in general, like I, I've always known I was meant to be some type of public speaker since I was young. I just knew that I knew that that was my mission in life or something I was going to be doing, but I didn't know how that was going to come to fruition and I knew that the first YouTube video I made, I wasn't going to feel very comfortable.

And if you go back to my YouTube channel, look at the very first video I ever made. I don't look very comfortable and I had this intuition inside of myself that said, hey, if I do this, I feel like I will either become more passionate about it and it'll become more natural for me or it will lead me to something which is where I need to be. And that's what I did is I just decided I was going to do that. And of course, I figured things out along the way that accelerated that whole process.

But nonetheless, I was scared in the beginning, but I chose to do it. So is there something that maybe you've been holding off? Maybe it's a, maybe it's starting a podcast. Maybe it's creating content. Maybe it's you doing art more often and you expressing it to the world.

Maybe it's sharing a message. Maybe it's you, uh, going all in on something you're passionate about. Whatever it is, find out what that is and choose to do it. Take the step, take the leap because that leap, even though it feels scary at first, will lead you to the next best thing.

And the thing is we can't create anything new when we've been doing consistent things over and over and over again because auto pilot mind is in effect, everything that we do is on autopilots, almost everything, 99 percent of it, and when we make this choice to do something that maybe we haven't done before and especially when it has something to do with them.

That's when things really start to happen in a powerful way and that's what I did, is I made the choice that I'm going to start making more YouTube videos and that's what I did and things started to grow and you get signs from the universe as well.

When you are taking action, doing something you're passionate about, the universe will give you signs and it will say, yes, you're going in the right direction and maybe right away even if something doesn't happen right away, you have to trust the process. But the first thing that I wanted to talk about today is that of doing what you are passionate about.

Personally, I've always known that that was, like I said, making videos or sometimes somehow sharing my message, sharing my content and I did that with making YouTube videos and I did that for about six months, eight months. I didn't get as much out of it because I wasn't putting as much into it.

And the game changer for me is that I decided that in order for me to bring my side hustle into my full time, what I had to do is I had to treat my side hustle. Like it was my full time before it was, which wasn't always easy because I was working a nine to five job and I was, you know, I was working at Barneys New York selling woman's shoes 40 hours a week, plus all the other time.

Pretty much was me making YouTube videos, editing them, posting them. But I just, I believed so much in what I was doing and I knew that the more I put into it, the more I would be in the vibration of being a full time YouTuber that eventually that would become my reality and that's exactly what happened. That became my reality and it's like what are you passionate about?

And if you can do that thing more often, that will lead you to more and more of you being in a high vibrational state. Like when I get in front of the camera and I make videos, I feel like I'm in a high vibrational state. Like I get into a flow state. I don't, I actually don't even script my videos. Like sometimes I don't even really know what I'm going to talk about in the video. The only thing that I write down the day before is the title.

So, I know the exact title when I wake up in the morning, I believe there's power in going to bed at night and having the subconscious mind work on things and figure it out. I set the intention before I go to bed.  And, before I went to bed tonight, I was like, okay, I'm going to make a video and parallel realities tomorrow. Understanding we don't have to create our own reality. We can make it easier by knowing that we can just choose it, so that's all I knew, but I woke up this morning.

I do some of the stuff I'm about to share with you in a little bit about my high vibe type habits and then I go into a video and it just very smooth, very easy because I've prided myself through hundreds and hundreds of videos. I think there's 700 videos on my YouTube channel now and I don't say that to brag or for you to feel like you're. You're so far behind.

I say that because with repetition is where the power comes. It's where it all starts to flow through. So buy into yourself now because the earlier you start, the faster, quicker ahead you're going to be.

I can only imagine that if I started doing this like four years ago where I would be a, everything happens, you know, of course the way it's supposed to and I believe that, but at the same time, I know that in four years from now I'm going to be at a totally different reality and the sooner you start the better, so I encourage you, whatever that is, to start now, not wait, start now because you will start to be.

You'll be much further ahead than you would be if you waited and you waited and you waited and you never know how fast can things can happen. I couldn't have imagined a year ago that I would be at where I'm at today. I knew it was my goal. That was my intention, but it's even exceeded that of what my vision was, so find out what you're passionate about.

Do that thing because that thing, whatever that is, that feeling that you have within your body is your body telling you this is closer to your core frequency of who you are. If you don't know what that is, like I said, just simply set intentions. When you set the intention for you to find your passion, you'll start to get signs of that. Maybe it's a book that pops out at you. Maybe it's a certain person gets brought into your life. Maybe it's a certain activity you feel guided to do.

Maybe it's not the end all be all thing, you know, like, uh, I get certain intuition sometimes I had an intuition that I to start making more meditation videos and I started to do that and people started to really get benefit out of it.

I started to realize how much power that was. So I kept doing it and that was like a carrot on a stick that led me to something else that led me to something else you never know, but you just start doing whatever's the most passionate thing you can do in the moment that will trickle out and lead you to the next best thing to the next best thing to the next best thing until eventually you're on this astatic static expression of how you prefer to be this timeline.

That's just totally indicative of how you prefer to be. So that's the underlying thread of passion. That's probably the most important part of the process, but I wanted to share that first. As cliché as it sounds, it really is the true degree of power and money is a side effect of that. Honestly. Like money is a side effect of that.

 Like I put everything I do, I put into adding value to people through me sharing my message because I know that a side effect of that is the financial abundance. A side effect of helping other people is.

What we put out is what we get back.

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That comes back to because I believe we live in a reality where what we put out is what we get back and at a deeper level. What I put out to other people and if I can help other people, I'm helping other aspects of myself from a deeper level of consciousness and that comes back, but the key is to not focus on just the money. 

It's not just focus on the materialistic parts of it. That can sometimes be a motivator, but the key is to go deeper than that because those things are fleeting. They're fleeting. Even if like we make a certain amount of money per month, that was our goal. We may make it and we may realize, okay, this is cool, but it doesn't feel that much different than, than whatever.

Before, I would say that one of your first goals should be to just go full time doing what you love. That can be, that I think is more powerful than a certain dollar amount, and they say that statistically when you get to about $70,000 a year, and I know this is debatable, but about 70 to $80,000 a year. That’s the point.