#3: The Mindset of A MASTER Manifester (Competition and the Law of Attraction)

Today I will share with you how we can create and become what is called a master manifester. It's going to be talking about the mindset of what it takes to become somebody that is able to create what they want in their life and really to kind of like being a winner in life in general.

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Now, this doesn't have to be a winner like everyone else loses. Maybe I'll talk a little bit about something that's with them that comes to competition and the law of attraction. But this was actually something that's inspired because I'm currently in Sedona and I'm with my buddy, Victor Oddo who many of you guys know and were last night while we were doing as we went for a hike yesterday we went ate at this great restaurant and then we had an Asai bowl we will get our sables to come to these epic ensembles here in Sedona and we got that.

And then what we did is we went to the hotel we have has a Sonho in the sauna. Then after that, we went and we had a couple of hours before it's time to go to bed and we were going to get some work done but you know what I'm kind of on vacation here when we go to Sedona.

We normally come here to either go on vacation just to recharge our batteries because we're so busy back home in Vegas or we'll come here to get some work done. Like last time we arrived, we were putting together this whole this whole thing together that we were doing. And it was like a real work intensive time last time we came.

This time was cool because there are times more of his vacation. We're like hey we could be doing like work and stuff. You know we could be doing stuff or just going to relax so what we did is we watched the documentary is actually a documentary. I've already seen and it is a sports documentary and it's on cross fit.

If you guys know a cross fit is cross fit is like a type of work out where what you do is there's very functional exercises and is pretty intense like people would be doing like you guys ever heard of Burpee or a certain type of pull-ups very fast pace.

I've done it. I've done crossfade exercises before and they're like circuits as drains your energy it's so much but it's so good for you. I mean it's if you do it right and you don't injure yourself but if you if you do it the fast pace intense workout like that. I found them be very beneficial but anyways the reason I say all that is that's what crossfade is it's like a very high functioning quick type workout.

They have these things called The Cross Fit games and the Krasik games are actually something that's growing and something that's gaining a lot of popularity without. There's a lot of people that will watch these events almost like people watch football games watch them on the TV or go to the events. There's like thousands of people that go to these events and there is this documentary called what's called the fittest on earth or something like that.

And there was one that was a couple of years ago and there was a new one now it's called like redeemed or something like that dominant. The dominant and the redeemed fittest on Earth was like part II. And I've seen a couple weeks ago and I told Victor about and he wanted to see. We watched it and there was something so fascinating about the mindset of the people in there because there were there were a couple of different mindsets I want to talk about.

And in this episode what you're going to learn is kind of the mindsets that it takes to become like the best at what you do not the best. Like in an egotistical way like I'm better than everyone else but more so in a way that you just you see yourself as the best version of you. Like you have the self-image of a winner.

Because in this documentary there is this girl that is from Australia and it kind of follows these different people that are some of the top cross fighters which mean to be across it. I mean you've got to do all these different exercises it's not like to be the fittest on earth in this documentary. It's not like you just a couple different core exercises you do. And if you're the best at those you win. It's like you have to there's like 12 or 15 different events and you have to like the place at all of them and it's like whoever has the most points at the end wins.

And it's very interesting because you have to be all around like very fit and very good at what you do. And there was this one girl who last year or the last I don't know his last year is actually so back up as the first documentary fittest on earth kind of documents her evolution and kind of how she's gone through the process from like maybe three or four years ago.

But basically, there is this one girl her name is Tia but I forgot her last name. She's from Australia. And it is fascinating to watch because a couple of years ago when she was being interviewed or she was being followed around for this documentary you could tell that she just didn't believe in herself like someone to come out for an autograph and she'd be like oh you're probably going to burn that photo when you're done with it or somebody would like me wanting to picture with her and she'd like I don't know I want a picture with me or she's like one of the best.

Like she's is so fit and she's places that like almost every event. But she just didn't see herself as one of the best and it was interesting to see because I remember watching the first one a couple of weeks ago and was like wow she just kind of has the mindset that she's not Worthy's she's not good that can't play out well like there's no there's no winner that's like armed. I don't I don't view myself as a winner.

It was hard for her to even say that like she kept stuttering. I'm like man that's kind of symbolic that there must. There may be some kind of disconnect or maybe she just doesn't see yourself like that because even her to say that she had to say that for like the camera it was like behind the scenes of showing what she had to say for the camera for like ESPN.

She had a say like I'm one of the fittest women on earth or something but she kept stuttering even though she speaks English and it's her primary language and she's kind of joking around about it she's like all these other people a lot of people that are like English as a second language and they're probably not stuttering as bad as me but it is interesting the mindset that she had a couple of years ago.

And she a couple of years ago she like should have won the crossfade games like there's like 17 different events and she should have won. But what happened is right when there was the last event it came down to the very last event she was doing like this type of lunge thing and she got right to the end to the last step.

But then like missteps and she had to redo that step and as she redid it somebody else pasture and won the first place and she won second place and it was a very devastating imagine almost winning something to being the fittest woman or man on earth. And then all of a sudden you lose it because it's something like that. Obviously, there was something in the mindset that was she won by like steps but she had to redo the last step because it was like you could tell she went into her head and so she lost she won second place on the first documentary.

You know that was like four or five years ago three or four years ago whenever it was and you could just see herself talk to see the mindset that we had she had and then this year or this new one called redeemed and the dominant in the redeemed or whatever it is it's like the part to her mind Steph started you can see it's shifted.

She started to see yourself more as worthy. You can tell by the things that she was saying that she didn't viewers self as much as like somebody that wasn't worthy. She started to see herself more as a winner. And even though she didn't completely maybe she wasn't like know completely cocky or anything like that she definitely you could tell that something within her started to shift.

And in this one she like dominates through the most of the whole thing until the Vajda into the final two exercises and in the final two exercises that are like these different obstacle courses and stuff she's going through them. And it was like the same exact thing. It came down to the wire because there was someone else like she dominated every single thing but it still came down to the wire. And it was between her and another Australian girl that was that was doing the last event.

And it was like the same exact thing the last step she messed up and she had to go back and you could just see it in her mind and you can just kind of see how she's thinking about it and it's so weird that it was like the exact same thing but she goes back, and she does it and she pretty much thought she lost again. She thought she got second place again.

It was like a reiteration of the time before but not to ruin it or anything. She ends up winning. And she got it. It was her mindset she had to think about herself differently. She was honestly like hands down. Everyone thought she had it in the bag way before the competition even ended but she started to kind of work against herself. It's very interesting. While I'm watching this and there's another guy I think his name is Matthew Frazier he's like the guy is like the guy version.

That is the strongest man in the world he wins like almost every year and he just dominated everything and it was interesting because Victor and I were sitting there talking and the mindset is so different from some of the people that are like numbers three four and five. They're like, “Oh I get fifth place.” That's really cool.

And it's like ok with a second or third place but the winners like when you look at the guy this guy I think is Matt. His name is Matthew Frazier I knows for sure his last name is Frazier but he like you is Matt if he got a second place like he was he saw himself so much as a first place or that he couldn't even imagine himself getting a second or third place is very interesting because he dominated everything.

 But what I noticed is I was talking to Victor about this because I looked over I was like you notice how all the people that are third fourth fifth place are totally ok with it but the people that are the first place that are normally always first base and expect to be first place they like they can't even imagine themselves in second or third place.

Are we playing to win or are we playing not to lose.

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It was just a very different perspective which got me to think are we in life playing to win or are we playing not to lose. This is a very interesting idea because we may even see this in many different areas of our life if you look at people that just naturally view themselves as winners. 

Things happen a lot of times more in their favor because that's the way they see themselves. They see themselves as winners. They see themselves as the way they preferred to be and because they see themselves that way it's almost like they project that reality out and then that becomes who they are. It's interesting because it's more about the way we see ourselves and just how are we approaching life in general. That was one thing I noticed I found very interesting. Now, this doesn't mean like we have to be better than everyone else.

Compare ourselves but at a certain level we have to become the best versions of ourselves and we have to know that we are the best versions we can be and we have to see ourselves as winners in life in general. Like I consider myself a lucky person. I just say to myself a lot. I mean repetitiously I'm a lucky person. Things are always working out for me and that becomes my reality the more that I say and the more that I think it and I do I view myself as a winner in life.

That's how I view myself. Doesn't mean I'm better than anyone. It just means that that's the mindset of the way I go about it and I find that it works for me. There are different stories and different narratives that run us, and there's different. I was reading about this recently somebody was talking about how there are three main archetypes.

There's the there's the victim there's the hero and there is the villain there's the like the three main archetypes that people identify with. And I personally would prefer to be the hero over the other two. Because if you're a villain then you're kind of the bad guy. Some people thrive on being the villain. And then you get the victim which of course is where a lot of people are because they're not aware that they create their own reality or that they can use their thoughts to influence what they experience.

But what I find very interesting is how powerful the story the narrative we tell ourselves influences our life experience. The way that I view myself is I view myself as somebody that is a winner. I view myself as someone that's lucky. I view myself as somebody that I still work hard. I know some people don't like it when I say that but I do put in a lot of effort to what I do and because of that I get a lot out of life and it's the way that I view the process.

It's my beliefs it's my story that I tell myself. But that was one thing I noticed from this documentary is the top best people viewed themselves as a winner. And it was funny because the girl that there was a girl that won two years in a row before this and her name was Catherine. I believe Katie Ryann and she was from Iceland and she won two years in a row. She was the one that that girl lost to very closely like a year or two ago and she won like the fourth or fifth place but she was so mad at her.

And I'm not saying it's good to beat yourself up but you can just see in her mind she was just confused because she's like she said at the end of a documentary 2 She's like it's just so hard for me to see because I know I'm the winner.

Like I know I'm a winner and I know I could have won and I didn't. It's kind of just the reason I'm bringing this up is that like what's your self-image it's like how do you see yourself. Do you love yourself as a winner? Are you the best version that you can be? And if not how can you start to see yourself in a new way. I start to see myself and I've been seeing myself as just one of the best at what I do. That's how I view myself and I'm not a cocky bag I'm better than everyone else that's in my niece or anything like that. It's just I view myself as that. And because of that, I believe I'm easier it's easier for me to embody that version of me. And for me to just kind of be myself knowing that's like the master role that I prefer to see myself in.

It was kind of a different idea but that was what I noticed as the fourth and fifth people. They were very OK they were kind of just happy they placed but the people that were playing to win won. Whatever you focus on it becomes your reality in the second to the last step that Tia was taken where she messed up. She wasn't thinking of winning. She was thinking of not losing. She was thinking of I hope I don't misstep like I did last year and therefore she did it again.

And there was somebody that you only get two tries for this certain event and people. Someone said one of the girls was like you don't want to look at other people because if you see someone feel it then make it can influence. You almost have to just focus on you and just look at the bar and it just there's so many correlations I see with this and then life experience, in general, is like where ever you focus you go if you focus on not if you focus on not failing.

It's still the focus is on failure. But if you focus on winning it's more likely that you can actually win. That was something that I've noticed also in other people like if you get a guy, for example, that's like nervous to talk to girls. Right. And it's like hey go push yourself and go talk to that girl that you're attracted to go up to her and talk.

If a guy goes up to a girl and he's thinking himself. I hope you don't reject me. I hope I'm worthy. I hope you don't say anything mean or you don't like you know kind of reject me and it will dampen my self-worth that frame that you go forward with is going to emanate to girl and then she's going to look and she's going to be like she's going to kind of feel that and just bounce back off of that and be like oh she's going to kind of feel that your plane did not lose it.

Oh, that's so cute. He's coming up here. It's going to be that kind of mentality. But if you play to win if you play you're like you know I'm attracted to this person I'm going to go talk to this person and see if we have that connection.

It's a different type of energy. It's about holding the frame and knowing that you're worthy and playing to win and not playing to not lose. You don't want to play to not lose because whatever you focus on is where the energy goes. And that's something that I've been practicing in my own life is how can I become and be the best version of me.

How can I focus on what I want and know that as long as I do that I'm going to be embodying the best version of me? Now here's something else I want to talk about as well that is understanding what we call in the Law of Attraction we could call it the difference between competition. Normally we think of competition a of which I actually can't everyone if everyone uses the Law of Attraction will everyone can win. So, who wins in that case.

Well, what has this has to do with his understanding of the self-image. There are different variables that come into play a level of allowance how attached to the outcome are you going to people that are everyone's focused on. I mean not everyone but a lot of people are focused on winning but some people are actually focused on not losing. But the key is how much is someone allowing the true version of them to flow through. How much is someone attached to the outcome because then that creates resistance?  There are different variables that come into play. But let me share with you is something that completely changed my life. When it comes to competition the Law of Attraction. I used to work at a place called Barney's.

No this is actually before I used to work at Barneys New York. Before that, I worked at this place at Nordstrom's it was Nordstrom's I worked in woman's shoes. I sold women's shoes there for about four or five years and while there I learned about the Law of Attraction. Dr. Wayne Dyer book is like the power of intention.

I watched one of his seminars and I got motivated and I read this book that was called the Science of Getting Rich by Walter de Waddle's and this book is a short book but it kind of shows the science of getting rich you know some of the concepts in there that I still apply today. And one of them was understanding about how to use thoughts how to use emotions.

One of them is understanding how there is this creative mind and the competitive mind. Now I worked in a sales commission job which means I went in every day and I got paid based on the amount of soul I got paid 10 percent commission so if I sold you know three thousand dollars’ worth of shoes which is like an average day I mean 300 bucks not bad. And I would be OK with that day.

You know and would go in. But I was also in a way I had my friends were co-workers there but they would also be wanting to sell you know they had their own goals as well and you know kind of in a way you're competing because then you've got customers coming in. You want to take on the customer you want them to pick you to help or you know kind of like you going up to them the customer kind of pick who they want. But this is what made a big change.

I used to have kind of a competitive mind, “Oh I hope I get that customer because the more customers I get the more I can make I changed from this competitive mind to something called the creative mind.” Now the creative mind is knowing that there's an infinite amount of abundance and all we have to do is align with it.

There's an infinite amount of abundance that exists. It's just that when we believe in competition, we believe that we have to compete. We create more of needing to compete. We create more of this scarcity mindset. It's like oh there's only a certain number of customers coming in if this guy gets it then that's going to take away from me.

But the key is understanding that there's enough to go around. At the immediately from switching from the competitive mindset to the creative mindset I started to more so embody the characteristics that I prefer. I started to more so in body and know that I could allow things to happen. Resistance went away and I started to actually make more money. I started to sell more. My energy kind of opened up and it was like I let go of a scarcity mindset. A lot of a lot of competitors as well.

We're constantly shifting through different parallel realities there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist with a whole bunch of different versions of us and we're constantly shifting through these parallel realities with every second what we think of as time is the movement through these different parallel realities and they all exist right now because the only moment that does exist at this moment right now.

The power in this is knowing that because this is the only moment that exists in an infinite number that does exist in a parallel reality we could focus on resonating with the reality that we want. Because of that, there is a version of us that is always a winner. There's a version of us as is losing. There's a version of us that's from a fourth or fifth place right in between.

The key is to focus on us knowing that we can resonate with that reality because there are also be versions of that reality where other people. Let them do their thing you just shift to the reality where you want to be. What this does is this take out the will I get the scarcity mindset and it puts it more so in the frame of there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist and I'm going to choose the one where I win by seeing myself as that version of me and body and the thoughts the emotions the actions as that version of me knowing that as I do that I'm going to experience more of what I want.

This is kind of a new take on it. I wasn't really going to mention that but that's a different idea that I think really makes it easier and sometimes people as to they're like well these parallel realities. What about the version of me that snootiness where did that go. They all exist right now we don't need to be worried about what other versions of reality. This and that they all exist now.

We're just shifting our perspective through different ones so it's not like they died although there are versions where we aren't alive right now there's that number that exists. But the key is to shift out of this competitive mindset because in the competitive mindset we create more competition we create more resistance and therefore we create the reality where someone else can win a lot of times people that are in second and third place aren't focused on themselves they're focused on the first-place person. How far away they are.

Therefore, almost like adding to the energy of that person winning almost adding to that reality. The key to this is knowing that you can see yourself as a winner and that by you seeing yourself as a winner that will become more of your reality. You can change your self-image and you can understand the psychology of someone that's master like a master manifest or somebody that's a man or master manifests or creates their own reality or chooses it. However whatever perspective we're coming from.

But they focus on the best versions of themselves. They focus on them becoming and resonate with the reality they prefer. They don't have to be attached to the outcome because they are naturally whole and complete already they can be the version of themselves that they prefer to be without needing the approval of other people. And the key to this is knowing the version of you that exists a powerful way to connect to this version of you is to imagine the best version of you that exists.

How would you be acting? How would you be thinking what emotions would you be feeling and start to embody the best version of you? Now, this isn't about faking it till you make it. This is about letting go of what doesn't serve and being who you naturally are. And if being a winner doesn't feel natural it may just be a repetition of the Old Mint victim's story that maybe you're telling yourself maybe you're in the unconscious autopilot mind and it's like oh this doesn't feel familiar it's not that that's not you.

What I encourage you to do is to get more into a competitive mindset , get into a creative mindset know that there is enough to go around. Know that there's an infinite amount of abundance doesn’t shortchange the universe and thinking that it can only provide so much. Know that as long as you focus on you as long as you focus on being the best version of you you'll know that you can then shift to more and more that reality, see yourself and give yourself the self-talk that talks you up.

I'm lucky. Things are always happening to me. I'm always in the right place at the right time. I am the best version of me. I am putting in and living my life's purpose these affirmations said with repetition. Create a powerful reality and you're able to then go beyond that of the limitations of the blocks of the autopilot mind that's just kind of comfortable or just familiar.

And the more you do that the more you start to embody the true essence of who you are. You start to embody who you are really meant to be and you can take yourself out of the story may be of being the victim or the villain and you could start to become the hero of your own movie be the hero of your own movie. Not the cameo in the movie anyone else's. If you're finding yourself and you are focused on what everyone else is doing then it's just the autopilot mind.

It's the familiar mind wondering what is everyone else thinking. You can start to buy more into yourself you can know you are holding. You can know that there's enough to go around this creative mindset that's something that's really you know even on YouTube right. It's like oh there's people out there that you may assume there's a lot of people that make a law of attraction videos. Is there really competition in my niche?

Not really because if I collaborate with them it's a win-win. It's not like people on YouTube can only be subscribed for well Law of Attraction people. Somebody else that like is you know taking or you know doing the same thing is all they've taken away my business. No there's only that of creating and collaborating. There are so many people out there we don't need to be thinking of the competition.

We don't need to be thinking like that. If you have an idea and you want to put it online there's billions of people out there don't think that it's congested if you have a unique spin if you have a unique perspective and you're willing to put in the effort and really to really resonate with the vibration of the reality you want. You stand out.

This is about understanding who you are and opening up these limitations we put in our mind opening up and knowing there's so much more out there. We don't have to have the scarcity mindset we can buy more into a reality where we collaborate with each other. We're in this creative mindset we can shift to the parallel reality where we are the winner because we are the best version of us we can know that we can.

Instead of playing to not lose we can play to win and by playing to win we start to become a winner. See yourself as a winner become aware of your self-image and then everything in your life will change. That was a powerful packed voice of me talking passionately about this I hope you guys got value out of it.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.

Hewan Abebe - August 16, 2018

Thank you for sharing me this great idea!

Allison - August 16, 2018

Hi Aaron!!

Your content is simply fabulous!
I’ve been working in the healing arts for twenty years and I love your accessible and thorough approach to all you share.

Just wanted to let you know that this last email- for some reason- is filled with dozens of typos… which can make it distracting to read.
(It’s probably due to dictating on the iPhone) ??

Anyhow, I love what you do and wouldn’t want it to come across as less professional. Your work is so fast growing and valuable. Thank you for your passion and commitment to what you offer!

I just finished grad school. If you need a proofreader, let me know 😉

All my best,

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