#9: The Law of Attraction Morning Exercise for Segment Intending

Welcome back to another episode on the expand your awareness podcast. Today, we're going to do something a little bit different and normally what it is. I’ll be talking about a couple of different ideas and today what I thought I would do is something a little bit different because I thought it would add a lot of value to you and everyone else at this could be like an episode that you always come back to every single morning for a morning routine. You can follow me on Instagram (aaron_doughty44) where I take questions, ideas for the podcast. I also post live Q&As there.

What I thought about this, my idea behind this is that what I could do, because I just got done actually doing a meditation for YouTube. I made a morning routine meditation that's going to be on YouTube soon and it's one that I think is very powerful, very simple and easy to apply and I think that the missing key for a lot of people is have having a morning where they set the intentions for what they want to experience, but also do a couple key things that make the day so much different.

What I thought I would do is do a little meditation exercise. I'll drive into work or driving somewhere. This is going to be like an active exercise where you're able to drive and you're able to just kind of guide your thoughts. I'm going to guide your thoughts to a couple key scenarios of things that can happen today and to help you to set.

The intention is to make them very powerful and understanding that when you set these intentions, it's going to be something that you start to see more patterns of. It's something that you're going to start to experience and what I'm going to do is also do a little bit of an exercise with observing our thoughts so that throughout your day to day as you observe your thoughts for a couple minutes in the morning through the rest of your day to day, what you'll notice is that you don't react to things so much.

You're able to respond, but there's a big difference between responding to things that happen and then reacting to things that happen and when we get up in the morning, we go straight to our phone. We get straight into reaction mode because like, what is this person saying? Did it get this many likes on Facebook? Or what about this on Instagram? Or this person said this. It's all reaction mode.

 But when we learn how to observe our thoughts and to simply see the things that happen as just things that happen. When we start to see that our thoughts are really neutral. Even thoughts that we think of as negative.

When we learn how to shift our perspective, that will influence the rest of our day. 

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They're just thoughts in general. When we learn how to shift our perspective, that will influence the rest of our day.

There's a couple key things we're going to do and today's episode, but my goal for this is that you have, you have something you can come back to every single day to listen to and that by doing this it's going to radically change your life over the next month of doing it and I highly encourage that you make it a part of your morning routine every day, whether you listen to it or you do it in your own mind, but this is a simple pattern that I think is very easy to apply.

It's what I personally do every single morning and it's what I've done for the last since 2012. It's been a while now and I've seen such a great difference in my life since I've been doing it since I've really honed in on. There's a couple aspects that are a little bit newer in it. There's we're going to connect to our heart in a powerful way and just feel the energy. It's very simple.

Something you could still do while driving, but as we do that, it changes the energy because a lot of our day has to do with our focus and it has to do with our emotion. The very simple formula for the Law of Attraction that I've shared before that almost all teachings simplify down to is the emotion plus the intention.

The emotion plus the focus and the emotion is the heart center and what we're going to do is learn how to increase that and then the intention is the focus and we're going to set three main intentions and let me explain a little bit about how this works and then what we'll do is we'll move into the guided exercise for it, but it's pretty simple.

It's three main parts. The first part of it is we learn how to observe our thoughts from a neutral place knowing that our thoughts are not good. They are not bad. They simply are. But the secret to this and what I'm going to guide you through the process of is the thing most people miss is they resist their thoughts.

They think I'm not supposed to be thinking what I'm thinking right now, or how long is the meditation going to last, or how long should I do this or I don't feel so comfortable there. I'm sitting like this. All of these thoughts come up and we resist those thoughts, but you see, this is the secret. It's not necessarily the thoughts. We think it's the way really relate to those thoughts that we think and if we relate to the thoughts that we think and we think they're not supposed to be there.

We will feel the resistance of them, but if instead we allow those thoughts to be there knowing they're just neutral thoughts, that's where we start to gain our power back. That's when we start to get from the reaction mind into the response mind, and this has been a game changer in my own life because when I became aware of my thoughts, it, it led to other things. I also became aware of the beliefs I had about myself.

I had a belief that I couldn't focus, that I had ADHD. I had all these beliefs, I wasn't worthy and I was able to observe these beliefs. I was able to observe them and then let them go, and the secret is to observe and to allow not to control and to disallow and to not let yourself think a certain way. Let them, let the mind do its thing.

Work with the mind, not against the mind you want it to be to where when you work with it, it's like, uh, flows through. It's no resistance. There's nothing for him to latch onto, but when you give something to latch onto, it's going to keep on going.

The first part of this is simply observation. I'm going to guide you through a process to where you're able to observe your thoughts, allowed them to be there, to let them be there. It's okay and know that they're neutral. They have no built in meaning other than the meaning we give them.

And then what we do is we move onto the second section, which is our heart center, and I'm going to guide you through the process in a way to where it's just you realize the more attention you put in your heart center.

The more you bring the awareness from in your head to in your body. And as you do that, you would decrease the amount of resistance in the mind. And as you do that, you become more present to the moment. The Heart Math Institute has shown is that when you put more attention inside of your heart center, when you just put the attention there.

What happens is the electromagnetic energy around your body begins to grow and as you begin to grow this field, you increase your frequency and when you increase your frequency, when you then on the third step, set your intentions.

Those thoughts have much more power. Understand as well, when you wake up in the morning, you are moving from that of the subconscious mind into the conscious mind. You are moving from the Theta state to the Alpha state and the Beta state.

You're moving from the deeper levels of consciousness, from the deeper levels of brainwave activity to where then you influence your mind in a powerful way and the mind, the subconscious mind runs most of our life experience.

What this allows us to do is this allows us to then influence our mind in a way to where it has a powerful impact. Plus it gives us focus so that we see certain patterns throughout the day so that we're able to feel what it would be like and how accomplished we'd feel if we did it. And as we focus on that emotion, as we focus on that outcome, we begin to bring it into our life in a powerful way.

If people simply set your intentions and their life, they would experience more of what they want in their life. But a lot of people just don't have that intention. Without that intention. There's no direction. It's like we think the same thoughts every day. Therefore, we get the same results every day. That's what this allows us to do.

This allows us to create something new and to create from this pair, this powerful paradigm and understanding that as we do all this the last step, that's the third thing, which is the third step, is the intentions is us being able to focus and to focus on three main scenarios that we want to happen today.

I intend to go to work today to feel connected to my coworkers and to my clients. I intend to. I used to work at Nordstrom's. I used to have a sales commission job, so I'd say I intend to sell $4,000 worth of shoes today was such as a certain amount of commission that I would make. That was my intention, but I also would couple that with the intention of connecting to the people I talked to, to feeling good in the process.

My intentions look like I intend to film an amazing video and amazing meditation. That was mine today. I intend to film and to record an amazing meditation. I intend to have a great workout at the gym to feel connected to family members, to reach out. You know, I've set these intentions. He just set three main ones is the easiest thing to stay consistent to.

What I encourage you to do right now before we get into the exercise is to just kind of think of three possible intentions. You have three things that you would like to happen, three outcomes that can be very general, that could be more specific, whatever it is, but the intention out there and start to think of what those could be because then when we move through this process, you'll see that it can be very easy to do.

We're going to do right now is I'm going to guide your thoughts in this process. You can be driving right now, you could be doing whatever you're doing. Just kind of think of what these could be and kind of observe some things that I'm pointing your attention to because this will help you to get to this space.

This will help you to begin to center yourself into your heart and to begin to know that you can accomplish what you want and it's much easier than you thought before, but this little part of your day right now doing this every morning will influence the rest of your day.

I can promise you that, and it weighs you. Don't even understand, but the morning routine, the morning guided type meditation and the Gordon. This exercise, we're doing a. it's not a meditation where you need to be sitting down or laying down. You can if you want to, but you can also be doing it more actively. The first part of this is on. We're going to start it right now and what I'm going to ask you to do is to simply become aware of your thoughts.

See, there's always these two perspectives. There's the thoughts that we're thinking that I'm thinking, and then there's this ability to observe the thoughts that I'm thinking like I can think to myself. I feel like I have a lot of energy right now. I can see I have a lot of energy, but then I could also look at that and say, well, who's The I? That feels like they have a lot of energy and I can see that there's two main perspectives.

I have a lot of energy and I can observe the thought that says, I have a lot of energy. You see this gap right here is a magical place, so I'm going to ask you to start to become aware of the thoughts you're having. Maybe you're wondering how long this meditation exercise lasts. It's okay. Observed that thought. Let that copy there. Maybe you're wondering what the three intentions are you're going to have. It's okay. Allow those thoughts to be there.

Whatever thoughts you're having, allow them to come up. You see these thoughts are not positive nor negative. They simply are. They're just thoughts and more important than the thoughts that we think. The content of our mind is how we relate to that content in her mind, how we relate to those thoughts, and the key is that if you allow them to be there, if you observe them and you allow them to be there, you think it's okay.

The paradox is that they begin to actually go away because you're not creating resistance unconsciously. If we need to control our thoughts so we create resistance, allow them to be there. Uh, pay attention right now. What's the next thought that comes into your mind? Observed that thought. It's okay. Allow it to be there.

Allow any worry to come up. It's okay when you thought to come up about what you want to happen. It's okay. It's okay to have these thoughts. Let them be there. The magic is in the allowing of the thoughts to be there. Even as I speak right now, you may notice that in between the words I say, there is silence. There is this gap. None.

That gap is awareness because as we listened, as we put our attention on what is going to happen next and we bring it into the present moment, we become that present moment.

We become that observation point of view. Observe the thoughts that come into your mind and then let them go. The easiest analogy to think of is as if you're sitting at a park bench in a park, you're watching people walk by, maybe a walk by, someone's walking a dog, you observed them walk by. You don't have to get up and follow them. You just observe them, walk in front of you, and then walk by the content changes. The view changes than someone else walks up.

Maybe you see a squirrel, you see some birds. It's all content. Observe it, let it go. You don't have to follow any of it. It's all neutral. It all just simply is. It works the same way in life. Things are simply happening. Let them happen. Whatever you're doing right now, if you're doing something while you listened to this, I just observe what's happening. Allow it to happen.

Let it be there and let your thoughts be there. What I encourage you to do is to put the attention in your heart center. This is the second step and it's very simple because we don't have to even put our hands over our heart. We can. I encourage you to do it if you can, but if you can't, that's totally fine. Just put the attention on your heart center. The Heart Math Institute has shown is that the more we put attention into our heart center, the more we grow the electromagnetic energy around our body.

But the awareness in your heart, maybe you can feel that light buzzing feeling began to increase more and more. Feel it in your heart center. The thing you can do as well as put the awareness and imagine that the energy is flowing through your body and going through your heels. You could feel it flow as a wave and go through your heels.

As you do that, you become more present to the moment. You become more in your body rather than being locked in the head. What I found is the most powerful though is doing that once or twice and then putting the windows your heart.

As you put the awareness in your heart, you can feel it. Feel that buzz. The more you do, the easier it gets. If you have thoughts that say, oh, I don't feel it right now, observe those thoughts.

Let those thoughts be there. It's okay just by doing this for a minute a day, you increase the electromagnetic energy in your heart so much you can feel it. You become more present to the moment and set the intention right now that throughout your day to day, you can observe your thoughts. You can observe the things that happen and you can always bring the awareness back into your heart.

Bringing the attention into your heart will bring the awareness out of the head, the overthinking, and you're going to be more present to the moment to know that by you putting your attention to your heart right now, you're increasing that energy and now bring your awareness to the third step, which is that of the intentions.

Set an intention right now for something you want to happen. It could be general, it could be specific. Imagine that thing happening. Just imagine what it would feel like in your heart center. Imagine how people would respond to you, your body language.

Just imagine all of that. Imagine how accomplished you feel. At the end of the day, you have to look back and think, wow, yes, I accomplish it. Feels so good and really feel how it feels to accomplish that. Look at the details.

You always imagine it as if you're looking through your own eyes is what that would look like. You may see pictures, you may get sounds, whatever it is, and move over to the second intention. What do you intend to happen? Imagine what it would feel like for that to happen.

Imagine what it feels like in your heart for that to happen. Imagine how other people respond to you, how accomplished you're going to feel, and imagine at the end of the day today you feel so accomplished and knowing that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Imagine that third and final intention. What do you intend to experience? What do you intend to happen today? Imagine that specific scenario. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Imagine the end of the day to day you feel so accomplished knowing that the intention is you said today, I've come to fruition.

I feel the gratitude right now for all of this happening, gratitude. You'd advise you with your spirit, with who you are. Feel the gratitude for all of this happening now knowing that you are powerful. The final step is a little added step. Simply know that this is true for you.

Simply know you will experience these intentions at the certainty of knowing that whatever you focus on, you feel whatever you focus on you experience, simply know that you can observe your thoughts from a neutral place.

You will get a signed before the end of the day to day that this has benefited you in an immense way. Set that intention and think to yourself. That's the exercise. It's very simple.

Three main parts. Observe fuel the energy of your heart and after you feel the energy of your heart, set three intentions every day. I recommend three intentions every day and imagine them happening.

Fuel the energy inside of your heart if you'd like. I also have a guided meditation that will be coming on YouTube. Maybe what I'll do is I'll try to release these videos at the same time so that if you want, I'm going to put these in the show notes. Uh, you can just click and watch the actual in depth video, which in it there's about a 10 to 12 minute.

I can't, I can't remember exactly how long it is, but you can listen to that anytime you want. And I recommend you make this part of your morning routine. I really believed that consistency is where the power is.

I noticed that my own life, I got certain results from one or two days of doing it and I got much better results from doing it for much longer than that and it compounds over time. Simply know that you're developing momentum with these intentions, you're developing momentum with being able to observe your thoughts and this becomes your new reality.

Like I said, you will see that meditation, the show notes, or you can go to YouTube, go to Aaron Doughty, type in “morning meditation” and see what comes out. There'll be some videos and because I have some other videos on morning routine, but just seats the most recent video. And other than that, I want to thank you all for being here. I appreciate you sharing your energy with me.


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