#10: 3 State of Being HACKS for using the Law of Attraction

Welcome back to another episode. I'm back at it again with another episode for you because I said I would do two episodes a week, maybe three, maybe even once a day. You can follow me on Instagram (aaron_doughty44) where I take questions, ideas for the podcast. I also post live Q&As there. And today's going to be all about understanding our state of being with the Law of Attraction.

I'm going to share with you three hacks, three metaphors, three things that I've done in my own life that has radically changed my life. And it all stemmed a year ago. Well, actually, a lot of this happened a while ago. I've learned some of this while I worked at a sales commission job, which I'm going to explain a little bit about.

There was this experience I had, I've kind of shared this before. The place I went and Costa Rica called Rhythmia. Uh, this place I went to and it's a life transformation place. My buddy Victor Oddo, who's also a YouTuber and we went there and it was a real cool experience.

I was waiting for victor to get there because this is before he moved to Vegas and like now when we go in November this year we're going to fly on the same flight, but last year we had different flights so he had to fly in from LA because that's when he got his ticket, so I flew in from Las Vegas. We were like two or three hours apart, so I was waiting for him to get in.

I was like, okay. When I got there and got there a little couple hour early, I was like, okay, I'll go to the transformational breath workshop and I didn't know what to expect, but I remember going in and had this profound experience where I had no idea what to expect.

First off, I didn't even know what transformational breath work was. I go in and basically you go in and I'm in this big room. It's like this. It's like a place out of a dream, you know, I'm in this room, I'm in this huge room that's like half, half, half outside. There's grass everywhere around this like room and uh, like on the outskirts of it and just real comfortable.

There were blankets and a pillow is that each of us had and there were like 20 to 30 people and then there's a guy that was leading it. His name was Christian. He was really cool. And what we did is he went through this breath work that we were certain breathing pattern we're going to do. And the idea is that all of the traumas from our past are lodged within a breath pattern.

As weird as that sounds, it's, I found it to be true. What happens is at a certain moment in our past we decided that subconsciously this is who I am or this is how I have to be. Maybe it was like someone told us to be quiet or something when we were younger and then we gave that mini-me. We're like, Oh, I'm not supposed to talk so much.

Kids are meant to be seen and not heard, you know, it's like a common saying and we immediately are breathing pattern changes and we feel not so empowered and then that becomes our breathing pattern that we carry around for the rest of our lives, not knowing unless we deal with it. And what happened was, is, you know.

I kind of figured, oh, I went through a spiritual awakening years. I've been through a lot of this stuff, you know, and into the ego kind of steps in. But in this breathing breath workshop, you're breathing very deeply in through the mouth, like, like really brief a deeply for like 40 minutes straight. And in that 40 minutes, so much stuff will come up.

You'll let go of patterns, you'll let go of all these tensions and stuff. And when I did it, I had this profound experience where I was like letting go of a lot of the stuff that I went through in my childhood, a lot of pain that I went through. Um, I let go of so much stuff and I started. I guess it's a common thing that happens.

Certain parts of the body will kind of go numb. Not in a painful way at all. It's actually very euphoric feeling, but my, my hands clenched up very tightly and almost like a praying mantis position and it felt so tense, like my hands felt so tense and then they went numb and I'm breathing really deep and I just kept thinking to myself let go, let go, let go.

And I kept getting a message to let go and the message I got in my mind when I was going through this breathing and then you eventually you're allowed to hum or you know, make noises. Some people were crying, some people are laughing, you just, you let go of all the patterns. Right? And I'm like banging my hands against the floor, trying to get feeling back into them, but it's also releasing all those direct Brit breath patterns and all of that.

I had to develop like this strong ego because of like the, like the child abuse and stuff. I went through with my step mom, I had to like, maybe you've heard my story before, but I had to become something. I had to become more, I had to, it almost, it affected my worthiness of how I felt and I had to develop this armor around me, this armor that nobody could, nobody could really like get to and that that affected my breathing pattern and that affected also like the energy that was stored inside my body.

But the whole message I got was that tenseness in my hands was my ego not wanting to let go of control. It was like a kind of a symbol or metaphor. But nonetheless, what I learned through that experience is the power of letting go and how that affects state of being. Because I had these beliefs that things had to happen very hard.

You know, I'm still someone that takes a lot of action because I love what I do. But I remember afterwards I talked to one of the instructors, there was one main instructor and then there was like a couple other instructors and there was this one. She was really cool and she was telling me, she's like, I can look at your breath pattern and know what kind of personality you have. I'm like, really? I was like, what is mine? She goes, you're an overachiever.

You breathe in real deep and you have to like you bring your back muscles into it. She goes, that's that sign of an overachiever. Someone that's very successful like people with that are normally successful people, but they try. They have to try really hard. They have to make things happen and the thing is things can be easier. You can allow yourself to let things be easy and I was like that. That really resonates because I've kind of developed the mindset of like take a lot of action, take a lot of action, which got me results.

1. Letting go of your state of being

But a lot of resistance along the way as well. I've learned how to integrate, letting go into my state of being. That's the first one I wanted to talk about today. The state of being is the most important thing when it comes to Law of Attraction, because how we feel, we always get a reality that is in, that is in conjunction to how we feel.

What I mean by that is we always get in life that which is equal to our vibration. If our vibration is high because of our state of being, then we will perceive of more of positive things in our life. But if when things happen, we give things negative meaning are we decreased our state of being, we then experience a reality that is full of reasons and full of things that reflect that state of being.

The key is to understand state of being and how important it is. And the first one I want to talk about was letting go and let go. Imagine this, let me use another metaphor because I know metaphors make it a little bit easier to understand them.

Imagine that you are sowing some seeds. Sowing what you sow is what you rate. You're putting some seeds into the ground and you're growing something and when it starts to grow, you get impatient and you go and you're like, is it working? Is it working? And you go, you dig up the seeds and you look to see if everything is happening the way you think it should and every time you dig it up you at the same time, butcher up those seeds, butcher up and it ends up taking longer and every time you check.

You check every two, three days. You keep prolonging the process. You keep prolonging the process when instead, if you were to just let go and allow it to do its thing, trust the process, things would happen even easier, but many times in life, what we do is we sell the seeds of our goals.

We say, Oh, I want this to happen. I want this to happen, but then what we do is we keep taking inventory right away. Is this happening? Is this happening? Why? I don't see it yet. I don't see it yet and because we keep saying I don't see it, that we start to impose the vibration that things aren't happening yet and by doing that we end up blocking the experience from happening.

Trust the process allowed things to happen because by allowing things to happen, you end up letting the universe do its thing. You end up letting the process work in a way that is powerful. The first one I was the first one to talk about was just letting go. Trusting the process, knowing things can be easy.

Allow things to be easy. Things don't have to be hustle, hustle, hustle. The more I do that, the more I find that I allow things to happen. Of course I balanced it out. You know, I still take action because I love what I do. I love making videos. You know, I've already made. I made a YouTube video this morning.

I've made three Instagram videos that are going to get edited and go up probably the next week. Now I'm doing a podcast, you know, I just keep going because I love what I do, but at the same time I let go, so if I felt resistance I would let go and I'd go do something else. I kind of learned it when I can put myself into a state of being. There's something else I want to talk about with state of being.

There's this podcast, kind of like the three things with state of being that makes all the difference, that will increase your vibration, help you achieve what you want. The first one is letting go, learn to let go. Trust the process. You don't have to do everything. Things could be easier than you thought.

2. Create an anchor

The second part is creating something called an anchor. What is that? It's something that's from NLP, which is called neuro linguistic programming, which is like mind hacks. NLP is a whole science behind it. I'm Tony Robbins really made NLP really big, but there's certain things I use from NLP in my own life that helps to put me in a certain state of being now, even before I was on YouTube doing what I'm doing. I used to use anchors. Anchor an anchor is something that we sat that anytime we do, it puts us into a certain state of being.

First off, there's an intimate correlation between our physiology to our state of being so if we put our hands on our hips, s for analogy, we put our hands on our hips in what is called the superman or superwoman pose. What in our chest is out our neck or our chin is level to the floor. Our hips are tucked in that will physiologic that that will change our physiology and change. The hormones in our body will increase the serotonin and dopamine.

The amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, we literally feel better, feel more confident. That affects us now. That is an anchor in itself because of the physiology that's involved. Now, something else that we can do is we can create an anchor and I create an anchor because it's a trigger to get me to a certain state of being.

For example, let me just use one that I think you'll know is the one that I use in the beginning of all my YouTube videos. I say, welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. When I say expand their consciousness, not only is there a certain tonality to that, but I use my hands in a certain motion.

Even as I started even as I said, is spans a certain motion. My hands just naturally went up into the, expand your awareness, expand your awareness. You know how I do that little hand gesture. Now my look kind of funny to some people, but every time I do it, that hand gesture, it gets me into that state of being of the flow state because I made 700 YouTube videos and naturally I've tested it before I've gone to whole foods or something.

I'm in whole foods. I'm like, I wonder if this works here. Go into an aisle, no one's looking and I go, my name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness and as I do that, I naturally feel that surge of that state of being, that surge of that emotion, of that flow state, it works because it's an anchor that's been set that I can feel anytime I want. If I'm ever feeling not so great, I might just do that and I'll fill in the flow state.

That's an anchor and I've said anchors even more unconsciously. Years ago I used to work at Nordstrom's before I worked at, you know, I used to work at sales at Nordstrom's. I worked in women's shoes, sales commission job and I worked in salon shoes, so I sold like five to $800 pair of shoes I had a certain type of customer at.

Sometimes the customers would get to you, sometimes you'd be helping someone, you know, Barney or Nordstrom's is known for having very good customer service so people expect a lot, you know, sometimes it'd be helping people and I kind of get drained energy. I go into the back stock room and I'd feel like negative emotion, but what I learned is how to set what is called an anchor. And my anchor was, you're probably going to think this is dumb.

I've shared it once or twice before, but you remember that show back in the day it was called Jersey shore was like these, uh, these people that are like all muscly and Tan gym, Tan Laundry and in New Jersey. And I was like this, it was this reality TV show. I'm sure you've heard of it before at some point, but it was just this corny show that I watched and me and friends would get together every Thursday night.

We would watch it. It was just fun, you know, it was just like it. And I would, I would, there was this, there's this one guy's name is Pauly D and he'd go, oh yeah, he would say just like that. He'd say, Oh yeah. And he would do like this little gesture. And it was just so, it was just so ridiculous, but I thought it was so funny. I'd go into work and I would say, “Oh yeah, I would say it just like that and I will do my hands in a certain gesture and by doing that I did it enough to where I would just naturally feel good when I did it.”

I just figured it out one day because I had a bad customer. But there was this guy that I used to always see at my job and anytime I saw him I didn't, you know, every time I saw him in the back stock room I go, Oh yeah, we would just always say to each other.

Remember one time I was mad at like those customer was, it was like walking me, which means that we're going to buy anything. But they were like demanding. I was having to run all around trying to find them stuff and I just knew they weren't going to buy and I go into the back stock and I see my friend and pattern and a pattern into it. I go, oh yeah. I say to them, and when I said it to him, I just felt not good state of being. I was like, wait, I don't have to let this customer get to me.

I could just feel good because I choose to. I could do this state of being thing and kind of triggered me and then all of a sudden, I know that I could just feel that good state of being because of it. What I'm saying is find your Jersey shore version of that. You know, I don't really. I can use it now, but you know, now, now I've evolved to a much higher level where I say expand your awareness. I'm so above that Jersey source stuff. I'm just being sarcastic by the way.

I used to expand your awareness, so I'm not kidding about that, but there's different levels of you can find out whatever works for you. That was more of a funny way that I used it, that I thought it was funny and the other coworkers didn't stuff so increased my state of being, but set yourself an anchor. What could your anchor be? The way you set an anchor is very simple. You get yourself to a certain state of being, so when you're feeling really good, when you're feeling the way that you want, do a certain gesture, you can do the clap your hands together and pointed out like, Oh yeah, you could do like my expand.

Your awareness is like my hands go out. You could like touch your nose. You could put your, uh, your, your, your index finger knuckle against your thumb. You could do like the Star Trek, the star wars or star trek or whatever the, the live long and prosper thing. You can do anything you want, any hand gesture you want, that gets you to that state of being, and by doing that, you will start to pattern yourself into that high vibe state.

3. The meaning

The third part I want to talk about is the “meaning”. What does it all mean? The meaning of the situations in our life? What? What do things mean to us? The thing is that whatever we give to the situation in our life will be the effect we get out of it. If we give something a negative meaning that something happens and we're like, oh, this is, this is bad, then we will get a reality that reflects that.

Whatever meaning we give that. The key to this is to know that we don't have to, we don't have to give things a negative meaning unless we, we choose to. It's really a choice. For example, let me give you an example of this. I used to work at Barney's New York. I worked at pretty much, I've only had two other jobs before I went full time on YouTube.

I work at Nordstrom's for years and I worked at barneys for a few years. Barneys New York. They're both women's shoes. They're both high end retail places. Barneys New York a little bit higher and the Nordstrom's. But while I was working at Barneys, which the last place I worked for Barneys New York, but in Vegas, by the way, sometimes it's, say Barnes Nardo used to live in New York now. I've never actually been in New York. I want to go there one day and I will, but a side note.

At Barneys New York I was working with this guy, there's this guy there and the way it works is customers come up and uh, or you know, we find the customers walking around and at Barneys New York you don't help as many people as at Nordstrom's because it's a higher end client. There's not as many people looking for $1,200 shoes and there are people looking for two to $400, pair of shoes or whatever.

You don't have as many people. But I remember there was these two coats, two people came in. It was a mom, it was a mom. It was like, it was a, it was a lady that was like 50, 60 years old or 50 years old. And it was her mom that was like 80 years old. And you could tell the mom she had feet that were like very narrow.

You can kind of tell that, uh, she probably, you, she walked very slowly. You can tell. She probably wanted something very comfortable. And at Barneys New York we didn't really have any comfortable shoes because it was more of a luxury store. It wasn't like a place that you go to get like very special type of shoe, you know, but they came in and they kind of had an attitude they had to, were there, they're from New York and New York people are very direct and they went up to my coworker and they said, hey, this is what we're looking for, blah, blah, blah.

And they had like an attitude with him and then he goes, Aaron, can you, you know, he's like, Hey Aaron, can you help them? And he put me on the spot because I would've, if you would've asked me in the back when I wasn't around the customers, I would have said no because I could tell that they had like an attitude and stuff and he kind of put me on the spot.

I kind of had to help them because what going to say no, I'm not going to help them, you know what I mean? Um, he just didn't want to help them because he mainly just made his business through Instagram. He had a lot of Instagram followers through his social media that he didn't really help customers very often, uh, you just sit in his back on his phone post pictures on Instagram and sell.

The thing is I had a choice to take that customer now, but I took it because I was put on the spot. I take up this customer and I remember walking to the back, I was like, either I could, I had a choice. I can either be huffy and puffy about it or what I could do is I could give it a positive meaning. I said, yeah.

I said, you know what, I'm going to choose for this to be a positive meaning. I remember I, I, they, they, they're like, we want a shoe in seven narrow, we want this, we want that. And they kind of had an attitude because they had a bad experience with that guy before he passed him onto me. First off, we don't have any seven narrows. We don't have any, you know, we just had regular sizes.

We don't have very comfortable shoes and stuff. And I'm like, whatever, I go in the back, I bring out a whole bunch of shoes that they want, you know, and basically what happened is I started to connect to them. I started to feel connected to them. They actually had a good, a pretty good attitude. It was just that there are direct to that from New York, so they have a certain vibe, but they were just more so ticked off by the other guy because of his, the way that he treated them because it could, he had kind of an attitude back with them.

But I ended up having a really good, uh, experience with them. I ended up connecting to them. She was really nice. She was a successful lawyer. She bought her mom like six pairs of shoes. She bought herself like three or four pairs of shoes. Shannon spending $6,000, which means I made like 600 bucks and commission on that one sale and like 40 minutes of helping them. It was a very good experience. And it was, I gave it a positive meaning I stayed in a good state of being.

And it turned out really well and that to me like that meaning I gave it was everything because if I would have given that a negative meaning I would have had it been in a negative state have been and things would have happened as well. And I remember going into the back ringing them up because we had like the, the cashier was in the back and be like this little room.

And that guy was like, Whoa, I didn't know they're going to buy that much. Of course you didn't, you know, maybe he wouldn't have sold that much because he would have wanted to. Had a good state have been about it. Who knows? But from that moment on, I just knew that I could choose my own state of being.

And that by choosing the meaning I give to the situation the meaning that this doesn't have to mean I'm going to have a horrible day. Doesn't have to mean I have to decrease my state. I can choose the meaning, I give it and I chose that I don't have to give my power away. I can choose to be in the right state, have been, have I been in that state of being?

Everything happens better, so that was the story I wanted to share with you because there's so many times I went into a sales commission job before you know. Now I'm full time doing what I love, but when I was doing that, I would give things positive meaning and because of it, it would make all the difference in the world.

State of being is intimately correlated with how much money we make. It's intimate correlate with the kind of people that we meet. It's intimately correlated with every experience in our life, so first off, focused on your state of being and everything will begin to change. That's why in this blog, I wanted to share those three things with you.

The power of letting go. You can let go, stop digging up the seeds, allow things to be easy for you. Then what you can do is set yourself an anchor, a powerful anchor. You can go, oh yeah, you could say that could have your little jersey shore type accent. When you say it too. I'm not judging you, I'm not looking. It's all good and you can just create your own anchor.

Whatever that anchor is and like my “Expand your awareness”, put yourself into a peak state, start to do some action over and over again with doing it five or 10 times.

Set yourself a peak emotion and it will naturally bring up your vibration.

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You'll start to develop that, that peak emotion, use that set yourself a trigger that anytime you're feeling negative emotion, set yourself that emotion or set yourself that anchor that you do, it will naturally bring up your vibration.

Then thirdly, the meaning you give to situations, choose to give it a positive meaning. We get in life a reflection of what we believe. If we believe things have a positive meaning, we will proceed with the reality that that is the case. With that being said, let me know what you thought of this week's episode. That would be awesome.

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Maybe I'll do three or four a week. This was like a 20 something minute episode. I can maybe do some more of these. You let me know what you think because if you like them, it gives me more incentive to do more so you let me know.

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